Newspaper of The New York Herald, 8 Haziran 1846, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 8 Haziran 1846 Page 1
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"THE NEW YORK-HERALD. v4mN.,?.?-.fc?.. NEW YORK, MONDAY MORNING, JUNE 8, 1846. THE NEW YORK HERALD, JAMES 80RD0N BENNETT, PROPRIETOR. Circulation- --Forty Thousand. DAILY HERALD?Every day, PriceI cwti par eopj" S* tS mi uaaa?myililt m idtuct. WEEKLY 11KRALD?Every Setarday-Price *% Matt par copv?S3 12J? ceats per uauai?payable ia ADVERTISE*ENT . .i the mil priece?always cash rrlUNTfNCJ of *11 kind* execute with baaaty and des patch. IT?"-All letters or eommaaieacions, kf aul, ddreaaed to die establishment, moat be poet paid, or the poeta<a will bo dedncted ho. th., Proprietor of tha tha New Tobk Hiul? Establishment, NevrH-Weat nnrnar of Fnlron and f'lni? inailfc TO EMIGRANTS AND OTHERS GOING WEST. lArtx-uTvd hOiiWArtM^U UliNK. THE Subscribers beg to inform tliair friends uid tha public geier-lly. aud emigrants particularly, that they are now Repared to forward passengers to all puis of the Western ates and Caaada, at tha very lowest ratas, aud with a cer tainty of pissengers experiencing no delay at any place on the roure Being interested equally in all the mode* of convey ance into the iaterior, impartial advice will be given to those about to proceed West, as to the boat mode of travel, as well a? tha beat rentes to take for any inl uid towns in the United St 'tea or Csued ??the Emigrant*! Travelling Guide, which not onlv gives the rates of passage,bdt also the distance to nil pirta of the West aud Canada, together with the lime usually occupied in performing a jouriey to any given place, may be had gratis, on application ar their office. Kroio (he superior manner in wbich this branch of their bu siness his hitherto been conducted, the Subscribers can with acertiinty gu<rauty that no difficulty or delay cm possibly be experienced by any person going, by their Line, and the numerous frauds dsily committed by irresponsible parties oa persona going Weat, should deter those about securing their rta*?ge from ?if aging any A'here, but at an office of estab shed responsibility. The Fubacribers would here state, thit their virions conveyances, vie Railroad Cars, Canal Boats, and Str >mers,are sach aa cannot besarpasaed, if equal led. For further particulars a|i^ly^(if Iq^ 10 U6 South street, one door weat of Burling slip. N. B ?W. St J. T. T. continue to dispatch first cla*? pack Ota to London, Liverpool, Oltagow, New Orleans, Mobile, SsvauiiLth and Charleston, with puuctuality. Also to make nrr tngemeots for briugiug out passengers from any part of the Old Country, and give drills for any amount payable on de mand in ?ay part of Oraat Britain or Ireland. myi lawfw for SCauL STATTEN ISLAND. BCL Oil .udaiier Monday, the 20th day of April, the bUMin boats SYLPH and STATEN ISLANDER will leave New York and Statoa Island aa followa, further notico ! Leave States Island at I, I, I, 10, 11 o'clock, A.M.; 1,1, 3,4, ( o'clock, P.M. Leave New York, front Whitehall street, at 7, (, 16,11 o'clock, A.M.; I, 2,3, 4. J, 7 o'clock, A.M. On Snndars, the first boat from the ialaad will leave at I A. M . snd ilie first boat from New York at 9 AJ>I. V P ? All Height hi rbe risk of the owners thereof, aglrc PiUl'lUs uiMi Oli *it.\?aOAM FOR ALB AN 1, Direcf? 'ally, Sundays accepted?at 7o'cloek, P. >4. From Steamboat pier it!ween Courtlanut and Liberty ttt. Steamboat ROCHESTER, Capt. Alfred mm- .loughton, will leave on Monday. Wednee 2. day, aad Friday eveniaga, at 7 o'clock. Steamboat HENDRIK HUDSON, Capt. R. O. C rotten den, will leave on Tuesday, Thursday and 8atarday sveniugs, at 7 o'chwk The abova boat* will, at all tiaiea, arrive ia Albany in aaiplt time for tha moraiug care for the aaat or weat. Freight taken at moderate rases, aad noue takaa after JX o'clock. P. M. All peraoua arc forbid treating any of the boats of this liae, Withimt a written order fram the captains or agenta. For passage or freight, appl y en board tha boats, or te P. C Bchultx. at the office oa the wfearf. United States Mail Lino.. At S o'clock. P. M., Laadiag at lnteraiediate Placee. Mil* tAc faat or Barclay it., Steamboat HUDSON .Captain C. F. King, will leave oa Monday, Wednaeday, Friday aad Sunday afternoons at 9 o'clock. Si earn boat SOUTH AMERICA. Captain L. W. Bminard, will leave oa Tuaaday, Thursday and Satarday afternoons, V * a'cluck. App't on boa'd. or a' the office on the wb?rf je? MORNING LINE AT SEVEN O'CLOCK. FOR ALBANY AND INTERMEDIATE ? LANDINGS?From the Steamboat Pier at .he foot of Barclay street. Breakiaat and jlllnri on ooartl tha boat. The new' law-preeaura steamboat TROY, Captain A. Go liem, Monday, Wednesday and Friday Mornings 7 A. M. The steamboat NIAGARA, Tuesday, Thursday and Satar day morni >(?, at 7 A. M. Landing at Caldwell's, Westpoint, Newlmrith, Hampton, Poughkeepeie, Hyde Park. Rliinebeck, U. Red Hook, Bristol, Catakill, Hudson, Coxsaakie, and Kiu derhook. All gooda. freight, bank bills, specie, or any other kind ol preiwrty, taken, put. or shipped on board this boat, muat be at the risk of ;ke owners of sack goods, freight, bagxege, lie. For passage or freight apply on board, or at the office oa the wharf. mv27 ire thYmost delightful of ajTl EXCURSIONS. A SAIL acroee the Hudson river to Hobo ?ken, and than a walk to the Elysian Fields. .along the exceedingly picturesque shores ol Se place, will prove tha most easily accomplished and attrao Jveof all raraal excursions that can be made from the city. The grounds now present a charming aspect, the trees bo tag in leaf, and tha eoil covered with a rich turf. The walks are ia excellent ord?r> having been considerably ?m sellished the present spring. The Ferry Boats from Barclay, Caaal and Christopher sta., ?re completely fined ap with awaings and seats. Night Boats raa IVon Hobokao ta Barclay street antil 11 ?'clock. Ferriage eeam. ml 3m?r NEW YORK, ALBANY AND TROY LINE. FOR ALBANY AND TROY DIRECT, from the foot of Courtlandt street. Paaaengers taUh this Boat will arrive in time to take the Morning Train arCars from Troy weet to Bnlblo, and north to Saratoga, Whitehall aad Lake Cham jlfijn. Tlie steamer EMPIRE, Capwin R. B. Mac/, leaves tha foot of Conrtlandt street, on Tuesday, Thanday aad Satarday ?vemugs, at seven o'clock. P. M. The Steamboat COLUVlBIA. Capt. Wns. H. Peck, will leave the ller foot of Courtlandt street, aa Monday, Wednae day and Friday evenings, at 7 o'clock. For Paasage or Freight, apply oa board, or at tha Office oa the wharf. Freight mast be pat ia charge of the Freight Agent, or the Com!**?; ? *'11 wot be responsible for lose. aJO rf FARE ONLY ONE DOLLAR FOR Deck Passengers to Providence.?Tha well known and splendid steamer RHODE 1HL A,su, captain Manchester, on Mondaya, Wednesdays and Fridxya ; and tha MASSACHUSETTS, Captain Porter, on ?aesdars, Thursdays and Satarday a. Leave pier No. 1 orth River, at i o clock, P. M., for Boeton, via Newport and Providence. Fare to Boeton. S>cabin ; SI M deck. Fare to Providence, fl 30 cabie : SI deck. Freight taken at the lows' raiea and imtnediarelr forwanled mv'#lm*rc jgtH Steamb JWHUL day. aad WEff LINE ur rACK ET6 FOR LIVER POOL.?Packet of the silt of Jane.?The splendid, I fast tailing and favorite packet shin ROCHESTER, U?? '? > purthan. Captain John Bntton, will Mil on Monday, June t2d, her lecular diy. The snips of this liue being all 1000 tons and npwarda. per aons -boa: to embark fur the old country will not fail to >ee the advantages to be derived Irom selecting thia line in pre ference to any other, aa their great capacity renden them every way more comfortable and convenient than shipa of a siti'll class, and their aecommodMinus forcabin, second cabin mnd steerage pai.engers, it is well known are superior to those ?f any other line of packets. Persons wishing to secure berths should not foil to maka early application on board, at ?Se fool of Hurling slip, or to W. k J. T. TAP8COTT. A' their General Passage Office, 86 Sonth s>reet second door ? re west ot Burling slip FOR NEW ORLEANS?Louisiana and New York Line?Positive!) first Regular Packet?To sail ship bA t. ?ftfOt, I rositi Monday ,1th Jnne.?The elegant, fast sailing packet up b/.K TELLE, Taylor, muter, will positively sail as Ke.bc regular day rfreiglit or passage, having handeome famished nccom "fc?i.? ap'i'iy on board, at Orleans wharf, font of Wall .^Or to E. K. COLI.INHfc CO., K South st. ?trimly a t ""I* received aa board after this (Satur day *V?mag, i ? I It. nuueegars ?? i>l?-.o be oa board at U o'clock on Moodsy, Mil ?*?* Age-'t How Orleans JAS. E. WOODRUFF, who will HfiiniT forTTir , g". to hie address. ' NcMkhofb OEM V*.E. Mioott, master, will succeed the > A RTiIWLC, iul.4a, I Mooiioy, >? th Jon*, hor regular day. !*rc 4*2 UPION I i N f OF PACKET8 FOR I.IVER M*f P. I0M?Pa' k?t OI ' >? h 'h Ju?e. '/he new spleu Aj&i?< in! faeiaoili-. Picket ?'hip SfUS HOLME*, \ .j. , BenyWUisail on or aK' t Wedie.dav. June in. Thia . p hv> ?.Oeidid ? tions for cabin paaeoii* ?Ota. Sr. t>?d cahiu taeeaagsrs will t? ace. mmiid..ted la Ug!? and airy r. ..r. . ..X-irok, ae J the a< 'mn.trt in the stverife art- anperit > ? .<>et otherm-, ail -1 which will tie Me* at redb ? rate* fV ? ins ab-iu< lo etAkarli lor the old co'iutry, shoe''i tl.isvi'endid akif befcre completing their arrmgema its '11 ? <--?Hi..g t?. secure beryls should ?sake early applitat* foot o< Pike at, W.JL J. T. TAWCpTT. 1*. >-ut!i st MVm kotow Marling Slip. The Packet Whir ?' ' ft MON. kill saaaoid the SILAS HOf.XE'*. wi4 ?ow 't-h Jane. X j?i r KiiKLuNDmN Reg III 'HtrtiiftktMiJus. Too flre) class, ls< <? imn t-ehot s'ip QUEBEC, :apt. WQIiami,E<.<a?a \>o> .ea, wlMaoiTaOl m hrriegoi ,er isgui *r dnj. fhnmt d*s ?* *! -'ttriaff fcttht i* this fiTiship should muk9 mi ?,m ? ucm <*? IkmN, flbttof ^aiden laue, or to ^ M.VfURRAV . Corner > i . "id H..itth streets. If. B.?PersO?? desirous of so tdiv. for i ?ir fi lei.ds U the old country, ca i have tliem brought o in r?iis very favorite vessel or ant other in tno lino, by appl?, * as sin v? jti FOH OLA4UOW?Liuo of 1 leu <*etn|ai Packet lat .lulj-!?The line, new, laMaiiu * pastkd .hip SRUOKSBT. i? tons, O. W, 1' ? .r i ?*. te.. ?> H n-il aa above, her re|(alar dsy. For flroiaht or passage, having excellent aceou is, tpply aa board, loot of Dover street, or lo WOODHULLk MTNTURW.Wto- ? The packet bark ADAM CAHR, 40i tout, will taeoa Brontisby. and sail on her regular day. 1st August. j?l PA?"K r/i'S j- Olt 11A VHe?second Lmr~'i i ? ,packet sMp ONEIDA, Cuptaiu .lames Fauch, w yi j''1* it on tK 1st of Inly. For frsifht or nasMire ip? Born * hi Rkn m w^i?. r^tl SMitauUw- I lir balk I. UL.LiMBl/%, <a(>t True 111 to bo promptly daepatched. >oi r*ight o applr to BRKTrfcVOHE, M S.mth street, or to jo4 ro BOYD k HlN? kkN, M Wall street. II*.\c'|Ce1!> FOR MARSEILLES?The pkcket ship UASTON, t aptain F. Conliar, will sail on the "at ol? July. H?r freight or passage apply to ctiA.viBER.LAIN k PHKLrS, inj trom st., or to joS BOYD fc HINtKEN, M Wall st. Fok FkLioHlr~6t~CHAlTFEir- il,o ? flrstclasa British (hip JANE, Milligan, Basts _____ , .?load hore or proceed ?~a" Appljrto JOr" pjrft Iwrrc Conw i'inii???i, naster.ia JftpffSfS'SK:1" o( Piao lid floMh street*. FOR SALE OR TO LET, JhA AT Flushing, Long Island, a beautiful Grecian Cot (;?!? ?**?? with ample grounds, carriage-house: Kreen-huu.r, ^?sUL*c Likewise, * handsome liuihic Cottsge, contain ing H rooms; carriage-bouse; garden now planted" To let ? * ? r ''le ,*,aon> until the 1st of Mar ncit. Both honn m little oat ol th? Tillage, but within fire to tea minutes walk of UMBbual, churches aud excellent achoola. _J?"6 <teo?rc WM. SMART, Fluahiag. hotel de Paris.?antioMe vionics, on. Pjf or the late proprietor, of the I'erkina House. Bostea, iJLn'|ltctrallv informs hia frirnds and the travelling pub !??:. that he liaa opened the houie No. 280 Broadway, New York, eutrauce on Reade street, called the Hotel De Paris, where he will be h?ppy to accommodate thuse who may with to patromxe him, with board and lodgiug, by tbe day, week, or miHith, on tbe most reasonable terms. myt9 Jm eod*rre full ~uii~iu L.1^ 1~ The Modern built three story brick house, tU Adams etreet, Brooklyn. If not sold by private sale, it will be _ disposed of at public auction, on the Lilh day of May i next, naif of tbe purchase money can remain on mortgage,, for u term ol years. Application to be made on the premises H> Adams St.. Brooklyn. a< Im'rc FOR oALfc. OK TO LEASE, IN BROOKLYN. JkA VAN BRUNT'S HOTEL, No. W Fulton street, pjw (uortheasterly side,) live doors from Kultoii Kerry, is JUHL uow offered for sale or to lease. The boose is Z5 by 45 feei, lour stories hitch, containing U rooms, and beini( ou the (re at est thoroughfare in Brooklyn, is a good location for mail>? kinds of business. Possession siren immediately. For particulars, inquire on the premises of GEORGE VAN BRUNT. Brooklyn, May 8, 1141 my? Im'ie TO LKT. TWO GENTLEMEN and their Wires eau be ac commodated with Furnished Isens and Board in a small family, where thete are no other Boarders The ruiu>e is delightfully situated in South Brooklyn, within a few minutes walk of the ferry. Those who wish the enteyment of the country, combined with the convenience of the city, will find the &liove situation mest desirable. As company ill the present instance is an object, the terms will be moderate A line addressed to " Hastings/ and left with the Kerry Mas ter, New Ytfk aide, will receive attention. jc6 3t*r ROOMS, HJRM&HEU OK U\\t- V K TO LET?In a small and most delightfully situsted house, near the Washington Parade Ground, one or two rooms, with or withont full or partial board. No cUier boarders or lodgers are in the house, nor will be takeu Trie family st present consists of only three grown persons To single gentlemen, or a gentleman and lady, desirous of living in a private family, and in a pleasant, quiet, and hand some location, this offers an opportunity but rarely met with The entire half of the honxe will be let to a desirable tenant, without children. Address B. T. at the desk of litis office- mylStfrre iJOTEL FOR SALE. CITY HOTEL, Washingron City, D. C.?The Pro prietors of the City Hotel wish to dis|>ose of all their furniture and fixtures, ss well as tile lease, which will expire on the first of February, 1817. The Hotel is situated on the corner of Pennsylvania Avenne sad Nth street, in the immediate vicinity of the President's house and .ill the public departments. It contains about IN rooms, includiug six parlors, all elegantly furnished. The house is in good order, aud contains every requisite for the continuance of business. The proprietors deem it unneces sary logo farther into particulars, nut Invite the attention of any Persons wishing lo embark in the business. An opportu nity like the present is seldom offered. The house will not be closed until further notice. __ A. FULLER ?t Co. The Philadelphia Ledger, Albany Journal, Boston Timea, Richmond Whig, sod Charleston Patriot, will please copy three timea a week for two weeks, and seua their accounts to the subscribers. A. K & Co. Wtv Hotel. W. C., D C. mvM 2w3tsw r aiya TO KOKMtiN GE.NTLh.MKN arriving in me ytMUniied States, or others, desirous of purchasing a per ?4mttnaueiit Country Residence in I'ennsylvsiiia.?The sub sen oer, desirous of changing his residence, offers for sale his Farm and eatablishmeut, situated in Montgomery couuty. Pa., 14 miles north of Philadelphia. It contains 308 seres of land, 288 of which are in the highest state of cultivation, producing wheat, rye, Indian corn and hay, equal to any upland farm in the Union?the remaining 20 acres being woodland. On the 8remises is a fine stone mansion, 60 feet by 4i, with a veran ah attached, 15 feet wide, extending the length of the house, and a large piazxa on the raet-. the whole giving ample ae commodations for a family of twenty persons. The pleasure grounds surroundiug the house are shaded with elegait ever greens, and very beautifully laid out. Tliere are on the firm three stone houses for farmers or tenants, together with three large stone baros, containing stabling and conveniences for a huudred head of cattle, and for the storage of 210 tons of pro duce, with coejji house, wsgoti house, granary and corn cribs attached. There are also the advantages of a fine spring house, ice house, fish poud, a garden of two acres, orchards stocked with the Quest fruit, greeu house and grape wall, a stream of spring water in every field, a daily morniug and eveniug mail to and from the city, by which the Philadelphia ana New Vork pi|>ers of the same day are received, and an om nibus passing the gate, morning and evening. la uie immediate viciuity are Episcopal, Lutheran and Presbyterian churches. Further description is unnecessary, as all persons wishing to purchase are uivitea to call and examine the estate. It may, however, be added that for beauty, healthful situation, ana advantages of every kind, it is not surpass?d bv auy in the Uuited States. To save trouble, it may be well also to men tion the price, which is %7li per acre. Apply to GEORGE SHEAFF, Whitemarsh, my 17 2taw 4 w* rrc Montgomery Co., Fenn. The proprietors of the shaksppeare ho TEL, corner of William and Duane streets, respect fully inform their friends and the public generally, that they hare leased the above establishment, and entirely refitted the same. Every poaaihla effort will be made in regard to com fort, cleanliness, and stteutioo, towards their visiter*. The) have provided themselves with > Dew stock ol" Wines, Liquors, Seeirs, not to be surpassed by any hotel in the city. The bar has been eutirely refitted, ana the house undergoue a thorough cleauing and repair. A Hot Lunch will be served up every day at the bar, com posed of Chowder, and other relishes prepared in a superior style. Price of rooms per week $1 50 to $2 JO. Single night. 15 cents to 37}? cents. A Refectory will shortly be established in the basement, for the convenience of the boarders and visiters of the house, and every luxury of the season will be served ap on the most reasonable terms. Several spacious rooms to be let for meeting*, private par ties, referees, Jkc. lie. Also, s large room with gas and all ne cessary fixtures, for Free Masons and secret societius. OEOROE PIERIS, Manager. May 20, IM?. mvtl 3tsw lm*rc 1JK. JOHN ROAKES'3 IODINE LINIMENT. 18 A SCIENTlFlCCHEMICAL COMPOUND OF IODINE that has performed such astonishing cores of lung standing, (after every other remedy had failed.) that it would stagger belief if they could not le substantiated by the most respecjable persons who have used it. It permanently and effectually cures Rheumatism, either Chronic or Inflamma tory; Paralysis, or loss of the use of the Limbs, Contrac tions of the Cords tuid Muscles, Sore Throat and Oout, it matters not of how long standing; Sprains, Bruises. Tu mors, Hard Swellinc.s and Enlarged Joints, yield to a few applications of this Liniment. It has been nsen with in credible success in Scrofula or Kings Evil, Disease <?/ S/iint and Hip Joint, Tic liolortux, and all Nervous Affec tions; it has never been known t<*fail curing Fltth Woundi. Fever Sores, Old Ulcers and Swell*, Legs; it speedily and effectually eradicates Cutaneous Eruiir ions, in the form of Salt Rheum, Erysipelas, Pimples, Ring Worm. Barbers' Itch, Scald Head, and it instantly relieves Ifeothache, Headache, Paiu iu the Side and Breast. This Liniment will stand upou its intriusic merit, and aaly wants a trial to convince the iu vr.lidol its healing virtues Principal Depot, 8. INOER SOLI. It Co.. 9<l John street. si) lm*r Kl'HLNU PUHIHEK UK THE BLOOU. WINER'S ARCANUM EXTRACT. AS A 8PR1NO rURIFIER OF THE BLOOD, this me dicine cannot be^surpassud, working its way through the system with a si)eut and effective force, cleansing the Blood, Removing Dyspeptic Influences, Soothing the Nerves, Re moving Internal Obstructions and Diseases that would other wise causa injury to the Liver and Lunirs WI.NtK S AKCA.NL'M EXTRACT is also t certain cure for all diseases arising from an impure state of the blood, such as Scrofula or King's Evil, White Swellings, Diseases of the Skin, Pimples *r Postules an the face, ililes. Diseases of the Bones, ulcers of all kinds. Syphilitic and Mercurial dis eases; also, for affections of the Liver, Dyspepsia. Costive aess, Palpitation of the Hearty lone standing Rheumatic Affectionf^Uout. and all Chronic and Nervous Complaiuts, occurring in debilitated constitutions. It* simplicity recom meuds the use of it to parents whose children are afflicted with any disease of the blood or skin, or whose constitutions have been injured by lengthened illness and the use of deleterious medicines, as it will effectually purify the blood and renovate the system, and where symptoms of scrofula are ia the least degree visible, this medicine, if properly administered, will most surely exterminate it. This meuicuie is much cheaper, pleasaater, and warranted superior to any other sold. The following certificates are selected from amouf many others in posses* iou of the proprietor*. For further particulars and conclusive evidence of the value and efficacy of this medicine, see pampleta, which may be obtained of agents gratia. Philadelphia. Jan. ?th, IM6. Mr. F.. B. O. Kinsloe?Sir : I have tried the Arcanum EE tract which >ou extolled so highly .and li.d it all, and indeed much better than you recommended if to be. Previous to m> taking the Arc mum I was completely Covered with blotches, no part ol'my body or limbs ueiug exempted, and besides I was greatly afllicted with jhc 1'iles. Before I had used the Ar?a imm one week the blotches began to disappear, and iny piles to become easy. 1 am now in (letter health tliau 1 have been for a uumber of rears, and all owiug, I am truly convinced, to the us of Winer* Arcanum, lean concieutiously recommend it ** one of the very best medicines for scrofulous affection* or eruption* I ever heard of. Yours, truly, L. A. BLODGET, 41 South 3dst. I'ltti.tDEi.PHiA, Jan. 31, ISffi. Mr. E. B. O. Kinsloe?Sir?Believing that Winer'* Arcanum F.xtraet is well calculated to afford relief to thousands who are now suffering, I Ire I compelled, in accordance with my principles of philanthropy and humanity, (much as I dislike to hale my name paraded before the public aa a pufter ol any patent medicine,) to state a caaa which cam* under my own Mimed fate observation. My little grandson, about three years of see, has been afflict timgappanatle suffered the moat intense paia himsell'. One "*h?*ieat?i ?* d le d aaou t three year* ago, after having Whi?J ?welling, , *? feared by the family th?t ichiM wjaU won follow him. After having used ill the r,th'- ?y r'?V,n; 1 chanced to see an ad t--.? J . "J*' ? Arcanum/- I purchued *Vwtl*. end after having used it three weeks, the boy is entire ly ffW ft..m any araptioua, his general health i* much im proved, ??? ha i* aow pronounced, by phvaician* to ba cared Tlw chi'fiasay b* seen at an> time, by calling at No. Whoutli Mtt aiMk I am, air, I oar vary grateful servant, . t . ROBERT FURET. Trica. tl Mr W*fle, or six bottle* for ti. Prepared ay Jo?JLWi?er k Co., n Maiden Lane, N Y., *ola 1 oprietotajnr d*Vaited States. B old by Wy?tt* Catchall, Ml Fultoa street ; R. A. Sands, It itowerv, iliaat? ?pnillt; J. W. Bassett, 644 Broadway, ?ndj.k J. CW|j|(0a,3IU Hudson, comer of Spring. In L V). . by Mia UtA H Fulton street; J. Brice, 27 James ?Hist v T. Quirk ? aorner Columbiaand Atlantic, and TV.fcae. - latfalum rfvpM- In Albaay.h* S. F. Phelps,5:1 ? ' Htrr't- #liladsl>l" W Uyon k Co., 1? North ?*. ind iv*A\i| t. B? " K'asloe, Wit Chesbiut street. k iintore. (Twrl-s WiW** New Orleans, Bertrand fk Si Ri. hnowd, V%-, Os'-1*?*! Wood It Co., and by IJrug gisu le illy throughout ;he^t?'i;itry. al lm?m M T?< DR. V AN ZAWBTT rele? '*"1* Restorative, Aati liysi ?'' ?nd Aati-BiUi '? <-?' 'Nitlc-Pills, a/a sold at Wyan k h etc ?.??*, Hi Kn"? Me* *4 ?*??? pat I 1 ev.fcw. srtekv ^ M> g|M SCHENCK'S PULMONIC SYKUP HAS CURED MB. HEAD ' READ! THE FOLLOWING CERTIFICATE , OK RICHARD L. COT, A MAN OF HIOH STAND I INQ IN NEW JERSEY. ON THE 3d day of Mnf, A. D. 1?3. before me the sub scriber, one of the Aldermen, of the city of Philadelphia, I personally appeared Richard L. Cos. ? citixeu of Ev esham, , Burlington couuty, State of New Jersey, who on Ilia solemn ; affirmation, did de|>ose and aay, That about twelve months ; past h* wn attacked by a ?hort dry cough, with a sense ol i burning iu the palms ofhis hands andsojes of Ins feet, tof e ther with distressing night sweats. ThuMloftniup eoii tiiiurd until Nov ember last, when he ?u waj suddenly seized I with aaevere pain in the right aide and breait. His family physician then informed him that his lungs were in a diseased I state, aud he become gradually weaker and weaker, emaciated ' and wasted iu deah, uutil reduced almost to a skeleton l his I breathing was short and laborious, and the least exertion led to eitreme exhaustion, for it was with the greatest difficulty and pain that any change could be made in his clothes, or even in I making up the bed in which he lay. At thia period his physi cian, family and I'riende?indeed all who saw niin?considered hia case beyoud the reach of hope. For two days his appetite had entirely forsaken him, and he took no nourishment during that time?when lie determined to try " Schenck's Pulmonic Syrup." That he had taken but about ten bottles of the aaid Syrup, when a large gatheriug formed iu hia left aide, which soon ripened under the sootlisng influence of the Syrup. He had given up the uae of all other medicines at thia time, and strictly followed the directions accompanying the Pulmo nic Syru|>?that he discharge ill the presence of his wife and brother at least a nuart of thick greenish matter of so offensive a nature, that his friends could scarcely stay in the room with him?that at thia time he was unable to rise his head from the pillow in consequence of his weakueas ; but he continued the uae of the medietas, haviug known that Mr. Schenck him self has been cured by the same medicine in the loweat stage of consumption, alter all other means had failed?that lor eeveral weeks he c<jiUiuuuJ to expectorate freely?which gradually diminished iu quantity, and changed to^ict of a heal thy character?that his am:.itite began to improve, his strength to return, aud in a short t i j he was ab|n to ait up iu hia cham- J ber. The period interianting between taking the firat bottle and his recovery was about 10 weeks; thai the rapid cliangea iu his condition created auu, .urprue and wonder iu all * lio saw himdui iug his illness, that friends and neighbors flocked con tinually to see, as it wore, a man risen from the grave. That as the Syrup still strengthened and improved the system, he continued using it till he had taken twenty-live bottles. That he now believes himself a soundman ; aud is in the enjoyment of good health ; that he ia able to atteud to all hia duties, aud to fulfil them as a township officer as well aa at any |>eriod of his life ; that he has had his luugs examined, and that they arc 1 to be in a perfectly aouud condition. [Signed] RHjHARD L. COX to and sutiecribed, thia 3d day of May, 1816, befi [Signed] UlAUNCEY BULKLEY, pronounced to be in a perfectly aouud condition. [Signed] RIUiARD L. COX. Affirmed to and sutiecribed, thia 3d day of May, I8t5. before me [Signed] tllAUNCEY BULKLEY, Alderman. EvrtHAM, Burlington Co., N. J., April 22d, HIS. We, the subscribers, residents of the township of Evesham, do hereby certify that we are well acquainted with Mr.Richard L. Cox, and frequently visited him in the last stace of Pulmo nun, wnii uary Consumption, wnich we believe was cured by the use ol Schenck's Pulmonic Syrup, and leel it our duty to recommend it to the consumptive iu the strongest possible terms, having beeu eye witnesses to one of the. greatest cures ever perform ed iu this section of the country. benjamin Buckman, Joliu Leeds, jr. William L. Brovu, William Hkmmitt, John H. Ellis, Andrew Uriscom, Franklin C. Cox, Johu 11. Cog, Thos. H. llewliugs, Jos. E. Hewlings, Joseph Ellis, Jacob llewliugs. Marltok, N. J., May 8th, lfcj. Mr. J. H. Schenck?Sir: I am pastor of the Baptist church at Marlton, New Jersery. Some three or four months since I was taken by one of the deacons to see one of his neighbors, Mr. Richard L. Cox, then lying, to all human apearance at death's door by consumption. My distinct impression was, that M L-eutlcman would uot live one week. To my suprise I saw liim iu my congregation last Sabbath, a healthy looking man. To-day I nive been at his house, and received from him the assurance that your Syrup was the means of saviug his life. 1 am respectfully yours, JAMES M. CHALLISS. The genuine Pulmonic Syrup is prepared exclusively by the proprietor, and is for sale at nis principal office, No. 4 Courtlandt street, where person can receive advice, hay their luugt examined, and obtain pamphlets describing CON SUMPTION. 6YSPEPS1A and LIVER COMPLAINT, free of charge. For sue also by A. B. Sands It Co., *73 Broad way ; Hutchings, 2tnnVecker st.; Ford, ill Fourth St., cor. Woosler ; Everitt, Mk Hudson St.; Dr. Gardener, 65 Mont gomery street, Jersey City ; W. A. It T. A. Van Zandt, cor ner Smith and Dean sta., Brooklyn ; Redding Ik. Co., 8 State street, Boston. Please bear in Blind thit P. S. Beekman does not sell my original Genuine Pulmonic Syrup, and to avoid deception, apply for the old established medicine, at No. 4 Courtlaudt st. a3 Im'r. ATLANTIC WHITE LI.AD. THE ATLANTIC WHITE LEAD COMPANY haying completed their Works, are now ready to execute orders for pure White Lead, both Dry aud Ground in Oil, to almost any extent that may be wauted. The Company hare spared uo expense iu the erection of the Works wfiicn would lend, in the least degree, to the improvement of the Lead, having availed hcmselvea of every modern improvement for that pur|iose. Being well aware, from our long familiarity with the differ ent leads sold in our market, that by far the greater proportion sold as such h.u beeu, and still is greatl> adulterated with Barytas, an article of mineral production, much heavier than White Lead, and iu itself pessessiug no virtue ol any pigment whatever, it being, wlien mixed with oil^alinost transparent, and in fact, having nothing hot its specific weight to recom mend it, the Trustees of the Atlantic White Lead Company have passed, unanimously, the following resolution, yix:? "Resolved, That in view of imsnufacturuif only a prime article, the Atlantic White Lead Company will make but one quality f White Lead^ both Dry and Ground in Oil; that to be a strictly pure, genuine article, and perfectly free from any vlulterarion whatever, which the Company will warrant as such to all who may pare has their Lead." Purchasers, therefore, may be well assured that every do ?ndence may be placed in the purity of every pound ol lute Lead manufactured and sold by the Company, which nureiicss will notouly tend to the greater durability of thr Vaiut^but will be found much more economical in its use, even in the most common description of paintiug, owing to the body or covering quality it possesses, thereby Riving a far better linish with two coats, than the adulterated White Paint would with three, of which every pointer will bear wit ness. The Company also manufacture Red Lead and Litharge, and have for sale a variety of Paints Ground in Oil, vix:? Verdigris, Black Paint, Yellow Ochre, Spanish Brown, Pari* Green. Brunswick lireen, fcc., he. Having been appointed General Agents for the Company all orders should 6c diracted to us. POLLEN It COLGATE, f72m*r 287 Pearl street, corner of Beekman street. PRACTICAL BOOK KEEPING, M CEDAR STREET, BY C. C. MARSH, Accountant, author of the "Scicace of Double Eatnr Bookkeeping Simplified, and the Art of Single Entry Bookkeeping improved." COURSE OF INSTRUCTION.?The public ia respect fully iuformed and assured, that the plan pursued by Mr. Marsh, in reaching that important branch, ia truly a course ol practice in keeping books, rather than ana course of lecturee on the theory. To be nracrieally useful, a more exact and particular know ledge of Bookkeeping is required than can poaaibly be import* ed by lectures. The pupil ia faithfully inetructed and well exercised in all the various operatious eounected with a set of partnership Books, in Opeuiug, Conducting aud Closing the same in mak ing out Trial balances, Balance Sheets, Accounts, Current Account Sales, and in calculating interest, Discount, profits, Losses, Equation of Payments, Exchanges, Currencies, kc. He becomes familiar from actual use, with all the books con stituting a set; and if a person of good capacity, will by thia. course become a competent Bookkeeper in about one month, and will received a certificate to that effect. Prospectuses, with terms, obtained at the Rooms from 9 A. M. to?P. M. aJ2 lm*rh TO DEALERS IN WOOLLENS. HMIGEON It CO., 341 West street, Re-finisherx of ? Cleths. Cassimeres and Satinets. The gold medal haa been awarded to H. M. for the improvement in re-buiahing Woollen Goods. Refers to Messrs. Wolcott k Sladn, 63 Pine street; William C. Langley h. Co., &8 Exchange Place, comer ef llroad street; and to D. fingham k Co., 60 Pine atreet, where orders m-y be left myl lm*r FANCY SOAPS AND PERFUMERY. NO. THREE COURTLANDT STREET, Depot for the sale of liie Walnut Oil Military Shaving Soap, Highly Scented Toilet Soaps, Elegant Extracts, Essences, Colognes, Hair Oils, Pomatums, together with evenr other article in eur line. Country Merchanta, Druggist and Dealers in general are invited to examine our extensive assortment, where they can be supplied at the lowest rutee. Superior pale and No. 1 Soaps, Patent Chrystalline Candle*, always on had. a7 fm'rrc JOHNSON, VROOM It FOWLER. SHEET BRASS. f AMES O. MOFKETT, No. Ill Trince street, between ? Wootter and Greene streets, manufacturer of Sheet firais, has on Hand, and it constantly receiving from hit mill, a large assortment of all sites of Sheet Brass, which he will sell at wholesale or retail, at lower prices than any other place iu the city, and warrants it eqaai to any made in the United States. J, (J. M. will deliver Broods sold by him in any part of this city or Brooklyn, or shipped ou board of aiiy Tessal, free ol charge. T. S.? Brass and Copper Tubing of all sitae made to order a.HI Im'r OIL PAINTINGS. HENRY BENT respectfully informs gentlemen and the trade, that in future he will carry on tne business ofLiu iUK Pii tures only, which will lie executed (aa hitherto) in th? best |?Ksible i nan tier. References given if required Zii Brosd ?vav New Votk a?1tni*rr. Iif-.VIOV AL. ~ A J. CUNNINGHAM has removed his stock of Watches. ? Clocks, Jewelry, Silver llated and Britannia Ware, from 224 to 177)* Bower)', (new stores) opposite Delancy street.? Gold, Hilier and Steal Ispectaeles Iroin tb cents to $10: Perifo cal from $V 'A to $10; Glasses of all kiuds and to suit all sights, ground and fitted;Watches, Clocks, Jewelry and Music Boxes repaired and warranted, a 19 lm*r ?6l),UUU TO LbxNU, N BOND AND MORTGAGE, forstenn of veara.on Itoi.j productive real estate in this city or Brooklyn. The above named sum lielougs to an estate in trust, and it will be divided in sums to suit applicanta. Apply to 8. S. BROAD, >o. II Wall street, in tlie Crotoa Water Office, Basement. o s SCOTT'S BAZAAK. 74 Princt Itrtrt, tait of Rroidway AND8 SCOTT, late of the Baxaar in Dey sir net, bee to acquaint hit numerous friends and the public, that he has opened the above house in a very superior style, and hop. s to merit a fair share of the public patronage. krosa long expe rience in busiuess. he (letters himself to lie able to piaass- (lie most f.utidioua ; the accommodations of Ins house for busi ness and comfort, he believes cannot be surpassed by auy house of tin- kind. His patront will always tind the house welt supplied with the best of every thin* the market affords in the wsv of Ali-s, Winee, Liquors, and Sugars. Steaks. Chops, Cold Cuts, Rarebits, Poached Eggs, Tea, t offee, and is facta large assortment of refreshmeots at all times until twelve o'clock st night. Pleaty of roo^s for private parties st all times ready. mvl9lm?rrc HI A NO tfUKThft. PURCHASERS arc invited to call at Chambers'ware-rorai, * IS... Mi Broadway, for a sapanor and wunstsd acticle. TO JEWELLERS, MINIATURE PAINTERS, fcr ? C. fc J. HARTNET1 No. 2 < ourtlandt Mreet. near j kroadwaj, wholesale and retail Manufacturers of Travelling. I 2vI2,n*' ["rsssiitf and j(Wr|ry Boies, Mmiatura t'eaee and Sefrtn?*t (Ian, Corbet, Watch, Ring, Pin and |iencil Boxes; i cases lor silver Plate neatly arranged to order. Also, Traya : mole and fitted (o Jewellers show eases, to contain watches, chains, rings, key s, p. as. thimbles, pencils, kc A variety or the sfcove articles constantly on hand and made to order, with ussUna Mad despatch. No. I Courtlandt street, New York. mytllm?rc brsi qna . Jj]T uJVj'U Skint, selected. Also light, middling, ?ad haavr Hriw, of vanoms avew weights f or tale by ?79 la?ire JOUM HUNN, m Elite be th Ms West Point Letter to the Hon. Fell* JMeConiiell, N. C. ?? ? ?W,EST Po"?T, June 5, 1816. | R..nL!^ .^.AC~I fin,d? hy 'o-tlwy'" Herald, that Bennett, with lus usual point, has exposed a dirty n?i.?J,V?w.?Cp ?I> the unfounded prejudices 1 felfcirt (If m'T Aca,1,"n,y; antl< with his usual !u j |! a name to tlio baser spirits of I ji ?Ub " SfulS!,g?* democrncy, which l^olnrn a Tl*51 ni h'* ,T,0r<i* fllln'mi' ont*- that of ; locofoco. The correspondent of the Herald is, Jil 'i 8 P??r bu"K,er >n h?? rnnlipnnnt sta tistics. Any pen-on who was correctly informed could, without any trouble, have made out some lar stronger cases than those he shows, without re- i sorting to falsification*, and to Uio poor expedient ol putting one down as probably a relative to the Duke of Bedford, because his name was Russell. I Let us now late his own statement. Out of a class of sixty members, of which the present ura tni-kl? v," '? comP?,ed, he give* but as belonging ,!i- v , 10 consider as the aristocracy-iii contradistinction, I suppose, to the sausage democracy, vil'lire,,r?C.tlvtn&.t8 f" diom ^r their invaluable eer 12 Of thoseIhus held up to public odium, as stipen diaries of the government, three. I thiak, are cited Stewart, the son of a chaplain in the navy; McClelland ?h?r. ? ? surgeon of eminence in Philadelphia; and Blunt, a son of your invaluable townsman, who has been uL wonYh*. h" fo improve the navigation of the world by hts iuvaluable charts. Another is Turnley. *no seems to have beon selected because he was suc cessively appointed in I8lt. and again in 1H4J. Now, of ZXrJSllZJr* m.ln' fir,t ,hr#* h?ve displayed emi tunin inH -iii"" hc^'.h,av? hecn n.smhors of" tho insti tution, and will curry with them, into our gallant little ?rmv acquirements and talents which oould not fail of conferring honor on any profession, and of railing them to kreat eminence in it. The case of tho 4th, Turnley, is !h? . " ,,ronK'/ as any could, both , ? ^ of l1'? system of appointments of ca dets, and the folly of the Herald'* correspondent.? 1 his young man. who has ulways maintained a highly Hr ln hil c1m?. and on? of the officers appointed had not the means L. .n,i!L.i\1raVCr ff ?*P?n<0' from his home.Tennes therefore obliged to come ttie greater part ft was tSTXS1 r V."e1he ?cheA 1,10 Academy it w as found that from his limited acquirements he of^^h0'rd,T,lf.t0?l>e law fixing the qualifications of admission, be received. His ca?e, and the energy he had shown naturally excited interest in him, and it was ?MTTMd tsnionjg the professors of tho Institution to recom mend him for re appointment the next year, and to pro v >?o for his instruction and other vvantp. Whilst waiting ^ I?'!lppolntment. they advanced the means for expenses at a good school in tho neighbor. ^ Ffi His good conduct and standing ni $!?? have folly justified the opinion concoived of him Jhnvou, better thau any other man, know is but V?0"* "/eases of nearly destitute youth, thft'h this institution, havo attained positions in wardi "Bv? done their country good service after ''u,' *(!?r what has this to do with the real que* The object of the Military Academy, if 1 under * P^yide the republic with "armv officers, thoroughly instructed in their profession, and not to edu cato paupers solely. Does any one pretend that it has not done this ? Why, then, this exuberant joy ab (ut the t riumph of our arms on the Rio UranJe Will tho cor respondent of the Herald inform us why Turnlev for w?, c^'tled to a Cadet's appointment, and the th? Ifk '| n 8tewart. ?r tho one of Dr. McClell.-nd, e^:h ,of wl?om has, in his respect d wa. Ss? un?lnc"t'ervices to the real rub ,c was not ? Where is the clause in the constitution Jacob if^T"Cge 01 ?mce' to the son of John in i!i.' ? #'1 R'V'" 10 tho ono of the poorest or the Milit?r^'le , Rht points in the organisation y Academy, is the very ono with which ^n.i* * forre?|>?ndent find, fault It i, that there nlrfpri ?nUIii?nii r>ch and the poor meet on terms of qi y' ,c"'? 'boulder and shoulder in the Kbo't wfii'Xf Zfe'rs* mUtUal ,,n,gg'e f?r di,,inc" P ?l -Will th i h JOHfT SMITH, THE TRNTH. armv static! ?..#i r/,0U?j*n rery correct collector of army statistics, the Herald't correspondent, also be kiud enough to inform the public somewhat about the parent L?e'in<the*Hlll?1"! "C 0,,'cer' "l'pointe.l Irom civil life in the llifle regiment just legislated into boing. Falls or St. Anthony, Juno 1, 1046. Scenery at the Wtit? JTitcantin Farm, <f c. What should 1 find, when I first arrived in this aorth western region, but the A'sir York Herald,Iresh from tho mint, its columns glowing with all the latest nows, and mosi refreshing intelligence. It was a great treat, I do assure yon, to get such news sixteen or eighteen hun dred miles from New York. I left New Orleans tho first of April, and came np tho Mississippi river to the Kalis of 8t Anthony, a distance of twenty-two hundred iniies. Tho whole courao of the river, at this season of tlie year, was particalarly lute, resting its shores and banks being clothed either with tho crops planted and sowed, or with the wild and varie gated romance of nature, in full bloom. The large and splendid plantations en the rirer, between New Orleans and Nalches, are beautiful in the spring of the year, and should be seen at that season by ell admirers of land scape scenery. There are but few high bluffs on the river for one thousand miles above New Orleans, which is the junction of the Ohio with the Mississippi. Natchez and Memphis are built on high bluffs, the lormer three hundred, and the latter eight hundred miles Irom New Orleans. Between the mouth of the Ohio and St. Louis on the west, or .Missouri side of the river, are manv hiirh and bold blulls. Kroin St. Louis, all the way up to Ga lena, either on one side or the othor ol the river, are high banks, and iu many places the scenery is wild, and tiuite romantic. 1 The .Mississippi river is filled with islands all tho wav np to the Kalis el St Anthony. As you psss op the river from Ualena to Prune du chien, the ?cenery becomes more romantic snd interesting; and above Pranio uu Chien, and all the way up to the Kails of Kt Anthony a distance of three hundred milos, tho scenery Is the finest I ever saw, enuieiy surpassing that of the Hudson rivei in New York, and the Rhine, in Ueimany. About one hundred miles below the Kails, th? river passes through Lake Pippin, a beautilul sheet ol water twenty mile* long, from two to tour wido. About midwsy of the lake it narrows down to half a mile in width, with high per pendicular rocks on each side, forming n wild and mae nificent pass. 1 be higR rock on the east side is calleu the Maiden rock, being the rock from which the Indian girl took the lover's leap. This Indian legend would afford matter for a Cooper or an Irving to make an interesting novel of. ' About thiitv miles above is the lake 8t Croix, longer but not so wido as lake Pippin; tho loot ol this laku i? near the river, and its outlet empties into the river nearly at a right angle. '1 he whole ol this country is inter spersed with beautiful lakes, from twenty.five miles to ono mile hi length, all of which are filled *,th numerous kinds of good h.h, which can be caught in any quentitiea a person may choose. I have never been out to fish wiuiout catching a? inany as I could carry home. There are a number ol small itieams which are tilled with the speckled trout, of all sizes, Irom oue ounce to two pounus in weight r l- 1!.or r"c. h.un^reJ "V10* in ?T?ry direction from the Fails of St Axilhouy, the whole country is mode up ol beautilully tiinbeied land. .\Ioie man hall the laud is in prairie*, ol Irom oue lo filtpen miles in length. Most ol the land, both prairie and tim bered, is good ami productive-producing ? heat, oats, bailey, corn, potatoes, beans, peas, ate It is a hue coun try to rai?e stock iu, as Uiey live in the summer entuelv on the piairie glass, and in winter on the bottom lun<j? on tne rushes ana the prairie hay, which can be cutiu any quantity. 1 am settled here on what I call my Wisconsin ? aim, w hich runs two huudted miles up and down the .?, anii is oue huuuicd miles in width, coutainiuK more tkiui twelve million* oi acies ot laud. i aiu now in lull of tins Wisconsin farm, which is mhat i,a? hitherto l>e?u known as met.aivei tract, or taner puici.aie. tupt. Jonathan i aiver wfto lived here, aud explored bu this coumry, tome <6 or Id > tars ago, uoiaiued a good au.l clear UUe lo wiint 1 Uu*v call my M i?cuu?iii lami, and ujucJi nioie on the iowa side, now muanuej by uieoioux In dians. 'i ins titfc vtaa cuuhrine<i, and uniue good and l-i ilect to ail intents and puipwien, by tlio Uiitiw. govem uichi Lcioie the ievolutiona>) War. i em tne I tun, hen ana nave got iho original ueed, aud ail ihe pa;?,. neces.' ?ary to c?.altlii*u mo line. jtU these hoauu^ claims aud lilies ol liausleis, which have lor yeais hevu gtven auu mude a business ol by the proie.iuod heir*#i . irvur a.c n?t woi ih one teul, lor i challenge any one lo show an> [lositive oviueuce ol title 10 tne carver laiios, aix.ut the lans ot ?t. Ainhony, but my sell, anu no oluci poison Aiviug cau ever establish the Ulie to said luuus. i. r tl tle is good aim jicilect 'I heie are now some two hundred families sett) Jon my Wisconsin larm, and I thiua tho inoucements I hoiu out to settlers, w. li koUii cause a gieat euiiz.atMiu to tins secuouol count.y. 1 am going onto lay out a laigo city at tne uii< ?i St. Anthony, and two ur three otu. > lowns ol cousi eiable Imjioriance. Besides the tails o! ftt A ill oily , ihc.c is Ihe lalls between St. Peter s aud 81. Anthony,a beauliiui tall on uarver'a run, the Vei million and ?t C/ioix lalls, Sic. \V ith resjiect, sir, i am jours, HrtKiWtU tAhVLk. AnnsT of Barker Burhkll.?A from tlic oflice ot tlio JVaiiturAf/ Mirrur, ciat (1 Thuf?d?y, 4th mutant, announce* tue arreat on '1 huraday morning, of Mr. barker Uuineil, late caabierol (he ftiamitaoWtaia and Mechanic*'liank, on the complaint of <>. ? ortin and I). 'J bain, charged with embezzling the lundi ol me tank to Uo amount of $13",000. Air. llurnell apjicured beiore Juatlco* w hitman, Cubb and Barney at ti.e town Hall, where the indictment \vm read, to which the ie? poudent, in a clear tone, pleaded " not guilty." It waa atated h> thv officer* ot the conn, that by agreemrnt of pattiei, the formal examination in the ea?e would be de terred to a liitnre time, the only queation immediately Inclining being the amoum ol bondi to be required, 'i hn queatioa wm tally argued by the contending counael, wuu the magiatratc* alter rrllection aitd couaultation, atated that may had fixed tbe l.oii.n at >40,000. 'the pri ?oner'a roundel protected against thi? ai being execa aive, ana bejond their power to procure. 1 he oppoaing couiuel also auated that the ioin named waa greater than they aaked, it being their Wialionly to aectite, not putuah, the piiaoner. 'j i>e Magiairnio', alter a laither consultation, finally fixed tbe honda at ,uoo, la which ?mount Mr. burneii entered into recognizance for bia future appearance.?it ?i* Mtrcury, Jwn* U. 8. 8choo*ck Phi'isix, Mir 34, 1640. | Off Win End or DivrxiN ItuifD, ) Shipwrtck and Wondtrful Eicapt. 1 ?end you an account of the wonderful escape of two nen and the loss of their vessel, which hat cauied great ?xcitement among u?. If eo disposed you may publiah L I give it, however, in few word*, and without embel lishment On the 33d, Friday, the wind commenced blowing South Eait, with every appearance of a aevere itorm During the day the itorm increaied in violence, and on :he 33d, wai at its height? a heavy leaon, ami the break ?rs terrific, as they frequently are on these (and t>eache>. ? part of the southern division of the coaat aurvey, commanded by Mr P. If Guerdes, were encamped at tho time on the western extremity of Dauphin Island, i>n the southern shore, of which, a* well a* on the (and bar running westward towards Polite Bon Island, the mrf wai breaking with great vielence. The Ph<rnix, Lieut. 0. P. Totturson, commanding, waa anchored oil' tho camp to tho northward of, and lialf-a-mile from the Point. About eight o'clock, A. M., ou the 33d, a email aloop was (ccn bearing down from the outward, by ono of tho party, (from h scaffold twenty feet high, erected for the purpose of observing on the trigonometrical |>oint(,) and watched with uuxiely till it disappeared in the breakers. A signal was immediately m?do to the schooner, and the cutter immediately (est off As the boat reached the ihoro from the schooner, three of tho gentlamau attached to the party, immediately jumped in, two of them took oars, (and thua together witn tour (ailor(, making six oars.) pulled for the wreck, (which had in tho moan time drifted betweon Dauphin and Petite Bois Islands) and arrived in .im? to (ave ono old man, who had only ono arm, and was perfectly exhausted; he was tho only one on hoard. They returned to ahore with all poaaible di?patch, bringing the rescued, who (aid afterwards he had made up his uiind to die. They h?d scarcely put him in blankets when anoUier sloop of tho same descrip tion wb( seen to disappoar in the bioakers, exactly as the former had done. The boat was immediately pulled hack, and another roan r>'?cuo<l. These sloops wero fish ing boats, and each contained only ono man. The men have remained with us two or three days, and a( soon as tho storm abated a bout wai sent to seek the wrecks, but nothing has been found but small pieces of timber. The first man (aved was old anil grey headed, beside( having lost an arm It was an awlul sight to see this grey head abovo water in the last strugglos, as the boat reached him?he hu a largo family, and although hi( loss is heavy, still he appear* thankful that hu lile lias been spared him. Political Movement*. Nrw Hampshire.?The official returns of the election for Governor ia New Hampshire, were as follows Scattering 368 Nathaniel S Berry 10,3*9 Anthony Colby 17,7i'7 Jared W. Wiiliama 3?,740 Thero being no choice by the people, the Legi?lature on th* 5th instant, elected Anthoay Colby, Governor, by the following vote Jerry W. Williams liad 1 Jared W. Willanis had. 124 Anthony Colby had 148 The gubernatorial message was delivered the same af ternoon, and i* decidedly anti-American and fauatical. We give some extracts? "Ours is a country of benevolent principles, and, southern slavery excepted, ef unequalled liberty. This exception, at variance with the doctriuo urf popular liber ty, at variance with our declaration of Uliei ty and equal rights, and repugnant to our moral ??snac, ?u entailed upon uk by the framera of our constitution, whose pallia tion fur the admission of so great a blot upon our system, was the weak and embarrassed condition of the country at the close of the revolutionary war. But what can bo said of the present generation in the United States 7 (?rasping territory ior the purpose of increasing human misery. "Texas has been annexed to the United states for no higher object than to perpetuate an institution which de grades the human raco, and dishonors the God of Heaven For doing this, there is no excuse that will iivail for our country before a righteous Judge Let N.Hampshire wipe out the stain which has been Hung upon her, by party machinery, set in motion at the Baltimore convention, whereby she has been made to act contrary to the true spirit of her original democracy, and contrary to the true feelings of three fourths of tier citizens. While we of the north, are not permitted to remain in a southern State, by our agents, lor the purpose of obtaining justice, lot us render good for evil, and say to our southern bre thren, of whatever rank or color, that if they come into Now Hampshire thej may enjoy equal liberty with us, and if any be claimed as servants, or as slaves, let a right to their services, founded on mutual contract, be shown to tho satisfaction of a New Hampshire jury. "If Congress have not tho constitutional right to abolish slavery in the District of Columbia, It would look better for them to removo the (eat of government to (omv fioe State." How will (uch (entiments as these bo received by ihe patriotic whigs of the South) Ther must certainly .re pudiate their brethren of New Hampshire. The po tent position of tho Slate government is perhaps withe.'it a parallel. It is a sort of three legged stool, all arouncf. No party has a majority in either or tne three branches. As we cypher, parties will stand about as follows: In tho House?Pro-slavery radica.s, 100; whigs, 100; independents, 40; liberal democrats, 30. In the Senate?Pro-slavery radicals, S; whigs, 5; Inde pendent*, 4. In the Council?Pro-slavery radicals, 3; whig, 1; inde pendents^. Violfnt Tornado iff Delaware.?A most vio lent and destructive tornado, accompanied with tremendous peals of thunder and sharp flashes of light ning. passed over our city yesterday afternoon, about t o'clock, taking in its course trees, awnings, he. ho. We regret to have to record, that tho ihip houato of Messrs. Belts, Harlan and Hollingsworth, in which was being built an iron steamboat, was blown to the ground ?and two men, one named Hardy of Orcenwich, N. J., and the other James McKay, or 8ussex county, Dal, ware instantly kiilod, and unothor named Neil Duftla, severely wounded. Hardy he* a wife and six childre a, all dependent on him for support The ihip house of Mr. Thatcher wai blow] to the ground, and a man named Richard Roberta, and a boy named Harmer, were severely injured. Mr. Thatcher had a very narrow es cape, remaining in the houie, Wuile the beams loll all around him. 'i he new carpenter ihop, near the corner of Third and Walnut street, was blown down, and Mr. Kdward Hirons considerably injured. A largo portion of the roof of the Asbtiry Methodist church, at the cor. neroflltird and Walnut street*, waa blown off. The fronts of two new brick houses, being erected by Mr. fchas Pierce in Fourth street near Poplar, were blown down. U he foundry of Mr. James Itioe, on the Kennett Road and Orange street, the brewery of Mr. Koord, cor ner of Sixth and Orange stress; the brick house of Mr. Allison in Fnnt street; the Odd Follow's Hall, (colored people's) were struck by likhtning, but little injury done. Two barracks, one of which belonged to Adam Diehl in New Castle Hundred were blown away. The shipping suft'ored somewhat severely. The brig John M. Claytoa, lying in tho Christiana nver, was capsized, and her masts' to. n out of her. The crew were all on board of her; the cook's leg was brokan, and all the men had to swim to cscnpe for their lives. The top mast of the sloop Two Uiothers, was carried away by the wind ?and also the mast or r. _.ooj> on the graving bank, in the Messrs. Harris's ship yard?A yoang lady at Mrs. Gregg's in Second stieot, and another in Walnut street, opposite the Asbury church, wero struck by lightning, but we believe not severely injured. Such vas tne lorce of the hurricane, that tne awnings, posts, fee., on ihe east side of Market street, many ot them were blown away?and, barrels, Sic., Were floating down the streets. The steamboat Bolivar received some injury. The steamboat W. Whiildin, while entering the Christiana river, hud all her deck load blown away. The water waa tdown into the cabin windows, and Cap tain Whiildin when hurryiug out of the cabin, where he had gone to quiet his passengers, w as near being blown everhoard, boing sntea only by hitching his loot in a cleet. Captain Whiildin saj* it was oeci.i?dly tho most violent huiricane he had ever experienced on the Dela ware, and that if he had been in the Delaware at tne time ol tue blow, the boat would no deulit have t>e?n capki/cd. When tho ship house of Aiessrs. liens, Hais Ian and Holiingswoith, waa blown down the foreman triad to make his escape, but was caugut by tue laliiug timbers, and was rescued uninjuied one man remained in the house, under the boat, and was tak#si out wlt&ont injury? two horses and a dray were huued i<eneaih the tailing ruins. The man who was driving them, was by som9 means thrown unrtei the dtay, und saved by the wheels troin tue falling timbers. it is stated thai the wheat crop is destroyed. Altogether it Is one of the most dieanlul hurricanes that ever visited oni city, h o understand that a subscription will lie taken up tor the lamiiies of tho men who were killed.? b'ilmintlvn (Utl) chtrktn, Jnnt #. Bigamy?A Nbw York Ca?.?We have ju?t heard ol n cast' ol bigamy, whHin f<?r cool, brn/A-u tacnl rascality, is full) e<|U?l to the exploit* of ti e rele biated Otis Mnith. It tecma that a man representing him tell to be a Doctor Bisctiey, and doing good businu ? in this city, in jiartnersblp with a wt-li known phj ? Irian, became acquainted with a respectable lady la >?w York city, etui aliura courtibip ol mx week*, married her, ami lo<>k her to hii home in inis city. He represented him self as a widower, and urged aa a pretext for a abort courtship, that Inn business was no ptessiug that he bad not time to make an) thing else ol tite coui tship but a sort of business arrangement. Hi* representations wete be lieved, and be ltd ws victim to the altar, borne circum stances transpired, soon alter the msruagc. which aroused tne suspicions of a married slater of hi* wife, and worked upon bur leelings to audi an extent that she rante on to tlic city to find out bow mutters itood. Mm ttrst applied to the physuian, whom lie ha.i repreaentcd ai hia partner in bukinexa, liom w hom ahe learned uiat ha neither bad au> connection with such a peison, nor any knowledge ol uiai. she then, by ailviro. applied to < on?tal>tc Whi|? pie, stating the lacta to him, ana describing the ep|>ear auce ol the sei diimnt " doctor," tutting tnat her uiltr bad mentioned in her letters that she wan boarding ?' 1 tench's Hotel ia uuincy. Mr. Whipple at once ip o* ni*?d in tlie picture wbicn she draw, the likeness 01 a character loi whom be had bad a warrant In hi* |?sses sion lor soine time, on an iihlictmenl lei bigamy, t.y tne mime of diaries A. Biagden, and immediately procute.l ahorse and carriage, and started with assistance lor ttuincy. On arriving at the hotel, he loaad the gentle man standing against tlie bar, ana in asecoiid clapped the " wristlets" on lilm, brought him to tha cit) , antf lodged him in JaiL He aieo loaud the victim M ais laarality, and she is now restated to her faauly ? So Hon Jumal, J wis ft. Police lattlllgWIM. Jo!?b 7.? Stabbing an Offlt ir.?X black rascal, who U but lately from the State pnaon, called Henry Rome, wai acting in a very disorderly manner in a grocery ?tore, corner of Thomas street and Weat Broadway, on Sunday morning, and YV illlam lJuckley, constable or the 6th ward, waa called to arrest him, whan tha black acoundrel made a lounge at him with an open, niaty jackknife, winch struck M r. lluckiuy on the left aide, striking the rib, and inflicting a lev ere wound a little above the heart, which may possibly cause his death ? Medical aid win sent for, and Mr. Buckley conveyed home, where hia wound was dreased, and he is now ly ing in a very dangerous state. The villain was Anally captured by officers McDougall and Cunncen, of the Mi ward. Mr. David U. Kinch, on attempting to arrest this nigger, was threatened likewiae to be subbed with the same knife, which he flourished in hia hand. This ne gro, it appears, is the same fellow who procure'* ? knife, aume years ago. that waa to be need by old Kot*. r Hit ler's sou, to s.ab Mr llaniblin, at the time ti ?' 'lealty arose respecting the death of the old woman * .? j jfchter. Miss Missouri Miller, but was fortunately ar -ated by oltlcer A M. C. Smith, Hnd the knife taken fr.l him.? Justice Osborne committed the accused to pri*v,. for ex amination, to await the insult of tha injury. Hoi,king an Knlry.~(Juorge Lockwood, John Beneon, and ?ded Wooley, were detected in stealing clothing from the hall ol the Uuum> No. 640 Greenwich at Look ed up by Justice Merritt. Haiti Thirf Caught.?Ofllorr A. M. C. Smith iirreato#, last evening, on bourd the steamboat South Anierion, just as she was leaving tha dock fur Albany, a young man called Edward Bulkley, chnrged with stealing a carpet bag eon'aining in hank bills, principally on the Commercial Bunk of kidland District, of King?ton, U C., belonging to a Canadian gentleman stopping at French's botol, in Fulton St. It appeors that the aacao ed, by somo means or other, ingratiated himself into the good graces of the gentleman, and during the abaertce of tbe latterfroin his room, yesterday. Buiisiey entered the room and stole tho pro|M>cty. On discovering the losa of tho bag, information was given to officer Smith, who im mediately repaired to the above steamboat, loot oi Bar clay street, and found the accused on hoard, starting for Albany. Tho money waa all irrovered, and tbe thief locked up in the Tombs for t.xa .si nation. I'rhi Ijirctny.?Ann John sou was arrested on Satur day night, by olficer Wntsou, of the 6i.ii ward, charged with stealing $il belonging to I'erry Reynold*, in a den on the Five i'oints. Locked "p by Justice Osborne. Eliza William* was nrrr ti"' by o?"(ii McOratb, charged with stealing $7f:om \\ in. Coir , also, for steal ing somo wearing apparel be.waging to Llizabcth Brown. Lockcd up. Jamei Boylt was arrested, charged with stealing prin ter's type. Locked up. ?7 Haul of Uitordtrlits ?Alderman Hart, o' -nc tth ward, caused to bo arrested on Saturday " Jht. over twenty persons, males and females, whites and blacks, for being disorderly in various parts of the ward. Alter a severe icprimund they were discharged upon promlao of future good behavior. SECOND HAND CI OTHINO tnd Furniture Wanted.?Tn. Mfheit for*11 kind* of Second-handlOowb, Uf price given 10,1,1 *' iJ LEW, ?9H Chatham .u*tt. J price given iur..i LK V V, ??K.chatha* ?"??t N ? _A line through the Port Office will he imnctuaHy tfj . .'"OuaWe miltecond-hiuid Clothing, cheep for CMh. ?!? '? ?* cast okf clothing and furniturk WANTED. ADIK8 OR GENTLK.VKN'h?'Tin?enTCMtoffeloAihj? 1 a or funiitiire to ditpote of, can obtain * lair cw pnw lor the *mnr, l>y .eudingfor the ,1"b?"pQkJi whicITwill bi No. 69 Dunne ??"'*?? or through the FoetO ^ c(JutN. PNCB-ffic?b!i attended to by Mr.. M 8. CoStN. ? 1.-) lm*r at 136 NASSAU STREET, UG. iMi-Unmt Price in Ciah. is pei?l lor Oentlemee ? ? ^Mothiu* ami sold'again ou the moil retooaLle i?rnu. S&..I& itwtta'vMW ?uskS? *9 lm*rc ifoTICE TO THE PUBLIC IN OKNER.VL.-T1i* N .fter enlarging hi. premie*., I. u?~l.n??f to clean < arpet. of every deacriptiou, from 10 tolOO fart.,,.!-?l ^?jWrtlSX lU *',c<ul . **I . ' .1/ --nl ordrewed! from tt cmm'io 81: Pmu ?* frVm 24~? i c"u. I T. 8MITU, TV Xlien .W? B ??Terma caah JOHN WH1TARER. I V,2CT^5?Si ward to them hi. addre.. by mail, he wil leer* iim I ?? GIRANDOLES, SOLAR, LARD, AND HALL LAMPS, CHANDELIERS, ftc. eh&".".Trinx&^Sl,sZEH j'ihn T&SiSpS" '".H Im>'i (Ij5) IM Fwltnn ?t.. ffr?t door from Wrnadwar 1H2 bttUADvVAY, TO rrnsmstm TWELVES. [/?Vo^i Kvening vtititv V V SPSTIMKN8 of MING'S iinnpi>roneh*bl* Vt-RUK> V I'rI'AV for SHAVING.?Thi. article, praiVeV^.h^e^who'madeyi.I -fit, to.[ premium of the lii.titm. > .vr. Indeed, it I. lull* economy ^Juicomfort in .hating, .houJd poueu th.Ba.eW*. ?fFmm the New York G*t?te.?The New Soap?W. ?p**k fnun eeiierience. and we .peak from the mor. profeMionai knowledge of our benefactor and friend, Jame. Grant, N<k 4 Ann .treet, who My. it i. ahead ol anything ?/ ,tT;t J*VJ. <,at in thi. of Mod.rn iMprov*m*nt.. 'l j* lJft ly an emolli.nt, "but it i. .om*thui* more. U .bolt, w? believe it i. the b..t .having .oap in th* worla. Krom the Evening MirrorT?Riag a. V>rb?*. know by eiperieuce to be the ha.t kind of.having ?o*P.and tho.e perwo. who hat. b**rd.. .ho.ld Mt h* wUhout it. It ha. a penetrating way of it. .?wnv ?"* "E2 the harde? and rougliert beard, mmi to render *? .pMMjM AtrJn>!rMias.Titf'W?JnrWsfft B. m. for that troublesome comp?^ Krom ihe Sunday Diyatch.-Eirery man who hate. Mm .elf nhould procure "Ring ? V.rben. Cream. it 1. ?? ?? qui.ite nriicle, .otteniug the be?rd, ^d ?il?V"U ' of the .km, .o that it become, an ?b?olut? plea. ?, matM? ?fBewar "ofimiuu "u?. and ^",,*^*?4 ? nder the direction, for u.e, of C. H. Ring. .r* ' for .ale, and retail, ?d?rfljfJ,g?Dmvi?' IK Broadway, corner of John WHt SneceMor to Dr. Wm. H. Milnor. N.B.?Merchant, .re particularly raqiie.ted ta oMl mine thi. .mcle, a. now prepared, m to ? {??'?JT- ' !V-nee and price. It,cann^ .ppearence and price. It cannot ne L.i*. label, from a Meet pl.t*, engraved by MeMr* Wright at Hatch, far eiceeding any thiug of th* kind the public. BB.ST (tPRIHl* MKOtOINB. WHITWELL'S TEMPERANCE BITTERS. rpilK. best pooihle remedy for Indige.tion^ 4?.*"li?1 JL Worm., CoeUTtneu, LoM of Aprti^t*, Hw?4^h*. j*yw terir. Ui bility, l3row?lue?., \V rakn.M, Sour Btomach, **? M?t pe?0*V feel the n.ce...tT "f V'J,S '.'Z'JLr mZ ?tre'iKtlieiimg medicine dunnp Ipting *1 '""BJ jJIIK c'a*ly tho?eetigaged in .edetitary emrloyinenu NoarujI. U better for .nch |mrpi?e. ihu> th? fcU?r5?.l^orWb#fb y and .tretigthen the wlx>le t item. Th* pr ,>t '*?V? " dent that if invalid, would g.v? thu ch*np and dy one trial, they will n.ver meanyother I h. , ?"T?t ?* the lowe.t poa.ible pnc*. ut order to p^e* th "? W??u? Mm reach of all. . Pn?"11 ITw\!lX'S Oi' U'N.VL Ol ODELDOC, lithe only effectual re m*d rcr Rt.eum.ti.m, *?'^'"'?^5 ne*. of Neck ?nd Joiuu, ut. ? ramp. kCi by Dr. 8. L. Mitcmkll, late 1 r*fe.?*r of Phyajc in th* 1*. ? College of Phyncian.. a bj?{j ^ Vvar.^m'.r.U.* Prof.Mor of M.dicrn* u. Howard U?i vertity, C'??bridge. Price Tt and M crrtU per bottle. flTHBIHf Thr a bote r.rtirle? erepreiierrd (fid told IJT J WiflTwKI ! (lale J. ^vh?tw?ll kSoo, Boatoo ) Hold .U* by A. B kl>. BANDS, PmWUu, ml Vtw net of William ur>et. New York. wyf lmeo? r CO\STirATION, (COSTIVENESS) cured, without nWiIVTIVF^MKiicu/ts oa IN-Jki' i ? ON"i D i DrMONT'S ERVaLKNTA. (.n alimantary Farlaa) WI<I th* rocliiii, Chi e.? > *I?m*. Hu.*#ry wm lately >n?de in Kr*nce, nnd li? I ?ov?4.M|WI?Ui? b***?t, Erv.iUnU will not only cure cot, ,Sut ?!?) all <1'?*??? e. from it. a? dy.J-ep.ia, k t. 8o?(* ?hole?il* Md1 r* taiUnlfhole or half packet., t llheCepot forth. U.l?*d (Hare, of DtrM?vr?? R?v?iM?, . 8pvue* ^r*ft, ??d ?y bv .11 the draMi.l. ?nd oiedicin. d*.l*r. in th* L*it*< Sold al.o HI thi. city at 715 Broadway , Yfga f. Ketchum. Ill Kulton .tr*et; E**lyiM> Tr rjiHe. ?* way , Brooklyn, D.vie., con,*r of Fallon a-id rimttm ?U**U. myll tm*r . ???? - FITS ! I K lty that ner"? ny purang ; Mini ?^?1"V.V|-by"re? "riiij to hMlth i. beyond precedent >"<he h'?'V loil th,,r tho.e who give i??tri">-man> orwiiJ who ? . b**n under the fitlnence ol thi. dre.iliui 'w M?, Ww. H. ParMli., ?ai?*<f r '"Vfareh, th. 7rh nit.; r**Kl*n**?J? fe te'.^rfflT3 denre' 171 Orand ijtreet ? '"^^{VTedWuvi?"!' *?" ?? ^--STn^l/SX. '? bo***, for traMpom tf^;c-ri-er^?T8wi.d (M. Singl* botUw, with MM* Mr) medicine, $* DR(| ,yAN8 k HART, fy?prt*?oe*. ' rr^rrincipU Office 184 Orand >tr.*t, N.w V ork. ?lilM*? ? "SHIP MIISKEta AND H?1lOLS. ONE THOUSAND Mn.k*u, with ??][?"??.. >? d*r; 300 imti Bo.rd.,^ PU.oW, Iui. 4.000 elegant United State, banded M.U.U, i?T? to .nit p"ai!I."'Kiit*. and 8porti*? Q*n? *yl' -TOP1FU l^ ETr7p.B.,K;row? 3000 mmie ??mi ?utft?

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