Newspaper of The New York Herald, March 30, 1847, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated March 30, 1847 Page 3
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I'r~ 1 i1 fTKo -r>i,tirnp?ioTi of the** *r?icle? ha* incr*a**d wilb. n It ' tv y?*r* an aver*** of aeven'y par cent. In?eme T I -uoipal cap.oa, tha incraaao ha* been about oca ^ liudr?-d per rant. ai I The importation of article*, chiefly the product* of tha I'll e-l State*, ia 1885, ahowing th* principal channel* by jJ I hioh i-nportaJ, wa* a* annexed :? | Ikfobti iy Ta^Oc*M*!t Zoll fiaua, US, ? Cot Iwitt T" iteto vo iding tn lemon .. I _ . maaufoct'd and 7 I importodby Roto Ml tilrat ttimi fVhmlo .. wag of oattan. Britain Ru< oil I. QntU Qptli. Qnti*. Qnt/r. Qntl*. ' Me r mi on rnrt* hi --athe Baltic 3** 34,210 ! i.i 14,1)9 113,7(8 8(4 Ml di fl"; art, on (he L ' 'be 211,117 307,688 67,5)7 38 680 50,454 <4. r,on th* 78,447 47,515 1(8.285 13 48* 81,181 M Tte Ne-t-e hod*. I 'h-Khiu* ..152 9*1 *1988 149 6~9 53 834 118,4)4 . Bi nam 47,836 80,859 11..8I 15,488 81,888 ** H?t ?, ? , Fra-iie, I'?t? rh* (trun#! D ?cWv *f B*den *q?I the Kifc'om ot 31,874 71 864 18.37 ) 87.848 381 jj T-t?l mcunt of I ?' imp >rt*nnn 549.388 685,188 401,735 344 879 481.588 ! 'T* The following atatemant exhibit* th* quantity import- vl *>!, re exported, eouaumad, and evarega priaa in th* Zoll Jjj V err in 8tal*a,in 1845, of articlae partly tha product* of m tha U uited State*, and partly imported from the Unit*d J* state* Th* value of the** article* ha* baan calculated lon the r laat average price* in tha Hana* Towns 10 viroatation Rt-axroBTaTion, ('onivnrTion **d ave- 68 b*c* fiie* in tick Uiin** 2:iix Vkbkii*?1844 I Jlotrago Quan- prict at g Impar Room- lily (A* Han** ltd Pfted Comm'd Taw I Jlrtielti Quint. Quint Quint iioih. 4 Ha* roitnn 549IM 11*5,50 1 4*3,687 13 00 Jr Tob-eeo in laava* and W 'tern* 4C8 735 12.140 898 381 4 58 : Hie* 1-4(79 n 1*3 9)9 5 35 ' WW# oi* 49 1 581 34 857 4 37 27 1 8 38 I ))- --tuff 583 Oil 1318*1 4OJ150 SO# a (??'?*? * 14*389 IMI 137,535 7 uu *t? H 131,177 18,673 Ji?.504 IT 50 Ml liinf.r, rod different ? spies* 1# 877 m 10.360 11 SO Pepper sod pimento... 65 086 370 85 868 9 E ? as u aad ctuuumon.. >8.414 808 16,138 35 00 ! * J I,f70 6'0 51,506 1 025 088 10 00 01 ' "O'O 10-30 300 10,644 14 00 _ 8 005 1.577 0.518 17 50 * K?fl*sd sufir 86,811 ? 86,848 8 48 f H*T rrfiord sogrr, j w Uena) 88 808 Ml 08 048 7 00 r* "Urfiifjr led .ing l,40> 0 1 78 010 1 410 075 5 70 , '111' 810 661 18.76* 8*5 hi in 5* M I'M go 60 856 8118 88,848 147 (>0 ~ fa m, ere**. rpeim*- I f e-'n and m.sed o t , ' }! 114 877 1,805 113 8*8 8 80 R Drift f?h 4 3 87 1,878 41 781 1 58 Jf.1 Tu.-peuti' 84,6*3 8 68 *1,487 8 65 PJ, I."?d 188.187 7 184 84,7-3 5 08 , U'P? 23 064 17,758 5 860 14 08 i 1 Berswax 8 875 358 8,865 33 08 of From th* beginning of the preoent year (1847) tbe duty : H oo co'ten twiot hue been raited from two to three Pruo- et I plan dollar*, or from $1 37 to $-1 07 par quintal) tha Zoll Varelo quintal ia equal to 1044487 l/nited State* pounda. y Tbe official return* of the troda batweeu the United 1 State* and the Zoll Vereinia 1848, faave not come to hand, J;* and we are, therefore, nnable to make any comparatiTa th ctatomento. We have no doubt thoy will exhibit a aery favorable increase, compared with the ahipmants *] of bread, flour, corn meal, rye, and other breadstuff* ; alio pork, beef, bacon, lard, lie., lie, last fall, were un -V1 usually large. C< Old Stork Zxchango. 1 $5'00 U 8t"'e? *>(, >58 I0IV 65 shi Canton Co. S3V n< / 500 St> te 6s. '51 101 15 do (60 S3 50 0 do 5s. '50 96 V 150 Nor 8c Wor RR 49 V a 887<'iy 5s. '38 93 800 do 49V 7. lOru P?nq?v Irvn 5s 7el< 50 do b60 49V 1. inwihhi.. 6s 60 84X '50 iteming RR b*0 59V J! 370? I'lirois sporial s3 38s 150 do 59 1 1; I'O s?s Fa m-rs'Tr b60 8<V 650 do (60 5*V " 150 Mbcm.1i es' Bank IOC 850 do 5854 288 Vinkti.urg t% 50 do 58J4 ,,, 5* Mortis 18*2 800 L Island RR *4m MV 57 do *00 18 V 150 do b!5 5614 * CO d> 1* 50 Karlrm RR 145 48V u 23 do l*k 100 do 48 M 30 do bOO 1*1< 150 to b10 48S .1 >25 t'o b30 ]?W 200 East Boston 14 V 50 do (30 18', 310 do 14 p 25 do IIV 150 do serip IV $ Secorid Board, 81600 Oh<o 0a. '60 95 800 shi Norwieh s3 49V M 150 aha Vieksbnrg bSO 9 50 do b this week 49V of t* di 9 110 Farm-i*' Loan 28.V 30 Norwieh 49V 50 do 21 * | Fi 50 do 4?V l'O Reading b*0 .'9V 5* do sOO 4*s 10* do 58V M 3* do 49V 50 Harlem blS 40s $1 170 do S3 4*V 170 do 4842 1 5* do bS 4*V 50 Mori* Canal IS* th Sew Storis Kirhang*. . 5? ?h. Morris C*?al 18V 25 ihs Nor li Wor 49V 104 Holism 48V 150 do 4*V Ji " R CITY TflADfC REPORT. * Niw York, Mokdst Aftkrpoop, Mssch 39. C The liimnesa noticed in Indian corn on Saturday was ^ maintained te-dny, and sales ware freely made, both to art ire and in tha city, at full prices. Flour was rompsri'irely inactive. Snail galas of Oencuce, mixod brands, C li store, were mads at 87. and *ome lota of pure brand*, t> arrivn. at $7 13V A eslo of Pennsylvania wheat was Si mide at $1 40. Provision* were some firmer than they g w*ro at tho close lb Satnt day A sale of new mri pork was made at $1* In other descriptions transactions i were light j in groceries the transactions were limit- ^ el, without change in price*. Heveral cargo** of I* Sigar were discharging, simple* of which were ex. * peeted to be in the market to morrow During C w'lange, the rumor of Oeneral Taylor's eonflict wi'h | ?i the Mexican* preduced considerable excitement. On tbe purport of th* new* being announced from a pnblio stand, wb'ch wound up with th* aipresiad beliaf that Oen Taylor had bean victorious a sound of applause j ran through the largo anemblarge of merchants present pi The neva earned ?o much conversation, as in some ? degree te interrupt business ; and It being Monday? r? usnally a dull day-transaotlons, save In a few articles, " were not large. ?' A?nr??Pots were steady at 14S7X, while Pearls wero <j dell at $8 S5. Irvswss ?Bmall sales yellow were made at 37 cts. _ t}(.S4D?Ti'rr? ? Flour ? We report sales Ot 400 bbia Oerrsee miked breads at $7, and a or SCO do. on the ^ opening of the river, at $7 19X in Southern there was J no change, and no aa'aiuf importance transpired There <|i was a large sale of Western fliur made , tn arrive en the openlrg of the renal, en private terms. IPVut?We re- a port e sale of a 000 bushel - Pennsylvania at $1 40 There I* was no charge in other deaciiptioos. Corn?The aales [i i et ched about U,000 bushels. pert to arrive,consisting of w fiPWi Southern yellow at 94 eta: 30 nno do Northern ~ > cltow, ?8t># do deliverable in May.attO 95 eta; 94 000 to Jj arrive, at 94 Cts fouthern white was rather scarce, and n e, gonrf article would have commanded 00 cts. Heavy eu- ,r g gsmenta were said to be made for delivery next mm- n mer Com Mral- Brandy wire was|in a meatnre out of is irs'ket. We report salt a of 400 barrels New Jersev at I" $4 87X. and 408 do Brandy wine to ariive, at $4 87X ? 1 ul Ky? We report sale* of 90?w bushels at 90 cts. Bailey was dull, while oats remained unchanged. ^ r?Mii,M-There wai no change, and sales continued ' , to be made at It cts i r<rr?r he market continued quiet, and no tiansac- cl tiona of importance were reported ' l otiOv - Th* market continues firm, with a moderate J', a- qmry for shipment.?the sales amount to 700 bale* tt KitH-The market continued rather quiet, and we si heerd of no transart'Ona beyond a cargo hi small gieen ~ cod, ptiticipally at retail, which brought $8 69X There was nothing doing iu mackerel or herrirgs. ? FauiT?The market was quiet, and we continue to J qtio-e t<tinch raisins at $1 84 ior whole bcxrs, and 04 cts. | tor half de H>sir-Weheard of no sale, rave 97 bwles Kentucky _ drr.?. d dew retted, slightly d imaged, by auction, at , fill cash ; ? Lk*n?The matket waa inactive, and wa continue to . si quote pig at M 94 fVoi sssaa? We report sales of 900 hbds of Matarzsi, " rather ii ferior at 1-t cts There were no transaction* in ^ New Orleans reported j , N?vsi. tToaas?Spirits turpentine continued to move in h pniaii way b\ inom V2 cm . mnugn d** file? ol importance trantp red. Nothii ? v:ni reported in rough turpertine or io roain, quotatlone for which remained ulchanged Oiii-W? report aalea of 4" Off) gallone Engliah linteed. part toatrive, at 7m a No ,caah. and 7000 do American do h' 0 ota . ca?h Thare wat no change in whale oreperm, whtcli remained at Saturday "a prieea A P-neuteNa? We reportiulea o( I on bhla. new men pork a? $16; old meaa waa a'aady at $14, Ml old prime a' $14 r, ?;,4 ? $11 60 though i.e aaleaot conx q ience tranepirtd j Sn mil aalea of country meat beef were made at $11 60 ei Lard A aale of *400 btila. rold at 10 eta There waa ain. thing naw in cheeae or btt'ier. U c? ?The market waa quiet and pricea continued un- 4 char ged We continue our laat quotatiena at $H a $4 S7X fir o?mmo>i to good prime. ju Sraoa? There were email ealoe flaxseed at $1 60 a $1 6)>$ per buihel. We quote the aitide in tiercea at $11 to a $ II. Clover and timothy ware quiet, and we heard of no aalaa of conaequence. Siioab ? We tepoit aalea of HMhoxea Havana brown, at "Xc We quote white, do., at OH a 0c., and Mueeovado no , at 6X , ?<! in New Orlaana nothing beyond retail tienaac'ioue were repotted Tallow ?The . maiket continued quiet, without charge in pricaa. WHALraosR ?A aale of 16.0C0 Iba N. W., waa made ot SIX cema. In South Sea wa heard ol no trareactlon. Fkmohre - Batea exhibited little change ; but ap peered a little dull at Saturday'* quotationa A veaael waa taken up to proceed to e Soul hern pott to loed lor a dirct port in Europe, at J6d for grain in aache; '44d in bulk waa offered to Liverpool Flour could have been engaged at 7a wt.ile Ihe p>ickeU demanded 94d for grain in mult* an 1 7a < t. for d>ur. To Havre fbere waa no li To London, for heavy freight, 60? waa atked. ?wem??wwwM iri<tl. " Tbero waa a gloom thrown over the commercial community u-tnllv repreaeuted on Vhaege, yeaterday. by ti>e death of NitNAuaL Neavov, t?q , who evired on the tis h inatant, in the SBth yeerofbiaage He waa a ~ mcr. r> 'it. and a mnn whom ail who bad the pleature of [ bia ?rquain'-mce, honored and retpected Hlaunifotm |t miai intt of diapoaition. coaibined wi'h a moat pleaaing ( ami gentlemanly add e-s, won th ea eem of *11 who ap- i piou. had bnn It wua uiily tho pi ivilege ol the writer of ~ thla brief notie -, to know Mr Norton aa a merchant and eaecltia a, and aa aucb, all antertaluad lor him the I warmrit tateem. I have no doubt but hia ralationi in 1 private life were of the moat endearing character Hia Integrity in commercial affaire, aa well aa hie rocial and - .1 - ? orul qulitie*. war* apoken of in tho highest firw. I 17 heloaa of inch man, cut down in tba print* of Ufa, " . 'D. * aar"*r ?f n?efuln**a, leave* a void in aocioty , bich ia deeply fait by hia frianda a* a public calamity, id to bia family aa an irraparabU bereavement. * On Monday, 19th iuatant, after a abort but aarar* 111 ?*. SMitaaT, wif* of Isaac Rickbaw, aged 18 yaara, lughter uf tb* lata Caleb Johnston. The friends and relative* ar* invite J to nttand tha futral, at tba ratiJence ot her mother, 83 Pik* atraat, on ' dnaadav, tba Slat instant, at 9 o'clock. P. M. On tb* 99th Instant, of conaumptian, Jomh Lee, age 38 tar*. Hi? f iend* and tba member* of Harmony Ledge No. 1. 1. O of O 1, also bi* brother in law, P Brennan, a respectfully requested to attand bia fbnetal. from a late residence, No 31 Washington street, thl? (Tu*.iv) afternoon at 8>tf o'clock j, at Davenport. Delaware county, on Satur- J iv, the 90th instant, BsMiiiis Peaiaa, aged 88 yaara id 8 montka Weekly Report of Dmthl the City and 'ouoty rf Vorh. f em tha Nth day *f I March to the 17th dav of Vlareh, 11(7 .J Meat}; W'omeaM, B y?7J; GirliIT. Tetal 888- f?1 BlBBAtk.1 Abvceaa, 2 ; Aneurism. 8 : Apoplexy,11; Asthma. 8; B'eeJ( from 'uags, 8; Bronohi ia. I. Cancer, 4; I tx aaoptioe.44; " onyatioiia U; Croup 5; Delirium T'*mru<. ' "?psy.8 : Dropay in the t>ea4. 13 ; Dvsentery. S; K;iear 1; .vryetpela*. 5; Pever, 4; Pever Puern?r<i, 0 ; tfa- ' ! .r Kamittaat. 8 : Fever Typhoid 4; Fever Typhua.4: Ke- ' >r Nerv->n?, f; He?rt Diaana* of, 4 ; Hooping Cough 3; flammatioa of bladder I; Uflammatioa of brain. 4; dool a iwafs. S: do of lunga. 88; do of Pericardia*, I; do ofstoach, 8; do of throat, I; do of liver, 1; iu'emoaranca, 1; Ma- i niaa, 14; Maaa ei. 13: Mortifieatiou. i; I "id Age, 4: Palsy, Prematura birth, 8; Pu-para, 1; Hhenmaii.m, I : Ruptut* Scrofula, j. gprus, 8; Teething, I; Unknown, t. A?a?Under on* year, 87: 1 te I years. 38; I to i It: 4 to, 10, | i 10 to 27. I: 88 to 30, 31: M lo 40 . 34 : 48 to M, II; 50 to M. 13; I rZ t*78, 11 ; 70 to in, 9; 10 to M I; unknown, I. ; COHN'i B AHCHKR, City inspector. . City laapactor'a Oftee, .Much W, 1847 WANTED, " | l COLORED M AN. aaW.iter lu a private lamily. 8ueh ' R. k as have andunhtad lacommtadaiiodi may r.pplr ' t No. 90 . La 'a'er at mis lt*o Joi wanted. : ? IT A r*ap*et*b1e protaftaat young wnmau. a situation aa ' .lo ' auras and seamatraaa or oui/ibormaid? u->d'ra'anda clear Sk c?"iag? the hast of citjr ralarrnae given, inquire 11 Carry : rtat. eovner of Fart n v ?l'eet inJO lt?r i 71 ! 7! WaNVc-D, " " I J I A respoersDi# young woman, a al'vaHou as chambe r- /? maid?willing to assist in washing and ironing?the best . w refstsueegivru AppystNn 0 Secn-id Aveune. j ? * W No oM?tion t ? g jo the -ou-'try r"30 lt*rc < VA ? T???i nations by two H'OiCi Ui'li ouo u ouut, ' bo W"hw?Qil irouer, too nthsr u ehunierm iid and ' Mi iila'. No ohjeelieus to wssh-ng and ironing. Rripectab'u 1 Ni ferone's given?the ssm- r< suited in return. ' He An m'eryiew em be ooteiued or two day?, bv applying at \ > m D'vrHnU' Fa ey Htnrr. 330 Brwety. rrKJ'^rrn 1 JtHK Wa * I'EU ? * reipre ai?le young su, from 16 a > to )??ra, for a wholesale "nd i coil fvey s'ore. Pre- l\ m.en will be given to ona who la acquainted with lha te. eneh fancy Unna? References wi l oereqnr-d A;.- in > in wrj mr to bra 3264 tin ng reference. mhSI U?rrc rei | nr. THEMUJHEK OF I HE HRE DKPaR I'Mlfi VI' FUND, wihmneh ple??nre *< knowlediss ihe receipt eighteen hundred eighty 40-U6 doll ra. bv th nande of w enry A furr. Esq , being tha p-ocee la of the Cishteenth I u'uil Bell, aMhe Park Theatie Jan. 25th, 1147, in aid of the ,h laritable fund of the Oepartanmt. ... ? ? . JOHN 8. SILE9, Trewnrer. New Yorh. M?rch 17. IHT. man It* to J? \l AMU\L? 'IN l'?.D UUlLI rt.N-i-l 25 I'NLV ? to -r J V. 8AV AGE, 91 hulton atrret, ia selling tha aam? 'Jl old Pane for $ 35, Id eleewhere for $t 50 A'eoa mag- th ificeut Pen fot $i, which ii tha beet and eheapest pen in pe ie wo'ld. man lt*r sa AiD TO lK.fc.LAND lh rRKd?URPR'9 REPORT couiinued, for March 2ith, s? 26'ha. d?7b. fl R'eaiyrd Mareh.35th, from Ch trie* Brown, $10; C. It 8. i tlbank. $!0 ? < oil- crinu in the Lutheran ChmcS, Village of Valatie O'umhm county. Hey W. D. 8tn bel', Paetor, $<3 50 r| Col ectinn i the P<eabtte>i n Lhuirh. Pev i. E Pock- J e'l. P it r,t$'J lew $2u 5n paid to J. J. Palmar, Treasurer Oi r Scotch Relief FunA) $1* 30. , ea Contribution! fr m thr riiigenmf Vala'ie, $115 75 (from Pr itnnel|Hunna,o( Valatie. $ 00. ie> eieed 17th lustan' by teaae dr owusr d 1'reienrrr ofeitiaRia of llth Ward, an<i pnbli>hed Ja 1 reainrai't Report i n the iSth mat.,) making in "II from ? ? io village ofVal?ne f-r roliof of Ireland, including $100 pronely r? ported. $195 75 From Mr. I effiugvrell, $1. _ Bv Robt B. iviinturn, cont'ihntinn of rha citisens of Louiairg, N C., th'onvh *hew A King, $34 25; J. L T. by do, $5; iou) inoug b . da. $1; in all $43 25?leea raid for diecoont on I ncarrenr, 40 ran'e Bv Brown, Brothere A Co. in a note. $10. Rocaived, 26th. from serrno B Uwiahr. $10; from citiieni V! "Patters n, Putnam c- un y, by Gaurge 8m th. $37. Collection in tha Protaa'ant Dutch Church, Franklin atraet, . y Hardauburgh, Paetor, by 1'eter Van Noet.Troaenror, "j Frrm C. W. Lawrenro and Moeee H. O draft ofT. itrhell. on Hank of America, a donation from tha citimrne _ ' Oanville Ky , $363 31. . C. From Hon. A. H. Mickle, Mavor, from the inhabitanta of yj reeiovtn Comera by Walton Mwiilaod, Esq . $14. iv Collection ia the Osrman Luiheian Church in Walbar V reat. Rev. Mr. Btohluaun, Pastor, by C. G Onnthar, Esq , lit I2j 65. in freer ads of Rev Mr. pnrk'e Lactnra at tha Trbarnacla for a Reliafof Ireland, $177 65 I re Proceeds of one day's receipt! of Ky A Brown'e Line ol ? agr(. $29 > 46 ia all ay his Honor the Ma' or, $726 96 JJy Purick Foi. co'lert.oo in ft J?met' Catholic hsrch, , f| imr* street, N. Y , Rev John N.Hini'h, Pastor, $10(0. J Bv dit e, frcm "t Jsm*e' Ceiholic Temperance Bocie'jr, ki 'v.JuhnN bmiih, Pietident, collected ou the l7lh March, i B' M. , ?l Heceivel. 27 h. frrm inhabitanta of Kanaington Pari-h, ol Rotwrlis Monro, Jr.. Treasurer, in a le'ter $30 ' > eat $10 i aid as diracted .0 J. I. Palmar, for Scotch Relief nod,) $20. From " Cose Calculation," $10. From Henry White, Al- w cr Creak $6 I Bv H. Donaldtoa Jr.-W. R. P , $5; Borj. Bragg, $20; Itsh. $l $2; in all $27, Q( Krum O r. , in a sit* da'ed March 25ih $5. n< by Anten O I'hclra? From Rtv Mr. I'erkina, Merideu, Ct. . I. Pom R. f . M. Jr.. p." W.C. Jr., $l. ! "f Collfiino m I hrist Church. Hudson, Ohio, Hay. A Phaips , h .actor, by A. A. Brewaior, ?20. I w Auorymoua h\ Mr. Hvrsv.lV ta Workmen in the Wvommg Wnrka, Wilkoibarro, Penn., V Ustm W. Wfiioore, $<33. ai Received 29rh -From EJw. DrZeog, of ckaueatrl\o. $10; ' _| on W. W Eimt and J tin O Fa'ioll, collectrd at Char- i j, > 10. Nor h Carolina, by ihe h-nda of M. H (Jriune I, I 0 13; Mr I'eweli. by fas L. Jackson, $1: KneHr Tew< tt iy,$);byK. B Miaturn Irom ihe 'ici-usof N?w Loudon, . hi I V It M.,h.r tlivn. S7S.1 at Tot-l Hoxipta of money o Monday. March 7% h, ioelu- T IIM 7 3 M M VAN H H'l K, Trwinur City and Country I arnra which aan iff >rd to pabli?h ibia l?"Tt free ?' t h<rg?. m rr qnatlcd ?o eoi y. mlO 'tre PARTNER WANTED, ^ITWK 81LF.NT OK A' TIVE, to turret i?y $ .000 A IT >:01|, ea h. mau-rlic'e of medicine which p*vt a fi' of <>y?r wr en'. >1 io x-neral uac, a d n ttiinraa Sti'.CDOran be doof ihr fi at? ear. if paahed. fhr fraot "P'i?ta'h a alieady ano bar artic e introduced with'tyr- ei I ihona-nd age u, a d haa fariiriee pvee a?d by law to la ndar aaccaaaful any I naimea of the a me kind; h-e a Ire- g< ry in operation; atom ia ob? of ina brat nam the to ty, Kiftreaer givan aud irqair-d. For fnr-har aurtiru aa ra. rddrett, wtah rail name,' M.D. box I S.3 Lower P. at ffire." hi N.B. All commanlcaucina itiictly eoufdrotial aaa n>39 3 it re in NO i' iCE K rK SHIP I'AHPENTKRSoi New Vork and B.ooklyn it rereipcctfu'ly inyit'd to a.lend a meeting on Tnee- ai ay areniug, at O. Hughaa', 159 Madnou atreai. at 7K o'clock. wK 3t- r By oidar of l oamii aa. * l| K. TaYL.UK, who haa inquired fori, ha i let K Hchir- g '1 mer. from tierliu, ia rrqae.trd toe 11 at. or to addxaa a g ue to No 71 Liberty at aet, up atura, ittriug when and ayr an io'eryiew u m -a' r .nrc-i*-!!. "-33 Si"' C( :r>HlT O*' THE AUE ? A I.retire wi I he deiirere by g * Dr W. w. U'a lace, on Th? r-nmt of he Aae.nndita auiiertion wirh th" spirit of Aetcci itioo. on Mo d.y. Mil laf .at'he (J-eei; Struct Meth iCiai Kplaconal t hatch be*eru Epilog and Broome atrerta. TicAelaM I'entt?to ad- ura Ueir.eman and Lady I.-cu e to commauce at hill tat 7 o'clock. Tickeia to be had at lha duor on tl e rreniag , r lb - Iremre na'7 3-*rrc ; 8 RABIN* AU*8 WARM SALT BATHS ? II (/?? foot of Dethrone! it , near St. John's Park N R , Vh E O K> Irom aouri.c u.lil II o'eloi k P. >i ? tlmac p. llatha arc re.-oir mended by the Faculty in all ?t?gea ol iro ic rhrumati'm aud - $M diacaaea winch MB Ml be In i rh?i hv .he c-mmnn boh. The arreuf'he-.iug prop-riiaa ? ih- waier (chloride of aod.uin, m go atuia end e Iciuui id ail hoe of anda) a*e aro'l eamh i>.hed, a d render it Iro * [ in hatha being leaa lit be to cold ?fie itau?r,au e lor to * I "t'a, _ in77 Ht *rc m M OlLdAll AiNi 1 r? - L.Ai>D. " RELIEF PER MACEDONIAN. r HIS SHIP lica at Pier No 4t North Hirer, ready tore- " crier cont ibutioua. She will remain at ineaboee place ~ nt'l Allrd. or for three week*. m'lHn rwh ? U.-iPFKAT. H JUif PUBLI-Hr.U 1'ltn.K b>4 Ok, a i d Ii k r.KCTUKa (JN TMK aNTECy Dr.NTOALKKHOF pi V THb I MH FAMINE IN '117, neliraretl under t'e rat'irea of the Oeue al i damitiri for thr relief of the auf. ~ r>ng poor i f ireian i, hy the Krgi.t liar JoHif lluuNcr, U. ., Kiaa p of New Yirk, at toe Hnad.av T?bc nncla, H larch 70, HIT EDWARD DU IOAN, J iu2# Jt e 111 uli >o atrcct J fSTPH >7-TmTwILL >?. PUULI-IHED, BY b! WILLIAMS, BROTHERS, PI Or WaonxaoaT Next, GEORGEi * ob thk PLASTER OF THK I<LK OF FRANCE, hi Trcnalal?d fr tn th? Krc ch of ALkX ND H DUM Ad. cl nihrr of" Diaaaof Me id r " ' G?. eyir?," " Capt. Paul," Ac t r.f < O in'h " kc BY SUK! sPttlNU. K Q. w [THIS KDMANCK like all the p udnciioi. of iragftrd ( L au'hor ia n'l o( ace .ra of >he dreprat tragic int?ia?t. . id u i 1 be f u drqiall* in tc rearing wit a ' Mouie < h- ?t?'' , it " T"e Three Uu irdrwiyn." I'r r>Rcrnii. my>;pit?r ? fRfAfA KEWA'ID-Lo<t or 9t -lru, on Tueid .y thr e irtlv/G 16'h Feb nary ult, in the neighnorhood of J oinbard al-ert. London, a Bauker'a Leather < aae cou'ainiv ha nndrrmmlionrd Bank of England Notca.vir:n... ria.?u i?.a. ?. ....... w?? *>miv inno, a?tn juuc. j?io < o*.? i? " fc 0.0 " b8 787 " A 000 " " SO 84' " ? ?00 " " 70 643 " ? M8 '? ro,f*3 " A not) " 70,SOS .. " ?*'0 " 13th Merrh, 1H# .41,3 9 " SM " 41 376 " ?M? * I Ith May. 1046 57,107 fc ' i.2Mi " loth Marth, 1046 10 7(1 " ?m " ' 30,800 [ " ?700 " " to.4*8 i I ? ?'00 " 0th May. 1816 01.173 <u ?40 *' 8th October. 10(0 tO 143 w ?.0 " " 4 <460 ol " ?>0 " 6th October, 1810 04 *74 w ?70 ' , " 81 776 vt " ?4 IJ December, 1846 *41 II ? H ?1 " 13th January, 1867 60 840 " ?4 " " 0i 4 6 i r-Tme.t of all which hta been atoj ped at the Bank ef Kr(- f ad , Wh. aeer will fiee anch information an may land to the jt icoreiy ofth? nb?;ee described . otea, ahnll be eu itled t'> re- " tire the above reward, or a proportionate put thereof for I ry portion of the no-ea ao r'CuTered, il Inet, or upon re;t>rry and eonricnoti of rha . ff-n er. if atolen. ? For further inloi mei?>u. app y rn J. K. WH1TINO,01 Well at. 7 m2t Jwr 1 y VAI N'Onk-fl?A fcorral raannineoi of ave.y dt- 1 ~ aenpt'oo til Nayal ftjrra, comtap'ly |.?r >a'a i l,m to tit I u.cha-era bf J A* T T 6 P4C01'I", a Baccetaor t) Cooli i d Adame,86 Ponth ?trcet. mil 3trn TAK. j! 1} OP"' MAKKKB and other daacripriora of Tar of Hue ar IV quality, for ate, in lota to anu prucha-eri, by Ik J T i APB (ITT. a' Hncceiaor to t ooka It Adctna, 30 3t re 88 $oo h tjt- t. 4 ???? wj L . _j IOURTH WAHD-D#?o?ritic Republican Regular N urtiuatione:? For Aldenr-an, EDMUivD FlTZOKRAi.0. For Assistant Alderman, W-LLtAM HKID. For AuriMri, Patrick H. Maguire, chtrles O. CM* HiFor Coaerablea, John R. Wiuno, Owen Shina. For Inspectors of Elect ou. lit District?Patrick Crow# Michael If. Brady ltd District?Joseph E.Pal nor. Florence McCarthy Id OlsUVai?Thomrs Hair. MiiUa Hauioo ch Distritr?W: i H N a phy, Ovsiili En 11A >1lL (.'. PtMTZ, Chairman. nil )teod*r dOLUlVH^ FOR MEXlCO. )MPANV E, I0TH RKOIUENTU S INFANTRY. >H18 Company ia bow recoiling, aud will ko on the way to Mrnan aa sooi aa the rat.ka are di ed ; mta ?f good l-seisr, di.puaed to serve tl eir enaitry are iaeited to outer terra durugthe war I n all such good encouragement I b i Riven. fca'iy appl catiou should be made, af itie ranks II an -a be tillrU By set o< Concrete. a Farm of 160 aeree, 160 Treasury rferip, and a bounty of III will be given to :h soldier, m additi n t" the rega'ar pey, c.mloriable and iiieel cluth. g, ratioua, <{n irterssn J feci. very attar, tioe lag! eu to wake the soldier comfortable. I the beat medical utts?dauee, free of charge, in ease of a aess. II will be paid to any citisen or soldier who ipay bring reins ro the reudeavona. 'or psrrioulara, apply direct at the Reodexvous, Ariansl, trance in White street, bet men Kim and Coulee. TH08- PUKTLKY, , .... Captaie, lOih iufantry. >.u additional reudesvotu has been opened for the above inpauy at tod Fultou strert. opposite Washington Market. T. B. OMlFFIN, atC lru*rre Id Lieat l?th Inf-ntry NION MUTUAL INSURANCE COMPANY. followiuf lieintQ now compear tra Board of Traiteoc If. Low ct, 8iiphio Alloa. David Asitfo, moorc aSo\ diin, JntiitiO. Wmd. J'lut Johutnu. laph Bnuebaud, Edward K CoHiui, Win. H KsimI:, ul j*ih ft r<t k'araisa-d luvdan, H P Bank, t'? ?<rf>?T?ruor, AW G. Thompson, Joseph ud^, ha P. ft>e*a<iih, N H. Wo In, Jno. I King.forJ, rphe.d Knapp, Oyorge Kapalye, -In iH Brown, iwin Hoyt, Job , Via w, J .bo D. V Buiun, T H. Uthaon. l?. A Robe A. Wright H. Baud. Hiehard Ball 1.1'. aliason. J. Andartou, P M. Watmoro, Albert Woodhull, teiliKuwIar i hni M.Liiu i>, W. 8 Faiinula, . E MowUnil, M A. MuU'all, I'Uai M. MaiaJiill, --ignrirr, U. L'e Kua; p, Ed. H.rrna al>. rbn book lo- th* application* of luauraue*. aud al?o u.< okol aubafiipaioai to the aipitd alack. fa- too hn lon?? of una ami di # rut i.wul rnumm open a raw dayi loafer at 9.5* Wall street The pmD a to uo d aided bat*ecu thn nekhaldars and tnoan d uo* bntineaa wi h the Company wSHicwh l.f. H' RT SllTOAM Pren't. ItUO.aifi iW Lhl'. GENTLKM AN of retired habit* can be accommodated i. with a parlor and bedroom attached, with broatfont at,d V Ui a geutnel priratn family residlug in au nlneaut honao thn Ticialty ol Broadway and Colon Place. A <dr at. with >1 name and reference, to O P Q at th* Herald offiro, will >et With immediate attention. mgt btaodiatw'rh | TO TAlLOtt* T i* only accessary for thoaa who wiah to reneiea a horoaah and correct kuuw ledge of the art ofenlting all a Ts't'tts atylaa of garments, an ara worn at the p aseut no to obtain a cop* ot Stint an era'Celebrated Worb on th* being recommended by the m at rmiaaot iu llta Ida as being saetorio al! other*. It eoutaiua all the iurmatinn uaceaaary to make a per ton proficient in hit ait ? tie luleaare plain, and beiug divested of all complexity iu n ad neararameut, render* it auily audarttoad, *o that a r-au of moderate eipacity can iu a lew hou a apply the iue aiiceeaa'ully to practice, without any other iaatrnctiona an thoae eontatued m thn book I'he it ore can bo obtticed of the autnT; or, if d-sired, nt o hut part of the United State* price per copy, b und, 0; do., papei coveted, $1 W.H bTINEMETH, mh?a ima'd*c No I ? H-e-dwae. FIOJUOOALo P Urt wv UuU " "'HE aobaenber will rrrrire nntil the lat of April, IH47, L propose a lor the eel irery of 5*0 eorda ol boat seasoned tk wo d at Kort Columbus, O reroor'a talaud Coinmunitiont to he aado'aatl "Pr, poaala for Wood," elating the ice per cord of lit cubic feet, and givug the place or trainee ot the bidder .and the name* of t?a anreupa for Ui* nil to i performance of th* contract For information reling lo particnlaii apply to No M Graoowieh atreet. (signed) H O VINTON, Captam and Aaaiatant Quartermaster. New Vork. March 5. IMT. mi m drolttArc PIO ?FO-SALS FOK COAL. MVK HUNDRED TONS of boat qnali y. broken and acreened. red aah Anthracite Coal, wanted by th* tabTiber. for tli* one of th* troop* at U rernor'a, p>o >aala for the delierry of which will be r*c#i-?d at tin uartermutei's Office, 40 Orreuwirh atraat, until the lit ol pnl proximo : to ba endorsed, " Proposal* for Coal." Th, rlircry to commence in ibe month of May, and to b? com eled by the It' of Auguat. H. D. VIN I'ON, Capt aad A. Quartermaster. Now Vork. March 5. 1(47. n>6 rodto Al rre [Kit | |i ki | TO LEND on bond aud mortgage, in llll/jUlAy loan to suit spplieouts^on jood^prodnct v.w.B i?tMua?ur> nyfiy w O. o. ui\uny, iio. II 'all itraat, in the Croton water office buaaui, who haa a >oae and lot Tor aale, situated on 4th a treat, oppoaite Waahgtou Square. N. B. Heveral am.-.11 sum* of money to laud, on Brooklyn al aetata. Apply as *ho*o |X?odim>i QUILL Pe.NS. pHK Pubseribor would call tho Attention of the pabtie to L hia superior Llunl Pen*. isada entirely with the penife By loag p net ice he hat succeeded in ro .cla ng the enteat poaaibla peritenon in tuning eyory kind of writing, the eame time ihey tartan by far, auy metallic pan in aatieity and eaae. They are earefatly pat ap id boiee ol each, to that they can no ehipped to any part of the conny, wi host rtak of damaging the point* For aale by mhHlm' h F THE6 KAVIP, No 00 William at. JOP1HH 'ONFEABIUN AND PRli>TCKAFT expo aed '.?A lectu eon the nuchriatian treatment.of f? atalea the eoufeiaioiial. by Popiih Prieata. And "Si modna, at naaiue damou aolee. cuhar. 8it locae et teiapae raetaa, re ai'Oinite Totem." Will oe drlirerrd ?t h?lf p .at 7 o'clock, the Tabernacle, on Wediesday eycniog. Ma ck Slat, hy in Her. ?. IF, aHKY, late a Monk of La Trappe, and VVM. OUAN, formerly a Print in Philadelphia. The lertu a ill be illueiraietl by aaad r-tilrgue of in' ontrorertible (morions from Pe er Dena' Latin Theology.and Hi.hop Hag lies, id Kenriek'a, which catalogue Mr Lenhey h?a rnui.latea id published with the or giual Latin on one tide and the kla li*h on tha other, an<l wi,T be lor aale on the ereuiLg of hia ic'ira-price 2) cauls Ladiea a p. utiealy prohibitail Lorn c -ming ta thia lae Ira; alao, vontba Adnn'ti ce 26 cents. mW i iPr MRS. JhRV !." '? COLU CANDY, HE ORE VT CUKE FOR ALL COUGHS AND COLLB Coagii, Cold and Con<?inption?a lerritla d m 'I h- nnpitnl uruiaried by Dcat' ? The profits dasceud to ilia aanh a- d the worm, *hro toe in nrn i* roofed of hia breach. There's* tare for a cold?the precurso-of all? When Couaumotion irama digging thr grave : enra hat will kr.p le-k the haarse and the pall, And fromdo'h the afllicted ana'lsiv*. In tld timet, many people of greet no orirtr, and consider* I aeu ible, indulged ih-utaelvca in search n. a terihe Puiaupher'a Blone, wmch ahoeld trans mute baa# m?lala into lid. Othera agate rongot for the Elixir of Lno, which waa keep tha nappy tinder in perpetnal yenib. All theae relarches mil-a ; bu MRS JKKV'18'd CANDY FOR COLDB ii irttr failed to i If eft an early care of t ongha, Hoaraemi. Inflneuxa, Sore Throat, and Other eompiaiuta, wtii-h variably precede conaumptioa. Now. barn it something ore yaluame than the Pnilosopher'a St. ne or the fabled lntr i.f Life,for ita diacoyery li t benefited and it daily brue ling mankind, do nor delay a da .nay. aran an hoar, from ung tbit compound, if y u are i (flirted with n Cough, [r Hold by Mr*. Je.yia, No. 17a Br-adway. corner of Ir bite aireet Aotaia?Rnthton h Co., It Aator llonae. lit and lit roadway; Bla-kett, 3-4 Bowery. Bari.ton, 49 8ix h avenue; righam, 17 and IM Menm D; Ely'e, 211 Hudson atraet; leiao , co'ner of Catharine ami Mndiann atreeta; l.econnt, orter of Uraud a< d Division atrreta. Mrs Hnya, 139 Kullou rert and I Al'auli: at,ect, Brooklyn. E It. 1'. Williams, ro d tt eer, Newark VTf Kith package ia invariably tinned Mm. W. JK.RVI3. Fut up m p rkagra of la., 2a , ta , and one dollar each. UH|7 ltlaexS*f.c MU&1C. I 1 HE PIANO TAUGHT on very moderate WBfl| rerrar. by a lady who haa had experience in Ti BIT teaching; with** to take two or throe more * * pupils She t-aches we science thoroughly?lermi three dollar* er month A line addreaoed t? Mnaic, to tho Office of thie paper shall a Afterr lied ro mt I rare* re MUSIC. >ALL8 AND PRIVATE P a RTIE8 Inrmahod with the J Vio'tn. Harp and Piano Forte, or any nnmhor of Inatra irata. The muaic aelecied from the m .at faahiouabla* Ope1 *' K'AYLIKKE, 8. AYL'FFE, I AYLIKKEand G aYLIFkE Brother*. Profeeeora, fo 1*" E'lll a'eeer eorner of Hnwaed ml* m*rh LAMilnUbB. rHE anbacriher offers lor aale an excellent assortment of good i.arriagea all new styles, warranted equ I in q i?ty to auy thiug in tnia market, ai d will be told ?t reasonable licet JAMC.M BltKWSTfe R, mil lm*re 26 and 27 Canal street HOLMES KITCHEN RANGES. rHE proprietor has been engaged in maui'acturing and selling Kitchen i si get for the past II ye rs a d feels arrnuted lo engage that fur privare families and boarding ruses lhat ihere is no range in nan at present will snswer a iter purpose ami if not it wnl be rrinored free ol any exrose t ihe parr hnaer. Nnrneroua reference, can be given any peraou wishing to purrhaae Prices range fmin $26 to 16. Grates ol the newea. pa.tarns fir parlonri, bad ronioi d office* K-uigeaaad Grates aet. and all deacriptiona of i<W* work* lit at he ahortea) notice Pmnking Chimnaya cared and warranted if not cared no targe is mad* A OII.HOOL.Y It HON, Piuprietora and manufacture,a, 71 .Nassau attest. fegr lm?r )lt GRAN V! LlK f PA I 1 1 ai *N has rem vrd t ia re id?ufe lo 84 Uuiveraitv Plat e, corn*- of li b street, and a Office to No t] Chambers street.,Office hoars form 10 ><11 i el.ifk m l lia'r MUSKETS AND P1SIOLS. AAA Ship Muskets .UV7V7 60*0 American Banded Muaketx,with bayonets* complete in the most peifect order. 100 pair Hhip Piatols. 100 Revo ring 4 barrel ristolc. ISO Bowie Kn tea. MM Dun til# barrel Fowling Piecei.' mo Single do do Sporting nuclei, Onn maieriali, Toola.^ltc, every thing quired d? t!ie Hp rumnn or Onnamilh. For eile by '?? lm re * W I fl at U>Hm Im. a-w i. ivannim?n it wInliCivv Nicoi.ii Pita k Co., No it] Peart inert, MPOHTKmh and manufacturer!, hare juit opened a ear] aitrnnre io| pit of e?ery atyle and quality <,I American id brench I'tpar Hanging!, B >rdera. Fireboird Prion, ard ide Window < ar'aiB paper Alio, a iplendid anortrurut f Painted Window Rh del, and (Inn ri lor ilia line, hichther offer io merchant!, dealer!, and oihe't at the try loweit prieee. IV7 lm*rc cL'itTO.M ii'ltlJsm, N r.W tOKK ( ~ Collertor'i Offi e, March 2.1, IHI7 \ y OT1CE? Pe'ioni h ring gooda .n the imlili a'ore. No. r |t Wtahinurou itrret, are notified that on >ha 3ltt Match utatit. all aooda remaining in aaul atn e will he irntoerd to le United Siatei Bonded Wa'ehnnae. corner ol Bro dway id Eicninge Pl >ee, it the ritk end eipeme ol tha owner, onaignee or agent ma 'Hi' re r W t.AWWr.Nr F. ISKi KtOAliWtY. Ct'KMtK ur JoB.H WrkKKl, 'O THOSE WHO sHAVP. THEMSELVES. II From the Urn ton Traeeller 1 I NO'S VKKBEN v CHRIM?Thi tharirg compound it now alt the rage, aa well among tonauriai p.uletanri mong ihoaa who prefe' 10 gather their owu din-aal eropa ? he h rberi ny mat a pel of u laatt twice :.a long aa the mm. amityof anyothai aap.n.iciniu prepi'atioa.whlla th. ae ta ho ire their liipencea declare that *ith tha Verbena Cream a nil raior will mtura a imnother face li n moat ol the r Id iap>a with a aha p Heel; hea del it ii fragrant to the aenae iftcnuigto the ikin, a great dntroyer of Irrcblea, i intplei c ; and what la better than ull, in theie hard tnnei it u iol moat for aiocg. Wl'tdeaala and retail,by CHARLES H RING, 123 lm*rh Druggut, Itl Broadw <y, comer lolutit -JL . ...MAk. X ' 1 -i?L IL.i ~l | jloowom wmcw. I _ BY j. f DElTrt'CH, Aocion??r r HOUSEHOLD Fl'HMTUKIC?THH DAY, at No H T Stanton ttrett, nttrrhe Bowory?A general auortment i M ! of Homahold mil Kitchen Fumirara Alto, oat Itrgc Ma- i M | tiaal But ; oat Bird Oigau, and liva pa-r Canary Birdt, ti t 1 a property oft icutltwm tiring ap boatt keeping bale poci- i at liv, r?n ortmne. !! lt?rrq . tt ~ J- W. BKOWN .Auctioneer. 1 . , I^URNITLRE toltr tempi, girandoles, housekeeping u- !f r tia'es, 4 a.,? Wilt bt to'd at taa.ion thit day, Tua.d*y, * Maxah JO ii, at 10K o clock, at No. Ml Broadway, a* actor lmtnr.of oi trinr farnitort, c?mpritiug tolat too mahogany ? ainiit of variant ttv tt. dressing barttat. card ubltt, nj French bedsteads. book ct?t?, hair aiiurcttct, lie.; aloo.toitr L tanno, gilt and bronae glraudtlts, labia ca Ion, p'otad w ,it, goi cut flatt dr tauten too tumblers. lea.ran, Ac ; alto t r?ntty ci 0f t?? hirehat furi.Mn-t mM lr*r ii V * J. B- aK -? St< LAKOV. H'LEOP GROOKRIKd _ 10 o'clock at No. ii Caroiiuo itrt't. the to'lft tt?ak of { otid-tore, ct < p i*ing a targe tod titective itorkol lirtea an<l Blae? Ttn ftugtri,Collar. Wu.t< Gia. Ram Brandt, _J "piatt. Syrup; Pickles, Ca'tupt, Tuba, co, Stuart, hice, m Fitli Finer, f Ik, Kia, < In tat. "uu>r. Future*, ll Avrniugt, tot ant r with every ru'iclt ataall/ ombrraed in ; wi the Hue S. 1'. INGK M1AM, Aactituttr. _ | mia li*r I J \Cu? S ri-ATT, Ante. ~ ' R Hardware *nd cutlery ?ale-thib day, ni at I o'clock, at tt t taction room, 21 Plttt, twrutr Gold itrcrT. via:? M lid lott tttoned htrd?are. ( oitery, Gaca, Y.ltt, Tea Tiart, fitflt, 8 oar Lumps. Icc ke. | 1,1 Alto, 7fi d i-n Philadelphia D and long bandit Bhovoli and _ Spades. r Al.o S cdtkt Clark's taamtlled Warr, via: Gridirons. Fry f Pact, Ac. at Alto, II ratet Voraw Auiu's. Pcrawed Nnu. at Alto, U doitn Holt ard Miles' Coi l tr Milla i AUo, ltd doata imitation rotewood knoba and atortica knob c< I Latches. ' e' AMo, 9M eardt cardsJ Catlery and Mk duteu Pocket tad , PankntTataad Htiort, to bo told paiemptorily and witboal ; rtterre. . d A'tt, fMdottn Hut Bustard Pilot, 11 to M incbat. O Alto, ai'dtr aardf t'mtpac I'in. wub which tht tela will i commence, a gaautitr of Hortc.Katpi.lkilta, Wood Keeps, , u Alto, in good order, 50 tlttl Uc* Anvilt ^ 1 Alto, anatr wardem' ittptctu>u,M Wilkioion't Anrlla, an r, ; cnu't invoice Alto, Id Anvt't. k". ke. I N B. fa q'oton art now rtady. lt*ra I. M. IttJkPMaN Auctioneer. 8ALE OP PINE 01.U MADKIHA AND 8UEKtt\ | WINKA, Ac. 1 J LM. HOPPMAN A CO w II atllon MONDAY. Ap'll i 4. at It o'alock. at No. 31 Vattv ttrttl, tkt rtn.aini<ii; . I i f k of Mr N. Pauld ng. ciiiiiling of ! lit d'>?tn flit o d MaUEIKA WINK, vintagat ;ltt4 tad lilt, t d laiporttd 1831 i r 3t rioaxn fine old beicul, MM and 1111, luipo rd ' ?? ? , , .... .. I 33 d' tea Madeira?ttnl t<> ludiaiu IIU ia?.ti>ed in New , Y..rk la^llJl-vU t"*a IM^ ... i I i> win mwriri, nrnje i?impnrteii It'* ; 41 dam d> do 1111 d> U11 I 1)1 dnren 41 do 'Bil dj IMS Thu fine pvreel of Wine w.j i*,porte i hi ih# bark Oegideilten. la Hoi r. 133,'lid rt I, pipe b' tt'rii irpmatal) . 114# | . l u. iu, ?n t?ge Hi?iinpurltd ill) r I ptlM Mld'lll, dl H;| i { ) I il'ei do du 1* I j t pipes d.. d . 1118 ' * ) ? dng*'l Pile "berry, <o I Ml 7 d< tcu do do i'dd 1 bu ' 'm ' lil'odo Sn-trv, 4 i .U{t 13 *?rt '*10 10 d< Too old 5>u?a do do 1M8 tuid 19 1 I 71 do do do im one-1 1**9 1 u 3 bu i (J. I 01 Ur.wu ud () d hefrr, ?i >i?f* ll't I I 1 or Hot "ii 1 Jo .In 1W9 ' 3) d leu L I' feue (ft Wi 1 r, luipurrtl .831 | Ale ,, * qua-titv of o'd Horn, H?sndy, (Ji; md M'hiikev I .. Tli \ V -I ?'.i W.uen oi? eeeo rr*?rvi d h.' Mr | N. I'ouldi 8 lor the d-Ilojolm nod 1 ,utt r It 11 1n.1t ouhh' i nicem-y to eulogiie'rveiy |>atcel?the |.urcluse.'j wuijjd.e I fjr ttirm?ol?o?, | No Wii.r) will be offered except thoio belonging 10 (be j itock of Mr. IN Paa'dmr. ! ' '?( !. gore oie row mdy. m'10 7ti??r J. W BK11W ?. Aarti neer. ELEGANT CABINET FUHNiTURf..-J. W. Buows . will eell at oaciioa, on Wedaeedev. March flat, ?t 10>fi , o'. lork, ?t the ware-roome ofJoaeph llvyton. Ill B't o^wav, (under >he American Msa'uni ) the eoti e itock of Ivg.ut .. ' cabi et and honsrliold Fo rain re, comprising n iiog.ny 1 ipnnif Met Franc*, jg I aud other p .ttern chai i; a fea ?. I ol varioua >ti leai ot'um dlraaa. Mfegant dressing bttrMMs | I with mihoginy aad n.a - .pa; Frrn.b beditaads, *>er*ta- ? Tien and book-" aea v b-a; He top a d other a nit* MuftiBsMl top 1 a1 daide tables; card, 'lining, 'ea, . j quartette and wo 1 n, hair miiiiiuei and t '..triwlh | a gieat variety ol r aruclaa ja the Ii. a. TbU bnug a .. larger atnek than 1 .auallv offered at auct.on, will be f mud _ worth' the .otei.tiau of ihote ak ut purchasing furniture | I Krr facility O ill be afforded for packiug and ahipping , 1 T- ruth, city money a2>3t*r . "* WILLIAM U MoLAUOHLIN, Anetionaer. . i 1KB\T MALE OF IMITATION AND PKIiCIOUS F STONES, coinp-isiug upwards of 110,000 with an ex- > 1 ai irrm-nt of Jewelry, Silver, and Plated Ware, J \ tioot a. 0 1 . DUKR will aell at public ane'ion at hia Bowery, hia >0116 at. ck of valuable goods, . , I Tuesday, the 30th day of March, and will ' _ ile nutil tie atock ia disposed of. Doalera ! am r? are invi ad to aitend, aa r*re nppomuitiea Will Or . tie.od Tha aale will commence with tha atonea Ou the lith "ay of April, bo will offor at pablie auction, hip eabiuet of Shells, Birda, Minerala ; 60 valuable original Oil, by old moat era; alao. a very large aol lection of 1 Entrravngi, by celebrated master*; alia, a valuable lot of \ rare Old BnoUa, from 100 to MO years old. with a number of I acta of Parliament, pasted ISil, in black latte s; alio a inie 1 collection ol Coma. Petrifactions Antiquities. and a variety a of Genu and t'ariosi iet. well worthy tlie ettemion of con* , uoitaenrs, being the collection of many yeira Caulognea I cau bo obtained the day before the sale. m24 1wis*r? ( JhA TO LET, at the Navy Hotel, Broek'ya, corner ef 1 Bl York aud > ?? street*, a Billiard Hoem and Bar,wi h XJB,a ipleodid billiard table, and all the fir area for the ! Inq'ii'eof J. M. *'hra?rai|Qr, at the Ho'el 'mlO If-re 1 1 -a, KnHfc HILL 8TABLa.s, r.uner 14th at,aei and 1j -tiB^Tlii-d Avenue, (oppotit* Bnll'e Head.)?For Pale, '. 1 / ? a 1. ir n..? Horses, 10 h nda righ, one pair I eg ' tail Bays, It h inds ; I pair aho-t tail Bars, 10 hands; I Pair ' abort tiiis, (K buidt h gh , I pair Bay lloraet, lo'g taila, I I5X ban-la high ; 1 > hrauui Paciug Mar", all scaiid and kind, ' tVoni flayn/a ' onnty J HE' HEY. Ml 14 IWrtc ? w,?i HI >K, Wlttr-Wo Hr.h ,nd eaucy Bird f^Tgcage Mannfai torer. No 4* 3d Avrnne, betweau 0:h ( JgUrbend lOtliacaeta, N.Y ? O hand a aplend'd aeioitment , ' j " of fancy and o har oaera, new pattern ; alao wooden 1 I and willow w rr and fancy go,.ds heiidea aplendrl ai gu g n and lung birad biidi with aerda, pa-ta Ike lie ; also avino very large Lemon Trroi anu other i.| >nte tor tale. a N B? Wire for aviaries, wiudoWa, he, made and re- , paired. mil 3t*r GKKAT AT IK ACTION Arcticy at Himit, iVo 5 John Street. I A t)Hfcl VF. bega to arquaim hia fri, nils and petrous 1 4A'/U>" " '' " rwiurueu iroio c.o'ope, vn Drrm>iu, ! JP*y.M'?r a rendcu a of seven inouihe at Audrosbcrg, ' i and the other moit eelenrated districts ofUrtmmp. , i He has been euabledtn c-ll-ei the but selection of I singing end fancy birds he h ever offered ; IM an unn- < el vnrity of rare and fancy birds frem sll pens of the world, | seeded with greet iroeble, without regard to Cost i I .V U ? dogs, 8 ieunod ponies, Chinese, silver, en J I English pii*eesn s, swans, end ere y Tenet* of barn-doer I fowls ; fauey and bleeding cages, bird seeds, Ac A treatise ou the management ?l breeding and raiaing Canaries, fee. I I P. H.?Loners post-paid will at all tiara meet with prompt St'eation from A OREJVK. I mtj lenwrre No } John street. N. Y. | i ' 7* xntix. HA ITEM. TwT . Jpk* No. I2B k yi-To* Stbvkt, mk J Has now his new style or i-PRINO KtHHION ready for customers It is pronounced by connoisseurs to be the " ne plm ulir." as to beanty. eleg-nce and fa-hioo. lwis?rc J NOTICE I rm THE CO-PAUTiNKHSHIP hitherto ousting betwrea " PLUNKETT A PANDhVdUbwai dissolved hymn * tual consent no the Isr iaslant. , WM. ROBERTSON, Jr., and JULES PLUNKETT hare ' thia dav fanned a cr -panuerthip oncer the tirui ol R UKKT { HON It Co , and will common the Hat and Cap bnaiireas on ' Uobnrterin'a well known principle at tie Phuinix Hat and I ap nnr.Biartory, No. 19 fnlton street, ^ew York, aud at their Branch store No CJ Knlton street, Brooklyn. New V o-k March II l??7 in 17 >8rr NEAPOLITAN HON N KT3. THE snbacribers re pectlnlly en 11 the aitrutior. i.l , ^^SDralen a d Villm rs, t > their present style of N e >f> ! 3^11tan., which are superior to | 1 edhythein: they are also manufacturing . ur< . " called the Ooa.amer, with flowers of llaw sn nr usate-i I ;o ; 1 correspond, whicn are inuerd tiiiuisirelv be it <ul ??d rr ' feel co> fi'em thai oor Neapolitans audOuasaiue s will i?e il e i , 1 most fashionable Bonnet worn th s season, ny i',c d-m ins'r , | tion made iho> early in rhcir favi r by ihe m.s. faaluniiibie i : ladies ol our city and elas where , PVTTI60N NOE It CO., Patentees a-d Mannf.crnre -a oi J>- %(.,?? |i, to une *. | mil lmia*rc Na ti Osliacy at near the Bnwevy | I 1 A I !A It. IJ III t HE LADIEh ' Madame r i fvvn. i?r r,..m b r'i?, beg* t? ?<< i nnuuee ro ei fiie.dsa d a in in geuc i t she 1 ha* jaat opened * Vlil inert Eg nbiishme i i -It. i i i: I I |74 H .W-IV. w li I ir t I * < "Hu .nil iota ill e I iiuip , ' m.-ivt < f r-ll .rHCI-vo h line 'lee Pre e I lock ol goods 1 1 hai heeu leiertnd by her rii with he mni< st e? e?ia a. - I | lirilynevc aud in of rlrg u e. richness. and esriet . ' . c uno' i c nip*' >"s lar i.uta in fi-.-t. Irel* j de ttho he, e tahfi.l incut wll e I'.und wo rhy ol 'hi i ' iw"o oi cits, -u d mines; --II MaIJAM* r ivvvn ni n w-rr v. it ? V ..>a i . i c.luieu.l the ?a *s i*s m -c FINE WAIOHE" ,, QnCTTN THE Hnbse'ibers would cull the attenti n <f capIff t? i|m ?f Vessel SSI mlics, des ro s r.l pr-ca.,. g ,,c. 1 j V^^.'um e "Tini-kcepers," to sn rssortment rf Watches | | thet hvve ju*t reeened. made by the celebrate' | maker Inles Jnrgfi son. (.'oneuhesen, by win m they ar? ap- i taunted *ole aaeurs lor the United St te? Tliey have aso eoi stan'ly ou hand watches . I every i.earrip'inn by the uiott I 1 etnmenr makers, together with a large and viluab<e assort- I mem of Jewelry and Hilver Ware, which they are selling : ! lower, (ehsa quility iscomptrrill than any other h"ose iu . New Yvrk. 8 HAMMOND A CO, ; < Merchant's Kichaoge, first dnor iu Wi'liam ipre'. N. B ? A. H.k l> will continue to give their undivided attention to the epai n g ol Ch-oiiomrter, Liup'eg m l all other d ie waich'a m2B nijiaw**c | SPRING STOCK (V ! BOOTS AND SHOES. SMITH h KULLV. I JT'KE 1 HIS METHOD of informing their enttomeri end pn'rhatere in g*> eral of their eitentive nod well elected aaanrtment of l.rdi ' .VI > ' and Children'* 1 flatter*. Bnakina, Hipper* lie , of their oteo inauufnc- < m c.aida Urge ttuek ol reg MM, Sheet MM Hrogana, te- < leered with g eateare, and pa re hated for eaah, which will eu-ble ihrni to fell at the eery lowntt prieea N fl-Sto-e will he epeu ootil ten o'clock i? tho eyealm, I giving < nnatry Merchanta to opportunity to examine ibatr i alack when not othnrwue engaged. SMITH It h islet, ! HI Chatham at., directly oppotita the L hatham Theatre. . mITIm'rh L WALRH~lTco7 JEREN' H BOOT and Shoe Mahera. No I Ann atreet, ear the Vuaeum, New York. Fiue French Boota tJ &0; i French Imp-'ial Lrett Boota made to orite*. 14 Ml. nan | all r Mild fur $6 'lO Paler, t Leather Boot*, Fhoea, Oaiiera and H:i?>pera' ecnarantly on hand, nnd ma'a to order at the ahorteat uoriee Ke| airing lie., done in iha trore Q. icli a let ami ani'll prnllta ta nnr inntto. No. Ann atraer, New i I *ot*' m'** Im'tC ~Z UuOla A air ?ltor..d ol the tint .|.<aui> n gi'al W baigetua, at M AC'S New t?t re, IM 'Jaual a reel. The JM anbaenber would call the attention of hit nuin-mnt . frieoda and r oatnmera and the pob'ir in general, to bit I largo and well aaanrted atnek nf ail the diflerem kindanl a Boota. Stioea. (Mteia, Ice., that the maiket can alford which . he will tell low Tor each Ever gatafai for the loll chare ol ( patronage he rereieed fir the laat ten yeara while in the emp'oymant of other*, and no? having commenced hnaineaa for h iikOiI her n ea.nre hia friend* and the public ihat there i ball be nothing wauling ou hit part to pleaae and give ativfacuon to all thoa* who will ue to kind * pat'-oiae him ?t ikoC-nalaireet, New York. JOll.N Mctll IHh. in# Im'rh -r? 1 J' u'kk ttl.vami 5m *lC PRori is is ol ? MOTTO? fiun Coot, at $1 W oi<T ?""> ?od are equal to thoae uanil y told f r $V Fine Jfrflneh call drefa Boot* at tt.'A. rqnal to the heat anld 10 tbe citv 1P? ent leather B.ota, *h.>e a, 11 uter* lid S'. ppere, <>n hand I and made ur oi Jr r on nhot' mine All * ? da werr iiiieil to t give aatiafarti.m >1e*. dm. he , dope in the atore I VOL Nil k JON b H, 4 Ann atreet, I ft| tn e? N#ar the Mnaet.ii>, Aiimaa*?*i. I >AKK THEATRE?Tuesday Eiamsg Mtrch Jttb. 1x7 will be performed. the tr-gedy of MtlTA.VlOH A ? IUDOII, Mr. Fo>reet? Kaushlue, Ml. AiJeraou; Or Li, r. Hpragae; Anmawsnda Mr b'atthewa; Net mtrkee. Mis kh< it. Child. .visa ? Deeuy. Colonists?Lord fmA 'Id. Mr. IKktk; Bir Ar liur V wagtail, Mr O. Andrews. Latin Lharch Mr A And rws To c uclodia will* tha fttce 1 ihe ' KIT 1L?Lord Burigh , Mr. Ontlot; Oortruor oi Tilbury T^rt, Mr. Auuotaoo, irl of Laiccs-ar. Mr A. Andrews f Doora open at hilf-pasi o'clock ; per'nut-ora will torn- u men at 7 o'clock. ?UWKA* I MP. ATI- a- A W Jacksoti, P,opn?o?l< K. 9tirnaa, 8ty .NIaii??r-Tar.dit '?en-n, Mar. th,will b? tb^RoBBICKj Of ttOHLiliA? i.rlfi Da Moor, Mr Ne.flo; 5",''vAMr? M Tobef liowrd by Yfci LOW KIDt-Capt Rocket. Mr wuJVttv'THL* KI7|M8-Sir Wilfred 1 arntli, Mr Neade; Beatrice, Mn re meant. . Iribi Ciic!? & v irU, i'it utU liallery 11H centt. 3o,?r?oi ea nt IH o'clock, I eHortnmcr con u.rwf it 7 IlTCHELoM TTlFmTTl THE AT UK ?Tu aday. March Jd ? ' ha perfottn*nc?* *>". ih rha pant comedy ef tha t'APT * 1.9 "F TrtE W aTcH Vneoutde Liguy, Mr Walaot: Kat yn, Miaa Cajlt; ; f A ur wtuab w.ll be performed (be CHILD OF 1HL KOI MEN I?Lobwita. Holland; Orrnadr, Niekineon: Ma- tl p. Miaa M?ry T> yl -r. i p To eoaeinda with tha Fa caof THE HOUSE DOO?Dn.t, 1 L r. Holland; Melpomene. Mrs. lahtrwood. t Uraai circia, SO cauta; upper hoxea. t oenta; pit one ahiiig; prrvse boiea BY Orcheatra hoxai.Bt. O l'o"ii "raw at 7 o'clock ; ear-am r ial at self neat ' ).vLWO'9 UfhhA MOUSE. Chambers tueai? Wed- I ? nasday Kr-oina. Maicb 71. laat perf'oriaaara of Doai tl itti% Opera if LUCIA D1 LAMMERMOOM, and laat ? xbt of the eeesoo. C Saturday, April Id. a Orand Vocal and Icstromental '"on- a, irt<T Sacred Viatic, to take place a'lht Tabernacle Tick a. $1, to ha had kt ibe Boa Offie. f-om It v M.. in 4 P. M . a d ut tha Tabernacle na tha ayaolng af performance. Tha aaaond aeison of eigl tran nights will batiu ou Vou- O iy^ April Jib, with Douiaetli'i Open, LUCHEZlA BOK- 1 R| Opera Books may be had at tha B"x Office, lit tier Boiea w id Pa'uaette, $1; id do. Mi cents: Priests Boxes lor I pes- ft ICS Bit; do for 8 pereous. fit. Semi eua be secured at the i<t Ofea In n It l M. till 4 P. M., daily, Performance to 111 nniB?"Ks sr 714 o'clock: do.'Ts open ?l 7 run r at ? IKUUtJ-inu fiilY AMfUllHEATKh. d Boies ... 114 r-en s I Pit 1214 cents. K K V: I', ib- Eiii'it i ' lowu, who nisdw so gre -t a sensation , R ha A" pit health I" I fal ha. Keen rngswed arain andsp- I y sr. iliiace iug hi a'l U > wiraoru. a?j paiforiiianrwa. Ilia .. - st feat ia d vie g up-n i ctin'd p'.sne u ?iu an empty cask, , l' v'Ins < Ix o. Iitie< a d m ties, li<?* "adw bim he giaal i ( eoriteoi :h-|ninc b>h n Btatoi. w.d hi thia cit>. I . I tm 'in i.ti I wn. > HE OM) .Mailt OK M? KEMP, iMilS V'EMNH, - ir I JO.?Tim II ? ill comm net With epIaLdid t( irtrinanahip oy the n it |, .1 l|W i . I ? citV , K? ra'.N Parr I ^"ii. In. 'iry r..uii.m rn i Nrg j "1.1.1 gate f P 0|>caat~, ltrl rr?ie.iirmraea' ? S r't'7. < aH I wi 1 WI7SI-X iw \ PI. KN 011* per' Tin<iiffi h--h Aheru-ion ?-.d I vniiw, , ~ at. anil ;>t i.'cUi k. ? h'li m ill be rahibiieJ * D. ramie id r?.i<r mn letue-meti ii ..f hf I HOinM'l. \P0I.M'N BOVHPARTK, I iilli ? I tin |' (Hnn "i d "in ! "I in. iriMi'i A'e", will he nl'il iin ni ell t.onr. le.lee mnilfla of , I W*v sTV I K I IIK. I. WttjKtfl I \ doMiS u the world w-nh, in the .i^gieg.,e oyer $ie.M0 ISO. 1 I O-.-ei wnwil -Ethiopian Mmatrela? Linug l/rang On- i nig. he Adru.aaiOu ii centa. Children nj >r 19 -.can 'IX can'a. 1 aM t "WALM T HTKEcr THETTKK.. PHILADELPHIA-H ' K A. VeuaHaLi.,Lea re ...W H tun,Muiin. t ElUHril APPEAR AACE IN PHIL \DKLPHIA , ' of ilie c-leb ated ' PANSKUSES VIKNNOISK. Yorty-eighr in number, nnder the direction of MADAME J. WEIHrf Miil'tua de B?llrt dea Theatrea de Vie me. TUE8U\V, Marrh 30th, HIT. the perlo-mau e will rouiicuce with fbe giand ortr n-a of Z ANETTa. b? Anh r. , Alter which tie dieertiaemoot PAS DE STYKIEN, by I Dai aeuaea Vienoone. ) To ?- 'ollowed br the petite comedy ol the PLEAd\NT i li EIOHB1 111 ? < bn>tophcr Strap, Mr.' hapann () After which tne new divert iaemont of the POLKA PAfAiM. In l a Which Will be added the fare- ef LEND ME FIVE i t( HILLINGS?Mr (loliehtly, Mr Chapman. T" conclude with ihe fia inatiie diveitiaoment PAS DEH i -i I.E''HW by 41 Deoacu-ea Viennmae MKCrtAMG'a HALu 72 Broadtoay, be tuneit Grand and Broome etreett. HKVKNTH WIKK J CHRISTY'S MINSTREL'S. [J AVE the honor of ammuneiug that they will continue LA their popular Coneerta, which are crowded nightly to verflowing, EVERY NIOHT THIS WEEK. Admiaaion <1 centa. Concert will commence at I o'clock. I Inango nl pr< gramme every evening. mil Iwia'rc SEL.ECT CNCLK.1& EVENLiMj! In the Elegant Saloon attached to the , BROADWAY HOUSE, (corner of Broadtoay and Or and ttreet,) ( pOMMENClftG ON SATURDAY EVENING, March VJ 27th, at I o'o'clock preciaely. I VooALiaTa. 1 Vra. NEWTON. Miao DE MORTIMER, Mr. QUA YLK, nd vr. NEWTON. I g r~ aomit?anee *td eenta ml? *'ia e?i* re LJ. HAN Li ? ?. t. k.l?T vvery ugtit o< this wre* at Pn Irani' Cafe d?a Mille ( t.lonnea Saloon The celeb' Mr Neiia will play on nine icsnumcrt* at once 't*rrr MESMhKIdM A NCITH^R SI'llOIUAi. OPERATION ON A SO v. fx NAVIBUII"T?Mr BHKW will tep'at hit late eonri :id? and aatsuiahing result' in llunan Busceptibi ity, at the riethoriiat Church. N?. 71 AHeu atrnai uaar Grand. 1 hi/ Lvmnig, Maicli 3d Prejudiced Doc ora. aud acapnia in genoal, are ehrlleuged to thaw that any cellnainn ia nracticd n producing theae results, or that Mramrriara taa humbug ! Lterri-e your ow i braius.?out dei'eud on hcaraay. t orn nenre ar n If|i?al7. Adrnir ame '3X centa ni70 !' K> eroiTEK.'ri 'T R AND Scriptural Picu e ot rh? Parting between U> ih, i Jf Ori>"rh and Nauini, wi li oih't pictures p.nurd by 'bo rtiat at Rome, will be ethrbiied I >r a lew davs at tta Ou- ' ito Buildug control Broadway arj (di-mber'airerl Opeu from 9 A. M till I# P. M. Adiuiinou 15 eania. Spaon tic ke' a y> ???'a itiTn st a*rp. | i UNIUn CUUltst, L I ?IKOI ll.MV ffl t -ahf i - -nhkf rHK proprittora of the ab ve I ourse, tnanklul for thp liber. I patronag* they have received lieretof re aud deaiona topronoip and e.. com as a the bleed of Trotnug Huraaa, i >ffrriha following pur*cs and aiahea;? No. 1. Purse $3 u?mile he-la. beat in to harness fiaa 'or all trottiug horaea, fii t > go to tho tacoud beat. N I. Purae $3"!)?iwo mile haata to barueaa, free f r all 1 .rotting horara Hi to the aeeond ba<t No I Paraa Hop?mile heats. beat in fire. f> hirnrii, Irce for Iro'tisg horses that oyver w >n a purer over f'Sb .No t t ur-e $ 00-iniie heats, besi in fi a. io wrpur, frrr ror trotting h ran that nererwona pu ae orer $.00, wagon aid driver to weigh 300 lbs No S Pane fib?two mile heats, to harueaa, with an inlUlr stake of $ no? ha t frrfeit?for an yearolds;to take their ige irom the lit nf January. No. 0. ' urae fib?two mile he*ts, to harness, with an uiaidr itake of f luO? all lorfeit, free Io.- horses tnat aerer trotird or money. a No. 7. Purse f>0-two inile heata, under the saddle, with >n i'.aida itakr off 100?half forfeit, free lot all prong horses, t J<mrs K. I'o V. Io a I ths ab vr, threr nr more to make a race. Ku'rnncrs . >r the above pnrvea and a'nkev te c oar on the first day of A|?il,ou or bif.re9 o'clock, I M., at Green U nerina', aqu ire. '1 rotting to ci tninriire ihe last week in April. Libva pur-ei - ill ie -i?an during the season New Vo.a, .Viatel. 10. <0 7 U. BPJCkiK. mt'J.dfc T 'I" '. PUBLIC a ? r >i,,, r? . OS bar). Co > I nil V C 'ling on me wiali- , l'\ I if ' or i ? n y .1 f'ri i.J. i r ) alian-tari?d at b. ocrm K?f m-o ' InraiiVari [,itTbilllkitmti aH ' it n y e. i, Pin a era w i I nr.I i runt in to f'atlfy U *oi, !> I | a II u ih v n at'niid. I'l.'.uigo the *"v,.e ol many | | f ni f in.di to in ike it >u ?'. 'int the t r re ot . nnni? n- a 'lv. .. i . Cr va . aud . 'l ih'ae w'i. * 'W ,o * \ ' lirr ran on I,, calling it my tu e. No tt Lldr.dg < i I'rut. New V iV "ir-l Ti ai" mPa 2 *c | Nih W i ii.y i /1 i > 1 . V .? i i -! f t tv, C1?0<>?lk.H, Xc . a> Wi.'-aate and 1'ilai -J. '? f KOWL1 II ia 'a ir rciivm* p*'i.' t',at > ... ehoirr n- > 't.urn and piaak leal, a '>J mher ftrr- Vv In r > .d II. .wu *-ug ira, a. d <amil) ( o?eiiea m al ki'.d v b i.r is oliei o.* at a mall adr nce on ill" aa nlra.u pi it-r 1 k' iniliea ana "e |rr? r ow tie country Wouln di ? t 'o | cill o:id etamiuc f e abure si.ick ol gumla brf .r* jn-ch'Sium laiu ra No* and 4fk OreenwiLii anil 7K Vraey >. "< ? > V B fJood* p.'kt d aau nai ve ed to H.e b - i- wuhou' "barae. '"f3 f *H> I HHKM.ll .VIAUDIOT * I WAV t jd b.oid n.d ft aau u ibe nny'ii". i\ ?; K It PI, ,ir. Ill f ?w*rr It; A r.' r-' Gav2r?^^u<r3* I ? " t >t,ld ..<>**1 to ,. v a v .?. 7mti i - ' <> : . rjL'l?>>l? leoerrl*-,, T'i ?. ?? Niwell Bri;" ?Vi? Vi"i I 'f, ii, P .'i* * it I n, \ i, kibMi. Iiuu VViuh,' aialliie, he. nod ri ram* II lir.Mi > <i>pmyed atyle of Br 11 Hanging, rap* 1*1, ?di|t?e<. : Memibnata. I'u'npi.**! end airing, anu v < i,.r ? ir year, by H H? No * AM *|r??l. ..i Fun OVKKFUU! . PA89 VOF. BV BLACK BALL LINK OK ' VCKEVri AND REMITTANCES TO IRKLAN !>. JBk Pnaoi * wmi(intc paainge fur Li\np,o|, hi ih*ib|*ri<> [>*cb-i tliip M'KO r,, bring :tir packet ,,f Tburoliv ntf, Hi* Aral o April, millplrur make imm'diata api I i-ah",. ti. i apt Kurber. on board the ahip, at luoi of Beekman > reel or lo tna au bar i ib* r a Ttioa* wnhing to afnd 'or fhrir frienda, lo mm* fruit' Liverpool by th? aair# paekrt. or any ni <,f ih* B'ark Hall Ltna, a Ming fiom Live, pool on ih* Brat and nilaau li of-?* r> inotith, can areata th-ir paaaagr by arplyii I t aa I Iwn lemming mrvey lo ihtir Iriruua, e*u hare drafla fir any amoaitl, | arable on dam nd on HOV A L BANK OF IRk LAND, or on PKKof'OTI', UROfk.AMKIbl O , London, that will ba paid*! ihalr laiioua brantliea thrnoalioul Orear Britain and Ireland Apply to , ? ? _ , KOUIK. BROTHER* k < 0 1? Fallon rt, New Vork, P?ai>nger Agenta of Ilia Blark Ball Line of Lit erpool Paekrta uHOric Fun LI V FRIVOL?New Liae Keg -nr Paekrt I uKWWof April a?ih?Tha iplendid packet ahip AIDUONn, SttbKHwa'l H I obi, matter, will poaitirrly tail aa I'nte, regnlarday For fienht or paaaagr, apply", board , at Oileam Wharf, frnrol W'al atiae', or to K K. COLL I Nil. M 9r ul i tlreri Prie# of paaa'ga S75 The i aekei ah'p t>h?rid*n, Oeo g- U Comiah. mai'er. w i I lurerrl be Biddotia, and tail May 2 th, her regular d-y mltr "Si. FOR NF.W ttRLKA>S-LOriH| a *A AN' NEW YORK I.INK OK FacKKTR?T? ape apOndid laat aailma p ' b ' lug O. B. LAMAR, i;*pt Hayea, will poailiygly aail a ih- ee, For freiglil or paaaagd, apply o* board, at.Orleai.a whorl out of W all atreet, or to K K COLLINS, 46 Tooth freet | Areola in Naw Oilaani, J. O. WooJrulf k Co., who ?lb , if morl* f,"W?rd all grtnda ro-heir a<| reia m|A r | LAtk VV .v o I f,U?linu,edia.eiy. a g,??o .-lily or i,..h njtjyfVlo load lor New Uil.-aua. Da-paten giem Ar?"> tffifkhL" ?. K. COLLINS, in*', 16 a, uth afaei FOB BALK?The Littrpo I l ine of I ackei* yjtft e,?n? aiing f iht Kb pa M,od,,ri-, Sheridan, Oatn k Tallftba,K .intu fhey hare ail been newly roj pried lew,y rigprd, and pnt in peife. t order wtlhin th? li at t r elve oontht i'he great tnpeiionry f ih*ae tin, a are loo well im.wu ( > need d??erip um A pi* lo EDWaRDK Collins, lit# X? P?0ih tfreet LATES lKLKUHAPIIlO The tfUg aphic wires not having i epair since the recent storm, we are \ liual advices through th;s channel y AFFAIR8 IN WASHINGTON. Waaut.NOTOji, Mai oh 28, 1847. Turri h ! O'd 7...r right tiJt vji ? Rtpt- it ion <<f thm St/if mbur Thn< dcr Storm ut Morttrry - 7As Amtruin Vo'unUu? Unih't iI th? Mar-donuin R!iu<<inx-~0 d Zitc u Il gu. ar Mo unt i ;i a rurtut. At we predicted yesterday ilmt d-c siv? uewi rom 'he seat ol war wmiid coin- up on Sunday, j usual, so it Las come to pass, 'j lie v*i*ter down out of the t'o'tin c n ?!, '< ; >Vi 11" < j lit or en feet by th no th * est wind, huv,r?K mumed n the sub.-idei on of In) ti ce blast, the t'ramer ame up this evening in gallant style, bringing lie information which you a i l have already revived from the urn y ot L/tneral Taylor, of hi* ucoesjful retreat from Agna Nueva via Saltillo, nd the mountain passes to Monterey, a distance f about ninety miles, preesed all the while ty n overwhelming force of the enerr.y, against hoin he rccoilea at tho end of the journev ,*h raggs' battery and May's dragoons, no doub:, munK hi* recoiling battalions, slayii-; .b ? ttnnished enemy litre grass in tho inmtiituiu i-flles. Now, admitting tho fere*ifht of Gen Scot', in rivising Gen. Taylor to (all back upen Moni.-roy, rithout waiting the upproaah af th" enemy, if ie news lereived be mi/tbing near the tru'li, and that it is, we llrmly believe) there i? yet >t bance that Santa Anna may bo detained iti th? lorth, drawn away from the possibility of merohng to the delete* of his capital, until Gen Scott, y the rapture of Vein Cruz, shall bo able tocomniitid tiio alternative ot peace, or th"" oerupntmn f the city of Mexico. It only re.naius, the efoie, or the American army of the North, to hold its Mj'itiona between Monterey and tho Brasos. null the deinon?tr?tion of Gen. Scott shnll have it-en made, warn ho will have the option of iiarr' - upon tin? enemy's capital, or of return rg ia 'tiMnpico a?d cic Line, so as to place Suna Anna u.ion ihe ilelensive, and without a la'inre ofesc.ti>e. The ccrespondenc* nf Gen. Taylor ex plaint is refusal :* fail 1 u:L on th>? recommendation of ia stlpri'or clltctr. Otd Z.iclt was not to ho .biffed off in thai o-:iy ) * appears to have inertamed the ule t that he was rent down to light In-M. kinans, wherevei he r iuid ftn<l them, and . iic could set a fight I. " waiting for them, ho va.* not ti lh? hu !< r fo: I -intr the chanc-,whatv? r u.giit be th-- odd* We tit tv-tely believe, if ^antit Anna bud approached v.ith a hundred iioiisaed men, "I I Rough and Tough would t" . >p) ed o luffs a enwk al iim, any how. But we d'-sis' from icirboi observations lor tho iresoiit, as 'if 'elcgra.h, ti>-inorrow, may g ve nit more definite nod or iclusive data of the rillinht retreat of I ayior ?uid Ins imperial guard 1 6.000 men. The City is all al. vo (or the enntir.1 ? ion of the news of Father Ritchie's extra ot i-night. Lieut J W. Patton, U. S. A., and Dr. Webb "yler, U. S. A., at Coleman's to-night. Respectfully, The Dccroa. WAtHiNQTON, March 28, 1847. ITu Ret>. Mr. Sprute?Retignation of hit charge of the Executive Church ?u fFVidungton? Hit Appointment at Cluip'ain an-i Proftuor at Wett Point?Hit reatont for accepting thit commielion. For three years past She Rev. Mr. Sprolc, of Pa., has been the pastor of the First Presbyterian Hhurch of this city. He is one of the very ablest preachers ot the country, one of the boldest and [he bravest in tho denunciation of sin, in all its ramifications, that we have ever heard. Lie hu? secured many strong friends, arid has made many nvctcrate enemies. Belore he was fully aware it theptwer of the press, he fell upon the Rtteiwr ters of W ashington in one ol his expositions of wi> ked men ; but finding this u most unprolit*b e ?> artare. Iiw .noon suspended ho?iilihe?, and ib-ni'ioned the hopeless task of restricting that freedom of criticism which tne letter writers hold tf an irnpre-cf ipnhle right We should not have mention* d ihis man. r at all, were it not that your nrresponrient in the premises in his del, noe ol [ iui Tyler was p*. t.uulany interested in the mui> ul a.e contes. bmw en Mr. Bprole and ilio Wasliing'o.'i smibbl-r* Well, -ince'he ad van'of Pendent P>lk, the Inirrb ol Vr fc.'rnl * has been the ctiilich ot' 'bit \d.i itici'.iaimn, and Mnee the 4 It March, ISio, tie Pendent mid hi* iHimiy have b^eu am eg lit<iii i?t ngiUr at h* rnorniug strmoii? fu ri, uide? d, present al-o m tho afternoon. Mr Ponton and ha family, Mi. Rugby end ! , I undy, i ue wnu d think belong to >lui ctiure.h, and ('1 en Mr. 11 n il in-m ili d olher iniuiibex.i of II its cabinet have oecn anio ig t':e C mgreg&iion. From these cons d iratinii", as wait us irom ib>i superiority of u semi i.s ol Mr. JSproie, lor bold lies-, vigo , erariMss and strength of argu ment, his chu ch I ?? t?< en sii ui die muiigurauon the grea> c< u re of atiruci.oii, utid especially to ktrtuigeri in ti e ?it/, d nro sot seeing lor themselves the P.i Cei.i and t.< men of the cabinet and i~eiia'e to be 1. una near bun, at their Sabbath devotio Mr. Sprole was eLcted chaplain to the House of Keptesciita'ives at the last tession, and did the duties of the Hiiee with pioprrety and ability. A month ago, sccoiduig to Ins rtatemsii' ot today, th * President appointed him Chaplain at d Professor of Ethics for tho West Point Academy. Mr. Sprole asked lor time to consider upon iho acceptance of the trust, aad took a journey to West Pom', to aid him in arriving at n just conclusion. lie returned satisfied that the post ir d the place would buit him, utid nccep'ea it, ana was unanimously confirmed by the sioro'e. Ol course he resigned the church and his Uock in Washington And this morning he pieuctird hi* tarew*-ll sermon; and this afternoon, aided by the Rev. Henry Nicer, Chaplain to the iSeuate, h? performed Ins last ministrations to Ins psoplo fn re from the pulpit ol the Executive chancl. Alter ordaining an elder, Mr. .""iprole gave his reasons ior acc-piing tin* appointment to We*t I in'; and brn tiy, they arc these:? I. That he hau not been successlul here in adding to me number ol his llock. II. 1 hat his dunes were too arduous for hi; phy tcal tiei g h. r. L his suiary ol was insufficient for the support u iiiiinv.ii'* Uuuly lit Waihinglui. suiioun .<'d by 'he respoiifcibiliues of bis situ* a'iMii. lie ?tp.a.r-1. t 'seirHsm * to out satire sat.slacttoi ; . I u. -p. l u.hink to the sauslociion " ' l.i? II k. :* , yi>u see, he goes to the post ot P let ii ui Etn o? . i Cifpiam for tf.e West Point Military A? o..n.-., .? .<aUry ol $2 000 u .. i ... .1 .. i...i.n..i ..i>.>; /"i| ? " " " ' n trid /.lid we lit.ti i'u . speed, hh<1 a lour m a-<5 in. tin rutnatju ion oflus important duties. _ W. AFFAIFtC IM ALBANY. ALBt-<r, Much 2?, 1847 7/'# CanaU, 4~c F rc.' im-snni Herewith a copy of a ro" I <: ;ha Comptr .er, in answer lo a resolution of tins Scnt-c, relative to the available and una vaiiaixe canal funds. It' is important. I also rrspee fully transmit a communication in answer to i wo resolutions of the Assembly, in retard te the power of the Legislature to suspend -be operations ol banking incorporation'. The Senate yesterday decided that the sove reign power may be constitutionally delegated to incorporations', this principle that corporations may decide when the necessity exists lor taking private property for public uih, is therefore become generally established. Tho bill lor the appointment of legal commissioners is still in a state ol suspension. Alsast, March 30 1*47. Jlffwt t? 'As Lsgttluturr?Thi Juiititl Diitriet Bih Tkr ffryi Tirk and Km Railroad ? Common in A'aie Totk ? Thr Ltgul C'eeieifssiencrt, h<Tiio r.onfsrees who wars Instructed by the tw.. housss of ths Legislature to report a bill for the division of tho Sttte into JudUial districts, which would receive the nc.nicioiiS concurrence ol hoth houses, here utterly litilad to poiform tho duty with which th-y were ihaigel Political conaideratloua present an obstacle tfg'eat magnitude to tho adjustment of ths matters in ui'pu'e Mr II an, the Cntdrman cf the Conference C immil'i e ujon the part of tho Senate, rood a jeport in hi' pice this moitiiug, it* which the honouble i,i nil.* insb on bshai' of the ( on mi tee, asaeited his ci t:rj In ot'tn'y torrrivo at any sittlement of'.ho diAooltics .sf'ii t e t.ou.r i'tee nppebjted on the part of the lin t' !' i (nerved that the it tia?? CeanHlst had t o' ott prs.p rri'iuii tor tho airange'r.ent of the dispute. ' I roii.'autlv rcterre I the Senate Coo mitte to tl t 1 hill ?s the "Illy plan which 'h.y r.Ould/ tfet ' niou Ij wil? iLu ji.b'io iatt.ests Ihv rsj ?t

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