Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 9, 1846, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 9, 1846 Page 1
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TH] Vol. XIi. Mo. iin.WtMU No. ?6H. KAlUiU/lUS, mm. 1 CENTRAL AND MACON AND WESTERN KAIL. ROADS, OEOKOIA. iSb JHfe I ol (he S-ate ol Oaorjria, form * couimuoa* Uue from Savannah to Onbc .l..*a, tfeonria >< J7I milea, ris :? Savannah to \lacon... .Ceutral Railroad.... 190 mi I eg Macon to Athuta,... ..Macon k Wnatera Railroad 101 " Atlanta to Ootlie.loaa. Waatern It Atlantic " SO " Qooda W|H ba carried (rum Savannah to Atlanta and Ootbaaiof*. at the tollowinnraiea, ai?^ m _ _ \jn wiiout uoooi. iojii- 10 Volh Sugar, Coffee Liquor, Sagging^ Rope, lanta. talaga Butter. Cbeeee, Tobucco. Leather, Hide*, Cotton Yarn*, Cupper, Tin, Bar and Sheet Iron, hollow Ware and Caatinga , Bit $t> 73 Dour, Rice, Bacon in caaka or boiet, Pora, Beet, Fiah, l.a'd. Tallow, Beeawax, Mill Gearing, Pig Iron and Grind Stone* MM $0 On M(i*l'**Ht*T Goooa. Bote* of Hat*. Bonnet* and Furniture, per cabin foot. SO M SO fe Boxes and bales of Dry Good*. Saddlery Gla*?, Paint*, Drags and Confectionery. per enbic foot SO XOp lM lb*. S3 Crockery, per cubic foot S* 13 " " *5 Mo'aaacs and Oil, per hhd. (amaller eaaka in proportion.). ....$9 0# S12 00 Ploughs, (large) (Cultivator*, Cora Shelter*, and Straw Cntteri, each tl ?5 SI 30 Plough*, (small) and Wheelbarrow*... .19 80 $1 03 Bait, per Liverpool Sack $0 70 SO 93 Paaaaet. Savannah to Atlanta..... S>0 00 Children nndar It year* of aga, half price. Savannah to Macon, $7 00 D"" Good* consigned to the Subscriber will be forwarded I ree ofConimitaiooB. Cy Freight may be paid at Savannah, Atlanta or OotheaYng*. F. WINTER, Forwarding Agent, O. R. R. SarnieivaH. Augnal 13. IM6. *13 8m?rrc TO WESTERN rKAVEIueEKS fb *nMiei* reepeetiuA - 1 firmed that th# recent break A in th* Canal, eauaed > .r-eletn freshet, havkag beenrepaired, the PIONEEM k. EVCRb-SB LINK ... ^ and Canal from Philadelphia to Pittsburgh, commenced it> regular tripe Tor the eeeeon on Monday, the ?th of April, leaving the Depot, No. >74 Market street. DAILY, at 73d o'clock, A.M. By this ronte passengers will avoid all the fbtigue and danger ol night travelling in coaches, both Railroads being pass ed in daylight. For further information, apply at the old-established Office. >74 Market street, I doors above Eighth street. aplO 6m*rrc A. B. CUMMINQ8, Agent. REGULAR MAIL LINE FOR BOSTON. VIA NORWICH k WOR- entsw ^g|ffi?| 0* CE8TK.R, without change of^LlI ck-. -IRA. Jei.ars or Baggage, or withoui-^I^^^B 3C3L ^.crossing any berry. Passeugrss caking their seats at Norwich, are insnred their seats throogh 'o Boston This being the only inland route that communicates through by steamboat and railroad. Passengers hy this line are accompauied through by the conductor of the train, who will hare particular charge of their baggage, and who will otherwise give his attention to their ease and comfort. This hue leaves south side Pier No 1, North River, foot of Battery Place, daily,(Sundaysexcepted) at 5 o'clock, P. M., and arrives in Boston in time to ukc all the eastern trains. The new steamer ATLANTIC, Captain Dnstau, leaves every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturd -ye, at 4 o'clock, P. M. The steamer WORCESTER. Captain Van Pelt, leaves every Monday. Wednesday, and Friday, at 5 o'clock, P. M. For farther information, inquire of J. H. VANDERBlLT, No. I Battrry Place, North River. al l/rc OPPOSITION MORNING LINE AT 6* O'CLOCK FOR ALBANY Landing at Hammond street, Van Certlaudt'a (Peekskill) Cold Spring, Newhurgh, New Hamburgh. Milton, Pough keepsie, Hyde Park, Kingston, Upper Red Hook, Bristol, Catskill, Hudson, Coxsackie and Kiuderkook. Passage, One Dollar.^O aMBn THE new and fast-sailing low-pressure BpSliSpstrsmbost METAMOKA, Capt. P. H. Smith, SKwSHE9E?will leave the pier foot of Warreu street on Monday. Wednesday and Friday, at o'clock, A. M. Re turning, leave Albany on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday Passengers taking this boat will arrive in Albany in time for the trains of cars going North and West. Breaeiast and Dinner on board. For freight or passue apply on board, or of A. CLARKE, corner of West and Warren streets. Fare to Van Cortlandt'a Dock, >4 cents; Poughkeepaie, 40; Hudson 74; Albany >1. otlmr ^ eUfk jgM For NEW FORK and intermediate places fc^gyCJpThe steamboat NEW PHILADELPHIA, 3Ew9CZJl(ptun Lawrence H. Fraxee, will commence runuiug between Amboy and New York, on Monday the >*th Sept. leaving South Amboy at 63/, Perth Amboy at 7 o'clock A.M., touching it Bently, Koasville, Blaxing Star and Chelsea, arriving in New York ahoutS o'clock, returning will leive New York from Pier No. I North River, at 4 o'clock P.M. Pare from South It Perth Amboy, 2} eenti; Bendy IS cents, all the other landings 12K cents. AU kinds of freight taken at the lu eest ratea. South Amhoy, Sept. H. IWg. sIS lm*r i U lKAVEL.Lr.KS WINU SOUTH. NEW AND MOST AGREEABLE LINE TO PVedertcktiurgA, Richmond, Petertbureh, Va ; Lynch burgh, Raleigh, Wtlden, N C; and Ckarletton, S C. s4MQ sfl THE PUBLIC are informed that the new ^MlQilJiaad splendid low pressure steamer MOUNT 3^m3K3E>VEHNON, coanectiog with the tireat Mail Line at Aequie Creek, leaves Commerce street wharf, Baltimorr, every Tuesday and Friday evening, aid P. M., for the above points. Through Tickets to Richmond $4 00 " " to Petersburg 4 00 " " to Weldeu, N.C_ 7 00 " ** to Charle ton, 8. C 10 00 Being at the same price, more direct and expedition*, and much mora certain than the Chesapeake Bay and James River Ht sale boat Line, all the wide and rough portion of the Bay, between the mouth of the Potomac and Old Point Coaafort, being entirely avoided by this Line. Travellers are advised that the Line hereby advertised is part and p reel of the Ureal Mail Line through Virginia, and that it is the luteution of the Cnrnpan ies composing the Great Mail Line that passengers shall be conveyed by them in connection with the Mount Vernon, always *a cheaply as by any aay other Una, and with more comfort, expedition and certainty, than by nay other Line except the Line via Washington. For further particulars enquire at the Southern Railroad of fie', Pintat. Baltimore, of 8IOCKTON It FALLS, orat the Commerce at. wh?if, or on Tueadaya and Fridaya on board the Vlonnt Vernon, of _ C. W. GUNNEL, Captain. N. B ?Trorellera by the abore Line will bear in mind that they have two bonrt more in Baltimore than paeaeagera by the Cheaapeake Bay and Umea Hirer boau, and yet reacn any point Sonth of Peterabnrg at the lame time with there I ear, t ren whe < there ia no breach of connection by the Bay Line .)i lm*rc NOTICE. TROY EVENING LINE. HOUR ' HANGED. jMQ ON and after TUESDAY, September 15. badnan#>he low preaaure ateamboat EM PIKE, Capt. liamflUbH. B. Maajr, will leare the ateamboat pier at ihe loot of Coanlandt atreet, at < o'clock, F. M., inatead ol 7 P. M.. aa heretofore. tu r FOR STATEN 19LANIL 4%MQ jB ON and after TUESDAY, the lith day of BBmBapvSeptember inat, the boat will ran aa follower SOKLLrati Suten lalaud at C, I. 10, IS A. M. and S, 4. a dlf M. Leire New lorkat7, S. II A. M. and I, 3, J. and 7 P. M. All freight at the riak of the uwnera thereof. alt r 4M INDEPENDENT MOHNING LINE AT ?3u9>7 O'CLOCK.-KOR ALBANY from the 3MM5HMibateamboat pier at the pier foot ef Warren treat, l aarage $1 30. Tonching at the fool of Hammond at. Breakfaet and dinner prorided on board. Theawift and magnificent ateamer IRON WITCH comlanded by Cape Stephen R. Hoe, learea New York, Tneaday Thar-day and Saturday Learea Albany. Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Landing at Van Conrtlandu, WeataoiaL Newbnrgh, Milton, Po'keepaie, Hyde Park, King, ton Latakill, Hudaon. aul'irc MOKKLNUBOAT FOR ALBANY AND TRW eBdin /Ml PASSAGE ONE DOLLAR-Breakfaat flMMf1*11. dinner on board the boat. Paaaengera i uu> ikhi win arrire in time to tut the evening train of cnri from Troy weit to Buffalo, and north to Saratoga and Lake George. The Steamboat NIAGARA, Capt. Win. Ellsworth, Monday, Wedne?d?y and Friday, at 7 o'clock, A. M., from the steamboat piar foot of Barclay atreet. Returning ou oppo- I nte daya. For peerage or freight, apply on board, or to F. B Hall, at the office on the wharf. an It re TROY MORNING AND EVENING LINE MORNING LINE AT SEVEN O'CLOCK. rOK ALBANY AND T&OV-From the Steam boat Pier at the foot of Barclay atreet 3Cn3l^^LLiadinc at reekakill, Weal I'oiitt. Newhart fa, Mampum, Miltoa, Ponghkeepaie, Hyde Park, RhineN?lV. Red Hook, bnatol, Catekill, Hadaoa, Couaakie. Kinderhook and Baltimore. Breakfaat and dinner on board the boat. 1 The ateamboat NIAGARA, will laare aa Monday, Wad- I eeday and Friday Mornings 7 A. M. J The ateameoat TROY, Captain Gorham, oa Tneaday ' Thanday wd Saturday mornings, at 7 e'elock. Retaining oa opposite dara. For paaaage or freight apply oa board, or at tha nftea oa the wharf. NEW YOWL ALBANY AND TROY LINE. FOR ALBANY AND TROY DIRECT, From tha pier at the foot ol Courtlau-lt atreet. The low-pressure ateamboat EMPIRE, Captain K.B. Maey, teayaa tha loot ol Coartlaudt atreet, oa Toeiday, Thunder and Saturday eeeniBga, at aeren o'tloek. Tha Steamboat COLUMBIA, Capi. Wm. II. Pack, will laava on Monday, Wednesday rnd Friday aveninga, at T o'clock. _ ruwn(cn iuidi neit Hoata will arm# 11 time to take the Miming Trtia of < are from Troy weet to Buffalo,end j north to Saratoga, Whitehall and Lake Charnclain. For Paaeage or Freight, apply ea board, or at the Office oa "W freifht taken after 5K o'clock. NOTIC L?All gooda, freight, bank bills, specie, or any otner kmd of property, poeiurely at the owner's risk. jlar jm DAILY LINF, OF BOATS BETWEEN C&V YO*K AND BTATRN ISLAND. S|C3E3eu The steamboats SYLPH, Captain J. BrnisJ^^m^STATEN ISLANDER, Captain D/Via Pelt, will '*Lesee Sultan Island M < I, t, 1* and 11 A. M; at 1,1,1,4,5, | * dears'New Y ork at 7,1, li.aad II, A.M. and 1, ?, I, *, j, 1 I 7 mnd U put 7 1*. M. * An freight el the nth of of the owners thereof. A it*!* will lenre Vanderhilt'i landing for the Telegraph |e Station erery hoer throoghont the 4*r. rare itH eenu J T? , I >'.)? LIVr.ttI'1 >U, ?The New Line?tieguiar dMrfVP-iht. if ?'?* Oct?The superior, I sat tailing 1 BMM&neche'. ship It (KM BTER, too tout burthen, Cape Tl^ut a. will si shore, her regular day ?,.r freight or ps?t??a,h ring elegsat ana superior a-eora- 1 notations, a, ply to the Captain onboard, at w sat aide of Burling elip, WOOD HULL It M IN TURN, J 7 South street. 1 Price Of passage, t'i _ .... The racket ehip HOTriNUUER, 'one. Captain Ira Rnriler, Will suecced the Rocheater, and ml on her regnlar , day, Sldt Noreasker o7 E NE aAKiTuut AocunnuuATiuns. ^ jiffy ^ ^ OT H Co. ^ . ARRANGEMENTS. Eiiaitrucii toiii PiHiie from (irnt Britain uid Ireland, BLACK BALL, ORbOLl) LINE OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS. Hsiling from Liverpool oa the let end I6'h of erery mouth. AUo. by lirat e'eia American >hi|>? (weekly ) Fertona tending to the Old Country lor their trieuda, <?au make Uw nereaaary arrangement* wi'ft the tauacrtber., and hare 'hem brought out in any ol the eight tbipe eompritiug the DUck Ball, or Old Line of Ltreriiool Packet* tailing from Liverpol on the W tod I6(h of erfry month. Alto, by first clsss ships uilir| from that port weekly, which oar agent, Mr. Hoc ha, Heuior, there, trill tea arc tent oat aiUtoai delay. 1 be Black Ball, or Old l.ine of Liverpool Packets, com- I prise the following maguiticeet >hipe, and will tail Irom Lit- j erpo >1 on the regular appointed dayt, at follows FIDELIA, Itt Jauuary. Itt May, tat September EUROPE. ltlb " Ktlt " 18th NKW VOHK, Itt February, let June, Itt October. COLOMBM, I ttli " 16th " 16th YORKSHIRE, lit March, lit Jnly, 1st November. OXFORD. lith " 16th " 16th " C A.VIBHl DOC, Itt April, 1" Ait*., let December. MONTEZUMA, 16th " ? 16th 16U. " T. H.?The public are respectfully notified, by desire of the owner* of the Black Ball, or Old Line of Liverpool Packets, that no pattencer atrantt hut R. B. 8t t'o. litre permiaai tn from them to advertise to briug out pataeuitett by that line, and that they are the only regular authorised passenger sgtuis of said line in this city. We have at all timet for tale draftt at tight, for any amount, drawn direct on the Royal Bank of Ireland, Dublin; alio on Messrs. Preicott (Jrote, Ames St Co , Bunkers, Loudon,which are punl free ?f discount or auy charge whatever, in all the ^riuripal town* throughout England, Ireland Scotland and Apply or addreaa by letter, poet paid, to ROCHE, BROTHERS St Co.. 36 Fulton street, N. V , next door to the Fulton Bank. Tha officeof Mr. Roche, Senr., it at 76 Dnoliu street, oTre Liverpool. ^ ,?& P. V^ftRNKsT^O.'S NEW YORK AND LIVERPOOL EMIGRATION OFFICE. PW. BYRNES h CO , of Lirerpool, are deairont of in forming the publ ic of the United States, that they continue 'ndespatch a line of first clatt Ships and Packets to New York, on the 1st, 6th, 11th, lGih, 21st aud 2Cth of each mouth; and on the 12th a'd 10th for Philsdelphia, and on the 8th and 20ih to Boston, and at stated periods to Baltimore; alto to New Orleans during the healthy season; by any of which lines parties can engage for their Irieads to be brought out without disaupoiutmeut or delay, this beiug the oldest and largest establishment in thepasseuger trade in Literpool, aud having found the importance ol a direct Agency lu the United States, for the purrose of placiug within the rower of the friends of the passengers coming out, the immediate correspondence with a respectable establishment, from whom they can rely for atlentioh and favor towards their relations leaving the old country. P. W. BYRNES it CO. offer inauy advantages to passengers which no others have attempted, in a direct communication by the r ships front Ireland to the United Sta'es, as they have, invariably, vsssets durirg rhr spring f>oui Dublin. Cork, Waterfurd, Belfast and Londonderry, by which means emigrants are saved much trouble audeipeiiae. l>y being shipped at their own tearori and also that of bemgltnded in any of the po'ts of the United States to which ships tra'a I'roin Liverpool, nearly at the same cost as direct to New York. P. W. BYRNES k CO. have sgeuta in all the seaport towns iu Ireland, from whence steamers leave for Liverpool, and in many of the interior towns, who are most attentive to ,mi?inl. ....IU.. ..I ..... u paid that may be required to procure se*"?toTe'l,"ke""' V*" " I lie person* who ect lor (hit Company in the United State* NEW YORK ? Mr. Edward Saul, 5# South, corner of Wall atrect. BOSTON?Mr. W. P. McKay, M Milk atreet. PHILADELPHIA?Messrs. H. C. Craig It Co., Market atreet BALTIMORE?Mr. George Law. NEW ORLEANS?Mr. John Toole. Darm alto Exchange?Drafts for any amount, payable at tight, on the Provincial Bank of Ireland and all ita branches, and alto on all the priucipat town* of England and Scotland, withoutdiacouut. For particular* of term* apply to P. W. BYRNES k CO., 56 South, comer or Wall at.. New York. P. W. BYRNES It CO., Wa23 1 in * m 36 Waterloo Hoad, Liverpool. PACKETS FOR HAVRE?SECOND LINE. m M. M. The 8hiu? of thi^TTu^will S4il oonu^tne yew iu the following order From N. York. F'm Hirre. ( Jan. 1, Feb. 16 Ship UTlCA, Cept. J. A. Peircn, < Miy 1. Jane 16. f Sept. 1. Oct. 6. Ship ST. NICHOLAS. Cept. N. W.U^V,; ??' * ETeleigh. J 0el , Not J(_ Ship ONEIDA, Capt. Fnuek, S J; AprilU. f Nov. 1. Dec. 16. Ship BALTIMORE, Capt. J. John-S AgJJ; *? M. ,tou- I Dee. 1. Jan. 16. They are all of the first claaa, ably commanded, and with tccommodatiou* ample and commodious. The urice of passage in the cabio it $100, exclutire of wines and liquors. Apply to BOYD It HI NCR EN. Agents, No. 9 Tontine Buildings, No. 68 Wall street. Goods sent to the agents for forwarding, will beanhjeccto none other than the expenses artually paid. aull m GLASGOW AND NEW YORK LINE OK PACKETS. M. M. KKSONn wishing lo scud lor theiHnend* ill auy part ol Scotland, to *ail direct from Glasgow, can malta arrangemenu with the Snbaeribera, to hare them brought out iu any ol tM regular lineol Packets, tailing monthly from Glasgow The ANN HARLF.Y, Captain Scott, ADAM CAKR, Captain McKwei, SARACEN.Captain Hawkins, BHOOKSfeY, Comprise the above line, and the high character of thoae vea sel* should be sufficient inducement lorpe..ons who may b< tending tor their frieuda in Scotland, to make amngemenu for thia (the only line.) Further particular* given, on application to W. i J. T. TAPSCOTT, T5 South itreet. corner of Maiden Lane, or Meter*. RE1D It MURRAY, Agent* all r in Glasgow. NEW LINE OF LIVERPOOL PACKERS./ M. jm ]M> U<^aTfrom Nev^Krk21?, andlronnTiTerpool6tl^^acT. month. From Arte York. Livn pool New alop Lirerpool llJO tona, ? * J*; ? J. Lidrulge. l Augwat 21 Oct. t New .hip Queen of the Weat, ' a?"""1 J! ?l!'ch 5 UMtona>.Woodho?ae, /^.m'r 2! & I New Ship Rocheater, IN tone, 11 ?IBlrT J! * John Briton. ! &>., \\ J Ship Hottingner, 1010 ton*, ,'{ fcj. \ Ira Barely (Nov. 21 Jan. | These anoatantial, faat sailing, first claaa ahipa, all built in the citv Of new York, are commanded bv men of exreriencr uid ability, and will be despatched punctually on the Slat ol each month. Their cabina are elettaat and commodious, and are forniahed with whatever can eouduce to tiie eaae and comfort of peaeen (era. Trice of passage (1U0. Neither the captaiua nor ownera of tlieae ahipe will be reiponaible for any parcels or packages aent by them, unless regular billa of lading are signed therefor. For freight or passage apply to WOODHULL It MINTURN, 7 South street. New York, or to FIELDEN, BROTHERS fc do., m? rc Liverpool. NEW YORK AND GLASGOW LINE UK PACKETS. ^ ^ ^ Railing from Ne^^jrVoo the ls^Iu^Wesgow o^h^ith of each mouth. From N. York. Km. Ul'gow. (June I. Jnly 1}. Ship SARACEN, N. T. Hawkme, l Oct. 1. Nov r 15. ( Feb. 1. March 15. ( July 1. April 15. Sr. Ship BROOK8B Y, H. M'Ewea, < Nov. I. An* 15 ( March 1. hac'r 15 ( August 1. Inay 15. Br Bark ADAM CARK. . < Dee r 1. 8ept. 15. ( April 1. Jan. 15. ( May 1. June 15 Br. Bark ANN HARLKY, R. Scott. ] Sept. 1. Oct. 15. ( Jaei'y 1 Februa. 15. These ships are good, substantial vessels, ably commanded, ?nn will sail panesnally on tlieir regular days. 1 heir aecnm modationa for passenger,are good, and everyrallenlioa will be paid to promote their comfort. The agents or Captains will ?* ? responsible for any parcels or imcksKea aenc tlicm, an less bills of lading are signed therefor, for freight or pannage, apply to WUODHULL It MINTURN, 7 South street. New York, or ?< r? RF.ID fc MURRAY. Glasgow., MARSEILLES LINE OF PACKETS. dit Ml M. tit Theanflermn.. .hl^ahip^will des^^ff^Tri jenee on the 1st, and from Marseilles the ISth of each man daring the year, as follows ptivv JfiTinitovii t w ? Captains. From N.York. mMiroi <? ?> Lawrence, April | Sept. I , - . gllrnstw, May 1 Oct. I o isS/iiu ' ' Rye eigh, June 1 Not. 1. OASION, Coulter, July I Dec I NEBRASKA (new) Watson, Aug. 1 Jaa.fL Ships. Captains. Fro hi Marseilles. PK'CE de JOJNVILLK, (saw) Lawrence, Jnne ID No" l? MISSOURI, Si I rester, July It Dee. 10 ARCOLK, tntw) Krelcigh, Aug. It Jan. It If ASTON, Coulter, Sept. 10 Feb. If NEBRASKA, Watson, Oct. If Mar. If These Teasele are of the drat elass, commended by mm of nperience. Til eir accommodations, for passengers are nntnr passed far comfort and conrenienee (roods addressed to this cents will b? forwarded free of other thanes tlian those acta Tly paid, for freight o? passage apply to CHAf IBBRLAIN k I'HELPS, rroprietora No. 103 Kront street, or to BOYD fc HINCKEN, brents. lift _ OTonnae Bmldines. 00 Wall.cor. Water si JHf KC&fTLTv KH YOOC?New Lias?Kegalsr I'acael ARiof Ofrt. Jhth?The elegant fast sailing par-feet ship I fpSMaOAH KICK. B. J. H Trisk master, will sail as ahove her regjular dty for freight 4 r passage, feaeing accommodations aneqnalled K.'.ipr .a*)*^.01 comfort. Apply on hoard, at Oileant whsrf, , foot of Wall si reel.arto E. K. (JoLLlNS fc to. ?nee ot psssi geflM ik. i' ^ OHCIUB, A. Eldridge, master, will sncceed lJ?J rh **" No??mb*' *. regslar day. ** ^"isro hsr&xn^: , fir fit o NEW YORK, FRIDAY JV - ] DANClN'Of AND WALTZIMt ACADEMY, S21 HOWARD STREET, IGNORA M 81 ON OK FEAHERO.will re-opeu their acliool on Saturday the lOtii of October. Daya of initios, Wpiliifiitajrs and Satnrdaya, and Moudaya and Thuradaya, at lulf-rnat three o'clock for yoang ladira and young trntlemen Monday and Thuraday ereuinga at I o'clock, lancing and waltting Claaa for Gentlemen. Wedncaday and flatitrdayvRTeaiaga, at o'clock. Waltzing Claaa for do. All the faihioitaMa daaeea, including Polkaa, Mazarkaa. and Redowaa, wilhkf taaghr ia the abnre-raenuoaed Cluaee. race !e-sou?. ti Board in* Schools punctually attended to. ill Imwilp rn ' DAMCI N ti AO AUr.iV) If.?M A LI AM K AL*1ILl<r., in returning bar sincei* thanks for the liberal patronage of bar friends sua the public. desires most respectfnlly 10 inform (hem that she u about to resume liar prof*taional attendauce to Seminaries and private fdtniles. Har Satan, 41 Walker street^lvill re-open on Saturday, ilia 3d October, lor ; ilia tuition of t^oee ladies and geullemen who msf wuhto i join liar dancing and waltzing classes, or form private quadrilles, at follows*. Kor young lsdiai and also for young gentlemen nnder ! Fears of age, Wrdneadaya and Saturdays, from J to 1 o'clock, . M.; for gentlaman above 10 yean, the aame day* at! o'clock. Kveuiug claa* for gantlemen, Tneaday* and Thursday* at > o'clock, and the Soiree* exclusively for her pupil* and their parent*, as usual. Madaine Achilla has the pleasure to announce that in addition to the daucea already known in New York, she will instruct her pvpils in those Polka Walties and Quadrille* which are now the most popular in the best society in Paris aud Loudon. These beautiful?** are the new quadrille Masurka;tiie CeUariuz waltz ; the graceful Hedou-a; the Vitnnoilt, or waltz a drtii trmptl the pretty waltz a cinq tempi comjosed two months since in London by 1'errot; aud La Stazorim nr. a new Mazurka waltz, which with that, a cinq (rsip*, will not be brought ent in Paris till the coming winter. These dauces can be Mughtby no othrr person in New York thiui Madam* Achilla, aa aba has received them from Moos. Jnlea Martin, just arrived trom Paris, and to whom they were exclusively conhdfd by the above celebrated professors, in testimony of thear high esteem. s? I in MWK'r . P-HJVATE DANCING ACADEMY, At No. 221 EAoT BROADWAY, comer of Clintau street, entrance in Clinton it. MISS PABKU ?Uin to give notice to her friend* end patron* iu Just Broadway and it* vicinity, that the in- , teudi commencing her da**** on Moaday, Oct. a. in the same rooms she had last sanaoo. Day* of tuition Mondays and ; Thursdays; morning da** for ladies at 12 o'clock; young I ladiesandmisies'clam at 3 o'clock. Instruction given in all i the n?sr and fashionable dance*. *2S 6t*rh FASHIONABLE LANCING, 74 Leonard ttritl. Writ of Broadu>av. MJLLE PAULINE DE8JARDINB, of the Academic Koyale, Pari*, respectfully iufonns the public that her Causes for fashionable Dancing hare commenced) Beside* all the nsual Dances tnmfct, will be the new waltz Mazurka, Mazurka Quadrille, Polkas," (rarioua,) new Waltz a cinq temps, composed for Mile Ceeito, by Mons. Perrot, and the new and graceful waltz Bedowa. Schools and Families attended Terms and hours made knowu on application. *24 lm'rh _ riKfcciNG. MR. 8ARACCO. dancing master, and Miss ANGELINA, first teach*r of the renowned Parisian Dancing Academy of Mr. Ccllarius, (where her eztiaor^icary skillulueas and pleasiug manner of teaching bare procu-ed her a general leputatiou lor her t Mte and splendor,nut or Wd 'Doug the most distinguished lsmilios of that renowned town ofParis,, but also among a great many ol highly respeettble Anticao and English ladies and gentlemen, who frequented the aboro-meutioned Academy.) have just opened a Dancing Academy at No. 50 Canal 'Street, corner of Broadway, where all tho most fashionable quadrilles, Mazourkas, Waltzes Macourka, Redowas, Polkas, Oallops, Waltzes, lie. ue taught. Lulies and gentlemen are indistinctly received la this Academy, where any body may be euro never to meet but with good society, and where order and deeancv will be alwavs strictly observed, ?22 2w?rc DANCING ACADEMY. NORTHERN EXCHANGE, 373 BLEECKERSTREET. I MR. G. ROBERTSON, in retmiiai hi? moat sincere ! thanks to his friends and the public for the liberal patron- i age bestowed on him last season, desires, most respectfully. ' to anuounce that his classes for the Teuton of Dancing will open at the above rooms on Friday, October 2d, when he will have the pleasure of introducing vanousnew and fashionable Dances, tue favorite Vol It as, the Mazourka and other styles 1 of Waltzing. Mazourka am? Polka Quadrilles, and the brauti- j ful and mncn admired Kedowa Welti. Fancy Dancing, itc.? | Days of tuition, Trusdavs and (Fridays J beers of attendance i for Ladies, Missis and Masters, from 3 to fr. M.; Ueutlemeo , from t to 10 evening. Assemblies will lake piece semi- | monthly, commenciug Nov. 2d. InstructiaM will be given to pupils privately or tu classes, at seminaries, or at their residences, and at the class rcoin, or at Mr. R k private academy, 82 Canal street. The above rooms, during the summer, have been greatly improved, painted, decorated, Hd the floor has been all laid anew; making it equal to any room la the city Mr. R. would also inform parents who may place their children under fiis charge, that every attention will be paid to their proper instruction and eomlort while at schooL For further particu lars, apply at the Class room, or at Mr. R.'s residence, ^ Canal street. sI8 lm*rc DANOiNG ACADEMY. " 8HAK8PEAKE HOTEL, loanta of Ousst Attn William Stbi.kts. Mil. O. ROBERTSON, in announcing to hia friends and the public, that his Classes for the teition of Dancing will re-open at the above rooms on Wednesday, Sept.30th, takes the opportunity of returning his most sincere thanks to his late patrons for their very liberal eucouragement, and respsctfully announces that he will introduce in his Academy j this season, tatious new and fashiouable dances, with the 1 fevori'e Polkas, Mazurka and Polka quadrilles, the graceful ' and much admired lledowa, with Mazurka and other styles ol waltzing; fancy dancing, fcc. Days of tuition, Wednesdays and batuidaya. Hours of attendance for ladies. Misses ami Masters, from 3 to 6 PM.; Gentltmeu from 8 to 10 iu the ! evening. Assemblies will lake place semi-monthly, commencing Nov. 4. Mr. R. would also announce that he will give private instructions to pupi's or in classes, at semin tries or at their residences, or at Mr. R.'s private Aeedemy, 82 Canal street. Mr. R.'s class at the Lyceum, Jersey City, will open on Thursday, October 1st. For more particular inl'or- I maf on, please apply at hia residence, 82 Canal street. all Im'rc MADAME MAKONCELL1 Iir OULD inform her nuiiita. and friend, aenarmllv. that she ' VT continue? her instructions in Singiug'aud Music, at her i residence, 1 '7 Bieroort Place, (lkth street.) She also, if required, vires lessons at th? residence of the pupil, sil eodlm*je__ DKPOT OF FKKMCH CHINA ANITULASS WARE, 1*15 BROADWAY, (UP STAIRS.) POPRARD1N, Agent for the Manufacturers, has re- I ceired from recent ariirali, and offers for sale at eery low prices, a Urge assortment of Purer lain Vises of nil sites, plain white nod fancy decorated Dinner, Dessert and Tea ets; I'ancy Cups, Mugs with simrs and mottoes; Cologne I Bottles, China Clocks and Candlesticks, kc., kc. Also, for sale,lest li an cost, a splendid Dessert Serrice of French Cut Ulssr.e 1 grated. N. B ? Order* receired for the gilding and painting establishment in Spruce street, to match suy patterns of Fiench or Knglieh China. of lm eod'r CUAL. 1AM now selling the best Peach Orchard Coal at Si 50, lor large nut, Si 75 for egg and store, screened and dtlirered in the best order from the vard, corner of Kiug and Green with stirets?16 cents leu from the boar. ol Imeod'rc PETER CLINTON. CHEAPER THAN EVER. A FULL au11 of superfine cloth made to order, in the most ' snbstaiirisl and fashionable style, can by procured for $10 at MOFFATT'8 Fashionable Cash Tailoring Kstablialiment, No. If Catharine street. New York. Every article in the line equally low. Call and see. stt l2trod*rh JOHN MOFFATT. THE EYE. DR. WIIRELER, Oculist, 29 Oreenwieh street, near the Batter)-, devotes his eiclusite attention to diseases of the Eye and Opthalmic (Surgery; and assures the public that there are uot amougst the numerous diseases to which the human eye is subject, anv disorders of that organ which cannot be essentially relieved or cured by him. The vast number ol undoubted testimonials which can be seen at his office, will S'tisiy the public that his praotice is uot eiceeded either in eg'ent or success by that ol any other Oculist in the United Rtates. Artificial Eyes for sale, and which will be inserted on reasonable terms. Office hours trom I A M. to 1 o'clock T.M., after which he visi is out-door patients. a pamphlet containing remarks ou diseases of the Eye, with numerous instances ef gieat cures effected by Dr. I Wheeler's mode of treatment, can be had gratuitously at his residence, or the same will be forwarded to an v one making , application 10 mm oy iciieri, ihiii paiu. o*?eoaznivrc BALTIMORE COLLEGE OF DENTAL sUK- i GERY?Skssions 1846 7. THE LECTUKE8 and Mechanical Instruction 111 thi? in- I stitution will commence on ihe 1st Monday oi Norembar, and continue four months. A naw and er mmodious building will be in readiness for j the class. J arte and toetly additions have bt-rii made to tlir museum. To entourage emulation a handsome set of estract- | ing instruments, worth $50. will be awarded to the member i of the gradualing class who shall exhibit most proficiency. Chapin A. Harris, A. M. M. D., professor of the principles : snd practice of Dental Surgery. Thos. K. Bond, A. M. M. 1)., Professor Special Pathology, and Therapeutics. W. H. Handy, M. D , Professot of Anatomy and Physiology. Amos Westeott, A. M. M D., Professor of Operative and Mechanical Dentistry. Ctrenus D Cone, D D. O., Demonstrator of Mechanical Dentistry. Ticket of each professor $35; matriculation $5; demonstra| tors' $10; dissectiug ticket, optioual, $10: diploma $30. dlhwlw'r W H tlA^DY. M P.. Dean. JfcpFibKSUN INSURANCE OOtVfFAN*. I Office No. 60 Wtdl Strttt. New York. THIS Company being authorised by an act of the Legislature of the State of New York, passed May 13th, lOt*, entitled " An set for the benefit of the Jeffersou Insurance I Company," to fill up its capual stock, which was impaired by | losses occasioned ov the lire of 19th Jnly, 1313 ; and the ' Board of Directors of said Company hating unanimously re- , solved that the said capital stock be filled up aceordin 4 to the 1 provisions ot said act. . . . | Notice is hereby given in conformity with said act and with the approval of the Vice Chaucellor of the First Circuit, to ail the present stockholders of the Company, that they are re- j quired to signify, on or before the Ch day of October next, to the President or Secretaiy of saia Company, at their office, No. 50 Wall street, in the city of New York, whether they I elect to fill np their stock, and also in ease they elect to till ?l> Liirir cock, ko pay me amount requires ?i ??? and such manner aa the Board of Directors may hereafter dej eide. .1 And notice ia hereby further giran that on the 20th day of Oetober pe*l, ao much new atork ahall he created and diaposed of, aa will make an the original capital of aaid corporation, and lor that purpose hooka of anbacription will be opened at i the aaid office on the Hat day of October "neat, and continue ! open daily from la to lo'elock, until the amountrequisite is rabieribed?(the present stockholders to hare a prior right to each new atock.) The agreement to All ap aharea as above mentioned and the new anbacription a to take effect on the 2d day of November neat, on which day aa inatalment of lire i dollars per share ia required on new subscript! on a. And notice ia hereby further given to such stockholders aa shall not elect to All up their atock, or by neglect shall forfeit the right ao to do, that they are required on the Id day of Norember neat, to surrender to the said President or Secretary, at the said office, their original certificates of stock, and in lira thereof to receive new certificates, lor aach number of shares 1 aa they may respectively be entitled to, said Stockholders ' receiving pay for fractional parts of aharea. ? , T w THORNE, PresL Ora. T. Harg, See y. Dated New fork. Aagnat l?th. 1??*. anil ItawtNtr NOTlCfc. I FOODKKROT, (Mrs. J. H. Oarelle,) will open on Wednesday. 13d inat., her fall and winter assortment of Millinery, and India*'articles ia general. Ml BROADWAY, a 13 lw*rc Opposite the Carlton Hons*. | RK I [ORNING, OCTOBER 9, UVTBLIiXOlllf OX FROM THE AE.MT OF INVABIOIT. Sic. SiC. SiC. The ( eamahip Galveston arrived at New Orleau* on the .'9th ult , from Fori I.avacr* and Galveston The narflcr ranh* I rom tha (iulvtietAn /V??? /?*?? nnrtfoin all that we have from the mmv. and it it merely in confirmation ot direct intelligence previously received. | The Kentucky regimen', under Colonel Marshall, numbering about right hundred men, if encamped at the mouth of tiie I.avanno, with ,wo hundred men on the ick liat, owing to the fatigues of a long march. This ; regiment nas just received orders to proceed without de- ' lay to Camargo. The Tennessee regiment is daily expected. Neither of these regiments ware intended te j join General Wool. An arrival at Tort Lavacca from Matamoras, bringing dates to the 8th, reported that news had been received very late Irom General Taylor, to the effect that he was marching upon Monterey with 8000 men, and was within a'few miles ot that city. Monterey was said to be defended with a force of 16,000 Mexicans, under General Ampudia. The brig Mary arrived at Galveston on the 23d from New York, with a heavy freight and fourteen passengers. [Prom the N. O. Delta, Sept. 30 ] Captain Cady (whom Colonel Harney had left In oommand at the Presidio Rio Grande, end whose men, in crossing tho river to return to San Antonio, were, as our San Antonio correspondent stated, fired on by Mexicans who lay in ambush) has furnished to the acting Adjutant General at San Antonio, an official account of tne affair, differing in no essential from our correspondent's letter. He also furnishes the following list of those wounded ami missing after the attacx J. Paris, wounded slightly, private Captain Evana' company. J. Wyat, wounded slightly, private Captain F.vans' company. K Reid, missing, private. E Prewitt, missing, private Captain Evana' company. J Kiddle, missing, butcher. " The Texas Volunteers," continues the correspondent of the Dtmacrat," belonging to this division, have been mttafapfl/) nut nf Barvir.? fiuo ?p si* /Iowa companies was paid yesterday, the llti. From the time they were mattered out of serv'ce, they here had to eubsiit themtelvaa. The greater portion of them were out of money, and complain loudly of the iojuatice they have suffered in being thrown upon the world without a cent to buy a meal, tt would appear incumbent on the commanding officer, either tofurnith them ration* or pay them ofl'. If he know the money to ed'ect the latter, had not arrived, why did he disband them ?" He lays not a word about the advance of Oen. Wool's division The Victoria Jldiocate of the 16th, has the following paragraph " We learn that an express was despatched to meet the Kentucky and Tenneisee regiments of volunteers on their wav to San Antonio, instructing them not to proceed to that place, but to direct their steps to Tort Lavaca, wheie they will wait until further orders, which will depend upon the result of the negotiation now going on with Mexico. The reason of the order is, that by quartering near the bay, tho transportation of supplies will be saved. Tho Kentucky regimont, we learn, would cross the Colorado at Lagrange yesterday, and may be expected here early next week " A party of Indians, says the Austin tfcw Era of the 13th inat, supposed to be about fifteen in number, attempted to steal a portion of the horses belonging to Captain Highsmith's company, but were discovered and driven off. A small party pursued for several miles, but owing to an accident, failed to overtake and chastise them. The captain started on their trails in a few hours after them, with forty of his men, and has been gone sevml IV. Itniu tl.ol I.. f..l trailing tfiern to their camp, and fighting them, without any regard to their protestations of innocence, or of being treaty-making Indiana- Major Neighbors?Indian agent, who haa returned from Washington?tella na that the Kecniea and Ioniea left him oaaoon aa he reached the bordera of Texas, and a Camanche informed him that it waa their iotention to ateal horses before they reached their homes. IKrom the Galveston News, Kept. 19 ] The schooner Kdward Tillett, which left Point Isabel about three weeks since for New Orleans, with about 60 volunteers on the sick list, from Indiana, Mississippi and Alabama, had got within 60 miles of the Balize at the commencement of the late storm, which struck her with so much violence, that she was compelled to ran before it under bare poles, and was driven shore about two miles this side of the Sabine Pass, en Swndsy night, the 7th inst., where she remains high nddry. No lives were lost from the storm, though six of the volunteers died after leaving Point Isabel, four at sea and two after the vessel went ashore. We have been unable to obtain all their names Among them was a Mr. Hugbea and Mr. Chase, from Indiana, and Mesira. Davis and Abstaoce, from Mississippi. Capt. Payne, U. 8. Ordnance officer at this poet, haa repaired, in the echr. Blazer, Capt. K. Smith, to Sabine Paas, with provision*, he., to relieve the want* of the survivors. The Bitur has been engaged by Capt. P. to carry the Mississippi volunteers to New Orleans [From the Victoria (Texas) Advertiser, Sept. 17 ] The forces at present at Inn Antonio, must mount up to something more thon three thsraeand men They consist of tome five companies of V. S. dragoons, under the com mand o. Col Harne} ; two regiokents of Illinois Volunteers, under the command of Cola. Hardin and Bissall; ona rraciment of Arkansas Volunteers, under the com. mand of Col. \ ell; and a detachment of om company of (Clarke eo.,) Kentucky Volunteer!, under the command of Capt. John 8. William!?the whole under the command of Brig. (Jen. Wool, of the U. 8. A. [From the Louisville Journal] Poar Lavacca, Sept. 15, 1846.?The Kentucky regiment of cavalry are to-day in camp near Victoria, 30 ailea hence in the interior, having completed the march from Memphii of 806 milei over land. 1 am here to eelect a camp near thia place to await order* from Major General Taylor, aa directed by Brig. Gen. Wool. The command haa tbu* far been comparatively healthy, and the horaea are in good plight. Why we are halted in a aickly region, 200 milea from the Rio Grande, and at the opening of the campaign, doubtless,there are ample reaaona,which time will develope. 'l'hua far the regimpnt haa loat aa follow! Price'* Company ? Private* I latum and Miller. Shawhan'a " " lirauner and Cummin). Marshall'! " " none. Heady'i " " Ford and I.eighton. l,mains .Yiooro and .Morton. Milam's " " none. Bennington's " none. Beard's " " none. Stone's " " Kichardson. Clay's " " none. James Levasy, McBride, Maguire, Walker, and Win. Chenault have been very ill The last named is here, and 1 fear will die to-day. Have all letters destined for us sent here via New Orlima, Youn, Slc. H. MARSHALL. Value of the Valley of the ttlo Grande. [from the Houston (Texas) Telegraph Sept. 36 J The extension of the jurisdiction ot the United States into the valley of the Kio Grande, ha. opened a Held of enterprise to the Anglo-Americans of incalculable magnitude. It is impossible to estimate the resources that will ere long be developed in this beautiful and fertile region. It is a singular fact that the soil of this exten_.u._ l. ? ...l ?; ? .1 ?? -i'v 'n?'v j ?m vvni)n/??u va uiiuQiai uvimiiiueiiiB J'l tSCHClJ limilar to thoie that compoie the delta of the Nile, and thete U scarcely a doubt that under a proper system of culture, it will become equally productive. The Kio Grande reiemblei the Nile in many remarkable feature*. It haa it* source in towering primitive mountain* composed of red granite, precisely similar to that from which the imperishable monuments of the I'haraohs have been hewn. Below these, are extensive formations of secondary limestone and sandstone ; vast fields of moving sand, through which the river forces its devious way in its annual floods, by constantly changing channels, and broad plains like the desert of upper Egypt,covered with sileceou* pebbles, such as flints, agates, chalcedony, intermingled with large petrified trees, like those found near Cairo. Indeed tins extensive valley presents throughout its whole extent, almost the same geological characters as that of the Nile, and its soil being composed of the detritus of similar rocky formations, must be similar in its chemical constituent*. It is true that the valley ol the Rio Grande is not subject, like that oi the Nile, to annual inundations : but it it more favored in its climate, t the ruins (all so frequently and in such quantities, that the crops seldom fail trom drought If a system of agriculture similar to that which is in us* in Upper Egypt were introduced in this valley, it would doubtless become fully as productive ts ttie most fertile lands ol that country. This is evinced by the wonderful productiveness of the aoil in the vicinitv of the beautiful and flourishing town of El I'aso, where, by a judicium >?tern of irrigation, the meat abundant crop* are raited with comparatively little labor. We are confident that in a very short period of time the Egyptian cotton will be cultivated here to aa great or even a greater extent than in the valley of the Nile. The few experiments that have been made in the culture of cotton in the vicinity of Matamoraa, have been remarkably atieceeeful. The cotton plant growe in thia region with wonderful luxuriance, and yielda an abundant crop almoat without culture. The augar cane alao here growa to an enormous sue^and far exceeds in itiproduct* the cane of Louisiana ! or any portion of eastern Taxes. The climate la so mild j in the vicinity of Matamores, and as high up aa Lamargo, that the cane is seldom touched by the frost until it has ; attained a aixe nearly equal to that it attains within the ' tropics. The frosts, too, are generally so light that they j mature the cane at an eailier period than it would mature within the tropica ; while at the same time the product of augar is rathsr increased than diminished. It has been remerked by naturaliata, that tropical plenta ere more productive without the limits of the tropica, end I near the northern limit* ot their growth, than they are | near the equator. If this doctrine ia correct, the culture of the augar cane will be lound more productive in the ' lower portion of the valley of the Rio lira rule then it ia evan in Cutta. Many valuabla tropical fruita may also . be cultivated in thia section with great advantage. The ; orange, fig, pomgranate, and similar fruita, grow with wonuerfui luxuriance in tha vicinity of Matamoraa and tjamargo The portion of country extending from Point I Isabel 10 Laredo, will, probably, at no distent day, be ! covered with extensive plantations of su^ar cane, Egy ptian cotton, and grove* of orange*, lemona, figs, olives j and other tropical fruita, and rival in beanty and lovalt- ' d*s* the fabled gardepa of the llesperide*. Tha upper portions of the valley of the Rio Ormnde are admirably adapted t* the cultnro of whoat and other products of the Northern btatea, and the vail lea of wmmtmmem. j.ui .. .. IERA 1846. several of its eastern tributaries are equal in fertility and beauty to any of the moat favored regions of Texas The valley of the Rio Puerco it described by all who have I visited It, at a perfect K1 Derado. Most of these valleys 1 are sheltered from the icy winds of the north by high ranges ol mountains, and en joy a remarkably mild and temperate climate. Under the impotent sway ofSpain. and the still more impotent rule of Mexico, these fertile and beautiful region* have remained almost at desolate and nnimprnve t a? they -vert when o upled as h tin ' the savages ; but when the euteiprise id the \i-gt Americans shall hare called foitli their latent ie?ouree? they will doubtless rival in wealth and population the moat iiourismng portions 01 tno gtone. Mexican Faata ami Flgnrea. (From the Washington Union, October fi 1 The following la a tranalation of part of an article in the Munilor Republicans, of the city of Mexico, proteasing to he a critical review of the actions of I'alo Alio and Keaaca tie Guerrero. Our military readers will be i amused at the ingenuity displayed bv the writer,iu manufacturing a large army for General Taylor out of such ; unsubstantial materials as suppositions and philosophical deductions; and every reader of Shakai>eare will bo j forcibly reminded of lalstaffs men in buckram. The i public may see, by this exaggeration, what confidence is j to be pliredinthu statements ot the Mexican press - ; how idle are all their calculations?how visionary the ' hopes which they express of defeating our army. The Mexican press has only to reverse the telescopo to lessen the troops of General Taylor and General Wool, thus to scatter their forces en paper, and at once Texas becomes open to the Mexican arms, and Santa Anua gathers his laurels on the banks of the Sabine! Will Mexico never come to her senses ? Will she not see the truth until it is too late I Will she be eternally misled by the boasts other politicians and the exaggeration of her press 1 [Translated from the Monitor Kepublicano ] With respect to the forces of Taylor, according to his report ot the regiments and troops engaged in ba'tle, It appears that they were regiments and corps whose strength cannot be less than we have assigned to them, because it was thus stated, at least in the newspapers of the United states, and because the regiments of that nation do not number less than 1,000 men; and this is what might he supposed in a country where there are no desertion*, where the pay is high, the service light, the treatment not rigorous, and the recruiting so easy as it is among the adventurers who arrive daily from Kurope eager to earn a dollar a day and not possessed of a farthing on landing. Supposing these facts, and many others which are omitted, because they may bo supposod by any one who knows what that nation is, and tho history of a similar invasion, we shall state how this army was formed:? Four regiments of the line, the 3d, 4th, Oth, and 8th, of 1,000 men each . 4,000 The 3d artillery,under the command of Lieutenant Child* 000 Artillery under Major Ringgold 100 llattery ol 18 pounders under Lieut. Churchill. . . t>0 Duncan'* light artillery 100 Captain Walker'* volunteer* 00 CAVALBV. Captain* Ker'i and May'* companie* of the 3d dragoon* 300 6.130 It may be seen that the many volunteer* who accompanied the army are cot here included and tho-e only belonging to Captain Walker's company are counted ? Thus, Taylor's army could not have numbered less than 4,000 men, after making many deductions immensely in hi* favor, for he would not have ventured to enter into action with the reduced number which is supposed, and this is proved by the patience which he showed in undertaking hi* march, and which, in truth, 1* greatly to_ hi* honor. We have seen what Taylor's force* were Now, on the other hand, General Anita's did not amount to 4,000 men, auxiliaries included. No one will doubt this, who recollects the regiment* that were present, and who reflects, moreover, upon the fact that ouriegiments were much reduced on their arrival at Matamoras. Let us see, then, what their number was :? INFAftTBV. The r.apadores (sappers) 300 3d light infantry 300 10 pieces with artillery-men 100 1st regiment of the line 000 4th do do 460 Oth do do 160 10th do do 600 Battalion of Tampico 100 I'ermanent company of do 60 cavalbv. Lignt regiment 300 Th. ..m. l.t nr tt.a too The lame, 7th do SlO The tame, 8th do 100 Total 3,150 To this force muat be added the auxiliaries under General Canalea 400 Aggregate .3,560 Thia la a statement of the force a on both eidea, ami with reaped to the Mexicans, the error, more or lesx, is small us now conaider other important circumatancee. Taylor's army had all these advantages: 1st, they were well clothed; ad, well fed; 3d, well cared for; 4th, fresh from repose; aod fith. they ha l an excellent armament and munitions, their artillery poweiful in number of pieces, calibre, and quality, as the guns were I'aixhant. The Mexicans wunted all these advantages, and everybody is aware of the difference of the respective armaments, ol powder, and artillery Ours consisted of ten four-pounders, served with the irregularity consequent upon our ignorance of the modern improve menta, so that in thia respect alone, their superiority was a hundred fold, Ire., Slc." These exaggerated statements are put forth after the battle; but it is amusing to compare them with what Arista boasted to Paredes just before the battle Then, we were skulking and fleeing before the valiant and powerful Mexicans, and nothing was easier than to destroy ui at one mouthful! We auipect, that if the Mexican* give u* a fair opportunity to measnrr weapon* with them again, we ihall (till And the *ame disparity of execution, and our aui erioty an hundred fold. military Affair*. The steamer Roscoe brought to thi* city yesterday 13. recruit* to the now mounted rifle regiment railing at Jefferaon Barracks, and M wagon* deitined for the u*e of the Santa Ke army.? St. Louii Courirr, Oct. 1. Klecttona. The town eleetion* in Connecticut were held on Monday lait. From 34 towns heard from, 30 are whig, 10 do- j mocrata, and 3 divided. Three more whig* are elected to the Legislature in Maine. The number now stand* 40 whig* to 43 democrat*. The elections in Delaware haye resulted in favor of the whig*. In Newcastle county, the whig candidates for inspector* have been electea by a majority of about HO votes. In Kant county the whig ticket sncceeded by about 130 majority. Sussex has been partially heard from, but believed to have gone for the whig*. The correct returns irom Baltimore are, for Senatorwhig 7,430 ; democratic, 7,409. Whig majority,7. A*-, sembly?whig 7,439 , democratic 7,431. Kennedy and Patterson, whig, and Cox, Baughman and Wear, dem., elected. Political Intelligence. The democratic delegate* from Oneida and Lewie countiee, hare nominate ! Hon. Rutger B. Miller, aa can didatefor Senator from the Fifth Diitrict. In Maaeachutette the whig* hare nominated Daniel P King for Congreie in the 2d Diitrict, and Hon. John CI. Palfrey in the 4th. Uaac H.Wright lathe democratic candidate in oppoiition to John Q. Adaaia in the 8th Diatrict. In Yatea county Nehemiah Rapalee la the democratic candidate for Amenably. Hon. Jamei O. Hampton, the preient member of Con' greie in the lit Dletrict of Mew Jeriey, haa been nominated by the whiga for re-election. The whig* of Suffolk county have nominated Joaiah Bower* and Saml. A Seeley for the Aaeembly. John Froedley, Eaq. ha* bean choaen aa the whig candidate for Congrei* in the 6th Diatrict, Peon; John K Zeilin having withdrawn. News rao* Havana.?Hy the arrival of the brig T. Street. Capt. McConnel, at New Orleans, paper* hare been receired from liar ana to the 23d ult Senor Don Carlo* Eipana, appointed Conaul from Spain for New Orleeni, arrired en board the T. Street, with hi* lady and children. The Habanero*, with regard to amnaement, are buaily occupien in organieing a arameiic ana an operauc eompany for tha approa-hing aeeaon No later p nival at Havana from Mexico. Several ol tha veaaela that reached the port daring the few daya pravioua to tha aailing of tha T Street, bad experienced galea and suffered considerably by rough weather. The thermometer (Fahrenheit) ranged during tha laat week from 84 dag. to 00 dag m 9 o'clock, P. M , to the city. Captain General O'Donnall enherta.ned at a grand ban nnet on the 19th ult the French \din>ral La Place. All the distinguished military and f ivil otlicara of Havana, and the principal office ri of the French and Hpaniah squadrons in the port, were prevent at tha banquet Tha liat of gnetta given in the rtiario, looka liko tha Hat of preaentetiona at an F.ngliah ror> a I drawing room. In varioua parta of tha isla?d we And tha public attention occupied with tha conat'ruotmn ol railtoada, which General O'Donnall ia encouraging iiy hit influanca and peraonal contribntiona A roa I h id been nearly completed between Puerto Priitf-.ipe to Nuavitaa, ami another has been projected from Hgn Joan de i.>, Hmiidioa to the port of Caiharien, to tarkjch tieaarai O'Doaiaeil hua aub- I scribed *10,000 1 Tha Bpaniab ateam frtarmte Conarenn hid arrived eafo if it Hantiapo <U Cub* from Bttfttmno ?f:rr -i vrrv trm i*atuoua pHan^t, wk| spere to ba for i ??r by the Hoherano. a Hpe ni?h ?hip of th<> iiff from the int*lor of tha nlun I* ?r >m Villeclara and Cuba. announce th^i tl.- iv. <?. the h.-ary raini. wla-.r.ti have Wel> tho I rapid and continual changea ol Ui. ,> had a aarioui etfccH on public he Ith I i Iihv> *>? en riaa to favara of a grave characiar, both m? luwoi ?nd rural diatrictr Nawa raow the BeaMi oaa.?We lean that Ma axcailancy LiauL Col. William Raid, who for tha laat aia ht vaarabaa conducted tha government of tha lalanda, h aa been appointed to that of Baihadoea. Tha Bermuda) para atata that Captain Elliott, of white hat notoriety, U to auccaod Col- Raid. J r-.M . 1111111 1 LI J1 .11 .? XD. 'rtM fWO ('Mil. Mill Constitutional Convention. Ai.iwv, Oct. 7, IMC. The time fixed upon lor tbe final adjournment of the convention ii rapiJIy approaching. There if a dlipoti lion to ti?e the few honri left with great care ; the con \ .MIIlOll merit JI a U CIWH HUH >7 IIIIUUIH morning, an* <!cvn? not niually adjourn before 9 in the evening Michael 11 oil man. the mighty milter spirit ol tu- .'emorrpcy the naval agent. and tha Richelieu of lit*- ineteeiith centurjr.ii always in till place Upon pait) questions lie exercises the moil supreme authorityover hi* cohort!, and by hii voice, his manner, and hi* tern delivery, he animate] and invigorate! hie followen, or nppali and coniusei hii foes. Thia Hoffman la decidedly a great man. you may depend upon It There are other men of ability here", but none who can approach the admiral in perspicuity. Mr. Simmons, of K.tsex, ii one of the moat pleaaing men in debate I ever saw ; he ]i, heaidei, a gentleman of moit decided ability ; he ii a bachelor of about flftjr, I should judge, and one of the lineal looking men in thia body. The President of the State Convention will merit, if ho doei not receive the uucquivocul praiie of the people of thil State for the moit putient and gentlemanly behavior by which hii protracted labora in thia body nave been diitinguiabed ;he enjoys the confidence of hii colleaguaa and the commendation of the great masa of the citizens ; may he retire with honor until happily for the State, bo may be called upon to reiume his public dutiea in aome other and more leiponsihle position. A section was adopted last evening, at a late hour, which provides for the separate submission to the poopie of a projiosal to place colored electors upon a footing of equality with white men. In respect to a limitation of the pay of membera of the legislature, which hat excited so much comment throughout the State, the lollowing section haa been adopied " The members of the Legislature (hall recalve for their terries* a turn not exceeding three dollar* a day from the commencement of the session; but *uoh pay hall not exceed in the aggregate three hundred dollaia for per diem allowance, except in proceeding* for impeachment. When convened in extra aeaaion bv the Governor, they ahull receive three dollar* per day.? They tball alio receive the aum of one dollar for every ten mile* they (hall travel, in going; to and returning from their place of meeting, on the molt uiual route. The Speaker of the Assembly ihall, in virtue of hi* office, receive an additional compenaatlon equal to one third of bia per diem allowance aa a member." Thi* law to take effect in 184S. The *ei?lon of the Legialature i* therefore limited to one hundred day*, except in proceeding* in caae of impeachment, or when an extra aeciion 1* called. The following aection waa alio adopted: " No person being a member of Congress, or holding any judicial or military office under the United State*, shall hold a seat in the Legislature; and if any person hall, after his eloctiou as u member of the Legislature, be elected to Congress, or appointed to any office, civil or military, undor the government of the United State*, his acceptance thereof shall vacate bis seat." A debate of extraordinary length occurred upon the following section: " No bill shall be passed uulea* by the assent of a majority of all the members elected to each branch of the Legislature. and the question upon the final passage shall be taken immediately upon its last reading, and the yeas and nayi entered on tho journal." It was proponed to amend the lection so as to preclude the possibility ot tho dual passage of any bill except by two-thirds ol all the members elected ; but the proposition was defeated ; and it will be seen that 05 members (or a majority) are competent to pass any bill. I herewith enclose a copy of tho new constitution. There hare, however, been some very material modification* and amendments to the first two or three articles. Very rapid progress has been made during the past two or three days. As each article is adopted, it is immediately ordered to be'ongrossed. The < onvention has completed six articles of the new constitution, and will have ample time during the week to run over the whole ground, and adjourn with no ordinary relet. The weather was never lovelier. Broadway is enlivened by whole troops of American houris, appareled in color* corresponding to their personal characters and to the condition of tho weather. It is said that white ia emblematic of purity : and what is purtr than a woman of virtue, or what is lovelier than the carnation of her lips 1 Lgad, nothing ! It is certain that the radical anti-renter* are somewhat exasperated at Governor Wright for reasons which, whether good and sufficient or not, are very well understood. I am told that a committee of anti-renters, from Delaware county, will wait upon the Governor in a lew days, and petition tor the pardon of all those anti-rent prisoners sent from the counties of Delaware and Columbia. The probability ia that the " ides" will have due weight with the chief-magistrate. [From the Albany Argus, Oct. 8.] The article in relation to the executive department (the 4th) was read over section by section, and, without amendment, adopted and ordered to be engrossed, 84 to I. The filth article, in relation to State officer*, was last The remainder of the uitness' testimony was t? the same e fleet that of Ike flret wftneaa. Da. IU* iot. City Coroner, examined by the DtsrateT Arroatrr?Wee preaent at the poet mortem examination; the wound wee on the left breast near the. sUrnum, and seemed to lie made with a sharp instrument; it passed between the sixth and seveath cartilaginous meabraaea, and into the pericardium oifthe heart, about half an inch, also passing into the midriff about a quarter of an inch, there was also a wound In the abdomen, which paeaed to ,'be heart, and enured it about half an inoh in depth. lie. Vebr examined by the Distxict ArToxnar-? Assisted at the poet mortem examinetion held en Ford; found p wound three and a half inches below the left breast; ft was about five-eighths of an inch: it was bete ten the sixth and seventh nba; It waean inoieod wound: it penetrated the pericardium to the right ventricle of tho heart; the around moat undoubtedly produced death; there wee no mftrko of violence on any other part of tho deceased's body: wounds of that nature produce instantaneous death; there waa a large quantity of bleed la the cheat, produced by the wound. Isaac Towusbisd, (colored)?Knows the prisoner ; knew the deceased; remembers the night the prisoner wae arrested , ha sent witness after some oiethee fcr him; saw Charley before ba waa arrested; put the ofteer on his track; saw Charley (the prisoner) fling the knife away; ha throw it into another yard; bo waa in tho yard that Driscoll kept when be threw it ewey.^^ Cept. M'osaih.of sixth district, amiminodby tho Bursar Attosust?Porduces the prisoner's .hirt^ ft appeared, on examining it,that there were.pots ofblood en the breast of it. A knife wee ( also produeed which wu taken from the prisoner at the time of his arrart. J oh* lUrrrsrr. poiiceman-Arreated the prisoner; when near the Tombs witness thought he showed a dia twwition to rescue himself. D,m toi Rawss* waa recalled to prove that tho knife produced was not the one with which the prisoner com milled the act ...i?... fur the m-oMw.ution hare rested. Mr. Holmes horily the defence end re-celled FJlen twaa, Uee I tire* witnrs* for the proeecution, with vtaw to eentr*. ni. t leeeo Towntend, which ?Ue did in soma Immaterial point* Mr Towticen, the aneciete of Mr Ho 1 wee, (hen ammed up lor the defence. The object of hie addreaa to break down the evidence of the wltaeeeei for the proeecution The Dktbu't AtToanaT followed, and made a vary able eddieeei alter which the Judge charged the Jury. wiio, altera consultation of about three-quarters of en hour, returned wuh a verdict of guilty Tho prisoner wee then remeuded, and ordered to bo brought up on Monday neat to leceive sentence of death. Jfo seemed quite unconcerned when the verdict woe announced. Henry Route,(celored.)who wee indicted tor an aaaanlt and battery on Hanry Buckley, a police oCeer, with in tent to kill, bnt convicted of oeeeult and battary only, wee sentenced yesterday morning by the court, to Im ' prisonment in the penitentiary on BlnekwoU'a Island tor tlx month* alio auopieu anu uruereu 10 u? eugroiieu, wuu a lugm alteiation propoied t>y Mr. MorrU to the (action in regard to inapectioni, Itc ? designed to retain inch ai may lie neceatary for the prciervaticn of the public health. Tho vote on the aiticfe stood 89 to 1.1. The 8th article, on the judiciary, underwent a variety of verbal amendmeuU and was finally adopted and ordered to be emgroused, .'<3 to 40. Article ? (the financial article) waa alto amended in it* phraieology, and ordered to be engroaied, 78 to 9. The Convention then adjourned. Court of Oyer and Terminer. Before Judge Kdmondi and Aldermen Jackaon and Johnaon. Oct. 7.?Trial of Charlei Thomai, black, for the murder of Henry Ford, another colored man, on tha 13th of September lait, at the Five Point*, by ttabbing him with a knife in the left breaat, of which Ford Immediately died. Mr. O'Connor, the Diatrict Attorney'* eaiiitant, opened the caie, and briefly itated the fartt to the jury. Euta 8w?i, colored, examined by the Diatrict Attorney?Know* the priaoner wee in Orange (treat oa tha 13th September, and preient at the affray. Henry Ford, the deceaied, wai lining down under the window, and Thomai put hii hand out and called him an eld fray headed ton of a . Ford replied, if I am an old eoo you era a young one. Ford came out of hie own room and tat on a chair outeide the itreet door. Thome* than aid, if I go down itairi I'll let you know whether I em one or not, upon which he ran down and eejzed the old man; the old men caught up the chair to defend himself. ana J nomas caugai nun ujr mo inrosi ana iiraci aim on the head with a board about two feet long, and backed him up against the fence and then shored his hand twice against Ford's breast and said, damn you, there's enough for you, and then ran up stairs and Ford fall. Witnesa hollowed and eaid Ford wae killed: witness then went up to him ami found blood on his clothes and shirt; he never spoke; I only saw a convulsive motion ef the body; he died instantaneously. Croit-examintH?The fracas occurred between (tend 7 o'clock in tha afternoon: the prisonor dropped the pteoe of board with which he first struck the deceased baisre he gave him the passes in tha side. John Williams, colored, examined by the District Attornev? Witness resides in Cross street; his dwelling looks into the alley where the fracas was; hoard a noise repeatedly; started and went to the head ef the stairs; saw the prisoner coming out of his apartment: deceased was sitting on a chair near tha door; heard nothing said; saw the prisoner aeixe the old man; tha prisoner had e stick end something else in his hand; ha seised bias by the throat with hie left band and struck him with the stick which was in his right hand, and ran him against the fence, and while there gave him two thrusts with his right hsnd, and the deceased fell; witness gars tha alarm to his boarders and then went for the ofltcers, who came and arrested the prisoner; saw blood on the deceased. Bwjamiv Husskll, (colored)?Lived in the same l.L iL ? .sisAnae an/I /lernoan/t Alt thm IftfK Bead

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