Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 16, 1846, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 16, 1846 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. ?*U JCDh No* lOJ-Wkoto I*. 4318. NEW YORK, THURSDAY MORNING, APRIL 16, 1846. nrlM WaOMiMb THE NEW YORK HERALD* JAMES GORDON BENNETT, Proprietor. Circulation?Forty Thousand. DAILY HERALD?Every dty. Price! e?nu per oopy?67 cony?S3 l?Se?nu par annum?payable in advance. . AWERT18?MfNT0aitha usual pncaa-always oat* n advance. If HINTING of all kiuduasacutod with boauty and dcspatsk Ail IsOers uj comiuaaicauons, 0? mail, addrostau ? the cstahliihmcnt, must ho Pott paid, or the postage will be Proprietor of me New Toe* H?**ld Hrnnwmn North-Weet corner of Fulton end Nassau ru FREIGHT AND PASSAGE TO PITTSBURG. jf?TSBUR- POK-'iABLfe BOAT LINE THE subscribers beg to infonm their friendeend the public, th*c they are prepared to forward goods end passengers oath. Pmniilrui.Cutl by the ebore unequalled line of Port able Boar, et the very lowest retei. thu* iniorinc luge lota of SocxL from being separated, there being no transhipments by ie*e boat*. Thu line ie nuder the auperiuteadence of Thee. Borhridge, in Philadelphia: Tiff It O'Connor, in Pittsburg; and O'Connor St Co., in Baltimore; a fact the aubacribe'* deem a sufficient guarantee mat every cue will be taken in the tran iliipment and diapatch of good* consigned to them. Merchants about shipping by thia route are invited te call bo fore completing their arrangement, oa W. k J. T. TAP8COTT. ?Ur 73 Booth at. cor. Maiden tare. Morning Line at 7 o'clock. FOR ALBANY AND TROY. jff Brea' fat and dinner on board. Landirg (t Caldwell's,West Point, Newbnrgh.H amp .SB^sHDE. ton, Ponghkeepaie, Hyde Park. Khineberk, U Red Hook, Bristol, Catakill, Iladaou, Coxaeckie, Kinder hook T?e ateemhnet TROY. Captain A. Gotham, <rursdur. Thursday (Tliia Morning,)'and Catnrday at 7 o'clock, A. M., from the foot of Barclay meet. tte>nruiug on oppoeite days. For Peieiie or Freight apply on board, or to F. B HALL, attbe Office mi rhe Whaif. all rre NEW YORK, ALBANY AND TROY LINE. FOR ALBANY AND TROY DIRECT, from the pier loo' ofConrtlandutreet. Psssengeri taking this. BoaHHll urive in time to take the M jrningTrain of Cars from Troy weet to Buffalo, and north to Saratoga, Whitehall and Lake Chain plan. The ateamer EMPIRE, Captain R. B. Maey, leave* the foot of Conr.lvidt street Monday, Wednesdayand Friday, at aaven o'c ock, P. ivt. For Paaaage or Freight, apply on Board, or at the Office on the whart. ? Notice?All gooda, freight, hank bills, specie, or any other kind of property, positively et the ownon' rule. all THE- fropretora of Htaamboats wishing Bells hnng, would do well to pay a viait on board the ateamboata Niagara, Iron Witch, Governor, iron boat John Stevani, Wooater, Traveller, kc., and examine H. Homer'* Improved Style of Bell Hanging?pat up neat and strong, and warranted for one year, by H. H- No. ? Ami street. rnrtt lm*r PEOPLE'S LINE OF STEAMBOATS FOR ALBANY Daily, Sunday* *xcepted?Through Direct?at 7 o'clock, P.M. From the pier between Gourtlandt and Liberty ?(?. ?i?*a ML_Bte*mboat HENDRIK HUDSON^ Capt. Spw^tJQr O. CruuenSeu. will leave on Monday, SK^d^^K. Wednesday, and Friday evenings,at 7 o'clock. Steamboat ROCHESTER, Capt. Alfred Houghton. will leave ou Torsday, Thursday and Saturday eveninga, at seven o'clock. At 3 o'clock P. M., Landing at Intermediate Places. From the Foot of Barclay St., Steamboat NORTH AMERICA. Captain R- H. Furry, will leave on Mond-.y, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday afternoons, at 5 o'clock. Bieamboat COLUMBIA. Captain Wm. H. Peck, will leave an Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday afternoons, at 5 o'clock. The above boa'a will, at all times, arrive in Albany in ample dm* for the morning ca'i for the east or west. Freight taken at moderate rate*;*nooe token after iH o'clock, P. M. A11 persona are forbid trusting any of the boats of this line, without a written order from the Captains or Agtats. For passage or freight, apply on board the Boau, or to P. C. BchnlU, at (he office on the wharf. all rrc AA5P- PACKETS FOR MARSEILLES?To land Pss hmJfflWs-ngera et Gibraltar. ? The Ship PRINCE DE SmHCbJOINVILLE, Captain Lawrence, will tail on the For freight or passage apply to ^^CHAMBERLAIN fc PHELPS, orto apU rc BOYD It HINCKEN, Agent*. jaggty packr^sl ^^^?PASSAOE TO AMD F?OW LIVERPOOL ? The Packet ship NEW YORK, Captain Cropper, PH^He aails fur Liverpool on the 16th of April, and the I packet ship LIVERPOOL, Capt-in Eldridge, on the 21st of April, and the packetship S1DDON8, oa tha Mthof April. m For pauage,havt.g superior aeensuaedations, apply to I 1 attrvc JOHN HBRPMAN k CO. >t Ronth St. rvrw aittL shCToi IMP above, her regular day. For freight or passage, having handsome furnished accom modations, apply on board, at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall street, orto E. K. COLLINS It CO, St Sooth street. Positively no goods received on board after Saturday even tag, itih inst. Agent in New Orleans, JAS. E. WOODRUFF, who will promptly forward all voodr. to his address. Picket ship OSWEOO, Johnson, master, will succeed the Louisville, and sail Mondiy, 27th inst., her regular day. * and colt BLACK BALL, OR OLD LINE OF LIVER POOL PACKETS FOR LIVKRPOOL.-Only re ?Mas gnlar packet of the I6th April. Tha magnificent -^celebrated fast sailing favoritn pne et thip NEW YORK. T. B. Cropper, Commander, will eail positively on Thursday, the 16 th April. It is well known that the aceom moditioo* of the New Y crk aie fitted ont in a most superb and costly minner, with every modern improvement and conveni ence, that cannot but add to the comfort of those embarking. Persona visiting the old country, or sending for their friends, shoo Id call ana see thii splendid specimen of naval architec ture, before engaging elsewhere. Fur passage in cabin, second Sbia and steerage, early application should be made on board, ot of Beekman street, nr to the subscribers, ROOHE, BROTHERS k CO. all r 25 k niton itici, (rn-it door to the Fulton Bank.) ***? RK.t31II.AH I.IMIf tlS PAt-lfS-TWHIPM? IKIgVof the 6th May.?The Brat class, fast railing paek JpllCsetship HENRY CLAY, Captain Nya, will ami as akova tier regular day. Having very superior accommodations for cabin. M eabin and steerage passengers, persons intending to embark, should make immediate application on board, foot of Maiden Lane, or M JOSEPH MeMCHRAY, 10# Pine, Corner of Soath street. The packet ship VIRGINIAN, burthen 10M tone, will succeed the HENRY CLAY, an* sail oa the 11th May, her regular day. N. B. Persons desirous of sanding for their friaada, can have them brought out by the above ship, on moderate terms, by making application as sbove. *13 r FOR SALK.?The packet ship UT1CA, burthen per register 323 tons. Aoplv to ? BOYD k HINCKEN, Agi No. 6 Tontine Bnildinss.BS wi ? .. , . 'SOU, lwrrc No. 2 Tontine Bnildinss. M Wall street. #? TO MILLINERS. <?) CARL KINO, the well known and celebrated first premium Straw Hat Msnn(securer, informs the public in neral, tkat he has for sale a most splendid assortment of ies Fancy STRAW HATS, manulactared of an entire new article, called Paiia Straw Gimp, mads to the thapc of the Shepherdness Oipser?to beanttful and beeoming, they need only bp seen to be admired. Milliners, and merchants of die trade, will do wall to call and examine befoff they make their purchases, as the gooda will be sold by the case or dosea at a very liberal price. CARL KINO, 17 Division street. N. B.?A general assortment of all kinds of Straw Goods and Pan* Ribbons always on hand. 123 lm*r 8TRAIV BONNETS. Ak L. CHAP1N, No. IS John street, near Broadway up CB) stairs, has on hand a good assortment of Fashionable Strew Bonnets, which he ie soiling at the lowest market price*. Milliners and others are invited to cull before purchasing elsewhere. mrlt lm*r GENTLEMEN'S HATS?STRING STYLE Bird, corner pine and nabsau streets - Ueatlemee's Hats, of the Spring patters, uniting much elegance and beauty of sqrle, *ra now ready for examination and sale, by the subscriber. BIRD, m r?? Im?rc lonscr nl Tin* and Nassau str et SPRING FASHION. (1 BROWNfcCO., lTtChetham Square,eomcr of Moct fMrmt, wish to reform the public ol their leeeat improve ment in the m imifaa ture and flanh of their $3 Hats,combining fashion, beamy and dnrablilty, three important cows ids rations to the wearer. Th* proprietor* do confidently assert their hats to n. much superior t* any ever before told for the same price. Cell %sd satisfy yourself of this feet mJ6 lm*rh SPRING STYLOS. GENTLEMEN'S HATS. rffi WHY win you My ?< and S3 for u Hat, when you C" "? 10 ROBERTSON'S PHCENIX HAT AND CAP MANUFACTORY, 108 FmJton Itreet, and get as good a one lor tljil Go and examine lor , selves. mrlt lm ST iMETKOPOLJTAN HAT AND CAP STOKE, No. '47* 1-4 Grand street, t? I'LUNKETT k CO hirs ja.t opened thin new sstabliih meat with ? splendid assortment of HAT# end CAPS, not to br anrpuaed either in quality, elegance of ihape or du rability, which they offer to the public at the foil owing eery low prices:? Hats. First quality Nutria Fur. at $1 M Second do do do do SN First quality Moleskin, do 3 0* Secoed do do do 2M < sri from 37K cent* to $1 7J each. Wholesale and reUil orders punctually attended to, and can miners h'tetrcned and kept in shape gratia. a7 tmVrc J. PLUNKETT tad R PAKDESSUS. LOOK AT THIS! jy LADIES AND OENTLEMEN, if you want Ane article of Boots and Shoes, call at M7 Broad way, wh- re you seill And the la fast assortment, cheapest, snd most faahioliable m the city. Do not mistake the number, J?7 Broadway, coroer of 1 raaklia street. N. B ?A Urge assortment of imported French Boots, at tha low price S dollars. M. CAHILL sit lm*r PREMIUM HOOTS. . FINE FRENCH BOOTS for |l 3d, city aide, and arc ?equal to those .old in other store. fort5. f?e French Slw-e M-umlacmry.ooe of the meet fashionable in the city ? Our ff.ots haying been jndeed in the late Fair at Nihlo'a, art said to be the best e*er sold in thia city. ? i ? D insmntaii In via as ? ? I im Is#] um Oil r<? D? HIP "VISA 111 tn.siiij, All Boota warrantsd to giie saliafaciMm. Mcoding, kc. done in the Store. YOITNO It JONES, 4 Ana at met. mta lm*m near Broadway, Naw York. BOOT# AND SHOES ?The Public ara tamed to rail and esaiaiur tha large saaortmeet of gentlemen's, fa. dies and miaaes Boota, Shoes and Outers, in all thai;Tan. I Ji&af ".taTStSBiL M TO LET. A SUITE OK ROOMS. funrnhMl or unfarniahed, for one or two gentlemen, at It White street. >1} lOrre TO LET, A HfilUSF, No. M Vsriek street. in food repair, with | Crotoa W?ur,* Tea R >om, udi One view of St. L John'* Park. Enquire of w*ira K COB, 41 John street. H TO LET, THR three stiry brick Home, No 10T Croee street, op posite Zion Chnrch. The hnnte is in prrfrct order, and will be rented,to be occupied bv a single f unity, at a rery moderate rent. Appl^ot^the premises,"or to I lw*rre PETER PIRNIJC, 106 Front at. TO RENT, MA BEAUTIFULLY situated Front Office, in M South street, oa the second Boor. Two or more Lofts can also be had withit. For Tether particulars, apply to W. A J. T.TAP8COTT, 74 South st. alt r corner of Maiden laae. M TO LET?The modern three story aud attic Hons*, No, M Second Avenue, be-ween 4th and 4th streets ? If is well finished, with mahogany doors, plated furai tare and plate glasa in the first stoiy, bath in the second story, and vary conveniently err need throughout. Apply on the premises Can be sveu from 11 A.M. to 3 o'clock P.M.daily. all lw'rre FUR SALE, OR TO L.ET, MThe Moda'n built three itonr brick house, 114 Adams street, Brooklyn II not sold by private sale, it will be disposed of at public auction, ou the )4th day of May next. Half of th* purchase money can remain onmoitgage, for a term of years. Application to be made ou the premises, 114 Adams St. Brooklyn. s4 Ira're FOR SALE OR TO LEASE, THE Hoose and Lot 473 Broadway The main houae is M a _ . . U-B five stones high with the attic, and St fret deep. The .EJ&baek building is three stories high and 64 lect deep A stable on the rear frontnc on Merear street, 41 feet deep. Tbs lot is M feet four ia-hes front and rear, and MO lae< deep Pe-aocs wishing to confer with the owner. Dr. CHEEK MAN, may do so between tke hoars of ? and 1, A. M.. and 3X and 4& P.M. all lw? rrc ?TO LET OR FOR SALE, M ON vary lavorableterms, four three story and basement brick dwelling Houses, in Hoboken. They c?ch eon EjjL tain 11 rooms besides the kitchen, and are fitted in beautiful style throughout. Two of these houses are 31 feet front by 43 wet deep; and two of them 14 feet by 44, with wide court yard iu front. The situation commands n fine yiew and is within one minute's walk of the ferry, where boats leave every fifteen minutee, for Barclay street, and every half hour for Ca nal and Christopher streets. They will be let with the privilege of free ferriage. Apply to *10 Iw'r J. C. STEVENS, Hoboken. TO LET, MTO A SMALL FAMILY?The upper part of a house in Chambers street, consisting of front and back reem with pinfry, oa the second door, and a front and bed room on the third floor, and if required an attic room, with the use ol Crotira water, aid other necessary privilege*. Ap ply to A.S. VAN PROAO, 47 Warren at. N.B.?If desirable a par-, ol the tb.iye may be obtained. ?7 lw*r TO LET OK FOR SALE, tA MODERN BUiLT COTTAGE. 8t*ble and Coach Houae attached, with about an acre of land, the principal pert of which is well stocked with fruit and ihrube, and en losed wi'ha picket fence. The stages mssevefy ten minutes within five minutes' wslk of the house. Situation between 110th and 111th streets. For farther informa tion apply to JOHN BATHGATE, 144 Ninth street, fir Dr. WOODS, Hsrlem. mrll 1m*re TO LET. AHOUBE AND BARN, with about sixteen lots of liTjV ground, situated in the village of Hastings, Westchester iaiJLcennty, State ol New York, withia a few minntea' walk of the steamboat landing. Said place is divided into gar deus, which are well stocked with fruit. Also, u pleasant grove, with a stream of water, and several good springs. Pos session can be given immediately. For further particulars, ap ply at the store of Mr. 8c r.losser. Hasting'* Landing, or or atlm'rc MR. ECKEHT, 71 Mur.ay st. New York. TO DRY GOODS DEALERS, Ml WHO DESIRE a Handsome and Capacious Store in pJW one of the most erowued and flourishing thoroughfares JjaMLof Brooklyn?The n .dersigned has now eiected, in Myrtle Avenue, near a dry goods store, which it doiag an im mense bus-nest, a fine three storv brick building, 34 faet front by 40 feet deep, with handsomely finished parlors, he , a large and commotions store, and an excellent and spaciona base ment. It will be finished,and ready lor possession before the first of May; will be an excellent location forn retail dry goods business, and will ba let low to^ajrwxl tenant. Apply to LAN09TAKK, 144 Myrtle Avenue. CURE OF CORNS. Bunions, tumors, excrescences, b*d Nail*, lie.?No. 449 Broadway, between Howard and Grand at. MRS. BERHARD, from Paris, has tha honor of inform ing the public that she atill continues to practice upon the feet with the greatest success, hiring exclusively devoted her time to those diseases, to which the leet are subject. She ia confident in promising that she will entirely remove coma from their irritating and painful location, without causing the least para or possibility ol danger, or making the blood flow. The operation will not occupy more than four to five minnlei, and the relief so instantaneous that person* thus treated can immediately put ou their shoes and walk without the least in convenience. Mrs. B. ha* practised her profession for several years ia En rope and in this country, and has acauired great skill and much practical experience- Facts attested by numerous certdlcatea from the most celebrated physicians of New York, Bosnia, and Philadelphia. Trrras moderate for yearly attendance. No. 44* Broadway, between Howard and Grand streets, New Vork. mil ltno*re CONSTIPATION (COSTIVENESS) DESTROYED WITHOUT MED1CIN&S, INJECTIONS or BATH! ? -DilMYwy rtctDtlr made in Franca by M. Warton Priee Thirty cents?the filth English edition, translated froi the 23d French edition of the exposition of anatnral, simpli agreeable and infallible means, reeeutly discovered in Franci not only of overcoming, bat also of completely iestroyingool *1 habitual i stihate, invsterat- and habitual constipation, without using e ther purgatives, injections or baths, followed bv ? great una ber of authentic docnmcnts from eminent physicists and othe persons of distinction, certifying the complete efficacy of th means. To each document is suhjoined the name and exa< address of the physician orothtr person who testifies ? of r The authors of the certificates attest, not only that this oats ral means destroys constipation, and that it canses the attest nal canal to perform its evacuating functions as in its nsrma states, but also that it cores, as if by enchantment. 1. Pamfn digestion, (dyspepsia.) 2. All, or nearly all, the diseases t which the bowels are subje t. 3 A great nnmber of other as rions, dangerous nd Iflkg standing diseases, for curing whic medical science is entirely impotent. Sold at the National Depot, of WARTON, of Paris, 74) Msiden lane. New York, and by all booksellers and medicin dealers in the United States. mt lm*r DR. SALMON'S REMEDY CIOR disorders of the Stomach, Liver and Kidneys, accost JT pan led with indigestion, loss of appetite, heaaacne, bilion attacks, giddiness, palpitation, languor, low spirits, loss c strength, pains in the back, side, and lower part of the ches habitual costiveness, worms, and other distressing symrtoms THIS CELEBRATED MEDICINE has met with eitn ordinary snccesa ia private practice^ and is prised so highly b all who have taken it, that the proprietor has been induced t introduce it to lh? public generally. He assures any saffen from the above complaints, that it ia, ss it prof apses to be. perfect cure, invigouting the system.restoring appetite, healtl eelor aad strength, even to the most debilitated. THIS REMEDY CONTAINS NO MERCURY, nor an preparation of it, and does not prevent the closest attention | business, mostsatisfactoryrefereneesgivenifrequired. CHARLES H. RINO, 102 Broadway, a!2 lna?tn eor. of John St.. Hole Agent for N. Y MOTHER'S CORDIAL. THE superior efficacy of this article, when used in the lai stages of pregnancy, is so apparent, that no female who hi eo its benefits would be willing, on any eond ? experienced its benefits would be willing, on any eond . i, to be deprived of it. Its effects are to shorten and dim nish iha sufferings attendant on Child Birth out half, and tna place cth child and mother in a state of safety. This iiuo quack article, but the prescription of a regUl Physician, .se who has made this branch of his practice apai tinlar study. For sale at 1M Broadway,comer of John street alt lm*m 159 BROADWAY. WHOLESALE AND RETAIL PERFUMERY ESTABLISHMENT. ryUE flu been ber returns his thanks to his friends and th A public for the very liberal patrooage extended to hir since the opening of his Store ia New York. Premising tha in Pavfvs m a rrr tha mitim thnnlit nravti 1 "astha* ika k.. e a in Perfumery the maxim thonld prevail, "either the best e aoae," he earnestly solicits one moment's attention to he fol lowing very intelligible proofs that he is capable of offeria| the very best, whether the competition be foreign or Ameri can. 1st. He p<>sseasesnnequnlled advantages iu Paris, ia has ing been for many yean ?tireior of the Laboratory of Las gier Tore et Fils, for half a century the first house in this lin< m Europe. 2nd Since the Grst exhibition, some years past, o ~ r riant his i New all i i Perlumery. 3rd. His Perfur.i is banished the importer whenever it l>sa come fairly ii j competition. This is em phatically the esse with In. Shaving Cream Why ahonld i ?ot be ao ? Hit Perfumery ia, is fact, the foreign both in iu quality and mode of fabrication, with On addition of aa excellence which the foreign never can poeseas namely, freshness aad advantage in inany of these articles o the greatest importance, ow ing to their perishable nature, tin His prices are from 20 to SOiereeat lower, in fine, the aub senber, educated in the best foreign schools, imported will him the science aad sk>ll of his nttive city, offers the product of his jsbtnutory. equal to tha beat imported, aad superior t< them from the advantage of recent preparation, st much lows prices. He, therefore, flatters himself thst hie prepeistion matt of necessity the imported, except with thos who ire so unreasonable as to prefer trticles merely beetuti they are foreign, and have been subjected to the influence of i sea voyage. To conclude, the anbeeriber alwars keeps m hand a perfect aeeeruneat of the beet foreign perfumery, an< offers st store aa opportunity of comparing the two. aad a purchasing according to the judgment or preference of ihe in dividual. The subscriber most respeetfslly aoliciU a call from thosi who wish to pnrehase that winch ia genuine, as he assnres tin ^iffiMiMMglkillffiM * Mff' pablic that nothing shall ever quit his sstabl'shmest withou being ss represented to the purchaser. He particslsrly invite the attention of wholesale aud reuil dealers to his very com plete assortmest, which he offers to them at prices from 30 ti SO par cent cheaper than they buy elsewhere. U ? ? E ROU8BEL, Manufacturer and Importer of Toilet Soepe, tfj* lm*r Perfumery,Im. TO HOTELS, TAVERNS, BOA1UMNU HOUSE* and all who like their Furniture t< be sputleas. clear and urigbt. For giriug the highest polish lor requiring less labor, tune is titm*. preventing stains, foi cleanliness sud cheapness,Langley's hnrniture Cream is aad* niably superior to any, CHAB H. RINO, Agent, f 10 lm*r 102 Broadway, corner John street TEETH?TE ETH?TE ETH. UNPRECEDENTED REDUCTION IN T11E PRICE OP DE NTtSTR K, A T the old establish meat, 02 EAST BllAAIiW AY. A Teeth set on pivot 50 eet Tee'b set on fine plete . from tl 30 to $3 00 f PC II Oct ITU 11 sic piu%C|. . ? , , ? i s ws s*/ WW WW Teeth fiMed with fine gold foil 50 Prices for all pthet woik iu pioportion Willi the above list i mounted wr other Dentists AH work donO at Una of to^aaTee. N.fXVLOR, fst Im'ra Hnrgieal and M.chsii'cal D.ntisi |*v ENU1NE HAVANA liUAKB of the new brand " K GjudiuK 192 BROADWAY, CORK** OF JOHW STRKrr. TO THOSE WHO SHAVE THEMSELVES. From the Evening Pert. SPECIMENS of KINO'S, VERBENA Scream for shaving. This article, eaivseaeUy praised by those who made trial of it. year took the first rrrmmm of the In.titnt. Fur. indeed it i. fullv conceded by tiioa. who know, lust it i* impossible to manufacture .a mi el* eqa.l to it. It i. ?often* to the thin, Irarrant to the aente, a deatroyer ol freckle, and pimplea, and ia told cheaper than the old All, therefore, who woeld eontvlt econo my and comfort in tharin*, shouldpoesess themselves of it. From the New York Guette ?TTte New 8o?p.? W? apeak from ezperieuee, and w? .peek from the more professional knowledge of oar benefactor end friend Jamea Grant. No. 4 Arn ttreet, who aayt it ia ahead of ?ny thing erer yet found oat in thia department ?l modern improvement. It ia not euly an emolient" bat it ia tcaaething more." In ahort, we believe it ia the beattharicg tu<p in the wbrld. From the Evening >nrro?.? Kiug'a Verbena Cream, we know by experience to be the beat kind of ahaving aoap, and thoea peraona who have troableaomo bearda, ahonld not be without it It haa a penetrating way of ita oara, and aaftena the hardeat and rowtheat beard, to aa to > ender the operation of ahtvine perfectly aaay. Mr. Ring haa lately taken tha bnai ueaa of Dr. Milnor. at the eorner of Broadway and John street, where his inestimable article may be obtained; ana, likewise, Hiag't Cough Candy, which ia said to be a pleaaaul and cer tain care fop (hat troublesome companion. From the 8ondny Dispatch.?Every man who aha vet himself should procure "Kiug'a Verbena Cream." It it an exquisite article softening the beard, and allaying all irritation of the akin, to that it becomes aa absolute pleasure, instead of an an novanee, to nae the rasor Beware of iinitatioua,' and ooeerva the written signature un der the directions for uss, of " C. H. Ring." Prepared and ioi sale, wholesale and retail, and for exportation, by CVH.RINQ, Druggist, 193 Broad w,y, center of John street Successor to Dr. Wm H. Milaor. N. B.?Merchants are particularly requested to call and ex amiue thia article, aa now prepared, as to quality, quantity, ap Kstance and price. It cannot bo heat?the splendid new label im a atcel plate, engraved bv Messrs. Rawdon. Wright h Hatch, far exceeding any thing of die kind before the public. n?5 I m*r KITCHEN RANGES. HOLMES' TWO OVEN K'TCHEN RANGES. THE Proprietor! are now prepared to famish Holme*' ranget A to the trade, or set them ap for private families or boarding honsea, having pmchased the right from the peteotee to manu factnre and sell them. Our experi-nee in manufacturing I and setting Kitcheu Ranges, is thia city, forthe pest II years, war rants ua in asserting that Holmes' Hange cannot be surpateed for economy, eonvsoienee, and durability. They are warran ted to perform the purposes for wh ch they are pnrchssed, aud if not they will be removed free of any expense to the pur chaser. Numerous references eon he given to pereons wish ing to purchase. 'J he prices range from 3} to 45 dollars. The proprietoraare constaatly manufacturing, and are well sd with paiior, office, and bed-room GRATES, of the supplied newest patterns. Also?TIN WARE, bright, plain and japanned. They have masons at all tinea ready to set Ranges, grates, and boilers? also, to cure cBmueys, and warrant them not to smoke. A. G1LHOOLY 8c SON, al3 lm*rrc 71 Nas?au street. SARONl St ARCHER, 1B1 Water street, eorner ot Maiden lane, ET AVE ON HAND, a large assortment of Cape, Silk and XJL Fur flits, of every deicription, and Spring ityle, Straw and Panina Hat*. Alio, ftil Silk. Glased Lawn, Visor* and Cap-stocks, which they offsr at very low prices. Deal.rt and manufactnres will do well to examine their stock iefore purchasing elsewhere. mil lm* m? 3w THE INVISIBLE WIG. CO closely retemblot the real head of hair that sceptics and connoisseurs have pronounced it the most perfect and extra ordinary invention of the day. The great advantages of this novel and unique wig is its being made without tewing or weaving, which causes its appearances so closely to resemble the natural hair, both in lightness and natural appearance, as to defy detection, its texture being eo beautiful, so porous and so free, that in all cases of peTspirationl'evaporation it unimpe ded, and the great evils of other wigs entirely avoided. The. sceptic and connoisseur are alike invited to inspect this novel and beautiful Wig, and the peculiar method of acting the head, at the manafactnrer'e A. C. BARRY, 146 Broadway, corner of Liberty street, up stain. m4 lm*r? PHIL O S O P H Y OF WORMS IN THE SKIN. MANY YOUNG PERSONS?especially those of full habits, or who indulge in rich food?are very much an noyed by the appearance ol black spots upon the side of the nose, on the upper lip, the chin, the forehead, kc., resembling grains of gunpowder sticking in the akin. When the skin is roughly squeezed, a small worm-like substance protnules, having a biack head. T he supposition, however, that they are in reality worms, is erroneous These spots arc occasioned by an undue accumulation of the fatty Butter which is separa ted from the blood for the purpose of lubricating the skin, and this overplus chokes np the Pores and concre'ea. The dust fl rating in the air adheres to this gseasy substance, and causes the black speck. This gives the 'ace a dirty tnd disguitisg appearance, and the remedy of squeesing, so universally re sorted to, is not only painful, but frequently useless.. Very often the over disteesioa of she pores cause* inflammation and painfnl pimples. The only certain remedy for thia affection is to wash the lace with warm water, and GUURAUD'S Italian Medicated Soap, which is also infallible in the removal of tan, freckles, sallow nets, redness, pustules, ringworm, tnorphew, salt rheum, chape, crack*, ehaf 's, old tores, fcc. Beside being delicious for bhsving, WOURAUD'S Fuudre Babuls is warranted to eradi c ita saperflaous human hair. OOURAUD'S Grecian Hair Dye is the only preparation extant that will positively dye red, light or grey hair, a rich and unchangeable black. GOU RAUD'S Liquid Rouge is designed to unpart to pallid cheeks the natural hue of the rose. It it important that thess articles should be pnrewsed genuine. This can only be done by procuring them at Dr. Fe lix Goumnd s Depot. 67 Walker street, 1st store FROM Broadway; of Jordan, 3 Milk street, Boston, and of druggists generally throughout the Union. m33 lm'tn GUIDE TO SOUND TEETH. Bfrom the Evening Post.] LEt who has practiced for the last seven U teen rears in this eity, has obtained an enviable eminence in his profession. He operates upon the Teeth with great skill and ability. He has also prepared a Composition for filling de cayed tender teeth, which, while it resists the action rT all acids and infecting agents, it becomes as hard as the tooth it self It is peculiarly ad anted for na rvotu persons. Dr. Castle insert* artificial Teeth. DR. A* C. CASTLE, Dentist, ml51m*m 331 Broadway, corner of White st. CHRISTIE'S GENUINE ! GALVANIC RINGS i _ AND ? ! MAGNETIC FLUID. rpHI3 REMARKABLE DISCOVERY comprise* to en Ant,rely safe and novel application ol the mysterious power 'ial sgi of Galvauiam as a remedial agent, by means ol which the or dinary batteriese, lectric and magnetic machines are entirely dispensed with, and the power applied in a manner equally effectual, much cheaper, and with perfect convenience and safety. The Galvanic Rings in connection with the Mao nrtic Fluid, hare been nsed with entire snccess in all cases of RHEUMATISM, scats or chronic, applying to the head, " t, Toothache, Bronchitis, face or limbs : Gout, Tie Dolorenz, swmoavnaHi'Hi Nervosa or Sick Headache, Indigestion, Paralysis, Palsy, Epileptic Fits, Cramp, Pflpitatinn of tha Heart, Apoplexy, Htiffneu of Joints, Spina] Complaints, Lumbago, Neuralgia, Nervous Tremors, Diztiness ol the Head, Pains in the Head and Side, general Debility. Deficiency of Nervons and Phy sical Energy, and all Narvoos Disorders. In cases of Dys pepsia, which is simply a nervons derangement of the diges tive orgsas, they have been foaad eqnally aneceaslni The Kings aw of different prices; being made of all sixes, and of virions lrnatnental patterns, and can be worn by the most deli cate female wuhont'the slightest inconvenience. THE GALVANIC BELTS, BANDS. 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These articles form an important addition to the Galvanic Rings, acting upon the same principle, bat having the advan tage of more local application. Jit art effectual mrant J^or Streng;Arising tht system when debilitated bxj disease or ?t causes, ae a certain aid in conetilutional weakneu; as a prtr-nlirtfor colde, and in all affectione of Ike cheet gener ally the CfALVjtNIC STRENGTHENING piaster III" will ta found of great sad permanent advantage. The reader ia afcrred to nu meroas Q9-HOME CERTIFICATES,^00 published in trie N. Y. Sun, Mirror, Tribune. Atlaa. and other papers. Th-se teetimouiaia. all of which are from the moat re spectable sources, have beta selee edlrnm several hundred of a airailar character, which hare bean procured daring the abort lime the discovery has beta before the American public. Only Agency in New York No. 131 Fullon etreet, Sun Building. 2^7"CAUTION?Beware of spurious imitation* of tkasa articles. Messrs. A B A D. SANDS are not, and i , never have been, agents for Dr. Christie, nor can I warrant as genuine any art'des called "Galvanic" which are offered by the above men tioned firm. D. C MOOh HEAD, Agent General for the United Statee, mr* lm*re 111 Fnlton street. New York. FITS! FITS! A CERTIFICATE of Care of Epileptie Fits, of tl years standing, cared within thn last three months, by nseiog Ivans' Vsgeuble Extract, sad sworn to before tha Mayor ol the city of New York, March theTth instant. To all whore it may eoacera ? I hereby testify that I have been afflicted fijr twenty-three yean with epileptic fits It would be impossible for me to describe my sufferings, for I hare suffered through the various stages of this dreadful disease, from having tha attacks light and far belweoa, to hasAsg thrm in the moat awfal manner and vervfrequenrly. I have tried the medical skill of numerous physicians wilhoat ever receiving any benefit whatever. I have always been trying every reme dy (ao called) I could hear of, until I gave up all hopes of avar being cured, and looked forward to ihscdd grave as a blessing 1 - r? " atHsna' V> ralher than life. 1 at length heard that Wans' Vegetable Ex tract, was making many wouderfnl cotes of thisoreadful dis ease, and confess it was without a shadow of faith I called on Dra. I vans fc Hart, and represented my case to them. I be came gt oast convinced that they understood the ais.ase, and hope revived?yea. thank God '? my health revived too. I per severed ia the nse of tbia medietas about three months, and through the blessing of thn Almighty ia the means used, 1 am restored to health, aad 1 would eheeifoll) recommend, nay, 1 would urge those who are afflicted no longer to doubt, bat call at once at iM Grand street, New York, ami be made whole. I shall be happy to see say person who would wish to converse with ma on this subject, at my residence, tt Essex street. New WILLIAM H. PARSELLS. York. Sworn before taa, this Tib day ol March, A. D., Hi*. imlO Im'r W. h. H AV.-.KVIE YER. ,\1*yor PHALONS MAGIC HAIR DYE. NEW AND INVALUABLE DISCOVERY, beii.g a liquid dye, which instantaneously changes the color of-he hair rr whisaere to a beautiful brown or black, without inju ry to tha hair ur akiu. Gaatlemau can have Uwu whiskers dyed in fiva tn.nutes a; tha depot, III Broadway. Price per battle $1. mrlt Im'rh A fcUMMLH CU. Nnuta waate^at^^r cast Extraordinary Litter from WUlleJK H. ?award. w Aububv, Much >1,1840. Mr Daaa Sib?Your lotter of the 24th inet, in which yon inform ae of a deiire entertained bjr yourself and otbera to place me in nomination before the people of the county ot CbauUuqne, aa a candidate for the office of a member of the Coneention which baa been called to reviae the Conatitutioo of thia State, hai beeu received. I If ever I ahouid become ao miserable aa to distrust mankind, my habitual confidence would be revived by come new act of friendabip on the part of the whig citi zens whom you reproaent. Here la a truit, (ought by the moat eminent persons in the State, and to be confer, red by the people of Chautauqua county, among whom are many aa well qualified for it as I am ; and yet, it ta urged upon me, aa if I were not already buried under ainular kindnesses coming from the aame quarter. It would be uogeneroua to accept auch an offer under auch circumstances, and no man can ever find a good motive for an ungeneroua act. Every personal reaaon which ever exiated for mv continuance in private life, atill ex lata. Ye are have brought with them an increaae of the number and the need for whom 1 labor. I admit that the Conatitution muat be reviaed, thorough ly revired. The State of New York Lei in the gate of the continent, and haa long been receiving a full tide of men, ot knowledge and money, from all the other Ame rican Btatea, aa well aa from Europe, in addition to natu ral increaae. Enjoying the inatruction of half a dozen colleges, five thouaand churchea. twelve thouaand school*, and aa many librariea, the State haa alarmed ila antiquated guardians by complaint! that ita condition ia uncomfortable, and ita energies cramped by the Conati tution aaaigned to it a quarter of a century ago. But all Eartiea agree not only upon the necessity of reviaion, ut upon all the neceaaary amendmenta except one. A part of the community hesitate to adopt the principle of universal suffrage, and weakly imagine that democracy In the State of New York can bs clogged a little longer by laws of naturalization and registry acta, operating on the exile ; end by proscription of color excluding the African. But the progress already made in exploding these errors, gives ua an earnest of a complete triumph of democratic whig principles in the Convention. The property qualification ia alread property qualification ia already renounced, and tha opponents ot universal suffrage nave fallen back upon the pka of the hopeless debasement of the African race. With the aid of mistaken philanthropists, they bore to defeat tha enfranchisement of tha colored man, by the artifice of submitting en article for that purpose to the people separately from all other amendments to the conatitution. Let them try that. " Whom God de votee to destruction, ho first makes mad." The apolo gists of slavery in New Hampshire recently separated a kindred question from all other iseuei, in a popular ?lection, with what result has been seen. Universal suffrage in this State is not a local ques tion. Slavery continues in the South, because the ne groes there are represented in the public councils, and virtually -ote, through their masters, for perpetual sla very, while Northern allies disfranchise free negroes whom nature would oblige to cut their votes for free dom. The evils of the compact have become intolera ble. The free States increuing in population and in wealth seventy-five per cent more than the alavebolding states, have fallen into a hopeless minority. Tneir in terests are sacrificed at home, and are betrayed abroad. We have reached a new stage in our national career. 11 it that of territorial aggrandizement. Extend jurisdic tion in an element of national strength if the moral con dition of the people bo sound ; of national weakness if that condition be unsound. Slavery has iaapovarisbed tbe Stales where it exists, ao much, that they are inca pable oi endowing schools, maintaining mails,construct ing roads, or supporting armies. With principles in re gard to revenue which always prevent the general go vernment from establi-hing proper defences, the Slave holding States are ready apologists in every case of fo reign injustice and aggression The people have in structed the President to maintain the American title to the whole of Oregon. The President thereupou requires the consent of Congress for proper notice to Great Bri tain. Congress debates and he sitatee until the effect of the notice is altogether lost. It is slavery that " doth make cowards of us all," and juatiy so. New York, without a discontented citizen or subject within her boidere, would be stronger alone than all the twenty eight slates. Musacbusetts defied Eogland seventy year* ago. She ha* only one statesman who would dare to commit her to such a conflict now, and ho belongs to tbe revolutionary age rather than tothii. I want no war?I want no enlargement of territory? soooor than it would come if we wore contented with " a masterly inactivity." I abhor war aa I dateat slavery, 1 would not give one human Ufa lor all the continent that remains to ba annexed. But 1 cannot exclude the conviction that the popular passion for ter ritorial aggrandizement is irresistible. Prudence, jus tice, oowardioe, may check it for a season, but it will gain strength by iu subjugation. An American navy is hover ing over Vera Cruz. An American army i* at the heart of what wae Mexico. Lot tha Oregon question be settled whon it may, it will, nevertheless, coma baek again. Our population is destined to roll its resistless waves to the icy barriers of tha north, end to encounter Oriental civi lization on the ehorea of tha Pacific. Tha monarch* oi Europe are to have no rest while they have a colony re maining en thia continent. Prance has Greedy sold out ?Spain hat told out. We shall see how long before England inclines to follow their example. It behove* us, then, to qualify ourselves for our mission. We must daro our destiny. We can do this, and can only do it, by early measures which will effect tha abolition of aleveey, without precipitancy, witheut oppression, without injustice to slaveholders, without civil war? with the consent of mankind, and tbe approbation ol Heaven. The restoration of the right of suffrage to freed men is tbe Ant act, and will draw after it, in das time, the sublime catastrophe of emancipation. But thia act haa already opened. There it no need ior me to go upon the stage, nor have the self-oonceit to be lieve tost 1 could be at all useful. The people of Chau tauqua county have obliged me many times, and always without solicitation. They muat now grant ma one favor upon request, which is, to leave me in peace at home. Under no circumstances, and upon no consideration, could 1 consent to be a candidate for public office. I am, very respectfully, your obliged And obedient servant, WILLIAM H. SEWARD. Affray at Charlottesville?Death or a Stu dent ?We learn from a gentleman who came from Charlottaevill* in the Sunday train, that ? terrible affray occurred there Saturday night laat, at the menagerie, (recently in thie city,) between a company ol university student j, and the persons attached to the menagerie, ft seems that the students were disorderly and riotous and would not permit the showmen to clear the Circle, in or der to exhibit the perfoimances of the elephant. The keeper of the elephant and the other showmen remon strated with the refractory students and repeatedly de sired them to clear the ring in order that they might proceed with the exhibition. They however refused, when the keeper, determined to proceed, brought in the elephent to force them aside. At soon aa thie was done the etndente attacked the keeper with violence. The rest of the ikowman came to his resistance, and a gene ral and furious fight took place between the two parties, in which sticks and bludgeons were need. Our inform ant states that at one time some five or six of the stu dents were knocked down and lying prostrate on the f round. One, we lament to heer, who received a violent low on the head, died of hie wounds on Saturday night. The student! were driven off, but afterwards returned withe reinforcement and were about to make another attack, when tbecltisene interfered and stopped them. Two of the showmen were apprehended and lodged in Jail. The name of the student who was killed, was Olovar, of Alabama. He was a mild, quiet and amiable young gentleman, not engaged in the affray, but acting as pacificator. Ha was in the midat of the combatants, endeavoring to quail the riot, when he received the blow that unfortunately terminated hia existence. We also learn that the name ol the man who inflicted the blow by which young Glover was killed, was John J. Bailey. Bailey, we understand, has been arrested. He got on the cars this side of Beaver Dam, when he wee recognised by one of the students, who wee on his way down. Bailey deniad bis name, but the student who re cognised him, made oath to his identity, and had him ar rested. He wet brought to Richmond by some of the passenger* and lodged in jail.?Richntnd Rrpublican, April 14 Warlike Prefarations m Canada.?It is well known that oar Canadian neighbors have beon for soma time silently fortil) iog all the important points on sirs Lake Ontario. The defensive works at Kingston are very .extensive and substantial. The operations of that government in this respect have, until lately, bean kept ?ecret. bince the opening of Parliament, many facta heve transpired that show bow extensive have been the preparation* for deftnee. Tha followiog we find in the Brtitih Canadian, a leading government paper, published at Toronto. "In conaaquenc* of the present unsettled state of the relations between Greet Britain and tha United State*, orders heve been forwarded to Woolwich tor a powerful armament, consisting oi various piece* of ordnance, of different oaiibree, gun carriages, ammu nition, fc',., for the various ships ot war and stoam vessels at present stationed on the coesta and rivers of Canada, and the lakes, that form tbo boundaries between it and the United States. Tb* number of piece* of ordnance that will be required for this purpose, is estimated at mora than 300. Toronto is to bo fortified similar to Kingston, together with other project* of a liko nature." ?RtchttUr Drmterit. Lamentable Occurrence.?Oa Sunday evening about aeven o'clock, our village was startled by an alarm peal from the Court-house bell. Those who reached the Court-house first, found tbo Grand Jury room filled with smoke and flames: end, sad to relate, the aged mother of Bherifl Van Busklrk, who bad moved into toe Court house bnt two or tbrea days, perished in the flames. The fire was soon subdued, but Mrs. Van Buskirkdiad from it* effects about 11 o'clock tha same night. She had been left alone bnt a few minutes by the family, who war* taking tboir tea below, when one of them who wont into tbo room, discovered the aged lady lying on the bed completely enveloped In flames. Sue was !eft sitting by a very hot coal dove, with which her clothes had probably come in contact, when in her agony sbo bad thrown horself upon the bed. This dia Ejr.sstion is rendered peculiarly sfflictive to the lamily, y the certainty that in a brief apace oi lime?lor she was 06 years of age, and very ieeble?eh* must hava passed peacefully into that bottar world for which she had been long prepared. The warmest sy mpathies of our entire p<Miulation ere with tb* sufferers by this deeply | eiotur occurrence.?HrhHere (V. J ) Ap<lt*. Atrocious Murder?In Greensburf;, naritli of St. Helena. (Lou ) a lew days ago, Mr. Wm. Sell, a respectable citizen was shot dead whilst sitting with hia lamily at his own firoaid*. The aim of tbo assaaain was laarluUy accurate, eight buckshot entering the body, and one passing through the brain Kvery rffoit has bean made to discover the murderer, bat thus far la vain. AjjAirr, April 14,I84i- j The State Convent?* , om, irJ-T? "-rTirr^rsrrr^. engaged much ot . t Tha Assembly gisl.ture fr annm e ^ Jeflnile an?rKe has been unable, as y#t." ?fapwd the whole matter, mantofthequ..non a f ^ 8upr#me Court, m I understand, to the J?MU ^ ^ controll.d by without,however, pledging oie the biU, if pass the deci.ion ofthe.e officers. ffa_on 0( the con ed, would materially affect the co"? wh,oh hM been ventlon ; and the resolute pe"? be attributed manifested, in favor of the measure, ..ttled by ?,hi.act ? poim? u. the ju.tice. U, I thht U? r?pt? , onginal convention bill, whi p qJ ?1(h th, ?entetion in th? ""Y^J^ the repre number of memberso u, apportionment or not, MntaUon according to the ucent^p^^ ^ ( and whether the kegi?18., nf this cUuse. With determine the PJ' the Senate out waiting for 1the dec .u report C0TnpleU by a s.f | took up this bill W-dayuP to a preponderance of lect committee- Th? . .. wbich regulate* the repre sentors in favor ?/***. caniU?, but no defloite aotion eentation by the recent ceniu ^ Jeoided pre,10a. was bad upon it. If t^?. ,be -jath inatant there may to the el double in0 thU convenUon concerning Wat aia upon ?? ogta iniiani ??/ to the eleotion to be bold on ,enu0n concerning be a va.t deal of t.ottble in ?? > t a epecial pre the right of member* to ?aati.^aa ^ gom( countlat, be paratory enactmentdeUga ui many in.Unce. elected according to the old c din_ t0 tbe new sp pionmen't ^rma^n? conVtruction*is not V^t upon the^law. to-day. in place in woveni"'?. ? der a new epporuuu fu January,.o that Ue memberenn^ alter it i. ment cannot take their aeaH ^ ol ^ ia per made.'* 11 woal .J,t,T ita adoption without discua.ion fectly right, andthat^ prlnCipie of economy W? ||M SuUwhfch might be employed more | appropriately- ?.?.T,aiiroad bill, which baa been made The Hudson River Rauroai . th> Senate, wai a ^ciai ord#r for to-morrow. t ln ,eMi0n to-day. We occa The Grand Jury ?.lbftbie opioioni concerning the ?ionally rather "??:'^neraUo the lawinth.corv amenity of Mr. Attorney -Uy of participation in this Taction. Even if boldly hinted by bis parti amenity or Mr. A""'"-/ -Uy of p.rticipation m ?? vention. Even if he boldly hinted by hia pert'" SS!!K?K? SUTjW t".5? .refer an indictmeot agam tnM m0et derogatory to war ia moat "K'l'l^h^end inflexible firmneaa which he imperturable iategrity. meD Because he is a ihould belong '".^.te-becau.e be ia Attorney Gen rovernment subordinate bJ?uaniwer boldly bandied Jral of the public men, and their exem^ Th. r.p.? LolU.^The report was agreed to^^^ gieing bounties A bill was reported to rep tho duties on salt, on salt, coal and lead, complete. Referred to a commd ee to rep ^ w|| devoted to The principal portion reeolutiona, among which the third reading ofbdU iolmj0na, directed to our were the concurrent miiitm ^ were pa??d. ^.?sK?r.&srdrh.?<, .h ?sastWy-? &??,il The bill to continue tne oou / 851, was passed. d u.)0> a bill regulatins A lengthy debate ????J[arney^^of Ooelda county, ami be salary of the diidncta aycoinmittee with tu,lru?" ihebUl was recommitted to Boerd of lions to report ? ???e"ttnty in the State to flx the sale Supervisors in evsry . their counties. y?t the district attorneys in tbe^ commitUe upon The House occupied asaon um ho snfi rent bills-^ ?cU ^ I#UUon t0 dsvlces and It is underf'loc^ V1. x|r xilden, will not nJfl?##? / 'aHcentfl, preientod by Mr. * u jt a bill of ?** (fold tbe tenantry any propoiinft to exterminate ihange or coiAproinue, no> p ^ iujUries which are ind annihilate the deep a not rsach the case offered by the poor teaant^U a ^ of j kor opproacb tbe merwe? ,. t i_ Kmnd. eeemi to no ,ai fe? *. !?prM^niln*,h?i th. abolition of th. d"l[-" ?9-.JS?W22i.a gM JsaiJi iioiu ie eimuwh ? wrAimdi for my ieari> wm ,. ister e'tenlble'lesson to tbe law-loving citiaen. of StThe House was also '*? ^"0^*0"Ke"canal fund to " ?xirArsu?.s the canal fnnd hsve this fund to ths general appropriaton of fW.wo >ro? ^ ]t jg furtherpro lund, which by law sho contrlbution from giOO.OOti posed to increase the debate upon this bill, the fo $*00,000. Pending the debate tjin< Mr Bai Honsetook a recess ubtiM? ntand learned ed ley, of Putnam. 00?m*^t forth in detail various im dress to the House, swing tbe canai revenues?the portent information cwisrr.bgtk>lf worthlessoess-the fraude^Ttba'?^\?efiyaudbwHh consummate skUI SSSOS ? U proceeding very quietly ?"euds are^o "(fotmnfenl electors go to the polis P? U byel!ehfo.l |o be ??^Vud^ Mr. rsrmelle, by lr0nl bumlred people, it the nail T" p'?"' -7ere harmless. ??? Chkrokkk Nation, March 12, 1846. Stale of the Cherokee Nation?Anarchy?Plan to Regulate Indian Affaire?New Railroad Routt to Oregon, #c. tfc. I will fill up the sheet with Cherokee mattera ? Vou know that there ia trouble ia this nation* but you ought to have some correspondent here to let you know what is going on?I don't volunteer more than this, having no leisure to devote to it; bn will give you this to show what wight be done. The three parties of the Cherokees are divided in their interests, but the Ross men are particularly the point of attack, from both the old settlers and treaty men ; these two latter, being in the minority, are In turn hard ly treated by the Ross men ; when one of either party ia killed in an affray, the friends of the murderer se crete him, and there ia no such thing aa bringing him to punishment. The Ross men are many of them poor, and live hy plunder on their more wealthy but unprotected neighbors. Life is never safe, and law has no sanction This state ot things has been brought on by our gov ernment placing the apple of discord among these people; and as yet, it stands bv and looks at convulsions produc ed by its policy, and declines to step forward, because there is no law for it My idea is, they had better make one, and here is a plan for action. Be it tnectei, ffe., by Ms Sennit, +c. fe.?1st. That fiom and after the passage of this act, it shall be lawful for the President of the United flutes, whenever he shall think such a measure necessary, to prevent domestic violence n any of the Indian nations, to proclaim martial law within such a portion of the Indian territory as may be necee- ary to effect that object. 2nd. That this act shall be of force only so far aa to place in the hands of the United flutes troops, the pun ishment by court martial, of all persons guilty of mur der, manslaugater, or attempt to kill ; and upon any in dividual in the country so designated, being charged with either of the above crimes, it shall be lawful tor the conimanding general of the forces in said country to assemble a general court martil for the trial of the same, and that the privileges and lorma of said court shall be the privileges and forms at present in use in the amy of the United States, and that the individual so charged be ing convicted of the Clime alleged, shall suffer dr.a'b, or ! such other punishment as may be inflicted by the sen tence of said court. This, I am sure, with energetic commanders, and the desire of onr army to see civilisation progress, would, in a short time, restore order iu this nation ; and I am equally sure thet nothing else will accomplish it They cannot do it themselves, and some impartial party most do it, or else abandon the Held, and let them kill on ; one day the weaker party must be destroyed. Humanity would dictate that the martial course is the better. You talk of a railroad to Oregon; why not the United flutes employ the ten years they would be fighting the Oregon war, in constructing such a road. It would cost less than the war,and when it was completed; it not only would give us Oregon, but with our ships on the West coast* and easy communication to them, we could drive John Bull out of the Pacific Ocoan. There is one point in this Oregon war never talked ol; it is theYeliowstone route. Th?re is a pass that way, and a practicable one, and 000 miles of railroad would unite the upper naviga tion of ths Yellowstone with the Falls of the Columbia, if I am not misinformed. Besides, the Yellowstone conn tiy is as fertile as Oregon; perhaps a little colder. It is well wooded, and has navigation to Mt. Louis or (he ocean. A flourishing Bute eould be made on the wrst slop.! of the Rocky MounUina, on the tribuUriea of the Ysllowatone, and I havo but little doubt, if esplored, tt e Country would be found to possess vast mineial wealth. I give this, not from observation, hut report The Boston Trnmerift of the l?th initant, says There was a bard froot last night, and it was quits oold till a lata hour thia morning. Ice on atill water formed hail an inch in thickness. The threetened storm of yssterday has passad away, and tha sun ia out clsarscd bright te-day, with a fresh, bnoiug atmosphere Vas-letlea. The extensive rope walk establishment of Maura. Morrison k Caohoaen. in Ohio City, waa burnt on tha llthinatant. Tbe building was COO faat in li-ngth and tha lira took neaijtlie centre, supposed from aparka from buruiog stumps in tba vicinity. Loaa in buildings, machinery, stock and manufactured article*, about 94,600. Inaurad for $i,700. H|We loan from tba Galena Ganttr, that an estimable French gantlamao bjr tba name of Francis Do La-vault, waa murdered on the llrat instant. at B??toru, Giant oounty, Wis.. by a man named Bruce. It aeanu that Bruce bad erected an ancloaore upon Lassault's land, and at the latter appronched for tha purpose of urging ita removal. Bruce abot him do WO with a rifla.and then rushed upon him, end put en end to his life wiwi a knife A complimentary dinner waa give* to John 8. Skinner Kin . of Baltimore, at New Orleana W f1 inatant. Col Wm Chriaty, Praaident, with Hon. Win Peyton, aa Vice-President. A man named Alexander Go'lln, baa bean '.ted to jail in Prince William County, Va , on inep^C'?0 having murdered, a lew days since, a man named Godfrey. The Pittsburgh Gateitt aays that vary valuable de positee of coppor ore bave been discovered on the Allegheny range in Pennsylvania. A company of gem tlemen have purchased all tho land indicating copper, and are now mining and preparing to commence smelt ing Miss A B. Herron, of Norfolk. Virginia, baa present ed to 8t Patrick's Roman Catholic Church in that city n magnificent picture of the Crucifixion. Miss H., dunug a late visit to Italy, com missioned Ferrari, one of the first copiers ol Florence, to repair to Bologna and there execute thia. painting from the original by Uuido. preserved in tna Pope'a collection?it being pronounoed ny critics the finest painting on this subject iu exidtetic* This lady is in possession ot the best private galleries in America, collected by her late father. 8he has a Wo presented to St. Patrick's Church, a copy of Murillo's Aasumption, obtained at her aolicltetlon fiom the original in tho possession of the Queen of France. On Thursday evening, April 0th, about half past eight o'clock, a meteor of uncommon splendor was seen u". New Haven, in the northeastern part of the heaven*. The observer, being in ihe second story of a hocae, ??? the meteor through a window, and doubtless failed le see the body at ita earliest appearance. When it first came within the obaecver's field of view, ita altitude was ten and a halt degrees. The meteor fell almost vertically, ?lightly inclined to the left (or northward.) and dis appeared without apparent axploaion, at an elevation of six and a half degrees, and fifty three degrees east of true north. It was of a fiery red color, and much brighter tban Jupiter. The sky at the time was haxy in that quarter, and the full moon.'shining. John T. Robinson, editor of the Princeton Whig, has been olected Mayor of that city. A. D. Grossman, an independent whig, has been elect ed Mayor of New Orleens. Great Freshet in New Orlbans.? Owing to the heavy ruin which fell on Saturday and Saturday night, together with a strong northeaster, the swamp io the reSr of the city was soon filled, and the wind driving the water into the city, created great alarm to the inhabitants of the back part of the town. On 8unday, about mid day, the flood increased so much to cause apprehensions that it would equal Ihe greet flood of I8SI, which cauaed groat damage. The inhabitants liv ing in low houses at the Lake have removed to the city ?their habitations being no longer tenantable. From X to a o'clock, P. M , on Sunday, tha watera roae nine inches in the rear of the city, between tiff New Canal end Lake Road, leading to tbe landing of the Mobile mail boat*; and yesterday, at 13 o'clock, it waif within three inches of the greatest height of the flood of J8>1, and still rising Tbe houses, yards, stables, hotels *nrt outbuildings at the end of the New Canal, or 8beli Roau, are all inundated, and for two mile* towarda the city tho canal has overflown its banks, leaving tho houses in the distance to appear as if they were floating on the sen.? Tna destruction to bridges has beau very greet. At one o'clock yesterday, the whole of St. Mary atreet. Hevia stroet down to Philippe, including the Houae of Rainge, and Second Municipality Wotkhouse, were inundated Also, all the streets between Hevia and Canal eta , down to Circus street, ware inundated. Faubourg Treme tn tinder water. Tbe canalt Carondelet, Claiborne, end the works of the Draining Company having overflowed their banks, with few exceptions, the water had got back to Rampart street. At Lake Pontcbartrain the railroad, wtierves, kc , were ell overflowed, end should tbe water increase, thenars will he compelled to stop running. In all the places we have mentioned tho in habitants aro compelled to use boats or take tbe heck ef a good stout negro. No calculation can bo made of the loss, which has been, or will be, sustained by this flood, but it must be great, and wilt fall on many nnablo to meet it. We regret to say, likewise, that the Charity Hospital, and the infirmaries generally, are ell inondat ed, rendering acceee to tbem exceedingly difficult. At the time we write tbe raiu has ceased, but the wind con tinual, and the waterd are still riling. Should tha wind ciiop round to the north west there is no knowing the extant of the damages which must ensue.?M. O Delia jipril 7. Supreme Court Decisions?Special Term ? Mr. Justice Beardsley, Presiding.?April IS.? lieebn ri. Ellicott st si. Motion to rofar csso back to circuit judgn Tor re-settlement; granted. Adams ads. SsiiJlend Motion to act aside inquest, Ac.: denied with coils, without prejudice Gilbert vs. Gilbert, at aL Motion for appointment of cammissionars to make par tition; rranted In the matter of the appliestion of Henry D. Tuttle et al Motion ex parte for a cetUorera; granted. Waterrliet iiank vs Russell et al. Motion ex parte to amend judgment record, lio.; granted. Travis, ads. Gregory. Motion for attachment; granted by de fault. O'Neil ads. Ladd. Motion for Judgment as in caae of non suit; granted. New York and Erie Railroad Company ads. fetterson. Motion for judgment as in case of non suit; granted. Scudder ads. Owen. Motion for a commisiiod; granted by default. Same ads. Owen, jr. Motion for a commission ; granted by default.? Thomas et- al ads. Petit et. al (end snother cease ) Mo tion to set aiide execution; denied with coete. Stevens vs. Rosa. Met ion to vacate port of ? rule which stays proceedings; granted, coats to sbids event McOisat vi Seville. Motion noticed by delti ordered to stand over until next special term Deuchy et. al ada. Variok. Motion to change venue; denied Green ads. Merrltt. Motion for jndgmsnt as in ca>e cf n -n snlt; danied with out cosii and without prejudice. Prince surv'r. ho. ve. Currie ot al. Appeal trom order of circuit judge, vacat ing an order of discovery, he.; a discovery ordered, ho., costs to abide event. Hill et. al va. Rueeel. Motion lor leave to reply double default opened, and motion granted, coats to aeide event. Newton et. al ada. tka Hudson River Bank. Motion to set aside default, he; gmuted end referred, costs to abide event. Woodworth ads. Miller. Motion to change venue; denied with costs witnout prejudice. Webster vs. Ptilin ex he. Motion to substitute an administrator tie honie nan, hi ; granted. Ransom ads. Williams. Motion for judgment of non pros.; plfT has leave to serve emended bill ot particu lars dn terme. Houghton et. al. va. Gardiner. Motion that def't day coats, hi, or that precept issue; granted with coats Wesson et. al ads Phelps. Motion to ehango venue; granted on pay't >7 costs. Jawett aL ada Clark Motion to set aside execution, he ; granted on terme Ferguson ada Brown. Motion lor relaxation of costs, grauted with oosto. Pratt, Jr. et al ads. Bennett. Mo tion ordered to stand over to next special term ?AUany Argue, April 14 DR. J. FRANCIS, OCULIST, 465 Broadway, THIRD DOOS raow ORSWD ITSEFT. WE, the endersigaed. having witnessed astonishing eevea performed by Dr. Francis, believe his prepn-ations are one of the greatest discoveries ever raise for diseases of the Eye,and h (lily recommend him u a safe sod ikilfnl Oculist Rev. Duncan Dauber, Rev. H H. Cose, Kev. J. Andrsde, R.C. Priest, Rev.U. Benedict, Rev. J. Peck, Rev A. Wheeloek. 't'y References given to those in the eity who have been totally blmd from Amoroeis?sight now perfectly restored. Ulcers and Hpeeks rdn-.ved of the longsetstanding JT7" * number ol undoubted testimonials, to be seen at the office, will satisfy the public ol hta aeioa-ehing seeeees ?7* Artificial Eyes inserted withaatpaia. K7" Ad nee is *"^~?Dr Francis will remove oe the fast of May to Its dlt Br>otne st. first hosts, second block east of Broedway. sS ImdhltW'rc THE EYE. DR. WIIEELEP, Oculist No. as Green wish sWe-t, New York, eear the battery, devotes hit eteluilve stteet'.ea to diseases of the Eyv tied Ophthalmic surgery, sad eseerva ike public that that there ire not imonxst the oamerous di eases to which the human eye |e subject. any dieerdara of that sum which r. no ot bet?ieoiifill7 re'ieted or ntrrd by hm. Tno *aat nnmber of rodo-Me*! testimonials whifh ean be teen et hit oAq?, will tntitf v the pnolic that bit practice it lot eve cri ed either it eitent or jaeeta%by that of aay other Oca lilt in the United Htnttt. ?/- Office hourt f-nm I A- M. to 1 o'clock P. M., after which he visits sat door patients. Anficml Eyes for sals, sad which will be inserted oe reasonable terms A pamphlet containing remarks on Diseases of the Eve, with several instances of great caret effected by Dr. Wheeler's of treatment, can be had gratuitously at his reeideae#, or the same will be forw. rded to say one making application to bun by let'or, poet pan mlT lsa*r "artificial eyes. m VfADK and inserted by Dr. J GRAY. No. Il? Bowery, N. lvA ; ork.the only manufactory of the Neman Artifi-iai r.yo in the United Rratee. Any person thil Wishes to be well tan rd, ah< nld always apply to the maker, who hat beea the trt forty vests. ,m n M. WISE, OPTICIAN, Fi OM GERMANY, mst.i fsrasssB rtsaw vbass himself??this city^st 4JTBROADWAV, Where may be fmud a la^f snd <wm| l^ awrUtomt of SPECTACLES AND HEADING ULAsBLU, la Gt?;d. St'vrr ami Steel b rsmet M W wonld eUo'emmd the putdic to whom he is partfllv known, by his .nasal visits to Saratoga Sprints f?r the last ten rears that by ht? knowlrdg- of the Optical science, he is enabled to d?t*rmise the glasses aaiMhfa for any eye Per ?nn? with *r>k evea eaa be anppt.ed With glasses which Will ere tly renefa and not atmin the sight Parucslar ait-ntion it called iiga new s'vle of Perspective ffroend fjlaa* of the finest flint, which, through their high polish and true groead. prodece the purest vieioe, aed h??? been highly recommended seths beef in their effect epon tint eye, for preeeivieg end improving the ?<ght id rontinned writli a and re'ding. . Hhort sifhteri persona. tori tneh nt have been operased mpom tor Cataract, can tito be saifd. ? . .. , He intent new Glasses, of teparior quality, m oie rramem tod tolieiit the patronage of all la went of oia articles I W'll warrant .Ml ttpectaeles purchased fW>? me to en r mm tight for fiva years, or rvehaoge them without citra th\r%m. 9 .M 1m?e *

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