Newspaper of The New York Herald, November 29, 1846, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated November 29, 1846 Page 1
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??????? I 1 T H ] I. in, do. 31*-W'hola Ho. ?IW. TBAVKliUHS AOOiWIMOUATlOJIS. CHANGE OF HOURS. X. nuum RJiILHO.iD-FJILL ARRJlSOKUKNl unTi gh MM QuaJO MM Ob ua aitar MONDAY, October 11, IMC, Traina will ran u follow*: LliTI Biotiim-tt 7 o'clock A. M. (Boston trnr) for Greenport. daily .(except Sundays) stooping at paruiiagdnla end St. George's Manor. " " at?X A. M., daily, for k'trmingdal* and intermediate places. " " at IS o'clock, M., for Ureonport, daily, I Sundays excepted,) stopping at Jamaica, Bra ch, Hiekaville, and all statioas east of Hjckayi lie. " " at 4 P M. for Karmincd.ate, daily. L uri OaarneoaT?at ?1% A. M., daily accommodation trna for Brooklyn. " " at P. M.. (or on the anrieal of the boat from Norwi h,) Boston train daily, (except Suntiys,) a PP-ng *t St. George's Manor and armingd-<leLeave FakWirrooaLK at V A. M. daily, (except Sundays,) I accomanodati.- i train, and IS M. and P. M. Lsavg Jamaica?m k o'eloc ? A. M., 1 P. M., and 6% P. M., for Brooklyn, or on the arrival of Boston train. A freight train will leave Brooklyn for Greenport, with a paaaeagers' car attached, on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, at A. M. Retaining, leave Greenport at lid O'clock P. M, on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturdays, stopping at intermediate places. SUNDAY TRAINS. Will hereafter ran toTompson Statien, leave Brooktyn at o'clock for Thompson and intermediate rlaces, commencing Saniay 'ielti ferstabar, returning loave Thompson at I o'clock P. M., Farming Dale! w, Jsmuco 3X, leave Brooklyn for Jemmei S A. M-, and ? P. M. Fann to?Bedford, coots; Kast Nest Yrrk,'. l)d; Macs Coarse. lgJk Tiot'.iog Course 18V; Jamaica, Jt; Brusnville, w { H> de 1 ark. f IT mile*) 27)4; Clovrsville, (daring the saa? ? or Coert) S7)<; Hempstead. T7>4; Bianeh 37)4; Carle Plae#,44j We?tbnry, 44; Hickwille, 44; Faimiagdale, 62)4; Deer Park, 44: Thompson, U; Suffolk Station, $1; Lake Road Station, $1 Hjfi Medford Station, Si 1134: Yaphank.Sl 37)4; St. Oner**'* Manor, St 62)4; Kiverhead, SI 62)4; Jamaiport, 81 <FM; Mattetack, SI 62)4; Cutchogna, SI 62)4; Spalhold, 81 SUSi Oveenport Accommodation Train, $1 71; Ofeenport by Bflkm train, S2 23. Stage* am in readme** no the arrival of Train* at the sevnral Stamens. to take passengers at rery low fare*, to all part* ol the Island. law age Crate* will be in readme** tt the foot of Whitehall atreet, to receive baggage f? r the several train*. IS mutate* before the hoar of carting from the BroWlyn aide. The sceambpat "Statesman" leave* Ureenport for Sag Harbor on the anmal of the Boatoa train from Brooklyn. Brooklyn, (Jet. I, 1(46. o9 rrc REGULAR MAIL LINE FOR BOSTON. VIA NORWICH It WOR- aatW CJWI^^BBrCESTEtt, without change of ^^jU^jpCar* _ or Baggage, or withoat^jj^HH^ UMnfsts ilkin* thefr seats at Sforwich, are lnrt^^Seir i i u throega to Boatoa Thi* baing the only inland route CU.I eoaamnaieatea through by itoauboat and railroad. Passengers by tffia line are accompanied through by the conductor of the tram, who will have particular charge ef their baggage, end who well otherwise give hi* attention to their ansa and eemrort _ Thi* line leave* (oath aide Pier No. 1, North River, foot of Batterv Place, daily, (Sundays excepted) at o'clock, P. M., and arrives in Boston in time Intake all the eastern trains. The new steamer ATLANTIC, Captain Dastaa, leavea iw Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday*, at 4 o'clock. P.M. Tb# ateaoier WORCESTER, Captain Van Pelt, leave* every Monday, Wednesday, end Friday, at 4 o'clock, P. M. For farther information, inquire of J. H. VANDKttill LT, Ne * Buttery Plaac. North River. a I rf vc NOTICE jg Oa and alter Friday, November 26th, the ^BS^nflBpateamboat SYLPH, Captain Btuisted, will 3E^2EK.make the following trips to and from Stateu Island aatil farther notice, vii Leave New York. I Leave States Island, at a m I At iu 11 A. M. 1* i p. M. is M ax " a r. m. *X " *K2 5if!_ OPPOSITION TICKET OFFICE FOR THE NORTH AND WEST. ? i "" ML FOR ALBANY, 75 centu Utica, 53 ; By dbrVracusv. SIM; Oswego, 13 75 ; Rochester, 3K uBLu 75 ; Suflalo, S3 ; Cleveland,$5 3d: Ports men 55 rUuburah. 59; Detroit, Michigan, $C ; Cincin nasi, Ohio, $9: Milw.iukie, 59; Chicago,5 > Toronto, U. C., ?5 50. Hamilton, 55 44; Kingston, 51 44; Whitehall, 59 50; Moatrtii, 55 40.?Passengers, by applying, son gat their tickets at the office No. 104 Barclay street, at the above prices. of le'ch M. L. RAY. Ageet. pboplics link or steamers for albank, Daily at 5 o'clock, p. M?Through Direct. FVoes Steamboat yier between Court landt and laberty lit AM Jtk Steamboat KNICKERBOCKER, Capt. A banV Houghton, will leave on Monday, Wednes aESaDE. day and Friday eveaiuga, at 5 o'clock. Sieaiaboat ISAAC NEWTON, Capt. William H. Peck, will leave on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday evenings, at 5 'sleek. At 5 o'clock, P. M., Landing at Intermediate Places, Frees the foot at Barclay street. Stenahott NORTH AVt K> 1CA. Can. B- H. Fury, will leave oa Montuy, >V edoetday, ffnuy ft ttaaday afternoon*, at & o'tlnk. Steamuott 8 ANT A OLAU8, Captain B. Orerbaugh, will I rare oa Tueaday, Thuraday and Saturday afternoons, at 3 o'clock. The abova boats srill at all time* arriaa ia Albany ia ample time for the mora Lug ears for the Uast and West. freight takes at moderate rates, and noee taken alter 4 'sleek, T. M. All persona are forbid trusting any of the boats of this line, witkoat a written order (rem the captains or agents. Far passage or freight, apply oa board the beats, or to F. C gehalta. at the olBeo oa the wharf nl>r PACKETS FOE HAVRE?SECOND LINE. lowing order >? From N. York. K'm Hayre. !Jan. 1, Feb. It. May 1. Jane If. 8ej*. 1. Oct. f. jK?i: Sfcu: Oct. 1. Nor. It. jllyl: ASg.'lt'" Nor. 1. Dec. It. aEM1: &l?: Dec. 1. Jan. If. Thay are all of the first clasa, ably commanded, and with eeoommodatiens ample and commodious. The price of passage ia the cabin ia fits, nclisire of winee and liqmore. Apply to BbVD k H1NCKEN. Agents, No. Tont iae Bnildiuag, Ns. M will street. Ooods sent to the agents for forwai ding, will be subject to none other then the espenses actually paid. anil m rVLlYill lAiULO 1U lADliAilii, ftU. ft. Mcij^^f Jr., bat m?M U Broadway, aad continaoa to remit mouey, in aunta or email, to pereoae reaidun in any part of Ireland, ia ' nar > maanar at ha aad hit predeceaaor 10 bnainoti hay* done lor the lut thirty yeaia aad more; alio to aay pert of England or lio land. Moaay rammedftrBeUer, poet-paid, to the aabecriber, or penenally deeoeited with hiia, with the name of the pcaon or pereona in Ireland, England, or Aeotlard, to whom it it te be teat, aad neareat poet town, will be immediately trant'eitted end paid accordingly, aad a receipt .to that effect airea or *ni waido1' to the tender. oX ln>?r GLASGOW AM) NEW \OKK LINE OK PACKETS. Pm m m. m. EHSonB wiahinr to tend for their Irieadt in any part ol Scotland, to tail direct from Glaagow, can make arraugeBMata with the Sabecribera, to here them brought oat in any ftherairalar lineol Packeu, tailing monthly from Olaagow. The ANN HAKLEY, Captain Scott, ADAM CAPH, Captain >lcEwen, SARACEiy^Captain Hawkina, Oompriee the aboTp line,and the Mgh eheraeter ofthoiaTeeeela booId be euficient inducement forpe. :-ooa who say ba tending far (hair flrieada in Beetlaad, to make arrangemeota for tfci> (tne only lina.) Knrther paitienlan giTan.^jn yplication^^ 71 801th atract, corner of Maiden Lane,'or Maura. RKID k MURRAY, Arente aldr ii - ? - BRITISH AND NOH'IH ^&?flS9CAN ROYAL MAIL 8TKAM 8H1P8>4^HP^KAof >*? W" and 44d horaa power each, aa dar cob tract with the Loroa of tka Adnua*BB??rtl?y. HIBERNIA Capt. A. Ryria. CALEDONIA Cap.E. O.Cott. BRITANNIA Capt. J. Hewitt. CAMBRIA Capt. C. H ?.JnAiaa. ACADIA (.'apt. Wm Harrnon Will tail Iron Lirerpool aad Boetoa, era Halifax, aa foL lawe j? paoia aotTOR. raoM i iraarooL. Caledonia. Not. 1, Britannia. Oct. M, Bniaaaia Not. Id, Afadia Not. 4, Acadia Dec. I. Caledonia " It, Cambria Dee. 4. Paiaaoa Mtrtl. From Boetoa to LiTerpool $1M. Krone Boeton to Halifax... M. No bertha aeenrod until paid for. Tbeec ahipa carry exSrienced enrgeoni. No Jreifht, except epeeie, received on v? of tailing. tor freight, pateege, or any other information, apply to D. BRIUHAM, Jr.. Agent. At HABNBKf It CO.'8, 6 Wall et. 9*^ In addittea to the abore line betnean Liraryoal and alifax, and Boetoa. a contract haa been entered l nts with " _t?,T* ment, to eetabliah a line between Lit crpooi auu nfw iunmrrci ine neimimpi iot inn ierrie? are now being bnilt, and early next year doe notic* will be given of the time when they will start. Under the new contract th* iteamera will sail every Hatnrday during tight mpetha. and every fortnight daring the other monlha in the year, Oomg alternately between Liverpool, and Halifax end Beaton, and between Liverpool and New York. ill r H A VRE?The aeperieTTSSelTbrig/tR NIL VtDK, < amain Ouaadeae, to be promptly idjel JIBE patched for freight, apply to i?PUTimej Sttrh BOl O k HINCKKB* Brokers rAuhETS OA H A V RE-Heeond Line-racket sMWWthlp BALTIMORE, Capt. JohnJohaetoe,Jr., will JKfifeml oe the let of December. Kor freight or peeT *Pfi" tn BOYn * HINnCP.W. No. N Wall at. "r|? TAPBUOTT'S FOREIGN EXCHANGE tND JfjfV EMIGRATION OFF!'[ E.-Umfu en K.egland, JBKMmi Ireland, Scotland and Walev ? Pertont wiahing to leuiil oi'i?e> to any part of Great Britain or Ireland, can procure drafta of the inbaenbarv payable tt aight without diaeonnt, iii all tho principal town*, as followv :? le England?On Meaart. J. Barnrd k ' o.. Liverpool; National end Pros n'ial Bank of England and branehee. la Ireland?National Bank of Ireland and branches throagh?"la Scotland?National Bank of Scotland and kraaehea '^Dn^Va'ean be forwarded by packet skip Reeclaa en the Nth r -^saKKs? i E NE NEW > * i !! * . - ? , ?:.x OUR WAR WITH MEXICO. ATTACK Off TAMFZOO. N?ViUi IRTELUOEHCS. IC frc. New Wfczm. Nor. 10,1M6-1K o'clock P. M. A'eiss from lh? Squadron?Jlttack on Tumpico?Jfoi*menti in Me Ou'f. Th? schooner Mitia, Captain Thompaon, arrived a few hour* since from our squadron ofl' Anton Li. zardo, and brings soma item* of Intelligence. She bringa news down to the 13th inst. The expedition against Tampico haa started, under command of Com Conner, end consisted of the Princeton, OepL Engle, bearing the broad pennant of Oom. Connor ; tho Mississippi, Com Perry ; the Raritan, the Potomac, the St. Mary's, the Spitfire, Petrel, Vixen, Bonita, Reefer and Nonata. A portion of the expedition started on the 11th, and the residue on the 13th inst There is not much danger of any fighting, as the steamer Spitfire, which arrived at Anton Lizardo on the 11th inst, from Brazos Santiago ria Tampico, had learned from the Porpoise, blockading that port, that the garrison had all left the ^Tbe Semers is left to maintain the blockade of the harbor of Vera Cruz, and the frigate Cumberland, Capt. Forrest, the prize steamer Tabasquena, and prize schooner Alvarado, are all lying at Anton Lizardo. Nothing had been heard from the Forward and MeLane since the return of the Tobasco expedition, and the prize schooner Laura Virginia had left to communicate with them. The Vera Cruz papers publish a report of the Tobasco expedition, and abuse the Americans in the most un- | measured terms for bombarding a defenceless town, j They give the number of killed on their side as 81, and correctly estimate our loss. They say the shot from our guns did extensive damage They still harp upon the Alvarado affair, and dare the squadron to make another attempt upon it. The Raritaa has the remains of Lieut. Morris on board, and will return to Pensaeoia as soon as the Tampico expedition has been concluded NAVAL INTKLI.IOXNCE. The following is the list of officers attached to the U. 8. frigate Raritan, ofT Anton Lizardo, Oulf of Mexico, 10th of November, IMS, bound to Pensaeoia, via Tampico rtancia uic^vry, v/ipiiiQ Lommiaain(. jusemeiiants?Spencer C. Gist, Joseph C. Walih, Hebert K. Hooo, Edmund T. Shubrick, Montgomery Hunt. Purser?A. E. Watson. Acting Matter? W. R. McKinnajr. Fatted Midshipmen?Wm. H. Hudson, Thomas Pattison, William Nelson. Captain's Clark?John 8- Gregory. Midshipmen?Win W. Holmes, David Coleman, James C. F. De Kraft, Charles Gray, Milton Haxtun, John Howard March, George H. Hare. Surgeon?J. M. Foltz. Assistant Surgeon?Thomas M. Potter. Purser's Clerk?Matthew W. Aylwin. Boatswain?Robt. Dixen. Sailmakor ?George T. Lazier. Commanding Marine Guard? Geo. Adams, 9J Lieutenant. The U 8. thip Albany was tawed from the navy yard yesterday afternoon, and anchored in the North River. [From the New Orleans Picayune, Nov. 19 ] The brig Plymouth cama up to town yesterday under charge of Acting Master Rogers and Midshipman March. As has been already stated, she was taken on the coast of Mexico en the 3d inst., and when hailed was under English colors, and said her name was Cobden, of Plymouth. She had landed 437 bales cotton. The remaining part of her cargo is still on board, with 700 hides and 3d tons of logwood, which was taken from other prise vessels and put on board the Plymouth. MKXICAN LETTSBS OP MABQUK. The following appears in the Poit : - We learn from Washington, on the very heat authority, that a correa- I pondence has taken place between the Secretary of Stato for the United States and the authorities of Cuba, touching the fitting out of Mexican Letters of Marque, in the ports of that Island It is known that thera is an express stipulation in our treaty of 1799, with old Spain, against the fitting out of privateers from any Spanish port, which stipulation has been pressed upon the attention of Spaiu. In reply to Mr. Buchanan's letter, we are told that the I iiivw pvnitiTu wi?ui?jivv? u??o Moeu returned wuiu uy ! the government of Cuba and that oftba mother country, to the effect that the term* of the treaty will be molt religiously adhered to. No privateers of any description will be suffered to depart from any Spanish posse tsioaMr Buchanan maintains distinctly that any violation of the treaty should be a just cause or war. Much has been said by writers for the press as to certain negotiations said to have been entered into between our government and Santa Anna, in regard to the termination of the Mexican war. But we have authority for stating that no such negotiations hare ever taken place, and that our goveromant has had no connection whatevever with the Mexican leader. Mr. Mackenzie's mission to the Havana has been spoken of in connexion with these reports, but that mission has had exclvsive reference to this subject of protecting our commercial in- j to rests. As to the naturalisation of foreigners by the Mexicans, of whioh something is said in our recent news frem Havana, we know that our government will regard the transaction as a fraud, and will treat all persons pretending to set in such a character as pirates. THK mi or TUB CKNTXK. IFrom the New Orleans Delta, Nov. 10.] The following letter from our correspondent with that division of the army under Oan. Weal's command, we should have received before now. It is, however, even now interesting Csisr, Naan Paasimo en Rie Qbakde, ) October 14th, 1846. > I this moment am informed that an express departs for San Antonio in a few minutes, and I can only say a word. We arrived at the river ea the 8th iast,wreathe General wasiwaiud upon by the Alcalde and sub Prefeeto of Presidio, who offhrad the capitulation of the town, and heeed they would not be disturbed Colonel Harney, with the id dragoons, next morning crossed ; over, and encamped near town, and the remainder of the | command on Sunday took up their encampment where 1 I now writ# from, and where we expected to remain ten or fifteen day*; but we ah all march for Monclova the day after to-morrow, not waiting for CoL Churchill'* command, ae waa the original intention. Thia audden change in the intention* or the Oonoral may bo in const qnotice of the recant new* ftom Monterey, which undoubtedly will bo read long before you t receive this ? The battle muat hire been desperate; bnt no more ao Sin I anticipated. The Mexicana are determined to bL Gen. Shield* arrived here yeaterday from Camargo, and will be aocond in command, and confirmed the new* which we heard befero from the Mexican aathoritiee. Col Hardin * regiment ia now marching into camp, having left Son Antonio about a weak altar ui. How pruoont it ia to puraue the march before the remainder of the command comet up, time will toll; but rest asaured the Mexicana will give ua a bruah, and they know all our movement*.'whereaa we know none of their'a. The Mexican officer* endeavor to convince our General that the armistice between Gen. Taylor and General Ampudia included thia army; but foitunately the General had a copy of it, and it clearly leave* u* to fight if wo have chanoo? and wo will. MILITARY AFFAIRS. We learn from th* Mat that the Albany company of U. 8. volunteer*,commanded by Capt. A. Van Olinda, and attached to the Second atogiment, have boon transferred to the (tret, under Col. Burnett. They expect to leave Albany for thia city, the place of rendezvous, the first ol next week. A letter from Harrisburg state* that the Pennsylvania regiment ia now full, with the exception of one company General Stephen Watts Krarnxy, late Co onel ot the 1ft regiment of dragoons, ana who commands in Naw Mexico, was born on th* 90th Aoguat. mo luiui/ uwweiieia iu iaia wwii, now owneu and occupied by the family. He is a deacendant of an Irish family?his great grandfather, a barrister, was born on his paternal estate, Uairet's town, county of Cork, (Ireland,) where be married and afterward came to this country and:settled in Perth Ambey in this State. Gen, Kearney received the rudiments of hit education in our academy?continued his studies in Columbia College in the city of New York, and would have graduated in the summer of ISIS; bnt upon the declaration ot war against Great Britain in June, he applied for and received a eommission He was a lieutenant at the battle of 3>ieentton, where Col. Christie presented him with his sword oa the Held of battle, for Ilia cool and determined manner in the execution of the command which devolved upon him. He has ever since continued in the army, having bean stationed many years in the West, where he married a step daughter ot the distinguished General Merrlwether Clarke, of St Loois.?\awatk Daily Mvtrliatr. Sporting Intelligence. The races over the Oreenlawn Course, at Smithland. Ky., commenced on the 98th ult A number of hone* were tn attendance, and tine iport waa expected. We hare a report of the Brat day'* race. It waa well contacted, (no remitted a* follow* Fibit D*r.?Gordon and Fhtteraon Houae Puree, $100, entrance $90, $16 of each entry added to puree-mile heat*. W. P. Ureer'a b. f Ann Hughe*, by imp. Envoy, dam by Bertraad, 3 y. o 3 4 1 1 Col. Joa. Metcalfe'* b. f. Kate Ktye, by Telemon, dam by Sarpedon, 3 y. o 3 13 9 Oen. R. Sotheilio'a (R Fletcher'*) br. c. Thome* Penkey, by Boyd McNelry, dam by Archy, Jr., 3 y. 13 di*. B. Ciandell'i (J C. Bloo'i) ch. f by imp. Olencoe, dam by 8t. Tammany, 3 y. o 4 3 3dr Time, l:#7-l:4*X-3:03- 3:06 IF O. Pie. Nee. 10(A. Political Intelligence. At the democratic convention, nolden in Providence on l'ueaday laat, the following gentleman were nominated a* candidate* tor State oStcera lor the antuing year : For Governor?Olney Ballon, of Cumberland. Kor Lt. Governor-John D. Auttin, of South Kingaton. For So^ 7nl.^T~r?a' H Providence. For Attorney General?Oeorge Turner, of Newport. For Oonermt 1 rooouror-Nuthon Hemmett, of Newport. I I gggj YV YO YORK, SUNDAY MORN The Van Vru Cue. Cimcuir Cockt, WiiMiMiTon. Nov. 27, 1849. ! | Court couvene.l at ten o'clock, tUoir Honor* Judge* 1 Dunloii an.1 Mumell. nreaidinr The court ashed for the point of Mr. Brent, which we* 1 the subject ef ?o long a discussion on Wednesday between himaelf and Mr. Brtdler. | [The point at ieaue wu this. The counMl for the I plaintiff (Mrs. Conner) on Wednesday laat, called on the I Rot. Mr. Sprole, Presbyterian minuter, to testily as to | the practice of marriage in Pennay Ivinia. with a view to ihow or strengthen the main iaaua that th law ef that State requiring the presence of twelve witnesses, ho has i gone into disuse, and that notwithstanding the lew so [ requirihg the presence of twelve witnesses, the superior I courts of Pennsylvania have decided that marriages performed with less than twelve, or even without a single ; witness, are'legal, valid, and binding upon the peraee. j Mr. Bradley objected to the witness, because heHicing : a clergyman, and all marriages celebrated before him, ' having been according to the forma of the Presbyterian { church, and not according to the forms in practice sad : recognized by aldermen, ne was incompetent to testify in any wsy tending to support the validity of this al- ' leged marriage of the plaintiff, which, if performed at | ell, v> at before an alderman and not a clergyman.] I The question at issue being defined, ' The court decided against the testimony of Mr. Sprole, as having no direct application to sustain the legality of a marriage which may have been held according to the practice in Pennsylvania as a mere civil contract, in contradistinction to msrriages as a religious ordinance. After some conversation between the counsel and the court, Mr. Bbkist asked the construction of the law and the practice, ami the decisions thereon; which being explained by the Court, the learned counsellor expressed himself satisfied. This was sufficient, without the parole evidence. Mr. and Mr*. Js?epk Hovxa, of Philadelphia, (worn. ( | Mr. Ilovca exanined directly by Mr. Bradley.?I reaide at (7 North Third (treet, Philadelphia; 1 an an ink manufacturer: Alderman Chriatian had oocupied the houae where 1 resfde; I moved there August 36, 1646; 1 Mr. Chriatian died in February, he had reaided there for aome yeara before; I hare aeon the plaintiff in thia caao; first, it waa sometime in the spring of thia year?don't recollect the day. The lady came into my store to aak for a bottle of ink, or the price of it, and she began to enquire about the form of the buildings there; (he also began to apeak about Alderman Chriatian; thia struck me as rather strange; discovered her object was about a marriage; I think! spoke to her of the papers of Alderman Christian, which might bo found at bis houae; she turned it off, and asked me about his personal appearance. Mr. Baairr?Let me understand that; dont go on so fast. Witness?Ah, yes, sir. The front room was occupied hv Alderman Christianas his office; it was in the same place; there is no other room in the front below; the tore room covers all the front except the entry, which leads to the rooms back; she then said she would like to see the back rooms; showed them to her? there. are three rooms back of the store; she looked at them and made some remark, and then came out; saw plaintiff again on the 1st day of September last, in the alternoon. 1 fix the date upon the circumstance that in the V- 8. Gazette of the 3d September, the next day, there was a letter published purporting to be a letter of Gen. Van Ness, and an advertisement in the Lrdger, offering a reward for a ceitificate of marriage; saw the lady pass into the back room; to satisfy myself of her identity 1 placed myself where 1 could see her as she passed nut; saw her pass out; heard nothing then. Next day, Sept. 3, saw her again; looking out ol my store. 1 saw the lady coming across the street: she went to the storo oerner of 3d end Cherry; she appeared to be reconnoitering, holding glasses up te her eyes, and looking over to my atere; she then came directly across, nd came in; I asked her te take a scat; she said she would like to see the reema; we went into the rooms back; in one of them she made some explanation that this was the plaoe; I asked her, Madam, what is the mat wri ids repuva uiai 1 i|ijmivu iw tcij conuiu, yoa: I 1 hive some reason to be curious; this is three times you have beon lit re without stating your business, and eitalnly I have some reason to be curious- she replied to the effect that 1 need not be curious, as I should not be a loser by it; 1 then told her about the late family; she said she did not oome about that; she then went away, and her last words were that this was to be confidential. Croit ixamined hy Mr. Bbert.?Did not think it was very strange, alter the first time. Mr. Bsbrt ?But you said just now you were curious about it; what made you think it was so curious that she should come there ? WirRcts ?You told me just now, Sir, I had no right to think, (tirest laughter, cries of bailiffs, "Silence !'' "Silence in the court'." "Walk light!" The worthy crieri of this court have persisted for years in this cry ol " Walk light," which, though it may be according to law, is a flagrant infraction of Murray that ought to be corrected.] Witness explained his curiosity; did not remember particularly with what sort of glasses she recounoitered the store; i think (hat "confidential " was the very last word she said; don't recollect her enquiring about the mantel piqce; [Otber present witnesses in the ;oui t sent out.] don't recollect whether she said the room was larxer or not. Br Mb. Mat, for plaintiff.?Think ahe (Lid nothing about tke room, being like the one ahe deaired to find; [Mn. Cosner, or Mra. Van Ness, aa the caae may be, consulting with her conuel, Mr. Brent.] I don't pretend to give the exact words; cent understand what ahe said aoout the furniture; a gentleman called on me, Mr domier, and told me my testimony would be important; for, upon enquiry, I told him ell I knew. Ma. Hovta called.?Direct examination. I hare heretofore seen Mrs. Conner, (looking at the lady); flrat aew her at my own houae in Philadelphia, on the firat of Sep teraber last; 1 am the wife of the gentleman juat examined; I met the lady at the front door; she inquired about the family who had lormerly resided in the house, of the name of Christian; told her they had removed to Burlington in New Jersey; the dining room ia at the head of the stairs; she asked if there was not a parlor there; I said no; hut there was a small chamber; I asked her if we could not make a small parlor of the room below; ahe asked il they did not take a friend in the dining room now and thea; 1 told hor 1 understood they did; ahe asked if there was not a parlor in front up stairs; I told her there were parlors in front in the second etenr; she aekedlf they had folding doors; I told her they had; she asked permission to see them; she then made some remarks about the per sonal appearance of Aid. Christian; ahe asked if he was a stout man; I told her he was not very stout?not a very large man; she asked me if be would not crack a joke sometimes; 1 said I understood he was very eociable; she then made tome remarks about hie wearing spectacles ; she spoke by interrogatories ; she spoke at if she was asking for information in regard to the. personal appearance of Mr. Christian; we then went down stairs to the dining room; she said something about a sideboard which might have stood there; the papering in the hall was discolored: marking the place where the furniture stood, I Axod the date as the first ol September because that was the day the family were to i return to romain. Mr. Bbadlky?Any questions to ask of the lady, Mr Brent 7 Mr. Bbcnt?Don't wish to ask her one queetiou, air. Mr. Beadley?Olad ef it. Now state, madam, what she said when she weat away. Witness.?She apologized for so many questions, bat said they related to business. Mr. Samuel Chbistiait, sworn?i em engaged in Front street, Philadelphia, in the com mission business. I am s son of the late Alderman Christian; I have seen Mrs. Connor or Mrs Van Ness heretofore; my fsther died on the 17th February last; Mrs. Conner or Mrs. Van Ness called at my place of business on the 2d Sept last; she wee stone; aho introduced hereelf ; don't recollect the particulars; she stated her object; she told me her connection with the Van Ness case, her history, end a givm uiau/ |> M IIUUIMI iu rApwuBiiuu wi u?i ?i??, ?uv pake of Gen. Van Neia?aaid he had boarded with her at one time in Waihinfton; ihe told me aha wai married to him on the 6th of Auguat, 1846. Mr. Brki?t.?Wait a moment. Witbim.?She aaid the had re aeon to believe that ihe wai married by my father; I told her of an lanonymoa* note received by one of my latere two or three day* before making the tame inquiry; ihe laid that ehe knew about it; told her of the letter in the U. S. Oautltr, purKrting to be a letter of Gen. Van Neia, dated 26th July, 46. Ye*, *ir, that'* the letter. [The letter, heretofore puhliihed, announce* that Gen. Vaa Ntii ie coming to Philadelphia te fulfil hii promiie of marriage to .Mr*. Conner.] Had eome conversation, regarding an anonymcn* letter that my lifter had received; I thought it would be proper te conault m> father'* record*, and? Mr. Bbcrt.?I object That ia no evidence at a:l. Mr. Bnablet.?II be told bar about it, it is good eridance. * Witisxss?I did tall bar. Mr. Bbadlkt?Oh ! than, go on, Mr. Christian. Witness?I told her I had examined tha record, hot did not find her marriage there; bat, that aa I may have looked ever it carelessly, 1 would look again, there was en offer of $000 for the certificate, in the anonymous note; she then went on and deaoribed my fathsr better than 1 could there dona it mrself; particularly his peculiarity of raising his spectacles at times upon bis forehead; she deeciibed hie dress; a brown dark colored frock coat, and his complexion?lace rather florid, and all this she did rery accurately; she described our dining room whore marriages were sometimes solemnized; but there she failed; it was not a rery good description, and I helped ber out, and made a little drawing ol it lor explanation. she spoke of the importance of the certificate, and asked if I did not think it was among my father's loose papers, that ia, the record. Mr. BaeisT?Ah ! she spoke of the record. Witness?I told her no; if he married her, the record of her marriage would be in his marriage fceok; my tether waa rery correct; he nerer failed to record a marriage, it was an impossibility that he could here failed in her case; she asked me if Gen. Van Vess could not htre induced him te make a record out of the book: Gen. Van Neee was a stern men; I told her thet my ftther, oo matter how stern he might be, could be induced by no man to do wrone: she told ma tha r.artifl cite wu til that wai wanted, and in procuring it money waa not an objeot; ahe oflered a thousand dollar* for it, and aaid that the eatat* ol General Van Naaa wu thought to b* equal to >800,000; it waa not the monty ah* cared lor, hut the character of her family, particularly of her daughter*, J"?n growing up to womanhoed ; ah* atated aevaral timea that money waa no oh)*ct; told me to look again for the carUHcal*. I recommended her to Inquire *r a lerrantgilrl that had UraJ at my fkthar'a Told me U 1 learned any thing to communicate it t* Col. Lee, her counael. 1 examined the docket for aereral year*beck. The next day, aad ourIflterview wa* along one, 1 Mid her that i had axamlaedha reoard, and tea) swrssyta SFjft&HSti tamoBsams. Ill |RK 1 ING, NOVEMBER 29, 18 a?WgOBg-T ? oiw r~. I inuaodbtely after my father'* death, and that there was ' no ffemorandum among them of any marriage Told haMdtarwarda the paper waa not there. She aui<l look agefe j and repeated that money wu no object at all ? !fo faanllertiao whether ahe taw the aerrant girl. Told her the aerrant girl wee ourioua about auoh things, and might know some thing about it. She a aid, if the proof couQ he had from the aerrant girl, I aim u Id still be entitled fa tte toward. Told her- f did not want it, but that for whatever aha aright furnish of tha proof, tha aerrant girlharaeif waa entitled to the reward ; and that, beaidea* 1 did net think it right any how la take a reward lor aw thing peered of my fatker'a pa peri, aa thay were, TTTr_. ..I. a? flV. ?nl,| ker; said the marriage wss , looMTkm MwniI A.M. and t P. M ,or betweau break- | i fact miff otoleck She saidthat after ths marriage took ' plot i)*? oorti&ot* wu given to Oea. Vu Now ; I lold nor m, tfcpoertifioeu *m never given to any man; father *||l faroftto Ike bride, and with a caution against JBram with It; aba mid Gen Van Ness waa a star* Men, awd by hie new a ding presence might hove so praoodad that my fadjtortooaUd not deny him ; I told heraif father was not te|? alarmed by any man, bat I alwav, if tha husband hoff taken the certificate, would | take ffiaway from him, wake reprimand ; described the I certtmote. fancy border, in printed form, he., to the lady ;>?be did not MemfcrftMogoinn its aim waa net positive Iff gut about the mam^bnt waa afterwards; after that she waa not eeoftfti wlaftf the aMntege waa eg ttura dt down stairs; then sha thonaht ft waa deafft Staira, hecwaae Oea. Van Nasi being a Ifttfe fewle, woulj not go tip stairtif he cotftd holy It; my tether's papen were delivensd to atdaaidan Elkinion; ear inter* eieW easeee eery Wg f the-ffrst jested for twe er three hours ; don't recollect all that waa said. By Mr. Cora.?There were three or four interviews ; I recollect the date only oi the first, and that from the circumstance oi the letter in the newspaper of that day. Crott remained *y Mr. Mar.?She called several times after ; did not examine the loose papers after she called ; yes, sir, 1 was afraid ahe was approaching me in a corrupt wav ; I was lod to fear so from her saying that money waa abject [A little cross firing among the , lawyer*.] I as, air, aho referred me to the advertiseI ment in the newspaper; she etatad that money was ! nothing to the valme of a certificate or th* record. Mr. Beknt.?Was there any thing in the conversation other than that which led you to inspect ahe waa approaching you in a corrupt manner! Di 1 aho make any offer? Wirrrast.?I waa afraid that some offer of that kind would coma out: and that waa one raaaon why 1 referred her to the servant girl. Mr. BaaaT asked if he waa not afraid she might approach the servant girl in the same rappoaed corrupt Witness.?That was none of my hualneas. I did not want to hear of any Anther approaches to myself. Mr. Bbent.?Did you examine your father's loose paper* alter your first interview with Mrs. Van Ness. Witness.?No sir. In the second interview her allusions to the value of the certificate were stronger and more frequently made. She referred to Col. Lee and Mr. Dallas as her connsel. After examination of the register, again, I called oa Cel. Lee and told him that there was a record of date July 37, of the marriage of a certain Elixa Conner. Mr. Bbent.?Not to Gen. Van Ness. Witness.?Oh! no?not to Gon. Van Ness. Desired Col, Lse to examine the record. I remember the date of the first iuterview by the letter in the U. 8. Gazette. Described that he was en dishabille in bis office, smoking a cigar, when plaintiff first called, and was somewhat taken aback. [Jury went out a while to patronise the cake stand in the passage, and returning, witness proceeded.] I gave her the direction to Mr. Hover's house without asking for it; I did it to afford her every possible facility in her researches, as she said po sitively she was married by my father. [Note shown to witness ] Yes, sir, that is my handwriting, no doubt; it must have been about the 3d September; dont recollect giving her a written paper to And the servant girl; did not know the servant's name then; know it now; it is Susan flagon; plaintiff said she was certain that my father had married her?that she was sure of it. There were three or four interviews. Mr. Mat enquired what circumstances led witness to susjiect tbera wu corruption iu me spproacaes 01 me plain tiff Witness said he would hare stated that before, but it was objected to, respecting what paased between him and Mr Hover. Mr. Bbent?Very well; Juat aa wall tell it all. Witness?Mr. Hover sent Die word of her bring up at his house, and of getting a description of my father and the house from them; she described his perion better than she did the room; I was airaiJ of her then; did not want to hear of any ofl'er at all. Mr. Bkent?Why, then, propose to send her to the servant gull Witness?She made out so fair a case, with General Van Ness's letters and other particulars, I thought she had better see the servant girl; a mistake might be made by anybody; don't recollect writing a note to the servant. (.Was shown one of Slept. 6, lets, giving address ol servant] That is mine; never told har i suspected she was approaching me ia a corrupt way. By Mr. basoLsv.?Sho did not tell me that she had been to Mr. Hover's ; she did not tell me she had been there in the spring, nor of the conversations with Mr. Haver, or I should not have given her the address. 3[A long controvery arose here upon a point of law. r. Bradley proposed to show, by witness's recollection the anonymous note addressedto his sister, and which was lost, certain identities between the handwriting and the handwriting of the letters purporting to be those of Ueneral Van Nass. Mr Brent objected ; and the question was discussed by Bradley and Brent in a very earnest manner. Ruled out.l Mr. Brent.?Had Col. Lea a conversation with you about the servant f irl 7 Mr. Bradley objected. The Couht.?Tnat is not evidence. Mr.Bei.v-r.?She is a white.'servant girl; the ii a competent witness. [farther questions waived ?Witness relieved ] Chsuncev Bt cELrr, sworn. Examination in chief-? I reside in Philadelphia; I am an alderman, he. : the hrst time 1 saw Mrs. Conner was on the 6th Sept. last; some three days after the advertisement offering $100? reward for the proof of the marriage of Mrs. Conner to lien. Van Ness ; she called at my office ; sited if 1 was an alderman ; inquired whether 1 was the one that had married her to lien. Van Ness or not ; told her I had uever married her, for 1 had never seen her before; think 1 stated that I had heard that a deceased alderman married her ; she said that it was, and that he was an older man than I; I said, " Madam, 1 can tell who married you if it was an alderman; it was Peter Christian; it must be he. Told her to call again and would examine my record meantime; had it ready when she called some days after, about a week; told her she might take it and look herself; her marriage was net there; questioned her as to the time she was married; wanted to assist her all I could; witness spoke of the number of aldermen in the city ;there were 17, and aldermen or magistrates there were some 61 in the city and county of Philadelphia; gave her a list of several; told her if she could give me a starting point I would help her out. Asked her the time; she didn't recollect; the nouse where she staid said it was Mrs. Moulder's; said it was ten A. M. when Oen. Van Ness took her away. By Mr. Baser.?Did not state to her I was a member ei the bar; no remuneration was proposed er expected; I only wanted to give her all the aasistance 1 could in her search. UIDirset?She could not tall which way aha started, north or couth; nor how tar cbe rode without (topping; nor wbet kind of a houae che (topped at; nor the number of the carriage; nor the appearance or drece of the driver; nor the color of the horaei; think (he (aid (he waa married in a potior; (he did not tell who waa present at ceremony, not (pacifically; but aaid there were come ;>cif>ooa pieient, 1 aiked what cort of a man married her, because with ua any citizen ia authorized to marry a couple when he thinka proper: (he did not recollect the peraea; think I told her what tort of a looking ?man Peter Chilatian waa; aaid I, you may have been taken by iome individual into a private home and married ; if ahe had only come starting point, we might aucceed ; aaid it waa itrange ahe had forgotten ao important a circumstance in all these particular! ahe aaid it waa unfortunate, but ahe could not recollect ; I aaked her if theie waa a certificate : ahe aaid there waa, but that the General had got it; told her ate ought to have kept it heraeif; I alwaya giva the certificate to the ladiea to keep, but aomehow or other they often part with it before long to their huabanda; ahe could not teli about the carriage, or diiver, or color of the horaea ; after they were married,| ahe aaid ahe cent to Mra. Moulder'!, and that the General went ofT immediately, and did not retnrn before six or aeven weeka ; but that he had written to her while he waa absent ; she (aid ahe waa a atrangar in Philadalpbia, and not much acquainted ; told her I waa ready to give her every information ; ahe spoke oi the General's friends?how thsy were persecuting her ; ahe did not care ao much about it heraeif, but it was for her daughter ahe waa moat concerned ; it would be the death ol her aha waa afraid-aa it waa, her daughter's health was to much affected by theee reports that she was alarmed about it, and had aent her ofi to the Springs ; that's about all that occurred ; five or aix days after ahe called again ; did not stay long the third time ; I asked for tha certificate ; ahe said ha had it; and alter all ahe said she did not care so much about tha certiflcata; she had other proof to substantiate her claims: witnesa described the relative poaltion of Mra. Moulder'* to the lata Mr. Chriatian'*; they ware about five square* apart thera wae no way of getting from Mra. Moulder'* to Mr. Chriatian'* without crossing Market (treat, unlet* you ?wim around the De'aware. i"8ilence !" " Walk light!"] My houie waa about a tquare and a half from Mra Moulder'*, not mora than a fourth of the diatance to Mr. Christian's; dont remember wha ther the identified Alderman Chriatian: I gave her aome particular* about him; auch at that he waa a ahort man; had a good color in hi* face; the did not undertake to giro me a deecriptiun of him; witneaa described plan of keeping a regiater oi marriage*; every Alderman had hie awn plan; aome, perhap?,were rathe careleaa; Alderman Chrlttian waa a correct man; have no recollection of record being ahown to prove a marriage; one ceae, the indenture* and marriage* were all in the aama book. By Mr. OiLrin,?Indenture* and marriage* are independent of our judicial function*. f Bom* conversation aa to the number of Aldermen in the city of Philadelphia, and the acope of their authority |4ald to b* 41 Alderman ] OhM 'ly Mr IIrrat Witne** atated a caae in whioh ho waa caiiad for a marriage certificate of an Alderman whoae papera had fallen to him, bat which certificate he could not find, till oue day ha found the record ia a book of indenture* by accident. A dacoeaed Aideiman'a .papara go to the next Alderman. [Mr. Brvnt waa very elds* in hi* examination upon thia point.] Th* judicial paper* of an Alderman, after ten or twelve year*, are vary often kept in old barrel*, or? We, *lr, 1 den't think paper* relating t# a arimiaal trial are af m maoh imporiaaae aa oartiAeeta* and indenture*. Tke evidence ia aoaa* af aariw ia nat *f maak oeaaagaaaaa t* a man after ha kaa been triad aad / IERA 46. hanged. [Laturhtar. " Nil* oca in Court!" " Walk light !"1 Don't know of any marriage record* being kept in old cnests or barreli. By Mr. Jaaoi.BT'?Yaa, air, Aid. Christian was a vary correct and careful businessman. Br Mr. Mat?my Jurisdiction lor marriage* did not ok. tend out of the corporation My authority an a rnagietrata waa for tha whole county of Philadelphia. Datcribad marriego certificate?record?in the docket, he. By Mr. Bacnr? No. air, there ia no law requiring a marriage record, and no penalty for neglecting to keep one, thpugh the practice ia universal to keep a record.? It's a mere private record. Dr. Elbinton aworn?Direct examination?I am an Alderman of the oity of Philadelphia, ho. 1 knew Aid. Christian. Mr. lucELBv recalled?By Mr. Brent?Mr. Henry D. I Gilpin Galled on me a month before Mra. Conner in rele- i tlen to the marriage certificate. Mr. BaaitT acid that wta all. Ha only wanted to know { the pereon. Dr. Elxirton reiumed.?I have the papers of Alderman Christian, except hi* civil docket ; this ia hia marriage doekat [A email blank book pat*t-d to Mr. Bradlay.] It ia hia handwriting t 1 knew it; theae are hia aignaturee, from April 6th, 1846, to February 6th, 1846.? Book ahown?extracts from marriage racorda read?reoorda do not state tho presence of any witnesaee? book objected to by Mr. Brant. Witooaa only knew from hearanv evidence that the book waa the record of Alderman Christian. Mr. Caaaawaai* mmaJM?Tariffed bo the book and the aignaturee aa hit father's; idler a marriage lie elwaya made en entry the brat tbjng?heforc he spoke* word to ay of the Ham fly, or before he put mniand in hit pock et tn take out hie fee; becauae aometime* it waa a half cent wrapped up in a piece of pa|>er, or a counterfeit note; and we often had a laugh ah out it. Mr. Mat objected to the book; it waa not a record required bylaw?it waa a mere private record, and ita content! were inadmiaaible aa evidence. Mr., in oppoiition, illustrated from etatutea and by argument, the entire admiaaibility of the book aa legal evidence for the defence Mr. Bbcnt called fer Mr. Kell, the poraon who let Mra. Conner have certain atovea on account of Gen. Van Ness. Objected to. Very well, Mr. Kell, wa shall not went you till next week. Alter some further diecuteion upon the question of admitting the book, between Messrs. D rent end Coxe, the Court ruling it as secondary evidence, the witness was again called to answer for it. By Mr. Beadle*.?My father, when he was crippled in the hand once, did not write the marriage records, but he always signed them. Those are his signatures. The first thing he did was to make an entry, before he said a word to any body. I never knew him to omit it. : Mr. Bskist?Very well; let the book go to the jury for what it is worth. And after an industrious session of six hours, the Court adjourned till to-morrow at 10 o'clock. W. Religious Intelligence. Calendar roe November.?'19. Advent Sunday; 30. St. Andrew the Apostle. December?a. Second Sunday in Advent; 13. Third Sunday in Advent: IS. Ember Day; 18. Ember Day; 19. Ember Day; 'JO. Fourth Sunday In Advent; 91. St. Thomaa the Apostle, 96 Christmas Day; 26 St Stephen the Martyr: 27. first Sunday after Christmas?St. John the Evangelist; 28. The Holy Innocents. A discourse will be delivered in St. Patrick's Cathedral at half past 10 o'clock, by the Rev. Father Larkin, of St. John's College; after which a collection will be taken up in aid of the funds of the Ladies' Benevolent Society attached to the Cathedral. Public worship will be held at the Broadway Coliseum i (a few doors below Grand st.,) this day at 10)4 o'clock. A.' M., and 7)4 o'clock, P. M. Preaching by the Rev. D. Bellamy, late pastor of the Stanton street Baptist church. Seats free. Rt. Rev. Bishop McCloskey will administer the Sacrament of Confirmation in St. James' Church, st 8 o'clock this morning. During last Mass be will preach, and a oollection will be taken up for the benefit of the HallOrphan Asylum. The Rev. Father Deluynes, S. J., will preach this day, in Transfiguration Church, Chamber st, at half-past 10 o'clock. Tho holy Sacrament wai administered by the Rt. Rer. Bishop Hughes, at the Church of the Nativity, on Sunday last, to over one hundred and saventy persons. Of the adults confirmed on that occasion,nineteen were converts. The Bishop preached an eloquent diicourse at the halfpast ten o'clock service, to the largest congregation ever assembled within the Nativity. A regular monthly meeting of the Board of the New York City Tract Society will be held at the Tract House, earner ot Nassau and Spruce streeta, Monday evening, November 30th, at half past seven o'clock, wbcu reports for the last month will be read and business transacted. Rev. Dr. Lansing will deliver his fifth lecture on the 8 tli chapter of Romans this day, the 29 th instant. The congregation of the Church of the Redemption will remove this day to the church in Eleventh street, between the Bowery and Tbird Avenue. Hours of Divine Service on Sunday. 10), o'clock. A. M., and3 o'clock P.M. The pews will ail bo free. Tho afternoon service will be held in the Sunday school room of the church until the first Sunday in January. The Rev. L. P. W. Belch will preach in St. Judo's church, on the 6th avenue, this evening, when the quarterly collection will be taken up in benalf of the minister of th e parish. Episcopalians are respectfully invited to attend. The church of the Crucifixion, at the' Lyceum in Broadwar, near Prince street, (Rev. J. F Schroeder, D. D.. rector,) in open for divine service, on Sundays et 1#S A' M., end 7H P. M., and also for Bible and Catechetical classes, at 9X P. M. A weekly lecture is delivered on Thursdays, at 7>i P. M., on the subject of Church History, comprising ecclesiastical biography. The seats are free on all occasions. The Rev. 8 H. Turner, D. D. Professor of Biblical InI terpretion in thej General Theological Seminary, will preach in the Sunday evening course of sermon*, in Emmanuel Free Church, corner of Prince and Thompson streets, this evening. The corner stone of the Presbyterian church in Astoria, L. I , will be laid with appropriate ceremonies on Monday, Nov. SOth, at 3 o'clock, P. M. Should the weather prove unlavorable, the ceremony will be performed at the same hour on the first pleasant day thereafter. Stages will run to New York after the services are concluded.' At the recent Presbyterian Synod, held at Wetumpka, Ala., a negro, named Ellis was admitted to the ministry. He is to be sent a; a missionary to Liberia. The Kufeula Shield says his wife and children have been purchased by the Presbyterian church at a cost of He has acquired his education by his own exertions, and.upen examination, proved himself a good Latin, Greek, and Hebrew scholar, but better versed in Greek. His examination in theology was highly satisfactory. He is -..1.1 h. !? I.:. Variation?demeaning himself at all timaa in a way becoming hla condition in life. Ha ia quite black, about '16 years of ago. lie haa appended to bis name the name of his former master, and is now known by that of Harrison Ellis. At the annual meeting of the Manchester Auxiliary of the British and Foreign Bible Society, it was stated in the report, that previous to the present year the number of copies of the BiMe distributed in that district annually amounted to from 6000 to 10,000, while this year no leas a number than 96,000 have been disposed of, being equal to the number disposed of in the previous twelve years. A correspondent of the Lint?lnthirt Chronicle, in giving the rumor that Mr. Newman would retrace his steps, says ' Evidently he hesitates to enter that Church as a priest. It has been lately announced that, to prepare him to become one, he was about to make e long residence in Rome?a preparation, by the by, not seeded by other and later perverts. We are now informed that' one of Mr. Newman's books has been burnt by order of the pope of Rome.'" The Wesleyan Conference extends over the whole of {.ntiua, win iwo diiiiuuii, i?,wv iwu (iiwuin. 10,000 leaden. aUwarJa, and truiteei, 313 member*, and | perhapi a 000,6oo hearer*. The Biahepof Oxford coniecrated the Ohapel of St. John the Evangeliat, at Ipeden, near Waillngford, en the 30th ult. ?10,000 out of ?30,000, have been railed for erecting free chnrchea at Ooaport. The lata Biihop Luacombe ha* left a large proportion of hi* property for (the foundation of two Divinity Scholanhip* in Trinity College, Perthahire. Sir J. (Jladitone ba* given ?3,000,,and the Doha of Buccleugh ?1,000 additional, toward* the fund* of the college. Rev. Dr. Scadder and wife, Rev. Mr. Span Ming and wife, Rev. William Hcudderand wife, Rev. Mr. Chandler and wife, Rev. Mr. Ford and wife, Rev. Mr. Heating*, and two daughter* of Dr. Scudder, ged about 0 and Ift, embarked in the ihip Flavio at Beaton lait week, on Wadnetday, for the rariou* atationa in the F.ait to which they have been detignated aa miiaionarie* The religion* aervire* in Park ftreet church on tha previou* Sabbath evening, and on board the abip, ware or unutual intereat. The** veteran miiaionarie* and their young auociata* will be remembered with affection in the prayer* of all the friend* of million*. We omitted to mention that the Rev. Eli Smith and wile tailed from VT- _ v__l. Tl 1... Ml. f.., lU ion. We leern from the Congrrfatfonal Journal, that Rot. Dr. Cogswell ho* resigned hta offices of President and Professor of Theology in Oilmanton Thoologicol Seminary. on account of the pecuniary embarrassment of tho institution; and instruction at tho Hominary will bo suspended until this embarraoaraent shall to remorsd. Dr. Cogswell will continue to edit the Sue HampiUre *' j pnntory for the prooont Tho Rot. Hugh Stowoll, Incumbent of Christ Church Manchester, and canon of Chaster, has boon prosontod with the sum of ?3,000, a* a token of respect for his exertions in the came of Protestant principle* during the last twenty years. The first stone of a building destined for a Normal school, was laid on tba 4th ult., at Constantinople, by Hifaat Pasha, the President of the council. The Kuropeen formalities of depositing coins, tic., were observed The Rot. Dr. Hcoreshy, Ticar of Bradford, has re- I signed hi* charge. The rtmon for the resignation we , hare not seen stated Mr. Jay, a minister ef Argyle Chapel at Bath, has, it i Is said, *t the sge of 77, married a fcdy of eery large i fortune. An important and well-attended meeting of the sup; j porters stf the society for the prspngatlen ef the gospel, wao leSsly held at Aylesbnry The clergy sad laity I I Ij... . LD. prt*? r*? c?iu. ' meeting 'at considerable length. at did also several of I the clergy end laity, and the Her. Erueat Hawkins, Secretary of the society. The Oloit date* that the late Thomai Clark ton was I in Deacon't orders. The JrteitK CKmniclt itatea that 10,000 Ruailan Jews are about to settle in the Holy land. The corner iton* of the new church of St. Very, Burlington, N. J., wa* laid bythe (Bishop of the diocaae on Tuesday, the 17th ioat. The procession moved from the old church at 3 o'clock, headed by the Biahop* of New Jeraey and North Carolina in their Episcopal rebea. with the following clergy in aurplieea : ?The Rev. Dr*. Boyd and Ducachet, Meaara. Ogilby and Moorhouae, of Pennsylvania ; the Rev. Or. Halght, and Meaara. Carter, Vinton, and Labagh, of New York ; the Rev. Hobert William*, of Rhode laland -, and Meaara. Moorhouae, Germain, Mitchell. Hallowell, Harrold. Franklin, Lybrand, Bradon, Ver Mehr. and Paaamoro, of New Jeraey. A large aaaembly of the laity followed, among them the pupil* of Burlington College and fit. Mary'a HalL The uaual ceremoniea took place on reaching the gtound. The addrea* waa delivered by Biahop Ivea. In the cavity of the atone were placed a Bible and Prayer Book. The church it to be cruciform, with a central tower, and aplre and porchea, and built of a dark brown atone. Mr. Upjohn ia the architect. The tforriilown (Penu ) Rtgittcr aay* that on Wedneaday of laat week, the Rev. Henry Gerhard, of Hatfield townahip, in that county, came to hi* death in a audden and afflicting manner. He wa* harneaaing hi* horae to a vehicle, and diacovered that he had put ou the wrong blind halter, and endeavored to change it, when the hoi ae eacaped from blm, and while trying to catch him, he waa cruahed between a wheel and the gatepoat. He walked te the houae, a abort diatance, and expired in about ten minutea. He waa in the 40th year of hia age. It i* atatad in the Morning CkrontcU, on the authority of a letter from Leghorn, that a new conatitution ia to be granted by the Pope at the beginning of November. It ia to compriae provincial council*, with the principle of election, and a conaultative Senate, to be aaaembled at Rome every two year*. Thg secularization ol the higher ofllcea ia aaid to be da far ran, on account of the oppoaition to it. A national guard ia to be orgaaiaed, both in Rome and in the province*. The feeliag In favor of the Pope continued unabated throughout the Pontifical dominiona. Clkiical. Changes.?The Rev. Wm. B Corbjrn from St. Mary'* church, Mancheeter, Conn., to St. Paul'a church, 8t Louia, Mo. The Rev. W. J. Clark, to Wllliamaport, Pa. The Rev. J. G. Lyon*, LL. D., from New Jeraey to Pennaylvania. The Rev. Thome* Wyatt, from Havro de Grace, to Chiiat church, Cambridge, Dorcheater county, Md. The Rev. P. Manning Stryker to St Peter'a church, Lithgow, Dutches* county, N. Y The Rev. Richard 8. fitorrs, jr., waa installed pastor of the Church of the Pilgrims, in Brooklyn, Nov. 18. The introductory prayer waa offered by the Rev. W Hnrague. of the Free Congregational church in Brooklyn t sormon by Dr. Bacon of New Haven ; installing prayer by Dr. Btorrs of Braintree. Man., father of the pea tor eleot; charge to tho pastor by Mr. Blagden, ef the Old South church, Boston; right hand of fellowship by Rev Mr. Thompson, of the Broadway Tabernacle, address to the people by Dr Lansing, of the Ftea Congregational Church in New York. On Wednesday evening, Nov. 0, Rev. F. J. Timlow was installed pastor over the congregation of Leoock. Lancaster county, Penn. Rev. Mr. Boggs presided and proposed the constitutional questions .Rev. Mr. Owen preached the sermon from Thtlippians ii. It: Rev. S. MoNnir gave the charge to the paster, and the Rev. Mr. Wallace to the people. At Sandford, Me., the Rev. Jacob C. Gosaora* installed on the 11th inst, over the Congregational church and society in that place invocation and reading of the Scriptures by Rev. J Lorlng. of Lebanon; introductory prayer by Rev Mr Pierce, of Lyman; aermon and chargs te the pastor by Rev. J. W. hllingwood, of Bath; installing prayer by Rev. Mr. Allen, ot South Berwick; right hand of fellowship by Rev. Mr Orr of Alfred; addreee to the church and people by Rev. Mr. Cressey, of Kennebtxnk; concluding prayer by Rev. Mr. Loring, of Shapleigh. I Oct. 8th, Mr. Grout, of Brattleboro', was ordained at Springfield as a missionary to the heathen. The services of the occasion were as follows; ?Invocation and reading of the Scriptures by Rev. F. Butler, of Windsor; sermon bv Professor E. A Psrk, of Andover, from Acta xx. 35?" It is more blessed to give than to receive"?[the usefulness of missions to those who sustained theml: ordain ng prayer by the Rev. R F.Lawrence, of Claremont; chaige by Rev. J D Wickham, of Burr Seminary; fellowship by Rev. Lathrop Taylor, of Springfield; benediction by Rev. L Grout- The occasion was one of very {rest interest, the house being crowded by deeply interested audience. The marriage of Mr. Grout took nlsne in the msetinr house immediately after the online. tion service; and Mr. and Mra. Grout at anoa took leava oi their friende and thair native State, expecting to embark, two days after at Boaton, for South Africa, to be employed in the miaaion to the Zulus under the care of the A B C. F. M. The Presbytery of Klizabethtown inatalled the Rev. J. T. Marahall Davie, pastor of the church and congregation of New Providence, on Tueaday the 10th inatant. The Rev. Oscar Harria, of Baakinridge, preached an able sermon on the occasion, from Eph. iv. II, 13; the Rev. Abraham Williamson, of Cheater, presided; proposed the constitutional questions, and gave a very solemn charge to the minister; and the Rev. Charles K Imbrie, of Railway , gave a charge to the people, abounding in imgert ant suggeationa relative to the duty of a peopla srh would enjoy tho benefits of tho pastoral relation. Th 4) exercises were throughout of a mora than usually itg pressive character, owing in part, perhaps, to tho propj ration for it, made the day previoui, by luting, humili tion and prayor on tha part of the Presbytery. Varieties. ArreMrx to Blow vt tni Tews or St. Pitaar.N. F ?Captain Fervaqua of th# French packet schooner D'Eapoir, inform* u* that a man in |8t Pierre, N. F., en the 7th instant, set fire to the magaxine, with the intention of blowiog up the town. He failed, however, in fully affecting bis purposes, and was himself blown te pieces in the attempt; a part of his bead has been found. About thirty or forty housos were destroyed, and ton persons wounded, but none killed.?Halifax Morning Pott, Nov 14. fj. Bailey, editor of tho Cincinnati|X>?s<tr HrroU, an a bolion paper of groat ability and influence, has withdrawn from its charge, to take tha control of an aboli tion paper in Washington. It will be commenced as a weekly paper, and be called "T*? Notional Mra," and J. O. Whittier.of Man., and A. A. Phelps, ef N. Y-, will ba associated u corresponding editors.?AUaug Argus. Ezra Canney, convicted at Bangor in October, of tho murder of Mrs. Sarah Emerson, of Orono, has been senenced to the State Prison for life ! The Boston TVenscript, speaking of John Quincy Adams, uya;?It affords us much plaaanre to inform our readers that tho health of this venerable statesman la most decldly improved. This morning ho vu very much neuer. vira. Aiumia, wuu u?u guua hi it Miiiugmu w upend the winter, returned to this city on Wedneedey last. The irory comb manufactory of Moure. Jnliua Tratt k Co., Meriden, took Are thii morning (97th) about half put l o'clock, and waa wholly eoneumed. Book*, paper*, machinery, and atock, a total loo* It la leered that Mr. Hall, a watchman, waa burned to death, aa he 1* missing. The bell of the factory waa heard te atrike twice after the Are waa discovered, and it la thought that the alarm might hare produced temporary derangement, under the eAecta of which Mr. Hall may hare fled The loaa will be rery hoary, net leaa, it i* thought, than 976, 000 ; 30,000 pound* of irory are aald te hare been ate rod in the cellar. It ia alee atated that the insurance will not corer half the loaa, and that about *0 hand* are thrown out of employment.?Hvtftri Timti. Morr or tux Burolars.?Since Co* alias Frazer and his wife were caught on Tuesday night by Alderman Mills, various goods stolen from different dwellings in tb* city har* bean found at their ledgfoga, in the heuae of I*. Matthews, jr., No. AS Hirer street, where they first applied for board on Monday sight? They went out together professedly to do so ate shopping on Tuesday evODlng?the same night in which ha waa detected in the Alderman's antry?and aha did aet return to her lodgings until Wednesday morning, when ahe had a large bundle, containing, aa ft has sine# appeared, a bed quilt, two celico dresses, ho., atolen from the third story of the house of A. K.Osborn, SS Commerce etreet. Among other spoils found in their poeeeeeiea, ere e beer skin cloth cloak, nearlr new. et the offlca of Uenaral Andruia, to bo reclaimed by the owner ; ahirt* end other article* of clothing. Sundry article* stolen on Mood*/ night from the house* of Asa Whitehead and 8. P. Smith, with several new shirts, he., taken from the bona* of A. Woodruff on Tuesday night, were also found among the spoils. Jsrsey City, too, appears to have been olag'tod with loafers and thieves recently, who have plundered several houses, and who are supposed by the jHvcrtiier to come from New Tork.?Newer* Daily JUmtruttr. ~J? TOR LONDON?First r.ckft-Tb* Pleodid, f??t tiling packet ?Hip ELIZABETH, Cspt. Bets, flHavill potitively **il " shove. ^^l^iccommndations for rsbm, second cabin and steerage passengers are saperior to those of most of the other Loeaon Pjckeu, and th^'ceyif^.^^-^ whsjb ^y at# Id doer below Barling slip. " g-gv. k7,r LONDON?Regular Packet of the 1st DeJmK crrnher?The fi'? class feat sailing Packet Ship By> prTnCF- ALBERT, Captain Wm. Sebor, will sen duafSi her regular dav* , ... . . ,, The accommodaiioka in una splendid vassal for cabin, Id csbm. and steerage passoiigtis, era too well known to require comment. Persona intending to aaakark. sh.uld make early application on board, foot< f Maiden Lane, or to ap| "can n JlintPlI McMUKRAV, MSoath at., Corner of Pine. The new Ship Robert reel, D. ( iwdw ick, maatai, will eae feed (he Prince Albert, and sail the IRth Dec. n34 rre. FOR LIVERPOOL?The New Line Line?Re Hfy galar Pecket of 31st Decemhar ?The superior that MMHh|Uilin( pane: snip Livi.nii" >l, hot inni oar(tica.i ap? John MdruUr, will sail ? ?boT#, har royaler day for freight or paesaye, haviey elegant and superior aecemi modal ions apply to tha captain on Board, at west aide of Bar 1 iny atip, o? to WOODHlJLL k MINTt'HN. V Aonth at. The'I'acteVXp\vE E N OK THE WEfT. ?ee butHon, r?ut. Philip W#o4hon**, will vne*#*d ft* pool, 9m4 mui oo h?r r?yul?r d*y,flit Jab?nr. t*4T- all KOH ULAJHMiW?The Jie* l.iae-Rayelaf pjJ'V Packet, 1st December?The Una fesr mi Una lr. SUHm bark ADAM C AHR, 4M IMS. Oept John Wright, will aai' aa above, her regular day. Kor freight or peaewra. harm? splendid aceommodauane. apply ee bond, foot jrA'jfUrt^arSs^^ iwwy

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