Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 20, 1846, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 20, 1846 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. Vol. m, Mo. U?-WhoU Ho. 436B. NEW YORK, WEDNESDAY MORNING, MAY 20, 1846. THE NEW YORK HERALD. JAMES 80RD0N BENNETT, PROPRIETOR. Circulation---Forty Thousand. DAILY HERALD?Every day, Pnce ICM par copy?*7 ?OTEKTfiHK&iI"" copy?91 IlKcinUHr unao?payable in advance. ADVERTISEMENTS at the usual pncea?alwayi caah id advance. , . PRINTING of all kinda executed ..with beauty and daa pitch. O^Afl lattara of communications, by*' mail, addressed to tha sstabiiahmant, mast bs i?o?t paid, or tha poacago. will bo c""*i "USSSS'SSrBo^ iBifS&x Proprietor of the the New Yoau Hfualb Entii.iiHMm, ? North-Weal comer of Fulton and Naaaau street' FOR SALE CHEAP.?An decant Rota wood Piano, 6)f occaye, with Gothic com an, and all the modern improvement!. To ba ??en at 36 White street, is the rear. ray 18 St'rrc f , IiOR SALE?A handsome and powerful dark yAjHTlgrey Horse, five years old, 1* handa 1 inch high, / ' .1 and kind in all haruaas, and a good saddle horsa He can trot a mile ia four minutes, and will be sold reasonably. Apply at Butler's Stable, corner of Prince and Crosby streets. nyll 3t*rrc HORSES FOR SALE. FOR SALE, at the Stable of the Subscribers, la * Jersey City, known as the Western Hotel, fifty .Horses from tha Western part of the State of New k. twelve very fine Pairs and the balance sinfle Horses. Among them a number ol fast one*. Persons wishing good hones will do wall to examine for themaelves. myttHfr SMITH it KETCHAM. liCjp Kim* I.HAhLf.B Bt'A.MtLS-UK The |M Pare broad, received by the latest arrival* from Lon . . " for *ale by A. Griove. 5 John street. Also, rare *nd valuable Bird*, only to be found at hi* establishment, No. 1 John street. S[. B.?Letters from tha curious, in distant parts, (post paid) 1 be attended to, by A. ORIEVE, al7*ltnrh Importer and dealer in Birds, Cages, fce. ROuMa, MIRNloHLU Oit U.NFUKNlfeHED. A TO LET?In a small and most delightfully situated house, near the Washington Parade Ground, one or two rooms, with or without full or partial board. No otuei Hoarders or lodger* are in the bouse, nor will be taken. The family at preseut consists of only three grown persons. To single gentlemen, or a gentleman and lady, desirous of living lu a private family, and in a pleasant, quiet, and hand aome location, this offers an opportunity but rarely met with. The entire naif of the house will be let to a desirable tenant, without children. Address B. T. at the desk of this office. my!9 tfrrc WAM'l tU?Two Hooins and 'l'wo or more Bed Rooms, with yard privileges, lie., in a respectable location, within ten minutes' walk of the City Hall. ?L loaaesi My I, (st mttf A Wel* u Possession desired on tha lit of Juae. Address terms, Etc .) V B. L.. Herald Office. TO LET, A HOUSE AND BARN, with about sixteen lot* of ground, situated in the village of Hastings, Weatcheater ?.county, State of New York, within a few minutes' walM ol the ateamboat landing. Said plaee it divided into gar dens, which are well stocked with fruit. Also, a pleasant ?rove, with a stream of wat{r, and several good springs. Pos session can be given immediately. For further particular* ap ly at the (tore of Mr. Schloaser, Heating's Landing, or of al lm*re MR. ECKERT, 71 Murray at., New York. TO LET. A ROOM,"FURNISHED OR UNFURNISHED, ta HI a gentleman, with breakfast and tea and dinner on Surf JaflLdays if required, in a private family, where there are ao other Boarder*. Apply if by note at this office to M. A. my!40t*rc FOR SALE OR TO LET, The Modem built three story brick house, 313 Adams street, Brooklya. If aot sold by private aale, it will be ____dispoaed of at rvblic auction, on the 15th day of May next. Half of the purchase money can remain on mortgage,, for a term of years. Application to bo made oa the premises 115 Adam**t., Brooklyn. at lm*rc TO LET OK FOR SALE. gA MODERN BUILT COTTAGE, Stable and Coach Honae attached, with aboat an acre of land, the principal part of which is wall stocked with fruit and shrubs, and enclosed with a picket fencq, The stages ery ten minntes within five minutes walk of the house, ion?between 110th and tilth streets. For further in formation, apply to JOHN BATHGATE, 154 Ninth street, or Dr. WOODS, Harlem. mrUlm*rc FARM FOR SALE! SITUATED on the *outh side of Long Island, 1% mile* west of the village of Babylon. Said Farm con stains sixty acres ol LAND, a portion covered with jand the balance under a high state of cultivation. On aald farm is a two story double HOUSE, with kitchen attach ed. Baru, Carriage House, Oraiaery, Ice House, and several other baildings. Communication with Now York by Railroad and stage* three time* a day. For further pellicular* enquire of W. E. ISAACS, Corner of Liberty and West street, New York. aM9taw4w*r or of Mr. SHEPERD, on the premise*. HOTEL FOR SALE. a CITY HOTEL, Washington City, D. C.?The Pro prietors of the City Hotel wish to dispose of all their furniture and fixtures, s* well aa the lease, which will axpiie on the first of February, 1847. The Hotel is situated on the corner of Pennsylvania Aveaae and 14th street, in the immediate vicinity of the President's house and sll the public departments. It contains about 100 rooms, including six parlors, all elegantly furnished. The hoase is in good order, and containa every requisite for the continuance of business. The proprietors deem it unneces sary to go farther into perticulara, but invite the attention of my persons wishing to embark in the business. An opportu nity like the present is seldom offered. The house will not be closed aatil further notice. A- FULLER ft Co. The Philadelphia Ledger, Albany Journal, Button Times, Richmond Whig, and Charleston Patriot, will pleaae copy three times a week for two weeks, and land their accounta to the subscribe)*. A. K. k Co. City Hotel, W. C.. D C. my!4 twitaw r ltlb OUi>S^K.U>kKO Utfr fc.K t-Uft SALb M Their annual supply of choice imported Flower Seed* OBH>a small and large packagso, with full directions for cul jsdbu.tivsting them ; also, a very large aaaortment of the beat Fresh Vegetable Seeds ; Grass Seeds, mixed for lawns or per manent paature aa may be required j green and hot-house Plants of every description ; PI ante suitable for ornamenting small gardens ; Garden Tools ; Fancy Iron Chain and Flower Stand*, with a general assortment of articles in our line. DUNLAP It THOMPSON, Seed men and Florists, 6J5 Broadway, comer Bl seeker street. A liberal diseount made to wholesale pwehasei* myl Jw*rc GENTLEMEN'S SPRING FASHION. r? BEAVER AND SILK HATS of the best quality and Jpk moat spproved shapes, are bow ready for inspection and sals at the old established prices. Best Braver $4 SO Best Bilk 4 00 e ROWE, Merchant*' Exchange, a!71m*rre 40 William street. J. PRICE k GO. FASHIONABLE HAT STORE. THE SUBSCRIBERS having opened a HAT STORE ^Lat No. 110 Fulton street, comer ol Dutch street, respect fully solicit the patronage ol their old customer* and the pub lic. Thev will constantly keep on hand a complete assort meat of Hats,Caps. Umbrellas, fcc., fcc., of the latest stylo, and will sell at the lowest pncea. Single hat* made to order at the shortest notice. ICHLABOD PRICE, mr5 tm*r THOS. SHANNON. SPRING FASHION. (1 BROWN k. CO., 171 Chatham Square, comer of Mott dP^atreet, wish to inform the public of their reoeat improve ment in the manufacture and fuMah of their $3 Hats, eomnin lux fashion, beauty sad durability, three important considers tlons to the wearer. The proprietors do confidently assert their hats to be much superior to any ever before sold for the same price. Call and satisfy yourself of th.s fact. mSO lm*rh springTsTy le. GENTLEMEi\'8 MATS. f* WHY will you pay 94 50 and fS for a Hat, whea you can go to PHOENIX HAT AN^'^A^MANUFACTORY, 10# Fulton Street, And get as good one for 91 50 7 Go, and examine for your selves. mrll lm*rc EXCELSIOR, m ROBERTSON'S PHOCNIX fl ifL HAT AND CAP MANUFACTORY iJL lOfFULTON ST.. BETWEEN NASSAU and WILLIAM. THE proprietor of this establishment has receatly added to his extensive stock of spriug goods, aa assortment of | Moleskin Hats, of exquisite finish and superior elegance. The Cce ol tnese really sutwrb articles u only $3 50, being $1 50 i than the same goods (manufactured^m the aama manner I aad ol similar material) am sold m Broadway. The secret of this groat disparity in price may be easily conjectured. The advertiser's expenses being but a tithe of those of the more ?pleudid establishment* in druadway, he ia in consequence enabled to offer goods of a corresponding description at lower j rates. aMIm'rt METROPOLITAN HAT AND CAP STORE, ?NO. (71 14 ORAND STREET. PLUNKETT It CO., have just opened this new estab lishment with a splendid assortment of H ATS aad CAPS aot to be surpassed either in quality, elegance of shape or du rability. which they offer to the public at the following vary low price* >? .. Hat*. First duality Nutria Fur, at SIM fmemi do do do do 1 00 Firatquality Moleskin, do 100 Second do do do.... >S0 Cars from J7K cent* to 91 15 aach. Wholesale and retail, orders punctually attended to, Md ?wrs?? 'nifciwmnwui PREMIUM BOOTS. FINE FRENCH BOOTS for S3 M, city made. and ??I to thoee (old in other ?tOTM for ft. Fine t are miiI to iImh eojd m otner Korea for *>? , r lae I French Calf Boom for ft N.moiI to the beet made in Af this city for |5or IT, at YOUNG It JONES' French Boot and Shoe Manufactory, one of the moat faaluonable in a the city Oar Boou harine been judfed in (he late Fair at Niblo'n, are hi* to be the beet eter sold in dtia city. I Boou warranted to five uuifietion, ending, fee., done in the Store. YOUNO <t JONES, * Ann ?treet, ^ ml} lm*w Near Broadway, New York J. BOOTH AND HI'O!?:?.?Tlie public are invited tb mil and riamine li e I tree auortment of Gentlemen';. Ladiet* and Miaaee' ttuoti, Shoea and Oaitera, in all their Tarietiea, which are to be found at the cheap caah (tore of H. BIOOAM, inM Im'f I f*Mini tt., comer Hullirvn. LOOK AT Tills ! LADIES AND OENTLEMEN, if ro? want a article ol JlooU and Show, call at M7 Broad ? 4),itUir yun will Ibid the Urffeat aaaortment, cheapeet, uid tno?t feahioa.ible la the city . Do not miatahe the number, *7 HruaJwa), corner ol Kranklin ?ir?.t. ,\ Ha large aaaortment of imported French the low price of iiolUn. M. CAUlLL. ? H tM*l For CANTON rtKMst.-HM 8M? AGNUS, Cam. Wetherell. will ixwitirely Mil on the 10th inet. For fieca tamo Hirer, or myH ' LONG ISLAND RAILROAD COMPANY. SUMMER JlRRJilfQEMES'T. TRAINS RUN AS FOLLOWS. COMMENCING WED NESDAY. MA? 13. 1X6: Leave Bmoiltji at 7 o'clock, A. M. Boston tr ?n for Ur*aa port, daily (except Sunday*,) stopping *t ? rirmmgdale and St. Grori'r'i ^i"Uior. " at 9)4 o'clock, A. M., lor Farmiu dile ud t intermediate placet. at 3 P. M., through to Qreenport, au ? ping both way* at Jamaica, Branch, Hickn ill*, Farmtiigdate, and all th? statioua betwc in Farmingdale and Greenport. at 5 P. M., Tor Karmiugdal* and interm*. , niata placet. Leave UMinroaT ati o'cloak. A. M. Accommodation train, daily, (except Sunday*,) through to Brook lyn at J P. M., Boaton train, or on tba arrival of the steamer from Norwich, stopping at St. George's Manor and Farmiugdale. Leave Farmincdalk at ti!4 A. M', Accommodation train for Brooklyn. " at Ik A. M. Oreenpert train, far Brooklyn. " at J(K P. M. Accommodation train, far Brooklyn. Leave Jamaica at 8 A. M. Acoommodatiou train, for Brook lyn. " at 9V A. M. Oreenport train for Brooklyn. " at 3\ P. M. Accommodation train, fur Brooklyn. Fare to ? Bedford 8 emu, Feat Naw York 12)4, Raee Course lfc\. Trotting Course 18V. Jamaica 85, Bruihvill* J1J?, Hyde Park (17 mile*) 37U. fyjowsvilla (duriug the ses sion of court) 3736, Hempstead J7J4, Branch 37*. Carl* Placa <4. Westbury 44, Hicluville 44, Farmiugdale 6?,W, Daer Pali 89, Thompson 88, Suffolk station SI. Lake Moad nation Accommodation train f 1 75, Oreenport by Bolton train $1 25. Stag** are in readiness on the arrival of traina at the aeveral atation*, to take passenger* at very low fare*, to all parta of the Uland. Baggage Crate* will be in readine** at the foot of Whitehall atreet, to receive baggage for tha aeveral train*. 30 miuutes before the hour of atartiug from the Brooklyn aide. The steamboat " Statesman" leave* Oraeuport for Sag Har bor twice each day, on the arrival of the tram* from Brook lyn. my 19 rc LONG ISLAND RAILROAD COMPANY. EXPRESS MAIL Train* leave Whitehall, South Ferry, at 7 A. M., for Boaton?for all part* of the Ialand at 7 and 9)4 A. M., and 4 P. M daily, J3K3C^.eicccept Sunday*. a21 Imrc TO WESTERN TRAVELLERS. irwha iswa TlfEPublic i* reipactiully niiormed that tha receut break in the Canal, cauaed by the late freahet. having been re paired, tha PIONEER fc EXPRK.SS LINE, via Railroad and Canal from Philadelphia to Pittaburgh. commenced it* regular trip* for the *eaaon on Monday, the 6th of April, leaving the Dapot, No. 974 Market atreet, DAILY, at 7)4 o'clock,, A.M. By thia route passenger* will avoid all the fatigue and dan ger of night travelling in coaches, both Railroada being paaa ad in dayl ight. For further information, apply at the old-eaubli*hed Office, 174 Market (tract, 5 door* above Eighth atreet. alO ?tn*rrc A. B. CUMMINOS, Agent. MORNINO LINE AT SEVEN O'CLOCK. FOR ALBANY, from the Steamboat Pier ? foot of Barclay atrert, landing at Caldwell'*, .Will Point, Nenrburgh, Hampton, Pough keapaie, Hyila Park, Rhinuback, L'pper Red Hook, Briitol, Cataklll, Hudson, Coiaxrkie, and ki'iderbook. The steamboat SOUTH \MER1CA, Capt. L. W. Brai nard, will leave the Stenmbon Tit; foot ol Barclay street, every Tuesday, Thursda-. a n! S iturday, at 7 o'clock, A. M. Breakfast and dinner on board the bo.-.r. Passengers takingthial it will arrive in time to take the evening train of car* from \|iuiy west to Buffalo, and north to SaaatogA, Whitehall and Lake Champlain. For passage or freight, upyly on board the boat, or at the office on the wharf. myl9 MORNINO LINE7AT SEVEN O'CL'K ?FOR ALBANY and intermediate landings, .from the Steamboat Pier at the foot of Bar clay street. Breakfast and dinner on board the boat. Tha new and splendid Steam Yacht, RIP VAN WINKLE, Capt. L. D. Aball, will laava the Steamboat Pier foot of Barclay street, ?vary Monday, Wedneaday and Friday, at 7 o'clock, A. M. For passage or freight apply on hoard the boat. my 14 PEOPLE'S LINE OF STEAMBOATS FOR ALBANY Daily, Sunday* excepted?Through Direct?at 7 o'clock, P.M. From the pier between Courtlan.J and Liberty it*. Steamboat ROCHESTER, Capt. Alfred r Houghtoo, will leave on Monday. Wednea m day, and Friday eveningi, at 7 o'clock. SteamDoat HENDR1K HUDSON, Capt. R. O. Cruttendan, will leave on Tneaday, Thursday and Saturday aveuinga, at 7 o'clock. At 5 o'clock, P. M., Landing at Intermediate Place*. from the Foot or Barclay it., Steamboat NORTH AMERICA, Captain R. H. Fnrry.will leave on Monday, Wedneaday, Friday and Sunday afternoons, at i o'clock. Steamboat SOUTH AMERICA, Captain L. W. Brainard. will leave on Taaaday, Thursday and Saturday afternoon*, at 5 o'clock. The above boats will, at all times, arrive in Albany in ample time for the morning car* for the east or weat. Freight taken at moderate rate*, and none taken after 3)4 o'clock, P. M. All peraona arc forbid trading any of the boat* of thia line, without a written order from the captaina or agent*. For paaaage or freight, apply on board the boat*, or to P. C. Schulti, at at office on the wnarf. myII FARE ONL V ONE DOLLAR FOR 'Deck Passengers to Provideuce.?The well Jtnown and aplendid steamer RHODE I8L A.N D, Captain Manchester, on Mondays, Wednesday* and Friday* ; and the MASSACHUSETTS, Captain Porter, ou Tneaday*, Thursday* and Saturday*. Leave pier No. 1 North River, at i o'clock, P. M., for Boston, via Newport and Providence. Fare to Boaton. $1 cabin ; $1 60 deck. Fare to Providence, 1150 cabin ; $1 dack. Freight taken at the loweit rate*, and immediately forwarded. mylO 1 in? rc MORNINO LINE AT SEVEN O'CLOCK. FOR ALBANY AND INTERMEDIATE LANDINGS?From the Steamboat Pier at ?he foot of Barclay atreet. Breakfast and dinner w uo?iu the boat. Passengers taking this boat will ar rive in tine to uke the evening train* of cars from Trorwest to Buffalo, and north to Saratoga, Whitehall and Lake Cham plain. The new lew-pre**ure iteamboat TROY, Captain A. Oorham, Monday Morning, May 18th, at seven o'clock. The TROV leave* New York every Monday, Wed nesday and Friday, at 7 o'elock, A. M. Leaves Troy every Tueiday, Thursday and Saturday, at o'elock, A. M. Landing at Caldwell's, Weatpoint, Ne wbunzh, Hamp ton, Poughkeepaie, Hyde Park, Khmebeck, U. Red Hook, Bri*tol, Cataklll, Hudson, Coxaackic, and Kinderheok. All good*, freight, hank bill*, ipecic, er any other kind of property, taken, put, or shipped on board this boat, must be at the riak of the owuer* of such goods, freight, baggage, kc. For pajtag* or freight apply on board, or at the office on the wharf. myl7 rrc NEW YORK, ALBANY AND TROY LINE. FOR ALBANY AND TROY DIRECT, from the foot of Conrtlandt street. Paasengers taking this Boat will arrive in lime to take Uie Morning Train of Gara from Troy wen to Buffalo, and north to Saratoga, Whitehall and Lake Cham pion. The itaamer EMPIRE, Captain R. B. Macy, learn the foot ol Courtlaudt atreet, oa Tuesday, Thunday and Saturday evemnga, atTeven o'clock, P. M. Tile Steamboat COLUMBIA, Capt. Wm. H. Peck, will leave the Pier foot of Conrtlandt atreet, ou Monday, Wednea day and Friday evening*, at 7 o'clock. For Passage or Freight, apply on board, or at the Office on the wharf. Freight mast be pat in charge of the Freight Agent, or the Company will wot be responsible for loas. *20 tf The Proprietor* of Hceamboata wishing anv Bella hong, would do well to pay a viait on Ubboard the Steamboats Niagara. Iron Witch, r, iron boat John Steveua. Wooater, Traveller, Icc., and esamine H. Homer'* improved style of Bell Hancina? put up neat and strong, and warranted for one year, by H. H., S5o. I Ann *treet. mr?4 Im* FORT HAMILTON AND CONEY ISLAND FERRY THE steamboat PROPRIETOR, Captain H. Mallan, will commence running on Mon day the 18th inst.,(to Fort Hamilton only,) as luiiows : leaving foot of Whitehall street, New York, at 7 A. M. and i P. M., and Fort Hamilton at ? A. M. and i P. M., outil further notice. Fare 1?H csnts. my 16 ln'r THE MOST DELIGHTFUL OF ALL EXCURSIONS. A SAIL aeross the Hudson river to Hobo ?ken, and then a walk to the Elysian Fields, ?ulnnr the exceedingly picturesque shores ol tie place, will prove the moat easily accomplished and attrac tive of all ruraal excursions that can be made from the city. The grounds now preseut a charming aspect, the trees be ingin leaf,and the soil covered withla rich turf The walks are in excellent order, having been conaiderably em'aellishedthe present spring. , . The Ferry Boat* from Barclay, Canal and Christopher its., are completely fitted up with awning* and teat*. Night Boat* ran from Hoboken to Barclay street MUl 11 ?'dock. ... Fscringe* cents. ml lm*r FOR ST ATT F.N ISLAND. , Uu ?uu ?!.?/ Monilat, Jhe 20th day of April, tne ?ue?m boats SYLPH and SlATJCN 18LANDER will leave New York and Staten Island as follows, uutil further notice J? Leave Suten Island at' *, 9, 10, 11 o'clock, A.M.; I, *, 1,4, ? o'clock, P.M. Leave New Yotk, front Whitehall street, at 7, t, K, 11 o'clock, A.M.; 1,2,1,4,4, 7 o'clock, A.M. .0? boat from the island will leave at I A. M.. and the first boat from New 1 ,rk at9 A.M. N B ?All freight at thr r-.'-k ,f i(,e owners thereof, ailrc * OK LI Vi.H l DO I.? 1'he well known, fast sail i?-coppered and c?>rp<-t'<l l istened ship SOUTH iERNKR. (00 tons ? ' ithen, Capt. T. D. Palmer, win meet with di*pMch. ?or light freight or paa*a?< having very comfortable ac immodatione, apply on board, foot of Hoaevelt atreet, E. R. to WOODllULL It MlSlTUHN, r Wh a. myia , OLASOOW LINE OF PACKETS-To aa.l l.t aBtHu'b^TA'. SS.*K!S: will anil aa above. For freight or passage, having excellent accomodation apply on board foot of Oliver itreei.or to * WOUUHULL It M1NTUKN, ?7 South atreet. The regalar pecket ship BROOKSBY, M0 tons, Captain Hugh McEwen, will succeed the Sarscao, and aail 1st July, her r>eul?r d?v. ml9 FOR LIVERPOOL?New Line-Regular Packet ftflwWof 26th May?The elegant fast sailing packet ship JBHfaSHEMDAN, George B. Coraish, master, will ssU as auove, her regubr day. For freight or paasage. having aecommodatione unequalled for splendor or comfort, apply on board, at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall ?fcor to(H UNJJ fc ^ ^ ^ ^ Kcket'ahihJaXiMot!*B. J. H. Trask, master, will sn? et ed the SHERfDAN. and sail Mth June, her regular day. my It PJBKET~FOB MARSEILLES?To touch at iH^VOibllltnr, to land passenger*?The new and splen JMULdid Peeket Ship ARC OLE, Captain Nat )s?*^nll sail 0*1 the fat of J one. i err freight or paasage apply to CHAMBERLAIN It PHELPS. iNo. 103 Front St.. or to myfirc BOYD It HINCKEN, No.M Wsllst. LA?t?T tX StfSW . . DR. JOHN ROANE'S IODINE LINIMENT, ' FOR RHEUMATISM, SWELLED LIMBS, SPRAINS, Brui.e*, Contraction.of?heCord.*nd Mu.cle* Scrofula, Paraly.i. or low of the ?*of the Limb. D? I uur of the Spine tad Hip Joint, Eruption* of the Hfeiu, Ste Thit Liuiineut is universally admitted to be the only irtl rl? that will perform all that tt ta represented t# do. It l* i a Scientific Chemical Compound of Iodine that ha* perform ed ?uch aatomshing cures of Ipug standing. ?ft*rev*ry other remedy had failed, that it would nagger belief if they could 1 noT be substantiated by the moat re.pactable person. who | have bees cured. It permanently and ?r^?$Vt18M, nr inflammatory, Paulvaia or loea of the uae or 1 a.d Mu.cla* , Oout it mat trra not ot how long standing: Sprains., Tumors, Hard Swell inn. and EiHar?ed*Jomu yieldto a f.wapplictr ion. of thia t imment It ha. been used with incredible su* "... i. Scrofula or King's Evil. ?ularged (Jlauds, diaeuea of the Spine and Hip Joint*, Tic Doloreaiu, and all Nerroa* Aft*"iu'ialuable and acta like. a charm, .topping the bleed mg of Flesh Wound, aud causing them to heal in a f*w day*. It haa a?T?r Veen known to fail in curing the mo.t stubborn UlcVra "V.V.r Sore, and Swelled Leg., Pain. aero., the Kidn*y., u> the Che.t, Side, Stiff Neck. Sore Thro.U and Croof, mb bu uistautly relieved by saturating a piece of flau uel With the - ll!TurvT *11 ipeadTly and *^*tu JlyVradicat*. cutanea, epiptiotu of Ui* akin w Ik* form of Salt, Lry.ip*)*., Pimi>W?, Ringworm or TetterrBarbar'. Itch, Soald Head, k*. It in ?tantly relieve* Toothache and Headaeh*. It extract, the piia and tartt Corns, Bunions, Cbilblutti, lie. A word upou the origin and eau.* of DISEASES. . , , . _ . Whan th* human frame r*c*ir*. a (hook, either from neat, cold, fatigue, or other cau.e*, theweake?t organ of th* *y*. tea .uffera moat. One peraonwill hare a cough, the lung* baing th* weake.t organ ; hi* neighbor, rheunaatl.m, the jin.cular ?id cellular U*.u* b*ing theweake.t \ ?aoOx?r, an larged glanda and .walling*, the glandular ay.tem bjing the weake.t, lie. When you haye m more direct your application to the part* diseased, the better,.AfkE,(| I() LINIMENT. produce, a healthy action in the di.ea.ed pvt. .trengthen*, invigorate ."and riatore* it to perfect health. It only Want, to be tried to .ati.fy the mo.t .keptical ofth* reatoring power ot th&c'^ln:ri%L.i";m^o?m.ndin, Dr. ROAKp iO DINt LINIMENT, regardingit^V^nfll^f^n ^hefoVi^S atom ; a truly .cientific compound of IODINE in the form oj Liniment, without color and unpleasant amell, tlwt can be u.ed upon the moet delicate female or child with perfect AND di.casts or Mir joint or twknt* realty ?TAi?Dif?o. Gentlemen?I feel it a duty to state for the benefitofthe public, the a?tonuhing cure of myself, which i. a* ftllow*.? 'or the la.t twenty year. I hay* been troubled wtlA r^eiima ti.m; I could not walk without a cine or crutch : the pain wu excruciating, .o much >o that I could not sleep night*. lie disease finally *ettled in my hip joint; the the thigh became elongated or pu.hed ont of lU *ock*t by the pain and inflam mation : the cord, became contracted ao a. k"" forward, and drew my foot backward, .o the pointtofmy toe* barely touched the ground when I walked. My health waa ?o much impaired, f made up my mind that the firmly .eated that nothing could benefit me; 1 hjMdtriedthe Tcryhe.tphy.ician. uid .il of the .ure enre., wirt>o-^?; I wa. advised by a friend to try Roake ? Iodine Liniment, which I consented to without faith; but before I had u?edI one bottle I found relief?it reduced the inflammation and ex tracted the pain. I continued to u.e it freely for all weegs, the cord, became relaxed, the leg re.umed it. former ance, the pain and inflammation ha* all *ub*ided, and, in fact, 1 am Perfectly well; I walk without cane or cratch, and am ffiilT"5 7 W mT A-'hEBaXp?'MiSta'??r?t Fact* are .tubbom case.:. every day bring* more evidence of the value of Koake's Iodine Liniment. Feeling, of gratitude and the good of my fellow creature, who may he afflicted in the same way, inducM me to .Mte the aatoniahing cure of my child, which la aa follow*. I Twee yean ago he wa. attacked with a .w.llinenpon the aide o(hi. neck which grew ?o large that it turned hi. head to one ?ide. It finally brofe, di.chareing larf* un*ntill*. ? keDt on ditehirring until he waui reduced to a mere akeleton. He .uffered pain Indeecrih^hle. I employed the be?t phy.i cian. and made u.e of a gre.t mant remed^. wiOiyt benefit. I made ap my mind he mu.t die. I w?* mdueed by a rrieud he wu Perfection. g FASTON No? Nj,th .eenne. Principal Depot. 8. INOERSOLL k CO., SO John .treet. my 18 lm*r T OAN OK S300.000 FOR ARREARAGES TO CON L TRACTORS AND OTHW18 ON THE PUBLIC WORKS ?The Commia*iou*r* of the Canal huud, byyirtue of the act entitled ' An act .upplementary to the act paaaed May 7,1841, entitled an act .upplementary to the act entitled an act to proyide for paying the debt and pra.erainj; the credit oftheSttte, paa.ed March ?, 18?"?P?*d May ?. IW#. hereby give nouce, that Maled propoeale will be receireU until the second day of June ne*t, at 4 o clock in ^the aftei* noon of that day. for a loan of Thbii Doll.a., for wkieh uan*f*nr*ble certifi?at?? of ?tock will be issued, in the name of Tne People of th? mate of New Vork, bearing interest at the rata of Bee per cent Pfr^"n1}?; payable quarterly, aud the pnnctpal at the pl*? .nreof the Commi**ion*r* of the Cwial Fnnd after the year 1864. In addition to the faith of the State, the act above re ferred to make, a specific pledge of the toll, squired to b* paid during the *aapen*ion or canal navigation on rreiaht transported on the Railroada between Schenectady and.Buf falo, and or any .urplua of canal revanue* afker tlie sau.fac tion or the present charge* upon *uch revenues. It i* to be under.tood, tliat the Commi**ioner* are to he at liberty to uk* a leaa aum if tha offer* are Mt .uA aa in opinion are advaiitageous to the interests of tne SKate. The may tie Tor the whole or any part or .aid loan not lea. thau 16,000 ; all pro|? to be .ealed up and *u doraed, " Loan for the payment or arrearagea to contractor* and other, on the public work.," and eucloaed in an envelop* directed to the Comptroller at Albany. Th* moucy will be required to be paid on the third day of June next, to the credit of the Commissioner* of th* Canal Fund, in *uch bank in the eity of New York or Albany a* .hall be deaiffnaied by the Commissioner*. .... Stockholder. r**iding in th* 1st and Id Senatorial Distncu, and thow re.idinr out of the State, will receive the uitereet on the .lock heldby them quarteriy, ?! of the Man hattan Company, in the city or New York ; all other .tock holder., at theNew York State Bank in the city of Albany. Dated (JanU Department. Allban^ mh *ut. <fotemor. T H OSKF A RR i N<?1^n"t reaaurer. II. HAL8EY, Surveyor Oenaral. J. VAN BUREN. Attorney Oan.ral. mvIT tjel rrc N. 8. BENTON, Secretary of State ! ~ j!?:fit:rsojTinsurance company, OrncK No. JO Watt, it., orro*iTg ti??1Mb?chant? Exchanob. THIS Company continue, to in.ure against Iom or damage by Fire, on dwelling house.,warehouses, buildings in ge neral, good., war** and merchandise, and avery de.cription o personal property; alao again.t loa. o? 4am*ga by laland aa ylgatioB and "&".P?t?^ECXORS. Thoma* W. Thorn*. Eli*ha Rigf*. Thoma. T. Woodruff. An*c* Baker, R. R. Robson, M. D. Jo*eph Drake, Thomson Price, JoMpb AUen. Moses Tucker. F.. Holmoa, Jo& H UrD' wilumMK0 Tioni. CaUb'i.Tu'jfc, Franci. P Sage, John (' Merritt. K^bert nmith? Jotw- ' THOMAS W. TIIORNE, Pre.ident. OEO. T. HOPE. Secretary. *2< FOR SALE OR TO LEASK, FOR ONE OR MORE YEARS the rremi.Ml?tclyoc. cupied aa a tannery, .ituated in Piemont, Hocklan* co., within a few yard, of the New \ ork and Erie R*>lro.<d. On tiie i. a new and commodiou. dwelling hou.e , the lot on which it .land, i* w*ll *tocked with Truit trei*. and haa a never Tailing .troam ol water running i^ithin a few ftat the d^r. Also, a rood bark Mill and Tannery wnh a water privilege attached, that might be u*ed IV>r other mechanical purpo.e*, all .ituat*d within,|^Bout 20? yard, from the dwelling hou*e. There la alio a good bare and out houae*. Title good and J?o.**?i?"?/1,, ? ly. For rurther partiearar. enquire of Philip^ Mabie, No. at myrt I'w'rc' ?' ED WA^D J^EARLE^ WINDOW SHADES. rpHE cheapen and beit aaaortment in the United States, X Tor Ml* wholesale or retail, by ? DUNCKER It BECKER,* Chatham atreet. my!7 1 m * rrc one door from Chamber! itraat. N. Y. SAKACfcN'S HEAD, 12 DEY STREET, N. Y. JOSEPH SMITH, late of Worceiter. England, best leave to inform hit frienda.cuetomera and uie public in general, that he haa recently fitted up hit honae in a eery auperior manner, and calculated to pleaae gentlemen of taate. He will always, aa heretofore, keep hit Bar and Larder supplied with the beat Liquors and Provisions that the market affords. Dinnera from li till I o'clock, and Cold Cuta, Chepe, Stakee, Rare Bita, kc., at all houra. Hit supply of Engliah and city newapapere ia eseelled by no house in New York, and hit Alee, Whim, Began, lie., are of the moat superior quality and the attendance prompt. Pri vate Rooms provided for parties, and the comfort and accom modation of caatomera alwaya attended to. Lodging!, fcc. myli lm*r CHURCH'S VEGETABLE LOTION. THIS highly valuable Coametic will effectually core erup tion! on tne face and akin, particularly pimplea, blotches, tetter, tan, fracklaa and ringworms. The uee of the Lotion for a ehort time, will establish a clear and brilliant ee nplei ion. Hold in bottlea at 73 ronu each, at 1M Bowery, comer of Spring street. Alao by Mn. Haya, Brooklyn. myl?lm*m DU|r. A. C. CASTLE, 3*1 Broadway, corner of \Viute at., ? hea been 17 yeara successfully engaged in the r raetice o Dentiatry. Study and experimenting have enabled him to in troduce many invaluable improvements, not the laatt of which are his Incorruptible Teeth. Theae possess a vivid transparent, life-like, nataral appearance, unapproachable, for their strength and the caae with which they can be won. Decayed Teeth (Iliad with goldlbil, Ke. Tender Teeth Ailed with a pure gold paate. It ia put ia while in a toft state and becomea impacted with, and rendera tha tooth aa neafuJ aa it was when aonnd. mrU lm*i BIRD CAGE MANUFACTORY, O. 1 St. John'a Lane, comer Beach atreet. The Bubecrlb _ er would inform hia Caatomera and the Public, that ha haa comtantly on hand, a large itock of fltney and eommo BirdCagea, of all descriptions, which he will tell cheaper than they can be bought el tew here. Alao, Cages made to order. ?-? ? ? J ? Kf'LLi ? P. B.?Country Merchanta would Bad it to their ad ran tag to eaiI and etamine hia stoek. ailm*f MTCHhN KANOba. T HOLMES' TWO OVEN KITCHEN RANGES. HE Proprietors are now prepared to Ornish Holmea' rangea to the trade, or eet them up for private families or boarding houaea, having purchaae# the right from the patentee to manufacture and aell the?. Our eipeneace ia manufactur ing and tatting Kitchen Rangea, in this city, for the paat ll yeara, warrant! ua in aaeertir,* that Holmea Range cannot be aurpaaaed for economy, convenience, and durability. 1 hey are warranted to perform the purpotei for which they are pure chaaed, and if not they will be removed free of any espouse to the rarchaaer. Naaaernui references can be given to peraooa wlining to purchaae. The price! range from 21 to 45 dollar!. The proprietora are constantly manuTac.uring, and are well aupplied with parlor, oflice, add bed-room ORATES, of the aeweat patternt. Alao?TIN WARE, bright, plain and ja,ienrd. They have maiooa at ell timea ready to aet Range!, grvtes, and boilers? alao, aaaokey chimneys cured ; no cure, no pay. _ . ? , . A. OILHOOLV * SON, all lm*rre^ 711 Nacaau itrs*. STRAW BOARDS"" /vA TONS Straw Boarde.Juat received, a good article, fur "V tula by PERSSt! It BROOKS, HI <*???? NagNMrtmt. N( Theatrical and Musical. The tragedy of " Gthello" was played last night at tho Park, for the benefit of the much admired Mra. Bland. The cast was most powerful, Mr. J. R. Scott playing the noble Moor, and Mr. Vondenhoff " honest Iago," while the sweet Desdemona was personated by Mra. Bland her self. The house was not quite so large as could have been desired, but the performances were received with narked applause. The I ago of M r Vnndenhoff is a great conception, and ho plays it moiit admirably?in our opinion unsurpassable. Mr. J. R. Scott did Othello well, yet not exactly to our taste. He made, however, some very fine points, particularly In the third and fifth acts. We much admired oil delivery of the passage in the second scene of the last act. where, after having killed Desdemo na, he soliloquizes upon Emilia's knocking for entrance. " Shall she come in ? Were't good I I think, she stirs again No. What's the beat 1 If she com in, shejl sure apeak to mv wife : My wife ! my wife ! What wife 7 I have no wife ." The Desdemona of Mr*. Bland ia a very fine piece of acting, and worthy of her fane. The performances of to-nignt will ho-for the beneit of Mr. Bass, one of the best comedian* that ever existed, aad a great favorite with the lover* of tho drama. A splendid bill is to be present ed on this occasion, viz " Katharine ?and Petruchio, or the Taming of the Shrew"?" Nicholas Flam," and " Lend me Five Shillings." Mr. Vandenhoff appears a* Petruchio, and Vr*. Bland as Katharine. In the courae of the evening, Siguora Pico is to givo some of the gem* of the Italian opera We anticipate a crowded andfash ionable house. Bowebt tiimtu.?Miss Julia Dean was the/'star of attraction," last night, in this popular eatablishment The "Lady of Lyons" was the piece piece selected, and she played Pauline to Davenport'* Claude Melnotte. The character ef Pauline has, already, been performed so frequently, by the first talent of the day, and been sebject to such rigid criticism, that it renders tho task of performance a very difficult one. It is but justice to Mis* Dean to state, that her performance last evening was highly creditable throughout, and was de servedly applauded by a crowded and fashionable audito ry. With a little more experience, and somewhat more confidence, we predict a highly respectable career for this young lady; and her already acquired popularity, is, certainly; not calculated to lose any thing by her ac quaintance with a Bowery audience, whose correct dis crimination and taite have already secured for this popu lar theatre such an extensive share of public patronage. Davenport was, a* usual, "at home" in his part He played Claude Melnotte to the life. Collins* General Dumas, and Clark's Olavi*, were equally effective. In deed, the entire caste acquitted themselves in a highly creditablo manner. Miss Dean was called out after the play, and was led forth by Mr. Davenport, when she towed and retired amid cneer*. The " Battlo of York town" concluded the performance; and the shade ol the gre?t "Father of his Country" might be said to have al most risen from its last resting place through the powers ful personation of Clark. In these day* of war, when the national prowe** 1* again called into action, any thing to represent the ancient chivalry of the country mutt be truly popular with every fulI-*ouled American?and what achievement i* therein the annal* of our country that ha* shed its halo of glory around the American name, that has a stronger claim upon public admiration than the "Battle of Yorlctown? The entire performance passed off with fclal, before ? full and crowded house. DatMiric Amateur commit.?An injunction was served yesterday, on the house which this new com pany have selected for their performance?and thus havo their laurels been plucked down at the start?their fame been " nipped in the bud." The gentleman who hired for the company there, is about to take out a license. The house will then continue open, we understand, for two or three week*. Success to the rising geniuses of tho age. (Jo-ahead. Castle Garden.?The second musical toiree of the season wu given at Castle Garden last evening. The fine manner in which theie concerts are got up, and the various advantage* which Castle Uarden oilers a* a plea rant retreat in thi? warm weather, muit draw large house*. Philharmonic SeciETv'i Concert.?Tho grand con cert of the Philharmonic Society, the proceeds to be do voted towards a fund for the erection of a muilcal hall in thia city, will take place thi* evening, at Caitle Garden Slgnora Pico, Madam Otto, Julia Northall, Miaa Korsin sky, Messrs^ It Mumon, Philip Mayer, and Mr. Timm, have volunteered their aervicea, together with aome three hundred vocal and inatrumental performers. With luch powerful attraction!, combined with the laudable object la view, we expect a tremendoui house. Rocewell fc 8ro<vc*i Circus, In Brooklyn, is more po pular than any other establishment of the kind that has been for years, in that city. Crowds of fashionables fill its immense canopr nightly. Iti star performers, its original spectacles, its fine accommodations and universal order, are features not to be overlooked. The " Warriors of the Cross" will be substituted for the " Sports of Spain," until Thursday, owing to an unavoidable accident There will be In afternoon and evening performance to day. Sands and Lent's Circus ?This 'fine circus company are now travelling through thii State, doing a tremen dous business. The following is their route for a weok to come:?May 19th, Cherry Valley; 30th, Cooperstown; Slit, Richfield Springs ; 93d, Mohawk Village ; 33d ana 34th, Little Kails; 35th and 36th, Iftica; 37th. Home; 38th, Vernon Village; 39th, Canastote; 30th and Slat, (Jazeno via; June 1st, Manlius Square; 3d, 3d and 4th, Syracuse. Mr. and Mrs. Kean arrived in Cincinnati, from St Louis, on the 13th instant The Baker Family were to give a concert in Elmira, Chemung Co., on the 13th inst Miss Rone berg, called the ''Mistress of the Harp," is giving concerts in Cincinnati. She has selected the ancient harp without psidals, and makes many of her flats and sharps by adroitly tightening or loosening tho screws of the harp, with her left hand, while playing. Madame Pico is expected to give a concert in Provi donce in the course of this or the tarly put of the ensuing week. Intebeitimo Relic op GrNiui?Ceoa the Actor and Ckarl.ii Kean.?'The family of the late George Frede rick Cooke, the actor, whose acknowledged abilities and genius have beon stamped by an authority so high as the late hdinund iieane himself, are, it appears, residing? much to the satisfaction of the friends and admirers of the late Mr. Cooke?in comparative comfort, in St Louis. We have already had occasion to notice the tribute paid to the remains of this eminent actor by the late Mr. Kean, in the erection of a monument in St Paul's church vard, in this city, over the ashes of his departed friend. 1'ho younger Kean, even now, is having this monument renewed, uivl with a delicacy and refinement, carrying out the wishes of his deceased lather, in a manner re flecting the highest credit npon himself. Mra. Cooke, however, not to be outdone, and to show her juat appre ciation of the compliment, has presented to Mr. Kean a very interesting family relic, as will be perceived by the following, which we take from a Western paper i?" It is known that the widow and stop-daughter of the great tragedian, Cooke, are living, respected citizens of St Louis?the latter married to a gentleman universally es teemed for his social qualities and business intelligence. The admiration of the elder Kean for the genius of Cooke, and his monumental tribute over his remains in St. Paul's church yard, New York, will be also remem bered; as well as that Charles Kean, even now, is having this monument renewed. The widow and other connex ions of the departed actor, on Mr. Kean's arrival in St. Louis, signified their desire that he should become the depository of their celebrated relative's watch; and, ac cordingly, the day before yesterday, it was presented to him. it is a plain, old-fashioned gold time-piece, the out er case bearing the initials G. K. C. The relic is one of high interest; and of all men upon the stage he should guard it, who, inheriting so large a share of his father's genius, proves that he possesses, in no less degree, his generosity of heart." Sporting Intelligence. Albany Races.?On Saturday there was another race at the Bull's Head. The weather was very warm. A I number of horses were entered to trot 100 miles in 10 suc cessive hours. The feat was performed. One horse came in with 19 minutes, and another with 0 minutes to spare. The latter won a 60 mile heat two or three weeks ago.? Jllbany Citiftn, May 18. ^ Court of General Sessions. Before Recorder Scott, and Aid. Brady and Walker. John McKeon, Esq., District Attorney. Mat 19.?Diocharge of the Grand Jury.?On the open ing of the Court this morning, the grand jury entered and announced that they had completed ail the business presented for their coniideration, and were accordingly discharged, with the usual thanks of the Court The Case of John J. Kinney.?In the case of John J. Kinney, indicted for conspiring with Samuel Roby, to defraud Messrs. Doremus, Suydam It Nixon of several thousand dollsri worth of goods, Theodore E. Tomilson, tsq , moved the Couit Hut the indictment against Kinney be quashed and he discharged, on the ground that he was illegally brought from another State, inesmuch as he was brought hither on a charge of felony, and detained only on an indictment for a misdemeanor, and that be couid not have been brought from another State to answer for ? misdemeanor. The Distbict Attorney, and associate counsel, op posed the motion, on the pert of the prosecution. James R. Wmitino, Esq , then rose and addressed the Court on behalf of the accused, and cited numerous authorities to show that the motion to quash the indict ment was good, end ought to be sustained. The decision of the Conrt was reserved until to-morrow. The attention of the Court having been occupied for the great portion of the day in hearing the arguments of counsel in the above case, no trials were called on, and the Court adjourned until to-morrow morning. Albkrt J. Tirrf.ll brought up o.i a Third Charge.?In tho Municipal Court, yesterday, Tirreli was brought up from jail, on a habeas corpus, to plead to a new indictment containing five counts, charg ing him wnh adultery, he., with the late Mary Ann Bickiord, at divers times and places in this city, in 184*. He waived the reeling of the indictment, and pleaded that he would not contend with the commonwealth on the first two counts-, and Mr. Parker, county attorney, not. prot'd. the remaining three. By pleading nolo con irndtre, the prisoner puis himself as much within the l>ower el the government as if tie pleaded guilty; but his plea rannot, like a plea of gmlty, l>e used against him on | a trial lor divorce, shoul.1 ins wife ever think of apply ing lor one. Alter stating that the maximum of penalty on the two counts, to wiuoh the prisoner had pleaded, was six years In the State prison. Judge Merrick ordered him to find sureties for his appearance to receive judg ment, in the sum of $1600. Ue was then remanded to jail. It is ex|>ectcd that his trial for arson will come on June.?Hoiltn foot, May 19. Police Intelligence. Mat 19.?Surf i?ry?Two notorious Five Point thieves, called John Brown ?ud Charles Cook, alias French y, bur- f glariously entered an upper room, belonging to Mr. Cor nelius Kagan, N(i 1M| WMUMN street. It appears these rascaU forced open the door with a chisel, and broke open four trunk* in search of plunder ; they ob- ; tained two silver watclioi, valued at $30? one of which ; belonged to William Kagan, a policeman, of the First ward. Just as these scoundrels were ei-caping with the | booty, they were discovered by thoso efficient officers, ? Connell and Daly, of the First ward, who gave chase, which resulted, after a long run, in the arrest of Drown, and on frisking him, they found on his person the two watches. Frenchy escajted, but was afterward* pulled in a crib in Orange street, near Cross. Both these chaps were identified as being '?"* fellows who entered the above premises. Locked 'jp by Justice Osborne for ex amination. Petit Larceniet.?William Dunn was cRJglit and locked up, for stealing a pajr of "shoes. Henry Franchett, was brought in for hooking a bottle of champagne.?Commit ted. Allin O'Niel was detected in stealing a $10 bank , bill.?Locked up. O'Brian was arrested for stealing a watch and chaiu sud a quantity of clothing, valued in all at $3') 50, belonging to Samuel McKenuey, of Trov; the clothing was recovered, but not the watcn. Locked up for trial. John Thompson was brought in and locked up for stealing a silk pocket handkerchief. Jlrrtit on Suspicion.?Three boys, called Augustus Busnell.John Kelly, aud Enoch Sailor, were arrested yesterday, by an officer of the Second ward, charged with stealing a uocket book, containing $13, from New burgh. Locked up for examination by Justice Osborne. Patting Bad Monty..?John Oilean was urrested last night, charged with attempting to pass a spurious dollar upon Wm. Kuensman. Attempt to Kill.?John Mackey and Thomas Lennett, two seamen, were arrested by Capt. Buck of the Third ward, charged with a violent assault, with an attempt to take the life of the mate of the ship Arabella. Sent to the United States Marshal's office, ana committed. Stealing Chain ? JohnCorwin and John Nesdell, were arrested yesterday, charged witu stealing four chairs, belonging to Mr. John Oildcrsleeve. They were caught by oncer Forham, of the Fourth ward, and locked up. A Ditkonttt Boy.?A boy about IS years of age, called William, was employed by Mr. Jacob A. Stamber, a ' a batcher in Fulton market, who sent this boy with a check, drawn for $74, on the Bank of New York, about 11 o'clock yesterday morning, to get the money. He did so, it appears, but instead of bringing the money to his boss; has evidently ran oil', for Mr. Stamber has not seen him since. He is of short stature, not more than five feet, and dark hair. It seems he has a sister living in Sixteenth street. Stealing a 1 Patch.?Edward Murry was arrested yes terday for stealing a silver watch, valued at $15, belong ing to John Brown, No. 167 Anthony street. The watcn was recovered at Simpson's pawn shop, 151 Bowery. Committed by Justice Osborne. Comity Court. The Hon. Michael UlshoeAer, President. Mat 19.?TYial of William IV. Drinker, Eta , one of the Special Jutticetfor Preserving the Peace of the City of New York, for Official Miiconduct.?First Chabuk? That said Wm. W. Drinker, since bis appointment as one of the Special Justices for preserving the peace of the city of New York, which office he now holds, has been guilty of wilful dereliction in the discharge of his official duties as such special justice, and of arbitrary, corrupt and illegal conduct in the exercise thereof. Joh.i B. Hasty, clerk in the police office, was the first witness examined for the prosecution.?Proves the signa ture of Justice Drinker to four documents, given in evi dence by the prosecution, in relation to ? charge of bas- I tardy, then pending before the justice. Edmo*d J. Pouter, examined.?Is the attorney of the commissioner of the alms bouse, and was his attorney in July, 1845; received from the alms house department the paper now produced; with directions from the almshouse commissioner to commence a Suit against Thomas Ken dal and his surety; after the suit was commenced. receiv ed two pleas ana a notice from Thomas Warner; one of the pleas was that the parties had appeared; on receiv ing the pleas and notice, he called at the police office and saw Mr. Drinker, anJ asked him if the recognizance that witness sued on was correct; he said it was; witness ask od him was there forfeiture; he said it was all right; that the parties did not appear; witness put in a replication, and the cause was put on the calendar, and was subse quently referred to James M. Smith, Esq.; a meeting was had before Mr. Smith?Justice Drinker was put on the stand, and he declared that he was not at the police office that day at threo o'clock, but that he was at his house, hearing a complaint of embezzlement; while he was at his house, word came to him that he was wanted at the police office, and some time after four o'clock he arrived there, and then understood that Mr. Warner had been there respecting this case, and under the impression thki the party was bound to wait, he declared the recog nizance lorfeited; he also stated no magistrate was asso ciated with him when he took the recognizances, and that that was the general practice. James M. Smith, Esq., examined?Proves that he was the referee in the cause of the People vs. Ken dall et al ; that Justice Drinker was examined before him, and upon nis examination admitted there was no magis trate associated with him when he took Kendall's bond. Ho also admitted that he u as not at the police office at the time mentioned in the bond for the appearance of the parties. Crott-examlntd?Justice Drinker said in answer to a question, that an officer had come to his house with a very important complaint which he wished to hearthore ; the Justice could not fix the exact time he arrived at the po lice office that day,but it was between four and six o'clock, and before the bond was forfaited. Thomas Wariveb, Esq., examined?Was connsel for Kendall; witness and Kendall appeared at the police of fice on the l*th July, 1845 j Justice Drinker was not there ; witness and Kendall remained at the police office until 30 minutes or half past 4 o'clock, and when they were going, left notice that they had appeared there in pursuance of the condition of the bond. Justice Merritt was asked by witness to act in the matter, but he refused. Sidney H. Stkwast, dork in the police office, examin ed?This witness corroborated the testimony of Ma War ner, which closed the evidence on the first charge. Second Chaboe.?That the said Wm. W. Drinker, in the discharge of his official duties, as ene of the special justices aforesaid, has been guilty of partiality, oppres sion, injustice, and conduct unbecoming a magistrate, tending to bring the administration of justice into con tempt. and calculated to prevent and impede the due and honest administration tn ristice. William 8. Cobwin, .dirined?On the 18thot No vember, 1845, he was assaulted, in consequence of which he was oonfined to his house four or live weeks, during which time he could noi speak or move. Witness first saw Justice Drinker in the fatter part of December , he told witness that hia complaint against the person who struck him would come on about a a week from that time ; witness was there at the appointed time; saw Justice Drinker ; said the parties were not there, Dut he would take the liberty of giving them as much time as they wanted; witness inquired of him, when he was going away, when the business was likely to come in ; he re plied, that when it did he would send witness notice ; witness saw him next in the grand jury room ; witness thinks he saw Justice Drinker from the time he was able to come out, until the complaint was disposed of, about three or four times. In an interview witness had with Justice Drinker at the police office, de said he did not be lieve that witness was at all inured. The witness under went a long cross-examination by Mr. Whiting, but nothing material was elicited. After the examination of the witness was finished, the Court adjourned to 4 o'clock this afternoon. Court CalsndsuMThls Day. Commmoi* Pleas?First part.?1, 15, 49, 51, 51, 65,67,83, <7. Second part?88, 88, 70, 73, 74, 78, SO, 384, 83, 84. From Santa F*.?A correspondent at Inde pendence, to whom we have frequently been in debted for similar favors, sends ui intelligence from Santa Ke to the 30th March. He had received letters in forming him of the murder of Mr. Crombeck, of the firm of Leger, Crombeck It Co., who waa shot by the Apache Indians, whilst on his way to Taos. After being shot, he rushed upon the Indian, and kilted him with a knife, not having strength to raise his gun. They died toge ther, and whan tound, his body presented a moat revolt ing scene, the shot from the Indian's gun having torn his head in pieces. Two Indians were in custody lor parti cipation in the murder. A band 01 Lutaw Indians have run off eighteen hun dred head of cattle, belonging to Mr. Bonney. who Uvaa on the road to Santa Ke, eignty miles from that place.? He pursuod the Indians, ana tnere ware apprehensions of his having been kilted, as he had been abnent for six days without being beard from. The Indians have run oil immense herds of cattle belonging to Mexicaus, and several of the latter have been lulled within a short time. lien. Conde was to be iu Santa Fe in May, to enforce the law against the introduction of contraband gooda. Things were all quiet, except with the Indians. 1 be re volution in the government ol Mexico created no excite ment whatever. The local government quietly pro nounced in lavor of Paredes, and there is no doubt that they would accommodate themselves to any other change witn equal facility. Our correspondent says, there are great numbers of , parsons in Independence, on the route to California. The unsettled state of affairs has discouraged some parsons 1 from going to New Mexico. There are several stocki of ' goods there tor sale at Eastern cost, the owners not being inclined to run the nsk of the unsettled state of affairs in Mexico. The writer was about to leave for the crossing of the Arkansas, from whence, as he was in expectation of receiving there an express from Santa Fe, he promises to write to us again.?St. Louii Republican, May 11. From Chihuahua ?A tetter from Mr. Isaac Pearsons, who leli Chihuahua on the 6th of Feb ruary, and came through in twenty-seven days, is publish ed in the Boontlitk Time of the Jd instant. Mr. P. says: ?At Chihuahua, the only change is the officers of the govermaent, growing out of the i'aredes revolution, was uie aocesafon of Cel. Arsey, of Janus, to the office of Governor, in place of Don Angel Trias, who refused to support the new administration. The State of Chihuahua, v? bich for years has been rapidly impoverishing, from the ptlaging incursions of the Caraanchea and Apach Indians, is suil a prey to tucm, and in fact, most of the stock farms, which a lew years ago, were ?warming with domentie animals, are enureiy devastated. The commerce ol < >?< hushua has lullen off, and prices have greaUy declined. Domestics and prints, (leading articles in the trade) arc retailing at troin to to if eta. per yard (Spanish;) which, considei ing the high duties and expense ol transportation, is extremely low; but will be still further reduced, by the arrival of the immense export* by Santa Fe this sum mer. He saw no Indians on the journey except about forty Chians, whom he met near the Cimaron Springs. They were entirely friendly, caught some mules tnat ten off from Mr. Pesrton, brought them heck, smoked * ith Mr. Pearson, and then rsureu V artetlea. WASMiffOTORtAN Ladie> or Roc n est aa?Over 140# ladioa of Rochester bave published an address inplnring their buitnodi, lovers, brothers, and friend* W vote the uo-license tickat. Distbessiico Suicide inn Mcaor.m.?Mra Sarah Donald tun, formerly of Sooth Carolina, drowned herself and three children in the Chattahooche river, in Du Kalb co . Geo., a few days ago, in the following manner- She flint tied the two older onaa together, and threw than into tha river; then ahe tied the youngest one te herself, am*, plunged headlong into the agitated wave*. Tha reason assigned why shethua terminated the existence of her aalf and children, is mid to ba a dread of starvation. llm PticHtf,?The editor of tha Xcutk Carolinian, at Columbus,8. C., lays thai he received a present of Mima fine ripe nutmeg peaches and cherries on tha 13:h nut l.sst season, he received a similar present, on the Id of May. The Camsbia.?The compensation do* tha steam-tog K. B. Forbes, for servicos rendered to the British staam ship Cambria, in assisting to get her off shore at Truro beach, was left to arbitration, aud the referees awarded $3000 to the Forbes?the Cambria to pay the expenses of the referees. The owners of the General Lincoln re ceived $700 for the services of their boat, aud the pro prietors of the Mayflower, $800. Boer Found?The body of Dr. Douglass Houghton, late Geologist of Michigan, who was drowued in Lake Superior last fall, was found last week. The body, we understand, was discovered about sis miles above the place where Dr Houghton waa drowned, buried in the sand. One of his arms sticking up, drew attention to the spot, and upon digging, the oody waa identified by the boots which he wore. Attempt at Fbaud.?A person celling himself Wilmot H.Boyd, has been arrested in Bangor, Me., for attempting to pass himself off as a travelling agent ef the poet office department He carried forged letters of eredit with him, and thus endeavored to procure funds from the country postmasters. Catholics in Boston.?The whole number of Catho lics now in the capital of New England, is estimated at 33,000 at least; or more than one quarter part of the en tire population of Boston. Political Movement*. or Maine.?This body assembled at Au Busta on the 14th inat Gov. Anderson's message was de vered on the next day. It meddles very little with na tional politics, but on the Oregon question he says :?" In the spirit of liberal and honorable compromise, and with a moderation which evincea the strongest deaire to bring this agitating question te a apeedy termination, the Prest dent of the united States has offered a nearly equal divi sion of the territory in dispute. That a proposition so clearly within our just rights, nnd which may tie regard ed aa the limit, beyond which, in the united judgment of the country, it would be improper to go, shonld have been declined by the government of Great Britain, is deeply to be regretted. In the hope which is entertained, that negotiations between the two governments will be resumed, and the controversy settled upon just and ma tually satisfactory terms, 1 strongly participate " Declination or a Candidate.?We learn from the Lqfayette (la.,) Journal, of the 7th, that Godlove S. Ortk, nominated a few months since as the whig candidate for Lieutenant Governor of Indiana, has withdrawn hia name from the canvass. Flare it Amono the Missoubi Democeats.?Dele Sates from ten out of the seventeen counties comprising owlin's district, assembled in convention at Frederick town some days ago. A regular row waa kicked up by the St l.ouis delegation, and one of the counties with drew. Judge Bowlin was then, on the first ballot, nnd with the vote of only one eounty out of the nine against him, nominated for re-election to Congreaa. But, before this was done, Thomas 11. Holt, one of the delegation ap pointed by the Hard meeting at St. Louis, took the stand, and denounced the intrigue and fraud by which the nomination of Judge liowiin bad been secured, and in conclusion announced himself aa a candidate for Con gress, in opposition to the nomination which had been thus accomplished. iiik nrcts woun wan senienct the penitentiary for 0 month*, assaulting Chariot fc. Smith, was for 30 day*. John Haffer, for ai Court off Special Scanlona. Ha fore the Recorder and two Aldermen. Mar 19.? Sentences.?Mary K. Stewart, for itealinr a ?ilk dress worth $&, was sentenced to be imprisoned in ith*. Thomai Michael, for was aent to the penitentiary ar assaulting hia wife, waa *ent to t?e tame place for S month*. John Cronen and Thomaa Nealer, for stealing feur chain, were each bookod for i month*' residence on Blackweli'a ialand. The Court then adjourned until Tuesday morning next. United Btatca Comsulaaloiter'a OSee. Before Commiationer Gardiner. Mat 19?Charge of Revolt and Larctny.?Nathaniel Newton, John lnglis, Jnmei H. Margraves, Benjamin Ourney, and Milton C. Derby, five of the erew of the whale ship Caravan, charged with a revolt and laroeny, at Kio de Janeiro, about the let of January last, by leav ing the ship without order*, and taking with them one ot the (hip1* boat*, and part of the ship'* atore*. After a full investigation of all the fact*, the Commisaioner commit ted the parties, in default of bail. Comrt or Common Pleas. Before Judge Daly. Mat 19.?Davit vs. Parker?This cause, which was re ported in the Herald of Monday, waa not finished whea the court adjourned. The other branch of the oourt waa opened, and Imme diately after adjourned, no business being ready. Singular Escaps.?We learn that John Trow, who murdered Miss Mngrialine Loebert, opposite this citv, a few days siace, and then cut hie throat, has escaped from the house where he haa been Mag since the day of the tragedy, and cannot be found. He had hie throat sewed op en the Id instant, but since that time the stitches broke out, leaving a hole in front of the back part of his wind pipe, large enough to almost admit a man's fist He haa been attended by Meeara. Porter and Courtney: he was at the house of the former, nntii the eacape, night before laat We understand that the neighbors heard a noise in Mr. Perter*s house during the night, but that is all now known of the man's singular escape. It is presumed Trow's frienda took him away, and that he is now secreted somewhere in the vicinity ef this city. He lay on a low bed, daring his acjcurn at Mr. Porter'a, and kept a tab of water undar hia bed?from this he drank, and that is the sustenance he haa had. lie actually lived ten daya and nights on water alone, and then madeliis escape ? Cincinnati Commercial, Man '*? DEAFNESS CAN BE CURED. SCARPA'S COMPOUND ACOUSTIC OIL-For the ear* of Dwneu, Pains, and the Discharge of matter frutn the Kara. Alto, all those disagreeable noises like the bussing of Imecu, falling of Water, wUiaamg of Steam, lie. lie., which *re symptoms of spproachiug Deaiheae, and alto geuerally attendant with the ditease. Many person* who have been deaf for ten, fifteen, and twenty years, and were obliged to me ear trumpet*, have, after using one or two bottles, thrown aiide their trumpets, being made perfectly well. It is, with out doubt, one of the greatest afflictions that ran befall ns. to become deaf. This misfortune, in year* peat, ha* hung with doable weight upon the aiBictei, from the conviction that nothing conld be hoped, even from the best Physicians.? However, we feel much gratified that we are able to offer the public a certain remedy tor this misfortnne, in Scarpa's Oil, and at the same time lay before them positive evidence of the great virtues of this medicine. We make the following short extract from a letter upon this suhjeet, from a Medical gentleman in one of the Eastern cities :? " Yes, sir. Scarpa's Oil, in affecting cares, as well aa In affording relief, it eertaiuly working wonders." Philadelphia, Jan. 4. IHJ.?I hereby certify that when I wat about twelve yeare old, I gradually became dmaj in both ears, so that in a few month* I found it almoet impossible te hear, unlett in the very loudest tone of voiee. I remained ia that situstion until Isst summer, a period of eighteen years, when I heard of Hearpa'i Compound Aeouttic Oil. 1 im mediately obtaiaed a bottle, which I have uted, and am happy to say it has acted like magic, and i|iiite cured me. Aay oas wishing further information of my cue, which think it a re markable one, will find me by calling at my residence, Com cord street, first door above Second atreet. MRS. REBECCA BAXTER. Prepared only by Dr. B. Bcli., Philadelphia. Sold whole aale and retail, by A. B. It D. Bands, Druggists, 7? Fulton at., 271 Broadway, and 77 East Broadway, New York, Agenw lor the proprietor. Hold also by Druggists generally threughoat the United Strates. m7 eowgniW DK. JACKSON'S WLaE EMBKUCATlO.v HEMORRHOIDS, OR PILKS, is a disease produced by local irritation, costiveuess, purgative stimnlanta, undue determination of blood to the hemornoidal veaaela by eice* aive riding or walking, or a congeative state of the liver, and often by a peculiarity of the constitution me If. The success that has followed the use of the Embrocation ia the cure of tine disease,hat beea trnly astonishing. Phvsieiaits now adviae their patients to uae it aa their beet remedy. PMit-anrxrHta, March 10, Ittd. Dr. Jackson : Sir?I think there are few diseases which are more common and troublesome than the piles, and during the last 1) years I have suffered from them very mean, ranting pain, bleeding and immoderate itching. I used all the virions remediee, but without relief nntil I got a bottle or your Km brocation, which completely cured ma ia three weeks. Yours trnly, S. H. PLYMPTON None genuine unless with the signature of N. Jtckwi, M D . ou the outside wrapper, with the word a " Dr. Jtck-oo't Pile Embrocation, Philadelphia." blown ou raeh?bottle Price $1 per bottle, or sn bottles for $3. Said wholesale and retail, by A. B. It P. Sends, DruKXi?ts, 79 Fulton st.; *7J Broadway, and T7 Kaat York. Sold also by druggists generally throughout ths I nitea States. *a7eow?inW GERMAN SILVEK. JV1 JAMES Q. MOFFET, No. I? Priaee itreet. teeondMock wast of Broadway, ia coastantly mainfactn ring (Wnnan of various number* and wi<Uh?. which P S?All goods sold will be delivered ia aay ~rt ef the eity, or Brooklyn, free of expense _ ax im m iNrrrrt'TF. lOH THE CUBE OF BALDNESS AND GKEY HA'R. office for the tale of his Patent TRiCOf HEBOl 8, connected with which he hss t private room, where he is now ? ofcr hfe adnee an.I asaistsnce to such I ad lea and (fentjemm 1! w !h to conaslt him oa the cure of Bildneta. tire. Hair and other diseates of the skin of the head or growth of ,hr i'j,1'. ??<) gentlemen can have their hair instantaneoealr j.,J black, brown, or auburn, by the use of Jules Hsuel s V\frrila'ory'Vowdert, for entirely eradicating superfluous hair ou the face, neck or arms. Br?? office at formerly, WO Broadway. mvH 1m r^ BRANCH OK OOKIA'S DYINO M?TABCI?H>l*A No. ttt GREENWICH STREET,1 (West side, between Mimr snd Wsrreu sfree?>. EVERY VARIETY oft ettnn, Silk snd Woollen Pre;.- . Shawls .ladies' and gentlemen's garmeete, Siruw ana horn Hats. Dyed end ( leaned ia the beat manner sad o.. t ?? most satisfactory terms. Lsdies sad gentlemen from ll.i itr, as well sa from the coantrr. ere reepectfnlly iiivitr.i courage the aew branch of 'he old tn<J * eH? SORIA'S DYINO f." " r* Oreep?i<- ' ' ' . ayl?lw*t _ JNiwttn.Mw. . tiatmtW.

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