Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 18, 1847, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 18, 1847 Page 2
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JTEW ioRK HERALD. rmt * ?*, ??n4?r. ?*. ? ?. Th. Deuili of (be Maws. We shall post the full market reports brought by the Britannia, on our bulletin boards early rbin morning. To-mojrow's Herald will contain thn detaila of the news. A&1XVAL s TEAMSHIP BRITANNIA, AT lOITOV. i TWO WCKK'I LATER ( INTELLIGENCE FROM EUROPE. ) State of the Corn Markets. ? c Another Considerable Decline in < Breadstuff's. t ADVANCE IN THE PRICE OP COTTON. * ENGLISH WAR IN CHINA. 5 ________ ______ , the foreign mails. ? I J a die. Ac. ;&c. ] Tn? steam ship Britannia, Capt. Harrison, was jj telegraphed from the top of the Merchants' Ex- I change, in Boston, at half past 8 o'clock yesterday J morning. She, hiving sailed from Liverpool on I] Sunday, the 4th instant, has made the passage j In less than thirteen days. She reached the city i about 10 o'clock. ' Our special reporter immediately boarded her, J obtained the latest intelligenoe, and transmitted t it over the telegraphic wires to the New York J Herald office. | The news is important in various points of J view. 1 The greatest anxiety is, of course, manifested { to ascertain the state of the grain markets. J The chance that took i>lace in prices in the ! ,\ Liverpool market, in the two weeks preceding j, the day of the departure of the Britannia, can be ^ Been at a glance in the following table, which is V made as correct as the telegraphic reports will ^ permitj; ^M? Faiett or Bar.ADiTurn in LircarooL. June 19, July 3. Per Caledonia. Per Britannia. American Whset-, 11 ? i 1) S a IndUn Corn 47 0 a 61 o 44 6 a 45 0 Indian Maal 33 0 a 24 0 W 0 i!ll II a American Flour. . . 30 0 a 40 0 31 0 a 34 0 These quotations, to prevent imposition, we r had posted on the Herald bulletin and throughout j Wall street, before eleven o'clock yesterday morning. Annexed are the details of the news:? c Telegraphic Despatch. No. 1. Liverpool, Sunday, July 4, 1847. 1 Large sales of Western flour at 34s, but that ' price oannot be realized for any considerable 1 quantity. Richmond and Alexandria 33s per : barrel; Philadelphia and Baltimore 32s; New ' Orleans and Ohio 81s; Canada sour flour 28s a 29b. 1 Indian meal 90s to 21s Indian corn 44s 6d to 49s per quarter Cotton has advance^ fd per lb. since la?t 1 steamer. Telegraphic Dwpitcb?JVo. ?. Liverpool, July 4?11 A M * The Corn Market. i A signal depression has taken place 111 the corn c market since the departure of the last steamer, 1 attributable to many causes, but more par- 8 ticularly to tb? prevalence of fine weather and J' the growing steadiness of the money market, t Prices have become unprecedentedly low.? J At the closing of our market yesterday, P. ( M., the best Western Canal brands would \ not fetch more than 34s (id per barrel. : and in some few instances it reached 35s., but ' the transactions were generally of a retail cha- j racter, and did not indicate the slightest speculative disposition. Large quantities were Bold < at 34s. per barrel, but that is a price which could not be realized for any considerable quantity today. Richmond and Alexandria are quoted at ( 33s- per barrel; Philadelphia and Ilaltimore 32s; *?? i^-i 1 nu:. oi- . 1 ^PW ISneilUS uuu UIIIU aio.j i uncu Uiaicn aiiu , Canada flour from 28s to 29s per bbl. Indian corn has likewise suffered a material depress'on, and cannot be quoted higher than 44s. 6d. to 45s. < per quarter. Inferior sound ranges from ;<2*. up- < wards. Indian meal stands at 20s. to 21s. .1 per bbl. of J90 lbs. * The rumors of the potuto are exceed- j h ingly conflicting^ and not reliable, and the grow- b ins crops are 1,1 a slate of the utmost forward- n ness. The weather could scarcely be more fa- tl vorable than it is. Thk Cotton Market. ^ The /narket liaa been cousidciably afiected, t< and shows a state of decided improvement?the advance ?d per pound since the E last steamer. Our latest quotations are for 1 Upland and Mobile7); fair Orleans 7j per pound. } The American descriptions sold this week, com- 1 pnaed 16,000 Upland, at to 7|d; 26,060 Orleans ' at 64 to 8^. 10,680 Mobile and Alabama at 6j to 7f, and 2M0 1 Sea Island at 13d a 22d per pound. Less activity has been evinced to-day, though a large quantity offered, affording a turn in favor of buy era. The entire stock now in port, is estimated at about 448,000 bales. The American proportion standing at 888,000, showing a material general decreaseMiSCXLLaOTOUS I.vrXLLlOZlS'ci The Boyue ports in the China seas were captured, and completely destroyed by the British ' land and naval forces, on the 26th of April. 876 pieces of artillery were seized nnd spiked in thirty-six hours Father Matthew hat* received a pension of ?800 a year from the crown Humor states that , the Pope has deolined to make him Bishop of j Cork. Mr. O'Connell'a remains are expected to , arrive at Southampton on the 17th. The Sarah Sands steamer put into Cork in con- J sequence of an accident to her machinery. She < was expected to sail yesterday, the 3d inst. The royal mail steamer Hibernia, arrived on the 28th ult.; Henry Clay on the 24th; , .Marmion, 25th; St. Oeorge, 25th; Cornelia, < Oxford, and the Ann, 28th ; Adirondack, 28th; the Sheridan on the 20th; the Shenandoah and Sir Isaac Newton arrived at Havre on the 16t1i I and 21st of Jane. The Washington steamer arrived at Bremen ^ on the 19th. lenny J-intl liac created the greatest possible 1 sensation in London. Jfhe is engaged to sing ' for two nights m Scotland, (Glasgow and Edm- < burgh,) at a remuneration of ?1,000. fever is dreadfully prevalent; in Liverpool it 1 , has made the most destructive havoc amongst ! the Catholic clergy, right been swept ! away in two months; the distemper was in every t instance contracted by theni while visiting the 1 aick ! Thk Provision Marksr. Prices have been generally steady for the last fortnight, so that any important alteration can- > not be named. Prime mess beef is worth per tierce from 90s. to 96s.; ordinary 86s. to 90s ; mew pr bbl .6e tottOj. Of old prime mess and mess prime, lio quotations can be made. ork stands at, tor aammamaammmsmmmmmmmmamam prim; met*, n-w, jtt fcfcl ,*J- toTflc eld, C5i to 70a.; prime, 56* to C2-. Han*, m pickle, ^ ell freely, but there haa b?ea no market , < Rosin and Turpentine?The urrivaU have ; been considerable, and the price# fair. 2fl,000 bbl?*. turpentine have been *old at 6s. J*d. to i 7a. 4d. per cwt J There is no important change in metals?iron , continues fair at the prices quoted by the last J steamer. i financial affairs. j The money market has considerably improv- j ed, and greater confidence has been infused into ? every branch of trade. Not only is a grow- J in# liberality evinced by the Bank of Kng- * land, but the provincial banks generally j iiauiiebt a spirit of enlarged accommodation.? 1 Flie paper of the Bank of England in actual cir- J illation, including seven days and other post nils, decreased last waek from ?18,816,061, to ' ?18,741,490, being a difference of ?73,501, while < he increase of bullion was ?14,808. j r This clones our dispatches. Wre made an effort c o obtain some further intelligence, but towards \ vening the wires became disarranged east of ( :pringiield, and would not communicate to Bos- [ on 11 The Passengers by the Britannia. ; 0 ? ? For Halifax. ler Or Gray and lady, Lord Jamea Butler, I t ??? Wray, Mr Duncan, i v lJ*?Wf,Or*V. ,, , Mr Jastice Parker. !g i C Willu and lady, JVrt Parker, , Pwo Muifi Willii, J Gururr. B Uuiacke, Hixon ana wife. . ... For Boston. Ir Shaw and Ndy, Mr Payion, Ira Blake, child aud nurse, Maaier Stone, I nine is 8 Blake, J 8 Nye, I 8 Blake, William Gawtry, New York, Ira Wataon and fervant, Mr Lepree, ? Irs H L Faber, J Irwin, New York, * * Utaphe Stone and lady, Mr Wyeth, c 1is? Stone, Mr Nicholson, n /lis* Forbes and maid, Mr Anbeiaon, rlr. Warren aud lady. J Ellison. 4r Cuumngham arid lady, Mr McNab, c 4r Win H Lewi*, Pbilad'a, Mr. Millrsone, I 1 A Whitwell, NY. P Orne, r 'lr Arklay, NY. W L Kirklaod, , ?lr. White, NY. J Nichols. <tr Keunard. NY. L D Senat, Phila , 11 L.. Lirber, N Y. Hou J Stewart. ti [" W Strong, NY. PL Senat, Philadelphia, L ' Randolph, NY. 8 8 Hynde, New York, ?] ilr Regally, N Y. Mr Wsddineton, n Pearce, N Y. Mr Hyse ana eerranf, ,, t N Falun, NY. A Hyse, ' Berne. N Y. H McCall, New York, ml I'hesC Harrison, N Y. J Piflend, New Orleans, * oseph Einiry, NY. G E Stone, n> lone Brown . ft B Perry. New York, tc & Kimgiuger, Wm Mcintosh, .M Bradsniw, Charlea Lander, ?j. 4r Hampsou.Jr, Robert Fletcher, I homas Wallace, Mrs Wilson, New York, aim's Rhodes. Mr. Dupont, V. Fuller, New Jersey, T. W. Colburn, wi tr. Patterson. Mr. Curllidgc, Wl L. Wier, Montreal, Mr. Krought, ai laster Wier, A.J.Kingston, aptTGHyler, Mr. Dry, New York. . unci Marahall, , From Halifax. wl lr. J. McNab, Mr. JVlcKeuzie and son, nc Irs. Fitch, Mr. Itogerson, wi sr. J. Pryorand lady. Rev. R. Lowell and Udy, pr lias Pryor, Mr. Philips, Wl Learning, P. Derereanx. P. Fairbanks and lady, ?1 The Britannia's Alalia. In The mails brought by this steamer left Boston HH t 5 o'clock yesterday afternoon for New York ?i nd the South. They will rrach here this Jj| norning, if no accident occurs, and be ready lor 01 lelivery about 10 o'clock. Later from Venezuela. ? We are in receipt >f the Caraccas Liberal 01 the 19th ultimo. One Policarpo Sanchez, who had been enleavoring to raise a faction in the town of Pao, iad been killed by a citizen named Fausto Gelis, md it was thought that thia would put an end to my disturbances that might have arisen through his means. The Venezuelan government had adopted the plan of sending missionaries to the various parts of the repubtic, in order that, by their preachings, they might explain to the people how well they were situated. Theatrical. Bowery Thcairx.?We understand that Mr. Jackon, tho manager of the Bowery, ha* succeeded in effacing a ihort engagement with Mr. C. Burke, the popular omeJian, from the Philadelphia theatre*. The moveaent is a good one, and will be duly appreciated. That ,ctor come* among us with a high reputation, and will to doubt increase the attraotiveness of this theatre. We lave not bad the pleasure of seeing him on the stage. lUt from what we have heai d of him we are satisfied that j le will be received with favor, lie will appear on MonIny evening in the comedyof "Ole Bull,"' in which he will >lay a solo on the violin, and slug a celebrated song entiled ''Independence Day.'' He will also appear in the Spectre " Bridegroom, or a Ghost in Spite of Himself." These pices and the grand tragedy of'Rlchilleu,Hn which Messrs. Marshall and Chanfsau will take the part* of the Cardinal and the Chevalier de Mauprat. oompose the bill for Monday evening. Vacxham. Garden.?There will be a variety in the ! entertainments to-morrow evening at the above saloon. Mons. Delacroix will exhibit his Mechanical Automata t Lilliputian Figures, beautifully attired, and performing the functions of vitality. Between the respective parts . uf his exhibition, several ballads, duets, trios and glees, f will be given by an exoellent vocal company. The ( enterprise and energy of the proprietor deserve respect- , Able patronage. MualcaJ. jj Castle Garde*.?There will be a grand Sacred Con- j j >ert of Music, by Dodworth'f Brass,, Band, at the Gar- , b len, this evening. From the crowds that every night * 'rerjuent t'jis neat amphitheatre, It Is certain that it j a* rill be filled this evening, as those who are employed i al uring the week days will embrace the apportunlty of w earing buautiful music, and getting a peep from the ai alcony at the Chinese Junk, lying at the outside pier. B Vo do not know a more beautiful and refreshing pro- st lenade on a summer evening, loan mo oaioony 01 iim- u le Garden. i 'l ?, New Books. , , u r.emabkable eventi in the History or Amkiica- | 0 [. Long and Brothers.?The seoond number of this work , * i out. ; * Chimicm' Cvclofedia or F.>iiliih LiTturor? ] J lerford k Co., and Long k Brother* hare published No. I1 3 of thin excellent work. j A. tt Barnes k Co., 61 John street, have published In ' , >amphlet form an address delivered by E. U. Mansteld, I , >f Cincinnati, at West Point, on the utility and services i >f that Institution. We recommend it to general attcn- I lion. I Mexico as it Was and u?By Dranti Mayer.?The | : sixth number of this sterling work can be obtained of j . Long k Brothers, 33 Ann street. ( H. S. Tanner has reosntly issued a road and dlstanct map of the Middle. Northern, and Eastern States, Canada, ko , in a very neat form. It is an exceedingly useful : 1 affair, and indispensable to travellers. ' hiiaktrcare and hi? Friends?Burgess, Stringer k ' Co ?This excellent work can now be had complete of library"|,"'"""Tr" " ?""? uuu " ,u ! i Wm H. Graham baa published an account of tha Canaiilll Murder* in the South Weat, written by Chaa Sumerfleld, of Texaa. The Ftowm PmoKimo-K. Martin, 170 Broadway?We hope thli excellent and beautiful work reselvea the encouragement It deaarvea. It la a meet oompanlon for every lover of nature The Architect ? By Wm H. Ranlett -Wm. H. Gr* ham baa got out tbe 9th No. of thla excellent work We are iiure that bulldarn and gentlemen need but to fee It to patron!a? it. 1776, oa the Wa o? lupr.n ide.xce, Illustrated with numerous engraving!--Edited by L'enaon J. Loaalng. End publlahed by Kdward Walker, 114 F ulton atraet.? Here we bar* a work which should be in tbe hand* of very youth In tha land It la a complete history of the Anglo-Americana, from the period of tbe union of the colonies againat tbe French to tbe Inauguration of Wash ngton, and illuatrated with numerous engraving*. e*u suted in tbe tlrat atyle of art, of plana of battlea, prominent events, interesting local it lev and portraits of distinguished men of the period which tried men'a souls 1 he atyle in wbloh the work la got up ia unexceptionable i ' We will be disappointed it it be not received with great i ravor. and tbe patriotic enterprise of the publlaher relelve Ita juat reward. The Americt* Jocr>al c> tnr Medical 8cir*er.? 1 -l.ea It Ulanchard, Pbila Wo are in receipt of the July No. of tlila very valuable woik, and are aaliafied that 1 It la a valuable addition to tbu iH'rary of tba phyHcian ! 1 OceRai Reek.?We have received fron: T Bradford. Philadelphia, a reply to (Jen Reed'a remark* on a late publication in the Independent <?azetteer. naneftal 8ant? Aiy*.?A. Holly, Ihiladttlphia, ha* published it liknnrM of (Jen. Santa Add*, which in pro- I uounced correct by ' om. Moore, and Ale*. C. Blount. fh? workmanship u excellent < opio* fan be obtained 1 at C. Holt, Jr. IAS Kulton street News prom tup. Mountains.?The arrival, last vcning, of (.'n|it. Laburgr'a mountain boat, the Uartha, in l??* than thirteen day*, from Fort Union, at he mouth of the Yellow Stone. di*|>el|ed the fear# for ler low*, which gained currency the day prerlou*. She net with no accident, and ha* made a prosperous royage Her cargo consist* of 1306 pack* of buffalo robM, 'JHO jacks of sundry peltries, !'fl sacks of buffalo tongue*, 137 beef hide*. Ike. The paMenger* on the Martha were. John II Rarpy. , K?v Father Point, and Mrm*. H. I). Pecctte and P U. Paptn, of the American Knr Company. WM "inlet In the t'pper Ml??ouii country, and nothing of especial note transpiring The Indian* at r.ouunll B1uff* were still expecting a Tlalt Irom the J|ut lh* K*ntl*m?n who came down from the Vellow Htone, think groundlewly?Sf /.own HtrHllr, i j Cltjr lDMlU|MM. Tmx VTr turn ?'I be tbrnnomtUr stccd^t 3 o'olook, in Wall JKraat. yesterday, At W degree*. The rup ?boat W o'olook M. flood at 81 iym. Tha heat during the day, In the absence of a breese, ?u ?ome what repressive Thk Slave Ca?k?This oimih decided yesterday morning, after five adjournments. Upon the partlei appealing In chamber, the Judge announced that he had rnada up bta decision. which wan to deny the motion to liaoharge the alavee. Mr. Jay applied to have the matler re-arguod. on the ground that ha waa the attorney >n record, that he had uot been heard, and that the >er*oo? who had aaaumed to aot made admiaaion* which .bey were not authoriaed to do. J udge Daly aald that >o bad adjourned the matter twice for hi* (Mr. lay'*) convenience, although the opposite party night have instated on hU proceeding at once, t &I40 appeared that the slaves were in conunuilcation. while in the chamber, with the gentlemen vho acted for them, through the medium of an nterpruter. and that they bad reoognlaed all their aota, tnd moreover, he, Judge Daly, advised or suggested to Mr. Hopper to employ counael. Under theee ciroumtances. he would deny the motion for a rehearing after le bad given hi* opinion. Mr. Jay then said he would withdraw the writ. This the Judge refused, on the ground that he had given bia pinion. Mr. Jay proto-ted against the deolsion. The Iheriff was next directed to hand over the slaves to the ustody of the Captain. They were accordingly -scorted to the pier where the bark lies by a posse of ifflcers) and put on board. A writ of certiorari i?< been Issued to carry the case to the kuprece Court. Two writs were issued out of the Ircuit Courton Friday evening, one at the suit of Da osta, and the other at the suit of Da Rocha, the two nale Maves, for sseault and battery and false impriaonnent. upon which the captain was held to ball in $6000 >n each Kloi-h awp Bread.?The bakers have already reduced he amount of their charges, and the loaf has bean somerliat enlarged since the arrival of tha lata news bv the termors The news in Rood for the poor, and will bo ally appreciated by our citizens In general. Arrital or Emiorast PAticnocai.?The number of migrant passengers arrived at this port from foreign ortu during Friday last, amounted to 207; the major art of whom were from Ireland. Fikk.?A fire waa discovered, yesterday morning, at lo 299 Grand street, and waa promptly put out by oilier* Badger and Jaquee, with a fow palla of water. Daaage trifling A Mysterious Affair.?The coroner on Friday ?u ailed to hold an Inquest on the body of Henry SUnnory oomls, aged nine months, an illegitimate obild of Mina .oomis, who bad been for nearly two years a servant In be employ of Henry Johnson, tailor, now residing oor- J er 86th street and 8th Avenue. From the testimony I iken before the coroner, it appear* that Mina gave | irtb to the child at the house of John*on. After that tie left, taking her obild with her. and went before a lagictmte and swore the paternity of the child to JohnMi. Receiving no encouragement for hi* support, she pplied to the Alms House to become an inmats. John>n's wife believing her spouse innocent of the charge lade against him, and being In want of a servant, went > the Alms House, and after some persuasion, induced ina to come and live with her again. Mina, while in le employ of Johnson, acted in several capacities? metlmea working in the Hold, at gardening, at other me* engaged In household duties. When Mina ss at work in the field, Mr. or Mrs. Johnson, or lioever was in the house, took oharge of the Infant, id bestowed upon him the attention and kindnes* quired. The ehlld was thrifty, fat and hearty, the language of Mr*. Johnson, ho could not be otheri*e, for he had so many father* that even Mina could it tell who the real father was. Ten days ago, Dr. Edird Hall, of Yorkville, who bad for somo * time eviouH been attending one of Johnson's apprentices, is asked by Johnson to look at Mina's child's m, which was much "swelled?and charge the expense her. On examining the arm, the doctor detected fracture of the bones of the right forearm?but beg somewhat in a hurry, diieoted a cooling lotion to be iplied, and as soon as the swelling went down ho would t the bones. At a subsequent visit, the doctor seevered the right collar bone broken, the ninth b broken at t"e angle, and the jaw bone fractured rectij in lront, and several of tbe teeth ready to fall 11. ZHO Olie OOUIU W5H wueu ur uy wuuui tiitj lujunco ere inflicted. On a post mortem examination, large lantities of purulent matter was discharged from tne irtn of the body tba't had been Injured; and the seveil boned fractured as above stated?the Internal organs ere found in a healthy condition. Thus, after a close lamination of the several witnesses, no evidence was lotted that could fix guilt upon any of the parties ? ohnson and his wife frequently quarrelled about the hild; yet all the evidenoe shows that they uniformly reated him with kindness. After a patient inquiry, rhlch continued through the day, the jurv rendered a erdlct that the deceased came to hUi death by violenoe rilfully inflicted by some person or persons unknown to be jury. Mii.tcaitM aku its Victims.?Coroner Walters was tailed yesterday to bold an inquest at (S3 Laight street, in the body of Timothy Llftchtld, a native of England, ?bo died on Kriday after a brief sickness, and under the 'ollowing circumstanoes. The deceased, it appears,was i standi Mlllerite, and becoming sick, two of his brother neuibers, one named Gibbs, who styles himself an M. D. MMttlMy repaired to the residence of Mr Lift* hild, and announced that tbey had beeu sent by .heir prophet Snow, with a message to the deceased ind directions to prescribe for him, and that uness he consented to receive the message of the pro)bet and medical aid of brother Gibbs, he would >e damm d for ever. After considerable confusion in he* bouse. Mrs. Llftchild reluctantly furnished tbe ' Snowitcs" with a supply of hot water, salt.sugar. gruel, .nd which, utter an addition of a number or pills and arious powders, about two quarts of the mixture was .dmlnistered within a few hours to tbe afflicted patent. This course of treatmont was continued Jtnoiil without intermission until he expired on 'rid.iy, when brother Gibbs and the prophet contended hat liad the deceased not been a back-slider, he would tot liuve died. Krom the facts elicited in connection of uedical testimony adduced before the coroner, tbe jury aum to the conclusion that tbe deceased oame to his leatli from want of proper medical advice and attenlance, and rendered a verdict accordingly. Fulton Street 8taoes.?The driver of one of this ine of stages is so Insolent to his passengers that the ntert st of his employers must be seriously Injured by it. 'or the popularity of tbe line, and for tbe comfort of .hose who patronise it. we would advise the propriaor* to remedy this evil as soon as possible. Acrinrnt.?A lad about 13 years of age, was run over resterday. about 3 o'clock, by a milk wagon in tbe vicinty of Bowery and Division street. He was taken to the s]ty Hospital. Police Intelligence. Faht Prrlencet ?Officer Stephens, of the lower poIce, arrested, yesterday, a man by the name of Silas F. lines, ou a warrant issued by Justice Drinker, wherein e stands charged with obtaining 10,000 segars, Talued t $110. from David Carvalho, residing at No. '10% Stan>n street, by false and fraudulent representations. It ppears that in March last the accused purchased the bore segars from Mr. Carvalho, representing that he as a merchant and dealer in oil and candlcs, id had just sold a bill of goods to a Mr. rock of Poughkeepsie, and could likewise sell the above gars to Mr. Brock, and have them inserted In the same ill;on this statement,together with many others respectig his own (Ames') responsibility, Mr. C. delivered the gars, and not receiving his money according to prot.?c, he began to enquire Into the solvenoy of the acused; when he ascertained that all his representations rere false and fraudulent; for the very morning that tbe t?gars were delivered to tbe accused. Instead of their ?lng sent to a Mr. Brock, of Poughkeepsie. they were mmedlately sold to a Mr. Ketsmore, grocer, at tne corker of Mott and Broome street, at a much lower prioe ban what he agreed to pay for them Consequently, ipon these facto being showu, Justice Drinker held hlui ,o bail in the sum of fiOO. to aus*er to the oharge, in lefault of which be was locked up. Jirrtit of an Etcaiitd Convict.?Officer Tilloton of he 17th ward. arrested yesterday, a follow called Daniel llitchill. nn esrajml convict Irom Hl.iok well's Island lustiee Ttajm sent him back to his old quarter* to Inish nut hi* term of sentence. Rot,in! on the Piv? Points ? Officer Lorneen,of the tiih vai d. arrested yesterday, a woman called Mary L. Sherfor.d, nn a charge of stealing $'J4 70 in gold and silver :oin. belonging to Wo. Jackson, whllt in a thieving :rib, loc.ited on the Five Points. Locked up for trial by Instlce Drinker. Stabbing.?A man by the name of Patrick Murphy rac arrested on Friday last by officer Smith, of the 18tlt vard, on a charge of slabbing a man oalled Edward Stephens. with a kuifa, while In the store ef T Mclllveney, n 30th street, near 3d avenue. Locked up by Junior Koome. >4 Dishon'tt Cltrk.?A young man by the name of ParidonK. Menges. clerk. in the employ of Oustavus F. Meyer, Widow X Co .dealer* lo toys and fanoy articles, No 69 Maiden lane, was arrested yesterday, by a policeman of the 10th ward, on a charge of embezzling {is M the 6th of July, au<l various other mini of money at livers times, and appropriating the same to his own use. It appears that, ou the lith of July Instant, the hcMised sold bUl of poods amounting to $3A id to Mr P. Holt, of Hartford. Conii , and received the mine, fr,r the mme, but Instead of paying it over to his employer, he pocketed $18 4, and the bslanoe, $17 34, he enters on the "Mai* M^oy' od to* Ktn in?Uitir, in* aocuseu einncizi< u f>10 30, lb* nron6?(J.i of (i sale to Daw it Webb, ami mother od tne 10th of $1 M. JufiIoh Drinlier h?|J him to bail on a chars* of petit larceny, which ho procured. ?Dd yac liberated from custody. ptrmml It l? *atd that the Her. Dr Ualrd declines sustaining the offlce of Prerldent of Jeffi-rson College lu rcnnsylvan la. The Joneeboro' (Tennessee; Whig myt ?WhenQan. Worth left for the seat of war, he mortgaged hid farm and residence for the payment of a debt of $fi000, which he owed one of hii neighbor*. The property waa about to be Mid under the mortgage, when a few whig friend* npeueda subscription and puid off the debt, without hi* knowledge. Thj Works at Lmvrfncf, .Mass.?Th? dam hcrosfi jIip Merritnapk, at the* new town of Lawrence, I* to be. when completed. DiHi (V?t iu fength, 16 wide at the bottom, I'1 feet at the top, and varying in height from 2.'> to it) feet, according to the bottom ot the river. It I* constructed of heavy stones laid in cement. It Is intonded that the dam shall he completed before winter *et* in The canal, from which water I* to be used. I* a mile In length, following the bend of the river, it a distance from It, of about, too feet?one hundred Vet wide at It* mouth and sixty ot the termination, with i depth of 1'' feet. I'he Atlantic Mill*, already comneiioed. ?l retell down the river 1900 feet, wher* tbev itrike the Bay State .VUU. of 1000 feet, in length The nlll* of tbe?? two corporation*, whsn flnUhed. will orm a continuous line of smooth wall, of half a mile, rbe mill* of the Atlantin company will *urpa*i In magnlude and (Olldlty.any other similar structure* ? SaUm 'iaxeltr. ' The Dayton (Ohio) Journal of the tlth instant, says .ha farmer* in fiat vicinity are busily engaged In harresting The rye was ready to cut. aud the cutting of vhaat had already commenced. Tne yield of wheat Is vpresented to be net tar than wa* anticipated, the head* if tba wheat being heavy, and the grain plump and well tiled ft L?w IiutillfMtM. I V S Orrtel. JnTy 17 ? Chm-fe uj Crurl I and CnuiiMl Punu/iment - bamual H. Dale. > aptaLu of the schooner Alpine, m irraUd thli morning on a ebarge of strikiag George William*, a colored iwn, with an atftie. and inflicting a severe wound oil hil neok. lie waj committed for examination. Oider or tin. Cot ?t or Commo* pltit?During the first two week,- of the July term (10th Jaly to -j i August,) oau>?> will be tried by oonsent, but no default* will be allowed, either on trials or arguments, except where an order ban been made for trial or argument, or where the party la under stipulation to try at that term. No jury will be ordered from the *Jd August to the 30th J August, being the last two weeks ot July term and the two weeks of August term. One jury for August term will only be summoned for the last two weeks of that term, oommenoing on Monday, the 30th of August, and the causes must be noticed for trial for the 3d Monday of Augutt. in the usual manner. Tht court, however, will be kept open for the whole month during the July and August terms, for the purpose of the issuing aud return of processes, fee., aud for bearing of arguments on every Saturday at noon; but no defaults on argument oases will be allowed to be taken during the Saturdays In the month of August.?Extract from the Siinutet. The Superior Court stands adjourned to the last Saturday of this month. Cot'bt of Genbbau8e?ion?? Before Recorder Scott, " ~ * " -",t V fnhn VfnKenn IDU AlUfriUVU Miwivuvv auu ?? ? ??<l Diitrict Attorney7Vi?/ for Orand Larc.ny rrsumrd ?At the opening of the oourt,yesterday morning, thu trial of Win Mozler, lor,grand larceny,was resumed The defence was con ducted by A. D. Russell, Esu , and the prosecution by the District Attorney, when, under charge of the oourt, the jury rendered a verdict of not guilty. Trial for Burglary.?John Anderson was theu placed at the bar for trial on an indictment for burglary in the 3d degree, in having, on the 25th day of June, burglariouily entered the carpenter * shop ef Dunn 4i;Perry,3l2 Rivington street, and stole therefrom oarpenteers' toola to the value of $20. The testimony not being sufficient to sustain the Indictment, the jury rendered a vordiot of guilty of petit laroeny, and the oourt tentenced him to the penitentiary for the term of six months. CZTnal for Orand La~ciny.?Carlos H. Perara wasnext ilaoed at the bar for trial, on an Indictment for grand laroeny. In having, on the tith day of April, stolen $320 from Joseph L. Costello. This oaso was submitted to the jury, under oharge of the oourt, who rendered a verdict of guiltv. when the oourt suntenoed hiin to the Stato Prison for the term of two years. Trial for Grand Larceny.?John Mehan, impleaded with James Carroll, was then put upon trial on on Indictment for grand larceny in having, on the 10th day of June last, stolen eleven bags of ooffeo, valued at $135, the - property of James Conway, No. 21 Cliff street. The prosecution failing to establish the guilt of the accused, the Jury rendered a verdict of not guilty, when the court adourned for the term. Covbt Calindau?Com,non Pleat ?Monday, july 10. Before Judge Ingraham.?No*. 1,9, 3, 4, A, 0, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, M, 14, IS, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 33. Religious Intelligence. Calendar roa Jul* ?18. 7th Sunday after Trinity. 26, St. James, Apostle and Martyr?6th Sunday alter Trinity. The Roman Catholics have purohased the beautiful estate of Mr. Cowperthwait, on the Dataware river, near Andalusia, Bucka county, for $30,000, for the purpose of a nunnery. At the commencement of Lmory and Menry College, Virginia, the degree of D. D. was oonferred on the Rev. Stephen Taylor, M. A., of Petersburgh: on the Rev. Edward Wadsworth, M. A., President of Lagrange College, Alabama, and on the Rev. Daniel A. Wheedon, A. M., Professor in the University of Michigan. The ladies of St. Paul's Church, Tompkinsville, Staten Island, will hold a fair at the Tompklnsvilla Lyoeum, on Wednesday and Thursday, 21st and 22d Inst., to commenoe each day at 11 o'olook, A. M., and oontinue through eaeh evening. It i: stated that the Board of Vlsltejs of William and Mary College, have elected to the Presidency of that institution, the Rev. Kranois L. Hawks, D. D., of New Orleans. A fine chime ot bells Is preparing In Philadelphia, for St. Philip's Church, Charleston, H. C. The bells are to be six in number, of two thousand pounds weight each. The chime is the munificent donation of Colin Campbell, Esq , of Bedford, 8. C. The Oxford Chrtnicle says that a Roman Catholie monastery is about to be established at Ragley Hall, close to the palace of the Archbishop of York. On Monday evening lut a communication was received from Dr. Dewey, pastor of the Church of Messiah, resigning the pastoral office over the said ohurch, which was accepted by the society. It was afterwards voted that an invitation be extended to Dr. Dewey to preach three months in each year, and to allow him the sum of $1000. In connection with the above information we hear that the New York Association has established a ministry-at-large in that city aud engaged Rev. Mr. Ferris at $800 per annum. The thirteenth annual Convention of the diocese of Michigan was held in Christ Church, Detroit, on the 2d and 3d of June. It wa* attended by 15 of the clergy and 28 delegates from 15 parishes. The standing committee elected eousUts of llie Kev. Messrs. Bury. Cuming, Lyster, and Taylor, and Messrs. Baldwin, Miller, and Trowbridge. Delegates to the General Convention, clerical, Rev. Messrs. Cole, Cuming, Large, and Taylor; lay, Messrs. DeMlU, Gordon, Lane, and Palmer. One ohurch was admitted into union with the Convention. From the Bishop's address and the abstract of Parochial reports, we glean the following statistical items Haptiied during the year (infants ItSH, adults 37,) 205; confirmed, 131; communicants, 93i; ordained,3 deaconsand 1 priest. Three ohurohes have been consecrated. Whole number of clergy in the liooese, 28; candidates for orders, 4. Kminuul Church, Brooklyn, ?u consecrated last week. It in to coat, ?xcIumth of the tower and land, abftut $83,000; the tower in 45 feet diagonally acroM, and will rise l.Od feet from the hill, which is Itself 70 feet above the water. The following la the inscription ou the corner atone " In th? name of Ood, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost Amen. The Corner Stone of Grane Church. Brooklyn Heighta, organised May 10th, 1842. Hector?Rev. Kranulu Vinton. < Uurcliwardena?Teunia Craven, Henry E. Pierrepont. Vestrymen?Daniel II. Arnold, George II. Bell, Daniel Embury, Isaac 11. Bassett, George Hastings. Charles Coryden, John Brouwer, William H. Priest. Right Herd. Benjamin T. Onderdonk, D. D., Bishop of the Diocese; Right Revd. William H. De Lanoey, D. D., Blahop of Western New York, officiating in tne Diocese of New York. Richard Upjohn, Eaq, Architect. Laid by Right Rev. William H. DeLancey, D. D , on the Koast of St. Peter, this 29th day of June, In the year of our Lord 1847." The new church edifice at Stockport, Columbia Co. near Hudson. N. Y., waa duly oonseorated to the worship and service of Almighty God, on Saturday, A. M., the 3d Inst., by the Right Rev. William' H. Do Lancey, D. D., Blahop of the Diocese of Western New York. The Rev. Krancla L Hawks, D. P.. of New Orleans, haa been elected Presidont of William and Mary College, Virginia, by the Board of Visiters of that institution. George Bowen. Jr., a recent graduate of the Union Theological Seminary, wm ordained on Sabbath evenlug, tbu 4th Inst., In the Mercer street church, by the Third Presbytery of New York. installed at Gorham. Me., June 3d, Rev. John R. Adams. Sermon by Rev. Mr. Blagden, of Boston; installing prayer by Rev. Mr. Cumings, of Fortlund; charge to the pastor by Rev. Dr.^Caruthi'rs, of Portlaud; right band of fellowship by Rev. Mr Chlokering. of Portland; charge to the people by Rty. Mr. Wild*, of Kalmouth; concluding prayer by Rev. Mr. Warreu, of Wlndhuw; benediction by the paster. InstUlad over tho churoh In Norwioh,on the 6th Inst > ! bv the Presbytery of Chenanio. Rev. Daniel Clark. Jr > formerly agent of the Kducation Society for CenLial and Wentern New York. Clerical Cmnor.i.-The He*. Shipley Wells Wilson, from East Cambridge, to South Boston, having been appointed chaplain of the House of Correction. The Her. M. P. Htlckney has removed from MarbWhead, to Cambrldgeport, Mass The He v. W. Baker, to the rectorship of St. Paul's, Paris Hill, Oneida co, N Y. The Her. WJlllam N. Hawks, to the rectorship of Christ Church, Newbern, N. C. The Rev W. S. Zlmmer to the station of Churchill, Lowndes co.. Alabama. The Key. Samuel U Appleton ha* removed from the diocese of Western New York, and become the rector of St Luke* Church. Rlchlleld, Otsego co , New York. The Rev. J. T. Brooke. Q. U., from Christ Cburoh, Cincinnati, to Harcourt parish, Gambler, Ohio, in connection with the Prof-ssorship of Pastoral Divinity jn the Theological Sominary ot tne diocese. The Rev. Kphralm Punderson has resigned the charge of Trinity Church, Lyme. Huron co.,and taken residenoe at Cleveland, (Mllo The Madrid Prrai on the Mexican War. Id answer to the article of the Madrid Herald (which we gave a synopsis of a few days ago In Tht New York Herald,) the Clamor Publico, another Madrid paper, published another, Inserting in it a good deal of nonsense. the least of which Is the attributing to the Madrid liiralU tUat it was i.iie uause al the North American* : having undertaken a war of conquest. But this (attar journal, being a little better Initiated in the politics of i the New World than itscoUeague. The Clamor,answers him in the following manner:?" Whoever reads the forI eiitii political arttolo In vesterdav's Clamor, will essiiv j be persuaded of the purt which the Madrid H.rald U to , blame for the taking of the Caatle of Han Juan d'l'lua, and of the conquest of Mexioo by the North Americans la fact, according ro oar colleague, the invasion of that ountry In the rruit of oar manoeuvres, there to found a monarchy, and ol a certain' Insurrection of the (Uptret) hraroni promoted by the Spaniards The Ctamn? will p'.ease allow us to express some astonishment that our foreign politic*, without our knowing It. have been no active In thoae part* these few yean pant. In order, however, that the fault of the ruin of tbe Mexican republic, and remorae for this action, ahall not lay too heavy on ita former parental government, we will recall, the tact that tbe project of Invasion on the part of the United State* i* of old date?a date which reache* a* far 1 back a* the flrat daya of the independence of oar ancient i conquest; that every one who la at all acquainted with . foreign politics know* that from that period the Anglo1 Americana have been looking towards .Mexico; that they founded Masonic lodge* there, and afterwards excited ! rivalrlea among them,which more than onee terminated In bloody conflict*; that they gave arm* and money to t he revolutionist*; that under tbe pretext of colonisation, they possessed them*elvea of Texa*; that by tbe same system they thought to abaorb the whole republic, and that if they havel)eoome more active and have convort i #J the system of con<|Ueat by mean* of oolonliatlon Into a military conquest. It I* becatue President Polk wished to uafl'tC hi.: fiulinlrymen with easy victories, In obtain four year* more of the Presidency The Clamur, wklah seems to know ao much about Mexico, ought not to be ignorant of these details, and above all ought to ' abataln from accusing any party in bis own country of having caused tbe ruin of a sister oountry. i A* 10 the evil for which we prepared Mexico, during oar dominion of It, to be a republic, we perfectly agree i wiih oar colleague. But no human foresight could calculate that Spaniards would one day become republicans Spain eoatd do no more for America than what I she did. It la well known that the Spaniard* in those I regions enjoyed more liberty than those of the Penlnsu1 Is. The Clamtr ought also to abeUla from thoee aocu at I ana which flatory eaatradtqtt. and whloh It tut the faults attributed to u< byyorelgner*. Who do not know the foundation ot oar social oonjltlon at that period of onr government. Let us leave these accusations on on side, and do not let ua join in ohorut whan they speak badly or unjaitly of our ooantry. especially when tre aspire U) the.monopoly of patriotism, and leave no oecaNion unimproved of vociferating it. TheM' tori'>tf PlicM-Llfe at the Springs* Sak itoua Sraixut, July 9,1847. I hardly expected, whan 1 addreaaftl you my last lettar, that another week would find me in Saratoga. Not that I supposed It would lose any charm; my apprehension waa that buainewi would compel a departure Very much In accordance with my wishes, I am still allowed to remain amidst these pleasant scenes, and while away an hour by another lettec to the Herald. Company is crowding in here very last. There are about four hundred visiters at the ''States;" it is a constant alternation of arrival* and departures; but for the past week the hotel averages this number?one hundred and fifty came to-day. The other large hotels are filling up fast, while the smaller boacding-houses (and every house here la a boarding-house,) are almost full already. Since the 4th, the stages and cars have almost groaned beneath the increasing weight of arrivals. Speaking of the Fourth, It paaaed off very pleasantly. In the morning I attended the celebration services at the Presbyterian church An address was delivered by Mr Koot, a young lawyer of the place, whioh was well adapted to arouse the associations of such a day; a poem was read, the Declaration was rehearsed, and we quietly adjourned. No cannons werebursted; nobody's eye was knocked out, or leg sawed off. In the afternoon with u party of friends, I rode over to the lake. At Loomls't, Avery's, and Abell's, we met many acquaintances, like us, in pursuit of pleasure. Some took passago in the little steamer (the Colman) for the Sulphur Spring, while others wandered through the woods alone the shores ef the lake, discoursing poetry and sentiment. In the evening I returned to my rooms at the ' States.'' with the consciousness that this waa the most quiet, and at the same time one of the most pleasant anniversaries I ever passed through. We aru told there ia a " tiuic for everything," and the time for gayety bag commenced in good earnest We have walk* in the morning, rides in tbe afternoon, dances and concert* in tbe evening. On Wednesday and Thursday evening*, (July 14 and 15) concerts are to come oil at tbe United States. Tbe programme for Wednesday evening in already out. The bill announces Slgnora Valtellina, prima douua, and Signor ValteUina, prima basso, of the New Vork, Havana and Mexican Italian opera company, and tbe bill for Thursday, Mad. Jolly and M. Dubreul. The drawing rooms of tbe United States are thronged with beauty and fashion. The fairest flowers and the brightest stars of the beau monde, are here now. To see them In all their brillianoy, you must visit tbe parlors in theevening. There are the Misses J. W. and L.W.W.from Albany; the beautiful Miss K. C., from Pennsylvania; Mrs. K , from Toronto, lately a bride, and still a fine singer, whose husband 1 have just met in the reading room; Miss L., of Flushing; Miss F., of Philadelphia; Miss II.. of Virginia, who is chaperoned by Mrs. K., lady of tbe brother of a distinguished novelist; the fashionable Mrs. R. and daughter, from New York; Com. Morris, lady, and daughters; the Misses M., from New 1 York; and the gay and fashionable Mrs. T., formerly Miss W . who has returned to spend the summer at this favorite haunt. So it will be seen, even from this brief recapitulation of names, that the choicest flowers of fashionable life are bioeming in the atmosphere of Saratoga. I might include, also, the talent now congregated here, for some of our most distinguished lawyers, in attendance on the Chancellor's term, stop at Marvia's, and from the freedom and ease with which they mingle In the so .ial gayety of our dances and rides, one would think they had never pored for months and years over the severe and dull technicalities of tho law. Tbe Springs still keep bubbling asray, as if some uneasy spirit was confined beneath Saratoga, and in tbe agitation of its waters was struggling to free himself. The Congress retains its old celebrity, and a new spring?tbe Empiro? is acquiring great favor. The Iodine continues grateful, for its pleasant taste and medicinal qualities, and the glorious Pavilion comes up to the surface of mother earth sparkling and bubbling In the sunshine, as if rejoloing ' to be released from the dark caveras of the gnomes This spring has always been my favorite; Its waters are ! strong and pungent, and their taste exceedingly plea sant. 1 am glad to gee mac tue proprietors, tne Messrs. Walton, are beautifying tbe ground* around the spring, and making every effort that will gratify the taste or promote the convenience of visiters at Saratoga. Yesterday we formed a party to visit the panoramic view of the city and Lake of Geneva, which is exhibiting In the building opposite the Pavilion Spring. It is a splendid pioture, covering over 4,000 square feet of canvass, and presenting one of the most lovely soeues imaginable. The proprietor, who is a distinguished painter, has been engaged at Paris for some years in painting the landing of Columbus, for tbe rotunda of the Capitol at Washington. He has lately set up for exhibition a beautiful picture of Niagara. Schneider's Band has arrived, and every day their 1 unrivalled music swells through the great rooms of tbe United States and dlen uloug lis passages. Every evening they play for tbe little dancing partiig tbat are formed in the purlor. Preparations are already inakiug for the gr^nd fancy . bull to come off at til* United States in August. It in supposed that this will be tbe greatest affair of tbe kind that has taken place in this country. I ought to thank your friend Mundell, for an early oopy of the Herald. I get from him the morning litraid, irf the evening of the same day on which it Is issued : twelve hours before I can procure it elsewhere Mundell runs an express by horses over the railroad, using a light oar for that purpose. It leaves the Troy House on the arrival of the aay boat.and comes through in three hours. It is arrauged to accommodate Ave or six passeDgers, and is a very safe and pleasant way ol travelling. i ue ueu is ringing ior lea, wuicn tens mo I must ciosi* my letter or lose my tea. My choice la easily nettled. Haratoija Hrm"?ov July 6, 1647. The " saobs" are here in the full glory of tight hoot* coat* "curioufly cat." and glove* from whloh their hands teem detained never to emerge. A merchant'* wife, with little beauty, and lews wit, assumes to lead the fashion*, while her husband consummate* ambitious t'ttfflc at homo. The Brummel Is a youth whom I raw j dining a day or two since In yellow kid*, and who at night delight* the compauy assembled In the parlor with 1 improvisation* on the piano, toward* whose production* the hand* contribute more than the head. On our side of the United Htaies, the barbarian* lounge, smoke, and chat, going through the same routine every day, with the constancy oi so many mill horses. Mr. , who has been here for some days, said he felt like a man driftlag on an unknown stream through a dense fog. Kor my 1 own part, I have qnite forgotten my Identity, and occasionally feel as if some strange man had straggled into my clothes by mistake. It has amused me not a little to witness the persevering efforts of the people who every morning crowd around the Congress spring, and draw innumerable glaum-* of that useless to one in health, and so utterly inefficient for all others. Here are fond motners enticing children to a beverage only surpassed in offensivenrss by the sulphur and molasses which the kind guardians of children have so constantly administered down to and since the days of Mrs. Squeeri. I wish you could see the periodical boarder at the Unltod States, who makes his appearanoe at the Spring* 1 every season, and assume* to be dirtcltur en chrf of tno ceremonies and amusements of this exhilarating retort lie i* about six feet high, over aeventy years of age. of crofulous look, simpering conversation, and automaton gait; and, from the red wig that loosely decorates his head, to the knobby shaped boot* that cumpress his i bulbous feet, Is one mass of dt^eptlon and fraud His achievements in th* parlor at night are worthy the post generation, unto which his Interest ; and charms have long since been bequeathed ? It 1* evident that he discovers, somewhere about his j person, attractions which t;a microscopic observation on ! my part can detect, and that having approached the , time when he may be called upon to associate with angels, he Is preparing himself for that divine period by association with the houris of this terestrUl paradise. I am very desirous to return home, but mav not be able to leave her* until Thursday. Meanwhile, I oh nil ! console myself with the hope of soon meeting you and 1 my other friends. Niaoa?a Falls, July 10, 1847. I Niagara still presents the same attractions to visiters | as It did Are years since, when I visited it. The altera- , tlons that have been made, hewever, In that time, are j considerable, In the general appearance of the village ? Quito a number of mills have been erected, which, how- | ever mueh they may add to tho wealth and prosperity I of the place, would not be considered by the lovers ot wild and natural scenery, any improvement. The number of visiters here 1s quite large, there being ' upwards of 100 at this house (the <<%t..r?ot). The proprietors appear to be very clever and good landlords A most itifcgracieful row took place this evening. a< the oars were leaving for Buffalo. A gentleman from the Mouth had his servant girl along with him as nurse for his children?after having taken their seats in tho cars, and when the car* were ready to leave, a general rush . was made by the servants of ih?f alaract and Eagle Hotels, on (he cars orylng out "take her out," "take her out," (theslave). The ladles in the cars were very much frightened, and many of them jumped out. There wer? quite h number of bloody h' ads among the n groes, but whether any were seriously hart or not. I don't know, the cars being under m (low headway during most of the flght. One negro threw a rail ecrosn the track in front of the engine while It was underway, and immediately afterward* struck * man (white) for taking It off. Thr ringleader of the gsng is the head at the Cataract House?he was suited and dragged Into the cars by fomo of the geutlemen, and was carried off with them. The attack was unsuccessful, and the moat disgraceful affair I ever heard of. Every event of this kind widens the breach already existiffj between the North and the South. Immiarants at St. Johns.? According to BtatcincniH made nt St. Johns, N. H., it app^nrs that between the 94 and 9th Instant. 137H passengers arrived at that port. Of these, 6ft died on board the vessels which brought them. Among the vessels was the Seraph, which arrived at Beston from f ork, but the captain being unable to bond his passengers, proceeded to St. Johns. There were 144 deaths at the quarantine hospital of the latter city between th?'9d of May and the 7th of July, besides which, 194 are reported to have died at sea, and 40 befora they were landed and taken to the hospital. , |M inir-i Free Ki hi bit Inn of the Chines' Jtinh.? Three splendid m del. of ChinSsS vessels, of different cissies, Can be seen, free ..f cha se, by callmf at Peraius Hotel, cor uer of On ision ?nd Christie streets. No Charge until the Hair *11^y.tV ntJd withmsn V of the parties who have 1 !S5%_J 'i? " ? " I 'XXTW.., > *. , m <riTtfMKHi at th* OMo Rtw. Flur.t. f%ne. Shif aj Rlvrr Louisville. July 10... .4 bat 3 la; felling , Wheeling July ? 4H feet. I'itUburg July 9 2 feet 0 Inches. Cincinnati July 10 3 feet; falling. -J. Jt f . II NONBY MARKKT. Hatuntay, Jmly 11-8 P. M. The stock market opened a little more buoyant today, aad quotation* In several instance* Improved a fraction At the tint board U. 8. tt's, lao-i, want up per cent; Ohio 6'? lUlnoU 1; farmers' l.oan M\ Morris Canal *4; Treasury Notes, IT. 8 ? ?, 1867, Harlem, Nor wlch and Worcester. Indiana, and Island,closed at prices current yesterday. The transactions were not very large, but there appeared to be a better feeling in the street than we have nottoed for some time past. The Exchange Bank, chartered by the last Legists lure ei muncaumui, commenced operations In Boiton ' on the 15th Inst. Kilty par cent of the capital, whloh 1* $600,000, hu been paid in. The annual report of the Bank of Charleeton, juat made, shows that the surplus of the bank on the lat July waa $Ga,J64 89, after dividing 0 per oebt for the year, while the losses within the aame period hare amounted In the aggregate to only $3,360 HO The statement of the Northern Bask of Kentueky gives the discounts at $3,884,743 ; specie, $031,806 ; circulation, $3,336,613 ; deposits, $604,609. The statement of the bank of Kentucky and branches gives discounts, $4,603,4-29 ; specie. $1,367,727 ; circulation, $3,611,900 ; depoaita, $6-27,876. The packet from Boston having juat left for Liverpool; there la very little inquiry for foreign exchange, and quotations are merely nominal. The next packet la the Union, from this port for Cherbourg, on the 34th Inst. ? . . Koacinn Kxchanoes. Oe London.....106 a 106* On Hamburg 34V a 35K Paris... 3f31% a5f30 Bremen 77)2 a Tl\ Amsterdam 39V? a 39X Domestic Exchanges. loiton para }? dis Mobile 8p.checks ? a If dia Philadelphia... .|?r a ? dis New Orleans... par a )* pm J alt i more. para Wpm North Carolina. .1 a 1(4 dis Richmond 1 a 1>J dis Cincinnati 1 a IX dis Charleston Ju a 1 dis Louisville 1 a 1)2 dis Savannah Xal dia Nashville IK a 2 dis Augusta....... x a 1 dis St Louis }2 a 1 dis Columbus V a 1 dis Detroit 1)2 a 2 dis Buffalo.. 1? a ? dis Pittsburg *?- dis Mobilelbk notes) \ a 1)? dis Quotations ro* Sr>:ciE. Ptr Cent Value. Amer. gold, old.. 106 a 100* Carolus dolls. .1,03 a 1,06 do do uew..l00 a 100>i Five francs... 93 a 93# Half dollars ... per a 100^ Doubloons.. .16,60 a 16,75 Portuguese fold. 100 a 100.L4 do patriot. 15,70 a 15,90 Spanish dollars. .103 a 106 Sovereigns... 4,8i 4,87 do quarters. 99^ a 100 do light. ..4.82 a 4.85 vieaican aouar*. iuu,% * 100)5 Heavy )tuineas5,00 a ? do quarter*. 99 a 108 Napoleons... 3,(3 a ? Treasury Notes, ti a 6Xi>m Domustlo exohanges continuo very quiet, and our quotations remain without the slightest alteration. The York Manufacturing Co. at Saco, have declared a semi-annual dividend of 6 per cent, payable the 29th inst. The receipts of the Little Miami Railroad Company of Ohio, for the month of June, and for the first six month* of 1849 and 1847,[were as annexed Little Miami Raii.koad. Freight. Pattengrrt. 1147 June.. $12,258 97 $8,517 N 184 6 " 4,340 58 |3,108 2 Increase *7,912 39 $5,409 68 The total amount received for freight and passengers, for the six months ending June 30th, Is as follows : Freight. Patttngtr*. 184 7 $79,046 62 $37 41) 67 1816 20.219 06 28.747 04 Increase $58,827 5C $8,664 6i Theugh there has been an increase in the receipts for passengers, for June, over May, a slight decrease In the receipts for freight is visible, owing to the decline in the price of grain and flour. The amounts stored all along the road are still heavy, but at present prioes. holders are in no hurry to forward it. 8took Excliange. $17500 Treasury 6 pr ct 106 5 shs Auburn h Roch 10O? 10000 U 9 6's *62 coupj 105)5 50 Canton Co b30 4 8k 7600 do *67 106 50 Nor U. Wur stO 53>? 1000 do '56 105 75 do 53)$ 10000 Ohio '< *i>0 101>a 500 Reading RailfOad 66H, 10000 do >90 100 100 do sl5 66 V 2440 State 5's'50 101 250 d.) slO 6RH 13000 Indiana Bouds 45 100 do 66)t 4000 Peuu'a 5's 78). 50 do slJ ? 2000 llliuois Special 47W 100 Long lslaud RR 32)? 1000 do 47X 100 do s30 32* 3000 do 48 250 it 82 J* 10 shs Minhattan Bank ?> 100 do i30 1t*S an MecbAnirs' Bank I09>? Ml Htilem Railroad tithL 300 Farmers' Trust 34* 30# do s60 62)5 * 100 do ?I0 Jl3* 100 do <30 ?V>v 150 do b63 35 1C0 >1.) 62. 50 NO Canal t>0 50 ilj 6I'? 5<) llliuois Bank 15 t<00 do 6'H 50 Morris Canal 17J5 300 do 62 125 do 18 2u0 do s30 61% Scooml Board. $ 000 N V S J pret '49 10015 .V) shs Reading RR b3 66 SO hIh Harlem ItR slO 6IJ* 50 do bl5 66 300 do >3 6Its 200 Farmers'Loan slO 34 V 150 do si 6I>? 50 do 3.K 400 do bl5 61)5 100 do b45 3' IU0 do b 15 61)5 100 Long Island RR 32't New Stock Exchange. ( iviOO Trea?urv Notes 106*5 100 shs Harlem RR c 61V 50 shi U S B n.k i W 330 do ilO ?l? 40 Farmers' Trust >30 34 hi 25 Nor h Wor RH *30 53)2 .'<0 do b30 36 60 Stomngtoii RH 56 60 do >3 i\\ 25 do >10 56 S* CITY TRADE REPORT New York, Saturday Afternoon, Jul* 17. Tba foreign news, whioh reached the city this forenoon, and wu published In an txtra Hevald, giving an aocount of R further decline In bntadstuffa, had the effect of unMttling the market*. In the forenoon, before the news, iRlea of OeneRee flour were made at $6 12X. Soon after Its publication sales were made at $5 76. During 'change, the market beoime still more umettled, and prices nominal. At the olose, there were buyers at $ 5, and sellers at $6 60, and of Mloblgan at $5 26, but no sales were reported. Dealers appeared Inclined to wait the arrival of private advices, before operating. A sale of Ohio white wheat was made to All up a vessul, at $1 22. The news telegraped through, oontalned no quotations for wheat. Sales of Ohio yellow corn were made to fill up, at 63c, and of flat yellow at the same price. Another lot of do sold at 60c. A parcel of Western mixed sold at 66c. Sales of round yellow were made at USc. and a lot of heated,western mixed, at AO cts. The priccs for meal were more unsettled; $2 60 per barrel was bid; but wo heard of no sales. Before the news, oat* told at 44X oents, and after 'change, sales were reported at SB oents. Rye was nominal. For rye flour $4 was bid; but no sales transpired. Provisions were some stiffer. A small salo ofmess pork was reported at $14 87X; thesame price was refused for another lot Considerable lots of new prime could not have been obtained readily under $12 60, Beef was fi m at $13 60 for city mess, and $0 a $9 26 for city prime do. Sales of lard In kegs were made at 10 a 10}, cents. Sales of Ohio inferior, or baker's butter, sold at 9X cents. Sales of groceries were light, and without changw In quotations. No sales of sugar of moment were made. RtctipH down the Hudton River. July 17IK. Flour 21.419 bbls Cornmeal SIS bbls. Wheat 10 600 bush. Corn 20,093 bush. Amis?Sales were moderate to-day at old priees, vii; at $4 87 X for pots, and at $6 12X for pearls BRKADiTorrs.?Flour?Before the news same te band 500 bills trenesee sold at $6 12X Soon after It arrived MM do sold at $6 76. Durln/ 'Change and In the afternoon the market becamn very unsettled; $6 was offer*4, and $6 60 asked, but no sales were effected. Mixed brnnda were nominal indeed. It was dimcuit to arrive At fair quotation* in the abaence of private advice* The telegraph report, omitting quotation* for uiltral, price* were unsettled. A vale of 0000 a 7000 bu?tael* Ohio white, after tlie new*, waa made for Oiling up a vessel at $1 99. There wero laid to be Milan of Inferior llliooi* red do, at Mc. Corn exhibited a decline of about 10e par buibal. A wile of 'J.000 bnihel* Ohio yellow wa* *old to fill up a vessel ut 03c: 3,000 do,flat Tallow. *old at 63c; and 1.40* do, sold at 60c; 9,4i>0 do, Waatcrn mixed, *old at 450; 9000 do, round yellow, Mid at 03c, and 9 MM) do, Waatern mixed, heated. ?old at ?0e. *??<-There were buyers uX $9 *0?but no salea. JW? wa* nominal; while $4 w** bid for rye flour. 0?<*-Baf-ra the new* 3.000 l,u?b-l* *old at 4o*c; aftar 'Change and anbaequent to the new*, about 3.70U buoheto, add a? Me. CorritK?Within two or thraa day* there ha* bean .ohm movement In Rio, and *al?a bare reaehed 9.000 a 3000 baza on private karma To-day the market wa* gain rather quiet; In other daaertpWoua we heard of no transaction* ^ Cottos?The market ha* not opened under the advloaa per Britannia, aa holders were Indifferent about bringing forward their anppllea, and, being the clo*e of the week, buyer* for asport pre I erred awaiting the letter mall; a few splnnera who wars In market took about ;?oo bale*, at price* half a cant adranea on the average tale* of yesterday, and It la not probable that the market will opeu at a lower rata. Fim?We report sale* of 000 a 700 quintal* dry ood at f>3 40 a $3 A9X: sale* of about 900 brla. Maaaar>u*ettn mackerel, No 3's, were mada at $4 09 S a $A 74. Fscit?Balea of 300 a 400 boxes bunch raisins were made at $1 45 a $1 40. IIr.Mr ?Market quiet, and no atlas of moment were reported. I.riD?The market continued dull, without change in price Moluhi? No sale* of mnm* nt reported Naval Srnan- After the nawa (trice* were flrmir. Haiders of spirits of turpentine demanded 0J* cents par gallon advabce; but in the abaence of Jettera, no trans actions of moment transpired / Oils?We report ssles of 9,300 galloitaa city pressed linseed at 70c., and 3 400 do, English <fy>, nt 07c a (Mr cash; sal's uf selected whale nt tba e4st war* reported at 34a.; crude sperm was worth Me W Mc . manufactured was in fair demand I Hick?The sales before and after the nejrs amountaJ to about 178 tlercea at *1 87 n $4. / Sioa*?The market was quiet, and tao anla* of moment were reported. Tallow?1be telegraphic report onlttpg all alln*lon to tha artlola, cauaed nothing to ha dowel. Toa*cco.?We submit tba fallowing watl atatemant,

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