Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 9, 1847, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 9, 1847 Page 3
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p?? . ' .\ . "*-?. - 1 most Important election that we have had for sometime, U is je cessary that we should be thoroughly united The < ouunon Council will have more to contend ufrainstthun usual, aud on that account it requires more thuu ordinary consideration and unity ; hut let us^o to work with a determination to elect those uicu who will carry out true democratic principles. In conclusion. I would quote General Taylor's motto, aud say. " Never surrender.-'? (Great applause.) Mr Blackkobd. ou being loudly culled for, theu rose and made a few very appropriate aud clTective remarks relative tn the iliuiiniiinni tl.~* i- .... and the importance of being prepared to obey the words of command? ' Kail in men"?- F.yes rigbt"?"Forward march"?"Charge the enemy.'' Mr. Ciiriitv. (a young gentleman whom wo understood to be employed in the Register's office.) in compliance with a general call, then proceeded to addresa ibe assemblage as follows: Fellow-citizens:?We hare assembled in all the might and niujesty of American I ret men to discuss the merits of our caudidates. and the great principles of democracy; no hired myrmidons are h.-re to suppress the Toice of the people at the will of a mouarch; lu this free aud happy land llio lowest us well us the highest raise their voice without fear or dread, and as one of the humblest amongst you, I have come forward to offer my views, hut 'u so doing I would not have my seniors suppose that I attempt to offor sentiments worthy the consideration of their experienced minds?no, sirs ! far he it trom me to be bo presumptuous. It Is to the young democracy 1 appeal?a powerful body of themselves, whose "luty it is to watch well the proceedings of our rulers, who will be soon culled upon to fulfil the duties which have been so ably discharged by their fathers, and when the time arrives I trust tbey will not ho found wanting. Should there bo uny hero to-night whoso feelings are not enlisted in tbo good cuuse, we invito thorn to join our ranks and do buttle in the great eausc of democracy ?that democracy which Is founded by nature, taught "j ii-uauu, uuti t'uui IIIC* UUP ivnrii iu inr i uiiimi>11 PCuPI' ui i uiuukind?tbut democracy which philosophers hare tuught and poets hove sung iu all ages?that democracy which is tho very basis and soul of Christianity, and which has never struggled so successfully against oppression us now in our owu happy land ; it rei|itired ihc intelligence, the civilization und resources of the nineteenth century to briug it out?it required a new continent for its theatre of action, und the energies of u firm, indomitable race. We hnvc tbem all; und here domocracy. tbe great principles of human rightB. justice and equality, is contending successfully against the Influences which hare crushed down and beggared the human soul so many generations. Democracy acknowledges no distinction betweon the rich and the poor; but like the dew of heaven, scatters its blessings upon all. Since the formation of our government, the advocates of this great principle have ever been in favor of equal rights, and always opposed to special legislation on; all occasions have opposed with energy the grantiug of special privileges to the wealthy few. which euables them to monopolise and live upon tne industry of tho mauy. From tho earliest period of our country's history, the advocates of this great principle have been battling against federalism, at present called whigism. On the coutrary, our enemies, who havo changed their name again and again.whllo their principles remained in favor of it permanent government, administered by tbe wealthy, tho well born, the highly edueuted, as they are pleased to term themselves.the upper classes of society: they arc for a government which will tuke care of the rich, and have the rich to take care of the poor. They once exerted themselves to the utmost to deprive the poor of the right of suffrage, they Btrenuourly advocated the property qualification. According to their narrow views of liberty and equality, a man not worth $'JAO should not be entitled to a vote. Talent and industry met with no consideration in tho couucil of this aristocratic party, who consider poverty a disgrace, labor dishonorable and the efforts of a poor man to arrive at eminence a crime. And had they succeeded in their base the vory bono and sinew of the country?those who are tho very first to rally around their country's flag, and foremost to meet the enemy upon the field of buttle, would have been robbed of the birthright bequeathed to us 'all by the heroes of '76; but thanks to the perseverance and energy of tho democratic party, this foul stigma was not permitted to blot our fair fame; the people aroBc In their strength, and the Algerines were routed. In comparing the principles of democracy, it is like comparing the bright chivalry of America to the dark treachery of the Mexicans. What is whigisnt? It has sailed uuder so many colors, that it Is impossible to tell with any dogree of certainty. Previous to the revolution. it was toadyism to tho British government; during our struggles for independence, it shifted to toryism; at our last war, under tne guidance of the great Daniel, it became blue light federalism; und vory probably, under the guidance of the temperate Horace, its advocates will become the kind friends of our enemies, the Mexicans. But democracy is ever the same?the banner of equality is ever ut the peak?it does not consider the poor man's ambition a crime; but on the contrary, considers it the duty of all men to aim at eminence. Like the sun, its course is onward and upward, diffusing light and warmth to all; Its brilliant rays arc piercing the darkness of despotism on every side; it is the ark of freedom's covenant with mankind. Under its genial influence America has become a pillar of light to nations groping aloug in the dark wilderness of bondage; and to us tne lovers of liberty are fast hastcuiug'from all p^rts of the world. And I would here say to those who have ussembled with us here to-night, be hopeful, be courageous. shout freedom into tho ears of despots until they quail annd tremble at the sound; that word ouce uttered from tho depths of the human heart, never dies away, but is caught up by every breese, re-echoed by every hill aud mountain, until its thunder tones stun and annihilate the enemies that defy It?every struggling hope, eve- | ry noble aspiration which stirs our bosoms, with n j wanner lover of liberty, and your race unbinds one link in the chain of despotism, and hastens the coming of | that day when man, free from tho chains of his fellow i man, shall stand erect, acknowledging ull uro free and equal. So mucli lias beeu said about tho fair fame of our candidates that they ueed no eulogy from mo. Let it suffice to gay, that in J. Sherman Browueil we have a tower of gtreugth. around which the faintegt heart will rully. With the name of Browueil for a buttle cry, victory in certain. In conclusion, I would call your attention to the necessity of exertion in the coming contest. Our old enemies, the wliigs, whom we have so ofteu beaten, are again up and doing ; and by means of natlvism, together with the slight disaffection in our own ranks, they again foolishly indulge the hope of gaining a victory ; but when the smoke of the coming battle shall have passed away, the banner of our purse-proud enemies will be seen trailing in the dust, while the victorious banner of democracy will wave in triumph from the topmost pinuacle of the temple of liberty. Mr. C. here took his seat amidst loud applause, after which the mectiug adjourned. Police Intelligence. April 8?A Dithonrst Servant?A policeman of the 3d ward orrested, yesterday, an Irish girl by the name of Mary Hays, a servant in a boarding nouse kept by Mr. Oliver Clark, at No. 197 Chambers street, on a charge of stealing a pocket book containing $133 SO, in bank nills and silver, belonging to one of the boarders, by the name of Henry 0. Ooetschins. It appears that Mr. Ooetschins, upon rctlriug to bed on Wednesday night, placed the above pocket book containing the money under his pillow, and on rising again the next morning, omitted to put it into bis pocket, and in about an hour after, when j he discovered the loss of his book, returned to the bed room, but was unable to find bis money; in the mean J time, the accused.being the chambermaid.had been in the room to make up the bed; the bed was searched by Mr. ? lark without success. when the servant was accused of stealing the money, who becoming alarmed, pretended to search the bud likewise, and in so doing. Mrs. Clark beard something drop on the floor, and on looking down Mrs. Clark picked up the lost pocket book containing I the whole or the money, which is supposed to have been dropped by the accused. Justice Drinker committed her in full for trial. Arrttt of two Pickpockett.?Officers Hepburn and Banter, two efficient men of the ISth ward police, arrested |. on Wednesday morning two men, one John Baxter, alias Toscb. an old and notorious knucker. the other a new kiddy, called John R. Stewart, whom the above officers found in an auction of private furniture in 13th street, very bueily engaged in sotaading the ladles' pockets. These officers conducted them to the ISth ward station bouse, gave them a thorough frisking, and then conveyed them before the Chief of police, who took their descriptions. and measurement, and after spotting them to several members of the police, turned tnem up Grand Larceny ?A fellow called James Griffiths was arrested yesterday by a policeman of the 4th ward on a eliHrge of breaking open a valise belouging to Mr. Daniel Brooks. No. 3 Catharine slip, and stealing therefrom $300 in hank hills, silver and gold coin. Committed for trial by Justice Drinker. Pttit Larceny?Officer Watson, of the 6th ward, arrested. yesterday, a woman called Ann Logue. on a ' charge of stealing $35 from Martini Antonc, while in a 1 den of Infamy at 33 Orange street. Locked up for trial by ' Justice Drinker. Robberi on the Fire Pointi?Officer Oardnor, of the | 0th ward, arrested, yesterday a. woman called Margaret i Comtor, and Win Hines. both charged with stealing from the person of Wm. Cox. a watch worth $10. and $3 In money, while In a thieving " crib" on the Five 1 Points Locked up for trlsl. A Haul of Diiordcrlies and Vagrantt.?Alderman Hart and officer McDougall, of the 6th ward, together with several other policemen, arrested last night 31 men and women, blacks and whites, fifteen of whom were sent to the Penitentiary. Arreit of a Fugitive Abiquatulator.?Officer Floyd, of flie 3d ward, arrested, yesterday, in Brooklyn, a young man by the name of Thomas C. Snooner, on a chargo of embezzling $300 and over, from tne Connecticut River Railroad Company, situated at Springfield. Mass. Tbis young man, it appears, wns a clerk in the above railroad office, and after emhozzling the above sum, absconded to this oity. to where he was pursued by Mr. Josiah Hunt, the railroad agent, and after procuring the aid of the above efficient offlcor, succeeded in making the arrest. Justlco Drinker, ufter hearing the cuao, dismissed the I accused from custody. Diamond Pointed Gold Pena,?l Only.?I. V. nnvHKr, W runon srrvet, i> selling liold rem iu low as SI. Al?<>, * msgnifirent Pen for $2, which is thebest and cheapest pen in the world?point* warranted. The trade supplied on . liberal terms. _ _ 91 only for Diamond Pointed Gold Pens In : Silrer (not Oold) Case,.-J. W. OREATON k CO? 71 Cedar street, tin stairs, keep on hand the largest assortment of Oold pen* t" beTound in litis city, and their prices ara >0 low as to defy competition. The purchaser there cau find almost every description of pens in the market, frrtm Lett Brown's premium pen down to the more common qualities, ana by trying thein together can best determine their relative merits. Purcnasers, hotli wholesale and retail, are incited to examine their stock. ^ Perfumery and Tallat Article*, of Isubln'a, Onerlsin's, Patey's. Roussel'a, kc., manufacture.1 Raiors from every approved maker in Europe (warranted), with a large assortment of Scissors and Naif Eilca. Alao, Dressing Cases, containing all tliat is necessary for the toilet, in the moat |H>rtable and compact forms. N. B.?Agents for the talc of Itonsael's Soaps and Perfnmery. O. 8AUNDER8 k SON, 177 Broadway, opposite Howard Hotel. Metallic Tabl?| Razor Mtrnp_Tble article lis* been before the public f?r the last thiity years. None has | received so many encomiums in prttof of utility, or enjoyed its enviable reputation. A liberal liscount made to wholesale ' nurchr aera. For sale bv, . I Q. Si SON, 177 Broadway, I t ^ e CourtUndt street ) HHP**?P--??? HavlfMtQn off Om OUt Slrtr. Placet. TSme Stall of River. Wheeling March 30 ft feet Pittnbuiy March 'JO ft fret Cincinnati March SO 10 foot Loiiinillt March 30 l|l< f?et JttONtCV -UAUKJl I . Thursday, April 8US P. M. The stock market U in a very unsettled state, and prices fluctuate a fraction from day to day. At the first board liarlcm advanced 1 per cent; Ohio ?"* >{; Reading C..I1 ,.CW L-. I I.'. l',|? V . | I ?l VK 4, ...... . ... W W ,, ?.?? ? " *r O ' ,',?UU /? North American Trust. Farmers' Loan, Canton, ami Norwich (St Worcester cloned at yesterday's prices. At the second board Harlem went up \, Farmers' Loan \ Morria Canal fell off Norwich Si, United States Bank >,. The afternoon Holes were eery limited By the arrival of the packet ship Oladiutor. wc have three days later Intelligence from London The markets ?reports of which will be found in another column? wero extremely inactive, and prices, particularly for cotton. very unsteady. The money market continued very much depressed, and consols had touched a lower point than previously reported for a long time The Legislature of this State have under consideration u resolution proposing a reduction in the legal rate of interest from seven to six per cent The shortest and best way to dispose of this question is to repeal und abolish entirely the usury laws, und leave the rate of interest to be regulated wholly by the supply aud demand. The usury laws.ais they now stand, are. in fact, a dead letter. They are evaded in every way. every hour of the duy. Money will comuund a price according tn IIU .....I oik tho Co.. ooW.Hoo. i.. tliv world ruunot prevent capitalists from taking any rate of interest borrowers of money are disposed to pay. We bear every day of notes selling in Wall street at the rate; of eight, ten and twelve per rent interest per annum, and almost any individual having money to raise on business paper, will soon find out that the usury laws are a perfect farce. It is about time all restrictions upon the employment of capital were removed, us they are resorted to only by dishonorable persons, for tho purpose of avoiding obligations entered into tu good faith, and under circumstances of a peculiar nature. An individual promises to pay an extra rate of interest, because it is for his Interest to do so, and the use of the money for the tlmo may be worth ten times more than the additional interest he may pay. Any man who would plead usury to avoid the payment of an obligation en tered into under these circumstances, would swindle his creditors in some way without the necessity of such a plea, and public opinion is so strong upon this point that such a plan is sufficient to destroy an individual's ouillt fn> If Ij -.1 ?.Ot?.i *!...? I 1 A 1. .. .... .v .n UUU..vw.:U r.v I...B UM t:uuuKu capital to carry on our business profitably; that wo cannot control our great staples, particularly cotton; that priced for thin article are regulated entirely on the other aide, by advance* made to owners in thi* country; that capital seek* investment iu Government and State stocks, in bank* and other incorporated companies, iu preference to employment in trade. It Is true that such is the ease, and it can be attributed entirely to the usury laws, and the penalties which follow conviction under them. This city Is particularly interested in the repeal of these odious laws, as it is the grand centre of all the financial operations of the country, and before the lapse of many years must occupy a position in the financial and commercial world as important as that now enjoyed by London. We should have the trade in money as free as it is in merchandise, and competition among capitalists will bring down prices for the use of money, as mncli as competition among merchants and manufacturers does the price of goods. There is no danger of the ratu of interest ranging above the present averuge; but on the contrary, there is every probability of money becoming plentler and cheaper. In times of the greatest bank expansion, the rate of interest has ranged as higli as three, four and five per cent per month, and many were found willing to pay even those high rates, for the purpose of promptly meeting their payments. The demand for money at that time, was so much greater than the supply, that capital would command these rates, and thousands, to preserve their credit, were glad to pay it. Had the usury laws at that time been effective, there would huTe been four time* the number of bankrupted an there were, as the rink In lending money to individuals was so great that capitalists would not hare withdrawn their funds from other investments, unless tho difference in the rate of interest had been very great. The repeal of the usury laws In this Stute would do more for this city than all our works of internal improvement. It would draw capital front overy other part of the country, and concentrate it at this point; It would enable us to draw to this port our great staple productions and control prices for the benefit of the producers ; and lastly, it would do away with the litigations continually growout of the evasions of the law by dishonest and corrupt debtors; and remove from the statute books a law which Is In fact a dead latter. The annexed statement exhibits tliu quantity of certain articles imported into this district for the first three months in each of the past three years :? Imtorti into tub Port or Ni;w York. January 1 it ( April 1st. 181V 1810. 1817. Brandy,pipes... 8,188 Ml 1,138 '* ,la cask* aud bbls..., 1 ?V>*? 21J 1,101 Coal, tons ' 3,389 1,913 .1,810 Cocoa, bags 2,101 112 2,0711 Coffee, bags 71,117 71,211 77,821 Cotlou. baTea 113,102 81,120 107,271 Duck, Dales 12 10 01 " pieces......... 1,631 13 210 Kartheuware, crates and cases. 7,181 0,908 1,112 Kiss, drums, Icc 10,991 1,012 88.360 Gin, pipes. 199 329 320 Hemp, bales 1,338 12,120 13,013 " tons 00 10 1 Hides, bales 213 383 119 No 108,198 110,110 119,800 Iron, bar, tous 3,173 2,803 3,712 " pig. tons 3,172 2,101 1,633 " sheet, hoop, lie. Wis.... 9,117 9,010 13,270 Indigo, cases Ill 312 28 ceroons 290 300 172 Lead, pigs 37.031 00,121 79,311 Molasses, hhds 12,017 10,720 20.811 tcs 2.102 1,190 1,901 " bbls 19,120 11,937 10,228 Olive Oil, cask 219 ? 70 " baskets and boxes.. 1,031 1,200 3,933 Pepper, bags 028 1,238 0.232 Pimento, bags.... 1,711 2,230 3,291 uoin 1,140 J,'?jn 2.9J0 Rsl.imi, casks 1,950 619 1,1.11 boxes 57,916 34,853 15,369 " drum* 917 1,0011 1,181 Rice, tierces. 5,191 7,465 13,966 Rum, pnocheoux 201 111 519 Salt, bushels 111,615 201,507 259,804 Saltpetre, bags 3,101 2,931 5,515 .Sugars, hhds 25,216 21,992 18,598 " tea 52 119 109 " bbli 1,953 1,057 2,352 " boxes 1,347 7,967 39,89:1 " bags 11,266 10,629 1,690 Tin, Banco, lee. slabs 3,162 1,096 5,609 plates, boxes 30.671 26,110 8,272 Tobacco, hhds 1,003 569 891 " bales and ceroons.... 1,131 5,122 2,297 Wines, bulti ami pipes 211 12U 65 " lihds and >,' pi|>es 1,296 859 850 " u casks 5,283 3,342 3,226 " Indian, I,bis 1,091 156 519 " botes 1,122 3,961 1,706 Wool, bales 7,014 3,800 1,500 Compnrod with lust year. there hoe been un lucreuae to some extent in the importation of brandy, cotton, figs, Iron. lard, inolasaos. pepper, rice, salt: and a falling off in rags, raisins, sugars, tin. tobacco, wines and wool. The variation In the aggregate value of the articles Included in the above list, compared with last year, has been very trifling?the falling off having been in articles not enumerated. comprising foreign cotton and other manufactures. ' This table Includes coastwise Imports as well as those from foreign ports. The period covered by the above dates Is the largest portion of the spring season, and supplies are generally received in tho first three months of the year, for the trade of the first six Old Stock (exchange. $25000 Tres Notes 6'* ?90 101 25 1 Canton ssrip 3% do 101 550 do 3li t^SSI! n ,i u i ,nlS? 130 KrieKR scrip 82V $2000 Reading Bond. 7it- io a.. 4'> 7lj: llio I.onr jal.lllil SUtOOO do *60 711* 2"t <ln 9fi?r "t'SSi m 1" ,bfi0>ri0 7I^ M >1" >7(1 26'* SLKtO Oliio b \o %? 171 Nor k WW 40 'J $iS22 1?.?, WS " (1" " ??? o'.S 2.' .1.. .14 40'? WWCnyJ'.'M 9J icio d? uo d? v? 40?Iihj Readme RK m\ :,r, ,|,, .jfli24 Iheuu Hunt 83% I no do Mi 40 200 lumen' Treat 293* 40 do .14 40 200 do 1)00 30140 do Iggi 401' >40 do 29Tj| 100 d.. 7\i 40 0 ! .40 Morriii Canal 21 % 2.40 Harlem viv 27 Mud St Ind RK >60 110 .440 do ',1 4 B*nk of Com, toll 80 100 do hill 411' 2.4 I'heuii Uk 8'J>. ton do l*,o 41 'I .40 Canton 1)30 34 IflO do jtL* ' 140 do 31 200 do blO 4IS 100 do ?60 iltj* 40 do 40l L 40 do loiwk 34 100 do j040 41.'* j ftrroiid Board. ' 20 ihi Nor k Wor >10 .40 100 *li> K>rnu Loin l>wi *1W 1 100 do 40 .10 do 30>, 1 140 Harlem RIl 41** 24 Morrt? Canal jo*. 40 do .US 21 do 20S 1 4fl do 41*2 40 U 8 Bonk 4 40 do 41S 40 Long (aland RIl 26 S, 1 New Block Exchange. .0 .lit U 8 Bank r 4** I 40 alia 1 anner>'Tr >10 29?* 40 ( *111011 Co ?:NI 3(\ 40 Nor k Wor Rfl c 40 j 24 do e 3lS 24 do Kri .40 ' 24 do C 34 40 do C i'J'f 100 Harlem RK >10 41 21 do 1 n (9% ( 40 do >3 41S 40 do C 40'* t 100 do >10 41)2 24 do C 40'*' > " 1 CITY TRADE REPORT. Nkw York, Tin ridat ArTr.RtaooN, April rt. Tho fow day* later new* received by the arrival of the 1 idiip Liberty, had the effect in a mewture of Huatninlng the limine** in breadHtuff*. though utile* of Hour were light, anil made at nm? reduction on ye*terday'* quotation! for parcel* la the cIt/. Cora continued to sell at boat previous rat**, for whit*, and at torn* advano# for | yellow delivered alongside of ihlp* In port, whleh told at 101 a 10.'? cent*. Further sales of flour Were made, to arrive. at about previous rate*. New* reached the city today. that the Hudson river was open to Albany, which made very little impression on the market*. A *ale of North Kiver oat* wan made at 45c. and a sale of barley at 74c. Corn meal continued *teady. with small sale* at $4 H7.V Provisions contiuued to move to a fair extent, ^ at steady price*; new prime lues* wax worth $lti 60. aud new prime sold at $13; lard in keg* sold ut 10S,r In groceries sales were rather light, without change worthy | of note, in prices The news brought by the Uladlator was not published till in the afternoon?too late'for its iuflueuce, if any, j UJIUU iur uinr&i'iH, 10 uv U'U. Atiirt?The market* for Pot* were firmer. and small j sales were reported at $5. Holders of Pearls, were disposed to advance their terms, and some of them demanded $6 SO BrrswAt.?The market was steady at 26a27c BarADsTi'rrs.?Flour.?We report sales of 300 bbls Oenesee. deliverable In b days, at $7 t>2>,; 3400 do. Troy ou the opening of the river, at $7 60; 200 do Oenesee. to arrive, at $7 62>i; 700 do. in the city, at $7 62>?; COO do. to arrive in June, at $0 25a6 60; 2000 do. to arrive in Slay. $0 60. Southern continued to be in fair demand, and was generally held at $7u7 12,V without sales of importance having transpired. Wheal.?No samples were offered ou 'change, and no soles of consequence wero reported. Price* remained nominally the same. Corn.? We report sales of 6000 bushels southern white, deliverable alongside of ship at 92c; 4000 do northern yellow, delivered on board of ship ut 104c; 2000 do. half to be delivered alongside of Ship, at the same price; 6000 do. yellow, to arrive iu May. ut 8tlc; 2000 do. delivered alongside ship, at 10.6c; 2000 do southern white, to arrive in June, ut 83c; 13.000 do southern white, iu the city, at 93a 94c; 3000 do. southern white, to be delivered alongside of ship the following morning, ut 9.6c. Curnmral ? We report sales of about 1000 barrels of New Jersey, in two or three lots, at $4 H7 . Jiff*.?'The lint sales, to arrive, were made at 90c. Baricy-Wc report a sale of 1000 bushels at 74c. Oati ?6000 bushels North ltiversoid at 46c Candlf.*?Sperm were held ut 32 cents t'ovrrr.?The cargoes of Rio previously noticed were going into store, und no sulc* of consequence trau pireu. Cotton.?Tho uiarkvt to-day wan quiet, tho sules uot i exceeding GOO hales, aud chiefly to spinners We continue to i|UOt?:? Liverpool Classification. AYu> Orltans Uplands. Florida. Mob. tr Trxat Interior none. none. none, iiuuc. none ioue. Ordinary 10!, Il)% 10% 10% 10% II Middling 10% 11% II 11% 11% 11% liood Middling 11% 11% H% ll'J 11% 12% Middling Fair 11% 12 12% 12% 12% 12% Fair 12 12% 12% 12% 12% 13 Fully Fair 12% 13 u?ne. none. 13% 13% (iood Fair 13% 13% none. none. 13% 11 Fiue none. uour. none. none. 14 14% Fish?Transacttou* were limited, and no change in prices was noted in either cod or mackerel Fruit?We report sale* of ft00 boxes of raisin*, at *1 So ; 100 bbls. aud GO half bbl*. cranlierries sold by I auction at $2 2ft a $2 GO. cash. Hemp?Tho market continued firm, and we report *ale* of 22ft bale* of American dew-rotted, just landed, at $100 per ton. Dressed do. was held at $180 a $200, and Manilla at $187 GO a $100 per ton. Lead- Some lQyOOO to 11,000 pigs were offered in the market (so reported) at $4 2ft. but no sales were made Dar lead we quote at $4 ftO. shot at G%c.. buck do. at 6c. Pure white ground lead, In oil, at 7% ceuts. Market steady. Molasses?Small sale* of Cuba ware made at 24 cents. We quote Muscovadoes at 32 cents. New Orleans was held at 36 cents. Naval Stores?Spirits turpentine continued to move ut previous rates. Transactions in rough were still light, though there was some better feeling, and more export inquiry. Oils?We report sales 1000 gallons American linseed at 80 cents. English was still held at 8S cents. Thenwas uo change In crude sperm or whale, and sides in al' kinds were limited. Provisions?The market was steady. We report sale of 243 barrels prime new mess pork, Baltimore packed by Van Brunt tc Adams, at $16 GO; 100 bbls new prim pork sold at $13; and 100 bbls old mess do. at S14 70: bo bbls country mess beef Hold at $11 75. Lard wan firm, and we report sales of U3U kegs at 10l*c. Butter?We note sales of 300 kegs Ohio at 13>;c There was uo change In cheese. 60 lihds of grease lard sold at 6>ic. Rice?We report sales of 165 tierces at $4 60. Smm-HSmall sales of rough flaxseed, for crushing, in tierces, were made at $11 60. and in sacks, (the sacks .to l>e returned) at $1 50. Some sales of Pennsylvania clover were reported at 7>{c. Nothing transpired In timothy seed. Sir oar?The market was steady, and we report sales of 300 boxes Huvana at 7.1? a 7>?c A small lot, some 14 hhds. inferior St. I'roix. sold at 7 ,cts. A good article was worth 8\ a 9c. No sales of New Orleans, beyond supplying retail wants, were reported. Tallow?Small sales were reported at 8>? a 9c Wiialkbone?'The market was inactive at 31>* for N. W.. and 33>? for South Sea. Wiiiikkv.?In the absence of supplies, the article was nominal, at 38c. Wool?The market for both American and Foreign has been inactive duriug the week, and sales light. There is but a small stock on hand, of American, and holders ' are firm at quotations ; manufacturers buy sparingly, anticipating a decline in prices ou the opening of navigation. The following ure the current prices :?American Saxony fleece per pound. 38 a 43c; do full blood me- I rino, do, 34 a 36; do )? and X do. do, 38 a 33; do common 1 and1* do, do, 35 a 37; do superfine pulled. 39 a 31: do No. 1. do. 36 a 37; Smyrua. 10 a 13; South Amerlrau washed, 10 a 14; do unwashed, 6 a 7; Mexican. 10 a 11>?; Africuu. 6 a 8. Khliohts?An engagement was made to Belfast direct at 33d for grain; To Antwerp Hour was taken at $1 76 per barrel; oil at 6*?c gallon, and 600 tierces of rice at 80c; to Havre Hour was reported to be taken at $1 60, grain at 45 cents; to Liverpool we heard of uo engagements of any magnitude. 30 a 31d for graiu iu bags was said to bo freely offered and declined. Nurricd, Yesterday, by Rcr. 8. Haigbt, ('apt. P. C., of New Orlraim, to Mra. Kmili Johnson, of Prorldeuee, r. i. Died. ()u the 7tli of April, lust., Clara, the youngest daughter of < harlex A. Meigs, aud grand daughter of lleury i Meigs, the Secretary of the Farmers' Club, aged 3 years and h months. On Thursday, 8th instunt, Nancy, youngest daughter f William and Mary Johnstou, fcgeU 3 years, 3 months nnd 8 days. The friends and acquaintance of the family are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, from No. lot, 8th Avenue, this Kriday morning. at 10 o'clock. Ou the 8th instant, Hr.n*r (Ihattan, only sou of John and Ann Lovett. of measles, aged 30 months Of/-New Orleans papers will please copy. At Bridgeport, Conn , ou the 7th instant, Bknjamin Bkooei. Esq . aged 80. The friends und relatives of the family are Invited to attend his funeral, from his late residence, at Bridgeport, on Monday next, at 4 o'clock, P. M. (Tknkral county meeting. THE ELECTORS of the City and County of New York, friendly to AMERICAN REPUBLICAN Principles, iu favor of Reform iu our City Government, aud Protection to the American Laboring ('lasses, against the couqetion of Euru|iesn Paupei Labor, are requested to meet at AMERICAN HALL, Broadway, corner of (iraud street, on Kriday Evening, April '.Kb, at eight o'clock, to res|<oud to nominations ELIA8 O. DRAKE, for Mayor, and Ueueal JOHN I.LOYI), for Alms House Commissioner. The Ron. Lewis C. Levin, of Peiui., Hon. W. W. Campbell, Hon. Thomas M.WoodrufT.and other able and eloquent Speaker,, will address tlie Meeting. A band of music will be in attendance. REPUBLICANS! once more arouse to action, and iirove to your foes that, like lieu, Zack Taylor, " AMERICANS NEVER SURRENDER* (iEO. W.MORTON, RICHARD EBBETTS, ELI LEAVITT, ( HAS. D. BROWN, WALTER HOWELL. Jr. Committee from County Convention. JESSE C. WOOD, (JEO. W. ALSTON, i JACOB CARLOCK, nSlt'e Com. from Oeu. Eieeutiie Committee THE CNDEKSIGNED would ia>|H( Ifhlly inform his friends and rustomers that he has removed from his former place, !23>a Kulton St., to W Kulton at., between William and Gold. J. PLUNKETT,',Hatter. a3Iw*r " KOK RALE, A FINE ASSORTMENT OK BROAD BLACK CLOTH. Cassimrrr and Doeskins,of a very superior quality, w liicli I lately received from Brlgium. (JEO.K'LOTO, at> lw*rc 01 Liliertv street. u|istairs A ToOTt T<> ECld il'Jv 1I1AVE seen two or three advertisements within a few I weeks, of this kind. II this meets tlie eye of any of the *rtirs, I think they will be suited. I am a inau of good business to tr.vvel, plenty of suitable instruments, amide supply of letters of introduction, and a small supplv ij inosiey (but quite enough, aa it is calculated the business will pay all einensrs). II any |>er.ton with equal merit is desirous of visiting tarope, I would be pleased to have turn as a companion. Please ad(iicss \V. 11. Martin, ihi- office. >7 >*r fT* All?ROPE maker's and ibin tar, of superior quality, tor Jl sale in lota to suit purchasers, by JAS.T. TAPSCOTT. ale Successor to Cooke It Adams. K Honlb at NOTICE. BRADNK.ll k CO., have removed to No. 9 Nassau, between Wall and I'lne streets, opposite the Custom House. ap< ! *> i n'hw Yokk cash Taihoking est a hlis1im knt. NO. 77 WEST BROADWAY and No. 91 Church street. Oeutlemen's garments inaile in the most approved French style on the following reasonable terms. Knie Kreuch Cloth Dress Coats $11; Krock Coats do from $1.1 to ill; French Cassimere Pants $f,M to $1,10; Dress Vestof satin $3 lo $1,14 s. k (i. wv.vnt, ' tnli 2.1 Im'rh No. 72 West Broadway and 93 ( lunch-t a (.(?(l|? i it At sandkord'sc.ash tailorino establishMKNT, 127 riltM itrtft-Wi ki?i rt< tii<?1 < bn** lil'lll klld Well kplfftl'd ugunrtniPMl s?f ( Inllii I !.u?iiitPrPi Vcatinga, auitabie for aprini trade, wbie^i we guaranty tn make up in parnienta (n suit the moil difficult, aa to etyle, fits, workmanship and prices. It will pay well for llioae visiting i>ur city ! > call at 127 rulon street and are. 1 N. B.?Every variety nf Outfitting constantly on hand and i >old cheaper than the cheapest. 8ANDKORD BROTHER, ir Fulton street. mC lm*r next door to the Herald Office. I TOTARMERS AND AGMCULTUW8T8. THE SI.'lfSrillllEltHh#!!' a quantity of rure Sulphate ot combination with a little free Sulphuric Arid, the product of their Soda Water Manufactory,) which ha? , teen round one of the beat fertilizing compound* extant, and i? j Iipimard to lie a preventive tn the potato disease. Karmera or | 'hirdiicrs wishing to try it can procure a few barrelaof it at a ery low price, by studying to RIISflToSr It ( O, Cherniate It Druggists, : IT **t _____ ' I" Broadway. MONEY LENT. ' ONEY LENT.?The highest prices advanced in large "I ami mil sum a OU gold and silter watchea. diamond, date, jewelry, furniture, clothing, dry itnode, Ite , lie. JOHN M. RAVIt.H. Licensed pawnbroker, 2:tl William afreet, near lluaiie. Persona received in private otfice, by rinifnig the bell. wl7 ln*r | T?w POST OFFICE, New York. April 1.1*7 HK Groat Northern Mail, supplying the Hudson Hirer : offices, will, on and after this day, cloae at this office at 3X o'clock, P.M. 4 ik Sire ROBT MORRIS,P.M. 2 MISSING, [ SINCE Thursday, Jith ultimo, Nathaniel Kith, a young man, twenty year, old, very tall?ti feet, ilark brown hair, . dark lia/ie eye,, had on a black frock coat, black satin veat, ' black iwntalooua, and dark btowu over coat, had with hiui a * liter watch, and left hi, friend, to go to Brooklyn, and return '. the same evening. A liberal reward w ill be giveu lor such information aa thall 1 lead to Ins discovery or return to In, friend,, at 7t Warreu at., J New York. ag 3t* r 8 W~ ANTED?A second hand eaten,ion TJlNI NUT A BEE . J about |g leet long. Address T. J. W., at tin, otlice, ata- * ting kind and price. , ?9 H*rrc^ j W A N T lip, ~ ASH UA'i'lUiN, BY A PROTESTANT YOL'NQ wumiu as C Inmbri Mud, or to do the plain cooking, washing ami iruiuug of a small private family. Good relerruce given. Plaase callaiJIu fourth street. aUlt*r w A.N rr EI J. ; A SITUATION by a respectable Y uung Woman, at Cook or Laundress. But city references givtn. Apply at No. 11 Jay street, Brooklyn. a9 lt*c WANTED, A SITUATION by a respectable married woman, in wet nurse Beat of city reference given. Apply at 38 Hamrrsley meet, in the rear. a? U*c WANTED, A SITUATION, byt a Y'ouug Woman, aa Chambermaid or would be willing to make herself usclul in a private fumilv. Please inquire at No. 2U0 Motl atreet, between Spring and Prince street,. a'J 21 re U ANTED. BY' a respectable girl, a situation to do the cooking, washing and ironing of a private family?or nurse and seamstress, or house work ill general. The best of reference given. Please call at No. b Ann street, upstairs. a8 2t*r WANTED, ON A KAH.M, about t miles from the city, a mail (Scotch or English preferred.) who understands gardening and taking charge of a horse, and who would make Tiitnself otherwise useful. Applications, stating terms, ike., addressed to boa Post .'line, well In attended to. ag-gti'r W ANTED, By resectable young women, two situations, one as nurse aud seamstress, the other aa chambermaid and waiter, with the best of city reference, No. 106 Madison street, first floor. _______ af lit* r Sill ATI ON WANTED." BY A RESPECTABLE young woman as chambermaid, and to assist in washing and ironing. Good city reference given. Please call at No. 2 Centre Market Place, third story, franc room. tl P'r WANTED?A small liaad Billiard TiM?, ui good order. A note addressed to Boa No. 2068. stating where it cau he seen, will receive attention. a6lw*rrc A PHYSICIAN, nractiaing in this cue, w;ho musl leave iu few months, wishes to dis|u?e of his furniture and practice. Kor term.i, which will he moderate, address M. U , olBce of this paper. apG 3t*r SINGLE GENTLEMEN OR GENTLEMEN AND their Wive# can be acrommodatrd with pleasant ILmhiis mih! Board at 407 Broome street, near Broadway. ap8 3t#rrc to MERCHANT TAILORS. THE ADVERTISER WISHES TO PURCHASE THE Fixtures, Good-will, Sic., of a Custom or f'lothiiiit Establishment. An eligiblesituation desired. Woulil not object to a small mock of goods. Address "Cull," Herald olfiee, stating where?ii interview may lie had. a|i9 2l* IK ISM IvM H i li A NT SOCIETY. AT an Election for Wftieers of this Society for the ensuing year, held on tlieith inataut, the following named |ier?nu* were unanimously elected :? Prttidtnl. OREOORY DILLON. Vice President*. JOSEPH STEWART. HUGH KELLY, JAMEb MATHEWS. Corrtii'ot'ding Secretary FLORE E McCARTin K >ig Secretary. CH i.KS 8 WE EN V Tin* Executive C utee for tin llowin* ear will coniietq(?? Kali* Infold I'l rrtaice Donnelly, Charles >1. Naniy,' William WaLsou, R. B. Daly-, Jame? Reyburn, Thomas Swanwick, John Nicholson, .11 Mainline, Jamei Olwell, harles E. Shea, Krancia Maun. 01 3t*is r NOTICE. T. SHEPHERD ued store 619 Broadway. for the aale of Lacea, Emlea and French Fancy Goods, off off cheap at 427 Broadway, nia huiiueaa aa heretofore at 270 Broadway. (i. K. CLARK E, AS1IIONABLE MERCHANT TAILOR, 116 William atreet, opposite the New Storri, between Fulton and John streets.? In Ilie Spring all bodies rrnew the outer covering? but man is the only aniuial who haa to pay for it. The question tlieii arises urlui will eloflx- liim i-lieaiipst mil hest I will ami c.ui. Mine is strictly a cash business, both in buyinic and selling. I make the finest quality of French Black Dress Coin lor $20; lower qualities $16 and $18. Black Cloth Sacks $11. ready made. Every garment in the trade equally good and cheap. a9 2lis,c wool, TW1NK, NAILS, lie. Oil IW1A lbs Twine, suitable lor Fleece tyeiug, UvjVVU 100 bales cottou Heine; ZtO do wrapping do. 7U bales London and Bridge|s>rt seine twiue, ass'd sizes. 80 do. Shoe Threads, various qualities. 3,000 casks Cut Nails, Brads aud Spikes. 2,000 lbs. 1st quality (Jilling Twine. 2 aud 3 Thread. For sale by CEBRA It CUMMING, a0 it * c m Pearl street. NO ( I RK, NO PAY.?Tin: VENETIAN LINIMENT is warranted to cure rheumatism, burns, scalds, cuts, bruises, headache, toothache, sprains, sore throats, stiff urrks, pains, or weakness in the limits, 8tc.; or the money will be returned. Over 10,000 persons hare been relieved by it during ' the past year; this is no humbug, and if relief is not obtained, i it will cost untiling. For sale at the principal druggists. Price 10 cents. Over 1000 certificates can lie seen at the depot, j 3 F.ast Kiev ruth street. Druggists and others supplied ou libr- I ral terms. N. B,?None genuine, unless signed by H. I. Tobias. Agents, J. W. Smith. Brooklyn; John (J. Kip, Yorkville; J. B. Wall, llarlem; Andrew Yur, West Farms; J. O. Lowrie, Flushing, | L. I.; F.lliot St Tousey, Syracuse, N. Y.; Burden, Murrli at co., Oalifirld, N. Y.; A. Wetniore, Cauajoharie, N. Y.; E. J. Huliug, Saratoga Springs. a!) 2w r PRINt E Ik IINKART, manufacturers ot PAPER HANGIN OH, No. 313 Pearl street, Franklin Square. Wholesale purchasers will find themselves fully retmiuerated for calling s above befora buying. a3 Imis'r VACUUM PANS for sale, with all the apparatus for making Sugar. Price $1100. Apply to a62w?rrc PETER COOPER. No 17 Burling Blip. A Ml DON, 177 UROADU'AY, INVITF.S attention to his Spring Style of (JEN- ; J^TLEMEN'8 HATS, GENT'S, BOYS' AND INFANT'S CAPS. The Bearer Hats he now offers, for brilliancy, lightness anil durability, will be found superior to any i ever before produced, while his Silk Hats aie not inferior to those produced by any other establishment. Country Dealers who may want a few fine hats to complete 1 an assortment, will here find the place, aud the article they want. a|i9 2tis*c | ' W.M. H. J A M K 8'HAT JAND CAP 8TOR li, So. 44 Sutton itrrft, \ few doors above United Stales Hotel. I A THE SUBSCRIBER heirs to ininrin his frieiols and J^hthe public he hu removed from 82 Nassau street, (o ' the ahove uatnrd store, w here lie will keep on hand a choicr assortment of Hata and Cain, not to be surpassed, and at pricra which cannot fail to auit the uieaiia of all. dSttfr WM. II. JAM EH. HATS! HATS! HATS! fE KNOX, with Ilia accuatomed brevity, would call that JP*>attrntiou of hia frienda to hia new atylea of HI'HINO FAHHIONS, which are now ready at hia atore, No. 121 Kultou ' atreet. He would, with hit uanal philanthropy, invite atrangeratohis eatabliahmeut, where they can obtain halt of an , ei|uaj quality, and at lower pricea, than at any other atore in : the city. al lwt?*r N EA Pi?HIT A N B< )N N KTS. THE aubacribera re?pectl'ul V call the attention of Uealera and Millinera, to their iireaeut atyle of Nea|?ilitana, which are auperior to any hitherto manufactur- . ed by them; they are alao manufacturing a new atyle called the Gossamer, with tlowera of the tame material to correspond, which are indeed eiqutattely beautiful, and we feel confident that our Neapolitans and Goaiamera, will be the , moat fashionable Bonnet woru thia aeaaon, by the dtmouatra- I tiou made thua early in their favor by the moat fashionable ladies of our city and elsewhere. PATTIHON NOE It CO., Patentees and Manufacturers of the Neapolitan Bonnets, ml I no, r<- No. 23 Delancy at., near the Bowery. FINE WATCHES. Jtjy THE, Hubscrihera would call the atteutiou of captains of vessels and others, deairoua of procuring acru tbi&t rate "Timekre|>era,n to an asaortraent of Watches w hich they have just received, made by the celebrated maker Jules Juriteusou, Co|ieiihageu, by whom they are apiNiiuted sole agents for the United States. They havr alao constantly i on baud watches of every description by the most eminent : makers, together w ith a large and valuable assortment of Jew- 1 elry and Silver Ware, which they are selling lower, (when ' quality is compared) than any other house in New York. S. HAMMOND k CO., 44 Merchant's Exchange, first door in William street. N. 11.?H. H. St Co. will continue to give their undivided at- ' trillion to the repairing of Chronometer, Duplet, and all other fine watrlir, mM luilrawit*c K. L O. H0PKIN80N. F1KANCIS HOPKINHON, late Clerk of the United Stales Courts for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania, lias re- ! sumed the Practice of in this city, associated with his brother. OLIVER HOPKINHON ITj "Office, No. lb south Huth at., below Walnut at. Philadelphin. March 23, 1817. f gill twlseod tt W*rb ! SToHK ()K ANTIQU1T1K8. ORK1INALI.V at No. 38 Broadway, has been removed to No. lb Broadway, upstairs. Amateurs and < onnisscura I are invited to call and eiamiue a most beautiful collection of | Anrient Pictures and valuable specimens of Ivory, Porcelain, 1 Silver, (fold, Sir , which have never before been in this city.? | Remember3b Broadway. mil im*c AID TO IRELAND. THE COMMITTEE on BKEADHTUKKH and PROVISIONS inform their fellow citizens throughout the conn- 1 try, that they will he liappv to receive rontributiona of Breadstuffs and provisions, and slop them free of esnense to the | , 11 Central f iommjuee or IM ktisti of rrtssai kt Dublin,"jfor distribution among the faiiiishing |amr of Ireland. But ! ill'- freight niiMt in all fun lir paid Iroin Ilit- interior In New 1 i York. ( oniniiiincetioni on this subject may be addreiaed to either of the Committee. The freights iroin New York to Ireland will lie paid by (be . British Government. OEOROEBARCLAY, UOBT. B. MINTURN, r JAMES REYBURN. Committee. wn.LIAM RKYMOND, < GEO. Mr BRIDE, Jr., 1 The afternoon and weekly papers, which cdh afford to publish free of charge, will please to ropy this for a week or two'. ] ullwr I TO ENGINEERS. ARCHITECTS, RUILD- ! ERS, ttc. WANTED to cngsge as Clerk of the wArka under an En- | giueer. Architect, or aa Eoreman to a Builder. The i idvrrTtser lias been engaged in Londnii during the laat leu years J is Principal foreman to an eiteaaive builder and contractor, 1 toil has heeu accustomed to make detail draarincs and set out work generally. particularly joiners' and carpenter*' work. I Apply byjetter to E. If., at this office. a7 lierr < \ It T At; I; ROOK \A ?NT LOUT *, amall BOOK, containing; acrounu oj cartwe for , lame- T. Lewis and l{. Southmage Is Hon. nurkril "Pat ick Hughes. cart No. 1,703." Any person fiudm);the same will > ,e rewarded two dollar*, by leaving it at III 11 rout street, or 131 Greenwich Avenue. al lt*r nil K ED UP outside Sandy Hook, a v*wT~boat, with four * 1 oars, nid'lri, and one wash deck bucket. The owners Can . use the same by proving property and pa> ing r*|>eii*ra, by a|>- J Iviug at the store of Mr. YVilliain J llomer. 179 South streat. al lt*r M\NW \ N EKE." inn casks block OS oil ill II oi UK ' ground, for sale by .- lie PER8HE It BROOKS. fi> fcfi7 Nassau at. , Plii.NTI Nt i PAPER <if nil! in lei, Older i Hi short notice by I'KRMHK Is BROOKS, I, a9 3t> It 17 Nassau street. I n __ APcnow wmcM. I W.M. W. SHIHl.KY, Auctioneer. iHKLF I ROt KhUk SALK, by J M. B Bourn-Tin, 3 bay,Friday. April Vfli. at IV o'clock, at the Sure No.zu 'earl street. Jural Maiden Lane?WU lo(? of I hiua, kI?. aiol mrtlicnw are, in lu(a suitable for retailers, confuting of plates ml dishes, all sixes, blur Ira, diunrr ami toilrt ware, white 'rruch Chiua. cut ami plaiu glass, luautrl vaara, ornaUo iiU, jl tr and lard lamps, and fluey goods, at I months crrdit. Salr usitivr. a9 lt*c AUrTJON NOTICE. pXl KLLKNT|Kl IIMTl KK, this day at lu o'clock, at 35 Li Auii strrrt, from families, consisting ofSidr Board, Solas, Iota bedstead, Secretary and Book Case, dressing and plain lurraus, centre aud card Tables, Couch, bit alls, Ottomans, llmdes. Window Curtains, lie., Looking Glasses, Oil Paint litis, Engravings. Girandoles. Trays, Glass ware, Shower bath h and other Carpets. Floor Cloth for Bedstead , Wash hands and furiiiturr. Beds, Mattresses, Its'. I Tallmary Piano. Also, the furniture of a saloou aud Grocery, Measures. Sic, a9 lt*c irtHV SNIKh'KN. Auc'r AUCTION NOTIC K ?Kuo*woo4, Black Wainul, and .Mahogany Nrw Cabinet Furniture, tec. tec ?We arc re* j juested to call the attention of families uiil stringer* tu the city to the -tale ol rich and elegant new Cabinet Furniture, tec., which take* place this day, at lu.Y? o'clock, at Constitution Hall, No. 060 Broadway, for lull particular* of which see catalogues (which are now ready), and the morning paper*, auction head. N. B ?The sale will commence with an invoice fof rich fancy goods, ivory cutlery and plated ware. Terms cash. VAN ANTWKRP te PINK, *9 IC*c Auctioneers. FKANCIS KLKKT, Auctioneer?Store 277 Spring stree. j THIS DAY, Friday, 9th intt., at 12 o'clock, A. M.. at the < Merchants Exchange, the two houses No. 9 Vandmu treet the front being brick, the rear a fraine house?together with the : unexpired lease of 19 years from the 1st of Slay next. The above houses let for $ti 60 annually. Sale positive. a9 lt*c I \V. BROWN* Auctioneer. BEAUTIFUL PRESERVED BIRD8.-J. W. BllOWN will sell at auctiou, This Day, Friday, April 9th, at 10 o'clock, at 142 Broadway, a large collection of beautiful stuffed Birds, preserved by W. (Jalbiaith of West llobokeu. The Collection comprises a variety of the most beautiful birds I' *: I in- ?Voin Curope, Pheasants, Birds o| Paradise, from China, H UMtug and other birds, Inun Mouth America mil the,Wert luUies. H* U*c VINE GREEN HOUSE PLANTS AT AUCTION. A LEVY will sell on .Friday morning. "Jlli Mist., st 11 s o'clock. si No .293 Broadway, a choice and beautiful Collection OC|NM luiiise lilauts, consisting allium of evrry variety, m bloom, and splendid order. Also, standard and garden ruses, Willi a variety >>f (lower seeds, ol fine surts, just received trum llullaiid. Panning* Saturday evening. allt* r I1URATIU HILL. Auctioneer. CASES?PEREMPTORY SALE OK BOOTH, SHOES AND BROOAN8, on in moutlia credit? COOLEY, REESE Ik 1111,1, will sell on Friday, Dili inn., at 1U o'clock, at their auction room, No. 191 Broadway, MM cases Boots, and Brogans, comprising a general assortment of I'resli slid seasonable goods, suited to llic rity and coiinli , trade. Catalogues and sample cases are uow ready for eiaminatiou. rt>t*r ROYAL OURLEY, Auctioneer. CONTENTS NEW YORK OARDKN FURNITURE, SUMMER HOUSES, Ike.?Friday morning, at half-|sist 10 o'clock, will he sold, by Royal Uurley Ik ( o. on the premises, 3X> Broadway, the furniture and contents of the New York Garden, consisting of Summer Houses, Tables, Benches, Large Lamps and Posts, about 40 in number, Trees and Bushes, Trays, 60 dor. small tumblers of the hest manufacture, he. he. The Summer Houses, both open and euclosed, were made of the lirst material, and in the most substantial manuer.and would probably accommodate about 1000 |iersous. The whole to be sold to the highest bidder. aiSt'r ?,. ??r_?- ~ :: - - . . MUSIC. BALLS AND PRIVATE PARTIES furnished with the Violin, Harp and Piano Forte, or any number of Instruments. The music selected from the moat faahiouable Ope raa. By R. AYLIFFE, 8. AYLIFFE, J. AYLIFFE and (J. AYLIjFR, Brothers, Professors. No. 127 Elm street, corner of Howard. ml2 lm*rh CI OLD LEAF AND DENTISTS OOLD FOIL.?Facto T ry No. 92 Heade street (in the rear,) warranted of au|>crior manufacture. Gold Foil ?26 |>er ounce, first quality; exlra deep and lemon color Gold Leaf at the very lowest market prices. Established in IS36. ?(2wu,r JL_L WAUOH, Prsctieal (Jold Beater. WINDOW SHADES! WINDOW SHADES!! CITY AND COUNTRY MERCHANTS, Upliolaterers, Pedlars, ItC., can find the largest, best, and cheapest as lortmeut of Shadea anil material! fur making anil hanging Shadea in the city?at KELT? It RIKER'S Exclu.ive Window Shade m9 lm*r Store, 131 Chatham itreet. TO LET, tTO A KAM1L V of undoubted respectability,1 part of the large and eommodioua three atory dwelling No. 213 Tenth itreet, three doora from 2ud areuue?couiiatiug of _ arlor ou the lirat door, with cloaeta; two front room* ou the irrond floor, with large cloaeta and clothea pre**; two frout rooma with cloaeta ou the third door; back kitchen, with range and lire place, with oue half couuter cellar; Crotou water tit the hnuae. Reference! required, and no objection to childreu. Can lie aeeu from 9 A. M. to 3 P. Si. Kor further I articular* en quire of M. SNYDER, No. IOC Wall itreet. a? lfc STORK. TO LET. from the lat May ucit. The Store and Baaemeut No. 73 Chamber* itreet, in the UraXjfLnite Buildinga. It ii well auited for a tailor, ihoetnaker or milliuer. Apply at 273 Broadway. *7 3til*r ALIANTHUS, &< ., VERY CllEAR apLg|3000 AILANTHU8, twelve feet, at 50 ceuta, if orilerrd by the dozen or more; and 16 feet for 75 ceuta. 4UOO halaani fir, aix feet for 50 ceuta; eight feet 75 ceuta, and ten feet (I. Silver maple, twelve feet 50 centa; fifteen to aixteeu feet 75 centa. Paper inulberrie*. nine to ten feet 50 ceuta. W.M. R. PRINCE It Ctt, Prince'* Nuraerie*, Muahing. N. B.?All delivered at Kill ton market wharf. a'J Jt re FOR SALE, afl A 1'IIVBMITT nnuuf I, I..-J. L:..l. ? . Lam^vmile in harueaa in 2ln. 46s. The reaaon lor the owner ' ? ith liim, ia, that lie ia going travelling fur nix month.. Apply at J. IIURSBON'S, at Iw*c Livery Stable, 177 Twelfth atreet. THK STKV.MS1II P SOI THKKNKK, FOR ^ twfjS* CHARLESTON?Thia vex.el will leave the i ?iiMHMaru| jjj,. 0r pjcit mip ou SATURDAY, alie luth mat. at i o'clock P. M. A lew more pa*.,cngera call be accommodated. Freight will lie received thia day. No berth aecured until paid for. No freight except apecie received on the d.iy of departure. Specie will be received until 12 o'clock on Saturday. All bill* of Lading aigned by tlie clerk on board. For freight or paaaage apply to SPOFFORD, TILE8TON Ik CO. a U 3tr No. U'J Water atreeh AFTERNOON LINE. DAILY, FOR NEWBUROH AND FI8HKILL, r I A Lauding at Van I ortland'i, (Perkakill,) Weat Hm Point. I old Soring and Cornwall. The Steamer Thomaa Powell, (apt. Saml. Johtiaou, will leave the pier fool of Warren atreet. lor the above placea, every afternoon (Sundaya excepted,) at 4 o'clock, commencing April 10. Returning?will leave Newburgh every morning at 7 o'clock. N. B.?All Baggage and Freight of every ueacription, Bank Billa or Specie, put ou board of thia boat, tnuat be at the riak ol the owner thereof itulraa entered on the booka of thr boat or recei|Ked for. ?|?lw*r NKW YORK, ALBANY AND TROY LINK. FOR ALBANY AND TROY direct, from r H III l^^a1 the liHit of Courtlandt atreet The low preawmmmmmmrn aure ateaniboat EMPIRE, Capt. K. B. Macy, Saturday Evening at 6 o'clock. (IT/"" Paaacnger* taking thia Boat will arrive in time to take thr morning '1 raiu of Car* from Troy Weat to Buffalo, and North to Saratoga, and Lake Ororgr. Regular clay*, Turaday, Thuraday and Saturday. 11/" For Paaaagr or Freight, apply on board, or at the office on the w(i*rf. II /" Freight taken on the ino-l rcaaouable term*. a9c mw. THK Proprietor! of Steamboat! wiahing Bella hung, would do well to |iay a viait ou SMMHHig board the atramboata (iovenior, Tlnnnaa Powell, Roger Williama, Utica, Palmetto, Princeton, Mountaineer, Iron Witch, I ataline, kc., and examine H. I1omih'? improved atylr of Bell Hanging, rxpreaaly adapted for Steamboat*. Put up neat and atroug, and warranted lor one year, by H. II., No. R Auu vtreet. ______ m2alin*r jp?. A OOOD CHANCE FOR A SPECULA m - ena^^k'ecov! . u. ? . ra, 1 I t , L ii liFFJJ^ * iu.v?a niraiimusi ui iiuruitrn ml 111], Willi dwMlilii powerful engine, ami in good repair, now at a Southern |mrt. it offered for tnlr ot a very low price. She 11 of 1 iglit driw, and well calculated for freight or iwticngeri. or lor vile or charter, to the United Statea government, in Ineir military operation* in Mexico. To an rutrniriiing man, with moderate meant, this otfert an opportunity for malting money eldoni offered, at the owner ia willing to aell her at gieatly lest than her value, or to exchange her for land or Other property. Kor particular.!, inquire of JAMES W. SMITH, Jr. Etq.. at lw*r No. 2B Clynhert atrret. FOR NEW ORLEANS, VIA CHARLESTON. jm. TO sail ON MONDAY. 12th inatant. at E* a. M. The copiiered and cop|ier fattened HMMfliHnBtleamer YACHT, John R. Crane, matter, will povitivelv tail for the above |nirta at above. Kor light freight to either of the above porta or paaeage, apply to the Captain on board, foot of Tenth it., Eatt river, or to t. K. HECOR It ( On foot of Ninth ttrvet, or RUSSELL. CRANK, SCoentiet Slip N. II.?No freight received after Saturday, 10th inatant. a:tlw*e < 1TIZE.VS NEW HAY LINE OK OI'I'OSITION BOATS FOR ALBANY AND INTERMEDIATE PLACES. Fare $1?Breakfaat and Dinner on Board. mm,. The new and elegant Steamer METAMOCapt T.S. Knight, Mondayt Wednet Mlldivi, ami pruwyi, at hall-past siv, A. M., from the pier foot of Warren alrret, touching at Hammond street pier. The new and elegant Steamer ROOKR WILLIAMS, ('apt. A. Degroot, Tuesdays, Thursdays. and Saturday*, at half-|>M*t *iv, A. M.. from the pier foot of Warren street, touching at Hammond street Pier. Kor passage or frieghr, M'ply oil board the Boats, or to Geo. Pobton. it tlie- ofice, i^?? vv imn ttratt. contr of We?t atitst OCT All persons are forbid trusting the above boats on account of the owners. The Roger Williams will not commence running until the rieer is free from ire. *7 r NOTli K?On and alter Monday. March 16th, the Ht am boat HTATKN ISLANDKR, iNHll&i V.N Pe.i* w.n ....k. ii.* I. II? Iript to anil from Stateu It land until further nottre, m:? Leave Staten Itlaud at I. 10 ami 10 A. M . 2 ami i I' M. Leave New Vorlt at 'J ami 11 A.M., I, 3)? and O I'. M. WW tdRe- KOR LIVERPOOL?The New I.m.-Regular WUfV Packer of tlirOlil April ?The tuperiot laat tailing mmmrn packet >hi|> LIVERPOOL, 11 Mi Mat burthen, < apt. John Kldridge. will axil ai above. Iter rrgulai dap. for freight or paaaage, hating i lrgant and auperior accommodations, appl y to the t nptain on board. at neat pier of Hurling tlin.ortt WOODIIULL ?1 MlNTl'RN.r Month at. Price of paaaaya ? The packet tlup (Jiiren of llir Wrtl, tona hiirthen, ( apt Phillip Woodhoiise, will aecceed the I.iierponl, and tail on her regular day, 2l?t May. at r r*3t- f.NION I.INK (>Ki'.\( K ETH TO \NI) FRO.M gfMJWLIVERPOQL.?The aplendid fa?t tailing and favo farita packet thin OHIO, ( apiam Hiril. will tail from New fork on Friday. the 9th April, and from I.iterpool on ihe 70th of May. Tnoae withing to aerure bertha or to tecurc pa*tage for (heir Irienda Irom the old country ahntild make raily apidication to W. It. T. T. TAPSCOTT, K South atreet, aecoud al TtrrC door helow Berlins Slip K'H NEW ()HLKA NS?Lottiaiaaia and New York I.inr of Packets?Pnaititely the firat tndotilv Mftjlfarcgii lar packet.?The faat tailing packet Haik h KAN"IS BI'HR, ( apt. Coffin, la uow loading and will |*>iltiv?ly >e detpatched before any veaael now in port. For freight or rataage having tuperior aeconimodationa, aptly on hoard, Orleant wharf, foot of Wall itreet, or to air t. K. COLLINS, Vi South ttreet. llg- KOR SALE?The hull of a yeaael jml launched, MfB9Wtnd now lying at Rahway port She will carry about to J00 tonaj 96 feet on deck, 21 fart Iteam. Hlie till aiitwer for canal, river, or coaat aerviee. Impure of the ubacribera, at Rahway, New Jeraey. JOS O LUVBERY, ad inter H. R. SHOT WELL t per pack;, ah?. MVlHWlfti;. aAV^V- f' "" Litmool, Will collier a fatot hy laRalag their MlKa |>erinita on Imaril wilhout delay. All gomlt not |H-rinittrd in 'i daya mutt, lie aent to public tore WOODIIL'LL k MINTl'RN, all r 87 South alreet. dddr NO'IH/E racket .hip SARTKLLK, fTom New wSggVOi le nit, it ilitchargiug al Tier I Noith River. IonVHaa yno't will pleate alien.I lo the receijit of their [uodt iiiunc diately. K. K COLLINS, *7 t H South timt. 7 1" * + * "-U-M-M-JL-* AHvrantrn. hktu night ofmk. wallack. Pakk THKaTHE.?Krulay Louiuk, Ai<ril wli. will be (wrturuird tltr urw I u Iliad; mtitlrd KRNESTINJD-* krrdrrirk, Mr. Wallai k; Vi?cuuut de t ampruri illr, Mr. Baf ry; < liailn <lr Aipirtnout, Mr. Stark; Krur*tiur, Mra. Abbott M?rir, Mr*. Hunt. To to'irluile with llir drama in tlirrr act*, entitled don Citi/AR Uk. U A/.AN?llou l cur l)r Kazan. Mr. Wallack Chart** tha id, Mr. Stark; Duu Joar, Dyott; Maritaaa. Mra Huut; Cuuutr** dr Kutoiido .Mr*. Barry Uo?r*$l; Pit M rrut*; OalUry V< crut*. Door* u|*u at ituartcr to 7 o'clock, t urUiu rue. at a uuartet pa*t 7. rowkhv the4tee -a vv!t*t ?.?? i>. .^ _u" MJ K. Stevens. Stage Manager?Kriday keening, April 9th? Will he perlorined the sceuic spectacle 1 11E NAIAD QUEEN?Rupert. Mr. Clarke; Idn.Mrs Booth Previous to which, the Comedy ol the COURT PAOF.8? Louis 13th, Kiug ol KmmeMr. Jordan . Marquis dr Kteville. Mr. Clarke; Vittorie, Mrs Booth. Mus TurnbiiII w ill perform oik oilier most brillmnt dances To conclude with SIXTKKN 8TRINO JAt K? Jolin Ran, Mr Booth, Kit Clayton, .Mr. Hadsway, Adelgitha, M.-i J. Dress Circle, 25 cents; Pit and (Jallery, US cent" Doora opeu at tiS o'clock. I'eriormance commences at 7 BENEFIT Oh AI1S8 AIARV TAI LOR. ~~ MITCHKLL'S OLYMPIC THEATRE?Friday Leenine, April 9th. tocommence with BUMP Oh BENEVOLENCE? Ouy, Mr Holland Capt Costly, Air Clark Barbara BHckdusf, Ml" < larke. Alter which, FHA DIAVOLO?Fr* Diarolo. Mralimm; Lord Allcaah, Air Vlmlcot; Zerliua, Miaa Alary Taylor, Lady ATo"choududeBwltnh' LEND ME FIVE 8HILLINOH?Mr Oolightly, AtrHolInd; Coptain Plnppa, Mr Ntcktiison; Mr* Major Phobtis, Mrs H Iaherwood. Disss ( ire'le. 50 Ceutat Upper Botes. 25 cents; Pit, one Shilliiijt; Private Botes, $4; Orchestra Botes, $3. Doora open at 7 o'clock; Curtaui rise at 7>, o clock pratmly SKt l).N D N1UHT OK THE SECOND SEASON. PALMOS OPERA HOUSE, I hambers street?krtday Evening, April 9th, second performance of Douir.ettl a opera LUCRKZIA BOROIA?Lucretia Borgia, Sigua C. Banli; Alfonso I. Sit Beiieveulauo. Oeiiuaro, Sig. S. BeuaI detli; Matfiu Oiaiui, Sigra R. Pico; A|ioatolo GaaxeUs, Slg. M art mi; Jacopu Liverotto, Sigra Botilard; Aacanio Petrucci, Sitf. Benetti; Olul'etiie Vitellotzo, big. S. Pati; llubetu, Sig. Samjuirico; Rustinliello, N. N ;IAatollo, N. N. II /' Opera Books may be had at the Bin Office. Pkices?1st Tier Botes and Parquette. $1; 2d Tier, 4# centa; Pnvatea Botes for a |>er>oua, $12; do. do., lor ti |ieraoua, $10. 'j /*" Seats can be secured at the Bot Office, from 10 A M. | till 4 o'clock, P. M , daily Performance to coiniucuce at half-paat 7. Doora open at T o'clock. SATURDAY, Aprrl Ui, EXTRA Performance of ! LUCREZIA BOROI A. Bowery amphitheatre,Thue%.mng. Api.iithThe will commence with PI'S AND PHYSIC?l'estle, W. It. Kemp; Aunrtta, \lr?. Ay uiar. After which a 8( 1F.NTIFIC DISPLAY between Mr. Kemp and Mr. Cole. To which will Iit added a PAS DE DEUX by Mrs. Aymar and Mr. Madigan. The wholei to couclude with Mr. Kemp's tremendone BARREL ACT. noses, o cum; i?ir. tzv, cents. uiHira open at 7; performI ance to eonrntact at half-past 7. WALNUT ST. TIII:AKK,;I'H1LA1>LL1'IUA: I E. A. Mabshali., Lessee. ...W. R. Bl*u?:, Miuaiin. THIRD _ WEEK OK LK8 IMNBEITBEB VIENNOISE8, Forty-eight > > uumbr^Hiiider (lie directum of MAD. JOSEPHINE WEISS, Maitrrsse de Ballrt drt Theatre de Vieniir. FRIDAY EVEN I NO, April 9, the performance will commence with a POPULAR OVERTURE. After which, the fasciuating PAS DK8 FLEUR8, by t2 Daiiaeitaes Vieunoiae. After which, the comedy of MAN WITHOUT A HEAD. To which will be added. LE PAS ROCOCO. After which, the Comedy ol the VALET DE SHAM. To conclude with PAS DES MOISSONEUR8, or tho Wheataheaf Dance. opeka HOUSE; 5 CHE8NUT STREET, PHILADELPHIA. Dreai circle and Parquette JO cent a Family circle* 2i cent* FRIDAY EVENINO, APRIL 9, 1847. Will be preaented Wallace'* 0|>era, called MARITANA. Cliarle* II Mr Meyer Don Jose de Saularem Mr Segno, Don Caesar de Bazan Mr Fraxri Marquis de Monteftori W F Johnstone Lazarillo Mrs Phillips Alcade Mr McOowau Maritana Mr* Seguin Marchioness de Mouteflori Mrs Palmer To-morrow evening, the Brewer of Preston. A MERICAN MUSEUM.?POSITIVELY' TWO DAY ? TV ONLY?Friday and Saturday, April 9th and 10th. Magnificent Exhibitions and Performances, Each Morning at ll>j o'clock ; each Afternoon at 'i o'clock, and each Evening at 7. and again at 81, o'rlock. Positively no Free List except the Press. GENERAL TOM THUMB! The most wonderful, extraordinary, iutereatiug and pleasing Man in Miniature in the known world, passe* through this city this week, on his way to Baltimore, Washington, Ike. ; and the Manager has prevailed u|h>ii him to remaiu and exhibit here TWO DAYS ONLY, Friday and Saturday, Jlpril 9th and lOf A. Let no one delay seeing him, for it is UTTERLV IMPOSSIBLE for him to remain longer than these two days. To accommodate the great crowds of hit friend* and the public, the little General will liold four distinct Levees each day, t iz.. in the Morning, Ironi liall'-paat 11 to I o'clock, wlieu he will appear iu Ilia extraordinary and POPUL A R PERFOR.MAN( KS, iucludiug his'a Drrea, iu which lie will relate hn III.tory, Travels, kc., aiug a variety of songs, dance the Polka, Sailor's Hornpipe, give representations of Napoleon, Frederick the Great, Grecian Statues, Dir. Hi' w ill alio appear iu liia magnificent French COURT DRESS, Worn before Louis l'liilip|M-. King of ?!>? French, aud flic imiiiripal Courts of Eunope. Altrr wliirli In' will nppear in In. BEAUTIFUL SCOTCH COSTUME, In whicli lie will dance the HiriHuaixu Fi.inu.kc. Iu i lie afternoon, at three o'clock, tlir little General will appear <>u tinStage in the Lecture Room, in hia Citiikn's Dm as, hi which he will relate Ilia History Travels, kc., and exhibit hia extraordiuaay performances and imitationa, inrludiuit Napoleou, Frederick the Oreat, Songs, Dancea, Oreciau Slatuea, kc. lie will alao appear in the EVENING AT SEVEN O'CLOCK, And again at half paai eight, iu the aamr aplendid and amuaiug performance!. In addition tp which will be produced the other aplendid performance! announced below. Morning Viailera not admitted to the Afternoon or Evening Performance. THE LIFE OF (JEN. TOM THUMB, Writteu on account of hia travela, kc., and containing all hia Kouga, niayabe had at the Museum, price aixpence?alao a beautiful (Jilt Medal with a likeneaa of the General, price one ahilling, for which the (Jeneral girea a receipt (a am) to hia lemale patrona. OREAT WESTERN, the Yankee Comedian. ETHIOPIAN MINSTRELS. Miaaea WHEELER aud JULIEN. (JEN. TOM THUMB'S CARRIAGE, with one of lug I'oniea and their liameai. TWO MONSTER SNAKES. IK) feet long. WAX MODEL OF THE HUMAN BODY, to be .renal all liourx, atjan extra charge of one ahilling. MADAM IROCKWELL, the Fortune Teller. Admiaaiou & ceuta?Children under 10, 12*? rente. _a#2t*c. MECHANICS' HALL. NO. 472 BROADWAY, between (Jrand and Broome itrtrla. EIGHTH A.ND LAST WEEK. UHHISTY'S MINSTRELS EVERY NIGHT THIS WEEK. Admiuion, 16 cents. Doors open ( 7. Concert will commence at I o'clock. Change of programme every evening, at lw"r FREE CONCERTS EVERY EVENING, atthe "Opera Hotel." No. 41 Chain- I bers strvetjtiext door to Pal mo X Theatre. Vocalists?M its Wilsou, (he beautiful ballad singer: Mr. Harriaon, the celebrated improvisitor and buffo singer. Mr. Cnlime will pvesida at the piano. [T/~Tbe Ales, Wines, Cinars, Liquors, he., at this establishment, cannot be surpassed apC6tis*r VOCAL CONCERT. THE ILSLEYS (four brothers and two sisters) respectfully announce to the public that their first Musical Entertainment in this city will be given on Monday evening, April 12th, I in the Apollo Saloon. PROGRAMME. Psut I. 1 Chorus?" Hail. Smiling Morn" Hpopfortli. 2 Ballad?" Bliuu Man's Bride". Telford. 3 Olee (Genllemeu's voices)?" Luttow's Wild Hunt" ,. Von Weber. 4 Madrigal (five voices)?" El are gave me, Itc." Wlllage (1909) Psut 1. 6 Quartette?" Burial of Mrs. Judson" Air by Hews. # Duet?" Fairy Sisters" Cappola. 7 Song?" Revolutionary Tea" ... .words by Seba Smith, Esq. I Serenade (Gentlemen's voices)?" Stars of the Hummer Night," words by Longfellow B.J. Baker. Pants). 9 Song?" Midshipman's Farejvell." 10 Quartette?(Gentlemen's voices)?" Boat Glee". ,C. Jarvts. II Song?" My Mountain Pine" S. Nelson. 11 Quintette?" When Winds breathe soft" 8. Webbe. Cards of admimion, 60 cents, to be had at the Music stores, and at the door on the evening of performance. Doors open at 7, singing to commence at o'clock. a7 4tis? r PHILHARMONIC SOClETY?FlFTH SEA SON. THE SUBSCRIBERS and members are respectfully ininformed that the fourth and last Concert of the present season will take place on Saturday, April 17th, at the Apollo rooms. Applications for Associate Membership for the next season, should be sent to the Secretary before the Annual Meeting in September. By order, altteo^c J I. ENSIGN, Secretary ROSHITER'S Grand Scriptural Picture of the Parting ha . tween RUTH, ORPAII AND NAOMI, with other pir lures painted by this artist at Rome, will be exhibited for a | lew days at the Granite Building, corner of Broadway and i ( hstnbers street. Open from nine A.M. till ten P.M. Admission 16 cents; Season Tickets, 30 cents. apOGtis* l lll'KCII OF THE HOLY TRINITY, BROOKLYN HEIGHTS. THIS Church will be open for the eiamination of Pews on Monday. 19th, Tuesday 20th, and Wednesday 21st inst., at four o'clock P.M. On the last named day, they will be oltered for rent ill tbe Church, and on the following Sunday, the 26th instant, the Church will lie open for dieine service ai i0,w A.M.. and 3* P.M. _ a9 lit* rc PRIVATE LESSONS IN GERMAN. A LADY from the north of Germany would be happy to devote a portion pf her time to giving instruction in German at the residence of pupils. Application in person or by * letter, to No. I and ID (Tiiiton Place. m|g lm*r DANCING ACADEMY. Mr. RARACCO, Italian (horographlat. and Milt. Aagelina, liratirnrhrr ol'the Paruian Dancing Academy of Mr. Cellariua. rnnrrtfully inform Uim nod Gentlemen, ihr Aninlrun of Modern Dancing, that beaidra the graceful dantea ANOKMNANew Wain in i atcta of (hair tnventioa. TARANTEL.LE? Dance of Naplet; Mururka. Walti Marurka, Redowa, Walti-Redowa, Polka. ( onlion or Polka, and Waltiee?thty will laaraMMtM lol.KA MA/.IIRKA RUR8K A daacr recently invented for (ha Cuart of I ha Emperor of * Rnaaia. N. B ?The muiic of the Polka. Matnrka, Rime can ha only found at Mr. Baracco'a, No. M Canal rtreet, eaat corner of Broadway. m? Im're i'ATHETISM ! LA ROY RUNDKRl.AND having returned from hia recant Southern tour, liaa thetilraaurc ofaiinoanhing a cooraa of Kyierimental Lecturer, in the l.yreum llall, (Broadway, uear Prince atreet.) Wrdneaday, Thuraday. Friday, and Satin day, of the prevent aaraek, at 7>i o'clock, P. M. He will attempf a aerieaof reaulta in the minda of liu audience, Eatatic, Mirth > fol, Muajcel, and Wonderful, illnatratiiig the lawa and rondo tioua which produce the eicellenciea, myateriea, and miarria > of Hnman Nature. Ticketa ii eenu?three for M cent?. Uratnitout l.ectnreato Ladiea, the free treatment of iliaeoae, Tlmradav, h'riday, and Raturday, aa above, at 3 o'clock. I' M. iT 4tia*r MUNIC. THE PIANO TAUGHT on very moJrMta USHHHterma, by a lady who hae had cir?nrn<<F^^^T^Ktearhing wiahea to take twoorthne mora 1 She trachea the acieuce tliornughl> ?terloa three dolian per I A line addreaaed to Muaic, lo the Office ol thii paper, alta 1 be attended to. ml J

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