Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 24, 1846, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 24, 1846 Page 3
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L-'J 1 'I1 1 '-JJ.1"'! of ?i?invert from Liverpool at IMbm' Holo, aad tho tranaportation at axeluai ve l?lillt|m? to the oaat, fat this purpuM of anticipating the marietta of thit and ' southern cibaa. ud ? dozen other morementt, all 1 ?bowing tha excitement which at that tiraa exiat. aJ; and the inflation than going on in tha Soar market, wara carriad to such as extent u to cresrte tho greatoat apprehontion at to tha result Tha riee in J priaa wm too rapid to ha pannanant, and it ia only ?ur. ; prising that ao many of onr oldatt and moit experienced merc.-ieutt wara drawn to deeply into tho vortex, aa to ho un-ble to extricate themselves. Thore ia vary little Coubi but that moat of tha report* from the other aide in relatl >n to the deficient harvaat, although to generally credited by tha preta of Great Britain, war* manufac" tared almoet entirely for tha purpeae of having a oar tain influanaa upon parliament In regard to tho Corn j Lawa ; or parhapa not aa influence directly upon parlia ment, aa tho membera of that body ma?t hare bad hotter , information upon tho aubjoot than othera; butaniafluaaoe : upon the poopla waa intended, tor tho porpoeo of pro pat Ingtho public mind for tha changea In tha eora Iowa j contamplatod by tho British miatotry. Tho aupply of breadatuff* in all part* of tho United Kingdom, with tho ; exception of Ireland, whore an abuftlaare ia vary aal dom, if ever enjoyed, and tha roducod price o< food of all de?ciiptio? toetifloa to tho truth of tha above atatomont. i Speculatora generally very aaldom inroatigate mattera connectod with their operationa very deeply; they are uaually lad away by tho excitement of tho moment, aad become involved In tho movement before they are fully I aware of their poaition. They act upon tho boat infor. nation in their poaaoadon, but tho boat ia bad enough ' when every one interna ted ia employed, in giving circu lation and currency to the moat extravagant and | unfounded re porta; unlike any legitimate buainoaa, apocu- i latione are commenced upon aome groundleaa expecta tion", which, ia a abort time, by tho force of imagination 1 and tha eJfoet of excitement, become In tho minda of [ thoie engaged, realitiea, and it ia invariably impoeai- j ble to convince thoao in.oreatod, at tha height of inlla- | tion, that an axploaioa and ruin are euro to bo tho roault. | Tho?e who may entertain auch an idea, flatter tbemaolvea > that they can get oat, aad determine to do ao before the grand craah cornea upon tho market How many do thia, tho experience of tho paat tea or twelve yeara will answer- of the numbora uaually engaged in theae apocu lative movements not one in fifty geta clear unharmed, it ia only the few taking advantage of the advance in pricet the firat artificial demand creator that make the moat money, and the heavieat loaaoa are uaually thoao , coming in at the tail end of the movement By returns made up to the Oth of April, it appeara that ^ of the twenty-eeren chief articloa of Britiah produce ! and manuifceturoe, tho exporta from the United Kingdom ! have bean in the proaent year ?11,6*4,176 against ?11,- j 711,060 in IMA, and ?11,104,*87 In 1844?thut ahowing a trifling reduction on the present year. The compariaon of the four *reat articloa of manufacture ia aa followa Pnacim Exroata or Oatir Bbitai!??Ja*uabt 5 to Aran.). 1815. 18?6. Cotton Maaafacturaa ?4,491,243 ?4,446,937 Yarn 1,134,311 1,392.449 ; Linen Mannfaetnies 813,928 743,(86 ?? Yarn >42.9.14 *4.963 Bilk Manufactures *97,157 J02.G96 Woollen Manufactures 1,869,444 Yam 157,198 113,851 X9.0U9.8Z2 ?8,649,457 Theae aocounta ahow that tho import of ahoopa' wool in tho present year haa boon fc,120,468 lba. againat 7,804, 486 lba. in 1840; of cotton, 1,010,718 cwt. againat 1,069, 340 owl in 1845; of raw ailk, 1,Ml,064 lba. againat l.StS, 986 lba. In 1846; ol flax, 100,668 cw t against 71,880 cwt. in 1848;'aad of homp, 76,648 cwt againat 97,21i cwt in 1M5. The reooipta at tho Oreen Bay Land Office for tha firat fire moir Ua if thia year, have been as followa l? Btua or Public Lands?Rcccirra at Gbecn Bar. Jaliuaiy $12,786 r April $11,963 J1 lebruary 11.131 19 May 30,061 41 March 9,*W 09 Total.....: ,...$85 306 87 We have no report allowing tho quantity of land ilia posed of thia aeaaon; but returna received from the oth er land offices of that aection of country, ahow that tho aalea have baao principally in amall lota, and generally to aotual settlers. Old Stock Exchange. 8'.000 USS's, 1861 18no shares Canton Co 35 jotw Ohio ?'a, I860 s60 94 24 do b30 35 WJOObioTa lOlfc J4 dp 34* 5000 rcuusylTania 5 a 69Ji W0 Long Islaad RR 32* llKKKl do a 10 ?#>i 184 do Jft H aha Piieuix Bank 86 300 do b60 200 .viorris Canal 14 540 Harlem RR . 5e do <blO 14 150 do 100 do b? 14 280 do .... jnONorkWorRK 68 400 do 51V it, do 68* 100 do blO 5i* 50 do blO 58)2 100 do 51*2 50 do tw 58> 100 Readme RR 68$ 75 do 68H 100 do alO 68V 100 do blO 58>? 250 do 68tf SO do *30 58 Baeond Board. ' 60 tha Farmer*' Loan 23% 75 aha Nor k Wor 58 W loo Canton Co 35 25 do 48)? 100 do b60 36 25 do . 58> 50 Harlem 61 50 do blO 58* 130 Nor and Wor 58 50 do 48M 25 do blO 68% 25 do S8*J St4M' k fctichAiiffCo 50 ahs Farmers'Trnat a3 25H 24 aha Readme RR a3 69 25 >,0/ria Canal ca*h 14 50 do a3 68)4 23 do WeJneaday 14 SO d? b3 68S 21 Cantou Co ?l 34* 2?NorkWor *3 58 2i do alO 35*2 25 do cash 58 2) do a 15 X* 24 do ea.h 58}< 50 do *3 Si 25 do atw 5?S 50 Itsrlem RR >3 5>tf 500 do Wednesday 58 5U do b3 51 25 do 03 58 mrifM, (*? a Thursday evening, the lath instant, at 8t John's CLurch, auliiia. by ihu Rev Mr tiuerclet, John Mc Cau i ht, , ot Mali a*, to Elisaskth C , daughter of the late TUos Tout*. Jr., of Now korK. 'On Aiontiay last. by Gov H. Chase, Mr. Joh* Dew m>w, Ja., to A.isa Mmf J. Wili.iami, uilof this city. On Monday, 23d instant, Edward Mill*, -infant son of Roi>ert J. and Pheba Jane Tiffany. .. .I,*? <tm III I II ail. I ?? l ?P???W MONEY LOST. ON lite 20th iuat u*. about I o'clock, ia Pearl atreet belew IUjar, a pocketb?ok. containing twenty-ail dollara in b-k b>H?, ?ud oue English sovereign, beaidea ?ou?e Irtteri a ii J |> yea. 1 he finder will o? re? a.ded b) I ramie t?>e book lad iii < omenta at Mr. Col J) 'a Drug Store, No. 3&1 Pearl at je?4 2t f' fpj Si ONt ? UT'kRS, liuildrra aud o'hera? Jaat ra 1 '? ired mi ' may be liad. four or fire thousand feet oi Oer n.mi Flxg Stvoea. by ai> lying toon to J. LLOk D, jt8< ifr Chemut and 8cha> lUili ruihata.. Phila. TO MANUFACTUKERS. AH FIRM i-i tl.i* ci.r, who h??e trore ier* rut East. Weat ,i.d V uih (? sling upo i eveiy reiecable at. ire) arede a... n> of leceiriug a f ? sgucia foe aale of eooda from l'opa. ilea wi-i ful of iuc-easing thri? basiness at nn r.?k. thia eioida * hr.t mte opp. rtunitv. Ui'ect or apply personally, No. US nrotm a>. room No t Alao, WaNTED, A able yruih of good eddress. of from IS to M years of age. ? i?n I if easing asl r> jrti it*r ml. 1UA1.1.L, OV/LLIOI, AL'tiibi, a. IS u OPth aTIVK b U K u t o ;> ATTENDS to Diamaei of the Eye ud Ear, irom 9 to I o'clock, at hi) reaideace, Ml Broadway, corner ot War ren street Opthalinia, Stoppage ot the Tsar Paaaage, Cataract, and Opecitiea.effectnrdly removed AM AL F.Oal# treated with neat attention and aaceeee. luveterMe eaaea ol Ml KABIHMCS. or Squinting, cared u> ? few minutes. Juat sported, ARTIFICIAL 1?VKM, of superior beaatv end ti._?n SPk.CTACi.E8 adapted to en_. Advice to tlie poor without charge Ofcee ted reaideace SI Broadwayeaoanee IK Warren a reel J?24 If tc M. LEVETT, DENTIST MOBK H ARM results from baimling perfqrssaaeea ofin competent Deatiata than the I aMie are aware of It ia of il? greatest importance that all branchee of the Deutiat'a art should be skilfally and mideretandiugly practised. To those who think with aa, we reeomasend Mr. LEVETT, Corner of Broadway and Warreu at reel, the iatrodacer ofiiie insertion of Artikcial lacorraptiblr Teeth, aa Use principle of Arm>?iiherie pre-sure ?Noah's Weekly Mseaauger. jt*t lt*mc DENTISTS PR BROWN # BROTHER, O MtH Biiwdwa>, between llwinnera and iteade streets, nesi to eteaart ? C<?V new marble Store iaasrt and till ? 'j eeih cheaper than any other Dentiata in thi- City. Be?i miner 1 a> d natural Teeth inserted Iron... fltoSJO De -eyed IVrtn < lied with wlnte cement jS Toothache eared without the lea t |>?m M Teeih enacted with less than half i!ie u?asl pain 30 Double aria of 'teeth made oa ihe atmospheric pressure principle IN to 73 0* Operation* ?i?en orer by oiher DetiiaU solicited .weehau ieal Deiti.try done for other Dentists. Operations done ia the evening. J?24 Jtia*r_ GREAT TEMPERANCE BEVERAGE. flit ?L B"?CH I HE'? ?ffe-aine following i are Wiaee of J. Ute Ingheet gra.lea aa follows M?deiraa-I'i pipes, quaiier ca ka. end in gl <as, of th? fol. low ma h .naeat-Howsid, Msrcb ll Co.. Newt?", Uordon It Co . bluchbar), Oiieeiera, Iu , fcc.) ?iuuga?of 1791 ap to i >4S. hnerifee?Pale, Oold sn<4 hmwn, la haws, hhd?. and qaar te . a?ka, a eotn glasa.nfthe following crlelirated houses!? Pem-itia k i <i , P. Ovreey, K X. Harskufk tlaniie, Nei hawa. and other hoaaea, at Xerei ana Ht >larys. riTte?very auMiior iu qnaiity. from Oao. -^ndeaaan It Co . ttnut. Hoop it to sud other*, direct uporto. ' I re?a- Paie ("hate, a Mergaut, do Latoar, Le'roea, t oa de i-ssornell, wftn ~ nest earietv of 'ilber braada. Lh-SPpagae? Uighe.t coat sad i|ualiry. Hvcke?Jfthaiiu?ai'ri(ar, st-i nar<er Marqobranaer, Hia tal ?u?er; ^saaf .tahaa-eu. iedi Brouueberg. Paiamtrter. Uargn nira?Clae de Hong-ut, Chsmbertia, Itomsaaic, Volus) , Bena lit, Setterna, ^B-'aac. OM Cognar Brandt- ard Jamaies Ram, onlv to be ased in aieana-a, als >directinaalor nai ig it Acpl . to ] U * >c OlLBKRT L> aVIs?. 43 Pise at. fLNb ? UNEN slllKTo MKSU AMES PALMERItFARK, Og Braedwer.coatinae to make geutlemeus' Linen to order, and warrant rhem to nt. The laiest paaerns and fineat needlework eharacteriae tk< estahliihment. NB ? Orders eiecated f?r any part of the eewatif. iw< ? iw're fci'fcUTACLK CASK WAN U FACTORS, No. m FWLTON wnrxT, new rims. CONSTANTLY on heiid a large anpfdy of the shore ant ^elaethecroesordoaea. Coantry merrhaata so^j^d N JTTDD*S CENTRIFTO1L WTND-MILL. Patented May%dL, 1*46. DIOHT8 fox *ale for eiogte 'br the townahjp, XV county, State or 1 arger ttmtofr. TO particulars enquire of the subscriber, who l* the Patentee, at LoTejoy'* H> tel. comer of Beekman atreetaml Row, New York. A work* ing mode' may bo *caa in front of O. W. Chambers'itore, Qiurtniiu landing, Smten Iilliiil TmU ?lw can bo owl for a fear v?rietr of parpoaee. Tbo eoac of this mill U le*? rhan one lull or any o'h?-r now ia use, and it* action much mons efficient This wheel will woifc a purni> ooa ship at s?i in a rye. <i wheel f< vr or t v* feet in di ametar Will be ?afl?c>ei? fo: t pupo # 1 hi* wheel i* propelled by tbe wtu'l it. > th nt r ? it ? C" Hv thia appli eation the entire circm *e < n >.? or?tn wheel is ti*t cuuaCant S beforeB> WfC.IIK whole fore* < f w lii'.h i? brought to ar square upon the I- v*r prjduchu ihiee time* u much power ii anr other of th<* ?wi itjimiir an? in DM*. Thu wheel i*enelo*td in ? building, eo.i*eque?tly is eerireiy ex cluded; from the weather, and, of Ooar**, will la*t ax lone ?s the building. rhe building is two <uid a half stories high, the wheel ia located In the upper hair itory The (miking ia covered with urip* of board*, hang upon pivots and c^hki ed With rod* on the Inside like Common Venetian window ?hatter* and caa bo opened and abut at plaun'O. By thia ar rangement mora or lea* wind can be admitted and excluded, and (he wheel ia a* easily nuuuged in a rileat u a breet*: and i< aa completely Oudertne oo'itrol of rhe operator a-, any IMHH wirttia iLa . and pomp tbefr water' for their engines. A nnkuic epropel hi* tiiaaai i* machine, hi* circular aaw, taming -? alit out ki- aruff, aaw o?t hi. felloe* drive hi* trip. waiar power. The great public utility of th.* ndw i la tut in coaMsiMce of i'* cheapo e ?s it I* brought a reach of all. Railroad proprieior* cui by ha aid ? hammer, aaw hi* ahiiigtea. (rind lua bark, alit Ku leather, cut hi*.atone in the qnarrr, fee. me. Citie* aapplv themselves with water \ytnnam offoroa amp* oro jelled by a combination of these wheel*. The farmer br it? -id can thraabhw (rain, (rind hi a proven der, tur ? bit griaditone. chum hi* butter, pump watar for hi* eat'le. kc Aud ?( it convenient for all ramiliea who hue* not rot acqueduct* to pump their water A wheel three or roar ?pot i. diameter i* of tuHcicit power lor this purpose?m thia ci?e a re' ervoir would bo neeeaMry that ? *urplu* of water mi(ht bo kept on hand for a atipply when the wi>i<! doe* not blow P. 9 ?Thu mill ia rather ornamental than othcrwiie, sad whoa placed upon a building h * the appearance of an onear ratory. ALuKN JubD jeM n*r LAMBER'S PATENT TIN PLATED LEAD PIPE. AN article tnach auporior to the common Load Pipe. For aale at Ml aud *63 Watar irreet. JeM lw?ie THOU. OTIS Lt ROY k Co. * SCHOOLEY'S MOUNTAIN 8PRING8; MARSH'S HEATH HOUSE. TH? ITNDCR8IONKD wool I (ire notice that hi* ** tebl lal ment wa* opened for the reeoptioa of viiitera on the firat of June, iaataut?having beea |4>t in the bee* poaaible cnudition, and aup lied with ererr eomfurt uaa -liy f und at the moat fa<htO' able placeeof * >mner ie?ort "I he extennre p eaaure frou da aroa id the hueae have nudeisoae very rnn aiderable eabelliahmenu *ince the 1 at teaaoa. * bathing e* ab iahme t ha* boon fitted up for warm asd c- Id batb>. with inch ennveuienooa aa to aupplv th- wanta of all and without (he reaat delay A new and iptendid Bowling Alley, for the uaeof ladin a* well a* *e?tlemen, ha* been receutly erected?aud a But of Maaic, a* uau 1. to cheer and enliven the whole. N ? p .ma will ba aifrrd by the nnderaigned to ?ecure the ( ea'est amouut of comfort to hi* gu-*ia and to maiutnia whatever of epu a*ion ha may have acquired ia the management of hi* extensive and highly popular eatabliah ment ?he foci)itie*for(etting here by public conveyance are verv (real?by railroad to Morri?town eavitgNev korkat ? o'clock A. M. and 12 o'clock P. M., noon, aud fromMorrii to ?n m moit exeelleut iiagea, immediately after the arrival of the train*. ?. MARSH. Jnnf fid, IIM. je24 lw?rc THE PHEASANT. DAVID HAOAN reapertfully inlorm* hi* friend* and the public in general, that he ha* opened the houae No. 47 Howard (treet, aa a place of public entertainment He h*a apared no expeuae in fitting It up In the muiner moat mitable for the comfortable arcoinio?dation of thoae who may favor hiin with a call, and liaa | in a atock of 'he choiceat and be?t (elected Win**, Ale, lie. the market would afford. He i* aiao prepared to *e ve np Meak*. Chopa, Cutlet*, Rarebiu, (w.; aud can provide panic* with private room* for tapper* or other meal*. DAVID HAGAN, jell 1 w*rc ff Howard itreet. ATHENAEUM HOTEL. nnHISeitabliahment foitnerly *o well known to the pub X lie a* a lavorite Home, hat recently Widergoue a tho rough repair, newly painted and fiuiihed in a manner which maka* it a moat deeirable Houae for trannent and permanent boarder*. The houae ia eitvaled No. 347 Broadway, con er of Leonard street. There I* alao attached to the Hotel a Rev t?urant. where thoae who do not wiah to take tneir meal* at Hie public t.<ble, can be accommodated. Room* will be let either by the day pr week, with or without board K??ry at tention will be paid to make it a desirable h'-m* lor all tboae who may feel di*po*ed to give it their patronage. Private rooms for Supper and Dinner parries. There are now vacant two or three very deiirable Parlors, with bed room* attached, ?itnated on Broadway. B. L. EATON. New Ytrk, June II, 1144. jell lwrc SPRING AND SUMMER CLOTHING. A T the Caah Tailoring and Clothing E*t4bli>hmen; ot W. M. PE'lTETT, MtBleecker it., aecond door from Bar row it., (late M ? niton *t.) where the fo'lowiug g'eat attrac tion* will he presented: Cloth Coet* from Mto $16; Alpacca Coat* from |{ H to $9; thin Coat*, of linen, go ghain and Print*, from 75 cent* to MM; Caa*imere hut* from $3 to M; Merino Pani* from M to S3 Ms Drilling and other summer Pant* from Si to M; Satin V en* from $1 to $4; Hummer Ve*t* from 7} cents toll 75. Alao, a laige assortment of Cloths, Cauimere* and Veatinga, which will be made to order to init the moitfaatidion*?which price* are admitted to be TWKN Tk-FIVE per cent cheaper than at any other (tore in the city' jelO?3teod*rc 1'HE SUBSCRIBER retnei tfully inform* the public that be haa no manner of biuines* connection with O B. PANDOLKINI, who in hi* advertisement* announce* him *elfa* the nephew of Vito Viti. Such patronage a* hi* bu*i nesa -nay pro| erly be entitled to on the acore ol hi* relation chip. he i* welcome to; bat, from particular reason*, 1 do not wish by uleuce to imply or admit that there i* ?ny tort of con nection in matteri of Duaine**. VITO VITI. j?23 3t*r A AOliUOIVl\ UUiUlDia vr rCl?VOIil? OiLjEV ^HE aUBSCKIBk-RS hivingbeenappointed 10U wrati . fo the tale ol these Bonnets arc now prepared to suppli ? trade with rhis new and splendd article of ?ilk braid, FOK BALE, THE GOOD WILL and Fixtures of a Confectionery, Ice C ream Saloon and Gtid u, to which is attached an 0< Met Salxm. doing a good boaineaa. Enquire at 318 Blocker street. ir23 l??rc BOAUDLNG IN THE COUNTRY. CITIZENS who desire board in the country, will fiod a \Vrv pleasant locntio i adjoiujof the Bay. with all the fa cilitiet for gunning, fiehing and bstning, by enquiring of the subscriber, at Littleworth, about two and ah If miles from Glen Core. P. 9 ?Tne splendid steamer C rot on leaves Fulton Market Slip daily, at 3>? o'clock P. M., for Glen Core. ANN ROPER. Littleworth, June t2d. 1*48. j23 lw*rc TWENTY DOLLARS REWARD. FEMALE CHILD, from the green in front of Lafsyet'e - ? Gardeu and the Mans-ou House, at Hoboken, on the ITth ol June. The child is 4 years ol age, named Cerilia Baa mer?she speaks German and English; haa light completion, blur eyes and sandy hair^ is slightly tanned with the sun. Had on a blue and wh te striped frock, dark pantalettes and striped hood. Any information respecting her will be thank fully received by Mrparauts. F. H. BAWMER, jet] 3t*ic Lafayette Garden, Hoboken. N. J. j ALOIS PETKLER, CONFECTIONER, I 879 Brmdtrny, oppotitt Niblo't. FURNISHED at his Hnouo: l<-e Creams and Fruit lees in 1 all their var eties. Plumbirr and Bombs & la < ri'-me, all i a ?upe>ior quality, ami not to be surpassed in ihis country. Mr. Prtelet nets up entertainments and ?upper? in a ]>?culia' appropriate style, aud can relar to the satisCctiou expressed last Winter, by many of the ?oat faahiouable and wealthy ciri xeiii je/l lw*m ' EXCELSIOK BONNETS OF PERSIAN SILK THE 1 fo t>* trad which i eceived the first premium of a gold medal at the last fair of the American Institute These bonnets exceed in be uty.texture, durability and economy, any thing of the ki d ever offered 1 hey are warranted to be entirely of silk, and will ai.d retain their color equal to any braid ibtue 8TAN TON, RICH \D8lc WOoDltUFF, je22 lwn?m No <3 Broad street. BIACK LACK MANTILLAS, yj9IT?S, AND SCARFS AND FANCY PARIS STRAW liATS. J I hT opened, per last packet Irom Havre, a ver> choice lot of the above deairable a id elegant goods, the styles and shapes now worn in raris, and will be sold at very rea sonable prices The assortment is at present complete, and the most desirable iu the city. A. UNSWORTll, je?1w*rc 42 John at WAltWiOK GOLD H SILVER REFINER, Assa'yer and Sweep Smel ter. Office, 17 JOHN Street, New York. T7~ Fine trotd. Rolled Mm. Ronge and Cruciblea, al **vr nn m\.'S lm#^i .NUlICh. is having boacht stone Bay, formerly occu l the accuuuts of the . imbeer, ai the Offlce at the Quarry. WILLIAM LAIMBEER l>?ied fhiw >K?h darof April l*4? a23 lm*rr 111 iUUI !"? ^*18 News and Bonk Paper, via;? Iv?vW l#?2i. .N to :*lbs per ream. 10x25..28to 25 23a2d. .84 to 32 2.X2H. .24 to M 24?38. .2% to 34 . 84xM. . ?ro88 22?32. ,!9to23 " 2ti3i. 86 to 33 " 28x37..3d to 37 ? 20x39. .31 o58 " 28x12. .40 to 45 " 28xM?. .4* to 48 " 4l<S? .80,n95 " For sale in lots to soil purchaser*. hv PER8SE k BROOKS,C5 and 87 Nassau it. PH1N1INO I'aper of any sue or quality manufactured to ord> r >t short notice, at their ex.eusive I'aper Works. Wind sor. I'on". ? j?-2t Iwrc DAGUERH EOTYPE PLATES. a E NT IRK PLATES, from different French f'/aTIr m.iiultcturers, amongst which are the well* k?. wu Star brand, just received Alto, Momcco Cases. Pt.m ed Frames, fcc. Also, Steel Beads, B.ig Clasps, Steel and Jet Burtons, lie., ke., aad lors.Ie by EDWARD HEN. Importer of French and German Goods, Jc2t Ifr 18 and 2" Liberty street. ^ , COAL LAND FOR SALE. /| NE undivided, one half part of the best and largest quar VfT pf Anthracite Coal, (in proportion to the quantity ef , land Jin I enusylvsnia; bring in the whole tract 356'seres, , net measure, adjoining the lards of thr Beaver Meadow I ( ompauy ou the east, and the lands of the Summit Level Compeny on the west, both now in fall working operation, will be sold cheap. For farther particulars, apply tfl ? JACOB ALJ>.R, _ jel> lm xfcc Tasaarora. Schuylkill co . Pa. Hardware, cutler* aND GU>s AW. SPIES ft CO., havhtit remoeed toll Maiden Lane. . Offer a large and well assorted stock ?f Hardware. Cui terv, Guna and Gun Materials, by the receui imponatums. ai #vrwni?n impM !/\r nr ?nnrnTM| p?t?r n9 lw*n? patent shikldkd viOToWa S'haWL AND 1 HA FEB PINS. WOODWARD ft BRO HhRS. Brooklp, Naw York, are the oalr leaallv authorised mauaiicturera of the above named article, iu the United States, whietiaat&irin they exercise ia virtue of s pale i| granted to Thomas Woo*, ward. May 7ib. 1242 Ti e grea' laror awarded by the public to this article, has injured some unprincipled peraoi. to ia (rtifS upon toe rights ol the patentee, by manufaciariag a very inferior article in imitation of the ptUnt one, and 18 ?* drrvoring to >ndace de <le irs to rommit a fraud ou the pnblic by purchtsutg and vendiug lite s^aie It is understood thai the fal>hcator of thia spu tons article haa the effrontery to avow that he has secured himscll aitainst the conseqaencea of an action at law, by conveying his title to any property lie nominally possessed, to other parties. This uv vemem, how aver, by no meaus secures parchasers and venders of the spn rious article Irom such cousrquences, who have not taken the ssme very pier.utio.-s. The Paten-ee and M.jiii facturers deem it Herniary to no'ify the tt ?Je snd thr ptiblir generally, th?t ill discharge of their dut> to themeetVe*. and uie honorable ileders ii< tlie I'a eut Shielded Pit. lift must prosecute at Inw a?iv infrit.gement on their pattai whether by manefscturer or vender To thia end they here*) offer ? reward <dT Fit- TY DOLLARS, loauy peri * who shal'give such inf 'imation as smIi lead to we co-iVKtioa of th - oRead mit parties, who have also rendered themaeltea li l.le to se vere penalties, impoaed by sa ct o. Congress, approved Hth 2rust 1842, whirh e -n be aunl i or ta any Court at Kecyrds he Uiiited States One >?.|? 0' the fines (one bandied I are ro.' every offe ire.) is aw>ided to any person who set ? nob'alns Judgment for the same. rouklyu, Jane 8, IMS jell |w?M wanted, \ Om. AriO.VS for goo<t Clerks and Porters, ilw, the be?l 9 of Waltars can be found at M. K OLINt^M office. 19 > ran kiln street. )t*4 QUOITS WANTfcD. AI?T of i?#w or d ?*a>id. Addratt K. D box 313 Pott **nc?? number and pHw. j-m irSmc AttlPKCTABLK fo?| nut wish** i situation iu a private fa ? ily. Has ao objection 111 going to the coun try, or to make lumseif generally useful H<u thebes'of ci'y ref-rence.; it a pro'eaiant. rieaie apply, or address No. 3.M Hnd n'i ?iree' th't'l ito j. fur W B. le?? 3t*i iVaMiuu, BY two reipectable young women, situations?one to do chaiulenaork, washiag and ironing, the otberas wutcr s?d chambermaid. Haa 110 ebjec'ion to go a short distance iu the country. Good t?l>rwtn |irri Irom ttirir last places. riaa?? call at No. 8T Mnlbtrry street. je2? ?t*r WANTEU, BV A Respectable you g womaa, a aitaaiioo as a chamber miid, and woald aaaiat ia the waahing and ironing, or do the general houaa work of a small family. Enquire at 1M i Ullttwar Jfp 2t'r j BY A lUapactabi* young wr.nuui, a ntvtfkp m chambtr maid, unit at washing and ironing, or to do the work of a mull f*n>fty. Bate of cur wftrwcn gi van. Alio wautaa, by ayoumg tomra.a situation asnurse, to do plain tewing Jr thaabtMroHi Mmt aity reference tcirrm. Apply at <7j TWl .'teat- J** tl'm E* AailLlfcS ia want of honest and faithful servsnts, vn>? JO Cooks. Nuraes, he , also CoacfclMu, Waiters, Clerks, or Laborers, can ba supplied with such as hare g od citjr re* feraace , by applying or seudlnf to *C\ Bioadwav, a few doors above Canal atreet, East aide. jstJ lw*m wanted, Araw a cure Young Mao to go South or West. to act aa Agents for the sale of new and popular Publications. ?SO# over and above their expenses will be inaured to them ia writing, with to opportunity of clearing 11,000 par year, dome 1MB now ia our employ will, ao doubt, make orer ?1,000 per year clear of nil expense Each man will have his district it will ba uecessur lor them 10 have at least from US to ?? to obtain a good fitting out. Apply at FRENCH'S Publishing Halt, m Broadway, up itairs, Office of the Klsg of oar Union. All letters must be poet paid. tnyU'm'rt INFORMATION WANTED, OF THOMAS TERRVLL, that lef New York last July, tad , tolj hiswife that he would go oa to Maryl^nd.and ba btek iu four mouths, haa received no account of him since.? He ia a native of Ireland, County of Roseommon. uear Ally lone. Any person giving any intelligence at l<im. dead or alive, to his wife, wUI bar blsestag Fie as dire* g lettai to Miehael Marry, of TQlery at, corner of Navy sc, Brook1) a. je? Jie?d?r The Long iJLanB MMUm* I CAPITAL ftW,000 DOLLARS. Orricg 41 Fi'lto* irarrr, BsseuLm. I ONTINUES to take riaks on buildings, maahlaery, met* 1 haadiaaaad property generally, on their usual Ikvorable terms. This company haa passed through the twa greatest eoaflagrationa that have ever oceurred in the country : they owe their escape from then with comparatively slight losses to the system which they have alwaya practised of limiting and scattering their riaka. All loasea which the company may sustain will be adjusted and uaid promptly as heretofore. The Company take special care to notify their customers ia Naw York, of all eipirations of policies. B. W. DKLAMATER, President. a3 2mia*r E. C. HNN, Secretary. B twren Wooater and Laurena a'trert.?Tne" subscriber M'onld inform bis customers and the public iu general, that he keepa constantly oa ha* d a lante supply of fancy and com mon Bird Cages. of every deacriMiou. Also, Woode.i, Ce dar and Willow Ware, Brustics, Baskets, Mats and a general aaaortmentof articles usually kept ui a Wooden Ware Stine, all of which ha oners lower than thov can be oought else where. J. KELLY. je!9 ia*mc i MRS. WILDER having thoroughly refined and rrfuruish edaaew the house M Broadway, (adjoining the Globe Hotel,) ia prepared to receive families or single teutlemeii *a boardera. Dinner boarders can be accommodated. Re ferencea eichanged. jf 9 Im'mc fc'Lrtb WUKKfc?FOURTH OK JUJL*. NEW TORK LAb-iRJlTORY. M BENNETT, t* Front atreet, two doors sonth of Eal ? ton street. The most extensive and brilliant assort ment of FIRE WORKS are now offered at the above place, consisting of honory and signal rockets, with gold and ailver rain; sans, fans, palm trees, pyrmtida, Peruvian crosses, octa gons, trianglea. verticlea. mines of serpents and aura, ma roons, bengola lights, Roman candles, serpents, piu wheels, grasshojtpers, port Ares, bine lights, scroll wheels, forbii, Rons, line piaeoos, torpedora, pulling crackers, double head era, nrr crackers, Canton roeketa, kc Country merclunN, and dealers in general, are requested to call and esamine the above stock. N. B. Committers for eity and country displays, miliriirv aud private partiea. Can be supplied on the most liberal terms with the sbovementioned art idea, warranted, the mat*. riala havj' g been ?-lefteil with the ntmoaf rare mivW 'm*r FlRfc VVUKRft! FIRE WURlvS!! ISAAC EDGKj Prroteclwie Artist, Jersey City, is prepar ed to furnish FIKE WUKK8 to cities, towns, public gar dens^ tlumtres, Itc His present stock comprises the most brilliant and variegated fires, appropriste deaigna, ever manu factured in thia country, aud can be furniahed to any extent. Bh-roteclinio Artist; Laboratory Jersey City, N S. N. B.?To agent*. Signals, including ship lights, false Bras, primers, port 6ms, signal rockets, (lc , Tor supplying government or merchant vasssla, cnu^be obtamed^ja?ply?iig rnyff lm*r W Rmnr\>ra?? a. B. C1ABXTS, MTSGliAirr TATLOS, HAb REMOVED froui 132 William street to 116 WilliU street, within 4 doors of John.?A rich and iaahlonable asso nneut of Oooda will always be kept on hand, and will be made to order, at such prices as must command the attea tion of the truly economical, while the style and finiah will, to the man of taste, spesk for themselves. As all goods are bought for cash, aud, therefore, at the very lowest rates, a finer article will be manufactured, at a lower price, than the credit tailors can possibly fumiah. omxiL scale or pricks. Fine French Cloth Black Sreai Coat, from 813 to $10 00 Black Doeskin Pants 5 to (M Veats, of Batiu, Silk, be 2 to 5 00 O ce Coats, and all other articles usually sold by the trade, at unuaually low priees. Formerly with " Brundajte," of Broadway. my9 lm*rrc WINDOW SHADES. THE cheapest and beet assortment in the United States, for sale wholesale or retail, by DUNCKER It BECKER.M Chatham street. mvIT lm*rrc one door from Chamhera atreet. N Y. blKU CAGE MANUFACTOKY, NO. 1 St. John's Lane, corner Beach street. The Su bee rib er would inform hie Customers and the Public, that he has constantly on hand, a largo stock of fancy and com mo Bird Cages, of all deacriMioas, which he will sell cheaper than they eon be bought elsewhere. Also, Cagee made to oeder. J. KELLY. r. 8.?Country Merchnnts would find it to their sdvsntag to rail and examine his stack at lm*r BILLIARDS IMPROVED. /VT18 FIELD respectfully informs his friends and the \J public, that he hss returned to his old fsvorite qusrters, BASSFOnD'S KOOM8, entrance lJK Ann street, adjoining the Museum Building, or 149 Fulton street The Rooms sua Tables h ve been put in perfect order. The Tables are Slate, Marble and Iron, with Air, India .Rubber aud Cloth Cuahiona. THey will no doubt suit Europesa and all great Olivers, being the best in this country. Larger balls for Souieruert?Carolina balls for Germans. * N. B.?Basaford's new style Billiard Tables for sale ; India and Freuch Cue Leather, best ia the city; fine Billiard Cloth, and every article in the trade, constantly on hand aud for sal a. IP)'K |m*m BILLIARDS. ARCADE BILLIARD SALOON (latt Empire), U Bar clay atreet, near tlie Astor House ?MICHAEL, so long knowu to the billiard playiug portion of the city, reipectfully informs his friends, patrons, aad billiard playera in general, lie lias takeu the above large, airy, and well-knowu estab lishment, where they will find in firat rate order Nine of the beat Billiard Tables in the city, with jtood attendance. He respectfully invites a call from his friends. Gentlemen or parties wishing to play by tliemselves, can hare s table in ? room to themselves, by applying at the bar. Gentlemen will And the bar well supplied with the best of liquors and segars. mv? 'm?r Mil HAF.l. PHt'l. 'N 25 PER CENT BELOW HIS USUAL PRICE. FASHIONABLE VIS TING CARD ESTABLISHMENT. A PLATE aad Fifty Cards printed for SI JO ; the best En amelled Cards printed from engraved plates st 40 csnte per pack. _ _ A SILVER DOOR rLATE famished and beautifellv anvraved for 13. Engraving (or th Trade equally tow, at CLASSEN'Sn|d stand. I Murray atr^e filltrf of Kk.wN 114 JULES HAUEL'S VEGETABLE LIOUID HA1H DYE, WITHOUT STAINING THE SKIN, 1X7HIC1! the Proprietor can with justice itnte is far ht* TT rood anything of the kind ever ytt known in thia or any other country. Tu properties are very powerful, though vary innocent. This chemical result is a wonder, *s it ena bles persons to dye iustautaneously their hsir, without the least inconvenience Kor changing red or grey hair, whisk ers, eyebrows, fcc., to a brown, black, or chestnut color. The ?lightest evil consequences need not be le<red from its use it is altogether harmless. This composition is the only one sanction*! by the science of Chemistry, to dye, in an indeli ble manner, the furious gr.idaiious of colors, without danger or inconvenience, and has justified the liberal patronage and unlimited confidence of Hie public If Black is reqaired, aak for bom rairked N. ; il Brown, box marked U. ^?ItiIK LADIES IN PARTU I'LAR. My Depilatory Powder Ims been found highly beneficial, TO Tl wd of great use to ladies who have been afflicted with saner fluoas Hair, principally when its grewth has been confined ro the Upper liu aud aide of the face, giving a masculine turn to the whole features. When used with proper care, aud ac cording to the direennna, it will be found to t>e a great add* ' tion to the toilet, as tlie use of any sharp instrument is en tirely avoided, and the hair is removed ia five or ten minutes after its application This composition is infallible, andwarnuited to remove superfluous hair. After numerous trials, I have received cer tificates of success which cannot be contested. Sold wholesale and at CLIREHCGH'S New Perfu mer) tustaliliihmcut, 299 Broadway, Agent lor Jules Hauel, Perfumer. Philadelphia. myH lm?r I9i BROADWAY, CORNER OF JOHN STREET. TO THOSE WHO SHAVE THEMSELVES [ From Ihr jCcensn# Patl.\ SPECIMENS of RING'S unapproachable VERBENA 3 CREAM fOR SHAVING.?Thie article, universally praised by those who made {rial ef it, last fear took the first premium of the lustituty Kair. Indeed, it ia fully conceded by those wlio know, that it is impossible to manufacture an article equal to it. It ie softeniuc to the skin, fragrant to the ?eise, a destroyer of freckles and pimples, and is sold cheal er than the old soaps. All, therefore, who would co.isnlt economy and comfort ia sliaving, should peeesss themselves of it. From the New York Gnxette.?The New Soep.?We speak from experience, and we speek from the more profeesioual knowledge of our benefactor and friend, James Grant, No. 4 Ann sueet, who says it is ahead of anything ever yet fiund oat In this department of moderi improvement It ia not ou |y an emollient, "but it is something more." In short, we believe it Ik the best shaving sou in the world. ? From the Evening .vnrror.? Ring's Verbena Cream, we know by experience to be the beet kind of shaving soap, snd those persona who hare troublesome Igearde, should not be sua softens ic operation . . taken the bo stneesoI'Dr. Milnor, at the aorner of Broadway and Joha street, where his inestimable article may be obtained, aud, likewise, Riug'> Coegh < -uidy, wlncli is said to be a pleasant 31 certain curs for that troublesome companion. romthel f should r qaistte article, ... I of the akin, so thst it becomes au absolute pleasure, instead of an annoyance, to use the rator. 1 Beware nf imitations, and observe the written signs tare, under the direction, for use. of "C. H Ring." Prepared, and for sale, wholesale and retail. and lor exportation, by without it. It has a penetrating way of Its own. the hardest aud maf heet beard, SO as to reader uu of shaving perfectly easy. Mr. Ring has lately U r. Milnor, at the oomer of Broadway Ee his inestimable article may be obc iuj'i Cough Candy, which is said to fa cure for that troublesome companion. Sunday Dijpatch.?Every man wlio shavee him Srocnre "Ring's Verbens Cream. It is *n ex e, softening the l>eard, and allaying all irritation exportat . . V. H HiNO. Druggist, I9f Broad way. corner of John street. Successor to Dr Wm H Milnor N.p.?Merchants are particularly requested to call and rt amine this an.ete, aa now prepared, as to quality, quantity, ? and priee. It eannet be beet?the splendid new ? ?*??' mwiaved by Mesart Rawdon, w right* Hatch, far ?Mee4ia? any thing of the kind before the pahlic m^im'r 'fO MARRIED LAUIKM?A Secret ttwtli I Awtfy far farther paitieuUra to Dr. CH j VIONTlX. lower posf offlae No fetters taken frma the nfflee enleas they (MM* fill tflm** ADCTIOB It OTIC* 8. b vsar"t *, ? hu lir??A h^aTUJI J J V? rfWT? for c*?h, one to t to twinlv -timer, m c?Te* Jfi 2if5!?isvS5i .???*?"<?"h"',he- pMk,?to FvLXS?* "'*? IWfonas, Refrigerators ud ??? J?m lt? r 1.150 v>.? ^,i,?'.2-tyfas*>iWleugfh. :nj dimension., aud but -[?n?r- ' )*?4 It*rC ... E. sale* two out M PIANO POKTii. ^T.(iK^ )bL_i^ brilliant lourd second hand 2 l? ?E*'order, made If 9 lTl??J^ ro^i'L- been ID use but ? lew Music Stool fo, ?foYlarsTobe^u?7j R^H Vth "????? m MXLlsSz*p liUdTUN vi >k\v YOKK CENTREVILLE COURSE?TROTTING, L. I fll T T'iVn?rD^Vi Jm"* *W? at 3 o'clock P. ,M.,?.Hatch to *'09?? ??!? hoata, bast three la hva, tinder the s.ddlr A < onkl a nsmes rh " ??""?? H Woodruff names f I dray Tw'. als^f i* bittief r?e that hat taken place this saison , *** ?averal thousand dollars pending tt>e r.sult JeZl tfre IQF.I, CONKUN. HUM SAIih. ?f, ?Tr?. SJIDDuS HQR SES, vvlCL drive also in a carriage i'hey 4| A^VJ'' JJ"t,the "I'M aue for riding on ;r.' * #"d1 ?T? been lon? used to ' 1/S f??hrr^Jr'irnir~V M th< de,k ?r *? ???'?? OlJe tor farther wrtie ul-rs Jelitf j,b i ? *i VOs CHARLES SPANIELS?OK THE I parr breed, received by the latest arrivals from Lon 4-1 "bv A.tOn.T. J Johu street. Ala*, rare John strait * ** *' **ul>ll>hineut> No. 9ff* &?m *? aauiona, in distant parts, (post raid) alT mth Importer tad dealer m Birds. fatten, k.*. 'THr ?fi|Awii!r'Ni?,iN iUWN 1 M ?'RD "taalf haaam?ad,*nd likewiae *? V *h^_?aBoay Gooarioa, the warbling of which, 4^Bk ?htht* "d canooa, ia rather an lutareatiug 3?J j . L '"b CMitoaa.r hai a different habitation, Afchy will b% K||>py to attend to the ladira inJ feu tie wen as they pm Broadway and John street. ip|7 ~K0fi'LL WfLit OP srMHETl FtJT&.'ti56? flLftfiumi-ll'u BrMd**?'i.bna iutroduca-1 the novel atyle J^?or Summer Ha a, made ..f the aame in tatial, and fiuiah *d in the aame manner aa hie celebrated Ooaaamer Hat Ki tramely lutlit- pr ce S3 JO. jel? | w? r <^hat?lL'pS ^(X f AsHiu.^AnLH SIHaTv Sr^xSE H'UMd P""R,b *** f' ARL KINO. IT Pivlaion atreet NEAPOLITAN BONNETS. g^L .ISPti^jvyS-^88' Patautoea and Manofactarara HI o? 0" Neapolitan Boauet, are prepared to lupply the trade with tbair inimitable Neaitolitaua, for which they . ^*i".d.two "'Vr ??t*i.a at the laat two Kaira of the American loatitote, and which for atvle and finiah are anaar MW* Aw^rytoW*m,,, 10 and eleu> to PATTIHON, NOE * UO.. r> Dalancy it. aT |MU*> ?' Vv- '? ? Pin. end Pr.rt t)W V DOCK iSTAGliS via tAfT MHOADVVAN <gki3r- ME88R8. MA< KWELL St 8IMPHON, I Mil If?w \*n |> k' pnrchued (rom Vleaara Hatfirld and m MB m lertlue, the Eaat B oadway line of Ataara ol and 'or ihe better accommo dation of the public, and thoae croiam* the Orand and Hou? toil atreet fer'iea to W illi .maburf. will on and after Monday Mth 'Mtjrvo the above hue from Grand up Lewis street to Dry Oock?Lewia .treat haing Bear the terr a. N. B.?It la by no mean, iataaded that by the change of proprietora. to auffar the ahoy* line to loae any of ita will eariied popnlxnty. M. k. 8 pledge themtelvea by atrict and diligent attention, to fullv aaalaia iu preaent rarutation, aa bain* one uf the beat couducn d^knei in the world. JetO lw*r njlffl/' ^I'.A'VD MA1LROfcanreaa Mail Train, leiv*. Whitehall atreet Ferry, New York HHBV M?? every morauiif at 7 A. M., U>r Boaton.? i^wS. AI?o, tralna from Brook I n aide at 7 o'clock aud tfranuatri and 9% A ,\1? and 3 and J P. M.. daily. The 7 A. flfl , aiid 3P. M tiaina go through, the former atopping -t r arrnirgdaJe and manor, and the latter at ail placea en the ro*d Jeli r NEW FERRY TO CONEY l?L\Nb AN D FOfnj MAM1LTO N.?The ateam boat PROPRIETOR. Captain H Mall.n, ....... .he mouth of lu le (or until Airther notice) irek dav a- follows, leaving ' Pic 3 N. K. Coney Island. ? o'clock, A. M. l'\ " ??2 ;; P.(\l. Landing ?t Fort Hamilton each way. And for Sunday aa* separate ndv. rtitemeut and bill. I >are K><cenu. THOMAS BELBY, Proprietor N. H Mage, will be in readineaa on the arrival of the bo5tJ'.?or!H4,,lf!to"' t,?, uie I"1." *en ,0 New I'tretcht and oath, alto at Cauey l.iland to take paaaengera to the npper j'4 4ti??rc rtOI'Lt'S LlNfc Of 81 tAAlHOA 1? KUH Al.bAAt Direct? 'laily, Sunday, aioatited?a 7o'clock, P.M. FrtmSUa mboat pier tetwem C?urtlan*< mid Liberty ill /g Win >M Steamboat ROCHESTER, Capt. -Alfred badQpSP Houghton will leave on Monday. U'eduea ( ? 1,.*Te 00 Tneaday, Thursday and Saturday evenings, at i I 0 r|c?cK. | The above boau will, at all timas, arrive in Albany in amide ! time 'or the morning cars for the eaat or west. Freight taken at moderate rales, and nune taken after Hi o'clock, P. M. " All persona are forbid traatiu any of the boats of thia luie, I without a written order from the captains or agents. ScterSTofeteta/1?~'1*"*-?'?'<? '? c ..... United (Mates Mail Line. At i o'clock^ P. M.t Landing at lutermediata Places. from the F*ot of Hare la* ?j., Swaaboat HUDSON, Captain C. F ICing. wUI leave on Monday, Wednesday, Knday and Sunday afternoons at 6 o clock. Steamboat SANTA I'L \Uf, Captain Bovcrbagh, will leave on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday afternoons, at } o clock. * Apply on board, or at the office on the wharf, jrM F' 'UK. OVLOCK. LINK, ~ FOR SEWBUROH AND FJsHkILL. 111E Steamboat TMO.VIAS PuWELL, *Capt. 8. Johnson, runs daily, (Sunday ex ?ce|>trd,) from the foot of Wa/ren street, at 4 o ciot a i. ,i., landing at Van Courtlandt's Dock. Prekskill, West Poiut, Cold Springs aud Corwtll Returning, leavea Newburgh every Monday morning at half past six. aud every Tuesday. Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday morn iuk at 7 o'clock. For passage or freisht apply on board. j?20 lw*r _ FOR CHARLESTON -The steamship PALME I TO, Captain Spinney, jr., is now t 'king in freight,and will sail from pier No. 3,^North Kiver, ou Thursday, June ttth at ''"'"-'?''fefaat'' Je24 2t*rc ? 100 Br ad st ^ * JVfc.JKl OOL-^The superior ship N AK ? iANSEl T, Captain Dertcbecho, ean take the ? iulk of MO birrels in lie.vy freight. Apply to . BOYD k HINCKEN, Brokers, 1 JetJ 4trc 9 Tontine Building* . y OH LI V LRl*OOL?New Liusr? Regular Packet CTyj>"f ?lst July.?The superior, faat sailing parltet ship JHHKslipi^ INUl'EH. 1100 tons burthen, Capt. Ira burs lej, will sail as above, her regular day. For freight or passage, having elegant and so|ierior accom|y on board, west side of Burling.slip, or to I . , WOOOHULL It MINTURN, r South street. Price of paseageSIM. e..Vftpaeket ship Liverpool. 1J00 tonsbmthen. Captain John Eldildge, will succeed the Hotti. guer, and sail ou her regu lai d<y. il?t Auirn.t je?3rc l;OR LIVERPOOL?Regular facket ol 'tth MKMVV Juli .?The splendid, new, last sailing packet ship JMiCilN DEPENDENCE'. Capt P B Allen* Wthen MO tons, will .ail aa above, her regular day. H< viug very superior accommodations for cabin, second cabin and steerage passengers, those nilendiux to embark, should make immediate application on board, font of Maiden lane, or to JOSEPH McMURRAY, Je23 corner ol Pi ie and rtouth streets. iitef FOR LONDON?Hegular packet of the 1st lulr HWVThe 6rst claas, fast sailiug packet shin WKLLIN'O JHMEbTON, Capt. Chadwick. UD ions will tail as above, Iter regul ir day. Ha? tug \ery superior accommodations for cabin, second ca bin and .teerage passe iuers. persons intending to embark should make early application on board, loot of Maiden lane, or ?n JOSEPH HcHUKRaY, Jetl Corner of Pii.e and S. nth street*. F'Hl OLVSOOW? Ihe new. first etas* snip .ARVUM, 5 9 tons, H Hobinaon. mister, having ?tnost of her c .rao engaged, will meet with despatch. roi y.*i uice of freiaht or pHssage. htvi g exeelleut acc gi. modatioua,apply to the captain o i o -ard loot of Dover street. or to WOODHULL h MINTURN. Jelt r 17 Xouth street. LiisTe OF POOL.?Packet of the ?6th of June.?The splendid, JMNMb last sailing and favorite packet ship OAIIIIK K. 1 imi tons bnrtheu, Captain B. J. H. Traak, will sail ou Friday, CK o'clock, A. M, 10 I " P. M. 4 Juue Mth, her reeular day. The sinjis of thia line being all 1000 Ions and upwards, par eons about to embark for the old country will not fail to see the advantages to be derived from selecting this line in pie fereuee to any other, aa their great capacity renders them every way more comfortable aud convenient than shins ol a small clras; and their accommodations forcaMu, second cabin and steerage passengers, it is well knowu are superior totliose of any other line of packete. Persona wishing to secure berths should not fail to make early application ou board, at the foot of Wall street, or to W. Ik J. T. TAP8COTT, At their Oeneral raaaage Office, 86 South atreet. second door _ J eft r ? below Burling slip m A*sEitLf:^ ? 'apt. Trasaell) to be promptly despatched. For reiglit oi passage, apinv to Bll ETT A VOSE. M South streat, or to BOYD It HINt KbN, M Wall atriet BOOKS BOUGHT J*" PERSONS wishing to dispoea of their Libraries, either a large or small, will always Aad a ready purchaser and good pricaa. by addreaatog a few liaoa, giving uame an I number. tn.. , . ? ? J Mt ABE _ T or HT> (V>rt?i^tM|t ipr**? /.Le 8KIN8 k HLAUOHTF.R HIDEB-X00 hen ,m. lity < in Calf Ski OS, selected. \lee light, middlu and heavy Hidaa. of various average w* ghts Tor sale by ?nvs ms,., IOIIV 111 f VN HIKtlnKatli e iw'OTr. fci-Air peraous are hereby caattgnod ag 'iriar iisii isg the cr, ? of the Br. bsrk ADAMTaRR, fr. m OuZ gow, as no dakla of their contrsciing will be paid v f'>e ' t? j^i it g BT B \ KK A' Am (J \KH, fiOtU < il un(i> vr ?1- mui,!. s per this vessel will please send their t ?rinit? o? loard, at of Hoievelt street, or to the otftee of the suh.criber. All goods not permitted wi'hin ? day* are lianle to !? set to th. public store. WOODHULL k MINTURN, Je/4 lire . 71 Sooth it. PICKET SHip LnUISVILLR fro* New Orlesns. is . j sfgmg at Pika street Wharf. <;oasig e.-s will please stirnd tothr r^fetptol their go?>ds immediately. )2I m "PAoIf'"tf*j Hfii F *, from CTvrrtx>ol, f* ^i*rli^rf M i ? under eeneral order, at Orleans harf, 1oo* of W-11 at Consignees will please attend to the rtreipt of their to?da >m mediately. ^ m P V^T. MilP7M0TtlN0CgR. I rom UmmI. m Slip ????"I otwt, at west side Burling "" * 17 Soivl K. ? ??r?FAV.*n <? PAKK THl-ATME?lk>se? koa; f? ST*-. T 14 ?MU.-WcdnMdtr t??????. lun* *?Wfll be i*-r I lorn.ed * AM PATC* IN FRANCE?*?? fato*. Mr ? Marble; Die Bradrille, Dwt: Bridget, Mra Kutiiht Kollow. edbv t,e VKHMOnT WOOL DKALKlf-Deu-aronjaiy ? Dutiful, Marble; Mr Watldell, Aaoeison; /tuoi'i, Mim ; Kate Horn: Betty. Mr* Burrowr. To r. [i lude wi'hiLe : Nauri-,1 i>r?ma of BlAi K Z\E'D 8U3AN-Willi.pi, i Marble, Capt Crostree, Crocker; Black Eyed Susan, Miss Croaker. Dou? open at 7 o'clock?' ett?rn?i,e?i to eommeaaeat s*s ciaeiy >J^ o'rl'i<k _ Vvinpiimfniury I\u r" tl' llmrfit rf J. It. Se tt BOWERY THEATBK ?? 1 ?nde?4ay r>nii.irjiiii? M? Will be performed K .O HK.N^T IV? Hir John KaU ; Mf, Mr lit H? tnmr, J B Kin* Htanr, HenHn, , A Jim piece of Music hv the iir.vs B?id. Performance by j the Acrobat Family. D.nce by Mr Barnes. To conclude 1 with the Urmia of the MURDER OP THtt CLIFK-Will Breaker. Mr Cciy; Owrf Sr .forth, Blauchara. ITT*" Prices for this night ouly?Boxea 30 cauta?Pit and Oil ier), 21 cents. Doors open at 7 o'clock?Certain will riie at half pest i?tci o'clock. /^FEEN^nclI THE *TRfc?Corner of Varick and vX Chariton streets -Re-opened for the Hammer Reison ? Widuesdiy klTenipr, June M, the performance to commanae with TRUE BLUE, or the Batbir's Heme?Che Johnson. Mr Fraer. Son*. Mr Deoutsoa? National Dance.Mis* Pray | Pa< de Varietie by Miss The entertainments to conclude I with the nuATE,8 REVENUE?AJooret, Mi Freer; Hin da. Mrs Alexes Prnson. Alteration in Prices?Dress Circle or Balcony, V% cents; Boxes, 35 cents; Pi' 12W cents: Private Boiea $?; beets in Orchestra Boxes, each |1. ASTLE OAftDE.N ?Wednesday Evening. Jnne 24?the opening piece of music will cousur of one ol'Killiwo. da's Overtures m 0. minor. Song Mr Hoi man Oe-rture Dance by the Misses "allee. Chinese Dance Mr 1 h?n"enn. To conclude with the Overture to Fra D'trnlti. Intermission of half an hotir. Second part to comma ice with the Over ture t> La Oaxxa L*dr? 8oug Mr Hoi man. Dance by the Muse* Valle?. Com e Dance Mr Thompson Over are to the Bronze Horse. The eTeuitia will conclude with aseriea of Uusotviug Views Utelv arrived from Vlr Collins of Lon don under th? direction ?f Professor Eierstein. Admittance 2ft rrnfj, CH Aj-'H AM TH t AT HE- Boiei 25 centa j Kit ll)f ccBts ?Wfdueaday CreniMK, Jnnc ?4?To commence with the RTR ANnp.rt?wri Halter, Mra "-tranter, Mr Bland; Baron 9tei*fort| Mr Booth; Petfr, Wminin; ? ounttia. Mrt Ore*n?. To oo clu.le with the piiv of the HONKY MOON ?Juliana, Mr* Bland; Duke An-ma Mr Ilia .d; Jacquav Mr Rolando, Booth: toujt Wontalbd. fnckaon; i.anipedo, Trouta; Lopea, OreMie; B *lthatar, BeUimy; Volautc, Mrt Booth. '''^dTT'Doora open at H paat T, p?rformnne? to commence at h#f#>re ft oVforlr lYAULEVlLliE MOHTT Fifth At vtaranct if Mr H. P'aciife. NIliLO'S OAHDF.N -Wtilini^iy Evening. June 34, IMC. ?The performance will rmnmence with a favorite overture. Alter which the l*nithxble Bu lettaofthe f 03T LETTER?Mr Beau. Vr Chit pen-lsle: Mr P Ardent. ?r Wslcott; Hoin Beiu, Miss Clarke; Virginia, Mm After which a Nation >1 Sketch n.imecj NAPOLEON'S ! OLD GUAIID?Haversack, PIiciile: Lord Beuvtlle Wsl i cot ; L-dv Beauville, Mim Roberts; Melauie Haversack, ! Mis. Clarke. ; H 'If aii hour's intermission for the Concerta A-la-Mnsard I in the Refreshment Saloon. To co' c'qde with the langhable "fterplce called A NA' ROB FOR AN HOITR-Sam Hobbs. Mr H Pl?cid?; Nancy Scrcgi, A ra Watts; Emily, Miss Roberta. I Doors open at 7 o'clock, to beam at V o'clock precisely ! Tickets Fifty Cents. i NEW AND EX/RAUkHlNARY FEATS OF MAUIC! PALMO'S OPERA HOUSE, CHJMBEKS STREET HERR ALEXANDER, the celebrated Gennan Magician. Extraordinary and entirely unprecedented Exhibition of | Sciemifiaalllusions, consisting of various surprising mid amus ing F.xperimental Feats, based on the Hidden Wonders of . Chemistry; Pneumatics. Optica. Natural Philosophy and Ma 7ic. Herr Alexander respectfnllv anuouucea to nix many riends and the public generally, hia return to New York, for the punmse of giviug a aeries of mvatical entertainments, he tyittera hi mself. from the iwws taken in their pro dpction. will give the most entire aatiafaction. in order to (ire additional effect to hia new pieces, the extensive stave of Palmo's Theatre has been entirely refitted and gorgeously decorated, the whole presenting the appearance or a splendid TEM PLE OF ENC h ANT.%3 ENT. magnificently illuminated. Grateful for tbe vety liberal pat ronage experienced ou a former occasion at Nibln's, H A. begs to aasure the public that no paine will be spared to me rit a renewal ol' their favora. Ticketa 40 cents?Children nnder ten, half price. Doors mien at 7?Perfi rmance to commence at (o'clock. Box Office open from 10 A. M. to 4 P. M., where seats may be secured Private Boxea, to admit four persous. S3 [?7* Ou private busineaa. Herr Alexander can oe found at the Astor House, between the hours of land 9. A. M. j >-21 fit re HOWKrt fc GO 'S NbV. VOKK MAWIMUTH cincua. THE LARGEST ESTABLISHMENT everoruaaixed m the United Slates, comprising ISO Men and Horses, re |uirnr M Carriages to convey the performers wardrobe, mo siciajis, he. The company has attached to it Eight Female C-strums, among whom la the Greatest Female Aider of Uie e. recently arrived f??m Paris MADAME MARIF.MACARTE, whose new style ol Equearrian Feau. peculiarly her own, being chaste and classic; her graceful ana fascinating address, ?ud the charming rutin '.e with which she chaius her audi eenc.c, render this gifted and highly-educated anti'slr the lead ing feature iff the arena iu The Proprietors re fer the public to the brilliant description given in the respee tive newspapers of the extr aordinary and daring feats perform ed by thia distinguished arliite. Among the novelties which the Proprietors offer are the celebrated Scotch GIANT AND GIANTESS Their height ia 14 feet, and their weight over 7M Iba. Mr. lUnilall weighs 432 Iba. Mrs Randall is the most enormous giantess iu the world. They will appear in " Jack and the Bean Stalk."1 and he will perform extraordinary feau of strength and agility, and will ride iu a two horse act The entertainments will comprise 17 Acts of Horsemanship, Gym nastic Exercises, ('lassie Displays, and humorous afterpieces. Equestrian Director, Mr. llOWF.S; Hiding Master, Mr. NixON, and the unapproachable ('town. DAN RICE. Vmoug thr Performers ia the celebrated and principal Ri der, the Napoleon of the Arena, Mr. HOBUS, whose feats ou Horseback are the moat extraordinary ever witnessed. Juve nile Act of Horsemanship by Muster Nixon. Olympic Exer cises, by the whole Company, led by the great European Tumuler, Mr. MAC ARTE. Wonderful Feats by Mr. Cole's Dogs, Hector and Billy. The 8WIS8 BROTHERS, in their elegant Gymuaatic Postures and Groupings. Mr Sweet as the Charioteer of Phabus. Posturing and Gymnastics by Mr. Nixon and hia son. Mr. Howea iu his Mythological ana brilliant Act of " Feuciea of Proteus." Mr. C. Howes in Slack Rope Evolutions Mr. Oeo. Sweet, the celebrated Tight Rope Dancer. With s variety ol others. The whole comprising the leading, most talented, audclaaaic performers This unrivalled corps of Equestrians will perform in the town of ITHICA, N. V., on the 4th of July, alter wheh they will visit all the prwcipal cities and towns in the State. mr3t tf rrc rpHE ALLr.GHANIANS respectfully announce that J. their SECOND CONCERT will uike place at the APOLLO hO'lMH. 410 Broadway, On WEDNESDAY Evening. June >4,1146. Tickets tf cents, to be had ?t the Music Stores and at the door. Conoert to commence at o'clock. I?Quartette?Land no! Cp, up with the signal?the land is in sight! i?Ttio?Ob. LadyJsweet lady, unveil tboae eyea. 3?Scotch Dal lad?On with the tartan. 4?Quartcre?Some spirits waft our mountain by. This piecejs descriptive of the spirit?now jocund, now sad? in which emigrants from tbe old world wend their way to the valley ?,f the Weat, acroaa the great ridges of the Al leghau>. Soug?The Main-Truck, or a Leap for Life. Founded up vi a weli-luiown tale from the peu of the late Win. Leggett, Esq. Old Ironsides at anchor lay. Iu the hirbor of Melius. ?Quartette?The Spider and the Fly. 7?Catch?They say there is ^u echo here. Thia peculiar and irre-istilily comic catch is a proof fh?t there is uo house without an echo. 8?Quartette?Why, my love, atill say to-morrow 1 9?Song and rhorus?From the Lord of the Isles?Merrily while the deer is browsing 10?Uuartette?The Soldier and his Bride, (by request.)? This piece is founded upon the murder of Miss Jauc .Nit - Km. Slje heard the fight was over, And won the wreath of lame. II?An Original Piece?Woman may her bard command.? Received with euthu?iastie applause at the first concert. Written espiessly tor the Alleghaniana by Geu. George P. Morris 1}?Song?Daylight upon the sea. 11?On/in of t anker Doodle. jeiO ?f rc SANDS, LEiST k. CO. THE followi'ig is the intended route of the splendid Exhi bition of Manila. Lent li Co . up to the 4th or July, which day they will celebrate, aa will oe seen, at Rochester:? ne >4 Genesee. . Naith Danville. " 26 .Vlt. Morris. " 37 and M.Caledonia. " 29 Hcotiaville. June 3d, July I, S, 3 aud 4, Rochester. je>l t?njv4 re GOTHIC HALL, BKOADWA* FLOW ' " i \J uowiced the OVERFLOWING crowds ofbeantv and fas >iim have pro nounced the highest eul giuon on the wonderful Auto mata of Nions Geoigrs Tietx Durirf the whole of n'xt week there will be Kveuing Perfoimances. commencing xt 7 aud concluding at 10 o'clock The grist Elephant, toe Dan seme bibette. aud ihe Duck of Vaucansou will be emhibited, with other obieets of interest Note? i here will be mo>slt*g and afternoon performances ?ext week. Adiunsiou H cents. _ jetl Iw'fC "THE EXHIBITION OF THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF DE81 -NS, Will Clate on the Fourth of J*Uy. ARTISC KXHIBITERs whM have no' given directions ia regard to the di?|>okition of iheir pic'nres. will rleea* to do ?o tiefore that day. JNO. G. CHAPMAN, je3l 5iexlis*rc fee et?r<-. " TO THE PUHL1C. MR ROBERT 4;AUMF respectfully informs hn f iends and the publ'C that h cmiK.t poss hl> be p eseu at the uui lay for the hmeflt of Mr. jamei ssllivt i>1 e h'Vi g ina '? sirangemenu, pievious t> the armouuciment, to leave this cm in com, any witn Mr. Ottignnn For full particular* see Mr. Couat's Utter in the "<ild Conntrv" an" of .his day. Je24 tfr hASu H?K 1 b?5. PURCHASERS are invited to call at Chambers ware-nHitn. No. 3t^ Broadway, lor a safkrior and warranted aeticle a17 Ira*: Atlantic garden is now ?pf,.n for rtiE SEASON.?Dodworth'a Cornet Band will |>ertorw every Tue?<liay aud Friday evenings, commencing June Ind, st * o'clock. Admittance free my3 3m*re U ILI.IAM ALLISON, rropr.efi MODEL of NEW YOKK THE UNDERSIGNED is so* receiving orders for views to be represented upon the canopy ol his V.'del of New York, which will he soou vompleted The?e riews vary ftem li to 30 inches in length and are repreeeuttd lot a moderate Oompensatinu. Tt>?> include rcorrsentations of imblic build ings. places of business, manufactories, hotels, private resi dences. steamboau,jwekets, he A number of the first artists, both landscapes and decorative painters, can find employment by apply at the office?also ? tew sgenta, and twreons capable of transecting husineee Office hours from) lolP M. Ill lm"rrc f PORTER BELDF.N tan Br'.ad"?ay. rnrrnEnnrr ICE CREAM P-MOON, 560 Br -tidmiy, bttwten 8)n tng urui Prinrr. O -TR %N(4k.KM?Strangers visiting the city will j?l a _ new sttr cti"i in the Ssl ous of ttie Alhcmrx ?h c . aside iKit" the delicious Ices snd t oulec io ie y to M f' nod thet'- is fitted np in a sty l?s<f k.aatertl splendour stJ "i?g .in cence "rver before attemRed in this cou .trv. I ^e WStPlkl f. U'i'sii in ll>e teseeUfed i ourt, which <H?plty? a vefietj!ijf ceri- us sad ingemou" )eta, not only keeps the si' ? I'M ftl* ly cool and pleas ml. but excitea an smiismu interest sntl a tnousand eonjertu'os; while the spacious protne sde *ronn? the balcony aiorii i vi-w, e?ery ples?si teve'iing. olm_ re be ,nty ami Ussier thsn can li- on iu co gregated i^i Mw Mher pUee of public rgeort in the city. Inde?a no wh-re ean sn Aim be pas edmore rationslly or sgrecahljr. It/- Admit S"ce free -""J " ??*T* OIL PAIN^LNUO. .. OENRY BENT reapeetftiljy intorms gentlemen and the H trade, that in ftsture he will carry o? ?? bnsieess of Lin ing Pictures only. wliicTi will be executed (aa hitherto) ?tl ? beat possible msnner rUhnseea give* Iftl^fiW lB Hfi 4 tr*y,T5ew *9rl|. a?m?r. T ILATBST INTEIMim TELEGRAPHIC REPOR I. Baltimore. June 23, 84 o'clock, P. M. The Southern mail contains nothing liom the i seat o! war. The Mormon War Rnwwed. The Western mail received here tonight, brinpa information of disturbances in Nauvoo. It ap pears that the regu'ur* have determined that every Mormon ?h?ll leave that place, and measures have been adopted to drive otf *uch as are not dis posed to go. The editor of the Hancock Eagle, at Nauv?ot has suspended his paper. It is said to be the in tention of the assailants to destrov the temple. The St. Louis paper*ofthe 15th insi., (the latoet j dates) state that there bad been no outbresdt on the 13th inst. The alarm, however, continued, and a steamboat which left Nauvoo on the l*th, heard the report of five or six cannon in the diroc , tion oi the city, soon after her departure. BY THE MAILS. Interesting from W?ihln|toa< Washington June 22,1846. Mr. Cilley, the new Senator from New Hump shire, wits qualified this morning to take his sent in the Senate, on the u h g side of the chamber. The death of Mr. Herrick was announced imme diately thereafter, so you see as one goes out another comes in. Many members are said to be ?ick, among them Mr. Crittenden. You will perhaps be a little surprised in New York to learn that Mr. Palunham rtcr.ittd no tit* jHitrhei by rht late t/eatntr authorising him 'O ?? diate in the Mexican difficulty. It may lie inferred, however, that they will 1ms received by the next arrival. , ,, . It is said that the new appointment of Major General is to be conferred on Gen. Tavlor, and those of the two Brigndieri on Col. W. O. Lutler, of Kentucky, and Senator Harrow, ol Lxiuisiana, The latter was recommended by nearly the wbolu ol the Senate The Committee on Foreign Affairs m the Senate, are about to take immediate steps, intro ductory to effecting a speedy peace and settlement with Mexico. Wasbwotor, June 21,1848. Mr. Herrick, a member of Congress, died yes terday evening, so no business will be done lor a d?y or two at Hie capitol, except funeral ceremo nies. The Senate having got through with some of the most important measures, will begin nejtt week to clear their table in Exeoutive session, oo appointments before them, m*ny of which hnva been suspended for a long time. Among the lat ter is the appointment of Mr. GiUetL, of New York, as Register of the Treasury, which will ba mo-1 oei tainly rejected. The hand of retribution always falls on the head of the execut.ouer. Tha nomination of Mr. Port.mister Gardner, ot Wash n tit on, is al?o still suspended, but 1 presume there will be no difficulty there. The appointment of Mr. Charles Gre be, a German, to be United States Consul for the Prus sian Dominions, appears to give great di*plea?uret and as his case lias not yet been acted on by ihe Committee oil Commeree, it is more than proba ble that the loice of public opinion will induce I the President to withdraw the appointment, or otherwise it may be rejected. The principle of appointing foreigners as American Con-uls in their own country should not be recognized. The ! man now nppointed already holds three Consu lates?Hanover, Grand Duchy of Haase, and Hes*e li is probaMe that the President was not advised of these facti at the tuno he made tb? ; appointment. ! The speech of Mr. Sawyer, in the House, oa Saturday, denouncing in such violent fcrtns, the conduct of the administration, is but a beginning of the attack from the northwest column. I can ! tell the free trade men ther tariff bill is in gret. ! (lunaer. lis passage hangs on a very slight tenure A single vote in the Senate may decide its fate i* that l*>dv; and should it come to be decided ?* the casting vote, of the Vice President, be will go with Pennsylvania, as he has no political capit* out ol' that State. TW1IINTV*N1N1,H CUStOMM, In Senate. Washikotow, Jnue M, 184#. Mr. JoiirH CiLLcr. elected from dew Hsmpshire to All the unexpired term of Mr. Woodbury, had bis cre dentials read in the Senate to-iiay. and was himself Intro duced by Mr Athorton. Mr. t.llley is quite an unpre tending, plain, matter of (hot looking personage, with a black patch over hit right eye, which eye, we learn, he lost in the last war in defence of his country. Mr. Bkrki" introduced a joint resolution for the dis tribution of Lilly anil Brown's edition of the laws of the United States. Read twice Mr. Cass submitted an inquiry upin the President. In reference to the mineral lands of Lako Superior, and the progress of the surveys, fcc Adopted. death or aa. Ntaaica. A message was received from the House, oommunlsi. ' ting their resolutions on the subject of the death ef Hoa Richard P. Herrick, a member of the Honae from the I State of New York. Mr. Dix said it devolved upon him to ask of the Senate to unite in the customary tnbate of respect to the mem ory of the deceased member. The honorable Senator then spoke of the peculiar aolemnity of this berenve ' ment from its coming without a warning, and singling I out a victim who, but a week ago. wa* in all the fulness of health. On Tuesday last, Mr. Herriok was In tke House In attendance upon his legislative duties, and though for several days previous to Saturday he was un well? It was not until that day that be was considered in dancer; and yet. long before the day waa closed, he was numbered with the dead. Mr. Di* then passed to a bea?v tiful testimonial to the virtues which had distinguished the life of the deceased?as a public servant, as a citixen in tha walks of private life, and as a husban J aad father He spoke with much feeling of the circumstance of the departure of Mrs Herrick from Wa.hinglon to attend a sick child at home, and of the death of her husband in her absence upoa this parental duty. Mr. Dia had been acquainted with the deceased for the last Alteon years? their residences (in Ren.selear county) were only dtel ded by the Hudson river,and bad it been his own brother that the Senator had lost, he could not have spoken more fully of his merits in all the relations of life, or with a more marked evidence of sorrow at hia death. At the conelusion ot his remaiks, Mr Dix moved a series of resolutions, to wit:?That the Senate had heard with deep regret of the death of the Hon Mr. Herrick, of the House?that they accept the invitation of the Houae to attend his fnneral to-morrow at twelve o'clock?that as a mark of respect to the memory of the d*ce**d, the membeisoftli* Senate wear crape upon their left ana for thirty da> s-and that, as a iurthor tesaasiratei. the Senate oo now adjourn. . . ... The resolutions were unanimously adopted, and the Senate accordingly adjour?ed. Hone* of RepreeentaU'ree* Wisnisuton, Juno 0, IMS. The dark clouds of the morning are in aocordance with tha a loom that i>ei vade* the spacious hall Legi-latioa is Temporarily Upended ; the voice of debet* is bushed V and there is a brie I pause to think of vest eieimty ! ?? 1 ime, likw an ever-rolliog stream, beurs ?ll it* sons away ; They fly, foigotien aa a . I ream Uiea at the opening nay !'? The SrsAsca, at ten o'clock, called the Uoas* to order, **The Rev. Mr. Mn-avaw, the (-ha^Ua, delivered the following rasvr Oh, Ood : In the order oj, ,hy providence, another re pre?? litUive of the peo,,i? n?< been taken to the world or spirits , ami in thia. solemn moment may It have the de sir* l efTect of '.<tmihg our minds froin the things that lietish to tbve that are eternal>1ay all feel the .lispeo* I iHtioa at a *?ce from on high, saying, " Whatsoever thy han>: *Mt?iti to do. do it with all ihy might, for there W mi kvck, nor device, nor knowledge, nor wisdom, In the grave, wl.l'her thou art going " Re mem l*r J*;"*" ! have been viaited with the bereavement wilt l heii. in , grrnt marcj and kindnes., be a husbanJ the wi tow I and a father to the fatherless t Wed ^Vold losrt, and may they feel that it is the will of th L, d concerning them for tl.air I Orant that the Members ofthe coiteTfiates' the Pieslitent and the Vice Pre'i.teot ^ the Uni^d States . am .11 who aw in authority. devolving On *1* aney* ^ the vol are oljho th,y muJ, whh celt* knock at the forth to the enjoyment or on ia^aaother a bouer world-Uav^h Jesus 1 <*?? Mr Kf*. of tieoigia, presented the memorial of the Historical Society ol Savannah. nlv every institution ol learning in this country wMh a ?u'd\ of the proposed pulibcetion of the material* ooljectesl hy^lcientil/c gvnilemen coanectad wlta the Kaploring Exi^m'on , and It wa. rr.ferre.1 to th. Committee on ti2 ' I.ihrarv. ami ordered to be printed. Mr Dr,ro7;;on.\?Ie^%mm^ree"a"nH7.V Affair., re p.Mrr.iU I-. rr rsi"& br ti.? ?.uti? '??"k of ;!;* iU .o-nh of tha Nemaihaw river-, on thsi nort ^ ? ^ ^ illt#rktcUj last mentioned ,h latitude, and by a line by the forueth |?raM?l of .^l^'Se w,?*rn hounda running due ^rwtr third degree of longUode ry ; on the wast by th hlngt0D M Tar north aa tha east of th* m*rid aii ot udJ*\p|(i oa the aonth by the

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