Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 16, 1847, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 16, 1847 Page 1
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(/ TH Vol. nn. No. 10.V?Whole No. 4703. THE NEW YORK HERALD ESTABLISHMENT, North-woitt corner of Fulton and Naeeeu ete. JAMES GORDON BENNEn, PROPRIETOR. CIRCULATION -FORTY THOUNAND. r>AILV HERALD?Erery d?y, Pric* 2 cenu l>er copy-fT 2!) Iiur milium?imvnlile in nilvaiica WEEKLY HERALD?Every 8aturday?Price ?>4 ceuU |>er copy?43 12cents per milium?payable In advance. HERALD FOR EUROPE?Every Steam Packet day? Prire 6L t-tuita tier copy?$3 per annum, payable in advance. HOLlb/VV HERALD?Published on the lit of January and 1st of July of escli year?single copies sixpence each. ADVERTISEMENTS! at the usual prices?always cash in advance. Advertisements should be written in a plain, legible maimer. The Proprietor will not be responsible for errocs that in.av occur in tlieui. PRINTING of all kiuds executed beautitully and with desjiatch. All letters or communications by mail, addressed to the establishment, must be post paid, or the postage will be deducted from tlie subscription money remitted. A^r^TcTTlt?N7^Votruhi^sto^^r?n??^?Re,f?ous^n5 I"JB Store 2U0>? Broadway, next to Stewart A Co.'s building. Also, the House and Store No. GO Chambers street, near B^iiUway. Apply to PHILIP BURROWES, 44 Wall street, or to A. T. STEWART fc CO., a!4 3t*c __ Broadway tu>q Reads st TO LET "It LK.A.SE?The uiiusi.m httM and |;J4|J farm of Joint L. Norton, at Far Rockaway, adjoining luJaLsnd west of the Marine Pavilion. The house is S3 feet by ju, two story and attic, affording large and beautiful accommodations for cither a boarding house or private residence.? rite coach houses and stables are large and commodious i 60 acres of choice land, 30 of fresh ana salt meadow, and 20 ol beach and puture; the tee house filled. The buildings, with garden nod ground adjoining, will be let separate if required. Apply to JOHN 11. TOWER, Attorney, Itc., 129 Fulton at., N, Y. ap!4 Itf*c M'l'O LET.?An elegant front room.on the west side of Broadway, between White and Walker streets. It is in the i cond story, be&utiftilly finished,and every way desirable fur the cilice of a professional gentleman, or for any light or fancy business. Rent moderate. Possession given on the 1st of May. Inquire at No. 30R Broadway, third story. all lw*e I TO LET, a A ROW of neat new two story Cottage House*, now finished, wrll calculated fir respectable families, situated on the north side of 40th street, between Broadwiv,.,.,,,,,. 'ft... i?i.. c. a a as until 8 i) clock in the evening, every 10 miuutes, for 6>J centa , and after the first of May, every 80 miuutee. Rooms as follows: i basements, 2 parlors, with sliding doors, and hard finished walls. 2d story, 2 rooms and 2 bedrooms. Good dry cellars. Rent SlltO. Apply on the premises. apll-lm?c WM. K. PENDLETON, Agent. Ajjl TO LET.?The store of house 23 Dey street: it is JO Fj;W feet deep, and would be a good location for a wholesale J-Jfitgrocery store. The dwelling part would be let together orescnfloor separate The second floor consists of back and front parlors, with pantries, and is well finished: the two rooms are 50 feet deep and 12 feet high, suitable for an artist; the third floor has J rooms well finished; the fourth floor is JO fret deep,23 fret wide, and 16 feet high, with six windows in the roof, fitted xp for an engraver or any business wanting good light. Also, the second floor of house 60 Beekman street, consisting of three rooms and pantries,with two bed rooms iu attic, arid a kitchen with Croton water and kitchen range in it. Rent $273. Enquire of A. OILHOOLY & SON, m31 lm *r 78 Nassau street. TO LB? IN WILLI AMSBURGH.?The two itory brick front house, with folding doors; it contains seven rooini and basement, in good order, pump in the yard, with six lots of ground, carriage house, cHcrry.nlum, peach and prur trees; 2 beds of asparagus, with a good grasa plat, tastefully laid out with rose bushes and agreat variety of other shrubbery, about one mile from Peck slip ferry. Enquire of Charles M. Church, 100 Chatham street, or of John SkiMman, comer of North Second and Lorimer streets, on the premises. m21 2 W* re for sale, tA FARM offifty-two acres, most delightifully situated about live miles from Elizabethtnwn, N. J., comprising a handsome commodious Dwelling House, fitted with i mantels, and every convenience for a respectable family; the whole, including gardner's house, barns, ice house, and other buildings, in a substantial state of repair; the orchard contains tweuty acres of choice fruit trees. The easy access from New York, eithe r by the various car* from Jersey City, or the ferry to Elixabethport, whence a rail road train runs within a hundred yards of the house, renders this piMitly very valuable to those doing business in this city. The greater part of the purchase money can remain for three years ou bond and mortgage, at five per cent. V Y8E St SONS. 172 Pearl at. | Also for sale, a dwelling house , No. 381 Washington street, nil# lm*rh for sale or to let, ON MURRAY HILL, near the Jth avenue on the south side of 3#tli street, one street south of the reser voir, a lie w two story and basement brick house. The lot is 2A feet front and rear by 98 feet 9 inches, (or half the block iu depth.) The house is 21 feet front by 23 feetC inches deep, built hy days work, hard finished walls, cornices centerpiece, Egyptian marble mantels, plated furniture, stained glass sky beds, grape vines, &c ; walks flacked and curbed ; brick rain water cistern ; brick privy. Sir.. He., and complete for tha residence of a-very small family. 39tb street is now iu a course of regulating, being under contract. Possession can be bad immediately, and can centrally be seen by application at the bouse. For terms and conditions, apply at room 3 Granite Buildinic, rorner 'hambers street and Broadway. alt 3t*rc F()H S.VLE the fixtures, lease, &e., of one ol the fr.jB best public houses iu tlie city, lone and well establishJ^JUL ed, desirable location, near Broadway, This is the best chance ever offered, having large ball-rooms, several society meetings all the year round, which will pay double the rent; the only cause of the present proprietor selling out, he has made in this house a handsome sum, which enables him to retire from business; none but a cash customer, with SHOO^need apply. Also a coffee and eating saloon overrun with business, a good corner porter home well located to let the three story house 123 llroadwav. Persons iu want of houses, stores, rooms, kc., or wishing to let or sell out, or have rents collected with dispatch, may apply to Gillespie, house agent, 332 Pearl street, near Broadway. ^ all 3t*re ~mjL~ STATEN I SCAN D COTTAGES TO LET OK ffffB LEASE?Three Cottages situated on Castleton Heights, JUQLiiear Capo di Monte, Staten Island, surrounded by fine Cole*' trers, anil commanding an unsurpassed view of the eity, the Bay and its island-:, and the Ocean, while the access is rau, the distance to each ferry being less than a mile. They contain as follows, via Bagatelle?A parlor, dining room and 3 bedrooms. Crow's Nest.?A parlor, dining room, library, 4 bedrooms, and 3 servants' rooms?attached carriage house with stable for 4 horses. Oak Land?2 parlors, Targe dining room, 12 bedrooms, bathroom, and 4 servants' rooms?attached carriage house, svith stable for 3 horses. These Cottages enjoy in common the use of 17 acres of beautiful woodland, enclosed, and in the midst of which tbey are elected. Apply to Madame GRYME8, at her residence, Capo di Monte. allZ.iwltner _______ A THREE STORY HOUSE on 23d street, between T-rF? the 2d and 3d Avenues. It is well finished, and replete JiJllLwith the latest improvements. including kitchen range, sick, cold and w inn baths, water elosets, See., Italian marble mantels throughout the house; a court yvd of fifteen feet in front, with verandah and French windows. The house is one of a row of six houses ou the south side of the street. For further particulars apply to VYSESt SONS, inl9 Im'rh 172 Pearl street. l-Oti r^ALlb?WiiSTOIiliSTEK. LAXI). arta* TO GENTLEMEN, in want of situ for country Jyfrw'o-i". To market gardener* in want of land for gardens. ^JLtoud to nil perious wisiunga location in the neighborhood of New Y ork:? 500 acre* of land in the town of Westchester, within nine mile* of tlie City Hall, with the right of passing over Harlem Bridge free of toll, are noev offered at private sale, in Iota containing from 5 to 30 acres each The land* are within 11 minute* w ilk of the railroad; front on good roads; are in the cighborhood of schools a,id churchei rd" different denominations; the water is good and location healthy. Title indisputable. Terms moderate. Apply to GOUVERNEUR MORRIS, Morriniana, Westchester Co., or to WALTER RUTHERFORD, 79 Nawau st, N. Y. mXl lm*rc UNK THICK HAT STORK, f* STRING FASHIONS FOR HATS AND CAPS.? ipaBKUWN 8t CO. will introduce, on Saturday, April 3d, the new style of Caps for children and boys; also, the new style of Hats for gentlemen, price 93, in the manufacture of which they have made sueh recent improvements as will place them in close com|>etition with the most costly. The fiubhc are invited to call nt 178 Chatham Square, where ishion, beauty, durability and economy are Combined to adorn the he*d._ *2 lm*r _ LAROL SALLS AND SMALL PROFITS. r? S'< 11 ATS can be had for 93,50, at MILLS' well known ?MI*t establishment, 178 Broadway. (Howard Hotel.)? (}eil nea are earnestly solicited to cnlland examine these Hatstnor ii'thly, thesubacriber lieinjf confident that the beautiful proportions of the new style, with the unprecedented low pi ice. will command the approbation of all. X>~ Attention is called to the new style of cap called the ,, Pocket Cap. a2 3w*r f S HOW TO MAKE MONEY.?The axiom that "money saved is money inade," is almost as old as the invention of money itself ; but the principle of selling a five dollar HAT for three dnltrrs and fifty cents, was first established and la now practised by It 'berUon, at the Phenix Hat Miiitlfeciory, #9 Fulton st., N. Y., and (13 Fulton st, Brooklyn. Thia simple statement ?ve believe will suffice to mike known one way <> I...... ... ... .L- ? nth Im'rk _?t\ MRS^M. WILSON, 291 Grand street, respectfully f*SViinform* her friends, mid .stranger* visiting the city, fiat DOW Oil hind n large ami ?ery handsome s*** assortment of Spring Millinery, to which she invite* their attention. Mrs. Wilsons stock comprises en assortment of the richest and most fashionable Halt, inch ss Chip.K'rape, Hire, mid Shirred, with aehoice aswrrttnent of htraws, which she Hatter* herself can lie sold more reasonable than at nnv oilier establishment in the city. Country Milliner* will do well to call before purchasing. Mrs. M. WILSON, 291 (irand at.. between Allen and Orchard sta. Ten good Milliners wanted at the above establishment. al3 2m*rc , - *. Long BREED I ANARY BIRDS and Bresdlng Sy^pis C igea, Nest Boxes, Stuff for Nests, Song Birds, ComS?|Kmi)n and fancy < ages, with a fine collection of rare and valuable Birds, Bird Heeds of all description!. All article* in the line in great variety, for ?ale by* W. 8. JOHNSON. 2fiti Brnadwsy, oar door from Chambers ?t. N.B King Charle* Sapoicls, English and Scotch Terrier*, l? a* above aT tw*r I DH. I'I /WTTELTOUI; LiaT AND AURIHT. * ATTENDS to Diseases of the F,ye and Ear, and to *11 imperfection* of Vision, Iroin 9 to 4 o'clock, *1 his residence and office, 261 Broadway, corner of Warren street. ' Opthalmia, Stoppage of the Tear Passage, Cataracts, and Opacities, effectually removed. AM A I ROS18 treated vyith great attention and success. STRABIHMtJS, or Squinting, cured in a few minnte*. Deafnesa, anil all discharge* from the Ear, permanently ^ARTIFICIAL EYES inserted. Spectacles adapted to every defect. m lm'rc I I " TO DENTISTS. THE subscriber ha* jnst received a cement (withont mercury.) f"r RHiriir teeth, invented and recently improved by one ol the first Surgical Dentist* in the world. It ia belicrcdi o he the best article of the kind ever offered to tht profi ssion for sjle at tht Dental Derail of ' JOSEPH T. MURPHEV, i I J* Broadway. Order* by mail, accompanying tl, can hav* ajar pant by ra1 ptlii eapre**,; fW lm*?h I I E NE' 1 GUANO.?The cargo of the brig Virginia, about three hundred tona from South Anterior, and from an analysis pronounced superior to Buy other kind in the market. The Quano ia dry, and will be sold to cloae the concern at one and a half cent per pound, and is an object to the farmera of the country. The cargo ii nt Trappell'i store*, Brooklyn, near Fulton Ferry, and samples may be seen at the office of BPOFFORD, TILKSTON 6c CO., 119 Water street m9 lm*rh HOLMES KITCHEN RANGES. TP HE proprietor has been engaged in manufacturing and aelX lilitf Klfcltrii! Ruivm for tne lUUf IR vain m?rl ?-1. ranted to engage that lor private families and hoarding honaea there ia no range iu uae at present that will answer a belter purpose, and if not it will be removed free of any expense to the purchaser. Numerous references can lie riven to any person wishing to purchase. Prices range from $25 to $45. Grates of the newest patterns for |>arlors, bed rooms and offices. Ranges and Urates set, and all descriptions of Are worlu built at the shortest notice. Smoking Chimneys cured and warranted; if not cnrcd no charge is made. A. GILHOOLY Ik SON, Proprietors and manufacturers, 71 Nassau street. fe 27 lm?r 1 CARRIAGES. THE subscriber offers for sale an excellent assortment of good Carriages, all new styles, warranted equal in quality to any thing in this market, and will be sold at reasonable prices. JAMES BREWSTER, mlfl lm?rc 25 and 27 Canal street. NEW TEAS, OLD JAVA COFFEE. GROCERIES, kc., at Wholesale and Retail.-J. O. FOWLER is daily receiviug from Auctiou choice new Green and Black Teas^ Java and other Coffees, White and Brown Sugars, and family Groceries of all kinds, which he isofTesiug at a small advance on the wholesale prices. Families and dealers from the country would do well to call and examine the above stock of goods before purchnaing. Stores Noe. 250 and 420 Greenwich and 76 Vesev streets. N. B. Goods packed aud delivered to tire boats without charge. m23 lit>erh ANOTHER CHALLENGE. ' ONCE MORE we challenge the New York Shade dealers to compete with us in the sale of Window Shades. We are now making large daily additions to our stock of Shades, and pledge ourselves to be undersold by none. As to the quality of oar Shades, we have but one word to sav. They took the premium at the late fair at Newark, N. J. We invite thecitixena of New York and the surrounding eountry to give us a call, and wa will prove the truth of our assertions. DUNCKERk BEEKER, No. 38 Chatham street, near Chsinbers street, m!9 lm*r _ New York. NEW YORK CASH TATDORING ESTABLISHMENT. NO. 7S WEST BROADWAY and No. 93 Church street. Gentlemen's garment* marie in the moat approved French atyle on the following reaaonable term*. Fine French Cloth Drea* Coat* S16; Frock Coats do from (16 to $16; French Cassimere Pants$4,60 to $6,60; Dress Veit of satin S3 to $1,69 S. k O. WYANT, mh 16 !m*rh No. 71 West Broadway and 93 Church at. BRUSHES! BRUSHES!?The subscriber respectfully invites the attention of the public to hi* extensive assortment of Brushes of every description, at the BRUSH FACTORY. 337 PEARL STREET, Franklin Square. Constantly on hand, Paint Brushes, Whitewash do., Window do.. Dusting do., and all kinds of Fancy Brushes, which he oilers for sale at the lowest price*. JOHN K. HOFPEL. al3-lm*r CHEAP EMBROIDERIES. A T SCOTT k CO'S.?No. 377 Broadway, (two doors be-f*. low AVliite street. A lot of fine needle work Under Handkerchiefs, at $ I each; one case fine figured Sheer Ginghams, at $3 per dress;'two Cartons white figured demi Veils, (fine quality,) at $1 each. Embroidered Dresses, Lace Capes, French Lawn Handkerchiefs, | Needle-work CbUars, Laces, &c., tic., iu great variety, at wholesale prices. N. B?The onn price system strictly adhered to. all 6teod?c "CAMPHINE. COOKE'S PATENT CAMPH1NE, is considered the best manufactured in the United States. _ Dealers in the article would do well to give it a trial. It is perfectly free from any resinous substance; and consequently bum* with a clearer light, and is not liable to corrode the lamps. For sale very low, and in quantities to suit purchasers, by J AS. T. TAPSeOTT. *7 e Suecescor to Cooke k Adams, 86 South * NOTICE. T. SHEPHERD HAS opened store 619 Broadway, for the sale of Lace*, Embroideries and French Fancy Goods. T. S. is selling off cheap at 427 Broadway. He continues his business as heretofore at 279 Broadway. a9 lw?r GREAT ATTRACTION. Archey at Home, No. 5 John Street, term. A. GRIEVE begs to acquaint hi? friend* and petrous .7^0* that his agent has returned from Europe, via Brumen. after u residence of acven months at Androsherg, and TiYsCthe other most celebrated districts of Germany. He has been enabled to collect the best selection of singing and fancy birds he has ever offered; also an unusual variety of rare and fancy birds from all parts of the world, selected with great trouble, without regard to cost. N. B.?Kaacy dogs, Shetland ponies, Chinese, silver, and English pheasants, swans, and every variety of barn-door fowls; fancy and breeding cages, birdseeds, he. A treatise on the management of breeding and raising Canaries, he. P. 8.?Letters post-paid will at all times meet with prompt attention from A. GRIEVE, mil Im*rre No. 5 John street, N. Y. ? ~ FOR SALE, ~~ A GOOD PAIR OF BAY HORSES, perfectly /Xewl^*aouud and well broken. To be seen at the stable in ^l^gtj^tlie sear of St. John's Church, St. John's Alley j alO 2w "rc FOR SALE, FOR SALE?A handsome Grey Horse, 15l? . L"Mianda high, 6 years old?a fast and stylish driver? kind in double and single harness and under the saddle^ warranted sound. Apply at G2 Chatham st. Price $160. al23t*r THE LADIES' CONGRESS "BOOT. ^ P. LABOYTEAUX. 641 Broadway, desires to in ^ form his uumerous and fashionable lady patrons, that he has made arrangements for the right to manufacture the elegant clastic walking Boot, now so fashionable in the highest circles in England and France. The recent improvement in the elassie stuff will euable him to make his boots and high shoes with all the elegance peculiar to his style of work, and yet withont the trouble of lacings. This moat valuable invention removes all the confined pressure from the arch of the foot, while at the same time it affords an riasinc spnug in waiaing wuicn cannot D? appreciated without ?trial. >14 lm*c LESSONS ON THE PIANO FORTE. MISS C. C. WEMYSS can now aec.ommoSBIfiK&gSM^ate three or four more pupila, if immediate ap|| I V YIplication be made at her houae, No. 347 Sixth I IS I I a atrret, between ATenura C and 1). Will have no objection, if attend her pupila at their own reaidence. Terma?Twelve Leaaona for Fire Dollars, or Fifteen Dollars per Quarter?three leaaona each week. all lm*rc CITIZEN'S NEW DAY LINEOFOPPOSITION BOATS FOR ALBANY AND INTERMEDIATE PLACES. Fare $1?Breakfast and Dinner on Board. paaa, The new and elrgant Steamer MET AM Or.jY,SiW>W Cant. T. S. Knight, Mondays, WedaeadfiBHadsys, and Fridays, at half-past sis, 1. M., from the pier foot of Warren street, touching at Hammond street pier. The new and elegant Steamer ROGER WILLIAMS, Cnpt. A. Degroot, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, at half-past six, A. M.. from the pier foot of Warren street, touehing at Hammond street pier. For passage or frieght, apply on hoard the Boats, er to Geo. Dobaon, at the office, 126 Warren street, corner of West street. O*" All persons are forbid trusting the above boats on account of the owners. a7 r AFTERNOON LINE. DALLY, m*. FOR NEWBURGH AND FISHKILL, L**rV--Landing at Van Cortland's, (I'eekakill,) Weal is Point, Cold Spring and Cornwall. The Steamer Thomas Powell, Cant. Saml. Johnson, will Isare the piar foot of Warren street, for the above places, every afternoon (Sundays excepted,) at 4 o'clock, commencing Atwil 10. Returning?will leave Newburgh every morning at 7 o'clock. VT B.?All_Baggage and Freight of every description. Bank Bills or Specie, put on board oltliis boat, must be at tke risk ol the owner thereof unless sutered on ths books of the boat or receipted for. ap9-lm*r Proprietors of Steambosls wishing Bells himg, would do well to pay a visit on HBMiMHMboard Che steamboats Govsmor, Thomas Powell, Roger WillisJlls, Utica, Palmetto, Princeton. Mountaineer, Iron Witch, Cataline, lie., and examine H. IIomm's improved style of Bell Hanging, expressly adapted for Steamboats. Put up neat and stroug, and warranted lor one ysar, by H.H.. No. 8 Ann atrest. Mln'r mb. NOTICE?On and after Monday, March r -a.Will. ~Sl6th. ilia Steamboat 8TATEN ISLANDER, Se66jHBBmeC*|itain Van Pelt, will make the following trips to and from Statcn Island until further notice, vix:? Leave Statan Island st 8, 10 and 12 A. M., 2 and i P. M. Leave New York at t and 11 A. M., 1, and t P. M. mIG NOTICE. *" _l?STATEN ISLAND FERRY.?On and [ aftar SUNDAY, April lllth, tke steamboats SmHHhi SVLI'll and 8TATEN ISLANDER will ruu as follows, until further notice :? LEAVI STSTKIS IS1.AUD At I, 8, 9, 10, 11, A. M., snd I, 2, 3, 4. 3, 6, 7, P. Nl. At 7, 0, 10, 11, A. M., and 1,1, ten laimtii put 3, and at 4, 5, 6, 7, o'oloak, F. VI. New York April 13th. alS r FOR LIVERPOOL?The well knawnfeat sailing KRjaV packet ahip HOTTINOUER. 10(H) tona, Capt. Ira JINMKwtSiirsley, vrill meat with immediate rleepateh. k or lreight or paeeaga, having aplandid large and aomforlabW room* and cabin, apply to the Captain on board, at Jadd'i wharf, E. Hirer, or to WOODlfULL It MINTURN, ?!f _____ 87 South atraet. bOK BELFAST.?The ftist sailing A I, coppered KTjraV and copper fattened Britiah aliip LETIT1A HETN, MHKa 800 tout regmter, W. Pirrie, matter, baring a large portion of ber cargo engaged, will hare immediate despatch Tor the abore port. For balance of freight or pataage apply I* JOSEPH ifrVlI'HKAT. 1 r r'9 Wlh a tract. fcg -TuW [m?\?^^RSUULAR PACRtT OK TUB U PnI i v ?" V?n? new Br. Packet Bvk JMHfllfaANN HARLLT, Cnpt. R. Bcoti, 500 tons, will sail as above, her rvfruUr day. For frtifht or puftan, Una* splendid accommodations. apply on board, or to WOOIJHULL i StMINTURN, l!P I l . LI 87 South atrect. The regular packet ahm SARACEN, 500 tona, Capt. N. T. Hawkins, will succeed the Ann Harley, and sail on her regular day. fig- FOR S.\I,E?The hull of a rraaefjuet launched, ?ow H"'**' Rehway port. She will oarry about JliliilfaZV) to 300 tonaj 96 feet on deck, 21 feet beam. She will answer for canal, rirer, or coast service. Inquire of the subscribers, at Rahway, New Jeraey. JOS. O. LUFBRRY, a?1m*r _____ H R. SHOTwELL tXX- Packet Ship LIVERPOOL, from Liverpool, is diewOMFW^harging under general order, from weat tide Burling ?HMlfaslip. All gooda uot permitted mnat be aent to public etore. all AAaSr NOTICE.?The"hrigantine EMERALD will pay fclMMiV no delita contracted by the crew. 5my? all 2t*rc SAMUEL WHRLAND. ISf- "NOTICE0"*** HiJes dMSffftS <d'order per Bark MllfVOENF.SKE, from New Orleans, hare been landed. JwNlfaThe Consignee will please call immediately at the of lice ol the subscribers, and reeeira the same. aHltrc E. K. COLLINS, 56 South at. MB- PACKET ThH1 WlpA fronf" jUvr't-ConiMWV for this ship wiH please send their permits JHHKa 0? board, at pier Np. 4, NR. All goods not permittad in fire daft, mast unaroltable ba Mat to tita public store, all w vo VEW YORK, FRIDAY M( THE PLAN OF THE BOMBARDMEJ The Positions of the Americ litis SAN JUI OS I ;K .* f 1 ^ fc ^?( \ ?o **>; J ^ w ^ & ^ C ' * -'I * milk,! THE POSITIONS OF THE MOSQUITO FL AND STEAMERS, M THH RBF1 1. Steamer flpltflre. 5. Gunboat Fetrel. 3. Gunboat Taniplco. 4. Steamer Vixen. 6. Gunboat Boulta. 8. Gunboat Reefer, Gulf 8<juadror, Vera Crux, March 08, 1847. It gives me plcasuro to say, that the city of Vera Crux, and the famous castle of Bon Juan de L'liia have capitulated. * * * At 10 o'clock tomorrow. tho stars and stripes will fly to tho breoae from the famous castle of Han Juan de Ulua. ??> *'* V I send you a sketch of the flotilla attack, and the position occupied by the army. Tho flotilla on the mornins of tho 23d. was about seren hundred yards from tha city, in frout of a water battery, and abont ouo thousand yards from tbo castle. M idshipman Sbubrick and six seamen wero killed at the navy battery on shore. INTERESTING INTELLIGENCE FROM THE AHMT AND NAVT. THE ADVANCE TO THE CAPITAL. (From the Now Orleans Delta, April 7.] The veteran Twiggs has alroady advanced on the road that leads to the capital of the AI toes, lie commands the vanguard ofthe army which is to realize the popular idea of revelling in the halls of the Montezuma*. Our own Smith loads the division, with his gallant rifles, and a nobler corps has never marched under our hauner; and a strong body of regular infantry and artillery, amounting. In all. to 9,600 strong, bring np the main body. Thirty miles from Vera Cruz, the river Antigua is spanned by a noble bridge, built of stone, with lofty arches, and guarded iby a strong fort, which commands the road for a long distance. This bridge is associated with some of the most gallant displays of Mexican courage and patriotism. Here it was the brave Victoria, with a small band of peasants, kept at hay tho Spanish armies,'and cut off the convoys of their treasures and provisions. The post is a strong one, and if defended with skill and vigor, will give our army much trouble. It is said that La Vegaeommands the force at the Puerto Naclonal, and is determined to Justify by some brilliant deed tho high expectations excited by his manly bearing at Kesaca de la Palma. But it will be vain. The impetus which our military strength and confidence have receivod from the previous success of our army, will bear it triumphantly over all the obstacles of Mexican valor and fervor. This bridge passod. the road lies open, and unobstructed to the lovely eity of Jalaps. Here our hardy veterans, accustomed to the low marshy vallev ofthe Rio Ornndo and the arid plains of C'oahiiila and Nuevo Leon, like the republican army of Napoleon, after passing the frigid and rugged heights of H<m Bernard, and pitching their tents in the smiling vale of the Aruo, will suddenly find themselves transported into a region of surpassing beauty, fertility and suluhrity Here they may stretch their war-worn frames on beds of roses anil violets, and feast thuir senses on all that is rich and beautiful in nature. The cool, bracing air of tho mountain mingles with the soft, health-giving broeze from the Gulf, and the combination produces an atmosphere of perpetual spring. Hero will flock the poor tionanntji with tho vnrimii nrriduro nf (hia rts?h vaIIcv with inexhuustible supplied of lusciona fruit and nutritious food, But delightful as the seen* and'it* pleasures are. our army should not rest h?rc longer than to refresh their tired bodies and repair the damage of the hard service on the sandhills of Vera Crus. and of the mareli from the sea-shore. A summer encampment would be highly detrimental to the moralr of our army. The hardy natures and rough habits of our soldiers would run riot in the luxurious abundance of Jalapa. Onward, onward, must be the cry. Continual activity is the true secret of military discipline. Soldiers are always happier, and more obedient and docile under the excitement Of a march, than when in camp under the dominion of idleness and enntM. There is no reason why our army should stop for any longth of time ut Jalapa. The summer in this high region is mild and temperate, the road is levol and beautiful, and the country through which it passes Is fertile and productive. In ten days our army could march from Jalapa to the city of Mexico. Here, w* think, the enemy would offer uo resistance, the city not admitting of any effective defence against artillery If the Mexicans wero determined not to yield their capital without a blow, it would be struck before our army arrived'withln sight of the city. But with a force of 10.000 strong, we do not apprehend any serious diffl: cuity in taking the capital. Once possessed of this famous El Dorado of our soldiers, this magnificent city of the noble race who fell beneath the bloody sword of Cortes, we shall then be prepared to listen to tho overtures of the enemy for peace, or If such overtures are not made with all due humility, to take possession of the whole republic as the lawful spoils of war, and to govern It with the laws of our republic. AFFAIRS 1* MKX1CO. The New Orleans Patria has received a lettor dated Tampico, 34th March. 1847. from which we make the following extract. "By this opportunity I send you flies of Rrpublicano to the 17th instant. Von will perceive that Oen. Santa Anna arrived at Han I.uls Potosi on the 8th Inst. He returned there with the four brigade* that were left him after the battle of Buena Vista " PrHate letter* from the capital, written on the night of the 17th. state that den. Hauta Anna had just arrived In that city It I* stated that the revolution against the Administration of domes Farias had at length been terminated iu a favorable manner to the government. tlic heads of tho opposition to Horace Ferine, bait lican hot. I do out know if this last Information be correct. We are anxiously awaiting the mall to cenffrui or negative the report." ft >m tho rhlladelpbia Ilullatin. April 14 J VV'c hnii' arcn a letter received by ? gentleman (dated 29th March.) thh morning, from an officer in the (iulf Hquadron, which states that it wii understood among the officers that Col. Harney had taken Alvarado. It will be recollected that the lnat advices stated he wan preparing to march on that place The letter also states that tho number of lives lost by the Mexicans during the attack on Vera Crux. is much greater than has been published In I.a Patria of the 7th several extracts arc given from the Rtpublicano, which is published in the city of Mexico, flles'of which, up to the I7h March, have been received. After detailing the lamentahle condition to which the civil war now raging in Mexico had reduced the city and Its Inhabitants. It gives various particulars of outrages that had been committed, such as as vsiinatlons, robberies. Its ; in fart. It Is erlme enough for a person to appear in the streets decently dressed, to bo Insulted every moment by the partlxansof the government The exclamation of ' Thtrr /fort n polkn,'' Is sufficient to draw aahoton any one. whatever F'.vcrythlng in Mexico and Its vicinity is In a state of the most awful confusion Homes Cartas It was said, was merely waiting the arrival of.Santa Anna at Cuautltlan. ,to send In his resignation to Congress. '"New Mexico the Chimaya Indians, to the number of 1000, had rhen against the Americans.'(?) and they bad Joined the villages below the river, whien were also in a state of insurrection RK H 3RNING. APRIL 16, 1847. IT OF VERA CRUZ, MARCH, 1847. an Army and ZVaval Forces. , . ?' 'V ' 21?nunc*ji 7 ] If V L ft Of .4# jiilpl j 4 SOMCKi | losr ft ft ecr 8 .giiP Jfe' "i'S Vf J*? JIUAfinir ^ ^ ^ /* SACAAflCIOt s4<:* A*f*r ?*. _\ ;: 11 >/Ij > OlSLMfiAKKCD 'I 11 ^V-r JflVMfO 8TJM ilMfoAii ', , \ ? 4iU >, .. V CAMb ' '*ii J!C cAr> HEAD aU/UirEKS :en. wc/TTH s DIVISIOH BETTOR; THE FLOTILLA OF GUNBOATS ARCH 22 AND 28. 1RINCB8. 7. Gunboat Falcon. B. Water Battery. I C. Magazine, Nary Battery, mounting three 06'a and three 32's, olBeerod and manned from the Navy. The dots denote reels, which aro generally under water. The Fetrot, during the attack upon the city and castle, was struck by a piece of shell, which exploded within a few yards of tho vessel The Spitfire had a boat stove. ('apt. Tatnall commanded the flotilla of gun-boats and steamers, on the morn logs of the 22d and 23d. Gen. Scott, after leaving a sufficient garrison, will march to the city of Jalapa. The following is a list of the officers of the schooner Petrel Lieut. Commanding. Thompson D. Shaw ; Acting Master, George H. Preble ; Passed Midshipmen. Geo. P. Welsh, and Clark H. Wells ; Captain's Clerk, Cnandlcr P. M'Corkl. AFPAins WITH YL'CATAX. Im Patria says :?''We aro Informed from a credible sourco. that the day before yesterday there arrived here the 'documents from Washington, which under date of 24th March, recognized the neutral position of Yucatan. and allowing of free commercial Intercourse between the American port* and the Yucataueso once, save only with that of < urmcn do la I.aguna, in cousequcnce of the latter'* cloee proximity to Tobasco. In comequcnco of thi* new* the ichooner Atrevido will leavo here to-morrow for Yuratan. On the 33nd March, Don Jose Kobira, tbo Yuratan Commissioner, left Washington for New York, from whence It i* understood ho would go to Cainpeachy. naval. u. s. hteamkr hooiroh. ) Havana, March 18, 1847. V Tht lroya{' of Iht ttcourge?.Imrrt'cm I'mtriotiim .dbroad. Agreeably to promise made you previous to leaving New York, 1 take this, my first opportunity, of fulfilling It. Of course in so short a time after leaving the great city, you cannot expeot much news,and indeed, all I can give is, in reference to this vessel. I do not know whether you were aware of the prognostications made by many persons previous to our departure from New York; butsir.lf you wore, as well us a largo portion of our friends, must be desirous to bear from us, for many were the doubtful looks and expressions ventured as to whether she would ever cross the < Julf stream. Tainful as those expressed doubts were to the friends of the little band that composed her crew, yet were they frequently made, and iudeod. tome were advised to leave her, If possible to do so. But oar country called for our services to defend her rights, and although from the ominous look of many an experienced eye in naval affairs, we were disposed to doubt the capacity of the steamer for weathering the storm, yet all were willing to brave the battle and the breeze. And accordingly wo sailed from New York on the 4th Inst, In company with the steamer Scorpion. The evening of our departure, we left astern our rompanion, as she could nut keep up with us. and on the third day we experienced quite severe weather. AU on board anxiously watched the movements of the little steamer when the bad weather commenced, and we Soon found that all wan right, for the mounted the big seas like a duck; and during the greater part of our passage, notwithstanding that the weather was bad aud the sea running pretty high, yot was her quarter deck dry. Of course tho wind being generally ahead, our passage has been longer than we had hoped for We arrived yesterday, making it a 13 days passage. The Scorpion is not yet in, but we look for her momentarily. I had forgotten to say one thing, that is. that notwithstanding the doubts as to thn capacity of this vessel for sea service, that not even a spare sail was put on board for cases of emergency; this omission looks much as if it was thought she would never arrive In port again, and therefore not necessary to goto farther expense in fitting | her out. The sails are all old; scarcely is there a common droger upon the ocean that hns not spore sails. With rogard to other matters, they are very delicate? so excuse mo. We sail for Vera Crux in throe or fonr days?we would leave sooner, but deficiencies must bo made up, for we are undergoing .repairs in the boilors ; we have found them. also, lu a bad condition, Ac. Ac. Commodore Terry passed this place some days ago. on his way to the squadron. We shall hope for a pleasant passage to Vera Crux, and when there. If opportunity happens, 1 think our gallant oommander. ( has G. Hunter.will give a good account in his log to the conntry. March 30th ?We are still here, repairing a defect in tho boilers, and very anxious to get off. The U. H. bomb brig llecla has just made her appearance off the harbor. On* officer in a boat hns com* lu, and after communicating with our consul, (lien. ( ampbell.) will continue on to Vera Crux. The letter bag is yet on board, and I have opened this to give you an examplo of American character. This day four Amorican cittsens. mechanics, have volunteered to come on board to-morrow, (Sunday,) and assist in phttlng our boilers in order; this arises from pure motives of patrietism. as they have said that any offer of pay for their service* will be looked upon as an insult to t h?m 1'hla la trwt tn mt\ nr? mmntirinorl an/1 I Itorwi that their nunM wtTl bo sen" by our generous commandor to tha N'avy Department Military Appoirtmtmtr by the President.? The President hue filled the vacHiirics orrnnionod by tha declination of Gen Benton and Gen. Cumming t<> aeeapt tha command of major general* In the army of tha l.'nited State*, by the appointment of Brigadier < tenerala Pillow and Qnltraan or the voluntsora now erring In Msxloo. They hare both had tha advantage of the experience of near a yoar'a active service In Mexico. and we learn are eataamed in the army ae among the most valuable offloere in the service, (ten Pillow has performed valuable farvioaa in tha field, and was among the most conspicuous officers of the army in the recent bombardment and siege of the city of Vera ( rut and cnetle of San Juan d'Uliia. He wa* selected by General Scott as one of the three officer* under hi* command to adju*t with the enemy the term* of surrender General Quitman acted moet gallantly at the battle of Monterey There I* a peculiar propriety in making promotiona to these important command* from the volunteer service. The promotion of Col. (ushlng. who now commands n regiment of volunteer* in Mexleo, to be a brigadier general of volunteer*, i* also well de*ervsd. lie I* a man of distinguished talents, and ha* exhibited great patriotism in his late exertions to raiss the Massachusetts regiment of volnnteers Thus the conntry will perceive that the administration 1s organising tha army to it* full compl*mcnt of officers. It 1* not enongh to gain a victory We must fully profit bv It No man will complain of the want of energy in the administration The war will be firosernted with the utmoet vigor until the object has leen accomplished, by securing an honorable peace.? IKfliAingfon Union, .'Ijiril 14. Lieut. Col. Howard, of the lAth Infantry, left Detroit on the morning of the nth to Join hi* regiment at Cincinnati Col. Morgan being in Me*lco, Lieutenant Col Howard will organise the regiment at ita rendsxveus. The remains of Cnptain Lincoln, en* of the heroes who fell at Iluena Vista, were taken eharge of by Lieut Ben ham. of the Artillery, and who will transmit them homo by the first reliable opportunity. A little girl in Pawtneket, IL1., II ysari old, ?ttempted inletde on Tuesday by drowning. g ERA St. Loi'ii. April 8, 1847. r/. City Election?Newt from Santa /'??Terrrible Encounter? Libel Suit?Marketi. 4*c. <fc \V# have Just passed through * highly exciting muni lpal election. Contrary to the anticipation* of the no*t sanguino two months since, the democratic party >f this city has triumphed, and both natlrlam and whigjery are prostrate?at least for the present. The eleclon of yesterday terminated in the entire suocew it the democratic general ticket. Kor Mullanpby, he democratic candidate for the mayoralty, there were 2.458 votes polled; for Campbell, native, 1,890. ind for Lucas, whig, 981, making the majority of tho luccessful candidate 834 votes over his nniu.n.nt itul 141)3 over the whig. Id th? board of aldermen, the lutue party has elected Mix out of the aeven members to be elected. ?ud In the board of delegates ten out of twelve. The election, though a highly lutereating one, passed off quietly, and not a scene of riot was presented luring the day. In this contest the whigs did not expect a further victory than the defeat of the nativist party, which is composed almost exclusively of quasi whigs They little expected. however, to find their old opponents so strong as the latter turned out to be; nativism In this city, it is generally thought. 1s now defunct, and henceforth the battle will be betwocn the two old parties In bringing about the result of this election the demo rntlc paper here, the Union, exerted a very considerable agency. Heretofore, the party of which it is now tbo irgau. has boon distracted by local differences. Through [lie unwearied exertions of the f'riion. these, in a great raeasure, have been healed, and the party now arts with i unanimity which attests its real strength A dreadful disaster occurred yesterday morning abont Lwo.ou board the steamer Simon Kenton, while the l>oat was lying by, temporarily, at (larksville, on the upper Mississippi. Ono of the connecting pipes broke, as It is upposed, from the settling of the machinery,and the steam escaping among the crew and deck passengers, several norsons were badly scalded. Among the number was a Sir. Mead, of Keokuck. who died of his injuries, a few hours after the accident. One of the engineers, also, was badly scalded, and five or more of the deck passengers. Wo havo nothing further from Santa Ke since the arrival of Mr. Caldwell, tho particulars of whose intelligence 1 sent vou. A dreadful rencontre took place ut Quincy, llliuoit. on Saturday evening last. Two printers, formerly ot this city quarrelled about a young lady to whom one of them was to liavo been married on that very evening. They mot accidentally, when one of them, Maguer, drew a pistol and shot the other, Luckett, through the left breast. Luckett. finding himself wounded, drew u bowie knife and stabbed his assailant to the heart. Mugner died immediately, but some hopes aru entertained for Luekett's recovery. James (J. K.dwards, formerly of Virginia, hut more recently a merchant of St. Charles, in this State, committed suicide, by cutting his throat, yesterday morning, at Scott's hotel, in this city. Cause?financial difficulties. A harrid outrage was committed in a neighboring county. Kranklin. a few days since. A slave, belonging to a widow lady of the town of Washington, went to the housa of a German family, in the night, and forced an entrance. The only members of tne family at home were a woman and child, a small hoy. The villain first attempted the death of the child by cutting its throat ? He then dragged the woman from the bed. and after beating her severely with a mallet, vlolatod her person She was found next morning nearly lifeless. The child, too. was desperately injured, but will probably, with its mother, recover. The tlend who perpetrated this hellish act is in prison. Ho has been indicted for rape and attempting to commit murder, and will bo tried on the third Monday in Juno, if popular vengeance should not overtake him before that time. The libel suit against Dr. Silas Read, the editor of the St. Louis Post, has closed. The jury were unabio to upree, and were dismissed. They stood elovon for conviction and one for acquittal. The United State* Circuit Court. April term. Judge Catron prosidlng, commenced its session yesterday. The business before it is said to be light?ail the better for the lutorests of the country and the cause of justice, as Judge Wells, the associate Judge, is abseut. Catron is notoriously incompetent, though, strange enough, belonging to the bench of the Supreme Court of the United states. There is an immense quantity of produce on hand, to send forward which our means are quite inadequate.? Last ovenlng flfly-thruc steamers were lying at our landing, and yet freights to .New Orleans are exorbitantly high?flour $1 per bbl.. Sic. We quote sales of flour at >4 85 a $4 75 ; choice wheat, exclusive of sacks. 85 a 87.', cents; corn, in gunnies, 60c ; oats, do, 58c.; lard. No. 1, HaH'jC.; mess pork, t l'J a $1'J 50; nrinie do. fclfJ u * 10 Ml: bucou. sidos To. hams fljtC., shoulders 6c.; beef, u<> ale; hides, 7>i a 7\ for dry Mint; lead. $3 60 per 100 lbs.; hetnp. $90 a $96 per ton, for dew rotted, kr ke. More Particulars of the Explosion at l)rpont's Powder Mills.?The explosion occurred in the packing house and press rootn of the establishment. But it ia impossible even to conjecture In which the lire originated. It was lucky that uo valuable machinery was contained in either of these buildings ; but the loss of life is shocking in the extreme. In a single Instant eighteen of our fellow men have been hurried to the grave. One who bad been found horribly mutilated, but uuablo to speak, tliough still breathing, has since died The bodies wero so torn to pieces that It was impossible to recoguixc them, and no other uiuans existed of ascertaining who were lost and who were saved, than by calling the roll (after ringing the l>ell) of those attached to that portion of the works. The silence which follow, ed the calling of the unanswered names, was the only evidenae of the loss of the lives of those who so often re plied when they were called One man who had bis leg broken, at a long distance from the scene of tne occurrence, by being struck with a pieco of timber, is the only one wounded who survived, as far as could be ascertained. The place where tho buildings in which the explosion occurred stood, is left as bare and desolate as though the work of human labor and skill had nnver been expeuded upon it. A few loose stones, fragments of mortar, black and charred splinters, constitute every thing that remains to indicate tho exact position which Lliev so re. cwntly occupied. The amount of powder exploded, it is believed by the owner*, did not exceud .'i.OOO pounds. The pecuniary loss is comparatively small . although the glass ix shattered from the windows. and the plastering stripped in a great degree from the ceilingx and walls of the houxex for a mile around. We xaw many windows blown In entire. In some of the large residences of the Messrs Dupont. not u window Ih left perfect, aud on same sides they are all blown entirely out. M ur.h glass wax broken at the distance of a mile and a half. The screams and lamentations of the women and children were truly heart-rending They were heard bewailing their dreadful loss at the dinluncc of more than a mile The coroner held an inquest on the mangled and blackened remains of the killed. Verdict according to the facts as already detailed. It is said of one of the Messrs. Dupont. that he maintained his position upon the top of a building in which three hundred kegs of powder wore stored, while the roof was on fire, and by this art of undaunted heroism, succeeded in quenching the llauies with the water which was supplied him In buckets from below, before the (ire communicated to tlie powder within, and thus, doubtless, preserved many valuable lives Those killed have almost universally left wives and children. They were among the most valuable and successful hands attached to these great works ; many of them were men of Independent means - Ft'i'/mington Del (intttl* It is usual at the mills to have two sets of hands, one employed in the day. and the other in th" night About six o'clock, yesterday morning, as they were about relieving the night hands, and souie twenty-eight individuals were In the mills, from some cause as yet unknown, the packing house and press room suddenly exploded Two distinct explosions, it Is said, were heard, causer) probably by the buildings exploding in succession ami not simultaneously It is carious to notice the power of tbs subtle agent whirh produced all this mischief which mny be Inferred from the fact that a gentleman who resides live miles to the north of this city distinctly felt the eoneusslon.androralong time wondered whnt produced it The powder mills are. situated about 3.1 miles south of Philadelphia, and the vibrations produced in the atoms pliers by the explosion extended sensibly a distance of nearly 40 miles from the spot Kortunati ly for the other buildings, the amount of powrlrr at tbu mills was not so great as usual. The owners, who are contractors with the t'nited States government for supplying powder to the nrmy in Mexico, bad sent olf a large quantity to that destination, else the effects would have been as terribly destructive as they were some twenty-eight years ago. when the explosion followed from one building of the mills to another until it rearbad the magaxiuc. when a most terrible destruction was produced. Vrstcrdny It did not reach the inagaxinr We understand that the Messrs, Dupout. In accordance with a practice of their father before them, generously bestowed on each of the widows of the unfortu.,..1.. ,.f thl. .I-.,, If,,I . iiullv IL I (Ml -i i. >.,, n 11... lung a* tlioy remain widow* Among tli* singular Incldcnts.related of this distressing accident, we learn tlint one of the killed had previously lost three of the lingers of one of his hands, and thilt immediately on hearing the explosion the family at hi* dwelling rushed to the door, and almost the first object that met their sight was the well known mutilated hand severed from the limb lying near the threshold upon the ground A head of one of the Itodies. though so much disfigured that it could not ho known to which of the blackened and mutilated trunks it had belonged, wo were informed was found the best part of a mile from any of the bodies, and nearly all tne human remains were so dreadfully torn and discolored as to lie with great difficulty recognised by their friend* The picture was indeed one of tne most heart-rending that it Is possible to imagine. ? Vhilnd /-erfger, ?f|?rif 16 At fcllxabathtown, N. J., on Monday, a town meeting was held and resolutions adopted, commending lienors) Scott, Com Conner and Iivii Taylor, for their late achievements, and recommending to the people of that town to eelebrnto the victories by an Illumination and by bonfire* and firc-works. I)r lame* W Wilson, a highly respeetable physician of Kussellvllle. Kv , was murdered on Sunday night last while asleep in hi* office, the door of which he ncvei locked Six or seven wounds were Inflicted on his head with an ax* or hatchet, by some unkuown band Tin cttlaens of Kuaeallvilla have held a meeting end appoint 4 a committee to ferret out the murderer. I ..J 1J LD, Wm Two Casits.' Tike Almighty Dollar. A SORO ROT I I T TO MUIIO. Uold, fold, bow wo Ioto it I?It glitters and ablnoo , 'Ti* a oolld aoqulremont an any can Mo, Our obopo aro our only devotional ahrlnoo. Where tbe idols supremo aro pork, sugar and too. From tbe lips of tbo starving we extract the ore? Tbe laboring classes are ever our prey; And gall on tbe spirit that's bumble we pour, And oft drive tbo angel of mercy away. With servants in livery, a carriage and two, We sport with a guile from Tenth street to Wall. Our cnir is a barrel, with pork sticking through? A tea-chest, a wash-tub, for Arms we have all At the Opera, too, not knowing a word Of tho language thelyinglng, wa ever look wise, And tow that thair voldfc are sweet as a bird, Or aak bur naxt neighbor " Will flour again rlaa V What la talent ??A dream that wa s?*r desplae. It eeldom bring* dollars. It seldom brings oents ; And reading, alas ! only Injures the eye*? Tho lore that we study la how to gain penae. Office-holders we toady with dinners and wine, 'Till they cry in uiaazement " good sirs 'tis enough; Or cutch a live Lord?then our joy la divine? But muu like the Dickent we round rather teugb. Hwuetimes we travel?good heavens what a noise? In Krauce Ik created ?y " La Captain Brown We astonish the Natives, like one of the b'hoys. Who, sad to relate, was elected up-town. At church the stained glass Is conduotve to sleep, With cushions of velvet to Us neath our head ; Or think that our last new Investments too deep? Or dream every hope of the Kyd stock Is fled. Our mines of Potosl are dry goods and flour? Our conscience the dollars we give to the priest? Our charity Pharisees?rivalled, who** power, O'er Jerusalem's temple C hrist quickly released Here's a health to the eagle?the eagles of gold? , No matter how purchased?acquire them we win ; And e'en though a nation's prona honor be sold. We'll hug to our shams the fond Idol still. Miscellaneous. A man named Tucker, a pain tar by trad*, was burned to death at a Ore In South Bo*ton, on Tuesday. The Allegany river 1s (aid to be In a One eondltlon for rafting, and the lumbermen were improving their opportunity. Bualneie along tho bank* prveente a baelneee like appearance. They had a beautiful enow atorm in Bangor, on Tuesday. On Monday night, a woman whoee name waa aeeer tained to be Hart, waa found in a dying condition in n cellar in William street, Boston. 8ne waa lying on her face, and there was two Inehes of water on the eeUar Boor at the time. Some destitution down there too. A boy, named J. Davenport -Fisher, twelve year* of age, a pupil in the Brimmer School, at Boston, is said to have collected by hie own efforts in this on* school, tho aum of $t>0 for the aid of the starving population of I reland. and haaded it over to the Mayor. Five prisoners confined in the New Castle Jail mad* their escape on Saturday night last. Two have been retaken ; the others are yet at large. Mr. James O. Edwards, of St. Charles eeunty, Me., committed suicide at St. Louis, last week, in a state of mental aberration. A hoavv shook of an earthouake was felt at Saao. Us last Thu ruddy evening. The Philadelphia yearly meeting of one division ef KrlendH, will commence in Arch street Meeting Houee, Philadelphia, on Monday next. (ireat preparations are making In rbiladelphia for the illuminations on Monday evening next. DANIEL SWEENY, (I^ite 11 Ann ttrrrt, Seto York.) Removed to gc Chatham street.?the eade*signed, at the approach of the travelling season, deems it neceaaary to apprise thine who may not he aware of toe faot, that, in order to extend hie buatneei. aa well aa hie limns of accommodation, he has removed to 66 Chatham at., wilhia a few doom oft hamber,;and nearly oppoaite Dtiaae, wberehe has opened a Saloon on preciaely the name plan as hia farmer one ; but in eitrrit, comfort and airineia, not surpassed by any in the city. The enlargement of bis sphere has been demanded by the increasing patronage of the public; and Ilia pretest locetioi> haa been selected at a central position for citiaenaas well aa strangers. He therefore solicits the attention ef the pnblis, both reaident and transient, to his new position, where they will find not only the substantial elements of life in every required form, bat each of a quality that ha secured him the reputation he now enjoys, and which he is determined to maintain. As the sbove is the only rstahVihment he either owns, er is in any manner nominally or otherwise connected with, he hones his friends and the public will remember that this is the only saloon of the undersigned, and aole proprietor. DANIEL HWliENT. 66 Chatham street. SWEENEY'S HOUSE OF REFRESHMENT, NO. G6 CHA Til AM STREET, SEW YORK. Dili, or Fane. R ail Beef 6d Dolled Matton 6d Koaat l.smb 6d Corned Beef 6d I Koaat Veal 6d Pork and Deana 6d ] Koaat Pork lid Beef Hoop 64 lloaat I hirkan It bd Mutton Soap, 64 Ron-it tjooae 1> fid ('liickru Roup U Roast Turkey It r><i Veal Tie 64 Roast Ruck 1* bd Meat Pi* 64 Roast Pig Is ( Win l'i? 64 Oyster He... .. Is Roiled Kish,..... .... #4 ( Ini-kvii Pot Pie It Rice or Mush aud Milk. 64 Ottr.aT. Plum Pudding 6d Apple Pi* 64 Indian Pudding bd Plum Pie 6d Suet Pudding t>d Pencil Pie 64 Hiead Pudding bd Apple Dumpltaga. 64 Rice Pudding bd Miner Pie 64 Curtsrd Pi* bd Cranberry Pi* 6d lliitsarssi sno Tea. BeefStenk bd Hot Corn Bread 64 Veal Cutlet* bd Indian f ake* 64 Mutton ( hops Cd Roiled Kit* 64 Ham and Kggs It Fried 64 Pried Tripe bd llroiled Mackerel. M Fried Sausages. bd Buckwhrat ( bd Fried Fish (id Toast . 64 Fried ( linn. bd Hot .Muffins. b4 Fried I.itrer Cd jlot Rolls 64 Fried Ham !id Fried Potatoes 14 Fish Balls 6d Tea and Coffee, aacb... id Hash bd F.itra Biead M Stewed Koine). . . bd Brown Bread 14 /- OPFN ON SI ND\v siiawr IN ( IIANCERV?Before the Vice Chancellor of the Ftrs* < ireuit ?Tighc Darey, Fierutur of the l.ast Will an4 Testament of Thomas Haggerty, deceased, rs. Bridget Callagbaa, and others. K. S. l)erry, I oinplaiuani's Solicitor. Pursuant to the directions of tlie denrr insdc tu the shoes entitled cause, aud to the proeisions contained in the last will and testament of the above named deceased, and for the p*rpos* of closing my administration of the estate of the said decaaaed, I will eiposr for sale, aud tell at public auction, on ths ?7tli day ot May neir. at 17 u'clorlt at noo* of that day, *t ths Merchants' Kechaiiee 1.1 tl.e e,Tv,.f N . ? V?.l h. VS-. J II. Ludlow 5t l auctioneers, to the highest bidder, "All ihw interest of the aaiil deceased m the north-writ quarter of Section Kite of towu?lii|> Fight lonth, in Hence Knur weet. in tbw rountv of Calhoun, in the ?tnte of Illinois containing one huodtrd and auty arrea or thereabout! ; Ann aleo, in the northw nt quarter of Section Twent> -one, township Thirteen north, in Range Two wcat. in the rounty of Mercer, in the tame Hate, containing one hundred and aitty nrree or thereabout," or hoMaorrer the aaid real eatnte may be more |*rticularly Of properly deacribed. Any further information that mar he deaired will be glean liv (he Complainant's Solicitor, or J. W. A J. L. White. Eoq*., Defendant's Solicitors, or TIQHE D A VF.Y, K.ieentor an aforeenid, corner of llouaton and Allen act. New York, April 17th, 1*47. alJ-lawtmifwre NEW \<iKK POUDRETTE COMPANY, 2.1 Chamber* street, corner of Centre. POL'DRF.TTK FOK SAI.F., wholeeale and rntail, of (he eery heat quality. Feminine Powder, for flow en, fiaee. fruit trera, and grass plate for aale by the Boa?M eenta, 75 ceuta and SI. N. B.?Orders foethe removal of the contenta of wnka, and reaapooLi promptly attended to. < arefnl and trustworthy Bam alwayaemployed. JOHN P, BRINCKLRHOFF. I al Jw rrc Agent. FKKNI II AND SPANISH LANUUAOES. JOHF. VK KNTK BKITO la deairona of g iviigt leaaona w the French anil Spnniah languages by a ainiplt but effeetiee method, lie would alao be willing to lake charge of the French ami Hptunah departmeuta in a fount Indira' or gentlemen'a academy. TTtoae rleairoua of engaging hit aerticea for either of tb?i above objects, willpleaae apply at No. I Wall atreet, room No. 9, up ataira, where, by leaving their addreaa, diey will he attended M al lw?r NEW PAPER HANGINGS. FPAKF.S it CO.. No. 17$ Pearl atreet, haee reeeiead their a n?nal large supply of all the new patterns of evary style and quality of French and American Paper Hangings. Bnr ders, Views. Firclmard Prtnta, anil wide window ( Srtara Paper which they offer to dealers, merrhan'a and othera, at ealretnely low prices. The moat competent Paper Hanr?ra mar he had at Terr short notice. roll tm'yc A CIIHK Folf <OU>. MRS. CARROLL'S Medicated Vapor and Sulphur Hatha, 181 Knlton itTVPt, opposite rhwrcn ftrftt. A rrruin far? for Cold*, Cruighi, Rhenmatism, Sore Throat, and all raflantnatory diseasi a incident Pi the changeable ttate nl die weather. The Siilpbqr Vapor Bath is partirulairly recommended Wy owe ftyst physician! as n cure for all eruptnma and diaeaaea of the akin No danger of taking col J after the use of these baths. ml* 1 m r ___________________ LEFT uTi- WAKDKoHE \Nl) FI RN1TURK WANT KH. | ADIF.S OR OF.NTLLMKN hating tuperflnotia effects Ad to diapnae nf, inch m Wearing A| iwrei, Furniture, tu , Can obtain n fair cash price lor (lit mlM, by aenning for the subscriber, through the Post OfBre, or otherwise, who will attend tl Ihrir residence*. J, LEVEN8TYN, IMi Broadway. bp stairs. Ladies run tir attended to by Mra. J. LEVENHTY N. apl2 lin*rc (-. 57I iLAKKK, F.1*III0X.1BLE MERCHANT T.1TL0R NO. I IS WILLIAM STREET, OPPOSITE TIIT. NEW STORES. BETWEEN FULTON AND JOHN streets.?In the Spring nil bodies rpnpw the outer roeenng? hat man I? thr only animal who ban to pay for It. The question then arum who will cloth* him cheapest anil bp?l. I will, and fan, Miiip u strictly acaali hiuniPM, both in buying and sell11<K I makp thp finest Quality of French BlackDrew fnata for $20; lower qualities tlli and $l* Black Clnlll Sacks |IL ready made. Every garment in the irada equally food and cheap. al2lw*r A FEW actiep young Men to an Month or Weal lo art as Agents for the aale of naw anil |>op?lar Publications?$J0n ' oter and above their eipenaea will be inanred to them in writing, with an opportunity of cleai inf 11000 per year. Some men now in our employ will no doubt make ovar ICO# !* . FS*J | clear of all espenses. Each man will haee hia district. II w im , be necessary lor them to have at If net t2i to '10 f ,1 good fitting oat. , Apply (FRENCH* PiblUtakJUU l?J K&iw of * " 11

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