Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 19, 1846, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 19, 1846 Page 3
Text content (automatically generated) cTSpenoer fbrth* Mardcrof hUWlft #, In Jen*jr City. cor?t or o*r? aid tiimikta, hid'Ox CO., *. J. Before Chief Juitice Hornblow- r, ami Justice* John Tonnelle.juar, James MDou.,eliJuLui Griffith, John G. Speor, C. Van Winkle, and tieo. C lJeKay. thith dat. Hrcw RirLT.tbe gate-keeper of the Jertev ferry, tes(hut Le ww ilia prisoner between tUe 16th and 40th of Vay l?ht. He had a small box in hii left hand, which lit'1 a k o.?d mauv gold piece* in It. Me wanted to net ?Hf pl?i? changed; he L ad a strangeness of m-inu?r wMcli wiine?? temaiked at the time \bout the 13>h ol Julv ),. carie do?a to the ferry, and a?ked me if his ivlf had not gone to New York ; I told him I did no1 toe he* : h? tej.Djil up to the lcrry master, and aho uikej him . hi t il he did not see bur ; hia manner at the time : ha walked up and down the boat, a1 the bridge ; he wa'.k-d about the boat very quickly ; h. came Wk to the brt'pe and told Captain Wilson to let ?ho ''oat <r-. ; after be t*nke to the captain be wanted the cap'ein to let go the boa-} be went a tecond t'.me toe.-ard> Ca^-tfin \V i' ion ; the boat w?ut off about minute alter ; !?gw him aga-nihat dar. returning flora New York: j iDinic a' out six o'clock ui the eveu-ng ; hi? wlfo. Mr Dobbin, and a third gentleman whom I did not know, were with him j his manner wu excited, at if he had l>??n robbed. David (>'uh?m, the bar lr%eper of the Northern Hot-1. at the /ooi ot street, testified that he taw the pri> otor at the hotel a day or two before the affair st ; be ? pair of embroidered slippers, and wm' walking up and down the entry in a very burr'.ed mai)Q?> ; he ket>t looking up and down tho hall, And then su lJ-'t ly towards the yard, in a wild'oitol manner ; hia m inner attracted my attention so thit 1 caUc I him ; I ke 1 iiim what r?<>ru he wa< seekiur-, ' d>d this meicly 10 tin I out what he was about ; br then turned round In an angry sort of manner, an.1 ?aid, " No room, air;" I was not aware that 1 ever 'taw him b'pforo, roi since, until to-day, at court ; ?? ftr | uddrewed hini in this way he tun oJ reunj ?;?d pa*sed up the sldo hall ir.'o the lai.lei' parlor j U>^,re wni no other conveination Ktwren us ; 1 lollow?'u him, to see what he was about ; he entered the PW.or, and passed through suddenly be:ote me to ? ?ack pajlor ; 1 Immediately followed ; he was iii the %ct of opening the folding door* v there was Vrio^-,n on-1'e Kula in 'be front parlor ; it was young Mr uobbin, 1 Relieve ; 1 s|>oko to the gentleman, an.l 3"?d him if he knew thit person : tne gentleman ,#d, "?t is all right" There was a lady in the back P??i <m* ' bcliere a gentleman; I returned after in a J'ttle, timt, and 1 saw a lady, Mr. Spencer, and I believe "'.other gentleman there ; I went out immediately ; 1 ?ent to the har ugain, and remained there a few minutes: 1 r*turr??<l - ' * - * * -ii?m ? ius iruui (laiiur ana oDserveu a iaav, evidently Mr?. Spencer, Mr. Spencer, young Mr. Dob b'n, and a fourth party. gentleman between thirty and T'lrty yea'i of age; they war* holding a Tery anim&'ed convnr?ntionin u suppress! tone, they were all excited: I immediately left the pa; lor; a bedroom waa prepared for the Inly; I tolil the girl to show the lady to her room; I then left \ I Rave Mr Spencer Home ale sangeree ; 1 caul say the exact time at which I gave it to hinjj I made the remark that he did not pay for the langaree, to lome one who wai near uie ; nil manner waa hurried all throughout. Ily the Det-itwcr.?No. 3 Park Place, where Mr. Richardson rendc*, is about half a mile from the Nortnern Hotel Orncra Kootb. who had already given testimony on port of the State, testified that at the time of prisonei'a arreit, ha had a conversation with Mr. Dobbin, who waa alter leaving Mr. Richardson ; he aaid after he came up to me " that is Mr. Hichardion, lie has promised to go Spencer's hail if he ia arretted, hut," says he, "he wont do ithe stated no icason for it. Cr'H-'xawinid.?He said that Richardson would not 80 bail lor Spencer; I understood by that conversation i?t Richardson would not go bail for him. OronoK Sf.well, engineer of ferry boat Arrenseoli, testified that about 12th July Spencer was on the boat, nd manile^ted great anxiety to have the boat ipeed aero** ; Spencer placcd quarter of a dollar in witness' hand, and told him to ?h? h?o? SaMVkl P. Ltuam testified tnat he reside* at Utica, but hi* place of business u as New Turk. In the latter part of 84J, wbeu going from the Astor house to hi* office in Wall street, piisonor came up to him and commenced t Ikinj^ very rapiil.y?very incoUerrently; he walked with him down to hi* office, as far as the foot of the stairs where witnesses' oftice is kept; he talked od the way ?bo >t a variety of subjec**? whig party, mes.nensm; t aching n school; and in such a manner as to excite witrentes' surpiise; he, witness, tbaught prisoner was not all rtght, or such as he had been before, for he knew him as a harmless, inoffensive, moral youne mau; it was with considerable trouble witness gut away from hiifi, and ha thought the prisoner was insane; be made the remark to John Hogan, his (witnesses) secretary at the time. J'>hn Join, watchman, of Jersey City, testified that ou the night of thu 14th July Dubbin called on him and said thru) was a man in his bouse, and bo wanted to have hiia arretted; be wanted to know how it could be done; I said I did not know; I e said "his wile is my sister and they are quatreling, we want him to leave the house but I'on't want bis wife to go with birr; the more we want him to leave the bouse the more be wants her to go;" 1 tol1 him, as it nai a family matter, th better way would be to send liim to the watch house that night; he said bo was a very dangerous tnan, that it would not be e.)sy to take him; he said he lind both pistols und knives about him, but ho had rot shown them that night; he then asked me if 1 would enter into the room wi'h such man; I told h;m I would if he had no pistols: ha th> n asked me if I bad any firearm* to defend my?ell'; 1 told him 1 had nothing but my watch st?tf; he then said it would l>e a di?giace to bring in a wstcLman, and we went toward* the Justice's; I kept him iherp iinH u-?nt ~- ? -'- ? 1 * ? ...... .Ml MWWCI >* UlUtiillSH, I IUUI1 1"?turned; Dobbin laid'?hc was ai retted before; I want to have him takvu again to make him lorieit bail;" Mr. Donne'.l. the other watchman, went into Justice Edv ar<1?' office; I went towards Dobbin's house, ami taw cszn come out of that house; 1 heard hi* name was RichauHon; he caino out of ihe cellar door; I went towards him; he was a man nearly as stout as mo : I steppe 1 towarUhim; he went into the alley; t went towards him, su > he went towards ine; he said, " where aro ttiey all night with that *aarrant, aint they getting it;'' 1 told him they weie getting it at tho Squirt's ufllce; he then started down towards the lerry; in a lew minutes after Dobbin Miii F<>ot? catno, and went right into the houce; as soon an they went in. I looked thoug.i the blinJa; we saw Mr K|>encer wnlking up aud down the room; Spencer turned the blinds duwn; there was a lady sitting in a chair in the imim; the sasli was laised; he appeared to walk quick, as I turned on his heel looking up and down; Di-bhintold me he wanted Ui have him taken up; he sntd lie was cr: r.y; 1 asked him if he thought Hpencer was crtzy, ond he >ftid "he wis; that it run in the family j thsl his luther was twice in the lucatic as>lum; th it tie w ts a ,Frmb) tenan minister; that more of them were crsr.v." I asked him what made the man carry on so; he shiJ h? wai crjryI toiJ Vlr. Dunuell we would take hire; I said that crazy people were very quick, and arranged a plan With Mr Donnell to take him; I then met Koote and went into the house, when !-(>eBcer was arreneJ by FoO'e; alter this 1 wojit out ol ihi hon?e, and on coming out I mot Dobbin ami Hi hardson on tbe stoop, hicbarrison said h* was sorry it turn uci uricd, ilmt he >vas a Iriend of the family, ad om-iiig inr np faid be wanted to get to New York: Uobbiu told him 10 ?et off >f he po(?ii>ly could I tl>'a li - in ibn hoa' bill goiid ; lie ftitiu hu would giv>*an) thing to ?,ei to .New- \ ujk tlut iugtit; Uu tubp(rmed on pait 'he Slate. i HiiMxtJ M* recalled?On the night of the arrv-t ol the 2d July. 1 make a remark tint they had better it nd hiiu to il>e Luatic Aay lum; Mr*. Dobbin (aid " they would rend him Komewlicte out of the way " At tho I'oU e urtlco, the Juttlce aaked him il' he had any ono to become hit bail; he taplied not, that he waa o ('ranger tbeiu altogether ; he >aid he (houl.l give bail in $100; ho then -a d be would lay the $100 in the handa of the jut. tire 11 it Mould an(wer ; too juaiice told liim he could not ink* the u>?i.e) , but to aak me ; I then became hia bail w.i?u tlx aiike I me ; he iudeinniGed by depoai'ing with me $100 in gold ; hia raanuer wai peculiar, he appeared w orutd, aa it he had had a long ohece ; Juatice Mwarda aid to give me the money, ami I would become hit bail; < gued ao article of agreement ; 1 gave it to Mr. Spcncer ' tae tecoud day. SjMi'kL HaTriawAT of Jeraey City t?(Ufied ; be keeps a lruit ?toi? of.po-1'e the ferr> inJei(ey City; (aw Uic pr'touer ihree timet at my (hop on the day ol the 14th of July; he .took a piece ol' Dine apple which I was rutt-ag up ; he took it and apit ti out three or four timea I made a remaik that he appeared to be rather aavage j and thut be would (oon kill aome one ; he looked very much exri'ed. i ii4k4 > t A. WiLsow.of the Jersey Ferry, testified that he met the pri*oner on the 13th July, on toe ferry boat; he asked tun about hit wife, and what sort ef a gown ihe had worn ; 11< Id him I did not exactly know ; he then wAutMt mo to put the huat off before her time, and that he wouiil pay me any thing I required ; I said 1 would not iiut i oi fit'before her time ; he *|>oke about his wife i.t a low to:i", whir.h nie thiak that all was not right brtwveu him and It is wile ; when he cam* to me there whi uv buht in the slip. Uatid Scott, ?f Jersey City, testified he nw Mn. jessing h:s store on tne 13th of July ; she was going towards the ferry, about two o'clock : she was verj attractive in her app. o>ance ; she was dressed aa if >? .: una iinsiilv put on her nhatrl and drens ; I saw 8penCrr in about tweut) inmates afterwards ; he appeared in a hurry ; he pmsed and spoke to me ; he appeared to be ret) much agitated ; I made a remark to some of my ti)?n at the lime, that there was some trouble In the C*ni\!. Ch*i>lk? W. Johnson, of Buffalo, sworn and examined by <ho deleuce?I io?ide at Hurtalo for the last fourteen jrtais ; I am a lawyer ; I practiced in the town of Aurora; i know the piinoner at the bar ; I know him since IH28 ; I h as tormerly a teaclior ; he was a pupil of mine about fiiibt mouths ; the last time I saw him at Aurora, was in 4?ily, 18*9: his father then resided there; 1 studied his character, ami lound he was easily excited ; he had a noibid tensihility, liu was desirous of praise, and al?ajs seemed to have a fear of blame; he seemed to have a girl's nature, and was like a boy in girl's cloths; I ? * an ..I l.l. 1? vi ma lamer lamny ior some um? A. Dat testified that he realdea in Oneida county, and resided with hi* tether iD Tompkins ; torrneii), knows the priioner at the bar ; heard him lecture jit IM4, on mesmeii?m, two or three timei in variou* place* i I was in hi* company at three place* ; 1 wa* with him at Ithaca ; slept with him there ; I *aw seveiul time* something in hi* manner and behavior that led me to conclude lie was not of sound mind ; daring the night he apjieaied to be talking and singing while In bed with n>? ; 1 noticed something in hi* conutenance that made mo t elicve he wai an idiot; he rolled hi* aye* wildly when I dieputed any thing with him j 1 felt a little afraid of him. tinlen* I said something to Hotter him ; 1 made ren\ark* that he wna not of wxind rcind ; sevcial made tcc same ; 1 *f>oke to aoveral about it, I relented to be let to *lerp with some one elae. Cruti-tinmii (i?Ho mesmerized me leven or eight times (laughter) in pnbllc.: when he sung, he u*?d to ?mg pie it y well, abuut hi* love or lm lady. (Load laughter ) He mi*mcriz?d in the presence of leveral; hi* lecture* were laughed at and riuicnled it good deal; save ml went to hear him, however. Mr Joopii IIanrisov, son to the proprietor of the J\'o;tliern Hotel, testified in corroboration of the teatiniotiy of the wunes*, David Graham, the bar keeper, in iehi ton to the pii'onei'* demeanor and conduct in the hotel on the 13ih of July. A lady and three gentlemen were at the hotel; one of the gentlemen w?< Mr. Dullbin. the lecoud wa* Mr. Spenccr, and the third was, I gtxiai Mad ?in.-e, Mr Kichard*on ; the lady mid Mr Kicbardson lull and v ent toward* the forry, Mr. Npencei aud Mr. Dobbin than left together. The third gentleman wa* *ittirg on the *olt, when Ijflrtt ta* them, l I u?- bl* knee*; Mr. uobhln wa* there ; the lady w.-? ftir.dmg i thrr# wa* *< ci>nrersnl?n going on b*1we?u tU?m| Mr ttpatioer appeared to be very much ex Mt*4 W?u>*n after Urtlwr detailing partiauUr* ai> ready Introduced In tke t#etlin<i??r of *> ' k*e?*r. added Mr*. Sptncir Mid Mr. Richard eon paiaed toward* He ferry, Mr Richardson pal 1 the ferry money for himself and Mr* Senear, uu 1 both |?t*rd ou the bout nod >tr. Spencer and Mr. Dubbin lullowed them about thirteen yard' behind. Simos McL.otiom.iw, who keep* a itable in Jeraey City. testified that he *aw prisoner the night he (hot hit wite, between 6 an I 6 o'clock, in Martin's bar room sit'.mc in Uin door : he.atarted right up and began to ting, mii acted very strange ; he got up and down from hi* <-bair <11 the time ; he uied to lean over Martin'a ahoul ler and apeak to him ; his countenance had a strange apl>ear?nce ; after he went awav 1 told Martin he whs c'tazy j he Hppeared very recklers ; he palled a chair iway.aod put his leetintotho chair, os which another gentleman wn fitting. tLH* Livihoiton, a domestic in the hoiso of Mr. Duvi.l Scott of Jersey City, who?c testimony hai already ueon recorded, testified that the boarled for two weak* m the rear building adjoining, Mr* Spencei'* ; rhe aaw v'r Spencer at one time In the hack vanl on the back stoop wanting to speak to Mary ; ha walked out toward* n> door and pasted twice i ha came a third time and stood and (aid to witness. " good morning wltne** *l?o said, ' good morning he a*ked leave, like a gentleman ,to be allowed to go in. 1 told him to atep in ; he went to th? liaei#' d.i- i-... -r ,? . ? i?w.A into Mr? Dobbin'* hack yard ; I gave him a Mat and told nim to sit down ; he aiked naa, dia I know what trouble ic had I 1 iaid " yes, ?ir> | do a little j" he aaid it was Ciuci; I asked him what was it, and he aaid it wu his mother-in-law's doings ; he aaid bis mother-in-law wai is had as the very old devil himaelf; that she wanted to "paratfi iurn ttIJj jjj, wj(-0> t(je woman that he loved fo ffturlv ; I said 1 thought it was him and hU brother-inlaw that had the dill'eience; he aaid hia brother-in-law was just as bad as hia inother-in law ; he aaid it was " cruel, cruel that it was a terrible thing that hia wife would not lie with him Ukt night; it wns cruel, he aaid ; I think be said he waa going to put a hand to himself, or to take hia own life for his wile's sake ; ha aaid he would as toon part with hia own life aa part with the wouian he loved ?o dearly : he a-ked leave for to get up stairs to the room over mine ; 1 said lie could nut go?that he tvould I. ill himself if he went out of the window; I went up stairs next door, and saw him going in through the window of his own house ; 1 saw him once before on the back stoop trying to get in, aa I before stated. In her croas-oxamiuation, nothing waa elicited to shake her direct. The State, in cross-examining, required the witness to repeat her story, which being rather a tedious progress, was stopped by the Court. Witness withdrew. The defence has not yet closed ; and the State will commence its rebutting testimony thia (Saturday) afternoon. The Court adjourned to 9 3-* o'clock this forenoon. Police Intelligence. oicrT. is ? important Jtrrtti.?umcer onnert r. nays, of tli* lower police office, arretted last evening two notorious thieve*, called lohn Smith and Oeorge Hoyt, charged with enteringthe dwelling house of Mr. A 8. Chapin, No. 11 Cornelia street, on Thursday afternoon, and stealing therefrom a quantity of silver spoons, breastpins, ringer rings, ear rings, Uc ; also, 40 in specie. Committed for examination by Justice Osborne. Robbing a Roommate ?A Dutchman by tho name of Alfred Tomilson was arrested last night by officers Donnelly and Sorahan, of the 1st ward, charged with robbing a fellow room-mate by the name of Jacob Krouse, at No. 8 Rector street, of $61 25 in gold and silver coin. It appears that the accused had expressed a design to steal the money, and after he had done so, upon his arrest, he stated that he would return a part of the money il the compluinant would case him up. Committed for trial by Justice Osborne. On thi " Sneak" again ?Two sneaking thieves eutered the dwelling house occupied by Mr A. 8. Chapman, No. 11 Cornelia street, on Thurday afternoon, and forced open a bureau drawer, carry ing off the following property A quantity of silver spoons marked A. A. S C . two breast pius, four or five finger rings, and a pair of earring]. Also, from the room of Mr. Isaac Brewer, in the above house, $40 in specie, and made their escape. Two young men were seen to leave the premises?one was dressed in a brown sack coat, metal buttons, dark pants, and glazed cap ; the other wore a hat and dark clothiDg, about twenty years of age, and about Ave feet four inches in height. Diahone$t Servant ? John Brown, a waiter at the Croton Hotel, was arrested yesterday on suspicion of stealing a gold watch belonging tp one of the lady boarders. Ju^ticc Osborne lockeilhim up for examination. Stealing a Watch ?Officers Scofleld and Loring arrested, yesterday, a fellow called J. Scole , charged with stealing a watch belonging to Mr. R. Munson, 310 Bowery. Locked up for trial. Robbery in Baltimore ?A man by the name of Richard Chesterfield absconded from Baltimore, and ia supposed : to nave come to new voik, carrying with him over a I thoiiNund dollars worth of jewelry. consisting of watchea, brenstpins, lings, &c , belonging to a firm in that city.? This man is about 5 feet 8 iochoa high, broad shoulders, dark hair ahd eyes, 40 y oars ol age, large bones but thin in flesh, sallow complexion, heavy hair on the upper lip; he is marked with India ink on the right arm with a ship and a lady; his left arm is covered with marks above the elbuw; his wife's name is Klirabcth, who i? travelling with him. Policemen, keep a good look out for this chap, and catch him if possible. Another Jiftrmoon Rubbery ?Some sneaking rascal entered, yesterday aternuon. the dwelling home No. W Laight street, the latch of the front door having been left up, and stole from a ,<ureau drawer a gold watch, with a | veiy heavy chain attached, with a flat slide; also a larga cameo breastpin, a small pin with a purple stone set Willi peatl, a gold iuby ring, and a purse containing a small amount ol money. Court of General Sessions. . Before Recorder Scott, and Aldermen Hart and Foot* John McKeon, fcsq. District Attorney. Trial for Bigamy.?Michael Brennan, Wai placed at the bar at the o|?>nii.g of the Court this morning, on an indictment for bigamy, charging him with having on the 5th of May, 1844, married Catharine Wilmarth, of this city, the marriage oeremony being performed by the Rev. Mr. Murphy, a Catholic Clerg) man ; at the'same time knowing that he had a wife living, whoso maiden name was Kiiza M'Kenna, to whom he was married in Albany by the Rev. Mr. Mneller, on the 4th of April, 1943. The evidence agnin*t the prisoner being conclusive, { the jury found him guilty, llo was remanded until toI morrow for sentence. Trial for Grand Larceny?Charles Quinn was next placed at the bar en the ch.irge of stealing a bundle of I clothing, of the value of $40, belonging to the chief mate ot the packet ship Queen of the West, on the 13th of ; August last. On the part of the prosecution, it was ; nhowi that the accused entered the vessel, stole the pro ; |ierty in question, and was about leaving the vessel with it. when lie was detee'ed. and t.eized by the complainant The jury retained a verdict of guilty, and the Court re! mantled him to prison until to-morrow to await his sentence. Pitaj of Guilty ?John L. Smith and Charles Cook, severally plead guilty to a pi'tit larceny, and were each sent to the ('rniteutiary for the term of six months. Trial for Picking a P?rktl?John Oen ge Shoemaker, alias George Morton, was then called to trial on the charge of having picked the pocket of Mr. Charles SuyI dam, of a iocUp.-booK containing $10i iu money, and a ilmlt on a bank in Ohio for $600. The jury, without leaving their seats, found the accused guilty. Sentence to-morrow morning, until when the Court adjourned. Elections. Maine Electio!*.?We give below th# result of the vote in two hundred and twenty-eight towns, comprising he largest part of tho State, showing thxt there is plurality against Dana, the democratic candidate, of 6,894 votes Abolition Dromon. Dana. 4 Scat'g. I York, complete *,9i9 3,631 "bi Cumberland, 27 towns ,..3.340 5.DI 1,(74 Lincoln, 32 " 4 281 3.CI8 611 Keinebec 23 " 4,427 2.146 1,1J? Som-rset, 13 " 1.220 8Ji 500 Penobtt ot. 33 " 3.6M 3,J?I "55 Woldo, 14 " 1,131 ?.(!8t 444 Franklin, 12 " iil 702 503 I'isc.itiqnis, 14 638 784 4t>2 | Hancock, 17 " 1,070 1,291 183 Wellington, 2 " 216 1S% 22 Olford, 11 " 614 1,423 2IC 228 town K,33i 6,986 Tho Hostm Pott reports that Morse, whir, has a majo: rltjr of 69? oter McCrate in the Comet district, with only i Union, Patricktown, Cushing, and Whitfield to hear from. f'lssi In Mnalc ? Mr J. F. 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Sncreeafnl Treatment of D-seaae* of the EYE.?By Dr. Wheeler't m mthly report, it will be i.erreiv erf that no 1t?i thin one hundred *n tliirty-ilirer c i?e?, m ny of ihtm of a nnt malig ant character, h re been completely cured by his mild and ?-fllicief.t m-'de of treatment. This striki?[ evidence of hit ?kill at en r enlist csunot >>e too exteg. aively pn mali v:ed?11 n.iut prove r*tr?mely utiif.ctory in. telligertce 10 all thote who are, aaliapily, autre ring front the ; Ji'guinh and pan) attendant upon immured vision. .. i Alexnnder'* Trlcobaphe?.The oMglnal and only genuine and instantaneous liquid hair dye If roi dasire to preserve your hair, asa only the genuine article. Atslander's Tricobaptie ia for ?ale by Huthton It Co , Drug lata. Broad ?ay : A. B k D 8audi, A. H. Ward It Co., John ion, Moore a Taylor, and J H. Aapinwall, New York; or of Jt It O A. Wright, Philadelphia, tola agents for th? United States. Mil , Philadelphia Agent* for I lie Herald, O. B* 2|?ber It Co., 3 Larger Buildings, 3d street, near Chesuut, where those wishing to subscribe, will please leave their names. Terms?75 rents |>er month, including the Hunday pajwr ; 65 nwita without it. Advertisements and communications intended for Bait day's paper, must be left at,the agency hy 4 o clock in the afternoon. t o 1 * kavlgattM or Uie Ohio Hirer rlacii. Time. nf i>;u#r in * 3 fret 3-l? MtlS i ?s a 4 ?? ? 4 incftM 3 feet 4* inches i lotUrrtik, Sfo4tl f ? Y . I MON05TIARKRT. PrtAfk R*pUmb?r 1??S P. M. Quotations for Jtochu continue very unsettled, and the market ia in veryfmriah condition. Price* fluctuate i a fraction from day day, and it appeara to be almoit impossible to get apljMrMia' in the street, calculated to create permanerii improvement Reading went up to-dajr, >?l Norwichind Worcester, X; Harlem, 2; Long Uland foil off. >*; Canal, )^; Canton, K; K?rm?r?' Loan, >?'. The salee were not large and there ia evident ly little disposition^ pert with itocki at preient pricea. North American Itynet improved a half per cent. It la reported that another decision in relation to th? trust* of this company will Had* on Tuesday next, and it ii alto stated that it wtt be favorable to the interests of the stockholders. We Ittve Do doubt but that the final decision in this caae wiUthrow Into the handa of the receivers alljihe assets of the company, for the benefit of the stockholders. At the second boaat there was a very dec I Jed improve ment in the princij?l railroad stocks. Harlem went up j per cent; Norwich and Worcester l.and Reading &. The arrival of the Cambria at Boston from Liverpool, gives us ttfteen days later intelligence from all parti of 1 Kurope. Politically the advices possess very little in terest, out in commercial point ol view they ure high1) important, and of a vary favorable character. The market*, *o far ai the product* of tke United State* are concerned, were improving, both in activity and in price*, and we anticipate a correiponding improvement ' on thi* tide. Holder* of cotton and breadatuff* have already advanced their rataa, and a* toon a* private letter* havo been thoroughly considered, we have no doubt a very material improvement will be realized. We gave a comparative table a few day* aince exhibiting the quantity of cerlWa agricultural product* received at New Or lean*, fcom the interior, for ?everal year*. We now annex a table, giving the estimated value of each article received daring the year ending Augu*t 31*t, 1848, and total value of the whole for the year Valu* or Acaict-LTi aAL PaoovcT* Rfccived at Ntw UlUiNI. Value. .irtielei. .imomti. ??rtragi. Dollars. Applei, bbla M,775 82 Ou 53,550 Bacon j??'d. hhd? St calk*. 1J,2I3 40 00 1,0(8.620 Bacou^i?oited. boxri... . , 4,172 23 00 St?,25<i Bacon himi, lihdi ?. tierce* 12 092 4) (10 514.110 Bacon, in Milk, Ibi 492,700 4U 20,939 Banning, piece* 96.601 9 60 9>7,7l0 Bale lUipe, coil* 36,678 4 60 266.M5I Bran*, bull 16 501 4 00 66.340 Buittr, ke?? and firkiu*... . 44,171 4 00 17t>,CM Butler, bbl> 1,491 18 UO 26,#92 Beeiwax. bbl* 1,100 4 ) 00 51,000 Beef. bbl* 36.017 6 50 234,110 llirf. trc* 26,214 13 00 340 712 BrH, dried, Ibi "9 200 6 5,892 Buffalo Kobe?, pack* 1031 55 00 56,705 Cotton, bales I,053,6J? 32 00 33,716,266 Corn Meal, bbl* 3.N) 2 50 9.762 ; Com, in ear. bbl< 358,573 60 215,143 1 Com. sbe'led, ?acks 1,166.130 1 15 1,341,038 ; Cheete, boie* 57.39* 2 00 114,7*4 Candleij boie? 10,141 3 00 31,383 | viuri. uifli 1W J UU 4UJ ; Coal, Western, bbl. 262.80# 50 131,400 Dried A pple? 8t Peaches... l,(fT 2 00 2,131 Feathers, bags 4,807 2104 lli,17) Flaxteed, tiercel >23 8 00 6,581 Flour, bbll 837,*5 4 50 3,770 932 Fur, hhds, bundles Ik. boxes t17 ? 900 000 Hemp, bundles 304H 10 00 309.WMI Hides 112.913 1 20 135.195 Hay. bundles 71,270 3 00 213,110 Iron.piir, tons 1,083 3) 00 37,9*5 I Lkrd, hhds 45 WOO 2.250 | Lard, bbls and tea 107.639 16 00 1.722,224 Lard. kegs 334,969 3 00 1,004 907 Leather, bundles 2,875 1I0< 51,750 I Lime, Western, bbls 8 387 1 00 8.387 ; Lead, pigs 78^,394 *50 1,963,481 1 Lead, t>ar, kegs and boxes.. 1,431 13 00 18 603 Mulasses(cstim'd crop)(lls 9,000.000 It 1,710,000 Oats, bbls and aacka 269,386 7) 207,039 I Onions, bbls 6.979 1 0* 13,958 i Oil, Linseed, bbls 1.135 28 0* 31.780 I Oil, Castor, bbls 2,379 1* M 45,201 Oil. Lard, bbls 2,606 19 00 49,514 i'each Brandy, bbll 54 15 10 810 i Potatos, bbls 107.058 1 50 160.587 I I'ork, bbls 369 601 0 00 1.9S6.n08 j Pork, hhds 9 988 32 00 319.616 Pork, iu bulk, lbs 9,740,752 4 389,610 Porter and Ale, bbls 231 5 50 1,170 Packing Vara, reels 1,180 5 00 5 900 Skins, Deer, packs 4,364 20 00 17,280 Skins, Bear, packs 64 15 00 960 ! Shot, kegs 3,103 1 6 00 tt,648 I Soap, box's 3.633 2 50 9.0(2 Staves, M 5.679 26 00 147,?54 Sugar(estimated crop) hhds 186 650 55 00 10,H},750 Spanish Moss, bales 2,914 3 00 I,t3t Tallow, bbls 8.255 18 00 148 M Tobacco, Lear, hhds 57 896 45 00 2,605 Tobacco, Mrips, hhds 15,000 100 04 1,5?KI.000 ToImcco, < hew'g, kgs itlns 3,010 12 00 36,480 Tobacco, biles 1,105 2 50 1,76] Twine, bundles and boxes.. 731 6 00 4,401 Vinegar, bbls 225 3 00 675 Whisky, bbls 117.104 8 00 936,811 i Wiudow Glut, boxes 2,(31 4 00 11,334 I Wheat, bbls * d sacks 403.786 2 0U 807 572 Uther various article*?estimated at 5 OtiO 000 Total Value-Dollars 77,1: 3,464 Nearly one half of^tlie aggregate value of the receipt* was in one article, cotton, at a very low average price ; per bale; the next item as regard* value i* *ug*r, then ! comoi flour, pork and tobacco. j The exportation and destination of cotton from New i Oilcans in each of the past four year*, hare been a* an ' noxed t? I KxrOKTATIOIT AJTD DkITINATIO* or Cotton FROM Nkw . OitEtm. I JVhilhtr Exported. 18i;-43. 1843-44. 1844-15. 1815-16. Liverpool 624,681 488,817 529.675 521.9iJ London <1 Jit 2,026 159 (iUaKOw and Greenock. 35.831 21,265 36,213 17 893 | Cowti, Falmouth, Icc . 15 9"!? 14,?93 17,375 8,134 , Cork. Bella*!, &' 2,926 1,182 ? 1(181 H<rre 159,658 107 ,?73 112,991 146il53 1 Bordeaux 2.861 1.418 1,311 2.315 ! Miraeillei 9.988 7,462 7,857 6,806 I NdUtz, Cette k Rouen.. 8,374 3,127 1,854 4,154 Amsterdam 2.591 1 360 1.253 2,019 Hwtterdam and Ghent... 2.173 512 2,355 53 , Rrpmrn 13.303 1,770 9,211 3,(19 , Antwerp, kc 17,693 8,199 7,196 7,8:8 lUiDuum 13,664 3,156 9.I2J 3.5(5 ; Gvttentmrx 114 402 1.630 3,877 i Spain and Gibraltar.... 401 ? 831 1,679 H.iynna. Nitxico, Itc ... 21,177 33,151 62,0113 29,800 Genoa, Trieate, Jtc... . 17.662 19,701 27,201 52,607 ' China 4.303 ? 2,353 ? I Other foretin porta 1,342 1,208 2 267 8 050 i N*w York 48,036 82,811 52 830 74,757 Boston 74.891 72,100 75,357 111,666 Prn?idence, R. I f.74 211 T? 5.783 Fhil -delphia 3,153 ? 919 6.761 13.690 B .Himor? 3,278 4,69 1 3,610 5.507 I'oriamnuth. ? 4.136 1.053 2,7'.9 Oilier coaaiwiac porta.. 3,000 3.280 2.423 910 Weateru bt.Uea 2.000 2,500 6,0<<0 3.000 Total ,.1,018,870 895,375 981,616 1 (Oit.Si; RrCAPITl'tiTIO't. Great Britain 679,438 527,675 585,Bt8 5?2,3t0 France 180 875 110,900 12J.IW8 159 528 Norih of Europe 50,882 17,907 33,035 28 841 ftouth of Europeltlhina 43,543 52 855 92 458 Bt,G86 Total... "*...1.0M,*70 ?i,J7J 981,616 1,011,U7 Compared with previous yeari, the ihipmenti this to i the south of Europe, to China and coastwise, haro been very large. Of the ihipmenti coaitwiae, thoae to New York, Bolton, Providence, Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Portsmouth, were very large thii year. The receipt* and export* of thii staple at New Orleans the season just closed, have been unusually large, and when we take into consideration the deflcifent crop compared with tb? previous year, the increased movement in the article at that port i* a matter of much aitonishment. New Orleans appear* to be in a fair way ol rapidly becoming the great centre of the cotton growing lection of the country; and we have no doubt but that a* the cultivation of cotton extends into Texas, that the bulk of tho aggregate crop of the Union will be received at that port It will, therefjre, be the most important cotton market in the world as regards supplies; the principal raaraet as regarda prices, must, for many years to come, remain on the other side. The returns of the average amount of liabilities and asseta of th?! Bank of Montreal and the City Bank, during the period from the 1st of June to 3ist of August, 184S, exhibit the following comparative statement Bl"?? or Lis&ililiet. 3flfA June, 31 it July, JliU'lun. tSIO. 1816. 1846. rromiaaory Motes in circulation not bearing interest ?486,176 471,651 460,080 Balaure tluv to other Banka 80.436 JO.OC9 15 127 Caih d?|K>?itt, not bearing int... 216.381 198.050 184,156 (,'aah df|XMlU, tearing interest. 60,818 64,616 13,876 Total tverif * liabilities i.843,611. 756,386 710,239 lurtl Com and Bullion ?120,067 111,038 117,600 Landed or other property of the Bank <J-9?7 <? '? I3.CU Ooveroment Securities...... . 4,700 3,400 3,400 Promiasorr Notes or Billa of other Banka 26,244 63,24 2 4 2,377 Balancra due from other Banks and Banker* 36,730 4 0,331 67,453 Notea and b.lls dlac'd, or other delila due the Bank, not included under the foregoing heada 1,129.910 1,324,016 1,271,323 Total average aaaetf ?1,668,560 1,576,411 1,661,763 Citt BAIK OK Mohtikal. Liabililitl. 30th June, 31a' July, Mil.lug. 1816 1816. lhtft. rromiaaory Notea in circulation not iMMrmg lutereat 234,641 229.060 231.790 Balance due to other Banka 22,768 2/.I30 72.061 Cash deposits not bearing int... 67,102 6 3 277 76.6VJ Cash deposits bearing lilt 80.045 66,312 67,33. Total average liabilities 104,417 3)?i,380 395,711 Wiidr. loin nnd Bullion 10,114 36,616 35,064 Landed or other property of the Bank 0,597 0.597 10,310 government Securities 07,790 07,790 17.790 rromiaaory Notes or Billa of other Banka 26 664 28,f99 2J 010 Balauces due from other Benka .. 4,6)6 6,43* 7,912 Notea or billa dtae'd , or other ilebte due the Bask, not included under the foregoing heed* 667,992 537,762 661,617 Total average aaeete ?716,474 106,29) 717,784 The aggregate movement in the principal department* of the Bank of Montreal, during the laat three monthi hea been very uniform, the ret time for Anguit showing but a alight variation from that of the two monthi previ, otis. Tho proportion of ?p<>cJa on hand to paper in circulation remaini about the lama ai previously rej.orto 1. TU? movement of tha City Bank line* July, ' ha* a lightly laomatd, but remalu* similar to that of Jut* ??tin i ? Ilait Tin proportion of ipeoi* to popor rcmtini about j tho (am* Old Stork Rxeb*n|t. I *4800 Ohio 8?, *d? b30 si iO it? Morris Can*] e>. | 10000 Ulilo 7? 10J 10# do UJO j UOUO Peiili'i J? 50 do 6U * 400 hariner,' Truit 100 K?it Botion Co 15% 40 do ?15 liij too Lutua Co l>3 30V W d;> IS* 20d do 3oC 100 N A TfU?l t'JJ 9? iiO H-irltui UK Si i *3.. ? d? ? ? "X 10# do tlO i! ii Reading RR cjjJ m do ??Ki 51V 100 do bit ijJ\ 50 do aSO St * IWJ <}o .3* <00 do 42 V; >40 <lo .60 63* .10 do >M ?C *2? v. d".^ ... *?i?wS Jo0 L IlUud *R ?C 75 Nor St WorRK J7% ?oo do bCO juv i ? ''?> J"? *00 do *yj, 150 do t60 }7\ Second Board. SO Harltm RR blS S3\< 1% darlem RR Siif , | 10U do J3jJ 100 do 5J?. *"0 do bUM JO do blO SJS 40 do bU 54 ISO do 13Vi 4? do Ji JO Nor h Wor RR j(W 5a>* 2S0 do ii tti do .'9 *o0 d j b 15 54 ISO do bSO 49 *>? do blO 54 15 do (10 58fc 10rt do >90 53 W 50 do SSh 250 do b3 53}J 50 do 5*? *>0 do ?15 53% ISO Reading RR <60 W W 50 do alO S3* 100 do ?I0 6?C W do ?10 53>S 300 do blO 04* | | X00 do almi 53 fc'ew Hturk Kxchnnac. i $1000 Keu-jr6i Hai 9-j 150 alu Harlem RR caah 52 *5 ?hi (.anion Co b) 30*4 350 do ?3 41 25 do 1)18 :I0I' J,n <!.> ?.i ML' ! 21 Jo a3? 30'* 100 do l>3 it ii 110 Nor 4k Wot i30 57 V 50 do I) 10 52* 25 do ?20 57? J7i do Saturday 52Si 75 do Saturday 57J, 60 do >10 W, 25 do >3 577, 76 do 1)3 S?S 40 do bJ 5? 100 do b!5 52-? 75 do *3 68 111! ilo *3 52*2 'U do uw 58 50 do >4 i'/\ l-i do Saturday Mf 125 do b3 524* 25 da ?16 57j? 251 do b3 52', 25 do bnw >8 100 do Saturday i K 25 do Wedu 60 200 do cash 62\ 7j do cash 5? 250 do a3 52J? 100 Harlciu KR b3 52 * - Jg Married. On Thursday, the 17th mat., at Trinity Church, by the , Rev. Benjamin I. H night, Mr. Jon* A. Oo.hdit, to Miss ! Cathahink A., daughter of Abraham Meserole, Esq., all of thia city. Olcd. On Thursday, the 17th inat., after a lingering illness, ; JiMK? Puttiumkw, in tue tOth year of hia :>go, a uative | of Scotland, and for the last twenty-five years a resident of this city. His remains will lie conveyed to Patterson, N. J., for interment. His friends and thoso of the family are invited to attend the funeral from his late tesidence. No. 67 Nine- j teenth street, on Sunday morning at 7% o'clock, without further invitation. N. B.?Baltimore Sun and Philadelphia Ledger please | copy. Of congestion of the lungs, Mrs. Scsan Ja.ii, wife of Wm. \V. Lee, and daughter of (Jeorga and Lluabeth Wicks, in the 2dth year of her age. The fiiends of the family are particularly requested to attend her funeral from the residence of her parents, 13** Molt meet, on Sunday afternoon the -Oth instant, at 4 o'clock. On Tuesday, the 15th inat, at llackensack, N. J , after long and painful illness, which she bore with Christian fortitude, Mrs. Alktta Baov%kii. widow of the lute Adolphus Brower, aged 7-J years 10 months. On the lath inst, at Philadelphia, Outka Wilsow, in j the 93th year ol In* age. At Blgelow'a Mills, Indiana, Mri. Mucr A. Biuelow, | aged SS. Her husband, Abijuh Bigelow, Etq., formerly ! ol Massachusetts, now in his Hist year, survives to mouru | the lost of one with whom lie hod boen most happily united in the married state for almost 6C > ears. On the 10th intt, at Bullolo, John Root, Esq., aged 76 yean. At Morris Plains on the 8th inst., Phkbe, wife of Silas Fairchild, aged 70 years?of consumption. lo Farmiugton, on the 13th inat, Mrs Mipdwell Ciiv toll, aged no, wife of Mr. Chester Unstoll. POST OFFICE, NEW YORK.Sept. 19,1816. NOTICE.?The eitra Albauy and Troy Mail, which heretofoie closed at 6 o'clock P. M., will, on and alter this day be discontinued. ?I9 It HOBT. H. MORRIS fi)nna?i>r. A J a meeting vlRichard ,M. Johuson Hose Company >o. 32, it was Resolved, That the th uks of this Company be tendered Mr, Durell.of the B otdffiy JSatht, fjr the .iberal supply ol relreshmeuts furnished this Company at the late hie at Niblo's (Jardeu. JOSEPH M. HILL, Foreman. Paisow Jkkemiah, Sec'y. s!9 It*r NOTICE. AT a meeting of the members of Hose Company No. I, after their rttnrn from the lire at iNiblo's (Jird.n, it war au .miaously res.ilved, that .lie thanks of the Company be 'eudered tu Mr. Napuleou Bonue I; also t > the members of the Racket Club, for refreshments furnished them ou the above occasion. d. R. BEROH, Foreman. Qko. F. Reeve, Sec'r. ?I9 li'ui THE EMPIRES KMJWINO TlilK R1UH1S HAVE ?. maintained them. I A T A LARUE and enthusiastic meeting of (he Empire . A Club, held at the 6th ward Hotel, oa Yriday evening, i ' 8< pt. Is. IStb. Isaiah Ryuders in the chair. Ou motion of I Mai.qs Kelly. u was RaatdvM, That wherei*. a large majority of the inembeis I of t>r?i Einuire Cloli demanded a change in the otlicers of the , Club Iron theshaiuelnlandkiiti*democratic nianueriu which ! its liusiuaae had be*u ccnducted. and that a meeting of the j Club be o?U?4 at the Hoboken House, on Tnesday evening, for the rurpoee ol electing officers for the eusuing year, ' which motiou being put, was almost unaiiiuiftual) csrried, ' amidat the loud hallos of tlie bone aud MneW of the Club.? ' The meeting thna, on motion, adjourned to meet at the above place. By order of tiie L lub. j s!9 lt*rc | KELIGIOUS NOilCE. JAMES J. 8TRANO, the Prophet, and snccesser of Joseph dm th. will preach ou bands , jfuth i*st, at the Terapeituce Hall, muiandst., next door to the Broad* House. Seats free_ i!9 If rli UNITED GERMAN LUTHERAN CHURCHES. NOTICE is hereby giveu to those persoas who have relatives intejTed iu the iiorih end of the tmryiog ground be I a l?r fruitless protestations, have received u.nice from (he strt-el commissioner to ch ar the ground lor theopeuuuof i Ltrny sine;, through the northern pari of said burying 1 (round. / U persons having relatives lyiug iu said portion ol' these grounds, and wishing to dispose of litem themselves, j willpleaae make immediate application to.tiic sexton, c F. j i liuBK, H4 t-lm street, or H i Broadway, as the digging w ill j I take pl.iCs without delay. All those remains not otfieiwise disposed ol' will be re-m'eried in another part ol' those grounds^ ED VV'AHL) KLVf KR8UK.KU, rter. ol?Trustee*. sl9it?r i I frflE.NCrt UllUKLll, Ku&K, (Corner ol Krabldin anil Church streets.) ON 8nndiy leit Divine Service will be returned la this Church, at ilie usual hour, half past It o'clock, A M. j j sit lt*rc. A YOUNG WOMAN ! WANTS a situation as Chamheimaid and Seamsrrest. Is agoodd>ess maker?has good rt ler. uce?no objection to le.tve the City. A note addressed 11., 17 Dommick street, will meet prompt attrition. >19 lt*m ~ PIGEON SHOOTING SWEEl'STAKha. Tilt above suke closed Tuesday at Henry Kds- 1 sell's, Adams street Brooklyn, with twrnty ?nbscrib?rs. Ill consequeuce ofthe difficulty ol jirocurmg 1 iK?s.?sj?, a few da>a delay in the shooting is unavoidable. H. K. will advertise in the Herald uue day previous to the day of shoutiug. slO lt*m ! A LARGE CELLAR TO BE LET, AT (1 Cross st eet. It is l.J feet by 23, and II leetdeep ? Brewers' agents for ale and beer, or others, having hogs| head, barrels, fcc., to s ore, will lind thu to be an excellent 1 { place of de|M?it, it being a Central location, inquire on the , premises at Peter Ku>lau's wholesale and retail liquor afore. ' all Zteod'm I MUSIC J AUGHT. If P. BUHOHL1M. Teaeher of Piano. Violin. Flute and iTL* Omtar, contiuuri to teach ladiea and gentlemen ot Now York, ind girea the beet reference of hia method, if rei quired. Termi moderate. Apply at No. 211 Broome (treat, ' c?iru?r of Ludlow. al#Ji"rc GK.KAT ATTRACTION. THE pnblic of Brooklyn will find, at the Medicine and PerItimrry Depot, No. 100)f Kulinn at., the brit and cheapeat aaaortment o the choicest Hair Oila, Fancy ar.d Snaving Snapa, Extract*, l ologue, Toilet Powder, Meeu Fun, Comb*, Bruahea, Sic , he., and all ki?d.< of Pupalar Mediciuea, cbeap! er than itr nay atoie in Brooklyn. Come and aee. 19 it'm DEiNTIdTS. DR. BROWN Si BROTHERS. CHEAPEST OFFICE in thia city for Deat*l operation!, No. 2S0)? Broadway, between Ihambera and Keade arreeta, next di>or to Stewart St Co.'i new Marble Building. Beit Premium Teeth inaerttd from (I to tJ Mi Decaved Teeth filled with white cement JO : Tooth-Ache cured without the leaat pain JO Teeth extracted wi h Ina than half the uaunl pain. JO ' W1ol? of Tet>th r"n tHt atmotoheric preaanrc principle 530 to ft75 ill lr*rc TO THE I F.A( HEll8 OF THE PRIMARY AND GRAMMAR SCHOOLS OF THIS CITY. Twenty-four tree Ltuont in Prcnch. At the New York Society Library, (Broadway, comer of Leonard atreet ) MONS. ED. CHURCH an hor of the woik entitled " Kreitch Spoken," will, on Monday, the 21at Sept., at 4 o'clock P M , begin the firat leaaon of a courae of Twentyfour Free Lraanna in French, whicb l,e ff?ra particularly lo ' Mechera. Peraona introduced by tcachers wialinia to attend, will he admitted aa wall aa atttdentt who do not feel able to afford imtiou. One leacn will be given each day at 4 o'clack P. M. Ticketa of admittance and the inatructiou book will he delite'ed every day till Monday, the 2lat mat , Irom 4 to J P. M., at the Lecture room of ilia New York Society Library, where the 1 courae will take plara. N. U.?The laatructioo Book, Si SO, i? the oaly expanae for I each pupil. alT Itia* r l>. 11. CLAIiKb, MERCHANT TAILOR. I 16 William afreet, oppoaite the w HMIM Ptorea. (i. B. h.i? received a complete ! aaaortment or Clotha, Caaaimerea and Veatinga, auitable lor j full wear, which, being paid for in caah, will be made to measure at veiy low prieea. A line French twilled black cloth (oat. to order, ??n, usual price %l'r, rtty haedaoire I lotha, from which Coata will be m*de, fur 14, 16 ami $11. Krery other garment equally low. Likewiae, very handaome Cloth Hacki from 8 t | 0; l'wred do. from i to t<; Matin Ve?M, white Maraeillea V'eata, fcc. Htrang<"? and ciliien* will eflerf great aaving hy raMii t at 116 William at., npi'Oaita die Waahinktou Stmea a 17 V i? r i> B (LaRKF PANFORDS AT IT AGAIN. THK TAILORING BU8INKS8 carried on formerly by \ Win.Matthl>a?eii.l77 Kultou at .will hereafter be continaed by Knndford it Hmthere and we would aay to the pablic and our fripuda now ia tbt lima, lor we hare jnat puichaaed an entire naw atork of F ren<-h, fcn? liah and Belgian < lotha.'and I evrry vtriei y of e minieret and rertinga that ia faahiooable or ilaairabla, which will be made up to order to tuit the mo?t c'iffiriilt a> to faatiion, laa a ai d workman.hip. Alto, a fall ataortmeut of gentlemen'a outfitting, aoeh aa ?hirta, drawera, l>o-om? collara. auapaiider*. timbrel! ta, lie , all of which ?a guarantee to ?ell aa low aa they can be I) unlit in the city.? ' * owe indue 8.XNFORD UK ) I HK.R8, IJ7 Fulton at., neit llarald office. I Marcus B. Sawford, Amni I' HaxroKn. a19lm*rh I J H ID'S PATENT ClSMKlFUUAL WIND- i MILL. PATKNTBD May W, 1M6. Any on* wiah'ng to parrtnae the entire right ol any one. or any .Mrt or one, or all of I ' the Hutea of N?w .leraey, Maryland, Delaware, Noitlt l:?ro- ' lina, Oec'gn, Florida, Alalwnw. Miaiiaaippi ywt Lou alalia, I plaajp t > ai ply to th? lavoalor. Alien Judd, at hia reiidtmct, ! Cauofdle, Min i by latter or uti.erwW* Ntw T?i Clir. W. IN* ?1? * * | i I ill III ill .1 I II II.. auction auncrh J At OB 9 fLATT, Anetieneer. LARUIl SAl-L vl Htidoiri auu l^u. lerv. 01 nr>c?,, I2d Sept., peremptory and wi liou. rater**. TV' v:J? ware dealer* hire aud in the ueigtibc. ki^ ci'iuj re >.eaii'?m tn taki a otic* that the ab<>ve ell?n?ire >?'t v. ilt f ili Diice fjt ad\erti?rd by l*cob S i'latt, uu Tueaa i> . .H '.no -tiarun room, No. t'i PUtt itrwi,ud the *,TI aenurii' about 4<KI ordinal package j uiu a??< r'.? a >a? . )?>?* ue acriptiou of heat > liable ami aoeif aerCwa.e. laaif ae I p cket cuUery,irw ,,ori ami.a aim lierinan ? tea t|x>o:i?, it) c<?k? noea, 00 iiu Traue c.UI'it. 3t caak#\t)g. * puu coll chaiii, 20 c>??ka beat pa'outand ether aurroia auU nrtad hum aud p?rliane:it nu(*?, ?n>ki "id huigea, beutCnwa. ali kindtoi lockj, pulliea. fry patu kc.. *u. Al?o? Amnicui taoU >.uUei , iTlea, wool, hurt?4tid cotton cardt. kc. Alio?Fancy hudveaie, iu :?tlumMet. couiba. ?po,tfil, pencil catra, 1,0k) groea Hue pea 1 and thin buttou! i<: kc. N. b ?TUe mvoicat toeetne aniouui to vxi H (KM dullaii, aud no lot will be bought m for account of hj iiruw uuder aii> cirtumtiance Caul' guet will l>e ready early on Monday morning Slit met. ?'9 If ic H DUCLUZ?AL. Auciio eer. SHEFFIELD and il.rmin ham Hardware?Alio Fancy Uooda.?Tu'tle k D.uIuiimii will tell Tint Day at 10 o'clock, 300 pickxgea aud lott ol nnrdware. coutittiug of fry pant, 2 ratka B. 10, 12 Dart grid ilMUi * catlte Iltrl Carolina Loet, 1 caak we'ded head bed ?crewi,2 r-tkt head brain cli mber caudleiticki. 200 doi b i?. taper pid-locka. Alto? J catkt mce chain* Alto Mil# dm Walter ! k Co. celekrati d ttheiHeld table cullery. Alto?13* |*irt braat hatrel piatola. Alto?An ineoice of Kogert k Soii'a cutl?rv tlmhily damaged on the >o)?agr of iui|Mriatiou. Also?An iuvuice of liaiid ome diik knivi tl,2 and S blidri. Alto?A large IIIvoice of F.eurh and Oeitnan fancy goodt. competing a large naiortmrut. '1 he tale I. peremptory, and worthy the attau lion|oi inecu) .out cojutry traJe. <_ ataloguet are read/. 119 It* in A' C'J'ION .NO l'h K.?( tulo<gi of inodem Household and Cabinet Furniture, TliU Day. at 10^ o'clock, at 59 tteekman md t'J Juliu stieer, ri.nn rising Sol'?s, Couches, klgvptiau, inarMt-tnp. p'ei. aud Crii'.re Tables; t'fi'W t.ier nil inilltl* Mirrora, ii'uiMt top Sideboardu, Mimic Stools, Childre ' Clmra, sni?rb Wardrobe, coat $<70; Chairs, break'ast nod dinner Tables, snajJiiee and lawy er'a Desks, Sic ; Io which tlie trade la rrspec'lully t-v.trd toattend. sIS It'in JACOB BKA181 KD, Auctioneer. pai.vunus and kSu-'avinus a a* aiiCTiO> j ALEVV wilt sell, on Saturday evening ueit. at 7 o'clock at Wl Broadway, an extensive collection ol fcngraviugs and Ltiho/raplia, nut reraircd fr in France. Alio, an m- | voice ofgood Paiuiiiigi. with ot rr article!. And at I o'clock will he olfried, a Crui itix, carved in ivory, of ancient timet, 1 well tuned for a cbu-cli. alllt'in WM. A IJh,M.'HhH, Auctioneer. WM. A. BK&CHKK, atore 46 Cedar sueet, ap (tain.? , Dry (Jooda by catalogue, lor cath. Regular aalea on Monday and 'i'liuraday | ^Particular attention given to asaignee's sale sol atock gooda nu*llm?r NEW FR1CNCH GOODS. ~ , JAMES BECK <$ CO, BKG leave to call the attention of the Lidice to the r ichei aagoitment of t ^ PARISIAN GOODS that hai ever been offered to them in thia citr; and an a very latge i|uautitv of gooda have been purchased by them at ti e ' last peremptory auction talcs at unusually low pricea, buyers i will fiud richer and cheaper goods tlun have ever been seeu aince the sacrifices made nt unction in II3B Cases Paiis embroidered Casino ere d'Kcone, " " pr uted i d. do; " " embroidered Mousseline de Laine; " " printed do do; " " do. plaid Cashmere d'Kcone; 14 " plain 4-4 Monsaeline de Laine: " " " J-1 Cashmere cl?oue; PUin Cashmere <l'?cone, while 1 bi" " blue | " I'iuk >for Boys and Misses; " scarlet I " dililia J French Oiughims, plain and twilled 3-1 and 5-4 wide; I case Wliiie-annw Muuiselmr de Laiue. SILK.s. Sills Pyramid# n Volauta Silks Dnmai Blanc Madeira " Crescendo razes Satin " Zephirine Damaszee Maroc uiie,deux t liaines " Aimure Bazmce " Coraage Lace pais# men- " Unirlandea de flea's terie " Flsura uea Hetiiirides " Camayenx and Brodnie^ " Feux dn Bengal " Hmizoutalei Stupes " Pekin Nat'v " Raiubow Flounces and " Pekin Klnvial 'Flowers " Biocade Or and Ardent " Perspective u HuHan " Kobes embroider d " Dentelle Appliqut'e " Kobes coisage 8c jupe " Africaine tout cult " Bouta he embroidery " Cadrille aud Ul ice " Hich Biocitde anneaux " l'ekm Camayeux " Black watered, eue yard " Royal inoire Pekiu wide " Pekin.Chinois " 40 inches Taffetas, high " Ha'iu a Persouoages luatre " "Pointiile rattle snake " 16 do Mourning Bilks. SHAWLS Very rich embroidered Canton Crape Shawls and Scarfs; ' White and black camel's hair Long Shawls,; Rich Cashmere and Brochu ao; Turkeri designs Cashmere dhawls; Mrgador ,T " Egyptian " " " (ALEXANDER'S PARIS MADE ULOVES, Of the most recherchr en-ors: Tor fall, to match the 8ilks , imported BOUTON'rt BREVETE8. MANTEALX VIS1TEB, BURNONS, Beautiful einbroidtredchangeable Lcvan nie Visites; " " ' Poult de Moia Mantes; " Feux du Ciel Mantillas; " " " Robes diner; " " KoW, corsage auu Inpe emb'd. LACES AND EJIBROIDERIEB. Very extrusive a?surtnent of Regency, Valeneienes, Bros- 1 srU and Kniilun thread Laces; Hich black and white 1 hrtad Lace Capes and Berths Imitation do. do. do; Black and white Thrnad Lacr Veils and Scaifs; Rich emb'd Capea, Cliemizettea and (>u:uipa d' . Collars, Slaeves and Calls; Infanta' rmVd Waista aid Ilobea, every rariaty; Kinii'd Linen Cambric ildkfa. ail pricea; liein Hitched Krvuri and Oil'd <*ord?red do. WK.DD1NO AND SOIKEE DKfcSaKS. Embroidered Moilm Dresses; Do. Tn I lea do; Do. Silk do; Dj. Satin do: Ac nan Snow Orcands do; Thread Lace do; Imitation UrusseU do; Point de Brusseli no; Imitation Point d'Angleterte; Thread Lace Kloiwcea. every width; Do. do. 8carl'a and Veils. HOBKS 1)K CH AMBKE. j ( onstaiitiuople, C Wuh a smoking Cap > 1'nnU, < With* amoking Cap > Smyrna, ( White, pink, celeste embioidered Caahmere Mauteani, far children in the anna. Hichly rmbroidertd Velvet and Silk Natt Bags, Poraeaand 1 Q'jitru?e?. The abort, with a large atock of other gMds, ia worthy the attention of afangers visiting thia city, as they will find g .od* no! to be I'uuutl elsewhere JAMKS BECK fc CO.. ait Bteod'm 3S9 Broadway. MONTHLY REPuKT OF uninber of cues successful y treated and discharged as entirely cured, at L)r. WHERlEH'B Opthalmic Dispcu- / aw. J9 Greenwich street. near the Ba tery, Viirk. Disease* cured and operationa success! ally performed Irora , lat Aug?st, IMS, to lat September, IMS: I, flarni.fl aiwl mrM eves. fmm collls 'i7 inKamcd from hereiiiltry rau?r? 1( lulUmed from fevers and infections 7 ct .hi Ophthalmia. 3 I O.iiithn'mi* Tsnl, tor diseased eyelid) 9 Incipieur Amaurosis 3 Hpecs, film* *nd opacities of the cornea II (.a'aracr I li'joriei to t eve fnim accident II Stoppage of the 'e*- duet S Insertion of irtifirial e\ e? J Invertrd and dei<re4>ed eyelids 3 Onnorrlioia Optlihalnna 3 1'jtnphlets in re *t,ou to Dr. WHEELER'S treatment an ' cure*. in?v lie h?rt grMi- ?' li'? nflW s!9 t?r ' ALLEN DUU^WUK I ti'? P HIV ATE DANClfsU bCHOOL, No. 448 Broom* at., i near Broadway. A D. wm^d beg leave to inform h.a friendi and the pnblic that, haviuic m de great 'Iterations a*d improvements in hia rooma. by winch t' e aizn aiid accommodations mre very much increased, he ? ill commence hia cl .a?ea tor the season on Tueaday, Ort. 6, at 3 P. M., for Ladies and children, and I P. , M. fo. gentlemen. The instruction* include all the Fashionable Dances of the day, Terms, he. made known by applying at the School. s!9 *m?r I LUSi, I ON the 17th mat , in or near Wall atreet, two NOTES OF j HAND, one signed by M. E. Oilier, at 4 months, for $M2 10-100, in favor of Joaeph Averr.ana; the other b, Ra.h. 1 born, at 4 mouths, for $IS4, in tavor of Jot ham Clark. All iiersons are lorbid negotiating saia notes, is rityn.ent has been stopped. The finder will mach oohge tne owner by leaving tnem at No. Z\ Booth st. fti> stairs. Isltlt'rc $600 REWARD. T 09J1 OR STOL.KN, on the evening of th? I7th instant, j JLi uo board the steamboat North America, oa licr pasta?e | to Albany, 4 SKALKu PACK AUK, containing several hnndred shares nf North American Trust and Banking Company, iu certificates of 25 and 50, and imaller de< ommsti.m, (in Bank certificate! ) Also one certificate for on* hnndsed iharea of the Norwich aud Worcester Railroad, stock standing in the name oi R. K. Noe, on the book's of aaid company I In New York, with power of attorney attached All persona | are hereby cautioned against negotiating the same. _a^aaA|>i>l> to R. K. NOK. 30 Merchants Kichange, N. Y. The ahoTr reward will be paid for the return of said pack- ' age md us i patents. a 19 lw'tn ANOTHEK. MEVKKE CASK OF ASTHMA. CUKF.l) BY WfSTAR'S BALSAM. CKTH W. KOWLK? Dear Sir?Ha?in* for a long while O been troubled with Asthma in its worst form, >nd after \ having tfled various remedies, all to no rllect, I bought of your Agent, A Howe, one bottle of the Balsam of Wild Cherry, which relieved me very inuch I have rontinned to use the >ame aa the ditease returns u|>on me. and find it always iclitves when nutlilug else will; and further, I have no donbt, could I have had the Wild t heiry ? 'he lirst stagea of the disease, but tint it wonld have entirely r^reil me. I can cmifiuently recommend it aa a very valuable inedinue for all Inns complaints. BKNJaMIN ROBINSON. New Hampton, April J, Ul< None geuaine, nnle?a ai;;ned I. BCT'l S on the wrapper. Kor sale by A. B fc I) Sands, agfuta lor New York City: also be druggists gtnerally throughout the Called Suites and Canada. a 'J It Lite W TO LET, MTHE three story Biick House, No. J75 Tenth street, near Tompkins' S.jnare The house la in eice.lent or- i der and posaes.iou given on or before the la' of November. Ka<|iire on th? premisaa. a!9 3t*r UOOL) CHANCES TO MAKE MONEY. MB TO LKT, Allure*, lie. Kur sale rne nftbe b?*t corner iimrrry and Liquor tttorea in ihe eitf; alto, n good Potter Houaeia Livery Stable, with Horae*. ? oacnea, kc- cor taleche?p lor oah, four linnaea and Lota in her.wick ?treet; a Haute and fonr acrea at Bergea Poia<. New Jrrtey: a firat rate Ondv Store for tale. Peraooa in wait of CL Af<S IN MUSICffouaet. rt'orea, Kaioit, Ur. , or wiihuig to le: or tell out, ap- 1 rif M OILIKSPIE, M Ptirt If. A par'ner for the Karaitare ana Undertaking husii.tta.with (on, i, wanted?inn ii a tafc inreatment. *itJt*rc TEN DOUeAfli REWARD. <9^0 LOST from <?"> Broadway ti Sun''*V *ft-?r?<wwi. , IM| a ainall white Poodle Dot, with clue rii>b< n on hi ,4Uuncck. Beturn to VH Broadw ay a > U?-e , LADItS returning Irom the country, and wi?h ing tleir tntplirt of Shuea for the romi?? ea.i tiud at J. B Millet'*, lit Canal atreac BeJ Slipp*'* Tie?, and Baakiot. at 9?. una lOt. per pair; aecjnd que'itf Mipper? and Tyet at <!*., and Biukiet at T?. the ptlr. ? Ladiea' Oai'er Boon a' ir?*.. II* . and ?< . equal to any in the city. Particular attention paid to measure* to wairant a handaome Ai. With many lhanka to be ladiea of New Yo.k, Brooklyn, Jeraey ? "V. k - ^inre, hy atrict Mtention to baainett, to loe'it a c'mtinuance of ibeir patron age. J. B. MILL KM 121 * anal ttrett, bf?ween Thompson and Uwnf> rtrctti. KNOX, _ ; cm m H'LTON STREET, (San Building,) { JffL Dee mi eg it nineecaeary ?o enter into particular* , rTapecring hia Kail l<*ahiona for IM?, w .aid .implv atate that hit new mle will M"l * beauty, lightneaa taate and i color aiiilhian erer offered to the hat-wearlug pablic of ihe it* of New Vofk. tiia price* are m low u hn hat* ?r? ? !?, | il7i?1i*r LATEST INTELLIGENCE. T ECEQ R~A> h I cT Buffalo, Friday evening. Our market* have not been very animal' d to ilny. Th*re have been the following iransacrum*:?4,000 bushels M.lwuukie Wheat sold at 77o. per bushel. Flour? 150brl*. mixed Michigan at 83 tTlc. per barrel; 276 ditto of good brand* at S3 70c. Corn?5,000 bushel* were sold at 4f?o. per bushel. Wheat at M<ir?hall, Mishi^au, ?oal at ftOv. BY THE MAILG. Important concerning Mexico. Washington, Sept. 17,1846. Wo learn from the War Department that it has been resolved to chang* the base line of operations in Mexico from Monterey to Tampico, ?n the >juii v^oasi; wmcii will lead, t>y about 7UU miiei nearer, to the city of Mexico. We shall know more and more about the topography of Mexico, if the war is continued, as well hs die hydrography. Caleb. WAsniNoroN, ^ept 17, 1816. Siyme Fucti in the Cute of foe-r MeLo*ntU. It i-< said that poor, poor McConnfcil (who with all hi* degradation, was liberal and benevolent to a 1'dult) had he put oil' his self-destruction for three days, would have died a more natural deaih. He was reduced to skin and Lone ; he had eaten nothing for four days?his stomach refused every thing; the clavicle, or shoulder blades, were protruding through the skin, and symptoms of gangrene were already visible at the points of abrasion ; he was, even while alive, in a process of decomposition ; his mind was unthroned ; his very soul abhorred the charnel bouse in which it was confined, and prompted him to ita suicidal release. Some J.^ys before this sad catastrophe oi his most ruinous career, he called uj>on the President for a hundred dollars to take htm home. The President said he only had about fifty in his pocket, to which the deceased was welcome ; but Mac insisted on the hur.dred, which, without further parley, the Presidi nt tent out arid procured for nun; and advised Mac, in a kindly manner, to go home, and try to do better. Poor Mac, haunted by supernatural frars, brightened up at the idea that there was still one man who was It is friend ?one who did not carry a revolver to shoot him down the moment his back was turned, and leit, Iirotnsting his repentance and gratitude. The 'resident has the satisfaction of knowing that the death of the unfortunate man cannot be attributed to his failure to borrow the funds destred to take him home. Had the President, from eventbs most benevolent nature, refused the applicant his petition, there would be ground for some uneasiness ; but as be gave him the money to removs him from the bar-rooms of Washington, and to get him home to the remedial influences of a wife and family, the Chief Magistrate stands approved as having clone all he could to suve the sinking man. We have often hoard the deceased speak of his little wife and his four children, nnd tell of her self sacrificing, enduring nnd christian tpirit, how she bore with all his weaknetsts, and how, by kindne*s, ?he endeared and hoped to reclaim him, rather than by reproncbcs. Lust winter, in one of his hiirees," (hs they arc called) he bought a beautiful Hible, and carried it round from bar-room to bar-room, saying that that was a present for his little woman. W e hope she bps received it. and that in itspngc she will find comfort to her broken spirit in the d.tik hifur of this last dreadful visitation. May Clod bless her, and sustain her through the trial. There are some hundreds of men who will be held responsible for the destruction of this man, before a tribunal from which there is no appeal. And, with these remaiks, we shall never recur to the subject again. Respectfully, The Doctor. WAs,utN0T0.'t, Sept. 17,1S46. The IVhitr House?The Executive Family all well ? 'Ifir Cabtrut?Com. Conner?Santa Anna? Impediments to an immediate Peace with Mexico ?Rute of the Oi&ciit Oman. From a coll at White Houso this morning, we are enabled to give you the gratifying intelligence that the health of the President, and the President's family is very good. They eat their due proportion of corn bread with their coffee at breakfast, and enjoy their accustomed rasher of Tennessee bacon nt dinner. Mr. Bancroft was ;n conference with the President to-day ; also, the New Orleans Sub-1 rensurer, who is in ureal per* plcxity regarding tho shaving of the Government paper in tho Cresent City, from which th? brokers are said to realizing or.e per cent. Ill U1U j/itiwunso auu suit, uhjiu^ ?? ? two per cent, and selling at one. Hun Alios Kendall has also been in confidential chat with his Exccllency this morninjj; also, St-cretary Alarcy, and Secretary Mason, of tho War auo Navy Departments. It is said to bs in contemplation to tramfer Com. Conner ol the Gulf Squadron, to some other station; and to put somebody In-fore Vera CrU7. who will not stickle at a bornb.tidmr nt of the Castle. Our own impression is, tliat as the Administration were the cliief instrument m the return to power ol' Santa Anna, there will b* no necessi'y for the reduction of St. John's Cas'lo. Sarta Anna will requiru an armistice in order to rtduce his enemies at home, and to coiisol.<l:t:o his authority, and get all straight, in which event he may with some guaranty of safety meet his promises to this government ol the ratification oi u. peace upon the basis of the annexation of California, and the payment of those unpaid indemnities to our ciuzcns. At present the contest with the one-legged dicuior is with the onearmed usurper raredes. C'ld Cork-shank wjll be certainly triumphant, but half a dozen other factions arc then to be quieted and conoiliated, and consolidated, allot which am clamo.ous tor the prosecution of the war with the United fctatcs. When this of consolidation is done?when the priesthood are made to understand that a speedy peace is their only safety irom ei'irpation, then the war will be suspend! d All this mny be done in a ftw months. Meanwhile, U;e match of Gen. Taylor into the heart ol the country, ap ??? #**nr.llv as if* lie WvrO ill IV J structed to take ins time, and nwait further orders. The organic paper of this city seems to be disposed to rcpiove old Koufch ur<d JJeaoy lor his tardiness, at the very moment when instruction* are reported to be stint to him not to be in too great a hurry, but to report his movements punctually, in order to satisfy the public curiosity. rHILADKLfMIA, Sept. 19, 1846. The procession of yesterdny ended m it l*gan, in th? most brilliant manner, with nothing to mar the harmony of the occasion. The New York lodges were particular' ly admired for the handsome appearance of their regalia and for the splendid banners they cariied. The sombre appcarance of our city to-<lay is a marked contrast to that which it presented yesterday. The stiaiv ffera attracted to the city by the oc casion have nearly all eft ns. and the bustle which they excited has subsided to the quietude which usually prevails here, increased by a murky storm from the northeast, accompanied with a Irivina rain which envelopes every object W'th moisture. The news by the Cambria has been received by the telegraph hut its completion Las nrt transpired and couse q He nil y has had no cflect upon our market as y*t. A young man, named Isaac Lower. yesterday held to $4,000 bail to answer at cou.t for hkving. three years since, di?charc*ii a gun daring a fir?man's ?lot In Mojsmensinf, which totally ilest:>>yed the sight of a man named James Southron, the whole charge cl shot having entered his face, nek and breast. The perpetrator of this outrage had escaped the punishmeat of his crime by his comrades keeping the secret, but it was at last revealed by a lad during a tit of iuto*i:atlou. This b>y w as present at the time ef tho occurrence, and his own evi dence having proved hi? oeing ii rn.u,, >?> > , ... waa comn iued in default o( $4 000. Two other? criminated in a like manner were al?o botinJ over to anrwer. ISalee of RIMk* at Pklladrlphla. Srrr. 1?? Kiatr Bniap??0 17 8 B*nk, IIIr? Sia'e J?, tt\; SO Manf li Mcchtnici' Bank, l?S, t1)i; IT Con Baak. ""'"vr'nt* H?i ri.?1040 Kratnrky Bond*, M Nnrrutown ftccovo Boa?i>--l Commercial Bunk. 50; Sin flra'e V.MS,; 1 N Amerie* > B?nk, 191: in Atlantic B?ak. Mu?, I; <0 do.tjtf Anrf *?l ?'WO I S I o?n. 91; I1 tVilmiaffton Bank. i i-k. N ohf*, 7J<. A letter ling been received to-day from Pens*' col* ataung t'mt tin' Potomac frigate wiu in the nfllng hut hail not Rot up to tha town. The ftrtt mail will nring arronnta Horn bar ; hut it ia not probable that ahe will bring icy reply to the latter from oar Secretary ol mate to the Mexican Government, which waa eetrt on ahore at Vera Crut by Cominorlore Conner, under a flag of true*, on the '.Mlth of August - Watki*gtn% Vni*n, 8*pt. 17. Commkrc* of Tlif marine list in yatterday'a American announce* an unu'ual nn.i.ter of arrival! of veaoela at thai port on Thuraday. Among them are thirteen shipa, two burku, ai* briga. and thnteen ohooneri, besides smaller rraft \ bout one th >uaaod passengers were brought by the?e arrivals. Tufl branch mint in Dahlooeya, Iveorgi*, coined h the mouth of Auguat 7 S7.1 hall ?aple?, I tM quarUr eagles, amounting i? ili.ful 40. it u auppet*! til out at AMrtoM|?W lf?ti?4ii? (7?te?.

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