Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 22, 1846, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 22, 1846 Page 3
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LVi^!nl indebted to 'Canada __1Ce* *?r t^# foUowi*i intelligence from ' MoNflr with on' "V March 18?The oil of the put week . Ier*?? ?J.0r^wo ?*c*,PtionJ. ?? ?o meagre of public in | A '?!&? scarcely worth chronicling. b - decided thaw appear* to set in, and any one who ei!I i ?T#r *V,n ,k* creaking up of winter in Canada can torn an idea ef the preaeut condition of the street* and thoroughfarea of Montreal. The masses of ice de tached trom the roofs by the aalld weather have eanaed annierou. accidente. <5o Friday a yo*nt ?~ w,. to^*hl.D*^!!iUD#0 7 7 the descent of one of theae ara wany peraona hare had narrow eacapea. The 8t Lawrence has become dangerona for crossing na'Khborhood of Montreal jthe ice travsrsa op the city ia for a oonaiderable diatance more than iT?- i w*ter j two heraea were drowned a day ortwo ainoe, white crossing at Boat da l'Iale;the drirer escaped. Montreal ia at present bleaaed with two Mayer* ; the ?otea ot both parties areeqnal, and each claim* the vic tory for ite candidate. Pending legal inreatigation touching the validity of one of The vote*, one of the councillor* elected being American born, and auppoaed not to have been naturalized aa a Britiah subject, the former oi Mayor, who ia al*o on* of the candidate* for tea present mayorality, bold* olBce. The other candi ?.*'* .r th# cbl 1 magiatracy ia American born but ia be lieved to have been duly naturalised. The half yearly atatemant of the Bank of Montreal, publiahed on Friday, ahow* the monthly average of note* discounted at $6,9*1 640-the UablUea $6,701,384-the assets $6 967,044. ' A joint atock company i* in courae of formation at Quebec, to improve the river 8L Charles at that place ? -P':^ Ha* of docks. The oapitai $300 000, in sharoa of $100. r-T,1'W#?tl,*.r Qu,v.b*c '* r"7 ?be anow dissp P*"rlD* Boats have begun to ply opposite the city. .?or,SHUm,B#nt B,,tl on the 30th, when the ses sion will be opened in state by Earl Cathcart, the ad "rfe'Scted. ?<>T'n"n,nt *>?? ,tonny diacnaaion* . " 8t- PoWck's dev. Great preparations fi^L ?^n*!ra?onf t?e ,on, ?f for the due oelebra tion of the festival of their patron raint. p. M?w?)pUom of Uie OMo River. ? TlWU. bUtt of Aiusr ''iocinnati, March II a ^11.1 Whaelinn, March 14.\...'."."ifiS* d#cUn,I?S Pittabuivh, March 17 g filling Louisville, March 13 ) ^"ufctTiffiL MONEY MARKET. Saturday, March 31.?0 p. gf. Quotation* for stock* are ateadily declining. The sales to-day were to a limited extent Long Island Tell off J par cent; Canton ]; Harlem Norwich and Wor ceater J; East Boston J; Reading f; Vicksburg |; Morris Canal J; Pennsylvania Five* J; Ohio Sixes }. The annexed statement exhibits the weekly receipts of the principal railways of Great Britain, the number of miles .open, with the net earnings for the past six months, and the cost of working for the same period. Taarric or th* Railboads or Gbkat Bbitai*. NewatfRo*,.,. xs&flSarffirftsww ISM ? 6 "o* Arbroath and Forfar,. .Feb. 7 160 137 u ^ ^ .,7 ^ % & 5*? ?."? Uabluaad KiBxttow*. ...10 70S is* 7S teSJsAu?d:.v.? % SiJjStS-IB >diDburghaa4 <Jh?{ow,.. 7 2,641 1072' 46 47*98} lit 748 Lutein CoaotiM It Nfck. 8 6 339 SMS 1MW mm SoS I 41ss GravefwdandRoeheaur',.: 7 Hi 7^ 11,139 0,447 J | 15,?'7 14 ?'? ?'* 143.679 440,046 107 fffl 3'?J M?fh"15iE ?ES $ s? ? jS 3M8 gSfe'sfiSSsS.' IS z* 41 ?? IsM E^tOrtaan. , 4,^7 4 OSS h ? f etJikTr;' ? 5,#M 3$H ** 11.H7 $1,171 SbeArld k Muehaste'r,7 1,476 %u ^ n^j ? ?mo x?fn XnSJ I MM 849 30 0,116 tttu YtauiiWi*:::} J8 ?? .?:!!!.IIS only on* line in this list the rooeipts of which for the Week ending February S, 1646, wore lesa than for the corresponding week lest year, and that waa the London and Blaekwall. AH the others show a very Mend tome increase, reaching, in many instances, fifty ond on* hundred per cent. The oost of working the long lines is not so greet, In proportion, as the short ones. The returns ef the traffic and receipts on the railway from Amsterdam to the Hague, for several years past compere as follow* 1 Amstbsdam and 7M Haunt Railway, Hoi lawd. <s }!)} 249 994 168.231 30 ??*? W.S$6 6? lla ?? ?! *14474 36 JJJJ *?-?? 337,896 96 jSj 389.33* 4* ' ?*.*?? 843,9*3 M It appear* from the above that there has bean, during the year 1646, a decrease in the number of traveler* of 6,983, but an increase in the receipts of 64,7660. This circumstance may be attributed to the passengers tra- 1 veiling in the higher class carriages, and to the i?wratio of the conveyance of goods. We ses by the above returns, that even in a country a* thickly settled end aa compact as Great Britain is, the railway returns,from year to year,show e largo increase in the net receipts. The railroads of this country must, In e short time, become aa productive, or rather more I productive, than those of Europe. Ours ere built at a trifling cast compared with those ef Greet Britain, and will therefore be much more profitable, with much lose business. The railroads of this country, now paying di* videnda, will Increase them three or four fold, end thee* ?ow ia a half finished, half productive state, will, before long, be completed and pay larga dividend* upon thair east. This mod* of travel can never find a competitor '< railroads and steamboats will, for ages, and perhaps for. ever, be the best method of transporting passenger* and freight from one en i ef the country to the other, it ha possible seme other agent then steam may be used to give the propelling power, but it is pretty well aottlad that we must continue to ride on a rail, for,tha want of a batter mod* of conveyance. The ultimate produdffre nose of our railroad* ia beyond calculation. As the coun try increases, ao must the number and profit of these reads. They are ao intimately connected with the busi ness ef the country that the prosperity of one depends upon the prosperity of the other. Old Shook SMhenie. rill,MM OhioS's, UN, M sh* Eait Boston Co. K llOOOO da. do. *00 M IN Harlan* RR. 57 V ),ooe Binding Bond*, 79V <00 do. 57>2 1,000 Rinding Mo. Bd*.i#)g 50 do. aw 57* (000 Puna. A, 71 M do. *10 57V $10,000 do. do. *10 70u SO do. bn* 57 V (5,010 do. do *15 7013 50 Long I?L RR. b30 46V (13 000 do. do. 700 SO do. *30 4t? 10 *h*. Bk. ef Com fall 9 2 S75 do. 44)4 10 do ?crip ft 300 do. *30 40 S A"" **? Btgk 05# 150 do. *00 46 150 vieksbarg Buk 100 do. boo 35 N. A>Bjta. IS 90 New J?r?ey RR. I02V 100 Farmers' Trait b30 30u 100 Nor. aad Wot. 64Zi too do. ?'? ? - 100 do. 150 Morris Canal Ml do. 35 do. bow 100 do. 50 do. 110 Can ton Co 100 do. 100 do. 50 (ho Harlem RR 57V 50 shTNor It Wor. 50 do. blO 57* 300 Look l.l.nd b3 50 do. bll 57 V 50 Morris Caaal 50 do. M0 57V 50 Canton Co. b3 50 do. b(0 57* 50 do b3 50 do. mo 57v 100 Readies RR. blO 19S .. do. b4S SO 50 North River Bk 35 Nor. and Wor. b3 64* ?S New SCek Buhaiwa. 50 sh* Vieksbarg Bk e IV 100 *b* Loaf 1*1. RR. e 50 do. Monday 6? 135 do. Moaday 35 do. b? 7 300 do. ? 50 Fanasr*' Trait, bSS 3av 5s do. *]? *? 5D do. baw 7I?4 50 do. Monday 46V Its Morrj. Caaal, cash 17 V SO Nor. aad Wor. Mon A4V 50 do. bl 1712 lee do. cash 64$ 50 do- bJ 173? 35 do. *3 04$ 3J do. *3 17 7S do. Monday 64V 50 do. *10 17 150 do. cash 64V 100 do Monday 17V 50 Harltm RR. Mood 57V ? do. baw 17V Oa tbo 90th lost., by the Rt. Roe. Bishop McCloekey, Mr. H. T. White, of Springrilla, Erie county, New York, to Miss Cathaeine B. Tbumsli, daegnter of Cap tain Thos. Trumble, of this oily. [Canada pepers will please eopyl *.- On the 19th Inst, by the Rot. Mr. Fararfaer, Mr. Tho mas hit, to Miss Adeblihe Ellioe, both ol this city. Oted. On the Slat last., Ana a Tmoka*, in the 10th year of her ago. The frienda of tha (tally, aad ef Mr. James Lien, are f funeral. This Afternoon, (Bnn SfilMo.S!*.'- 4 . from bar jatamkUon, 40 H.m'liton rtTrTt' On tbo 30th of January lost on bia peeaaco heme from the Coast of Africa, John C. Law sane t^nly son of Na thaniel Lawrence, Esq., of this city. IDLE HOUR. BOOK JUST PUBLISHED?The " Idle Hoar Booh," eootrmu,. NSjjajW, with sas engraving*?price only 37 ceut?-"? Onr Comic Almnn?e*. for 1(45. Bra ia aamWr. will ha U. snrd in April. They will bo the beat erer got up, aad rhonu mt that. Hperiaaan numbers seat by mul. The lubsciber* iivite the at'antion of ih* trada to ihioir nnr.i ailed and Urae variety of the rsri<-e* kind* ol Children'* Book*. Sous Bonks. Primer*, he., lose h*r with Colored Litho "ssafic ??. MARTELLE &. HOLDERMANN, 37 lUMtn Urn, M. V., MANUFACTURES ud Import*?, of Oruaroent.l Hair IvA Work, Wup. Toupet. Bauds, Carls. Burnt. Budni ud Braid Hair, Danguy a celebrated Curled Htir, fifteen inches l?u<, suds new style of Everlaetiiig Curls, ud all kioda of Hair ~ j Work, wholesals ?nd ictail. N. B ?The ixade (applied ou reasonable term. mrTJ Im'm ^^^?sEcond No. NT Rmuu street, next to the Han Office. THIS POPULAR HOTEL ha* owd iato the hud*of Meters. FLOYD k SMITH, wno have (pared no pain* in re painting,ud fitting np thi* great place of fashionable retort. Hie In hu alto been supplied with <ho beat of Wii -5? __ ? A,?-? ----- ? ,? of Wins* sad I other I in a on, from under the Gaitom House key, ud on Mon day, will be opened under their administration; when they will be happy to leceiee a call from all their friends, and former patron* of the honte. mll ti*m 835,000 "J,Tf.?\y<XJ?Lsurc 360 000 Rioada, alt use*, I 100,000 rrinsipe, Jf J* f-mulociou, 1ft SO 000 Lafayette, praised 7" : " -???>??*! tot i w vw uiiByriir, pipui 2 2! I? 000 Escnlapio, do 130,000 heparans*, ' lif.OM Esperuxa, | 15,000 Europe, 2*12 . *5.1* Su Roman, 1st, 25,101 La Victoria, 1 *t | 50 bale* Tobacco. "The whole entitled to debenture, ud in louts suit purcha OemPor sale by B M. PI CAB Ik' mr9) 1m*in 111 k'.?.,* u. * *.:? lnr? lm*in e 117 Front greet, near Wall, up etaire. IF THE PERSON who took a coat from the hall ol No! 536 Hoouon strrat, on 81turdsr evening, will retnrn the were '? the pocket, through the Poai Office, directed to 336 Houston street, ne will recoire the lhanka ei the owaer and be perfectly welcome to the coat. mtt ll*m M. LEVETT, DENTIST. 1VTORE HARM reaulu from bungling performance!of in 1TA competent Oemiau thutlie public are aware of it. Itia of the greateatimiorunc* that all branches of the Dentiat'a art thonld be akiltullrand nnderauadiuglv practiced. To those who think with ua we recommend Mr. Levett, corner of Broadway and Warren atraet, the introducer of the insertion of Artificial lucorrnotiblr Teeth on the principle of atmot pheric preasue?Noah's Weekly Meaienger. m*J lt,m EXPRESS NOTICE. N EXPRESS for YonkerevPiermoat, Ring Sing, Cald- ' i*ells. West Point, Nawbnrgh, Ponghkcepsie. Hyda Park, Kingston, Rhinebeck.Red Honk, Bristol, Caukill, Hud son, Coisaekie and Kindarhook Luding. will leave the office of the uudersigned every afternoon at 5 o'rlcck until furtbar notice. LIVINOSTON k WELLS, mil tfrc No. 10 Wall street. YOUNG BA' HbLOR'S SOCIETY. Pf^HE Subecribora of this Society are respectfully informed I that the Extra Assembly will be held at the Apollo, ou ~ " ~ Coi Wednesday Evening, March !5th. Bv order of the Commit tee JOHN MILLS, President. StipSkk Ksxlis, Jg., Sec'y. mil Itis'rc BROADWAY TABERNACLE. MR. THOMA8 FLYNN. formerly connected with the Theatres, will deliver hu First Lecture on Temperance, on Monday Evening next, March 23d. Pereral eminent vocal iaU will appear. Mr. Brown, of Yonkera, will siug sevaral Temperance Songs, and also Mr. Cooke. Lo commence at I o'clock. Tickete 25 eeuta; f> be hkd orMessia. Bu'geas, Stringer It Co., corner ot Broadway and Ana at., and at Mr. Flynn'a residence. 26 Dnue at. m2l 3t*mc wanted, TWO FIRST RATE SALESMEN-Nono but thorough b laineas men, well aequtieted with the heaiery, lace ud embroidery depart touts need apply. m212t?r PETER ttOBERTS, 17* Broadway. PARTNER WANTED, IN One of the largest ud most elegant Oyster Establish mints in th* citv. To a person having about $460, this is a good opportunity to make money. As the oyster buaineaa is mostly nights, toe proprietor is uow making arrangements to open es an eating house, to be conducted on the Sweney plan. Th- person coming in will be to take charge of the night businees, as the proprietor has another business which reauires part of his attention. Thsrt is no humbug about this. Apiilv corner Chatham and Mott ?t?. mil 2t*r WANTED, AQOOD Steady Saw Griad' r; one that nndarstuds grind ing taper Circulars, will be preferred. Re can make $13 to $15 per week, ud steady work. Apply ? "^Tey, WM MOUSLEY, Saw Maker. Hav.rhill St., Beaton, Ma WANTED, A CONFECTIONERY ud Cake Baker, to go to Rich mond, Virginia. Apply at ORIEVE'S Bird Store, No. 5 John st. m20 St?rc WAN FED, A SITUATION, as Book-keeper, Cashier, English ud utimu Correspondent, Accountant, Agent, fee., by an unmarried man of 40 years of age, who hat bren employed in these capacitiss since ne was M ysari old, in sundry mercantile house* of first rate standing ud respectability in New York, Philadelphia, the West Indies, Mexico, ud Germany (from whence he lately arrived). He has alio be*n employed in other branches of bnsineas, via : a* Factor in Factories; ud as Reviser ol the books in failures ud bankruptcies of Urge mer cutile booses, where such wee kept purposely or ignorantly complicated and incorrect, ud which ware givu to him by tho authorities to rectify and correct, ud to render a true, just and plain atatrraent of their affairs. He offers, therefore, his sarvioes to executors and trustees, appointed in similar esses, end for the regulation of ettatss, lie. He, further, would ac cept a situstiou in the South, the West Indies or Mexico, as he is sufficiently acquainted with trade ud business there. rt? ???^?nDilitiei specting his capabilities ud character, he can give such refer eneea as to satisfy those who wieh to make use of his serricss, ud who may drop a line to F. S., Box No. 165, lower Poet Office. in20 lm*rc SPRING AND SUMMER CLOTHING, AT THE CA8II TAILORING AND CLOTHING ESTABLISHMENT OF W. H. DF.GROOT k CO., No. 101$ Fulton SI reef. UDHERE the following gr-a: utlractions will be preauted: vv Cloth Coats, from S* to ?.10 ; . , Alpacca C u, from $2.50 to $5 ; Thin Coats of Linens, Ginghams and Prints, front 75 cents to $2.50 ; Cassimere Puts, fium $1 to S, : Merino PuU, from $2 to $2.50; Drilling, and other Hammer Puts, from $1 to $3 ; Satin Vests, fro in $2 to $4 ; Summer Vests, from 75 cants to $1.75. Also, a larjjc asaortment of Cloths, Cauimeres, ud. Vesting*, which wi Il>- made to order to suit the moat fastidious. Boys' Clothing, equally cheap?which price* are admitted to be twenty-fin per cent cheaper thu uy oiber store in the cltr. m21 lm*rc C L0TH1N G MUCH LOWER than the General Prices?JACOB VAN DERB1LT, X Maiden Lane, between Wm. and Numb ftieeta.the eheapeat fashionable gsnticmaa's and boy'u clothing establishment in New York. N. B. Hundreds of garments ready made, which will be sold wholesale or retail, very low. m?lm*te PRIZE NOTICE-TO AUTHORS. tlOOO 1WILL OIVE for three Entertainments, in the style ofthe late Charles Matthews, Esq., and the best Comedy, in fire acts, of domestic incident, to be delivered in manuscript, through the city oi New York Post Office, previous to the 1st of June next. m213tis*r G.H.HILL. COUNTRY MERCHANTS "ITI81TING the city of New York, are invited t$ call and Y examine the complete and. extensive stock of Account Books. Stationery, Paper. Notorial, and Letter Copying Press es, Gold Peas, Chillis, Inks and fluids, AND ALL dTHEH! ARTICLES sold bt STATIONERS. At the Lmoeet Poteible Pricet. RICH It LOUTREL, 61 William st one doer below Cedar. CURE OF CORNS, Bunions, tumors, excrescences, bad Nails, lie.?No. 4M Broadway, between Howard and Grand at. MRS. BERHARD, from Pkris, has the honor of inform ing the public that she still contiuues to practice upon the feet with the neatest success, having exclusively devoted her time to those diseases, to which the leet are sur ject She is 1 confident in promising that she will entirely r-move corns , from their irritating and painful location, without causing the 1 least pain or possibility ol danger, or making the blood flow. The operation will not occupy more than four to five minutes, and the relief so instantaneous that persons thus treated can immed ately put ou their shoes and walk without the least in convenience. Mrs. B. has practised her profession for several years in Eu rope and in this country, and haa acquired great skill and much can as ? u tine i.wu iiu y , gun imm ut-uaiiicu ?ivm ?uiii nuu uihl'I ^r-ctical experience.a Facts attested by numerous certificates Jiom the moat celebrated physicians of New York, Boston, and Philadelphia Trrms mode-ate for yearly attendance. No. ttt Broadway, between Howard and Grand streets, New York. mil lmo*re THE SHADES HOTEL, 64 Reade Street, fVut Side of Broadway. ' THE Subscriber respectfully informs his friends and the A public, that he has laiely opened the above Establish ment. in a style superior to any other house of the k>nd in tha eitv of New Yoik. The satisfaction which he haa hitherto given to his numerous fiends and customers, while Proprietor of''The Shades," in Thames street, be flatters himself will be a guaranty to all who may patronise him in his new estab lishment, while no effort on his part will be wanting to merit the eontiouance of their patronage. The usual relishes, Chops, Steaks, Welsh Rarebits, Poach ed Eggs. ttc. will be served up is a suoerior style. The Room will be regularly supplied with city pepcrs, as waH as full supply of foreign psprrs, by every arrival Irom Europe* mlt tm*re JAMES EVANS. BILLIARDS IMPROVED. flTTIS FIELD, resp-etfally informs hie friends and the , that he has returned to hit old favorite quarters, B ASSFORD'8 ROOMS, entrance IX Ann st, ad orning the Museum building, or 141 h niton street The Rooms and Ta bles hava been put in perfect, or dry. The Tablea are Slate, Marble and Iron, with Air, India Rubber and Cloth Cushions. Thoy 1 " They wili no donbt anit Eurooean and all fro it plavtra, being the b-st in this country. Larger balls for Soulharnars?Caro lina bulla for German a. (V B.?Bi>taford'a new style Billiard Tablet for sain; India and Ftvueh Cna Leather, best iu the city; fine Billiard Cloth, and every articlei n the trade, constantly ' on hand and for sale. ?military EQUIPMENTS?FlEREMENM CAP?. THHE SUBSCRIBER respectfully calls the attention of tha ^?military public to hit assortment of Military Equipments adapted to all companies; Military Caps, Krapaaehs. Boxes and Bayonet Scabbards of every variety. Coaauy compa nies, about changing their uniform, or those about forming new companies willbe supplied with samples. FIRE CAPS-FIRE CAPS. A fall assortment of every variety constantly ou hand, and made to oraar at tb* shortest notice. fttlm*rre H S ORATACA P. M* Broadway. BIRD Cage manufactory, Fs. 1 St. JsAa'i four corner Brack street, Sew York. T HE 8UBSCRltt / R would inform his Customers and the I , Public, that ho k i eps constantly on hand a large (apply of fancy and common i) ndCages of avery description, which he offera fir sale at n ;ower rate than they can be bought else Merchants uould And it to their advantage to call and mamma his stock. J. KELTIC P. 8. Country or J us attended to with promptness and dia pateh ft ]g,*m To AuOHlTWl'k aTMf. uOYraih, aku , rfuiLDEHS. J? neeflci to A. Wibsors, Aquaek ABM. H.VREELAND. COTTON MILL" WANTSaaitnatron aa Manager of a Cotton Mill, u man ? v intimately acquainted wfkh the various modes M menu factarmg cotum wool, both in England and Amnriea; can be "KMKKSiMn. o<^Ubmteonine ^R^fflSSS^tSalJnSMd^ka^^kd^Mj^C.u^U j omt* jtii tai*Te LEFT OFF WARDROBE AND JpURNltUftB I 117 ANTED.?Gentlemen and Kami lien can obtain the full I TV value for all kinds of saperfluoai effects they wish to I dispose of, such as Ladies and Gentlemen's Wnrm^M^J aring Apparel, Fire Arms, Farniture, Ite. LnvrisiTfiv. 4M Broadway, up stairs. Ladies having any Cast off Clothing to dispose of, can obtain a fair price by aeadieg fn- the cubv riber, Mm. T. Lr vxrvrrvn. NR. A line thr ugh the Post Office will be prompt ly attended to. m< lm're EORGIA LUMBER CO. Note* wut^ at R pr mt'juSre"'br ilWaS street LONG BREED CANARIES. MR H \8ELETT8 entire Breeding Btoek, ?o mueji ad mired on New Year's Day. They are already mated, and wilt b- sold only in pairs. Bird Fanci?rs and tha public are rcspec fully invited to call and examine Also, the nanal variety of bracing Birds from different parti of the habitable Globe. FaneyTifeona and Cages, Gold Fish, Cm tie Fishbone, and bird seeds of every ddseriptioo. Every article for the Breeding Cage, fee. For sale by A. GR1 EVE, 5 John street N B.?Arehie's Bird Fancier, containing full directions for breeding Canaries, and the beat method of (ceding birds in general, for sale as above. ,J John street THE CASE OF RICHAJtCT WH1TSON. I T^HIU moat astonishing instance of the nu? that ara alraa A _dy recorded ot the iieamAil am ol Bweim's Panacea, 1 beside* showing the signal triumph of the medwise ever die eeaea unquestionably beyond the skill of the regular practi tioner, is slto a commons proof that the Panacea is to this day unrivalled in its success, ia even the most desperate cases. Many interesting eases have, from time to time, been pub lished, showing most satisfactorily, the wonderfully rrstore tire powers of the Panacea To these we are about to add one remarkable in many respects. Richard H. Whitsou, aged It years, residing in Bristol, Pa., was seized a seen y, are ago with acute pain .11 the lag. which rapidly extended over the whole body. Very soon his lags swelled to such a degree, aa to preeaut the motion of the knee joints This was succeeded by an eruption or red ipota which formed abscesses and suppurated, discharging freely from ma ny plaeea. and tearing running sores. They continued open lour rears. , , The disease nest attacked the hip-joint of the right aide ? Extensire suppuration took place in this joint, by which the boue was pushed entirely out t>l the socket, and became ' ia located. He was now totally unable to walk, orsrea to stand, and wsa obliged to keep his bed. By lying e inetaally upon his back, the llesh and akin became irritated and escoritted, and a large ulcer was formed upon his spine, extending down to the point of the sacrum, rendering him truly a moat pitia- 1 ble object. But the disease was not confined to the soft parts. It aeon | inrolrcd the beeae, and the surrounding periosteum. Large portions of the bones of carious parts or the body, were soc cessirely attacked wijji necrosis, and after intense suffering, separated, and were discharged in pieces. Two large pieces of the humerus were discbaiged from out arm, and a piece of the ulna from the other. A forge portion of the tibia of the llelt leg. six inches long, and thicker than the thumb, became I effected with necroeia, and came out. There were three 111 re ~ ?[, ai ulcere upon the breast, and one upon the aide of the neck, running at the tame time, and diachaigieg pieces of bona of carious sizes. Portions or bona at different tiin-s came out of the leg*, arms, wri-ts, breast, wine aud hip, which were press reed by his mother, and can be icea at any time. As may be auppoied, hit sufferings were iateeae. With large runuiug sorts covering his body and limbs; his spine dis toiled down to the sacrum his right hip and hu left knee dis located and completely aachyloerd, he was unable to walk, to n to ait Int stand, or even to ait In this miserable condition he wye con fined to his bed, or be obliged to be carried upon the arms, upon a pillow, lor four years. Ha could uae neither arms nor legs; hia who e body waa bent up. and if he wished eren to ail up in bed, it waa necessary to prop him up with pi'lows. During this long period of time, be wis under the care of numerous physicians; Thompsoeian. Homopathic, and regu lar physicians, all tried, one after the other, to gire him relief, batihey were all alike uuauecesaful. He took, also, a cast number of nostrums and patent medicines, but it waa to uo effe 'act. Under these circumstancs, when all hope teemed to be goue, a kind f'iend who saw him.snggrsted trie propriety of hia taking Swaim', Panacea. He had but little faith m It, but aa it had performed woudeia iu other cases, he consented to its rr . ... r- ? ? He hid use- He began to take it about three years ago scarcely taken the second bottle before hia health began to iin prota, and after he had taken air bottles, he tmprored with wonderfal rapidity : good, healthy llesh formed around tha ?orea, the akin became tender, aud the ulcers gradually hsaled up. As he continued the uie of the medicine, hia general health improved, his eyes were brighter, his appetite more regular, hia pains lass layers, his sleep more calm, and hia spirits more buoyant. Ever since he commenced the uae o' the Panacea he has been improving. There is now but oue open nicer, and that it a very small oue over the dislocated hip, occasioned by dead bone,which muat come out before it can heal. Large sears may be s-eu upon the legs, arms, neck, bre.ut,groin and back, show ing the situation and extent of the disease. The joists of the left knee an I right hiparecempletely destroyed,aud the ainews are covered by nothing but skin ; but he looks fat, aats well, sleeps wall, is at business, and is able to aland long enough to dress, but walks on crutches. Duriug hit convalescence under the uae of the Panacea, he ' himself r amutad himself by knitting reticule,, purses aud gloves, and did a great deal >f sewiur. Since hia recovery he has earned a comfortable livelihood by making stean. Such is the simple, unvarnished statement of his mother, the truth of which ia fully confirmed by the deformity of hia spine aud limbs, and by the scars on the various parts of hia body. Sincerely grateful for the wonderful cure Performed upon her ?en, aud annoua that tha virtues of Swaim's Panacea should be extenaively known and duly appreciated, she will take pleasure in exhibiting him, and explaining his case to those who will " at Bristol in ~ favor her with a vuit at Bristol in Pennsylvania January 71th, IMS. Bristol, Bucksco , Pa , Jan. 87th, IMC, Messrs. William Swaim it Son : Oootlemei ? I have carefully examined the statement of the ease of Richard H. Whiuon.aa given yon by hia mother, it embraces, of course, a period of time previous to my removal to Bristol, though, aa far as my recollections go, say five years, I am satisfied of its perfect tiuthfalness. My sympathies ware first attracted to the boy, by seeing him daily taken past my residence in a little waggon, made expressly for him. He waa entirely enable to walk or stand, and hia body waa axtrrmely emaciated by several large running sores, evidencing a scrofu lous aia<e of his entire system. I induced several physicians to examine hia case, and received bet poor encouragement as to any remedial efforts to bemads in hu behalf. The reputation and success of your Panacea, in casea of equal extremity, in duced me to auggest iu uae. Upon application peixonalljr to yon, you kindly contributed a number of bottles of your Panacea, and truly can 1 assert that after the second bottle, improvement already began to maolfett iuelf, and, aa h< pregrea-ed ia iu use, those wonderful reeulu were obuined so minutely deaciibed by the mother. 1 could scarcely realize the fact indeed, when a short time age, 1 lound him amoog the associate boys of hia age, as zealously as any, ' eugaged io their sporu and enjoymanu Aa far as hia case in volves anything, it k-s, in my mtnd, established the virtues ef your Panacea, in thus relieving great suffering and restoring, , in an almost miraculous manner, to health ana utefuloeaa one : who waa deemed hy the physician (who examined hia case) | beyond the skill of the Faculty. Very rtipectfully, yours m1IJteod*re DANIEL M. KEIM SEGAK WAREHOUSE, No. 37 Chtaptide, Baltimore. JD. ARMSTRONG k. THORNTON respectfully sail ? the attention of Southern and Western Merehanu to the following stock, enumerated below, which they will sell oa pleasing terms:? 25,000 Castello 8EOARS. 58,00# Rifles do 75,000 W. Regalia do Is. Reralios 100,000 L. Roruies do 150,000 La Norma do 50,000 Canones do SO.OCO Principe do 110,000 low priced do 100 boxes TOBACCO. S caaea Smoking Tobacco. 50 boxes do Pipes, kegs, bottles, bladders Garrett's Snuff. 1 eod rc m7 1m < TO TAlLiUlVa. YTis deemed nnaneeesatry to My mote in fhvor of 8TENE 1 MKTS' celebrated work on Cutting Garments, than that it haa received the moat unbounded approbation of the moot eminent of the profeMion. By the aid of the aumeroua Din grama it eouiaiaa, together with the ample eaplaantiona accom Caying the aame, a peraon of moderate capacity cm, in a few ? ora. Cut with easc and elegance any ol lbs virions styles ol garments now in rogne, and in a manaer not to be sarpamsd a The following are a few of by the moat experienced ennere the many highly respectable aamea who teatify to the menu or the book. The mndrraigued being practically aoqaanted with Mr. BteoemeU' Treatiee on Catting QarmenU, with pleaanre re commend it m a work, complete in ita arrangement, and in ita practical application to Catting, an pen or to any berate fore Rbliahed either in Knrope or America. P. Heery It Hon; niel Cutter; Stoats k Baker; Charlae Coi; E. W. Tryon It Co; B. T. Honor; Jameo Daily; P. Hariiaad; J. H. Baneher, fcc., he. til/" Tlie above can be obuined of the anthor, at No. Ill Broadway. New York, price from $? to $M per copy, mart liueoJV CHEAPEST AND^BKST^INSTRUCTION JJi Academy, 1M Broadway, offotiU John itriet. BRISTOL'S Superior and Elegant Commercial Syntem of WRITING. K/lLL continue to it taught( during hie atay in New York,) ?T to Ladies and Gentlemen of nvxav aog, Day or Eve ning, in Twelve Leaaona, for the amall charge ol Only Kitx Dollauo ! Ma. Beistow. Finishing Writing Master, promisee and oua uaivtces to ALL, old or yonag, to impart a beautiful, rut, BiPEDiTiors and fas hi on able style of Penmanship, no mattar how bad. illegible or cnAMrED may be the writing, IN TWELVE EASY LESSONS FOR ti I40NLY t ?."Boon -Reefing and Shout Hand uught thoroughly. N. B.?Privnu lessons given, Families and Schools attend ed. II !tawlm*re P OAL.?I am delivering from my yard, comer of Km* and vy Greenwich streets, the real P*ack Orchard Red Ash, at theM low prices/or cash only,via: Egg and Broken $5 73; large Nat Md Stove, mixed, ft 54. Buyers can positively depend on having their Coal delivered at tneae prices. ill gmeod*T PETER CLINTON LOOKING GLASS PLATES. HANLINK h 08THKIMER, Importers, No.l Bankatreat. Philadelphia, have Just received, by am vale at this port and New York, a Full assortment of Looking Glass Plates from ? by 7, to 44 by 14. All sixes polished plate window glass from 11 by II, to 17 by M. Also, Toilet glasses, fisted Spectacles, Pipes, Scuff Boxes, Cigar Cases, Money Purses, Marbles, Slates, with a variety of other French and German goods, which they offer at the lowest market prices inII lm?nd ebx D. W. STONE, Attorney at Law, Raleigh, N. C. WILL attend to the collection of My claims that may be ' entrusted to hie ear*. Refer to Messrs. Woochnll It M in turn, New York. Bryan k Maitlaad, " L.Myers It Co. " A. M. Tredwell, Esq. die ftsw!m*r fountain hotel LIGHT STREET. BALTIMORE. THE PROPRIE't ORS of this Estsblishmeul, long known I ai Bs.LTZH'JOVER'S, letarn their gretsfel thanks to ths public for the iibersl patronage bestowed . . a poo the house since it has been ..e'er their cats, and beg leave to My that determined, if p ensure fa.ure success?they have just added to their former spacioes building a new, besntifnl sod airy three story wing, containing aboat thirty lodging rooms. This addition renders the Lames' Oudinabt macn more eommodiona, Md gives the Hoase one bandied and fifty rooms. The whole st'octare has undergone a thorough revi sion ? painting, papering, famishing, ke. The Bathinq Dk faetment is ample, both for Ladies sad Gentlemen, sad will be conducted oa the European pfM. the most superior for com fort Md despatch. The estansive improvements thas made, enable the prop-ietors te offer f >r the aecommodacioa and pa tronage of ths public an establishment replete with every thiag calculated to render it attractive end comfortable, ieeludieg the most nntirieg and assiduous attention to visiters, on the part of all connected with it. Terms?Gentlemen's Ordinary $11} per day. Lsdius' Ordi nary $1 M per day. DIX k FOGG, fa lsw*4w Proprietors. TEETH?TEETH?TEETH. UNPRECEDENTED REDUCTION IN THE PRICE OF DE NTI8TR Y, A T the old establishment,a EAST BROADWAY. A Teeth set on pivot, 50 cents. Tee'hseton fine piste,...... from Bl 54 to SS 44 Teeth filled with fine gold foil 50 Pricei for all other work is proportioa with the above list Teeth mounted for other Deotisu. All work done at this of fice wamated. _ , . N.TAYLOR. (24 Im'rs Surgical and Maehanieal Dentist. BIGELOW'S NEW ENGLAND EXPRESS. Keens, Greenfield, Brattlcboro, Windsor, POR Filehbarg. Keens, Greenfield, Brattleboro, Wind . Woodstock, Montpelier, Md Burlington, Vl, end the Co nadM. All PackagM, Parcels Md business, to My of ths ab e, to My of the above , towns, or My part of the western portion of Now Hampshire ; and Vermont, will be faithfGly attended to if directed to the MdVermon . wi ^ bIOELOW. 1 Courjeuust, Boston; * N. B.?Bo enro to mark Pnckagee I lo ears of " Bigelow's Ex press" 1 Mrs TO THE LADIES?TO THE LADIES. I ADIES having u; superfluous or east off Clothing todiw Ld poos of,(either Ladies or Gentleman) can obtamafitir rash prion for ths same, by sending tor the subscriber, at bar " .44 Dums street. ?h price forth .uidence, No.l Tfin.M.1, "OHEN. ' N. B.?Gentlomen'a Clothing Md ffnmitny All letttta through the Pest OSes will be attended to. JaM ONE PRICE BOOT AND SHOE STORE. THK PROPRIETOR of the Washington Boot and Shoe A Store. No. Ill Greenwich, corner of Barclay street, would respectfully inform hie customers Md the pnolie generally, that ho hu established the One Pries system. The price will be fennd written en the diffeut kinds ol Boom and Shoes, which will be the lowest end only price asked is fature in this Establishmout. Ha would thank the puhblis for tka liberal pnfronaga iefsired, and solieit a continuation of the same in bje way of trade, the One Pnee System H the number, 111 Greenwich, comer of us most deairtbk o not forgot the anabor, 111" Orooawith ^or^efJUr^sjr j street, nanr tne Hobokea Ferry, f 14 lm*r OLD KOLLED COPPk.1L?14M sheets Cold Roll sd Le? AUCTION HALM. A CARD. _H. K. WILLARD A W. W. SHIRLEY, Aaetioaears, VV t ,I'I? t',r" t'?r,oua' attention to the Saieeof Hour v? hold Furniture U the residence of families declining housekeeping Stocks of Crockery. Dry Goods, Qroevry, end ?alee of Real Estate, at the Merchants' tlx change. Also, soli cit .from.their friends end the public, consignments to'their BROADWAY, until May 1st, whea SALES ROOM, 111 mivavfrAll uuui hut isi, niea they will mors to the epecioasetore, No. 17 WALL street, late Adama' Express Office mrll lm*r gTEAM POWER.?Hooma to taut vrith^SteMa^Power. Ap m4 Iwte 29 and 31 Gold street. LONG WHITE SHAWLS. TUM" XXCtlVED?P., Han?. 1M While L.e. flhewle, a* which will be sold cheap, with a foil assortment of flqaare Shawls, Paris Cashmere. Silk Shawls, Paris made. Grenadine Shawls, do do. Crape Shawls, printed. Cashmere d'klcosse Paris made Scarfs, at JAMES AeCR A GO 'S, ml7 A isre 1S? Broadway. INDIA SHAWLS. J U8T_RECEI_VED?A large usortmsnt of.India Shawls al and Scarfs, of ercry oolor. both Square and Long Shawls, at a great redaction from nsnnl prices, end will be sold undar their ralne. CANTON CRAPE SHAWLS, of the richest kind erer imported? White aud Scarlet, most magnificently embroidered. Drab and Mode, very rich, Black and .Grey, Rich Vanegsted colon, Splendideatra rich Scarfs, ? cases low priced Shawls. Plain Slack Crepes, Sit ins and Sinchewa. 10 caaee fine small Plaid Ponchewa, suitable for summer foi ? dresses, all whieh will be sold at a *ery small adrauce (orcasb, by JAMES BECK A CO., mITdtiere 239 Broadway. IPB1N O SILKS, POL LAKOI, MOUS. DE SOIE. glLK8 mills rages: ombres norigoutal; < ouleurs de pnutems; Poults de Soie, legers ombres; " gorge de pigeon; " (ermiere; Very wide silk, embroidered; Changeable Silk*, modes; S cases Poulard Silk; 4 cases printed Koularu Silk, entirely new styles; Watered r " Black Watered Silk; " Paris wide Silk, for mantillas; " Poult de Soie, nigh lastre; " Moutaelin de Soie; " Urencudiue per tee, for dresses. GINGHAMS AND PANAMAS. Of the most heautifu! Plaids and Stripes, just opened: 73 cases of very fine Nancy Ginghams; I 71 " 3-4 Paris " 13 " " Carlisle " 10 " " Lawn 23 " splendid new patterns Panamas. 3 " Scotch Plaid Silka N_.B_ The \t PyjJ Ginghima ara_the finest o SPRINO .MOUSSELINE3 DE LAI ME, Larril A Co. Mous da Lame imprimee; Lanonnier A Co. Sarages Quadrilles; , , Depooilly Bareges Ombres; V. L. Meyer Moos, de Lxine Roses printaunieres; P. Godefroy do rainbow; K. Moriiset Barages Colibri; Del isle Mouse, de Soie Are-en-ciel; Mario-anie Barages Guilland-s and Bouquets; Plain Mouaeelinede Laines, mode colors; JACONETS^hloUSS KLINES, ORGANDIES, CALI COES, 4-1; Gnirlandes Percales Diamantees; Koakliu Jacouets ombres; Groa jaan Broche Daiiwap, H wide; Momaaet do simpje and shaded; Delfna Mieg Mouaselaines and Organdies; Larril Barages, Mousseliues, Foulards, Colibrii Dupuyttem Ji'oneta paries impressions noarelles; Lanonnier Mousselines, Borages, natural flowers; Wesserlmg Factory Jaconets, Organdies ana Dismantle; ? ? ? ? ?? Pslieos a,.oiaeliiw iteenle gniu til ] cues printed Calicos, superior quality, steeple chose, of Roguette Clnb stylei New style of printed Jaconets, entirely new in tlue mar ket. The above egtenaire s'ock of Spring Goods, from the first houses in Paris, wll be found to be the most desirable in the city, end will proye to be selected with great care, at ml66tism JAMES BUCK A CO.'a, 33* Broadway. TOBACCO, SEGAR.S AND BASS. A A. 8AMANOS, No. 91 Broadway, np stairs, offers for s sale, atpleodid assortment of ? hoice Began, selected expressly for his establishment. Also, 40 bales of strictly prime 8t. Jago Tobacco, and a small lot of Baas, by wholesale and retail. m!9 Im?r FENCING EXHIBITION. rpHE UNDERSIGNED has the honor to inform the public A and amateurs of renting, that he will giro an exhibition in the obove art, on Saturday, Marsh 20th, at the 8aloon of Mr. Otignon, Not. 13.17 and 19 Canal street, at 7 o'clock P. M. All Professors are invited to be present. The aft of Fencing taught every evening, at 7 o clock, at the above place. A. < . ROSAf, Professor of Eaerime. Price of admission 30 cents. mil 12 13 lw*rc The Long Island Insurance Go. Capital 5000,000 Dollars. Office 41 Fultou itiht, Buookltu. P occurred in the country; they owe tneir escape from them I with comparative! ? alight losses to One system which they > have always practised of limiting end scattering their risks. All losses which the company may sustain will be adjusted 3^He always practised of limt ? looses which the eompan ^?paid promptly as heretofore ay may sustain wi ?ptly as beretoror B. W 17flmie*re W. DELAMATER, President. E FINN.Secreurr^^^H office or jefferson insurance company t NmYom r ebniary 3d, 1444. ) A T AN KLBCTION for Directors ol tins Inattention, for xu. the ensuingyw,held thu day,the following named ?en Uemanwere elected sneh _ DIRECTORS. Thomaa WThome. Kliaha Hiin. Thomas T. WMtnff, Auaoa Biker, B. R. Robsoa, M. D. Joseph Drake, Thomson Trie*, Joseph Allen, Moaes Tucker, Jamea E. Holmes, John R. Davison, John P.Moore, John H. Lee, Willkun K. Thon, Caleb C. Tenia, Thomaa Morrell, Franeia P Sage, Encode Bogart, John C. Merritt, Robert Smith. At a subsequent meeting of the Board, THOMAS W. THOKNE, Esq , waa unanimously re-elected President Tor the penning year. QEO. T. HOPE, Secretary. Urn WINDOW SHADES, TASSELS, CORD, Oce. QN MONDAY NEXT, (Feb. Kh.) the anbaerabet will #P*? 58 Chatham Street, Raw York, One door from the comer of Cham bora, a new, eitenaire, and ! grand aaaortmeet of TRANSPARENT WINDOW SHADES: . Consisting of every variety efpatternaaad qaality, lobe mead Cither in En rope or America. Prieee we will not mention; nt rom our facilitiea for maanlaetaring.aa well aa for import ing, we think we can aafely defy competition with the woblo! HT* A good assortment of Tassels, Cord, lie., will be kept Wholeeale and retail pnrehaaera are reapectfaUy invited to Q|li tad fWHiinm for thtlDfftlfM. DUNCKER It BEOKER. New York. Feb Tth. IBM 05 Im'm DR. JONES, DENTIST. BROADWAY AND CANAL 8TREET, INSERTS TEETH and warranto them aa good u the natn rel ones for biting and maatlcatioa. a complete double aet of beet mineral Teeth en fine geld plates, $30 00 t aet of beet mineral Teeth, on Sue geld plate, lor the upper jew, to be worn by atmospheric 30 00 Si M to 3 M sCKTRSth. Iron . Plugging Teeth with Gold, from 75 to 1 30 Remember?corner of Canal street and Broadwar, entrance is Canalatreet DR. POWELL OCULIST, StikZ , or Squinting, cored m Jut imported, ARTIFICIAL EYES, of inperior beanty SPECTACLES adapted to every defect Advice to the poor without cherge. Office and residence Ml Broadway?entrance IK Warren atreet. mi M.W,Klt8aa lmititw't NEW INVENTED WIGS AND TOUPEES. DATCHELOR'a new invea(ed Wigeand Scalpseoparte- i JL> ly resemble the natural hair aa to defy detection. It is now scarcely a matter of regret losing aa indifferent head of hair, when a new one, perfectly adapted to the countenance and style of every wearer, and without auy of tha vriatiom ditfienW. io long experienced bywig wearers, can be procured etWM. BATChELOKH, I Wall atreet, near Broadway. Removed from 141 Broadway. mil Im'm DUTCH METAL, Ac DUTCH METAL, Florence Leaf Gold, Bronce Powder, tf all colore, Ultra-marinv Bine; all gennine, and of the beat qualities. Korea's at the lowest factory prices, in any quantity to anit pnrehaaera, at the Maaafaetarer's Genera) Depot lor the United fe tales. at New York, No. (I Fnlton at., agent, Mr. Buck; Philadelphia, No. 1 North Fifth atreet, agent, Mr. Edward Hesaenbrach. m*> It'rc BORDEAUX WINES. JUST Received, per bark C.llao, from Bordeaux. 70# ease* red Wines. St. /alien Dacrn, Chateau Larose, Margeaui, La'oar, Lsovill*, lie. .. ... ... M eaakt and half do red Wines, St. Jaliea, Medoc, Mar le^Ql, Ice. >1 casks and hall do white Wiuea, Haat Santerne, Hant Preign it and Graves. The nbova wines have been carefully ssleeted for this mar ket, by my honaa in Bordeaux.and are now landing and offer ed from the wharf, on reasonable terms, by mOB eodlm'rc JOHN SCHMIDT. 1M Fnltoe at. FRENCH ARTIFICIAL FLOWERS, AND MATERIALS FOR FLORISTS?Having jut re caived by the Havre paekets Enrich and Francis Iat, a fresh assortment of French Flowen and Materials, of the beet qaality and latest atvlea, at low prices, we take plasters to invite the dealers in the tame articles, to call and examine, at BRUN, LAROSIERE It COURT, mt7Im*aie llfWilliamat FRENCH ARTIFICIAL FLOWERS. LOWITZ k BECKER. No 34 John strret, have ju?t open ed a splendid assortment of Freaeh Artificial Flowers, materials for flower makers, kt. ke. which they offer to the trade, at low prices. ?H Iw'nc STRIKER'S SOLUTION FOR THE HAIR, WHICH will change grey hair to it* original color in a few v v minutes. Those who doubt its virtues, art requested to have their heir changed before paying ' have their heir changed before paying their money. If bw hues would take this method there would be no reason to com plain. Geatlemnaean have their whiskers and hair changed to any color or abode In afbwminntea. Private rooms for chant ing the hair. None genuine anises signed " H. Striker," in red ink. One trial will prove the fact. Sold wholesale end retail, and applied at No 3 CHATHAM STREET, opposite the Hall oir Records, New York, ep stain. tN lot'rh UOAPA ESSENCES AND PERFUMJCKY. of all Biads, O DepR, No. I Conruandc street. Tha Snbacnbera, original invantor* and manufacturers of the gennioe Walnut Oil Mili tary Shaving Soap, which we warrant to surpass all other pre parations, having greetly enlarged oar facilities are prepared to exec He any order* in oar line. We have constantly en hand huhly scented Almond, JLtse, Mntk, Windsor, Palm, and Tod t Soaps ; extra Palo Family and No. I Soap The , C rot on P oat ing Soap, a new and splendid article, well suited for Botha and private telly mm, warranted aot to sink end to prodace a rich sad pleasant lather. Together with e lame and general aaae tment of Perfumery, Essences, he., both Foreign and Domestic, selected aad pat an with the creates! care; also ear celebrated Crystalline Candles, for the West India and South Amar can markets, warranted to atand aay climate. Otocara, Dm {gists, and dealers in gaoaftl, are requested to jMlpt-T**11* f0T yoBSlKfa, VROOM k FOWUCJL , AIVUMKHTI. PARK THKATHJC. MRS SEOUIN, MR. FRAZER. and MR. SEUl'IN, ? ? new Opera, new first produced iu Amrnca, with New Scgntav, tgiTVHu, Dgconevions. Iu-. JBonita;, Kvtulnf, March S3, Will be performed the celebrated Opera, LE BKASSEUR DE PKESTON Denial Robinson, a brewar ju. Fraiier tfaorgs Robinaon, an officer in the array.. J Toby Croaebelt, a sergeant Mr. Segain. Eppie Mre. Seguin. To conclnde with the Farce of THE MUMMY. Toby Tramp Mr. O. Barrett. Mandregan Fiehsr. A ramp Aodeiaon Fanny Miaa Kate Horn. Sttaan... Mrs. Knight. ? "rice of Admaaaioa?Bo tea, Mi fit, M cenu , xsaliery Vceah. Doors' open at IK o'clock, and the Cnrtain will rue precisely at T o'clock. BOWKUV THEATRIC. A W. JACKSON... MANAGER AND PROfRlE ? OR GRAND COMBINATION. irrDOUBLE COMPANY .-^2) RockwellSt Stone's Eqneatrian Troupe in combination with the Dramatic Company of thia eatabliahnirnt. Monday Kvetiliig, Uarch 943, Will be performed MARMION. or THE BATTLE OF FLODDEN FIELD. Lord Marmioti Mr J R Scott. The Palmer Daveupmt. Earl oi Surrey ... Sutherland. Edw Fi'z-Eustace and Harry Blount Chaulrau. James IV, King of Scotland Clarke. Conttauce de Beveily Mra G Jooea. Clara de Clare Phtllipc. Lady Haron Sergeant. . To conclude with , JACK ROBINSON AND HIS MONKEY. Jack Kobin.on Mr Cony. Muaha Png Blanchard. Einiliuc Mra. Phillipa. laidom Sutherland. tt 7~Lower Boxea 30 centa?Second and Third Tiera, IS eta.; Tit and Gallery lt>n centa. Doori will open at half paat g?curtain will riae at7. dOwERV aOll'ltllHitaluh.. SANDS, LENT CO., PROPRIETORS OF THE MOST BRILLIANT EQUESTRIAN TROUPE IN THE WORLD, will open ai thia eaubliahment ou Monday Evening, March S3. The performancea will commence with a apleudid eqneatrian paueaut in which twelve horaea will appear?and <>e continued by extraordinary feats of Horsemanship; Spiiiig Van ting uiid ether Gymnaitic Exercises by McFarland and othera; Comic Acta, 8ouga, lie. Ac. The Dancing Horace, Waltziug Pableau Pcrjies, aud the Fightiug Pomea.will Dance, Walter, Wrestle. Spirand Ficht (with glovea.) and perform many other carinas and woadeiful tricks. Doors open at 6>{ ; Perlormaoce will commence at TM o'clock, p" Bores S3 cents ; Pit 12X. (W-A CARD -01 NATIONAL. THtCATKK AND CIRCUS, Clieutnut Street, 1'hllatlelplila. PROPRIETORS?MESSRS. WELCH, MANN AND DELEVAN. ? PUBLIC are acquainted that thia magnificent esta blishment, so warmly patroniaed daring these lut six mouths, by th ? citizens, strangers and visitors, from nil parts of the world, must speedily close in order to fulfil the impera tive engagements al-mdy entered iuto for the summer This an nouncement is pat forth to prepare the hundred and seventy five Artists and Assistants connected with this concent, and to assure the thnnsands of liberal patrons who have rendered the Circus a Temple of Fashion and Popularity .that the most THE L blis energetic and unceasing effons will, be essayed to reader the doting Performance! of the R ng aud Stage the moat gorgeont, novel nod varied that a diacri ; nating public can appreciate or ? grateful management otf r. The coucluaive spectacle of this wonderful rea>on, is the Cataract of the Ganges, from the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane authorities, produced with n succession of Oriental Hceuery. such as cannot he surpassed in any country Processions of the most gergeona and costly kind, exceeding in number all former attempts Every style of Eastern Banners, Flsg or In signia o i Authority?an overwhelming Torrent of Real Wa ter. for the display of which the premise* have been greatly enlarged?the surpassingly grand Car of Mother of Pearl, lin ed with beaten gold, drawn oy cream colored horses?furious combats, general engagements, fearful conflagrations, and a ?accession of startling effects, inch as the resources of this vast est-blishmeut can aloue furnish, and bring iu a anperior manner before a discriminating public. ml9 GRAND MUSICAL ENTERTAINMENT, UNDER til* patronage of the ladies ot the Abingdon As- I sociation, in aid of ilia funds of the chnrch, will be given in the Jane 8treet Church, between 8th aud 9th avenuea, on Tneadav evening, 21th instant, on which occasion the follow ing ladies and gentlemen have kindly voluntcerad their valua ble services. Mist Furat, a lady amateur; Mr. Jackson; Mr. J. A. Johnson. Mr. Lea, froin Ed nburgh, and tne geuileuten of ihe N.York Quartette Club, Mr. Ulirehugh, ana Mr Anslin Phillips. Mr. Clireha.h will deliver a lecture, with seleet gems, on the Life, Writings, and Poetic Character of Robert Burns. Messrs. A. Phillips and Jackson will preside at the piano forte, Concert to commence at 7 o'clock. Tickets 23 cents. Programme sad tickets to be had a: the Masie Stores. Robert Cartel's book ?tore, Canal street, Messrs. barton & Miles, booksellers, 203 Broadway; Mr. Dunn's book store, Ith avenue, and tt the door on the night of the e. ncert. m2l 2t*r8atMltT MR. bOLLlNEP'S FAREWELL CONCERT WILL. TARE rUCI AT NIBLO'S SALOON on FRIDAY, March ?-aGrand Be lection of Instrumental Music. Tickets SO centa each, to be had at the music atom*. m!9 r CITY OF ELMS. THE EXHIBITION of this model, together with models A of the public buildings of New York, and the Mormom Temple at Natron, will remain open for a short time longer at the Granite Building. Tickets 23 cents. E PORTER BELDEN, Proprietor. E. B.CUNNINGHAM,Snp-tol Exhibition. Tho proprietor is now eonstruetingst NO Broadway, THE MODEL OF NEW YORK. Representing in carved wood every building, shed, tree, sad other object in the great Metropolis of America, which will ; be completed in n few months Above this Model will he a Canopy on which will be delineated views of public buildings, places of business, ' - L , manufactories, private residences, hotels, steamboats, Ac., varying from 10 to 10 inches in length, fot whieh a moderate compensation will be charged. Having now so nearly completed a Model of New York, the Eoprietor will either tell or give a lease of the Model of New even, lie. Office hours from t to 6 P. M f 20 lm'r E. PORTER BELDEN. NO Broadway. MUSIC FOR PARTIES. PARTIES furnished with the Violin,Harp, or Pianoforte. Apply to R. J. and G- Ayliffe, No. 127 Elm street, eorner of Howard. ml lm*m MUSIC TAUGHT, ON THE MOST REASONABLE TERMS, by a Lady, who has a thorough knowledge of the science. She can who has a thorough knowledge of the science. She can moat resectable and satisfactory references. A 111 ied to W. H., at the office of thia paper, shall be pnn< tended to. mrio la ly attended to, MUSIC. MDUM8DAY, No. 33 Bond street, near the Bowery, ? Professor of the Oaitar, buying. Accord son and Vio lin, continues to teach Ladies and Gentlemen tt their own re sidences. in all parts of New York City, with much facility and rapid progression, by his new but never failing system. Terms very reasonable. Apply at 33 Bond street, ml im*re MUSIC MR. OKORGE A. HOYT would respectfully inform his Friends and the Public, that he ia prepared to (ire In struction on the PIANO FORTE, at hia reaideuce, H Chrya tie street, or at the reaideuce ef hia pupils *.Terms moderate, made known on application f 13 lm?rre CENTRE VILLE COURSE?TROTTING. f|iHK following Sweepstakes are now open, to commence A April I3lh, IMS. No. f ? Sweepstake for fonr yrar old colta, mile heata, beat I in 3, in harneaa Hub. $30 No. 1.?Sweepstake for 3 ycara' old colta, two mile heata, in haroeea Hob. $30. No } ?Sweepstake for hortra that nerer won a parae match or awrepatake, two mile heau, in harneaa. Hub $30. No. 4.?Sweerstake for horaea that never won a purae over $31. mile heata, beat 3 in 3, in harnrae. Hub $30. No 3.?Sweepatake aame "a hio. 1, under the aaddle. No. 9.?Sweepstake for horaea that never won a purae over $50, mile heata, beat 3 in 5, in harueaa. Sub. $30. No 7.?Sweepatake aame aa No. 0, ucd r the aaddle. No.l.?Sweepatake for horaea that never won a purae over $IW, two mile heata, in harneaa Hub. $t0. No 9 ?Sweepatake aame aa No. 9, under the aaddle. The above awncpatakea are hall' forfeit. $13 will be added by the proprietor, to the winner of each of the above sweep atakea. Three or moie to make a race. , To eloee on or before April 10, by 9 o'clock P. M., at Ureen fc Lower. No. M Chatham Hqu >re. No. 10 ?Sweepatake. free for ail trotting horaea, mile heata. ~ fofWil " beat S in 3, in harneaa. Hnh $300, half fovinit, with a parte of $1(0 added by the proprietor to the aecond beat horae ia the race. Thia tweeyatake to tome off April 17. To clow on or before April 10, by 9 o'clock P.M., at Ureen k Loaee'a; three or more to start to make a race. The track ia now in good training order, it baring been scra ped and rolled. Centrevitle Course. 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They eaeh contain II rooms besides the kitchen, finished with marble mantels sod black grates throughout, and are II f?et front by 31 deep, wiiin wide coart yards n"d iron railings Tha situation is oeligni lul, commanding a line vi?w of the river, bay and city, and ia within one miuule'a walk of the ferry, where Terry boats leer* every 13 mmulea for Barclay at, crossing In ? to 10 miantea; and arsry half hour to Canal aa Christopher .ta - Applyat the ferryat Hoboken ml3lw*re m. LATEST MTELLIQENW BY TEE HAILS. Wahiihuton, Maroh 18, 1846. The debate on the Oregon question is still going on in the Senate ; and the probable result is Just to uncertain and confused as ever. Mr. Berrien, of Georgia, spoke yesterday, and Mr. Archer to-day. Mr. Berrien seems to be opposed to all notion, and. puts the same construction on the President's in* tention, which has been put upon it by the ultra* Oregon, or 54 40 men. Some appear to >^i't>*r that Mr. Calhoun and h>s friends will yet vote for the House notice, with the administration members, and thus carry the measure The probability now is that the whole body of the whigs will vote against it; but what the result will be, no one can tell. The importance, however, of that result, whether for or against?whether for laying it on the table or not, is diminishing every day. The truth is, all parties are beginning to see that the President mil held the Oregon negotiation, and the Oregon question, in his own hands, exclusively, whatever action Congress may lake?that he has the power to hold it over, for years to come?that he will make it a topic for ne gotiation and discussion for years to come?and that, in fact, from his present position, be has the control over popular feeling in Congress, greater than that which any monarch could possess at the present day. 1 begin to believe it is no sort of con sequence in facilitating the peaceable termination of this question, whether Congress vote for notioe or no notice. According to the best lights, the nego tiation cannot be resumed for some time to come | and even if it should be, it may be protracted by our government to an indefinite period. WhethS the notice is given or withheld, the power of the Presi dent over this question is still the same ; aad this power consists in his control over future events over the movements of party?over the power of factions?the views, the elements of popularity? which lew have an opportunity to wield, as he now appears to have. Such being the view which seems to be the moot accurate, of the position of the President' on the Oregon question, that he possesses the sole control over it, the most reasonable are enquiring what his intentions and purposes may be. 1 do not believe that the British government will make any effort to resume the negotiation for Borne time to come j and, if they do, I begin to doubt whether our gov ernment will not protract and keep it in its present position as long as they choose. What the inten tions of the President really are, is still the greet mystery of the day. It is true we have his official declaration in the public document, but on this declaration his own party, in both Houses ef Con gress, and all his organs, appear to have different and conflicting opinions. The compromise Sena tors are confident in the belief that he is in favor of compromise, grounding their opinions upon the declarations in the message. The non-eomproaise ? Senators say, with equal confidence, that he is with them. The same ditferent interpretations are put upon it by the whigs?some believing that he is fa vorable to 49 and peace?others that ne goes for the whole of Oregon. The President, oertaialy Is a singular man?a mysterious man. He must be either a very "little" man. or a very "great" man?? Jackson or a Tyler?and time alone can develoee what the constituent elements ot hut character really are. According to the best of my belief, I am dispo sed to think that the President is not m favor of com promise on the 49th parallel; that he is more inclined to claim the whole of Oregon territory ; but that, instead of precipitating the nation on a physical war, he would prefer to fight it out by a moral aad a political war, covering six, or eight, or fifteen years* so as to embrace the benefits of that question at home, for some time to come. 1 am more and more inclined to think that the policy of the ultra-Oregon, or 54:40 patriots, is most congenial to the mind ef the President, and that the sentiments and views re cently promulgated by the Union newspaper, are, after all, the most correct exponents of his views and opinions. If this view be correct?and 1 could enumerate innumerable facts and circumstances in corroboration of it?it will be easy to see that the Oregon question will remain as open as it is now for several years to come; that it will become an element of agitation in the elections throughout the country; and that the new party which is organis ing in this capital in favor of the whole of Oregon* is actually the new Polk party, which he intends to ride and to rule, as long as it will travel without foundering. Mr. Polk ia a quiet man?an amiable man an ambitious man?a firm man?a determined man. He is decidedly in favor ot war with England; but not a war oi the elements?it is a moral war. Whether the notice be given by Congress or not, Mr. Polk, I believe, will keep the Ore Son negotiation in such a position as to continue lis moral war with England, until, probably, the time cornea, whether it is eight, or ten, or twenty years, when it can be converted into a physical war. This, 1 think, will be the great principle, and the great feature, upon which this new party is meant to bo founded; and on this principle they expect to create and summon those feelings of historical antipathy to England, which have been slumbering for the last twenty or thirty years. I am not aura, either, but thia is the best policy of the Chief Magis trate, as a republican, to puraue. The Engliah go vernment, and people have, in recent yean, exhibi ted sentiments of contempt and hate towards thw country, in a variety of ways, which have naturally excited the sensibilities of the r.-pubhc. When the Oregon question is kept open, and we are claiming down to 64 deg. 40 min., the British government can't help themselves, but mmy fret all the tune; and in process of time get tired of such a position, and be willing to compromise or give the whole. During the interval, while the question is kept open, the commerce of the two countries will be increasing and binding their interests together. We can better live without England than England without ns. The example of this country will be creating the proper effects upon the other; and by such a policy, we may hold a power over all Western Europe. In taking this view oi the position of Mr. Polk* every day seems to confirm its accuracy. The whins have irrecoverably committed themselves on tfin 49th parallel, as the advocates of the British claims. They have spoken enough in the Senate already against their own country, sufficient to furnish their opponents with political materials for the next tea years to come, for electioneering against them. This singular faux pa* has not been discovered un til very recently. My opinion, therefore, is, that there will be no negotiation?no compromise?no settlement of the Oregon question between the two governments, at present?that it will ne an opsa question for years to come; .and during that interval the moral war will b# waged fiercely between the two governments and the newspaper pram of the two countries?that Mr. Polk, without knowing an te tly how, has sttunbled upon a singular and origi nal policy, which may create for him a new demo cratic p rty, leaving ont of its lists all the grant leaders and old aspirants for the Presidency. It in very evident, that from the date of his election, his policy has been conducted on the principle of wan ting a new party, and it is possible be would not do so without expecting a re-election. All bis appoint ments arr now made on the principle oi being friend ly to himself, and his future re-election. Of this I have no doubt, so that all coudidates tor ofHoe i ' first leave the ground, in order to bo cessful with the Executive. Recommendations and letters may all do very well; but, unless be is ena bled, in audition to good reparation, capacity, and character, to give some intimation ns to his views ot the next election, I do not think he will stand much chance. A new democrat on the Oregon question, must stick to number eight, and reaounoo number lour. __________ Washington, March 20,1816. It has been supposed for some days pant that the Senate would bring their labors, on the Oregon question, to a close on Wednesday next. Thin, however, will not be the case, as some seven or eight members of that body have yet to speak. Mr Chalmers speaks on Monday, Gen. Cans on Toes day, Mr. Webster on Wednesday, perhaps, when he will defend his course on the Ashhortoa treaty. Messrs Bagby, Allen, and others, will than follow, so that it may be two weeks, if not more, bef<flp the voting upon the various propositions appended to the House resolutions be commenced. 1 have every reason for believing that Mr. Col quitt's resolutions, with a slight modification, wifl eventually be adopted; not, however, with any prospect that they will meet the concurrence of the House. That they will not, seems to be admitted upon all hands. Tne object, therefore, ihM lira Be nitehave in view in throwing back upon theHmise its own resolutions, encumbered with conditions which cannot ba concurred in, is to gnu time before coming to an issue upon the subject, so to enable^ the government to settle oar diffi culties first with Mexico. If this could be Hone, much of the embarrassment that prorata upon lefts lative action, connected with our foreign affaire, might be avoided; and then we would be better prepared, in every point of view, for whatever alter native England may present to us. I have no hopes, however, that Mexico will compromise the matter with us, while we are at daggers' points with Eng land ; for, it is only in the expectation of our geu ng into, and keeping in trouble with that power, that any chance remains for Maxico to recover ner lost territory of Texas Qf this she is herself hilly aware, and is. heeidesj instructed bv our eoamtes, as to our and ner position towards them. I oannot too often repeat my dcolarauon, maris

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