Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 28, 1847, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 28, 1847 Page 1
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> uJ _ ssssse?B?EZ-SSSE T J-f j Vol. Xin. No. 117?Whole No. *714. THE NEW TORE HERALD ESTABLISHMENT, North-went corner of Pulton and Nassau ats. JAMES GORDON BENNETT, PROPRIETOR. CIRCULATION?FORTY THOUSAND. OAILY HERALD-Krirf day. Price S cento per copy?f! 25??[,*nJiam?^(ble in advance. ? , ? . Mty _ "r.r,l\LI Itr.llAL.iJ?fcvery oawruay?a view vouu I'rr copy?SI 1JW centi tier amiuin?payable in advance. HERALD FOR KUROPE?Every Steam Packet dayPrtee centi per copy?S3 per annum, (.ayable ill advance. HOLIDAY HERALD?PuldNhed an the lat of January and let of July of each year?tingle copies sizpeuce each. t ADVERTISES!ENTS, at the usual prices?always cash in advance. Advorri-emruts should he written in a plain, legible manner. The Proprietor will uot be reeponaible for errora tliat miy occur in them. . . ... ... PRINTING of all kinda ezecuted beautitnlly and with despatch. ... ...... All lettera or communications by mail, addressed to the eatiblixhment, must be jxtat paid, or the postage will be deducted from the subscription money rammed i m u. s. marines wanted. u m lit tik if nfnljniarine corps oF The united sTaTEs, JL or that branch of the military service furniahiug soldiers for the different naval atatioue and vessels of war, having been increased by act of Congress. approved 2d March, 1247, by the addition of 30 Sergeants, 30Corporals, 30 Drumtnors, JO lifers, and l.tiofl Privates. A rendezvous for the enlistment of reernita is now opened at No. 38 Chatham street, near the Harlem railroad depot and T run many Hall, where resiiectable youeg men desiring to enter a service which will afford them on opportunity of seeing foreign countries, are invited to cell. Previous to enlisting it is the duty of the recruiting officer to esplain fully the terms upon which they enter the service Open .rorn 9 a. M. to sunset. JOHN GEO. REYNOLDS, Captain Commanding, Recruiting Rendezvous. , Two dollars premium will be given to any soldier or citizen who will bring to the rendezyous, an acceptable or efficient recruit. al lm?rc MTO LET, IN SOUTH BROOKLYN-The laige and handsome two slory and attic House, in Colonaue Row, Clinton street, near Degraw. The house is new Hiirt, iu rfect order, has French windows in front and back parlor*, and enclosed piazzas with a rery lurge yard. Kent, to ! a good tenant, $323. n27 2t?rrc M'I'O LKT?The second floor of the House No. 19 Walker street, consisting of three rooms, pantry, mil one attic room. The remaining part of the house is occupied hy a private family. Kent $200. ?27 3t*rrc JqA TO LET, in Hammond street, near Factory, an excellent throe story family House, with marble mantels, UbLbath room, Ike. Reui $475. Apply to a2i 6t esS?r VY8E It SONS, 1J2 Pearl st._ ...r-Bk TO RENT-HANDSOME APART MENTS IN ;;;M suites or single rooms, in die new brick building, 1 ijfll at the corner of Broadway and Houston street, opposite St. Thomas church, suitable for single gentlemen or families. The building is supplied with Croton water, and is lighted by gas; and is unuer the aare of a steward, who re aide, in the house, furnishes meals, wood, icc. Enquire on the premises, orof THOS. H. HODMAN, M Wall street. s2.'i lw*c M PAVILION, NEW BRIGHTON, Staten Island.? The proprietor begs to iuform his friends and the public, that lie ha* made consideiahle alterations and improve menu in this establishment since the last season. He has erecteda large building, containing thirty-three rooms, altogethiV disconnected from the main body of the pavilion. These rooms are intended for gentlemen only; theatre of a comfortable size, light, and well ventilated, and sti|>eTior in all respects to those generally denominated single rooms in the various watering places throughout the country. The proprietor is now ready to treat with families orparties wishing to engage rooms for the season. Letters addressed to liini nt the City Hotel, Broadway, will receive immediate attention. A sieamboat runs between New York and New Brighton, at the following hours, viz:? From New Brighton?At 8 and 11 A. M, and 2 and i:20 P. M. From pier No. 1 North River, New York?At 9 A. M aud 12 M, and Hi, 9 and C P. M.. and more frequent aommunieationa will he established as the season advances. '1 lie Pavilion will he opened for the reception of eompany between the 1st aud 10th of May next, of which due notice will be given. ap2.'i ifrc F. BLANCAHD. M ROOMS TO LET?Suitable for manufacturing pur poaes, in the building No, 74 Fulton street, lately repaired, and with all modern improvemeuta. Apply to JAV1KS H. DEL VKCCHIO, in the building, or to BROWN, BROTHERS tt CO. R2J2w*rc No. 99 Wall. Ml-OR SALK..?A desirable residence, with about mi acre and a half of ground, situated in Beekmaiitowu, Westchester county, adjoining the line, and about jtf.of n mill' from Tarrytowu ferry. It is built of brick, two stories high, withh colonnade running about CO feet front, and an ob serrslory on the top. It contains 11 rooms beside kitchen, cellar and washroom, all enclosed within the building, It commands a magnificent visw of the river as far dowu as the eye can reach. The present owner purchased it for his own residence, but on account of ill health waa unable to occupy it. Term* moderate. For further particulars, apply to JA.MES 1. STEWART, corner of Dey and Greenwich streets. a2l tlstM*r ^ . TO L?T ixr.w nauusome < ,oiiagc 10 let on uxioril street, Rrnooklyn, Imiles from tlie Ferries, near tin* residence of Dr. ( ox. It hat nursery, kitchen and terrains' roi.m?" i tlie bn-ieinent lloor; two parlors, library- and diiiing ji <11 on I he first story; four large bed rooms on the second tloor. Six additional lots adjoining, with stable, can be had if desired. Urn libuses run constantly to the Ferries., Rent $3'K1. Also?A residence at Bedford, 2ht miles,from the Ferries, w ill lie rented w ith or without furniture, for four months.? Tlie has ten rooms. There is a coach house, stable for four liorsse, pasture for cow, fcc. Rent fori months $25(1.? Apply to MOBK9 MAYNARD, Jr , at the L. I. Railroad office, 42 William St., Merchants' Exchange. _a22 2w fh __ _ _ TO LET, MA ROW of neat new two story Cottage House*, now finished, well calculated for respectable families, situated on the north side of tilth street, between Broadway and 6th arenue. The stages pass regularly (Yom 7 A. M? until 8 o'clock in the eyening, every 40 minutes, for 6.'i nents , and after the first of May, ererv 30 minutes. Rooms as follows: 2 basements, 2 parlors, with sliding doors, and hard finished walls. 2d story, 2 rooms and 2 bedrooms. Good dry cellars. Rent $180. Apply on tlie premises, ap 11 dm c W.M. K. PENDLETON, Agent. MTU LET.?The store of hou?e 23 Dey street; it is 50 feet deep, and would he a good location for s wholesale grocery store. Also, tlie secoud floor of house 66 Beektnau street, comisting of three rooms and pantries, with two bed rooms in attic, and akitchen with Croton water *nd kitchen xange in it. Rent $275. Enquire of A. OILHOOLY It SON, n3t !m*r 78 Nassau street. MILLS, HATTER," [ ll Offers a Hat for $3 50, equal to any sold elsewhere for at his ^well-known establishment, 178 Broadway, Howard Hotel ; and having determined to pursue the nimble sixpence principle in the sale of Hats, has now completed his arrangements to supply any demand Gentlemen leaving their orders may have a hat made in any sty lr to suit their own taste iu three hours, or less, if absolutely necessaryAil experienced shaper always in attendance, that every hat may he fit rd to the head, and rest upon it to the perfect ease ol the wen er. This being an important point, particular atten\ linn will be given to it. a23 2w*r I u.\h fitich hat tfroae. II r? KPRINfl KAHHinN* Will Ht'fB svn fiPS IJ^^UHOWN k CO. will introduce, on Saturday, April 3d, the new style of Cape for children and boys; alio, tne new >tylr of llata ror gentlemen, price $3, in tha manufacture of wnieh they have made such recent improyemenu aa will thetn in close competition with the moat coitly. The public are iuyiied to call at 171 Chatham Square, where fashion, beauty, durability and economy are combined to adorn the head. _ a2 lm*r ijf HOW TO MAKU MONEY.?The aiiom that "money in veil it money made," is alinoat a? old as the invention ol money itself ; but the principle of selling a lire dollar HAT for dirve dollars and fifty cents, was first established and is now practised by Robertson, at the Pheuijr Hat Manufactory, 09 Vulton at., N. Y., and 63 Kulton st, Brooklyn, Thie simple ststriueiit we believe will suffice to make known one way " how to mikt HITr al0 1m*rh * HATS, SPRING STY L*Eu rjR fl.VNTA, No. 91 Canal street, and No. 130 Chatham st, J^?sel|j Moleskin and Nutria Kur lists at $3, and only charyes $3 'A for his lirst quality Moleskin and fine Nutria Hats.? lie ha, handsome and durable Hata at (2 JO baring the appear ance nod finish of the higher priced hats. Gentlemen wishing to economise in this indispensable article of dress without ?aenfiee of comfort or appearance, will please aire him a call.? IAiso, a general assortment of caps of various kinds at reduced pritfa. iM ! *? THE EAblliS' CONGRESS BOOT. " _ P. LABOYTKAUX, 611 Broadway, desires to inR _ form hi* numerous and fashionable lidy patrons, that pk? lie has made arrangements for the right to manufacture the elegant elastic walking Boot, now so fashionable in the highest circles in England and Krauee. The recent im* Erovemrnt in the elassic stuff will enable him to make his oots mid high shoes with all the elegance peculiar to his style of work, and yet without the trouble of lacings. This most valuable invention removes all the confined pressure from (lie arch of the foot, while at the same time it affords an elastric spriug in walking which cannot be appreciated i withont a trial. all Im*c At IllMi STOCK OK BOOTS AND SHOES. SMITH k RIB1.KY. _ TAKE THIS METHOD of informing their customers Ufsnil pu rc liar f rs in general, of their eitensive, and wellie LgjrrTe.i i?*onmriit ot i,mliee,' Aliaaea ma t.tiiiuren ttaiJt lrr?, Buakine, Slipper*, kc , of their own manufacture. Hid I M' Mack ?rpi Boot*, Shoo* mid Br or am, aelected ivith meat e*re. ami purchased for cash, wliien will enable tlirrn to aell at the eery joweit pricea. ,\. 1) ?Siore will lie o;* n until ten o'clock in the eeeninf, fivuik' Country Merchant* 1111 opportunity to tiimut their Iatoelc otherwiae engaged. SMITH ?t RI8LF.Y, 142 Chatham at., dirtctK opposite die Chatham Theatre. mjniin'rli L. WALSH It CO., KKf.NUH BOOT kii'I Shoe Maker*, No. 6 Ann atreet, JW lenrtha MiNnm, New York. Fine French Boota $liA; [ French Imperial Urea* Boot* mode in order $4 VI, naunlly JH <old f..r to V). Patent Leather Boot*, Shoea, (Waiter* and Slijniera'coiiatontly oil hand and made to order at the ahorteat notice. ItevairniK, kc , done in the atore. Quick aalea and am*ll proflia ia our motto. No. S Ann atreet, New York, mil I in* re LOOK at this. _ JI'ST REC F.I V ED, a lirge lot of Oentlemeii'a ^00^2 French Boota, the heat and leindaomeat ever in this l ie uid will lie aold at the low price of ?>. Alao all kind* of 4 leiitletneii'a Ositera and Patent Leather Bhoea, and all the ill(larent kind* ol Boota and Biuret. Ladiea, \ ou will And in thia atore a great variety of 4 Jailer Boota, Slipper*. Buskins, 'i'ica, Hon** Slipper*, white and hlark aatin do, white Kid do. and all oilier kind* and aitrra, Mi**e*' and 4 hildren'a Boot* and Shoe*, Boy*' Boot*, Gait era, Shoea and 8lip|>era of all the varirua kind*; all of which will he aold cheap, at JC7 Broadway, corner ol Franklin atreet. M. CAIIILL S. B. Conulry merchant* aupplied by the package or doyen. apt lm*r LKSSONS ' >N III I: PI A N < > PI "K'l I, m MISS 0. C. WE.MY88 can now arrnmmaMli.-'?rttSaflil*te three or four more pupila, if immediate a|r r lAlTI I'licntiun he made at her honae. No. 347 8iilh [ f T I I aitreet, between Aeennea C and 1). Will have no objection, if deairable, to attend her ptapila at their own reaidence. Terms?Twelye I,ee*on* for Fiee Dollar*, or Fifteen Dollar* per Quarter?three Iraaona ench week. *13 lm*rc E NE" NE\ SNEW YORK AND HARLEM RAILROAD I COMPANY?NOTICE.-On and after Monday, the 26th instant, the train that leaves 27th street at 7 A. M., will be diacontiuuetl, and a car will leave the City Hall at 6 A. VI. for Morriaauia: returning, leave there at 7 A. M. The car that leavea City Hall at 5 30 P. M., will run to White Ptaina, and leave there at 6 M A. M. for New York. a2l Iw r PASSENOER8 FOR ALBANY. TROY, ?to and the intermed ate landings, cannot do better than take the new and splendid atearaer AL1DA, Irom loot of Barclay street, ou Monday, Wednesday and Friday, at 6>," o'clock, A.M. This boat it the handsomest and most splrudid day boat on the line. The rat-ai r are served up in a style e<mal to any hotel in the city, and the (ares are the same as lor the inferior boats. a27 lw*rc " PEOPLE'S LINE SI'TAMIIO VPS FOR ALBANY, Daily, Sundays Excepted? Dirough Direct?At 6 o'clock, P. M., from the rier between Courtlandt and Liberty streets. Steamboat ISAAC NEWTON, Capt. Win. H. Peck, wiU leave oil solouday, Wednesday and Friday ereuiues, at 6 o'clock. Steamboat HENDRICK HUDSON Capt. R. O. Crutteu den, will leave ou Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday eveuincs, at 6 o'clock At Five O Clock, P. M.?Lauding at luteruiediate Places? from the foot of Barclay street. Steamboat SOUTH AMERICA. Capt. Thos. N. Hulse. will leave on .Monday, Wednesday, Friday anil Suuday afternoons. at 5 o'clock. Steamboat NORTH AMERICA. Capt. It. H. Fuery.wil) leave on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday afternoons, at .1 o'clock. . The above boats will at all timta arrive iu Albany in ample time for the Moruiuif Cars for the Kami or West. Freight taken at moderate rates, and none taken alter o'clock, P. M. (! All |>ersonaare forbid trusting any of tko boats of thia line, without a written order from the captains or aKents. For passage or freight, apply on board tnu boats, or to P. C. SCIIl LT'Z, at the omce outhe wharf._ aWt MORN I NO LINK AT HALF-PAST" mif O'CLOCK. Mat. TOR ALBANY AND TROY?Landing r WCPh?^at Caldwell's, WeitfPoint, Newburgh, Hatnp HtBBBHeeton, PoiiKhkeepeie, Hyde Park, lUiinebeca. Upper Red Hook, Bristol, Catskill, Hudson, Coxsackie, and Kinderhook. Faitr. Rkm'ckd. Brealtfast and Dinner on hoard the Boat. The steamboat NIAGARA, Capt. II. L. Kellogg, will leave the steamboat pier, foot of Barclay street, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, at half-past six o'clock. Returning on opposite days. For passage or freight, apply on board, or to F. B. HALL, at the Office on the wharf. NIGHT LINE?DIRECT. From the foot of Cortlandt street. Passengers taking this Boat will arrive in time to take the Morning Train of Cars from Troy west to Butfalo, and north to Saratoga, and Lake George The low pressure steamboat EMPIRE, Capt. R. B. Maey, at 6 o'clock. Leaves New York Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. For passage or freight, apply on board, or at the office on the wharf. The steamboat COLUMBIA, Captain W. \V. Tunper, will leave the pier at the foot of CourtUiidt street, at C o'clock. For passage or freight, apply ou board, at the office ou the wharf. Regular days from New York, Monday, Wednesday and Friday. n2i re CITIZEN'S NEW DAY LINE OF OPPOSITION BOATS FOR ALBANY AND INTERMEDIATE PLACES. Fare Ml aents?Breakfast and Dinner on Board. Thanewand elegant Steamer METAMOr aJCll MRS I'mnt T u ir?i?i.. ?I w..i?. iffiSkmdillBlmdays, and Fridays, at f!r\lf-pa?t six, A. M., from the piar foot of Warren street, touching at Hammond street pier. The new and elegant Steamer ROGER WILLIAMS, Capt. A. D eg root, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, at half-past six, A. M., from the pier foot of Warren street, touching at Hammond street pier. For passage or frieght, apply en board the Boats, or to Geo. Dobson, at the office, 126 Warren street, comer of West street. [C7" All persons are forbid trusting the above boats on account of the owners. a7 r 0AFTERNOON UNK, DAILY" KOR NEWBURGH AND F1SHKILL, r j-Kh.i N Landing at Van Cortland's, (Peekskill,) West iHHlB Point, Cold Spring aud Cornwall. The Steamer Thomas Powell, Capt. Saml. Johnson, will leave the pier foot of Warren street, for the above places, every afternoon (Sundays excepted,) at 4 o'clock, commencing April 10. ileum i ur?will leav" Newbnrgh every morning at 7o'clock. N. B.?All Baggage and Freight of every description, Bank Bills or Specie, put on board of this boat, must be at the risk of tilt- owner thereof uuless entered ou the books of the boat or receit-ted for. ap>-lm*r 1MB THE Proprietors of Steamboats wishing Bells hung, woulJ do well to pay a visit on MUHftshoard the steamboats Governor, Thomas Powell, Roger Williams, Utica, Palmetto, Princeton, Mountaineer, Iron Wittfn, Cataline, See., and examine H. Homten's improved style of Bell Hanging, expressly adapted for Steamboats. Put up neat and stroug, and warranted lor one year, by H. H.. No. 2 Ann street. NOTICE. STATEN ISLAND FERRY?On and C?jb.S^"iij. N after SUNDAY, April 18th, the steamboats dfiBBis SYLPH and STATEN INLANDER will ruu as follows, until further notice :? lcave staten island At 6, I, 9, 10, 11, A. M., Slid 1, 2, 3, 4. 3, 6, T, P. M. i.xavk nxw voaa At 7, 9, 10, 11, A. M., and 1, 2, ten minutes past 3, and at 4, 9, 6, 7, o'clock, P. M. New York April 13th. s!3 r fdS- KOR LIVERPOOL?New Line?Regular packmHMPV at of 26th May.?The splendid, fsst sailing packet j|0b ship sIlERIDAN, ('apt. Geo. B. Cornish, will post inly sail as above, her tegular day. For freight or MgtgM, having superior furnished arrommodations. apply on board at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall street, or to E. K. COLLINS. M South st. Price of passage (73. The packet ship (JARKICK, Capt. B. J. H. Tnsk.will sueceedjlie Sheridan, and ?a-l June 26th. her regular day. a27 FOR LIVERPOOL?New Liue-The packet uMMfy. ship SlDDONS. Capt Edward B.Cobb, will sail Monday. May 3d. p or ireigbt or passage, having superior furnished accommodations, apply oil board at Orleans w harf, foot of Wall atreet, oMo r E. K. COLLINS, 56 South st. rrice ci nuun ?/o. The packet ahip SHERIDAN, Captaiu Geo. B. Comiah, will aucceed the Siddnne, audi aail May 2Ctli, her regular day. _a27 _ JfA-dC NOTICE.? All peraiint are cautioned agaiuat hfSH^tniating any of the crew of the Britiah brig < \KrJMhHBbRA, aa no debt* of thrira will be paid by ine captaiu or coiiaig eea. apZ7 NEW LINK OK PACKETS TO AND FROM rfjsfyLIVKRI'OOL.?The aplenOiil faat aailing ahip PDONS, Captain Cobb, will aail from New York on Monday, (ha 3d of May, and from Liverpool on the lltli June, her regular daya. Her accommodationa for cabin, 2nd cabin, and ataerage |?iaviigera are unaurpaaaed by any othrr ahip in pore Peranna wiahing to proceed to Europe, or ihoae wtailing to aend for their frienda can make the ueceaaary arrangement* on liberal term* on application to W. t J. T. TAPSCOTT, a27 rrc K South at , 2nd door below Burliug Slip, tit- KoR LI VKRPOOL?New Line?Regular Packet kfWV of the 21 at May?The aunerior, faat aailing packet JNGm ahip QUEEN OK THE WEST, Captain Philip Woodliooae, 1230 ton* burthen, will aail aa above, her regular day. For freight or paaaage, having aplendid, large and eomfnrtaable atate rooma and cabin, apply to the Captain ou board, at weat pier of Hurling alip, or to WOODHULL k MINTURN, ?7 South at. Price of paaaage $IC0. The packet ahip Conatitiition, IG00 tona burthen, Capt. Jno. Britton, will aecreed the Queen of the Weat, and aail on Iter regular day, 21at Jnne. *20 Ajff- KOR LimW5bL.-l-h.line faat ...ling packet WMWyahip SOUTHERNER, Capt. Aloiander 8. Palmer, jBttilfiaSOO tona burthen, having moat of her cargo engaged, will aail in a few daya Kor balance of freight, or paaaage, having eicrllnnt accommodationa, apply on hoard, foot ol Dover alien, Eaat River, or to WOODHULL ?t MINTURN. *26 87 South street. BritibH~BRi?regard.kromhull.-coiigJ3a|^.'iKnei-? of thia veaaet will pleaae aend their jiermita jjajMlai'in board, foot of Clinton atreet, without delay, or to WOODHULL It MINTURN, a2t> *7 South afreet. njw>|wcKet amp l"I'll.A, upturn I). 11. Swan, will sail jHBakafin tlx- 1st of May. FoHrr^ht^jr^jassa^e ajijjdy to a?l tornlrr No M Wafr strret. xJMp I NION LINK OF V.\? K'TH to and from Li* MclSfV re rpool.? I I if splendid fast sailing packet ship KMJHUHfai'llU:, Cant. Rui.rll, will aail from New York on [lie luth of Slay, and from Lirerpool on the lit of June, tier regular days. Her accommodation! lor cabin passengers are eery auperior; she liaa alao excellent accommodations for a hunted number of aecond cabin paaaeugera, in airy and apaeioue r xitna ou deck,arid lier betwemi decka, for steerage paaaeugera, are lofty and well lighted; all of which will be tnkeu at reduced ratea. Those wiahing to aecure bertha alioiild make early application on board, at pier No 3 North IliTir, or to W it J.T.TAP9( 6TT, ap23 *6 South at., 2d door below Hurling ahp,_ ???- FOR HALF,?The hull of a Teaaeljint launched, infJwWnnd uow lying at Kahway port. She will carry about Hb-'jl to 300 tons; 9ft feel on deck, 23 fret beam. She will .uiawer for canal, riyer, or coaat aerTice. Inquire of the aubacribera, at Railway, New Jersey. JOS. O. LUFBERT, aft Im't _ II. R. SHOTWF.LL iAX" FOR (.1 VERPQOL? The well knewnlaat aaeiiug KKWVpacket ship HOTTINOUER, IWHl tons, Capt. Ira JWMICeBuraley, will meet with immediate despatch. For freight or passage, baring splendid lat?e and comfortable rooms aud cabin, apply to the t aptain on board, at Judd'a wharf, E. Riser, or to WOUUKULL k MINTURN, aH *7 Sonth street. ^1 FOR SALE.?A pair of fine Horses, Wagons, / L"MIarne??. kr., fcr , the property of a gentleman?il If I 'fid together would be disposed of at a fair |iri?e.? Apply to hia coachman, who has them in charge, at Dilk*! stable in Mercer near Bleacher street. a25 lw?rrc -n__,FOR SALE.?The celehrateiT Trotting Mare. ' Lady Washington,"? yesra old, and hsa trotted ' 1 * A- two Ciinsrcutire heats in 2m. 44 sec., and 2m 43 aer., to n wagon, and the brown mare, " American ftal," known as the lie Forrest mare. Also, a leather-top wagon, main |>V wouwin, uaen only ? year, *11(1 a lotf-wheeled, leather-top|>e<l tingle an I key; elan, a aet or danhle-harneta quiie m*. Knquirf at thy arable in the rear of 66 Kirat atreet, niu Kirat avenue U4lw*W HKNRY A WKKKS. *W ? KOll S \I,K - A aplrtidid pair of hhinii Bay -L?rS|Ii>raea, long natural Uila, of the Meaainicrr breed, 16 ' \ s > Iijm.Ii high (.f flue atylr anil action, own brothers, ait aimarvrn yeara old thia apring, aouutl anil kind, single or double. Thr oldest ran go in JJi ; thy othrr, in ony yrar'a timy, will make hia equal. Thry ary in a atate of nature ; and a more iwrfect match or make eannot be found in tliy State. O. W. KISK, Albany. April U Townaend Hone*. a?4 Iw'rr a?. Mil M WILSON, 2*.l (irand atrrrt, respectfully ^KJtMnfnrma her frieada, and strangers visiting the city, that she baa now on hand a large and very handaome aaaortmrnt of Spring Millinery, to which aha invites their attention. Mr*. Wilsons atock rompriaea an aaaortmrnt of the richrat and moat fashionable Hata. anch aa <'hip,!Cra|>e, Rice, and Shirred, with a choice aaenrtment of Straw a, which ahe flatters heraelf can be aolil more rrnaonable than at any other ratahliahmrnt in the city. Country Millinera will do well to call before purchasing. Mra. M. WILSON. ?l Onnd at.. between Allen and Orchard at*. Ten good Millinera wanted at tha a bore establishment, all Km*re Bill SIIKS' BHI'SIIKS' The vnho riliri respectfully inritea the attention of the public to hia calenairr assortmcntof llruahrt of every description, at the BRUSH KACTORV'Wf PKARL 8TRF.KT, Franklin Sonare. Conetantly on hand, Paint Broekea, Whitewash Ho., Window do Darting do., and all kMa of Kaocy Brushes. which he offers fot tale et the loweet prieee. JOHN *. HOrPKL. llhla*! W YO V YORK, WEDNESDAY DESPATCHES ACCOMPANYING GENERAL SCOTT'S LAST LETTER, DETAILS OP TILE OPERATIONS BEFORE VERA CRUZ. ?SiC. die. die. IlKADqUABTKNt <D BBIUAUC UP TIII: ABMV, ? Camp at Ver^ara.noar VeraC'rux, March 15,1847. ) Sin,?1 have the honor to report the occurrence* in which my brigude bus been concerned since (he commencement of tlie maroli from the place of debarkation until uow. The brigade took up the line of march on the morning of the Uth instunt. the regiment of mounted riflemen loading. After panning the position of the lit brigade, the let squadron of riflemen, composed of the companies of Captains Loring and Mason, under the command of Major Sumner, 3d dragoon*, waa sent forward an an advanced guard. On crossing the railroad, the advanced guard took the direct way over the hills, but this being impassable for the artillery, the rest of the brigade with the pieces was obliged to luaku a detour to the left. On pussiug the position of tieiicral Pillow's brigade. Brevet Captain Albiirtis. ml infantry- and imo private of riflomun. wore killed by a round shot, ami two privates wounded. Major Huuincr having passed some distance beyond the position occupied by the volunteers, whs opposed by the enemy's light troops, whom he drove off. and halted near a small ranch, when the rest of the brigade joined him aud proceeded to clear the ground to be occupied by my brigade. The advnitco drove the enemy's skirmishers before it. ruculving without loss their tire, until it arrived at the Orizaba road. On passing the road, a party of horsemen were perceived stationed on it to our left. Captain Sanderson's company mounted riflemen was detached to attack them, being supported by ( apt. Simonson's company of the same regiment. lie drove them off, killing two raptains?one of lancers, aud the other of the auxiliary guard of Jalapa. named J. I'latos. In this affair, Private Weller. of < apt. Sanderson's company, was severely wounded in the thigh by un cscoputte ball. Having driven these parties till off. the brigade took its position in liue, extending as far towards tlio Jalapa road on the bench as the strength of the brigade would allow, and bivouueked till tlio morning of the 13th, when wo took up the line of march towards the sea?Major Suuiuer again commanding the advaneed guard, composed of the left wing of the rille regiment. Making a considerable detour to the left, to avoid some pouds of water. I arrived about noou on the great road loading to the city of Mexico. On coining out here. !.t Roberts' company mounted riflemen leading, tt party of mounted mcu was discovered. After a short skirmish the enemy were dispersed, uiy men receiving no injury. The head of the column arrived at its present position on the beach at the village of Vergara. uhout two and a half utilus from Vera I ruz. a low minutes aftor twelve o'clock. I would commend to particular uotirn the conduct of Major Sumner, 2d dragoons. His skill and coolness inspired those under his command with the fullest confidence. and gave to them the bearing of old soldiers. The officers and men of alt the companies engaged gave entire satisfaction. An important mail, which I had tha honor to transmit to the headquarters of the army this morning by Captain Taylor, was taken last night by Captain Magrudor. 1st artillery, who was in command of oue of the supporting companies sent out yesterday morning to skirmish in the front of my brigado towards the city. Tho mail carrier was shot at, and is supposed to have been wounded. His horse, hat, and cloak were left on the ground at the place where ho was fired at, and the mail along with these effects Captain Magruder deserves praise for his zeal and good conduct in this affair. Below is a tabular statement of the killed and wounded of my brigude up to this date. killed. 1. Brevet ( apt. Alburtis, lid infantry, 11th. 2. First Sergeant Blake, 4th artillery, company F, 1Mb. 3. Private Cunningham, company A, riflemen, Uth. wounded. 1. Lieut. Davidson, 2d infantry, slightly. 11th 1. Lance Corporal Sprouso, company K, 2d infantry, severely, 11th. 3, Private Nelll, company B. mounted riflemen, slightly, 11th. 4. Musician Heme, company B, 1st artillery, severely, lltb. 0. Private Stephen, company K, 4th artillery, severely, ISth. 6 Private Wcller, eompany B, mounted riflemen, severely, 11th. I am, sir, very respectfully, your obedient servant. 11. K. TWIGGS, Brigadier General U. S. A. Capt. H. L.Scott, A. A. A. G. Division Headquarters, Cs.wr Washington. Near Vera Cruz, March 14. 1BI7. Sir: Id accordance with instructions from the headquarters of thu army, I have now the hoaor to report what part wai taken by ray division in the operation* of the 10th and 1 Itli instiiut; being the first and second day* of the investment of the city of Vera Cm*. On the morning of the 10th. my division moved from the point of landing below thu city, in a N. W. direction over the Hand hill*, and liaviug panned the ground occupied by lirig. lien. Worth * brigade, which formed the right of the line. I detached Brig. Gen. Pillow, with the litand M Tonnesiee. and the 1st and 3d Fl>M)inSl* regiment*, from tho height* overlooking the Lagunu Malibrau. to dislodge tho enemy who held an old building near the head of that l.agune and the chapparal in rear of it; and at the ?aine time I brought to the creat of thu moat advanced *aud li ill one piece of ( apt. Taylor'* held battery, with which Lieut. French wan ordered to opeu a fire upon tho magazine (a large and ntrong atone building in rear of tho city) which also wa* occupied by the enemy. A few 6-poundnr shot well delivered, sufficed to drive from the magazine tlie party who occupied it; and a few moment* after, Gen. Pillow, having penetrated the chapparal. encountered tho Mexican infantry in the viciuity of the ruined building, where, ufter some sharp firing, lie drove them with los*. one officer and three men having been left ou the field. He now opened his way througli the chappnriil. and pushing on with the 1st Tennessee regiment. (Col. ( ainpbcll) gained possession of the magazine. in which were fouud a large number of signal rockets, auil one hundred ami tw enty boxes of sclirapm-1 shot. Leaving Col. Campbell to hold this point, he moved on witli the 2d Tennessee regiment. (Col. Haskell.) and the 1st Pennsylvania regiment (Col Wynkoop) against a body, of cavalry ami infantry oeouppirig the railroad at its intersection with the Medellin road. Here the enemy was again driven, and lie was now pursued through a dense cliapparal. and over a rugged country, to the crest of the hills 8. W. of the city. On these hills tbo en*111 y rallied and made a show of resistance; but lie wan compelled, a* before, to retire, aa our troopa steadily advanced, until, completely routed, he sought shelter under tile gun* of thn city, i'ho two regiments last named, although exposed to Bra from the guns of tbo city, bivouacked on these heights. Gen. Pillow speaks in the highest terms of the conduct of the officers and men of the Tennessee and Pennsylvania regiments, and the officers of his persoual stall. Kariy on the morning of the 11th I ordered Brig, Gen Quitman, with the Georgia and South Carolina regiments. and seven companies of the Alabama regiment, to relieve the TounesHecans and Pennsvlvanians, who had been without water during tho night. I also directed Brig. (ien. Shields with the New \ ork regiment mid three companies of the fourth Illinois regiment to move forward and hold himself in readiness to take his position as soon as I had reconnoitred tho ground. I then moved forward with Quitman's brigade At the moment this brigade was reliuviDg the regiments above named, the enemy's infantry advanced and commenced Bring, while the batlerius of the city opened a brisk cannonade ou our position. The Mexican infantry were Bring at ioug distances. I therefore ordered Gen. Quitman to throw forward a party of riflemen under ( apt Davis of the Georgia regiment, to bring on an engagement at closer quarters, directing that he should be supported by I.ieut Col. Dickenson, and Major Gladden of thu Mouth Carolina regiment, (with two companies each.) against a charge of lancers who hovered upon their right and front The disposition was handsomely executed, ami a very spirited skirmish ensued, which resulted in driving the enemy with loss, as on every oilier occasion, and Unhorse* ami arms of three lancers were brought in by ( apt Davis. I regret, in this affair, to report Lieut. Col. Dickenson among the wounded The same day a small detachment of the New York regiment (wen. nuinu ? un|Nrj wnn engaged Willi Itllolll ?n equal number of tho enemy. whom they drove Into the city. A Rain on the 13th. a scouting party of the audio regiment was attacked by a detachment of lancer*, whom they defeated with the lot* of two men. In all those affair* every officer mid man engaged discharged hie duty with gallantry and steadiness My thank* are particularly dun to Brig (ton. (L J. Pillow, and Brig. lien. J A. Qiiituinn 1 am under many obligation* to the officer* of my pereonal staff. Major Oeo. A. Met all. A*t Adj. (ton.: IJvt Major J. J. Ahernroinbie, and Lieut H William*, ald-deeainp; and Lieut. P. II. T. Beauregard, of the corps ot engineer*, ( apt. J. ('. McClelland, and Lieut, George Meade, topographical engineer*, doing duty with iny divieion; nl*o to < aotain* Diller and l.autnan of the general stn'T who kindly joined ine on the occasion. All the** gi leuien were for a considerable time exposed to a seven- lire, and rendered valuable service I subjoin a list of the killed and wounded of my division. 'J he loss of the enemy could not lie accurately ascertained, but is believed to lie at Wast treble our own. I have tho honor to be, very respectfully, your obedient nervnnt, R PATTk.RSON. Maj. (ton. U. 8. A. Cotn'g. Division I at Lieut II. L. Scott, A. D. Act. Ast. Adj. (Jen . Headquarter* of the Army, ( amp Washington, near Vera (;ruv.. Report of killed nnd wounded of the volunteer division. on tho inth and I Ith March, IHd7; K Wouaor.n. Lieut. Col. J. P. Dickenson. South ( arolina regiment, severely. Private Ballard, South ( arolina regiment, slightly Private ( oker. South ( arolina regiment, slightly I rivate Phillips, South Carolina regiment, slightly Private lliekey. South ( arolina regiment, slightly. Quartermaster's Sorgt. B. K. McDonald, (leorgiare: giment, severely. Private Thos. J. Lott, Georgia regiment, severely Private Jno. O. Kubank. (ieorgia regiment, severely. Privato llenry Lavilesk, (Ieorgia regiment, slightly. Sergeant Joa. King, (toorgla regiment, slightly, RR H MORNING. APRIL 28, 1! Print* Thoo Thelss. Company K. 1st Pennsylvania r inent, slightly >'i ivate Stephens, < oinpany I, 1st Pennsylvania regiment. slightly Private Fry. Company H. 2d Pennsylvania regiment, Total:?1 commissioned, and 12 uon-eouuulssioned. Ike. Respectfully submitted. R PATTEU80N, MuJ. Uen U. 8. A., Coiu'g. Division Hlao^l'arters Slcord Reoiment Dbauoons. i Camp Washington. March 20. 1047 i Sir?I liuvu the huuor to inform you that, in obedience to the orders of Major (jeucral Scott. 1 proceeded yesterday with Captain Thorntou's squadrou of dragoons. under the immediate command of Major Sumner, and lifty dismounted men under Captaiu Ker. towards the .Madeline river, it being reported that a considerable mounted force was in that direction, and in our neighborhood. 1 moved without opposition until 1 came near the stone bridge of the Moruna, which is skirted by a dense chapparal. and which I determined to reconnoitre before advancing uny further, ns I hud learned that It was fortified and guarded by 2U0U men uud two pieces of artillery, and small parties of lancers were seen near the thicket on my upprouch The enemy wus prepared, und when 1 cuius within sixty yards of the bridge, ho opened a heavy lire on my dismounted skirmishers, and notwithstanding the utmost precaution, one corporal was killed and two men severely wounded Seelnethe hrliliru wan fortified. ami the enemy In hereto dispute the passage, I IfII buck, and Seut a request fur two piece* of cunuun. with the uid of which I felt convinced I could drive hiui from the bridge, und put him to rout. In the incautime, Captain Hardee, who was engaged in disembarking his horse*, hearing that 1 waH eugaged with the euuuiy. collected ull the footmen he hud on aliore and all he could tlnd in camp, numbering more than forty, and came to my assistance. I was also joined by a company of the lit I'cnnawtio regiment, commanded' by Captain Chcatliuui. and part of four companion of the 2d Ton leasee regiment, under tho orders of Colouel Haskell So?u after this Lieutenant Juild. .Id artillery, arrived with two pieces of artillery, and I immediately made my dispositions for attack. Captain Iter, with the dismounted ' dragoons, was placed on tho left of the road lending ti . tho bridge, the volunteers on tho right, wbilo Captain Hardee, with Lieutenant Illlt. was directed to keep uont I the artillery to support it, if necessary, and to bo iu readiness to churgu on the bridge. Major Stimucr I with the mounted men. was held in reserve Lieutenant Juddwas directed to move down tlie road with caution.a> j it was circuitous, and the bridge not visible until witliiu | fifty yards of the fortification. He did so with great judgment : but he was no soouur seen than tho whole lire ol the Mexicans was concentrated on his party. Unplug to divert their tire, I ordered the volunteers to commence tiring oil the right, and Captain Hardee to extend lib) men to the left and lire alio ; but Lieuteuuut Judd, nothing daunted, opened upon the fortitlcation, and after six or eight well-directed rounds the heads of tho enemy were no longer seen above the parapet. At this moment I ordered u charge upon the bridge; and the volunteers, headed by Col Haskell and Cuplain Cheatham, and tho dragoon's under Captain Hardee, rushed upon It with fearless in I trepidity. The fortification opposed no obstacle. It wa? 1 immediately leaped; hut liy this time the enemy had fullI en back, ami reformed beyond the bridge. 1 then orj dered the bridge cleared, and sent fur Major Kuuiner'i I command, which camo up in gallant style, and rhargei upon the enemy. On his approach the footmen lied inti the woods, but the lancers were met and completely rout cd. Lieutenant Lowry aud Lieutenant Ouks, withthrei men, pursued u party of about thirty lancers who turnei off iu a byroad and all but live were either snbred or din mounted. Major Sunnier and Lieutenant Sibley, ut th head of the first set of fours, had several personal eu counters with the enemy, who wero, in every lnstanci either killed or dismounted. Tile pursuit was continue to the village of Madeline, six tuilcs froui the bridgi from which another party of lancers were seen retreating und Lieutenant Nelll, my adjutant, being in advauci pursued them with three men. A party was sent to SU| port him ; but bis horse being fleeter thau the rest, h came first upon the enemy, and two of them closin upon him, lie received two severe lance wounds in tl breast uud aria. 111 consequence of which hu fell froi hid horde, but uot until he had displayed uneoinmo gallantry in his defence. Huaring this, and bolieviu the enemy in force, I continued the pursuit two mill further ; but night coining on. 1 was reluctantly con pelted to desist. I had Lleutenaut NeiU brought to tl Tillage of Madeline, where I baited for thruc hours 1 refresh men and horses, and 1 then returned to cam with my command, which I reached at 3 o'clock in tli morning. After my disposition had been made for tli attack. Major General I'atterson came up with Colon ( auipboll's regiment of 1st Tennessee volunteers. II did not assume comand, but rendered important aid I his gallant hearing and demeanor. Colonel Campbell regiment . participated in the uttack uud ussault and my thanks aru due to him. Also to Coloni llaskell and Captaiu Cheatham, who evinced great set and gallantry. Colonel Haskell was the first to lea the parapet. Lieutenant Judd's position was perilou and lie exhibited rare judgment, coolness, and iutre pldity ; and the services of himself and his snbulten Lieutenant H Brown, were of inestimable value Til steadiness and gallantry displayed in the presence of th enemy by officers and men, both of the regular and vt lunteer service, merit my highest approbation. As t my own regiment, it would be invidious to pnrticulnriz where all behaved so nobly. Kspccial thanks arc due t my staff. Lieutenant Lowry, Lieutenant Neill, and 1)1 Barnes, who were active and xealous in the discharge < their respective duties. Neither can I omit to mentlo the effective servicu rendered by Brevet Maj U. L. Ben au<l ( apt. VV. J. Hardee, of my regiment. The foruici thougli confined to his lied by sickness, joined my com maud on the first intimation of an engagement Th latter mounted at the commencement of the pursuil and joined me as one of my staff. In the day's action lost two men killed and nine wouuded. among them m guide, Thomas Voung. of Texas, who discharged hi duty with fidelity ami bravery. It is not ascertaine precisely what number ofthe enemy was killed; but it 1 known that not less than fifty fell hi the attack and sub sequent pursuit. I am. sir, very respectfully, your obedient servant. W.M 8. HAUN'F.Y, Colonel 2d Dragoons, com'dg Lieutenant II. L Scott, Acting Assistant Adjutan General, Camp Washington, before Vera Crux. Report of killed. wounded. nnii mining of the army tiur i?( the inveitment and xiege of Vera Crux, cornmen ring the lUhand ending Ihe'JHlh of March, 18J7. KlbLCU. Vint Brigade of Regnluri.?Capt. J. It. Vinton. 3rd artillery , in the trenches. March 92, 1847. I'rlvates| John llafuer, company B; of wound received in tie : trenches. March 24, 1847. Nicholas Burns, company 11 2d artillery; by the explosion of a shell In the trenches March 24. 1847. Marines?Private , 2d ai I tillery, March 21st, 1 m47: every effort made to obtain tii | name of the marine Second Brigade of llegularx.?( apt William Albni I lla O.I lahal... I... U ?1.11- ??-- . Ill mni i II w lull' lilt" iruojl* WITH 1.1 K1 n thr tine of investment, March II, 1847. Private?Tim' tliy Cunningham, mounted riflemen; by a cannon hnl March II. 1847. Serjeant William H. Blake, 4th arti lcry. company F; hy a munket ball. March 14, 1847. Col. Harney't Command?Gorp.Mame* H. Nleholaor 3d dragoon*, company K; in action at I'uente de Morv no, March 34, 1817. Private Henry ilopkina, 3d artll lory, company 11; tu action at I'ueute do Moreno, Marc 30, 1847. Central I'atlerton'i I'olunttert?Private*: .John Mil icr, 1st Pennsylvania, company G, in the alTair on thi Madellin road, by luucer*. March 17, 1847. Gothlib It?iy 1st Pennsylvania. company (I; at the nllvy battery March 34, 18 47. WOUNDKD. Col. Harney't Command Second Lieut. Lewi* Neilt adjutant, 3d dragoon*, naverely, beyoud I We village o Madellin. March 34, 1847, Private*?Joaeph Marshall 3d dragoon*, company li. naverely, at Puenta di Merino .March 34. 1847. P'.dwin A. J once, 3d uitillery. company II. severely, at I'uento di Morino, March 3ft, 1847 W. '1 Gillespie, ,'J dragoont. company II; Lewi* (iciacl, 3>! dragoon*, company C; John Smith. 3d dragoon*, coin pany K. and Thouias Voung. guide, a citiicn of Texas 'all slightly wounded at Puenta di Morino, March 34. 1847. Firil Hri^adt aj flrtnl.irt?Privates; Wheeler B Hunt. 3d artillery, company B; slightly; in the righ shoulder in the trenches, March 34. 1847; Kmile Voitu rat. 3d artillery, company B; slightly: in the head, ir the trenches, March 31. IH47 Adolph Meihle. 3d artilie ry. company I); hi* left arm shot off while serving in thi lu nches. March 33. 1817. John Golden. 3d artillery company D. slightly; in the left check, while serving it the trenches. March 33. 1847. Win. Ilendarson, 3d artil lory, company D; slightly; In the hip while serving Ir the trenches March 33. 1847. Krnest Krinipe. 3d urtil lery. company K; slightly: in the hip, while on an ad vanced piquet guard. March 20. 1847. Owen Iloatc, 3>, nriiunrj, riiuiprtuj r, pugnuy wuunut'U in wio mcc the hur*t Infc of one of the enemy'* *hell*. while *erTiiu! tin* mortar* In buttery No 3 March 44.1847. Win. I nrthane,'4d artillery, company K; slightly wounded In tin fare by the burnt lute of one of the enemy * nhell*. wlilh aerving the mortar* In battery No. 3, March '44. '47. Jotcph S Hayden, 3d artillery, company K'; nliglitly wounded In the face by the bunting of one of the nemy'?*hell*.wliilt nervine the mortar* In battery No. 3. March '44, IH47.? Archibald MeKadgun. 3d artillery. rompuiiy K; *llghlly wounded In the face by the humtivg of one of the enemy I nliell*. while to rvlug the mortar* in buttery No. 3. Mareli '41, 1817. Martin lliguum, 2d artillery, company <4; lightly wounded in the left aide, while nerving in tin batterfe*. March 22, 1847. Sergeant Jamc* Footer. 3d artillery. cninpany II; Mlghtly wounded In the thigh. by the bursting of a eliell. while nerving In the tranche* neai battery No. I. March'43,1847. I'rivate*: H. I) Shurtienbuck, nth infantry, company A; nllphtly; In the trench near battery No, '4, by a ennunti ball panning between hi* tlilgli*, producing a slight eoiitu*lnn on each, March '43 lui; h.dward Hemming. 8th infantry, company I: Might ly. near battery No I, by the bur*tiuf{ of a *hell. In the nhouhUr ami arm. March '4'4, IH47. Srron/t Hrigmdt of Hrgulari.- Sergeant* : W II I.ane mounted riflemen, company I); by a mn*ket ball in the right *lde. In a *kirmi*h at I'uente del Mldoi*. March '44 1817 Kdmund llarrl*.mounted riflemen, eooinanv < ; hv ii niimkct lull in tliii right aide, in aakirmieh at Puentcdel M tiioin. March 24, 1847. Private* : John Tel una, mounted riflemen, company K : by an eecnpette hull In the left groin. in n ftkirmiehat Pnentcilel Midoie. March 24. IHJ7. Krederlrk Wareca, mounted ritlenien. company (' ; loat tlircc finger* of hi* left hand by a eabrc cut. in a ektrmlah at Puentcdel Midnia, March 24, 1847. Henry Neal. mounted riflemen, company U. near the magailne. by a rpi nt numket Intll. on the crown of the head. March 11, 1817 Thomaa Waller, mounted riltcnen. company H ; ehot through the thigh. thigh bone fractured at Pontine. March 11, 1817 Muclcian John lleina. let artillery, company B; on the rand hille, loet left arm by cannon ehot. March II. 1847. Private Jama* Stephen. 4th artillery. company K ; In the thigh, badly, March 14,1817. [BRA 347. Corporal Spencer. 4d infantry; March 11.1847.? Klrst Lieut. 1). Davidsou. 4d infantrv; nli^htly:whil? taking up the line of investment. .March II. 1847. Grntral Pattmon't f'oluntteri.?Lieut. Colonel J. I) DlckJnsou. S t' regiment, badly, in the affair on the sand hills, southwest of the city. iMarch 11, 1847. Privates : Ballard. S. (.'. regiment; same time and place M. Vox. 'Jd Tennessee volunteers, company D. slightly, iu action at the Puenta de Marino. March 46, ini . unuer i oj narney ? Toner. 8 < regiment, slightly. tn the affair on the Hand hill* southwest of tb? city. March II. 1847 - I'liiili|>s. S C ncbMt, slightly. In the uffuir on tbu sand hilU. aouthwent of the city. March II. 1847. Hiekey. 8. C. regiment. slightly. In the uffuir on the sumi hills. Houthwent of the city. March 11, 1847. Quartermaster Sergeant II K. McDonald. tiu regluieut. severely. in the uffuir on the uund hills March 11. 1847 Sergeant Joseph King, (ia regiment, severely, iu the uffuir on the uund hill*, southwent of the city. March II. 1847. private* : Thomas I Scott, Ga regiment, slightly. in tiiu affair on thu uund hills, southwest if the city. March II. 1847. John <!. Kwbunk. (iu. regiment, slightly, in thu uffuir on theeuiid hills, southwest of the city. March II. l?47. Henry Laulieck. Georgia regiment; severely; in the affaironthe sand hill*, southwest of the city, .Mureh II. 18 47. Sergeant John Ileuiou. 1st Poniisylvuniu regiment, company K; slightly: on the night of the !>tli of March, on the beach. Privates Ovid C. Burdin. 1st Pennsilvania regiment. coinpiiny 1; slightly; on the suiul hilis. southwest of tin* city. March I1J[1MT WBHam Vaadenbeek, ut Pennsylvania regiment, company I; slightly; on the I sand hills, southwest of the city. March 11. 1847 An- j drew Krutncr, 1st Pennsylvania regiment, company I; slightly; on the snnd hills, southwest of tbu city March 11, 1847. Theodore Thiers. 1st Pcunsylvauiu regiment. company K; slightly; on the uund hills, southwest of the city. Mureh II. 1847. James Stevens. 1st Pennsylvania regiment, company I; slightly ; on the sand hills. southwest of the city. March 1 i. 1847. Fay. 'Jd Pennsylvania regiment, company II; slightly; on tin-snnd hills, southwest of thocity. March II, Ih47. Wni It. Ales. , 2<l Pennsylvania regiment, company A; in Hdion of the Puenta do Marino. Mureh 2ft. 1817. under Col Harney Daniel Vsnn. 2d Pennsylvania regiment, company C.; in action at the Puntc Ue Marino, March 2ft, 1847. ' under < ol. Harney. Greon W'oodley, 2d Pennsylvania J regiment, company G; in action nt the Punta dc Marino March 2ft. 18-17, under Col. liarncy Hugh Gavin. 1st 1 Pennsylvania regiment; iu action ai the Piientc dc Marino, March 2ft, 1847. under Col. llarney. John Hubbard, 1st Ptuusylvania regiment, company A; slightlv; during bombardment. Sergeant H, Williamson, 1st Peiinsvlvnnia regiment. company O; slightly; at tin* sand hills, southwest of the (illy, March 11, 1 HI7. I'riruto David 11 ar kiiiH, 1st Pennsylvania regiment, company A; on pl(|uet. WINTICLD BCOTT. 11. L. Scott, A. A. A. Cleniral. Ilcsoiti'ARTiiiis o?- thk Aiimv. Vera Cruz, April 6, 1817. important from mexico. Vr.HA Ckiti, April (1, 1H17. I.otters have just been received from Mexico, in which it is stated that Gen. Santa Anna, who Is now thoru at the head of a sufficient force to silence clamor and overawe his enemies, is resolved to prosecute the war to the utmost. The fall of Vera Crux was considered certain from the start, and it has made no material change in public opinion. It is reported that two distinct hut parallel revolutions are in progress, and nearly ripo. One in the States of Durango, Sun Luis Potosi, and Chihuahua, for constituting a separate republic of the Northern Stotos, and another in the central and Southern Status for the sunn purpose. Both propose to mnke pence with the Unltec States, and leave their sea ports iu pledge, until then shall be a fluid and thorough adjustment of all difficulties Gen. Arista is under arrest In thu city of Mexico. f?' being party to certain proposals made to Gen. Taylor b; the most influential citizens west of the llio Bravo, n I the commencement of hostilities. They proposed tli dismemberment of the republic on the ground o [ the excessive oppressions of the central govornmenl h and desired a truce for tlinir portion of the conn try preliminary to the recognition of their indupendene j by tbo Washington Cabinet ? for which consideratioi , they waived the boundary in dispute, and conceded tli 10 mo Grande as the boundary. |'j Gen. Taylor, however, refined to listen to these projio [? sition* of truce, and suppressed tho Republic of Ike Kit y Granite, an American paper established at Matamoras " for tho purpose of advocating the cau*e of tho proposed ,[ republic. How Arista will clear himself of the charge 11 Is doubtful. He uduiits that the Northern States sought 1' to gain the aid and countenance of Gun Taylor for a peaceful annexation to the Union, and were rejected, but i. Insists on his own innocence iu the matter. ('. W u ? I JEN. LAMA It CAPTURED. [Krom the Newark Advertiser, April 37.] o liiforiuation lias been received at Austin. Texas, that (>eu. I.ainur, with his company ofeO or 100 inen. attemptn ed to pass through from I.oredo to join Gen. Taylor; that . after penetrating Into some difllcult passes of the moun,f tains beyond the Itlo Grande, he was attacked by gmati, ly superior numbers of the enemy, whom he fought till II he lost half his uien, when bo found himself compelled to r< surrender. Gen. Lamar's object was to go to tile rebel i. of Gen. Taylor as soon as he had heard the alarming ,. news of his dangerous situation. We have not heard the fact mentioned before. ' THE NEW KKOIMKNTN. [From tha Washington Union. April 38.] ,[ We learn from the Adjutant General that the follow, lng companies of tho ten new regiments of the additional reirulnr force ere iinv #n -< ?/? tnr ih. i- v -- ico 3 Aggregate Hrgimrnt. Companirt. itrenglh. 9th infantry?Col. T. B. Ransom I Ml 10th infantry?Col. 11. E Temple 5 tin t I Ith infinlry?Col. A. C. Kainney 7 517 13th iufantry?Col. II. M. Echnls I ?n lltli infantry?Col. Wm. Trousdale I 9<i 11th infantry?Col. O. W. Morgan, (now In Meiico,) Lieut. Col. Joshua Howard, superintending I 310 16th infantry?Col. J. W. Tibbatu 10 649 Vnltigeurs?Col. T, P. Andrew* ti Jt'l 3d dragoons?Col. K. (s. W. Butler 6 t>39 f Total 41 3211 i Col. Rnnaom. 9th infantry. report*. April 12th. front ' Bo*ton, that 4li(l recruit* nave been made for hU regt nient up to that date One company of the 9tli will eme hark from Kurt Adnin*. It. I , eurly in May, anil three more, at leant, iu the eour*e of that month Col. Temple, of the 10th infantry, report* from New ft York, that all the coinpanlc* of hi* regiment will he re' eruited and en rout' for Mexico by the 1'1th of May 1- Two additional conipunie* of the 1 Ith infantry will hr ' put en roult early in May. tanking nine In all. Col Tibbatt*. of the 16th infantry, report* on thi < 19th in-taut, from New Port, Kentucky, that in thre. week* from that date all the rompanir* of hi* regimen ' will bo filled, when their aggregate strength will probn h bly he 1000 Col. Andrew*, of the yoltigrur*, in reporting *ix coin panic* rn route, add* that the remniuing lour of hi* re " glim nt will probably he recruited, nnd hi* entire rcgl ' nient filled and ready fur the field by the end of May " '1 lly the 10th of May there will probuhly he forty-five or fifty coinpanie* of tile ten new regiment* rn route foi the seat of war. the aggregate strength of which will not f It la possible, untl indeed probable, that there arc i other delacbmeuU now m route lor the neat of war. In distant parts of the country, which hare not yet reached i the Adjutant General's ontce. and that in the month of Muy near tioOU troop,, uiuy he placed on the bunk* of ' the Hlo (.ramie. CAM. KiiR VOhl'XTKKRB. \V?m l)?:r?k i m. t, April 24, 1847 Sim: Tlio President hating decided to accept the serticca of three eoiiipnniea of tolunteer Inlautry from the t District of ('olunbia, to serve during the war with Mexico. Which, with two companiea to be raiacd in Maryland , it I* propaed to form Into a separate battalion. I have the honor to request your co-operation in raising nnd or, ganizlng thia lorce. with a view to ita being aent to the theatre of war witli the least practicable delay. J The adjutant general will he Inatructcd to rurnlsh you with audi delaila aa are necessary to he observ. d In re, ceivlng volunteer, into the . -rvicc of the I nlted Stat. ? Very respectfully, your obedient servant \V. I, MAHf'V, Secretary of War i Major Gen Wai.ick Jon. .. Washington. I) < In compliance with the above requisition. the three companies now being raised, with a view to immediate service in Mexico, are ordered to organize and report Un. mediately to the General eouiiuanding the militia of the . District of < olonib a By order of Major General Wsi.tra Jov?? t II LfcK JOM'.S. Aid de t amp , The following extract from general order No. 17. Is pUllllFIII'U Kir III)' inlOrUiailOII ill volunteer* "S. liy the #th Ruction of tin- act to rai?e fur a limited tinif nn additional military force. kr unproved Ir'ebruary II, 1B47,'each non-commiiMioind officer. iiiu*icien. or private. enlisted or tube indicted in the regular army, or regularly iniuitcrcd iu any volunteer company, for a period of not lew than twelve mouth*, who hit* nerved or mny nerve during the present war with Mexico, and who (fiall receive an honorable dimbarp.' he . will be entitled to a warrnnt for one hundred mid sixty acre* or land, which he will be at liberty to locate in one body, upon any of the public land* that may be aulijert to private entry; or no may, at hi* option, when honorably discharged. receive treasury scrip to the amount of on# hundred dollar*, bearing aix per rent Interest, payable semi-annually, and redeemable at the pleaaure of the government , "l,e*t till* provision of the law may not be fully understood by tin1 veteran soldier* of th<' regular ami volunteer corp* who mav have received the land bounty on the expiration of their first term of service, they are informed that In ea*e of re-enlistment or re enrol me lit. cither by companies or a* inilividual volunteer*, for a aeeond term, lor the period of the war, they will, on receiving nn honorable diaeharge at the expiration thereof, be entitled to a necond land bounty of ei|uat amount, or the troanury nrrlp for uuo bundled dollar*, a* they may prefer. Ily Order : R JONK8, " Adjutant Oencral.'' I.NTERKXTINO TD VOI.PJtl K.KRH. IFroin the National Intelligencer. Aprtl H7.J In tn*orting the following Oem ral Order, providing for the settlement of claim* by illteliarged volunteer sn|di?ra, for bounty land or Treasury ncrip, we are request 1 11 " LJ JU ' 'J L D. .. - ?-?- ?? Price Two ed to invite attention to Its provisions A. the Just claims of the voluutcer can only be established and it-tiled o? furnisliieg the requisite eddence in sueb cases th? volunteerofficers 'honld make tliemsrlvestully acquainte(l with tile regulation. and l?o governed accordingly Ci,.NIl?*l OBI-tH,.# A, ?.TA JV* DirsBTMrsiT. vft m / Ai'Ji TA.n Ctk >kHAL i Orrirr.. ) Washington. April '13.1U47. I. In order to secure. without delay or inconvenience to the volunteer soldier, who ahull receive an honorable discharge. or who shall have been killed or died of wonnda," (or his heirs, Ike., as the ens* inav bo.l the bounty land or Treasury scrip, provided by the Bth sect ion of the act of February II. I847. it ia net csrary that the following instructions be duly observed by the tthreri concerned I. Volunteers mustered out of service on the expiration of their term. The roils for this purpose must contain all the names which have been borne on the previous muster-rolls, front the first, or thu one mustered into service, including ull who have died, been captured, discharged, or liurc deserted since the enrollment of the company with appropriate remarks opposite the name of each respectively Ail absentees must be satisfactorily accounted for by explanations recorded in the column of remarks. This roll, containing the information above required, will be prepared and completed at the time that the company may he discliargid. and be forwarded by tba ofllcer charged with mustering it cut of service, direct to the Adjutant tienerai's office. War Department?endorsed "Korthe Commissioner of i'enaiona. Bounty Land Bureau." Thu roll will only vary from the ordinary muster-roll used for the payment of companies by tha . addition of lite nuuies of all who hare died, been cap lured, dlseharged, or have d<rerted since the day of inuatrr inlo service. 3. Individual discharges of Volunteer* before the expiration or their t trail, in consequence of wound* received or sickness incurred in the coarse of tho service. The Certificates of Disability and Discharge In *aeh rws will be given in duplicate, and. must, in every ia*t*nce.*et forth the origin and nature of the wound received or sickness incurred in the course of the service, ugp en 1.1 y to tin; established printed form, dated April 1 h 17 f?ne ropy of this certificate will b? forwarded by the officer signing the discharge of the voiunter soldier. ilirect to the Adjutant Uenerml of the Army?endorsed " For the Commissioner of Tension*, Bounty Land Bureau." 4. The f ommissloner of Tensions, under the direction of the Secretary of War, being charged by law with the business of Invest ((ration claim* for Bounty land, fca., provided by thu inunittcence of the government, commanders ot volunteer regiment* and companies will see tho necessity of preparing and forwarding, a* herein required. the requiaite muster-roll, or certificates, as the ease may he. being the necessary evidence of service and of honorable discharge to enable the faithful volunteer. or his heirs. 4tc. to receiva from the War Department the certitteatc or warrant for the bounty of one hundred and sixty aeres. or the Treasury scrip for one hundred dollsrs. us provided by law. 6. The " Burgeon's Certificate of ordinary disability," in eases of invalid soldiers of the regular army, will hereafter be forwarded in duplicate ; one of which to be endorsed "For the Commissioner of Tensions. Bounty Land Bureau." By order: It. .IONKB. Adjutant tieucral. 1 Captain Mc Reynolds' company of Dragoons are about to leave Detroit tor Now Orleans Olio of the now Infantry Companion at Detroit, to to relieve the company of the 'id Infantry etatloned at Marklnaw. A company of Kennebec Recruits. for the New F.ngland [or Oth J regiment, enlisted by Captain Uodtlsh of Gardi' nor, and Lieutenant Simmons of Augusta. pooled through 1 Boat on on Friday, on their way to Fort Adams. Newport I It. I. They are represented u.v n tine looking set of won. S NAVAL INTELLIGENCE. [From the Norfolk Beacon. April 'id 1 We learn that orders have been received litre to tit r the 1', H. frigate Cumberland for sea r ( Personal and Political. At the close of the April term of the Court of Oyer v and Terminer for Alhauy county, the judges of the f county court addressed a letter to Judge Amasa Parker, of the 3d circuit, expressing their estiem for him personally, and their high appreciation of his official character This brought out a handsome reply from ' Judge P., in which he ulluded handsomely to the ability i with w hich the judges of the county courts had aided llilll. tsC. ' The Senate of Massachusetts have voted to restore the salary of the Governor to the old sum of $3.660 0(1 cents, and 6 mills, from which it was reduced by the ( retrenchment act of 1843 to $2,600. The house, however, refused to concur. Captain William Armetroug, Superintendent of In1 dluii Affairs, passed through Van lluren. Arkansas, on the 9th, to attend the IT. S. Court, at Little Itock.* The proceedings of the late Tyler meeting In Philadelphia, where, without distinction of party, the citizens came together and proclaimed his Domination fbr tha next Presidency, have been submitted to the gallant General by the Committee appointed ou the occasion.? The twenty-two names attached to the letter are those of the most respectable citizens Their communication winds up as follows : "The undersigned, under tbew circumstances, take the liberty of assuring you that they neither desire nor expect an UDHWcr to this communication." Messrs John Ross and Win S. Coodcy. have been somitts t ,'it I III* first -lii..t I....... 1. V'-.... ? l *11-* Taylor forarcond chief, (if the i'iierokee nation andar their now constitution Tli? giMierril olectlon conic* off iu Auguct next. The official return* of the Iowa election are publlahwd The ninjorlty for Harlan, the whig cnndldate for Superintendent of Public Inatruction. la ItiW. The locoe elected three Judge*, aud the whig* one. ('11KA1' KMBKOIDKK IKS. AT SCOTT & < O'S.-No. 377 Broadway (two door* be low White Hirer!. A lot of fine needle work Under Handkerchief, at $1 each; one caae fine figured Sheer Oiiu-hama, Ht $3 per dreaa; two ( arton white figured drmi Veda, (fine iiuality.) at $1 each, F.mbroiderrd Dreatea. I.aca ( ape*, French Lawn Handkerchief, Needle-work Collar*. Lac**, lie., Ike., in rariety, at wholraale pricea. N. B.?Thd onn pricr lyatrm atrictlv adhered to. alt f,teod*e M LKtt. PLAID SILKS, STRIPKD SILKS, Broende do Moire I'ekin do. I'rkin ( Innoi* Silk*, Ft ua du Bengal do. I.itiht Summer Silk*, at low pricea. Foulard Milk* /if all kinda of Pl.uda, Stri|>ea, Brocade* and India Smchews ; abo, lllack Foulard* BLACK SILKS. Black Paria patent high Lualrca, from If) to 44 inches. Paria black watered, wide and nariow. Black Pint dc Sotra and TalTetaa, every width. Kich atriped I'lanla and figured hlark Bdka. Treple chain Marrcllinca, foraummer dicnana. I Black Canton ( rape, o( different width* Do do Fieuird Pougeea. I Silk Grcnadinea, Barejrca, ke, PAH IS MANJT.LKTS AND VISITKS. Juat received 3 raaea of new and Beautiful Viailea, Maiit*| let* and KigoleU, decidedly new Alao, 2 ra*ea of Convenant-r Ilohea, richly embroidered. Willi mill without Vi.itci. at ritrt tnt-ly low prieea, with alarga i atock of Fancy and Staple Good., al al7 i?end2wr JAMKS HKt K St Cf7? 3M Broadway. I a> '.f' KflO TO LKNU on Hon.l and Mortgage on I ityor Brooklyn Heal F.atatr, in lumi to ?uit applicant. Thin ?uni brlnngato an ratale in truat, ftd will ! loaned for * term < f yrar*. A|?|?ly immediately, to ft. , S. BROAI), No. li Will street, tu the Croton Water office biBMMBt* *lV*o?l2in*rf HOARuifro AT HOBOKKN. Female Free-The .noMrjoti i?i' dkcBt "i?l is now fsnjihiM th# Atluttc ' Hotel. Hoiiokrn, and will !>? ready in a lew days for the refection ofboardera. The Hoim i* situated c?>uti4uous to the Ferry, and of eaay srre?? to the city. The view of the Bay ?nd Narrow % ui unobstructed and deI?K11ff111, and no |xainn w ill he spared to render the Atlantic Hotel a (juiet, agreeable, and comfortable home. alOeod I in *c R. R. EDOABTON.^ UK WARD?AMF.RIt AN < t>.\1POUND?Th7 |Hi|'iilar. pi* aajnt, Mid .rcrifte remedy la warrantcil i to ciirr clfrctitall) alt ra.ii of a delicate diaraar in n lew data, under a forfrKtiir of she above mm. Peraona ruing thin rele I tinted article need Irar no ei|H?.iirri, a., it learnt no odor on the | breath, re. | in re. no re.friction in diet or louinrta, ami la ada|>lnd | to ryery age. in and eonditiou. It cimtaina no mercttry or uoa ' imia diuga, uijnrioua to the roiutitution. but clcan.ra tbe ayaI trio from i n feet I on Thou.and. of long .tamliug eaaea hays | been etirrd by a aiiigle bottle, Hl,,lr the greaj majority arc rad leally citrrrj with half the i|tinntity. Tina it no truni|>*d up I 'humbug;" it baa long In en, ami .till it, uaed in the private practice of phyaieiiuit with unerring auceraa, curing ninety I inue* of the one biunlrril ra.ri Try it, ami convince yuurarlveo. Hold whole. le b- t om r t 4. ( n , 21 ( onrtlimit atreet; retailed at How ery and t fraud. Bowery and Walker, Bnweiy and llouaton, Bowery_and Fourth at. - Market atreet, comer of K.att Broadway: F. L. Cotton, Ki Hlereker atreet; Hammoad Sr. t o corner of Broadway ami t lumber! afreet; comer Fulton Mid Water itrrett, New York; corner Kultou ami f'ranber| ry ttreeta, Brookl. 11: Third ?nd Hotitb atreeta, Philadelphia? I corner liailr. ami Pratt .ticeta, Baltimore: C, Stott, Waah! ington City; Robertaou It Cormick, Norfolk, Va.;andP. Cohen It Co.. C.hnrlealnn, H I'. ad }wteod r ELEGANT TAPESTR1E CARPETING8. JUHT HKI K.IVKD BY THK PATRICK IIF.NRT A large iiivmee of new aurl choice imtterni ofTape.trie Carpetiug, wlnrb are llua rlty n|?eried tor eiimiuntiou Prrmna I dr.iron, of obtaining the latest and beat Hylne, would do well to call early and make their aelection. SMITH It KNAPP, a!7 1w*r 251 Broadway, (opimaite Cite Hall ) HOA If I) IN THK < til NTHY. AFKW fimiliea ran be areomniodatrd with board al our of tbe ino.t lie I ig btCii 11 y aituaod and healthy .uniiner reaidencra in Oiange county, one tnile from the lliid.oii River landing, at Cornwall?the beat .teambiMita land daily to and from the city?rrcry attention will be paid to make it a dr.Irani. botne for tlm.e wlm wish to ai>eiid the lunitnt in the cowntri Karly application ia de.irable. For further particular., ilraar uuinire of A. U V 17. Hindi, corner Fulton ami William atreet.; il. (Sinclair, 435 II itutou atrret; C.H. Ring. P.I2 Broadway. ajft lm*re HAST OFF (It ITU l Nr. ,tvn fill) vrntoo , . HMU 1 U I 1 Livni WANTED. LADIKS and Ormlrmm baring any nut off or tai-rrfloua rlolliin* or fiirmturr to diapoae or, ran obtain a lair ra.h purr for th? aatnr, by t?inlmg a note, or by railing on rim tnbarnbrr, at hi. rratdrucr, or thrntigli tlir i>o?t, nliirh will t>? pnnrtually attrndrd to. H. DEBOF'.I, 7I>. Canal at. Up Stair. N B ? l.mlira ran h?> at'rndrd to by Mr*. Dr Bot-r (llil atork and job goodt bought, ot any drirriptinn and on ni t m?J Im ib ASHMUtTON tfAUCE. THIS VF.HY si'n limn SAUrKforrnrirhin* Oranr., Honpa. Mrata, Wild Fowl, tlami , Itr., wlurh lia. r?rrirrd th?* approbation of tlir pritiripal rptrnre. for arrrral yrara, ca i be obtained iftail at til* br.t Family 1 Irorrrira, and wholraalr at M H KwNKTTJ _ I a29 2rr*r 19* Front at, N T. Mlt.s, ZKUI.IO, Nil. ??7 l)u IM'is Simickt. WOL'Ll) inform her lnen?l? ??! fK# J" K'Mirrnl. thsf *hr ha* cmisUutliy h*n<l a n?N am! fun! ioiifthle niMMirtmrnt of ihirrrH hotitifiti ntriw ?, pwm * ?? une> ; nltn. TMtfAtia, or \ ?ni?erior ?|tt Iity. *??? monriwi bonnets. The luilies fnmi the country, n? well n* fhr rwuMfwl to mil *n4 eimmiue her slock before imrch???i?f rlsewntic. , l>! lm#r

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