Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 22, 1846, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 22, 1846 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. JAME8 GORDON BENNETT, PROPRIETOR. Olroul&tioB?Forty Thousand. 1L>~AU letters or communications, by mail, ddressed to <h? establishment, man be po*t pud, Or the postage will b? I Proprietor the the New Yofti Hi Nank-Wati (dimr< DAILY Rfc, tlALD?Every day, Woo 3 emm pot copy?F? p?r <*>Py?$3 uk CNttMT annum?payable ui advance. ADVERTISEMENTS at the una prices'?always cask w?rTS?TINO of all kind* executed with beauty aad dae PMch. ? SACHEM'S IfEAD. THE Hotel at this healthful and favorite watering place. (situate on lha Souud, about IB miles from New Haven.) will rc-open on the lit of Julyneit. accommodation* having been found entirely insuffi cient tor the nuuieroui applicants lait season. very large ad dition* and imp'orement* bare bfen made. Convenient and airy apartment* may bow be obtained on early application. The Sea Bathing i* <afe aad convenient, and warm aalt and freiK water bath* can at all time* be had. Fine Boat*, for Miling and ftshiug exeuraious, always in rssdineaa. Carriage* in waiting on the arrival of the It earn boat* at New Haven, to convey passengers to the Head ; aad the railroad and ateamboat fare*hare been greatly reduced. jklt 1 w?re iNfcW lebani>n springs. COLUMBIA HALL.MarlS.lMfi?lliis favorite place of r**ort l* now opau and raadyfor the reception ofcom nanv, being under the management of it* old (proprietor, ieurj Hull. Presuming on hi* long experience a* a caterer for the travelling public, he intend* that the management of (he eatabliahment ahall be anoh a* to meet the want* of the mo*t faatidiou*, whether tarrying for the aeaion or a ahorter Iteridd. Jei Imrc HENRY HULL. FOK SALE OR TO LET, The Modern built three etory brick houae, SIS Adam* 1 street, Brooklyn. If not aold by private sale, it will be , . disposed of at public auction, on the ISth day of May next. Hall'of the purchase money can remain on mortgage,, for a term oi year*. Application to he made en the premise* >13 Adams St.. Brooklyn. *4 lm*TC FOR SALE OK TO LEASE, IN BROOKLYN. JaA VAN BRUNT'S HOTEL, No. 33 Fulton street, plw (northeasterly side,) five doom from Falloc Ferry, is Jiil^ now offered for sale or to leaae. The house iiKbyti feet, I'qur storiee high, containing 13 rooms, aad beinc; on the greatest thoroughfare in Brooklyn ia a good location for many kinds of btuiaeaa. Possession given immediately. For particulars, inquire oa the premises of GEO ROE VAN BRUNT. Brooklyn, May tS, IM. my* Ira" re ROOMS, FURNISHED OR UNFURNISHED. TO LET?In a smsll and most delightfully situated house, near the Washington Parade Ground, one or two rooms, with or without fall or partial board. No Hoarders or lodgers are in the house, uor will be taken. Trie family at present eoaaista of enly three grown persons. To single gentlemen, or a gentleman and laay, desirons of living tu a private family, and in a pleasant, quiet, and hand aome location, this offer* an opportunity but rarely met with. The entire half of tHV house will be let to a desirable tenant, without children. Address B. T. at the desk of this olfiee. my 19 tf rrc tjrbNLVS OOSSAMEK HATiS, ri WBIGH1NG from 7% to 3X ouuees. Price only $3SO. It is about two years srace the Gossamer Hat was first introduced by tlia subscriber to the notice of the New York public, as i he lightest, the most desirable, an J the most tasty article for niumer wear heretofore iu use. The astonishing success attcsidiug them, evinced by the ?straordiuory I arse amount of sales, and the popular approba tion bestowed upon them by the many who nave giveu them their patronage, have not been lost upon Lhe subscriber, who, to show that he is ever anxious to excel in his art, now pre sents for public patronage the Gossamer hat. much lighter and more pleasant than any other ever before offered. They are not liable, like the Leghorn and Panama, to lose either shape or color from expoeure to the rain. They cannot be soiled by either perspiration or oil from the hair, so commonly the case with other Hata. for the much admired style of trimmings, originating with the proprietor, effectaally prevents all this. This is a decided advantage over all other hats. The public are invited to call and stie this article at J. N. GENIN'S Hat and Cap Store* my37 lm?rc 314 Broadway, opposite St. Paul's Chareh ? WATTRIPONT & CO., m FASHIONABLE HATTERS, f* Jpn S3 Nassau street, near Fulton, New York. THE subicrilier* beg to call the atten tion of the public to the qualityof their various kinds of Hata of their own manu facture. Tliey have just received a small supply of superior moleskin, now used by the most fnshionabte hatters in Pans, a sample of which they will feel much pleasure in showing to those who will favor them with a call, lhe uudersigneu do not pretend to sell at 35 or even 10 per cent less than any | other establishment: neither can they boast ot having a splen did store: but they flatter themselves that the quality and finiah ol'their Hata will give entire satisfaction, at the prices clmnied. They have adopted the French style of trimming the sum mer hats, which is a preventive to the perspiration coming Okrough and spoiling the beau'y * ot their appearance. M. B. WATTRIPONT, mr 35 lm*m WM. H. JAMES. SUMMER HATS. ECONOMY AND FASHION. fl ROBERTSON'S PHENIX HAT AND CAP iff* MANUFACTORY", 103 Fulton street.?The under signed bespeaks the attention of the public to the quality of hi* Summer Hsu, (guesting tlie various properties usually souglu lor by the man of taste, they have the additional merit of being 2'i per cent below the standard prices. Ther are es sentially similar in material, workmanship, and finish, to the articles manufactured by (he more spleudid establishments of Broadway; and on a close comparison of their respective material difference can be perceived, except in the single particular that the subscriber naa adopted a style of trimming, which effectually prevent* the perspiration ol the forehead lrom striking through, and impairing the s|> pearance. Their average weight is from JK to 3k: ounecs?being much lightei* than substantial Leghorns, or Panamas. Person* of taste and judgment, who are influenced in their purchases by consideration* of cost, are invited to examine them, and to establish, by the test of comparison, their precise value, com pared with the productions of other manufacturer*. mvZI lm*rc ROBERTSON. 103 Fulton street. S1JK1NG JrASHlOiN. r* BEAVER AND SILK HATS of the best quality and most approved shapes, are now ready Cor-.u*pection and ?ale at the old established price*. Best Beaver S< 50 8l'k H.6Wk, Merchants' Exchange, aI7 lm*rrc 40 William itreet. j. rule*. & ou. FASHIONABLE HAT STORE. rV THE SUBSCRIBERS having opened a HAT STORE d^*at No. 110 Fulton (trest, coruer of Dutch street, respect fully solicit the patronage of their old customers and the pub lic. They will constantly keep on hand a complete assort* ment of Hats, Cape. Umbrellas, be., lie., of the latest style, and will sell at the lowest puces. Single hats made to order at the shortest notice. ICHABOD PRICE. my* lm*r THOS. SHANNON. SPRING FASHION. BROWN k. CO., 178 Chatham Square, comer of Mott J^^street, wish to inform the public of their recent improve ment in the manufacture and fiiHsh of their S3 lists, combin ing fashion, beauty and durability, three important considers tieus to the wearer. The proprietors do confidently assert their hats to be much superior to any ever before sold for the aame price. Call and satisfy yourselfof this fact. m20 lm*rh EXCELSiOKT r? ROBERTSON'S PH(ENIX fl| HAT AND CAP MANUFACTORY 104 FULTON ST.. BETWEEN NASSAU and WILLIAM. THE proprietor of this establishment ha* recently added to his extensive stock of spring good*, an assortment of Moleskin Hats, of exquisite finish and superior elegance. The price of tnese really superb articles i* only $3 50,oeing SIM less than the same goods (manufactured in the same manner and of similar material) are sold in Broadway. The secret of this great disparity in price may be eaiily conjectured. The advertiser's expenses being but a tithe of those of the more spleudid establishments in iiroadway, be is in consequence enabled to offer goods of a corresponding description at lower rates. s 23 lm'rc GENTLEMEN'S SUMMER HATS. BIRD.CORNER PINE AND NASSAU STREETS, INVITES the attention of his customers and the pub lic to his assortment of summer Hats, consisting, among others, of white and pearl color fur Hats, exceedingly light; Panama, Manilla, Canadian Straw Hats. Also, extra light, black beaver and moleskin Hats, expressly adapted to the summer seaaoa. mvW im*rc BIRD, comer Pine and Nassau sts. KiSOA'O 81>MMKK ST IL I. OK HATS are now ready for inspection and sale, (at No. ISO Fulton *treet. Sun Buildings.) consisting ofOregou nearer white and blue brush Hats, a Targe assortment of gentlemen'* Panama and Leghorn Hat*. Also, a new style of boy'* summer Hate. Hats made to order at * very short notice. my IS lm*re luor aT THJa , . LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, if rou wants f fine article of Boots snd Shoes, call at 367 Broad wn\ . where you will find the largest assortment, cheapest, and m<.?i'asbion.ible in the c.iry. Do not mistake the number, 317 Broedway, corner of Y rannlui street. X. B.?a large assortment of imported French Boots, at the low price of idollars. M. CAHILL l? lm*? BUO'iSAKb SHi?k5" ?The pnbiie are invited to call and examine the Irrge assortment of Gentlemen's. Lailias' aad Misses' Boots, Shoe* tad (Jnttera, in all their varieties, which are to be found at the cheap cash ?tore of H. B1CKJ A VI, lm*r * Castal St.. corner Bnllivan. ~~ PREMIUM BOOTS. J FINE FRENCH BOOTS for SI M, ekr made, and are e<iunl to those sold in other *tove* tor $S. Fine Frmcn Calf Boots for S< M.enual to the beat made in this city for s? or $7, at YOLNO fc JONES' French t and Shoe Manufactory, one of the most fashionable in theciry Our Boots bavin* been judged in the late Fair at Niblo's, are said to be rhe Rest ever sold Hi thia City. All Boot* warranted to give sansfaeboa Mending, tic., doue in tlie Store. YOUNG k JONES, 4 An itreet. sH ImNear Broadway, New V ork kOU LIVKHPOUL?First Packet with dispatch. ? The first clsss fast sailing ship ELI/ABETH, Capt. ?Barclay, burthen 10*0 tons, will sail as above, her tt.uior day. Has very spacious accommodations in the first Cabin, in which passengers will be taken at the euttomary price chanted for the a,fond cabin. Peraoos intending to embari*, ?houlil embrace tins verv favorable opportunity, by making immediate application on board, at pier No. 9. East River, or u> Joseph m'.murkav, jelO cor ?f Pine and South it. JtS'C P/U KKTS FOR MARSElLLEK?The pneket *^?ihip < iASTON^Capiain F. Coulter, will sail on the JSMMlfa'at of July. For freight or passage apply to <H AM B ERL AIN U PHELPS, Iu3 Front St., or to je<i BQv" *? "'Mr-if f.N. t? Wall st. FOR LI VERPO ?'L^Njw Line-Regular pack 1 of the 2Gth The elegant, fast sailing pack t ship OAHRICK, B J. II. Trask, master, will *ai< a? ?oove, her regular day. kor freight n* passage, having ac commutations unequaifed for splendor or com fort, apply on board, at Orleans wharf, loot ol Wall street, or to E. K. COLLINS * CO., tt South st Price of passage 8100. . I'la it ship ROCK 1US. A. Eldndge. master, will *nceee< he <JF!?ick, and tail on the Mth July, her regular day. "?if 17rc long island railroad company. SUMMER JWRJUlQJtMXVT TRAINS RUN AS FOLLOWS, COMMENCING WED NESDAY, MAY U. I?? : Leave Bbooelv* at 7 o'clock. A.M. Boston tr hiforOrM* Fnrt, daily (eicet't Sunday*,) atopping U armiugdule anu St. Grorjra'i N.inor. " " at 9>j o' lock, A. M., for Fannin Jale and intermediate placet. " " at 3 P. M., throughto Greenport. iu' ping both ways at Jamaica. Branch. Hiclu\ ille, ? Fanmugdalr, and all the stations between Farmiugdale and Greeni>ort " " at i P. M.. for Farmiugdale and Interne diate placet. Leave Uaaawroa* at} o'clock, A. M. Accommodation train, ?taalff?(eicept 8 outlay t.) through to Brook lyn. " " Ml P. M., Boston train, or on the arrival of tt* iteunvr from Norwich, stopping at St. George's Manor and Kanniiigdal*. Leave Faihucdui at tU A. M?, Accommodation ttaia for Brooklyn. " at A- M. Greenport train, for Brooklyn. " " at Si P. M. Accommodation train, lor Brooklyn. Leave Jamaica at ( A. M. Accommodation ttmin, fjr Brook lyn. " at ?*??' A. M. Greenport train for IiiooMyu. " " at Sl? P. M. Accouutuuiatiun (rain, lo? Brooklyn. 44, Weatbury 44,Dick*ville 44, faruiinudale Deer P*rk 69, Thomiwon 88, Suffolk station $1. Lake Itoad station SI 1>}?, Vlrdford nation I! 18V, Y?t,i.aak $1 J74J, St. George's Manor $1 62^, Riverhead SI *i, , Janu-tport |l 68 U, Matte tuck SI 62K. Cutchogne $1 81%, Southpld tl 8#^, Greenport Accommodation train $174, Oreenport by Boston train $3 25. States are in readiness on the arrival ol trains at the several atati?ns, to take pasaengers at very low fares, to all parts ol the Island. Baggage Crates win be in readiness at the foot of Whitehall street, to receive baggage for the several trains. SO minutes before the hour of starting from the Brooklyn side. The steamboat " Statesman" leaves Grecuport for Sag Har bor twice each day, on the arrival of the trains from Brook lyu. mylOre _ TO WESTERN TRAVELLERS. rfHE Public is reapectiully lalormed that the recent break J. in the Canal, canned by the late freshet, having been re paired, the PIONEER It EXPRESS LINE, via Railroad and Canal from Philadelphia to Pittsburgh, commenced its regnlar trips for the season nn Monday, the 6th of April, leaviug the De|>ot, No. 2T4 Market street, DAILY, at ?E. thii ger of night travelling in coaches, both Railroad* being pufc ed in daylight. o'clock, A.M By this route passengers will avoid all the fatigue and dan ir of night travelling in coaehe*, both Railroad* beii I in dayl ight. For further information, apply at the old-established Office, 4 Market street, i doors above Eighth street. alO ?m?rrc A. B. CUMMINGS, Agent. LONG ISLAND RAILROAD COMrAN Y. EXPRESS MAIL Trains leave Whitehall, I ? I South Ferry, at7 A. M., for Boston?for *11 parts of the Island at 7 and 9K A M., and 4 P. M daily, ??r>cept Sundayi. a2l I rare OPPOSITION TICKET OFFICE-For the North and Weat. via Albany?Utica $2; Syracnae $2 25; Ojwego $2 60; Kington, U C., $4 50; Hamilton $5 50; Rochester (2 74: Buffalo (3; Cleveland, <>., S'> Ml; Fort<m,iuth S9; Detroit, Mich., ?<; Cincinnati f9; Mtlwankie $9; Chicago $D; Whitehall (2 50; Montreal $4 50; Fast line, and board to Buffalo $9 For pas sage appl ?? to 100 Barclay at., N. Y., M. L. HA Yr Agent. )e9 lw?r 1HL MUST DELIGHTFUL OF ALL EXCURSIONS. A SAIL acroaa the Hudson river to Hobo 'ltrn, and then a walk to the Elyaian Fieldi. .along I he exceedingly pictnie?iu? shores ol the place, will prove the moat easily accomplished and attrae five of all rnrutJ excursions tikat can be made from the city. The grounds now preaent a charming aspect, the treea be infin leaf, and the aoil covered with a rich turf. The walks are in excellent order, baring been considerably embellished the preaent spring. On every pleasant afternoon there will be in attendance at the Collounade Elyaian Field*, an excellent Band of Music, which Will perform aelectiona from the favorite Operas, popu Ur airs, marches, waltzes. Sic. The Ferry Boats from Barclay, Canal and Christopher Ms., are completely fitted ap with awnings and seau. NightBoats ran from Ho bo ken to Barclay street util 11 o'clock. ferriage' Sltf cents. ml 3m*r DAILY LINE OF BOATS BKTWKKN NEW YOHK AND 8TATEN ISLAND. - .. ? - XmBUJE. The steamboat* SYLPH, Captain J. Brais ted, and STATEN ISLANDER, Capuin D. Van Pelt, will leave as follows :? Leave Suteu Island at 6, I, 9, 10 and 11 A. M; at 1, 2,1,4,5, 6 and 7, P.M. l.eave New York at 7,9, 10, and 11, A. M. and 1,1,3,4,5, 6, 7 and past 7 P. M. All freight at the risk of of the owners thereof. j c 16 PEOPLE'S LINE OF STEAMBOATS FOR ALBANY, Direct?*>*ily, Sundayi ciaebted?at To'clock, P.M. From Steamboat pier between C?urtlandt and Liberty ilk Steamboat ROCHESTER, Capt. Alfred Houghton, will leave on Mouday. Wednes BBBswwa day, and Friday eveningi, at 7 o'clock. Steamboat HENDRIK HUDSON, Capt. R. O. Cruttenden will leave on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday evenings, at 7 o'clock. _ The above boats will, at all times, arrive in Albany in ample time for the morning cars for the east or west. Freight tsken at moderate rates, and none taken a/tar 5H o'clockTF. M. All i>ersons are forbid trusting any of the boats of tbis line, without a written order from the captains or agents. For passage or freight, apply on board the boats, or to P. C. Schultz, at the office ou the wharf. United States Mail Line. At S o'clock, P. M., Lmuling at Intermediate Placet. From the Foot of Barclay it., Steamboat HUDSON, Captain C. F. King, will leave on Mouday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday afternoon!, at 5 o'clock. Steamboat SOUTH AMERICA, Captain L. W. Brainard, will leave on Tuesday, Thursday ana Saturday afternoou, at S o'clock. ... Apply on board, or at the office on the wharf. jes MORNING LINK AT SEVEN O'CLOCK. FOR ALBANY AND INTERMEDIATE 'LANDINGS?From the Steamboat Pier at ,the loot of Barclay street. Breakfast and linuerou bonrd the boat. The new lew-pressure steamboat TROY, Captain A. Gorham, Monday. Wednesday and Friday Mornings 7 A. M. The steamboat NIAGARA, Tuesday, Thursday and Satur day mornings, at 7 A. M. I.anding it Caldwell's, Wegtpoint, Newburjth, Hampton, Poughkeeneie, Hyde Park. Rhiuebeck, U. Red Hook, Bristol, Catsklll, Hudson, Couackie, and Kin derhook. All goods, freight, bank bills, specie, or any other kind of | property, taken, put, or shipped on board this host, must be at the risk of tbe owners of suoh goods, freight, baggage, fcc. For passsge or freight apply on board, or at the office on the wharf. _ mv27 rrc_ NEW YORK. ALBANY AND TROY LINE. ?? FOR ALBANY AND TROY DIRECT, from the loot of Courtlandt street. Passengers taking this Boat will arrive in time to take the Morning Train of Cars from Troy west to Buffalo, and north to Saratoga, Whitehall and Lake Cham P^?he steamer EMPIRE, Captain R. B. Macy, leaves the foot ot Courtlandt street, on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday evenings, at seven o'clock, P. M. The Steamboat COLUMBIA, Capt. Wm. H. Peck, will leave the Pier foot of Courtlandt street, on Monday, Wednes day and Friday eveningi, at 7 o'clock. For Passage or Freight, apply on board, or at the Office on the wharf. Freight mast be Put in chain of the Freight Agent, or the Company will not nr responsible for loss. a20 tf FARE ONLY ONE DOLLAR FOR Deck Passeugers to Providence.?The well known and splendid steamer RHODE ISL AND, Captain Manchester, on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays ; and the MASSACHUSETTS, Captain Porter, on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. Leave Pier No. I North River, st 5 o'clock, P.M., for Boston, rfa" Newport and Providence. Fare to Boston, fl cabin ; $1 60 deck. rare lo Providence, SI 50 cabin ; SI deck. Freight taken at the lowest rates, and immediately forwarded. aayfO tm*rc FOR STATTEN ISLAND. _ On and alter Monday, Ihe 20th day of April, the Steam boats SYLPH and STATEN ISLANDER will leave New York and Suten Island as follows, until farther notice :? Leavo Statvn lalaud at 1,1,9, 10, 11 o'clock, AM.; 1, t, J! 4, I o'clock, P.Mi Leave New York, front Whitehall street, at 7, 9, 19*11 e'clock, A.M.; 1. J, 3. 4.5,7 o'clock, A.M. . On Sunda) a, the first boat from the island will leave at I A "? "r>rkat9A.M. the owners thereof allrc BRITISH AND NORTH AMERI CAN ROYAL MAIL STEAM SHIPS, of 1)00 tons and 440 horse Dower, each on der contract with tbe Lords of the Adsai ? tally. "*9*1 HiUtKMA ..Capt. A. Ryrie. BRITANNIA Capt. J.Hewitt' Caledonia ?apt- e. o. Lott. AC A 1*1 A Capt Wm. Harrison. CA.nUKIA.. Capt.C. II. E- Judkins. Will aail from Liverpool and Boston, via Halifax, as fol low* :? raoMsosTon. rnex LirxarooL. Caledonia July I, 1B|6. Britanmi " 19, " Britannia " i?, ?' lUssACC Mower, From Boston to Liverpool $130. From C ^stou to Halifax 20. Theae ahipa carry experimeed aurgeona. No bertha se cured until paid for. No freight, except specie, received on the days of aailing. For freight, paaaage, or any other information, apply to _ ? _D BRIGHAM. Jr., .^eat my2l rc At HARNDKN It CP'S. ? WaUat ..FOR NE>V ORLEANS, LOUISIANA AND I New York Line?Positively first Regnlar Packet ,To sail Monday,.Mth Instant. The elegant fast sail . et bark GENESEE, Gregg muter, will positively ssil as ahove, her regular day. For freight or passage, having handaome furnished accom modations, apply ou board, at Orleans wharf, Toot of Wall st , or to E. K. 4. OLl.INS fc CO 5? South st. Positively no goods received ou board after Haturday even ing, 27th mat. Agent in New Orleans, James E. Woodruff, who will promptly forward all goods to his sddress PscketshipLOUISVILLE. Huut, master, will suceeed the Genesee, and aail Monday, July 10, her regular day. jeJI m FOR LiVerMol?New Line?Regular Packet of 21st June.?The superior fast sailing packet ship (ROCHESTER, 100 Ions burthen, 4 apt. John Brit ton, will sail as above. he*regular day. For freight or passage, hiring elegant and superior secom modatious, apply on l>?ard. west tide of Ptuling alip, or to W^ODHULL * MINTURN,?7 Rouih street. The psek?l ship HOTTjNGC'ER, I05u tons, Captain In Burster, will succeed the Roclieater, and sail on her regular day, list July. mv2J UNITED STATES k GREAT BRITAIN k IRELAND OLD ESTABLISHED EMIGRANT FITCE.?The SulMcritrers are prepared to bring M., and the first boat from Nee* York at 9 A.M. N B -All freight at the risk of out passengers by any ol the Line o4' Packets sailing every five daya ; and drafts ran, aa usual, ha faruislied. payable throughout tbe United Kingdom, ha further particulars apply to JOHN HERDMAN It Co.. mv7 , t , <1 South street. ^Urnuk-Je eneea II Notice to the public in ueneral.-th? snbecriber, ilW eslanruig hi* premises, it ?o* prepared lo CIm Carpets of every oeseriptiou, from 18 to M ywds, without raping. Ingrain fiW cents per yard; Brussels ? cents per r>n;Hiin Rugs/Table Covert ud Hhawls cleaned, bum 26 10 75 cents; Dienn dyed or wMMi ttcm Sfcntt t# 11, Coats cleaned or dreesed, fron M cant* to SI; niits do, fiom 25 to 5# cent*. T. SMITH. ? Allen street. N B ?Tfrmi exh. lm?re GERMAN SILVER. JAMES 0. MOHYET, No. ?? PHooo stiyet. second block west of Broadway, i? constantly maiiufaeturiqc German Silver, of various numbersand widths, which he will warrant to be equal to any, either foreign or domestic, for quality, and which he will sell at wholesale or rflail, at reduced prices. P. 9.?All roods sold will be delivered in any part of (he city, or Brooklyn, free of expense ai lm*m TO SILVERSMITHS AND THE TRADE IN GENERAL. GARLICk It CO., PLATE,, CHEST and DRESSING Case Manufacturers far thii last nine years in Fnlton afreet, Veg moat respectfully to inform their customers, thai they hare removed to II and *> Liberty street, near William street, up stairs, where they will coutiuue to manufacture the above article*. Also, tosuw*ly country manufacturers with Brass Bandings. Orunmeuu, lulays, fcc., and every kind of Ewers' Canteens wd? to order myO lw*r L. DUGAN it BROTHERS, CJLATERS, No. 438 Jirapuie street. cprocr of Broadway, Q New York.?New Roofs put an in Uu best manner, and old Roofs repaired <uij wauajiUid tight. Orders reoeired at the above place, and Mr. P. ulark's, X Henry street, will be punctually attended to. mytt lm* ro TO DEALERS 1M WOOLLENS. HMIOEON It CO., 311 West street, Re-Aiiiahera of ? Cloths, Casainivro ami 3auoets. The gold Modal has been awarded to H. M. Cut tLo improvement la re-tnishing Woollea Goods. Refers to Messrs. WolooU Ci Slade, tl Pine street; William C. Langley k Co., it E&ohance Place, corner of Broad street; and to D. Brigham It Co., tit Pine street, whore order* nay be left. myl lm*r TO DEALERS IN FISHING TACKLE. LARGE assortment of China Grass Fishing Lines, and Salmon and Trout Milk Worn Gutt. to suit city or coun try dealers, fcvery article iu fishing tackle will be found at reasonable prices,at CONROY'8 Kishins and Sporting Tulu* St Knttnn St.. enmer nf?TI4W al 1tnfcv<? A reasonable prices,at CON ROY'S K whine and Sporting Tacluo KaraMi.hmmst. M ?'Hltnn St.. earner of t"i<T al 1m*Tl? PA. 1k L. DKLMONICO, are happy to inform their ? friends and the public, that their uew Hotel in Broad way, No. ?5 corner of Moms street, is now completed and will be opened ou the 1st of June next No liains have beeu spared to render it one of the moet com fortable iu the city, and persons desirous of a permanent home, as well as strangers merely passing oy, will hud all their wauts and comforts attended to with the moet strict attention, my M lm*r country MERCHANTS ISITING the eity of New York, are invited to call and examine the complete and extensive stock of Account Books, Stationery, Paper, Notorial, and Letter Copying Presses, Gold Pens, Quills, Inks sud Fluids, ? Ill other articles *oid i - V AND iLL OTHER articles pold by STATIONERS, At tkt Lowett Pott Me Print. RICH It LOUTREL, (1 William at., mil lm'rae one doorhelow Cedar. "jeffersonTnsurance company, Office No. SO Wall sr., orrosiTE thcIMochikti' Exchange. THIS Company contiunes to insure against lose or damage by Fire, on dwelling homes,warehouses, buildings iu ge neral, goods, wares and merchandise, and every description o personal property; also against loss or damage by inland na vigation and transportation. DIRECTORS. Thomas W. Thome, ElishaRiggs, Thomas T. Woodruff, Anson Baker, R. R. Rohson, M. D. Joseph Drake, Thomson Trice, Joseph Allen, Moses Tucker, Jomes K. Holme*, Johu R. Davison, John P. More. John 11. Lee, William K. Tliora, Caleb K. Tuuin, Thomas Morrell, K*rancis P Sage, Eugene 1~ John C. Merntt, Robert 8mit! THOMAS W. THORNE, President. GEO. T. HOPE. Secretary. *M tfre N MONEY LENT. THE Subscriber continue* to idruce the higheat price, at the old-eatabled office, 232 William street, on gold and silver watches, diamond*. plate, jewelry, wearing apparel, dry goods, furniture, and all personal property. 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' Tit* Eftet of HtfubllcuiUm In Kuro|?e? 11m DripcpUc Condition of the Canadians. [From the Liverpool Albion, Jane I ] Though the threatened war between the United States and Mexico wan expected hourly to break into open con flict, it must be confessed that tne newt brought by the Cambria, of tho actual commencement of hostilities by the Mexicans, justified the surprise with which it was . erery where received. The concentration af forces at Corpus Christi, and the subsequent encampment of Unit- ' ed States troops on tho left bank of the Del Norte, show ed that Brother Jonathan cared not If he precipitated an appeal to arras on the instant The general feeling was, ' however, that Mexico, conscious of weakness, would " fight shy," which means, would not fight at all if she could help it But it appears tliat there is in the Mexi caasallthe proneness to strife that existed in the old 1 Spanish and Moorish blood, and tho same hot-headed heedlessness of calculation and recklessness of conse quences. Dashing at a temporary succoks, they have rushed, like the bold but heedless rat, within the very uaws of Grimalkin, who will play with them no longer; but, putting forth her might, will crush and grind them to hor own purposes. Notwithstanding the statements that have reached this country of the Inglorious supine noss of the American multitudes in regard to the call made upon their valor, there can'be little doubt of the issue of the contest. Mexico is no match for the United States; and the latter will, undoubtedly, put forth all her ener gies to bring the struggle to a snoedy termination. She is bound to this by every consideration. She wishes to show a bold front to England and France, and to con vinco the nations of Europe of her strength and resourc es. If, therefore, she cannot overthrow so feeble an op ponent aa Mexico, almost without ail effort, her profu sions to measure swords with any of the great European powers, waild, in future, be ridiculous. But there can not be a dokbt on the subject. The conflict will be short and decislw; for It is plain the President, the Senate aud the people foul the absolute necessity of putting forth their best vigor. That they havo done so, should not, we think, create in this country either uneasiness or ap prehension. If the surprise with which the Americans would, naturally, hear of the blow wliieh had been struck by Mexico, were even unmingled with indigna tion, it is not possible to suppose that they could allow the assault to go unrepelled. They were bound to light, and with thoir passions kindled by the suddon and unex Sected reverse which they had experienced, what won er if the call to arms was loud and angry, and the de sire to inflict chastisement general! Their licld-marshal too, not a very able one, it appears, was in jeopardy; he must bo released 1'iom his perilous position, aud as war had now become Inevitable, who will say that the Ameri cans ware unwise in determining to make as short work of it as possible? In the causes which have led to these events wo do not think our transatlantic brethren have acted with perfoct Justice ; but, as we fancy to see some tolerably large beams in the eyes of John Bull,* we will e'en refrain from a too microscopic scrutiny into the blemishes of Brother Jonathan. We are assuredly no friends to war ; but as it has been provoked, we can net expect that a nation should sit still and be beatan, es pecially by one of inferior power. Our relatives, the Vankees, will defeat the Mexicans long before danger caa arise from the interference of European power, even if any nation in this hemisphere were inclined to be troublsd with the question. The boundary will then be permanently settled ; and it is to be hoped tho foderal government will show both generosity and good feeling in Ms adjustment The general fear is, that the lust for territory, which has been so largely displayed by the Americans lately, will load them either to continued acts ef aggression, or to seek a boundary which may call forth indignant remonstrance, ?nd endanger tho jicace of the world. We do not snare this apprehension. Our opinion is, that the American government will seek the boundary which TJsoy have all along determined upon obtaining. Ther will " go," as they term it, for tliis, and they will be successful, for they have power if not justice. That the belligerent spirit thus roused will ren der war with i'.ngland more imminent we da not believe. In rushing to war with. 'Mexico, Jonathan goes to certain victory over a feeble foe who has insultod nim ; ho goes to obtain a certain settlement of old scores and an ad justmeut of differences on his own terms. With England lis an* autre ehott entirely. In the ono case it is but reducing to subjection an unruly infknt; in the other, it would be to join in a_ death struggle with a giant. A few millions of dollars will sottlo the broil at Jonathan^ back door ; the cost of a contest with tho world for an arena cannot be estimated. Our brother will think twice be fore ho holds forth the hatchet of dollanco to England. [From the London Globe, May 39.] The United State* make* hat to to declare themielTci at war with Mexico. The headlong precipitation of General Taylor hat brought about a collision, and Pre tident, Senate, and House of Representative* concur in making the rooit of it. Home four or five hundred Ame rican* hare been vaporing on tho Mcxican frontier, at they would *ay ? considerably within the frontier,at the Mexicaut, with some show of reason, aver?and con ducting themselves with tar lest prudence than inso lence, have been signally outgonerailed and beaten.? Sixty or seventy men have been kiilud or taken prison er?, and the ro*t hemmod in between Impenetrable thicket*, and a broad river, with a small supply of pro . visions, and no meant of increasing it. Politically apeak ing, it is clear enongh they bad no right to advance to tike Rio Grande. The territory beyond the Nuece* it by no means clearly a part of Texas. Even in a milita ry point of view, the expedition ha* no excuse. Nothing could have been gained by it, unle** forcing the Mexi can* to blows ia to be deemed a gain. General Taylor seem* to have neglected every pre oMtoon usual with military men under the circumstances in which be waa placed and to have been quite a* care lea* about the mean* of making good hi* advance a* his government was of founding it upon any just or even plausible view of national right. The strip of territory between the Nuece* and the Rio Grande, confetsedly debateable ground, i* neither set led nor cajiaDle of being so at present. It is of no pre sent value to either party ; and, had common senae pre vailed in tho deliberations of the American ruler*,would have been uted rather a* a convenient barrier againit the encroachment* of a proud, weak and jealous neigh bor, than as an object ol contention, afterevery thing of real value baa been gained in the annexation of Texas in the bulk. To march a fewhumlred men through itt untrodden wildt for no better purpose than that of threatening a frontier town, and making offensive demonstration! o! a desire to seize at once what neither had yet established a right to, can only be regarded a* indicative of a desire to avoid an amicable settlement of the dispute. And the readiness with which tile people of the United States, by their representatives, both local and federal, instantly vote money and volunteer military service to follow up, without further parley, a first blow so ill struck, forces us to the conclusion that General Taylor, and those who lent him to Matamoras, are neither mora ready to rush into bloody and bootless contention, nor more scrupulous abont a pretext for doiug it, than the mass of those who must ultimately pay the penalty of the folly ; for injustico and rashness liavo their i>eiialties, even for a nation of republicans ; and rifles and dollars innumerable will not ward them oil'. The rush to arm* throughout the Southern States, and the contemplated descent upon Mexico, ara not jus tified, even in the lieat of national excitement, by the concurrence ol the American statesmen best entitled to the confidence ol their country. It ii a mob movomont ?an outbreak of that vain, unjust and eggreitivo spirit which Mr. Polk and hit party have been se long nursing and pandering to, for the sake of a temporary populari ty Tbis has been waiting an occasion for explosion ever since lta first considerable excitement by the difficulties of the Oregon question ; and we do not expect that it will he louud more respectable in its result than in its origin. Mexico may l>e invaded and overrun and an nexed ; but it ii not within the range of |>oiiibility that an undertaking to ill begun can be conducted or con. oludad with any credit to its promoter!. As the all'air standi at preient, there ii every prospect of a long and deiultory war, stopping all peacelul occu pation within tome hundreds ol milei on each lido of the Moxican boundary, and destroying much life and pro perty to very little purpoie. The commerce of Mexico will be til but annihilated ; and as she will not hesitate to grant letter* of marque to all who deem it worth while to plunder American shipping, the damage in this retpect will no doubt be mutual. The catry ing trade of Great Britain will benefit by the safety adorned by her flag, and much of the foreign trade of botu couutriei wiil protect ittelf in tfaii way : but tho coasting trade of tho United States alone will afl'ord a rich harvest to those who may be disposed to retaliate at sea the anti Mexican torayi of the Mitiiiiippian volunteer*. Rough and ready as are 'he Western Vankiet, the roving beroet of the ritle and the bowie knife, it seems they cannot go on without sundry vote* of dollar* ; and theie will hard ly flow Iraely, when it it discovered that the heroitm tney feud puts in jeopardy some ten times the value in Hon r b4rr?U and cotton bags. Doliin-aie the fruit of commerce, and war blights the crop. While the United States voinutecrs are overrunning sandy plains and cap turing lliiCkots in the interior, other volunteers may be culling tiom " assorted caixees," and making rates ol insurauce lulnous on the coast. The cost of the war t<> either party most, in auy event, K?osit of all proportion to the gain ; *nd the U uued States may be effected to suiter most, a* being most extensively vuluetable, and to lose molt, a* having moil exposed to depredation. [From the Montreal Ilerald, June 17.] It mav havo been ohsorved that our esteemed Wash-" ingtuu corietpondent, in hit I ait letter, blames the Cana dian prett lor having lrtutedto General Taylor, and his "army ot occupation," \uat " mt>ed of fiifr acknowledg ment," to which he considers them entitled Now, be foro receiving our (nand's, perhaps natural and just, coui|daint, we had tluown together the following re marks upon tho subject to which he alludes?we shall not caacci them? " A* want of caador really U not right"? and, if our " separated brethren'' wiil indulge in tnun- > (Aou?em'?m, they must be contented to pay the penalty? ; the rest of the world will not tmother their laughter to ! please them. The bluster alid bravado of " our neighbors" about the " two uemendous battles on the Rio- Grande," strongly demonstrate the tact, that the noisiest persons are usually those who have toael to boast ol. btrt any one who cheeee* to take the trouble, make a stoity ot the two "tremendous" battles, even lrom the tx pari' statements thaMu<v?-yet reached us, and theie can no other eonclnsion-t?e arrived at, than that the declara tions aliont the very severe fighting leportcd to have taken place, are Very windy ailairs. The lo<tf on the first day in Uuneral Taylor'* army, was only 65 killed and wounded ; m the aecond battle, about 200. These tncta alone, tleaioaitrale that theie ' could not have been very hard fighting. kThcic lossea were chiefly indicted by artillery fire, i There waa Utile or no hand-to-hand fighting. A letter ' lrom an American officer describing the severe battle, ?ay a, "at thu moment the Mexican* gave way entirely, throwing down their arm*, flying in every direction, leaving *11 their store*, arm*, standards, fcc." The mo '* " " i* TS4"* - ment alludod to was, when the infantry was advancing toward! them, after the Moxican gun* had been raptured Surely, there wai no vary desperate lighting there. The fact g'oa* to prove the Mexicans vary indifferent troops, and that is all. No great prowess was demanded to beat them. It would be extremely ridiculous in any one to deny our neighbors the rapacity to light and win great battles, equally with the conquerors at Marengo, Jena, Leipaic, or Waterloo | but it is supremely ludicrous to hear such paltry affairs as those on the Kio Grande, with such a paltry en?my as Ampndla's Mexicans compared with those great feats of arms. An extract from a long letter, from one of the " heroic officers" engaged In the rights, inform us, that the Ame rican infantry threw themselves into square* against the Mexican cavalry, thus It thus appears, that not a man waa injured by theso balls, and yet the " standing pa'iently and coolly, under such a Are, is described, as the best evidence of invinci ble courage that troops can give." If thfttis the best evi dence, what sort of evidentn wus afforded by the British squares at Waterloo, of which many had one-half their numbers killed and wounded, without Aring a shot, stand ing patiently uniler the lire of Napoleon's artillery for hours. Again, the Mexican cavalry, it would seem, only threatened a charge, thua The truth hi, thoro must bo something in the atmos phere of America, very encouraging to gaaconado. It would be idle aud preposterous to question the soldier like qualities of Americans, but their bragging is enor mous, certainly. [Krom the Kingston (Canada) Whig, Juno 16.] We expressed an opinion during a very eiuiy stage of the Mexican war, that the impoverished and distracted Mexicans could not stand for a moment beforo the nume rous aud well-appointed troops of the United States. The event has fully justifiod our prediction?the Mexicans have reti.-ed before the face of the American army, and it is extremely doubtful whether any further resistance can bo maintained by the conquored. That any credit is due to the United States for this victor}' is utterly out of the question. With twenty millions of souls at their back, and a full treasury, they have beaten an enemy, previously beaten by the Texans, with a population of Lardly as'many thousands in the whole province, and not a dollar at command. A mighty tine thing to brag about. It is quite evident that military glory is a new thing to the Great Republic. It is now highly problematical that Great Britain or Franco will not interfere in this quarrel, save to make peace ; for the English minister at Wash ington having proposed to settle the Oregou difficulty, on terms more favorable to the United States than previ ously submitted, it does not seom likely that any serious intention exists in Europe of interfering in transatlantic affairs, more tlutn is compulsory. [From the Kingston (Canada) Whig, June 17.] Wa may perchance be reckoning without our host. What Great Britain and the other great European Kwors may do, wheu they hear of the attempted spo tion of Mexico, remains to be teen. Should they maintain a neutral position, the United States will quick lv finish her robbery, and all will be well for a time, gut should they attompt remonstrance, they must be prepared to back that remonstrance with an armed force; lor nought but brute strength can now restrain the Uuited States from the annexation of the Californias to the Great Republic. Like a young bull-dog, that has just tasted blood, nothing will stay the desire forcou quast, murder, and rapine, but a good thrashing, aud that only while the smart of the blows is felt. The mail of tho 4tu June will partially inform us aa to the temper of the European powers, ipp"1 orB^..?h'"sr.^:r.u?? i. r AuiTiw Krumi, Judo a. 1846 ThoK? *Clarod Wa,r 8K*'n,t U"> republic of Mej^o' oJ?h^Vr.?iViU ?main 40 re'?U from thia unhappy SSrh* o*u?rf !3F*a=?sffi5s3? SgpiSB ofTtho CgwZTonn^?^ th,aton 8n examination I ss^SSS^r ? so deeply rooted hut thai *kn ainst Mexico, is not Rood office. between th? ? frwndly intorpoaition of rrit*" *tsr.sua;,r?,5J s??a?^"w!? u- ??-??. >?.?. of tho United Sfctc. become^n*iM " ?f|tb? Con?rOH,i Union." But it iimwiifMt tw .?. eRral I,art of tho of the Union mu.t docidld bv thi" Knty ?J, ,hi* P!,rl I tion of that State Mvtonaf? V. ? ?coKr?Phical po.i mother county, /here J. not a "j0 li.hed previous to the separation of thl ,L^ ?ti ** that doe. not a..i? U? SSsSHg December, 1838, Texa. being at that tim. li ' n t ou again.t the Darent Rt. . .fcVi. , , 0 in,">?urrec having been ^knowhsdged by any not jjpo" a title of ,uch questionable validity it i? tha^thn I nitod State* ha. thought fit to direct ititn.nn , 533SS^?5SS5 tSS?S to i what e'xcu"able' 'h^31"'! . '5 bfc" co??"'cre,i some 5rs?rs???' sr :^.SL9SS a moral .ympathy i? any quarter It How matterof i MtfiSs examined, they were found to be nearly all tho<p nf ?tranger., and not of native Texan,. y ? ?f ^Aoc'iation"^^ V?' ,Sonlh American and Moxican I he ( ommittce do not conceal that it if from tim a '"5?.?.<>i*ct lh,ir commercial Intere.t., that they ad ,. . .c ! ..rC,,re'cnt''ion t0 your Lordihip' but thev ti mt that that motive comprehend* nothing that it not ^cordanc. wilh the ^neral interest.* ofcVLed "ma When tiie de-ire for th? maJnuCnce th.T *? A*no"1|y practically reconW hy ! .?,? re'i ? f'uroP". " cannot bo out of place for ij"*] 10 c*pre?* a hope that between tae repuft i/ti" a,on? ^uPh*r*' the most free i torritory, with all the moan. ??&>??? ij'av ??? 38 &&< I hay# the honor to bo, My Lord, ' Y our moat faithful aervant, ,.w , , t 1 D fOWLKH, ? hairman of the Houth American and ?jm, D. ., , Mexican A.aociation The Kight Hon. the Karl of Aberdeen, K. T., one of fcc f|tc ' f>rtociP#l *?cretar,e? of State, kc tJll The holiday* ol which the juvenile wT.h i'^r. ?Uf .(i?mrnl,n,,r lo"k forward ft* month* Th^l????K f1' " <".do'19llt- 1'?vo ?' '??t come, ?. * ;>0> " K'rl,?re eiijoyi-.g. Tor the time, unaUoyed happine.i Hchool-hoiueiare locked upi, Itooks and tiukg are aafely confined in them, and mindful only ol the nm aent the young people, from thiee year* old to the Lro wve .?rhJi?i*MX,e-rfc !Ki" to h* clam"ro,"ly int?u site, are ball *ild with hH|>|iiuo?i?. SheariDir UoHevar if not what it.lifted to be. Now. the number n'f ?i a ;' muck, I., than of old, and very' of our citizens nre amon^ the ownera of them ukflan )' ng ha. cnated to he a^gen^ml ?fP~' ?t ^^rdlilTlT*^ h" d to axcite a general inten. ,U im,<,rU"c? h?" 'Uniini.hed, nntil now you^ir belnil Jt!" ,m"?eh *xoapt by the ri?v? ?'Ul thoroughlv enjoy the .hearing thev.rilti^U f*U>?r* ?r* r*pidlv (orgetting that ^ j , 'h?*|*nt, from the remaining tlwvc hum!- i Jmnr 17 ?"Oual cycle.?Santwkrt Inquirer, J ??D**iT" ?r k" C.Dousui.?Loui? D. Henry, "? e"!V* Clt?a* of North Carolina, died at Italelgh on the isth mat Poltor IntrlllfciMf. JfXL 31. Chart* oj Perjury.?A complaint was maJe on Saturday before Justice Osborue, and ?warrant issued for the arrest of Alexander Lockhart. on a charge of per jury, under the following circumiUoceiIt appear* that Mr. Win. Sutherland, jr., residing at No. 140 Ham mond street, hired a part of the above premise* of Look hart, and ha (cockhaitj wiihing to remove Sutherland for tome purpose not accounted for, procured a writ of ejectment by falsely (wearing that Mr. Sutherland waa owing two monthi rent, when, in fact, ha well knew that no rent wai due at the time, hi* wile, Mn. Lockhart, hav. ing received the money and given a receipt for the soma; Consequently the abovo complaint was made by Mr. Souther land. charging Lockhart with purjury. Stealing Officer Smith, of the Jth ward. arresV od, yesterday, a man called Charles AcUly. on h warrant charging him with stealing, on the lata of November last, from Timothy Cuiineen, No. 18 Anthony street, five hogs, valued at $-i0, who has evaded the eye of the police until yesterday when he was " uabl>eU" by this excellent officer, secreted Lu a den in the 3th ward. Justice Os borne locked him up for examination. Rescuing a Prisoner.?John H- Leonard was arrested last night, on u charge of attempting to rescue a prisoner from otilcer Crosett, ol'the 3d ward. Committed. Petit Larcenies.?Thomas Tobiu was arrested on Sa turday night, charged with stealing some knlrea and forks belonging to Michael Hickory. Looked up. Philip Lupriger was caught in the act of stealing a scarf bolongiujr to Abraham Silvester. Committed. Mary Cudmore and Mary Hamilton were both arrested . yesterday, charged with stealing a dress, worth $3, be longing to Anu M. Herring, No. 'iJB Stanton street. Com mitted for trial. Arrest of TMl " Tatters."? Bill Otinn and Jack Quinn, two !>ors, wero caught in the act, by officer Johnson, of the 13tfl ward, of robbing the money drawer of Mr. James Goodwin, baker, corner of Willet and Uelancy streets. Locked up for trial. -1 Serious Kscape.? Leary was discovered on Saturday night, hy officer Tracy, of the lHth ward, In rather a peculiar " fix," rtie having broken her leg, while endeavoring to escape from the Alms-Houae pri son. Takou before Justice Room and committed. Petit Larcmy?Jamea Buckley was arrested on Satur day night, charged with stealing a pilot cloth eoat, worth t>3, belonging to Oliver Southard, No. 17 Cedar et Looked up for trial l>y J ustice Osborne. Varletln. nr .ILVi. ri?* A ne*ro girl, shout 10 or 11 tmti of age, belonging to Miu Ann Kelly, hat been tried and found guilty by a Magistrate's Court, in Columbia, S. C for letting fire to a room in the bouse of Mr. F. Ogier la Augus^acx" icntenccd t0 b? hunK <"> tbe let Friday' in .JltZ"pH A!i R'"**.?The launch of ? Am ^?rr0pel,er' Genesee Chief," at Hanfordt ffESS: Ta< anocc"i?n Of much interest to the citisans ot Rochester, loroo .>000 of whom were in attendance 'pk ?e,rch?nt? of Rochester presented a ?et of color* ? Of !. ' h,ef" " ,ai''to 1)e 8 beautiful specimen hJX ? She '? de,?ffnod to ply between Rochester and the upper lakes, via the YVelland canal. r .fygrf rK,CAr">?A prisoner named O'Brien aa ctpad from Connecticut Stat* Priaon a few day* -inre lie was put out into the > ard to work, and took lee ball when two or more per*on? connected with the prison ZZlW* ' him' He WM und?r sentence for lift ; w"*n tak?n out wu put in charge ef a peraon who was not an officer of the prison. tAin^J|AIn,i\?TniV' ~AKfu" P,nel of i"""* ha* been ob tained, and they havo been sworn. The Court ha* mad* an order lerbidding the publication of the testimony un til after the verdict i* rendered. ' Crow.?Tho -lugutta Chroniclt f Stntinal rnif "Wo were ?bown yeatarday a full grown Crow, perfectly white. It waa caught a few day* ago, by a servant on the plantation of Mr. Coleman, near tlus city, and appear* now quit* duineaticatad. Census op Illinois.?The ceiuui of Ulinoi* In IMA ha* been prepared by the Secretary of State, and pub lwhed 1n the State Register. The reiult in a* follow*- - White Males .wjT.I White Femitle* ?)a'?on Total Negroes V. V.'.'.Y. Y.".4 90} Grand Total fidi.iso Gbeat MoaiALiTr i>r the Wrir hi,.., l'_ turi? recently received, it appear* the 7lit regiment of Highlander*, at Dominique nnd Autigua, ha* suffered severely from fever and those diseases peculiar to the climate having lost a lieutenant, five^erjeMt* two corporals, two drummers, ninety-eight i>riv?t#?? ftn<? vrtek ortwo?men ,nJ chU<lren' 8,1 t,kea oH within a Bloody Arrasy.?La*t night a difficulty took at a segar store on Oliver *treet, near the Ulasgow Houee between John L. Jackson, a printer, and George Wi*' bam, a coppersmith, in the course of which Wigham n kniLe^W0 7. Jhne ,ianK?ou* wound, from . bo? l^fe?oneof them, m the h*ad, i* thought to be mortli Jackson attempted to e*cape, but wa* toon arrestad on the roof of a house, in the vicinity of the affray. Ha waa taken before Justice McKinney, who after an examine h?ii ol''10.CM?-"emitted him to jail in default of *10,000 bait? St. Louis JVew Era, Junt 10. Rorbkbs lit 8r. Loui*.?Ono day last week four | dwelling houses in St. Louis were entered and robbad at money and valuables. Dinner tables were atrippad of *ilver spoons, fcc., trunk* rifled, and watcha* stolen. On in,n?r "o individual hired a horse at a livery (table, rode him to the court house, a square or two dis tant, sold lum, and, pocketing the proceed*, oeoily de cfty certainly have bold villain* in tha Mound Trlrokapiiic Ncidsist.?The electricity in the atmos phere operated upon the wires of tha telegraph a* eficctnally on the loth irujant, at N'ew Haven, a* to cause the register to work spasmodically for an hour. At Irst it was supposed to be a communication from New York. Constitutionai. CoNVEvnos, June 20.1846 ? I Resolutions of inquiry were ollered nnd referred as follow* .?By Mr. Morri*, the subject of equal aaaaai lMe"' .""Positions, fcc., irrespective of claaaea. calling, fcc. also, the subject of assassins? nanonal nm j>erty invested in trade, in tho town or wanfwhera auch business is earned on. By Mr. Conely, the aubject Jfth* payment of State dues in gold and silver, or in tna bill* of bank* socuring their iicue* by State stocks, and which do not iisue bill* under a certain denomination. By Mr t JISh?'?'10 rexP?J'ency of assessments of personal pro^ pert) taken for private use, by a jury, whan such proper ty.i" not taken by the State. By Mr. W. Taylor tha subject of the election of the judge* of tha Supreme Court by the people for six years?said judge* to ba classified so as to go out at the end of 9, 4, and 6 Tear* and to bo re-eligible without limitation a* to are Br Mr. Shaver, the expediency of requiring that naturalized B months *ni c,ti'en*ol?er States, shall not vote until b months alter naturali/aUon. or after becoming resident* and of all voter*, that they ?hall havo re*idad ?n the town or ward JO day* before au election. By Mr. Steven* tha expediency of a court in the city of New York, on tha principles laiii down in the R. 8., on arbitration* to con sist ol a chief justicc of the degree of counsellor, ?4 two laymen, to be elected by the people?to have cognizance ol all matters which suitors may lubmit to them, the lat torgmng bonds to abide by its decisions without appoal. Adjourned.?Jilbany Jirgut. ? Has Hrvowi'ii??' MEIlt'HANT TAIL03L AS RKMOV t,D fiom in Willism>trr?t to lit WhTi** street, within 4 doors of John ?A rich snd <uh?!.lk? ol (Jo.Kl, will slwny. be Vpt o^d l?. "r. ' *l ,uch ^"ces ss must command the attea tionol the truly eeosiomical, while the stvle and Omsk to the man ol uste. s|>e.k for theinseltes. As all foods are bought for cash, and, therefore st il..n l?w?t rates, * finer.rticle will b e Li Price, tluui the credit tailors can possibly furnish. *,oww OEffF.RAL St'Al.K OK prticri Vests, of Saua, Silk.fcc1'. !!! 5 IS J ? .tnn.e.uSh?""pdnel.0t,,er *rtiC'- ?7.tha ^ade. tormerly with " Brundsae," of Broadway. my* lm*rre mHV COURT, 238 BOWERY. " I "Subscriber, liavwg taken the above-named nlaea -a. wonld inlorm his friends snd the Public that the B^i Alley, wid the whole of tlie establuhment, has anderaasa a Uiijr..uKh re.-.ainnr To the Alley haa been added a cafer** 30 feet d> J5, for the conmiieiiee ol tras ipectttoni. Thti WUh an alley of 120 trm, in complete order, hetrast* will be (efficient to secure the pstroneae of the lovera of that baaltkr aiid favorite smosement. As Tor the qusiity of hts Lioaosa 8e?srs. and refreshments, he will leave to the JadnMMtW nil caitomen. ?% ?? H. WOOLLY B? Bsll Alley, New York, May T. mt. ^ NEW TEAS, GROCERIES. <fcc A T WHOLKSALK AND RtTAIL /mEAF ?o* A cash-j a kowlkR. mdiiUmiSSm. J2Z ? 'I 1 Urffnwich, comer of V?tey, bee Juc ceivad from the Iste isles, s larife and splendid sssortaieut nf vsrio?s kbids, all of wlncli are nff-'nl at redaced nrices ? food *rreu l ea at SO cents jwr lb.; tine Uoolona M and St l-t ceits; very fine Voui.* Hyson at 76 rente, beet old Java Csf* f" !'! rrnU P^'lb. Sumatra do. 10 cents; good dairy Bat ter 12 1-2 cents per lb.; Meaehed Lamp Oil 74 cents per raJloa Sperm Codies 24 cenu. AU?. . |U. JS STSi a? lm?rc * " ***" of all the various\iads. 'Sa^iWii^f^y00' Zt-BKAWUOD. kc WOR IAU CHKAP, by K. O STACY, .Mo. S6 Wooeter I street, between Broome end Spring sts. The stock is rompoaed of a large assortment of crotch, mottled aaJ aheded Maliogiuiv \ eneer*, Rosewood Mahogany. Zcbrawood, Bird's fcye Maple aad Black Walnut l*>gs, Boarus, I'lank. Joist, h?., fcc., and a general assortment of lumber, usually kept at naa w.?a?v yards in this city. mtt lm?re MAGIC HAIK. DYE. RF.D OR ORKV WHISK KRS changed to a baaabfal black, instaaiaiieously, by tlie application of Phalon's asa gic Hair Dye. Country gentb inen can have a bottle forward ed them by esi rrssor otherwise, by sending their enclosed, to K. Pinion, 61. under Ju.lson's Hotel, Broadway. Price |l i*r bottle, Willi fall directions for use accompaayiag eacii bottle. City erutlemen are mvited to call at tha depot, where they ean hare a superb pair of black whiskers snhetitnted forred or grey ones, in lesi than fire minutes. I( . WATKR-JTONK-B mPROVKD PKKMICM Mater Allien.-'These filters not only clarify bat parify tne most turbid water, rendering it perfectly salubrious.Vy di resting itofillIpntrtd veg-table and animal matter, animalra la, see. j he hltering pro|*erties ol this apparatas are so great that even water impregnated with soap, tobacco, fce., he., is rendered perfectly tasteless, no odor aad of a bright, chryata line clesniess. (. an be seen in operation, sad for isle st Rose aO ! ??** Croton Plumbing esubtabmeat, MS Broadway PJiOO K S BO tJGHT. CR0ONS wiihini to diiixMt of their Libraries, eithrr Urge or ?mall, wtIt*alwayB And i/rady purc-luurr mid vao4 purr*, by addreesmc a few lines, ftritig imro? ?nil nassW. ^ I mi;aBt. 7% Nimit #117 HiviaflM SMH,

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