Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 2, 1847, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 2, 1847 Page 3
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a Jojvtrvl, in favor of poying to Rook and Ladder Co., No 9, t :Mt, for property destroyed at the great Are in IMS Large Enxint in 6t\ Ward?Resolved, That one o th* Imge engines now building bo stationed ia the 6tt ward and be known as No. i3. Adopted. The crniurittee on the fire department reported in re lnti n to several matters connected with the business 01 the a | .runout?granting to members time which the) claim itc. I Hu hurt Street Railroad.?A communication was re ce vj I from 8 Do Wit Dloodgood in relation to the pro J o?ed railroad in Hudson street and the Hth avenue ? The communication was reterred to special coinmittet on Hudson street railroad Fisif to the Jllwi Miuse?A resolution was receiver from the board of Aldermen proposing a visit by thi members of tha Common Council to the Alms House, tc make provision for the comfort of the inmates of that in stitution. Resolution amended, and the Board of Assist ant* voted that ' this Board" visit in a body the Almi House next Thursday afternoon at d o'clock. Adjourned. The St. Louis Reveille of tba dOth ult seya W? were without an item yesterday east, west, north. 01 onth. The receipt of an Eastern paper is entirely t mutter of accident?or rather of providence?and thougi we have every faith in the latter, we have no right te ex pact its regular interposition. ' Vitry Valtiuble In ve n tlonWe Have been permuted to examine, at the Astor House, a Spirometer fo tesitng the rondilioaof he lungs, and being convinced of Its ruper.ority over r very other instrumeut in use lor that par pose set ke great pleasure ia ctiling to it the a'teution o the m< dical profession, and n 11 who may be ae uufortuuate ai to labor luudcr any symptom of disease of gthe lungs. It u the laveutioa of a medical grntlcmsn, uow on * visit to uui citr. (Jo * l imn ing it the obsei ver is struck with its exceed nig simplicity if coustructi u, and the infallible means i oilers o| ascertaining,Iwith surprising accuracy, the precm Condition of the patient's lungs. We all kuow how importan to health and lite it ie Hit (he lun/s should tieiform thei: I unctions ecruratelv, and how necessary to the tre- tin c t o ml diseases of the cheat that the physician should kuow theii rnnrt.r i r 1 .... l-.n- fi..f 1 - L 1 in* ir t, uiH call tell at any time the qnelity of air they wil C'lBtaiii. Wr legaid this as ouo cf the moat valuable diarne viei ia inviiieal aeienee. and trttet the inventor will allovi the pru'raaiou, and t?e public, ila beuefita, where ao man) thoutands are suffering from diaeaae of the luu? It hn al eadr been shown to a number of medical and acieotific per oiia, all el' whom unite tu the opinion we have expressed at to iu yreatwalce. The inv> liter's Irpirometer may be aeeu by the profeaaiei rt any turn, and partiea lab trine uuder any diaetae of the eh-it may coaault linn from the hours of 11 to 1 daily, at the Aa tor Hon so. Phtlnrlelplila Agent* for the Herald.?G, l U Zlk flKR ? CO., 3 Ledger Building, Third low Cheanur. Those wiahiog to have the Herald served rssulmly M their a'orea and dwallinga, will pleaae leave then nim.s aa above. Terma. 73 eauta per month. Single roptei for aale daily. Price 3 centa. j31 lm Navigation of the Ohio River. ' Flaeee. Tim*. Slate qf River. LonUviile , . Jan 38. . .9 feet 6 in. Wheeling ,Jan 18. , ,8 feet ?to;cinnati Jan 34. , . 6 feet. PlrtRhortr Jan 38 ,. 8 feet MOIEY MARKET Monday, Feb. 1?6 P. M. The stock market is steadily improving, quotations sre steadily advancing, and the sales daily ere to consid'reblo extent. At tho first board to-day, United Statea 8'a, 1858, went up X per cent; Ohio 8's Mi Vicksburg X ; North American Trust X ; Reading 3 ; Canton IK ; Harlem X Erie Railroad, old, X ; Erie, new, 1 ; Norwich and Worcester 1 ; Long Island X i Illinois Speoial, and Reading Bonds closed at Saturday's prices ; and Morris Canal fell off X. At (he second board, there was a slight re-action in the market, and prices fell off a fraction. Harlem declined % \ Norwich und Worcester % ; Morris Canal X ; Reading X I-nng Island X Canton 1. Stonington went up 3X ; and Farmers' closed at prices current in the morn in;. Upon a rapidly rising market these little re-actiom aie rather favorable than otherwise. They operate as sa'rty valves to let off the steam when it gats too high, and give '.ho bulls time to get a little mere wind to give the bubble greator inflation. This rt-action has been caused, no doubt, by the report current is tho street, that the Secretary of the Treasury intended making application for a direct loan, initead oi is uirgtreasury notes. The rumor was started upon the authoiitv of a gentleman, who. it ia atntod h?,i ?i T""?" The rianteri' Bank of ha. declared a dividead of two and a hall per cent, payable to New York toekholder. on the 10th in?t( at the Manhattan Com pany. The return, ol .everal of the bank, of thi. city for kebiuary, compared with preriou. one., pre.ent the annexed statement:? New York Cirr Banks. Loann Sev.uih Ward B'k 848,1*2 'a,0,737 mom, 'ftjli N uo^.Yk""1 Vii Seventh Ward B'k 404^302 SIS.St Jg.Sg sift *3rSl. i.M.m 3,0,9.! Set eatii Ward B'k. 113 007 MJ$, '&% n ?u r a Circulation N,"ta,i SST": 8ffl SSffl gas >>? nim iSjii It ,pwam by there return., that there ha. been an in crraae in the loan, and discount., and a decrea.e in the circulation and in the amount of deposit, and .pecje on band The Bank of America bad nearly seven hundred tnou.and dollar, more .pecie in November, 181? than on the 80th of January, 1847. Thi. decrease ha. been caa.ed by the withdrawal of the government deposit*. Toe nanexed statement exhibit, the condition of the leading department In ench bank in the State of Ohio in November, 1846. The new banking aystem of that Stale appear, to work very well. One thing i? certain !he bill holders appear to be pretty well .ecured Banks or Ohio, Notkmbkr, 1846. i-iir'S;: VS Ml Citv Bank of ''oluinbui...l9| 339 319,2 ton'm ?<!'?> CuvB.nk ofC.aeinast.,.. M4M iVmo S'ffi m'!S ftg ? S. d ??*k A",ty'Aink'.*.". V.". '? SK 97" M oij "'us We, w,n ttearrve Bank... 8, 363 86.,10 .7 M0 40 435 MranJhuof Stat'* Bin* M''S3# W'37t 6I,'48S 601'418 &&ttXrc::::v.?KR s*g ?? ?* FarmerfBrunch, 'sVlim728 sS'JU 'I'm VJm F^iie-Jr^js^ia aia s? Jefferson Briirh. . 11, mil i7noV ...' .1, "3.971 || ggj ?sssiitei?.?? as is';: I 1 oled.. Brnirh 2613.3 m:<155 I?i'?oO '9 7?? Xenn Branch .189 029 49 HQ 188,'544 44 ?io Old Bankt. 3.*Jt,140 819 130 2,65 .,846 860,999 Ba ik of Cirdeville 231 340 71 ni? i.,n( ., ... ^bofM...i.i?n..:v::;M K2 lift nii>( > *?rw?IK Z41 9ISI 83 340 253,386 21131 fit'k of Wonster 459 283 111 632 490 494 11,837 Bank efSandusty 199 333 40,1(3 19(781 ? ' li tun P?nk "f Coin mbui.592,211 108681 581811 52,721 1, -fertile Blc ol Cincinnati.991.192 61 0 9 227,088 209 592 UhuiLliolui fc Trust Col 005,511 51,195 33,334 583,426 Total 4,046.198 C12 137 2 433,791 915,391 Total of oil 9(Ui 111... 8,291,875 1,819 336 5,701,602 2,398,009 The leading feature*compare ns follow* : ? Fih 1846 Nov. 1846. Incr. Deer. I, ram and Discount* ... 7.791,789 8.291 875 500.088 ? S|-*cie 1374,83 1,619 336 244,741 ? Notrsofo'he' Banks... 1,044.292 967 741 ? 96,550 Due from eih?r BfUSs... 482,151 670.214 197 263 ? 4 nt-rn Dirosi 1.075.321 1,1.6,291 90.970 ? Bo it <l'P"?it*dwithBut* Treasurer 280,566 066 235 285 969 ? Olhi" tf?> nrrra 1 130,451 1,102,716 - 17,735 t -ritalraiain S 848 919 4.437.903 588 981 ? n-cu a'i 1 4.525 891 5.701 602 1,195 711 ? DunteB-ukl 518,917 919 553 480,716 ? Deposits 2 682,221 2 398,009 ? 284,212 The^e aro three distinct cbsae" of bank* in Ohio, whi-h by thie time furnish a circulation ol fix million* of dollar*. First class, " Independent Batik*,"?circulation $612,0frt, secured by a deposit'with the State Tree, suier of 071 203 of Ohio State Stocks. Thero are nine brnks of this clam Second c!ai?," Bianchos of the State Bank,"?circulation $2 0.53,340 These banks deposit with a Board of Control trn per cent on their circulation, as a safety fund for the redemption of their circulating notes. This fund now amounts to $204,943. There are iu operation seveuteen of this class. Third class, " Old Banks,"?circnlation $2,433,791. These bank* deposit no securities for the safety of the bill holder ; they are on the old plan of chartered banks. There are eight of this class. The bill for the payment of the State debt of Indiana was finally passed by the Legielature of that State on the 10th of January. Among the amendmonts incorporated In the bill previsus to its passcgo wero the follow Ing:?"The amount of bond* to be aurrendeied before dm conveyance of the canal is made, is $S,545,000, the legislature ia to fix the compensation of the trustees, not below $1500 for the resident, and $3600 per annum fjrthn non-resident trustee; the bondholders are required to keep in repair the lock at foeder dam No 4, in Carrol county i the trustees and bondholders am prohibited from buying or selling canal lend scrip, or receiving the same (n Hny urcount at less than its face and interest; the penalty of the bond is increased to $100,000 ; the State ia al' -we I to redeem the canal after twenty years, by payin 'he principal." Tim annexed statement exkibita the quantity and value " 1"1 1 1 I of csrtaln articles received et Toledo, by canal and railJ road, durirg the aeason of 1846:? CoMMcaca or Toledo, Ohio. Quantity. Value. Flour bblf. 164 6e9 $478 411 j Wheat buali 810 983 897 448 l orn 319 4i'5.7ft9 Furs and Peltries lbs. 948 "17 300 ooo Lard 390 900 Pork bbls 19 693 168 344 Bacon lbs.1 983 681 190 14(1 Sugar 1 390 086 98 764 Pot and Pearl Ashes 1 808 973 80 448 . Tallow 679,430 48 437 Wool 134.076 34 816 ' Hemp 397,433 38 800 Butter 363 949 36 600 Cotton 360 619 33 360 ' Od, (linseed and lard) bbls. 1,397 37 340 Oil, (castor) 76 3,960 Oata bush 116 403 33 080 Hidei andskini lbs. 181393 13 600 Whiskey bbls 3 643 16 368 Fen then lbs. 68 736 17,030 r Beeswax 46 983 11,600 1 Nlolarses 633 334 13,110 ? Hogs'hair 361,644 10.003 Unfinished leather 139.133 35 000 Tobacco 714 345 60,630 ' Grass seed bush. 3,106 6 400 i Candles [tallow and stear). . .lbs.. 63 089 7 611 r Ginseng 94,633 Hb',3S0 i Flaxseed bush 7,377 6,000 r heel bbls 337 3,100 , Hoap lbs. 48,663 3,438 , Corn meal bbls. 797 4 391 r head lbs. 44 313 3 0OO Bhot 46 304 4.000 I White lead 131,733 9 800 ' Merchandise 444,894 300,000 ' Groceries 80,607 8 336 f Cofiee 39,167 3,916 r Various other articles ? 18,601 1 Aggregate value. . $3,619,067 r These receipts were from the interior, and the bulk of r, them were exported via the lake, to the eastward. The commerce of many of these small towns on the West ? ? umui uui 01 many large town* on tne aea| board. We aee in tha above atatement, that more than i throe milliona and a half dollare worth of produce were received at one town on Lake Erie, principally the growth and production of its immediate vicinity. ' We annex the lateat official report of the State Bunk i of lllinola and brancbea, compared with the previoua ' one, for the purpore of ahowing how rapidly the affairs of these institutions are being liquidated, and their past and 1 present condition. Statement or the Auoseoate Condition or the State Bank or Illinois and Branches. , JlssttS. Aov. Sept. Jiug. Jan 1812 1 841. 1815 1817. Bills discounted 972,261 610,128 595,613 121,079 Bills of Exchange... 137,961 ? ? ? ! Loans oil Heal Estate. 336,237 96,787 75,621 17,511 Suspended Debt 731.3-8 510,563 189,668 151,188 frtate Stocks 1.68S.UC0 116 295 117,005 95,957 State Scrip 16,621 ? ? ? State Stoca Bank of IIlinoi 16.100 171,300 173 300 ? Ileal Eitats 882,270 1,065,721 1,081,328 1,071,013 Same, subject to re do option 87.077 ? ? ? Incidental expenses.. n.ail ? 813 971 l)ue by other banks... 39.051 6,667 5 291 6,507 i " Suite oi Illinois 292,773 109,322 109,322 111,703 " Kuud Consis'rs. 156,196 ? ? ? Branch Balance 60 809 668 3,793 7,849 Cash, via s? Notes of other banks.. 24 122 17,111 11,278 12,118 Specie 503,836 19,908 22,295 16,109 , 5.800,053 2,768,801 2,611,690 2,251,271 Liabilities. Capital Stock Owned by the State. .2,100 000 50,000 50,600 50.000 " iudiT'dnals ...1,537 500 1,537.500 1,537.600 1,361,200 Real Kitne Fund ... 200 000 200.000 200,000 200,000 Snrplut Kund 92,000 90,000 90,000 200,316 Circulation .... 1,191.-32 251,222 136,75'' 76,665 1 Due te other banks... E.6,507 23,771 70 55 Unclaimed dividends. 772 159 759 7 59 Ca> al Commissioners. 9,917 3,165 2,930 2,511 Bills payable ? ? 21,718 16,818 I Balauces ? ? ? ? Dis. 't, Ex. Inter't, &c.|272.786 196,519 188,182 ? ' hecks outstanding... 5,828 118 118 100 t Deposits account.... 83,612 2,819 2,228 1,772 Certificates issued.... ? 112.129 107,128 335,013 F $5,800 ^58 2,768,101 2,611,690 The leturns for the past eleven years have been a> follows Loan? on Real Discount. real estate, estate. Cireul'n. Specie. Jan. 1838. $1,522,180 181,17 0 25,806 1,838,325 521.992 Nov. 1839 , 3 5 0,112 112,833 72,411 2 559,735 517.352 " 1810 , 2.825.189 123.851 171 995 3,105 615 529 610 " 1812. 1,801.516 336,237 882,270 1.191,132 503.338 Sett. 1811, 1,130 993 96,787 1,065,721 661 651 19 908 Aug 1815, 1.011.611 73,621 1,081.328 543 985 22,295 Jau. 1817 , 878,167 47,584 1,071,013 411,708 16 1(9 The time granted by the Legislature of Illinois for this bank to wind up its affairs haa expired, or will soon ex. nira: hilt annliaatinn hns haan maila for ln ?' which will, without doubt, he grunted. The above re. turns allow that the attain of the institution are being wound up a* rapidly as possible, and that there is a fair prospect of something handsome being left for the stockholders. The value of real estate in Illinois is improving so rapidly, that the bank will be able to realize more on what it owns than anticipated. Old Mtock KziJiange. $600 Ohio 6* 960 95k 100 Harlem 33k SI 000 Kmtncky Ss 30ys 9s 30 do 33 $> 000 Illinois 40 30 do blO 33 $730 Ciiy 3s. TO 91 530 do .'2V $.4.?00 He<4ing Bonds 75 4 50 do 5 k .10shs D?1 k Hudson 144 400 do b30 53k 10 6aimers Trust 30 200 do b'<0 53k 125 do Slk 50 do bSO 33 30 do 32 f, 200 do b60 33k 600 do 32), 70 Heading KR 6ik 360 do b30 33 030 do 65k 50 do b20 33 730 do b30 ?6 76 Monu Canal 11 50 Norwich It Wor 31k 50 do Ilk 400 do 31V 150 do Ilk 230 do bl5 35 30 do b30 Ilk 30 do? slO 33 150 North An> Tmit 9V 500 do bio 53 300 do 9)4 23 do a20 54V 100 Canton Co 36k 373 do 630 33 425 d? 37 325 do 54^ 30 do 16O 36V 50 do 5514 13> Viektbnrg 9k 430 do blO 34 V 13 Mnnhattau Oai 98k 100 do 54% 50 Lour Island 3o 100 do b'fl 54k 50 do SlO 30 50 StoninKlon b30 4 3 50 do 30.V 27 Krie RR 58V 225 do 30k )o Krie ricrip 83k 200 do 30\' 10 do . 84 300 do 31 10 Mer Ki Co 7k 150 ' do *'0 30k Second Board. 100 shs Farmers' Loanfc. 32k 50 Nor k Wor s30 54\ 150 do 32V 50 Morris Canal 111* 1C0 do 32k 50 Rending b30 65V 50 do 32k 100 Long Island 30.* ll'O do b30 32k 100 do a30 30 100 do 3>k 50 do 30k 100 do li30 32k 50 do 30k 50 do blO 32 k 100 do 30k 103 Harlem 52k 50 do b30 30k 150 do 52k 39 Cant n Co 36 2C0 do b60 53 50 Laat Boston 12k 30 do 32 k 50 do 12k 100 Nor k Wor >bl0 54k 2oO Stonington 1 30 45 30 do 54% 209 du b30 45k 25 do b30 34 k Mew Stor k Kichangs. 25 shs Vicksb'g 13k 13 9k 50 Farmers Trust cash 31V 26 do cash 9* 25 do cash 3ik 30 do eash *9 23 Nor It Wor onsh 54k 26 Canton Co cash 37 V 24 do cash 34k 59 Harlem RR b!2 33 30 do Tuesday 34k 30 do cash 52k 1 Iff" --------Died. ' At Tarrytown, on Sunday, 31st of Januarv. !Is?mli.a I F.nrNTow.'wiftj of C. V. B.Oitrander, late of this city, in the S7th year of her age. Her remain* will be conveyed to St. Paul'* church, in thin city, for interment. The funeral lervice* will taka place in the church on Tuesday afternoon, the 2d inat., at 3 o'clock, where the relative* anil friend* of the family are invited to attend without further invitation. In Brooklyn, yeaterday,) Wu. Coir*, ?on of Henry J. Cullen, M.D. aged 7 month*. w*w| The relative* and friend* of the family are reapectfully invited to attend the funeral from 79 Cranberry atreet, on Wedneidav, 3d in?t. at 2 o'clock, P M. Monday morning, February 1, in the 40th year of her age. Mi** Norm* SricmcatvAOLE Her friend* and the friend* of Jamea W. Westervelt, are invited to attend her funeral at 4 o'clock, P M., on Tuesday, the 2d instant, at hi* residence, 66 Fourth it. On the 30th of Jan. rilliailB AUIMPIIi aged 3 year*, A month*, *on of Ferdinand and Catherine Meyer. On the 28th tilt at Iieep River, Connecticut, Mr*. fcuzinETU Hernias, aged 72 year*. Weekly Report of Ueatli*. In the city aud rnm.ry of New York, from the 23d dav of January to the 30th dav of January, 18*7. Mm 42; Women, 37: Hoy a 66; Oirla II?Total I'KI. Diseases ?Anaurum I: Apoplexy 10; Aithma 1; Bleeding 1; Hlreding from lut gs 1; Burned or Scalded I; Brouchltia 1; | Cancer 2, Casualties I; holer*|,Morbua 1; Colic I; Cousnnipt on 28; Convulsions 15: Croup 10; I on(f*tion I; Catarrh I; Debility 5; Delirium Tn mem 3; Diarrhoea 4; I)ropay 3; Dropsy in the Head '5; Dropsy in the Cheit I; Dyicntery 4; F.ryitpela* I; Ftrer Pnrri>eral I: Fever Scar'et 4; Fever fyI'h-id 2. Fever Typhui I; Fever IN. rvona I; IIArt Disease, of 3, Hooping I'on* h 4; Inflammation I; I nils mm in on of brain 4; Inflammation or bowel* 7; Inflsmm nion of kidney* I; Inflammation of lungs 16; It fiammition of throat 3; Intemperance I; Marasmus 8; Meaalea 3; Old Aae4; Isailicatinn I; Palsy 3; Premature birth 2; Pleurisy 4; Rheumatpm I ;Chicken Pot I: Spinal Disease J; Clceraiioo of st< inach I. Aot- Under one year 50; I to 2 y*ari, 14; 2 t? S. 28; J to I#, 8: 10 in 20,8: 20 to 30. 12; 38 to 40, 28; 40 to 50, 18; .60 tobO, II; 60 to 70. 7; 70 to 80, 8; 80 to 00 I Places or Nativitv.?United States, 134; Ireland, 32; Rutland, 7; Scotland, 2; Wales, I; Herman-/, 13; France, 1; : Switzerland, I; West Indies 4;Ui.known 1. OR*PE_V7nESo JCOUZF.N8, of Westchester County, hereby info mi i * the citizens ol New York and Brooklyn that the season | ] for vine trimmi g is at hand, and it being indispensably nei eeaaarv to have it performed properly tn inanre good fruit, he i 1 proffer* hia aerviera to trim and train their vines for the mo derare charge ot from ?5 cents to f I, according to the size, ; and in accordance wiih the method of treating them upon In* own vineyard He can refer to numbers in the citv that can ' hear W nne ia to hi* lope' iorliy in the culture of the grape. ; Also a number of young vines and cutting! for sale All or ' rteis promptly atiendeif to by leaving them, or directing by . evpress-post to 48 Pearl cr 280 i ham her* alreat, NY. fl ii'e Cr. B CLARKE. Merchant Toiler, 110 tVillian itrett, hrtuxtn John and Fulton IBELIKTE my reputation as a Tailor is too well established to render it nretiaary for me to aay, what, by this time almost every body knows. My Black French Cloth D>?ss Coat* made to order, for $20 (lower grade* $18 and $11,) are not to be equalled for leu then $25 at other place*. 1 neither take o gire credit : i therefore, having no bad debts, 1 can afford to sell for small i : profit. i White Marseilles Vests, Blaek Satin do., always rn hand, i A few well made,and handsomely tummcd. Seek Oven oats Iaie atill left, wkieb I will sell at coal, tanging in price [ from $18 to $18, R lw*e AUCTION NUT1CKS. Excellent furniture?Tbi? d y, .t hair.past tea ' o'clock, >1 31 <nu Ptre-t. the furniture of a fannilv declining i.oose-k> epi< g, consisting in put of "nine, thaii, | Mockers, Lot kinx-Glass, Dressing mid Pmin Buieais, Wash 1 Stand, e'ls'eid. CatprU, Floor I loths. Plat-d m Gla-s Ware Feather M?da, ti. latere. Pillows Palliesteri, superior [Joultli H? t Vlaitiua ChiiaTea'at Hugs Hat Hack. Stair Hods, Blankets, Comforters, (hi Paiating.alao Kitchen Futnture. Alto, 1 tweat toned Piano Forte, 1 Copp?> tteainer, Stools, lie fel lt*rc. KOK.fc.IUN AUVERTIHEMEI1S. simmonds it ward, COMMISSION MERCHANTS. 6 Rarer Yard, lAtndon, ?ng!ind. UNOKKTAKK all d'-icriptioui of Agency Business for parties in the United Srataa, if placed in fnnda for that purposes Hrfarettce to trines Gordon Bennett u d Fteeinan Hnut. E:q<.. New Y^rk. j27 6t r?c wanted A OKNT9 to ?ell " Tayli r'a Oold and Silver Coin Exfa. amiuer " The pneeat retail ta 35ceute. An active man can re?dily make from $1 to $3 per day. Apply at ttie pub'ishing office, 90 Broadway. '1 ilia?r FOUND. IN THE atort of the mbacrihe s, two rolls', f bank notes, which the owuer cau have hv i.roving p'onertv INBAtW. H, bHOTHF.RH, f2 ll'rrr CuriiiT "f Liberty lit Greenwich ?ts. MOO TO 0MO rare opportunity prevents itself for any person having a small capital to invett, as the advertiser has iavested all his means and requires but a small amonnr more to carry on a hnsinesa already commenced, which affords an immense profit, and highly resectable. Communications addressed to Mr. Risk, at this office, stating place of interview, will be treated confidentially. fa >t*r notice to firemen. SEVERAL Kl REM EN are wanted (or the U. S. steamer " Mississippi," now fitting for sea at Norfolk, Virginia.? Note who have not had expetience in low pressure venels, and who are not free from all physical disability, need apply. Naval Rendezvous, No. Cherry street. fi lt"rh for sale, AN 'EXCELLENT 'BAGATELLE MAHOGANY TABLE for salen' M Maf..m .u buck workshop for R. SOUTHWARD.""" ~*"*'fi"jt<>rh"" NOTI C K. IF ALFORD HENRY A8LKTT. of London, will scud his address, or apply to Gsorge Murray, of the ship Switzerland. or to No. 43 Hicks street, Brooklyn, he will receive some information greatly to his adyantage. fit 3t*rc SPIROMETER. THE inventor and patentee of the above highly important instrument for testing the condition of the Luuga and Chest, begs to inform alllthoie who may be afflicted with any symptoms of that disease, tltnt the precise condition of patterns can be accurately ascertained by applying to him, at his rooms, at the Astor Honse, where his invention can he tested, professionally. He invites the laenl'.yiu geueral, to inspect this new and important invention, between the hours of 11 and 1 o'clock, a' the Aater House f2 lm*rh AN IM PORTANT WORK. NEUROPATHY, on THE TRUE PRINCIPLES OF THE ART OK HEALING THE SICK. Being an explanation of the action of GALVANISM, ELECTRICITY, AND MAGNETISM, . IN THE CUBE OK DISEASE, And n comparison between their powers and those of Drugs, or Medicines, of all kinds. with a view to dttermine their relative value, and p-oper uses. BY FREDERICK HOLLICK. M. 0 , Lecturer on Physiology, the Origin of Life, the Causes and Cure of Disease, be., be. Price, 23 Cents. Published and 'or rale by D. G. MOURHEAD, 182 Broadway. The trade supplied on the m'<st liberal terms. f2 lw*rlt OYSTER. AND REFRESHMENT SALOON FOR SALE. T'HE well known SALOON, corner of Bowery and Bayard street, has been kept by Campbell for the last three years, now doing e tip top business, selling from 7 oon to 10.(00 oysters par week, and doing a bar.husiness from $3 to $7 per day. The fixtures and goodwill for sale. Price $3(0, completeN. B. This place needs no recommendation-, it will show for itself. Apply, as above, to A ddams or Lockwood. f2 It* rh GOO YEAR'S OVEHSHOk'S. loo BROADWAY. LADIES' AND GENTLEMEN'S OVF.RSHOES, manafactured of Goodyear'a celebrated I'die.,t tvietallic India Rubber, perfectly flexible in the coldest weather. For sale by the esse or single p i?, by SAMUEL BROOKS. Sole Agent for Goodyear'a Manufactories, fa lm*rh 100 Broadway, opposi'e Trinity Church. UNITED STATES CIRCUIT~COURTrFIFTII CIRCUIT and Disrric* of Louisiana ?Saturday, 87th day ol June, A. D. 1816. The Court met pursuant to adjoarnment. Present the Hon Then. H. MeOaleb, District Judge; the Hen. J. McKiuley, preridinv Judge, absent. Jonah Barter tt al vs Chester Clark et al?No. 1190 ? It appearing u< the Cnnrt th t the Hefeunants, Jacob S Baker, Van Wyk b Phillips. John Hunt b Co., Lnke Davis, W. b J Vanhuskirk, Walter Jagger b Co . Mrs Alice Mead, exeeutrix. Wm. C. Waddell, assignee, Mannsel Stout. Austin Vlellyille Ik Co , H. Bouream b Co , Finknev b Ber- i tine, Weyman Claike b Co, and J W Pinkuey, h?ve not been served with process of subpoena herein, and tha- said defends ts reside in'he citvof New York; o-< motion of R H. Wilde, solici'o' f r complainants, iG B. Dime*-, Krq , solicitor for the defendants, served. Being present in court and not objecting thereto) that this rule be put lished in one of the g zettrs of New Yo-k once a week for three months, requiring thrm to plead, answer or drmnr to the complainsu 's bill, uot dnmu>riug alone, on or b-fore the first Monday in November next ensuing, or the allegation of sa'd complainant's bill will ba taken for cunfeised by said dtfeu dants Clerk's Office. Circuit Court of he United States. Fasten ! District of Louisiana ?I hereby certify the foregoing to be a true Copv from the original of Record in this Office. Witness, m v hend and the seel ol said Couit, at the city ol I New Orleans, this <th dty of Jnly. 1816 fehl ltaw3m rc I- D H A ND ">LPH. Cl?rk. Orricg or itrrnma Irirmrrer. > mirsnr,) Nrw York, Feb>u* y i I, 1847. ) A T .. n: ' L ' . - .? v.w.i ui i rri iuii 01 inn iiisuiuiinn lor r e *n- < <"? suing 1 e?r, held it the office of the Coirpiny, No 50 Will .treet, this day, the lollowing named giuiltmen were elcced Thorns* W. Th-rn, Klishe Rgga, Tt'omieT Woi'UTttff, Anson B ker, Benjamin R Kobsou, M. D, Joseph D ike, Thomson Pi ice, Jo eph Allan M"*e?Tu ker. J-mn E. Holme*. John R. Davidson, John P Voce. John H L#?, William K Thorn, Celeb C Tunis Th mi* tinned, Francis P S?ge, Knge e Bogart, Joh Memtt. Robert Smith A' subsequent meeting of th? Boerd, 'I h mis W. 1 home, E-q., we* untnim usly reelected P-sidmt. ft Itrh GEORGE T HOfR. Secretin-. COR RALE A PATENT MRDI-' INE. which h been before th* pubI c for several year*. and hi* met with * most extensive isle, nnd its effects ire t-slifietl to by I irga nureher of cartiticatn* from various places. It it put no in a minner supe- I riur to any otl er extant An en'erpriaing maa, who can devote hi* nt-ention to it. Cm, with s capital ofoniv 3 uO dollar* rrslixe a large fortune in n short tine. Sufficient, reae-ne will be given for the pesnit p oprietor'e relinquishing the business. Addict*, wi'h name Ike., to bo* 2469 Pott office. ti 5t*rh TAYLOR'S GOLD AND SILVER COIN EXAMINER CONTAINS f*c-timile eng sving* of 207 gold nnd ?ilver coin*, with their nsinet nnd value ; together with a uew aud valuable Table, ahowiug the aveivht, fineness and value 1 per dwt of the vaiiona gold corns of different nitons '1 he Book will be issued rvery threr moatha with large addition!. Terms? Yearly anbsenbers for the four numbers, 73 cents; for a single c- py, 25 centa. The trade supplied on very liberal terms. Agents wanted f2 Jt"r S. TAYLOR, Publiaher, 90 Broadway HUDSON RIVER RAILROAD. THE friends of the Hudson River Railroad, tesiding in the j 4th Ward, and all others in favor of the above really meiitoriunt project, are rrqutsted to attend a public meeting at tlie Shakipeare Hotel, on Tuesday evening, the 2d inst., at 7>do'cloek. W. HALL, Chairman J W Avsmv,JJee'y. ^ f| 2tr m STORE, No. 371 Broadway, to Let or to Lcise? The large and elegant Store now occupied by E. It. MYERS. Possession given after the 28tli of February, il drsired. 'J he store la 86 feet deep, handsomely fitted np with Ahelvea, Counters, Stools, ilia Desk, with plate glass , Window* aud Doora. nil in perfect order, aud with every convenience lor the dry goods business A yard and cellar attached Apply to WM. B. moke AT, f2 3tia*r 333 Broadway. Sew* STORE, No. J71 Broadway, to Let or to Lease? FfrW rhis large and elegant Store, formerly occupied by 1 11 M V EltS It OEDNEY, and at present by the Brooklyn Glass Ompany, was fitted npthree yen'* ago at great cost for the dry goods trade, is 93 feet deep, with rhelves. Counters, Stools plate glass Doors and Windows, Glass Fixtures, Htc A Yard and Cellar attached. Apply to W. B. MOFFAT, f23tia?r 333 Broadway TO LET. M A LARUE old fashioned Honsc. situated directly on the Sound, and near a beach relcbrntrd for fine hath- ( ,LJJL'"g. It would be snitahle for a lirge family or boariling-tieus*, being easy of access to the city, either by steamboat or railroad Andreas henry partridge kellogo, II IQt'r ( Kelloggsville.) New Rochclle, N. Y. SHIPPERS OF GRAIN. B AGS. A . T . GRAHAM, MAN UFACTIUIER AND DEALER IIV BAGS, No 80 Water street, New York, CAN snpply shippers cf Grain with all kinds of Bags, in any quantity, at ihe lowest ctsh p icce. The cdvantagea of shipping train iu hagi are many, preventing w -a* in load tn'the nitimite'it I* mum economical' than if shipped in bulk. jtn 31 linia* rh ! | (HM) I.END on bond and mortgag*. in yple" "jA?nm? to suit applicants, on good product- ; ive r?aI etttte in (lii? city, Apply to A. M IJROA1), No. II ! Wall tercet, iu the Crulou water office batemrnt, who hat a houte and lot for rale, situated on 4th ttreet, opposite Washington Square. N B. Several tmall itmi of money to tend, on Bronkltn real ettate. Apply at abort jtteodlm'r NOTICE. THE copartnership heretofore existing between the onilemuned, under the firm of Bnow* it Beoom, is thu day dittolred by mn'ual content. The outstanding debit of the fi m will be settled by Mr Brooks to whom all debit doe tl h rourern mutt be paid, and in th* teiilement ol w.uch he le authorized to ute the name of the firm. H. BKOVVER, SAMUEL BROOKS. N w York, Jan. M, HIT. jW Itn r TO OWNERS OF REAL ESTATE. L^R AN' IS RLANCHKT, Agent, inlnrrot the owners of F Heal Ettate, that he takes charge of lettinu homes, Irasing lots, and eol'e< ting rents, on the moat reatonahle terms. f. U. has heen, for the last two yeari, the agent of the late John 'I'on.iele; and Jrvo'lng all hit time to the above business, he - ill give full tatirf'Ctinn to thote pertont who will outrntt him with their cooAdence He ran give the hen referencrt, and teeuritv tn any amount if renuired Pleate -ddiet* a noie through the |'n?t tlffic-. No 178 Sistli Avenue, iithce houte, before 9 A. M and after 5 P. M. ja2# lm*re NOTICE. 'PHE eo-ptrtoerthip of Prime, Ward It King ia thu day A dissolved by u<until content. Tlie ontataudiug bnnueti ' f the Arm will be liquidated by the subscriber! JAMES O KING, EDWARD PRIVIE, h a.muel wahd, dennTno Dllr ft, ARCH'D OKAC1E KINO. New York, January 23th 1147. The anbaeribers have thu dav formed a eo parteerahip. un iler the firm ol PRIM E, WARD 4c OO , and will eontintie ihe Banking, Stock and Exchange Butinete, at the office of the late firm, No. St Wall street IOJI v W Alt D, of (he firm ofJohn Wad h Uo. l .nWAlll) I'nlME. j of the laic "I Prime, SAMUEL WAHD. { Weid U King. Now York, January !6lh, 1I4T. jJJ Imiirc | AMI NK. np *T*a i)At(K I'HIC ^'I'KK ?TuhJit Krraii>| Mirtif M, ' be performed, the Hurlnnue Opera of FOHTU lO? Barmi Hun'rer Vr Andrews. Hrra'd, Mra Hunt Alter which. DIaNa <ND iJNDVMION?Dian?, Sitiiniu C'locci; HuntieaiS.jiiuriu 1 .dentin; Endyinmu, biguor Mona To which Will he add a COUSIN I.AMBKIN??c)aire S*i Y ^ 'le,; Vre B'iiuui, Mm Kef Horn. 1 lie whole tn couclude with the Has Sl'VRltN?By 8i?B0'? * ^ h'llour Coin Door* open <it 6)t o'clock, and the performance! will com mencc at 7 o'clock Bote, f: Pit SO ate; Hnlle-r tS cente 0 R'^i'i^V rilEATBK? Tuesday Eeeuine, February td * will bk performed thuar .nd opera nf CINDERELLA- a. Prince Mr Hu .t; B roii l omnoliuo, V che , A id to, S'e?* ' " I'audnli H Chapman . Pedro. Had.w <y ; Cinderella, Iss Vary 'l av- or; Cloriuda, Vira Boutn ; Thiaba, Mra Serjeant; F?ir> Queen, MiaaJ Dr.he. . Lv ce opera, tin c. mrdy of LIKE MASTER, o LIKE M IN-Dou i arloa, Mr I larhe ; Hautho, Hadaway Lopez, Ionian; Leonora, Mm Julia Drake ; Jaciuta, Mra Seine \ct Diets Circle ?5 centa; Pit and OalUry 1IX eeau n Doors Open 1' GU n VI orb P.,r,.,i>.?.. a ---- ... e MITCH* l.t'8 OLYMPIC THKA'l'H K ?Tills Even- v mv, hrhrinr* 21?'I'o enoimeuc# with the dram* of the LIONESS OK THE N'IRTH-Tfiptnlemji Krout, Mr t Ho'Unii; Alexia, Mr Walcot; l* liubcth, Mrs. Isherwood; Fedora. Mia* Kiberti Alter which, MON9 .1ACQUES?Mom. Jacques, Mr. Nickinson; Nina. Mri. T mm After which. THE SWISS COTTAOK?Nat* Taiek, Mr. Holland; Lltrtie, Mna Cruise. To conclude with A DAY WELL SPENT?Mizzle, Mr. Holland; Miss Utowu, Min Roberta. Dress circle M cents; opi>er Dnaea tt cents; pit sat shilling frirate koxea Hi. Orcheatra hoi**, SI. Donra mien at halt nasi 6 o'clock: curtate riaea at T. ITALIAN OPERA. PALMO'S ()PERA HOUSE. I namoeri atreat.?On Wedncadav Evening, 3rd of February, first performance of Coppala's Opera NINA PAZ'/.A PER AMOUR. Count Rodolph Hignor K. Nina, lua daughter Signora R Pico Hilary Signor S. Benedetti. Doctor Siinplicic fliguor A. Sauquirico. t Mariana Higtota boulard. fjaorge Siguor L Martini. Saturday neat. 6th inat . by reqneat,extra performance | ol LUCIA Dl LAMMERm60K. w let tier Boxea and Parquatta... $1 Ot 2d tier " j? Private boxta for ? peraoaa It 00 " '' "6 " ... , 10 00 1 Santa can be aecutad at the box oAca from 10 A M till 4 I o'clock, P. M. d ul . . f J tfirre j A CARD. , ITALIAN OPERA ?The Managers of the Italian Opera inform the pu' lie that at the request of aeveral persona, they will give .n extra performance of " LUCIA Dl < LAMMEHMOOR" on Saturday next, 6th February, to give those who bare net hern able to attend, an opportunity ol ' hearing that beautiful opeia, while it will place them in a i position for the laige > utlaya made, and to be made, for the production of operas of the Arxt order. I Season subscribers may retain thair scats by applying at the box ( Ace until Thuraday next, 4th Kebruary. at 12 o'clock, fl St rc ' ABClFSTREETaTHKATHE, PHILADELPHIA. W. E. UunTors Manager and Lessee , J. M. Scott .Stags Manager. ' IO- This TheatrV has been thorongblr re-decorated ia tha most gorgeous style, aid is aow the moat beautiful Theatre ia the Union 1 BENEFIT 0? MR. LONG. I TUESDAY EVENING, Feb. 2d, 1?47. The performwitces will commence with FAMILY JARS. I [his ftrst appearance,] Mr Armstrong Digcory Mr. Jefferson Biddv Mia* Chapman, i After which, the 3th act of RICHARD III. < Richard Mr. Bnrke. Richmond Mr. Jefferson. The whole to conclude with BONE SQUASH. I Bone Squash Mr. Clemens. WALNUT STREET THEATRE, PHILADELPHIA. ' E. A.Marshal, Lessee,... W. It. Blaus,Manager i Second Night of MR COLLINS, the celebrated Irish 1 (' median and Vociliat. I TUESDAY EVENING. February 2, 1447, will be per- , formed the popular eoinedT of THE 1RI9A AMBASSADOR. ( Sir Patrick O'Pleuipo Mr. Collin*. In which character he will sing "THE BOLD SOLDIER BOY." j After which the farce of TEDDY THF. TILER. Teddy Malowuey Mr. Collins. With the song of" The Widow Mahouy." To conclude with the HAPPIEST DAY OF MY LIFE. Mr. Oilman Mr. Chapman. Mrs. Oilman Miss kisher. To-morrow Mr. COLI.INS'S third night. B O W E K. Y T H KATRK, |\/f I8S MARY TAYLOR bags to inform her frienda. that ~1 her first benefit will take place at this etiablishment, on Wednesday evening next, Feb 3d. when will be petformed the grand opera of CINDERELLA. Cinderella Miaa Mary Taylor. The Prince Mr Hant. To conclude with SKETCHES IN INDIA Sally Scraggs Miss Maty Taylor. Tom Tape, Mr. Iiadaway, I Sir Matih'W Scraggs, Mr. Vaohe. JSI rh AMERICAN CIRCUS. BOWERY A MPH1THH AT RE. T'HH EVENING. Peh. 2d, an entire new bill of performances, including tke PONKY RACEB. Th? fir.r ~r\A. uiinau Mr M VVDS nnd his Dancing Horse, May Fly, the Fightin" Ponies. St Ac. The Amphitheatre is pleasantly warmed throughout. I I)"or? onen n >4 ps?t ?. p-rtormanre commences at7. j Boxes 25 cents, I'l 12)4 Reals secured. fl Iwrc NEW YORK OPF.K A~ HO'8F.,"('Thorium s'reet eornar of V irick.)?The public is respectfully in'ormed that this theatre will shurtlr re-open fni the performance of the freVIs drama op-rn Pallet. and eand'T'ile artists of nqknotsle ged ta ent and 'estiectabi'ity. can make application, if hv letter (post paid) ?e Mr FhEbE- , III' K9, ' ctiiiK Manage", ar the h. s nfirr of the thea'Te W\N I'KD?Tw Ise ladiei for the Corps de Ballet Ap- I flv herwaen he h ura of 2 and 5 Jttl tf c I'lIK A^NUAI. H iLL and Mo-ici' E- tertaiurne tot . 1 Duderoith's Comet Baud will take place at the Apollo Rooms, on Friday eeenp g. Fen 11th 1147. The Quidrille I Rand as u nal will br foil and ffec ire, e> natation of about f. rtv prrf niers Tickers can e procured of any member of the Band, and at I Head Quartera, 491 Broadway. j 17 4t "aTie t NI'rW'ToKh GALLERY OF THSMNE ARTS THK Exhibition of the Wo ka of Art belonging to thia Insrnu'ton is now open at the Rotunda in the Park.? Three line pieces of lAcnlpture by Brown haye been lately added, ill : Kuth, presented hy Miss Klrsa Hicks ; The Boy ' and Dog, the gift of Charles M. Lenpp. Esq., and Adonis. |g addition te the aboT*i and a valuable catalogua of En ptfisgl, this collei tiou embrarea Coles'Coarse of Empire and Voyage of Li>e, besides other fine specimens of Ameri , can Arr. by Mswt, Ingham, Iaman, Edmonds, Dnrand.Ckapman, Koshermel, and others. The Gallery is open daily from 9 A.M nntil dark, and on Monday and Tuesday Evenings only until 10 P.M. Life Membership one dollar ; tingle admission 24 cents.? Catslngiies 1214 cants. dt4 Imeodis* SHAKSPEAKE DRAMATIC AS-OC'ATION. P|MIK Href annual fancy dress and eieie Ball of thiaassoer I. ntion. wirlc ake place at the Coliseum, on Friday evening, February 5th, i847. Tickets may be oetained at the metre nl the association, Gothic Hall; of Jim. G. Taylor, 58 . I'riocr street; at the Coliseum, and of any of the members of ' the association. I Mr. Jon. G. Taylor, (coitnmer to the association,) No. 58 I'rince atieat, is j replied to furnish Fancy Dresses of every * deicriptmn. at moderate prices. Mr. T. will also send dresses r to the residanres of parties who intend appearieg in costume, ami send for them on the morning after Ine ball. ? ja29 7:ia*rc I EEs DANahuaES VIKNNOISE. . Madame Josephine wKiss-Miatreaaofthe Ballet. begs to state to the Managers ol Theatres in the United Stales, that appl icationa for engagements most be made to her f agent, Mr JOHN POVEY, of the Park Theatre, New York, who is dn!y anihorised to make all arrangements for Les Dsn ' senses Viennoise. jlStfre 1 | CHESNUT STREET THEATRE, * i PHILADELPHIA. rPME Subscribers hnviug leased the above magnificent es A ublnlnneot, offer thessme to rent by the night or week I [until theirreturn from the south on the 1st March ] Full particulars can be obtained of Mr. Dinmore, agent f?r the lessees, at the bei office, every morning, between the I hours f II and 12. All communications must be addressed to . Mr Jnimore, post-paid, or they will uot be attended to. ' )5tf ghx HEOL'IN ?t FKAZKK | ELOCUTIONARY ILLUSTRATIONS. j Mil J.NO. W. S. HOWS will give the third of his course , of Elocutionary illnstratioua on Tuesday Evening lies', Feb 2. 1847, at the Leerure Room, Society Library, . ' runsiiting of choice passages from Othello, King Lear, Ko- j loco sod Juliet, Julius Cesar, Richard 3, Macbeth. Mr William W. Seymour will read the part of Osseins, in I [ the quarrel scene of Urutus and Cassius;ana will reeiteYouug t Locninvtr. To 11 inmenre at half Past 7 o'clock. Tickets 50 cents. s N il ?liio fourth and lavt evening will be on Turaday, _ Keb 9. 1H7. j30 BafcTuH*rc 1 fOR COLD SPRING ANI) WEST POINT, OK AM KAH AH THK ICE WILL PERMIT. < ? nrT* Lending At Dob ha Kerry, Graaay Point, q fe?Veipl ink Point, Caldwell'a, and Van CortJf i"rlR IT Unlit. Ill- Mrnmrr IIIGHLAN DKK, Capt. C. B Armatrnng, t will leave New Vork, from the Newburgh Pier, loot of War- g rrn atreet. every morning, at 9 o'clock, A.M. For freight or f paavage apply to the Capnin en boird. p N. II ? I li?v Highlander lioa ju?i been fitted un in a superior a mamirrnaan ice Bout, and will continue to inn to And from New York during the winter. j29 Iwre * i,u- I'MON-LINE OK PA'KETS To AMI) WRraVKO.Vt LI VEKPOOL.?TheUnleudid end faititil- " .kUUMiiK new Packet Ship GALENA, Capt.Denoia,will {' tail New York on Kriday.KeLruary ,1th, And from Liver- 1 *' pool on or about the loth dry of Vn ch near. The arcommo- e a<tioaa or thia mIgailewt picket for comfoit and conve- ,j mm CP i?,well known ere aitperor to moat other packet eInl>? I'erioi.a wiahing to aecure heitlia, or ihoae about tend- 1 , lug Inr their fi lenda in any part of the old country would do well to enAinine the 1 Galena," and licr necominodationa, be f.i-e n gaging elsewhere. Karly application thould be made 0 on board loot of Pine atree', or to n WkJ.T. TAPSCOTT, ii 81 South atreet. 2<l do >r below Burling Slip. d One efthe above line of paclrrta will he diapatched twice a a week during the aeavon Irom Liverpool. U. ifia ?n Ireland,Ac. for any am inut, at tight, by applying aa above. fe3'h EOM nEw ORLEANS?Louisiana and New * -4#fy Vork Line of Packet!?Regular packet for MonN%MMday. Kebrnarv IVh.?The aplendid fiat aailing packet atop II LBIH IN, Captain Gregg, will pos tively tail aa r above, her rrgnlar day. I Kor freight or passage, having handaome accommodationa, r apply on board, at Onrana wharf, foot of Wall atreet, or to a K. K. COLLINS, M Sooth at. <j I'oaitively no freight will be received on board after Saturday o.ening, 13th Feb'y. Agenta in New Orleans, John O Woodruff k (A. who will prnmplv forward all gooda to their add'eaa j 11 rh ' gmnjjt KG K I.I V e.ll PutTL ?l'oaail on or before the ' Mt'i Kebiuary.?The faat tailing, firat claa* >hip . iiwImbLiiI UMG.V ? apraiu Page ii now loading and w II ? anil aa above. |Kor freight or paaaage, having g>.ou accorasio- 1 dA'ioua, apply on board, Orleanv wharf, foot of Wall atreet, or to EDWARD K COLLINS. t j*M 1* Hnn'h street . k, ' iv KOH GENO A?The auiierior hark PA I'KlGT C JSsV Capt. Smith, will he diapatched for the above port I u a few day a Kor fveighl or paaaaga, having ei | eallent aecoinmodati'ini, apply to the Captain, on board, or BOY It k MINCRKN, ae <? i rr,r K'lH II AVHE?The Krench baique VICTOR, | mi.c"'u R~v V.'.'.'fvr.'ivvff'A" fob or to BOVD k HINCKE v. Bvekeva. NOTI..E ?SHIP OARRICK FROM LIVER pefFS Pf)Of? ii now di?r|nr|ing under general order at dWHWw I "I'd Hnigna.alin . ntigneaa will pteiae aaad their peimita onboard mms- , diately f3ih j ' I TO THE LATEST MOMENT, VKLBD-H APHlCi rmuftiLritt, Feb I, 1847. The State Treasurer baa been in town paying interest n the Penneylrania debt 'due to-day State Fives ad anced on* and threa- ighhi. Flour'is inactive heresies at six dollar, to six and an eighth. At Baltimore, flour sold at ui: dollara. At Washington. this evening, there waa no mall south f Wilmington, N. C. Tho Albany telegraph waa in operation yesterday loruing to l'oughkeepsie, but up to eight o'clock lost Toning the operators had not been able to oommttnicate vith Albany. The cause of the interruption is not known e the officers here AFFAIR8 IN WA8HINQTON. congressional proceedings. Passage of the Army Bill. Ac., Ac., Ac, TELKUHAPHIC, WasHittoTOit, Feb. 1,1847. Sensite. The House bill establishing post routes in Texas waa aken up and passed. ins uommmie on naval Atlairs reported a bill to se. >arata the staff from the line in the Marino Corps. The army bill was taken up on its passage. Mr. Houston moved to recommit the bill to the Military Committee with instructions to report it back, in conormity with his amendment for,volunteers , which was jefore offered and rejected. He also spoke at great ength in favor of the volunteer system. Mr Huntington moved an amendment to the lnstrucions by striking out Mr. Houston's instructions, and inlerting instructions to strike out the proviso authorising loan certificates. This was not agreed to?yeas 18, nays 18. A motion was made to recommit the bill, which was 'hen negatived. The bill finally passed?yeas 39, nays 3?Messrs. Cilley, Culling, and Davis voting in the negative. A communication was received from the Secretary of the Treasury in answer to Mr. Cameron's resolution Of the 7th January, recommending an increase on duties as follows:?On coal 10 per cent; iron 10 per cent; on cloths and cassimeres, costing over $4 per vard, 10 per cent; on brown, white, and refined sugar, 30 per cent; on eotton prints costing over 30 cents per square yard, 5 cents; on cotton goods not printed costing over 30 sents per square yard, 5 per cent; on white and red lead 10 per cent? Taese increased duties ho estimates will produce $1,418,. 100. Diminished duties of 0 par cent are recommended >n axes, hammers, chisels, plough shares, and cotton foods costing not over 8 cents per square yard, which will produce $35,000. The tax on tea and coffee is again -coommended, reduced to 15 per cent, and some lew orioles on the free list to be taxed, but none of any conse[uence. The Senate, after going into executive session, adjourned. House off Representatives. Mr. Thommon's resolution, calling lor correspondence with (Jeneral Taylor, was again taken up. Mr. Ashmun's (intendment, requesting information relative to Santa Anna's return to Mexico, was rejected, 76 to 99. A motion to lay tho resolution on the table was negatived, 39 to 135. The resolution was then adopted, 191 to 63 The bill from the Committee of Foreign Relations, reported by C.J. lngersoll, then came up. Mr. Ingersoll moved to postpone the consideration of it to Monday. Mr. Fbrston Kino proposed an amendment prohibiting slavery in new territories hereafter acquired. This amendment was declared not now in order, and Mr. Ingersoll's motion prevailed. Mr. Kaunas CiiiriiiN submitted a resolution calling for information why the Alabama regiment was retained on the Rio Qrande, and not marched to Monterey to per ticipate in that battle, and why Capt. John McDuff was deprived of his command by Oen Shields, at Tampico, ind ordered home, without a court martial. The resolution was adopted ; and then, after a spirited discussion between Messrs. Chapman and Douglass, it was reconsidered and laid on the table. i i The bill for the reduction of cotts in courts of aJiri I ally against ships or vessels in certain cases, was 1 ' Missad ; also a bill to regulate the carriage of messen- , i [sr? in merchant vessels ; The bill to authorise the relinquishment of Govern' 1 m-nt stock in the Chesapeake ?nd Delaware canal, was | referred to the committee of the whole A communication Irom the President, in renly to the 1 -esolution calling for names of the members of Congress terving in Mexico, was ordered to be printed ; also, | communications from the treasury and war departments. The bill making appropriations for revolutionary and ?ther pensioners was taken up in committee of the whole. Tn* committee rose, being without a quorum, and ! - I ported progr???. Adjourned. ????? BY THE MAILS. WiiHinoTOii, Jan 11, 1A47. The Influenctt brought to bear upon Legiilation?TTie Army Bill. It ii seldom that an isolated effort to coll public attanion to the existence of great evils is at all successful, n a great city, a cry of Are is generally unheeded, ex;ept by those immediately interested. Owners of pro>erty, to be sure, often enquire anxiously as to the direcion of the alarm, ai d are seldom satisfied without asceraining that their houses are not in danger. By such, an i ilsrm is soldona unheeded. j In the Unitsd Htates, eveiy citizen has an Interest in \ he framing',of the laws by which he is governed, and by j .he operation of which ought to be secured to him j afety in property and person. But too many are content t to take every thing as they get it, regardless, provided I it press not on themselves, ol the mode in which their Interests are cared for, and entirely unburthened with concern for the common weal, until some sudden and frightful calamity, in their immediate neighborhood, hreatening to involve themselves in ruin, rouse them from their fancied security. It has besides been so very hacknied a way of gelling ip an excitement, to declaim against corruption, and nisgovernment?to predict the dismemberment of the ' Jnion to prognosticate the advent of great eocial and >olitical catastrophes, anJ the charlatonry of attempting o repair social evils, by extraordinary, convulsive, and udden expedients, is so vulgar that any warning cry ! aned, is immediately set down as a false alarm. Jt is therefore with but small hope of successfully atracting public attention to the evils I deplore, (by sueessfully. I mean with any chance of practical amelioraion ) that I declare it to he my settled conviction, resul- 1 ing from no slight intimacy with the machinery of the 1 overnment, that the national I.egislatum is perverted 1 rom the wise purposes for which it was intended in the 1 >eginninp, as the pure fount of healthful legislation, i hoi ono ntw in ten is peneciea wunoui tne pressure of 1 MM petty influence?MM party MtMHHN selfish 1 I esigo?some private pique or jealousy?some grasping < t popularity) but why,enumerate the many tin worthy inueucoa?the sordid motives-the factious springs or an <([iii;ntn tlm jealous heartburning* of wounded sell- j teem-the ingredient* of that seething bubbling caul- j ron. I One man supports a law, beoanse it ia a party mea- j ure? became It* operation will benefit *ome friend, and :ivea him opportunity of extending and atrengthening hi* 3 wn popularity?became it will chagrin thi* er that 1 unat the head of government?became it will have an , mportant influence on the aucceu of thia or that Preaiential aipirant?because it opens a prospect for his own j j ggrandizemcnt. . Another opposes it for similar reason*. Thi* it will be said is monstrous; but it is true, and ! very one here know* it to be true. There are cerrup- i ions which are neither gold, nor place, nor power, and . till are corruption* The tone of both house* i* cor- ] ?pt Each is a herd oi political mountebank*, with a ( Inkling of honest men and statesmen; and this empi- 1 icism is so stereotyped?the gilding u so cunningly *xicuted. that, except on a long acquaintance, one cannot liatinguish the pinchbeck from the pure metal. This is no cynicism. It is a melancholy truth. If I were to attempt, froaa the action of the present sea ion of Cong rose, to follow up these view* with fact, 1 vould consume more space than a brie! epistolary com nunicetion sheuld occupy. I shall therefore tak?n ion* >thsr occasion to substantiate the charges 1 have made? I, indeed, they require substantiation. The army bill will, doubtless, be passed to morrow In he Senate. Gen. Houston is about to make a speech 1 gainst it, and to move its re-commitment to the military ommittee UALVIEN818. WsiNieoTOi*. Feb 1, 1847. rhe Wnr with Mesie.o?A nru> plan laid dawn?The Pre. Ident ta lake the head of the Army? Krpoiition nf the outline of the plan, and a vindication of the J'rrndent of the United Statee. We propose now to havn a little talk with your readers <ni new prefer, and, like col Benton, we propose an upon* ion of the outline of our plan, and a v indication ol ha rresident of the United States Wo shall follow lh? 1 1 ixsmple of' Old Bullion," in gi? ing no more thnn an cutine. because wo concur with him that it is an unwiea > >licy to disclose a plan o( a campaign, whila tha war is n prog-ess. as it give* tha enraty tha tnaan* of antioi>ating our mjvtmtiili, and frustrating tha schedule of >uroperations trom tha outsat.and of intercepting us from the jump, sir. If Sante Anna is the possessor of a soul, may God forgive him lie wn passed through from Havana for tha express purpose purpose of kicking up a row wirh Para dee, establishing himself as Dictator, and proceeding like a man of business to negotiations. With the aid of Bulaa, he did the first branch of the business to sdmiration?ha mil a the usurper, mho con led off all the money in tha treasury, end then, becmise J. hn Davis long winded John Davis Stopped tne "connde at ion " or ibe "contrli ution" ol two millions, the prior* of c? rk fighters Inrna traitor to his baryan and proclaims a war of externiina tion against the Yankee volunteers. But suppose we admit he had to ilo it?that there was a prtre upon bis haad as well a* upon bis admission into Mexico, he has only the alternative of Hob son's choice, which ix to tight it out We will plant a -laka here as a starting point, and proceed to a brief examination of tha present phase of the war for a thousand miles along the Gulf coast, lor a thousand miles along tho Kio Grande, lor a thousand miles across to the Pacific, for a thousand miles along the Pacific coast, and over aa urea of territory inland, (taking the latitudinal line of M. which passes through Saltillo across to the Pacific) of M)0 000 square miles, wa may consider tha existence of a state of wur. The immediate forces ol tho main army under Generals Taylor and Scott occupy a circuituoua 3ass lino from Saltillo to Monterey to Gemargo, thence down to Matamores, thence down the Gulf to Tsmpioo, >r a circuit of occupation of about 900 miles. Santa Anna s stationed at San Luis, 1ft* miles from Tampico, within his line of ciroumvaliatii n, the other detachments of our irmy inland and to the northward, being twice that (Usance from the Mexican General-in-Chief. The whole [orce under the main United States army does not axceed 14 ooo men, and deducting the necessary garrisons st Tsmpico, Matamoras, Camargo, Monterey, and Saltillo, the actual force which Scott and Taylor may be able to concentrate upon San Luis, before tha first or April, will not exceed 16,000 men. The conclusion is apparent. By the first of April the vomito rages along tha Gulf, by the first of June, the rams descend and tha flooda oome lathe interior, and of course the campaign will ba suspended. Gan. Scott cannot concentrate upon Sea Luis, without further supplies of men and munitions. He cannot gat them now in season, and the anticipated battle at Baa Lais, will, probably, be postponed till about the flret ef next November. But Hit be the purpose of Scott end Taylor to marrli upon San Luis, which may be readily deue in twenty-five days, we may be anticipated in our calculations by the report of the defeat of Santa Anna and tha capitulation of San Luis before the adjeurnment of Congress. The opinion prevailing here, bowevsr, stems to " ui?i "?? w?i miBpauueu, io lar as active operations are concerned, unleai the nine regiments of volanteera juit raised, are landed at Tampico before the first of March, which will just enable than to penetrate to San Luis before the malaria spreads its pestilent wings, and their deadly shadow along the seaboard. This will give a re inforcement to the main army of operations of, say 10,000 men, which will increase the whole active force to 26,000, sufficient for 76,000 Mexicans in therartificationa of San Luis, however strong they may be i'or the sake of closing this branch of the argument, let us suppose that before the present seasen is closed San Luta will be surrounded, and bombarded, and stormed, and taken, and that the defeated Mexican army files off by capitulation or retreat toward Mexico. This will end all superior military operations to the North, and the next point of operations will be Mexico itself. And here we begin with the exposition in the ou'line of our programme, and the vindication of the President of the united States. Taylor is tired, and at loggerheads with the War Department ; Scott is perhaps still apprehensive of a " fire in the rear"?" Old Bullion" has been deprived, by the defeat of tho projit of the Lieutenant General, from making the " lofty summits of the Cordilleras his n onumeut and his grave." And assuming that all the northern provinces will be swept out, including San Luis, during the present seaaon, and that the great be'i > < still to be fought in the capital of the Monteauma. so fit, who ao well qualitied by tha constitution well calculated to give enthusiasm, and glor> r mance, and success, and popularity, ana inimoriauty, and an honorable peace, in tho National Palace of the enemy, as the Presideut of the United Sta'es, Jamas K. Polk, in propria prrtona, ex nrcmitatt rti i " Achilles' wrath, to Greece the direiul spring " 1 1 Of woes unnumbered, heavenly goddess, sing." We cannot disclose the plan in full, but we may touch upoB several of its leading features?that is to say 1. We propose that the President shall, in person, take command of the army of invasion, occupation, and operation. 3. That he shall prosecuta tho war with vigor, and look to results. 3. That the Vice President shall occupy the White House, in the absence of the Commander-in-Chief 4. That in order to prevent all contentions in the familv in the interim, the Commander in Chief shall take with hira, as his staff, Messrs. Beuton, Crittenden, Van Durea, Cass and Calhoun, including Scott and Taylor as hie right hand men 6 That he concentrates at Sacrificios, below Vera Crux, the ten new regiments ef reguiais, the nine new regiments of volunteers, and a sufficient force trom the army in the field to make up e complement of SO 000 men, and march straight forward to Mexico, reduce the city to a capitulation, and the Government to terms, and sign and conclude e treaty in the halls of the Montaxu as 0 That if the Constitutions! Commander-in-Chief hould not be able to leave the city of Mexico in season lo reach Washington fur his annual message to congress, he shell date it, end transmit it from the chief :i'y ol the Asters 7. That tiaiul'eneously with the landing of the army it Bacnflcius Commodore Stewart, with a fleet of six i'eamt-rs, and tw-en-y sail vi ssois, with an sggiegete of lOd heav> guua shall salute the castle ot HI Juan, and niske the ganison ta*Have thet Die volcano if Popocatepetl has come to towa. ? That to each of the staff off! arc there shall ba allowed at'he end ol ti e war a ipiartei section of land, and to such as may lie kikUd in battle a monument and a grave on theioity summ ts ot thv Cordilleras B 1'uit the Pie -idem shall be re-elected by acclamation Our plan looks to rou"s it looks to an eDd at tha war, to a vindication of the President, and to an bonorahla peace We are xeriout when we say that this iaterprise could not fail, and mat it would wm unoonqaerable glory to the administration; and fiom the tact 'hat the war is charged in its ongui to him, i'i conclusion in the enemy's capital by the Pre-idant, would only reader its undertaking the more i, aud the crowning glories of a peace the more brilliant aud immortal Respectfully, THE DOCTOR. Philadklvhia, Keb. I, IS47. The fire in Chesnut street yesterday afternoon was more extansivo than any wo have had for a year past. It originated in tha rear building attacbad to the leather store of W. W. Keen k Co , the fourth stery of which was occupied by Hopper, Boss k Co., manufacturers of the patent self-feeding pencil cases. The manufacturing portion of Messrs Keen's establishment fronted on Strawberry street, end the whole was completely gutted by the ravages of the flames. The Chesnut street front and ethor portions of thst building fell, crashing the adoining store of Mrs. Lacock. Her stock of fancy goods was ell destroyed, but she had an insuranca of V3000, which will probably cover it. Keen Ik Co.'s buildings were fully covered by insurance, and they ilso had (12 00) of their stock covered The loss of Hopper, boss V Co is (3000, upon which they had no insm ranee. The two story brick house at the corner of Htrawberrv street was but little damaged, but it will probably be taken down, ai the tall ot the material* gainst iti ancient walla has moved it somewhat oat ol the perpendicular. The origin of the Ore cannot be ascertained, and by aomc it ia therelore attributed to incendiarism Hugh Maaon, Lewi* Manning, and t'bar lee Minick were all injured hy the falling of the walla, but none aorioualy. An unfurtunato ulfray occurred laat night at a tavern in Bouthwork, between the membera of two rival tlic companies belonging to the diatrict. hour or Ave who had been drinking offerod a toaat which their rivala conaidered inaultlng, and a tight enaued. la the comae of the Aglit 4 harles Donnelly Ared a pistol, which entered the cheek of John Alexander, iracturiog the bone, and pasting through the ear. Donnelly wa? arretted, end this morning brought beforw court. Judge i'araona committed him to await the reault of the wound. There ia no danger apprehended from [he wound, uuleaa inflammation er tetanua should enaue. There was a auipenaion of operations on the weatera telegraph line, occasioned on .Saturday by the wirw hanging too low st a point where it crossed the railroad track about thirty miles from the city, and being caught hy the smoke-pipo of a locomotive going along at lull peed, the wire, posts an.I all were dragged down for thw ipuce of half a mile. The ilamRge kwaa* all repaired, however, and tha line put in order laat evaning beforw lark Halt of Storks at i'hlliulelphln. Monday Ksb I?Fisst B?aen.-lio I.shift, IctersstM; 15 do do S3}*; 710 do Loan, 6's, fct: 10 Heha> 11 .! Hank 5 ; 271 Itssdina Kit 11; ttO It. S Bunk 4,'*, 200 Vlorris I snl lltf: 100 (braid Bmk It; 10 do do It's, 'WO do d? 11 'A. 671 (tin ed lutes Bank 11^. It .North America do 401 w , 1 I'liiad do 121; !00 Vieltsharg do 9. Avrrn ttai.r.i ?11 Vieksbnrg llsnk hi 9 100 Itra l - "R 11; ll Commercial Bank eaah II; 1.10 tiirard do lib, ugh At, 41; 100 !4aat|tteh*niMh Canal 9t Hr.coni> Boaao ? $1000 Leh gh Mortgage l.c Ratal's 73, 2000 do7jW. 200 (iirerti Bank I S 2' lannah Canal 9}*, I 2 d ,9 * , COO I,' h Baas 4J4, V) Vicaa, ?.g Bank ttg; 20 Schuylkill .N,v gallon D4. 2l)or l.ahish MorlEgs Loan 11; 10 Morris f snsl I IS; I1"1" Tens. B.iuds g|. 2nt? esdius RR 31, luA do 12%. luO Man V Mrrh Bank 21)k; M inert Batik I'nttavillr.'liiS. , Arraa fai rs -i 00 auk 1 7JV lOOOirard Bank IIS; 1#0 Vlektborg do t,S. 10? do 9; 10 (tirard do I l.\g. Axiivai, or rtrit Hki? C H Kooira.?Thai brig C. H. Rogers, Captain Willsor, from New Orleans, having on hoard the hediea of I'ol. Watson, t'sptRidgelv, blent (ireliam. I.leut Boyle, end Privet*s Herman Thomas and Ueuvge W Pier son. under the charg* of Lieut N B Mills, was announced aa being in the river at 9 o'clock yesterday morning, by the mar ae telegraph on Federal IIill As toon as the intelligence was known in the city, the various hells were tolled, and A 4gt displayed at half matt from the armories of our military corns, and other public places. The brig arrived at O'Dennall's dock about A o'clock. The Independent Blues and tha Junior Artillerists were an the spot wi h the intention of having the bodies of Lieut. ( ol Wetaon, Lieutenant Ridgely. ami Herman Thorn it removed immediately, hut from the lateness of the hour, and the difficulty of getting the bodies out of the hold of the vessel, th e intention wet abandoned and a guard of honor, cons sting ol detachments Irom the two comnamea, sUtiennd on board the vessel The re moval of all the bodies on board the vessel will take" piece this morning, under the escort of seveial of the military compeniea. A detachment from the various military companies la tha Diatrict of Columbia arrived in Ihle oily 'eat evening The object of their visit Is to escort to Wesvngton the remuina of Li>ut (Jrahem. of the IT. * Army, Bn! Lieut lloyle, of II,e Baltimeie Battaliou ? xteflrweee Amtttctn, I.

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