Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 21, 1846, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 21, 1846 Page 3
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930 bale* nfrainst 14,343 to the mm date* ltit year. Th? , atock on hand at the priucii>al porta, at the li'est Ja'e* thi* year, was 110,045 bale* against 70,079 balm la?t year, and lrt.oai bale* the year before. The raceipU of t hi* staple at New Orlean*, for each month of the p?at commercial year, and the foreign export* and domeetic ahipments, to the 10th of August, have been a* annexed: ? Rtrcirn or Cottom at New Oilxik*. Block ou hand September I. 18(5 7,705 KeceiTed month of September 62.561 October H6.?i2 November IH.SJ4 December 90 232 January, 1846 116,718 Keb ?.ry 1? ?K March... >?' ?* April May...... "797 June >< *? 7.305 Omitted since Sept 1,017 Keceived August I to 10 " August 10 438? 1,765 1,052,740 Exported August 10 9)0 . " previously 1,020,061 Shipments to the West ) siuce Sept. J 5,000?~ 1,032,011 St nek on hand not cleared. Aug 10 20,729 It appear* by this statement that mora than one half of the aggregate cotton crop oi the country lias been tin* Miion received at New Orleans ; and we have no doubt but that New Orleam will hereafter be a greater depot for this staple, than it ever ha* been heretofore. As Texas becomes settled, and the cultivation of cotton ex. tends in that section of the country, the receipt* at New Orleans must increase, until it will become the greatest cotton market in the world. The crop now coining in will be about three hundred and fifty thousand bales less than that of last year, and. only about fifty thousand bales larger than that of the year previous. The crop now 09 the ground is likely to be even less than any in either of the past five years.? O-ir accounts from the cotton growing section, are exceedingly unfavorable, and if one-half are true there will be blue times among the planters. The crop of Sea Island cotton particularly has been effected by the catterplller and heavy rains. We have seen letters from South Carolina and Qeorgia, in which the writers predict a deficiency of nearly one-third in the crop of Sea Island, nd to such an extent has the work of destruction pro giessed, tl at orders have gone forward to Euriipc, for an advanco of thirty and thirty-five per cent on tho invoice price of their shipment*. This gives a very good idea of the opinion entertained by the planter*. The season haa advanced to far that there it very little probability of an improvement in the plant, and the prospect, in its moit favorable light, is far from being encouraging The disease and destruction to the growing crop U by no means confined to limited districts, but appears to be general, spreading ever the entire cotton growing section. We make the annexed extracts from several author!, ties, for the purpose of showing the locations and extent of the injury as far as possible. The writer of a letter dated Savannah, Auguat 13th, saya :? " We convened yesterday with a gentleman from Glynn county, who assures us that the prospects of the Sea 'stand crop in that county, as also in Camden, are not very good, the recent rains having caused the plant to run to weed, and the lower bolls are generally dropping. On the islands the prospects are better, particularly on Jekyl and St. Simons On Cumberland Island, we understand the caterpillar made its appearance about three 'weeks ago, and the work of destruction is rapidly processing. The provision crops are good, and will afford ua abundant yield. In Thomas county,the crops look better, particularly Sea Island Cotton, which is lound to thnve well, and many planters have increased their grounds for this stable. In the lower parts of Florida, where the prospects three weeks a*o were sood. the ronent raim ho? KnH ?>< came effect as**in Camd'on aud Glynn, emitting the plant to ran to weed and fbed the lower forms." The New Orleans Timet of the 10th, sayi:? " The accounts received yesterday from Red River are quite discouraging for the cotton planter, the improved prospects which *e noticed some time ago having disappeared siac.o the visitation of the caterpillar. We have letters bofere us from Alexandria, under date of the 6.h inst., which mention that this io?ect ia the regular anuy worm, which committed such havoc in 1840, and that it has now generally made its appearance in Rapides and tlie adjoicing parishes, threatening to inflict great injury on the crops. The same complaint* begin to reach r?s from Bayou Sara, and some ai>preh?nsiou is felt jest the visitation should become general throughout the cotton growing region." . Old rftock. **003 N V State v., 1?M 9S |M ih, Mohawk RR b3 51 $6 10 iN Y Wtr La 11170 ?JV 3u0 Krading HR 67 t2< 00 Keutucky C's WJO Harlem KR 53j? $Su0 Perms 5i 06^ 50 do 54 $20<0 Kt-adlug Bonds 7} jjq J0 h'JO 5 ih? bk t or: scrip 400 do s3 51 50 Morris ( aual "bj gj/ s0 do bnw 5tV 50 do ,3 SS 50 do b3 54<J 12.'> Csoton Co 33 xoo do cash 5t*? i# . <1?, M0 33li 100 Nor k Wor b30 57 K 50 Long Isla-^ RR 31* lOo do 572 150 do ,30 31Sk 225 do sM 57 ?J New Dtix'ik Ktehaiixs. $5000 Ohio 6'i 1RG0 bnw 93*? 50 shs Harlem RR s3 53W shs Nor h Wur cih 57\ 50 do tw 5'iJ, tS do Saturday 57it 50 do Friday 54}J 50 do l>30 57fc 100 do oh 5l>? 50 do blO 57* 100 do Friday 54*4 35 do esh 57% 50 Reading RR slO to 25 do s3 57'J Ulrd, On the 19:h instant, Ja?s Eliza, yeungest daughter of George W. and Jan* Eliza Barker, aged six years and /oui days. _ Their relative* and friends are respectlully invited to uttend the funeral, from No. 46 Robinson street, on Friday, the 2lst inatant, at 3 o'clock, without lurther invitatiun. On Thursday afternoon, at 4 o'clock, CaTHaaiifK Mc. Orikk, infant rianghtet of Hugh and Margaret, aged ten month! Hiid seven ays. friends ol the family, uncle Edward McCoiker, ait? invited to attend the luneral. thia afternoon at four clock, from 73 Charry street. AHEAt' OF ALL THE MONTHLIES GOUKV'8 LADY 8 BOOK AND MAOAZINK FOR SEP 1 KMBEH.?Moie illustrations ud better lhau any other thly. View ea the Delaware, engraved ia mezzotint, by Sartain. Mount Holynke euaraved by Alfrtd tones. Faahious fur C hildren's Clothe*, engraved by Fraier. Crotchet Werkiug " " Music, Original, by John Barnet NEW FEATURE Model Cottages, with engravings scd foil explanations. Thtse will be continued in every numt>er of the wora. so that at the end of the year each subscriber will ba in possessiou of twelve diffeient exterior and .ntenor views of model cottages. Mrs C. M. Kirkland, Mrs E. Oakes Health J. K. Pauld?.'!? Orsce Greenwood, Edgar A. Poe, V Hamilton Myers, Mrs 8 J Hall, Mora St. t.lair, Miss Maedontld, John Barnet, and twelve eiher writers, centr.outt to thisunmber. This is the tick eat unmber of tl,,e month Single number only 2j cents K< r sale by tli.tSSSL^'jTHER. M Ann st. S,7; R|,\OKH k Ce. %a Broadway. WM TAYL'rfH 11 Co., Astor House. *VM. H. OAAHAM, Tribune Buildings. aull lt*a "T rench language. M?^sif,or EDMOND DU bui88on, having a few """jfi to dispose or, offers hi< Knirei lo those who of acquiring the Krruch langugf. ?'0? further particular* enquire ?t hia residence. Mew York avoir I, in the warning, fro in 7 to 9, and from 4 to 5 P. M. nil In rre 16,000 to lend MORTGAGE, on prodactive real estate ia this city or Biooklyn. It will be divided into ?un s to seit applicants. App'v to S. 8. Broad, No. II Wall str< et. in the ( roton Water Office, basement. auSI Im'm lost, A SMALL MEMORANDUM BOOK, containing a sum >l at iuty, suppeaed to have been left in one of the East Broadway stages The finder will be liberally rewarded by leavina the tame at the office of H. It R. 8. Rowley, N' 3W?|i(feet. anil lt?ec ?iuu kkwakd LOST?On the '4th inst.. a Gold Patent Lever Watch, ind> pendent seconds, white face, engine tuned b>ck, with * rest chain, e?o> link in lorm of a harp Pawnbrokers and othrri are requested to stop the above article if offered. The ah< reward will be p.?id and no qnesi ions asked by applying-o I' t. J ONE 8, ael9 3t*r at the Bar of the Astor House. wanted, A SITUATION, br a respectable young Woman, as Ceok, Washer and Ironer Has no objections to do the Jfenenil h< usework of a ama'l family. The best of city reerence given. Apply at57 2nd street, up stairs. antl ft* rre wanted, FOR ihe South, one or two very anperior Milliners?no other than experienced i.eed apply. Also, one or twe ladies 10 ?ttend in a large fancy store ; those who have had riperieoce wenld be preferred. Also a very superior Dressmaker : nene need apply bnt the most competent in this department. Enquire at 1M Chambers street, at 7 A. M.or7 ?. ,.i auailt-je OQ|l WANTED, on Bond~and Mortgage, on imyP**" "jvFv/VJproved Real Estate in thi? city. at 6 per cent, for aterai of years. Property worth dunble the amount. Apply to JOSEPH T MILLS, ?nl# 3t*r isj Cherry street. PRACTICAL BOOK-KEEPING, No 88 Crdar ttrrrt. MR. C. C- MARSH respectfully informs the public that hit counting rooms for the study of Practical Bookkeeping. Commercial Arithmetic, and Mercantile Writing, coir mue npnn from I A. M. to ( P. M. Such are the practical advantagea ol the system of instruction, and of the faithful attention given to tne learners, that iu on<* course of less* ns a person or good capacity become* a competent Book-keeper, and icceives a certificate to that effect. , Pro?perune?, with tkrms, references, lie., may be obtained at the rooms. C. C- MARCH'S Works on Book-keeping are well adapted to schools and private instruction. For .ale as ibove. into I w mc THIS "DAY iVf UIL I SHED PART XXIX OF VIRTUE'S ILLUSTRATED FAMILY BIBLE. THIR Hart is embellished with a highly finished steel engraving of the " Pool of Siloam," by W. H. llanleti, K.?q.. whi<Mi lias been Considered superior to any that have preced< <1 ir for beantv of design sad r ehnes* of execution. UEORUE VIRTUE (Ute R. Martin k Co ). auM ?t mc X John 'treet. TV wTo wish to purchase Ooli or Silver Watchrs, (Jold Chains Gold Pencils, Keya, *?.. will find it greatly to their advsBKge to call on the subscriber, who is selling all descnpliius oftheaboye a1 retail, much lowerthan any other h>in'r in the city. Gold Watches aa low ai fit and ID each. Wstclies and Jewelry eichanged or bought. All witCMf ananted to heM> go d time, or the money refunded. (J, C. AL LEW, importer of Watches an J Jgwelrr Wnolesale and retail, il Wftll street, ,* II !? ?? 1 (V AUCTION NOTICB?. ' jacos s. putt. Auctv Hardware and cutlery svLE.-jaob s. latt will sell ttau d?y, at 111 o'clock, ?t the auction ro<> . cnriier of PI tt and O .Id atreeta. by catalogue. mi .? J, ,nrtit of ntw H?rdw?rt.?nd li'*?v ?oodi. Ai?o 3000 dot. '1 sole Kui?es aud Korku. and Pocket and Pen KmVrs Also 200 i>air Carvers, kc., suitable for the country a* well a? the city trade Kor particulars, are auction head in the moraine paperi au2t lt*vrc H. DUOLlZtAU, Aoct'r. HARDWARK Si I UTLfcRY.-TU TTLE k DUCLUZ' AV will aril Uiia day, at 10 o'clock, at theauction rovm, No M William street, up attira, a general assoitment of Pocket < utlery, a-a*. coroa, buff, 1, 2. J and 4 blades also 200 I arte hautuic knives. Nicholaon k Ibbotson uid Pease k Co.'s make. Vino tea traya, butcher knivra, scissor*. C S aaw blades.lead pencil t, raior atropa. ahor knirra, kuittiug ptua. pins, braces and but. books and eyes, amokiuf pipes, kc Ike Also brass padlocks, trunk locks kc kc Alan 100 l adrt Guns ; also an inroice of flat and half-round bastard Kiles Catalogues are now ready. autl lt*m PROFESSOR OF M ATHEMA'lICS AND , PHYSICS. J""'1 for ine last three > enr?, rro?e??or 01 mauie* inat>cs and Phvsica iu St John's Col I pgr. KnnUiam. N ?., ai.d formerly in th- High School and Mechanics' Institute I?i?e pool?being *r present disengaged i? willing to connect nimielf with any ColUg>- or other Literary Instituti wh?i? his services in?y be required. Testimonial! of the most satisfactory kind can be given Letters addressed, i?ost-paid, to John Ryan, Fordham, Westchester crrauty, N. Y , will be promptly Mended to. ?II 4t rh r 1^ VVI NKS ? 2 V) b de* Seine, Her-ing ami I? 11 Net Twine*, 1 of Bnd|>ort mauaf etory. comi rising the most complete assortm -at 1.1 m<rket, from i>< to * lb. ; a*l of a quality uueqmled, liavi g hern manufactured with the u'movt care, egPressl) for thii mailtrt, aud receutly imported. Kor ?ale, in Ion to suit purchasers, by . .? E. K. COLLINS k CO., aul7 J6 Sou'h street. ~~ LOOK AT THIS ! LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, if you want ? fine article of Boots auu Shoe?, call at 367 Broadway, where you will find the large >t asaortmeut. cheapest, and the most fashionable iu the city. Do not mistake the number, 367 Broadway, cor. of franklin street. N. B.?A large assortment of Imported French Boots, at the low price of Fire dollars. M. CAH1LL. aull lm*r BINDERS; BOARDS.?10.000 lbs. Hinders' Boards, snperior quality, from Nos 25 to 61. just received, and for sale by PERSSE It BROOKS, <ng 12 'me Mrtrd 17 Naruaa st. ELEGANT FURMSHED" APARTMENTS, on tha f'.uropean |_lan: parlors with bedrooms attached, with or wiinum u?nimiim mm ten, l 01 urnnuWRV ?OI? IIBT DEATHTO BEDBUGS. THOSE who are 10 unfortunate ti to hare moved into house infrsted * ith these animals, need not be diecour1 aged. fur wi'h one bottle of bedbug remedy they can conquer au aim y of them. Price 23 cent* For sale by DAVID bANDS Hi CO., 77 Cut Broadway, an!9 )m*r corner Market ?t., and 100 Fulton at. "" TO WOOLLKN liOODS MKRC HANTS. H. MIGEON * CO., CLOTHS, CA8SIMERES, .iND 8ATTINET8 REFINI8HER8. No 341 Wkit Sthekt, N. V. D EFERENCE8 and ordera for work at Metara. Woolcott AV and Slade. 63 Pine street; W. C. Langley fc Co., 35 Broad atreet; D. Brnham fcCo.. <0 Pine atiwt. al? lm?m LEECHES?LK&CHE8.-Depot of Leechea. IM Nuud atreet, ii REMOVED to lit WILLIAM Street, New j York, and offer for aale a freah supply ol Leeehe?,ju?t received by J. FERDINAND, Sen' aut lm*r i FLAVORING EXTRACTS. Afreah supply of highly concentrated French Eitr*cta, aurhat Vanilla. Pea-n, Neetarine, Rote, Lemon. Bitter : Almond, and sevenl others, for flavoring Ice Creams, BlancUianee , Custards, etc., and all kiuds of Pastry, for sale by Johnson, moore* Taylor, ! a!5 lm?m Importers. &c Bl Maiden lane. N. Y. LAURENT & BROTHER, IMPORTERS OF FRENCH GOODS, No. 4 William atreet, havejnst received by the last Packeta : ? 31 caaea rich Paris Cashmere d'Ecosae Dress Goods " " " Moussehue de Lane do 7 " " " Cashmere d'Ecosae Robes 25 " " " Teckari Shawls 17 " " M Cashmere d'k'cosse do 8 " " " Broche do. lone and square 1 " " " Embroidered Thibet do S " " " Teckary and Cash d'Ecosse Scarfs 4 " " " do do do Lone Shawls 2 ii i. it Cashmere d'Ecosae Colier. | an 13 14t*r ^ WALNUT OIL MILITARY SHAVING BO* P. Depot No. 3 Courtlandt street, a few doors from Broadway ? TI.. J??l ;-i- J , A ?? .Ihv ?tu |j?|} kciiuuic niLiviv " ui'Kiutuy mil unci urt*u by ns, warranted to maintain the refutation it has obtained ? I Toilet S?aps. French Extracts, Essences, and every variety ! of choice Perfumery at the lowest prices that a good article I can be told. Country Merchants, Druggists. Pedlars, and dealen in genI eral, are invited to examine and judge for themselves. I JOHNSON, VROOM fc FOWLER General Agents for Dr. Foo-d's celebrated Pectoral Syrup, | one of the beat remediei for coughs, colds, and all diseases of ; the luugs. oSO lm*r | CANTON CRAPE SHAWLS OF the most splendid description, in Scarlet, Modes, Lavender. Straws. White and Black; also ICO splendid rich; ly embroidered at $30 ; with a very great assortment at every ' price, which will be to the advautage of buyers, either 1 wholesale or by the sit gle sh?wl To examine at JAMES BECK & Co.'s, JM Broadway. P. 8. A full stack of India Camels Hair Shawls and Scarfs ; at moderate prices, by J. B. It Co. I aM e?d?wr *iNL> Wly'TEH. UOOVS J-'UH HUM'Si WE* R KNOEPFEL, GREGORY AND FOOTE, No 30 John itrrtt. Up Stain, HAVE now in storund will he constantly receiving New and Desirable Otbri?, ad >p>? d to Men's Wear, to which tliey would inv te tl e attention of MERCHANT TAILORS and PURCHASERS generally. CLOTHS? tier man. K'renrliand English ol the best fabrics, superior finish and fnll widths. CA841MER8 \ND DOESKINS?W and 6 4, black and fancy, newest and most desirable styles. VftSI INOS? Extra rich, blaek and fancy, Silk, Satins, figured ?nd p' iin, figured hapes.'tic VELVET VE"?TlNOS?In stripes, plaid figures, fce., the richest import- d. CLO vKINGH?Plaid and shaded stripe. TRIMMINGS? Serges, silesiaa, canvass padding, buttons, muslins, si'k twist, thread, kc lie Purchssers will find it greatly to their advantage to examine onr stock be fere making their selections. an 19 lm*rc irc,ULiUtTHjftL, WIEiC. I THK \ early meeting of the American Association of G*"lo?ists and .Naturalista, will he held it Columbia College in ti e city of Y rk, on W-dnesday, Sept. 3d, at II A M., and he continu* d for seven! divs Any evening ??? ' sioos or addresses, will be at the New York University. Per1 cuts interested in the progress of Srie-re are i'v ted to attend. JAVE8 TALLMADtiE, Chairman of Local Committee. C. y.'vVMiATLT, | S*cre'*ri*?Mrmbrra of the Ajsocifttion are invited to register their names and addieaa at the rooms ol the American Institute, in he Park, on their arrival. aul9tMwin?toS?-pt2*r E. A. KUTZ, MinuracTi'ir.* and imtortic* or ! NAUTICAL It MATHEMATICAL INSTRUMENTS. 100 Water street, corner of Burtine Slip, N Y WOULD respectfully inf.irm his friends and the public, that he has constantly on hand a general aa-ortment of Sei'auts, Unadr^nts, Compasses, Spy Glasses, Theodolites, 1 Levelling Instruments, Surveyor*' Comnisse*, ( hains, >'*thematical's, Scales, Parallel Holes, Thermometers. Barometera, Hydrometora, Bscrometer*, Roles, Gunter Scales, com,lete leta of Ganging Usrrumeots, anitable for Cna'om House and City Gaugers, Ganging and Wantage lie.: together with a general assortment of English and American Charts of all parts of the World, both general and ptrticular, B'unt's Coast Pilot, Bewditch'* Navigator, Bl ink Book*, Bills of Lading, Manifeits, Log Books, Nautical Mmana'-s. fcc. Allthe articles in the above line are of the best matenal* , and workmanship, and warranted correct. Heitmt*, <4"?draut*. I nnpisits. 8p; Glasses, and all the article* in tha above line reptired in ihe neatest and moat correct manoar Goods to be repaired sent for and delivered. aula ltaw3m?rc | CALIFORNIA EXPEDITION. A PERSON of itandinp and respectability, |oii| ost with the California Eipedition, would like to make arrangemenu w ilh mme other peraona or partiea to receive inch goods on consignment aa would be moat needed by the natives, emigrants and aettlera there. Any peraon desirous to treat wilh the adver'iaer upon the aubject, will pleate addreaa a note to " Eipedition," at thia office, atating where aa I interrirw may be had. aul!3teod*rh STAINED GLASS. ANEW supply of all the different colon, received and for ante by HOOSE It VICTOR. a!6 Iw'm 89 Pearl atreet EDUCATION. REV. R. T. H0OUARTU School will re-open after the Bummer Vac,tion, on Monday, Sei>tember Tth. Circa| lara containing full particnla'a ana terma for day acholara, I yearly and day boardeia, can be obtained on application at the achool, II Fourteenth atreet, between University Place and Fif h avenne: or of Mr C. H. Edwards, office of the Alliance I.nurance Co , HI \Vall street. alt Im'tn ! FITS! FITS!?A GREAT TRIUMPH IN MEDICINE haabeen achieved hyOR8 1VAN8 AND HART in the enre of Epileptic Fita,(or falling sicknesa,) 1 Hysterical Kits. Convulsions, Cpaama, lie Phynciana of 1 every age have prononnced this disease incurable The Pro1 pri?rora of th? Vegetable Eatract. however, feel no delicacy in aaying riiAT IT caw UK cuarn They would, theiefoie, respectfully invite physicians and all othera who are literetted, to eiamine the teatimony wh eh ia here i ffered II it 1 ie deception, let it be exposed, out if it ia true. then, in the name of humanity, no loiiger let it be said that Epilepsy is incurable. Pleate call on, or addreaa (pout paid,] the folI lowiag peraona William H. Paraelli, afflicted J3 yeara. certificate sworn to ; before Mayor Haremeyer, .March 7th nit.; Jacob Paity, I tears, 174 Delaaey it., N. Y.; the daughter of Oliver C. enalow, Esq.. 9 yeara, Yonkera, N. Y.; the aon of Judge Randall. 6 y<ara. M Ea?t Broadway, N. Y.; Mr. Bennett, 9 1 rears 171 firanri ml N V Jnmea F.l'sworlh. 7 ve,ri. 12 borer it. N. Y.; Jnienh McDaial. t veari, Kaat tiraoklyn, L. I ; Henry W Smith , ion or Henry J. Hmi:h, i yean, N. Y. Cutnm Horn*. I for additional teitimony, ice pamphlet* which may be hid gratuitoailv >t oar office. N. B ? Price per boi, with Tall direction* $?, $17 ud $34; uncle bottle*, with necemry medieinei, |2. DR8. IVaNSkHAKT, Proprietor*. I ?! lw*od?mc Principal Office. 184 (trand street. CHEAPER THAN EVER. | A FULL SUIT or Superfine Cloth made to order, in the mnat mbauntial and hihionable ityle, can he procured for (20, at MOKFATT'S Kaihionable Ca*h Tailoring Eatablunment. No. 24 Catharine itreet, New York. Every article it ihe line eqaally low. Call and iee. aul7 lm*m JOHN MOFFATT. CARRrAOES. THE ondemrned. formerly of the Hovia of Brawi'er, l^anrance k Co., harm* again returned the Carriage bniinnv at 23 and 27 Canal itreet, offen for iale a iplrndid itock ol Carriage!. of inperior ityle and finnh, and I ntei the arieati n of hii former patroni and f'iendi. aitarina them that the tame confidence, io eiteniivelv repoied in him.ihall eitend every transaction?belleving he poaleoei lacilitiei to meet the wiihei of all, both in inality and price, equal to any eitabljihmeut in thi*; coaatry J AM KB BKKWrTKR, <a1 ' 1m?m> U T OlWfll BtNlt FAMILIES GOING TO AND ARRIVING FROM THE COUNTRY. LADICft OR GENTLEMEN ha?in? .uperfluooi effeeta to of, nch aa Weannf Appinl, Furniture, fee., j e*n obtain a hir eaah prir* for the Mm*, by ?endin* lor the . tuWribcr, through th? Poet Office, or w"' attend at tlieir reaidencea. J. LEV KNlfl V N, 4M Bro^dwiyjpftair*. Ladiea ean be attended to br Mr?. J. LEVENBTYN. ?n? Im'rir thornHdhampagn r A rREflH INVOICE of thi< delightful Champa*** n ** *'ore, to which the attention of merehaeta, hotel Keepert, a&4 p'irate (eatlemen it inrited The (trending ufthia W in* WS ^' Pjrtor p^J^ol unr in thu caunuy, m d at no mrhrr ? mpmn "uv'iw^ASU , Hirrrw akd watehiwo PUlil UNION HOtTSE. THE mbieribrr ba> uken the abof* aamed new and ?rU?did Hotel, just completed, atthe fitotreof tbi beautiful village of Spriugfteld, Mui.. md will owe the MBie for the public accommodation ou the 10th iust. The Umou Hn?se is large, richly tinuhed and furuiahed. and offers no tilled Adrr.iiragf.toih peraons travelling through 9|?riugtield for butiuess or p easere. Haviuf receatlr kept the ^United States Hour a??d Congress Hall ? at Saratoga. the subscriber respectfully invites his old friends and patron*, and *11 other*, to give him a call m hi* new quarter*. ^ ^ Springfield, July M. 1W< nu3 1m?r Columbia house, PHILADELPHIA. (Formerly the MurtliaU lloutt,) IS NOW OPEN ! THE LE8SEKS, BAULEY, MACKENZIE kCO., hare pnrrd no etpense to rentier his specious and ngreetble Hotel perfect m every department, mid trust it will be foiuid deserving the patrousse they lespectlully solicit for it. PETER i vll 1mti? SHARON SPRINGS PAVILION. THE PUBLIC u informed that this establishment, having been eu tented and unproved since the eloae of the laal ???eoii,will bercpeurd lot the reception of viaiters, on the lal Jay of June I. AN PUN It GARDNER Vav 1. mytl lm*i PAVtLi*>N, NEW rtt lOHTON bLAN< AllDliitf llie honor to inform hit friendi and r the public iu gent'ral, that the Pavilion 11 now in full ! iperaf i?u and prepared for their reception. Steamboat* run petweeu 1'ier No. I, North River, and Ne? Hriglitou, at the following hour*, via:? >rom New Uhirhtoa. | From New York. I, 11 A. M. I ?, II A. M. *, p. m. f iW, s. i r. M T BLANOAHD Pavilion, New Brighton. June 1,1MI. jJTtf re MANSION HOUSE, MIDPLKTOWN, CONNECTICUT. rHK UNUERSIONEl) beta leave to announce to hi* Iriendj and the ptihlie, that he Sa* le\aed the above house for a term of yean, and ho|>e*, by 1 mg etpe.ience and strict tttention to buuaeai, to merit a liberal share of their jiatronajje. JOHN L. MONROE mrlta've Korinerlv of the V S Hrrel. Boston. BOARDING PLEASANT Rooms, with or without board, at W Broadway, opposite Triuitv Church. Merchant* from the country will find the location very convenient to bustneaa. aull lm*rh HOWARD HOTEL, NEW VORK. Corner Broadway and Maiden Lane. THE Subscriber*, thankful for the patrouage they have received tiuce they have lucceeded Messrs. Howard in the above extensive and popular hotel, moat respectfully aak a continuance of (he nme, with the aasuiance as no house lu the city is better calculated for comfort and convenience ao at no other e Ublishment will there be a stronger d snosition manifested at all time* to ensnre the public approbation. THOMAS k WHITE. ?u7 2m3taw*rrc HOTEL 1>K PAKIS.-ANTlONKgVlUNES.oneofthe late proprietors ol the Perkins House. Boston, respectfully informs his Inendsand the travelling public, that he has opened the house No. MO Broadway, New York, entrance on Keade street, called the Hotel De Paris, where he will be happy to accommodate those who may wish to patron ite him, with board and lodging, by tbe day, week,or month, on the most reasonable terms. mvl# *m ?od*rre DESIRABLK KAK.M FOR 8ALK, containing 20 acrrs. with good dwelling, fill- d in with brick, barn, coach, cow, and smoke houses, all in complete erder* situated on a <t ge route, IX miles from TuU's Lan ling, to wards Woodbridge. N. J. Price $3,500. D. K. M S., 239 Pearl street anil e?v>?w*mc TO FOREIGN OENTLEMKN arriving in tt.e graq|United States, or others, desirous of purchasing a per Wh^manent Country Residence in Pennsylvania.?The sub eiiber, desirous of chancing his residence, offers for sale his rarin aud establishment, situated in jblontgomery county,Pa., 11 miles north of Philadelphia. It contains 308 acrea of land, 288 ol which are in the highest state of cultivation, producing wheat, rye, Indian com and hay, equal to any upland farm in the Union?the remaining 29 acres being woodland. On the S remises is a fi ie stone mansion, 60 feet Dy 44, with a reran<h attached, 1} feet wide, extending the length of the house, and a larve piazza on the east; the whole giviug ample accommodations lor a family of twenty persons. The pleaaure grounds surrounding the h.iuse are shadrd with elegant evcrReens, and very beautifully laid out. There are ou the farm ree stoue houses for larmers or tenants, together with three large stuue barns, containing stabling and convenience* for a hundred head of ca'tle, and for the storage of 160 tons of produce. with coach house, wagon house, granary and corn cribs attached There are also the advantages of a fiue spring house ice house, fish pond, a garden of two acres, orchards stocked Willi the finest fruit, green house aud grape wall, a stream of sp-ing water in every held, a daily morning and evening mail to and from the city, by which the Philadelphia and New York pa|*rs of the same day are received, and an omnibua passim; the cite monnug and evening. In the immediate vicinity are Episcopal, Lutheran and Presbyterian churchea. F'urtlier deacriptiou la unneceaaary, aa all peraona wiahing to pnrchxae are iurited to cjii and examine the eatate. It may. however, be added that for beauty, heal'hful situation, and advaut ges of every kind, it it not aurpaaaed by any in the United Statea. 1 o tare trouble, it may he well alao to mentiou the price, which is $225 per acre. Apply to UbORGE SHKAtV. Whitemarah, aul 2taw 4w*rrc Montgomery Co Penn. IT MAY NOT BE GENERALLY KNOWN that the Walnut Oil Military Shaving Soap, (was inveuted and ia now made only genuine by Mr Wm Johnaon.) ao long known aa a Perfu-ner and Fancy Soap Maker. No connexion with an\ V-oom or Fowler, who uae hia name and deny hia residence, which la SI Cuuitlandt -treet, where hia Irtends and all who require hia unique and popular articlea can, at all I tim?s, find h.m. Every deacription of Fancy Soap* and Perfumery, at prieea leas than other other bousei can tell, ill consequence ol the conveniences of manufacture, at 21 Cour'landt street. Pain Extractor, Haya' Liniment for Ptle?, Saratparillx Syrup Accouatic Oil. and all the Popular Patent M?4icia?( of the 'lay. at 21 < ourtlandt atreet. nu'9 I <**rc ?(,Ultb. warkanied THE Arabian Corn I'laatei ia an effectual cure lor co'na ; is easily applied, and givea im-iediate relief, lit c?*e it ahould lail to cure lh? monev will he retunded. Over SOO boxes have been sold this season, and not one box has been reiuroed for having (tiled to effict a cure. For sale by David Sands b Co 77 Eut Broadway, 100 Fulton atreet. <od 273 Broadway, C. H Ring, 192 Broadway, C. Hubbard, 48S Hudaon-.t. Wyatt b Ketennin. 121 Fulton-st, J. Smith, 211 Spring street. E. M. Union, 127 Bowery, and b> druggists generally. 25 cents per box au!9 Im *r IV F KOKTU M, importch or IMITATION PRECIOUS 8TONKS, VENETIAN AND BOHEMIAN BKAD8, TUKQUOI9ES, O.ARNETS, OLA.^9 DROPS, be. be. ..a iJL.m v.. t i,.v ...... V v... PACKETS FOH HAVRE?SECOND LINE, M- m '1 hi* Miifs of thisXiucwill sail dnriugtne yea^i^n^ollowing From N. York. F'm Havre. ( Jau. 1, Feb. 16 Ship UTIO?'*pt. J. A. Peirce, < May 1 Jo?e 16. f Sept. 1. Oct. 6. ship ST. NICHOLAS. N. W. ft*;',; ??'}?; r.vtlsijti. J 0ct , N ' |6 : Ship ONEIDA, Cirt. Knnck, ? Jn*y i! aEi'iJ? f No*. I. Dec. 16. Ship BALTIMORE, CaPt. J. John- S ft'" * ? ; They are all of the first class, aWf commanded, and with accommodations ample and commodious. The price of paassge in the cabin is $100, eiclasitre of wines and liquors. Apply to BOYD li H1NUKEN. Agents, No. 9 Tontine Buildings, No M Wail street. Goods sent to the agents for forwarding, will be snhjeec to none other than the actually paid anil m Xdtg- PA' KET FOH MAKSEILLfcS OF SEPT. 1.afi*^WTh? 8hi|> MAHIANNA, Capt. , will take the ToMreight or giuiilr, api.iy to BOYD i HINCKEN, Agents.or to CHAMBERLAIN k. ^HELI'i, au2l m 103 Front a'reet. PACKET SHIP LIVKRPOOL, FOR LIVERtfjirfc I'Hfll will m<I thu day, ?t II o'clock. PuhdaPMbxe'i will pleaae be on board Steamboat Herculea, at Whitehall Dock at (hat time. Letter liaci will clo?e at the usuM places at half-past 10. anil m WOODHI LL ?t MINTURN, B7 South st. , VESSEL WANTED.?A ?<><>d substantial yeaabout 4000 bbls. burthen, for the north of Engj mi2t m * W(5{j&HULL St MINTURN, 87 Booth it. 1J3P- SHIP qUEEN OFTHE WEST, Iron LI VERafyfyt'OOL ia discharging nnde general order, Iweat 1 JUMEa^ide at Burling Slip. ?n2l m ' FOR LONDON?Regular 1'acket of the Ui of WWWSept?The first clata, faat tailing packet ahip ST. ! jJKttfaJAMES, burthen 1000 torn, J. K. Merer, muter, , will tail aa above, her regular day. Having rery superior accommodations for cabin, second , cabin, and ateerage passengers, peraona iutendiug to emI bark, should make immediate application on board, foot of | Maiden Lane, or to JOSEPH M'MUKRAY, eor of Pine anil South at. 1 The Packet Ship GLADIATOR. C?pt. R. L. Bunting, will ?nf reed the St. Jsmes. and anil the 18th Sept. au?0 r FOR LI VERPOOL?Re,ular Packet of the ?th MMiof Sept.?The firsr-elass, fast-sailing Packet Ship JfiUfaPATHICK HENRY, J. A. Delano maater, will an aa >lwt, her regular day. Having rery inperior accommodations for csbin, second cabin, and steerage passengers, persons iutendititf to embark should make immediate application on board, footof Maiden lane, or to JOSEPH McMURRAY, Comer of Pir.e It South >ta. The splendid new Packet Ship HENRY CLAY. F.. Nye, master, burthen 1400 tons, will succeed the Patrick Henry, and sail Oct 6th. Persona desirous of sending for their Irirnds in the old conntry can have them brought out in either of the abore vessels, or any other packet of th? line, by applying aa abore. * 90 r ONLV REGULAR LINE OK PACKfcTs H)R iJBLNKW ORLEANS-Packet of the 34th Aug.JBHWaTlie fa?t-iailing and favorire Packer Ship ORLEANS, Capt. Barrett, will aail positively oq Monday, Aug. 24th. her rrgular d?y. She haa splendid aeeommodatioDi for eabin, aeeond cabin, and sreerage passengers Those wiihing to secare bertha should make early application to W. St J. T. TAP8rOTT, anil rh M South it., 2d door below Burling Slip. OLD E8TABLI8HEU UNITKD STATES k |U#W GREAT BRITAIN It IRELAND EMIGRANT SlafaOEKlCE.?The Subscribers continue to bring oat passengers Ky the regular Packet Ship*, Bailing every fire daya ; and also for Aril-class American transient ships, tailing weekly, at rerv moderate rate*. Drafts can alao be famished for any amonnt, payable throughout the United Kingdom, on application aa above, aul (OHN HERD VAN fc 4^, II ^on?h?.eet. fcSlF oLaSOOW LINE OK PACKETS?To tail 1st vMMfVSeptember, her regular diy?The fine faat sailing aMMfeci>i>perrd Britidh bark ANN HARLKY, captain Robert Scott, will aail aa above, her regolar day. Kor freight or passage, having eteellent accommodationa, apply on board, foot ol Roosevelt street. or to WOODHULL k MINTURN, r Sonthit. The regular packet ahip SARACEN, Capt. N. T. Hawkiaa. will succeed the Aaa Harley, and nil on the lit Oct?ber. her rernlar day aal Vt.SlEL WANTED.?A good aabatautiaT VesKKZW ael, of tha balk of 40M barrela, to proceed to the JHhUb North of England Apply to WOODtfULL At MINTURN, aal7m it Honth street. tBt COR NEW ORLEANS?Lonitiaaa aad New MJUVTork Line?Poaiti rely drat Regular Packet To 4HMKa*ail Monday. Hit inst.?The elegaat, faat aailiag I packet ship GENEVA, Goodhae, maater, will poeitively ! lail aa above, har regular day I For freight or passage, having handaome famished aecommodations, apply on board, at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall ; street, or to E. K. COLLINS It CO.. SO South it. | Positively no goods received on board after Saturday 1 evening, Augur ttth. I Agent in New Orleani, JAB. E. WOODRUFF, wh? will ' promptlv forwarJ ill a.iodi to hit addreaa , ; Packet ahip KAHTr'.LLK. T*vlor, maater, will i?ccee4 I Du OMirt. ?U7 ITR^HOITH r GRA->D COTILLON AND TAKGET EXCURSION TO NYACK, ^Mn M* (in' MON DA < , Auk. 24, lllt.-The BK.NA.r?air-.^?au W GL'AHOS Captain Thomas Betu, A>>JKjC. bare rujnged .he jtrl OH or Ke. dall'a celebrated ttra<> Uuid aud Wallace's f*?ome Cotillon Bind, aud Chartered tli? Itrgc mil C<mm..i!i,mi Steamer ALBANY, Cupt Hall, >u(l will mali* an eicuraiun io Nyek ou Monday, August 14, aad riercise themaelrca in target .h Miting. Tnr Boat Will leave Baiclay strret at ?H o'clock, A M ; rik# alreer ut S, Kivinitott tlrrrt (C a quarter past 8 Willi imaburir, fr in South Seco d street, .t h lf-p it ! ; Fulton Karrv, Brooklyn, at a quarter to t ; Whitehall ?treet at 9. Caual atreei at a quarter put 9, Hammond .treet at hall-put t >and proceed up the Hudson Refre?hine ta provided on board Tne committee plfcdge themselves to make this the plea, santrsi rmcursioii or the season. if it euu be effected by a liberal expenditure of time and money. Complete ?rra?ge< menu will be made for the comfoit amd enjoymeut of ladiea and grutlemen who may favor the Beusou ouard* witn their eompauy on this occasion. T cketa to admit a lady and gentleman, $1. Single tickets, SO centa. Tickets may be obtunrd at the following places Military Hill, Bowery ; k.astern Grotto, 146 Cherry st ; K.Harney, 137 south at ; Gardner's dry goods store, 121 Greenwich at. ; A. F ('batman, 1 Frauklin square: Voney's Shaving Saloou; Grand atreet, near South Fourth, Wi'liama urgh ; ou boarJ steame Albauy, or any of the members of the company. mill 3'*rrc jam fark reduced to the kmhino JPBANKS?18\ centa each way ?The I'ut v d SGaaaMGELaafe ateamer BUFFALO, ''aptain J. W. Hanroa.will Irave aaabove on Monday,Mouday and Tueaday, Auguat 13d 2tth, and li-li. aa followa:?knot of Barclay at. 7*% o'clock. Hammond trcrt. ( o'clock: Canal. IM; Delaney, ?K; Pike, * to ; Pier No. I N. R.,#K o'clock. A.M. Bait andlinraat < ?mall charge. Rrfreahmenla provided on board. A band ol muiic will accompany the Boat Thoae who deaire th? apoit ol tithing, will do well to take thia boAt, aa <hc will arrive oa the 6aliing ground one hour before al wer boata The pilot of the Uulfalo, by viaitmg the fiahiug ground nearly every day, Ina diacovered the prer.ia# ?i>ot whare Pah >re c inetv in abundant*. aull 3t'a*m tu Ev IsLaMj k. FOK r It A.vl Ili 1 OiN The Steamboat 10LAS, Captain Yatea, ^LK?jMB|3*will run every week day on th? above ferry 3^h3K3L>uuu1 further notice, aa follo?a: ? Leaving foot of Pike atre?t at UW o'clock A. M and 3)4 P. VI., White hall al M o'clock M. and 4 o'clock P. m., Coney Ialand at If. o'clock P M and 6 P. M. Landing at Fort Hamilton each way. Fare cent* N B.?Sugea will be in readineaa at Fort Hamilton to take paaaeng-ra to New Utrecht and Bath; alao at Coney laland, to lake paaa<-< re a to t te upper houaea. All pt raona are forbid traatiug any one on account of the boat or uwi.yra aul' lw'tm FARE ItliUUi.EL). for the fishing banksFRIDAY, AUG. 21. jMQ The commodioua Steamer DELAWARE leave the foot of Hammond atreet at R XZaDLo'clock A.M., Canal SK, Delaacy % to 9, Pike atreel9, Pier No 1 North River 9K Dingle'a Braaa and Cotillon Band ia engaged for the trip. Linea and bait at a amall charge Dinner on board. Megulardaya, Monday, Tueaday, and Friday. | rK'e*>c?n?. huav i*rrc CONEY ISLAND AMD FORT HAMILTON FERRY. WQ 0KL The Steamboat PK0PR1E1 OR. Capt. H. Vallae, will ran every week day on the above aMSBZLFerry, until further notice, aa followa Leaving North Kivrr?Koot of Hammond street at 11 A. M., 3 P. M. Canal meet at llJi A. M-, 3K P. M. Harrison at. 11* A. M., 3? P. M. Whitehall at 7 X M . UM,( P. M. Coney Island at lUasd 6 P. M.; and The Steamboat IOLAS, Captain Richard Yates, will ran as follows Leaving East River?Koot of Pike street at #K A. M , 1? and 5 P. M. Whitehall at IIA M., J and 3* P. to. Coney Island at A.M., 3K and 7 P. M. Landing at Fort Hamilton each way. Kara ItW cents. aul94t?m THOMAS BICILBY, Proprietor. MORNING BOAT FOll ALBANY AND TROY. /m PASSAGE ONE DOLLAR?Breakfast cL. .gWy?jJ?and dinner on board (he boat. Passengers 3KiMB(SK.takiug this boat will arrive <n time to take I the ereuiuK train of cars from Troy west to Buffalo, and north 1 te Saratoga and Lake George. The Mteamboat NIAGARA, Capt. Wm. Ellsworth, Monday, Wednesday and Friday, at 7 o'clock, A. M , from the 1 steamboat pier foot of Barclay street. Returning on opposite aava. , For Jkssage or freight, apply on board, or to F. B Hall, at j the office on the whaif. . an!9rc MORNING BOAT AT HALF-FAST SIX O'CLOCK FOR ALBANY. 1 jggk FROM the ateamboat pier foot of Warren gL. !?street?Passage (1 ?Leaving New York? ZKmXCZ.Monday, Weunesday,Friday ?Albany, Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday?landing at Hammond street, Van Cortlandt s Dock, Peekskill, West Point, Newbargh, i Hamilton, Bristol, Poughkeepsie, Hvde Park, Kingston, Up; per Red Hook, Cafakill Hudson and Coxsackie. i raaaeniters taking this boat will arrive in time lor tne train I of cars from Albany Wnt to Buffalo; and North to Saratoga, Whitehall and Lake Cham plain The new and elegant low pressure steamer METAMORA, > Capt P. H. Smith, will leave aa above. For freight or passage apply on borrd. Breiikfaat and Dinner on board. A? it i? not generally anderatood that the Morning Line, (earing at 7 o'clock, A. M , charge two dollars, we take thia ] method o inform the public that oy taking the ateamer Metai mora, at o'clock, A. M., they save themselves one dollar, 1 and arrive iu Albany at an earlier hoar than by the Old Line I Passengers will beware of the decny ruunera of the Sooth America, aa ahe Inn been imt ou by the Old Monopoly, at the aame hour, to run off the Vetsmora. Fare to Van Cortlandt's Dock, 26 centa, Ponghkeepaie, 60 cents: Hu ion. 75 cents; Albany, (I. aalt 'w rh | rKOPLE'8 LINE OK STKW1ERS FOR ALBANY, Direct?Daily, * nndaya excepted?it 7 o'clock, P. M I From Steamboat pier between Courtlandt anil Liberty Itl. _M|1 Steamboat KN|('KEltBO< KER.Capt. ASteamboat HENDR1K HUO^ON, Capt. R O. 'ruttenden. Wil leave on Tuesday, Thursday aud Saturday evenings, at7 o'clock The above boats will at all times arrive in Albany in ample time for the n>oming ears for the East and Weat. F'right taken at moderate rates, and none taken after 44 o'clock, P M. All persons are forbid trusting any of the boats of thia line, without a written order from the captains or agenta. For p usage or freight, apply on board the boata, or to P. C. Schultz, at tne iflioe ou the wharf. UNITED STATES MAIL LINE. > At 5 o'clock, P. M., Landing at Intermediate Places. From the foot ol Barclay ttrret. S'camboat 8*NTA i'L \lT8, <"?ptain B Orerlagh, will , leave ?u Monday, Wedueadtsi Friday, and Sunday after' uoona, at i o'clock. 8tnimko? ROCHESTER, Captain , will leave on Tue?d*y, Thuraday and Saturday afternoona, at S o'clock. Apply on board, or at the office on the wharf. aai7r I MORNING BOAT AT 64 O'CLOCK FOR ALBANY, AND intermediate landing!, fiora the foot of Kobinion itreet. Breakfatt and aCZSHCSK. Dinner on Board Paaange $1?The new i low preuure Steamboat SOUTH AMERICA, Capt. L. W. Brainard, on Moudaya, Wedneidaya and fridayt, at 6H o'clock, A. M. For p*???ge or freight, apply on board. anl7 Iw I'AIH LINE UP BOATS BET WKEN Q^Z?l *Ti NEW YORK AND 8TATEN ISLAND. SKmUML^Lp The ateamboata SVLI'H, Captain J. Braiated, and 8TATEN ISLANDER, Captain D. Van fait, will laave aa followi ? Leare Sutea laland <#?,?,?, 1# tad 11 A. M? at 1,1,1,4,9, ( and 7, P. M. I Leave Naw York at 7,?, 10, and 11, A. M. lad 1. >, ?, 4, i, ?, 7 and W paat 7 P. M. I All freight at tha riak of of the owneia thereof. A ttag<* will leave Vanderbilt'a landing for tha Telegraphic Station every hoar thronghoat tha day. Rare \2% crnta. 1 Jy? FARE REDUCED. ' _an-| <4 FOR NEW HAVEN -Paatage rednecd New llaren to $1 ; to Hartford, 12 : to 3CZ3KjLSpri<H field. $2 75 The aplendid and faat I Steamboat TRAVELLER, Capt. J. Stone, will leave Peck l Slip. E. II., every morning, (Sn> days excepted,) at 4 o'clock. I and the Hteatnboat HERO, Capt. R. Peck, every Tneaday, and Thnridav auvmoon, at 4 o'clock, and Saturday afterI aonn. M 3 t'cWk ao6 Imiafti TKOY MORNING AMD EVENING LINE. MORNING LINE AT SEVEN O'CLOCK. FOR ALBANY AND TROY-From the Strain boat Pier M Ihe Tool of Barclay a tract. Landing at Peekskill, Weat Point. Newj bnrah, Hatm.ton, Milton, Ponchkeepeie, Ilyda Park, Rhineseek, U. Had Hook. Bristol, Catakul, Hndaon, ConaaUa, Kinderhook and Baltimora. Breakfast and dinner on board the boat. Tha teamboat NlAOARA.will leave on Monday, Wedaaaday and Friday Mornings 7 A. M. Tha steamboat TROY, Captain Oorhara, oa Tnaaday, Thursday and Saturday morning*, at 7 o'clock. Uctnrnang on opposite days. For^ passage or freight apply on board, or at the office oa tha NEW YORK. ALBANY AND TROY LINE. FOR ALBANY AND TROY DIRECT, From the pier at the foot of Conrtlandt atreet. Tha low-pressure steamboat EMPIRE, Captain R.B. Maey, laayea the (dot ol t.'ourthuidt street, oa Tnaaday, Thursday and Saturday evenings, at seven o'clock. The Steamboat COLUMBIA, Capt. Wn. H. Pack, will leave on Monday, Wednaaday and Friday evenings, at 7 o'clock. Pkasen^ara taking theae Boats will arrive ia time to taka the Morning Train of Cars f rom Troy weat to Buffalo, and north to Saratoga, Whitehall and Lake Cham plain. For Passage or Freight, apply on board, or at tha Office oa the wharf. No freight tak*n after 5K o'clock. NOTIt H?All goods, freight, bank bills, specie, or uy other kind of property, positively at the owner's risk. J9<r THE MOST DELIGHTFUL OF ALL EXCURSIONS. iMBA jmg| A SAIL across the Hudson river to Hobo ^yjjgttlrfh3pken, and then a i?}lli to the Elyaian Fields, KaCL.ilnu? tlie eiceeaingly pictnrraijae shores ol the plnce. will prove the mait easily accomplished and attraa tive of all runi? eicnrsions that can be made from the city. The grounda now present a charminf aspect, the trees be mi in leaf. Hiid the soil covered with a rich turf. The walk* are in excellent order, baring been conaiderably euiVellahed the present spring. On rwy pleasant afternoon there will be in attendance at the ColFroniule, Klyaian Field*, an excellent Band of Mnsie, which ?till perforin (election* from the farorite Opera*, popular air*, marclira, waltxe*. lie. The Kerr/ Boat* from Barclay, Canal and Chriatopher it*., are completely fitted np with awning* and aeata. Nig) t Boat* rnn from Iiobokea to Barclay t treat ?a til U 'dock. Ferriage eenta. ml lm*r MM The Proprietor* of Steamboat* wishing CWiiit*ij1*3*r"-'' ' " HUNO, wonld do well t? pay a jK?_jKjK.visit on board the Mteamboats Niagara, Mountaineer. O rernor, Iron Witi h, Thomaa Powel, Excel ior, Roger William*, lie., and examiue Mr. Ho-?er'* improved ?tyle of Bell Hanging, especially adapted for Steamboats, put np neatly and strong, and warranted for one year.? H II., No. I Ann street and No. in Fulton street an7 lmeod*rc ONLY RKOUl.AR LINE OF PACKETS FOR lIVfWfiLA^OOW.?The splendid and faal sailing Packet jBftAkEs^iP ANN HARLEY, Capt. Scott, will aail po.itarrly on Tuesday, Set t I, her regnlar day. She has unequalled acrommodations for cabin, second cahin. and steerage pusengera. Those wiihing to seenre berth* should make early application on board, foot of Rooaerelt stre?t,or to W.fcJ T. TAPSCOTT, JytO r K South st.. M door below Barling Blip. Tlf- FOR QUEBEC, with despatch?The A 1 British WH^VBark ROBERT A. PARKES, Kianmg master. JSMKeharinf three-fourth* of her cargo engaged, will hire despatch lor the abore port. For freight, apply to J. McMURRAY, auin r M Sonth *treet. Ji? FOR LIVERPOOL?New Liae?Kanlar pact' ^VffWet.'<> eail August Kith?The elegant, fast *ailina HHUlpeeket ebip HlhDONH, E. B.Cobb. maater, of I Mi tans will sail as above, her revnlar day. For freight or passage, haring accommodation* nneqnalled far splendor or comfort, apply on board, M Orleans wharf foot of Wall street, or tn K K COLLINS k CO., M Sooth st. Price of postage t!60. Packet ship HHMUDAN, Ueo B. Cnttisli, maater. 1004 A9ir?WtK%TX, * . PAHK THKATHE-FiAh ?i v?uanc* <f Mr.Collia* I n?h < oiiirJiati anil Vocaliat.?1 hia r.??iiuig, Augua lilt, will b? ?rilorni- <1 HIS LAST LhliS?OTmll-n an, Mr. Collina; Mn Mouttgne. Mra O\ort. After which, HOW TO r*Y THK RENT?Morgin Roller, Mr intlint: Mrs Cmtieirnrr Mr*. Ver on. To cfnclude with THK 8E''RET?Mooa Dapuia, Mr p>0 t| Mum Til it*. Mr Sutherland; 7'bunnj, NrFiaher; Cecilia, Mrt Abbon. Doora < i>eu at 7 o'clock, and the performancea will commence at kall'.,ast7 o'clock. Boxea 11 ; Pit M centa; UalIcry ~t'< emu BOWKky THEATKST? Thia trwini AuaTuT flat, will be performed DAMON' AND Pi THIAS?Damua, Mr J R Se?t(i rythiaa. Mr Nritr; llrrmion, Mr* Mndiaoo. After which, IKJltOkKM ? Bean Ktneat, Mr Walcot ; ( 'rank i.i-iiiioi, Mr NeaAe; Kami? Klton, Mra Jordan: Mra Lenuot, Mra Madiaon. To conclude with the BUND BOY'S DOOM-Hewia de Wilton, Mr Blanchard; Huiui, Mr Cony; Doga of (h? entile, Hector auu Draiu. Doora open it 1 o'clock, curtain will rue at halt patt 7 ? Dreaa Circle, M ceuta; Upper Ui centa, 1*1' and Oatlii ry, \W tetu GREENWICH THEATRE?Corner Vanck and Cliarl. too a'reeta?Thia Eeeuiiii;, A?uu?t 21at, Will hr per; formeJ THK YOU NO SCAMP?Mr Mildew, Mr Keeua; Joseph, Miaa Julia Drake. I After which, THK ARTFUL DODOER-The Dodder, MrHl.h'pmau; Mary, ili-aJuli* Drake To ha followed by CATHAtt INK AND PETRUCHIO? Patrachio, Mr Freer; (Jrumio, Mr H Cha, iniili Cwbariue, , Mm Crauford. I To conclude with THE COTTAGE OF CONTENT? ; Chriatoplier Strap, Mr H Chapman; Nauc> Strap. Miaa Julia i Drake. I Boiea, Ji centa; Pit, \l% centa. Doora open at 7?perfor i manor to commence at hall-put 7 o clock. CASTLE OARDKN, mill iri eitetmve Promenade*, '? |npen day mid eveninc?This Evening, August 21?t, the eutertaiument will include a good selection of Music, trout 8>rmii?, Roauni, J. Labitzky, A?t>er, Motnrt, Boieldieu. Kuhuer, aud Reissigrr, which will be performed by , the Orchema, under the direction of Mr. (' W. Meyror. F- Intermission of half au hoar for refreshments, | to Tiew the beautiful ranee of COSMOUAMAB. ) eitending around the whole of the Esphnade, which will be brilliantly illuminated with k*?. thin giving visiters an excellent opportunity fo etamine these beautiful Views Admission during the day and evening ItX ceuts. ! M'LLE BLANGY. THE WHOLE RAVEL FAMILY. TRTUUP11J1NT SUCCESS OF Q1SELLE. U A 0 It I K L K A V K L . NIBLO'8 (i/VRDKN?This Eveuing, Aub. 21?t, tho Entertainments will commence with a popular Overture. I After which, the daring achievements on the Tight Hope. ! I by the R?vel Family , ! I To conclude with the Ballet called GISELLE?Duke Al* ; bert, Mona Henri; Uiielle, M'lle Blangy. Doors open at 7 /clock; utcrt.iiuuiauu bagis at I o'eloek. Tickets JO ceuu. - | ; HOWES It (JO.'a NhW YUKK MAMMOTH CIRCUS. THIS unrivalled corpa of Equestrians will perform at Buffalo 14th. 2Jth and 26th mat.; Williams vilje, 27th; Lockport 28ih and 29th, in route to Rochester, and will b? at < Rochester 7th, Rth and 9th September. ] The Largest Establishment ever organized in the United , States, comprising 15# Men and Horses, requiring 16 j ] Carriages to conVey the per'ormen. wardrobes, musicians, ' ke. The company has attached to it Eight Female eques, triaua, amtni whom is the Ureateit Female Rider of the j Age, recently arrived from Paris, MADAMK MARIE MACAKTE. whose new style of Equestrian Feats, Peculiarly her own, being chaste and classic; her graceful ana fascinating address, and the charming naivett with which she chain* her audi ence, render this gifted and highly-educated artistr the leading feature of the arena in this conntry. The Proprietors | reler the public to the brilliant description given in the ret spective newspapers of the extraordinary and daring feats I performed by this distinguished artitlr. Koue<triau Director, Mr HO WES; Rising Master, Mr. i NIXON, and the unapproachable Clown, D VN RICK, i rtmoiig the Performers is the celebrated and principal Rider, the Napoleon of the Arena, Mr. HOBBH, whose feats on Horseback are the moit extraordinary erer witnessed. Jure nile act of Horsemanship by Master Nixon. Olympic Exercises, by the whole Company, led by the great Europe-n Tumbler, Mr. MACAKTE. Wonderful Feats by Mr. j Cole\ Dogs, Hector and Billy. The SWISS BROTHEHS, ! in their elegant Gymnastic Postures and Oronpings. Mr. ' Sweet as the Charioteer of Phoebus. Posturing and Ovm! nasties, by Mr. Nixon and his son. Mr. Howes iu his Mv| thological and brilliant Act of " Fancies of Proteus." Mr. I C. Howes in Slack Rope Evolutions Mr. Oeo. Sweet, the , celebrated Tight Rope Dancer. With a yariety of others ! The whole comprising the leading, most talented, and i classic performers in the world ; anis HOW KM giro 'S New York Mammoth t'irens I AGAVli AMERICANA. THE subscribers are happy to inform their friends and the public, that the great American Aloe is again covered with bods and flowers, interspersed with many hundred perfectly formed plints aert seeil vessels, which have every ap Sesraneeof maturing. The ilower stem of this giant plant is S feet in height and 22 inches in circumference. Open from 7 A. M. to Id P. M. Admittance lt% cents Hot house Urapes of the finest kinds during the neason. Bene* Plsnts at all times. DUNLAP t THOMSON, s!6 lw*rc Seedsmen nd Florists. 63^ Bro"dwsy. Atlantic it? \uw vir.y hob ijik SEASON.?Dod worth's Cornet Band will perforin every Tuesday and Friday evenings, eonunencing Jena led. ?? I o'clock. Admittance tree. mr??m*re WILLIAM ALLISON. P-oeriew GOTHIC HALL MECHANICAL Exhibition-Duck of Vaucanson-War Elephant, kc., every evening from 6 until '0 o'clock. a!6 lw*m M'LLt, FAULliNK Dfc^AKDINS would respectfully infoim her pupils. Uc . tlw she hi* resumed from Hi* ntott **Pfinfc*, (where the h?d the honor of introducing the Reaowa Walrx, which she had juit received from I am.) and that she is now prepared to renew her lesion* in all the natt fashionable dances, at her residence, No. 74 Leonard IK'tn, wfu iiuc ni Droanway mii?4w-rrc l'UiiMA.N'5 KMrOKIUM 0> AKT AND CLASSIC CABINET I UALLKKV OK OIL 1'AINTINUS, WHICH inelndea hit inmran stork* of Book*, Painting*, Engravings, Fancy Stationery, Drawing!, Drawing i Material*, .Mntie, lie., are now tube fonnd upon ihe aeeoiiH door, up one flight of easy *lair?, (having leiued the firat door,) where every thing will be *<ild at at low price*, itnd many mueh below the regular price*, being deairnu* of doting up a* soon aa pottible hu Book Department. A (.heap Lilt will aooo be published for those who will bny a inautmea. l*uroliaaeraare invited to call udeianima hi* New Room*, No. 30< Broadwav. *erond floor al.1 eodeit tfrrc KA.SiiKS. HOLMES' TWO OVEN KITCHEN RANOE8. THE Proprietor* are now prepared to furnith Holmet range* to the trade, or set them up for private familie* or boarding houses, having purchased the right from the pateutec to manufacture and sell them. Our eiperieuce 111 manufacturing and (etting (fitches Ranges, iu this city, for the pa*t 1' year*, warrant* u* in aaaerting that Holmet' Range cannot be surpassed for economy, convenience, and durability. They re warranted to perform the purpo*e* for which the/are purchased, and ifnot they will be removed free of any eipenae to the purchaser. Numeron* references can be given to person* wishing to purchase. The prices range from 25 to 43 a. -lars The proprietors are constantly manufacturing, and are well (applied with parlor, office, and bed-room URATES, of the newest patterns. Also?TIN WARE, bright, plain and ja;?u>ed They have main us at all tune* ready to art Rauges, grates, and boilers? alto, tmokey chimney* cured ; no cure, no pay A. U1LHOOLY X SON, anil lm*r ^ Nuwa J&r e IrtOU iVftiUVvlf. WinrAni, Orncs No. 30 Will *., orrosiTC thk Miicm>hti' Kiciiakob. THIS Compur continues <o insure against Iom or duufi by Fir*, on dwelling honses, warehouses, buildings in genera], good*, ware* and merchandise, and erery description o pcrsoual property; also against loss or damage by inland na rigatioo and transportation. DIRECTORS. Thomas W. Thoroe, KlishaRiggv, Thomas T. Wood raff, Annan Baker, R. R. Robson, M. P. Joseph Omke, Thomson Price, Joseph Allen, Moses Tucker, James E. Holme*, John R. Dayi son, John P. More, John H. Lee, William K. Then, Caleb C. Turn*, Thomas Morrtll, Krancis P. Sage, Eugene Bogsrt, .'ohaXJ. Merntt, Robert Smith. THOMAS W. THORNK, President. GEO T HOPE. Secrecanr. i J* tfr* I op?,TDrirrril' rilllHSI? TH OTTINfi PLTK9E of $2M, Mile Heat?, beat 3 in 5. in harneaa, tree Tor all trotting hnraea, will he given, to come off the firat week in September; f'O of the puree to go to the aecond beat horae in the race. Entriea to be made on or before I Saturday, Aug. 29, by 9 o'clock P. M.,at Ureen (t Loaee'a. Three or more to make a race. Puraea to the amount of J7G0 will be given, to come off the aecond week in September, to cloae Sept. lat, by 9 o'clock P. M., at Ureen Ic Loaee'a. For p^rticu'ara aee hand billa. au21 lin'rrc O KOK BALK?A pair of fine and atyliah grey /XaST>Hortri; they drive well in double or aiugle narO^Ln"< ; one of them rery good under the aaddle. Alio, a hue Phwton, nearly new, built in the beat manner, and aet of doable harneea, a ahort time in uae ; will be aold together or aeparate. Apply at au?*?rc MKS8KNOKR'8 Stablea. 58 Trinity place. KOIC &AL.K, TWO riNE SjSDDLK HOH8EX, aW WILL drive alio in a carriage. They 1-fV^*"" Jnat the right aue for ridinir on f 1 l.mi.hielt. and nave been long uae4 ' 1 f) th? ? addle. Apply ?t th# deik ol tbe Herald OffT'-e. for efrlk A SUPERIOR MILK COW, imported from Normandy, and for snle l>y Ub BOVn It HINCKEN, Koom No. 9, Tii'Uinc Buildings, ?ii20 r No b# wall nreet. THHEK DOLI-AK.S REWARD. MLOBT, iii Jroadwn', en 'he 19th .nst., n amall white female Lap Oof. Any person who will dtlinrherat the office ol the Astor Home will be above reward. aa?l ilftn ! ^ Cfl KINO (.-HARLEM HPANIELB.?Mix, Black and \MQT Tanned, very fiue, jost imported per ship Ht James, ,JjUjL?rom London. Alio, Three Shetland Pomea, anitahle Iot gentlemen's aoni?very docile, and perfectly manageable. "or Hale by A. < JRIEVE. No. J John atreet, Importer and dealer in Birds, Cafei.kc. an? Im'rrr Pall fashion for hats, w*. f? AT ORNINU well-known eauhliahment, >M BroadJ^^way, opposite Hi Paul's.?Having devot'd unusnal attention in producing this at) le, the attention of gentlemen is particularly invited to it. The lightueas. grace, and buoyant effect of theae Hata cannot be described?they muat be .. W. Gruin receieea monthly the late?t atylea of Hate from Paria, and inatantly uiopta everything that i? valuable iu the new patterna, Mid tnu? hia cuatomera ah re the benefiti of the judgment andfate of til Paria, united with hia own. lat finality Natria Hut, t? M ; lat quality of MoUrtln Hata, $4 : aiid auperior in quality to any ever before ofl'ied. I'uia made Hata. IV anil >tia r KSTABLIHHKD PRICKS AT ~ GURNEY'S NEW ESTABLISHMENT, 1M Fui.t?w 8T?ititT, (8ut? Building-) FIRBT QUALITY BLACK FUR HAT ??? I H O N I) eeeeaeeeeeaeat SrSo?fDJA^ SI^K H" 2 S V* THK8E priceeh.*e Wn ftrmly eaublia^djjnd may b? m implicitly r?li?d on, m the Hofl(d 1 of the article to which they appertain. T^. J^hia Hau by reapectfnlly aak the pMlfe to teatthe r? fte of h Hau, oy eompariaon with the productiona ofanv|hr premiaea the citv. and belierea no candid mind will leave inn . dieeetiafied with them or their pricea 1M|r,|(onat. I rPmoVa, OF K, ViHKSlX removal OI-cROB^NUFA0tohy, , cm THK underlined won Id location nhlic, that Ke haa J*";' rh mnT, commnriioaa B?to??F,l'o..trM?;h? facilities, he il r LUHSf imilMR. TELEGRAPHIC REPORT. Washinoto*, Tliurrday Evening. The Southern Mail has a. rived, but ia barren of interest, containing no intelligence whatever from the Army of Occupation. I am able to inform you from the most credible source, that it is now not in the least doubtful that Secretary Bancroft will ri tire from the navy department on the 1st ot October ensuing Baltimore, Thursday Evening. The captain of steamer Tobacco Plant arrived with his boat at St. Louis on the )2'h inst. from Fort Leavenworth, and reports that one thousand Mormons, in addition to the live hundred called /or, had come to ihe fort, in hopes of being en rolled in the service of the Unitod States, to follow Gen. Kearney's expedition to Santa Fe and New Mexico. The Western Mail contains nothing more of importance. The Southern Mail brings nothing from the aeat of war. We have had a delightful ifay, the thermometer being only as high as 81, ut half-past two o'clock, P. M. The steamer's news has now been fully examined by our merchant.*, but without any apparent effect upon the Baltimore flour market. Sales of Howard street wero made at $4 per barrel. There is no local news to-day in Baltimore worth telegraphing. BY THE MAILS. Washington, Aug. 18, 1846. Dr. Sprolc'i Sermons?Senator! Dix and Dickinson? Hague the Astrologer vs. Polk?Purchase Mount Vernon?Capt. IJrcey's I'ntriotiim?jl Visit to Washington's Grave?Senator Houston? Hit Treaty with the Cumanclics?Their Parting ?The President's Departure fa the Rip Rapt? Secretary Buchanan's Mexican Treaty?Secretary Marcy's Popularity?Secretary Walker's Tariff?Bened ict ion. In reviewing the events that have occurred during the last session, it is but just that the influence of the clergy in softening the asperities of party, and of straightening the crooked road from this world to the next, should be properly chronicled among the sybiiline leaves of the people's Herald; and as, perhaps, the most distinguished among those eloquent battlers for the freedom of spirit, is the Rev. Dr. Sprole, I take tho liberty of mentioning bim first. It has often been remarked that his sermons not only exhibit his natural philanthropy as a man and a christian, but also argumentative powers as a logician and philosopher; and callous must be that heart which grows not wiser and better for listening to the gems of truth that he sows, broad to his hearers.? There is a fervent enthusiasm, a meek sincerity in Lis words, that glow atniu uie uarKness 01 me political atmosphere of Witfliii'Rton, like a ray of ?lorv o'er tho cruciflction of Ktfubens. The Senators of New York have gone to meet their constituents. They are the best rspreientatives of the different schools of the democracy of the Empire State. Dickinson, the Cromwell; Dix, the Sir Walter Raleigh?both having dore their duties with independence, and also with signal ability. In fact, Dickinson's encounter with Webster? ''Whan Daniel mat Daniel In battle array"? lias left many laurels glittering on his brow, while he is the pride of the (M'fl, and Dix the glory of the 49's?inay they receive from the people as thev deserve, that proudest meed of a politician, " Well done thou t;ood and faithful servant, k.c . Jcr." The poor President is worn down thin, and liagu* the astrologer thinks, if h<? dont take things easier, that he will not live out h.'s turn? (a sage opinion that ) Captain Dewey is making at the present time, a worthy effort to purchase the home and sepulchre of Washington, for the purpose of placing it at the disposal of the Government?and a good and popular thing it will be to make the Mecca of our country free, that Iter sons can make a pilgrimage without disturbing the residents. I was at Mount Vernon a few days ago; you cannot soe the houne from the river, or it is what a poet would call, embosomed in trres?the key ol the bastile still hangs in the hall ?but the tomb is the place where the true pilgrim diaws inspirations of liervent patriotism?it is situated about twenty yards from the houae, at the foot of an orchard, and is not visible from the river ?(the old tomb was seen from the Potomac, and was in a much more pictureque location than the present one?it is now a heap ol crumbling bricks, out of which springs tVie roots ol an old sycamore) ?the coffins of rnarbl ol Washington and his wife are visible through the gratings?over the vault are growing several locusts, blackberry hushes, and two lutle cedars.?a bird has built her nest in a niche just above the head of the heras sarafogas, and feeds her young quietly?there is a feeling of desolation over the plantation, and I wish Captain Dewey success in trying to place it at the disposal 01 mc ituvniimnu, o?u make a botanic garden of it, so as to give strangers a chance of visiting in a cheap and convenient way, the ashes of the greatest man thia world has ever seen. Among the many noted men who have flitted upon the public stage, there are none that I recollect with morn pleasure than Senator Houston, the hero of S in Jacinto. Not being very much prepossessed in hia favor, I was particularly struck with hia atrung resemblance to the portraiu of the illustrious George Washington ; he has a massive face, with small quick grey eyea, that beam mildly as a summer sky, yet often lit up with enthusiasm, or flash like his own good sword ?his form seems modelled to command ; lie wears a very large light beaver, and several rings upon his left h:md that are said to be Indian signets, aa well as a seal attached to his watch by a deer skin chain ; he certainly i?one of the most interesting and extraordinary men of the day. I insert the following lines, addressed to him by a warm friend, that may not be uninteresting to your readers : TO SAM. HOUSTON. B?yonil the Colorado's waving land Thy name hath been a beacon to the free ; Thou bold crusader of a Spartan band, Whose deeds would graoe the days of chivalry. Amid the forest's sons thy youthful yean Were nurtured by the Tennessee fair shore, Where hundreds or our hardiest pioneers Upon their rifles sleep for ever mora. Shielded by thee, there dawned upon tha worM, A star whose rays hare shot acroes the aaa ; And Texas blood-stained banner was unfurl'd, Blending most strangely with thy destiny. To thee tha South' Napoleon was lad A oaptive after San Jacinto'a frayTo thee the fierce Cumsncbe bow'd his hand ; And wild Apache ownad thy chieftain sway. By Jackson's side a lesson didst thou learn On well fought field by Tallapoosa's shore ; And to his death bed did thy footsteps turn ; Alastoo late?the hero was no more. He is the first Anglo-Snxon who formed a treaty with the Camanches, and is a great l'averitc * "!?. all ihi> Inriimi*?nmnni? tha Cherokee*. he spent several years of the earlier part of his'life. The delegation of Texan Indiana parted with him with great regret, when they started for home ?it was the first time in my life, at their parking, that I caught a tear in the eye of a son of the forest. The President leaves for the Rip Kan* in a day I or two, and Mr. Buchanan as soon as ne finishes the great Mexican treaty, which, I understand, will place him before the public as one of the greatest diplomatists of the age S scretary Marcy is only waiting another Palo Alto or Kesaca de la Palma, to become one ol the prominent men of the nation, ns he is now one of the most prudent. Secretary Walker is by his intense application to k.. tariff, mvinif an emliryo tone to tho ad ministration. When next you hear from mc, I shall b? in the countryIt begins this evening to warm up, since the cool wi-ather of the last few days, and the sun glds beautifully the capitol of this prosperous and mighty nation, as ho sinks behind the hill* of Virginia. I have only to add the prayer, may he ever gild thus the great meeting house of the servants of the people. Am?l#. Baltimore, Aug. 20, 1840. Fine fVtather?Military Spirit and Militia fitpi vol?Camp Muting?Extra Stnion of Council*? 7V Recent Floods?Political S/>eru/ationi of tlu Mayoralty?Marketi, Sfc. The weather in this seotion for several days past has been delightfully pleasant, and the prospect for a continuance of it is very good at present. The military spirit in Baltimore was never at a 1 greater advancement than it is nt pref-nt. The (ranks of the eld companion are tu overflowing, and -everaJ new one* have revently

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