Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 23, 1846, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 23, 1846 Page 1
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y T H ] VmL. XII, R*. 3U??WlMl* No. ?UU. TJUVELUIIO AOCOBtnODATlUMB. CHANGE OF HOURS. L. ISL.ilfD jUIRJIXQEMKHT am iffgr rifn flflfr Ob no tiur MONDAY, October 12, 1M?, Trama will nu u follow*: . Liatb Iiuoilti?at 7 o'elreh A. M. (Boetoc uui) for Ureeuport. daily .(except Holiday*) I looping at Karmuigdale ana 8c. Oeorge a Manor. " " at ?H A M., daily, for Karmiagdale and intermedialr place*. . w " at It o'clock, M., for Oreenport, daily,'Sunday* excepted,) atoppiug at Jamaica, JBrt ch, Hickatiile, and all *tatinu* e?*l ofHiduv. lie. * " at 4 P M. for Karminednle, daily. 1 UT> OiK.iroUT-nt IM A. M., daily accommodation tn>> lor Brooklyn. " " at S)4 f. M., (or oo the arrival of the boat from Norwi h.) Ronton train daily, (except S?oday*,) < ppoff et 8t. Oeorge'a Manor aud Karramglle Lkatb faimiradalb at X A. M. daily, (except Mnndavt,) accoimnodati -1 train, and It M. and i\ t. M. Liiti Jamaica? m c'clo- i A. M , 1 P. M., and (.Hi P. M., for Brooklyn, or on the arrival of Boeton train A freight train will leave Brooklyn for Oreeoport, with PUaenfers' car attached, on Mondara, Weilnaaday* and Kriaa^i, at >* A M. Hetornmf. leave Green port at !(^ o'clock P. M, oo 1 ceaday, Tharaday nnd Saturday*, itoppioK at intermediate placee SUNDAY TRAINS. Will hereafter "in to Tompton Stx'ion, le*re Brook1 yn at o't lock for Thompson aud intermediate piaeea, commencing Saaiar P iveabrr, returning leave Tncmpioo all o'clock P. M., farming UalelK.Jamii ro IX. leave Brooklya for J'Btic - 9 K. M., and l r k Faac to?Bedford, I cent*; Kaat N?*i Yirk,l IX; ttnti Coerae, li|i;Trotting Conrae ltV; Jamaica J*; BruahvilU-, ; Hide I ark. (17 lailea) 37K; Clowaville, (during the *eai <o of Conn) J"Hi Hemp?tee?l, J7X; Branch J7K; Carle Plaee,44: Weatbnry, 44; llickavtlle, 44; Farmiogdale, 63X; Deer Park,It Thompeon. St. Suffolk Station, SI; Cake Road Station,fl IIV; Medforil Station, |l UK: Vaphaub.H J7X; St. Ueorie'i Manor, t' 62H; Ki?er!icad, $1 82H: Jameaport, fl (?H; Mattetuck. $1 MH; Cntehogue, >1 61*; SoutlioM, $1 UU: Greeuport Accommodation Traiu, $1 75; Uteenport bv RiUdii train. It H 'Stages are iu reidmess ou the arrival of Trains at th* several Stations. to take passeuge:s at very low farci, to ill part* ol iht Island. Crate* will be in readinen tt the Toot of Whitehall street, to receive baggsge f r the several trains, 30 minutes be'ore the hoar ol iivtisi from the Broealyn side. The steamboat "8'atesnian" leaves Ureenport for Sag Harbor on the arrival of the Boston train from Brooklyn Brooklyn, Oct. I, ISM. o9 rrc ItE'lHJLAK iViAiL LINb KOK BUSTOM VIA NORWICH k WOR- eaW^ MQ 4MCK8TUR, without change J >C?rs or Bu|,i|(, or withoat^^^^^H W_HL _crossiu|t any berrv. .SSIHE^. tsueuarss taking their sestaat Norwich, are insured their l? ts through to Boston Tlus being the ouly inland route tl. t communicates through by stesmboat and railroad. Passengers by this line are accompanied through by the conductor of the train, who will have particular charge of their baggage, and who will otherwise give his attention to their case and eomfort. mis line leaves south side Pier No. 1. * Kirrr, f Batferv Plies, daily, (Sundays excepted 'clo .1 and ai ves in Boston in time lo take kI intern Tilt lew steamer ATLANTIC, ' Dun; . es ver> Tuesday, Thursday, and 3a' htio'cl ...P.M. I'll steamer WORCESTER, i Van Felt, leaves very Monday, Wednesday, end Kri ,, at 5 o'cloek, P. M. For further information, inquire ut J. H. VAN1>V. >: BILT, No. I Battery Place, N ih Hivrr. sltfre i |DDriQlTt/lA' MIMr* l ? uiiuoiijuii .11?VT LillNCi Ai 1)4 U r , K FOR AL1JANY Landing at F 1 street, Van Cortlandt'i (Peeks kill), Cold Spriu ir.'! . New Hamburgh, Milton, PouKhkeepsie, I< *ton, Upper ilea Hook. Bristol, Catakill, J r !.:k .tr.d Kinderkonk. , One Dollar /T) j w Hud r?t-sailiuK low-preuora UBUl KTAMORA.Capt. P H. Smith, SCBBi e pier Tout of Warren mett 011 Monday, Weill. iday, at S)f o'clock, A. M. Retnrning, leave Alb. "day, Thursday tad Saturday Passengers taking thu . will arrive in Albany iu time for the trains of cars goiug North and West. Break last and Dinner on board. For freight or passive apply on board, or of A. CLARKE, corner of West and Warren streets. Fare to Van Cortlandt's Dock, 2o cants; Poughkeepsie, 50: Hudson,73; Albany >1 o4 1m r NiSW KUKK AND HAVRE COMMERCIAL. LINE OF PACKETS. T*HE sutiftoinert beg to infotui their frieua^*?H^he pub lie thit they hare been appointed by JOHN BhRUK, > iq .of Havre, agents in New York for the above line, ona o whuh wi'l be despatched from Havre weekly, througho it the season 1 he snips ol this line will be of the hrst c.ass comnitnd'd by men of chirac er vid ability, nnd tht greatest care taken io give every satisfaction to aiitrp-rs, as also to promote ihe comfort *td coi venienee of passenger* As the rates of freight and passage will be much less than bv other lines, shippers and paasengris w>U doubtless consult their ?wn interest by applying for furthe information to W. k J. T. TAP8COTT. M South at , 2d door below Burling slip, _U5 J BAH BK. Havf. /J&l .'Z-.KiM CAN ROYAL MAIL STEAM SHIPS ol 1X0 tciu$ and 440 horse Puwer each, na dtr contract witL the Lords of the Adci H1BERN1A. Ca?l. A. Kyrie. CALEDONIA Cap. E. O. Lott. BRITANNIA Capt. J.Hewitt. CAMBRIA Capt.C.H E.Judk,?a. ACADIA Capt. Win Harrison. Will sail irom Liverpool and lios'.on, vtt Halifax, as follow* >? >10M BOSTON. raOM LIVIEPOOL. Caledonia Nov. I, Britannia Oet. JO, Brunnuia Nov. 16, Acadia Nov. 4, Aeadia Dec. 1. Caledonia " 19, Cambria Dee. 4. I'ASI4GK Monet. From Boston to Liverpool $1*. From Boston to Halifax 30. No bertha secured until paid for. These ships carry exSerienced surgeons. No Ireight, except specie, received on aye of aailiag. for freight, p*ssa*e, or any other information, apply to I). BKIUHAM, Jr., Agent, A : R AKM KIT fc CO '8, 6 Wall st. ft"?" la aad.vion to the abqve line bet?e?j I ;v?r?r*t ar.d Halifax, an" Boston, a contract has been entered I n:s wi'k ller Majesty's goveinmeut, to establish a line between Liverpool and New York direct The steamships for this service are uow being built, and early next year due notice will be givee of the lime when they will start. Under the new contract the steamers will sail every Saturday during eijrlit months, and every fortnight during the other months in tinyear. Doing alternately between Liverpool, and Halifax ?HU I, OB.I ircincril UHCI|MI.|I (UiU lirw K or*. SI J T _____ .581 On nod liter Friday, Noven-ber 20:h, the anjginjPsteamboat SYLPH, Captain Braitted.will SkMaCdLintkr the following trip* to and from Staten Ulai.rt uiilii iiirther notice, tit. Leave New York. | L?are Suten III and. At 1 A.M. At Hi 11 A. > . I If 1 P. M. I 13 M. SW " 2 P M. " I *H" nl#r_ TKUK MOitNlNC. ANDEvLxNiNtT LU*E. MORNINO LINK AT rtKVEN O'CLOCK. iQftri ?a FOR ALBAN Y AND TUO Y?From u e 1?t Pier at the foot of Banlay street 3luiia9B?&?>l'*l|dii,g at l'eekaltili. West Point, Norbur*h, Hstni'Um, Miltou, PoaKhkreptie, Hyde 1'erk, Rhine deck, C. K?d H< ok Brittol, Cattail), Hodtoa, Coiaaehie Kinderbook and Bvltimore. Breakfast and dinner on board the boat. The ttcaraboat NIAOARA, will leaye oa Monday, Wed ge*day and Friday Morninga? A. V '1'ie tteambort SOUTH AMERICA, Captain Onrham, ct ! ?'.? t'tu iday and Saturday mornings, at ^ o'clock. Re -truing en oppotue day*. For 'luie or freight appiy >? board, or ct the office oa th' whart. roilt. ALBANY ANDTIvOY LIJIK > R ALBANY AND TXIOY DIRECT, Frcm the pier at the foot of Court I unit sl.eet 'ft* low-preemre traaiabuat EMPIRE, Captain P..11. .Mae?, lonvet t.'?e toot ol Coartlaiult ttree', on T net day, Thnrnlav ad Surruday eyesiings.iit fire o clock. The steamboat COLUMBIA, (.'apt. Wra. H. Pack, will leaTe on Moadty, Wedneaday tad KriJey rrmnp, at J 'clock. l rtj??np?re takiag time Eoau will itrrira in time to take the Mou id* Train of Cart from Troy *<et to Baf&lo.aid aortb to Saratoga, Whitehall ar>d Lake Osrapl'in. For I'jwtgeor Freight, apply oa board, or tt the Ofie> on the whs;i. .No freifht taken after o'clock. NOTR E? All gooda, freight, Uuk billa, specie, or aaj etiier kind of i<top?rry, poemrely at tlieowner'e ritk. jStr OPPOSITION TICKET OFFICE~FOR THE NORTH AN LI WEST. . ern f.-3i FOH ALBANY.7ieeau; Uriea, $2 ; 8y ^^jJ^V^Tjeraense, ?2 S# ; (H?no. 1J TS ; Roeliestei, jCTrT^ f" 75; Buffalo, S3; Cleveland $5 M; Porta m^u^n, f? ; Pituhorth. ft: Detroit, Michigan, tt ; Ciucin ne ii, Ohio, $8; Milwaukie, $9; Chicago.! 9, Toronto, U C., $5 jH: Hamilton, V> Ml; Kingaloti, !i SO; Whitehall, IJ 50; Montreal, (5 JO.?I'ataeii|;ert, by applying. ?*n get tlieir tickera at the office No. 100 Barclay ttrett, at the above rM,r'ni^h M f, KAV. Agent NEW YORK, ALBANY AND TROY LINE, FOR ALfiA.SY ANI) THOY IHHEVT. From the Pier at the foot of Cotirtlandt Street?Putiage ; I.AO? Benin ftOuanta. PASSIOOER8 taking thia Boat will ar arrive in time to take the Morning Train of jCJUL ear* from Troy west te Buffalo, and north lo W iii ehali and Laae <.haa.plaiu. 1 ha low presaare suanitmat EMPIRE, Caot. R. B. Viacy, This fcreuiog at i o'clock. Regelar daya, Tuesday, Thura day and tMuiday. f or rasaige or Freight, apply on Boarrl, or at the Oflire ou the Wharf.?Freight mutt be put in charge of the FreiRht ; Agent Q' the enrr pmy will not be respouaihle for lota PEOPLE'8 LINE OF HTEAIHF.Ra FOR ALBANY, uaily at J o clock, P. M ?Through Direet, Fi nn Steamboat pitr brtwtrn Courttanrti and Liberty (ft. , lf'?mhoatKN|CKERBU< KER, Capt A. in puir l>'nK,'!'n'. Will Irareon Monday, Weduer SbSEX. day au l t ndty eveningt, at i o'clock. Htts.Kuitl i?AAL NEW I ON, lapt. William II. Peck, i Will leave oa Toeaday, Thortday anu aatorday eteniaga at) 'Block. _____ A . S o'cioek, P. M-, Ltuiiiug at Intemediata Placet, from lb* foat oj Barclay ttrtti. StetniHoel NORTH AMERICA, Capt. R H. Fnry, will ! letye on .Vlooday, Wednesday, Friday It Monday afternoons, , at }o clock. mei'Mooat SANTA CLAU8, Captain B Oterhangh, will leave Oil Tuesday, Thnndty and Hainrday aiternoout, at S o'clock. The anora boata will at all timet arrira ta Albaay ia ample ti ne for the moruing cart for the tot and Weet. Freight taken at moderate ratet, and none taken alter 4 'clock, P. M. * , All peraont ar* forbid troaling any of the boats of thia liae, without a written order from the capuint or ageou. For passage or freight, apply on board the boata, or to P. C. Helmltt. at ?? I off r f nil t( < * ? * 11 n13r " 8TKAW HOARDS T ""-^."esGssa V'KtiT&fs?*"" f lark H Md?7N>tata t? E NE1 NEW AiUTiaM ACCUnniHIATIUII*. m> ROCHE. HROTl^Et^k Co. I _ AKRANtjfcVlfcNT9. | wmittuCN lo ud ftuate from Umat Britain aad Ireland, by the i BLACK BALL, OR OLD LINE OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS. j '1 Sailing from Liverpool on (ha lit and Kth of trtry mouth. AUo, by tir?i claaa American *hi.> (WMHy.) ' Feraonf aendiuf to the Old Conn'ry for their Iriemla, can ' 1 make the nrceaaary arrangeineuta with the anbaenbera, aud have iliem hrongit out in any of the ei*ht ahipa cumpnain( , i the Black Ball, or Old Line ol Liverpool racket*, aailinc i from Liverpol on tne la and 16th of tvrrj month. Alio, by I frat claaa ahipi aailmg from that pert weekly, which our ' a*<ut, Mr Roche, Senior, there, will aee are aent ont without I The Black Ball, or Old Line of Liverpool P*ckeu, comprise the followinr magnificent ships, and will Mil Iron Liverpool on the regular appointed day*, a* follow* :? FIDELIA. let January, lit May, lit September EUhOPE. lfith 16th ' 16th " NEW YORK, lit February, l?t Jane, I?t October. COLOMBIA. 16th " 16th " 16th " YORKSHIRfc, I at March, lai Jnly. Itt November _ OXF'RD. 16th " 16ih " 16th " I *" CAMBRIDGE. 1st April, la' Aug., lit December. MON r> ZCMA. 16th " 16th 'r 16th " P. S.?Thr public are respectfully notified, bjr desire of the owners of the Black Ball, or Old Line of Liverpool Packets, i / that no iMutencer agents ?>nt R. B k Co. hive permiaaion * from tliein to advertise to b'ing out passengers by that liua, i bl and that they are tiie only regular authorised passenger agent* *' of *sid line in this citv. tr We hare at all times for aale draft* at tight, for any amouct, It drawn direct ou the Hoyal Bank of Ireland, Dublin; alaoon li Mux*. Pretcott Urote, Ames k Co , Bankers, London .which c< are peaO free of d'arount or any charge whatever, in all the hi principal town* throughout England, Ireland Sa^ltad and Wi'.sa W App./at tiitsnkr l*i:*i; xtpaiit* ROCHE, BROTHERS * Co., Si Fallon street, N. Y , nert door to the Fulton Bank. The officeof Mr. Roche, Seur., > at 7i Dublin atreet, ?Trc Liverpool. n M> Jtfe Mt. J&fe i P. T^miNE^TtUcT'S NKW YORK JIND LIVERPOOL KMIORATION O FFIC K. PW. BYHNES k CO., of Liverpool, are deeiron* ofm- I forming the public of the United State*, that they con- ' linue to detpstch a line of first class Ship* and Packets to tc New York, on the 1st, 6th, 11th, 16-Ji, 21?t and 26th of each mouth; and on the 12m a'd 20th for Philadelphia, and on the 8rh an' 20ih to Boston, and at stated periods to Baltimore: also to New Orleans during the healthy season; by uny of which liuea partiea can engage lor their Irieads to be brought _ out withoct disappointment or delay, thia being the oldeat and large at establishment in the passenger trade iu Liverpool, 1 and having found the importance o! a direct Agency in the u United States, for the purtiose of placing within the power of 111 the fne- da of the passengers coming out, the immediate cor- P1 respoiuleiio' with a resectable establishment, from whom u they c ' ly for attentioh and favor towards their relations " leivii ic 'Id country. Cl P. BYRNES k CO. offer many advantages to passenli no others have attempted, in a direct communica- ' hipi from Ireland to the United Sta'es,a* they '' ive, in> . lily, v*<sels durii g the spring from Dublin, Cork, ~ terfoid, Delfast and Londonderry, by which mean* emi- u are saved much trouble aiidexpense. by being (hipped t ir n*i. seaport. ami also that of being luided in any of < ports ol the United States to which shins tra^e from Li ^ verpool, nearly at the same cost as direct to New York. I I'. W. UVKNESk CO. have ageuu in all the seaport . town* iu Ireland, from whence steamers leave for Liverpool, " and iu many of the interior towns, who are most attentive to J], emigrants on embarkation, and by whom any moueyeanbe J paid that may be required to Mocure sea stores, kc. ' The persons who act for th^;ompauy in the United States are? NEW YORK ?Mr. Edward Saul, St South, corner of Wull street. .. BOSTON-Mr. W. P. McKay, 5J MilV street. PHILADELPHIA?Meaar*. H. C. Cruig k Co., Market ? street. BALTIMORE?Mr. Oeorge Law. r NEW ORLEANS-Mr. John Toole. Drafti ??d Exchange ? Draft* f?r any amount. payable , at light, on the ProTineial Bank of Ireland and all ita branches, p and alao on all the principal towna of England and Scotland, J, withoutducount. ? For particular* of tarma apply to r. W. BYRNES & CO., ? St South, corner of Wall ?t., Naw York. ? P. W. BVKNh.S It CO., ! *23 lm'ia 3S Waterloo Hoad, Lirerpool. PACKETS FOR HAVKE?SECOND LINE. <m m. m. Th^mj>> of thi^Tiu^will *ail dunui^he yee^i^h^ol ti lowing order >? ? From N. York. P01 Havre. ,. J Jan. 1, Feb. 16 r May 1 June It Kept. 1. Oct. 6. | Ship ST. NICHOL AS. CaPt. N. W.SJ'^.J; ?; hveleigh. > Qct |. Not. I?. Sh.r ONEIDA. Capt. Funck, ijfc}; ^g'ls'' ' ( Not. 1. Dec. 16. Ship BALTIMORE, Capt. J. John-S /; ^ J*; ,tou" \ Dec. 1. Jin. 16. Tliey are all of the firat clnsa, ably commanded, and with accommodation* ample and cmnmodiou*. The t>nce of pa* age in the cabin is $100, excluiiverof wine* and liquor*. Apply to BOYD fc H1NCKKN. t Ageuta, No. 9 T?utine Building*. I No. tl Wail street. , Good* aeut to the agent* for forwarding, will be aubject t? | none other than the eipekset actually paid. anal m j GLASGOW AND NEW YORK LINE OF | PACKETS. I PMk M. M M. < EHSONS wishing to *eud for their frienda in any part ol Scotland, to aail direct from Olaagow, can make ar ran lieinent* with the Subscribers, to have them brought out in any >( the regular line ol Packet*, tailing monthly from OlaagowThe ANN HARLEY, Capuin gcolt. ADAM CARR, Captain McKwei, SARACEN, Captaiu Hawkins, BKOOKSiiY, Comprise the above line,and the high character of those vea ela *hould he >uffieient inducement lot pe, .on* who may be * ending far their frienda in Scotland, to make anangeiMnU for ibi* (tne only line.) ' Farther particular* given, on application to r W. fc J. T. TAl'SCOTT, 75 Soutli itreet, corner of Maideu Lane, or fi Me**r*. RK1D k MURRAY, Agent* f II f in Gliugow. n ~NEW LINE OF LIVERPOOL PAOK.MI&. " &k ML M To asil from New Yurk 11U,and from Liverpool 6uio^*cri mouth. V t ri.m A'rvi Yor k. l.ivct pool. New ship LiTerpool, 1150 ton*, J J?";, ;! J "? J J. Kid ridge. teu.t H tT I New .hip Queen oftheWeat, S If?"**7 |J J 1330 tons/r. Woodhonae, i ,, ?{ Jnly C NewaWp RochMter WOtoca, l\ J John Briton. J October 21 Dec. ( 7 ~ (March 11 Mar ? > ""'TfSSifT"*""", J July II Bert. Ira Bursty ) Nov. J1 Jan. 6 1 These suostantial, fkat sailing, first class ship*, aH bnilt in I die city of new York, are commanded by men of experience c and ability, nud will be despatched punctually oa the 21st ol si aach moutli. at Their cabins are elegant and commodious, and are furnished with whatever can conduce to the ease and comfort ofpaaaengers. Price of passage $100. Neither the captaina nor owneri of these ahipa will be re- ? sponsible for any parcels or packages sent by them, unless L regular bills of lading are signed therefor. For freight or passage apply to WOOl)HULL It MINTURN, 1 tn South street, New York, or to .r F1ELDEN, BROTHERS It CO., ? mi re Liverpool. MARSEILLES LINE OF PACKETS. m M M. M , Theundeniia^.ioi^hip^vill b^egularly despatenriMrs 1 Hence on the 1st, and from Marseilles the 10th of each noa pi duriag the year, as follows di Ships. Captaina. From N.York at PR'CE ue JOINVILLE, (new) Lawreneo, April 1 Sept. 1 MISSURI, Silvester, May 1 Oct. 1 AKCOLK (new) Eveleigh, June I Nov. 1. ? OASTON, Coulter, July I Dec. 1. _ NKBRASKA (new) Watson, Aug. 1 Jan. I. 1 Ships. Captains. From Marseillea. -f PR'CE de JOINVILLE, (new) Lawrence, Jane 10 Nov 10 lh MISSOURI, Silvester, July 10 Dee. 10 lh ARCOLE, (new) Eteleigh, Aug. 10 Jan. IB m UASTON, Coulter, Dept. 10 Keb. 10 b? NEBRASKA, Watson, Oct. 10 Mar. 10 ui These vessels are of the first claaa, commended by men ot ? stperience. Their accommodations, for pauencers are unanr " paised fer comfort and convenience. Goods addressed to the Si igents will he forwarded free of other chargea than those aetu ally paid. ' For freight or passage apply to CHAMBERLAIN k PHELPS, Proprietor* ?' No. 103 Front street, or to BOYD k HINCKEN, Agents, w lire >Tontine Buildings, tt Wall,cor. Water rt. ? NEW YORK AND GLASGOW LINE OF ?' PACKETS. Mk. M Ml M naXIJg from Ne^York on the lst^n^uTasgow o^h^JtS " ol each month. cn From N. York. Fm. Ol'gow jj> i June I. Jnly IV *' Ship SARACEN, N. T. Hawkin*, < Oct. 1. Nov'r IS. I Keb. 1. March 15, iJnly 1. April 15. Nov. I. Aug. 15. ?? March 1. Dec'r 15. i August 1. May 15. "u Br Bsrk ADAMCARH.JnoWrigtit < Dec'r 1. Sept. IJ. h* ( April 1. Jan. 15. J?' i.\lay 1. Jane 15. '] Sept. 1. Oct. 15. I Jau'y 1 Febrna. 15. _] These ships are good, substantial vessels, ably commanded, ?nd will sail punctually on their regular daya. Their accom JL modaticna lor passengers,are good, and eve ^attention will be p* paid to promote their comfort. The agents or C itains wjl by not be resiionsible for any parcels or package* Mat by them, , un'ess bills of lading are signed therefor. ~ For freight or P" e^oVHULL jmntURN, t P7 South street, New York, or i* oil re RKID *. .MURRAY. Olasgow. 1 kn H?rket ?hn. M LI HONK, from Liverpool, is now IgEMW discharging under geaeral orders, at Orleans wharf. ; Ubfoot uf Wall St. All goods that are not permitted ,h( will he sent to the puhlie ston*. I ab jft h oh OLASOOW?The New Line-Regular cu Packet. 1st December?The fine fast sailing Br. : on HMb btrk adam C ahR, 400 tons, Capt. John Wnght, | {*< will sun aa above, her regular dtjr. ror freight or peamge, havnV splendid accommodations, cai apply oa board, foot of Hooaevelt street, East R ver. to , WOODHULL it MINTURN, p'< _ ? _ t7 Houtn street. The A I Br. bark Ann Harler.JCipt. Robert Heott.will sue- ea eeed the Adam Carr, tkj*ei7 *a liev Mvulgr>de|r, the lat. 1 J aauary ?l tt of W YO YORK, MONDAY MOR "PALO ALTO CHAMPAGNE." I \ N INVOICE of cht* " Piyioiic "and Delicious Wine, X Has Jtyt beeu'received by the snbscrilMr, to which th Mic.od of Hotel Keepem and Private Oenileinan u icrited, ' or i?l< in lot* to soit purchasers. by K B. DALY. importer of WIBM, fee. m*rr- %4 BmwmI ?tr?? J far t ^ oOrtiiAWi, Omul No H Wiu it., orroim timMiioimti' dcBA??a. rH 18 omp-ji cuiiuiiu to itiiri uuul loss or 6si|l by Kiro, on dwelling hiiuaei.w&rthoQiM, buildings La go raj. goods, WMM and merchandise, and evary descriplioa o ersonsl property ;nl?o loss or lift image l>y iifaad a el igation *oa truuportatiec DIRECTORS. Thomas VV. Thome, Klislia Kiggs, Thomas T. Woodruff, Anson linker, K. R. Kobson, M. P. Joseph brake, Thomson !*riee, Joseph Allen, Moses Tucker, Jnmes K. Holmes, John K. Darisca, John P. More, John H. Lee, William K. Tnora, Caleb C. Turns, T nomas Morrell, ITraocrtn*. 8aga, Eugene Bogart, Joha.C. Merritt, Robert Smith. THOMAS W. THORNS, PtmUMI K(l T HOrK. Aaeratarv tU Ifr. ,1'HK LU>U If L. AiN U E CUMrAM t CAPITAL 200,000 DOLLAKS. WITH A SURPLUS Orricc 41 Fulton ?tbkit, Brooklyn. ONT1.NUE8 to take risks on buildings, machinery, marJ chsudise aad property generally, on their usual favoraIf Urmi. This company lias passed through the two greatit conflagrations that have ever occurred in the country ; ley owe their es?ape from them with comparatively slight isses to the system which they have always practised of initing and scattering their risks All losses which the >mpiuiy may sustain will be adjusted and paid promptly as eretoiore. 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SPECIAL DESPATCHES TO THE NEW YORK HEftALD Rie Oraj?dk, Nov. 4, 1948. Wh?n the army of occupation broke up the camp at Corpua Chrieti, all ita invallda war* toft at St. Joaeph'a I a] an J. Many of theae, having ao far recovered aa to be able to take the field, are now her* on their way to join the main army. The hoapital and depot at 8t Joteph'a are wholly abandoned, the property and atorea removed to the Brazoa. The Inapector General of the army, Col Belknap, if now here from head quartera, to eend forward all the regular! which were before left to garriaan the poati alon( the river, but whoie preaence ia now more importannt with the army. They are to be relieved by companies of volunteer*. To-day ia expected to arrive, regiment of mounted Tenaeeeeeana under Col. Thomaa. They have marched from Port Lavacca. and have ordera to encamp near thi? place. Half of them are armed with end half with carbinea, and will doubtleaa prove themielve* moat efficient troepa for any operationa in Tamaulipa*. We have nothing from Monterey, further than that preprrationi are quietly going forward for the advance. It ia aaid that deapatceea nave been received from Oen. Wool, reporting hia column aix daya march from Monclova ; he ia thua in aupporting diatance, and in all probability, will unite with General Taylor. .V. V. z. INTEI'LTOKNCE FROM MONTFRKY, [From the New Orleana Delta, Nov. 14.] We gave in our extra, itaueri yeiterday morning, the main featurea of the lateat newa from Monterev. which we took from the Matamora* Flag, of the 4th inat. It will ba found below. Since then it wai our pleaiure to havu an interview with Mr. Salomon, ol the Paymaater'a Department. He was one of the last of thoie who arrived here by the Virginia who left Monterey?having departed at noon on the -J6th ult. From the inrormation wnich Mr. Salomon wai kind enough to communicate to ui, wo compile the following digest : ? First, then, of poor KidgeUy: the accidont of which ho was the victim, as related by as yesterday, occurred to him, as stated, on the DSth ult , and of his recovery, when Mr. 8. left, there was no hope. It was the unanimous opinion of the four doctors in attendance on him, that the chances of his existing were as one is to one thousand. l.t Armistead, the bearer of despatches to Gen Taylor, who had left Washington before the government had been informed of the battle of Monterey and its results, had reached the camp son e days previously to the departure of Mr. Salomon. The purport of (hose despatches were believed, or known to be, instructions or advice from the War Department to march onto Tampico, if, after a full survey of his position, he felt himself justified in doing so. The battle of Monterey, of course, in a great measure, rendered these orders null; and the General's movements will necessarily be guided by the despatches of which Maj. Graham was the bearer, for they were written with a full knowledge of what had transpired at Monterey. This gentleman. Mr. 8alomon met between Camargo and Monterey, so that Gen. Taylor's determination has been before this taken. Of the movements of Santa Anna, Ampudia, or the main body of the Mexican army, little?nothing poaitive ?was known at the camp. It was only understood that they have evacuated Saltillo, and were concentrating, it was believed, their whole force at San Luis Fotosi ? Should nothing In the late despatches induce Gon. Taylor to alter his plan of operations, hi* determination was to march on to Lanaros, (190 miles from Monterey) cn routr to Tampico, and in a line north of San Luis Totosi. But thither he did not mean to move with a numerical force less than Aftoen or twenty thousand men. The present I active force from the mouth of the Rio Grande to and ut Camarro. is eitimuted at 13 000 men?that in Monlorov at 5003; so that it would loem, alter leavinr tho necessary ir.en to garrison the tle|>oU and fort* atonic the Rio (irande to Camargo, to occupy Mier, Heralvo and PantaSuida, of which our troop* now hold military possession, e?idt>* Monterey, and Saltillo, of which possession was about to be taken,' that a considerable reinforcement would be necessary before?in the epinion of General Taylor?the first advance movement should be made. But be it understood, that an express arrived at Monteiey, from General Wool, on the sMh ult, stating that he wss within six days' march of Monclora. and had with him fifty days provisions. From this, his position, it was believed that he was on his way to join Gen Taylor at Monterey, and had not touched at Chihuahua. His force could not much exceed 3600 men. Notwithstanding tba predetermination of Gen. Taylor not to move from Monterey without the strong reinforcement spok?n nf above, our informant thinka that Gen. Wool's command, and such other force as he may draw ojfrom the present military stations, lie may, on hearing that Santa A run Is at San Luis Potosi, dash on thete and give him a fight without regard to disparity of numbers in the opposing parties, so great is his confidence in his troops. Whatever enterprise he undertake*, we have no fears for the reiult. [.From the New Orlean* Picayune, Nor. 14 ] We yesterday received, after our main new* from the Army was made up, a letter from a distinguished officer of the Americnn Army at Monteroy; which is three days later than anything we have seen. That portion of it in iclationto Bustamente we look upon as rather doub.fui, although the old general may have been sent up in the neighborhood of Chihuahua and Souoru to look after General Wool. We muko extracts from the letter, which is dated: MowrraxV. Oct. 39, 1846. Poor Hidgcly is dead. He was buried yesterday, and is mourned by the entire army. Major Lear will not live twenty-four hours longer. We have late news from San Luis d'e Potosi, to the effect that Santa Anna,was there with 14,000 men and no leas than thirty-seven generals.? He wai recruiting daily, but his intentions were not known. It is rumored that Bustamenta ha* gone north, in the direction of Chihuahua, to meet Gen. Wool, and farther it is positively asserted that the Indians are killing and laying waste all before them in the latter State.? Not a line more in the shepe of news. [From the Mstamoras Flag, Nov. 4] The health of the troops is said to be rather bad at this time, the principal complaints being tho diarrhea and chills and fever. It is supposed that the Iruit, so readily obtained there, increase* the (icknes*. The Mexicans do not appear to be well disposed toward* the American* at Monterey. A person belonging to the Alabama regiment was recently strolling about outside the camp, when a lancer came down upon him, and rau .him through several times. A gentleman recently returned from Monterey, who ha* hud a geod opportunity ol forming a correct opinion of the future movement* of General Taylor, expresses it as his belief that, after garrisoning Saltillo, the main body of the army will take up the line of march for Tampico. where it will be reinforced, preparatory to making a descent on San Luis Potosi, which it is genecally sup posed will be the next battle scene. It seems to lie an ascertained fact in General Taylor's camp, (Mexican rumors in this city to the contrary, notwithstanding,) that Saltillo i* not to be defended?the wnoie Mexican lorce neinR concentrated ai nan l.uii Potosi. which placo ia being fortified in the strongest possible manner. (Jen. Wool had reported himself to Gen. Taylor ei within a short distance of Monclova, and we are inform ed that a part of his force if to form a Junction with (Jen, Taylor at Monterey, the remainder moving on to Chihuahua?the whole foice being deemed unnecefsary for thii service. It i* ul-o staled to ui that Victoria and all the principal towns in Tamaulipa* are to be immediately garrisoned, and wo would speculate that it ia with the ultimata object of placing all the country on the eaat or northeast side ol the Sierra Madre, under the government acd laws of the United States, to be held a* a portion of her territory and as an indemnification for the war. Companies K. and H. 1st Regular Artillery, on duty at this post, packed up bag and baggage yesteiday, preparatory to a move for Monterey. The Tennessee Cavalry Regiment are encamped on the Palo Alto battle ground. Several officers belonging to this regiment are in town, but we could not ascertain when or where it ia intended to move next. The men gTe generally improving in health. Montcmkv, Mexico, Oct. 30, 1846. * Sir?e my last we have dates from Chihuahua to the 39th !> *pt ; from Baa Luia Potosi to the 12th inst., and Haiti Ho to .'be l?th; the aubatance of which 1 give you as far as theT ue based upon good authority. By a pi.'rate letter, which I have before me, to an American iir Paris, (a small town between chihuahua and Sallillo.) I learn that all the Americana had left Chihuahua, on th* 6th ult., lor Cocihuiraahi, as their lives were in danger Irom the violence of the mob, which in composed 01 the Peons, Greasers, and other portions of the lower claaa, who take advantage of every excitement ofthiakind to assassinate the foieigners, and plunder their property. On the 20th ult, they had received advices at Chihuahua, that Qen. Kearney was in posrtnaion of New Mexico irtid that 3000 of the Government troops had deserted and volunteered to join Kearney, thus leaving Armijo with an ai^ty of 76 men! Oen. Wool was expected to arrive in Chihuahua on the lath of th*?month. Tuer# would be no force whatever to oppose h.'?Santa Anna vrivrd at San Luia Totoal on the 6th inat. with 3000 troops. Previous to his leaving the city of Mexico, he attempt**! to borrow money for the purpoae of prosecuting the w.T. The Church at first acceded to the proposition to pleoJO their property for a loan vt (2.000,000, but afterwards /-efused, and the loan was not negotiated. Santa Anna therf *?ia friends aucceeded in railing about $80,000. Abou tiie time of hii arrival at San Luis Potosi, the conducts left for the sea coast with a large amount of money, which he .'topped; but it waa not known whether be intended to us?f the whole ol the money or merely demand the exporta'ton per centage, which would amount to about $00,000. ! Santa Anna's express arrived at SaltiMeon the 10th : inst, with instructions for all the Mexican troops to leave ' that place in three days, and move to San Luih Potosi? the last remains of wtuch took up their line of march accordingly, on the lflth. Ampudia's army is oat of provisions, in a manner, and the troops are siarvmg and deserting. A loretgner who was at Seltillo at the time the Mexicans atop|>?d there, intuitu* me that if Oen. Taylor's (Om. Taylort rl ranck*ra, aa they call him,) would receive them, (bey would nearly all join him, aa toon as their legs could carry them here, aa they much admire the manner in which our army is clothed, fed and paid?and oneifterinir intoconversation with any of them who have been left behind on account of wounds, or sickness, the first quae lion theyaik ia, how much our treops are paid, and nhatrationa they receive. On being inlormed, they look quite astonished, tnd aay it is an extravagant amount, particularly that paid to the mounted volunteer*. Previous to Ampudia leaving Seltillo, he took all the lobaccs, segars, and other si tic lea of merchandise ha coufcl find In U>e place, and paid off his army with them :tij H a J. MJJ X% J% 1846. I as far at thay would nicb, which the soldiers were tall ing for u; price thay could fat, io order to satisfy the cravioga of hunger. On th? 14th, the Mexican wa? ihot at Saltillo who wu bring irg the mail to the army, which waa intercepted between Camarro and thii place The Mexican citi, zena there aey that the mail contained instruction* to | Oen Taylor to march oule Sen Luis Potosi, and thataa ! soon as the sickly season was over on the coast a large force would be landed at Tampico and join him at that ' point, and believing this to be the plan of operations, they are mo Tin* from Haiti) la a* fast as poaaible. I learn from a gentleman just from the interior that many of the wealthy Mexican families are desirous that the Americana should retain possession of the country. and establish a permanent government, which would I route the many bands of robbers that infest the different neighborhoods, plundering the inhabitants at every op1 portunity. Some of the largest and wealthiest families nave sent word to Oen Taylor thnt tliev will furnish him with flour, corn or beef, repudle*'! of the threata of the Mexican commandant. Large amounts of money had l>f> v i I on the result of the fight ot this pl,i<".\ tho u )1U li"i,| commissions and their friends betting on tlm success ol the Mexicans, ! and the foreigners, with a few of the natives, on the Americans ; the effect of which has been, that those who hare lost open the vial* of their wrath on the head of Aropudia. Messrs. Kelly and Bensley arrived hero on the 17th inst., with their circus and menegerie. They have been travelling several years through this country, iind left Chihuahua on the 17th of August, performing at the differttpt towns and ranchos on their route except Saltillo, whkh place they left on the 13th for fear of being asaas- . sinated by the mob. Yesterday they entertained n large audience, who were highly delighted with the performances, which conainted ol horsemanship, feats of tumbling. athletic exercises, dogs extraordinary, monkey riding, U.C. Icc., together with the pranks, capers and ; gesticulations ef a full-grown, living und thriving Mexi| can clown. They have with them 11mmt Wn. Mulligan and John Walters, Masters KanninKtua hii>1 Berry, ; and some others whose names I did not luain [ Active preparations are making to opeu a thoatre, un1 der the management of Mr. J. \V. Miller, and it will be j ready te receive visitors in the course of ten or twelve days. The actors will principally be amateurs, assisted by Mr. and Mrs. Hart, Mr. and Miss Jefferson, Mrs. Ewing, Miss Christy, Miss Bradley, and Mr. Koster, who are expected here ill a few day*. Thus, between the circus and the drama, the army will occasionally be able te pleasantly direct their attention from the dull monotonous routine of the camp. The health ot the army, I am sorry to say, ia somewhat impaired at the present time, occasioned most probably by the necessarily heavy duties since the siege of this place, and an excessive indulgence in the use of fruits?but the cases generally are of a very light nature?mostly fever and ague. However, a? far as 1 have witnessed, they have easily been contiolled, and I have no doubt, with proper restrictions, we shall soon be able te preaent a clear sick list. s We received ? mail on the 18th, but I have not been able to get hold o( a paper, or even learn whether one has arrived. If the papers of New Orleans want their subscribers in the army furnished, they will have to take the matter in hand at home. The post office department of the army must either have a great many obstacles to contend with, or is most miserably managed. The weather has been very cool and rather unpleasant for the last three or four days, much more so than is usual at this season of the year. Many of the Mexicans attribute it to the presence ol the Americans?lot Indian 7\gre itl Norte, as they say. [Krom the New Orleans Delta, Nov. 14.J x uo Uiu^iat icpviM ill uci?u, ui lun ui diuihui CJ i have been entrusted to Gov. Henderson, of Texu, who was to have them forwarded to Washington. On the 17th ult., he was met eighty miles east of Monterey, having them in liis possession. We ahould soon have them published in the Union. There has been no interruption to travel between Camargo aad Mosterey aince the battle. Canales is nowhere. The people of Monterey are returning in great numbers to the city, and resuming their business. General Worth, who acts as Governor of the ?ity, protects them in all their rights, and is, in turn, idolized by them, as he i* indeed by the whole American army, as well volunteers as regulars. The wounded officers and men in Monterey are doing : as well as can be expected. Arista's garden, an Kden in I itself, is the army hospital. General butler and Col McClung are rapidly recovering. Major Lear's wound is ! a critical, a dangerous one, resembling in its position, 1 ami so far, in its eiliacta, thatofCapi. Cage. ' The health ol Mntnmorns is represer*. J as very much improved. We extract the lollowing Irom the Flag of the SIst ult.? List of Dtatht in thr Qrnrral Hoipital at Mutamoras since the latA Ortobrr. James Hall, 8th infantry; Orey, Louisiana Volunteers (Pha'uix company;) Andrew burns, 4th infantry; Goodlip Wicks and Martin Burns, 3d do; Thomas Shuee, 3d rcg't Ohio volunteers; I*. Beeby, J. M Ring, Hammond. Daugherty, W. Benson. V. Webb, J. Turner and W. Smith, 4lh reg't Illinois volunteers; J. P. Coleman, M Barringer, M Harlow and John Towell, 3d do; \V. M. Wing, 'Jd artillery; W. il. Craig her. Jas W. Foster, Alfred Cox and David Hawk, 1st rog't India; ua volunteers; John Carroll, 1st artillery, (company H ) I Two companies of artillery, one (H) under Capt.'Noiman, the other (F) under Lieut. Hanking, broke up their quarters at Matamoras on the 3d inst., and would learo | immediately for Monterey. ; Reports were current ut Matamoras on the 4th inst., | among the Mexican residents, that Tarnpico had been takvn by our squadron. The Americana did not know what, to make of the report. We make two extracts from the Flag. [From the American Flag of 38th ult.] i It was rumored yesterday in Mexican circles, that the troops which were on their way to San Luis Potosi from Haltillo, (noticed as a rumor in our last number,) have been ordered back to that place by Santa Anna, who has joined them with a lnige additionaal force Eight thousand troops are stated to be on the eve of marching from San Luis Potosi to Tampico. A gentleman, conversant with the country ao<4 Mexican policy, hints to us that, if this latter forro crosses the mountains at Tula, (being the road to Victoria) the design is to continue the march in this direction, and operate in the rear of God. Taylor; but should they continue on the east side of the mountains from Tula (the road to Santa Barbara) their destination is certainly Tarnpico. Ho likewise hints that much good might result lrom having spies out in the direction of Victoria, to watch their movements. Santa Anna, it is said, will have at Saltillo ubout 20,060 troops, including regulars, volunteers and rancheros. [From the American Flag of Nov. 4th.] We Itave advices from this post as la.e as the 26th ult. To the politeness of a friend we aro indebted for a few items of news. The health of the troops is said to be rather bad at this time, the principal complaints being the diarrhoea and chills and fever. It is supposed that the i fruit, so readily obtained there, increases the sick ness. * * * * * % military movements. [From the Albany Journal, Nov. 21 ] Governor Wright yesterday received the President's , r? quisition for a regiment ol volunteers, to serve during tho war. It was lett with him to designate the regiment, and tie lelectod the 1st. Adjutant General Temple has favored us with a list of the officer* of the regiment: Ward B. Burnet, Colonel; James C. Burnham, Major. [The Lieut. Colonel resigned a fortnight since, and his place has not yet been tilled.] Captains?Charles H. ?haw, (Jen Count de Bongars, James Bmilay, J. P. Taylor, James L Hewitt, Chailes Kearsing, D. K. Hungerford, T. 8. Gaszyniski, Mertin Kaircluld, L. R Campbell. All the companies, with their officers, are located in the city of New York. They will be immediately put in readiness fer embarkation. It ia understood, if any fur ther requisitions are made, that (Jot. Wright will take the regiments in their order. [From the New Orleans Bulletin, Nov. 14 J We understand that 600 of the new mounted Hide Regiment are hourly expected here by the way of the river and will be immediately embarked for the Rio (Jrande. This is the regiment commanded by Col. P. V. Smith, and wc learn they are one of the finest body of men evei embodied. They have been recruited principally in the mountains of Virginia and Uhio, and not a man among them ovor 3o years. The General Van Neat Casr, Winn v??r js. Njv. 21, I8H. Immediately on the meeting of the court this morning, Slits Skbkni Co an at a (I beg the lady's pardon lor misspelling her nam.? yesterday.) was cros* examined by Mr. Br.i<lley for defendant. Hor mother went to live on | Missouri street three years ago ?was absent from home when she.Lroke up ou the avenue Lived en the avenue nine years. Does not remember how long the judge* of the Supreme Court had a consultation room in the house, ] whether more than one season or not ; does not recollect Judge Baldwin boarding there, aor any other Judges in j the year before. Remembers Col. SUmbaugh six years ago, when mother lived on the avenue ; he occupied a back room adjoining the parlor Mr. Gordon, of New York, never boarded there. The maiden name ol her aunt, at whose house the stepped at Green Valley, in Virginia, was F.liza Parsons; she was married in Virginia. Hasan aunt Hi Virginia who lived with her mother at one time. [This i art ot the testimony was not distinctly heard, owing to our position.] Judge Harris, of Rhode Island. visited the house two years before the marriage l)ue> not know whether theie was a contract of mar iisge between Judge Harris *nd her mother Her moth?r did not go to Rhode ltland in 1844; believe she went to Now Hampshire; does not know whother her mother went to Rhode I -land; her mother was absent a month or two, in the summer of 1844; in 1843 her mother wa? absent several months; thinks her mother went in January and returned in May or June; her mother was not keeping a boarding-house at that time, but friends boarded with them when the city was crowded; mother sold out in 1*42, and went to live on Missouri street in July, 184S; could not say that the judges had a consultation room before mother sold out; in the summer ol 1044, August, mother lelt the city lor the north; mother told her she was going to Vermont; befoio going to Philsdel, phis, Judge Urice boarded at the house; in the spring of < 184ft, a tall young gentleman; don't recollect any one boarding there iu the summer ol 1840; reached 1'lnladelphia at 11 o'clock at tdght; went to Crim's; ai .?rs_t urn's saw persona with whom they thought they were familiar I and had seen in Washington; cant say who they waie; mother went to Poet OBlce before she left Crlm s; in the course of conversation with Mrs I rim, Mrs Crim gave no reason why they should precore another beaming house; waa not preaent when the bill was settled; can i remember bow long It was after byaklast; have no recollection whether it was late Or early breaklast; went out after fcreakf??t to look foi another boarding | house Mrs. Crim Uvea a square from Mrs. Moulder. 1 Went to'Mm Moulder'a after breaklaat and before dini I ner thinks that Mr?. Moulder received witneaa there i when she want; they ware ahown to their room, mot bar ."g tV."ilt LB. Wu Two CMM. ' introduced witnaaa u har daughter to Mr* Moulder, thinks the dinner hour ?u?m or two o'clock; don't recollect at what time they walked out after Jtnner to ee the city ; went by the market; rant tell whet direction it will walked through aome of the market to see whether it wm like the Waahirr?on market; returned to ten; went to the Po?t Offlce with her mother on Mon day morning, after going to Mra. Moulder'*; don't recol; lect which way we went there ; it ia a large Oujldiiifr, dopt h i oil* rt ? bether it i? on a corner or ia Mock; ; think ?ho and her mother went out next day; weal to seethe waterworks; it waa in tha ef?ernoon; dont^aweniher (he day; she anJ her mother went in an omnibus; un friend called to go with them; ran'l say whether > it wat tha ntteinoon of the day uf the marriage; dont reno nit ei; they cxi ected Oein rnl Van Neia to call in tha ! eveninjf alter the ir>Brriaf;e ; witneaa did not go with her mother to the u edding. !ia? no recollection of the length or time her moihei vrat ><h?ent; Geneial Van Ness refused to ; let her go; did not take much notice how (ieneral Van Nest ?n dressed, hut had a white hat, lika a quakei, her mother vn not diesttd like aquaker. believed her mother wai diested in mourning, not in white?" ladiea in mourning don't dress in white to get married"?Did not recognize any body at Mrs Moulder'*; thought Mra. Moulder* face waa familiar. While witneaa waa aitting with a sister of Mra. Moulder, atthe window near the alley, Mrs. Moulder brought in her daughter. Matilda, who recognized the witneaa ; they were achool-matea ia Washington; witness and Matilda were left alone; the mother of the witness was not in the room; witneaa did not read tho letter which had been placed on the filea of the Orphans Court; did not see the letter which waa written to her mother by General Van Nesa; her mother told her the contents. Believed her mother had received a letter, poet-marked Philadelphia, a tamped with a tigure 2; believed it to be from Gen. Van Ness; it was private; believed that her mother aaid that General Van Nesa would leave the evening of the day of the marriage or on the next morning; don't remember that her mother was surprised of hia going away so aoon; the aunt of the witness, Catharine, now deoeaned, was married at her mother'a, on the avenue, live years ago. She married Mr. Gray. Dr. Iaaae Ketclium performed the ceremony. Witn*** was not present; it was a private manage Mr. Ketchum boarded at the house. Don't remember the denomination to which he was attached. Thia marriage waa to ba kept a secret?a certificate waa given to the bride. Mather was net present?she was at the tea table. Do not remember mother regretted that she had not obtained a certificate of her marriage, nor did witaesa recollect having had a conversation with any body out of the house about it. When mother went into the room, at Mrs. Moulder's, there was an old lady aitting there at the window near Fourth street?mother and Oeneral Van Ness tat near the door. Witneaa was atandiog on the atep at Mra. Moulder's when General (Van Naaa cane up ; it waa candlelight, after tea. The General came through the alley, to the front of the houae. Believed the letter which her mother put into the pest office was addressed to General Van Ness ; did not aee it. Nobody else called to see mother on the flth of Auguat? don't know which way the carriage brought by General Vhu Ness for her mother came or went; dont know whether it turned round or not; witneaa and mother reached Grten Valley, from Philadelphia, In Auguat; left this city on the 30th of Auguat for Philadelphia ; re membered this the more particularly because aha had pro vicled a book to take notes on the journey, but did not; mother did not tell witneaa by whom aha waa married, nor whether by an alderman or a clergyman: mother said the General had the certificate, ana would ha there at dinner, when she would aret the certificate : I don't remember that mother regretted or lamented the certificate was carried away by the General ; it did not strike wittiest as singular that the General ihouid so act; thought that he wat a gentleman, and would act toward* a lady like a gentleman ; don't remember bis reasons for the private marriage ; understood that the marriage was to be kept secret until the parties themselves should make it known ; mother told witness soma of the circumstances? that they called in an Alderman, bat would not iomember him if she should see him again ; never asked mother to describe the Alderman, and aha never did. Did not hear mother say a record of the marriage whs made; never heard ma tell any one; suppose she (lid not know. Never heard her say that she waa married in a parlor adjoining the office; never heard bar say the person who performed the marriage ceremony wora spectacles, and had raised them on his feiehead. [Tba witness after standing an hour and a half was invited to take a seat] Never heard mother a?k lor aceitifioata, whennheramo from Virginia, when I saw mothar and GeneialVan Ness conversing I would leave them alone. What were the reasons lor keeping the marriage secret don't know. [Several papers were handed to bar, and after examining them, could not say mother's hand-writing resembled it eon.c Don't remember at what school she went with Matilda Moulder in Washington; don't remember whether Sabbath or day school. It was many years ago. She (tho witness) was not now out of her teen?. Went to Mr*. Cruikthank's day school, on 4X street, near Mr Dent's office. Ki'hthkb ciesi-tumimi by Mr. Brent for the plaintiff". ?Was never in Philadelphia before the period alluded to. Is not certain as to dates and times Remembered walking in the market house twice?in morning and in afternoon. General told witness he was going to be matried to bar mother; all the family knew it. By Mr. Bradlkv?Did not in conversation with MatUfla Moulder refer to linvinp been playmates; did not sajr anything about the schoolmistress: arrived ia Philadelphia on Saturday, and put up at Mis Ohm's; and want to Mis. Moulder's oa Monday; when mother went out, she left word, if an elderly gentleman called, to wait till her return: don't remember what market house 1 visited; down the same street lrom boarding house. By Mr. Bhknt?Dont know what maraet; it covered several a<iuarea; has no knowledge of her mother having any other business except to marry General Van Ness, that took mother to Philadelphia; day after marriage mother and witness came to Baltimore. By Mr. May, for plaintiff -Witness, as scholar, want to ttie Methodist and the Presbyterian Sunday schools some timei is now a teacher in the school of the Baptist church on K street, Mr. Samson's, and a member of that church. Mr. J. HiU examined?Said ha was connected with the line of stages; Mrs. Conner and daughter went to Baltimore on the 'Jd of August, IMS, and left the city at eight o'clock; thinks he helped them in the stage; the singes generally reach Baltimoie in time for tba tkrae o'clock line of steamboats to Philadelphia Mr.THOs. Mattinclt, sworn.?Testified the last tisaa he saw General Van Ness, was in January last. In Get., 18-15, went to see General Van Ness. Were talking in his room together. Witness remarked, |"OeneralVan New, us rich aa yon are. could you Jiot lire mora happy if you had a wile or cbmpaniou?'' lhf General replied, "I have a wife nnd one child." Witness being a poor man, and General Van Ness a rich man. ha asked no more questions about it. It did not take the witneas by surpri.e; thought Vile might be in aome room; did not thiuk anything more about it. Witneaa lived in the country, on land of General Van Neaa. Witnesa carried him some chickens, in pnrt payment of rent. The Gene rjl alwuyi allowed the market price; and took batter, Kg*. young beef, etc. The General gave witneia receipts. l'aited with them; left them at the widow's houte. If the receipts, [ihown to him,] war* those he left, thev are genuine. Caoss-bXAMinsn by Mr. known General Van Ness thirteen or fourteen years. Did not know him in the lifetime of Mrs. Van Ness. Never heard him nay that he had had a child, but "have" a child and wife. Don't thiuk he mentioned the conversation above telated to an) body in particular. When I la at saw the Go ne nil, did not ask how Mrs. Van Nees was. The General was in a good humor that morning The General did not tell witness how old the child was?merely said be had a wife and child. Mr. II. B lloninton, an officer of the court, being sworn, testified that the receipts (given to Mr. Mattingly) were similar to Gen. Van Nesa's handwriting?there ' were such peculiaritiea in the letters. Mr. Johah Mri.vm, formerly foreman in the Maiif' nian printing office? from its biith in 1847 till its death in 1W44, until it fell, not in the hands of the PhllisUnea, 'but thone ot Dow <c Kisk. Knew the band-writing of General Van Nesa; printed deed for him, which was written by the deceased; made aome corrections, such aa interlineations? Could icad any manuscript. Several of the letters shown to him wye to his boat knowledge and belief Gen. Van Ness's band-writing. The cro*s-txarainatien was as to Oen. Van Ness's hand writing, but nothing of much, if any. importance, was elicited. Mr. Iarherbv testified that the body ot letters shown to him had the general cbaracteriatica of the style of General Van Naas. If the letters had been sent to him, in the absence of any particular reason to doubt, or under orJinary circumr.tancaa. be would have taken it for genuine. Others, though not so exoet in appearance, he believed to be written by the same person On his first casual examination of them, on the files of the Orphans'' Court, be had muoh doubt?but much of the doubt wae now removed. Mr. Bbablkv, at three o'clock, said that as some of the Jurors were mechanics, and this being Saturday, and their hands were to be paid off, he would ask for an adjourn* mcut of the couit. The Couit, in consideration of this fact, directed aa adjournment until Monday morniog, at 10 o'clock. Movements of Traveller*. The following includes the whole of yesterday's arrivals at the undermentioned hotels:? America*?N. Hayden, Florida; Lt. Almy, U. S. Navy; 8. Mendenhall, Charleston; S. Lamb, Mobile; J. Cotter, do; W Bucks, IT. 8 Army; J. Van Bui en, Albany, J. Hitchcock. Buffalo: Mr Hurt, Three Rivera, Canada; M. Browne, Michigan; V- Logmn, Philadelphia. Aitob.? K Bergen, Trinidad tfe Cuba: Q Hussey, 1 New Bedford; H Hteeans, Boston: Mr. Colt, Patterson ; ) >1 Cabron, Nashville; Mr. McKeniie, St Louis ; T. Lucas, 11 Lucas, Charlestou ; Mr. Doggett, Boston ; Mr. i Potter, Princeton ; A. Hinckly, Troy : N. MMilIeton, I chmJeston ; W. Crafta, P. Sergeant, J Hill, C Warren, i A. Hardy, George Dannah. Boston : D. Humphrey, Albany ; II McKeuzie, M. Hall, Canada ; Mr. Carter, Manchester ; J Benfleld, Oswego. (.ITv.? K Handolph, i ambridge; II. Alexander, New York, K. Dallas, U. 8. N ; Dr. McCowen, do ; E Evans, | Upper Canada; Joseph Cooper, Baltimore,. Jamoa Harri on, Liverpool; W. Haynes, New Orleana; M. Batterby, < harlemon; E Hayes, Fort Columbus; T. Carter, New York; 8. Pleasant*, Philadelphia; Hon. John Groeg, Canan>i*<gua, E. hape, Philadelphia I-ban a mm? D. hhenhard, Md.; F. Bacon, Litchfield; J Tucker, Mobile; A. Beach, do ; P Smith, Burlington; J. Hutchinson,; R Mcrlellao, Phila ; J. Sanderson, do ; F Fell, Lancaster; C. Window, Boston; J. St. I John, Buffalo. i How tap.?J. P Darr, Boston; A Attinson. do; 8. Hires, do; C.,L. Lestor, do; K Jacobson, do; H. Ilerkman, New : Brunawick; M. Littlefield, N. O .: 8 May, St Louis; W. Ilnmson, Savannah; H Howe, Worcester; P. Hyde, i Hydesvlllv, R. Met lellan, Hudson; T. Tower, WatervilleiT. S. Taxton, Utica; J GJlmeur, Phila.; W. Dix , Baltimore; T. Smith, Phil*.; D. Brlgham, Boston, W | Veiteh, Phila.; J Hsig, Baltimore

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