Newspaper of The New York Herald, 13 Nisan 1846, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 13 Nisan 1846 Page 4
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or efficient public officer is not in Washington. Ho is ever at his poet?ia obliging and courteous to those whose business draws them within the pre cinct of his department, and is, likewise, a gentle man ot great erudition and political talent, as his letters U|>on the tarift, published in the Union some tune past, over the signature of " Hundlecund," sufficiently prove. 1 say, therefore, in conclusion, on this subject, that any public department which ia able to sustain itself from its own receipts, without an expense to the public, like the Poat Office De partment, ought to be liberally, and generally sup ported by Congress, in all lawful demands that it may make upon it for aid in carrying out its inten tions, Mr. Niles's opposition to the contrary, not withstanding. Mr. Dickson, in the House of Representatives, a day or so ugo, made a charge against the Secretary of State, Mr Buchanan, that ne was a federalist, dec. Now, with respect to what any man may or may not be in politics, while the government, or administration, or party that he serves in a high capacity, are willing to believe him to be otherwise, I think, it is not lair to charge him with the holdings ot sentiments that he repudiates in toto. It is in bad taste, to say the least. A man has a perfect right to be what he pleases, either in religion or politics, in this country; and tn seeking an endorser for the certainty that he holds this or that dogma, it would be folly for bim to appeal to an opposite party for an elucidation ot it, tu accordance with his own understanding thereof. With respect to Mr. Bu chanan's political opinions, or of their intrinsic merit, either lor good or evil, I have notking to do ; but, from my own personal and intimate know ledge of a portion ot the people of Pennsylvania, wilh whom I have lived lor ten years and upwards. 1 will say that all parties there have considered Mr. Buchanan to be what he is known throughout the country to be?a democrat. The great State of Pennsylvania has endorsed him for one ; the demo cratic party everywhere recognizes him as such; his station, as Secretary of State under this admi nistration, confirms it; and, therefore, it is wrong for a politioal opponent to say that he is hot what every one proclaims him to be. Mr. Wmthrop, of Mass., in the House of Repre sentatives, this morning, rose and explained some remarks o. his yesterday, in reply to a query ot Mr. Yancey, as to whether Mr Webster was the paid agent of the commercial community in New Eng land or not. He said, that all he learned on the subject, since the gentleman Irom Alabama interro gated him, was, that some of Mr Webster's friends uiMissachusetts had purchased tor him an annuity lor life, in consideration ol his services to hfil country and them, since he came into political life. As to whether the commercial interests at the North had employed him or not, in the manner supposed by th'.- gentleman from Alabama, he was not aware ; nor did he feel himself either justified or at liberty i to inquire into such private matters, i Mr. Vancev replied by saying, that the explanation vvus perfectly satisfactory to him, but he would be ' better pleased if the gentleman Irom Massachusetts would Bay who were those triends. He first saw the statement in a newspaper that a sum of one hun- j d red thousand dollars had been made up lor Mr. Webster; and he was anxious to know, from an authentic source, who the-donors were, and lor j what purpose it was subscribed, llere the subject 1 coded. The Senate went into executive session be fore it adjourned. Ariki.. j Washington, 10th April, 1HK?. The Rt' cnt Newt from Mexico?Private Account? Mexican I'tcict. The highly interesting and important news from ! Mexico, having attracted general notice, it will pro- ' bably be no unpleasant circumstance, il your numer ous readers are put in possession of statements con- : tained in private letters from individuals high in , authority, explanatory of the action ot the Mexican G meral, Paredes. All the communications from wmch the intelligence now forwarded is derived, j all deline the public mind of Mexico to be in a very painful state of excitement. This is accounted for, however, in the temporary nature of the present \ government, Paredes holding the reins of power, confessedly as conservator of the public peace, till j the meeting ol a Congress, now in course ol being I elected by the votes of the various classes of the , citizens. The subject of the change of the form of govern ment being, in this state of things, warmly discussed by the several presses of the country, Paredes thought ; proper to interfere, and, by so doing, has been as- j sailed with considerable bitterness by a portion of the people; he exonerates himself from censure, , however, by declaring the question of the form of government to be the one which the National E?* gislature or Congress is summoned to decide, and that it will be time for the papers to take the question Mp when the Legislature shall be assembled, and have it under consideration. Discussing it before I hand produced useless excitement and divisions, calculated to induce breaches of the public peace, for the maintenance of which, he, it would seem, ull the Legislature assembles, considers himself alone responsible. It is distinctly notified by him, ! that so soon as the assembling of the Legislature shall relieve him of a portion ot his responsibility, there will be no impediment to a full and free dis- , cussion of any project in which the nation shall be , interested. Paredes is especially anxious to sup press excitement, because it tends to destroy the unanimity which he considers essential to the public safety, in view of the menacing attitude ot the forces of the United States. , On the subject of Mr Slidell, it seems Paredes and the cabinet of Mexico are unable to compre hend the reason why the government of the United States should persist in an attempt to force Mr. j Slidell upon them. If received, no settlement of differences could be made with him ; Paredes de clares he could not act without the sanction ot the summoned Legislature, and the pertinacity with , which Mr. Slidell holds on to the appointment, is noticed as a strange proceeding, derogatory to the dignity of the United States, and persevered in not to p.icificate differences with Mexico, but to em barrass the government, and complicate issues noon which more active aggression may be founded. The recent envoy ot Mexico to this government, announced that the annexation of Texas would be considered a declaration ot war. The United States, by virtue of that announcement, are consid ered by Mexico at war with her. A war cancels ail agreements, and the only question at issue be tween the two republics, is the question of Texas. Mr. Slidell, by order of his government, persists,not withstanding, in a desire to be received as a com mon plenipotentiary, and not as a special commis sioner, to discuss the means of settling the question upon which the war issue is grounded. It seems odd to Paredes, the United States should wish him to forget the announcement ot the envoy of his country. It seems odd to him, that with uncan celled treaties, establishing one bouudary, the Uni ted States cannot perceive there is aggression in the attempt to coerce his country into the acknowledg ment of another. Mr. Slidell ought to have retired; and if the de clining to notice him, save as a messenger on a special errand, was thought sufficient reason tor such a course, the government of the United States should have boldly taaen the initiative, and made an open, declared, belligerent demonstiation. In stead of which, the course pursued gives occasion for the invidious remark, that the attitude ot the mcBjrngrr ol the United Slates (earnestly desiring to be received in a character which, to receive him in, would be an ackhowledgment that nothing had occurred between the countries to interrupt friendly relations) bad beenjtaken advantage ot to advance the national troops of his country to positions that must throw upon Mexico the responsibility of a firat fire. The attitude of the United States is consid ered one of intimidation. Collision is expected ; but Paredes thinks it would have been more honora ble in the United States, had they, in the Unit in stance, made a declaration ot war, and taken Icxhs luthe active prosecution of itf instead of seeking a ground whereon to base active war, when Texas is taken possession of in the face of treaties, and Mexico desired to falsify her judgment, by acknow ledging the act friendly and just. The readers of the Herald will not have failed to notice, in the present intelligence from Mexico, that the ambassador of England has announced to the British naval commander in the Oull that he "cannot make it believed by the people of Mexico that England will not interfere, ift the event of.their being bullied by the United States." That is an ad mutton, on the part of the nmbastador of England, that he had been spoken to on the tubteci of inter ference, and verifies the,course that wiU he adopted by Mexico, ?n case of need There will, in fact, be no other alternative for Mexico, under pressure ; and the cenainty that that course will be taken, would seem to require greater caation on the part of this government, when aohcited, no European power will refuae aid to Mexico. This fact may easily be discerned in ideas divulged by the preeae* of Europe. So soon, therefore, aa collision between the troops of Mexico and the United States shall take place, and President Polk shall send his war message to Congress, and Congress shall proceed to ?urt upon it, a remonstrance from the envoys of Spain, France, and England, may be fully calculated upon Such a remonstrance, unheeded, will pro voke the diversion which Mexico requires to enact the consolidation of her nationality. PacmcAToa. The Kingston (Canada) W\\:g, ot the 1st initant, saya that Kingston harbor is now open The ice ia not all out of the bay, but sufficiently so to allow all kinds of vessels 10 arrive and depart without hindrance The trial of Benjamin F.ddv, for the murder of Alfrod R. Shepard, commenced-at Providence on Wednesday last, in the Supreme Court The prosecution is conduct ed by the Attorney General, and the defence by E. H. Retard, ten Quite a number of witnesses were exam ined. We shall probably hare the verdict of the jury by to-snorrOw A democratic paper in Indians, nominates Uen. *aia iMtw sa a candidate lot the oext Presidency. TWBm-NlNTH COHOHUI. Roum of HtprMcntotlvHU WaShirotor. Aran. 11, 1846 THE rl*tf ITII L Bl'BRIRO . Attar the readiDg of tba journal thU morning, Mr. WiNTHaor rose to a personal explanation The Sbkabeb?The gentleman from Maaaachuietti riea* to a peraonal explanation. (Criaa of " leave," " leave ") Mr. WixTHBor then proceeded to read from a manu script prepared bjr him, (we were unable to procure a copy.) iniubatance, aa follow* He *aid yesterday, in relation to a atatement which Mr. Yancey had read In the newspapers,and repeated hero- that^a hundred thou sand dollar* had been raiaed by the manufacturer* for Mr. Webster, to aecure hi* service* in their intereeta - that he knew nothing, and denied nothing, and hoped that gentlemen would obaerve the aame rule. He, (Mr. W?) had himaelf *een in the newapapere the article to which Mr Yancey had adverted, that inch a plan waa on foot: but when he left hia home in Maaaachuaetta, laat December, he waa not aware that anything in thia parti cular bad been done. Thia morning, however, he did know something; honorable to Mr. Webater'* friend* an l to that gentleman, and he deaired to give a atate ment of hia information. He regretted that a peraonal and political warfare waa waged againit Mr Webater, aud, that, therefore, there waa a necessity for introdu cing a private and personal ulfdir of Mr. Webster Into thia Houae, or that it should be a fit topic (or legislative diacussion. Let the responsibility reat on those who commenced it. He now stated, in answer to the charge that Mr. Webster waa tho pensioned agent of the manu facturers?and by authority?that Mr. Webater does not own a single dollar's worth of stock in any manufactur ing company, nor ia a single dollar's worth held by other* for him or hi* family, or tnat any provision has been made for him or them; nor ia he interested in any manufacturing company whatever; nor doea his interest depend on any rise or fall of stock; nor has any transac tion taken place, on condition of Mr. Webster remaining in the Senate. Mr. Webster has disposed of Western land, not exceeding its actual value, for which he has been paid, presented to him as an annuity for life, and which wa* announced to that gentleman laat month. Tho gentlemen who made the donation, accompanied it with the declaration, " this fund has been raiaed freely and cheerfully by your friends, as an evidence of their grateful sense for services rendered to the country, without your sanction or knowledge; and there is some reason to believe that this will not make their purpose less acceptable to you. Your friends, for flve-and twenty years, have rallied around you. Time will do you justice. This small token of regard may be of ser vice when increasing age renders your labors irkaome, and we, your friends, perhans, be in their graves. If it may not be needful for you, it may tend to the comfort of your family, and serve to recall to their minds the friends whose hearts have always been with you." In this, there was not the slightest reference made to Mr. Webster remaining in Congress, to advocate any inter est or policy. Its motive was a just sense of valuable services, and be took upon himaelf to aay, becauae he knew thoae proceeding* originated in the part Mr. Webster took in the advocacy of the interests of the commerce of the country; nor waa it difficult to understand how those interested in that commerce, and honorable, powerful and juat maritime rights, should find occaaion to be grateful. But hi* (Mr. Winthrop'a) purpose waa to explain. This explana tion was not due to Mr. Webater alone, but to hia constituent!, who took part in that transaction. Mr. Webster was not a pensioned agent; it waa an unworthy and uujuit assumption. It was due to the Common wealth of Maisachusetts.which,through her Legislature, had three times elected him a Senator in Congress, be cause his principles were known and his ability unques tioned, and they believed in maintaining those princi ples he would maintain, not only the principles of the citizens of the State, without distinction of party, but the beat interests of the country. .Mr. l ancet arose to a personal explanation. A letter in the Boliimorr Jlmtricon, from Washington, represent ed him as saying, that he " loathed the company of Mr. Webster, and that his (Mr. Y.'s) whole speech was in character with the remark." He spoke of a political connection with Mr Webster, and in relation to Mr. Webster's acts during the Isst war, and other matters ?ince. How he would like a personal connection with Mr Webster, it was not for him to say. This letter fur :her remarked, that Mr. Ashmun denied the assertion :hat Mr. Webster was the pensioned agent of the manu facturers, saying the charge was untrue. Now. Mr. Ashmun said no such thing. If the gentleman din, the denial did not reach him. The Inieltigtncer, in its re port, said that Mr. Ashmun arose ; that he (Mr. Y.) re tused to give way, and that Mr. Ashmun took his seat. This was true. He did not see the gentleman from Mas sachusetts in his seat. He had no doubt the gentleman, (Mr. A.,) if present, would confirm what he had said in relation to him. He was glad the gentleman from Mas sachusetts (Mr. Winthrop) had given this matter a sub stantive form and shape ; he was glad that he had brought it before the House in an authoritative shape. Such as it is, the country will take it, and draw their conclusions as to the position Mr. Webster occupies. He would be glad to see the amount of the annuity, and the names of those who presented it. Mr. Winthrop said his information did not reach so far. He did not know. He did not thiok fit to ask the amount, nor the names of the persons. He knew no thing of it till this morning. His curiosity did not lead him to search. He had do right of search, lo dive deep ly into the private (affairs or Mr. Webster. He could sap, however, that no man, no Senator, would like hia private transactions to be brought in here. The people of Boston did not do things by halves, but, when they undertook anything, they did it thoroughly. Mr. Yancsy.?I understand the gentleman to say the donntlon was made by Mr. Webster's commercial friemU. Mr. Winthrop?Ves. Mr. Yancet adverted to some gentleman of the House, who had refused to accept a service of plate, and a Sen ator who would not take a farm, because they thought it might be construed as a ouid pro quo. Certainly, as this donation had been made by thoae in the commercial inte rest, and taken in connection with the declaration, by authority, ol the gentleman from Maasachuaetta, it oould not be deemed improper in him, to know the amount, and from whom, because Mr. Webster was a public man, and the statement had bean made for ? certain purpose. Mr. Winthbop?I 'made the statement to take away the public character from it. Mr. Rath bun inquired what was the question before the House. The SrKAKta.?There is no question pending. Mr. Yancet said that this was> public matter, and bad been publicly discussed. He had asked the question be cause he had seen it stated, that a hundred thouaand dollars were raised for Mr. Webster. Aod with regard to this annuity, he wanted to know how far it went. Mr. Brinexhhoff remarked, that he thought the per sonal explanation had ceased, and raised (hat point of order. The SriAKtR said that the gentleman was going on, with the unanimous consent of the House. Ma. Yancet concluded, saying that it had not been his purpose to go into the private affairs ot the late Sec retary of State, but to reply to the assertion of his col- | league that the name of Mr. Webeter was loved and hon ored abroad, and to show that he did not deserve such a distinction for his public acts at homo. [Here the House put up the blower to the grate ; and it is thought that early next week, it will be taken down and the coals discovered to be red hot, and flaming ] mounted biflemen. There was a motion pending yesterday, when the House adjourned, to reconsider the vote by which the amendment of the Committee was concurred in?that the officers of the regiment shall be appointed from the line o( the regular army ; and this came up to-day. The question was taken, and the House refused to re consider?yeas 80, nays 88. The bill to raise a regiment of mounted riflemen was ordered to be engrossed for e third reading?yeas 187, uays 36 The bill, after going through the intermediate stages, was passed. Mr. Cobb moved to reconsider the vote by which the bill was just passed. He said his object was, if the mo tion prevailed, to move that the bill be recommitted to the Committee of the Whole on the State of, the Union , that that part requiring the appointment of the officers of the regiment from the regular line of the army might be stricken out Mr. St. John inquired whether it would be in order to move to recommit the bill to the Contmittee on Military Affairs, with instructions to inquire into the propriety of auth 1 rising the President to receive, in lieu of those au thorized in the bill, volunteers, with the privilege of electing their own officers. The Speaekr said it would not be in order. Mr. Jones, of Georgia, submitted a few remarks ; and fioally, after sundry questions, ea to the effect of the mo tion of Mr. Cobb, had been asked and answered by the Speaker, The House refused to reconsider the vote by which the bill was passed?yeas 80, nays 06. The House proceeded to consider sundry private bills, heretofore reported from the Committee of the Whole. And at tweuty minutes to three o'clock, adjourned to Monday. comukhcial, S?w York, Saturday, April 11. A*hes.?There was nothing done in either description - prices remain at our quotations of Friday. BmtAPsTvrrs. - The market, to day, has been without the slightest degree of animation. We hear of nothing additional in the way of export. There wns nothing <lone except what was necessary for borne demand, r rices remain at our last quotations. Cotton?The sales to-day amount to 1,000 bales, the larger proportion of which was for the Havre market, and in some instaoces at a slight concession from pre vious rates, which is generally attributed to a tight mo ney aaarket. We continue to quote? Livsbpool Classification. New Orleans Uplands. Florida. Mob', * Texas Inferior, Ordinary, Middling, 7X a Tj Oood Middling, 7W a 7 Middling Fair, 7\ s ?l Foreign Markets. (From our Correspondent j Mataopbs, P. R March SI.?1 hare no news worth advising you of. Produce ia very scarce, and the de mand active. Sugars 3 a Si, and molasses $19 a $14. Ha*aba, March 90.- Our late raceipta of rice have been ? ,?* ' a?d there remain now in drat hands, of old stock, about 730 casks, held at these rates. We think prices will be sustained, with regular shipments or 1,ri' stock la 6,000 kega, held ?Vn iAl V *. xnnaxed prices current wiuinfcraa * import* Vessels continue very V TV 11,1 for t;0"*a and a mar kat. J,. Mr a ^ *i" f*! bo* i* currant, and M ? Vm*&d dmuT Ksch,n*? ???> London, 11} pram; i i h..i mesi * 5" a'" nomin*l Baana white, 7a 14, Mel. mess, 8}al3; do Buenoa tyre* iarked lflalfl United mate, do i 13.10; po,k J* ,lo c,?un do<,0,nlm"*l? ISsUO; codfish 3ia41- uad dock 3.3}; i.ams I0al3, lard 11}. U; butter 16.ii' c!ui dies tallow 131*14; do sperm 34*17) flour American 14a 10! sperm oil $3; whale do refilled do 10*m rice 131a 134: potatoes 0|a4; onions SalO; cheese lt.iv beards Wr 33.94, lumber PPWS3H, hoope 1H40; shiokTSd heads, each llalft; box ahooke, each #1.7; empty hhda oech 3}; cutuailt 0ia0ji molasses Ualj. ' i Mata*ias4 Maroa 30.?Our hat bora ate completely ban ?f mull lor the canton. Mujr tnUfM Ugeous employment at thii moment, a* tbay are much wanted, and (4] to $6 are being paid per 110 gall bhd to the United State*, and a a 9J per box; to Eaioao ?1 I0e to X'3 16*, and one waa taken at ?4 3e0d to m Peters burg. Molaaaea in demand, 1} to 14; Sugars 6 a 0; Rice, laat aaloa 13} re. in Havana. Paiaengtn Arrived. Cawtow?Ship Moatresl?K?r J X Jones sad daughter. of the Hub Mission; Messrs S V Rensselaer, jr., of Albany: N L Williams, of Roxbury, Mass. Galveston?Brig Empire?Mrs Baldwin, Mrs Laagiia, Mr Trowbridse, Master Baldwin?tin steerage. Savannah?Ship St Mark?Mrs Care and child, Mr Caviar and lady, M O Crop man, Robert Brydam, W B Keen. J H Kiug?10 in steerage. Savannah?Ship Hartford?Mrs N Baldwin, Mrs Rosa, Mrs Tbarer, Mrs Morrison. Capt Geo Thayer, George Gugga, W Kuller, Mr Hale, Mr Moore, R B Allen, Mr Van Dewaier, Mr Dennis?4( in steerage. Poet au Pkiisce?Brig Havti?N B Vidal; the crew of the i Hay steamship Ariel, sold to the Hay tien government. Ot'arasta? Brig Jndson?A Sweet. Mouile- Ship Rob Roy?Mrs C Beaden. Avalachicola?Bark Jane ? William*?Two Miss Harda, Mr Handeock. foreign Importation*. 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New Orlea-is?Bsik Rio Grande?14 bbla flour Lelaud, Ada-us St co?1107 do P J Net ins 3t son?16 bales moss A Her- 1 roi.?900 bag* corn Bouter Bros It co. New 0* John Cnmming?3 cs mdse 194 bales cotton 8 H Fay?21 bbls lard 3 bales mo?sH D Hill?383 bbls pork and lard 33 kegs lard E Butler?1867 kegs la d Buydam, Bige It Co?314 hams W 1 Kiug?80 btles co'ton Cahoone, Kinney 8t Co?100 do B J Weeden?133 bbls pork P 1 Ncviua St Son?67 tcy hams Nelson. GaLrr.sTO.w-Hhip 8l Mark?231 bales cotton Collins It Car hart? 308 Spoff'trd, Tilestou St co?124 Dennis'own St co?113 H Leister?.65 E St K K Grares-33 Butkley St Goodwin?50 C Buckmeyer A Sou?58 H Coit A co?284 to order Oslveitow?Brig Empire?386 bales cotton 834 hides 11 bbls 10 pks Brower A Neil son?3 bxs 1 pkg J J Audubon?1 box G Wheeler?.6 boxs 4 pkgs Mule St Sandford?6 .. .jeeler?.6 boxs 4 pkgs Mnle St Hiuufford?6 boxes tobacco C W Rowland?33 bales cotton Beck St Ramhaudt? 31 bales cot ton It sacks pecan nuts C Scuddtr A Co?334 hides 1 box Hsrnden A Co. Momi.r.?Ship Rob Roy?530 btles cottoi H Coit?121 do F Burrit?164 Coliomb A Iselin?15 Curtis Aco?100 A Arerill. Avalachicola?Bark Jane C Williams?408 bales cotton Coliomb A Iselin?191 E W II GraTes-36 Collins A Carhart? 1 373 Markne, Willar A Scott?44 Crandell A DaTenport?38 S | L Mitchell?12 A Storey. ArsLscilicOLA?Brig W L Jones?148 balee cotton H Coit? 3 J H Talmsn?138 Spofford, Tilestou A Co?93 Drake Mills? j 31 LH Brighaui?137 Coliomb A lreliu?72 B Wilson A Co. Savannah?Ship Hartford?71 billet cotton E A R R Graves -72 L H Brighsm?100 F Burritt-t* Ir..ii.li8wswui-coo OrolTuiJ, Tilestou A lo-88 S Minium A Co?90 tcs rice Ooa dev A Wells?1 do Esrle A Perkins?M pks mdbe to order. MARITIME HERALD 1S0TICE TO (HirMAJTCBt. Wehope that Captains of vessela arriving at this port, will not deliver any shipping lists, newspapers, news, or mrcels in tended for this office, to any persons other than the New > ork Pilots, or Ccpt. Robest Sinner, of onr news fleet. PORT OF HEW YORK. APRIL. 13. H M ? CIS RISES 5 17 SCR SITS ( Hi Moan anas 8 jn it Hioii waraa 9 54 m Arrlred. Ship Montreal, Lorett, from Canton, 29th, andPMacoa, 10th Dee , Straits of Sands Jan. 13th, with teas, ate. Sailed in co. with ship Heratio, Wood, for New York. Bailed from Wham poa, Dec 11th, ship Akbar. Mallett, lor Bally; Utt 20th, brig Eagle, Prescott, Calent'a. Spoke, Jan 30th, Ut 2156 8. Ion 61 25 E, ship Ential Kadr, (Br) 36 days from Caleatu for Liver 5oI, who reported ships Woodstde and Siberia, to sail from Jcntta for United Sutes two days after?also left ship Gen- ; to i, one; i-tblOtb. 1st 11 48 8. Ion 35 51 E, ship Mary Ellen, Dearborn, from Canton for New York, and saw her again i April 4th, lat 25 It N.lon 62 17 W; April 11th, schrPelion, trom Philadelphia for Boston. Died. March 11, Mrs. Judith L., ] wile of Her. John T. Jones, of the Siam Mission, aged 30. Ship Platins, Woodward, from Trieste Jsn 16 h, and Paler-, mo Keb 1, with mdse, to Bneklt Peters. 8th iost, lat 35 13 Ion 7016, spoke schr Vesper, 7 days from Norfolk for West I Indies. Ship John Camming, Dwight, from New Orleans, March 20th, with mdse, to master. 6th instsnt, lat 32 47, loa 77 10, spoke Br btig Asnes, of London, steering west, with loss of fore-topmast heads. Ship Rob Roy, A'nold, 19 days from Mobile, with cotton to Center It Co. Ship Hartford, Sannermann, 9 daya from Savannah, with cot ton, to Dunham fc Dimon. Ship St Mark, Care, It daya from Sarannah, with cotton, to A Richarda. 7th inst, off Hatteras, passed the wreck of a Tea sel; had stump of mainmast standing; (apposed to be a schr. Bark William It James, Mercier. 22 days from Mobile, with Cottos.toJ Ogden. 4th inst, lat 32, Ion 76, ipoke ahip Mon soon, from Boston for Europe. 6th iust, passed s Br brig, 3 diys from Bermuda, for Baltimore, name unkn >wn. Idaudld inst. lat 33, Ion 76, in a gale from 8SE, shipped a heavy sen. carried away bowaprit,store bow, swept dtcaa of cotten and boats. carried away rodder, bnlwarka, he. Bark Hecla, Hoyt, from Port an Prince, I7th March, with mdie, to Skelding It Kcrria. March itin, off Goo are, ex changed colors with Hamburg brig Charlotte, booud to Port anPnuce. April 6th, lat 31 30 N, Ion 77 W, exchange J colors with brig Pilgrim, atauding to north. April 8th, pissed the wreck of a resscl with both masls gone, bowsprit standing; could distinguish the letters St Pierre upon her stern?lat 36 36 N. Ion 7 W. Bark M?zeppa. Smith, 49 days from Rio Janeiro, with cof fee, te Siffken It Ironsides. Sid in company with Swedish brig Superb. Bark Rio Grande (of Bergen, Me), Coasins, 21 days from NOrleans, to master Expert-need yery bad weather on the passage. Let 3241, 'on 78 30, passed a brig, with Ins of fore and main topmast, jib boom, he. 5th, 1st 32 S3, Ion 76 30, ex changed signals with bark Cstteldia, Biggins, from NOrleans for Boston. 8th, passed the schr Banner, of Harrington, dis masted, no person on hoard; same day, exchanged signals with bs'k /rnobia, st ermg E. Brig Judson, |of New Haven) Jas ? Russell, from Gnaya ma 30th .March, to Duuscomb h Beckwith. April 1st, lat21 16 Ion 68 59. spoke urigantine Adelia, of New Orleans, 3 days from Ponre for Philadelphia. Sailed in company with brig B L Swan, for Philadelphia, and baik Panthea, for New Haven. April Bth, lit 38 Ion 71 30, spoke brig Aeolus, Lewis, from Rio de Janeiro for New York. April ICtn, lat 36 16 Ion 71 13, spoke brig St George of Warren, from Philadelphia for New Orleans. Same day, sroke 1st34 41 Ion '3 28, brig Frances Looms, of Bath, lOdiya from Wilmington for Boston. Brig Lowder, Sherman, from Curacoa 21th March, to Fran cis Spies. Lat 20 30 N Ion 67 40 W, spoke brig Benj L Swan, ofNewHaren, 36 hours fiom Ponce, PR, 'or Philadelphia March Slat. April 6th, 1st 7* N Ion 78 41, spoke brig Toledo, 7 days from Camden for New Orleans. w Brig WL Jones, Tyler, 17 days from Apalachicola, with cot'on. to H Post , , _ , Brig Tremont, Hsynes, 11 dtys from Tobasco, with lor wood 'o Meyer fc Slacken. 1st inst, lai 32 40, Ion 71, in a gale from ENK. lost part of deck load of logwood, abont 1} tons. Brig Hayti. Cults, tldars from Port an Prince, with mdss, to A C Kossiere fc Co. . ? ..... Brig Mores Couwav, 18 days from Apalschioola, with cot ton, to K D Haribnt k Co. Brig Marshall,Taylor. 14 days from Sagna La Grande, with mdse, to T Harmony fc Nephews. Brig Helen Marin. Switxer. 17 days from Ouayama, PR, with sagar, to Neamith fc Walsh. __ Brig Chins, Lunt, 14 days from Ponce.PR, with sagar, to Nesmith k Walsh. 9th inst, I si 37 loo 74 16, spoke bark Jose phine, from Philadelphia for N Orleans. Brig Lyra, Storer, II days from Boaaire. with salt, to Buck Brig Harbinger, Winchester, It days frem Maysgnex, PR, with sagar, to Mason fc 1 hempsoa. Bng Empire, Baxter, from Galveston, Texas, with cotton and hides, to Browsr k Nslleon. Schr Rechabite. Sawyer, 31 day* from Tampico, with hidee, fcc, to A C Kossiere fc Co Schr Gold Heater. MantBeld, It days from Maysgnex, PR, with sugar, to Cnlbeit fch itley. Schr Doifcre, Kaapp, 16 days from Apalachicola. with cotton, to Starges, CI carman k Co. 9th last, lat 14 30, Ion 75, apoks brut Cordon, from Havana for Boston. Schr J Q Adams, Saunders, II day from Apalachicola, with cotton, toE D Hnrlbnt fc Co. Schr Vermillion, Senaann, 4 day* from Baltimore, mdse, to Gsger fc Mahler. Schr Semi Davis, Holmes, 31 days from Cedtr Key, with mdse, to master. Sehr Mary C Ames, Short. 3 da from Boston, to 8 W Lewis. Sehr Mary Clark, Small, 4 days from Halem. Schr Besj Biglow, Baxter. 4 days from Boston vs 'rot SchrSagaaaw, Wright, 4 dsyt from Boston. Schr Elisabeth Choate fiom Button. Schr Arrabella, Gills, from Newport. Sctir Usess, Rogers. 2 dsya fiom Philadelphia. Sehr Mississippi, Patterson, 4 dtys from Philadelphia. Schr j P Smith, Mearl, I days from Wilmington, NC. Schr Amelia, Terry, 4 days frcm Baltimoie, mdie. Schr H Clay, Nve. from New Bedford, oil Schr Victor, Gould, 4 dsya from Chatham. Anh. SchrCoiiyeysncs. Mtlctbar 1 ay? from S-ybrooh Sehr B?rg-n,C on?h.fn>m Pete'aburg Schr Fancy, Chase, 3 days f nm Boston Lighter schr Americas, Jsekaoe, from ths wreck of ship H Ul?7 Brig Acplns, Lewis, from Rio Janeiro. 1 ship; IMffe?unknown. ?Wsffi Ships lultana, for >rw Orleans; Shenandoah, for Philndal tm Ship John Biimo.-Wt in nquitW by Cape David Hhermaa. of the ahip John Baring, to return hia thaab to hia late paaaeagera, for their kiedaeaa to bin. It ie alwaya hia nitentioa to take care of the comforta of thoa a placed ia hia charge on ahip board, aid hia oflcera, Meaaee. Haaecev and hhermaa, feel apleaanre ia co-operating with hia ia readertM atteatioaa to thoae who may take paaaage io aay ship ia their charge. PacaiT Ship John R Seipdt, Capt. Luce, for Lirerpool, will aail thia moroiug, weather permitting. Letter baga at the Exchange Newa Eoon a. AnothkwShip AaHoas.?We learn that the pilot boat Jaa. M. Waterbuiy piaaed, on Saturday n'ght abont ? o'clock, a ' Urge ihip aahore on Sqnan Beach. She appeared to be aahore about one mile and a half tooth of where the Henry Clay layt. There waa moonlight, with a alight haxe in the atmoa phere. No main conld be aeen. Suae the aboTe waa in type, we leain that it ia the Bwediah brig Aiel, from Cette, with wiae, he, bound to thia port. She went aahore in the fog of Saturday morning. The captain, in the hope of eating her, cut away both maata. She had on board three paaaengera, one a lady, all of which were eaved.? ! Capt. Dickiaaon, agent of the underwriter, and an agent from the Bwediah conanl, hare gone to her aaaiataace. It it poaai ble ahe may be got off. The cargo, we believe, ia inanred in Wall atreet. rry~ We acknowledge the receipt of alipa from the officea of theSarannah Georgian. Bangor Whig, and Salem Regiater, containing valuable ahipping intelligence. VxeaEL A ohore on OaaNor Krva.?Bark Thaactna, at New Orleana, reporta, on the momma ol the 19th ult aaw a large brig aahore on Orange Keya, with painted porta; auppoied that ahe eot aaho-e the previoua nigh', aa there were no wreckera in aight; at 10 A M aaw a wrecker atanding for her. Schb. Oreoon, HiM, from Mobile, 20 dayiont. bound to Provideore, put ii to Charleaton on the 3th inatant, in diitreaa. On the id inat, when in lat Jt, lo? 77 50, iaa g?le, loat deck load, carried away jib ataya. loat jib-boom and all attached to it, and received other damage Bain Othello, from Cnracea, bonnd to thia port, touched atKingolon, Jam, on the Hat nit; had a circnscompany on board. 8< hr. JaMEe T. Beetive, Johuton, hence for St Andrewa, via Jamaica, arrived at Kingaioa on the 90th nit, had rsperi enced very heavy weather; abe waa compelled to ditcharge her cargo, and uoon examination, ahe waa condemued, and aold on the 23d. The Britiah brig Macator. had aleo baen con demned, and waa aold on the ltth lor $700. S27" Captain Spear, of the ahip Tyrone, at New Orleeni' repoita having experienced heavy watterly galea, when 15daya oat, which earned the ahip to i priog her foremaaL Bang THRACTi'a, at New Orleana, on tha 7th ultimo, in Ut MM, Ion 70 50. fell in with and boaided brig Jnnina of Boa'on, previoualy reported abandoned ; took from her two bbla pork, 100 kega lard, a hawaer, towline, blocka, he On the 10th. in lit 34 II long 71 30, fell in with and boarded Br. ahip rarmelia, [before reported.] of Quebec, timber loaded ; water logged, deck awept. main end mixen maat gone, fore maat and foretop maat atanding, took from her a badge anchor, and a piece of griaa rope. C27" Captain Savage, of the achr Ocean, arrived at Charlea ton on Tueiday. from St. Thomaa, reporta hiving picked ap on the llth of February, in lat 34 39, long 64 30, the atern of a veuel, appuently new. with tha name "C I Snow, of New" . pain'ed on it, [th? latter part of the name broken off.] Captaiu 8 judged, from ita appearance, that it had been in the water bnt a ahort time. Schr Eagle waa totally loe ton the inland of Little Hope, 70 milea went of Halifax. The crew narrowly eacaprd, by rowing 5 milea in a heavy aea. No date or particulara given. SmMaHir Hibeunia, Harriaon, from Boaton, arrived at Halifax 3d init. in 40 houra paaaage, and left at 10 A M aama day, for Liverpool. Mpoman. Ship Oceantie, 60 daya from Liverpool for New Orleans, 93d March, 1 <139 43, Ion 69 40. Bark Taliaman, 67 daya from Antwerp for Oalveaton, March 10. Iat3t43, ahort of proviaioia and water. Ship Bolou, from Havre for Apalichicola, 37th alt, off (Jan Key. Bark Naahna, from Philadelphia for New Orleana, 33d alt, off the laaackr. Bark (Jaogea. (Br) Corkau, from New Orleana for Liver pool, 2Jth aft. Tortagaa K 100 milea. Brig Ceily, from Went Indiea for Boaton, 4th inatant, no date or Ion. Ship Leonidta, Snow, from New Orleana for Havre, 4th inat, lat 36 09. lou 79 30. Bng St Simona, from Mobile lor Boaton, 3d inatant, lat 33, Ion 73. Bark Rochelle. Huckina, from Matanxaa for Cawea, 30th alt, Ut 31 30 loo 77 41 Ship Hamilton, Raid, from Antwerp for Oalveaton, Ith nit, Ut 97 31, Ion 43(3. Ship Sheffield, Smith, from New Orleana for Oenaa, 31it nit. lat 31 30, Ion77 (9. . . , Whaimra, Foreign Porta. ??d fo/B^too?"bi'f^T/ep ^ ]^reMiTiS2,t?:T<f?2"KUa' fr? " into on her naiaage out; Corlew Lirhmn / ? 5 been run &CJ.tOWn' mh M"Ch' ''WbX^omich DfUK^il^ wig... Orange H.I,Si 28t h *5R68LXea ?5-KtO- r? a^inVSiV^SCfo? NewVorT0' ?D *"*'l0nch*5 from TNe-h^V^?Chj ,,-,i? .P?"~B?rk Edward Koppiich, V.? Newburynort, diag; brig. Pioneer, Henlow for New lyne.Barge.., from windward, nne, waiting cargo Bo?tou A8ini!'h',Cfm ~'0 P<m' ,t",m ?b'P -Ariel, of i??Smm?,?*. K^.t NS ,t0 be ??'d ?? tbe Haytien flilSL^T i 'i n?b u ' tr*1"?, Liverpool, dug; Br brig Uudem, do do; Bejgic brig Ocean, Dn Ruvter forAjitw.rn" $&&&?$&?&&&!? Mil .? . wy, Philadelphia, day.;A< " Onim.ll s&. spiE^p^SS'ia? SijS^^BHFSfX mm&st. O,?ntd"\?h;Koi!f.'0^M?;r%^"^; *???"' Oallop^Rio dava- 8?r.h iS.JiIt m ft""1. '?' Baltimore, in 2 or J I KfSS'iS woSjd b^rre.rh,o^dd K conJ'inoed aod .old, cargo ? ^on|a *>? re?hipped; bark ItamroahuQ Kov Cntti witk .?7n,Vr.-rf rrr:P?t '? di.treag, repairing, and'would M nelt dar ^'i p"? L"Sn,a' ??"livE fro. K-y.l" J ?^te&fa.teJsrfcjBda'dn^y|. brig'ttW Br'own h' k'?" ?/o'her damage; ?'X *jTiBrown, Hickry, of PfVr rk,from NOrl-ana lor fcn Ind -Tii M,0T"d cargo, pat in in distress, leaky, diacharging tZ?"rW> ,hlp WWhi.gton, Matu.on, of Baltinfom' n ' i ,f V Europe with cargo of bark Craton; ichr Ocean X" m m l.-kv" IXZftVZ'f?r **>?-*. pot in on tlw Milun fne'b^k p2Se^?q"I,"hi,?odn '\Tbl JhX ..Sedou.heit" fcyrln' Doming o " Cr"'" uf 10 """"h* I Home Porta. MowL .o .bLy.^.Iy' T," 5"jnpelled to haul off .here, and "u Viaii^n, ii thward ol Savantah in the late gale. Br tchr r.,lnl h. ne,coln'!e, Hamilton, |Bermuda.) c Id. .hinet 'a tiilr'ofM r,a ""IV" lh# ?n" ?f Mrnco; Oeorgiaua Behu "it'fc . ' arr, prig. Hartley, Cor'aiTftw ?W orrA part oMb^'o J^flrnTt. n??"slh? Bolomon Ronaevelt, Convert, New Orleana; Oregon, Hill, Mo H.hii ol^lV'^^iJS'IT V k?L ??bhMon, H.rie; Ijeorgiaaa, Kivm. Slow. I b*a Perthshire, Picton. N8; brig pMmih^'iir^br a'Brown' She'rmu V.w'v^C V ^tw * ?>*; (A brig a ?. :Jm! br" Ch"?ti?ia. Warren, Bo.ton. ?r .!!, iD' ApnJ ,<V~A" ??*??? *chr Mohawk, Clark Alba i- S01*' Haines, Philadelphia. Bid echr Ed .ch?8?n^>7l'ew,^Y^k": 1>hiU"lp??' ?? lllh' 'U Vn!k'LL'i P"'Ar(?'J',-,b,K ^"7 Erancee, Hubbard, N Nnw r , ? rappnia inaria, uiiiing., Boston: Hnma, wneann, do; achr Hylria Wildea. Jones, Oalveatoa. (?p'" ^0?Lgai?a, April 4?Arr tow boat Daniol Wabetep towed down and to Ma on the JOth nit, .hip AngaMa, bark Al o.troM, and .chr Yncateco; tow boat Adriatic?townd down i*ii 0,"f 00 ,he ohipa Qnaeu Victoria and Hunu i L*n' ,e',r Inrincibln; tow-boat fomerrUln?tawed down ?ftp ?wa?; tow-boet Swan?towed nown tad to Ma on tm , Slat nit, b-igv Arabian and Edwnrd, tchr Mary Wilkaa; abipa rlorener. PanlMn, from NYork: Lochinr.r, Woateott, from Liverpool; Nile, Smith, from Hio de Janeiro 19th Jen; Booth Carolina, Owen, from Liverpool; Haula, Hanteloid, from Oibralter: Commerce, Joiie., Com Liverpool; Ontario, Holm'., from Bo.ton; br ga Pablo (Bp), renrat, from Malaga; V ic'oruie. Korreu, fiom Baltimore; Loiettj, Heoder.on, from NYork. Below, coming ap. .hip Aerrliaa. Kelly, from Bo. ton; bark Byron, from Rio da Janeiro; alio aererel eqoare rigged reuela. name, anknown. At the engliah Torn, brig Virginia, Hood, from NYork; krig T-em, Bnid ck, from Newport; echre Mary and Proaidtnt. ('I'd, ihipe Denmark, Kroet, 8t I'etertbnrgh ; Bnntelle. Prone.nee, L.ura, Snow, Bouou; .vro.umeut, Mar.lull, NYork; briga (Br), Hill, Bermad.ud a market; .chr Sarah Jones, Slander., Ap.lachirola. 3d, .rr .hip. Sartelle, Te> lor, 1] day. Com NYork; Raj?h, lNd'ldn, hum Liverpool;, Bailoy from Havre Mb Feb; Tyrone, Bpnar, hom Liverpool; Scone, Le.fie, from Rotterdam via Mobile; bark* Effort, Hm IT Teranto, Whit., from Kiagnen, Ja; Leo p Id, () Iloon.ll, li,tu, from Savannah Cl rT, ahips Ban.h, MtPWmn, Liverpool; brigs Susan Bpofced, IpoM, PhUe de'phia; Massachusetts. Collins, HsTtina. Niwro?T, Ai rtlI?Arr schrs William Brown, Hut, Nsw BHf?d. for Baliimora. New Bediobd. April 9?Art tehr Cornelia, Bimi.N?w York: Fruitful Vina, Ny?, Charleston. Moop Swift, Robin ion. Falmouth. _ _ Nbw Hater. April ld-Anschr K P Borton, Anderson, Phi la. Sloop Warren, Thompson, N York. Sid aloop Prtai dent, Frubor, N York. Philadelphia, April II?Att ship Vearns, DuaUTy. from Lirarpool Brig Castsia Tom, Smally, 17 da from NOrleana: on the 3d mat, in the Galf Stream. off Charleston, experienced a tremendous (ale from NE, which hore the brie on her beam a a da, the tea unking a complete baradb orerher for four hours; loet deck load, coaeistiagof 110 bbla molaaaea; the Teasel ana tuned no material injury. Alio arr, brig Topaz, Spates, Ea?t pott; aehra Cleoyaira, Burroughs, NHareo;T B Odel. Smith, NYortt. CI a, brigs Isabel's, Matthews. St Johns, NB; Cum berland, Ha'saa, re-n<mbaco; Detroit, For er,NYark; Caro line and Mary, Higgles, I'emerara; Knima, Baker, Boston; schrs J Shattoo, Studam, Newark; John llugglus, Winalow, Boston; Express, Smith, NYork; Orson, Henderson, Prori deuce; Belons, Allen, Kingston, Mass; Le Prillett, Huron, St Johns, NB; Malabar, White, Boston; Regie* Hill, Olauad, Autiaua; Dorer, Massick, Boston. P.'Utlaud, April 9?Cld brig Darid Pratt, Tarr, Cubs; schr Montreal, llsey, do. Pbotidcrcic, April 9-Arr Propeller Washington. Brown. New York; sloops Montilla. Wheeler, Newark, NJ ; Proof, Glass, Blydrnburgh. NYork; Aerial, Oaks, do. Sl'd, sloop Midas, French. N York, lath?Arr schr Berry, Sears, Balti more. Cld batk Justice Btory, Perciral, Bahia; aloop Natire, Walls, New York. Arr 9th, (ereniag) sloop Moses Eddy, Bliren, New York' Kichmord, April 11?Arr, hrie Susan Ludwig, Cox, Tho maitou; Olire Branch, do. Sid, shrs John, Henley, Portland; J Predaiore, Prrdmore, New York; Susan, Allan, Prorideaee. Captain Knapp, of the schr Marriott* Burr, requested tu be re ported that he was detained at Newport News, ui consequence of head winds, bouud to New York. Satarrah, April 7?[Office of the Georgian!?Cld, British rhip Mary Csroline, Brewster. St Johcs, NB; Br bark Sophia, Poeclt, St Johus, NB; bark Isaac Mead, Browu. New York ? Arr, Br ship Mary Caroline, Brower. Loudon; brig Emblem, Banker. New Orleans; Carltou, Chase, 8l Thomas; senr Ocesn. Stress. Guadeloupe, yia St Thomas. STONE FOE DRY DOCK. Time HxUtirfed for Receiving Proposals. NAVY AGENT 8 OFFICE, New Vo?m, > March 14th, 1146. \ SEALED PROPOSALS, endorsed " Proposals for Stone for Dry Dock," will b? received at this office until Thura day, the 16th of April ne*t, for furnishing and delivering at the Navy Yard, titw York, Granite or Statute of the lof lowing diineuaiona and quantities nearly:? RoufK Stom. Mitre SilU. Rough Hammered o,ii ff ? t1 ? M ;1 f \ I p l I : I 1 : ? I e ? ! A 106 6 6 1.1 1. 17.0 I Olio SO 1 US It St B 60 SI 14 S. 17.0 41x21 31 J lit 1.0 SS C 41 4 S 21 S. 17 0 t.txto 3 0 K S3 S 0 1.0 D 41 30 It 0. J3 6 4.0x4 0 3.0 L 91 1.0 9 1 E US SO 10 1. 14 0 4.6x4.0 30 M 403 10 It F 44 3.0 1.3 1. 13.0 4 6x4.0 SO N 71 1.0 1.0 41 4 SO 1 1 1. 10.0 4 6x4.0 S.O O 36S yds from H 10 1.0 1.0 1. 7 0 44x4.0 SO 1 ft to 1.3 thick S. 5.0 5 0 S.O Pattern Stone. Cahic Yards. Width. Thickness. P 191 4.S 1.1 15 3.0 II 176 SI 11 8 SO 3.6 14 T 161 3 6 1.1 U ?0 S.I 10 V 191 St 16 W...- M SO IS X 607 1.0 ? 10 Y 11 3.0 1.9 Z IS M 16 10 1.6 19 The above atones from A to H inclusive, and else those marked Milre Sills, amounting in all to aboat 567 cubic yards, are to be delivered rough. Those marked from I to O inclu sive, amounting to about Itn cubic yards, are to be delivered rough hammered on all aides. Those marked from P to a. in clusive, amounting to about 1109 cubic yards, are to be deliv ered, hammered on all sides, one ef which will be fine faced work. The contractors will be furnished with plans and patterns for the above atones, and they must be quarried in sneh man ner as to admit of being worked fhll to the patterns. This stone most be of the Dest quality of granite or aienite, free from sap seama or cracks, and in blocks from three to eight feet long, to average five feet. All pattern or dimension atones will be received as they will measure when hammered, and no allowance will be made for mms* am jhA> a ' 4? a isa Tka alAMaa mttal Vie iValiw a ra il IBS tVie AVASV any excess of size. The stones must be delivered in the order directed by the eugineer of the dock. Proposers will state, the price per cubic raid for the Rough : Stone, the price per cubic yard for (the Rough Hammered Stone', the price per cubic yard for the Hammered Pattern Stone, the p-ice per superficial fo< . Toot for the Fine Hammering, and the price per superficial foot for the Rough Hammering. The Rubble Scone will be required of the following de scription'.?2,500 cubic yards, in blocks weighing from 400 te 000 pounds, to average 600; 1,500 cubic yards, in blocks of from 000 to 1.100pounds, to average 1,000 pounds ; 1.500 cubic yards, in blocksof from 1,200 to 1,600 pounds, to average 1.400pounds. This stone must must be of tne best quality of Granite. 8ie nite, or Gneiss, split in rectangular blocks, with good beds. Proposers for the Rubble Stoue will state the price per cuoic yard. ? The above stone is to he delivered in vessels alongside of such wharf at the Navy Yard, New York, as thei engineer ol the dock may direct, and to be landed on the wharf at the ex pense of the government, the crews of the vessels assisting in the operation. The delivery of the stone must necessarily be governed by the appropriations made by Congres^ All the will prcbably be required | above stone will pre bably be required prior to the 30th June, 1647. The contract must be fubject to suspension ia case of failure on the part of Congress to make appropriations fer this work, or at the option of the Navy Department; and it is to be dis tinctly understood Ithat the Department reserves the light " ' rhetl increase or diminish the above qnantities of stone, and whether increased or diminished, the prices shall remain as first con tracted f jr. And it is further to be understood that the expen diture lor contracts under these piopoealawill notexceed 'be sum of one hundrvd thousand dollars. Persons ottering pro posals are requested to send samples of their stone to the Navy Yard, and to state the location of their quarries. Bonds and security will be required, and to secure the faith ful execution of the contract, 10 per cent, of the amount deli vered will in all cases be retained, and not paid until the con tract is fully complied with. Every proposal submitted under this advertisement, must be accompanied by the names of the sureties to be offered for the fulfilment of the contract, if obtained. Printed specifications, and memorrnda of information, have been prepared for the use of persons intending to propose for the above stone^ copies of which will be turnishe: by the ~ - 1 - ??>-- or upon application to the Engi Navy Agent, at his office, neer. at the Dock. ... ? It is suggested to all persons intending to propose for the stone, that they shall carefully examine these specifications be fore tendering tlfrir bids. ..... ... Copies of the specifications may be obuiaed from the Navy Agents, at the several stations. ..... Parties desiring any further information, will apply to the Engiueer, at the Navy Yard, Brooklyn. PROSPER M. WETMORE, Navy Agent. Papers which have published the advertisement from this office, dated 14th January last, will pleese stop the same, and publish the above once a week until 16th April, and in all cases transmit bills in duplicate, with a copy of advertisement annexed, to this office. Proposals already nceivrd c?n be allowed to remain, or may be withdrawn at the pleasure of the parties interested. ml7 Iaw4wr 0" $50,0U0 TO LEND, BOND AND MORTGAGE, for a term of yean, on good productive real estate in this city or Brooklyn. The shore named torn belongs to an estate in trust, and it will be d,rided in sums to snit applicants. Apply to 8. 8. BROAD, No. 11 Wall street, in the Ctoton Water Office, Basement. a3 lm*re ^ OTICE TO THE PUBLIC IN GKNERAL?The sub scriber, after enlarging hit premises, is now prepared to i Clean Carpets ofevery description, from It to 100 yards, with out ripping?Ingrain esats per yariL Bmtsels I cents per yard; Hearth Rags, Taole Corera and shawls cleaned, from IS to 75 cents; Dresses dyed or washed from St cents to 81; Coats cleaned or dressed from St cents to 11; Pants do from IS to St ? ? H ? ? ? T. SMITH. 7# Allan sL ? TO COUNTRY MERCHANTS, DRUGGISTS, AND BAKERS. HOPS. NEW WESTERN, BY THE rOUND OR BALE. Potash. I Oil Peppermint, I White Was, Sal Soda, I Coarse Sponge, I Castor Oil, L a a I i ij i', Carraway Seed, | Refined Liquorice, | German Cologne, Oil Lemon, | Bine Vitriol. | Russia Isinglass, and s fall assortment of Drugs, all of the fint quality, for aale by WEEKS It ANDERSON, Druggiars, apl lm*rh 3t Fulton. cornsr Wrier, and 81 Bowery. JL flkJUJU Ad J) QUIT ABLE for trimming hsu, caps, blinds, shj O sofas, umbrellas, parasols, cloaks, aprons, lie. Also, a rariety of bindiugs and cord, for sr TASSELS, shades, pictures, , sleeves, bags, . . sale wholesale, by J. It F. MkYNARD, mIS lm*m 67 Maiden lane, corner of William at. TO APOTHECARIES, dec. ~ THE SUBS R1BER, intending to denote his entire atten tion to analytical chemistry, will relinquish the apotheca ry department of his basinets, on the first of May nest, and remove to No. 13 Chambers street?he therefore offers lor sale his entire stock of Drags, Medieinss. Store Futures, he. The whole will be sold on very reasonable terms, and msy bo had either together or separately. The fiituree consist el fine mahogany drawers, shelving, kc. labelled bottles and porce lain jara, a complete conumr, with marble top, glass aOT ? ? s .shes, Ac; also, s bow wialbw. and doors with plate gleee?; together with many other articles i onnetCsd with tho bosi tess. For particulars enquire at 283 Broadway, at lw*r JAMES R. CH'LTON. MAHOGANY, ROSEWOOD, ZEBKAWOOD. kc. Wooetrr Mahogany Vrvrrn, Koaewood 1 Eye Maple and Blaek Walnnt f kc., and a general assortment o. , hoganv yan ? in this eity. mis Im^rr lrl AflUUAll 1 | IVUoL tt UULJ, IjLDIVA *v vvl/t FOR SALE CHEAP, by K. G.STACY. No. 68 V street, between Broome and Spring ata. The at composed of a line ansortroeot of crotch, mottled md d Mahogany. Zsbruwood Bird's ; Logs, Boards, Plank, Joist, kc. of lumber, nsnally kept atroa oHAFER <3C CO.. TAILORS AND DRAPERS, Itll Broadway, n?etr Park AIIE NOW the Hssv. Pikers, m sa tire!" new assortment of the fiseat Sedan Cloths and Cas simeree, adapted to the early spring tnde. Ihriy ^oueluded a permanent arrangement, aa cutter, with Mr. P. Andnot, late of the Rne Castiglioee, Pane, well known in most ol out fyb ioaablee who havn visited Europe they are now prepared to eiecnte orders in a style of nnnsnnl elegnnes mrlt laa*r <1K Brondwey. LEFT OFF WARDROBE AND FURNITURE TIT1 ANTED-?Gentlemen and Families ear obtain the AiU TV value for all kinds of sapsrflaoas effecu they wish to dispose or, such as Lsdies snd Gentlemen's Wsariag Apparel, Fire Arroa.FUruiture, ke. Lkvkwstviv, 488 Broadway, up stairs Ladies having any Cast off Clothing to dispose or, can obum a fair price by eeuding for the subscriber, Mrs. T. La* rar.sTra.N B. A fine through the Poet Office will be prompt m4 lm*r? ,T ^ AT 186 NASSAU STREET, THE 1 Cli Highest Price, in Cash, is paid for Gentlemen's Clothing, snd sold sgsin on the most reasonable terms Also, Repairisg,Clesning, Dyeing and Pressing, in the most elegant and superb style. On hind, 188 Drip date Coats, and 100 Lioso Pants, cheap?with an assortment of seasonable Clothing, inch as Coats $1 to II; Pants $1 to S; Vests St cents. "OREGON AND TEXAS SADDLES B k J. BULL, Fashionable Saddle sad Harness Makers, No. M6 Broadway, have added to their floe assortment of goods, raaaet and black Saddles, adapted te those new countries. Officers ot (tie Army tapplied with SedOlet for the Teian tervice, with the " Twigg" pattern tree, made agreeably to his directions ; Holsters, Bridles, 8a? ke. Emigrants to Oregon sad Tessa fitted ont in ti snd boat manner. a7 SPERM OIL AND HANDLES hotel keepers are invited to cell sad etamine the shove ki purchasing. Korsaleby J. O. FOWLER, Grocer and Tm Dealer, ISO Greenwich it. cor. Murray, and 4tt Greenwich cor. Vestry. mrU lm*rc COUNTRY MERCHANTS VISITING the eity of New York, are iavited to call and etamine the complete and extensive stock of Account Books. Stationery, Paper, Notorial, and Latter Copying Preas AN(^AU,7mltf& AM-ufLESrolo ?* STATIONERS. At tfu I snot it Ptmtiblt Prictt RICH k J.0UTREL. ?t William at., all im'mc oa* dw below Cedar LOOKING GLASS PLATES. ? IIANL1NK A OBTHE1MKR. Iftw. No.!(uktt| n Phil&dalphia, have joat received,by arrivals at thia Dort mid New York, a loll assortment of Looking Olaaa Platan lfom I by 7. to 48 by M. All sixoa poliahed plata window glaaa from II by II, lo 57 by SI. Alio, Toilet glasses, Plated Spectacles, Pipes, 8aolf Bom, Cigar Caaea, Money Purse., Marblaa. Slates, with a variety of other French nad ? which they offer at the ioweat market prieee. PAPEK HANGING. HOWELL A BROTHERS, Manufacturer* and Importer* of Paper Hanging*, having opened in New York city a branch of their Philadelphia establishment, would respectfully call the attention of the citizen* of New York and other* wanting good* in their line, to thai* extensive aaeorunen t of PAPER* Board Print*,.Cuitan Pai>era, and all other article* in their line of bullae**. H. k B. have received from the laatitatca for the eacounm* ment of Domestic Manufacture* in the cities of New York. Philadelphia and Boston, silver medals for the manufacture of their goods, (latter (hemaelvea that they can sella better article for the tame moue^hm^an be |>?ehwd^l*? where The subscriber* would particularly call attention to their large assortment of Kreaeo Papers for Parlors, and Column Paper* lor Halls, Public Rooms. Entries,Ate. Ac. Alio, Ci'btain Parens, anew article for Windows. Papering ot Kooms, Halls, Ae. promptly attended le by cere ^CouniinTmerchanu and eity dealers will find it to their ad vantage to give ns a call. W HCWELL A BROTHERS, No U7Brtmdway, a5 lm'rrc Two doore above the City Hotel. SEGAR WAREHOUSE" ' No 37 Chtavtidt. Baltimore. JD ARMSTRONG A THORNTON respectfully call ? the attaatiou of Bouthnan and Western Merchants to the followiug slock, enumerated below, which they will sell on pleasing terms 25,000 ('aatello 8EOAR8. 50,000 Rifles do 75.000 W. Her alia do 100 .000 L. Renal ice do 150,000 La Norma do 50.001 Canones do 50,0t0 Principe do 110,000 low priced do NO boats TOBACCO. J cases Smoking Tobacco. SO boies do Pipea, kegs, bottles, biaddere Oarrett's Snuff. 107 Im nod ri I re TO TAILORS. ITis deemed unnneeeuwy to any more In favor of STENK METH' celebrated work on Cutting Oarmenta, than that it has received (he moat unbounded approbation of the moat eminent of the profraaion. By the aid of the numerous Din grama it i-on'aint, together with the ample eiplaaationa accom Eaying the tame, a person of moderate capacity can, in a few ore, Cut with bass and xliuahcxany ol the various styles ol garmeuu now in vogue, and iu a manner not te be surpassed by the most experienced cutters The following are a few of the many highly resectable names who testify to the merits of the book. The nndersigned being practieally acqaaiuted with Mr. Blent-nteta'Treaties on Cutting Uuroienta, with pleasure re commend it as a work, complete iu its arrangement, and in its practical application to Cutting, superior to auy hrretefire published either iu Europe or America P. Henry A Sou; Daniel Cutter; Staats A Baker; Charles Cox; E. W. Tryon A Co; B. T. Horner; James Daily; P. llaviland; J. H. Bancker, tic., he. (L/"" lite above can be obtained of the author, at No, 11) Broadway, New York, price from $? to $1) por copy, marl liua.iJ*r gar?? mwjajtz IMPORTANT MEDICAL NOTICE. DOCTOR EVANS, No. 12 Peek ?lip, near Water street. New York, hat been more than forty year* in the success ful practice of physic and surgery, particularly in curing, (per fectly) those desperate cue* of every variety of secret disease, old obstinate ulcers,cancers in the throat, strictures. Re., caus ed by mal-practice. It i* of the g-eateat importance to the on fortunate to choose an experienced physician. Dr. E. is the oldest, and most experienced >n this city; his practice great, his ancceu astonishing, even after they have bean sip lied from the Hospital as incurable. Hi* offices are wall arranged for privacy. Call at It Peck Slip and be convinced. His charge* are most reasonable, and all cues are guaranteed. ft lm*mc DEAFNESS~CAN BE CURED. OCARPA'S COMPOUND ACOUSTIC OIL-For the cure of Deafneu, Pains, and the Discharge of ma'ter from the Eara. Alan, all those disagreeable noises like the bnzxing of Insects, falhog of Water, whizzing of Steam, Ac Ac., which are symptoms of approaching Deafness, and also generally attendant with the diseue. JVlany persons who have been deaf for ten, fifteen, and twenty yaars, and were obliged to use ear trumpets, have, alter using one or two bo ties, thrown aside their trumpets, being made perfectly w?ll. It i?, withont doubt, one of the greatest afflictions that can befall ua, to bmoma deaf. This misfortune, in years put, has hung with doubl* weight upon the afflicted, from the conviction that nothing could be hoped, even from the teat Physicians. However, we feel much gratified that we are able to offer the public a certain remedy for this misfortune, in Scarpa's Oil, and it the same time to lay before them positive evidence of the great virtues of this medicine. We make the following short extract from a letter upon thia subject, from a Medical geutlemaa iu one of the Eastern cities "Yes, air, Scarpa's Oil, in affecting cures,as wall u in affording relief, i* certainly working wonders. Philadelphia, Jan. I, 1815?I hereby certify th't when I wu about twelve year* old, I gradually became ifcqf ia both eats, ao that io a few months I found it almost impossible to hear,unless iu the very Lndest tone of voice. 1 remained in that situatiou until last summer, a period of eighteen years, when 1 heard of Scarpa's Compound Jlcouttic Oil. I immediately obtained a bottle, which I have used, and am nappy to uy It ha* acted like magic, and quite cured me Auy one wishing further information of my cue, which think it t rcinaikabla one, will find me by calling at my residence, Concord atreat, first door above Second street. MRS. REBECCA BAXTER. Prepared rnly by Dr. B Bell, Philadelphia. So<d whole sale and retail, by A B A D. Hand*. Druggiata, 79 Fa I ton it.; 277 Broadway, and 77 East Broadwav. New Vork, Agents for the proprietor. Sold also by Druggiata generally throughout the United htat-s. m7 eOw2mw DR. SALMON'S REMEDY FOR disorders of the Stomach, Liver and Kidneys, accom panied with indigestion, lota of appetite, heaoacne, bilious attacks, giddiness, palpitation, languor, low spirita, loss of strength, pains in tire back, aide, and lower part of th* cheat, habitual coativeneu. worms. and other distress frig symptom* THIS CELEBRATED MEDICINE hu met with extra ordinary success in private practice; and ia prised ao highly by all who hay* takec it, that the proprietor hu been induced to introduce it to tht pnblie generally. He assures any sufferer from the above complaints, that it is, u it profeay es to be.* perfect cure, invisolating the systeareetaring uppetite, health, celor and strength, even to the moat debilitated. I THIS REMllrfY CONTAIN8 NO MERCURY, nor?ny prepuration of it. and does not prevent the closest attention to | buimcu. 1 lie moet satisfactory references given if required. CHARLES 11. RING, IN Broadway, 'm eor. of John sL. Sole AgaatforN.T MOTHER'S CORDIAL. Tilt' superiorefficacy of this article, when need in the last stages of pregnancy, is so apparent, that no female who has once eiperienoca ita benefits would be willing, on any condi tion, to be deprived of it. Its effects are to shorten and dinu nish the sufferings attendant on Child Birth one half, aad thns place ota cu.ld aad mother in a state of aafaty. This is no qnack article, bnt the prescription of a regal r Physician, .ne who haa made this branch of his practice apai tinlar stody. For sale at 193 Broad war,comer of John street all lm"m DK. LALNNEC'S CELEB HATED COUGH P1LL8, PGR the tar* of Cough*, Colds.Coaiumptiou, Bronchitis, Spitting of Blood, sod nil affections of thn Threat and Lang*, in the DM wonderful remedy ever known, being the invention of the greet Dr.Laeonec. of P^ria. The enree per formed by these Pill* are truly surprising. The worst cold and cough cured by a few doses, and esses of long standing Sine way like magic. It is, without doubt, the most estraor inary discovery of the age. They am not purgative , and may be given to children, as wall an adults, and in psurr ones will effect a cure in an incredible short time. The sick should try them. Price, One Dollar per boa. it/- Sold, wholesale and retail, by J. Winchester, It Ann street, Oanarml Agent for the United States. .Also, retail by Aiford, 161 Bowery. Brooklyn?8. P. Leeds, Oomer< oert and Atlantic; Mrs. Cooley, 111 Fulton. Agents supplied on favorable terms. ?A 3frh DR. JACKSON'S PILE EMBROCATION. HEMORRHOIDS, OH PILES, is a disease produced by local irritation, costiveness, purgative stimulants, undue sire riding ov walking, or a congestive stats of the lirer, mass iiutu( v ?vnaaus?, ??? an vuu|tsil>u mum am vn u| ten by- a peculiarity of the constitution itself. of the 1 ? The success that has followed the nse of the Embrocation in the cure of this disease, has been truly astonishing. Physiciaae now advise their patients to nse it as their best remedy. Phii^dclpnu, March 16. IMS. Dr. Jackson : Sir?I thi k there are lew diseases which are more common and troublesome than the Piles, and daring the last IS years 1 have anflered from them vary mach, iodcrate itching I used all the pain, bleeding and immoderate itching I used ell the veriotea remedies, bat without reliel, until i got e bottle of your em brocation. which completely cored me in three wtehn. Yours truly, 8 H. fLYMITON. None genuine nnlees with the ii sua tare of NJ season, M. D., on the outside wrapper, and with tho wordo ".Dr. Jacks ens Pile Embrocation, Philadelphia," blown in eneh botfle. Price (1 per bottle, or an bottlea for %b Bold, wholesale and retail, b 76 Fulton st; 373 I* and retail, by A. B. It D. Sands, Drusgista, Broadway, and 77 East Broadway, NewYork. ggiat* gennraJly thronghoat the United States. Sold alto by draggiats generally thronghoat the 1 m7 eowtmw TO VICTIMS OF INDISCRETION. A BERNETHY'8 BOTANICAL PILLS are acknew fa Ieeged to be the meet eenaia and effectual remedy ever discovered for gonorrhma, gle?ta, irritation of the bladder, weakness of the organa of generation, deficiency, and all dieen* Hof the urinary pasaagea iu either sex, without loaa of time, confinement, or hindrance from b nam ess. .They de not con tain a panicls of mercury, and have never been known to mil in effeerng cures, notoulv in recent, but in long protracted casee. Thousands can testify to thsir invigorating and truly wonderful efficacy in all dtaeeaea for whiefl they are recom mended. For sals at ApotHncarins' Hall, * C.thanue staust, and at 117 Maiden Lens- Prwutl. with dirrcneee. eW lw*r for the piles. HR UPIIAM'S ELECTUARY-An ieteraal remedy, is n MJ certain en re for the Pilet.eitber internal or esternal, bleed a or bland. Bold at No. Ill Fmtoa street, No 6 Division St., by the proprietor, a regu arly educated physician of tun ty years' euperienc*, rooftned to an offica practice, whsrs Piles and all Chronic diseases are successfully treated. Medi cs! office. No. Hf is wery,4 door* above Spneg street. ml7 ImdAlm v\ ROAKE'S IODINE LINIMENT 1HS naiversally admitted to t>* the oaly article that willyier ? form all ths< it it rerreaeutfd to do It has performed tneh auonitkiag ? urea of Rheumatism, Swelled Lambs. Spraisr iKmgt Evil, Paralyses or Loss of the use of the Limbs, Dis rate ot the Rome ort.ip Joint, Eruptions of the Skin, Ae.. sad that it woald stagger belief if they could not be anbst ant Lied by the most respectable persons who have need it; it wants only to be tried, to twisfy the invalid of thn healing virtus* ot ? "? Pr ? " - I hit moat stcslleut remedy Principal depot, a?lm*rrc 8 INUKK-m iLI. k/:0. M Job" at. FITS! FITS! FITS! | VAN'S VEGETABLE EXTRACT it pniely vegetable Ji and harm let*, and is the only positive, j'Trmanrnt end safe remedy for epileptic fit*, convulsion* tu. This medicine " m ? i fang; as k f needs no puffing; as it as acquiring for itself a popularity that is beyond precedent in the healing .art, by restoring to health those thtt give it a trial-many of whom bad lost their reason under the influence of Ibis dreadful disease. Who hts been cured, it tae important question I Wn answer. Mr. Wm. | H Pnrtells. afflicted 13 years?certificate of care sworn to be fore the Mayor ofthts city, Mareh, the 7th nit.; residence, 4 6 Ease* street. Alas, Mr. Jacob Petty eured, 74 Delaaey stieet ; Mrs. Eleanor Kief afflicted M y**rs, cared, resideuee York villa ; thn son of Mrs J Bennett, tfflirted ? years, cared, resi dence 171 Grand street, betides aumeront cases have been ! ?n''d within the last thirteen weeks. The affl ctrd are invited to call and have their CSS as esami ned.and adnce given free of charge The medicine is ea'efnhy packed in botes, for tract porta Hon. with fall directions. Pneesper bor. t(,tl7 and tM. Single battles, with neces sary mediciue, $3. rrv-w. , DRS. IVANS A HART. Proprietoie. IT/ Principal Office 164 Orund tt.. New York- tHlw*ni TO MARRIED LADIEB-A Secret Worth Karwina. Appiy for further pertieultrt to Dr. CH. F. M ON TEL, ^wpostoflten No letters takeu from (h# office aalena they are pom pud.

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