Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 1, 1846, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 1, 1846 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. ??I. xnHB?uo>WM*a*un THE NEW YORK HERALD JAMES GORDON BEJINETF, Proprietor, . Circulation?Forty Thousand. DAILY HUtULD-Erirr day, fn<? t Mm pea MIT ?' ?SjffiEV-iBiBaS-'l'.SWd.r.F*. *~.m MMM PRINTING of all kiadaexacated with beaaty aad dee?ea*a. QZ^ Ail Moan at nwiimntu, ?< atu, Mir? a* w the eetabhsbaaU, nut be poet paid, or tha mi>j? vtH k? fwnimi ot use NnTtu Hutu bniiinMW N<wtK-W#^t r??m#r of Fnltna aid Nama aU LATEST IMPORTATION. MFIVE Kin* Charles Rpaniala. of th/ parrot brood, imported by ?bip Gladiator, Rom London,and for A GBIEVE. ?.?k re . Wo ftjohaot. KING CHARLES SPANIELS-OP ______ the pare breed, received bv tho iotoot arrivala fioiu LmZkl for sale by A. Grieve,} Jona street Aloo, rare ood valaable Birds, only to be fouad U his establishment, No. ft John street. N B.?Letter* from iba curious, id dutaqt parta.fpoet paid) will be attended to,by A. GRIEVE, op!7 lmrli Importer and dealer ia Bird*, Cagee, kc. FOR SALE CHEAP, A GOOD, ? toady, well troiaod horao, goeo freely, Iwith * >ab*t?oti?] (i| and harntit. Iadia robber anil .blanket corer* for the her**; ilcioh, caahiou*, bell*. ly uct, fee- Ike , aaiubl* for a Phvaician. Th* preoent owner uviug no farther n*? fur thorn, will be oold low. Can be **ea at Towiead It Tharaton'a ataoles, No. 71 Keede at , near Broadway. a39 3t*r FOR SALE. k A BAT HORSE, ? yearo old, l? baada hick, war I ranted aonndand kind in all harnea* and aadalo, f?t at'ovellor; would make a first ra. o carriage hone. To ! area at M Rnoeevelt at o37 3teod*r DhSIRABLE COTTAGE RESIDENCE, tTO SELL OR TO LET, on the green, in the villege of Hockeaaaek. New Jeroey. II mileo from NeW York city, with nice tardea, Tarda, do "e a. fraita, lie. fce.? to New York loarotwice every day. Eaqaireof I. Minor Druggist, 114 Fulton atraet, J ?$^JE^N80N April 19, IBM a3??t*re TO LET. MTHE dwelling part rfthe honao 74 Jamr* street; w*ll adapted for a boarding hoaae or a prirati uroily. Ap ply at St i*'root at, between 8 and 9 o'clock ia t*e morn ing, ad3 and 4 in the wnwi. M wood a FARM FOR SALE. SITUATED oa tha aoath *ida of Lone I.ltad, IX milt* weat of the village of Bobylon. Said Farm eon .taina aiity acre* of LAND, a portion covered with and the balance aader a htgs aUte of ealtivation. Oa said (arm ia a two atory doable HOUSE, with kite ben attach ed Barn, Carriage Home, Grainery, Ice House, and several other batld ngo. Communication with New York by Railroad and itagea three timee a day. For further particular* eaqaire of W. E ISAACS, Comer of Libe-ty and Weat atreet, New V ork aid ttaw4w *t or of Mr 8HEPERD. oa the premiaea. TO LET, a THE Store and Cellar, No. 71 Maidea lane, occnpied by Scriba It Soaring; a good stand for the jobbing .retail, or fancy baiiaeea. Aiao, tha Factor* for Priat<ng and Dying, for sale or to lot, at <he corner of 3d aveaue and Kih alreet, with a team engine and machinery complete, occupied by th? lata Wm. Granger. Apply on the promt*a* or to L. tuydam, M Wall Kreet. *t?3t?r TO LET, FROM THE SIRST OF MAY-A Stable ia the rear of SI Reado otraot. laqaira at SO Reade (treat. ?M lw*r M M BASEMENT TO LET?A commodioa* and couve aieat Basement, at M Lioerty itreet. wall adapted for cUiULdry goods or other purpoea*?is ia first rite condition. roa? ession given immediately. Apply at 1) Liberty street. aSSH*re FOR SALE, OR TO LET, The Modem bnilt three story brick hoase, SU Adams M ?street, Brooklya. II aot sold by private sale, it will be dispooed of at public anction, on the lith day of May nait. Half ol tha purcheoe money caa remain on mortgage, for a term of veara. Application to ba made on the premiaee, SU Adama at, Brooklya. e4 ltn'rc TO LET OR FOR SALE, M A MODERN BUILT COTTAUE. Stable aad f!? Coach Hoose attached, with aboat an am of Uad, tha jMmLpriacipal part of which is well stocked with fruit aad laucy shrub*, and ea.losed with a picket fenee Th* stage* naoaevery tea mianto* Within five minute* walk of tho hoaae. Bttuitioa between 110th and tilth acreeta. For farther informa tion oppiv to JoHN BATHGATE, 1*4 Ninth street. Or Or. WOODS, Harlem. mrlS lm'rc TO LET. M A HOUSE AND BARN, with ikotlmM Ion o mud, iicutti ii the Tillage of Hutiip, Weetcheater JEJPLcoaaty, Btaie o( New fork, within n few miaatea' walk of the *teaaboat landing. Said place ia divided into gnr deua, which are wall etocked with Trait. Alae, a p*nnaaat grove, with a atrram of water, aad eevernl food ipringa. Poa aeeeioa can be given immediately. For farther particuIan. ap ply at the atom of Mr. SeMoeaer, Haitian'a Landing, or of al lm*ic MR. MCKKKT, 71 Merray at. New York. WHITE CHIP AND STRAW HA 13. A. UN9WOKTH, No. 42 John atreet, haa jnat r? CBI eaarad, per laat packet from Havre, the red lx>ng Chimp Spring raria faahiouabla ah*pod Ladira' Hata, which he often to the public at the moat adraatageoee pricea. Examination will prove atiafictorily that hia eaubliahmeat ia far-iahed with the I'aahiooa in advance of the trade. An extea tive aaoitmaat of Pane h lowrra, aa above, aa well ci of rich Embroiderie*. among which the Lace Cape a la V uginie. *14 1 w*re LADIES' FASHION ABLk. FANCK sTKAW CKvHATS. Pariaitrnwaiiup Hata of th? late it ahape, for aaJa at CAUL KINO'S, No. IT Divuioe atrect, at 12 M each. N. B?A genera' aaaortmentof itraw Hata and Paria Ribbon* at the moat reaaoaable pricea. a2? Ira* e CARL KINO, 17 Divieion ?tre?t. 1 "5fS2 W tt ONNE VS. L. CHAP1N, No. 12 John a treat, near Broadway ap CBI auira, haa an hand a good aaaortment oi faahiouabla Straw Boaneta, which ha i* celling at the lowaat market pricea. Millineta aad other* are invited to call before pnrchamag I eUewhem. mrll lm*r EXtJELSlOR. ~ 11 ROBERTSON'S PHffiNIX fl HAT AMD CAP MANUFACTORY. 103Fifltan it., between Raaaauand Wllllana. 'I'D E proprietor of thia eataMiaxinent ba< recently added to A hi i ex eaaire atoca of epriog gooda, an aaaortmeat of Mole akin Hata, ol exqnuite fini h and aapcrior elegance. The price of three really aaperb articlee ia oaly $2 Ji, being tl M leaa than the tame good! 1 wannfactnred iu tbe aame m uuier aad of aimilnreateiiallare aold ia Broadwjy. The aocm of thia great disparity ia price may be omilr coujectared. The advar tiaer'a np-uaea being bat a tythe ofthoae of ihe more apleadid eaublithmea'a iu Broadway, he ia ia coa*cqaence enabled to olfer g^oda of a correaponding deaenption at lewer rataa. aM lm*rc SPtUitO PASHION. Fl BROWNItCO., 171 Chatham Square, corner of Mott JP^aimt, wiah to inform tbe pablic of their recent improre meat in the mualaeteie aad iaiah of their $2 Hata,combining faehMm, beaaty and daimbility, three important conaidaratioaa to the wearer. The proprietor! do confidently aaaert their hata to be mach ?a peri or la any ever before aold for the aame price. Call aud aatiaty yoaraell of thia fact. m28 Im'rh SPRING STYLfc. GENTLE MEN'8 HATS. rm WHY will yoa pay S4 and It for a Hit, whea yoa Jph can go to ROBERTSON'S PHfENIX HAT AND CAP MANUFACTORY, 103 V ml ton Street. and gat m good t ow for $2^?1 Oo aad examine lor yew eelroe. mr!2 lm*TC Mi.TKOfOL.lTAN HAT AND CAP SI ORE, Wo. 1-* Grand street, m PLUNKETT fc CO. have jaat epeeed thia aeweatabliah meat with a apleadid aaaortmeat of HATS and CAPS, not to br aarpaaard eiaher in qaal.ty, elegance of ahape or da rabiiity. which they oCer to the peblia at the follow tag very low pricea:? Hatb. Firet qeality Natria Kar, at UN Baaoed do do do do I m Firat quality Moleakia, do IN ttecovd do ao do.... 2 it Care from 27K eanti to $1 7J each. Wholeeale aed retail order* punctually attended to, aad en* tomera h-t* iroaed aed kept in ahape gratia. <7lm"rre J. PlUNKETT aud R. PARDESSUS. GENTLEMEN'S HATS?SPRING STYLE lrtKl), cORNElt PINE AND NASSAU STREETS.? D Uautkmen'a Hata, of the bpriag pattern, uniting maeh olegance and beantv of Kyle, am now ready for examination and aale, by tbe aabeeriber. BIRD, mru lw?it t^iraer o< Phao aed Naeeae Mr et GbN rL.EMEN'3 SPRING FASHION, m KEAVKtt AND SILK HArs of tbe beet qeality Jpk aud uioat approved ahapea, are now ready for laapeetion aad aale at the old eetakliehed pricee. Beet Bearer H Si Boat SUk - ? U ROWE, Merchant*' Exchaago, *17 lm*rrc ? William atreet LOOK AT THIS! tADIES AND OENTLEMEN, if Joe waet ?article of Boot* aad Shea*, call at 2?7 Broad way, where roe will fiad the la-geet aaaortmeat. cheapen, aed moat faahiouabla in the city. Do not miatake the aember, 217 Broadway, corner of Franklin atreet. N. M -A large iwrtmial of imported Freeah Bee*, at fee low price 3 dollan. M. CAHILL. *14 InT PREMIUM BOOTS. A FINE FRENCH BOOTS for $2 JO, city made, m* are IWeqaal to thoee aold ia other atorae tor $1. Fine Vreeeh ? Calf ?eota Kar $4 M. eqaal to the beet made ia thi* city J| lor It or r. at Vu6nO 4t JONES' Freeah Boot aed Shoe MaaaUrtory, one of the moat faahioeavla ia^tha city.? Oar B?oUhaviag beeejadgxd ia tna lata Fair at NiMo "a, are aaid to be the belt ever aeld ia thia city. All Boot* warranted to giva aatiafaction. Mending, He. doen m the Steire. YOUNti It JONES, 4 Am KieeLv im*m near Broadway, NewJ^wk^ J- BOOTS and bHOEb ?The Pablic are invited te call and eaamioe the large aaeerimeet of geetlemea a, la due and miaeee Hoou, Sheen aed Ueatara, tn all their van. tiee, which are to be lenod at the cheap caah Mora of mil In'- H *11*44* i ' 1?al ea.. neear HeMrr TOR MtW OHifRANk.-Lueiaaaaa aad Maw ork Linn.?raeitively Firet Regnler penket?Teaul neaday. Mb M*y.?The elegaM, fact aaalmg packet jO. Wibray, maater, wiU imaiuvaly tail m above her regular day. __ If oi in-ight e* paaaage, m modatioaa, apply ?a board. etr*et, or to R Atent in New O^ana,./.--. mo "pUf forward til 'ood. to hia addrene. fa.e. t ahip ClIFTON, 1 agar, oil, ma*ter, wOlaneoeed the Y?aee, aad ami Monday, nth May, her regalar *f. ?mIP ST. KI^OLAS. >ROM HAVRJU-Coe SCHENCK'S PULMONIC SYRUP HAS CURED ME. READ! READ! THE FOLLOWING CERTIFI CATE OF RICHAKD L. COX, A MAN OF HIGH STANDING IN NEW JERSEY. ON THE Sddaynf Mit. A D. IMS, before m the aub (crib r. on* of the Aldermen of the city of Philadelphia, personally appeared Richard L. Co*. a cit<xen of Kreeham, Barlingtoa county, 8 ate of New Jersey, who, oa Kit ?olrma aS relation. did devoee and aay: That for about twelve month! past he waa atticked b* a short. dry couch, with a seoae of buiaiafi ia the pal rat of his hands and ioIos of his leet, toge ther with distressing night sweata. This state of things cea tiaaed tcN November last, when he was suddenly seised with a aeVfcre pain in the right side and breast. His family physician then informed him that his lungs we-e in a diseased state, and he became gradaally weaker and weaker, emaciated and wasted ia flesh, until reduced al most to a skeleton; hia br>athing was ihort and laborious, snd the least exertion led to extreme exhaustion, for it was with the greatest difficulty aad pain that any change could be made ia his clothes, or area in making up the bed in which he lay. At this period hia physi cian. family and friends?ind-ed all who aaw hia?considered his ease beyond the rea< h of hope. For two days his appetite had entirely forsaken him, and he took n<> nourishment Juring thattime?when be determined to try "8cbcn<-k's Pulmonic ?yrap." Hut he had taken bat ulioat tea bottles of the said Syrup, when a large gathsring formed in his left aide, which aooa ripened under the soothing influence of the Syrup He had given up the use of all other medicinea at thi? time, and atrictly followed the directions accompanying the Pulmo nic Syrup?'hat he discharged in the presence of his wife aad brother at least s quart of thick greenish mailer of so offensive a nature, that his friends could scarcely stay ia the room with him?that at this time he was uusble to raise his head from the pillow ia consequence of his his weakness; bat he contiuued he use ol the medicine, having known that Mr. Scheuck bun selfhaa been cured by the same medicine in the lowest stage ol consumption, after all other means had failed-that for several weeks he continued to expectorate freely?which gradually diminished in quantity, ana changed to that of a healthy char acter?that his appetite began to improve hia strength to re turn, and ia a short time he was able to sit ud in hia chnmber. The period intervening between taking the fust bottle and hia recovery was about ten weeks ; that the rapid changes iu his conditien created such surprise and wonder In all who aaw him during hia illneaa, that friends aad neighbors flocked ?-oatinu ally to se?, as it were, a man risen from the grave. That aa the Syrup still ?trengtheoed aad imnrnved the ayatem, he continued uaing it till he had taken twenty-five bottlea. Th it he bow be lie vea himaelf a sound muu; and ia in the enjoyment of good health ; that he ia able to attend to all his duties, and to Fulfil them as a towi ahip officer aa well aa at any period ol his life; that he has bad his lungs examined, and thai they are pronoun eed to he in a perfectly aouad condition. [Signed] RICHARD L. COX. Aftmed to and subscribed, this 3d day of May, IMS, before ?m. [Signed] CHAl/NCEY BULKL^Y, Alderman Evesham, Burlington r?., N. J., April tad, 1M4. We, the subscribers, mideottnf the 'own ship of Eve<ham, do hereby certify that we ar<- -?.-i! 'i minted with Mr. Richard L. Cox, and frequently viaitcu l>iin iu the last stage of Pulmo nary Consumption, which we it iieve was cured by the use of Schenck's Pulmonic Syrup, and feel it our duty to recommend it to the consumptive in the strongest possible terms, having been eye witnesses to one of the greatest cures ever performed ia this section of die country. Benjamin Buekmaa, John Leeds Jr. William L. Brown, William Hammitt, John H. Ellis, Andrew Oriscom, franklin B. Cox, John B. Cox, Thoe. H-Hewlings, Jos.E. Hewlings, Joseph Ellis, Jacob Hewlings. Masltoi*, N. J , May tth, IMS. Mr. J. H. Schenck?Sir: 1 am pastor of the Bsptist church st Marl too. New Jersey. Some three or four mouths since i was taken by one of the deacons to see one of his neighbors, Mr. Richard L. Cox,then lying, to all human appearance at death's door by consumption. My distinct impression waa. that the gentleman would not live one week. To my surprise I saw him in my congregation last 8abbath, a healthy looking maa. To-day I nave been at his house, aad received from him the as surance that your Syrup was the means of saving his life. I am respectfully yours, JAMES M. C HAL LI 88. The genuine Pulmonic Syrup ia prepared exclusively by the proprietor, aad ia for aale at his priacipal office. No. 4 Court landt street, where persons can receive advice, have their lunn examined,and obtain pamphletsdeaeribinx CONSUMPTION, DYSPEPSIA, aad LIVER COMPLAINT, free of charge! For aale also by A- B. Sands k Co. 17! Broadway ; Hutchings, Ml Bleecker at; Ford, *?4 Fourth at, cor Wooater: Everitt, 96 Hudson st; Dr. Garduer, U Montgomery at, Jeraey City; W. A. It T. A- Van Zudt. corner Smith and Dean stt, Brooklyn; Redding It Co, ? State st, Boston. Please bear in mind that P. S. Bookman does not sell my ori ginal Genuine Pulmonic Syrup, and to uvoid deception, apply For the old eetahliahed medicine, at No. 4 Couitlandt street. a3 lm*r ?SPA1NU PUH1K1KH OK THK ULUUU.| WINER'S H ARCANUM EXTRACT. A 8 A SPRING PURIFIER OK THE BLOOD, this me /I diciae cannot be surpussed, working iu w?y through the mum with a silent and effective force, cleansing the Blood, Removing Dyspeptic Influences, Soothing the Ne,vea. He- I morioR Internal Obstructions and Diseases that won Id other wiae cause injury to the Lit ar and Lungs. WINER'S ARCAMJM EXTRACT is alro a certai.i cure for all diseaaea arisingfrom an impure etate of the blood, auch 11 Scrofula or Kin Evil, White OwiUiaia, Uisesses of the Skin, Pimples or Poetulea on the face. Biles, Diseasee of the Bones, Ulcers of all kinds, Syphilitic and Mercurial Diseases; also, for affectiona of the Liver. Dyspepsia, Coativeness, Pal pitation of the Heart, lone standing Rheamatic Affectiona, I Gout, Mid all Chronic and Nervous Complaints, occurring in debilitated coaatitationa. Its simplicity rreommenda I he use of it to parents whose children are afflicted with any diseaae of the blood or skia, or whose constitutions have been injured by lengthened illness and the as* of dale erioas medicines as it will effectually purify the blood and renovste the system, and where symptoms of scrofula are in i he least degree visible, this medicine, if properly administered, will most surely extermi nate it. This medicine is much cheaper, pleasanter, and warranted superior to any other aold. The following certificates are (elected from among many others in possession of the proprietors. For furuier particulars and cooc'.usive evidence of the value and eficacv of this medicine, see pamphlets, which may be | obtained or sgsnu gratia. H PHiuiDEi.rHia, Jan 6th, IM*. I Mr. E. B. O. Kinsloe?Sir: I hsve tried the Arcanum Ex tract which yon extolled so highly, aud find it all, and indeed I much better kan you recommended it to be. Previous to my taking the Arcanum, 1 was con pletely covered with blotches, no part of my body or limbs toeing exempted, and beeide I was greatly afflicted with the Piles. Before 1 had used the Arca num one week tue blotches began to diappear, and my piles to become easy. I sat aow in better health than I h*vebeen for a number or years, aad all owing, 1 am truly coavinced, to the ua of Winer's Arcanum. I can concsienticualy recommend it as one of the very best medicines for scrofulous affections or eruptions I ever heard of. i ours, truly, L. A. BLODOET, M South Id at. Philadelphia. Jan. II, IM(. Mr. E. B. G. Kinsloe?Sir?Believing that Wlnert Arcanum Extract is wall calculated to afford relief to thousands who are aow su(ferine, I feet compelled, in accordance with my priaciples of philanthropy aad humanity, (much a? I dislike to have my name iwraded before the public as a puffer of any parent medicine,) to stale a ease which came under my own immediaate observation. My little grandson, about three years of ate, has been afflict ed with a breaking out all over his body sad face since he waa two months old. Several physicians were called ia to see him, and t*ey all prono-need it an hereditary scrofulous affection. He was s cona;ant sonrc* of anno'-ance to hit mother. an<t at times apparentlv suffered the most intense pain himself. One of his brothers having died about three years ago alter having had the " White Swelling,'' it was feaied by the family that this child would soon follow him. After having used all the Scrofulous Medicine within nay reason. I chsncad to see an ad vertisement fur the sale of " Wiaer'a Arranurn." I purchased s bottle, aad after having ased it three weeks, the bo? is entire ly free fro a say eruptioas, his general health ia mach improv ed, and he is aow pronounced by Physicians to be cured. The child may be seen at aay time, by calling at No. 3? South 10th street. I am, sir, Tour very grarefa* servant, . . ROBERT rURKY. Price, (I per bo'tle, or en bottlee for ti. Prepared by Joha Winer k Co., n Maiden lane, N. Y., sole ProP'ietori for the Uaited States. Hold by Wyatt It Ketcham, U1 h niton street; R. A. Sands, 1M Bowery, corner of Spring; J. W. Bassett. Mt Broadway, aad J It J. Coddinjttoa, MS Hudson, corner of 8pring. In Brooklyn, by Mrs. Hays, 1S? Kulton street; J. Brice, ST Janes street; K. T Quirk k Co, earner Columbia and Atlantic, and Dr. Steiae, IM Kaltoa atreet la Albany, by S F. Phelpe, SJ State atreet. Philadelphia, T. W. Dyott k Co, 1JJ North go cond street, andIE. B. Q. Kinsloe. 309 Chestnut street. Balti more, Charles Wiiemaa. New Orleans, Bertrand k Sisex. Richmond, Va , Osynor, Wood k Co., aad by Draggists gene rallv throughout the country al lm*m aTKAI'ILATOKV, f\R LIQUID HAIR DYE, for changingthe color of the \J hair to any required a hade of black or brown, in a few minutas, by a simple and easy process, without staining the akin, or in any way injuring the hair. The great sdvsatsges possessed by this Hair Dye over those hitherto ia use. will be st onee apparent. It produces a perfectly aatural color, m a comparatiV'ly short apace,of tim-; and mach of the trouble and annoyance attending'!i' uar of all former Dyes, are ea tirely obviated in this. - utiag the lighter shades of brown, the Atrapilstory n be a nd to be the only preparation thriuaH which a saiistacui iei ?'? can be relied oa; and is additioa to the color having i 1 < resemblance to that ol natara, as completely to defv tiou, the ase of the Dye will be fouod in no reepact li ju on? to the ha r, which, after the operation, will retain its acc;itromed softness, elasticity, and gloas. Private apartment', lor ladies aad gentlemen wish ing to hive their hair changed, ?t a) lm*rc 1 LAIRD'S, M Chatham st. LEFT OKF WAKDKOBE AMU FURMlTUKt \U" ANT ED.?Gentleman aad Kumiliaa caa obtaia the (Vtll /' value for all kiada of saperflaous effects they wM to dispose of, sach ae Ladies aad Geutlemea's Wsarmg Apparel, Fire Anns. Furniture, ke. Lgncwarvit. W Broadway, up stain. Ladies haviag any Caat off Clothiag to dispose of, can obtain a fairpnes by aandiag for the subscriber, Mrs. T. L? vewst?, .N B. A una throagh the Poet OSes will be prompt. ly attended to. m4 lm*rc NEW TAJtlFf. IMPORTANT NEW* to ?hlppm of Gniu aad other 1 Farm Prodaea to OreacBritaan A aewlaw hayiagpaaead the Lagislature, admitting the m ponatioaof foreign corn and provisions at n vsry low rate ol daty aa opportaaty will bejirea to thoeewho an desirous ?h'f ?? the Glasgow msrfcet. to open a good connexion respectable houses to form a connection in that market. Lib-1 eraJadvaacee will be given to shippara. I From the subscribers long experience aad kaowle^e of tka 4.^-Tt MMHI? vlfM, ft ilf|V IM "ilpfCliDIi (TMt BUty N Cll(K m? lm*ra M Uaiaa street, Ul i^nn MB Far Osnt Bslow Mi Vnal Priest. FASHIONABLE VI8ITINQ CARD ESTABLISHMENT. PLATE aad Fifty Csrda printed lor |l Jd; the beet Ea a me I led Cards printed from eagnved plates at M caata P*r***k' A BILVER DOOR PLATE urnished sad baaatifally engraved for fI. Kngrsviag for the Trade equally low, at CLASSEN'S old stand, 1 Murray street, comer of Broadway alt lm*r , ENGRAVERS' 3TEKL AND COPPBR Pl.ATES, ^HMM^HMMasd lheknh eqwal toa?y iach; aopper inches; Card Its per J ox. A large stock always oa haad aad.ran THE HEAL GOOD DONE. i b the on I* criterion by which to Mliwtijlw true value of ? medicine Seme erthe mnet eminent Physicians MBit BE EK. MAN'S PULMONIC SVRUr THE BEST REMEDY EVER DISCOVERED, f-r the diseases to the cure of whiah it is directed. It will be observed tha' the certificate* of carte published are taken espres?|y from thoae >o cusitiuaally oc'urnn* in oar city and its immediate viciuity, in order that the public here mar ** >mi?e a. d ? ttiafy themselves thoroughly of the reality at what tnu wondrout compound i? accomplishing. Mrs. Vaa Hickles's ease ia on a among the numerous lusLwces of iheae re markable tarn. '"My aickt^u began something like si* year? ago with a se rinaa pain in the region of th- heart and geuertl derangement of the dijeiiire organs. My appetite wai irregular. and I conld scarcely endare to eat from the miaerable sensations of weight and distention following, with b* chinf ap of wind and ra'sing up a arroag. sour lloid iuto the throat. My nights w?i? r?stless; my sleepdisturbed with unnjtural andPatafaldraami. I would rise unrefreshed. feverish, extrnnely thirsty and with the teage furred. My bowrli were not regular?generally very . coauve, bat oecaaionally suffering from diarrlioe-. And there ! wni a tenderneaa at the pit of my atomach, with ?ach a ruaw- , iag, baraiag . etsslion there, aa, at timea, to drive ns* almost ! diatracted. A dry, tickling coagh trcubltd m. very mnch, and my maltipliea difficulties appeared to be tending rapidly to Consumption. 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At intervals, the "Doctor" finds it opportune, ap propriate and salutary, to relinquish the lighter man ner of his daily memoranda, for the more serious recapitulations and deductions or the dispassionate historian. With an encouraging presentiment of contributing to the entertainment, if not very mate rially to the edification of the intelligent thousands who read the Herald at their morning coffee, we therefore seize the lucid interval afforded, for atem peiate disquisition upon the cnsis, the events and the tendencies of the times, as associated with the measures of the government, and the management of the political leaders of the day. J a the election of Polk and Dallas, the Oregon re utions of the Baltimore Convention ftilly accom plished their object The very vagueness of the Ore gon pronunciamento of that church council, plainly indicates that it was designed as a counter-balanc ing influence on the North, to the matter-ot-fact re solves of the South for the annexation of Texas. But the new President, overflowing wilh a sense of gratitude commensurate with the unexpected glo-y of the result, and desirous of endorsing the good sense of the people in his election upon the Balti more decree, proclaims, without examination of the past?without consultation of the probable exi gencies of the future?that our title to the whole of Oregon is "clear and unquestionable." This decla ration, better adapted to the ephemeraldeclamations of the "stump" than the standard poaition of a State paper, at once excited a counter-assumption f rom the British government, of its " indisputable title." The assumption of the Executive appears to meet with the unanimous approval of the country. To divert the attention of the chquet from their quarrels with each other and the administration, about the division of the loaves and Ashes, the organ keeps up the delusion. The President goes for all?no will not abandon one inch of the American soil, and the title is " clear and unques tionable" to the whole. The South begin to be ap prehensive that what they designed as a?use for the campaign, may supersede and demolish their antl cipations of a reduction of the tariff. The Union becomes ambiguous as an oracle?the West begins to be suspicious; and while in every quarter the Oregon policy of the President is enveloped in mys tery, there are whispers of an offer of the 4S.h degree?the whispers become a rumor?the rumor a general report: and the organ, for reasons hard ly Known to ltaelf, deniea it, ambiguously, but with apparent candor: and the matter is drooned. mo 1tC Invent!* hurry us along?the plot thickens the mvaterv increase*?the tariff, the sub-treasury, are matters of equal doubt with the Oregon contr.ver sy. Congress assembles?the President sende up his budget ot recommendations; and were the con fession stands iorth in honest simplicity, that six months alter he had declared our title clear to the whole, he had offered hall ot Oregon to Mr. Paken ham; but the British Plenipotentiary refusing, the Executive had fall-n back upon the Russian boun dary; and that hating green up all bopeto!a tlement by negotiation, he called f?r ^ aot'ce, threw the whole matter upon Congress, intimating that at the end of twelve months we must prepare to sustain our righto by force, and that thes* nghtoex tend to the Kusmuu boundary. Hw offer was made in deference to the examples ot fcis which, of course, argued somethiDg of a^m to the contesting party; i>ut the refusal to ?joept halt, removed even the pretext of a title on the part ot Great Britain, and established our rights to be "clear and unquestionable" to the whole territory. The message, like the incantations ol the three witches over their internal cauldron, set all the ele ments of party into active effervescence and com motion. The war party waspredmnmant.Headed by Adams, Giddings and Douglass in the House and by Cass, Allen and Hannegan in the Seante. it threatened to overwhelm all opposition with dis grace, and to involve the country at once in the glo ries of war. Incensed beyond conciliation at the annexation of Texas to the balance ot power in the South, and looking to the contingency of war as hurrying the dissolution of slavery, Messrs Adams ! and Giddings were foremost for the wjmttMe war " upon the whole or none. You have filled the cup of your iniquity, says Mr. G?d<hngs, alhidi*? me annexation of fexM. and you shall dryn it to me dregs. And, with an eye to the succesion, ana the suffrages of the West, Gen. Cass open" the baH in the Senate, with his tamousdeclaration that war is inevitable " and his resolution, lor an nreoaration by land and sea. But Mr. Allen is aiso S?% th< favor ol .he W-jt, ..a lor the Presidency; and with desperate resolve for the war capitalf he not only proclaims a war with England, but throws down the gauntlet ot ^efaams ; ito he combined powers of Christendom, declares ape per blockade, from Cape Horn to Behnng a Straus, on the one side of the American continent, and? ?? From Greenland's icy mountains to Terra del Fuego, on the Atlantic borders, embra cin? ? defence against European colonization of about 40,000 miles of sea coast.with two war steam era and 500 whale ships, armed with harpoona. Tbe absurdity of this proposition was the entering wedge to the annihilation of the war party in hoth Houses It was the assailable and palpable point ot dttack. Mr. Calhoun, elected to the Senate mainly With reference to a pacific adjustment of son controversy, and vigilant of the first occasion for an effective blow, seized this happy improdence of the Chairman on foreign ReUuons for a first jle HaitiTe experiment of resistance. Tilt decisive vote of the Senate, in the face of a question of cour t??v clearly indicated the ulumate triumph. Cass becomes taciturn and reflective?Allen dictatonsl and desperate-Hannegan indignMt wd momfi^. The debate progresses, the day of action arrives, and alter a series of incidental monster debates, and unequivocal victories over the war party, on the de cisive day, the notice is taken out of their hands, ihev are felt standing against a measure of their own the mitht upon the held. The result, prima jaeu, bears out the declaration of Col. Benton, thai.sotu from war being inevitable, it is evltable, and A&w^rd regMding the position of Colonel Benton. We legretuiat Mr. Hannegan, m this relation, should have been so far led astray. The speeches and letters of Col. Benton, tor twenty-five years oaat look to the 48th parallel as one continuous Wthern boundary toijhe Pacific. nected with the proceedings iipon tllis qi? der the adminisurauons of Jefferson. Madison, M^nroe and Adams, it would be abaurd to auppose that his attitude in favor of a compromise^pon the basis ot the 4?th degree, was "wrely the result of a jealousy of the pretensions of Case and Allen; But that he is jeslousof their pretensions- ia aa clea and unquestionable" as can be. we bejjeve he has no personal aspirings for the P^denfl, J>ut he has the strongest personal preferences. Uoaerme administration of^lr. Van Buren, with the OMt as We organ of the ** ?Koted? Benton wss unlimited. Offices were besto ea taken away at bis pleasure. He was the power, in fact, behind the throne, greater than the throne it He controlled, and -JJj?? iSrSisssraiSJ. ?! ? Col KM! o?r the ooo trolling organ, which first excited the jeatonsy of Mi BSchsSn and ot the Presrfenthunsefr Mr. Buchanan, looking to the succession, a ware that the orpin, in the hands of such a bold spirit as Blair, coercing all opposition in^ huhr"^1,* and imploring submisaion, submitting to no :hild h play, and onTy obedient to the great Miseoumn, would be a dangerous obstadte in hi?way, andlo which, to be removed, must be tluwiSi It was done, and the power of Col- ,eMU the rtpmt of the LitUe Magician, and the great Ulobtr Now. therefore, it Col. Benton has any thing like a fixed obiect before him in rf?trrtBto the succession, it is th>restoration ot Mr. Van Bu ren. With this elucidation, the junction of thei Mis sounan with Mr. Calhoun, in the' Cass and Alien, may be accounted for '" J*"; Col Benton has been heard to say of young men must give way?thai jusucem^ yet done to Mr. Van Buren. It is a maxim m phystoi that bodies detieC*d at right angles to a progressive motion.nse with a height attained, and inversely ae the ana they return contrsrewise. It Mr Hannegan will apjHy this rule to Col- Benton, he will proof ot our own conclusions. . ... terminate in an amicable adjustment, the honor* will not be theirs, lor they were opi>oeeid to it. The attitude before the country, of Mr Calhoun,ia eminently flattering. The leading spirit in the tem Erate and peaceable and statesmanlike notice which a been given; the champion of free trade, a doc trine which now Irom necessity, is about to throw open the portals of England to our surplus bread, and which ia daily infusing a spirit ot reciprocity into the American iniad,flrom the advantages which in its consummation will be mutually conferred; and distinguished tor the spotless purity and simpli city ot his private life, (to wy uothint! ot his being an advocate for the improvement of the Western waters,) and hia long appreciated experience and talents, place him in a very prominent attitude be fore the country. Mr. Buchanan ia also understood to be a candidate for '48. His reliance is, Pennsylvania and the tariff His refusal of arbitration, therefore, may be si-t down as much to his own account us to that of the President?t?r while the President desired no fur ther responsibility in so responsible and complicated a question, it has been the policy of Mr. Buchanan to Iteep the question open, as a safeguard of the ta riff, without the remotest intention of so conducting it as to hazard the alternative of war; for the honor of maintaining the bounties of '42 upon cold iron, will be more potential than the promise to restore them, after they shall have once been removed. While upon this subject of the Presidency, it may not be amiss to state, that the opening speeeh ot Gen. Houston, in the Senate, has an "awful squint ing" in that direction, and that the arrival of Col. Jonnson, in time, as we predicted a fortnight hbo, is in view ot a movement for the campaign of 1848, and for the establishment, perhaps, of a newspaper at head quarters, to advance his claims. But of this we are not officially advised, and await further de velopments. We have an intimation from the Union, to be sure, that the galUnt Colonel is still At for service; but whether the editor meant a cam paign in Mexico, or the campaign of the succession, we are left to conjecture. Perhaps the Colonel is to be sent of} to the Rio Grande. We come now to the main proposition?the course, the conduct, and the policy of the President; and of all the mysteries of Washington, these are the most inexplicable. Judging from what he has done, it is impossible to guess what he may do, or rather what he may not do. There appear to be two things to him of inestimable\alue. The first is, his own political consistency; the second, a revenue tariff?and both these he has come within a pike's length of destroying, indefinitely, by his in considerate gratitude upon the Oregon question. His election over the great Aristides of the whigs. was so unexpected-such a high honor?that he could not otherwise than be grateful; and looking to the Baltimore resolutions as the secret of his success, how could he do otherwise than proclaim our title to the whole of Oregon, "clear and unquestion able," notwithstanding it had been a matter in question for forty years 1 Six months afterward, in looking into the precedents of his predecessors, he offers to divide this clear and unquestionable title with Great Britain ; but from the bare rumor of this proposal, the clamor ot his party press so frightened him out of his propriety, that on the meeting of Congress, he throws the whole matter into their hands, correspondence and all: and while he is un willing to incut the responsibility of war, makeB it a matter ot four months discussion in Congress, whether he has recommended war or peace. Jus tice, however, requires us to say that after the Anal letter of Mr. Buchanan, in August last, falling back upon the Russian boundary, there was no other al ternative left to the Executive, than to cast himself upon Congress. And the falling back upon this extreme claim is perhaps as much attributable to a counter-movement of the Secretary of State, against the well known projit ot the Secretary of the Trea sury tor an ad valorem tariff, as from the convic tion ot clearness in the title on the part of the Exe cutive. Next, we have arbitration proposed, and the Executive is, from consistency, compelled to decline it, the American title being " unquestiona ble" t? the whole. The new President, on a rainy day. addresses his fellow-citizens from the portico of tn? Capitol, and in the plenitude of his declara tions of orthodoxy to the measures upon which he was chosen, makes an assumption which, before the expiration of six months, brings him and the government into a "clear ana unquestionable" diffi culty; tor in his first essay at diplomacy, he blun ders dead against the stone wall ot the " clear and unquestionable title" ot the inaugural address. And there he stops ; and there all hands are brought to a dead halt; and there they stand " I wish, Trim," aaid my uncle Tobey, " I wish 1 were dead." W?i ever mortal Preaident in th<; dilemma like that in which our affectionate Chief Magistrate ia now overslaughed 1 He has proclaim ed the impossibility of a settlement by negotiation he has assumed the jurisdiction of the whole territo ry in dispute, and has asked for the notice dissolv ing the joint occupation, and has suggested mea sures for maintaining our just rights, relying upon the wisdom of Congrers. The radicals seize the occasion and the capital, assume to be the exclusive guardians of the President's conscience, in the pros it ct of the exclusive patronage he has to bestow, and they are defeated. The scales are reversed? the President is empowered to give the notice that he has asked; but with this preamble: " You were wrong, sir: negotiations are not at an end?our title is not "clear and unquestionable" to the whole ? you must divide the territory?if you give the no-> t.ce, this is to be distinctly understood?it is better that you should appear inconsistent than that the na tion should be plunged into war." The fact that Mr. Allen's proposition to insert, as a preamble,a passage Irom the President's message in reference to the "maintenance of our just rights" to the whole ter ritory, was rejected as an absurdity, is proof conclu sive that the Senate regarded the Executive as having overstepped " nis discretion." They cast the duty which he had thrown up in despair, back into his hands,' with instruc tions now to proceed; but with an expli cit understanding that if he fails in an amica ble adjustment, he is to be held responsible, if wrong, before the country. Now, then, Mr. Presi dent, what are you going to do 1 The will of the majority is the law oT the land. Your instructions are from a " clear and unquestionable" majority? they are of a "clear and unquestionable character." Now, what are you going to do 1 You hold the notice at your peril? tnat is to say, at your " dis cretion"?the terms are equivalent?the conditions are^explicit?"earnestly directed to all proper ef forts." With all the responsibility, for tne sake of consistency, having asked the notice, we believe the President will give it. Assuming, at all events, that he will, the question recurs, is mere the slight est prospect of an "amicable adjustment," short of a concession, definitely or indefinitely, of the free navigation ot the Columbia to Great Britain T Not the slightest. No " amicable adjustment" can be attained, we fear, without such concession. And yet the President has declared that this is a proposi tion which he could never entertain lor a moment. Will he entertain it 1 There is the difficulty of con sistency in the way. But his only hope of escape is in a policy of inconsistency to his own declara tions. He didn't expeet such a notice?he did not want it. He thought it was understood that he was to be entirely sheltered by the responsibility ot Con gress?that they would save his consistency, by tak ing the responsibil'ty oat ot his hands, what else could have induced him to throw the whole subject into their control, correspondence and sll 1 Strange that they will insist upon his doing his duty, when be has said be can't do it; when, after a single trial, and a single failure, he throw np hie hand and re fuses to play out the game. We see, then, the difficulties that surround the administration. By his declarations and assume tions, he is committed to the Russiin line?by the example of his predecessors?by his own example, and by the notice, which he has urged so zeal ously, he is instructed to a " compromise." In " all proper efforts lor an amicable adjustment" he will lose the support of the radicals?in maintain ing the Russian boundary, he incurs the responsi bility of war " at his discretion " A " masterly inactivity" is no longer available. Consistency re quires that he should give the notice; and that puts an end to "masterly inactivity." All the great measures of the day?all the great interests of the people, forbid the alternative of war; and demand an " amicable adjustment." Now, what will he do 1 We give up the chase ; but we suppose he will do something. Mr. Polk in not a candidate for the succession ?he seems to have no pref rence; but, it he has, it is not Mr. Calhoun. Oa the other hand, we ms pect he would prefer the defeat of the South Ca rolinian to the election of any other available party candidate. And in his instructions to an "amicable adjustment." he sees that he is to be the instrument of Calhoun's promotion. Cass and Allen perceive it; but the General is less repugnant than the chair man on Foreign Relations, who has no other capi tal than his '* ultra ism." The General has some military e&ptial?some diplomatic capital?a great deal ot personal capital, and he can get along bet ter; and he relies, with his good-natured compla cency, upon his chances. Senouly and candidly, we believejthe President to be conscientiously devoted to the interests of the peopte, the honor of the government, the harmony of his party, and the blessings ot peace. But in hie extreme gratitude at his election, he spoke too louu in church, and haxarded, upon assumptions moon eiderate!y made, every one of these high considera tions. Congress have generously stepped to hia re lief at hia call. He is authorized to begin where iaa leit off, and not again to anil u|>on Hercules, until be baa put hia ahoulder to the wheel. We are not yet out ol the woods?we are still ob scured in darkneaa; but common sense, peace, and Tree trade are superseding the effervescence of salt petre and patriotic ebullitions ol gas. In the event of a war, the American people will forget in their unity the unhappy cauaea inducing it?in the event of "a 8|ieedy ana amicable adjustment," the trivial inconsistenciea of the Executive will be extinguish ed in the glory of the achievement. He holds " at his discretion" the destinies ot Christendom; and we trust that in its exercise, he will maintain the national honor, and preserve the peace ot the world. He has one ot two roads to choose, and we rather think he is randy for the bee-line of the forty-ninth degree. Respectfully, The Doctor.. Philadelphia, April M, IMC. 1 The weather to-day is worthy the month which is just closing?one of alternate c.oud and lunshina. As the wind has now veered to the westward, it is to be hoped that the latter will preponderate, and give the lads and lasses a chance to enjoy May day, in the good old English |style, to-morrow. The late rain* have been of incalculable service in bringing forward all kinds of vegetation ; and the early flower* of spring have donned their choicest colors, through these balmy influence*. A rather novel trick, of a burning character, was ?uoceitfully tried on the book-keeper of Jones' Hotel a day or two ilnce. A boy pieiented a package, and a tailor's bill for (30, together with a note, pnrporting to be *igned by a boarder, deairiDg that the bill thoald be cashed, and the package kept till he came in to dine. At dinner time the character of the transaction waa discov ered, and on opening the bundle, a cast off coat and pants, of the moet worthless description, were found within it. It is probable that this soheme has been tried in New York; but if not, a word of caution may pre vent some of your "hosts" from being "done" in a simi lar manner. The ancient Zion church, at the corner of Cherry and Fourth itreeta, it sbout to be embellished with s steeplo 360 feet high, sfler a plan designed by Mr. Jos. Koecher, s yoang American artist. The edifice was erected in 176(1, but hsving bsen barned out, lesving nothing save the walls, standing, it wss rebuilt the same year. The foundation, designed for the erection of a ateeple, stands on the east side of the church, back of Cherry street, end has been long standing. The bark Pons, celebrated ell over the country a* the ?laving ve**el captured on the coaat of Africa, by the Yoiktown, wa* sold last evening, for 9&4M. Contiaryto general espectation, McCsbe, the man beaten on Tuesday, has become so much better, since my letter of yesterday, that hi* recovery is confidently looked for. The stock msrket is still in a state of inactivity. 8tate stocks hsve Desn influenced by the revenue bill passed by the Legislature, and a still further decline is looked for. Sales ot Stocks at Philadelphia. Aran. W.?Fimt Board.?IS ihi Girard Bk, Cam den and Ambuy Bnnda, 96. Aplir Board?30 ah* Keiding BR,U, IS ; IS Farmer* It Mtehanica Bank,44 ; SMS Stale Si, itw, <7, 4100 ; do, f7; 15S7 do, 67 ; 4000 do, caah. *S. 0*. SccoM) Board.?10 ihare* Lfhigh Int. caah 21; HSOirBk IPX, SO Commercial. Natehe* 11; 1900 City SV 101; IS *h* Wilmington R K 34; 200 Oirard Bank lOjtf. After Board ?1000 Rradias Bonda 70*. NEW YOKK AND HAUL KM RAILROAD COMPANY. SUMMER ARRANGEMENT. *>N and after Friday, Msy 1st, III*, the ear* will raa sa follow* Leave CUy Hall for Yorkville, Harlem, and Morriiiaoa, at 7.8,?. 10. and 11 o'clock, A. M; 1, t. JK, 4*. S,? and SH o'clock, P. M. Leave City Hall for Fordham and Williams1 Bridge, at 7, 10, and II o'clock, A. M.; 2. SX.S. andCK o'clock, P. M. Leave City Hall for Hnat'a Bridge. Bronx, Tuckahoe. Mart'i Corner, and White Plain*, at 7 and 10 o'clock, A. M ; 2 and S o'clock, P. M. Leave Harlem and Yorkville at 7 10, 8 10. 9. 10. and 11 10 o'clock, A M; 11 40, 1, S 10, S 10, SK, ( IS, sud 7 o'clock, P. M. Leave William*' Bridge and Fordham at 8X, and 1054 o'clock, A. M ; 12V 2X,<X, and SX o'clock, f. M. Leave White Pino* at 7 and 19 o'clock. A. to.; 1 and S o'clock. P.M. The freisht tram will leave the City Hall at 1 o'clock, F. M., and leave Whit" Plaisa at 1 o'clock in the morning. On Hnndaye the White Pliioa Train will leave the City Hall at 7 A M .acdSX P-i will leave White Plain* at 7 A. M. and I P.M. On 8nudaja the Harlem and Williama' Bridge Traina will be regulated according to the *tat? of the weather. aM lm'rc LAP-WELDED BOILER FLUES, 1 FEET Ion*, and from IK to S inches in diameter. Can 1" be obtained only of tbr patentee, THOMAS PROSSER. ft28 Im'rc ZS Piatt M., N. Y. BILLIARDS AT ST. LOUIS. A N ex-ellent opportunity for aay person who may wi?h to -*?? purchase th'ee or fonr new Billiard Tabl a. fhey can hire a fiist rate room, 43 by M fact, in a new HeaUarni. jut opened (to crowded hoaaea. and doing a smashing busineaa in mint jalapa every day and evening) by ana of the a oat pona lar men in thia eoanuy, who waa formerly a merchant in thia city, aad givee the beet of New York city reference. The Tanles are now making, and almoat finished,by Baaaford. Any peraon who haa a caah capital of 91 MO to go on with the baai ness, can make from $30M to $11.IN a year, as their prieae for Baying are double that of oara. Pleaae call on Otia Kield, at uafotd'a old rooma: entrance IX Ann or 141 Faltoa at., where specimens of the ublta bailding for 8t Luuia are ap for trial. Billiard Tablea, Clotha, Balla, Cues, Chinese and French Cat Leathera, Ike, fcc., for aale ?s above. a27 >w*r NEW TEAS. GROCERIES, &c. At wholesale and retail, cheap for CASH.?J. O. hOWLKR, 2M Greenwich atreet, comer Murray,and 411 Ureanwich.corner of Vertrj, haa juat received from tne lateaalea, a Urge and splendid aaaor ment of fresh Oreen and Black Tea, and Family Groceries of all the various kinda rll of which are offered at redaeed pricea. Vary good UrrenTea at 40 era. lb ; fine Oolonc MaadglK cts : veryllae Voung Hyson at 79 eta.: brat old Java Coffee 11>4 cu. lb: Snmatra do. I* eta ; good dairv Batter IM eta. lb.) bleached Lamp Oil 75 eta. par gallon; sperm Candlea 16 eta. Aiao, a large assortment of floe white, yellow aad brown Ruar of all the vrioas kinds. a? lm*re MERCHANTS, DRUGGISTS DEALERS IN'PERFUMER Y, DO NOT BE AFRAID TO PURCHASE IN BROAD WAY.?The suhae ib?r offara the moat complete aaaort meat of Peiinmery, Toilet Soapa. Colognes, Extracts, he. he at pricea 30 to is per caat cheaper than any other honae ia the United Statea. In order to convince yourselves he invitee you to call aad examine belare purchasing elaewhere. E. ROUSHEL. Mannfactnrer and Importer of Perfumair. Soape, he.. 191 Broadway, between Liberty aad Con tl&ndt atreeta. aa lm*r COUNTRY MERCHANTS VIB1T1NO the eity of New York, are iavitad to call aad examine the complete and extensive atock of Aoeonat Booka. Stationary, Paper, Notarial, and Letter Copying Preee es, Oold Pe ia, Qu ills, Inka and Mnida, AlsD ALL OTHlSt ARTICLES sold av STATIONERS. At the Lowttt Poutblt Prktt. RICH It LOUTREL, (1 William at. mil lm'iae aae door below Cedar. EDWARD FOX, DRAPER AND TAILOR, INVITES theattaatioa of the pablie to the moat extayeiw atock of ready made clothing in the city, adapted to apnng and maimer trade. In addition to the ready made the aabecrt ber offera for inapection the moat deairabie aeleetioa of p-eca gooda ia the market, of every color aad psttera; aad th* sape Ror skill employed ui the eottiog and mannfactariag depart mrnta ia aacn aa enablea the aabec iber with confidence to in vite the attention of gentlemen who prefer to have tfceir gar meats aade to order. The above stock having been aeleeted witli grant care, and bongbtfer caah alone, is a strong ladaeo ment Tor all to call who wish to purchase at least M par cent laes than at thoae hoaaee who are obliged to do boataeea upon the credit system. N. B.?Officers of the amy aad navy arc particularly iavi tad to call and examine a large aaaortmant of saparipr blae cloths aad caaaimera, which will be madeap at the ahorteet notice, aad ia a maaneraotto beaarpMaed. EDWARD FOX. M Broadway, ?ear Faltoa at., opposite to the Fraaklia Vassa. CARD. THE Sabeariber haviag become interacted m the a bore hoaaa respeetfullp reqvesta the patroaagaof his cmsto?rsj?a friends, Orders aatraated to his eare ml^^attwd^ie with HlkD CAGE MANUKAOTORt, NO. 1 St Johna' Lane eoraer Beacn etreat. The fcbaeriV er weald inform bia Customers ea the Pabika, thu ha haa eona artlv on haad, a la ge stock of fancv aad temmtm Bird Cages, of all Oesetiptiooe, which he will ?all chaapaf thaa they can be boagbteleewSaia. ? j KELLT. P. 8?Country Merc huts would Bad it to thair advantage to call aad exaaaiae his stink .?* Im*r PIANO FORTU. OURC H ASERS are iavitad to call at Chambers' ware-room JT No. tU Broadway, for a aaporior aad warranted arude. a!7 lm*r " AT 188 NASSAU STREET, " TW.^'SS' srSH S&5R assjnftrMSBW. ?? l9 1 ^"nd"?,d l^ad, Watchea. Cloche. Jewelry and M..,cBox.| ftJ^ACH 1*N?aT8 AND MANUFACTURER*! to the raw. aoribar, Hadaoa, Now York. _ r. . k -\* at la*tt ir* T ?"*

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