Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 27, 1846, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 27, 1846 Page 3
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J1*""1'" 11 1 11 I - I llll I Ul/NOH. [ 1 . (KXr^.uiiM i* the v rv l,)?lttt? at the Waiel yae.err . ear, ih?- laiceh a't^e vhip Sir Robert Cmi' waa poet, j >ued ttati! thia diy Fuday. *t a Quarter before 4 o'clockf el the foot of a ulith street, East Hirer. uf !{ ? i h XMJITJF HUUK. FOR THE MEET!NO OF FRENi II RESIDENTS. BV g? consent, the Mretiii* tf 'hr Frcucli called for in a letter pnblmlieU in '.he " Coarier drs Kuu-Uaia" of >e??erda>. for the purpose of devising ineaus to aaaiettba ?>fficreia by ihe lata diaaatroos inundation in Fiance, will tike place rt Delmouici Fretei', at It M .on Saturday, tklh Inst., (instead of 7 P M., Friday Nov. i7rh 18H ) nov 27 Ifrh " PLUSIEUKS FKANCAIS." YANKEE DOODLE?NO Vlll. Contains the first chapter of lha new work bv Samuel Love*, written expressly for itipuri. and entitled Handy andy-s i>o?r bag. 4il the litararr matter in this number is unnsually aptcT and sparkling, and la embellished with I IF I F.RV SPI.t- \Mlin 11 1 INTRiTIOMS. Among which aie? Mr. Webat#' u biavphna. 1 he Samat-ess; Young Anu-ricm, Rum with 40, anu >11? for Keyser; ? (nrlru Keau <a King John; Mr. Murdoch at th? Bowery; hnnn->l Magnetism; Aator House Steps; A Tail Tarn Out; The Italian Opera; Omnibus hiding, ac., See Term* 6*4 cents?tJ par annuui. in advance The t ade, kc supplied on tl?? aoaal tcrmi. nt7 Itii* rh FOR SALE. THY original English and Iriah edition of Robin Hood, will b- f und at No. "0 Naaaao a-reer; the first time publuhed in thia coo. fry bv John McCabe, Tbia iaa work that ahou'd be in ihe handa of eerrr y uth u27 3t*rh SCEIMO.-.OI'll It DAVIDSON, DRaPtkS AND TAILORS No. 16 John atrcet, Ntw York, Fint door, op stiirs. nt7 Imrrc CLARKE'S SACKS! No. 116 WILLIAM STREcT. BROWN SACiuCO \T8 SU to $11?Black French Cloth doBI6?Single Uteaat do $10 to $11. Three coau are superbly trimmed Kreucn Cloth Dreaa Costs made to measure, of the finest quality, SI*?lower qualities from SU. Every tkiug else equally cheap and good. nff If rre PRIME HLL> IRISH WHISKEY. nHF. subscriber offers for uale Wiae'i celebrated old Cork Wh'4ltry, (5rh proof) in puncheon, under custoui-house ck. B< ilao oilers the same uncles at hia atore, in quantities to auit purchaaen ; together with a well assorted stock of Groceries. DAN'EL NOONAN, nS7 aw*rc it Oreeowichstreet. WAN! ED. DV A RESPECTABLE MtOLISH WOMAN, a SituafJ tiju as Wet Nnraa, in aairate family : wages not to much of an object The beat iff city references given as to character, lie. Can be seen for two days, by arplyinit at 63 Cherry atrcat. nJ7 lt*rh A RARE CHANCE. ^ GENTS are wanted to undertake, the sale of a new and *.m. uteiui patenica article, mat can ne aoia to every iinniy in the Cmoii. To m?u or respectability and busineaa habits, a guarantee of %$09 par annum will be given. Apply to 0 ALLiifiN, No. 117 Fulton at, New Vorlt. All lertera muat be poat paid. nW lm*rh ' O Kt.AU V .VIaUL CLO l'llThH8 A.VU Mt.notl A.v 1' A TAILORS?Wanta a aitnatioa at a Salaatnan, Bookkeeper, or to make himself genera ly naafnl, a young inm practically argnaiuted with the above business, haa been aalaamin krst-rate houoa. Apply to A. 2.; at thin ofliee. nli?t?ie WANTED, TO aell, a Daguerreotype apparatus (new) and of the latett improvement, cheap for cash. with inatrnctiona to the purchaser gratis, er would be exchanged for any property each as the bayer might have. Knquire of Or. Gallup, U Coartlandt street. o? lm*e P'OSlTIVh; BALK *T PUBLIC AUCTION.??00 Bui ding Lou in the Twelfth Ward. 1 he above pronartv fronts ou tha Third and Second Avenaei. aud is situated in the moit improving part ol the Twelh W.rd. ' All the lots are-7c the city grade, and h'vlng neither rock nor earili to remove, nor low ground io fill up, present every advantage for immediate aud general impio.emrut. s he cuib and gutter* on the Third Avenue are laid in fr. nt of the property, and Pif'y-te tenth street, which is one bundled feet wide, il opened. Several chuiches, schools, and large factories, are located in the, w hich is remarkably healthy, and has an abundance of good water Omui us?es. at six cents fare, pass regularly every ten or fifteen minutes. The property will positirelv be sold in lots at the Merchants' Exchange,ou the 27th day ol November, ISst at not n. by D C k wTPkiX It CO., auctioneers, ou the following terms?10 per cent to be paid on the day of sale, lb per ca. t on da'ivery of the deeds, which will ne on the third day of January is!;, 'l be residue of the puichaae money mayjemaiu on " mi auu m<>rr*age at ? per cent lor inree yaara. roas uiou will be given of th-unimproved Iota with the deeds, and of those Iota on which toere are now any buildings, possession will be given on the fifteenth day of april, 1847. Lithoernhic m ips may be had at the otiice of Thomas Addis F.mmai. Esq.. Counsellor at Law, .No 45 William street. <nd of D. C. it W. Pell 8c. Co., 109 Wall street. ust.2' s rl. TO Ml Nib PROPRIETORS, CONTRACTORS. a.d others. Wanted by the Subscriber, a si uation, either toman ge Mines-t Copper Works (in which capacities lie ' has been several years employed in Kurope, and sabsc- j qurutl' in the I hi ed States), can give u.-'qurs'ionable citi references. Address " V." Wttrlsborougn, Su.livsn Conn- j ty.Wew ?ork P.8. The buberiber. in view of either of the above employments, would be willi g to engage in other employ, till the first d<y o* May nex t, fm a moderate consideration. u? ft*rh ,?.UiNh.y K.'UJNL). j ASM AIL sum ol money found, vshiehthe owner can have ; by caning on the subscriber, and pror,ug the property, and paving for advertising. JAMha WAIT, ngb 2t*rh 55 Franklin street. GO >! YEA 'S (IVES.SHOES LADIES' AND GENTLEMEN'S WVEK-SHOE8, m.anu- ! lectured froin (ixidyen 's celebrated Metallic ludia Huh- ' ber, p-fl'sctly flexible in the coleest w eather. For sale by I the oaae or single pair by BIIOWfcH k BROOKE, Sole 4grutfovOoodye,r's Yl-suufactoiies, nS6 Iw'rc 10C Binadwuy, between Wall aurt Pine sta. NO nut. A A. MOSS hat ing withdrawn this day from the firm of * K. llousset, the ousiuess will be conducted as usual at IN o 714 Chcauut street, Plnlauelphia. All settlements and claims connected with the New York Stoie, will be attended to bv A. A Moss. K. KOUSsfcL, 159 Broadway, N. Y. A. A.MOSS will open shortly, ou his own account, a ito-e for the sale of Koussel's Perfuineriea.Soaps. ko.,at the Southis eat toraer of Chamber* atreet and Broadway, where he will be m?at hapov to to, ply hia former customers. November 21st, 1816. n26 1 w*Th hotel foil sale. fpHE Goodwill, tixtnrea, furniture, and nine year* of unA ex.died lease of an established Hotel, in the city of Philadelphia, r re offered for sale. The honse is iu good order, aid Con'a in 21 handsomely furnished rooms, including reading-ro, in, rar-room, diomg-ro m, parlors, &.C . and is nt , rrrsent noi s a good business, wrh permanent and transient , hoarders. 'J lie location is in the cni-ie of business, on one of the priur pal llior iughfarrt and the house is fu uish'd throughout with every requisite for the prosecution of business. For further pirticulars, apply to Mr. N. B. .Mutely, No 9* honlh Fro-' t street. Philsdelphis. n25 3'I ervalenta. i f ipHE nndersigned have just received e fresh supply of ErI val nta, out up in pouud packages, which they offer to j the public either wholesale or retail. OEL.LUC It CO., Apothecaries sod I hernials, Sole Successors to Place St Souillard, n24 lm*rh No 2 fsrk How, nud kill Broadway. LOST OR STOLEN, THREE NOTES, one at 90 days' date, dated 86th October, 1916, for (431 96 ; one at 9 months, same dare, for (430 no, payable at Steulien County Bank. Bath, drawn by Edward Tlfo' bell, sod endorsed by Depew, Mann It Co., and oue for SlMO. daLrd sSi nt November 1, 1646, tt 91 days, payable at the Merchants'Exchange Bank, drawn by Depew, Mana & Co., end endorsed ay Thotnsi Southard. As the pevmeut of said notes has breu stepped, all peraoua are heieby cautioned against negotiating die *ame DEPEW, MANN It CO., 114 Warren at. N. B?Any pars* a rnurning said notes to the subscribers, will He lilnnll* reward..,!. and no nneatious asked. utt Iw*rli P.. M. it CO. TO LET. THE NEW four story Basement House, in 13th (treat, between Urru-lway and the Railroad, lias bath, water I closets, range tar. To a good tenani would he leased at a mode ate reut. Apply to It. JEN'N INOS, Junr., i naS3t*>h 133 Cherry- street. v.Ae'1'orP Lbui tlinu ahu 1/JttJk WANTED. LADIES orGearlemeu haying any superfluous or caat off clothing or f mnirore to dispose of, ens outrun a fair cash price for the same, by applying to the subscriber, at his residence, or through the post office, which will be punctually attended to. >1 H. COHEN, 69 Dennett. N. ti. Ladies can be attended to br Mia. .M. d. Cohea. utt tm*>e " 7 FtJRS! FURS!! FURS!!! ! ' The Fur that warms a monaich, IV at med a bear " "Now ia the winter of our diacontent, Made glorious summer by the Furs ofKnox." [tshakspeare improred. MUFFS, BLEJGH ROBES, BUFpALO OVEuCOAl'3, i fce., A LAROE AND CHEAP ASSORTMENT, Fur sale hy KNOX, THE HATTER, r24 twisr lrt FULTON ST., SUN BUILDING. " NOTICE TO GENTLEMEN. j GENTLE * rN, why do you either giee away, or sell for I a mere trifle > ur half worn out frock, dress ? d over- 1 coats, nud ps> ts, when you can get them either cleaned dyed, 1 alte-rd or acouri d, and re lis til with new collars, calls, It- : mug, but'otis and strap-, far a little money I Gentlemen, look to the ti>< es Von mar be called <-n for yiexico.asid then 1 new lothes would be useless As such, bring or send your clothes to No 91 Murray stteet, corner of Wa-htug ou, wt ere you can get all you wai t oo< e I rfute ynu go to thewart according lo promise, and no d sappoiuttnent, as is generally the case a this seasuu of ill- year all a d see; sire me a I trial i. all I a,k. Is addition, we alio uiake np pants and i rests l.?r Jl.'O . coa's I >r *6 lull all w irranted t > 111. lathes clean'd, or d,ed warrauted to keep Colors, and Irer from all previa. Plente uotice?Nu d sappoiultiieu'e at my cheap caph Tailoring stoie this Cold weather. A COHTiS-US, No. X Murray at. n22 2w?rrc Es ahliahed, IIM NuTIcl-T ALVAN SPKR1IT hariuj us^d 'he name of Sparry A Read uih ut authority. Ins* thia-day, Ity w nt of injunction ia- ' rood from a jndite of the Superior t ourt, b-rn enjoined and rest aiiied fiom using paid opartnfr?h,|> name of Bperrv It Head lor any purimse whatever, under penalty of fi?e ' ih ousa d do'lara. And no contract made by paid Bperiv, in the name ot Sperry k Head, will be obligatory on the subscriber. THKUDOHfe. I). HE ? D. Waw Hneea, Connecticut, Nor. 3d, IX*. nil lw?re t'ArHlONABLE DANCING, 74 Leonard afreet. IVrtt of UroaHwav M9LLK PAULINE LikVjakDiNH or the Academic Hoyale. Paria respectfully informs the public t' at her Claaaaa lor faahion able Dancing hate commenced Besides all the usual Dance* uoih', will be the new waltc Ma mika, .VUlu'ka Quadrille, Polkas, (various) and ha I'.eIn'i. Schools and families attended, 'lerma and hoara made known on application. Miaa D will give the first ball ' for ihe aeaaon to her pupils, the Drat week ol December, nil ltn*re C" I Us S~A N D~ BO iFI E" KNIVM-ioo eia . . < ad doable ' f barrel ducking (inns, tunable lor the present aeaaon. 20C| lonble barrel cocking Onus. 4110 assorted single barrel (Jane, common to fine, is# Uowie Knives, substantially made, intended for eettce. HA self-cocking and revolving Fiatols of cast ateel Wrela. ; ror sale by A. VV. HPI1C.8 k CO.. 91 Maiden lane, Importers of Hardware. Cutlery, Onus. Piatola and Hport- 1 I Articles of ev?rt k'tid ntlm*rrc ~ NO I'll,fc TO THlb I'lULlO. i Ijl kM DELLI'I" nephews of t-e late B.SOUILLARQ, s tsould r? apectlnllv inform the Public that Ihey are the true end only eu-crsaors to PLACE k HOUILLARD, ,e Drimirirta of this city, and that they atill eontinae to carry on the business of Druggiets and Apothecaries, nnder the Arm of Dp LLUC k CO., HUCCfcftBOlU) TO PLACK k 8OUIL- ! LAIID, at the old stores eatnblithed by the aaid Place k ; Stiui'l ird, Noa. 2 Park How and ktl Broadway, and that the-/ hare u<> counertion wnntrTi r with any other eeuMiahtnc ,n N#w York. October 2Jd, I IMS. ui .m*r | II II. Hi. ? n mi?qwgyw I u TO DAOTKRHUM AlTTm. TTHt atteotiwa of ?itut? It rasaeatad to ilk* adfartti. t* Mr ' 1 parailo* *f Bromine. JLhe heal aeealermug I><i*id evar uaed for Ph*tOfraphtag. Pictarea taken with it have* nth 1* t*ue, end it work* Wllh certainty tn<J emcknens in >11 weather. _ JOHN HOACH. | . . _ Op-lcnn, IS Sum atreet. It C!0 be proctt'ed of T. C. Domie, Moutrtnl, . nd of Gent-ie Dexter, Albany. N. B ?Artittt w ill r J nN.ara <-n St a ttr**i, V. il'l 'uder and A <"i' ?i f..?lr?.. . - I Ml ?n?i I'latea of the Plantahed ' ?rr mi.I c e i i. -i thermome. ' l??a. wtittiv *>*' j 'iiU iin*rc , NtWTOW N i 1 . I - i. aeribci hi>? i on hand and oiler in. .,'r .u , . ti. oi c'nice hand ! p oked Newtown I, iuiui- tit ?? l> >n the Eagliati ' market; eta*. k)0o ha.rcliol choice hidy Applea, Spuienberga, < ireeua, lie. Quiscea end Potatoes always on hand and pot up to order f*r shipping tt the abortcat untie* 8AMUEL SHOTWELL, ! n30Jm?rh No. 1 Kulton market. '? ' HK uumarr.ed genii em in. 30 ycara of IL 'ace, a German, is acquainted with the French liueuagt, and recently arrived in ihit couutiy, poaaaaaing a K od mercanul* education?it deairoua of procuring a partuer who hue a farm and may he engaged in Uie manufacture of brick, or in noiaeaiiou ?f a mill ar olliar detirahl* mrrcautila buimeia ia a country place He ia able to bring lu S<00, cash. A letter, post paid, addreaaed to L. L " at thia office, will be|att*ndcd to|immedi>rely a23 3t end*re OF I'll A. i. VllC DlSFE.N3v.Kk. O' TOBER REPORT OF1NUMBER OF (.'AstS aucccaalully treated, and diachurged aa enti.ely cared, at Dr. Wli* K.LEH'S Opth-1mic Dispensary, No. fci Greenwich atreet, (near ihe Battery) New Vorn Dnea-ea cured and peratioua iucce?af?llv performed from the lit of Oclotier to the let of November, 1146.? liitlauieti andaore in impaired viaiou 17 colda 44 Calarai ts 3 Opthalmia tarn (or diseased Injuries to the eyeafrom aceyelids) 13 cideut 4 Iritu 4 Amauroaia 3 Egyptian optbaltnia J Kilms and apecka 7 Rheumatic do 13 I'taigium 3 Erysipelatous do 7 Obst uctiou of the naaal Furnlrut do ol infanta 9 duet (or tear paaaage) ... 6 Pamphlets in relation to Dr. Wheeler's treatment and cures of Dia^ aaea of the Epe, may be had gratia at lus office. nt? eodia6t?r CHibAfKSl AMLi DLSl iNSiltCGiiUxN IN WRITING. MBBIHTOW respectfully announoea hta return to New York, and the re-open mg of hta Academy for Day and Evening Papila, at No 3t>3 HrouJway, corner of Dunne afreet. Superior and Elega..t Sys-em of Writing, taught with certainty and ancceaa in One Conrae of eaay Lessons, by Mr. Brietow. By thia system Ladies are tanght a neat, kandaome, delicate and fialiiou'-hle ha* d, trnly elegant and lady-like. Gentlemeu acgnire a bold, manty and expeditious atyle, suitable for every occupation of life?uo matter how bad, illegi ble, cramped or defective the writing may be. !T>~ Strangers viaitiug New York ean obtain the ayatea in three daya. ott eodltn'rrc CANCER?A CERTAIN CUKE. ff3H19 dreadful diaeaae ha> been repeatedly and eoapleteX ly eradicated from the hnman ayatem by Dra. Corlta and Shepard,<vo.l* Murray at.N.V . Kffrctnally cured?a life tiine care. The diaeaae will never re urn in the patient treated .>-/ them Dra C. It S. have enred the following amongar hundred* ol other patienta :?Col. H. W. Jernagiu, of Jrrnagin, Ala; Mrs Sarah Kichardaon, Lanear, Georgia; Charles W Suiith.Talboton,do;Hon J.N'eal,Zebulon.du;Mrs.Elizabeth Klournoy, Talboton, do; Dr.Terrill.bpar' All [heae were very aevere catea, and all have been completely cared within the last five yeara by Dra. C. It S. They have aeveral caaea now under anceaaafnl trait ma ot iu New York. In uo instance I have they failed to perfect n care. Certificate! from the par- : tiea can be aeen at 19 Murray it., and they are confidently inferred to by DRS. SHEPARD It CORLIB. U7" Addreaa No. If Murray at., New York, uil eodfm'ic THE EYE. DR. WHEELER, Ocnliat, >9 Greenwich atreet, near the i Rftfffrr. fifTulM hia virlmiv# atfunrinii t/a rlnaaiai nf I the Eye and Opthalinie Surgery; and assures the public that there ere not amongst the numerous diseases to which the ho- ' men eye i> subject, any disorders of that organ which cannot be essentially relieved or cored by him. The vast number ol ! undoubted teitimouials which can he aeen at hi? office, will j satisfy ihe public that hia practice it not exceeded either in ; ei'cnt or success by that ol any other Ocoliat in the United Stales. Artificial Eye* for aale, and which will be inaerted on i reasonable terma. Office huura troin 8 A.M. to 1 o'clock P.M., after which he visits out-door palienta. A painphUt containing remarka on diaeasea of the Eve, with uunierooa iuatanrea *f great curat effected by Dr. Wheeler't mode of treatraeut. can be had gratoitoualy at nia ! residence, or the aame will he forwarded to any one making I application to him by lettera. pott paid oAeodIm*re | INDIANA BONDS. I THE undersigned haa fanned a cixcnlar, dated ttnd inatant, | enclosing the form of a aahaciiption, required to be made by the first of December next, lor the c mpletion of ; the Wabash and Erie Canal, and to gire effect to the Act of the Legiilmure of Indiana, passed at the lant aeaaiou, prori- | ding for the payment of intereat on the b.inda of the Stace. The Circular haa been forwarded to auch holdrra aa hire | turuiahed me with tiieir addrcas, and iu Older that all bond- ' ho'dern ina> hare the opoortunity of aecuriugthe adr intngea I of the law, Ly becoming partita to the lubacription. notice ia I now given toau'h bondholders as hare not received the cir i cular, that it will he promptly furuiahed or forwarded ou application personally, or by mail, to Meaara. Winslow It Perkins, No. S2 Wall atreet.or, at my office, No. 20 Naaaau street. CHARLES BUTLER. No. 20 Nassau at. Dated Oct 30. 1840. o3l 2aw4 w?r EXCHANGE Tables, SHOWING the antoun to be drawu for iu a British ^'erlinc ' Bill of Exchange, to remit for any turn collected in United : States currency, or advances inado ou shipmeuts from this ! cunu'ry. They aie simple, bnt sure in operation, and patronized b> most o'our extensive dealers in exchange. K >r -a'e at the stationery stores of P. A. Mener 8t Co, No. 49 Wall j street; K. B Clayton It (ions, DC Wall street, and the ?u hor, K Heun. 23i Centre atreet njl Jtaw3w?re GONSUiVlP I'lON, ! In its confirmed and incipient stages, couxhs asthma, cronp i and liver cumt laiut, form by far ihe most fatal class of , disease, known to our land Yet even those may be cured 1 by means of the simple yet powerful remedies that are scat- ' tere I wherever those maladies prevail. Wistir'a n.Lam of Wildt berry ia the concentrated ea Asthma, Liver Complaint. Crcup. etc. in numberless rate* whre all other medical mean* bare failed. In the first stages of the diseases, termed ' Catarrhal Consumption." originating trom neglect-d Colds, it Ira been . used with u' deviating success, and hundreds acknowledge ! they owe the resto aticn of their health to this mvaluab e I madiciue. In that form of Consumption sc prerailiug among i young females, remraoulv teimed debility. " UUINO INTO A De.CLINK,? A complaint with which thousands are lingering, it hat also i proved highly unccessful.and not only possesses the power of checking the progress o this complaint, but also strengthens and inrigoiates the svstem more etlectually than any medicine we have ever possessed. None genuine mless signed I. UUTTSon ihe wrapper. For sale by A. B. He D. HANDS, Agent fbr New York City; also by druggists general:)' throughout the United Stares una Canada. u26 ltDfcW COUGHS, COUGHS, COUGHS. COIll) YN'S COUGH LOZKNOK8-This popular remedy will be fonnd the most effectual oue now in use for the cure of coughs, colds, hoarseueas. irritation of the lungs, shortness of breath asthma, consumption, Ike This ia not like manv DreDaiatious. enl nn merelv In iiImis the nnlst** but to remove Uinse di4rressiug symptoms which bet too of ten prove fatal when neglected, at many thousands can testify who bave ex|>erieuced their happy aud salutary effects; ma n>-of whom have been < educed to the brink of the grave ? They promo.e a free and eaay expectoration, and require no confinement A sit-gle box will eure the most obstinate cough that ever existed. For tale by U COLBY, chemiit, lie., 351 Pearl at, Frank Im square, agent for the Uuited States. nit Im*r ALLX ANUER'B Tttlt OBAPHIS-IMPHOVK.vlKNT i OF ltvlfi. THIS new and popular Liquid Hair Dye. aince its intro- ! duction. has met with unrxam. led but merited succejt, and the subscribers would inform the public that still further improvement has lately been made, so that it stands now nn- 1 paralleled. It colors the Hair either Black or Brown Instantaneously, and neither washes off or toils the clothes, and inateait of injuring the hair, imparts to it the heanty and elasticity oi youth, lis superior eacellance will be apparent to everv sue upon a single supination. For tale by Rnshtnn & Co, Brrr.dway; A. B It D. Hands corner Fullon and William streets: J. 8. Aaninwall, William street.and Johnson, Mooie, It Tat lor, Maiden Lane. New York Sole agents for the United States It Ik U. A. WKIOH 1, 21 8 4th ac, I'hil.d. slilw'trt 8PKRM CANULKS, UIL8, bRUITS, Itc. SUPKRIOK Sperm < andles, at 26 cts a lb: winter bleaeh< d Sperm Oil, at $1 a gillou; very good white Lamp Oil, 7i en: white Solar do, S2jta eta, with a very large stock of fresh Teas, Family Groceries, foreign It nits, he. For tale wholesale and retail, at very low prices Ooods delivered to esiy part of the city free ol charge, bv J. O. FOWLER, Grocer and Tea Dealer, 260 11J 4 "2 Greenwich, and 76 Vesey it*. Alio, a large assortment of cheap white and brown Hugara nil lm*r MiW YORK KlUlNCi SCHOOL. NOS. fid 87 fVutTT STREET. Between Hudson and Hrtneich streets. V/TK.yJ. H MERIAM takes this opportunity of retorning 1TJL hia meet grarefnl acknowledgnenta to those who hare ao handsomely patronised him from the first moment he was identified with tha New York Hiding School, and pledgea himself to endeavor, hy the moat unremitting attention to merit a continuance of their kindneaa He would respectfully inform his friends and the public, that he will re open hia Earning Claaaei in connection with bis Day School, for tui Hon and exercise riding, on Monday evening, the 3d of November. Application to be made at the Offii e, or School room. JAS. CODDINOTON, Proprietor. o24 lm*rre UKAWLNii AND fAiNTlNli. JR. WATERdTON, teacher of Drawing and Painting to i" hlushing Institute, L I . has still some leisure time which he wishes to till up in giving Private Leaaons, oi in attending schools. Terms moderate and may be leaned by applying at 171 Caanl street, orat T J Croweu's bookstore corner Broadway and Bteeehe srreer. X V o3^ lm#r ' iHJ? EIAXU?IHXGIMG -JTAE1AA? ESOU8H. MRS. MORLEY, Pupil ofrhe Ceteb led Crovilli and Sir | George Smart, ia prrp- red to give lessom in Singing, in English, or Indian, and on the Piano Eone, at tier residence. No 60 LlsPEN AKD street, or that of her popils, no reason sble terms Mrs M is also ready te teach schools m classes, in 'he city or in the country. 2T7" A mn.ical accomplishment, eonnecred with a refined education, is tiie sorest Passport to society, in all its various attractions, and those who wish to avil themselves ofsnch ?d vantage!, should place themselves under the tntelese of Mrs | Mn'lf \ 'ifl lm*r? A. A. 3AMANOi?, IMPORTER OF TOHACCO .WD SKOJIRR, NO. M BROADWAY, up ataira, offera for Mle, uu liberal , term?, 99 balea "t. Jngo; 5 hhda H. Scrap*: U caaea Ser d Leaf; M caaee Scaffar'itta: I chu of Juarua Smoking; 5 dot ' of Natchetoehea buuff; 400.000 of Havana Hegara; 9,000 groH, Friction Matchea, Marek k Uackea' fabric. Alao. a Urge aaaortment of Caper Segara, variona bmnda at w hnleaale and retail nia 1m*re HOLMKS' KITCHEN RANOho THE prnprie'ora iu preaenfiDg tlie above Kang't to the pnb lie, warranta ihrm to perform the norpoaea for whieli they are pnrchaaed, and if not, they will be removed free of any eapenae to the parchaaer. Numerona refereneea can be given to peraona wiahing to pnrciuur. The pricea range from 25 to 45 dollara. fOraieaol the ueweat patteroa for rarlore, Oflieea and Bed Fooma Btovea? Hall, Offlee, and Bed Room Btovea, Stovepipe* See. Sec. Tin Ware?Bright, plain, and Japanned. Thev have maaona atalltimea ready to aet rangea, gratea, and boilera. Alao amokey ehimueya cured?no cure no pay. A. OILHOOLY and SON. Proprietor! and Manufacturer!. 71 Naaaau atreet. n14 lm*rte NKW DlrfAJi'VKKY, * yW?R nil Stovev and Pipea, or Orate*. may be kept a . Je.T BI.A' K, with aa beautiful poliah ta a I'oech Body, atreet"" iPP 'W">D * *"*' "old oat rat 21 COURT LAMP Alao, HAV8 LJNIMKJCT. warranted to cure any ease ol , rile*. Or M Nau a ACOUSTIC OIL, a certain cuie foi F/ift"1' , warranted to en re any raae of Hhenmatiami Qldridge'a BALM OF COLU.VUl \, for the Hair. JCaat India H AtR fy E, will color the hair a Jet Black, and not atain the Skin. Longley*a Weatern PANA iS*' "ST?" ,to f"T* any eaae of Aaihma or Dytpepai* eld at 21 Covtlead atreet, .,gj [m?r % ?OMtM | W VI W. SHIHLKV. ELEGANT SVRNlhHINO Hanry E. WilUrd on Batniday, Nov }8th, at 'IK o'alock, >t I'M Sales ' boom, ' o. i Fiui slr-e\?A be-utifel as lortme-it of rich silrcr mourned rl -N cuton and baskets; rich glrindolea ad dro,s, I to I# Iiihts; s-eel fire ( sad stand,rds, rich ?oIs: i-mps. Bnt<nuit tea *!?. block-tiu dish covtiaand beef steak di-hea lie., tue cuile ?. hroi.i-d iron sof*, chursand I hat slsads, ncn trays. Also, furnitnra, mrtt.asses, leather ktc , wo thy the unties of l.-mil es. Sales are I p?cinH"t> for cash, to pay adeauces. ut7 It tc li. DUCLUZEAU, auctioneer OIL PA1 NTlNiU*??-losiu,j Sale without reserve, at No. 28i Bros iway?Tultl* and Oueloxaau will sell on Mouday, >oe Jtt'h. rain or s> too, 1?X o'alock, withonr resarra, the be ica of ti e a Election kii.iwn as " Clark's Gallery T> it sale will etn'raca :.,anv es nable originals on stretchan, suitabla tor connoisseurs speculators aid otheis. Teiins i cash. n27 3tK3M*r 11 DUCLUZEAU Auctioneer Fancy fcrs, mi>f?, tippets, sleigh robes, St'., for account of whom it may concern ?Tuttla sua Daclpteati will sell on Friday, 27th mat., at 10o'clock, at No. 08 William straet. fur account of whom it may concent, on a credit ol 60 days a general sitertuieui ol A-a Kurt, comprising a general assortment of Ana and commnti Muffs, lie Also, Sleigh Kibes vit: Black Bear, Tiger and Waif Hair R. b-s, Buff lo skmt Lap Ho bet, lie. Alto, Fur Ops, tii: Men and Boys' Fur, Seal, Otter aad Muakrat ' at a, lie. | The whole will he arranged with Catalogues, and sold in 1 lots to suit >euil d alers. private iudieidualt, ke. Cat. lognet < on le morn I g of ??!? i<20 3t*ih 1 ja FUK SA E?A f rtn ol fifty-two seres, most de- . PjM lighifully situated, aboht Ave miles from Elizabeth- ; JmIB>1"Wii, N J , entnprising a hauisome commodions dwelling house, fitted with marble msitelt and every eonve- J uience for a respectable family ; the whole, iucludiug gar- 1 denei't liouae, bams, ice house ,uid other buildings, in a substantial state of repair; the orchard couuina twenty acres ol choice fruit trees. __ Tne easy access from New York either by lira various cars I . Irom Jersey < ity or the ferry to Eliiabethport. whence a ra.l ! roid train rius wilhiu a hundred yardi of the house, renders thii property rery nimble to thine doing business in tliii city. The greater part of the purchase money can remain Tor three years on bond and mortgage at fire per cent ' VY8E It SONS. 171 Pearl it. Also, Tor sale, a dwelling home in Washington street nil :m?r BnAKUlNO NltKCHANTs' HOUSt, ! Not 135. 137 and 189 Rroadway. MTllK PROPRIETOR would respectfully inform 1 ! families and single uentleinen desiring Board for the > v?inter ui comfortable quarters, with all the couveui- ' . eucea of a home, that he has a number of light and pleasant apartmouu to let (furnished) ?t moderate prices. A choice I . of rooms may be had by early application. ?20 lm?rre OWLANDO PISH PIANO KOKTK 1NSTKUCTIt>N. j, jMh 0. E. CASTLE k EDWIN McCORKELL, j I thu latter from the Royal Academy of 11 A III Music, Londoo, will give lessons on the . Piano Forte or Violin at llieir residence, 72 , Walknrslieat, near llro. dway, or that of their pnpils npon i eery moderate teruis, which can be made known uy applying . si a bore, nl lm*r | MUSIC. < _jgnZ21 Tll? PIANO taaght on rery moderate yegSplTCI^E terms, by a Lady, who hua a perfect know WTWI Indge of the science, and who undertakes to 1 II T 1 11 toach it thoroughly witn the greatest facility. Terms?Three dollars per mouth. IT?" Any lady wishing to reeeiy# instruction, will please < address Vmsi". rtilie Herald Office. oI77mis*rrc I PREMIUM BOOTS | I Quick Stilt t and Small Pro/itt. . i . FINE FRENCH BOOTS for $1 J# our own make. Sand warranted to give satisfaction; fine French imperial | , Dress Boots for $4 JO, equal to those usually sold in ' Jf Broadway for SO or ?7, at YOUNG It JONES' fine Freu'h Boot and Shoe Manufactory, one of the most lash- i iouable stores m this city. Onr hoots received the highest i praise in the late Fair of the American Institute, for the i price. ever sold in this city Boots Shoes, Gaiters. Ike made to order at tbs shortasticotice. Mending Re. done m the I store. YOUNO k JONES, 4 Annie I nl lm*je J PLUNKKTT fit PARUESSUS I . f? HAVE REMOVED their Metropoliun Hat and Cap : 8tore to No I23K Fnlton street, one door east of Nas- I san atreet. where they will continue to sell articles, eqnal to I , those of any other eitablishmenl, at the following reduced ratei5? _ Quality Qualtfy, 1st?Nutria Fur Hats... $3 JO 1st?Moleskin Hats.... $3 CO 3d " " ... 3 00 3d " "... 2 JO 1st?Cloth Caps 1 JO 1st? Glazed Cape 1 00 si o i no 2d " Ml' Id " T5 3d " JTX ; All oilier articles at equally low pncea. Jules Plunkett k Rene Pardeaana respectfully requeat a I continuation of the kind patronage with which* hey haye hnhfrin heen r??"r d or 1 m*rr , L>k. KbiLLlMl>4?'6 _ INFALLIBLE LINIMENT ia warranted to j cure sore* and ulcers of erery uainre in a few , f } /"A H.T7. It acts like magic in removing rheamatiam, I mill all other pains (>ne or two doses is as certain to relieve ' bilinna cholic, diarrhoea, ke. as it is taken. It ia perfectly delightful in its odor and flavor It ia universally acknowledged to he the best f ruily medicine ever offered to the public.? ] Price jo ceuu per bottle. ' Sold at 90 John a reet; comer Bowery and Broome; 3d ava- . noe and Itthat; Jeffriee'a drug store; Dr. Buriett's, Doyer and Chatham,and at the H., Citv Hall nI9lm*rc SiSaF ONLY REGULAR LINE OF NEW OK- i *J?|WLE.ANS PACKETS?The ships to sail in TapjHWHwacott's Regular New Orleans Line, ia their proper i order, are as fo'h w?, viz:? Paeket ship UNION, Capt, Rathbone, foot ol Wall street, ' Nov 30 Packet ship ORLEANS, Barrett, foot Maiden Lane, Dec. j 3d. For paaasge in either, apply to W St j. T. TAPSCOTT. Wl Sonth street, nZ7 rc two d'-or below Bnrline Slip. sAJP. LINE OF NEW YORK PACKETS FOR I 1 iSxlFV LIVERPOOL?Packet of Jgth of November?The .MMBmsa apleudid, fast sailing and favori.e packet ship | log been unavoidably detained, will positively nil on 1 Saturday, Novem er2"th. Persons wi hiue to secure bentos shiuld not fail to wake early I application on beard, foot of Wall street, or to W.fc J.T T4PSCOTT, At their general Passage Office, nt7 rc >6 South ?tieer. M door, belew Burling slip. FOR NEW OKLt.AM-?Louisiana and Mew |H9N York Line?Regular packet fjr Saturday, Dec. 5th. I JBflflfeThe superior fast sailing Packet ship OSWEGO, : Juhusnn, waster, will positively tail as above, ber regular day. For freight or passage apply on board, at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall street, or to E. K. COLLINS k CO.. 1 id Honth-st. Positively no freight received on board after Friday, 4th , December. Agent in New Orleans, Jamei E. Woodruff, who will promptly forward 41 goods to hit address Packrt ship S-rteiie Capt. Ssara, succeeds the Oswego. BLACK BALL. OK. OLD LINE OF LIVER. I POOL PACKETS. tflp For LIVERPOOL?Onlr raguIar Packet of the AM^lst December?The magnificent, fat'-sailing. and JHSBfafavonte Packet Lhip EUR PE, Ed?ard O. Furber, Commander, will tail positively on the 1st of December. A few respectable passengers can be very corafor'ably , accommodated in a splendid house en deck, and found from the rabin, at a moderate charge. j For terms of passage in cabin, second cabin, steerage, tic., and to ae nre the best berths, early application ahonldbe 1 < made on board, loot of Brekmau street, er to the subscribers, , ROCHE, BROTHERS Ik Co , I 3J Fulton ar , next do r to the Fulton Bank. , P. S ?The Fidelia aaila from Liverpool on the 1st Jan. 1847. ! " Euro, e " " 16th do. " New York " " 1st Feb. Persons tending for their friends, and forwarding the pas- ' sage certificate by royal mail steamer Acadia, sailing from 1 Boston on the 1st Dec., will hav e plenty of time to come by the Fidelia, or in any of the eight packets of the Black Ball Line, sailing from Lireipool on the 1st and 16th of every ' month. For passage epply as above. nli ic fjgg- FOR I.IVEKPOOL?Hegular Packrt ol the Ct i >W^i December?1 he fl?t class last saillug packet ahi ^HmLaSHBUKTOM. W. H. Rowland, master, will aei j ss abut e, ner regular day. As regards the accommodations for csbiu, second cabin and t< erage passengers iu this well known vessel comment is ] unnecessary Persons unending to embark should make | i immediate application on board, loot of Maiden lane, or to JOSEPH V.c v, URR A V, j | n24 69 Bouih, corner of Pine st. ; ; PASS A OF, TO PARA. BRAZIL?The superior , first class, coppered end copper fastened berk UN- i li INK, s K. Appleton, will be deapatcliad lor the , abort port ah. at the fir?t of October. turafidi, and othera, alio d?eire ro arail thennelree nfthe ' , healthful rod agree ible clitnate of Para, will find the Undine aud her accommodati lit af a eharac er nei ro be anrptaaed. i bur pariicoIara apply to JAA1ES BISHOP St CO., d24 lttia'rrc o a t iberty atreet. J rtg- FOR LONDON?Regular Packet of the lat De Ifk cember?The first claaa faat tailing Packet Ship flHb PUINCE ALBERT, Captain Wm. Sebor, will tan aa abate, her regular iliy.i l The accnmmndatioua in thta aplendid reaiel for cibin, Id cabin, and r'eerage paatengera, are too well known to require i comment. Peraona intending to embark. should mike etrly j application on board, font ef Maiden Lane, or to JOSEPH McMURRAY, C9 South-at., | Corner of Piue. The new Ship Robert Peel, D. Chadwick, ntaaler, will ancceed the Prince Albert, and aail the I6ch Dae. n24 rrc. |0 FOR LIVERPOOL?The New Line Line?Re|f^K irnlar Packet of Slat December ?The anpenor faat . JMMKaanilittg packet ahip LIVERPOOL, IIJO tona burttiru, apt John Kldridge. will aail aa above, her regular day For freight or paaaage, baring elegant and anpenor accem) rnodationa apply to the captain on board, at weat aide of Bur ling alip, or to WOODHULL It MINTL'RN, ?7 South at. Price of paaaage $75 The packet shin QUEEN OF THE WEST, 1S50 tona 1 burthen,! apt. Philip Wondhouae, will aoeeeed the Literponl. and aail on her regular day,Slat January. 1147 n21 FOR tJLASOOW?The New Line?Kegolar ad3r?V Taeket. lar December?The fine faat aailing Br. JBpdib bark ADAM C ARK, 400 tone, Capt. John Wright, will aai> aa above, her regular day. , por ireignt or |>uii|t, nanus pienaiu arcommnaanous, apply od board, foot of Roomi oft a'reet. K.mi K rer. to > WOODHULL it MINTUliN. tt Mourn street. ' ' The A 1 Br. bark Ann HarleyJCapt. Robert Scott.will ano eeed tlx Adam Carr. and aail no her regular day. the lat. U. if'v ?? " tm. FUK LONDON?First Patket-The splendid, I JBIWfart sailing nscket ahip KLlZ.aBt.TH, Cupt. Beta, JBphLw'M poaitively aail at short. f The accommodations for cabin, aecond cabin and steerage d passengers are auperior to thoae of moat of the other London packeta, and the Price of pataagt ia reduced, for wliirh apply to W. k J. T. f APBCO IT, * Bodth at., nil 2d door below Burling alip. ^ JAMES BKVERIDOK, hail Maker, Corner ' dHWWKarmt and Rooaeyelt atreeta-Saila, Awning., >aga, , JHWEekc., made to order,in a neat and anba'antial manner, ! at low prices. Haija to be repaired inanred againat fire, and t'ored gratia. Secure from rata and dampueaa. All iififeri nnnz-fnnlk Msrntfd. r?M 1 m ^ ^ YACHT NORTHERN LIGHT FOR SALE. ' AffjilK The underaigned, having concluded to withdraw mfjwy from " Yachting." offers for aale th* well known dHMkachooner yacnt NORTHERN LIGHT, 71 tone , J burthen The Northern Light in most anbatantrilly built of white nak, copper laatened coppered to ihe walea, and ia very tho , | roughly loond in all respects. There are two state rooms J haring two bertha each, and eight rpen bertha (fonr of which i are double) in her aller cabin, which, wi.h eight berths in her e forward ealon, afford aceominoilatiuna for 24 pussengers, i being admirably calculated for u yacht, or pnnket for paaseniters, in our Southern watera. I The C|H'litiea of the Noitneni Light for nailing, and as a , "sea boat,' are too well known to require further deacrip- < tion. For terms and other particulars apply to tltu subaeriber, it t No. It Booth Market arreet. Boston W. P. WI NCHESTER, or to i| DUMI1NT It HOSAf.K, , o?4 aWrre 117 W.|| Street. A^SET KUK L?I VKttPOOL? With Despatth? I he yery Mfyyy fast sailing coppered and copper last'ned (ship jKlgBb CoNCORDlA, haying three fourths of her cargo , engs ?d, will hare dea)>atch. lor freight or Irassa^r, has ing 1 handsome furnished accommodations. aaply to I < iTfl K K. COLLINS It CO, Jo Hotth-si | CKLASGE OF HOURS. tm ISLAND KAILDOAU-FALLARMANQKMKN1 a&mmmnMsm Da ana filer MU.MJAV, October IS, 1146, Treuie * ill raa <u follows: Leave Beooxi.vh??t 7 o'clock A. M. (Boston trrus) fir Ureeuport, duly, (ncrpi Sundays) etc pie* el Yarui middle nnu Kt. (Jeonre's Mnuor. " " sl9)> A. >1., deny, for FarmJUgdsle and inter places. " " at 12 o'cluck, M., for Orernport, dally,: aund*)-? excepted.) stopping xt Jamaica, Brs. eh, Hickaville, and all iiauoni eaat ofHtckavi Ue. " " at 4 P. M. for laruiingdale, daily. L tan UnxrrrreaT?at IX A. M., daily aecommodalioo traiu lor Brooklyn. " " ?t IX I'-M .(?r ou the arriran>f the boat from Norwi h.) Boston tram daily, (except Sondays,) < pping at St. Oeorgt's Manor and KarraiugJ:>leLa*r? k'aaMiifopaLK at X A. M. daily, (except Sundays,) accomxnodnti i train, aod 12 M. ana 5X P. >1. Lravx JaMaica? 1 o'clo- t A. M., 1 P. M , and 6X P. M., for Brooklyn, or on the arrival of Boston train. A freight train will leave Brooklyn for Ureenport, with a Masengers' ear attached, on Mondays, Wednesdays aud Prilays, at IX A. M. Returning, leave Ureenport at IX o'clock t. M, on Tuesday, Thursday and Batnrdaya, stopping at internediate places. SUNDAY TRAINS. Will hereafter raa toTompson Stmion, leave Brooklyn at I o'clock for Thompson and intermediate places, commencing Sun la/ theltk Naveaker, returning leave Thompson at 2 I'clock P. M., Karming Dalsl X, Jamaico SX< leave Brook* lyu for Jamac < 9 A. M., and 4 r. M. Kaac to?Bedford, I cents; bast New Y?rk,t IXjHxes L'ourse, ltlfj Trotting Coarse. Iljft Jamaica IS; Brusnville, ,; nrue rare, (IT mugs) J7X; l.lov/sville, (during the sea> /u or Court) 1?X; Htfmpstrad, nX- Branch J7?; Carle 1 Place,44; Westbury, 44; Hickaville, 44; Farmiugdulr, 62X; Deer Park,69; Thompson, M; Suffolk Station, 91; Lake Koail Gallon, 91 KM; iledtord Station, II 1#V: Yaphank, $1 J7X; It. George's Manor, 91 UX; Riverhead, Si S3X; Jamosport, II 62M; Mattetuck, 91 6SX; Cufeliogoe, $1 ci(f; Suulhold, II 63>aj Greeupori Accommodation Train, $1 75; Ureanport ay Bovfoo train, 9? 35. Stages are in readiness on the arrival of Trains at the several Stations, to tale passengers at very low fares, to all parts rl the Island. Baggage Crates will bo m readiness at the foot of Whitehall > itreet, to receive bsggago ft r the several trains. 30 minutes before the hour ofiu.rting from the Brooklyn side. The steamboat "Snuaauian" leaves Ureeuport for Bag Harbor on the arrival of the Boston tram from Brooklyn. Sroekiyn, Oct. I, 184d. o9 rre REGULAR MAIL LINE FOR BOSTON VIA NORWICH It WOR- satM . 0* CEHTER, Without change I ba ( cadBfii f?Cars or (i sag age, or wilhouc.^H^^H I WdL. i.CK,.?,ng any Kerry. JSHEEaasengeM taking thoir seats at Norwich, are insftred their I > ta through to Boston. This being the only inland route lit communicates tluough by steamboat knd railroad. Passengers by this line are accompanied through by the con1 actor of the train, who will have particular charge of their baggage, and who will otherwise give hit attention to their sate and comfort. This line leaves sooth tide Pier No. 1, North Hirer, foot of Satterv Place, daily, (Bundays excepted) at 4 o'eloek, P. M., tnd ai vet in Boston iu time to take all the eastern trams. The new steamer ATLANTIC, Captain Duatan, leaves aver> Tuesday, Thuuday, and Saturdays, at S o'clock, P. M. Thr steamer WORCESTER, Captain Van Pelt, leaves every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, at 5 o'eloek,JP. M. For further information, inquire of J. H. VANDKkBILT, 1 Wo. 1 Battery Place. North River. altfre l)fFUSlTlUN MORNING LINE AT 64 U | CLOCK FOR ALBANY Landing at Hammond atreet, Van Cortlandt's (Peekakill), I Cold Spring, Newbnrgh, New Hamburgh. Milgen, Tough- j keepsie, Hyde Park, Kingston, Upper Red Hook, Bristol, Catskill, Hudson, Coctackie and Kinderkook. [C?" Passage, One Dollar.-y~fl aMf) eg| THE new and fast-salTing low-preatura ' &aaeBSmMR*"eaiiibi'at METAMOKA, Capt. P. H. Smith, 3K^SUBLwill leave ihe pier foot of Warren street on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, ai 6X o'clock, A. M. Re- 1 turning,leave Albany on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday Passengers taking this boat will arrive in Albany in time for the trains of cars going North and West. Break last and Diunerou board. For freight or passage apply on board, or of A. CLARKE, corner of West and Warren streets. Fare to Van Cortlandt's Dock, 25 cents; Poughkeepsie, 50; rfndson.75; Albany. $1. o4 lm r NOTICE. gMQ 0gL On and stter frriday, November 30th, the 1 steamboat SYLPH, Captain Braisted, will I KSULniskr the following tripe to and from Btaten Island until farther notice, viz Leave New York. I Leave Staten Island. At ? A. M. At I* 11 A.M. It i P. m. I u M " a p. M. 3* " I <X" nllr I troy mokninb anu hViixMiNG link j MORNING LINK AT SEVEN O'CLOCK. aWIAH K()it ALBANY AND TROY?From the i QaeggQpHlFbteiuoboet Pier at (he loot of Barclay street. 1 3Kw2HE9L?Lauuiux at Perkikill, West Poiut. Newbnrgfi, Hampton, Milton, I'oughkeepsie, Hyite Park, RhiccDeck.U. Red Hook, Brntot, Cnukill, Hudson, Caxwckie, Ktnderhook end Biltiinorr. Breakfast end dinner on board the boat. The steamboat NI AGARA.will IraTe oa Monday, Wedaeday e d Friday Mornings 7 A. V 'i'ie su?uibori SOUTH AMKH1CA, Captain Got ham, oa , J>e?oat Cht ?day and Saturday muraiaga, at 7 o'clock. He truing on opposite days. Em usage or height apply oa board, or at the ofiee oa the ' whirl. WW fOiUv! ALBANY AND I1LOY L1?B. \ t K ALBANY AND TROY DIRECT, Fivoi the pier mi itie foot oi Conrtlundt al,e?t. Tts low-preratnr tie i.tboat EMPIRE, Captain K B. Aiacy, the toot Ji Conrtlsidt itreet, oa Tuesday, Thartday | nd Satardoy eyennga. <tl lire o eloeb. t he steamboat COLUMBIA, Capt. Wta. Q. Peek, will ! la-va on Monday, Wednesday and Friday ereniaga, at 5 I o'clock. Foairnger* taming theae Boata will arnre ia time to take the Morning 1'raia of Can from Troy west to Buffalo, aad forth to Saratoga, Whitehall and Lake Cbamplaia. For Passage or Freight, apply oa board, or at tbe Offiee on , the wharf. No freight taken after 4K o'clock. NOTICE?All goods, freight, bank bills, specie, or aay other kind of property, positively at the owner's risk, jttf OPPOSITION TICKET OFFICE FOR THE NORTH AND WEST. 4^ FOR ALBANY, 75 cents; L'tict, $3 ; 87 ?B^m?^^3*r*cuie, $3 50 ; Oswego, t? 75 ; Rochester, | IZjULll 75 ; Bnttalo, S3; Cleveland, $5 SO: Port* mourn, sTj nttaburgh. $9: Detroit, Michigan, $6; Cincm I aaii, Ohio, 19; Milwankie, $9; Chicago,? 9; Toronto, U. C., I >5 50; Hamilton, $5 50; Kingston, (4 50; Whitehall, $3 50; Montreal, >5 50.?Passenger*, by applying, can vet their ticket* at the office No. 100 Barclay itreet, at the above price*. o9 lm*eh M. L. RAY, Agent. NKW VORK, ALBANY AND TROY LINK.FOR ALBANY AND TROY DIRECT. From the Pier at the foot of Courtlaiult Street?Passage , $1.50? Berths 50 cent*. aM PAS8KNOKR8 takiuft this IJoat will ar ] arrive in time totakethe Morning Train of ; jCSEJL car* from Troy west te Buffalo, and north [ to vv huehall and Lake Champlaw. The low preunre steamboat k.MPIKK, Cart. R. B. Maey, j Thi* Evening at 5 o'clock. Regular days, Tuesday, Thurs lay and Saturday. f or Passage or Freight, apply on Board, or at the Office on the Wharf.?Freight inu?i be pat in charge of the Freight Agent, or the Company will not be responsible for lot*. PKOPLK'S LINK OF STEAMERS FOR ALBANY, ! Daily at 5 o'clock, P. M ?Through Direct, From Steamboat pier between Court Landt and I.ibertv it*, i .Mm jgm steamboat KNICKERBOCKER, Cart. A. Houghton, will leave on Monday, WednesXai3iUL day and Friday evenings, at 5 o'clock. Steamboat ISAAC NEWTON, Capt. William H. Peck, will leave on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday evenings, at 5 o'clock. _____ At 5 o'clock, P. M., Landing at Intermediate Places, From the foot of Barclay itreet. Steamboat NORTH AMERICA, Capt. R. H. Fury, will leave on Monday, Wednesday, Friday h. Sunday afternoons, tt 5 o'clock. Steamboat SANTA CLAU8, Captain B. Overbaugh, will leave on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday afternoona, at 1 o'clock. The above boats will at all times arrive in Albany in ample lime for the morning cars for the Kaat and West. Freight uken at moderate rates, and none taken after 4 I'clock, F. M. All persons are forbid treating any of the boat# of tbia line, irithoni a written order from the captains or agents. Kor p-issage or freight, apply on board the boata, or to T. C. Schultz. at the office on the wharf nISr NbW YUJK.K AND HAVRE COMMERCIAL | LINE OF PACKETS. JOL JtiL WBtm mBBw 5BBC TPHE snbecrioera beg to uiforuitrieir friendi^n^the tmb lie that they hare been appointed by JOHN B All BE, i i iq.. of Havre, agents in New York for the above line, one | ) which will be despatched from Havre weekly, throimh- . lit the season The ships of this line will be of the first :.ass, commanded by men of characier and ability, and the \ treatest care taken ro give every satisfaction to shippers, as ' ilso to promote thecomfort and convenience of passengers I As the rates of freight and passage will be much less than by ' ither lines, shippers and passengers will doubtless consult heir own interest by applying for further information to W- k J. T. TAP8COTT, M Month st , 2d door below Burling slip, n5 J. BAH BE, Havre. ^ , BHIXISH ANti NOKTH AM Kill CAN ROYAL MAIL 8TKAM 8HIPHc 1200 4,0 hor,< power, un ^<yUd^l dercontract with the Lores of the AdmiU1.BERN1A. Capt.A. Kyrie. CALEDONIA Cap.E. O. Lott. BRITANNIA Capt. J. Hewitt. CAMBRIA Capt.C. H ELJudkiag. ACADIA Capt. Win Harrison. Will saillrom Liverpool tad Boston, via Halifax, as folows hvaom BesToiv. raois Livcarooh. "aledonia Nov. 1, Britannia Oct. 20, Iritannia Nov. 1(1, Acadia Nov. 4, Acadia Dec. 1. Caledonia " It. Cambria Dee. 4. Kiiuai Monet. From Boston to Liverpool ... $13? From Boston to Halifax... , J?. I No berths secured nntil paid for. These ships carry e?lerieoced surgeons. No lreight, eieept specie, received on lays otsailing. For freight, passage, or any other information, apply to D. BKIOHAM, Jr., Agent. A: HAMNIlKf k CO'8^ 6 Wall ft. 4**^ In aedirmn to the above line between I .vs-ynol and dalifix. an < Boston, a contract has been entered i n:.i wi'.h ler Majesty' government, to establish a line between Liverpool sud New York direct The steamships lor this service are now being built, and early nr?t year dne notice will ! ie given of the time wlien they will start. Undar the new lontraet the steamers will sail every Hetnrday daring eight nonths, and every Ibrtmght daring the other months in the rsr. lining al,'. riiatrly between Liver(>oo|, and Halifax oid Boeion, and between Liverpool and New York. til r KOll 1IAVKK.?The snperior French brig AH Vh.DK, Captain (Inandean. to be promptlyidia] I HKs patched. For freight, apply to StTv iRivif V. Hisir Kum itroks.g TAI'Bt.Ol I'd buKElON EX' H.aNOK iND afflwy K v IOR ATION OFFIi E.?Drafts en England, ISBlKe Ireland. Hcotland and Wales ?Tenons wishing to mm .none? to any pan of (treat Britain or Ireland, can pro me drafts of the nib?ctbera payable at sight withont cistount, in all lh- principal towns, as follows :? In England?On Messrs. J. Harned St' o? Liverpool; Nalonal and Pror ncial Bank of England and branches. In Ireland?National Bank of lieland and branches throughint. In Scotland? National Bank of Hcotl .nd and branches htnnghont. Drafts can be forwarded by packet ship Botcins on the 26th nslant, steam si ip O eat Wrsiern on 26th, or Kovsl Mail iieamsliip li?m Boston i n Utpioxinio. W. St J. T. TAPdCOTT, 66 Booth street. n22 second door wen ol Bnrlieg slip. ~ifip PAcXETH SOU HA V KE-Heeonrt l.ine?I'arket sKf Vship BALI 1MOR E, Capt. John Johnston, Jr., will jM i sail on the lit ol December. For lreight or postage, apt If to I. BOYD St H1NCKEN. No SI Ws lec 7 "" ^ESLaMtaMMWn. PARK I Ht. A Tits.?Friday ?*?? *?, Nor. I'th?Uarantb night ol MHM CHARLES KEAN, MR. CHARLES KKAV and >ift. ueo. vAndenhoff, On which occasion Will be , *,miine<i -liakspeare'a tragedy of K | Nii jt <HN?J.iuu. K'ng <il Englaud, Mr. Cbarlea keen; Pluliji Faulconbridge, Mi. Uati ?r VauUenhofl, < Malainl, .Mr* diaries Kmc To ci.urlude with the fare I'D 7NE BROWN Doora o. en at half t ia' b u cl ill, and the pcrloriuancea, will, (ooimrace at 7 o'clock, born gl: I'll j* centa, Oallery Si cent*. BOWERY THE A'i'ltE?Friday Earning, No*. J7th, will be performed M SZ tPPA?Maieppa, Mr. D* B?r; Ahoer Khan, Mr Booth; Count Pratnislaua, Mr Gierke: Oliuaka, Mr*. Jordan. Alter which. .Vliaaea H and J Vall** will appear and perforin a Grand Pa* de Deui After which, the KEYING DUTCHMAN?Vand*rd*ck*o Mr. De Bar; Leatell*. Mr*. Baiaeaut. To conclude with WHY DON'T SHE MAKKY-.Nautr I Teick, Mr. Hedaway. Liaette, Mra. Sergeant. Dr*<* Circle Si cauta; Pitjuid Gallery 12H centa. Duora open at 0^4 o'clock; ' urtani mr at 7. PaLMg'S THEATKiT ON FRIDAY. NOVEMBER r, 1846. MR I.OVER, ( Author of" Handy Andy,"" Kory O'Vloore," ke. kc.) ' Y\TIL I. give forth* CAST TIME, hit inuch admired *ui?r?? taiumnit of" The Outlawa," " Enlea of Erin, ' with hie own So'iga, ke. The two iccilationa of " The Iriah Kiah- i erm-.u" and " sliamua O'Brien.'' '1 icketa SO centa, to tie had at the Aalor Houae, and at lis* door* MM areuiag. Door* open at >* o'clock?Perl'urtnancca eotnmeucc at 8, and conclude about 10 oVlo<k. (HJ-LAST TIME. -CO ii26 2'rrc _ kI For the Benefit of thi IRISH EMIGRANT SOCIETY. MK. LOVjlK, thu author of ' Handy Andy,'' Stc . will give for the Rendu of the above inelitutlou, hit " Illuatrdtious ot Ireland," ou Saturday eveuiug, Mth mat., at l'almo'a, together with the recitatkoua of "The Gridirou," "The Fialierman," and " hlumua O'Brien.' Tickela M) Cruta.tohe had at ill- Aator Huu?e,at the oflice of the Society, 1 Mo. 6 Ann atreet and at the door 011 the evening ol the per- ! iormante. Doora open at 7>4, performance commence at I o'clock. n77lt?rh MIl'ofituLL S uTTTmHU THEA'lHE. Friday | eveuing. Nov'r J7?The entertainmeuu to commence ' with the 1 atravaganxa ol JOCKEY CLl'B?Acia Maccaaaar, Mr Walcot; Leaudrr Larkiuvtou, Mra 'l'linm. After which, THE GOVERNOR'S WIFE?Hickory Shoit, Mr Holland; Lett) lingua, Miaa Cruiae. Af'er which, the TliREfc. GiFTS?King Bellifullon, NJr. Nickiuaon: (dueeu Mra H. Iaherwood. To be followed by the opera of the SWISS COTTAGE? Liaette Gierateio, .>,iaa Anna Cruiae. Oreaa circle M centa: upper hoaea 2A centa; pit one ahilltag; private boxca Si. Orcheatra boxea, S3. Dooragopeu at hall otul 6 o'clock; certain rtaea at 7. BOWERY CIRCUS. Boxea 27 centa Children half price. Fit 12)4 centa. The great Kngliah Clown, fiom Aatley'a, London. Mr. KEMF and Mr. GARDNER will diepiay their comic taleuta. Sr. FELIX CARLO will iutroduee hia wonderful Amipodeau Fe.formauce, and other'aatomahing feala. MADAME CAMILLE GARDNER thegreateat female eqneatritn in the United Sratea. Mr Burnell Ru?nala, Kr. Rugglea, Dan Gardner, and hia educated dog; Mr. Brcon. Mr. N imii, and hia talented children. u22 lu'c RAY 1VIO1ND & WAKING'S MENAULIUE. LOCATED ON THE LATE SITE OF NIBLO'S GARDEN. THIS extraordinary collection of Living Natural Curioai. ilea, will continue open daily from I* A M. to 10 F. M. . Mr. Fierce, the celebrated lion tamer,will give hia intereating performancea ol harueaaiug and driving a large Numidian Lion, conflict with a Bruxifian Tiger, gronpingt with the trained animate, &e., at 11 A. M., 4 and 8)4 r. M. Admittance 2i centa?Children half price. n22 lw rre THE ALHAMRA SALOON. 649 Broadway between Spring and Prince elreeti, In conaequence of the brilliant audieocea aad triumphant aucceaa attending the unrivalled exoibition of the celebrated UERRALEXANDER, The Great Original German Magician, The managemri.t have at an euoimou* expeuae RE-ENOAOK."> HIM FOR SIX NIGHTS'. I mo r,?t,ni^u, and every evening during the week. He will iatrodure,am<>ug eu i.omenta variety o? experimenu in Natural Philosophy. Chriniitay, Optica, Phe a malice a '<1 Natn-nl vlagie, SEVERAL ENTIRELY NEW KEATS, ol the moat extraordinary character, a d NEVER BEFORE ATTEMPTED BY ANY MAGICIAN ! Kali paiticnlara in the programme. Tickeu to the Rotunda, JO eenta; to the Balcony, IS cent*? Childreu under 13 yeara ol age half price. I Door* open at commence at Tfj o'clock. n31 Iwr WALNUT ST. THEATRE, PHILADELPHIA. E. A. Maiuhall, Lesaee... W. K. Black, Manager. BENEFIT OK MADAME AUGUSTA. FRIDAY EVENING. Nov. 27, HI6. Will be petforin-d liret time the uew grand Ballet of IIRIELL , or LE DIABi.E AMOUREUX, With entire uew icenery, drearer. wauda, he. die. Urirllc Madame Anguala. Liaetle Villa. Diuiier. Pnoebe Miae Walter*. Count Moue. Frederick. Previoua to which the admirable Comedy of the CHILD OF NATURE. Ma'qufa, Mr. I.em tu; Duke, Mr. A Beckett; Connt Valanta, j Crocker; Marchioueaa . Mrs. 'iha>er: Amanlhia, Miaa Crocker. To-inorrow. a tplendid bill of entertainment*. AT 1Kb STUYVp.eaNT INsTIlUTE. Monday Evening Nov. 341, 1*446 AN EVENING WITH THE AMERICAN ORATORS AND THE POPULAR POE S MR. LHaHUS WH'TNEY ha* the l.ouo. to.1.1*that he wil1 give a .Miarellatieona Eutertaiiin,eut, on Monday Evening. November 30t", '8?4. at hall.,,.*! 7 o'clock Ticket*, Fifty Cent*, to be h id at the Book Store of Win. Taylor, and at the door. kor lull parttenlaea eeeamall bill*. n27 4li?*th TABERNACLE. Friday eveniug, November 27th. Prerioui to hit departure lor the South, CAM1LLO SIVOltJ Will give a GRAND CONCET, in which he will be ai iated by SIGNORA P CO, MRS. E. CODER, MISS J. L. NORTHALL, SlGNOll DE BEON 18, MESSRS. RAPE'' TI. fOntana, GEO. LODER, and H. C. Tl MM. Programme. Part i I. Overture tolhe Opera "La Veetale," exe cuttd by the O chevtra Sionjini. 2. The favorite Duett of the Opera "L'Avaro," (The Mi?er) aung by Misa Julia L. NorthMI and Migncr De Begme Moeea. j 3. The Eighth Concerto of Spohr " Bceua Cantaule," for the Violin,executed by Camillo Sivori ..t Bpohr. 4. The Duet of the Opera "II Turco in Italia," auug by Siguora ricu and Signor De Begun Uoaiiui. 5. A Duet for two Violiua. executed by M. Rapetti end Camillo Sivori, Willi Orcheatra accompaniment Maurer. 6. Aria, "Ciel Fietoao," from the Opera "Ztlinira," aung by Mra. K. Coder Roaaiui. lnttrminion. fabt ii. 1. Overture to the Opera "Zaire," execute) by the Orcheatra Winter. I 1 Terxetto from the Opera "II Fanatico," auug by hignora fico, Miaa Morthall and Higuor DeBegnia Fioraranti 3. A favorite Duo for t* e I'iano, from the Opera of "L* Favorite," executed by Mesrre. _ i Kotilaua and Timm K. Wolf. | 4. Ballad, ' You aay we part forever," auug by Mra. E. Coder Anber 1 5. "The l'rayer of Moaea," followed by a "Martial Theme, Varialiona and Finale." the whole piece executed upouaaingle at:nig (the Uh) b" < aoiillo Hivori Pagan in i. I 6. "Tu .-aihiuga " n Spanish song, sung by Signora fico (by request) 7. The eel. hrated Variations on the Air"Nel Cor.,"executed by CamilloSirori ( Violin >olo). Faganini. Menu. Loder and Timm will preaide alternately at the Pi mo forte. The Orchestra will be led by Michelle Hapetti. Tickets one dollar. To be had at the Music and Book , Stores, and at the Door on the Evening of the Concert. [Ij^"To prevent confusion at the Ticket office. Ladies and Oeutlemru are respectfully requested to take their tickets tather at the Mn?>c and Book stores, than at the donr. Doors open at IS- Concert to commence at 7){ o'clock. nit at rrc GKEA1 BATTLE ~! OF THK RESACA DE LA PALMA, AND THK BOMBARDMENT OF MATAMORAS, Now exhibiting at the Gothic Halt, 316 Broadway, (J^Opes every day from Ik, A. M., to 9, F. M. Admission 23 cents < hi'dren. l?% cents. nki lw*rh , THE ORE A I' NATIONAL FIOTUKE or THK LANDING OK COLUMBUS, PAINTED for the Capitol at Washington, by J. Vsnder- | lyn, will be continued on exhibition lor a short time longer, at the National Academy of Beaign, corner Broadway and Leonard afreet. Alao, aeveral admirable eopiea, by Mr. V., from the ehef d'eeuvreaol the great ma?ter*, Titian, Corregio, and Rembrandt, together with a aplemlid new or the Cataract, Rapid*, andacenery about Niagara Falle. Open from 9 A M to in r. M fteaaon ticket! M cent*; , aingle adm>aaion 21 cent*. Deacriptive pamphlet* 6 V Ct*. nl? Imia'rc I BlLLlAKUS ARCADE BILLIARD bALOON. No. ?K Barclay afreet, juat below t e Aator Home, ia the largeat and m >at om- | modion* naloon in the city. It eonraiua uiaa Tablra, all in good order, and ot Prnu'a make?(who ia acknowledged by all good playtra to be the heat billiard table builder n tlua Conutr) .) wuh fine maple auil mahogany beda. Tbeae table* i ran, at ail time*, be d, prnded up n for making correct angle*, aa they hare all cloth cuahions, and are, therefore, not anerted by the weather Mirhael and oaenh, formerly of the All Nation*' Hotel, | and late of Gothic llatj, take thia method ot informing their ' fry nd< and the public Wat they haiejuat opened thia eata- ; Idiahinent, and hope by proper man igeinent ai.d atriet attention, to merit a renewal of .he patronage heretofore ao liberally heitowed npon them Gentlemen who may favor them with a all maydependon the beat of atrendance, with a prirare eve and apron for their own etclmive nae?and thoae wiahing to play in , private are informed that there la an eaerllent table in a aepa rate rpom, whteh can l.e aerured bv application at the bar. N. H. The moat faatidion* need feel no delicacy in patronizing thia catihliahment, a* the company will be found alway* aelect, and the beat order prevailir g throughout. .MICHAEL I'llF.LON, i nil Im'rh JQwF.PH WHITE. LOiNU HKEfcL) CAMAKlhK. _~ The Stock of Pr VAN KLRK.CK'S, Biitfc Avenue. JOWr rompriaing bird* ol high colo-a, and pnrchaaed bv him JltUtat great eipeuae ; alio a good ae'ectio of lone btrrla rravbcagee. bird aeeda, and other article* connecied with the trade. For aale by WILLIAM 8. JOHNSTON, No. 2*0 Broadway, nil 2w*rh LAJ.hlr ukbCiU OAAAlUb*THE elebrated itock ol W h Broddway. will ha | offered tin aale at No S John atrer P-mrier* ar# invited to Call ai J aee tlicPl. 1 "'f.*/? m'! ? I " A to be rim beat in the United btatee A hiue?e I, *rh in aong, with the mod variety of rare and J*1""}" bird) ? Cage*, Seeda, Ac. for aale by ? . A. OBIEVEv o? lm*rc ' '"',n arreer, N. 1 MRU. ZEglIO. NO. DIVISION STREET. ^ WILL open* U'ge aaaortmenl of Tina millinery. | Homier a. Sa . She will offer lor Iwperiion * clioiee ?3Sratoc of Fall good*, compriaieg ailhi, **?'"?. plain and ent velveta, lie., Ac., whteh being aelecied with good j taere from the leteat errivela, ia well wenky the atlenilon of P"Mer"h*?te and milliner* from the country, wantinv rnatevi I al* and petterua, wonld liud it their iutereat to call before : pqrehaaiiig, ae tne atoek ia fteah, the atyle the latent: which will be diapoced of on returnable terma n2# ImVe i LATE3T INTELLIGENCE V TUB MAILS. WaaHIMUTOtV, NOV :i, 1S40 The day is sl*>jm> and lorcring, No fit; her news from tho South Au ac i n is daily expects11 betewn the kJherenU cf 6alas and San'- Ai.ra on the ? r.t jut in the city oi Mexico, and the ins ji genu on the other The Secretary of the Navy has ordered u Naval Court Martial, to be held at Norfolk, 'oeuquiie into the cattset and circumstances of the los. of the lT. S brig Truxtun on tire bar at Tuxpan. It is now surmised that simultaneously wi.h lie parture of Geu. Scort, to take supreme command of tha Uud forces, C ommodoro Stewart will go down to cooduct the operations cf the Gulf squadron. Both movements will bo crowned with a good report, the latter wi 1, we think, be a decided acquisition to the operations by sea. At the meeting night before last at tire City Hall, for the benefit ol the starving people oi Ireland, an exoeutivo committee was appointed ; also a committee of four to make collections iu each ward of the city. -* Wsshi-iutois, Nov. ii, 1816. Mexican Jtjfairt?TK* New Programme 0/ the New Caw pi|;i?tvio iB-nj/uu, u'tur i urrn. ctcuii?JLJlffXClUl IC? OJ the Salhllo Route?*1 Review of the Programme, fe. The Secretary of War ii industriously employed in hie correspondence relating to the nine new regimente No stranger* allowed to visit him to-day. Uen. rtcott, in assuming the command of the army cf operations, will make Tampico the base line of his ope rations with the nine new regiments. The route having been left open by Ampttdia, in his ret. eat to San Luis from Monterey, it is thought that no more reinforce ments will be needed to enable Uen. Taylor to form a junction with Uen Scott at San Luis Petosi, via the Sal tillo routo. The material diiilculty in the march from Mob terey, of thrao hundred and forty miles, will be the want of water. It is a strange peculiarity for ? mountainous country to be destitute of water; bnt such is the case in Mexico. Between the range* of high bleak mountains on either hand, as you maroh from SaltUlo to Hacienda Salado. lie miles, on the way to San Luis, you pass over a comparative desert, which is thus described by Oen. Ureeue, one of the prisoners ei the Mier expedition:? " February nth, Our mareh, with no more than ordinary incident* of travel until we reached the Hacienda Salado, forty league* diatant Thi# rond was over a barren country, very deatitute of vegataMML-MMl eupplied from deep well* of brachials water^J^twp sp hy mules, working a vary aimplv contriPaVMRgaa, with bucket* attached to a broad leathern strap erhptr roper" Again, after leaving Salado, tbe Genernl any*" Our conrse we* for rainy mile* through a broad level plain, with high mountains ou each hand. Every dost rising in our rear, and we could see msny miles upon our back road, made ns believe that our lamented friend, Captain Fitzgerald, was in pursuit to rescue ns. At this gait (a gallon) we were hurried twenty league* to the town of Cidral, only stopping once for water." t On thii route, then, the Mexican* nave ? power, In a line of march of two hundred mile*, of entirely cutting elf the supplies of water from an invading army, limply by Ailing thoie " well* of brackish water," and even if left undiiturbed it ii rioubtlul whether they would supply a force 01 10 000 men with wa'er. sufficient to Keep them from pens lung A* to provisions they are entirely out of the question on the route via Saltillo to San Luis You ascend into the table lands from Montersy You pas* over a aandv plain for nearly 300 miles, without water, without vegetatiou, except at intervals here and there, just sufficient to sustain the poverty stricken population of a mining town? for it is one of the singular tacts in respect to Mexico, that the miners are the poorest ot her people. The imperative necessity will then devolve upon Gen. Taylor, in the march from Monterey to Sun Luis, not only to carry his provisions along with him for the whole march of three hundred miles, but to carry the water that will be required for 10,00(1 men. for ten days march from Saltillo , or strong detachments will have to be passed forward in advance of the main hody to reopen those brackish wells, and guard them until the arrival of the main bedy of the troops. The change, therefore, in the plan of the campaign, of moving the main body of the aimy from Tampico, up the river Tanuco to Han Luit, under the personal cuuimaud of General Scott, is eminently judicious in the active prosecution of the war. On thia route there is an abundance of water from the river and its tributaries, the march to San Luiii is only I AO miles, tho only serious impediment being the mountain ascents, defiles and ravines, after you leave the plateau of tl t'rrei ealitnUn, or tho coui iiiumn eAioiidiUK iiscm irvui hut w ?u?u ?*? on different parti of the coast, and perhapi about slaty in the line across from Tampico. W? hear it rumored, however, that a portion of the troops from Matamorai and Monterey, in addition to tbe nine new regiment* will join Gen. Scott at Tampico, Riving him an tlf.ictive force of frjm 12 to 15,000 men, lor his forward movement, which will leave for 0( neral Taylor, including reinforcements from General Wool, and deducting the garriaoni for Camargo and Monterey , a force of about 5,000, with which to move forward by the Saltillo route, in order to form a junction with Soott at San Luis, giving an aggregate force lor the conflict with Santa Anna of 20,000 men. But owing to the naturel destitution of water on the Saltillo route, it is not improbable that the whole force destined for San Luis will move forward from Tampico, or alone that route. The return of the troope to Matamoras from Monterey, would bo very easy by the river from Camargo, in steamboats and barges, while tbe ascent from Tamnico, up tha Panuco, especially with the supplies, might be conducted with the same means of transportation, for a considerable distance. We learn thai BR the express Wish of General Taylor that General Scott should take the command. There lo the most cordial good feeling between the two officers. And it may be as well to,eey that the War Department la under tha greatest obligations to General Scott for the efficient services he has rendered hero in the conduct of the war?the lines of march, the appoMMment of the troope, the points of attack, and the arrangements for sup plies of the general detachments of the army of occupation and invasion. General Scott will oomo oat ol tbe trial with the honors of General Worth, now that the field is open for him; and Old Zack, God bless him as long as he lives, is just the true old soldier to give a brother officer a chance to repair a faux pat, or a slip off the handle These views are not official, but (or their aorreotneia we leave them to be determined by the actual movements of the army. We shall recur again Is the auhjec t tp-morrow. W. Washington, Nov. 24, 1940. The Van Sett Catt? Chamiert of Ctngrtit, <-c. The tcstimany in the Van Ne*? ease for the plaintiff, till occupies the proceedings of the Court. It will ho closed to-morrow, when the evidence for the defendant Gov. Van Ness, as the legal administrator of the large estate of his deceased brother, will be commenced. The defence promise us a broadside of Paixhan shots in the very outset. The case certainly requires, to all appear ancea, the strongest sort of proof* to overthrow the claim set up by Mrs. Conner, alias Mr*. Wallace, alias (and this is the alias in dispute,) Mrs. Van Ness. (See report.) Hon Robert Dale Owen, of the Smithsonian Regents , and his father, the celebrated Robert Owen, came into town last night. An enthusiastic meeting in behalf of the volunteers, called (or by Secretary Marcy, was held in Alexandria last evening. The town bas raised a fine company, tub jectto the order of the Governor of Virginia. The heavy northwest wind of yesterday, blowing directly down the cbenuel of the wide Potomac, left the river so shallow in the afternoon, that the mail steamer could not come up in season, end even the little lerry boat to Alexandria ran aground. At its ordinary depth, the Potomac is navigable to Washington for the largest vessels, a hundred end thirty miles lr?..n the bay. The Capitol is all in order for there-assembling of Congress; aud the Library of Congress, closed tor a month past lor cleaning up, fee , is sgain open Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, till the meeting of the two Houaes. Washington, Nov. 34,1*40 Short Paragraphi. We learn that the President sent word to his Cabinet this evening that ho deaired to have a talk with them to morrow morning, in reference to information received from the Gulf squadron. ,We aye getting now into the very cesence of the war, and soon we shall hear of other naval achieve ments following up the brilliant ahcll works.of com Perry at the afores aid Tabasco Gen Scott has gone off, it is said, to hurry on tha tails taring of the volunteers. He can have 300,000 lighting meu, of th* tarn# sort as those at Monterey, if he wants them. There was n most enthusiastic meeting in town Iks night in behalf of ( *ptain Samuel H. Walke^ of the Text* Hangar*, w ho belong* here. It wa* gotten op a t a moment'* warning, aiiJ the Odd Fellow*' Hall wa* filled foil, or full filled. The meeting wa* addreswJ by the Mayor, by Me*?r?. R.itclifl'e. K Hand, W. IP WalUck (the I itfer of whom ha* *ervad in Texas;, Mr, Hamman. Mr Bradler, and other*, while a committee went out hunting op the Captain. When he came in, thu applause row like the shock of two armie* in bsttln array, excepting the powder and shot and itael. Thn Captain made a short speech in hi* usual moaeat way. He had only done hi* duty, and no more. That * the way to talk it. It appear* that there ha* been another revolution in Mexico, and that I'raitdant Sain* in hia turn haa had to fly the capital. .At thia rata, the great**t difficulty will he to And a government In Mexico with which to treat when peace ii again reatored. Santa Anna, however, while tboae two million* hold o'l', la aacure from hi* foe tion* at home, until vanquished by the aimy of occupation, in which event it will perl.apa find devolve upon the t.'ni cd State* to nitablish him in authorltv, in order to have some tangible form of authority witS w hij-ii to negotiate. The latest new* strengthen* the impression, that this constituent Congreu unless dispersed by a mob. will lecotnmend peace The operation* in the interior w d go for to *ecuto thia daciaion. V W*?m.*?ro!*, Nov 3i, lt'i . Highly Important In trill)(fnri from tht Stat of ll'?r a thr Gulf Coatt?Farthrr porlicylan regnr.lin? t\ C'aplurt of Tnhoteo- Op'rotiont of Santo ,1nna. We axpras* otir thank* to our friend at Alton Li*. .4

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