Newspaper of The New York Herald, February 24, 1847, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated February 24, 1847 Page 1
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? I I ?? TH] Vol* Kill, Ra, 5UVy^ol? Ro<i031? * THE KEW YORK HERALD. J1UES liUKD'IX BK\SKTT, PBUPWETOB. Circulation---Forty Thousand. DAILY HLKALD? Every any, Price 2 ohm per copy?97 .fit ""me?payable i. advance VW.-Kl.Y n (.KaLD?hT.ry Saturday?Price cente | per e.j; r i liA.J tmu .ukuio?p?y*bl? IB adraser. HIluALO m)K EUROPE?Every bteatu Packet day ? "r:cu 6V.. choit per copy?$J I or annum, payable tuadt ii iy ANNUAL PICTORIAL HLRALt?-Pnbl.?bed on the lit o' 11>. nary of each year?eingle copies sixpence each. AUVKUTlkK. ENTA. at the usual priree?always caib iu xl'ance Advertisements should be written in a plain, legible manner. The freprieloi will not be responsible for errors the' mar eccer in ibem. Pit IN i I Ml of all kinds executed beautitally and with de.pai li Ail Inters or ceniniuiiiectiona, by mail, addreiard to the e?taliliil>uithi, uimhI be poet |mid, or the pottage will bodeducted Ireei the laiuey remitted. J AJrir.g UOKDON BENNETT, Proprietor of the New Teaa Hanson Enaai-.tiiMSHT, North-West eereer el Fulton and Nest <u etreete. a.nww R'jii'j IIIJJ ill ? i \ FOR SALE OI^TO LET, JctI ON E cr both >! tka bsudtowe two story btiek boniaa Wfw a-d lots Net. 4*b ted 4*7 Breetae atreet, near Broad Ifsia A stable it sltaahed to Ne 467. whoh will be In wile or wilbsat the hsase. The houses are iu good or was. inwunmiuii i? pxiromn/ auirBDie APplT t*? WU.hJNO O'BRIEN, 3J Wall alraa'. R'7- Jii ??0 to lata aa bonk ask mortals., in aaau to sail, fall tf r.k ! TO RET. | ftrl 'l"ia Subscriber affar? to lat tlul lane three-story lgj?l bnak HOUSE, II bjr II faat, tiiati.U at tha aoraar or 1 JHL pros task Wa^iaataa streets, Hobeken (I'ernarly kaurra aa the Phawix Metal), far two an rata kwellinea. K<auu\ra af A. L. vaa Beakerek. Habokaa. or Ua subscriber 1 to largea eesety. JOHN H. ZASRISKIR. Tab. i?b. IM7. fl? lWre I FOR BALE, i JaS AT PRIVATE SALE?Tha property kaowa aa No. t HA IN Malbarrr itraat. aaar Sraanva atraat. Lot II by J* I jHuL.teet. A two alary briak flroat boaaa aa tka front af lot i ?rwmt'.I twa (Mrr fratsa hasaa aa tka aike of lot, with a large work skop la tha rear. II hh fbat, with a cellar II faat I keep ui I ha aaaia. Half at lha pmxabass aaaaar aaa raaaia aa i book aait 7 par aaatJRaqaira aa tba praaiiaaa. II* laa'ra MAA8APRQUA HOUSE. MTBi KEEPER af tha above haaaa, hariag retirak frea tlia bwsiaeaa. tha house will ba lat oa mok.rata teras far oaa ar a aambar af years, oaaa- J ami'( m Ha. Brat af Marsh aait Tkia aatabliabioaat ba iag aa wall kaawa, as alao tha ealabratak traut poaS at Jaarws it is seedless la wy snore. For partiealars apply k to the sabsaribar. aaitr lha praaiaes. j N. B. Tba bora aanabliaoaaat would be rsotek very law t ta a party af gaatlamaa. <j THOMAS FLOTD JONEM. r Busts OrsTiaSaT, L- 1. ? fll ta ay l?rt.a r PUR 3ALJG. e MOii of the mast henatifnl Ml desirable residences i la she State af Coasseacut, aitaatad in tha city of , Norwieb, aaraar af Washington and Yaatie (treats, , bow owned and eaeup'ed by Mrs. E. Kip. aad foraaarly tha , raaidaaaa af Wm C. (Iilasaa, Esa., by whom the hauie was t bnili, aad tha graaad* laid obi. 'I nare ara aboat Art aaraa , of ls?d, coaarad with elagaat ahada traaa aad shrabbsry, with a rarietiaa <.f Trait traaa, gooseberries, eurranu, raapharriaa, t atrawbariaa, lie. . Tha aaaaaty from tha grounds ia beautiful and pietnreaqae, J aqaal to aay ia tha State. Tha hanaa ia vary coarei/ieat, ? with twa walla of aiaallaac aad aarar failing water oa tha | pranjaea, aad aha plane eombiaea erery thing to make it oaa . at tiia ma-1 deiightfsl raaidaaaaa ia New England, aad af- ? fan a rara opportunity ta aay gentleman wishing a baantifal , country seal. j ' Ear 'errat aad fattbar partienlara,apply to Charles Addoms , ? <]., .No. It Oraaite Building, earner Broadway and Chain- . ban (treat, or ta the aabetiribsr oa the pram mat. L W. C. WH1TRIDGE. S Narwijh. Tab Id 1347 112 la*re FOR SAL*. MA THREE STORY HOUSE on 23d (treat, between the Jn ! aad 3d Avenaes. It is wall Aaiahed, and ra- . ale'a with tha latest iiaprnremeats, including hitches 0 nance. sink. euld aad warm hi bs, water closets, Ac.. Italian marble mantle* torauahont tha haase ; a aourt yard of Alteon feet taf est,with raraadth aad Kreueh windows, 'i he hease is nan ef a row of six Beasts oa tha south s'teof the street I Ifor further particulars apply to VY:i.r. A SONS, ( ft I in * r 172 Pearl street l-i \ m o?i w i" uiv pAuri, Jf*I A If ARM of AOy two acres, moit delightfully siCpjtt lotted, 'bout flro fmm Kliaabf tlitowu, A. J., JrAiL'-'o'i roi?g n MWM aommodlnua dwelling liooto, filled n ub ran bit mantles, tad srery couTeuienee for a respesmhle lustily ; the whole including gardener's haute, bursa, lur house. aad orhar buildings, in a aabttaiitia! atata ill " repair; the orchard ctuiaiua twenty aciaa of choice Iruit I: MM. I. 'l'be easy acceat from Now York, oithor by the runout fi cars frura Jer?ey City or the ferry to rilizabethj'ort, whence tl n railroad train ruaa wiihma hundred yards of the htiuse, tl readort tint ' uertr rery valuable to those doing butlaea* ' in this city The greater part of the puarhaaa money ran b remain for three yaaraea bead aad mortgage el tire per cent d VYrflb k MONK. ITS Pearl atieet Also, for ante, a dwelling houae Ne. Ml Washington street fa lm^r KA 1 HULLN"a HOTEL, 161. 163, 165 4r 1?7 Broadway, Aiew \ ark. MThia new sad magnificent eatabliahinent. recently opeeed an a Public Hotel, 1a fitted up in moderu atyle, ' with tbe latest improreiaeau, and it of snfAcieut oa paeity to acer.maandate set persons. i Ussi-es a rery apaciona Dining Hall, it contains au unnau- 1 al a Miser el pleaa aat Pa'lura, with large w. II reetilated t Beer oma, all aptendialy furnished with entirely new furni- | tnre j f nv location is very desirable and convenient, both for t. tioniaa ?and pleaaare, being betwoen Counlanilt and Liberty (, a?r--:a ? The i roprietor of this establishment intends to make it j one of o Bid romfnr.sblr, pleaaaat, and beaiueaa like .. rueet in i oa tiit* ?I 7.e'v Y?rli, and at yaiaa or ?ifienae will ? * ap^rad -aha pert. nui (ha want* if hi* |laeu?'bore bjr lior"g i*hera liivrd.t in the pnblic patraunga.wbila he d irmjiu tV? f ntlic'a haianle eawvaat, It. RATHBUN V jflla'N a NATUKAL MUStC. ... :vs STILL, greater attraction It AKUHY'S, ."lo. 5 John ^ ? A (4. h.a jttai . caned by tic laatpaebeu from En-up*, a coaaidcrabje addit.or to hiFalreaey eal*?iii*e at. 'Ck of Staging tail Fancy Bi, da? ,1 Aaaaeaat t Ja loll, wing will ka found Mt of the meat choice decet iprioe of r.4o? Breed and batch C-barioe, mated and prep . cd to * pel ap f,,r b tching Bird' met, Bird Seeiia aca all othei tkiaga perUiuiaa to he above, will at all timoa he found al A/aha "a. . ? Joha at. 1 N B.? -the Hand Taaiaa, King Charlea Sp-utiele, Italian 1 Wr.'i.liennda. aa* oilaer laacy daga eeaatauJy ou hand a r * ? 4* early mipectioa ia laooaeied, aa thia la without doe bt eke t,tit aelect ci be haa eeer offered. jttlmrc a. Ji HUSTuN'B BIttD aiUK-fc, J KfuP' fto. SB# IK0.4DWAT, out d?nr from (Jliamnera | All'? ?.?PC haga Canary need, lifted, at whela?alr y, by tha tingle aaahel ; a line aalectioa of the l*ag a,a Mi u eod i anuria*. high aelora; (ie'nae aaeg hiraa, p; Chilean apiee hirda, Java aparrewa. ?o*ki?u biida, larke, j, red bird*. all ia eoag Fancy cage*.breeding cegea, bi d aieda, not het-a, a.aff for eeaua. All .rticlra ... the line in giaat vai'icty, ay *F. ?. JOHNS'! ON, ace Broadway, hen York ( ff Ft ?heni'e aa thoea wi'l be epoaidort te t3l Iro' i ? iii 'w'm i.*n's i iy i.mnuu im * k AWVV'AV. v JK*-i LA01 Kt*' 1) URN I'LCMKN'* uVKH- u H'vO LA. muilidiircd <>t Uuodrear'e ce'ebnued .. rSm i Mltllil it-, a Kfiiii . pa'feeciy >!?? i> ? ie the oeldIK viullii. for eale by the ease or allele pi ir, bv J BAMLfCl. BROOKS, Bole Agent for Ooodyear'a vlasafaetoriei, 0 t?*rb 10? troadaray, nppoaim T. mty r bareh . ,-tSJ THC PROPRiKfoas ol str. mboiu J ? " ,d?iu$*anehiaf Halle lung arohlil do well x? |>?y a |j _jlglK<<3iKI*?tA.Tiait oe board (he aieaeabmti <N lafara, Iro? o> VV i:(i., IK aaraf, lioo hint J. lin Bloyeee, W eraester, Tie ye'ler. Tbt aiae Pewell. Re, a?d jaaansiao |H HOMKtt'd neutered ily.a el 4 ?ll H' i|iui. put m> ??( eld atrong, and N y>trrat< ail l?/ rai raar, by H.II. Me I Ana at Til lm*rre ^ PAt KCT MB1P Bali IMIiRt, I rum tla*re? ?| V'trjiftyif rvaigneoa per tlua raaiel wilt pleaae aaud their A-A. i'i ? "*"nita ao b?ar\at Pier Bio. 4 N. R Allgoodanot n per- utail nitliia Ave daya meat eiieynidablr lie aeot to the TubLe Wore. liOIti k HINCEKR, _IMir_ _____ _ 11 Wall " t< // 'M* LIVCIIFOOL?Bleie l.tee? Regain Pack- I 6,,. (* >tt lor Pabrnary M.?The anpanor faal-aaiii*g packet I filll,' :' ?*>'? I* ABJLM.K, L'aptaia B.J. II Traak, IM* teua ha tl.ea, will a.d aa above, her regular day kor freight er ? pn ?.i?o, batnay tec aaaa idatieaa eaaerpiuioil for aplendey er cor. err, apply en board at ttrleaaa aaharf, f.' . f * all H Kreet, er to ICDWAKD K < <> . S, J _, _ * Sooth atreet. J, Pnee afpaaeafe f HI. ? <>a ??e??t *.np B08CIU4, A. Eddndga, aaaa'er, will agaeead t>? (darrtsk.ami ami I Xtli Marnh, bar racalar day e< U4 *.?? FOB I.IV ' BFOOLr-Tn Mil Uih tekia. y-I kr fci'K -- \n?. apl adld. irait ateaaaabip "4.VBAH NAatDH," Auditijm I'. Thonapaon, aaaatar, h?Tiag aaad* liar Brat 1 pas x4< in the aaidat al anerar. with ratne aactaai. will h. .k?d ? a?r iaturu for i,ivar,.oal, on Weriaaaday ilia I 341* imi far freight or pkiaag*. liar rahina ha>?( umar- al |i.nai I r re aa alafaaaa. and eeurefiian'a. apply nu hoard. w oypaati* the Ithoaae Waraheaaa, foot at f liatnn atreat or pi to ItOSERT RCRM IT, 7t ftoath at. ^ ?al I Vr" ~i.-c.a- r 11 It OI.ArttilJ W?The "^a? Line atular 'I ftf. paeha' la'r.f Ma oh?Tna rtuo fan aailnig IIr hark , JL' *'.\A. WYNDEFORD.COO toue.Lapt. Thoniae McAlpma. wnl a Mlaa above, liar regular day. I' or ireighl or i ***?(?, lurir a good aecomrnodnPiour, apply on board, footof hoar ?e!t at., r". tat Hivar, or to WO'tDBULL fe MINTUK>, 17 J"o?th at. H Tl o ahip BltOOKkiiY, I apt Hugh Mcf> au.will nacreed tiio H> mWfoid, and aail on hor rofiilar day, tha 15th Mareh. fdl rc _ J -1. . iI 5t rs IN5UKANCE (iOMl'AN Y. * Orrirr No. JO IVili. iiji rT.orrninr. th? MuniiJit'i 'JJ EiCNiltai I ri'liin Loropauy continue* ro innnre "eniiiat loaa or damage i .1 liy Kir*. oo dv.ei'mg hnaara, warehonaoa, buildii,vn ia ge-ier-1, good*,rtnrea and merctia.iniar, and every draciiptioa : ol poraoml nrnperiv; alao agaioat loaa or damage by iflland navigation ai d ranario.tnrien ~ DiiiKCTOKB I ^ Th?i?-? W. Thome, Kliaha tWgt, a| 'i'l.uiu.ti T. Woodrnlf, Aiumi tffter, N !l H Koh?ni>, 0, Jn?eph Drake, fti Thornton Price, Jouph Allen, j ti ,M?*e? Ticker, Jarne* K. Iloiinri, , *| Jolih I'.. [)ivi**(, John P. More, Jclii' II. Lee, Willinm K. ITior*, ' Cnleb L. Ti'ilit, Thorn** Mori ell, | H Ft"I)?ei P ""ire, Kcgene Began, | J Jvi'.n C. Mcrritt, Kibert Bmitb. let THOMAH W. THOKNK,Pretident m IHU T IHtPF, >5.??#?*,? iM'Irt i Miln or t Hit ISkw k on * I' or In*. i i'UMM,/ P'rw Yon*. Fob. 10 1W7 ) ? | \ IVI flF.Nt) ? The hnnrd of director* h*ve thin day tie P M' clnred ? itirulend of fmr per cent per?bl* lothetrork- | bo'dei* na tmt iifer the 15th iu*t , ?t lb# iflico of tlie * mpn i bt.N"HWhI| ?tr?et 'I he tiaotfer hook* mil he .loted / nnfil the 15th met hy nirier, nr T I) 1INDK.I1HII L, Pecretnry. {t, COAL. ~ ? 1ST'LI, c nitinae to tell the hett qnt'tt? of Krd 5*h (>M | it It ? ice* for e*<h llr ik#o, e>-g, nnrl itove, (A 50 ; g Urxe nu', $5 t 0; ?e reined nod dot ee eil in *ocd order, I run #J i or f Kio/nnJ <)r*enwict> ti eet*. 5(1 rem* i p, v ' I - il'ovi ed t > thoie who wiih I > *e ><l ti eir o n cirtt >? jai lm*re PKTKll CLINTON 1 E NE NEW 1 . ?a ?" i " m a .<.* *.- ?cm: L.KT ITH WOKKtt I KICCUMMKND IT. * ROAKK'8 IODINE I.IMAMFVT Hu eared u4 will cara the wont possible cases uf Rheumatism, U"Ut, Kwelliues, rtprams, Bruises, tumors, sslloeities. scrofula or klug's evil, chilblains, flash wounds, disrates f the spine or hip-joiut, head-ache, croup, stiff uacli, saltrlieum, erysipelas, dropsy, fever-eores, Coras, buuioas, scalas, tenth-acre, puiu in toe side or breast, pimples, uugworm or tetter, briber's itch, eruption of the skin. Sic., Ike. tXlCAD THK KV DENLK WM. T. FEER. #4 Johu street, was cured of Quinsy Bore Throat by a few applications, he says it it the best renudr he eTertaw. JUflN hi. KEKLEK, of the Brooklyn Orphan Asylum, > was oared of Kaeumatio faius, Pain in the Bide Ike Me says 1 it is the best family remedy he ever saw, and would not be without it under any consideration. Mr V A. PKADLV will testify to the astonishing reliel he obtained from the use of the Liniineur, after lie had tried ytery thing ho)Cou!d bear of without benefit for Inflammatory Rheumatism Residence T Chrystit street. HON. F PRICE. of 41 Warren street, will testify to its superior medicinal virtues. COM. UKOHOE DEKAY was curtd of Rheumatic Hunt. Residence 26th street, near 7tl> avenue. New Yobe, Not., 1146. Messrs 8. j. inoebsoll k Co : Obhti.bmeis: I am uut given to gulfing the various nostrums of the day into exiatanaa, or raise my voice in their favor, yet these rioos ceevictien that yours isoue ef intrinsic merit, (from th# astonishing relief 1 have reserved) and a real benefit to the aflieted, {Induces ma to offer my humble tealiinouy. 1 am now FIFTY-SIX TEARB efage, and have been afflicted with RHEUMATISM for the laat ten yeera. In April last 1 caught a vary savers cold, which inereasedmy Rheumatic "penis, so that I was confined te the beuse. I employed my family physician, who attended me uatil the first of May without relieving me at all. In Tact, I grew worse, a^d ao mush so. I was acntinsd to my bed. I centianed in Ms way for nearly 2 months, suffering svery thing but death, unable to sleep, raise my arms or move without suffering the most aicruciating pain. A friend of mine called upon me, who had been cured with ROAKE'S IODINE LINIMENT, induced me te try it, which 1 did. The fi'st application gave | 1. ss.i.-i i i j? ? ....... . .uuuuin 10 it accoraing to directum*, I lid ti II hour* waa completely relieved fton pnu. I onu- | tinned to nio it until I bad uaeu two bnttlei, which afftcud a perfect care. I hare had no return of the paioa f inee; hare itteaded daily to my mechanical buainea*. 1 would not be iriaheut it under any canaideiation, and adriie all who are 6a* afflicted to try it at once, kuowuig it to be the only romo ' that can be relied on. Your*. ke. WILLIAM I. JOHNSON, South Third, near Fourth atreet, Williamaburg. LOSS OF THTTUSE OF THE ityuMts New Yore, Oct. 3d, IMC. risieua. S. IneuueeLL, It Co.: Guhtlembk: It ie with feeliug* or theutmoet gratitude I offer you my iambi* i*elimo>y -n favor of vonr moat valuable liniment, kbout fifteen mouthy ago, while engaged at my work, 1 waa aken aaddrnly with a aevere pain in my ankle, which for two lay* and night* deprived me intirely from aleep or raat. My n-ither cauae* me to be removed home, and eent for a Doctor the attended me for aome time, and finally told me that he ould net help me. and adviaed mv being 8CNT TO Tilt HOSPITAL, went and remained there three month*, under the care of he able and aeientific fkvaiciana attached to that inatituion While there I waa leeched twice; had five bliatera ou ay ankle, and capped three time*. Finding uo benefit from hat mode of treatment, they conaluded te trv cold water, vhieh they continued aome time, and receiving no relief, baadoaed it. My foot and ankle dreadfully awollen and ilaak, and cold aa iee, 1 waa again brought home, having irea up all hope* of ever getting relief. At thia time a riend procured a bottle ol Koike'* Iodine Liniment, and eut it to me, adviaiag me to make a thorough tiial of it. Itrange to tell, I felt almeat immediate relief?the pain vhicn nad been aeated in my ankle, aeemed to be broken op nd acattered. 1 continued the uae pf it ler aeveral week* dm mirniiii aucceaa, ana until 1 ned uaed aome half a loacn battlaa, which hat affected a perfect cure, and nothing int a alight weakieea remaining Worda are but feeble ex >re>kiona of the gratitude 1 leal tuwarda you, brought, aal lava been, from a atate of wretched helpleaaneaa to perfect lealth. I ahall erer pray for your proaperity aud happinean. Truly and ainrerely youra. Signed, MARY McALIsTER, 132 Sixteenth at reetI hereby certify that the above certificate, aigned by ny laughter, ia true in every reepect. ANN McALISTER. State ol New|York, city and county of New York, j neraonatly nppe-red before me, Ann and Mary ! l. a. J MeAl.ater, aad beiun by me dmy aw"rn, doth de- I ^*vw' jiiih* anl 117, that the above certificate aigned by theia, latrue in every reepect. Bwern to before ma thia 24tli day of October, 1046. Signed, T. VAN TINE, Alderman ol the Ninth Ward PAIN KILLER Mxaane S IrrecnaOLL (1 bo ?Oantletnen?During the math ol September lait, iny wife aprained her ankle <0 bad r Iha' I waa oeligod to cany her up ataira and put her to bed. mads m> my mind that ate would not be able to walk agaiu ir a month, at leaat. but to mv aurpriae. after making a lew lea Hugh apgjieatioua (if" lloake'a Iodine Lniameiit,"a1ie waa ve nexi miming nutirely well. I liave alao bet u for yeara roubl d with chilhlaina, and have tried everything I have aa<d of, hui never louod anything that gave nieauh immelate and permanent relief, ?i the uae of yonr " Iodine Lin 1 aeut." Youta truly, 8YLVANU9 WHITE, 373 Bridge atieet, Brookly n. Brooklyn, Dee. 16, 1146. H. INOERSOLL, acle Proprietor. Principal Depot, 130 I'EAKL Street. 8. IMIKR^OLL, Die proprietor Kor tale, alao, by all respectable drugg ate. fei todlrn'r N THE CI IK U IT (JUU U'l OP THE UNITED RTATKHfor the District of Louiaiana? Joaiali Darke. et I va rhe I n(i:h..". r-i-.L. -n. ' -- - ? equity; hill and amended bill ? It appearing to the Court >at W tod T. Vu Buakirk Luke Dnvia, Vlri. Aline Me?d, teenrrit ; Walter Ten* er It ' o., WVIitmC W ddell. Oriado Kuk, Auitrn Meitille !k i:?,, Meoiel T. 8t<ia>, Piukrv It deitiue, H. Hooreaut It Co., Weyman, CI >rk It Co., oku Hunt It < o., Van W?eh It Pmllipe, and T. W. Pmkney, wide out ol die S'ale of Loumtna, aad all or raoat of diem i the city of New York : It la ord? red that the taid defautlanta do ranuwer, or aeiur te the aaid kill and amende I hill, no or before the firtt loudty in April ueat, an I th?r a copy of th a 'hie he terred pna thein pertonnlly, or publnhed lu our of the newapapere ubliahed intheeitr of New York, at leaal three timee a eek, for feur weeka, prayiout to thit rime, tt the eipir?tinn f which period, in default of aueli anawer, the aaid bi I and mended hill ahall be lakea pro confetti) I certify the ahoae to b? a true copy from ihe minutea of ta aaid cuurt, of the order ttna day taka < in he above eauie ED. RANDOLPH, Clerk. New OHeaua. Fab. 1,1S17. M7 iwJtaw r lessons iki drawing, to. LfONd H. LABDICRICH, lately from Pent, wiahe. to I emplay aeait i-f hit'ime in giviwg leaannt in ?d wa er color paiatrag (aqu uelle ) liar iug beau a pupifofthe celt orated Redcute, and fully t"e nttnttr of that great matter, he rerommrudt iinte f atpecitllylo the I'diea wtthing laaiqairt tha acompliahetrut ef diawiug aud painting llowera, ai wa 1 aa to ta geetlerrea and boirHing aehoola in and around New or a. fur all the other braucliea of bit art ARPtRK.tcita?Rot. A Verran, Key. T. F. Schroeder, D i . L O UaLtin, Fag P A. Lacoate, K?a . Meatra. Pillot , L a Barhier. ( ollomh k laelin Schrage Jt Koop. Application! fir terma may ba made at tbeHer.A.Ver la't W K aaklia ttrtet, aad at M New atreet. f 17 todlm,rc >A|l fki III ''1 ItKMll ou bond and inortuage, in jDvj vWr amna to tatt applicant!, on good productte teal attate in Ihia city. Apply to 8. 8. BROAD, No. II fall atreet, ib the Croton water office baieanent. who hat a onae ud rnt Tor vale, aituated ou dih atreet, oppoaite Waahiglea Nenare. H B. itiml email acme of money to lend, on Brooklra >al eekate. Apply ?nb?>e. JM eod?m*r NEW SPUING GOODS I f AMF.S BE'K It CO. invite tbe attention of oayera via' mug the city,to their apleftdid atnek of Fancy and Maple ry <jooda, at a very imill advance fiom iiaportatioa coat, i -caanaable terma, at Jit Broadway. ft* 13 fiteodrc 1)ALL? Y'S PAJN KXTRACTOR | JERCHANT9 AND DKUOOI9TS can obtain thair , A apriug anppliee of the only gennine Pain Kitractor at , r depot. Liberal terma are made with whoieeale per taaeraand with afeuta. 1 Kraal' certificate* ol it* remarkable efficacy in Bnraa, Pilea, hcamatum, lie. he., fnruuhad (rati*. I Wanted immediately aeveral travelling agrnta.with meana, i id well roer.tnniouded. H. DAi.LEY k CO, fit lin'ic No. lol B-oadway. > At<8?37 balea No. 1, white doinea'ie itaea. lor aale by V PKKBHE li BROOKS, fell lwr?e Na.dtunK? Nxna it. trLANd WOKlva! GLASS WUlllva!! ( rHE mh?er.ber? h.-iee taken and lefittcd the New York and Breoklvn OUaa Work*, innate in John alreet, near iel **n <treet Kerry, Brooklyn, where thny are eouatantly ' aanf-ctariag and offer for tale, all kinda of Diugista' law Ware, of a aeperinr quality, and in all ita variety ol >lore. Particular atteulion given to private mould* hTODDART It CHENEY. Brooklyn, Feb. II. feb I8?w?r ! ^ RbNING GRAPE VINES. FRIJIT TREKS h AND SHRUBBERY" " |! rOH.N ANDKHHON, ?*r?c>ir?l tlardener, baa ? boi at I the Heed Store of UUN LAP Ik THOMSON, ?? B.oaday, whera he will call daile during the teatoa, and eieente ' rmprly all ordert he may he faeored with f 'I I w * r j I NOTiUb. rllK en-partnertliip of Prime, Word It King thit day dietolved by mutnal content. The outttandiog batmen the Arm will he liquidated by the lubaerihert JAMES G KINO, , KUWAHD PHI ME, 8 VYIUEL WARD, I DKNNINO DUKR, AKCH'tf GKACIK KINO. | New York, Janntry JSth 1147. The luktcriber* haee thii day formed a copartnerthip, nn ' i sr the lirm of PKI.MK, WAHD It OO., end will eoutinue e Banking, Stock and Kachange Latmeae, at the office ol > e late fine, No. M Wall atreet. WAR D. of tlie firm of John Ward It Co. AH O PkiMK, > ?r the late firm of Prime, SAMUEL WAKD. ( Ward* King. New York l?imanr gOth. IIMT. i"S imii?re JOIIA WA'IKH and wITaHATUm. J. Matthewe, No * 111 Third Aienue, N Y., mannfactarer of all the modern iparatnt uted for the mannfactare, drawing or bottling of adt Water. A lithographic plate, with printed direet,ont ir the making of *>< da Water ?nd Hyrnpt, alto for the put ng op of the apparatut and itt nte lie ., will accompany i "n lipararnt. fet>7 If" rn , KH V A LENTA. rHK Undettigned lime ronttantly nn hand a freth tnrply ol t ,v.l.,,l. oaln.hU r.m.ko ... iiuni atinn I'm tap in pnntiil picket*!. ynr ,.i, !?V?u! 1 ilf and retnil, by DKLLUC fc ( '6 Apnthieinea and I Unim Sot* niirnmii'i,, PLA? K k "OlJlLI.AHU fll lT?*r* No 1 I'mh Hove wml *,8| Rrivu|w*y, lUMMi IIKVIK VINKS. KKLIT TRfcfcS, AND AHRI BBKRY. , k LEXANDKH WI I.HON. Kricic-I Gardner, undari > hi- it v cm lii ih? i ub ic, nnJ will h* hippy to eaetate oi Hy all md-r? In* miy tie farnreri ?i li Order boi it i* and fine ol Uunlip Ik Tm.uipxiu.iS^ Bioarfwiy. I?i J? *re COPYING PAPER ; i( )< j MF.AVS ?np*riO' Copying (' per. Amer rin m n- , ' ' ' nl-e ure, v?l?n h i? w wr inteil in t*k* a i erteet nn- J li ii to d it e price inurh I < *' thin t * 'nri mu? ?*! by I'k.HMMK k nROOK*. i "Or riper Wmhouie, U ltd 61 hiiuu it. W YC ifORK, WEDNESDAY M A r-l" A IBM IAI A n ? A. IV# nrrnina in mubapi T LEGISLATIVE PROCEEDINGS. TBLKUlt AFHIC< Senate. Albany, Fab 33, 1847. Among the petition* preianted, wore the following To increaic the capitel of the Mohawk and HuJiod Rail road Co., cf the merchant! of New York, in relation to mock auction*. A bill was reported for the consideration of the Senate to increaae the poweri of the board! oi Supervisor* The bill for the relief of Ireland was taken up on iU final pauage, and the vote itood 17 to 6. Mr. Lbbtkm, President pre toe, decided the bill wai loit, for the want of a two-third* vote. Mi. Spknckb made an appeal in favor of the bill, but the anneal was laiHm. tti.ioM. The Committee of the Whole took up the bill moving appropriations for the canal debt.und for the maintenance of the caunli tor the year* U47 end 1848. Mr. DmieiiTgn explained the (provision* of the bill' stating that it waa a mere appropriation bill, and did not alter ony existing law, and the neceaaity for ita passage waa now pressing. A long debate enaued on the.expenses of the canal su< perintendence, but no question was taken on the bill. The Senate then went into executive aeaaion. A message waa received from the Governor, nominating John Bradley, !of Brownsville, as Surrogate of Jef feraon county, in place of Mr. Woodwell, deceaaed which waa referred to the Senators of the 6th district. Mr. Srascsa read a report in his own behalf, in sup' port of the Governor and Senate, to AU the vacancy. Mr. Hand stated that the majority of the Judiciary Cent mittee would report in a few days. Adjourned. Assembly. Albany, Feb 'J3, 1847. The Senate amendments to the bill in relation to writi of certiorari in certain casea (the Freeman case bill) were concurred in. The orders of business were laid on the table, and the Judicial Districts bill taken np, when a lengthy debate ensued. Th? warn ?? !4AS iL' tonvu vu (obvuiniKuag uii bill to the eeloct committee, to report aubatantially thai after the flrat epecial election in Mar, the judiciary of Accra ahall be elected at general electiona. The motion prevailed ? eye* 44, naya 33. A communication from the Adjutant Oeneral waa re. ceived, in anawer to a reaolution calling upon that officer in regard to the organization ol the Arat and aerenth re gimenta of New York rolunteera. It waa ordered to b? printed. Adjourned. Out of Mr*. Oeneral Galnea. WAaMinoTon, Feb. 20, 1847. SuraiMa Court of the UniTtn 8tatei?Charlr, Pmtterion, Jipprllant, vi E P Oaineg, it. ux.?Thia i an appeal from the deciaion of the United Statea Diatric Court of Louiaiana, Chancery docket. In lMtf, Whitney and wifo (now Mra. Gainec) Aled i bill in Chancer? arainat about aixtv uaraona hnliiino- mr tions of the estate of her father, Daniel Clark. At'tei varioiu delay* and evasions, Charles Patterson, whoowm a small tract of the property in question, worth probahl] (10,000, answered the bill on its merits, and couseutet to a separate trial This was decided, April 2J, J840, on the merits, thus? " that defendant Patterson, do, on or before the first day of the next term of this court, convey and surrender pot session to the complainant, Myra Clark Gaines, all those lots," Ur.. An appoal was granted that tamo day, to the Supreme Court ol the United States. In 1343 the cats was tried before the Supietae Court, and an opinion delivered by Judge McCean, by which the appellees were directed to go to the Probate Court of Louialanu, with an intimatiou that if they would not probate the will of 1813, probably the Supreme Court might. In 1S44 a motion was made for a rehearing, and by one moana or another, it has again been delayed until the pretcut day. It came upon Tuesday, the 16'h, when Mr. May spoke at length, occupying that nud the next day. Thursday and Friday, tho Hon Keverdy Johnson, for Mrs. Haines, spoke. Counsel for the appellant. Mr. May and Mr. Brent ; counsel for appellee, Hen. Walter Jones, Hon. Keverdy Johnson and Samuel J. Burr, Ksq. The lacs ol the case , in brief, are these?Daniel Clark, married in 1803, Zulime Carriere, who had been previ ously married to Jerome De Grange ; but De Grange being n mamed men,was. in 1800, abandoned by Zulime, and in ISU'J or IMi3, convicted and imprisoned for the bigamy of this marriago with her. Clark's marriage wsi kept secret until au action could be biought by Zulime against the name of De Grange. This was done, and a verdict given in her favor, in 1808. About this time in tereste 1 pertoos formed a plan to separate Clark and Zu lima, which was succasaiul. Zuliwa was told by Daniel W. COM, of I'hiladalphia, that she could not prore her marriage with Clark. She latt him, and in IKid married Ur Oardette, of Philadelphia. Uy this marriage she had one child, M> ra, now Mrs Uaines I'o this child he was much attached. Ho placed her in tha family of Colonel Davi*. of Puiladelphia, who brought her up. lu 1911, Clark made a hasty provisional will, under peculiar circumstances, leaving his estate to his mother, ami making Holt and C hew executors At the same time he gave property, amounting to near $600,000, to threo friends, tor Myra. in 1H J. ha made a full will, leaving all hi* estate to Myra Thia will was shown to several persons, and then denoaitad in a black case, in his Wiihi.. >?? uf'hi* death, he told Lubin, a faithful slave, * soou an he wm dead to give the little black caie to Chevalier de la Croix, who was appointed tutor and executor. Juat aa Clark wai dying, keif took hii key from hie armnirt, went to the ofHce below, entered it, and locked the duor So l.ubiu said, who followed him at the tune. The judge of the peace waa requeeted the aame day to seal the papers ami death chamber door, but not the etllce. Just then ltelf produced the will ot lull, and that of 1BI3 was never heard of aiuce. Myra Clatk. the heir under the will ol lull, never leceived but $0 000 63 in ten years, out of an estate of millions, and no one else, except the executors, ever got a dollar ol it. Col. Davis kept Myra in ignorance of who she was, and called her Myra Davis . until Just before her first marriage, when.he told her sho was not his child. She was then twenty-five years of age. From (hat time to the present, she has been seeking to be restored to the estate of which ahe has been so cruelly wronged, but there are so many defendants that every delay possible has been brought to prevent the law Irom doing her justice. The case comes up before the Court now,on its merits, sod has been and will be amply discussed. There can be no disposition on the part of the Supreme Court to refuse her a decision any longer, and that decision must place her in poasoasion of a very large eatate, il given in tier favor. Sha has the aympathiea of all with har, and the case is sa notorious as any that ever waa entered upon the docket. JUSTICE. Iporllng Intelligence. Citsa i.asTon, 8. C., llxcsl.?Bkowd Dsv, Feb. 18 ? lockey Club Purse, $740?Three Mile Heats?The folowing are the entries and results- ? Jot. Hampton's gr. m. Anti Tariff, 5 yean, by Convention, out of imp mare, by Velocipede. 3 1 1 3. P. Hare'e br. h. Protection, 4 years, by Holla, dam Hoaalie Somen 1 3 dis. I. K. Harrison's ch. c John Alexander, 4 years, by Wagner, out of Flora dis. Time?'if Heat. Time?2d Heat. stmde 3: 0!< 1st mile I:V7X 14 " H'Mk " Id " 1:54J? 3d " 2:02* Total SJeS Total 3:SJK Hrcose Usee?Jockey Club Turse, $liO?Two Mile Heats?The entries and results are as follows: ? 10I1 ri Singleton's b f, by (lano, 4 years old 1 1 iobn K Harmon's b m Victoria, aged, by Howton, out of Bacchus mare 3 3 Time?lit Heat. Time?2d Heat. 1st mile I:53X 1st mile.,,. 1 :%8 Id " 2:04 2d " 2:03 Total 3:'i7>4 Total 4:01 Tiiian D??, K?b. 19? Jockey Club Purse, >000?Two Mile Heats ?Tlio results follow: ? 3. P Hare's ch. f. Marietta, 4 years old, by Triam. dam Canary, by Sir Charles 3 1 1 I. C. Singleton's b f, 4 years old, by (lano. . .. 5 4 3 lohn H Harriaou's ch. f Rosalie, 4 years old, by Boston, dam imp K.mily 1 3 3 J M. Bryan's gr f, 4 years, by Ilardluck, out of Vashti, by Leviathan 4 5 4 W Lowndes' ar f Delta. 4 rearsnlit hv (lam by sir Richard 3 3 A Time?111 Unit Time?id Il'at Time?3d Heat. Ut mile I l.i mile 1:31* Ut mile Ii.1l id " 1:13* ?d " 1:16* 2d " I :i?>. rotal 3:49* 3:10 3:31* BtceiiD Rare?Jockey Club I'tirie, flftO? Two Mile Heat*.?The tallowing are the namea of the horaea entered, with the reault, and the time made: ? It Singleton'* b f. Bella Mira, 4 yeara, by Monarch, out of Kitty Heath 1 1 J. R Ilnrriton'a ch f Aurora, 4 yeara, by Argylo, out of Lady Deerpond 3 3 Tim*?l*f Heat. Time?id Hiat. at mile 1:11* 1 <t mile 2:03 Id " 2:04* 2d " 2:02 Total 3H?* Total 4:07 Both haata ware won with eaae by Bella Mira Illinois Canal Commissioner?Co'. Charles dak ley hea be?n appointed by the (lovernor, i ana lommiaaioner. in the place of tieneral Fry. Colonel O a wi ll at quanted widi the financial faff ura ol the S ale - W ar,aw (141 ) Signal IRK I [ORJSIiNCi, FEBRUARY 2 Slew* from Mexico. NAVAL AND S1IL1VAKV INrKLOIUBSICE. Ac. Ac. Ac. MATTERS AT TAMPICO. Tamfico, Jan 94, 1947. I arrived at thin place yosterday, being Juit one month on the road from Monterey, including ten daya we pass ed at Ciudad Victoria. I um not prepared, nor have I time to give you such a description of the country through which we 1 could wish, and mint put it ofl'for ' a subsequent letter, oi alio a flight deioription ol thii | place On our arrival we found the town under command of > Brig. Uen. Shieldi, who bad with him aforce of about 9000 , men He has made many additioni to the itrength of the i place, aiuce the occupation of it, aud numerous fortiicationi have been thrown up in the roar of the town. At Altimira. one day'i march from here, (Jen. Patteraon overhauled ua.with two coinpauiea of Tennessee cavalry ?anJ he reached Tampico limultaneoualy with the division of Uen. Twiggs. Aa aoon us he got in'o town, he received the usual salute, of the discharge of ordnance; alter which ceremony, Uen. Shields surrendered the go. rornment of the town to him The whole lorce here now, including the commands 1 of Uens. Quitman and Pillow, who are eucsmped within 10 miles ol the place, will scarcely exceed 7u>)0 men, and i wo expected to hod, at leaet, that number here before arriving with the 6000 from Monterey an 1 Matamoroe. How long this forco will remain here, is a matter of doubt to one who has no access behind the scenes, but I believe the good of the service demands tueir immediate departure, it operations on the coast sre to be carried on. The health of the troops.|just arrived (rum the interior, could not be better, aud although tboy have ended a tedious march, they are ready and willing to undertake another, at short notioe, either to Vera Cruz or the "Halla of the Moutezumes " 1 am, aa a matter of course, much behind hand in the , news line, and, as the woman laid, have boen so far oft" ' the road, or out of the world, lor the last six or eight weeks, that 1 "don't know nothing," but beliaving that it is better to write what you are already advised of, than to leave unrehearsed matters of import, I shall inaka a dash at eveuti o( recent occurrence hereabouta. One of the government teamera haa ascended the Panuco aomo 76 or 80 milea, without meeting with any obstruction, and fruit and hido hoata arrive here very often from many milea above there. The encampment of Oen. Twiggs' command ia immediately on the banlca of the Panuco, three milea Irom Tampico, and to the right of the Victeriu read. Uenerals Quitman an 1 Pillow, are quartered, for the present, on > the tame stream, though higher up. being within 7 milea of Altamira, and 10 of Tampico. Kveryihing here now ia quiet, and all are anxiously looking for the arrival of ' (fen Scott, whose presence, it ia supposed, will be tho i signal for marching preparations. Aa I said before, it ia i impossible to aay what will be done, but the general iraprsasion is, that the whole force will be moved on to Vera Cruz and that it will go by land as far as Tuapan, if not the whole way. The pioneers have been working i on the road for some distance in that direction A short time after the last of (ien. Quitman's divis on had left Victoria, the 1-JOO Lancers who were there when he drat arrived, came into the town, purposing, no doubt, to take up their old quarters. Aa some of the ' members of that division remained behind for a time, and have not come up, it ia supposed that they have been I Captured. Mr. Bigelow, beef contractor tor the 3d volunteer di vision, just arrived, ran a narrow escape a day or twc since. He left the advanced division, and was proceeding to the rear one, alone, when he was beset by a party of Mexicans, and his leg broken by a shot He did not fall from his horse, and dv hard riding, succeeded In get ting to Quitman's camp, followed by the Mexicans up to . the verv lines. * Mr. Hart, the theatrical pioneer, is doing up the legiti s mate hero, with great advantage to hi* pocket, beiidee tc the delight of the public. Henai with him a yery cle ' ver actor by the name of Kitigerald, who played u* "Kil warda," in Matamoraa laat lunimer. , Saturday lust, there waa a grand dreaa and maiqueradc ball given in Taaipico. which ii said to have been quits an affair. With thia and theatrical*, I think thii ia quite a lively place. In my next I will be able to tell you (omething about it. TaMnco, Jan 31, 1S47. i Yesterday the otliceri of the Second luiautry, gave a dinner to the officers ef the Second Artillery, it being the first time they have met tinea the artillery ofHceia Sive them a sumptuous dinner on Governor's Island, and is was return of the courtesy. It whs the lirst opportunity that had presented itself for obtaining a real cm i ner, since the army left Matamoras, and they were prompt in availing themselves of it. The dinner was served up at Smith's, and was a sumptuous otl'air? something after the order of Hewlett's-und the guests departed about 9 P M. (ion Patterson was present, and made one or two short speeches. An ofHcer arrived lust evening from the Brazes, where lie left tieuerul Scott, whom ha thinks will not he in T.impico fur two or three weeks yet Ho says that the General is full of business, and his preparations fur departure from this place will be Two ships are reported to hare paired here yesterday, wi h troops destined down the coait. It is net known here where tbey are destined for, and I heard one officer say, that they would not land for some length ef time yet, as those reisols had hann titled up with berthi, and had on board three months'provisions The guard house in Tampico has been pretty well fllied with rowdies for the last three or four djyr., and in iny of the vatunlarmi have made " Home howl "for being restricted in their i liberties. Yeaterday, one of them got tired of be ng shut up, and took occasion, while the sentry'a back was turn ed, to gat hia release by leg batl He was saen. ho rarer, before be had measured many yards, and called on to stop -but he heard not tira summona-nor did ha stop unti the third shot from the guard liroke bis thigh 1 came in from cemp laat night, to attend the theatre, but the house was so crowded that it was impossible lui me to gat in. and to repay myself for the trouble of coming in. 1 had to look in at a fadnngo, or masked ball 'J hose affairs are conducted diffeiently here from what they arc up the country?far mere chaste and ogreenble?and to ensure order, there is a soldier,with his musket, iu every corner of the tooni, and half a dozen at the door. Ooe little circumstance has happened here, within a day or two, that pleases me much, and gives slight hope of the accomplishment ol my long cheiished wish, that the soothing system would have an end. Gen Patterson has ordered the quarter-masters to ascsrtain what rents wure obtained for houses before the occupation of Tain pico by our troopa, and betore they had en idea that we would occupy the place, and to pay nothing more than that for tne houses used iu the public service. A short while before we came here, rents weut up on hundred per ceDt., in anticipation of a great demand for houses and for that reason the order has been given, to see what Ihey smoun'ed to before the war. Private citiiena?that is, traders and Americanj citizens generally?are alsa authoiiied to tefuae the payment of eiorbitant rents. Tn thoiA Ullin Hur* it o Inn# tim? ??>? ?? ? an<l in the interior, thia place of Tatnpico baa a vary pleafing appearance?rendered au by the numeroa* artlclei of merchandise on aale here from home. It i* a perfect Orleana to thorn. The lateat date* from your city are to the 20th. On the 80th?arrived echr. Wm. Bryan, fi day* from the Braioa. A brig and achr., and brig *ome diatance from the bar, will proaably be in to day. Ariived ?brig Cayuga, Michael, 13 day* from New Otlean*, achr Delpui, Uerry, 37 day* from Philadelphia, with coal. Hchr. Home, from New Orlean*, i* below th* point. On the 31 it? U 9. *loup-ol-wir Albany, off the bar th i* moruing-a ittamir will go down to her at 3 o'clock, P. M. AKKAIRS IN MKXTCO. [From the Charleaton Courier, Kab. 19] Looking over our tile of Havana paper* to the (th In tant, received yoiterday, wo And in th* Diario it la Afurine a communication from Oeneral kanta Anna, to the Secretary of War, dated at Han Luia Potoai, January 8th, announcing that tevoral akirmiahva had iab?n with the Americana, which prove* I ho boatile apirit exlating among tha Mexican* to rcp?l the invader*, and which ia daily increaaing throughout the country. The ei Pr*atd<-nt Rale* haaaddreaeed a manifesto to the nation, making a memorandum of hia conduct while in power, attaching the appointment of hia aucceaaor, and finally aignilyiDg hia williDgneaa to fight in the army agmuat the Americana. Tha learned Mexican Don Joae O. He le Cortina, one of the rieheat men of Mexico, haa relinquiahed all hia officea for tha pttrpoae of going to F.urope with hia family, where he intend* to fla hia leaiienoe. Kiom Yucetan it ia and that a portion of the army belonging to tha revolutionary government have eutered Merida, which wua the only city oppoaed to the pronuritiamfnla of Campeachy, but they entered peaceably, iindar inch cooditiona ami terms aa had been agrsed upon by at ratty concluded between the beligerent parties. MBWS FROM THE ARMY. [From the New Oilcena Tropic, Feb IS] The achooner flinua, iCapt Waahmgton, arrived laat .iv?.??>?a nmiuinu, naving i*n on rsaiurriayl the (th in?t To t/ie politeness of Col. Newton Holland, a passenger in the Bimus, we are indebted for the fellowmg iteme : ? The Brazos was crowded with vessel* chartered and purchased by the government to transport troops to the Island of Lol>os and Tampico Uen. Scott was at the Bra t.o?, actively engaged in furthering the transportation of the troops. Oen Taylor was at Monterey, with Col. Osvis'first regiment of Mississippi volunta rs, and Oen. Worth was at the mouth of tho Hio Orande with bit entire command. The utmost secrecy prevailed among tho high officers o( the aimy, aud'tlie plan of the future operations wna n.-.known to any but the Oenerala commanding. Thn most active measures wore pursued to facilitate rapidly thn removal ?f thn troops to Lobos and Tampico. ?,Co1. Holland has in charge the remains of his lamented and gallant I rotlier, Msjor Kemp S Holland, latn l orn< missary efthe first legiment of Mississippi volunteers, who, it will be recollected, acted with great bravery at the battle of Monterey, and afterwards died from disease, and was interred at the mouth ol the Hio Orande The Major's remains ate to be carried to Marshall county, Miisisaippi, the residence o( his affi cted family. { The schooner Sea also lift Brazos en the 0th with the i U. 8 mail on board, and may ha hourly expected. hhn has about sixty passengers Our iiifoiniautr-.til.l hew, nothing nf Ilia movements 1 of Mania Anna or the Mexican forces I MILITARY. [From the MimU't uii ,\>w?, f>b id J Wo undtnuar il tli t ntnMytuo privat?( under tfo command of Major W?'?, moat ol th?m beit-lf rrmn'i muti-il ht'tn. ? Hi ?hiI from lhii |iort to morrow for Tain pl.u, in tba brig Arabian IT?B A T?d A1 A 4. 1847. NAVAL KIWI. [From the Richmond F.nquirer, Kab. 93 ] The beautiful iron revenue steamer "Folk" now Ua( in the stream at Kookett's. She he* been transferred to the nevjr department, em) will | ro ably leeve Richmond in a few days for the Portimouth navy yard, und from thence to the Qulfof Meaico Affelre la lrelsuisl. [From the London Time* Feb 3} Nothing u hetevr una occurred aince thia day week to lighten thoae gloom v apprehensions which caused, and were certainly not removed by, the meedltre* for Ireland aniiouced on that day The progress ol public feeling only ahowa how long it taker for any disclosure or proposition to sink into the British mind, especially when it comes in the ahapo of benevolence or necessity. The nation has now slowly realized that we have already sown broadcast over the ungrateful soil of Ireland about three million* of money, and that, ao far from there beiDg any desire to staunch or diminish this frightful issue of the public resources, relief is shortly to be admtui istered under a much laxer superintendence, and with ' scarcely a vestige ofeconomioal or industrial conditions. It is now to be luviehe l by those thoroughly Irish juntas the relief committees, the members of winch have shown themselves as prodigal of the publio means as they are chary of their own. All idea of test or equivalent in ; public works is to be given up, and for the first time, i we should think, in the annals of industry, a nation of farmers is to be bribed to till their own land. That thev I will accept the bribe and neglect the duty, will be a reI suit in keeping with every incident of thie melancholy farce. Any hew, more and more money and food are to be given. All elae failing?advice, organisation, entreety, example, being discovered fruitless, money is now the last die. Under one bead alone it is reasonably computed that by neat August .?7,000 000 will bavu been spent. Now, really, for the take of the British name, not to ay for other mere urgent is necessary that this gigautic act of national benevolence should be fully realized. In particular, let our candid neighbors on the continent do us the justioe to apprehend the fact. At a time of great commercial difficulty, and with the stock of food in the world becoming every week more limited and more exactly ascertained, we are advancing out of the imperial treasury, for the maintenance of the Irish peasant, under one head alone, about 176, #00,000 of francs. Half of this is to be absolutely given; the other half we are permitted to hope is to be slowly repaid by the Irish proprietors. But on such an occasion, and with respect to the immediate consequences, there is no such considerable difference botween a gift and a loun. This great sum is to be exchanged at once for food; and, in a time of dearth, the charities due te one province of the empire are to sweep the market to that formidable extent. The immediate bearings of those JC10.000,000, with which we purchased the liberty of the negro were trifling indeed, compared with the instant difficulties Into which we are devotedly throwing ourselves fur the sake ot Ireland. That grant of i.'ft),000,000 was, in the first instance, little more than a pecuniary arrangement, augmenting the credits of the West Indian proprietors and the debts of the State. It could produce little moro present impreuion on the existing resource* of the empire-than the trannfer of a aum in the three nor cents from A B. to C. D , on the descent of a landed estate to the next heir. In the present instance, it is not a matter of banltinK account; it is a gigantic material operution. From the world's stock, and from the grasp of all other human necessities, ?7,000.000 worth of food it to be secured bodily, before next August, for the Irish peasant Foreign Theatricals. Fanny Flailsr is expected shortly at Vienna, where i she intends passing the winter. Thalberg having remained only eight days in Paris has left on a professional tour in Holland. Mudame ' Thalborg has been seriously ill. A letter from Rome says:?" Rossini is no longer asleep; and it is Pope Pius IX who has inspired his dormant muao He has just composed, in honor of the Pope, ' a CanUta which was executed at the capital, amidst the enthusiastic acclamations of the Roman people." Mr. Wilson has been highly successful in Dublin, hi* Scottish entertainments having attracted very numerous i audiences. > Mr. John R Scott is engsged at the Olympic, and baa i been received with much success. Mr. John Parry sang at two concerts which were given by Mr. Fish, at Norwich, and at unother given at Yar mouth, by the MM Venua. Mrs. Henry Wallack (formerly Miss Turpin) wsa the prima donna at Norwich, and Mr. Lovell Phillips the principal violoncellist. ' It in announced in Pari* that Vladlle. Lia Felix, a sister of the celebrated Fiench tragedian, Madlle. Rachel, will shortly muke her debut at the Tbeatie Frui'cais.? The debutante is sixteen j eers of ago, and devotes her elf to the impersonation of the tragic mute. A second rater of the tragedienne, Madlle. Rebecca Felix, is also spoken of as likely to tread -he hoards of the same stage in comedy. She is to make her debut in " Bsrtrand el Raton." The engagement of Madame Viardot (iurcia, at the Italian Opera of Berlin, ceased with the end of luat month Slur is engsged to give thirty representations at the 1)1 and Opera ol that city. 'Ilia tint of these repreaentutions the bus already given, she having appeared (Intra ill a (ieiiuaii tiausl-itiou of Rossini's " Uarlueie di Slu.aliu " Tl>. Il.rlm ,.?l.l.x n,.-. ......SI. I at bearing her pronounce German with a moat perfect accent, and teauflod their approbation cf her vocal talent, by the moat energetic plaudits. The " Battle of Life" has been dramatised and playnd in Dublin, to empty benchea. It ia pronounced a lailure. M. Felix, Madllo Itacht-l'a father, ia atnted to hove commenced an action aguinst the Conrritr Fran^aii, for an article wnich appeared in that jeurnal stating the co .version of the tragedian to the ( atboli: faith It ia odil^d that he has laid hi* daniugea at no leas a sum than JU.Wtt) tranca Carlntta Griai left Paris on the 19th ult. for Home. She returned to the French capital on the Iftih of February. We regret to announce (soya a Pat ia journal) that, since the commencement ol the preaent aevere cold wo ither, the atate o' Donixetti'a health haa declined ao much aa to excita the moat aerioua alarm nmougat the trienda of the unhappy maestro Whilst hia lertile and brilliant mine charma more than aver thu whole of Kurope, his mental 1 ucu 1 lit a aro a prey to a atate of complete pioatration and his feebleness continues to increaaeso much nubia vital funotioiia as to threaten very soon to extinguish one of the greatest geniuses ol the musical ert Two German composers, Messrs Proch and Lewy, have Just composed an opera for the Vienna theatre I'he subject of this Joint production is taken from Victor Hugo's " Notre Dame de Paris." M. Fuchs has Just compleail, for the same theetre, a new comic opera, eutitled ' The Students of Salamanca" M. Nicholas ia likewise putting the liiiishing streke to a new composition, of which the poem has Tor the title "The Merry Wives of Windsor." M. Fenr.l has brought out at the Stutgard theatre a new ballet, eutitled " Le Fila des Kaprits," which has obtained great success; the music is by Lindpeinter, aad was ellUallv well mrmvpii M Krmt ii giving muiicalu at Berlin, which are (lightly crowded. We regret to learn that the health of Madame Veatria ii io mech impaired ai to oblige her retirement from profeiaional avocationi. The Miiaee Cuihmen are drawing great houiei. Mile Cuibman hai played ltonieo. Claude Melootte, Meg Vlerriliei, I'auline, ("Money") Viola, and Mra. Himpion, in" Himpion St. Co.'' with immeuie lucceai. The Condon SunVay 7Ymr? rayithut Mancheiter ii to he honored by being the town in which Mra. Butler (late Kinny Kemtde) will malco her reap|>etirance on the tHge, Mr. Knowlei, the proprietor of our Theatre Royal, having concluded an arrangement with her. The termi offered and accepted are exceedingly liberal The tint character in which Mn Butler will appear will he her original one of Julia, in the "Hunchback " The time of her appearance ii not definitely Used, but it will be within two or throe weeki from the preient time, or perliapi earlier; and when ihe time determined, a progiamme of the characteri ihe will take in succession will he published In the note concluding the engagement, Mil. Butler expresses the pleaxurohle remembrance entertained of Maucheiter by her lather, Mr. C. Kemble, Mho aayi?"It wi I give mi gteat pleuiure to appear in Mancheiter, where my father telli mo he hai inet with iuch unvarying kindncii and generosity. 1 uncerely tinit that the liberality with which you have troated me may return you an ample rncompenie." Mr. II Phillips givel hii vocal entertainments in the : Hmiex Hall, l.eaienball itreet. He has been highly ! auocassiui iq a rery extensive tour through the provinces. The Uutin Kamily are giving concert* in the Lecture Hall, Greenwich, which aie well attended. Mr Wilion is engaged to 'give hi* Scottish entertainment in Paris for a limited period, and ha will proceed to that gay city in the course of next month. Recently, on the entree of M. Liaat into Tomeawar, Hungary, they erected to him a triumphal arch. At the couciuaion of hi* third conceit they crowned him with a ciown of gold (lun cotton ha* afforded the subject for a humorous farce, entitled " La Potidro Loton," at the Patau Royal Theatre. < arlotta (irisi arrived in Marseilles on the 5th inst. It was said that thodirector of tho (fraud Theatre intended to use his best endeavors to nrevail upon Carlotta to honor his establishment, by gving at leant one represen talionof her choregiaphic talent there, during her shoit sojourn in Marseilles. Verdi, the pioliflc composer, seems destined to fill up the vacuum caused in the musical world by the unlartuI nste malady of poor Donizetti, whom lie resembles in many respects, and not tne least in that of tho fecundity j of his productions. Verdi having (as w? havo prevloa*j ly announced) successfully brought out his " Attila at La Mcsla, has left Milan, lor Hor.nice, to superintend tho liiinging out, at the Grand Theatre La Pergola, of ano ?row cu\iiiH(i fiacumn, lOlimir j IMJ iritis sv s poare's tragedy. After tliia, he goen direct to London. Profit., a Tmr.?The mei(>ta ofthe C.tmhria this |)U"mih^ are nearly $60,000, u ? billows : ?Ono hundred pa>aengers at A'4I jt4,io4, XI<H? 000 gold at per cent, ?i out), 3.10 ton* freight at ?7, ill 3l?j antei! parrels i-'ilK). parrels and pesteng'-riIron llaliUx, X'MO, tor the mule, ?J JtO total ill 1,334. Will Dose ?'I he members of the Kree Church oI Hvoiln.iit, notwithstanding th? sira taned condi'ioo ot toeir flnen e? slurs tb.b separation Irom the es stiliahed chinch, hare contributed HanuO nvnrds the i.iiei ol the kiilfortiig poor ol their hwq oouutry and lr?l? d ? LD. rriM ffw? uau. ~ 1 1 ~ ~ ? ? ? Varieties. A luoip of (fold, weighing m dwli , and worth about (.S00, ia raid to have been lately taken from a mine in Lincoln county, North Carolina. A buckater in Cincinnati left hie wagon, the other day, in charge of a watch dog, chained ineide. A negro went up to toe wagou, tor eoine purpoa* or other, wheu, quick aa thought, the dog aprung at the man and seitad him by the mouth ami none, and deapite every effort of Ilia to got the dog looae, Ua clung on and gnawed Until be had taken pm t of the man'a n.iae, ami all the Upper lip en'irely uO ! The inun tainted aud fell down upon the pavement, hia face aud breaat covered with blood ? lie ai> t tken home by aome ol the bystanders, aud properly attended to. A buiglar broke into a wine eel! ir in Huston, laat Sati urday niaht, nnd got ao boozy that be l?U into the hands of a watchman as he was coining out with his plunder. Willism Wolf, an old and reapectabla cititsn, committed suicide a few miles from Ashvilie, N. C , on Hsturdsy week, by stabbing himself with a fiocket kaita, in fifteen different paits of the body. Two lads, about fourteen years of age, were lent te the House of Correction in Hoalnn on WaHnaiilaa being common drunkards The citiiena of Syracuse have adopted a city charter, and henceforth will hail from the " city" of Byraeuse. The Columbia Spy of Haturday says " The Sutnuehauna is entirely ciear of ioe at this place. We understand that the scarcity of snow at the North will make it a matter of doubt whether or not lumber can be gotten out of the small streams " Mkxican Pkivatkcrsman.?We learn from Cap. tain Keene, of the schooner A. ?. Thompson, at this port yesterday, from Nassau, N. P., 7th inatant, that applioatiou had been made to the Governor of New Providence, in the peraon of Captain Buenaventura Araijo, of the Mexican navy, for permiaaion to At out a privateer te be manned by Naaauu sailora, and that the Governor refuted to consider any auck application.?Buff. Jimericum, Pet. 33. LIPOID HAIiTDYE" arO EQUAL.?The improvement of 1US-ALEIAII. 11 DklttrB THICOBAfHlE. which instantaneously mIoii the Hair a natural Hack or Brown, and gives it the beauty end elulicity of youth, end k war ran ted neither to waah er rub off, or aoil the akin. The proprietor, ainee ita provemeat, preaenta it to the public with the utmost confidence aa harm* no equal, anilaa a perfect Uye. Ker sale by Ruahlon It Co , Broadway ; J. B At pin wall, William alreat; Johnson, Moore It Taylor, Maiden Lane ; and A. B. It D. Bends, New York?and ky the sole agents for the United States, fold lm*rc K fc (J. A. WRIUHT. Philadelphia. INSTANTANEOUS HAIR DYE. BATCHKLOK'S Liquid llair Dye, ia the beat article yet offered for coloring the hair to a perfectly even and natural black or brewn, without staiuing or in|uriag the skin. Ilia pronounced by hundreds who have used it, the only perfect Hair 1)ye yet discovered. Sold wholesale and retail by WM. BATi HELOK, I Wall street, near Broadway. f!6 lm"r TO IMPORTERS ANL) DEALERS IN WOOLLENS. HMIUKON k CO., Relioiahera of Cloths, Casimerea, kc , No. Ill West atraet The gold medal baa keen awarded by the American Institute, for their superior manner of relinishma Orders may be left at? messrs- >? o.cou at Biaoe, no. 63 riae street. >/m. C. I.angle y k Co., M Kiehaage riui. I " D. BrigKam k Co., M Pine street. To whom they relet. fit UK. TOW ELL, OoULlST AND AUK1ST, A TTKN 1)8 to Diseuei of the Eye end Iter, end to ell ins/V perfections of Vision. from to 4 o'clock, et hie residence end office, 361 Broadway, comer of W err en street. Opthalmie, Htoppage of the Teer fuuie, Cataracts, end Opacities, effectually removed. AMAU KOH1H treated witli great attention and snecees. 8TKAB18MU8, or Squinting, cured inaThw m inn tea. Deafness, end all discharges from the ?er, permanently cared. ARTIFICIAL KYE8 inserted. Hpecucles adapted to every defect. jk lm*re SPIROMETER. THE jMuirprand patentee of the ebore highly important for testing Die condition of the Langs and Chest,^^^Bluform all those who may be afflicted with aay symptoflN^ that disease, that the precise condition of patterns can he accurately ascertained by applying to him,at Lis rooms, at the Astor Honse, where his iueention can be tested, professionally. He intrites the lasnltyin general, to inspect this new end important invention, between the boars of II and I o'clock, at the Astor Honse ft lm*rh CAST OFF CLOTHING ANU FURNITURE WANTED. LAB1KB and (Jeutlemen hariugnuv cast off or sanerloas clothing or furniture to dispose of, can obtain a lair cash price for Die same, by aeudiug a note, or by calling on Dm subscriber, at his resideuce, or through the post, which will be punctually attended to. If. Uh. BOEK, 7I>4 Canal St. l.'p Stairs. N. B ?Ladies can be attended to by Mrs. De Boer. Old stock and job goods bongbt, of aay description and amount. Ill im'rve LEFT OFF WAKUROKK AND 1FURN1TURE WAMKU. LADIES OH OKNTLEMEN hating aaperflaoaa effect* to diapoae or, ?ueh ?i Wrariug .Apparel, Forotinri, It*., caii ebtaiu a lair caali price for ttie aauie, by aending for lb# aubacriber, thromtb ibe 1'oat Office, or otlierwiae. who will atteud at their teaideueea. J. l.KVtraHTYN, 156 Broadway, QPauira. I adiee ran be attended to by Mra.J. LEVLN8TYN. fl5 lm*re TO UAGUEKKIAN ARTISTS. JUBT KKCEI VKO by lata arritala from Havre? PtiA'I'EA?1200 of the Plariabed and Mtar Branda. KKAME*?A large lot new and aplendid patterna. VOIOHTLANUr.R TUBES ol median, hall and Prill aita hor aale by JOHN KUAU H. Optician, 12 Naaaan at. N. B.?<; he U11 call, Caata and all malarialaaaed in Dagnarrel in conetantly on hand jap >5 ah NOTICE. 'I^HE eopartnerahip heretofore aiming between the aa1. deaauueil, under the hrm of Bhown V Baooaa. ia thia day ihaaulved by mumal conaent 'I lie ontaumdiug debta of the ti'm will be aeitied by Mr Biooki, tn wliom all debu due tl e concern muat be paid, and in ibe aetlement of wtiteh he it authorized t? uae the name of the Brin. il. BHUWIK. HA Ml'EL BKOOK8 New Y?d J? K lair ?" ? ITS WUltKS WilL FKAlSE 11'. it it now uoirereallr admitted that KO A K K'lt IODINK LIMMtNT 18 NO HU.MBUtJ. Doaen alter doten are atcd daily and t duea all that it ia repreaeuted to do; it Baa aarad and will care the worit poeaible caaea of UH .UMATI8M# iprama, bratare, swelled and painful joMfea, apioaj afeeilooa, ol the akin, Itc. M. INOIC H90LL.. Sole Proprietor, Depot 230 Pearl at. two doora below Jona. See ca-tifiratea m True Sob JI a Im're TO UWNbKa UK REAL ESTATE. L^KANCIH HL ANl'HKT, Agent, luforaa the owe era ef r Heal Kalate, (hat. t lakra charge of letting honiee. leea uig lota, and roller ting rei.ta, on the moat reaaooanle teraaai k. B. haa been, far the laat two veara, the agent of the late Johu Tunuelc, and derating all hia tine to the aboee bmeiuuas. he * ill fire foil aatiaucnon to theae peraoot who will rutruat hm with their eonlidrnca He eaa pire the beet re 1Ikr IV nil) II rnlirrfl riNM M> dieaa * note through the Peat Office, No 27? Sixth Aimm. Office boon, belora 9 A. M. and after 1 P. M. a ia*k 1m era NOTICE TOfcAL.L <i?N 1L.EMKN. G1 KNTLKM KN, if you want yoar elothaa kept ia fo*d f order for the remainder of ma aaaaon, yon had hollar lake or send your coaia and panta m 94 Marray atreet, eoraar of Wa>hin|tun, where vou can fet Uirui either cleaned, dyad, alter* i and refWed, with new aelret collart, eaffe, liaiaga, boioma, on the mmt leaaunable terma. Nor a.?No iliaappoiniineni at my atore. Aline addreaaod aa abore, attended to at any time A rail ar trial ia all aahed. f lotlira rlcaued or dyed aaprnor to any in the city, at No. M Murray a'reet. fell ?w?rh A COHTIWtQS f ont Londoa A . 4" G . U U A y I) O JN , > ' A VIITNntftl B LOU K ITfcTTT b?" s'lGN MANUFACTURERS, SIGN PAINTEKS, tao. a mto* io?, Adjoining the Hnrlein Harlroad Office. N?W Talk. Kkrr.iiKnct ? Wai'iiuKioa Star**. William street; Kithhun's Motel. Jadson's Motel, National Hotel, Perkin's Holm, U. 8. Bonded Warehouse, Nankin Tee Compear, kt. lu jelt Jm*rre WWMI PERSONS IN PHILADELPHIA, end JM* ie I \ r\ r \ r the city end State ol New York can testify to the wonderful efficacy ol that powerful remedy, THOMPSON'S COMPOUND SYRUP OF TAR AND WOOD NAPHTHA. For Consumption, Conthi, Colda, Asthma, Bronehttie, Spittine nl Blood kf Re. HEAD' HEAD'.! Aitoniihi*? ft it or Chromic noarniTie. Philadelphia, May 13. lied. Mr. 8 P Thompson?Dear Sir:?For more than lourveare past I had h< en dreadfully afflicted with an affection of the throat, which my phyaieUn pronounced "Ch'ouic Brouehitie," eanaed hy repealed and neglected eolde The die trea* suffered is iirdeirribafcle. My throat wai literally raw with violent epaainodic coughing io that blood wenld rem# from it; alto great rppreaeion, pain and tifhuieea nt the chest nnd feeer?in short all ihe niual pulmonary eymptooii showed themielaee, rattans entire Ion of neceieary rejroaa?my th'oat wae leer htd and hi retered rrrer and orer adain. I mada i tr lai 01 every Known rrmrdy, una at tiiiiereiu pvnous nma ine advice of an physicians, and all of no avail About two months since I made trial of your lorn round Hyrup of Tar ami Wood .Naphtha, and before I had taken the nrtt bottle I felt relief I continued uotil I hid taken seven bodies, which completely remered the diaeaae and restored itie to perfect health, aud I firmly believe I should not sow be living, had it not been lor vour invaluable medicine. JANE TJCKRY, 113 flrrnce at. The undersigned bears wiweaa to the truth of the fore goiijir. having personal knowledge of all the facts of the case. M. HARRISON. _ 97 Almond street. Trice 50 ( h.NTH per hottlt; $5 per d?>?.eu. This invaluable remedy prepared ONLY by ANONEY It DICKSON. N. P. corner 5th and Spruce ate., Phila Hold wholesale and retail by WYATT U KKT( HAM 131 Kulton at.iit reUil by H. Johoaoo, J7J Broadway; King ' in H'omlwny . *>' V. j.H lin*r A CUKE FOR COLDS. \f RS. . CARROLL* Mf.l.catrd Varor aud Stilt hur ilM. Hatha, lUt halloo atreet, oppnaite I har h atreei. A certain tare for Celda, l ongha, Kheu matiain, Hurt Throat, and all inflammatory d.aeaaea incident la ini ehenijeahle atata of the weather The leulphur Vapor Bath la pertieiilarly recommended by our firat phyaiciaua aa a 'tire for all eruptiuha and diaeaaea ol theakiu. .No (l inger of lakmg cold after lhe ine of iheae hatha jfl lm4-' TO MAKHLK WOKKtKS P O L I J? H I N O C 1, O T H C/W\ y.\MU~ men loliehini- loth, aaitafele f?? lJ" "V/ Marble ('< liahar tjrrcei en md for aela bT r > jM. a miOOK*. l?ah .q"' N ' paTEnt EaVmaJFE Pa ft e. lA IVk MUNDHKU KKAM.-I Pa -nt Knaelope Caper, aeltr ?hlt ???r ftrt ng up t|>ice? %o?fo ?n1# hv r*f WK * ; OOKf*t ,nr *6 .no ** Nu ?u !. V' ?

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