Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 6, 1846, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 6, 1846 Page 1
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. 1 t1 '?? i t?,? '} -I THE NEW YORK HERALD. rn? two unu, THE NEW YORK HERALD. JAMES GORDON BENNETT, PROPRIETOR. Olrcnlatlon?Forty Thousand, DAILY HERAXD? Ktery day, Price a cent* per copy?V Par ann um?payable in advance. WEKKlV HKRALD?Every Sacunley?rriee iJf ceuta Per copy?ti ttU ceuu u?r anuuju?payable in advance. ADVkRTlbKMKNTS at the luaal pri?M?alwaya caab IB advance PR INTINO of all kind* eiecatod with beaaty und dea Irtren or communication!, by mail, addmaed to (he e?i\bli.iim?ui, uuit l? poet paid, or the postage will be deUuctad Irom the iub?c<wtion moaey remitted. JAMES OORDON Bi.NNf-.TT. Prcpnator of the the Ntw Yosk Fitaruuhmkvt, NnrtK- corner of Kulino ind Nimm eir?er? TO WESTERN TRAVELLERS. I'ublic ii respeciiuii, incrmeil that the receut break J iu the Canal, caused by the lair Ireihet. (mviiik ht-eu re paired, the PIONEER & EXPRE9S LINfc, via H.iilroid and Canal from Philadelphia to Pittsburgh. commenced iu malar crips Tor the senaou on Monday, the (itii of April, leaving the Depot, No. 274 Market atreet, DAILY, at 7}? o'elock, A.M. By thia route passengers will avoid all the fatigue aj,d dan ger of night travelling in coachei, both Railroads being pass ed iu daylight. For further information, apply at the old-established Office, 774 Market atreet, 4 doora above Eighth atreet. am 6r.?rrc A B CirMMINOH. Agent. UUAU laLAND RaILIvOaD CU^IFanyT EXPRESS MAIL Trama leave Whitehall, Snath FetTV, at? A. M., for Boaton?for all parts of the lslsnd at 7 and !>H A. M., and 4 P. M daily, .excerept Sundaya. ail Imrc BRITISH AND NORTH AMERI CAN ROYAL MAIL STEAM SHIPS, ?of I|li0 tons and 440 horse power, each un dor contract with the Lords of the Admi ? rally. HiSliKMA Capt. A Ryrie. BRITANNIA Capt. J. Hewitt' CALEDONIA Capt. E. O. Lott. ACADIA I apt Wm. Harrivn. CAV1BRIA Capt. C. H. E-Judkins. Will aail from Liverpool and Boaton, via Halifax, u fol lows j? vaoM boston. nog litkpool. HThernia Jqiie 16, 1<U6 I Hibernia May 19, 1046. CaUdo.iia Jaly I, 1846 | Caledonia June 4,1846. Passage Morncr. From Boaton to Liverpool S>20. From uoatou to Halifax. 20. Three ahii?a carry experienced aurgeona. No bertha se cured until paid for. No freight, except specie, received on the diva of sailing. For freight, passage, or any other information, apply to D. BRItiHA.Vl. Jr., Ageut. my21 rc At HARNDKN it rn 'H. fi Wall at. MORNING. LINE AT 8EVEN O'CLOCK. jm FOR ALBANY AND INTERMEDIATE ArZJM-^3?t,ANDINO^?From the Steamboat Pier at 3C*?jUGe-'he foot of Barclay street. Breakfast and OiUMer on ouaru the boa# The uew l<?w-|iressure steamboat TROY, Captain A. Co -ham, Monday, Wednesday and Friday Mornings 7 A. V. The steamboat NIAGARA, Tuesday, Thursday and Satur day tnorni 'g?, at 7 A. M. Landing at Caldwell's, Weatpoint, Newliurgh, Hampton, Poughkeeiieie, Hyde Park, Rhiuelieck, U. Red Hook, Bristol, Catskill, Hudiou, Coxsackie, and Kto derhook. All gooda. freight, bank bills, specie, or any other kind of proiierty, taken, pat, or shipiieil on board this boat, mast be at the nslt of the owners of such goods, freight, baggage, tc. For passage or freight apply ou board, or at the other on the wharf. _ ^ mv27 rrc PEOPLE'S LINE OF STEAM BOATS ?FO rTaT7b~ANV Daily, Mondays excepted?Through Direct?at 7 o'clock, P.M. rrum the pier between Courtlanand Liberty sti. jiMQ jOiI Steamboat ROCHESTER, Ca|H. Alfred Hoiighto<K will leave oo Monday, Wedues r T day. and Friday eveuinga, at 7 o'clock. Bte. niboM IIENDRIK HUDSON, Capt. R. O. Crutteodea, will leave ou Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday evenings, at 7 o'clock. United States Mail Line. At ? o'clock, P. M., Landing at Intermediate Place*. From the Foot qf Barclay it., Stoamboat HUDSON, Captain C. F. Xing, will leave on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday afternoons. at 4 o'clock. Steamboat SANTA CLAUS, Captain B. Overbagh, will loave ou Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday afternoons, at i o'clock. The above boats will, at all timee, arrive in Albany in amide tine for the morning cars for the east or west. Freight taken at moderate rates, and none taken after o'elock, P. M. All persoas are forbid trusting any of the boats of thia line, Without s written order from the captains or agents. For pasasge or freight, apply on board the boats, or to P. C. Schultv.. at the office oil the wanrf. my27rc THE MOST DELIGHTFUL OF ALL EXCURSIONS. A SAIL serosa the Hudson river to Hobo bea, and then a walk to the Klr?'?u Ficiito, along the exceedingly picturesque shores of the place, will prove the moet easily accomplished and attrac tive of all rnrual excursions that can be made from the city. The grounds aow present a charming aspect, the trees be ing ill Uaf. and the soil covered with s rich turf. The walks sre ia excellent order, having been considerably ???elliabed the present apriug. , . The Ferry Boat* from Barclay, ( anal and Christopher sis., tie completely fitted up with swnings and seats. NightBoats run from Hoboken to Barclay street until 11 o'clock. Ferriage ?>< neat*. ml Sm*r FOR , BTATTEN ISLAND. . ? . On njidaiier Monday, the 20th day of April, the Steam boats SYLPH and STATEN ISLANDER will leave New York and States Island as follows, until further notice *?? Leave Staten bland at I, 8, 9, 10, U o'clock, A.M.; 1, 2, 3, 4, ? o'clock, P.M. Leave New York, front Whitehall street, at 7, 9, 19, II O'clock, A.M.; 1, 2. S, 4.1,7 o'clock, A.M. On Sundays, Me first boat from the island will leave at t A. M-, and the first boat from New York at9 A.M. N B ?AH freight at the riak of the owners thereof. a21rc NEW YORK, ALBANY AND TROY LINE. FOR ALBANY AND TROY DIRECT, from the foot of < 'ourtlandt street. Passengers taking this Boer will arrive in imcto t.uie lite Morning Train of r.ars from Troy west t*? fnffalo, and north to Saratoga, Whitehall and Lake Chain . ..i steaiaer EMPIRE, Captain R. B. Msey, leaves the loot of Coartlaudt street, on Tuesday, Thursday end Saturday eveuinga, at savea o'clock. P. M. The Steamboat COLUMBIA, Capt. Wm. H. Peck, will leave the Pier foot of Courtlandt street, on Monday, Wednes day and Friday evenings, at 7 o'elock. For Passage or Freight, apply on board, or at the Office on the wharf. Freight must be put in charge of the Freight Agent, or the Company w ill not be responsible for loss. a20 tf Fare only onk dollakTTor Deck Paasengers to Providence.?The well known and splendid steamer RHODE I8L Af> U, Captain Manchester, on Mondays, Wednesdays and nriday* ; and the MASSACHUSETTS, Captain Porter, on Toeo-lays, Thursdays and Saturdays. Leave pier No. I North River, at 5 o'clock, P. M.jfor Boston, via Newport and Providence. Fare to Boston, ft cabin ; SI 90 deck. Fare to Providence. (I 91 cabin : SI deck. Freight taken at the lowest rates, and immediately forwarded. my 10 lm* re jgL The Proprietors of Steamboats wishing Bells hung, would do well to pay a visit on 3CZ3H3Lhoard the Steamboats Niagara, Iron Witch, Oliveruur, ir?u boat John Stevens. Wooster, Traveller, fcc., and examine H. Homer's improved style of Bell Hajicinf? put up neat aad strong, and warranted for one year, by H. H., fco t 4nn street mr24 lm* FuH LI V kJtPOOL? New Line?Regular Packet nf 21st Jane.?The superior, fast sailiag parket ship ?ROCII ESTER, 900 tons burthen, Capt. John Brit tou, aail as shove, her regular dsy. For freight or passage, having elegant and superior accom modations, apply on board, west side of Burling slip, or to WOODHULL k MINTURN, *7 South street. Tlie pseket ship HOTTINOUEK, 1040 tons. Captain Ira Buraley, will succeed the Rochester, and Mil on her regular day. ?lsr lulv. mv21 KOh LI VERPOOL? Hey alar Packet of 9th tflVkJaoe.?The splendid, uew, last sailing packet ship jyKilENRY CLAY. Cant. E. Nye, burthen 1400 tons, vtfll *?il as above, her regular dsy. Tito accommodations Tor cabin, second cabin and steerage j JiaasO'igers, are unequalled hy any vessel in port; as a number I of bertha are already eniraged, persons desirous of securing ap<a*age. should make immediate application on hoard, foot of Maidoa lane, or to JOSVPI1 McMURRaV, mvtl comernl Pine and Sonrh atrreu. UNION i.INE OF PACKETS FOR LIVKR- ! Pi iOL.?Packet of the 10th Juue. The new aplen- I ^^_^lid fast sailing Packet Ship 8IL *8 HOLME*", ' ui C. O. Berry, will sail o i or about Wed'tesday. June 10. j This ship ha* splendid accommodations for cabin piasen gora Second cabin passctgers will be accommodated in l llghr nod airy rooms on deck, and the accommodations in the i steerage are superior to most other ships, all <f which will be ! take i at reduce* rates. Persons about to embark for the old ' country, should atijhii apleudid ship tiefore completing ! % thfir ifr?nf#fn?nti Thote wishing to tecure berths shouh make oarly application on f'^ j^tAPSCOTT. 98 South St., 2d door below Burling ilip. _ ! TTie Paeket Ship M ARVIION, will succeed the SILAS HOf.viF.H. and tail I2th Jnne. J?J r_ | For >1 ARSLlLLES?The bark (-OLUMBIA. Capt Tru<s>ll; to be promptly despatched. For freight o pttaege, applv to BRKTT It VOSK. 29 South street, or to j#4 rc BOYD fc HINCKEN, ?9 Wall street. FOH GLAsOOW?Line of P.ckeu-Reg..lsr 'scket 1st Inly.?The fine, new, last sailing packet hip BROOKSBY. 410 tons, O. W, Brymmer. mas ?L * i' ?*!' ?* above, her regular day. For Roight or passage, having excellent accommodations, apply on board, foot of Dover street, or to WOODHULL It M/NTURN. *7 South st. Tbo packet bark ADAM CARR, <09 toos, will succeed the i s^ookeby. and sail on her regnlarday. 1st August. jel ( FOR FREIGHT OR CHARTER. ? The fine iBfb British brigKATE, Caddell, master, is ready to ( JUS. ^yvvc r^raer of nne and "on'h ?rreeta. . FOR FREIGHT OR CHARTER--The new ! first class British ship JANE, Mllligan, master, is \ _( eady to load bora or proceed to a Southern port lot f A,ply to JOSEPH Me MURRAY, m "*> *wrre PorrieT nf Fine and Sonth streets. I PACKr.l SlliPO \RRU;S, from Liverpool ?Consignees by thia ship will pieue have their permits on bo rd, st Orleans wharf, foot of Wall street immediately. All goods not iiermutad in five days will be sent to the public store. 1 j"' r> NOiH All iersons are forbid harhorniK or trusting ' any of the crew of Bruiah ship BROOKSBY, from 4JI sgow, asuodebts ol their contracting wiU be paid by tlie capuin or cousigneee. je9 WOODHl LLk MINTURN.97 South street. PA'Sfc-T HHIP' bkOOKSSY, FROM OLaSOOWTZ Consignees will please send their permits on board, fbot 1 of Dover street, Ei R , witmitit delsy. All gomh not per- I muted ia fivo days wiU be seat to the public store. Jet WOODHULL fc MINTURN, #T South street I _ GENIN'S GOSSAMER HATS, YW VKIOH1NU ftw 4(1 to MM. Price only $"! 50. ll m about two yeui iiuce the Gossamer Hat was first introduced by the subscriber to tlu- notice of the New York public, as the lightest, the most desirable, an i the most tasty arncle for summer wear heretofore in use. The i?touiihi?t success attending tliem, enticed by the extraordinary larne amount of sales, and the popular approba tion bestowed upott them by tli? many who lure giten them their pitronaue, bat e not been lost upon the subscriber, who, to show that he is ever anxious to excel iu his art. now pre sents for public patronage the Gossamer hat. mnch lighter and more pleasant than any other ever before offered. They are uot liable, like the Leghorn and i'anama. fo loae either stupe or color from exposure to the run. They cannot be soiled by either perspiration or oil from the hair, so commonly the case with outer Hats, for the much admired style of trimmings, originating with the proprietor, effectually prevents all this. This is a decided advantage over all other hats The public are invited to call and ? e this article at J. N. OENIN'S Hat and Cap Store, myffT ltn*rp 2't Broadway. opposite St. Paul's Church. WATTR1POXT ft CO.. CI FASHIONABLE HATTERS^ 82 Nassau street, near Kultou. New York. THE subscribers beg to call the attention of the public to the <|ualityof their various kinds of Hat* of their own manu facture. They have just received a small supply of superior moleskin. now used by the moat fashionable hatters iu Paris, a sample of which they will feel much pleasure in showing to those who will favor thetn with a call. The undersigned do not pretend to sell at W or even 10 per cent le?s than any other establishment; neither can they boast ot having a splen did store; but they flatter themselves that the quality and finish of their Hats will give eutire satisfaction, at the prices charged. They have adopted the Freuch style of trimmiugthe sum mer Ints, which is a preventive to the perspiration coming through and spoiling the beauty ot their appearance. M. B. WATTRIPONT, mv 'm'm WM H I \MF.^ tUMMfcK HAlS. ECOSOHY .IS ft FASHION r* ROBERTSON'S PHENIX HAT AND CAP MANUFACTORY, I0S Fulton street.-The under signed bespeaks the attention of the public to the quality ol his Summer H <ts, possessing the tarious properties usually sought for by the mau of taste, they have the additional merit of being 25 per cent below the standard prices. They are es sentially similar in material, workmanship, and finish, to the articles manufactured by the more splendid establishments ol Broadwsy; and on a close comparison of their respective material difference can be perceived, except in the single particular that the subscriber lias adopted a style of trimming, which effectually preveuta the pertpiratiou of the forehead from striking through, and impairing the ap pearance. . Their average weight is from 1% to 3)? onnecs?being much lighter than substantial Leghorna, or Panamas. Persons of taste and judgment, who sre influenced in their purchases by considerations of cost, are invited to exam>'ie them, and to establish, by the test of comparison, their r'.cise value, com pared with the productions of other manufacturers. m.-r' tm'p. Tinrn-y bom mi t.'?i.n., ?tre?t tn..> I i.i^nr..* .7 IjNvj r .s."MllUiV fl BEAVER AND SILK HATS of the best quality and moat approved shapes, are now ready for inspection and sale at the old established prices. Best Beaver |f SO Best Silk 4 00 ROWE, Merchants' Exchange, alT lm"rrr <0 William itr^ft, J. I'UILl &. OU. ___ FASHIONABLE HAT STORE. fl THE SUBSCRIBERS having opened a HAT STORE J^?at No. 110 Fulton street, corner of Dutch stroet, respect fully solicit the patronage of their old customers and the pub lic. They will constantly keep on hand a complete assort ment of Hats, Caps. Umbrellas, Sic., See., of the latest style, and will sell at the lowest prices. Single hats made to order at tie shortest notice. ICHABOD PRICE, mvS lm*r THOS SHANNON. ~~ SPRING FASHION. ta BROWN 8cCO., 171 Chatham Square, corner of Mott i^^street, wish to inform the public of their receut improve ment iu the manufacture and I'nwsh of their $3 Hals, combin ing fashion, beauty and durability, three important cousidera linns to the wearer. The proprietors do confidently assert their hats to be much snperior to any ever before sold for the same price. _Call and satisfy yourself of this fact. miW lm*rh METROPOLTTAN~TfAT AND CAP STORE, _ NO. 271 1-2 GRAND STREET. fa PLUNKETT It CO., have just opened this nejv estab J^m>liahiuent with a spleudid assortment of HATS and CAPS not to be surpassed either in quality, elegance of shape or du rability, which they otter to the public at the following very low prices ?? Hats. First quality Nutria Fur, at S3 SO Second do do do do 3 OC First quality Moleskin, do 3 AO Second do do do 2 50 Cars from 37X cents to $1 75 each. Wholesale and retail, orders punctually attended to, and customers'hats ironed and kept in shape gratis. Ml lin'rrc J. PLUNKETT kR. PARUE88US. ~~~ EXCELSIOR, fl KOBKRTSON'8 PH<EN1X HAT AND CAP MANUFACTORY 103 FULTON ST., BETWEEN NASSAU and WILL THE proprietor of this establishment has recently added to his extensive stock of spring goods, an assortment ol Moleskin Hats, of exquisite finish and superior elegance. The price ol tnese really superb articles is only S3 SO, lieitig S'50 less than the same goods (manufactured in the same mauuer and of similar material) are sold in Broadway. The secret of thia great disparity in price mav I*; easily conjectured. The ?lT<nwr'i wmssm Wms kat a tithe of those of the more splendid establishments in liroadwav, he ia in consequent-* enabled to offer goods of ? corresponding description at lowei rates. a gl lm?rc KNOX'S SUMMER 8TYLE OF HATS are now ready for inspection and sale, (at No. ltt Fulton street. Sun Buildings.) consisting ofOregou nearer white and blue brush Hats, a Targe assortment of gentlemen's Panama and Leghorn Hau. Also, ? new style of boy's summer Hata. Ilats made to order at a very short uotice. my 15 lm*rc ? LADIES FANCY KASHION ABLE STRAW ^EjHATS? Paris Straw Gimp Hats, of the latest shape, for J* sale at CARL KING'S, No. 17 Division street, at S* SO each. N. B.?A general assortment of Straw Hau and Paris,Rib bins, at the most reasonable price*. a34 lm?rc CARL KINO. 17 Division street THE NIGHTINGALE SUNG IN JOHN STKF.e.T. ? THE REAL BIRD itself has arrived, and like wis* 500 of the Saxony Canaries, the warbling of which JV&to the stranger and curious, is rather au interesting sight?for each- customer has s different habitation, aud Archy will be happy to attend to the ladies and gentlemen as they pass Broadway and John street. ap!7 lm*rh look. aT THis"'? LADIES A^'TJ GENTLEMEN, if you want f fine article ol '-toots and Shoes, call at *7 Broad way, where you w ill find the largest sssortment, cheapest, aud most fashionable m the city. Do not mistake the number, 3S" Broadway, corner of Franklin street. IS". B.?a large sssortment oi imported French Boots, at the >ow price of 5dollars. M. CAHILL. 14 int'r a* .LIAM J Boot PREMIUM BOOTS. N< are equal to thoaa sold in other stores for $5 Fine French Calf Boots for St SO, euual to the best made in . _ this city for $6 or S7, at YOUNG ll JONES' French ?oot and Shoe Manufactory, one of the most fsshionshle iu the city Our Boots having been judged in the late Fair at Nibjo's, are said to be the beat ever sold ia this city. All Boots warranted to give satisfaction. Mending, tie., done m the Store. YOUNG h JONES, 4 Ann street, m25 lm*m Near Broadway, New York ^ BOOTS AND 8HOES.?The public are lavited to ? call and examine tha large aasortmant of Gentlemen's. IB Ladies' and Misses' Boots, Shoes and Gaiters, iu sll their varieties, which are to be found at the cheap cash ?lore of H. BIGGAM, m24 lm*r I Canal St., corner Sullivan. ATLANTIC AND ST. LAWRENCE RAILROAD. ~ OT1CE TO CONTRACTORS-Proposals will be re ceived at the Office of the Atlantic and St. Lawrence Railroad Company, in this city, from the 17th to ?7ih of June next, for the Grading, Masoury and Bridgingof a division ? the road, extending from a point at. or near Portland, to Koy? nil's river in North Yarmoath, a distance of about 11 miles Plans, Profiles and Specificationa will be exhibited, and the requisite informsliou given, at the Engineer's Office ia Port land, on aud after the 17th of June. Persons offering to contract for the work, who are unknown to the undersigned, or to the directors, will be required to accompany their propoaals with references as to character and ability. A further extension of the road, embracing a distance af j ?ome fifteen or more additional miles, will Be prepared for, and put under contract, abcut the first of August next. By order of the Board of Directors. WM. P PREBLE, President; A. C. MORTON, Chief Engineer. Portlsnd, Ma.. Ma^ II. 1146. m\ 27 Irar FOR SALE OR TO LEASE, FOR ONE or MORE YEARS, the Premises lately oc cupied as s tannery, situated in riermout, Rockland Co., within a few yards of the New York and Erie Railroad. Oa tne premises is a new and commodious dwelling house ; th? lot on which it stand* is well stocked with fruil trees, and has a never failing stream of water ruauing within a tew feet of the door Also, a good bark Mill and Tannery with s water privilege attached, that miglit be ased advantageous!) for other mechanical purposes, all situated within about J0I yarda from the dwelling house. There M also a good ban aod out houaea. Title good and possession given immediate <J Kar farther particulars enquire of Philip Mabie, No. 324 Stanton street, or of the Subscriber on the premises mylglw?re KPWAHO J K.AKI.r. COUNTRY RESIDENCE FOR THE SUMMER, At Btdftrd, L. /., three milei from South Ferry, and near 1*1 Haitroait Depot. A COTTAGE, containing two parlors, (4d feet,) a Horary and dining room on first floor, eight rooms oh second floor and attic, with kitchen. 4tc., stable and c?<ii<me bouse, gardeuer's house, be., with four acres, in cluding large garden and paaturage for a cow. Conveyances frequeut. by omnibus and railroad to the city. Itwillbelet for the summer months, with or without funntnre Apply to GfcO. b MSK. u Wiilism street Also, a new freneh Qottageon Oxford street, near Psrmen tier s Garden, IX miles from South Ferry, with stable and twelve lots of ground enclosed The cottage has t nursery, kitchen. Sic., in basement; two parlors and breakfaar room, on first floor, and four bedrooms oa second floor?will be in readiness for s tenant iu two weeks. Apply as above mrt*2w fh NEW LEBANON SPRINGS.? t COLUMBIA H ALL.MarU,I MS?This fa rorite place of resort Is now open and readyfor the r*cei>tf?n ofcom pany, being uader the management of its old proprietor Hull. Presuming on his long experience as a caterer Tor tha travelling public, he intends that ihe management of Jie establishment shall be snch as to meet the wants of the most fastidious, whether tarrying for the season or a shorter i?riod Je3 Imrc HE*WV HULL. OoUiNTKY ftEA'l' KUK tXtJIA.NCtK For unimproved lots^ir improved propertv in New York city. a A LARGE new two story and attic frame Hna>e, 50 feat square, and cellar under the whole?ganet all hard finished; metal roof; piaxxas front and rear; garden ? en s<ocked. trees,,bery, Itc. Situattil 25 milei from Mew York, within 7 miles of a rail road in lull operation, and lirectly on a contemplated aod char ered railrosJfc Any per lotPdesiring to make such an t xchange. who will designate ihe property offered, fcc., to H. W., box 2J57 Lower Post Of M. ioif desiring to make such an ? xchange. who will designate [he property offered, lie., to H. W., box 2J37 Lower Poat Of Iff will he anendsMt to jel lw*m TU LL i\ ROOMS ro lat at 179 Broadway,suitable for oAin, Aleo furnished Rooms Enquire on the premisae, of lfSh?wt A. GILBERT. LjAS^m* AWjWii Cv'idtvstk ? ! THE CITY PIRE INSURANCE COMPANY, i Okficc No. 61 Wjii itm.tT, Cit* or Nkw Vo?*. CATITAL STOCK $110.000,all paid in cash.aad securely inrrsted according to tlie provisions of its charter. Thu i .mill.-my UVs been iu business twelveyears, and M that time hu paid losses by fire upwards ofUM.UOO. The present assets of die Company eiceeu iu capital stock mori' than Jii.ouO. Insurance against loss or damage by *lre effected on appli cation, at reasonable terms. __ ? K. A. BKAUINU. President. I a!9 Imiui'm D. K. C-UMRY. Secretary. THfc LONG ISLAND INSbKANCK t.OMPAN 1'. j CAPITAL 200,000 DOLLARS. Orrics 41 Fulton stbcet, Bkooilt*. CO NT I NIT. 8 to take risks on building*, machinery, iner- i haudize and property generally, on their usual favorable ' terms. This company lias passed through the two greatest 1 conflagrations that have ever occurred in the country : they ' owe their escnpe from them with comparatively alight losses to the system which they have always prestised of limiting 1 aud scattering their risk*. Ail losses ?liich the company may sustain will beailju?iedindoaiJ promptly a> heretofore. ? The Company take special care to notify their easterners in New York, of all expirations ofpolicies. B. W. fit.LAMATKK, President. a3 2mis*r E. C. KINN, Secretary. : TO TI Hi LADIES. MRS. M. BAKER, Milliner, No. 209 Bleecker street, (near Downing street,) lias pre|?red a variety of beauti ful Millinery, and mute* the ladies to call and suit them selves. Mrs B. tlatters herself her articles will compare with any in Broadway. [?7*" The Bleecker street stages pass the door every fir* minntes. my2l Z**m L.Ah'-vV ELDED isui l.i'.K PLuEfe. 1 ft KELT LONU. and from t>? tu J inches in diameter.? 1" Can be obtained only .of the pateutres. TrlO VIAS PR08BKR, TO JEWELLERS, MINIATURE PAINTERS. kc - C. k J HARTNKTT. No. ? Coartlandt I"""',"" Broadway, wholseale andjetail Manufactjirnre of Travelling, Writ inn bussing and Jewelrv Boxes, Miniature Ca?e. Setting!; W&t?. Lcket,, Rins, Pm and psneO Boxss^ eu? for silver FUte neatly arranged to ojrder. Alio, 1 r?>? made and fitted to Jewells.. .how ca?s?. to contain watcht., chain*. ri?g?. key., pins, thimble., pencil., ?ic Avinety of thi above article constantly on band ?d made to order, with aaatneu and daapatch. No. ? Courtlaodt street, New York. mi 111"' rc ALF SKINS *. hLAUOHlr-H HlUfct??***? (y i,ty City Calf Skin., .elected. Alio light, middliug, bCUlT'O BAZAAR. 74 Prince ttreet. tag! of Hroadway. SAND8 SCOTT, lata of the Bazaar iu Dey .treet, l*g? to acquaint hi* uumerou. frieud. and the public, that he h*. opened the above home in a very .upenor ?tv le iH h?P?>" merit 4 fair ahare of the public patronage. l*rom long expe rience in he flatter, h.m.elf to be able 'M'leMe the mo.t faatidiou. ; the accommodation, of hi. hou.e Iprbu.i lie., and comfort, he believe, cannot be wwMMed by any heu.e of the kind. Hi. patrons will alway. find the ??>>>" wall supplied with the be.t of every thin* the market afford, in the Way of Ale., Wine., Liquor., and Segara. Steak.. Chop., Cold Cut., Rarebit.. Poached ?gir?.'Tea, Coffee, in fact ? large aanortment of refreahmeuta at all nmea mm? twelve o'clock at night. Plenty of room, for 1 at all time, readv. "" rrP PlANU tOK'itO. 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" WHaPPIWg PA^kRT I Straw aad Rag Wrapping hipor. f row? QfMin REAMS Straw aad Rag Wrapping f^per * roi dUUU -d DoaMa Crown. ill in n <4?3l> Wimia wttfc HIGHLY IMPORTANT INTELLIGENCE r&OK TBS 121AT or WA&. Capture and Investment of ffla tamoras, without Opposition. Th? Desertion of Mexican Troops. THE BRILLIANT BATTLES OF PiiLA ALTC AND RESACA DE LA PALMA. STARVATION AMONG TIIE MEXICANS. The Extraordinary Military Enthusiasm of the American People. Ac. Ac. dec. The steamer Telegraph arrived at New Or leans on tlie 23th inst. from Point Isabel, and b.-ings the following important intelligence. On the night of the nineteenth, an express ar rived at Point Isabel from Gen. Taylor, stating that he hnd erased the, Rio Grande, and taken the city of Mqtamora* without opposition, tht Mexicans having fled tht city. The Mexicans, from the last accounts, were de serting their ranks in b ittaiions. Two American laments, with the exception of about 350, having narched a few days pie vious, were stationed at Urasos Point awaiting the orders of Gen. Taylor, as it wis thought they would leave on the 20th for Mata noras via the old Barita road. Others, who wen; woundea in the action of the 8th and 9th, are at Paint Isabel,ai.d were recover ing. Captain Auld, of the Telegraph, who has had opportunities for obtaining correct informa tion, has given us some interesting particulars in relation to our army operations. The escape of Captain Thornton at the time his company wns so badly cut up, is almost incredible. After carrying him safely over a high hedge en closure into which he had been decoyed, his horse brought him over fences and deep ravines, swim ming the Rio Grande above Matamoras.? Then, passing down below the town, on the opposite side, in attempting to leap a broad ditch, he missed his footing, when horse and rider were both thrown by the fall. Capt. T. was so stunned that he was soon after taken up by the Mexicans, perfectly unconscious of what had happened. After the battle of the 9th, he was exchanged and restored to the army. Capt. Auld thinks the whole number of our kill ed and wounded must amount to more than 300; besides the wounded taken to St. Josephs, there are now forty at Point Isabel, too badly wounded to bo removed. AU but three, it is thought, will recover. There are three Mexican prisoners having but one leg between them all. The condition of the brave and esteemed Capt. Page is melancholy indeed. The whole of his lower jaw, with part of his tongue and palate, was shot away with a grape shot; he, however, survived, though entirely incapable of speech, only communicating his thoughts by writing on a slate, and receives the necessary nutriment for the support of life with much diificulty.? It is stated that he does not desire to live, but converses with cheerfulness and exultation upon the success of our army. All our accounts represent the Mexicans as hav ing fought on the 8th and 9th with a courage and desperation which would have rellected credit upon the troops of any nation. They were nearly in a state of starvation, and had been promised the ample supplies of the Ameri can camp, in cast they would stcurt the victory They met the charge of our treops manfully, and stood the destructive fire that was pouring in upon them without giving way, until the works were encuinlered with the dead and wounded. Special Correspondence of tlie ST. V. Herald. New, May 28, 1846. I Thursday, 13 o'clock, j We have, at last, later newt; what there is of it ii very important, but it is only three hours later than the Alaba ma's news, which arrived here a week since. We are every moment expecting nearly ten days later newt The Telegraph, which brought this news, hss been lay ing at Oalvctton Tor repairs, for a week. I fe?r the steam boat Sea, from the Brasos, is lost?she should have been in a week ago. As the way-mail will soon close, I mutt do the Mm*. The Investment of Httamonu, Ae. [From the New Orleans Tropic, Extra, May 28 ] The tteamship Telegraph, Capt Auld, hai jutt arrival from Bratoi Santiago, which place nhe left on the 30th. The mott important item* will be found below. The iteemer Sea reached Brasos on the 10th, with vol unteera from thi* city. The schooners Cornelia and Atlantic alto arrived that day. The wounded at Point Isabel were all doing very well. The company containing the printer* from thi* city had left for Gen. Taylor'* camp. They told the General to thruit them upon the Muitang* a* uuick a* pottible. All the ve**el* that left here lor the government, had arrived *afe. There wa* a fleet of American men-of-war lying off Baco Chica, watering the ihip* in the river, and aiiiiting the army. The mouth of the Rio Grande i* now in our pottetaion. It i* to be fortified. The ve**el* at Braao* are the brig* Apalachicola end Millaudon ; and the achooner* Harriet Smith. Waterman, Gertrude, Ann Louisa, Enterprise, and Decatur. [From the Galveston New*, May M1 The *team*hip Telegraph has Ju*t arrived from Point Itabel. * * * * * ? * The tloop Orange Branch, Capt. t'nderhill. arrived yetterday, 34 hourt from Indian Point, near Port Lavaca Capt U. informt u* that about 100 men, principally German volunteeri from Indian Point, went on the iloop Washington for Point Isa**1 svm... lut Capt. I . *ay* that a report reached Victoria last Fri day, that 100 Germane, escorting 100 wagont from New Braunfels to the new tettlement on the Han 8she. (even ly milei above, were tuddenly attacked by a large body of Lamanches, luppoted to number several thouiand, whereupon the emigrant* abandoned their wagont, to seek tecurtty, leaviug their property ia the handt of the tavaget. There appear* to be tome uncertainty at to numbers, etc., but the main facta are tubstanUally cor rect i apt. U. also informt us that a report came overland to Port Lavacco latt Sunday, to the effect that a large !>ody I of Indiant, consisting ol the warriors of teveral tribe*, comprising the Camanche nation, were hovering about in ' the vieinhy of the American entrenchmenti opposite Matamora*, with a view douhtleaa to join the viotorioua party, and (hare the plnnder of the defeated. ? ? ? On the 10th, it wa* reported that three thousand men had crossed the river, and none of the volunteers bad yet gone over Gen Tavlor waa on the other tide; he intend*, aa we understand, to proceed immediately to the city of Mhtaaorae, which he expect* to take without the Are of a fan. Nothing further had been heard j of the reinforcements that were reported to be on their way to the relief of Ampudia. Captain Symplon found a Mexican a few day* tince I in a thicket As aeon as he was discovered he threw { away hit arm*, saving that he bad been fighting a month i with nothing but bread and water for provuion*, that he now wished to surrender to Uie Americans, as he would | light no longer under the Mexican government, and that j two-third* of the whole Mexican iorce wished to do the 1 seme ________ Military Prrpturatlona. TSXAS. We learn by a letter from Han Auguttine. dated the 31 ?t lD?t., that the Et tern part of Tex?? hn? filled the full cuota of volunteers lennlred of her, and they w ere on tneir march to Gen Taylor't ramp The letter states that double the number conld have been raited without | difficulty. LOUISIANA Another supply of large gnna from Pittsburg, arrived at Baton Hong* on Thursday last This I* the third nip plyrecelved at that post We understand that the volunteers now ready to pro ceed to the seat of war in this city, are to l>a immediately organized into companies and muttered into the service of the United States, when they will be furuishi d with food. raiment, lie., and vent as noon a* possible to join the army. We team that Gen. Gaines does not feel him self authorized to provide for any fresh troops that may be raised Home definite course of action will certainly be laid down lor his govorninout iu a few da) t, and the only wonder is that he has not received more clear and positive orders fiom the war derailment before this. Me is compelled to act solely u|k>u hU own responsibility, and lianle to subject himself to censure fiom the depart ment, if kia view* do not coincide witlMtheirs, and iroin the volunteer". if his acts are not (auctioned by the gov ernment.?.V. O Picayune, May 98. , It wa? reported iu the city yesterday that tieueral (taiuos had received an enclosure from the Secretary of i War. covering without remark or comment, a cony of a | letter from Ihn department iti Governor Owsley, of Ken j tucky. requesting that fuuciiou irt to pa> uo attention to , any enll* or ?ugi;e'tion? from General Gaines. If this report be true. it is an uoi of o.Mciai di.ooufU'Sv altoir.v ther unpardouable, coming iroiu such a inau as. Marcy to a voteruu defender of the country, and who was never I accused, by his bitterest enemies, of anything worse than too much zeal in the public service. If tho com mando ot the western division has been guilty of an act deserving of this skulking kind of a reprimand, he is en titled to 11 general court-maitial, and ought himseU to demand it. il the department refuse to bring his conduct to that test The Governor of this Stute, we learn, received yester- ' day a communication from the War Department, inform ing him that tw o regiments of iufautry tin addition, we, suppose,to the four icgiments which tiie Department was i aware w ere already recruiting tinder the requisition of ! General Taylor,) would be required from Louisiana, and I I requesting the Governor to bold them in readiness for ' { mustering in. This requisitiou has already been so far anticipated, that a fifth regiment (that of Colonel Peyton ?and a better never put foot on a battle field,) has been dispatched to the theatre of war, and a sixth is so nearly i filled up that it can be easily completed, we suppose, at I twenty-four hours' notice -Stw Orleant Bulletin, May 28. ALABAMA. [Krom the Tuscaloosa King Kxtra of May 25] It will be seen from the following letter of the Secre tary of War to the Executive, that Alahuma is called upon for ten companies of Infantry or Itiflemen. to be organ ized at the earliest practical period, and to proceed to Mobile, where they will " be further orgnui/.ed into a re giment." As the full complement of men called for have already volunteered, there will be but little delay in the transportation to the seat of war. The first ten companies have been called on by the Governor (seo his circular letter) ' to comply with the requisition immediately"?" and to proceed, when organ ized" to the city of Mobile. The Oreensboro Cavalry were the second company reported to the Governor, as ready for service : but as the war department has called for " Infantry or riflemen" only?this gallant troop, whi^h is in a high state of disci pline, has been shut out from service. We learn from the Adjutant tioueral. that he otitic! pates the arrival of the '? Louisa Hopkins" in a few .lavs I ?on which boat he purposes to convey the troops from I the counties above us, to Mobile. TENNESSEE. In the absence of Major General Campt>ell, on Tues day evening, Adjutant < ieneral turner proceeded to as certain. according to the law and the proclamation of Ooveruor Brown, what companies were to have the honor of marching to the Rio Grande from the second division As every body cxpccted, it turned out that double as many companies were tendered as would make up the quota for this division, but upon examination it was found that there was the requisite number ol existing infantrv companies to whom the law gave the preference The following are the names of the i'nptains of the com panies accepted under the law :? Nashville Illucs?Capt. B. K.Cheatham. Harrison Guards?Capt. It. C. Foster. Tenth Legion?Capt 8. It. Anderson. Dixon Springs Volunteer*?Capt. L. P. McMurray. Union Boys?Captain W. B. Walton. Polk Guard*?Captain R. A. Bennett. j | The announcement of the accepted companies w*? re | ceived with deafening shout* of joy from the gallant men ] who found that they were to march; whilst the disap pointment of those who were not accepted, wan marked anil deep. In the **mo manner the two cavalry coinpanie* from the cecond division was selected, and resulted in the choice of the following: ? American Guards?Capt. R. D. Allison. Statetville Cavalry?Capt J. W. Marshall. Several other companies of cavalry were tendered, but they were doomed to a sad disappointment in not having the privilege ol marching. In the third division. Major 'Gen. Bradley proceeded on Tuesday to deiignate the six infantry companie* for the service. It wa* found that there were three companies having a preference under the law?they are the following:? Captain Whitfield'* -Hickman county. | Captain Alexander'*?Lawrence county. | Captain Maiden's?Marshall county. There were thirteen other companies tendered, from | which three were to be chosen by ballot?the following are the fortunate companie*:? Captain Childrc**'?Rutherford county. Captain Kherson's?Bedford county. Captain Northcutt'*?Warren county. , The three Cavalry companic* wero not designated on Tuesday, but were to bo selected on yesterday. It i* ex. fiected that- the Infantry companies of the second and third division* will repair to Nashville by Monday next, when they will be formed into battalion* and a regiment, elect their leveral oUlcer*, and -dopart forthwith for the aeat of war.?Afaikville Union, May 28. MARYLAND. Gen. Santangelo, of Baltimore, formerly Adjntant Gen eral under Murat, has (entered hi* service* to tho Presi dent After thirty four years of military service in Europe, he came here twenty-two years ago. NEW YORK. 1 In another column will be found an advertisement the object of which i* to obtain recruit* lor the corp* of Sapper*, Minor* and Pontonier*. In war the lervice* of theie troop* are iadiineniahle. Always at the po*t of honor, with the advanced or rear guards, they removo obstacles from thoir own, or throw them in the enemy's way. Under this direction of the Engineers, they superintend tho construction of trench es, batteries and mines, p.nj build or destroy bridges as occasion may require. No troopi have a finer opi>oitu nity to obtain distinction. In time of peace it i* prcyoi ed to station thi* company at Watt Point, where they will punue a course of itudv adapted to the duties, and asiist the Cadet* in practical engineering, such as the construction of field works, bridge* and mine*. It is intended alio to detach a few of the best men to act a* overseers on the fortifications under construction, and sometime*, in the absence of a garrison, to take charge of a finished work, and apply such slight repairs as may be needed. In the performance of all these duties, mechanical skill, and the general intelligence which characterises mechanic*, are of the first importance. Native mecha nic* would be preferred, though foreigner* of high Qualification* would not be rejected. We observe that thi* company will contain an unusually large number of non-commiasioned officers, the sergeants receiving $.10 per month, besides quarter's subsistence, clothing, and medical attendance, while corporals are paid the same n sergeants in the line of the army. Tho lowest class of privates receive more than the dragoons, hither to the bo*t paid soldier* in the *ervice. We know that our mechanic* are full of military ar dor. We recommend to their notice this new and bril liant corps, which give* every opportunity for dlitinc tion in war, and the highest pay at all time*. It i* underitood that a few intelligent young farmer* and lailor* would alio be enlisted. At a meeting of the Independence Quard, held at the Armoury in this city, on Tuesday evening, Jane 3d, it was unanimously Resolved, That thii Company respond to the call of the Commander-in Chief, and invito the Uniform Corps of this city and of Brooklyn to unite with them in the formation of a Regiment of Light Infantry for the service of the United States wherever required; said Regiment to be placed under the command of Captain John T. Cairns. Itesolved, That we extend this invitation to gentlemen of this city who may feel disposed to unite In an organi zation of this kind. Resolved that the Independence Ouard tender the use of their Armory for the purpose of organizing said Regi ment. in pursuance of Brigade orders, the Commandant of the Tenth Regiment hereby solicits the voluntary services of such members as feel disposed to respond to the call of the Commander-in-Chief for tl.c filling up of the regi ments required fiom this State, to be held in readiness for duty on the southern frontier. Applications may be made at 630 Broadway, between the hours of 7 A. M. and 10 P. M., from this date until 13th instant By order of the Colonel. Seeing an article in the \tw York Herald copiod from the Albany Atlas, stating that the Fire Engine Company No. 30 was in Albany to offer their services as volun teers, I wish to inlerm the public that such ia not the case, and that the Company represented to be in Albany, is in no way connected with the Engine No. 30 of this city. JOHN CLEMENS, Foreman. Joh? H. iHtmii, Sect'y The undersigned respectfully invito all the citizens of Syracuse and vicinity, friendly to a vigorous prosecution of the present war in defence of American rights agsinst the invasion t y Mexico, to meet at the Market Hail, on Thursday afternoon, 4th inat., at 4 o'clock, P. M.?Syra cuse Star, Junt 4. MAMACHCSSBT3. The Boston P?it of yesterday saysCspt. A. Coy had jrettorday enlisted fifty volunteers, mostly froaa New Hampshire. He marened through the itreete In the morning with a flag and fife and drum, and a rat-tat-tat salute for his friends An advertisement in another column, saya the Boston Courier, announces that Mr Edward Webster has open ed a list for Massachusetts volunteers, at the corner of Court sad Treaont streets. The Mail says?" A wealthy and public spirited gentleman of this city has, we learn, j tendered the sun of $400 to the company of volunteers i now enrolling under Capt Cay About fifty have signed | and are reedy to march to the battle fit Id.*' The Salem .Idreriitrr announces that the Stiltm Artil lery have volunteered, almost unanimously, their ??i vi ces in the present emergency. This is the company 1 losned their guns to Oovemor Porr's pait} Island. K*w KAMittHiaz. Under the oall of the Adjutant Oenersl. we learn that a respectable number of persons have already volunteer- . ed their services to meet the requisition of the . for troopa in the present crisis. I# this town, somu thirty member* of the Cowwrd tight Infantry, wider , Capt. Stickney, patriotically offered their services, a weak since bugine company No 4, also met on Monday evening, and voted unanimously to hold tkemaelves ia rea lines*. The company, we believe, constat* of 4? members, who, upon more than one ocruuoo already, have shown themsulvpt to be fire-proof. We learn that the Adjutant General has received the uiimes of numer eui other volunteer*, and it is not probable that a (Italt for tbe New Hampshire battalion will be resorted to Concord (AT. H ) Patriot, June 4. TH* t?lQ!?. We learn that Colonel J. P Taylor, of the auarter meter's department, now stationed at Dutroit, I'M re ceived orders to hold himself in reinline?s to take chaige of the commissariat on the Rio Grande. Col. T. la a brother of General Taylor, aad an officer ui high reputation. Gen Wool.U. 8. A , arrived at Buffalo on th? Id tu?t. We underatand that ha proceeds to Chicago. Naval Prcjurallonii United Htates revenue cuttcr Morris sailed from Port, land on the 3d inst., with sealed orders, to b? opened off Cane Hatteras. store ship Relief, was raided upon the dry dock on Wednesday. Hhu will be put in stilling order imme diately. The U. S brig Washington, at Boston, dropped down from the navy yard1 on 1 hursduy, to be oveihauJed, painted, and repaired, when the will tail for this city, and here to await sailing oidera. The following is a list of her otttoers : Lieut Commanding, Geo. M. Baclie . Lieuts. flail Stambel. and Mullan} . hailing Master, Ste phen Decatur Trenahard ; ranted Midthipmcn, Donald son and Murray; Master's Mate, Bcni F. RickeUon, Purser's Steward, Thadaus R. Barbier; Surgeon, Georga Rutland Incidents, Ac., of Ihti War. The -Vtw O' Uani Jtffmonian of the 28th ult, iiyi :? You will no doubt recollect that Uen. Jackion, by will, bequeathed to the man, who. in the next war in which hii country might be engaged, should distinguish himself moit by heroic deed*, the iwonl which he wore on the 8th January, 1816, the people of tbu United States to make the award. Now, a* ail the citizen* of the United States are executor* of that portion of the will. I *ug?<M, through your valuable paper,that it be bestowed on wen Taylor, who ha* recently achieved two of the inoat bril liant victorie* on record, under circuinitance* very limi lar tothoae in which Jackion won his immortality. A gentleman attached to the Navy Inform* ui that when travelling to Washington *ome time lince, a com pany of the flying Artillery were on board the cars,? cannon, honea and all On arriving at the depot in Washington the corp* immediately foimad and started oflT at full run With astonishing *uddenne*i they halted, demounted, teparated their canaon from the carriage*, ie,ilai'ed them, mounted, and started otf again. The whole of theie manoeuvre* only consuming nine minute* and a half. Their performaucos in an engagement are of the most ingenious character. At a certain signal, alter fir ing, they instantly drop; while the enemy, supposing them disabled, venture too near, and in an instant are completely surprised and are ihot down before tliev can collect themselves. The anna made u?o of by this un rivalled corps are iword, pistol and cannon; of whioh they huve proved themselves the most (Willful master*.? Motion Traveller. Isabel, May 18.?I have been at this point for two day*, and during that time have been trying to pick up information that would bo of interest to you au<l your reader*. I wrote you a few lines immediately after my arrival here, before I got a*hore, whnti I find to be in iniiny NMOtl incorrect. 1 received the information I sent you from naval officer* who boarded us immediately on our arrival oil' this point. 1 find the fact* of the two buttle* tought with the Mexicans ou the 8th and Bth inat., to have been more sanguine, and the lot* ou the part of the Americans to have been much greater than wai tir*t rejiortod. and that of the Mexicans to have been soma tiling less. The lois on the American lide waa 180 killed, wounded and prisoners, including 20 or 34) officers ; and on tho Mexican aide, from 120(1 to 1?00 killed, woundeJ and taken prisoners. The Mexican* have been much underrated br the American people. They (tood their ground like men?tilling up the rank* a* fast a* they were mowed down by ourartillery, in whole platoons.? New Orleans Delta, May 28. We under*tand from a reliable source, that it is the in tention of the Goveruracut to send a force to California sufficient to take |ios*es5ion of that country, and to hold on to it. It is supposed that the mounted men from Ar kansas. Missouri, and probahlv from Tenneisee, will be directed to California. We sincerely hope that tbi* information may be true, and the lource through which wo derive it satiifiei u* that it i? r?liable. We retard California now at ourt, and with that result all will be satisfied.?Xaikiille Union, Stay 28. A* it *eem* to be the general opinion that a fight muit be had in some way, and ai the United State* will not accept our lervice*. I propoae that a regiment should be raised to join the Mexicans?the sole motive (being t? havo a fight. Lr. Jecnb Ouakue ci Si. Miuin. THE PAVILION, NEW BRIGHTON. THE PAVILION, New Brighton, having wdavouf con siderable repair* and embellishments amce the last aea *oa, i* now in a inore perfect date than it hu ever been aince it vrai firat opened, Everything thai eonld teud to the com fort mil accommodatiou of partie* who in a >' laouor it by mak. inif it their reaidetice, ha* been added, and tfir pro prietor leels a**ured that he doe* not in any way preaume wiien he asserts that it is the moat elegant and complete sum iner eataliliilimem on thia continent. To peraona from distant parts of the Union, and foreigners, who have never viiited the Pavilion, it may be neeewiary to stats that New Bnghtou i* aitaated on Htatcn Island, at a dis tance of Iraa than an miles from New York. The Pavilion command* magnificent viewa of the bay of New York, the ilodaou and East rivers, Long laland, and nearly down to the Narrow*, lu position i* at once beautiful and sslubriou*, the temperature being in inrnmer several degree*cooler than m the city. Excellent (teamboat* are con*tantly plying between New I ork and Statsn laland, the average lime occupied in the pas sage being only from twenty-five to thirty minute* ; *o that person* residing at New Brighton can reach the ba*iue*s |*n ?if the city more speedily than Irom the upper part of Broad way, and the delightful trips aeroaa the bar are highly condu cive to health. The Pavilion will open for the sesson on the l?th ten., and the uroprietor will be happy to treat with paxtiea whu may wish to engage apartment* for the whole leatuu, or for a shorter period ; and if they will pleaae to eddies* * note to the undersigned, cars of Mr. C. C. Marah, It Cedar a'reet, in forming him where he may call upon them, or mailing an ap poiutment, it will be immediately atteuded to. The Steam (? oat* for New Brighton start from No. 1 Pier, North Kiver. . . - r blancabd. Pavilion, New Brighton, May 1, IW. myt Iwrrs SARACEN'S HEAD, 12 UEY bTKEET, N. Y. JOSEPH SMITH, late of Worcester, England, bega leave to inform hia friend*,cuatomer* and the public ia general thai be has rscsntly fitted ap hi* hou*e in s very superior manner, and calculated to pleue gentlemen of raate. He will alwaya, as heretofore, keep his Bar and Larder supplied with the beat Liquors and I'rovmon* that the market afford*. Dinner* from 12 till 1 o'clock, and Cold Cuts, Chops, Stakes, Rare Bit*, lie., at all hour*. Hi* aupplyof English and city aewipspera it excelled by no hoa*e in New York, sad his Ales, Win**, Segar*. lu., sre of the meet tupenor quality and the attendance promi*. Pri vate Room* provided for parties, and the comfort and accom modation of caatomers a]way* attested to. Lodgings, tut. ?yli lm*r TRITON HOUSE, ULEN COVE, LONG ISLAND. THE Subscriber res|>ectlul1y inform* hi* friends and the public, that he has improved and enlarged the Triton Hotel, at the head of the steamboat landing, said it is now thoroughly fitted up, and ready for the reception of Boarders. The *ituation of thia establishment for the purpose of Salt Water Bathing, I* amongst the most eligible on Long Island Hound, as the lauds attached to the premise* have s very ex tensive water front, and a fine beach for swimmers. The out- > buildings sre new, snd the Ber and Bowling Alley are entire ly unconnected with the house. Having a farm of JO acres appended to the hotel property, the subscriber can offer his friends the inducements of a plen tiful supply of good milk aud butter, and *nch other comforts a* he trust*, together with hi* unremitted attentions to the wiiheaofhi* guest*, will reodera residence at the Tritoa Hon** extremely desirable. Horse* and Carnage* to hire. For term*, which will be moderate, apply to WILLIAM L. foffcB, Tritou House. Olen Cove. Long laland. May I, IMd. nn j tmrrc ivfco sULi-hUK aJfulNGB, MONROE CO., VA. HPHIB CELEBRATED watering PLACE will be A open ihe nest inmnr, ss ususl, for the reception of vi iters. lu Tame in th? relief uid care or pulmonary disesses, eitendiug over ? period of fifty vears, is so ???lauHd by facta and evidence, that it no lunger admits of dispute. Kor the ei tent and peculiarity of ita medicinal virtues, however, the reader la referred to a work on " The Mineral .Springs of western Virginia," by Win. Burke, to be had at Wiley Is Putnam's. The oKlect of this advertisement le to aaT that ar rangemeuta are made to accommodate visiters in the most comfortable manner, and that they wilt be treated with uni form courtesy and kindneea. while the chargee will be found as moderate as at the moat moderate of the apringa. There will be a reaper table physician ia arteudanee. The road* are in good order,and the beautiful Tarnpike Road to the Blue Sulphur will have etacea upon it plying between the two Springs, which will afford aa opportunity of vttltin?, in a week, all the Spnuga of W"stem Virginia. myl Irn'rc THE PROPRIKTORS. HON SEJoUK. 'PHE SUBSCRIBER has the pleasure to announce that 1 his house, at Bergen Point, is now open for pnhlic arcom eommo<laiion. A hotel on the Jereey side has long '>een a de uderatum which is now supplied. Thr house (the eld Me lany ina ision) h.ta been re-fitted ia elegant style, with many new rooms and other important addition!. The jgruuuds are beautifully Uid out,and ifhat with |ut?? shrubbery, charming walks, agreeable drives, and ft sunt boating, the place Will challenge eompetuio-i with any rural residence. Families who wish to peas a cool and quiet nt of tne nouse. iiiur limes a i and the ci lianas "of'New Vock cannot find a morn beaut df ive than that between Jersey City and Bergen Paint. In fine, all visiter*, customers anii boarders, mar be aasured that ""pa!5!s willlS 'parjd to ??" th? ??"t the t. Ue given it of old-Bo. w LOCK wood TK. for Newark, leaves the foot of Barclay ?tree at It A M. anJ ? P- M., landing in front of the above place. The Port Richmond boet leavss pier Ne. 1 at 9, U, 3Si and ? o'clock. At Port Richmond then will be boats m atteul sues to contey passengers, and land them at the bouse. mtlm*r M A N 3 1 O fi HOUSE, MIODLKTOWN CONNECTICUT. HK UNDK.R8IQNED begs leave to announce t o hie friends ind the public, that h* hn? lined 'he ntor* h<m?# T foratetm of years, snd holies, by long egperience mid <irict attention to bnaineas, to merit a liberal share ft theirJS'-M#" lie JOHN L. MOt*lU?K, mrt )m*ee Formerly of the^L ^ Hotel. B- sto'i. THORN CHAMJ'AONE. Afresh invoice ?( tMa delightful ch?mpwT,em ?tore, to which theatteation of merchants, hot ?ad private gentlemen is invited. The Rrandir nie is now supenor to that ot any In tlia "*? rv price ih-ui that ef I'"'' ????? _ wmumn "i?v?u*?tr..

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