Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 12, 1847, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 12, 1847 Page 3
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> 'JlLUllilJ. ?U . J> J I'... I . J CITY TRA0R REPORT. 'N*w York, Fairer Aftibroon. Jcsb II, 1st? I 1 he market for flour to-day ??< some firmer Sales of j Michigan sul Oenesee told at $8 76. with lume (trait brand* (Jencsee at $3 87 .V There were no dales of fair Miuliigan under ?3 74. except a lot on the wharf, which fold at $8 0S\ Though sale* were uot so large as those mile yesterday yet prices were more satisfactory to sellers. Considerable sales of Ohio aud Illinois wheat were at 9'0a$0 01 for the former, and at $1 D0a$l 1)4 for the latter. Corn remained about the same, and sales of northern yellow were made at 118c. and of mixed at 114c. j Meal was come less Arm. and gales were made at 9b 66t?'a | * .? 40. Sales of Rye were reported at I30c.al33e. In oats, prices remained the same. Provisions wsre quiet; but prices more steady. In groceries, there was not much doing, while quotations remained without any whange of moment Rtctijtlt via the Hadmn, June 10?Flour, SB,335 bbls; Corn Meal. 046 do; Corn, 11.314 bushels; Wheat, '14,844 bushels. A?hk? ?We repoit sales of about 006 bbls Pots and 40 a 60 do Pearls, at 96 06. with a trifle off. f) a a a i>?t errs?Flour?We report sales of 600 barrels Michigan, on tlio wharf, at $8 OBJ^; 0 a 7000 do Mlchik iti nud Oenesee, sold at $8 75; 1400 bbls flat hoop i duo, equal to Genesee. to arrive in ten days, aoiu at ?o i tt'JH; .'>00 bbls strait brands Geuosee sold at $8 87}?; I 1000 do, Hold to arrive within the last ten (lays of June, sellers option, at $8 76; 2 a 3000 ilo Genesee and Michigan sold at 8, bl'4 a $8 87>i for the Genesee, and at >8 70 for tho Michigan; 1000 do Genesee, sold to arrive In July at $8 31>4. Wheat?We report sules of 7001) bushels Ohio, on private terms, supposed to be at 52 00: 80(H) bushels Ohio mixed white, sold at $2 00; 2000 do mixed Ohio white sold at $2 02. nn l 6000 do do, rather common do, at "1 95, and 114 do Illinois sold at 51 90. Corn ? We report sales of about 5000 bushels Northern yellow at $1 18; 6000 do mixed at $1 15; and 10 ('00 do ao sold, to arrive in August, at 51 05. Meal? Ssles of (i a 700 bhls were mude at $o 6tD4. and 400 do at 56 f.'J. Rye?1600 bushels sold at 51 90; there was a reported sale of 1600 do at $1 35. Rye Flour? About 300 bbls sold? 200 at $7 12>? and 100 at 57 25. Oafs were rather dull; buyers offered (10 ots. but sellers demanded tuore. The market coutinues bare of barley. Cornea?'The market continued inactive. We quote , Tlio at7'<a7c; Sumatra at 6J^e; 8t Domingo 6>i a ets; Luguayru at 7 a 7!qe, and Java at 8 a Sets Lottos?The business to-day amounts to about 6C0 bsles at steady prices. Holders are more Indifferent about offering their supplies, especially of the better grades; those hnidlug low grades are generally disposed to meet shippers with a portion ol their stock Kkpit?There was nothing new In bunch raisins. Ki?h?Mackerel was firm. 160 a 200 bbls Massachusetts, part yesterday evening, sold at 57 87>s for No. 2's, and 50 do No. I s at $11 12X; 150 s 200 bbls Halifax. No. 2's. sold at $7 02Jf. About 700 quintals dry cod i sold at 5s 87>f. Hem*.?Nothing new transpired. Molasses.?Sales 20 lihds. Cuba were made at 27c. 4 months. The demand for most descriptions of foreign was steady. Naval Stores?The market continued inactive, for nearly all kiuds. Oils.?Sales of Mnglish Linseed were made at S0a61c; lOalTOO gallons city pressed American sold at flSc, cash. Nothing now iu whole or sperm. Provision*.?Sales of old primd pork were reported at $13 75, for new biobm $17 26 was asked, while sales were reported at $17 12>f. Beef continued Arm without change in prioes. Lard was rather inactive, but tho same prices were demanded, vU: 9>?a9?{ for good in barrels, and 10>ic in kegs, actus! tare. Cheese arrives more freely, aud sells at 7u8o. Butter, in consequence of Urge receipts ,had a disposition to go some lower. Rice.?The market was firm at $5 50a5 70 for fair to stood aualltv. but no sales were rcDortod to-day. ( Sloar.?YVe have only to notice a sale of 100 Uhds. Muscovado on private terms. Sef.hs.?Nothing in flax; 150 bbla. clover sold at 7c. \V hale a one.?Holes were reported at 27c. for Northwest. and 28o. for South Sea. Whiiiev.?Small sales wore made at 36>^o. Freights.?Rates continued firm, and 10 a 12,000 barrels were engaged in an American vessel at 4s. to Liverpool, and grain in bogs and bulk was engaged in British and American vessels at lOd. a 12d. A full cargo was engaged in a foreign vessel for Holland, at 4s. per bbl.? To London, engagements by packet were made, 6s. for provisions, and at 4s. Od. for flour. Nothing new to Havre. TE L XQ Oil A P III C . Markets. Aluanv, June 11?P. M. Oar flour market exhibits no change to-day, and we quote Oswego at $8 02>f, and Genesee at $8 03, and Michigan at $8 50 a if8 62>g. The sales to-day foot up about 5000 barrels. Corn was dull, and good Western and this Statu yellow waS worth $1 13. 1000 bushels of oats sold at 02 els. Provisions were firm,'with a good retail demand. Receipts in round numbers by canal for the proceeding twenty-four hours, were about as follows: Flour, 20,COO; wheat, 20,000; corn, 40,000. [Tclegraphio cor. of Philadelphia Bulletin.] New Orleans, Juno 4.?Cotton still continue* heavy, with limited sales at to 10 for ordinary to middling grades?prices generally declining. Sugar dull. Molash-h in very limited demand. Tobacco is inactive, and there is at present no export demand. Sales 70.000 b jls Flour at prices ranging from $0 56 to $6 63 for Ohio and Illinois, and $7 to $7 50 for St. Louis, and higher figures for very choice brands, which are becoming great favorites in the market. Wheat continues active at $1 36 to 1 40. Sulcs 20.U00 bushels at 1 35 and 2.000 at 1 40.? Corn is firm st 60 to 68c. for mixed, 70 to 80 for yellow, and 73 to 77 for white. Provisions very inactive.? Whiskey in barrels 23>Jc. Lard dull at 9c. for prime. Baltimore, June 11?1 P.M.?Sales of 1000 bbls. Howard street flour ut $8 60. and the market has an advancing tendency. Sales el corn meal at $6 26. Provisions are I'ltremely quiet. Prime beef is nominal at $10 to $12 60; mess held at $16: pork held ut $17 and $16 60. llacon selling ut 9?{ to lOiio for hams. 9>i to 10 ior sides, and 7>i to 8 for shoulders. Lard remains at to 10c iu bbls and kegs. Sales prime white wheat at $2 to 2 03. an 1 red at $1 92 to 1 95. Sales prime white corn at $1 12. und yellow nt $1 03 Tobacco has slightly advanced. We have hud a very heavy shower -t rain to day. Pittsburg, June 11. I o'clock, P.M.?There are 4 feet 2 Inches water in the channel to-day Sales flour $6 60 to $6. Prices generally have been somewhat in favor of buyers, though there has been no decline sufficiently marked to call for a reduction of quotations. Sal"* prims yellow corn at 45 to 60 cents. Sales oats at 23 cent*. <,'otton extremely dull with very limited sales Provisions remain without remarked change, but the demand hi falling off. Married, tin Friday morning. 11th iust., by liis Honor, the Mayor, Hkmv Ring to Arigail L., daughter of the late Moao* B. tseixus, Esq., all of this city. Died. On Thursday evening. lOihinst.. Mr. Cvfria* Bovtiiack. late of the lirin of J. W. S* ti. Houlhuck, aged 41 years. The relations and friends of the family are respect fully invited to attend tlie funeral thin (Saturday) utternno'n, 12lh inst., nt o'clock, from his late re? -m dcncc. l-'3 Hammond street, without further Invitation. On Friday morning, 11th Inst., after a short illness. Josn-n It. SiolcuUK. in the Jdd year of his age. Ilia li lends and aciiuaintixucos, also thorn of hla brothers. Peter and John, are respectfully invited to at tend his funeral on Sunday, 13th inst . at 1 o'clock, at 171 Spring street. N. B?J h? members of Cold Spring Roue of Tempt, r nee. are invited to n'teod ns above, i On Thursday, tho 10th lost.. Fuxisiti Ly.vch, in the 73 I yesr of his ago. 1 he friends of the family and those of liis sons. Bernard. John and James. ar>- respectfully iuvited to atte- d his funeral, from the residence of his sou James, No. 3d Cherry street, on Sunday. 13th lust. lu this city, on the 10th inst.. Jqiiji IIa.-spk, a native of New Jersey, aged 73 yeurs. O of O ^METROPOLITAN LODGE, No. 31 '1 lie members ol Metropolitan Lodge, No. 33, are notified lu spend especial meeting of live Lodge, at their rooms, on 8usd.iv, June 13, at 3 o'clock. P. M., to pay the Ivst trihute ol respect to the letnauis of the 1st.- P.O..T.&. Br.NHiiCT. Aiembcrs ol the order are iuvited to ttriijl. By order of JESSE BHUSH. N. O "V. A MsRHr.ts.s-Ka, Sec'y jell 1 *je ,k..t ?U i.El'TE.HS TO ALL PAR'fs'oV ~EUlitJfr . ? the salMCribers will receive and forward letters |ier strxint-r " B'ttaiiiiia'" to all pans n( Europe. Tlie breswi'l close st aJS, Tuesday 15 inat. HARNDt-.N St Co., C Wall s'. P. S.?Letters can be prepa d as atiove tsall parts of the canto rot _ jeUJtre GENTLEMEN C nlieacerimmialated w ith lodging rooms without bo '.id, nt Mrs. EDWARDS, No. 13? Nassau at. j-lf DIU HKKUl i I E APPARATUS?Wanted to purchase, a new or second band Daguerreotype A|i|)aralus for rsilo Address "Thomas," at the olfice of this paper B. i v?. I?I .Ivia 1 e,l>c avee-i Maikct and t .itlinrinr sts. En mis had or amnrnisnad apart meats to let, with hoard, to a gentleman and iua wife, and two or three siugle gentlemen. Apilvaf'fJ vlonroest. Jel2 If re rj Mil. L idies AND GENTLEMEN OK NEW 1 OIIK A ami vicinity are respectfully informed tli t offices are opened in this city lor the purpose ol lu' well suited connectmiis lor m-riinge. Odiees for I idies exclusively (llsdy in attendance) No. ill Grand street ; office for gentlemen, 36^ Lispepa'd ?t. A guaranty is given lor a|i|ilicants at each office, that all butitiess ia atrirtly confidential. Uortimmiiratiniia (pn pod) addressed to box <21 Post Office, will receive prompt attention. jcl2 It* re I Y7l. BU roN A V.-i TON ItJTnjLa'l'TJH Kb MALES ? U In introducing these Pills for the first time to the la'lies of New Voi k and its vieiaitr, Dr B. will abstain (roin making any lengthened remarks as to their virtues. They will (as f ir as littma t tneins are available) perform a safe and speedy cu e, when the healthy state of the >yst?tn is itnpai d. When sneh is the case the following symptoms are generally present : shortness of breath on a>y exertion; pain in 'lie sides; p\in and eidilniesa in I'c eatl, with listlcsn ess and disinclination to exertion; pslpi'almti of the heart, with polar and tdlowrica* of complexion. Ac. Ac. In these esses they are a never f.i'Jiug ictned y. Mr. B. Can recommend them to the ladies of New York with the utmost confidence, having av.t' ne.seil their astonishing efficacy in Eumpc in thousands ol eases. By the proiwr use of tltase Pills, and fa thlullv follow lug lite di ectio is i nd advi'e enclosed with each box. main Thousand, may be aaved from falling into that insidious ami jnc irahie mil itly?consumption. They an-p ?pxred and aold only hy D'. B , at his office, It;: (an ij street opposite Varick, wbrre also may lie nhtain'ii Jlr the,i i.i's Pancryatnn (or rheumatism, Inmlisgo, psins it the chrst, Ac. Ac., nnd is one of the most crrtaut remedies ir the cure of c- tip, so fatal amougat children. In b -ttles at $ I and V cent. rach. Office lioiirs frotnh to 12. and from I to 8 P.M. jel2 3t?re. VjiR-d I II"- tsl It-It nlllEK Would n-S|iectfially is aWe^? form hia enstemers and tlie public generally tli dtp lias on h ind a large ns'bitmeiit of Ladies', Miasea' am I hildren * eoloied and black Gaiter Boota, Uuskm*. Slippers Tics. Ac.; Or* itlcmen s and Boy's sewed -aid pegged Roots ol very description,all of which lie will sell as low as such artie'ev r in lie purchased at any store in the city. N. II ?Ladies'and Gentlemen's Doors and Shoes made tc order in the lirst manner at moderate prices. A call ia reaped fcllyaolirited. JAM KB WALK EH, Jalt30t*rc 92 (. anal street, cornerof Wooater. Seated Propoeuls, mid* tn duplicate. 10 be endoried " fappiie* ' B k C. tin Jom, ' will b? received by theNnvjr iiMX hi* o:?ce, No. 4 South Will lb. ?iM. u*til MONDAY, list Jim*. J P. M.. lor th* supply ol' the following articles la tU?n No. I to 4 iaclttiir*, or amy furthor quantity which m iv In" required lor the fiscal year closing ou the 30th Juno, ins, viu:? CLASS I.-SHIP CHANDLERY. 20 piece* 18 iuch white hunting. per sample. per piece. I'll do do tcarlet do do do 20 do do blue do do do , 1U do do green do do do 11 do do yellow do do do 10 do II inch white do do 10 do do icurlet do do 10 do 9 iuch while do do do III do do scarlet do do do In do do blue do do hi do 4hi iuch while do do 10 do do scarlet do do ' 00 holt* light rareus duck do bolt. 11 barrel* beat quality coal tar, barrel | 10 do do do thin tar, i<o 100 do do do pitch, do 21 do do d) white turneutiue, do 12 dotcii cttra white wash brushes, sample. dozen. I 8 do long handled tar brushes, do do I 8 do short do do do do 1 do varnish do do do 9 do jiai liters' duatin ( do do do 4 do iwying do do do 8 do sable hair pencils, do do , 1 do camels' hair do do do 21 do 00(10000 paint brushes, do 2 do WOO do do do I 6 do 000 do do do 3 do 00 do do do 21 do No. 1 sash tools, do 8 do clamp scrubbing brushes It handles, do do 8 do hand do do do do do 1 do hand dusting do do do do 40 do corn brooms (best Shakers') do do 411 do best quality hickory brooms, do do 12 do cod I lues, do do 1 do lamp clrmueys, do do 2 do lamps with re/lectors. do do 10 do roping lit seaming palm* (mounted) do do 2 do sail prick' n, do do it uo c. o inaue, iron tiauuieu snip scrapers, do do 1300 pouudi veilow beeswax do pouud 1300 do tallow do do 100 do seine twine do do 100 do whippiug do do do 12 do shoe thread do do Id do Idack wonted yarn do do 500 Co liou-eliiie do uo 3l'0 do mailiuc do do 30 do lauii) wick yarn do do S3 do sew big thread, assorted colors do do 23 roil* signal litHianla, say 2300 pounda do do 2U0 hand lead liues ?4 inch, fifty fathoms each do eich 50 coasting lilies 1 inch 100 do do do 23 deep sea lines 1.1k inch 130 do do do 100 hg lines 80 fathoms do do 81 cork jacket life preservers do do 0 pitch ladles do do 4 brass stop cocks per pattern do do 21 brass 1 inch water closet oocks do do 1 china bowl and fixtures for water closets do do 12 rolls green worsted biudinif do roll. 30 yards fifty-four iueh wide bottle green cloth de yard. 50 do Fearnought do do 100 do green baize do do 360 do white muslin do do 20 M yellow pine deck plugs % iuch do M 4 M do do 1 inch do do 200 fathoms half inch iron proof chaui, say 2800 pounds do per pound 100 do 5s inch do do say 2400 lbs do do 1(H) do ? iuch do do say 3204 do do 100 do ;? iuch do do say 4400 do do 100 do 1 inch do do say 3600 do do 30 sides best heavy W. O. tanned Puinn Leather, say 1500 lbs. sample do 5 sides best heavy oiled pump leather do side 200 do do rigging leather, thin do do 100 do do do do thick do do 75 do do quality bellows leather do do f gross woven lamp wicks, do gross. 4000 ? eighths of patent ship augers eighth. 4 Ballard's patent jack screws, 3 feet stock, each. 5 Ballard's patent jack screws, 3 8-12 feet stork, ? do 3 Ballard's patent jack screws, 3 2 feet stock, do 2300 bushels charcoal, best quality, bushel. 300 sheets Urge middle horn, sample. sheet. 30 gallons Neat's foot oil, gallon. 30 do Florence oil, do 3000 sewing needles (large size) do per 100. 100 seamiug do do 100 4 thread do do 130 6 do do do 100 8 do do do 100 ropiug do do 100 marline do do 200 cotds young sound oak wood, cord. CLASS No. 2?HARDWARE, (kc. 130 pound] best quality glue, sample, per iiound. 300 do curled hair (picked) do do 30 do brass wire, each No. 6 to 14 do do 3 do copper do, do No. 17, II and 19 do do 8 do sash cord do do 1120 do l?k iuch whale hoop iron do do 1120 do lk do do do do 1120 do l\r do do do do 1120 do )? do do do do 1680 do 1 do do do do 200 do 6 inch comimaition boat rivets do do 39 do plumber's cast copper rivets do do 800 do block tin do do 30 do borax do do 20 do lirass solder do do 20 do pewter do do do 100 do cotnpositiou stem lead nails, sample do 130 do iron wire, aia'd, No. 3 to 18 do 100 do best cast steel do i 100 de L iu a circle, blister steel do 300 do Germ m do do 30 do Spring do do 4000 do .Milled lead (4 lbs to the foot) do 300 du I inch milled laad pipe do 300 do i\i do do do do 300 do 2 do do Co do 2u0 do 2)i do do do do 3 bundlea No. 16 Russia sheet iron,My 700 lbs do i sheets each 26, 32 and 34 lb sheets brazier's copper 460 lbs do 3 do 60 lb sheets brazier's copper, 120 lbe do 200 pounds white chalk do 30 reams best sand paper, assorted sample ream 20 pieces 2 inch webbing piece 8 dozen K inch brass shutter knobs do per dozeu 1 do K do do do do do 6 do 2>, do mahogany do do do 14 do 2 do do do do do 2(1 do 1% do do do do do 12 do IK do do do do do 3 do lit do do do do do 2 do 1 do do do do do & do V do do do do do C do \ do brass sash knobs with rings do do 6 do do <lo do do do do 3 do ii do do do do do do 2 do 1)? do brass flush rings do do 4 do 1 do curtain rings do do 1 do do screw rings do do 1 do ;? do do do do I do C inch iron bed screws do do 1 do 7 do do do do 2 do wood hand screws do do 1 do do bench do do do 1 do do clamp do do do 12 do 3 inch tumbler iron pad locks, assorted keys do do 12 do 2J? do do do do do do 2 do 3}, do brass sideboard locks do do 4 do 21k do do drawer do do do 2 do 2 do do do do do do 1 do do do do do do ilo 12 do ??4 do iron do do do do 2 do 214 do closet do do do 2 do 3J? do upright mortice, do do locks X inch thick, do do 11 do 2% inch iron diawer locks, do do 2 do 3 do do do do do do I iii> 6 do brass barrel door bolts, do do 3 do 3 do do do do do do do 1 do 4 do do do do do do do 2 do 3}? do flush holts, do do 2 do 3 do hid bolts, do do 2 <1-1 4 do do do do do 1 do i il i bu In head bolls, do do 1 do 6 do d? do do do X <lo 14 do stock locks, do do 1 do 4 do m irtice knob latches, do do I do 2)i do cupboa d setches with keys,do do t do j,panned stubbs and plates, do do 5 do I If in li brnss | l <lc bullous, do do .3 do |S? i|i do do da do do 5 d 2 do do do do do do 9 i!o 2)a d > do do do do do 6 do 2', do plain do do do do 4 do ?X do dp do do do do 1 i'O l.'a d > straight castors, do d > 2 do 2 do flat escutcheons, do do 5 do 1J4 do do do do do 4 ilo 1 J, do do do do do 30 d fi do eyes, do do 1 do 2ik do d > side hooks and eves, do du I do 1)4 Ho do do do do do do 12 do 4 do do cabin door hooks, do do 12 do 3 do do do do do do 6 do do do do do do Ho I do 3 do do hooks for lamps, do do I do 2 do do do , do ilo do 1 do 3){z9 inch deck lights, do do I do 3HslO do do do do do I do 3!ktll do do do do do 3 do 6 i> ch saw files, do do 4 do 7 do do do do ?'o 5 do 8 do do do do do 8 do 5 do do do do do 4 do llj' do do no do do 13 do 4 do do do do do 9 do 3 do do do do do 6 do each 8. 10, 12, and II inch flal bastard his de do 6 do each 8. 10, 12, and%4 inch half round bastard files do do o ,i . i.s i,?n ?.l,. I Ho do 3,^x3,'^ Ho do do Ho Ho I Ho do .3 do Ho Ho do do 3 Ho do 4 do Ho Ho do Ho 3 ilo Ho 3 Ho Ho ilo do Ho .3 Ho Ho 3 Ho Ho Ho do Ho 6 Ho Ho 4x4 Ho bran Ho do Ho I ilo ilo J Ho ilo do do Ho 3 do Ho 4,kt Ho Ho do Ho do 4 Ho do 4 do ilo Ho Ho do 4 do Ho 3)* Ho Ho do Ho do 17 Ho Ho .1 do Ho do do Ho 12 Ho do 2'j do He Ho do Ho 7 do do 2 Ho Ho Ho do Ho 1 do do 1% Ho Ho do Ho do 2 ilo do 2x4 Ho do tahle butti Ho do 1 Ho Ho 2!$?4 Ho Ho He do Ho . j? lII" , d?, , '1? do Ho do 12 Ho blank ibawer lock key* iio Ho 21 do l*mi> acrewa inil collar* do Ho lit ilo Cut ateelahnxeli ,jn ft Ho do apadea Hn Ho 4 Ho xhoe awla, handled ilo ,|0 1 Ho ailerr enlli j? ,|0 4 Ho C 8 harcbeu, handled, bout Ho ilo 4 do do wood axel jo ,j? 4 Ho ilioe knieei A* ,|? i ? Ho .ail do Ho do 4 do I root rain Ho Ho 2 ilo Gtitifer'i icalea Ho Ho 2 do C 8 carn*ntor'a com j aaae* Ho Ho I eo cooper*' compaaie* Ho ilo I Ho 11 inch float fllei do Ho 6 Ho rail Kim leta, aaaorted Ho Ho 3 Ho inike do do Ho do 4 Ho C 8 aocket chixxeli do handled da Ho 3 Ho Ho coorei Ho Ho do do r 0 Ho Ho firmer do do do Ho I Ho do riret hammera' Ho do i ,'j do Ho acre* wrench hammeri ilo do | I do paletknixea do do I do putty do do do I 1 Ho carpenter*' mlxei, handled do Ho I W Ho Ho hroaduxe* Ho do Ho , H do maat calli|<b a Ho Ho i ,'a Ho alaxiera Hiatnonili _ Ho Ho I Ho double iron itn oiIiiiik plxnea Ho do I Ho do jack do Ho do I Ho Ho heail do Ho do I Ho plyera do do Ho Iteelvardi (to weigh 230 ibi each) do Ho | I do C 8 nandaawa Ho Ho 1 I do do rro** cut aawa Ho do l 1 Ho do wood aawa and frame* Ho Ho Ho do aaah aawa Ho Ho JZ do do pannel aawi Ho Ho do do compaaa aawi Ho do ' }i Ho do key nnle aawi and pad* Ho Ho 'J I Ho do tennon law* Ho Ho I 2 do do ipoke ahaeea Ho do X do Tarkey oil itonei do do BWHBBF" I |i I llgSBMMMBMBBMgBMg k do saw era do 00 ! ? i L-,?P"? Itlodkitt, muilud iL> d" Js do do adzes do do do \ do bung borers do do \ do tap do do do ( ? wuipuHi sample mch 1 mirking irons do do i I tt aailnuUrrs'divider. do do I ' , do bftui square* do do 0 lilue kettles do do I 8 gridirons do do i > 6 (riddles do do 11 iron tea keules do <lo t'> tisli kettles do do i 12 iron cooks' Udles do do I 21 frying pins, short handled do do ( 10 stewqiaus. assorted sites do do i 2 camp kettles do do . | ti pairs shovels and tones do pair , 6 (rind s'onea, say WO lbs do ponnd I , 1 bencli vices, say 200 ib* do do j j 1 m. iron sheave rivets, each 3, 2k. Ml I, 2 inch do M. i , 2 in iron sheave rivets, eech, . 'V,"4. Uii and IJn iueb do do 2 ui irou sliviive ri veta. each ? . IV l.k.l, iucb do do 60 m iron cut tacks. 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Aiunroe'sbest, do do 24 do boxes (iillott's Ragle pens do do 8000 No. 80 quills do huud. 300 slate peucils do do 10 pounds large scarlet wafers, best do pound. 12 do scarlet sealing wax do do The articles must be or the best quality, delivered at the U. 8. Navy Yard. Brooklyu, at the rise and expense of the eontractor, at such times and in such qualities as may be required. subject to the inspection of the^rd. The offers must be made for not less than oue entire class, a price fixed to each article, carefully extrnded and added up, and it is requested that the total amount be plainly written in words, with the addrrss of the bidder added. Contracts will be made with the lowest bidder, giving bond with two approved sureties iu one third the amount of die class, for its faithful performance. Payments made in thirty days after bills properly approved are filed with the Navy Agent, ten per cent being reserved until the completion of (lie cont act. In case of failure to deliver, the Navy Agent will procure the articles, and any excess ovrr the coutract price is to be refunded by the contractor to the Unlied 8 ates. The written guaranty of oil* of more responsible persons must accompany each ofler, that the bidder whose offer is accepted ? ill i.ul fail to sign a contract and hnud wiili two aurelies, wilhin tlie time rrqiioed, according to the Act of Congress of lbtli August, 184b, and may be iu the followiug words, viz "We hereby guaranty that A B, offering fur supplies for the Navy, shall, with two sufficient suieties, execute within the time required, die contract and bond, it awarde to him The law provides, express! , thrnt "No proposal shall be considered unless ccnmpauird by such guaranty." Navy Agent's Office. New York, June Iih, 1847. PKOSPKR M. WKTMOltK. Navy Agent. jel2,H 1S.11&2I 3t r A GOOD CHANCK TO Vl.AKfc >lON K Y?Forsale.?A business in a large town iu the western part of this Slate, requin g but from $230 to $300, and paying from So to 33 per cent: fror particulars address box I760. post olfic-. Ji-I2 lt*r 44t-.Hr. CAN_RKsT UK LaUNY" AND OKAY be found? jel21t*ie ' 'T^lllTmT.MUKHS of PHOKNIX ASSEMBLY No. I, of I J. the He irvoleut order of Beieana, arn requested to be I punctusl ill llieir attendance on Monday evening, Hth mat., at I the Assembly liooms iu the American Hall,corner of B road e ay and Orand at. The order in general a e respecifuil,-invited m attend. JOHN MA80N, Secreusry. jelg ll*rc rpAVUOlrs GOLD AND SILVKR <;OI.N KXAvliA N Kit ? I he second ntimber of th'S work is just puolislied and for sale by S CO. corner of Wall and Broad streets. This number contains 300 fsc simile engravings r>l gold and silver coins, with tables of the weight, fineness and value i>er nz. and dwt. of the various gold and silver coins of Price 25 cents. Agents and oilier* supplied on liberal terms. All lett-rs must he prepaid. je 12 3lcod*t MU9KET8 AND GUNS.?3,000 Musketa for shipping. 1,000 double and single Guns. 1.500 pair Pistols, in great variety. Also, Riffcs and Ilifle Barrels, Gun Lock* ind Guiismitli's articles, for sale cheap and on fivnrahle terms, by jel2 30t*r A. W. SPIES Is CO., 91 Maiden lane. BOARD ON 8TATEN ISLAND, in a private family, within ten minutes walk of the first lauding, near the Iter Mr. yviiislow'a church. First boat from the Island at 6 A. hi., last boat from the city 7K, P. M. Reference to R. 0. Wet more, 05 Waterst; Henry S Seaman. 321 Broadway. je0 4t*rc Board"IN THE COUNTRV WA~NTED-Vo~r a family during the summer, within one hour's convenient access to the city. A house where fewor no o'her hoarder* arc taken will lie preferred. Address Bos 106 Post Office jf, 7i*r WANTED.?A few active young men to go South or West, to act a* agents for the sale of new ana popular publications?S300 over and above their eipenses will be insured to lliein in writing, with an opportunity ofeleariug S1000 per year. Some men now in onr employ will no doubt make over 11bOO per year clear, of all eipenses. Each man will have his district. It will he necessary for them to have at least $25 to |50 to obtain a good fitting out. Apply at FRENCH'S Publishing Hall, 293 Broadway, up stairs. Office of the Flag of onr Union. All letters must be post-paid. mv2.1 RtFi WANTED?A situation by a respectable woman, who understands baking, washing and ironing, or to take charge of a small dairy, and to make herself generally useful; would have no objection to go a short distance in the country; Brooklyn preferred Enquire at No, 121 Cherry street, opposite Catharine m irket, in the rear, second floor, Jell 2t?r WANTED?A Partner with $\00() to engage ill a manufacturing busiaets already established in tluaci'.y. The business pava 50 per cent proht, and ha* an retentive demand for the articles manufactured by the advertiser. Address A L. B. through the Post Office. All communication* considered confidential^ jw 10 3t*m WANTF.D?The Proprietor of that old and well established Saloon, called the "rHILDELPHIA HOUSE," 254 and 256 Broadway, New York, would offer a gentleman of the proper qualifications an excellent opportunity to connect himself in business wilh him. as he it forced to be absent on business the greater part of the summer. Terms and conditions will be made known by applying at the above number, between 12 and 7 o'clock. jel03t*m TO SMITHS AND WOOD WORKMF-N.-Wanted im mediately, to go some miles from the city, a good steady married man, who has had experience at Forge and Vice. Also, one that can work at Joining and Wood Turning. They can have dwelling honsea and gardens. Permanent employment and the highest wages paid to first rate mechanica. Scotchmen would be preferred! Apply, if by letter, post paid, addressed J. H.jVI.j office of this pape\ jelfl 3t*rc /"A B. CLARKE, TAILOR, IIS William street, opposite the n?w stores.?Every description of aummer garments that the imagination can conceive of, that ia not a violation of good taste, can be found at my establishment; consisting of ' nshmeretle Alnacha, Merino, Gingham. Linen. Tweed, ate. ' if?' Merino Pants and vesta. A good aummrr "li f J? fro1* W "P These articles are sold in addition to my legitimate business of making clothes of any description to order. A large stock of cloths, eaasimrrei, votings, 4tc. Icc. jej 7tis?m )? a(UI CHALLENGE.?Notice to gentleman who want tr rfU'*"! riothps to look like new, call at the tailoring, Dyeing, Cleaning and Repairing Establishment, oil.' '"'o ,,r*'L corner of Gold ana Spruce, where orders will be punctually attended to at the shortest notice, and on the most reasonable tortus^ by J. B. NOAH, 77 Oold street. Pt .u?Ilie highest price given for gentlemen's left off weurmfinpparel. my25 Mtia?e JACOB SI PL ATT. Anotioutrr pKO< KKHY. CHINA GLASS WARK AND FANCY ARTICLES?Jacob S. Piatt'a large sal# of tha above ;ood?. embracing 66 cases Bohemian ware,and GO crite i earthen aid china from the shelves, and miking a catalogue of 600 Iota, a unavoidably posfitoned to Monday, lltli mat-, whea it will >o*itively take pi v*. Country* well aa city dealer*, are detired to take notice. jel2 lt*rr 4 I ' TION NUTlt t.xu-ii iw l i?i V iluat 1 i itoseiX. wood, Mahogany and Black Wub.ut Furniture ?(Ju Wed- t ic.;dsy. the IGth msL, at 10 o'clock,at ihe Frtukliu Sales Room. \ 176 Chatham street, will he sold, the Urgest assortment of habiuet Furniture offered ut auction this sea-jou, Consisting in | nert ol wardrobe"j, marble top, pier and centre tablet, sofas, , Ion igtt, diiaaottoeuM,roe#wood iu4 flMAOfmy rockiug, jurat- aud parlor chaira, French bedsteads, waah aiinda. work i Jo, buretus, hat stands, pier and looking glasses, girandole*, I Lamp*, ate. The furniture u all made in the verv heat uiauuer i ladutNljatttru, aad it wertoy the attention of daajkre and ! others- U / "? ntalogue* w ill be ready and goods exhibited ou Month y morning next. Sj|e positive nud without reserve. 1 Kvery facility for packing aud shipuing. jel I 2t# rc O. WARREN, Auc'r. ??-i~?rdrurrr tk,V" ' I'nr ITI1 ~ imwumaammma^ SCHOOLKY'S MOUNTAIN SPRINGSMARSH'S HEATH HOl'SE.?A? the tiiue ia approaching for citilens to determine upon the direr tiou of their aumntei excursions, attention ia solicited to this healthy, agreeable, and highly fashionable place of summer resort. Extensive improvements and embellishment* have beeu made to the above ' named establishment aiuce the last season, among which are 1 the erection of a new and splendid building, containing near I sixty ilitpMAnrtaiati, caastrmcttd in the Most modern and improved st>le lor comfoit and couvenieuca, and affording ac- 1 coinrnodatioiiH for between eighty and one hundred poisons, in | addition to the number heretofore accommodated. Toe fur- j uiture for this building is entirely new, and large additions ill | furniture and bedding have boeu made in the whole establish- J inent, the house newly painted, and all fitted up in the ke?t | possible manner. The greatly-increased accommodation t and comforts of the place, and its constat*'ly-g.rowing popularity with the fashionable, and those in the pursuit of health, justify Hit- uude signed in the hope and confident e?pectatiou tint the patronage tu hi* cstibliilunent will coutiuue a* heretofore, to the lull nmouiitul' it * rapacity. The establishment it now 10 readiness, and open for the reception of visiters. K. MARSH. j?12 lit eod'irc MADISON, NEM JERSEY.?Tlni pleasant 'illsge la locnteti in Morn* county, one of tin mott fertile, at well ae richest counties ui the State; it ie situated adjacent to the railroad, tunning from Jersey t'ityto Mo., mown, whe>e the cam tie passing twice n day. while >: Nladisou, I slopped at the well known pulilir house U -pi by Col. S 1). Hunting, w ho has lecently refitted and lunnthrd Ins estnhliahm-ut anew for the uccominndition of families mid friends who may wish to spei.dafew weeks or inoothi through the summer; uud avill say to those who are food of rural retreats, b> placing themselves under the hospi'ulity of Col. Hunting and Ins excellent lady, the> will doubtless be pleased. A. CITIZEN, jell lt*rc NOTIiTe TO the ladies?We take pleasure in calling the attention of the Ladies of this city and vicinity, fo the Ladies' -ho- Store of J U MILLER, 122 Canal street, where they enn find first quality slipper tvesand buskins at 9 and ID shillings; second quality sliuprrs and t\esat6. and buskins at 7 shillings per pair. Ladies'Gaiter Hoots st 16 and 18 shillings, equal to any in the city, with a fine assortment of Misses and Children's Gaiter Boots uud Shoes of all kinds and prices Try tliein once, ladies, and we are sure you will repeat the yisitto J B MILLKH'8, 122 (.'anal street, Between West Broadway Place and Thompson st. jell 3tis?r ' MKKVhRU HOUSE, Uowdoin Square, Boston.? This e?tensive edifice is now completed, and open for the reception of company, j ne rapid growth of the city and proportionate increase fo travel suggested the i Is'.i of constructing a hotel of a stt|ieiior character, and one lhat should be unequalled iu point of splendor in the Coiled Sutra. With this view the enterprise was commenced, and it is believed has been successfully accomplished. The furniture was all made to order, and designed expressly for this hotel, and the richest patterns of carpeting and up holatery manufactured and imported for the same purpose.? Costly mirrors and chandeliers of chaste workmanship have beeu liberally distributed, and every article selected to correspond with the general character of the internal arrangement. In the depaitineut appropriated for ladies, especial atlentiou has been given?having two private entrances, with a magnificent drawing room, and an ordinary of extreme beauty. Private parlors and suits of rooms can at all limes be obtained. The Ociitleuieiis'diuiug hall will be fouud an attractive object, of elegant pr.qiortious and finish, and the draw ing rooms equally spacious anil beautiful. Improvements auu conveniences are introduced that have originated with the projectors ol the building alone, and with the additional advantage of being admirably located, the proprietor hopes to receive, aud respect fully solicits a liberal support. Boston, May, 1817. PARAN STEVENS, Proprietor. pi >20 12tiiTh88tT* rc ril.NTLK.MKN .-S t MKT 111.Nl?.?IT IS A l.ONU TIME siuce I have h<t?l anything to My about ray original ?ystem of furnishing the rn *t elegant unci fashionable garments, at less than one-third of the ordinary prices, and altti -ugh theie has been numerous imitations of my plan, uone of them nave succeeded iu providing (as 1 have done) all that can be required at so greatly a reduced rate. 1 have now on hand a choice assortment of French and English cloths; a ureal variety of fashionable single-milled cassiineresand doeskins, vestings, fitc , which will be made to order iu the very l est styles, at '?> P*r ce,|t tlian is usually charged I r the same quality^)!' goods and workmanship. Also, ready made, in the very best maimer, Dress Coats and Frocks, from the finest quality of French broadcloths, varying in prices from $1? to $20. Hpricg and Hummer Sacks, Business Coats, &.C., inade from the best materials, as cheap as the very cheapest in the city. Call and be convinced of the fact, at the Original Cash Tailoring Establishment, No. 86 Broadway, one door below Wall street. CHAS. COX. Agent. N B.?Merchants and others wishing their goods made and trimmed, may depend upon having their garments made to please, and at greatly reduced prices. Terms cash. One price, and no ub&tcmeut. jet Stmt tod* rc NOTICE.?IF THOMAS PKEST, formerly of 91*4*burn, in tlie county of Cincaster, England, wlio left Liverpool, England, for Galveston, Texas, iu 183'J, will apply to Messrs. Kcighsley&t Bi uiuiug, Attorneys, Liverpool, England, he will hear of something to his advantage ; or any person tiving authentic information whereby said Thomas Prest miy e found, or heard of, alt II be well rewarded for their trouble. Letter- in* ;ulso be addressed to Mr. George llodges, Jun., Oxford, Mas i. js > 12 m OFFIC E OF THE N \TIONAL FIRE INSURANCE COMPANY,62 Wall street, JiiueU, 1817.?Notice.?The subscription list to the new stock of litis company being now full, the ucw subscriber* are hereby requested, agreeably to , previous notice, to call at the office of the company, and pay the first instalment of five dollars per share due on the lutn inst. And old stockholders are hereby requested to return their old certificates on the same day, and receive new certiifi cates for the proportionate value of the tame, receiving or payiug for the fractional parts of a share. T. W. THORNE, President. W.C. Krl Secretary. jcltlljtitin il" Tilt: NKW HAT COMPANY. No. Hit NASSl' V JpMBTH K&T, have opened a branch of their establishment at No It'. Bowery, three door, from the corner of l'eli street, which will be i ondiictcd upon the same principle a. the one opened by them in Nm*M street last fail, and which ku given uch universal satisfaction; their prices being within teach o! very one, rind the quality ul llieir Hats not to be surpassed by any (louse iu the city. Their standard price will be;?Kirsi quality Nutria, three dollars; first ipiality Moleskin, tlnee dol lars. No sec .ml ipiality. No second price. Kirst quality Cloth Caps, one dollar twenty-five cents: se cond quality Cloth Caps, on- doll ir; third quality Cloth Cap; seventy-live cents; Patent Refectors, Wty cents; Hat Boxes cue shilling. No abatement whatever. NKW HAT COMPANY. 148 Naasau street and 10 Bowery, je 12 !t?rrr OARBANATf, Manager. (JL f ?KNTCKMliVs M'.MMKK H \TS~Hocky Mntin JP^taiu Bearer, Pearl and white Castor, Panama and Mtrav Hats.? AM I DON, 177 Broadway, i> now prepared with hi usual extensive assortment of every desirable style, and of su perinr make and finish. A.V1IDON, Hatter, 177 Broadway. jell lj*r (IB LICIIT HAT1 CLKAlt HKAf) ! -KNOX, at fjl I2.'l H ulton street, has some beautiful hitlit and siry JP*8 hummer 11 its, expressly adapted lu the ureal summer object ol ' k epiug coo!." Toelo aliliy sin] vigorous action of the brain more or lest depends upon i lie f rednm and elasticity of the bead. It therelore follows that summer bate should be a. Iik><t andairy as noaaihlc, and that any in -n can make more money willi one ol riuov'a than wi'b -'ny utile s. Try the experiui-iit. jll Oti.-rc fg V HAT! k HAT! A KINGDOM fOS A HAT! fV KNOX, No. 178 Kulton street, is now selling hisJ^M splendid and unrivalled variety of summer iints nd Csp.., net only adapted ro the''form am' preasurs of the age," but of brads also He ,optics bis useful and ornamental coveringsto tlie brad, on pniennlogical |iriuciplea, with a pro|>er regard to where the bump* are, and where they should be. So that all who ittvnrhis establishment with their presence, cannot fail tc he sut'ed His location be my near the Sun, he givr* a warir welcome to his customers, and by calling on him. they se< their interest, in their true light. j2 7tia*r rfuTf 11 KM K VB r.H s"??! T HE M >Vt. R K( i AT HO 1 B IK JK8HUUUM.?The Htv. J. K. (iutbeim. ofCin cmnati. w ill dri ver a Religious Discour e ir, the Klin stree u. ..... .... v... ..i ra.i .......,i......i, .r>. ti e morning prayers. j 103 ?ro HF.NRV GOLDSMITH. Sfff'v.r. B.J. VKH V PLEAS ANT furnished r jo mi. in Park Pi are I loin III lct,w ithost bo?H ji M' 'it* r rI^IIK.M FIVE DOLL ill Mj'PI'8?A grand lot is not A irmly They rmuil of Clnlh Coat, Caisimere Pant ami Kmc') Veils. Also, business Coats from $1 to $'l each Ltueu Panic. |ilnin and fancy, cents to $2 a piir. Cleaning dyeing, and repairing. Caah |>tid for geut'a clothing, corner o Ilrekman ai d N'aasnu strpets jelf 7t*m Dll ELLIOTT, Oculist, Ml Broadway, inform* ha pa ticiits tlirt during the ?utnmer will be in In I oilier, Irom 10 to 4 o'clock, on Tuesdays, Thursdays, am I Friday* leB 7lii2llin''rrc LEECHKH! LEKt HHS'.?Ju?t received,* freili supply o European Medical l.eeche*. for sale, wholesale end retail at a very moderate price, by J. F. CLEU, jell St'rc lm|iorter of Leecliea, No. 7 John ?t. FRENCH 1 If A NS- ATI. V.S'1 11 STEAMSHIP COM PANY-ROYAL MAIL. r f-j- The CHKISTOPHE COLOMB ia ad vertned to *at' on the lit June. The agenc New Yoik being iletmmined strietl' _ to adhere to ita engagements, under any cir enmstaocea. camiot at thta time, udvertia the Chriato|ihe Colomli aatoaatlon a fixed day It can, how ever, state that the departure will lake place within ten day of the arrival. The price lor paa?.ige ia, for the lirat claai $120 '* " second 60 The ratr of freight will he ruled by the market price. For further part iculars apply at the temporary office of th company, 1.7 Sooth William atreet New Voi U. June 11, 1817. jel2 tf fit r-wsw. THE SPLENDID DAY BOAT ALID, r ?^i* now the only Day Boat for passengers to d? sjMecMalSMiapi'iid upon. Hne makes nil the landing* an arrive* in Albany and Troy two hours ahead of the old boa Troy. The Troy i? 12 years old, and her machinery ia now a worn at to he constantly breaking down. Oil Wednesday he passengers did not arrive in Albany until 10 o'clock at nigh too late for the car*; and this rimming she vvaa aeen with hit one engine to work. Those travelling should patrnnire the onl opposition on the river, and more especially at she ia far th heat and In 'e-.t bunt. Fare 'ill cent*. jel2k*r Mill LIVERPOOL--Packet of the Nth ,,f WPySV ?The first data, fast sailing packet ship CHAOS JHwWBBb ( apt Wilton, will he dea|>atrhed at above. Tin ve??rl offers 1 tnott desirable conveyance for cabin and atee age passengers, who will be taken at reduced rates. Apply n board the ship, foot of Rooaevelt street, or to M-P. O HERN k Po., 160 Booth st., corner of Dover, ^jell At" re and % Weit at , corner of Recto AfiEr Lllllt 1.1 V Kit l'(><) 1,? To a.,1 with ticpap n JfMWyThe firstelan coppered and copper fattened Bntia JIMmcKs hip JANE, ( apt. McDowell, is now ready to receiv Cargo liir the abore port. For freight or passage, apply to th Captitii on board, or to JOSEPH McMI KKAY, J11 corner of Pin* and Booth street. TAHHAOK TO AND KKOM' UVKKPOdf IV WLW ,,n.' w .P*ck#l?. P*ck#t of Yl>? 21st (1 wWNfa June.?-The splendid, new, fut sailing packet ahi CONsTitU riON, 1600 tout burtben, Cspt. Britton, wil tail frontNew V ork on the 2lat of June, ami from Eiverpoo on the Oth of August. J Persons about to embark for the old country, or those wish ing to lend lor their friendi, In have tl etn brought out in tin nisgnincrnt packet, fa il to make eaily appliratioi on board, foot of Bulling slip or to )" 1 W Sr I T TAPHi OTT M 8ooth_atr?et, N Y ONSfOIJEES pet Br. bmk MINSTREL, wil KTypiV**"<1 their |iermita on board immediately, fno JBHwEaa d Dover strev. All gooda npl permitted in li?? days mint tie lent to public store. jeld r 4&A . NO 1 ICE.?All persona are cautioned against trait WcJjV'"* "ir of the crew of the Br. b.rk MINSTIIK.L, Si JHWUKwiu debti of theirs will be paid by ( laptain or Coo fnees. WOODHULL Sc MIN Pl'RN, i jciflr $7 Boothatr?t. ?/ES^ FOR qtik'BlkC.-To sail with despatch, a fin gjrj^p class veaael. For freight or pasaa^c^ap^t^ to 1 in2ir 69 Soath aueet cur. of Pine atrett. t ?i?wmrmm0* Park theatre?ti>? Director of ui# Italian 1 OPERA COMPANY. fram HavaM.TS m number,*?. 1 pectfully tuform. the public that lie lit* leased rl.e P.rk Theatre, and have commenced a short if?wu ?f TWELVE NIGH T8?Saturday Evening, Juue 12, will w vm. dticed, for the secou4 rime in j/vw York, Jose Verdi's grand open fhe T WO KOSi'AHl ? I-rancisco Fosc&ri, 8ig Louis ViU; Jscopo Foscuri, Siguor Natile Perelli; Jacopo Loredsuo, Si* Louis Bi'slinl: Lucietis, Signer* T. Ratmeri; Fis*nv Signoiiu* T. (icili. . , ? _Ji Ti kris for toe sessou luav be secured *t the Dot Office. IJnves. $f; Pit. VI rents: M UK.NKKJT OF MR. JOH x SfcFTON. BOWKRY THKATKJC.-A. W. Jaceson. Proprietor?H. IC. Stkvknii, itage Miuager?Ssturdsv Kvcuing. Juue ltlh, will be performed the romeffy of TWO OFTHK B'HOYH-: Mi{ hi. Templeton, Mr. J. Seftrm; Heotor Templeton. Mr. De Bar; Lady Caroline Greully, Mr*. TUB*. After which, the ilriraa ol' DEVIL IN I AR1S? . Mr* Hunt; Urrjurt, Sir. Geo. Holland: Count \ an I Up. Mr Toroucludo wub THE GOLDEN PARMER-'TheGolden Farmer, Mr. E 8. Cliuilr.u; Jruiiuy Twiteher Mr. Jobu Bolton. Iloie. 27 cent.; Pit and Gallery li>a c?nti. Door. <>|i?n at b'?; PeJormauce coininencea at 7)^ ^HtA'l HK. MR. JOHN SEFTON'S BENEFIT 8* ri'ttinT, Juue 12. On which occa.iou Mr.. HUNT. Mra.TlMM. Mils C. WEMY88, Mr. GEORGE HOLLAND, Mr. W.ALCuT. Mr. DL BAR, and Mr. JOHN SKKTON, will appear, in the drama, of '1 WO OE THE B-HOYS, 1) E V I L IN P A K 1 8, and jrl2 11 rr GOLDEN FARMER. \TAUAHALL GARDEN i 'IS'CK.KT mi.nnv-l AMI-BALL'S KTHIOI IVN "I'a H v" ?LUVNAUERS?This Evening. Juur lull?A GRAND CONCERT of Voesl and Instrumental Vuiic, consisting "f So gi, Solos, Refrains, CliaunU, Glees, Dances, Itc., peculiar to the South- i eru Negro. The Baud 1. e unpo. < -I of the following ar'uta :?Messrs H Mfaruyer. Violin; J. (' < after. First Banjo; Raymond,S*eond Banjo; J Biyaiit. C .itauetl; VV. Doualila u.Tamborinc, Jamc.i Saniord, Congo Drum. Tickrta a (tmriiv u 'lentle ? n and L*dies, II cents. Concert t rannnenca at II o'clock. jell A Me. ill, AN M USk CM?i-Lilr UUMANCEB both Aile-noou a-'d E-eiucg THE OHPHEAN KAMI I Y OR KENNEBECK V0CALHT8. Tha moat t ?le ted and popular Band n America are engaged at thia li ni-.c ml will give >heir Grand Coi erta thia afternnrn and evening, at hilt-,?iat ;l and v ii'ia'ter past 8 o clock, when alao other UU-uteJ performers will app'nr, including the Chap luau Kaiuily. Mr t too-rer, Mi?? lull-" ai.d others The V tgnificeut Moving D'ornmu of the FUNERAL UK NAPOLEON' BONAPARTE. Will also be exhibited at rxoh and every performance Admission SA eanta jel rc DIRECT KROVI Kl'lfi?PE-NOVEL AND INTERE8TINO EXHIBITION, on Monday, Itth June, aud four following night*, at the MINERVA FOOV18, 108 Broadway. MON9.DE LAPIERRK, fi iii l'aria, will hare the honor of exhibiting for the (hit time in rlira country, hix ORaPHaI'II \mzomina, EVANESCENT D10RAMIC VIEWS. Originally invented, product d and painted hy the celebrated Mnm D AGGERRE, of Paris, forming a aerieaof Architectural, Historical and Marine effects ?the moit perfect ape imeua of acience and a't everexhibited.nnd which have been the wonderol all the principal cttiea of Europe. Ill nddition to which THE OXY-HYMROGKN MICROSCOPE witli a msgiiifyingpo * n of several MILLIONS OK TIMES, by which The fineat needle aeema a weaver'a h?ntn, Aud Queeu Mab'i carriage an auti iuic team. Would Tike the monatrotia ear of Juggernaut appear. To conclude w itli THE CHROM ATROPK, who'e rich and varied colora nnd fantastic evolutioua hare ever elicited aa much the admiration of matured age as the bewilde-iug ecataciea of the yoti'ig. The whole exhibition will be accomimuied by vocal and intlnimeiilal music. Performances commence at B o'clock. Doori open at halfpast 7. Admission 2.1 rents. Reserved seats 50 ceuls. jlO II 12 14is*r BROADWAY THEATRE.?This 'establishment, Low erecting in Broadway, wilt be opened for Dramatic purposes solely, ou or about the fimt-of September, undgr the management of W. H, BARRETT. Persona of acknowledged talent wishing situations for the season, will please address him (pre-paid) at 100 Leonard street. mSOtfrc A. MANN, sole Proprietor. AMUBKIllKNTft KLSEWURRE. ALNl.'T STREET THEATRE, PillII, A DEL PHI AJlenelit an last apjiesrauce bat one or the VIENNOISE CHR? REN. Friday evening, Jane II. 1117, the performance will commence with PAS STYREN, by 21 Daussuses Vieu"?Afte'r which. THF. LOTTERY TICKET. , To be followed by the POLKA PA ANNE, by 24 Dan"^o which will lie added THE IRISH LION. . ? After which the MIRROR DANCE, by 16 Vteuuoises Datt Alter which the IIOU8K DOG. To conclude with tlx- PAS DE FLEURS. Performance to commence at 8 o'clock preciaely. CENTREVILLE COURSE. L. I.-RACING. I i- SMnffhMONDAY,>nc 14th, the purse of $30 will be given by the proprietors, tree lor all running horses, one mile bents. Entries to close Saturday, June 12th, by 10 o'clock, P. M, at Green A Kevins' Hotel, No. 188 Chatham atiect. Two or more to surt to make a field.?The race to be governed by the New York Jockey Club rales. ji-9 7tjr <1 holt SAI.r. ? ,'v very line i ir of dark bay .AgSE** HORSES, lli,1hands high, at Gray's stable, 23 ' ' ^ ? tV.rr.n .lr.o jll3t*rrC 51 DH. KELLINGERU INFALLIBLE MM AAi s M KNT IS warnwtrd to cure sores and ulcers ol eve' f ' 1 nature 111 n lew days. It aclslikr magic in retnoving rheumatism, mid all other paius. One or two doses is certain to relieve bilious rhoiic, diarrhcea, Ac., as it is taken. It is perfectly delightful in its odor and flavor. It is universally acknowledged to lie the best family mediciue ever offered to the public Price JO cents per bottle. 1 Hold at 231) I'i arl street; C. Ring, corner of John and Broadway ; corner of Bowery 'and Broome; 3d avenue and lOtli at.; f Ji fTiies'drug iters; Dr. Buiretl'a Doves, and Chatham, aud at the II. II. (il.'ice, ( ity llall JJ]R*N ' j vcj, llAlil'sV 2*1 BROAD WA1 -j " I ." BROWNE A At u maker and importer, invites the aiientiou of ad mi kWrers of tins delightful to the veiy elegaui A" selection h- h-a now on sale, comprising sunt o! 1 the most splendu lv finished, and also pi in descriptions, o brilliant toned Double Action liarps, ever olferrd to then no tier?in tone, touch, elegance aud style of finish certainly un escelled. llarpt repaired, -fringe, lie. A 11st of prices and ( escriptiont can be Ibrwarded per single postage. je II 30td 4tW*rc ' "fg~--gg SDN DAY EXCURSION TO MJK'J ' C.jTft mh"" AND CONEY ML AND.? gaMWWsTbe steamboat GAZELLE, Capt.Devoe ,hav nig been ciiaite.ed by Capt. Ricoard Yates, will make an ej curs ion to Fort Hamilton and Coney l?l<ad. 011 Sunday, Jum 13. leaving pier loot of Montgomery street, K. R., at Gj o'clock, P.M. Foot ol Pike street, E. R., 2 o'clock, P. M. Pier No. I, N. R., 2>k o'clock, P M. Returning will I-mvi I Coney Islund ut ika o'clock, P. .VI., stopping at Fort Hamilton Fare each way I*1-,' ci uf.a J' l2 2tu*ic 1 iMs.GRAND EXt b'hslDN TO THE HSH BANKS, on SUN DAi , June Gth. 1817, p mBhBESBh?The well known steamer IOLAH, having beeu chartered b, J. N. Dllta for lh-a Excursion. will leave the fool of Delai 1 y str?i t el 8 o'clock, A. M , Pike sticet at I 8>f, llainrnoiid strtr: at 9, and Pier No I, N. R , at 9)^. for the | Set Ba->. Ilvnka. Fair, far the ticursi.o 90 cents. Refreshj ments prot idi d on bond at moderate charge, j N. Is ? A person will be 111 attendance to furnish lines at a I reasonable r?t' Bail furnished gratis. jell lire I sunday-Excursions to blll's 1 CLJ?..^IL f* h ?.HKY, TILUETCDLl M, AND KUHT tmmt&imntLmm I.EE?Lauding si Hammond and Nineteenth ' streets Pare 1 1 . iv The Steamboats FRANK.! fcfitsil 1 Isaac Hcoit. I Kt)lii.rvT ANNET1', Capt. Frederick Ga> j lord, will in ' 01, Suuds a 11111 il further n.ili :e,ss follows, com{ , meiiciug 011 Siuidav , the !3tli lin.e . J Leave rw V 01 k. ot oil. snal street, at 7, 9 and 10 o'clock t j A. M., and nt 2 ami J ..lock, P. ,\|. r Leave Port Lee at 7, 6 and II o'clock, A. M , and at 1, 5 a , i I C o'clock, P. ,Vi. I The above boats have lies1 for ad up 1 1 a superior ui-on- r e? presalj lorthi. route, wh ch ; eseuts in lurameiits cptalled hi e ' no ulliei r?. n.siii in tin- cit> ("New .ore. Jelt It* 1 II " TilEEMs" NEW DAV LINE Til . C^Srsrt^OPI'OSl'llON BOATS FOR ALliAN 1 , ^BBlSe VND INTERMEDIATE PLACES -Far r- 9b cents?Breakfast aud Diiiuei on Board. j. The new and elegaui Sfcaiuei ROl-c.K WILLIAMS, Capt A. Degroot, Tuesdays, Tliursdn, > and Satuidays, at hsll-pss >11, A. M.. from tlie pier foot of Warren s.reet, touching a Hammond street pier, s For |>ap ,.ige or Ineght, u .1 f 011 board tlie Boats, or to Gee I Dub- mi, at the office, I' , Warren street, comer of Weal atreel I'yS- All |?raouaare forbid trusting the above boata on ac f count of the ownera. my It rh fr-"?w PECPLI 'S LINE STEAMBOATS FOI Li^iUpMw^ALBAN V, Daily, Sundavs Etceptedwmmmmm* Through Direct?At 7 o'clock, P. M., froi the Pier between Courtlaudt and Liberty strceta. Steamboat ISAAC NEWTON, Capt. Wm. H. Peck, wi leave on Mjuda/, V> ediivaduy and Friday evenings, at o'clock. Steamboat IB-NaiiWt K II I'DSON, Capf. R. O. Cruttet den, will leave 11 tan i.Jy . 'JHmraday :u.d .-Saturday evening at 7 o'clock. At Five O'Clock. 1'. VI ? L.u.i' 1 g at intermediate Placea1 Iro ' a? f< t o Di rclav street. Steamboat NtJSft 1 H \ >t 1 h.r A, < jptain R. II. Fnrr will leave on Monday, 7, tiliK , I riuav, and Sunday afte noons, at 3 o'clock Steamboat SOUTH V'H.lllt A.' ft.T. N liiilae.wil e leave on Tueaday, Tla 1 - lvy?*iid T.a.u'r, afternoons, at o'clock. The above boata will ...t a!i -a .? ? e.sve 1 Wbauy in rmpl ^ : time for the Morning Cava 1 or utrr tleat. | Freight taken at. mink-rat- w . .. I ,,/ talvevi a/ier Ik . o'clock, P. M. lt VCr All fieraonaare forbid trn ?r - I,the bc rst.f thn 0 1 line, without e written order Irma . . For iiaaaage or freight, apply en max) ? uoais, or to P. C , Still LTZ. at the office on th* whiarl myll rh : I - , V?V'V ,S,i VN0. : jrfasa uH!A?;i'KT^L.w;r^k^pi. ;; the abot e ferry, and will rnn regularly during the *emon t< . I Comjt UUml. finding at F rt llAiniltoti fei jollon i' | f inal street at 03?, ?n?l oVIock ; P?er No. I, Nortl ,, ! Hirer, at 10, 1 mid I o'clock; < <>ne> JaUud at 11'4 2)% Midi r. o'floCNt. , , .. N. B.?No boats sara thoca belonging to the ferry, will V* allowed to land at < onay Island, without a written permistioi from the proprietor*. jel 7t*rc r. ol'MisifluV K-T( P <J4QL___N A Ibanv, Cues, Si M;, S2; Oawrrn I JygUiiabtl; Roc hatter, SI 2'/; i'.uflaln, $2 >0- C|?r? , I land, $1 50; Deir.nt, Si; Mllwnkia, $*: Chicago. S?; < in I cinnaf i, $1; Toronto and Hamilton, St. Whitehall, ?2; Mom | real, Si; Pittabura. $1. i Office. 100 Barrlny ?treef. - I Any .ernrtty re.juin-ti will ha given fcr the fulfilment of a| ? contracts im-da with this company. >f 1 ml*?m*rc _ M L. HAY, Agent, Naw Vorlr, 1117. ft I .VOH.N.N LINK AT SV.VEN O'CLOCK I ! fOR ALBANY AN D TROY and Interim r jwRIL?-^Ndia'a I.a n .nig. . ' I Brral.fu.t and Dinner >u hoard the Boat. ? The low preaatira ateamhnat TROY, Captain A. Uorhatr i will leive the ,teamW,\t pier foot oi Barclay atieet, Monday Wed ?<Uy?, and hri.uya, at icran o'clock. Hcturui.u o | the opposite t ayj. For i?i??a*a or freight, apply ou board, or to V. B Hall, > J j the office on il whan. tin 2d r . I AJ'TK.RJNOgN LINK, DALLY, ? KVK NEWBHR(Jh AND FIHltn ... L. ?-V!l=r.r-H Landing at Van Cortland',, (Peekskill.l IVe Jrolnt, Cold Spring and Cornwall. Tiir St.oi r/ I'W ?? !!. Lairt. Baml Johnson, will lease 'V pi. ' ftjotof warran sheet, f?r the above places, avyry al l. r i (Sunday, ncapted,) at 4 .> clock, commencing April 10. II orning?willleav * New'orah every morning at 7 o'clock ' 1 n o' ?A*' .BWd" *"4 Fj?'dV nt etery deicriptinn. B"i Bills or Specie, i nt ou hoard ofthi, Lost, mmt ha at the , the owner thettol nnleaa entered on the books of the host or r I oeiptcd for. miljjot'tc ? M 3 I f L 1? i 1 ?*> J?JLL'-SJ!? ! *ovia 1 LATEST MOMENT. TBLROUAPH1C LATER FROM MEXICO. Attack upon a Diligeueia, and Murder of PaHneugers* COLONEL SOMER3 KILLED. Santa Auua at Rio Frio, with j Three Thousand Men. MOVEMENTS OF GENERAL SCOTT, | ilic. Ac. Philadelphia, Juno II, 1(117 The xteainer Faahlon, from Vera Crux, which place ehe left on the 20th May, arrived at New Orleana on the 4th lnat The report of the murder and robbery of paa.eugeri In the diligeueia, if confirmed A mong the victiuui wu? Col. Somerx. bearer of de.patchee from (Jen. Scott. The bodies of the murdered men were atrociously mutilated Hanta A una Is reported at ltio Krio. with three thousand men. A report says that flcrrora has beeu elected Preeldeut of Mexico, but It la not traceable to any authentic source. Cieu Scott was to lease Jalap i '>x l'uebla on the t0tb ult. Gen Twiggs' division had ready left. BV THE MAILS. Affairs in Washington. WiiRiNtTiiK, June 10, 1847. Potltcriplutn la Ine Prciiient'i Xorth Carolina Jnurnry. I Hy reference to our note hook, we find one or two 1 point, set down which uro omitted iu our regular elabo! rations, and upon which we design herein, a brief pustog notice : Tlla SI'SLIC SENTIMCNT. " Kveu to the dullest peasant standing by. Who fasten'd still on him a wandering eye, lit* seemed the master spirit of the land." The respect with which the President was received on his North Carolina tour, by all ranks, clasaes, and parties, was markod and sincere. Party spirit wasset aside, and the pec pin only recognised in their visiter an old and personal friend?a native of the State returned within her borders, and the chief servant of the people. It wax a beautiful conception of the way in which to evince a patriotic pride in our institution)!, thus to honor the President in their name It also bore testimony to the fact, that whatever may be the division of the public opinion upon the question of the general policy of the administration, it is united in the couoesslon, that Col. Polk, as t hief Magistrate, has conscientiously endeavored to do his duty. Not In all the journey did we hear a word to his disparagement?no expression of party bitterness, or party chagrin; but there was a generous, manly, (that's the word) manly unanimity of courteay aud respeot In every crowd, as if the people were desirous to impress in the strongest manner upon the mind of the President the dignity of his statiou, the intelligence of the masses, and the necessity, therefore, on his part, of the strictest integrity aud vigilauce in the duties of his office. We believe that, to the extent of the journey, the confidence between the people and the President was mutually extended from the intercourse of the parties with each other, as man communes with his neighbor. mei. roi.x. " She in a finer mould was wrought. And temper'd with a purer, brighter flame." Mrs. Polk requires no word of commendation from us i u whatever position we inuy And her, whether among the circles of the great or in familiar converse with the poor und the humble?whether as the recipient of the homage of strangers, or as tho affable aud amiabla mistress at the White House?whether breakfasting In a country hotel on tho wayside, or sitting in a crowded auditory, " the cynosure of all eyes''?she gains upon one's admit ration, und confidence, and esteem. We think we may venture to say.lhatjif. at all places.thc Executive was the first personage sought after. Mrs. Polk, from all to whom she was introduced, received the last bow, tbalaatwisb. and the last regret. Baltimore, June 11, 1917. Jl Welcome Haiti Important Decision for Odd yellows j ?Spread of the Ship h'erer?Two more yictimi of I'hilanthropij?The recent Xrw Vork Elopement Caee ? The Market!?Stock Board, 4-c. After a lengthy season of parching sunshine, we were greeted this morning at daybreak with a good old fashioned fall of rain, which still continues, with a bne prospect of au abundant supply before It ceases. Never was rain more wanted in this vicinity than at the present time, and the heart of tho farmer leaps with joy as Le looks out on his reviving fields this morning. We have had but two or three light showers for ten weeks. A case of rather a novel character was decided by ! Judge Purvlance, yesterday, of general Interest to Odd t Fellowship. A member of Washington Lodge. Thomas ( i rane. had sued his lodge for the recovery of twelve dollars, alleged to have been due him on account nt J three weeks' sickness. The Lodge resisted the payment, and brought the bye laws ami constitution of the order to sustain their refusal Justice Schiu tier hud ; duolded against the Lodge, and tin y had appeal, d fi.un thedecision. Before Judge Puiviance the lodge took tho ground that by the art of incorporation and iLu constitution, all appeals from the acts of the subordinate s lodges were to be made to the (Jrand Lodge lor derisieu, \ and consequently that, as a member of the coinpuc', ho must submit to the laws governing the order tfter ' considerable discussion and deliberation. Judge ' rvl nnce reversed the decision of the magistrate, Uecldii g that the court had no juried "lion in the matter uutil it had first been decided by thi Orand Lodge. Two worthy sisters of charity, who have been dovot iug themselves to tho nursing ol the victims of the ship fever at the infirmary, are h ing at the point of death with the disease. 'J lie case of one is deemed hopeless, aud the other is extremely ill. Thu Baltimore battalion of volunteers arc expected home in a very short time, uml will receive a most cordial greeting Their terms of se. ioe expire betwecu the 1st aud lltb of the present month. I observe that the udvcrlUemen' Bering a reward for the recovery ot Miss .Mary Kox. th ilttlo school girl budding into womanhood, who was ruthlessly stolen ! from her parents in New \ oik. is pu' iisb< I in our city papers Of all thu crimes in the ral nlar there is noun i ipi.d to this damnable deed, mid lucre are few, even I though decided non-combatants, if her parent, that > would not blow bis brain* out with us littl qualms of I conscience us they would suutl a ruth ' Lit. i ; Tin. Maaaun.?'The tloin uinkei tali remains dull ? 1 here arc some ?Uip|irrs in the market tlesu > us of pun baaing, . but I lie y Ctnu ' unite terms Willi lioldrts, w bo gem rally coii' lend lor SB SO, while puiciiasers offer ?.U,?t which letter ( . figures iiOli bids werr sold this morning Males, also, ol about | Hill libi t at SB in ^ Neither ol tnete sales i an be Cuusidered ss a lair criterion oi me uiaruei. About ?B i, >, nit,be pu' down fair quotation. City Mills it nominally held at 99, and . I Mliquehamia at 98 50. lorn .Mral i> In Id at ? > 50, but Ira. would b? taken. Vrry little wheat amain* A s.le jresU day , morning ul 1000 liualicla Pennsylvania white, not atrietly prime, i* at Si. Prime rr<l can be hail at $1 96 a S3 White com 11 aril* 1 i>K at $1 I6a9< ID lor atrietly prune; yrllow dull at 91 >0 I'a't 62)9 eta. Whiskey?hlida held at 36 a 17 eta, and bids at J8. Bales of MmIm at Baltlmorr, 1 96,187 Md 6 a. VI , 97,799 do, 9I>?; A 1,36# Md 8t'? Vs. 7??4. " i.250 do76)9; i.750 do, 77, 91,61.0 City 6'a. *70, 100, SI OilO ?o. 0 101)9; Trraaury notea (6'a) elmrd at l<)5?6 aakril, lo:\ bid: Htatr 6 percent! cloird at 9i)9 asked, 9lla bid;City (i percen'i [J of 1090, rloacd at llll)9 aikrcl, 101', bid. PHiLADti.rnta, June 11, 1S4S. > A jury of twelve men hare been kept lit cnftnuinent _ for a week, in consequence of their inability to ggTeu open 11 verdict In the rut of NortkeTinnit and Davie, ?. charged with conspiracy In attempting to pan* counterI felt money There aeotna to be no prospect of tbeir , agreeing, and yet Judge Kelly says he has no authority t to discharge them until they bring In a verdict. A few days ainre a poor Iriah woman, maiding near ' I airmount, committed suicide by cutting her throat ? with a raior, during a temporary lit of insanity Some time before she bad been placed In the insane hospital, but was taken home by her husband, ho believing tho j cure effected to be a permcnent one. She leaves a largo 1 family. J Lieut. T. D. Shaw, of the I'nlted States'Navy, who Was , in the command of the schooner Tetrel attached to tho ; Mosqueto fleet during the Immbardment of Vera Cms, nrrlved here last evening, and received a hearty waleome s by a large circle of friends and admirers, lie came to " the city In the suite of Wen Tatterson. Wo arc experiencing quite a genial rain In this lati) tude, which will be of great service in laying tho dust, s which, during the high wind of yesterday was very annoylng |; Hales of HtocWa nt Philadelphia. * Fisst Bnant>, Jure II?100 Wirard Bank 12)9, 9200 llamaburg Hailro?d Bonds 90; 100 Reading Railroad, cash, 38; 2 I Pennsylvania Bvnk 321)9; -J."00 State i,'? 9J; 1100 Trias TrensiiIV Notea 13)9: 8 rhilailrlphia ilsnk 121 J9; 10,000 Htale 5's 8J. 6400 do do fiii'v, 11040 Heading Railroad Bonds 76; 21 I'niou Canal 48; 37 do do 42; 200 T ennessee Bonds, 6'a, 86; 104 Lehigh 34; 9460 huaqmJiannali Canal Bonds 64. AritS Reeding Railroad 10: tOOOdodo B.inds 76; onoo Huie 6'a BV'a, 2640 do do 82; su Morris Canal l?H. 6000 II 8 Tieaanry Notes 186; 6000 Trias do do 14; U# Oirsrd , Bank 12)9. Hrnonri Boanrr?50 Baeqnehanna Canal 17; 600 State J's, i\ 89; 26 Flemington Copper 30; l##0 Lelugh j's73; 1400 Schuvl kill Navigation, O's, "05, CI,V, 30 Lehigh ill; 24 C 8 Bank l,Ss ,1 JO Westein Bank 54. Arricn Hair t?31,040 Stata 5'? B2'9; 100 Oirerd Bviikl?;*; M Miisquelianna anal 17; nam Lelugh i's JW'o Hindi'* Rail 1 nail Bunds 76lJ; HIO N'uitb American Coal Company " ,, 5 Petuiayliauia Bank 322. ? ' ' Ai.savr, June 10,16#?. tlriult tf Ihr Kltrlion?I'autt tf Ihr P'f'tt tf . Wlijfl?Gov. Stndr,tc fc. -fc. V The people hare sol ml another political probbei. '' and the election of tho several democratic nominees t, .' : Judges of the Court of Appeals, and the dviuuorsUc i J

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