Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 5, 1847, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 5, 1847 Page 4
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t ?***? - . i i^wsa^teisSBS 1 ui ?e transportation of the United States mall bs. i twaen New York uiiJ Liverpool shall b# oonstrncted unJer the inspection of e naval constructor In ths employ af the Navy Department, anil ?hall be ao constructed as to render them convertible. at the least possible cost, Into war ?tnM.. r. of ;hc first class; and that each of said eieanwia -hell receive ou board four passed midshipnen ot the L'nited States navy, who shall seiva as watch offl cpis. end he suitably accommodated without charge to .tie government, and the said steamers shall alio receive on board and accommodate, without charge to the gorernm-nt. one agect. to be appointed by the Postmaster Geoer-1, who shall have charge 01 the mails to ba tramported in said steamships. Hpc 4 And be it further enacted. That from and imme after the posssge if this act it shall be the du'y of tbi Secretary "f the Nevv to contract, on the part of the H'tv^n.inent of the U H . whh \ D Sloo of Cincinnati, tor the tf--n?por atioti of 'he United States mail (rom New York to New Oileans, twice a month and back, touching at Ch*r'e**oo ytf practice'le ) Savannah, and H?vaint. S"d lrom Havana to Chagrn and back, twice a mouth The said mail to h? tram-potted in steamship* ef not lets than fifteen hundred tons burden, and propeliad by engines of not 1 sa than one thousand bo s power each, to be constructed under the superintendence and dirte'ionof a naval constructer in the employ of the navy drpaitmeut, and to he so con'tiuc'ed as to rtnder them convertible, at the least possible expense, into war s'.eimeis of the fiist class ; and that the said steamships shall be commanded by officers of the United States navy not below the grade ot lieutenant, who shall ba se lec.ted by the contractor, with tho npproval and consent of the S-cretary of the navy, and who shall be suitably m-cominodated without charge to the government ? , K.acb ol said s'eamer* shall receive on besrd four passed midshipmen of the United S-ates navy, who shall aerva u? watch officers, and ba suitably accommodated with out cbaige to the government : and each of the said steamers shall also receive on board and accommodate, without charts to tbo gov rnntnt, ooe agent, to he ap pointed by the rostmcster General, who shall have charge of th i mails to he tracsporred in said stunners : ? I Provided, The S-cretary of the N ivy may, at els discretion, permit a steamer o! not less than six hundred tons burden and engines in propoition, to he employed in the service herein provided lor between Havana and Chtiares : Provided, iuiiher. thai the compensa-iou for said sarvices shall not exceed the turn ol fcJfld.UOO. and thai g.-oii and sum dent sec>mt> be requited for the tuiiiifui lu.Cunent ol the stipulations of the coutiact. *tec 0. Arid be it lurthar enacted, That it shall be the du* y ol the eieciatary of the Navy to conliact, on beha.f ol tha government of the United Stales, for the transputtatiou of the mail from Panama to such port as ha may seleut in the territory of Oregon, once u month each way, so as to connect with the mail In in Havana to Chegres across ibe isthmus : sanl raai. to be transported in either steam or sailing vessels, as shall he deemed most practicable and expedient Sec tl And l>e it lurtber enacted, That it shell be the duty of the Secretary of the Navy to provide, in tha con tracts authorized by this act, that tha Navy Department . 'dial ail times exei cue control over said steamships, J at any time have the right to take them tor tha ex.ds,ve use and service of the United States, and to direct such changes in their machinery and internal arrange me. ts as tne Secretary of the Navy may require ; due provision being made in tbe said contracts for the mode of ascertaining the proper compensation to the contracted th-relor. Mr Fsisriki d, as Chsirmsn on Neval .Affairs, agreed thai the amendments of the House should be concurred in. Mr, Chairman on Post Offlcoa and Post Ji >ads, though opposed to the original Naval bill, would give it his hraity ss?ent with the amendments of tbe House The amendinenti were concurred in, and the bill was I passed, lequinng only the signature ot the ptesidiug vfti ere and tne Piesidtnt to become a law of the land. A moat excellent bill. lit ?P?CT TO THK KKiD On motion of Mr. Cbittcsdci'i, tbe sxpetises of the | rauspoctatiou of the remains ut the late Hon Alexander Barrow to Louiiiana, were authorized to be paid out ot tae contingent ittudvf the Seudte On motion of Mr. Sevikr a similar resolution was adopted in respect to tiro remains of the luto Hon. Isaac 8. Pennybacker, of Va. rsMIDRNT rso TI-SS* The Senate will be good enough to elect a providing officer pro tempore. On motion oi Mr. Ws.bsthh, Mr. Atchison, of Missouri, was appointed ; the Vice President baring left tbe Chair, and the Uoti. Mr. Atchison took it for the remainder of the session. The object of this usage 'h to secure the office of Pre sident oi the Senate from the contingency of a vacancy during the recess by the death of tha Vice President, if such a casualty should happen in tlia interregnum. On motion of Mr. Scvitta, the Senate wont into executive session, .just as a bevy of ladies had been usbeied in on to the floor of the chamber wit!.out the bar, there being no more room iu the gal eriea. Motion carried. Galleries cleared, loors closed, and from half past ten to one o'clock they continued closed, the Senate being employ ed upon the most important military and diplomatic nominations, with an occasional in teilude upon nn ular Business, in o e of which Uie re. poitofthe second rommitee of conleience on tlia gUppieiuenury m-lilsry bill withdrawing the House amend mem for (substantially) a Lieutenant General; so that project is finally defoatrd. As the senate remained with closed deors to the ad- | Journiuent. we have no means, at this lato hour of the night, or rather early hour ol the morning, of ascertain ing certainly w umber, among the Saiiaio bills finally passed, and signed by the P'evident, he approved the bill tor the Naval ami Post Office Steamers ; but we are in- j 1mm4 veibally that he di t sign that important hill. ( A large ciowd remained outside the uoors of the Se- i nate up to the a journrnont, momentarily expecting that j the doors would t>a thrown open for l-. gislative business, . but in this they were mistaken. At a quarter past one tha Senators came out, the crowd ' hanging around the doors until satisfied that the chamber was emptied, and the eventful and ominous d0.h Congross was at aa end Jtloaae of 11*presentntlvcs. Washiivoto.v, March 8, 1847. THR MKBTKN&.H- USSKIiL. The morniDg hour ba?iog ? Tbe unfinished business ot y ester day was token up, viz: the Question on ordering tbu mam question on tne motion of Mr. McHeury, that tne House recede from their amendment to the Senate bill authorizing an addition il number of general officers, i e : Will the House concur with the Senate in their amendment disagreeing to the amendment of tbe House authorizing the President to designate and avign one of the major generals to be commander-in-chief of the army in Mexico? The question was derided by yxas 8J, nays 103. So the amendment ol the Senate was disugreed to. The remaining amendments of the Senate w-re read, viz: strixingout the amendments of the House. The question was put separately ou each amendment, and they ware severally disagreed to. So the House insisted on their amendments. On motion of Mr Hovn, a Committee of Conference on the part of the House was appointed to confer Willi a similar committor on the .Senate's pait on the disagreeing ' votes of the two Houses on the bill ntifboi jzing the ap- ! pointment of an additional number of genoral officers. 1 The bill for the relief of brands Sotnmearer was read I the third time and passed Mr C.J Ivnr.naoLi. moved thut tbe House resolve itself into committee on the Three Million Bill of the Senate Mr. McOapohkt rose to a question ot" privilege. He I in l,tu ?n ih. ,ai..t,l ,,,.A Ik. raittee of elections in rogard to the right at Kdtvard D. Baker and Thomas W. Newton to seats at represents- j i tires in the i9th Congress. The first resolution declares that Edward D. Baker ha* not been entitled to a sent as a representative since his acceptance of an appointment in the volunteer service. The second resolution declares that Thomas VV. Newton is entitled to a teat as the representative from the State of Arkansas. The question was put, and the House refused to take up the report and resolutions. Mr. lU.Msr.r mov-,1 a resolution suspending (the 17th joint rule for tho purpose ni presenting to tho President for his approval certain hills. Mr. S. Junes moved to amend the resolution so as to iuclude "such other hills us might be passed this day." Agreed to? Yea j 91, nay a 60, The resolution as amen led was then agreed to. lhhiii: million bill. The Houio thon resolved itself into Committee of the AVnola, (Mr Cos a in the cliair ) anl took up the Three . Million hill as it passed the 8 nate. Mr. Wilmot moved to add to the bill the clause gener- | ally known at the Wilmot proviso, in the following i words- ? Provided, That there shall be neither slavery nor in- | voluatary servitude in any teriitory on the continant of Ameiica wtiich shall hereafter be acquired by or annexed to the Coiled Mates by virtue ol thi> appropriation, or in ; any other manner wuatever, except let crimes whereof I tne pa'ty shall bar* beon duly convicted : Provided, always, That every person escaping tuto such ten itoi y from who,n labor or aeivice is lawlully claimed in any oue of ths Cnited States, aucn lugi'ive may ha liwiully claimed and conveyed out of aaid territory to the power Claiming hit or her tabor or service." ,\lr liaAHi* moved a aniao ' sir. Wilmot's proviso by *trJting ou' .Hatter provl led," end inserting? 11 any territory b > acquired by the United States from Mexico, the Missouri to,npromi-e line oi 3d .leg 30 in in shall be axten led direct to ths Pacific ocean, that is, slavery stall be prohibited uoi th of that liua, and allowed south of it " Disagree 1 to?ayes fit. noes 96 The question rocurred on the proviso moved by Mr. \i-.. ....,1 ?~l ... nn ? UU1WV, aUu ik rw n> a^ivKvi B/OI i'V , IlVtta DU The committee t .en ioie in 1 reported the hilt. Mr RkTHat'jt moved the previous question, which ( was secondi-d: and the main question we* ordereil uad put, viz: Will the House agree to the amendment reported by the Committee ol tue Whole, (the Wilmot piovi'O?) It we* decided in the negative by yeas B7, , noei lOi. Ho the Hm< n lm jct woe rejected. Ma. VViuMor moved to lay tha bill upon the table? I woich motion wa? decided by yeas and nays: yeas, &7, | nays 114. Toe bill was then road a third tima. Tae previom question moved and aecouded, end i the main question otd red to ba p it, v.* : Shall the bill j pus 7 It was decided in tuo ..ih.uuiivo by?yeas, 114? . says, 81 no tua Thveo Million Dill was piste 1. A motion w is mid) to reconsider the vote last taken ' on tae loregoiug bill, and toe mr.ioa t o re consider was laid on the table IHt sua T il? VSt'lIT . The House resolved t ?> r,.it> C.immiltee of Ilia Whole on the State ol the 17 h-.q, ?1r Cabh in the Chair Mr. UaouoooL* m > o i to l.ik i up tne bill amendatory I of the act to provide lor the hatter or^an zatimi ot the ' Treseury, aoJ i #r toe c idociuii. ?,t ', traiwler, nod disbursement ot the p tb ic revenue An i red to. Some remarks were uiedo by Messrs. itmain end On mooom; when, On motion ot Mr. MoKsr, the committee rose and reported proirreu. Mr. MeKav movel the tisntl reiolution to close all ile- I bate in Committee of the Wuole in thirty minutes after the Committee shall a ;ain rosuma its session; which reeolation was a/tread to The Home again went into Committee of the Whole, j and the debate was continued by Mr. J. H. Inocasou., W W. CanrsabL, and others; when Mr- WasMi.soron Huist moved to amend the Arst sec !*? Twwirf. Mi tor the aeUeettoc, tofcikdeshM, Kiw to*. Mi iimuMii eftha ptthUs >i?MW,tMNrM August a. leit, be M<i Ue mmIi hereby repealed "? Disagreed to Mr. Juhi A Root will moved to emend the second section by Inserting h?tween t e word "peymonl" and tbo words "he may be ao permitted" tho words "or prefers to receive any draft* or notea of any peracn or corporation," re aa to leave it optional with any public creditor to receive treaiury dreite at par or notea of peraona or corporations The amendment was disagreed to. Mr WiiTHaor said that he could not torbear calling the attention of the Houae to thia aecond section of the bill. It furnished an admirable illustration of the financial policy of the administration The government waa to receive from its drb'ors nothing but gold and aUver or treasury notea at par; *)"t when it came toits creditors, the case wk to be cbsngpd. If the government bad no gold anJ silver and it* notes were at a discount, the creditor wee to he forced to take its notea t per, or to go wi'hout bi> pat mant The coolness with which thie was held out a* a positive privilege to the cieli'or wis quite omu*iog If the creditor prefera depreciated paper to no hidg, ('bis section provides,) be shall be |>ermitted to receive such papei ! To thiecomph xion it had come at ia?t The government waa to turn banker, to become a grand deal-r in paper money, end to be allowed to pay it* debts iu its own depreciated notes Thus at last were accomplished the predictiona that the subtreasury system was only a government hank In die guise, and a bank, aa it now appeared, which waa to b# authorized to commenca it* career by dealing in a depreciated currency. ?Mr. John A. Rockwell moved to amend the third section by adding the following : ? " Provided, also, That the Secretary of War and Secretary of the Navy shall not be hereby author,zed to issue any ol said notes or diafts as a paper currency or medium of eschango in sums of lesa amount than five dollars each." Disagreed to. Mr. Jos. 11 Irtus r.soi.L moved to add, at the end ol the third section, " And whenever an amount of apecie exceeding $4,000 Oku shall be found in the treasury of the United States, it shall be the duty of the Secretary ol tbe Treasury to invest such surplus ia government stock." Unagreed to. mr jmi./\ noi'iw tix Dorei (o urine out tne intra sec ion of the hill. Disagreed to Mr. Rin.iv moved to strike out the word "theroof,"in the third section, and insert iu ita lieu the word* " ol such coiu " D sugrerd to Mr. Hsiiiiii moved at an amendment to this bill, the Semre bill ol last session to establish a branch mint ot the Unite 1 States in the city ol New York. Mr. HuMiKhroxp moved to auieud iho amendment, aa follows:? " And be it further enacted, That whenever the Tiessurer shell be appointed, named in tko f:h section ol this act, all moneys, books and pj|>ers in the hands of the Assistant Treasurer iu the city of N<w York shall be transferred to the treasurer of the branch mint established by this act; and said branch mint shall thereafter be the place of deposits for tha public moneys instead of the rooms now used iD the cu-tom house ; aud the treasurer ol aaid branch mint shall bu subject to all tha provisioui contained in an act entitled ' Au act to provide for the better orgeats it ion of the Treaaury, and lor the collection, safekeeping, tiansfer, and disbursement of the public revenue,'approved August 6, 1846, which relate to the treasuier of the branch mint at New Orleans " Agteed to. The question recurred en agreeing to the amendment ei amended; whan? The hour appmoted for taking arecesa having arrivad, the Choir was vacated until five o'clock KVC.MNG SESSION?LAST SESSION, sva-raasavav?smamh must at mw veaa. When the House again met, the bill to amend the sub- ' treasury act was reported, with au amendment, to eatab- I lish a branch mint in the city of New York, as proposed ] by Mr Seaman. A motion wai made to lay the bill on the table; but It i did not prevail?yvaa 4i, nays 7A The lull was passed, and is as f dlows: ? Sec I. That hereafter, whenever transfers of money I in the Treasury ate required to be made by the Treasu- j rv Department, from any one depository of government to another, under the provisions ol the act approved Au gust 6.1646, entitled "An act to provide fir the better organization if the,Treasury, aud for the collection, saie keeping, transfer and disbursement ot the public revenue," and such transfers cannot be eflected otherwise than by the transportation of specie, at the expense of the government, it ahall be lawful for the Secretary of the Treasury to cause to be paid, out of any money iu the Treasury not otherwise appropriated, the actual expenses necessarily required to effect such transfers in such manner, by contract, draft, or otherwise, as may be uttended with the least hazard, and the smallest charge to the government. Sec. ! That In all cases when Treasury drafts not less in amount than six hundred dollars cannot ba converted, by the disbursing agent at the place of disbursement, into gold or silver at or above par, and whan the public ere' itor intended to be paid by such droit is present at the place of disbursement, ami prefers to receive such uruu ai pur in pu> mem, ne may no to permitted to receive the same, by ?peciul endorsement thereon, payable only to tiie order ol said creditor; and the aaine ruloe ami regulation*, applicable to all other Treasury dialt* under nectiou *41 ol said act, approved August ti, 1840,* shall be unforced, to req iire]iho s.ieedy presentation ol said dralts at the place rl payment, and to prevent the same being uied or thrown into circulation as a paper currency, or medium ol exchange. Sec 3 ?That during the continuance of the existing war with Mexico, aud with a view to the procuring of foreign gold or silver coin at ihc lowest rates, for disbursement in the prosecution of said war, it shall be lawful lor the Secretary of War, or the Secretary of the Navy, to authorize treasury nates or treasury drafts to he exchanged for such coin, at a rate notabovo the commercial value tbereol in the United States: Provided. Tnat said exchange shall bo more advantageous to the governmemthun any other mode of disbursement. Sec 4.?That all disbursing agents ol the government, within or without the limits of the United states, shall be lequiied to keep satoly and disburse all public moneys leceived by them, under such rules and regulations, aud with such security, as shall he prescribed by the SecrcUry ol the Treasury, to ensure a proper accountability, und to guard against the loss of said moneys, and to facilitate and socure the prompt and laithlul payment and disbursement ol the same, in conformity with the low, and to as to prevent in all cases the use of bank paper in making such disbursements. Sec. A ? That gold and silver intended for the payment of diitua may be deposited, in advance, with any assistant tieaiurer, or treai urer of the mint or branch mint, at the port where the duties are payable, whose receipt for such specie miiy be accepted t>y the collector of such port in payment of duties accruing there. Sec ti -That the number of clerks authorized by the 13th section of the said act, approved Aug. 6, l>4ii, may be increased, if deemed necessary, so as not to exceed twenty; the annual salarv of fourteen of whom shall not exceed eight hundred dollars each, and of the remaining six, the auuuar salary ol three shall not exceed one thousand dollars each, and of thereat the annual salary shall not exceed twelve hundred dollars each, nor shall the annual aggregate sum exceed seventeen thousand eight hundred dollurs. Sec. 7.?That during the continuance of the existing war with Mexico, ai.d with a view to the procuring of lureigu gold or silver coin at the lowest rates, for disbursement in the prosecution of sai I war, it shall bo lawful for the Secretary ol the Treasury to aulhorize treasury notes or treasury drafts to be exchanged lor such com at a rate not obovn llm I the United States: Provided, That said exchange shall l>e more advantageous to the government than any other mode of dis'iursemont. Sec H ? Apprepriates $'J'16,000 for the purchasing of a site, and erecting a suitable builniog, and completing the necessary machinery for the aaid branch. Appoints one superintendent, one treasurer, one essayer, one melter aud refiner, und one coiner, and'he requisite number of clerks uod subordinates, with salaries at from $'1,600 to $1200. The direction') of the branch to be under the control und icgulation of the direction of the Mint, at Philadelphia, subject to the approbation of the Secretary of tins Treasury. Til It LIEUTENANT nk.Nan.ll. IILTI I.OPMKMS ? -MEMBI.RS o> conohkss srroiftTKD to orriac. Mr. Both, from tue Committee on Conlerence, made a report on the disagreeing amendments to the supplemental Ten Kegimont Bill. It was read ; the Senate agreed to recede trom its objection to the lieutenant general. Mr. Ashmun coinmtnced a speech The lieutenant general had been three times rejected, yet it appeared It was Hi to pass. The Committee on Military AfiUira were again*; tna proposition. VVnat has produced the change 7 ...Mr. (. akboll - Let me say,a portion of the committee, at least, are consistent. Tuey are now as at the commencement of the session. 1 hey aio opposed to giving aid and comfort to the enemy, by placing a man ut the head ul our urmy incompetent to cainmuad it. Mr Ashmun?Two members have lately received high nominations. ,?lr linissKRHorr ?Name them; who are tlioy 7? [" Name luem," ' name them ''J Mr Simms of South Carolina ?Who hare been nominated to tlie Senile ' j lie crssKia ? This is out of order Mr Ash au?. ? I never say indirectly what I will not assert directly ? L" Who is it 7'] Mr Asmmuis?1 Hit crelihly informed that the ger.tlemun from I'amiay Ivania lias been nominated to tne Senate us Minister ol Kreuue [ 'Ho : ho oti mderd !" Mr B*vlv- L;t m* ask tbo gentleman a question. Has the gentleman irom Pennsylvania pru.-.laimeJ any sentiment tic ha* not uniformly, ?1 7 Mr. Aim*c.t?On tlio subject ot tlavery he hai been uniform Mr. Diusi-1 call for the ?ame of the other member who baa received a nomination Mr Ash stuff?One at a time, gentlemen. [Laughter.] The gentleman fiom Pennsylvania ha* been tiuilorin in sustaining the inteiests oft no slave States. Mr. Bart v?Ol the l'niou7 Mr. ttiMM* ?That'a the beat thing he has done. Mr Ahmhu'i ? It it ia, I leave the gentleman from Pennsylvania in the hand* of the gentleman from 8011th Carolina Air 8i??ms?I a?k the gentleman from Massachusetts to name the ethei gentleman Th* hers nan?The gentleman from Massaohuiotts will proceed. Mr. ask tho gentlcmau to name the other member. Tho SraaKaa?This ia nut in order. The gcntleniau from .Massachusetts will proceed. ("Succeed") Mr. Sinks ? 1 a?k the gentleman to imtne tne member. ("Name him, name him.") Mr Bavlv- Does tna Chair decide that it ia out of order to ask a question? Tu* Sraaaaa -The Cli ur divides thattha by-conversation is out ot order, without the permiteion of the gentle111.1a nom Massachusetts. Mr As mm us?I have not the slightest objection. Mr. Batlv ? I hope, then, if the gentleman has no objeeuen. tiie Chair will havu noun. Mr simms again requested tha gentleman from Mats* chusetts to naiuo the otuui member of Congress who has r?c*iv> d u nomination. Mr Ashmits-I allude to e gentleman from Kentucky, (Mr TitifiuUs ) It if a military appointment. I don't be neve there u a more ho.u.uMe gentleman. I allude to this, not because | lure any complaint to make of him, batmarsty becaust I think the appointment ol member* ol Congress involves a pernicious priucipla. u ..V'.en tjr*'l?h*d off. and spoke 01 the charges against the tVilinot provi-u, and the inconsistency ol Mr. O J. Iugoisoil as 10 what is the boundary ot Texas. In left it wei ihe Nauecss t now, within tne last week, it was th* A10 Uruad*. I ^?REwK VKHh vm itiiwiiiii. am m rear*. Tha Kotiis resolved itself Into Ceaoalltee ef the Whole on the tut* of the Colon, and took up the Senate bill, authorising the construction and equipment of four eteamsbips, to bo mod to carry to a maili, and ba uaad for defensive purposes, If necessary. Mr. T. b. Kiko explained tbe amendments propoaadby the Cominittae on Naval AO'airi. [By tbla tima tba hall wea iUuminatad, and tha cigar amokiog commenced, making an atmoapbaro thick enough to ba cut with a knife.] ah anxcdotk?a n? w ntacovcatr?eoaarrrion Mr. Davis, of Kentucky, told a little anaodota. While Mr. Tyler waa in tha Presidential chair, thai* waa a dinner party, where tha aubjoct of MUleriim waa under conaideration " Well," mid tha President, " whether it ia true or not that the world ia coming to an end, 1 know that tnia damned wnig Coogreaa la coming to an and!'' [Ha, ha!] However hewoull not aay th t auch a a-ntimnit ahnuld bo allowed with roferenca to thia { Congress. He alluded to the change of vote* ot mi m ' beta on the ten iegim?nta, tha tbiee mtlliona, and the j Lieutenant General billa, and the Wilmot proviao. A member of high reputation stated, aa a fact, iu conversation with the chairmtu of tba committee ut tinance, iu tbe Senate, that the Piom lent bad informed bim that be hpd discovered tbe principle on which he could coutrol bia patty. It waa this : Hia Sou-hern friends could be operated on by piiucipli. and his Northern lrrenda by patronage. Mr. Davie alluded to wbat General Jackson aaid aa to the appointment of membera of Congreaa to office. Mr. Millies apoka in favor of the bill, and whan ha concluded his remarks, the committee rose. A resolution waa adopted to close tha debate in ten minutes. Tbe House again went into Commit tea, and Mr. Douolass spoke about the ateamere I a ue oommuieo row, mc uuicuuiuouis were concnrreu Id, and tha bill pasatd. *i ah liuhti. I The joint resolution, making provisions to light the ' capitol and the capitol grounds with ga* was adopt* d CONTICT&NCK Or TBoYISIOM TO IBKI.4KD. The bill from the Senate authorizing the uae of the , Macedouia and the Jamestown, to trausport provisions to Itelaud, was taken up. A motion was made to refer it to the Committee on , Naval Alfsits. Mr. WiNtHEor, as a member oi the Committee of Ways and .Means, not williug to rest muter a reproach, stated that ho had lett no stone uutumed to havo the bill lor the relief of Itelaud, referred to the Committee of Wuys sad Means, repirted. But I it appeared that there was a new branch of the | veto power?the pocket of the chairman of ways 1 and means It tha appropriation of hall a million is to be i stifled, piece these two vessels at the disposal ot private citizens of New Vork and Boston L t the flig of this government be seen going te Ireland on this errand oi mercy. Mr. Hilliibd heartily responded to the sentiment just , avowed; he could see no constitutional objection. Wbst I a glorious spectacle, to see one of the youngest nations sending to ooe of the oldest, her greetings of chanty, I which breaks down all distinctions ! Mr. C.J Inukhsoll, as this should be a national act, was not willing that the vessels be commanded by any but our 1 own uaval captains. Bend private individuals in com maud, and tbe nationality is lost. The Macedonian is a i prize ship, taken by the gallant Decatur, who was the I lirst to establish our navalsupremacy. Messrs. Hdlnii, of Bouth uaroiioa, THOSiriex, of Mis' sissippi, Bta.siov, and J It Ikokhsoll, delivered a few remaiks, when the resolution was passed. VOTK or TM4KKS TO TNI SFK4KBM. Mr. Viistom, after a few prefatory remarks, submitted a resolution oi thanks to the Hon. John W Davis for the able, impartial and dignifled manner in which he has discharged the duties of the chair. Mr. <1. Davis (<u liitn u whig us he is) also bore his testimony to the tact stated in the resolution. He believed he expressed the feelings of all those with whom lie acted. Mr. Holmcs, of 8 C., was understood to say that he expressed his hearty thanks that the Speaker had uot cr Hed him to the chair once. The resolution was agroed to unanimously, with ono or two exceptions. KEruntiiNu MOnxv. ' The House went into committee at a quarter to nine o'clock, and laid aside tbe bill to refund to individuals and States tbo amounts respectively advanced by them to supply volunteers before being mastered into service. When tne committee rose, the resolution was passed. THK LIEVTEr<4NT-URSES4L. Mr. Botd said he understood the Senate had disagreed; and on his motion another committee of conference was ?|>|i01uicu. So fur there was no fun in the House, hut of ! smoke and people in the galleries. I Various private biMs were signed by the Speaker. mb. kendall's opinion The House went iuto Committee of the Whole, and took up a bill with reference to a post office contract. Mr. Thompson, of Mississippi.?I atk tnat the opinion of Mr Ken lull be read. Mr 1'endleton.?I dont want to hear it read-don't I want it I Mr. Thompson?I do. ["Order," order "] Mr. Pe.>d..eion?I want no such opinion. Mr. Thompson?I ask it be read. Mr. PK.Noi.eroN.?I don't want his opinion. ["Order!" order!" Mr. Thompson ?I ask ior the reading oi the report Mr. Pendleton.?I move the reaoing of the report tie j dispensed with. i The Cmaihman.?The Committee wish it to be read. Mr. Pendleton.?I mova the reading be d.spensid j with The motion prevailed. [The Hon Secretary of State came into the hall. He , had just been shaved, and had a snow white neckerchief, : indicative of purity ] i the i'look op the house ?leoislatino 101 the ladies. The committee rose, when, at ten o'clock, Mr. Rkcsen Chapman moved that the rules be suspended, so as to admit the ladies on the floor of the House. . The Speabeb ?It is necessary to suspend the rules for that purpose ["Let's suspend." "No, no, we don't want them here, for some oi you fellows will be letting off | speeches." Ha ! ha !J | The tellers counted?ayes 73, noes 30. ["No quorum," ! "no quorum.] Mr. Stanton (who made a speech in the House a day or two after he teceived intelligence of the death of a j child) movaJ a call of the House I Mr. U?Tii,of Kentucky?I would ask, Mr. Speaker, ' whother it would, or would not be an insult to the ladies i to bring them into the midBt of so much loeofocoism ?? I [Ha ! ha ! "That it would !" Ha ! ha !] Mr. Hunt, of New Yoik, moved that the ladiea be in1 vited to take places on the floor ["That's better."] Mr. Kino, oi Georgia? What is the question/ We can't t 11 what it is on this side of the hull. 'J'lie Speaieb -Tellers have been called for. j Mr. Kino?On what motion 7 The Speaker?^To admit th# ladies Mr. Kino?Ah ! We want to understand it. The queation was taken on Mr. Chapman's motion, but no quoium voted?ayes 70, noes aO. Mr. Stanton?I move a call of the House Mr. Davis, of Kentucky?I move that the House ad- ! Journ line die. I" Agreed, agreed "J Mr. Schknck?I will make an appeal to the gallautry of the House. There are io Committee of the Whole bills for the relief of the widow of Alexander Hamilton, the widow of President Madison and the widow ol Cap: tlrev. who discovered tho month of Ihn f'.nliimliiii If gentlemen with to show respect for tUo tax, to the mothers of the living and the memory of thu dead, 1 appeal to them to go into committee and take up the bills. 1 move to go into committee. A point ol order was raised. Mr. ScMicm a?1 appeal fiotn the gentleman from Ten* neasce to withdraw his motion,and not dilatory proceedings. The 8prereb?The gentleman is not in order. ! Mr. Chapman ?I withdraw the motion. patent orncr. reports. Mr. Henlet?I have a little resolution to ofTar. I um | auro thero will be no ohjectiou to it. [Mr. Kennedy? " Sit down, whitehead "| I know there will be no odjeclion ["Read it. read it."J It waa read, authorising seven thousand copies of the I'atent Office report to t>e printed. Mr. Stanton?There's no quorum. 1 move a call of the House However, the resolution was passed. Mr Penulkton ? i move to go into Committee of the Whole uu the bill for the relief ot Mr*. Madisou and Mrs. McCrao A time All.i ts. Mr. Stanton raised a point uf order on a resolution 1 from the Meiwte about a tract of laud. ' Mr. Davis, of Kentucky, raised a point of order. Mr. Stanton, not willijg to be put down, said be was as patient us the gen Ionian. Ho wus going to occupy | hi* hour making u speech?it was now hall past ten. ,\1r. Bchence, as Mr htanton hat mentioned the name ' of Mr. Delufldd, ask/d him wheiuer this was not the ' same individual who disappeared between two days lrom i Columbus Oh o Mr, Stan ro* said it was Dot for him to make a reply, 1 aa Mr Delated is in the city, anl will no doubt answer the gentleman satisf .ctorny uu: oi Ibis House. Tne commit'oe rose intor.nally, and a menage waa ret ceived. i Mr Stanton whs fearful that the time consumed would come out ot bis hour. He had beeu pot lorward I to kill time, by preventing private lulls being taken u . ! ["Damnel fool," laid an old gentlemen lrom the west] i TheLiMtNMf OSrSbsi?Dead! The report lrom the committee of conference was : considered The committee on the pert of the House re! ended from the lieutenant ganeral, end the question now waa on concurring In tba report Mr. Ashml'n ? 1 would ask, what will be tha effect if thoieport be concurred in I ["Kill the lieutenant gene! ral."J The report was concurred in; and ao ' he's dead, As herrings that are red " | The House again went into committee, when Mr. } Si am ot resumed his remarks. Gentlemen intermitted | him By calling out tor tlie question. He strained himI sell to make hit voice beard There were frequent cries oi "louder," "louder-," "we can't hear you."kc At last, his hour oxpired, and we had a happy release j from the hoie. The i evolution was agreed to. mrs. madison. j The House went into co-umitlee, when Mi Bstt.v moved to take up the joint resolution, appropriating ' f 1 to piiichaau manuscripts of James Madison. I It was now five minute, after eleven o'clock. No j quorum voted Mr I move that the Committee rise and repoit that tact to the House. Mr Uatlv ? There a no occasion to make the motion ! [" Itisj, ri*e.''J The Committee rose, whan a call oi tho House wat demanded, an.l there were cries of " Agreed, agreed." Mr. B*?i.v claimed the Boor. [" Older, o iler.' J 'l'no -v. ssss ? 1'he geutleman froin Virginia. Mr Bati.t?i move tlwt tho House resolve itself into a Committee of trie Whole on the State of the Union, to teko up tho bill for the purchase of the manuscripts of James Madison. Mr. BsoiiHi:?n?1 move to abend hy adding, " and the papnrs of i'hoinar Jetl'ei sou." The fcrkarku?All this is out of order; thers's too ! much noise. [ 'Order, order."J A cull of tne House was demanded;ami the yeas and I nays were taken on whether there should be a call. 1 Mr Kkrissov was board in tho under-current, saying HMMB0UJJ. ?IL linMMHMMS ' " Mtw mmwUi I M*MI If NMllI || If * 'Iha'&aM daolarad ***** "Ml-H ? iM. 1 ft waa iwu a?aUah. Tha *f*afcar atgaad ammaroua bUU, and a?M|< i wti raaairad from tha Praatdant, atatlag thai ha had ap> prorad oartala blUa. Tba Houaa again waat into commltfoa Mr. Bayly murad to taka up tha bill for tha purehaaa of tha Madiaou ruanuacripta , Mr. BaoDHiao morad to taka up tha Jafiaraou papara | raaolutiou Mr Uioysb.?Ganeral Waahington a papara Tellara wara appoiutad, and amid much confuaion, tha 1 quaation waa takau , Tha Chaibmai* dacidad that tha bill waa takan up. Tha Clark baring raad tha bill for tha purehaaa of tha Maditon papara, Mr. Bayly morad, that tha comuiltaa riaa and raport j tha bill; aod haraupon a dozau gantlaman ruthad for wara who aufaumenif. Mr. Schknck ?I move that the bill be laid atide. Mr. BuiNKKMHorr ? I have an amendment to ott'tr Mr Schkncx? 1 here waa no amendment pending when I tnvde tae motion. Mr. Beir<*tfcHOFF?If gentlemen will come to order, I will tead the arueuijment Strike ont $16,000 and iueert $5COO We have already voted $30 000 lor Madiaon pallia ; why should we vote an additional $M 000? If Mr* Madiaon be poor, our ecu dry haa a great many widow* in it It would be well to inquire where the money ia to come from The pool woman at the waab-tub waa to have been taxed?yea, taxed to make rich another. The committee rose, whon a reaolution waa aubmitted i end agreed to appointing a committee to wait on the President and inlorin him that if he have no further comu.uj nication to make the two Houaea are roady to adjourn. Mr. Davis, of Kentucky.?Why, we have not near gotten through our business. ' A message was also aent to the Senate, informing that j body that the Houae waa ready to adjourn. . The Houae again went into Committee. | Mr. BniaakaHorr reaumed hia remarka He, like Mr. ' Stanton, wua a tiina killer. He inqiliied whether a report ' i bout the Madison papers be read. [" No," " no."| He asked lor teller*. Mr Kssmst wanted to know which waa the democratic aide of the H use. , it now wanted tire or tan rainntea to twelve o'clockMr. Bsylt took the floor in defence ol Mra. Madiaon, i and accused Mr. Urmkerhoft'ef perpetiating an outrage. | Mr Thurmi*?I cau't allow my iriend to aay that my j ! colleague committed an outrage. ( 'No, that would be i indelicate." Ha ! ha !) I Mr. Bayly, in a loud tone, made a chivalric speech, 1 ! ami i cries of " hear him," " hear him." tie apoke about Virginia. Mr. Thompson, of Miaaiaaippi, moved to add a provision for aiiotner widow. It was lost. The Committee rose and the chairman reported the bill j (or the purchase of the Madiaon papers. A motion waa made to iay the bill on the table. /The yeaa and nays were ordered. A mess ge waa received from the Senate. The yeaa and naya were called, being now twelve e'clock. . Mr. Stephrh Auams refused to vote, because, as he said, he waa no longer a member of the Houae. Mr. Rout asked that hia name be called. rVi'he hp*:ikk pro tim?Waa the gentleman wilhin the bar ? Mr. R ot?1 believe 1 waa. The Clkrk?Joseph M. Root. Mr. Roor?Yea no ! (Laughter.) j ; The result waa announced?yeas til; naya 71. Mr. Jones, of Tenneaaee?I move that the House do j now adjourn, sine Jit; and uak lor the yeas and nays. Mr J R. I.sokesoLL?It ia not in erder to move to adjourn una die until the day has expired. ' , The hpsAxae pro ten ?That ia for a majority of the j House 10 determine. jluo cliair would suggest mat a | ; committed has been ap|>oioted to wait on tha President, l and th?y have not yet made their report. Mr. Jo.mcs withdrew his motion. ' | Mr Bayc* recommenced, and again s|>oke about Mrs. \ Madison utid the reputation of her deceased husband. Mr. Jonas renewed nismotion to adjourn lint die. ( Mr Kkhm-uv ?1 move that this House do now split. Tae yeas and nays were called on the motion to ad- \ jouru. I Mr. Schkkck raised a question oi order?whether it ( was iu the power oi the House to adjourn without the < [ consent ot the Senate. The Sr>-.AK?a overruled the point 1 The Oi-ksk began to call the roll. [It was designed by the House as a waste time.J The result w?3 annouueed?yeas 33, nays Mil. guicsTion or ramLtaa. , Mr. Wkstwoiih?I rise to a privilege question. If it lie decided not a question of privilege, it will show that 1 i am adverse to the pernicious system ol pocketing publio I bills- (alluding to'the River and Harbor bill.) | > Tneid were cries of "order," " ordor," loud and long j i continued. I Mr. WiMTWoiiTH?1 move that the tules be suspended; , ' caii lor the j em mid nays, and ask that the resolution be 1 rer-d- ("No " ' Nc."t I Mr. U. < HuMis?1 ask is there aDy legislative power ; after this hoar I 1 ' ffThe frushk-It is for the House to determine.. ! Mr C ii i MIA* --There is no precedent for it. , Mr Aihmus, (to Mr Chapinau ) ? If you do not consi- , , der youmelf a member, you needn't veto. I | Sevrral point* of o der were raised. Mr. Wkntwokth ?I ask for tho reading of the resclu- , ' - tiou. I , Mr KrNiffDv.?Instead of "lulls" say " onvelopes," | , ' and then I'll go tor it. Mr Schlick, spake about the question of privilege. | And this wus ut ten minutos to one o'clock, A. M. j Mi 8cmio*-I claim the resolution to be iu order, Mr. KaMNkur?1 claim itout of order; my claim is equal 1 i tj your claim 1 Mr Bchknck continued, and was frequently interrupt- , ed by crios ot" adjourn," adjourn. " _ Ms. Johnson, of Tennessee, reported that the Com- i mittee appointed, to wait on the President, had discharged that duty. [" What else I''] The House then resolved to adjourn. The bncsar.n delivered the following eloquent farewell?aud pronounced the House adjourned, without day: "Gk nt lb Mais : ? By the votejust taken you hare determined that the 33th Congress shall now close its labors, : and the memtieis composing it are to be separated, many of them forever. This separation ia painful to many of ! us: I trust it is so to all, lor we met as friends. It can. not, it must not be, that we part as enemies. If, unhap ! piiy, any unkind feelings shall have been engendered within this hall, during 'lie excitement of debate or of social intercourse, ! conjure you us a tnenl and brother , thitt within theso walls they now be lorever buried and forgoit n. This Congress hea been one of uuusual and momentous interest?passing upon question! of war and oi peacequestions upon which diiterence of opinion must of ne- * 1 cessity exist, ooil upon which it is advantageous to the ' > republic thut difference of opinion should exist. It pre vents the abuses to which majorities so often tend, and , oxcitos a vigilance, a prudence, and u care al says promotive of tho best iuterests of the commonwealth It ia trite but true in politic*, at leust, that It ia manly to differ, but ch ldish to quarrel because wa differ. I I bave endeavored to the beat ( my ability to redeem the pledge I mude you at the opening of this Congress, ' viz: that in my official duties as Speaker, 1 should strive 1 to know no party but the people, and no locality but the couutry. In how far I have tailed to be thus governed, ' must bo lett to you and your constituents to determine. 1 return to you. gentleman, my sincere and heartfelt 1 \ thai, ks for the resolution which you bave adopted approbatory of my conduct as your presiding officer, and per- ; , mit mo to assure you thut I view it not as a commonplace : compliment, olfered by your hands, and sanctioned by your voices, without your lasting what the resolution i itself expresses. Tho kindness a id courtesy, the forbearance and liheiality, with which you huve always treated me, teaches me that you feel what you have so kindly expressed; and. in return, I can say that to each and every member of this body I entertain not only the kindest feelings, but there is implanted in my breast feelings of interest und attachment that shall only go out wi'h my life. To those gentlemen who bave so kindly relieved me in the iierformance of the arduous duties of the chair, 1 , urn under particular and personal obligations. And now, gentlemen, with a fervent hope thut each af , you may long live to enjoy the approval of your country, your consciences, and your constituents, I proceed | to consummate your last official act by pronouncing this i House adjourned without day " The address was received with applause; and the 1 Twenty ninth Congress is dead At five minutes to ouo : the dissolution occurred. Appointments i?y the President ?David Tod, i of Ohio, Envoy Extraordinary and Minister PieI nipotsutinnary near his Majesty the F.mpsror of Brazil vice Henry A Wise, recalled at his ow n request. John II. C'liV, C'hargo d'Alfiirs at Teiu. Kichanl Kuih, ot Pennsylvania, Knvoy Kxtrrordinary and Minister Pieni1 poteuliaiy In his Majesty the King of Frsuoe. Oeorge 1 W. tloikins, of Viiginis, Chiiige da Atl'iire* of the United States to the Q teen Ol Portugal. Major (lenerals I ?Thom i? Hart Benton, of Missouri; Wm Camming, o! Georgia Brig? tier Generals? George CaJ wallader, ol Pennsylvania; Kuos D. Hopping, of Now York; Frank| tin Pierce, of New Hampshire. COHnKttClAla INTKlslslUKACKs State of ike Flour Market*. NVw OsiFeb. 24?Flour: Sales of 900 hbls. Ohio a; fA. and 1601) and 2 >0 at $0 I3X : $0 20 refused for 1500 ; 20) Dbls. One told at (A 75 Corn : Sales ot 4 >0 ite'ks white tu mixed bags, at $1 1500 at $ I 01, 600 at $1 Ii5,3k(0 bushels at $1 07, and 3 iU suck* yellow at fl ID Market q'llet, add buyers generally ottering only $1. CiNcinxs ri, Fab 31?The salos reported yesterday amounted to 701V) bids-64 at ft 65, 1600 at f4, 3030 at f 1 OS, 1000 t with privilege of storage one month, and S. O.'inspection guarantied) at f 4 Oil, 416 from r. r. at $4 to, 110 froTi s'ote at $4 lij* ; u smntl lot from river at $4 15, i ItHiO deliver side in April 1st at f 4, not) at p. n. t. At the : clorc of the <ijy the tendency vl prices vii evidently I I upward. PHii.ADKLrHU, March 3 ?Fioui wa? lreely offered at 1 FA. i>n 1 Dome 7no bbl* fair brand* aold at that price ; 3000 bbH foi nn oaily delivery are nho repotted at 13, lead, and 1(100 hbl* Western, d-livcrable in all May, sold at FA 60. Corn Meal: I.VIO bbl*, stdd at f4 AO. Wheat : A sale of 3600 bushel* prime red was made at 130c in store. Coin: Not much offering, and prices stationary : i 84c is a?Ued for Southern, and 80c for TeDDsy Ivania. j Di-rrsLO. March 1? Holders have concedud a little on Buffalo City Mill* flour, and sales of 700 bbl* in two lots I wero made at (4 87>?; A00 do Kort Wayno, " F.ineruld , Mills," at same?300 vlichigiin ft 76. lfilders general ly, however, will uot gj below ft 87J<. for all beat description*. 2,(too I uehel* Milan wheat in s'ore brought M Tliera is nothing doing io corn Holder* coDtinua firm at 66c, and purcuaseih ure not willing to go above ; oO cent* Albviv, March J?Flour?T .e transactions to day ure confined to sale* from store, chiefly on oa*tern ordei* at $6 fll>? a fA S7>* according to quel ty. Cj.alu . ? 1'here is but little arriving Corn veils at 81 n 86c, rye i 8Ac oat* 30 a SO1-, >, barley A7|<c An orfVr wa* made for 10,000 bushels com, to ho delivered here on the opening ' of the canal, at 76c for 60 lbi, or at New Yoik for 76c, ( : measure. Southern Cotton market. * Nr.w Oslkans, Keb ;34?2 T. M ?The market opened this morning with a fair inquiry, ami sales reach 1600 ] 1 bale*. Trice* rather stiffer ; middling, 0 1-10 a MMC?HL 1 1 , iMBIMWWBaBWBlg Lk&S5iSi5ssc?;-. ...a roraltn UsporMtlonfc Sahta Cava, (Cub J?Brtf Hoi tense?317 log? cedur 12 do nthi giny 20 tool fu>uc 437,0410 it gars fetcr Htimouy k Al> itwi MAYAGVtz. PH?Baik C^nJor? 302 hhdi injur 33 ck? moAliop Oc Cb?un?c> ?16 bbli uugir 8 do luolauio to lb* BMtar. Sr Caoix-Schr Mur Leogdon?78 bbdi uuiur38 , q rum B u)e Forest a co. Domestic Importations. N aw Oai.saNt?Ship Auburn?3 bit ragt It H Bmlact? 1 ( galtttou a Baitsll?I 8 Thompson? lu bt t Sturgtt. Ben .sit a co?< ct J .Ylalrtt? 1 O yufst? 90 bbit molaitet 8 8 laylor?13 keg. batter Leg .-etc fc co-2 bhdi tugtr M H tearman A co?to tct 2 cks dried pee het?II hbli beant vewbold k .title? I rbtiu J \ Welit?5 Duueyfc Murry?3 " 8 ritcliei k Co?5 ckt 3 uw beetwai Ooodh'le k co?3 obit i .VI B ace? 12 b It til) ret irU Lh.uteau, Merle k Sand ford -2 pkf i D Felt k co?31 ke<i butter H N Petert?2 ct mdtr u Htuleid?J htidt tallow 43 do create Merri i k C"?*7 hh Jt tork II I.eland a co?30 Jo 42 bbl. cloter teed T Pefr> a ro -3 bati m tee Peels k co?34 bl. cotton A nrooto ? WO bbI? ard I bhdi peubes Worth k Drake? .20 keg. 'ard U?>(' tfk lohutou? 10 bit U butler?77 bbit 2J tee lard Ik Fearj. que.? A 8 lliuet-a bbit el K ( olliut?31 i'o D < hur hill kci7 hhd>i tallow 19 obit 'aru Meruit V Co?I pk? A J Stewart ic co-l bbl .ugar F T Wy* ?e?J Haddeit k Taylor?1 H ieriiiield?19 balet hemp A ii J <udeu?3 Hareu k co?11) ales hemp F burnt.?3 boles E k C M HoUfhniu-J P B oedford k co?2 E Wright? 3 catkt F 8 Fitchel k co? It /ties akiua L J White?I und B Judd a ton?36 do New. uld a Crult?I boa D Durandkci?6 bbit alcohol L'huueau. Merle k saudford?24 batet enrrantt H H White?I k( Whet more k (Jivder? 1 MW Fox?1 J Beck?4 balet tamp McGregor k Morrit?1 oox J W Peofold k co?39 tblt I tierce peaenre 11 Llrarwat-r? 85 balet hemp Tay or k Merrill?72 krgt bat'rr J Bryer? 34 bbls moleetrt E 0 Vltr teu k co?47 cotton Dane Brook* k co?60 hhda auger 4 b tlei 'ottos Markoe Wilbur k Scott? -6 do hemp Tucker,' loo par a co?300 pigs lead ( H llogeri A Co?i but es beetwax 6 Tartab 30 balea cotton Buratow a Pope?7 (iercea Leland \daiot k co?'0 balet cotton ii (ioit a co?2 T F Guioa?1 8 t'tluio?2 A 8 Birttn.?1 clirocoineter Blitt a Creiahton?2 ihd.i Suiter, a ro?I cue U Praraou?16 baiee cotton 30 balet iklua 2 .aaea mdxe t order. New Onniti-8>up I'owbatt.iu?169 ba'et cotton J B Stone?4 i bolt laid I Illatetw. Merle k Saudford?32 b net colon Urnuia onj k Wood?fc6 balet hemp F Burritt?42 Mid. unit J .vlci li'ii i? 5| balet cotton Brou rk Neilton? .3 oh ? mat/8t'n.'k Huxlrou?11 catka hamt Heran, Lees ken ? I tierce do 2>o bors col on Br u-r k l?-t?910 libit p-rk 319 ibli la d 199 kegt do 7 lihdt limit. 2! I libit do 311 tiricra do Suyd.m, Saga if o?j2 huda tnbaice F H Metsanger?3 bit ! boli ' M Smith?114 lib's pork T Petty k co?1 c.ak a. tit ling?31 lihdttoba. cotoi rder. Mobile?Brig Morea?2i'J hidet J Crrp.ey?2 botet E D Ilurlbut k co 12 roll i leather 1. Mori- n?203 btlet rott n \d.inii k 'i iwtho n?81 Dillmger k Ainc?33 Sprngue, Bo Jiu.on b eo-47 (Joh irue k Ki 'liry?83 1) M B ooks Savasn.h ?B ik Beaver? 60 b I-.cotton Parmet'e k Rojert?10 L rj Brigbam?36 F. A buydain?123 L k H K Oruvrt -9 Uu'iham k Bnno.? do 30[c?iks rice to order. Ghui r.tTors?B i k Edw ird?1|7 c.aka rice hpragne Homn-.on a co?96 do Drtke Mills?33 do B H Levencli?231 Sa'ea cotton to ordc?102 no Spofford Tiletton k eo?106 Jo Wlaaet k Gale?96 do tlbarle* htiivner?I b x I hhd Dutthnm k Dimou?23 barrela Taylor h toua?40 do Genres Robinson? I b' x Jaa Lee k co?1 box Paine k Burgs.t?1 do Harper k Brothers. CHAHLKtTON?Sohr Sarah?621 balea cotton J Thompton? 18 cka rice i f luerie?97 do to order. MARITIME HERALD. POllT OF NKW YORK, A1AKCH 5. H M H M lUtf RISKS 6 SI I MOON mini 9 30 M lirr* SkTS 1 41 I HIOM WAYRR 10 Si M Cleared. Ships?8-rdm t, Ciocker. Liverpool <) Thompion; Ft May, K. ster, New O leaus.stautou * Fr -at llmk? roole, Norria. Biltiuinre, J B (I iger. Brig?Puritan, Amesbnry. Coik and a Market, J Klwell k Jo. Kchrs?Cabot. Crowell, 8'iigo, Ireland, Foster St Nicke-aon; American Be'le, Baxter. do, S W Lewis; Arm da. Moss, Vlayasuex, Pll, B*diter. Trek k I'o; Sua n Tavlnr, Johnson, dsguala Ur>-nd. Bead k Hoppock; John P. wmth, Cargill, li <It stv<u. W W Pratt; Victory, Lewis, Al< x>ndria, 8 miroi Clearmau kCo; llsml Kobiusmi, urlir*, do; Wm Hrowa, Hunt, Norlblk; Mtlltcei.t, Dodge. Bal ttnore; Lxi e, Fox, I'liiladrlphis; John H adams, Morris Bostou. Stoops?Victory, hhodes.aud Arion, Hudson, Providence. Barge?Porpotae, Drake, Souh Am boy. Arrived. Ship Auburn, Durfee, It days from New Orleans, with mds to Stanton k Frost. Ship Powhattan, Strong, 20 days from New Orleans, with mdse, to Fox k Livingston. BirkCond.-r Ttkioo, 19 days Irom Mayrgnez FK, with meat, kc, to Alsop k Chaunccy. Feb 24lh. 1st 37, lun 73 40 poke Br ship Charlotte, frotn Condon to Norfolk; repnr.ed having had a long passage, with a succession of gales?iha ? lias experienced severe weather on the coast, beiug drove off totheesrt. Bark Beaver. Kdmoud, 4 days from Savannah, with cotton, to Dnnhain k Diin..n, Bark i dward, Bueklev, 8 d ays from Charleston, with cotton and rice. toDuuhim k D mm. 28th, < ff lsla,.d, poke biix Dover, in distress, (before reported in coutsct with the Niger,) it blow.nit a gale aud a heavy sea running at rha time enuld not bu cd her. when Inst teen waa steering t> lii- eastward. Tne E Ins ueeu off the Highlands since Saturday ln?t. Brig Four Brothers, Slater. 22 day* from Pensarola, with rnttmj, to order. Brig Hortrnse. (of Portland) Mraus, 20 <lay? from Santa Cruz Cu i lo Nesmith St Wul?h. Celt brig Swan, (of Boston) Bray, t > sail for B tu mor-(u 20 day*; ?chr Kugrne, (of Boston) Adimx, for N York, 16d<ys Booke, going in, ict l*liemx of North Yarmouth. Irom Jamaica. On (he 21st, off Cape Florid*, spoke brig S, bale, (of Portland) Merrill, 4 di Irom Mnriel f >r DI ?l.n. Br g Morra, Kldridge, 20 days from Mobile, with cotton, to F. U Hurl butt St co Schr Mary Laugdou, C-hb, from St Croix via Newport,with sugar, Stc.lo B De Forest Si'co. B hr Statesman, t atlie.l, 17 days from Mobile, with cotton, to 8;urge** St < 'leirm n. gchr Sarah, Perry, 6 days from Cha-Ieston, with cetton, to matter. Schr Sally Wheatnn, Wheaton, 3 day* from Wilmington, Del Schr J Oooley St Co, Youug,3 days from Boston, coru, Schr Kscel. Bearse, 3 din a from Boston mdae. Schr J Predinore. Armouck, Georgetown, DC, coru. Schr lames, Wheaton, Ueorgetoavu, corn. Schr B N Fox, F.llenbur, Delaware, coru. At llnrlgate. Schr* Mary Laugdou. from the West Indies; J Cooley St Co, from Boston; Compliance, from Boston, all bound to N York. Below. Brig Clinton, Andrews, from Savannah, wi h cotton, to Sturgesa St ' leaiman. Brig Hell'sp nt, (of Providence) from Mobile. 2 bilgs?unknown. Sailed. UR*teamer? Scorriou and Sgi urge, Mexico; packet shin larrick. Liverpool; hatk K.f ?m, Mobil*: brig Lycoming, I'hila; ?chr? Kliza, Hondo as; Lucy Auu, NOr eaus. Ship C)le*m ire, for Furore, lava at ancor at the 8W Spit; >1*0, ship Uncus, from Norfolk lor Cork. BlUcellaneoua llecortl. 0~T" We are indebted to the New London Star, for a llip. Ship Flavio, (of Newbnryport ) Crocker, 42 dsy. from Boston lor Madras and OlcuUa, wa* spok n ou the 6th Jon, I it 26 8. lo i 27 10 W, with loss of bulwuks and 20jO g illon* water, hiving on the 24th Nov, experienced a perfect hurricane-all well ou board. , Bang Lanr Ragot.!.! New O lenna. reports seeing a large hiri ashore nu the Graud Cn> unu, ou the 6th Fen; could not make her out. Ship CoMtiTHiA!*? An at empt was made on Saturday la?t to fl at the sh pi minthinn, now on the beach on Pappuose Fijuaw, Bris'o , BI The tide was aery full, but t te Wind blowing a gale at the time from ill" sruth east directly on the shore where sbe lies, completely I' ustmted all efforts to heave her off. The tides that time have been smal-, owing to the strong wes er'y ? inda, a id the ship will i robubly remain in her nreeent position until the neitfull tides. Ship Ota Jaciiod late a whaler, at Bristol, HI, has eh>uged owners, end is u .w fi t mr lor the iner' sc. a ice. under comtniiid or Opt Melt tyre, l..te of the bark F.lleu Augusta, told recently in thia ety. Lom hi.ii?K< Bnth Me., 28th nit. a fine ?hip called the Switarilxnd, owned by Meiara. i.lark U 8cw-ll Bark Ssrtkk, M t rat on, from Kio Janeiro for Boiton. was lowed int Newport by tbe revenue achr Jacks >n, nu the kd mat. distrusted na bclo e met Hotted. Sckii Seyr.wrt.L, at Newport, from 8t. Croi*. fell in, with Feb kk, lat kit 3d, Ion 07 30, the wteck of a achr of abt nt 140 tous t urtheu, painted Mick, white sireak and wittte m >uke? rail, houae cu deck painted nieen, and loaded with pine lumber. Brio Niufr, Babnm, which visa in contact w th the Do' re, and blown off. arrtrril at Newport, K 1, on the kd tuat. Bkio Doti a, of B tatou. previously repor'ed in contact with the Niger, was seen ou the ?8th u t, off Fire Inland ? Sec report nt batk Kdwaid, from L'ha leaton. KcHa , frmn Baltimore for Bath, went ashore in the Bale at 10 H M. k7rh tilt, near the Uou.e Hooks W of Jaco river, and immediately want to piecea. The ciew, -even ill number, got a l'ely ou aliore; iheca go of corn and flour a to t?l loss. A t< achr w ent arhore t uht of 27>h ulr. on Bass Island, (.'up* I orpoise H rbor and was gjt off ur*l day with but <m ill d onatr Launch-A fine birk called the John Farrum meaan-in* 250 toi.a, wna launched at Ma tetf., Ohio, on the k'a ult.? heir owed hy \1e-sa A tk I Waters, ?.f Philadelphle, to be rr<mm oiled Ity apt Wm Knot She will load at Boitamoutb, Ohio, with Coin, for Link, Ireln-d Spoken. Bhip Wm Griy, from NUrleans for Boston, 18th, lac 30 21 Ion 7 i 20. Bnk Velaaco, from NOtleaitfjr Boat m, Frb 25, 1 it 39 21, Ion 71 20 HrigL*'e.Th rndil e, from No folk for Kiliuah, Ireland, Feb 19 off Gi nd B-iik Hue 1 oin Hull, (of iiuson) 24 hi.u a from > Yo:k for Oua daloupe B- g Coral, (of Boston) steering F.uat, Feb 27, lat 29 30, Ion 71 10 Schr June Nil ke-aon, fr m UoatOD fir An* Cayra, Feb 14, lat ki 0, Ion SI 10 Arr at Newport, Feb 28, brtk Klccfro, Ward, ftom ( hilt, f >r N London Br haik Barbara, 3! days from Londonderry, Jan 31, let 23, Ion 37. Schr F.llioft Conk, 7 days from New York lor 8f Crnii, Feb 20, Ut 27 30 N, Inn SO wr Bhip Pioneer, Graham, lut Bait for Londonderry, Feb 2', lat 40 3d, Ion 59 Ship Charles Carroll, fin N Oileana tor Boston, k}tb ult, off Cape Cod. Bnrlc (;onntnr.a, Milton, IT dr fm Liverpool lor Bostn., Jan 30,1st 4i 30, Ion 20 30; she had four men in irons, and two sick. 'Whalemen. Attn Ftnniu?ton. Mar I, bark I', Brewster, cl thii port, Irjin Bahama. 23 0 bti a ?h r il lb do ?p 23i.OO lbs lionc. ?dV 0,T"' B"rrh. Irotn Mr.unlnlu, 3t(IO bbls wh 70 do M> 3100 lha bone. Hp, ken, bv bark, on Kamachatka, March J, hip Wcb.ter, Curry, SH, I wn. May 23 Ponth D . ton, Hone, FH 150 ?p 150 wh; Atiaut.r, Heck. L 10 root, #00 wh; 31, i>orth America, Richards. Nl, !D0?h ?. 1 "?f"Mn, Oreen, N L. 700 ?h, this scwoii; 2i>. lat 1H '0 N, I >n lrill K, tally Ann, ' lark, NB, 200 thii ?a?i.n; Met rimae, Destiii, vL. 207 wn; 23 h, b.rk lieorae. Timer, Hton, 3 win; ihip Ph'llip Tabb, Jolii. Warren, I wh. Jii'vOth, Sc.coca. Wood NB. 800 wh, thii seas in. H?r?t' ge. Smith, N II.' 00 wh. do, (Ja?rse Wohinfton, Holt, NL, wh?,do; 12, l.o? ,n, Oardncr, N B, t! v ht do; 21, John Jay. MI, 700 hbl?, do; America, t.'rowil. NB, 0 whs, il l. Dec 4, Mary Friah'i Smith, NB, 87 IJ), la! y> to t, Ion 0. 21 W?all well on ho'.rd. hp lOe. Oct 26, tat 22 tl, Ion 161 30 w, ship, NB, witn 2ioo tihis. Nov r,ih. lat JC 2#. Ion 16310 w, ahip Wm Hamilton, NB, with 2AoO libit Dec 1th, off Cape Horn, b?rk Mary, Fratier, NB, 00 kbit ipe m. Arr.t Btonington, bark Newhnryport, Orav, froui NWC, ji not a'ated. Bark Pern, Mayhna, or New Bedford, arr at Cape Town Ctpe of Hood Hoi.e, Dec 31; put in fir water, to ?<il m a few days Hid from do, Dec 9, ahip, Spencer, N B, whaling; 11th Monmouth, Halsey. H H . cruising. Ship Octavnta, Pell, N B. had aaHe.l from St Himeona Bay, nrevioua to the 29ih Dec. At Tnrpauliii Cove, 12th mat, ahi|i Lie ore Porter, of N B. alao another whaleah.p arr at Holme. Hole, ltliiut. Ship York, Coffin, N tout and Coaat of Chili 1 * ;w?* * *? fo^o.Tc": inotT/o^jw" 1"U PWt'<hir H*kM* *0,, , Care Town, WH.Ju 3-ln port, bvk Pileatiae. Belch, from." ton -or Burnetii few diyi. Md Pet lb buk Wm H i-haila', H'lrnei, tfrom Boitou.) Algol Bay; Mkh, ih.p Ajb?, IIiu >tou, (from Boitou) Ca'eurta c cdiMogooK, (Chun,) Dee i? la port, chip Great Bruno Clu.r, a?c. Jeeemic. Fab 7?In pott, achrilory Chittm, Barker, from ' Boit 'ii, ( Jed 19.) arrltb, to rat iru about 2nd; bad ?tiy ha vy waatbar tl.ite aak out, aad lott overboad,9 dayaett, ofi. ?r St HtLtti.. Jan 13-No Aa reiaali m port, aor bad tbara been any for 10 d ,yi Vauraaaiao, Dee *7?loport, bark Madeline, (Hamb) for NYork, idg. Horn* fort*. Bristol. RI, Mar 2?Sid ch' Neria, Flit-er, Harana, bono*. Mtreh II ? Ar ahip V era-iilca, Agry, HaVie; accr Mary?ie.v-:t (ofLubec) fitkh in. c ardeu a. Cld,itiip An. twerp, Kobinn u. Norlola, to load f >r turopr; barka Gen't Grei u, Snow, Cork and a m ,rkat; b ig Oce ui, Pa'taiaoa, Baiiimore; EdwrJ, Baker, Savin. all Siled, .hip Verkar; baikt A tic , Bil ic oeu Greene, New k. .gano; u ig Tinker Oik; brig hinblem ud achrAlcopo, aa >ed ou Maud >y. '< HIKLK-TON, Ma i?Arr ?cnr Ofaniei, Dickinson, rbial; 5 da from the Cat e? bound 11 Sarwu h, put in i ?i g to head W,i,d?; achr Baiiiin lie 3e??ey. Cie .lue.oa C d, Br ahipa lLli/abeih. trevea, Lire potd; Seaoairii, Daud, do; be ka Betty, (Swed) Ki*r, Liurrig, ( korwav); Casrar. (fa.) hie ter, Hteiten, (Piui-) Sid, a'ip South CO oliua, Hojiuiiou. N Yoik; bark Apollo, Hunt, do; brig N G Boarat, Trim, do. In the I. Ifiog, Br ?hip 'I hetii, and Harriet k deiaie, from Liverpool; ah p ? polio, Howe, from Havre; bark Wul er.Thump a on, from PtOrlraua, mid n brig unknown. Balow, th>p ChurleatuB, Brown, from N York; bug ma, Dickiagou, im ( HisuiToi, Feb. 37.?In port, ahipa Jamaa White, [BrJ Turner, nom Liverpool; Anion, Barkmnu tor NYork .Id.; Mint'vj, brown, for Aitweip. wtg; Joiepha, [BrJ Lei eb, for Liverpool, Ida; 8.i atria, [BiJ Daud. lor Livedo >1, Idg; 8 -nth Carolina, H?"il.ton, for rkew Voik,ready; Klitabaih, . [ Br] Grbci, tor Livarpoel, Idg; Dvlpbin, f B ] Sal'iron for fl oiveipuol, rendy; bark' Jnmea Gray. Ciuiar, iui Autwup, juaterr; Po-'l oid. i Br] Stalker, f,oiu Liverp oi, dire; Yorkahne Lni,[U) fui .Ntvvpo't, Wil?a, due: Colchaa'er, [ Bi] Wither*, tin Liver*K>ol, disc; Poiuiet.u, Ken?irirk. B ateti, Idg; Condor, Wniting, for iltvra, Idg; Pay. [B<1 Laugwill, fir Liverpool. Idg' L.dia Ann, Garwood, (or Plii'idaipbio, "tg; JJuriimn. IttiJ uaviuxon i?r Liverpool, ng; m. i mu, H illett, for Idg: A pull o. 11 uu i'or f\ ew k ork, ri-ady; Nela -i> Village, I 0 1 VeBurnie, for Liverpool, Idg; A find, [ II ?ii J Unllarr, lor N of Kuopr. Idn; ' Km [ fi ukii. J Kiclner |nr Met,m, Idg; Beity, [Sw] Kr*f;, fur V.rtftl Kumii*t Id": li iga C)/r*> Tufi, Cou?n>*> lor 1'rovni-nee, Kg; lima, [Fr]'?ni d,fir Senegal, Idg; George, Vein, for N I'oik, lilg. P.ul T Jouea. for plna, ?tg: Choctaw, Moore to Boston, Idg; Klesnora Koplne, (Dai, J Bor-?>?, fur i npeili ig?n; Mni.y, Burr, far NewY ir, ids; -Lauda, [Bill Silini, fm Havana, iu di,truss, repelling; M (* , bn'kI v, I'or N Yo.k, Ml/; Silly Aim, Ditbrow, lor NYor . nig; G orge Sb nti ck. Urrgjon, for NYor*, log; C'ulbi, [ D-n ] Kcmieg No th of Kunre, li g; Francei, Uo'rilie, lo-Nea Yo k. loir, N U lloiirie.Trim. for ftYo-k, ready; Jane AK t be t. { Ki J Bernard. fo- Senegal, Ida; lu'ie, [s* J Bar. e. for tlie iViedi erinneiu.rraty; Janet [Br] Browu. tor C peuhtgua, ready; Jeane Bapliite, [ K. ] Ce Cendre, Mill, for Bene* gal, Idg. y denton, NC, Feb 27?Bid aelir Virginia Hodgea, Allen Wind lea ' Hriaau, M'rch 2 ? In port, ba'k Gov Brigra, Hallelt, fm Pnilad for Boitea: achra Splendid, Crowell; Friend, , a d \1 .VI K'oU. < li m, ail fin N Yoik fo do; A M Ma a, fin boston, for Norfolk; John C Culhoiui, Case. i.o.tju, lor Barren' h Hoi.sir.s's Hoi.e, Feb 27?Ar'achr Mo ureal, Mens, Ma tunm-as, lor B.atnn; 28th, barque Lyaander, Clapp, Cieafaegna.ld; alsaarr bnique Howiaad, Brown Chtrieston; brig L'hailea Hinim ind. Ciudsej, M?riel, Id in?t; alsa arr tebr Orrzimbo Kent, Boaion for Norf la A>r March I, brig Fatopaeo, Buuhiui, Metaina Dec 25, for Bo'lou; b'lgiFeraaveraoce, Butter Hur iunab for Bustnn; Joseph Bale-, Balti m >ra. for do; Wm M Kogara, Philadelphia fordo; Commodot, Bulev, N Yoikfordo; sch /ulini, Spialdirg, Bagaa for Boitou; Manson, Ci lem in, Curueua. fordo: Belle. < hase, Uonalea; ? Juliet, I handler, Matauzaai aeli-t J Ifrancia, Lewie, and 8i 1 m, Harding, ll-tppihauuock lor Boston; #'re loi ia, and . tni'y Franklin. do -or do; biq-e California, Km. gnu, i .ape Town, C G H, Jan 3, bt Helena ICth, f-w Batton; barque F.Ik, Paine. Philadelphia for Boat 'li; ae.hra Marengo Freeman, Norfolk lor do; Sarah Hipley, At wood, Rappah -unoek f irdo. Mobile, reh 21?In port. Br ihipa L?dv Milton, H*ya, Liverpool; Coromnniel, Hubbuck, do; W Cut r Pait-rsou, do; Quaeu of the Ocean, J illey, do; Schoodmc, Unfit, do; Ma'garei, Morton, do: Tlria U, Turner, do; Bea Nevia, B n-e, do; Co'otn'ndei. Broarjfoot. do; Atiau Ker, G-ay, Green >ck; F.lit ibeth, Idu rket, lieig t; MarnfBu.e Kiuly, d-?; Am ships Ka e Huuer. Pa a-ua, Havre; VI i I ton, Qorliain, Providence; 8t Leon, Jarvii, N York; UoS Roy, Areo-d, die. B' bark* Asm, Hannah, Liverpool; Rankin, McHrine, do; IT. I.., ,l?. a.1,l-.,ll.,,.L 0-,. 0,._. Dryuau, height; Hp hark Bom Koig, do; Am borka Hani, Wlreden, Ghent; Triton, Lt'a, New York; White Uak, Weeks, do. Brigs Virginia, Talhoti, N York; Sarah Brawn, Welsh, do: Forest, Variua, Boston; K Baud Jl, Cook, disg; Voltaire,; Ageuora. Johnson, do. Nr.w Have*. March 1?Arr bark Now H'tsu. Dowaes, Porto Hico; sehrs Oil Bias Fsrrrn, Virgiai.; Losiia, Haorur, Brandy wine; -loop Lady Fen wick, Thnsnpiea. N lark. 8,(1 schra Alfred, Greenfield, N York; Cleopatra, Barroaghs, do. Nr.w Orlkaisi. Feb S3?Arr ships Mariana, I liillipe, Now York; Elizabeth Biuce, Bay, Loudon; Haaatll' aiasm , Boston; Koyal Victoria, (Br) Huntar, liverpool; barks Caitia, Onte br.rige, Phil*; Bteasror, >Vu sou Palermo: Bapphiraa, ( Br) Johnson, Liverpool; Lady Bagot, (B ) Williams, Boss, Ireland; Anomeuo, (Mc) Costa, Palermo; brut Oaleugar, Uus-eli. Tampion; henry. Cola', Brazos Santiago; Wa hi gt'U, Preble, Bermuda; Chains'a Pamo-, Curaeoa; kaiotus, Hal att, Boston; Albert Feuriag, Buekman, Curacua. Oen Worth. Walker, Boston; L ncolu, einitli Phi>a, Leopold O'Dui.nel, R.i. era, Tatnpico; Otter IB.) Wa'l ice, M-iutrg* Bay, Ja; schr Tioga, Coiiins, r?nioico. 24 is. ships J?? Catder, Poles er, o, ston; Creinonc (Br) bum, Cork; barka r Iliott, Watts, Hiv im; hdward K-iny, ( U<) Cook, Gie ada; luo Odliu, loptlnnd, Kingston. J?: Bsroma, (Br) farce, L indonderry; Mrdona, (Br) Fcrsu-.on. Plymouth toe ran, (Br] Casv, Liveipool; ciguuia, H million. New York: brige Hcotin, [Br] Mortis Halilaz, N8; lieu Cobh, ltd, Port NicD .uougb. fH ii?J; Jose h. Krllar. N York; Flier, I BtJ Port Spain, Tuoidao; achr M-ry k mer. Smuh. B aoe I at i.ago. Cld 23d ult, stiipa Henry Uindaer [Br]Krmp, Liyerjiool; Ahhot|Lo d. Bl osdaic, tie; > B- ck no; i ons dea, | Bi] Campbell, Cork and a mkt; barks Dalawaia, Fisher. for Plulnde-phia; Jane Blai -, [hi] Kilos. >Jigo; hriga Vandalia, Wail?Mar-ellns. May hew, a-d Virginia, Jordin.New York; P Sou e, Thompson. Havaaa; H M Hyler. Anderson, hligo; achra N r) Hall, Films, and hterliug, P ke, Post on; ha ah Elizabeth, Webb, Peasaco'a; Blum, Washing! n. ard Sarah Jane. Gr?ham brazoa bauti-go; Declsration, Varino. Boston; Clurou, Holding, Tainpico. 24ih b i r? Vai da lis, Banker, N York; John M Clay tea, Tutktr, Phils; Uen Pinekuey, Uayle, Baltimore; achr Marg.rat A it. West, Br,7 >a S?n isgo Nkwimrt, Feb. 27-Arr, brigs Aerirl, Marshall, P-na, for Salrm; Lews Urnce, Studlry, Beaton, lor I tnladdphw; Chnli-m, Niekeraun, Charleston for Bostoa; tehra Caroline, Nickencn, Bos on for Philadelphia, Denmark, Hider, da, for do; Bowditeli, P< mroy, Mattozas (or Barger; Mantua, Coleman. Curaeoa far Boston; Betneve, Ni-keiton, do (or Honduras) for do; Berry, Hea'e, PiOT d<noe for ftiehmeud. March 1, arr, schr Kichmge, Allen, *t Ma'taa, 3tw To k; 2nd, bark Saniee Marsion Hi Janeiro for Boston; e'a>, arr, br gs Nuevitaa, laker, Porto Hicofor New Haven; Niger, Pahson, ew York for Hellsst, Ire'em': Speedwell, Wilson, bl Croix, do, also brig Harriet, 7 days fas "-erinnsli for Providence; achr Engineer, Whitten, Nuilolk for P.evidence; sloop Forrest. New Yoik lor Boston. Nkw Bedford. March 3?Air. achr Transput, Has as, Philadelphia. 8st ed 3d, ship Gov Tionp, (iate wha e>bip) Uido-d, Do nwa-e, <o load for F.u oi-e. PxaiLAM). M ich I.?Arr, b-trk Mary Lowell, Hamilton, Cardenas; 2d,cldJ brig Cerei, Hswyer, Matanzas; achr Leutnriou. Cu tis, Cnrdrnn Paot i.wcr. rowrs, Maaehl?At a herm brig, cottoa loaded, od a top-ail tclir (undoubtedly the ?l?uinorn In Oavanaah lor Boiton, nnd (he's ee Franklin fron Peruamnaeo for do) anchored wide out, wind blowing beuvy, bnt did not board thtm. PnovmrncK, March 2?Arr schr Mary, Howl-nd, Pal'lmore; sloop jcs La'-pheer, Kmuey. N York; J as L Leug, lo in do; Radiant, Johnmu, do Cld aloop Midsa, k'r nth, N Yo k. Below, hriga'J eloi, Im Mataut > ; Ssbiun. ' Mobile; achra Waiidopnto. Irom I harlcitnn; Ricka d B-rden, Abbott fm Bait; and I o-2 achra nnkunwu S d schr Myitle, Ch.ppell, N Yotlt; slonr-a Midis. Frrnch, and Bolina, Mills, do. Brig Wiides I'Walker uothrlew 1st, astupuoiaJ. Ht Makes. Feb ? to 20?Arr hug Georgians, Coffee, Now York: schrs Elizi Caroline, Piince, Mantee: < indenlla,Baker, Havana: Lucy Blake, Bailer, Key Wo-t; Paa-pero, I'redwell, Ntork. Cld schrs Lucy Blake, Galveston; Cm deitlla. Baker, Key Weit; Tallarusaee, Biunderi, New Orleane. Salv.m, Mar 1? Sid ??hr Mar" C'ark, Small NVork Wilmisoton, Mar I? Arr echre vlarr m Ami. Mitch"!', Portland: Prince of VValet, Halifii.NS; Feb tt, brie L IA cl-h Lelai'J, Button; (chra r ue, Oyer. Ho; O W Uavie.Mn.ak, N York; 27th, rchr ledum, do; Mlh, eehre Olive, Smith, do; J l> Jonet, Ortffiug. dn By Last Night's Southern Mail. Herald HUrlna Corrokpomlouca. rHILABCI.rHIA, Much 4?4 P M. Arrived, hark Kingston. Bowni, Trimdad do Cabo; brica UK Loper. North, Peniembuco; l'e irl. Taylor, Bo-rmi; take Oegon, Krurnier, Urreupurt; Union, Hoghea, Kiehmood O K, D le, < hail.-aton; Kdwin O. Butt' n, Bait. Cld, bark Eli7.<berh J, Keiiiington, Havana: brige Joteph Cowpeitnwaito, Cm in. Puruamhue ?; W .1 Watton, Kekleldt, Wiediei; lot' ?v 8t Jaue, Brevoor, do; ach'a Mary E'iaa Kyder. lalaudof Lobot; Conaul, Bullet, NYoik; 1 B Odell, French, do. Kiirelgn Port* PskttAMkrt'o, Jan 25?In port, bark Caroline, lor Boa'ea, Idle; bngr Kagle, Peabodv, from BaJoffl, Maaa, dieg; end Cm kct, Bradbury, from Boaton, do. tioaaao Porta* Bai timoct, Mar 4?Arr bark Wymaa. Croabv, Boaton; bugs Ma)tl wer, -tcvene, Trinidad; Bet, (Br) Ordliey, do; schra.l hu iMuriay. Urvereui, Matn.i*a; Providence, Peter .on. Hav ma h Brig Emma, S'atf rd 5 daya from Prov deuce ca "e in the i area uu Monday night iu cotnpny wi b a birk, coppiitedn Boa on picker? I'atai d off the Kapr asauiiuck yeairr.iay, bug ludua. Coffiu, fnun Kio dr Janeiro - [ We belie*# the I it no w?a in t at Kio nt lot account#, iliign net clue time from 'hit por ?if tint ba tme. the b iug? eer |ae datoa] < Id.ehipTenie tee. Pray, Belfia', brig" i\ipo een, he.obr >Ukh. Co k; llat..u at, (new, ICO tout) Patterson Kio J .ueiro niiO * in irkot. " ? ' " * 1 Vf 4KHIKD L AD I ",4 ?Married Ladiee would lad tab Jl to intcre t thrm by peioamc Moral Pnyaiuloiri yv.iita iv (he o >.U Uaen.wri n a Hitiona and alter Uoot ny It. Clever, M. D. Were thia booh etrefull' read b/ overy married prr?on, and iho nilaico atricily folloood, wo era nertu.d d hit a d Iferont stale ol aocety from ike p.eaeut would e?i l f he lerrirs of I ovorty mid ihe propeta oft I lire f .mly of child on, which c.kld ho bui newly roired prevent many n-ndeur i eoplo from euterinu tb m<trmmial etnte: but here is a veork t t( will loll you mpo to ? .eerets, which mav obvia e nil tuch objeonona. Pnee ?l 'be hook 50 ceota For tela ot No i Ann atreet, and m jet oiher book atorea. m'r A CURE Foil COLU3. MllS CAKKOEL'S Medicated V.ipor end Sulphur Bathe. I?4 Kolion street, oppoaitr Chmeh arreer. A certain care iori...r iU.?,.,n, ovr? mnm, and all inflammatory di.ea.e. incident to tlia changeable ?fte of the weather. The anlphnr Vapor Bath u partitela ly recommended hy onr ftnt phyaiciaua aa a cure for all eruption* and diieaaea of the akin. Mo dancer of taking cold after the n?e of thr*r tutlia. J 29 tm*re THE YEW YORK HERALD. JAMES GORDON BENNETT, PROPRIETOR. Circulation---Forty Thousand. D AILV HERALD?Every nay, Price i eeati pereopy?|T 25 per annum?payab'e in advance YVEEKLV H KHALI)?Every Aitnrd.y-Price 8X centa per copy?J 12.1? cent* per aur.uni?payable in advance. H KM ALU km EUROPE?Every *tcam racket dayPrice 6'i centa per copy?$3 (er annnm, payable in adrauce. ANNUAL PICTORIAL HERALD?Pnbl .''ad on the l*t of January of ?a< h year?.ingle copie. -i.peuce each. 1 ADVERTISE r'KNTH at the nan.I priee??alway. ca?h ill ad'aucc. Adverti.ementa thould be written tu . plain, legible manner. The Proprietor will uot he re.pon.ib|a for error, that may oee ir in ihero. I riti>TK>U of all kind, etecuted beantilnlly ant Jith deapatth. 1 All letter! or eoinmnnicatinn.. by mail, addre.aerVoS the e-tabli.hmeiu, mint be po.t paid, or the po.tage wi l,g deducted Ir im tne at|l?erii>tioa m iuev remitted. H JAMES QuKOO.N BE.NNETT, M Pioprietor of the Nkw Voaa Hvati n Ki^B t, , f

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