Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 17, 1846, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 17, 1846 Page 1
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5=5 THE NEW YORK HERALD ftkzn^it.iM.wM.i???9 NEW YORK, FRIDAY MORNING, APRIL 17, 1846. THE NEW YORE HERALD. JUKI MRIMM MMNISTT, Pr?|)rielor. Circulation?Forty Thousand. DAILY HERALD? Everyday. Price! eeeu pear oopy??> "WEWhEfitft-tssv ry^cerday?Price SX ? jfiuNTINO of all kiada nicntw) with boaaty ud leaped*. ILr" All MIMA ?H CMUUUIOUMI, Of ?MUl, adOlMaM 10 Mm, mast be poet pud. or the poetego will be SiM'nm,i";tSlff'SotSS<rSS^rrT, New Toes Hmud Kitim nHNin North-Wear comer of Feltan eed Nwu ate I NEW YORK, ALBANY AND TROY LINE, lajll u. VoR ALBANY AND TROY DIRECT, 1ft?1** ' *- from tht pier foo" of Couitlaadt street. ?C3DL Passengers taking thia Boet will arrive ia tim- u> isku ibe M?rniug Train of Can from Troy wm to Buffalo. ud to Arratoga, Inffaio, ud oe. th to Saratoga, Wbitaball aad Lake Cham "K. steamer EMPIRE, Captain R. B. Many, leevea the feet of Coordkodt (treat Monday, Wednesday and Friday, at seven o'c nek, P. ivt. . For Paaaage or Faaight, apply on Board, or at the OHeo on the wbart. Notkb?All goede, freight, baak hilla, specie, or aay other Mod of property, positively at the owewe'riah. a!5 AMP- REGULAR LINE Of PACKET MU1P8?Packet a\r< (hove tier regular day. Marine eery aaperioraeeemmedetieae for eabie. Id eahie aad eoserafe pass ear era. persoms ia (ending to embark, shoald make immediate application oa hoard, foot of Maidea Lane, or to JOSEPH McMURRAY, let Piae, corner of Soath street. The packet shipVIRGINIAN. barthsn Ittt tone, will saecaedtbe HENRY CLAY, sad sail on tht 11th May, bar regular day. N. B. Pert oat deeiroaa of sanding for their friends, tea hare mam broaght oat ky the there snip, on moderate terms, by miking application et abort. allr POR NEW OHLEAN8.-Louisiana and Mew MIIV York Lin*.?Positively First Regalar packet?To anil aSNaMMdir. Mth in at ?Ilia elegant, fast sailing packet ahip LOUISVILLE, Hut, master, will positively sail an above,/er I scalar diy For freight or pam modatioua, apply oal K.K. COLLINS 1 CO.* Son* .BMC Agent in New Orfeaas, J AS. E. WOODRUFF, who will promptly forward all roods to hit ad drat*. I Packer ahip OSWEOO. Johnson, master, will aaeceed the Louisville, aad anil Moad ty, ITtk last., her regular day. ^^?7a8?\OE TO AND FROVI UtVlfcRPOoir^ I The Packet ship NEW YORK, Captain Crupper, sails for Lircrpool on the ltth of April, aad tha LIVERPOOL, Capt-ia Kldridgs, oa the list of April, aad 'ha peeketehio 81DDONS, oa theMth of April. J&' paS^sh For psiaags, hari"a saocrior acrommodations, apply to JOHN HRRDMANfc CO. (1 Soath? alT rre ENGRAVERS' STEEL AND COPPER PLATES, M^^IADE froaa th# best materials and tha Saish equal te aay ? in the world. Stral from ) to 3 osats per inch; copper from 1M to S cents per inch: Plates from I toM inches; Card Plates Iks to Ms per dog. A large stock always ea hand aaJ rea dy for orders^ at a moment's notice. ud sent bjr AAuns' Ex press. Manufactured by ,HVVa, mrl3 lm*T H and N Piatt stro?t. N. York. NOTICE. box. ^?BOOKSBOUGHT. T>EKSONS wishing to diapotc of their Libraries, either J large or small, will always find a ready purchaser and geed ?as, oy addreaaiag a few liaea, giriag name aad nambar, te Briaea, ? IL J. M'CABE, apt 'm*T 1* Nana.a. nr t?T Rinnrt/t. street. 11 ii u ii 11 FAR LIQUID HAIR DYE, for ehugtagths color of the VA hair to auy required shade ef black or brown, ia a faw niqu'is, by a Simple aad saay proems, without staining the akie, or >s nay war minting the hair. The great sdvutagos pomes ed by this Hair Dye over those hitherto ie use. will be at os't epps'CLt It prodaees a perfectly natural color, it a no m pa rat it ly short space of tiaae: and mnch of the trouble and annoyance attending the uaa of all former Dyes, are en tirely obriated in this. For producing the lighter shade* of hrown. ihe Atrapilatorr may be scid to be the only preparation thr uah which a satisfactory resalteaa be relied oa; and in addition to the eolor having so done a resemblance to that of completely to defy deletion, the aae of the Dyel will be found te no raapect injurious to the ha r, which, alter the operation, will letmn its aeesatoined softness, elasticity the operation, will letain its aeeaatoined softness, elasticity, and Bow. Pfirate apartments lor ladies aad grnuetnoa wish lag to hare their hair changed, ?t sllWre J LAlRD'd, M Chatham at. tlAK.iWC.lxLB WASHINGTON HOUSE, 993 Cheat nut Street, PHILADELPHIA. BATHS fust introduces?'Warm aad Cold?in fine apcrv maats, for both ladies aad gentleman; aad tha mars erga njieuon aad fitting up of orcry departmaat of the Wasningtoa House,oomplete mC Im'ra MANSION HOUSE, eiutlLfcTOWN, CONNECTICCT.^^^H rjTHE UNDERSIGNED begs leave to aaaoaaee te hie J. friends aad the public, that he bus leased the above house for a term of years, aad hopes, by long experience aad strict by long experience ud l attestiin to "betiaaaa, to miartt a liberal ihm of I ?uncage _ , JOHN L. MONROE, mrl Sn*t? Formerly of the U. 8. H tel. B*itoa. | EAGLE COFFEE HOUSE AND BATHS, N?u* Poarl street, between Centra m>d Elm?Warm, cold _ and shower Baths, rqnsl to those in any house ia the city, at Ilia cenu; LosLings, vith good eloaa beds, 1IK eta; Board ing nod Lodging, fit 00 par week- In tha rending room will be Hand uewspepert trom London, Liverpool, and7all the priaci p-lctii-a oi the United States. at lm*rh I>iAHUUAMr, KUStWuoU, ZEBRA WOOD, kc Brnt SALE CHEAP, by K. O.STACY, No. M Wooeasr ? street, bafnoa Broome and Spring sts. The stock is composed of n large assortment of crotch, mottled ud shaded Rahogany Vene-rs, Rosewood Mahogany, Zobruwood Bird's ty# Maple ud Black Walaal Lou, Boards, ? wamyim mum uiih t, .1 .Uh mm,, vim,... Flank, Jo 1st, ItC. , ud a general assortment of lumber, usually kept at ma ins var s in this eifv. ? 13 lm*rr WINES, BRANDIES, GIN, flee. Kfk CASES rem old Madeira Wiae. each f docea, bruds. VV Blackburn, Leal, Newton, Gordon It Co; U cases fiu ?Id Aaontilado ud Dnff Utndon Sherry, in do; Otard, Da pay It Co. Brandy, ia half pipes ud qr casks; A. Scigaette ia do; eld Pale Cogaac, 1M, in qr casks aad eighths, of a very Thi abort w^aea art of a high grade, bottled by Sis lata Goo Bemeat M years ago, ud for sale low, by R. B. DALY, Sacccaacr to Br-mnotlii^mtle, M fcNidat. LOOK HERE. ?an AAil WORTH OF WINDOW SHAD'S sail ffl*v>vvV/ ing i Fat IS par cent below cost, to clone tha basiussa at tha 1st of May. KOWARU WAM-iLEY. No. M Catherines!, between Eaat Broadway ud Hem y at. all Iw*r ? TO M1LL1NER8.H CARL KING, the wall knowa ud celebrated ?nam Straw Hat Munmetarar, in forma the pal HMPMMMSgllMpMBMISBIIMMIHMPHt M general, that he has lor aale a most splendid assortment of Ladies Fuey STRAW HATS, muataecared of an entire new article, called Paris Straw (has. made to the nhaao of aew article, called Pans Straw Uiaip. mad* to the shaeo of He Bhcpherdarm Oipsey??o boant lal and becoming, they seed only be sees to be admired Millienrs, aad merehuta of I tha trade, will do wall to call ud examine before they make their purchases, as the goods will be sold by the case or doaon at a very libera) price. ^^^^^^^^?CARL KINO, 17 Division aad Paris Ribbons always oa hand. IB lm*r STHA W B ONNE TS. L. CHAPIN, No. 11 John ? treat, near Broadway up L. CHAPIN, No. IS Joha mrcot, aaar Broadway up Si| stairs, has oa hand a good aianitmautof Fashioaabla ZK Straw Doaaots, which ha iaaaUmg at tha lowest aurket US,? aad others arc invited to abU befera pauchasiag olsewhcra. mvlt lm*v QENTL&M&N'H HATS?Bf RING STYLE aFKIxaG FA3HIonTM^^M ra BROWN kCO., ITS Chatham Square. niwi^H jpmcrreet, wish to inform din public of their icceat^^^H msut is the manufacture and fialth ef their gl Hus.combining fashion, beauty ud durability, thiuo uaportut eeosidsratioas m the wearer. The proprietors do confidently assert their horn KMh much saperior m uv over before tetd for the urn price. Mil aod eariefr yocrncif qf this fact 1 m? lm*vh STRING STYLE. GENTLEMEN'S HATS. IE WHY will yea pey ft J* ud $9 for t Hal, whea yea ^ oca go to ROBERTSON'S PHOENIX HAT AND GAP MANUFACTORY, ud get m good aambi RRt 1W Faitoa fitoaaL Go and anam lev year. I METRUfOUTAN Hat and CaP 8I0RE, No. 978 1-9 Oraad etreet, rl PLUNKETT k CO have joat npeacd Uimbcwmrnhlkh Mms maet with a apludid sssoiunent or HATS ud CAPS, not to br sarpaamd nit?wr in qnsl.ty, elnguec of shape or dn rabiiity, which thay offer to the pablic et tha foil owing low priom:? very Hsre. Firet qaeliry No trie Far, at II* Becood do do do do 1 M Firat quality Metaakia, do IB Flint quality Moleskin, do am % Bcco.d do do do 1 M Cars from fO< casts to $1 73 each. Whoicstlf ud retail orders puactaally el^dM men h<ta ironed and kept >n shape gratis. a7 im*rre J-PLUNKEFT aad I to, I ? PABPE8SU8. ^ LOOK AT THIS! LADIES AMD GENTLEMEN, if you warn t flee article of Boots ud Hhocc. eell at 1ST Broad way, ah r? yea wiU Bed the Is* goat sisortmsnt, cheapest, sad mom|mhrae?bMiathccity- Do not mistake mc n ember, MT ?roeHay. eoracr of Fraafclia etooet. N. B ?A lw?c cmccuamt of imported Broach Boom, at tha lew prion 3 dollars. M. C AH ILL aM Im'r RKEMIUM BOOTH. i ml to b? ihp bfftt ntr ?old in una ctiJ. AliBoou jv.trninu?d to gir# mimTmum. i w.trranted to fire BktiAi?ction i near Broadway. New T oik. 1 hn*Tn MMr Ito^dwty. ?l ? >riofc?-no LbIm,rwo M| ?Bm*i "taimdllk,eeralrlejh*. I ft TO BENT CHEA*. Th* Ho*.. 81 Orcbird .tiart lugi'nrf ai< i?*rii a sambon. 441 p**ii *. ? TO KEN T\ a A BEAUTIFULLY nlnaud From Offl'e. in M South street. on th- arcoa<t floor Two or more Lafta ran also b* bed with it. For !*? the' particulars. apply to W. It J. T.TAP8COTT, 74 Month at. alt r eora?r oI Maiden laa*. MTO LET?Tb* nodcra thr*? atory aod attic Hoaaa, No. M Sacoud Artaae, be we em 4th aad 4th strett. ? Itia well toiitrd, with mahocaay door*, plated fnrai taia aad plate glass ia the dm Uo-y, bath ia the saooud atory, aad eery eoarenwatly ?rr ueii throughtnL Apply on the pramiaaa Caaba acaa from 11 A.M. to I o'rlock P M. rta lr . all lw?rre FOR SALE, UK TU L>ET, The Moda-a baiit three ?torr bneh hoaaa, 114 Adam* ?treat, Broohlya li ant aoldby prirata aala. it wilt b* di*Doaad of at pablie auction, oa the )4:h day of May JiexL Half ol the pn'cbaaa money can remain on mortgage, or a term of vein. Application to be made on the premiaee, 114 Adams at. Brooklyn. "* *' ft ft FOR SALE Ott TO LEASE, ft" THE Hoaaa aad Lot 473 Broadway The ihain hoaee ia Ore atonea high with l*# attic, aad 33 feat deep. The hack building ia three atoriea high and *4 I eel deep A ?table on the rear from ne oa Mercer (tract, ?1 feet deep. The lot ia M feat f <ar in Am front nod rear, and 330 lee' daap P* Mil wishing la confer with the owaar, Dr CHESS MAN, may do *o between the boareof I aad 3, A.M.. and 3X aad tW. P.M. all tw* rrc TO LET MTO A SMALL FAMILY?Wnppar part of a honae ia Chamhca atrart, aoaaiat'ng of front aad ba?k ream with p<a:ry, oa the aaeood floor, and a front and bad rooua on tb* third floor, aad if repaired aa n'tie r?a, with the aa* of Crotua water, aid other ??purrr privilege*. Ap ply to A. B. VAN PRO War'en at. N. B.?If dramble a part of the aboea may bo obtained. a7 >w*r TO LET OR FOR SALE. J/A A MODERN BUILT COTTAOE. Sable and PHD Coach Hoaaa attached with aboat an acta of land, the JaiLprincipal part of which ia well etoabed with frmit aad faacy earn be, and aa loied wi'ha picket feaoo. Th* stage* lea miaate* wthtn fire miaatra' walk of th* hoaaa. rasaarary lao minates W Uiin nr* minute* wain oi ui* nous*. Sitauion between 110th and Illth atraata. For farther informa tion apply to JtiHN BATHGATE, 144 Ninth straet, or Dr. W(M)M, Harlem. mrM lm*rc TO LET , A HOUSE AND BARN, with aboat mteaa lota of groaad, situated ia the rillag* of Hustings, Westchester ^county, But* of New fork, within a few minataa' j of the steamboat land inc. Said plaoa ia divided into gar dens, which are wall stocked with trait Also, a p easant groee, with a stream of water, aad aereral good spring*. Poa aeaaioa can bagiraa immediately. For faruier particular*, ap ply at dla atom of Mr ScOnaier. Haatiug'* Landing, ar of al lm*rc MR. ECKEMT, 73 Marrar at. New York. FOR SALE, IN WILLIAMSBURG, tA MODERN-BUILT two atnyaad basement frama HOUSE, collouade front, situated in Second (treat, be tweaa South EigMh and Mouth Ninth attests. It is iiily situat d, comamnding a fins riaw ol tha Eaat Rirar, aad within aoand of tha Pack Blip ferry bell. Tha lot oa whieh it Itaada is worth orar $10W, aad tha whole will be sold for vera little over what the house e/ct to build. It has been erected a little orar a year. Possession on 1st Mor. or Miliar. For particular*, apply to W. It J. T. TAPSCOTT, alt 3t*th 74 8oath atrret. corner of Maiden Lina TO DRY GOODS DEALERS, WHO DESIRE a Handsome and Capacious Stole ia tma of tha naoat crowaed aad flourishing thoroughfare* of Brooklyn?Tha Undersigned baa now erected, ia ft Myrtle lyrtie Arcane, near a dry goods store, which ia doiag aa im laass bus aces, a fine three atorr brick building, 34 fact front by 40 feetdaep, with handsomely finished parlor*, he , a largo aad commodiona store, aad aa excellent end ipaeioua baea ment. It will ba finished, and raadr lar possession before the first of May: will ba an excellent location for* retail dry goods bosiaeas,and will ba lot low toagood tenant. Apply to JOHN LANOSTAbV, tw*r 144 Myrtle Arena*. TO LET OR FOR SALE, SON vary Itvorabletrrms, four three storraadbaaamaat \ brick dwelling Homes, ia Hobo ken. They arch eon L tain 11 room* beside* tha kitchen, and are fitted ia iral style throaghoat. Two of thM* honaea are 31 feat by 43 feet deep; aad two of them 3* feet by 44, with wide eourt yard ia front. Th* situation commands a fiaa riaw and is within oa* mtnuta'* walk of tha ferry, wham boats laare erary fifteen miaatas, for Barclay street, aad erary half hour for Ca ml mnd Christopher itricts. They will ba let with tha privilege of fire ferriage. Apply to al> 3w*i J.C.8TEVENS, Hobokaa. JM FOR SALE.?Will ba sold at public aattioa, at the PmM Hotel of Darid No*. ia Somarrille. N.J , oaThara ?JuMLday, the 7th day of May aaxt, at 3 P.M., a House aad Lot at Gtterillr, on tha Eaatou turnpike. Tha hoaaa was bailt by ex-Sheriff Todd, at a cost of aboat 3411*. as a dwel ling aad grain store, aad ia enmpesad of a main bnilding 33 ft. by 5* ft., and a wing 13 hy M. It ia well located for a person wishing to en gag- in th* corn trade, th* guiu of a Urge dis trict, in going to market, passing immediately by the door. Couditiaaa of sale will b* reasonably at tha option of tha purchaser. New Brunswick, N. J , April 14, 111* Also f>?r sale two Lou ?f Land, aboat a half mila from tha city of Now Brunswick. N. J , and on toe road leading south The lanrer lot ia eorerad with rrergrcen wood of forty years' growth, i* about gg leai ahora tha near, which doers directly ia front, aid affords a happy riaw ap tha Ran tan, of the city, and in tr* distance of th* mountain* in North Jersey. The ? miliar Irt ia cleawd land. Both ar* calculated aa building ?itei. to pirate oa# wiahu g ta reside aaar a town, ia a healthy district, and easy of access to tha c ty of New York. For psrticaUrs. *i quite of A. 14. Jones. No. 30 Nsssan at., or of Thomas Erans, in the city of New Brunswick. New Brnmwict. April 14, l>46. apt* 3l*re BPgtl.NO purifier ok the blood. WINER'S ARCANUM EXTRACT. ABA SPRING PURIFIER OF THE BLOOD, this me i\. dictns cannot ba saipnsaru working its way throush the system with a silant aad effsctir* toree, claiming the Blood, Removing Dyspepti* Influent e?, Sootmng th* Nerves. Re moving Internal Obetntctions and DiaeaaM that wou-'d other wise cauae injury to the Liter nud Lung*. WINER'S ARCANUM EXTRACT i*alroa eettaij cure for all diseases arisiagfrom aa impu<* slat* of th* blood, auch a* Scrofula or King's Evil, Wh te Swelling*. lliaeaaas of the Skis, Pimple* or ro* tales on the face. Biles, Diseases of the Bonee, Ulcers of all kiada. Syphilitic aad Mareariil Diseasea; also, for affectioas of tha Lirar, Dy*pepsu, Coatiraneas, P I mutton of the Heart, long suadiog Rheumatic Affectioas, Gout, tad all?. hronic aad Narroos CumplatnU, occnmag in debilitated eoasutatioas. Im simplicity r-commends the nae of it to parents whose children arc afticted with any disease of tha blood or akia, or whose constitution* hire beau injure* by laughened illnrm and the me ot dele eriom medicine* u it will effectually panfy the blood aad rewerate tha syetem, aad where symptoms < f icrofal* are in i he least degree risible, this medicine, if properly administered, will moat surely exurmi * This madiciaa ia much cheaper, plaasanlar, and warranted sum rior to aay other *old. The followtar certificate* ar* selected from among many others in possession of th* pri prietors. For farther particulars and conclusive sridence of the ralue and afiescyol this medicine, sea punylileu, which may ba obtained of agaau gratia. PiiiLaDBLfma, Jaa (th. 1346. Mr. E. B. G. Kiasloa?Sir: I hare tried th* Areaaam Ex tract whieh yoa axtoll-d so high'y, aad Aeditall. aad indeed much hatter ban yoa rasomm-ndod it to ba. Prrvr as to my uhiag the Areanam, 1 was eoirpletely corerrd with blotch**, no ptftof my bod/ or limbs tjaiag ? xrmpted. aad hamdc I was greatly afflicted with tha PiIm Before I had asad ih* Aits nam oa* weak t ia blotches began to *iapt>*ar, and my piles to baeom* eaar. I am now ia battar h*ahh than 1 h-rs baee for a a amber of years, aad all owing, I am truly eouriaerd, to tha ua it Winer's Arcanum. 1 can coocsieoti usly recommend it lax)** of th* eery bast madsciaas lor acrofuloue nffectiooa or eruptions 1 erar heard of. Yours, truly, L. A. BLODOET, 31 South 3d at., 1341. Mr. E. B. O. Bailor Sir?Bajieriag that Winer's Areanam Extract is well aalealaMd to afford relief to thoaaaads who safferiag, I.faal eomorllad, ia arcordaucs with my (mneh aa I dislike a puffer of any . under my awo immadiMM obaerrauon. My little granoson, about three year* of ag#. baa haaa affliet ad with a blanking out all orar hi* body and uea smee he was two month* old. Mareral physieia-w wer* sailed ia to see him, and l ay all proao -need it aa hereditary scrofaloas aff.ctioa. He wane constant sonrc* of aaaorance to hi* mother, aa* at tima* apparently saffered the moat loteaae pais himself. One of his brother* h.riaa died abaut three years ago altar harntf had the "White SarTliag,' it waa fra-ad br ih* family that this child would soow follow him. After htriag aoad all the Scrofaloua Mrdirm* within my raaaoa. 1 chanced to sea an ad rertiaemeoi fer the sals of " Wieei's Arcanum." I parehasrd a bottle, aad after hteu g asad it three weak*, the bo- is aa.ira ly fre# fro a aay aruptiona, his general health ia mach impror *d. nod he m now peoaoaacad bi Phyiietaaa to b* earad. 1 he ehitd may b* saaa at aay time, hy ca lug at No. 31 South 10th ?treat 1 am, sir. Your eery gra'afa' serraat, HUBERT kUREY. Price, SI per bo'tlo. or six bottlo* for $4 _ FYupared by Joha Wiacr ft Co., 13 Maiden Icm,N. Y.,(ol* Prop wtrrsforth* United Stair* Mold by Wyam It Keieham, 131 bultra* etroet; R A. Band*. IM Bowery, eorwer of Bprisg; J. W. Bamett 344 Broadway, ajadJ EJ. Uoddiaxtow, 333 Hadaon, corner of Spring. Ia Mrs. Hay*, 134 Fulton atraet; J. Brice. 37 James ttreec; y. IT Qa,,g g Co. comer Colambia and Atl.atie, aad Dr. Btaipa, 134 Fallon ctreet Ia Aibapy. br B F. Ph?lM, 43 State straeL Phil idelphia. T W. Dyott ft Co. 131 North Ba eoadataoat, and It. B. O. Jfinaloo, 383 Chorat it'ttl Ballk more. Charles Wliamaa. New Orlaoas, Bartraad It Sue*. iT T** . Y*-' Gtyuoe, Woo* ft Co , an* by Draggiata ir? rally (ftrwggftnut th* oouatry. al Im'm OlAJ THING lho General Pricoe?JACOB VAN I, between Wm aad Nacaaa a1* aad boy's clothing MARTKLLE * HOLDEKMANN, HNiMmUiM.I.Y. ? CTURES and Importers at Or* jJ -^jTbe trad* supplied oa reasonable tanv. 836,000 *?%Si 133 333 Rioada, all anea, 43 3*3 Emalicioa, 1st M 333 Larayatta, , ...? H 143,333 Eaparmnsa, 14J33 Earppa, SS EXl,,,.? 15Zff&sr-" Th# whole entitled to dabeutara, aad ia lotata suitr sera For *al* by B. M. P1CABIA, 5*aiM lm*m 117 Front ctraat, near Wall, up ? TO DEALERS IN WOOLLENS] HMIOEON It CO, Ml Wast atraet. Ra-fiaiahara *f a Clothe. Cearnest** aad Sntmsta. Th* gold medal haa bcoa awarded to H. M for the improsamoM ia ro-fiaiahiag Wool l?a (ioodi Refer* to Moaan. Wolcott ft Blade, 31 Pica atraet; William C. Imnclay It Co., 43 Exchange Place, corner of Broad atroet; and to D. Brigham ft Co. 38 Aaa street) where orders amy ba lall ml lm*r DR. HULL'S TRUSaES Tn^W^S^-iHk-. A ia aakaowlodged by the moat omtaaat phyMctauom Eu| repeawd Amarlca. axuras&j' "OREGON AND TEXAS SADDLES " JB A J. BULL. Fashionable S.ddle ?ad Haraasa Miton, ? Nu. 206 Bread <* *7. hcve added to theirfinc sssor maul oftoodi. muot ud black ILddlti. ?duit?d W tlww m> countries. Officers ol tne Army supplied with BtdlM for lh? Ttui ?ervice. with the " Twigg'' pjtHri tree, msde egrvevbly to his direction* ; Helsto, Brid'se, Saddle Utgs, Ce Kmieraata to Orag on aad Tam fitted oat la tba cheopaat ' and boat mauaar aT wvUw'a JUST READY. PART TWINTr OW or Ylrtae'i 111 oat rated Paaally Bible, i VITITH octai, ma giusl raftirnaaa, and differani leadtnts, ; *" by th-Her Aleiand-r Fi?teh*r, D D of Lnndoa, au thor or the 'Guide to Family f* 'WHf | i/ ?? w? m 'uavH. ? U Devotion*-amoellihed or a , highly Auishai steel.ngjaving of Rahe#*# celebrated paiaticg, : The Dsscaot from the Crnsa." . Paulished by GEO. VIRTUE, (late R Martin fc Co.) all liaod'm ? John street A W. FRANCla, STONE SEAL AND CAMEO ENGRAVER A RMS. Crest*.Devices, Mottoes_ sod Initials, engraved on A Stoaa em Stoua Seals. Rings, heys. and Pencil Cases. *1 eery as >d erate prices. Aruu aad Crests foaad and painted ia a tape, tor "Specimens may be seen oa application to A. W. FRANCIS, all Steod*rh II Raade street. I door* eaat ol Sioadwav. 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In Assembly, April 10. 1848. { lUoolred, That the bill relating to the apportionment of delegates to tha convention, ba referred to the Jus tiooi of the Supreme Court, with a respectful message from tha Speaker of tfcia House, requ sating them to com muDlcate forthwith to this House, whether, in their opinion, the delegate* to ba choten to tha convention uudar the law oi the last session, he according to the apportionment of the present members of the Legisla ture, and whether thia Legislature have any power to alter or amend that law. B v order ef the Assembly, A (i. CH ATFIELD, Speaker p.* t<m Tha Justices of tho Supreme Court have received the foregoing resolution, with the bill therein mentiooed; and have coneidered the questions on which their opin ion it asked by the Assembly. The first question touches the construction of the con vention ect of 1846; and tha point to be considered is, whether the number of delegates to ho chosen under the act, in tha several counties, it to bo regulated by tha apportionment of members of Assembly wnich was made in IBM, or by tho apportionment which has baan made at the present session of tho Legislature. By the constitution, the apportionment of member* of Assembly, which was mad* in the spring of 1810. took affect for tha purpoao of electing the members, in tho fall of that year ; but it did not take effect, for any other purpose, until the firat day of January, 1817 ; and it was to remain unaltered for ten year*. In other words, the representation of each couuty in tha Aassmbly, from the commencement of t he political and calendaryaar 1817, to tho commencement of tho political and calendar year 1847. waa to remain the tame. By the convention act, the poopls were to decide npon a " convention" or " no convention," at the fall election of 1146. If they decided fot a convention, the delegates were to bo chosen in April, 1840 ; 'hoy were to assem ble in June following ; and the amendments to tho con stitution, on which the convention might agree, were to be submitted to the people for adoption or rejeetion, at tb* fell election of tne same year. Everything in rela tion to the convention, was to be both begun and con cluded while the apportionment of members of Assem bly made in 1810, remained in force, and governed tho raproientation from tha several counties. The seventh seotion of the convention act provides, that " the number of dolegatea to ba chosen to such con vention, shall bo the same as tha number of members of Assembly from the respective cities and oounties in the State." Wo are of opinion that thia moans the number oi members from tho respective oounties, under tho ap portionment whioh was in fore* whoo the act of 1844 was passed, and which will bo in force until after the delegate* have boon chosen, and their labor* have been teiminated. Although a now apportionment of mem bers of Assembly ha* already been made, it cannot take effect for any purpoao until tho fall of the present year. I fan election for member* of Assembly, in any county for tho present year, war* now to bt ordered, and it should bo bold at tha same tine that tho delegates to tne convention are to be cboaon, the apportionment of 1810, and not that of tho present session, would govern. The Legislature would nave no power to make a differ ent rule. It would have been highly proper, as a Just and equi table distribution of tho delegates among tho aovoral counties, and tho Legislature ef 1844 might have so provided, that tha naw census and apportionment, which were then in prospect, should regulate the representa tion in tho convention. But w* think that has not boon done It will ba soon, on referring to the Assembly Docu ments of 1844, No. 311, that tha aalect oommittee, to which tho convention bill waa rafartad, gave a brief ex position of its provisions, in which lhay said, that " each county ia entitled to the same representation it now has in the Assembly." And to far aa this question ia con cerned, tho bill was pasted in the same words in which it waa reported to ta* House by the committee. It is difficult, therefore, to suppose, that tb* Legislature, in passing the bill, intended any other role of representa tion than that which had bean tug ? tee. Aa their attention was| it can hardly be doubted) the language of the seventh section, if tha bill was pass ed with any reference to tha now census which was about to be taken, or to tho apportionment which might bo mad* under that census. Thia goes to confirm the construction which w* think must be given to tho act, whan looking at notking bat the statute book. Tho next question it, " whether this Legislature baa any power to alter or amend that law." As a general rule, tha Legislature can altar or annul any law which >a any otner ruie oi representa 1 bean suggested by the commit was plainly called to the subject, 1 that they would have changed it has power to pass. A proper solution of the question 'by the Assembly, involves, t erefore, an in proposed I quiry concerning tho source from which tho act of 1844, oorives its obligstion. The Legislature is not supreme. It is only one of the instruments of that absolute sovereignty which resides in tho whole body of the people. Like other depart manta of tho government, it acts nsdsr a delegation of powers ; ana cannot rightfully go beyond tbe limits which have been assigned to it. This delegation of powers has bean made by a fundamental law, which no one department of tha government,nor all tho departments united, have authority to change. That can only be c'one by tb* people themselves. A power baa been given to the Legislature to propose amendments to tho constitution, which, when approved and ratified by the people, become a part of tho fundamental law. But no power has been delegated to tho Legislature to call a convention to rsvia* tho constitution. Thia ii a mca sure which must come from, and be tho act of tho people themselves. Neither tb* oalliag of a con vection nor tb* convention i'self, is a proceeding under tho constitution. It ia above and beyocd tb* constitution. Instead of acting under tho lotms and within tho limit* prescribed by that instru ment, tha very business of a convention is to cbsnge those forms end boundaries aa the publio interests may seem to require. A convention ia not a government measure, but a movement of tbo people, having tor its object a change, either in whole or in part, of the exist ing form of government. As tha people havs not only omitted to confer any power on tho Legislature to call a convention, but have alao proscribed another mode of amending tha organic law, wa ar* unable to see that the act of 1844 had any oblijptory lore* at the time of Its enactment. It could only operate by way of advice or recommendation, and not as a law. ft amounted to nothing more than a pro position or suggestion to the propl*. to decide whether they would or would not have a convention. That quea tion the people have settled in tho affirmative, and the lew derives its obligation from that act, and not from the power of tho Legislator* to pas* it. Tbe people have not only decided in favor of a con vontion, but they have determined that it shall be held in accordance with the provisions of tbe act of 1844 No other proposition waa before them, and of course their vote* could have had reference to nothing olae. They have decided on tho time and manner of electing dele gate*, and how thoy shall ho apportioned among tho se veral counties. If tha act of tho last session ia not a law of the Legis lator*, but a law made by tbe people themselves, tb* conclusion ia obvious that the Legislature cannot annul K, nor make eny aunstential change In ite provisions? If the Legislature can altar the rol* of repreeentation, it oaa repeal the law altogether, and thua defeat a maa aura which ha* bean willed by a higher power. ? A change in tha fundamental law.wtien not made in the lorm which that law has prescribed, must always bo a work of the utmost delicacy. Uoder any other form of government than our own, it could amount to nothing lose than a revolution The greatest care should there for* ba taken that nuthiug b* don* which can giv* rise to doubt* or d.fleulcies in tboohoie* of delegates, or tho harmonious organisation and action of tho convention. A controversy about the number of delegates to which ?ny county is entitled, may lead to irregular and diaor darly proceedings at the election, and an imperfootea prcssion of tbe will of tb* elector* in the choice of dale gatae. ft may embarrass tha inspectors of elections and tha oanvaasera of votos. It may also tend to disorder in the convention, where the question nuit finally bo set tled who are, end who are not members of the body. Ia tho strife of parties, if there should be parties in the convention, and taey should bo nearly balanced, tho body may either be broken u p, or the moral force of its sets bt graatly impaired. As a question of expediency, therefore, as wall aa of power, wo think it the safest oourae to leave tha law aa it now is. If. however, tho Asa tmbly should think otherwise, it is then proper that w* should take some notice of the hill which has been referred for our consideration. The first section of tb* bill is in tha following words i 1. The true intent and meaning of| a* much of tho seventh section of an act entitled ? An set recommending a convention of the poople of this But*,' passed May IB, 184a, a* relates to tho number ol delegate* to be ohoeen to lb# said convention, in and by tho respective cities and counties of thia State, ia, that tho number of dole* gates to be chosen to tho said convention, In and by tho said cities and count!** rospoctivoiy, shall b* tb* sam* aa ta* number of members of the Assembly, which tho said citios and counties will respectively be entitled to eloot, according to the csnsus of the inhabitants of thia State, takan ia the year 1844 " W* have already expressed the opinion, that such ia not "tha trua intent end meaning" of tha law. It is pro par to add. that as tha section merely professes to declare what tha law now is,without either proposiM to alter it, or commanding any thing in nartkular to be dona or omit ted, it oannot change tna legal effect of tb* existing statute. The Legislature has no Judicial power. Al though its opinions are entitled to great consideration, they cannot have tho force of a law. If, tharotois. It ia daamad expedient to legislate on the subject, it ia sub mitted that there should be a positive enactment, instead of a mar* declaration of opinion. Th* aecond section of the bill gora beyond a mare declaration, and provides, that the number of dolegatea to b* chosen to th* convention "is hereby declared to be and shall ba aa followa"-specifying the number to be elected in eeeh oounty. Tne words "aball bo" give thia taction the force ef a com wand; and if the section should be enacted. It Will have the affect of altering the con vention lew, If the Legislature has any power over the subject. Tha two remaining sactieas ef tho bill call for no ra ?irk. In thia discussion wa have assumed, without intending to express any opinion on th* subject, that th* constitu tion cao be amended in e different way from that, which ha* baan prasoribod by tha peopls, in ta* instrument itself. We cannot doe* this communication without eapress our regret, that questions of so a oca delicacy and impoiiano# should be presented, under circumstances which have given us but a few hours for conferring to gether, and reducing our opinion to writing. Neither of us had either examined or thought of the questions, until after tb* reference wa* made; and It waa not until this day, that wa wars abla to moot and ooasuit together an th* subject Respectfully submitted, OREENE C. BRON80N, SAM'L BCAROSLKT, Aaaaar, April 14,1848. T O JftWtTT. City Intelligence. Fin ?A fire broke out lest night, about half paat 9 o'clock, in tbo (uiall office uttached to tbe Norwich and Worcaater Transportation Steamboat Line for Boaton, at piar No. 1 North Rtrar, which couinmad the long (had . belonging to that line; aI?o the ahed on tha opposite aide 1 of tba pier occupiail bp tha Protridance Line. Homo gooda belonging to A<Uma' Express, were conaumad, alao a quantity of bad-ticking; and a machine, apparently for calico printing, waa likewieo daatioyed A vary fine dog, that waa lied in the back part ol the abed, waa un j fortunately burnt to death. Tbe fire originated from the atouMipa, aituatod in tha office of tha Norwich and 'oNn " Wofibater Line, and tba wind blowing vary fraah at tha time, apread through both abeda beforo tha fireman could extinguish it. The ahada coat the oompaniaa MOO each, and tba freight, probably, that waa atowad in them waa worth aome $600 more. We are inlormed that no inaurmnco waa eff.cted on aitbar Dl ?t ? It'i abont time to bring out tha watering carta, and luy tha duet in the etraata Duat ia about aa bad tor tha clothing aa mud, and infinitely worao for tha oyoe. Wo belies# thora waa graat difficulty laat year, in kaap ing tha duet laid, on account of tha wataring carta being merely prira'e enterprises, tba corporation only watar ing tha rtreata when thay were cleaned, which was eo aaldata, that out of mare eelf preaarvation, atora keeper* end other* war* obliged to water the atreet before their doora. In many caaea, oi ly a section of atroot waa watered, and wbara there ware no atoraa or dwelling*, left dry. Tbui, on Park Row, oppoaite the hotel*, it waa always kept wall watered. Bo, nbor* Park Row, on Chatham and Centra street*. But, batwaan tha two, op poaite Dr. Spring'* Church, no watar touched for tha whole aaeaon, and the duat waa blowing all about, ren dering tbo work dono, abort and balow it, almoet uaa lata. Tha corporation ought to take this matter in hand, and keep all the atreeta well watered, not only to keep down the duat, but aa a moana of keeping the city cool and healthy. Ntw OMWiauaa* ?We notice that tha propriatora of one of the omnibna lines, ii putting aaroral new omnibusee on Broadway. We hare no objection to the omnibuaea being now, but we do thiok Broadway ia enough filled up with tham now, and that tha infernal clatter of their wheel* need* no addition. Salmow.?The firet aalmon of tbe aeaaon were aerred up yesterday at the Aator, American, and other princi pal hotel*. The edrant of those piscatory " birds," ia an era in the year with arery true gormand. Btoliis.?Th* house of Mr* Tyler, No. 76 Jane atreet. was entered a taw night* since, and aareral articles of ladies'wearing anpeiel stolon Iroa* it; alao some bad ding, and about fifty book* Brooklyn City Wow*. Tnk Kxcitimiht -Tne excitement in our sUterelt in r, rtrd to tho riot which took plsee the Atlantic dock, between tho laborers end ths?>? man* who were employed to reploce thom, ^'c^n l darmbly tbattd, although It appears that no meajtir h!?. M Cot boon taken by the publie outhoritlo. to bring tho rioter* to Justice, notwithstanding tho n??*'' ^ d. rinoloader* are known- A mooting wo celled on w* no^*y*?omng, at which tho MeyV, tha Mayor elect, tho Sheriff, two of tho police magistrate* " _^ Jorl" trict Attornoy attended, but ' urn' tho partio*. a* wo undentand, not beta* aole to agree noon tho particular moaturo* to bo adopted This rather an odd way of preserving the of only one couro to bo pursued, and that ?? to wr ?Ba ike rioten tand up bllU of indictmant to tha arand Jury, and ?f lhay are found, to return them fotho Court of Sessions, bar* tha P^1" * nrl convioted, punished according to l*w. Thaw wo p e Sumatra the only tneaauro. whichan ^on.*t Wth ful magi*tracy can or ought to take. The p tionarie* of Brooklyn have nothing to do with the dim ssswwufir rrr^uwi; EXM* ^rumorPwirrn^"^^t Broo& ESsttsarsaimwscss ctlC. and waa nearly .mothered before he could b* go? oK" ??S making^oquiry, wo found -here wma no truth in tho report, at taast no one in tho neigh borhood of tho ferry had hoaid of the outiagoi ao wo consider it we* only got up for effect. rim awn T akceny ? A into ntin?d Aaron Sticki woo had been worhing In a slaughter house in Gold stieet on Wadneedav took off hi* coat and Test, and hung them ,innn e reck'- ehortly after another man by the bin* of Oeorgo Crib', went in and stole a pocket book conta:in na IttllJ C0..W.1 ??!"? ?<""^ Iwotto^tokk bSS^cTSSSig^JjSrfe^th^oX "JjPfr9 fights E??g of* beaotifoT'brmk U|iulldlog*T i * CoTumbm .treat, which .. nearly tha centre of the swssralus ttEyr.?tt ttg L:rer,c.d.L" Kr.r-'rtr" r t'iK a?: A?worhm.n "?nowengaged in inlahing tha tatorior, ^ ^/KrrVe^c^bVth1. TM W TL !S. ?" r~'i store* in course of erection. Kinos County Convintion NoMiaaTioits.-Tha fol lowing are tha representation to tho Btete Convention tnr a lavinion of tho Constitution Ww7- Abraham Crist, and General Jeremiah Johnson. ^rabl-ATnry C.'Mnrpby and Tunis O. Bergen | Board of hupervlaora. This Board met last erening, Alderman Van Tub in th Born#'few petitions, asking for corrsction of tax, ware ^Rwrtt?WorV'recaiTad, in favor of authorising the payment of >1*10, balance ol expenses claimed for the Utttoff up of tchooli in tho ? h w*r?* ... R Adverse to the applications of A. B-AllRO, Jamtt R Pernentier Oioranni Kertari, Ban. Watarbury. John Fate F. Horms. John Higbana Oitis O. Carbett Thoms. Thompson, John Foley, J. W. Burgoas, asking to bo re liAUof.d"rK?h.,".ppllC?tion of Christian naki jlme. "one, J. M J, James Bolen .nd E and C W Houghton, for relief from erroneous tax on ??1 ?taU H"port in faro, of remitting to. on three lot* occupied by tho Hammond street Piosbytorisn ChAU?in favor of remitting tax of Amos Be Wee, David H Gould, O W. Snow, Richard Bigelow, and WAf^-ffi??Css,L.c. road a com muni'oation from John McKeon. Drtak?*7 cifiu ?st xSwiSJw? b. ,.i.? igrswas r?'^ TSfflS^aSMW5S? _? *d speedy action in the promisee. calling Tne Racoansa protaetad against the Board csdung upon tha Court ol Common flea* 110 th* !0?S, ' taVourt Tha Board, ha contended, had no authority to make such a call. This Board ought to be a. sjUnt at the grare, until tha case came up before tha Bo ard at JaX-.n" Ha?ac"7.Cco? th? Ju.tic. de.msdad that tha case ought speedily bo draught forward. Alderman Besot we. ol ?FjHooUmt U it wore ro g^ up speadlly too present i-aid would oot aato u n^t the case, or preside upon it more tboa oaowosx tho Booid had not tao power te origlaau sunk a owte "Th. yeos and nay. war. bare called for ou the rmsls tiou, and stood-aye* 11, netsii Tha following ia tha rssolouon I ? Batoltad That the first Judge of tho oounty bo ns ., J.nv.n. tha County Court on Monday next, STK'SSS1'".XV"."', ?" !?=!;'r"?el ?' W. W. Drinker, and to take action on the *?"*?, . The Board adjoarnod to Tuesday next at fi o clock. U. g, civcolC Court. Before Judge Nelson. . Asbil Id?Fiancu Cordis, a Gorman, was put on trisl haired with patting countarfait dollars on 1 st Apiil, a ^ i r^r^io."wk.?or ? year aids-two mil* boats?$*<*> subset iptioo, $100 sub cdk^BJaJastln's (B- D lUltett*".) oh. f. Lketts, bf ?mD Lenathan, out of Fenny Wright ? w / M?oorVk f by imp Oisncoo, out of Botay ^ # ^ j VaifEoar's fir.?-i#,,n biothat "to Raoi.... * ' D. F Kannar'a ch i. Baaconllght, sister to Boda- # j ^ Bauo'pajton's ch. i. by Cciipae, out of Trifi*. ?? 4 6 Time, 4:Iff?4:16-4:10 _,i. with Tho rory unbearable woothorinUrlorod grooUy wiui his raoo. Court Caioedsm-Thjs D?F* M 4 8c r?aioaCouao?Nou. lU, 7i to S, 41, SO. 44, US, 71, w. 67,17, ??, w. ??. ?>. "? ? 76,117, 7$, 61, ?#, fiB7 ? Police Intelligence. Aran. 14 -Orand Let-cm* A girl called Martha Back alias Goodrioh, *u arretted latt night bv Officer Conok lin of the Third ward, charged with robbing a man who called himaolf John Smith, reading at No. IBl Broad way, of the ana of S100 in bank bills on tha book of Herkimer. It appoan that thla unfortunate John Smith waa induced to visit one of tboee dona of iniquity callod " touch |houeae." located at No 144 Reads a'.reet,where ir ho had the above turn extracted Irom hn picket book by an accomplice of tbia girl. She waa cos^mtttoj by Juatica Oaborn for examination Jt O,ikon ft Clrrk.?William Winferton, a clerk, waa arraatadyoatorday for ataaling a qoantl'y of allk from hit amployor. Locked np for examination. ?SuiBicTova Patiiion.? Officer Van Cott arretted amen called George R Sheppard, who waa found concealed in tha houtc 73? Broadway. Locked up in tha Station House. Petit Larceny -Mary Campbell waa arrested, charged with stealing several articles of fomale wearing apparel Locked up. I St*-lint a Cop.?Bridget Murphy waa caught in the aot of ataaling a cloth cap worth $1. belonging to Wm. Smith, No 103 Chambora (treat. Locked up for trial. da Awkward Poiiiion.? A young Irienman by the name of Oilbert McLane, who arrived on Saturday from Liverpool, in tha ship Queen of the Watt, indulged a little too much in tha juiee of the grape, and strolled ac cidentally into the regions of the Five Points, whoa ho waa induced to antar a dan of Infamy in the rear of old Driacoll'a, No. 40| Orange atroot, and before morning ho found himself minus bis coat, hat. vast, pantaloons and boots, also hla pocket book, with a small amount of me nay?bis clothing waa valued at 490 40. Officer Gould ing, of the flth ward arrested a girl called Sarah Wil liams, on suaplcion of ataaling the above. Caught on tkt Jump.? As olBoor Connell of tha First Ward, was passing up Broadway last evening, and when opposite Maiquand It Co 'a jewellery otoro, No 181 Broadway, he onaurved a notorious pickpocket and general thief, called Dmty Bob, looking vory ad nutely over coma valuable riogs as ideutly rndaavoring to slip soma of them into hit pockxt. The officer imme diately entered the store, and asked the rascal what he was doiog, who replied, that ha was going to purohaar tome rings. The officer then informed Mr. Marqueud he waa a notorious thiol; and, after searching tha scoundrel, took bim by the shoulder and kiokod him out of the store, much to the gratification of the proprietor, who would, tn ail probability, have boon robbed of one of Ma valuable rings. General Sessions. Before Recorder Scott, Ald'n Henry and Jackson. John McKson. Esq District Attorney Avail. 18. - Trial Jot Krtpmg a Disorderly hi out*.? At the opening of court this morning Rachel Potter waa put on bar trial for keeping a bouse of prostitution at No. 79 Mott atroot, at which depraved chat act era, of both sexes, congregated. Oo the part of the prosecu tion, Thomas Carroll, who resides in an adjoining house to tee one in question, deposed that parsons of bid cha racters, male and female, ware constantly passing in and out, at all hours of the night. The testimony of Mr. Carroll waa corroborated by otbor persona residing in the same neighborhood as the accused The Jury found Mrs. Port.r guilty. SaDtooco, in accordance with a motion mud# by ber counsel, wss deferred for a few dsys. Cat* of Wm. Maxmtll.?In tha casa ol Wm. Mvxwall, indicted for a misdemeanor in disposing of the body of a young female, alleged to hsva died at the residence of tha defendant, F. A. Tallmadge, Esq. movad for a poet ponement of tha case until Monosy next, in consequence of the absence of a material witness. The trial was ac cordingly set down lor that day. Trial for a O and Larttny.?Henry Rice, Indiatad for a grand larceny in stealing from the brig 'Salute, on tha ftth of March last, a trunk containing a watch and a quantity ot wearins apparel, alleged to bo worth $40, tax property ot William Vittel, was next put on bn trial. For tba prosecution, Mr. Vittall described tha proper ty stolen, and the recovery of bis watch and a pair ef pantaloons, tha latter of wnioh had beta pledged by tha accused . Edward C. Merreil deposed that be arrest* d tha aa> cused, end on searching hint found (he watch claimed by Mr Viliet, and a pledge ticket fortlio pantaloons. The jury rendered a verdict of guilty, and the court sentenced the prisonor to bo imprisoned tn tha Stale Pri son for ths term ot two yetrs. Farjtxtun a] Bsiiy-John A. Canter, indicted (or pass ing s tsrgs amount of countorfsit bank bills, and having in bis poaassaion sbont (40,000 of spurious bills, with the intention of uttering the same,failing to.appear when called to trial, his recognisances ware declared to be forfeited. The eonrt then adjourned until to-morrow morning. Superior Court. Before Judge Vanderpoel. Aran. 10?J. D Brod*tr, tt. ale, ??. W. Jtnti, Mnif, iMplrmdtd with IV. R. Feteser.?This wu an aetioo to recover the value of a quantity of goodt which hod bean consigned altar tola by plaintiff*, to portiaa uauad ltiley and Walker, of Milton, Florida, and shipped on bond tho brig " Republic," in September, 1840. Beiore the bills of lading waro eigned, how over, it appeared that the abariff levied upon the goo da aa the property of parties named Riley and Walker, under exveutiou.? Plaintiff* hereupon ropier.n d, and the point involved la to teit the right of the sheriff to levy. The defence tela np that an attachment wa* iamed by Judge Daly againat the pood* and ehattela of Riley and Walker aa nen re lident debtera, at the inatance of defendant Palater, to whom they ware indebted; which attachment waa pnt into tho band* of the * he tiff, who aaodo onecution Iboroon under authority of tho statute. Tho qnoation involved a* to tba sheriff's right to levy, waa, wnathor tbo good* had passed bona fid* from tho p sin tiff* to Rilay and Walker at tha time of tho aoianro. Tbo ollagad eateb liabad uaagt of inch caaoa, waa ahown In evideoo*. Verdict for plaintiff, lubjact to tho opinion of tho Court on n cut to be made. Martin Owftr vi. Mithotl O'Connor, it. ah ?Thi* waa an action of aaaault and battary. It appeared that ptaln t ff i* one of tho *' itar polica," and defendant hoop* a junk atora in Murray atraat Soma land and iron wrisbte war* atolan from a (tore in Princa itroot, which wore found in defendant's ttoro, and Dwyorwna ! employed to gat tham back, whan in tha discharge of I hi* duly tb* ailrgod tstault was committed hythodo i fondant and soma other parly. Tha defence sola up i barih tiaatmant nn tha pert ot Dwyer, and unneceiaary ; violence in tha ducbarge oi hi* duty, and if ho waro as saulted at all ha daiarvad to be Well thraahed. Verdict to-morrow. Before Chief Justice Jonee. FtUotci, tt. alt. vt. CAt-o/ier.?This case, already no ticed, ia (till before the court. Supremr Court, April 14,1816?Sprcial Tna, Justice Beardeley prcaiding.?Percy vs. Morgan at al.?Motion tor retaxation of coati; granted by default Cbriatopher eurv'r lie ads. Vandeuort?Motion for judg ment aa in c*s* of nonsuit; granted by default. Bedell ?*. Proctor?Motion for retorance ; gruotad by dofeult. Smith ada Ranney?Motion lor judgment of non proa. | granted by default. Snyder ada. Kt-nter - Motion for judgment as in case of non auit; granted by dofanlt. Tho People ex. rel. Thompson v?. Vankeuien ot el., com'rs ot high way e, Sc.?Motion for mandamu* ; granted ex parte. Woolly ada. Wilson ot al.?Motion tonhang* ronua, denied. Marsh ode. Colegat* ot *1.?Motion- to sot aside default, kc , denied with costs, witbont preju dice. Merrftt at al. vs. Shuffle ton at al ?Motion ex parte to amend jadgment record, granted. Jones ve O less ted ?Motion to set aside bill o( exceptions, granted, case to stand on conditions Rockwell. survT. ke. vs. Martin da a at al.?Motion taken by default, vaootod, end BMtlon Sut over to next special term, and proceeding* stayed, parrow at al. ada. Wiikie? Motion to avt aside default, kc., granted, coats to abid* event Titus ode. Tttoo Motion that cljik enter satislection of judgmont, grant, ed by default. Bacon ve. McBaJn at el.?Motion to amend judgment record, granted by default. Cote ada. The Manhattan Bank?Motion te set aside capias, k;, grant ed unless plaintiff Bia security lor costs in twenty days, and pay $10 cost* *1 motion Bang* at al. vs. Pettaraon at al ?Motion for Uav* to plaintiff t* reply sevaial re plications, denied with coat*, without pirjudio*. Bsaeh er at al. ada. Ross?Motion to set aside dofhnlt, kc., granted, casta to a* ids event. Hooker ada Miller--Mo tion to set aside inquest, ke , granted, cost* to abid* event. Boureaso at el. ad*. Wheeler?Motion for Judg* ment of non pro*., denied, without ssst-JBssf Jtrgu*. Movement* of travellers. The arrival* coot-mi* te tow la rapid sucoession from every seetioo ol the country The hotel* are a vet flow ing with traveller* nod trsi.sieat visitor*, a* tha follow log seal* will evhihft. At tha Atstuie**?W Tank, W?at Point; R MeLaao, Balti more; C. Bieoding, Charleston, 9 C ; t. Kinsley, West Point; P ft Johns, Boston; W Wilterd, Vermont; John Smith. Texts; Mr. Oetes. England. Capt. Williams, To pographical Engineer*; Ooorg* Bmtth, Chicago; P. Mai lory, Corning. Astob ? L Theater,Watortowni J. H Lithrop, Ales andrte; Cept Brown* ship St. Lawranoo; C. Wood, New Bedioid, A. Child, Boatohi J. Levy, Fhtlad; W and J Adams, Varment: W. Arnoll, Boston; Mr. Clapp, Boston; A. <?i.bert, lliica; H Hopper, Philadolpkle; T Cbepdier, Boston, E Howard, R Thornton, Now Bod foid; ? B Orsnt, Philadelphia; t Jonee, Boston; H L Rnoth, R A. Ooodenoogh, J. A Perklne, Montreal;f er lerk Hudson, Ky; H. Frost, Philad; Parker k fiehman, Penn; E. Cultow. Dr C Stewart, do; J. Maynard, Phila, F. L Olmstead, Hertford Citt.?J.W. Hoyt.J R Dummer Jersey City; E. E Rice, A H Bryan, Kingstown; Jonas Wilson, Boston; R. Chtmbortein, England; Oon. Mason. Washington, D. C; Col VanCourtlandt, Cretan; H. Weill. w? Jiffrye, N. C; Cten. Pratt PratUvilte, J. W ftroox. Detroit; M. Howard, Untevillo; H Ledyerd, Detreii; Boston; J. Ruble, Bueno* Aytv'i E T'wnsend, Philad; A. O chancellor, Msine, W. Norsaan, Lake B ipotior; Richmond, J Le?d?, Ct; W El ridge 8h*ffl*ld; W.By.H.Orlianno; T. B RnUor. Newark; H. B. Ooodyeer, A"*1""?! P-. Wkib tdgo, Michigan; W. MeCnlioch, LomevUte; Clnoiu Patter, Greet Bond; Mr Pelton, Poughheepete; D. Moms, "StSt* Keeper- Canada; Mr. Haleott, 71et RoTt British Army; W A. Diury. do, Kingston. Canada; R. Van Wick. Potifhkeepete; L Popper, Philadelphia; T. Mesient. Colombo*, Ohio; D. White, Boston; Center too k Coring, Boston. Dr. Musaey, Conn; Robert fie* msn, Albany: O 9 Owynne, Pittsburgh, Vs; Jae. Ma ther, Troy; H Burr, Nova Bootla;L Hubbard, Oeloi A Underbill, do; R. A. Ooodonough, Montreal Tmt Public Printivo.?Moosra. Carroll and Cook, tbo preoent printers ol the Aooembly, have bean awarded under the now low, tho pristine af both branch** of the Legislature end of tho State offlevs. Msasra. Van Bonthaysoo kCo., have received tbe print ing for tho Canal Department end the Boosts* lows ? ?flitoMf stfioa, April IB.

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