Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 5, 1847, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 5, 1847 Page 3
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? I in th? *trp?t at 10 cents for light and middling woighta, I and : 11 for heavy. >1 -Cuba was dull, whila New Orleans was lb ,c N : t 36 to 36 cents. _ SToars?Spirits Turpentine was the only trti , ci?s moving at Ihe old prices of 40 to41 cants per gallon , Oils? ft ilea ot linsend were made in some large quan ' tltlea at 77 rents, rath; F.nglish was inactive nt 80 cents. There was nothing new in whale or sperm oils. raoviaiONs?We report sales of 600 barrels old prime f.lers Poik at $14 60, ami 100 barrels new city prime Mess at $16; 7uo biurets country Beef, good, part old Mess, wus offered at $11; 16 000 pounds dry silted Side, were fold for the Knglish market, and 40,000 lhe.4 b?C?n Baltimore cured (by Messrs. Van Brunt k Adams) helatter.'at 11J*. and the former reported at Uc; prime pork (o'd) was infective, and we reduce our quotations to $12 US. . Lard was quiet at lie. for new,and 10 a lU)<o. for old. Che tit was steady at 7 a 7>ic ., and butter at 20 a 22c.' for good Orangecounty; and Western do , at 14 a 16o . with some less inquiry. Rick?The market continued tirm at $4 50 a $6, for good to piiino. Srros ? Tho market continued nearly bare ot flax sepd, and the article wuc Arm at $11 26 a $11 60 per j ti, re,. U". report sdesof reaped timothy at $26 Clo vc * i'quotations were ranged I loin 8>i a 9c Su e. tn 1111v 1 j of lib w continued tolerably free Hal*--were limited We report 33 bhds. New Orleans ut ti?s a 7J4c. In West India there wes little doing. Tsi.low ?The market continued steady at 9*? a 8J?c, some lots being hold ut 9c TcBtcco-Tha market was steady for homo consump tiou w to moderate sales, without chaDge in prices for heir, leaf, kc. Whiikky?Small sales in birrels were made at 29c. Wntr.? sow.-Continued llrm at 32 a 32}$c for N W , j and 34c (or South 8ea Fuuiohts?The rates to diy varied little from tho quota' ions ot v?'=ter lay. To Liverpool grain was offered at 27.1, and 2Hd asked. For flour Hi was demanded; sumo vessels Hsked n triAe more. Cotton was steady at J?d 27la ) was ottt red for.'gruin in bagsto Ireland,and refused To Belfast 9s was demanded for Aour. A ye?6el of tiOO tons wa? chartered for a continental port (we believe Antwerp) at $16 WtO. To London and Havro there was no chung" of importance. Married, On Bon lay. February 28'h, by thp Rev Dr. P.'tton, i Mr Ki)w?ni) D. Livniscr. to Slice Hsistsk M. Haynoh, nil ot i?.is cny. On Monday, 1st March, by the Re* Mr. Hswley, Mr i Pit' rB DtsKMis to Miss M??r dss S Favon, both of this city. Boston papers plecss copy. DlcU, OnThurJsy looming SIixh Elisabeth, daughter' of Wm H an I Mary Esther Walker On Weduesd y, 3d instant, Mrs. Mahv Fitch, eged 63 ' yearsTlio relatives and friends of ths decease ! are respectfully invite I to ulten<l li?r funeral, this (Friday ) afternoon, nt half-past 3 o'clock, front the residence of her > dutightcr, 2tt4 Riving ton street On VVef'nex'tay, 3d instant, Or. Isaac Kirr, son of the late rhon as Kipp 1 he relatives and friends of doceasad are respectfully invited to attend his tueeiel, this (Friday) afternoon, at 3 ' i.'clock, liom the residence of bis Orotber iu law, Heniy I Diitell, No. 134 Cresby street. Oil Wedriesdny evening, of measles, Isabella Jabk, only d.anghter ol James and Jane Aitken, aged one year and two mnntba. The friends and acquaintances of the family are re- ; sper.ttirlly invited to attend the funeral, from tie r farther'* ievidence, No. 73 Fulton street, ut 4 o'clock this (Friday) , afternoon SUBSCRIPTIONS ni*nid ol the Umishiwr poor of I.el:nnl, in addiliiiii t i ills subscilptlous published f riuirly :? Collected by E, Ksq., and the aggrceats ..mourn I'rineriy published : le? V. Fowler (10 00 lelui Doyle $10; hi. Caiserley (10 20 on L,ewis H. Panford, ( V ice Chincellor) 6 on Edward L>onn gun 6 00?$tn00 Doctor H H Harris 6 00 Li. K. Hoffuiau 10 00 Dr Hoveuburgh 6 Ml James MeCollough 6 00 Chat. 1* Lercricn 6 00 F. A b Graves 6 00 b. C.fc W Pell He Co 10 00 S-muel Milb'ink 20 00 Hichard 11. Bowue 2 60?$07 60 By Gideon Fountain of the Btli Ward, pub-) Imbed in the. aggregate before i A Fiiend to the Poir 5 03 Henry Drake 2 00 Coloinhus Ba'fe 6 00 C. M. Saltan 26 b raticis Lamb 6 00 George Spence 1 00 Kebt Eufm.w I 00 Nicholas Cassidy 60 Haniinertley 60 Jno Jones 60 Jno. McCuen 60 Cash... 26 Thomas Woods 26 Mr Oriffln 1 CO Clias P.Brown 3 00? $25 76 Mr. Olinstead 1 00 Cat li 26 nudl'ord 60 J G. Moflfit 2 00 C roe an 25 Mrs. W&tkics 1 00 Walker 1 00?$32 76 W D. Gregory & Co 140 25 in5 It'rrc A II. M1CKLK. Treasurer. RELIEF FOR SCOTLAND. MEETING IN GREENWICH VILLAGE.?A meeting will l>e held in the Lectnre Room of the Jane sheet Presbyterian Church, on Saturday Evening. Gth March at half-p at 7 o'clock, to dense ineaim for tendering relief to the aulferimr nsur ol the ,.f ?-,.tl..wl All are friendly to'lie object, are ea-neatly invited to attend, ! and co operate ill 'he In-nevoleut wnrk in7 2t*r FURNITURE FOR SALE. 'I'llb. Advertiser, nhcut declining houae keeping, is desir.1. OUI of telling at private sale 'he entire furmtare now in his haii'li, Conaiit OR of every thing tieceaasry I or the ate of a family of ix or eight peraoua ; it couiitti of pa'lor, hall, eh'infer, and kitchen aiticlet; hat been in uae about "iue mant.ii*. It will cc une to somawhat mora or let* than $7C0, a"d will be found a great bargain The house can be rented, vvli ch it in a moti eligible neighborhnod, rent ft'iO rer anmm, new and pos-essing all Jmodeu eonvenieneet. bnth, Htc. la tnunied above Union square. A rid rasa GOLDING at the office o 1 tint paper. Probably an eichauge ol some kind might be made, that would be mutually adv n'ageoua to buyer and selier. ra5 3tit*r NOTICE. DIAMOND POINTED OOl.D PKNS-lfyou wish a good Gold Pen, far S2 oulv. inc'uding Pencil, the article may be found at J. G. SAVAGE'S, 82 Fultou street. I m"i It.r NOTICE partnership between the subsc-iber and George Coua bov, at masons, under ihe firm of M. O'Connor It I o., baring bei ii heretofore diaaolied. nonce la hereby giv?n lint ihe subscriber will carrv on the business of a mason on hu own account, and that George Conhoy has uo farther connection w ilk. or aa'hr.rity o bind or implicate the subscriber in any manner. MICHAEL O'CONNOR, J3 Reade street. , m7 3t*rc FIkE INSUKA ce. j FIRFMFN'9 INSURANCE COMPANV, Albany-Capital 1150.0(10. JOHN C. HKROH, Agent, i No. 70 Wall street. mS |ib"r over Courier h Enquirer Office. " t""emigrants ?nd travellers PO'Kb.T Maps ai d Guide Books of ererv deacri'tiou, dt'igi-d fie Travellers, maybe had at the Map Store, *io 2i7 nroadway, eo'ner of Park PUce, where information rett'"'H the various rctres to the interior will be all rdrd m-'i 1'#r FAT BEEF WI I.I. be eiposed for sale by the subscriber.on St Us No 2 and 4, i hofon Vlarkef, in S ifrdiy. March 6ih. the Beef of two atee'a. '.sited by Mr. Wilson and two heifers i ist eil by I pt ls<ac I'eck, pionouneed by j udgrs to lie the b st i flV.tii io the public this season in j It-r JACOB II. HEED. L)R POWELL, OuULIST AND AURfNT, A'l T E \ I)S to Dseases of the Kye and, and to all im(erfec ions ol Vijsinn^ iroin 9 io 4 o'clock, at his resi arurr hi o ?mct, m\ Broadway, corner of Warren ttrert. Opthalrnia, Stoppage ol to* Tear Passage, Cataracts. tad ; Opacities, eflecioiilly removed. A MAI Hf'KIS treated witli great nutrition and sncerta 8TH ABI8MUH. or Squinting. cored ia a Tew minutes l>ealneas, and all diachaiges from the Ear, permanently coral ARTIFICIAL EYES inserted * Wprctneles adapted to averv detect mi lm*re WANTED, A a tuatinn by a rearectable Young Woman, aa Chamber Maul, or the wait'ug an a ama'l Kamilv; will mind child-err or irwn g; is well accnit ,mcd to tho bnaineta. and h ? no objection to go & ahor'distance in the country. B-st reference iieeii Adlrei*. !9 I ourtlnudt atrrft m't|t*r 1000 LAM' REUS WANTED. I^HE SI HSCKIUEUK wiah to employ O e Thnuaand KOod Lahotura, b / the ytar, to w. om good wayea and rendy caahwill be given, to wotkon the Mnntftomery aid W*?t Point railroad, in Macon aim Chambers couatira Al ham < th a being in the uplanda, the hell h f thia portion nf the Kinie ia umu (anted by any in the Union. Person* wiahing to ?t ip troin New York, e n do so for lire dnl'ara to ,Voline, and thance by steamboats 10 Montgomery, lor two doHart b'ot lurthnr information, anplyr to Joon (' Hidd'e, .Montgomery, Alabama; Walter Dutaiiey, Kiddle dc Co ; John D (jtrny k Co. Auburn, Maeon co , Alabama, March I. m4 9w*re WANTED, A SITUATION?By a competent Gardener, who it qnalitied to fulfil any place in the Union?thoroughly understand* the management ol girrn home and hot house plnnts and the grow in, of grape* under gists, or any trung elar in theloieir u department?ia a tirat rate propagator of p arte ; a to k tchen noil landscape gardening; end well verted in bo'ar.y?c.inbe highly rer..>rnmeiided by hia latt employer If by letter,,addrea a line to J M , at the office of tin* paper, which w ill ho lucrtuady attended to. ml 2t*irc wanted, ' A SITUATION na Chamberm .id and Plain Sewing, or Nursing nnd Seeing in nrtnall family '1 he beat of city reference* can be given. 1'ieate call at 112 Warerley Place. m4 2'*r AN EDITOR WANTED API? Af'TIUAL PRINTER. capable of editing a aemiW't'hly piper, havi-g a tinvll capital, may hear of agood ch-nce, hy addressing D. K.C. at tin* office 'I lie p'pet ia neutral in every U ing, and pub'uhed wi lnn three inilea of th.a eitv tnt Itrtewli _____ A SET of Uonnteraand Deaka aurtable for a bank or eichange office Any one having aueli lor aale^ may hear vi I'uiviia-ri, uy auurrmnR 001 ijj:? |'o?t omcc. m3rh WANT NO- liy a young woman, t situation as Nurie or I hamherm i<l iu i in^ll priTnte family. The best ol city tefrreucea given as t > character, lie. Please apply at No vets Mot' at . i-coond door, up ataira. m3 3t*rh 1 REMOVAL I OH N (i. WIWBK tii,a rcinoTed hta K*ch-nKe and J Hanking business from the i lfice comer of Wall "nd William at een, to No. M Wall street,in Frtme's new bidding. oppoaite the Ksrhaiige. mt 3ttr?rh (31 1 O - 2l?t ini.a lih.itioe (icici), balance shipMhiki * p ore's car*n, ih? beat ever imported in this country; fur sale in lota to suit putcliasets. bv it K K COLLINS, 4b Mouth it. TO TAILORS. HK M(>;it g and 8on met Cushions for 1817 are now pub a I i lied mil for s ,lr li\ I'M tw*r T. OLIVER. 4 st. N Y. ~ MuNEY EEnT. fj H l.liiglr?it prices ailvanei d in latge ?nd small a mm < ii I gol I and ailter w, diamonds, plate, Jew Iry, U'y f 'I t . , rl,,|V> .y ,1.(1 ni y de-criprtoi , r? mil JL t . ,(l N %!. 1) V'l! S I ii,n>eil [sw I I r 233 * - 'r i lesi IJiimico. Pcraoni r, ce red in j u te i meo. by tinning the bell. Pi?w?rc I TO HOTEL PROPRIETORS. THK prearnt and for a length of tiaa IB oua or the heat huatea ta thia city, ia dee>roua of making arrange rnent a aa Bookkeeper or manager of a hotel, after the lint of April, when hia preaaut engagement eapiraa. A loug eaperiruce iu tirat ciaaa hotela iu different citiaa of .the Ua/oa, and teettmoniala of the highest character, are offered. Reiug withoat encumbrance, haa no objection to auy Part ol the cooutry. Kitravagau' remuneration not cipecird Ad dreaa "Boolia," boa 1111, Poat Ofliee, W. Y. ml ialw*r L' KKNI H LANUUAUK ?<Lafarge Buldinga, 289 Broad T way.)?Profraaor Ex>. ChuIch will commeoce. by particular rrtiueet, a new ereuuiK courae of twenty-four Iciaoiia lor ladiea and gentleman, on Moaday neat, be ween tre houra of i and 10 o'clock Evening*?Yloudaya, Wedneadaya, rridava Tuition, %'j for the whole course of 14 leaaona, (one hour each) A courae of leaaona will alao be given on the afternoona of the aarne d tya, fro in 4 to i o'clock. N. 4S ?Ticketa will be delivered every day from 9 A. M. till 3 I*. M. at the Professor's rooina, Mo. 25 and Id iu the above buildings. ml It'ic AT AM INFORMAL MEETING of the Engineers aud foremen, held after the adjournment ol the regular meeting of Tuesday evening. H J MABB1T, waa called to the chair, and L.Tua.vuaa: appointed Secretary, whereupon it waa Keaolted. That the officers of thia tneeliug be raijueat'd to call a meeting ol Kugiueera and Koremeu at Kireniau'a Hall, on Friday evening, March i, at 8 o'clock, P. M , f?r the porp< ae of i orntnatii g caudniatea for A"iiitaut Engineers, 'o fill vacancies occasioned by he resignation of Charlea Fcrreater uudNichoiaa K. Wilaou. H.aJ. MABBlTT, Chairman. L Tl'HNI RE. Sec'v mhl 5ra, THE SOUTH CAROLINA STAG AT BAY. YANKEE DOODLE tut lUl?Nk eont ius political catieatme rcpreseutirg Mr. Calhoun it bay aud ready to g ire the Administration Hound* L haa also large new ot the Howling Given Fountain apiritnaliz-d; a large and very full view of I he departure cfthe Philadelphia Volunteer* t r Mexico; a new ot the Feaiful Pass m B?rclay street: Mr*. I autlle it the Wui'e Honte.No 3; The Cockney in America, No 4: Yankee Doodle's Mu-ical Dictionary, concluded; iteportof the I oinuion ( ouccil: Sir Clod hu Uudoiuge; and an utiuiual variety of literary and artiatical attraction* The second volume of Yankee Doodle eommeuce* April 111, 18<T Price decent*? $3 p-rannum, in advance in4 2t i rh W. H. OH A1-' AVI. Tribune Buildirgs. ONK EIGHTH OK AN 1NV. NITON AN 1 N VENTION f ir iiicrraung the *peed and aafety ol Mrvnbo?t?, I aa been secured by drp< ailing a caveat iu lliu P. lei-t Oflii e . I'the United State* ; *aid invention having been ppiovrit hy n I rue number of prantical and scientific men The Pubscriber will *ell nue-r iglith part of anid invention lor fix 'I hnusauil Dollars, being deair ua of having an intereated inilividual to assist iu trying experiments, whirh are ill a state of forwr.rdnis*. To mi euiepnsiug person 'hu is a .rest oppo utility, as the i ven'ion is founded on p iucipl/s which cannot fail, and which, if successful,"will be woitli to the p oprietor* miuy millions Apply to 9EWALL SHORT. KM) Vesey street, where a drawing may be seen, and the pAncipl explained bv the invnror. n?4 3t*r SLAVERY. 'THE NOHTH ought to unite against the extension c( SLAVERY. .Meeting this evening at the Methodist ' Impel, 78 alien, betweeu Grand and Broome streets. ( 1'ie-tiou fo, discuisiou. ' Is the 1 onati utiou ot the Untrd Saies a i inti-Mlsvery document I" Ablj speakers mav^be expected Ad in us i u free. tn} lt*rc i fPrtlNie STYLE OK HATS Bl '< D, corner of Pine and Nassau streets, invi'es the attention ol Ins customers and the public, to the new style of Mats for bprii g. lie sol ei ? an ex iniu nitm of the xame. confident lha' the elrg-iit piopoitious ol the new pattern will con invd their approbation BiKD, corue Pine and ni38weoilius?rh Nassau stieets. ORIGINAL PHE NIX. A LESSON IN ECONOMY. Pi PHENIX HAT AND C. t P MANUFACTORY, 103 d^?Fultou street, ilex1 to thechur h. ?PRI G STYLE. 'J lie proprietor of tlii* crlcb ate l establishment is constant ly demo etrating the lact th?t a Beaver Hat eau be sold loi Si 10. and a Moleskin ftat for S3, superior to four fifths antl equal to the Very best Si hit sold in ill# city or elsewhere equal in style, be 'UCV of shi pe. completeness of fnnsh, neat' nesi of lining, noil every other requisite whatever. This f'Cl is the result of a system which, if in-oe generally adopt' ed, would put nn cud to much of the itiiuous extravagance upon which so many tradesmen hive made shipwrei k ol ih*:r hilt)***. Th?. sin<<<ss. a>r h.. ?i ? :-.-i that a low reut, the u'liimt e? on jiny 111 expenditures, quiet sales for cash, with small profits, ran compute triiimphautly With the moat glaring anil cosily ettanlishments ot the day, anil that the (artifice of uo point, important or uuimportanf, in Ihe iii.inuf .cluie of a hat it necessary to enable the pripri etor to warrant a saving of fn m S3 10 to f6 tier annutn tc each cf hit patront. The schedule of prices as below : 1st quality Nutib S3 50 1st quality Cloth Caps. S> 5f 2d " " 3 00 2il " .. 1 0< 1st " Moleskin 3 00 3d " " ..07: 2(1 " ' 2 50 In addition to the current Sp-ing style?a beautiful article? lie keeps on hand au assortn cut of different styles, adaptei to all peculiaiities of form and feature, and is also preparer to make to order, at short uotico, Hats and Caps ol any pal tern. ml lw*rrc #5 HATS TO 15K HAH FOR $3 5(1 rW AT MI1.I>'SALKS ROOM. 178Broadway (Howar. d*?Hoiel).?Spring style lor 1817 now ready. Ueutlemei about purchasing a new tile ere requested to call and ex amine those offered at the above establishment. They an positively just what is represented, and combining elas.icit) with durnbilit) and brilliancy, together with all the moden improvements in the trimming, their superiority w II a once be acknowledged. m3 2w*rh (1 ARCHER, HATTER, No. 260 Ureenwich street J^wwill introduce his Spring style, for neatness uusurpass ed, Mach 2. 1817. ml lwis*c KNOX, lib 128 Ki'LTON'STRKET. 18 now ready to supply the nublic witn elegant Hats of his fihUNU FASHION. The quality of the article he offera for public approval and patronage can be judged from the fact, that no mau ever purchsaed a hat nl his establishment but who became a permanent customer. He will not say anything of his long experience, his peculiar facilities and taste, as the public press have circulated the fict that he bus had no superior in his business for years past. ml 6tis*r GENTLEMEN'S HATS. HI Ti'K 8P1U.NO STYLE is now ready for sale, at ROBERTSON'H PHfENIX HAT AND CAP .MANUFACTORY. in3 lw*rli 8'J Fulton street, (between William & (fold To El I SE. MTHE MANSION HOU8? and farm of John L Norton, at Far-Kockaway lately occupied by Jacob Law recce, lr.. adioiuiLg the .Marine Pavilion. The house is oo icot by 50, two Honrs and attic, affording large and hrautiful accommodations as a boarding h use, coach houses hi.d stahles Inge and commodious. CO acres of ch ice land, 30 of fresh and salt meadow, and 20 of beach and pasture Apply to JOHN W POWER, mS lw?r No. 179 Fulton street. FOR SALE OK KENT?The three sto y brick t!tTw house. No 14 Ba'Ciay stieet, well arranged for a Clu^ JleU House, having a stable in the rear. Apply te 8. J. Hall (.1 Barclay, or 145 West street Furnished if desired. m5r 1W UUI, JjjA A I'UBLI. HOUSE, aituatrd in one ol the moil public places in the rite, continuing four of thabeal JjJJLallrya iu tlie city; drill room, committee room, tyc ? To n rrapnnaible tenon the aboee premie-a will be let on retiemible terms. For (urtber particulars it quire tt the linton Ktni>h, ror <11 ntmi and Division ?t:. m4)t*i wa TO bE I ?'The store 147 ttioau way. coruer of Libff-W erty si Irquirei fM Van iiuren, 79 Dey t!.,or,ol iUUL '<>bn 11. Dark, Si Broad at. m4 lw*r FOR SALE. Jj|ri THhl stock of Dtuga, Chemicals, Medicinea, PerwvT> fuincrr nu<l hixturrs in the Ding Store corner of Al fgl&'eu af.d Hivinijtou alreeta 'Die aaid afore bra been laely repaired and relifted, ia doing a good buaineaa, and will br a?ld w hciliy or m part, to anit cuatoineii, il applied for immediately Enquire on he piemurs uil li'r mhllll aALK? V imnl houie and al> ul ait acrea ol land situ .te at Hocksway Long lalauil, on the Hockaway a d J "'mica Turnpike, a' il within a qusrer ol a mile of' tlie poat office One acre of I be laud ia under peach tires, two acres tillable balance in wood AI<o, aeraral o'her piecea of land in the tame neighborhood Enquire of John L. Norton, jan . II Delancey atreet, or ai I be < nice of Jon H. 1'ower, li'9 Full ai it in 3 iw'rrc ! U i.h II> HttUUKLYN Of* A large two atory and attic br.ek home. No. 49 fc>Myrtle aseoue, enruer of Jav atree ten inmures' walk from any ol the Kemei. It baa a two tore re.i conse'fatory, lumace, b?.|i ri.oin, and all the mode u irnprovem-nts It overlook* a large garden in ihe rear, and is on the widest arert in Brooklyn. Possession cn.. be hail flic ii iddle i.l' iiml. An oMbimia leasing Kulu.u ferry every b<> it, passes t e home. Item S100 App y to 1) W.tlO'l'l, 291 rut. ii street, Brooklyn, between 12 and 2 o'clock The parlor furniture made for the liouae (blue an I gold.) wi'l he told low. m3 2w*rc jma WANTED? \ neatly furnished two a'ory hou>e up J?v?? town in the Bow erv shove 4th sireet. in 2d avenue, t ast Broa I way or Madison street. A liberal rem wi I be vivrn it pleased with the house and Inr.fiou Adilreta Bin 971 Post Off ce. m13ti**rh For* 8AL E, trie House and Lot of grouuo, No. 2H8 Kirn street. Tbe lot is twenty eiitht feet f'outby oue bunilred feet deep. Koi particulars, inquire of Joseph Evans, 889 Broadway. m2 5t*rc Mt'j RKW.aRI).?LOST or straved from the ownerr, on tbe 2d insr.. a Iirge jelh.w slut. Any person retil ii ug ir to the owners will receive the above tewed WE8TLAKE St CODER, 288 South St. in.'i 11 rc M KI.NU CllAKb'.H Hpaniels, and Cs|>uli 'l'er rieis. black autl tanned very small, received per hip Vict ma, Irom London L ug ard hhort breed < ..ii .lira, Breeding, ami . I' er f ,ney ( ages, Bird Bred, Ike , all iii great Vaiiety. Km sale by W. 8. JOHNSTON, 280 Broadway. N. B. The primitive or wild Cnuaiy cau be seen ss above. ml tt'rli imar 18 n.N oiif.iU' on l TaTn syVfji j fil'' AN 1) lit LAND-Persons wishing tore11 moiiev In any part (.1 the old rouutry, t all proru e dral.s I the snhicri'er* lor *s""'s*"WHiiy '.mount, pay able at sight si hout dis count r r any . tlirr charge, in all Kir pimripal towns and cities throughout England, Ireland, Scotland or Wales. I'eisous obt>.inii g Drafts can hat c them forwarded by the regular pickets sailing I orn New V oik on tbe 6ih, I lib, I6ih, 2lsi or 28 th of'March, or by the Royal Mail s.euner from Boston on 1st April. W.fcJ T TAPSCOTT, 88 South street, mVh second door below of Burling slip PASHAOK FROM ALL PARTS OF ENGLAND, 1RELAN D, SCOTLAND AND WALKS. PKf.bONS wiahiii^usriid fer their lueud* in anypTrnjf me Old Country, will liud the snbsc ibcr's arrangements for 1817, most complete, and calculated in everyway to ensure satisfaction to to all who may m ike airangrmruts with I lie m lo bung their Irieuos across the Atlantic. The subscribers are age. ts for THE NEW LINE OK 1,1 VEIirOOL PACKETS. QUEKN OK THE WEST 1300ton*. I.lVkmpooi I2en " HO I TlNQUe.R 12 0 " CoNhTlTUTlON wo " llO.Wi I US, 1200 " hlDDONB U50 " KliKRIDAN 1150 " UARKH K,. 1200 " The above niag.iiHcent packets are all New York bnilt ships, of the very first c'sss, bnilt expressly for the l.iverp ol passenger tisde, and fitted up with special r? gard lor the comfort and convenience of pastei gers; tbev are (limine ded bymen of experience, and are not surpasses forsje'dby any ship afloat. 'J heir sailing days from Liverpool are on the ?tn and I It Is of ovary month, oa which days they leave punctually. Iii sedition to the above iplendid ehipt the ubtcrihere nre eleo Aneuo for the 8T. -UKOROfS'' AND THE UNION LINE OK LIVERPOOL PAi/KETS, eompoieil in pert of ihe following Inroriie nml well known ah i'a, vie The America, St. < eorge, Empire. Ht. Patrick, R*l piliaiinoek. yarmion, See, Ike., ki: , which, together wrli the new line, make iii ehipe per mo ith, or one erery fiv daye, from Liverpool; thm preventing the pmaihiliry of ilelny at that port. Pmenge Irom *ny part ot Irelmti to Lir I no| ran he ?ecnrrd at the lowentjrntee. Every informttion 11 vii by applying to W Si J. T. TAP8UOTT. 86 South tt . 21 door below llnrli n( clip. |)r f;(i (applied for nnv amount from XI, upwarda, payable throni'hont the United Kiegdom. "^TT" ?v ANTEU, tminedr tely, e gootlSkip or Berk, WL^0' * 8CnVhEni0OOLieF^8,0 M South et. AJRUtMCRLBaVS. | PAHK THKATKK? Friday fcveuiag, March 5|li. 1MT the pe-furmuicea will commence with tha FA8 DK8 FLKURH by 42 O'Diutiri Vienuoiaea After which, A NABOB FOR AN HOUR?Ham Hubba, , ' Baa*. 1 To be fo'lowed by the FOLKA FAY8ANNE. by 14 < L'aniueaea Vienuoiaea Altar which tha TWO FRIKND8?Ambroae. Barrett. To conclude with iha OALLOPE DK.8DRAPEAUX, by 4> Vieunoiaa Oaoaucaea Ooora open at h df-paat S o'clock ; performance will com mrnca at 7 o'clock BOWr.KY THKATMK?anday Evening, March 5, will bo prevented the Drama of l.THAN ALLEN? I Krlnu Allen, Mr Htevena; Carabaaaat, Mr Naane; Teu Eyck, Mr Hftdawny; Corpoial Howell, MrV?che; White Na'he, Mr H chapman; Lady St Leon. Mra Jord n; EvaHtCliir, Mra Fr recant; Nenirueca. Mra Booth. To be followed by Kice'a comedy of JUMBO JUM?Jumbo Juin, Mr Rice: 8ir -tolomou -Irgo, Mr. Miluer To conclude with BRIAN BOROIHMK?Brian Boroibme, Mr. Booth; Eriua, Mia. Boo h. Dreaa Circle 20 centa; Fit cud (Jallery 12K ccata lioora orcn at 4H o'clock. Ferforrnapce commences at 7. r.W yuHK OPERA HOUSE. lormeriv ttia lareeuwieh Theatre. Charlton a'reet, corner of Varick atrect ? Friday evening, March 4?The rntcr'ainmeuu will commence with the pe.ite comedy of PERFECTION?Sir Law; rente Paragon, Mr Fliillipa; L liarlea Paragon.l Arnold; Kate I O'Srien.Mra Wn.ta. Allar M. M P .I?m, ?!' Till' Ul'lll'l ' CHIEF?' orporai Dtskey. Mr Fredericks; fctfwsrd O'Biten, Mr 11. P. Uratiau; Nor.h O'Donuell. Mrs Watts. I To conclude with A LADV AND GENTLEMAN IN i A P. P. p.?The Gentleman, Mr J Ducn; the Lady, Mr? ! Watts. | Signer* CIOCCV and biguor MO'lRA will appear in I three fvorite dance* duriug the evening MITCHELL'S OLYMPIC THEATRE?Friday evening, March 4.? I he performances will commenee with the comedietta of WHO'S THE COMPOSER?Signer Ca , farm, Mr Holland, Af er wi.ich, the BAHBKR OK SEVILLE?Figaro,: Wali cott ; Fiore'lo, Virs.Timm Iriah Liit. bv Miu Par iiigtn.i. The v hole 10 c include with l* e laughable farce, entitled I THIMBLE KiO?Jol.n Ginger, a urrvuui grocer, Mr Hoi . | land; Sain Shindy, Nickiuson; Mra (.linger, Mr* W. lsher: wood. Dren circle. 40 centa; upper boiei. 74 ceuta; pit one shilI ling; prince boxes *4. Oichcstrn boxes, $3. b'aiTI Oi en at 7 o'clock ; cur am r>?e? at :i?lf past ' PXL.VO'S OPERA HOUSE, Chamber! street?Friday. 4th, will he performed Verdi'* new Opera, 1 LOMBAK UI | ?Pagano, 8g Henereniano ; Arviuo, Hig, Patti ; Vicliuda, Sigre lloul i d; (liaelda, Sigua liarili; Acci uo Sig Martini: ; Sofia, bigra. IN N. ; Oroute, Sig Uruedetti ; Prior of City of M Ian, Hig. Urnetli; Pirro, Sig Saniiairico; Hermit, Sig Beueveiitauo Opera Dork* may be had at the Box Office, lit tier Boxe* anil Painurtte, $1; 2d do, 40 cents; Puvale Boxe* for If persous, S12; do for 6 person*. glO. Seal* can be secured at the B x Office Ir m 10 a. M. till 4 P. M , daily. Performance to commeuce al 'hi o'clock; doors open at 7, Tiiescay mil. March 9lh. Signuriua B anil's benefit. ITALIAN o P E 11A . , CAKD. i ttlGNOHINA CLOTH.DE BAHILI respectfully anO nounce* to the patrona ?f the Opera, and the public , generally, th t benefit will take place on 7'u?jd'iy inxt, Mutch DfA Season subscriber* m'y secure their scats by applying a t the box office, on or beicre Friday evening Seat* can he secured on Saturday morning mi ?tr CIRCUS BOWEKY AMPHITHEATRE. THISEVENINO, March 4 ?Mr. W H ibbs. the Great S< mcrset Horseman, is enggged for a limited period. I The Wisconsin Giant, upwards of 7 feet high and the eeleb'air-d Vankee Dwarf, Major Stevens, will appear m Jack the Giant killer. Master .Vtacfarland, on tlia Tight Rope. Mr* E. Ay mar, Mr. Sergeant, and Mr. Mad igan in Horse[ minah'p. Joe Miles' original and universally admired Baud of ! Negro Minstrels will give all the most popular Negro Songs, ! Choruses, Glees, Dances, itc. Mr. W Cole, the Original Poslurer and Distortionist, i Mrs. Gullen, Master Garvev, and Miss Madigan, appear. [- Clowns, John Goasin aud Boc Williams. Kiug Master, Mr. Huntington. Doors oneu at 14 oast 6. performance commences at 7. Boxes 2.1'cents, Fit iu?.' Heat*secured. mal Iw rc 'AMERICAN MUSE UM. EVERY Day and Evening tins week, commencing ou Moodly, March 1. Kour Splendid Exhibitions and I'erlounances Daily, in the murninK at ll>x,and in the afternoon . at 3 o'clock, and two in the evening, at 7 and IU o'clock. [C7?*No Kree Lixt except the Fress.^JQ GENERAL TOM THUMB, ' The imallest Man m Miuiatnre m the known world, weighing only riVTKKN pounds, wlu has been patronised by all tie [ ckownicu hkads of Kurope, and been seen by over 5.000,000 [ peis ns, has returned to America, in the steamship Cambria, and made his UKAND DKBUT to the American public at his old head quarters, the American Museum, where he is to br seen every ! MORNING FROM ll? TO 1 O'CLOCK. , on the platform, in one of die main halls of the Museum, in his extraordinary and popular performances, including his , citizen's dhess, iu which he will relate his History, Tra, vels. 4tc., sing a variety of songs, dance the Polka, Sailor's , Hornpipe, give representations of napoleon, Frederick t the ursat, UHKCiAix STATUES, 4tc. Stc. He will also appear in his magnificent COURT DRE8S, presented him by Queen Victoria, of England, and worn before all the principal Courts of Europe. After which he will appear in his BEAUTIFUL SCOTCH COSTUME, in which he will dance the highland flino, kc. The maonificknt presents received from Queen Victoria and the principal Crowned Heads of Europe, will be ex' hihited. IN THE AFTERNOON, FHOM I TO S O'CLOCK, AND IN THE EVENING AT 7, AND AGAIN AT O'CLOCK, The Little General will appear in various Costumes and PERFORMANCES ON THE STAGE, in the Lecture Room, in each of which lie will personate a bombastic MILITARY GENERAL! Deeply iu love Willi a fair damsel : in a POPULAR BURLESQUE, which has been received with rapturous applause at all the principal Theatres and Saloons in London and the Provincial Tawus of Great Britain. In ndditiou, other splendid performances will lake place, including the exhibition of the splendid Ballnou PANORAMIC PAINTING OF LONDON, the most maguilicent ihiug of the kind ever seen. Also engaged, those celebrated I ETHIOPIAN MiNsTKKLS OR SERENADEKS, The moat tateuted and amusing band iu America. GREAT WESTERN the Ynnkee Comedian. MISSES WHEELER and JULIEN LIVING OURANG OUTANG to be seen at all hour*. TWO MONSTER SNAKES, 20 leet loeg. /sin i utiiii'AL v r.iM a, to Dt keen at one shilling each MADAME lt()l'KWM.L ihe Fortune Teller 1 Admission 21 cents; ctu'dHu under It, IKK r*uts. No Re> admissions Due iMymenl will rotil'e to Ml <>ue admission. fHT*" I he 1'ublic nre respectfully informed thai General Tom Thumb will terminate his | ublie eiluhitiwus lorever, aa aoon na he cnii j ay a brief eiait It the principal American ci'iea, and, the,-elorc, that Ina eu??|iin(ii. at thia establishment la ueceaaarily limned to a eery aliort period. Wrc r. T. BARNUM. W VLM I al'Ke,t,i IHKAlHe., flliLAD&Li'HlA K. A M*"aH*L. I.eaaee.. W H Burr. Maaagrr BENEFIT OF MB. CHAPMAN. KKIUAY EVENING. March 1 will performed Buck atone'a celebrated Comedietta of WEAK POINTS. Jemmy Wheedle M' Chapman Sentimental and Comic Singing and Dancing. After which, the interlude of THE WINDMILL. Bampaon Low Mrf h'pman Mariau Miss Fiahar And the Farce of THF. IHI?H FOOTMAN ; Or, Moie Blundera than One Larry Hooligan Mr Chapman iTy* Oil Monday. Mr Ricli'ngt' Benefit HEi IKF TO THE HIGHLANDS OF WCOTLAN1). A GRAND MUSICAL KNTKR ' AINMENT WILL bE GIVEN AT THE TAUEKNACLE, ?u Monday, Marchtth isn C'lVimiftce of Arranermrnti : , Mr. George McNeish, VairClirehugh, John Sinclair, John Audcaou, Ai de. Cauldwell, John Campbell. Nathaniel .VlcDougall, George I olloch, George Grabb. John Black, Luintnings. D. ROBERTSON, Chairman. JAMES McPIIEHSO >, erreiary. John J. Palmer, I'mid-ut of the Merchants' Bmk T eaaurer. The Committee of Arrangements have much pleasure iu announcing that the following professional and amateu- talent have, in the kindest and inoat liberal manner, offered their gratuitous seiviees MRS STRONG, MISS PEARSON. THE AL'.EOHANI 8NS, MR GEORGE LODER. MR. AUSTIN PHILLIPS, MR. TIMM, MR PEARSON. MR. 8. PEARSON, MR. WHITNKV, The celebrated Lecturer on Oratory, and impersonator of the Poeta, Orators and Statesman of America MR. CLIKEHUGH. Audiweral other Amateur*. 'I lie while arrangement under the direction of Mr Clirehugh 1 ickets '<0 cents, to he had at all the Mnsic Stores, at the various Hotels, r ml at the followirg places ? Mr i lirehugh, 201 Broadway Mr. F'aaer. Ait Union. Broadway, t harlcs 8 Francis, 2.12 Broadway, s esari. H 8c 9 Haynur, Booksellers, 76 Bowery. R Carter, Bookseller, ( anal at. Dr Castle, 381 Broad wv H. 8 Dunn, Bookseller, lit Eighth Avenue Geo Mc eiah, 87 Cedar at John Sinclair, 102 Keide at. Dr Dodd, Uioonest Mr. Bell, Rama'Head. Fulton at Mr Kevnoldn, Meicer House, at. David Hide, 100 Meicer at John Russell, Grocer, Spring at. Dr. Dougl in, corner L tight and Greenwich its Saatnii In Miles. Booksellers, 201 Broadway. Dr. Burnett, 108 Bayard at A. Caldwell, Baker, 101 Utyard at. Geo Giub^. Tailor, 6 Courtlaud at. Archibald Greaves, John at. Mr Thorhurn, John at. I I' Milne, 17 Centre at. (.lark tk Brown. Maiden lane. John acott, Grocer, Nsaa n at. I And of .Mr. John Black, 37 Cispennrd ?t. to whom nil appllI cations for a supply of tickets may he made. ! Doors o|ieo at half past 6?To commence at half past 7. m3 3ti*r^ _ socikr\. : TjllKTH SEASON ?The subscribers and members are resI pectfo'ly informed that the third Concert of the present I s?asoii, will tnke place at the Apollo Rooms, on Saturday. iMaich 6th 1847. By order. I f,l 3IV1WM"'rc I.I, ENSIGN. Sec t i r a a i| e7~ tl I til 11. A ,N D UlJAHUV t* iltli Annual ball ?il .1 take place ou Monday, March 13, 1817, at the Apollo I kalnou. Tickets m?y be had of Captai.) Craig,541 Pearl street; Lt. Ergleaon, 742 Broadway; L cut Parsons, 333 Broadway, or of any ol the Compiny. mtllua'r CUSTOM llOUSE. NEW YOUh I Collector's Office. March 2d. 1847 j NOTICE? I'e ions Ii.vilk (nods in the public store, No. 88 Washnmtin street, are not ified that on the 31st Varrh instant, all foods remaining in said sloe will be rrinoaed to the United States Bonded Warehouse, corner of Brodway , and Exchange Place, at the rirk and expense of the owner, consignee or agent, ml t? 1st re C. W. LAWRENCE, flair. POfi T E R'3 WIN DO W SPIII NO. THE 1'ATENT INTENDED FRICTION WINDOW I J. SPRING, recently invented by George P. koater, of Taamon, Massachusetts, is received aud for sale in this city as bel w ll consists of a spring attached to Ihe sash, made to bear upon the inside ol the w ndow frame, and thereby hold the S'ali hi any p.,aition, with ft|nal streogtli ol a cord and weight These sp lugs have been tested by carpenters, and are known { to sup-neda anv other spring, yet invented,'or convenience; while, for durability, they will last mnch longer than any kmd now i use. They can he seen ?t the Hardware Store | < I W, H Seym-ttr Ik ' o., .No 4 Ch.tlu m ' ttuare, , i d had of I j the agent, James Lancaster, at the ssnie place, who will give ' lull instructions in properly adjoatin# tnem. ml lw*r 1 TO THE 1 * LATEST MOMENT. TBliBOHAPHIOt J highly xnsro&TAirv i FROM MEXICO. I LATER FROM THE ARMY. I .< THE WHOLE COMMAND MOVING TO g VERA CRUZ. 1 aof movements of the Mexicans. to " di Renewal of Hostilities in the Neighborhood H of Saltillo. A : Santa Anna will Probably be at the Storming of Vera Oruz, ( Ac., Ac., Ac. Washington, March 4? 9P M. We have received New Oileans papers to the 26th tilt. The Picayune of the 25th ult. contains I Brazos dates to the 18th. I n i.wiii-siniinifin writes mat in ttiree days tno i whole command will depart for Vera Cruz. It is stated in a San Luis lefer of the 27th, that ; there marched from San Luis for Tanque, De 1 Lavera, the place where M inon made his capture, J three bodies of infantry and one brigade of cavalry | and foot artillery with fourteen pieces of ordnance ; also, that in two days Mouther division 1 would march, and shortly the remainder would ] follow. At San Lnis, it appears, n blow is to be stiuck ; ] in the direction ot Saltillo. I Santa Anna's address is published, favoring this idea and opinions of officers; however va! rious they may be, some think tliat the true desti! nation is Vera Cmz, an 1 that the display of his , troops on the other s.deofSan Luis is intended as a mask or decoy Gen. Minon reports his prisoners to be 82 i:i all. Besides Americans taken, there was one Mexican named Galeano, who had been near our troops as a spy or guide. He was immediately put to the sword, although Major Gaines interceded. Capt. Heady, of Kentucky, was also captured two days after Borland's party, by a party of raucheros. Uncertain which party was captured; now said to be 93. Their camps were surrounded J the night alter they inarched 40 miles. i It was reported that Cassius M. Clay would j have forced the ranks, but could not induce the others to assent, on account ol the Mexicans ' greatly outnumbering them. < Tho late Henry Mier, prisoner, acting as inter- 1 preter forthe Arkansas troops, escaped from the Mexican camp on Major Gaines' horse. Waihino rox, March 4?8 P. M. The intended renewal ol the attempt to impose a duty on tea aud cotfee expired with the rejection of the bill to admit books imported for literary institution*, froe of ; duty. Major General Benton, it is said, will be assigned the | chief command of the army, or decline hi* appointment. Senators Houston and Husk wore both offered the Ma- ' i jor Generalship at the latest hour, and declined. j ' There are many memberrof Congress here yet. j , The cars left this evening crowded with Pennsylvania ' and Virginia members. I , 01 the Teunaylvania regiment, General Ramsay is con- i j firmed as colonel; Capt. Johnson, of the army, Lieut, i Col. Hunter, of Carlisle, and Morgan, of Bradford, as majors. Lieut. Lewis Carr is promoted to a captaincy 1 , and to command a company. i I'HiLADKLrHu, March 4 ?9 P.M. | Governor Shunk was re-nomiuatcd for Governor by the democratic convention at Harrisburg, on the first j ballot, this afternoon. The vote stood?Skunk 104, Kldred 14. 1 The current quotations in our market to day were j flour, $8 ; earn meal, $4 80 ; wheat, red, $1 35 , corn, , 90c. Markets dull. - - 1 t Albany, March 4, 1847. 1 1 There was no movement in the flour market to-day.? I ( Street produce is firm. Corn sold at 84 a 88 ; rye, 86; oats I i 40 ; barley 68 a 69. 1 {{Sales were made of 10,000 bushels of barley at 70c., de- 1 liverable in New York on or before the 16th of May, and 10,000 bushels of oats at 43 cents on the same terms j also 10.000 bushels of corn at 78 cents, for 66 pounds, deliverable in New York in all May. Sales of 100 barrels old whiskey were made at 36>4, and 94 ditto new at 34 cents. Sev en of the workmen at the United States arsenil, at Watervleit, were dangerously injured to-day by the ex~ i plosion of a shell in the laboratory. Buffalo, March 4, 1847. I For flour, to-day, $4 78 is offered by buyers, but most- | ly refused by holders. In wheat and corn, prices are en , tirely nominal, there being no sales. BV T II K MAILS. Washington, March 3, 1847. J i The Three Millione Hill? Defeat of the fVilmol Proviea ^ j in the Senate?IVaeto of Time?Political Intrigue. I At twenty minutes past one o'clock this morning, the ( three millions appropriation bill passed the Senate by a ( vole of 39 to 38?the anti-slavery amendment proposed | by Mr Upham having been rejected by the decisive vote i of 31 to 31. While I write, those in favor of tho anti ! ' shivery proviso are endeavoring to strangle the bill to death in the House, as it appears certain that if a vote be ' ! taken the Senate bill will pass by four or five majority. - , The means put in force to kill the bill, is bv constantly - moving an adjournment?calling the aye* and noei, and 1 consuming time t?y every other practicable mean*. The Speaker'* dealt i* loaded with important bill*; while the aye* and nay* consume the small space of time yet left (or the disposal of businoss In the other end of the capitol, the day has been consumed by Mr. ilenton in telling how, at some time or other, he ha* been the maik for throo hundred newipaper*. Thn resolution to employ n repoiter to report the proceeding* of the thirtieth Congreta, ha* given 1 rise to a most tedious discussion, into which have been ; dragged numetou* irrelevant topics, merely for the pur, pose of wasting time. The sceno on the llaor of the Sc| nate, this evening, Was really disgraceful. Repeated calls to order?interruptions-meaningless harrangnes, or nothing at all -and ahti*] of news| paper* in general, havo occupied an antiro | day, worth twenty daya at nny other time. With I the many subjects pressing upon my attention, at pre sent, I have not timo to express myself as I could wish on this conduct I shall tuke occasion, a* soonait'ongress adjourns, to express iny views fully ou the course of certain prominout members of both houses. It is fitting the people should bo made acquainted with the manner in which their interests are sacrificed to gratify personal feelings, unworthy Senators or Ropiesentativas of the t'nited States. Political intrigue is the main spring of almost all the legislation of the present session. This is a fact ao well known, that it will probably he deemed simplicity in me to think it uecessary to state it. I will give > ou ono out of many instances. The friends of Mr. Calhoun were among the most unyielding opponent* of the Lieutenant (ieneralshin u-l?n it came up before. Lately they have been among ita " moet /ibIoih mpportari If the late meamre to autho- d ri?e the Preii lent to appjint anybody he chooiei?fnr?it o amount* to that- to the ccmmaiid of the force* in Meai> ? , ?, did not originate with them, it at all eventi rt ceived *i their warm mppert. Why have they thui given their B iil'port to a mnaxire winch, a month ego. they itrenu- ft oiuly opposed f Became the friend* ot the President, | h they lay, have endeavored to throw tho ouui of the war it upon Mr Calhoun, and they deiire to give Mr Pollt an 1 opportunity of appointing ?ome of hi* Irienda, to relieve him of the burthen ot a war which, in their eitimation, ii unpopular. They think, beaidei, that inch an appoint ?< ment will but entail upon the President new difflcultiei, tt and in that opinion I have no doubt tbey are correct y OALVHCN8I8. 1 W??minoto*, March 3, 1847. ' Wo ihould, perhapi, lay March 4, ai it it paat two in the morning. Tho action of the Hcnate in executive teuton to-day, hai been moet important. n Hon. ( bnrlei Jared lnger?oll, iiominat->^ to France, ? wax rejected, n we learn Irom one statement, hy one , li vote i and from anothar, which li perhapi more anthen- ' " s, by a vote of IS lo 38. Rirhard Ka.k was then oomi- r lUd, and unanimously confirmed ?the same gentleman ' ho io distinguished himself ai minister to Loglan i David Tod, of Ohio, who hai run several times lor u overnor, and is a very popular man, was nominated to 0 raxil and confirmed. Mr. Wise comes horn*. Wall, be t| as had agood lung sojourn at Km. Hon. O W. Hopkins, of Virginia a very valuable mrinsr of the House, and a moat excellent selection, centum- ? 1 as charge to Portugal. A nice beitb?very. Andrew Beaumont, of Pa., rejected as Commissioner t the Public Bu 1 lirgs. He seems to have been vary r j popular with the Senate In the military line. Col. Benton is s Major UeneiHl , s such, under the House amendment, he was pr< hat ly , it apsit to tako the supreme coir mind in Meaico, on a , >w programme. Still, we doubt not. he will he cl , iod set vice, es the inferior of Uenerels Scott and i ay lor. . There were other Mejor and Brigadier Geneti Is conmed, and a long list ot inferior officers, for which -e. Hcial report in the fnion, as we ere sure .Mr Ritchie ok the list down with him The River and Harbor Bill is pocketed by the Pre-p int Mr Wentworth tried lor a remonstrsnce in the ouse, but failed IFF A IR8 IN WA8HINQTON. CONGRESSIONAL PROCEEDINGS. Hose of the Twenty-ninth Congress. PASSAGE OF HUlBROl'S IMPORTANT BILLS. Col. Benton a Major General. &e. &c. fee. Senate. Washinuton, March 3,1847. Last day of this eventful session. Cloudy, lowering md gloomy. Prayer by Rev. Henry Journal tot read Concourse of visitors to the two Houses di ninished from yesterday. Several territorial bills from the House considered. i THK l)|l.l. OK THKKK MILLIONS. Mr Ssviaa. Irom the Committee on foreign Relations, reported a new form of the three million hill, to wit: an intendment of the Mouse bill, by striking nut all alter the ansciing clause, ana inserting the bill ol the Senate Tim bill, an pailful by the Senate, wan a Senate bill, atul the difficulty in the Home n to lake it up? tbil can bo avoilml by returning the bill of the Senate, ai an amendment to the Houae hill; ami this win the object of Mr Sevier. He Kave notice that he should call up the lull at one o'clock [L'kely we ahall have a tight lit with this hill even if it is not yet defe ited J OIIMiON TKHHI I OMISl. Mil.I.. Mr Ai-ukx made an eurneit appeal to the Senate in hehalf of the American settlers in Oregon, and of the imperative duty of providing thorn a government, and moved to tako up the llouio bill providing a territon?l government for the Oregon territory After the agreement of the Senate to a large number ol ameudmenta, Mr. Kvani moved to la; the bill upon the tahle. Mr. Ai.lkn asked the Senator to withdraw the motion. Mr Evans said he would withdraw it to renew the motion again. Mr Allkn aaid the thing wa? clear. The bill waa to be defeated by the name process by which it was lost at the two aesaiom last paat. He understood this htoiness? be understood it all along?there was no misunderstand in it. The object was to drive the people of Oregon te set up au independent government ot their own It was to coerce the people of Oivgou to lever themselves from the Union. It resolved itself into ! a question of dismemberment. It was to carry out the idea of some gentlemen of a separate republic 011 the i Pacific. It was a question of dis-iiemherment of the I'nion Tho object was to reduce the power ot the west | ? limit it?to prevent it,if possible, from ucquiring its ulimatn preponderance in tho confederacy. This was tho real design of cutting off this Oregon hill?it was to ro Bice the people of Oregon to set up a counter tepublic an the Pacific. There was a vary natural uuion of in'erpits against this territory of Oregon?the extreme south, and the New England comer. It was a combination of tho two old wings of the Union, aguinst the uew contro, the great west It was the old north, and tho old south, that dread tho dominion of the new centre. He would make thia matter clearly undorstooJ, and enlarged upon tho alleged designs of the north and south ugainst the west. Mr. Baduiir desired, as the Senator had said he would make the matter clearly understood, that he would do so to the understanding of the Senate. Mr. Alukiv thought there was no difficulty in under- ' standing what he had said. He wauld call the attention ?f the Senator tothe ayes nnd noes given heretoloie, ; lo see where those live who voted " no." Thut will he a sufficient explanation Mr. Evans declared that ho did not understand the S?- , uator at all. He did not kuow what ho wav driving at. j He believed the people of Oregon were doing na yet very well under their own laws; and that they were not yet ready for the taxes of our custom house laws. Ho thought it boat to wait till they should get a little stronger He renewed tho motion to lay. on the table. Mr Calhoun was bo very hoarse as scarcely to bo able to speak, and yet he desired a single word, lie to garded tho imputation of the -Senator lr?m Ohio as light is sir. He was opposed to the cousideia'ion of the hill now. TJie Senate wan loo thin; and wo hitve not now he time. Mr. Allen.? The Senator declare* the imputation igainst him as light aa air. I ma le no personal allusion* , j ind therefore, there wu? no necessity tor the relutation Mr. Cslmock ?The Senator referred to those voting 'no",upon this bill. Mr. Allen ?That wuato show the section of country rom which such votes were given against this bill. A motion to lay on the table was lost, III to M Several amendments were considered, and ore was inner discussion, allowing loreigners to vote alter u leclarution of allegiance, when Mr. Weitcott renewed the motion to lay the bill upon ihe table The bill of itself would take up the whole day, and the time could not be spared from considerations of the importunt public measures yet to be acted upon. Carried, 16 to 26 Mr. Allen said that as he was not in tha hubit of doing things by stealth, he would now give notice that he should, when the Senate was full, move to take up this bill. and hahsosi On motion of Mr. Davis, tbe House bill, making appropriations to certain rivers and harbors, entitled " A bill lor the improvement of a certain public work iu the territory of Wisconsin, and for other purposes," was then taken up. Mr. Davis explained the bill. Mr Bsoar said, if time allowed, he would oppose it item by item. Mr. Die said the bill appropriated about $460,000 for rivers and harbors, muny oi wtuch appropriations were needed tordhe preservation oi the public works. They were all old works, aud bad all neen approved by Presidents Jackson end Van Buren. There could he no con stitutionsl difficulty. [Item. - It will be recollected that the President vetoed the hill of last year on constitutional grounds j Bill taken up by a vote of 31 to M. Mr. Baost, to test the sense of the Senate upon these ippropriattons, moved to strike out the nm u leuture, to Ait?the item of >IA(l 000 lor the Ohio, below the falls, It Louisville, and the Lower Mississippi. Motion rejected 6 to MB. Mr. Calhoun voting in the tie[Stive? And the bill was passed, precisely as it camo from the i louse, without the alteration of a word. It only remains : or the Prosulent to sign it. We huve given you the terns some t< n days ago a :UL. BENTON til OK HOUIl ON? LAST SCENE IN THIS TARCE rOR THIS SESSION. Mr. HanneoaN moved to take up the resolution indicated. Mr. Dm asked lor a Committer of Conference on the supplemental army bill Agreed to. Mr. Dickinson moved to tuke up privato lull*. Not agreed to. Mr. Jo He 80?*. of Md , moved to take up the revolution for employing Dr. Houston to IbUp and print tiio it-ports af the Mouate for the next < ongioss. Agreed to- J.> to Id. Mr. Tuaer v did not intend to occupy the time of the donate. He had hoped that the unpleasant scene of yesterday would not hove been renewed, lie referred to he charge of the .Senator Iroin Missouri yeiteriliiy , that he object at the bottom of thi* movement whs ii politi;al pre8*, and that it was to be established at the exleiise of the public tieaaury. J ho charge was made by i Senator in hi* place ; and it was due to the character >f the Senate that there should be a committee appoint;d to investigate the charges made by the Seriutoi fiom dissouii He moved that the resolution tie referred to u lelect committee. Mr Wvmraa presented the fact tlrat srn-h n reh-rcr.ce it this late day of the session, would be perfectly ritrga,ory. Mr Bauer suggested another i lea We shall have no reccssity for reports now till the next session We kip egmlatiiig lor our successots , and from the ahuudsi.t ulliics* ot the treasury, we propose to pay out i i this riew. fdH 000, nine montbs in advance. And you ask no lec.urity, and your man is not known to a solitary neinber of this body, 'i'he n?0V< meiit was susceptible if a well-grounded suspicion. The Hmendment, ) esterlay, did not disconnect this movement and the political irnss. The very types might he used in the printing a oliticnl paper; and ho would agree to be s?t down imong the false prophets, if the boocilciaries ol this bill re net connected witli a political press, established and mblishod in thn District of ClhtBiHi. Mr. H*nn?oan had bad no concert with a living man n getting tip this resolution, except with tlio reporter it iropos-s to employ If the Senator from Alabama imiiitea improper motives to me, alter all that I have said, only huve to say that he sharnos the seat where he sita dr. H earnestly disavowed any sinister design in this nterprise. Mr. Bauer was astrnishod at the remarks of the Sena ar from Indiana, it, indeed, alter wITat occurred lor the ; 1st two days, he would he astonished at any thing from list quarter My intelligence as a Heuaior- my sell ir(i?ct ss a man,will riot allow me to indulge hi the temper t that Senator My sell-respec.t and regard for common rcancy would rast rain m , bnt ll I were to use Ins wn language, I should say that I do not shame my sat. bill that it IS shamed f.oru Its nrnximitv tn nnutln r ?at (Mr Hannegan lit* in the neighborhood ui Mr. agby J After thn attack* up )ti the venerable Senator <,m Mmourl, distinguished for bit high churnctar, *nd i? I nn public *oi vice*, whet m iy I not expect.irom the itemp?rance of tho Senator frrm Indian* > Mr H*nnxo*n.?Well, air, if you are i.<H*tied, Ism. Mr. Tt'nerr wax about proc toiling to sen* remark* ? { Mr. Breton ? I now make the motion to relei to n lltct committee; and it it i* rejected. I ?ball know that le Senate retina* an investigation nt the charge* mrnlu. ; our reporter* will not he wanted ml Hie next aeaaion. , mak* the motion of reference. The Vic* Pa*?tn**r?Doe* the Senator from Tonne* ! ?e withdraw hi* motion I Mr Breton?I* it the aame motion I Mr- Tt'antr ?It ia Ju?t lha ?*ma Mr Ban70n ?Well, we will lat it go upon your j otion. Mr Traerr appealed to the committee The Senate | rould he wanting in courtesy and reapcct to the Senetor bin Miaaotlii tu witUliold tbeui. It wua due to Ilia cha- I icter, and the character of tho wholo body, that the I . in I I omonittee should be raited After other general rt- 1 narks u ;.on hi* suspicions cornier ted with this enterprise, I (r Turney r,?? way. Mr Wiitcoir intended to rote againet the reference, n f also against the i evolution; end upon the simple issue f th* expediency of the project. Mr. Bi' would not re vorsa a decision of the Seaete. be committee of investigation having already been re used. Mr Benton urged upon the ftenete that there was no isces.i'y for any provision for the reports of the Sonata intiliha next session; and called the attention of Senators o the fact tLat Blair and Rives, who had boon elected as inntara to the Menate at the expiration of one Congress or the next Congress, wr re expelled by the next Contreat as printers to the .Senate. We are now choosing he reporter.; lor our successors. Besides, the individual -rgiged.ia a itianger, with no visible responsibility, in.: no ?, cuiity is provided tor He is celled e doctor, but I uuiieratuiid there ought to te a preflxjto that, air. When Mr B had conrluded, i'he (jueitiori was taken on referring the aubject to a si-lect committee, with power to send for persona and papers, which was lost, 16 to 18 And the resolution for , mplojing Dr. James A. Houston to give ami pu1 lish deity reports of the proceedings and debates ol the Binute for the 30th Congress, at $8,000 tor tie short tessiou, ant tli.OUo for the long eeeaion, was turn voce, period-, and betug only a resolution of the Senate, iislew as it stands. another nraoLUTion Mr Bis ton introduced a resolution for rescinding the resolution just pane.1, because of various objections specified, such as these-because no security is required ?no alternative choice is otteied to the Sec etary id the contract?because $18,000 is taken from the contingent fund, in of thn services rendered? because the project wil. place individual Senators at tba mercy of the reporter? because the debates are already reported and published in a satisfactory manner?Decause Dr. Houston is a new comer in the city, and without any visible responsibility, lie Mr. Wsaaisu ?Uuder the rule, the resolution lies over Mr. Bknton.-I shall take it up at the first day of the next session. And here the subject wus dropped. oknemal. lunsns mesuhiu. The H-ruso hill for establishing the territory of Minnesota west of Wisconsin, was taJteu up, debated, and laid on the table Mr. ai.i?.n introduced a resolution, rescinding the resolution for expelling Ritchie and Heiss, which lies ever till the next session A House hill, relating tojthe crianinal jurisdiction of our coin ula in China, wus laid upon the table. At hull p i t two, #n motion of Mr. Sxvua, the Senate went into t xeautivi- sassiou. KVXN1N? HUSSION?CLOSING SCENES Tliu wca'uei i? unequivocally ominous and gloomy? gloom thickening mid a misty lain oozing from the thick log above uh Members and atrangeis hurrying awey in every direction. Kive antra earn attached to the Baltimore tiuin this evening The dreadful work of depepUI'tl,uilvia v.. u.l ...,U i>. . I I.. l?..b. like the Hunt <1 the inhaUianta uom the invasion of a pes'ilanoo. I'iocuiuii to the Capitol rvseniblc-s a funeral. S;xo clock P VI. Htinutn r-asvc-mblirig Chamber lit with g*?. <iii> c.ompaiiv of lair lace* in the semicircular balcony oveihunging 11.0 Seriate htrangeia and cit zona fi'ling in ut the sides Tno Vice Preanlent in his fine flowing silvery zuit ol hair, passes up the main aula to the chair. Hap ! Itap ! Rap ! The Senate will come to order. Mr Maroon moved that tha door* he cloietl, aa the executive Luainea* wa* nut finished on the recei* at lour o'clock Sir Ahcmeb?Why not open the door* ? Mr S. nuK-Yei, 1 move you tliat the door* beojiened. [A pau?<! ] Tho I'.esidont of the United State* and hi* private ai'cietary in the room of the Vice Pretideut, near tho St-nnte -chamber, acting upon the act* of Coi grass, or awaiting or approving their action Mr. l)iz.?Mr. President, ia tho konato in Kxecutive session! Vic g President. - The Senator will pause a moment. Mr. Manoum ? iid that the door* ahould not have been opened, when the Senate took a recess, but would waive that objection, and moved that the doora be now opened \gr ed to. A mere matt r of form. Message Irom the House, announcing the auapeniion of the 1 it'll Joint lulu, in order to pass to the Senate the bill KUplimec'tal to the aub treasury act. and for the establishiiicut of a branch uiiut in the city of New Vork. Mr. IS a dc, an objected to the luipeniion. Mr Bevies appealed for it aa a matter of courleiy. Submitted to u vote, and carried, 31 to 13. n-ll T K K AII' H V , AMI n.v IIRANCH MINT SILL. Mrssngefrom tlio Mouse, bringing in the bill, which wen re a 1 tho first time Mr. D.z usketl that the hill be now considered. Mr. Bahuch objected; an i the bill wa* laid over on* day under the rule Lost, of course. Mr Johnson, of La, moved to take up private bills from the House. Mr Allen submitted the auperior importance of public Biexsutcs On motion of Mr. Bagsv, the Senate took up an Indian bill, and proceeded to consider it under the supervision of Mr. Bughy. [Message from tho House. Mr. French bring* in a report that tho House has concurred in the report of the Committee ol Conference on the disagreeing vote* between the two houses on the biU lor tbo appointment of additional Majer Generals, tand other officer* of th? army ] Seven o'clock Indian bill passed. Mr. Benton asked the discharge of the Military Com loitlee from ell subjects entrusted te them, and not yet reported on. Discharged. Mr Sr. tier asked tho consideration of a Cherokee bill, $3.*> for a reiervation twelve mile* square in Alaba vr1vate bills. On motion of Mr. Johsbon, of La-, private bllli from tbo House went taken up. One, two, three, passed Fourth hill taken up aod rea l, for the relief of Wm B. Stokes, for mail transportation. Read. Mr HnsTiiuioN asked the amount of the bill. Mr. did not know. It appeared te be a clear cuso. llut us the subject waa to be referred to the P. M. General, he.JtUought the claimant would find it rather a hard matter to get any thing. [Hatha'.} Faaaed. Kitth A bill for the relief of Jemee Jonea, of Brooklyn, passed. Sixth (for tho relief ef the heirs of Sergeant Major John i hump ) and sevonth reliel billi passed?tba seventh being .1 bill (or the relief of Sn-en Brown, end the eighth a bill for the relief of Elisabeth Allen. The ladim are always lucky Ninth relief bill passed, and the tenth, eleventh, twelfth, thirteenth, fourteenth Mr. Allkis wished to suspend this business. The President VMM not have time t j sign the bills Cries of "go on! go on'." Mr. Cass?We'll agree to stop, if not through in half an hour. Fourteenth private bill taken up, and debated. [Message from 1'resident announcing that he has signed 1 the throe million peace bill, and several other bills; also, a message in witbj Fourteenth, tiitventh, sixteenth, seventeenth relief bills parsed Mr Evams here interposed with the report of the conferees between the houses, on the ameudmeutt in diepure between the two houses on the civil and diplomatic lull. Keport received, read, and concurred in Mr. W>:aiTKR asked to take up a hill, which would re! ijuire neitner time nor money?a H juae hill for giving a 1 register to a ship, to he employed in carrying proviaiona 1 to Ireland. Ship Levering Bill passed. lft h and 19th relief hills passed; 'JOth, a bill for the re' lie! of Elizabeth Switch, passed. Tbat'a a good name. [Seigeant-u'-arois lielow pa) ing out money, consisting of roieitox oi lieu eriglea in p?per wrappers ) fist, -JJd, J3d, 'fltli "JMh, 'ft h relief bills pasned. [Here ymr reporter was absent for a cap of coffee, about fifteen minutes, pending which,} tmv i.ieutenakt oissbll olfce more. Mr. Uis made a report from the Committee of Conference on the Supplemental Military bill for additional generals, and oilier officers to the army; and in thia report the conferees recommend that the Senate recede from its objections, and agiee to the Hons# amendment providing lor a Lieutenant General substantially. Messrs Mangum. Wonster and Westcott spoke in opposition to the project, and urged that the Senate reject the report The report wa i rejected, and a new committee of conferees of the Henato uppointed, consisting of Messre. Dix, Evans and lla lgor About twenty-live private bills passed. I .Message iruni ion rresuieni J The Vn I'bbsidkkt signed several bills. Vour reportei hark in his iiUco Hull a <lo7in mora pi imtn bills passed; and a joint reaolutiun relating to sundry maps ami plats,lie. [Message from tlif President in writing ] .Nine o'clock, (talleries crowded to suffocation. Mr moved to uko tip the resolution relating to the title* to certain lota in or uoar the city of Cincinnati Taki'ii nit nr. I .lehated by Manure Johnson, of Maryland ; Kniirield, i oTa in and Huntington; all but Mr. Corwin, in decided opposition lo the bill. 1 he cm ? appear* to l e a contest between aundry citi7.?ni of ' incinuuti and the heirs of John Cleves Mynimee. The leitolu'ion projio-en to authorise the Secretary of the Treasury to uivas'ig ite these conflicting claims, and In report to the next Congress all the facta in the mat trr. tog ther with the opinion of the Attorney General. 'l'ho object ol the resolution appear* to be to prevent the sacntie ol n government tract of IS acree of land ( erth fMio eiill) at AO or 7U cent* an acra. Mr Alls a, in tlm middle of the central aisle, mad? a most c:nnest appeal tor the resolution. [Message from Ibu ilouso J Mr Tub ear replied, and moved to lay the resolution on the table Lost And with an amendment, tho resolution, through tbo perseverance oi .Vlr. Allen, was passed. HOVSST IOHS D4TIS. Mr Wxbstbb prosuuted the credeutlal* of Mr. Davia, of Massachusetts, re-elected to the Senate for sis years, Irr into-morrow morning. Read end laid on the table Hee?kution pasted lor extra pay to tho subordinate employees ol tho Senate. Message* from the House?various bills?and ennoUDC in?C ? 'it* .v commiitce on tue com of the Lieutenant <4enetal. *01 ? ItTiL II KAMI HIOn motion of Mr. KiiBFiiti.n, the biU for four nival ateaincia, was taken up with tho amendment* Of tho House, at follow* :? Ai? At r ?Providing for tho building aud oquipmont of lour naval ateamahipn ? B? it enact* 1 liy the Sina'.e an I Home of Represent! tivoi of th? United Stae* of America in Com<reM itarmbled. That the President of the United Sta'e' be, end he is liettil y, authorized to cause to he built and equij I el fo'ir Hi ?t rl'ise *?a going t'oatnthipi, to he attached to the navy of the Unit-d Stete*, and that one milliOD of dollar* bo, and ? hereby appropi late! for that purpote, to be jiniJ out of any money in the treaaury not oth?rwl?o appropriated. Punned the Senate February 1ft, 1847 Atteat; A tBl'RV CMC KINS, Secretary Amenlmenta ot the Houte, introduced by Mr l'hoasae Butler king, of the Committee on Naval Alfaira Sec 1 And he it lurther enacted, That from amI mediately I Iter the paersgn of ihiaact it aball he tho ' of thoHecicUiy of tlio Navy to accept. on the I the governtnont ol the United State*, the PJ0P?'|L y?rg' K Collin* and hi* aiaociite*. ol tho city of N _ yy,,),. ubmitted to the Portmaeter Henerel. fjr ington, March aivth, *i btecB hnndi" d en? h.twoeu i tho ti asportation ol tlio Umte'l ?,th the laid New Fore and Liverpool, and to J

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