Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 21, 1846, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 21, 1846 Page 3
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r . . t' ? <. ' 'M .. a4, mmm gouJ property, bat tha hundreds, Ma we tught say thousand, scbemo which hare recently U?d started, aut prove delusive to all those engaged in their inflation, and muat bring rain and pecuniary distress upon the thousands who kare invested their all in them. Wi give below an attract fro* the Railway Ckromclt, for tha purpose of placing before those of this country who may have become impregnated with the railroad mania, the reel poaitlon of tha moTement in Great Bri- j tain. Tha inflatera of this bubble, and their dupea, appear to hold on with the greatest tenacity to every hope, however aligtit, for an improvement in the times, and Of an ultimate fulfilment of their undertakings:? " We obaerve, with regret, that the eventa of the weak ?the meetings under whioh the new raaolutiona, of which we record so many?are meetings not of dissolution, but of confirmation. The commercial interests of the railway world appear now about to be placed in more peril than aver. The panic we have had will be as no IV vuBI WIUUU w? auall HSWl M IU? >U?l?UUlUO m id the new undertakings. instead of allowing them qul?tly to drop, continue to prosecute tham, and spend In Parliamentary conteata all tba mo nay. out of which, by stepping at onoe. they might hare realized a good dividend. The wind-up la likely to b? failure, and to become. ia abort, wind-up in which nothing is wound up. There is one cause for thia, to be found in the transitory rise in the value of shares, which took place on the announcement of the probable wind up. The improvement in the share market 1a again gone back, under the reaction caused by the fact that there ia ia reality no general " wind-up" taking place. YTe wliall soon, therefore, be aa ill off as before, The cause of the "no wind-up" ia manifold. Many acripholders have Mistaken the sudden recovery of the market for return of public confidence, and go on in the i hepe that their shares will rise in public favor ; whereas the prospect of their extinction was the only ground of that abort and mistaken revival. If there be any means more certain than another of preventing a return of confidence, it 1s the return of the folly which led to the ori ginal withdrawal of that confidence. We would now entreat the scripholders in the great majority of the new acbemes to realize what they can, and ' wind up'concerna, of which the ultimate dividend will be diminished i in the exaot proportion of their preaent misplaced con- , fidence." There appears to have been some difficulty among the London aeripholdera of the 9t Lawrence and Atlantic Railroad Company, and noting was held in London, | few daya previous to the departure of the Cambria, to i consider a communication received from the directors in Canada. The complaint of the English shareholders is, that they subscribed to the project, under the impreaaion that the English provisional committee had entire control over the depoaita paid up in thia country. The provi- : aional committee declare, however, that they acted only ' aa the agenta or attorneys of the Canadian promoters of , the project. The Engliah shareholders deal re to wind up the affaire of the company, but the Canadian party very otturally wish to handle the cash of their partners on thia aide of the water. The Canadian directors advise . the Engliah shareholders to send over a person to re preaent them at a meeting to be held in Montreal next month. Old 8teek Bxehange. fl.OOON T State 7a, '41 102 1# aha Eaat Boston Co 14V St.bOO Kentucky 6* 10# 60 do Loo* Uland KR Jl $500 Ohio 7a 101 100 do HaMem RR i0* $10,OM de I01W M do Eri RR acrip 13 I 91.000 Raadinf Bda, b30 74)2 100 do Honst new atk bJO M $13 #00 do 74 25 do Stoniugtou RR 42)4 $6,004 do M0 7) 25 do bM 4) $60 Read Mort Bonda 74 60 do Nor li Wor blO it 76 sha Bank of Com t4 M do 57 V 30 de Vickabnrg Bk, bl 6K 10* do .30 57V . 1* 4e Ohio Life k Trmat 96 W 60 do bM 6*2 do ??4 360 do Reading RR MX loeond Board, M aha Readiag RR WK M Greenwich Iaa Co 106 M do bit OlC M 0 Ohio ?a, 1M0 MX Sdo sM M* 1M# State 6s, 1MI M 4.tfew?aat"8B 8 Uarrlcd, On tha 18th in?t., by the Rer. Ira R. Stewart, Capt W?. ?i>dt, to Miss Martha E. Tairr, both of Newport Died. Yeiterday morning, Mabt Ark Douolai, after a Vong . aad painful illneaa The iriand* of the family ara invitad to attand her fuperal lrom the reaidanca of John D. Hoyt, 100 Rivington atraat, without further notice. Weekly Report of Deaths la the city and county of New York, from the 11th day of July to the 18th day of Jaly, IMS. 1M Maa ; M Woman ; 1M Boyi; 111 Girls. Total. 4?. DIIIAIU. Apn plery, SI; Bleeding, t; Bleeding from atomach, 1 ; Bleeding from lunga, 1 ; Brouchitu, 2 ; Cancer, 4 ; Caanali net, 3 ; moiera miatitum, 31 ; l Holers morbus, 5; Cholic, 3 : ( nminption, IT ; Convulsions. 51; Crnnp 3 ; Croup de saliel (no (tracks) 21 ; Cyanosis, 1 : Liability, 6 ; Delirium tremens, S; Diarrhoea. 18; Dropsy, 4 ; Dropsy in the head, j 36; D'owued, 9; Dysentery, 11 ; Lpilepsy, 1; Fever, 2 ; Ke-j ver billions, 4 ; Fever puerperal, t; Fever remitieut, 2 ; Ke- ' ver scarlet, 1; Fever typhoid, 2 ; Fever tvphus, 7, Fever neivous, 1 ; Ferer cougestive, 1 ; Gout, 3 ; Heart, disease of > 1 ; Hooping cough, 5 ; Inflammation <of bladder, 1 ; Inflammation of brain, 30 , Inflammation of bowels. It; Inflammation of chest, 1 ; Inflammation of lungs, 30 ; Inflammation of su.marh, 7; Inflammation of throat, 1 ; Inflammation of liver, 1; Intemperance, 5; Jaundice, 1; Malformation, 1 ; Marasmus, 23 ; Old age, 3 ; Ossification, 1 ; Palsy, ; Premature birth, 4 ; Scrofula, I uSprue, 1 ; Teeething, 3 ; Unknown, 3. Age?Under 1 year, 1(9; 1 to 3 years, 49; 3 to 5, 31 ; 5 to IS, 4 ; IV to 20, <; 30 to 30, 42 ; 30 to 40, 33; 40 to 50, 35; so to 60. 19; 60 to 70, ; 79 to 10, I; 90 to 90, 5 ; 90 to 100, 2; un kown, 3. Colored persons 19. CORNELIUS B ARCHER, City Inspector. City Inspector's office, July 10, 1946. THE NE W ENGLAND HEALTH INSURANCE COMPANY. INCORPORATED BY THE LEGISLATURE Or CONNECTICUT, IN MAY, 1?49. Capital, 8200,000. HON. JOEL W. WHITE. Pretident. DaVID SMITH. Esq., Vice President. DifcECTona. Joel W. White, Enoch B. Culver, Wm. M. Converse, David Smith, John G. Huntington, Sanford B. Meech, John C. Holland, Rufus L. Kanuiug, Gilea M. Eatou. WM. P. EATON, Secretary. JOHN O. HUNTINGTON, Treasurer. ENOCH C. CHAPMAN, ?eneral Agent. Thia institution is novel in iu character, but humane in its object, and in all its provisions is circulated te alleviate the wants and distress ofall who are entitled to share iu its bene crnt operations. Bv the provisions of the charter, (copies of which can be had of the agtnta or the Secretary) it will be seen thai those who are insured by the Company, if incapacitated by accident or disease from pursuing their ordinary occa|>ation, are entitled to a benefit of rm Dollars ner week?a sum sufficient to pay the ordinary eipenaee that accrue frem snch sickness or calamity. The insured are also entitled ui a share of the surplus earnings ol the Company.? Aftti dividing aix per cent, per annum to the stockholders, oue half c.f the balance ia to be applied to pay the balance due ou the stock notes, and the remaining oue half ia to be divided between the stockholdera and the insur<d, in proportion to the amount of capital atock held by each member, and the sum i aid by the insured for his policy. Every persou who becomes insured has the privilege of taking toll* share of the capital stack ; so that if the business or the com pan v (hall be profitable, he will receive not only the kraefits which his policy of insurance secures to him, but also the annual iniereat on the amount by him invested, and a lull share of all the profits of the institution. The guarantee capital required by the charter haa been tiled, and tha t ompany are now issuing policies of insurance. Applications for insurance may ba mada at the Office of tha Company, No. 5 Strand. Norwich, Connecticut, and to the agents in tha towns and citiea of New England. WM. P. E STUN, Secretary. DAVID 8. IVES. No. 43 William street. ,i*l tw rrc Agent for New York. PUBLISH ED THIS DAY. GODEV'S LADY'S BOOK AND ARTHUR'S MAGA- | ZINE FOR AUUUST. containing No.4 of Poa's Opinions of the New fork Literati, Sarah Margaret Fuller, James Lawson, Mra. C, M. Kirkland. Prosper M. Wetmore, Mrs. Inna C. Embury, ?nd F.pes Sargent. No. 5 will b? published in the feptember number, and will contain Mra. F. S. Osgood, L)dia M Child. Elizabeth M. Bogart, and Miaa C. M Sedgwick. These notices will ba con- j tinned until complete 1 ha EMBELLISHMENTS in tha August No. are 1 ha Love Letter rnvn*?il K? A I. ni?k Profrnor John Krost, engraved by W. 6. Armatrong. Caps, Chrmiiettra, fee. Crotchet W rkiug tor the Ladies. A beautiful Fashion Plate, and Original Muaic. A r?allv ?ood number In preparation Tor he Lady's Book. A 1'rtiliM on leaking Lace, with illuatrationa. _ Do Horsemanship. with illustrations Model Cottages and Furniture, wi h illustrations of interior and t*iteiinr. with dueetioua ?ow to build, tu. These sahjects will all be enclosed in the work without extra ehtrgu. Single Noa oi the Lidy'a Book ?J centa. tor sale by H. LON(? Ik BMO . M Ann at. bUROFSS, STRINGER It (X> m BroSdway . W. H. Oil AH \M, Tribune Bail Jin,. V W. TAYLOR, Aator Hou.e jT>) ftm KEYS LOST. LOST last evening it going from Sprues meet through the Park, and up Br >adw?y to Pearl street, three large Braaa Key* By leaving the am* at thia Office the finder will b? rewarded J?>l lfrre uiv. ruwtLL, AUKisr, AND OPERATIVE SUHOEON, A TTENDS to Diarnses of the Eye and Ear, lro? to 4 ; A o'clock, at hif tnitece, XI Broadway, comer of War raa afreet. _ _ _ Opthalraia, Stoppage ol the Tear fossa#*, Cataract, and Opacities. efterrauly removed AMAUROSIS treated with sreat attention and neeaaa. Inveterate cases ol STRABISMUS, or Squinting, cured ii few minutes. Just imported, ARTIFICIAL EVES, of superior beauty and flush. SPKCTACLES adapted to evary delect. Advice to the poor without charge. OKiee ?*d residence Ml Broadway?entrance IW warreg ?" ?? jytl lt*rrc j M. LEVETT, DENTIST MORE HARM reaulta from bungling performances of in Kinwtnl II..I..,. >k... ,k. ...I.IT r I*.. f the grealeat importance that all tranche* ?f the Dentiata art ahonld b? akilfally tad auderataaHingly praeriaed. To thoee wha rhmk with aa. wa recommend Mr. LEVETT, earner of Bruadwav i rid War ran atreet.the introducer ol tlia | inaenion af Artificial Incorraptiblr Teeth, on tha principle of Atmo?|ihcrie Pre'aere.?Noah'a Weekly Meeaeager. J>tl U*r DFNTTSTH ' JDK. BROWN * BROTHER. C'HKAPErr OKFICE FN THI* riTY, for Dental Op- ! / ar.tiona? Nr. 7W>H Broadway, between Chamber* nnd Haada airaata, nait to bfewart kCo.'l naw marble building. Haat minar 1 ar d nuaral Teeth inarrted from $ltoJM Decayed Teeth filled with white cement M Toothache effectually eared without the lea*t pain. M Teeth ettracted with leea than half the aaoal paia.. N 1 Operations ?iven ntir by other Dennata aolicited Mar ha- j nirai Dentiatry doae for other DentiaU. Oparationa par formed daring the ceening. Jy** >*re WINDOW SHADK DEPOT, N?,7 SrRUCE STREET. TAIUlaHKD If 1M. WHOLESALE AND RETAIL. CHADV.g of all deactiptioaa. ktnda and ?liea. M patNH . 8 aliaapar than can he bought at aay other plaeee. Trim , % IIMUM " IWMl-JL.W ACCJWOW WOTICtt ANTHONY BLEECKER k CO , Auctioneer. FRIDAY, July x. at IS o'clock, at the Merchants' Et- ' chuff-POTOMAC AND ALLMJHANY COAL AND IKON COMPANY.?Positive aale, to clot* a trust? 1000 ilivn of (1W each. of the Potomac and Alleghauy Coal and Irou Company.?The property of the Potomac and Alleghany Company lie* on both ridea of lb? Potomac River, and ainounty to 10,000 acrci of the moat valuable mineral lauds, preaeutiug a cona'ant succession of rich rein*of coal, iron ore, briraatone, bebriek clay, and hvdranlir ceuieut ; the Potomac River sfT.xdi 114 an lueihmstibir water power for trmnaportation ami ikiii wuika. Wnan complrtr J. ike L.hesipt'-Lt' a' il 0h'o Canal, and tlia Baltimore and Ohio Railroad will ;..*** immediately in front of the Company's lands, *ccuriuj{ a communication to market on tlie beat terma and at all seasoua, without any outlay to the Company, a source of heavv expenditure to other corresponding asaociationa. For further particular* enquire of th* auctioneer. jylSCtrrc COUNTERS FOR SALE. TWO mahogany top Couutera, with drawer*. Al*o, store fixture*, (Halving, Icc. ALFRED DE WITT, Auifne*. jyll ?? No. M Wall *treet. S500 FOR SALE, F the Georgia Lumber Co. Bank Not**, at fifty per <;eut. Apply to 8. T. BAKEK. *1? Broadway. jyll lt*rrc comer ol I1 lalton street. j A HORSE POWER FOR SALE, SUITABLE for Thraahmg, and Grinding CoRee Spice or Com. Can be seen ut the Canton Tea Compan> , No. 1 ti Chatham *treet. jy?l St*m j WANTED. Ateco d hand Scale, in perfect orde', iliOcint Ul weigh 1 2600. Addre M. H., throng b the office of this paper, j stating the loweit or mi (or cash- jyll if ; WANTED, A second hand Bu?y WiKO?.i? good onler. with leather top. Address A. MJ,?t this office, be lore 12 o'clock to-day. stating where it can be seen, and the price. jyll Iterrc WANTED, BY s respectable young Woman, a situation in a private . family, is a good plain cook, and washer, and ironer? best of city references given. Apply at 266 Washington street nesr Warren. jyll lt*m WANTED, SITUATION by* respectable young Woman, in a private ! family ss chambermsid, a seamstress or nurse?the best of | city references. Apply at No. I Stone street jyll tt*rrc WANTED, A MASTER, in some mechanical branch of business, for a stout, healthy, able young man, II years of age, smart and intelligent. For further particulars address, post paid, to M. Moloney, 9t Beekman street. jli lw?r WANTED, AFKW active Young Mao to go South or Wut. to act aa Agents for the aale of new and nopular Publications. KM over and above their expenses will be insured to them in writing, with aa opportunity of clearing $1,0M per year. Some men uow in our employ will, no doubt, make over tl,M0 per year clear ef all expense. Each man will have hia district. It will be necessaiy for them to have at lesst from CIS to SM to obtain a good fitting out. Apply at FRENCH'S . Publishing Hal^ ?3 Broadway (up stairs, Office of the Flag v? viu w All iruriP mull uc |M?i |WiV. U1 y 10 IU)w 1^ NEW INVEM'bD VVIOH j BATCHELOR'8 new invented Wigs and Scalp*, nude ol I the fined natural earl hair, and adapted in the naost easy ! manner, to the peculiar atyle of each individual. They are entirely anew invention, doinf away with all the vexations difficulties *o long experienced by thoae who wear wi(a. The public are ioTited to inapect a large and well aelected atock, containing every variety of sis* and color; they will then be able to judge the effect. WM. BATCHELOR, inventor aad only manufacturer, I Wall itract, near Broadway. Removed ftoai 145 Broadway. Plena to copy the addreaa jytt lw"re COPARTNERSHIP NOTICE. THE Subscriber, Francis Oelluc, h->s this day taken into Copartnership his brother, Marcellin Delluc, and they will continue the business as Dniggiats. Pharmaceutists, Itc., as heretofore, at No. t Park Row aad ill Broadway, under the firm or DELLUC It CO . successors to Place It SouUlard. FRANCIS DELLUC. MARCELLIN DELLUC. New York, Jaly tt, IM. Jytl lw*m DISSOLUTION. Ml rPHE COPARTNERSHIP heretofore existiag kitwM X the sabsarlbers Is this day dissolved bv matual consent. New Yotk, Jaly II, 1M. JOSEPH ' The business of Hair Dressing, Wig Making, Shaving, Itc., will be conducted as heretofore, by the sabserlber .at 1 No. ? Park Row, where he solicits the eoatiaaed patronage of his Mends. jytt Jt*rc WM. HUNT. NOTICE, THE COPARTNERSHIP heretofore existing between the subscribers in the Coppersmith business under the firm of BENSON k LYNCH, is this day dissolved by mu tqal cousent. The business of the lete firm will be settled up by Wm. J. Benson, who is alone authorised to adjust the uusineaa oi uie lata arm. WM. J. BENSON, Brooklyn, July 16, IM6. EDW'D LYNCH. The subscriber will continae the Coppersmith business. at the old stand, corner Water and Dock streeta, on hia individual account. jylO 3t*rac WM. J. BENSON. MRS. KOETHEN, INVENTOR of the CIRCULAR 8KIRT, Itt Spring atr't, return! her thanka to the Ladies for the encouragement which she haa received. The quality of thia Skirt beiug ao Terr generally acknowledged to aurpaaa, for comfort and health, any other at- le of Skirt, which hai been introduced or advertised aa adeaidedly superior article?ahe invites those ladies who have not yet tried thia article to call and inapect it The real article u only to be had at jy!9 lw*rc 1M SPRING ST. CARROLL'S MEDICATED VAPOR BATHS, 1?? FULTON STREET, ( Opposite St Pmul'i Chunk) THOSE who have never tried the Vapor Batha, aa adminia- | tered at (he above establishment, are ijguorant not euly i of the safest aud most efficacious remedy lor many aitacka resulting from the great chances of our climate, but alao of i the moat agreeable mode of bathing. Real cleanliueaa la I hardly to be enjoyed without the nse of these baths. M. Carroll's Baths differ from every other "Vapor Bath," so called, aud have been established in this city for 10 yeara. Sulphur, Iodine, and other Medicated Baths, aa advised by the Faculty. Half an honr'a notice required for the Sulphur Baths. jyl9 6t*rrc THORN CHAMPAGNE. AFRESH INVOICE of this delightfol Champagne it la store, to which the attention of merchants, hotel keepers, and private gentlemen is invited. The s milling of this Wine ia now superior to that ol any in thia country, and at no uigher price than dint ef the best brands C. LIVINGSTON It CO.. mar 11 ietf re ' Wall street FRESH TEAS, SUGARS, COFFEES, *o. fUST RECEIVED fiom the late aales, a large and splen J did assortment of fresh Teaa, Sugars. Coffees, fce Vine Ireah Young Hyson t*? at 50 eta, superior do eta, beat quality do, eitra fine flavor, 7J eta; very fine Souchong 3s. best quality OulongU; good, bright New Orleana Sugar 3s M per 7 lbs, prime do 4s, St. Croi* 4s 6d, brown Havana 4s Sd, white do is and ia 6d, crushed loaf 6a, pnlveriaed do 6a 3d or j 11 cu: superior old Java Coffee, fresh grown, Is, old Soma- I tra 10 eta; St Domingo 9 centa. Alao good white lamp Oil, , J?, solar do 6s, best sperm Is per gallon. Good Hams Id, Smoked beef 7d, good Butter lOd, prime do la, beat Orange ! County la 3d. Families, boarding-house keepers, and dealera , from ine country, a>e invited to call and examine the above i atock prior to purchaaiug Goods sent to all pirta of the city i r?. >r .1,.,.. i u Kin i i-n Wholesale and Retail Grocer uJ Tea Dealer, I MO Greenwich it , corner Murray; and 421 Greenwich, corner | Neslry ; and' C Veser. near Greenwich. JtM lw*r THE SECOND LECTURE, SUBJECT-TRIUMPH Of CHH.ISTIJINITY.H WILL, be delivered l.y ?he MEV. JOSEPH P. BURKE, TT at the APOLLO SALOON, 410 Broadway, on TUESDAY EVENING next. 2lit July, at I o'clock. The. Rev Gentleman has beea induced to deliver these Lectnrea at the urgent solicitation of his many friends, previous to etaming to Ireland. Admittance, 25 cents. jyl9Ji2lis*rc | THE LONG ISLAND INSURANCE COMPANY. CAPITAL 200,000 DOLLARS. WITH A SURPLUS. OrricK 41 Fulton strict, Brooklyn. CONTINUES to take riskaon buildiags, machinery, merchandize and property generally, on their usual favorable terms. This company has passed through the two greatest eeuflagratioas that have ever occurred ia the country : they owe their escape from them with comparatively slight loeses to the system which they have always jiractised of limiting and scattering their risks. All losses which the company may sustain will be adjusted and paid promptly as heretofore. The Company take special rare to notify their customers ia i New York, of all expirations of policies. B. W. DELAMATXR, Presideet. Jy 14 lwis rrc E. C. KINN, Secretary. THE AMAZON WIGS, GENTLEMEN'S Real Ileadfs of Hair, being the latest and greatest improvement in the manufacture of Wigs and 8<all>a; and the subscriber is happy in being the first to intro4m .* them here. They display the forehead and temples to any height, a point ia wig making never before attained.? They are composed of ventilating or gossamer woik. They fit on the head by a mechanical contrivance eutirely new; they ! are pat ou in a moment They immediately adapt themselves to the countenance, and at once become part and pa reel of the ] living man Copy the address. E. Broadway, opposite the tvIS OlnHe Hotel. finder Hotel. i AAClh.Nl A.\u MUUhUA rtuuivo. ' THE SUBSCRIBER has opened an extensive establishment, in the large basement of No. 62 John street, for 1 the Mua Oi valuable Books, in every department ol human knowledge, art, and thought. He has accumulated a con- i siderable collection of works, many of which are curious and rare; and all, more or less, of great value. He intends to sell esplnBivelv for cash, snd to nave no rival whatever in the amallneaa of his profit* and the lowness of hi* price*. Hi*! stock will be eonatantl* augmented by the purchase of pri- i vste libraries, or of imaller collection* of book*. He will i bay every work, ancient or modem, to which value i* attached, by any *ect or party, in every department of litera- ' tore, acience and art, and in all language*. He hope*, there- I fore4to make hi* establishment an afTeeable retort for the Bib|iomaui*c, the Antiquarian, the Divine, the Lawyer,'' the Artiat, aud men of lettera, and acience generally; each of whom will meet with choice works, in hi* own particular walk, at the loweat poaaiMe price. He. therefore, invite* all '"erary persons to pay him a visit, and judge for triemselvee. as likewiae, a large quantity ol foreign and native Mutie. foi the Piano Forte and other inatru menu, for which Ive will thank any one who may want it. to give him one-half the loweat priee charged by the very cheapeat seller in the mV73 lm*rre gj John .treat. New York. Bird cage manufactory, im 8 pring street, be ' I?'*r IU"' Laurens street.?Tne subacriber would inform his customers and the public in general, thni he keepe constantly on hand a large supply of fancy and common Bird ( ages, of every deacrimiou. Al*o, Wuodrn, Cedar and Willow Ware, Bruihes, Baskets, Mats, and a general 1 assortment of article* usually kept in a Wooden Ware Store ' all of which he offer* lower than they can be bought *t?rwhere J KKLLV. jef(im*mr 1V? Tl-IK LAUitis. -' ; " Bright tresses *re the theme of poets' praia* 5 The itainter'a skill their lustre too displays. *Tis heauty'i mark, a lustrous head of hsfr. And what both aewea moat del ight to wnr." IN order to preserve the H?ir, and ?ive it a silken lustre, the aealp rauat be kep' perfectly healthy, and ?le?r of dandriff uitier<vise the hair will de-jy and fallout PHA> low's ? HKMICAL HAIR INVIOOHATOR is the only Bay if of E. Ph*lon,S1 Broadway (Jnd?o?'? Hotel), or of dree or fancy dealers generally in city and 'onntry. It is especially recommended to the ladies, far toilet dm. jylT 1 w*rrc i nhO JEWELLERS. MINI ATUKK f A IN I Mis, *e.1 C. h J. HARTNETT", No. t (oortlandt street. nev Broadway, wholesale and retail Maaiafactarers of Tnrellin*. ' Writing, Dressing aad Jewelry Boies, Ministers Cases and Reman; Plate, Locket Watch, fflnr, Pin and pwril Bote*; eaaea Tor ailrer Plata neatly arranged te order.XUe, Trays matte and fitted u> Jeweller* show eaaaa, to ran tain watehea, Jfe?' ?*? ? > "??(lf^ *??ile, fte rw**T ' ?kf abore article* eonetantlr M hand aad i **53JSTiiowaSI BROOKLYN NAVY HOTEL. JM. CHKISTALLER. (formerly of the National Cofce Hoik, New Vork,) inform* his f'i?nda and public thai he has Irucd the house for iltrfrf y?ers,?d fitted up u?oil> Willi Billiard Table. in "ParatA room. The bouse la at all timea wall supplied with all kinds ol relre.hin.uts ? Boardara cau ba accommodatad by- trie day, weak, or month, on the dmi reasonable terms. Rooina can ba had without board on tha ?ame terma, and aa low aa tl per week Tha public and strangers are invited to call. It ia the proprietor's ii'tenrnHi to make the abore mentioned establishment, a place of agreeable and raiioual resort, for all who see fit to give them their presence and custom. Those who wish to pass a pleaaant hour will please and call at the corner oi York and Nary street*. There is a piazxa to the house, where they can take a view into the Naey Yard. Jyl9 Jterrc THI2 columbu Hflfo&fi, CHK8NUT UTKtET, PHILADELPHIA, AN KW and Fashionable Hotel, ponesa)B| every modem improvement necestnry to the elegtat aceommodatioi of tb? travelling community, is uow open. Lessees, BAGLIlY. MACKENZIE k Co. James Baglkv, lare of Jenes's Hotel. Hiwiy C. Mackbniib, formerly of the Washinf ton House. Pbtkr L. Fnoutoif. jy 18 lw#rc TKOY HOUSK^ T?OYL i\. Y. Tu.aum> C "UU/SKS rHUPRIETORS. HI a House u now in fine order, capable of ac com mo, ? ?a,'?f lb2ut three h??d,r.d Tt?? cars for Bost,", BunJo Saratoga, and Montreal, a'art immediatrly in I root or tha house ; the steamboat landing is also within a few steps. The proprietors trust, by their individual eserHons lor the comfort ot their guests, to receive a con tin u* ance of public la?or. llui ia, without exceptiou, the nioat pleasant route on the hue or the above placea. Paaaengera cau see their baggage go to or from the cara or houae for any direction Our establishment haa uo runnera in it* employ ; therefore requests trarellera to receive with caution my reports from thoae employed by other houses. Persona wiahing to make an excuraion to Saratoga Springs can leave New York on ButurtUy evening, have ample time to viait the lake, dine, ^ vtn'n*,B hoat. C.M.Rtet^jUt0rH0U") jy!7tf * rrc (Late of the SteatrEmpir,). SHARON SPRINGS PAVILION. THB PUBLIC ia informed that this eatabliahment, having been enlarged and improved since the eloae of the last "on. will he opened for the reception of viaitere. on the >at day of June. LANDON h GARDNER may i. iw. myH?m*r KAV1LION, NEW BKIOHTOM. PSLANCARD Ku the honor to inform hia friends ud the public ia general, (hat the PiTiliMiiiowuhU operation and prepared Tor their receptionStrainboati runbetween Fier No. 1, North Hirer, ud New Brighton, at the following hour*, vis:? krom New Brighton. I From New York. ?, 11 A. M. I 4, II A. M. i, ?r. M. [ IK.s,?P.M. _ . , Tf. bLANCARl). Pavilion, New Brighton, June 1,1M?. jJTtfre board IN' IHE OOfJ^TRV. npa A FEW genteel Boardera can be accommodated at one of the moat delightful country sett* in Oraaf* county, about one mile from the river, four mile* belew Newburgn. Everything to make a aummer reeideuce deniable will be found at thia place?euch a* fruit, in every variety, milk, ice," tie. For further particular*, please enquire of A. B. and D. Sand, corner Fulton and William street*, or to C. H. Ring, 19J Broadway, corner John at. N. B.?The new and aplendid steamboat Thoma* Powell land* paaaeuger* every afternoon, leaving New Yo>k at 4 o'clock. j21 3t*rh THE SHADES HOTEL, 64 Read* Strut, Wett Side of Broadtoay. THE Subscriber reapectfully inform* hia friend* aad the public, that he ha* lately oi>ened the above Establishment, in a style superior to any other house of the kind in the eity of New York. The satisfaction which he has hitherto given to hia uumerou* friends and customers, while proprietor of "The Shades," in'Hiames street, he Outers himself will be a guaranty to alJ who may potroniae him in hia new establishment, while uo effort on his part will be wanting te merit the continuance of their patron any The usual relishes, Chops, Steaks, Welsh Rarebits, PoachedEggs, fcc., will be served ap ia a superior style. The room will be regularly supplied with city paper*, as well a* a fall supply of foreign papers, ^nrayrom kSflB *re BON SEJOUR. HTHE SUBSCRIBER has tha pleasure to tnnounoe that A his house, at Bergen Point, ia bow open for public aceematUBmodahon. A hotel on the Jersey side has law been a desideratum which is aow supplied. The house (the eld Me liny mansion) has been re-fttted In elegant style, with many new rooms aad other important additions. The grounds are beauttnilly laid out. aad vyhat with luxuriant shrubbery, charming walks, agreeable drives, and plea* sant boating, the place will challenge competition with any rural reaidence. Families who wish to pa** a cool aad quiet summer, can be provided with rooms or suits of apartments at t?eir choice. Fish of almost every variety abound in the " Kills,' and the neighboring woods are not deficient in game. The [earner Passaict plying between New V ork aud Newark, stop* at the landing, w front of the house. foar times s day, aad the citixen* or New York cannot find a more beautiful drive than that between Jersey City and Bergen Feint. Ia fine, all visiters, customers and boarders, may be assared that no pains will be spared to make the place merit the title (irss it ol old?Bon Scjpur. DANIEL W. LOCK WOOD. The Passaic, for Newark, leaves the foot of Barclay street t It A. M. aad 4 P. M., landing in front of the above place. The Fort Richmond boat leaves Pier No. 1 at 1,13, 1)4 and o'clock. At fort Richmond there will be boata in attendance to convey passengers, and land them at the bouse. a? lm?r MANSION HOUSE, TMIDDIrETOWN, CONNECTICUT. HE UNDERSIGNED begs leave to announce to his friends and the poblic, that lie Sas leased the above hoase for a term of years, and hopes, by I mi experience and strict attention to basiaeas. to merit a liber ri share of their patronage. JOHN L. MONROE. mr> 1m*rc Formerly of the U. 8. Hotel, Boston. PA. It L. DELMON1CO, are happy to inform their friends and the pnblie, that their new Hotel in Broadway, No. K comer of Morris street, is now completed and will be opened on the 1st of Juue next. No pains have been spared to render it one of the most comfortable in the city, and persons desirous of a permanent home, as well as strangers merely passing ay, will find all their wants and comforts attended to with the most strict attention. my M lm?r SARACEN'S HEAD, 12 DEY STREET, N. Y. JOSEPH 8Y.ITH ,lste of Worcester. England, begs leave to inform his friends,easterners tad the public in general that he has recently fitted up his hoase ia a very superior maimer, and calculated to please gentlemen of taste. He will always, as heretofore^keep his liar and Larder supplied with the best Liaaors and Provisions that the market affords. Dinners from if till I o'clock, aad Cold Cats, Chops, Stakes, Rare Biu, Ike., at all hoars. His supply of Euglish aad city newspapers is excelled by no house in New York, and his Ales, Wines, Began, lie., are of the moat superior quality and the sttendance MH Private Rooms provided for parties, and the comfort and accommodation of easterners always attended to. Lodgings, kc. myU ln?r "SURGO UT PROSS1M." PAUL H. DENNIS AND J. MARTIN BOTNER. JT respectfully inform the public that they have opened the hoase No. M NASSAU STREET, immediately opposite the Second WaaD Hotel, where they will be happy to see their friends and others who may he disposed to favor them with a call. Their Baa will at all times be well supplied with the v?ar hit of Wines and other Liquors, Cigars lie. Messri. Drnris li Botur* sssare their friends that every effort will be made to sustain the repuiatioa they have in lona e> joyed, and they are coufirient of (ivinj; satisfaction to sll wl"! partake of the eomforrs snd luxuries of their house. JT7" A Lunch will be set every day at eleven o'clock, free of charge. jylllw'je RAILROADS, <fc. TO WESTERN TRAVELL^KRS^^" mlormed that the rece nt break J. iu the ( anil, causcd by the late freshet, having been repaired, the PIONEER k EXPRESS LINK, via Railroad and Canal from Philadelphia to Pittaburgh. commenced ita regular tripa Tor the aeaann on Monday, tiie (tb of April, leaviuji the^ Depot, No. 174 Market atreet, DAILY, at 7x By thia route passengers will avoid all the fatigue and dancer of night travelling in coaches, both Railroads being 1 mated in daylight. For farther information, apply at the old-established Office, *74 Market atreet, i doors above Eighth atreet. alO 6m*rrc A. B. CUMMINGB. Agent. LONO ISLAND KA1LRUAU COMPANY. SUMMER J1RRJINQEbLENT CHAINS RUN A8 FOLLOWS. COMMENCING WED NESDAY, MAY 13, 1I4? : Lbit( B?OOILTK at 7 o'clock, A. M. Boston tn in for Greenport, daily (except Sundays,) stopping at Farmiugdale and St. George's \nnor. " " at o'clock, A. M., for Farmin dale and intermediate pUcea. M M at J P. M., through to Greenport, ir\ ping both ways at Jamaica. Branch, Hickav ille, Farmingdale, and all the stations between Fartningdale and Greenpqgt. M M at 5 P. M., for Kumin?daie and interne diate places. Laiva Gajf?nro*Tat5 o'clock, A. M. Accommodation tnin, daily, (eicept Sundays,) through to Brooklyn. " M at 1 P. M., Boston tram, or on the amral of the steamer from Norwich, stopping at St. George's Manor and Karmingdale. Liati FaamnornLr at ?K A. M', Accommodation train for Brooklyn. " at A. M. Greenport train^ (or Brooklyn. " " at P. M. Accommodation train, fior Brooklyn. Lists Jsmiici at i A. M. Acoomaaodation train, far Brooklyn. " at 9K A. M. Greenport tram for Brooklra. 1 " " at 3\ P. M. Accommodation train, far Brooklyn. K**g to ? Bedford I cents, Ea?t New York 1JX. 1 Course l?Jf, Trotting Course l?W, Jamaica ?, BrnshTille SIX, Hyderark (17 miles) J7K,CTow?Tnie (during the session of court) Hempstead fl}i, Branch 37W. Carle Place 44, Westbury 44, tiicksTil |e 44, Farmingdale 62k, Deer Park M, Thompson M, Suffolk station $1. Lake (load station I 11V Mrillnril .rstlon ft I 1HV VmihanL ft I 17V St li...rn'i Manor $1 *2)i, Riverhead $1 6*X, Jamesport SI 62k, Mattetuck $1 Itk, Cntchogne $1 K'v Sontliold SI 63)4. Orrenport Accommodation train SI 7J, (Jreenjtort by Boaton train %i 2J. Stages arc in readine** on the arrival of train* at the aeveral | station*, to take passengers at very low fare*, to all part* of the laland. Biifip Crate* will be in readine** at the foot of Whitehall street, to receive baggage for the *?veral trains. 30 minute* before the hour of atarting from the Brooklyn tide. The steamboat " Statesman" learn Green port tnr Hair Harbor twice each day, on the arrival of the trains from BroekmylOrc LONO ISLAND RAILROAD EtPttn .Mail Train, leave* Whitehall street Ferry, New York aide, every moraine at T A.M., lor Boston.? J!3[EB3L?A1?<>, traiaa from Brooklyn side at 7 o'clock and Ave Ainntee, and 9% A. M., and 3 and J P. M.. daily. The 7 A. M., and 3 P. M. trains go throngh, the forme? stopping at ear* hi (dale and manor, aad the latter at all placee en the roed jellr JEFFERSON INSURANCE COMPANY, OrncB No. * Wall *t., orrosrrg thi Mcucma* ' __ ElCHAIVOt. J H1B Coaapaar coatinnea to insure against loaa or damaca * Fi??, on dwelling hontes. warehouse*, buildings in ge rw, goods, wares and merchandise, and every description o P*raoaal property; alto againat lots or damage by inland na (rwporUIMO. __ DIRECTORS. Xg?1W. TKi>tii?l KlisKa Rirfi, PPf T "SJi!* An?on Baker. R. fLRohjon, M. D. Jo?cph Drake, ra?.. Sfr . sss&fcr KSiiSSi. teste1, W.I HorWSSJ*,w I?IP' ! nil I'D II., 1 IIIWJ II m I fTUA WOm, *. MORNING BOAT AT SIX Of LOCK FOR ALBANY. Fart On* Dollar. ON WklDN?8DAY Morniuc, July ZSnd. fcjM th? ?w and ele(?ot steamboat METAMOXHK3LKA. Captain P. H Smith, will leare the pier linn ol Wsrren street. Iindiui t( the pier foot of Ham- ' mood street, Vui Cortlandt's Dock, Newbnrjh, PouglikeepI lie, Kingston, Ca'skill and Hudson. Breakfast ami Dinner mi board. jytl lt'rrc CUi\KV ISLAND ANI> FORT HAMILTON FERRY. jgM The Steamboats lOLAS, Captain Yates. ^MTIiiiiI PKOfKllLTOK. 1 aptain H. Mallan, . 3EmXGZ-wiII run every week-day on the above Ferry, until tur'ber notice, aa follows?leaving Ilait Kmca?Foetof Pike afreet, at C and ?% o'clock A. M.. I* and 5 P. M. Whitehall, at and 10 o'clock A. M . I I and ik, P. M. Coney Island, at 7J< ana UK o'clock A. MIX ; and 7 P. M. Noith Kivm?Foot of Amos street. at 7\* and II o'clock i A. M.,3 P. M Canal street, at 7K ana : 11 ^ o'clock At M Vi P. M. Harmon itreet, at 7V and 1IM o'elock A. M , 3H P.M. Pier No. 1, I o'clock A M., 12 v., and 4 P. M. Couey Island, 9Si o'clock A. M., 1)< and P. M. Landing at f ort Hamilton each way. iU*" Fare 11K cents. THOMAS BE1LBY, Proprietor. N. B ? Stares will be in readineas on the arrival of the j boat at Fort Hamilton, to take pa?se: gers to New Utretcht I u-.i -i /< i i " -? I aim uftintiiw u i/uurjr isiaiiu lo tue pui?oj(0rs rrt mi* upper houses. jvtO. 3tis*inc TROY MORNING AND EVENING LINK. MORNINO LINK AT SEVEN O'CLOCK. FOR ALBANY. AND TROY?From the tteJB*3?.Str*mboat Pier at (he Toot of Barclay atreet. ^SCLLiiiidHii at Peekskill, West Point. New- 1 burgh, Hampton, Miltoti, I'nuglikeriwie, Hyde P?rlc, Rhine* orck.U. Red Hook, Briacol, Catakill, Hudson, Cuxaackie, Kiudorhook and Baltimore. Breakfat and Hiuurr on board the boat. The steamboat NIAGARA, will leave on Monday, Wedaeaday and Friday Mornings 7 A. M. The steamboat TROV, Captain (lorham, ou Tueaday, Thursday and Saturday mornings, at 7 o'clock. Returuiug on opposite days. For passage or freight apply on board, or at the office 00 the wharf. NEW YORK. ALBANY AND TROY LINE. FOR ALBANY AND TROY DIRECT, From the pier at the loot of Courtlandt atreet. The low-preaanre steamboat EMPIRE, Captain R.B. Macy, 1 leaves the loot ol Courtlandt atreet, on Tueaday, Thar*day I and Saturday evenings, at seveu o'clock. The Steamboat COLUMBIA, Capt. Win. H. Peck, will leave oa Monday, Wednesday and Friday avwiags, at 7 o'clock. P&aaeugeri taking theae Boats will arrive in tin* to take (he Morning Train of Cart trom Troy west to Baffalo, and north to Saratoga, Whitehall and Lake Chamolain. For Paaaageor Freight, apply oa board, or at U>e Office oa the wharf. No freight taken after iW o'clock. NOTICE?All gooda, freight, bank bills, specie, or any other kind of property, positively at the owaar'a riak. J Mr PEOPLED LINE OF STEAMBOATS FOR ALBANY, Direct?Daily, Sandayt etowted?at 7o'clock, P.M. From Steamboat pier between Court laniti and Liberty it*. .Mfl m* Steamboat KNICERBOCKER, Capt. Alfr?d Hon?Ktnn will Im?? <ui \1nn<liv W?<l. I X3DL nesday, and Friday evening*, at 7 o'clock. Steamboat HHNDR.IK HUDSON, Capt. R. O. Cruttendea. will leave on Tueaday, Thursday ana Saturday evening*, at 7 o'clock. The above boats will, at all timet, anive is Albany ia ample time lor the morning can for the eaat or wait. Freight taken at mode rata rate*, and none taken after JX o'clock, F M. All persons are forbid trusting any of the boat* of thia line, without a written order from the captain* or agents. For passage or freight, apply on board the boats, or to F. C. Schulti, at the office on the wnsrf. United State* Mail Line. At i o'clock, F. M., Landing at Intermediate Flacaa. tSram the toot of Barclay it., Steamboat HUDSON, Captain C. FKing, will leave on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday afternoons, at 3 Steamboat SANTA CL4U8, Captain BoverUgh, will leave on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday afternoons, at S o'clock. Apply on board, or at the office on the wharf. jylt tad, and STaTEN llLANDIl, Captain D. van Felt, will leave as fallows t? ^ Leavers tat en Island h I, I, I, Hand 11 A. M; atl, 1,1,4, 5, .wfcl&lvt'* 'ui " a-m -d ' 4' ? AMMight at the risk of of the owners thereof. Jelt tke m6at dELiqhTWL 6e Alju ? excursions. jMQ Jil A 8A1L across the Hudson river to Hobo Q_Awfj9?ken,andthenawalk to the Elyaian Fielda, BEvidKJB-aloiiif the exceedingly picturesque shores oi the place, will prove th? meat easily accomplished and attrac tive of all rurual excursions that can be made from Die city. The grounds now present a charming aspect, the trees be tngin leaf, and the aoil covered with a rich turf. The walks are in excellent order, having been considerably embellished the present spring. On every pleasant afternoon there will be in attendance at the Colrounade. Klysisn Fields, an excellent Band of Music, which will perform selections from the fa*>rite Operas, popular airs, marches, waltxes, Itc. The Kerry Boats from Barclay, Canal and Christopher sts., are completely fitted up with awninga and seats. Night Boats ran from Hoboken to Barclay street until 11 'clock. Ferriage cents. ml !m*r ; NEW LINK OR PACKIlTS VOK I.IVK.K. NEffV POOL.?Packet of the Nth of July.?1The splendid* JBHfafut Miliar and favorite packet ship KOSCIUS, I 1100 too* burthen, Captain Aaa Eldridge, will sail on Mob dav. July 17th. htr regular day. The ships of this line beingall 1000 tool and upwards, peraona fboot to embark for the Old Country will not fail to are , the advantage! to be derived from (electing thia line in preference to any atk?, u then meat capacity icadara them evei ry war more comfortable and convenient than >hipaof a small , clasa, and their accommodations for cabin, second cabin and i steerage paslengers, it is well known, areanperior to those of any other line of Packet*. Persona wishing to secure , berths should not fail to make early application en board; at tlte foot of Bnrling Slip, or to W. It J. T. TAPSCOTT. i At their General Paaaage Office, K 8onth street, second door j jytl rc below B?1'-n??lip PACKET SHIP RoTTINGUEff for Liverpoel jdRJOTv ?Will sail this day at 11 o'clock, precisely. PasJEfmmm sengers will please be on board steamboat Hercnlea, , at Whitehall dock, at that time. Letter bags will close at the usual places, at half past II. jyJl Itrre WOODHULL It MINTURN. 88 South ?t. | KOR LIVERPOOL-REGULAR PACKET OF kHoVTHK 28TH JULY.-The well-known faat sailing JHHMtaPl<cket ship RAPPAHANNOCK,Capt. Dnimmond, I2UO tons burthen, will sail aa above, her regular day. This splendid ship has three houses on deck (one of which was originally intended for the first cabin).. They are all well ventilated and lighted, having windnwa nppoaile each length of be>ths. and are equal to the cabins of most vessels in port, and will be fitted up in the most comfortable manner for pasj sengera Persons about viaiting the old conntry would do well to examine the accommodations of thisveasel before engaging elsewhere for raaaage which will be at very mode: rate rates. Apply on bo%r?T foot of Dover street, or to JO*. McMuRRAY, ! j^l rc Corner of Pine and South ata. KOR NfcW ORLEANS?Louisians and Mew mMUV. York Line?Regular Packet?To sail Mondav. 10th JHlMKaof August.?Thr elegant, hat sailing packet ship I OH WtOO, Johnston, master, will positively sail as above, her regular day Kor freight or passage, having handsome furnished accommodations, apply on board, at Orleans wharf, feot of Wall street, or to E. K. COLLINS fc CO., M South at. Positively no goods received on board after Saturday evening, Angust 8th. Agent in New Orleans. J AS. F.. WOODRUFF, who will i promptly forward all goods to his address. Packet ship SARTELLE, Taylor, maater, will aucceed the Oswego, and sail on Monday, 31st Auguat, her regalar day. jyto I rACKET SHIP SIUDONS,from Liver|>ool-ContrMWFV,ig|>"" of thl? ' P W'H pleaae have their permita board at Orleans wharf, loot of Wall street, imun-di .trly. All goods not permitted in St* day* will be ?ent j to public (tore. jyJO | PACKET SHIP LIVERPOOL. FHOM LIVERkflfy I'OOL ? Consignees will pleaae aend their permita JmHK*"! board, *eit aid* of Barling Slip, without delay. I All goods not permitted in Are da/a ara liable to be lent to I public atore. WOODHULL fc MINTOKN, I ^ylT 17 South street. U^^GIiArOi 'W- Packet of the let Ave. The inlendid jpHHband faat failing Packet Ship ADAM CARK, Cept Br; Diner, will aail as above, her regular day. This ship has handsome accommodation! for cabin, second cabin, and steerage passengers. Persons aboat to embark for Scotland are aaanred that the ahipe of thia lis* (ail punctually on the let of every month. Those wishing to secure berths should make early application on board, foot of Roo**v*lt street, or to w.k j.t.tap9cott, JyM ft Boath at., Id door below Burling blip. rtg- SHIP NORMAN, from Havre?Coasign*** par I rfMVUiis ship will pleaae send their rermita on board, at 1 4MMMb|'ier No. i North river, qr to :he oAee at the andar- I signed. All gooda not permitted in five day*, will b? sent to ' the public atoM. BOVD It hINCKF.N. : jeJO r No. M Wall at. | PACKETS KOK MARSEILLES?The packet MrjHlVship NEBRASKA, Captain Watson, will eail on the JAttftLlst of August. For freight or paasage. apply to CHAMBERLAIN k PHELPS. 103 front it. or to fr7m BOVD Hi HINCKEN. M Wall .treat ~ PACKETS KUK~ MAVllE?Second Line?Tha yTjjtV packet ship BALTrMORK, Captain John Johnson, JMhltklaeJr.. will aail on tha 1st of August. For Ireight or pn?MKe apply w BOYD & HINCKRN, jy7 r Sll street. tiff KOR LlV?lLPOOL?New Line?Regular Packet I aAFfwVnf 21st July.?The superior, faat aailing packet ahip 1 JHmhLhOTTIN < JU E R, 1100 tona burthen, Capt. Ira Burt- , lev, will sail aa above, her regular day. por treignt or ?>as*age, having eli?gant ana superior aeeom raodstioiu, apply '<u board, west sidw of Bnrlinfritip, or to WOODHULL k M1NTURN, 17 !%>ath street Prirs of puii|(e f !M. The packet ship Liverpool, 1200 ton* burthen, Captaia John Kldridife, will succeed the Hottinguer, and sail on her re*nlar day. /anguat. jy?| PACKET SHIP uSWiOO, from New Orleana, MJxV > <l>aehnrgiiig at Perk Slip. Consignees will jMUKa pleaae attend to the receipt of their goods immediairlv. jyl? PASSAGE TO OR FROM LIVERPOOL br KTyjfVthenew line of Liverpool Packed ? Persona tendJBpMIEBing for their Irieuds in any part of Great Britain or Ireland, can make the necessary arrangements with the subscriber* on reasonable terms, to have them brov. h; oat in aay of the above magnificent packets, the aeenmit?.iJatinaa sf whieh are unequalled, and the stncteat punctuality will be j observed in their sailing on tile stated days. , From New York on 21st and 36th of each month. From Liverpool on 6th and I Ith of every month. Tims preventing the possibility df delay at either port. The subscriber* are also agents for the St. George's Line of Packets, in any of which magnificent ships passage ran be secured sr. a very moderate rate, or in first claaa transient hips, altogether making a ship from Liverpool every five f^ie greatest care will be taken by Mr. W. Taperott in LI* , ! verpool to give all possible despatch to passengers, aad the same will be done by the subscribers in New York. I For farther particulars apply (letters paidlto I W. It J. T. TAPSCOTT, # South (treat, two doors below Burlingslips or to WM. TAPSCOTT, M Waterloo Road, r Liverpool. Si.LLING OFF, ~~ AT VERY REDUCED PRICES. TO CLOSE THE CONGER N. THF. ASSIGNEES OF EDWARD R. MYERS offer hit stock of Rich and C#*tly jOoeda at rery reduced prices, bein* iniiovt to clow the whole hy August 1st Ladie* will find on# of thf riCheat atork of gooda erer imported, all of which will bo aold from tttaM par emit under ccat. Hplen<hd r?mel*' Hair Hhawia and Loon; Shawla. Rich embroidered (Canton Crap# fehawla. A eerv larfl awortment of rich Hilk*. EmbroidtfUa and Licm of the WMtt ityU. Mnaltna, Btrtcaf, Oiuphama, D# Lainea, Vlaita, Mantilla*, CuhMn Hhawla. Scarfs, Ho?itry. Oloraa, Haft, Bomb* /ma-, llparraa lif kt , all *f whtck will ba o#Cr?l ?? ' mat aacriflc* afore n??f4, at i if It m BROADWAY. MAJUTtMK ACCOMMODATION*. MARSEILLES LINE OF PACKETS. ^ jfe 4 TuMu!Tnii?iiUoi^n|^iiU b^luUm dw^rltriHrolli hence on itw l?t. Hud from MuhUIu the lOih 01 each mouth during the > ear, as follows ships. ("aptuna From N Y ork. PR'CE de JOINVII.LE. (.If*) i.swrwuc*. April I Sept. 1. MlSSl'RI, Silvester, May 1 Oct. 1. ARcOLE (new) Evelrigh, June 1 Not. 1. OA8TON, Coulter, JuJt 1 Dec. 1. NEBRASKA (uew) Watson, Auf. 1 Ju.{l. Ships. Captains. from Marseilles. PR'CE de JOINVILLK, (uew) l.awrauce, Juia 10 No*. 10 MIStfOUlU. Silvester, Julj 10 Dec. 10 ARCOLE, (uew) Krctfifh, Aux. 10 Jan. 10 GASTON. Coulter, Sept 10 K?b. M NEBRASKA, Wauou, Oct. 10 Mar. ! These Teasels are of the first claai, commended by mm of 1 experience. Their accouiuiodanoua, lor passengers are uusur passed for comfort and convenience. Goods addressed to the < a ruts will ba forwarded free of other clitri(ea Uiose aciu 1 ly paid. For freight or paaasite Stmly to CHAMBErT.AIN h PHELPS. Proprietors No. Ib'J Kruiit street, or to BOYD ?l HINCREN, Agents, mlirc I Ton tins Um Mings, U Wall,cor. Water at. ~NEW LINE OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS. Jk&L jewy ?n> ]Wj> ^Ti^ail from Ner^iorFlla?, and ?ro^XiT?pool lu^jfeacli / Yew Yw F?rk ld*wpt?l. -V.wAlpUT.^<>pl .UMIom. j??;, ?} ft*. J J. U4iid|i. J Aarut ?1 Oet. ? New iliip Quean eftha West. ) it? 7 '} ^V*h ? 1140 to..> Woodiiuuit, \\ Not. J New Ship Rocbeeter, K>0 tone, S t*?Iuary ! A?ii?i S John Briton. j '! GeT" Ship Homier 10? too., S J^rck ? g*J J Ira Buraly. , THeae substantial. Cut sailing, tot claaa stupe, all built in the city of new York, are coinmaMed by man of eipenence and ability, and will ba despatch*! punctually on tha 'Jlit ol aach moutli. "Wieir cabins are elegant and commodious, and axa furnished with whatever can conduce to tha ease and comfort of passengers. Price of passage $100. i Neither the captaiae nor awn era of these ahipa will ba iaapoaaible far any peraala or paclmgas aeat by them, unleaa regular bills of lading are signed IKaraiar. For freight or |uuit uwli to wflodhull k minturn. ? %mvb ikeM. New York. or to rikudEnj ILm'h kr? k Co., ml re Liverpool. ^ NEW YORK AND GLASGOW LINE OF FACKJST*. Am <m && M> Safflig from ti'ZyZT on the la^^^oTaafaw a^^^aSC of each mouth. from N. Taik. fm. Ul'pow. I June 1. July 14. Mhtp IAKACEV. !f. T. HawMm, ] Oct. 1. No?'r tf. 1 i ftp. i. mrcn u. i July 1. April 11. Br. Skip BROOK8B Y, H. Mlwa, { No*. I. Aug. li. i ( Muck 1. Daa'r It. \ Auwt 1. M?y 14. Br Bark ADAM CARR, , < D.^r 1. Sept U. I I April ! Ju>. U. i Mar 1- J*na li Br. Bark ANN HARLET, R. Scott, < Sept. 1. Oat. U. i I Jan*7 1 Fabraa. li. That* thina ara food, rabatanlial vaaaala, ably aeinmand#4, and will aail punctually on thair rcptlar day*. Thair aacom modatian* for paaaanger,ara food, aad aTary'attaatioa will ba 1 paid to promou thair aomfort. Tha afanta or Capaaia* will not ba raaponaibla Tor any partala or paakagaa laai thaw, uar i laaa bill* of lading ara aignad tharafor. r."?Uh, 0,^.^1 VSull ^ | j 7 Sonth atraat. Naw Yark, ar 1 I U rc WFin fc MIDWAY. Olngow. ( fAO&ALri. t KUA1 UlttAi' HKlTAlAiN A AD IRELAND, ; 1 jfcft j&Kr i JUK mat Mic au By tMBlaqk Ball, or Old Lisa of Llvwpoal Paokati. aaUhtc < ?MwMf* v. jirfH i Paraont landing for thair {riandi, aad forwarding tha paaaaga cartiflcata by tha itrxauhip Htbarnia, jailing from Boaton on tha lat of Fcbraary, 'ill hava planty af tiaaa to cut in tha Yarkahira. or in any oua ol tha aight packata oJ tha Blaak Ball Lina. aailing from Lirarpoal on tha lat and Iftk oferary month. Apply to, or addreu. if by Uttar poat paid, ROCllE, BROILERS Ik CO.. K Fnltoa ?., ! ! Nail door to tha Falton Bank. GLASGOW AND NEW YOKJt LINE OF PACKETS. Etftv rttiy Jffv EKSOnB wiahing (osend lormcimiMii in UT part of Bcotlud, to sail direct from Gluftw, ou ukt arraageate with the Subscriber*, to bare thus brought oat ia *ny oftktnnlv line of Packeta, sailing monthly from Oiufow. i Tha ANN HARLEY, Taauia Scott, ADAM CARR, Captain McEwea, SARACEN, Captain Hawk in a, BROOKSBY, Comrnriae tha above lin*ta?d the high character of thoee vee ali should t>* sufficient inducement for pareona who may be tending for their friend* in Scotland, to BaJie unnfeMk for I thi* (the only line.) Farther particular* given, oa applicatioa to W. It J. T. TAPSCOTT, 74 South i treat earner ef Maiden Laae, or Meair*. fcEID It MURRAY. Aeenk >10 r ia Glaafow. REMITTANCES TO IRELAND, <fcc. ~ , m m (^^WoE Mcl^^^ETjr., has rS^M^ii* olfie^^^m? M Broadway, end continue* to remit money, ia ibbi large or i malll, to pertou* residing in any part of Ireland, ia the nine manner a* ne and his predeccMor ia ba*inee* h*re done for the laat thirty year* and more; alio, to any part ef England or Scotland. Monev remitted by letter, po*t-p*id, to the rabeeriber, or personally deposited with him, with the aame ot the petsnuorperaona ia Ireland, England, er Scotlsnd, to whem it i* to be aent, and ueaiwet poat town, will he immediately tranamit ted sad paid accordingly, and a receipt to that effect gives or forwarded to the aender. aJilm'r JOHN HERAMAN fc COi lib i ted State* aad (Heat Britain aad Ireland, Old Established Emigrant Office, (1 South street, New York. HERDMAN, K?EftAN It CO., Liverjieol. Puu|? to and from Oratt BrTUin aad Ireland, na Lirerpeel t by the Old Black Ball Line, er any ef the mgular Packet ahip* sailing every are dan. The aubambers in calling the atteatiea of Old Countrymen and the public generally te their no equalled arrangement* for bringing, out ptiaseugers from the eld ceuuury, b*g leave to a late that the business of the Hotue at Liverpool will be conducted by its branch. Those sending for their friend* will at oace sec the great importance oTtnia arrangement, a* it will preclude >a naneeea*ary delay ot the emigrant The ship* employed ia thi* line arc wall known to bo ?f the I rat and largeet cla**, com run tied hymen of etpericace; aad a* ffiey aail every Ire day*, offbr every facility that can be formatted. With theee raperior arrangement*, the *ab*cribep* look forward for a continuation of that patronage which ha* bee a so liberally encoded to them for ao many yeara pact. In ease any ef those engaged do not embaik, trie passage money will be refancied a* customary. For further particular* apply by loiter, poat paid. J. HF.UDMAN m. CO., 81 South *t., New York ' HF.RDMAN, KEENAN k CO., Liverpool. N. B ? DrslU for any smeant can as usual he fureiahed, payable at all the principal Banking Institutions throughout the Uni'ed Kingdom, on application a* above. " tfRITlKH A ND NUltlli AJVI tU.1x^fl?ESBCAN ROYAL MAIL STEAM SHIPS, SjZmj^nfuZdtfcaf 1M4 tons aad MO horse power eack.undev contract with tlao Lord* of the Admi " fcmralty. HIBEKMA Capt. A. Ryrio. BRITANNIA Capt. J. Hewitt. CALEDONIA Capt. E.O Lon. ACADIA Capt. Wm. Han-inon. CAMBRIA.. .Capt.C. (I.E. Will aail (rem Liverpool aad Soetoa, via Halifa, a* fol Iowa :? rioH aoiTon. raoM LrramrooL. Britannia Jaly It, 9N. Cambria Jnly 4, IMC. Cambria Aug. 1, " lliberaia " M, " Hiberaia " 16, " Caledonia Aag. 4, " Caledonia Sept. I, " Fitliil Honv. From Boston to Liverpool ftM. rom Boetou to Halifai M. Na bertha aecured anal paid for. Theee sMpe carry ? ririeaced Wlfeou. No height, oxcept apeeie, received on ay* of *ailiag. For freight, paaaage, or any other information, apply to D. BKIOHAM, Jr., Axetit. Jy7 re At HARNDEN It CpSi, ? W*ll*t. ? ? NOTICE-TAfSCO'IT'8 OKNERAL EMIGRATION OFFICE, Kemoyed from /ajaHn&fc7i to M Sob tit atreet.?Pcraooa leading for their frienda in my put ef the old country HMmbcu miki lh? nMriiryy arr?ng?m*nu with the aabecribera, ou reaaeoable ternu, lo bar* them brought oat. in THE NEW LINE OF UVEBrOOL PACKET?. TheShipeof thia line ir< uniat|WMil by any other, and their immcfiM mi (all being MOT tone, and npwarda) rendcra , thorn more comforte hJe ud eoaieaient then anipeaf a imaller claaa ; and the greMoet reltanee may be flared in their pnngfnality in ceiling. Tfce aabe*ibara are alao agitate for the Rt George a./ L'aioa Linee of Lirarpaol Pecheta, in any | of which paaeage ?<u be eapv?d cm t?a*?*able terme. Drafo fw aiy amount. r^>" without dieconet la all theprincipal trnii of Kaiglaad, walaad, Seotlaad or Walee, ?a" ?l*o be <.(Kneed rmf^^al-lTr'/^^oT. I ttffrr > ^th at . M door helow Barling ?lip. N. Y T~.IL" [liAETf ON ?BltAT BRITAIN -f-* A VT> fRELANI)?Peraoaa wwhitig to te?ii aa-may to ih?4r fneada ib aiy pert of ^C^BflU^^Bithe old eoaatry. <*a procure draft* of the ^^ ivaaberrfVera far aar uannr.t. from ?1 and npwarda payehle el ai|Si, lrill^'t diaeetuit, In all the prtg- 1 Eipel towaa (hroaghaat aclaad. Ireland, Scotland, and VV alee. The aahacrfWa bee to inform their fried4a and the paMic 4iat thia branch of their hnefaeaa eonrienee to rveeiya thdr lartioalar attration, and they fuel quite ceataia thai better irmngementa than theira for tranamittiag money to the old country cannot ba made. The royal mail ataamer Caledonia will laaya Boston toBorrow, ay which all drafta can be forwarded. W. It J T. TAP8COTT. M Sooth arran, JeW r I door* below Barling altp. .?l1, 1A..I B1 i - - r v?* mi f r?i?i wvu?uinv?imihiiu ??*?.* . i IQJVVat of the afth July.?The eleeant, fast sailing p*?-kBNNmc ship KOfH'lufc, A. F-lilnJt*, miiinr, of nNtVss ill Mil II aboye, k?r refnlar day. for freight er passage, h*nnt accommodations aneqnalled for splendor or comfort, npply og board, at Orleans wharf, Umt of Wall (treat, or to ?, K COLLINS k CO.. M Raath m, ^rir? of iMtaaaca SIM i? It " I.UH OLAHUPW-T h? new, tlrst elm. snip MjUfW A HVI' M, 5<# t/m?, U Kobinsoo, mmter, h-mu? jKBAEb""1*! of her r?m<> engaged. will meet with det|>sirh. , Kur Itslsnce of freight or p*""**', h?Tir>j[ eseelletil moiintioiii, apply to the captain on hoard.foot of Do?er ?trert, , or to WOODHULLk MINTURN, i )y)7 t7 ftnnfh ?rreef i Tjafc UNITED AfATfcs k OR^AT brit^* ] mMVIHRLAND OLD KMTABLIHHED EMIGRANT j AuBfaOmCE?The Subscribers sre.prepared to bru.? . out peeeaagers by UT ol tha Line trf Packets "''in* "**(* , fly* diva? and draft, cm. aa neasL be fnrnished. payable K. j cW' ip?v.; -iinsS"' " 5^apfcj#tw?55,?, [ ^ Mt'MVEMfC Vf'M. ?*u. BUWLRY THEATRE?Tue.Jiy ETeini,*. July *1*. The performance* will eoBMWt with the Vl?ln-I)r.m.tir Hpectule entitled THE VKW TitEE ltU.NS-*ir Willrtd Peuruih, Mr Neatie: Cam Kynau, Mr BUncliard; Oben Sturmwrrtt, Mr Cony ; Be ilriee FV roth. Mrs Phillip*. Previous to ?h'cn tli* Petit Comedy of RAISJNO THE WIND? Jeremy Diddler, Mr t'C YCemi**, Planiwa*. Mr Collins, Sam, Sir HuUway; Peggy , Mrs Booth; Ml** Durable, Mr. Deering Door* open ?t 7 o'clock, curtain will ri?e ml li*lf-p**t 7.? Press Circle, ttceuU; Upper Uuie*, iti ceuU; Pit ana Oallrry. U>? cent* CAHIXt UAUUKN, witn it* e&tensive Prvineuade* IS open day and eveuiug.?Thi* Evening July 41st, ih? euttrtainneiiU will Include * good selection of Music, from Kalliwoda, Labiukv, Kuhner, Kahrbach. Doiiixetti, V?a Weber, 8trxus*. belliui, and Kossini. which will be performed by the Orchestra under tl,- i? ~t \s C W Meyrer. lulerniitiiou of half an hour, lor refreahmeuta. Hid to view ill* beautiful range of C08M0HA.MA8, steading aronud the whole si the Keplauade, will lirl.rilliwitly ilUoiiuaiad with gai, (liua giving visiters ui eirellenr i>pi?ortnuity to examine these beautiful Viawa. Admis?ioa li^ rants. jy21 POWERFUL ATTRACTION THE RJiVEL FJl MIL Y? G.I URIEL RAVEL JiNU Ml) LIE ULJtNOY. NIHLO'8 QAHDfc.iN?Tuesday fc.veuing. July 21st ?Tb? entertainments will eouiuiriir* wirh a popul r Ovriture, To be followed by Daring and Kxtraordiuary Kraia on lite TKJIIT ROPK, by the Ravel Ksinily, (Jabriel Rfvel and Ch tries Windier. To ba followed by the firat act of LA 8 V LPH1DK?La 8ylplude, Mdlle Hlmigy , Sandt, Gabriel Havel. R> iiben. Moua Henry; Jeaaie, Mine Leon Javelli ; other character* by the Ravels and the Corps dc Bailee. HaH an hour'a intermission lor tha Concert* A4a-Mas?r4, in the Refreshment Haloon. To conclude with the Comic Pantomime of KOBKHT AND BK.RTRAND? Robert, A Havel. Bertrand O Ravel; Mom Dumnnt. K Ravel; Notary, J Ravel; Lavaleur. '' M> lather: M lie Kloi, M'aie Leou Javelli; Criquetta, M'ine Maril n Javelli. Doors open at 7 o'clock ; entertainments begin at I o'clock. Ticketa M canta. A L H A M K A , No. 459 BROADWAY (between Hprine ai.d Prince). M1ISK'A I. ENTI-'HTl lSlKTl.' VT< OK superior order will be gireu at this laahlouaMe resort EVERY EVENING (Sundays excepted) ADMIT TANCE KREE. Ire Cre.iiaa, Kruit Icea, Charlotte de linsae. Jellies and Kruits in their season ; aJ?o Wines, Cordials and Lienors oi the firat quality. jv20 1t?rc MODKL OF NEW YORK In Carved Wood THIS mmenie work of art by E. PORTER MELDKN, is now on exhibition at the Minerra Rooma. 406 Broid ? ay. This model represents every building, ahed, trr>-,and other objects in tha ritv. It ha. burn in progress lor mora than a year, and upwsrds of 100 pcrsous hare been employed in its routtruction. Abort the Model la a Gothic Canopy of tha mo?t huhly decorated carred work, containing, in different compartmeuta oil paintings by tha first arfsts of some of the Principal Buainaaa Esta lishrrenls in tha ci'y. Honra of exhibition from t> A. M. to 10 P. M. Tickets 23 centa?Season tickers. M cents. jytl Steodrc HOWES * UO.'S NEW yOrfii. WAa .-:uTH ClltCUS. THIS unrivalled corps of K.queatrians will perform at Sacketts Harbour on the 17th. Watartown on tha ltth, I2d at Canton, 23d at Ogdenshiirgh,24ih at Preacott in Canada, ind at Kingston 18th, 39th and 30th of July, and fromthenc* to Toronto. Tha Largest Establishment arer organized i? the United States, comprising 1M Man and Horses, repairing M Carriages to conrcy the parfnrmers. wardrobe, muaiciana, kc. The commy has attached ui it Eight Kemste qtiestnans, among whom is the Greatest Female Rider ol the Age, recently arrired from Pans MADAME MARIEMACARTK, whose new style ol Equestrian Keats, peculiarly her owa, being chaste and elassit; her graceful and fascinating address. Bud the charming naivelt with which she chmiii her audisence, render this gifted and higlily-edacated artiilr the leadiqg feature of the arena ia this country. The Proprietors refer the public to the brilliant description given iu the reaper tire newspapers of the extraordinary aud daring feats pe: formid br this dtstiagaished artiilr. Amvug the novelties whiak lie Proprietors offer are the celebrated Scotch OlANT AND GIANT* *8 Their height is 14 feet, nud their weight ove mi lbs Ms. Randall weighs 4)1 Iba. Mrs Randall ia the loeat eaormou riantess ia the world. They will appear ia " Jack and tha Bean Stalk." and be will perform extraordinary feats of creagth and agility, sad will ride ia a two kerse act Tha satsrtaiameats will eomprise I' Acts of Horsemanship, (ir? aasrtc Exercises, Claasie Displays, and humorous allerpieeea. (Louestriau Director, MtThOWES; Riding Master, Mh NIXON, and the oakpproachable Clowe, DAN RICE. Am nag the Performers is the celebrated sad principal Slier, the Napoleon ef the Arena, Mr. HOBBS, whose feau oa Horaebaok axe the moat attrsaNliBsrv -??' ?If,1?I - njle Act af Horsemanship by Murnt Nixon Olympic K1?rcises by the whole Campaay. led by the gre?t European Tumbler, Mr. MAC ARTE. Wonderful Feats by Mr. C'oleto Doji, Hector aud Billy The 8WISH BHOTHEKH, ia their elegant (Jymnaitic Postures aud Groupings Mr. H?h( u the Charioteer of Phoebus. Posturing and Gymnaatics br Mr. Nixon end hi> sou. Mr. Howes in his Mythological nod brniiant Act of " Kencies of Proteus." Mr. C. H.iwns ia Black Hope Evolutions Mr. Ueo. Sweet, the celebrated Tight Rope Dancer. With a variety of others. Tt.e whola comprising the let dine, moat talented, aad claaaic partoruera ia'the wor'-' HOWES it CO 'S New York Mammoth Circa*. ATLANTIC GARDEN Id NOW ?PJCN KUh THE SEASON.?Dodworth'a Cornet Band will pertorra every I'uesday and Friday evening*, cwnmsncing Jan* Ixil, It >'clock. Admittance tree. ravt Jm*re WILLIAM ALLISON. Propr<etor. MUSIC. " INSTRUCTION riven on the Piano at two dollar* per month, by a perton who audrrstends the profession tn*. roughly. Young lediet wishing to lake leason*, will pleaaa tddre** a note to Malic," at the Herald office. jyl< lwi?*rrc MUSICAL UXjUURSlON. THE DESERT AT NEWBUttUII AND POUOHK F F.Ptfl K. One Hundrtd Tirkt't Only. jM The undersign"d respectfully informs thoea fl?who purchased tickets Tor the excur?ioa aCnflyL post|H>ned from the 10th instant, that he haa completed his crraiigrmente, ai d that it wilt positively taka place on Thursday nex'. 23d iustnnr. 1 he new and splendid steamer EXCELSIOR, Captain Nel* ion, having iteeu chartered for tlir occaaion, will leave tha wharf at the foot of Robinson street precisely at half i>ast I o'clock, A M , touching at the foot of < anal and Hammsnd streets, leaving the latter place 9 o'clock, and proceed directly to Van ConrtUndt's Landing, at the eutianca of the Highlands this side of West Point The boat will remain at that tilace until twivo'clock, to silow the party ail opportunity of promenading and of enjoying the Highland aceuery. ... Immediately after the starting of the boat, the whole company will be inviti-d to partake of a fine dinner, arrmged upon the njiper deck, at which a'l will ^l>e aeated at onre? ful scenery Afthe Highlands. while regaling their appetites. At four o'clock. David's DESERT will be performed u the Washington Hill, in the village of Newhurgh ; and also the celebrated Tramp Chorus, from the onera of the Knights of 8nowdon ; and the (irand March ana (chorus from ih? opera of Fidelia, by Beethooven. The solo parts by Mrs. L. A. JONES and Mr. J. A. JOHNBON. The whole nnder the direction of Mr. OEO. LODER. The i horal Department will be sustained by aboui On* Hundred Ladies and Oeutlemeu, accompanied by Thirty Professional Musicians. DOD WORTH'S Celebrated Band ia alto engaged for th? occaaion. At til o'clock precisely, the company will re-embark and proceed directly, to Pougnkeepsie, at which place the ssma performance! will be given in a splendid p*>illiou. (to ba erected by I few public spirited gentlemen of that Tillage lor the occasion, commencing at S o'clock. At ten o'clock, the boat will leave Poughkeepeie for New York direct. Supper will be served immediately upon the starting of tha boat, after which the party will have an opportunity of lutnung to aome delightful music, (in style to suit,) from I>n<tworth'a excellent band, and of enjoi lug themselves ad Mbitum TICKETS FIVE DOLLARS EACH?admitting a gen. lrmsn and one lady, eitra .Ladies Ticket two dollars?in eluding both performance, dinner, supper, and other refreshments for the day and evening; may lie obtained until M edneadaV evening, after which none will be sold, at the mn>Ul store of Kirth, Hall h Pond, 239 Broadway -, ol Geo. K. Nea bitt. cor Wall and Water; and of jv2l2t*l H.MEIGOS. 446 Broadway. POSTPONEMENT. IN order to complete the arrangement* for the Orand ('milion Excursioo advertised lor Monday, the Managers hay* been induced to postpone the same until Wednesday, iuljr 22, when every trrangement will be made to render the egcursion the moit delightful and splendid of the seasou. GRAND COTILION EXCURSION. jMM ^ THE atesm packet ALBANY, Capt . Franfl-UM * *? cis B. Hall, on Wednesday Evening, July SKs-flCdE. 21, will leave as follows Kootol Kobinson street at I o'clock. " Pier No. 2, North River M.. .*v4 " " Hammond street a'. IS " Proceeding up the Hudson River, will return about oaa o'clock at night. _ .. The Albauy will be elegantly fitted np and brilliantly lighted for the occasion, and having secured the service* of a superior Band ol Music, and prepared suitable refreshments, this will afford one of the best opportunities for passing a Summer eveniug pleaiuitly, free from the heat aud noise of the City Saloons. . ., Tickets $1. to admit a gentleman and two ladiee?may b* obtained of f B HALL. f.?of of Barclay street. jy?l ttrrc CENTRE VILLK COURSE?TROTTING. B O S TO N vt. NEW YORK. fl T r c.DiNEaDaY, Jal> 22. at I o'clock f. ?i.. comes off tha Orest Match for $1000, Two Mile Heats, in skeleton vsgons Henry Jones names Wk. g. Newburgh. Louis Clark names b. g. New England. Immediately after, a Parse of $30, Mils Heats, best three ia "ive ; to 2SO III. wagons. C. S. Birtne enters bk. m. Misfortune O Hathaway enters b. g Savage. A. Campbell enters br. g Peter Month Betting rnns high upon this match. There are apwsrds of (tO.oOu pending the result already, jyII ttSatMTukW*ire JOEL CONKLIN. PoNY FOR SALt. <1 A beantifnl Sorrel Pony, 1JX hands high, aboat 1 -l p* four years old, warranted perfectly sound, and CI _ kind i? single and double harness and under tha tauiiir?smuble for a lady or children to ride. May bests* it MKSSENOER'8 stable, 58 Trinity Place. Price >15 jv2l Ifrrc roiv ciALb,* TWO FINE SJUODLE HORSED <\ WILL drive also in a carnage. They _IrlQ Just the right sixe for ndiag m horse back, and nave been long used to LI r >, the saddle Apply ?t the desk of the Herald (mice ro* further particulars jelltflgb TO LF.T-At Staten Island, near Capodi Moala,? very hmdaome new ( ottsge.^together^with^tahle Ike. J^MLIarelv finished, ana nnm ~y.y ^ _ STTlhtfylly la-ted ?3??r'2TL?f..{?kTli city and aarronndinl country. The fro* the State* (.Una F?rryUnHinf ii.hort..ndof,? or further rtrticntofeepptf Mn. QRYME*. r?p? 41 Motile. Bt.len Hand. rre | i KVrtJKY Au< E, w# h?T?- now to announce the arri?al in our eitT rf JUB>ii. ?.) ' tttraoidinery pUnt Tbe apecinen to !? Ti"he?onaer?. tory of Meaer. D?fi?P ft Thomp. Broadway, without ey#pti?n, the l?'?e?tevef h* lore ?*hihii?rf Theflo??r a'rna neea the body of ill# plant o?er 2t fret, and 12 f?et high u It inch*a in i ireumre? rnee, while at thr ba?e it ia felly two feet round ?e lit* hat none will fail in beholdinf a plant at ouee retnefka?l* fof rr runtv ai d iM earpn'Ttlinaty ?ae. j-ITly" me mm, a i 11 Itrtl itlll I : a. ?./vn>. .! ? e?Aftl><l k,.ll r ** I IIT 1 ah >1 ",3 Bro?dw?r. liSi . .h. ?><? rlotttl,) it (.r?p?r*<l M? ? ? !? (Mnil.M or '??!' '"'"V" >. bonrd.n. Dt?.n k~rd?r? r.a h. McoVBind* IU? >mr? eirh.nrrd lm?ww-_ TO BARfcK!?, 4 nilMt ARTIC^Kof New So?in?n? Flnur. i?"d? or JVl7 5Bf S3IB7i?<?. K % (

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