Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 14, 1847, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 14, 1847 Page 1
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i1 ii ii miimw?www?? THJ Vol. Xlll. No. 133?VVhoU No. 473U. Adjournment of the Legislature. THE CLOSING SCENES. TITLES OF AOTS. dee. Ac. dee. TELUOKAPIQC. Albanv, Mh.t It, 1847, Adjournment of the Legislature. Tbs Legislature adjourned at half past U o'clock this morning. The number of acts passed Is about one hundred. The duration of the session has been 120 days. The following are the passed acts:? Appropriating the annual revenues of the Common School, Literature apd United States Deposit Funds. Appointing Commissioners of the Code and the Practice. General acts for the incorporation of rural oemeteries. The act providing for the registry of births, marriages and deaths. The emigrant passenger not. The general act for the construction of plank and turn pi lie roads. For completing the uatural history of the State. The election act, inoludlag among ether provisions one to prevent betting at eleetions. To divide the State into Judicial districts. For the organization of a Superior Court and Common Pleas iu the City of New York. The several aets for resuming the prosecution of the Erie canal enlargement, Genesee Valley, Black River, and Oswego canals, and the Oneida river improvements. The Railway freight act. authorising the several railroads to carry freight during the year, by paying oanal toll. The bill take# effect 1st November nest. The repeal of the Esolse law. For the enrollment of the militia of the State. The aet authorising ti e judiciary. The License Law. This law was repealed In the Senate by a vote of IS. and ot 68 to 38 in tho House. The time for holding elections for Judges, Surroguto, District Attorney, &c., Ico., hue been fixed for the ?th day of June Instead of 31st May, as was originally intended. The Senate, last night, receded from this amendment to the judicial bill respecting the election of Recorders, so that those officers are to be elected at the approaching election in all the cttiea except New York. The Committee of Con.eronee on the Manufacturing bill wore unable to agree on any modification of the personal liability olause, to be reported to the two houses, 0 this important bill Use over. The anti-rent matters, and bill orgauislug Courts of Conciliation go over to tbo extra session. The Charitable and Religions Incorporation bill passod the houao, but was uot acted upon In Sonate. TITLES Or ACTS, Patted hy the I.egielature of the State of New York at the fir it meeting of the TOth teseion thereof 1847. 1. An mot to provide for the collection of taxes In the town of Urelg in the county of Lewis. 2. An act to extend the time for the collection of taxes In the year 1840. 3 An act making appropriations in part for tho support of government for tho year 1847. 4 A ii not to amend an not, passed January 31, 1843. entitled ''An act In relation to the trial of convicts in the ceuntyand State prisons.'' 6 An act to increase the number of jurors to be drown at ths courts of generul sessions of the peace of the county of Kings. 8 An net grautlng per diem and mileage to Isaac L. Hasbrouck while prosecuting his claim to a seat as member of Assembly la the place of John D. L. Montanye. 7. An net to change the name of Catharine P. Moffit to Catharine P. Star key. 8. An act appropriating the annual revenues of the Common School and United States Deposito Funds. 0 Anactte alter tho word May to February In tho act therein mentioned. 10. An act authorising ths supervisors of the county of Queens to repair and enlarge the county clerk's office in mid county 11. An Kit authorising the Coimniss ioners of the Land Office to permit tho board of supervisors of Krio county to take Htono from the public lauds in the town of Black Rock. 13. An act to amend the eighty-third section of till" four of chapter two of the fourth part of the Revised Statute*, concerning the allowance of writs of certiorari in criminal cases. IS. An act to extend the time for the collection of taxes in the county of Albany. 14. An act to extend tho time for the collection of taxes in the town of Lansingburgh. 15. An act to extend the time for the collection of taxes in the town of Salina. Onondaga county. 10. An aot to extend tho time for the collection of taxes in the town of Urelg. in the county of Lewis. 1". An act to authorise the loan commissioners of the l.'uited States Deposito Fund of the oounty of Futnain to sell certain real estate. 18. An act making appropriations for the canal debt and for the support and maintenance of the canals during the year 1847. 13 An act to extend the charter of the Obenongo Canal Bridge Company In the county of Broome. 30. An not to change the time of holding tho county courts in the county of Cattaraugus. 31. An act to auiend an act to incorporate the Henrietta plank road company, passed Msy 13. 1845. 33. Au act to extend the time for the collection of taxes in the town of Rye, in the county of Westchester. 3;1. An act authorising the clerk of Herkimer county to remove tile records and papers of said county. 34. An act to provide for the construction of a bridgo across the Oneida river at Oak Orchard. 25. An act to amend tho "act to provide for the construction of a railroad from the navigable waters of the great western lakes to Lake t'hamphUn." passed May 14, 1815. 30. An act to change the time of holding the courts of Common Plea* and (seueral Sessions of the Peace in Livingston county. 2*. An ant authorising the extension of thn time for tho collection of taxes iu the city of Brooklyn. if. An uct relative to Union school district nambcr one in the town of Talrayra. U9. An act further to amend an act entitled " An act to provide for the construction of a railroad from Attica to Buffalo.'' passed May 3d, 184(1 SO. An act to amend the act entitled i(An act to incorporate the mutual lnsuraucn company of Buffalo.' passed April 13, 1843. 31. An act to amend tho act entitled " An act to authorise the construction of a railroad from New York to Albany," passed May 12, 1848. 33. An act to extend the time for tho collection of taxes in the town of lloxbury. Delaware ronnty. 3d An act in relation to the corporation of Kort Plain village in the county of Montgomery. 34. An act to am>-nd an artentitled " An act to Incorporate the University of Buffalo," passed May II, 1848. 33. An act to amend an act entitled " An uct to incorporate the village of h'redonia." S3. An act relative to the Oneida Confcronce Seminary. 37. An act to amend an act incorporating the village of Alexander. 33. An uct to lay out a new street in tho eleventh ward of the city of New York, and to amend the map or plan of the said city of New Y'ork, ua laid out by the commissioner* under the aot of April 3d, ltW7. 3J. An net to change the tiiuo for the annual meeting of the hoard of supervisors of Oswego county. 4 1 Au act for the relief of Cyril Carjmuter. Isaac Jotlyn ami Isaac Barnes, late trustees of suhool district number ten in the town of Sweden. 41. Au net to rnlae money to rebuild a bridge in the town of Olive. In the couuty of Ulster. 12. An act making appropriations for the expenses of government. 43. An act to authorise the Inhabitant* of nonrolhluted school district number two in the village of Butavla, Oonessee couuty. to raise money. 44. An net to amend an act entitled " An aet to vest certain powers in thn freeholders and inhabitants of the village Of ( herry Vulley."' passed June 8. 1312. 43. An aet In relation to the ( linton State prison. 4(1. An act to confirm tho tltloof Peter C.'hakert to oer tntn lAnd* j 47. An act to authorize an alteratlou of the location of the highway nloiiK tliei Chunnngo canal, from the Cherry Valley lurnpiko to tint Oriskauy Valla. 48 An act to confirm thu title of Alexander C.yritkooocy lo certain land*. 4!>. An HCt to revive nnd atneml an act entitled " An act to incorporate tlie Washington Monument Apsociatlon of tlie city of New Vork,'' pua-eil April IH. 1843; and also an act untitled " An act in relation to the Washington Monument Association," passed May 7. 18-lt. at). An ad making an appropriation for tlie support of the Slate Normal school. at. An act iu relation to comtnon Reboots In the village ol Lockport. ad An act to erect the town of South Valley, In the county of Ci t iiraugu*. ill An net to reduce the number of trustee* of the Wu-tfield Academy. 61. An actio amhorito the supervisor* of the county of Cattaraugus to convey land to Jame* Steele. AV An act to amend ail act for building a bridge over Flushing ( reek, and constructing a turnpike road between I'luidiing and Newtown in the county of Queen*. AO An act to amend the act pass. J May Id, ls4d. for the henotlt of the Merchant*' Fire Insuruuee Company 57. An act to amend an act entitled " An act to incorporate the Iluffalo and Hamburgh turnpike company." passed .Ian. 113, 1880. 68 An act to amend an act entitled "An act to Incorporate the Saratoga and Washington railroad company," passed May d. 1834. fto. An not for the appointment of commissioner*, a* required by the seventeenth Ruction ef article tirst, and thu twenty-fourth section of article sixth of the coustltutlou lid Au act authorising the commissioner* of highway" i. E NE of the town of Canandaigua to establish a public hlgl way of tba width of two roda in (aid town. til. An act to amaud tha acta relating to tba village Sacketu Harbor. Oil. An act to cnabla Claudius C. liecket to take, hoi and convey real estate. til. An not to authorize tba auparviaora of the count of Wayne to levy a tax upon tha town of Lyons In aa aounty, for the purpoaa of building a bridge over Mt creak. IffM An act to continue in force an act entitled " A aot for the b"naflt of the New York Guardian insurant company la tha city of New York.'' paaaed May I'd, 184 #' Au actio relation to tha Oawego and Srraoui railroad 88. An act to amend an act entitled An act for tl benefit of tho Manhattan fire Insurance company in tl city of Mew York,"' paaaed May 12, 1848. 07. Au aot to pay John L TiUiugh&st a aunt of mono 08. Au act to oomplete the road from Carthage, I Jefforeon county, to Lake Chutnplaln In the county Essex. 09. An act concerning the pilots of the channel the East river, commonly called Hell Gate. 70. An act to amend the act providing for the inco poratlon of the Canandalgua and Corning railroad con P^T71, An act for the relief of Joseph E. Weeden an Joveuh Stanlv. administratori i?f tliu Inf., Ilui> Ran drrafud. ^72 An act to authorise the inhabitant* of the town ruughkcppi-io to elect overseer* of highway* in their r *pective di*trict*. 73. An act to correct error* in the valuation of pr perty assessed in the town of Buvhwick. 74. An act to authuriee the hoard of education of tl city of New Vork to ootahlleh evening fires school* for tl education of apprentice* and other*. 76. An act to amend the act incorporating tho villa of Owego in the county of Tioga. 70. An act to amend the charter cf the village Auburn. 77. An act amending the act entitled " An act incc porating the village of Bug Harbor,'' panned March 1 1046. 38. An act to amend tho act entitled'' An act to i corporate the St. Luwreuce County Mutual Imuran Company," pu?eed May 13. 1836. 79. An act to authorile the Hudson aequeduct coi pany to borrow money. 80. An act to authorise executor* and administrate to comproinine and compound debt* due to their test tor* or Intestates. 81. An act providing for the settlement and paymei Of the claims of Jaunot C. Shippy and Woodman itimbi as canal contractors. 83. An aot providing for the settlement and paymei of the claim of Woodman Kimball a* canal contractor. 83. An act to repeal part of the act entitled " An ai to provide for the payment of certain expense* ofgover ment," paired May 13.1846. " 84. An aot to supply vacancies in the board of tri.ste ot L uiou College. 86. An act to exempt certain burying grounds fro: rale or legal procdss. bd. An eel to authorise the agent of the State Prise at Auburn to build an armory for the use of tho Aubui Guard*; to loll certain land* belonging to the State; 1 enclose the .Mate laud adjoining to tho prison; to lay walk, end for other purposes. , 87. An act to authorise school district number tweni in the town of Denmark, Lewis oounty. to levy and cc leet a tax. oa. /vii ?r.t to amena - An mi io alter tue eomml slonera' map of the city of Brooklyn, and for other pu poaes," passed May 13, 1848. 89. An act to confirm the official acta of the town t ficera of the town of Uarroltou, in the oounty of Catt raugus. 90. An aot to oonflrm the official arts of the town c ficera of the town of Great Valley, in the oounty of Ca taraugus. 91. An act In relation to the Mohawk and Hudac railroad,oom pany. 99. An act to amend an act entitled " An act to redu the capital stock of the Firemans' Insurance Coinpar in the city of New York, and for other purposes," puss< May 13, 1846. 93. An act relative to the Auburn and Rochester Ila road Company. 94. An act to amend an act entitled "An act to a thorlzc the construction of a timber plank or hard roi from Salino, in the county of Onondaga, to Centr Square in the county of OBWego, and the act ainundii the bamu." 95. An act to amend an act passed April 13, 1843. ent tied "An act to incorporate the village ef Green." 96. An act to amend an act entitled " An act to i corporate the Chemung Railroad Co'mpany," passed Ml 14. IMA. 97. An act to amend an act entitled " An act to inoc porate the Port Byron and Savauuah Turpike Road ai Bridge Company." 93. An act giving to Reuben W. Walworth furth time to take the oath of office as a commissioner of tl code. 99. An act to amend the Revised Statutes concernii mortgages to the people of this State and the forcclosu thereof. 100. An act to provido for the destruction of ('ana' thistles and other noxious weeds on tiie banks of the c nals. railroads and turnpike roads. 101. An act to confirm the title of Solomon I'ratt, gra toe of Thuodosius O. 1'owler, and of Achillc Duke Broglie and Ida Stael do liolstuin, his wife, certain Ian in St. Lawrence county. 103. An act to change the corporato name of the ? cond associate reformed church in the city of New Yor 103. Au act authorising the appraisal and payment caual damages to John Wutkine. 101. Au act to authorize the appointment and pa ment of certain damages of Peter Robinson, resultli from the Improvement of the Cayuga and Seneca cam 106 An act to amend the charter o t the German Kra gelical Society in the couuty of Herkimer, and to co firm the official act of John Dygert, commissioner deeds, in taking the acknowledgment of the eertlflca and act of incorporation. 106. Au act for the relief of Mnlcom N. Hawkins < account of a mistake in the quantity of land sold by tl Stato. 107. An act for the relief of Samuel Poole, and Wi Poole on account of a mistake in the quantity of lai sold by the State. 108. An act to provido for the appralshl and payme of canal damages to Jehu Reynolds. 109. An act to provide for the appraisal of canal d magce of John Nlles, caused by th>' Klugslcy Brook i aervoir 110. An aot to provido by tax for building a brld across the Oswegatchie river in the town of Oswegi CQ1H. 111. An act to confirm the act* of the Into romm slonerx of highways of the town of Macomb In th? cou ty nf St. Lawrence. 119. An act to conllrm the nct? of the oommlssiont to lay out a curtain road in the towux of Vernon a Verona. 113. An act to amend an act entitled " An act to I oorporate the Kings County Mutual Insurance Couij uy," paved April I, 1841. 114. An act to amend an act entitled " An act vcetl certain powers in the freeholders and inhabitant* of t Tillage of tVaterford," passed March 28, 1805, and I other purposes. 115. An net tr amend the charter of the Middleto' and Delhi Turnpike Company. 110 An ant to amend an act entitled An act to 1 corporate tho Laid Hampton 1 urnplke Ilond Company 117. An act to authorize the clerk of Onondaga MW ty to transcribe certain records and files in tlie office tlie clerk of Cayuga county 118. An act to reduoe the number of jurors to be su mo ued and sworn by coroners. 119. An act to amend the act entitled "An act amend the net untitled of the action of replevin," pa ed May 0, 1839, so as to make the samo applicable to t ounty ol Kings. 190. An act authorizing tho six principal Baptist so ety of the town of Urookcield. to sell their meeting hoi and lot. 121. An act in relation to the first society of the M thodist Kpltcopal church iu the village of Newtoi (now Klmira.) 192. An act to provide for building a bridge across t Batten Kill iu tho towns of Greenwich and Kaston. 19.1. At. act to provide for the appraisal and payme to Darius Tollman of his damages caused by tlis ert tlon ot a cunal bridge iu the city of Alburiy. 191. An act to enable Harvey Ourfeo to sue for a vorce from bis wife, notwithstanding the lapse of ini than two years sluoe tho solemnization of his mi riagc. 196. An act to amend tho act entitled " An act to ii prove the road from Ugdensburgh to Canton in the em ty of Kt Lawrence," passed April 9G, 1831, and the va I.III Hl>l, Btn*nilln.? I V... f 128. An act to change the name of Benjamin K. II man to Benjamin K. (./age. 127. An act to ainond an act entitled "An art to c( dense and mm ud the several arte relating to the villa of Oeueaeo," paaecd May It, 1944. Urt. An net to annex a part of the town of V'ork the town of Leicester. ~129 An art to authorlae the aiiperintendrnt of eo mou arhoola of the town of Moravia, to aril tot numl Ufty-twn in aald town. 130. An act to provide for the appraisal and paymi of Henry Wilkin.*, of III* damage* rallied hy tlie er tion of a canal bridge in therity of Albany. 131. An art to amend the rharterof the Auburn a Syraruae railroad sonipany 133 An act to authorise the inhnbitanta of KUbklll raise monrv hy tax, to pay expenses of rupalra done roada and bridge* in raid town. 133 An art authorising the incorporation of rural metery aaaorlationa 131. An act to provide for additional challenge* to j rorn. 13ft. An art to provide for the appraiaal and paymi to Ahlal I'ayne of hia canal damage*. 138. An act authortxlng the payment of John Shat for certain services rendered iu the Adjutant-tiener* ofllce. 137. An act authorizing thr elector* of the town Brnndon, to vote a tax for building a town houno inaa town. 131. An act authorizing an ratiinate and a?ae**ment be raado for a part of the grouud on Mailiaon square, thr city of New Vork. and empowering the cor|?>ratl of s.iiu city ;o use said aquare for publio purpoaea. 139. An act to authorixe the board of auporvlaora Dutchess county to raiso money to erect a aurrogat ofllce. 140. An act to provide by tax for building a town hoi in the town of Plerrepont. 141 An act authorising the trustees of the village I Norwich to hold landw for a burial ground. 142. An act to provido for the opening of Waahingt I Park on Kort Oreon, in the city of Brooklyn. 143. An art vesting in Margaret Melville, widow W YO NEW YORK, FRIDAY M ti- I John Melville deceased. an alien. the title to the land* of which tb? ?aid John Melville died seized. , 144. An act to provide for the payment of Storm ! I Height. John Blood and Asa W. * iody. lor surplus stun* ll1 ; furnished for the Erie canal enlargement 145. An act to authorize the laying out a road from -7 Mount Pleasunt to the Sacandaga river. 'u i 146. An act to authorize the Canal Commissioners to '4 , drain certain lands nsar Sksjaquada creek, In the town I of Black Rock. n 147. An act to amend tho act entitled''An act to re- < !* viva the chart# r of the Watertown and Rome railroad . company.'' passed May 14, 1645. ' 14S. An act to amend the charter of the village of Madison. 18 149. An act to amend an act entitled "An act to In- j 18 corporate the village of Penn Yan, in tho county of ' Yates," passed April 99. 1833. 7- 160. An act to auiend the uct entitled "An act to Inln corporate the Cavuga and Susquehanna railroad comut pany. passed April 16. 1843 161. An act in relation to firemen in incorporated vllof lag. s. 163. An act providing for a registry of births. marr~ riages and deaths. 163. An act vesting in the United States of Amerioa. 1 Jurisdiction over a certain piece of land in the village of "* Sacketts Harbor, iu the county of Jefferson, aud over certain islands in the river bt. l.awreuce. 151. An act making appropriations for cet tulu espouses ?* and repairs of tlia Onondaga salt springs. *" 166. An act lor the relief of William Barnes as contractor for supplying the Auburn state prison with pro?* visions. 156. Au act to relenac William Radford from a con5? tract to aupply Mount ricsauut state prison with nro10 visions. 157. An act to confirm the title of John I,. Russell. K" grantee of Theodoslue O. Fowler. and of Achilla < hnrlcs t llukc do Uroglie nod Ida Htael dc lloUtein his wife, to "? certain land* In st Lawrence county. 1SH. An act to ronflrm the title of Mortimer Living,r_ ston, grantee of Themlosius O. Fowler, anil of Achllle 8. Charles Duke de Broglie and Ida Stael de llolstein his wife, to oertaln lands in St. Lawrence county. 169. An act to change the time of holding couuty co courts in the county of Columbia. 1(10. An act concerning the election of directors of n" banking associations. KM. An act in relation to the third Presbyterian clinrch iu tbi city of Rochester, a- 162. An net In relation to tho Rome and Oswego plank road company. at KM. An act to provide #or increasing the capital stock dl of the .Manhattan gas light company, in the city of New York. at ]64. An act to extend the time for filling np the capital of the East River mutual insurance oouipany, in the at city of New York. n. 166. An act to amend an act eutltlod "An act to incorporate tho Syracuso orphau asylum," passed May 10, es 1846. I GO. An act to amend the charter of the Long Island m railroad company. 167. An act to authorise the trustees of school dlsin trlct number eleven, in the town of Otselic, to raise 'u money by tax on said district, to pay the cost and cxpcnscs incurred by said district or its trustees in a suit a against Isaiah Lewis. 168. An act to extend the June term of the court of tT common pleas and general sessions of the peace of the >1- county or Erie, for tho year 1847. 169. An act to appoint commissioners to lay out a road s- in the towns of IKeuheim and Fulton, in the county of | *- Schoharie. 170 An act authorizing the acknowledgement of conveyances in certaiu eases to bo taken In Mexico before a- certaiu ofBccrs of tho army of the United States. 171. An act to pay Eliaa Cost for giviug information 'f- of un eschuat. t- 172. An act iu relation to salts against district school officers. >n 173. An act to change tho time of holding the county courts in tho county of Orleans. ee 174. An act to amend an act entitled "An act to in>y corporate the trustees of the Black river annual con'<1 forence," passed April 17, 1841. 176. An uet to alter tho eastern boundary of the villaga of Whiteeboro, in the county of Oneida. 176. An act to pay William F. Mott for giving iuforu~ motion of an ercheat. id 177. An aot to umond an act entitled " An act real leasing the right of the people of the Stato to certain >8 real estate whereof Joseph Bicknell died seised," passed May 4, 1814. I- 178. An act to provide for the distribution of the annuity due to the Onondaga Indians. n* 179 An act to provide for the election of a police jus?y tice in tho city of Buffalo. 180. An act to nrnviile fur ?nnr>l?ln?. '? . ? rfj ,"l*t ??/ .jvaucim that now or hereafter may exlat in any of thu volunteer id regiments of this State in tho service of the lTnlte<l States. ?*r 181. An act making certain appropriations for the exl'e penses of tho State cabinet of Natural History. 183. An act to (lefiuo the boundaries of tho town of ?B Great Valley, in tho county of Cattaraugus, re 183. An act. to amend' An act for tho construction of penitentiary in the county of Albany," passed April 13, Ja 1844. " 181. Au act for the benefit of the American Institute in tho city of New Vork. n- 18.1. Au uct to define the boundaries of the town of de Carroliton in the county of f'uttaraugu*. ds lbci. An act to authorize the Astorogau company to increase the uumber of its trustees. ?- 187. Au act to amend au act entitled " An act to in' corporate the president, directors uud company of the ?f Troy t.'ity Bank." passed April 1!), 1833. 188. Au uct to amend an act entitled " An "act to in7~ corporate the village of Jordan." passed May 3, 1835. 'K 181). An uct to amend an act In relation to highways 1- in tho counties of Hamilton, Herkimer and t'ultoii, n" passed April 18, 1843. 183. An act In relation to the Natural History of tho of State of New Vork. 1" 191. An act relating to Hamilton street, in the second ward of the city of Brooklyn. ,n 193. An act to authorise the hoard'of supervisors of the county of JoBerson to raise money for the purpose of repairing and building bridges in the town of KodB man. *d 193. Au act providing for tho settlement and payment of the claim of George W. Hlldreth and others, as canal n* contractors. 194. Au act to amend an act cutltlod ' An act to inA corporate the Aurora uud Buffalo plank road company.'' c" passed May 11, 1840. 195. Au act concerning passengers in vessels eomlu ; 8? to the city of New Vork. it- 19(1. An act granting the consent of tho Slate of New York to the purchase by the United States of curtain Is- lauds for the purpose of the erection of a light-house, and ceding jurisdiction over the same. 197. An act authorizing the erection of town houses. >rs |98. An uct to authorize the superintendent of the id Onondaga salt springs to convey brine from thu sail I 190. An act to provide for the distribution of the journal and document* of the Convention. 200. An act in rotation to the publication of the ierI , slon law* of the Legislature, for the year 1847. . 201. An act to refund to Ozia* Jacob* a mm of mo. ' ney paid by him to Hugh McNamara for the wrongful re-sale by the Commissioner* of tho Land Ofllee of a lot in the Oneida pureha*o. In. '*n Rct lo "l,'l'orl*e Daniel tlichard* and other* to con*truct and build dock*, wharve*. bulkhead*, pier*, ' and basin*. in front of their land* in Oowatiu* bay, in '( the city of lirooklyn and port of .New York. 20.1. An act to lay out a new etrcet in the twelfth ward of the city of New York, and to keep open a pert of the Dloomingdale road in *aid city, i, 204. An act to authorize.- Julius Legacy, an alien, to eotirey real aetata. I1(i 204. An act for thn organiration of the (lint division of the Now York date militia. c|_ 2nd. An act authorizing tlin board of education of lKU the city and county of New York to establish a free academy in *atd city. Ie. 20*. An act in relation to the *ale of bottle* u*ed by wn the manufacturer* of mineral water*, and other*. 208. An act making further provision for the Indian ho *chool at St. Regl*. and repealing the ?econd section of the act entitled " An art te amend the law in relation to nt *rhool*," passed April I, 1846. ic- 209. An act in n lution to ccineteric* in Incorporated Tillage*. ili- 210 An act to provide for the incorporation of com re panic* to cun*trurt blank road*, uud companies to eonrr itruct turnpike roail*. 211. Au act in relation to payment of tnxe* In *ehool nt- dlitrlcl*. in- 212. An act for completing the publlcntion of the na,rl tnral lii*tory of New York. 211 An act authorizing the tm*tee* of the town of in- flleiiTiile to reeeiro commutation for quit rent* payable to *aid trn*tee*. in- 214. An act to levy a tax in joint school district num. ,ge tier seven, in the town* of banton and I)* Knlb, in the county of 8t Lawrence, to reimburse Ml\an us Htile* to and Theodoru* Friable certain expense* incurred in behalf of said district, m- 21 A. An act to authorize the canal hoard to determine xt the claim of John Kill* for work done on the Krle canal enlargement. nt 2lti. An act for tho relief of the heir* of Daniel R. ee- Hucklcy, deceased 217 An act authorizing the canal commi**loner? to nd i build certain bridge* in buffalo and Llniira. | 218. Am act for the improvement of the highway* in to ' the coui y of Richmond. to l 219 An act to alter or amend thu map or plan of the city of New York, no a* to close and discontinue sixtyc? fourth ntroot, between the fifth and ?ixth avenue*. '220. An art to amend an act entitled 'Au act for u" draining the llasha's Kill Swamp." ..221. An act to amend the act entitled " An act to In,nt ! corporate the Merchant*1 Kxchange Company," pawed . January 37, 1823. , 1' | 333. An act In relation to railroad corporation*. 11 * 333. An *ut to nuthoriie a power of attorney from . ' Artema* Iil*hop and wife, to John F. Bush and William . j K. Curry to be r?oordctf| 334. An act to )>ay Conrad Ablrman a *lim of money . for injurlc* received while in the ?ervlro of the State. 1? 23ft A u act to amend the act entitled " Au act to enable Claudius C. llecket to take, hold, and convey real "n estate," passed April 16, 1817. 220. An act to authorize Anthony John Hill to hold of and convey real ertala. , 227. An act to vest title to certain laud* in the trustees of the First L'nivcrsalist Society in the town of l?o Rust I 338 An act to annex the town of Yorkshire to the of > town of Machlaa. i 238. An act to legnlixe and confirm a certain convey.on ance heretofore made by the trustee* of the Methodist Kplscopal church of OUboa. of I 230. An actfbr the payment of John Hitchlna, Kranol* IRK I[ORNING, MAY 14, 1847. Ilitchin*. and Stephen Hitcbiu*. fur work don* ou the ' Erie canal enlargement 431 Ad act to amend an act untitled An act to Incorporate the triutee* uud inhabitant* of Delhi. and to luveat them with aertain powers," passed March lti, 1841. 434. An act in relation to the village of Oswego 433. An act to Inoorporsts the Rochester city hospital. 434. An act to amend an act entitled " An act to Incorporate th* city of I'tica." passed February 13.1834. 431. An act to Incorporate the S. 8. Seward Institute. 438 An act to amend the acts incorporating the village of Little Falls. 437. An act to amend the charter of the village of Saratoga Spring* 438. An act to make appropriations for building and furnishing school house*, and providing for theeduoation of the children of Indian* residing on tbo Cattaraugus and Allegany reservations. 438. An act to rotund to Cayuga county the amount of oertaln expenses. 440. An act to amend the act entitled " An act respecting election* other than for militia aud town officer*,-' passed April .i. 1814. 441 An act to divide the State into Judicial district*. nuucv iu prevent iraujulvut. tietitious or pretended sales at auction 'it3. An oct to authorial' Kdiuuud W. Armstrong. au alleu. to holil and convty real estate, i 244. Au uct to Roparutc the offices of oouuty judge and surrogate in the county of tit. Lawrence 246 An act to provide for the election of superintendents of the poor and county treasurer by til* people in the comity or Cayuga 346. An act to provldo for lliu calling of a convention I to revive the laws relating to the city of Brooklyn. 347. An act for the relief of Patrick Kltisimmons and Juuics Hrndy, for work done upon the Krle canal enlargcment. 34ti. An act to annex part of the town of Lake Plea1 sunt, In the county of Hamilton, to the town of Hope. 349. An act in relation to the locks on the Crooked , Lake canal. 360. An act to amnnd nn act entitled ' An art to incorporate the New York lire insurance company of the city of .New York." passed April 18, 1832. 341. An act to Improve the Inlet of rayuga Lake 263. An act to ainond an act entitled " An act more effectually to provide (or common school education in the city of New York."' passed May 7, 1841. An act appropriating the annual revenues of the Lit| erature ami Cuited States Deposite funds of the year* 1847 and l." 18. An aot to amend the out to provide for the incorporation of companies to construct plank roads, and of companies to construct turnpike roads. I An act in relation to the Kric canal. I Au act iu relation to the Uenesce Valley canal. An act In relation to the Oswego canal. An uct in rolation to the Black lliver canal, and f'.rle Canal feeder. An act in relation to the Improvement of the Oneida river. An act for the relief of certain purchasers of lands in the Oneida purchases of 1830, 1834. 1840 and 1841. An art to confirm the official act* of Dlghton /. Mosher, a justice of the peace. An act In relation to the Superior Court, and the Court of Common Pleas, in and for the city and county of New York. An act to authorise railroads to carry freight, on payi ment of ranal tolls. The act to llx the salaries of judicial officers. Ai.bawv, May 12, 1847. This morning the Senate non-concurred in the amendments of the llouso Jto the bill In relation to the Judiciary, which passed tho last named body last evening TSn Un.... .? Ik. l_ 1 J Ik "v luoinwivi ujhju im autuuuiiivut, auu a i/UUiUlli' tee of conference was appointed, and are now in session. The proceedings of both Houses during the last two days have been characterised by the most culpablo recklessness and confusion. The Important and prominent bills of the session, hare been delayed until the ery lost moment, and the result has been that the Houses hate disagreed. Committees of conference hare been appointed upon the following named bills Ths five several bills for the enlargement of the canals, and the completion of the public works; (which finally passed both houses last evening;) the bill to provide for the election of judicial officers, be.; the bill in relatiou to the judiciary; the bill tor the Incorporation of companies for manufacturing, mechanical and mining purposes. bo., be. The bill introduced by Mr. Johnson, a few days since to repeal the excise laws of 184.1 and 1846, was ordered to a third reading in the Senate last evening. It came up in its regular order for a third reading to-day; before it woe read a third time Mr. I.. 1). Smith moved to recommit the bill to the committee on Poor Laws, with iustructions to report forthwith n hill repealing all laws relating to the retailing and vending of ardent spirits; the motion was lost?7 to 17. The bill for the repeal of the excise law was then read a third time, and passed the Senate by the following vote : Ayes?Messrs. backus, Barlow, Beach, Beektnan. Buruham. Crook. Kolsotn, < rid ley. Hall. Hand, Hard, Harris, Johnson, Jones, Lester, Morris, Buggies, Sanford, J. B. Smith, S. Smith, Talcott. Townsend, Van Schoonhoveu. Wheeler, Young?'45. Nun?Messrs. Denniston and Spencer?3. The bill was sent to the House, and orjered to a third reading this afternoon. In the Senate this afternoon Mr. Barlow, from the Senate committee of conference, on the bill to authorise the formation of corporations for manufacturing, mining, mechanical and chemical purposes, reported to the Senate that the conference committees .were unable to agree upon the amendments to the bill. This is oue of the which bills must be lost unless tho session is extended. In the House this afternoon, after the Senate bill for tho repeal of the excise law had been ordered to a third reading. Mr. Sickles caUed .for the consideration of the recommendation ofthe select committee, that the House bill for the repeal ot the excise law be referred to a select committee to report complete. The bill was referred to the select committee.with instructions lo report it oomplete by th? following vote: ? Avis?Messrs. Ailing. Atwatcr. Baker. Baleom. Beck Carpenter. Chandler, Chutflcld. ( rocker, Crowley, Hanlels, Davis. H. J. Davis. Davison. Dealt, Develln, Do Witt, DItcii, Kmtuaus, Kenno, Fuller, tiullup, Harrison. Gray. Hadley. Daring, Hubbard, Krysrr, l.akin. Marahall. McKarlau. Millar, Morgan, Ortou. 1'eck, I'erkius, W. II. Pratt. Rutherford, Sliaw. Sherman, Sickles,Small. J. L. Smith, N. B. Smith. T. Smith,W. S. Smith. Super, Speaker. Stewart, tTeinple, Treadwcll. L'phuiu, Vanderbilt. Walsh." Watson. Wright?til. Nati?Adams. Allahen. Darstow, Basount. Benedict. Bless, Bowdish, lltirr,hard, Bulrirk. Cornwall. Croaby, Curry, Handera. Gould Gregory. Hammond. Ilcndersun, Hitchcock, Hunter. Lanuon. Leo, Marks, Maxwell. McGonrgal. MeNamara. McVVhorter. Moutanye. 1) Moore, I'ciroc, Pottlp, Kapler, Russell, Skeele. J B Smith Tlllioghast, Van Yulkcnhurgb. Weiunan?3S. The bill waa forthwith reported complete by the com mittec. and the report waa agreed to?ayoe OA. noes 4A. The bill La being read a third time, as I close; it h destined to psaa by a constitutional majority; the eon fusion in the House is perfectly amazing It ie impossible to tell what may bo the fate of the Important bills now in charge of the conference committees, or whether the session will be prolonged. I judge from present indications that tbo two Houses will adjourn to-night. The bill to authorise railroads to carry freight during the entire year on payment of caual toils,hin passed both hOllHSH, 'J he Sub-Treasurer came up to the capltol with his specie chests to pay oil the members ; the box was 1 planted in the ante-room of tbo lower House, and tlierJ was immediately a terrific rush toward that quarter, iu! somueh that the "safe'' qualities of tbo salamander api peared to be in extreme danger. Members forsook their ! desks, and the third reading of bills was suspended by : compulsion, on account of the vacuum caused by the lu' formation that Bounk's colleague bad "taken up a position."and was paying out I ho mint drops. Ilrooltlyn Intelligence. 'asr ir Ms. Hot.msiss.?It was understood in Brooklyn yesterday, thst the condition of Mr. Hotchklss was considerably improved, and although still unable to 1 speak, he manifested in various ways that be was perfectly conscious of all that was going on around liini A man by the name of I'eter Murray, was arrested In New York yestordny, as a witness against llailey, Williams and Logan. It having been nscertained that he was with the accused parties in New York on the night that the nefarious outrage upon Mr. Hotchkiss was committed VI...... I., M.nn. ,.r hi. AVktili.nllfiii IlKtlea Oarrltson. admitted the fact of having bom in company of the accused, but dunled coming over to Brooklyn with thoin. Hi* story. however, was so Inconsistent in Homo particulars, that the magistrate committed him to prison for further examination. Peraonal and Political. The (ireenbush charter election tin held on Tuesday, and resulted In the election of democratic (rioteve. assessors, collector aud clerk. Tho democratic Statu Convention. for the nomination of Judges of Appeal, tic , is to take place on Wednesday. tho l!>th May. at Syracuse. The anti-renters aro to hold a State Convention at Albany, on Friday, the (list Inst., to nominate Judges and Clerk of the Court of Appeals A district convention is also to be held at Albany, on the 30th. Senator Benton arrived in St. Louis on the 1th inst. Nliccllaneons. The boat Mary Ann, Cant. Sanborn, of J. 11. Tease V Co.'a Merehante' and Millers' lino, Is the first bont at tidewater this season through from Rochester. The L f). Allen, of tho same line, was the first of the fleet of the Albany boats to reach Rochester. Tsssengera are now carried from Mcehanlcsvllle to Whitehall, and any of tho places nn Lake Chauiplain,at which the steamers land, for 3J>i cents. At Albany tho water continues high In the liver. Some part* of Quay street were Inundated on Tuesday. Magnetic Telegraph prom Hosto.n to Portland ?The putting up of flic wires, from the oflce No. 33 Kxrhangu street, to South Berwick, ?i> completed yesterday It Is expected that tho line*Id lie completed from here to Boeton by the 1st of June. 1'art land Jldr May I J. IE R A I Sporting Intelligence. ? ThI PrWC FlolIT OK SlILITsN ?tO CiL'.VT. FO? e U.000 ?Thlii affair. which has causod to much excite- ft meut in the sporting worUl for tho last four month*. * both Id thU country and Groat Britain. was decided on ^ Tuesday laat. May llth. in the neighborhood of Harper's r, Farry. Virginia For several daysprevious to the fight, numbers of strange ^ facaa ware noticed in that vicinity. and tha ourloalty of the inhabltanta to know what brought tbaui thither, II] waa wrought to tho highest pitch of excitement.? Caunt andhla aeconda had arrived there a few daya pre- tr vlousto the context, with a vlow of exatuiaitig the lo- hi caUtiaa, and ooncillatiug tho people, as opposition to auch proceedlnga waa anticipated. They found very little ?i opposition, however, as the residents were ad anxious to >' witness the sport, and It became tho leading topic of ** conversation among ail classes of society, who waited with anxiety to wltuess a man light ou the Improved C English system. ^ On the arrival oi tha ralhoad train at the depot, uu ! r< Monday, hundreds of the patrons of the tlsllc urt left the j al cars, and wore soen moving In every direction through tho town, endeavoring to secure abodes for tho coming c night, which tboy found no easy matter. As soon, how- ti ever, as lodgings had been secured, the restless dlspoei- " Hon of that class of people began to duvelope itself, and they scattered in every direction to seek diversion. ? U Some ascended the towering heights of the Blue Ridge Mountains to view the surrounding scenery, and the tl Shenandoah and Potomac rivers, the beauties of which u are beyond description These rivers Intersect at Harper's Ferry. The bed of the Shenandoah, from the mountains, appears to be flagged, so very regular and uniform are the ercvicos in its rocky bed.? Some amused themselves by visiting Jefferson Rock, named after that great man. and on which he sat when be wrote his beautiful and graphic da- ] scription of that place and the surrounding country. Others employed themselves in examining the government armory, with the beautiful buildings and works adjoining; while others of a more speculative genius, having discovered a cock-pit in the upper port of the town, amused themselves, a la Santa Anna. In witnessing and urging to destruction many a noble chanticleer. There was yet another class, of a somewhat different beut of ganius, who were endeavoring to convince the natives of these parts that it wan impossible for them to point out' to a certainty where the "little joker" was. As night came on. crowds began to congregate about the hotels, and speculate on the events that were to fee enacted on the subsequent day. At nine o'clock, the crowd dispersed, the Virginians to their homes, and the strangers to seek the beds they had previously engaged, (which, by-the-byc, had been let aud relet, by their owners as often as they were applied for,) or to take the chances of securing those belonging to other individuals The scarcity of accommodations were so great, that as many as ten persons were crowded into a small room, while on the floors of the parlors any quantity were stretched out.' As soon as day dawned on the morning of the 11th, the people began to turn out and assemble about the doors of the hotel, to ascertain where the buttle was to be fought, although it was raiuing tremendously at the time, fearful of disappointment in not witnessing the affair. The ground had been selected the night previous,and both farties had agreed to fight at uu early hour In the day. t bad been understood by the principals that the commandant of the armory Intended to interfere, and stop the proceeding, supposing that they had chosen the ground for that purpose in Jefferson county, whloh j would take the workmen in the foundries away from >ucuu.,vu|ii>uunn. uuu h i.itu u: [urtruv I It, ho procured a warrant for the belligerents. Thin : was ascertained from some of the peace officials of the 1 neighborhood, who were themselves anxious to witness ] a pugilistic encounter of the latent fashion. The com- i misnaricH were started on a tour of exploration into i Lowden county, the next adjoining, in search of a battle field, out of tho jurisdiction of Jefferson county. They soon returned, and announced that they had found a suitable place, where the civil authorities would oiler no obstacles, as they were Inclined to witness the latest Improvements in this kind of warfare ?the science not having yet reached Virginia. This intelligence was received by all parties with much satisfaction, and l>y eight o'clock, all were ou the march for the scene of sr- i i tion. The ground selected for the fight wm in a beautiful meadow, as level as a parlor floor, ut the foot of one of the : Blue Itidge mountains, the Potomac river oircling round it. On the opposite side of the Potomac was the State of I Maryland, which, in euse of a visit from the pence makers, might be reached In a few moments, the river being for- j dablcutthat point, and business renewed And settled I before the majesty of the law could be apprized of the | pugilistic proceedings of their uninvited visitors. , Tho ctakes were pitched soon after eight o'clock, both parties being anxious to have the affair over at an early | hour, so that might be able to deport in the twelve | O'clock train. A twenty-four feet ring was erected, around which there was an outer one about two hundred feet in circumference. The assemblage placed themselves in an orderly mnti; ner around the outer ring, a few countrymen acling us ring keepers, and appearing disposed to do every thing i in their power toeusure fair pluy and good order. There were a number of small houses at the base of the mountain. the roofs and porches of which were filled witii I unxlous gazers; and away up the mountain, lev far as tho eye could discern, was seen human beings, who were endeavoring to witness tho performances without being themselves recognized by their neighbors; tlu-ir uatur..! inclinations leading them to witness scenes which their position in society compelled thorn publicly to denouuev. There were probable six or seven hundred spectators | altogether, who came from all parts of the I'nlted States, some of whom had travelled three thousand miles to wit- | ucss tho fight. Kverythiug being in readiness, tho combatants were called for, the spectators not being willing to stand iu tho rain longer than necessary. Sullivan was the first to make his appearance nn the p-nund, when ho threw his cap into the ring, following it, and sitting down on tho knee of one of his seconds, apparently anxious to get at work. In a few minutes. < aunt approached the ring, and hurled in Ills hat, stopped over tho ropes, walked up to Sullivan, uud shook hands with him; after j which lie took his seat on the opposite sido of the ring. Hullivan's weight was I.'jO pounds f aunt's Hit pounds. The former was waited on by Tom O'Ronnell and John | I.yng. and ( sunt by James Stanford and Mason Bennett. The betting on the grouud was very limltid. not will.- i i standing the great odds offered 011 Sullivan?100 to 40 ' being the stuudard. There were a few bets that Sulli- I van would win In less than an hour. The preliminaries being settled, at three minutes lifter nine o'clock, the men commenced strippiug off their 1 unnecessary apparel, and their respective colors were hung up, that of Sullivan being green, while that of ' t'-aiiut was blue with white spots All being ready, ( aunt asked Sullivan If they had not better begin, when both men. with their seconds, came to the ecrateh, , sliook bauds [ten uiinutcs after nine o'clock) went back to their respective corners, and awaited tho rail of time for run FlftllT, Rnrsol.?At the rail of time, both men walked to the ! , scrateli, and put themselves Into positions of defence ; j but (Sullivan was so eager to commence work that In crossed the line nod walked up to Haunt, his hands w< 1! ' up. as he nesred < aunt the latter slopped buck, at j | the same time bitting out with bis left liainl. which fell lightly ou the breast of Sullivan. and then took another hark step. Sullivan following. Sullivan hit with his left 1 , which ( aunt stopped very finely ; but Sullivan stepped In closer to him. and succeeded iu planting u sharp hit 1 * on his uiouth, which started tho blood In profusion 1 [First blood was claimed for bim by bis seconds.) I 'aunt i had hy this time reached the ropes neur his corin r, slid , he made an effort to fight his way out ; he struck out ! left and right at Sullivan's head. The most of his blows were stopped, and thoMi thnt reached home made but very little Impression; tli? blows of th" other purty telling at every effort. They then fought to a close, when Sulliuiu succi edeil in getting him on his hip. and threw liini heavily, falling oil him [This evcut, so unexpected, dampened the hopes of , (aunt's friends, they relying uiueli on his wrestling i capabilities. 'I In* rutin J win u fry short one. and tin* work on both sides very (harp, but mut'hin furor of Sullivan Rot'irn 5.?At the call of time, tbc men sprang quickly j up from the UneeN of their seconds, and hastened to the cratch, which Sullivan again cr -ml. and made up to i aunt. Iroin whose inoiitli blood wo- runinrnf rapidly ( aunt led off as Sullivan approiiPbi d him. and fought nwny with hi* left and right bands; f-iilllvan rushing after liitn. stopping his blows, and dealing ont In return sonio of his beauty destroyers. They then drew apart for a moment, came up ugain for mischief, f'nunt ihi* time stopping cleverly a number of Sullivan's trernen- i dous lilts; t aunt retreated, striking Sullivan twice on the head, and taking a couple of bard ones in return They made a turn round, Sullivan ? bark coming near the ropes, and as he rushed -it ' aunt, apparently full of venom, and determined to make the fight as short as possible, < aunt managed to get bis right hand to tell on his h*ad. staggering him for ] I a moment to the ropes, but ('aunt did not follow him In time to profit, hy this advantage for Sullivan recovered himself, and *?< at him again, shooting in his left and right fearfully on the f?ce of i aunt, who fought on. I doing all he knew, until tliey closed, when In the struggle ' for the fall, Sullivan f. 11 through lite ropes ('nunthang- ' lug on them. [The ropes wera very loom, and gave way so easily, that Sullivan might rather attribute this fall to them than to any manoeuvering of Ins opponent Snl- | llvan had a grent advantage In this round, and It was manifest thnt he was so much superior to ' aunt as a fighter, that the rhanees of the latter were small without an accident If the odds wero 100 to 40 at the commencement, they we re evidently now at about 100 to i< , r so much advantage had Sullivan already gained. (torso 3. ? As soon as time was up. Sullivan jumped i fr >ni bis second *-knee and walked quickly to theseratch Caunt likewise appeared in a hui ry; and as aoou a? tliey gi t wit bin bitting distsnee, lighting mntnientsd, when seme very tilie stopping was inadc by both partb s ( aunt would hit and retreat. Sullivan rapidly following him, and nailing him severely in the fare, which was swelling very font, and the blood pouring out of the openings freely. They struck threo times together, couutur li ts. In the face, Sullivan's blows were very hard, while thou* of i i aunt, except tbaflriit one, amounted to almost nothing, I the first one, however, did make a slight o|s>nlng on Sullivan's forehead. A rally then ensued, aud Sullivan threw (aunt, aud f?U beside him [taunt's face L D. I'rUa fWU Uuilli as now dreaJluily mau?led. tha 1.b.#k duSad p to an luiuiuui;.- six*. ami ? Lule undsr the right ye >u visible that had bc*n mala It, thin round la ict, a mora aavera and effective round has be?n seldom ltneased, aud all agreed that ibis round was tha batt d sharpest they ever ?* Sullivan light- all vara irpriaed at hi* skill and activity He mad* aoina Joking uuarks during tho round about Caunt'a appearance, ut they were not headed by tha other. It appeared to 1 that thara wa* no chance for Caunt. and hU (Honda . gan to deapair An accident wa* hi* only hope ] Kol'Wo 4 ?Tha word time bad hardly passed from tha p*. than Sullivan wu on hi* feet and at the tcratch. em (lift determined to make abort work of it Taunt tine up. too. evidently determined to do something to y and turn the tide which wa* fatting ftrongly agalnit in. He ruihed at Sullivan, and waa met with a flash It handed hit on the upper Hp. and a hard light bandar i hi* hide of the head: hut nothing daunted, he daahed it both hand*, bitting Sullivan twice, although with it much damage. A sharp rally then ensued. and aa ley closed. Sullivan slipped hi* foothold and fall on tha -ound, Caunt on hi* faat atanding over him; ha thaa irned and walked over to hi* second*. [The hasd of auut waa by this time very much disfigured, and ha ipeared to be somewhat stupifled from tha tremendous Its ha had received uu the left aide of his head, la this )Uud he made a desperate lounge with bia right hand t Sullivuu's body, but Sullivan dropped bia arm and topped it?the blow cracked like a whip, and had It taohed 1U iliftinulloD. Itfwould undoubtedly hare done onriidvrablu damage. Nothing had occurred thua far J revive the drooping fortune of ('aunt, aud it seemed, lore and more. thut the sooner the fight was brought to t'loae, thu safer it vrould be for the partiea interested.) ltoiMi 6.?On coiuiug to the scratch this round. SulIvan fell back, evidently to draw ( aunt after him, but I would not do; he then went up. and hit at him. and * soon as (aunt made fight he retreated again; when, indiug that thoae tactic* did uot take, he came up. and Inched away at his opponent, who in tuna gave way, lulllT&n following him and punishing him severely.? aunt turned hia head to aplt out aome blood, wbieh lullivan took advautagc of, aud struck him a tremenloua bit ou the front of the face, aud rushed at him with lia left and right handera. hitting eery severely (.aunt 'allied aud caught Sullivan on the left cheek, and mother hit on the aide nf the head. Sullivan dashed at lim, ( aunt retreated, with his handa very low down, mil appeared, for the moment, to forget what his bnsileaa waa in the ring, hia seconds ahoutlng at him to ouae himself. Sullivan fought him to the ropes, where, n a rally and close, both of thorn, from the loose manler the ropes were put up, fell over on the outer side.? loth men were quickly picked up and carried to their eapurtive corners [( aunt now seemed in a state of lewilderinent?his head had been so often and so severer hit. that It was no wonder that he was atupid, and ome of his friends, who thought more of tha man than hey did of the money they had staked on him, wishad he affair brought to a close ) Koi'nd ft ? At the call of time, Sullivan waa quieklj n his feet, making a rush to meet (aunt, and as soon aa c got near him. he wont to work with both hands, aunt giving some aud taking much. Sullivan rushed a so desperately at Cauut? who kept backing out, hitng aa he retreated, hia blows when they did ranch olug but little injury?that he gave him no time to eonder what to do ; he drove him to the ropes, where ley had a struggle, and Sullivan supposing ha had nocked him down, turned to go to his cornar; but his ttention bulng called to (Jaunt?who had staggered W? Is ropes, and was lsaning on them, apparently unoonrious?he ruahed back, and made a terrific lounge at aunt with his left, which (.'aunt dodged; Sullivan truck him with bis right hand, and ( aunt got hold of din and they had a struggle, aud both went down. The fighting in this round waa even more severe than my of the others, and the rapidity with which Sullivan ought, astonished his most sanguine friends, even thoaa vho belicvo that his match la not in the world of lia weight. At the end of the round, there ?u a buret >f applause from all sides of the ring, the country peelie joining in.] Ru u ivu 7.?As ('aunt rose from the Vnces of his second, lie appoared unsteady on his feet, while, ou the contrary, Sullivan seemed as fresh aud rigorous as be was at lha beginning?aud iw he came near ( aunt, he laughed at him. and said something about the damaged condition of his face. This seemed to arouse (Jaunt, who opened the fight, and at it they went, hit for hit. Sullivan driving him before him ail round the ring, until they reached the corner where the umpires were stationed, where Sullivan backed ( uuiit on the ropes ; and the hitting ou both sides here was very sharp, hut that of Caunt waa not strong enough to heat hitu hark, and Sullivan punished him dreadfully They then closed, aud had a struggle on the ropes, both or them hanging over them, doing nothing ft r a moment; after which they got away ugu'ii, and ( autit put his teg around SuUivau to throw him, holding him at the same time round the neck with liia left baud. Sullivan endeavored to extricate himself, ind in the effort. (Jaunt fell, und -'foul" was shouted out by the second of ('aunt and one of the umpires. "Fair" hooted the oile r umpire, aud the referee waa appealed ,0. During this coufuelou, the word time wua called by t do/en voices, and Sullivan went up to the scratch to enow the fight, and called for ('aunt to come lip ; but aunt 's seconds ordered him not to niovo from his plaoe, lint he ha-l won the light Sullivan's attendants after vaitiug about fifteen seeon Is. took him in their arms ind passed him out of the ring, claiming the tight for lim At this time, a rush w*s uiede by the crowd arouml .he umpires; and the reporter believing that in the iiell e. other humph might be added his head than tins already largely developed one of caution, made the best if ills way out of the throng, and there awaited the issue. The tight being ended, he repaired to the referee, sud asked his decision, wbcu lie replied " Sullivan has won the fight.'' The tight lasted exactly twelve minutes The friends and hackers of L aunt still insist that he l as won the fight, on account of Sullivan being carried nut of the riug by his seconds: but that lie got beet again as soon as pos iblc. is acknowledged on all side* Whether this will have any effect in the giving up of the stakes, will have to he decided by lhos? having the matter in hand. The following conditions, wbleh the par lies are bound by, may give some light ou the point at issue:? ^tr licitt iif .fgreewtent entered into this 'Hid day / De remhtr'lH Id. between Robert Cauut and James Suiteran. The said Robert ' aunt agrees to fight the said James Sullivan a fair stand-up light, in n four aud twenty feet roped ring, half minute time, according to the new rules. a? published in Ki*tiana, by which the said lluhert ( aunt aud James Sullivan hereby mutually agrc? to lie bound 'I If Mul light .- hall be fur the mm of on* thonnan-l ill.liar* atdde, ninl alinll lake |ilaro on Tuesday. th* Mtb May. 1 r* 17. In one nf tho undermentioned State*. via : MaryUml. Virginia. North < arolino or South < arolloa. im muy be heraafu r niulualiy agreed upon. In pursuance of thl* agreement, two hundred dollar* aside are now iii-poi.itoil in the hand* of Mr. M. Oreen, who t-hnll be tho stakeholder. Tho *abl Itobort ' aunt and Jatnei Sullivan further agree to uiool either personally, or by their frteoda. at .Sir. tJeorge ken*ell'*, 4!'3 i'rarl ?treet, ou W'eilneaday, the .Id February. IW17. between the hour* of three and live o'clock in the afternoon, there to ngre* In which State the tight shall take place, and al.?> to appoint a time for luiiking the remainder of the money good, via: eight hundred dollar* aside, or any part of ill* *am*. an may then and there be mutually 1 upon On the U?t depoeit being made, u t-i** *liall tak place, to deride whtrh man shall be entitled to nam*- lli? place of meeting in the SUto niuUoilly agreed upon, ol which fourteen day* notice Khali be given to the !o*er of the tora. 'i'lie said ile|io*tte, or deposit-*. shall he made between th- hour* of eight and leu o'clock In the evening, at the place or place* then agreed upon; aud the party falling hall forfeit the money down. Th- men *hall Im- in the ring between the hour* of I well i- and one o'clock, at the place agreed upon, or lbninn absent to forfeit the battle money. The umpire* *liall he cho*en on the ground, by whom a refereetiiull be ohoei-u, to whom, in the event of dtonute, nil point* ?hall he referred, and hi* decision (hail be binding. '1 hat in the event of niiiglMterl*! interference, the umpire* and referee *hall deride the neat time and place of meeting if possible. on the *aine day That the expense* of tho rope* and atnkc* shall be borne mutually, share and *bare alike. '1 he idakc* not to be given tip, mile** by mutual eon?ent. till fairly won or lout by a tight. ? - I .. _B? ? f|3AKI. NOTIt K?Mri.ll HOKDKlt re?i?e?tfullytalbra* X die the Isiiie. and grutleiiitu that *he can be consulted p ,,fe?iiiiittli>. at her result ;mr, No. Division street, oa Phrenology. Astrology, I'nlinistry, and Science, and givW true a id sati*lactor> liifoinijlion and mince of their affairs through life, and an. wcr all secret and Is win I questions with regard lu III .lilh, ee .liti lUid uriiiiagr, luve atfair*. journeys, law-suits, difficulties in iui.iiirss, sit-in.i-ks and death. 'iriuis M cent*. nil lt*c ^ _ Mt-.S >1 KltlSM as IT IS!?A surgical o|>enition on a .uini amliilist while in an iiiicuuscious state! Ur TIIIKKS will lecture i n the extraordinary condition of th* siiii-sii ysti tn during a mesmeric or pathetic slate, presenting thereby th- mliouale of murium iBia, mental hallucination, wilclicrnll, sym| stbeticconvulsions, norvou* rnagestioa, cabs h'p* , he., Hi the Methodist f.linrch, No. 7# Alleu sheer, i.s sr < i i.iud, tin* rveiiltig. ( F ridsy) commencing at * o'clock. A"niissi hi I iii-s. my II lt?i tftKfb HKW A HI).?Lost on Satnrdsy, 8th instant. Three f lliiuilreil -iid Fifty Dollar*. *iip|?>srd to have been ilro|i;iod at or near Dr. Kll mil's -flier, or in passing from Amity sirrei tip Broadway to 'I ruth street. 'I hrec one hundred dotI r? hill* and one fifty dollar lull of the Merchants' Built, Hoiton. Whoever will return the moc at 151 Tenth street, (secoi 4 door cist of tiie Bowery,) will receive the above reward aid thanks of the owner n 11 * m FilhSH HliKF ANli VfcUivTAuLt.s K'ik THE NAVY. Navy Anttr'i Ornc*,) Nfw York, Klh April, 1*47. t SKALKI) PUOPOHALU, endoraea "I'ropoeala for Yrerh H> i I', will be recrreed by the Nayv Agent, at hii office No. 4 ftouili Willinm afreet, until Monday, the 2tih of Mtynrit, 12 o'clock, M., for the aupply of all the frrtli Derf ami VntMlrlrr wInch rnay he required for the n.e of ihe S?i y ?l tin, nalio i dining the fiscal ) ear ending on Ktb June, llif. It mu,t In- of good quality. the boat lb* market afford,, .mi offered for by the pou d. It will be subject to inch iinqurctinn a< tin-< hirlnfthe Bureau of Provinona and < lothing may d' rect, and be delivered on board any veaarl of war in llir |iort ii .Now York, oral the Navy \ ard, where it may be required Ninety per cent of the drlivci ie* will 1* r?id in thirty dnaa after billa in triplicate, po | erly approved, ere tiled with the Nary Agent, and the remaining ten )-er cent on the capitation a id ttimi let inn of the contract. Contract w i|l be entered inn with the Inwrri bidder, 8" i"g bond wiili two ?meiiea, in onelb,id the eaiimatrd amount, for i'a fnithfil | cifornmuee; hilt no iiropoaal will be cooaidvn d, w itboul the guarant) required bylaw of one or more leapooaible peraona, that the I" raon or peraflna whoae offrr may be acceided will eteeote aiieh em tract and bond within tiao da)? tier being ,i 'iti?il of a'u.b acceptance. In caae of del.a a or online to deliter, the V?ey Ageu! will prorate t le ,n I | I , i aaary .anil.-U) f*er ?, I e to f pay over the contia? i i . ,ci , -n ill In* charged to the I'oioraCl'ir and deducted from hit billa. nn , riUinl'hll M. W rj MO III . a2l lawtw Sue N??y VjpM.

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