Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 9, 1846, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 9, 1846 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. Vol. xn, la. 1S??WlMto Ha. ?3N4. NEW YORK, TUESDAY MORNING, JUNE 9, 1846. THE NEW YORK HERALD. | JAMES GORDON 8ENNETT, PROPRIETOR. Circulation---Forty Thousand. All lettera or CUlUUIIiUiVaUUlM, 0> 1(1*11 * tO the vstabliHhmtfui, mast br ??o?t paid, or the potta?e will M deducted from tfcr ?ul>?c*u>tiCM? money rrmitfd. JAMES GORDON BENNETT. Propriitor of the the New Von I Hum K?t*?li?mmswt, North-Wau rom<> of Fulton and Nma itlMt1 DAILY HERALD?Every day. Tnce 2 centa |xm copy?|7 a prr Milium?payable ill advance. WEEKLV Hf.RALD?Every Saturday?Price t% nut per cony?S3 I1W cent* per annum?payable in advance. ADVfcRTJStJlfcNTj ai the usual price*?always each in ad ran re. || HUNTING of all kiuda execute with beauty anil d*a- 1 patch. , FOR STATTEN ISLAND. Uu oiid alter Monday, jhe 20th day of April, the >v Kin boats SYLPH and 8TATEN ISLANDER will leave New Tork and Staten Island a* folluwa, until farther notice J? Leave Staten Iiland at t, 0, ?, It, II o'clock, A.M.; 1,1,3,1, C o'clock, P.M. Leave New York, front Whitehall atreet, at 7, ?, 10,*11 o'clock, A.M.; I, 2,3, 4,5,7 o'clock, A.M. On Hii'idayi the fint boat from the ialand will leave at I A afire M.. and the nrat boat from Near Vork at9 AJM. N B ?All freight at the rial of the owner* thereof. PEOi'Lr, a Ll.vfc. uh STi-AMBOATS FOR ALBANY. Direc ?'tally, Sunday* eseapted?at 7o'clock, P.M. From Steamboat Tier between Court lentt and Liberty lit. steamboat ROCHESTER, Capt. Allrvd Houghton, will leave on Monday. Weduea il.iv, and Friday eveniugs, *t 7 o'clock. St<">mi>?at HENDRIK HUDSON. Capt. R. O. Cruttenden, will leave oo Tuesday, Tburaday and Saturday eveuiaga, at 7 o'clock The above hoau will, at *11 time*, arrive in Albany in ample time for the morning car* for the eait or weat. Freight taken at moderate rata*, and none taken after 3K o'clock. P. M. All i<er*on* are forbid trotting any of the boau ofthia line, without a written order from the captain* or agent*. For passage or freight, apply on board the boats, or to P. C. Schullz, at the office on the wharf. Knited States Mail Line. . M., Landing at intermediate Place*. from the foot *J Barclay St., Steamfcoat HUDSON .Captain C. F. Xing, will leave on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday afternoon*, at 5 o'clock. steamboat SOUTH AMERICA, Captain L. W. Brainard, will leave on Tueaday, Tburaday and Saturday afternoon*, gt t o'clock. App'v on hoard, or at the office on 'he wharf. je8 MOKNIMi UNr, AT SfcVtiN O'CLOCK. FOR ALBANY AND INTERMEDIATE ^LANDINGS?From the Steamboat Pier at .die foot of Barclay atreet. Breakfast and dmnrroii rnurd the boat. The new low-pressure steamboat TROY, Captain A. Gorham, Monday, Wednesday and Friday Mornings 7 A. M. The steamboat NIAGARA, Tueaday, Thursday and Satur day monii'igt at 7 A. M. Landing at Caldwell'a, Westpoint, Newhurgh, Hampton, Poughkeeosie, Hyde Park, Rhinebeck, Sr. Red Hook, Bristol, Catskill, Iludaou, Coxsackie, and Kin erhook. All goods, freight, bank bill*, ipecie, or any other kind of proiierty, taken, |>ut, or shipped on board this boat, must be at the risk of ;lie owners of such goods, freight, baggage, *cc. For passage or freight apply on board, or at the office on the wharf. mv27 rrc THE MOST DELIGHTFUL OF ALL EXCURSIONS. A SAIL aero** the Hnd*on river to Hobo and then a walk to the Elyaian Fields, K^GaSMSbAlong the exceedingly picturesque shores of e place, will prove the moat easily accompliahed and attrac tive of all rurual excuraiou* that can be made from the city. The grounds uow present a charming aspect, the trees be in leaf, and the soil covered witha rich turf. lit- walks are in excelleut order, having been conaideimbly em ?ellished the preient spring. The Kerry Boau from Barclay, Canal and Chriatopher sta., are completely fitted up with awning* and seats. Night Boats run from Hoboken to Barclay street until 11 ?'clock. Ferriage' fiV cent*. ml 3mar ftfcW fcOtUv. AL.11AN Y AxMD 'i'KOV LiiNh. FOR ALBANY AND TROY DIRECT, from the foot of Courtlandt street. Passenger* taking thi* Boat will arrive in time to take the Moruing Train of Cars Irom Troy we*t to Buffalo, and north to Saratoga, Whitehall and Lake Cham *1* 1 WAV. time to take the N _'he steamer EMPIRE, Captain R B. Macy, leave* the foot ol Courtlandt street, on Tueaday, Thursday and Saturday evenings, at seven o'clock, P. M. The Strimboat COLUMBIA. Capt. Wm. H. Peck, will leave the Pier loot of Courtlandt street, on Monday, Wednea dsy and Friday eveuiugs, at 7 o'clock. For Passage or Freight, apply on board, or at the Offiee on the wharf. mint be pot in charge of the Freight Agent, or the Comp*nv win not he responsible for lo?*. *20 tf FAitE ONLV ONE DOLLAR KOR * Deck Passengers to Providence.?The well .known and splendid iteamer RHODE 1SL AiN U, Laptnni Manchester, on Mondays, Wednesday* and Friday* ; and the MASSACHUSETTS, Captain Porter, on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. Leave pier No. 1 Worth River, at i o'clock, P.M., for Boston, via Newport end Providence. Fare to Boston, SScabin ;,$l SO deck. Fare to Providence, $1 M cabin : tl deck. Freight taken at the JowMit rale*, and immediately forwarded mylo 1m*re NEW LINK OF PACKETa FOR LIVER POO L.?Packet of the Slit of June.?The splendid, J Fast sailing and favorite packet ROCHuTKR, i burthen. Captain John Brit ton, will Mil on Monday, June 22(1, her regular day. The ships of this line being *11 1000 ton* and upwards, per aoo- about to embark for the old country will not fail to aee the adianuges to l>e derived from selecting this line in pre ference toaiy other, aa their freat capacity renders them ?very way more comfortable and convenient than shipa of a mull class, and their accommodations for cabin, second cabin and aieer?(te passengers, it ia well known are superior to those of any other line of packets. Persona wishing to secure berth. should not ful to make early application on board, at the foot of Burling slip, or to W. k J. T. TAPSCOTT. At their General Pauage Office, 86 South a>reet, second door jeG rc west ol Burling slip. "UNION"XTNE OF PACKEfSFOR LIVES ? P< lOL.?Packet of the 10th June. The newsplen s'iid fast aailiui; Packet Ship SILAS IIOLME', .Chih, t C. Berry, Will aail o.i or about Wednesday. Juue 10. Tliia ship has apiendid aceommod itions for cabin p-usen gers. Second ca'iu ptaaengei* will be accommodated in ligli' and airy roonia ou deck, and the accommodationa in the ?teftrage are tu|>erior to most otherships, all >>f which will he take i at reduced rales. Person* abont to embark for the old couutry, should see thia apiendid ship before completing their arrmgements. Thoae wishing to secure berths should make early aps' .cation on bourn foot of Pike st. W. k J. T. TAPSCOTT, ST, South st.. 2d door below Uurling Slip. The Packet Shin M AK VIION, will succeed the SILAS HOLMEH. and sail I2'h June. j*i r CTnToN I INE OF" PACKETS lor Liverpool? Packets of the 12th June?Thr sp'odid new and ifaat sailing packet ship MARMION, 1100 tons li.i.iliru, Capt. Edwards, will aail positively on Friday, June I2rh, hrr regular day. The accommodations in this magnifi cent packet cannot be aurpaated for elegance ami comfort, both i i cabin, second cabin and steerage, being high and well ventil itrd. and in every wav superior to most other packet ?hipa. Persona about visiting the old country. ahould inake early implication to secure the heat berths, either on board, at Peek Slip, or to W It J. T. TAPSCOTT, JfO rc .16 Sonth at ? 2d door below Bulling Slip. ? FOR LIVERPOOL.with desp>tch?The splendid fan sailing packet ahip SARDINIA, Capt. Crocker, WO tons burthen. ?uperior accommodations fo- a limited number ol ?ecnnd cihin paateiigeis, having a spacious houae ou deck, with side windotas for ventilation, ice. For pasaage, apply on board, foot of Dover st., or QF.OROE SHERLOCK. 151 Maiden Lane, 4 doors from South (t. P 9 ?Persons wishing to aend home for their friends, can have them brought out by thia fine ship ou raaaooable terms 'e? 2t*r * _ t FORLONDON?I 'cgular packet of the 16th I tine. TH* nr?t class, fast sailing packet ship QUEBEC, ''?S*- Williams. SM^ons burthen, will saiTaa above, ar aar- Thoae deairous of securing berths ill this hipihoald make early application on board, foot of ine, or to _ JOSEPH McMURRAY, _ { orner of Pine and South streft*. J. J? ?' r aa* desirous of sendiug for their friends in the p<M'.itri. nahave them bronght <>nt in this very favorit* ' Ittwtin the line, by applying II above. Je5 ' ?U%ERFOOL?New Line?Regular Packet ft, 1??1-rTI"' '"I*""*' &'? 'ailing packet ship I.ESTKH. MIO tons burthen, Capt. John Brit v a'?>se. or regular day. ? . - * i 'HJ elegant and superior accom - *, cCTX ' est side of Burling slip, or to ' \> OOOWlTLL a. VIIN TURN, *7 South street. "> The packet h'P HOtTINI,I;EK, I0A0 tons. Captain Ira * !>*ll?raley, * all ajOCead ?? Mecttr let, and aail on her regular fct.Bw \ my2l "OR LlVIMOOL- ???? Line?Regular pack i th.- SiMaw.-The <? -i.vit, fast tailing pack j't.. p 'JARnlCK.n J. i? ?k, tmater, will sail a> u->e, nerrii dav\ fat freu; ?? ? lasaa^e, having M> comm'HUiioiia unr.,u<uled ipr splai. lor <t r<>ml'ort, apply on board, at Orleans wharf. loots* Wall strer' r to \L K. COLLi.Na x U ? 46 South at Pric# of pawnee *100. ^ Farkrt thip HOST I US. A. KVfri4??. m**ter ? $11 MMCMl Onrrick, ?nJ Mil on tm* ? H\h July, h?r n% ?n v 27 rr ? Oflfrxp sTAi> , v dwbAi inn axn k IRELAND OLD IUIT U-ISIfltD *MIO.t-*NT OfTICE?The Subscribe ra re pt out u xaeugera by any of tli* Line mi "jk?i Ave jay* ; and drafts can, as uroal, fW then, is '.unit th* United Kingdo^i. For furf ITly tO JOH?< HCRDMA-r ~~XA^r- FOR OLASOOW-Line of PaeteSjullnHr Packet 1st July.?The fine, new, laat sailing paeki' SMmL hip BROOKSB V. U0 tons. U. W, BryMMt. ?>? tr;, ? II xiil aa above, her regular day. For freight or passage, having excellent seern rrodatioas, Apply ou board, loot uf Do?er itrcn. or to WOOnilULLk VlfNTURN.r- ?. The packet bark ADAM CARR, 400 tons, will su< e ?' tS* Brookahy. and sail on her regular day, 1st August. ? 2 PACKETS FOR HAV'lt(???Second Line i iw ? packet ship ONEIDA, Cnptain James Fiuirk, wifl s< <il on the 1st ?l".Inly. For freight or passage jefl BO VI) & HI N' KKN. "B Wall at kOA >iAKae.lLLg.a-1 lie bam lULtiWIlLA, ("apt Trn?e?ll; to be promptly deapatched. For freight or paoage, applv to BRET r k VOBE, 28 South ?treet. or to BOYD k HtNt KV'.N. M Wall street. I' v. Kt I 5 FOK?>TaRSMLLI,.!+?'1'lir packet hipO V8TOJJ, Captain F. ('onltrr, Will aail oa the i'?t of July. For freight or paaaagt atip'y to v HA.tlBERL Al N k T'HELPS, lol V runt at., or to je6 BOVD k HINCKEM, 18 Wall st. ~7XaT~ FUR FREIGHT Olt criAR I'ER. ? The new kA;jMfytirit rl us British ship JANE, Milligan, mister, i* ?QUg^ r idv t<> load here or proceed to a Xoutheru port for ? cm.. Apply to JOSEPH Mc viLRRAy. 1*1 ? mv? Iwrrc f.ntrnar of Pun- and Sonth afreets. ToITF REIUHT OK ChAltTEk. ? '1'tM One British brig KATE, Caddell, master, is ready to fi"'S8?ftW&iuut. PmyW lwrrc wj (Conor of Pin* tad South street*. m A ROOM TO LET, FURNISHED or unfurnished, in a small private family, with or without board, in ? central ud airy situation.? A line addressed to W. X . at lb* Herald office, a kail be at tended to. je7 fit* re EuEUANTTy Fl/RNlsHfcID APARTMENTS, JtoA TO LET. at that beautiful mansion, 53 Barclay at., ]!!!? on reasonable trrma None other thau persons of un i ylft'loebt'd respect ibility need apply, Enquire on the I'll- Hefrreiicea earhauged. je fi 7St9 3t *m .N f. W LERANON SFrtlNGS. COLUMBIA H ALL.MatIS.1116?Thi? favorite place of retort ia now opeu ad readyfor the r? caption ofcoin imiiv. being under ihe management of its old proprietor, .ir ii) Hull. Presuming on his long expencuce aa a caterer for in* travelling public, lie ?nteuda that the manag> ment of (be establishment ahall be each aa to meet the wauta of the uioat laatidioBs, whether tarrying for the aeaaou or a ahorter '"jriMmrc HENRY HULL. GOUJSTRY SEAT FOR EXCHANGE For unimproved lota,or improved property iu New York city. ? A LARGE new twostorv and attic frame Houae, 30 feet avjuare, and cellar under the whole?gariet all hard liuialied; metal roof; piazza* front aud rear; garden well aiocked; treea. sh.ubbery, lie. Situated 25 miles from New York, within 7 miles of a rail road in full operatiou, aud directly on a contemplated and char ered railroad Any per aou desiring to indke tucli an ?xrhauge. who will deaignate the property ofTered. fcc., to H. W., box 1357 Lower Poet Of fice. will be attended to je3 lw*ro COUNTRY RESIDENCE FOR THE SUMMER, Jit Bedford, L. I, three mile from South Ferry, and near the Railroad Depot. A COTTAGE, containing two parlon, (16 feet.) a library and diniug room on nrat door, eight roomi on second floor and attic, with kitchen, he., atabld aud ca. riage house, gardenei'a house, k.c.,wit'i four acrea, in cluding large garden and pasturage for a cow. Conveyances fregueut, by omuibut and railroad to the city. It will be let for the summer monthi, with or without furniture. Apply to GEO. B. FlSK. 42 William street Also, a new French Cottage on Oxford street, near Parmen tier's Gnrdeu, IV4 miles from South Kerry, with stable and twelve lots of ground enclosed. The cottige has i nursery, kitchen, &c., in basemeut; two parlors and breakfast room, ou first floor, and four bedrooms ou second floor?will be in seadiness for a tenant in two weeks. Apply aa above. mv26 2w f h GENIN'S GOSSAMER HATs, n WEIOHI NO frem V/L to 3)? ounces. Price only $3 SO. It ia about two years since the Oossamer Hat wit first introduced by the subscriber to the notice of the New York public, as the lightest, the most desirable, an < the moat tasty article lor summer wear heretofore iu use. The astonishing success attending them, evinced by the extraordinary large amount of aales, and the popular approba tion bestowed upou them by the many who have giveu them their patronage, hare not been lost upon the subscriber, w ho, to show that he is ever anxious to excel in his art. now pre sents for public patronage the Oosnmer hat. much lighter and more I'leatant than any other ever before offered. They are not li <ble, like the Leghorn and Panama to lose either shipe or color from exposure to the rain. They cannot be soiled by either perspiration or oil from the hair, so commonly the case with otner Hats, for the much admired style of trimming, originating with the proprietor, effectually prevcuts all this. This ia a decided advantage over all other hats The public are invited to call and s? e this article at J N. GENIN'S Hat and Cap Store, my77 lm*rc 214 Broadway, opposite St. Paul's Church. WATTRIPONT & CO., CM FASHIONABLE HATTERSV 82 Nassau street, near Fulton. New York. THE. subscribers beg to call the attention of the public to the qualityof their various kinds of Mats of their own manu facture. They have just received a small supply of superior moleskin, now nsed by the most fnshionable hatters in Parts, a sample of which tliey will feel much pleasure in showing to those who will favor them with a call. The undersigned do not pretend to sell at 2^ or even 10 per cent less tlian any other establishment; ueither can they boast ot having a splen did store: but they flatter themselves that the quality and finish of their Hats will give entire satisfaction, at the prices charged. They have adopted the French style of trimming the sum mer hats, which is a preventive to the perspiration coming through and spoiling the beauty ol their appearance. M. B. WATTRIPONT, mv 2S Irn'tn WM. H. JAMES. sllMMEK. MATS. ECONOMY JtND FASHION. f* ROBERTSON'S PHENIX HAT AND CAP MANUFACTORY, Its Fulton street.-The under signed bespeaks the attention of the public to the quality of his Summer Hats, possessing the various properties usually sought for by the man of taste, they have the additional merit of being 25 per cent below the standard prices. They are es sentially similar iu material, workmanship, aud finish, to the articles manufactured by the more splendid establishments of Broadway; and on a close comparison of their respective merits, no material difference can. be perceived, except iu the single particular that the subscriber lias adopted a style oftriinming, which effectually prevents the perspiratiou of the forehead from strikiug through, and impairing the ap pearance. Their average weight is from 2?{ to 3k ounecs?being much lighter thau substantial Leghorns, or Panamas. Persons of taste and judgment, who are influenced in their purchases by considerations of cost, are invited to cxam"ie them, aud to establiah, by the test of comparison, their r'.cise value, com pered with the productions of other manufacturers. tnvft 1mkrf BORl'.TITSflN. Inl Fnl'ns ttr#et UL.WLlijHt.VS M'hilNu r*i>UlU-V CI BEAVER AND 8ILK HATS of the best quality and Jtoh most approved shapes, are now ready for inspection and at the old established prices. Best Beaver $4 50 Best8iik 4 00 ROWE, Merchants' Exchange, ?IT 1m*rre 40 William streeL J. i'K.lLE. & GU. FA8HIONABLK HAT STORE. fl THE SUBSCRIBERS having opened ? HAT STORE d^*at No. 110 Falton street, corner of Dutch street, respect fully solicit the patronage oftheir old eutometi and the pub lic. They will couatantly keep on hand a complete assort ment of Hats, Caps. Umbrellaa, fcc., lie., of the latest style, and will sell nt the lowest prices. Single hats made to order at the shortest notice. ICHABOD PRICE. myi Im'r THOS. SHANNON. SPRING FASHION. BROWN li CO., 178 Chatham Square, corner of Mott i^^street, wish to inform the public of their recent improve ment in the manufacture and l>"-i*h of their tS Hats, combin ing fashion, beauty and durability, three important considers [ions to the wearer. The proprietors do confidently assert their hats to be much superior to any ever before sold for the tame price. Call and satisfy yourself of this fact. m20 lm"rb METROPOLITAN HAT AND CAP"STORE, _ NO. HI l-l GRAND STREET. II PLUNKETT k CO., have just opened this new estab dP^lishineut with a splendid assortment of HATS and CAi'S not to be surimssed either in quality, elegance of shape or du rability, which they offer to the public at the following very low/prices Hati. First anality Nutria Fur, at $3 S# Second do do do do IN First quality Moleskin, do..... 300 Second do do do 3 50 Car* from S7){ cents to tl 73 each. ' Wholesale and moil, orders punctually attended to, and customers'hats ironed and kept in shape gratis. a7 lin'rrc J. I'LUNKETT tc K. PARDE8BU8. LXGELSIOK. ri HOBEHTSON'H PHtENIX HI HAT AND CAP MANUFACTORY m FULTON ST., BETWEEN NASSAU and WILLIAM. THE proprietor of this establishment has recently added to his exteusive stock of spring good*, an assortment of Moleskin Hats, of exquisite finish ana superior elegance. The price of tueee really superb articles is only $3 10, being $110 less than the same goods (manufactured in the same manner and oi similar material) are sold iu Broadway. The secret of this great disparity in price may be easily coojectured. The advertiser's expenses beiun but a tithe ol those of the more splendid establishments la tiroadway, he is in couseqnence enabled to offer goods of a corresponding description at lower rates. 113 Im'rc KNOX'S SUMMER STVLK OF HATS are now ready for inspection and sale, (at No. 128 Fulton street. Sun lluildinus.) consisting ol'Oregou oeaver white and Mue brush Hats, a large assortment of gentlemen's Panama and Leghorn Hats. Also, a new style of boy's summer Hats. Hats made to order at a very short notice. mvll Im'rc ^ LADIES FANCV FASHIONABLE STRAW 11 ATS?Pans Straw Gimjp Hats, of the latest shape, for sale at CARL KING'S, No. 17 Divisiou street, at $3 JO each. N. B ?A general assortment of Straw Hats and Paris.Rib bona, at the most reasonable prices. s34 lm*rr CAKL KING. 17 Division street. THE NIGHTINGALE SONG IN JOHN britfc.a.i'. m THE REAL BIRD itself has arrived, and likewise MO of the Saxony Canaries, the warbling of which, JFK^to the stranger and curioas, is rather an interesting <i|lit?for each customer has a different habitation, ^^^^?and Archy will be lidvpy to attend to il>e ladies aua gentlemen as they pass Broadway and Johustreet. ap!7 lm*rh LOOK aT TH1& ! LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, if roe want a fine srtiele ol Boots and Shoes, call at 367 Broad way, wliete you will find the largest assortment, chespest, and most fashionable is the city. Do not mistake the uumber, 3*7 Broadway, corner ol Franklin street. N. B.?a large assortment of imported French the lew price of 1 dollars M. CAHlLL. u i m * ? jfaUiiSCH G< 'OL)6 ARK 1VINO FROM PARIS. J. IAONDRON hat *he honor of iuf?>rininii those persons fwfcoare dfiitout ol" purchasing the finest mid best kind of FMffc, that il'th?y *ill call at lii? a tor*, No. 181 Broad way, th?y will find varnished *nd ordinary BOOT8, of tor latent Parisian ?ty<?.; Shoe* of all ?ort?; Half-Hoot* and varnished leather: 8ilk Stocking*. HnllHoa*, Ice. H? also haa yarniahed and plain Leather, of all kinds; Mo roceo avail colors; and all necessiry Kiisdings f<?r shoemakers, LS* 1,1 moderate prices, whole i-tle ? r re Mil. Those prraons who will favor lum with thair orders may depefld on heinc wall served Ordeni from the eonutry will be punctually sttended to. i?< lw MONDRON. \n Broad -ray. GREAT BARGAIN S INIIOoTs AN b ?li<>LS. JIN consequenre of the rer*nt fire? at 73 MsiA.n Lane, the wytywfcof/ ranch Cajfapd Patent Leathei Boot* I [Gaiters, Brogans^c , cpmprising the mo?t extensile r somneut ever offered le the eitv. and *h .... _ - ----- city, and which were d i ? will be offered forsale this dsy, by the pa<V or suigU pair. Salea to couanue until the entire stork is je6 lw*r 3?5Ud Wil l I III II II BOOK'S for $3 M, eicr made and Mare eqeal to those sold in other stores for $J. Vine ? mA Calf Boots SO, enoul to the best made in eijrf<*M?f r. at. YOL\NG k. JONK8> "4ech ?>t and Shoe Manufactory, one of the most fashionable in " . y Chtr Boets having teen judged iu the late Fair at ' are aoMtobe the beat ever sold in Uus city. Alt Booti wgRauted to f .re adkisfacuon leading, iMnieM in Uw Utore. _____ YOUNG k JONES, i Ann street. ^ Near Broadway, New York initiiic sre invited to assortment of Gentlemen's. U titers, cheap eaah 1 Canal at . corner S.itlivan B t?ALf ajkl.Ns li aLAbib'l '.h HIOt*b? ?*>0 neat qua / lity ' rtf CalC Mine, ?'> ? 'ed. \l?o light, miiMlniB, i and he-ivy HMn, ev nnMV''"' we jthts. For sale by M flN 'MN. liT.i^,|.;, THORN *G iAM 1 A< ?N fc. AFRESH INVOICa of . ''tl chamimgne is in store, to which >iea*t?u:i? oC.S?e 'nt?, lict, I IceriH-rs, sad private (entlensei a iavital- .IVlM. ding of this Wine ia no w sapenor to thaa o uy i (Ma oessa ?. and at no higher price thaa tkatef the leat Wan4, c. jarinasr"r aco.. MiU kltf tt u '*11 street. IDLE HOUR BOOK. I JUST PUBLISHED?The "Idle Hotr Book," containing 3U0 pages, with WO engraviug*?pric# only J7 cents?re plete with fun. , ..... Our Comic Almanacs, for 1M7, At* in number, will be is sued in April. They will be the best ever got up, and cheap at that. specimen number* sent by mail. The subscribers invite the atteution of the trade to their uurivalled aud large variety of the various kinds of Children * Books, Hmif Books, Priinert. fcc., together with colored Lithographic Priuts, the be?t i? the market?400 kinds. m22 Im'rt TURNER *?? HHHER. 74 ( hatham it. flANU KUKTfcS. PURCHASERS are invited to eall at Chamber*' ware-room, 1 No. 38J Broadway,for * auperior aad warranted acticle. I ?ITli'r ? I SCOTT'S BAZAAR. 74 Print* street, Mil of HroaHway. SANDS SCOTT, late of the Bauar iu Dey street, begs to acquaint hit numerous friends and the public, that he haa I opened the a bore house in a rery superior style, and hopes to I merit a fair share of the public patronage. From lung expe rience in busluess. he flutter* himself to be able to pleaae the most fastidious ; the accommodations of his house for busi- ? nets and coml'ort, be believes cannot be surpassed by ale house of the kiud. His patron* will always Uud the bouse well supplied wiih the Inst of every thing the market affords in the way of Ale*, Wines, Liquors, and Segars, Steak*. Chop*, Cold Cuts, Rarebiti, Toachrd Kicks, Tea, Coffee, aud in fact a large aasortnieut of refreshments at all timea until twelve o'clock at uight. Plenty of room* for private parties at all times ready. my 19 Im'rrc 1" jkwi.iIkHs. miniatiikk paintkk?, mm.? , C. It j. HARTNETT, No. it Courtlandt ureet. near Broadway, wholesale- auu retail Manufacturers of Travelling. Writing, Dressing and JattuTry Boies, Miniature Cases and Settings; Mute, Loclei, Watch, Ring, Pin and peucil Boies; cases Tor silver Plata luslly arranged to order. Also, Trays made aud fitted to Jewtll*rs show cases, to contain watches, chains, rings, keys, pint, thimble*, pencil*, he A variety of the above articles constantly on hand and made to order, with aeaiuea* aud despatch. No. 1 Court I audi street, New York. my 12 lm*rc M. 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One person will have a cough, tit* luiik-s being the weakest organ ; his neighbor, rheumatism, the muscular and cellular tissue being the weakest ; another, en larged glands and swellings, the glaudular system being the weakest, lie. When you have an organ thus suffering, the more direct your application to the parts diseased, the better the prospect of relief. DR ROAKE'S IODINE LINIMENT. produces a healthy action in the diseased part, strengthens, invigorates, and restores it to perfect health. It only wants to be tried to satisfy the most skeptical of the restoring power ol this most valuable Liniment. Physicians are daily recommending Dr. ROffKE'8 IO DINE LINIMENT, regarding it the long sought for desider atum ; a truly scientific compound of IODINE in the form ol Liiiimrut, without color ami unpleasant smell, that can be used upon the most delicate lemale or child with perfect sal'etv. Not a day passes without bringing the most interesting results from the use of Dr. ROAKt?S IODINE LINIMENT. ASTONISHING CURE OF RHEUMATISM, A!?0 DISKASI.S OK Hlf JOttT OK TWHTT VRAM' lTAIDI-IO. Gentlemen?I feel it a duty to state for the benefit of the public, the astonishing cure of myself, which is as follows:? for the last twenty years 1 have been troubled '.ith rheuma tism; I could not walk without a caire or crutch : the pain was excruciating, so mnch so that I could not sleep nights. The disease Anally settled in aiy hip joint: the the thigh became elongated .'r pushed out of its socket by the pain anil iutliini m itiun: the cQrds became contracted so as to throw my knee forward, and drew my foot backward, so the points of my toes barely touched tintground when I walked. My health was so much impaired, I ??de up ray mind that the disease was so r'l r II11 > .. ao??ng could benefit me; 1 had tried the very best Jihy sicDtwa end all of the snre cures, without relief. I was advised by a friend to try Roske's Iodine Liniment, which I consented to without faith; but before I had used one bottle I found relief?it reduced the inflammation and ex tracted the pain. I continued to use H freely for sil weeks; the cords became relaxed, the leg resumed its lormer appear ance, the pain aud inflammation has all subsided, and, iu fact, lam perfectly well; I walk without cane or crutch, and nn attending daily to uiy business to the joy and comfort of my family. A. HEB.ARD, 7} John street. Facts sre stubborn eases: every day brings more evidence of the value of ltonke's Iodine Liniment. Feelings ofgratittide and the good of my fellow creatnres who may be alflicted in the same way, induces me to state the astonishing cure of my child, which is ax follows: Three years ?i;o he was attacked with a swelling upon the aide of his neck, which grew so large that it turned his head to one side. It finally broke, discharging large quantities of matter, and kept on discliargiug until he was reduced to a mere skeleton. He suffered pain Indescribable. I employed the best physi cians and made use of a great many remedies without benefit. I made up my mind he uiust die. I was induced by a friend who knew the healing powers of Roake's Iodine Liniment to try it. I am happy to say that I had not nsed one bottle be fore the sores commenced healiug, and the swelling and in llamiuatioti subsided, and before! had used the second bottle lie was perfectly well. _ _ . JOHN 8. F.A8TON, No. 90 Ninth avenae. Principal Depot, S. INOKRWLL k CO., 90 John street. myll lm*r CURE OF COKN^. Bunions, tumors, excrescences, b*d Naiis, tic.?No. 4.'j9 Broadway, between Howard aud Orand at. ? MUM BK.RllAHD, from Paris, has the honor of informing ti? pal,lie that she still continues to practice upon the feet wuS the greatest success, hsving exclusively devoted her time'o those diseases to which the feet are subject. She is confiu?nt m promising that she will entirely remove coms from tl?ir irritating and painful locatiou, without causing the least pain or possibility of danger, or making the blood flow. The nenl'Mi will not occupy more than four to five minutes, and the relief is so instantaneous that persons thns treated can immediately lit on their shoes and walk without the least in convenience. ... . , _ Mrs. B. has prarticed her profession for several years in Eu rope and in this comtry, anu has acquired great skill and much practical experience Facts attested by nnmerons certificates from the most celebr.,?ed physicians of New I ork, Boston, unH Philadelphia. ? moderate for ye?rly attendance. J!" ;* ?renduay, between Howi.rd and Grand streeta, New ? ork. mil lmo*rc "HKGHANTh, DRUGGISTS D_ de alers in Perfumery. " not BF AFR VII) TO PURCHASE IN BROAD / "T* often the most complete Mioit mentor perfumery. Toilet Soaps, Colognes, Extracts, kc. .7 r If*sent.cheaper than aay other honse in the United States. la order U convince yourselvee he in vitee yon to call and examine before purchasing elsewliei*. ... .. E. ROL SSEL, Msnefsetnrer and Importer of Ptafrmery, So?p,, fcc., Ut nil i**' " L,**rt'r CnnrtlMMi streets. Common Council. Bo*bi> o? Alukbmon.?This Board met last evening, the President, D. 8. Jackson, Lsq , in the chair. The minutes of the laat meeting were read, and ap- j proved. I Several petitions were received and referred: Of Dr Shock, lor ]?y for modiral service*?referreJ. Of W. E. Lawrence, for correction of lax?referred. Kor aewer iu Fifth Avenue?referred. For wwor in Twenty-eighth (treat?referred. Several petitions. asking for correction uf tax, were re ceived ana referred. Sulphur, Powder. fc?Communication from the Mayor making provision against the dangerous practice of ; storing powder,sulphur,saltpetre, an.tail iuch inflamina hie matter, within the city of New York. Laid on the ! table, Another communication was received from the Mayor, in relation to expenses for outfit, lie., of volunteeis, to join tiio American army in the campaign against Mexi co, and also asking tor local accommodation lor drill, lie. Referred to a Special Committee. Another communication was received from the Mayor, vetoing the permission given to Patrick ^uade, to erect scales, Sic , opposite his premises, in Market street. Laid on the tabic. Streets?A communication was received from the 8u ! perintendent of Pavements, with n;>mos of persons in hi* employ, in answer to resolution of the Common Council. Referred. Rcporh?Of Finance Commlttoo, recommending the adoption of ordinance for additional appiopriations, kc. Kor interest on Revenue Bonds, $i7,600; redemption, lie ?900,000*, Coroner's teas, $9,400. Polire?Alderman Haut prescnU-d & roport and ordi nance, for tha better regulation of ihj Police force. The ordinance provides that the city shull bo divided in three districts; also, makos provisions for Courts, lie. Adopted. Petitions of " Laborers' Union Association." asking for use of Washington parade ground, for celebration of 4th July. Granted. Lamps and Oat?Aldorman Tatun o tie red a resolution in favor of authorizing tha Superintendent of Lamps and Gas, to appoint suitable persons for trimming the same Alderman Benson opposed ita adoption, without re ference. The resolution, on motion, was laid on the table. The Board took a recess for twenty minutes, and re' turued. Ventilation of Iht Board Room?Resolution in favor of ventilating the Board room. Adopted. Aldermau Bksuv ottered a resolution of inquiry, rcla. tive to tho practico of discharging vagrants, fee , on Blarkwell's Island, by Aldermen of the city. Adopted. Lunatic Jisylum ?Resolution proposing tho enlarge ment of the Lunatic Asjluin ou BlackwelTs Island. Adopted. i'olunttert.?Alderman Br.nso* olfered a resolution, in favor of presenting a stand of colors to the volunteoi companies, which are being organized for the expedition against Mexico, at a cost ol $I;>0 Adopted unanimously. Thit Dead House ?Alderman Bradv otTered a re so hi. tion in favor of providing a more suitable place for the Coroner to examine dead bodies, than the pio?entdead house in the Park. Adopted. [The community at large, will feol indebte to the worthy and respected Alder man Brady, of the l&th ward, for the introduction of this resolution l Gunpowder.?Resolution, in favor of referring to a special committee the act of tho Legislature, in relation to storage of saltpetre, gun|>owder, Sic. Adopted. Resolution in favor ol'tilling up water lots betw on avenues B and C. Adopted. Resolution in favor of abolishing the office of crior, at the Court of Sessions, and obliging the police to petform the duties. Adopted. The Convention.? Resolution directing tho clerk of the Uourd to furnish the members of the citv conven tion, with copios of the city charter. Adopted. Resolution to amend the law relative to Hospital mo ney paid by American seamen. Referred. Reports?In favor of paying Sherlock of the city prison, $74,10, money* laid out by him for the use of pri soners. Accepted. In favor of making a sewer in Washington street Ac cepted. In favor of improving 6th Avenue. Accepted. In favor of building sewer, and improving iOth ? treat Accepted. Communication from the city Inspector, with ardi nance in favor of filling up aunkon lots, between nth and 10th streets. The ordinance wag adopted. Alto for improving and filling up tunken lot* in 35th and 4Jd streets. Adopted. After pauing and concurring in iome other unim portant paper*, the Board adjourned. Board or Assistant Aldcsmcn ?Neil Gray, Esq.' President, in the chair. Petition of Bartholomew O'Reilly to be appointed a weigher of anthracite coal?Granted. Petition of Hose Co. No 31 to be provided with a new carriage?Referred. Petition of W. W. Niles to be relieved from expense* of arbitration?Referred. Petition of 1). Evans and othor* to have a nuisancc abated?Referred. Petition of J. B. Murtaugh and others to have a hydrant repaired?Referred. Petition of Joseph Kerrigan and other* to havoa sewer constructed in Ninth street?Referred. Petition of Robert Green for payment of claims duo for services rendered?Refened. At the last meeting of the Board, a resolution was adopted laitructing the Committee on Fire Department to enquire whether the Chief Engineer employed a clerk in hi* oHce. and if *o, by what authority. The committee thi* evening, reported tbat no one was employed in the capacity of a clerk in the office of the Chief Engineer Report accepted. Street Cleaning, Contract*, fc.? K statement of exist ing contract*, in which the corporation is involved, fcc.; also, a communication on the aubject of cleaning streets, as regards the present expenses and the propriety of in quiring whether a more effectual and at the same time economical mode, cannot be adopted, was received from tho Comptroller, and referred to the a]>propriate com mittee. Rej>ort and resolution from the Board of Aldermen in favor of granting the exclusive use of the Easteily half of the pier, loot of < ntharine street, to Curtis Peck, for the landing of the Korwalk line of steamboat*?Concurred in. Report and resolution from the Board of Aldermen in favor of granting permission to the Fire Companies to in troduce Croton wator in their engine house*, Ike., at their own expense?Concurred in. Petition in favor of directing the Superintendent of Public Buildings, kc., under the direction of the Commit tee on Public Ofllces and Repair*, to cause scats to be placed around and near the fountain in the Park, ot an expense not exceeding $100, and that the same be placed under the charge of the person having chargc of the fountain?Adopted. Resolution in favor of causing Horatio street 'o be re numbered.?Adopted. Petition of the Laborer*' Union Benevolent \ssociation for permission to celebrate the 4th of July, in Washing ton Parade Ground.?Granted. Report of committee to whom was referred tho petition of Recorder Hcott, in favor of selecting a suitable room in the City Hall, old Alms House, or Hail* of Justice, for the use of the Recorder, to be occupied as hi* chamber*. ?Report accepted and resolution adopted. Petition of Andrew R. Trotter and other*, for a Hose Company in the lfith ward. Referred. Petition of Abncr Mills and others, to have lots in 6th street, between avenues C and D drained. Referred. Message from the Mayor in relation to providing a suitable rendezvous and drill rooms for the 1st and 2d regiments U.S. volunteers, under the command of Co lonel . Invitation to attend a review of the First Brigade in Tompkini' square. Accepted. Resolution in lavor of tendering the thank* of the Com mon Council to Major General Taylor and his brave as sociates in arms, for their achievement in driving the enemy from the soil of the United Htate*; nt the satne time to tender to the relatives and friends of tho?e who fell victims while lighting in defence of their country, the sincere condolence of the citizens of New York. Adopted. Mr. .McElrath then offered & resolution in favor of ap propriating tho turn of $100, wherewith to purchase a sword for Captain Duncan, as a token of acknowledge ment of his bravery in the battle at I'ala Alto. Mr. .>ic Klratli, in offering this resolution, took occasion to speak in flattering terms of the conduct and claims of Captain Duncan, whom he stated was a native of thi? Stale, a graduate of West Point; and had the Legislature .not ad journed, he doubted not but something more would have been done for the before-named gallant an.! meritorious officer The resolution was lost. It was intimated tliat the politics of captain Duncan (unfortunately for him in this case do not coincide with those enfertai aed by a majority of the Board. A'rtc Police Law ?The bill recently pasieJ by tho Legiklatuie regulating the Police Department, .van tlion called up and read. AUer some discussion relative to the man nor of p i.ig the policeman, tic. It was, on motion, laL 1 on tin .uMo to be printed. The Board then adjourned until Monday evening next. Movements of Travellers. The registries yesterday oxhibited a still further de crease in the number of arrival* at the prinoipal hotel*. There ere at the Amebic**?J. Roberts, West Toint: J. W. FUk, J. W. Adams, .Matches; Mr. Noarse, Washington; Geo. Came ron, Charleston; James Turner, Columbia, Tennessee, V. Kemhall, Watertown; L. H and Klijah Uolby, M. Mc Michael, Martin Mc.vHchael, Philadelphia; R. Fisher, do. Ait?r?Gilbert Howell, Sag Harbor; Je hn Liter, Philadelphia; Mr. Nye, New Bedford; E. Per kin*, New London; C. Foster, Worcester; Mr. James, K hinebeck; J . NUes, Providence; Thomas Chambers, Phi ladelphia; John Lvans, do; A. Stoutenhoro, Alabama; Blah op I)oane, Now Jersey; W Appleton, Boston; Aaron Be blwln, do; C. Dauchy, Troy; Capt. Kia?er, U. S. A.j J. Croaibie, Rochester; Messrs. Clarke. Keoiball, Bryan and Gage, i Philadelphia; L. Blis*, N. V. I Cirv?G. W. Pomeroy, New York; P. Dick inson, Phi : ladelphia; B. Met ready, do: R. C. Roger*, U S. N.; W. | Gilbert, Peekskilh J. Hitchcock, Buffalo; B. Mur i liouie, Cooperstown; T. Pome Toy, Htockbri Ige, James Power, Catskill; Jame*, Va.; O. R. Wd' wards, 8. C. I Fsansliis?8. Penn, I'hiladelphie; A Heal on, do; H. Rice. Montreal; D M. Taylor. Meoth Bend; John Nellls, ml Johnsville: M. < ummia*. < aaajoharie; A. Wager, Rhiuebeck; K. Holdredge, do; W. Kritkoe, do; Jo*. Whitney; Brown, UgdeMburgk; H. St ?Mh, Pitts burgh. Howard?C. Walbran, E. S. Yard. J. Bull. Phi ladelphia; H. Shepherd, Troy , David Wethcrall. W. H. ??>*?, Phi ladelphia; 11. Nye, Conn; J. Mill*, < harleett mi F I), lxrling. New Oilcan*; T. Adams, Philadelphia; W- Bel lins, Albany; D. Humphry, dot E. Learned. W< stTroy; J. Van Dyke, Detroit; Mr. Woods, Canada* * ? Reily, Ohio; E. Rosellan, Glen'* Falls: Thomas Tawel .-*, Cana da; G. Barber, Homer; A. P. Robeitson, Tea; J . Kidder, Boston: O. Well*, Pittsbuiv: H. Smart; bW >fort: A Litch, Boston, E. B. Holme*,Philadelpbja. Police Intelligence. Outrafront Von.ltut of a Policeman?Wo have to relate another of thato ruffianly and malicioui piece* of blackguardism, which our ritizem are to often subjected to, b> many of the present policemen, principally through the looie and careless manner they procure their appoint ments by th-j alilermen of the respective wards, and, we mint My, much to the disgrace of tue city. It appear* that an Kngltsh tailor boy, called Wm Powell, ?u detected ou Sunday night, about 10 o'clock, by Mr. Hedger, the chief-mate of the Oreut Britain iteam snip. on deck of the above veasel, with a bag upon hi* ihoulder, going to wanU the forecastle V'pou Doing stopped by Mr Hedger, who inquired what he had in his bag. he answered he ilid not kt ow I 'pon examination, it proved to contain about M lbs of tobacco, valued at M M?this was at once seized by the mate, and the boy ordered on shore?it being strictly prohibited to take any quantity of tobacco on board thi* ship, which was evidently taken for the pur pose of smuggling, and laying the ship liable to sei/.ure. It seem* that this hoy procured the aid of John Karly, a polio-man tf the Ith Ward, or, as it i? generally called, tho " star'' Ward, who yesterday morning proceeded on boar! the ship ? ith the boy and demanded of Mr. Hedger the tobacco in a most insulting nnd vulgar manner. Upon being refused, he at the sanio time was asked to show hi* authority for aating as an officer, and he refused so to do, but left the ship, uttering ob sceno threats, and declaring ho would have him arrested in a short time. In about an hour afterwards, thi* policeman returned with an ex-mock auctioneer, called John Crow, likewise a policemun, and some six or ?even other officers, when Karley took from hi* hut a warrant, issuci* by Justice Osborne, for the arrest of Mr. (ledger, charging him with dealing from the possession of thi* boy about fifty pounds of tobacco, worth $4 M, and demanded hi* immediate attendance at the pollce offico, using language s very offensive nature, and quite unbecoiuirg uu officer. A gentleman who wa* present, and knew the whole transaction, wont to Justico Osborne, and staling tho fact* in tbe matter, (which had e? idently been suppressed by the boy os making the complaint) tho Justice deputed a gentlemanly officer, Mr. Mtewart, to proceed to the shlplorthwltfi, and take the warrant from the hands of thi* 4th ward officer, the l case having been dismissed. Upon thi* being done, Mr. Hedger ordered tho 4th ward policemeu on ihore. which hint they took, and immediately *tepped off. It is almoat time that the Mayor investigated the conduct of some of these beautie* decorated with itur*. Tho fact of one of their comrade* having been *eut to the 8tato prison n short time ago, does not appoar to have effected much of a relormatiou Let us *oo what hi* honor the Mayor will do in thi* matter. Jlrrtti of a Till Tkitf.?Bill Pomroy, a black thief, wa* arrested last night, charged with stoaling from the till of William Korewood, No. 76 Centre street, five dol lar* ill lilver cbango, and a onu dollar bank bill, which was identified by tlr. Korewood to be hi* pio|>erty.? Locked up for trial. Grand Larceny ?A man by the nnme of Krancis Tul ly, boarding at No. 110 Mulberry itrcet, was robbed of forty-one sovereigas, supposed to be taken by the man who keep* tho bouse with Thoma* Kinney. No arrest at present. jlrrtti for Keeping a Disorderly House.?A Oerman by the name of Talford Weagan. wa* arrested yesterday by officer Burly, charged with keeping a disorderly home, at No. 147 (Ireenwich street, where gambling and other disorderly gamos are permitted. Committed te prison in default of bail. Burglary.?The store corner of 39d street and 8th ave nue, was burglariously entered by some thief, on Thurs day night, anil robbed of a piece of dark beaver cloth, four or live pieces of black cloth, and likewise some made up clothing, belonging to Mr. Nylvciter Connor, and make good their eicnnu bciKlBl MululUi Bcforo Recorder Scott, and Aldermen Walker and Walsh. John McKeon Esq', District Attorney. Ji'i?t8? Trial for Highway Robbery?John Derrick was placcd at the bar, on a charge of robbery in the first de gree, in having forcibly abstracted from the pocket of Edward Fox, while on u visit to the Kive Points, on the 6tli ofMar last, a pocket book containing $31. The pro secution failing to show that any force was made use of, in the commission of the robbery, the jury found the accused guilty of a grand larcony. Sentence deferred. Trial for Faltt Pretmeet.?Jacob V. Piatt, was then put on his trial, for having at sundry times obtained from Messrs Loder and Co., merchants in this city, a largo amount of goods, by means of false pretences, in having represented that he was doing a safe and lucrative busi ness; that he was perfectly solvent, and hnd considerable ready cash in hand But liitlo progress had been made in the case, when the Court adjourned until to-morrow morning. United Stales Circuit Court* Before Judge Betts. June 8?Carrington Wilton vi. Job C/?ar?/<snrf?Ac tion for the infringement of o patent right The plaintiff obtained a patent for un improYomenfin a cooking stove, and alleges that the defendant pirated his invention, and constructs his stoves on the same principles, und plaintiff now sues him for damages Scaled veruict this morning. For plaintiff, Messrs. Maples ; for defendant, Mr. Sher wood. 'Harldtn tit. I'annest.?Verdict for plaintiff. fOAl 60. Vi if rt. Same?Verdict for plaintiff, $3,644 iff. V. 8> ComiulMloiisr's Office* Before Comissioner Morton. Charge of Larceny on the High Seat.?John Smith (colored) was brought before the Commissioner yester day morning, and aflor a full investigation wai committed in Jefeult of bail, in $500, on charge o( stealing $8<io from the captain of the schooner Edward Willett. while the vossel lay at the island of Uuadmloupc, in the West Indies, in the month of April last. The prisoner is also charged with arson, and will be again brought up on that charge. ^ United State* Marshal'! Olfiee. A Prvasian, named fehn Burkhardt wu arreited yes terday, on the complaint of the matter of a Prussian brig, now in this }>ort, for desertion. The arrest waa-inado un ?r a treaty between the United State* and the Prumian ivernmcnt, which provides that the sailors of both na ns who shall desert their flags in the ports of cither, 111 be given up. Burkhardt was committed, and will be examined this morning before Judge Belts. Court for the Correction of Errors, Jfise 8?I'lcnent, Lieutenant Oovernor Gardiner,Chan cellor Walworth, and eighteen Senators. No. 14. W. Sutherland vs. L. Lake?Mr. K. Niles was heard lor defendant in error, and Mr. li. P.Allen in reply Judgment affirmed?1ft to !i. No. 15. L. 8. Fellows et al. vs. J. H. Prentiss'?Mr. J. Slosson was heard for plaintilf in error ; Mr. J A. Spen cer lor defendant in error: ami Mr. K. Sundford in reply The court then adjourned. hupriior tunti. Before Chief Justico Jones. Jr.tK s?Henry Smith vg Job Fletcher?Action on a pro missory note for $300 Defence, statute of limitations.? Verdict lor plaintilf, $43-< 4-J For plaintilf, R. T. Wins low ; for delendant, Mr. Buikc. Huihworth rt Embury?Verdict for defendant. Before Judge Oakley. Ieaac M Pinekney rt. Jamet Reynold*?This was an action of trespass to rocover damuges for not building and perfecting a cutting and shearing machine, within a s|iecihed time, according to contract. Defence that the machine was taken fro- Mcfeiidant by a writ of replevin helore it was completed, and that plaintifT refused to fur nish funds to hax? it patented, as he w as bound to do liy agieement. Verdict for plaintiff <> cents damages, va luing the machiuc at $?15. For plaintiff, Mr. liixby , foraelendaut, Mr. Bernard. Before Judge Oakley Enoch E Clark, Edward Uodge and Jay Cook vs. The Prcudent, Virectori and Company oj Ihi Merchants' Hank of the city of New York.?This was an action on a check lor $7000. It appeared that a man named John T. Smith received the check and lodged it with the bank in paymeut lor money previously due by hiin to that insti tution, and tailed the same day. The plaintiffs afterwards claimed it as their property, but tho defendants refused to give it up, insisting on their right to apply it in pay ment of the debt due to themselves. U pon this state of facts, the parties, at the suggestion of the court, agreed to take a formal verdict for me plaintiffs for $7,44b, sub ject to the opinion of the court in bank, on a case to be made. For plaintiffs, Messrs. Foot, Bonny, and Davies. For defendants, .vieisrs. Lord and Uoddard. H'llham Dudley vs. Eliiha was an ac tion lor malicious prosecution and false imprisonment The plaintiff and defendant lasided in tho same hou-.e, according to the statement of plaintiff's counsel. In Sep tember last, the defendant's ptcmises were entered, and some three or four hundred dollars stolen Irom him out of a buieau. After the rol>i>ery, tne defendant went to a female mesmorizer, and consulted her ou tho subject. From the advice she gave linn, ho enme to the conclusion that the plaintiff was the thiol?had him arrested, and kept in uurnnce for one wholo night. Tho next day, upon an Investigation of the case before the magistrate, the case was dismissed, and the plaintilf discharged. Ad journed to this morning. kuiiiiituu r i Before Judge L lalioeft'er. Ju*r. 8 ?C. Flint Sptar v?. ffm. Jonei, Sheriff, fe.? Thin win an action 01 trover, to recover the value of certain property alleged by plaintiff to be owned by him, ami which waa levied en by the defendant under an exe cution. Adjourned to thi* morning. Jamei O'Aeill vi. John M. Hloodgood?Action for ai aault and battery in a railroad car between Bond and E room a atieeta. Jihi.i A. UuTCHta called aaa witne?a. Mr. Bm-ivt?I object to the examination of thia man. IK'Ti-iiaa (knocking hit fiat agaiott the table)?Htop, air; 1 am a witneae, and if I lay any thing that ia not true convict me of perjury. Blurt?Call llenry Vandervoort. Mr. Vandervoort wai iwom and examined. Judge ULaHocrrRa?Uentiemen (addreaaing plaintiff a countei) yea muat call Mother witueaa. No other wit neaaca being in attendance, a juror waa withdrawn. Belore Judge Daly. CKmrlti end lumita hit wife va. Henry Birk?? .Irlion J or Slander.?The p.irtiea tire Ocrinana, and keep emigrant boertfing-houaei. Tbo cauae of action aro*e out of competit">n in buaineaa, each party emplojing ruanera to board emigrant veatela and bring the peaaen ger? to their houaca. On theee occaaioni they were in tne habit of abuting each other In pretence of the paa aengera, ami the detendant once or twice charged tlie plaintiff with keeping an improper hoaae, and teld the immigranta if they went theie they woaM be badly treated. Verdict lor plaintiff, $30. lewrt Calendar. CiaciriT Ceuat?a, 401, 18, S3, 4A, 4H to 36. Huraaiea Cer?T?41, Mi, xi, 91. 90, 91, *J, 405, 97, 98, 341, 10#, 110, 111, U. 14, M, 114 ?? 140 ,nf'ui1,r*' M Common ?Kifat part, 11, 9, W, 1?!' 103, 1?Second part, l7?. W, 4, '4?4, 410, SM, 410, 144,490, 4o3, M, 109,14)1, 1M, *? Political Movements. Dcmocbatk Rxv ?k?i?: in li.i noii ? A Urge portion of the delegates of th? r?e?nt .democratic .uaiMthii at Kaskaslua, III., have formally protected against Ik* asmi nation of Lyman Trumbull, Ksq.. a* the next ooagree ?ional candidate for the first dutrict, in place of taeiv present repre*e*tative, the lion, llobert Smith The ground* of the protect are that the whole pioeceding* of the convention were informal, ??d that Mr. Smith% frienda were taken by surprise. It ta therefore probable, that Mr. Smith will go before the |?o].la on hia ova hook. M*t*r f. 8. 8ci?*Te?.?The deinocrnrv o< v ine are yet unable to agree upon the individual ? ' ill have the good fortune to represent thorn iu the < > >? of the United States for lis year* from the foil. Vareh next Both branches took a second ballot < i Kriiay, but neither was able to effect a choice- In ; e Senate, Governor Anderson had fifteen votes, Mr. l. > alin had twelve, and of the four whig aufl'ragoa, Mr. ?. >tna had three and Mr. Severance one. In the House, Mr. Ham lin |>olled the largeat part of the democratic force, rv ceiving fifty-seven vote* , Governor Anderson had only ??even ; and aeveral miscellaneous candidatai of the same party received fourteen vote*. Samuel Keseendon, of the Liberty party, had four vote#, George K van*, whig, had forty-eight , and W. P. Keatenden ana fcdward Kaat, oue each. A motion wui offered in the Senate, bat laid on the tablu, that a joint committee should be appointed to report the time, place and manner of chooaing a HllK tor. ^ Sporting Intelllueiire. The Louisville Journal of the 3d instant (ay*:?Th* race yesterday wn very exciting. The five horeoa camo to tho atund, till looking fine. Mr. Bradley** entry wu the favorilo lit odd*. Fred Kaye wa* named aa fir** or second, and did itot di(appoint hi* backer*. At th* ?tart, Mi. Mallury's colt Bill Barbo'.i- took the lead and kept it for one and threo quarters of a mile, the balaaeo waiting ; when Nmiuy ltc<lge t* made pluy and won th* heat by half u length. T'ue ?t on J heal all got off wall together, tha Glencoe (Illy leading Inr one *>"' * quarter mile ; when Fred. Kare and Nanny Rodger* made play. After a hard contest, I red. t eat her out a length. Th* third heat but three iturted, which wa* wll conteatad by Fred, and Nanny. Owinir tu her superior conditio*, alio won the race. The for -lug it the summary J. L. Bradley'a b. f. Nanny Kodgers, by imp. Hibia cu*, dam the dam of Tenbia-ic 191 J. Metr.&lie'i b. c. Fred. Kaye, by Gray Eagle, dam by Moses 41S Gibson Mallory'* ch. c. Bill Barbour, by Kagle, dam by Sir Archy 1 ? ? J. B Burbiidge's gr. c. Malcolm, by Gray ?agle, dam by Bertrand Idle. Liu I ock's ch. f., by imp. Giaucoe, dam by Sir Chailes '. A die. Time, 4m 10s?4m 3s?4m fts. Track very heavy. The race tor to-day ought to draw a crowd. There are four entries. Victress, the Gray ?ajrie filly from Tennessee, haa been beaten but once. The other* are from our own State, and will give e good account of themselves. Steamboat Coli.isiom?Loss of Life.?Th* steamboat Santa (Jlaus, the mail boat, on her passage down on Friday night, came in contact with th* propeller Ocean, which pliea between this city and Phil adelphia, on her up trip. The collision took place i* th* Highlands, at two o'clock in the morning, a short di*> taace below West Point, at a short turn in th* river? both boats under headway, and not seeing each other until nearly tlio moment of contact. The larboard guard and wheel of the Santa Claus were carried away; and the barber, a colored man, who wa* sleeping in the (ha ving room directly over the guard, waa instantly killed, lie nas a wife and family at Poughkeepsie. The Hen drik Hudson coming down soon after the occurrence, Capt. Mrutteuden kindly stopped his boat, and taking the passengers on board, towed the disabled boat to Cald well's Landing, where she i* now lying ? Jltbany rfrgw, June H. Caution to Emigrants.?Emigrants are pour ing into our country by thousands a week. Scampi are reaping a rich harvest by their skilful idrii tape of their ignorance, and fleecing of them their herd dollars ai last ai they set Toot on our shores. Passage ticket! are seld them in New York, which they ere told will pay their fare through to Buffalo, but which they find of no value when they reach this city. ThU it but one way in which their scanty poakets are picked by sharpen. The citizens of New York are about calling a mooting for the purpose of taking measures to shield the ignorant and unsuspecting from the clutches of these heartless villains. It is high time something wta done.?Jllbony Cilixen, June 8. The Mormons.?According to the last report of the persons appointed for that purpose?made for the week ending the 33d inst?the Mormons continued to leave Nauvoo in great numbers? the ferry boat at Nau voo milking thirty-two trips per day, and at Fort Madison forty five. Kive hundred and thirty-nine wagons passed over during the week, which, at an average of thrae per | sons to eacn wagon, makes the total number leaving the State, one thousand six hundred and seventeen.?Si. Lou is Republican, May 30. Escape AVDRK-r aiturk or Convicts at Clinic* Prison.?On the l.?t inet., about noon, John Lin coln, Silas Cooper and James Kemp, three of the detpc rate convicts who have given so much trouble at that prison, seized a ladder which was in use for painting the cornice, ran with it te the pickets and went over tLen under a fire from t! roe guards. Kemp end Cooper es caped without injury?Lincoln was shot through the cheek with a liuck shot. The convicts rtn through th* woods for life and the Queen's dominions. And immedi ately puriuit instituted, liefore night they were all tbree returned to the prison and are now toiliujr with ehaved heads and a heavy ball and chain to their legs. The convicts have a perfect contempt lor muskets, but ere in great dread of tw o or three guards armed with rifles. The agent is endeavoring to procure rifles for *11 the guards.?I'lathburgh Republican. ?Supeemk Court?Special Tkhm Mr. Juatioe Jewett presiding-?Saturday, June 6.?Gerald v?. Hlgble?Motion to aubititnte a referee; gri>i'od. Pbc* et al. t*. Christie?Motion for leave touiw record; or dered to *tand over to next ipecial term; i.. .uufl'to pay cost*, (7. Livennore adi. Carey?Motif to change venue denied, with coitf, without prejndlc Myeri aae Spear et ul.?Motion to net aside default, lit granted oa termi, cauie referred. Poit, jr. vi. Height?. 'otlon to set aside precept; granted with coiti; no action for Mao imprisonment to be brought Mofllt, adminiitrator, kc. vi. Sibley et a!.?Motion for defendant to appear and plead to aci fa. after publication; granted. In the matter of an attachment again*! Stafford, attorney?Motion that attorney pay over money in twenty dayi, or that an at tachment issue; granted. Frott ad*. Spoon*r?Motion noticed for thi* term; ordered to Hand over to ae?t ape rial torm. Stewart ad*. Van Aukia et al ? Mettea to rhangc venue; denied with coata, without prejudice. Olmatead ad*. Aynder?Motion to *at aaide rata for Jadg mcnt, kc.; denied with costs, without prejudice. Wood ad*. Krench et al.?Motion to change venue; granted. Kerguion ad*. Brown?Motion to aet aaide axecutloai denied. Skillman v*. Havena?Motion to *at aaida de fault of plaintiff" for not replying, kr , granted oa term*. Sammoti* ad*. Waller?Motion (or judgment, aa in caaa of nomuit; denied with co*t*. Pateraon at al. ad*. Bang* et al.?Motion taken by default at thi* term; opened aad ordered to itand over to next ipecial term. Clark et al. ad*. Silliman et al ? Motion for judgmei.t aa la oaae of nonsuit, he., denied with coat*. Ma<on vi Hooper?Mo tion ex-parte, for a commission to take a demolition for a motion; granted. Dek&Vj vi. Tobey; two ca*ee?Motioa to vacato an erder foi re-argument, tic,; j" anted by coa sr nt Thorn and wife. ? ?. Dillinglif n, o:.. cutor, tut.? Motion to let aaide judgn i>nt i ? \ for leere to makee new one; granted. Das* ?di. (iuuld et aL *urvivor*, kc ?Motion to let aiide default, kc., granted on termi. Lathrop adi. Brcttoll?Mo.ion for judgment ai in eeee of nonsuit; granted by default. Wbitcomb ada. F.o*t?Mo tion for leave to defendant to annex to hi* pleaa a spatial notice, kc., granted on term*. White and wife v*. Oaao Motion to act aaide an order granted at la-, apodal term; granted with coit*, and that iilaintifl* ahow cause at neat ?|iecial term why aecurity for cost* ihould aot be filed. Williams, impleaded, kc. ada. Atweter et al motioa for judgment aa in caae of noniuit, granted, unlea* plaiaUfl stipulate and nay cost*, kc. Supervisor* of Sullivan Co. ad*. The People ex rel. Quinlan?motion that defendant* have until ne*t December ipecial term to make return to mandnmu*, granted. Waterman ada. Charlea?motioa for judgment of non pro*., denied with coata. Poet ada. tallli et al?motion to *et aaide execution, (ranted. Opdyka ad*. Miller and wife?motion for two commiaaiona, graat ed by default Viele v*. Hough et al?motioa for rater ence, granted. Hunt ad*. Partridge?motioa to chaag* venue, granted by default. Damela et al. ada. Myera et al?motion to vacate default, kc., graated with coata, by delault. Denufe ad*. Pike - motion to revive thia rait la the name of Martin Dayer adminiitrator, kc., graated by default Duncan ad*. Cuddy?motion for judgment aa la ca*e of nonsuit, granted by default Footer ada. Footer? motion to aatiafy anil cancel judgment, granted by de fault. Bradley ad*. Potter?motion for judgment a* ia caae of nonsuit, granted by default. Roger* ait*. Kimball ?do. do. do. William*, impleaded, kc., ads. Atwater et al.?order for coat* agalnat plaintiff* for not making mo tion.?Jllbtny Jfrgm. TO MECHANICS. A LAW has been peaaed, authorising the formation o| a Corp* of Sapper*, Miners and Pontoaier*, or Ea<iae*i Soldier*. TS* company will eo??i?r oflte mee, vtt? It aer leuiti or maater workmen; 10 corporal* or overaeer*; two M nJb.*.. ..t ?!>? Araf r ail. Of iftlflfPrt. Ufl M

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