Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 10, 1846, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 10, 1846 Page 1
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S*55*5S555*5SS^aasett5SESH th: Vol. XU, No. lUU-Wholc No. 4*14. THE NEW YORK HERALD? JAMES GORDON BENNETT, PROPRIETOR. Circulation - - > Forty Thousand. ? DULY HERALD? Krrry Jay, Price 1 cenui>?rcopy?$7 M i?4?r mniim?i tvalil# in <?tlviiiift*. WtKKl.? lltH ALU? I* vory Suurday?Price ctuU |>er copy?S3 iy? cents per annum?payable in advwce. litHALl) FOR tL HOP'1 ?Kvtry Steam Packet day. Priee C,'i c?uU per copy?(J (HI per annum, payable in advance. ADVF.KTIStMt.MT8 at the usual pricas-always caih In sdvimcf. PRINTING of all kinds executed with beauty and despatch All letters or communications, by mail, addressed to the i e tablishuient, mutt t>e p<>?t pa d, or the postage will be ded cled from the subscription money remits d. JA.4E8 OOllDON BK.NNETT, Proprietor of the Niwyoki hkkai.d titabliirmcrrt, North-West coru rol Fultou anil Nauau street*. j C,...iMU RAILROAD COMPANY. SUMMER ARRANGEMENT r HAI.N'S HUN AS FOLLOWS. COMMENCING WED NE8DAY. MAY 13, 1846: Leave Bbooklyn at 7 o'clock. A. *1. Boston tr in forOreenrjrt, daily (except Sundays,) stopping at armiugdale and fct. George's Manor. u at 9*f o'clock, A. M., for Fannin dale and intermediate placet. " at 3 P. M., through to Oreenport, atri pine waya at Jamaica, Branch, Hickn 111 a-. Farmingdale, and all the stations betwoen Farmingdale and Oreen|>ort. " " at 5 P. M., for Farmiugdale and interme diate place*. Leave Girt^ror at) o'clock, A. M. Accommodation train, daily, (except Suaduys,) through to Brooklyn. " " at 3 P. M., Boston train, or on the arrival of t he steamer from Norwich, stopping at St. j George's Manor and Farmingdale. Lr.ate FaBhikcoale at CK A. M', Accommodation train for Brookljn. " at W A- Mfureenport train, lor Brooklyn. " " at 2.W P. M. Accommodation train, for Brooklyn. Leave Jamaica at t A. M. Accommodation train, for Brooklyn. " at 9V A. M. Oreenport train for Brooklyn. " " at P. M. Accommodation train, for Brooklyn. Fa?i to ? Bedford 8 cents, F.aat New York 12^, R*ce Course 1BJ? Trortmg Course 18W. Jamaica 25, Brushville 313%, HydeP.trk (17 miles) 37Jtf. < lowsville (during the sesaion of court) 37>?. Hempstead 37^?, Branch 37>^, Carle Place 44, Westbury 44, liicksville 44. Farmingdale <>2>?, Deer Park G9, Thompson 88, Suffolk union $1. Like Road station SI 187*, Sledford station S! Ifls^. Y?|>h ink $1 37)$, St. George'* Manor SI 8i}?, Kiverl *'! $1 6t>4, Jameaport SI 621$, Mattetuck $1 62W Cutcli. gae $1 62>i, Sonthold $1 C2)a, Oreenport Accommodation train ?1 7), (ireenport bv Boston tram $2 26. 8rages are in readiness on the arrival of trains at the several stations, to take passengers at rcry low fares, to all parts of the Island. Baggage Crates will be in readiness at the foot of Whitehall street, to rreeive baggage for the stveral trains. 30 minutes before the hour of starting from the Brooklyn side. The steamboat " Statesman" leaves Oreenport for Sag Harbor twice each day, on the arrival of the trains from Brooklyn. myl9rc TO WESTERN TRAVELLERS. ' jMlel Public is resiwctiuTT^iilormed that the rece nt break J in the Canal, caused bv the late freshet, having been repaired, the PIONEtK & EXPRtSS LINE, vis Railroad and Canal from Philadelphia to Pittsburgh, commenced its regular trips for the season on Monday, the 6th of April, leaving tha Depot, No. 274 Market street, DAILY, at IX o'clock, A.M. By this route passenger* will avoid all the fatigue and danger of night travelling in coaches, both Railroads being passed in daylight. For further information, apply at the old-established Office, >74 Market street, 5 doors above Eighth street. alft Sin rrc A. if CUMMINQ8, Agent. LONU ISLAVU UAILKUAU tipress Alail i rata. ime? w nitenan street r erry, .sew i on JgSiKyElB tide, e?ery morning nt 7 A. M., tor Boston.? *' A ltd trains from Brook] - tide at 7 o'clock and five iiimutr*, Mid 9)( A M., and 3 and 5 P. M.. daily. The 7 A. M , and J P. M Uains go through, the former (topping ft KarmisgtUle and cnanor,fuid the latter at all places ?a the road jeia r TROY MORNING AND EVENING LINE. MORNINO LINK AT SKVEN O'CLOCK. MM FOR ALBANY ANDTROY-From the Steamboat Pier at (hi- foot of Barclay street XnHdlObLauding at Peekakill Weat Point. Newbuigli, Hmu,h..11, Milton, Pougtik?r|iner Hyde Park, Rhinet'?ek, U. Red Hook, Bmtol, Catalull, Hudson, Cosaackie, K>?d?rhook and Baltimore. BreakUat and dinner on board the boat. The ateamboat NIAGARA, will I ear* oa Monday, Wednesday and I- riday Moniuiga 7 A. M. The steautooiu TRUt, I aptain Oorham, on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday mornings, at 7 o'clock. Keturnuig on opposite days. For paaaage or freight apply on board, or at the offica on the wharf. NEW YORK. ALBANY AND TROY LINE, imn Ai.njvv a vn vnnv ninr.cT. From the pier it the foot of t'uurilaniit street. The low-preasure steamboat fc.MPlKfc., I aptatu K B. Mary, leaves tit* i"<>i Jl C'ourtlftrdt street, on Tuesday, Thursday n't Hjtnrdav evenings, at aeven o'clock. The Steamboat COLUMBIA, t apt Win. H. Peck, wtll leave ou Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings, it 7 o'clock. Passengers taking theae Boats will- arrive in time to take the .Morning Train ofCars Irom Trov weat to Buffalo, and north to Saratoga, Whitehall and Lake Chami'lain. For Passage or Freight, apply on board, or at the Office on the wharf. No freight tr.ken after 5>? o'clock. NOTICE?All goods, Ireight, bank bills, specie, or any other kind of property , positively at the owner's risk. j26r PEOPLE'S LINE OF STEAMBOATS FOR ALBANY. Direct?Daily, Sundays eioyu-d?at 7o'elock, P.M from Sua wbuat pier tirtivm Couyllanit and Liberty aft. f** Steamboat ROCHESTER, Capt. Alfred frr.-aigyrj* Houghton, will leave on Monday. Wednes~ g day,aud fe ridav evenings, at 7 o'clock. Meamhoai HfcNDRIK HUDSON, Capt. R. O. Cruttenden, will leave on Tnesday, Thoisday uii Saturday evenings, at 7 o'clock. The above boats will, at all times, arrive in Albany in ample time for the morning cars for the east or weat. Freight taken at moderate rates, and none taken after 5W o'clock, P M. All persona are forbid trusting any of the boats of this line, without a written order from the captains or agents. F<:t passage or freight, apply on board the boats, or to P. C. hchultz, at the office on the wn.irf. United States Mail Line. At 5 o'clock, P. M., Lauding at Intermediate Places. from thr Foot of Barclay St., Steamboat PUDSON, Captaj- C. F. King, will leave on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday aften oons, at 5 o'clock. Steamboat SANTA CLMJS, Captain Boverlagh, will leave on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday afternoons, at 4 o'clock. Apply on board, or at Jhe office on the wharf. je24 MM HAIL 4 LliNi OK BOATS BETWEKN NEW YORK AND STATEN ISLAND. 3L^2SSC32- The ateamhoata SYLPH, Captain J. Branted, in<l hi a i'EN ISLANDER, Captain D. Van ' It, will leave aa followa Leave Htateu Iiland at 6, I, J, Uaod II A. M; at la X. S, 4, 5, and 7, P.M. Leave ,N?? Tork at 7,1, It, and 11, A. M. and 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, ?, 7 and % paat 7 P. M. All freight at the ruk of of the ownera thereof. Jel# THE MOST DELIGHTFUL OF ALL EXCURSIONS. 00L A SAIL arroaa the Hudaon river to Hobo ^^gj&U^ycken, and then a walk to the El yuan Kielda, 3E^3d9L-'iloiig the exceedingly pietnreoine ahorea oj l'ir I'liCf, will prove the mnat eaaily accomplished and attrac live of all rnrn*1 excuraioua that can be made from the city. The gruuuda now preaenl a charming aapect, the treea be uig in leaf, and the (oil covered with a rich turf. The walk* are in excellent order, having been couaidermbly DKi'lliahed the preaent apring. On eypy pleaaant afternoon there will be in attendance at the (Jonmuude Elyaian Kielda, an excellent Band of Muaic, which will perform aelectiona from the favorite Operaa, popular aire, marchee, waltxaa, Sic. The Kerry Boau from Barclay, Ca-ial and Chriitopber ata., are completely fitted np with awninga and leata. Night Uoata niu from Huboken to Barclay itreet until II o'clock. Kerruaf IV t>nti ml Jm*r . drakts on vmeat-BTITTTaTS y AND IRELAND?Peraona wiahing to re^y^Tvil. Ar^1?" ,olt?eir frirnda in any part of he old conn try, can procure dral'ta of the ? ^^^**"???tnb?ri for mv mmtti Irom XI and qj>warii?. p?>*ule at aight, without aiicnuat, in all the prtiieyal towua throughout England, Ireland, Scotland, and The anbacriberx keg to info m their friendi and the public that thia blanch of their hanueaa contiuu'a to r?ceiv? their particnlar attention, and they feel quite ceruin that better arrangement* rtian theira for tranimitting money to the old country cannot be made. The rnjral mail ateimer Caledonia will leave Boatoa to m<u row, 07 ?nitii nu . .. ? W. k J T. TAPSCOTT, Wi Somh atreet, jc.TO r id.iorahe'ow Burling ?lip. 444 * OK LONLIUN?-Regular packrt ol July 16-1) ? kttjv The fint rlaiifait ?&iline packet ?hip VIC FOR] a, aptain Hartihora, burthera 1000 tons, will tail ai ?o>.?r ner regular clay. Having very aupenor accommodation* for cabin, aecond cabin and ateerage paaaengeri, pertnoa intending to ec.iherk hould mike early application on board, loot of Maiden lane, or 10 JOSEPH MeMURRA V, Corner ol Tine and South ?tre?-t*. | The tplendid new packet ulup PRINCE ALBERT, Capt. ' Sehor, will ancceed tne Victoria, and ?ail on the lit of AuKu?t. j\0t | 8I11P NORMAN, from Harre?Conatgneea per KtjH^'hia ahip will pleaae a< nd their permit* 011 board, at JBBHkii'iar No 5 North ri?er, or to the office ol the nuderaig..e?i. All good* not permitted in fire da\a, will be aent to thr pnMie >t?re. boyd fc hINCKEN. je.10 r No M Wall at. | CAf; KOR Li VERfOOU? Sew Liue?Regular Packet mFWVW of 21 at July.?The auperior. fast tailing packet ahip ilBUfcHOTTI NUUEH, 1100 ton a Earthen, Capt. Ira Buraiet, will aail aa aboee, her regular day. For freight or paaaage, having elegant and inpwrier aecom Bcdationa, apply ?n board, weat aide of Borling.afip, or to wOODHULL k M1NTURN, *7 fco.tli I Trice of paaaage $100. The packet ahip Liverpool, 1100 tona bnrthen, Optain John EJdrtdge, will aucceed the Hottmgner, and aail on her regn- , lai day, 21at Augnat. je23rc KOR OLA8OOW?The new, Brit claaa ?nip WfMftk ARVUV, JO tona, H. Rohinaen, maeter, hut in* MWUHaa'iioit of her cargo engaged, will meet with despatch. p or balance of freight or pannage, haviiji eicellent aceom nndaiiona, apply to Uie captain on boardjuot of Dover atreet, v (uiKinuri.l.a MINTI R\ ' r K7 Honrh j ift* KOIl LIV LKPUOL? N*? Lm<?KrgilUr imek ftlfW.t ofihf26lhJnlj-.-Theelrf.iiit, f?t a.,|in? patkmmmrnri ahip ROlCIUB, A. KldxiJire, oiuter, ol 1100 tone * ill miii a* abm e, her regular day. For freight or paaaage, hiring aeeommod?tion? nneqnnllea for upleador ?r comfort, apply on board, at Orleana irnul, loot ol Wall atreet, or to K. K. COLLINS k CO., M South ?t rri?? of pmmc* $IM f f re E NE * GLASGOW AND NEW YORK LINE OF I PACKETS. j^i$? 3ib> PKTtSU^^ wislimc iu tend lortWi^rie'id? i" ti"> k?-it of Scotland, to siiiI dlrtrt I'roin 01i?(o?, cmi make nrraiinrihrt:r? with ill* SulucritMTJ, to lime tliein brought out in any of [lie regular li.i? of l^ckei*. inline monthly from Cil*?i{Ow. Tlie ANN 11 \KLKV, C?l't?i" heott, ADAM f All It, Captiiu McEwen, SAKACKN, Captai 11 Hiwkiiu, imqoKsfev, , Comprise the abo\r liue.and tht* high character of thoif v ?1 seUtnotild be sufficient inducement forperaoua who may b? b?<ii /iinir i'r\r f1?*? r i? U ^iUn.i fr% n%.iLm ArMHMm?nf4 for 1 ihi? (tile only hue ) Further particulars siren, on application to W.hJ T T.U'SCOTT, 75 South street, corner ol' MaiJ?n Lane. or Mturi. ilt-lD & MURRAY, Aitiu alO r i" Glasgow. i NEW YORK AND GLASGOW LIN&OP PACKETS. M. ?& ML M. billing from Ne# lorn on the lit, und olasgow on the iJtli of each month. From N. York. Fin. Ol'gow. v June I. July 15. Ship SARACEN, N. T. Hawkins, 1 Oct. I. Nov'r IV ( Frl>. I. March 15. i July I. April 15. Br. Ship BROOKSBY, H. M'Ewen, < Nov. I. An;;. 15. ( March 1. l)<-c'r 15. v Augu?t 1. May 15. Br Bark ADAM CAKR, , ? Dec'r I. ? Kept. 15. ( April 1. Jau. 15. C May 1. June 15 Br. Bark ANN HARLEY, R. Scott, < Sept. 1. Oct. 15. C Jan'y 1 Kebrui. 15. These shins are good, substantial vessels, ably commanded, and will sail punctually in their regul ir days. Th-ir accommodatioui for passenger.njc good, and every'attention will he paid to promote their coinJort. The agents or Captains will not be responsible for any |>arcels or packages sent them, unlets billa of lading are signed therefor. For freight or passage, apply to WOODHULL St MINTURN, 87 South street, New York, or _*f tf_ _ HFID &. Mi;i:HAV. (il-g^. PASSAGE FROM GREAT BRlTAIAN AND IRELAND, By jIHfTTF B.ll.Tl^niffioe ofti?e!75ol PaXTTTTling Irom'ijiool <w the Ut and 16th ol every month. The YORKSHIRE sail. from Liverpool, 1st of March. " OXfOltD M " ICili of Mflrcli. 41 CAMBRIDGE " 11 1st of April, v MONTEZUMA " " 16th of April. Persons tending for their friend*, and forwarding the passage certificate hy the steamship Ilibernia, sailiug from Boston on the lot of February, will hire plenty of time to come in the Yirk.liire, or in any one ot the eiuht packets of the BUck Ball Line, sailing from Liverpool on the 1st and IGth of every mouth. Apply U), or address, if by letter post paid, KOCHE, BROTHERS 8c c6., 35 Fulton st.. Nest door to the Fulton B.uik. MARSEILLES LINE "OF"RACKETS. $?? ifSt TheiTiueTinentioH Siup* will b* regularly denpotcheiMrom heuee on the 1st, and from Marseilles the 10th of each month during the year, as follows Ships. . _ Captains. From N. York. PR'CE de JOINV1LLE, (new) I.awreuce, April I Sept. 1. MIS8UHI, Silvester, May 1 Oct. J. AR( OM: (new) Eveleigh, June 1 Nov. 1. OASTON, Coulter, July 1 Dee. I. NEBRASKA (new) Watson, Aug. 1 Jan. 1. Ship*. Captain*. From Matseilles. PR'CE de JOINYILLE, (new) Lawrence, Jane 10 S'ov. 10 MISSOURI. Silvester, July 10 Dec. 10 ARCOLE, (new) Eselrigh, Aug. 10 Jan. 10 liASTON, Coulter, Sept. 10 Feb. 10 NF.BRASKA, Watson, Oct. 10 Mir. 10 These vessels are of the lirst class, commended try men of experience. Their accommodation*, for passengers are unsurpassed for comfort and convenience. Goods addressed to the ageuts will be forwarded lite of other charge* than those actually paid.' For freight or passage aruijy to CHAMBERLAIN t PHELPS, Proprietor* No. 103 Front street, or to BOYD &. HINCKEN, Agents, ml2rc 9 Tontine Buildings, B0 Wall,cor. Water st. REMITTANCES TO IRELAND, <3cc. m. m, m. m. (TEoTToE M cBl^^W"Jr., ha* r^^^^lii* <6 Broadway, and continue* to remit money, in iiams laj-ge or small), to person* residing in any part of Ireland, in tha same manner a* ne and hit predecessor in business hive d >?e lor the last thirty year* and more; auy part ?f Engliuid or Scotland. Money remitted by letter, post-paid, to the Mibscrfber, or personally deposited with him, with the name ol tli? personor persons in Ireland, England, or Scotland, to whoni it is to be sent, and nearest post town, will be immedi .tely transmitted and paid accordingly, and > receipt to that effect given or forwarded to the sender. all lm*r ~\EW LINE OF LIVERPOOL PACK'^TST" M; ggj. ^T<^ajl from Ne^^mT21st, and Irot^TiverpooI etlHifeTdi mouth. From New York. Liverpool. New .hip Liverpool 1150 ton., t |{ ? J. tldndge. ^ August 21 Oct. 6 New .hip Queen of the We.t, S ^"u"7 \[ ,^Lch ? 1250 ton.,l\ Woodl.uuse, j ^.y t| July , N*w ShipRoeh..w?,?00to... ?l April ? Jolm Briton. /October 21 De?. ? Ship Hottinguer, I0M ton., S 5|"ch *} M?y 6 Ira Uursly. S Nov. 21 Jan. 6 The.e substantial, fast sailing, first cla*s ship*, all built in the city of new York, are commanded by men of experience and ability, and will be despatched punctually ou the ,21st of each mouth. Tlieir cabin* are elegant and commotion*, and are furnished with whatever can conduce to the easa and comfort ofpaueuger*. Price of pa?age (100. Neither the captains nor owner, of these ships will be responsible for any parceli or packages ?ent by them, uales. regular bills of (.tiling .re signed tlierefnr. For freight or passage apply to WOODIIULL St. MTNTURN, R7 South street, New York, or to FIELDEN, BROTHERS fcJCO., ml rc Liverpool. JOHN HK.KUHAN <*. CO., " United State, and t Jreat Britain and Ireland, Old E.tabli.hcd Emigrant Office, <1 South street, New York. jfjy tdmwb HERDMAN, KEEN^-V k CO.. Liverpool. Puute to anil from Great Britain and Ireland, via Liverpool by the Old Black Ball Line, or any of the regular Packet shipa sviliny ?very five days. The aubacribeis in call me Ih t attention of Old Countrymen and the public geue/ally ?o their nneouallcd arrangcments for bringing out pasaengers from the old country, bi g leave to state that the business of the House at Liverpool will be conducted by ita branch. Those sending for their frienda will at once see the rreat importance of thia arrangement, at it will in-eelnde an uuneceasary delay of the emigra-nt. Tlv> shins employed in this liue are well kuown to be of the lirst and largest class, commanded by men of experience; ami aa they nil every live daya, offer every facility that can be furnished. With thoae uperior arrangement!, the subscribers look forward for a continuation of that patronage whfeh haa been ao liberally ritended to Ihein lor ao many yft-ars past In cane uiy of thoae engaged do not embark, the passage money w ill be refunded aa customary. For further partirulara apply by letter, postpaid. J. HERUMAN k ('o? 61 South it., Nrw York. HERDMAN. KEEN AN k CO., Liverpool. N. B ? Dral>a for any amotnt can aa nsual be lurniahed, payable at all the principal Banking Institutions throughout the t'lU'ed Kingdom, on application as above. - . BRITISH AND NOHTH AM Killx^fa^gg>CAN ROVAL MAIL STEAM SHIPS, /otfcjM'WjjLAQk of IJOOtons. and \ 10 horse power each, uu^^u2yUcUj^?der contra-:t with the Lords of the Adm> HIBERNIA. Capt-A. Ryrie. BRITANNIA Capt. J.Hewitt. CALEDONIA Capt.E. O. Lott. Al ADIA ('apt. Win. Harrison. CAMBRIA Capt.C. H. E. Jadkins. Will sail from Liverpool and Boston, via Halifax, as follows :? moM !?osTo?f. raoM livedpool. Britannia. July 14, 1^46. Cambria July 4, JftlC. Cambria Aug I. " Hibeniia ' 19, " Hilicrnia " 1?. " Caledonia Aug. 4, " Caledonia ..Sept. I, " Foster Monrv. From Boston to Liverpool $110. Krom Best on to Halifax 20. No bertha secured nntil paid for. These ships carry experienced siirge?ua. No freight, except specie, received on d ays of sailing. For freight, parage, or any other information, apply to D. BKIOHA.M, Jr., Agent. jy7rc At HARNDEN k CO '8. ? W?IUt XJHP> rACKJCTH FOB IIAVHk?-Second Line-The JryVV packet slur BALTIMORE, Captain John J<>hnann, mitiatMJT., will Mil on the lit of Aneu-t. Fur height or imaaage apply to BOY"L) k HINCKEN, jy7 r W1 Wall ?treet. PA< KF.TS FOll MAR9KI LLKS?The P*ck7t ?m>hi|i N F.BR ASK A, Captain Waraon, w ill aail on the JMaflfatit of Augnat. For freight or naaaage, apply to CHAMBERLAIN It PHELPS. 102 Front ?t.. or to Jr]rn_ BOYD li HINCKF.N. MWall.treet , FOR LIVERPOOL?Regular racket the llth WJjV juj Y-- The fir?l elaaa tut aailing packet ahip VV AJMHaThRLOO, Capt. Allen, 1000 torn burthen, will IHII a? above, her regular day Hiring rerv aurerior accommodotiona for cabin, aecond cabin, and atee rage paaaengera, peraona intending to ambyk. ahoula make immediate application on board, foot of Maiden Lai*, or to JCIIM'II M'MUKhAv, __ ? . . , . eor ?,f Tine and Snuth at. P.S.-reraona demon. of aending for their frieuda in the old country, Jk. iiI?Ul out,'n ,h? "bore iplendid ? r Fpiymf an above. Jy* rr FOil NEW ORLEANS-LOUISIANA AND uHffkNfW York Line? Regular Picket?To ml Monday, llfa^ih July. The ?l?K*iit fnnt aailmg packet ahip ! LOl I?V ILLE, Hunt muter, will poeitirely iail aa above, ' her regular day. For freight or ptaaage, ha?ing handaome furniahad areom- 1 modationa, apply on board, at (Jrleana wharf, foot of Wall it , orto E. K.COLLINS & CO., 5? South at. Poaitirely no good* rtreired on board alter Saturday erening, 18th inat. Agent in New Orleana, Jamea E. Woodruff, who will promptly forward all gnoda to hia addreaa. Packet ahip OSWEGO Johnaton nuiter, will anceeed the i Louiaville; nud aail Monday, Auguat 10th, her regular day. jc30 r ~MSt UNITED STATES fc MR EAT BRITAIN li JSajVIRELAND OLD ESTABLISHED EMIGRANT I IKFICE?Tlie Snbacribera are prepared to bring out pjaaengera by any ol the Line of Packeta tailing every ' lire daya ; and drafta can, aa nanal, lie furniihed, payable throughout the United Kingdom, tor further particulara apply to JOHN HERDMAN fc Cq., mv7 Kl (treat. , LAR I).? 2M barrela Lard, now landing, and for aale bt | ,PIU alt* K. CM-UM ch. m DonUi nm I W Y O JEW YORK, FRIDAY M< ! < >K SALK, TWO FISE SADDLE HORSES, O WILLdrirt alio tu a carriaxe. They * -AjH^ire just the ri*ht me for ridme ou Jj?A ( ' ? l?in>h?rli anil liare been lone uied to the i.idiile. Apply at the de?k of the Herald Office, lor fortSer iMrrirnl tr* jell >r*jnb V?v-.VJ Ktr?? tHAKLi;? sFv>IKlA-?|i THE pare breed, receited by the la'ett arrivals from LouA n don. for tale by A. Uriete, 4 John street. Also, rare uj<] t.iluable Birds, only to be louuu at his estuMiibmeut, No. "> J.,hi. ttreet. v H ? Letter* from tlie curious, id djstaot p?r:?. (post paid) will be attended to, by A. OKIBVE, j aU'lmrh Importer and dealer in Birds, < Mas, tie. Fult SALE, MT e stock and futures, together with the lease of the hotel No. 43 Chamber street, knowu at ilie Bee Hire. Kor terms ipply to ?wr JOSEPH LYON, Water it. TO ?1 A.N U l? AO'i L J a A Ureal Bjrijaiu?To let or lea?e, n large factory, iutd niachiuerv lor sale, at the corner of Third avenue * SCtti st>et't, Yorkville. heretofore u?ed as a cloth pruning tuid dviuK estahliihment. Together with a new j steun eiiRints boiler and apparalui complete: includiug brats and copper rollers, screw and cylinder presa, i on plates, pruuiug blocks, nhsttiug and gearing. Jcc. Apply on the premites, or to B. K. HOWE, 412 Broadway, j>3 1?*rc corner of Howard. vi.'v?>_i i.ui\.nv <iMjiv<io U ?? vm U1 UillUkJa M COLUMBIA HALL,MavlV 1316?Thi? faroritt place of resort i> now open anil ready for the recaption oleum pany, bt n.< under the management of in old proprietor, tlpiir) Hull, Presuming on hi a long experieuca a* a caterer for the travelling public, he intends that the management of the establishment alutll be such as to meet tha wants of tlie most fastidious, whether tarrying for the icum or a (hotter iieriod. jr3 Imrc HENRY HULL. FUR C<ALE OR TO LET, Vjfl The Modern built three story brick hoaM, IIS Adams . *} street, Brooklyn. If not fold by private sale, it will be ?1?. disposed of at public auction, on the IMmday of Ma? next, Half of the purchaae money can remaiu on mortgage,, tor a term ol yenra. .Application to be made ua the premiaea ilS Adams St.. Brooklyn. a4 1 m * re WATTKIFUNT & CO., fl FASHIONABLE, HATTEKav 0*^ tt Nassau street, near Knltoii, New i ork. TIIK. subscribeis beg to call the attMitiou oftba pablic to the iiualitv uf their various kinds of Hats of their own manufacture. fliey have just received a small supply of superifti moleskin, now used by the most liishumable hattera in Paris, < sample of which they will feal much pleasure ui showing ui those who will favor them with a call, The undersigned do not pretend to sell at 2^ or even 10 oer cent lea* than any other establishment; neither can tliej boast or having a iplenlid store: but they flatter themselves that the quality and tiniah of their Hats will give entire satisfaction, at the prices eliarged. They huve adopted the French style ol trimming the summer li.ns, winch is a preventive to the perspiratiuu coming through and suoiliug the be.iu'v ol their appearance. M. B. WATT HI PONT, nu- ?' Iin-m YV M. H 1AM K.S aUMAlEii ilA is. 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L UKI.MO.NICQ, art happy lo inform their friend* and the public, that thair new Hotel in Broadway, No. 25 corner of Morn* atreet, ia now completed and will be opened on tha 1st of J ana next No paina have been apared to reader it one of the moat comfortable in the city, and peraona deairoaa of a permanent Home, aa well aa itrangera merely paaiiug By, will And all their , wants and comforta attended to with the moat atriet attention. ) myMlm*r I RK I JRNING, JULY 10, 1846. Tntnmntinrr TntnlliwAnnn I )' AUbt/lt/OliUlg lUtOlUfcUUUO 11UXU > Santa Fe, ANTICIPATED BATTLE WITH THE MEXICANS. 11 Military Movements in tho West, ;j kc. Jtc kc. h The Charleston Ertning A'rwt, referring to a myster. '? ious paragiaph which we copied from a Now Orleans ^ paper, nays it bat tnken some trouble to inquire into the w matter, and has gleaned the following particulars con- u nected witli ttie personal movements alluded to therein. , It appears that Messrs. Murphy and Simpson, of London, with another individual, a Spanish subject, arrived at Charleston lately, and during tboir stay the two gentle men irom London evinced great anxiety to obtain a pas- tr sage to Havana, but there being no vessel here destined oi for that port, they appeared greatly disappointed, and left j d< subsequently by the railroad, on route tor New Orleans, cl As the name" of one of the parties (Mr. Murphy) was in- I troUuced to the public by the New Orleans paper, and , ft some mystery, as was inferred, seemed to lie connected ' ai with hit movements, we have copied the above particn- 1> lars, but they do not appear to clear up the mystery. It *> is possible that theso persons have no public m ission, but A are journeying with haste simply on their private busi- l1 ness. But in the present excited state of public curiosi- " ty, we h?ve given the information as we procured it, ft and fer what it is worth. u [From tho St. Louis Republican, May 3 ) We had the pleasure yesterday, quite unexpectedly, of greeting Mcuri. Charles Bent, St. Vrain ami Kolgor, , trader* to Now Mexico?ami gentlemen about whom, and their friends, much solicitude has been tail, la con- i p sequence of the hostile relations existing between the \ United States and Mexico. They reached this port in j " the Radnor, and from a conversation with them, we j have arrived at the following facts, of very considerable interest to the ptiblio at the piesent time. Mr. Bcut loft Santa Ke on tho 27th of May, Tao? on the ' ? 3d of June, and Kort Bent on tho lith. The party, nuin- * ? bering some twenty person*. had au expeditious trip, and enjoyed fine weather. The grass was high and luxuriant, aud water in abundance was to be found on the routo When Mr. Bent was at Santa Ke, nothing was ] then known of the warlike movements on the part of ' Mexico and the Unitod States ?nothing of tho battles on ? the Kio Giando?and, ot course, no BOCtfla demoiistrations wero making in New Mexico against our tiudcrs or citizcns. In a conversation with Armijo, tho coin- ' mandant of Now Mexico, he oid learn that Uen. L'rrea was on his route to Santu Ke, with a force of from three " to five thousand men, gathered in Senora, /nccateras nnd Uurango. The object of this expedition was not stated, if known, by Gov. Armijo ; but there can be little doubt that the presence of Gov. L'rrea there, at tucli a time, was the rosult of bin jrders from the Mexican govern- J ment, and with an intention to resist any invasion from this quarter. There were only 130 troops in Santa Ke at the time of Mr. Bent's departure. Mr. Bent did not see the advance party of the traders, a, composed of one of the Armijo's, Spyers, t'olhiirn. and cl others ; but he learned from a company of about luo . Mexicans, who were out hunting butl'ulu, that thev were {,, met by them at Sand, noar the Simaronc, and sixty )>i miles from the Arkansas. They were pushing on with th great rapidity, travelling at tho rate of thirty to forty Rt miles per day. An express from Independence had in formed him of tho intention to send detachment of ! tli dragoons to stop the progress of Spyers, as was then un- ' ni derstood, but, as we know, of all the traders ; andhenco the rapidity of their travelling. So intont were they upon getting along, that a hundred exira mules weic purchased, mil when a wagon broke down, it wa? aban- ! doned in the road, after transferring the goods to another- a Capt. Moore's command of dragoons wero mot on the 17th, between the Pawnee Kork and the Cachcs of the ^ Arkansas He was six or eight days travel behind Spy- i ers' party, and it was supposed that he could not overtake ( them. Mr. Howard, the gentleman despatched by government j on a special mission to New Mexjco, was met on tho j c lorn, hi me crossing ux me Amansos, wun ins pack : mules broken down. He hail, however, despatched two men as on express (o Santa Ke, on I'resU mules, an I they ; were expected to reach there in nine day*. From thence 1 they were to return to the foot of the Taos mountains, ! J" where Mr. Howard wai to await their coming. iir. Bent met Mr. Harmony at Walnut creek?Bran- .. ham and others at the Little Arkansas?Glasgow and I other* at rottou Wood Fork?Owen* and Leitensdorfler beiween Cotton Wood and Council Orove. He law on ' ' the route, one hundred and thirty wagon*, belonging to ; the trader*. He also met two long train* of provision " wagons?the first within twenty-five mile* of Council I1 Orove, and the other at Dragoon creek They were or- ' (tared to stop at Kort Bent, where it is understood the J1 whole expedition will rendezvous The party arrived 1 at Westport on the :27th thirty day* from Sante Ke. Mr. , F. P. Blair and Oeorge Bont were loft at Taos. The trade in New Moxico was dull, nor was it likely ' to be better during the present year. Tho company of n which Mr. Uant i* tho hond, has bocn engaged in a 11 prosperous year's business. ? Archuleta, the former commandante of New Mexico, died on the -J3d of May, at Santa Ke. Mr. Bent estimates the imputation of New Mexico at between thirty and forty thousand ; of whom 'J.VOOO re ide east and north of the Kio del Norte. He ha* kindly furnished us with n table of the number of Indians rrM. 0 (ling, in whole or in part, in New Mcxico, which we here *j copy Tueblo Indiana of Taos, living in a perma- p nent village 200 families. a do Ficorees, alto in village 80 " c do Ahbegue, " 40 " ? do Nambay, " 60 " it do St. Juan, " 200 " f do Pauquike, 20 " g do Tacousi, " eo " fi do San IMefomo, " 40 " v do Santa Clara, " aouthaideof 1 the L)ol Norte 20 " do Santa Demirgo, " 300 " f do San Felipe, " 100 " 1 \ do ractutea, " 60 ' > do Sandiliea, " IfiO " do Isteta, * " 120 " do AcMU, " south side river 100 " I do I.siguna, " " 100 " do Hocenie " " aoo " ? Three Tiling** of Mlquies 230 " , Navajoses, roving Indiana 300 lodger .i Apaches, southern, roving 300 ' " northern, 60 " F.utawa " MM) " , ( amanchca " 2,<00 " Kiawas " 350 " Cliayennes " 330 " Arrapahees " 400 " There are, he supposes, an average of two warriora to t each family, and of three to cach lodge of Indiana?or, t in all, about eighteen thouiand warriora. Got. I'rrea, who, it i* *aid, ia advancing with a force of from th?ee to five thousand men, upon Santa Fe, with j, a view of defending that aection of the republic of Mexi- T co from invasion, ia aaid to be a man of approved courago and military capacity. Should he make hii appearance . there in time to avail himaelf of the beat point to repel 0 invuaion, aa he doubtless haa done, he may give the force under the command of Col. Koarney something to do, before postession of New Mexico is obtained. In hia ab- . tence, however, and with the acknowledged diapoaition of Armljo to show the Americans all possihlo favor, very ,, any, opposition will be made to the entrance of ' t'ol. Koarney into that department of the republic. It will be, wo suppose, the middlo or latter end of August, ? before I ol. Kearney can cross the Rio del Norte, and <>en. Urrea has, unquestionably, full time to prepare for his reception. The prospect of resistance only gives to v the expedition a little more interest, and all eyes will be (| hencelorth on the watch for newt from that quarter. [From ihe St I.oui^Republican, July 2.) tl Wc understand from a source that may be relied upon, tl that since thecommenrementof the present hostilities j| with Mexico, there has been prepared and shipped from o the Arsenal, at this place, one hundred and seventy tons ! 0 ot fixed ammunition. Between one and two hundred per. ft sous, rhietly boys, are daily employed in the laboratory H at the Arsenal in the preparation oi cartiidge*. 4tc Yes- | <] Kearney, and the other portion to the w>uth. The Arsenal a at thi? place, with all ita convenience* and appliances, lor | |> the retiring of arnia, manuf ctuiing carriage* lor can- t, non, baggage wagon*. kc., fcc , under the auperi ision of I p the indefatigable commander, Capt. Bell, we believe to I c be one of the most uaelul and valuable possessions be- , ti longing to the United HUtes, connected withthiaservice. | t When nil that has been furnished Irom this quarter <lur> ti ing the present difficulties it known, the public will be v able to estimate ita worth, and we hope the United State* Government will be prepared to give it that essential 0 facility 10 much needed, a good landing from the river. r Fobt lvatbjiwoath, June 2*. IS4# ?I presume that tlieie are now near one thousand volunteers hero, a few [ ' companies being etill daily expected. It la very uncer- " tain at what piecise day we inay start, some tlu/iking " within a fow days, and ?ome believing that we cannot < leave belore ten or twelve day*. " Kiom convcrantion, however, which I have had with w some of the officer* of the *talf, it I* expected that Major 'c Clark, who i* locked for every moment, will bring with ? him both additional cannon and *at>re?, in which case it ci i* more than probable that we *hall leave within two, or ?; at moat three day*. ? A* to our probabl* route, nothing i* known Al to what the oppoaition will be that we may meet in the eourae of our cempaign, and oapecially at Santa Ke, the " vagueat rumors exiit. and moil unwarranted specula- " tions are indulged in ? Home think it certain that we shall be orderod to the ' H Pacific, and other* that we shall be ordered to Chihua- n hua. There is only one thing to be deduced from all n this?that positive information regarding etir destination I will not given w, until we are beyond the reach of nil influences apt to embarrass our progres* or prove de- * leterious to discipline and subordination. 1 Kort Bent seems to be the rendezvous of oir entire j C force*, and immense trains of provision wagons are to I' be sent out, and lorm a complete line between this place f and the encampment* of the army. i I No news has as yet arrived here respecting the sue- 'I cess of Capt. Moore ami hi* dragoon*, ordered to cut off . or ston the Mexican fuindie*. r a [From the Independence (Mo.) Kxpoiitor, June iO] | We learn from Mr. OreRg ju*t inlrom atiout I0O mile* i out on the 8anta Fe track, that there il |jreat scarcity of |< water. 1, An expre** jncRaenffer leave* here to day for Santa Fe. h He expect* to go out ?t lean in 10 day*. He takes dea- ; n pate he? with him from the trader* and expect* to return ,, immediately. Colonel Kearney at the Fort ha* provided j p IERA im a passport, so that ho will meet with no delay. Our -iendly intention* n 111 pacific relation* will be Tna<lo own to the Government through him, whi'e .?t the line time he goes out on other business for tho truJer* i whone employ he is. A company of infantry i* detired to march forthwith ) Santa Ke. An ett'ort in making to organize a company > Independence lire to-day. Mr. Speyer, a tradee to the Mexican Province!, took, ith him this yena, as usual, some arms and ammunition, 10 amount of either we havo heen unable to learn; and le two companies of dragoons sent out by Col. Kearney, ave gone for the purpose of (topping them on the route, util the body of our force* can come up. If Mr. Speyer engaged in carrying arm* and ammunition to aid the lexicaiis, he should bo dealt with in ruch manner ui 'ill be a warning to other*. But if not, ho will tharo le fate of the other trailer*, and no other. Incident*, Ac. [From tho St. Loui* Reveille, July 3.] Our friend Cupt. Church, of the Bulletin, on hi* late -ip up from New Orleans, brought with him n number I' officer* ju*t from the army. They were full (ji aneclite, of course, and the following littlo illustration of haractcr is interesting as well as amusing: Altai Dm volunteers wa* a " gentleman's son"?a | ill private, who heartily lick of rainy w eather, mud,1 nd no shelter, tirst went to his captain with hi* com- , luints, hut meeting with uo {-articular sympathy, re- ! Ind ta lun a talk with fl*Bflvtl Tlflov alm*uf ? rrived at tlie commander's quarters, the General was ;)iutcd out to him, hut ho was rmtlior incredulous ? That old fellow General Taylor I Nonsense !" Satised, however, that such was oven tho case, he marched p, and, rather patronizingly, opened his business. " General Taj lor, 1 beliovo ?" " Yes, sir." " Well, General, I'm dov'lish glad to see you?am ineed The General returned the civility. " General. you'll nxcuso me, but since I've been hero ve been doing all 1 could for you?have, indeed ; but le fact ii, the accommodations are very bad?are, indeed; md, sir! actually mud t?'bleegetl to lie down it, dually ; and tho fact ia, General, I'm a gentleman's son, ud not useil to it!" The General, no doubt deeply impressed with the fact f having a gentleman's son in his army, expressed his sgret that such annoyances should ever exist, under I ay circumstances, in u civilized army. I " Well?but, General, what am I to do 7" " Why, really, 1 don't know, uuless you take my 1 lace.'' " Well, now, that's civil?tis indeed. Of course don't I lean to turn you out, but a few hours' sleep?a cot or a unk, or anything-would be so refreshing! Your' lnce?where is it, General 7" " Oh, just drop down?anywhoro ab?ut here?any lace about enmp will answer !" The look which tho " gentleman's son" gave the Genetl was rather peculiar. " wondor they call you ' Hough and Heady!'" lid he ; and, amid tho smiles of all but " Hough and eady" himself, the " gentleman's son" returned to take ia chance of the weather Naval Preparations. The gallant captain of the St. Mary's has failed to carry, :cording to a letter in tho Norfolk Herald, three Mesiin gunboats in the port of Tampico. lie would hive lobably succeeded, if tho channel had keen previously .toyed out. We trust that Cantain Conner has already een there, to curry the boat*, it not the town. It it < ne ling, however, to tako Tampico, anil another to hold it this season, when the vnmita threatens our people <'e should not bo mrpriieii to hear, at no distant day, lat Commodore Sloate had carried the ports of Califoria.? ffuthin^tun Union, July 7 Nlwrllaiinoui. The Ghkatkst Ison Ouni*i:> Cast Vet.?Yesterday ternoon another stupendous piece of ordnance was oast ; Alger's Foundry. South Boston, which, when finished, ill exceed Captain Stockton's celebrated "peacemaker" y iOOO pound* in weight The arrangements for the pe>ation were commenced in the morning, by tilling the irnaces with metal, and tiring up. The quantity ol iet?l used was about 46,0110 pounds, and the umonnt of oal consumed in reducing it to the requisite state of fuion, was eight chaldrons. At mx o'clock, I'. M , repeat1 experiments having been made with it in small quan* lies, the metal was pronounced to be in a (it condition >r use, and the grand operation of casting was comlenced. The two furnaces were tapped, and the boiling nd blaring liquid gushed forth, rushing and leaping rough the iron canals, which emptied into the sides of le mould, sank twelve feet into the solid ground. The aming streams coiitiuued to ruu for fitteen minutes iwn through' the iron fla-k or shell of the mould, the ictal in the meantime bubbling anil revolving as it rose > the inner shalt of sand, which in tact tunned the actual totild for the'cannon. The metal having reached the ivel of the mould, a supplementary or cap mould was iut on, and filled with some tons ol metal poured into it om a crane ladle. The object of this addition is to give, by means of cad weight above, stoadiness to the process of chrystaliation in that portion of the mass out of which the canon is to be turned. Ten days will elapse before the ictal will have becoroo sufficiently cool to admit of the pmoval ol the flask, by digging away the compact round in which it standi embedded; and then, in the pace of "five weeks, the gun can bo finished and got cady for mounting on Fort George, in oux harbor, Tor fhich it is designed. The casting was done under the personal supervision f Mr Ale'er and Col Uomlord. the inventor of this sue ios of ordnance, to the first specimen of which Thomas efferson, law, gave the name of the " Columbiad." The weight of the gun, when finishod, will be 2A0U0 omul*. Length, ten feet; diameter at the bate ring. !? inches ; length of chamber, 13 inchci ; diameter of hainber, 9 inches ; length of bore, 9 feot 1 inch : ilialeter of bore, 12 inches. Weight of round "hot which : will carrv, 230 pound*; weight of shell, 1*40 pounds longe of ?hot or (hell, 3/, mile*?being \j of a mile reaterthan tlio recorded performance of the largest and itest invented mortar in Kngland, and half a milo beon-l the reach of any gun In the castle of Kan Juan de Jlloa, at Vera Cruz. The c?i?t of thi* immense instrument for harbor Sconce will not exreod $1700 ; or one-sixth the cost of the vrought iron gun procured in Knglfeml by Captain itockton.?Botton Pott, July 9. Woman's Revenoe.?Renders of newspapers lave doubtless noticed, wirhin the year past, oeasional allusions to a woman in the Western country, rho complained of tcrrihlo wrongs she hail suffered at he hands of a man formerly resident in this city, and ireatcneil some dreadful retribution. The last notice f her stated that she had left Lafayette, Indiana, in mas- . uline attire and armed, and had mado her way to l ome own in the interior of Oli^o. l.ast Saturday morning,] vliile the (iieat Western was lying at wus vhispered round that one of the passengers, who seemed i trim boy of some sixteen or eighteen years, was in fact i woman. Captain Walker invited the youth and one ol he principal citizens of Mackinaw into his office, and here being questioned,the suspicious passenger declared lerself a woman, and gave her reasons for assuming ihe Iress she woro. She said she was mirried, as she su|>>oscd, a few years ago, in this city, to a man whoso tamo our informant was unable to give; that alter living nth him some years and having two or three children, ler husband told her the marriage was all a sham, that ie had another lawful wife, and had contemptuously cast ff hor and her children. Under these circumstances, he had sworn to have revenge or justice. She had asertaiucd that the man who had thus deeply wronged er was living at Mackinaw, ard she had come there to btain a recognition of her rights, or vengeance in dehi It- Upon which she exhibited two InM t>istols rhich she carried about her person. After some farther onversation eho gave up the pistol*, and a messenger as despatched to tho husband with an intimation that a ascengcr on tho Western wished to see him. lie soon amc on board, and the tw o parties met face to face. The vomiin upbraided him with ail the wrongs he had inflicnii upon her, and demanded reparation for herself and hildren by a legal marriage, at the sime time, with all lie recklessness of a woman goaded to desperation, tho most vehement asseverations f ho failed to do her justice. At this point the door pened, and the man. wiio had cowered before lier, shot ut liko lightning and escaped to the ihore She soon allowed after, ascertained his place of business, and ought another lntei view. A* she approached, the man, outitloss supposing that she had coino to fulfil her treats, and that ho must defend his life, raised a pistol nd fired. The ball struck near her feet. She never lenched, but drawing a pistol in turn from her vest, ?ok deliberate aim at him, and then lowered her wca on, saying as she turned on her heel, 'No, you poor ontemptiblo wrctch, it would disgrace even a woman ? slay you !** This affair, of course, made a great scnation on tho island but what was the issue we are unale to state Tho Ixmt swung oil' soon after thn eventa ire have detailed, leasing both parties ashore. We base eard many stories about the character and the relation* f tho parties in this matter, but not enough that we can ely upon to lorm a decided opinion as to the merits of ic case It may be that the woman is profligate, but ow oltendoes the term abandoned have a strictness of leaning,not intended by those who use It to characterise ailty, and how many, now the scorn and outcasts of iciety, desperate in vice and crime, and degraded until ley have lost almost all semblance of womanhood, 'on Id be happy, virtuous wires anl mothers, but for the iuI wrong anil abondonment of which they have been ie victims. There i*tertiblo wrong somewhere in the ise we have related, and our judgment, a* well as our irmpathiea, incline us to believe that the unsoxed wolan is the sufferer.?Hujjala Com. Jldv., July 7. Triai. or Yorjia letter from Lex >gto?, Ky , under date of July 1st., *ays that, on that mining, a special term of the Kavettc Circuit ( ouit ommenecd it* session. It was called for the trial of helhr, Indicted lor murder, the particular* of which tust be well remembered by our reader*. Great exeitelent prevail*, and considerable doubt as to tho result, "he prisoner Uthe ton of (Jen. James Shelby, and grandon of the Wte Governor Isaac. Shelby. The talent of it engaged in the ca*e. Kor the prosecution? I. II. KobertMn, I ommonweaiin Aiiornry, nu nun v. hief luatice Robertaon, and Col. Wm. II Caperton, of tielimond. On the defence?Hon Henry ('lay. Meitm. tobinion and lohmon, (brother of < of. Johnion.) md Ion. Bilai Woolley". Profenor of Civil Jurisprudence in 'raniylvania Law i ottr\e LAioar.ii' Hior.?A riot broke ont on Thoraday, monn iho laborers on the lifto of the Vermont I entral tailroad, near Richmond, about twalve milei from Dnrington They Niied the principal cofctiar.tor, Mr Barer, and alio the sheriff' ol ihe oounfT. Who were both Id indole confinement, but for what r.aviouno not nown at Burlington on Saturday. HcrpnaHion* were lade upon the surrounding countiei for truop^and comaniei were despatched from Burlington on kriday. ? acting to meat others Irom Montpalier at Richmond. J-i-J-L-Xi?IF-.' LD. Price Two Cent*. Police Intelligence. Jt't.r 9 ?CAat-iff of Perjury.?Officer Stewart, of the lower police office, arrested yesterday Joteph < ox, wbi kenps tlio fancy lump stole on the corner of Broadway ami Leonard street, on a charge of perjury, under the following circumstances :?It op|ieari that Mr ( ox hired a house to l)r. Isaac 8. Smith, ut No. 384 Broome meet, for which l)i Smith owed one quarter's rest, and Mr. C ox imagined that the Doctor intended to leave the city without p?y iu|f the rent, consequently Mr Co*. In order t . . ..... ? ..nil...,.II .. . ? t ,M, I, ui uru obtained against fraudulent debtor*, swore before Judge Daly on the Utb of Mav Inst, to an affidavit charging Dr. Smith with lemoving fii* furniture clandestinely fiom the premises, No. 3s4 Broome street, and <!t<?|k>-1sik oi thu rame at auctiou. and likewife disponing of his hoise and gig. The ron>r<|uenco was thut Dr. Smith was arrested on this warrant, and detained in custody lor some time. The whole of this affidavit Dr. Smith asserts to be a wilful, corrupt and malicious perjury. In corroboration of w hich Dr. Smith is sustained by sevorul witnesses. Sasan Woodruff, No. 81 West Uruadway, testifies that tho Doctor was in full possession of all the above articles a* set forth in the atllJavit of Mr. Cox, nor had he sold any, or disposed of them in any way at the time of tho making of th e affidavit by Mr. l ux. Sir. Willard H. Smith, und a Mr Luther Clark, both corroborated the sta'ements of the above witnesses. Justice Drinker held the accused tn bail in $11)00. to answer at Court, which he gave, and he was liberated from custody. Jlrrrtt of a Fu^itivt ?Ollicer Wm. H Stephens arrived in Iuwd, last night, from I'hila.ielphin, having iu custody a HMD, railed hdward Kennedy, whom he arrested on is requisition Irom (tovernor Wright, charged with a grand larceny, in robbing his landlady, Mrs. liulland, in Washington street, of eight sovereigns. Committed to the Tombs for trial. Jin auttwilk intent to Kill -Officer Vandersee arrested, yesterday, on board of tho steamboat Warren, a man, calledThomas Harrison, a fugitive from llocklund county, churged with violently assaulting Samuel Snecien, of Pierinont, with no oyster-knife, inflicting a severo wound in tho groin, nearly severing the main artery. Orotl doubts are entertained of tho wounded mau's recovery. Taken from a Thief.?A silver lever watch, taken from a thief, by otllcer McKeou, of the tith ward, for which au owner is wanted. Apply to Captaiu Mcliratli, ol tho above ward /..-L ....I r..~ n.,, V.,i.? hills are in circulation upon tho Hank of Troy?New York bank fund?John Puioi, Cashier, and U. Warren, President The bills look rather <lull in the impression, yet they are very likely to deceive Lust night one of these hills was passed a: the New York Miirt Depot, No. B8 Chatham street ; also, some rascal endeavored to pass a similar hill uponT S Miller, Canal street, dry good* more. The clerk, however, not liking the appearance of the bill, sent out to ?>ee it it was good, but heiore the return of tlm clerk, the lellow left the store and did not return lor the bad bill. l'rlit Laicfiiy.?A boy called John Watts was arrested last night on a charge of cuttiog oil the pocket of a man by the namg of Charles Davis, while he laid ailecp on a stoop in i>reen?ich street Locked up for trial Passing Spuricut Money.?A young inun called Frederick D. .Montgomery was arrested last night by oflicer .McCord, of the jth ward, on a charge of passing in spurious hank bills, u|>on a girl called Annotation).? Locked up tor examination Petit Larctsy.-Kmma Whiting was arrested last night for stealing a quantity of clothing from tho yard of Mr. Wm. White, comer ol liowery and Grand itroet Locked up. Attempt to Steal?A Mack follow called Wm. Johnsou was caught 011 board the schooner Patrick Henry, lying at the loot ol Wall street, with intent to steal. Lockcd up Court of Ueucrul Si hhIoiis. July 9?In consequence of the ltecordor having been taken suddenly ill, nothing was done in Court to-day, and further proceediugs in tho trial of Bonjainin Maker, lor forgery, were pos:pnned until to-morrow morning. Sinoi'Lar Case of Breach oh Promise?Tlia Cattaraugus IVhig lias n report ol" it breach of promise case ?Charluttr liilHburt vt livery Park?recently tried at Kllicottsville, that lets us a litiie into tbe mode they muii.ige courting up in Cattauraiigus. Widower* are notonou-ly brisk in their wooings. but this courting two damsels ut the same timo, is rather transcending even a widower's privilege: A very Park, the defendant, was at tho time of the courtship, a hale, heart) .and wealthy widower of about 45. with a tannh of live small cluldien. the \ouiiKest being about ncven months old. Avyry also bud a good farm, a large lot of good cows, und hit dairy had become somewhat unions tor the sue and quality of it* chcese. Hi! drove a good horse, kept a fine carnage, and was a devoted member and steward in the Methodist Kpiscopal Church He had alto held the dignified office ot Justice (/I the i'eace, and altogether vui a man of nolo end standing in the good town of Da) ton. w h< re the parlies resided Like ail other active and vigorous old widower*, Avery soon got restless aud uneasy, and began to cast about in search of n wif*. Ho was desirous to provide in the lirat place a companion for himself, who should incidentally occupy tho position and discharge the duties of a mother to his'childrcn, to ?stir up the cheese curd," and till the vacant placo in his pew ct church on the Sabbath. In talking over his grievances, to his friend and brother in the church, Leander Bacon, he described the kind of wife he would like to secure, to wit:?One between twenty-five and thirty ytais of age, with a whole soul and lair body, unincumbered, from a resectable family, anil a tboiough-goiug Methodist. The idea soon entered tho mind of Lvandcr, that he could supply the wants of the vquire, and he suggested to him. tliut he knew a person in tho neighborhood answering the dtacription, with an exception an to the age, which waa some lew years earlier than the age the squire had mentioned. The curiosity of the old gentleman w us thereupon excited, but lor peculiar and private reasons, Leander refused to let him know who it was. This increased the curiosity of the squire, and lor lume days be reflected upon it, until he could contain his anxiety no longer, and sought another interview with Leander. Like a prudent and skilful negotiator, Leander still refused to give the inloi mation, but by hints and inuendoes, anl certain giving* out as to the tesidenco and i?mily, Avery finally guessed that he muant * hailotie ililiiburt. a sister of the wile ol I.oainlcr. Leander acknowledged the correctnesi or his opinion, and the tquuu inquired if the would " go it." Tho matter wus. discussed at coma length, and finally arranged that Leauder should get Charlotte down to his house to eat warm tugar, and the squire should call and see her Accordingly ou one "1 hiir*duy evening, at about 8 o'clock, the meeting took place nt tha hours appointed. Alter supper, anil uliout 11 o'clock, Avery took Charlotte and lc>l her in au adjoining room, where they remained until one or two o'clock tho following morning. What took place in thn room is not known, except aa some portion ol it leaked out incidentally on (lie examination of Leander, who like many other pertont is gifted with a goodly almro of curiosity. Alter going to bed and sleeping some time, ho got carefully up, and standing on the tinndle-bed, put tin ear to lite door, tie coultl only hear a lew broken sentences of a general conversation, in which tha numea of some of the ncighbois were mentioned, and in addition the cquirn kissed ( hailotte heartily, six times. The purlieu hnally came out, Charlotte got the squire's hat ami he shook her by the hand, bidding her good evening, ami walked away. Charlotte then related a few ol the sweet things the old gentleman had said to her, and went to bed. Rut the old adage, that " true love never did run smooth," was lully exemplified in this instanro. On tho following Wednesday evening, Avery called again at Lcamler'a to see Charlotte, and informed her tha tcircumstances had transpired since he was there before, that rendered it improper for him to continue his visju?that Mary ltich, with whom he had pieviously oponed a negotiation, claimed some misunderstanding in regard to the time she was to give him an answer, and being first, bn felt under obligations to her. < harlotte replied, that he ought to have got along with Mary JlicU before he went so lar with her; but il he married Maiy Kich the hoped he would never for get it. Thiawaa the beginning and end of the courtship, and the balance of ike ease whs m:ideui> ol a thousand attendant circumstances, declarations of /"ark. and collateral isiuci upon the character and veracity ol the witnesses Mary Rich was this tune railed as a witness, anil swore that the Sunday evening after Talk last called to see ' harlotte, the cod| tract was consummated with her. These are the mat?i rial facts, and we do not lirtend to trouble our reader! | with particular*, both Charlotte and Mary were present dui nig the trial, and appear to be modest, intelligent aa 1 pi*tl) girls, and it was ibe opinion ol many pie?ent, I that if the damage! had resulted to any body, it was to i Avery Putk. and not the girls. The case was ably mm. medup for the defence by Meter*. Kox and Hon. Dudley r Marvin, and lor the plaintiff hy Meiar*. Howe and Crook* i er. The juiy were, however, unable to agree, ?o ? I mint be triad again, and we ihall bare anothar Jvok at the girl*. Vartetlee. Tratkllito in ?The Montreal HeraU say*, that the f.ire from Kingston t<? Toronto am] Niagara, which had been down toil, hn < been IKcd at V- AO The arrangement between the proprietor* of the two | line* of *teim?ra between Quebec and Montreal ii now j in operation J he (Quebec and Montreal leave on alterI naie evening* for ?3 Other boat* of the two line* start j at the aaino time, and charge only $3. Hnaaiai.r A n?gro woman, ?aya the Lexing'on, Mb Telegraph, belonging to Mr. VV'el ater, a wealthy (aimer , of llcnry county, recently from North ' arolina, about ?ix week* aince, murdered her mn?ter'? only ?on, a promising boy of 14 yeara of nge, and thtee of hi" negroea, by pomon given In coffeo. she ha* made a full cunlaa?lon of tho inot, and *aya her object wa* to deatroy her maxter and miatreia. Kia?: at Oti**v*.?The large ttore houte, owned by Meair* Ha*ting* k Kiel.I. at ihe foot of the laka, with large <)tiantity of dour, wheat, high wine*, he , wa* daI atroyed by lire on the morning of the rtth in?t. The lota i* estimated at I? $IHOO insured on the bnilding, ) and *4000 on grain, flour, kc., in atore. Tiir P*aDO!*r"?n Powra.?It appear* from a report from the Kxecutne Department, in amwtr to a i< solution of the Convention, that during tha year lfMfl, there were 0I?.1 application* for pardon*, not including tha i aae* of mere veibal application*, or where the paper* were 1 withdrawn. * Krom the above application*, tue following pardon* were granted, during the aame year : Krom the State Prisons 94 " County do .'10 " Penitentiary, New Vork fl Restoration to ( itiienship "4 Commutation of death to imprisonment for I life -i IS0 In but 1? ca?e? out of th. whol. nam^r ^ wUmtion? pre??nud during the T??r li4a? * * 0, ,ny ?tr*ncc or apportion, oruufcvor? ?' ? *pre??ion oi ?ny | dMcnptiou.

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