Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 30, 1847, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 30, 1847 Page 1
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1 TH] I. mi. No.t17H?VVholt ?. MT8 the newyork herald ESTABLISHMENT, "orth waat earner of Fulton and RiMaM JAMES 60RDQH BENNETT. PROPRIETOR. dKCUUTWll-TORTY THOS1AJID. DAILY HKRALD?Every dsy, Pnc? S cents p?r sopy?f li per inntim?payable in advance. WEEKLY HKRALD?Every 8aturd*y?Price ?X eat dayPrice G.54 centa per copy?tj per annum, including poelane. payable iu advance, ttubscriptioua and adreitisemeuU will be received by Maura. Galiguani, II Rue Vivienne, Paris; P. L Bwnonds, No. ? Barge Yard, Bucklersbury, and Miller, the bookseller, Loudou. ANNUAL PICTORIAL HERALD?Published on the 1st of Jaima'v of each year?single copiea sixpence each. AU V KKTISEMENTS, at the usual prices?always cash is ai.v LCe. Advertisements should be written in a plain, legible mannn. The Proprietor will not be responsible for errors thai may occur iu them. PRINTING of all kinds executed bountifully and with despatch. All letters or communications by mail, addressed to the establishment, most bs post paid, or the postage will be de dec's I from the enhsennriou maaew remitted M" COTTAGES ON STATEN ISLAND.?For sale or lease, the three Cottages on uie hill side below Capo di Monte, belonging to Mrs. Grymes. The buildings new a,id highly finished, are situated iu a thick wood of 14 acre t, within ten minutes of llio firry. The out houses afford every convenience, and a new road easy of access, has just been completed 171*rc MKOK SALE.?THE YONEEIIS MANSION Houie, outbuildings, and aeveii ucrea of land?the whole or a part, to suit purchasers, and on the moat accommodating terms. This extensive building commands s magnificent view of the Hudson River, from to to 15 mile* in tcli direction. The honse i? 60 feet iqtiare; carriage home 61 feet square, with stabliug lor one hundred horae*; ahed 65 leet in leuKth; all nearly new, and in complete order. There is alio a fish pond and water power, with a never failing stream of water running through the middle of the grnuuds, as pure aa Crotou. The Hudson River Railroad i* to run within three >, . hundred yard* iu front of the property, and about the same dut tuce south of the village of Yonkers, where the deixit is to be located. There are live well conducted schools, all within a half mile. Two aplendid fast sailing steamboats ply daily to and from the city; aad stages also run daily iu connection with the Harlem Railroad. For terms apply to William Kellinger, at the Williamsburgh ferry, at the foot of Delancy street, or upon the premises. jet 30t*rc M FOR BALE, OR EXCHANGE FOR CilY PROPERTY.? Pro|ierty in the pleasant village of Liberty Corner, consisting of a fir trate Dwelling House, 38X40, ciiuiaiuii'g 10 rooms highly finished, with n good cellar, Cairiuge Maker's, Wheelright and Blacksmith's Shop, all new. Also, a good baru, 30X38, with wood and smoke houses, a go. d w ell at the door, apples, cherries, currents, fee. Frige for the whole SI800. AL >, It acres of land, T acres of timber, T of clear land, a0 under iicw feuce. Apply to Jaines B. Birr, any Wednesday, from 9 A. M. to 7 P. M?on Thursday, till 1 P. M., on other day* at the New York Real Estate Company, corner of Broadway and Maiden Lane. JAMES B. BARR. jel0 30t*m PAVH.10N, NEW BRIGHTON, Staten Uland.?.' The proprietor begs to inform his friends and the public, JUULthat ne has made considerable alterations and improve ments in this establishment since the laet seaeou. He has erected a large building, containing thirty-three rooms, altogether disconnected from the main body of the pavilion. Theae rooms are intended for gentlemen only; they are of a comfortable size, light, and well ventilated, aud superior in all respects to those generally denominated single rooms in the various Watering places throughout the couutry. The proprietor is now ready to treat with families or parties wishing to engage rooms for the season. Letters addressed to hiit. at the City Hotel, Broadway, will receive immediate attention. A steamboat runs between New York and New Brighton, at the following honrs, vis:? From New Brighton?At 8 and 11 A. M, and 2 and 5:20 P M. From pier No. T North River, New York?At 9 A. M. aud 12 M, and 3>?, 5 and 6 1'. M., aud more frequeut communication, will be established as the season advances. Sunday Arrangement?From New Brighton at 8 A.M., 12X, 5:23 P M From New York, at 9 A. M., 2 and 6 P. M. The Pavilion is now ready for the reception of Company. ?p25 tire F. BLANiiAKD. WW* DESIRABLE FARMS IN NEW JERSEY FOR KCctS \LK?First, a very neat aud beautiful place, with good 4S?^aHouse and Outbuildings, containing 18 acres of laud mostly under cultivatiou, situated in Uniou, 1J? mile* from the Somerrille railroad, and four miles from Klizabethtewu; mil UP aiuu a uargmn, 11 appnea lor iinmeuiately. 2d, A Farm of 24 Acres, in Madisoa, Morris County, ne ir the railroad, with Houae, Bam, (lie., plenty of fruit, and a rerv pleaaant location. 3<1, A Farm of 66 acres. lying near the inmmit of the Morria and Essex railroad, with Houae, Barn, and Outliouaea, plenty of wood, 8ic.; will be aold low. 4th, A yaluablu Farm of 60 acre a, about three milea from the Morria aud Ks-ex railroad, with new Houae and Outbuildings, Houae for Farmer, feneea in fine order, fielda well divided. Under a high atate of cultivation, will be aeld witli the cropa, if wished, or exchanged for city property; aa neat and handsome place at can be found in New Jersey. 6th, A Farm of 100 Acrea,situated in New Providenre, good House, bam, and Outhouaea, plenty of fruit, and a large quantity of wood. For further particulars, apply to SAMUEL M. MEOIE, ja 16 14t?r No 27 South street, New Fork. aeaa MILL AND WATER POWER FOR SALE?To oTTS be aold by public auction, at the Merchants' Exchange, XmhL New York, on the lith July next, at 12 M., by Hallidav ic .viuiler. auctioneers, (if not previously aold at prirate sale,) a lease, having about four years to ruu, of six acres of laud in the town of Springfield, Eaaex county. New Jersey. The land lain fine cul ivation, planted with corn aud potatoes, and apple, pear and cherry trees of the heat quality. There is a g od inill, with valuable machiuery, and an excellent waler power and overshot wheel. The mil! is now used aa a pajier mill, but has been used aa a grist mill, having a good run of stonea, and is well adapted for either puriiose. Alan, a good Dwell nig House. For further particulars, enquire of MORTIMER OJCMOTi'E, counsellor at law, 192 Broadway. New York. jC>3 e id prjv tLOOK AT THIS?Ladies, (Jeulleineu. .iiiases a...i , Children, all th it are in want of Boots or Sho-s, please W call at 367 Broadway, where von will find the largest aasortment, and cheapest in tfiis city, wholesale or retail. N.B.?Imported French Boots, 65. M. CAHILL. je9 30t*r L. WALSH k BROTHEKJ9,French Boot Makers, No FB Ann street. New York. French Calf Boots of the latest fashion made to order for $4 60, usually sold fur $6 aud f $7 ; tine French Calf Boota 63 60, usually 66. Pateut ither Boota 67. natiallv aoM fur tin Alu, Pa...,-..., with intent springe, Gentlemen's gaiters, shone and slippers constantly on hand, and made to order at the shortest notice Repairiug; kc., done in the atore. L. WALSH k BROTHKR8, mygHOt*r No c Ami street. . YOUNG k J ON KB, 4 Ann street, are selling line nfFreueh calf boots at $4 90, equal to any sold in this city 12 for $6 or %T. Fiue French boots at (3 90, usually $9. Best ^ French pateut leather boots $7, equal to those usuull v sold at 99 and (10. A great assortment o( shoes, gaiters and slippers always on hand, and made to order at short notice. All goods warranted to give satisfaction. Mending, kc. done in the store. Please call and examine our stock. m23 0t?rc YOUNG k JONES, 4 Aim St., near Broadway. THE SUBSCRIBER would respectfully in 401^9 form his customers aud the public, generally, tliat lie has on hand a large assortment of Liuies', Misses' and Children's colored and black Oaiter Boots, Buskins, Slippers, Ties.kc ; Gentlemen's and Boy's sewed and iiegged Boots of every description, all of which he will sell as low as such articles can be purchased at any store in the city. . N. B ? Ladies' and Gentlemen's Boots aud Shoes made to order in the best mauner at moderate prices. A call is respectfully solicited. JAMES WALKER, i,-17'lot* re 9? ( nn rl etreer. corner of Woosrer. MRS. M. WlLsON, 291 Grand street, respectlully f jiinforms her friends, and itrangera visiting the city, "Vwtthnt she has now on hand a large aud very handsome aasortrat ..t of Spring Millinery, to which she invites their attention. Mr*. Wilson's atock comprises an assortment of the richest and moat fashionable Hats, such as Cldp,.Cra|ie, Rice, and Shirred, with achoiee assortment of Straws, which she flatters hereell' can be sold more reasonable thou at any other establishment in the city. Country Milliners will do well to call before purchasing. Mra. M. WILSON, 291 Grand it., between Allen and Orchard sts. Ten good Milliners wanted at tha above establishment. xUtni'rc - Aa PTANO FOK'l'ES-rA LOT~OF 8PLENdid, fine toned grR action Pi?no Fortes, jt?>t '? V if "TtW received, rosew od and mahngauv. Call and J * * III aee, if you want bargains. C.HOLT, Jr., ,ie2*<lte?id el SMn IVi ! nit"" -... .m PIANO FORTE, kc.?A vamtt ol uew and second hand Piano Fortes for sale or hire f/A Tli Also, a general assortment of Mnsie and Mn II. X la sical Instruments, at No, (St Washiuglou St., sear Myrtle Avenue, Brooklyn. miiciot'rc _ J. WALKER. . MHtt. JOHN MACF \RHEN, (Trom Je^ZuSgBHMEnrone, pupil of Mud*me Dnlrhen, pianist lo IH f | 'J1* Que*" of England.) gives lc?<m> in Piano 112 I I Forte and Smgiugon the following terms: Two lessons weekly at Mra. Macfarren'i reaidenee, $20 per quarter; t?<re* lessons do., $36; two leaanna weekly at the pupils' reaidenee $34 per quarter; three loaaona do. $30. Mrs. Maefarrrn has the pmgilege of referring to Dr. Elliot, Dr. Hodgra,George Loder, Esq., H. Meiggs. Esq., and the Rev. Dr Wsniwnght 01 Green afreet, near Murine. ie.MOfm , 1 AMCHY, THE ONIgt HEAL CATERER ' Mr Til# Greateat Attrarlion Vet?33 Bnll Finches. with *SCi; from three to fonr tunea. Alan, over 1,000 Hinging ?^4 Canaries, juat imported ria Bremeu, aelected by hia aganta from the in.^t celebrated diatrtcta of Enrol*. This vanety for songs and plumage, will be lound on inspection, to eclipse any Archy hss been enabled to olfer. N B.?On ahow the largest Cockatoo in America. , Archy takei this opimrtuuity to appriae his friends at a die- i tance, hi aiiticipatinn of thia importation, that they may m ke , early a|iplicatiun. I P 8 ?In ooiiarqucnce of the limita of hia old ratahliahment, i No. 5 John Street, he hia rented Bramble Cottage, Bloomingdale, near Biirnham'a Hotel, for that branch ofhia business not oonnrcied with birds, ria: Shetland and Fancy, Kiug Chtrlea fljwiiicls, Pointers, lie., and every variety of Fancy Pigeona, Barn Door Fowls. fee. As usual, letters post paid will at all times meet with prompt ! attention from A. GRIEVE, No. 3 John at. ! JeJ1<H*r J dt FOR MALE?A Cheanut Horse, 6 years old and JLanj^ali hands higlqauitable for a lady's or a gentleman's ^_l^_^snddle horse; la gentle, and has a good action; canters ami tints. Can be seen at Dtabrow'a stable lu the Bowery, jet? 11' and'ai ~ DR. BELLINGER'S INFALLIBLE LINl \ M KNT is warranted to enre sores and nlctra of eve- t ' -? nature in a few days. Itacislme magic in removIng rheumatism, and all other pains. One or two doses is eerKin to islieve bilious cliolic, diarrheas. kc , as it is taken It perfectly delightful in ita odor and flavor. It is universally | acknowledged to be the best family medicine ever offered to die public Price !M cents per bottle. ' Sold at IM Peart streat; C. Ring, corner of John and Broadwav: corner of Bowery and Broome; 3d avenue and Iflth at.; 1 Jeffries'drng store; Dr. Bnrrett's Doves, and Chatham. and at 1 the H'rLm Railroad office, City Hall jS30tsrr ? SKOB SALE?Twenty rail road carta and an one bora# wagoua, and some two horse wagona, and are constantly maki, u to order, where they can be had at the shortest notice if not on hand, where all kinds of carta, wagons and hnr ness can he had at the moat reasonable terms, by MICHAEL 1 MULL SNE, Wagon Maker, No. It and 30 Montgomery at., . .terse,- firy, N I j,iam,?r J KUR LONDON, LlVkftfOOL OR OLA8 JJMfVOOW.?Th? uilroc. copMrud, British built SMbbrig HOPE. H?.?' .til- -eguler, Robert Besant, maa- , " ""TSiffliftoW, ??>.*?. , E NE" NE' Mk^ PLEASANT SUMMER EXCURSION. F-jTlL ^ ?g~ Tuesoay, Wedueeday. tod Thursday ? attiddEu The neamar ION will leave the foot of Ohamban ureal, at 7 o-clock, A. VI ou the above days, lauding at V nn L?r< Haatinri Dahlia' ItVrrV Tartvtnurn Hinir Hinv Grassy Paint, Caldwell's and Peeitskill; and wili learn Perkskill at I P M., landing it all the above (larea on her return, <hui affording taaeenaers an eacelleot opnortunity of viewiug j the scenery on the river. Wilt alao laud and receive iwssenger* at the foot of Hemmoud it. jril 3t* rc I a, PEOPLE'S LINE STEAMBOATS FOH 'WbCaaLBANV, Daily, Sunday! Excepted? MGSB?L> Through Direct?At 7 o'clock, P. M.. from 'ha Pier between Courtlandt and Liberty itreeta. Steamboat ISAAC NEWTON. Capt Wm. H. Peck, will leave on Monday, Wedneaday, and Friday evenings, at 7 o'clock. Steamboat HKNDKIK HUDSON, Capt. R. O. Cruttenleu, will leave on Tueaday, Thursday and Saturday evening* at 7 o'clock. At Five O'clock, P. M.?Landing at Intermediate Place^from the loot o i Barclay itreet. Steamboat ROCHESTER, Captain K. H. Fnrry, will leave on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday afternoons, at 5 o'clock. Steamboat SOUTH AMERICA, Captain T. N. Hulae, will leave on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday afternoons, at 5 o'clock. The above boats will at all times arrive in Albany in ample time for the Morning Cars tor trie East or West. Freight taken at moderate rate*, and none taken after M o'clock, P. M. Q'y" AH partem are forbid trusting any ol the boats of this line, without a written order Irom the cawains or agents. For passtyre or freight, apply on hoard the boats, or to P. C 111;LTZ. at the office ou the wharl je27 rc flit HblUNS-UHLL'S FtKitV, rwdEAFORT LEE. and HACKENSACK?LanddBKaBSyb ing at Tillon'a Dock?fang Own Shilliivo The commoitinus steamboats FRANK. Capt. Isaac Scott, md KOB'.RT VNNKTT, Capt. Frederick (Jaylord, will run Daily, until farther notice, (touching at Hammond and 19th streets, as follows:? Leave N.York Juot Canalit, Leave Fort Lie. . Jt M P. M. JI M. P M. Monday, at C, 0, 10. .2, 3, S Monday, 7tf 12., 1 4jf 6 Tuesday. 6, 8, 10..2, 3, C Tuesday, 3>? 7? 12. .1 4X 8 Wednesday, 6, 8, 10. .2, 3, C Wd'sday. JK 7? 12. .1 4 V 8 Thursday, 8, 8, 10. .2, 3, 6 Th'rsday, 3K 7>J 12. .1 4M 8 Friday, 6. 8, 10. .2, 3, 6 Friday, 3?7>Z 12. .1 4$? 8 Saturday, 6, 8, 10. .2, 3, 6 Saturday,3)? 12. .1 Sunday, 7, 9, 10. .2, 3, Sundry. 8 11 ..13 8 Persons whose time may be so mucn occupied as to render it inconvenient for them to leave during business hours, will observe that a boat leaves New York at 8 o'clock every morning, returning from Fort Lee at 7^f o'clock, thereby affording an opportunity for a pleasant excursion without loss of time. Stages will be in readiuess st Fort Lee to convey passengers to Hackensack. Sundays excepted. jeH 30t*r fpeam. CITIZEN'S NEW DAY LINE OF r_ju.?JL^ZLSOPPOSITION BOATS FOR ALBANY dB&MlmfiiLa A\*n INTKRM F. 1JIA TV. PI. At .I'M _F.,. JO cents?Breakfast aiid Diuiiat on Board. The uew and elrtaut Steamer ROGER WILLIAMS, Cnpt. V. Degroot, Tuesday!, Thursday!, and Saturday!, at half-past US, A. M.. from tlie pw foot of Robinson street, touching at Hammond street pier. Cor passage or frieght, apply en board the Boat*, or to Geo. Uobsou, at the office, 136 Warren street, corner of West street 0T7" All |>ersonsare forbid trusting the above boats on aconnt of the owners. my 19 rh <Ms. CONEY ISLAND FERRY.?The ~*plen" aW11! n 'r' aud commodious steamboat AMERICAN rBSBHa EAGLE, Capt. Power, lias taken her place in the above ferry, and will run regularly during the season to Couey Island, lauding at Fort Hamilton, as follows Leaving Canal street at 9K, 12% and 3% o'clock; Pier No. 1, North River, at 10, 1 and 4 o clock ; Coney Island at 11%, 2% and 6 o'clocks. N. B.?No boats save those belonging to the ferry, will be allowed to land at Coney Island, without a written permission from the proprietors. je26 6t?r MOKN.N LINE AT 8V.VEN O'CLOCK, pws. FOR ALBANY AND TROY and Iutenneii Ndiate Landings. jHHldMMUia Breakfast and Dinner ou board the Boat. The low pressure steamboat TROY, Captain A. Oor'uam, will leave the steamboat pier foot of Barclay street, Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, at seven o'clock. Returning on rhe opposite days. For passage or freight, apply on board, or to F. B. Hall, at he office on the wharf. my20 r AFTERNOON LINE. DAILY, irmm^ FOR NEWBUROH AND FlSHim,*. T?as'Tift N Lauding at Van Cortland's, (Peekskill.) West dDSUUMn Point, Cold Soring and Cornwall. The Steam?r Thomas Powell, Capt. Sainl. Johnson, will leave the piet 'oot of Warren street, lor the above places, every afteruoos (Sundays excepted,) at i o'clock, commencing April 10. Re urning?will leav* Newhurgh every morning at T o'clock. N. B.?All Baggage and Freight of every description, Bank Gills or Specie, put on board of this boat, must be at the risk o* he owner thereof unless entered ou the books of the boat or rr etptad rhr ^^ mvl3 3flt#rc notice! 8TATEN ISLAND FERRY.?On and PL*1$U-?M after SUNDAY, Ai pril 18th, the steamboat! XmiS3SSLm SYLPH and sfATEN INLANDER will 'un as follows, until further notice LEAVE STATEPf ISLAND At 6, 8, 9, 1C, U, A. M., and 1, 2, 3, 4, S. 6, 7, T. M. LEAVE !*EW roll Vt 9, 10, 11, A. M., and 1, 2, ten minutes put S, aail at 4, J 6, 7, o'clock, P. M. New York Aiiril 13th. alS r OPPOSITION PA3SAOK UKMl L?TO " aAPIa'- Albany, Utica, $1 JO; Syracuse, $2; Oswego, So2?uy4BSse$3; Rochester, $2 25; Buffalo. $2 JO; Cleve laud. ft JO; Detroit, $3; Milwaukie, $8; Chicago, ft; Cincinnati, $8; Toronto and Hamilton, $4: Whitehall, $2; Montreal, SI; Pittsburg, $8. Office, 100 Barclay itreet. Any aecurity required will be given for the fulfilment of all contract! nude with tliii company, mil lm*rc \l. L KAY, Agent, New York, 1H7_ NKW IRON 8TKAA18H1P 8 A UAH 8AND8, William C. T< onipeon, commnn13110 tuna register, 200 liorae power ? Tlic d iyi of aailing of the above ship, foi ?the remaider of tliecurreat year, are fixed na follows ;? From Live-pool? I5rh June, 20th Auguat, Slat Oeober. From New York?18th July, 21at September, 24th November. Her cabins are fitted up with uuuaual aplendor, even for a packet ship. The price of paiaage (without wines or liquors, which con be obtained on board.) is from Liverpool thirty guineas,and one guinea steward's fee; and from New York one hundred dollars, and fire dollars He ward's fee. The captain and > gents of the vessel will not be accountable lor any parcel nr package, unless a receipt or bill of ladiug is signed for the same. For freight or pnaaagr .apply to je23 tf-c HtlBT KF.RMIT. 76 Sonih street. FRLNCH TRANS-ATLANTIC 8TKAiMblUP-COMPANY?ROYAL MAIL. ^ aw-By the{ Cambria, the Oeneral Agency is informed that the first steamer, tile UNION, was to sail on the Mill June, and is, therefore, enabled to advertise her departurr from New York, for the 10th of July, unless pievented by some unforseen circumstances. The price ol passage for the first class $120 " " " " second CO For freight or further particulars, apply at the office of the Compnuv. It Broadway. jr20 tflli l"OH- LONDON?Regular Packet 1st Jiil^?The j?fi??uLNCK,Capt. W. R. ft radish,will sail as above, her iv?ui*< iMjr, For passage in 2d cabin and steerage, having splendid accommodations, apply 011 board, foot of Burling slip, orto j28ic J. McMUKHAY. cornrr Pine and 8onth st. **? FOR LIVKKPOOL?negular PacketUth July ? ?#jWy The celebrated packet ship NICW WORLD, Capt. JlMMfiaK night. will sail as above, lier regular day. e.u passage, having uiiri|ualled,acconim<>datious for 2d cabin and steerage passengers, apply on bonrd, foot of Maiden lane, oro J. .McMlJRRAY, corner Pine and South st*. The packet slop JOHN SKI DDY, Capt. Lace, will succeed ' he above, and sail the 1 Ith July, her regular day. j28rc Afrfc- iOK,"ill' OR CHARTER?The first MrJaVV class fast sailing coppered and copper fastened BritJjMmIKw isls bnilt brig HOPE, Robert Besaut, master, takes the bulk of 1500 barrels, and can he immediately despatched Apply to W. It J. T. TAPHCO'rr, je*i r 86 South street. FOR LONDON?Tim A I British built, fist WryjfVssihng bsrk ELIZABETH.Geale, master, will have JHMKainimrdiate dispatch. kor Ireight, to the bulk of 2000 barrels, or passage, having jo ??s.. jeW rc XdKg- UNION LINK OF PACKETS FOR LI VCKL--To sal 1st July, the fine new fast sailing pacMNlflfeltet ship AMERICA, ISOO tons burl hen, Capt McCerre... now on hrr second voyage,will sail punctually as above her regular day. The America has elegant accommodations f..r cabin passengers, and can comfortably accommodate a limited nuinberof second cabin passengers in state rooms, (being a part of the cabin,! well ventilated, and offers grest inducements to pe sons about proceeding to the old country. The steerage is 111 a Urge airy lioitse 011 deck and altogether the America presents ailvsn'a. Ps for pns-eugers seldom met with. Price of passage will lie low?to secure ertlu. early application should be made uu board at I'ier No. i. North River, or to je27 W Ic.J.T. TAPS' OTT, 80 South street. NOTICE?P ... Isrr slop ItO.-il II W, l oin LuerjdHHfWpool, is now discharging under general order. Con aWNifatigneea will please attend to the receipt of their g ..ids .imnediatelv AI goad* not permitted will p.,cirively lie sent to the public ?torc. je27 XiEP."~ SPORT IN O IMTEI.LKJENC F..-A St.OOP KTZV rack, to come off on the 3th day of July, free for MMAfaall sloops wearing their own jib and mainsail, withnt enlarging, Entrance money fifty dollars?three or more to mske a raca?to start from the Hammond street pier, st 10 o'clock, A. M? to sad around a stake boat stationed opposiie Tnrrytnwn, and back to the place of starting, the boat back first t<> have the money. N. B All entries to be made on or before the first day of July. For particulars, inquire of D. H. VRRBRYCKE, J"> Iw'rc comer We-tand Hammond streets. 10 OWNERS AND MA8TER8~6K VE8?Holmes It Springer's Patent Steering Wheel Mfc-'f'ie atieiitioii of ship masters and owners s railed t ibis improvement in the steering gear of vessels, which so ..., uiiiiuumrs neretoiore a ruing m h- ordinary way of pplvmg the altering wheel. A madtl c?? he ?ren and full obtained, by calling on jcHHi'rc KNHHPIIH H'l A H 0.1? I iq \V,11,am nf Ki?M M iLK.?The Varht <IIilCK ACK?She ii in ggv^% beautiful order, la coppered and copper faateued ; ahe mtoUML h a a rahiu that will accommodate ten perinna at dinif Comfortably. The furniture ianrw and h iiidanma; ahe it, a rood kitchen, an I conf, table quarter* for ti e ni-n; -lie )*s flying jib. gaff-top?*il, aail, co|?ra. kc . fcc. Price Si AMI. ih< ut one-third of her coal. She may lie men at Hnhnken. Apply to JOHN STEVEN* Jc23 I a fill. NOTICE?Ccmaignera per packet ahip ROSCII 8, ' adWeajVfrnm Liverpool, will pfraar tend their (irrmita nr. MMaEmbnnril, at Orleana whaif, foot of Wall atreet. All 1 [o nta not permitted within (Ire daya, will poaitivoly be aent othe public atore without further notice. j?M OFL Y~RI!<5UL~A1TXINT! OK PACKETS TO ! JmWVANI) KROM OLASOOW-Theaplendid and fait t Mapbeiiiliiir packet ahip ADAM CA R. Captain John I fVrinht, will aail from New York on the lat July, and from i IHaagow on the lat Sept. I Peraona about to proceed to Keotland, or thoae wiahing to I lend for their frjeuaa. ran make the neceaaa y arrangement i with the aubacribera, oil reaaonahle teima. by making early [ ipplication to W. k j. T. TXPACOTr, r jc2tr M South at, Id d.mrjielow Burling alip. i aA? f'OR NEW ORLE^fS?Loalatana and IN* w " MHMfV York Line of Pacfela?The new and M'leiniid faat ByUU. faat aa.ling bark HO I ON. Cant in D V. Honil ani la now blading and will pnaitively aail Monday, July It. Eor '-eight or paaa ge, having uccommodationa unrqualb d I or aplendor or Comfort, apply on board, at Orleana wharf, I oot of Wall atreet, or to I E. K. COLLINS, M South atreet. i Agenta in New Orleana, Johu O. Woodruff k Co., who will promptly forwa-d all gooda to their eddreae. The packet bark Oeneaee. Captain Minott, will aucceed the Proton, and aail bar regular dap. Jatj r 4 a W YO W YORK, WEDNESDAY \ MEKICAN HOTEL. RICJBTELD SPRINGS.-The a* undersigned proprietors of this above establishment aware 01 the grow in* popularity of this feahionable waterlog place ana desirous of accommodaMteitell who visit it either for health or pleasure, hare been stpast eapeusa is eulaigiog the American, and improving its grounds so as to reader it still more attractive, uow llatter thegaaelves that tliey can furnish visiters with all the luxuries and comforts usually found at the first class hotels. The rooaas are large, airy and coovcu enr, and the uble will be snpp'ied with every dainty. Within a few years these- Springs have become generally known aud highly appreciated for tbair medicinal effects, mud large unmsis visit there eewrv season with decided benefit in aim st all ihe chronic fortes of disease, peitieularly scrotals, rheamatiim, eruptions of the skin, dyspepsia, bilions diseases, aud chronic diseases ol the liver contrac ed in hot latitudes, uervoua debility, Itc. Sic.; and we hazard nothiug in aaying as a means of sure, these springs are belore any other mineral spring yat analyzed in the United States. li: no uortion of tha State is mure oleum* and amraaable scenery thin in the vicinity of theie Springs, and wd5p#e wo doubt that all who tint this place, either lor health ofneiea lion will find it delightful, and tlie American an agreeable abode. At a abort distance from the Spring are a number of lajtea, one within half a mile, where tho^c who are fond of fi?hing will find rare s|>ort. Boat! and Calling tachle can be had at a moment'a notica. Thoae from the North, East and Weat can take the earn to Herkimer, where poet coachea and other conre> ancee are in conatant readinaaa to take them directly to the Spring!. LENNERBACKER It JOHNSON. June 16. 1117, je >0 ft"re HAMILTON HOUSE, at Fort Hamilton, near tne ISar rowa.?This favorite placs of summer resort is now open for the recepciou of boarders and visiters The steamboat American Eagle, Captain Bower, leaves pier No. 1 North River, at 10 A-M.,and 1 and 4 P.M.?leave* bort Hamilton at 0, UX A.M..1K, ">d 8MP. M. Th* public may rely oa tba boat runnMur *> adupnaaed. THOMAS A. ME1NELL, Fobt Havsilto*, June 8th, 1IM7. jelOJlt'rc CONOHKBS HALL, ALBAN Y.?The public are respectfully informed that this establishment having beeu thoroughly repaired and pointed, and newly furnished, is uowin complete order for the reoeption of guests. Congress Hall will accoiuuiodate.itbout 200 guests; there are a large uumber of parlors with bedrooms attached. It is located outhecorner of Washington sheet and Capitol Park, being iu the immediate vicinity of the Cnpitol and all the Bute buildings; the situation is airy and quiet, having tho Capitol and Academy Parks in front. It is justly considered the most ploaaant location in the city of Albany for a hotel. Mr. Landon has Hssocialcd with him, Mr. James L. Mitchell, late of thy r.irker House, New Bedford. The subscribers pledge their united efforts in the management, and hope by the strictest attention to the wants and comforts of their guests, to merit a continuance of the liberal patronage they have heretofore received from their friends and the travelling public. LANDON It MITCHELL. jelO 30tm H~" UDSON RIVER HOTEL, corner or Weat and Hoboken, opiKisite Canal street ferry.?This simcious Hotel lias beeu fitted and furnished with uew fhrniture, and is sow 0|>eii for transient. M<1 steady boarders. Those in want of a quiet home, cool rooms, and pure air, are requeued to call. This house commands a hue view of the North River and bay to Bandy Hook, and Jersey shore, including Jersey City and Habokeu. Also in the vicinity of Kabiiieau's salt water baths, highly recommended for invalids. Suites of rooms for families, and single rooms for gentlemen, with or without board. The proprietor will at all times make it his study to insure the comfort and conveuience of his guests. je9 30t*rrc I 1 aiiu. nAni ni.LL'B w ABIlim# 1'UIN HUUSE, 223 Chesuut street, Philadelphia, (two door* above seventh,) having recently nndergoue repair* and improvement*, offer* to traveller* all the quietness and comfort of home, with all the luxurie* of the *ea*ou. * * Bath* fitted up, cold and warm, for ladies and gentlemen. jl_30t?re l\/t A8SAPEOUA HOUSE, South Oyster Bay. L. I., is IvA now openfor the reception of company.?The hou*e ia beautifully located; the room* are uuu?ually large, airy and convenient; a beautiful bay, excellent bnthiug. lishiug and hooting are within a ?hort dittauce (rom the home. The oar* leave Brooklyn at 9)?, A. M. and 4 P. M., daily, fur Farmitigdale, where stage* will be in readme** to carry passenger* to the bouse. Person* can leave and return the *aine day to New York. The distance from Karmiugdale is IK miles. The undersigned will do til he can to make hi* a ueisrable hirffe for a summer residence. tbsof r ' harle8i e. BNEPKCQR. SUMMER HKSOUT.?The subscriber would respectfully announce to those wishing to eujoy a line prospect ofNew Loudon Harbor aud lurrounding country, that he can furnish them with pleasaut airy rooms, at the situation known as the Stone House, on Bank street, within five minutes' walk of the Steamboat wharf. A* a Bummer resort, where all kinds of sea-food, both shell and other fish, besides the best of sea bathing can be enjoyed' this p ace is probably unequalled. Visiter* from abroad accommodated with the beatof com* and at moderate charges. I1ENRY HUGHE8. New London, June I. 1847. mv3l 30t?rrc North American bar and billiard rooms, coruer of Bowery and Bayard street. The subscriber respectfully informs lija friends and the public generally, that he has takvu the above well known popular house, which he intends to keep in as good style as any similar establishment in the city. The House has been thoroughly painted and renovated, aud the Bar is provided with a choice stock of liquors aud at-gtrs. In the Billiard Baloou are two as good tables as any in the city, which will be under the superintendence ol au attentive anu experienced person, while the Bar will be un der the immediate caro of the subscriber, david m. hollister. N.B. The proprietor will be happy to see his friends on Thursday, the 27th inst.. from II in a o'clock NKW Vdhk. May 2G, 1847 my26 30t r DILLIAKD8.?The subscriber respectfully informs hit 17 pntroiM mid the public, that iu compliance with the wishes if many of his visitors, he h.-u coucluJrd to opeu the Arcade ylate Empire) Billiard Saloon, as a school for the teaching of Billiards, and in order to secure ti e best raleut iu that dejiart. ment, he has engaged Mr. BUIST, commonly known as ANDREW. Uiidr r whose cue, in SWISCtNM with that of the undersigned, the school will be conducted. As heretofore the wishes of visitors will be rari fully considered, and no paiua spared to render this Saloon fully worth) of the high and fashionable reputation it has arquireil. MICHAEL PHELAN, Proprietor of the jef J0t*r Arcade Biliard Saloon. No. 8% Barcliv ?t. SHOE FINDINGS?SOLE AND UPPER LEATHER.? EDWARD GODFREY fc SONS, No. 29? Pearl st., importers of superior English tastings, silk galloons, shoe thieads, boot webs, Satiu Francais, French rail skins. patent leather, colored galloons, silk boot cord, Iscrts; s Isrgc assortment of sole leather and calf skins, constantly on hauO Also a superior quality ol morocco and liuiuga, bindings, kc , of every ue scriptiou. jelTSOt'r P VERY MOTHER'S BOOK?Au sppreheusiou of povrity Aw and the prospect of too large a family of children, prevent many considerate people from entering the married state, hilt here is a book that will tell you many important secrets which may nvetcome these objections. The author is not .vlowed to state more m detail the character of the work, but he knows it will be universally approved of among married people. For sale in moat bonk stores, and ol the author, No. 2 Ann | ?wt. je I 301* re CAST (IFF t; LOT J UNl-i AN I) F V'RN 111, RE WAN TED?Ladies and Oentlemen having any cast off or superfluous clothing or furniture to dispose of, can obtain a laircash price for the same, by sending a notr, or by calling on the subscriber, at his resideui.e, or through the post, which will be punctually attended to. ii. it. uur.iv, u;>i i.auiu at., up stairs. | N.B. Ladies can be attended to by Mrs Dt Boer. Old atock uud job goods bought, of any description and amount. mvitfi 3tH?r Kank s patent portable batiiino tub and Shower Bath connected?A splendid arrangement.?(Jeutlemeii about fitting up their country residences. would do well to call and examine tliem. they are juat the tiling; alio a general asaortmrut of bathing tuba, ahower batha. anil bitha, wholesale and retail. CHARLES KANE, jei 30t?rc 377 Bowery, N7Y. L.JOR PLATES ! DOOR PLATESme Braaa and Silver Door Platea for 81 SO to S3, at (CLASSEN'S, No. 1 Murray street, m*l7 W?*rh e.,..,e, ..I Kmiflwir PROFESSOR Of At IS It ?(i. k. SOLOMON lake. Una mode of informing hia frieuda and the public tha' he has moved to 98 Chatham atreet, where he contiuuea to teach Violin, Violoncello, (iuitar and Singing us heretofore, either in claaser or singly, by a new and improved method peculiarly hia own, by winch fiia pupils are advanced in one half the usual time. Krench Accordion taught Terms moderate mt 3flt*c ffOOTH I.CH??TOOTHACHE.? Dr. PRITCHAHD 8 J- Magic Toothache Mixture, warranted to affoid immedi ate relief, and superior to any Toothache preparation known.? Prepared by an experienced dentist, and approved by able deutistx and physicians throughout the Union. Price per vial, 21 cents; wholesale upon reasonable terms. Office No. 188 Beekinau at. corner of Vrout, and opposite Fulton Market. Je 19 riOt?re MONEX LEN'l'.?The highest prices advanced in large and small sums on gold and silver watches, diamond plate, jewelry, furniture, clothing, dry goods, kc.., kc. JOHN M. DA VIE$, Licensed pawnbroker, ? 838 William street, near Duaas I arsons received ia private office, by ringing the b?II mvtl 30t* e LEO EH IHKRK.H BRAN DIES?( .instantly received and for aale by the aubacriher, (entitled to debenture) a full assortment of the several brands of the above well goowu Br indies consisting of Cognac, Rochelle and Bordrao Uavora, of a great variety of vintages, new and old, in >< X and K pipes, which are offered at the lowest cm rent prices by the nniurter. Dealers are invited to call md examine aamples. HENKY LEO EH. myW 30t*r Office No. IM Wall street. New York. BARTINE'H LOTION.?Office removed toJ6Cnnal street* near Broadway. This celebrated preparation ia highly recommeuded iu all cases of Hheumatiira, (lout, Psuwsnd Stiffness of the Joints, Krysipilaa, Tetter or Ring Woim, Olaiidular Tumors, kc., fcr. It needs but a trial to give the most ample satisfaction. For sale, wholesale and retail, at the proprietor's depot, 16 Canal street?igdera for any i|tiautity,addressed to the subscribers, will be punctually attended to. on*7 l tf I C. 8. BARjjNE fc r O. O I.ECSTATIC L.WPS.-L. Chapdelaine, No. 371 Broad way, has received per late arrivals, a large and splendid ussertmetit of French patent Olenslatie Lamps, of different pat terns These tamps were invented hy the celebreied A. Thi loner, of the French Academy, and are considered the beat I unps now in use. These lamps are for sale only at 373 Broadwny in this city, ^ # u a i j - - nmo, on muni, n nunc lUHoirmcai 01 ncn }iinin #n? cm km*?, cutlery, girandoles, vases, china ware, toilet acts, and evsry arrlilt in the IkiuUhlui line mll30i*re ERVA LENTA.?The tiudcriiitiied have on hand * fresh supply of Ervalento^a valuable remedy in obstinate cases of constipation. Put up in ixmiid packages. Kor sale, wholesale and retail, by IIKLLUC <k CO., AlKithcciuies and chemists. Holr successor* to PLACE 8t SOL'ILLARD, mHWrc No. 2 I'.irk llow, and 'iHI Hroadway. JAMES M. KELLY, Sli*ke?|>earr Building, rornerof *>itth and Cheanur street*. Mercer and Tailor, respectfully inrorma hia eiiatotnen and the public, that he haa taken that old ?ud > ell known establishment, the Sltakapeare, at the NorthWeat corner of Sinbaud Chesnut streets. where will be round i large and general assortment of English. Eiench, and other [oriila, of the beat quality. He haa made arrangements to hare 'srlyand freah supplies of all seasonable and fashionable goods ind patterns. He will devote hia entire time and attention to lis husine a, so that all those who favor him with their custom, nav depend B|a>n their wants being supplied at the shnrttqp otlee, which, in these times, may be regarded at of not tne east importance. By the arrangements he haa been able to nake, from hia long etperienre in business, and in the way of isrchaaing goods, he will furnish hia customers, at as cheat) a ate as an v other competent and fashionable Mercer and Tailor ii the city. He, therefore, respectfully aolieita public patronfttiladelphla. Mao, |g<y ill Its* ? SALE.?Receiving en commission, and constantly on a hand, Butter. Cheese. Lard. Mess, Thin Mesa and Prime ^ork, Smoked Hams, Shoulders, and Beaf, Mackerel, Shad, vilmon, Dry and Pickled Codfish. Also, Molasses in hogateada, tierces and barrels; Sugars in hogsheads, boies and barels; with a gaiieral assortment of groceries. Hold in lots to iccommodate purchasers, at the lowest cash prices, by ? ? . , CLARR. FIHK * CO., tU Kultoo street. N. B.?A large quantity smoked Meats and Cheese, slightly lamtged, to be sold at low prices. all lm*rrc mn?HSES?BBi RK H MORNING, JUNE 30, 184 The Lamentation Of Abigail ou learnlug. while at school, and at a great distance from home, that (luring her absence, her favorite oat had been drowned. Alas ! my jewel, art thou uead ' Thou dear perfection of thy race ' I What sadder tidingsuould 1 dread ! . What pet so dear, can till thy place ' When parting from my darling friends, Amid their number, thou wert classed ; 1 And doubtless till my mem'ry ends. Remembrance of thy charms will last Can 1 forget thy beauteous eye? Surpassed In no gaselle, or dove, And beaming with benignity, Intelligence, and grateful love' Thy graceful gait, melodious purr, Symmetric limbs, majestic mien, Thy matchless parity of fur, More pure than uruine on a queen ' Thy gambols, In our daily walk, which, weather fair, with thee we took, A boon companion, save in talk, And that defect, supplied by look! When on thy ooucb. composed in sleep, _How drolly thou did'st place thv head : Tny lofty, waving graceful leap. " As Peg advanced for being fed' How olt wore washed thy pawn and faoe, (A pbarist-e would eooner fail,) How plnvb tbou sat'st, with what a grace ' And knpt thy toe* warm with thy tall' When on my de*k, how near would'at draw, With wistful eye, aud fit and think ; Or from within, extend a paw. In sport, and grab me, through a chink ' Or how, when mounted on the tree, Whence thou tbyjfrionds within oould'at view, Tbou gav'ft a aign to Nat or me, Or, that unaeen, the well-known mow ? But hopeless wero the attempt to write, In such a tchedule every trait; No demonstration, ahort of light. Can carry proof of ample weight. These simple reoords I shall keep, And often, us I look at them. In honor of tby inem'ry weep, And so will mother too, and Co. Let stoics laugh at us. and Nat, (Their seared consciences never twinged;) Themselves so callous e'en their oat, To be in keeping, should be singed. The Watering Places. Saratoga Sphinui, June -J8, 1847. My wanderings have leduie. a* they usually do, every summer, to Saratoga; for 1 always ilud, amidst its delightful scenes, enough torelirTe the jaded and dispirited mind. Unlike familiar places, it always wears the ' charm and gloss of novelty. Wearied with the commotion and excitement of the city, I hie to pleasant I oftiftvu^n, auu on uij ennui TftUiailCH. At this plooe there is a combination or pleasures, I which I de not find elsewhere. You nan view life in every aspect?the high, the low, the humble and the proud. You meet the nobleman of the Hussias, without having to travel over mountains of snow and loo to 8t. retoraburgh; and can exohange oourtesies with the Frenchman whose manners have been formed with the etiquette ot the court of Louis I'hilippe. la ehort, there Is presented here, in almost a bird's eye view, the peculiarities of almost every nation under the sun, nearly within the same limits we would view them delineated in a picture. Kvery way that you turn, you perceive this diversity of character. You find it in the drawingrooms, in the streets, and at the Springs. As there is every kind of disposition to he suited, so there is every facility for gratification, if the visiter wishes, he cau be involved in all the gaiety and fashlou of metropolitan life; aud, if he pleases, he oan puss his hours In the quiet and retiracy of a farm house. it appears unusually pleasant at the Springs this season. The cold and rain of the past few weeks have prevented too great au influx of strangers, and have given the citizens an ample opportunity to prepare for the reception of their visiters. The opportunity has been well improved. Many of the bearding houses have been entirely remodelled; attention has been paid to the shrubbery ; the streets have undergone u thorough supervision; and a new and striking teaturo has been given to the place, by the erection of a noble block of brick ouildings on liroadway. in place of the old wooden row, which was oonsumed by fire. No village in the State can uow boast a finer range of edifices than Saratoga. The village is now rapidly filling up. Strangers are pourlug in from all parts uf the I'nion, uud in a few days the crowd offashion will throng these spacious parlors. Aud in good truth these noble halls are fit to be the summer residences of the world. There's the proud, imposing frout of the ' l. nited States" rising up and overlooking the whole place, and. viewed from a neighboring hill, are, In the uncertain moonlight, like somu vast fortress; and looking, when you are amidst its stately columns aud i'gliti d liuiis, like a maguillcent . pslnce. The .Messrs. .Marvin allow no opportunity to pass unimproved to enhance the besuty of their hotel. , and reuder it attractive. They have now over ont hun- , dred visiters, about fifty came on Saturday, and there is . every day a multitude of hew comers. TV.- ft-!.?.!- __.l -U. ,. - > ell! a .... UUK'II auu UJV VVU|irM BIV UlllQg Up TBrj j rapidly. About one thousand people came iulu the Til- j lage during the put week bv railroad uud stage. The Tillage was made unusually lively on the J'id inat , by tbe visit of Welch's circus; about .i.wuO people attend- , cd the evening periuruance. Saratoga is tbe greatest , place, for a small one. to raise a crowd. Not the least , interesting feature o< the occasion was the throng of , country people. 1 like the mixing up ot people and dl- ' veraity of character, which < n>- sees here. f The telegraph is in full operation; we have news from all over the world In less than a quarter of a second By another eeiteon the railroad front here to Whitehall will ( be completed, forming an unbroken line of stoam com- , munication from here to Kl Dorado. I lam glad to see our old friend Mundell at .Saratoga. , I called into his news depot tbe o< her day in aearch of . the Herald, and found hint as usual at his po>t. It is a . great convenience to the citizens and visiters of Saratoga to be furnished by him with all the magazines, news- { papers, and publications of the day, in advance of the mail. As you have at present no regular correspondent at Saratoga. I have thought that an occasional letter from , here would be acceptable. As a visiter I have much time upon m; hands, and it serves to while away an hour , to send you some descriptions of life in Saratoga. Awful Traokdy?Two M*n Shot, and one ( Probably Killed ?About 11 o'clock on Satui- | day night, the citizens on the east side of the river were shocked with the report that two men had been deliberately siiot in a public street, aDd within a few rods ?f several shops and taverns, which were still open, and In the immediate view of several persons who were passing within three or four rods of the spot when the tragedy occurred. The circumstances, as near as we can learn them, are substantially as follow:?About halt past ten o'clock three young men, Jobu Burns, James Ualf and David M&lurky, went to a small rel house at the junction of Franklin and Main streets, and within two or three rutin of Alexander's tavern, for some purpose which tut yet It tie not been fully or very satisfactorily developed. The bouse In occupied by Thomas lllsain, a young married man, whore winter also resides with him. Misain ami his wife and sister allege that the young men threatened violence to theui and the house, and they ordered them away, llisam finally took his gun, which appears to have been loaded, (as he says in consetiueuoe of their having been there before iu a similar manner,) and threatened to shoot them If they did not leave. They did retire outside the gate into the street, when Hlsaui deliberately drew up the gun and Qred at Burns, and Balf, who were standing near, aud almost in range of each other. Both instantly fell. On examination, it was found that nearly the whole charge of shot entered in and near Burns' right eye. penetrating the brain and rendering him senseless. When last heard from, (one o'clock this morning.) be was thought to be nearly dead, aud suffering the most intense agony. Ills parents who were soon called, at the sight of their son, became perfeutl v frantic it was a horrible and sickening sight Balfe received two of the shot, one near the left ear, and the other above it, but is believed he is in no danger. Ma- | larky was standing a short distance from the others and received no injury, although he says llisam previously | struck him with the breech of the gun, and threatened , to shoot him llisam, though be made no attempt to as- , cape, was detained by eeveral citisens until arrested by | constables Van ttlyoK ami Bradshaw. A brief examination was had before Justice VVentwortb. wliloh will be | resumed this morning. We learn by a telegrapio com- | municatiou, from the office of the Democrat, this morn- , ing. that Burns died yesterday, and that llisam has been examined and committed for murder. ? Rochtiltr Daily l)r mocrat. I A Riwaway?Nut n runnwuy home, but a J young gentleman and lady.?Quite a cotnmc- ' lion happened yesterday afternoon in the family of one , of our most respectable citizens, at the sudden disap- , pearance of a young lady eighteen years of age, who, in i company with her mother, wvre residing with her undo. th? 1'reaident uf one of .the lo. urauce <ompauie*. , in Now York. It appear* that In time pant, a young , gentleman, abort ot 11 year* of age, who la connected , with one of the Wall atreet Insurance coinpantea, and ( hua been rejourning among ua far the paat year, became t ac<|uaiuted with the young lady, and they agreed to , inarrv; this the old folk* were apprised of, hut the ? inatuh did not exactly auit them. A abort time aince. c tbe young man waa iuduoed by the uncle to put It off \ for two year*. The young folk* thought thia a very long > time to wail, and among their secret doings, made It up ? to runaway the Itrat opportunity that offered. Tbe day 0 was set, and away they ran, the old people, not for a ? moment, suspecting anything wroug. Krom the time n of the abeenoe of the young lady, search waa made by ? the old folka in all quarter* bat the right one. This p morning thulr marriage appears in the New York city ? papers ? Brooklyn Star, June lii. C Morb Outraok?isckndfartitm.?On Friday nignt U?t, the imrnon the iireniise* in T'lghkonic, ^ lately occupied by Krederlck Horahack. but now In the |>oeaeaalon of Mr Lapbaiu. waa totally destroyed ly lire , t here la no doubt but that it was the work of ?u luneii* ^ diary. It had recently rained, and a person was tracked tr for about a mile from the premises The house end other outbuildings came eery near going, and wi re ouly eared ^ by great exertions- lludmn Oattll'. June JO. y mBBSsaassBssssaBsssssssBssssm IRA 17. Albany, June 98, 1847 Intelligence from Albany. A despatch baa been received here from Joahua A. Spencer, of the Senate, conveying the information that thli Senator will be unable to attend the approaching session of the Senate The honorable gentleman did not suppose there would be a call of the Senate when he assumed several lmportaut profetaional engagements, that now prevent hia attendance. The Hon Stephen C. Johnson, of the Senate, in sick. During the interim he haa been suddenly attacked with a disease of the spine; and I conclude, from Information, which reached me yesterday, that he alao will be foroed to remain at home. The Governor doea not know to-day who he will nominate to the Senate, in conjunction with Whittlesey, for a place upon the bench of the present Supreme Court Probably, some member of the Senate will suggest the democratio nominee. The Hon George Folaom, of the Senate, is arrived Several of his oolleagues have alao arrived, and occupy rooms at the Delevan House. The Albany oommittee. in compliance with the instruction* of the democratic general committee, called upon President Polk at the Astor House, on Saturday, and invited him, In proper terms, to extend liis northern visit to Albany The l*resident thought be could not accept the Invitation consistently with the public interests; we must therefore abandon the strong hopes we had formed, that he would certainly come to Albany. 1 met John A. ('oilier (on* of the cominiHsloner* of the CO(le) tO-dav. and h? oh??rw?rl fn maa sionrrs nut h?re last week It 1b not ?xpectud that this board will maka a report to the Legislature during tlia present year. The commissioners appointed to revise and abridge the rules and practice Sic., of the Court* of Record, will, however, report to the next Legislature. Buffalo, June 124, 1847. The Proepetl of theCrops?Oati, Potatoee, and IVheat? Buffalo and ite Harboi?German Emigrante?Delegatee to Chicago?Flour Speculatore, <f-c. The good steamer Kmpire landed us safe at Troy on Wodnesday morning last, where we seated ourselves in the Western cars for Buffalo, the Kmpire City of the once Far West, but now, through American ingenuity and electrio scienee, more near, moro close, and far more intimately eonneoted with the interests of your commercial emporium than Brooklyn, your sister city. The trip by railroad is not calculated to give tho traveller a knowledge of the condition of the crops, only through a small portion of the btatc, hut from conversations with way passengers, something like a conclusion can be formed. Observation, aui the iron steed rushed onward, prcseuted the coming crop of corn, although late for the season, yet in fine, healthy, growing condition; while potatoes, from outward appearances, which arc often very deceptive, however, appeared really iu advance of the age. The "entertainment for horse," oats and hay, were, prospectively speaking, in beautiful preparation for the manger; but that for man presented a tardy prospect. But few, very few, wheat fields looked well, and, as a general average, along the whole route, little better than half a crop cun be expected. From conversations with farmers in the cars, I formed the same conclusion, and regret to add, that from Ohio agriculturists even a less average is anticipated. Much ot the wheat has been winter killed and muoh injured by the insect. This, taken in consideration, with the additional fact that the recent great advance in flour has cleared out almost every Western granary of the usual supplies, will, in my opinion, not allow flour to settle at the comlug harvest, be low $6 6U in your city, although I believe, from European news, that it will fall to that notch. Wo arrived at buffalo on Thursday morning, at late breakfast, and having aecured a pleasant and most comfortable state room on board the luxuriously furniahed and mammoth-like propelled steamer Hendrlok Hudson, Captain Howe, 1 took u stroll through thiN Olson of the West: and while on my way to learn the condition and necessity of harbor Improvement, I passed through the main market of the place, where i found the vegetable kingdom almost entirely in the hands of our honest, economical. hard working German emigrants, who have settled, by the hundreds, within the outskirts of this eity, and turned every foot el soil they have purchased into a productive garden To obtain a correct view of the location of the harbor of Buffalo, I wended my way to the new and well constructed fort, overlooking the head of the F.rie renal ' and Niagara river. From this point I bad fronting mr | on the west, the expansive Erie; on my right nt the north, the hold and ever flowing Niagara, with Ulurk { ltock pier and Clinton's monument at its side, and on i iny left at the south, the yet young, hut wonderfully precocious city of Buffalo, with its thirty thousand inhabitants, its narrow, wiudiug " creek," river or liarls.r. mid its lighthuuse, as a beacou for the commerce that n. ws into its lap like a stream of gold from the uuloid uiiuts of fairy tale. It may be presumptuuus in uie to jump at n conclusion as to "improvement'' of tbs hurlmr of this western New York, but from close observation. I can form but one opinion, which is. that the only improvement" worthy of the prospective necessities for this growing giant, will be such an improvement us to couitruct an entire new harbor, by extruding the pier now forming the head of the feeder of the Erie canal, to within two or three thousand feet of the lighthuuse. at the mouth of the "creek" or river that now encloses all its ommerce. To endeavor to " improve" this creek or river by widening it, which Is one of the plans proposed, n order to make a harbor, would be even more ridiculous ind absurd than it Would have been for the United states (overumeut to have widened Lewis, Mispilliou. Duck or Dover creeks ou the Delaware, instead of constructing l breakwater, at Lewis, for a harbor for the commerce >f the Atlantic. Buffalo "creek" or river, altho ugh rontulning plenty of depth of water for any vessel that run navigate the lake, is only 3as feet in width, and in extent, through the city boiiudary. is only a mile in ength. Now, suppose It was widened fitly, or, say ins hundred feet, and piers and docks extended to that mint, how soon will it be that the Western cry of more room" will follow? Ta# narrowness of this slug [ish stream now compels n?arlyall the large slxed steam-" mats to back up ou coming in, a? they cannot turn liter entering, anu no cuowuipuiwo wiuiniDg, except it van widened to the lake shore. would fie of any permalent service. The extension of the pier tit the head of he canal In the only true " lmprovcm>'nt" that should iver be contemplated by any true friend of the public ntereeU of Bullnlo aud the West. The natural, everlowtug Niagara, with a steady current of 3X knots an hour, will secure a clear opening of this inner harbor, by the construction of a dieconuected pier, or a lock or gate on the pier side, at u proper distance from its mouth, while the eastern end of Buffalo, now In opeu lots, would become the heart, and the commercial centre of the city. It is all well enough, for those who hare already erected warehouses and constructed piers on the " creek'' or present harbor, to urge its enlargement, but if the general gnverumeut js called upon to lend Its resources for " improvement," it should not waste money | by attempting to widen " creeks," but should apcnd it In . the construction of a work that would stand forever, not only as a great public good, but as a monument of the wisdom of Its appropriation. A harbor thus constructed, (aud at less expense than the desired widening of the "creek,") would enclose within its embrace the fleets of a hundred years' increase, and the fort that overlooks, could protect these fleets from any hostile foe that time, in his progress, might bring against us. The only objection, save that of private interest, that can he imagined against this " improvement" is, that the harbor cannot be kept of sufficient water; but it will be difficult to convince any sane man that a continuous current, setting one way, of three and a half knots an hour, with a properly constructed nullet. will not rake the bottom us clear of sand and filling up as the bottom of Hurl Gate. This city is tilled with emigrauts going West, and delegates to the Chicago Convention, (kc All is activity and bustle, so much so, that I fee) as though I was not out of the Atlantio (Jiithara, Hour, wheat, and other produce are pouring into the warehouses, and speculators who have bought at late prices are holding on, and congratulating themselves that the prospeot of a had wheat harvest will yet redeem their investment, and save them from loss .Much oi tho recent receipts of flour and grain have been sold by | owners at the wharf In this city, without running the I risk and loss of time, freight, Sic, to New Vork, and thousands of dollars have been made by purchasers who told on advance, and pocketed the dlrferenoe. by merely transferring the stock, without any other trouble I leave to-night, en route forCbicags, In the llendrlek Hudson, and will give you my second dotting* down from Cleveland Ohio, where we shall arrive to-morrow it about II) A M Mary Taylor Auain?If will he recollected [hat Home few wet*kt* ninc?\ M*icIhiii* ' ay lor wan rsrjr mysteriously robbed of >5000, for the recovery of Which, she offered a reward of > I000 Several persons were arrestsd, suspected of being concerned In the wair; among tn?> nuniw lahhed by the id Municipality poller. Mid handed over 0 the 1*1 It appear* that Madam* T. and Tragar, predoua to hit arrwt. were upon pretty Intimate term* Hid utidrrrtood each other perfectly well After hi* aiprtaonment, thl* good feeling api>?nr* to have broken IT, ami from *onie Inlormatlon, (In what manner ob alned we do not know) hy Captain Voune*. tho hout,e if Mary Taylor we* Marched and nearly all the money rliich wa* eiippoei d to haee been Itolrn found, h??ldeii 1 eonalderable quantity of counterfeit gold aud ailver oln. f'n Saturday la?t, Tregar made affidavit that ladama Taylor had ahnwn him a large quantity of I purtou* coin, and requeeted him to go an I buy her I iimr drefuinN with It, atatlng that *he could get a* much f that kind of money a* alie wanted Madam* T. wa* < rrceted and on Saturday examined by Recorder Genni*, | nth* charge of having counterfeit money in her poe- ! avion. with the Intention of paMtng it Hlie wa* aent efore the Diatrlet Court and the amount of hall on . hloh (he can obtain her releaee, fixed at f?|(l00 ? .Vete ' >i Irani Saulhrrnrr, Jnnr 9(1 I JIkvf.vce Service?Tlic revenue Hteaui'r Bibb, .i[?t VViiibIow Foster, nrriv.-H ut tni? port on tfurday atternnon from New Orlnan*. via Key Weat hnrieaton. and Huilthville. N nth Carolina The Uibbta | >und to Boaton. and put In h-re for coal I he lollowig la a hat of her officer* -Window Koet'r. I ?plain >nn Kaunce, Lieutenant; William H Oladdlng, Id leiitanaot; It illiain H Bowiln 3d Lieutenant; Henry niklnion, 111 Lieutenant - Noifolk Bmron, Jnnr M L D iwm two omu) DeapalchM hwn the Araiv I From the Washington U nion, Jun'i* 1 Despatches war* received on Saturday night by th. War Office from General Snott s camp 8e?? l Jwl Midlers were sick in the hospital* of VerTr!^ Perote, and PueHa ; but, with the reinforc. ments that wer# en reufe from Vera Cruz, he would prnhablv hart troopa sufficient by the Till to march to the rapital per hapa without any serious opposition. He had orderedaU our troops to evacuate Jalapa, in order to etren cthen hi* active army. The last accounts by the steamer James L. Day are from Vera Cruz to the evening of tbe 16th instant, which state that General Scott had adv i cert to Rio Frio. where a despatch is said to have met bim with a proposition for peace If thie last report be true. It Is probable that he will remain at Rio Frio, and net forthwith march to the capital, but. acoordiug to the in timatlon in his own deepatches, wait till about the 33d, both to give himself the opportunity of receiving reinforcements. and to allow the Mexicans mors time to nogootate with tho hotter grace Among the papers that were received on Saturday from General Soott. is tbe following interesting letter from (Jen. Worth, whlob we lay before our reader* : HraDqi-ASTCBi, Pecans, May 16,1847. Sis : I have the honor to report, fbr Information of the general-in-chief, that the forces under my eons stand. Including tbe brigade of Major General Quitman, took military possession of this city at 10 o'clock to-day.? Malting yesterday at Auwsouue, to await tba junction of General Quitman. (tor which purpose I ba<l shortened tin- marches of tbo lending brigade* the two preriou* day*) I found my poaition suddenly menaood, at i o'clock, a m., by a large body of cavalry. TbU force approached somewhat stealthily by a road on our right uuknown to u* A rapid examination, a* It unmasked Itself. exhibited, aa we* supposed, lame 2.000, hut, from accurate information obtained here. 3.000 cavalry of the line, unsupported either by infantry or artillery, and moving a mile on our right and toward the rear, lad to the conclusion that it wan a ruse to attract attention lu that ((Uarter. while the real attack waa to be looked for on the high road in front, or a movement on General Quitman, who might have hecn suppoaed the usual (lay's march in the rear, it wee presently reported that a heavy oolumn was actually approaching on the main road. Thue it became neoessary. while directing a portion of the force against the visible enemy, to guard oar large train, reeerve ammunition, kc., packed in the S'|uare, against the invisible. The 2d artillery, with a section of Duncan'* battery, under the brigade commander. Col Garland. the rtth infantry under Major Uonnevillu, with Nteptoe's battery, was promptly moved, and so directed a* to take the enemv in Hank. The head of his column having now reached a point opposite the center of the town, and distant about half a mile, the batteries soon opened a rapid and effective fire. After some twenty-live rounds, the entire column broke without attempting a charge or firing a shot, and hastily fled up the sides of the convenient hills Only one company of infantry (of the hth) wan enabled, from distance, to deliver its fire. The broken column was seen to reunite aud resume its inarch la the direction of Goncrnl Quitman's approach. The 2d artillery and Htli infantry, with two sections of the light batteries, was put in its track, when the enemy again swerved to the left, aud disappeared In tbo hills. Two miles distant General Quitman was met by the last named detachment, lie had already discovered the euooiy, of whosu proximity the tiring had admonished hitn, and promptly taken his order of battle The dlscemttttoU enemy reached I'uebla late at night, and evacuated the place at four in the morning, we took Noma prisoners, and found a lew dead. The enemy noknowledge a los.s of 81) killed and woundod Gen. Hauta Auna conducted the cuterpriNe. Knclosed. marked A, in a copy of a communication addressed, on the 18th to the civil authorities of Tuebla. Again, marked C, on the 14th, with reply to the latter, marked D ; alao copy ol' circular, dated #th, addressed to commanderi of oorpe, to regulate their conduct in certain contingenclea on the march It Ik understood the force which retired from thia city the day before yesterday, and to-day, la to take poet at I'ueutu del Tesmaluca. distant VI league* on the road to the capital, where it la proposed to fortify. Our reception was respectfully aud coldly courteous, bat without the slightest cordiality. Incessant occupation ha* not allowed me a moment to look into the re*nuroes in way of supply ; but Mr. say*, brcadstuffs win be had in abundance, lea* of beef, and perhapa a liberal quantity of HinaU rut ion*. Very respectfully, your obedient servant. W J. WORTH, llrevct Major Geueral Coinmntidtug. Cant. Scott, A. A. A. (?., head-quarters of the Army, Jalapa. [The papers referred to by General Worth were not couimuuicated with his despatch J We bare very little doubt tbut General Scott is bjr this time in the capital, unless some definite proportion* for peace have been made by the Mexican government A not Iter Spanish View of the Mexican War. [Kroin the Madrid Herald. 3d May.] The news from Mexico is every day mora alarming? the progres* of the Invaders each day more rapid?tha demoralization of the country each day more profound We hare before us the ofU> lal acsouut of the battla of Saltillo. which with reason we considered, from the first, as a very doubtiul victory on the side of the Mexicans The truth 1*. that although they succeeded in destroying a great part of the invading army it waa at tlie cost oi immense losses, and the rout of the AngloAmericans was uot complete, inasmuch as they took many prisoners aud Santa Anna was obliged to retire precipitately, as far as Man Luis do I'otosi. But this is not the worst Whilst the republio Is deprived of all kinds of resources?whilst its principal army is reduced to a state of impoteucy?the Anglo Americans have disembarked 12.000 men within three miles of Vera Crux, without meeting with the least resistance, and have formally commenced the siege of this town, and the important fortress of H Juan de Cilia This place, attacked by sea and land, badly defendad by a sparse garrison, which has few resources, the aquaducts which convey to them the most important element of life already cut ofT. it will be a prodigy if It ahall have been able to resist, eveu for a few weeks, the enereetie attacks of its enemies It if probable that 8 Juan da C'lua la now in the power of the Anglo-Americans, and iu their power, this place will be impregnable. What we announced a few days ago, then, commenoos to be realized. The Mexican nationality I* in tba agonies of dissolution In a few year* the Ktnplra of Montezuma, the brilliant conquest of ilernau Cortes, will he the patrimony of the Anglo Saxon, whose tireless industry will quickly absorb the Spanish race that now inhabit it. Thr country will doubtlm be happier and more rnlightrnrd ; hut1 this is to us a humiliating consideration. which the lore we bear to our country, and tiie race to which we belong, make it unlawful for us to touch upon. The Italian Opera Company. To TlIK F.OITOM OF Till: II ft: R A LI)? Sir ?When talent of aekno%ledgod superiority. In tho persons of Tedesoo, Itainieri, I'eri III, Vita, ?t cittrii warihui. come amongst us, and are using ovary effort in tho science of vocalization to unfold its beauties, harmony, and p rtection. it is much to lie regretted tbat mambets of the press, who ought tn guard true genius, should, because ot the personal quarrel of one member with tho manager, descend from the proud position of Magnus A polios of the palladium of liberty, to emit the feverish and bilious excrescences of their lungs and mind, tn order to destroy a (lower, which they, some short time since, planted in the Park, and irrigated with a pure stream from the fountain of the Muses. All?yes, tho entire press of this city, were versatile and eloquent in their laudations of the Havana company?a carpi so highly praised in lloston. hut when they again return to our city, thuy liuve, forsooth, lost uale, and why ? The citizens of New York are now qualified, both by education and their familiarity with vocal and instrumental music, to appreciate and distinguish sterling talent, without the aid of some who know as littlo about the Italian language, or Italian mode'of slnglDg, its a loafer knows ahont the scientific, astronomical measurement of Sir Isaac Newton. Tedesco?yea, the lovely Teilesco. whose sweet Intonations and rouladn fhromntiquri have covered the stage, making It a .Rui In Vrbr, with beautiful bouquets and wreaths, your professional character can never he tarnished by misrepresentation The electrical, thrilling effect of this prima donna's singing, vibrating in perfect sweetness and harmony upon the ears of a New York audience, whan she lirst anpeared. cannot be forgotten, although efforts | have been uac.l to her fame Tha first night ?hr performed here, n dead eilenca pervaded tha theatre ?the audience were enraptured?the Bound of her nnI.hIIoiim voir*. bur<t upon then, with a frnahneM and novelty. which h( the name time delighted and eurpriaed It wna Ilk*, Ilia development of a mine, which only required the undauntad and akllful energlea <>l an engineer to unfold to the world the invaluable trinaurea it )inaaeBeed Mince the day* of Wulibian. w* never hail a prima doana her* who In voire, all the {Ualitli.a which constitute a II rat rate round lull, deep-toned ctntrmlf, with a rich dear toprann, which would grace a nightla gale, and her chromatin runa and beautiful and preeise blending of half tonea, la the moat perfect rendering we have ever ltatened to. The entire company evince a thorough knowledge of their profeaaion. and every daDon la well and auitably tilled I atn glad. air. to peroeive that the leading portion of the preaa of thie city, who would do honor to the editorial rhair iu any other country, have not. joined in thla uncourteoua. uncharitable attack upon vocal and inatrumeotai excellence VKKITAS. I'HUKt iiKf- i> (Jiv? iNNATi.?In 1M0, wc had l'orty-three bounce ol worship in Cincinnati. Thaan heve hecome inereaacd ill numlwrr to acvonty-aix, of which aix are in variolic atagea of progreaa toward* erection and finish. I hey may b? divided ae follower? Kouian ' atholic. H; Kpiaropal, 6; 1'rnabyteriau. () H , 4; I'reahyterlan, N N , 3; I'reabytcrlan Aaa'd Reformed, 1. Preabyteriari iteforu, I; Congregational, 1: Mathoiliat Kutacopal, 13; I'roteatanl Methodist. 3; Wealeyeo Melbodlat, 3, Methodiat Church Month. I; Baptlat, regular, Diaeipl. a Campbell tea, ft; Unitarian. 1; I'ulveraal lat, I; Heatoratiouiat, I; t.hriatian, 1; Bethel, Boatmen'?, I; Herman. Lutheran and Reformed. #, KnglUh do do, t; United Brethren. 1; Welab I-alviniat, 1; Welah ( on pregatlouaiiat, 1; Friunda 3; New Jeruaalem. I, Jew'* Synagogue*. -J; Heeoud Advent, i.-ClM'l Jtivrrhitr. CH AP SUOARx?New crop Ureen ami Black Teaa and Family Orocvriea. Juat received liom auction a large atock of white and brnwe lumra, gieen and black leaa and uroeerie., all ol which a.e offeie.l at uuusnal low |>ricra. Loaf ?ugar ? * cent. |H,u..d; ctaaned ?lo fta ad. 7 lb . brown auga. Ja. Light do l? ad. i cllow Porto Bicota; light Havana dot*; flu ?l Oolotia tea 7? cent s line Voting Hyaoti 'iO cente. good black and gre. u it*. . d 'a h; prime old culler (71 cent, lb, ground Jell . a id Krocenea of all kotda for aale to quantise. l?y?tl *' ?> JSC and Iff (ireeiiwirh, a d 7a V'e,e> ?jrw? t. N. B Dealer. aad famtltaa from the eoaulit woaid do well to call be hire parehaatug. Hood. del.vered to theboat, ia .jh out charge.. Jeltl *1. m * %

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