Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 13, 1847, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 13, 1847 Page 3
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'-y - * c-ri ie. need firing at 0 It *18 80 Was recalled by the ' vi!itn;dor? butheld on about 15 minutes longer ; bud luo tu t at the cuttle tod town . they tired grape, rouud and shall ; the shore battery attempted to rake us with grape. but fell short. We liad not a man hurt, although the shells burst til around us The Petrel hail a hole shot through her starboard ijuurter from a piece of shell, and her bowsprit shroud rut away. A shell also burst under the quarter of the Spitfire, and split one of her boats. During the whole of to-day, (23d) Qen. Patterson, in conjunction with the Navy, lias been making the moat extraordinary exortions to finish an entrenebmeut to Plant a marine battery, consisting of three fid's and two long 32 ?. Which have been landed ilnrlnir tint I' mi rati at l bo Jay from on boar J JilTureut vessels of war The officer* and sailors have heretofore borno the brunt of ail thu labor in lauding tho arm* and munitions of war belonging to the ariuy. and liare applied them-elres to it with au energy that certainly entitles tbam to grout credit ; but now that they had au opportunity of participating in that part of tha expedition whara honors ere to be won aud laurol* gathered, they exerted lli*-uiielvee with an ultuoit euperhumau effort. About 'J00 volunteere and sailor* were attached 'to i-uoh piece of ordnance, which wa* by them conveyed over eaud hlUa and hollow* half knee deep in aand. and through a lagoon about two feet deep and 76 yard* wide, with a eoft bottom. They were all placed In potltlou, about three mllee from whero they lauded, during the night. The aallore aud tho volunteers worked admirably together. r) uriiig tlio early part of last evening the town was lighted up by a building on Are. which was ignited by the bomb shells. It was Impossible to toll what building It was. but It wus supposed by tbe etigineort to be the barracks. As soon as the lire was discovered from our mortar battery, 1 was very uiueh gratified to observe the cessation of our fire?for notwithstanding we were eudeavoring to destroy their town, or compel them to surrender it. with their other strongholds and fortifications, still humanity would seem to require that a temporary cessation of hostilities should take place under such circumstances. War-is terrible In its most modified form; but the beselging of a city like Vera Crux, when we know that we are battering down the houses over some fellow creatures' heads, but cannot tell whether we are destroying the soldiers?our real antagonists?or the women and children. And then to wituess the burning houses lighting up the churoh spires and domes of tho prominent buildings, with the families moving about ou the tops of the houses in the utmost consternation and apparent despair, cannot do otherwise thau excite a feeling of oommisseration. March 24, 1847.?After tho fire In town last night, our batteries again opened, and continued until morning. During the day tho army guns have worked vory slow, on account of a short supply of ammunition, being provented from landing any yesterday by tha norther. Curly In the morning Oen. Patterson let the town hear freni him. The entrenohments and guns were entirely uudiscevered by the Mexicans, until the '' sailor lads ' commenced unmasking. They soon commenced pouring into the city a severe and effective tlrw, until about 4 o'clock, their position being only 600 yards from the walls of the town, and with such a range as to enabls them to flank most of the fortifications and works from whence the enemy was firing. j n* iouowing am mo bush ami wvigut 01 me gUDK, with their officers. as far as I could learn them I'otomao?1 32-pounders, 03 cwt., Capt. Aaliek and Lieut. Baldwin, ltaritan?1 32-pounder, 03 cwt., Lieut. Ingersoll. Mississippi?1 H-lnch gun, 03 cwt., Lieut. Lee. Albany?1 8-inch gun, 63 cwt., Lieut. Terry. St. Mary's?1 8-luch gun, 63 cwt., Lieut. Kennedy. The nary battery set the town on fire again to-day. The Mexicans did not fail to return (Jen. Patterson's flro with great energy and rapidity, and I am sorry to say with some effect?killing four and wounding six? among the latter was Lieut. Baldwin, of the Potomac. At 4 o'clock the offlcora and crows from tho nary wero relieved by the following: Capt. Mayo, Lieuts. 8cmmes, I)u Camp. Frailey and Studinan. Passed Midshipmen Nelson, Cazler and Wager ; Midshipmen Shubriek, Joe Smith. Majaw and Upshur. 2?tk.?To-day the oombatants appear to be more eager on both sides, and the firing more rapid?the army battery mounts 11 ten-inob mortars, four long 24's and four Cohorns. During the morning, the Mexicans concentrated their fire as muoh as possible upon Oen. Pattereon and the nary, but the return fire through the day illeuoed two of tnelr batteries, and the navy breached the walls in different places. Midshipman Shubriek and | three sailors wore killed, and one mortally woundod.? Mr. Shubnck's death was announced at noad-quarters in the following laconic note, by tho commander at the entrenchments: " Mr. Shubrick has been killed at his gun fighting." On inquiry, 1 learned tho following particulars, as follows : He was shooting at a gun in one of the bastions in the rear of the city, and was watching the effect of his shot upon that piece of artillery when a ball from the piece he was shooting at struck nim?but the last shot he fired dismounted the pieco that killed him?thus. In all probability, both artillerists lost their lives In shooting at one another almost simultaneously. List or V?:??ei.?-of-Wak orr Vxaa Cmux.?U. H. steamer Mississippi, (flag-ship of Com. Perry.) Captain Mayo. Ship of the line Ohio, Capt. HtrIngham. Frigates?Raritan, (.'apt, Forrest; Potomac, Capt. Aulick. Sloops-of-war?St. Mary's, Capt. Saunders; Albany, Capt. Urease; John Adams, Capt. McCluney. Steamers?Spitfire. Capt. Tatnoll; Vixen. Capt. Sands; Soourge, Capt. Hunter; Petrita, Capt. Lockwood. Brig Porpoise, Capt. Hunt. Storo-ahip Supply, Capt. Calhoun. SchoonersPetrel, Capt. Shaw; Boutta. Capt. Beuham; Keefer, Capt. i Sterrutt: Taniplco, Griffon; Falcon, Capt. Glasson.? Bomb lirlffi?V Pill villa ('ant. MmmnlAr: IIapIa At Anton Lizardo?Store ships Rulioef, Capt. Dull us. and Fredonia, Capt. Chauucey. The sloops-of-witr Gcrmantown and Docatur, and steamer Scorpion, had not arrived when tho Princeton sailed. List Officers or Tin Steamer Princeton, bearing the broad pennant of Commodore David Connor, late Commander in Chief of the Home Squadron: Commander?Fred'h. Engle. 1st Lieutenant?Jas. H. Kowan. 2d do.?Chan. 8. Boggn. 3d do.?Thomas T. Hunter. Acting Master?Geo. B. Black. Surgeon?David Harlan. Purser?ArUtldes Welsh. Chiof Engineer ?John Faron, Jr. Commodore's Secretary?Wm. D. M'Leod. Passed Midshipman ?W. W. Basset. Midshipman?Dawson Pbouix. Do.?Thoa. Young. Captain's Clerk?Emerson Mcllvaine. Assistant Eugineor* ?Albert S. Palmer Do.?John Alexander. Do.?Jesse Rutherford. Do.?Edward Faron. Carpenter?James McDonald. , Gunner-*? Charles McLane. BoatmanHenry Brooks. Pasiknoers per SiEAMimr Princeton.?Col. Totten. H. S Engineers, bearer of despatches from General Scott. Acting Master Thoa. B. Huger, bearer of despatches from Commodore M. C. Perry. Lieut. Harry Ingertoll, lata U. 8. 8. ltaritan. Do. Z. Holland, do. do. Slldshipman Edward E. Stone, do. do. Do. Jos. A. Seawell, do. do. Mr. Joseph Gideon, late V. 8. ship Potomac. The Princeton Is bound to Philadelphia, to land Com. Conner AFFAIRS IN MKXICO. [From the New Orleans Picayune. April 4.1 Vera Cruz, March 29. From the eity of Mexico, through the foreign fleet, I hare later intelligence to communicate. On the 19th iust. it is reported that Santa Anna was in the capital, that he bad joined the clergy, had put down the revolutiou of Gomez Farias and Snlos, and that with his new associates lie Is now anxious for peace. This news oomea from a sonrce that appears to me reliable, and I give it. uelioving it to De m mo main corroet. It In further re- I ported that Santa Anna U at the head of 4000 regular i troops, and that, aided by the church party, in able to 1 mi"kc headway against any opposition. In this distorted country, and among thin uncertain populutiuu, it in hard to tell or even surmise what a day may bring forth; yet with the poworful aid of the clergy Santa AnDa may be enabled Co keep tho reinn of power in bin hand* for a space, uud make peace or continue the war an may best suit hin purposes?1 am disponed to think.sineo his meeting with (Jen. Taylor, that he has become heartily disgusted with the war. NKWS KROM flKN. TAYJ.OR. [From the Now Orleans Delta, April 4.] it wan our pleasure last evening, to be Introduced to Major ivleCullougta, the celebrated partisun officer or Texas Hanger. He arrived in the city hint evening, and brings the latest uews from Gen. Taylor's ramp. The General, after the buttle of liuena Vista, having fell bn'ustlcd that there was nothing to bo apprehended from Santa Anna nnd his discomfited troopn. turned hin attention to Ur- , run, uud the clearing of the road from Moutorey to , Camargo, infested by Ids command, regular troops and ran- i churns-. With this view, taking with him what he deemod to be a sufficient force, he net out ou the Kith ult., ' from Saitillo, touching at Monterey. When thirty miles met Col. Curtis and bin com- | maud,about which Urrea and his forces hung, looking out lor so rim propitious moment to attack them, but fearful to nialcc the chargo. As soon as Gen. Taylor cams up to the fprres of Col. Curtin, he formed from both cominauils a division, with which he went in pursuitofUr- 1 rea, determined to draw a fight out of him, or drive him > beyond the uiouatains?which latter alternative there is no doubt. Ur rea resorted to. Col. Curtis, in tho mean- j time, quietly proceeded on with his train to Monterey. '1 be war in this section of the country is now ended? j of this there is no doubt. ' Fhiladklshia, April 11, 1947. j The Southern mall of this morning, brought confirmatory accounts, embracing all the details of tho brilliant achievements of our army and navy at Vera Crux, and tho public were duly apprised of them, by moans of extras Issued at an early hour. Monday evening next, has been recommended by Mayor Swift as the time for the general illumination of the city. Tho public fooling Is so intense, and the joy 00 universal, that there van be no iloubt of ito being participated in by all our citizens. Tbo spectacle will be a most brilliant one. The whig meeting of Saturday evening, to ratify the party nominations for Governor and Canal Commissioner. was very well attended, nnd'a large number of their most eminent speaker* delivered spirit-stirring addresses upon ilu-occasion. The nomination of Gen. Taylor for the presidency, was enthusiastically responded to by the mas* present. A resolution was passed recommending the Illumination on Monday evening next, as proposed by ths Mayor, and tlio snmo course will probably be pursued by the democratic meeting called fur this evening, to deviso measures for a general demonstration of Joy at the sue. eoss attending our arms, and the prosppcct of a speedy peace. A saints of one bnndred gnus was fired this morning, In honor of the triumph, and another is to be given this svuuiug. No uUws of other I linn warlike Import is talked of with \is and as your readers are uiost likely similarly disposed, 1 will spare thorn the rehearsal of the llttlo city gossip now afloat. Sales of Stacks at Philadelphia. Fissr Boasd, April II?lOo IT S Bink.J; II UhlghJlU; JO Vi.-kiburg Bink, lift; (.300 Tsihs Bonds,22; 00(1 U S Trrisury Notes, ossh, 101HchnylUill NarG's. "6 \ 86ft; 300 do. Tj}i, jo Morru < anal, 2!\. Arrku int.vs?ifloe Tens ioy ji; 2000 U BTrea- ' snr\'*, rash, 101ft; "0? T.fhigh Mortgage I.osn, t7ft; 1000 Tstts Bonds, B'?, 22; lliJO 8ch Not, fi's, 'Si, 16. Sscnrto Hoaso?300 Sous J's, 71V son Tetu Bonds. I0>, 21; .?<*) do, #'?, 22ft; 13011 IT 8 Loan, 6Y *7, I03Ui AJ0 do Tre?aiii V Notes, 5 9-.?, 101; 300 Morris C*n?l, 22; IfN Bank Kentackv, 97; l.OOO Sistc J's, 72. , af rrstSAt-s* iouo O H Tressory Notes. 6's, 101 ft; 300 do i i2-i. mis, 300doLosu,o's, *7, i03.ft; 30MorrisCsaal,a. j NEW YORK' HERALD. I New York, TaMcUy, April 13, 184T. Tlu- Cluu tor UUcUmi. This day our citizens are called upon to exercise the rights of freemen, in choosing, from among themselves, officers to manage our city government for the year 1847. The polls open at sunrise, and will close at sunset. We give, in another column, a list of all the candidates put forth by all the different parties in the field; and. alto, u list of the several places where the polls will be held. THE OFFICIAL DESPATCHES FROM VERA CRUZ. THE HISTORY OF THE ACHIEVEMENT. We publish in this day's New York Herald, the additional and highly important news received front Vera Cruz yesterday afternoon, including General Scott's and Commodore Perry's ofiicial despatches?the incidents of the siege?a list of the killed and wounded, and % list of the vessels cast ashore by the norther. In order to convey to our readers a bird's eye view of the achievements of our army aud navy in this affair, we publish four illustrative views? one of the landing of the troops under General Scott?another, a correct plan of the City of Vera Cruz?the third, an engraving representing the Castle of San Juau de Ulua before its capitulation?and the fourth, a beautiful view of the city and castle after they capitulated, and while the American fleet was saluting the American flag, which now waves over both places. These views we have before given, but we re-publish them now to illustrate the event of the day. The following is, in brief, the principal terms of the capitulation, as furnished to the Union hy Col. Totten:? That the garrisons should lay down their arms as pri-" sonera of war?officers retaining their swords ; that tney should march ont with the honors of war?saint ing the flags of city and castle from their own batteries, on striking them, at the moment the troops were surrendering their arms; that the troops, regulars and irregulars, should be discharged and dispersed to their homes, under parole given upon their own rolls and by their own officers. not to serve against the United States until duly exchanged?officers giving, at the same time, their own parole for themselves individually ; that all public property of every description should become the property of the united States ; that such portions of the armament as may not bare been destroyed during the continuance of the war, may be liable to be restored by stipulations In 1 the treaty of peace ; that private property Is to be luviolate, and not liable to be taken without arrangement with the owner t that the religion of the Inhabitants. Its Institutions and eeremonies, are solemnly guarantied ; that officers and men under parole may remain In the city to settle private affairs, not to oxceed five days. There is a diversity of opinion among our citizens as to the result that the recent achievements of our armies in Buena Vista and Vera Cruz will have on the Mexican government and people. Many suppose that peace is no nearer than if this capitulation had not taken place. They say that the Spanish character is such, that the enemy will fight until either party is annihilated; while others think that peace propositions will soon be tendered to our government. The latter class refer to that part of the capitulation which states that the armament of San Juan de Ulita is not to be removed, but it liable to be restored to Mexico on the tonclusion of a definitive treaty of peace. Our private despatches represent Col. Harney's charge on the Mexicans on the road to Medellin to have been one of the most brilliant and daring military inauceuvreH on record. Such being the case, we regret to see no mention made of it in the official despatches. We presume, however, that ( en. Scott was so much hurried when he made them out, that he had not sufficient time to allude to the feats of any particular officer. Single copies of this day's Herald, in wrappers for the mails, can he obtained at the office at two cents each. . Mismanagement in the New York Post Ok imck.?We desire, for the twentieth time, to call the attention of the public and of the Po6t Master General, to the manner in which the affairs of the New York Post Office are conducted, and to the manner in which our attempts to obtain late news for the benefit of our readers are frustrated. On three several occasions within a few months, intelligence of the most vital importance to the commercial community of the whole country, as well as to our citizens, reached the post office, directed to this journal, by the southern ! mail, which arrives here every afternoon. Instead of receiving these despatches in the even- i ing of the day on which they arrived, they were permitted to remain in the post office all night, ami not delivered to us till next morning. One of these despatches contained an important debate in Congress, which our citizens were most anxiously waiting for. On Sunday last, at about two o'clock in the afternoon, despatches containing the principal part of the very important news which we published in the Extra HtralA yesterday "afternoon, reached the Post Office here, and yet they were not put into the customary place, but were permitted to remain somewhere beyond our reach nil night, and were handed to us yesterday morning. These despatches contained further particulars of the capitulation of Vera Cruz and San Juan de U16a?a list of the killed and wounded of our urmy and navy?a complete list of the vessels that were driven ashore by the norther iu the Gulf? the information that Alvarado was about to be attacked?the intention of General Scott to push on to the interior, and other extremely interesting and important intelligence. All this we should have published in yesterday's Herald but for this mismanagement in our city Post Office. This news was ohtuined by us at great expense, and after ull our exertions to serve the public, without reference to eost, had succeeded und were crowned with success, the 1 cup was dashed from our lips, and all that intelligence so important to the mercantile community in a business point of view, and so interesting to them and the people at large, was withheld from them. We ought to have received that intelligence on Sunday afternoon. If we had received it at that time wc wonld have publiahcd if, nnd sent it over the whole country, in our regular edition yesterday morning. It really is too bnd that we are compelled to speak so much of the had management of our post ofiice. It is not on our account that we care so much as wr do, neither is it the Herald that is injured so much by the mismanagement of the mails. We are, to he sure, affected by it?but not a tithe so much as the merchants are. When w ill we have things remedied ! .Mr. Morris assured us on a late occasion?twice, indeed?that an omission of this kind should never occur again ; but here wc have had n tion of it. Will it ever occur again 1 If it does, we shall be compelled to employ special messengers to bring our despatches direct to our 1 office, and not depend upon the post-office for their early delivery. If we had not run an express from Mobile to Montgomery, the public would not have had the intelligence of the capture of Vera Cruz till yesterday, whereas they had it spread before them early on Saturday. Late rnoM Havana.?By the ship Sutton, Cnpt. Galloway, we have ftlea of the Diaro and the Mariana to the 1st instant. No news of consequence. The Sutton brings the Italian Opera Company, numbering seventy-one persons. Jcrsey City Election.?The charter election yesterday, in Jersey City, resulted in a whig majority on the wholo ticket of about 200 P. C. Hummer being re-oleeted mayor. i ( ?WW" ' 1 J J .JJL.UL-Lii.iiJM I. mfr JM THIS DAY, ATRII. 13 NAMES OF < ANDIOATE* Mato?alt> TlCBilT. WAi*. Democratic. W. V. Braily. J. 8. Brownell. E.O.Di?ie. Aim Hot ?r. (Jommiiiiohkb. . . , J. R. Taylor. M. O. Leuuutl. J??ui Lloyd. Alukbmbn. Wd?, l.T. R. Drfomt. II. H. Bynw, S. A. Cr?|>o. Il.Jamaa Kelly. J. C. Stouaall. > . ? J olio J. Jiluilalr J I .Mruritli, L r Willi* 8. Burkhalter " 4 Ralph Hail. G. H. Pureer fc. Fitzgerald ... ... ; J W Adamn. ?. B. Hart. Wm Adaim. 8.1 H Waller* John Foote John Green, T, Gilmaiteu. W. L. SJcally. / .MorruFraukliii.T. \1. Dougherty. _ .. 1 l Ai Uwrw A. Maclay, Jt A.8.Liewgtron I 4 9. J. L. Dodge. JuhuJacKiuu. inaiftC 15. Slliilii. " 18. Peter Ainu. B. J. Meaaarole. W.H.lloyt. " n. Wn.Uu?, L 8. DoJ. " U.Tboe. c?rui#f. TC^ifford,r L'. P. Ward. " 13. Win. Tyson. J. p. Kiluw, Pari Barker. 8. H. Keeks. Isaac V. Brigg*. " II. Jolui Stewart. W7 W. Borchus, E. Niebolt. R. A. Sands, T. B. Ta|>paii. " 13. Ja*. D. Oliver. Clou. Partridge. " 16. W. Smith. Chaa. Webb. J. H. Savage. " I7.C. Croliue. Theodore Martina. .. James Walsh. .. ... 14 18..M. Maynard, Jr. W. A. Walker, G.W.Caun>bell M. W. S. Jackeou. Assutant Aotrkaeuis. Wm, l.J. Jamiaou. P. French, .. John Patten, " I.(.'heeler Lamb. Conklin Titui. R. D. Mer?h?JI. 1.1. McKniglst, Frederick lladley. H. 8. Panning. " 4.T. U. Surras. 'D. Mulliri.,, Wm. ReiiL 14 1. A. H. Schultx, J. Anderson. A. H. Bchaltx. " 8.C. 0. Brown. Patrick Rally, ... gallon. 7. Jobn Cogar, Jr Oeorge O. Obtain. ,, " 8 J. W. Alleu. W. J. McDertnott W. Forbea. * 9.8. C. Herring. J. Quackunbots. Tliomaa Starr. U). W. AX'uuauL Neil Gray, G. T. Beekman. 11. .. A. r. IlatlWId. ('has. Parley. J. rhtljura. 13.Geo. R. Clark. P. Dougherty. W. V. LeggetL 13.Henry Krepe. 8. ll. Seeks. G. W.Srowtre. John R. Colon. U Run.I Waab. t\> p. CaroMu. 11. L. W. 8if?nu. M.Mnnson, Jy " IC. J.P.Cummin*. J. P. Dunn. H. R. DcKsy. John Mm. .. " IT. G. H. Franklin. Jamas Robartnu. m " II. W. P. Jackson. M. W. S. Jackson. Philip Jordon. W. O. Wood. Kational Rtformtrs. Mayor. Edward W. Lyon. Alms House Conmissioneb. M. O. Leonard. Albkbmbn. assistant aldbasikx. w??. J.John Windt. Otorgt Adair. T.Aaron Kline. Jotham P. Baldwin. ? 8.L. W.Ryckman. A. B. Hauptman. 9. Isaac B. Smith. Thomas Starr. 10. Pardon Lapham. Samuel Austin. 11. Israel Peek. Nathaniel Turpenny. 14.Edw. M. Osborne. George Campbell. 16.Charles Webb. James P. Dunn. IT. Lemuel Marston. Andrew W. Day. Voting Places. FIRST WARD. Dtntrxcti. Districts. 1. Thresher's Hotel,cor.Broad- 2. Peers It Co.'a. 11 Broadway. way and Pearl at. 3. No. 112 Broadway. . M . SECOND WARD. 1. No. 131 Pulton at. 2. S.W. cor. Beekmau It Oold. . M .. ^ . THIRD WARD. H?. 81 Courtlandt street. S.jNo. 23 Warren street. 2. No. i Barclay street. . o. . FOURTH WARD. 1. Shakspears Hotel, cor.Wil- 3. No. T James Slip. Iiam and Duane sta. 4. No. 340 Pearl St., cor. DoYer 2. Cor. Oliver and Henry sts. FIFTH WARD. ' 1. No. 97 Chapel street. 4. S.W. cor. Wash. It Beach. ; 2. 307 Washington, cor.Duane. 5. No.?Hobokeu st.cor. Wuh3. 166 Chapel st(MariouHouse) ington (Hobokeu House) 8IXTK WARD 1. Dunn'? Sixth Ward Hotel. 4. North American Hotel, cor. . 2. No. 87 Centre atreet. Bowery and Bayard ?t, ' 3. No. 106 Centre street. facing Bayard street _ _ ? SEVENTH WARD. 1. No. 120 East Broadway. 6. No. 213 Cherry street. i 2. No. 169 Madison street. 6. No. 23 Gouverueur street. [ 2. No. 166 Cherry street. 7. No. 682 Water street. , 4. No* 19 Jefferson street. ' w ? EIGHTH WARD. 1 8. W. cor. Broome k Mercer 5. No. 162 Varick street. 2. No. 73 Woosterst. 6. No. 30C Hudson street. 3. No. 168 Snriilir si. 7 Nn 570 Knrinir atri'if I 4. Cor. Vari'ek CDominiek ?ta. 8. No. 303 Spring atreet. NINTH WARD. , 1 No. 651 Oreenwirh it. 4. No.KI Blaeckerat. 2. No. 362)d Bleeckeral. 5. 732 Waahiuglon, cor. Bank i 3. 662 Waahiugton, cor. Amoa 6. Cor. Charlea and Hudaon tU _ TENTH WARD. 1. No. 2C Delaney at. 4. 170 Diviaion at. 2. 8. E. cor. Broome It Forsyth 3. Military Hall, cor. Graud 3. Sl David'a Hall,242 Walker and Ludlow at. ELEVENTH WARD. 1. No. 143 Attorney at. 1. No. 23 Avenue D. 2. No. 38 Houaton at., 3. No.90 Lewia at. 3. No. 9 Avenue D. 6. No 89 Aveuue D. TWELFTH WARD. 1. Home of Andrew Howe, 2. Houae of A. V. Backer, Yorkville. Manhattanville. THIRTEENTH WARD. 1. S.W. cor Grand It Clinton. 3. No. 3 Sheriff at. 2. No. 1G6 Delaney at. 4 No. 39 Cannon at. FOURTEENTH WARD. 1. No. 70 Prince at. 4. Broadway Houae, coruer 2. Cor. Prince and Moltata. Broadway and Grand at. 3. No. 204 Grand at. 3. No. 170 Heater at. FIFTEENTH WARD. 1. N.W. cor Bleecker k Sulli- 3. H. A. Kerr'a, corner Broadvan atreeta. way and Aalor Place. 2. Conatitution Hall, No. 630 4. Cor. MeDougal at. and WaBroadway. verly Place, (Richarda.) SIXTEENTH WARD. . 1. S.E. corner 17lh at. and 9th 3. N.E. eor. 9th Avenue and Avenue. 2!et atreet. 2. 7th A v. Houae 7th Av. be- 4. S.E. eor 8th Av. and 23d at. tween 18th and 19th ata. 3. 8.F.. cor. 0th Av. and 33th at. SEVENTEENTH WARD. 1. No. 213 Bowery. 4. No. 79 Third at. 2. No. 283 Houaton at. 3. N.W. comer of Firat ave3. No. 27)? Clinton at. nne and 11th at. EIGHTEENTH WARD. I. N.E. eor. 3d Av. and 17that. 4. Southweet cor. 3d Avenue 8. Houae of Smith kHebbard, and 23d atreet. 3d av bet. 23d and 21th ata. From China Direct.?The ship John Q. Adams, Capt. Nickles, arrived last night from Canton, bringing account* from that place five days biter than previously received by the overland mail, but no news. We have files of the over land mail to that date. From Boston.?Mr. Cloyes, of the New Ha- | ven route, has again placed us under obligations ! for Boston papers ofyesterday morning, received ; at his hiuids. i.uvan's Ex cress.?We were yesterduy indebted to Sullivan's express for the immediate : delivery of our southern parcels. Sthamkr Scorpion.?This steamer reached Savannah on the 7th inst. Theatricals. Pari Thratri.?The new play of " Wlssmuth It Co." will be produced, and Mr. Dan Marble, the great Yankee comedian, will enter upon an engagement thli evening. These are two great events in the history of the Tark, and we have no doubt they will be taken advantage of by our citizens. Marble will appear in the drama of "Hue and Cry" and the drama of "The Game Cock of the Wilderness." Theatre.?The " Naiad Queen" and the drama of " Jack Sheppard" will be repeated this evening, with the comedy of " Catching an Heiress." These pieces are sufllrimit, we are sure, to All the house to its largest rapacity. Miss J. Turnbull Is becoming so great a favorite that we question If the manager can henceforth we dispense with her valuable services. At all events she delights the patrons of the Bowery so much that her absence would be felt very much. Bowkrt Circus.?A glance at the bill In another column. will eonvineeAthe public that every one who takes pleasure In amphltheatrical amusements, should go to the Bowery cireus to-night?it Is worth more than treble the price of admission to witness Kemp In his extra- I ordinary performances, but when to them are added j those or Howes, Madlgan, Master Nixon, and the rest ! of the company. we aru assured that all who ran will certainly attend there this evening. Raymond's Menaoerir.?This morning Mr. Ray- i mond turns out from Stephenson's Faetory, in 27th st., one of the most magniflcent aud gorgeous carriages, or 1 chariots, ever seen In any country, either in ancient or modern times. It has been built at an expense of seve- 1 ral thousand dollars, and will be drawn, to-day. through Broadway, and some other principal streets, and Anally taken on board a Jersey City ferry l?oat, on its way to join the menagerie, now in New Jersey, and which will be exhibited In this city the latter end of this week, and probably the whole of next. mniicni. Italia* Orras.?In consequence of tho pressure on onr eolnmns arising from tho receipt of tho intelligence from Mcileo, with which onr column* abound, wo are obliged to curtail onr notice of tho operatic performance* laiit evening, and have only room to say that the epera of "Luoretla Borgia'' wna performed laid evening In the aamo good style In which It wos performed heretofore. U. C. Hill'* grand concert cornea oH this eTaning. at tho Tabernacle. Many member* of tho Italian Opera C ompany, together with all the leading professional gentlemen of the city, appear on thia occasion, to testify their high esteem for the musical nbilitlra of Mr. Illll. prior to hla departure for Knropc. Independent of the private friendship of bin acquaintance*, tho programme Itself la aufllclrnt to fill tho Tabernacle. Mr. Hill la long connected with every thing musical lit this city, and It Is hoped, on an occasion like the present, that one who ] baa contributed ao much to elevate the science, will meet with the reward Ills merit justly entitles hint to. Ciianrr's Miasraci.s.?This favorite hand appear again to-night, at Mechanics' Hall < hriaty has every reason to be proud of the respectable patronage he has received here for the last two months He Is a clever. ( go-ahead, discerning sort of a fellow, who Is sure to sue- , o*cd wherever he exhibit*. | m IIIII ll'l II City InUlltotiiM. Ms in so 41 tMr Mvroa's Orntt --The coiamitttr ippoinled ut the meeting of merchants on Saturday last, to conft-r with the Mayor at 10 the moat appropriate method of testifying the estimation in which the cltiaauit of Now York regarded thu service* of the army and navy of tlu> L'nitod Slate*. Ill achieving the brilliant victories lu Mexico, assembled at 6 o'clock yo*ter<lay in the Mayor's office, uud proceeded to buslneas The Hon Asdsiw ii. Mu-ilk took tlie chair, and Messrs Dloodgood and Thomas were appointed secretarlaa. Uefuro the Lusluoss of the mooting was culured into. Robert II. .MorrU. ?*<|.. proaoutod a delegation from the 4th regiment of volunteers, which has been organised for tome time past, aud which has beuu In readluti* to go to Mexico whenever its services are called upon consisting of Col Calhoun. Lieut Col. Hopkins. Capt Kouru* and Lieut. . The delegation was of course accepted and took part in the proceedings PaosrcH M. Wctmomk. Lsq .then briefly alluded to the objects of the meeting lie said that no specific arrangements had beeu made by the committee, or any plan of celebrating the recrut great victories in Mexico agreed upon. The conunitteo had come together for the purpose of conferring with the Muyor He thought the ucst piau wuuia o? lor in* Honor to rccumuisud to the Comuiou CMHWU, ou Ibeir next meeting which he believed would take place lu the take the lulatory step. and adopt such measure* as they might deem expedieut tu the promise*. With that view lie offered a set of regulation* requesting hi*'Honor the Mayor " to roiuniuuicute to the Common Council the proceeding* of the meeting at the Merchant*' F.xchangu on Saturday last, and to invite that body to take hucIi stop* a* to It might seem expedient, to exprel* the sontiuieut* of the people of the United State* in reference to the recent victories in Mexico." A geuerul illumiuation had been talked of by the citizen*, but Mr. Wetmore thought it better that tho illumination. If there should be one determined upon by the Common Council, should extend only to the public bulldinga, and let the eltlxohs Illuminate a* they pleaaed. Colonel Wi:m thought there might be some censure thrown on the Common Council for expending the city money in a eulebrulion. This wa*. however, one of the few iualance* lu whluh tho city authorities would be justified in ao doing, and as some members of that board might think themselves bouud to resist an appropriation for this thought it udvisnble that tho resolutions should be so amended a* to convince the people that the expenditures necessary to carry them out. did not arise from any ordinary oocurruuc'e in the administration of the city affair*. The resolutions were so amended, and the meeting adjuuruod. U*axh> Nationai. Salute.?Pursuant to tho directions given by the Commissary General of tho Stain of New York, (H. Storms) a grand national salute, and an additional gun for each victory in Mexico, was fired yesterday, at l'i o'clock, at Fort Tompkins. Narrows, Staten Island, the llattery In this city, and also at Albany and Buffalo. Tho tiring lu this city was under the direction of Mr. Walsh, whoso reputation ax an artillerist is well known in tho country. Sitddcw Death.?The coroner was called, yesterday, to hold an lnqnost at No. 136 Fultou street, on tho body of Mr. Griswold M. Rogers, a distinguished artist, a native of this city, aged 3d years, who was taken suddenly ill soon after entering his office yesterday morning, fell down and almost Instantly expired. Verdict, death from fliaojuiA of th? hftftrt ^Firks.?A fire wan discovered at 9}? o'clock yesterday morning, in the basement of No. 62 Mulberry street. A woman named Hinrs was severely burnt. The Are was nut out. Another Are occurred at 76 Mott street. Damage triAing. Another was discovered about two o'clock yesterday morning, at No. 128 Varick street. Damage triAing. Anothor Are was discovered yesterday morning] on board tho Falmouth, lying at Old slip. The ship was slightly damagod. Auother Are waN discovered ut foot of Fine street, yesterday morning, which destroyed somo ship spars. D?:ath ai a Blow.?The coroner held an inquest at No. 313 Hester street, on tho body of a boy named John Care, who came to his death from injuries received by being struck a severe blow on the head with a stick, by John Colleny, of No. 134 Mulberry street, who has been comfhltted to prison to answer for the offence. Common Council. Board ok Aldermen. April 13.? President Jackson in the chair. Celebration of the Vietorin.?The minute* of the lust meeting having been read and approved, and some petitions disposed of, Aid. Benson offered a preamble and resolution in reference to the glorious victories recently achieved at Buena Vista and Vera Crus, and proposing that in honor thereof a salute of one hundred guns be lived from the Battery and other public places. That Bugs be displayed on all vessels audpublio buildings, and that the City Hall be illuminated ou the same evening, and iu liouor of the gallant officers who fell in those battles; that on the succeeding day, the city flag and flags on public buildings and vessels be displayed at halfmast. and the hells be tolled throughout the city. Aid. Mkskrole offered resolutions of a similar character. proposing, Illuminate all public buildings, and to request the citiiens at large to do the same- to present the freedom of the city to General* Taylor and Scott; also swords to General* Taylor and Soott, Worth, and Wool. Aid. Walker offered a resolution, that the Common Council approve of the war with Mexico, and of the manner lu which it has been conducted by thu administration. The whole were adopted and referred to a special committee. Ruim of (trace Church. ? Resolution by Alderman l'urser. In favor of causing the ruins of Grace Church to be removed. Adopted. Heeling at the Exchange.?Communication from the Mayor, transmitting resolutions framed by the committee appointed ut the meeting in the Lxcbangu on Saturday. Referred to the special committee having the matter in charge. Payment of Claims ?Report In favor of paying to Mr. Dickenson, late u police clerk,f500 as extra compensation for attending on Bundays. That Moneyfor Soap Fat.?Communication from the Comptroller, on the subject of a sale of soap fat by Mr. Moss, superintendent of the Alms House, for $'235, stuting that there was no return of such money. Mr. Moss states that he never received the money, nor dtd he sell it directly, but for Messrs. Morgan k lord, and he received the bill at their request. Alderman Brady in opposition read an affidavit of Mr. Hutchinson, one of the partios purchasing the tallow, swearing that he purchased the tallow from Mr. Moss and paid the money to him. thus swearing in direct opposition to Mr. Moss's statement. Alderman Hart moved the appointment of a special committee to investigate the matter. Adopted. Alderman Hart, Walkor and Brady were appointed said committor. The Board theu adjourned untU Monday evening next. Board ok Assistant Aldermen?April 19?Neil Gray. Ksq. President, in the chair. ne/norai oj owning fotti?several petition! were received. asking for the removal of awning poet* in John and William streets Referred. fort Hamilton Steamboat landing.?A petition was presented from T. I'. Mart for permission to use a portion of pier No. 1, N. It . as a landing for the steamboats plying between this city and Fort Hamilton Referred. Treti in Stuyveiant Si/uare.?Petition of sundry persons to have trees planted in Mtuyvesant square Referred. Seiner in John Street.?Report and resolution in favor of building a scwur in Johu st. from Broadway to Pearl st. Adopted. Sever in "Kith it.?Report and resolution In fuvor of building a sewer in 2Uth st, between 4th aud Lexington avenues. Adopted. Teleiroyic Exhibition tit the Park. ? Report and resolution in favor of granting to Louis Lewenburg. to erect a temporary shed in the Park for the exhibition of bis new and very powerful telescope. Adopted. Left without a Quorum.?A resolution adopted in the Board of Aldermen, in favor of celebrating the victories achieved by American arms at Buena Vista and Vera Cruz, was then taken up, but several of the members having sloped to look after their constituents, the Board wus left without a quorum, and compelled to adjourn, leaving the action of tho Board of Aldermen non-concurred in. Tremendous Gathering of the Empire Clnb. A meeting of this important branch of the Democratic party was held at Monroe Hall last evening. At half-past 7 o'clock, the room was crowded with several hundred ineu of respectshie ap|>eariiucr. The meeting was called to order by Captain Kynders, President of the Club, who was greeted by three hearty cheers. On taking the chair, he briefly explained the object ol the meeting, when a committee of live was appointed to draft resolutions. During their abaance, the Captain addressed the club in a s|>eerh ot half an hour, in which lie zealouslv advocated the orincinles of democracy It- o. hi* uaual energetic and effective atyle of the great necessity of maintaining party organization, uiil adheriug to regular nutninationa. lie desired the club to give a hearty support to J. Sherman Brownell and Muaea (4. Leonard. He spoke with great feeling ol the righta of the working inan, contending that the laboring producing rlaseea were the only true of wealth and proaperity to any country, lie alao adverted to the couditiou of Ireland?the causes of its prevent deatitute condition? the rlaitna of auffering humanity upon their fellow-creatures? which wna received with ahonta of applause, amidat which the Captain aat down. The Committee then reported the follow nig reaolutuma:? lirmlved. That in J. Sherman Brownell, the democratic repuhlicau candidate for Mayor, we recognize a faithful, zealoua, uncompromiaing advocate of the legitimate principles of democracy, an honeat man, and worthy the united aupport of the democratic |?rty. Kevolved, That in Moses G. Leonard we have a aoitnd, con intent democrat, afaitlil'ul public aervant, and that he ia^uatly eutitled to the confidence and Support of the democratic republican parte. Revolved, That we hereby tender our grateful acknowledg inenta to our gallant army and navy for their heroic condect and glnrinuv nrliievemcnta during tha mating war. Resolved, 'J'hat wr deeply sympathise with the unfortunate poor of Irrlvtiil, and that we will do all in our power toalleviate their anffrringa. Resolved, That wc can and will elect J. Sherman Brownell and Moaev C4. Leonard by a triumphant majority. Three eheera for Brownell and Leonard?siz cheers for Capt. Hyndera. After apixiintiiig acveral vigilant committera the meeting djtraiMd. The Steamer Allda will leave for Albany on Monday Morning, I'jtli instant, instead of Wednesday neat, as advertised. Diamond Pointed Gold Peng, l?Hllver Peneil included. J. Y. Savage, M Fulton atreet, is selling Gold Pens for $1. Also a magnificent Pen for $2, which is the best and cheapest pen in the city?points warranted. The trade supplied on the heat terms. Gold Pens with Oliver Pencil Cage for 75 eta.? J. W. ORF.ATON la Co. 71 Cgdar atreet, up svairs, keep, constantly on hand a large and well-selected stock of Gold Pen, nf every description, from a common article at 77 rents, np to Levi Brown's celebrated premium pens, ail of which will be old for cosh losrer than any other house in this city. Being gent- for several of the beat pen makers, enables them to supply the wholesale trade on particularly advantageous terms Phey sell ?t retail the genuine Albert O Bagh y pens with ailver peuril-eeee for $1 7J only, which is lower than they can be bought for at any other establishment in the city. srcMung iim_Tiui compact form, and prefer t utility 'if thru* nrtirlm, rfnrlrr tlirm an indi'.rpmililr pnmii*nion to ortirrra of the Army and Nayv.or any taho?a Imainf ? or plcaanrt cnlla thrm from hoinr A? farh ariirle ri.nt.nnrd in thrm haa hirn arlrrtad liy thr anhfrribf ra, tliry run warrant thrill to prrform tlir nflior for wlnrli tliry weir if ?l'*rtivrly draiunrd. O. SAUNDERS k SON, 177 Bioadwar. Metallic Tablet Itaaor Strop?Tha Suharrlbeta would call the attrntioTi of atrantirrt and thr piihlir r? [heir aaaortmrnt of the abnee. havnnd ravil thr beat arfirla ..mnfartitrH O SAI'NDIRS k HON, , 177 Broadway, opposite Howard Ho<tl 1 Antral at lmi|m In Kl?w Vtrk. I Ann 13 Axtmi'AS Hon i J. buuuc, Man.. . Mr. \'orn?, Nl. Churchill, S,u,j w, H Kaymuud, L. Boyle. U. 8. Anny; 1. O'Maher ainfd*ii*Wr Mindrn, La.; J. Mrnum, and fumily, I*lnl?.; Mainr ('.Itaae IT 8. Aiiny; Vv. Mallury, (ornii'it; A Mr Keener, Norfolk. V?. J. \V. Inrsjih, PliiU. Ahum Hut ?r Geo. Leme.t, Boatou; C. Ltnuui, Phila.; K. DuuUn, Wuliinstuueity; J. Truly, Maryland; J. Payne, V*.: J. Stoke., Phil*: L. Lltou. T. Ilanlieii, Ueiucrara: H. McClelland Belfast; H. Pervo, C. Gould, Coun.; K. Mr C lure, Albany: j. Serin, Trieate: H. Hoot. Man.: O. Golf, Palermo: \V. Zagrllo, Bo.lou; J. Nlott, Conn.; B. lua'rriotl, Hula.; J Adaini, BurIn,(ton; fc. Godiiard, Proridance. Cirr Hotel. I \f*l e.n IT- O Owe,, Wa.hiiivtun : C. Bone N )Grkf wT'^V'rj 'Afb'.uy, W Wait. Vjiioii; T. bartoo. PhiU.; M Kerf, Cbirifo; \V. A- Tt> lur, V* keuuedy. Haitimote. lf Clinton HOTEL. G. S. Blake, Mas; J. Bubcock, WeaUield. N. V ; k B. j Hall, Hartford. Conai; C. A- Hubbard, Boiiou; Cum. Harm. Providence, R. 1; B. Nentou. Nawport: T. Pa** arid lady. Be. Louu. Mo ; H. Salisbury, Adiwu, N.-\ ; L. da LeldAOg, < VVaihiiigioij. U. C ; D. Giillituiiic. Columbus, Ga. Lao to* Hotel. J. L Kocler. Ballmou Spring,; A. T. Spring, Ld. Clnaniberliu, Main; t. Smith, lloiK.Julr, Mm: S. Chile!., Ciucinua. li; A. O. Jerome New York; D. (j. Walt.r, Phijad. Dcn*ino's Hotel. S. Maslall, Albany: A. II .Rowland. Philad; A. M. Gould, I Mailt; \V in. Church, C. C. Hirde, Coventry, N.J; Mist Stewart aud sisler.Middletowu; C. Carpenter, Ajhaiiy; Kobe H. Toinp- ' i kin* aud lady, Hudson , T. H. Twiun, N. Jersey. I Kit hanoi Hotel. Charles Henry, Mr. Henry. Mr. Agnew, Mr. lloliuri. New Vork; O. li. Ilalliiigburgh, Lieorge W. Steel, J. fi. Steal, Mas?rliu?riu; H. Jutiin, Thomas Oodfrey, Banjamin Godfrey, Connecticut;Nnihau Lewis, 11. Brooks, Horace Ross, New ltaui|>*bire; K. Thompson, O. II. Thompson. Milfurd, Massachusetts; William Curtis. Joint Cheney, B. Htone, Stalru Inland; ft. Kuggles, K. Richards, N. G. Snow, Long Inland; H. W. Bentoo, Connecticut. Khanklin House. Nathaniel Morgan and family, 8. C.-.P. Lester, do; B.Crane, St. Louis; J. Wlutmor* and family, New York; K. Bariium, do; C. Lhle, CauHjoliarie; D. Lord, Albany; J. Tompkins, We stchestarcoutil}; C. Wallace, New York; T. Johnston, Union, Va; J. Dllksou, Truneuee; R. Paltou, Washington I ! City. 1 Howabp Hotel. L. Oocenter, Troy ; 8. D. Van Ncaiek, Albany ; J. Duulap, Philadelphia; Dr. Bishop, New York; D. Arnold. Trov; J. Baker, Ualt, Canada: W. Cauan, 11. Munoy. llauiiltoii, Canada; 8. Bradley, Rochester; J. Patteraon, Canada; J. Joluiioii. ! A. M one ban. Vermont ; J. Ldmoud*. Chicago; J. Molony, N. i York; W. Bulkley, Toni|tkuia; 8. Craiey, Boston; J. Kinsley, Keidanort; J. Parker, 8. Patrick, K. Bulger, Bristol; 1). Manahan, Vermont; J. Hepburue, N.Jersey; J. Ilumnhre;n, Stoneport; K. Sanford, 8. Willbank, Philadelphia; K. r'rtheintone, New Orleana; K. Alutvsorlh, Ohio; H. Wilde, Waihington; T. Van Bruut, Long Dland; J. Kield, Mans, R. C. Barclay, Norfolk; ?. Neile, Philadelphia Jl'Diom'i Hotel. A. Clann. Connecticut: A. l.ittle PhilaiUlnKl.. II ??....iw. 1 New VurL; W. H. joues, Carey, Olini; B. 8. Bulien, Arkans.; E. A. Hurliiurt, Keeaville; A. Sjild. Troy; J. Thoinpsdu, N. Y.; A. Korbea, 8. Uornell, Ohio; (I. Prentiss, Albion; YV. i Guuuer, Chicago; P. Ilajden, 0. II. Tali, L. Weaver, Co. I lumbui, Ohio. Lovuoi'a Hotel. i J. L. Prouty, N. Y; J. M. Harvey, Albany; Jan. Cavanaueh, 1 Pittsburgh, Pa; Jas. (?. h'airbank, N.J; A.J. McDonald, W. ! ('. Marshall, Albany; I,. Poaey,Cheater ro; C. Crass, ( t; J. I King. N. Y; M. Stevens, Mt. Clemens, Mich; J. Plank, Albaj ny; J. 11. I,yon, Little Port, III; O. W. Ketcnum, Michigan; I p. C. Kiug, Lima, Ind; Mr. Smith, McHenry, 111: H. B. Conklin, C'lira-.YVtn. Appleton, Geo. YV. 8atton, Albany; Lewie Sears, N. V; Lewis YY'ickwiie, J. O. Pierce, jr. Hamilton; E. i Ostrrnout, Chicago; YV. Woodruff, Bridgeport; T.C.Campbell, J. N. Miller, Poughkeeywie; Matthew Howe, Albany; Win. P. Smith, Ponghkeepsie; Geo. Shaw, Utica; N. B. Starkweather, Buffalo; D.P.Tree, D.Collohaw, Troy; Smith I Molt, Hamilton; Win. Barton, l'roy; Mr. Palmer, Yvestche*ter; J. P. Cowlea, I'nionville, Ct; T. King, Chicago; John P. I States, Perth Amboy; ii. Banks, N. Y; C. R. Shelton, N. 11a{ ren; A Manvel, Sing Sing. New England Hot'ac. { M. Souther, Maine. Nohthkbn Hotel. | A. Pantteruer, Phi lad.; M. Murphy, do.; M. M. Grand, I.<uiI caster ; M. Dolan, N. Jf.1 S. Schermerhorn, J. Schermerhorn. I N. J. Schermerhorn, J. P'raucii, Rotterdam : E. Haughton, I Vt.; J. Aberts, Philad.; T. Koe, Paterson; H. Kohina,Rroomr Co.; A. Larns, do.; G. Townley. J. Townley, G. O'Brian, N. J.; J. Williams and lady, Philad.; J. Nicholas, Schenectady; I J. Lafferty, Ohio ; C. Cook, do.; M. Lee, Mr. Duulop, Albaivy ; C. K. Mullan, N. Y.; M. Pugsley, Ind : J. Williams, do ; liter. Mr. Carter and lady, Troy ; M. Nichols, New Lebanon National Hotel. Win. A. Chamberlain, Towauda, Bradford county, Pa.; Ceaa. Taylor, Washington, N. C.; H. Morris, Middletown; do.; G. Staous. Europe; G. H. Swea, Galena; 8. 8. Brooks, FactoryI villa: Wm. A. Brooks. Jefferson; H.R. Morse. Pratuville; L. tewis, Hamilton: C. M. Stevans, Jdueville; H. H. Peck, St. awreuce co.; John Talcott, Leydeu Co.; J. Deacran, Orleans j eo.; Chas. R. Nelsey, Bellona co.; John Daig, Lowvillc; H. Deverden, Ontario co.: Wm. Bimes, Roanoke: H. J. Livingi aton, Kondout; S. R. Kowle, N. C.j J. B. Abborto, 7>gntoii, I N.J.; C. Voerbei, New Brunswick; Ed. YViltse, Vs. Pacific Hotel. I J. R. Williams, Bergeu; T. James, Albany; N. Wright, do; J. D. Mercluuid, do; D. Collins, jr., Hyde Park;B. K. Brown. Trov; VV. Bovuton, do; O. A. Tatcher, Albany; H. Wilderami daughter, do; H. D. Hawkings, do; J. N. Smith, Bawndsville; O. O. King, do; 8. K. Height, Albany; O. A. Tatcher, Amsterdam; J. Van Valkeiiburg, Albany; Wm. Manh, do; K. T. r*a?e, New York; H. bleach, Albany; A. Clark, do; H. L. Robinson. N. Y. L. K. 11.; ft. T. Huntington, Albany; Rrv. A. B. Bullion and lady, blast Hampton. Pearl Street Hour. I W. Wileoi, Ohio; HID. Wright, do; 8. A. Chapman, I5tica; Seth Whitney, do; L. B. Ward, Mt. Vernon; Monet Kock, I ftrie; A. Potter, do; ft. I). Kingsley, do. RaTMBUIs's Hotel. II. Wliiltle, New York; G. Cooke, Albany; J. Hudson, Auburn; J. Stephens, do.; J. Latimer, ft. Worton, Buffalo; J. ' Lvman, W.T.; W. Soutliwick, H. Soutliwick, Danville; J. Woleott, Milwaukie ; J. Luckey, New Hampshire ; II. P. Joues, Buffalo. Taylor's Hotel. j .A Ogdeu, Windham, Coun; R. 8. Carr, N. York; Mr. Frielay, do; T. Ring, Worthington, Mass; G. Merrill, Albany; B. Cowvry, N. B;T. 8.Warner, Racine, 111; N. Martin and lady. Master .Martin, New Haven; 8. W. Parks. C. W. Uuilti-r, Jamestown. N. York; Dr. Pratt, Hartford; 8. Kager, Ohio; K. Moran, Buffalo. Tammany Hall. G. Guike, Connecticut; J. A. Mutt, Hamilton; J. Richardson, New York; Henry Wharton, Pennsylvania. United States Hotel. Capt. D. Basset and lady, Boston; J. Scovill.Middletown, t mn, hi. Ailing, Ohio; C. < rooker, Bath, Me; ft. Simpson. Middletown: A. J. Leacork, lady, two daughters, and two ser; vaiits, II. B. Leacook, J. W. Kerdou, Perth Amboy. N. J; B. llriutiiall, jr, <?. Robinson, Bostou; O. Lanjair anil lady, New I llavrn; Capt W. F. Sheffield, brig Marcellaus; J .W. Mitchell, I'hilad; B. F. Dyer, Boston; Capt. Clark, W. Indies; Miss Woodworth, N. Haven; C. Smith, Northampton; Miss Redfield, kisses, Coun; O. Palmer, Middletown; G. O. Bridges, Syracuse; J. Carlton, Boston; /.. Bassett, A. Batter, Barn\ stable; J. Shuttleworth, Buffalo; R. W. Italic I iff, N. York; U. I Montague, London. Wester* Hotel. A. F. O. Monrosae, A. M. Hendricks, Philadelphia; T. M. \ Vanduass, New York; T. A. Waller Rial., Michigan; W. L. i Judd, Schoharie co.; ft. W. Lansing, Siaghpora; B. W. New| comb, Duramville; 8. T. Breese, Oneida Castle; W. H. Al>I bntt, Ohio; H. lloyt. Rochester; F. H. Spier, Chicago; S. P. State and lady, Perth Amboy; B. Thomas. Goshen; ft. Shen, herd, Massacnusetts; Mr. ftldred and lady, Providence:' W. A. Jones, C.Smith, Philadelraia: T. 8. Odell, Peektkill. N. Y.; W. Coo|>er, F.urope; B. 8. Newcomb, Macon, Georgia; A. | F. Fordliam, Lanaingburgh; M. Larway, Philadelphia. Law Intelligence. Court ok General Sessions. April 13.?Before Recorder .Scott end Aldermen Gilbert and Tappan ; John MeKeon. Enq., District Attorney.? Jletault and Battery. ' with intent to kill.?At the opening of the court thin morning. Mr. Jaques A. P. Barbfere wm railed to trial on a charge of baring, on the (ironing of the 7th of March, Irtld, committed an assault and battery, with intent to kill a lawyer, named Ralph Lockwood, by shooting at him with u loaded pistol Before much progreia bad be?n made in the trial, the oourt adjourned until Wcdncedny morning. MO.VEV NAKKET. New York, April 1*4?6 P. M. ; There was quite a lift in the stock market to-day, and the eale* at the Drat board were to some extent Long Island wout up per cunt., f anton Farmer's Loan \. U H. BankHarlem >?, Norwich and Worcester >a, Morris i iiual 2>i, Reading ,'i, North American Trust Treasury Notes Pennsylvania 4's closed at prices current on Saturday. At the second board the sales were limited, but prices generally improved, and the market closed with an upward tendency. Mr. Asa Whitney, of Philadelphia, formerly one of the Canal Commissioners of this 8taU\ has keen elected rrruueui ui 1110 morris < anal < ompany or IV ew Jersey Ilia opponent for that office, wax Mr. K. Marsh, well known as the proprietor of tho hotel on Bchooley's Mountain. The stock of tbi- company sold In Wall street to-day at par. a rery extraordinary circumstance for anon dividend paying atock. How much further the inflation will be carried, i* impossible to tell. It is not safe to be very short of it. neither would it be very comfortable to get caught witli lunch of it on hand, when the crash comes. It is best to have nothing to do with it. and we prediet that the prime movers in this bubble will be the heaviest looser*.as there ia every probability of their being saddled with the bulk of the stock at high prices. The derision upon the bids for the new Government loan of eighteen millions of dollars, was to have been made this morning at Washington, but we have not heard thn result. It is pretty generally believed lore that the whole snra would be taken at a small premium. The Mechanics' Dank of Augusta (Georgia) lias declared a semi-annual dividend of four per cent . payable on demand. The Bank of Brunswick. Augusta, ft per share. Wo find by tho following extracts from the official re. ports of the Norwich and Worcester Railroad < ompauy, that in addition to the internal difficulties of tho coin- i pany, such as the protest of their bonds, the receipts of tho road for March were on tho decline, and. as the quantity of freight and the number of passengers aro rapidly decreasing, nothing Is wanting but a competitor steamer, to be placed on the line, as was done the last spring, to complete the bankruptcy of this eonrern Norwich im Woaenvr.a Ran aosn. The receipts from the Tth to the .list March, f!7,0a.i 50 The receipts from the 7th to tho .list March. IA.80A. 14 Decrease in twenty-four days fl.J30 It It is somewhat remarkable, after the deplorable loss of the Atlantic., that this company should venture cm the purchase of the Knickerbocker, a river beat, whose en glne and hollers beiouged to the De Witt ( llnton, and as an evidence of what is generally thought of this Indiscretion, the vendors were compelled, to protect their se. curlty on the i?oat, to become the underwriters for twelve month*. at a premium of Hfl.000. the insure nee com panics having declined the risk fine of the bond* for *?!)00. part of the a-scts of the Long leland company, received for the sale of the f lco- | pnlra and Worcester, hss been protected, and remains unpaid, presenting, in future, to the city of Norwich and the Long Island nallroad ? ompauy. a ?l!m prospect for the dl?ehnrg? of their ktond* fer fifty tlwtHMKi dr>0tr*. felling due in July If U>? Nontleh und tfif*re*?Ur C one puny had followed I the example of th* Stonington Company. tb*y wouid h*?e kept clear of *teainboat* -they > uld hove contracted with tlif owners of the U.?t and mo?i appropriat* boat*, ?uch at the Oregon and the Rhode Inland, cauti?u*ly avoiding the inheritance of " the cart off*" of tha Long Inland < ompauy, and theIVople'a Lino of the Hud on River, the Cleopatra, Woroeeter and Knickerbocker. The New Orlean* money market appear* to be la a more nalUfactory condition than pruvioualy reported The bank* continued to dincouut liberally There wan nothing doing in Tela* necurltie*. and the rate* may be uuuaiuureu nominal Trueaury uote* were quoted at 18 UKc; Interval note* US a W; eight per cent bond* IT a U; teu par cant bond* >9 a 10 cent* on the Juliar Th* quantity of coal tranaportud on tkiu Heading Hall road laat weak waa 33.643 ton* making a total for the aaaaon thu* far of 939.Jill ton* By canal tki? r iceipta for til* aeaaon amounted to 3.0H ton*, making a grand total of 349 #76 toil* Laat week the freight trom Port Richmond to New York, opened at $1 00. and only Ave or tlx boat* loaded at that rate; it ha* xinoe advanced to $1 70, In conjequeuc# of the demand for boat*. The freight by canal to Pluladelphia la Co cent* at preeent, to whiohmuat be added about 10 rent* per ton for wharfage expeuaea. The receipt* and expenditure* of the Madl*on Hallrail Company from February lot. January 31, 1847, were aa annexed. Madiio* (India**) Railboaii The receipt* from Keb. lat to July Hat, 1846, were $36,1M 13 I'ndivided aurplua In prevloua year* 17.966 07 $64,130 10 The expenditure* during name period were.. 36,641 80 $17,407 36 Special dividend of 7 |>er cent . . .$9,076 70 Seml-auuuad dividend of 4 oer cent 7.338 69?416 314 3d Surplus undivided 1" I Receipt* from Auguat, 1846, to Jan 3l?t. 1847 >46.875 00 i Surplu* on Ut Aug . 1846 1,103 10 ; Increase in value of motive power lathe year 16,346 70 >04.303 40 Expenditure* from Aug. to Feb 31.807 48 1 Balance 33^87 M Dividend to Feb. 1st of 7 per Mat 31,303 81 Surplu* for repair*, and claim* not preneut; ed. and future divlilon $10,103 17 Of the receipt*, about one-third wan from pameuger* and two-third* from freight. The motive power now on the road eonaiat* of six locomotive* for paaaenger care and 138 freight car*. The additional leeomottve*, and 80 to 100 double freight ear*, will be put on the track In 1 the course of the rammer and autumn, for the fail and i winter business, whieh will be, without much doubt, ex| ceedingly large. | The following is th* quarterly aeeount of the condition of the Bank of France, ending Dee. 30. made out in the form in which the Bank of England return* are made, with the amount in sterling money Balsa or Frawcr?QranncaLV Rrroav. Liabilities. ? Assets ? Proprietors' capital, Bullion 1,(011,3(6 including reserve Securities,including in bank shares of current debtor ac?400,000, and in count* 13,7(0,MS laud of ?160.000.. 3,374,000 Capital of branch>:.- i-Ti-i iwuu I.UU.OOU ing receipts pay*- ilutrta in own bin at sight, and shares 400fiOo drafta of branch Bank building and banks 10,47 J,790 furniture 160,000 Public daiioaiu..,.. 1,431,860 Sundry amall drbu Other dcpoaiu, in- due 40,270 eluding dividends due, but not paid, and sundry accouuta due 2,734,636 Total 18,423,266 Total 11,423.266 Of the eonrltlee, amounting to ?13,788,626, the proportion consisting of commercial btlla dUoounted, waa ?8,936,368. The following U the acoount, aa publUhrd bj the Bank of France : DEBTOB. r. C. t'BKDITOB. F. O. Bank notea out- laahon hand... 72,734,762 30 tanding 262,439,101 26 Commercial billa Treaaury acc*nt diacounted. . 118,237,120 91 current 41,296,647 73 Ditto on Paria, Sundry aecounu diacounted by current 61,363,211 1 branch banka, 34,402,166 33 llecri'U payable Advanced on dett sight: 1,643300 0 posiu ofbull'n 6,741,100 U Capital of bank. 67,400,000 0 Adranc'd m pnbReaerve(accord lie aecuritiea.. 14,333,410 40 ing to the law Aecounu eurr'ni of 11834) 10,000,000 0 debtor 30,021,361 66 Reaerve in land- Capital of the ed property... 4,000,000 0 branch banka. 21,000,000 0* Dividenda pays- Heaerve(armrdble 3,746,334 23 ing to the law Draught of bra'ch ofl634) 10,000,000 00 b'nka outaund- Depoait'd in pubI ing 7(9,430 74 lie aecuritiea . 30,240,807 30 .Sundry aecounu Hotel and furniduc 1,174,996 43 ture of the buk 4.000,000 Oil Sundry drbtora. 1,131,731 93 460,312,313 93 460,362.313 93 The aula of the government stock held by the bunk to the F.mperor of Ruatlu, will relieve It of lt? I immediate rmberrasammU It appear* by advicea I received by late arrivals, that the Bunk of Eng. land had intimated to the Bank of France. that the i loan mad* would be required to be repaid at the time opeeltled, and could not by any poeaiblllty be pout poned. ThU looks an though tha Bank of England anticipated more embarraMment in It* own affair*. Old Mook Exchange, 22000 Ohio 6'?, "60 97 26 the Cauton ( u 33 V 23000 do 20 day* 97 73 do X3H 24000 do 97V 30 do blO $1300 Tr'y Notes, 6's, 101H 230 do hui Jb I 23000 Kentucky 6's, 30yrt 98V 30 Long Island 6(1* > 21000 Ohio 7'a 103 30 do T 21000 Ohio 6's. *30 96s 23 do 271. 21000 Morris Bonds 70 100 do fl\ 23000 Peon 3's 7l|f 123 U 8 Bank 3 23000 do t>60 72 30 Reading RR 3*V 212000 do 72 400 do 00 2223 Farmers' Trust 31V 130 do 39V 16 she North Rivar Bk 93V 100 Nor It Wor 49V 23 Merchanu' El Co 9 200 do 49V I 197 Farmers' Trust 31 130 do 49V 200 do b60 11V 23 Housatouir RR, urw 90V 200 do b40 31V 130 Harlem RR 32 ! 130 Morrie Canal 22 134 do . btw 32 100 do 2)V 34 do b30 32V 100 do 22 V 100 do >60 31V 30 do blO 22V 300 do 31V 21)0 do 22>, 200 do btw 31V 23 North Am Trust 9 30 do t>30 32 30 do ?V 30 do b60 32V Second Board. 22000 Kentucky 6's, 90V 100 she Nor It Wor 341V 21000 do 90W 100 do 1*0 30 V C inn/i si.. "? ?? " ?' ? .-> iv? Iiirifn 3* iMMXl do bl 98?, 30 do ill 400 iha Farmers'Tr tiM 32 30 do bill UU 330 do XI 23 Canton 3d 100 do bOO 32', 30 do 3D 130 do 31k 30 do Ui 364* 30 do i'JO 31S 30 Illinois But* Bk 17 | 100 Nor It Wot 30 130 Reading bu 100 do boo 30b, 100 Morru7'anal iIiikw 22S, 100 do bOO 30K 100 do ><j0day? 23 New Stock Excluuif*. 30 ahs Farmers' Tr >3 23 shi Canton Co ruh '13*, 30 do atw 31 30 llarlcm RR ilO 32 30 do >10 UW 30 do raah 31W 100 do >30 11*2 23 Nor k Wor >lw 40>; CITY THAJDK REPORT. Nr.w Vnaa, Mo*d*t Aunaooa, AraiL 13 The market for breadstuffs exhibited little change since the clone of business on Saturday The arrival-' by the North River have not thua far. It waa aaid. reached the eipectationa of factors?and Increased supplies, i unsold, were chiefly to be looked for after tho opening i of the canal, eome 10 or 10 days hence. Uenesee flour . sold In rather small lota In the city and to arrive by the river at $7 03>,' a $7 76. and waa bought chiefly on | K.aatern account A lot of Philadelphia sold at $7. A parcel of Pennsylvania white wheat sold at $1 46, and another of red mixed do at $1 66 A considerable sale of Northern yellow corn waa made at 96c, Inrlndlu * some arrangement about freight. Otbar lota. Including sonic for immediate delivery, sold at 100c A small par eel of rye sold In the slip at B4e, and a parcel of oats. ' North river, for shipment, at 60 rents. Tb* continued demand for breadstuffs In Franco. It was thought by sellers of flour, would have ? tendency to sustain the market In this country, probebly. through the remaining months of the season, without Inking the stability of the English market* into eonslde ration Ai further news 1* expected by the latter part of thin, or in the early part of next week, per Surah Sand* iind the < ambria. buyer* for export did not appear die poned to enter the market freely Nevertheless. in the fare of light *toek*. and limited reeelpt* thu* fir unsold, liolder* were firm, and prieee closed at quotation* In provisions there wn* not much don*, and prices remained firm at about the same price* a* thoee current at the close of last week fJroeerie* were steady, with consider able sale* of coffee, while a lot of N O sugar sold at rales flilly equal to those current last week A rtunor circulated on '< hang* that a Teasel had armed at Boston with four day* later news, bringing a decline In rorn. but. it turned out to b* unfounded , yet It bad tba effect to some extent, of ehoeking operation* Aihti ?There was no change In prlcaa~pot? wfrc held at to, and poarta aft AO. U***w* i?Tbera was nothing new sine* last repott. Baaaneturr*.?Flour? W# report sale* of 300 barrels extra (tensees at f*. and about 800 hbl* In several ?ep i rat* small lot* of fair brands do $7 WJi, 'and some snw.l I loU of 3 to too at $7 70. Km all lots of ?{chigau and Os wego, In the elty, bought for the East, also commanded 87 MS; 1800 do Oenaaee. to arrlre in August, sold at V> 76. Southern and Western also continued llrm. sud we report sale* of 1000 barrels of Philadelphia at 8?. and 700 do Ohio ?ia New Orleans. 87 31'* H'ftraf- We r> port sale* of 1300 bushels of Pennsylvania white at ' i 6ft; end 1000 do red mixed do $1 ftft Ctrn?W# reis.n **l*s of 10,000 buahels of Northern yellow, Inalodii ; some arrangement about freight, at Dftc, Tooo d" to ?' rl?a in ?JJ May at B&c. and flOOO do In all May nt ***' i'.OOO do to th? rHy Hold at lOOr; and loJOOfl do do ft>r mi modiato rtalitaty at lOOr Car-nmitl - Wa rrpoli ailr* ol IOdO hhl? Now Jrraajr at V* t7t; for shipment to Krau< ? | a ad tb?ra war* merml thousand barrato wow void oa

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