Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 8, 1846, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 8, 1846 Page 3
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In our r?nMRkl ?y*?H ?i the hana of all etuwr clal entarpriza, and to long u thay in eipartancad, to I Icng will wa from una to tima hava thoaa ravulaioa* ? men nave noreio.oru i>roveu to ruinous ? a cud conform to almoit hi) law or system regulating trad* and commerce, only give tine, no matter what may be 1U restriction!, vr how onerouj lu pro?i?ioni. It we can feel assured that it is unalterable, tbat It U fiaed. <?td "lock BicHange. S'.'OO Ohio ev 1MU s60 S3 1IW sli* Cm.Uin Co too Kruluck) #' 'jy^ 23 do 33% iWKi <lo ?.jJ Mo H-rtem HR SO 1M? sh? Farmer*' Ti b60 * >% 100 'lo bI? 541 S" do biO IS do *V4 w d0 a too do tiu tns ;oo do 5? do uiw <yK SO Morris Canal b?0 l;j? SO do 4?\, J7J do U HHiNork H in Kit S" V 5" do boo 12V. *W Ke*0i<g KK S<> E Bosten <? KM) l?X * ?,. J" ? . ?? ? S l^i Lo..* Ul RR 31V. ti Unci X Sch HR 117 |*c?nil Boar<l. IV sht Rradnif RR ?! ? % M skt Hyiem 4bV Ml do b 20 67 Jk SO do 4<H< ** de *S do 41# 1 u Nor k. Wot S7li SO do 4?>, *> , do si# y>\ Ml Etit Boston b<0 is li'O do 57hi ISO Canton Co 33k 4V do op? i'i SO do 33\ SO do euw y>){ i*?? fsx'h Rxrhang*. t I*V Ohio 8'*, 1(60 b3 KK ii )? Ctnroa Co Wed 3\S S> re do sJ ?i% X> do b3 Xl)l SO ti do ca*h S'fc SO Hailm RR bJU j> \ ii ?h? N< r It Woropd S7|J ISO do !)30 Stu* 2S do 5"M do ' 0 '9H SO do caah S7j? St do ?lu 4W* Marl-ted, In Mereer street Ch troh, on Tuesday evening, by the ' Dtr. 1>( ct. Puhloan, uf Albany, H?n. J?hi Cihi.d*, of ; New Jer>et. to > i ? Habmi?.t N. Bt.uwn.of tliiacitv. Dted. on Tua*day, th? 7th in*tant, Jams* Ri-isell, of con Uin|ilion, r^etl 37 ) curt tli* Irienda *nd acquaintance*, tira invited to attend hi* fin eral, thl? da), from Ml laaioeure, Itith avanua, hat w ecu lOtiiaiid l<th ?'ie.(?, at half pun 4 o'clock. Weekly He port of lhatlu. la the city am) county ol Now York, from the STth day ol June to the 4th day of July, 1146. S3 Man ; 3t Women : 49 Boyt; 50 (Jirls. Total. 161. oiexatci. Apoplexy. I; Bleeding,. I; Burned or *ca]ded, S; BronchitU.S; Cancer, i; Chtlera iuUaluvi, lb; Cbolern inorbui, I; Co'i?uiit|MMHi, *9; Convuliiont, 14) t roup, 1; Cvt iuin, I; Drblit>,4: Delirium tremvnn, I; Diarrhoea. I: Drupey, S; in the head. II; Dropsy iu thv, I; Drowned, 2; ' D-se tery. 8. Epilapei,l; hever, bilious, I; Kevrr puerpe- j r I I, ke>er, reraitteut. 2; Krrnr, iurl>(, I; Fever, ty- I phu?. 4; Kwerco neativa, 1; Heart, disease ot, I; Hooping j rouich. I; lull 'inm%tion of brain, J; do. of bowels, 4; do. or ! chr.t, I; do of kid leys, I: do. of lung*, II; do of stomach. ! I. do of liver. I; Intemperance. I; Miratmm, I; Meules, *; ' P?l?y, I: firm iture birth, 2; scrofula, 1; 1 eething. I; Ulcere I; Unknown. 4. Axe?Under I year, 48; 1 to 2 yean, S3; 2 u> J, 16 ; 3 to 10, 7 ; 10 to SO. 1 ; *1 to 30. 21 ; 36 to 40, W; 40 to 50, 12; M to 86, 4; 60 to TO. 2; 70 to SO, j ; SO to SO, 3 ; uukowu, 4. Coluredperaou*.... ...... 5. CORN ELIUB B ARCHER, City lupactor. City Inspocter'a office, Jul> 6. Mi6 "8URGO UT~PROSSIVf.? Paul h dunnm and j v.orton botner. r??p?ct ully iiilo<iail>e public tint tl ey hue* opened the hnuae Ao 86 N.AS8A0 SIKrKT. iintnrdiatrly upp ? ue ll,? S. com) Wing Ho il, wIimb they will be Imppy I in e meir Ineidi and oth?ra who may be ai>po?ed to favor them w th rail. Tneir Bar will at all tines e well suppl ed wnh the v??y b?st of VViues and ulher Liquor*, Cl*ars he Met.?r- Dcnm* St Botncr mure thri' friend* that every eff irt will be uiadr to i>u>Uiu the lepu atioa Uiey have *n loo. a j.<y*d. and they are cmifideut of living satisfaction to all wua partake of the comfuri* aud laxuries of their hou.e. J>8 lw*rc ELEOANT 8ITI*ATION FOR ANY GENTLtMAN. RESPONSIBLE AGENT WANTED. -AK\An rletfAiit ruatiou or ngercy in | inia cny, ?iitn no "una- ur attenuat Ce nit : 1*411 aftern on*, cau *1 one* be secured by direct ai>- , ) < i> tuieut, with 4 sure, p?im<n*ut aid liberaJ aal.try of S l*)0 , year. or co mi ?i u< and leva, if preferred, to ,doubJ<? (h it , kOi u ?, b> atruxlWn thy, Competent Mid eflicieiit bu>iuea i or tir< foional man htTina ni imiuedi-ite coinm-md a small c?b< I'i'al. a am >11 p*it. only. ?l which will be 'e<|uned for ?nty days in defrayi g ihe expanses of l a Mubliab>i>?ut a d in lurni hing a aui able offi e Th? "tutor** is durivi n?r:?d with it e ch ndi?* or stocks, ia of the li at rea, ?*biliti a ri I'ih* nfe?t pnasib e dc.-enption ; the anitual receipt i.f wh'. h ? ill average JiOO.OC to $300,000, o e li* f f wh en will he ill cash. Any comp*>eut person answering the bove deaci iptio >, disposed to engage either aa an olfil eror ag.ut, ti r tint city, of a large and Itenemlrut i a'f tutio hi ihi? |?tat* for 1 -ur .iic- of Li<es. can obtain all fur the r information de-ired by le.iviug hia addraai to "Bond > Siieot'* ai thu ofhc-, before SatnrJay next. No one need I apply who has not a va<h capital of at least $10 0. not who ia I B't both able, ready >nd Willi g, in every reaped to comply I with the above condition and r>q<tiiemems. 'J'li. gentlemen connected wi h the < inpauy, fur wealth, re pertability or character, ae aecoud to uo other in tl>e I Ci'U tf . It* rc 'I HE hliSULT OF A COi.D IS DEA I'll. : THIS ia undemah e. if we suff-r a c Id to cut tta way int" til" ayairtn unch eked?for .then it teitninatea in ! I conanm; ti<>n Vumc Id of i aelf ia so eauly removed ar the ' j out *t h t the only wonder ia that hum tu being* ahould be t f ao e le 'ful of their heal h The geat remed>, tested by f leari >1 expert* ia Pea.e's l linlied ha-en.e of Hot- i ho i di aiidy 'I'hia removes ihe rou. h and cold, a d prevents b arteeaa and n il mtnati.ui of the and tliat oulv I through ihe u.e (if a pa< k ge or too of tbr compound. An | s tack from a cold on a weak con?ti< utioj toi ufieu terniu- | ate* latally ??ld by f'ea?e k S?n?. 45 Dtvition street ; Ruah'o i fc Co , | 10 ??to. Hinaead 1 Id Bioadwa) : 337 B'tiadway ; 27g Broadway; 17 <>ie-nwich Ave me. Brooklyn, L. I ? I>9 Kulton | it et. 133 K'ult >u streei, UVK Kultou Hre>t. and 2t.n Fulton , SI" e . jyi lt*m i THE INNOVATE OF KNOWLEDGE, i BY S.VMffcL S i l'LLiNOS 'he different Arta and Sciences of the N?e?oiia SysKJ am. anil the sympathy tiat i? pasai'.g betwce.i the lfn- I ? nil F tniI jr and all th- Cieation of the Etrtlt? the Oiseaagg, J t tir Cauaes, V.c. For sale wlmlraale and retail, by H. L'IMl i dkO , J? A n .tract. JOHN AXF ?Rl?, M Howcy, jy8 Jt*rc CH 18 J KOL>ON, 40 Fultnu street. IN De.PE.NUt NT ORDER OF <?OOI> FELLOWS. O'HK VIrmnFTf ol' New Yoik Lodge No 4 of the above 1 Oide-, are requeued to be i u .ct .al in their attendance ?t thru I. d.'~ loom, 11 hie llall, Bio dway, nu Wedneada rT-i<inK. h- llh in-t ot * o'cio. It, <i bumnes* will be tra * icted of imp i.t-uue to e?ery nu mber Br order of J. 1?IACKIBB.N. O. P. I"H1 " Rnaai-*>, O Sec j>8 If .c j SCANDINAVIA Till* SOCIETY will celebrate itJ ?ecnnd \nniveravry on ."a iu'l iy evening i.rtt A ati i-criptioa list will be oi'?">rd ; ibr I'llmwinK pUro Mr. T .Veha Vo.4JJ.imn ' tii*. r N P. La ueiia.No 32 R-ctur atieet Such a? with | t p.,take i i the ceeura'ion w.ll i le te enter their uamea on tbi- I'uivr in*.it.Oiled lit! alihe above mmiti nied idacea. be- ! f. i ' v >' i < ?!' jv> Itia*r? > .?yl itb. I* Ht KfcBY OIVBN thai tie tirm of R BF.NT k CO.. I ia nuf.c II era of L *??'oc > ch-a, hire ' di?- ! ?.M> d e | arimr.hip Kichi d Bern, ol aaid li.inhi i ig wiltid' wniheef in lui> fi. it.6 J?8Jt*ic AOTICE NOI T. ."EST' OPPEK MIMNU COVp VNY ?Not.?? I- hereby give.i >h?t on tlonday. July <Oih, at 12 u'?i. oti u nil, the i'iu ee will pi. ce.-d, .? the odii-e, No 6t | V e t air* et, to ?el* to the hi? he* b dJe . all tile aloe nf biiJ '\ C?>i?p IIy <i i * bit h a-?? sine ,ts rem tin du and u ii? lid i to) u.der i f lli* Trat'ee*. L. a HAKi'. Nee'y. I New Vwh, Jaly I. i8lf> _ jyB*ti?*rc N. Y. YACHT CLUR. ')TI' E.?T' e mrmberi of l-t .Vrw York Y?cht < lub * m 1* ate no h ii 'he a- e..nd n .a tl mra tug of the Club I | i/r>|l cl iii To dn mly I4ih .i 4 o'clock P. M.t at the ' ' r .ill fl.tii e, Elyaiiu Field.. II bokan f J.t lw?ri- JOHN C. JAY, Sec etary. | W1H.0W W A RE? Vii aaa. rtinant ol iu tic Arm Ch ira; do or?h Id eu ; alto, K.. we. S uid< Gud ii B lakela, U n-t ice veil oy KOHL-AAT BROTHER."*, j R Iii?*tii 18 Jo ii at. and * B oidwy. I CI L , Ss? BE* Da? 4 i .tea colored l>la?a tte*d?, lor aale ia T l"t? t auic purciia??r?. by KulILSAAT BROTHERS, j,8 lti>*ra 48 J hu itreet. , Ze.Pin R WORSTE D Patterna. Caoy?a?, Cbuail e, and a variety o' other mtic ea auitable for h.mtir idery, Coaat .tit m naitd auil fvr a le i jr koHlsaat brothers. jy* If bi 48 Joh i at. and 3!TC Broi I way. Fil- .NCH FaMTV OOD>?Vi aaMirnaeut oi faiia I F~nc> Oo'iiia. t"ch a> t>tee B <d?,i U?i? I uiaea, Baga, ' Ii.,. tic.. COnat ii.tiy ou Ii ii a d for m r by KOtIL?AAT BhOTHERS, J-? * ' * m 8 h . . , .1 :t37 Hro.*way, f. i t uv li uioi, AL itia I, ? .N D O'LHATIVK ? I' k k O . ATTEN I'S to l)i?e?aea of rbe Eye and Ea?, lrnm'>to4 i.'elork, al bia raaidei ee. Ml Broadway, comer ol W tr fen alrert ()) ilialinia. Htopmie ol the Tear Paaaaa*. (.-ataraat. and Op^eilira. rfleeiu ll) remoied AMAl't OfIX I rented with vreat arieotiuu and aaceeva. jarererate raaea ol STRABlHMI 'S. or Hqaintiur, earad iu fe? mil. plea Jua? i>n|>, rted ARTIKICIAI. KVtS. of aaperior beam\ aad n .<n. srEl TAt..L.r.&adapied to eee 1 ne'aet Ad? ice to 'be p?a?r withoot e ? ne 4 IM r- art fe?id'"ee *1 H'o?(,w>r??nrT?rf? Warrea : ^ J* t ,,fcrr 4J> . i^unui.ii'a falfc'l ?l> 1'tA I 1.1/ L.L..XU ? PIPc.. V \ N artirl much anf?efi,?r to th^ common Lead Pipe. For / /\ aale .t *1 a, d ?1 Wat r at e-t . - I . r Til D OTI" I P ""V 1 r, M d nir? ihr h ?u?e (Ml BnMidway, ( jonn ?|C the | )?? pnyi'ixl to rrceivi liroili?ii or mule initlt'irfi ?* h snjfr?. Dim ti K??*rdfn rvi he MCumm- Hmc?i I'r ^?e? fh^ifii it 9 I hi* mr t\ ri.l L. t'/Y It, .1 Pt 'il 1 ;\J(UL t.rtiHuXU APPARATUS. DA Nl.W and aplendid arranireaieiit, by meanaol which the /\ Shower Bath ia nutted with the Bathing Tub, andean be ?*ed ia cnnueci:a , in any part ol the honae The public 1?rr < ?-|>4 ciinn > lUTirra u> rui ami fnmnif it II mi <hiit ni the >nl>?mber. Nft. IT7 Hnwerv, hetwr?n Ku?rth and Kifth atrr'ta i'HARI.KH KA"WK f*ate?re?. .lj. >> L?? ?*j 1 rt.?i OlUitb, iV# (W Vaitfrn (.???. ear??? ?/ IWimi ttrttl. jlf KAOARV k HIIKII.NH haee opened ihi? new Eitai?l blinhment * ith a itew and aplenilvl aaairrtmetlt of <>rn (iintn'i B'"? m>d tthnea, all nrw, 1*1 Ml fnria 111.1 French (minima. mid* ander onrnwn impedim anl warranted rWild L?. for caa-. whotea-le and retail. Weaolirif Merehanta, Ci- ka and dealera to '.all and eiamine onr new nock before patri ha?iu? elaewhere We d.i fouaineea on the raah principle tf>? refore. we ?au a(ford #? nn.larmell wt eataMiahmrnl in this ky m vI7 1 m rr !.)< U>6 m.n tj.Ao aSu >ioWfJlivr OAOK, in a.imaioamt atipliuaiiie. on produtc \* Heal K.atate, in ihia city a'id Brooklyn. Appli to 8. B BROAI). Mo II Wall atreet. in tile CrolM Water OHIce, m- ?' in'rr ^ ' ' L DLv>A \ >V "bKU 1 Ill-US, QLAlfchS. Nu 43R Broofftr eorotr of Brotdwty. O Jew \ ork ?Nrw Roof* ptif #??i in tK? hHt miBMr, ind oM rrr*ir?d iud warr*iired (ifhi. Ordtri rrcsirrd at th? |iUc?, and Mr P. Clarli'i. * H?nry ttre t, will b? p*M?tn >11 \ r<? m,2Klm*rr COAL LAND FOR SALE. i f ,nndiTidfd, one half n-rt of the heat and larf ear rjear, I/itM \iith acite foal, (in (iron rtion to the qnantity ?t t 1 UumI ) in I'eniifvleaiiia; hrMK in tne wholr tract SM atrea, J arl laeaiMre. ail).lining (he Itndt of rlie Beaeer Meadow 1 I I'ompmy on the eaat. and the laud. i f Uie Bnmmit Level 1 GyfflMMuf on *n# w*?t bnrh unw ?? mil ?r(?rWnf operation, LW J| vlllV ?old eheap. For further ptrrr^lagi, *??>!>' l| ^ l|l| ) > ??.? T?Jc*!4>f?, 8?liu> UiU ?*, ft. f LC*T, ON SATURDAV, Jnly 4t)i. iu t*M fTMiInf, on lh? flafe route be'wem Liberty ?ire-r end *rr>adw>y u>u Hulk | Avenue a Brown Letllitn POCKET ROOK, containing ' note? of ban <t. receipt!, fce, whch are of no um to t^e finder, I u all the partiee have l-een notirtrd ol' [he iou. 'I he liadrr will be liberally rewarded by tearing u at the Herald Offir,. I.Ji i.._ i i.oai:!> w \mh!>, i IN re*p?<*table f?roi'; . by a la>iy ?ur< i Mu<it Klie I would ?iau that It" 1.1 .iiu.ti-mi ? mid ? united in patmem. She can gite in ia< taiial irto'v rati-renee*. A line ad- ' ' dreaaedtu W. X., at the IkxI.I Ulur, tliall be attended 10- > ; jy ?*re _ I WANTtD-A fOrtdi^fO'd Hand to Hork ou fiitud ai>d j C?*kr? A? |j1v a* No 100 Third ATr?ue j>0 if*rc i ! SITU A i ION WA.VI'tU, I 4 YOUNG MAN of eicelle'tiiabita, ?h> writeaa good ?"V hand, and i? quick in calculation!, wul'l tnaoge a? und-r Clerk ?r Poller in a ie?pecialile ra>abli?hmeut. or in any pursuit w hitever whe.e h- could mike hnnirlf .teiera'ly uarful. Hilai > not a<i lourti an uiject aa ?te.>dy employment. Addre<a F. F., No. 2# tt.eet, for two daya ouly ' fm ! wamlu, BY a raapactable young woman, a iituatiou in a private amily a* i.oraeand aaamatr?*a,or aa ?liamj*rnnni ai d | waiter, by ooe who cau give th- baat of city rayr? u?e, ?nd mIio uinler>tand< eo>tiiiK and fitting childr?B-a dr-a-ea :h? j o ohj-ctiona to go in tt<? country. Apply at 104 Madiaon atreet, rtnt flo. r bai-t pirlor St'rc \ YOl'NO MAN, after luidi.ig, a Carpenter by, ./? wi>lui f to ?e Te a tlaie t-> i' lie'e, and no objaction io e?ther city or y ; a id board* in Thirteenth atreat, w*at of F 'tli and r-ii h Avtnu', No 9 ; ?ud plaeae to call J'fi Vmc rt.tM Li', At" E. W .etive t onus Men to (o Sooth or W?;i. to act u Ajfeuta lor Ilia aale of uaw and popular Publicanoua MM over mil above (heir eipeuaea will be luaared to them is writing, with au opportunity of clearing 31,000 par year dome men now in oar employ wit], no doubt, make over 11.000 per year clear of all expauae. fcach man will have hia Iiatricl It will b? oeceaaary lor then to have at leaat from RI to (M to obtain a good fittiug out. Apply at FRKNCH'V bliahing Hall, Ml Broadway, ap ataira, Office of the Mag af our I'nian. All lauara mnat be poat paid, mylg Im're J A GK.EAT ATTRACTION. TO THF. LOVfcRS OF ICtt CRE \\1?From Locnat i Hill F.roi. twelve milaa Meat of Philadelphia, 'l'he aa'iacribrr prnpoaea to I' to tha cititaua of New York at hia Hilonn, .No Jil Broadway, iui arncle warranted t<> be { m da of pure cream, aaainila of which aome of thecitixeua i Iktii g tsatril. pronounce very superior. The -ubscriber will I> happy to-apply li tela, boardiug knusea, private Utnilus, orpirnes moufdrd to order. Tne Sxloou will be ooeued for (hereception of viiiton on Friday >*?uiutt, third ot July, wlieu we hope the ladies and geutleuien will call and teat for thenualvrs. Thi? a>ticle will be m nu'iciured at the Fartn. and warnot d iresh, a* it ia brought by (be Cs tndeu aiid Amboy railf i'y 7 3>?rc JONATH an D ABRAHAM. HE UUIIJr. to Camp md O orison Duties. Reflations, he , compiled <iid arrsnjed for a regiment of Artillery or Iufniitry ; by Auguati. Kimball. Atljutaut second Foot Artillery S N V. jlV? nw* ny the prlnc pal booksellers, aiid the publisher, GEO. F. NESBITT, Stationer and Bookseller, jy7 3t*rh Pontine Building, cor Wall and Water ats. JITST PUBLISHED, The mi>ual of the new yohk state conVE i X'lON, unw iu session at Albany?contain in* the new Constitutions of Mm uri. Florida, Texas. and Iowa. Iiiihert unpublished. together with a full syuonsis of ?H the Sta'e Conatnutiona ; also, a list of Cou itiea, Towns Cities, and Ward* in the State of New York, with the Ceasus for the \ ears 1130, 1135. 1(40. and 1813, and other valuable nutter. I'ubMahed and lor sale by WALKER k CRAIGHEAD, jy7 3t*re 114 Fulton street. ~ HOO.M& FUKNlrHKD, WITH BOAK1). A FRONT KOO VI, fora | arlor or office, furui hed. Also, several large airy ruomt. Apply at 3-8 Bioidwsy. References requited. j>7 2t e AMERICAN MOUSSE LINES DE LAINES. 1/WI NKW PATTERN'S, fir Fall sales, just received lv"/ fmm the works, and for sile by th- Atenta, No. 17 Br >?d street SVM'L F. CttAFTS, > jv7 UinStr " A "'I. TAVI.OX < Agents. J. DL&&OL., NO 37 BEEKMAN STREET, UP STAIRS, IMPORTER OF FRENCH ALF 4KINS. lie., will have constantly on hand, Paris Lemmne Call Mkius, and Pateut Leather?also M .iocco, Lasts, and all kinds of Tools for Sh irmilnr's use. j 7 IH*M alilP MI SK.E'1'S AND FlSTuL-x ONE THOUSAND Muskeu, with Bayonets, in good or der; J00 pairs Boarding Pistols, for sale by A. W. SI'IES It CO., 91 Maidao lane 4.00V elegant United States banded Muskets, in Iota to suit purchasers. Alan. Hi tics and Sporting Guns. mv22 lm?r MR~AUGUSTU3~VON A3CIIEN, SON of the late R>v. J. Mt? ilinav Votv A>chiv. of Bremen who emigrated to the United States of North Ainwric* about li yra>* ago, is ardently requested either to Call on the undersigned, or to advi>? them by 1 tter of his wherexb uta. in onler to receive iaformatioa in regard to propeity left to n<m. '1 lie undersigned at tba same time request any person who nil give miorioaiinH 01 mr lile <>r demi c ol Mid Anfutisi Von Aaelien. I'nr whiah they are authorised to pay a reward if required?to apply to thein BKCHTELh DREYER, JvI %"2taw?rr Ml Hf.trr street. op stairs. aouj I's uA^.tAiv, 74 Prtncr ttrrrt, eatl of Rroaiaooy. UANDH SCOTT, late uf the Bazaar in Dry street, begs to O acquaint his numerous friends and the public, that he ha> opened the above house in a very superior style, and hopes to merit a fair share of the public patronage. From long eipe riliiK in buvness, he tlatrera himself to be able to pleajt the most faatidiou* ; tlie acconimodatioua of his house for business and comfort, lie believes cannot be surpaa>eil by aii> house of tlie kind His patrons will always find the h,ius< well supplied with the best of every thiug the market afford> in the way of Ales. Wines, Liquors, and Segars. Steaks | Chops. Cold Cuts, Rarebits, Poached Eggs, Tea, Coflee, ami I in fact a large aasortinrnl of refreshments at all times unti1 twelve o'clock at night Plenty of rooms for private partiei ' ?r ?M hi?,? readr mvt1t?n*rre Ol'UjAv AS U &U.Vi.>l?.u l/iAMlll.*u. ' AT W. H. DE OROOT It CO.'a, 102 Fulton si., WHERE the followi.ig great attractions will be present- I ed?Cloth Coals, black, blue, browu anu olive, from . $tto$l6; Alpaeca. Croton, Brown Liueni, Check Linsut, 1 ocotcii and other (riu^hauii: Tweedy Sue Goha, Caahme- I relta, Jeans and Merino; 9*< ks, Frocks, Dress and Shad ' Coats, of every color and sha|>e, from SI to |S. Pants?Cassimere*. Linen sud Worsted Cneeka: Alpacca, Merino, White and Brown Linen, faucj Hummer hrench and American Cassimeres, from SI to ti. Vest??Satin, plsia and Striped; ashmere, Merino, Silk, Marseilles, Valencia. Gingham, and a very handsome style of Linens, best foi slimmer wear, from li cents to St. Boys' Clothing, equally cheap; a good assortnieut for summer wear ou liauif jvrt Iwnic W H. DKOROoT It rn . 111? Fiitfna at i d JAJl-H ilA-.'i iA.u a HAh REMOVED from 1? William street to 116 Wiii.iut street, within 4 doors of John.?A rich and lashionablt aaso tmeiH of Goods will always ha kept on hand, and wil1 be made to order, at such prices aa must command the attati tion of the truly economical, while the style and finish will, to the man of taste, speak for themselves. As all goods are bought for rash, and, therefore, at the very lowest rites, a finer article will he manufactured, atalowei prico, than the credit tailors can possibly furnish. oimiL scale or eaicgi. Fine French <'loth Black arena Coat, from $li to $30 <X> Black Doeakiu Pants 5 to lb Veats, ol Satin, Silk, tic J to 5 OP O ce ('oats, aud all other articles usually told by the trade. I I anntfMlly low I'rieea Formerly with Brundage," of Broadway. myt lm*rrc I LEFT-OFF WARDROBE AND FURNITURE i WANTED. THF. hi<heat price can be obtained by ladies and gentlemen ! who wi?h to di>|K?e of their left-off wardrobe and furnitare. Uy aeuding a line to the aul>?criber'a residence, through the Po?t Offire, it will be promptly attended to. J. Lfc'.VKNHTYN, td> Broadway, up arairv. Ladies can be attend* d ro by Mra. J. (.eeenstvn mv 14 lm*rre (rbNTUEMEN'e LbH-i/H' w AKOtiuo.L.5' WANTED, G?NTLKMEN or Familiea deairnaa of eooTemnt inv. Caah thtir am>erflnuua Clothing, Jewelry, Fire Anna fcc., ina> do M to iiieir advantage by tending for the Aubacriber. who will attend at their reaidvnce by appointment. H. LEVtT, No. S Wall $? N Y. I A line through the post-office. or otherwiae. will be ponea -IIv attended to. myf lm*r i CABI OKk CLOiHINO AM) KCKNITlKfc I WANTF.D. I LADIK8 OK OENTLKME.N harm* any e?at off clothing ( or furniture to diapoae of, can obtain a fair eaali price for the me, by SMidiug forthe anbacribei, at hia reatalence No. i>9 Ouanr atreet, or through the PoatOmre, which will be punctually atteuded to M. 8. COHEN N B ? Ladies ran be attended ro by Mra. VI. H COHKN iH 'la'r I AT 136 NASSAU ssTKfcb'I, 'pHK Highest Price, in Ctah, ia paid for Oentlvmeu's : ft Clothing, and ?>ld again ou the moat reaonaolr terma | Alao, Itepairinii, Cleaning, Dyeing and Dreaaing, ia the levant and anperb style Ou nautT I0> Drape d ete Coata, and too Panta, cheap? with an aaaortment of aeuonabl* '"lurhiiiai. "haa ( oais > to It; i'uu SI to J ; Veala S# ceuta at lm*re I To TA IL O OT 'I'HOBE who wiah t?attain a Complete knowledge of the I art of cutting all the rarioua styles ol (ariiieuta wor. at the preaent time, Would do well to obtain Stiuemet'a Work ou the <ubjert, which ia uuiveraally allowed Vi be com | plete?the price of w>|ich ia from II to 10 dollara per copy ; th? difference in pi ice being wholly iu the binding- To be had i ol the author, No. 113 Broadway, New York alt Im'r KK7TuTtl) KOWN GLAD'S, 'I1 HK SUBSCHIBI- R* haeiun bean apiooiled Agents f r I ilie nl- of Kedfo.d 4'iowu Ulan, the ma n flair ol ri ii of Mi* rub1 c l" the < ?U *. T?e Ur.lf il lil ? i* mult from white flint no, oht men in the eicm.fy ol "h f'Ct'T,, mid ? the o h Crowe m lite fr?in til*' species of sand in th * c^u itry The ?n e. ? nritv nl ihn glass conns'* ii it* brilliant wnite color, it dear ev?.. s.rsce, and i s g'eai tliM:tin*??, *treim>h *nd ?*r tglitneu lt? snrl'ice always re*ai ?i? enamel ai.d lu? " ,i? oof afTnud bv cha 01 ehmiti-, and Ural rely Iter fioin ilte otOertio which jpplirs to plate gla?*. of becoming * il! bedinnne.i b> du?r ?,r ge. 1 h* S-ra i?e Crown tJhae, made at the s?m* works, i? of tn? ?me Mramih d (htrkiiess as the Its Ifnrd, and ii ide-i* i"rla? otf. factories, ste unboau and canal Im.ta, r .ilrii"d care, trren h. o.n, Ur ..ThVlKL',,V ?*> Merchants* Fichang., il"f 1 j ' Philadelphia; Tre \tuty Boilitinf. Waahi gt n. and many other pvtuic building, througho'i' tha conutry, and m iy be pm-ticnlarly recommended to all P*no". who ra jolte a |tr.??? dnraMe and brilliant article. Order* for any ail* f om 4t? to nlM ,it M a0,||ty prominly e**cu ed. 1 he subacr bera are alio areata f#r the Fnl'on Glas* Workt, and mi'"it?r? of rreiirh ' nrystsl Sheet Olaas and are in couataiit reCripi of assorted litae of both. ' Prices . urreut can I>e h >d on application. iVOR'* *N, wALKe.R It SMITH. jyliteod're tt'i Ql??i Di"|fti, '1 I, l|.in y HI KI > ? Airb MA.NUI-rtCTuh\, NO. I Bt. Jobn'a Lane, comer Beach street. The ftntnrrih r would inform hi* Customers anil the Palilic, thai he hat cotiataiitly on Haud. a large stock of fnurv and coraato Bird Caaea. of all deacri prions. which he will kII rheapet than thay can be bought elsewhere. AJao, I'wti made to order. J. KT.LLY. P. S?Oooatry Merchants would find it to their advnntna |rt hi* Muf Ii SAKO/s V Ii >Uj6k re>i>ectlall> intorni their friend and rhe public, that thev hare removed their eataliliahmnnt to "? Na*?au atreet, Herald Bnildinva, wt.arc they con tantly keep on h.n d large aaaortmeut of the heat aelette , I cheap Lithographic Prints. Their reputation, already rata hliahed for the sapetmr atyle of Mtock Priiits, makes them confident that thev will obtain a toutinnaiice of the pabltr patronage They n'so lender their services in all tha brancliea I of Lithography. Portrait*. Plaaa, Mapa, l>audar ?f>ea^ Ana tvmi'.w i/iawinH,?c. mr... nrruira in t i()ic wnicn win eertatulv irent tK?- *pi>rnb?tirm of th? motr fiiridinNi, mvtl lm? ? OK. HU.L'S TRU.sSK>, AND ABDOMINAL 8UPFOIITKK8. THF. minority of Or llnll'i iixtrnmxnU o*?r *11 oth?n n acknnwlrdff?d by ih? mom eminent phvtieium iu Kor?P* md America. ortli-r, 4 V*.?v (Heel, Amor Ho*M. a female in artcad *pe? tm ih? Uu?*? 4aparu??ai t. l?V MODEL OF NEW YORK."" THIS Immense work ol ait w til open for Kahibttioo at the ; Mfnervu Rooms. 401 Bioadway, on Saturday, the 4th j July It i* a woet accurate aud beautiful muMt?ra of this Metropolis ?n carved wood, ep'esenunf rtfry street, lane, ' building, sked, tree; the t'eeatioua and depreiaious, the a'nppiug. afalboia. whaivi, aud every other object ?u the Ciiv to the number of mlliou*. It has been in prograaa for more than a > air, aud upwirdsol oue hand red persona nave i been ???|?loyed in its construction, iuclnciug son* of ifea Aral artists, American * d Kurope ?u. Above the Model is a apte.idid OOTHIC CANOPY, cootumnf m different compar inr.its, uil Paiutnaa of aotte of the principal business establishments in tl?a t ity. Do'-rs open from 9 A. V|. to 10 P.M. Tickets S5 cants, to be procured at the principal hotoU and book *??d iiiiuic st >re?. Saasoa Tickets. 50 ceuta. Children uoder 10 years of *e. h*lf price. ^ . V, U K POHTKH BtLDttN, Propaittor. fr.B ?None t?ur stranger* s?1 rni' led on t' e 4th j \ 1 fAyibiu.H, .\i-.w niti>.iiiu.> ; FBI. ANC ARD hat the honor to inform hit fritoli ib4 Uiepub'ie in f^ierti, that the Pavilion 11 now la fall opemrimi and prepared for their receptionSteamboat* run lurtwrru P er .No I, North Rim, ami New Brighton, at the follow ink bouri, r>t:? b mm ll,. I LV HI W L. . U A jJ. t 11 ?. M. ?. ? p. M. f sk,?,7P. .\L l>. klancabd. PhtiIhio, Nfw Brighton. lone 1. ltMt,. Jif7tfr* itlEj OUAkJt,? UU'l LL, 64 Htade Strut, IVat Side of Broadway., THK Subucriber respectfully itiform? bit friends u4 the public, thai he has lately oiwued the at-ovr LatlMiihineut, iu * style inperior (o any other haute of tlir kind la (L? city of New York. The satisfaction which he has huherto git?u to hii numerous friend* and cuitomm, while pn>i>ri?tot of "The ttliades," iu Thames straet, he Hatters himself will be a guaranty to all who may potrouise him iu hit uew estaMiihmeut, while uo effort on his part will be wanting t* Mrit the coot iuuauce of their patronage The usual relishes. Chops, Steaks, Welsh Karrbita, PoMb d be., will be served up in a superior style. The room will be regularly supplied with city papMbfo well as a full supply of fur sign papers, b^^ver ^ luniaHjMB KlITAW HOUSE, BALTIMORE. THIS splendid Hotel hu been lately re-fitted and furuiahed in tbe noat complete and elegant manner, by Mesara Jack son Ik Cranston, and. after the JOth Auril. when it susnal* tka public, will br upeu Tor thr reception of The esparieucc of Mr. Cranston u host or the Rockaway Pavilion, and ol Mr. Jacksou, at the Kichauge dotal, Baltimore, and at p>a ' As tor Hou.i?, New York, i* a guaranty of the sty le ia which the " Kuuw will ba kept. The location ie lite bent iu tha aity of Baltimore. Thr I'avilian,at Rockaway, L. )., wit) rainuiu under tha charge of Mr. Creustoa. wbp, duiiug thr seminar mouths, will be happy U> aee his nld tVieuiu at liua favorite tra taring place. l?er -AKACEN'3 HfcAU, 12 l)EY STREET, N. Y. JOSfkfl SMITH,late ol VV'oraektei. England. begsleave to inform hit frieuds.tdatciMrs tu? u>e public iu gvuan] that lie hat recently luted up hit bona* In * *ery sujusriog manner, and calculated to pleas* geutlauieji of taste Ha will alway*. aa heretofore, Ikeep hia Her ai.d Lardtir supioiaC with the beat Liquors and Provisions that the market afford*. Dtmiera from 12 till 3 o'clock, and Cold Cuu, Chops, Stakaa, Rare Bin. tee., at all houra. Hia supply of English and city newyigpers ia cicellod by \ ao honse iu New York, and hia Ales, Wines, Segara. lie., in of the moat auperior quality aud the attendance prompt. ftfi- I vate Rooms provided for partiea, and the comfort ana acooonmodation of cuatomera alwaya attended to. Lodgings, ha. myli lm*r "REITSLTLPHITR SPRINOS, MONROE CO., VA. This celebrated watering place win b? open the neit nmmer, aa usual, for the reception of vi iters. Its fame in the relief and cure of pulmonary disease*, ettendiug over a period of fifty years, ia so sustained by facta and evideuce, that it no louger admits of dispute For tha e>teut and peculiarity of ita medicinal virtues, however, tlva reader is referred to a work on " The Miaeral Springs at western Virginia," by Wm. Burke, to be had at Wiley Ik Putuam's. The object of this advertisement ia to say that arrangements are made to accommodate viaitera iu the Boat comfortable manuer, and that they will be treated with uniform courtesy and kiuduaaa, while the cliargea will be (ouud ; u moderate as at the moat moderate of the springs. There will be a resectable phyaician in attendance. The roada an in good order,and the beautiful Turnpike Road t) the Blat Sulphur will nave staves ujhju it plying betwean tha (WO Springs, which will afford ean opportunity of visiting, la week, all the Springs of W stem Virginia. myi .m?rc THE PROPRIETORS. MANSION H u u s t,, MIDDLETOWN CONNECTICUT. 'HHE UN DKRSIUNED begs leave to announce to hia 1. friends aud the public, that he Saa leased the above house for a term of years, aud hopes, by I iug experience aud strict attention to business, to merit a liberrT share of their patronage. JOHN L MONROE, mrl 3m* re Kormerlv of 'he U < Hotel Boston. SHARcJN SPKLWa fAV 1 LION. THE PUBLIC is informed that this eatabliahmrnt, having heeu eularged and improved since the close of the last se&aou, will be opened for the reception of visiters, on the 1st day of June LAN DON It GARDNER. May 1. im. my23 Im'r TRITON HOUSE, OLEN COVE, LONO ISLAND. THE Subscriber respectfully informs hia frienda aud the public, that he has improved and enlarged the Triton Hotel, at the head of the steamboat lauding, aud k is now thoroughly fitted op, and ready for the receimou of Boarders. The situation of this establishment for the purpose of Salt Water Barhing, is amongst the moet eligible uo Long Island | Souud, as the lands atrached to the premiaes have a vary stteiisive water front, and a fine beach for swimmers. The outbuildings are uew, and thr Bar and Bowling Alley are entirely uncouuected with the house. Haviug a farm of M acres appended to the hotel property, the subscriber can offer his frieuds the inducements of a plentiful supply of good milk and butter, andauch other comfovta is he trusts, together with his unreminH attentions to the wishes of his guests, will rendera resMrncc at the Tritog House eatrrmrly desirable. Horses and images to hire. Kor terms, which will be moderate, apply to WILLIAM L JONES. Triton House, tile" f'ftvr, Lone Ul??>d Mtv I Itmere . tiUN 6EJOUH. rHE SUBSCRIBER has the pleasure to aut-ounce thst Ins honse, at Bergru Point, is una open for public accomcoinmodatioii. A hotel on tile Jersey side has long beru a de,ideratum which is now supplied The house (the old Me lany mansion) has been re-litted in elegant (tyle, witli many aew rooms and other un|>ortaut additioua. The grounds are beautifully laid out, and w hat with luiuriact shrubbery, charming walks, agreeable drives, aud plea ?ant boalnig, the place will challenge coin|ietitlou with any rural residence Families who wish to pass a cool and q a let <u miner, can be provides *ilh rooms or suits of apartments at their choice Kiah of almost every variety abound in the " Kills,' and the neighboring woods are uot delicient iu game. The sieamei Passaic, plying betweeuNew \ urn and Newark, tons st the Uudiuu, in from of the house, fonr times a day, mil the citileus or New York cannot liua a wore beautiful drive than that between Jersey City and Bergeu Peint. la fine, all visiters, customers ami boarders, may be assured chat uo pains will be spared to maka the plaoe merit the ti4* given it of old?Bon Sejour. ? _ , ? "DANIEL W. LOCKWOOD. Tha rauaic. for Newark, leaves the foot of Barclay street at 10 A. M. and 4 P. M , lauding in front of :he shove place. The Port Richmond boat leaves pier No. I at I, IX, 3K and ( o'clock. At Port Richmond there will bo boats in attendance to convey passengers, and laud tham at the honse. ml Im'r HAMILTON HOUSE. AT THE NARROWS. I TPIII8 E LEO ANT ESTABLISHMENT having ond.rI ii,..,..?.k _.n >.. 1 rhe reception oT Boarder* on the first of Xfay, under the direction of the (abtcriber, who hu been connected with the MMimril "f the hotel for the lut two or three year*. The principal room* hare been newly carpeted, and the whole house painted and put in excellent order. No pains or expense will be snared by the present proprietor to make hia {ties'* comfortable in every way. For terms, kc , addrese subscriber, at Port Hamilton. ml lm*r _ THOMA8 MKINKLL BEL) BUGS. BED BUGS. WATSON'S HKD BUG DE8TROVKK, is the most wonderful discovery ever made for immediately deuroyiug these Terrain, however numerous, and eternally banishing (hem from (fir premise* by one application. Beware of worthies* imitations. Kor sale at Apothecaries Hall. 36 Catharine street; Olcott k ?lc< assent. 127 \1aideu lane; aud m Brookliiy at Mrs. Hayes's, i* ("niton st. Prire iS rents i?er botrle a2S lm*r , CHALLh.Stifc TO THfc WMTbL* STATES. THK Subscriber* have no hesitation in sayin( to the people o i New York, and the neighboring cities, that they caii tud Jo cha.Ubgr the merchants ol oar country, far and near, to compete with them iu the sale of WINUOW SIlADfcS. Phey hare a manufactory m the State of New Jersey, about II miles Irom the city of New York, and possess every facility for manufacturing their shades at the least eipense Of their beauty, worth uid cheapness, they will convince the most incredulous by their giviug them a call. Dl/NCKfclH, It BKCK ?K. No. M Chauiam sl.jN. Y.,one door from the corner of l ham hers st. mil lm*re. AliRlkVE, No. J Jonn street, importer and dealer in Birds, Ca)[es, Bird Seeds of every description, offer* for sale the followme valuable and rare Birds AIiuo, A ranger. U'.n... /,. l 'Ki..u VWLi... R|,.I A I w..nru,.. iTnl /ara Hparrowa, White Cockatoo, Chinea* Pheaaant. Theae birda were all imported from the ?*at ludiea, *1 ireat e?penae. Blackbirda, Thruahea, Linnet*. ChaCnchea, Guldh ictin. Bullliuchea, Starling* and Skylarka. lu lact. tlir elf rioua wijl find a( No i Johu atreet, moat of the cage birda id the known world. N. B.?Black and Tan K'nt Charlea' Spaniela, received by the ahip Henry Pratt, from Liverpool, per John Grieve/ my23 lm?rrc ? UAGUEKKKoT* fb AffAiiAlbn. JOHN ROACH, OPTICIAN, *2 NASSAU Street, ha conatantly on hand the Voichtlander, Krench and American iuartamenta, and every ^rticTr a?ed in the art. Operatora will ftnd hia preparation, now called Hn?ch'a Quick.tuff, to eork with certainty and jutckneaa. and to he cheaper for nee hau mum* their own chemicala Caahordera I'm in the coua rv nromptlv *nenrt?*'t *r\ m ' ' n> rrr DACrUt-ftlt bt.ll V ft. Ai'f Alv/i 1 Ua JOHN KOACH, Optician, 82 Nassau Streer, HAS constantly on hand, Krench, tferman and American Instrument! Coating Boies, Mercur) B^ths, and all the *uer inaierial used bv operators, are mm n fact a red under his m*| ectiou < hemicals, Pistes, Cases. Quickstuft, kc., lie | Le ises Orou ?! t<? order Thermometers and ftorveyiug Com mm msntil u mred for the mm . *Kn. io Klecrrif Machines. of approved construction, for nedif tl purposes nsl7 I m*rc ATLA\1!C AMJ ST. LAVV Hr.M K HAlLttOAU j N?lTI< 4C To CONTRA* TOR*-Proposals will he received 4t the Office of the Atlantic and 8t. Lawrence Railroad 1 'omtmuy. id fhia city, from the iTth to 27th of June nest, for the (rradicj, Masonry and Bridging <?f a division the road, eiteudmu from a i?oint at. or near Portland, to Roy, all's river in North Vermouth, a distance of about II miles. j Plant, Profiles and Specifications will he eihibited, and the requisite information liven, at the fcnginaer s Office m PorV , land , on and after tlie ITth of June. Prraona offering to contract fir the work, who Me unknown , to the niideraigued. or to the directora, will be requited to acC'mpiny their propoaala with refereLcaa aa to character and aniHryA further eatenaion of the road, embracing a diatance of aone fifteou or more additional milea, will he prepared for, ud put ander contract, about the flrat ofAnauataeit By order of the Hoard of Directora. WM. P. PKRBLR, Preaident; A. C. MORTON. Chief Knuneer. fwland. M?.. Mav I*. i*'? ?ir"r? i?. ~~ MA ?k HAIR IJ\fc. DBD OR OHEV WHIHKEHS rha.netl to beantifnl 5 u I iostantaneonaly. hv rhe application of Hmloo's maHair Dve Country gentlemen can have a bottle forward* ye? by eipress or otherwise, by sendine their ordevs.caab ncioeeil, to fc,. I'halon, Hi. tinder Jndson'a Hotel, Broadway V*r ^w*e? with foil directions for ftae accompanying City vcorUmet) iff inntnd*ro c%ll ?t tht depot, whtrt th?y have * ?tii??rb pair of HI* ek whi?k?r? mihmt rfred forced or ?H?*t *1t? r* t**' > PIN Is I.INEN SHIRTS. liff E8DAMES TALMER fc KAHH, ?7? Broadway, continue 1*1 to malta MM to order, and warrant th*? to (It. T> t lent i<att?rna nod An cat nnodlrwork ctaracieria* fhr tataMiahmcut. >B.?Oidnra <t?*r?i?d lor inr pan ofth* MMtrr TAS.sKL?, ^UITASI-F. for trimming hata. (apt, blinda, ahadM, pie ?5 toraa, ?.i/a?, aBbrcllat, pnraaola, floaka. ai>ron?, al*?T?a, h?n, lie Alto, variety of bmriinu and torda. far > vCilraalr, by J. Sir. MA * N ARP mO 17 M>I<P Im?, cimft of W01m? ' < i T Loan or tm.m row ajrrearaof* to con. i TRACTORS AND ON THE PVBLIC H'OKKA?Tha UnoiMUiiMti of tb? Canal Kund. by virtu* of the *ci eulitled an "Act *m>i>leineuui v to the let mull rd tii act to provide for Paying the debt and preserving rh? credit of the Mat*. |?i>M March JS, piaa'd Mav I}, I<16 herrbt (lit notice, that sealed j>ropo*ala will ba re- ' ceived until the sittaantn day of July mat .at 4 o'clock la tha aAeruoou of that day, for a loan of Two Hundred Thouaaud Dollar*, for which truitfambla cartilicataa of *tock will ba laaued, in the uiuia of llta People ol tha State of N*w Votk, bearing intereit at ill* rata of ail par cant par annum payable quvterly, aud the principil r*imbur?alil* 1.1 tha jleaatire of tha t. ommutioutn of the Canal Fund after the )mr lttt>4 In a ditioa to th? faith of tbc State, tbc art above iaf*irad to makai a (pacific pledge of tha tulla required to be paid during the auapeudun ot canal navigation, < u freight transported on railroads between Hchaiiectady and Bnflalo; and any aurplut uf aautl tevauiiat, alter tha satisfaction of ilia pr?aant chirges upon such revenues. . li is to be understood, that the Cammisaioner* are to ba at liberty to take a leas am, if tha offer* are not tuch. aa in thair opinion are advantageous to tha ibtereats of lha ante i Tha prnpoaali mav ba lor tha whole Of Ml part f *aid loan not I eat than $V000, all proposals to ba sealed up and endoraad, ''Loan for in* pa>inant of Brraarajtea to contractor* aud others oa tha public works," and encloaad ui an directed to tha Comptroller at Albany. The miwar will be raauired to hi i,ai.l ?? tk? ia?K ,u*- I..K Inatait. to the credit i f the Comm>a>i->o*rs of tl e < mil F?nd. iu such bai.k in the city of New York or Albany as j shall be designated by the Cwramiasiuners Stockholders residing in the h irst and Second Senate District!, and tho?e r? siding out ot the *tate will receive the intereet on the stock beld by them quarterly, at the Bank ot lh? Manhattan ' ompany, iu the ci y of >rw York ; all stockholders, at the .New York Sts'e Bunk in thr ci'y ol' Albany. bated Canal Depaitment, Albany, Juh I. It<6 ADDISON '.aRDNRR, Lieut. Oueeibur. A.'' FI.AOU, Comiirri ller THOS r VRRINOTON I' exsnrer. H JALtKY, Sumior General J. VAN BUREN, Attorney General. Jv<kol6r ^N 8 BKNTnN, Hiscretary of S ate. Tilr- tilTV rule. Knmj KA.sofc ou.vll'A.S V. Orricc No. (I Wall strlkt, Cm or New Von. /"^ATlTAL STOCK tllO.ouQ.all paid in cash, and securely V> in Tested according to the provisions of iu charter. This C omiiauy l'u been in buaiuess twelve years, aad in that , time has paid losses by fire upwards of $458,00?. The present asaeta of the Company eiceed iu capital stock more than $23,000. Insurance against losa or damage by fin effected on application, at reasonable terms. K. A. HEADING, President. al? 1 tains*m D. K. CURRY. Secretary the lono island insurance company. capital aw,000 dollars. Office 41 FVltot* stbekt, Brooklyn. CONTINUES to take risks on buildings, machinery, mertiandlxe and pro|i?rty geucrallv, on their usual favorable terini This eom|>any lias passed through the two greatest aanflagraiious that bate ever occurred iu the country j they owe their eacape frnm them with comparatively slight lueses to thr system which they hare always jiractised of limiting and scattering their risks. All losses which the company may suslaiu will be adjusted and paid promptly as heretofore. The Company take s|?cial rare to notify- their customer* in New York, of all eipirations of policies. B w. 0elamat1cr, President. allmia*r e. C. kinn. Secretary. BIlLI aTu>s lvi pro v lK OTItJ YIELD respertfully informs his friends and the public, tliat he has returned to his old favorite quarters, BASSKORD'S ROOMS, entrsuce IK Ann street,adjoining the Museum Building, or !? Fultou street The Rooms and Tables b ve been put iu perfect order. The Tablea are . luuir ma irno, Willi Air, niuie nanocr uiatioin Cushion*. They will no doubt ?ou European and all gieat la vera, bring the best in this country. Larger ball* for Both (man?Carolina balls for Utrmwi. N. B ? Baasford's new styla Billiard Tables for sal* ; India and French Cue Leather, best in the city ; Hue Billiard Cloth, and every article in the trade, constant!y ou hand and for sale. mvtnim* m BILL1AKDS. AKCADK BILLIARD SALOON (lata Empire), in Barclay street, near the Astor House.?MICHAEL, so lom known to the billiard playing portion of the city, respectfully iuforms his friends, patrons, aud billiard players in general, that he haa taken the above large, airy, and well-known establishment, where thay will find in first rate order Niue of llir bast Billiard Tables in the city, with good attendance. He respectfully iu rites a call from his friends. Geutlemen 01 parties wishing to play by themselves, can have a uble In room to themselves, by applying at the bar, Gentlemeu will And the bar wall supplied with the best of liunora and segara art lm?r MICHAFL PHKLAN ! TENNIS tXJUKT, BUWhKY. THE Subscriber, having taken the above-named place, ; would inform hia fnends and the Public that the Bail Allay, and the whole of the aetablishtnenc, haa undergone a 1 thorough repairing. To the Allay haa beau added a gallery, tO feet by 25, for the convenience of the spectators. This, with aa allay of IM feet, in complete order, he trusta will be sufficient to secure the patrouage of the lovers of that healthy and favorite amusement. As for the quality of his Liquors, Segars, and refreshments, he will leave to the judgment of bis castomera. H. WOOLLY. Bat Ball Alley, Directly opposite Prince at. New York. May 7, It4g. myl lm*m PLEASANT SAIL DOWN THE LOWER BAY, : * (If Fine We?theO ON THURSDAY. FRIDAY, AND SATURDAY, July 9th I'th. and I ltd. jgs\ The splendid Stesm Packet ALBANY. Cap- . A^gs,' J?unl J Hall, will leivethr foot of Hati3I^MMflCX>nnond street at 1 o'clock, Canal st.ertat t)i, i utiubei .tie. 2)4; Pike "feet at 3 o'clock 1'ier bt-low Fulton street Brooklyn, at 3^, ami Pier No. J N. R., st 4 , o'clock P M , to scrommoilaie families with their children, view the Fortifications, I<nd and ore an scenery, p?ss*ng ihe Narrows and around tie Buoy, viewing Handy Hook Light Hoate, and arrive in the rity ?t 7)4 P M As the Albany i> a first class boat, of great speed and eitensive accommodations, with stale rooms very convenient for families with children, slie will afford eicel'ent niipjrtunities to breathe the pure and invigorating air of the Ocean. Foe lie mis ; chi'd en hall-pn- e * N B. Military I ompanies aud S- cieties can charier this i boat by ?king application ou board J>141*re NEW Y"RK SACRED iMUSIC SOCIETY. I EXCURSION TO NEWUUHGH.ANU PERFORMANCE OF I HE ORAfOHlO OF THE SEVEN SLEEPERS. >MQ l'lie A<,uual r.icursiou ot the Sacred Music CL Jp Society will take place on Wednesday, July 3Cesi6iC3Lltth. The member*, with surh of ilieir Irieiio* a< uie d-suou. of accoiupa i> nig them ou the occasio I. wll . etnUtrkon board the spleudid teamboat Albany, Capt H II, I f .ot ..f Barclay st.( at 3*< o'clock P. M. precisely, o.. the day above mentioned. and proceed to Newhurkh. when, the m'gnitirent Oratorio of ilie SEVEN SLEEPER" wi'l le |*rfoimeri ht the Society, With ihe aid ol a lull Orchestra, aud some of the most d'*linctii-hed vocal talent of the city. The performance will be giten in the first Piesbjterian Chinch rommeucing at I o'clock, under ihe directiou of Mr. !' I llll.l 1 he Managers have the pleasn-e to annonnce that thn OBPHRAN KAMILV have kindly voluntee ed thairTse.' vices, ami will pe-fnrm tome of their choice i??ce? on the | V?nn <o and from Newiinrgh. Dndworth's Band it engaged for the occasion. Ac th? termination of the Oratorio the party will return immeiluti Iv U? the ilr?mer, where a splend d entertrfiitnent will be set?tickets (or winch maybe protuted on bos d at ; th? uiq >1 price. 1 he boat wll reach the city on her return at (seasonable hour, and will touch ?t the dock loot of Hammond street, in going and returning. 'licket ? CI eich, (refreshments ??Ta)?-"ay be had of Futh li II 'II, Fnnklia Squire ; Saitou It Mile?. Biosdway ; J B Flaudrew, 236 Bower}' ; J P Perkins, No. I Wall st ; of either of the Boa/4 of Managers, or of lit.O. WHITLOCK, Sec'y, _jj_J ? 7.i_r m Canal atreet. DAVID'S DESERT, AT WEST POINT. ONF. HUNDRED TICKETS ONLY. mm THF. Undersigned hiving chartered the , fl? ' 'i f"f "*w ln<* splendid swamer EXCEL.8IOH, ar m. ( apt. Nelson, for the day and avetiins of tl>e temli ol July, instant, hi* made arrangements for ine perform ince of David's Urand Choral and Ins rumeutal Sympho y THE DEXEHT, on tie plaiu at West Poiut. Also, the " Tramp choroe,'and the " Grand March and 1 Chora*'1 Irom the oi>er* ot? "kidelio," by BEETHOVEN. The choral department will eomiinse about SO ladies and , geoilemen, accompanied by aa oicnestra of mo.e than ihirtv instrumental pcrformera. The whole nnder the direction of ?lK (JEO. LODER. The siolo parti by Mrs. L. A. JONES and Mr. J. A. JOHNSON. DOD WORTH'S justly celebrated Baud has also been engagtd for the occaaiou. To ensure comfort and respectability, but one hundred ' ticket- will be sold, in addition to the musicians. The B'at wi I le.ive the pier al (he foot of ('anal street pre- 1 cisely ..t eight o'clock. A fine cold Collation at II o'ciMfc, and antil the boat arrives at ihe point. Dinner at 4 o'clock, at which all .will be seated at once. j old Collation, returning, at from to 9 P. M. Tickets Fire Dollars each admitting a gentleman and ore lady, i tCluding d nner and other refreshments for trip. k itra i ladies'tickets. Two Dollar*. m?7, be obtained (until the 1 eve nng of the *th instant, after which time none will he sold, ! under any circumstances whatever) at the music ?tore of Messrs Firth, Hall aud Poud, 2'li Broadway ; at the store ol O. F. Nesbitt, comer Wall and Water streets; and from II MEIOOS. 418 Br.iadwav. N. B.?A lew of the gems from the De?ert hare been arranged f..r a brass liana, by OoJfworth. and m?y be listened to This (Monday) evening, and also on Tuesday and Thursday evening* of tins week, at Allisou's Atlantic Oar, den. N. B.?The ladies and gentlemen attached to the Association are hereby notified th<t the last reliear?al w ill take place , This ( ?1o id t\J Eveuiug^st 8 o'clock precisely, in the Libr try Hoiim of the new 1'nitsriaii Church, iu Broadway. b? tween S|.rjn? a d Prince sts jyfi 4t*r ' 'JUlaTUt; lat N li v ULfc.Nl riSaftciA l IuN. ! Grand Excurtion and Cotillon Party to WEST POINT. uMQ 0$I On Thursday, 9th July mat.?The mma- 1 gdiege** of the This le B> nrvi.lent Association, |? - [f olitnation ol their namerou lile ,di, noe made arrangement! to *i*e the ^rat and o l> >-scur<ioii foi this season, to tike pi ce ou Tlmrsd y, . 9'h Inly mat In order to ii eet gtnertl app.obatiou. the , si letidid steamer ONEIDA I aptaiu Tnpi-er, accompanied ' by the h rife PH ATT, Capt Ttxlor, have been etig geil to } proceed ap the Hudson to W??t Point. Three o' four h <nrs ' will be there allowed to eujoy the scenery ol that rom.iutic 1 spot. An eacellent hand has been eigaged and the cotillons will | be Qnder he direction of Mr. O Holier a n. Messrs. R we St Lepidt, of WH Broadway, the celebrated caterer? will h vethr management of the refiesiimeiit and confctinnarv department. The boat will leave Catherine at Ferry, F.ast River, at I o'clock. Liberty street. N R. at H past i,' anal st 9. fiute Prism dock H past 9, ai <* f ?ot of 19th st, at 14, precisely. Tirket lor a gentlem m ind lailv, $1; eitra l id>'s. M) cents. ' To be hail of Mr Peter Milne, :7 < entre st; essrs Stodd rt &. Dunham. 381 Hroadway; the Northern Hotel, Courtlan<lt street, and of either of the managers, or at the landings on the morning of the excursion. )\2(tje - ? BRITISH AND NORTH AMKR1 sJb&BpH CAN ROYAL MAIL BTKAM SHIPS, ralry. HIBKKMA (apt. A. Ryn*BRITANNIA Capt. 7. H?wiit CALF.HONIA Cipt.R.0. Lott. A< AIM V Cipt.Wn Ha ritoq. CAMBRIA.. ........Cart. C. H. F. lu.lkin.. Will ami from Lirrrpool and Boatoa, na Halifai. M follovra >? fPOM aoiTon. mom i.trrnrnnu. PHf nnla l?, l?4S. Cambria July 4, IM. Cambiia Aug 1, " llibrrnia " 10, " Hiharma I?. '' Caledonia Aug. t, " Caledonia ..S.p' I, " Tattanr. Mint. From Brwton to Liverpool $120. From fcoaton to Halifai......... ... ... ...... 30. No bertha ?eciir??l nntil paid for Theae ihipa carry * rrienred <nrgeoua. No freight. aicept apeeie, received on ya of tailing. For freight. paaaage, or any other information. apply to D BKIUHAM, Jr., Agent. Jy7 rc At HAH NT) FN * rn> a \f.ll ,1 JtMT- PAf KETS FOH HAVKK?8*conrt Ln.r?'l he MfjK packet ?hip BALTIMORE, Captain John J< h iton, will aail ou the l?t of Auin t. For Iraigkt nr apply to HO YD k H!N( KF.N Jv7 r m\Vi|l>|rt?t. PACKKTS FOR ,M AHHKI I. t/KS?I'he par?*> }4J(JWthip N F.BR ASK A, < apra'n fVa'MM. will aail on the llblii of Aiigmt For fraight or paaaMre. apply t? CHAM Br. Ml. A|N k PHKLPBV 101 front at., or to iT-m ROVD ft HtW KI.N *1 U'all afreet I T ^ltD.-IM,bv'?li Laj.anw tali Jing, nn j for mW w Lr"? . r.R.cobUNtui AMtiMKWa:i?T<?. ' -J DOWKK? THEATK'-' -Wadnaada* F.-hh.*, Inly ?D will b# p.rfor...r.l I HE I.ADY OF THt LAKE : or. ?h? Ootlawrd Mnanuiueri ? KluiJ* r ck Dhu. Vr N??fW? Aftrrwhich, (hv BUT' tlUK i LOG OKOHL^T-.Uil'w Wo la, and .Aiaold Woh'a .?lr IIU en ril ; B *t? NH'iiu, Mr i our. Tnco<uluds- ?itl> THfc KJQHTKLL HElrt , or lha Warlock of (lit O ?u. [T^ Lower lioie?, * ?.. ?r . ird third tiori. 13 tu.i Pit an J liallary, I2K t en .. Door* op*u at 7 nVlncfc? una' . , m j.aji |?n aerca n'rlrwlr C~?* K U THi.VlKl'. 1 i?? ,i VaEk nn4 Cbftrltoo gtreetj.?Kr><>jii i,* d lui the Muminrr Srtaon ? W?dua*Hav ktrning. July i. llir vmrrun m>nta to comIn r tier wllliriu muiii'Alil.amj?i.r i I. I Ir I 'I'lit vi - j T\ . >L MlLA* i nr, tli* Broke i Hetrted F t! er?!{nl?ttio, ^Mr Ffer; ( lart Vr? IVuiou : Vetfiiia, Mm C lli'imm ? Dam iug hv Ml???. Pray ana Deering B ?l I id b\ I'ennjaon. To conclude with inr* nautical TRUK HLL'E ?r. The tiei Uiril'. Ilumr a ul Murilrr?r't Lea) ? t Wlr? J,,lm on, a Tar of the > d tcliovl, Mr Fieer ; Ltuil) da Fioiet, Jin Alexit Penton Boirh. ttceuU; Pit 1?^ crntt. Private Bone* %4. Scan to Orrhrtfn? Bovr* each 7'i centa. BENEFIT UF MK H. Pl.AClL-fc. NIHLli'S WARDEN?WedueaHajr Kveun g. JuI> I <U? ?The performance will comuteuce w:th a popular Overture. Aftar w hich, the comic piece of tha LOST LETTER? Mr Bnu. Mr t.lii>i|>rnd le , Mr P Ardrtit, Mr Walcot ; Hoaa Beau. Mi<- ( 1 rkr; V igilllt, \ tl W atta Tt'oa f Howe1 >>y the popular dom<atir tketrh, NAPOLEON'S OLD GlrARl)?havie<?ck ex-Cor|ior I of tha Imreiiil On id, Mr Ptaride; L rd B -uviile. Mr II Walrot; L d Bc^uvllla, Miii Robert*; Meltuir Hivreaack, Mm Clarke. H"lf an hour a lutertniauou for the < otreru A-la-Mnmrd in the Refreshment Saloon. To conclude with ttie new fax-e. THE COBBLER'S WILL, or. a.i Actor in Lurk?Duprer, Mr Everaril : Emile, Aruold ; Count hatiuier, Walcot : Jean J cquet Frmucnii M<rluch>m, Sp"gue : 8t E'lix. Placide ; Counted Hatiuiar, Mr? Watti; M'me Ducornet, Mita Clarke Oonro open at 7 o'clock ; eiitertaiumeuta begin at o'clock. Ticketa JO cent*. VAUXHAI.L ..AKI.K ? . THIS EVENING, July ??BENEFIT OK MR BAKER MR MITCHELL. MK HOLLAND, MISS MARY TAYLOR, Miss PHILLIPS, and MRS H vRDWli K. Will appear in a favotlte Opera aud Fare*, for thia night only. j>? It' ic __ _ CASTLK (iAKDKX, with i t eiteuaive Promenade* ta opeu diy and evening?Thia f v* edneadav) Evening, a go. d telecnon of Mure, from Aunrr. Str uat. Lthitxkv, Ro.iim. ?i d Lanner w ill be performed by the Oichettra. auda- the direction of C. W. Mevrer ?n niterm'uion of Hair an hour, 'or refreshment*, he The beautiful ra ge of COSUORAMAS. rite .ili a around 'he whole of tha Eap'vade, ? ill be brilliantly illuminated with gat. thut giving vi<itei? a i e? ellrnt oimurtunity to examine theie benutiful Virw? Ailm'xi "i '2W re-rt i\ 7 COLI*Ktj >1 4<i 14m Ml way?The Co* lett eilabliahinetit in thr ritv? Admittance, front trait, ijculi : hack te ft. UK.?Wed etdar E? euwg?8econd night of the ETHIOPIAN MINSTRELS, who will gi?r a tenet of tnngt, gleet, chorutet c nitiud.ums. tic , accompanying ihmtelvea OU thr banjo, rinlin. tainbor. hone ra?taurtt anil triangle ? Mr. BARNEY WII.LI AMS. the celebrated Iriah Comedian. Mr GALS1AN0. thr Tyroleae Singer, aud trverv) other popular favoritet, w<U?Ito appear. Doora open at half-patt 7. Pe formanee at fl o'clock. jv7 ttUWM h. OU.'S iNfcW ) OtVlY itlA.i' i?l< ' I il CIUCUS. THE LAROEST ESTABLISHMENT ever oreanixed It the United Sutea, eompriaing 110 Meu and Horaea, re tnirtng X Carnagea to e.ouvey the performer*, wardrobe, ma etciana, lie. 1'Imi company hat attached to it Eight Female qnratriaua, tmoug whom it the Oreateat Kemale Rider of the A r. MADAME MARIEMACARTE, wh(?? new stvle ot Equestrian Keats. peculiarly her own, beiug chaste and classic; her jrraeefiil and fascinating address, ?ud (tie charming naivetr with which ahe chnina hcravdieeucr, render this iril'red and highly-i>ducnted artiitr the lendin* feature of the arena in thia country. The Proprietora refer the palilic to the brilliant description fiven in the reapoetire newspapers of the extraordinary and daring feata performed by thia diatinrniahed ar(i$lt Auieug the noyaltiM which the Proprietor! offer are the celebrued Scotch UIANT AND OIANTES8. Their height la M feet, and their weight over 700 Iba. Mr. Randall weighs *31 Iba. Mra Randall la the moat enormous giantess iu tne world. They will appear in " jack and the Bean Stalk." and ha will perform eitraordinary feata of streaglh and ability, and will ride in a two horse act The entertainuieuta will comprise IT Acta of Horaeinanahip, (Jymnaatic Exerciaea, Cluaic Displays. and hnrnomna afterpiecea. Equestrian Director, Mr. HOVVEH; Riding Maater. Mr. NIXON, and the unapproachable Clown, DAN RlCE. Among the Perforinera ia the celebrated and principal Rider, the Napoleon of the Areua, Mr. HOBBH, whose feata on Horseback are the moat extraordinary ever witneaaed. Juvenile Act of Horsemanship by Maater Nixon Olympic Exereiaea, by the whole Company, led by the great European Tumbler, Mr. MACARTE. Wonderful Peats by Mr. Cole's Dogs, Hector and Billy The RWISB BROTHERS, in their elegant Uymnaatic Postures and Groupings. Mr Swcel ai the Charioteer of Phoebus. Posturing and Gymnastics by Mr. Nixon aud his a*>n. Mr. Howea in ma Mythological and brilliant Act of " Frnciea of Prnteua." Mr C. flnwei in Slack Rope Evolutions Mr. Oeo. Sweet, the celebrated Tight Rope Dancer. With a variety of others The whole comprising the leading, most talented, and claaaic performera |D W^rTel This unrivalled corpa of Equestrians will perform in the town of ITHICA, N. Y., on the <th of July, after which they will visit all the principal cities and towns iu the State, mvt' 'f rrc (iOTIIIG HALL. liKOAL)WAY. MON9. O. TIETZ will exhibit hia apleudid Mechanical Cabinet of Automata, wiih the Duck of V'Ufaiison, even evening, from 7 until 10 o'clock. j' 4 Iwis'rc Atlantic oarden is now c?pk.n fun ihe SEASON.?Dodworth'a Comet Band will perform every Tuesday anil Friday evenings, eomrceaciiiif June 2nd -t * o'eloek. ^dmttfJiee fret mii lm'rf WIH, I AM AI.I.ISMN Pronr.ctn, .vh<L>bL Ob NhW YiikK I^HE UNDERSIGNED is now receiving orders fur views tube represented upon the canopy of Ins Model of New York, which will he soon completed These views varv fr? m lAlo'Jtl inches in length, and are represented for a moderate compensation. They include representations of |?ihlie build iocs. places of business, manufactories, hotels, private reaidencea, steamboats,^packets. kc. A number of ihe lirsi artists, both laudscapes and decoratire painters, can find employment by apply at the office?also a lew agents, aud persoua capat.le of transacting business. Office hoars from 2 to f> P V a!< Im'rrr K POHTK.K BELDKN Hill Hr?adwav OIL PAINTINGS. It'NRV HKVT r>> a i .or* r Ti, 11itiGirivift ??nfl.m?? ft,. ri trade, that in future he will carry oil tne business of Liu iiiK Pictures only, which will be eircuted (hi hitherto) in tl t beat possible inauner. References given if required 235 Broao war. N?-w York *21 lm*re COLMAN'fc EMPORIUM OK ART AND CLASSIC CABINET OALLKRV OF OIL PAINTINGS, WHICH includes his immense slocks of Bowks, Paintings, Kugraviut*, Fancy Stationery. Drawing#, Drawing Materials, Music, 8tc., arc now to be found apon the second floor, up one flight of easy staiis, (baring leased the first floor,) where every thins will be sold at as low prices, and many much below the regular prices, being desirous o! closing hp as toon as possible his Book Department. \ Cheap List will soon be published for those who will buy o luantities. i*ureh.isersare invited to call ondeiamuie his New Rooms, No *1* Broadway. eemiH floor *! > # ?*!**? tfrrc DOUBLE ACTION-HATTI' For SALE CHEAP.?Tobeaold. a brilliant i on erf L ond m made. 4o*hl*-action HARP, iu ptrftn condition, Willi snood picking ca>e. *e. rn*m $mo. Apply at No J"0 BrxMtnr trrrl >?-w York. Jvf T m ORGANS. FOR HALF".?An Eight t?'op (11) Organ, mahng?ny ca?e ; me of til Stop,. 11G Oritan punted oak : alto, on* ?u ll'Hloi.t, < i: Orifxii. I'arlor Oigana eonatantly on linml ami f<>r tale by DAVtS ft KE.RH18, j>? 3t?rc At the Mniuftctory 2HI B?wery. n. Y. "MUSIC. INSTRUCTION giren nn the Piano at two dollara per rn nth, by a | art on who nniltraHuida the prufcaaion thoroughly Ycung lailie? withing to lake leaaona, willpleaar aOdresa a note to "Mimic," at like Herald office. j 7 Ui.'rir __ ~ music taught. MDT'MSD AY, No. Hi Broadway, fonr doora abore l 4 > * a I lire'. Teacher of the Guitar. Kinging. 1'ianoInite Accordron and Violin, enntiuuea to teach ladira and gentlemen oi iNew Yo k at their iiwu reairfeucea. if reijueat d, Willi..ut titra charge. Te'DM reasonable Muaic, luatryui'iitaa'-d Ntrings lor aale. Arply at 42i Broadway. jvl lw' r 1'lANO KUKTlisJ. PUK< H VSF.H8 who want a bargain of a HHHB| Koaewood or Mahogmy Piano Kor.e, new or 11 a III ?econd-h nrf, will pltsae call at the a?lei * * * room, N'o 17 Wall Mieet, where ihere are several far aal# a' two-thirdi their ralue Alao, all aizea and pdSerni of hefrigeistors, at the loweit lactory prieea. lt*m PIANO KOKTba. PURCHASERS are invited to call at Chamber*'ware-room, No. Ml Broadway, for a aaperior and warranted article an lw?' FOR SALE. 41 A SORREL, HORSK, 15J* hanrfa high, 7 yesr? ^LSSI^ .III?wairmtMl sound anil kind?thr property of a XJ23? Ji nllrmiii leaving the city. Cau be em at 0i?bi<>? . ind iig S liool. Bowery. Jy7 It* rc MGKR'S IIUL>E, LONG BRANCH, N. J MThis Hou-e, bnilt laat t ear, and mnch enlarged tin* priutr. n n<>? open lor the reception of gue?i? T|>? proprietor, enConraged hy the flnuerl.g puroinge he r. rr.teil Inn inmme . h*? made miiMual eiertiona to de eive UC'iaringanr*. Kit houM contain* the heat r<x>m? of an v on th" Rrai.rh, *nd he *? ample atablfa ttaehed. An eiperienet d lull er alwaya in ?neiidince The ateamrra O'rn, Irein Kulton airert, ka.<t river, and Kdwm Lew , fiom a*! ati?< [, run dxilv to Ocean Hou?e, where raiif. are in waiting in rnnvrv p.iMruger* to Long BnncK, ait milra, aim ( the be*eh . JvfMia*r I W MOB HIM fll QKNTI.BMfcV* HUM.MErt HATR?Th? new sty I ipfcof Hummer mrrodn'i il and ?alr by KNOX I?* Fulton at.. at it Uoor to the Sun .ffice. Jt| mia,rr (K PANAMA HATH?A fin* ??*nrt"'*nt, lor >-ile liy }JL C KNOX Hater. i lwi**rc l?l Fulton at.. ne?t d mr to the ?*nu office. CUMMER HATS BELLINf. OFF CHEAP. A Large aaaortmeut of Pan?m\ Leghorn, and Danat*. >.|e braid Hat*. Aim. ihe new atyle gnii|rni.<i>'. whir* Fur Hat*, eellinr at SI 10; ftn<- .Molrak u Silk Malt, S3, (hoit nap AiMl Hit*, S2 AO. warranted on lur hodiea: bma' aew *tyle bin* far and bl*< k Milk H it*: bnya' Leghorn, Panama nd Rutland braid Hal*; infant*' fine Leghorn ana Braided Haia, lie., with a full aa*nrtm*nt n( ( ap*. of th* neweai pattern*, at th? |ow*at price* WM BANTA, M Canal it, ror Woo*tPr? ^ ml riiatUm ? GbNTLEMhN'b SUMMbK HATS. BTHn.CORNEH PISE.1N0 SJISfLIV <fTHF.KTS, INVITES th* attention of hia cnatomera and the pnblie to alMrtment of anmmer Hafa, emulating, among other*, of wfctte and |>*arl eolor far Hara, niceediugly light ( Panama, Manilla, Canadian Straw Hara AI*o, r*tr* light, black bearer *u<lmi>l*tkin H*t?. aipretaly adapted to the aummer ?*a*on. B'BI) rataet Wee a?d Ma?aan afa KT!m?"sT""!n^!ffTrj I lit ur li * I * ire ....? ready for ini|>eerion and aala, (*< No IM Fnlton atree", >1111 Building*.) con?i*tii>g of O*igon nearer white and hlnr brnah Hata, a l.irg* aaaortmenl of gentlemen'* Panama and l.i ?h?rn Hafa Alao. * new ?tyle of fin Tt mmmer Hat*. Hua m de 10 order at a eerf abort nnfire mrM lmBtf THOKN CHAMlVrNb AEHK.KH INVOICE of thi? <:hai?|>M?* '? " torn, to which fhf of mrrr"''.r'*' (nd private ?rntl?m<-n it invited The ,?! ?.?u? i?nrli? ?tip?nnr to th*? ? m ikn wntrr. ??W" n,*w' prie. tkw *n'( u. taM *"2\IV||W?irroN? c*, I <* *'' ?" n ?* ". ? j HfcAL> grARTLKS WINDO w"& HADES, THE h?t. rh$*pnt ??nrt?"l fbntei Wo' >|W, whnlvnlc Of retail. m pn??i nir M ft*. 7J?.U.o P..T, WT ty k R|KFJl Kitniltt Wi.dow llhaie.9y/???gwr? ?? a Ji im'i 87" M t-uu*- ? J LATEST INTBUJliEMI. AFFAIRS IN WASHINGTON. AMUSING SCENES IN CONGRESS. PER80NAL EXPLANATIONS. Pick-Wick in tho Capitol. TUK TARIFF BILL, kt. &C. TELEGRAPHIC REPORT. C0NGKI???101?AJL PHOCEKDIKfil. wa?hi*oto*, July 7, 1848. Senate. dt!tt os wi*c(. Senator Dim presented a petition from wine dealer*, that the duties on winai may be specific, giving various reasons therefor. Tkl or THE lOLCITrtll. Mr. Dl'ito*, from the Military Committee, reported adverse tot:ie bill to increa?e the pay of volunteer!, and allew them a bounty in land. THr KIFLOKIIU LirCUITIOK. Mr. Pkabcc offered a joint reaolution to preaent a copy of the Narrative of the Exploring Expedition to the State of Honda, and all now States as they may come into the Union. Adopted. Hitai or aoaxuT rULTO*. J. M. Clavtok, from the committee, reported the bill for the relief of the heirs of Uobert Fulton, without amendment. the TOLU?Ttaai or nan. niiir.a. Mr. Oi attok then eallod up the resolution from the Houie for paying volunteors called out hy Gen Gaines On motion of Mr We*tcott. any thins in the hill thnt might he construed Into a sanction of Gaines'course waa stricken out, an<i tha re?olntion waa then adopted, ctmi* uriurri or thk wsvv. On motion of Mr Jaunagin, a enll was made on tha Secretary of the Navv for correspondence relating to tha remov al of t aptsin Lav-alette, from command of Uta Memphis Navv Yard. THilll to net. Tati on. Mr HoL'iTnw called up hi* resolution of thank* to Gen Taylor and the army, for the victoria* on tha frontier of Texas Mr ratTT*tn*f move 1 to strike out " the frontier ot Texaa,"and in?ert the Rio Onn le Mr flrrma had no objection to in*?rtlnx the Ri> Grande, but ohjected to striking out tha fro.itier of Texas. Mr CaiTTrioai hoped ni pol<tiotl cin?l letV.ion would he introduced into resolution* of til* kin I llo wished the vote to ^e uaininoii*, an I some Senitor* might he embarrassed if the words "frontier of rex**" were retained. I A 'li.ifrx tnk 'S* 'fti view. It wmll nit anbavrana him. hut it might others Mr Rusk maintained that the Rio Gran le wa* the true boundary of Texa*. The debate wa* continued by Meuri Houston,Ssvier, Mangum. Allan. H'liitinK'on and Crittendeu. The amendment wa* lost. 13 to Si Mr Hou*toi's reaolution w u then rejected, and the resolution from the Houae. witti alight modifications, wu unanimously adopted Sundry private bill* were passed fav ro clijah WHiri. The bill for extra compensation to Klijih White be lag on Its passage, Mr Pearce spoke in opposition to it Mr. Atcmiso* spoke in it* favor, and it waa passed. THK OR ADl'A rio 1 SILL The Land Graduation hill w.i* then taken up Me**r* Huntington an I Simmon* *p >ko In oppn*iti>a to the hill an 1 the tuhititute odnrud by Mr. Calhoua, and proposed sun Irv amendment* Mr i 'alhou* replied uu I waa followed by Mr. John son. of La , Dayton and Yulee. Mr. Joh*so*. of VI I .oh-aiue 1 t*;b A >or an 1 tha bill wa* postponed until to-morrow. After an ?xecutjv? ?>fe?aion the Senate adjourned. House of Ri'prcatnlatlvM. to CONHKCr thk jujimal. Mr A*h*ii?? moved to correct the jouqnat by entering Mr Gaugh)'a motion [made yesterday to amen I Fridays journal) in full The journal, a* read, contained only an abstract of the motion. The Sitaker ruled the motion out of order. Mr. Aihmi'i apiwuled,and the House sustained the decision of the chair. AbJouaiMitiT. Mr. Hodire*' motion, to u^penl the rules for the purpo?? of ofl'ering a revolution to adjuurn on the 37th of August heing the first husinea* in order, the rules were suspended; yea* 9-1, n?)S 4S. Mi Honor modified hit resolution, by *ub?ti'uting the Si of August, hii.l demanded the previou* question. Mr Rii?? ht* movfj to la) the resolution oi< the t ihle; yens 60, najs 100. The resolution then adopted without a division. Mr. Sr? ??ni moved a reconsideration, with a view of fixing an earlier day, nnl gave hi* r<*a?ons. lie thought the ?eoner ( ougre>.* adjourned the better. Mr Cohr repTit! I Important (nil* were yet to he acted on. and the majority were responsible to the country that they ahoul' he pasted The minority had heretofore ertected uu early adjournment, and therefore retarded business. Mr Ok> rav ?Will the gentleman admit that a minority ran ou'-vote a majority, and therefore become responsible for the action or inaction of the House I Mr. Cohh Continued The minoiity rould roll, and had rolled stumbling b.o-k* in the way of the majority. Mr Hodoc moved to lay the motion to toronsider on the table. Mr. Hknlt said he had changed hi* cour*e. He would now go for holding the session on, until the great measures are acted on The minority hail voted for all private claims to embarrass the treasury. Mr. Ki?n of Massachusetts, asked if the committee did not report the private bill* aud if the majority of the committees were not all democrats? Did they report the bills to embarrass the treasury? Mr. Gft i )ka said the whiga were anxious to do the huaineaa of the House. It was the majority that made the delay. [A great hubbub now arose,six or seven members put tin? oneationa all at nnrn 1 Mr. McKst Bade a very spirited, grand and eloquent speech la rebuke of the whiga, who held a long seasion in IMS. He kept tha Mouse in a roar Mr HooiiK made an animated *|>e?ch. Mr. NTt.tvtHT withdrew his motion, and Mr. Hodge renewed it. and railed for the previous question The vote on reconsideration stood jean St, ayea 84. A motion wai then made to postpone the reconsideration of the motion to Monday week, and the yean and na>a on it wore ordoied. Carried, Ml to 7>. t iik voll'm cr*s. Mr.* from ttio coinuiiitee on military af fairi, reported a bill to pay volunteer* raited by General Gaines, but not accepted by Government. TIIK fiR*Dt'ATI?N Hil l. The House went into Committee 'if tho Whole, Mr. Wick in the chair, and took up the land graduation Ij.1l Mr Si i riir.M made a strong sj cech uguiii.t the geue. ral features of the hill. .Mr, Duabim spoke at length ?nd with spirit in favor of the hill, after which he committee ro e A call of the House was moved, and amotion to adjourn was maite. On tho Inst the jea? and na)? were called, and Hood 23 to 6'J, so tho House refused to adjourn A call of the House was refused, and another motion to adjourn was ma.le, the ) eas and uavs were ordered, and the motion to adjourn again lost. 34 to 72. 0 A call of the House waa now ordered by a voto of *4 teas to 45 nu\s There were 107 uiesent. Many mo lions were mails respecting further proceedings under related < all* to adjuurn. lie. Alt McKay moved dial absentees be requested to r?? der tlieii etcuws to-morrow morning The chair decided tlie niotiou out uf order An an**' ??' uskeu and tho decision ol the chkir ws* rev ci sc.I Mr. McCsy's resolution was then adopted, tod tit* House adjourned. BY THE MAILS. Wamunoton, July 6,1846. The Tariff in the Striate?The Cobnut Look out fur Old Bullion on the tail imposition, and the fishing bounties. Hu g >? s lor the enuro abrogation of both. Mr. Jiunagin, it issupposed, will go for the Home bill, in obedience to instructions. Would it not be well enougn lor the New Hampshire legislature to try Mr. Arberton by a chapter of instruct on>l because we doubt h s belief in the doctrine ju-t at this tune, as applicable in his ease. Everything inu.-t be adapted to circumstances. Though Mr. Calhoun desires a better bill, ho / disposed to talte tho best he can get for tho prosent. Anything a* an entering wedge to plit tho knotty log of piotection. Either he or Cot. Benton hold in 'heir hands the power of life or death over thtr bill, and thus far over the adiuinisiraiton. The course of New Voik upon this question ha* cut oil all hopes of a coin promise between Her and the South, upon the question of the nuueest* ion. We look 10? i A democratic nominee of the North and West j A democratic independent of the South ; A wh'g candidate for the Union. With tins arrungement, the only result, is the election of the democratic independent by the House, or of the wh'g candidate liy tbc eln-torf. It may now be saftly presumed tpat the Cabtnet Will hold together ?'ill the uliou. nment, when the posts of Mr. Buchanan, Nlr. Banoro t and VI - \l > /... ssi ll sin.L**?f/\ m Irtisslur lltit to Gugla nl, France, t?u-sia ?n?<I Spain a e n<ttll? iiir, as alto the vacancy on the Supreme B-'noh. Washington, July 4, IM The Tariff in the From appearance#, if the new tariff b II npnwd by the Senate, it will b?> by the catting vote of the President of th? United State#. The Senate is divided, including *he two Senators from T<xat, 81 damoorau to 29 whig*?total M. Tafca Meter*.

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