Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 20, 1847, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 20, 1847 Page 3
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I Mien are applied to by foreign (OTrromtnU to eon struct machines of American origin in foreign conn Irits. He contrasted the present condition of thf I uitcd Hiatus with that of Mexico and other countries and attributed our present high position to the dew lopuu'ot of American lnwntiw talent. If the intention* of trans, Fitch, and others, that he could name, hat been patronised and encouraged in the way proposed bj this project, the United States would now be fifty yean in advance of what it is. Many of our inventors, aftel perfecting their inventions, hare been compelled foi want of means to abundon them, having vainly trustee to the gratitude and public spirit of their MLow-cttiiens He instanced the case of a man. now 70 yeara of age.who afier perfecting several inventions which enriched tboa< who introduced them, is now poor, aud he had no doubl there are thousands of other Instances of the same kind. II is decidedly a matter of regret that some project of tbi nature here proposed. hail uot been carried out long be fore this time. About thirty years since a mutual pro leetive association was organised by a few meehauics and mure recently au organisation waa entered into ii this city, but as yet it appears that there is no me diuui by which the poor inventor can Introduce th< offspring of his talent into general use Krom tha know ledge he has of inventions, he thinks the project undei consideration will, if carried out, result in a profit of al least one thousand per cent on the capital invested. Air. A.ndhkws, the chairman, being called upon, tali that although he was not desirous of speaking, yet hi expected that he would be called upon;, and In order ti save time, had drawn up a few remarka which he woult read to the meeting. He waa aware that many aaaocia tions for mutual bcuofit had been formed, but failed frou defects. The objects to be sought in an aaaociatlon o tnis kind should be confined to no tenets, confined to ui theories, that cannot be practically proved. Thla inatl tulion, he said, should he au independent oat,.as Inde pendent as inventors themselves are in mind. The In renters' Institute is to be an investigating institute with a two-fold object?one to assist needy inventors uuu (uo otner to acquire wealth, wnicu no lookei upon um the mainspring of all human notion il thu 19th century That which Is unknown to-daj in known to-morrow, and conduce* to thu wualtl of (Uu inventor, a* well the wealth of the nation In' veiition i? the characteristic of civilization?without il vvu would be nothing but savages. Were it not for in veution. wo would to-day he writing on parchment in stead of paper, with a style initead of a pen, ant reading from the parchment instead ot the printet page, invention suffer* from want of means to develops It* products, and it is the province of the conti-m plated institute to help and nsslst thu inventor in bring iug his inventions into use; und not oblige him, as is Lot frequently thu case, to go to the man of wealth?tin bruin pilferers?and solicit him to purchase it for auiesi of pottugu for his famishing family?thu wealthy mut afterwards reaping thu reward which of right belonged to the uuthor of the invention. The speaker thcr estimated the prolits of tne proposed institute which he demonstrated satisfactorily, would he greatei while the risk would be less, than in auy other enter prise The advantages to accrue from an association ol this kind to the inventor and to the public, are innumerable, und cannot be even guessed at. In conclusion he said, that it is proposed 'that this shall be a self existing, self-supporting, active a ?d profitable institution It is in fact now orgauized?the capital $-10,000 is paid in?the shops, engines, &.c. and dwelling houses art built--two inventions ure now in progress--forty applications nre peudiug, and the capital which is now to b< subscribed, lor tbe sole purpose of putting into practical operation, such iuventions as may he approved of. Twc uvi-ntious are now in practical operation?one by which live hundred two gallon kegs arc made every day, and a contract for supplying -40.000 of which ia entered into, and another invention for manufacturing locks for the United States mail?a contract for doing which has likewise been entered into. Mr. Ulinton uoesavblt enquiiwd if it vvas intended that this institute should act in opposition, or was intended in any way to disparage the National Association el' iuveutors, of which he was a member - to which Mr. AsfDHKwi replied there was no intention of th? kind. Mr. ltowell and Mr. Clinton Roosevelt were then added to the committee appointed at thu morning meeting to visit i'crth Amboy anil report at a future day; and ? resolution passed requesting the committee to report next Wednesday. Mr. Sewai.l Short spoke for a few minutes, and alluded tO the necessity of having an institution like the ono proposed. Mile fiitiiciai Kicciion?iiioimay, juiio 7. NAMES OK CANDIDATES. suphtmt court. Independent. Law yen' Ticket. Diet. 1 * - WiUUm C. Noyes. John W. Edmonds. Whigs. Democrats. " 2..' Abraham Crist, Seward Barnulo, Hugh Maxwell, Win. T. M'Coun, Fortune A. Smith, Nathan B. Morse, .Thomas McKissook, Selali B. Strong, " 3 Ira Harris, Auiasa J. Parker, Win. B. Wright, Killian Miller, John C. Wright, J. Van Klock, * Lewi* 11. Sandford and D. B. Odgen nominated but declined. No nomination yot made in the five Temaining districts. Countt Judues. Whigs. Democrats. Albany Willliam Parmlee, Edwin C. Litchfield*. Kobort J. Hilten, Broome E. C. Kattel, - B. N. Loomis, Cattaraugus.., itcnsalaer Lamb, Clinton Lemuel Stetson, Cortlandt. . . .Daniel Hawked, . Henry Stephen!, Chenango .... Smith M. I'ordy. Columbia. . . . ?? John T. Hogeboom. Delaware Amasa Parkor, Duelled! E. M. Swift, John Kowley, Erie Lafayette Carrin, F. P. Stevens, Oeneaee. .? .. Edgar C. Dibble, Herkimer.... Ezra Craves, King* William Rockwell, S. E. Johnaon, Madiaon Jame* W. Nye, Monroe Oeo. 11. Mumford, P. O. Buchan. Oneida P. Sheldon Root, Onondaga . . .J. 11. Lawrence, Daniel Pratt, Orange D. W. Bate, Charloa Borland, llueena W. J. Cogswell, Henry S. llayner, Rensselaer. . .Charles Parmlee, laoac MeConihe, Richmond . . . Albert Ward, Saratoga G. W. Kirtland. Schoharie.. . . D. Lawyer, Seneca Samuel Birdsell, Suffolk A. T. Rose, Hugh Halsey, Sullivan Alpheua Dimmick, St Lawrence. Edwin Dodge, Tompkins.. . .B. O. Ferris, Alfred Wells. Ulster James O. Linderman, WorrsD E. 11. Roeekrans, Westchester .. Robert 8. Hart. * Also on the Anti-Rent ticket. Superior Court in New York City. . Independent. Lawyers'' Ticket. t hief Justice.. Thomas J. Oakley, Assistant " John Duer, " " Murray Hoffman. Common Pleas. First Judge... Michael Ulshoeffcr, Assistant ' Daniel P. Ingraham, " " Charles P. Daly. District Attorney. Ogden Hoffman, John McKeon. Polio* Intelligence. Burglary.?The third story room, occupied by W. E. Rose, in the building No. 13 Chambers street, wan burglariously entered last night by some thief with a false key, stealing therefrom a gold headed whalebone cane uml two others mounted with silver, value, in all, $32; no arrest. Arrest of a Fugitive.?Officer W. II. Stephens of the lower police, arrested, yesterday, in Broadway, a man by ithc name or Jonn Alexander, on a charge of.itealing a wallet containing $123, belonging to Henry Johnson, a boar.ier ut the Chestnut Ward hotel, Philadelphia, immediately flying to this oity. Justice Drinker locked liiui up to awuit a requisition from the authorities of Philadelphia. .I Charge of Grand Larceny.?Officer Cummings of the lower police, arrested yesterday, a man hy the name of Joseph Whittin, and bis wife Catherine, on a charge of robbing a countryman, by the name of Squire Wolfen den. residing at Bloomfleld, New Jersey, of a wallet containing $iio, in bank bills, while in a hoysu kept by the defendant, at No. 32 Ann street. On searching the premises the officer found $107, a part of which is supposed to be a portion of the stolen money. Justice Drinker committed them both for trial. Ditordtrly Uoutr.?A complaint was inado yesterday before J ustice Drinker by Washington Walling, of No. J!> Warren street, and James K. flopping, against Margaret Duvall. alius Murphy, charging her with keeping a disorderly house, and common resort for prostitutes and other evil disposed persons. A warrant was issued for her arrest. It would be well to break up two or three more of the same class, located In that vloinity. Stealing a bunt?Officer Holiester, of the Seventh ward, arrested on Tuesday night two men called John I u graham and Ilobert McCauley, on a charge of stealing a row bout, valued at $30. belonging to .Mr. Roberts, bout builder. No. 112 South street. Committed for examination by Justice Tiinpson. Jtrrett on a hail piact.?Officer Cumming of the lower police uud officer Stephens, of Boston, arrested yesterduy. a man by tbe name of Charles How, on a bail piece, be having forfeited his recognisance in Boston, where he was held to bail for trial, on a charge of keeping a disorderly house. He was conveyed back to Boston last evening for trial. Sltaling Gutter.?A fellow calling himself James Johnson, was caught yesterday in the act of carrying off a firlun of butter, valued at $13, belonging to Nelson Sherwood. residing at No. 4fl?,Pearl street -the rascal took the butter from the cart of Mr. Sherwood, while standing on the corner of Uey and (Jreenwich streets. Justice Drinker committed tbe rascal for trial. I'elit Larreniet. A woman called Ann ilrant was caught yesterday, by officer Smith, of the Thirteenth ward, on a charge of stealing 30 yards of thread lace from Mrs. Rodgers, residing at No. ill Broome street. Locked up for trial by Justice Tiinpson. Policemen Coles and Kells, of the (Klrst ward, arrested last night four b?ys, called Patrick llart. Jan. Waters. Chas llagan, and Tims. Riley, whom the officers caught In the act of breaking off the escutcheons from the store doors in Tearl and Water sts. Locked up for trial by Justice Drinker. Officer Rider, of the 3d ward, arrested yesterday Henry C. Moore, James Cook, and Kdward Mehan, on a charge of stealing four yards of calico from the store of Taylor (k Armstrong. No. 213 Oroeuwich street. Locked up for trial by Justice Drinker. Officer Cherry, of the 3th ward, arrested lyestorday an old thief called Henry kiarrlson. on a charge of stealing a piece of cassiinere. [containing 19 yards, valued at $10, belonging to Alexander i Scotl No, 523,Ore. nwlch street. Justice Drinker lurk. d him up 1 r trial <ui ? offence. At Boston on Sunday afternoon, a Portuguese barber named Joseph Francis, attempted to murder a fellow roikm n named I h. m.n Isrrjr. It appears that berry hind lain down on a settee to take a nap and wae apparIy asleep, when Francis approached him with an open Is and suddenly inflicted a horrible wound upon his Ihriist. and but for a fortunate side sprtng. the rasor Irnul l have severed hi* windpipe Francis ftp. I hut was pursued and overtaken. '1 ho wound was lewed up by a surgeon, and he Is likely to reoover. Ltw Intelligence. Seriu.mi: Coiikt, May 19?Present. Chief Justice Bronson, Mr. Juetlee Buardaley, Mr. Juatice J wilt.? Sentence of Dr.alk.Soto Orant, a colored man. waa brought into court thli morning by the aherlff of Steuben county, under a writ of kaheat corpuo. It appeared the primmer, aome time laat fail, had a dirpute with another colored man, named Jamea Pass, whom he atruck with an axe anil killed. Ha waa then tried and oon icted of murder in January laat. at the Court of Oyer and Terminer for Steuben county, and ordered for execution. At the trial, hi* counael took exception*, and the execution waa delayed beyond the day upon which it waa to take place. The exception* were subsequently argued in the Supreme Court, and the proceeding* in the caae adjudged to be regular. Under theae circumstance* it became neeeiaary that be ehould be reaentenced. The Chief Juatice, previous to paaalng sentence, addressed him a* follow*:?Nero Orant, you were oonvicted of murder in Steuben county, and aentenced to be executed in Jauuary laat. Counsel had at the time home doubts aa to the legality of the sentence, and caused exception* to be taken, which were afterward* ably argued by him; but, after hearing all that he urged in your behalf, we are of opinion that your conviction I was legal?we have no doubt about it. You have now been brought into court by a writ of AuAnis corpus, for I the purpose of having the sentence carried into execuj tion?have you any thing to say why it should not be > done.' I The prisoner made no reply, but merely shook hie - head. * i Chief Juatlco. in continuation?It now only remain* f for the court to make out a warrant for your execution. > Since the period sentence was tlrst pronounced upon you, you have had sufficient time for reflection; it is.there fore, unnecessary for me to say any thing to yeu in regard - to preparing yourself to meet your approaching end.? ', It is true, however, that you may have had some hope i, during that time, but now that hopo is gone, and you t are warned to make the best use of the time te be all lowed you between this and your execution, which will r be on Friday, the 35th of Juno next, at the jail of Hteut ben county, between the hours of 10 o'clock in th* forenoon and 3 o'clock in the afternoon of that day. The t warrant for execution was then handed to the sheriff of - Steuben eounty, and th* prisoner removed. He is a - middle sixed man, about 45 years of age, with an intelliI gent countenance. He listened to the remark* of the 1 Chief Justice with the greatest composure, and seemed perfectly resigned to his fate. In the matter of opening and widening William - street?Mr. Baser was hewd this morning on tho part > of the commissioners, in reply to Messrs. McVane aud ) \Iott. 11 contended that as the objectors had not taken i any steps while the proceedings were before the commlsi sinners, they were not now in a condition to raise any 1 objections before this court. The objections,said Mr i Brady, takeei by Messrs. Hart were, that while they had , been awarded $3,800 (although their counsel, in his argument yesterday, was not very explicit in admit ting this very important fuct.) for damages, they f would, as the report was drawn, be compelled - to pay $3,163. the amount of the assessments imposed , upon their lots before th* year 1839, when the allowance to auy lot exceeded an assessment upon it for the same improvement. The commissioners were only required I by luw to report the excess of allowance. But by the > act of 1839, they are required to state in reference to each lot the amount ef allowance and charge severally. ) The consequence, supposed by the Messrs. Hart to result 1 from this change was, that whereas under Hie old law > the surplus of allowance, over charge, being alone stated, i no assessment would remain which the tenant could be I required to pay. The compliance under the law of 1839. i separating the charge from the allowance, would require ) the tenant to pay the charge which before would Lave been deducted out of the landlord's allowance, and the Harts therefore insisted that the commisssoners should, in their report, have inserted some clause to prevent such a result. Mr. Brady insisted that no objection to the report, could be made which was not urged beforo ) the commissioners; and seoondly. that the objection i now .made was not made before them. The only complaint before them was. that the allowance made to the Harts was too small; thirdly, that the commissioners ! had exactly conformed to the law of 1839, in stating the allowance and charge separately, und that any other '> mode would have been clearly erroneous; fourth, that it was neither the right nor the duty of the commissioners to declare in their ruport how the charges or allowances ) would affect the relations between landlord and tenant; and fifthly., that Messrs. Hart could not legally bo compelled to pay the assessments any more than they would have keen as the law stood before 1839, as tho act of tbe latter year only affected the form of assessment. After Mr. Bbaov had concluded, Mi1. Mott, one of the opposing counsel, insisted that tho ruport could not be confirmed, because the new constitution provided that when private property wus taken for public uses, the damage* to the owner should be ascertained by a jury, or by three commissioners appointed by a court of record. as the legislature should prescribe, but as tbe legislature had not prescribed which mode should be adopted, therefore, none existed, and the report should be sent back. The court stated that the commissioners in this matter were appointed beforo the new constitution was framed or came into operation, and that instrument expressly provides that all proceedings legally in progress when it went into effect should be continued. At the conclusion of the argument the ChiefJ ustice remarked that the existing opinion of the court was that the claim of Messrs. Hart only affected their liability us lessees, under the covenant to pay assessments, and could not be determined in this matter. He announced, however, that a more formal decision would be made to-morrow (this morning.) Mr. Fanshaw's objection went merely to the amouut of the sum awarded to him, but as it was not sustained by any proof, it is probable that it will be disregarded. The people vt. Jit me nor Ktngtley.?In thin case a bill of indictment wm found by the grand jury of Courtlandt Co. against tlie defendant, for keeping n <lUorderly house: to wit, a billiard room in tbe village of Homer, in that oounty. The indictment wan afterward* tried at tiiu court of general sessions, and a verdict obtained for the people. Mr. Hill, counsel for defendant, took exceptions to the verdict. First, that the keeping of a billiard room whore no bets wcro mudc. the losing parties merely paying for the rubbers, did not come within the statute of gaming; and. secondly, that the judge who tried the cause. charged the jury that they were judges both of the law and fact; whereas, ho ought to have charged them that they wore judges of the faot only. The court set aside the verdict, stating that both exceptions were well taken, and Mr. Justice ileardalcy remarked, that the Judge In the court below erred in telling the jury they were judges of the law and the fact. In criminal eases, questions of fuct only can be decided by a jury; but questions of luw are reserved for the decision of the < ourt. United States Mammal's Ofeick.?Two seamen, (names not given), belonging to the American ship Southerner, were arrested last evening, under a warrant granted by Mr. Commissioner Morton, on a charge of endeavoring to create a revolt on board srfld ship, while at anchor in the lower bay, on the 19th instant. They were bound over to appear before the court this morning. Common Pleas.?In both branches of this conrt there are cases on trial which have been already tried, and are of no interest except to the parties concerned. Court or General Sessions, Wednesday, May 19.? Before Recorder Scott and Aldermen McKlrath and Purser. Jonas B. Phillips, F.sq., Assistant District Attorney. Trial for Illegal Voting.?At the opening of the Court this morning, Charles Fuller was placed upon his trial vu an indictment for illegally voting in the 2d district of the Seveutb ward, at the late election. Samuel Kinney, sworn.?I live at 67ft Water street; on the day of the late election I saw the prisoner at the polls in the second distriot of the Tth ward ; I asked him if he belonged in tlio district; he said he did. that he lived at No. ISO Madison street ; he swore his vote in; I then went to the house in Madison street and asked if he lived them, and they said he did not; the people of the house said no such man wns known in the house. James B. Urinswade, sworn.?I am an inspector of elections in th? second district of the Seventh ward ; prisoner offered his vote, which wns challenged: he then swore he had resided at No. 1H0 Madison street for 23 months; on his oath wn received his vote. Tho case was then submitted to the jury, who, without retiring, rendered a verdict of guilty, and the Court sentenced him to the penitentiary for six months. Trial for attempting to rote Illegally.? Christian Allwisc was next put upon his trial on an indictment for attempting to vote in tue 2d district of the Tth ward, at the late election. James Valentine sworn?I wns at the polls of tho 2d district of the Tth ward on the afternoon of the day of the late election; prisoner offered his vote, which was rejected by the inspectors; lie said that lie lived at No. 10i Mudlson street; he was arrested and tnken to llie 3d district polic# court. when lie said lie had no particular residence In lift city. The case then went to the jury, who rendered o verdict of guilty, and the court sentenced him to tlie penitentiary for three months. Trial for asiaull unit haltcry. Hampton Chirk wns next put upon lilt trial on an Indictment for committing an assault and battery on the person of .h anna Mahan. on the loth of November last Dknnu Mi'llihi sworn. -On the lOtli of November I heard a noise at No Jit) I'earl street. I went to the plnoe and Haw Clarke holding on to her very roughly; I arretted him and gave him luto the custody "I mi officer; I did not tee him Htriku her. I do not know what happened before I went there. Jomv Kottmov, tworn- I wan at No. 331) I'eurl street off the 10th of November bud; I did not see Mr. ' lark ntrike her; ahe wan very abusive to Mr. Clark; I think Mr. Clark puahed her out of the door; I saw ro blown passed by Mr. C.; I was moving Mr. ( lark from tlipl house and she tried to prevent .Mr. ( from taking his furniture out of the bouse. The ease was then submitted to the Jury, under rharge of the Court, who rendered a verdict o| nut guilty. Trial for liurglary.?Thomas Klmore alius f iiltnore (black.) was then put upon his trial, on an Indictment for burglary in the flrst degree, in having no Hie night of the -.'d day of May. burglariously entered the dwelling house of Mr. Robert Craighead. No. "3 Second street, and stealing therefrom clothing and silver spoons to the value of >73. Itosf Hr Cnaiomkaiisworn.?i live at No ;a Second street; on the night of the M of May. my house was entered through the hack parlor window, n'lfd robbed of two coats, pants, silver spoons, he , to the value of V<3; the clothing taken from the prisoner, was the same that was stolen from me, also tho spoons. Own* Coasrr* sworn -I am au officer ol the villi ward; I arrested prisoner on the morning of the 3d of May, about 3 o'clock in the morning. In Orange street; he uad the clothing and spoons in his possession, which were identified by Mr. Craighead. The case went to the jury, under charge of tho court, who reudered a verdict of guilty of grand larceny only The court then sentenced Him to the Htate prison for the term of four years. The court adjourned until to-morrow morning. On Mr. Webster's arrival at Columbia. S. 0,. on \V odncsday last, he wbh met by the students in pi cession, in the College Campus, which they lied lighted up by kindling hon-tlres. The statesman of the North addressed the studwnts. and then proceeded to the house of their I'resldent, Hon. Win. C. Preston, whose guest, he was The day following. Mr. Webster partook of a splendid festival at Woodlands^ the plantation nud beautiful villa of Col Wade Hampton. Returning from Col Hampton's, he attended in Uie evening, an elegant/fiat Professor l.iber's, and at noon yesterday, he was to receive the visits and welcome of tho oltlsens of Colum bia generally, at Clarke's Hotel, and at 4 o'clock. P. M , waa again to addresathe students In the < em pun and In th? svsniag he waa to attaad a splendid citUenTball | To ttat who Wwljr economy comb In *d with elegance tad utility, the tiihtcribera offer their Trarelline Dressing tun w the inm complete of the hind now dmnnftctiired. They poasass til the merit* of the imported trticle, with tbete adrantages, being cheeper, more durable, compact, end every thins contained ia them made for use,auc each furaithed with the tuhtcriher't Metallic Tablet. O. SAUNDERS It SON. 177 Broadway. Metallic Tablet Rawer btrop .MarcltaiiU and detleraar* invited to cell and eta mine the rarioot patterns o the above, at the manufacturers. G. SAUNUEllS k SON, 177 Broadway, (a few doora above Cortlandt street.) Get tin, Hatter, baring completed the alterations of Ilia establishment, will open for buaineaa this day. H< invitee hit friend* to call and see hit improvements, and in created facilities for business. He will open with anew am superior stock uyspered expressly. The summer style of hat for gentlemen il now ready, consisting of Gossamer, Panama and Canadian hats. Just reccivrd from Paris, one case of hat and caps fur children, for summer wear?very beautiful goods J.N. OENIN, Hatter. 211 Broadway, opposite St. Paul's. Tb? Plumb National Daguerrlan Gallery on the upper corner of Broadway aud Murray street, (over Tan uey'e jewelry store,) contains the largeat collection of tin finest specimens of the principal characters (i. e. wlieu showi in their faces) of any gallery; in the world Strangers am others should not omit to visit this celebrated collectiou o what we may safely say, inimitable specimens of the Daguer reotye art. Gold Pens.?The Cheapest In the City.?Such Pens as others advertise for $2, J. W. Greatou k Co. No. 7 Cedar street, are selling for $1 75, and the Peus advertised fo 91 JV.uicy ?rn lur 91 cj. orsiurs mr?r mrv iihtc iiuuiciuu; other styIn of every grade and quality, and have provider every convenience (or trying and selecting them. Purcliaaera either wholeaale or retail, can save from 10to 20 i>er cent, bj buying of (ireatou St Co. one door from the Post office, (u| tain. Diamond Pointed Gold Pena_Great Reduction.?1The publicliaving liberally eucoiinged our attempt t< bring the gold pen into general a reduction of prices,ina> rely upou our making increaaed exertiona to meet their wiahea The low priced peua are 74 ceuta, ailverpeucil included. Alao, a good pen at $1 30, formerly 12?and a tlrat rate arti cle for 12- The trade supplied on the neat terms. Don't mis take the atore, J. Y. 8A VAGK, 92 Kulton atreet. Med Iced Card?The Members of tile New York College of Medicine and Pharmacy, 93 Naaaau atreet, conli dently promiae to iwraona suffering Iroin complaints of an] nature a aafe and permanent cure. Some of the moat eipe rieuced phyaiciana in thia city are connected with thia eatab liahment, whoae chief object in aaaociating together ia to |>u down quackery. Inralida requiring their aervicea will find om of the membera in attendance for conaultatiou from I A. M ti P. M. N. D. For further particulars and a list of thejr preparation! ace fourth |?ge of thia paper. Office and consulting rooma o the College 93 Naaaau atreet. Navigation of Uic OIUo Hlver. Placet. TSmc. State uf River. Wheeling May . . 0 feet. Louiarille May II . , . 3 ft. A Inches. Cincinnati May I'd., . , standing. Pittsburg May 11.. . . !)? feet, filling. ______ MARKET Wednesday, May 10?jtl P. M. The stock market continues without any material alterations Some of the fancies go up and some g<i down from day to day. F.verything connected with stock operations appears to be in a very unsettled state and speculators are shaking in the wind, waiting foi some kind of a breeze to give them a start. At the first board to-day Harlem went up \ per cent; Farmer's Loan, >4; Reading, % Reading Bonds, ; Treasury Notes, .'4; Long Island fell off per cent; Canton, Illinois Bank,Reading Mortage Bonds,; Ohio 6's, Morris Cans), and Norwich and Worcester closed at prices current yesterday. Hales were made tr some extent at these variations, and there were buyeri for any amount offered. At the second board Pennsylvania 6's went up \ pur oent; Farmer's Loau, ; Harlem, SiMoney is exceedingly abundaut, ami the rate of In terest ranges from four to six per cent. Large loaui have recently been made at five per cent, on sixty ant ninety days, and the banks discount freely all the gooi business paper offering. The large amount of depositei in our banks is good evidence of the abundance of money and the improvement in the market value of governmen and Statu stacks shown that investments aro being madi in these securities to some extent. 1 The importations of specie into the ports of New Yorl and Boston, from the 1st of January to the loth of May this year, have been as annexed. Importation ok Spccik?Nkw York and Boston. Boston, Jan. 1 to May lb f 10,006,9b' New York, do. do 6,998,731 m .. . , Total 4 months, lb days.. $17,065,89; The importations of specie into all the other ports o the country, for the same period, will probably amount t< more than three millions, swelling the aggregate to oui estimate of twenty millions of dollars. Some days since in our remarks relative to the bil Bled for an Injunction on the Heading itailroad Com pany, we suggested the policy of demanding an imme diate investigation; but we have since learned that it ii entirely out of the power of the company to bring thi affairs to a close a moment sooner than tho court ir which tho bill is filed, chooses to give a hearing, and ii the regular course of business, it cannot come up befori October. Had the parties bringing this bill wished at immediate investigation of the affairs of that company a hearing could have been obtained, and the matter set' tied at once by filing the bill In the proper court; but 1 appears that an immediate examination would not havi met tbu views of those Interested, their object evident!] having been to protract the affair as much as possible for the purpose of keeping it beforn the public. If thi applicants for an Injunction and a receiver really believi that the assets of the company aro being squandered; 1 they believe that tho operations which they descrlb have actually been made; if they believe that thcusurloui transactions detailed have actually been made, why did they not take measures to have the injunction granted and the receiver appointed at once, Instead ol giving the company five months longer to dissipate the property of the bondholders and stockholders ? We merely put these questions for the benefit of those in* tereatcd, with the Impression that they cannot be satisfactorily answered. The importation of merchandise into this port from foreign countries, since tho 1st of January, 1847, exceeds slightly ill value the importation for tho corresponding period in 1816. The annexedtable exhibits the quantity of certain articles imported into this district in the first four months in each of the past three years. Imtorts into thk Port ok Nkw York. Jan. I to Jtpril 30, 1115. 1316 1317 Brandy, half |>il*? 3.113 1.613 3,931 Do qr. casks and bids... . 2,507 1,300 3,171 Coal, ton* MM 6,746 13.121 Coffee, l.sgs 107,78(1 120,073 116,911 Cotton, bales 182,798 198,210 128,703 Duck, bales 62 23 158 Do pieces 1,733 43 2IC Karthenware, crates and cska .. 11,980 10,618 11,688 Figs, dromi. Ice 58,88. C.97I 91961 Hemp, bales 9,352 18,1905 18,821 do Ions......... 60 10 S Hides, bales 310 53 1 433 Do No 204,065 216,298 259,103 Iron, bar, tons 4.367 4,039 6,621 Do pi|t, tons , > ... 0,120 3,296 10,728 Do sheet, hoop, fcc, bdls ... 12,318 12,158 fa,996 I,cad, pigs ,,, 67,475 67,123 82,ICS Molasses, hhds 25,170 29,761 31,322 Do tierces 3,510 2,514 3,163 Do bbls 21,831 12.791 13 122 Pepper, bags 3,678 1,81.3 7,071 llaga, bales 4,569 4,716 1,303 llaisins, casks 2,413 837 2.536 Do boxes 83 913 16,810 22,178 Do d nuns 917 1,521 1,181 Kicr. tierces 8.212 10 121 17.VII Halt, hii ih. |?,.............. 2117.973 Mij.'ina Saltpetre, b.tK* t 2J? 3,358 6,183 Sugars, Mot* 13,88.. 32,nifi 29,323 Do tierces 376 133 111 Do hill* 4,381 1,882 '.,222 !>u lanes 3.833 13,918 6(1. I'll Do b*8? 11.226 27.32*1 J,497 Till, tiaiica, lie,alalia 3,131 1,712 10,918 Do plates, boxes 53,SOT 53,891 29,093 Tobacco, hhd* 1.638 1,017 1.886 Do bales aud reroou*... 1,195 3,2112 3,137 Wines, blilts and l<il>c? 2a I 253 315 Do lilid* and ball' pi|>ea .. . 2,180 3,119 2,115 Do oii irttT casks 6,930 9.391 7.IKI8 Do Indian bbl* I.H'i 1,391 8(12 Do boxes 2,771 1,882 5,(198 Wool, bales 8,039 6,581 2,205 It Will tie perceived that there line been en increase in nearly every Impoitant item in 1917, thus far compared with the correspond^ period in 1848. The receipts of wool hare materially dot-llnnd. The value of merchandise exported from boston for the week ending May lath, wus $181,807, of which $1 was in domestic produce, and $.50 07.3 iu foreign products. The importations of specie, for the same time, were $103,988. The tolls on the canals of this State, so far, this year, show a hnndaome Increase nvrr those of |a?t The receipt a nt Rochester have been as annexed:? t'*N*l, Toi IS- Rl.i I If I! it Its. hktik Rcc'd from 1st lo"th .May. 1817. list week) $liil>.8 >0 Rcc'd from 7tli to Hth May, (2d week) 9.320 t'J Total up to and including I Ith May. I I days, $25,998 92 Rcc'd for Tolls up to same time last year, 28 days 18.743 12 Kxcess up to this date in favor of 1817 $7 255 so Tills shows an increase of about forty per cent in the receipts for fourteen days thin year, over th'oe for twenty-eight days last. ,\n Increase to this extent, for a corresponding period tills year, would have been very liirge, lint when we take Into consideration the fart that It Is for only one half the time. It shews that an immense business must have been done on the canal this year If this rate of Income is continued through the season, the receipts will be enormous. brum the opening of navigation en tbe Welland I'nual, to the last of April, |8', vessels passed through, of which 177 went up HI from Oswego and 43 from ( ndsdian ports: of the latter, 26 were to tmeriraii ports, 14 to 1 anadlan ports and ti to Mt. < atharines and Therold. 1 here were 27 dowuwaids to Oswego, and 41 to other places?1? being also from Canadian porta. The cargoes from the American side were newly *11 of CT*^n> from the Canada aide, flour principally. In the nrna time 47 acowa paaaed up or down, carry[ lug principally atone, gravel, staves and hoopa. In 1B44, 10# vessels paaaed through tha flrat 17 daya of navigation?1#0 thla year. I The annexed extract relative to the atate of the inanu1 lecturing diatricta In Great Britain, we take from the trade report or Du Kay It Co., dated May lat, 1047. The accounta from America, brought by the packet ahip Aahburton, with date* to the Kth ult, seem confirmatory of a abort crop, aa the foiling off In the receipt* at the | porta amounta to 100,410 bale* Price* were firmly main[ tinned at prerioua rate* at New York. Notwithetanding , the*e accounta the Liverpool market ia giving way uuder , the iufluence of the aeverc preiaure in the money market, i and the continued and increaalng " short time" working. About sixty mill* in Lancashire and the neighborhood are now altogether at a stand still, and most of the others are working only four and three days, or even less. The conaumptlou of cotton i? .-no.-?? - ... ymij iniuvm. ' and 18,000 bags weakly are now considered to be the ' quantity worked up, instead of 30.000 bag* per week, aa , in the paat year. 1 The distress which thia atate of thing* entaila upon f the working classes is very severe, and menaces to he alarming if carried ou for a lenghtened period. The spinner* and manufacturer* in the town of I'reston. who t have pretty generally adhered to the usual hours of laI bor in the worst of times, have also been obliged to rer sort to "short time'' working. We are glad to be able to say in honor of the mill owners, that they are anxious 1 to provide as far us it is possible for the working people ; who are out of employment. We regret to say that the > effect which tip- diminished production of yarns and goods generally exercises on prices is altogether frustra. ted by the present money arisis, and the'difflculty of dls counting first rate mercantile paper at any thing like u > reasonable rate. Such a state of thing* is too unnatu' ral to last long, particularly as a knowledge exists in well informed quarters that bonatlde mercantile transactions have for souie time past been based on sound and . rational principles. The trade to distant countries, such as India, he., is seriously affected by the extraordinary rise in the value I of lnoaey. Purchases for these markets are generally . effected against long dated paper, and the returns made t in produce, or bills at eight or ten months date, it is evident that the present rate of discount does away with the small protlt which such transactions have hitherto J yielded, and thnt a partial suspension of shipments in , cotton and other good* must be the consequenee. Stock Exchange. r S20000Tress Nufi's s60 101K 100 Reading Kit 17 10000 do blO 1(1.1 'I 200 do >30 17 . 20100 Ohio S's "60 IOCS, 211 do 17 V 20000 ilo 100\, 200 do >30 17 V 1000 do 100 V 110 do 17 V 20000 do 1)60 100 V 110 do >10 17 8.100 do .10 100 21 Canton Co 3e\ 1000 Ohio 7'* 102V ? do 37 2200 City l'? "70 94 V 200 >h> Harlem 12 10000 Pennsylvania 1's 7til? 300 do >10 12 2000 do 71, \ 300 do 12 S, i 10000 do 77 210 do >60 12 1000 do >30 77 310 do 1)20 12 V 1000 Reading Bonds 711A 200 do blO 12'a 1000 do 71V 210 do 11*4 ; moo do >30 71 'a 10 do 1)10 12 1 .1000 do 1)30 71V 100 Nor St Were 49?* I 2000 Kead'g Mtg Bds 68V 100 do 1)60 10 100 ,hs Del and Hudsou 181 21 do b30 10 1 l.'H) banners' Trust 31V 10 do >60 (9?? 100 do 31?, 100 do >10 I'JH 1 1(N1 do >60 3.1V It do >11 49H ' 200 do b30 31 10 Long Viand >60 29V 200 do >10 31V 300 do 20 V 110 do 31 V 100 do >60 29V 7.1 Morris Canal 19 , 10 do 29 10 do b30 20 10 do blO 29V 21 Illinois Bank 16V 10 do b30 29V 100 Mtoningtou 17?V 10 do btl 2ffV Second Board. S10000 Peun l'> >3 77 V 110 sb> Farmers' Loan 31 10000 do 77\ 100 <l? 31 > 1.1000 do 77 S, 10 de blO 31 10000 Treas Nts6's >60 10.1', 71 Canton Co ,v ' 3000 do 101?, 10 do 17 KW0 do 1)60 106 100 Harlem RR >30 IIV 11(100 Ohio 6's '10 >11 100 100 do t>30 12 V loiioo Illinois S|,I Rd? 10 V 10 do >10 11V 110 >h> Farmers Loan b3 3l V 100 do 12 10 do b3 31', 100 Nor Ik Wor blm 10 10 do 31?< i I " - XXX? 1 CITY TRADE REPORT. * New York, Wkdnksdav Avtkbnoon, May Iff. ; The Hour market continued Ami to-day. and sales ol t Uenesee, iu the spot, were made at $8 a5 a 8 37,V; some e lots of Ohio and Uenesee sold, to arrive in June, at hi 87)*, and a lot of fancy Ohio, to arrive in the saint c month, Hold at $8. A small lot of Alexandria, on tht , spot, sold at $9. After the clone of 'change, eomn sale; were reported at $8 36 a 8 31)*. The market wan etill bare of wheat, and 190c. wax offered for a lot of primt ' Uenesoo white, to arrive noon, and refuted. Corn eon tinued lu good demand, and sales of Northern yellow t on the spot, were reported at 100 a 103)*c, and 94 a 97 ? f 98c. for Northern .'and Southern white and Nnrtheri > mixed. Large engagement were made for mixed, to ar r rive during the three months of summer, at 90 a 91 a 93c. Rye wan also firmer, and sales were reported al 1- 113X, 113, 118\' and at 130c per bushel. Rye flour wai also firmer, and 'sales made at $6 per barrel. Meal sold at $194, on the spot, and at $4 AO to arrive in June Oats were better, and sales of canal reported at 50c. and i afterwards 58c. was asked. Provisions, though steady i in pric<>s, were not active. A sale of new prime pork i was reported at $13 50. A sale of good lard was made > in barrels at 9%e. A lot of shoulders sold at 7c. In i groceries transactions wero again rather light, without , change in prices of consequence being noted. Aiiiks.?Sales of Pots were again made at $5, though t some holders demanded a figure more. Pearls stood al $6 50. 9 Brkadstl'fks.?Flour?We report sales of 7000 bbl? f Genesee, on the spot, at $8 36; nnd 4300 do at $8 37)*; 1000 do sold at $8 31 and 300 do Alexandria sold al ' $9. 600 do Ohio, to arrive in Jnno, sold at 7 87X; am! 9 1000 do fancy brands do, to arrive early ill the same ? month, sold at $8. The same price was asked for lione. f see, to arrive in June, but we heard of no engagement al that price. IFhtot was scarce. 190c was offered fori * lot of 3000 bushels pure Uenesee white, on its way t< i the city, and- refused. Corn?We report sales of 360( , bushels Northern yellow at 103c: 3000 do at 103><c; am. 1500 do at lOOoj 3000 do Nojtheru mixed sold at 97c 1 3600 do at 98c; and 8000 or 10,000 do, part Southern r white and mixed, and part Northern do at 94 cents 16,000 Western mixed sold to arrive in July and August, on private terms. About 30,000 bushels Western mixed sold to arrive in Juno, J?ly and August. 10,000 ol which sold at 91o.; 10,000 do. at 93c ; and 10.000 do., at seller's option, to arrive by the 1st September at 90c. Mtal?Wo report sales of 3,000 a ,1,000 barrels of New Jersey' to arrive in June, at $4 60, and about 1.000 do. on the spot sold at $4 94c.: some holders asked $6 Hyt? Wo report sales of 000 or 800 bushels at $1 13>?; 1,600 doat $1 16; 4.600 do , $1 18*; and 1,600 do at $1 30 Hy, Flour?Hales of .100 barrels were made at $6. Oati l ?The market was firmer, and sales of 6,000 bushels canal (were reported at 56c., while 68c. was afterwards asked. At retnil they were said to be worth 00c. 1 Caudle*?We have no change to note in sperm. Corns? Hales were light; 300 bags Humatra sold at 0>4'c . 6 months; about 131 bags Java damaged sold by auction at 7)?c.. s 1\e. a 7Jfc. cash, and 60 bags Rio do I sold nt 6.31c. a 0>4c. I Cottos?The sales to-day were about 400 bales, at ' about the rates paid for similar styles on Saturday; oc\ raxionally some concession was made on that rate, but : not of any amount. Buyers demanded a half cent de| clino, and it U probable the market may fall to that, bul > us yet holders are reluctant sellers. i Kisk?We report sales of 300 a 400 quintals dry cod. 1 at $3 88; mackerel continued firm; a Cargo of Halifax ar1 rived to-day; but !he terms on which they were hebl had not trunspired. K'bijit? Bunch raisins continue to sell at $1 90 a $1 95. i 1Ikmi'?Wc have only to notice a sale of 60 bales ol l American dew rotted at $1 CO. I I 11, Thl, mnflrnt ?>,.,?> nln...l -l.-J- .4 il AO ... - ? ?- > f "? Molauki?Sale* of Cardenas in a email way were ro| ported at 33c; 10 tlWCM New Orleans were aold by auction at 36c, cash, and 1!) do I'orto Itlro at 'if>c. I Navai. Sroitr.v About 100 bbU. spirit* turpentine aold at 37c, cosh. In rough, nothing wan reported. Tar waa > worth $3 36, while aome holder* demanded f'i Ml. There waa very little roain in tint hand*, and no iale? of moment reported. Oii.t? r'or Knglish linseed, on the a pot, Oilc. In cash, wa* | demanded, and to arrive tide waa offered, at which the laat sales were made. 1 Ity preened do. waa worth 06c, each at which H a '.HK1 gallon* aold. lu vpurin and whale j no transaction* were reported | I'anrisioni Mule* were limited, while the firmness preI viously noticed seemed to remain about thesaiue. About ' 100 Idil'new prime pork aold at $13 30; 3 a 400 bbl* shoulder* Hold at 7c, and 100 tierce* ham* on term* uot understood. Lard remained about the same, and 70 bbl* ol good told at 0*%c homo new cheese had arrived, but sales had lieen too limited to afford a correct criterion of the state of the market. ,aKi< i:.~ Wo report sales of 160 tierce* at >3. The sale of 3000 noticed yesterday brought different prices, varying Irnm $4 Mla.V The market cloacd firm to day. Hi oas?We report sales of MX) boxes brown Havana, emhracitig different grades at H?(c; 36 boxes brown Ha vana do. sidd by auctlou at O'tafl^i'c; 4.1 hhds New Orleans sold lit miction and brought t|i,a6^c; 16 do i'orto : Hico do sold fl.lKJ-IOOafl.riO-lOoc, I mouths, and 66 boxes , Havana browu. damaged, sold at .l^a.'i ll- 100c, cash. Tobacco ? !<0 blld*. Virginia loaf sold ut3Hab)*c. Tallow Was steady at 8'aafic. Whuii i Sates of 300 barrel* ware made at, (it was supposed.) about 30c. Fh hioiit?.?3a4000 barrel* were engaged to Liverpool at 3s for flour. To Ireland 13d was asked fnr grain ? Kates generally. If any tiling, wore not qdite so tlrm as they were yesterday, and the amount offering rather light ' -ss^es111,1 'i Married, At Hempstead. L. I., on Ihe 13th Inst., by the llcv. Sylvester Woodbridgc. jr., Mr. Matihkw r. Kv.xi.rn, ot New York, and MiseManv A** Winnies, of Roekawny, were united in marriage. INrd, On Wednesday, the liltli inst., alter a short but severe illness. Mr. William (1 Lrsti iv, coppersmith, aged 61 years llis friends imd Hcijuulntances. also those of his son, Win. H Lesslle are respectfully Invited to attend his funeral this afternoon, at 4 o'clock, from hie late ie*ldence, No. IIH Hester Street. 'On Wednesday morning, 19th Inst.. Sarah, relict of Joseph Nesbitt. mi the 70th year of her age, |*te of (,'leutiliirt, Iceland. The rslatives and friends of the family, and of her sotiinlsw. John W tiollius, are respectfully invited to attend her I'uueral, from the residence of the latter. No. I0J Mott street, this (Thursday) afternoon, at 4 o'clock (In Wednesday afternoon, 10th Inst , in the 03d year of his sge. Mr. JosxrH MaRvmai.l. a native of Rhefltehl, I nglaiid. and for toe last twenty-eight years a resident of this city. The Irleudn and rvlatlve* ol his family, and the friend* of hi* tons, William C. and John 8 , are respectfully la vlted to attend hi* funeral on Friday, ai*t Inst at 1 P M., from hi* lata residence Na. 0 Second avenue' On the l?th inat., Akin Wrui, wife of llenry A Perry aged M years. The triende of the family and thoee of her uncla.<. Wnt Moore, Capt. John Me.Mahou, and John T. Stewart are reapertfully invited to attend the funeral, from Uer late residence, 3d Hamilton atreet, on Friday afternoon, at half-paat 3 o'clock. In Newburyport, on Saturday, 13th inat , Novas, aged S4. In Oranvillc, Maaa , May 13th, Capt Oeoruk Hubbard, aged M?a native of Berlin, Ct. He waa a soldier of the revolution?a patriot, a punaiouer of the United State*, and a worthy and eateemed citizen. At Boston, on the 13th inat, of paralyaie, Mr*. Hannah Thomas, aged 93 year* 9 month*. In Dover, Mass., on the 16th inat.. Deacon Fmihaim WiLtoN, aged 71. On Saturday evening, the let inat., at theCaetle of St. Juan de Ulua, after a abort illneaa, Isaac Jilh, a member of Captain Blanehard's company of Louisiana volunteer* At the Castle of St. Juan de Ulua, on Sunday night, the 9d inat . Sergeant John Strait, of the Phoenix Company of f.ouislana volunteer*, aged about 63 year*.? sergeant strait wan a native or Rhode Inland He entered the aerviee of the United State* at the commencement of the liuit war, fought at Lundy'a Lane, waa wounded at Chipjiawa, in thu forehead, with a muaket hall, aud at the bombardment of Fort K.rie, by a ahell. He waa amongst the flrat who volunteerodfrom Louiaiana, in May laat. and alterwurda joined Capt. Blanchard'a company. That he did hia duty faithfully aa an American aoldier, hia companions will tvitify?and all deeply regret hia death. 1REWOHK8. FIREWORKS.?The moat eatensive, richest, brilliant ami variegated colored cihibitioual Fireworks ever offered to the public, are now ready, per or tier, with new machinery, design*, mottoea, he. ISA At; KDUK, Jr., Pyrotechnist mi 20 3fr Laboratory, Jersey city, near the Ferry. BOARD?A lew single gentlemen, or a gentleman aud Ills wife, can be accommodated with hoard, w here arc no children, aud but few boarders, by calliug at No. 3 White at. F. 8?Or would let afnrniahrd room witheut board. _my20 If r <{A 1 A nAA TO LKND, ou bond and mortgage, in our VP AttjV/vfw aum, apply to ftitR S. BROAD, No. 11 Wall si., in the Croton Water other, basement. $10,too? $3,000?To lend on mortgage, apply to S. S. BROAD, No. II Wall ?t. $7,000?$6,000?To lend ou tnorlgagr, apply to 8:8. BROAD, No. 11 Wall st. $3,000?To lend on mortgage, apply to 8. 8. BROAD, No. II Wall st. $1,300?$1,000?$3,000?To lend on mortgage, apply to 8 8. BROAD, No. II Wall st. $7,300?$2,00(1?$2,700?$1,300?$1,000-To lend on mortgage, apply to 8. 8, BROAD, No. II Wall at., in?n 2! r In the < rotou Water otlice, basement. DR. HOI.I.n K S I.F.t'Tl KKS Vnung men, parents, ami guardians, should attend I>r. Hollick's Lecture this rveniug. It is specially iiitrndeil for tlietn, aud treats on subjects dee pi > important to them. All the models w ill be used, mylfl It re MV. I Nil A K D rs is 8f of V 8 OII. I) KIJ B H A 88 L K TTF.RS FOR SKINS?Olhee 20 Maiden l.ane. entrance tireen street.?These letters are remarkable lor durability, ami a brilliancy of the gilding unequalled by any ot,her article in the city?which brilliancy is warranted to stand eiposura to the weather. They are also japauued to any color that may be desired. al36m*fli J" AIMF.S, $23 PER WE?K.?A genteel and pleasant bust M-a nf<. win lie I or a very mndrtale price, with nihtructtons mul apparatus, which will insure an income of $21 per wrelc to any lady of enterprise anil indiutTy, in any city on either continent. Apply at 63 Chamber* atieet, from 9 A.M. to 6 P.M. in i 'ii It r Ci B: < LAHKE-OKNEKAL TAILOK.?A~new Md * laahinnablt' assortment of all goods suitable for gentle lien's wear, bought for cash, and therefore will be mada to measure low. Brat quality black Krench cloth dress Coat $20; lower qualitirs 16. 17, 111, $19. Other garments in proportion. Back I. oats of alt kinds kept ready made; Pants, Vests, lie. Call m 116 William street, opposite buildings. Famous for cut, quality, workmanship and low prices. m20 II is i J 'F. WOODW6irfH.'hte of the lON, Fultou itriel." will open at his new hnusr, No. 13 Dutch alrret, to day, at 11 o'clock,wheie he would be happy to see liiaoid customers anil fiifnds. mv20ll*r TtTcaT'TTALUt'i'K AND MANUFACTURERS.?The snbscriber bring far ndranccd in years is desirous to retire from the eares ol busiuess; be therefore offers for sale his valuable and productive property at Saucerties at the mouth of the Kso| us Creak, mi the wrstsideoi the Hudson River, a hundred miles from New York and fifty from Albany. It consists ol a vast amount of water power over and above w hat ia now in us ', together with 2.90 acres of laud immediately around the water powei a large Part of it laid out ill streets . and lots on which many dwelling bouses are erected: a large 1 papet mill, a productive loll bridge, and many dwelling i homes, w ill be included ill tlie sale. This property w ill iimv pay seven per cent |>er auuuin ou the price at which it will be sold. , There are other falls of the Esopus Creek within two nud a ball miles of the Hudson River of at least an Imudred feet, nit l of which may be got for a small consideration, uuilif judici. oualy improved would soon give rise to a city like Lowell. On these premises the manufactories now in lull operation, are I the Ulster Iron Works, the New Yor k and Saugertirs White Lead Works, the Saugrriinx Paper Mill, a grist mill and other smaller works. A good steamboat runs regularly between these woi ks and New S'ork. I* retch's np ami down, 79 cents to a dollar per r ton, taken fiom and delivered at the mills, i Payments will be made very accommodating. IT not sold before the 1.9th of June, it will be disposed of that day by auc* 1 tiou at tire Merchants' k xcluuige, at 12 o'clock in New York, by Anthony J. Bleecker, Auctioneer. For further particulars, apply by letter, or pcraonall), to the t auctioneer, No. 7 Broad street. New York, or on ihr premises, t to HENRY BARCLAY. a m20r ' C ANN,"FRKN't II aud i 'HINKSh F \NH- FREDhKH K I .w A. WOOD WORTH, successor to Bonfanti, 329 Broadway. offers to the trade the largest assortment of FANS in the market, at the lowest prices Plain white Paper Fans, bone sticks; colored Paper Fans, bnnc sticks; black Mourning Fans, rbouv sticks; C hinese Carved, and Chinese Fealbrr Fans; togrlbrr with every variety of rich Dress Fans, including some of the most tasteful and beautiful articles of the kind ever imported. my20lL22*r TO OROCER8.?For sale one of the best cash Family Grocery stores in lite city, with lease, stock and fixtures. The location is in the principal street, and the store aud stock cannot l>e surprised, for particulars address M. L. at this Km. tn!9 6tisrh WORKS OF Dlt.HOLLIck.?Outlines of Anatomy and Physiology, for popular use, ocautiftilly illustrated ?$1. Netsropathy?An explanation of the action of Galvanism, F.leclricity, and Magnetism in the cure of disease?price 29 cents. I For sale at Berford It Co.'s cheap publication office, No. 2 I Astor House. _ ml9 3t*is r_ * TblC SCHMIDT has removed from Warren stiretlo No. 100 U I lumbers street, next to the corner of Church inert. I mint* re k " UNION COURSE, (L. I.)-TROTT1NO. i M T VEAndJLjdCaES99B3EiiZSH4S9BSSEBiSi2b PURSE $90 Two Mile Healx, to harness, free for all horses that never won a purse over $30?to come off on Monday. 24th. The eutranrr to close on Thursday. 20th. at i (irfrii ill Brrin* on or before 10 o'clock I'. M. Three or r morr to mike n race. mlO 3frc O. 8P1CKR. UNION COURSK, L. l.-TROTTINO. THURSDAY, May 20th, at 3 o'clock, T. M. Purse, >300. Two mile heat* to haniraa. J. Wcl|i|ry, rntcra . ,.b. g. Moacow. II. Wooilrnff, " br. g. Ilrctor. J. Kdward, " Iik. in Black Maria. Immediately after. Sweepstake for $?00, two mile hrata, to 230 |Hiiind wagon*. II. Woodruff enters ft. Achillea. W. S. Herd " b. g Telegraph. Il.Jonea " b. g. Tom t'orwin. The car* will leaer at 2>i o'clock, and return after the aport la oyer. [ml< it?Je] t*. HPICKIl. f\. Kill SAt.K, a ' faat anil fancy ( ANADTaN ^iaal"aP()N Y, S vearanld ibi? SpriiiK about fourteen handa iii^liittli; would make a good Uirciis Pony, *|good trotter, and last racker, can rack a inile in about three minute*, an ea*y aailille liorre, kind and (Mtlf in all h.arne**, and va *rranted aound. Kor information, call at Mr. Williamaon'a tin atore, No. 3 McDouital street, or of K. C.t'ain, Spring iart 1 ma, atanea corner Broadway and I mal afreet myl03t*t n IIOItsK, WAOON, AND HAKNUM FOR latL^HA I, K?Home bay, fa*t and gentle?la alio firat ''el r-i. under the saddle, and call Be recommended in , every reaped. Bold on account of the owner having gone to Kurone. The Wagon anil Ilarue** hare been lull little uied May be leeu at Murray'* Livery Stable, Columbia atreet, near Atlantic atreet, Brooklyn; and for further iwrticulari apply at 56 I'eirl ?lreet, up stair*. ml2 Nfl|*N MRKVKKK HO U HE, Bowdoin NqiiN, Boa tow.? This ritrnaive edifice is now completed, and open for the reception of company. I lie rapid growth of the city and proportionate iurrraae of travrl. suggcitrd the pi ni of constructing a hotel ofa auperior character, and one that ahonhl lie iinri|iiaTled in point of splendor in the United State*. With tiiia view the enterprise waa commenced, and it la believed Ivi* been successfully accompl labeil. * The fnriiiluie wu all made to order, and designed tipreaa* ly for this lintel, and the rirheat pattern! of carpeting and upholstery manufactured and imported for the aaine porpoae.? Coally mirror* and chandelier* of rhaatr workmanahip hare lieen liberally distributed. andeveiy article aelected to enrir?|K>nd with the general character of the internal arrangement. In the depaiiim nt appropriated for ladiea, rapecial attention ha* been given?having two private entrance*, with a magnificent drawing room, and an ordinary of eitreme beauty. Private parloia and auita of rooma can at all time* lie obtained. The Oruilemeiia'diuiug hall will be found an attractive object, of elegant proportion* and fmiih, and the drawing room* eijiully *pariou* and beautiful. Improvement* nnu convenience* are introduced that have originated with the projector* ot the building alone, and with the additional advantage of being admirably located the proprietor ?4iopr* to receive, and respectfully aolicita a liberal auppoit. Boston, May, IH47. I'ARAN STKVK.NS, Proprietor, mi 20 f.'ria'l liStt'l'arc a -ja, PIANO KORTK, Ac ?A ranety of new i *e?- ?sj and aecoud baud Piano Kortea for aale or hire. ntt, 1 ~1 I Alno, a general auortuient o( Music and Mo- | * 1 1 m sical Instrument*, at No, 2tiR Washington at., .tar Myrtle Avento, Brooklyn. , | rn:t03ft -rc J. WALKKR __ h [ i 51 HA i if! M 11 3 _ KNOX, with hi4 Mtuntomfd brfriif, would call d^^the aiteiition of hi* friend* to hi* new atvlea^^m olBI'KIMi FASHIONS. vahieh are now at hia atore. No. I2? Kulton atreet He would with hi* uanal philanthropy, invite stranger* to hi* eatabliahment. w here rhoycun obtain hata of aneutinl ouality, and " lower prie**, 'han at any other atore ?? llieopv. m\ It 7lit ie r? i iKN I'l.HM KN'.t HATH Ml'MM Kit SI VI.KM ? ^RMIKKBK .V < OSTAB. Ilaltera, No. 116 Broad way, will introduce on Hiturday mat. 15th malant, their Kaahinna for Oentlemeu'a Summer Hat*. II A i will prevent t" the public a naw and unu|ue style ol White ami Pearl Beaver C iator Hat, muting beauty and durability with lightness and Comfort to the wearer, fiuuhed and trtmmed In a new and elegant manner ... ... M?o Panama and Straw llata and < apa for <)?nt*. y outha and ehildien. _ mvl? *t*r TTTi *-ty Lb I i'd BAN1 V No 91 <>.n.,l afreet, aud No. I3n Chatham at, I >M"*?elis Moleskin Old Nutria Knr Hal* at |1, only charI gea $1 "I for III* fir?t quality Mole -km end fior Nutria II its ? I He has handsome and durable Halt at $2 50 having the appear I | auee mid finish ol ihe higherprieed hat*, Orntlemrn wi.nir.g : toeeooomi*e in thi* irdi?pen**ble article nfdreta withioiU *- ' I entire of comfort or appi ranee, will ple,v?e give him a C 'll.*- ' Alan, a general assortment of eapa of earloos kind* at reduced i I price*. sl? lm?e ., MRS M. WILSON, 2ti < trvnil etr?et, reapeetfblly > ?ffo informs her fiiemU, and aUingera visiting the C-te, ! tiiar ahe haa now oa Iiand n large wlvrry In-idaome . aaaor'inent I Spring Mllluierv, to which she invifea their attention. \|ra. Wilson'* atoek compi le* I au uMortment of the nclieat anal moat laahionahle llata. such aa I lup.'t 'r.i|?-, lliee, and Shirred, Willi a choice aaaortmeni ol striwa, wllieli she ft Hera lier*e|| enn he a*>1 <1 morr rraaoiiahle than at any other establishment mtliecity. onntry Milliner* will do w ell to t ill brfore pnrehwins Mia y WTLBONs 251 ftrand at. between Allen and Oftlaai l au. Ir n good MiHmnre wanudatllae above ealabliahiaaut aU 2a* ta ^ -1 *0 fH LATEST MOMENT TKLRQEAPHIC. FURTHER FROM MEXIOO. H Arrival of Mr. Black, Consul to Heal- I co, at New Orleans. Movement* of the Mexicans at the Capital* Cassias M. Clay and Comrades. Ac. A*. Ac. | rMiLADELPHiA, .May 1#?' >>? o'clock, T. M Mr. Black, late Aurrloau consul at th? city of Mastco. ha* reached New Orleans He bring* no definite intelligence a* to the Mexican movement* In the eapital, further than that the government would remove upon the approach of our force*. Caaaiu* M. Clay, Borland, and Gaines are ftiU in cloee confinement in the eity. Thi* appear* atrange, when so H many Mexican* have been releaaed on parole Col. Lane ha* publiibed in the Delta a vindication of I the conduct of the Indiana roglment at Buenu Vlet*. I which appear* quite satisfactory. H Tour Lincoln wa* delivering order* when he wan nhot H and net killed, when he wa* endeavoring to rally the*e H regiment*. The voluminou* correspondence of the Orlean* paper* H furnishes uo newer fact* nor date*. H Baltimore Market*. I Wed.veidav Aftebmooiv, May 10, 1047. The Britannia'* lotter* were reoeived by la*t night'* I mall. The market for flour opened to-day with unuanai briaknc**, and vale* were mad* at full price*. 600 bbla I Howard Htreet wore acid at fi9. I Wheat wa* al*o in better request, and we report sale* I of 1000 bushel* Maryland red at $3 a $2 04. I Con* wa* al*o 11 riner to-day, and we report (ale* of 400, I bushel* yellow at $1 04. White wa* also firm at $1 00. I Corn meal was also held firm at >fl; some holder* da- I nianded a higher price. Oat* were al*o firm, and held I at an advance. I Philadelphia Markets. I WtDsuiiAv, May 19 9). P M I Hour is Helling to-day at $9, corn at 110 cent*, and I wheat at $2 to $3 12V I BY THB M*njl. I Aflkiri In Washington. I Washington, May 17, 1847. I The Fropoitd Ship Canal aerott the Continental Iith- I mut of Tehuanttpec. A fortnight since, we advised you that It wa* in con- I teiuplatioM to send a detachment of engineers, ho. to explore the l*thmu* of Tehuantepec, with the view of ascertaining the practicability of that route for a ship canal. The National Whig of this eveuing (the Taylor paper recently started in this city,) thus enlarge* upon the subject : ? u It lia* been decided, among other thing*, to vend a large force of U. H. marinas, under tbe command of Um Henderson, to accompany the party of engineer* ordered to explore the Isthmus of Tehuantepec. Thl* force, when all are assembled ut the mouth of theHua*acuulco river, will not number less than 2.000 men. It ia thi* expedition which was shadowed forth in tbe recent account* from Commodore Terry. All the marine* on shorn have been ordered to thu Home Squadron In the Gulf forthwith, where the organization will take place. This force is largo enough to ensure perfect safety to the exploring parly, for the enemy, were he disposed, cannot oflrr any serious 1-eslataure ia the Ruction of country proposed to be explored, owing to the want of nieu, and there in no apprehension of any great trouble front the population itself. as it is very sparer, and composed chiftly of Indian*. ' Father llitrhio oppose* n constitutional bar to thia enterprise, winch we are afraid endanger* it* prosecution It i* this . That while the federal government haa the power to purchase the route, or acquire it bv treaty, it has no power to construct the canal It will require % AO,000 000 to finish thia canal for lighter* such as paaa the Holland Canal around the Fall* of Niagara; and nothing but, the government can undertake it It would be worth the commerce of Asia to accomplish it, hut if thero is uo power iu the eon*titutiou to execute it, we should like to know the object of the aurvey and exploration of the route. TEKRE8 CALJENTK8. Wasmiwoton, May 17, 1M7. Noble ,1ct. The President of the United State* i* hold responsible for thle war with Mexico, and for all the diaaatare attending It. It l* nothiug more than juat, then, that h# should be credited for whatever of good may attend It in tti prosecution or follow ita termination; and aapacialty in such oases as the following, in which ha la the direct Instrumentality of the good deed accomplished. Col. Yell, of Arkansas, and the President, were old friend*. Tlie last letter which the brave soldier la supposed to have written was to Col. Polk, directing the advance of Col. Yell's pay due to bis family, lie was poor, and his famtlv were dependent upon him. Ha bad a young lad at Georgetown College, and we learn thle evening that the President hos adopted this boy. and wIM educate him and regard him as his own son; and that he will see to the comfort of the family. Here and there, in the history of th* work of slaughter in this war, there are little green epots. like island* in the desert, redeeming, to some extent, tbo general desolation; and this act of the Executive ia among them. To be sure, he could scarcely do less; but he could do no more. It is an incident associated with the history of the deadly struggle at Buena Vista, which posterity will read and admire. W. Baltimouk, May 19, 1847. Complimentary Dinner to Col. Ddiln?Turner again Indicted?Locomotivei in the Slrteti?Stock Mat kite 4-c., 4rc The complimentary dinner to Col D 8. Miles, is te take place this evening, at the Kxchango Hotel and, I learn that nearly one hundred and fifty of our prominent cltixena will be present. Secretary Marcy, General Jesup, General Townson, and Colonel cooper have promised to be present. The Grand Jury yesterday found another bill against Turner, the book keeper of the Mechanics' Bank, charging him with stealing a cheek for $800. and obtaining tba money from the bank. This young man obtained from the bsnk the sum of fibH,000, in so cunning a way that there ia but one or two items of the whole sum on which he can be prosecuted. The Item on which this indictment is based, is a check of Messrs. Corner k Co.. which had been presented and cashed .by the cashier, and handed to Turner as bookkeeper to be cancelled, instead of doing which he put it in his pocket, and sent a young man with It to the bank the next day, and it was then cash ed a second time On his first trial. although the larceny of the check and obtaining of the money wan admitted, the Jury could not agreu An ordinance ie before the council* giving perm Union % to the Baltimore and Ohio railroad to run it* locomotive*. or at leant to walk them, through the city It is contended by Home, that If properly u*ed and made fbr tho purpose, there would be lcn* danger of accident than from the use of horse*, whilst it would save thirty or fortv thousand dollar* per annum to the company, by enabling them to do without their heavy team* of borne* Hroi a ami, Mn**v Mar*ft.?Transaction* to torn# rstcut are being made in U. S. Treasury notes with advancing rate*. Sales of 6 |>er eeuts. at I0J'4 a 10',*? for cosh and on time, with buyers st the rlose at lOA'a?I0il? asked?firm, foil notes 61 a tSU. State I,Nina advance ; for 6 per cents. *7'a bid. Kive |ier cts. 75 sskrd. Sales of ? J's at 71 #0 asked Three's. 11 a in. city fi per cents, are heavy, with few salts?1*1 asked for loan of 1890?no buls. rHii.sDKi.rHia May 10, 1847 The laeility of telegraphic communication between this city and New York, ha* been greatly accelerated by tha completion of the second line of wire to Jeraey City. The large amount of business messages passing between the two cities, caused such an accumulation on the flies in the offices, that great delay and disaatisfactlon was occasioned by those requiring prompt replies. Ths second wire was put into *ucccasful operation during the transmission of the news by the steamer to this city on Monday. I" iladelphiit is now in connection with another of the thriving inland towns of the stato by tho completion ?f the I'nttsville telegraphio line The preliminary meeting of the Protestant Kpiscopal Convention of this diocese whs held yesterday evening, Bishop Potter presiding. (ieorRo M IVharton, Ksq , was re elected secretary, and the Hev W. 11. Odcnlieliner assistant secretary The llev Mr Stem, of Norrlstown, delivered the annuel sermon before tho convention this morning. After which the communion wee administered . ,, Ths itscorder of our city and county, the lion. Richard Van*, has resigned the office, to which he was appointed by I iovcrnor Torter fame" Msrtlu. mate ol the > ngiish hark James Hutchinson was yesterday dually committed to answer tku charce of murder. In having kri?"ked Matthew Hays overboard on Sunday morning last The deceased was very nnirli in liquor st the time, and being in tb "Ctof crossing the rail of the bark James Hutchinson, supported by some of hi* shipmate*, when according to tti* evidence for to ?prosecution, two blows wen struck by the defendant, (lie Issl of which reused him to fail Into tho river, and he was dr >wned Tho defence contends, and have witnesses who swear, that the defendant was ton feet distant liorn th- deceased when he fell overboard. Ths last concert of the Dillharraonie Society lor thu season is fixed for the9<Hh instant, when S.gnoia Bartli and Hlgnor* B*n<detH and Bartlli, of vour famous Italian Opera, will make their appearauce Ufora a Philadelphia audience Stale* of Stork a nt Ptillailf Ipliln. Kiasv M tv l'? t'00* U.S. Treasury Notes , A Mom. i ?'i?l I..* ttnsid Us?k' l!V. WO ' Kt k I ?. 8 IInlsdilelua do OR. t',000 Readm* lUiliend Bond* U, 4'jj A but* 5 s 7a)a, jO Herniation Coppet Company ?.

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