Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 9, 1846, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 9, 1846 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD V*I.XlL,lo,?T-WMalo.?HO. NEW YORK, MONDAY MORNING, MARCH 9, 1846. THE NEW YORK HERALD. JAMES GORDON BENNETT, Proprietor. Oircnlatlx>n...Forty Thousand. DAILY HEP ALD?Ksery day. fnc 1 emu per copy? mBTAlo . .. of ill kind* axaeated wfeh beauty sadder All iMin of eoan?ri?tioiiikT mail, addressed to 7 A establishment, bui be po?t paid, or the postage will ba ibduetrd bom the subscription money remitted J AM KB GORDON BENNETT, proprietor of tha NiwTtu Hruu> KiTUfaHtuar writ corner of Pal toe and Nam. <trwti M COUNTRY RESIDENCE ?< i"u?i> n uiu ?? ?tcrsaiBie iu one rny at an noura 01 tile day by .'eambo't,slageaud tailrotd. Tbegardeu ia extaoaiyaana I lied with fruit of every description. Greenhouse. crapary and ay. ry desirable out-hou.a. Apply at 111 Water alraat. m7 a< ?ac TO LET, JwL TO aama'l family, part of a aeat two a lory Hoaaa. r?5W lie* Broadway, coeaisting of back baaem'Bt kitchen, ^Mkwiih Crotoo water, front and back rooms on 2d floor, with p'ivilege of hath room, and attic bedroom. Reference i squired. Ueot $190. Deaae awlv to r. W. ANDERSON, (3 Bowery, tr* 3t*r comer of Walker at. LOFTS TO LET. MA THREE LOFTS, in thaSiick Building No.43 Peck Iff'ffi Dip. ? JI able lor aailmaker., or any other kiud of busi Inquire of M. PUKDY, 43 Peck alip. i'8 lt*re FOR SALE. M A DESIRABLE RESIDENCE in Nineteenthatreet. TtTT? near lrring Mace, two story and attic, with undar eel JU^Iar?m-rbie tnantela in baaemnnt, nod first and aeeood atorlea? built by day's work, about three yea's ago, for aprivate ivaidence. House 20 feet by 40?lot, 7) leet deep. For term*, apply to GEORGE OA8KIN. ia5 lw*rc lit Cherry atreet. TO LET, THE RECESS, No. 157 Broadway, New York-the famitnre and fixture* belonging thereto for sale cheap. Inq aire on thepr.m>ses m5 lw*r TO LET. A DESIRABLE HOUSE, in the Tillage of Jamaica, L I ; at present occupied by Doctor G. H Kisaam, i with stable m the mar. The House is modern built, eeatnry with m-ible mantels, in complete oider. Posscs SKin given 1st of May. Al.o, Two other homes in the Tillage, all well loeated, be ing i ear the Mailioed Depot and both Academies, one of which can be occupied immediately. For further particulars, apply to JAMES HERRlMAN, tn4 2w*Te Jam lies. L. I Awfi TO LET--From th-firatoi May next?Part of a thrae '???? story House, delightfully situated in East Bread way, JmdffiL end occupied by a .mail family of three young persona. To ? .mill quiet family these Apartments will ba let reason able Address " Plicate Home," Branch Post Office, with real name and where an interview may be had, will be attended to immed'st'ly N.U. Undeubted reference will be required. m4 lw*r TO LEI, IN F?>R| LEE, N.J., Jfi A FIRsT RATE HOUSE, with about 4 acres of | V cround and a number of wooden luitdings, in tolerable ^goodcndition, which were formerly used aa a chemi fsctory.nt present occupied as a pianofoite manufactory; situatednn ihs Hackenaack road, only a fewtni'Utrs walk from the ferry. Rant to a good tenant vary low, to whom a least will be given lor severu years, if lequired. Inquire of Dr. Mo'ria Leo-Wolf, 99 Liberty street, New York. ml 3w*rc TO LET, IN HOBOKEN, TWO New three story and basement brick Homes, with the privilege of free ferriage,now in courae of com pletmn. which will be reedy for occupancy on or before lay 1st. They will be fitt'd in buautiful style sad be re ple'e with all the lata improvements. They each contain II reoeit besides the kitchen, finished with marble mantels and black gra'rs throughout, and are II feet front by 39 deep, with wide oourt yards I'd iron railings. The situation is delight ful. command-ng a fine view of the river, bay and city, and it withm one miunie's walk of the ferry, where the new fairy bus's I save every 13 miuutea for Barelay it, cross'ng la 9 to 19 m-antea; and every half hour to Canal and Chnatophar sta ? Apply at the ferry at Hobohen. ml lw*rc NOTICE. M DWELLING HOUSES, STORES and raeant Lota, for lain, rent or exchange Investment* made on pro doeuva Real Estate, that will pay: r on ran to tweaty Per cunt on the pnrehaaa mooey, with an in cioaae ia valae ol from ten to fifteen par cent per annum. Mi ney procured on Bond and Mortgage; and Polieiaa of Inauratca obtained from the in oat responsible companies in the country. Apply at 133 Third Avenue, JOHN ALLEN. N.B.?Plana, elevations, specifications and contracts for buildiagv, fnnuahed barn or at No. 9 Broad xcreot, at the short eat not?, e. CALVIN POLLARD. 119 lm*ro Architect moat roasoeable North May is gluteal re> idantes, being finished in the beat manner, and sopplied with spring and rain water ia tha kitehen, end coal vaal's ia trwot, Ac. Two-thirds of the purchase money may remain seared, at ? par cent. Enquire on the mumUaa. #r of rorert Angus. fl? lm*rre 99 Wall street M QUARRY FOR SALE. OR TO LEASE?Situ T.-iB ate oa the Paaaaie rirer, ip North Belleville, formerly XaHbeloaging to Abraham Joraiemoa, Esq. Said qaarry has bora extensively worked for thiity years past, aad ia one of tha boat quarries of free atone in New Jersey, and is in good order for working. The premises consist of two dwell ings, store house, two baraa, two hundred feet of whatf, and sayrntoen atr-a of land, which will be sold eatir.', or the quarry separate, if desired. For further particulars, enquire of Uiu subscriber, at the poet office m Belleville. N. J. JOHN t. LLOYD. Belleville. Feb. 19.194?. f19 lm*mc HOUSES AND LOT FOR SALE. MM A PLEASANT country sent ia the village of Madi |-i-m son, Mor-ia county, New Jrieey, within a lew minates JaMlwalk ol the bosntifnl residence of Wra. Gibbons, Esq., bsius .bout 13 miles from New York city?communication to and from twieo a day, any day in tho, per Morris and Es sex Railroad. Said place contains about one acre, on which are Twe Homes ana a Baro, with a first ra a well of water. Good schools and churches in the immediate vicinity The promises are located ia a commanding position, overlooking tha whole yillage;aed is oae of the moat deairabls locations la tha rlaea, being wthin two minutes walk of tha railroad de pot, which rendera it convenient for a person doing bminessia tho city, who des ir-s to retire in the country. For particulars enquire, or address to the subscriber. E. T. THOMPSON 04 lm*rc Momatowe, N. J. A RARE CHANCE. au| WILL BE BOLD cheap, or exchanged fjr city pao jraffipertf, a very valuable volley grain and graaa farm, con ^Aaota meg 123)4 acres, 39 of which arc woodland,sod tha raat a rich soil, having been all cultivated, highly manured and seed-d. within five vaurs peat, and yields abundant crops; siiuatad 19 miles Irorn New York, 4 Irom Huntington, 3 from Coid Spring, and 3 from Farmingaale, by the beat roads in the oeunty of twff ilk. The buildings are all nearly new, and con sist of a commodious Dwelling. 2 Barna, Cow Sheds. Car riage H?use. Poultry Hons*, lee House, Bakery, Wash Room, and Smoke House. Twenty acres lie ia a position to produce lb; earliest vegetables, and baing wit tin 1)4 hoars communi cation with Brooklyn, to which cars run irom Farmingdale tbrre times a dry, makes it very desirable. Steamboats also leave t old Spring daily for New York. For farther partiea tare applv to F. G. LUCKEY, f 27 2w*m ? 33 John at. eight or tea good road horses, and several une cart, farm shipping horses R. K. NORTHRUP, ft lm*re Prnnrtcui and Proprmtor <?) TO MILLINERS. ^ 2^: CARL KING, the well known aad celebrated2^^ first premium Straw Hat Maaafaerarar, informs tho pablic in general, that he has lor sole a Ml splendid assortment of Ladies Fancy STRAW HATS, ffianul acta red of aa entire new article, called Paria Straw Gimp, made to the share of the Oipaev?so beanlilal and becomiag, they need only be seen to boadmirod. Milliear*, aad metcnaats of tha trade, will do well to call aad examine before they make their pure has as. as tha guosb will bo sold by tho case or doxea at a vary liberal price. CARL KINO^I7 Division street N B?A general asaortmaat of all kinds of Straw Goods aad Paris Ritiboua always on hand. 193 lm*r _ F1NA. FRENCH BOO 18 FOR $9 39-City made, |Y and are equal lo those sold in other stores for $3; fine II French 4 elf Boots for $4 39. equjj to the beet made in tbia JA city for $9 or $7-et YOUfilo fc JONES' French Boat and Shoe Manefactory; one of the most fashionable in this airy; eer Boou having been jadged ia the leu Fair at Niblo's, art said to be tha beat Boou ever sold ia this city. All Boots warranted to give sausfaction. YOUNG k JONES.? Ana (Meet. jafT lm*rb aaar Broadway, Naw York. PARENT labelled iuOJJ H01LER FLUES FOURTEEN AND A HALF foot long, aad oaa and i J half to four inches diameter Ta J A nALI PROS8ER, Patent GEN. MR GEORGE COOKS H.D. LL.D, CONSULTING PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON, y P F I O E NO. $ NORTON STREET, ALBANY. N. Y Da Coeaa may ba eoafidoatially consulted daily at No. 9 Norma street, Albany, N- Y. Office hoar* irom CAM. until 19PM. Mboicsl Aovica.?As it ia alwav* important to obtain the MWicce of an experiencad aad akilfal phyaieiaa?call oa tha celebrated Dr. Cooks, No. I Norton atreet, Albmy ? Medical sad anrgteal Journal RBI1DBHOB. AT 8TANWIZ HALL. ALBANY, N 1 rtmcTioa op tub bostois wrrn tnb ivrrito i ailbosd. fli lm*re DAGUERREOTYPJ PATENT 1MIIED, h?a ht^n iMied. AppHcatMM ior the fitnt United SUM. miybi wdareesed to tho inliMfikfi of which will be $73, BMtarmla udTaaoneHom Infriegert will ba desk with acnoniwg m Uw sas^A.lira" "lt ?ue? j W"'&H52 MALL LINK FOR BOSTON. oVEJrhTE Long ROAD. VIA NEW LONDON, NORWICH f WORCESTER. At 7 o'clock jn die Morning, from the Fool of Whitehall .erect, South Kerry?Sundays excepted. Way CrUM aro in readii . . - iness to receive baggage for New London, Norwich and Worcrater. Baggage for Bostoi through under lock. jnig i LUND ISLAND RAILROAD COMFAN \r. aanannfltoflk a93 TAA1N8 RUN AH FOLLOWS, Commencing on Monday, September 15th, IMS. Lesv# New Yoik? At 7 o'clock, A. M., Boeton Train for Oreenport, daily, Sunday* excepted atopping _ . . at Karmincdale and St. Oeorge'a Manor. Leave Brooklyn?At M A.M ,for Farming dale and intermedi ate place* daily Snnday* excepted, and on Tneadays, Thnraday* and Saturday*, through to Oreenport and intermediate place*. " ** at 4 P. M.,for Karramgdaie and intermediate places, daily, Sunday* excepted. Leave Oreenport?Bo*ton Train, at 4 o'clock, P. M or on the arrival of the steamer from Norwich, teetdM, daily, 8uudays excepted, stopping at St. Oeorge'a Manor and Karmingdale. at J oclock, A. M.; . Accommodation Train, on Monday*, Wednesday* and Friday*. a I *?It'nr ftr/wxUlirn at KV n'nln/>k A \1 Leave Faraungdale?For Brooklyn,at 6\ o'clock, A. M-, and 1 P. M., daily, Sunday* excepted. Leave Jamaica?For Brooklyn, at I o'clock, A. M. and IX P. P. M., daily, Sunday* excepted. or Brooklyn, at I o'clock, A. M. ? M., daily. Sunday* excepted. Far* to Bedford I cents: utt New York 1IK: iLtce Course 18V; froa'ag Course 18V;, lamaicaJS; Srusbville S1V; Hyde Park 17 m ,e* I7K: Clowsville, (during seaaion Court.) 17k; Hempstead *7k; Branch J7V; Carle Place 44; Westbury 44; Sicksville 44; auvningdal* 6JH; Deer Park H; Thompson ?8; Suffolk Station I 00: Lake Road Station 1 18V; Medford Station 1 18V; Millnll* 1 30; St. 4Jeorge's Manor I 61k; iiiverhvnd 1 Mk; Jamesport 1 62k; Mattetuek 1 6Jk; Cut thogueltaK; southold t Uk; Greenport, Aec'n. train, 1 75; Greenport by Bosten Train 1 00. Stages are in readiness on the arrive] of Trains at the several Stations, to take passengereat very low Faxes, to til parts of the (eland. Baggage Crates will be in readiness at the foot of Whitehall itreet, to receive Baggage for the several Trains, 10 minutes b? 'ore the hour of starting from the Brooklyn side. The Steamer Statesman leaves Oreenport for Sag Harbor .wieo each day on the arrival of tho Trains from Brool ily*. ?FOR ALBANY, VIA. NEW HAVEN, HARTFOED AND Hfii ,!1'1 i ,8PRI NQfc"I ELD?Dailjrj (Sttn excepted, at 6V A. ... Passengers take the (hit en <f commodious steamers NKW FORK or CHAMPION,and arrive *t Albany the tame eren ^LiTangements have bean made to make the line sure, and passengers can depend on arriving as advertised. jal lmrc MAIL LINE AT 7* O'CLOCK, A. M. p TO ALBANY, AND intermediate landings, or as far as the ice will permit. There is good wheeling from any point on the Hudson to Albany, and Stages will be in readiness to carry passrngers to tr.eir desti nation. Passage $4 50 through to Albany?passage to New burgh $150. Breakfast on botrd the boat. The cele sue celebrated ice steamboat UTICA, Captain T. N Hulse, leaves the pier between Courtlandt ana liberty its, every morning at 7k o'clock. All packages and parcels wilt be landed at any of the regular landings, provided they are paid for at the Agent's Office, and entered on the freight list. Korpassage or freight, apply on board, or to P. C. Schnlts, at the office on the wharf. f!6 r NOTICE?STATEN ISLAND FERRY ??On Wednesday, Jan. Sth, the trips on this ?Ferry will be asfollows.? save Maten Island?8k. 10 A M ,2, 4k P. M. Leave New York?9, 12 A. M ;3k, 5 P.M. P. 8 ?On Sundays the boat will leave at 11 o'clock, instead if 12 A M. BOSLON STEAMERS. FOR HALIFAX AND LIVERPOOL The British and North American Royal Mail Steam Packet Shire HIBERNIA, and CALEDONIA, will leave Boston for the above porta as follows, vix: HIBERNIA, Alexander Ryrie, Commander,on Wednes day, April I, 1840. CALEDONIA, E- O. Lott, Commander, on Friday, May 1, 1840. Passage to Liverpool $110 Passage to Halifax . 20 r freight er passage, apply to D. BRIGHAM. Jr.. Agent. At HARNDEN (t CO.*S. I Wall st No Berth secured until paid for ml rc VMAFTB UPI UHCAT BRITAIN AND IRELAND.?Pereoue wishing to re mit money to tbeir friends in nny pert of Great Britain or Ireland, can be supplied subscribe QBL drafts by applying to the subscribers, for any amount, payable at tight, on til the principal towns throughout England, Ireland. Scotland and Wales. Applica tion by letter, (post paid,) will meet prumpt attention. W. at J.T, TArecoTT, ftl rh 75 Booth ft. cor. Maiden Lane. FOR NEW ORLEANS. ? Louisiana and New .York Lice.?Regular packet, to sail Monday, March jl6th ? The elegant, fast tailing packet ship 8AR 17Taylor, master, will poaitiyfly sail as above, her re gular day. For freight or passage, having handsome furnished accommodations, apply on board, at Orleana wharf, foot of Wall street, or to E. K COLLINS <t CO. M South attvwt. 377" Positively no goods received on board after Saturday evening, ltth March Agent in New Orleans, J AS E. WOOD RUFF, who will promptly forward all goods to his addrrss. Packet bark GENESEE, Mioett, matter, will succeed the Sartelle. and sail Monday, I3d March, her regular day. ml PACKETS (-OK HAVHE-Seeoud Lme?The e packet ship BALTIMORE, Capt. J. Johnston, jr , ______?will sail on the 1st of April. for I. nglu or pass-go, epply to BOYD fc HlNCKEN, 9 Tontine Building, it6 re 88 Wall St. PACKET8 FOR HAVRE-SECOND LINE? The Packet Ship ONEIDA, Capt-in James Fnnck, will sail on the lih instant. Fur freight or passage. BOYD It HlNCKEN. 9 Tontine Boildi-gs, or M Wall street. FOR ULASUO W.?Regaltr Packet.?The well known, fast sailiuy Brituh bark ADAM CARR, ISO nmHeloos, Hugh McEwen. master, having two-thirds of her cargo engaged will meet with quick despatch. For Ireighl or passage, having excellent accommodations, apply to the captain on board, east side of Peck slip or to WOODHULL k MINTURN. 17 South at. The A 1 British bark Ann ilarley, < apt. Rob;. Scott, will succeed the Adam I 'arr. m3 FOR SALE?To cloen a concern?The Line o Liverpool Packets,consisting of the ships ROSCIUS 8IDDON8, SHERIDAN and OARRICK. Thev ware bniltin this city, by Brown k Bell, with nnnsnal cure: for model, material (a very large proportion of their frame being live oak.) ud workmanship, thty are unsurpassed, if net unequalled?waited on lha stocks, and re-salted every year since. Their accommodations lor passengers are very exten sive and handsomely furnished. Apply to ttlr B. K. COLLI N9k CO .56 South at Egg- TOR GLASGOW?REGULAR PACKET M3Vy The well known fast sailinx Picket barque ADAM ?llbCASR, 450 tons, Capt Hugh McEwen, daily ex pected, will meet with quick dispatch. For ireight or passage, having excellent accommodations, apply to WOODHULL k MINTURN, fls re 87 Sooth street. UNITED STATES AND GREAT BRITAIN AND IRELAND OLD ESTABLISHED EMI i GRANT OFFICE.?The subscribers are prepareu to engage p.sseogers to come out by the early Spring ships, at a vary low rate. Drafts ean. as naual, be famished, pry able throughout the United Kingdom. For farther particulars apply to fTr J. HERD.ilAN fc Co.. 81 South st. FIRST PACKET FOR GLASGOW With ?Dupatth?The splendid and fast sailing packet ship nADAM ( ARR, Capt. McEwen, will nave imme uinte uisuateh for the above port. This shr> has very comfortable accommodations for eabio, second cabin and steerage passengers, wnich will be taken at reasonable rates. To secure berths early application should be msde on board, at reek slip, c r to W. k J. X. TAPSCOTT, 75 South st, m5r cor. Maiden lane. Egg- PASSAGE FROM NEWRY.IRELAND?Tin l^vyspa, fast sailing coppered ship BROTHRRS, Cspi JIBMmValpwv. 7M tout burthen, will sail from the abov port on the 10th March next, affording a good opportunity fo passengers who wish to miss direct to New York. For terms ol passage, which are mod-rats, apply to wit J. T TAPSCOTT. 75 South st. js87 rh comer Maiden lane. 8? PASSAGE FROM GREAT BRITAIN AND imylRELAMD, (via Liverpool )?The subscribers are jBBKnprepared to make engagements to bring passengers trom Liverpool by any of the regular packet ships, sndinp every Ave days -, sad also ky first class transient ships, to sad positively on their appointed days, at their lowest rates From their new trmngrmeots for this year, having established s Branch of the concern in Liverpool, no demotion whatever, ean take plies. For farther particulars, apply to JOHN HERDMAN fc CO.. (I South straet. naar Wall street, New York. HERDMAN. KEENAN k CO , Liverpool. N. B.?Drafts ean as usual be furnished for any amount, payable throughout Great Britain and Ireland, on application as above. (28 re TAPKCOTT'B OENERAL EMIGRATION MWW OFFICES, 75 South street, corner of Maiden Line, AWMBmsNew Yoik, and 98 Waterloo Road, Liverpool. Parsons wishing to secure passage for their friends from Li verpool. daring tha coming srason, in the New Line of Liver pool packets, are respectfully informed by the subscribers that the undermentioned magnificent and favorite packet ships Wli n Liverpool poeitively as advertised; in nny of which peeeage can be engaged on the most reasonable terms, snd every necessary measure will be used to have those w hose passage ma? be encaged on this side of the Atlan ic. despatch ed in as comfortable g manner as possible Ship Rochester, on the 8thApril; ship Uarrick. on the 11th do; ship Hottingner, on the tth May. Tha well known tailing qualities of these uvonte packets, render any remarks nnnecssary, and their ac eemmodatious lor cabin, second cabin tad stealage passengers, further parti'euTars'appI*1" secure passage, and. for W. k J. T. TAPSCOTT. M - set, comer of Maiden lata. N. R?Wfc J tr. T.. v Drafts, as usual, for any ?"?ffJ^PsrabU throughout ft Britain and Irelsr I Uftlit.ll STATES. AND GREAT DK1TAIN AND IRELAND OLD EMIGRANT OFFICE. THE itibicnbfri arc prepared to eoRatt rnmnn BWV ?*>? ?"'rspringships, ntn very mmMrn low raw. Dtafts ceo as asoal, be ftsrals^ed, pay able throughout tha United Kingdom. For farther particulars, apply to J. HERDMAN fc CO.. d? r 81 South THE uENUINE GALVANIC RINGS BANDS AND vaonetic fluid. u ECENTLY imported, celebrated both in Europo tad XV Amenaa, for tha cure of rheumatism, snd all ehrooic or nervous diseases. For salt by the gtooo, doaan or single one, at giroeis ruicxs 1)R. 8WA YAK S Compound Syrup of Wild Ohorry. THE GREAT REMEDY FOR CONSUMPTION. Honor to Whom Honor la Due. It may truly be Mid, that no oue ku eyre been to iuccritr.1 iu com ponndiug u medicine, which hu done ?o much to relieve tile hainu family, to rob dit eate of ita terrors, "ud restore the Invalid to Health and comfort, at the Invent or an i Proprietor of that moat deser vedly popular faintly raauieiu-, Uh. Swathe's Compound Sravror Wild C'Hannr,and uoue has been to generally pa tronised by the profeMion and other*, both iu thia country and in Ku rope, nor haa there ever been eo great an effort, iu the ' ?hort apace ol ouly an or acven yeart, to deceive the credn lona and nnthiuking, by putting op Noatruma kiuda, of rarioua kinds, by varioua n.dividnala, affixing the nam- of Willi 1 Cilimr, and as much of the name of the original pr epaid- ? tion a> will acreen them from the laah of the law, and one of the Impoatora who put* out the common paregoric o' ih* I shops, and calls it the Balsam or Wild Cherxv. haa hud the I impudence to caution the pnhlie againit ihe Original Pre- I pa radon, Dm. Swathe's Compound Bvnur okWilu Chkhuv, , which ia doing ao much good in the world BrnWAKlC OF MUCH IMPOITERS. ; And purchase none bat lb* original aud only genuine article, 1 aa prepared hy On Swirsc, which <a the only oce compound ed by a Regular Phyiician, and arose from many years close attention to the Practice of the Profession, and which led to ihis great discovery. Thousands aud teua of thousands of the beat testimonials of the unparalleled success of Dr. Swayne's Compound of Wild Cherry, for the ctwe of Consumption ! Coughs, Colds. Spittiua Blood, Liver Complaint, Tickling or Riai-'g in the Tnroat, Nervous Debility, Weakness of Voice, Palpitation or Disease of the ileart, Tain in the S-ds or Breast, Broken Constitution from various causes, the abnae of ca o mel, ktc , Bronchitis, Asthma. Whooping C ug", Itc , were declared to the world yrai* before any other pieparalion ot Wild Ciiliirv c me out. Tne most sceptic il may satisfy t'-ernielves as to the truth of Ihe above by a little inquiry iu Philadelphia. The genuine article is prepared only by Dr Swavne, whose office has been removed to N. W. corner if Kighth and Race streets, Philadelphia The Balsam and other tpuriout articles of Wild Cherry haa been sold one, and resold oat, and the prop'ietori are obliged to resort to False hood and Strataukm to make their own nut of iL The ge nuine article is put up in plain style, in square liottle*, covered with a blue wrapper, with a yellow Itbel, with the proprietor s signature atl?ched iCT" The Puflic are requested to remember that it i? Dr 8WAYNES COMPOUND SYRUP OF WILD CllKR RY that has and i< repea-edly perlorming auch miraculous cures of diseases which have baffled the skill of the Profes sion, aud set at defiance the whole ca'aloaU* of Patent Mtdi einet, which are dan y puffed through the o'gaus of the press. Therefore, ask lor Dr. 8WAYNE8 COMPOUND BYRUP OF WILD CHERRY, and rur. base no other. Aiients in New York?Charles H. Kin , Druggist, 192 Broadway, corner of John street; Bands, 181 Bowery; vVamrr, 805 blearXer stieet; Dodd, 771 Broadway; Lewis, 587 Green wich stre t; Hart, 341 Giand street; Everett, 96 Unison street; or Bailey, comer of Fnlton and Bands streets, Brrooklyn. f28 lm'm THE GENUINE PREPARATION. DR. SWAYNE'S Compound Syrup of Wild Cherry. CONSUMPTIVES, rtR those whose Langs are affected slightly, should take V/ this Svrup without delay, by which they may prevent th* fixing of that dire disease lully and firmly. How important then, to avoid it. Never live a day with a cough when thia Syrup can be had and yon are nearly certain, with proper ears, to avoid destruction by Conaumption. DR. SWAYNE'S COMPOUND SYRUP OF WILD CHERRY. ft is a compound of Vegetable Remedies; it i* called Wild Cherry, because that article ie the bMia of the preparation. It is so combined with other ingredients, that the utmost effi cieucy is given to its good qualities; ss a supporter and preser ver of the powers and functions ol life, it hu no equal. Caution?All preiuurations of Wild Cheiry, except Dr. 8wayne*i, are fictitious and counterfeit, and tuning up yeart after this valnable remedy had introduced itself into tne sick chamber; therefore, be not deceived by the many " Balaams'' and " Spurious Mixtures," but try the geunine and be cured. Prepared onlyby Da. Swatne, N. W. coiner of Eighth and Race etreets.Thiladelphia. Sold wholesale and retail at Charlea H- Rings, (late Dr. Mil nor's.) 198 Broadway, corner of John at.; and at Drug store*, 188 Bowery, 771 Broadway, 805 Bleecker St.,86 Hudson street, * and $48 Grand street. j 12 lm'm RHEUMATISM. Compound Syrup of the Hydriodate of Potaua SARSAPAR1LLA, AND YELLOW DOCK ROOT. HK ABOVE is prepared from the purest article*, and is recommended as the best and only sure cure of Rheuma tism. At this season of the year especially, it is of the greatest importance, u it will remove all tnose extremely unpleasant symptoms, (severe pains, stiffness of the joints, back, shoul ders, 8tc fcc.) It thins, puriftrs, and qnickans the circulation, and leaves every part of the animal economy in a perfect state of heshh. Tke virtues of each article have long been known to the faculty, and by their judicious admixture their effects are greatly increased. For sale by ft8 lm'm CHAS. H. R1NO, 198 Broadway. T MOTHER'S CORDIAL. TilE superior efficacy of thia article, when uaed in the loat stages of pregnancy, i? ao appareul, that no female who ha* once experienced ita benefit* would be willing, on any toad; tion, to be deprived of it. It* effect* are to shorten and dimi m*h ihe *uffe rags attendant on Child Birth one half, and inn* place otn cii.ld and mother in a *tate ofaafety. Thi* tano quack article, hot the prescription of aregut" Physician, aa who he* made thi* branch of hi* practice a par tinlar itndy. for aale at 192 Broadway comer of John itreet d2V Im'r FITS! FITS! IVAN'S VEGETABLE KXTRACT-An infallible rente a dy for Epileptic Kit* or Falling bickueaa, Conrnlaiona, kc.?This medicine, which i* purely vegetable, ia the ouly remedy that ha* ever been discovered which will positively cure thia hitherto uivnlnerable di*ea*e. It ia well known, from time immemorial, physiciens have pronounced Epileptic Fit* incurable. It lis* baffled all their skill, and the boasted power of all medic ue. and consequently thousands have suf fered through a miserable existence,and at last yielded up their Uvea upon the altar of insanity. This is no fiction, *s the pa ternal feeling* of innumerable heaita will bear testimony.? And with all deference to the opinion* of physicians, >he learned and great, wesay positively. Epilepsy can be cared.? We care not of how long standing, or what are the effects pro duced br it, it can be cared. The Vegetable Extract ia all powerful in curing this dread scourge ol the humau family hundreds have been cured, and the certificates of many inay be seen at the principal offics, 1(4 Grand street. New York, where the afflicted aieinvited to call and have their cases ex amined, and advice given free of charge. Let those who donbt the efficacy of the Vegetable Extract, or who think tneir case is hopeless, let snch call upon the following persons, who have either been cared, or ere now using the medicine. Mrs. Jane Bennett, whose son was afflicted for sight or nine years with Epilctie Fits, was cured by using the Vegetable Extract?call and sea her at 171 Grand at. Mr. Jacob Petty, who was afflicted for four years with Epi leptic Fiu, was cured by nsing the Vegetable Extract; call and see him at 174 Delancy street. Mrs r.leanor W. Kief was afflicted for twenty years with Epileptic Fits, and wascuied by nsing the Vegetable extract?call and see her st Yoikville. Vlr. Wm. H. Parsells,'who has been afflicted for twenty-three years with tupileptic Fiu, is now nsing the Vegetable Extract; call and see luin at No. IK Broom* street. And numerous other* mty be called on if desired. P. 8.?The Extract, together with the neeeesary medicines, with lull directions, are carefully packed in boxes for trans perution. Prices per box. $9, $17 and $74. Single bottles, with neces sary medicine, $2. Ivan's Vegetable Anti-Bilious Pills, for removing nil morbid and corrupt humors, and partly ing the blood. Price 2S eenu per box. DK8. I VANS It HART. Proprietors. IL/~ Principal Office ltf Grand at.. New York. fl( lm*m RING'S CANDY, FOR COUGHS, COLDS, A 8THMAB, CROUPS, and all diseases ot tne lungs. TTiis A Vegetable Cough Candy, prepared from the moat approved vegetable remedies for coaghe, i* fast taking the laaidof all other preparations. It is prepared and toldDy CHARLES H. RING, Druggist, 1(2 Broadway, eornerof John street, dfT lm*vn Successor (n W. H. Milaor. LAURENT & BROTHER, IMPORTERS OF FRENCH GOODS, IE great pleasure in informing th-ir customers that they ire just received by the paeaets Burgunuy and 8c Nicholas, their new fancy spring goods, consisting o< the richest style Lyons Silk, rich Paris printed Muslia-de laines, Barege, Balsorwe, Tarlatan Jaconets, ke.?Also, the largest assortment of B roc he and priaied long and sqnare Shawls, Scarfs, kc. In style and richness, we believo our goods can not be surpassed by any importation this Spriu. Tour kind attention to, and inspection of the same it respectfully solicited. , LAURENTkflHOTHKR JaI7 last pin. s Will nm street. PAPER HANGING. LFDWELL k BROTHERS, Mannfactmers and Importer* AA of Paper Hangings, having opened in New York city a branch of their Philadelphia establishment, would respectfully call the aitsstionof the eiusea* of New York ana others wanting goods in thatr line, to their extsnsive assortment ol PAPER HANGINGS. Borders, Fire Board Prinu, Curtain Papers, and all other articles in their line of business.' H.kB have received from the Instants* for tne encourage ment of Domestic -M sou fact ores in the cities of New York. Philadelphia and Boston, silvsr medals for th* manufacture ol their goods, flitter themselves that they can tell a better article for the same money than can b* purchased elsewhere. FRESCO PAPERS The subscribers would particularly call attention to their targe assortment of Fresco Papers for Parlors, and Column Papers lor Halls, Pnbl ic Rooms, Entries, lie. kc. Also, Cfavaitr Parens, a new article for Windows. Papering ol Rooms, Halls, kc. promptly a Headed to by ear* fnl workmen. Country merchants and city dealers will find it to their ad vantage to give ns ? call. HOWELL k BROTHERS, No 117 Broadway, Two doors shove the City Hotel. AJot of Drawer* and Shelving for sale aa above. JaJ7 tm*vh GRATIS. ROUSSEL'8 UNRIVALLED PREMIUM SHAVING CREAM, 'pHK most superior article now in ns*, is neatly pat np in A small bores, sad presented free of charge, on trial, to all who apply at the mannfactnr, r's. E. ROUSSEL.1M Broadway, Wholesale and mtnil. jfl lm'r TRUFFLES. F<!S.?1*"A * Also, Bordeaux Winee is casks and eases, Kiersch. Absiath and Champagne, of the hest brands J2?lra*r COLUMBIA HOUSE, Chtttrml Strut, betuxen 6th and 7th StrttU, PHILADELPHIA. BAOLEY, MACKENZIE f CO., Propritfrri. Jsmks Baat.iv, late of Jones's Hotel. Hxriar C. Macaxtrtig, formerly of W ml.legion House Pbtib L. Febousok. f U (mi BOOKS BOUGHT. piMONI wish ing to dispose of ? tartr WIVi Ttt1 CHRISTIE'S GALVANIC RINGS AND MAGNETIC FLUID. T^HIS remarkable discovery comprises u entirely ?!< end A novel apiilicitiog of the myxeriou* power of Uuruum, M a remedial unit. The Galvanic Kino* in connection with the Maonktic Fli id. lure been used with entire ?ue ceu in ell cuu ol RHEUMATISM, eente or chronic,_app|g ing to the head, face or limbe; Goat. Tic Doloreax, Touu, ntl*. Broochitii, Vertifo. nerroui or tick Headache, Indices tiou, Peralyue, Palsy, Epilepsy. Fits, Cramp, palpitation of ' the Heert, Apoplexy, stiffness of Joints, Spinal complaint*. assg, ttcnit, , etiiAiicae VI >?U1UW. 0|'IUU CUIII | ? I HI _ . Lumbago, Neuralgia, nervous Tremors, dizziness of the Heed, cy of pain i in the Chest and Side, general Debility, deficiency uervont and phytical energy, and all nervous disorders. In catet of Dyspepsia, which ia aimply a nerrona deraugemeut ot ?oe digestive organs, they have been lound equally ancceaa ful. Ttie Ringa are of different price*, being made of all aixea, and of rarioua omamenlal pattern*, and can be worn by the moat delicate female withoat the slightest inconvenience. THE GALVANIC BELTS, BANDS, BRACELETS, lie. Are modification* of the invention, and are recnnineuded in more chronic caaea of diaeaae, where the Ring* do not poa ?ea* tufficient intensity or power. They are adapted to the waist, arm*, wrists, ancles, cheat, or any part of the body with perfect eaae. Any Galvanic power that ia required may that oe obtaiaed, and no complaint which the ayateriona agent of Ualvaniam 011 affect, will fail I itm c<ii affect, will fail to ba permanently relieved. CHRISTIE'S MAGNETIC FLUID uaed in connection with the Ring* and their modilieationi. Thit composition haa been pronounced by tht French Che mists, to be one of the moat valuable discoveries of modern scienoe. It ia believed to posses* the remarkable power of reudering the uerrna sensitive to Galvanic action, by this ine.ius canning a concentration of the influence at the aeet of diaeaae, and thus giving rapid and permanent relief. CHRISTIE'S GALVANIC STRENGTHENING PLASTERS. These articles form an important addition to the Galvauic Ringa, acting upen the same principle, bat having the advan tage of more local application As an effectual means lot Strengthening the lyi'.rm when debilitated by diaeaae or other cauaea ; as a certain antm constitutional weakness ; as a pre ventive for colds, and in all affections of the cheat generally, the Galvanic StaarroTHemtio Plastxrs will be found of gieat and pel manent advaataa e We refer our readers to the numerous 1T7-HOME CERTIFICATES.-/^] Published by the Doctor, in the Sua, Times, Mirror, Tribune, and other papers. These testimonial!, all of which aie from the most respect able source!, have been selected from several hundred of a similar cliaraccar, which have been procured during the short time the discovery haa been before the American public D. C. MOOR1IEAD, General Agent for the United Btatee, and only Agent for the City of New York, 134 Fulton itreet, Sun Bnildinge. Beware of Counterfeit* j*3l M WIt?at lm*r HARDWARE AT AGENT'S PRICES. r|aIIE SUBSCRIBER, Agent for several Manufacturers in Enaland, is enabled to tuppiydeelers from first hands, alto ill cons al first price?. Purchasers will consult their own interest by taking UP STAIRS PRICE8. 1200 grots low pricedTabla Cutlery. 5 casks assorted 1, 2 and 3 blade Knivaa. Files?a complete assortment of beat caat steel. 30 Casks Trace, Ox and Log Chain*. 23 Baskets Vices, fine Cotter Key. 100 Dozen Patent Knob Lock*. Alto, Frying Pans, Bed Screws, Candlestick*,Bolts, Spoons, Pad, Closet and T runk Locka, Curry Combs, Itc. Ice JOHN A. NEWBOLD, tn2 ImisM WfcF'mc No. 34 John streat, up stairs. STONE FOR DRY DOCK. NAVY AGENT'S OFFICE, New Yoke, ) 14th January, 1246. J SEALED PROPOSALS, endorsed " Proposals for Stone for Dry Dock," will be received at this office until Mon. day, the 16th day of March next, for furnishing and delivering at the Navy Yard, New York, Granite or 8ienite of the iol lowing dimension! and quantities nearly:? Rough Stone. Mitre Sills. Rough Hammered * g Iff o 5" *3 O ? rf A el S* A o 1 K f 1 2 or A* s< A "d ?J e 8 ? C. A 106 6.0 2.2 i. 17.0 8 0x2 6 36 1 143 B 66 50 2 4 2. 17.0 4 6x2 8 36 J lis C 41 43 22 2. 170 4.6x4 0 30 K 31 D 42 36 2 2 2. -15 6 4.6x4 0 3.0 1. 91 E 143 3 f 20 2. 14 0 4.6x4.0 60 M 40) F 41 3.0 23 3. 13.0 4.6x4 0 30 N 75 O 4 30 2.1 3. 10 0 4 6x4.0 3.0 O 563 y H It SO 1.9 3. 70 4.6x4.0 36 1 ft to 3. 3.0 30 30 i t f S Pattern Stone. _ Cubic Yarda. Width, Thickness. P 291 4.3 2.) Q 23 16 2.6 R 176 St 16 8 30 36 2 4 T 162 3 S 2.3 U 270 3.6 2 0 V 296 3 6 2 6 W 80 SO 2 3 X 107 3.0 2 0 Y SI 3 0 1.9 Z IS 3.0 If a 28 3 6 1 9 The above stones from A, to H inclusive, and also those marked Mitre Sills, amounting in all to about 367 cubic yards, are to be deliverrd rough. Those marked from I to O inclu sive, amounting toabont 1427 cnbic yards, are to be delivered rough hammered on all sides. Those marked from P to a, in clusive, amounting to about 2309 cubic yards, are to be deliv ered, hammered on all tidea, ona ef which will be fine faced ?p?.k The contractors will be famished with plans and patterns for the above ttonea, and they mutt be quarried in aecli man ner ai to admit of being worked full to the patterns. This ?tone muet be of the Best quality of granite or sienite, free from sap seams or cracks, and in blocks from three to eight feet long, to average five leet. All pattern or dimension stones will be received as they will measure when hammered, and no allowance will be made for any eiceea of size. The stones must be delivered in the order directed by the engineer of the dock. Proposers will state the price per cubic yard for the Rough Stone, the price per cubic yard for the Rough Hammered Stone, the price par cubic yard for the Hammered Pattern Stone, the p-ice per superficial foot for the Fine Hammering, and the price per superficial foot for the Rough Hamrneriug. The Rubble Stone will be required of the following de scription:?t^Mcubic yards, in blocks weighing from 404 to 000 pounds, to average COO ; I,MO cubic yards, in blocks of from 00* to 1.300 tMinuds, to average 1,000 poonds ; I M0 cubic yards, iu blocks of frem 1,100 to 1,400 pounds, to avursge 1,400 pounds. This stone mast ainst be of the best quality of Granits, Sie nite. or Uncus, split in rectangular blocks, with good oeds. Proposers for the Rubble Stoue will state the price i*r cuoic yard. The above stoue is to be delivered in vessels alongside of snch wharf at the Navy Yard, New York, as the engineer of the dock may direct, and to be landed on the wharf at the ex pens? of the government, the crews of the vessels assisting in the operation. The delivery of the stone must necessarily be governed by (he appropriations made by Congress. All the above stone will probably be required prior to the 30th June, 1047. The contract must be subject to suspension in case of failure on the part of Congress to make appropriations far this work, or at the option of the Navy Department and it is to be dis tinctly understood It hat the Department, rvasrvea the light (o increase or diminish the shove quantities of stono, and whether increased or diminished, the prices shall remain as first con tracted f .r. And it is further to be understood that the expen diture for contracts under these proposals will not exceed the ?in of ooehundrrd thousand dollars. Persons offering pro posals are requested to send samples of their stone to the Navy Yard, and te state the location of their quarries. Bonds and security will be required, sod to secure the faith ful execution of the contract, 10 per cant, of the amount deli vered will in all cases be retained, and not paid until the con tract is fnlly complied with. Atl further information will be given by the Engineer at the Dock. PROSPER M. WETMORE. jalO lawtm rrc Navy Agent. CUSTOM HOUSE, NEW YORK, ? Cou-gcTon's Orrice, February 1?, -040. J OTICE.?Proposals will be received st this Office until JL1 13 o'clock. A- M. on Tuesday, 10th March nest, for fur nishing the following supplies or Oil for the consumption of the Light Honsas, Beacons sad Light Boats in this district, under the superintendence of the undersigned, vig 4,9M gallons Hpndg Spermaceti strained Oil 3,460 do Winter pressed Oil from hosd matter. The oil is to be of the very best quality?to be gusgud by ? United States ganger,at the tune of delivery?and tube de livered as required, in iroa-bound casks, not exceeding M gal loss each, '1 ha oil is to be thoroughly tested by the oilome ter. sad by burning, before payment is made therefor. Bids from persons oot engaged in the business to which this advertisement refers, will not be entertained. Persons proposing are reqnrtted to mark their proposals on the outside, " Propotals for Oil." .. ? C. W. LAWRENCE. fl9 2awM sodThtlOr Supd'l oj Light t, je. NOTICE IS HEREBY UIVEN.thatsa application will be made to the Legislature of thi iState, in this session, for an set to incorporate a Society called the "Jackson Se rein." New York. January 10. 1640 Jail 3uw0w *rc FOUNTAIN HOTEL, LIGHT STREET, BALTIMORE. '"THE PROPRIETORS of this Establishment, long known *? si Br.LTZnOOVER'S, latum their grateful thanks to the public for the liberal patronage bestowed upon the house since it has bteo uuder their care, and beg Isave to eay that determined, if possible, to ensure fu.ure success?they have just added to their former spacious building a new, beautiful and airy three story wing, containing about thirty lodging rooms. This addition renders the Lames' Osmvasr much more commodious, and gives the House one handled and fifty rooms. The whole structure has undergone a thorough revi sion is painting, papering, furnishing, ke. The BaTHino Dr paaTMKKT is ample, both for Ladies and Gentlemen, tud will be conducted on the European plan, the most superior for cost fort and dsspatch. The extensive improvements thus made, suable the propiietors te offer ta the accommodation sod pa tronage of the public an establishment replete with every thing calculated to render it attractive and comfortable, ieelnding the most untiring and assiduous attention to visttura, on thi part of all eonaected with it Terms?Gentlemen's Ordinary tl M pordsy. Ladies'Ordi nary $1 M per day. DIX k FOGG, f33 2?w 4w Proprietors. THE VENTILATING WIG. CO ffiosely resembles the real head of hair that sceptics and O connoisseurs hnvsjprooouneed it the most perfect and estra ordinary inveution of ihe day. The great advantages of this novel and unique wig is its being mvda without sewing or weaving, which eanses its appearances so closely to resemble the natural hair, both id lightness and natural appearance, as to defy dstaction. its tevture being so beautiful, so porous and so free, that in all cases of n >rspirstion evaporation is unimpe ded, and the great evils of other wigs entirely avoided. Th? sceptic and counoiisenr are alike invited to inspect this novel and beauaiful Wig, and the peculiar method of fitting the head, at the manufacturer's A. C. BARRY, 140 Broadway, cornerof Liberty street, up stairs. m4 lin're TO CAPITALISTS. A NTHONY J. BLEECKER will sell at the Merchants' fa Exchange on Tuesday, the 10th of March, at 12 o'clock, That valuable House and Lot in fee, No. W Carmine street fitted up with every convenience and comfort, handsoms yard, valuable fruit trees, Ac. For further particulars, apply to the Auctioneer?premises can he seen at any reasonable hoar. ml, 3,7,10*r L TO THE LADIES?TO THE LADIES. ADIEU having aav superfluous ot east off Clothing to dis pose of, (either Ladies or Gentlemen) can obtain a fair cash price for theaame,by sending for tho subseribor, at her residence. No. M Duane street, basement. . - flrs M.Y "OMEN. N. B ?Gentlemen's Clothing and Furniture alsa^c ? jht by All letters through tho Pott Office will bo attended to. )i? lm*mc Fj JuTiF; Varieties. There are at present over 300 visiting clergymen in Mobile, a portion of them to attend the Methodist Conference, and other* to take part in the Sabbath Con vention, which commenced in that city on Monday ' evening. Some five or six hundred Choctaws were at Jack ?on, Mi**., a few day* ago on their way to their new home* in the We*t. They are in charge of Mej. Arm itrong, Government agent, and Mr. Fitcnlyn, a Choctaw j chief. About 800 of these are known *? the "Six Town" 1 Indian*. The population of Southport, Wisconsin, in 1&17 consisted of twenty-four tamiliea -at the present time the population i* estimated at not less than 8 000. The staple product of the oounty of which Southport is the ccmmereial mart, i* wheat. The total value of exports from Southport for the year 1848, was 804,110?for 1844, 888,993-and for 1840, 8143,300. The Chicago Daily Journal of the 25th ult. Bays? We learn from Wisconsin that Lieut. Tbompaon, with 36 dragoons, (the whole foroa of the garrison at Prairie du Chien)?and Capt. Summers, with e small force from Fort Atkinson, are in the vicinity of Muscoday, in pur- 1 suit of the Winnebagoea. About 80 Indians had been taken at the Kickapoo settlement, and are under guard. Gov. Dodge, also, is near Muscoday, commanding the voiunteerlroope. This, it would appear, is a little bor der war. Wo bear of no one being killed, however, ex cept Indians. The Mayor of Savannah has oflered a reward of $600 for the detection of incendiaries. Reports were in circulation in New Orleans that a largo grocer had decamped, leaving his creditors mi nus twenty-five or thirty thousand dollars. The Hon. Judge Wayne, of the U. S. Supreme Court, has been elected President of the Georgia His torical Society. The detachment of United States soldiers recent ly sent in pursuit of the Florida Indians who attacked the whitea a short time since, and killed a Mr. Pitts, were obliged to return without finding any trace of the de predators. The Railway from Fitchburg to Burlington, it ia now settled, is to run from Fitchburg through Keene, Bellows Falls, and Rutland, to Burlington, on Lake Champlaiu. From Rutland to Burlington, the distance, through Otter Creek, is but sixty lour mils*. A new pier ia being constructed at Racine, Wis consin Territory. At the annual commencement of the Indiana Me dical College, held at Laporte on the 19th ult., the degree Doctor of Medicine was conierred upon seventeen stu dents. The new steamer Wm. R. King, while on her way from Mobile to Columbus, Mies., the other day, col lapsed one of her flues, inconsequence of which she was compelled to return for repairs. On the 19th ult, a person by the name of Mclntire, having something to do with the removal of the Indians, was riding along the road, some seven miles beck of Vicksburg, in company with another person, when hi< horse became restive, end either jumped or was forced bv the rider into a gully, and lell and broke the neck of Mr. Mclntire At the town meeting in Worcester it was voted to ?How the Providence and Worcester Railroad Company the right of laying a railroad track over the common on the east aide of the track of the Norwich and Worcester Railroad Company, for the conveyance of passengers.] Mora than .one hundred deaths have taken place | from scarlet fever in Cbillicothe, Ohio, within a period ot six months. At (Wheeling, on Thursday, the river had three and a halt feet of water in the channel. At Pittsburg, on Thursday, there were four feet of water in the channel. Mardi Gras day was celebrated in New Orleans on the 34th ult. The several streets through which the masquerade procession was to pass as per programme were crowded to eiceta, and the windows and balconies of the houses presented a beautiful array of beauty. At 4 o'clock, the music car drawn by four greys, and con taining ten musicians, left the St. Louis hotel, followed by some fifteenfor twenty[maskers on horseback. Then came twenty or twenty-five cabs and coaches filled with persons in fancy and others in citizen's drass.,The masks and costumes were about as good as usual, in the eve ning there were several masked balls, that at the SL Louis hotel being the most magnifioentever witnessed in our city. Uther items of amusement consisted of three theatres, one circus, private balls and several lec turee. The new dwelling house in Marlboro', owned and occupied by Mr. George Hapgood. was destroyed by fire early on Friday mornii f last, together With all his out buildings, furniture, a.ju ? va.aaom cuw?the family having barely time to escape in their night clothes, ft is said that the wife of Mr. Hapgood (rose one of her feet belore she found shelter. A difficulty occurred lately on the Yazoo river, between Thomas J. Powell and John Trimble, in which Trimble, says the Vickthurr Daily Whig of the 36th ult. was shot, end it is supposed, mortally wounded. Powell was discharged by the magistrate, the act being oonti i-....I The New Orleans Delta ol the 28th ult. says The steamboat Yazoo yestorday brought down Alonzo Pennington, who ia charged with having killed Edward Davit, in May last, in Chriitian county, Ky. The IsOwtvilU Journal says, some low-lived tcamp, under the attumed name ot' "John Matcal," (ras cal it should have been,) hat written nt a couple of let ters from Rutsellville, Ky., the first of them purporting to give an account of a murder at Rutsellville. We learn that the whole thing is a hoax. The New Orleans Himessays:?A bill now before the legislature of Louisiana, appropriating one thousand eight hundred and sixty-six dollars to pay the Texas vo lunteers, paSsed the "lower House" on the 34th ult, to gether with a resolution instructing our members of Congress to have the money at {once paid back to the State. It is a very pretty comment on the great war talk at Washington, that the few brave men who volun teered so readily to go to Texas, when war threatened, should have to wait thus long for their money, and final ly be relieved in their wants by the interference of the State government. The Vicktburg IVhig says the Southern Railroad bill has passed the legislature of Mississippi. The rosd commences at Jackson, the seat of government of Mis sissippi. and connects with the railroad fiom Vicksburg on the Mississippi river. Since the 1st of May 1826, 27,622 persons have been arraigned for various penal offences, before the Recorder of the First Municipality. New Orleans. Be lore the Recorder of the Second Municipality, 31,000. Before the Recorder of the Third Municipality, 31,070, making a total of 80,108. Maurice de Kohr was brought before the Record' er in New Orleans on the 37th ult., charged with swind' ling; first Mr. Alexander Lecourt of $1300, and second Mr. Armand Guyol of $1083 to. He gave bail in $3000 to meet the charge on a future occasion. An affidavit was subsequently made by Mr. Theodore Ouyol, that he had also swindled him out of $8A0. Gekat Firk in Savannah.?An extensive Are broke out in Savannah, Geo., on the 1st instant, in the cotton ineds at tho head of Bay street, occupied by John L. Cope, which were entirely consuaMd with tho cotton in them, (1000 bales) with a bouse on Bay straat and on# in tho roar. The entire) loss ia estimated at $81,400, of which $4,600 ia insured. This is supposed to be the work of incendiaries, for whose apprehension a ' reward has been offered of $400 by the Mayor. About 1 1,400 or 1.600 bales of tha cotton oonsumsd, was con signed *o Mr. Char lee Hartridge, who bad insurance on the same to the amount of $44,000 in tha following offices: ?$111,000 in tha Agency of tha Pelican Mutual Insur ance Company of Now York, $13,000 In tho Agoooy of the Alliance Mutual insurance Co. of N.York,$10 000 in tho Agency of the Howard Insurance Company of New York, and $8,000 in the Hartford Fire Insurance Co of Hartford, Conn. This amount, it ia supposed, will cover his loss. Messrs. Harris k. Rally also had about 300 bales cotton burnt, which was insured in the Augus ta insuiance and Banking Company, for $9,000, which will also cover their lose. The estate of Williamson hsd no insurance on tho brick cotton sheds?loss estimat ed at $3,000. Mr. Dillon's loss is about $3 800Jou which he bad insurance on the property to tha amount of $! ,000 in the Agency of tho Protection Insurance Company oi Hartford, Conn. The house owned by the estate of Tel fair, was valusd at $3,000, and was insured iu the Agen cy of the London Phoenix Insurance Company, for $1,000. i, loses about $300 by ; Mr. Papot, who occupied the house damage to hie furniture in removal, on which there was no insurance. Tho hovso ownad by Mr. MoMahon was valued at $1,800, and was insured in tha Agency of tho Coutributionabip Insurance Company of New Tork for $1,000- Mr. Oliver, who occupied the building, loses ?bout $300 by damage to hie furniture in removal- no in surance. The adjoining stores, belonging to the estate of Williamson, filled with cotton, hay and molasses, on storage, for various individuals, ware for some time in great danger, but were saved by the elmoet unparalleled on this, as on all othe exertions of our firemen, who on this, as on all other oc casions, behaved most gsllantly. An individual has been arrested against whom there is strong circumstantial evidence, that he was concerned in firing the building on the corner of Perry and . West Broad streets, on Satur day night. Two or threo attempts ware made on the 3nd ins t. before ton o'clock, to set fire to buildings?one in the cooper's shop of Cox It Ysmtcraw.and anothsr in West Broad street, on the premises next to Mrs. Pitt's boarding housa. Thsy war# fortunately die- ' covered in season to prsvent ? conflagration. The town is in a state of alarm. FoBoxmr. ? William Richardson Bitten, alias William E. Jones, alias J. A. Clayton, accused of forgery, was examined on the 38th ult, before Recorder Baldwin, at New Orleans. Tha bills found on him and presanted in Court, wera four bills of $1300 each, two nills of $1000 each, one bill of $5000, one blank check $316 74, and three nromiaory notes of hand amounting together to $404 68, in all $11,631 41 ; several different cards and ticketa were also presented in Court, one of which mirportod that J. A. Clayton was a member of the New Orleans Washington Total Abstinence Society, and signed the 8th Febtuary, 1840. The names said to be forged are those of Kirhman fc. Andrews, of Florence. Alabama ; of Kirkman k Abarnathy, Naw Orleans, and J. T. Abarnathy. The evidence ol Mr. James Kirkman and othars appeared to be conclusive against ths pri soner. To some of the charges ha plsaded guilty, while to others he pleaded net guilty,, Jan. 7,18-16. Visit of the Emjxror of Russia?Respect for Ame rica?Grand Military Review?Royal Pleasures. At laat the Emperor has come, and?gone. The autocrat of all the Russias haa tavored Vienna with hia august preaence, and rained th ? felicity of tha Viennese to the seventh heaven, in gratifying their appetite for show. Hia kindness will long be held in grateful remembrance, for many days before hia arrival, reporta of every dye ran thick and loud, and the sentence "will h? come," was changed in every imaginable way. "He will come"?"will he not come V* "He will not come"?"come he will," fee. And the best of the play was, that the answers were as various in their meaning as the sentences in their construction?no two persons related the samo story. In this dilemma the inhabitants ran to and fro for several weeks, and collected occasionally at supposed points of approach, according to reports raised by some facetious wag. From the 28th until the 90th of December, various expresses arrived announcing the vicinity ol the Emperor, and his movements, and on the evening of the latter day. 10 minutes after 8 o'clock, he entered the walls ?>t the imperial city. The palace was brilliantly illu minated, and the imperial family of Austria was in waiting to receive the Emperor Nicholas, and spend the evening in his company. But he was either too much fatigued, or too little inclined,to gratify thei Apartments, in one wing of the palace, had bpcu gorgeously fitted up for his reception at an exiiense of more than fifty thousand dollars?he nevertheless proceeded immediately to the residence of the Rus sian Ambassador, Count Medem, and took posses sion of apartments there arranged for him ; the latter were, however, too amall to accommodate his entire suite (sixty in number.) aud a part of them, therefore, proceeded to the "Hotel Roman Einperor" ?the nearest one to the quarters of the Ambassador. A company of grenadiers, and two military bands were stationed ut the doors of the Ambassador to receive the Emperor, and at his approach the band - struck up the Russian national hymn, and thecrena dierspresented arras; but th* Emperor would not accept their attentions, and dismissed all but two sentinels. He retired early, and was occupied the next morning from half past Ave until half past seven o'clock, with his ministers and adjutants in state af fairs. At 8 o'clock precisely, he called on the Em peror of Austria. Nicholas had scarcely lelt his quarters, when a number of the uncles ana the bro ther of the Austrian Emperor arrived there to p?y him their respects ; of course he was not at home? qune a faux pat. The Empress, Archdukes and Archduchesses were also visited in their own apart ments by the Russian Autocrat, whose dress on the sccasiou was the uniform of a Colonel of the Aus trian hussars, one of which regiments bears his name. In the meantime,two American gentlemen and fny self were kindly waited on by Captain Schindler, ol the Austrian engineer corps, who, by the way, 's favorably known to almost every American-who visits Vienna, as the American's best friend, and conducted within the lines of the space selected for the review, by special permission from the com manding general of the day. To this mark of attention which we received,as Americans, 1 owe my ability (o give the moBt important occurrences of the day ut minutiffi. At 11 o'clock the Empress and the Arch I duchesses drove into the parade'ground in equipages i of the most gorgeous character. Shortly alter, Hie i Auetnan Emperor, with Nicholas on hia right, aud all the Archdukes, with their numerous suite, the 1 whole company most splendidly mounted, galloped { gaily into the parade ground, where were assembled j in uniform, more than 16,000 men?the whole g&rri | son of Vienna, those only excepted who were ou I duty in various parts of the city. Their entrance afforded a military display far sur i passing in variety and splendor of decoration and i uniform any thing that I had before conceived, and I I doubt whether the world can produce any thing superior. It would be useleswto attempt a a esc rip tion. The military was arranged in three grand di I visions. Iu the first, tusilliers and grenadiers: one battalion of pioneers, and one of chasseurs. In th'* 1 second, two squadrons of dragoons, and the regi ment of hussars, called the regiment of Emperor Nicholas in compliment to the latter; the men form ing this company are all Hungarians, and are consi dered the best company of cavalry in the Germanic confederation. The third division consisted of two battalions of artillery with sixty four field pieces, ammunition wagons, and every thing necessary for the most complete equipment. The command er of this force was the Archduke Albert, command er-in-chiet of all the militarv in the Archduchy ot Austria,and son of the Archduke Charles.the famous opponent of Napoleon. Albert received the Empe rors as they entered, and eight military bands all joined in me penormance <>i uic nuwiu uyiou. The Imperial party pasted before all the militajy, the ladies being accompanied by the Italiairand Hun garian guarda, two companies unrivaled for rich ness of uniform, and composed of noblemen exclu sively. The military having been thus reviewed, the Emperors and suite took, a position on a slightly elevated ground, and the troops, after forming into columns, tegan to defile in companies before them. As each band approached the Imperial company, it wheeled oti to the opposite tide, remaining in its position and playing until its company had passed, when it fell into the rear and gave way for another band. The military was headed by the battalion of pioneers, and in front of a body of dragoons was the young Prince Francis Joseph, son of the Archduke Francis Charles, successor to the present Emperer. At the approach of the hussars, of which body the Emperor of Russia was the nominal colonel, he left his position as reviewer, galloped rapidly towards them, and took his position as their colonel? thus arranged, he*passed in review before the Em peror of Austria, saluting him with his sabre three times as a mere Colonel. It was a rare and inter esting occurrence,to witness the most powerful man on the continent of Europe doing homage to his brother ruler; and the history of the world presents comparatively lew instances of two men wielding destinies so mighty, meeting on terms so amicable. The review being ovdr, Nicnolas was escorted to his quarters by the,Austrian Emperor and suite, and thus ended the greatest event 01 his tour. At three o'clock both Emperors, the Imperial family, and fifty of the most renowned Generals of Austria, aat down to a sumptuous repast prepared in the palace. In the evening they took tea in the apartments of tne Empress; a few minutes were spent in the im perial theatre, and at 9| o'clock all was still. The next morning was devoted to receiving and paving visits; the Emperor was waited on by all the Min isters of the Cabinet, and Generals of the first rank. He apent two houra with the celebrated Prince Metternich, who by the way is never seen at public festivals, and a few minutes with the Princess.? Having again dined at the palace, he took leave of the Imperial family ol Austria at 6 o'clock, and lef t Vienna the next morning at 8 o'clock. Thus end ed this flying viait of the great autocrat,wtaoae hurry ia ascribed to the fact that he is desirous of spending the 18th of January, (Russian New Year's day, old style,) in his own capital. He proceeded directly to Warsaw, taking railroad as far as practi cable. When travelling post, his party requires se venty-two horses. As a man his equal is seldom seen; he is every inch an Emperor and a soldier; born to command; and sternness and determination are seen in every movement. He is uncommonly large and well built, and mounted on his charger he presents the beau-ideal of a military chieftain.? During his stay in Vienna he distributed seventy-five military orders to persons of high rank?IzR to Generals, field officers, and the Captain of the Hua sars, and 1600 ducats to the privates of the same company, in consideration of the fact that they bear his name. This is paying rather dear for empty honor. Besidea these, many other presents of great value were bestowed on various individuals, so thai the pocket of the Emperor will not be likely to for get his viait to Vienna, however soon it may be forgotten by those who were the recipients ot his generosity. O. P. Q 0O-A singular and interesting case has been com menced in New Orleans, against John 8- Caldwell ?nd Lucy Ann, bis wife, by C. K. W1m and Sarah E Wits, his wifs, for $90,000 damage*. The circometance* of the cast, as set torth in the plaintiff*' petition, are the** -Mn. Wiso, wtaon *be marriod W., bad a daugh tor by a former husband, to whom the wo* devotedly ei tached; but in conaoqaonco of Mrs. Wise being attach od by a severe fit of illnoes, tbo childI was ooolltod to tbe caro of tho defendant and hi* wile?the '?tter?t>efnC her sister. When aha recovered, they sought for tho child, but CoM woU and his wife refused to dehyer her np, end since that time have kept her out ot the way and[de clared that thay should never have her again. The child ia about aovon years of ago, and is roprasaaUd ?* being remarkably intelligent 1 From Jamaica.?By the arrival of the schooner Caliao at elate hour last night, ws received files of Kingston papers to the 11th instant. They srs princi pally Riled with news of local interest, possessing no at traction for our readere.?N. O. Timti, FW. 'JR. * From St. Thomas ?The schr. Julia, Capt. Hill arrived ettais poit on Sundny loot from St. Thomas, af (era passage of 19 days. Wo learn from Capt. Hill, that the British Island* wore well supplied with American produce, and that W. F. lumber was selling at St. Thom as $96 per M.? gwseeei Ot*. ,M?tl t.

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