Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 11, 1846, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 11, 1846 Page 1
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II [ T H J I Vol. XII, Xo. 101. Whole No. 4113. flE yg^ YQRK HERALD. 1 WES GORDON BENNETT, PROPRIETOR. Circulation?Forty Thousand. MLY HERALU?t.very <lty. Price 2 centj percopr-fT ' rr ?miara?p?XkbU m ?d?mi?e?. m _ A D I i^V KtKLK IILKALU-iTriy o?nraji ? ? - ? < -- ? i coin ? $3 ltk c?uu per aunuin?payable in advance. Kl< aL? foil kLHOPtv-^%ery Steam locket day. Bh,', cents pm >w fl 00 per ana urn, payable in ad- | IL> V KRT1SEMEMTS at the lajual price*?*lwa,i euh | Bdvtnce. RINTINO or all kinds executed with beauty an J dca- i E All letter* or cftfatnnnieatiou*, by mail, addreued to the | Hablislioient. mintM v- at pad or the postage will be deMfrom the ?u''?crlLHlO'. n.uiiey reiiult d. JA-UE8 aORPOM BENNETT, I Proprietor j?f thr NEW YORK IIKR IID EjTAfLwrwBitr, I Noith-West com rof Fuiion an- ??a*?au itxecta. EXZuJ J.T?U KAILKOAL)COMFAMY. I SUMMER ARRANGEMENT V *33* MAINS RUN A* FOLLOWS. COMMENCING WED [ NE8DAY, MAY 13. 1846 : Bate Brooklyn at 7 o'clock, AM. Bostontr in for Oreenport, daily (except Sundays,) stopping at KarmiHcJuIe and St. Ororre's .\ianor. " at 9S( <> clock, A. M., for Faxmin dale and intermediate place*. ** at 3 P. M., through to Oreen port, atrr P'ng both way* at Jamaica, Branch, Hick*\ illc, Fvuid(<IsI?, anrfSlI (he *Ution* between Farmiugdale and Oreeaport. " " at 5 P. M., foe CumuiUe and interne diate place*. ate OamsrtroET at 5 o'clock, A. M. Accommodation train, daily, (except Sundays,) through to Brooklya. " at I P. M., Boston train, or on the arrival of the steamer from Norwich, stopping at St. ^ Oeorge'* Manor and Farmingdue. bate Faeminodale at IKA.M', Accommodation train for Brooklyn. " 41 ?t 8U A. M. Greenport train, lor Brooklyn. II H " it P. M. Accommodation train, for I Brooklyn. Lura Jamaica at & M. Accommodation train, for Brook| " " it Sk A. Jti Ureenport train for Brooklyn. I " " m jv P. .M. Accommodation train, far IVi" to ? Bedford'? cVnte, Kali New York W.IM Course 13V, Trotting Course 18V, JiMMf), Bruslinlle B1V Hyde rsrk (17 mile.) Clow??n> ?e? ion of court) S7H, Hempstead J? W, Branch i. V,^?r'f H, YVt-Stbury 44. Hicksville 44, FarmingdaJe Deer Park M, Thompson H, Suffolk it it ion SI, L.ske A*, station 1 18^, Med ford station 11 18V, Yanh ink $1 J7 %, 8t. v>orge'e Manor $1 62VJ. Riverl aid $1 6t%, Jamesport $1 62W, i.Jnttetack $1 62V,. Cutclugne $1 6XH> oonthold Sl 62X, Oreenp^rt Accommodation traiu SI 74, (ireenport by Boston train $2 25. Stages are in readiness on the arrival of trains at tl>e several stations, to take passengers at very low fares, to all parts of the Island. Burgage Crates will be in readiness at the foot of Whitehall street, to receive baggage for the stveral trains, 30 minutes before the hoar of starting from the Brooklyn side. The steamboat " Statesman" leares Oreenport for Sea Harbor twice each day, on the arrival of the trains from Brooklyn. myl> re TO WESTERN TRAVELLERS. H'HK I'ablic l* reapectiuily lulormed that the rece nt break 1 in the Canal, caused by the late freahet, having been repaired, the PIONEER It EXPRESS LINK, via Railroad and Canal from Philadelphia to Pittsburgh, commenced iu regular trip* lor the aeaaon on Monday, the 6th of April, leaving the Depot, No. 374 Market atreet, DAILY, at 7x o'clock, A.M. By thia route passengers will avoid all th? fatigue and danger of night travelling in coaches, both Railroad* being pitted ia daylight. For further information, apply at the old-e>tabliahed Office, S74 Market itreet, 5 doors above Eighth atreet. a 10 *m?rrc A. B. CUMM1NOS, Agent. LU.NU ISLANU KAIL HO AD Eii>reaa Mail Train, leaves Whitehall atreet Ferry, New York aide, every morning at 7 A. M., (or Boston.? J^H3B2_.Also, trains from Brooklyn aide at 7 o'clock and five dnuutra, and 9)< A M., and 3 and 5 P. M.. daily. The 7 A. M , and I P. M tiaina go through, the former atopping nt Farmingdale and manor, and the latter at all placea an the road jellr TKO\ MORNING AND EVENING LINE. MORNING LINE AT SEVEN O'CLOCK. jMM jgk FOR ALBANY AND TROY-From the LJatf Steamboat Pier at the foot of Barclay atreet SZIQLUiiding at Peekskill Weat Point. Newburgu, llaini'ioii, Milton, Poaghkaepsie, Hyde Park, Rhineoeck, U. Red Hook. Bristol, Catakill, Ilud?on, Couaclae, Kindrrhook and Baltimore. Breaklaat and dinner on board the boat. The steamboat NIAOARA, will leave on Monday, Wednesday and Krtdty Mornings 7 A. M. The sv,tuMK>at XHOi, Captain Oorham, on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday mornings, at 7 o'clock. Heturmng on opposite daya. For passage or treight apply on board, or at the office on the wharf. NEW YORK. ALBANY AND TROY LINE. FOR ALBANY AND TROY DIRECT. From the pier at the foot of Conrtlandt street. The low-pressure steamboat fc.MPIKE, Captain HI Macy, leave* the loot >t Coartlaudt street, on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday evenings at seven o'clock. The Steamboat COLUMBIA, Capt. Wm. H. Peek, will leave oa Monday, Wednesday and Friday ewings, at 7 o'clock. Passengers taking these Boats will arrive in a me to take the Morning Train ol Cars Irom Troy west to Buffalo, and north to Saratoga. Whitehall and Lake Cham plain. For Passage or Freight, apply on board, or at the Office oa the wharf. No freight taken after o'clock. I NOTICE?All goods, freight, bank bills, specie, or any other kiud o( property, positively at the owner's risk j?Sr LINE OK STEAMBOATS FOH ALBANY Direct?')aily, Sunday* ciRagitril?at To'clock, f.M. From Htea mboal pier between Court laniU and Liberty Itt. jgm nttmliou ROCHESTER, Cm*. Alfred Bp?Uougblmi, will leare on Monday. WedneaJLhbIUL rf*v , itnii Imday evening*, a; 7 o'clock. S.r ,?i;,o.,t ltLNDRIK HUDSON, C?|!t. H. O. Crntten<Vn will leare on Tuetday, ThurnUy ud Saturday ertniLfi, at 7 o'fAor'x. Tl?r ahove boat* will, it all time*, arrive in Albacy in untie time for the morning can for tlx rut or wot. Freight liken at moderate rate*, and none taken after 5)fc o'clock, P M. All peri on are forbid muting any of the boat* of thu line, without a wnttea order from the capcaina or agent*. For pataage or freight, apply on board the boati, or t* P. C. SeJiultz, at the oAce on the wharf. United State* Mail Line. At i o'clock. P. Land ids at Intermediate Place*. from the fool of Barclay >(., Steamboat HUDSON, Captan C. F. King, will leave on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday afternoon*, at i o'clock. Steamboat SANTA CL\US, Captain Boverbagh, will leave ou Tuesday, Thnnday and Saturday afternoon*, at } o'clock. Apple "n hoard, or at the office on rhe wharf. Jet4 01+ uaTiTV LIN*. OF BlIAi'S BKTWEKN ftTTiTLi bT nkw vohk and staten island. NUb The iteamboat* SYLPH, Captain J. Braiated, mul si'aTEM ISLANDER, Capuin D. Van P*lt, will leave a? follow* Leav e Staten I*land at I, I, I, It and 11 A. M; at 1,1,1,4, J, and 7, P. M. Lente New York at 7, t, It, and 11, A. M. and 1,1,3,4,3, t, 7 and paat 7 P. M. All freight at the ri?k of of the owner* thereof. Jeli THE MOST DELIGHTFUL OF AEL _ EXCURSIONS. ^ _ JVTI JB A SAIL momnc tlUUBUIl 11" CI W I1UUU Ltr^MTken, mid then walk to the Eljrsian Fields. 3CiaaflC2K?along the eiceedingly pietnresque shores ol the place. will prove the m.?t easily accomplished and attrac lift of all rami! excursions that can be dh? from the city. The grounds now present a charming aspect, the Uses be iuin leaf, and the soil covered with a rich turf. The walks arc in etcellent order, having been considerably m irllnlird the present spring. On rvar> pleasant afternoon there will be in attendance at the Colftnnade Elysisn Fields, an excellent Band of Music, which will perform selections from the favorite Operas, popular airs, matches, waltzes, kc. The Kerry Boats from Barclay, Canal and Christopher its., are completely fitted np with awnings and seats. Night Boats ran from Hobokcn to Barclay street matil II 'clock. Ferriage cents ml1m*r . PRISTS? ??N OKKAT BRITAIN AND IKklLAN'D?Persons wishing to re-^TvfTi/L*^3 mi' mon'y 10 l???ir friends in any pert of the old country, can rrocare drafts of the ^^^^ "snbiciitiera for any amonut. Irom ?1 and pwanl., payable at sight, without discount, in all the principal towns throughout Lngland, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales. The subscribers beg to info-m thair friends and the public that this branch of their busiuess continues to r.eeive their particular attention, and they feel quite certain that better ? arrwifrmenu tliu tneira for transmitting money to the old country cannot be made. The royal mail steimer Caledonia will leave Bostoa tomorrow, by which sll drafts can be forwarded. W. It J T. TAP9COTT, M South street, jetfl r t donn below Hurling slip. AiCf f OH tiUN DUN?Hegular packet ol July l#h ? The first class,fast sailing pacget ship VICTORIA, JAmBm' aptain Hartshorn, burtheru 1W0 tons, will sail as above ner regular day. Having very superior accommodations for cabin, second cabin and tenage passengers, persona iutending to embark should make early application on board, foot ol Maiden lane, r to JOBKPH McMURRAV, Corner nf Pine and Aouth streets. The splendid new packet shy PKINCK ALBKIlT, C'apt. Rebnr, will succeed trie VicMpa, and aail on the 1st of Aufust. Jytr SHIP NORMAN, from Havre?Conmgnees per tCM^'his ship will please atnd their permlta on board, at jMMmwspier No 1 North river, or to the office ol the nnderaigueii. All goods not permitted in five dai s, will be sent to the public store. BOYD It HlNCKF.N. jcM r No. W Wall ?t. |Acr > OR L) V KRfOOb?New Line?Regular Packet W3?V"' reP*nOT, fast sailing packet ship JMKbHOTTINOUKK, 11M tons burthen, Capt IraBurs[r-v. will tail as above, hertegular day. For freight or passage, having elegant and superior accom aodatnma,?Ec Price of nansage t "M. The packer ship Liverpool. I JOfl tons burthen, Captain John Eldridge, will succeed the Hnttinguer, and aail on her regul&rjUy. list August. jcMrc FOR OLAHOOW?The new. first class snip l?YYy.AHVlJM, it tons, H. Kobinson, master, having jflIlKaa''l'>st ofhrr cargo engaged, will meet with despatch. t?i 11 iljnce of freight or passage, having eicellent accommodations, apply to the captain nu lizard.loot of Dover street, lunrinnlll 1 a. MIKTlfRN jr W Ry>?>rh ~HlK LIV KKrOUb?A?w Liur?Keaulir ?<:*lJrfdpV? M th? ?lh Julv.-The ?-l.-B?nt, fiut failing packSSMSmrt ship hotClUB, A. Kldridge, oiaater.of 1100 too* ,1 Will ??II ae above,hrr regular ilay. Fur freight or pannage, having aeeotnmftdatinot oneqnatltd for ?plendor or comfort, apply o? board, at Orleana wharf, fool of Wall atrret, or to E. K. COLLINS k CO., M Bontfc n. frleg ofpMHK* SIM J* *11 , ' t I I E NE Nf GLASGOW AND NEW YORK LINE OF 1 PACKETS. Pm m. M. M: tTKauTiS. wishing to ?enil lor liirtr li icudt in ?u> j>*rt of 8cixlu?l, to sail Jirrct from Glasgow, cm make arrangements with tl* Subscribers, to h?rr ilirm brought our in any ofOie reicufcr line ul Packets, sailing monthly from Glasgow. The ANN HARLEY, Cai>uiu Acotc. Ai>A.M CARR, Captain McEwen, SAilACEN,Captain Hawkins, brooksbY, Comprise the ?lwi* ltuetiuiii the high character of those Teasel* should l>e sufficient ludncement for persons who mar be sending for their Ir^ud* lu Scotland, to make axraugemauu for this (the only line. J KurtW particulars given, oo application to W. V J T. TAP8COTT, 75 Sou'.b itrwt, corner of .Vlaideu l-ane, or Mrun. hEIL> Sl MURRAY, Ai|entt a?# r in olutfow. NEW YORK ANLmTLASGOW LINE OF 1'ACKET*. M. M. M, tik from Ncv> 1 ufl ou the 1st, aiiJ Ulaagow ou lite Ulli of each mouth. _ ? _ . _ From N.York. Fm. Gl gow. iJuut'l. July 1J. Ship SARACEN, N. T. Hawkiui, < Oct. t. Ko*'r <5( Feb. I. March 15. i July 1. April 14. Br. Ship BROOK8BY, H. M'Ewen, < Nov I. Aug. II. ( March 1. Dee'r 15. v August 1. May 15. Br Bark ADAM CAKR, ?, < Dec'r t. Sept. IS. ( April t. Jan. 15. i May 1. June 15 Br. Bark ANN HARLF.Y, R. Soott, ] Sept. 1. Oct. li. ( Jan'y I Februa. 15. Theae ships are good, substantial vessels, ably commanded, and will tail punctually on their regular daya. Their accoinmodationa lor pusenger.arc Rood, and every attemiou will be paid to promoU their comfort. The agents or Captains will not be responsible for any parcels or package! aent them, unleaa lulls of lading are signed therefor. For freight or puaage, apply to WOODHL'LL It MINTURN, J7 South afreet. New V ork, or a4 re RFID fc VI'HIIAV. 0|fljg???et PASSAGE FROM GREAT B1UTAIAN AND IRELAND, m. M, m. By Ball.'^^^^Line ol^^^^ool PaS^^^Sling from Liverpool on the lit and 16th ol every month. The YORKSHIRE sails from Livervool, 1st of March. " OXFORD ' ' 16th of March. " CAMBRIDGE " " 1st of April. " MONTHZUMA " " 16th of April. Persons sending for their friends, and forwarding the passage certificate by the steamship Hiberoia, sailing from Boston on th# 1st of February, will have plenty of time to come in the yarkahire^or in any one ol the eight packets of the Ulack Ball Line, (ailing from Liverpool ou the 1st and 16th of every moeui. Apply to, or address, if l>v letter post paid. ROCHE, BROTHERS St CO.. 35 Fulton St.. V~. J ... .1.- L*..i ? n u ' aL.\H?K1LLKS line of packets. m- m M, m The uu(Jeru*entioo 8hips will b>> regularly despatched from hence cm the IS*. and from Marseilles the 10th of each month during the year." follow* Ships. _ Captain*. From N. York. PR'CE de JCHMVILLE, (new) l.awrence, April 1 Sept. 1. M198URI, Sil Tester, May 1 Oct. 1. ARCOLE (new) Erelngh, June 1 Not. 1. GASTON, Coulter, July I Dee. I. NEBRASKA (new) Watso*, Aug. I Jan. 1. Ships. _ , Captain*. From Marseilles. PR'CE de JOINVILLJC, (new) Lawrence, June 10 Not. 10 MISSOURI, SiWeater, July 10 Dec. 10 ARCOLE, (new) Ereleigh, Aug. 10 Jan. 10 tiASTON, Coulter, Sept. 10 Keb. 10 NEBRASKA, Wauon, Oct. 10 Mar. 10 These ve**els are of the first class, commended by men of experience. Their accommodations, for passeiigrrs aw unsurpassed for comfort and convenience. Goods addressed to the agents will be forwarded free of other charges than those actually paid. For freight or passage anpty to CHAMBERLAIN it PHELPS, Proprietor* No. 103 Krout street, or to BOYD & HINCKEN, Agent*, ml2re 9Tontine Buildings, 8* Wall,cor. Water *t. REMITTANCES TO lit ELAND, &c. m m. m m ^^T!oROE McBl^JE7Jr., ha* remoretnii* ofRc^oNo? 16 Broadway, and continues to remit nouey, in snms large or smalll, to reraous residing in ajiy part of Ireland, iu the same minner a* he and hi* predecessor in business have done for the last thirty ye.'-r* and more; afto, to aay part of England or Scotland. Money remitted by letter, post-paid, to the subscriber, or personally deposited with him, with the name ol the personor persons in Ireland, England, or Scotland, to whom it is to be sent, and nearest post town, will be iminedi itely transmitted and paid accordingly, aud a receipt to that effect giTen or ^.irwarded to the sender. att lm*r NEW L1.NE OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS. m m m m "^T^ail from N??^21*t, and irorr^iverpool 6u^^jcb mouth. From Xew York. Liverpool. New *hip Liverpool, 1 ISO ton*, j ft*; ? J. Eldridge. r August 21 Oct. 6 w._ o?..n nf w..t (January 21 March 6 1230 ton?ir. Woodhouse, ' } &mV *} ft* 6 New Ship Rochester, 100 toiu. S ju?IUiry v! f John Briton. fc'&.r tl Def" I Ship Hottingner, 10JO toni, )'ilu.cl1 l\ u'^ 5 Ira Hursly. I ft* ?} %* ? These substantial. fast (tiling;, nrit class shipi, all built in the city of Dew York, are commanded by men of experience and ability, and will be despatched punctually on the Hat of each month. Their cabins are elegant and commodioua. and are furnished with whatever can conduce to the ease and Comfort ofpassengrrs. Price of p.iasage $100. Neither the captains nor owners of these ships will be responsible for any parcels or packages sent by them, unless regular bill* of kding arc signed therefor. For freight or passage apply to WOODHULL fc MINTURN, h: South street. New V ?rk, or to F1ELDEN, BROTHERS &Vo., m? rc _ L'verpnol. jOH> HEKUMAN tc CO., Ubited States and Orent Britain and Ireland, Old Established Emigrant Office, 61 South street, New York. HKRDMAN, KEEN^AN ?c CO.. Liverpool. Passage to and from Ureal Britain and Ireland, via Liverpool by the Old Black Ball Line, or any of the regular Packet ships sailing every five days. The subscribeis in calling the attention of Old Countrymen and the public generally to their unequalled arrangements for bringing out passengers from the old eountry, beg leave to state that the husinese of the House at Liverpool will be condncted by it* branch. Those sending for their friends will at once see the great importance of thia arrangement, a* it will preclude ai^annecessary delay of the emigrant. The ships employed in this line are well known to be of the first and largest elaas, commanded by men of experience; and as they sail every five days, offer every facility that can be farniahed. With those superior arrangements, the subscribers look forward for a continuation ot that patronage which has been so liberally extended to them (or so many years past. In case any of (hose engaged do not cmbaik, the passage money w ill he refunded as customary. For further pai-icnlsrs apply by letter, post paid. J. HERDMAN fc CO.. 81 South st.. New York. HERDMAN, KEENAN fc CO., Liverpool. N. B.?Drafts for any amount can as usnal be furnished, payable at all the principal Hanking Institutions throughout the Uni'ed Kingilom. on application as above. - - BRITISH AND NOKTH A.MEKICAN ROYAL MAIL STEAM SHIPS, of IXM tons and MO burse power each, ur.~^b^^ubflXf^der contract with the Lords of the Ad mi HIBERNIA Capt. A. Ryrio. BRITANNIA Capt. J. Hewitt. CALEDONIA Capt. E. O. Lott. A' AUIA Copt. Win. Hauison. CAMBRIA . ...Capt.C. H. E. JtidkiB*. Will aail from Liverpool anil Boston, ri? Flalifn. u follow* :? PIOM B0IT05. FROM LIVERPOOL. Britannia July 16, 1#46. Cambria July 4, 1(16. Cambria Ang. 1, " Hib?rni? 19, ' Hibernia " 16, " Caledonia Aug. 4, " Caledonia Sept. I. " Pa> a<2E MencT. From Boston to Liverpool $11*. From Boston to Halifax... . . 30. No bertha secured nntil paid for. Theae ahipa carry n perienctd aurgeoua. No freight, except specie, received on d aya of sailing. For freight, paaaage, or any other information, apply to D. BHIOHAM, Jr., Agent. Jy7rc At HARNDKNfc CP'S * Will at. PACKETS FOR iIaVTIE- tiecond Line?The jAJMPW packet (kip BALTIMOIIIC, Captain John Johnson, MMlE?lr., will sail ou the 1st of August. For freight or passage apply to BOVD fc HINCKF.N, J)7 r M Wall street. PACKETS FOR MARSEILLES?The pacitH J^HV,hlP NEBRASKA, ('amain Watson, will sail on the " S-laipf August For freight or paasage, apply to . , CHAMBKRLAIN fc rllELPH, 101 l^'rnnt at., or to jy"" BOYD fc HI NT KEN, M Wall srreal.. tfcfc , VfRPOOL?Regular Packet of the 11th Tiri t nr'f "??, 'aat aai'ing packet ship WAJMMfal tRLOO, Capt. Allen, 1000 tona bnrtheu, wm sail above, her regular day. Having very supernw aceommodntioaa for cabin, tecond cabin, and peerage passengers, persona intending tu embark. should maka immediate application on board, foot of Maideu Lane, or u> JOSKPTl M'MURkAv, ? _ _ , . , .. '? Pine and Bnnth at. P.S.?Persona desirou* of sending for their friends in the old country, can hare them brought out in the above splendid packet, or any other of the una, by applying u above. Jr? rr. ???- FOR NEW ORLEANS?LOUISIANA AND IMiy New York Line?Regular Packet?To sail Monday, JHMKarMth Jnlv. The elegant fast aailing packet ship LUTjIrTv ILLE, Hunt master, will positively sail as above, her regalar day. For freight or paasago, having handaome furnished accomanodationa, apply on board, at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall at , orto E. K. COLLINS fc CO., 'j6 South at. Poaitivaly nogooda reeaived on board after Saturday evoning, Itch inat. Agent in New Orleant, Jamea R. Woodruff, who will 1 promptly forward all roods to his address. Packet ahip OS WEOO Johnston master, will succeed th? Louisville; and sail Monday, August 10th, her regalar day. jrM t JifilTED STATES fc OREAT BRITAIN fc IRELAND OLD ESTABLISHED EMIGRANT HaOr F ICE ?The Snbscnbera ere prepared to bring Soat passengers by any ol the Line of Packets sniling every va day*; and draft* can, aa usual. be furnished, payable irnughmit tha United Kingdom. For further particular* apply to JOHN HF.RDMAN fc C<?, m, _ Sonrh atr?t f\ARD.?# barrels Lard, now laodinji. and loTsala ov ?IW? > Kit, 0?I.1IIW? Mlout 1 1 I .III < W V <) :w YORK, SATURDAY A FOR SALE, TWO FINE SJtVOLE HORSES, WlLLdnu alto 111 ? carriage. 'l'har ^1 ire juit the right fixe for riding on ijuN f \ ? "V? horseback. and nave beru long used ><< f. ^ ^ U.e .auuie. Apply at the desk of the Herald (.Mice, tor further particular! _ jell if?iiA ' WATTR1PONT & CO., fll FASHIONABLE HATTERS. I"1 0^ (3 Nassau street, ueax Kultoti, New York. JP? THE subscribers beg to call the attaitiou of the public CO j the quality wl their various kinds ol Hata i>r their own manufacture. They have juat received a ainall aipply ol' superior moleskin, now used by the moat fashionable hatters lu Van*, a aample ol' which they will Teal uiocli pleasure in showing to those who will favor tliein with a call. Hie uudi-riigued I do n?t pretend to aril at 2i or even 10 tier ceut less tliau any i other establishment; neither can they boast ot haviug a splendid store: but they flat'er tliemaelvea that the quality and finish of their Hata will give enure satisfaction, ai the price* charged. They have adopted tbe French ityle el trimming tbe sunt um nMiku m pTrcuuiv i-j tne t>rr>virauuu comui| through mjil spoiling the beau'y til their appearance. M. B. WATTRIPONT, t j rnv V, I in* in WM. H. JAVKS. J 'I'O J(.WLLLKH8. .MlAlATLKfc. I'AIM'fcHS, ?tc,? X C. t( J. HAHTNK'I f, No. 1 Conrtlaudt street, aeu Broadway, wholesale and retail Manufacturers uf Travelling. Writing, OreMiinK a"d Jewelry Boies, Miniature Case* lol Setting!-. Flute, Locket, Walcn, Ring, Pm and parcil Boiet; caafs Tor silver Plate ueatly arrauged to order. AUo, Traf* mJtt- and liued to Jewellers show cases, to contain watcbes, chains, rijigs, keys, pins, thimbles, peucils, 4tc A variety of the above articles constantly on hand and > to order, with neatness and despatch. No. I t'mirtlaadt ; street. New York. tnylFlm*re ' 700,000 HAVANA & PRINCIPE SKGARS. | 120 Bales HAVANA TOBACCO, as follow* >- I 1 Kmnlacion, Ksculapio, Tressed, Rionda Regalia, San Roman, Rionda do., Esperanxa do., La Victoria, Lafayette do., Washington do., Ksperauza, Riouda Congreasoa, Lafayette do., Rionda, Do. Plantation, Triueipe Steamboat, Lafayette, Principe Justo 8ani, Via. Jsjo Tobacco. The whole entitled to debenture, and in lota to suit, ffot sale by B. M. P1CABIA, mv7 1 m r 117 ^****** ? ?? *?'?n np train. /U.MI.VK HA V A.N a SkliARb, of the new brand It VJ Judio trrauce," (The Wandering Jew.) Kor sale, by r. MANCHO. at M Fulton street. la*M Ri?*i|l> Mrtf#' >* MBit* ' < nr.Kn A.M-i OHIt* l?K^AL>, 7i Moll suoel," ?? ' Walker street.?JAA1K8 PARR, having recently intro- , duced ?ioam machinery into his Baking i Ksrnbl tskmeui, is en- | , auieu to produce * very superior amcie in r?nip ureau ail a Crackers, invites city and country merchants to call and tee ' his goods, vii:?aodn and milk Biscuit pilot aud nary Bread, I butter, sugar, and Boston Crackers, fee. His facility for man- < ulicturiiig them is so great that Uiey cau be sold at the very , |"WMl price*. mrl1 lm*r , PUKE WATER?STONE'S IMTROVED PREMIUM Water Kilters.?These tillers not only clarify bat purify the most turbid water, rendering it perfectly salubrious, by diresting it of all putrid vegetable anil animal matter, auitnalcuU. Sir. The filtering properties ofthis apparatus are so great that even water impregnated with soap, tobacco, Icc., fee., is rendered perfectly tasteless, no odor and of a bright, chrvsie* lice clearness. Can be seen in opeiation, and for sale at Stoat and Brothers' Croton Plumbing establishment, 390 Broadway. a22lm?r _ CHUltCH'S VEUETA13LE LOTION. , THIS highly valuable Cosmetic will effectually cure emp- i tious on tne face and skin, particularly pimples, blotches, i tetter, tan, freckles aud ringworms. The use of the Lotio* J for a short time, will establish a clear and brilliant co npleiion. Sold in bottles at71centa each, at IM bowery, comer of Spring street. Also by Mrs. Hays, Brooklyr. my It lm*m JOHN MULL/IN uwpectlnlly informs his friends and the public that he ham REMOVED from his old stand, No. 206 Broadway, to No. 3 BARCLAY Street, a few doors from Broadway, where he continues to import and manufacture double ana single barrel Fowling Pieces, Rifles aud Pistols, i of a superior quality. Also, Gun and Pistol Locks, German | Silver Castings for rifles and fowling pieces, witli(on Bate { rials in general, m be sold low for cash. N. B.?Repairing done in the beat maauer and on the meet hmsmisMs IMti mv">?m*rre L. DUIjAN vJt iallUTRtliS, SLATEKS. No. 438 Broome street, corner (Broadway, j New York.?New Roofs fut en in tl "ituiier ' old Roofs repaired and warranted tight. k iv , J the above place, and Mr. P. Clark's, 36 Hem a ill Lit piincrnall v ai'enHed to . Im*rc PA. ti L Dfc.LMONICO, are hsppj lorm their friends and the public, that their new I iu Broadway, No. 25 comer of Morris street, ia ui ilrted and will be opened on the 1st of June next No pains have been spared to render it one most comfortable in the city, and persons desirous ofa pei rut home, " well as strangers merely passing oy, will iiud all their wants and comforts attended to with the most strict attention in v Iiti*t FORT INDEPENDENCE HOUSE. FAMILIES wishing to find board in the country for the summer, can procure pleasant rooms at this delightful place, on the E^at bank of Uie Hudson River, at the eutrance of the Highlands, near Peekjkill, by making early application to the ?ubscnber. jj9 lw*rc V. TRUE8DELL. "SURGO UT PROSSIM." PAUL H. DENNIS AND J. MARTIN BOTNER. respectfully inform the public that they have opened the house No 86 NASSAU STREET, immediately opposite the S>comd Ward Hotci., where they will be happy to see their friends andothvrs who may be disposed to favor thsrn with a call. Their Bar will at all times fee well su|? plied with the vcar actr of Wines and other Liquors, Cigars fee. Messrs. DKtnis fe Bother assure their friends that every effort will be inade to austain the reputation they have tolou* ei joyed, and they are confident of giving satisfaction to all who partake of the comfurta and Usuries of thair house. jy8 lw"rc PAVILION, NEW BRIGHTON. F BLANCARD has the honor to inform his friends and the public iu general, that the Pavilion n uow in full operation and prepared for their reception. Steamboats run between Pier No. I, North River, and New Brighton, at the following hours, vii:? *rom New Brighton. I From New York. 1, 11 A. >1. 9. 12 A. M. 2, ( P. M. | 3?, J, 7 P. M. r. BLANCARD. Pavilion, New Brighton. Jane I. IM?. j27tfrc iat SliAUJia HOTEL, 64 RtatU Street, I Vest Side of Broadway. THE Subscriber respectfully informs hit friends and the public, that he hat lately opened the above Establishment, in a ttyle su|*rior to any other house of the kind in the city of New York. The satisfaction which he biu hitherto given to his numerous friend:, and customers, while proprietor of "The Shidet," in Thames street, ha flatters himself will ' be t guaranty to all who may pocromte him in his new esta- ' blisliment, while no etlnrt on nit part will be wanting to merit the continuance of their patronage i The usual relishes, Chops, Steaks. Welsh Rarebitt, Poach- < ed Egitt, fee., will be served up in a superior sfyle. The room will he regularly supplied with city paper*, as well tt a full supply of foreign paper*, by every arrival from Europe. JAMES EVANS, mil lm*re SARACEN'S HEAD, 12 DEY 8TREET,n7V~ JOSECH SXITH.late of Wareester England, begs leave to inform hit triend*,e?*temaia tad tre public in general 'hat he hat recently fitted up his house n n rcry stipend manner, and calculated to pleat* gentlemen of tatte. He will alwayt, as heretofore, keep hit Bar and Larder supplied with the best Liquors and Prnvitiont that the market anordt Dinuert from 12 till 1 o'clock, and Cold Cut*, Chops, Stakes. Rare Bita, fee., at all hourt. Hit supply af English and city newspapers is excelled by no boose in New York, and hia Alet, Winaa, Segara, fee., arr of the most superior quality and the attendance prompt. Private Room* provided for parties, and the oomfort aud accommodation of customers always attended to. Lodgings, fee. myU lm*r MANSION HOUSE, ! MIDDLE TOWN CONNECTICUT. , rriHK UNDERSIGNED ben leave to announce ta his JL friends and the public, Out Re Sai leased the above house for a terna of yean, and hopes, by 1 >ng experience and strict sttenUou to business, to merit a IiberM share ol their patronage. JOHN L. MONROK, mrt Jm*re Formerly of the U. 8. Hotel. Boston. shaken springs pavilion. The PUBLIC it informed that thit establishment, harint been enlarged and improved since the close of the last season, will bu opened for the reception of visiters. on the lat day ol Juue- LANBON li CTAKDNKR. May 1. 1846. myt3:hn?r BON SEJOUR, THE SUBSCRIBER has the pleasure to announce that his house, at MfTCf) 1'oint, is now open for public aceomeommodation. A hotel on the Jersey side has lone bee* a demderaturn which is now supplied. The honse (the old Me lany mansion) has been re-fltted in elegant style, with manr aew rooms and other important addilioos. The grounds are beautifully laid out, and what with luin riant shrubbery, charming walks, agreeable drives, and plea ant boanng, the place w III challenge competition with sn> rural residence. Families who wish to pass a cool and >|Uin summer, can be provided *ith rooms or snits of .ipartments 4t their choice, Fish of almost every variety abound in the " Kills,' and the aeighboring woods are not deficient in game The steamer Pasaaicl plying betweenNew York and Newark, tops st the landing, in front of the house, lour times a day. and the citauwi of New York cannot And a more beautiful drive thaa that between Jersey City and Bergen Point. In fine, all visiters, customers ana boarders, may be assured that no pains will be spared to make the place merit the title given it ol old?Bon SeJour Daniel w. lockwood. The Pastaie. for Newark, leave* the foot of Barclay itrxt at 10 A. M. ana 4 P. M., lauding in front of the abore place. The Port Richmond boat leavea pier No. I at t, II, JX and 6 o'clock. At Port Richmond there will be boata in attend nice to oonvey p?ieu*er?, and land them at the hoaae. mllm"r CHALLENGE T?5" THE UNITED STATES. THE Subic/iberi hare no heaitation in aayiar '? the people o iNtw York, and the neighboring eitiea, that they can and do challenge the merchant* of oar conntry, far and near, to compete with tnem in the aale of WIN l>OW SHADES. They hare a manufactory iu the State of Nrw Jersey, a boat 12 milea Iron* 'he city of New York, and po*seas every Uulity lor their shades at the leant expense. Of their t beauty, worth ma cheapnes*, they will c<mviiice the moat in- , c minions by their giving then a call. DVnCKER, k BECK KK. No. M Chatham it-wN. Y.,one door from the corner ol Chamber* at. mil lm're. A GRIEVE, No. i Jonn atreet, importer and dealer in Bird*. Cagea, Bird Seeda ef ever* deacription, offer* for , aale the following valuable and ram Bird* Mino, Aranurr, Waanee or Chinese Mocking Bird, Abordevat or Spice Bird, Java Sparrows, White Cockatoo, Chineae Pheaaant. Theae I birda were all imported from the Eaat Indies, at great el- | reuse. Blackbird*, Thrnahea, Linnera, ( hamnchea, Oold- 1 ] nnchea, BullAncbea, Starlinga and Skylarks. In faat, the en- I nous will And at No. i John street, most of the tag a birds in | , the known world. N. H.?Black and Taa King Charles' Spaniels, received by 1 the ship Henry PraU, from Liverpool, per John Orieve. 1 ' my?I lw*rrc I WINDOW SHADES. ! I1 HE cheapest and best assortment in the United States, m* lor talc whoI*aale or retail. by ' DV/NcKER Ic BECKER, 5i Chatham ?tra??t. 1 mvlT 1m*rrr no# Hoor frnm C'Um^r* atr#av. Nr. < COAL i*AMl> FOKTaA-LE: ~ ONf. ondiTided, aae hair part of tha bait and UrfMt qaar- ' ry ol Anthracite Coal, (in proportion to the quantity ef ' lend.) in I Vnnsylrajiit; being m tfie whole I met 3.'?6 acres, I act measure, adjoining the lands of tha Bearer Meadow 1 Company on tha eaat, and tha laada of tha 8 a mm it Level 1 Company on the we?tj both now im fall wot king operation, t will be iold cheap. For forthar particulars, anpiy to J j?lt l?*lfcc Tuciuwt! 8ehnyUU M., fi. RK I IORNING, JULY 11, 1846 The Mexican War. Incident*, Ice., of the Wtr. On last Saturday evening, we taw General La Vega at the 8t. Charles Hotel. Yesterday, we read the following in the Ntv York Htrald, which if true, prove* the (Inline* of travel between this city and Washington, to have bean moat considerably shortened:?" La Vega, the Mexican captive general, is iu Washington. He probably thinks the Halle of Congress are equal to tho Halls of the Montezuma. This gallant general ia a Hue-looking man, with a pair of mrtfiuficent niouttaclie. We have in our possesion an excellent daguerreotype likeness of him." Speaking of daguerreoty pes, there ia a very handsome nd correct oue of General La Vega, at Mr McGuire's door, near the corner of Camp and Canal streeU. Rcmabbs.?The daguerreotype of General La Vega, 1 in our petseasion, wat taken by Mr. McGuire. It is a auperb on*. After the fight of the 9th became general, a private, an Irishman, found a bunch of chaparral between himself ; and a strapping Mexican. The Mexican raised his piece and taking deliberate aim pulled trigger ; the piece did not goot^ the Mexican again raided bis musket and snapped It, Paddy all the time cooly looking on. At the second I failure to discharge his piece, the Mexican in a delirium of wrath, threw his musket away, and went through \ various gyrations of dotpair. faddy mistaking theso txcentricities for a challenge for a list light, threw awayhit musket, and placing himself in an attitude that would . have delighted Deaf Durke. sang out, "Oh by the powers, you will not find me amiss with the fists if'a yer gam* " Lieutenant , who was observing this singular exhibition of coolness and cbivaly, ordered the soldier to take up his proper weapon, and send the Mexican to liis long homo, which was done accordingly. A private, on tho !>th, who bad followed Lieut Dobbins through the thickest of the fight, raised his musket at a Mexican, and would have blown hint through if the poor fellow had qot most pieously cried out, " Jlmifo, amigo," at the tame time dropping his weapon; the private did the tame and rdv inced toward the Mexican to take him prisoner; the Mexican then perfidiously raised hit piece and instantlv killed the trenerous Amerinn. Thi? >n an. raged Lieut Dobbins, that be drew hit bowie knife and at bound reached the coward,and literally split hii head in twain. Af Churchill'* battalion of artillery were advancing to take their po*itk>n in the lecond line of battle on the Wth, I private in the 4th regiment wa* come up to, who lay 7on the battle field with both leg* shot off. He was one the flrat that fell after the cannonade rommencod; and ras a veteran in Napoleon'* war*. After having escaped in the terrible conflict* of Austarlitz and Wagram.aud in the retreat from Moscow, and the battle of Waterloo, he lived to fall on the I'alo Alto, from a cannon shot from Mexican battery. As hi* fellow *oldieis passed him | and noticed at every pulsation of hi* heart, that the | blood flowed from his wounds, they stopped an mutant to (ympathise with him. The noble-hearted fellow, as his ye* were gazing in death, waved thorn on, and with hi* last breath said, " (io comrades, I have only got what a oldier culists for."?ff. O. Tropic. [From the Covington (la) People'* Friend, June 20 1 \sit wa* previously understood, on Saturday last tne court-yard was fillod with ladies and gentlemen to witness tne presentation of a flag wrought by our own fair ladies, to the Covington Volunteers, to bear with them in the Southern campaign. On tendering the banner to the Captain of the company, Mis* Wallace made the following happy remarks Soldiers-in the name, and on the behalf of the young ladies of Covington, 1 present to you, through your gallant Captain, this banner. It is the flag of your oountry! consecrated by many a hard fought battle, rendered acred and dear to u* all, by the memory of the blood hedby our gallant anceitor*, lighting for freedom under the e>e of it* dauntless Kagle. (fit is a circumstance to make it still dearer to you,?it was wrought by our own hands. Many a goodly banney will bo ttiero, presented by lirhands But, soldiers, for oursakes let this be foreiri n the light Cover it with the laurels of glory.? Let he tin nr*t banner planted upon the wallsof Mexico ?tliohr-i wave from the conquered capital of Monte/ I. is b'-en the lot oi humanity to purchase those dear home, fireside and peaceful onjoyments so lUsr (f) lilir (AT hv th* hrontrv nnil nlo? I till* Inn nftasn by the blood of our natural protector* And in no land ha* thia truth been mora affecting! v illustrated than in our own. And an it ha> been said by travellers, that flower* bloom with rarest beauty on the battle fields of the past; so the flowers ot the heart bloom fairest and sweetest after the storms of war are hushed. Then take this banner, and promise us now that you will neve*Jose it?nor ever suffer it to be defeated or disgraced. Remember wlisnvoa see it waving in the perilous fight, the boautiCul ana heroic incident of our Kevolution, when the noble Jasper, (a name familiar to you all.) sprang o^r the battlements of Fort Moultrie, in the face of a deadly fire of the British artillery, and, uninjured, seized and restored the crimson banner presented to hi* company by Mrs. Elliott, and which had been shot from it* stall' by the cannon of the enemy. Believe us, our good angel* shall watch over you in defence of this banner; and our Grayer* shall go with you, for the preservation of your vesjand for your safe return to your families and friends; trusting that you will bear back u ith you, though it may be tattered and torn ta shred* Lythe bullets of the enemy, this token of our esteem for your gallantry, this pledge of out undying remembrance of your devotion to your common country, this .Kgi" which shall cover you in the hour of danger with oar protecting prayers. Military Operation* throughout the Cnlon. south carolina. Lieutenant Thoi. G. Rhett ha* been stationed in South Carolina, to recruit for the new Regiment oi Mounted Rifleman authorized by a recent act efCongres*. The rendezvous is at Aiken. To the adventurou* the scrvice in this regiment olfer* great attraction*. It* fint duty will be to keep open tho communication with Oregon, nnd protect and aid emigrant* to that region. In case of the continuance of tho Mexican war, it will doubtlei* act in concert with the force declined for the occupation of California. The service will be one of activity and adventure, with a fair proipect of a little fighting.? Charleston Mercury, July 7. new yoiik. Capt. Kri*liie'? company of volunteers will be mu*tcred into service on tho 15th innt. The commutation for clothing, >3 50 per month, will be paid in advance for one ywar, and tiirM month*' paj', proper, will alio be paid in advance. Person* wiahinr to connect them lelves with this company, muit make immediate application-?Albany Jtrgiu, July 10. Naval Preparations. The line ?hip Ohio has been stripped, and will go into tlio dry <look when the Independence come* out. Workmen are still engaged in fitting vip the Franklin as a store ship.? Motion Couritr, July 10. Montevideo.?Our late advices from Rio Jrv neirogive Home further particulars oi' the movements at Montevideo, an account of which we gave some days since in our columaa. The Montevideo papers assert that a large quantity of arm* and munitions were sent to Oribe by the Brazilian frontier of Jaguaro The details of the death of M. Ardouilllrre are given, as follow " The commander, Ardouillii-re, had landed at some distance from Paysaador, followed by seventy marines and forty horsemen, attacking and disponing the troops at different pasts, till within two leagues oi Payunder, at LWrroya de Hacra. There the enemy, to the number of or four hundred men, perceiving the weakness of the detachment, united, and compelled the nvading force to retreat, which it did in good order as far as the farm of Casas Bigness, where s brisk fusillade va* exchanged. At fve in ths evening, a musket ball 'truck M. Ardouill'-' re in tlrt head : ths blow was moral. A reinforcement soon arrived, and the enemy reired. The commander was conveyed on board bis veslel. and in two hours after aspired. The body of M. { \rdouillirre was buried with the usual honors at Montefideo. The French brig of war Tactique wa.i one of the ast vessel* which arrived in the Kio de Plata. The Alsatienne and Milouine, which sailed from the coast of \frica at the same time with har, arrived soon after Montevideo offers a singular appearance, alter so much , nmult, and the terrors of a protracted siege. It would ieem natural that the city would be reduced to the last j >tage of misery and of discouragement; but it is not so. Commerce is brisk ; trade is in lull activity. The jourtals, well printed, and better conducted, profess the nost liberal do'-trinf.s. At the gate*, the war rages with he brutality of the daik ages ; within, benevolence and oy QXcrcise full swav. Dramatic companies and artiiu [iv? entertainments for the benefit of the hospitals. MonevitWo combines a thousand sympathetic movemsnts , ?ittt+the progress of the age. Civilisation, pursuing ' I ts march towards Paraguay, Bolivia, and all the interior j | if the continent, at Montevideo takes the first stop. Ku- , ope finds her in arms, and cannot overcome har, either >y strategy or force." Another PienrtE or Okn. Tatlok.?An officer ivlio served under Gen. Taylor in the Florida war, , n conversation with u?, says the Trmttin Nttei, remark* hat hi< kindness to his officers and meu in illness in that lickly climate, endeared him to them even as much, If lot more than his gsllantry in the field. During the Ireadful summer ol 18S!>, when the troopa were more hen decimated by the yellow and congestive fevers, he vaa ever to be found walking through the wards of the losnital. looking ont with a keen eye for the comforts if all, officer and soldier alike. Poor Meat Onffin, his avonte aide, died in the August of |S3?, in the . rma of lur informant, and when the suffering sniritof that noble ifHcer sprang up from its tenement of clay, Tat lor knelt lown by the rude conch of the deceased soldier, end lurst inlo tears. A heart at onci so full of true bravery ind tender feeling, formed for daring deeda,* and still ca>ablo of softness and tears, is not olten seen in this ice (erg w orJd of ours, and when it is seen It is to be appre:iated. High Fares and Hot Weather. Nitw Yeas, 10th July, 1846. VJa. Be?iNitTT? Dnca 8ra?thi? nrternoon I tuck my Boyihout IS I j |-eer old Si got in the trane of cart, which leav the 8ity I | Hal at tu oclock Well arter we got along up tome , | *ny* tha piched on one a them pufln thingi. h we did go ike all natur 10 arter a wile a critter comea along, and { ?*ed me fur my fare Well I give him )j| a dollar and ! lien he axed me how fnr I win goin tu. It I tailed him | in Morriiiania the crl'ter gin me IB |>ence change, i when we got out my bov telled me I payed tu much, ne >nght to hnv telled m* thia afore, well arter wod \ I'ramped aliont among them butilul *audy mount aw, j ind enjoid ourala in the hot iun. wetuk a Haunter in the j Home k. wated till I thot I wai nigh about Idled. We i fieerd the thing a romia <lown agin, ao wa giia in, It ' , when the man come* along for hiafare I telled him all | ihotit the extra ?hillin the father critter had charged me ; (oin up but the poor fellow aaid he had nothin on Arth i n du with it. ao I had tu loote my ahiilin. ] Toar's reapect/ully, Timoimt Horr. i >?ULJLilLL- 'k BL.<ILU I?1?' LUi,1 IERA The Watering I'lacea. sa*ato>ia sminqi, July 8. Incrraie of h'iiiteri?Hrilliunt Leveei? Schneider'$ Band ? Improvementt in the I'illage?One thinx nccJrd. Every train of cars, and every stage, tirii>|c? a larger , number of gentlemen and ladies from far and near,?and of all clauses,?who aeek this delightful retreat, where nature has furnished the most wonderful healing waters, to imnrovM thn tinalth and tn nnirmAnt tVw? invi nf lif* surrounding her fountain* with pleasant grove* and beau- | tiful prospects, to please the eye und impire the aoul with admiiation of the bountiful Creator of all ; and where naturohad failed to fashion things to suit the convenience and taslo of roan, art and improvement have in terpoied to make another paradiio. A largo ptoportion ol the visiter* now here, and to remain, aro gentlemen of wealth anil lashion, with their wives, sons and daughters, from eastern and southern cities. A fair propoition aie younp, and buoyant with joyous feelings, and animated with high anticipations of happy and liouorablo lives. TUey give a charm to every circle, by imparting tt spirit of cheeifulness to each. The parties, balls, levees, Sic., of the season, thus far, j have been of an agreeable, select, and animated character. Vouth and iieauty have mingled with uge; and , while the olasticity and sprightliness of the lormer have , blended with mora staid and consiilerate movements of | the latter, all havo seemed to forget their ciratimstantwl disparities in the mutual pleasure* of the illuminated and i guy saloon. Not lea-it among the agencies for giving dolight to the spirits of all, may be mentioned the sweet music of Schneider's popular band, from your city. This band has been employed, at great expense, by Messis. Marvin, of the U. Htates, for the entertainment of their numerous guesti ; and several times a day, and during the even nig. are the hearts of all thrilled with delight, by their soit, harmonious, or rapturous strains Not at that place, alone, however, are the clouds which sometimes overhang the prospects of life, by misfortune of some sort, uio?i|'<iiou, anu mu iK"1 1,1,11 "u|>e 01 u Milliner luiure admitted. At all the principal hotel* may no seen the illuminated parlor or saloon, tilled with viiiteri, whoso smiling faces and happy looks duly the corroding influence of obtrusivo sorrow and disappointment. Kvery day seems to increase the pleasurableuess of the season. In- ' creasing numbers, and mutual recognitions of friends, impart exceeding animation to every circle, at the recur- ; reuce of every assembly of guests. The roceut firo, which consumed several balldlngi, promises to prove a blessing, rather than an injury, to this place. Those commuted weie not such us they should have b8en. occuping ttie prominent place they did on Broadway. A new block is now going up, of three stories and basement, to be of brick, with iron pillars in front, and making, in all, some seven or eight good stores below, with numerous offices above, and adding much to the beauty of the street. The enterprising citizens are also making other extensive improvements 111 their buildings, streets, tic. This is us it should be; Saratoga should boons of the most splendid villages in the Union, in order that its external appearauco may constitute a part of the fame it shall enjoy as a popular and healthful resoit for all countries, through all coming time. Were I allowed to make a suggestion, which the nature of things seems imperatively to demand, I would say to the people of Saratoga?"By some means, if possible, l bring hack that wender of all wonders in your village, , High Kock Spring, to its former (low. Kind tho mischievous vent fiom which panes off the boiling, bubbling stream, before it teachea the surface of the rock. It can be done, no doubt, with little expenso. And then let the grounds there be so improved as to invite visiters to an examination of it." By this means may tliia wonderful lock not only l>a preserved, bat, by the sumo process that its present conformation was effected, may it be augu'fiited forever, rendering it, from year to year, an ob- j ject of increasing wowl%?. I know of no medium through which to call the attention of those interested so successfully as the < popular and respected columns of the Herald. And were I to make the suggestions 1 have in any other paper, belore any movement would be mudo, the inquiry would be, " What docs the JUrald say ' about it T* And to, indeed, on every subject: and with all my knowledge of tue celebrity of the ; Herald, 1 was not aware, until I took a little pains to vbseive, that there was such a perfect reliance, of every one about, of all parties, and in every place, upon the Herald for information, and for the decision ol important questions of public moment. On the reception of the news relating to the action of Congress affecting ta- | rids, and in relation to the war, Jcc Sic., the question is heard in every corner, " What does tho Herald say 7" but 1 will not repeat, lest I be deemed " syc.-' Newport, July 4, 184fi. The Scenery of the Place?lit Comforti and iti rfttraction!. So you are complaining of warm weather in great Gotham. Ah ! could yo%t>ut taste the sweets of a Narragansett zephyr?could you only transplant yourself to this delightful spot?inhale its sweet sea breeze and the | perfume of its thousand gardens?dream all day of its ! dark -eyed daughters, and lie awake all night thinking | of tliem?pat or it* excellent l>eef and butter and straw- j berries?drink of its delicious milk?bathe in it* cool ' clcar waterj?fish in itn tine bay for ban and tautaug, and then dine upon them?you would think you had | passed Irom a purgatory to a paradise. Such a delightful place is this sweet little upon | the Narragamiott. in New York you only exist, no- i tiling more. Here you may live, and it nut diseased in mind or bod v, you may enjoy life. A walk through its labyrinth of green lanes, would add five year* to your ' life, unless you are a bachelor, and get suddenly killed i oft' by tVe flash of a dark eye, some of which you are sure to encounter at every turn. We ?ay then, if you are sick, " throw physic to the dogs," and come to New- } port; if you are sound, throw business to the , aad come to Newport. Here you will soon be healthy and happy. To day is the annual National Jubilee. It is hero, as , elsewhere, a holiday of course Here, however, it is not a noWy one?Newport in a sedate,sober place. The do- ' scendant* of the Cogshells and the Coddingtou* are j not the less patriotic, lor Newport in truly an American town; but they prefer celebrating their independence in | a quiet family way. Wo must not judge a man's patrio- , tishi bv the noise he makes, no more than you would a fiddle by its case. Nevertheless when the sun sets we shall doubtless hear more of the Fourth, a* a neat little pyrotechny exhibition is about to come oil' light under our windows. The machinery is already "put up," and the boys seem to long for night as much as did Wellington at Waterloo. A splendid banner too is flying from the ' cupola of the great " Ocean." " Coming events cast | their shadows before." This star-spangled Hag is the only j one floating over the " Ocean," and w ere we to direct our horoscope toward the alfairs of the ?outh-west, wc ' might be led to look upon this incident as prophetic of j our future greatness. As yet hut few visitors have arrived. The coolness of i the weather during the latter part of June, has determined most of thaso summer birds to stay at home, until alter the fourth. Besides visiters do not make their appearance so early at Newport as at Saratoga. A great many cottages and apartments, however, havo been engaged, and the ensuing week will no doubt till the hotels 1 and boat ding houses. Strangers need be under no apprehensions of being crowded together as at Cape May and Saratoga. All comers will find that ample accommodations nave been provided for them. Aa Newport possesses other points of intereita besides its faahionabl* reputation?such as Indian remains?historical recollections of tho Revolutionary war- antiqui- ' ties, still to be seen in its neighborhood? I shall endeavor, before the bathing season has fairly begun, to give you some account of these "local lions." They form one of the inducements to select Newport as a place of rammer resort?and a great item it is, leading to a thousand walks, rides, drives, pic-nlc>, and parties of pleasure. No spot in America poisesscs more early historical recolIcctions than Newport?and perhaps no town in our whole country has more reason to rejoice over the anniversary of our independence. Her citizens bravely fought for their freedom, hut were obliged to submit for i pi-no I of tnree years, to the brutal surveillance and tyrannical conduct of a military dictator. Ecolif.r. NlwroaT, July 5. Shoti from the Sea-ihore ?J1 chapttr of Incident*. Yesterday passed off in thin quiet ul>l city without any very great excitement. Many citizen* of Newport had fone to Providence and New Bedford, where large dis days were expected. In the latter place, we lielieve >ver a thousand dollars were expanded on fire-works.? rhe Bostonians itormed and took the Castle of St. Jumn ]? UUoa. A very handsomely uniformed company of volunteers, ' with a ton of the brave Commodore 1'erry at their head, enlivened onr streets with music and bright colourt. Btarry flags floated from roofs and window*, and in the evening an Ahihltion of fireworks. in an open field adjoining the Ocean Hotel, waa witnessed by delighted hou sands. Altogether, the citizen* of the little old town nede quite enough nolle to prove their patriotiim. One hinf worthy oi remark remain* for metoaav. I wa* *1 ambulating the street*, (luring the whole day, and I j lid not *ee a tingle individual u ith " a brick in hi* hat " '.xteoslve preparations have been made at Newport dtiing the laat >ear, for the accommodation of vimtora.? 1 onfectionerie*. refectories, bowling saloon*, billiard ta>lea without number; there is al?o a fine piatnl gallery, ?here ladie* and gentlemen are requeued to cell. We have leerd of ladie* piactising pistol-shooting in New Orleam, , vhere the climate I* hot: but we did not know that the irectice had obtained so far north as Newport It is a act, howevtr, and the owner of the gallery tells you, i ' that as the Udies laat sea*on complained of the Kstols j >eing tee heavy, he he* this ycer paid Alty dollars for a MUr inm Will CXIICUJ IUU Uivm. nnm ><)>aii?ar. u*vhera theae dear creature* muit make ! The ethereal Are that tlaahea from their area, ia more to b? dreaded han that of their pMol*. We have aeen letter thia morning from Little Comp- I Ion, whi<-.h atat- ft that two more children hare been waahed aihore froft? the wreck ol the Sutlej. K.ighleen have already beefclnterred in the cemetry of Newport, making,with theae tot,twenty bodies that have been , recovered liom the watery element. Thirty in all are upuoacd to have periahed. The unfortnnate were moatI) Scotrh emigrant*, ami not by any mean* |>or??na in indigentcirciuiiatancoa. They 1vere an their way to the F'umberland mine, in Maryland, mm of them being chief engineera, and moatly all of theta poa?eaaed of projierty. Unfortunate auflerera. th*yaw?ing tea *w?llowed everything they potaeaaed We cannot pmaa from Ihia aubjert, without cemmentinf on tha ganerona , liberality of thaaa " lalandera " No ahiuw recked tufier- I era aver eaperienced more hoapitallty than did \fkm u- | LD. ~* ? ' ^ ~ *-??? * ^ Price Two Centa* fortunate survivors, at the hands of the citi/cus uf Newport. Duiing their stay in this place, they were led and clothed at thu expense of the people. Seven hundred dollar* were rheertully and promptly contributed til their relief. A free passage was obtained for them to the I>oint of their destination, aud thu whole city turned out ai one man to assist iu the funeral obsequies of those who had perished. We seek for a parallel ! Alas we find a contrast i> the wrecker* of Squam beach.? Many a heartfelt "God bless the people of Newport," was uttered by the grateful sufferers as they bent their last look upon the shoret of the Narragansett. Evouth. Superior Court. Before Chief Juitice Jeiios. Jult 10. ? Chili. IKw Teeki vi. haac iidrianre.?Till* was an action of eertineut to recover ten lota of land on the northerly side ol l-jrtth street near the 4th Avenue, the plaintilt' purchased at an assessment sale ma le by order of the cor|>oration. Kor the defendant it was contended that the proceedings of the corporation, under which the sale w as had, was irregular, anil the sale void. Verdict for tho plaintiif, subject to the opinion of tbo court in bank, for plaintiff Mr. Dodge, tor defendant Mr. Matt. * Before Judge Oakley. Petrr Qilltt vt. Francig Cunningham ?This Wat an actien for use and occupation of a house in Morris street. The claim was for a quarter's lent due the 1st of May last?amount $HO. A written agreement was otfared in evidence iu support of the action. Mr. Kugene I asaerly objected, on the ground that tlie action was founded ou a:i implied contract, and insisted that an express contract could not be given in evidence except as to damages - i nt' oiijecuou whi overruieu ami exoepieu 10 , mo piaur tiff' then proved the receipt of rent. A noniuit w?i again asked for, on the ground before stated, and al*o on the ground that the plaintiff showed no title to receive tha rent. The nonsuit wan denied, and a verdict ordered for the plaintiff, iuhject to the opinion of tha Court on tha points railed hy defendant'* counsel. Verdict accordingly for For plaintiff Mr. Burke, for defendant Mr. K. ( utterly. Alexander Dougherty it- /. r?. Benjamin Perrint, impleaded, 4'c?Thus was an action 011 a promissory nota for $-270. The note was drawn by < rombe and nmith, two of the defentlants, who allowed default* to be entered against them. Defence, want of consideration.? Verdict for plaintiff 67. Common Pleas. Belore Judge Duly. Jul* 10.?Liom vi. Burr ?Verdict for defendant. Charlei Wichols and Wife t'j. Jlndiew McCall.?Tbla wa* an action of ejectment for treipae* of land on Bleecker street It appeared that ?%out !(> year* ago, the late Benjamin lloinniii made a lease of the lot in question, to the detendant for *i8 years. It afterward* turned out that Mr. Komain had in right of his wife but a life estate in the property?he died some years ago, and the property reverted to Mrs. Komain. She continued during her life to receive lent from Mr. McCalt, and never questioned her husband's light to make the leate. On the death of Mrs. Romain this lot became vested in Mrs. Nichola and Mrs. Western, her daughters, and their respective husbands, and Mr. and Mrs Nichols now bring this suit to obtain possession Kor the defence it was admitted that Mr. Komain had but a life estate, but it was said he had pi veil the defendant a covenant lor quiet enjoyment, and in the event of an eviction in this suit, the plaintiff* will be bound to re*|>ond in damage*, Mr* Nichols being one of the heirs of Mr Romain It wa* also contended that Mrs. Romain, by acquiescing during har life in defeudandl's tenancy, und receiving rent from him confirmed the lease made by her huiband, or at all event*, that it created a tenancy at will, which entitle* the defendant lothe usual notice, which wa* not given A verdict wa* afterward* taken by consent, for plaintiff*, subject to the opinion of the Court in bank. Kor plaintiff), Mr. Western?Kor Defendant, Mr. Wm. M. Morris. Before Judge Ingraham. Thomas Egleiloal et al vi Caleb RartUtt.?Thl* was an action on a promltiory note for $1176,86, brought against defendant as an endorser. Defence, want of c-onoideiation. The defendant'* counsel stated that tho note in question was passed to detendant amongst others as u good business note, for which ho gave in exchange tho note in suit with his endorsement, but it alinru-nrda turnitil out tVint ihn untns lio r?roivml uiArn utterly worthless. Verdict for plaintiff $1V19.34 Kor plainull, Mr. J. llumfrey i for defendant, Mr Norton. Special Seeslnns. Before Hii Honor the Mayor, and Aldermen Stoneall and Purser. Jui.r 10.?Wm. F. Whittington was placed at the bar on a charge of stealing a black cloth coat. The accused acknowledged his guilt, and was ordered to be locked op in the city prison for the term of ten days. John Williams, a gemmeu of color, was tried and adjudged guilty of stealing a box of mould candles, for which oltence ho wai furnished with a certificate lor a six month's residence on Blackwell's island. Charles Mct^uade, for seizing and carrying ofl a gold coin, of the value of $10. belonging to Wm. Parish, wax sentenced to be imprisoned in the Penitentiary for two months. John II. Goodell, a boy, charged with stealing two watches, woith $30, entered a pfei of guilty, and was sent to the Mouse of Kolugc. Mary Brown was next placed nt the bnr. on a charge of stealing a silk dress, alleged to be wciih $19, belonging to Mary Murphy. The Court found the accused guilty, and sentencoa her to be imprisoned in the Penitentiary for four months. George Ackerman and Jamo? McKeo were next placed at the bar, on a chaiged with stealing a vest worth $3. Ackerman was permitted to go. but McKee was adjudged guilty, and sentenced to be imprisoned in the Penitentiary lor six months. No other cause* of interest were adjudicated upon this morning. United State* District Court. Before Judge Betts. July 10.? The Uniltd Stairs rs. One Cage of Precitui .Stones marked JVn. 2.?This case was given to the jury yesterday evening. Judge Betts told the jury that if they believed the goods were invoiced below their fair value, with a design to defraud the revenue, they should find a verdict against the claimants ; but although they might be invoiced below their value, if they believed from the evidence that it happened without any design on the part of defendants to defraud the govern mem, men \uv\ wciu uui iu dmiiiu, mm n voiuiti wu^ut to bo rendered lor them. Scaled verdict tbi* morning. j Strmixz Court.?The July term of this Court commenced on Tuesday, at Utica. All the judges were present, and proceeded to the hearing of non-enumerated business. Alter which, the following causes were disposed of on the calendar No. 429?Tne Sonera Co. Bank vs. V'eeder and al?Judgment for defendant on demurrer as frivolous, by default?8. .Stevens for plaintiff. No 639?The same vs. Higman and ?1?The same. No. 69f>? Wright vs Woodruff*? The same?R. L. Joice for plaintiff*. No. 570?The Bank of Utica v?. Llghthody, impl'd, Vc?The same? C. H. Doolittle for plaintiff. No. .'>91 ?Wilson et al. vs Uerkbcck et al?The snme? W. Hunt for plaintiffs. No. 316? Cornell ?. \ ate* and ul?Judgment for plaintiff, on bill of exceptions as frivolous, by default?D. McMartin for plaintiff*. No. 617?Cobb vs. Orauson?Judgment for plaintiff'on demurrer on the ground that the pleas demurred to are frivolous?8. Chapman for plaintiff*, C. Tracy for defendant. No. 6A7?Uotlld and al. vs. Oibbens?Judgment for plaintiff' on demurrer as frivolous ? I. A. Millard for plaintiffi, 8. Stevens for defendant. No. ft30? Kellogg and al vs. Lawrence?Judgment for plaintiff* on demurrer, the pleas demurred to bo frivolous?C. P. Kirkland for plaintiff, W. Hunt for defendant. No. 600?Churchill vs. Shapley and al?Judgment for plaintiff* on frivolous demurrer, by default?W. J. Bacon for plaintiff". No|4W? Lynde vs. Crist?The same?W. J-Bacon for plaintiff? Adjourned. Ji i.y7, Irt46.?Present, all the judges. No 660?Williams and al. vs. Weaver and al?Judgment for plaintiff on frivolous demurrer?W. i rafts of counsel. No. 1 ? liegtilar call? Wagoner ads. Jermain?New trial granted by default?James Taylor of counsel. No 3?Tifl't vs. Barton, Sheriff, Itc?Motion by defendants to set aside verdict, and (or a new trial?Decision postponed-Mr. Spencer for defendant, Mr. Hunt for plaintiff. No. 7? Wjman vs. Cook and al?Judgment of Common Pleas reversed by default, an I |venire denovo in New York Common Pleas--.A. Tabor for plaintiff ui error. No. 11 ?Hoavuer, Administrator,kc , ads Weimore ?Jndgment affirmed by default?Mr Wright for delenoant in error. No H?Percy vs. Clark, impl'd ic?Judgment for plaintiff on demurrer by detsult?8. Stevens for plaintiff No. 13?Brown ads. Rogers?Motion to set aside re|*>rt ol referee?(tranted t>y default?J. A. Spencer for defer*, dant. No. 16?Palmar vs. Stephens?Motion to set siido report of referees?C M. Jenkins was heard for plaintiff*, and R. W. Peckham for defendant. Mr. Jenkins was hoard in reply?Decision postponed?Adjourned ? i ?? ALEXANDER'.- TRICOBAPHE. ANEW AND l!*V iL'AILE DIS<OVERV, be.ngta Liquid Dye. ?hic i instantaneously chanyes ttie aoler of tlie hair to a beautiful orown or blaak, wttho'it injury to the liair or tkin. The ; reat auperiority of thia <i> e coimiu in iu easy mode of application and instantaneous effect?ell other dyes ttamn Irom ten to twelve honrst to rroduce any change. It* inferior eicellence will be appnreutto ertry one upon a ai ;gle application. Kxtraet from the Philadelphia Daily Hon :?Alt itfiDia'a Taiconariir..?The effect ofthe above on the hair is truly aanais img. It wai tried yestrrday in onr office, and the change from grey to black was lustmitaneons. r.itract from the Philadelphia Daily Forum:?Heeeral of our acquaintances hare recently spiJit- I to their hair the valuable Liquid Dye known a* Alexander's Tricohaphe, a new and valuable ducovery: and it haa in no case failed to produce the desired effect, lumediairl v after apply lug it to grey hair or whiskers, it iiniiaW a beautiful brown or black color. K?r sale by Rusnton at Co., druggistv 110 Broadway;, II Aator Houae. aud HX Broadway, coruer l?th street; Aspiuwall, WS William at; Johnaon, Moore fc Taylor, II .Maideu lane, J. W. Wright k Co. 2 < eda. ?t, and of the principal drucgiaU throughout the United State?, or of aole agents. R k O. A WHIOIIT.2J South 4th afreet, aM lm*rc Philadelphia. KOAKES IODINE LIN IMENT 18 nniveraally admitted to be the only article that will per form all that it ia represented to do. It haa performed n(h aatomshiug cures of Khrumatism, Swelled Limbs, Spraius, Brusises, Contractions of the Coraaaud muscles, Scrofula or Kings f'.vil, Paral^Msaor Loss of the nse of the Litres, Dieease of the Spine or Hip Joint, Eruptions of the Skin, fce., that itwoold stagger belief if they could uot be substantiated by the moat respectable persons who hare used it; it nanta only to tie tried, to satisfy the invalid of the healing virtues ill this moat xcelenl remedy. Prineical depot. a Im* rre H. INO K K SOL LJi CO.. to John at. FUME BATH. TO ALL who are atBicted with rheutnatia compUiols, wg would say go and try Ur. Swrtt'a Sulphur Kume Bath, JOt Broadway. The Peculiarities or it are such, that it curfr effectnaHy this complaint, also all other diseases ol a chrruic natnr*. inch m Scp'lula, (iout, Halt tvn?um, aiiw r.,itk Kb. Joint., ke The ch?r*M ?re .o wa<i.r,.e^ ? to frt?h it within th* b??mi? of all. P*29 lm

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