Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 7, 1846, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 7, 1846 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. Vol. XII, No. 137?Wliola Ho. ?38U. NEW YORK, SUNDAY MORNING, JUNE 7, 1846. Prtci Two Cents. THE NEW YORK HERALD. JAMES GORDON 8ENNETT, PROPRIETOR. Circulation- - - Forty Thousand. DAILY HERALD? Every day, Price i emu per copT?f Per annum?payable 111 advance. _ . WEEKLY' HERALD?Every Saturday?Price emu par colly?S3 llWi cents i*r annum?payable in advance ADVERTISEMENTS at the usual prices?alwayi cub in advance. PRINTING or Ml kinds executed with beauty anil des patch. ITT" All letter* or communication*, by mail, addressed to |h? eitahlishment, mint he post or the postage will be deducted Iron the ? iib?ciit>tion money remitted. JAMES GORDON BENNETT. Proprietor ol" the the Ni? York K?tiii.iiHMr.<iT, Narrh-Wwr corner of Fnlrnn anil Nitiai strratf TO WESTERN TRAVELLERS. 'I'HK Public it respectiuii> i.iiormed that the recent break J. in the Canal, caused by the late I'rosbet. having been re paired, the PIONEER Ik EXPRESS LINE, via Railroad and Canal from Philadelphia to Pittsburgh. commenced its regular trii>* for the seisoti on Monday, the tiiii of April, leaving the Depot, No. 274 Market street, DAILY, at o'clock, A.M. By thia route passengers will aroid all the fatieue and dan ger of night travelling in coaches, both Railroads being pass ed iu daylight. For further information, apply at the old-establiihed Office, K4 Market street, 5 doors abore Kighth street. a 10 r?.,*rre A. B CUMM1NQ3. Agent. LU.NVj IM.A.NU UAlLlvUAJj GU.vll'ANV. ?**1 EXPRESS MAIL Trai?? leave Whitehall, South Ferry, at 7 A. M , for Boston?for all parts of the Island at 7 and A. M., and 4 P. M daily, excece|>t Sundays. ail lmrc v, 1RNING LINE AT SEVEN O'CLOC K. -a* FOR AI.BANY AND INTERMEDIATE k "?LANDINGS? From the Steamboat Pier at ^ he foot of Barclay street. Breakfast aud Jio^eMKMiiMrU til* boat. The new low?pr*a?<u/e steamboat TROY, Captain ^ A. i ~ ~ " d i K~ewliurisli, Hampton, rogglike?j'?i?, nyif rar*. nmneoecu, . Red Hook, Bristol, Catskill, Hudson, Ov*>*sackie, and Kiu trhook. ...? AH goods, freight, baxik bills, specie, or afl^'J^'ber kind of property, taken, put, orfhip|?*d oil board this k^oat, must be at the rink of the owners of such good J, freight, b? ^tafe, fcc. For passage or freight apply on board, or at the oft. r*)ou the wharf. m\ *7 rrc PEOPLE'S LINE OF STEAMBOATS FOR ALBANY Daily, Sundays excepted?'Through Direct?at 7 o'clock. P.M. r'rom the pier hrtwrm Cnurtlaih.' and Liberty ttt. a Steamboat ROCHESTER, Capt. Alfred Jp Houghton, will leave on Monday, Wedues L day, and f riday evenings, at 7 o'clock. Steamboat HENDRIK HUDSON, Capt. R. G.Crut'enden. will leave on Tuesday, Thursday aud Saturday evening*, a*7 o'clock. United States Mail Line. At 5 o'clock, P. .M., Lauding at Intermediate Placet. from Ihe Foot of Barclay it.. Steamboat HUDSON, Captain C. F. King, will leave on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday afternooui. at 5 o'clock. Steamboat SANTA CLAUS, Captain B. Overbagh, will leave nn Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday afternoons, at S o'clock. The above boats will, at all times, arrive in Albany in ample time for the morning cars for the east or west. Freight taken at moderate rates, and none taken after 5X o'clock, P. M. All |<ersons are forbid trusting any of the boats of this line, | Without a written order from the captains or agenta. For iMiasage or freight, appl f on bo.ud the boats, or to P. C. Schnlrx, at tin* office on the wnarf, my?7rc THE MOST DELIGHTFUL OF ALL EXCURSIONS. A SAIL across the Hudson river to Hobo- ' ken, anil then a walk to the Elysian Fields. 1 .along the exceedingly picturesque shores of tSe pi ice, will prove the most easily accomplished and attrac tive of all rurual excursions that can be made from the city. The grounds now present a charming aspect, the trees be ta g in leaf, and the soil covered with a rich turf. The walks are in excellent order, having been considerably ?m "-Dished the present spring. The Ferry Boats from Barclay, Canal and Christopher su., ?re comidetely fitted up wilji awniugs and seats. Night Boats run from Hoooken to Barclay street until 11 O'clock. Ferriage cents. ml lm*r FOR 8TATTEN ISLAND. On <nd alter Monday, ihe 10th day of April, the Ste .in- I hoatsSVLPH and 8TATEN ISLANDER will leave New | Turk and Stateu Island as follows, until lutther notice Leave Staten Island at 6,1,9, 10, 11 o'clock, A.M.; 1, 2, J, 4, 6 o'clock, P.M. I Leave New York, front Whitehall street, at 7, I, It, II o'clock, A.M.; 1, 2,1, 4,6,7 o'clock, A.M. On Sundays, the first boat from the island will leave at I A M., and the first boat from New York at# A.M. V B ? All freight at the risk of the owners thereof, ail re I NEW YORK, ALBANY AND TROY LINE. | FOR ALBANY AND TROY DIRECT, | from the foot of Courllandt street. Passengers taking this Boat will arrive in . time to take the Morning Train of Cars from Troy west to : Buffalo, and north to Saratoga, Whitehall and Lake Cham Pbin. The steamer EMPIRE, Captain R. B. Macv, leaves the foot I of Courtlaudt street, on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday I evening*, at seven o'clock, P. M. The Steamboat COLUMBIA, Capt. Win. H. Peek, will leave the Pier f<wit of Courtlandt street, on Monday, Wedues- i day and Friday evenings, at 7 o'clock. For Passage or Freight, apply on board, or at the Office on the wharf. Freuht must be put in charge of the Freight Agent, or the Company will not oe responsible for loss. a20 tf FARE ONLY ONE DOLLAR FOR I rLataiid^Deck Passengers to Providence?The well 3EiBijEiil.liiiiiwn and splendid steamer RHODE ISL A>D, Captain Manchester, on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fnd iys ; and the MASSACHUSETTS, Captain Porter, on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. Leave pier No. I I North River, at 5 o clock, P. M., for Boston, via Newport J and Providence. Fare to Boston, S3 cabin ; $1 60 deck, fare i to Providence. $1 M cabin : $1 deck. Freight taken at the 1 lowesi rates, end immediately forwarded. myl0lm*rc 0^ The Proprietors of Steamboats wisluug ! Bells huug, would do well to pay a visit on 3E^b3K2K?board the Steamboats Niagara. Iron Witch, Governor, irou boat John Stevens, Wooster, Traveller, lie., I and examine H. Homer's improved style of Bell Hanging? ; Bit up neat and strong, and warranted for one year, by H. 11 , o ( \nn street. mrI4 tm? .Nr>VV LINfc. OF PAl.KEI'a FOR LIVKH POOL ?Packet of the 2lst of June.?The splendid, ? last sailingand favorite packet slop ROCHESTER. Into ,u .? ourtheu, Captaiu John Brilton, will sail on Monday, June 22d, her regular day. The ships of this line being all 1000 tons and upwards, per* sons about to etnbsrk for the old country will not fail to lee the advantages to be derived from selecting this line in pie ierence toaiy other, as their great capacity reuderi them every way more comfortable and convenient than ships of a ! small class, snd their accommod itiona forcabin, second cabin ! a id steerage passengers, it ii well known ire superior totho?e ' of sny otner line of pickets. Persons wishing to secure i berths should not f-il to make early application on board, at 1 the foot of Burling slip, or to W k J. T. TAPSCOTT. | At their General Passage Office, 86 South street, second door je# rc wtit of Burltug slip gggr FOR NEW ORLEANS-Lo?i,i,uia and New | jffJV York Line?Poaitivrl\ first Regular Packet?'To mil ! JMMIaiMond iy. 8th June.?The elegant, (aat sailing purlin 1 ShKTELLE, Taylor, muter, will positively tail as j ?bote,her day e?'r freighfiir paasage, having hindiotne furnished arcom- ! ?odar,<?is, apply on board. at Orletns wharf, foot of Wall atreft, or to E. K. COLLINS k CO . to South at. rf>aittfely no goods received on board after this (Satur day! ?w?<iic,6th mar. ^Pa?e?*ara will please be on board at 12 o'clock on Monday. | l it in Ne* Orleans. J AS. E. WOODRUFF, who will ?!l> rUMn ill goods to hia addrrta. GENESEE, Minott. muter, will anccerd the 1 ELtf. *"d ml Monday, fith Jane, her regular day. I "WfN LINE OF PACKETS FOR LIVER ?l inL.?Packet of the 10th Jane The new spleu ? wiling Packet Ship SIL*S HOLME1*, T? will a-"! on or about Wed'ietday. June I*. I s|*?h.liu *c eemmodttions Tor cabin pusen #*U? p .aasygrra will be accommodated in deck, and the accommodations in the -"? Miter ships. all f which will be **? about to embark Tor the old splendid ahip before completing I wishing to aecure bertha ahonld ' f<?n of Pike at. k l-iT. TAPSCOTT. loo# below Burling Slip, wilt succeed the SILAS "? ????? ? ?? ?a- r--- )- i n, htL_ KI*R LtVXKiN?Mpalef packet of the Ifith Inne. JfHWyTlir i"-afr 4l?lmeailt*g parket a tup QUEBEC, JjftHBM^apt W IsalMJBC toanfctirtHen, win sailae above, lirr regular day. Ttyngf^fcalriiW of MHiiTiu* b?rths in thia favorite ahip ahonl.l makt^Mrly appUeetf* l-.?ard, foot of Maiden lane, or to \ ? ... ? JOM/PK M?MI RRAY, CotifcrofF ??' and *"?th 4meta. N. B ? Person* desirous of araM^ng ? r fnritta in the old con itrv, ill have the i bmngkTw.t <n thu 'f ry favorite vessel or other in the line. Sf epjIving aa ?ftov? J?4 " For freight or passage .having ettsHiat MCMWodationt. apply on board, root of Dover *1?*'/ '"J?,m?? ? - WOOBHULL It M.'NTUKjLr ??*?>? ?t. The picket h?rk ADAM CAKR. ??? tona. MM*** >tm Brookshv and evil on her regnlarday, 'at Aag->st. J? PACKETS FOR HAVRE--??re?wfT]S?-Thi packet ahip ONEIDA. Cnptam J-m?g JWk, will til on the 1st of July. For freiaU <jr *? jefi BOV f> It HIM? Kt N BWilllt. P' ' mil .lAKBMLLKfr?1'I he bar* tUU'MlUA, promptly despweh^d. -n Truss. II; to be . JMNflblreight or nasaajt*. applv to _ BRETT It VOBE. n Sonth atr^t. o? ton J?4 rc BOYD k HlNCKEN.M Wall street. PAt KEiS FOR MARnEILLEt^Tha pa'cBS wWVw<hip GASTON, Captain F. Coulter, will aall nq Itie ilMhi'i! of July. For freight or passage apply to l HAMBERLAIN It PHELPS. I0J V ront at., or to )H BOYD It HINCKKN, M Wall at ONI.V RKdC.-Aft LTTsTTok rv~K eTsT<Tft ^(it.A O W ?PiclK-toftlte lat Julv. The fine new ^__4C,l'aat >ailing Pnrliet Ship BR' lOKSBY. l.apt. O. W. Hrv ill me r, will positively aail aa above, her regular day. '1 lie acciiinm?ida'iona of thi? aplendid ahip "or cabin aecond c.lii'i and a eerage paa-enirera, ruinot tie aurpaased Peraona aliKiit to rmb^rk fiir Hcotloid, ahould not I'ail to make early application on board, foot of Dover at , or to ' W.fcJ T. TAPSCOTT, j?>7 K South at, >d door helow Bnrlint Slip. ~ZZ^ h OK FREIGHT OK CHAK I ER. - The uew kjJfJVfirst cU*? Britiih thip JANE, .Millifaa, muster, is SmmL r ,i\y to 1o?d htre or pror#?d ?p ? port for c*rgu. Apply to JOSEPH McMURRAY( mv3t Iwrrc ( omtr of Pim and Bomh itrHti THE KEAL GOOD DONE, I Is the only criterion by which to estimate th? trwe value of a medicine. borne ol the most einiueut Physicians adillit BKEKMAN8 PULMONIC SYltUP THE BEST HKMEDY EVER DISCOVERED, I . me dueue to the cure of which it is directed. It will be observed that the certificates of cures published ! *** taken e/pressly from those to continually occurring in our ' City aud its immediate vicinity, in order that the public here may e(amine and satisfy themselves thoroughly of the I^IITT ol what this wmidrous compound is accomplishing. ' Mrs. V air Sticle's case is one arnoug the numerous instances ol thesr remarkable cures. | ".My sickness beicaii something like tlx years ago with a j . aerious paiu in the region of the heart and geueral derange ment ol tlie digestive organs. My appetite was irregular, and i j 1 coulu scarcely endure to eat from the miserable sensation of j I weight and distention following, with belching up of wind aud i raising up a strong, sour duid lulo the throat. My nights were i restless; my sleeu disturbed with unnatural and paiufttl ? dreams. I would rise nnrefreshed, feverish, extremely thirsty and with the tongue furred My bowels were not re Sular?generally very costive, but occasionally auffe 'ing from larrhoc^ And there was a tenderness at the pit of in> stomach, with such a gnawing, burniug sensation there, as, at tunes, to drive me almost distracted. A dry. tickling cough troubled j me very much, and my multiplied difficulties appeared to be ' tending rapidly to Consumption. j " Different physicians attended me, and I made use of many j remedies, both external aud internal : out I did not obtain any ; I laating benefit from any of them. Now and then I would mend a little. The relief, however, waa only temporary?for | I kept getting gradullv worse and worse. Severe headaches, 1 palpitations of the heart, soundiugs in the ear, giddineaa, numbness of the finger, great languor, extreme sensibility to cold, sliming seusatious of soreness about the spleen and liver, pains m my chest, with an oppressive sense of tightness across it, pains shooting up and darting through into my shoulders: chilliuess. followed by heat of the skin, and |>arti* cularly a dryness and burniug sensation iu the p?uins of the hands aud soles of the feet all combined to afflict me, waste away my bodily powers, and completely dishearten me. iu Uiitwbjr, year alter year rolled slowlv bv. My life waa one dull scene of bitter suffering aud melancholy. | M Some mouths since I obtained one of Bkkkman's Treatis j ea 'on the Character aud Cure- ol Cousumption, Colds, ; Coughs, Diseases ol the Lungs, Liver Complaint, Dyspepsia, | Ike/ I determined of carefully pursnsing it, to inaJce a tho : rough trial ol BKKKMAN'S oVHUr. Iu effects upon me were peculiar and immediate, and most beneficial. It seemed j to Kpread throughout mv whole ayatem, acting upon ever> l?nrt ol it at the same time. Its gentle, but powerful operation I WM ,,1?l only Perceptible to my leelii:|;s, but realized in the gaateiul and salutary results brought about. My cough was j eased, became less and less, and finally left me ; my chest and luugs were completely relieved; the derange men t of my sto mach removed ; all the evat:u-?fion? rcarulated; the heart a id liver freed (mm every painful affection: my akin .oil moid, my nerve, steady, and, in a word. I ain entirely raitsr ed to .onml hrnlth. " I do solemnly believe that if I had not taken Beekman'* Syrup at the time aud iu the mauuer I did, I should have beau in my ware. W 1 should not omit to tay, that I made use of Dr. Brkk MiVs Esskwtial Pills to the greatest advantage, during the progress of my cure. Tltey opt-nted iu the most mild but thorough manner, to keep the stomach and bowels free from those obstructions which, iu my weak stale, were at times so difficult to overcome. " My oldest daughter, about twenty years of age, who has been greatly afflicted for some time with the liver complaint ?'id Dyspepsia, extending to affectioua of the Kidueys and ypine, is now taking Bk.i kmas'i Sraur and Pills, atid is re l pidly recovering tier health. " I am the wife of Er. C. Van Sickle, and oar residence is No. 162 Barrow street, New York. " t'HEBE VAN SICKLE." " New York, April 8th, 184#." An . Van Sickle's family is one of the most respectable ii the city, and bis amiable aud intelligent lady ha. Kindly COM seuttf<- to see any one who would like to converse with her perso v 11 y iu regard to her cure. i'?~?"v'-aut|o*.? To guard against deception. Bekkmak's Origiual Oenuine Pulmonic Syrup aud Vegetable Essential Pills are put up in wrappers, copy righted. Purchasers should therefore b? careful, and see that they get Beekman'. medi cines, and no other. For sale at the old established office of the Proprietor, No. 49% Courtlanclt street, one door below Greenwich street. Biting now so generally iu use, they are kept regularly by many of the most respectable apothecaries aud druggists ir New York, Brooklyn, Stc. To be had also of authorized agents in different parts of the country. a21 tm*eod r CO N S tTpTt I ON, (COSTIVENESS) DESTROYED Without Mcdicitus, Injections, or Baths. Dis covery Recently made in France, BY M. WARTON. Price, Thirty Cents. THE 5th English edition, translated from the 23r4 French edituni of the exposition of a natural, simple, agreeable and infallible means (receutly di.covered in Krance,) not on ly of overcoming, but aluo of completely destroying obstinate, inveterate and habitual Constipation, without using either purgatives, iujectious, or baths; followed by a great number of authentic documents from eminent physicians and other persons of distinction, certifying the complete efficacy ol the means. The great reputation which the r.ltnLiNTt ofMr. Warton, of Pari*, has acquired in this country, and in all parts of Eu rope, has induced many unprincipled persons to get up various imitations, and palm them on upon the community as genuine. Great suffering, injixrv. and in some cues death, have occurred where these false preparations have been uied. BEWARE OF IMPOSITION. If yon hare any regard for your health, use only the pure and genuine article, prepared by M. WARTON, OF PARIS. Every package has his uame upon, and is sealed with his own seal. The depot for this country is 152 William st., between Fulton and Ann sts. Where may be had a full description of the effects ol theErva lenta, with the m^rks to distinguish the true from the coun terfeit. Sold also in New York by Mr. Jno. Milhau, No. IU Broad way; Mr. C. H. King, corner of Jonn street and Broadway; Messrs. Wyatt fa Ketchaoi, 121 Fultou St.; iu Brooklyn by Dr. Charles Steane, 181 Fnltonct. inyil lm*r l'Hfc. fc-Yli. DR. WHEELER. Oculist, No. 29 Greenwich street. New York, near the Battery, devotes his exclusive attention to diseases of the Eye aud Ophthalmic Surgery, aud assures the public that there not amongst the numerous disease, to which the human eye is subject, any disorders of th it organ which cannot be essetftially relieved or cared by him. Th? vnst number of undoubted testimonials which can be seen at hi. office, will satisfy the public that his practice is not ex ceeded either in extent or success by that of any other Oculist in the United States. ... . , _ . 1 ""Office hoar, from t A .M. to 1 o clock P. M., alter which he i isits out door patients. ??? Artificial Eyes for sale, and which will be inserted on reasonable terms. A pamphlet containing remarks oa Diseases of the Eye, with seven! iustances of great cures effected by Dr. Wlyeler's mode of treatment, can be had gratniioualy at his residence, o rhes ime will be forwarded to any one makiug application to him hv lerter. poat paid. mvl2lm*re WlNJbS, UK AN DIES, OKN, .fcc. CA CASES very old Madeira Wine, each I dozen, brands, w" Blackburn, Leal, Newton, Gordon fa Co.; 25 caaes fine old Amontillado and Duff Gordon Sherry, in do.. Otard, Du puy fa Co..Brand)', in half pipes snd qr. casks: A. Seiguette in do.; old Pale Cognac, 1821, in qr. casks aud eighths, of a very superior quality. The above wines are of a high grade, bottled by the late Geo. Bement 30 years ago, and for sale low, by K. B. DALY, Sncessor to at lm*rr Reine>>t fa I a.ile <11 Broad at. BtlJ nuuts btn BUGS. WATSON'S BED BUG DESTROYER, it the most wonderful discovery ever made for immediately de stroying these vermin, however numerous, sud eternally ba aishing them from the premises by one application. Beware of worthless imitations. For sale at Aubthecaries Hall. M Catharine street; Olcott fa McCassem, If7 Maiden lane; and in Brookluy at Mrs. Hayes's, IW Enlion ?t. Price 23 cents |>er Imule a2* lm*r Se hnsena a Los Lslrunjtros el Ingles. THE FRENCH AND SPANISH Languages, als* Alge bra, Geometry, Surveying, Navigation, and Book ke*p ing, expeditiously and effectually taught, on very moderate terms Privste lessons given to adults, at their own residen ces, or schools attended. References of the highest respect sbility. IAOO D. MAURICE, 171 Canal st. mil lm*ne till ifc LOW'S NEW ENGLAND EXJPKfcSS, POR Fitchburf, Keeue, Greenfield, Brattleboro, Wiudnor, Woodstock, Sloiiliwlicr, and Burlington, Vt., and the > uidia. All I'uliifei, Parcel*,and business, m any of the ibovr towni, or any part of the western |>ortion or New Mamixture and Vermont, Will be faithfullv attended to, il iirected to the care of L. BlGKLOW, ? Court afreet. Boston. N B.-Be mre to mark Packages to care of ''Bii(elow'? C.tprMi " IIS re UfcllMA.N SlLVhH. JAMKS G. MOFFET, No. 131 Prince street, aecvod block west of Broadway, constantly manufacturing Oermai. ?falser, of rarious namhers and widths, which he will warrant 10 br *iual to any. cither foreign or domestic, for quality, and which lie w ill sell at wholesale or retail, at reduced prices. P. b.?All goods sold will be delivered la any part of the city, or Brooklyn, free of expense aJ lm*m J WARWICK GOLD k SILVKR RKFINF.R, Assayer and Sweep Smel ter. Office, IT JOHN Street, New York. fiy- Fine Gold, Rolled Silver, Rouge and Crucibles, at> ways on hand myi lm*rrc WINDOW SHAUfc DfcWJT, No. 7 SPRUCK STRKKT. KSTtai.iiHr.D in imo. .. WHOLKSALt AND RETAIL, CHADKS of all descriptions. kinds and sixes, H per cant 0 chea|>er than can ba bought it any other places. Trim mannfactnrers' price. BARTOL, DK MAUNY h Co., ?>Talm?rre Manufacturers fc Importers. DHTRuiX'S trusses: T AND ABDOMINAL SUPPORTERS. , HK ?a|>*riority of Dr. Hull's inatruineuu oter *11 other? is acknowledged by the moat eminent phy*ici*u? in Ko roue and America. Office, 4 Vesev street, Aator House. A female in attend wri" mi thr Imimm' {s*t?.mmenf lm*r 1 KTEw BOUT AND SBOK STOKE, No W Mmdt* Lane, corner of William ilrtrt. KAOARY It HIOOINS bar. /penedth.s new Esta bliahmeiit with a aew and aplendid assortment of Ossi Ueiaen s Boots and Shoes, all new? latest Paris and French fashion t reada Mder our own inapeciioni end warranted. Sold '?w.fcr ??*?*l. wholeaMe and retail. We solicit Merchants, Clerks an.i dealers to call and examine onr new atock before pnr*ha? ?it elsewhere. We do bu.ineea o? the eaah principle ihersntire, we ean afford to aaderaell any establishment tn this <S"y my27 'm'rr FRENCH ?? ?OL)S ARH1V 1 \ti FROM PAtUS. MONDION has the honor of informing tnose persona [who are de. Ml., it purchaat ig the finest and bent kind of fwork, that Kth*-" will call at his store, No. Hi Broad war, mey .?* M Tarnished ami ordinary BOOTS, of Hie latest. Puriaian *: 1 ' Shoes of all sorts; Hal&Boots and Wii;e"inf rarahtw* 'eaihar: Silk Stockings, Half Hose. fcc. tie also h ?vartiiskM "id plant Leather, of all kindi. Mo f i:coef all rolnra; aalai necessary Fludiags for shoemakers, far aala at moderate yio v wholesale ? r retail. THea* persons who will s'iror him with their orders may depend i?n beiae well *ne4|^ ' >1 rt?rs I rum the co i try * ill be punctually attended to. ? i I v? MONDRON. IM Broadwajr. GKRAT i N Rin/r.s AND .-HOKS. J f'- < 'ne ? em Ares at 7} Maiden Line, the ? re ? 'j.-la. I , irh I-alfand Patent Leather Boots. (?.t, llf.T-m, . -ompmiat the most extensive as sort i' eret nffr-e?t in the tr, and which were da maged by ? -er, will b- ? Yred f,. tale this dsy, by the pack age or singli . air. S>.ie? tutontiaaa Mtil the entire stock is disposed of. je? Iw'r pitMifcjMy4JCTixi^Tay?i ! *nd the sara arti r ela leeldiaapty ?a?1>| .?:? iVkmr at lm*ra M T YNCHkCOWL) ?H Wu illuiM and of >hc most .upenor and Whit* A*h cI?*ls 0\f*'LMt improvement Compeny quality. from hi* Lw diol the ro . ..??to Iuiap* for The celebrated Black Heath Coal. Irom pea .,xe lo iumj.,^ VkoblAlIOrrOTION. for a gut ? wjl ??V.cb1.t Ul Bowery. comer urn. Sold III buttle* at Tj ceui Brooklyn. ofSpri ig atreet. Al?o by Mr?. tiay., myj61?n*m CONSTIPATION (COST1 VEN ESS) i' a i i ^ ^ y^v. ' DESTKCrYbD, W,THOOT^DKI^^te?R "TH Puwp Kir.m. Kirth Knglith Edition, tran.lated from the KICEStcenta, | National Depot of Warron, ol %^'Tm Wiiulm .tiet, New York [ aleo by Mr John ram, No. IM I Wii . ? J| Ring, comer Broad >tilhan. NoJM Bro d ^ W'y*? 4c Ketchuin, 121 Knltou m Br^klyn bV Mr. iLrle. ft*-. H? Fulton at. mvft >m*r ? A & L DKLMONICO, ?re happy to inform thtir P. friend* and the public, that th-ir new Hote it. Broad. w*y No. 26 coruer of Moma ?ireet, la now completed and will'be opened 011 the 1st of June next t f , . _ _ No imuus have been spared to render itoue of the mos .com City, Slid per?pu. de iirou, of. ^ .. w**U iik s'ra iLrtrrt merely pt.sing o>, will nna vi ineir want! Hid comfort* attended to with the ino.l ?tr?ct attention. my 26 lm*r ? EDWARD FOX, DRAPER AND TAILOR, INVITES the attention of the public to the moat ei tana if e ?tockor ready made cloth...* ii. the city, adapted K and aominer trade. In addition to the ready, &r#7?S5er h_r ..(Trni for uupection the meat de.irable .election oi piece SSftk'I I'Xr^V Is notice, and ,? . manuer^uM^be .ur^ed^ near Fultou at., oppofit* to the J?rauklin Houw. CARD . . hnuIe^eep^tfuHy'irerJaeiS? lh^?tronjSTof*hi^ fri e * d? Orderleutru.ted to hii car. will be,"tended^o *"?> promptness. ji#fl im*rf , ? ?? ? PAPER HANGING. TTOWKLL k BROTHERS, >1.n?f.ctu?r. an^ lm^rter. P^jift^^fe^I^^B^'Borde^Fi "'Boa'nf Prints ft k B l.sve receired from the In.iuute. .... 51 -"firUs'co fWS , '"ountTy'inerchanu and city dealer* will find it to their .d vantage j^i^e.'**^ g* ^^^^^ra^^oTe^the^n^v ^"'el. V .aiTINoShe'cuy'ol; ?V? Acco"'! y ."a,2"\i;o^ry?mte, Notorial, and Letter Copy...* Am , Jsurrtt J'nuibte Pntn. RICH k LOUTREL. 61 William at., mil lm*me ,lftor h' W. H D E G R O O T * CO., No. KM Kulton 8t*ickt, ns."s-sait.ft.VfcnS.,"tes Piuiu. from *. to f3"."," ai. Hummer Ve?t,. from $1 wSL^'i'b S'w ?|Se ? of Cloth. from.75 cenu tc?Si T* Aiao, jm jr. ^ ^ fo of^eT |c Caaiimerea, and yeatmca. w i lothine equally cheap? ,uit the mo.t ^SWixrEBV, bi TvffeN^Y-HVK per "h-5^L?; .V^n'r^r^in ,he city m2. .m-rc 'l O &1L.V fcltoMI i MS ^ 4RLAND&th- trade in o^ner^.? ^eVTe?N^*U'^^7S;? ttiey rTmoved lo lt .nd^i c<M(|nQe to inallut,ctute the itreet, up .'air., wnere tnev manufacturer! will. ^c"and tTrrk ki,ld ol ^Ls^Il J./M'.l'iury Officer.' C?t.en. made to order mvtl Im'i FSKsar&ai'fi; "lo""" Vancv French Linen Drillinir** fancy French .vlmeillea Ve.tiug*. _ l","CViRihi,Tei]u.T Mrilred. and are all of the rery laietf Pairil.tyie^ Merchant Tailor, and other, to e?H a id ei in<"* them eau a in r? *i?m"- ? ? ~ tdapted to ?"acoJ"?|,*I|le#V JillJ? ?arieU* Country compa 3iW4Sfipfcffi^r ioe. about formink A full aa.ortmert of every variety, con.tantly on hand, and l"r^%m?rrcr '' '^"h'^"('r ATACAP. 3W Broadway. kKhiM'H AitTitl01AL KL.OWli.Ka. S;?e.8l^th.L.^r,g.^yl-d^ ".^Arnk'c;alrt? thee-, imported .^..^for the jnbbiiif and couutry trade. v. in; FRENCH ARTIFICIAL tLOWERS. cm, material, for flower maaer., ?.c., "??? lm?mc to the trade, at low prices. E. ?yriS'itiaffi both French ?.dAme,.c^ ,{] lam ttreet, aa the (food" leaat injury bjr the l(M fire ? IM W^ H|1 wholenle were "moved in me _ ^^"i'^' .treet.aud beK* ?"^'!^^,l?.:?',el.ewh^ .1 Ln'rc r V at^hV vLS^KOR1 FLORISTS^Ha'ii'nt jn.t n fre.h aMortmeut ol e rench I-lower.ana plrMUre t0 quality and l.'e.t .t>le., to call and eiamme, al Lm. the dealer. '"^^rARoir^K^.OURT^^ ml? Im'mf LfLUKUE WILLIAMS, LkLit. UHAWL CLEANER, RESTORER AND BLEACHER, O 4J7H Broadway ? O. W. ntUM his mint sincere thanks for the rrr> lil>rr;il support he hu received for years past, uitl lru?t? that with strict attention to business hit removal trom l?2>4 to *7))( Broadway, near Howard street, will r-ithei increase than decrease hi* namber of Fat rout; he pledges him ?elf that nothing aim 11 be wanting to merit the patruinure of a discerning and independent public. Silk, Cotton and VVollen Goods Uyed, kc. Real and ? renehCashmere,Merino, Brochr ?nd Thibet Shawls, cleaned in ? eery superior style in three diys after receiving them. Silk, Satin, Moreen and Window and Bed Cartains, cleaned, dyed and water ed on a very i>|ierior and eutirely new plan. O. W. wonld lirert the attentioa of the Ladies to his eery superior style ol Wale ring Silk, lie., hiving the best workmen and machinery in the city Carpets, Rugs, Table Covert and Cranch Cloth* cleaned. Gentlemen'* Wearing Apparel cleaned and dyed by in entire new process, and returned in three days. Merchants orders attended to, also upholsterers, at <V WILLIAMS' Establishment, mySlm^m iVii Broadway. lVl'1 Oil l<lN M.NUhS, HOLMES' TWO OVEN KITCHEN RANGES. THE Proprietors are aow prepared to Tarnish Holmes' ranges to the trade, or set them ap for private familiea or boardiag houses, having parchaaed the right from the patentee to manufacture and sell them. Our eiperieitce in manufactar mg and setting Kitchen Ranges, in tliis city, for the past II years, warrants as in sssertir,* that Holme*' Range cannot be snrpassed for ecouomy, convenience, and durability. They are warranted to perform the purpose* for which they are pure chased. and if not they will be removed free of any eipense to 'he Purchaser. Numerous references can be given to neraon* wishing to purchase. The price* range from X} to 43 dollars. The proprietors are constantly manulac.uriiig, and are well ?applied with parlor, offics. add bed-rov'tn URATK8, of the newest pntterus. AI?o?TINWARE,bright,plain and ja,->aned. They have inasous at ell time* raady to *et Range*, gn.tes, and boilers? also, sinokey chimneys cared ; nonirr, no pay A. UILHOOLV X SON, mil lm*re 71 Na.<aau street. jKFFtittSUN lNSUHAiNClti UUMKANT," Orncg No. M Wall st., opfositk THg.MgmfHanTs' UCNtHOI. THIS Company continues to insura against loss or damage by Klre, on dwelling houses,warehouses, buildings in ge neral, good*, ware* and merchandise, and every description o personal proi<erty; also agatust loss or damage by inland ai vigation and tran.portatmn^.,^ W.Thome, EluhsRiggt, ... T. Woodruff, Anson Baker, Robson, M. D. Joseph Drake, son Price, Joseph Allen, Taeker, Jsmes K Holmes. pas 1 Sas' John H. Davison, John P. More, John H. Lee, William K. Thorn, V^sTanis, Caleb C.Tasa, Thomas Morrell, Francis P Sage', Eugene Wogart, John C. Merntt, Robert Smith. THOMAS W THORNE, President. GEO. T. HOPK. Secretary ?K iff HARDWARE, CUTLERY 'AND liUiNS. W. SPIES k CO., having removed to 91 Maiden Lane, i 'J?! * '5 V aaaorted stock or Hardware, Cat lerv, Gaasand Gna Materials, by thrrscent importations, at esrremelv low imrra tor r?.h ? awtroT.d paper a* Im'Ch G ~,ch,fe V'c^te' NEW YORK AND HARLEM RAILROAD COMPANY. SUMMER ARRANGEMENT. ON and after Friday, May 1st, 1M6, the cart will ran w tol Iowa:? Lwvr City llall Tor Yorkville, Harlem, aad M <mai? 5, I L* V. . .. '-?y "an lor iiuut'i Bri Ige, Uroui, Tuckahoe, Hart'. Corner anil White Plaius, at 7 and |6 o'clock. AM.; 2 and s ? clock P.M. Leave Harlem aud \ orkv.lle at 7 10,1 III, 9, l?, aud 11 lu o'clock. A.M.; 12 ?0; I. J I#, i III, M4. 6 18. aud 7 o'clock, P \1. Leave William* iistex as 5v.fct?i"-'i" the ail'AUEs HOTke; | of their patronage *????* to merit ed &Tfcc ''win be J* Strak"' W'Uh Karebiu. Poach omt ' ? Wv "? wrVf? U|? iu a superior %t\ le "f?" "l,x mil lm*re JAMES KVAN8. lactLe L/OFtee House and uatuq pnnci,^. L > v e tpoo I,^auJa|Hhe BELMONT HALL. Th i muSftK iJX?!uuain Mwl Springs. "I" ^?LlUHTI'lILsiiinmer retrwt ii aitaiii on?i#d in iifllli isip arrives .m P M It i. ,??Lt"e' *v"> morning at ( A. M., i?i?, . la M "'J carriage a to let. . Je?Jteod?rrc MHS. E. A. HINCHMAN. rpHIH.nUniiHH ^UUk6E' WALViMURE. 1 in rK-m ? Hotel has been lately re-fitted and furnished .an k t*"t" kt Mmm. J?k Ms;*'"" n-us tfjstf&k? The Pavilion,?t Rockaway, L. I., will remain .u test'? ?;?? ??? ? ????? h29 1 in*r HALF WAY HOUSE! ^ & ws mi'31 lw?rr ra "OAKK'S IODINE LLMMENT I f<>rm\l|,*hai'i^i^re|fre?eii'ted'to do'*" ft'has'ne^f' '"j ?*t uton.ahiuir cures of Kheumatistn Swell?H J " Km!*s*J\' htnrmt ??5?. ease of t'he S, ^."'fn jZt? Erap^.^f^lh?p'* "3** "^""''"celeuteemed)\* ^inclcafde'e n*^"' s. IN(J K H ao LL k if'i It ? D. L. CARPENTER'S dancing academy tzsggB^&& s3i!5rf:g . SPRING GOODS IXTM.y. JENNINGS fc CO Drane??d T.;i? . ?^^4&XisgtsvSSi kr^^sssi'c'kis--"" ssrisigass:, In addition to the usual aaaortment of goods kern h? >k. trade, we lure always on hand dreaa id frlick coau ee.u h? ?""?J co*t#> and fancy dress articles, includiug scarf's cravats ???? w lm*r v rehy {?*?" 10 ?" P*fsons having bought a ton, }'U '^HE WNITliD STATES t^r<vU v"^? ??*??<> heaiution iu saying to the neonle A ,of New Vork, and the neighboring citiw, that the7 ca. w" h fhem'mThe ^.Te".?' ??r C?UU,ry' "d "'?? '? T. . WINDOW 8HADE8. I hey have a manufactory in the State of New Jersev .h?, C ihamhev^st *,*Ul<ln O). Y-one door from the ",,5, ? rail lm*rc. HEAD QUARTERS win DO w"?S HADES. m^lm?;^' W'nd?W ^"^^ctor'g^d,, a, T?v . WIAOUW MlAUt6. Ht cheapest and best aaaortment in the United 8tat?> for sale wholeaale or retail, by unueii BUtes, DUNCICKR k BEf KKR, it Chatham at?? mv!7 Im'rrc one rloor from Chambers street. N. V. no ! (?,1iKiH. c,age manufactory, w. I St. John s Lane, corner Beach street. The SahaervK ,e'"?1<1 '"form his Customers a..d the Pul.lTc, thl' he *n-m constantly on hmd, a larxe stock of lanev *nH VimLIr Bird Cayes, of all descriptions, which he will sell rhmiM* i than they can be bought elsewhere ' ?*" che?P" Also, Cages made to order. P. 8.?Country Merchants would find it to'the'i'/'idXmr.. ! to ran mH examine his sr.wk h? ' L, U it A rt ! O U R N !* ! THE ARABIAN CORN PLASTER, AN effectual and warranted care for Com*, if easily im plied, uid circi immediate relief. In cue it thould foil to cure, the money will be returned. For tale by David Sand* it Co., 77 Kast Broadway, 100 Fulton street, and 173 Broadway ; C. H. King, 19# Broadway ; C. Hubbard, 488 Hudson street ; Wyatt k Ketcham, 121 Pulton street ; J. Smith, 241 Siirmg street ; and by Druggists generally. Price Ccents |?r hoi mv? Iw't l.AAll'llJ.Nt A.NU CHhlVUCAL U1L.. THE Subscriber is jirepared to supply dealers with a tape rinr quantity of Camnhiue and Chemical OIL, at a lowei price than any other establishment in this city, delivered free of cartage. Also, Sinnts of Turpentine, at the very lowest market price. Appfy Office IS* Water street, above Maiden Lane. a14 lm*r Distillery. 1st \ venue and Mrh street J OHM MULLIM respectfally informs his friends and the public that he has REMOVhU from his old stand, No. 2(4 Broadway, to No. 3 BARCLAY Street, a few doora from Broadwiy. where he continues to import and manufacture double and single barrel Fowling Pieces, Rifles and Pistols, of a superior nullity. Also, Gun and Pistol Locks, German Silver Castings for rifles and fowling pieces, with gun mate rials in general, to be sold low for cash. N. B.?Repairing done is the Heat manner and on the most reasonable tfrmi mv"> fm?rrc CI RACKER? AND SfilP BRKaA, 71 MoU :street, neTr / Walker street.?JAMK8 PARR, having recently intro duced steam machinery into hi* Baking Kstablifhment, it en abled to |>roduce a very superior article in Ship Bread and Crackers, invites city and country merchants to call and see his goods, via :?soda and milk Biscuit, pilot and navy Bread, batter, sugar, aad Boston Crackers, fcc. Hi* facility lor man ufacturing them i* so great that they can be *old at the very lowest prices. mvll !?*> CAMFHiNE AND CHEMICAL, OIL. THR Subscriber is prepared to supply dealer* with* rap* rior quality of Cami-bine and Chemical Oil, at a lower price than any other establishment in this city, delivered free of cartage. Also Spirits of Turpenti le, at the very lowest market price. Apply personally or bv letter to JONAS F. CONCKLIN, Office IS# Water street, above Maiden lane. *14 lm*r Distillery, 1st svenne and ISth street. A.YikftiCA ! ? -tkuUN ! bAULA^U ! TO the inhabitant* of ;he whole lioundlesa Continent?W* invite yon all and each of yon, to consider and reflect for your own welfare, that Vy tailing at the New York Coffee Saloon, No.217 KnltoA aear Greenwich, where yoa will not only find all the odibles served up. far eireeding any other place of the kind, but a much larter plate for the price. Also, you will find a spinous ? nu airy room, where you may take your meals with all the comfort imaginable, either break fast. dinner or supper, from tit rents up to any given price. Again we say. at any time on passing by. Just drop in sad test the quality, and jadca of the quantity aad prices Icr yoar own ?atttftetion. Open on Snndnva afe1aa*r EARD ?fM.barrele L*rd, now landing .aad (or sal* t>v ?tylt C K COLLINS S CO.. 91 ?oath toeet Religious Intelligence. CiLtiiuK ror Jvxi.?7. Trinity Siodiy. II St. Barnabas the Apoitle. 14. First Sunday alter Trinity. ?J1 Second Sunday after Trinity. 24. The Nativity of St. John the Baptiit 98. Third Sunday alter Trinity. 2fl. St. 1'eterthe Apoitle. The tenth, in thii series or iWscourses, (Tractarian iim) will be delivered in st Jude'i Church, this evening, by the Rev. J. W. Brown. Subject?The Scriptural and Spiritual Character of the Church. Divine Her vice will be performed in French by the Rev J. I), /endor, a Parisian by birth and education, and formerly of the Romish clergy. It willtuke pUce till* evening at half pait 7 o'clock, P M , in Mr. Ives' conceit Hall, No. 417 Houston street, near Croiby. The Rev. Or. Laming, of Auburn, formerly pax tor of the Presbyterian CluinTi in Thompson, coiner of Hous ton street, has received a call to the pastoral charge of the first free Congiegatiuual Church in Christie, between Delancy and Rivington streets and will commence his ( labors the nest Lord's day, the 7th instant. The Chapel of the Church of the Holy Trinity, Brook lyn Heights, will be opened for divine service, this day, i at half past 10 o'clock, A. M and 4 P M., until the organisation ol the church, at the completion of the in terior ol'the building, about September next. On Wednesday evening the (iuneral Vssemhly, (New School) in the case of the B) nod of Cincinnati, which suspended Rev. W A. Graham for hli opinions on Slavery, decided the Synod's proceedings to be unconstitutional, irregular, null and void. The Rev. Robert Hamill, a licentiate of the Presbytery of New Vork, having accepted of a unanimous call to become pastor of the uuited congregations of Penns Valley, Pa , formeily under the care of Rev. David Me lt inney, D. D . was ordained aud installed by the Presby tery of Huntingdon, in Spring Creek Church, on Wed nesday, May otn. The Kev Joshua Moore preached the sermon from Isaiah, lxii 6, 7 ; Rev. Jas L) iiu presided, proposed the constitutional questions, and delivered the charge to the people. The exercises, conducted in the presence of a large congregation, were throughout solemn and interesting. The Rev. Tlioinas Boys Ferris, of St. Luke's Church, Leeds, Kngland, preaches this evening at the Anglo American Church of Saint George Uie Martyr, at 7} o'clock. Installed, in Vork, Pa., on Sunday evening, May 17th, by the l'resb) tery of Harrisburg, Rev. Daniel Hopkins Kmorcon, as pastor of the Knglish Presbyterian Church of York. (Rev. Dr. De Witt, of Harrisburg, piesided and proposed the constitutional questions; Kev. Johu Patton, of Northumberland, preached the sermon from Isaiah xlix. 3, "Though Israel he not gathered, yet shall I be glorious in the eyes of the Lord, aud my God shall be my strength," Kev. Kranklin Harris, of Centre County, de livered the charge to the pastor; and the Rev Mr. Phil lips, of William.|>ort, the charge to the people. The services were characterised by ability. Died, in Norfteld (Weston, Fairfield countv, Connecti cut) May 15th, Kev. John Noyes, In the SUtii year ofhii age, and in the 60th j ear of his Ministry. Mr. Noyci was born in the year 17(12, graduated at \ ale College in 1779, licensed to preach in 1783; uud was ordained pastut of the church in Norfield in 17t#5, He was one oftiio as sociates of President Dwight, and of the Rev, Drs. Bur net, Rip'ey, and Lewi*, when they stood among the mi nisters of the Consociation of Fairfield West. Haktford, June 5,1846. A Few Remarks of Dr. Bushnell to his Congrega tion, last evening. The Rev. Horace Bushnell, 1). 1)., pnstor of the 3d, or North Congregational Church, in this city, returned on Wednesday to his labors amongst his people, afler an absence of eleven months, spenl in travelling through Kngland, France, Germany, Italy Ike. The object of his journey was for the restoration oi his bodily houlth?which object has been accomplished Th$ next evening after his return, he met his people at their usual Thursday evening prayer meeting. Their large and spacioui conference room wan crowded. He introduced the exercises of the evening by reading the S3lst hym, in the Village Collection, beginning with? " Brethren, beloved for Jesus' sake, A hearty welcome here rcceive; May we together now partake The joys which he alone can give." After the customary exercises in opening prayer meet ings, he expressed his gratitude to God in'returning him safely to his labors, with renewed health, and rejoiced to again meet his people. He bad not teen, or heard ap pointed, an assemblage of Christians, like this, during his absence? A pra>er meeting, where hII the brethren are invited to take part in its exercises, is nowhere else known, but in this favoied country. This is true of Protestant, as well as Catholic countries. Nearly all of the countries he had visited prohibit them bylaw. If you inquire how it is in Kngland?the laws allow sach meetings there?but he hud not heard of one being ap pointed or held?and for which meetings he had made diligent inquiries. Occasionally, and during the absence of a minister, the elders, but not other members, lead services. To his particular inquiries about the matter, he wos told the thing was utterly impossible? that they had heard much of American Christian prayer meeting*, and for some time efforts were made to followotir example But such confusion was made in the meetinga b\ the ri valry of the different clashes of society for the control of them, that thoy had to lie abandoned. The state of so ciety in Kngland,said Dr-D.,i*.thatHhey are in layers?the lower layers all the time aie striving to get up to the u|> per layer*?and the upper layers all the time trying to keep them down. The upper are Just a* jealous ot the lower as the lower rise toward* the upper. This itatc of aoclety caused their prayer meeting* to end constantly in Jealousy, confusion and strifo. Society is not divided there, simply aristocracy and common cla**?but the classes aro also sub-divided. The lower classes have more than 20 laj era. The large tradesman will not associate with the small tradesman ; the large banker with the small hanker! the captain of cavalry with the captain of infantry ! Thus it i* impossible, frem these numberless layer*, to meet in christian fellowship and equality. During my absence (?aid Dr. B ,) thus, how dear ha* seemed to me, brethren, the greatness of the privilege you have in being American christians Hera you have a scheme of society where you can all be chris tian brother*. He believed this one of the great distinc tion* they enjoyed a* American christians Here we know our brother* and sisters?we meet them weekly at the prayer meeting, and exchange our christian feeling* and experience. Occasionally he had here heard com plaints that all member* of the church did not be come acquainted with each other ! If you do not know each other, (laid he,) how i* it in the countrie* I have been ? He had itraved over region* of moral desolation and the fairest portions of creation, which once sat in the full iplendor of the gospel light?but now waste and barren. Your privilege* make your Christianity more like the Christianity of former times, in it* primitive or apostolic times. He wished them to feel their high and delightfnl responsibilities. Y'ou ought not only to he continually at this weekly meeting, but to be vigilant and watchful in the path of duty And a* we go up from thi* world to heaven, that there you will not come up a* isolated christians-as strangers to one another. The disciples of the early church met a* we do. He could not but think that what sua privilege to them muat be a privilege and blessing to us. He exhorted them to pray for each other?to stimulate each other. Said he. may the spirit of Ood quicken u* all, and heaven be the great object for which we live. After appropriate remark* and prayer* by sundry brethren, the meeting wa* closed. Thus the doctor con fined hi* remark*, with ta*te, to the apeciAc object of the meeting, instead of launching out, a* many would have, done, in telling what he had *een, and lii* impressions thereon. But as the boy said to hi* mother, who was knocked over by firing off hi* gun whan he came home from training, which he had kept loading, a* ordered, but had not the courage to Are it off?"lie still, mother, there are a doien togo offyet"? *o*ay I to hi* paruhioner*?lie still, there are a lot of 49 pounder* yet to come againit the rotten and corruut governor* of tne old wlrld, which will cauie a dreadful rattling among their dry bone*. Iowa Convention?Constitution Adopted.? The convention recently in session at Iowa city adjourned on Tuesday morning last, alter a session of only sixteen days. Sunday* Included, and have pre tented to the |?ople for their action, one of the most enlightened Constitution! that ever was adopted by a Republican State. The Convention appears not only to have availed itself of the American Constitution of the United States, but of the various improvements which have been dis covered and adopted by individual States since the organization of our Government. The boundary of the State rum up the Des Moines river, and along the Missouri boundary as before, and up the Miaiouri river till you come to the middle of the main channel of the Big Sioux river, according to Nicol let's map, thence up said river until you come to north lat. 43 degrees and .10 minutes, thence easterly on that parallel ot latitude to the Mississippi, thence down said river to the place of beginning. By recurring to the map it will be seen that the north ern boundary will be north of Prairie Du Chien and the whole of the Turkey river country, extending north far enough to take in the mouth of the I7pper Iowa river On the we?t there is quite a large tract included, not within the old boundaries, while on the north, a somewhat larg er piece ot tei ritory is left off The Htate, however, as bounded by the new Constitution, will contain not far from fifty thoutand square miles, or thirty-tw o millions acres of the best land in the world. This* divided into farms of 100 acrei each, would make three hundred and twenty thousand farms. Supposing each farm to contain six pemons, Iowa would have a population of almott two millions. But calling the farms 60 acres ea?h, an.l ten* anted as before, and there would bo a population of four million*. Iowa alone may therefore be set down as good for a population of five millions, being one quarter as many a* are now in the United Htate*. With its pre*ent boundaries it will be one of the largest States of the Union. We will make a comparison hereafter. The bill of rights are the same a* in the old Constitu. tlon. To be entitled to vote, requires one to be a white male citizen over twenty-one, resident in the State six months, and in the county twenty days. Session* of the General Assembly biennial, members of the liou?e to lie chosen for tw* year* ttoee ?f the Senate for four. Lieut tenant Oovernor to be dispensed with, and Governor chosen for four years, w hile the talaiiesof officers have been increased a very trifle; that of Governor not to ex ceed $1000 lor the flrnt ten years: that of Judge* the *?me ami a -mall rise in the others. Members of the Legisla ture $3 per day lor fifty days; after that Supeetae Judge* elected by the joint ballot of T District Judges by the people Banking i* prohibited, and all corporations to be provided for t>y general laws. The stockholders are to be subject to such liabilities aa shall lie provided by law The *tate "0| become a stockholder in any corporation?Ttrriloriml Key 03. Court for the Correction of Mirrors. Present?I be Lieutenant Governor, tba Chancellor, anil 'i'i Senators Jew* No. 93 ? Dodze ??. Hulk ? Mr. J. A- Collier waa heard for defendant in error; plaintiff'* counael was heard in reply. No 33.? Stajilei, tl al vi. Itykn, ti a/.? Mr. J. Slosaori was heard for plaintiff in error, after which the court ad journed. Saprrlar Court. Before Chief Justice Jones KunhwortA IJ. Kmiury ? Thi? cause was returned yea torday morning. The ( hief Justice denied the motion ? for u non suit;Tile own impressions being against the prin ciples laid down by the defendant'* counael. but reaerv ed the question for further consideration; and if preoo dent*, to sustain the {imposition for a non-suit were pro duced, he would yield to them. The defendant's case wis then opened?the principal defence was probable ; cause?and that the defendant could not entertain an* malice towards the plamutl. inasmuch an he never knew the plaintiff until he was brought under his not se, by having the bill traced to him; they would show that plaintiff s house, in Philadelphia, was of bad repute, and under the surveillance o! the police; they would also show that the second 1.1000 bill was passe I at the Treu ton Bank the day of the races, and that plaintiff waa at Trenton on the tume day; combining all those circum stances together, he thought there was, to say the least of it, probable cause to arrest the plaintiff. The case was given to the jury yesterday evening, with direction* to bring in a staled verdict on Monday morning. Before Judge Oakley. Jumn Farrtll vt. Robert McCtrran.?This was an ac tion for assault and battery. Tbe defendant i* master of the ship Kalamazoo, and tne plaintiff w as one of the crew while the vessel lay at the Baliie. Some difficulty oc curred onboard, and McCerran committed a very grass and violent assault and battery on the plaintiff, for which he brings the present action to recover damages. Ver dict for plaintiff', *50. For plaintiff, Mr. Beebe; for de fendant, Mr. Martin. Common Picas. Before a Fall Court June 0.?Dtritiom?Rainhardand Oritwoldvt. Gilltt pit and IVrtt.?Verdict confirmed, with costs. Sedgwick v. Of ling?Report of referee* let aside - cost* to abide the- event Uewrtt vt McCrum ?Report set aside, on payment ol coat* of former trial; and lubaemient proceeding* and cauio to l>e tried by jury, unlet* the partial agree upou now referee*. Cunningham c*. Brit ton, et al?Appeal denied, with costs; but defendant may still deiend in the *uit. In the matter of Osgood, a concealed debtor, allega tion* in petition to prove non-concealment not sustained, or satisfactorily proved. Prayer denied. V. S. Circuit Court* Before Judge Betts. Haddun v$. Van Ifui?Vilt vt. Same.?These were two Custom Mouses cases, both depending on one state of facts, and brought to recover money paid a* duties on a quantity of silk in gum, 011 which tlio collector charg ed the same duties a* on lowing silk. Tho defence is, that by some process the gum wa* extracted, and the ar tide converted into tewing silk, and henco liable to the same duty. Verdict on Monday. United Mates' Commissioner's Office* Before Comminioner Morton. Jitkk 6.? Charge nf Larceny.?John Smith (colored) a seaman on board the schooner, Ed ward Tillett, Daniel Heed, master, was brought up yesterday by Deputy Mar shal Morrison, from the quarantine ground, under a warrant charging him with having tilolen from said vessel, lie is aUo charged with having attempted to set her on fire. Committed for examination. Suprxmk Court?Spbcial Tkhm.?Mr. Justitv Jewell presiding.?Wednesday, June 8.?Ransom ads. Williams?Motion for judgment of nonsuit , granted with costs, unless pin' cervo further particulars. kc. Iu the matter of the attachment against Hubbell and Mill? Motion to set aside attachment ; denied with costs, wit*1" out prejudice. Kldridge vs Browning?Motion to aet aside default, he., denied with costs, without prejudice' Smith et ol. ads. Holmes?Motion to tel aside or reduce amount of execution; denied with cost*. Bulklcy ads. Huntington?Motion to take judgment record olf file ; domed with costs, without prejudice. In the matter of Kraucis Cunningham for a certiorari to Thomas S Henry, alderman ; granted ex parte. Same for a certiorari 10 Win. O. Sterling, assistant justice. kc.; granted ex parte. Clark ads Avery?Motion to vacate order holding deft to bail; granted. Humphrey et al vs. (jansevoort?Mo tion for reference , granted by default. The Syracuse Suit Co. vs. Sheldon, do. do. Tremain ads. French et ul. ?Motion for judgment as in case of nonsuit ; granted with costs by default. Taylor ad*, same, do. do Lan sing ad*. Slocum, do do. Sleeve vs. I'addock?Motion for a commission ; granted by default. Bungs at ul vs Pot len.on et al.?Motion for leave to pltf. to reply several replications to deft's bankrupt's discharge; granted by delimit Wright vs. Buck?Motion for reference 1 grant ed by default. Edward* ads Gordon et al.?Motion for a commission j granted by default. Drake ad*, same, do. do. The Seneca County Bank vs. Schrmerhorn?Mo tion to change venue ; granted by default. Fullerton ads. McComuck?Motion to set aside default, lie. ; grant ed by default Dannatt an t wife ads. Davis and wife? Motion lor judgment a* in cue of nonsuit; gran c<l by default. Lent uds. Seneca County Bank?Motion thfet judgment bo cancelled of record ; granted by de lault. Failing va. Failing et al.?motion for appoint ment of Uuardian for partition; granted ex parte Howe ad*. Hutching* et al.?Motion that C. O. Decker appear in the next special term and join in the writ of er ror brought in the cause, or be forever precluded from bringing another writ of error upon the judgment grant ed?defendant in error has ten day* to join iu error?pro ceedings to be (tayed in the mean time. Lockwood ads Baker et ai. ? Motion to set aside default, lie. ; granted without costs. Kilmore et al. vs. Storm?Motion to va cate a supersedeas, granted, and plaiutiffs in error had leave to bring a new writ of error. Htauton vs. Csldwell et al.?Motion for icference ; granted. Harris imp'd sd*. Sammona, late sherifl ? Motion to set aside inquest, lie. i gianted on terms. Travis ads. Travis?Motion for judg ment as in case of nonsuit; denied without costs 1 plain* tiff to procure an appointment for a hearing in 'JO days, | kc. Freeman v*. the Mechanics- and Traders' Bank? I Motion for leave to plaintiff' to prosecute this suit under ? I stipulation without payment of costs therein mentioned, I denied with costs, without judgment. McDonald et al. : v*. Brady?Motion to amend caption of declaration ; grant ed on payment of $10 cost*. McUullough ad*. Ripley | at ai.?Motion for judgment a* in case of nonsuit; grant. I ed unlea* plaintiff stipulate, kc. Brace, survivor, kc., vs* Hansen.?Motion that defendant appear and plead to sci' fa. after publication, be., granted. Armstrong ads. Dede rick?Motion for judgment as in case of nonsuit; grant ed with costs by default, (iilliland ads. Stramb and wife Motion for judgment a* in case of nonsuit ; granted by default. Corwin imp'd, lie., ads. the Bank of Ithaea?Mo tion to change venue ; granted by default Northroy imp'd, kc. ads. same?Motion U> change venue ; granted by default Jones ads. Perry?Motion for judgment a* in case of nonsuit; granted by default. Townaend ad*; Urout and wife?Motion lor leave to prosecute plalRtifl '* bond in errorj granted ex parte. McClure et al., adm* , kc., v*. the Trustees of the Congregational Society of Krsnklinville?Motion ex parte to substitute another at torney, gianted. Corning ad* Leitch?Motion for judg ment as in case of nonsuit; granted with costs by default. Niver et al ads. Keith and wife?Motion for Judgment as in case of nonsuit; granted by default.?Albany .Altai. PROVISIONS AND GROCERIES. POK HALF LOW, in lots to accommodate purchaser*, r Batter, Cheese, Lard, Hsms, Beef, Shoulders: mess, thia mess, ramp, butt and Pip Pork; Sugars, white ana brown Ha vana; New Orleans, Porto Rieo, and Hanu Croix Coffee, crushed, loafand doable refined Sugar; mess, IS OS I. land J Mackerel and Shad, 111 assorted packages. A very lailte as sortment of Tobacco, of superior quality, at low price*. 32a, tfe, ?*, la, and pounds, is assorted package*; 1(0 pecaages But ter, for bakers; M bbls Leaf Lara, for sale in lots to accom irndate purchaser*, by ml lis'r CLAKK fc FI8K. U* Fa Itonfct reet. nnn TO lend on bond and mokt llP eftljvWf OA (IK. ia sum* to suit applicants, 00 pro ductive steal Estate in this eity and Brooklyu. Apply to 8. 8. BROAD, No. 11 Wall street, ia the Crotou Water Office, Basement- my38 tm*rc SHARON SPRINGS PAVILION. THE PUBLIC is informed that this establishment, haviaft been enlarged and improved since the close of the last season, will be opened for the reception of visiters, on the 1st day ol June LANDON k OARDNER. May I. IMS mv!3 la'r GREAT BARGAINS IN NEW GOODS. PETER ROBERTS has received by late arrivals, and offers cheap? EMBROIDERIES. Needle-work Capes from $1 M to ftl. French work'd Collars 7J cents ana upwards; Fmhrmdered Lawu Hhdkfs. from $3 ui $90 ; Dresses, needle-work and Tambour, from $1 t0*LAWIW AND CAMBRIC HANDKERCHIEF* Tape, hem'd stitch, Riviere, Y aocy and colored borders. Ml) HI,I NR. Book, Mull, Jscoaet. Swiss, plain, striped and check'd Organ die, Tarlatan, Striped .mil embroidered lor Curtains. HOSIERY AND GLOVES. Black and w hite Silk Ho*e ; do. with cotton tops ; eilk em broidered at Ss. per pair ; verv fine Lisle thread, open work, M per dozen ; fine unbleached cotton, open work J1 tftJS li, (rreommended as remarkably cheap.I pl?ia "'"J ? a moat excellent aiticle at S3 per dozen, asaallr Sots at f.i 75.? A most excellent assortment of Lisle Thread, plsin and em broidered Stilt moves of all sues. LA'KB. Canes, teal and imitation, of the litest and most tsshioasble style* ; Veils, black and white, in ehaoftlly Brussels poiat m.iliiies, point d'Aleucon sad othei *? ?*. '*1. /TIL i * lit., Valiuciennes.f.i.eK.igl.'h thread Uqt and Mjttsgs i rieli black Brus.e s and ifnitstton Laces ol every description tor trimming, Bouncing, kc., lie.; L.nen bobb.o Edgings and alrSffijb: Mfia.'a .. -?? r|r e-c? iTT?i?>1 NO. tn Broadway, D' ^yn PATENT HOSE.?The experience of tan yaae* in the laaeufaeture of Ruhiier Hon. has proven the attar riiiiros'ihility of eombming persaaae*ny Itohber with Abroa* ,nf>sts icet. Intermingled 111 sue!. w*y as to make a lloae free from the trouble of mildew and WW, consequently manufac turers bare abandoned the buaiaeas. The new Patent Hose, of my invention, isfree from the objections, a id I now offer it for sale, under agnsranty, ia such terms st will be fur nishedbayers en pnrrhs.e. Every piece will hsve the n tne of the ISlente*} gad date of the Patent, according tn liw, imi tatioas of whiell,l> a penal offance u'ider the laws. Priee? 1?V emu ptrfooi , *uitnble for Crt?to*i nn?l oihrr m i>r<i)*f)rtiou. M^nufnrrurfii and for whol^sal* ?ti<! rcfat!, by llORA( k, H. I)A%. t5 Mftifafi L?if ? IS re Uf May. >3 ' owrtUnH <t GUITAILE fo? cnmmini h*ti. caps* bliiiHt, pi O tirai, ioiii, ambrellM, pvmoIi, rionh*, ipr" m, l? f?? iMt. kf AUo. n nnttv wholemli.hy ?IS IT M?>Jm Uat.v ? v j ? *<??

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