Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 22, 1847, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 22, 1847 Page 1
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I ' ' TH Vol. Xin. No. Ill?Whole No. 4708. THE NEW VORK HERALD ESTABLISHMENT, North-west corner of Pulton and Nassau sts. JAMES 60RD0N BENNETT, PROPRIETOR. CIRCULATION?FORTY THOUSAND. DAILY HERALD?Every day, Price 2 cent* per copy?$7 j r. . mil:?in?payable in advance. ?' .f'-KLV HERALD?Every Saturday?Price cents per op|M ?$3 IgU cents per annum?payable in advance. Hr.KALD FOR EUROPE?Every Steam Packet day? I rice cent* per copy?$?J per annum, payable in advance. HOLiDAY I1ERALD?Published on the lat of January aud 1st ?f July of Hrt^li i ear?single copies aii|ience each. AL VERTISKMENTS, at the uaual price*?always cash in advance. Auvorti cmeuts should be written in a plain, legible in inner. The Proprietor will uot be responsible for error* thai Way occur in tiiein. . . , .. ... HUNTING of all kiuds executed beaatitnlly and witb despatch. All letters or communications by mail, addressed to the stabluhment, inusf be post paid, or the postage will be deducted from the subscription money remitted. J, V U. 8. MARINES WANTED. Jl H Si d$k ff fPSETHARINE CORPS OF THE UNITED STATES, A ?r that brauch of the military service furnishing soldiers for the different naval stations and vessels of war, having been increased bv act ef Congress, approved 2d March, 1847, by the nUdiriuu of 30 Sergeants, 30 Corporals, 30 Drummers, 30 Infers, and 1 eta Privates. A rendezvous fer the enlistment of recruits is now opened at Ne. 38 t hat ham street, near the Harlem railroad drjot and Tammany Hall, where respectable yourg men desiring to enter a service which will afford them an opportunity of seeing for vigil countries, are invited to call. Previous to enlisting it is the duty of the recruiting elftcer to explain fully the terms upon winch they enter the service. Opeu .row 9 A. M. to sunset. JOHN GEO. REYNOLDS, Captsin Commanding, Recruiting Rendezvous. Two dollars premium will be given to any soldier or citizen whs will bring to the rendezyous, an acceptable or efliclen recruit. al lin*rc Jtml TO LET?The house and store No. 491 Washington pjW st., directly opposite the Clinton market (the store will JswAhe let separate from the housr, if desired. Also, a nil inner ot small apartments?aud two or three good brick stables. Apply at 176 Hudson street. al!l 3t*rc HOUSES IN SOUTH BROOKLYN. tTO LET?Those two delightfully situated honsea Not. 223 and 226 Henry street, between State aud Atlantic streets, Colonade Row, within 3 minutes walk of the Ferry. They are lu good order, and will be rented reasonable to gnnd tenants. JAMES BELL, np2l 2tia*rc 219 Henry street, corner State. AST ANTED.-A FURNISHED HOUSE. Thelsdy who wishes it can promise that goed care shall he taken of it, she Waving no children. Aline through the Post , addressed to Y. X. G., will meet with immediate attentiou. _ *21 4t* rrc MTO LET?A Urge brick store, with cellar under, and bulkhead in front if wanted, No. 341 West street. Enquire on the premises, up-stairs. ap215t*r COUNTRY RESIDENCE TO LET OR LEASE. a A BEAUTIFUL and he&Itliy situation on 57th it, near the East river, with about 20 lots of (round, handsomely la id'out in flower and vegetable gardens, fruit tree*, lie., with a stable and every convenience for a genteel residence. Stages are passing every few minutes, Inquire of Or. Schmidt, No. ti Warren street, between 9 and 10 A. M., and 3 ami I r. JNL _ a213t?r_ MTO LET.?BASEMENT and back shops No. 552 Broadway. BASEMENT 1st avenue, northwest corner of Tenth stieei, sait.ible for a large refectory. APARTMENTS on the second aud fourth floors of the House ceruer Tenth street aud 1st avenue, very commodious. Possession of the last bouse given immediately. Enquire of Messrs. BOWRO.V It CO., druggists, on the premises, or of Johu W. Hammersley, 35 Wall st. a20 3t*r t STORES ON THE 6TII AND 8TH AVENUES TO LET.?No. 65 Eighth avenue, between 13th and 11th streets. 112 Greenwich avenue, near the 8th avenue. No. 19ft Sixth avenue, between !2lh and 13th streets. "" The dwelling part of each house, which is three stories in height, with marble mantles aud sliding doors, will lie rented separately if required. O. II. WINTER. a30 lw*r 31 Wall street. jjKl TO RENT, from the 1st of May next, the House and [rSfff Store Bread way. next to Stewart & Go's building. ,ji5HL Also,the Hemes aud Stores Nos. 63,67 and 69 Chambers Street, near Broadway. Apply to PHILIP BURROWE8, 41 Wall street, or to A. T. STEWART fc CO., iplB tfrrc cor. Broadway and Reade street. Agft COTTAGE ON STATEN I8LAND TO LET? [n| Pleasantly situated at Port Richmond, near the Brick SnflLChnroh, within m few rods of the steamboat landing ; lias Men newly pn|>ered and painted, and is in perfect order.? Possession can be had immediately. Apply to , NEWTON HATES. al7 lw?r Franklin House, Broadway. BK1CK HOUSES IN BROOKLYN TO LET. dial THE two four story basement brick houses, built a g{9 few years since in the best manner, iu Tillary street, JCalflL ,eit lo 'be corner of Fulton street, near the Fulton ferry. i d genteel private families, they will be rented for (400 per annum. Apply to VALENTINE G. HALL, corner ol Pearl and li.ekniin streets, New Y ork. alG lw?c TO LET, A HOW of neat new two story Cottage Houses, uow pfW finished, well calculated for respectable families, situMB Itvd on the north side of 40th street, between Broadway and 6th avenue. The staves pass regularly from 7 A. M? until 8 o'clock in the evening, every 10 minutes, for 6Ja cents . and after (lie first of May, every 30 minutes. Rooms as follows: 2 basements, 2 parlors, with sliding doors, and hard fiuished walls. 3d story, 2 rooms nnd 2 bedrooms. Good dry cellars Rent (180. Apply on the premises. aplMm'c WM. K. PENDLETON. Agent. FOR SALE, tA FARM of fifty-two acres, mostdeliirhtifally situated about five miles from Elizabethtown, N. J., comprising a handanme commodious Dwelling House, fitted with i mantels, and every convenience for a respectable family; tile whole, including gardner's house, barns, ice house, and other buildings, in a substantial state of repkir; the orchard contains twenty acres of choice fruit trees. The easy access from New York, either by the various cars from Jersey City, or the ferry to Eiisabethport, whence a rail road traia runs within s hundred yards of the house, renders this property very valuable to those doing business in this ..... on. ?c,i?. .... r,? three years on bond and mortgage, at five tier cent. VYSK fc HONS. 178 Pearl st. Also for tale, a dwelling house , No. 331 Washington street in 19 ''u*rh FOR MALE. Jet' A THREE STORY HOUSE on 23il street, between nZta the <I<1 and 3d Arennes. It is well tiuished, and re|>lete J-TBLwitb 'he latest improvements, including kitchen range, sink, cold Hid worm b itlis, water closets, Ike., Italiau marbli tn 'i'a'.,, jirou jli iat the house; a court yard ol fifteen feet in frj it, with verandah and Freuch windows. The house is one ef a row of houses on the south side of the street. Foi further particulars a|i|ily to VYSK St SONS, m!9 lin* !i 172 I'earl street, scoi TO l.r'.'i'.?The store of house 23 Oey street; it is 4(1 fm.1 deep. and wonhl lie a good location for a wholesale JiiflLiroceiy store. Also, the second tloor of house 04! Beekman sueet,con>is,ni)c of three rooms and pantries,with two bed rooms ill attic, and a kilclieu with Cruton water <ud kitchen range in it. Rent 1271. Enquire of A. OILHOOLY & SON, tn31 lm*r 72 Nassau street. mSTATEN ISLAND COTTAGES TO LET OR LEASE?Three Cottages situated on Casfleton Heights, nnar Cs|H> di Monte, Staten Island, surrounded by fine lores! trees, and commanding an uioiiipassed view of the city, the Hay and its islands, mid the Ocean, while the access is easy, the distance to each ferry being less than a mile. They contain as follows, viz :? Bagatelle?A parlor, dining room and 3 bedrooms. Crow's Nest.?A parlor, dining room, library, 4 bedrooms, and 3 servants'rooms?attached carriage house with stable for 4 horses. O ik Land?2 parlors, large dining room, 12 bedrooms, bathroom, ami 4 servants' rooms?attached carriage house, with liable for 5 horses. These Cottages enjoy in common the use of 17 acres of beautiful woodland, enclosed, and ill the midst of w hicli they arc erected. Apply to Madame UKYME8, at her residence, Capo di Monte. :il 1 2awlin* r K< )ti ?ALh!?WUNTCHUSTtiR L A NLL Kg* TO GENTLEMEN, in want of sites for country ^kMsc its. To market gardeners in want of laud for gardens. tJam. oul to all perioui wishing a location in the neighborhood of Neiv VoiU:? 100 acres of land in the town of Westchester, within nine miles oftho City Hall, with the right of passing over Harlem Bridge free of toll, ore no)* offered at private aale, in lota containing from 4 to SO arret each The lands sre within II minutes walk oftlie railroad; fronton good roads; are in the neighborhood of schools and churches iSf different denominations; ilie water is good and location healthy. Title iuiliapuUMe. Term, moderate. A(^KRNEUR M0RR,8i Morritiana. Westchester Co., or to WALi tn nu i np.ixr unu, 19 iimmu rnu, i. mS9 1m* f* ONli I'KH h IIA'J NTOIiE. SPUING FASHIONS FOR HATS AND CAPS.? Jp^UROWN Ik CO. will introduce, ou Saturday, April 3d, In# B#W mv|# oi < ||ia f r children and boys; also, the new style 01 II it* fatgmttlcinin, prie#$1, in th# MNininiri of winch they lusve made aucn recent improvements aa will place thetn in close eomj>etition with the most costly. The httbtie ere invited t?> cull at 178 Che them Sqnere, where fashion, heauty, durability and economy are combined to adorn the heart t 01 HO W l'() M \ Ki. MONK V . -The axiom that "none y J#e saved is money made," is almost as old as the invention ol mom \ it- * II ; hilt tin- principle of gelling a live dollar HAT for direr <111 ir < and lilty cents, wis first established and is now i?rn*i'<'l l?v RoIm-i-son, at the IMieuix Hat. Manufactory, .HQ r1111 11 ' . N. V ., end S Filton at, Brooklyn. This simple it taint it we believe will ?mce to mm known ooo way " how to make money. alft lm*rh HA'I>. Spring STY LE. rjl BANT V. No. 9| Canal street, and No. 130 Chatham st, J^^iells \1<>leskiii and Nutria Fnr Hats at $3, and only rharees $1 50 for Ins first ijiiality Moleskin and fine Nutria flats.? Tie 1ms handsome and durable Hats at $2 50 having the appear ence end finish of the higher priced hats. Gentlemen wishing to economise in this mdisponsahle article of dress without satrifle# of corn! >rt oi ippeerenc#, win pl#a## (It# hinenlleAlso, a general assortment of caps of various kinds at reduced prices. al6 lrn*c MRS. M. WILMON, 211 Grand street,respectfully j informs her friends, and strangers visiting the city, ' URilf'that she ha* now on hand a large and very handsome assortment of Spring Millinery, to which she invites tlit ir attention. Mr*. Wilson's stock comprises an assortment of the richest and most fashionable Hats, such as < hip, fhape. Rice, and Shirred, with a choice assortment of Straws, which she flatters herself can be sold more reasonable than n? any other establishment in the city. Country Milliners will do well to call before purchasing. Mrs. M. WILSON, 291 Grand at.. ...... between Allen and Orchard sts. I Ten good Milliners wanted at the above establishment, all tin* re I b (>K HALE, A GOOD FAIR OF BAV HORSES, perfectly ISresound and well broken. To be seen at the stable in fVf I, rear of St. John's <"burrh, St. John's Alley, a Irt ?w rr _ FOR 8ALU, A OR AY PHAKTON, almost new. and in complete order, built by Colli* A Lawrence. To he seen'at the stable, iu (he rear of St. Johu's Church, St. John's Alley.j all tw*rc E NE N] BIRDS, BIRDS, BIRDS. FOR SALIC, a lew vary superior Mocking Birds? ifM* alto some very fine South Carolina Red Birilt; likew i.e jJBjY Canaries in full ton* and plumage perfect. Apply at tSSC 64 Litpeuard ?t, batrment. a 19 tit *r (jKKATATTRAUTlUM. Arrhey at Home, No. 5 John Street. A. ORIKVKbeut to acquaint hit frirnds and patrout Vjmm that hit aifeiil liat returned from Kuro|>e, via Bremen. UVVafter a retideuce of teveu inoiitht at Andrusberg, and TsKCthe other molt celebrated dutricti of Germany. He hat been enabled to collect the beat selection of tiiiitina and fancy birdt he hat ever offered; alto an unutual variety of rare and fancy bird* Irom ail parti ol the world, selected with great trouble, without regard to co?t. N. B.?Fancy dugs, Shetland poniei, Chinese, silrer, and English pheasants, swans, and every variety of barn-door fowls; fancy and breeding cages, birdseeds, tic. A treatise ou the mansgeineut of breeding and raising Canaries, tic. P. 8.?Letters post-paid will at all times meet with prompt attention from A. GRIEVE, m21 lm'rrc No.6 John street, N. Y. LESSONS ON THE HI A NO FORTE. MISS C. C. WEMYSS can now accommoIRfjgkKjBBdate : I tree or four more pupils, il'immediate upft A I I I Plication be made at her house, No. 347 Sixth I I X I I street, between Avenues C and L). Will have no objection, if desirable, to atteud her pupils at their owu residence. Terms?Twelve Lessons for Fire Dollars, or Fifteen Dollars per Quarter?three lessons each week. a!3 lm*rc THE LADIES' CONGRESS BOOT. ^ P. LABO YTEAUX. 641 Broadway, desires to iu ? form hisuumerous and fashieuable lady patrons, that |^? he lias made arrangements for the right to manufacture the elegant elastic walking Boot, uow so fashionable in the highest circles in England and France. The recent im> movement in the elnssic stuff will enable him to innke Ins Loots and high shoes with all the elegance peculiar to his style of work, and yet without the trouble of lacings. This most valuable iuvention removes all the eoufmod pressure from the arch of the foot, while at the same time it affords an elastric spring in walking which cannot be appreciated without a trial. al4 lm*c SPRING STOCK OF BOOTH AND SHOES. SMITH Ik RI8LF.Y ^ TAKE THIS METHOD of informing their customers nrand purchasers in general, of their eitensive, and well seHlected assortment of Ladies,' Misses'and Children's Gaiters, Buskins, Slippers, Ike., of their own manufacture, ana a large stock of Peg Boots, Shoes and llrogaiis, selected with great care, and purchased for caali, which will Miable them to sell at the very lowest prices. N. B.?Store will be open until ten o'clock in the evening, giving Country Merchants an opportunity to examine their atock when not otherwise enraired. """" SMITH & RISLEY, 142 Chatham it., direct^ opposite the Chatham Theatre. m27 lm'rli L. WALSH & CO., J FRENCH BOOT and Shoe Makers, No. 6 Ann street, near the Museum, New York. Fine French Boots $3 .'1; French Imperial Dress Boots made to order $4 M, usually sold for (G it). Patent Leather Boots, Shoes, Gaiters and , .lers' coustautly on hand and made to order at the shortest notice. Rupairing, 8tc., done in the store. Quick sales and small prottfi is our motto. No. G Aim street, New York. m23 lm*rc " LOOK AT THIS. JUST RECEIVED, a large lot of Geutlemtn's S^W French Boots, the best and handsomest erer iu this city and will be sold at the low price of $A. Also all kinds of Gentlemen's Gaiters and Patent Leather Shoes, and all the different kinds of Boots and Shoes. Ladies, you will find in this store a great variety of Gaiter Boots, Slippers, Buskins, Ties, House Slippers, white and black satin do, white Kid do, and all other kinus and sizes, Misses' and Children's Boots and Shoes, Boys' Boots, Gaiters, Shoes and Slippers of all the various kinds', all of which will be sold cheap, at 367 Broadway, corner ol Franklin street. M. CAHILL N. B. Couutry merchants supplied by the package or dozen. ap2 lm*r NEW YORK, ALBANY AND TROY LINE FOR ALBANY AND TROY direct, from r ni*im sw^* the foot of Courtlandt street. The low prta SEBHBlaisure steamboat EMPIRE, Capt.R. B. Macy, at G o'clock. Regular Days, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. 0Passengers taking these Boats will arrive in time to take the morning Train of Cars from Troy West to Buffalo, and north to Saratoga and Lake George. (?/"" For Passage or Freight, apply on board, or at the office on the wharf. Steamboat COLUMBIA. Captain Wm. W. Tupper, Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, at G P. M. aL'n r AFTERNOON LINE. DA] L Y. mvs. FOR NEWBURGH AND FISHKILL, I* |PT| [|gTn~l^ Landing a^ Van Cortland's, (Peek* killW est i mm, oiiruiK aiiu woriiwui. i ne aiaamer Thomas Powell, Csnt. Saml. Johmon, will leave the pier foot of Warren street, lor the above placet, every afternoon (Sunday* excepted,) ?t I o'clock, commencing April 10. Reuniini.?willleav* New urgh every morningat 7 o'clock. N. B.?All Baggage and Freight of every description, Bank Bill* or SpCcie, put on board ol this boat, must be at the ritk of the owner thereof unlets entered ou the books of the boat or receipted for. apg-lm*r mbsi SCHUYLER It CO.'8 LINE FOR AL?N B A N Y. Daily. Freight taken at the lowest wSttflMHttarate*. Office 7 South street. alii lw*c CITIZEN'S NEW DAY LINE QK OPPOSITION IK 1 ATS FOR ALBANY AND INTERMEDIATE PLACES. Fare $1?Breakfast and Dinner on Board. Ma, The new and elegant Steamer METAMOC.jAllLwSRA. I apt. T. 8. Knight, Mondays, Wedues HiiMHHHudays, and Fridays, at hall'-|?*t <n, A. M., from the pier foot of Warren street, touching at Hammond street pier. The new and elegant Steamer ROGER WILLIAMS, Capt. A. Degroot, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, at half-past six, A. M., from the pier foot of Warren street, touching at Hammond street nier. For imssage or frieght, apply ?n board the Boats, or to Ueo. Dobaon, at the office, 126 Warren street, comer of West street. O" All persons are forbid traating the above boats on aoeount of the owners. aT r TIIK Proprietors of Steamboats wishing rLwiqihs?frBclls hung, would do well to |>ay a visit on board die steamboats Governor, Thomas Powell, Roger Williams, Utica, Palmetto, Princeton. Mountaineer, Iron Witcn, Cataline, 4tc., and rxamine H. Homch's improved style of Bell Hanging, expressly adapted for Steamboats. Put up ueat and strong, and warranted lor one year, by H. H.. No. 8 Ann street. m28 1m*r NOTICE. ?m?. BTATKN ISLAND FF.RRT.-On and r jto^IL??^ after SUNDAY, April 18th, the steamboats dSSBia SYLPH and S'i'ATEN ISLANDER will run ax tollow*, until further notice LUVC IT4TB5 IIUltD At 6, 8, 9, 10, II, A. Al., and I, 2, 3, 4. 3, G, 7, T. M. LEAVE NEW YORK At 7, 9, 10, II, A. M., and I, 2, ten minutes past 3, and at 4, 3, 6, 7, o'clock, P. M. New York April 13th. aiS r OCIKAN" STEAM NAVKtATll)N (luVfPAN Y. U. 8 MAIL LINK TO COWK8, AND SOUTHAMPTON. AND BRKMKN. THE tplrndid new steamship WASHINGTON, W* .iiJft.* 1730 tom burthen, Frederick Hewitt, Commander, will stnrt from New York on the 1st June next,carrying the United States Mail. She will touch at Cowes and Southampton to land passengers and freight, and deliver the mail* for England, France anil Belgium, and will then proceed to Bremerhaveii. The Waxhingtoii is built in the strongest manner,with a view to being converted into * ship of war. and subject at any time to inspection by ulficera appointed by the President, both during aud afterconalriirtion. She haa two engine* of luOG horse power each, and accommodations for 140 firat clue and 44 second class MttlMM. Passage from New > ork to Southampton, or to Bremen? First claa* $120 Second class ... GO Passage from Bremen or Southampton to New York. First class $130 Second class GO She will carry about IM>0 tons freight, which will be charged according to the nature of the goods offering. All letters must pass through the post office. Parcels, for which bills of lading will be signed, will be taken at $3 each. For passage or freight, apply at ptesent at the office of the Ocean Hteuin Navigation Company at 41 Broad street, and alter 1st May to No. 41 William slreet. Agents at Southampton?DAY, CROSRF.Y St ROSS. Bremen?IA. HKINEKKN & CO. Havre?WI LLI AM ISF.LIN. The second steamer of the line is in due course of construction, md w ill be in nndine^s in the ensuing fill. ,'I I in r JIISTTTOLDJHED THE KK1X US-ANCHOR : OR.YQUN4J SAILORS' ASSISTANT. tly William Brady, 8. fit., U, 8. -V. '17 HIS WORK, AS ITS TITLE IMPORTS, it designed i J- as an assistant for the juiiug Sailor through the sarioils branches of his arduous profession. It contains useful instructions in every department of seamanship, with am. pic directions, which will impart to the young officer a great deal of valuable information in the duties of his profession, and enable him to act in the most judicious manner in many trying 1 emcrgcuco s . . . ... iii addition to many suggestions, wnicn win prove v.tinanie to every grade of seamen, it contains inere thorough description* of the various Articles belonging lo the various classes of vessels, than any other work ever puhlished in this country; and is embellished with over seventy engravings, in illustration ofthe subjects treated of in its pipes. The work is furnished with over one hundred pages of tables, which are valuable, not only to the seafaring man, hut to all who are in any way interested in maritime pursuits. The entire work is contniiied in a volume of 450 pages, octavo, stereotype edition. It is Printed on fine paper, and hound in handsome style. For sale by R. L. Shaw, No. 222 Water street, New York; also, At the Sailors' Home, Cant Richardson; also, at the Seaman1* Friends jBociety, No. 82 Wall street; at (Join, Poole and Pentt's Shipping Office, No. 29 Burling Slin; and at most of the Nantieaf Store* and Stationers. New York. a20lw#r _ tltfc FOR BALK?The hull oI * vessel just launched, H3WV?nd now lying at Rahway port. She will carry about to 300 tons; 96 feet on deck, 23 feet beam. She will answer for canal, river, or coast service. Iiiqmre of the subscribers, at R-ahway, New Jersey. . ^ JOS. O. LUFBRRY, *lm*r H.R.1HOTWRLL debts contracted by the British MP3PSV i r* ALBION, from (ralway, will not he paid by JjllHKw'he captain or consignee. J. McMUURA V, dttCJtrC 69 South at. Afcj. IIKSON.S AllE HEREBY (AlTIONkD MrjraVl"'M" ?l"',.)or ?I"?T of the crrw of the llriti.h jw$J&wd>ip " DEFENCE." from Liverpool, hi no dfbta o( their contracting will lie paid by the Captain or Conaign.ea, tore M" FOB lTvKRPpOL.?Th? A I. coppered and eonji.rfaal.nfd Hritiah.hip ROYAL SOVKROOPJ I. . looil cominanda, having a connidernhle portion of b.r cargo engaged, will meet with quirk despatch. A f.wr calon paaae ngera can b. accommodated. Apply on board, or to JOSEPH McMURRAY, ?20tfic CA South at reef. rai. N'OTIf' K. ? Any <leM? cflntriCte d BV lb. cr.w of KfffVth. Briti.hthip ROYAL SOVF.RF.ION, will not iglaal||?1!ir paid by th. captain or consignee. 1 ' JOSEPH McMUURAY, a2fl 'itrr South atrcct ^ 0R. BARK HELEN, FROM OLABGOWwWUK. Consignees will plena* a.nd their permits on hoard JaMlUl?i" jthout delay. All goods not permitted in five ilaya, u,'"oid*b,yl,',fntt^Ooi)HuTL ft. MINTURN. ?l, 87 South atreet. PACK STB FOR IIA V RE?coud Line - The MRJwVpacket ahip IJTK A, Captain D. ?. Swan, will aail flWilr the Ut of.May. Ft 1 ^'^1 J' * | N?K "? n2t loin In- No M Wall sheet. Kill! N ANT/-The line, fist ssding hmk MAWKWVZEPPA. Wm. Oiberaon, imuter, having all her enrJBSplMtn engaged and loinf on board at Pier 11 E. R., will sail the 23th, and can handsomely accommodate 12 to 15 pMsengers. For i?usagg apply to WM. 8. TOOLE, all Jt-rc 17 South William tl W YO EW YORK, THURSDAY ] ADDITIONAL INTELLIGENCE RECEIVED 11Y T1IE STEAMSHIP CAMBRIA, AT BOSTON. IMPORTANT COMMERCIAL NEWS. ARRIVAL Or 8PS0XS. STATE OF THE EUROPEAN CORN TRADE. THE COTTON MARKET. The Emigration to America. die. die. die. The purchase of Freuch stock by thu F.mpsror of Russia, uoii the affairs of Spain, bad excited very great attention In. the money market circle. Tbe principal iutsrust of the Parliamentary proceedings relates to Irelaud. Tbe battle in tbe popular branch of the Legislature is still a Poor Law?so that the government measures have been debated at great length' and amid much opposition?the amendments have bean various, but mostof tbe moves shared the same defeat.? Lord Morpeth has introduced a bill into Parliament. which proposes to establish a board in Londen for protecting the health of towns, and regulating ail measures bearing upon that object. Tbe bill proposes to secure for the lower classes In the great counties the advantages of improved air. light, and water?the details of the measure are volumnious. A letter from Constantinople states that iu conscqueuco of the large quantities of corn lately exported to Europe, seme disturbance bad taken place at Snlonica; they were at lost put down, but tbe I'asha, in order to avoid the chance of a civil outbreak, has forfur (ho nroNont. ftirflior o* norf *(Inn nf irmln The great fust, on account of the famine, win quite rigidly licld throughout tlio British islands.' Tho distress that exists in all parts of France is very great, and in some departments, carts and boats ludcu with corn, have to bo accompanied by detachments of soldiers, to save them from being pillaged by the people. It is reportod that the tlrst steamship, conveying the French mails, will le&vo Havre about the first of next month for New York. All the inhabitants of the town of Eglesbach, in the Grand Duchy of Hesso-DarmstadtlUOO in number, have requested permission to be allowed to omigrate to the United States. .The number of emigrants has been really extraordinary, and in April aud May will be yet greater.? Throughout all Germany extensive preparations are making for emigration to tho States; indeed, somo districts aro threatened with complete depopulation. [From the Boston Advertiser. April 31.] The Hteampacket Cambria, Captain Judkins. arrived hero last evening, her approach being announced by telegraph at 4 o'clock. Slio made her passage in It) days Our files of London papers are to the 3d lust., and 1'ari* papers to tho 1st Inclusive. She has brought 76 passengers from Liverpool, besides 60 who were left at Halifax, and 9 from Halifax. Tho Cumbria litis brought out in specie ?390,000, having left ?30.000 at Halifax. x in- uhhii. rmiaraanie article oi intelligence is that ot the reaction of the corn market. There had been a suddon fall in the prices of grain of every description, in England. Ireland and Krnnru. This change appears to have orison not so much from an excess of quantity, notwithstanding the large importations, as from a panio among tho speculators, who had become alarmed at the high prices. The greatest change is in the price of Indian Torn, which reached its grcutest depression about March '48th. April 1st. It was sidling at Liverpool at 47* to 60s per quarter, which was 4s to 6s higher thau in the beginning of the suuie week. The iVrtery Ttlt^rapK of April 1st. says that '' on the 10th of February Indian Corn sold freely at ?18 to ?18 6s per ton, and it is now with difllculty disposed of at ?1-4 to ?1-4 10s per tou, being a full of ?8 per toil.'' Amerirau flour had declined withiu that period from 46s to 30s a 40s. The prices however had somewbut recovered in the principal markets at the latest dates, and were apparently unsettled, depending much on the prospect of foreign arrivals. In France tho fluctuutious had been as great us in England. , The British funds were without raateriui variation, hut subject to fluctuation. Sales of consols at the last dates were made ut H8'u a 881,'. Scrip of the new loun X a 7, premium. Tho French 3 per cents nt Paris were at78f66e Five per cents 116f. 66e The quarterly account of the Bank of France, published March '46th. reports the amount of cash on hand nt 70.785.748 francs, bullion in l.oudon 7.946,1-48 francs. Mr. Bancroft, our .Minister In F.ngland. left London ou the -49th ult., on a short visit to Paris Mrs Bancroft was present at tho (Queen's drawing room a few days hefore. The question between (ireeco rind the Porte was still unsettled, ami there were contradictory nccounts as to the part which sonio of the ( ourts would take in flu. ufTnlr. The Liverpool Chronicle cstlmntes the <|iiart'tv of specie likely to be brought out by the Cambria, nt nlx.ut .?.'>00.000. and the amount during tbo month, by this steamer, the Sarah Sands and Caledonia, a little short of a million. The Cotton market at Liverpool. had Improved since, the 20th, the date of our last previous accounts, and pricea had nearly reached the rates quoted at the commencement of the last month. The sales of cotton during the month amounted to 116:100 bales. Thorn nun also ail improvement in tlio cotton trade at Manchester. The prices of iron were without change. The British Parliament had adjourned for the Easter holidays. Their proceedings for the preceding week present nothing or particular intorest. The Courier He Marteille of the QOtb. says?" We aro enabled to state tliat the struggle which has so long existed between the Marseilles ami Trieste routes is ut last terminated. The English government has given orders that the steamer Ardent, which had been placed at the disposition of Mr. Waghorn for his different trials should return to Malta, And It arrived there on the 16th The English government has delluitiveiy adopted the Marseilles route." A correspondent writing from Paris, says: "The letter signed Lola Montcs. and published by the Timet with a leading article to express its gratitude to the lady for selecting it as her "orguu" is a forgery, as well as one half of the stories abroad about that lady. The Jesuits are annoyed to tlnd that they have lost a large portiou of their influence iu Bavaria, and they are therefore doing all in their power to cast ridicule upon tho King, whom they now consider their worst enemy. It is on this Hcmiimt lluit tlii* iifluir i,f I ..In Mouti.v 11H11 I mailt- an much of. Ilad a* it I*. ami no ono will defend it. the King'* conduct in not quite ao ubaurd a* ia represented." ^.We have iigain the gratification to announce, Rays the London I'ait, the a|iproach of an event calculated to increaao the domestic happiness of our Sovereign nml the I'rince ? onaort. Iler Majesty'* accouchement, it I* confidently atutee, will take place in August next The < eiitrul Kellef ( onimlttee of the Society of Friend* at Dublin, acknowledge the receipt, by the < amlirla. of donationa from tliia country for the relief of the nllTering Irish. amounting to ?7000 Prince .lulea de Polignae; the laat triiuiater of Charles the Tenth of Franco, dicil on the 27t.h ult., at St. (Jer- ] maln-cn-Laye. where he had been living in retirement dnoe lie waa rcleaaed from confinement at Ham He w.ia 07 yeara of age. and leave* nix children. Ilia young- i i>r brother. Count Mclchln de Pollgnac. formerly an aidrle-camp of' baric* X. I* still living Ilia elder brother, the Due dc Polignac. died about a month before. The inauguration of Prince Albert aa Chancellor of Cambridge t.'uivcrslty took place at Iluckingbani palace, in London, on theSAthof March. A large deputation from the University, and many other member* arrived at the Palace to mount at the ceremony They were received in the Throne Room, where l)r Phllpott. tho Vine Chancellor, delivered an addreM to the Prince. After taking the oath* of supremacy. Ike , and other cernmouicH. and the delivery of a Latin oration by Rev. Dr. Crick, the Prince made an address. In the evening a good dinner wa* given at the Palace to the deputation and other gueat*. The Bank of England return of March 27th report* 1 the nmm. t of note* itemed ?24.320,340. tiold coin in , the ieeuti department ?8,820.737. Silver, ?1.409,803. Public depoeito* ?8.810.287. Other depoeite*,?0.403.132 J Note* in the hanking department X4.H7ti.OIA. (told and liver coin ?685,343. t Daniel O't'onncir* health bail improved ami hi' hart j gone to the Continent On the J7th of March he left Pari* on hie way to Home Or. Chomel. the King's phy Ician, wu* of opinion that if he woulil avoirt political excitement, he might recover hie health. The lielfast tftwi I.'ttrr of the 13rt tilt, speak* ofgeneral gloom throughout the manufacturing district* iluring the preeerting week Cloth* anrt yarn* were ilKTlciilt it eale at Manchester, anrt lower price* hart to be submitted to. The cotton innrket eontinueil exeeeillngiy lepresseil The rtemanrt for cotton hosiery had been rery much reduced, in consequence of the Increase of the hosiery trade in the United Htatc*. The Hoard of Admiralty have entered Into a contract with the Peninsular and Oriental Steam Navigation "ompanv, for armed mall steamer* to Vigo. Oporto, billion, Caul*, nnil Gibraltar, to Hail the 7th, 17th, anrt 27lb it each month, from Southampton. The Queen of the French ha* forwarded some article* Lobe sold at a grand bazaar, which I* to be opened at r.heltenham, In aid of the distressed Irish The F.thlopian Harmonists were at Liverpool on the Id last. RE H MORNING. APRIL 22. 18 Mlacellanroua. Th Ministers of the IniU't States iu Kraucu and I tWJJon. have been received by the Wing. The bouse of Siua (a V Iennu.uas been <1 ju !gcd by a court of justice to pay l.HOO.bOU dorms (.?10" O^O) to Messrs Allman. of Pestli. as their share of tue profits on thutobucco contract with the Austrian (io> eminent fur a single yu.i r. The Municipal f'oune'l of Paris had rototl a rum of 7i0,0OO francs to bo employed in bread tic'ui ts f.r the indigent population of that capital, during the lirst foituight of April The city had already granted for that object, since the 10th of November lust, fi.'i'JI.MS francs Tho distress in Poland in as grant us over. It t? said lliNt the nobility. with but few exceptions. ore not favorable 10 Russia, but they du not enjoy the confidence of the peasantry The run on the Parts savings' bank not only continues but increases. Tlic deposit* on the Mist and '-"id ult . amounted to 487,l98f. and tbc withdrawal* to 859.707f. ?a difference of ?15,000 sterling The Senate of Krunkfort has suspended the duty upon tho import of rioc. until Septumlier next. Most of the other Statue of thv Zollverelu have already taken the ame measure. Accounts from Turiu reprcseut the King of Sardinia to he duugurously ill. The Pope has ordered general gus works to he constructed beyond the walls of Home, in order to light the streets and supply private consumers. M. Wutceki. the Kuvoy of the K ranch government, departed for La Plata ou too 18th ult. The Kmpuror of Russia has issued an ukase declaring that Jews in the aruiy shall he allowed to rise to the rank of lieutenant. Accounts from tho Karoo Ides state that ou tho 14tli and Ibth of January a fall of ashes took place there. Tho Caucasians have massacred a whole tribe who had joined the Russians. They did it treacherously, while pretcuding friendship. Advli-A* wnri> pni?i,ivnil in P?rU tlinl I "P'l PaImarainn had again urged tho cabinets of Vienna and St. Petersburg, to make a formal declaration respecting the marriage of the Duke and Duchess of Montpensier, ami that It was probable that tho cabinet of Vienna would speedily eoniply'wlth thiM request, and that It inula would adhere to it. The Journal iln Uehatt announces the death, at Nancy. in his 73d year, of the celebrated Count Urouot, Lieuteiiant-t icncral of artillery. Napoleon said of Count Drouot, that " his niorulitv. probity and simplicity, would have dono honor to tue epoch of Cineinuatus." Napoleon bequeathed him 100.000 francs, which he expended in acts of beneflnenne. The ,/lugshurg Gazrttr of the 17th ult. announces that tho differences so long existing between the King of Naples and bis brother the Prince of Capua huvo been arranged. The King is to pay to the Prince the six years' arrears due of his annuity. The Princess is to nave the title of Duchess of Mascali, and to be received at court. The Agricultural Congress, now sitting in Puris. lias declared formally against freu trade. Of late, the free trade movement has lost a great deal of ground in France. The receipts of the Zollvoreln during 1846 were a great deal inferior to those of the (preceding year, owing, no doubt, to the high price of food'and the scarcity of money. The Zollverein is "stiU bent on effecting a treaty of commerce with tho United States, and negotiations for it have been, or are about to be. resumed. Prusalu and Austria intend to reduoe their armies. Prussia has recommendad to the Oeriuan Diet a law according certain liberty to the press, and Bavaria nnd Wurtemburg have notified their intention of supporting it. Tho ex-Dictator of Cracow, M. Tysoffski, has taken his departure for the United States. lie would probably have been condemned to death, or. at least, to imprisonment for life, for the leading part ho took in the late Polish outbreak, had lie not consented toucructual banish muiit to America. Tho Austrian (Jovornincnt hiiH sent liiui out, mill hart Riven orders to itn Minister nt Washington to help him to got hi* living Wo loam that tho Kronch ministry has just refused tho Prince Jerome Napoleon Ilonapartu. ?on of tho KxKing of Westphalia, tho permission to pnss a fortnight at I'arix with his sister. the PrlncuHH Mathilde DeinidolT. Certain family arrangements required his presence there. The stoam corvette Cassini sailed from Toulon. Mareh ISth. for the I.a Plata, having on board Mr. Wtileski. the Kuvoy of tho French government to the Argentine Republic. The t'assinl was to proceed to the Island of bourbon uud the < hiua Sous, to remain abroad three years The King of Holland had been dangerously 111. The latest bulletins announce some Improvement. Mad'lle Mars, tho celebrated actress, died at Paris on the '.20th ult . at the age of O'J. Tho Pope has commissioned a number of artists from amongst the tirst in Italy, to execute.partly from origiuul portraits, partly from medals and coins, the likenesses of all the sovereign pontiffs his predecessors, ('26B in number) that these may be copied in mosaic, to adorn the basilica of Ht. Paul, where a similar series perished in the lire. The pictures will afterwards be permanently placed in the Vatican Museum. The Kiigllalt Opinion of the Attack on Vera t'ruz. fKrom the I.ondon Chronicle 1 The attack on Vera Crux appears still to stand; tliat is to say. if the yellow fever aud the Mexicans permit the troops stationed in the north of the province to ndvance by land through the pusses. Our corn spondent has estimated the attacking force st seventeen thousand men. We have not the slightest hesitation in saying, that if in any manner tlio United States can contrive to congregate that number of men In the neighborhood of Vera Crux, the town must infallibly fall. The .Americans in sheer fighting will knoxk the Mexicans to pieces ?of that there can be no doubt, it would only b?> on martini prowess that the result oould depend, for the L'uited Stales by sea could keep their army well supplied and viotusltcd. Tlio puxxle is, however, to st o iiow inueli I lorti.or f ?rward the L'uited States will be eveu when tlioy have \.on Vera' rux Th"'r pisn is. it is sai J. to advuuto upon .Mexico jliielf, by Jalapa and i'erote ; but, unless we are much mistaken, this liepe Is about as visionary as that of Napoleou upon Moscow. There is but ore thing w know oi tbut is more iliiheuit for the United btat -s army than to get to Mexico, and that would be to get back again to V'era Crux, 'i he expectation of a successful advuiu'e is, however, out of the question. Two gaunt epecwos, Itisease aud Kami lie. stand in the pusses betwceo Vera Crux aud Mexico, and waive the invaders hack. Irelntitl. The state of Ireland is improving. The areounts rec rived of (he result of the rarrying Into effect the goneral order for the dismissal of a fifth Dart of the laborers on the public work*, show that destitution has hern greatly exaggerated: and in some districts xrruex of turbulence have occurred, although, generally, the poor people have xubuiittcd with exemplary patience. In xouie dlxtrlctx the order had not been enforced. Thine* relief menaurcx will xoon be in operation in xovnriil of the count iex where the government arc receiving local co-operation. In the city of Dublin, the preliminary arrangementx have nil been completed, and rntcx will xoon be declared for relieving the deititute. Krancci In the Freneh Chamber of Deputlex the xuhject of electoral reform wax brought forward by M Uuvergiur do llauranue and oppoeed by the government. On a divixlon, Miuixturx had a majority of !*H. the numbers being 161 in favor and ugainxt the motion The Courrhr h'rancait announcee that M. Oulzot Ix about to visit the bathi of Hotubourg Thix journey ix to coineiilo with the ai rival of I'rlnce Metterulch at JohanniNherg. ' Where. axkx the Courritr h'runrait, " ix to be place.I the cauip of the cloth of gold ' The indixcretionx whieh art xoiuctimex committed at the Foreign Oftice liave not informed us whether the interflow lietiveon thexe two wortliy perxouages ix not Intake place at Johannixberg itself" The Siiclr xtat.rx Unit the pcrxonx relieved by the city of Parlx down to the '.13d of March amounted to 489,000 The number of bread ticketx to be dixtrlhuted in April Ix extimuled by tile xnmo journal at 3.6.'>0,000 and the whole expenxe at 1.460.OOOf. The " Inauguration" of the Parix and Havre Itail Road look plnee on the l!)th tilt The train containing the perxonx invited by the ndminixtration. and which left I'arix at 7 o'clock, A. M . arrived at Havre at I. There Lhey were met by the iiuthuritiex and the parish priext if the church of Notre Dame. who. axxixted by the eler(y of Hnvre. Ingouville. and Oraville. performed thecereinoiiy of the lienediction of the road. The administraion hail voted a mini of II,000f. whieh wax dixtributod inning the Indigent at Rouen. Ilavru, and along the Hue; md. after partaking of a collation, the company took .heir departure far Parix. where they arrived at half post 10 I' M . liming travelled 111 leagues (MO miles) in I'H, lours. I tnl jr. betters from Rome of the Hth luxt. announce that, iiiinng tile papers soiled on a refugee implicated in the net conspiracy discovered at Anconn, were several doeu?l,,.D...I A.l.t.l. ....J ? <1... ...... I|||II|1I1IIK l..?"ope* government. Thoae paper* h iving been forwnrd d to Homo, < ardtnal Oixxi. the Secretary of Statu, tinlicdiately addrcaaed a notp to the Austrian ambassador, ipprlsing liirn of the fact, and demanding an explanaIon. Tne latter having contented himself with merely icknowledglng the rcollit of the note, the cardinal *rnto him a second, which nlsn remained without a roily. The I'ope, indignant at hi* conduct, aent for the imhn.vflador, who hastened to wait on hi* hollneaa. I'hclr interview wa* aaid to hive been very animated, mil when the I'ope conducted the amhasaador to the loor, he told him. In the presence of the attendant* ' I ynu my blcaalng; hut you may write to your loverelgn that, if he expect* to intimidate me. he i* [really mlataken." One of thoee letter* mentioned that he ambassador waa to ?|uit Home on the evening of the IHth. IvTr.anin AmntiVATioa or iitr. I'on:.?A few day* igo. a young man wasarrestod at Kome. in a eoffee-houae requented by foreign artists for having apoken dlareipectfully of the Pope He called blmaelf fount Baldl. i i native of Kami, and in Ilia lodgings aeveral polgnards, i klr-guna. and other prohibited arina. were found Heat ( Irat would give no explaiiutien. hut at laat elated that < le had intended to aaaaaalnate Piua IX on the day on i vhlch hi* llolineaa ahould diatribute rellgloua banner* to I he different quarter* of Home -He I* aald to lie lmpli- : ated in the ronaplrary recently discovered at Rome and t ucona. ?(Jalifnani. 1 I.1JU - " - - " " ? ? *[ERA 47. Spain. Thu following description ot the aflalrs in Spain Is from the London Chronicle ;? The accounts which w?' receive from Madrid describe the ntn'" of nffnirs In that cupital as becoming daily wore and more alarming. It is impossible ibat matters can ioug remain us tlicy lire now. The dispute between the Queen and her Minister* ban arrived ut such a pitch hat there is little or no personal communication t ctwe?n theiu 'the Queen desires to ~et rid of the present t alt net and has culled Upon the Duke de Hot?luayor to rc-tgn; but the Minister und his colleagues, instead of implying with the commands of their Hove reiga. have recourse to 1ho t'urtcr, which is packed witii their mih"rents and having without difllcnlty not a r>>rulied vote of coufldcncu trom that tractable assembly, they set the Queen at detiuiiec. and keep tl.eir places in avowed opposition to her wishes. The Qu. en is. iu fact kept in a species of moral constraint She is a Little better than a prisoner. ller power is merelv nnml.iui When aim declared her intention to nut riil of the Mlnistry. she found she was virtually deprived of lier prerogative. for uono of her Minister* would go through thu aopenary oereuiouy of countcrsigning tli? royal ordinance dismissing them The Ministers. therefore, ruuiulu in office by force, and the Hueeu 1m virtually deponed Nor in lain all. Kvery one supposed to enjoy the Queen's confidence in removed from the puluce, aud the ouly intercourse she is allowed id with the creatures of the Ministers Even her cousin utid sister-in-law, the Duchess of Sessa (oue of the daughters of Don Kranelseo de I'aula.) lias been sent away from Madrid, and ordered to travel in foreign lauds, because she has the misfortune to be considered a friend of the Queen's Another affair. which is part and parcel of the same system. Is the prosecution to which (icnural Serrano is at the present moment suhjecled It having come to the knowledge of the Minister that General Serrano possessed luoro of the Quern's confidence tlieu was i|ultc consistent with his own safety, he at once determined to get the tlcncral sent out of Madrid, and for that purpose he offered him honors aud high commands at a distance; but Ocncral Serrano, who has always been opposed to tho present < nbinot. refused to accept office under it. and he Is therefore to be prosecuted for disobedience to orders. What the next act of violence may be it is impossible to guess. It is said that tlm Duke da Hotoinnyer and his adherents have actually some project of deposing Queen Isabella, and placing her sister upon the throne' We should hope that they are not so mad as even to entertain such a project; out, be this as it may. the orgnus of the government do not hesitate to hint at the plan us bell g not at all improbable. Tho most odious calumnies ure circulated with respect to the Queen by the dominant puny, iu oraer 10 justify tin net tho very idea of in of itself treasonable. But wo shall not further allude to them for tho present. Tho Journal drs Debuts of the 1st Inst, has Madrid dates to tho '17th. at which date a ministerial change was considered inevitable. The Marquis of MiraBores it was said would be charged wi.b the formation of u cabinet, and that it would embrace the following persons:?Messrs Arruzola, Salamanca, Benavidcs, llos do Uluno, Muraucdo, and I'ena Aquayo. Portugal. In Portugal matters seem to be vergiug to a crisis. Saldanha has announced his ultimatum to the Court at Lisbon, to retiro from his command unluss lie be furnished with additional troops and money. 11c also insists on application being made to the Spanish government for its intervention. Humors are afloat to the effect that tho civil quarrel will, with the consent of all parties, be submitted to the arbitration of the British government Denmark. The King of Denmark had determined to grunt a constitution to his subjects. His majesty, insteud of proceeding by ordiuunce, had convoked at Copenhagen a commission of twenty-eight members, elected by the State Assemblies. Those assemblies, four in number, were to meet during threu days, in order to choose each sevon commissioners. If. after deliberating in common, the delegates of thosu assemblies should agree on the basis of a constitution, the King would promulgate it in the Iform thoy recommended. It was added, that the government would shortly propose to the States to declare the crown of Denmark hereditary iu the mnlc line. Orecw. From Athens wc learn that tho Tureo (ircclau difference does not appear to be near all end. By tho Krench steamer a note was addressed to M. Argyropulo, the firoek Charge d'Affaires, with directions to lay the sauio before the Turkish Minister for Korolen Affairs from what run be learned of tho content* ol' this uoto, it appear* that M. ('oletti has requested tho Sultan to nominate another minister in the place of M. Musuris. after which the Kiug of Greece will (five every reasonable satiufartion that Ilia Imperial Migesty may demand. The Sultan, however, is tirm in adhering striotly to the letter of the Urst note addressed by the I'orte to M Colett i. India. Muring the course of tlie month two muilx from India have reached l.oudon. by whirl) we have received udvtves to the following dates:?Calcutta, Feb. JO; Bombay. Feb. tl'J and Mureh 'J; and < liina. January Jrt. The ulfuirs of Lahore continued to require tlio utuioxt vigilance and activity uf the officers employed there. Colonel Lawrence aud hix assistants aduiinixtered tint government to the best elluct. and the inhabitants had some hopes of improving their condition under the British rule, it wax stated that uo troops would be seut to the frontier station at 1'axliawur. Some of the uiouutaiueers in the llazareb districts liad revolted, but their forces had been routed by the young chief called Gholab Singh, who. although possessing the same name, is not of the family of the Maharajah of Jommoo. The insurrection is xuid to bu owing to the dislike entertained by tlie people to the rule of Gholab Singh; and if this lie correct, it says hut little for tlie policy which established that chief in so important a position in the Sikh kingdom. Raj ah La! I Hugh has been taken to Agra, aud placed with his family in the fort, where tlie celebrated gates of Soninaulh are still in durnnee vile Sir John Littler has been appoint* d to tlie command of ihc t'unjaub division of idle army, comprising tho whole of tho troops on the ri/ht bank of the Suttcj: Colonel Wlicler is 10 bo n brigadier of the tlrsi class,and to command in the Jiillunder lJurib: and ColonelCampbell is to be a brigadier of the first class, una to command at Lahore. Great . xeitcrient had been caused at the coart of Pethawur by the information that a British ohiccr was comiiig to take charge of the province. We also learn mat the hands of ransomed Indians which the biiti. h government had obtained from Dost .' iiihomad, had cronscd the Indus at Attoclc. There is lu i/e .- I i.ri-HJ III money uc I num. l>u..t lbomcd rcmn.ii"'! therein -jq'et. Tlie principal item* "f ' clnde nows arc that Sir ( ha* N'uj'i r 1m* taken hut departure fur llydi ntid tlint a party of Jacob'* llnrwi nua achieved a trifling aueccs* over the Hough tie*. Sir I hurt"* Napier had bailed a general order. dated hi i"l juarter'' Kurrachuc, January JS. fruui which ill " following arc extract* :? "The urmy of Hc'.ndcl* ori?red to lie broken on, and the number of troop* redui ed, ao aa. in lulure, t<> form tlin ordinary garrison of a frontier province. 'I bin, an regard* the interior tranquility of Kclnde. might have been done two year* ago. Hut the character of the Lahore government and of It* troop* made it noeeaaary for the government of India to keep an army in Helnde The portion* of the Nabha territory which had been eonttacated have been made over, partly to the Itajiih of i'uttenlah, and partly to the Mulioniedan chief of Mulhair Kotelee, "In teatimony of the opinion entertained by tlie (iovernor tieneral of the value of tile naaldtanre rendered by Ulnae States to tlie army during the campaign on tlie Sntlej.'' The rebel* in <iooin*oor were at ill In arm*. A coin miaaion. however, had been appointed to inquire into atfiiirH. and it wax hoped that furtliur lioatiliti** miglit be avoided. The uiiaory which prevail* in the rural district* of the wukturn presidency of India I* unuileviated Knslilou* for April. (From London and I'aria Ladle* Magazino of V'aabion | The new tafleta* and ailk* intended for redlngote* are very elegant; foulard*, pekina. und ailk* of every variety atrlped. checked. jasper* moire*, or in Arabic design* with barege* toile* de ( hine tarlatnue*, nankin* de aoie, and organdy, with colored pattern* on a black ground, are all faaliionahle. black continue* a* much in favor ua ever, but at till* Hcason the material I*, of eourae. of -lighter texture In Ihr tunk>> of drcaaca there will lie liut little change ; many rcdingotc* will bo worn, and many drome* with tight. bodle- and alcove*; al-o peig nnlr-. with dcml-wlde alccva, -bowing tlio under one of white mu-lln. richly embroidered Hlnck lure -till form* the rlche-t trimming, either for redingnte- or pelerine*, also for flounce- in three or four row*,or narrow lare put on -pirally. or en echelle gimp-, fringe- and anulaclic will bo u*ed on the -pring dre**ea, particularly a new kind, with pearl edge Some dre-*o- of poult ile aoie are made with revera. embroidered in -hailed rolnr* kancy atraw bonueta, Intermixed with lace are \cry fu.-hion able ; and ernpe. mixed with -traw form pretty eapotea. aome ernpe bonnet- are covered with laee. which aometlmea forma a deml-voilette ; on the edge roaea or jar denit rea wreath* are tilnccd under there lace-, und vile much elegance to the bonnet llonn?t* made of bali-tc de Chine of it- natural eolor. lined with pink. blue, or li lac crape or gall xc, form >1 pretty novelty the material ia very tine and light Mower* will ho very much worn to ornament the interior a-well an the exterior of bonnet thia -prllig Foliage of life lit eolor. u- the acacia, or dark, a- the cbc-tnut. will he u-ed on atraw bonnet*; exotica, with large petal-, will ornament crape bonnet- ; wliil-t the utore -ill!file flower- of our garden- will be rc inlred for pallia* <le rl? The Noemie bonnet-are of crape, covered with tulle a la nivge and Diet . and the flower- thai ornament them are of the mo-t delicate dcacriptlon. or marabout*. The pompadour i* of paille do rl*. with wreath of pompadour ribbon k or the public dejeuner- a new -tyle will he Introduced, th* |ietit boril bernala, made of white -traw. ornamented with Held flower*, or a wreath of ro-e- or -Ingle feather Very ainall manleaux have been worn of green or violet velvet, trimmed with two row* of broad black lace, one at the edge, and the other above It. and a third row at the throat , thl* -tyle will he adopted In talTetaa of every color Mantcline* arc a mixture of the vtiltc and mantelet made of groa de Naplea. trimmed with lace or fringe In match, with open heading, and aurinoiinted by a re-cuiix of application. The Corn Trixric of Rmtipr. [From the Mark banc k.xpreaa, March'W ] Several circuraataacea have conildncd to impart great dullneaa to the grain trade. F irally. we have had uninterruptedly line weather foraapaee of nearly a fortii'ght; tod. though It may be i|Uo#tloneil, whether the audilen rliange* which have taken place from great warmth luring I he day time to -harp Iroat at night, can la- conlitlcrcd altogether favorable to vegetation, an long n* wo have bright aunahine and an unrloiided aky at till* period of the year everything laauhpn-cd to he going on well Another cauae of drpreaainn haa been the audden cea atlon of the Iriah demand, und a material falling oil lu LD, Prtcn Two VmiIi. the inquiry for wheat and flour for shipment to K ranee; and last, though not leant large arrival* at l.lvcrpoot from the United State* and abundant supplies of Indian corn at fork front vurinus quarter*. V\'u are. however. disposed to attribute the downward movement more to the efb et produced on the uilud*of I" th sellers und buyers by the tine weather than to any thing else. The sow ing of spring corn baa been proeerded with, aud .a very large proportion of the work ha* been finished in n highly satisfactory manner Not withstand in;.' the occupations in the fields, farmer* have managed to keep tin* market* in the agricultural dietrict* tolerably well supplied, the de*ire to profit by the existing high rates being very gener 1 The quantity of wheat brought forward bus proved fully eoual to the demand H-1 sine the failing off in the purchases on French ao ennui prices (.1 i>'( iirncic nave receded 'J*. per quarter u' koi-ru! oITIk leading shipping ports on the east coaat Tho dull account* from London of Monday, have. no doul>l. ussisted to bring aliout tbia result; and. from present appearance*, a furtber dapraaaion aaauia more likely to occur tbau any immediate rally. At the leading town* in Yorkehire very little buainaaa ba." been done, acllera having been unwilling to accada to the tnrniH uttered by buyer* Tbe report* from Hull and Lecd*. of Tuesday, are without tbe slightest intercut ; at both place" price* were quotod two shilling* par quarter lower At Waketluld. ou Krlduy. buaineas was not *o dull, uud the Mule" mud* were at rate* within on* shilling pur uuarter of those current on that day hc'iinight. The stock of wheat at that port was eatfmuted ut only til,two quarter* From the western uud north-western parts of the kingdom, the advices are to the full as dull as t'romth* place* already referred to. At Birmingham. ou Thuraday, with a smaller quantity of farmers' wheat ou sale than on that duy week, it whs necessary to submit to a reduction of two to three shilling" per quarter to induce purchaser" to come forward ; uud at Bristol, Gloucester, and neighboring places, tbe decline has been to about the suuie extent By our Scotch advices it appears that the dull accounts from the soutli lind had considerable effect; and wheat, barley, and oats had all beeu offered at reduced rates as well ns at F.dlnhtirgh and (ftnagow The reports from Ireland are of a more cheering character, the receipts of Indian corn. meal, fctc . had utforded seasonable relief; and an important decline having taken place in prices, the extreme want previously prevailing, bnd in some measure abated. In the uorthcrii and eastern parts of the island, farmers had made fair progress with the sowing of spring corn, but it is to be apprehended that in the south and west a good deal of land will remain uncultivated, owing to the destitute state of the peasantry, and their inability to raise the money for the purrhase of seed. The arrival" of wheat coastwise into Loudon have been quite niodurutc. only 3,!M0 quarters having corns to hand up to this (fluturday) evening; neither has the qnantity brought forward at Mark-lane by land-carriag* samples been by any means large, but, the Inquiry hav ing been exceedingly ?low, the supply liu proved fully c<|Uh1 to the demand The sale of Knglish flour hue been greatly Interfered with by the pressing manner in which American ban been pushed ou the market. The nominal top price of town-made has undergone no change, but ship aamplea liave boon offered 1*. per nark lower Good brands of United States were in lomo ranee sold, ou Kriday, at le to 'Is per l)arrel below the currency of Monday The arrivals of hurley have been quite moderate, vie : l.oai <|uarters coastwise und W.M1 quarter* from abroad Choice qualities ior sowing have met with some attention, and for the best descriptions late rates have beeu maintained ; secondary ami Inferior sorts have, en the other hund. been very difficult of disposal, though offered at rather reduced rates In malt the operations have been on quite a restricted scale, and the turn Una been decidedly in favor of the buyer The market bus been very scantily supplied with Kuglish and Scotch oats, and from Irelaud there have been no further urrivnis ; the receipt of 'ifl.919 quarters from abroad lias, however, prevented any tiling like scarcity being felt The greater part of the foreign oats lately received have been of very inferior quality ; and these have, consequently, been extremely difficult to null even at an abatement of Is per quarter. Hue corn has been in fair request for seed, andj several parcel# "of Scotch have beeu taken for Irclund from 3tis to 4'ia per quarter lb-ans have become nlrnost unsaleable, and on Kriday it was impossible to place even handsome parcels except at reduced prices Peas have also moved off very slowly. with the turn against tin- seller. Floating cargoes of Indian t orn have heeu freely offered at prircs da to da per quarter below those of Mon day without tempting purchasers, and but very few bar guius haw been closed The advices from the continent of Kurope are of a more subdued character than has been the ease of late , and the tendency of prices was. about the middle of the mouth, dim nwards,*at the leading ports lu tho north of Kurope The weather seems to have been very fine all over the eoutineul; aml^a benefit likely to accrue from a fine spring to the wffnW sown wheat has. uo doubt, been the principal cause which has operated to produce the reaction in the grain trade Kroin Dining we learn under dntu of dOth March, that holders of wheat had rather given way, still prices were very high there, 6Hs to *Us per quarter having been paid for higli mixed in granary, and litis toftHs for parcels de liverablo in four or live weeks after date for sale The weather had fur some days been mild, aud It was caleu lated that the ice in ttie Vistula would break up by about tlie end of the month I barters bad been closed at the following rates: k'or Liverpool. 4s I id to 6s per quarter; for Antwerp, 30 llorius per last, aud for Havre, 3Hf per last, with lo per cent. At Stettiu. on Die 'idd lust , business was very quiet it was expected that the navigation would in a few days be open; notwithstanding which but few bargains had been closed in Wheat, and pries had reuiainednominally unaltered. Heil Pomeranian nud Silesiun. of 69 lbs weight, had been steadily held at 67s.. aud white Stlesian, of t he same weight at ?>hs per qr . free on Imard From Hamburg our letters urc of Tuesday last, since f lic previous post duy the value of wbeat bad undergone rather mi i ill port nil t decline, iinii good heavy parrel* of rod. aucli af lutti a wrck before been worth 7Mh . hud beeu lr<? iy offered at 76a per quarter, free on hoard, Therem nuii iiad been canard hy the lino woathor. and tha taiiiug "IT in the French demand. ft I loin the southern porlethr arrounta "f the Wheat trade ?till continue of rather a lively rhuracter. Letter" from l eghorn, ol the IHth inal . atato that parchaaf.i of Wheat had been made there for tho Homau Mute; e lot h, with a good demand for local ronaumptiou, had r.:, I former prima to he well aupported l arge arrival" of Wheat from I-irypt were expected; but It wae not thought that the auppllea from tbenee would affect price* At Trieate, ,,n the ItUh March. Wheat waa nlao in good reque?t, ami ratiier denrrr 'The atoeka were much reduced. which would. It waa calculated, prevent any reduction in quotation*. In thorn parta of France which inually draw a portion ot their auppliea from ftpatn, pricra liavc riacn conalderably, in couaequence of tho prohibition of the export from the latter country, but at I aria and the aurrouiiding towna both Wheat and Flour had receded materially I aim ton Ktiinnclnl Attnlia. (From tlie Liverpool Mercury, April a.] > "k-miii i . v* coiieauuy r.vening Notwith*tiiiidlng tho RunkO Krcnch convent Ion (whereby tin- coffer* "f the Hunk of krone# received fin influx of XI 000. (100 ) niul tlia large purcha*e of rent* by Mueen < hrlatlua. our great financier* will havo It that we are approaching a perilou* period 1 hey make no allowance for the decided Improvement In the tone nf the foreign exchange*. or the rentored condition of credit In the continental money Market* but they invariably elevate the linger of cautiou. ami point to America a* tlicNpot from whence the overwhelming ahock I* tube anticipated Now. !i!thoii|(h you well know that my doctrine i*. prudeuca on every occasion where the pro* pect ofttcrl*i* seems lliiiniiieiil. and that I ulwuya like to *eu a careful look-out kept, etill I inuat eonfm* that the taunting manner in which wchave been recently told by the metropolitan paper* to furl In *uil. doe* not *o much alarm me aa it may others When I know that thing* are righting on the conti: nuiit whim I know that the money uiurketa of I'arla, Hamburg. Xmaterdnm and st Petersburg, are better than they were ?lx week* ago and when I alao know that there i* ra*h in abiuidance for all legitimate utor rantile operation*, then am I much lee* apprelienalre of llie dire ron*ei|Uenc. n which are predicted aa likely to reault from the continued efflux of the prccioua metal* to the United Stale* I wa* talking to day to a party high in authority in the hunk parlor. Well acquainted a* that gentleman i* with the operation of the currency, he enctn* to be a* little fearful a* myaclf of an Increased llow of truBMire aero** ihe Atlantic. Ilia own pithy rc. mark will show Id* feeling " What," *ald he, ' are we to he frightened at a low* of i.':i 000.000 or jC4 000.000 to America out of a atock of bullion between ?l4,0o0,000 and X 16.000 OuO In amount' Willi the great draiu already occurring, we have X I I 00o 1*10 left aud can apare a little more, if the \ nukce* will have it." ' Ue*id?*. ' he'continued, "people talk about corn payment* and aucli like nonaenae. but if they would only reflect a little, thev would *oun recollect Hint from the ordinary courae of business. muiiy of lhe*e purrhaaea have been long *ince drawn for and discharged.'' And I mu*t *uy that I do agree with him iu thla view of llie caae \V e can apare a little more gold If our transatlantic brethren rci|iilru it?but then they will not be able nlway* to keep llie metal tlicy will have to pay It buck sooner or later for commodities eaaenttal for tlielr own pnr|Mi*e* ; and if It *hould turn out, aa la atrongly u*p. "'led, that enc or two of your Liverpool house* have, by hill Operation*, taken advantage of the *tate of affair* to net the certain profit which the rate of exrhango itiiornrii 011 toe export 01 goia, the ttrat revulxion will return it Mtnnw than wax bargained for. I lirar that the next twn veeaela leaving for the State* will takoout a good round MUD, hut even admitting that. It rcachca jLl.OOO.tKHl. ax predicted in certain quarter*. I lien the xtock of bullion in the bank will tx? quite li l (i IKK) not), an atnoiint indicative of ronxtdcrab'c plenty The Idll broker* In our tnarket have been putting on the xrrew" a little They, however, loxe the heat of the tlrxt-rate bualneax, becuuxe the faeilltiex afforded tn the diacount department of the hank attract the higher ela?* of paper The difference of t, or V? per rent, on tranxaeiionx involving aomn thouxandx of poundx, ix a margin to tie regarded In thrxo timex of economy t.nanox Mnar.v Vlxaarr. April-t There hax been a good ileal of fliietuntlon III the Kilglixli Killulx during March the extreme price# during the mouth having fluctuated froin U3', to m1. the eouree during the whole month hax liven downward The New I,nan or < onxul Scrip, which came out at I'? to i per cent preui, hax xince been at l'? illxeount. and now I* I dlxconut -Kxchequer blllx have alxo declined very materially, being now quoted al par to 4a premium In explanation of thla change wc may ohcerve. that the export of gold, In payment of the Urgo Mipptle* of grain ant< flow /

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