Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 20, 1846, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 20, 1846 Page 3
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? the Utter issued. Theee treasury drafts are an Illegal unauthorised laaue. on the part of the government, and have, we learn, been iiiued to lome extent at the South and West. Whether they are intended ai merely temporary issue* or not, remains to be determined. It is. no doubt, a system temporarily adopted by the department to expedite and facilitate the payment* of the government, and will doubtless be withdrawn ai toon at the legitimate treasury note* got lairly into circulation. The deposit* to the credit of the Secretary of the Treasury In the barks of this city, aie rapidly dwindling awny. On the 1st of August they amounted to $3,IMS,484; they are now only a little more than one-half of that amount, and another month will suffice to use up the balance. When the banks of this city hare no longer any government deposits, we trust there will be noue of those audden expansions and contiaations which wo have from tima to time experienced, ever since tike surplus revenue of the government began to acumulate. The alarm which has from time to time been experienced by the bank* holding these deposits, and the fear of large drafts being suddenly drawn upon them, have bad a very in. Jurious eflect upon the money market, and upon quotation* of dork* These deposit* have been loaued largely to stork speculators, subject to immediate call; and the stock maiket has consequently been kept in a very unsettled, feverish state. The quarterly return* of the bank* of thi* city are sufficient to un*ettle price*, by contracting and expanding periodically, without huving 1 another cause to do so more frequently. On thi* account the lot* of the government deposit* will be a good thing, and tend to a greater uniformity and regularity in the movement of our banks, which cannot but be desirable, particularly to those engaged in a legitimate business. It is expected that a large Issue of treasury notes will relieve the mouer matket very mu -h, and their apj>earance is anxiously looked lor It U about time they were Issued, and we trust the Secretary oi the Tieasury will do every thing in hi* power to give us this currency a* expeditiously us possible, a* the fall trade i* about com- > menc:ng, and it will be necessary to furnish all the facil tif J at command to give an impetu* to trade, a*, under tao most favorable, it would for a time be lather limited The demand for merchandise from consumer* will, uDtll another opening, be very moderate, and we ice no possibility, un er existing circumstances, of there being any speculative movement is anv thing to any ?xtent. a* the duty upon most of our staple importation* will, under the newtaiilf, be lower instead of higher, and (there is not. therefore, that incentive to monopolize npp'ies, which would under different circamstancc* be experienced. We Annex returns exhibiting the condition of the lead- j ing department! of tho Bank of England, at different period* this year and last:? Bank or England. J !yl2 June 20 Julp 11. July 25. I 1815. . 18.6 , ! Notes issued ?29,682 000 29,005,160 29.286.3611 29,312,915 Gol'lcoinhbulliou 1J.542.6J7 12,592.403 12 8)4.412 12.875.241 Silver l ullmo ... 2.H0.M3 2,412,757 2,421,918 2.437,702 i B'king Dep't. Rot 3,218.003 3,?96,774 3,482,541 3,508,278 Fublie deposites.. 3.4500.19 7,313.539 3,489,416 3,438.401 ! Other d?|>osites.. Il,356,5i9 15,293.909 15,661,286 14,305.341 j Seven daysud other bills 1 081,546 832 981 941,566 910,024! Oov'ut securities. 13,000 314 13,090 946 12,962.147 12.962 560 1 Other securities.. 11.282.211 17.984.6 3 16,143 726 14,511.407 Noes 0,068 970 9.631.235 1,425 630 8.562.B95! Gold tit silver coin 13,626 683.419 596,306 636.482 i The actual circulation of the Bank of England, for the ; four period* mentioned in the above table, wa* ?s an- ; nexed Circulation or thi Bank or En<iland. July 12. June 20. July II. July 25. i 1845. 1846 Notes issued....Xt9.6D2.000 29,005,160 29 266.360 29.312.915 | Notes ou hand.... 8.068.970 9.631.235 8.425.030 8.562 695 j Actual circulate.?21.61 .030 19.S73.9U 20,840.730 20.7i0.250 For the week ending the 18th of July, the notei issued mounted to ?'20,139,905, showing a decrease for the week of ?126.465, and an increase for tho weekending July 26, of ?173,040. A comparison of the leading departments for the week ending the 25th. with those of the 18th of July, exhibits j the following results Public deposit*. .?3 418.401 ... Increase. .?275 705 Other deposits... 14,305.341 ... Decrease. 599,832 On the other side of the account? Oorernment securities. .?11,962.560 ... The s*me as before. Other scarifies 14,583,407 ... Decrease.. .?798,990 Notes unemployed 8,562,695 ... Increase... 423,675 | The amount of notes in circulation is ?20,760,360, being a decrease of ?250,635 ; and the Btock of bullion in both departments ia ?15,949,427, showing an increase of ?179,230, when compared with the preceding return. The " rest" show? an increase of ?4,'240 during tho nme period. The private banks of England and Wales, for the week ending July 18, had a circulation of ?4 418,209, and the joint stock banks of ?>,108,489, making a total of ?7,620,698, showing a decrease of ?27,000 since the 11th of Olrt ??orlt Exrhann*. t 1.000 N Y S 5'a. 1151, ?3 98 175 aha Morria Canal >3 #V l.nro Ohio #'?, I860 b3 94 100 do b60 9 $l 000 dn 91 200 do Harlem RH $*> 000 Pana >60 >6>4 200 do <3 II', 50 ).? I itv Bk V O 30(1 s 6? 20 do 54 15 d.. Ohi Life Tr 95 150 do blO 54V 100 do Karma Troat b30 25!* 50 do *80 54 5* do l?fl 25* 250 do b3 54,V{ 50 do Loin lil RR blO 3IH 50 do Reading RR >3 r.7 100 do >3 31K 350 do (CO R7 100 do b30 3tv 50 do bCO C7ii 50 do Nor <c Wor blO 57 X Vecnnd Board. 200 th* Rmding RR nw 15 Canton Co a 10 33 100 do >10 50 do i30 33 50 do b?0 i'fi* ioo aha Morrii Canal 8^ 110 do i30 ?',W 50 do 8V 50 do 66>? 50 aha Harlem RR >3 5?V 50 do >60 66^4 50 do >30 54 50 do b3 6'. *< 50 do b30 54 50 do blO 6fiC 10 do Nor It Wor 57,S' 50 do ?? *?w Mtorto Rxrhamo. 25 >h? MnrriaCaual c-?h *>? 50 aha Harlem RR a3 54 25 do Thuradajr UK 50 do ea>h 51 25 do bl 8V 150 do >3 5t? 25 do Farmt Tr Thadar 25% 2i do NukWor Sat 57?? . 25 do caah 25"? 50 do Batnrday 57 t50 do blO 25V 25 do Thundav 57*4 25 do Long I?1 RR tlO 31* 50 do caah 57?, 50 do Reading RR ca?h 67 25 do >30 57*4 Saniod, On Saturday morning, 16th intt, by the Rev Dr Wainwright, Ei'oihk L JuKinaticr, of Neufchatel, Switzerland to Mia? A Mali a, daughter of Jaidoro Hazera, Eiq , of Panama. Ulrd. On Wednesday morning. 19th inat, after a ihoi t but ia\<ir#> iittapb nfilrafntarv Tiinuia W onlv inn of John W and Kllen M Oliver, aged I year and 10 months Hit funeral will take place this (Thursday,) afternoon, 1 at ft o'clock, from W Lu.tlou stieet The members of Oreene st M Church, of New Voik : Division No 1, Sons of Temperance, and other friends of the family, are invited to attend. On Wednesday, 19th inst, Hkhuktta, daughter of | Israel D and Harriet ( ole,aged 6 months and 4 days. I Venter day, in Brooklyn. after a lingering illness. 1stsm t, wife of William J.Bartow, and youngest daughter of Edward Backhouse, deceased The friends ol tl-.c lamily are invited to attend the funeral without farther invitation this 'Thursday,) 20th inst. nt 4 o'clock. I'. M , from his late residence in Bridge it, near Hands st, Brooklyn. At Brooklya, last evening, Hroaur Hk^bv, infant son of tJeorge 8. and Augusta Couover, aged seven and a half months. The friends and acquaintance! of the family are respect'uily ii.vited to attend the funeial this (Thursday,) afternoon at 4 o'clock, from the residence of his father, No. 14J Hicks t-t, Brooklyn. On Wednesday. the 19th inst, P*t?ick, aon of Patrick ami Budget Reiley. aged 3 year* and 9 months The friends and acquaintances of the lamily are respectfully invited to attend the funeral thii xfternoon at 4 o'clock, fioin 2tJ Madison street, without further invitation. WANTED IMMEDIATELY, A PERSON who hn worked al (he m uiufactare of KlrcfrirMlguctic Machi' e?, aud ihoroog l\ understands ihe business. Address Bos 18J7, Lo-er Tost Office. anJo lt'mc AKK-PKCT ABLfl Young Woman wants a sitnatinn in a rea|ire>akle prime lamily as se RiMresi ; and has served he' linn- to dressmaking Has no nh'rctioM to go a short dutnnee into the entii>try. K?'erenee. if reqnirra. Please vii|iiirr rc r*o 3 roravih irert in tn? rt?tr. iuro irmc w_rT_ FOUR Cabinet Makera; noue hal good workmen need apply. Apply ?t 241 Mott meat, b?tw?eu Priuce ?itd llnnii.iti. mi20 lt'mc wanted; FOR fhe South, one or two eery aaperior Millinera?no othir th*n experienced need apply. Alio, one or two ladiee 10 Mtfiii) in 11 Ur|r fancy atoie ; thoae who haya had eiperience weuld be Preferred. Alio eery rapvior Dreiimaker ; none need apply bat the mott competent in thit derailment. inquire it IM Chamber! ttreet, it 7 A. M.orT r M auJO 4t*je to tailors. APPLICATIONS having been made to 01* f*r a few firitel?i" cutteri, I will be obligai to each who ire in want r.t aitnatioaa for an early call oa me. at nv office. No 14# B.o-d-ay. OfcNlO C. ttCOTT. nulO It rrc t7brown, STONE SEAL ENGRAVER and Herald Printer, J3J Bro dway, opponte the Park. Coata of Arma, Creitt, Cynliera, h . a grayed on tioue or hraaa. Ladiei' Seala, Signet K i ??. Pencil T'aaea Keya, he., engraved with arma or any H? ice Diamonda. Amciliyaia, Top sea, Ite . bought in the fourh 01 cat to any lorm. Cnata of Arma found and painted in any >t)|i, from $2 and apwarda, aad forwarded to any part of the ITni'ed Steiea or C anada. Bnoka of Heraldry kept, with upwardi of brt,on<l nimn. an* lt*r r i'tcAOil^AL DUUi 1 A'o 83 Ctdar ttrtrt. MR C..C MARSH reipectfully ibforma the public that hia counting ronmi for the itady of Practical Bookkeeping. Commercial Arithmetic, and Mercantile Writing, cmi inue opnn from I A. M. to I P. MSnch are the practical ed?intagea of the ayatem of inatrnetion, and of the fkithfal attentma gieen to tne learnere thai ill oie coura# .>1 leta, na a peraon n|(|t>od capacity becomea a competent Book-keeper, and receiver a certificate to thu i flVct j i n?ea, *i:h terirt, rrft-renrea, ?c , may be oo;aint d at tlie to.mi, .... C. C. MARCH'S Workion Book-keeping-ire well adapted u> it inula aa<l print* mattuctioa. For *?!? M aboTg. mN J i THIS DAT Iff PUBLISHED PART XXUT. i]W VIRTUE'S ILLUSTRATED FAMILY BIBT-E. THIS Part ia embeUiehed with a highly fii.iabrd ?teel engraving of the I'ool of Siliam' b* \V. H. Builitr, Ktq., whicfafhu been coastd* ?J ?U|*rior to auy thai bat a preceded H for bmat' of desirfu ?n-l r chiiest ol eiecutiou. oKOKUE VIRTUE (late R .Vlirtin V ( o ), auJl) 3fu?c MJoliti street. WALNl'T OIL mILITAHY SHAViNO SO ?P D?|Tot No. J street, i few door* from Broadway ? The true and only genuine (article t originally m\i ufa-iured by a*. warranted to maintain (he regulation it has obtained ? Toilet ? laoa. Kitraets. Ecrnrei, and every varety ol choice Perfumery at the loweat pricei that a good article can be sold. ? ou ty V'erchanti, Druggists. Pedlars, and dealer* in genera), are invited to examine and judge for themselves. JOHNSON, VROOM fcKOWLSJC (Jener<1 Agents for Dr Koo d'a celebrated Pectoral HvBr. me of the best remedies for coughs, colds, and all diaeaars of the lungs. aXl la'r "" DR. l'OWKLL, OUJLl>T, AUR1ST, AND OPERATIVE 8URUEON, ATTENDS (>*Dise*sps of the E) e and tar, from 9 to 4 o'clock, at his residence, Ml Broadway, corner of warren street. Opthalmia. Stoppage of the Teir Passage, Cataract*, Opacities, effectually removed. A.VIAl' KOM-* treated with great attention and sucee?s. l"veterate case* of STRABISMI'S, or fquumng, cared in Jim imported, AHT1KICIAL EYES, of superior betuty and finish. SPECTACLES adapted to erery defect. " Advice to the poor wilhuul charge , Olfice and reiidence 261 Broadway?entrance,IK Warren atreet. au20 lt*tc BEWARE OF COUNTERFEITS AND IMITATIONS. THE unparalleled and astonishing efficacy of Dr. WISTAh'jj BALAAM WILD CHERRY, iu all the diseases for which it is recommended, curiae many cases af er th* skill of the beat physicians was unavailing, haj effected a larur and increasing demand for it. This fact haa caused several anpriHCipl* d counuifeitera and imitators to pilin off spurious muturei, of s milar name and appearance, for ih?- K**uuiue BaUain. Home are called "Syrup of Wild Cherry?* " BiUmii of Spikenard," " Wild Cherry, Comfrey " kc Another, " Weater'a_ Balaam of Wild Cberr*," m prlling tl<e uaine, and forging certificates to res**mlile thoae of the tine Balaam. " Dr Wistar's Balaam of Wild Cherry" ia the onlv genuine. The reit merelv imitate the name nf the original, while they possess none of ita virtues, it r~ l.i.ok wrII to (he marks or the genuine. The genuine llalsim ia put up in bottles, with the words " Dr. Wistar'a BiUnn of Wild < herry, I'hilad.." blown iu the glaaa ; earn bottle bearing a label ou the front, with the signature of H. WWTAK, M. D This will be e"Teloped hereafter wi'h a new wrapper; copyright secured, 1844 : on which will alwaj appear ihe written fcig>iatnre ?>f " I. BUTT>." Nonegeuuine unleaa signed " I BUTTS" oil the wrapper. Kor sale by A. B. It D. Sand*, aretils fur New York city : a to by druggists geuerally throughout the Uuit- d Sta rs aud Canada. ?u20 ItUlt Wrc FALL AND WINTER WOODS FOR MEN'S W. EJt R KNOEPFEL, GREGORY AND FOOTE, No 39 John ttrerf, Up Stairt9 HAVE now ia tror^ind will be constantly receiving: Vew mid Denirablr adip'rd to Vm'i Wfir, to which tn#y would inv tf t? e "ttrntiou of MERCHANT TAILORS mill I'UHf IiASEKSgenerally CLOTHS?Germm, V**ren<*haud English of the beit fabrics, superior fi' i*h ?ud full width*. CAS*1MEM9 t ND DOESKINS-3-4 and 6 4, black and fancy, newest nod most dr?irible styles. V fr'K 1 f VliS V'wrr. riol, Kl- L I r.e^ar Q.I I, a.?: figure) mid p'"in. fi^urt d ?h*p*s, lie VKLVKT VEsTLXOSf-ln str.pes, plaid figures,tic., the richest import- d. CLO aK 1NG*?Plaid and shaded stripe. TRIVlSUNGS? Surges, silesiaa, canvass padding, buttons, muslius,si k t?iat, thri-nd, Jkc he lurchasrrs will find it greailyto their advantage to exurine our stock, befere making their selections. an 19 Im'rc DEATH TU BEDBUGS. THOSE who are so un fort unite as to have moved into a house infested *ith lhe*e unimili, nred not be discouraged, for with one bottle of bedbug remedy they cpn conquer an army of them. Price ifj cents For sale by DAVID 6ANDH * CO , 77 East Broadway, au!9 Im't corner Market St.. and 100 Fulton at. TO WOOLLEN GOODS MERCHANTS. H. MIGEON & CO.. CLOTHS, CASsIMEKES. ND SATTINETS 11EFINISHERS. No. 341 Wkst Stbckt, N Y. REFERENCES and orders fur work ?t Messrs. Woolcott and Hade. 61 Pine street; W. C. Langley ll Co.. M street; P Brigham fcC"., 60 Pine stre?t. ai6 ttn*m LEECHES?LEECHES.? Depot of Leeches, 149 Nassau street, is RKMOVbDto US WILLI A M Street, New York, and offer for sale a fresh supply of Leeehes, just re cetvedby J. FERDINAND. Sen' aut Im'r FLAVOKING EXTRACTS. Afresh supply ol highly conceutrated French Extracts, su h at Vanilla, Pea n, Nectarine, Kose, Lemon Bitter Almond, and several others, for flavoring Ice Cream*. Blancmange , Costards. etc . and all kinds of Pastry, for sale by JOHNSON, MOORE* TAYLOR. ali Im'iti Importers. Itc . ti M Mden lane. N. Y. LAURENT k BROTHER, IMPORT FRS OF FRENCH GOODS, No 4 William Mrt, have Just received by the last tickets : ? 27 cases rich Paris Cashmere d'Ecosse Dresa Goods 9 *' " " Moimela e de Lane do 7 " " " Carhmere d'Ecoise Robes 24 " " " 'J eckari Shiwls 17 " " " Cashmete d'Ecosse do 8 " " " Brotue do Imig aud square 2 " " " Embroidered Thibet do 1 " " " Teckary and Cash d'>se Scarfs A ' ' ' J- J. " i -? ??? u'i uu oiinwia 2 " " Cathmere d'Ecoaae Colter. auli llt*r CHEAPER THAN EVER. \ FULL SUIT of Superfine ('loth nude to oider, in the 11 mud aiihatanfial and fithtonable atyle, can be prucured for $20. at MOFFATT'8 Ka>hinuable aah Tai'oring Eatablianment, No. 24 Tatharine atreet, New York. Eveiy article 11 ihe line equall) low. Call and aee. an 17 lm*m JOHN MOKKATT. EDUCATION. REV. K. T HUDDART'S Hchool will re-open after the Hummer Vacation, on Monday, September 7th. Circulara containing full par iculu'* and term* far day acholan, ye uly and day boardeia, can be obtained on application at the acho'il. It Fourteenth atreet, between Univeraity Place and Fifih avenue; or of Mr. C. H. Ed w irda, office of the Alliance liiaoranceCo . iB Wall atreet. alt lm*m CHRISTIE'S GENUINE GALVANIC RING8, AND MAGNETIC FLUID, FOR THE PKR.NMNENT CURE OF RHEUMATISM, AND ALL NERVOUS COMPLAINTS. NO matter how chronic or *ev> re may be the complaint, it readily yield* to the wonderful powra, ai developed by > tht* remarkable di*c?very. The moat reapectable teatiinoniala from ?ll inni of the couutry. are daily received THE GALVANIC BEL 18. BRACELETS, OARTER8, lie , are Ju trd for vaiiou* disraae*. and can be worn br the moa'delicate wi'h perfect aafe'y and conTenieuce. Thefreat and beurficial influence exerted on the ayatem by theae articlea muit be witneaaed to be believed. Only Agency in New York, No. 1U Broadway, between Joh < atreet. and Maiden lane. Explanatory pamphlet* may b? had grati*. all lw*rrc NEW INVENTED WIGS> D ATCHELOR'8 new invented Wig* and Scalp*, made of D the Qneat natural curl hair, and adapted in the moit eaay manner, to the peculiar atyle of each individual. They are entirely a new invention, doing away with all the vexatiou* difficulties *o long experienced by tlioae who wear wig*. . Tiie public are invited to inapect a large and well (elected took, containing every variety of aixe and eolor; they will theu be able toiudire the effect. WM. BATCHhLOU. inventor ud only manufacturer, S 1 WrII itrHI, near Broadway. Removed from Itt Broadway, Kleate to copy the addreta an IJ lw*m DR FELIX GOURAUD'S ITALIAN MEDICATED SOAP. 'T'HIB admirable emolieui is now by common content rated M. A No. 1, aa a remedy lor blotches, pinij les, pusfnlet, tcurf. tan freckles, sunburn, all kind* ot eruptions, and every species of diacolmalion of the itio. All competi ion haa be;-n completely dn anred by this invaluable composition, the demand fur ?hieh, within the laat ?n months, haa incre*ard more iliau fire bundled per cent. The clearness aud freshness which its use impart i to the compleiion, have rendered it proverbial as a beautifierof the Hkiu: aud no dressing room cau be couaidered furnuhed with a proper toilet 'hat lacki Guar-ad's lulian .Mrdica.ed Soap. Il beauty be, aa la asserted, uolv akin deep, it it the more important that the thin covering in which loneliness resides, should be kept iu its present and most aim live state. Dr. Uouraad's (Jrerim Hair Dye, for Coloring hair, hat completelysuperaeded all the old aud deleterious preparations for that purpose I'oudre SuMile for eradicating hair. The LiIt \Vh:te made by the D ctor, is by common consent allowed to be the most excellent ar icle for beautifying the completion, that Ins ever graced * lady's or gentleman's toilet Liuuid Vegetable Konge for crimsoning pale lips and cheeks. Tnese ?u,>nla'i?e cosmetics, together wit'ialarge stock f choice peifnmery and fancy articlet, are to be had genuine only at Dr. K K OOURAUD'S depot, 87 Walker street, first door from 11 roadway, and ihe agency for Beal's Hair Rcstortive. Agents?Jordou, J Milk sr., Boston; Carlton It Co.. Lowell : (iieen k Co , Worcester. suit lm*r CARRIAGES. THE undersigned, foimerly of the House of Brewster, Laurence k. In, having again resumed the Carriage business, at tt and 17 Caual str?et o(Ters f-?. sale a spl-ndid stock ol i arriiges.of superior ttj le r.ud finish, and I V'tes the atienti n of his former patrons aud fiends assuring them hat the asn.e confidence, so ritensivelv repot ed in him, shall ev'eoil r? every imn-nctiun?believing he posscres facilities to meet the wishes of all, both in ;nality and price, equal to anv e?tan|i?hmrnt in tint coui.try J AM KM BRKWC l> R. anlMm#rrc and Tt I an>il tlreet. "FAMILIES GOING TO ANlTAfUUV0RT~ FROM THIS COUVTRY. r Antra no hlmi i %. vi?rv * m? M-J to ditpoae ..f, inch aa Weariog Apparel, Furniture, Itc., cau obtain a fair cuh pri'e 'or the aame. by ending lor the aabacriber, through the Poat Office, or olierwiae. who will attend at their reaidencea. j. Lt.V k,NST VN, 446 Broad way, np a^aira. Ladiea can ba attended to br Mr*. J. LKVE.N8T YN. aal lm'rrc PARISIAN DECORATIVE UPHOLSTERY, CURTAIN MATERIALS,he. THE rabaenber* have now in atota their full uiorttnent of Brocatala. Silaa, Satin de Lainea, Tapeatry , f.atnpan, India Damaaka, Chintiea, Moreena, Ornament* and Triinminga. -oitable for Bed and Window Cartaina, and Furniture Covering* of all deaariptiona for Interior Decoration*, elected with great care in the French and Engliah maitnfactoriea, b?-one of the firm, and '-mbraee the largeatand be-t naaorted ?tock in tha United State*, whirfi having been parcliaaed for ca*h, en bla na to offer at a lower priea than anv other eatahliibment in the city. Cabinet maki-ra, Uj>hol*terera and other*, are reqneated to evamine our atock, Irom which they can m supplied in any nnan'ity, wholeaale and retail. Peraona furniahing will alao find it to their advantage to -elect irom oar aaeortment, which for variety ran not re anrpaaaed The neweat deaigo* for internal decoration*. received bv every packet, SOLOMON It HA FIT, Upholtterara and Importara, 111 Broadway, 7 In.*r oppoare the Park \j|/ lifc. A f?iO.OOO bnahaU, Ijlinot* Wheal, lor aale liy " t. K. COLLINS fc CO.. aia 17 jg Ho-th atreet. ATCHES !?WAT' HES AND JKWKLK V -Thoaa who wiah to parchaae Oold or Silver Watcbea, Oold ' haiaa Oold Pencil*, Keya, Ice., will And it greatlr to their advantage to calfcjon tha anbaenber. who ia idling all description* of the H>ove a< retail, math lower than any other nonaa m the city. Oold Watche* aa low aa $20 and $U each. Watehea aad Jewelry eichaaged ai bought. All watcnea warranted to keyi go >4 time, or ih? monay refunded. O. C. ALLE> , Importer of Watchea aad Jewalry. , . Wnolaaala aad retail. J1 Wal> atreat, 3 up ataira. 'I''N ? M AKkhH.?It.WB I ha Trunk Itoarda. ani 4dET, | AlCTIQH KOjlca*. JACOB 8. *L ATT.iA?etioi.eer. F\SCY HA?DWAKK. ow-AN ?,?0J?8' ct'TLERY kc -JACOB 8 PLATTwill sell, this morning I at No. 23 PUtt street. the balauce of shopkeep-r's stork ?T f..icy articlea; alio, cuilery. A'to, about 200 pairs English Pistol*. soine of which aie very flu* and valuable. S^le wilt , CjinuiriiCe ntcily at teu o'clock. Catalogues are readf. aii?0 if m I H UUI/LUZEaU, Auctioneer. ASSlOMtS' 8ALK?WATCHHTanD JEWELHY. | ? TljTTLE k UUCLl'ZK vrill sell This Day. at It I o'rlocx, at the salea room. TO Williaia street, by order of ?ssgneea. 100 O .Id and 9>ly?r Watches, Comprising English Patent Levera, Detaehed Levers <ioJ< and Brass Capa, Gold | Lrpites ai?d Silver Aochur*. Silver Verge Watch.a, kc. Ike. Al?o an iuToice of fine Gold Jewelry, consisting ot gold i Fimrer Rwg?. plain, with nones, kc Vc kc., gentleman's | Breastpina. ladies gold Broaches, Bracelets. Soars, Watch I Krya, aold Ear Drops, Hoops, kc. kc.kc. The whole will be | ! sui t wi hoiit reserve. Catalogues are now ready. a33 It*me POST OFFICE, NEW YORK,) Auo. 19, 1846 S STEAMER OREAT WtSTERIS FKOM NEW YORK. : Letters will be received *t this office for the above ste?m- < ship until half-p?st 1 P. M., on Tbursda", the Mth mat The ' freight on all Latter* per th- aVive ate*" er. by au ar'tng*faien* with her ?... ?II k. > > ? - ?, " ?' W t?MH tut men WC1CI1- j in* hnll au ounce or lets, and 25 c?ut? lor each additional half 1 ouac*. nui9 f h ROBERT H. MORRIS, P M. j LOST, j ON THURSDAY, the 13th inat., Bank Book on the ( lumber* street Savings Bank, No 7VWI As it will | ; be of no use to ?nv prison but the owner, (be tindrr will lie I liberally rewarded by ratureiug it to 31 Teutli street. auM It*mc #100 HfciWARi) I LOST? Ou the '4th inat., a Gold Patent Lever Watch, iud. l eodrnt seconda. white lace, engine to'iied b rk, vithii vest chain, ead link iu lormofaha, p Pawnbroker, and other, are requt.teU to .top the above article if uttered. The above rewa>d will be paid and uoqurstioua aakrd by ap- ; ply in* 'o P T.JONES, 1 an 19 3i "r at the Bar of the Asfr lliiuw. i ; | W AN TED, on Bonn and Mortgage,on imr j\/\A "proved Real L?t?t- in thi < city, ai 8 per cent, lor a'erui of yean. Property worth double the amount Ap] ply to JOSEPH T MILLS, i I -II19 H* r U3 ' berry street. i KISSINGER RAKOi ZY MINERAL WATER. JUST receivt d one huudred caaea of the ab ve celebrated Mineral Water, and for .ale, in lot. to ?uit purcli isers. Ly A. SEIUNLTTK k CO. mi 'II T? rh 36 Br 'Vir ?irwt. | ONE CENT KEWAKL) RAN AW AY from the .ubacriber on the I7rh of Aurast, ISI'i, John Me ^airland, au indeut d appientiec to the . taroriul badness: about 18 year, of age, about 3 feet I inch* high. He >ad dark brown hair, mi her round f^e, thin b"iU, high sh'ulders, and cnuanmptive looking. This is to forbia all iwrioui from harboring or employ iug him uuder the penal' ty ofla?. * Take notice not to treat him on my aecoant. nor ?? Mr any 1 b II. on my nccount. WM. POLE. anl8 3t*rh N? 4 ?<!?' W<?? j PKUFESSOR OF MATHEMATICS AND I PHYSICS. JOHN RYAN, for the last three years. Professor of Miflirluat'CS and Physics in St John's College. Koidham. N Y , ! ?"d fo: merly iu in-High School mid M> cli-uio' Institute. , Live iw<l?heinic st present liisemts ed it w illia< to cvinect I Uimself with a?> Coll*g- or of'er Literary Institution where ' hits rvice* m ty be required. Testimonials of the most saI tisfactory kind ran be given L-tteis addressed, postpaid, to j John Kyan, Kordhnm, Westchester county, N. Y , will be | prumpUv attended to. aall4t*rh | WINKH-2W bales Seine Herding and (I'll Net Twine*, X of lir dport manuf C'orv. comprising the most complete < aasortn lit I m irfet, from to 36 Ih. ; and of a quality un| equxleil, harii g been manufactured with the u'moxt care, exfirrasly io this market, and recently imported. Kor sale, in uu to suit purchasers, by E. K. COLLINS fc CO.. an 17 St South street. j LOOK AT THIS ! LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, ifyou want a fine article of Boots anu Shoes, call at 3?7 Broadway, where yon 1 will find the largett assortment, cheapest, and the most fashionable iu the city Do not mistue the number, 367 Broariway. cor. of Kranklin street. N. B.?A large assortment of Imported French Boots, at the low price of Fire dollars. M. CAHILL. ?n!2 Irn'r BI NDEHS'BOAtvDS.?10,000 lbs. Binders'Boards snperior quality, from Nos2i to 65, just received, and for sale by PERH&E fc BHOOKS, sug 12 'm' ?"<1 S7 N'assaa ?t LEOANT FURMSHED APARTMENTS, on the European plan: parlors with bedrootna attached, with or withont breakfast and tea, t M Broadway. aulSlm'r UNION HOUSE. THE subscriber has taken the above named new and splendid Hotel, just completed, at the centre of the beautiful j village of Springfield, Mass.. and will open the same for the I public accommodation on the 10th in t. The Union House is large richly finished and furnished, and offers unequalled | advantage! to all persons travelling through Springfield for I business or p easure. Having recently kept the " United States Hotel" and " Congress Hall," at Saratoga the sub! aeriher respectfully invites his old friends and patrons, and | all others, to give him a call in his new quarter*. o. a. Pt.WAti. Springfield, July 24, 1846 au3 3m?r COLUMBIA HOUSE, PHILADELPHIA. (Formerly the MurthuU. Houte,) IS NOW OPEN THELESSEl-8. BAULEY, MACKENZIE & CO., hare 1 spared do expense to render Ins ?i.?ciom and agreeable ] Hotrl perfect iu every department, and trust K will be found deserving the patronage tliey respectfully solicit for it. JAUE8 BAGLEY, late of Jones' Hotel. HENKY C. MACKENZIE, Kormrrly at the Washington House. PETER L. KUROUbON. iy31 lm*je ! SHARON SPRINGS PAVILION. THE PUBLIC ii informed that this establishment, bavin* been enlarged and improved since the close of the last ! season, will be opened for the reception of visiters, an the 1st I day of Jane LANDON fc OAKDNER. ; May 1.1W. my?3 2m?r ; rAVlLlON, NEW lit 1GHTON. PBLANCARD has the Hbnor to inform his friends aad the public in general, that the Pavilion is now in fnll operation and prepared for their reception. Steamboats ronVtwtrn Pier No. I, North River, and New Brighton, at the following hoars, vis:? irorn New Brighton. I from New York. ?, II A.. I 9, 1> A. M. a, . P. M. / VkV'A&ARD r - DLAriOAltU. i ftrilioa, New Brighton. June 1,184C. j27tf rc ! MANSION HOUSE, MIDDLE TOWN, CONNECTICUT. , 'PHE UNDERSIGNED bsn leave to anooance to his 1 friends and the public, that ne Sas leased the above house , for a term of yean, aad hopes, bj 1 >ng expedience aad strict I attention to bosiaass, to merit a liberal share of their patroa| age. JOHN L. MONROE I Turf tm*rr formerly of the U. 8. Hotel. Boston. BOARDING PLEASANT Rooms, with or without board, at >4 Broadway, opposite Triuity Church. Merchants fiota the ! ' country will And the location very convenient to business. 1 ault lm*rh ! TO HOTEL KEEPERS. | ^ . THE OAYOSO HOUSE, at, !"! '* "uw 0"errQ Da if?if por * tcm 01 year*, rne ' XJ& Home U new, and well adapted for a >|>lrudid and apaciuui Ho.el. Kor terms, and any forlier information, ap I ply to ROBERTSON TOPP, ; auU K*re Howard Hotel. MAN V peraou having a small neat Hume iu the upper part oftne city, in rt ilnannhomh, or on Staten Maud, that they will let till May neit. at the rate of HLO |>er | y>4i, may hear of a ?a?eful tenant, by addreasing k note, coni taiui- | a description of the premises, to W. W., at thia office j ?til9?'*? . AL'MuN.?All persons are hereby cuatiourd KCT?V against trusting any of the crew of the Br Bark rkslme. fr. m L verponl ?s no debts of their will be paid by the captain or consignees. aull rh i *fig-~8HlP LANARKSHIRE, FROM LIVERPOOL. l?*?y.-Consignees ofgood> per tnis ship will pleaae send JMHlH^hrir permits on board, tt>>e loot of Dover street, i I or to tic office of the subscriber*. All foods, not permitted, iu lire da>s, muat unaroidab y be sent to pnblic store. W.kJ. T. 'I'A PS' OTT, an'8 rh gfi South street. Vr-SSEL WANTED.?A good subtta. tial Vesi mMKtV ??l, o< the bu'k of <000 barrela, to proceed to the j JNHmm Notth ol England Apply to I ~ WOODHl'LL k MINTURN, a a 17 m 87 >*outh strett. FOR NEW ORLEANS?Louisisna and New ISJHPV York Line?Positively first Regular Packet To iwUI?k,^il Monday Slat insr.?The elegant, fait sailing j packet ship GENEV A. Goodhue, master, will positively sail aa above, her regular day Kor freight or paaaage, having handsome furnished accommodations, apply on board, at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall ; street, or to E. K. COLLINS* f.O.. M Sooth at Positively no goods received on board after Sainrday vening, Angus' Mth. Agent in New Orleans. JA8. E. WOODRUFF, who will promptly forward all gooda to hia address Parltet ship SAKTELLE, Taylor, maater, will succeed the Oe?ev? an'7 I ok M UtSKIL' EH-Packet for 1st September 1 lie "hip EUGENIA, Capt Briscoe will take , idaMMthe place nf the Packet and sail ou the 1st Heptem- ! UerFoi freight or paatige. apply t.i CHAMBERL 4IN It PHELPS, or to alSm BUVD k HINCKEN, Agents. ! FOR HAVRE?1 he French Ship AU^TER- ! KKTxV'IT/, Capt. Oautreau Kor tr- iaht or passage. ap MWBfeply to J L\KK\H 8c CO.. or'to | i?m B<?Yl> k HIN. K? N. AgenH. ; AAA KKKNCH SHIP AUBTK.RLITZ KMow OAU(Hfy D \LOUPK.?Dalilt th?i may be contracted by the Jmmmrntrew, will nut be raid by the Captain or Loniigutea a 6 m Hlif 8ULTAN--''on?ignee? if cargo will be N^V pirated to iron 'heir Permtta on hoard, at Pier No Mmmrni N H ,or t<.the offi: of SOVDk <MN< KEN, 9 I ontiue liuildmgt. Gooda not permitted ou the 20th inat., will be ?Pt to I he Public ?tore. ?n 'i it rrc ~ PACKET KOH HA VRK?Reeoud Line?The aMfcth. I.t Eept.^ N< HHIP ALH?.HT?Conaigneea of the carg > are mRPJV reqileared to aend their pertnita "n board, at Pier JflftlfeNo 4 N. H, or to the office ol BOYD AND ?! i Kf,N, 9 Tontine Bnildi ? . <loodi not permitted prior to Wth matant, > ntt be aent to the Pnhlic ftore. an I S Si rrr fg- FOB NEW OKLEA>8 AMJ MOBILE?The WTjy ?nh?cribei have a regular auccetaion offirit cla? Jttmmtrn ahi(4, (ailing weekly Tor the above porta, hv which C'bm aud ate r rage paaaengeri can be accommod i ea in the l.e?t manner, and at the I'Weat mte? hv imilvn* la JOHN HERDMAN k CO, 61 Bonth ?r? I ?"? I door from Wall .t 1 iK PACKETS FOR HAVRE-Recond Line-The KFTlY P??ket Ship UTlCA, Captain John A. Puree, will MMfa aail o? tha firit of September, For freight or paa, "Pl'lT ?o bOYD It HINCKEN, 1 MW?! NfcW LINE OF PACKETS FOR LIVERPOOL. PACKET oftlat Aainiat ?The iPlcadid, fait aailffffV ??and f rori'e Packet Ship LIVERPOOL, 1700 r"P*,5'?!* ,h"rt!"u ' r?Pt??n John Eldridg., will aail on "'?{< her regular d?y The ahipa of thla line be tug all IMC tone and npwardi, peranna about to embark for the old conntry will not fail to ae* the adrantagea to be derived Jrom (electing thi* line in preference to any other, aa their great capacity rendera them ' TC ""T mor,f comfortable and convenient than ahipa ol a amallclraa; and their aceommodariona for cabin, leeond cabin and areerage paaaengera^ it u wall known are aaperior to tho*? of any < tber line of Packeta. Peraooa wiahiflg in aeenre berth, almnld not fail to make early application on board, , foot of BurltngSlip, or to a. v , .W.kJ T.TAPICOTT, rBANHOATS, c. FAKE REDUCED. FOR THfc FISHING BANKSKKI DAY. AUO. 21. jMM 0m Tli? commodious Siaiiner DEL.AWARE will lent? llie loot of Hammond meet at 8 aCZSCK.o'clock A. M., Canal 8!*, Dala^cy \ to 9, Pika ?ir?. 19, I'icr .No 1 Nortli l(i?er 9S IJiufle'a Bran aud Cotilluu Baud i> enxaced for t^t trip. Lnirt null but at aainall ch.irne Diiuur mi boajd. hrKu'ar daya, Mouday, Tneaday, and Friday. JJ canto. adHt*iW _ ~a MORNING BOAT at Hio'clock for ALBAN Y and intermedial* land ngi.?Paa?gr $1?intermediate liming* in proportion. ?The new aud fut-?a ling Steamboat MKTAMORA, Capt. P H. Smith, ?ill leave the pier foot of Wairau itreei ou Kriday, Ang. *l?t, at balf-iiaat 8 o'clock, A. M. Braaklait aud Dinner oil board. ?'M> ae jMj'l j**-l MfcTAMORA ? We learu thai this justly gr? i ifWjPr"r"'" boil, which laid over on her la?f trip, XmKZ.Iu rrptir damages. caused by the collision with the South America, will rnuillr her plaee o? the rivrr as an opposition boat to-morrow morning ; ?h- I ear as tha foot of Warren street at 6k o'clock W? iruat that ahe will continue to receive that sh*r* of the patrouag* of the tiavalling public, which the deserves. autt lt*mc EXcliKSlUN T^7~THE SEA-B Sd BANKS. ^MQ The steamboat D. C PF.LL, Cartaiu D. S ^UradlHh?kJ* Tobias, on Thursday and Friday, August 21st and 2Jd, will tn?ke an eicursion to tin Seabass Bauaa. leaving Delaiicy atreet at 8 o'clock, A. M . Pike treat at quarter |*st 8. Caual street at quarter to 9, and pier No I. (.North River.) at Refreshments will be provided on board. Hail gratis?Lines at asinall chart*. Far* for the icuraion, JO ceuta. Mu ic provided fur dancing. au20 H*rrc CONE* ISLAND AND FORT HAMILTON FERKY. Tha Steamboat PROPRIE1 OR. Capt. H. MaC&qf Vidian, will run every week day on the abuve -X?lCtfE-Kerry, until further notice, it follow! ? Leaving North H.y r?Koot of H 'trnnnnd street at II A. M., 3 P M. t'nuol atieet at IIU A. M , JM P. M. Harrison st. 11S A. M.. 3* P v|. Whitehall at 7 A. M , II M., 4 P. M. C )uey Island at l){ and C P. M.; and The Steamboat IOLAS, Captain Richard Yates, will run as follows Leaving Eaat liner? h'oot of Pike street at 9K A. M , IX and 5 f M. Whitehall at It A M., S and iH P. Si. Coney Island at llW A*t.. 3H and 7 P. M. l.anHing at Fort Hamilton each way. Kara 11)? cent*. ui9*t~iu invmi/io or.n.Di , rropnrior. MOKNING BOAT FOR ALBANY ANTn TROY. PASSAGE ON P. UOM.AK?Uieakfot ^Lra?5Nraf,,"li dinner oil board he boat Pasaeiigere 3K*3hbi^K.t.'liiiiK (hit bo it will arrivf >n time t<> t>k* ttic evcuiu. irtiii nl cati from Troy wcit to Buffalo, tud north ta Hnratog and Lake Oenrge. The Steamboat Nl \CJ vllA, C?pt. Win ElUworth, Moui day, Wedueaday and Friday, at7 o'clock. A M . from tha ateamkoat pier foot of Barclay (tract. Heturuiug oo oppoaitr dava. | For iiiaaagi- or fre'gnt, apply on board, or to F. B H'tl. at I tha >fnrv on the whi I a>n9rc MORNING iiUAT Ai HALK-fAsT tilAO'CLOCK FOR ALBANY. 0M FROM the n'eamhnar pier foot of Warraa ^?M^J^?lr>?t-Patm? H -Lrarial Nfw York? Vondny. Wednesday.Kridav-Atfcanr. Tue<d?y, '1'iiiiiid.iT. and Saturday?landing at H>mmon<] atreat, Van Cortlandt ? Dock, Perltakill, Wei' Point, Newhnnrli, Hampton, Briatnl, Poughkeepaie, Hvde P?rk, Kingston, Upper Red Hook, Ca'akilT Ha<iaon ana (nxaaekie Paurman ukmf thia boat will arrive in time for the train of ea*a from Albany Weat 10 BuBalo;aud North to Saratoga, Whitehall and Lake Champlain The new and decant low preaanre ?tearner METAMOHA, Capt P. H. Smiih, will leave aa above. For freight or paauiir apply on board. Breakfast and Diuner on board. Aa it ia not ?euer*lly understood that the Momiog Line, loving ai 7 o'clock, A. M , charge two dollara, we take thia method o inform the pui.lic that by taking the aieamer Metamora, at 6% o'clock, A. M., that aave Ihemaelvea one dollar, 1 and arrive in Albany at an earlier hour than by the Old Line Pa*aengera will beware of the decoy ruunera of the South America, ai ahe hi? been pnt on bv the Old Monopoly, at the aame hour, to run off the Metamor*. Fare to Van Lortlaudr'a Dock, 23 cents, Ponghkeepiie. SO ceo'a. Ha ton. 75 cemc Albany.SI no It <w*rh fEOPLE'S LINE OF STEAMERS FOR ALBANY, uireit? utxiy, ?nnday* eicepted?itT o'clock. !*.?1 Prom Stramho"l pier hftwrn Cnvrtlaniit and Liberty ill. am Steamboat KNICKEHBO' KER, Ci|it. A. Honghton. will Inte on Monday. WednesKbJEX. day and Friday eveuings, at T o'clock. Steamboat HRNuHIK HUDSON, l/ipt. R li. ruttenden, wil leave on Tuesday, Thursday and Hnturday eveiungs, at7 o'clock The above boat* will at all times arrive in Albany in ampla time for the morning cara for the Eaat and Wait. F eight tiken at moderate ratea, and none taken after Ik o'clock, P M. All persou* are forbid trailing any of the boata of thii line, without a written order from the captains or agent*. For p<**ai<e or freight, apply on hoard the boata, ortoP.C. Schultz, at tli* ofS'-e ou the wharf. UNITED STATES MAIL LINE. At 1 o'clock, P. M., Landing at Intermediate Place*. From the foot oj Barclay itreet. Steamboat SANTA ('HUB, <?ptain B Overlagh, will leare on Monday, Wedurid i,, Friday, and Sunday afternoon*, at S o'clock. 9teamboat ROCHESTER, Captain , will leave on Tuesday. Thursday and Saturday afternoon*, at 3 o'clock. Applv on board, or at the "(Bee on the wharf. an 7 r MORNING BOAT~Ar ?? O'CLOCK FOR ALBANY, M^0tg% AND intermediate landing*, ftom the LggMSi foot of Robinson street. Breakfaat and jKmrnSMBKm Dinner on Board Paaaage $1.?The new low pressure Steamboat SOUTH.AMERICA, Capt. L. W. Brainard, on Monday*, Wednesday* and rriday*, ut 6X o'clock, A. Si. For pa?snge or freight, apply on board. anl7 lw jam UAIL V LINK lit1 BOATS Bfcl Wt.iL> CZItSbS* NEW YORK AND STATEN ISLAND. XmIIIjL The *teatnboat* SYLPH, Captain J. Braisted, and STATEN ISLANDER, Captain D. Van Pelt, will leave aa follows ? Leave Staten island #(, I, I, 10 and 11 A. M? at 1, i, S, 4, S, and 7, P. M. Leave New York at 7, t, 10. and 11, A.M. and 1,1,1,4,3, I, 7 and ^ past 7 P. M. All freight at the risk of of the owner* thereof. A stage will leave Vanderbilt'* landing for the Telegraph ;C Button Mfnr nonr rnrnnwnnrm# ?mv P*ri? izh ewti. ! FAKfc REDUCED. mM FOR NEW HAVKN.-Putue reduced {L New Huron to SI : to Hartford, IS ; to SmIuL Sprint field. 12 75 Tne splendid and fast i Steamboat TRAVELLER, Capt. J. Stout, will lian Peck . Slip, E. R., every morning, (Sudsys excepted,) at* o'clock, and the Steamboat HERO, Capt. R. Peck, every Tuesday, and Thursday aiternnon, at 4 o'clock, and Saturday afternoon. m 1 o'clock auC Imisfh TitO* MuttNINGRAM D EVEN1NO LINE. MORNINO LINK AT SEVEN O'CLOCK. Mm FOR ALBANY AND TROY-From the LJsIgn# Steam boat Pier at the foot o f Barclay street. 3^^2HSK.Landinf at Peekskill, West Point, Newbnrali, Hampton, Milton, Poughkeepsie, Hyde Park, Jthmeoeck, U. I ted Hook, Bristol, Catskill, Hudson, Cozaackie, Kisderhook and Baltimore. Breakfast and dinueron board the boat. I The steamboat NIAUARA, will leave oa Menday, Wednesday and Friday Morning* 7 A. M. The steamboat TROY, Captain (Jorbam, on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday mornings, at 7 o'clock. Returning ou opposite da ye. Forpaasage or freight apply oa board, or at the office on the NEW YORK. ALBANY AND TROY LINE. FOR ALBANY AND TROY DIRECT, From the pier at the foot of Courtl&ndt street. The low-pressure steamboat KMPIRE, Captain K B- Mncy, leaves the loot nt Cuurtlaudt street, on Tuesday, Thnrsda) : and Sa'orday evenings, at seven o'clock. The Steamboat COLUMBIA, Capt. Wm. H. Peck, will leave on Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings, at 7 o'clock. I'asscngert taking these Boata will arrive in time to take ' the Morning Train of Car* from Troy west to Buffalo, and I north to Hereto?!!, Whitehall and Lake Chaoplain. For Puar. iae or Freight, apply on board, or at tne Office oa the whirf. No freight taken after Sfc o'clock. NOTICE?All goods, freight, bank bills, specie, or apy , other kind of property, positively at the owner's risk. jW THE MOST DELIGHTFUL OF ALL EXCURSIONS. -MA A SAIL eerots the Hndaca river to Hobo ao^y&ldglSeken, and then a wnik to the Klysian Fields. 3EnSNE3E.along the exceedingly picturesque shores of the place, will prove the most easily accomplished and attrae tive of all rurual etcuraions that can be made from the cit7. The grounds now present a charming aspect, the trees be ing in leaf, and the soil covered with a rich turf The walks are in eicellent order, having been considerably emVellwhed the present spring. On every pleasant afternoon there will be in attendance it the Colfoiiuade. Elytian kielda, an etcellent Band of Music, which will perform selection* ftnm the favorite Opera*, popular air*, marche*, waltta*. kc. The Kerry Boats from Barclay, Canal aad Christopher its., are completely fitted op with swmng* and seat*. Night Boat* ran from Hobcke? to Barclay street nntil II o'clock. Carriage tX cents oilJre*r KOR UI.'KBEC, with despatch?The A I British nlfy Bark ROBERT A. PARKE8. Kmning rawer. MNIbli ? ing three-fourths of her cargo eugagrd, will hive 1J1 ap tch lor the above port. For freight, apply to J. McMUHRAY. an2fl^r t? itopiti street. KOK LI VKK POOL?Regular l'ack-i ol the 6th MfT?V<if Sent.?The firs'-<la*a, fi<at-*?iling Packet thip JKL1&.PATHK K HKNRV, J. A. Delano maitei, will tan a* ubo< e. her regular day. Having very >ui>erior accommodation* for C'^in, fecond cabin, and ?teerag>- oa* enge<^, per*on* lutendiiig o <-int>?rk alionlil make immediate npi lication on bo?rd. foot of Maiden la-e.orto JOSC.PH McMUHH * V. Comer of Pii e k South its. The splendid new Packet Shin Hh.NRV CLAY, E Nye, master, burthen 1400 tons, wi I *acceed the Patrick Heury, and *ail Oci 6th Prraona desirous of tending for their fri'nds in the old conntry can hive them brought out in either of the above veurla, or any other packet ol the line by applying as above. ?n 20 r ONLY RKOULAR LINE OK PACKKT8 FOR fqtXlfV<^L.A*Oi>W.?The tplendid and fast tailing Packet JAllftbShip ANN HARLEY, Capt. Scott, will tail positively on Tneaday, Sept I, her regular day. She haa unequalled accommodations for cabio, second cabin, and ateerage paasengers. Those wishing to seenre berth* should make early application on board, foot ol Roosevelt street, or to W t I T TlPBC.flTT J110 r M South (t., 2d door below Barling flip. FOR LONDON?Krgnler Packet of the lit of KfjPVV Sept?The ftr?t elu?, fitat tailing packet thip 8T. jMkltfBeJ AMES, burthen low torn, J.R.Meyer, muter, will 1*11 at above, her regalar day Hiving errr ttirerlor accommodation! for cabin, tecord r*, and tteerage paa.engere, pertone intending to rmh rk. thould make immediate application on board, foot ol Maiden Lane, or to JOSEPH M'MURHAY, cor of Pine and Sooth it. The racket Ship OLADIATOR. Capt. R. L. Burning, will tv-rred the St Unlet a'ld "ail the l*th Sept anlft r uCt* A 8UPEKIOR MILK tow, imported from Normandy, and Tor tale by JSmjLm novo k HINCKF.N, Room No. 9, Tontine Baildinga, au20 r No M Well ttreet. "Hi* o.Nl.V ht.'.fllTAftLiNldm<;KfcT?|foR Jtf*v NEW ORLEANS-Packet of the Mth Ah.? JMMP&The fa?t-t?iiling and faTorita Packet Ship OR. LK.aNH, Capt Barrett, will tail poauitely on Monday, Aug. 34th her regular day, Mhe haa aplendid aceommodationa for eabin, teeoad cabin, and t'eerage paatengert Thnte wuhing to ttcwi bertht thould make early application to W. It J. T. TAPB^OTT. anil rh K Sooth it., td dotr below Burling Slip, I ? KOK LIVERPOOL?New I.ine?R?elar packjMJy et, to .ail AmM Mtb?Tip elegant, "ait eailing WBbp^ket ahip *10DONS, E B. Ookfc, maeter. of lOfll ton* will nil aa ahot-a, h?r refular <Uy. for freight or paaaage. havteg aecomaodatione unequalled for iplendor or comfort, apply on boanl, at Orieaaa wharf I toot ot will etreet, or to E. K. COLLIN* k ( ()., M Nontk tt Price of pataage $100. I P<?ketahip HHH.KIDAN, Ueo. B. <>ruuh, matter, l<H | tow^rjl^imww* U>* SiMou, u4m*J 4* ASIl'SKMKVrs, ?c. PA UK THEATRE?Third ait?ar?nc?of Mr. < olliiia, the IruhCuuit'diax anil Vo??li?*.?'Thiaraday Teuintf, Am Mth.witl b? i e>lurm< d the IHISH ATTOHNEY-PierM O'Hara, Mr Cullina; Jaco? W> Ii*. Mr Kiahcr; Mlaa Chailcota, .Mlw Xui ij,,,,. Alter which, MOW TO PAY THE UK NT?Morgan K't*^r ^'r? CuQfC*fDCC, Mr*. VT OU. To conclude with MY NEIGHBOR'S WIFE?Mr 8..merton, Mr Dyott; Vlr? Somerton. Mra Dyott. Uuora i ucu at 7 o'clock, and the prrforiDuurea will comineace at bair-tHiat 7 o'clock. Duxtt S> ; Pit 10 c?ita ; UalUry Ji ceuu. BI'WKKV THEATUK ?Tiiur?day r.\roiBS, ilWI L'O, will be I eif?nn. d DAMON A N'D P? THIAS?Damon, Mr J R Sc 'tt: Pytiiiaa, Mi Nrafie; Harunou, Mra Mndiaou. After winch, HOBOKKN-Beau Krtieat. Mr Walcot ; riauk L*etmoi. Mr Nealia: l-'auuy Lltou, Mrj Jord&u; Mra Lennox, Mm Madison. Toconclude Willi III* B! 1ND BOY'S DOOM-IIewie de Wil tun, Mr Blanchard; Hufus, Mr Cony; Dugs of the castle. Hector and Bruiii. Doors opeu at 7 o'clock, curtain will riae at hull p*st7 ? Dress Circle, SO ccnts; l/ppet Boxes, li emit. Pit ana (ialltry, \1% cents. tte.NEFFT OK MR. HtlVVtLl, GREENWICH THKATRE?Comer Varick and Charltou streets?Thursday Kvinug, August 20th? Will be : perf.rinel OTHKLLO?Oihello, Mr Warner; Isgo, Mr Urnmmonil; Desdeinoua, Miss Crauford. A favorite Pas Seal by Miss Burnett. To conclude with A LOAN OK A LOVER?Cart Amerilort by a ?ell-liuowu musical amateur: Swvxle, Mr Keenc; Peter Spyk, Mr H Ch>ptnau; Oertruae, Miss Julia Drike; fcrnes'iue, Miss Kennedy. Boies, 26 cents; Pit, I2H crnti. Door* open at T?performance to commence at half-past 7 o'clock. CWSTLK OAK DEN, with its extensive Promenades t S opeu day and evening?Thursday Kveuing, Auk. 20th, the entertainment will iurlu<l<- a good selectiou of Music, Iroiu H'rauss. Uoasiui, J Labitxky. Axbcr, Moiart, Boieldieu. Kuluier, and Reisaiger, which will be performed by Che Orchestra, under the direction of Mr. C W. Meyrer. QT/~ luterraission of half au hour lor refreshment*, ana to view the beautiful ranee of COSMORAMAH, extending aronud the whole ef the Esplanade, which will be brilliantly illuminated with gat. thus giving visiters an excellent ooportnnitv'o examine these heaarilnl View*. Admission during the day iuid evening '2V cents. M'LLli HLANGY. i THK WHOLK HAVEL FAMILY. triumphant success of giselle uabhm.i. k a v t: l . NIHLO'SUARDKN?Tliuraday Evening, Anguat 20tl? ? The eatertninmenU will commence Willi a popultr . Overture | To be aucceeded by t.A KETE f'HAMPFTRE?Chevalier Lourdan, Uitiriel Ravel: .Notary of the Village. Jeiouw Ravel; I oltn, Fr?ncoit Ravel, To conclude with the Ballet called GI^ ELLE Doora open at 7 Mock; euirrTatii'iieni* :>*-K at 6 o'clock. I Ticket* MI crura : HUW ts & CO.'? M'.W VUtiK JVlAMAlul'H CIRCUS. ' rT,HI8 unrivalled corpa of Equeatrian* will perform at ' 1 Buffilol th 2ith itud Kth mat.: Williamaville, 27th; I Lockport 21.h and 29tli, in roa'e t<> R?cnea'?r, and Mill be at ' Rueheater 7th, Ith and 9*h September The L*ig*-*t Establishment ever orgauixed in the Uuited . Btntei, comprising IV Men aud Hor?e?, r. quiring 36 Carriage* to convey the per ortuera wardrobe*, nmiicians, lie. Tue company has attached 'o it F.ight FrmVe toue*< triam, anion v whom i? tl>e Oreateat Feuiaie Kider of the Age, recently arrived fr< m P-ria, MADAMfc. MAMIE MA*'ARTE whoa* new anleof K<|u*strian Feats, Peculiarly her own, being cli*?te and clasair. her graceful ana faacinating address, and the charming naivrtt with which she chain* heraudi ence, render this gifted ind higlil)-educated artiitt the leading feature of the ami in tliia conutry. The Proprietor* refer the public to the brilliant deacription given in the respective newipapera of the extraordinary aud daring feat* performed by thia distinguished ai tistr. l>Viae<triaii Director *1r H')>VtC8 Rising Matter, Mr. NIaON, and the unapproachable Clown, D vN RICE. yarning the Prrforiner* ia the celebrated and principal Rider, the Napoleon of ihe Arena, Mr. HOB MS, whose feataon Horseback are t"e mou extraordinary ever witneaaed. Juve nili'lft nf Hnr??manahi(i hv Mxetair V.?rt.< Hlfinni# V? ?. ?!?*?! by the whole Company, led bv the greit Kuropeu Tumbler, Mr. MACARTE Wonderful ?Vati by Mr. Cole's Dog,, Hector and Billv. The SWISS BROTHEKS, in their elrgiuit liymnasur Postures unit Groupings. Mr. 1 Sweet a* the Charioteer of Phabus. Postu iug and Oymnastics, hv Mr. Nixon and hi* sou. Mr. Ho*ti in his Mythological and brilliant Act of " Fancies of Proteui " Mr. C. Howes in Slack Hope Klblution* Mr. Oeo. Sweet, the celebrated Tight Rope Dancer With a variety of o'hers The whole comprising the leading, non talented, and claaaic performera in the world anil IIO''? it! O 'S Nyw York Mimmo'h rjrcns " AGAVE AMERICAN A THK subscribers are happy to inform their friends and the public, that the great American Aloe ii again covered | with blua and Mowers, interspersed witn many nundred perfecth IWDrd pi tuts anil teed reiseli, which nave every ap pearance of maturing. The flower item of ihta giant plant it 26 leet in height and 22 inches in circumference ?'pen from 7 A. M. to in P V| Admittance 12K cent* Hot house Oranes of the finest kinds during the season. Bene Plants at all times. DUNUP & THOMSON, slti lw*rc Seedsmen nrt Florists, 63* Bro?dway. ATLANTIC UAiUlf..\ ,s .Nwvi nit*.* run inK SEASON.?Dodwnrih'a Cornet Baml will periorm every Tuesday and Friday eve'iinit, citiunenciag Jiae 2?H -t I I o'clock. Admittance live. u.yl fm'rc WILLIAM ALMHd V, frrpr.? ni GOTHIC HALL MECHANICAL Exhibition?Dock of Vaueanson?War Elephant, Sir., every evening from 6 until 0 o'clock. I al?lw*m 'LLr. P-t CLINK DEf*J ARDINS would respectfully iufoim her pupils, he . th t she h*s returued from 8arsioga Springs, (where she h?d the >>onorof introducing the Redowa Waltz, which the had just received from rvis.) and lhat she is now prepared to renew her lessons in all the most fashionable hei residence, No. 74 Leonard r mmt v..,! . L.J' II U.. ...II IT MAY NOT HK <Jr.\fc.KALLV KNOWN thnt the Walnut Oil Military Shaving Soap, (wai in?ented and is I uow made fair genuine by Mr. VVm Johnson,) to loaf ! kuowu as a Perfu ner and Faucv Soap Maker. (wMMHliM I with any V>oom or Fowler, who nir hia name and deny iiia residence, which la 21 Courtlaudt street, where his Iriendi and all who require hia unique and popular articles can, at all timra, Gud him. Every description of Fancy Soaps and Perfumery, at prices less than other other house* can aril, in consequence ol the conveniences of manufacture, at 21 Courtlandt atreet. Extractor, Hays' Liniment for Piles, Sarsaparillt i Syrup. Accoustic Oil. and all the Popular Patent Medicines ' of the day. at 21 ' ourtlsndt street. aul#lw*rc CIMt.NS ?OURK WAKKAM El) j f HE Arabian Corn Piaster is ail effectual cure (or corns; 1 is easily applied, and fives immediate reliel. In ca?? it should tail to cure the money will be refunded. Over MM I boxes have been fold thi< season, and not one box his brrn ] re>urnrd fur having failed to effect a cur*. For sale by David 1 Hands It Co. 77 East Broadway, 100 Fulton street, and 273 Broadway, C. II Ring, 192 Broadway, C. Hubbard, 488 Hudson-at, Wvatt Ic Ketclinm. 121 Fulton-st, J. Smith, til Spring ' street, E. M. U*ion, 127 Bowery, and by druggists generally. Price ii cents per box aul> Iw *r STAINED GLASS. A NEW supply of all the different colors, received and for I i\. sal* by HOOSE l( VICTOR, I alfi lw?m 89 Pearl street KITCHEN RANGES. I HOLMES'TWO OVKN KITCHEN HANOEH. THE Proprietors are now prepared to furnish Holmes' rangea to the trade, or aet them up for private families or ' boarding houses, having purchased the right from the patentee to manufacture and sell them. Our experience in manufacturing and aetting Kitchen Kangea, in una city, for the put 18 years, warrants us in asaertiii* that Holmes' Hange cannot be surpaaaed for economy, convenience, and durability. They are warranted to perform the purposes lor which they are parchased, and if not they will be removed free of any expense Ut the purchaser. Numerous references can be given to persons wlining to pnrcnase. i nr pnces;r irom 4j loiocioiart The proprietors are con*tantly man nine, nrine. and are well applied with parlor, office, ana bed-room ORATES, of the newest pattern v Al*o?TIN WARE, bright, plain and Jammed. They hate mason* at *11 time* ready to*et Range*, gn.te*, and boiler*? aWo, amokey chimney* cured ; pay A. OIl.HOOLV V. SON, anil Im'r 1* Na*?an *tr?et. JEFFE ITSON "IN ?uTt ajsuE "TTUVTPAA V , I Office No. M Wall *t., orroiiTE thk M' si Hiirr Eiciutoi. THIS Company continue* to injure ac?in*t Ihmoi dam?ee by Kire, on dwelling hc>u*e?, wa'eliouie*. building* in tit-, neral, good*, ware* and merchandise, and erery description o ; peraonal property: alio against lot* or damage by inland na vigation and transportation DIRECTORS. Thomas W. Thome, Kltsha Kina, Thomas T. Woodruff. Auaixi Baker, K. II. Robson, M. J\ Joseph Drake, Thomson l"rice, Joseph Allen, Moses Tacker, Jame* K. Holme* i John R Damon. Jehu P. More, John H. 14tf, William K. 'rtiora, Caleb C. "lUm*. Thomas Mcrrell, k'raoci* P. Save, f.ngene Hogart, John.*: Me-ritt, Robert Smith. THOMAS W TIIORNB, IVesideai nV.O T. HOPK. H#rr?wre. -U ffr? THORN CHAMPAGNE AKHKKH INVOICE of this delightful Champmne is la tore, U> which ihe attention of merchants, hotel keeper*, and private gentlemen is invited. The stranding of this Wine l? now tuperior to tha'of -ny >n this country, <u-d at no mgber priee th.ia rhM of the best t rand*. t.|VIN?J*TON & CO., marl! ? ' ' " HAK LE vl PA KK?TRUT HN( i THUK8DA?, \ukusi "'n h at Jo' r .*i ?A ' On* Purse and Stake for $$0?mile hrata?best J in i in harBe,? Mr. Beyd r? Roanoke Mr. R berts " ...D b Arthur Mr. < raise " bk ? Paul Jones Mr Dnnn " i b g Post Boy ! an 19 >t*'C 41 FOR HALfc?A pair of fine and stylish grey -AjE^NHnrsen : ihry drire well in d'tible or single barf A ) A ?>.. one of tlietn eery good under the aaddle. ' AUo^niiie Pheton, uearly new, built in the beat manner, and ! a set of double liarneaa. a abort time in lie; will be (old together or separate Apply ?t anMSt'rr MKHSKNOKR'S Stables. ,\8 Trinity plare. f OK. fcALL., TWO KINE SADDLE HORSES, <1 WILL drive also ma carriage. Tboy <1_ , jnst the right six* for riding on ISTN horse back, md hart been long used m(T7y . ibo s.idiile Apply at the deek of the Hrrald Office, for I fnrtlier narrienlan let* rf?nrb 1 Pfn; ? A l w MA LITTER, ol rery rhoici Kinir ( harlea 8pa1? ?' 01 *** Broadway. I *9^0 CHAKLF.8 HFANIF.L8?811, Bock and Tunned, yery fine, jn?t imported perahip St Junei, I.""" London. Auo, Three Shetland Poniea, anitahle for lentlemen'i Wfo*. VIr Jr?S, * J ""J perfectly manageable. F#? (tale by A OKI EVE, No. 5 John itreet. Importer mid dealer in Bird?, Cagea, he. a til lm*rrr ESTABLISHED PRICES AT GURNEY'S NEW ESTABLISHMENT, l?4 FutT??r Hyargy. (8c* Bi'iiomn) Jim^AUn BLACK Fi'R BAT ?J * IS THERE prieea haee be?n tirinly eatabliahed. a?d ma v be ae impliciily relied >mi, aa the beauty, ?t> ) ?"d B.nah ot the article to which they appertain. The pr "frier or wroM reapeot'nlly aak the public to teat the ealue of hie Hate, by coapariaoo with (he production ofa?v other manoNttorerin the city, and belie*ee ?o candid mmd will leaee the premael i,h ,h'" "TOWL '? Fiilton.t, REMOVAL M ROBERT?p?T|^PHCENlX HAT AND CAJ- MANUFACTORY. THE inderataBed would reapeetfully notify tie peblie. that he h?e rem..?ed Imm hia former local.?u Itlta M Fel'on etreet. Hating a m?ch more cnmmorit^ua tore, and haying oiherwue lacreaaed hia facilities he ! oi'girmg iatnfartion to hit former patrona. HOB&RTSON, Hattar, ? Kalloo It., MilIHrnn LAI-fcSf 1M BLI,l(iE\::. TELEGRAPHIC REPORT. Express from the Santa Fe Expedition. Intelligence from Fori Leavenworth to the 9th instant, has been received at St. Louis. An express had arrived from Geneial Kearney's camp. When the express left, he was within 180 miles of Lieut's Fort, idl his lorce* uroiircssnnf ramdlv and comfortably. Nine deaths had occurred among the volunteers,during their progress across the prairie*. Rumors wer? circulating among the traders and the Mexicans, to the effect that Gen. Urrea was marching at the head of a large Mexican force for the protection of Santa Fe. General Kearney was pushing on with all possible despatch, and if his provision wagons kept up, he would not delay at Bent's Fort, but go direct on to Santa Fe. Washington, Wednesday night. The Southern mail has come through from New Orleans, with papers from the latter city to the 12th instant, inclusive, but there is no news of importance. General Patterson has arrived. The President of the United States left Washington this morning, lor Old Point Comfort, the lavurilft summer resort of Gen. Jackscn during his Presidential term. Baltimore, Wednesday evening. The steamer's news has had very little effect upon flour. The market has been depressed throughout the day, and no sales have baen made from wh'cli to quote. Holders firm, and buyers ind fferent. Stocks were dull to-day, buyers having withdrawn from the mnrket. There are no other local occurrenoe* worth telegraphing. dv *r uc u a ii a B i nc. m? L.O. Ex-^ekator Haywood's Address.?We find the address uf Ex-Senator Haywood in the Washington papers?but from its great length, and the crowded state of our columns this morning, from the pressure of European intelligence, ws are compelled to defer its publication. 0O? Tlie President has recognized Auguste Moxhet, as Consul General of Belgium for the United Stutes, to reside at New York.. Baltimoiik, August 18, 1846. Suspension of the Telegruph?Death of Josiah Bailey, Etq.?Lost Monty Found?Heavy Rain*? Locomotive Building?City Mortality? Mar kit*. The telegraph between this city and Philadelphia still continues out of order, though it is thought that communication will be renewed in the course of to-day It has, so far, puzzled all to find out where the difficulty lies, as despatches can be received here, but nothing can be conveyed to Philadelphia. Josiah Bailey, Esq for a long time Attorney General of Maryland, and the oldest member of the bar in the State, died at his residence in Dorchester, Cambridge county, on Friday last. 1 siated a lew days since ttiat Messrs. Jones, Burretson & Co. had lost $1,760 somewhere in tb? street, and that a $1000 ri"te had been returned to them through the Post Office. Yesierdsy morning they nut an advertisement in the papers calling on the tinder to return them the $500 note, and that the balance, $226, might be retained ? Before 10 o'clock in the morning, a woman called at their store and banded them $650, staling that was all that the had lound. They gave her $76, which, with the missing $100, which, it is to b? presumed, she spent, was considered a tutficient reward. This summer will bo long remembered as the summer of heavy rains, ofwiiieh we bad another I '-"t evening, rooting up pavements and filling cellars to a great extent. Our streets were never kiiown to b- so clean before?the rains, for more thuia month past, having entirely done away v ith tho labors of the street cleaners. The white pebbles in the street shine out as bright and clear as if just Irom undfcr the scrubbuig brush. Mr. Ross Winans, of this city, the extensive manufacturer of steam engines and locomotives, is building four immense and ponverlul locomotives for the Reading Railroad, the steam for which is to be generated by anthracite coal. One of them has been completed, and was yesterday ent on to Philadelphia.where it will doubtless excite much attention. The burning of coal of any kind in the furnace of n locomotive has heretofore been found impracticable, but this one was iriea on many iasi ior me nisianceoi iwtmjr miles, with anthracite coal, and answered to perfection. The peculiar adaptation of the furnace . to the use of coal is an invention of Mr. Winans, and one of his locomotives burning bituminous coal, has been in success Hi 1 use on the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad for some time. The number ol deaths in this city last week was 66?of this number 33 were under two yeara of age. There were 12 deaths from consumption during the week. Burglars and incendiaries are commencing operations in this city, but huve so far been quite unsuccessful. There are no signs here yetofa commencement of the fall trade, with the exception of the extensive preparations making by our merchants for the accommodation of their customers when they do arrive. The spring business was unusually large, and a heavy trade is anticipated this fall. Thk Maihti.? The offerings of Beet cattle yesterday nt the scales were ftOO head-, of which tflO were taken for Philadelphia and the balauce, 44'), were taken by city butchers. Trices ranged from f 1,7ft a $2 flij |*r 100 lbs on the hoof, equal to $3 60 a $6 net. The market for Howard itreet flour is completely at a it and. There are sellers of fresh ground parcels at $4. but shippers are holding back, and there are no salesof any consequeace. Halts yeMerdsy of ISflO bids. City Mills Flour at $4 The market for whisky continues very dull.snd United sales were made to day at'U conts for hhds Jand 3S cents for bMs. Philadelphia. Auk. 19. 1846. The charming weather, closely resembling autumn in the cool mornings and evening*, contuiue^'o give natisfaction to ail that I have heard peak upon the subject. I hear that a white fVoat was observable early this morning, a few miles below the nty. The telegraph lines, having their terminli in this city, all worked beautifully this morning, and enabled the public of Washington, Baltimore and Philadelphia to have the intelligence, brought by the Caledonia, laid l>efore ih? m in a very short period after its airival in New York. The recent stoppage in the Baltimore line was caused by a flMnng net having b< en spread on the edge of the bridge crossing (inn powder Creek, so as to come in contact with the wire nnd reaching the water formed a circuit for the magnetic Huid before arriving at its destination. A large found.y for the manufacture of sad irons in West Philadelphia, the workmen in which were discharged, and the establishment closed, shortly after the passage of the new tariff, yesterday resumed operations, in consequence of heavy orders coming in. The foreign news lias had no effect on the sale* of stocks to-day. The market presents the same r... . !? ?lw* nvrnvitinn flmf i cum i r ,%n y t mc i ua* , t* ihi < v?wv r..VM State 5'^ros? j, and Ciirnrd Bank shares fall N?Im Of Mnrhl ? PhllndrlplUa. Ann. 19?Fiarr Board?MO State ??, <M*,i 1*0 Oirard Bank 10. Aftkr Silei -?00 "tate to. (M'j. flrcosD Boian ? M Oirarrt Bnn*. 10; 47/> Btate ?. MX Ami Diiti?4348 County 1000 Lehigh to, M; ?000 State to, 79 Mklaxohoi-t Affair.?a gentleman from Charles co?ntjr yesterday P*v? us the following; | particular* of a melancholy (Air which occurred jn the lower ?e<- tion of that county during the latter part of lait week A elare ntmed Oeorge, moat desperate character, belonging to Mr. John D. Bowling, ran away from hi* master li?t March, since which time ha haa been roving (hoot the county, committing numerous depredation# Lait week, information having been ohtamed of hit whereabouta. a party, among whom waa a young white man, named Jesse took, starred in pursuit of him H? *u louBd on u* puntinon 01 >ir tawim Keach At he refuted to anrrender lilmnelf, large <!of wa* **ion him, which ha killed with Mow >f *c>the. Mr. Cook then advanced toward* him, when he ('ruck him with a aeythe, completely catting throagh hi* ool Itr bona down into hi* breaat, an.l producing inatant daath. Tha negro than mada hi* e?capa. and up to tha time our informant loft the county, ha had not b??n captured.? Bull. Jlwteriemn, Aug 19. Appon?ti?dtn bv the Pmjudbxt.? Robert j Hrocket, George W. F. Cn?ti?, lie<>rye 9 moot, (Jcorge W D. It am *ay, and fame* Roach, to he commissioner* under an *ct of f on^r***, approved the *tk of July, t??l entitle*! ' An act t? ratrocede the county of ' Alexandra. in tha Di*trict of Colombia, to the State of ! Virginia " William >1. Pimmon* to be regwter of tha , l?n I offl for tha district of land* *ubjeo.t to ?ala at It i aafwitmi u mm mm w f1nmi<

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