Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 30, 1846, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 30, 1846 Page 1
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?J e , ?> THE NEW YORK HERALD. f 41U4 NEW YORK, TUESDAY MORNING. JUNE 30, 1846. THE MEW. YORK HERAL1>. 1AMES GORDON BENNETT, PROPRIETOR. Circulation-- -Forty Thousand. DAILY HtiMALD?Every day, Price J cent* p*r copy?$7 SI Pgr annum?payable ia advance. WEEKLY HERALD?Evary Saturday?Pnce l<4 cam* per ropv?13 ltW cents per ?nn?m?payable in advance HERALD TOR. EUROPE-Every Steam Packet. day Price ?>4 cents per copy?S3.00 jxr annum, payable in ad vance. . . ADVERTISEMENTS at the usual pncaa?always eaab ? advance. PRINTING of all kinds meenrtd with beauty and doe patch All letter* or communications, by mail, addressed te the itabltshment, mint be post paid, or the postage will tie de nted Irom the aubscsiption mouey remitted. JAMES GORDON BENNETT. Proprietor of the K(? Ttkl HcRALB EsTABI.MHMCIVT, North-Wear corner ofVilton and Nmmi t JOHN HERDMAN It CO., United States and I treat Britain and Ireland, Old Established Emigrant Office,61 South street. New Yo<k. ? HERDMAN, KEENAN It CO.. Liverpool. Passage to aud from Great Britain and Ireland, via Liverpool by the Ola Black Ball Line, or any of the regular Packet ships sailing every fire days. The subscriber* in calling the attention of Old Country men land the public generally to their unequalled arrauge neat* for bringing out passengers from the old country, beg #*rve to state that the business of the House at Liverpool ?rill be conducted by its branch. Those seudiug fi.r their friends will at once see the great siportance of this arrangement, as it will preclude an unne :essary delay of the emigrant. The shins employed in this iue are well known to be of the first and largest class, com Kdrd by men of experience; and as they sail every five >, offer every facility that can be furnished. With those upcrior arrangements, the subscribers look forwsrd for a tontinnation of that patrouage which bu been so liberally mended to them for so m&nv years mm. In case any of ie engaged>M?not em'ia . k. th. i ..*? ?, < noney will he re ******?*? CI South st., New York. IBDMAN. KEENAN * CO.. Liverpool. tot aay amount can i? j aal be furnished, I the principal Bankn * wutioos throughout iMt 'om, on ?|?f>lic?'ioii as above. " JHMHMHP .Mini a A.vitui ICAN ROYAL MAIL STEAM SHIPS, tof 1300 tons and 440 horse power, eachutt der contract with the Lords of the Adnu ?ralty. HI BERNIA Capt. A. Ryrie. BRITANNIA Capt. J. Hewitt" CALEDONIA Capt. E. G. Lott. At ADlA Capt. Wm. Harrison. CAMBRIA Capt. C. H. E- Jndkins. Will sail from Liverpool and Boitou, via Halifax, a* fol >w.: k , riov loiroif. from livcrvool. 1 jedonia July 1,1846. Britannia " 19, " taiinia. " 16, " \\ Passage Monet. /rom Boston to Liverpool $120. From Boston to Halifax so. These ships carry experienced surgeons. No berths se ared nntil paid for. No freight, except specie, received on le days or sailing. For freight, passsge, or any other information, apply to D. BR1GHAM. Jr., Agent. mytlrc At HARNDEN k CO.*S. 6 Wall st. i e. UJ J',1;! ^ferJAP8<; Qtt's general ? 2S, OFF ICE, Removed from t11 86 South street.?Permits sending for their frieuds in any part of the old country ? can make the necessary arrangements with le subscribers, on reasonable terms, to have Diem brought "'THE NEW LINE OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS. Th? Ships of this line are unsurpassed by any other, and leir immense *ize (all being 1000 ton*, and upwards) renders lem more comfortable and convenient than snipsof a smaller ass ; and the greatest reliance may be placed iu their punc tality in sailing. The subscribers are also agents for the t. George and Union Lines of Liverpool Packets, in any * which passage can be engaged on reasonable terms. Drafts for any amount, payab'e without discount in all the ?incipal towns of England, Ireland, Scotland or Wales, can so be obtained. For further particulars, apply to W St J T TAPSCOTT teS7rc 86 South st.. 2d door below Burling Slip, N. Y. EdPLE'S LINK OF STEAMBOATS FOR A LB AN V, Direct?Oaily, Sundays exomited?at 7o'clock, P.M Vm Steamboat pier between Courtlanut ana Liberty itk. Steamboat ROCHESTER, Capt. Alfred " Wednes Houghton. will leave on Monday. Wei day. and Friday evenings, at 7 o'clock. NDtfJK HUDSON, Capt. R. O. Cruttenden, and Ratnrdav r.rcuuif l, at 7 Steamboat I 'otacX. " The a bore boat* will, at all time*, arrive ia Albuy in ample me Tor the morning cars for the eaat or weit Freight taken at moderate rates, aad none taken after 5X ?dock, P M. All persona are forbid crusting any of the beau of this line, ithout a written order from the captains or agents. For passage or freight, apply on board the boats, or to P. C. chultz, at the office on the wliarf. United States Mail Line. At 6 o'clock, P. M., Landing at Intermediate Place*. from the Foot of Barclay it., Steamboat HUDSON, Caiitain C. F. ltiug, will leave on louday, Wednesday, Friday and Sonday afternoons, at J 'clock. Steamboat SANTA CL\US, Captain Boverbagh, will tare on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday afternoons, at ) 'clock. Apply on board, or at the office on the wharf. je24 TKOY MORNING AND EVENING- LINE. MORNING LINK AT SEVEN O'CLOCK. FOR ALBANY AND TROY-From the ? Steamboat Pier It the foot of Barclay street. .Landing at Peekskill. West Point, New* urgli, Hnmiiiuu, Milton, Ponghkeepiie, Hyde Park, Rhine* rck, U. Red Hook, Bristol, Catskill, Hudson, Couackie, linderhook and Baltimore. Breakfast aad dinnrr on board the boat. ... _ . The ateamboat NIAGARA, will leave on Monday, Wed aaday and > riday Mornings 7A.M' ? L __ . jKe a>ai TROV, .l-'aptaia Gorbam, on Tuesday, fundi* Saturday mornings, at 7 o'clock. .Return B opp?'?iie davs. iy,,t jv or freight apply on board, er at the office on the *EW YORK. ALBANY AND TROY LINE. ^ ' FOR ALBANY AND TROY DIRECT, r" > r< m ihe pier at the foot of Courtlaudt street. TM! pri tsure steamboat EMPIRE, Capuin K B. Macy, jfili I if t* Courtlaudt street, oo Tuesday, Thursday ip fttitt*' - Wenings. at seven o'clock. R * IK iloat COLUMBIA, Capt. Wm. H. Peek, will >v a ?Ly, Wednesday and Friday evenings, at 7 \ k?M> it taking these Boats will arrive in time to take 2v*wi ?? min of Cars Irom Troy west to Buffalo, and *?-1 '"rxuOfa. Whitehall and Lake Champlain. i f* at Freight, apply on board, or at the Office on b rt taken afterSK o'clock. -AB goods, freight, bank bills, specie, or any ST*"*' positively at the owner's risk. j26r DAILY LINK OF BOATS BETWEEN NEW YORK AND STATEN ISLAND. The steamboats SYLPH, Captain J. Brais* EN ISLANDER, Captain D. Van Pelt, will iTlsland at (, I, 9,10 aad 11 A. M; at 1,1,3,4, 5, fork at 7, S, 10, and U, A. M. and 1, 2, 3, 4,3, k*atfpaettP.M.L at the risk tf 0f the owners thereof. jel6 f. NloST DELIGHTFUL OF ALL ir EXCU?SIONS. A SAIL acro^ the Hudson rifirto Hobo ken, and then a wa^ the Elysian Fields, along the exceeding picturesque shores oi W the most easily f?.ora?|lgh(ld utrte tfiusinmou that can be from thr city. P'.?*0' ? charin,n| E^jct, the trees be considerably i?Mlhe soil covered with a rich i m in eicellent order, having beti ? present spring. laasaat after noon there will be in at.nli>nr, .. If Elysian fields, an excellent Band .r .Jl pet form selections from the favorite Opera* Ln?,' ?an has. walties, fcc. P?*n 'crrj Seats from Barclay, CaasA and Christopher EHely fitted np with awaings aad aeau. ' rti ^uufron Ho bo ken to Barclay street until 1. ?V cents ml 3m*r . LONG ISLAND RAILROAD Egress Mail 'J rain, leaves Whitehall sttaat IernTSjjv, y0rk i da,'every moraine at 7 A.M., lor Bom^, _ wAlao, trains from Biyokl vn side at 7 o'clock ? .?* A M., aad 3 and J P. M-. daily. The r 3 ~. M. tiama go through, the former stopping at ad manor, and the latter at all places en the jell r.^ J?RL|vKRPOOL?Regular Packet of Sih ?1? ?The splendid, new, fast sailing packet ship f*#EPENDKNCE, Capt PB Allen, When 9M lalf'ae above, ber regular day. *?K superior accommodations for cabin, second __ ateenme passengers, those intending to embark, ?Mk* limediate application on hoard, foot of Maideo rjf JOSEPH McMURRAY, comer of Pine and South sireeta. "?I LONDON?Regular packet of thelstJulv ; first class, fast sailing packet ship WELLING* I JiN, Capt. Chad wick, tit tons will sail as above, -Sr da-/. ' i '"P'rior accommodations for cabin, second ea* -T? . Pa??augars, persons intending to embark ?Wrfif Ihi rwrly ipplieitioi on board, foot 01 Maiden lane ? JOSEPH MaMURRAV, ' * Corner of Pine end Snnrh ttreeta. .New Line?Regalar Packet iis'.rbi'asEn;."^ * l? above, her regalar day. tt Passage, havuig elegant and sni>erior accom 'y on board, west side or Bnrlinc slip, or to '|HULL k MINTURN, 17 Suut^i street. ElV ^ea't ,M* ton? bnrthen, Capuin John K liTSi* vZ',, ** on h.ryegn ffl?- - Vl""f ' TeMre ? UACi. HALL OR yuD LINE OF LIVERPOOL iff! _ ESt1 _lsc J. ? will sail positivei^^^^^^^B lt^rVj^5I^mUbrMoFLe,n,n* ,r*9",do"t ?? ? ? aid c < \ eniencr thSVll7,,h.,Ter}r,m'^eru 'motor f ? eti' - \i* Vifw? ,bnt "<1J '"the comfort of orseading lecimen or r PeriniTi.iT? ' bnt "du to the O ire bffor# UC* splendid?p? SStSJJSSf !hffhere. I-Vr passage rJ M Hu.?S.#.,.."r.lT plication should ' ,<H,t 01 ?eekmau street; or to the sub ur t ROCHE, BROTHERS ik rn pulton tt..Jneit door to the Kolroo Bank ) *".*!**? ?'?? ?Hm ship ' "? Kobinson, mastefTiMvinip St fnlSflS .11 meet with rfaslSih f7 South street. OLD BLACK BALL LINE OF PACKETS. FOR LIVERPOOL.?Thr itiperior fast sailing jncket ship MO.NTKZUMA, Captain Lowber, Will lie dispatched lor the above port on thr first of uly, and will be succeeded by the new packet thin Fidelia, on the 16th. For passage, having unequalled accommodations in cabin acdsteersge, apply tol ? n . JOHN HERDMAN k CO. ?l South at. N. B ?Person* desirous of having their friend* lirouiclit from the Old Country, can have them out in the above stunt, or any of the regular line of packet*?ship itilui eitry (it days. And al*o by (r*t tl?? American and traniient *liips ?ailing weekly. Al*o, Drafts for any amount furuithed?pay able in any part of Oreat Britain and Ireland, on applic*tiou a* above. je2*m FOH GLASGOW?Line of Packets?Regular Packet lit July?The fine, new, Out sailing packet whip DllOOKsB Y, 5J0 lou*, liiitfti McK?en ma iter, hum above, her regular day. For frei|(lit ol'tlie bulk of 350 barrel* light freight,or passage having excellent accommodation*, apply ou board, fool n I Dover *treet, or to _ WOODHULL St MINTURN, H7 South ?t. The packet bark ADAM CAKR. 400 tons, will succeed the Broossbv. anil *ail on her regular day, 1st Aatnit je27 re "SfiF FOR LIVERPOOL?New Liue?Regular pack IHRV" of the 26th July<?The elegant, fast sailing pack JflBMKwet ship ROSCIUS, A. Eldridge, muter, of 1100 tons will sail a* above, her regular day. For freight or pasiage, having accommodation* unequalled for aplendor or comfort, apply ou board, at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall street, or to E. K. COLLINS St CO., 56 South *t Price of passage tlOO. Packet snip SIDDONS, E. B. Cobb, master, will Mieeeed the ROSCIUS, audsail on the 24>th Ausuit.lier regular day. je rt re FOUR SHETLAND PONIES, very amal.l, im ported per ship Switzerland, last Spring, *uitable ror gentlemen'* ion*, wheie health and recreation are required. For *ale by jeM3t*rrc A. GRIEVE, 5 John *treet FOR SALE, TWO FINE SADDLE HORSES, WILL drive alio iu a carriage. They are Just the right tize for riding on jhor*ebaek, and have been long used to ! saddle. Apply at the de?k of the Herald Office, tor farther particular* jelSif'jgh kLHUAWT BHHL'tiflASi .^i"Ki7T7r Jjal^H')KSE8, with entire new Harness, to be diaposed ' 1 ' ' a*" a gentlemau about leaving the city. The car nage was bu>lt to order by one of the first maker*, and has been used but n few time*. To be seen at Cohen * Livery Stables, Crosby street. je26 Iw'r ' MING CHARLES SPANIELS?OF THE pure breed, received by the late*t arrival* from Lon ^.don, for sale by A. Grieve, 5 John itreet. Alio, rare Jnalile Birds, only to be found at his r*Mbli*lim?nt, No. > John itreet N. B.?Letter* from the mrious, ia distant parts, (post paid) will be attended to. by A. GRIEVE, a!7*lmrh Importer and dealer in Bird*. Cage*, he. TllL MGHl'INGALK SONG IN JOHN STRAIT. m THE REAL BIRD itself has arrived, and likewise 500 nf the Saxony Canaries, the warbling of which, UHK&to the stranger aud curious, is rather an interesting CM tight?for each cn*tnmer lia* a different habitation, J 1 and Arehy will be huipy to attend to the ladles and gentlemen as they pass Broadway and John street. ?PIT Im^rh M , I'OKt 1'U LET, in the Herald Buildings, No. 9? Nassau street. Apply on the premises. jeMJtt re tlUUAlS, FUUNISSUED OK UNFUKMsHEU TO LET?Inaamall and most delightfully situated house, near the Washington Parade Ground, one or mbIwo rooms, with or without full or partial board. No other boarder* or lodgers are in the house, nor will betaken The family at preseut consists of only three grown persons To single gentlemen, or a gentleman and lady, de*iaon* ol living iu a private family, and iu a nieasunt, quiet, and hand some location, this offer* an opportunity but rarely met with The entire half of tW house will be let to a desirable tenant, without children. .Address B. T. at the desk of thi* ojfice my 19 tf rrc NEW LEBANON SPRINGS. JgML COLUMBIA H ALL,May15,1846?This favorite place Kl of resort is now open aud rradyfor the receptiou ol ci >n> ?"??W tlic management nf its old proprietor. Henry Hull. Presuming l?liK oxi>erieuce as a catrrei for the travelling public, he in tends thai me tn...,., [lie establishment shall be *nch a* to meet the wants of the most fastidion*, whether tarrying for the season or a shorter lieriod. je3 lmrc HENBY HULL. FOR SALE UK TO LET, a The Modern built three story brick house, 215 Adams street, Brooklyn. If not sold by private sale, it will be , disposed of at public auction, on the 15th day of May next. Half of the purchase money can reinaiu on mortgage, for a term ol year*. Application to be made on the premises 215 Adamxt., Brooklyn. af lm*rc FOR SALb OK TO LEASE, IN BROOKLYN. a VAN BRUNT'8 HOTEL, No. 23 Kulton itreet, (northeasterly tide,) Arc door* from Kulton Kerry, it uow offered lor sale or to lease. The house is 23 hy 43 >ur stories high. coutaiuing 22 rooim, and brum on the it tfioronKhlare in Krooklyi* it a food location lot many kind* of business. Possesion given immediately. For particular*, inquire en the premises of GEORGE VAN BRUNT. Brooklyn, May >5. 'H<- uiy26 lm?rc HOUSES TO LET?In Hoboken, near the Kerry? pjV Two three story brick house*, reut (200 a year, with Jaiflsfrei; ferriage to the family. Also, two large three *tnry and baaement brick dwelling homes, finished in the beitityle with every convenience ana within one minute'* walk of the ferry. Apply to J. A. STEVENS, Jr., jeli lw*rc at Hoboken a TO LET?The large Storehouse corner of Thame* itreet and Trinity Place; reut moderate. Possession on the 1st of July. Apply to D. SHEPHERD, jetS lw*rc No 3 Nassau street. WATTRI PONT & "CO., _ FASHIONABLE HATTERS. . fl It Nassau street, near Fulton, New York. THE subscribers beg to call the attention of the public to thequalityef their various kinds of Hat* of their own manu facture. They have iuat received a small supply of superior moleskin, now used by the most fnshionable natter* in ran*, a (ample of which they will feel much pleasure in ahowiug to those who will favor them with a call. The undersigned do not pretend to sell at 2} or even 10 per cent less than any other establishment; neither can they boast ot having a splen did store: but they flatter themselves that the quality and finish of their Hata wiU give entire *atisfactiou, at the price* charged. They have adopted the French style of trimming the an tu rner tuts, which i* a preventive to the perspiration coming through and spoiling the beau'y ol their appearance. M. B. WATTR1PONT, mv 23 Im'm WM. H. JAMES. GENIN'S GOSSAMER HATS, WEIGHING frem t\ to 3)f ounces. Price only $3 30. It is about two year* *race the Uossamer Hat was first introduced by the subscriber to the notice of the New York public, as the lightest, the most desirable, an i the most tasty article for summer wear heretofore iu use. The astonishing success attending them, evinced by the extraordinary large amount of *ales, and the popular approba tion bestowed upon them by the many who have giveu them their patronage, have not been lost u|K>n the subscriber, who. to show that he is ever anxious to excel in his art, now pre sents for public patronage the Gossamer hat, much lighttr and more pleasant than any other ever before offered. They are not liable, like the Leghorn and Panama, to lose sither shape or color from exposure to the rain. They cannot be soiled by either perspiration or oil from the hair, so commonly the case with other Hats, for the much admired style of trimming*, originating with the proprietor, effectually prevent* all this. This i* a decided advantage over all other hats. The public are invited to call and ste this article at J. N. GENIN'S Hat and Cap Store, my27 lm*re 214 Broadway, opposite St. Paal's Church SUMMER HATS. _ ECONOMY JlND FASHION. ft ROBERTSON'S PHENIX HAT AND CAP MANUFACTORY, 103 Kulton street.?Tlie under sized bespeaks the attention of the public to the quality ol his Summer Hata, possessing the various properties usually sought lor by the man of taste, they have the additional merit ol being 23 per cent below the standard prices. They are es sentially similar in materia), workmanship, and finish, to the articles manufactured by (he more splendid establishments ol Broadway; and on a close comparison of their respective material difference can be perceived, except in the single particular that the subscriber has adopted a style ol trimming, which effectually prevent* the perspiration of the forehead from striking through, and impairing the a(? pearance. Their average weight ia from 2% to SWouncca?being much lighter than *ub*rantial Leghorn*, or Panama*. Person* of taste and judgment, who are intliunced in their purchases by considerations of cost, are invited to examine them, and to establish, by the test of comparison, their rr?cise value, com pared with the productions of other nianufactnrer*. jny2l Im^rr ROREHTSON, IIH Kulton street. K'jC.iVIL.EMEN'B oh'RlNi.s *A>HlON. BEAVER AND SILK HATS of the best quality aad *o*t approved shapee, are mow ready for iaapectioa and saie at t., 0|j established prices. s** Betver $4 3t "??'Hik 4 0* HOWE, Merchants' Kadiange, <0 William afreet J. i'RiCE h CO. ra Tta- onable hat htore. jpLat fit SySS^IBERS having onened a HAT STORE ffilv Boliru.L ?"0tt*|r?ft| corner or Dutch street, respect lie Tli?v w?S ol their oil ctmtomen ana the pnb. meiwSf^rfaiTU?,|t?i,h",t."P2n hI?d "'T' uid will tell at dtsii".!'!1"' *c., Itc., ?{ ,h? *^J5rrew ^.";.Sin,i>;Mum.;dem tx; Eic ROBER1 ingle hat* l___ _ mvi lm*r H ICHABOD PRICE. r THOS. SHANNON 'PHK. proprietor of this e*tabfil|kl^? 1 his extensive stock of ? J" ree*B,'y added to Vloleikin Hau, ?,t exquisite fui.shM^i ? "?<>rimeat of price ol these really snnerb articled* ?,Vfew.eSi"ce' ? le*? than the aame good* ImauufacrurM ,i ' * " and of .imilar material) are sold ta ?ro*T manner this great disparity in price may be easily ??""rtiMr's 6ei"? but* tithe of Jj" splendid establishments in liroadwav. lie is' mor* enabled te offer goods of a corresponding de*erti22^II*e,lC* rates. afi i V" i military public to his assortment Of Military Equip adapted to all companies; Miliary Cape, Knapsacks, _ and Bayonet 8cahbarda or every variety. Country comas! afea, about chancing their uniform, or those about forming T anf ?3m*rrc H. S. ORATACAP. 3*2 Broadway JiMJUU HAVANA fc PklMCl^E SUGARS.' 1*0 Bales HAVANA TOBACCO.a* rollow* i Eiaulacion, Eacnlapio, Presaed, Rionda Regalia, MaRoman, Rionda do, Eaperanxa do., fc* Victoria. Lafayette do., Washington d*., Eaperanxa, Rionda f eagressoa, Lafayette d?., rr" Do. Plantnrion,_ Principt SMamboat. Lafayette, Prncipe Jasto Sana, Via. Jajo Tobacco. J&W"' -ut)^ to For ?yt Im^f 11T Front ?t.. n#?r Well, c SCHCMhi:<.'nvM,?.VNnTA 1N SPRINGS, I THKUNDESnHEA,TH HOUSE. 1 tabli.hmeu't WM o^'iedTor tL*'*8 ""i"" rh,t hii " the fir?t ofJune in.tant?havim? h "WJWM of (iiilfri oi condition, and .unnlitil ??i?h ""i-110 ,e ,r P??ihle tlie f."i w'"? ?'?ry comfort n.n.liy Land it P<ea.u? imaor.nmndX'I'Tr' re,or?- e.tenrive for the u*eofl idies a? w*n?eW *"*1 #p|endid Bowling Alley rrrctrd-?d ?B?n/of yI..V hl* b""? nSiSy ihe whole. No puua will be aDared \iv?ih'heer1*',d'"I'T" .rcnre the K-e-,f,-,t .mount of comfortto h!."." '""''ito .?:;r K;;r.'"" June 22d. 1846. MAH8H. . je24 1 w ? rc I f lib SHADES HOTKL. ? I THHK Hubacntwr'rZ'cJLuf- iffW^h city of New Vork. The .aii.r.ili?k?.? "f Uie kind iu the liven to hi.uumerom frien l. S.j wh'ch he h*. hitherto of "The Shade." in Th"me^.T?tH2T^:*hiU >""17 ietor bea Riiaranty to all who mav ?*tter? Inluseif will ev&me-^pSKsasa;^ f,?*ch' well a. a full su|>|>ly of foreitru ?-l-- .wlttl c">' P?P*r?, a. Europe. r ,ortl8U W>n, by every arrival from inlt lm*rc JAMES EVANS. urn1?^ COFFEE HOl/SK AND HATHS? N coldand "f* ^ K'm-W?r'm, City, at 12* cent*; LodgmeV with ???i ??u? *?yi'ou,e the Boarding and 1^Jki^JS M Sr week ?!, ? b*d?', IIX cu.: will be found newspanera Ikim I .?j , ? leading room prinriiMil eitie. of tLITni,?S^?,ndoni L'??P<>ol. Mcfall the " , . mi, ? ** ini?rh **'f. t'r?n?ton, and, after the 3ut1i A *? ' 'c,,r* Jack Public will be open for therecew i <uf nl'JI u tt??a th, ?'"X Vr*^ ?Z2Zfiffip?1 "P*r.; o%.tewili be ke"L n?a ?EE&ttJk$ Chlr/e PSFSSSSr^k^-*' ^ ?>" - Lt "ij <?"???? aiKE^ with the beat Liquor, and Proviaiou. that th? ^ ?r ,uiji",ed ? O UK fSftj hu'&'wisrx" "Crled ?? J .. ESsi ?"?" RElFsiTLPHlJH SFKJNOa " TmmtnSir.f.SlSpu;, w,? w open the next summer ai usual ?l. . will be ?ter?. |r< ftme xn t),e relief fr ? rccel>ll?? of ri eiteudina over a lK-riod of fiftv ^ flmuiiary dueaaea, wd, tliat it no louif/r .im^I'nl'^ ,ufu",'d by f?eu teut and peculiarity of ita medicinid vf^'V ^ or ,he V ... i ^ fe?|?ectable physician in arteiidnuce. 'X'he roads *rr ->!iRSiur1Imrv5Sr?,'.'>' ?wkum*"' Tnnip'ke Road t> the BIiiT ?ro^u's^v^ ^ Wm^*miheSpr,DB,0' We,le? ,C* yt,m " Tift: proprietor M A i\ S i ON H Li II s u ?"? i T*hk 'UNUEK^ONKD hC ?,N N KCTl'c UT. I friend, and the public, that lie luYe'iued ?i"ni>S!!ce l.? hl* for a term of year., and hotie. hu i . above honae ?eeuuo?10 b<u,Be"-wSS: mrg3m'ruf Konnerlyof^^^g^. ? ? mv219n.?r ~ TRITON HOUSE "EL-L muD t'OVE, LONO ISLAND S^SSS?^aSlTs?,E Bound, a. the lianda attached to The nrlmi i? k?? 'Lo'1* ll,lun' {entire water front, and .fine beach ?o^TwHm?aVe * %LIy " bnildmifi are new, and the Bar and BoWlinlrTfui" The ?ut" ly nncounected with the liou?e. * AJler are eoure the .Tb.5r'bI*r,Sn00ff?r hf/fne'uT^^ '? th*hot?' Property. tilul aupply of good milk and butte^alid ."nrh1^!'* * Prlcn" aahetru.u, tocether with hi. . other comforu wuhea of hi. ?ue.ti Jill ^L,V"r!m,"eJd "tention. to the iiou.e ext?meTy de'i'rable. re,,d",l ~"dence at the TriJi' Hone, and Carriage, to hire r which will be moderate, applr to oi"n:.T..u..M^.V'fi?l V; ,iiTO' ^s^ss TKSeB!:~:.f -sr^ ^aaf-aA^iSp^nASr'^r-" lauy maniion) ha. been rifitteH in .if "O"4*, (the old Me n??T.roou" *?'<? other important addition. ,,y ' with m**>y summer, can be nrovidfd ^irK P?ss a cool and nuiei atthe.r d^ce Y^h ofVm^it ??lW,U ?[ Tk ?'' ,,'d lh* "cighboring I Z2t!3u$ ?boand ? th. The .teamer Pawaic ulvin? K.r\^ \f Dot deficient in game ?top. at the iMdinJ 5n O ^'""n.New ^ nrk and Newark ^2fiteLi2B^es?S^?Bai6 tie riven it of old-Bon Sejonr pUc* menl ^ " The I>Haie for N.??k u^1Kt Y" tOCKWOOD. ? 10 A. M. ami i P. M., landrnlr m ftrnfof0^fcr?1*? ?tre. The Port Richmond bSt ? o clock. At Port Richmond there will h. k? i. *' % ud HAMILTON HlJUSE, AT THE NARROWS. THIS ELEGANT ESTABLISHMENT having under gone thorough repair* aud improvements, will be open for the reception of Boarders on the firat of May, under the di rection of the subscriber, who has been connected with the management of the hotel for the laat two or three year*. The principal rooms hare been newly carpeted, and the whole noose painted and put in excellent order. No paina or ex pense will be spared by the present proprietor to make his guesM comfortable in every way. 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ATLANTIC AND BT. LAWRENCE RAILROAD NOTICE TO CONTRACTOR8.-rroposals will be re ceived at the OAce of tha Atlantic and St. Lawrence Railroad Company, ia this city, from the 17th to JTth of June next, for the Griding, Masonry and Bridgingof a division o the road, extending lrom a point at. or near Portland, to Jloyl all's river in North Yarmouth, a distance of about II aulaa. Plans, Profiles and Specifications will be eihibited. and the requisite information given, at the Engiaaer'a OAce ia Port land, on and after the 17th of June. Pertons offering to contract forthe work, who are unknown to it? undersigned, or to the directors, will be repaired to jeeo^ny their proposals with refereccet as te character A furh?r extension of the road, embracing a distance of *??*Sfte<n or more additional miles, will be prepared for, *?? put uwr contract, shea} the firat of August next. By order ol'hc Board of Director*. wM. P. PREBLE, President; _ , . A. C. MORTON/Chief Engineer. Portland, Me-.Vsy II. im. _ myf lmr ? O O K ti 5 OUGHT. OERSONS aUuiu m dispose of their "Libraries, either I large or small, will Uwavs find a ready purchaaer aad good prices, by addreasiag a (n lines, giving name and naaiker, J. Mt'AlE H TB Hiassa or tit ftivtarrnn street. SPECTACLE CASE MANUFACTORY, No. M FULTON STREET, HIGHLY INTERESTING INTELLIGENCE PROM MEXICO. THE DI8MEMBERMENT OF THE MEXICAN REPUBLIC. Another Appeal to Tamaulipas, Chihuahua, die. MIUTAlll PIIE P A H AT IONS, Arc. &c. Arc. SjM'clal Correspondence of Ihr N. Y. Herald. Important from Yucatan and Mexico. Nkw Orleans, June 21,1846. There is but little news since my letter ot yes terday, except the important intelligence lrom Yucatan and Mexico, brought to this city yester day. The brig Joaquina, Captain Martinez, left Campeachy on the 12th inst., bringing six days later than we have had. The Congress of Yucatan has declared that na tion free and independent, and resolved upon an eternal separation from Mexico. As soon as this result was known, the mercantile community ex pressed, by their acts, their unqualilied approval of it, and several vessels cleared lor this port with the ltag ol three stars, and the popular voice is strongly, almost without a dissenting voice, in fa vor ot the step taken, and ready to tight to main tain their independence. It is said that Barbeoon, the Governor, will be called on to preside over the destinies of the new Republic. The news from Mexico, to the 30th of May, via Havana, per brigs Christiana and impresario, is important. Congress, after some delay, assem bled on the 27th of May, and organized. Senor Bustamente will be elected President,and there is no doubt that Paredes will be elected President of tlite Republic, the Congress appearing devoted to his interests. Paredes had expressed his desire to take the tlrld at the head of a large force against our army, in which case Gen. Bravo, now in command at VeraCruz, will bo appointed as President ad in terim, with which view lie was to be elected Vice President. Many members of the Congress had expressed themselves in lavor of investing Pare des with dictatorial powers, for a limited period, as the concentration of all Uie power of the repub lic in a single hand appeared to be demanded by the state oi affairs. Should Paredes take the field, it is said his force would be at .least 10,1)00 men The Secretaries of War and the Treasury, Toinel and liurbo, have resigned. The former, it is thought, would be succeeded by Don Ignatio de Mora y Villainil, and the latter by Don Antonio Garry, a merchant. The Mexicans do not acknowledge oven the bat tle of the 9ih, to have been a decided victory on our part] they set down their loss at 262 killed, 335 wounded, 135 prisoners. The Spanish lngate Cristina arrived off Vera Cruz on the 22d, with three mouths provisious fur the Spanish bng-of-war lying at Sacraticios, anil orders for her to remain there. The port of Acapulco has been declared, by the Mexican authorities, closed to foreign commerce ??inii. M> f ??? >? possession of Gcu. Alvaie/. and the insurgents. The blockade of Tampico was commenced on the 20th of May, by the U. S. sioop-oi-vvar St. Marys, it was rumored at Vera Cruz that Arista and Ainpudia had both been summoned to the capital of Mexico. Important from Tampico. The French brig Princess Maria, Capt. Russiel, has just arrived (11 o'clock) from Tampico, bring ing late aud important intelligence to the 6th inst. 1 learn froin one of the passengers that the autho rities of Tampico were divided into two parties? ono party, with General Anastasia Parrodi at the head, with the military, were in favor of a fede ration and Santa Anna. The second party were for arming the populace, and in favor oi lcdora tion, but they repudiate Sauta Anna. A third party was about springing up when our infor mant left, but neither party had come to any un derstanding. There were at Tampico eleven vessels, of dif ferent nations, at the time of the blockade?three British, three French, two Spanish, one Bremen, and two American. The authorities were about prohibiting the cargoes of American vessels from going aboard, until Capt. Saunders, of the U. S. sloop of war St. Marys, sent word that if there was any detention of American property, that of no other nation should be permitted to leave. The order was withdrawn. The sand fort of Tampico has been washed away by a violent freshet. Three of the gun boats lately built at New York for the Mexican service, were lying in the river at Tampico. Of ficial despatches had arrived at Tamnico that Gen. Arista had been removed from the com mand of the northern division of the army, and that Gen. Mejia had tnken the command. There were about 300 troops only at Tampico on the 6th inst. about 80 of whom were runaway negroes and mulattoes, from this city and Hava na. These valiant and unexceptionable troops arc destined for the Kio Grande. The Progrese off the New Republic of Rio Grande?Further Extract* from the Ameri can >ewipaper at Matamoraa. [From the Matamoras Republic, June 8.] To the Piofle or TiMAUUrii, New Leon, Coahi-ila In our lest paper we addressed you in general terms, upon the oppression and corruption of your govern ment, anJ the opi>ortunity afforded you by the advance of the Amorican troops, to improve your condition, both politically and socially. W'c propose to-day to take a brief view of the Mexican tariff of duties upon foreign imports, and to show you that it is the great source of public and individual demo ralization. That it makes an act wrong, which is in it self not only right, but laudable. That it checks and de stroys that great system of barter and mutual traffic by which the surplus commodities of one country are ex changed for those of another, which is the basis of tho intercourse of nations, and the enlightenment of the world. W hy is it that the article of wool and hides, the product of this valley, lie and rot at hame, ungate red aud unsold?articles exported to the amount of many millions annually, at double expense to consumers, from the southern parts of this continent' 1* it not be cause misgovcrnment and onerous duties, on both ex port aud import, have destroyed the value of the articles ?and foreign vessels, failing year after year, to find car goes, have ceased to seek them here) Without going through the long list of dutiable arti cles unon which your government has laid its rapacious paus, let us take cotton goo is as an dxample. They are more worn than any other, and worn too, by those least able to pay these enormous charges. All cotton cloths, containing less than thirty threads to the square inch, are declared contraband by the Mex ican government The coarse qualities of goods which , aie excluded by this law, are thoso which the hard working i>oor classes only need. If they will oppress their people, why do they not place the burden u|>un the shoulders ol those who are able to bear it?that is, upon the rich I And what is the poor man's remedy ? He must cs'har go naked, with his humble family, or violate the law and run his neck into the halter?either sutler tbe want ol the common necessaries ot lile, or turn smuggler to obtain them. Do you woader then that your country is demoralised I And who is to blame 7 That selfish government at Mexico, which places you in the dilemma, where you have to sacrifice your private intereat* or your publie duty. It ia this outrageous law which Alia your land with contrabandists and robliers, and makes life, as well aa property, unsafe u|>on the highway. And what excuse dees this miserable Juuta give for such cruel conduct 1 Why none, in truth, but tbey say for the protection of home industry?although they know that every intelligent Mexican is aware that the three or four trilling factories in tbe country belong to the government itaell, an l pay their enoimoaa profits to thexe cormorants, out of the pockets of the poor. But let ua examine it a little further. Alter making tbe coarsest qualities contraband, the law then goes on to make those cotton eloths, bioached and brown, oi a yard in width, and more than thirty threads to the sqaare inch, pey fiiteen cents per yard, duty Now, re- j member that the Mexican vara is three inches less than ! the American yard?if they levied their tariff upon this ' difference alone, instead ol the whole surface of the la- ! brie, it would amount to as heavy a duty as is collected , by any other government But the bena-meritos are not content with that; they claim this enormous tax, amounting to four or five times the actual cost and freight ol the article, because when collected, it goes into their own private purses; and what care they for the interests of the husbandman and the laborer, who toil and sweat for the few rage that cover, without conceal ing their nakedness 1 Your government never allowed vessel* to come to Ma tamoras, to discharge their cargoes, but compelled them to stop at Bnrtto, only nine or ten mile* above the mouth of tbe river, subjecting the owners of the merchandize, not only to great deley, but also to exorbitant freights, i You know that the merchant must make his profit, end ? his expeaees aie only a part of the capital invested; when ! he finally sells his commodity, he makes the purchaser i refund him the cost, freight, duty, lie. Tho* you see I that this odious government was taxing you, and not the ' foreign merchant. This state of tlangs is now changed? ia a few days, steamboats will be ranaing an the Rio Grande, to Met a moras, Reinoso, Csmargo, and as far a* they can navi- I gate it At all these points they will meet the Mexican trader, and sell him goods at the cheapest rata*. When > we hare forced Mexico to peace, we will furnish you a market for your horaee, mule*, cattle, aheap, hidee, wool and many other things which you do not now produce, because nobody will buv them from yon?and yon in re turn, can get our manu&etures, ef every deaenption, for one third of the money which you are now paying ; and amd ClilHOAHCA. I what it of (till greater importance, if you act, ai vou ought, in thia great epoch in your hittory, and establish 1 a government on true principles of free trade, you will ! attain all ol which fallen man it capable, w ithout the (in of u false oath at the cuitom hou(c, on your c*u?cieuc?, or tho crime of murder on the highway, branded on I your toul. ! Tiik Volvntei m.?One of the highett teitt of a good ; citizen. it the leadiuett or reluctance with which he j yieldt hit pertonal liberty, ?nd the good or ill grace with which he (ubmita to the rettrainta of dUcipline, when at 1 liia country't call, ho leavet his private pumuitt and en ter* the field to fulfill the highcit obligation a citizen ? owes his country. All government?mild or item?it based upon the surrender of tome portion of the natural liberty of tho governed?and military government it, and rautt bo, from itt very nature, deipotic. War being nil uunaturul state of tociety, the tpirit of forbearance and comity that pervudet our whole civil code and initi tutiotiH, it necessarily suspended. War hat itt lawt and its rights, within which Ine power of the leader it re stricted, but beyond that range hit will it law. One of tho most striking features of our national char acter is now emiueutly displayed in the volunteer cam|? around Matamorax. Uiuwn together from every avoca tion in life, at their country's call, they have doited tho citizen and become the soldier with a facility and hearty good will-a spirit of obedience and pride of tubordiuu tion, that make* it tho more wonderful when wo consi der the warm temperament and strong passions of tho region from which tlioy como. Hot at the climate of Alatamorat is (and its tultry heat it never invaded fcy the natives at noonday) their itnluiart fellow may it teen at drill almoit eiery hour, from >? i-ei'lU till retreat?march in: and countermarching, wheeling and flanking, till the iweat rolls in torrent*, ilow dilierem is the tcene in .Mexico?the luckless herdsman who straggles from the hacienda to the market town, it caught by the recruiting sergeant, thrown into the culaboza until tho number amounts to a company, when they aro tied in drovea, and marched to tome* military depot, for ditcinline and duty ; and, to crow u tlie whole, these poor aevila are taunted with the salutation of " voluutariot." When we reflect upon tho responsibility of a military commandcr. and especially in a country like our*,w here intelligence equal to that of the government, and a dauntless spirit of inquiry, pervadw the whole commu nity?when we remember that it it not the approving snule of a monarch, u hose breath is fame, but the keen and searching scrutiny of an onlightened nation, whose ?auction is to stamp that coaimander't character and award the moed of praite or censuro?w?, thn aoidiors under hit command, must feel a double obligation to obey, with heart and hand ; for we are alto lilt fellow citizens, and it is our duty to grant on the one part what we exact on the other. [From the New Orleans Picayune, June 21 1 By the Christiana Captain Woodbury, irom Havana, which port the left on the 10th iast., we are iii jiosmis' tion of dates from that city to the 9th, Inclusive. Vy this arrival we have dates Irom the city of Mexico to J ' of May?thiee dayi later than our former udvices. It is believed very generally that Cougress, such as it it, will at once invest l*aredes with dictatorial powers for a limited'period, and then tui|>end itt seitioni. Many deputies had ojienly declared in favor of this course, and the country appeared to have reached tuch n crisis that the concentration of all power in a tingle hand appeared to be called tor. There hat been another dissolution of the Ministry.? The Secretaries ol War and the Treasury?Tornel and Iturbe? are known to have resigned. The former, it was thought, would be mcceeded by Gen D.lgnaciode Mora y Villamii, and the latter by D. Autouiu Gary, a mer chant. The great topic of conversation at the capital wat the proposed depatture of Pare Jet to take the command of the Army of the North. He biinselt was bent upou doing ->0, although dissuaded by many considerations of policj and b> the advice of his friends Should he take the is tAid he would have under his commaud on arm> ot sixteen thousand tneu, iuclu?Hng in tiiesO the aim) ui ic.civc sua 1 lie tioop* 01 aiisu. Kep?rfs wero in circulation in the city that Gen Arista wat to be called to the capital to answer charges prefer red against lam, but the coricspondent of tlie Uiario thinks this not at all probable. El Esptctudor. a paper in Mexico devoted to the in terests 01 the Spanish, diacutsei at length the design of i'aiodes to take the field iu |>eison. It endeavors to dis suade him Irom it, and ably urges that the capital require! his presence far more than llu> frontier. It endeavora to palliate the disattert sutlvred by Mexice on the ?(.!? and 9th ult; sayt that evidently they were lets calamitout than was first supposed, because the retreat wat conduct ed in good order, the wounded were talely transported across the river, and the American! had not followed up their victory?tho wing either that they were very much crippled in the action, or that their leader potteuei no ability. There it, therefore, no occasion that the I'reti dent should put everything at hazard by repairing to the frontier, while there it to much to demand his attention at the capital?tuch a( the insurrectioni in the South, the blockade of the poits, the neceitity of providing on the initant resources or reinforcements for any threatened point, and the solution ofquettiont diplomatic or financial which may come upfront time to time. The corretpondent of tho liiaria dt la Marina aaya, the finances of 'he nation remain in the same state; the payment of intereat on the public debt i( (till (U(pended, and there were no transaction in the public fundi. Tho Government had convoked a Junta with the view of pro curing meant lor itt emergencies. Tho President had failed to procure the relief which he had anticinated frnm the clergy. In regard to the Mexican ideas of tho action* of the 8th and ?th of May, the same writer says the movement of Gen. AriiU to the left bank of the Kio Grande wai made in consequnce of expreu order* from the Secretary of War, and in direct opposition to hi< own judgment.? ArUta, he *aya,cro**ed over with from three to fonr thousand men, and fought on the Hth the battle of Palo Alto, in which the army displayed the utmost valor and remained master of the field, notwithstanding the su|>eriority of the Americans in artillery. The following day, says this writer, who evidently aim* to bo fair, another action was fought at Resara de Guerrero,and there our arms,although their ancient name was heroically defended, were little successful. The General-in-Chief made unheard of efforts, the cavalry fought valiantly, and on the part of Generals Ampudia and Vega nothing was left undone; but it was all in vain, *ince we needed the support of a strong body of in fantry. Nevertheless, the conquerors did not puriue our army, says the Mexican; it re-entered Matamoraa, but to abandon it immediately after, as the moral state of the troops and the *uperiority of the American* in artil lery, rendered it impossible to defend it with advantage Accordingly the Americans shortly entered the town, and Gen. Arista marched for that point which has been official ly announced. [Unfortunately we have no Mexican paper* ourselves, *o that we cannot say what that point if.] Tho writer whose views we have been givingjthinks, as do the Mexican papers we And quoted, that the danger to the country is not from a foreign foe, but their inter nal divisions. They indulge tho hops, however, that the fact that their country has been invaded by the enemy, citizens will forget their dissension*, and thus the Government actually derive strength from the magnitude of the danger which threatens from :> broad. The Monitor Rtpublic ano of tlie 31st ult, announce* that of the 100 Dcputie* to the Congress had then reached the capital, and that tho Government was urging the attendance of others, in order to form a quorum. [From the Philadelphia North American, June 30.] The following important information come* to u* from a source entitled to credit, and we give it a* we get it.? Oar attentive correspondent "Independent" has not com municated it la his despatches, and we therefore hesitate to give it the sanction of authority. " Oen. Taylor has conquered peace in earnest. The States west of tho Rio Grande?or some of them?are dis posed to mako common cause with the Americans, and under their guaranty form themselves into a new and distinct Republic, on the Anglo-Amorican baaia of free toleration in religion, tupremacy of the civil law, univer sal education, and the uniform administration of justice. " A proposition has been made at Washington in behalf of a number of the leading inhabitants of Ta naulipas, Chihuahua and Zacatecas, entreating a cessation of hoatilities on our part, on the ground that being equally aggrieved by the .Supreme Government of Mexieo, we should be the friends and allies,rather than the devastators of the country North of the tropic " All the educated classcs, (including many of the priests,) are in favor of coming under the government of the United States as a provisional territory?* It is farther said that the mass of the people are *ick of bloodshed and misrule under the Mexican government, and earnestly solicit the protecting arm of the United State*. The Kx peril* Ion to Santa Fr. [From the St. Louis F.ra, June 30.] The Radnor at rived yesterday from Fort Leavenworth, j to which (dace she carried a considerable quantity of military stores and supplies. Captain Douglas* states ! that before he left Fort Leavenworth, Mr. Bramford ar rived as an express from Bent's Fort, on the Arkansas? 1 He reports that \rmijo had been superseded as gover- . nor ot Santa Fe, and General Urrea appointed in his place ; and that the mo?t vigorous xteps were taken to prepare for a war of defence and offence; tliat fortifica tions and military preparations of variou* kinds were going on ; that a draft was actively progressing in Santa Fo and ' hihtiahua. and thatevery thirl manoftne whole ; population wa* taken. The Indiana were reported to tie unfavorable to tho American*, and the Mexican* re lied much on their aid. Oenerul Urrea had despatched 800 troop* to march to Bent's Fort, and to meet Spier's company on the prairie*, and conduct it into Santa Fe.? 1 This was the company that was said to have taken a quantity of arms and ammunition to Santa Fe. and in Sursuit of which Colonel Kearney had sent the United tates dragoons. Mr. Braniford state* that it would be impossible for the dragoons to overtake them before they would arrive at Santa Fe. Mr. B. expressed the i opinion vary confidently that before that time Bent'* | l-ort would he in the possession of the Mexicans. He : also state* that Mr. Bent, J. Folger and Francis Blair | had gone to Chihuahua in the spring, and had been ex- i pected home more than amontn, and their failnre to ar- ' rive had created the impression that they had been ar rested and detained a* prisoners of war. The Radnor left Fort Leavenworth on Monday last?at | that ttao nine volunteer companies had arrived at the Fort; and *he met the Iowa with Wcifhtinsm company, | at Lexington, and the Amaranth, with Fischer's compa ny, at Marion. The Iowa would reach the Fort on Tues- j day. The company of ( apt. Hudson was the only one in . uniform, and w as matked for it* discipline and orderly 1 conduct. All the regular troops bad (tarted jverthe prairies except 30 or 40. The volunteer companies from the upper country are said to embrace a large number of bold, rough, ungovernable aptiit*, who delight in the largest liberty; and it i* found exoeedinfly difficult to aubject them to military discipline. Col. Kearney has , much trouble in keeping order, and will probably find it more difficult to discipline some of the Miaeouri volma teera than to conquer New Moxioo | Mexican Account of the Kv acuatlon of .Hatii ?MM. IliiD^i'tinn in the Kane ho t tie la Venada, May 1H. I8N>. S Division or tiik Noith?Gi^cul 11 Chief All the mean* of *ub*i*tence of thia division beinjfconsumed, iti activity paralyzed, and it* artillery diminished, while that of the onemy haa been greatly incieaied in the number of piece* and the calib>e of lu* gun*, 'n such ? manner that, wore he to open his Are, the city of Mata uioras would be instantly destroyed, to the utter ruin of national and foreign interests, 1 have decided to retire from it with the forces under my command, before 1 find myself summoued and very likely obliged to evacuate it with dishonor, which 1 shall thus avoid; lor the march is slow, our pieces being diawn by oxen and our munitions in carts. My object now is to defend the soil of those departments which bavo been entrusted to me; and for that purpos I am going to post my self at those points most convenient aud within reach ol supplies, of which I will hereafter inform your highness, though your commumca - tions must sock* me by the road of China or that of Linares The step to which I have referred ha* saved the national honor; and I communicate it to your high ness for your information, recommending you to secure the camp equipage, placing itina convenient point aud preserving the 10 pounders, in that city, to which, moreover, 1 will order a reinforcement. MARIANO A HIST A. To the Commandant General of Tamaulipa*. Incident*. ?W., of the War. Koa tiik Aam.?On KriJay. tho 1 Oth June, Messrs. McKlroy and Hey arrived at New Orleans, on their way to Matamoras. CASirKAciiv ? Letters from this place announce the ar rival ol the bugs Somen and Lawrence; the former ia *aid to bear despatches to the Yucatan govermcnt from the United State*. The public feeling i* more and more turning towards independence, and aftorwarda annexa tion. Mlacellaneoitk. Tttoors ox the Advance.?The Mobile Tribune state*, that a vessel had arrived at Mobile with accounts from Brasos Santiago to the 14th inst. Jt bring* a report that the town ot Heinosa had surrendered to Col. Wilson without resistance. The Tribuut adds that " Camargo and Heinosa had capitulated in advance of the move ment of lien. Taylor, and he waa waiting only the means of transporting his troops up the Kio Grande to march toward* thaia." Mo diapatche* ha-e heel twnmhuu lyt tho two h>*t southern mails, from the camp, but a private ktwr Da. been received at the War oepaitmtir which report* that lUincaahait surrr eu to CO*. iff Jiw w about u blow, aud Uial new a had reached him from t.'ani?>?? its cttizans were willing to surrender the town without re*l?lance; and. in fact, that no militery prepsratwu* tad been mttde <o defend it against, our troop*. - 'f'a*A?>i-l*r? t'nion, Junr 47. the. M'lltary preparation* for ikoWar wtth Ntllcoi ARKANSAS. We arc indebted to the kindness of the Secretary of State fur a statement of tho difi'crent companies, with their olltccrs, of mounted gunmen, which have been received by the Governor, iu compliance with tho lequisirfon made upon Arkansas by the l'resident.? The regiment is complete, with the exception of one company. We hear of several gentlemen from other countic*, engaged in the patriotic duty of rait ing troop* of mounted men for the war. Hurry on, gen tlemeu, or, by the millor'* rule, " tirst come, first serve," you will bo excluded.?Little Rock Oax Junt 10. OHIO. It i* rumored, say* the State Journal, that Gen. Hin ton, of Delaware county, has been appointed by the Pre sident to command the brigade of Onio volunteer*, now at Camp Washington. NEW YORK. Tho report that a force of volunteer* would be railed for an expedition to < 'alifornia seems to bo authenticated. Wo extiact the lollowing liom the J-'rancn-.i mericain ; ? The volunteer* will be >ecruiled as soon as possible, mincipully lrom mechanics ol New \ ork anil New Kng land. ? ? ? ? * W e cau add that e<ich company will have for a id lieutenant, a cadet of West I'oint? the cap tains and M lieutenants to be elected by the volunteer*. A sou ol '*ir. .Vlarcy himself is spoken of as Adjutant of the Kegimout. The head of the expoditiuu, Col. Jouathau D. Stevenson of this city, is one of the most intimate IVicnd* ot secretary Marcy. Thi* opportunity i*, proba bly, the most favorable ever offered tor emigration to the rich soil of California. Each of the volunteer* will en gage for two yean, and receive a large tract of land at the time of his discharge. Naval Preparations. Thi: Gulk S<iuAt>?on.? Under the lieid of the last naval intelligence from the Oulf, we observe that the brie Lawrence, having nutained ?ome injury in a gale, wu about to be sent north to be docked and repaired? a timely and striking illustration of our remarks a lew days ago respecting tbe urgent want of some means of docking or otnur, which ought to be provided, with the least possible delay, for the large force always afloat in the Oulf of Mexico, and especially at the present junc ture.? Washington Union, June 2". N. Y. City Gvarp at Trov.?About 8 o'clock yesterday morning, the exhile rating sounds of mar tial music were heard from the river, and shortly after ward the Empire, Capt Macv, with our expected milita ry visiters, the.'Ncw York City Guards, Capt. McArdle, on board, rounded to at the wharf. They were received by the Citizens' Corps, Capt. Tierce, who immediately formed at an escort and accompanied their gallant guests through the principal streets of oar city, preceded by Dodsworth's unrivalled band. Nothing could be more attractivo than the appearance presented by the two com panies?the Guards in their brilliant scarlet coats, white pantaloons and grenadier cape, contrasting beautifully with the rich groen uniforms and black plumes of the Citizens' Corps. Ths Guards, although their ranks were not full, mustered AO muskets, the Corps SO, and the marching of both companies was in the highest degree creditable to the excellent tacticians by whom they aro respectively commanded. At 11 o'clock a review of the two compauies took place in front of the court house, in the presence of the Mayor and Common Council, and a largo number of our citizens. The admirable precision with which the Guards performed their evolutions, was the subject of general remark, nor did our own gallant little unfavorably with the New Yorkers, in discipline and soldierlike ap|iearance. Three bands were in attendance, Dodworth's, and the Citizens' Corps and Arsenal bands, and we must say the two latter, If not equal to Dodsworth's, the crack band of the state, acquit ted themselves exceedingly well The band of tbe Citi zens' Corps has improved wonderfully within the'last six months. After the review, Judge Hunt, by request and on behalf of the Mayor and the Common Council, wel comed ( apt. McArdle and his company to Tioy, and ex E'essed his admiration of the fine appearance and excel at manoeuvring of Captain McArdle's well drilled corps. The Judge felicitously introduced into his speech some well turned compliments to General Tay lor and his army, and spoke in terms of praise of thst alma mater of heruos, West Point Academy. Wo were not near enough to the speaker, however, to catch more than a sentence now and then Wt his address.? Captain McArdle replied in a very neat impromptu speech, expressive ouhis pleasure in meeting with hit Trojan friends, the gratification himself and his com By felt at the hearty welcome and kind attentions they received, especially from the Citizens' Corps, who** ranks he hoped would soon be tilled up to the full com plement of one hundred men. tie slluded very indig nantly to the new militia law, with which we unwarlike civilians are so well satisfied?denouncing it as a deadly blow at the uniform companies of the State. The Cap tain then made some highly complimentary allusions to West Point, of which admirable military school he was. we believe, a cadet, ami wound up with a glance at ola "Rough and Ready," and our gallant army on the banks of the Rio Grande. Both speeches were responded to with loud cheers by the large crowd assembled to wit ness the military display. The Guard, and their escort, afterward dined and spent a social afternoon to gether, at tho Troy House. In the evening, the former re-embarke<l on board the Empire, for home, apparently in high good l}umor with the world in general, aaid their Trojan friends in particular.?TVey Whit, Junt 37. Tiik Mormon War.?The Mormon war has itgnin ceased witliout bloodshed. Backenstos could not get an opportunity of shooting any of tho old citi/ens, and they could not get a chance to burn tho Nauvoo Temple. The Mormons, Jack-Mormons and New < itizens, sppear to have obtained a decided victory over the OiJ Citizens and Regulators. Those troubles appear to he inntigated and fomented by a few turbulent spirits on each side, and nothing will satisfy them bat bloodshed. The crowing and boasting of the Nauvoo E igit is well calculated,to excite tbe \nti-Mormons still further, and to lend to further difficulties. We apprehend that there will be no settled peace in the county so long as Backenstos continues to act as Sheriff. The odium against him among the Anti- Mormons is too deep and strung to permit them to rest satisfied, so long as he con trols the power of the couuty.?St. Low Mew Era, June 201K. ___ Stjrpo"?Ki> Murdkb.?On Friday last a farmer named Burtta*, reskling in Allegany county, brought a load ofproduce to Cuyler, nn.i tererred theltt some * 180; he exhibited it rather ostentatiously, aad final ly left for home in his wagon, accompanied hy a man named Kergunon. Subsequently, Burtiss was found dead, about five milas southerly from Perry, the wagon cap sized, and the body ljing under the box, the horses stan.ling with iheir heads to the fence The disappearance of Ferguson an-l the absence of the money known te have ?>een in possession of the dec.essed st the time ot leaving for home, rtmve induced the suspicion ot roal plsy, snd the pursuit of the supposed murderer.?Rectos itr MvmtUm, Junt 37. American Mttt*r*Rft Abroad.?It is smid that Mr. McLane thinks to return to the Lnited states in September: and alter the very efficient ??" ^e he has rendered to his country in London, we should think him entitled to consult bis own wishes. We "J1 J*"*"?V that Mr. King, our excellent minister in Paris, wishes to return to the Lnited States We regretto sse tlmt his health has been delicate. A Paris M'rssM?dM> of the Charleston C-uritr says, that " Mr. King ins much of late from a rhronic.liw"* to which he is subject, but Is now better, sad dees pM ^ "SB don his post temporarily untd the lattor part of July. TfsiUngfsn Union, Juno 37. ? sax? ~ dMlMkl* KU? ,n Un !."!'. " \ ''"m n-""' with whose ho sros out h inting. The aatUre charge passes through his neck, causing instant dsath.

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