Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 26, 1846, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 26, 1846 Page 2
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??? ? NI-:\V VOiiK HERALP. .Vow York, Satu>>!.?>, Ufttmber '2(1, IN40. Tne Wrtkly Ucritid. The IVc<.k'y lltrald will be ready nt S o'clock this returning. In addition to the usual quantity ol political, financial, and miscellaneous intelligence, it \vi:l contain the extracts from European newspapers, concerning the war with Mexico; ih? TarilT, an i other (jutintions ol interest to our citizen#; the 1 ites. news Ironi Congress; the latest army ai-d ........ :_.^u: i,,..-,.. -u. .....i vi.? n.? navy iiucill^riurj icucn in m?. ?u\? iuib. n? t, fiom Europe; articles on the pilot business; Secretary Buohnnon's new consular system; lute nowslnm Mexico; the President's reply to tl.c resolution o! the House of Representative?, in relatiya to the orders under which Cominodoris Stock too and Sloat, and Generals Taylor, Kearny and Wool acted, &e , Arc. Ii will bo illustrated with three engravings, representing Fashionable Religion in New York; a scene in .Santa Fe, Mexico; and a diagram, exhibiting the course of the great storm which devas tuted Havana on the 10th of October last. It will be sold at the usual price, 64 cents, in wrappers ready for mailing. Our Mtxlcmi Krlallou*. The newspapers, far and near, are rilled with mroors relative to the creation of the oflice of Lieutenant General of the ariny; the appointment of the Hon Thomas H. Benton to that office ; the creation of a Peace Commission ; and thi appointment of the Hon. T. H- Benion, the Hon. J. J. Crittenden, aiul Gov. S.las Wright ?s the Commissioners to proceed to Mexico with tlio Army. &c., &e., &.e. 1 here is proi ably more gammon than truth in these rumois. They first appeared in certain prints whoso editors roll up their eyes in honor of the w:-.r. These editors, or their prompters, had an object iti view in circulating the leports. Whit may bo done hereafter in relation to the acquisition of peoci with Mexico, is more than i< probably known, even in Washington; and our private opinion is that these rumors are thrown out more for effect on the administration, and to accomplish what the reports sta'e is already settled upon ns the course of the government, than to give correct intelli^enco to the public. Although the President und his cabinet may re c )mmend the creation of the otfice of Lieutenant General, and may, indeed, send a commission with 1 hi army, to negotiate for a peace, whenever the Mfi ears are whipped into the necessity of 1', we do not think, from the present aspect of the hor ron, ?Uat Col Benton will have much to do with either the Lieutenant Generalship or with the Boa id oi Commissioners. It will be recollected, that be opposed the administration on the Oregon q;te*'ion, und did not at all act with the government on that of annexation. Is it likely. therefore, in a political paint of view, that t ie President will go so far us to appoint him to the command in chief tho army and navy in the war with Mexico? We do not believe that Prelidonl P?!L- /?r . u ? I - ? ) VI uiij vtuui x icoiunil, WUUIU quite so far as ihis. We do not believe that he would give any man a chance to overthiow, at one dash of his per, all his plans and ex- 1 pectations for the country. We will admit, however, that the barometer of politics is liable to great and sudden changes ; sometimes too great ; and sudden for human ambition. The aspect of the war question in Washington is, at presen', more interesting than ever. The whig-, and those opposed to the war, are full of something; it may be a little thunder cloud. Thunderclouds in winter, however, are scare*, but they are said to b.> the more dangerous. But we sh.ill see what we *hall sets. The C?ptnre < f i-arras. The last advices from Mexico men'ion the occupation of Parras, by Gen. Wool's division.? Tnis town does not contain moro than lour or five thousand inhabitant, and it is pleasantly Miuoiea. Wo learn that the country, for many miles r >und. once belonged to a single individual?Uie Marquis of Avuayo j but having become emharr;is?ed in his circumstances, lie afsigned liis estate to his creditor*, the principal of whem was Tagle, President of the Mexican Congress. Tagle forthwith sold tue estate to Daring Brothers, one of which (I'm happened to be in Mexico at the time. ButTaule had many enemies in Congress, and to annoy him?they passed a law prohibiting i foreigners from owning real estate in Mexico. The consequence was, that the sale to the Barings was cancelled, and the estate remainrd on Tttgle's hands till 1840, when he sold it to a native Mexican (or a mere fraction ol its value. The country around Parrns has been truly called "the gnnary of Northern Mexico." Not only does it produce corn and wheat, but also grapes, that rival in tinvor those of Malaga ? All sorts of cattle abound thero, especially t sheep. Immense flocks of this animal were '? - 1 -* vii/ ui iviexiro, ior sale there. When the Marquis of Aguayo was proprietor of the Parras estates, be used to Hive his agent in the city of Mexico, the sheep's feet as a perquisite. It is said that the ascent gave his daughter a very handsome portion?the proceedsof the sale of these sheep's feet. But why ha? General Wool gone to Parras 1 Any person, by looking at the map of Mexico, will perceive that this town is not in the direct road from Mouclova to Saltillo. Monclova is due north of Palrillo; while Parras is a good many m-les to the westward. The road through Parras is at h-ast a hundred miles longer than that through Anelo. Wo do not doubt that Wool has good reasons for preferring tho Parrni road ; it is probably less precipitous than the other, and pisses through a more fertile tract of country. But may there not be two Parrasses in the deI nrtment of Chihuahua, just as there are two Moutereys in Mexico I ^uch a tiling is not impossible. The New York Pilot*. We believe that the virulence malignity with which the New York pilots are assailed by their opponent*, here and tWewhere, are unparal* j leled Not satisfied with what they have done to uccomplish their object, they tax their ingenuiy to aiscoior laois, sua put on them the worst pliasis mossiblo, to break down those hardy and honest men. hop? and trust, and we siucerely beHave that they will be overreached, as they will be if thfr* is auy josuco under Heaven. We take pleasure in exposing to Congress and to the world, oni of their movenienu. When the Merchant Pilot Association was formed, by what is ealied tho Chamber of Commerce, they ap- . pointed a board of gentlemen, whom they face' ' tiously s ylcd a Board of Examining Oncers, or oommis?ioners, whose duty It was, we believe, to i investigate the claims of persons applying lor licenses to act as pilots. In order to give more j importance to this board, they made Commodore Jonee, of the Brooklyn Navy Yard, one of their 1 number,with the view of having it go forth that the government was inclinrd towards the Merchan1 Pilots, and repudiated the old New York pilots. They ha*e endeavored to make capi al from this; but we have the satisfaction of informing all roncerued, and particularly the committee ol Congress who now Lave before them the peti. tion of the New York pilots and others, for the repeal ol the law. of 1887, that Commodore Joues although elected to this ?MUt honorable station, is not a member of this self-constituted board, or at least .f he is a membe? that he dees and cannot, act as such without disregarding the dirroti&p# of Mr. Bancroft* the late Secretary of t4*? N?v/. Xu?t i>enti*Tejui beipg ru?d? tiwara of the un'i vlyn;>jx?ition thatwiisortfamznl ag*in?t ' thr< New York pilet?, very properly forbid Comni < lote acting as a member of this board. The d.iy will toon come when the enemies of the old pilot# will be exhibited to tho world in their t ho litfht. We ar? /lad u> perceive that the Hon Mr. Mac I ay is actively engaged in laying tlie inntter out lor Conure^. That geniemnn we believe, never deserts his friends when h? it s ire ilia', their cause i* jus*; and of the justice of the>! of the New York pilots, he has often nnd often giveu his unqualified assent and opinion. Thoje who aro acquainted with h m in his district, state that the pilots have a warm friend jnhiin. It s> ves us pleasure to stn'e this, lor more reasons than one. is well known here as possessing, in an eminent degree, all the essential requisites of a soldier, as | well as intellectual qualifications ofa high order. The necessity of sending a mounted force to California, is obvious to all who have taken care j to make themselves well acquainted with its history and condition. Although it is not probable that any invasion oi that country will be made by Mexico, it would nevertheless he a favorite point of attack in the event of a contest with any of the maritime powers of Europe, and in such a ease a 1 force of this naturo would be indispensiblc. But j i' is not with a view to such contingencies that we advocate this necessity; lar stronger claims are f resented by the unsettled state of the country, : and the total absence of security for life and preperty, which has long, and will long disgrace that | line but delenceless region, unless a force, suited ' to iho nature of the country, and the peculiar service its wants demand, bo at once sent out by our government L'ght dragoons a:o the only force really available for th#so important objects, they can best pursue, aid overtake in their prairie and mountain haunts, the numerous bands of Indians and robbers who have so long been the dread of the farmers and peaceful inhabitants of the counuy, and the rapidity of whose movements can alone bo equalled by a force of this description. For such service as this, and this is i the kind of service (or which a military body is ) really wanted in California. Security far li'e and property?a blessing never enjoyed under the Mexican rule?will tend grea'ly to attach the mixed population of that region to our government and people, and accelerate the tide of emigration thither. The economy of sending this regiment will lie apparent, for upon the terms on which they offer to serve, there will only bo the expense of sending them out; whereas. United States trooDi would have to bo brought back, as well a* sent , out, or kept there at great cost to the government and country; while this regiment, for a mere consideration of lands, would, after the war is over, continue to provide, without any expense to our ' government, not only the kind of military body , exactly suited to the exigencies of the country, i but a permanent police of the very best kind, the members ol which being owners themselves of the soil, and resident thereon, will have the highen incentives to effectually protect it ; and will, at the rame time, increase the value of lamd, and give an impetus to civilization and commerce ' , Even the expense of sending out this regiment : might be reduced to u mere trifle, by employing ! it lirst in Mexico, in the operations destined ' i against San Luis de Potosi, or the city of Mexico, and after its services in the war aro no longer required, fending it on from Acapulco, or some of j the neighboring ports on the Pacific, in some of I thevess'ls of the United iftatcs cruising along I that coast, or the merchantmen constantly en-' gaged there in the hide trade. The fact that the horses of California are better adapted to tlio na- i turo of the country, and far cheaper than nny ' which can be impotted into it, while it renders the expense of transporting these animals unne- ! cessaty, presents a most favorable opportunity | for employing the description of force so much ! needed there. The popularity of sending this regiment would ' be undoubted, as the terms on which it offers to i serve will cost the country n mere trifle, and must \ men of Whr laying in Alvarado. the St Anna an<l Mcxicano. Kehnud left Mexico with the expectation of getting them to tea under the Krcnah fl?g, taking them round Cape Horn, and trm them us piivu'.ter* to cruiae against our commerce in the Kss' Indies and Pacific, but he is not likely to accomplish hi j purpose The Albany is still here. HIio, how ever, srils in a day or two for f'ensarola ; sbo was visited yesterday by the English and American consuls with their families. All were highly pleased with the clean deck, and good order ; of every thing on hoard. Leopold De Meyer has arrived. He gives his Gr:t j concert nt the Tacon, ou the 17th instant, assisted by Mr Burke. The opal a ol the " Lombard*," (or first Crusader) was pet formed lost night for tho sevpnth time ; thtre was a crowded house. The prima donna did not appear, but was stated in one ol the boxes adjoining the stage. Slio attracted at much attention as the opera The fact is, she is u most belutiiul woman?ciaik hair, black ayes, beautiful bust and most fascinating and engaging in conversation, glostod over with something like our favorite Mrs. Keaue, in her made ot expression Huwina is remarkably dull, in fact until after Christin??, not much will he done. The sugar crop* all over the island aro abundant?coffee not so much, owing to the late hurricane. Exchange?London. 9X a 10 asked, no buyer* ; New York, par ; fieston, discount; New Orleans, 3 a 3 per cent premium, short sight; Coffo, 5 a 7 cent*; Sugar, 10, according to quality. Tbe papers aro filled with account* of a great military gathering and [parade, which took place on the 13;h inst. The lottery was drawn on the 10th inst. No. 30,031 took the prze ol 930,000; 415, of $8,000, and 24,155. of $16,000. Sr. D. Fernando O'Reilly, the alcade of Havana, died on the 9th inst. The feast of St. Nicholas was observed with great toasting in Matar.zas; St. N. being the pa- I tron saint of that town. JUiulcal, Htnm Hess.?Probably the last opportunity to be offered to our citizens of hoaring the Emperor Piani>t, 1 will be this evening at the Tabernacle, when another i such crowd of oar fashionables and musical iliti will be I collected as on previous occasions, when the talented composer has made tho piano yield forth the very perfection of harmony. For years pist Henri Herz's name has been as familiar, through his reputation and compositions, to all teachers and professors of musio, as the in ! strument upon which they played or practised {tow the bright creations of his genius may be heard, enliven- ; , el by his own touch. Among other pieces which he J will perferm will be the beautiful tremol* on one of Beethoven's airs. Madame Albamowicz, Messrs. Timm, Mayer and Loder, with the well conducted orchestra of the latter, are engaged to his assistance. Thk ArOLioiicsi.?These wonderful children had a j brilliant hou?^at Brooklyn, last evening. At tho close of tho pot formsnces, several gentlemen of the city came forward and urged them to give another concert in thnt ' city, guaranteeing a full house on their own responsi- j bilit). The Masters Bullock aud Cole are destined yet to become all t emge; and eminently deserving of en- 1 ooursgement and prai>e are they. Sivon.?The concert of this great artitti at Washing j ton, is thus spoken of by the National Intelligencer: ? Of Camillo Sivoti it in difficult to speak without being I suspected of exaggeration. His violin is by turns a warbling full throated nightingale; or the skylark amon^ 1 the sunbeams, before Aurora has tirged ihe hill tops; and | anon it it a full-toned organ, with all the stops drawn that harmony can endure; a martial band, an orchestra, i or a flute; a kettle-drum or triangle: all ate alike con- , qnered Dv bis single instrument. "Sudden be chnn^ei) his plan, and with strange skill, Subdued the strong l.aionian. by the might Clf winning nnicir tn hu miffhtif*r will* HiM left hand beM tbo lyre, and in hi* right The Aectrum ttruck ihe chords- unconquerable Up Irons beneath hit hind in circling flight The gathering music rose-and sweet hi love The penetrating notes did lire and move " He will, at the request of many whom the inclemency of the weather prevented from hearing before, give one more entertainment at Washington. liisaii icula, Park Tmcatkc.?Last evening, it being Christmas | night, a crowded and brilliant house welcomed Mr Forrest and the Viennolse Dancer*. The Spartacu* of ' the first, was a performance of great power?the charac- 1 tar and scenes of the plar are full of interest, and illua i tiate one of the moit striking events and periods in Roman history. But to very many the dancers were the most attractive Nothing of late 5 ears, produced on our bnaids. has caused the same sonsation The boxes hare been graced nightly by beauty and fashion; and delighted children, in throngs, with their tiny basils, have joiued in the applause.' To-night is their last night, and their benefit; they bring forward their favorite ballet*? their mo*t effective dance*?formed to illuitrate national man era and costumes, and to charm by splondid ta bleaux, by variety o( grouping, by grace of action, by artistic skill-* variety ot picture*, with a beauty, n freshnes*. a warmth of coloring, a glow?with all that can weave a spell around the feeling*, and dazzle and captivate the imagination They ara children?perhaps orphans?perhaps borne away from a well remembered home, its early joys and it* fond ties lingering still sailly in their heart* 8tranger* in a foreign land, withhold not your (ympathie* a d sunpott. smile on their devoted labot* and tboir professional el'orts?on their innocence, their yeuth and their growing powers to & lease?all all appeal to rou ; let them rejoice thi* night i your welcome, your patronage, and your warm applauses, assured that they have been thtown among a people whose generosity and kindne** are as unbounded as is their proud fame throughout the world. Bovtkbt Thkatic.?Yesterday the Bowery was crowded to exccss, and the bill* were highly attractive There were two performances?the first at 1W o'clock P. M , when three tplendid pieces were produced, viz:? ' " Bine Beard," " The Wolf and the Lnmb," and " Alad* , 1 din.'' In the evening, "Djmonand I'ythiaf." " Ma/ep' pa," and " Lafltte." were perlormed, bnnging cut the nigh talentt of the entire company. The wnolo performance yeaterday forenoon, and auo daring the alter- i noon, potted off in a manner highly creditable to the able management of Mr Jeck?on, who alwayi diiplaya | much liberality in catering for his rumeroui patron*, which i* highly creditable to hit good taate. OaEKnwicH Tii*at*e ?We observe by the pro. j gramme that a ikh bill ia offered to-night at the Green- ; wich. Mr. and Mra. Geo. Chapman, Henry Chapman < r. I Mlull. nr.L. will iinnair ! > ?? ! ..1?1 Jk characters. The drama of tne " Miller's Maid," tha i farret of " Mr and Mrs. Caudle," and of " A Kiss in the Dark" will be performed, be?iJc* several f<vorite songs fiom Mr Quayle. The performance! are always at this theatre of a most attractive nature, and are well worthy of public support. Alkambiu. -Go to this pleasant saloon thii evening, if yon wish to pass a really intoroiting and imtructivo evening. You will lee the great German magician in a j variety of norel and wonderful feats, legerdemanic, optical, philosophical and choraical. You will hear a , choice selectioa ol Instrumental and vocal music from a { superior orchritra, anl be able to obtain at the same timo n delicious treat of refreshments. Reader, go te I the Albnmbm. ' Bownar AMVHiTMCATas.?Madame Mac arte performed ! here yesterday evening, as also Mr. Levi North, Oossin, and Carlo Th*re were no less than three performances, i Matlama Maciite, by her extrnor linnry ncd talented efforts during the day, drew forth tha most lapturousap- | planre Her eqnesirian performance', in conrection *i;h that of Levi North's, would draw a full houne in any place of public amusement ; and the cruwiled houses nightly pr. senVd here is the best t??t ol the Li(h upjireciation in which their talents are held. jIUFhila.' vmvv ?vniin*'! i n>? i HR .? i un c ?ns a couiiuufd "jim" here during (lie rutirt o( yeiterday forenoon, and jlso in the evening. The fighting poniat performed with extreme humor The hill* of the pieefdiint evauing. wilh n Irtitio; <1 attraction!, weip pio. duc<t. Vt are aatomahod the boaea by hi? r xtraordinary leata. Mr Hard* and children -qiun deljghte the entire onmd* by their extraordinary feat*?while the l>aai!. tifal May Fly wee loudly arwl niptmov>lr applauded during each poriomania 1 o nigut a highly attractive bilii* pra*ant?d. Wound ace. Jtrtvy Clijr Newa. Moaa Rauar ?oa Uclamd ?IVhUo an effort it being made by the people of New Yotk to raiae contribution* toward* amellotatina the unfortunate condition of the 'aiving million* of poor Ireland, it may he at w-!l t0 ' atate what our nri^hboring little *i*ter. Jeraey Cit> , hat dona toward* the ame oblac.t. The phiUnthiopic xnd h'im?ue inheNtan'r o' that (piiitad place li'ely < ailed a pahlic meeting. 1 aie.'J ?u??ab!e re?> u iorn, an i appointed a treaaurer aao a committee of fif'een, who iiiridtd themaelrea inte <?' ovmmUteea, to i ii>? money for th??e unfortunate people. The *tib- omm'itee* appnrti< ned Jaiaey City. Har-imit*. * into dMricta. ?n I *? ?' * took < upon itsclt the dot} ol netting arery reeidrnt in it* ?.i?- I trie and collecting for the good purooee. The npanit of their labor* ia very gratif>n>g. The amount of funde raided tt"t* far i* >w?i? and it Uconrtdeniiy expect* il that t-eforeihe Treasurer cloie* hi* book*, it will reuch tlM0 Hi? Honor the Mayor, r C, Dammar, ? q.? haa already remitted ilia *um el Hid to IreUnd. trd th# ha which m?y he on batvd when the hook* of utih- | acripttnn are cloead, will fee directed to the American < on in I In Liverpool, with inauuetione to t*cd it to (he : mott dJrtretead <5lttrfct* in Ireland We ft?u* Naw Yoikart wiU make u*ac4t Air tha?r .lUatodAaai t* !'"?? mm tii* Necessity of Mounted Men fsr California.? I ho repotted ma*flacr? of ono hundred and fifty mrn of tho American squadron in the Pacillc, by Indians and Mexican?, at Ciudad do los AtiKolos, whether true or lalse, furnishes us pioof of tho necessity there exists t>r our government employing a competent force of mounted men to keep these wild vagabonds in I check, and protect Hie inhabitants, us well as our im^iants, from t^ieir violence. If the regiment of mounted men recently organized in this city, and commanded by Colonel Dull", were 011 duty there, no outrages of this kind would be heard of. It is immaterial in one point of view whether tho report of this massacre be true or not. The nature jf the country, and its liability to bo 1 overrun by predatory parties of Indians and Mexicans, is sufficient to warrant the employment of a force of this kind. This regiment proposes to sorve to tho end of , the Mexican war, in California, as a mounted force, to bo armed and equipped here, and mounted on arrival there ; and after the termination of the war, in consideration of moderate grants of land there, permanently settl* in Upper California,' keep up their organization, and serve without further pay or recompense lor five years, o<" tsach time as tho government may deem advisable for the defence of the country, and especially for tho protection of life and property from Indian depredations. They would, if preferred, serve first in Mexico, either as a mounted or dismounted force, but desire linally t?> reach Upper California and settln there, where they would, a'so, if desricd by th? government at Washington, contract to publUh a journal in the English and Spanish languages, devoted to tho extension of American republican principles, and the cultivation of feelings of goosl will aud confidence, amongst the mixed population of that country, towards the government and peoplo of the United States. In the ranks of this regiment, are many mechanics and farmers; among the officers many profensional'and well educated men. The "^olonel . Our Patrona and the Holidays* la accordance with the promise we made a few day, niece, and aUo with oar usual custom, we herewith pieaeut to our advertising |>atroD? our annual holiday gilt. We have noticed all of those whom we thought * r.otice wouU ferve?and if we have inadvertently omitted any, we will make it up to them when the holiday a coue {ain. Watchea at cheap price* can be had of Johx A. Ntw sot-Li), up ftaire, 64 John (treat. M B> n. it Co , 17ft Bo wary, can furnish everything li the dry goods line. At (It'io.Vs Bazaar. corner of Broadway and CourtlanL't street, there is an excellent variety of holiday presents, cheap. VicToa Bmhof, No. 13 Maiden Lane, has a handsome assortment of precious stones. ('. C. Mabsh. wt? Cedar street, the well known teacher of Hook keeping, deserves a call. Ilia system is unequal ed. combining as it does, both practice and theory. Tnuraiaa k. Black, 181 Broadway, will give lor tnerecovery ot a pear mapeu diamond ortestpm, lately loit in this city. Ackkri.y &. Bstunt, 1S8 Bowery, will aell anything in the jewelry line v?ty reasonably. The lovers of accordeons, mtiodeoni and music boxes, ran please themselves with Mr. Uaack's assortment at 81 Fulton street. Kdlis and private patties can .be supplied with music by applying at 27 Howard street. A* No. 373 Broadway, every Variety of novelties fo. the ball room can be obtained by applying to Pits* Roberts. Mr. Sahicoo, corner of Broadway and Canal (treat* will teach our citizens the most fashionable dance*. Mrs (Jahholl. 194 Knlton ?ti?et, will furnish all kinds of baths for the sick as well as for the healthy. j O. Fowlkk, 4iS and JJO Greenwich itreet, hus a lurge assortment of chtap groceries lor the holidays. At No 8li Barclav street, VIichx.. Phalon & Josimi Whiu have splendid billiard room attractions. W l>. HtTiiS, auctioneer, will sell a house and two loU between -list end41d streets, on the 4th avenue, ou the 6th of January. All whs want their wearing apparel renovated, hsd better have an interview with A Cortissos, No. 94 Murr?v *t eet Tisno forte instruction on the latest and best principle can be obtained from C.E. Ca?*lc It Edwin MoCork ix, 64 I ispenard street. Oood and cheap hats are ready at RoacaTSon'j 90 Fulton street. Mrs. '/.ratio, 67 Division street, will fit our ladiea with r.ew hats that will become them. Overshoes of every kind can be had at 367 Broadway. Goodyear i overshoes can be had of Baowsa k Brooks, 100 Bioudway Premium boots, cheap and durable, are ready for purchaseia by Yocko tt Jones, 4 Ann street. Archt OmkVK, 6 street, will furnish you with i birds, cages and seeds, in any quantity,at the nightingale I depot, 5 John street He is always on hand, and will please the mont fastidious. The 8t. Giohge's Society will five their Festival Concert on Monday evening next at the Tabernacle. It promises to bo a brilliant affair L'umu . VT atlll Il?!. ...n.l ball on the 39th Dec. init. at the Colliieum roomi. Mention of the fact i* surtlcient to have it well attended Pilme old Irish whiskey can be obtained of Daniel Noonan, No. 93 Greenwich itreet. French's Hot?l, No 94 Chatham itreet, U a capital i>1 a re to epend a leisure hour in Viit &Som, 173 Pearl itreet, offer for lale a farm of 63 acrei, about lire miloi from Elizabethtown, N.J. The new day line to Boston starts from loot of Peck Slip every day at 6<^ A.M. O. A. Srurii, 247 Pearl itreet, will aupply fart,fcc., in any quantity. Hia atock ii very exteniive. Tho-e who desire ?asy and comfortable sharing must purchase lotne Walnut Oil Military Sharing Soap, at No SCourtlund st. W. H. Oaoaoor & Co., No. 103 Fulton it, hare an a? ortment of winter clothing on hand worthy of attention JohnRoabh, 83 Nassau it., sella his Bromine, for accelerating liquid for photopraphing. J no. N. Morgan, Fulton at., one door from Broadway, will sell on reasonable tormi lampa, girandole), Jtc., tcc., for holiday presents. Bbcr, Labosiebb*: & Coubts, US William it., hare a )?'ge stock ol l? ranch boxes for sale. Futl & Bodkn,74 Fulten it, will furniih any quar>i tity ol fancy boxes to confectionerr, and colored paperi of all kinda Genuine Bear'i Oil procured of Henbt Johnson, 273 Broadway. Bachklob, No. 3, Wall at, will fit wigi so natural in i appearance that they can't be detected J. LitBNiTr.iE, No. 446 Broadway, girei a high price | for cait off clothing The National Publishing Co. in Philadelphia, have i An immenif) atork ol mihlirationa on hand wall worthv ' the attention of persons in the trade. Ring's Snaving Cream i* capital article. It can be bad at 192 Broadway. Pure Wait Whiskey can be hadofCHM. Mcbbat, 7i Roosevelt atreet. M'llc Diijaidih, No. 74 Leonard street, ia well known aa on* of the beat teachera of dancing in thit city. A C. Babby, artist in hair, '146 Broadway, haa an ai> (oitment of articles for the hair, which cannot fail to pleaee purchasers. Clabkc'b sacks are good articles for the winter. They can be bad at 1 iG William atreet. Music is taught by a lady who thoroughly unde ratanda ! the science, for $3 per month. Address "Music" at this office. Wm. Albkbt, 15'J Cherry street, haa aome fine old VI- 1 enr.a ale on band. i<aAoc!?,7S < anal street, will aupply balls, parties, fcc tec., with cakes, confectionery, &c., on very reasonable tarms. J. Rcillt, 49 Carmine street, has an asaortment of lamps, lie., that are just the thing* lor presents. .The Third Annual Kate of the Kirm National Gi-abd, will bo given at the Coliseum on Monday evening, Dec. aa. Knox. 1-28 Fulton street, haa a valuable stock of hats, ' ca*s and lurs on hand. A. Gilhoolt fc 9ow,7i Nassau street, will fit up the . celebrated llolme'a Kitchen Ranges, wherever they are required. Ti a veiling trunks of the beet kind can be had of Jno. Cattkach, No. 1 Wall atreet. Lartiea will do well to peep into 603 Broadway, and set the laige Mock of fancy erticles theie M 51. Cohck, 09 Duane St., buy* cut off clothing and furniture. moderate prx?>?, at Ulletah m. Diotnim, corner Broad way unit bro< me street. tli? " Lkiial Oat* even" for December ccntainaa full acl interesting review of tba late tlave c.aae. Uitld mounted Canca, lor presents, cau be bed of W. E. Rots, 1? Chambers (t, up stairs. T..a IkiMintTiuii will giro their eeeoad annuel ball at the Minerva Rooms on the Ulb of January. Dr. Kitcm lecturei on consumption can be bad of Purges*, S'riager 8t Co., iJ J Broadway ; Chaa. H. Ring, I9i 0 roadway ; Manener, Lock wood It Co.. 450 Broadway, cor. of tirau<l; T. 8. Crowen, Ml Broadway. m. Di mioat teacbea mutic at oheap iate*,aud ca right piincipiet, at 4-M Broadway. The DtMiviti ViaMtoitta will taka their flrtt benefit this e*?rung at tha Park Theatre. \t ISO Broadway, birda of a celebrated fancier ire for ?1>. These notice* giro a better deacilptwn of tha way In which tba holiday carnival ia celebrated in Naw York, than would any long proey article that might bo written on tha aubject Two Day* Later prom Rio Jahbiro ?Tho brig feelina, Captain Jackson, arrived at thia port yesterdey from Rio Jan?<ro, whence tho aallod on tbo 19.h of October, ia company with tho bilg Ameiou bound to Baltimore We learn from Capt Jack ton that tha U 8 Hoop of war Saratoga which touched at Kio a ale time (nice, bound to California, put bock in dietree* on the Mth of October, ha*iag anipped a aoa in a heety gale off Capo Horn, which canted the loea of ai her quarter hon., apiit aaiii, damaged apara, and ?tart d her deck aoU atein fiaroe ; tho will bo detained tome time for repairs Alto, left at Rio tho U. 8 frigate Independence, to tail on the tOih oi October for California Tho baik Kennebec, Captain Smith, of Waldoboroogh, Maine, arrivod at Kio on tha 37th of October, from the Rio Orando. and on the 39th, white the reaeel waa pre* cceding from the lower harbor to ike upper, Copt. Baaith fall ioaid on tho quarter d* ck while converting wl h kit (opposed to ht?a been tun atrvok. miffcta to IwiWmMMa- for coflhe, *1 par bef?AT#w <*>Je?im I U. Colbt, 341 Petri street, Mil* Corbyn'i cough lo- ' xenges . K. C. Dalt, P4 Broad street, will furnish champaigue i ami otbei wine*, ol i very brand, to all who wi?h thoae I a tides Tiie Texas and Oregon association will oe lebrate the Aouiveraary of the battle of New Orleans, and the battle* of Palo Alto and Ketaca da la Palma, and Monterey, m by a (<*11 oDtbe 8th ot January, at Castle Garden. Tirr*iv, Yoo>o & Elm* have an extensive asuoitmoat of holiday presents a' ! '> 9 and J til Broadway. Thompson U VVkllkb,-i3A and 713 Breadway, and 3* Clinton stiaa', Brooklyn, have confectioneries, motto**, k*. in eveiy variety. At No 11* Canal street. by applying to C.*, every description of toys nnd fancy articles can be obtained Simpson, 76 it 70 Thompson street, furni.ha* coal for t!; holidays at teason.,ble rate*. Bk? k \ Co.'s, Broadway, contains as large an assort ment of valuable dry arroods ss any other similar establishment in the city. They sell cheap. Mrs M. Wilson.-JIM Grand street, ins a beautiful assortment of ladie* ' winter hata on hand. Gi mm, 314 Broadway, will fit any gentleman with a bat tbat will please httn Healthy exercise can be had at the Tremont and . branch Bowling Haloons, 64 and 300 East Broadway, kep! by MAcmHtLi. k SiMraois. At vill, 'joi Broadway, hss a large stock of new and fashionable inu*ic on hand. Scott ft Co., 70 Nr asau street, and Scott k Tmommok 697 Broadway, have at all times a large stock of family > g: or cries, old Irish and Scotch whiskey, kc.. always an ' hind. A person that deal* with them one* will continue ! their cuttom during their lire* Jito. iMoffatt, No. 24 Catharine street, will five suit of clothca of the most fashionable kUtd, for f M. 9*?iroao fc Field, 149 Kulton street, have iplendid ten pin alleys. The ViirtM IIotcl, Jersey City, is a very desirable place to atop. By the by, the proprietor can accommodate 20 or 30 mora boarder*. Jio M. U?nti, 233 William street, will lend money to all wbo need it durieg the holidays. Oeo. T. Dowino, t.eo Broadway, will fnrnish pickled eys'.ets nnd boned turkeys for New Year's. J. K. Ball, ?29 Bleacher street, has any quantity of wines, coidials, fruits, kc. North Ams-sica* Sccrebt.?A series of beautiful illuitrateil Tiews of the most interesting North American scenery, ase in course of publication by Messrs. Lomj, of 32 Ann street. Those who dssire a neat and at the same time cheep hat, should call balore New Year's on Mills, at Howard Hotel. Tne votaries of the weed in laying in their supply for tba belidays, con be accommodated with delicious fliv*r a llabeneros, at 44 Feck Blip, up stairs. A large and elegant- assortment of plated ware, suitable foi the holiday tables, may be seen, or purchased at Instituti on tor the Dilwl. The semi-annual examination of the pupils a'Uihed othis institution, an<lthe usual attendantexetcl e?,wara held at the New York Institution fur the Blind on Weda*sday Int. Having attended the last public examine liona throughout, we could not but be forciby struck with the great improvement evinced by tome who were her* then, and are thai* now. We doubt much whether. 11 our moat popular schools, a more solid 'and rapid edua'io'i can be acquired than here, even though the sense of sight is wcnting to the instructed. Although a sense of pain muit, io a measure, influence any ipectator who looks upon so many children, feme most beautiful in feature, others endowad with rtmi kable Intellect, all deprived of that " light without which wa see not," yet there is a pleasurable interest in observing tha happiness, in hearing the merry langh, in watching the paternal care on tha ono hand, and the undo viating confilenco on the other, between master and pupil- It is our duty, and a pleasing ono too, to award to Mr. Chamberlain, the SuneiintenJent of this instlu bo regarded ti? highly patriotic, and ceitam to j (eail to most important result#; while the expedition being devoid ef any political complexion,nnd generally approved of, would add to the popularity of the government. Wo take the following paragraph from the New Orleans Picayunt:? Deplorable accounts are 'gain raceiTtil from Unranqo, ot iba ravages of tba Indian* in that State anil Chihuahua. la ubo paper we dud a U?t of kilied. wounded, I and prUoxn-rs mace by tbo lavage* in a fight near the end of October That miserable country ap;>ears quite > uoahla to protect ibeif from thoie Indians. Uurargo bordera on Chihnahua, a territory whxli will belong to the United States as toon as I peace shall te concluded; and if the inhabitants be not pro tectcd from their depredations, they will be no better ctl under the Unittd States' rule than under tbat of Mexico. But it ia not the terntory of Durango alone that ia infested by theae ! barbnrmns. The whole country, extending Irom 1 S ?nta Fe o Monterey on the f acific, has lor ' years been at their mercy, and no force but on* ' of mounted men can k<ep them iu check. Lmal Adtici to Aldkjuikn ?\V? learn that I Reading, Pennsylvania, baa given fuui thousand dollars for the Mipport of the one company of v.4untceis laised in that town; and alao pledges i iidvll to support the f unities of all tiiOM who were murried. Tmk Htoai.d kor. Li'aork?Will Iw published j on Thursday nex'.. i R?* Mr Yaus pu?tiaJiad in tba Charleston Courttr ' , a report ef hie xircaaa in ibe north. In gathering means | for th* MartMva* i burcti ot that city He collected in i New lortMu t*. Heron. .'67 97; New burr port. 1107 I ii\ Ntv Bedford, lit Mj Fru^slphta, tlTuftn BoJUI nwf*. >t? *71 < U*C.) IH *7 Is ail. ?IM U , I i Viay Late from Havana ?The packet ship J Criitoval Colon, ^Capf. Smi'b, nrriv?d yesterduy morning lroin Havana, with advices from that place to the lti'h instant, inclusive. We have received our files ol llie Diurio dt la > Habana, the Di mo dt la Marina, and the Faro Iiuiustrial, to the latest tlare. The annexed letter, from our special correspon. dent, gives preity much all the news:? Hata.ia, 16th December, 1810 The British steamer Dee. left for Vert Cruz on the 10th instant; tmont her pjsscngers wss General De l.a Vega suit unit. This centleman has puMUhed here a latter ot thanks, for the many kindnesses he received during hi* sojourn in the Uuited States. I rugret 1 am not thle to miijd it to you The agent of the Mexican government is still hero, he has not lieen able to dispose of a single privateer license; in fact he finds it no go. Information n:.? been received her#. that the Mexican government had made tion. mo t unqualified praine for tha unwearied kindneis and patiei ce with which lie exercisos his time and care with'. > ie under hi* charge. In hit ^assistants, Mews. John?on and McClenacnan, and .\lissts Surelland and Croaby, the latter a graduate of the Institutim he haa invaluable aid; in all of whom tha pupila teem to cluiter around with a childish confidence the beat evidence of their feelings of gratitude toward their kind instructors. In tho afternoon, we heard different clmiej is geography. elementary philosophy, arithmetic, history?ancient and moderL?and astronomy, examined by thuir different teachers, and that they were sotisfictory, is the laai-t of what we could say of thorn. We sat by ore pu-' pil, a sweet girl of 13, Miss Susan Mr Lane, as she ] ertormed her sums in long division, and the accuracy and rapidity with which her delicate Angers worked their way on the prepared slate, would have shamed many es'ing students of doable her ago. After the scholastic exercises for the afternoon were concluded, wo strolled through the apartment* appropriated to the manufacture and keeping of article" by the inmate) of the establishment. One room wai filled with paj>er boxes, carpeting, baskets and mats, and other things made by the pupil*; some of whom earn, during the course of the year, a very resectable sum. In the evening, a numciotii audience was collected in the cbapel, which, by-the-by, had been most tastefully decorated with evergreens, to listen to the music from the pupils, and to the examinations in tha kiger branches of study. The muiic was of the usual excellent character, and we observed that our young friend Kunisky, so well known to the public, has taken up the ootave flute as his favorite instrument. Though a boy of but ten or eleven years of age, he has mora music in him than many of tar superior pretensions. On the organ he is a perfonner ol no little talent Mr. Chamberlain examined a class in political economy, which wai peculiarly ready and correct in its answers; but the members will most decidedly vote the demooratio ticket if Way land is to be their viiidA Othar rlasiita nrMm ?vamin?(! hv thffir t^nrhrrfl Messrs. Johnson and McClonachan, and Miss Swetland, all reflecting great cradit upon the persevering industry of botk instructor and instructed. The auJiencu were agreeably surprised by an address from Mi;s Crosby, at the close of the evening, which, though rather Folkish for our neutral columns, ue give at length. Wa might say that Miss C. is deprived of sight, and an inmate of the institution, but her almost imnromptu address shows that the light of poesy shines within her. Dear friends, pray do not think me rude, If en yourpaticnae (intrude A lew brief moments; for the mtiM Hath bade mo apeak. If I refuia, I might the consequences dread? For once her wings in anger spread, To woo her back the task weie vaicj She'd never sweep my lyre again: So by your leave I will obey. .Now for my subject, grave or gay; Kind goddeaa, that sho leaves to ite. I snust decide; well, let me see? I'll touch on both, if you've a mind; To please you all I'm well inclined, And if I fail, why then I must? I'll seal my lips an?t in the dust Hide my diminished head, nor dare Again before you to uppeai. I'll seek kome weeping willow tree, And bid farewell to poesy. The mure ia whispering in my ear Something about the closing year; And one by oneeventodpth name, Which my attention fur%e present claim? _ And hints, if i would manago rightly, '1'were well to treat of, tho' lightly. rir.1 Ik.. ..... .II ?r mil knna We are at war with Mexico; This thing has been agitated leng, Was it* adoption right or wroDg? Affirm who may, condemn who will, We hold our own opinion still We 10 her governmentcomplsin'd? Redress for iojaiiet we claimed? Wrongi unprovoked, from her we bore, With patience long?what could we mora 7 That govern meat ret'us'ii to hear: Nay, cloied vgaimtour prayers it* ear. Perhaps among this congregation, There's some would like a disertation On General Taylor's merits : well, I ol his noble deeds could tell ; And were he hero, that warrior, now, A laurel wreath should crown hia brow, And chaplets wove of blossoms rare, ? Smile 'mid the waving* of his hair. Oil! gallant Ringgold, now no more, How soon thy blight career was o'er ! The spot thy slumbering dust endoara Is moistened by a nation's tear*. Thy sen, Columbia, and her pride. How proudly in thy cause he died ! Britannia, or the mother land, Hath clasped once more her daughter's hand, They are on friendly terms again, And ever may they thus remain Oh. woodroms age, a glorious ray f)f knovlAdffA briik* on ihia onr dftv ? Our good old fathers in th^ir tin*, CoulJ govern well tha infant clime; Their constitution then waa good, And naar a century hath atood; But wiiur heada, 'tis not surprising, Have found of lata it need* reviling. The summer, in ita green array. And au'.un&n too, hath passed away; ,?!ein winter's adamantine chain, Il?th locked the mountain atreama again. No moil tb? b*ik, with silken aaila, la waned bj the apotting galea O'er the aull lake * tian>-lucent breast; When daylight gently ainka to reat, The fitful btaat sweeps wailing by, And mournful, vcboea nature1* aigh. tlaik ! wildly banting on the ear, Ita requiem to the closing year. Ob! c?n it be that thou bait flown ao rapidly) Unclouded waa the Int pure ray That usheied in thy new bgrn day. The waning atar that fadea with thee Til loat yet lovely may it be! Oh gate upon tnia fairy scene, Our chapal m ita rob* of green, Though all without la cold and drear, Me thin ka it seems like summer here; E'en Flora hath beheld and bleat The hands thaae walla ao kindly dreat; Friends, guardiana, teachara, I suppose Von wonder when I'm now to close, Vou all ahall know auon, juit hear? With four ahort years, "a bright New Year " This addresa waa received with great applause by the audience. At the cloae of the ezercisea we returned, better plaaaed than ever with the aJmjrable management of the laatitution. Mr. Chamberlain, who we obserye since onr laat vialt has found that it ia not good for man to ha alone, ia, in hia capacity of auperintendent. both a fttknr and t?irK?r tn tlmiA iin4#r hia rhaiwn and rnndarfl the institution model of Its kind to the world. Cltjr Intelligence. | Chiiitmai Dm - Nilitiii - TiUlt Exccbsioks ai? 10 ow.?Christmas puced eff merrily, notwi'liilsnJ. ing the weather *u gloomy enough to make any other diy the very festival for fiends in blue. The morning Wis lowering, mid day rainy, Tend the afternoon ditto But Santa Clans had it all hia own way, and de<pile the elements, the children were happy and their happiness had the efect to render othera mound them happy also. I The day was remarkably quiet out of doors The stMl| neas waa occasionally interrupted by the music ot military liremfD, who turned out in littge numbers in the i morning, and marched through the streets, bound on ! target excursions. We observed among the banners of | the Washington Volunteers. Cant. Mallins. accompanied by Lothian's Brass Band ; the Eagle Guards, and (tough an 1 Heady Volunteers, Capt. Brownley, of Brooklyn, the I latter nnmbering about sixty muskets; tho Carlisle i Uaard, Capt Wilder ; the Van Buren Volunteets, Cspt Hempsted; the Conner Guar), the Oregon Guard. and a fine company, the name of which wecould not make out, as the colored target bearer carried bis charge at such an argle with our line of vision, that we could only read the initials N. G. The* all appeared to be in excellent pints, and no doubt enjoyed themselves well. PacsrisTATio* or Pistols ?A rery handsome little transection took place yesterday, at the rooms of Meeari Oonld, Banks 1 Co., in Nassau street, whore a p iir of handsome revolvers were presented to Lieut. J. W. Sweeny, of coinpanv A, New York State Volunteer*. Lient Sweeny was for quite a number of years employel a compositor in the printing establishment of Messrs. G. tc B., and as he is about to leave fer Mexico, with CoL Burnett's regiment, hi* late fellow workmen : and their em plo> ere, determined te show their adaaita I tion for hi* patriotism, by presenting him with a mark of ; their esteem- The nistols, which were been'lfully II ii I ah ?H atut r.anfalnAil *srk in a nahManv n.mam ami boat J>s<5 Mr. Ooolo praaidad at tha moating, which wu conronad for tbo porpoaa of making tho praaantation. Mr. Nanki praaantad tha rerolvara, and mad* aoaaa raaaarka appropriata ta tho occasion Aftar which tho company waro invitod to partake of acme rafraahmanta, which bad baon prepared in an arij >in)df room. SoToral epeaehea wera mada and toaiti offered, aoma of which wa have received, but for which wa haTa bo rooni ta oor oo lumaa May tha beaorfio 1 >na of hit frtonda ba roelred by Lieut. S whan tbair r*mamhraooa ahall bo oalled up ! <n hia mind, if that lima ahoald coma upon tha dald of mtoet. RaLiar to liiun.-D*at forgot that the meeting to reeeiva comnbutiona for tho relief of tha 'offering poorof I aland, takea place at Tammany Hall thia evening. By reteroncr to tho namoa attached to tho call for tba maating it will ba ob?erv. d that no patty oon-i.*erationa have haU tha i fleet of br n?lrg it about Tha otyact ia humane, ( an < ti e benevolence *hicb it hoped will cberactema tha proceed n*?, ie baaod npon the broadaat an paraatground j > < iiua rnaiity. "Whatsoever va would that men ibeuld i do to yen, do area to to th?m,'f and "with what maaaara ya mata It ahall ba maeaured to yon again," ara teate containing doctrinal upon which even aectariana tail to dlffhr inraui Fan-m cr CaiNta1* Omiiucf.?YHtw lay morning. ?a tha a* rival of tha teamboat MatMlttfr tm, tnm Itlign wi, * afhic aaatun* whtah km waU nigh coat Uapt. Hrexer, the commander of the M bis life '"he hoet had com* up to tbe wharf at the foot of Market treat, and the hands were about making her fait. wb< ft a number ol cabmen rushed towards th? gsrgw?y. from which they were ordered to kaep away liy tha offlcarsThey per*:?tcd. however, in their attempts to go oft board, when iome of the handi, either purposely, or by accident, threw water upon ihean, at which the cahmeu , railed tba cry ol "Give them coal !' and united tha ao* t on to the word by tip owing a ihewer of the fragments ot hard coal which lay upon the wharf, at tha officers nd hands on board the boat Capt Krazer was standinjr at the tline upon the wheel house. r<nl received one o? the miisWes ii tho lorehead by which ba wai laid senseless. A report immediately spread that Captain If was killed ; but luch, we are happy to s'ate, was not tha set. A turgeon was culled sud dressed bis wound, frem which wit extracted a Lumber of small pieces of coal by which it was ii.flicte l. The cabman had not bean arrested last evening. but be will kanlly escape. The Captain is said to be doing well. Living thi Cob*kb Htot?* or th* New ErisoortL Chubch?The corner atone of the new Protectant Episcopal Church of the Nativity, was laid yesterday at tha corner of aveuu* C and flth street, by the Right Aer. L a Ives, Bishop ot N C. The Bihle and hook of Camnon Ptejer, wo re deposited at the same time ander the aornar stone. It was exieued that ?r Ives weuld have dalivpre i r die o' 1 r?e on tha oocaiioi but io ron*t<|Q#M# of tha many sudden changes in the weather (aboBt four o'clock the rein (diUug down in torrent*, the Ruv Doctor we*lfin?hU .u _ * - ? c>v?v.a in iuv muwu* ed congregation present. The cornor ?tou9, however, was laid by Bishop Ivea, alter which the congregatioa ppMnted. 1 B?ki?t?Errsors or Li<loi-Captain Mo3rath.of the oth ward, and several of tbe officers, wera rolled y esterday afternoon upon tha alarm of fire being given shout 8 o'clock, ot No 87 Duane street. Upon arriving at tha above piemisos H ay discovered a Vri ilogan. who lives in tho basement, euveloped io flame" she having, ' while iu a state of intoxication, fallen across the stova, which wus red lio' nt the time, and being no helpless br t1 a effects of liquor, aha wii unable to extricate hartal/ from her position, consequently h?r clothing took Are, which burnt her limbs ?nd a part of - her body la n most allocking manner. The alarm waa given tiiat by her child > bout 6 j fu'i of age. w hirli draw tba a'tennori of the neighbors Just in time to suve hermotbar from destruction 'l'be fl >mes were speedily extinguished by the Curtain and hi? men, and medical aid aent for to relieve the auffeiintja of this snfoitunato w oman. I'rhon Association?Report of the Ladiea aea uectrd with this aiuoaiatian, who have charge of tha Kiraiio Department, 1 at tho yaiir ending Nov. 18th, 184f :?Tha experianoa of tha )>a*t year, notwithstanding much difloalty and una discourage raent, haa baaa auch a* to imprasa them mere forcibly than aver with the urgent need of such an iaititatioa aa tha kaa? ia thii city, and with the feesibility of the aadartakiag under the auopicea of tba friaea Association They feal more than ever anxious, that tho attempt shonld ho fully brought befoie tho public with ita tangible results, being confident that it lequires only to be known and aador.Mood, to enlist tba av m nathias af the beaavolaat of all olaaaea and denominations. Tho hopaloaa co edition of the discharged convict has haea tba thaaio of much eloquenbn, but whan tha caaa of tha lemala ooa riot comes before ui?when we see the dasolata ereatara humbled to tha dnst, trembling undar tha aenaa af waakaaas and degradation, and aoaraeiy believing in tha reality of human aympaihr?we feal that the half had not been told u?. The first impression is that of almoet attar bopeleuneat as to tha power of anything short of a miracle to raise the abjsct boing to a sense of ae.lf respect. A ,l..n,U ? ? I. l.l.ll- I ? 1- - - t? ?v.u.? ? pimtjunuj 1V"(S1 lu IUO IWIW UI humanity; nnJ when years have conlrmed vicious habits, ami hardened the offender into recklessness, wa aohcowlei'ffe the difficulty of any attempt on our part te implant ww principles, or awaken a regard for chars*ter. Bui it in far d'if rent with the young, and with thO'O who have Hill a remnant of womanly leeliag, sad a hope of redeeming lot>t reputation. With those, experience pIiows that we rosy hope. with th? bleeainga of Ood, to accomplish mnch, and we aro able to shew many instances where success has been far beyoed oar hopes. But all are confounded together in the general estimate of society. Without aome special aid iron tho<o who make the lubject their study, and who, by effort and practice, become conversant with ita dataila. it is impossible that the public should be able to discriminate A discharged convict?a discharged female oonviot?la necessarily an outcast from society. Whs will employ such an one? What family will receive aa an inmate a degraded creatine fresh irons the Fenitentiaryf Who can trukt a woman who ha< been imprisoned for theftl What tnothtir will introduce among her daughters on* who has been familur with the Tombs? It caonet bo expected. Whatever niay have been their condeot It cannot be expected. Whatever may have boon the eonduct ef the prisoner during htr incarceration? whatever certificates she may be able to obtain, evan from faithful and judicious officials - and theae aro unfortunately rare, there ia a moral atmosphere about her whioh effectually repels even the charitable, and which oansea the un thinking and tbc telfith to tarn from her with abhe*rence 81 nay starve, aba may beg, aba may return ta ica, or aha may put an end ta her natefai life, nobody feel* the blame But here the PrUon Association etepe in. It there be a remnant ot decency?if the iaaat fatat with to retain to better mind and a better life.tbe Heme ii opened to receive her. A kind matron welcome* he# ?inquire* into her want*. her hbt >ry, her feeling*, give* her tu? meant of cleanliness and decency?la J a employ* ment fjr her?aacertaini her character end disposition?tearchts fur what Rerun of Roodneaa ay he yet rem Mining, and if there hen arooaldeileg spar* of vii* tnuuihope, ?ednlou>ly preserves it from extinction the remain* iu this asylum ?treated Jnot with a aaperei iious?a cold -a apurioua kinjne?.s, bat a* a ?iiter, until her view*, her powera, ber qualifications far ? earning a subsistence, aud the *inceiity ot her detire for reformation beve been lull) tested; and if the reealt | crore eatisfactory a place salted to her ability i* provide I, and *he i* placed with those who, underetaixiiog fully ber past history and present condition, are willing to try her. If, Irom any caase, this effort prove ebortive and she leave* ber placo, the lioine is again open, U*t. de?titution should once more betray hsr into the dea* which yawn for sach victims, end it ia sot until repeated trial* render further efforts bop-'less, that *he 1* ever abandoned te her evil fate. The confirmed draahatd, aha who ha* stolen, may be warned by puni*:iia->Bt, or perauedad by the voice of friend?hip and religion te e>eal no more ; even (be who ha* been ia-luaed to threw he* self awai , body and toul, may, by some poseibility, he restored to better mind, so that *he snail look opou her course of trinigreaeion with horror and <i*gust. but the drunkarJ i* so weakened end viiiled by ber easleviag habit,and emputiei* are so constantly pieaei.ted en very sue, thai we nan ourselves continually disappointed snd thwaited ia ?ucn cj??s, even after tba melt flattering appearances. The expense* of maintaining ?ucb a hum* at we her* daserlbei, and ot aiding the discharged conviat in the | various pirticalai* in which molt of then seed aid, U, n*oe.ii?nly considerable; but as we felt eaufld4at. whea we made our la?f icport It is likely rather to l?aeea than increase, in proportion to the number who receive the benefits of ths iasii otioa. Not only does inareaied experiunce aiia'>io us to proceed more ejeoemieeUv; hat *< our establishment becomes he'tor kaowa, and ite character he.ter understood. we And so many ad itionalfacilities for obtaining eoiploy meat tor the inmates, tiat their earning*, more aod m?re, mateiially leasen ear expense'. From the e*tabli*hm*nt of the Uo>ne, la June, 1*45, to our first animal meeting ia December ot the seme >ear, it coat the department >l,MO From that rerion to tba present time, the space of ea? tear, tho Home his co?t them acarcely mare than ooe-t irdof that inm, ? ???? The canditien ot the female prisoners at Bleak wall's IaIsad, ll calculutad to awaken the sympathy sad the alarm ei ail who visit that institution; sympathy for wretched fellow creatures subjvc ed to every evil tola- * ence, every brutalizing association and alarm, at the JP spectacle ot a nnr?ery ot vie*?a place for trainia* n? a # population for crime?a .preparatory school where ttfl/ young may learn, at fMlo expense, tlio tamo tm|dfif meats which hate brought their prerieceaenr* tOwTe 1 State prison anl thegaliews The want ol i las-itiaitio%, the want of cleanliness consequent up n this crowding end jumbling of all agea and conditions?the lack of* cempetcat Dumber of malroas, twa boms all that are el lowed (or the mpoi intei denca of these hundreds; these strike us as among tba prominent i?inta worthy ot im meliate attention. Females to the number ol twa or three huadred aie coagregated durng the d*y,in what |a called the' shanty," much of the time toer are without any proper overieer, and the eon union, profanity ?H rit.aldry that occur are horrible. The condition of the hotprtal too, where youth and maturity In crime are mingled indiscriminately, is lamentable in the extreme. Keen young giila, when owe they have graduated in thia dreadful school, hear with indifference the offers of tho-e who would belriend tbem, and only wait for their discharge to return to their haunts ol infamy. Our ?f. lorts with tuch are vain The children's hospital too, la a moat heart tending and loathsome sight. More than one hundred children ara there assembled. the offspring, perhaps in the majority ol instance*, of vicious psieats, and be j ring in their laces and persona but toe striking J indications of the car* that will ba needed to pre* serre tbem fiom the way that laada to doatnso* tion Tbe*e are. it is true, unJer the cuperiateatendence ol a matron, bnt who are her aa istania ' If it had not beeu seen it conld not bo believed,U at prissasri, ahandottsd women?those wuum society has leuad It necetsary to cast fiom its 1st, as nuisances.are tae cheeea nurses and guardians of these un'ortunates It is to tha tender mercies ol Mich btmgi that the may infant is ao- . trailed; they Uach the lisping speeca to saeh as lira I thro'igu their nursing; and when niMlect bagins to da- ? elo|m itself, the flrat instruction comes Irani sack as V these. ?rho*a vary breath ia profanity, and who have leag b?en strangers to tha vary name of modesty 8u;h things need only ba ntosad ta ba abhorred. May we not \ hope that attention will early baealled to thia and kindred' subjects? * * Women of all agaa, and all dairraes of crime, seme > ? subjects lor tha Alma Houee. charged with no criaia ? some fit for the Lunatic Asylum, and others who have taken refuge Irom destitution and exposure? are all commingled in one mass, ca'ruptand corrupting. Ulrla are eeeiy day to be lonnd iu the midst of tha \A vilest and most hardened offenJars, and soma of tbeee M girl* Bra theae who hare, frem variou* cauiai, entered Ida priaon oea^raiitely innacent. 9">ae of than are I pwnpera, and manv are (object* fur tha Hna*e of Refage. I Ob* dreadful ??il ol tlun priaon ia, tbat from tha feet V l there being hut one matron, tha woven are, meat ef 1 them, dnnag the day, and ell of them daring the night, abject to th? control of male keeper*, who era Im ofiea entirely uiiflt for their datiaa tu Cam o? Fkbsmaj*.?Th? Cayuga 7m<h stRtflii that (jrov. Wrtgbt h*a r? luitM 10 intt-rp<>am hi* prerogative of parnon la tha ca*e of Freeman, bnt m l??*e It m the hand* of the noarta of law linae thtni ihecouoatl for Kreaman liare obtained aa or.ier irota P Mr luatice Beardtley, one of tha Judge* ot the Supremi Conrt, ?ta>ing ih? execution of the fen<et>ce of deatl pronounced upon I In until that court c?old peaa njot alleged errori on the trial. The raae waa ai gied et K* a abetter in October, by Mr. Seward for the pnaoner anl Mr Van Bnren for the State, and the court will renda* I their decision in January. The qneMinn of the aenty a' M the pri<oner doaa not com* in iotiow before the coof the l*w regardi g that aa a q-ie?tion of feet alre*<r?nfl patted upon by the jury; and the deciaion of the com will refer exclusively to queaiiena ot law ariaing un Tie Jerney City toaaon council at it* laet meeting raaolred by a mejortty of two to autharia* tha Jar?eyj A*eonatmn ta erect the dork* en the Ht?d?oa River f?*f the Ouoard Hoe of I,urope?a ite*m?r?. Tht Wit?? to * mji'tiiv ifel1. ?*< t?? 1

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