Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 14, 1846, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 14, 1846 Page 4
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ft4nitk*?n, war* listing In mMi1 tic oaesert im? eft rsnaratad ahenta of "Thar*1* a hatt.r tiaa ? oaaififf. Oh S ? batt*r tima a oomlrf, And ? happier do* a romlnf Hal la looysr! " W? believe it. Sir Robert Peel ha* moved in the matter. The great and cumbrous superstructure of thecorn law* already vibrates under the pressure of the lever of famine' We must give those starving people bread. They will j>ay us for it?the log cabin men of the west, who are now glad to trade off their corn for " store goods" at five prices. Why air, a gentle lair friend of ours, inviting us to her residence in Missouri, says that she keeps a canis ter of coffee lor her friends, the real coffee?using charred rye for every day purposes?because every pound of coflee costs her good man a bushel of corn ; but as we were saying, the Log cabin men of the West will get the cash at the granary door for their corn, one bushel bringing the value of a dozen pound i of coffee. The hard money, sir, for all the "maize,*"as Sir Robert calls it, that they have to soare. A revolution is about to come over Great Butain and Ireland Thev are going largely into the business ol hoe-cakes,Hannel-caken, pone-caken, Johnnv-c ikes, and corn-dodgers We must let'em have it. They shan't starve, it Sir R< bert Perl can crush the corn laws. Farmers ol the West, don't you see through it. It will add twentv-five per cent to the value of your products, and fifty to the value of your estates. Look at this. And then the great work of humanity will be subserved in leed ing a starving people. True, like strange water, our corn dodgers may purge our Iiish neighbors a while; but when they shall have expelled the sedi ment of diseased potatoes and diluted butter-niilk, tneir stomachs will be the more grateiul for better feeding. FoRTV-.Nt.vE ?But this great desideratum?this humane and Christian accomplishment hangs upon the Oregon controversy. The question of bread or starvation to millions of people de|ienus upon "j?eace or war." What tinings h ive vou T Are the "Lion and the Unicorn" in |>ort! Wnat says my Lord Aberdeen?what Sir Robert?what Mr. MoLane I Mr. Buchanan has returned from Pennsylvania, and is awaiting the news The Senate is awaiting it? the President is awaiting it?and wc ure all await ing it We have some misgivings, we confess ; hut we have hopea of good tidings. Shall Mr. Pa kenham have authority to close the controversy on the liitf of forty-nine?that straight, and moat rea sonable and continuous line 1 Speculation would be a supererogation-^ We await the conjunction of the "Lion and the Unicorn." The pe -ce between the two couutries?the arrest of the famine in Ire land, and all the great domestic measures of the day, d? n?nd upon the parallel of I!) The President.?We have not seen him for some days, but understand his health is vigorous?that he aleeps well, eats corn bread for breakfast ; but is dumb on the Oregon question. Talk to him of any thing but that, and he is your man. Ask him a question concerning the Oregon, or the free navi gation of the Columbia, and he will answer by the inquiry, "Have vou been long in the city, sirt" Mr. Bagbv's Position on the Oregon Question. ? We all know that a night or two before the pas sage of the resolutions of annexation, Mr. Bagby spoke against annexing, and then voted for annex ing. His late speech upon Oregon is about as in comprehensible as his inoat rernatkable discourse upon annexation. As understood, Mr Hagby's po sition is thus subdivided. He believes our title clear to 64,40?that we have a right to take it ail. 2 He goes tor the national honor first, the national rights second, and the preservation of the peace, in the third place. 3 He believes the Treaty power is possessed of tneright of ceding awny territory, as well as of acquiring it. 4. Ha will vote for a treaty which does not abandon the uational honor, nor impair the national rights. The only doubt about the matter is, will Mr Bagby interpret a treaty upon the 49th degree, as (tf such should be made) an abandonment ol tha national honor, or as impairing the national rights 1 He has not said so. Mr. Webster?. Mr C. J. Inocrsoll?Weex ptct the war will be resumed to-morrow in the House, it the?e papers called for are forthcoming ; but as they say in the West, we rather suspect they will be non come-atibua And whatever he may prove or tail to prove againat Mr. Webster, Mr. In gersoll has something yet to disprove against him self. Meantime Mr. Allen's two days opening speech upon the Oregon resolutions, in which he so roundly berated Mr. Webster upon the N. E. Boundary, while the Senator from Massachusetts was pleading in the Court below,?that speech, we understand, has not tn extento, been yet printed. Qutre ??Is Senator Allen disposed to back out Irom that speech 1 Everything depends upon the proof in black and white. A LiBit. Suit against thk Editors of the Dairy Union ?Father Ritchie, it api>ears, and his partner Maj. Heies, published tit the Daily Union of tha 26th of Ma.vh, a libel signed by 33 individuals? charging Major G. Tochtuan, of Poland, now attor ney and counsellor at law of your courts and of the courts of this District, with the imputation of col lecting money under false pretences, of formings Polish Sclavoman Society, and making doubtlui hia character and the identity of hia person, by denying him the right ol using the Polish name. Major G. T. requested, repeatedly, the editors of the Daily Union to re-publish his refutation ol these charges, Irom the Courier and Enquirer of the 31st of March, in which paper the libel had originally been pub lished His personal applications having proved to be unavailing, Msjor T. wrote two successive notea to the editors, urging the matter. We obtained a copy of his last note, and we insert it here literally: ArniL 10, 1843. Ritchi* ?in Huh, E***.: ? Dui UmLtMCK : Should you attempt to take my life, it would be f>lct?antsr to me than yonr deliberate keeping me UDder he charge* which the libel re published in your paper contain* You will, therefore, excuae that I pre** once more again this matter, and reep-ctfully a*k juatice from tou. I ahall paywhatererthe coat ofthe print may amount to. But 1 beg yon, gentlemen, do not put at at?ke my good name. I expect that you will appreciate my aitu atinn. in which tou placed me by pubiiahing the libel, and that you will permit me to aee to-morrow, in your paper, my refutation oI it. With much reapect, I am, gentlemen, kc., O TOCHMAN. Msior T.'8 refutation not appearing in the Daily Union an requested, he has filed against th-i editors a bill tor Ubel, and on Saturday last a process was issued to hold thein to bail tor 910,001) damages. A.tothkk Libkl.?Mr. C. Edward* Lester has in stituted suit against Mr Taylor, of the ir*tftrn Con tintni, Baltimore?edited by Park Benjamin, lor a libel, the libel consisting, we suppose, in Benjamin's calling Lester, " once a toadev, now a swell," " a liar and a poltroon," " a low blackguard," " a cow ard," and bv such like common substantives,repeat edly ol late. Certain it is that such flattering eni i, ae thets as these, even from a lame gentleman, serve, nay demand, if not a flagellation, at least a call for the proof. Tax Nrw York Piurrs.?Why is the Chamber of Commerce, of New York, opposed to the new bill recently introduced by Mr. Reverdy Johnson into the Senate J The bill proposes to repeal the law of 1837, and to leave the regulation of the pilot system to your Legislature. Hss the Chsmber of Com merce no fsith in yosr Legislature 1 Do they ap prehend that the fighting Solon* at Albany will quarrel over it a month ar two, and do nothing in the end 1 In this matter we think the regular pilots ?the men who have spent most of their lives along Bandy Hook, and off Sandy Hook, know their own interest* and the inteseata of the shipmasters the beat. We hope the bill will be passed, and Senator Dix deserves their thanks ; and Henry E. Ktell has been working for them. The tact is. Congress should either amend the looseness oi the old law or abolish if entirely; and they are taking, we think, the better course tor all concerned, m the bill of re peal. Miscrllakkoto?During the week, Mr. Yancey lectured torus at the E. 6treet Baptist Church, on the " rights and wrong* of married women." The chief conclusion we deduced from Mr. Yancey'a discourse was, that he is a Indies' man. Mr. Hud son lectured on Shakspeare (King Lear) last night, at Ptumbe's daguerrian saloon. The audience was highly select, though not very numerous; and the discourse, had the manner of the speaker been equal to the matter, would have been exceedingly inter esting. Mr. H has gone to Baltimore. On Friday evening the deal and dumb Irom New York city, a number of intelligent and interesting young people, gave an exhibition of their acquirements in the hall ol the House ot Representatives to an immense con gregation ot citizens, members, and sojourners ? ihe weather continues of a soft spring like charac ter?a true April?clouds, rain and sunshine. And now, for the present, ban jour. Tm Doctor. TWUSTT-HISTH COIVORKSR. In Senate. Wasminotom, April 11, 18*5. Cloudy, though apring-lik" morning. Scattering attendance in the galleries. Prayer by the Rev. Mr. Milburn. Journal of yesterday. Pennons by Mr. Dickinson, and Mr. Johnson, of La. Reports by Mr Phelps, (adverse upon a private claim) and Mr. Niles, from the Post O/Hce Committee, allowing compensation. arcbitecttri. Mr. Hrrksr called up his report providing for cer tain changes in the Senate galleries, for the better accommodation ot the public, and especially of the ladies Mr. Breese explained that the report did not now, as at first designed, propose to expel ail except the reporters lor the city press; hut that it contemplated, in the new arrangement, an accom modation lor souie twenty-four persons, shout the number now allowed accommodations lor the pub lic press The expenses of these alterations are lim ited at 9-t.100. Mr. Breese, alter explaining the changes proceed, said the plans were from the hand of a distinguished architect A Voicr?Who is the architect T Mr Brrrsr?Mr. Mills He enjoys a high repu tation. He was in the confidence ol Mr. Jefferson: and Mr. Breese made aoine further well deserved l~T"T ? *m (waniWMi i the bualnesa o( drawing up the plus Mr Oauiouk ?Whit U tbs expense 1 Mr. Brbebe explained that the whole expense of the alterations proposed would not exoeed 93.M0 ; and further eularged upon the necessity of preparing tor the better accommodation of the public, and es pecially of the lad tea. Mr Mangum remarked that the new arrange ments would inar the architectural beauty of the chamber?arfect the lignt; and from the increased number of spectators, render the atmosphere etill more oppressive than at pfPBent. Mr. Brkesk submitted his amendment to the ori Sinal resolution, providing for the same accommo ationsas nre now allowed to the reporters of the public press Mr. Nilks as understood advocated the new ar rangement proposed ; with a view to the better ac commodation of the public. The accommodation of the letter-writers was a minor consideration. [Is Mr Ntles afraid of the letter-writers 1] Mr. Dayton proposed to lay the subject upon the table. Mr Webster asked if the light Irom the two up per windows on the east side of the chamber would ' De obscured?does it shut up both those windows 1 Mr Kkkrsb ?No, sir. Mr. Wkbstkr ?It does not! Mr Brresb ?No, sir. The subject was passed informally aside; and we rather think nothing will he done with it. MORX IMFORMATION WANTED. Mr Allen moved a call upon the President for the official correspondence in the State department for the years IsMO, '41, '42 and '43, upon the subject of the right or practice of searching merchant ves sels in time ot peace. Mr. Allen.'?I move the resolution be considered now. Mr. Dayton objected, and it was passed over. TW* PUBLIC DEBT. Mr. Nilks moved a resolution instructing the Committee on Finance to inquire whether further j further legislation be necessary to enable the gov- ; eminent to appropriate more promptly than under the ? xisting laws, the surplus revenue in the Treasu ry, to the redemption of the puoltc debt. Adopted Col. Benton presented a memorial from Western 1 Missouri, asking for a mail route to Oregon. PATENT OFFICE REPORT. The motion to print 25,000 extra copies, with an amendment to reduce the number to 10,000, was taken up. Mr. moved further to reduce the extra num ber to 5000. lie spoke against these agricultural re i ports from the Patent Office generally, and against I the new bureau which, within a year or two past, has fastened itself upon the Patent office, to wit:? j the Agricultural Bureau. Mr. Niles thought the farmers ot the country did not want any instruction i | from the government. M r. Piiblps and Mr. Chalmers made some re i marks upon the printing, when On motion of Mr. Sevier, the subject was laid i aside till Tuesday next. THE LATEST OREGON CORRESPONDENCE. Mr. J M. Clayton's resolution coming up, j Mr. Sevier moved to lay it upon the table. Mr. Atchison hoped not. He hoped the resol ? ? tion would be adopted, that it might not longer tm j tiede the action of the Senate upon the resolutions ! ior the notice. i Mr. Sevier withdrew his motion. Mr. Allen Arould reserve the remarks he had de signed to make, for another occasion. The resolution tor the information, several speech es from the Chairman on Foreign Relations, to the contrary, notwithstanding, was adopted?26 to 18. MR. allkn's resolution, At the suggestion of Mr. Webster was taken up, and with uu amendment from Mr. Webster that the correspondence which it called fur, upon the I right of search, should be in addition to that called lor in a resolution of yesterday, (offered by Mr.W.) it was adopted, THE SPECIAL ORDER. Mr. Sevier moved to take up the special order.. Mr. Phelps suggested that, in the absence of his colleague, (Mr. llpham, entitled to the floor) who could not attend, the subject be informally passed pver till Monday. Mr. Sevier.?What's the matter with him 1 Mr. Phelps ?He's sick, sir. Mr. Morehead said the honorable Senator from Vermont was very unwell, and could not be present to-day to speak. Mr. Skvibr suggested that somebody else might go on. Mr Allen said it was Saturday, and the special order had, perhaps, as well be passed over till Mon day. Moreover there was an important matter to be acted on in Executive session, which ought to he attended to to-day; and he would, therefore, move with the pleasure of the Senate, that it pro ceed to the consideration of executive business. Mr. Morehead in consideration that the Senate was very thin, moved an adjournment. Mr. Slvikr.?1 hope not, sir. 1 call for the ayes and noes. Mr. Crittenden, in his most persuasive manner, I appealed to the Senator to withdraw the motion. Mr. Sbvier?Oh! yes, I withdraw it. The motion to adjourn was lost?twelve Senators only rising upon a division " Give it up." And the Senate had an Executive Session, and Mr. Upham has the floor on Oregon lor Monday next. Baltimore, April 13, 1846. Ratter Monday? Season for 9alh, Parties and Matrimo nial Contract!?Rapt and Inceit? Dan Ricc'i Benefit ? Welch f Velacan'i Circus?Markets, Stock!, d'C- j To day u Enter Monday, and, with ? large clai* o oar citisene, it ia observed a* a day of recreation and pleaiure. It ii the day on which the spring campagn of Terpaichore comnencea, and we will now hare ball* and dancing partiea, until the weather becomea too warm for tuch kind of locomotion. Indeed, now that Lent is erer, we may look for anunuaaal merry season, with not a few marriagea, and other joyoua festivities, which have been poatponed until the cloae o( thie reli gioua featiTal. A white man, named Robert Doherty, waa yaaterday arreated and committed to priaon on a charge of commit ting rape and inceat on bia own daughter. The girl it about seventeen year* of age, and ia aaid to be idiotic. The charge against him wai made by the mother, who waa absent at meeting during the time that the girl al leges the crime wai committed. Dan Rice'e benefit, at the Front afreet Circut, on Sa turday night, waa decidedly a bumper. The hou-e waa crowded from pit to dome, and Madame Macarte'a ri ding waa unuaually good. Welch It Delavan have pitched tlgeir mammoth pavi lion on Charlea street, and will commence a short sea son this evening. This company always attracts crowds, even if it has, as at present, nothing very at tractive about it. There are thousanJsof our citizens who will never enter a circus built of bricka and mor tar, who are oonstaot visiters to one of canvass. Thc Markets.?'The broken doaea in which the news from England continues to arrive, on account of the sleepy movements of the Unicorn, keep our flour mar ket in a moat unsettled state, and no transactions have taken place. The news Iby the Roraer and Queen of the West will probably canae .a alight advance this mor ning. Sales of Stocks at Baltimore. AraiL II ?17000 Md S's.7J; 0000 do, 74V. 1300 City ?'?. 94 Ii; 5000 do. 9l*e'. ttOO do 93; $1000 B kOKH b'di.100. Bute sit per centi closed st 74.7a Asked, 74 bid. City su per eeiitv ol 1490, closed at 93 asked. 9l'? bid. Baltimore and Ohio Rail way shares left off st 46for sale, 46 bid. Sales of Stocks at Philadelphia. First Board?100 shares Reading RR, 5 days, 34 V 100 do Oirard Bank, 9^; 100 do, 9^; 100 do, s 3 n, OS; 10 Mechanics Bank. 2>V Avtvr Board ? 31 shares Planters B-nk, Tenn, 53,4; 100 do Heading HK, 3 days, 34; K0 do Oiratd Bank, cash, 9H; 100 do Ro.ditg HR, 34; 100 do, 3 days, 34. Hecutd Board.?2 0 shares Reading RR 5 days, 33 ; $1000 Kentucky 6's, 90S*, M0 Lehigh Mortgage, 71. Albakt, April 11, 1846. Recursion of the Rip Van Winkle?Appropriation for 1 the Lunatic Jtiylum ? Tkt Jlgamtmnon of tkt Senate? Proceeding! of tkt Jdssemhty. Both Houaea adjourned at an early hour. The little yacht, Rip Van Winkle, has been charteted for an excursion to Hudson, and ? general invitation ex tended to the members of both branches of tho Legisla tion, to mako a trip in company with a number of citi- | sons. Hon. J. A. Spencer has brought in a bill, in tba Senate, for tho appropriation of $40 000 by tho State, in beauti' fying and improving and finiahing tba meaauaga, known 1 as the Stat# Lunatic Asylum, at Utica, in thia State. The object cf tho honorable Senator in asking forjthis appro' priation, ia to extend every posaible comfort to the petienta, and to place within lhair reach judicious and cssantial remedies for tha amelioration and restoration of these poor maniacs. Tha deaign ia laudable. Mestri. Young ami Torter opposed the bill on a plea of profligacy and inexpediency. Sena tor Berlow made e strong rvtort in favor of tha bill. This gantlemsn seldom says anything but he is the Agamem non of the Senate in en emergency. Senator Spencer followed in support of his bill, and in reply to Senator Young His speech waa a practical one ; ho showed what sn incalculable amount of comfort and happiness would result to lunatics, if permanent and ample provi sion waa mada for the neceeaitiaa of each and all of thorn. Ha has visited these asylums personally, and ha gave en "ence the benefit of the ? attentive Senate and audience tha benefit of the notations he had taken.and observations ha had mada,during these visits. The question waa taken upon tho bill, at about two P M., ami it was passed. And the Senato adjourned. The House adjourned at sn early honr. Tba time was principally occupied in a general disquisition upon the merits ot county apportionments and representations ? Last J ear thian towns were transferred from Alleghany to Wyoming county ; thus cancelling tba previous whig . majority in Wyoming. A combination ofthe|whigt aad conservatives bare attempted to undo the anneasiion of these towns and to re annex them to Wyoming The de bate aiose upon this proposition?no action was had. Nothing further has resulted from tha attempt to asaas sinvte E. Croswell, Esq Ha ia tinder no apprehension, and is probably prepared for tha political lataroni. The Rip Van Winkle laavaa the wharf in a few momenta, and 1 will hastily close, in order to givo yon a brief iketch of the proceeding* on board in my oast letter. Tha enti rent bill* will oom* up on Monday in the Hons*. No action upon than in 'ha Senate to-day. ?i v.n vf inkle wet ee litnmw /!<?? ^ c*?*? ?idM eitiitM Tli bind on board playod ?? HaiW !nmh^' ? .ht .urt?ld, timulteneoua with the .oar of two mtf niflcent howitiart from the artenal. A pttlin* XTrSburft from the peaaenge? "V^.'hl^ttTo'f r?o^T"kMU,U K^tryV"" bTt ? ffort led been made by h* i HmIiim eeri free a? eir -, Chiut bowla, brimming with Cognac punch, were pr .minent the te r.ral roomt, and the coutentt toon began to tell. T wo urvanti waited at either bowl, and doled out the liauid with umpiring htndt. Nobody hesitated to P*r" X Of the purih but the Pilot, and before the latt tad ?andi of life had got an hour nearer their termlnut, the railage aboard wet half ma. ortr. Then P?t-ount predilection. began to manifest fhtrnMlvat. wm heMd'XrV; and?the affr^hUd landtmeu cam. aasgss iHMgmHSsis watching the pt-ttgrwae of the <cr fle cluudt tipped ;vc?-7 rs&Yxa: r^A wawas 1?hrnneh th ? cloudi. The baud took a ttation on the &Z"JZz&" fc: ?.u" F?-r. On our return a tupper wa. ???*??! l b,?;" were not aeatad, but approached the tablet, at !ii?^ .jy ,*r x p'?rdl,r <ysnr? =f.V.Sii." having'occurred. It it .aid that the capitrl will not be r#?heVMc?tringemw?nfrom Wa.bington the occation of the mott profound apprehention among all clattet. Botioir, April 11, 1848. The Unicorn?Continuation of Mild Weather? Spring Bueineet ?Nov BiUldingt-Robkery at the Providence Dyot-Cowhiiing-The Sunday Law-The Boetor, R.f ceiver Oeneral-Wouneocket Railroad-Rexiury Elec , tion, 4'C, We ere tUll without intelligence from the Unicorn. Thia tcdiona delay in the receipt or eipected newt it any Isolating Yankee people. What the cause of this ta. dineft U, will probably be explained when the tteamer ??" "y.652? *?K ' unon tit. and driven back the rude blatta of winter. The mrth begin, to deck her.elf in garment. " tuiubletothe Snnroachinx eea.on," though in thit re.rect the it far bXind tome of her children. She retain, the tame tatbion and ttyle of droit which hat in jreiart peat added an,i Jittoity to her appearance, while the children ffnretaid are gadding about after new notion! and folliet, w h IclTneUhtr add to the comelinet. of their pe.ton. or thUrtneV^?p^r.%rbee lively, though, not coTpUinTat1'mo"? U ??Ug'hV W many yflnd" it tight j work to get hold of the filthy lucre. Oor city presents many indicationi of aubitantial protperity, etpeci.Uy in I the new and valuable building! which meet the eye at ; every turn. The butinett of Beaton it raP,d'5\'DCJ,e^?! and whole street., recently lined with dwelling Uou'set. are now converted into butinett thoroughfaret.g Three ratcalt attempted to rob thetickctofficeof the Providence Railroad depot lait night. One of them en- I tared the oflico, ttruck a light, broke open a couple of trunks overhauled the money drawer, and tecured about $40 of counterfeit bank bill., lated there. The other two kept watch outtide. The watchman, Mr. Reynold, employed to look after things of thi. tort at the depot, had hi. eye on the P'll?(f?". tucceeded in tecuring the one rnaide; but the other two "a man cowhided one of the newtboyt in the street the other day, and afterward! paid $4 and corta at the Police Court, at an atonement for the offence. Tht boyt wem saucy, and probably deserved the flogging. l7h.ll give you tome leett. in e few day., relating to the administration and enforcement of the Sunday law in thia city. Our law makers, and our equally pioj1* aJ miniitratora of the law, may iftit relish what I ahull have " .ay on thi. .object. Nevertheleaa, incon.rrt.ncy . m?noRco that*the aub treaaury, J#c?ntlTntmwrit House of RepretenUUvet, provide, for the ap^iniment of a receiver in thi? city, with a talary of fll6**- That will be a nice and fat berth lor tome one of our great natriots- the dutiea can all be perlorroed by a clerk, who F? to receive not over $800, while the receiver huntelf . will have no other trouble than to pockft bitaalary. Who will be the luckv mun it it unpoe.ible for me to conjecture I hope Mr. Polk will wt^ N.?H2 , ?hire aa Mr Van Buren did, for a man to fill thia Pl*f*j The Woonaocket Railroad bill wa. paaaed to a third reading in the Senate yeaterday. after an cuttioS. but not till after certain section, had been stricken out. which authoriaed a connection with the direct line te New York, end gave power to uieiwe tklt cemnany in the New York company at tome future time, "/he atockholdera in tbe Worce.ter, Norwmh.od Providence Railroad., are alarmad about thia new route They fear it will tak. away their buiiaee. If their annrehentiona are well founded, it may convince other people that the road ought to be built for the pub 1,CA?C^"predicted in a previous letter, General H. A. 8. Dearborn wa. dtfeeted in the race for the MiJo?M Roxbury. John J. Clarke, Esq waa electedbya hand aome majority, and he will therefore enjoy the honor of being the drat Mayor of the new city. COMJIIKKOI AL. Ifew York, Monday, April 13. AiHaa.-Tbore.waa nothing doing in either descrif* tion. BaainaTurra ?The market atill continnea heavy, and we hear of no talea wortn reporting, lleldera, however, are firm at our laat quola'iona. Cottov.?The market waa well anpplied with aatnplea to-day, and the aalea amount 10 WW baiei, of which one Ihird waa taken by ahippera. Prices are rather earier for the buyer, without a decided decline. .. T-fl LinarooL Classification. Upland.!. tlorida. Inferior, ? a ? ? a ? Ordinary, 6 a 7 7 a TV Middling, 7W a TV 7V a 7? Good Middling, TV a 7V T\ a Middling Fair, TV a IH * 4 a ? Fair, ?* a IV IV a f% Folly Fair. 13* a 8'i a 9 Good Fair, I a I iJt a fit line, none none none none Foreign Market! ? Havana, March 38?The Havana market waa some what livelier than it bad been for some days. Freight* for the U. States were a* high ee >3 per box Sugar, end 1 >4A0perhhd. Molasses. Vessels were taken up for ? Europe, es fast as they arrived, at the following rates : I Hamburg, Bremen and Great Britain 81. 7s 6J to 3< I0i; Cowes and a market, in the Baltic, .11. 10s to 41.; Cowe* end a market, not in the Baltic, 31. 10s to 31. 13s 6d; France 60f ; the Mediterranean, 81. 10s to 41. Sugars were held at from a6J, and 9fel0} for Yellow and White according to quality. Coffee $7 .'>0 to $8 for mid dling end good, inferior >8 *0 to >7. Moiaeiee at 18]c | per keg o( 6) gallons. Provisions from New Orleans? Fiona dull at >13 M)a$l4 par bbl. Hem* >10 A0a>13 per 100 lbs. Lard >11 &0s>13 36 per lOOlha. Potk >14a>17 per bbl ; do, clear, in boxea, >10 60a>l3 60 per 100 lb*. Paseennri Mailed. Livanroot.?Ship John a Skiday?Peter Ferrie *od Isdy, Scotland, MrsJatM Smith, Toronto: James Wrsy, Philadel phia; Then FTeadorpf, lltmbnr^; '1 W Alhios aud J M Ba bington, Canada; J U Lengtmm, New Orl ana; Or Reynolds, Charleston; M Esceodon, F Kscaudon, A Arango. of Mas- . ico. PeiMngert Arrived. Chasleston?Ship Setton?D Hobeitaon,ltdy sad 3 chil dren. T Boadsrd end lady, Mr Msyusrd, liny and child, Mr Trew, lady andt eoildreu, Mrs Williams, Mis* Williams, G Godfrey, H J Wilson, Mr Marsh ill, C 1) Baker, A Mackey, , end IS in the steerage. Chaelkiton? Brig t Urol ins?Rev William Flint and Isdy, Thomas Matih'ws and ladv, three Mines Matthews, E O Brown a .d lady, Mister E G Brown, N G Fitch and l?dv, William Ellis, lady and child, Uenl Couut d-' Boegars, J Ack erman, Olieer Dodge, Lyman Kisk, M D.J M Elinrd, Edward Cianst?n, R E Wiudham, W Darlings J Herman, W W Deo ison, Stephen Vale, 8 I Hall, end ft steerage pasiengsrs. Korslgn Importations. Canton?Ship Mary F.llen? IToe bales hemp 29 pecsls sap pin wand 6.11 pkes tea 6(1 rolls matting 36 matta cassis W Ai - piston fc eo?167 do J Ross?If do mrise 30 ik* tea to master?1# do L Mailis?I boi ginger E Malleu? I roll matting to order. Lisbon.?Brig Joseph?3 pipes 34 lihda 6(4 qr cks wine lit quintals cork wood J Oshorn; I hlid I qr cks wine L A Ro ehsn?K hnds 6s qr cks wine F Matthews sod Co: 99 qr cks do A 8 Salun; (I do do C M.lrts; 3 lihtfs 100 qr ck. do E Bltck bniB; 6 do Wilson It Brown; 11 cs G Mali; 94 qr cks ft es w me to order. Siena Leone?Br brig Id a?2700 hides COW bbls peppers 1000 bosh er.mnd nuts IN bags ginger t quantity of old copper P I Nevinsk Son?It ha,a ginger I tags pepper McCrackan k Co. Domestic Importation*. New Ori.T.avi??htp Wsbsah-310 hiles ol cotton J. Thompson; IT do N69 p as lead Roberta k Williams; ?0I bbls pork 3* do l.j Less laid Z0 hhda tall >w irooehae k Co; 3 bagi feethe t llbbltltrd J South war k, ? pkgs radteY'oanes Haw kiosk Co; 20 hlids sngar C Burkmeyer k Son; 1st do Pi D M r|ni JtCn; 2? do hum* HtiSb?r<) (jhifney ''o; S7J bbli lloar I do tallow E T 11 Oihso ; ft e uks 227 nMs T H Msger; 12. hlids sngar K K Collins V Co; 15 bbls bn ties - T Fohell t NT bbls lard 77 do himi 9j do shoulders 1 do pork Parry Math ew.kCo; ISI bills wheat 313 has* do R Bigelow; 34 hhda ral |nw 3 do was Suydam ?.4Sr k Co; 15 bales deer akin. A C Roi sttie k Co; 101 bbls best 66 do tallow Howes t>onfiey RGo; 176 bass leathers Laarrrnre sod Hicks: II cks R D k D Me Murry; I bales deer ikioa K H Bedell; I boa M Sahwerlie; t bales hemp MeGregor k Morri ; If obis J G Me.nlnrrey; 46 hvs ty|?es J F While; (6 bales deerskins P Chosston fc Co; W pkge do O pkgs mdte u> oider. ? . Chaelbston ? whip Sntion?15 bales cotton Scrsges *<>? into ? * Co; 411 Spofford T.llesfosi k Co; Jd F tnrrrt; ,1 p>? 4* Taylor: 1 H we. I k Ctlhomi; I C B Meare; I F^e fc ston; I J Smith; 3 Phelps k Lncklee; I A Ed?"*;.t ?end k Bros, 1 O Godfrey; | Pi lot, Lebarbief* k Co; 1 Te ^^KESSSfl an Badseh >ten?1 cum A CoaMnck?M yarn Wood k Marritt?13 pieces prass R f ?I Taylor fc Mark*?4 Havdock, I'mlict I o? I B D H %ll k i?o?1 Towmtnd k B iRHoi?3 pks J H Smith ' mk co?t Ja* Napier k - . _ ? Brolhrr-l Parmlee It Rodger*?3 9 F Kdgerton?I C C Cook?3 J B Parson*?3 J J Andersoi?1 C Osborn?t E D Howell?II Holbronk. Nelaon It at? I J (J Greg irv k c*?I Shroder k Btritaer? 1 Alfred Willed ?II rollslrather 11,923 horna Oillimau Small fc ??? I pkg llankm, l)urv-e fc co?9 Lemuel Kisk-2v Perk fc Van irgeu?1 Saiton fc Wall?11 empty bbl* David Joues? *??# ral pkg* to order. MARITIME HERALD NOTICE TO SHIMASTEBa. We hope that Captaiua of tsmcIs arrieiug at this port, will not d'Krrr auy shipping list*, arwspapers, new*, or parcel* in teaded for rhi* office, to any person* other than the New York Pilot* or Ccpt RontRT Silvev, of oar news fleet. PORT OF raw YORK, APRIL 14. H 11 taw uses 5 25 ? U* SETS (36 w ? MOON BUB* 9 5# M HIOH W4TEE 10 28 M Cleared. Bark H I Bartlott, Bnk*r. Pes-cola. Brig Mareellat, Sheffield, St Kins. Ne*mith fc Walsh Behr T R Baiter, Cha inau, Carthagania, Everitt fc BittaUe. Bchr Spy, Lacy. Boaton, ? Schr Dunury, Eldrtdge, Boeton, Young fc Van Brant. Sclir H W Oodfrey, Week*. Plymouth. Bchr Wyommg, WilUrd. Philadelphia. 8loop Princeton, Davis Fall Rirer. Barge Mara, Daly, Philadelphia, Arrived. Ship Mary Ellen, Dearborn, from Canton and Manilla, Dec 24, wtb tua* and silks, to Carev fa Co. Jan 5, spoke the Ham burg bark Elizabeth, from Manilla for flarnhnrgi Ma'rh 24, spok* the Am wh ship Hect >r ot' New Bedford 44 mos on'; April 1,1 >t 21 SI N, Ion '4 It W, spoke brig Fairy, fm Philadel phia for Deraanra. 12 ds out. Feb 1.1 it 24 17 9, Ion SI 39 E, ti< hanged aigaali with (hip Wood*idea. Ship Horatio. Wood, from Canton, Dec 29, with teas and silks to Urinnell, Sim turn fc Co. Toe H is a*, anchor on the Bar. Ship Wabash. Cornell, II day* from New Orleans, with cot ton, fcc. to S auton b ' rost. Ship Sutt'.n. Ualloway, 10 d iys frrm Charleston, withcot'oo to G Sutton Lat 37. lou 7] lS.rtchangad signals with ship Ca tharine, hence for Charleston . Bark Allioth, Spring, fromOsha, Not 18 h, with a full car go of oil and bone,to order. The A lajra at anchor on the Bar, reported by Pilot Boat. Birk Janet, Prime, (of Boaton) 16 days from St Domingo City, with mihogsny to the muter?reported by pilo: boat E K Collins Bark Jane Williams, Parker, (omitted yesterday) from Apa laehicilv March it, with cotton, fcc. toCsptaiu. Brig Joseph, Mayo. 54 daya from Lisbon, with win* to T Lord. Left barks Clarissa, 8'own, tor Sooth America, in S ds; Odd Fellow, tor do, in 5 or 6 data. From the Ion 30 riper, eneed a succession of severe gates from W8W to v* NW. Bremen brig Wastilly Shuckoff, Ebberfeld. 30 days from Newcastle. (England.) with mdse to Meyer fc Stuckeu. Sw brig Superb, Ninon, fiom Rio Janeiro, Feb 31, with cot ton to E H luueas. Brig -Coins, Lewis, 53 diys from Kio Janeiro, with coffee, to oider. Brig Josephns, Delano, 16 days from A'takapat, with molas ses to Clark fc Co. Sid :n co with schr Florence, Smith, for Philadelphia. Brig May Flower. Stevens, 13 days from Trinidad, (Port 8paiu,| in ballast, bound to New Haven, couaigord to Trow bridgo, Dwiglil fc-Son. L-ft brig Heury, Buck, of New York, disg. Pa-sed an Ara brig with a large hon e on deck?appen ed to be lumber loaded. A schr and an Kutern brig tailed for St Thomas 2 days before. Br brig Ida, Smith, 49 dayslrom Siera Leone, with hidei.fcc to PI Nevms It Sou. Brig Argo, Kent, (of Waldobore, Me) 14 days from Carde nas, with molasae* to Camptield fc Spencer, of New Haven. 9th instant, lat 36, Ion 75 30, spoke Delaware, from Havana. Brig Carotin*. Sherwood, 4 daya from Charleston, with cot ton, to Dunham fc Dimoa. Brig Lindnn, Burr, 5 days from Charleston, with cotton, to Dunham fc Din on. SehrOliv r, Ha|lett,4 days from Boston. Sclir Casbscnre, Berdiue, 2 days from Virginia, with oys ,ters. Schr Mary Gallant, Wlmot, Virginia. Schr Direct, Briggs, 4 days from Baltimore, with flour, to J & N Brigg*. Schr Beojimin S Penniman, Hatfield, Virginia, with oysters to muter. Schr Bergen, Cole, 5 daya from Petersburg, with cotton, to J Hunter. SchrCirderellaC Skull, Skull,5day* from Wilmington, N C, with naval stores. Schr Maria, Joh?*on, 6 daya from Baltimore, with floor, fcc, to Johnaon fc Lowden. Schr Marietta Burr, Kuapp, 6 daya from Richmond, with flour, fcc, to Sturgex fc Clearmau. Lighter schr American, Jackson, from the ship Henry Clay, with mdse. Below. 1 ship: 2brira?nuknnwn. Also, a Br schr from Halifai. ftallad. Ship John RSkiddy, Liverpool; bark H P Bartlett, Pantaco la; brig Macon, Savannah. JIlMtlUnroni Record. Namau, N. P., March 14 -The American brig "M Joy." S'ickury, muter, bound from Caidenaa to New York, with > etrgo ofmolaaaea and .ugar, waa to-ally loet on the Dutch Bar about aii milee from Memory Rock, on the lit inatant. 1 he en-tain waa accompanied by hU w.ft, who with thecrew were all aaved and brought to thia port by a wrecking Ttiey tared nothing but the cloiliei they had on, and apeak of greal fnl term, of the kiudue.i of Mr. Bootle. reading at the Writ End of the Oraud Bahama, who took th<m into hti hoeae and adiuiuiat red to their comforte, and where they remained a week before an opportunity of leering for Naaaau preaented. racKET Ship Hicrnr CLAT.-C-rtain Knapp. of the achr M Burr, from Richmond, my. that at I o'clock yeaterd.y, (Monday) morning, he paaaed the .hip Henry Uty. lying at anchor of lire bar. ?he wa. probably ?ottea off duno, Panday night. 1 he .team pump wa. in operation when Capt K'it^,fU.?f r*orra -Captain "White of the ateamer Anton, on compelled to l^re her at an j?e,joatto beicg boarded Agnee hid left IU one'Oilineounwa. v* |te tmbo>t wu t0 hare bleu a^puched neat to tow her into Charleaton. w..7.or... su'w-ste" SiS'ffiiKiW???- *? to clear her?when about hail a m ie p bu, lhoaght it waa I in th. fore riggingi o?"ld .? b r b|olv IDg a rlolent gale. Englt.h?hore to aboun ?rtlelrom5) p5l7igw ner witn main j conld not rendm My aaattun , maViug tad wither ? ? s.,.<s?. ......?j ]??.? i I'fore and IB tin n* , . "^lieaiwo Vr,,Kl' ""?clj^ ?*^?j'1J^'^i^^B^iJnior<r^u'd,noth from flo?too ftboul. two m Among the crew were Win. Kwteir. ?....... it nartlv owned iu |*ortiroo?the Nil* B t Bnto Noethfc-yCwttylW heard of tin. e. j 8he"hada carfo ofiee.coniigned to Mr. J H Baldwin, for the A Pe?V*o?^i!?^,*?T05 ?Arnrala^t afoop i ?aTouVo7m?neen orf ihe .rr.ral'.. 10 brig, and J acl.ra. r^re?Vom foreign porta; the balance eoutwiae. | 8chr. EaoLI, notlcrfX,tih.dEa?eh,'ofDftorfJ,|kjrom thia {!onfrA;17aiMTh^l-t^ccou^reported her at the latter PlB?.o Fnaierra. Northmp ^^,,OTri^"ccoonU llndon nrrired ? Notice to Mariner** I *, ..v P?Thia Public Notice ia giTeu to direct all Naaaav. N. r.?l "? . .iM, h. Harbor of Naunu, iff o- ! maaterao^TeaaeJa on APproac^^^ ^ jf , Brilial. reiael reign re??el? to hoiat thei . ?r?raed property on boird o from a koreign ?orage or b g haying ou board no TTBa. Jua? a red croea. (Bjgl)e(J) W.M. WEBB, Collector. Cuatom Honae, 9th March. ODOML#0? , . ] Bark . of Salem, from Montendee J"??**0?' 7th fnat. i '^ip^iVlm ii^r7*forLWerpool. March!, off Memory : R,NCodT*e? Cap*'Antonio bearing S8W.? mile..brig Sophie. ' rroM.rc;\?feKbr*;.C^Cobb. from New C)rl,an. | f?Mmch "J.' lat M 39, Ion75, .hip M.dford, from New Orlean. f?Mnreli 20, lat 2? 20. Ion 7040. brig Aldrich, Scale., from New oileani for Botdeaua. Whalamaii. , A bright aided ehip. C.P? Allen. .ailed Perm.mbneoon the 12th of March. CoMt. with 2100 bhla, areired ^SSESSSfiSKSte "hpofcen?J"u 17. lat 44 ?? Ion 54 W P.ntkeon 74^Tt#f?>? ^V0rfewP^udoOth. ache fell.. Bollea. (t.od.t to ihip Jaaon) Ueaolatton lilanda. Korclftn P?w?0. n , Hilliard. leer HaTTin*. Mitch r?In IVrr*"/(om Ph.lm A&: Hedge.'not ,?t tr.n.f.rrml to WhT-U Port, tchr Syrwt. A-draon. from aod i .nBoaton. 10 day*- -t-i- Loyett. with S'RSsrdiVA. Kio Janeiro Hm Ja?" Le Btou ?neiro. aAdiiioeil?Sailed Mtreh 19, baik Bjltimor*. JaJtemo A?*' VV 16_b,rn Lecouia, Porter, for New L*e oroo. lT -r Moo ' ijolem in, for Philadelphia; bug ' a Urteana; !VjF"5,fof Orlceu.. hrig Hui.i iu.U .Tier, for nonicu?, Con"* , . u,TIJ Uoene.for Hoaton; brig Mala rnitedtftalea. lt. ... I'nttci f>r Moiitermeo; ?. bark V" ltCd"?^'?n?. *? lJh.l?delph.a; 7. br? Abo J^Mj Ann H.iod, . (-lfsr,n. NIaik .e.ter.whaling A'r 10. Brem ^i'SieirhM, -b!-.; T,m''r,ckeM.,,. gignna Leoftr . a out r eh n ,'" ^'^ ird roaat , k uohVLm "Sitin. f? Ballimore. Aug II A"prey'oJag I. (hip E4w kerreu, Sw^Uui. f? Bortou, 10! dny. P?f j dSXCSCSfft tst ' lotto*I safer CTktUtUut, Mokat, m ?aatefe. April g?brig L CoMwOtk't.for N loib|M(h Abby /haMlm Breytoa, I fhr Havana. 3d. ahip Mar aims, rhl'llpa. lev NYfeih. 4th, schrLe Roy, Bedell, N Yoik. A", March 99?vhipe Bhnch aril, Blanehanl Glasgow; Tuikiuv m Li verpool; brg Maumorx. Gate. from N Y?ik 31, ?h'n Ekta Preble, Perkina, from Cilitrowi Anion, Buvkoam fr m Havre; April 2?Brig lien. Iron New York. In p'It ships Huron We-k*, f r Liverpool, hailif r; Bltnchtvd, Blanchard,_ for Button, Inadina; Tuskiua William*, from Liverpool, waiting: Ah zander, Leeda. from Htvre, loadiuci Alexander, Lredi fm Havre, load ug; Dauntless. Bog?r?, from Liverpool, diarhg; Urgent, Knjrri for Liverpool, Idg; Solon. Bucknam, from Havre. wtgiC-ea Preble. Perk it. from Glasgow, wfg; Cor dova, Lowell, for N York. Idg; ba k? Due de Orleana, Ho herikou, forN York, wig; Kobe, t Watt, Johnaoo. for Liver pool, h'g; (.'Dmberlaad, rower, for Liverpool, Idg; Euclid, Ut" itou, fm Berbiee, lug; brigs Pionee*. Hearn. for N York, Hg; Mclaaora. Gatea, fm N York, wig; Alabama.-Allen, fm N-w York, wig. Boi-ron, Apr I It?Arrahipe Vontoon, Paine. New Orleana; Pbarralia, Wininr,dn; briga Aurora, Cana, Conaivea; Marv Helen,(of Salem) Wiihr. Kouarilli; Mar H. Bak< r,*PM. acha Good Hope, Fieldiof, Norfolk; Baltimore, Lewis, Balti more; Star, Smalley and \ 'illow. Koonev, Fhil: Zone.lKelley, do; Leader, Crowell, New York Cld ship Warren, Howva, i Writ Indies; barks Perb, Ha ria, Nr. Petersburg; P'rwcis. Lr.t Crocker It, Amaterdam, via Naif ilk; Paocbra. Pierce. Agu " BJti adilla. PR; Julia, M'en. Mobile; Ida. Saml. W Hallel. B more; Anna Jleyuol'a Mathewa. Philadelphia; Imogen*. Ham. Hogera. do: biga Gazille. Pi-rce, Mav?gu?x; Or learn, Bea uian, S'. Th.mia; Wm. Pen ?, Atkina, Philadelphia;Beitimore, , Clifford, do: Opbir Ballad, Norfolk; Phoebe Baxter. C-owell, j Newcaaile. Del: Utic^ Baiea.Troy via N?w York; Splendid. I Crowell, Naw Yelk; Frieud, Lnvell, do; Known, Love 11, do, ' *;H2h. brig C Jerado, Hharkleford. Car e Havtien. 27th ah. 1 aignal f >r a ahip. Morning ol ihe 13th, 1 ahio and 2 brig" bom d up. did Biturd-y, Wiud Bto 8SW. very heih, harki Paneh> ta, Cambrian, Julia; briga Nereua. J. B. How, Mary. Le Lib eral, Hebe. Ch-aapeake, Frx; achra Lochiel, Trllua, Orralloo; night, barka Ida, A. Re.fnoldi; briga Wm. Peun, and Balti moie. Sunday, nothing of eunarooeuce tailed; wind NW in : the Morniug, mil aoou hiu ing N to NE aud ESE weather uineilled. Ba g Mic?eU aeiled on Thursday night; bark 1 Franklin on Friday; aud ieh Viola on Fridiy night. Charleston, April It? Art French bark Bambarra. Martiu, 1 Point Prire, In the offing, Br bark Agnei, of London, i from N Orleana, in diatrraa. Georgetown, April 4?Arr brig Olevia, Mclntyre, from N Ycik. Gloucester, April 10?Arrach Hudaon.Tarr, Marblehead, for New Yoik. btwn, Dal. April 10?The brig Sarah Bently, for Barbs doea; acha Ptlou. for Botton: Sc'iool Boy,for Norfolk; Edgar, Laing, for Brooklyn; and Colonel 8 B Dana, for N Bedford, went to aea ihia forenoon There are now at the anchorage 1 bark, 2 briga and 13 sertuoners, preaumed to be outward bound. Wind N8, and weather modeMte. Lcbeg, April #? Arr ichr Ye?o, Bverron, New Orleans ? 8th-? Air schr On y D irghter, M'Unffie, New York. Mobii.e, Apri'S?Cld. "hip Mary Francra, Hubbard, New Yo'k; Huina, Weedeu. Bo-Iou. NgwroHT, April 10?Arr Lydia Farnhatn, Famham, Provi d-nce for New Orleana; ichr Harriet, Paddleford, Tinntou I r i Phi'adelphia; lltii, aloop Helen, Ktene, New Bedford for New I York. ..... Norfolk, April '0?Erratum? Bremen alnp Victoria, re ported in Hamptrn Roada yesterday, from Cherbourg, bcuid [ to B-emen?read from Clierbonrgh, for Baltimore. New Orllan>, April 4?Arr brig Empreiaaiio.f.'ollina. Ha vana; ?ch? Fairy, Wehater, do; Mary, Thomai, St Jago dr | Cuba; President. Br wo. Port Maria Cld, ateamihip Gal vratou, Wiight, Galveatou;-h-pi Leon ine, (Bremen) Ariana, Antwerp; Yaxon, Wibrar, N Yotk; Orleaua, Sears, do; Wal dron. Ch-arer, Brwton; Cliearp-ake, Clark. Havre; Allegha ny Shankiand. Phil tdelphis; b ig Ocean Jordan, Londnn Philadelphia. April 13?f rr areanwhip John S McKim, Brown, irom N Orleaua; bark W lliam Keunrdy, Martin, from Pernamhncn; arha KA Hath, Bodd, N York; Emeliue, Wel <*en, N York; George Wa-nington. Bay nor, N Haven; Motto, Robinson, and Neptune K.mb'll. N York. Cld, brig Topaz, bpates Eastport; acha Elizabeth Brown, Brown. Boiton; Ma labar, Wrighr, Button; Cleopatra.Burroughs, N Haven; BtI loua, Allen, Kingston. Matt; A lan.ic. Nickeraou, Bejt. n; Tcxtor, Smith. N York; Jane, Higbee, do; Orion, Henderaon, Providence;T B Odell, Smith, New York; Joaeph, Matthews, N Yoik. Pensacola, Fla .April 1?Cld, bzrk Martha, Trefethen, N York. Plvmowth, April 0?Arr tchr Medium. Lew t, Norfolk. Portsmoulu, April 9?Arr schr Gen Warren, Davia, Phila delphia 10? Arr brig Foater, Lancaster, do. Savannah, April I, pm.?Arr ahipa Calcutta, Whitney, Li verpool; Mary Caroline, (Br) Brewer, London; Rnsalrmba, (Br) Buiklry. Mobile,bound ta LivrrporL pa iu_to r.pair rni1 de Jer. A: . having received dim.igr: bark Nelaon Village, (Br) McBarney, Liverpool; briga Emblem, Banker, New Orleana; L Baldwin, Hayea, fro n New Y'urk; Carle tun, Chaae, St Tbo ra.-s; a< h a Ocean, Savage, St Tromas; Ann A Parker, Bright man, Havana; Matilda, Staple", Boaton. Went to Sea, bark laaac Meail. for New York; brig Ste-ling, do. Wilmimoton April 11?Arr brig rillaa, Haven^New York aehr T Pirraou, Roberta, Neaaau. Cld, Br brig Yictoria, Cle menta, for Halifax, NS; achra Delaware, Sib stnn, for New V ork; Ann D, Treadwrll, do; Jnlia, Vangilder, Boaton. By Last Nighfn Soathera Hail. Rom* Parts. Philadelphia, April U?Arr ahip Lagrange.Sandford, New Otleaiit; barka Ann Hoed, Wataon, Bio Janeiro; Jamea Bay ley Bi-hnn, Matanzaa; briga Iiallnwell, Prior. Palermo: Bei j L Swan. Rowland. Ponce. Pr: Madrid. Little. Gngyan a; See man, Scull, New Orleaoa; achr Sarah Noah, Hopperholdt. do. Cld,_barka M try Jane, Flitner, New Orletut; Sophronia, Hal i: brig Vauddia. Wall. New Orlean"; ichr? Eliza, let. ?, atou; . .. . , Tyler, brw Htreu; Mary fc Susan, Eullerton, Keoebeek; A meuia, Poat, New York; Lake, Luke, do; Mexico, Tomliu.N Baltimore, April 13?Arr hark Col Howard. Prrntiva, from New Orleans Br biig Atlantic, Whitney, Tnrka Iilind; b-ig Baltimore, Brown, Boilon; telira Sinndcia. Crabtree, Ponce, P K; Emily A Thompion, Keene, Ragged Inland, yia Nassau, N P; Seamre, Cole, New York; Ann Smith. Smith, d >; Cc iiurtlr. Brightinan, do; steamer Georgia Cenron, Norfolk? saw off Mobjack Bty. a topsail achr; off Rappahvnnock a .hip with painied porta aud laden deep, and a fnll rigged brig, and oft /"unvpolii another fall rigged brig?all bound no. Cl'd, ahip Cincinnati. KCodmnn. Liverpool; bark Home, Wiogate, Havana; r-rigi Water Witch. Le Bron, St Johns, PR; Glan vana; "riiri water witcn. L*e is run, pi jonns, r it; Avian Sin. Focke, Kna?ton, Jam; icha Lidy Lake, Lake, Ntw : Balitri", Parker, Cueion. bl'd, brig Glautnt rgan, mo , Yorl Kocke, Kingstau, fain PAREK HANGING. HOWELL (?ffiOTHERS, Munuricturers and Importers of Paper Hmgiiigs, huviug opened in New York eitT a branch of their Philadelphia establishment, wonld respeetlally call the attenti in of the citizen* of New York and others wanting goods iu their line, to their extensive assortment of PAPER HANGINGS. Bordera, Kite. Board Prints, Curtain Pane a, aod all other article! in their Tine of huaiueaa. rl.It 6. hire received from the luatitntea for the eneoniag rl.It B. hire reeeired Irora the luatitutea lor the encourago mrutof Dnmeatic Manufactaree in the eitiea of New York. Philadelphia and Boston, silver medals for the manufaetnre ol their foods, flatter thetnseler* that they ce.n aril .1 better an lele for the tame money than can be purchased elcewbore. FRESCO PAPERS. The subscribers would particularly call attention to thair large assortment of Fresco Pa tiers for Parlors, and Column Papen for Halls, Peblie Rooms, Entries, ke. he. Alto, CrnTaiit Parana, a new article for Window*. Paperiug ol Rooms, Halle, ke. promptly attended to by cam fill workmen. Coauirr me-ah an u and city dealers will And it to their ad vantage to fire na a call. HOWELL It BROTHERS, No 117 Broadway, ai lm*rrc Two doors abore the City Hotel. 0" $50,01)0 TO LEND, .. BOND AND MORTGAGE,. for a term of yean, on good prodnctire roal estate in this city or jtrooklyn. The abore named sum belongs to an estate in trust, and it will be d rided in aums ro suit applicant*. Apply to S. 8. BROAD, No. 11 Wall street, iu the Cioton Water Office, Basement. *3 Im're launch. TO rrtfc PI Bt.lC IN GKN&HAL?The lab ia scriher, after enlarging his premises, it now prepared to Clean Catpeu oferery description, from 14 to IOC yards, vrilh oatrippiug?Ingrain 6\* cents per yard; Brussels I cents per yard; Hearth Rugs, Taole Coreri and shawls cleaned, from 25 to 75 tents; Dresses dyed or washed from 50 cents to $1; Coats cleaned or dressed from 50 cents to $1; Pants do from 35 to 58 cents. T. SMITH. 74 Allen st. N. B ?Terms eesh. m* lin're TO COUNTRY MERCHANTS, DilUGGIaTS, AND BAKERS. HOPS, NEW WESTERN, BY THE POUND OR bale. Potash, Sal Soda, Carraway Seed, Oil Lemon, Oil Peppermint, | White Wax, Coarse Sponge, I Castor Oil, U.C J I I a 1 1'. Refined Litjuerice, | German Cologne, un i.eiii'i'i, Blue Vitriol, | Ruasi 1 Isinglass, and a full assortment of Drugs, sll of the first quaiitr, tor sale by WEEKS It ANDERSON, Druggists, apl Im'rh 30 Fulton, corner Witer.aud 01 Bowery. TASSELS, SUITABLE for trimming hats, caps, blinds, shades, pictures, *3 sofas, umbrellas, parisols, cloaks, __ . aprons, sleeves, begs, ke. Also, a variety of bladings and cord, for sale wholesale, by J. fc F. MAYNAKD, ml 5 lm'm 07 Maiden lane, corner of Willi m st. TO APOTHECARIES, See. THE SUBS RISER, intending to devote his entire atten tion to analytical chemistry, will relinquish the apotheca- 1 ry department of his bnsiness, on the first of May next, and remove to No. 33 Chambers street?he therefore offers for sale his entire stock ef Drugs, Medicines. Store Fixtures, fcc. 1 The whole will be sold on very reasonable terms, and may be 1 had either together or separately. The fixtures consist 01 fine mahogany drawers, shelving, he. labelled bottles and porce lain jura, a complete eonniar, with marble top, glass cases, 1 shes, he; also, a bow wiudhw. and doors wuh plate gins#? together with many other articles 1 ouueUed with tha base '"t'e'"a" 'Cq""' " *JAMESWR. CH'LTON. MAHOGANY, ROSEWOOD, ZtBKAWOOU, ho MAHOGANY, ROSEWOOD. ZEBRA WOOD. he. FOR SALE CHEAP, by E. O.STACY, No. ?? Wooeter street, between Broome and Spring sts. The stock is tomposed of n large assortment of crotch, mottled and aaaand :omimieu 01 ? iuir wsvymwii d? ^iwavu, ?????'- ?- "V-.v Mahogany Veneers. Hosewood Mahogany. ZeVrawood Bird's iye Maple and Black Walnut Logs, Boar*. Plank, Joist, ke. kc., end a general assortment ol Inmbnr, usually kept iim mean v yar * is this city. 1,1 ** tlp SHAKER Se CO., TAILORS AND DRAPERS, a?li Brondwajr, wear FJtfk ARK NOW RECEIVING, by the Havre INckete, au ra tirely new assortment of the fieeet Sudan Cloth, and Laa simeres, adapted to the early spring tnidn. Haviiig concluded a permanent arrange men 1. si cutter, with Mr. P. Aadftot, late o/the Rue Caatigiusne, Paris, well known to most o. ear faah ?oaablea who have visited Europe, they ere now prepared to execute oidem innacyln of uniuaal elegance mrta lis'r 4IH Broad way. LEFT OFF WARDROBE AND FURNITURE war ANTED.'?Gentlemen and Families can obtain the foil vv valne tor all kinds of anperltnone effects they wish to dispose of, eoch as Ladies and Gen dispose of, eoch as Ladies and Gentlemen's Wearing Apparel, Kirn Arms, Knrnitara, ke. Lsvunstviv. 4M Brosdway, up stair*. Lsdies having any Cast off Clothing to dispose of. etn obtain a fair price by sending for the subscriber, airs. T. Lx r visit vs. N.B. A ifue tluongh ice Post Offioe will be prompt ly attended to mi lm*rr AT 136 NAS&AU telKEh-T, THE Highest Price, in Cash. is paid for Gentlemen's GMnSI, and s M again ou !h? most reasonable trims Also, Hepaitii g, Cleaning, Dyeing and Prrssirg, in the most elegaut and auprrh style. On hind, 100 Drnp d ete Cods, and 210 Linen Pants, cheap? -ith en assortvmet of sea-ouahle Clothing, inch as C'o;ta $1 to 12; Pants $1 to 5; Vests 50 ceuU. *9 lm're UGAIR, ESSENCES AND rfcKKUMEKYvol all kinds, Er epot. No. 3 Conrtlandt street. The Subscribers,original inventors and manufactuiera of the genuine Walnut Oil Mili tary c haring Soap, w hich we warraut to inrp -ss all otlier pre parations, liming grn.illy enlnrgrii our facilities ere prepared to (scene any i.rdm in our line. Wr have constantly on hand lu.hly scented Almond, lC-ae, Mnsk, Windsor. I'alra, aud Toil t ; extra Pale Family and No. 1 Soap The Crotoo J? oatisg Soap, a new and splendid article, well suited for Baths and private family use, warranted not to sink and ta produce a rich and pleasant lather. Together with a targe aud general near, tment of Perfumery, Esarures, he., both Foreign and Domestic, selected aud put np with the greatest care; also onr erlrhrat d Crystalline Candles,for the West India and Sonth Am?r can markets, warranted to stand any climate. Or icera. Dm (gists, cud de-l-rs 111 general, are requested to eall aud examine for themselves. _ )'/f. ln*r ItlHNWON. VHtlOM k FOWLk.R SPERM OIL AND CANDLES. EXCELLENT Witter Bleached Sperm Oil at St a gall; Blear lied Solor Oil, 75 cents; a prime article of Sperm Candles at 25 cents p?r pound. Families, boarding house and hotel keepers are invited to eall and examine the above1 nnfora purchasing For sale by J- O. IO WL X.H, Grocer and 1 en Dealer, IM Greenwich at. cov. Marrat, and ?* Greenwich cor. Vestry. mrl4 lm're _ L3RKNCH LUNAR PILLS-Lndme will find the sure arti JF cln (no disamuaatmaM) at 111 Ohm? street, afi liu'rc ?I . _ hniitii.L iraes33ti; <iuo vkuww|>kv ^ixvivuia. nu uni wiin nrrt' ordinary success in private Practice; and ii prised so highly by ail who havr lakeL it, that tho propriator haa bora iadeeen to introduce it to thi public generally Ho auam any ubnr from tha aboro complaints, that it ia, as it professes to bo, a perfrctenre, mrigoutmg the system .restoring appetite, health, color and strvcgtl , oven to the most debilitated. TH18 REMEDY CONTAINS NO MERCURY, aorany preparation of it, and doaa not prevent the eloaast attention to basinets. 1 us inoetsatiifartnry references gives if roq aired CHARLES H RING, IN Broadway. all lra*ta ?*t?r of 'obw at Mole Agent foe N Y / MOTHER'S CORDIAL.* nut. ibe tuffs ijpt attendant on ClnldBirth one half, aad Una place otn cc.ld and mother ia a state of safety. This is no quack article, bat tho praeeripaoa of a ragul r PhytiCMj, .oa who has made this branch of hispraetieeap<u tialtr ttndr for sale at H> Broad war, eoraerofJolui sBwt all U I \I8EA8E8 Off THE URINARY OHOANS-Waoh aa U C hrou ic and acuta diseases of die Le Bladder, Lencorrhoeu or Whitra, Urethra, . Striclurra, Kidneys, Seminal Weakness, Also. OonorrheM, Inability. Ulreta, . _ Weoknessof the PMU. fcc.. and effectually removed by Aberaethy's Bo tan I at 117 Maiden Lane. Price II. with directions. LUCINA CORDIAL, OS THK ELIXIR OF LOVE. THE great and increasing demand for this celebrated aad powerful remedy throughout the British Empire, France, and the Uuited States, has given it a celebrity which time only can efface. It has long bran used and pretc'rihi d by the most is throughout the tu I usd world, as a sove emicent physicians , reign and spaedy core for Incipirut Ocn .oinption, Barren nets, Impotency, Lucorrhast or 'W-'hites, Obs true ted, diffi enlt or pamfnl Mrnsirnrtrion, Incnntir.ei c- i f Urine, or invol untary discharge thereof ? and forth# general prostration of tha system, whether the result of inherent c.ns-t, or produeed by irregularity, illness, or accident. There i? not a shadow of donbt that this is trea ted were not the subject of ton delicate a ntmre, huudrvds would tea ify to the uutivalled efficacy of the Luciua Cordial as a ape lfie for Barreuneaa, Kluor Albas, Ulrats, Irregularities in the Secre tions, Paius in the Kidneys. Female Supf tensions, (or the re verse.) Prolapsus Uteri, and in fact, altunet every disease to which the most delicate portion of the human organisation is lublr. It cannot, indeed, cura Malformation of the parts, but lor any thing short is off*.ed as aa infallible care, while in all other disease# enumerated above, whether aea'e or chronic, it will he tound a safe and sovereign remedy. The Lucina Cordial its gentle tonic, operating generally upon the Luctna Cordial it a gentle tonic, operatn g generally opon tha secretive orgaus and Pricing the whole system, without so far stimulating any function is to produce subacqaeat tel .satiou. secretive organs, cud bracing the wholesysteia, without so lar stimula mg any tuuctiou as to produce snbseqaeat relaxation. On the contrary, it seems to act in perfect harmony with na ture, aad does not create a temporary vigor, bat c permanent renewal of the natural energies. The first bottla aaed will fully convince the purchaser of the truth of all wo have as serted. Principal Office, 125 Fulton street, New York. Sold also by Beth W Fowle, Boston; Dr. Wsdsworth. Providence: W. W. Clark", 16 Nor h ri'th street, and J. 8. Murphy, M North Sixth street, Philadelphia; O. K.Tyler, John M. Larsque, and Roberts U Athinsou, Baltimore; Chaa Scott, Washington City; 0. N. Linthacnm, Georgetown; J. B. Wilder, Louisville, Ky ; 8h ii ford k Tarks. Cincinnati and by no other person ia any of the above named places. Price $1 per bottle, or $M per dozen. a9 lm*m 159 BROADWAY. WHOLESALE AND RETAIL PERFUMER Y ESTABLISHMENT. rT*HK Habscriber returns liis thanks to his friends and the JL public for the very liberal patronage extended to him since the opening of his Store in New York. Premising that in Perfumery lite maxim should prevail,''either the beet er none," he earnestly solicits One moment's attention to he fol lowing very intelligible proofs that he is capable of offering the Tery beat, whether the competition be foreign or Ameri can. 1st- He pcasrasea unequalled advantages in Paris, in hav ing been for many vean Director of the Laboratory of Lao gier Pete et Fils, lor half a century tha first house iu this line in Eurone- 2nd Since the first exhibition, some yean past, ot ssa ciuiuj/c- mesas- UlUVL vssst aues ?aii<vaeawH| yxraasw VI his Perfumery, it has, without a single exception, obtaiued to New York. Boston and Philadelphia, the First Premium oyer ail competitors, and at the last exhibition in New York, ha was honored with the Gold Medal never before awarded to , Perfumery. Jrd. His Perfumery has banished the imported whenever it has come fairly into competition. Tips "is eoe ?-rkhould it phatically the case with his Bliaviag Cream Whyl_ not be so 7 His Perfumery is, in fact, the foreign, both in its quality and mod# of fabrication, with ike addition of an excellence which the foreign never can possets. namely, frrthncss and advantage in many of thrse articles oj the greatest importance, owing to their perishable nature, fth. His prices are from 3D to 50 per cent lower. In fioe, the sub scriber, educated in the best foreign schools, imported with him the science and sk II of his native city, offers the products of his laboratory, equal to the best imported, and superior to them from the ativautagr of recent preparation, at mach lower prices. He, therefore, flatters himself that his preparations must of necessity supercede tha imported, except with those who are so unreasonable as to prater articles merely beeausi they are foreljp, and have been subjected to the influence of sea voyage. To conclude, the subscriber always keeps i hand a perfect aaserimeut of the best foreign perfumery, offers ati.ia store an opportunity of comparing the two. and ? purchasing according to the judgment or preference or ihe ia dividual. 'l'lie subscriber moat respectfully solicits a rail (Vom those who wuh to purchase that which is rename, aa he assureaths tnblic that reti.iug shall ever quit hit estai-l aliment wfthoal ting as reprcetited to the puien.iser. Ho particularly invites the attention of wholesale and retail dealers to his very com S'etc assortment, which he offeis to them at prices bom lit > per cent cheaper than they bay elsewhere Manufacturer and Importer of Toilet I YjM lm*r Perfumery, lie. E. KOUf-SEL, lei Sdaps, ALEXANDER'S TRICOBAPHE A NLW AND INVALUABLE DISCOVERY, being i ?i V Liquid Dye, which instantaneously changes the eolor o the hair to a brau|ifui brown or black, without injury to tbi hair or akin. The great aoperi -rity of thin Dye, consists in in euy mode of application, and instantaneous effect?oil othei dye* requiring from ten to twelve honri to produce any ehauge Its superior excellence will baappareut to every one upon I aiugle application. Extract from the Philadelphia Drily Buu:?ALSXarocm' TnicoaarHK.?The effect of the a do re oo the hair ia truly ? tooiihing. It wax tried yeeterday ia our oAce, and the Chang from gray to black wax ioataataaeoua. Extract from the Philade'phia D lily Forum:?Borera] of ex acquaintance* hare recently applied to their hair the ualaabl Liquid Dye known ae Alexander's Tiieobaphe?a new and ra nable diacorery; and it haa ia ae aaae tailed to produce the da aired effect Immediately after applying it to gray ~ wbiskera, itimpartea beantifnl brown or black eoler. For tale by Kaaton It Co. druggists, lit Broadway | If Aata Hcnae, and CM Broadway, corner 14th swart; Aa ma wail, I William it: Johnaoa, Moore k Taylor, II Maiden laae; J. W Wright k Co. 1 Cedar street; aad of the principal druggial thronghoat tha United State*, or of sole ageaia, B. k O. A. WkIUHT,238 >uth 4th t , 114 lm*r Fhiladalphia. RHEUMATISM. Compound Syrop of tbe flydriodale of Potia S A Rt? A P A K1L LA, , " nn YELLOW DOCK ROOT. THE ABOVE ia prepared from the cereal article*, recommended aa the beat aad only -era cam of luwaw ism At thia season of the year e<pecnl,{, it ia of the gnaw importance, aa it will retaoraall those extremely aaplaaaai aymptoma, (aererr pains. anffntia , f the joints, back, ahos dcrs, kc etc.) It throa. pnrilica. ?nd qaickena the eircalaoo and I carat trery part of the animal economy in a perfect ata of health. The rirtaea of each article hare long been keer to the faculty, and by tb?ir judicious admixture their *Sm are greatly increased. For rata by ,.ftf Im'm CHAM H HINa. 1? flnadway. MILITARY EOU1PME1TS?FittHtMEN'H CAr?. T'hE 8UB8CRIBEH respectfully r*,|? the attention off military public to hia aaaortmrnt of Military Eqaipmn adapted to all companies; Military C?p?, R,aptness. Box aud Bayonet Scabbards of ercry variety. Country com; nira, about changing their uniform, or those about famil new companies will be supplied witli samples. FIRE CAPS-FIRE CAPS. A full assortment of erery rariery constantly oa hand, a made to oraar at tb? ihortest notice, f ? Jm'rre H H. OR ATACAP. Ml Broadway, COUNTRY MERCHANTS VISITING the eity of New York, are incited to call a examine tbe complete and extensive stock of Aeeoa Books, Stationery, Paper, Notorial, and Letter Copying Pre ea. Gold Peas, Quills, Inkasnd Holds, AND ALL UTWek ARTICLES sold it STATIONER At the Lowttt Pottiblt Pricei. RICH k LOUTKEl, 11 William at, mil Im'mc one door below Cedar fl^O MARRIED LaD1F.S-A SECRET Wo*TH Kae A ing?apply far further particulars to Dr. OH. F. MO TEL, Loner Post Oilier. Note?No letters tskaa from ? oflic- unless they tt p tat paid. alt in' TO VICTIMS OF INDISCRETION. ABERNKTHVS BOT.vNICaL PILLS are aekao lei fed to be tha roost certain and effectual remedy ei diacorered for gonorrheas, gifts, irritatioa of tha blsdd weakness of the orguaa of generation, deficiency, and all dis sea of the arinarr paaesgea in either sex, without loea of til confinement. or hindrance from business. They do not ? tain a parncls of mercury, aal hara aarar baea known to I in cffeccug cures. not oalr in recant, bat ia long protmci cuss. Thousands can testify to their iarigoratnm and tn wonderful * fbcaey in ail diseases for whien they are i*ee mumled For sale at Apoteecnrtue' Hall, SI C than at stri and it 12? M'ldeo Lane Price $1, with d<r?C'ioi,t. all lw* " FOR THE PILES. T^R. UPHAM'S KLELTUARt-Aa internal remedy, I MJ certain cuf for the Pilea.eitber internal or external, bit ing or blind. Sold at No. Ill rnlloa street, Nn I Division and by me proprietor, a regn arly rdncatrd physician of I tv years' experience, confined to an office practice, rile* and all Lhroaic diaaaaes are aneeeaafally treated, cnl office. No Ik u wery.f doors abore Buna* street. ml7 I<ndfc7.n KCAKE'S " IODINE LINIMENT I S nuirermlly admitted to be the only article that will | form all that it is represented to do. It haa ptr'ormed i ea<e o- tne t"P,ne or *.*|> eon,*, u>iuun m me axia, etc., that it woaldataggsr keliel U thuy ccald not ue substantia by the most respectable parsons who h re u?*d it; it only to be tried, to sitisfy the mralid of the heiling virt this most exes'lent remedy . Prae ptl depot, illn'ri M IWOEH ,| ?|,1. Jt I f). M John i I KITS! KI IS! Fill VAN'S VEGETABLE EXTRA',T is purely vegeh3 and I,armies , ilfd is me only poiinre, permanent audi remedy lor epileptic bts. eonruLinns kc. This medid needs no puffing. *s it i? acquiring for it**!f a popularity 1 is beyond preoedent in the healing art, by restoring to I,el those tha-. give It a trwl-a my of wh >m had loat their rw under the lullueuee of this dread'til disease. Wno has I cured, it t'e importtut question 7 We answer Mr. H rartellt slllic-eil 23 years?Certificn'e of enre sworn i. fore the Mayor ofthk euy, Warth, the 7th nit ; rat,dene, E-sexat eet. Ala >. M- J ,r ,h Pr tr cor .1,74 D I mcy >t , Mrs Eleanor Kiel, affiirtrd 20 ye-rs, enrnd, nsi.ieuce V i rule ; |>us too of Mr? J fipuoeu, affl ml 9 years, cur*d, i cirnc<* 171 Untud st'cet, numer u? caies ' cor d withia lbs list tlitrf**t?n wtb The sffl Ct. d ?re invited t < c ill and have tlwir cases < - neu.ftnn ad vicr gireti t of chtrg* The med,erne is en elul.y packed ia boxes, for tran.i* tion, with full directions. JrfZUZlaTtf '" 8lMU bottlM' w,thl n-w. o , *,PR8 ,V k HART. Proprietors I VCf Principal isa tirnnd si.. New York a 01 PJ^O MARHIED LADIES? A Secret Worth Known , Ap|dy for fnrtt er particnlsvs to Dr ( H F MONT a ?* N?,ea,r* Uk*? ,r?" office tiniest t, "? Pest paid, ,]

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