Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 15, 1847, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 15, 1847 Page 3
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gh?L_- I nr I IllLlf-i I jut lrtiMgiiwi. Latino ini Coaura Stowe or * New Chi'Bch.?The curemooy of laying the corner atone of the Union Metbodiet Kplecnpal Cbnreh will take place on Tuesday next, at 3 o'clock P. M. B?oo?lth Fsaaici.?There are now nix ferric* in operation between New York and Brooklyn, namely?Kulton. Catherine, Sonth, Jaeluon, and two from Whitehall, one of theee goes to the foot of Hamilton 4venue; the ether goes from Whitehall to the Long Wharf, near the Oreenwood Cemetery There are two more ferries In progreM. which will probably be in operation nest spring, the Montague and Bridge struct ferriea. When all will be completed and in operation, It will be almost equal to a great bridge acroaa the river, and will inoreaae atlU further the near relationahlp now existing between the two cities Folice.? John McDonald wm arrested ou complaint of Rlohard, Jane aud Frederick Orifflth, for an assault and battery, and committed to jail. DavU Dowd waa arrested on oomplalnt of Mary Hudson, and vie* versa; they wero both bound over to keep the peace. Patriek Lynoh and Ann Lynoh were bound ovir to keep the peace. (>eorge Lllard waa arretted for abandoning hla wife; examination poatponed to Tuesday. Michael Murray was arrested for stealing water melons. Discharged on account of his youth. Law Intelligence. Aco. 14 ? Sur&em>' Coua-r.?In Chambers?Before Judge Edwards ?In Re, Paul Brvni.?This matter was resumed this morning In the Circuit Court room Mr. Field placed on the stand as a witness Emanuel Josephs, constable of the Fourth ward, to prove that the arrest and examination of Brunl were irregular. . Mr. Eowasd SANoroBD objected. Brunl having been once brought before the Justice, no matter how, gave him complete jurisdiction, and his subsequent proceedings must be considered valid. Mr. Field said, that after the verdict was obtained, against Captain Beason, In the Marine Court on Wednesday evening Brunl was arrested by Josephs, and it was then stipulated by Mr. Hall and Josephs, that Brunl should not be taken before the Justice until his counsel was present; but notwithstanding that agreement, one of the keepers of the olty prison brought him befor* thfl JiutiM at a t'clOflk nnxt mornintr without the knowledge of Joseph*, and that upon being questioned by the Justice he acknowledged he wu a deserter from the French steamer Philadelphia, that he bad to leave it from the cruel treatment he received from the captain and stewards. Upen these admissions the Justice committed him. Mr. Field then went on to argue that Justioe Drinker had not the legal jurisdiction of Brunt's person.and therefore the commitment was illegal and void. Mr. Sandkoru replied, after which the Judge decided that the evidence was inadmissible. The objection was afterwards withdrawn, and Josephs and the man who brought the prisoner before the magistrate,were examined. An adjournment was then moved for by Mr. Hall, on the ground that It would neoessary to send a commission to Kranoo. to take testimony of an ordinance made by the Frenoh gevernment in February last, in relation to the orewa and management of the line of Frenoh steamers between Cherbourg and New York, which was published in the ATrio York Herald, of the twenty-seventh April, to show that it was provided by that ordinance domestios were not to be oonsidered part of the crew. Mr. Hall called upon the opposite counsel to admit the ordlnanoe as published In the Herald, which was declined They also asked for the adjournment on another ground, to wit, to enable them to produoe testimony to show the treatment that Bruni received at the hands of the oaptain and steward, which would clearly prove that the oontraot between him and the oaptain, even if he were a sailor, was annulled. After a desultory conversation between oounsel on both sides, Mr. Handford insisting that neither pit oes of testimony oould be admitted, lurthei proceedings were adjourned to Monday week. Point Isabel 8urreii<lere<l_Or what U not th- time thing, the Point Isabel Hou.e, corner of Fulton aud Nassau street, has given place to a more peaceful cognomen, to wit:'"The faris Boot aud Shoe tmporinai," where oar readers m y fortify their " understandings," without the fear of a r*mai.che arrow or a Mexican bu l?t I Fine French imported Boots, for $00, at Young's Paris Boot stors?usually 6 or $7. Save Your 9Ione)-Joncs, No. 4 Ann street, near the Mu eum seils ss good Boots st Si 60 a? arc usually sold at $6 or $7. Second quality of Freuch Boots S3 iO, u?uallv sold for $$. Also, a large assortment of Congresslloois and Unite s equally low. All goods warranted to give satisfaction. Please call and examine. Navigation of the Ohio XUver. Places. 7\me. State of River. Louisville.. Aug. 4....6 feet 7 In. Wheeling..? .Aug. 10. , ..3 feet 6in. Pittsburg .... Aug. 8.. . .3 feet falling. Clnoinnati .Aug. 6.. . .6 feet falling. . MONEY MARKET. Saturday, August 14 U P. M. The stock market remains without any material alteration At the first board Treasury note* fell off X per oent j Fanners Loan ' * ; Reading Railroad 1; Long Island X. Norwich and Wocsster advanced >? per oent; Canton M ; Harlem )?. The transactions were only to a moderate extent, and the market closed heavy. Very little disposition to operate is exhibited by speculators, and it is impossible to tell what will be the course of prloes within the next month; at present everything ia in an unsettled, feverish state. At the seoond board Treasury Notes fell off X per cent, and Harlem advanced X. The news from the seat of war has not had any particular effect on the markets one way or the other. The quantity of breadstuffs exported from the United States to Oreat Britain, from the 1st of September, to the latest dates, nearest the 10th instant, was as annexed :? Exports ok Brkadstuffi from the Uniteu States. Wheat Hour, barrels. 3 993,319 Corn meal 836 636 Wheat, bushels, 3,464 400 Indian Corn, 16,hoo.917 Rye 84.333 Oats | 436 881 Barley, 308,334 Of tho above, there were exported from the city of New York 1,677,163 bbls. of flour, 341.916 bbls. corn meal, 3,347,277 bushels wheat. 6,516,418 bushels Indian corn, 71,764 bushels rye, 367,791 bushels oats, and 307,css bushels barli'y ; and from New Orleans, flour, 616,878 barrels corn meal 63,642 barrel* ; wheat, 646,615 bushels ; Indian oorn, 4,163 373 bushels ; barley, 631 bushels. The revenue of St. John's, N. B., for the quarter ending July 30,1847, compared with that of the correspondtner nnuton In ltlifi ? -- - ? . Commebck or 8t. JeHn's?Quabteri.y Rc?kvc. ID 16. 1117. OHiuaiy Revenue ?16.910 6 0 ?18 196 8 1 bai'.irt 'Un.bcr duty C.JJS 12 10 3.040 19 10 Light House duties 1?6K2 12 7 8VI 0 3 S. x I). Seamen's do 819 6 7 313 15 0 Passeugers' sua Lungfuls' do 1,610 14 3 9 6 1 0 Fmiii ilia CastonM 8.3)8 3 7 8,826 16 111 Loan Kuud 3,753 9 3 4,1.61 8 10 lucideutnl Herenue 310 0 0 5,182 II 2 Mecri|?t* in aid 460 000 Totals JL 39,807 II I ?41,461 7 0 Statement of the number of veSFela arrived at the Fort of St. John, N. B., with their tonnage, for the quarter endlng/<th July, 18-?7:? 97q I S1-433 lon'< British, y S 2,597 " Foreign. Coastwise-Vessels... 299 12,971 " Total number of Vessels... 578 77,021 tons. Number of vessels cleared during the same period: ? v....I. 9in < 56,119 tons, British, vessels... 218 { , (JJ< .. Kl)rtlgn Oastwue?Vessels... 325 13,895 " Total number ef Vessels... 44J 71(972 tons. The receipts of the Auburn and Rochester Railroad Company, for the first week in August, were $10,331 11, against $7,035 72, for the corresponding week In 1B16> showing an Increase of $3 315 39 this yea* The r?nnint? of llnntu nnU Ilallpnail * ? * r w tbe month of July, 1847, amounted to $15,7*7 7ii, of whioh $9 333 #8 were for freight, and 6,643 81 for paaB#Dgerg and mail. ? Stock Bxehann. f 15000 Trea Note* 6'j 104 W 20 kI>m Krie Hrriii 81 , S"0 do 10?S 20 N Haven k Hart RR IW, IVkiO do lots, 30 Auburn Ik Rocheacrr 102}* 5000 do kCO lf<>4 i.'iO Canton Co 49 25'0 Stal^ C'. '44 101 225 Nor fc War RR. 5 ? MHO Reading Bonds 76W JO do >10 54>4 JOOO U SutPt 6'? '67 10}\ 100 Reading RR >60 65 20000 feuri J1 890 7l 100 da 4jj gj 10(11.0 do >90 78J? 50 do 6. V li 00 do >4mo* 7*Ji 2W do 63}2 SttOO Ohio 6'60 >90 99;.; 400 do >30 6'?>k 100 0 do bl2mo> 101 445 do 66 10000 111 wpl Bd>. 1,00 47>? 100 do 1)30 66 45 >h< .tUuhaittn Bk 96 150 di blO 66 10 "o 9<.V^ 100 Long Uland RR \Yi\' li 0 Fa mrr?'Truit, >10 3 ? 200 do 3 ?? 1 50 to blO S5>i 65i do 3>k 30 do >60 35 200 II<rlrin RR 6?? 250 do 35>? 400 do >60 61 50 do >90 35 350 do b30 61k IS New leney RR 105 500 do 64 *2 7 Krie RR 63X Hecowl Board. 15000 Tree Note?6'a >10 104 50 nh> Harlem RR >10 64 V >000 do 104 250 do 64X MoOO do 1)30 104 2 50 do *10 61 h 5000 do b30 104 300 do b30 65S, 3wi uu 1u?> 3u uo 1M ?b? Htrltm RE 400 F?rmer?' Loan *10 15V 104 do b10 64H Ml L, Uland K K 32', 200 do bfiO GJ 100 dO >60 32 \ 200 do >60 C V 3D0 do b60 31 SO do ?I0 61100 do l>30 33 200 do hJO ?t CITY TRADE REPORT. New York, B&tukday ArTrnr?o?i, Affl. 14 Thla being paoket day, both for the Hibernla, Railing from Boston on the 16th, and for the French ateamei Philadelphia. Ratling from thl* port on the lMh, 'Change was thinly attended, and transaction* in moit descriptions of produce rather limited. Sale* of Genesee flour were made at $8 87X. and of Michigan nt $f> 7ft. A lot of Ohio round hoop Hold at $6, and a parcel of extra ZanwwMe, Ohio, ground, from selected wheat, expres?!y put up for family use, by Messrs. Beaumont Si (tolling*worth. "M sold at f6 3ft. For a handsome lot of Ohio Iflat hoop. (6 waa offered and declined. A lot compound of half Ohio and half < >em a?a. ?u aold at $6 94. In wheat we heard of no transaction*, while prices remained about the name. Corn wii Arm, and aalea of mixed made at 78c a 76c , and of una all lota flat yellow for the eastern market at 7?o A Rale of handsome round yellow waa made at 80c, At the cloae, Western mixed ytij Dot ?juite to (tiff, and i?U?ri were plenty at 78c. Pro_ Irion* rathsr quiet. Thar* iu bo ehanga la mees or prim* Pork Beef remained about the ami. Lard continued firm, and tain In barrels war* null at 10c. Salaa of Ohio Butter ware made at I1X a Ho., and of New York State at 13 a 16?o. ( heeae remained without ehanga. Groceries war* steady, without change in price*. A lot of St. Croix handsome Sugar brought 8 a 8)<e. A>hei were steady Mrwtemtp nales of pot* were made at $6, and of pearls at (u 3 j? at which the market was flrui. Beehwax ? Sate of 1000 lbs Northern yellow were made at 34c. BaEADeruFF*? Flour? Salea of I .MO barrels Uenesee were made at $6 87>?; 800 do Michigan at $5 75; 300 do round hoop Ohio sold at $0. The same price was offered for I <>00 barrels do, flat hoop, In good order, and refused. 300 barrels extra XanesriUe ground, before alluded to, sold at $8 'id. H'ktat- -No sales transpired, while prioes remained about the same. Corn?Sales of 6000 bushels good Western mixed ware made at Tie. deliverable In all this month; 5000 do. do. sold at thr same price; 3 cargoes, in all about 4000 a 5000 do., including another lot of 3000 bushels, all Western mixed, sold at 73c. About 3000 do., handsome Ohio round yellow, sold at 80c, and small lots fiat yellow, including Home parcels of ordinary round do., sold at 78o. Meal was Inactive, without change in prices. Rye?Sales of 1800 bushels wsre made afloat at 86o, and 1500 do. In store were reported sold at 84c. Oaf#?In consequence of soms purchases being made on government account, they became firmer, and stood at the close at 48c a 50c, the latter Ilgurf ueui(4 ukqu, wiiuuui uelug uuuidwu. nariry? The last Mle* reported were made at 63*c a 66c Corrcc?No *alej of moment were reported. We quote Rio at 7e a 74ic ; Laguyara, 7l?c a 7*o, and Sumatra at ?*o a 6??c. Cotton?Buyer* being busy with their correaponpondence for the ateamerf, the operation* to-day were small not exceeding 700 bale*, at our quotation*. * LivcarooL CLAturit-ATiun. New Orleani Uvlandt. Florida. Mob. & Ttxat Inferior- nene. none. none. Ordinary 11V a 11* 11* a 11* II* * UK Middling UK a 12* IX a 12V 12 a 12* Hood Midaliny 12* a II* 1** a 12* "* a 12* Middling Fair 12* a 12V 12* a 12* 12K a 13 Fair.... 13 a 13* 13 a 13)2 13* a 13* Fallv Fair 13* a 13* 13* a.13* 13* a 13)2 liood Fair 13* ? 13* "<">? ?X> 14 fine ? a U none. ? a 14* Fiim?There were no new arrival*. Dry Cod continued firm at $3 U'2* a $3 76, and maokerel were also very tlrin, while no sales of moment transpired in any description. it was said there had been some advance in mackerel at Boston. Fruit?Small sales of 300 to 400 boxes raisins were made at 140o a 146c Hemf?Sales of 167 bale* American dew-rotted were made at $140 a $160. Lead?There was no change In prices; 4o continued to be the asking price. Molasies were ilrm, but no sales of Importance were reported. Naval Storks?The aspect of the market for spirit* of turpentine was more quiet, and it was said purchases oould have been made at 4de, though some holder* stood aloof for a higher figure. There wm no ohange in raw, in rosin, or tpr. Oil#?Linseed was quiet, while smalt sale* were making of American city pressed, and English, without ohange in prices. There was nothing new in whale or sperm. 1'Roviaio.ii?The extreme range of quotations for mess pork was $IJ 26 a $16 37*, and for. prime $13 26 a i ~ atrj continued steady at previous prices. Lard?Sales of 'i'iO bbls. were made at lOo. Butter? Sales of 260 packages were made, Including fair to good Ohio at 1 l>^o a 13c, and New York State do. at 13o a l&>?c. Cheese stood at about 6Xo a <Xc. Sale* to a fair extent were being made, chiefly for home use. Rice?The market was steady, while no trans actions wore reported. Sumar? We have only to notice a sale of 40 hhds. St. Croix, handsome quality, at So a 8,'?o. 8kkd??Sales of 100 bbls clover were made at To. Tobacco?We submit the usual statement, showing the prices, sales, receipts, and stook on hand, for the week ending this afternoon :? Sold Rec'd thil Stock Pricet. thil week. week, on hand. Kentucky, Virginia and N. Carolina,. 2>?to 7K 450 lids. J67 hds. 3930 hds. IVtoT e. Maryland and Ohio. ? ? ? 21 hds. Connecticut seed,.. 5 to 15 >5 cs 5 c. ? US cs. Pennsylvania seed, 7 to 16 ? ? 204 cs. floriua, 5 to 60 ? ? 73 cs. Havana 20 to HX 72 bis. ? 512 bis. M&c. Cuba 17 to 30 927 bis. -r 561 bis. Yara 35 to 45 ? 221 bis. 566 bis 8t. Domingo. ? ? ? ? At suction?35 bbls. 8t. Domingo, 9jtf to He. The business is active. Pretty extensive transactions in tbe various grades have been effected. Prices are fairly supported, and all kinds of tobacoo have a deolded upward tendency?more so for Kentueky tobacco. Although prices are very high now, we may justly say that, before this month Is over, the artiole will have advanced another cent. Whalkhone?Within a day or two, holders have advanced their terms to -J9 a 30o. for both kinds, at which sales to some extent have been made. Whikkv?Sales of 60 bbls. were made at 2bo , and l? hhds. drudge were uold at the same price. Freights?Kates were dull. Cotton was engaged to Liverpool at '?d per lb For Sour and grain prioes were unsettled, and no probability of muoh change until after the arrival of the next steamer. TELEGRAPHIC. Market*. New Oblkani, Aug. 7?P. M. Hales of 1000 bales of Cotton were made at steady prices. Flour jita dull, at $4 AO a $4 75 for Western Ohio and Illinois. St. Louis was in some demand for choice brands; tbe government having entered the market to some extent for that description. Wheat was dull, and transactions very light. Sales of hOOO bushels of Corn were made, consisting chiefly of Western yellow, at 60e. Meal?Sales of 900 bbls Western ground were made at 60. There was no ohange in Sugar or Provisions. Freights and exchange as before. Whiskey?Sales at 30 a 31c. UurriLo, August 13?P. M. Sales of 3.000 bbls of flour were made, embraoing Ohio and Michigan brands, at $5 1'2>,'. Sales of 5000 bushels of wheat were made, chiefly western, at lOtic a 108. Sales of 5000 bushels of corn were made, embracing western mixed and yellow, at 53 a 55c. Solus of 6000 bushels of oats were made at 33o. Receipts during the preceding 24 hours, If telegraph and reporter are correct:?Flour, 5000 bbls; wheat, 00,000 bushels; corn, 30,000 bushels. Freights, by canal to Albany?Flour, GQc, and wheatjl7o. [Telegraphic Correspondence of the Phiia. Bulletin.] t'lTTiauaa, Aug. 14, I'i M.?Flour is firmer to-day, with actlTe sales at $4 50, and $4 61% to $4 75 for fresh. The firmness is induoed by a light supply and receipts There bare been no sales of wheat to-day; sales mixed oorn at and good yellow at 43 to 43o Oats are dull at -l'i to 23c. In provisions nothing doing. Lard U Arm y held at 9 to 9'4 In kegs. There is scant four feet water, by the mark, in the channel to-day. Died. On Saturday morning, August 14th, after a short but severe illness, John Kuwaro, eldest son of Ferdinand F. aud Maria J. Hchott, aged eight years and one month. The friends of the family are rvspeotfuily Invited to attend the funeral this afternoon, Aug. 15th, at fire o'clock, from No. 115 Franklin street. ("* AIIKIAOKS.?The Urgent itaaortineiit of Carriage! in this -S city ii I'oraale at No. Uroadway, (Colileum Building) at greatly reduced pricti, comprUuiK t:uarl?*, Pheatoua, Barouchei, liiinKiei, Kockawaya, ' Wagoiu. Alto, a urw atvle of carriairri. for r?.i nr four ,?r>nna i*.th h d without tops; together with a large assortment of harness all 30t? m _ H. 8 KOOKR8. IP iLL TKADK.?Merinos, Thibet*, I Alpaca*, Mousliu de Laiues, either in the piece or in dresses, aa well a) all kindt of Sliawla, can be dyed in the moat delicate colors, suitable tor the Kail faahiona, in the beat t rench style?price* in acc rdance to the workmanship?at the old and well known (SOKIA h CO.'B) Dyeiug Katabliahinent. Principal office, 49d Pearl atreet, opposite City Hall Flace. nuli Jt *m I.Nh iNTit' AM) CHILUKEN'8 MAWAaIN DhS MODfcS, eatibliahed in 1JJJ? Miaa JACOBS (late of 07 Broadway), begs leave to return Iter sincere thanka for the libeial patronage ahe hai received aince opening at 419 Broadway, one door from Houston atreet, and takes this method of informing strangers aud the ladiea of thia city and vi ciuitv, that she ta now oneuiuf her fall aaanrtment of Infants' >nd Children's clothing, comprising rich (ilk velvet and merino s.v k<, Coati and Cloaks, braided and plain, and every article in the Children's department. Ladies silk Opera Dress, Hoods, Hun Itat* of kIi descriptions. Hair (irtas Cloth, Mor en. aud Houjth'a Patent Skirt* I.?die*' and Children's Uirsfts and Gentleman'' Vesta, btaid ' o older. N.B. Ladies own miterial* made up. auli 30t *in OIUNs aM) I'ltiT L?? To t.numr> a.d t it> Haidware I Merchants, (luu .Smiths, and others? Fowling Piecea ol every site and i|unlitt . alio, a full assoitinent of Pistols, t. m the common br?-a to the finest duelln g Pistols . six bariel Kevolver?, Sic., all of which are offered to the tMtle at veiy low prices, by B. JUSKl'll, alj it*m IG Maiden lane, upstairs. GENTLa.MUN'S MATS?K ILL FASHION. IH7.? Hrebe & Costa', IJitters, 1A6 Broadway, New Voik, and 1.<M I hestuut atreet, Philadelphia, will present the Kali Fashion f?r gentlemen's hata, 011 Saturday, August ifah, I8|7.? Upoi issuing the I'aahion for tlie season, B. St C. beg leave to say that it is their intention to introduce a style ol hat altogether auperior to any belore offered They have adopted au entirely new and liniqoe mode of trimming, which combining in the highest degree, elegauce of liniih and durability, tenda m ite-ially towards the preservation of til* Another improvement will be the atrict adaptation of every hat a? well to the feature*, aa to the form and aize of the w earer, thereby avoiding the apparent incongruity of a large aud all man with adiminutive hat,rice ver?a, ? Beetle St Cottar will preaent on tliia occasion. betide* their well known aupertor Mole*k<n hat, a black far hat, ol the Rocky Mountain Beaver; a tuperb article, which will be aold at 11.etr regular atandard price. taThey woald retpectlully invite attention to the branch of ineir establishment. 131 < hratunt atrert, Philadelphia, which will lie opeued 011 the 28th inat., hi a at) le cortrajvujdiuK with their honae n New York, with a auperior stock of good*. ami wth the avowed object of farniihiuga better hat for the price than c in be found elaewhere. There willalwai* be found nt both place*a full and cotnolete a**ortraent of hat* and cap* for gants, youth* and childien, together with ladiea'riding hat* and rap*. *od a variety of fancy good* am>crtai..ii.|< to the trade, *uch a* cane*, umbrella*, glove*, oruahea, aim other article* lor the toilet. The facili'ir* alt rded them by a ready and frequent intercourse with the citie* of Pari* and London, togetlier with the recent improvement* which they have effected in the construct ion and u?e of machinery, will enable them to ofTer good* of the mint desirable f.i?lmn and fabrication at the very lowest mirket piice*, either at wholesale or retail. aul>30t*rc ___ U^AThD PKOPOHAI.H WILL fib RF.cTIVT.D'aT kl the ( ommi*-arv (>e eral'* office until the 21st nut. for forty lion Oolumu*. for the new Bute Arsenal, (agreeably to plan* and apecification* which can be teen at the office, No 30 Kranklin *treet ) ta be delivered in twenty and thuty daya at the junction ol the 4th avenue and 61th atreata. HKNRY 0TORM8, Commiuary Oeaeral. New York. Aug. 16, 1147. aBltftre LOST?A Ool4 Peuc'if, with a small chain attached; the inm It of C. B. H on the head of the pencil. The finder will be liberally icwardedon leaving it at 111 Maiden Lane. a 13 It* a 0 (IQn REWARD ?TU houae No. tl Ww Fifteenth ipW atreet. ?u bnrglariously entered oa the Mkh of July last. u<) robbed of iha following aiticle?,rig:?17 To Spoons in irked A H. B ; 4 do markedJ. H.; 1# Silver Forks marked i-H. B.; 1 Su'tTomi, A. H. B ; 1 Napkin Rim. A H. B. The above rewaidwillbe paid for the recovery of the property, or iny information where it may be foiled, by apply"'* to f tj JOHNSTON, of llth District Police, or to A. 8. BAKER, No. II West lith street. aul> 3t u're AO/v HK w ARU ? Lost, on Saturday morning, August w***; Ut from I to > o'rlock, a Leather Pocket Book, contaiuiax Irom $7i to f 104 2 in going from Stantou to STth St.? Any i>e-soa will receive tbr above reward, and (he thanks of the owner, by leaving it at 91 Letingtou sveune. a!S Itis'rc ft AO REWARD?Lost, yrstertay (Saturday) afternoon, wtt\J between 2 and 3 o'clock, a purple Russian Leather Pocket Book, coutajuiug two bills of $50 each, of the Farmers' and Planters' Bank of Baltimore, between the comer of John street and Broadway, up Broadway to Fnltou street, down Fulton to Nassau, stopping at the Herald office, up Nassau to Am street, thence to No. 31 Ann street. The tinder will receivetlie above reward by leaving the pocket book and. contents at the office ol the Snudiy ( onrier, 11 Ann street, and no questions asked. al5 Itrrc W ANTED 1MM tDIATkXV?Severafjoenf and enter prising men to solicit subscribers and collect mouey tor one oftiie most popular |>eriodicals published iu the country. Men who can come well recommended for houeaty, integrity and peraevenuice can make Irom Si to %i a day, the year round. Apply to 1SRAEL POST 140 Nasaau street. an 15 If rc WA Vl'KO?By a young man. a situation as coaclimiui in the country, where lie would make himself generally useful. Apply by letter to A. B.. at the office of (he Herald. aH 2t*m WANTLda Ml 1UATION AS C LERK OR POHTER in a Ory Goods, Crockery, or Wholesale (Jrocery Store, by a respectable young man, who understands the tiermau, Kngliali and French languages, and is well acquainted with the above bniinesa. He is willing to imke himself generally useful. Reference giren. Inquire No. 14 Norfolk street, for N. R. all 6t*rc WATNED?A Boy. of respectable famiiy-Selary ?luO a year. Apply to I> ANFERNOT k DULAC, l? South William street. al0 6t*m A TWO THOUSAND DOLLAR BOND, or a Thousand Dollar Loan, on approved property, will be given as suarautv for a responsible Situation, either iu or on Public Work* of any d< aeriptiou, or in any private establishment. Address Herald office. D. C. 8. ?uU 7f re L^CJR SALE THE STOCK AND FIXTURES OK A M: Porter Houae, with the good will of the same. A ny person wishing to purchase, would do well to call immediately, at ItM Deluicy a'rret. _ all 2t*m PLAT1NA.?Iu Wire, Plate and Foil?For sale by L. B. BUN SHE k CO., 83 William at., 2d floor, a 14 6t*rc DAtiUEKREoTYPE PLATES?L.B.BlNSafc It CO., 83 William street, second floor, have ou hand aid are constantly receiving, Daguerreotype Plates, Nos. 20, 4(1 and 60, of their brand, ao favorably kuown throughout the United Slates, which they warrant equal in quality to any ever imported by them, aud whi*h they offer forsale at the lowest market prices. Chemicals aud other substaiices used iu the Photographic process. Void Inlander's German Cameras, imported direct from Vienna, always forsale. L B. BINSSE 4c CO. 83 William street. ?M 6t*rc second door, 1mK hi BSUrtloKK is graielul to the smoking public for . t*>e evidence he is daily receiving of their appreciation of his efforts to furnish them w'ith the best Segars that can be procured from Havana, and he pledges himself that nothing shall deteriorate from what he prides himself is a justly earned reputatiou. His agent at Havana will coutiuue to select the best Segars that can be procu-ed, ?ud at the lowest rates.? Among the last importations, are some very choice, of the fol lowing brands :? i aiu AilV, i\rKauni, i?ciy ^umr,i Ugnes, Orama ?' Hoau, U'J Zack, EILeondeOro, Neqra Empresas, Macionals, India, Autiquidsds, Cltiinencias, Sic. i For sale iu lots upon terms to ensure a duplicate viiit. H. HKNRIQUES. au M :)0t*rc 1W Broadway, eor <'f Pine stj^ HEAP CASH ESTABLISHMENT?The undersigued t furnishes ships. steamers, hotel?,> boarding houses and families with all kind* of stores at wholesale prices. Among his stock may be found groceries, liquors, segars, fine wines, 40 baskets Due O. Mnntabello anu Heidsiek Chainpague; 260 half chests black and greeu Tea will be sold at great bargaius to close a consignment. Country merchants anil up town grocers would do well to call. All orders from the country will be promptly atteuded to. Masters of vessels having small lots of go6ds to dispose of for cash will please call. Orders amounting to $10 will be sent home free of ca'tage. nu8 30t*rc _ A. B. MILLS. 59 Water st. CM1ARLE8 FULLER, wholesale and retail dealer in J. y Jennings' new patent premium safety Gas Lam in; also, i'ateut Phosgene Gas fordo. Also. Camphine, Spirit lias, Oil autl Lard Lamps, Hall Lanthorns,Girandoles, kc., of the most approved styles and patterns. Also, Camphine, Spirit Oaa, Oil, Wicks, he. lie. No. 372 Greenwich street, between Chambers anil Warren streets. al 30t*rc NEW YORK, HAVRE AND PARIS EXPRESS AGENCY.?The undersigned having despatched a special Agent to France, to attend to the business of the Agency, will receive orders for the purchase and transmission of goods of all desertions by the French Steamers, on the most reasonable terms, and with the greatest promptness and despatch. Letters and parcels will also be received for transmission to and from the Continent. The Philadelphia will leave New York ou the 15th of August, and a let ter bag for that ve?el is now ready at No. 10 Wall street Orders from any part of the United States and Canada, (post paid,) will be attended to. ivr 3ftt rre LIVINGSTON. WELLS fc CO. Palladium, platina, a>d ihidium points. -Lamp-makers who require palladium for brouziug liquor, may now be supplied at a low price. Likewiae platina in wire and plate, and pen poiuts of superior quality. Also, dvdriod potash, quinine, labarraguis, chlor, soda, pure sulphuric ether lor the Leiheon. strong ammonia and sweet spirits of nitre, ivory black, sulphate olammouia, cyanid, potassium, chemical whale on soap, ny paper, ant, moui, cocuroacn, rat anil bed bog poison*. Sic. lie., by Dr. l?wis FEUCHTWANGER. nil 7(*m 23 Liberty street. NOTICE.?MR. W. B. WHITE having retired from "the firm of Thomaa tk. White, of the Howard Hotel, on account of ill health, that firm la thia day diaaolved by mutual consent. All business of the late firm will be aettled by the remaining partner, E. Thomaa, or hia agent, at the office of the Hotel. E. THOMAS. New York, Anguat 9, 1847. W. B. WHITE. The Howaid Hotel will hereafter be conducted in the name of E. Thomaa, who reapectfully aolicita a continuance of the public favor. E. THOMAS. au13 3t*rc NOTICE TO BUTCHERS, Article* of the Butcher. Melting Association for the ensuing year are now ready and will remain open for signatures at their office, corner of First avenue and Fourth street until 1st September neit. Butchers desirous of becoming members of the Association will call and leave their signatures priorlo that date. a U 3tt*rc By order of the Board of Trustees Lithographic stones?edward wirths No. 90 John atreet, offer* for aale a superior quality and nssortmeut of the above article, both ef the blue and yellow stone, which he will b* willing to aell upou favorable terms. jyH 30t*rre BROWNS' COFFEE HOUSE AND DINING SaI LOON, No. 71 Pearl atreet, situated in the business part of the city, (head of Coentie* slip,) preseuta great inducement* to merchant*, strangers, and otner*, whose Dullness mav call them to that part of the city. Breakfast, Dinner and Tea. GEORGE BROWN,1 ate of Jy29 30t"re Lovejoy's Hotel. BKOAJJWAV BATHS AND RESTAURANT? No 600 Broadway.?The proprietors of this establishment anno mce to the public that in adimiou to tl)e baths and reading room, they have fitted up, at considerable expense, a Restaurant, where every delicacy iu viands, with the most choice and rare wines and pure liquors, will be served to those who honor them with a call. The proprietors feel that it would be unbecoming in them to lauil the style iu which their saloon has been furnished, but respectfully solicit an inspection. It will be otiened on Mon (lav I lie 2tl August, at 6 P. M. Petit v>ui*r? served on the shortest notice. au3 Ht*tn GUSTAK K. WESTMAN is requested to call at the Swe dish and Norwegian Couaulate, li Weat itreet, where lie will nf astmethin* In hn mlvantA**. an# M?#rc MUSIC TAUliiiT, ou moderate terms, by a lady who has had considerable et|>erience in teachiiiK. She teaches on the Logerian system, which is greatly approved of in Kori pe. Terms, Three Dollars per moutli. A line addressed to A. B., at the Herald office, shall be at lendeu o- JyW Wt'is re WM. CKOVVLKk St m?.N, .Needle and Kiah Hook Mann facturers, Alcrster, Warwickshire. England?Store No. 77 Maideu Laue, (up stairs) New York. Wm. C. and Son respectfully luform the merchants of New York and DtWI cities that having now on hand an extensive stock of their manufactured articles, will sell to the trade or importers at a small advance from their manufacturing prices. One of the firm, Wm. Crowley, being now iu England, and intending shortly to increaae their eatablishment by the erection of steam mills, we shall be euabled to sell ateitremely low price** jy26 3?t* re MRS. M. CARROLL'S MEDICATED VAPOR Baths. 184 Fulton streitf. opposite Church street, are a safe and certain cure for ihewnatiam, ougha. colda, awelling of the glands,!stiffness of the jointa, ague anu ferer, kr., recommended by Drs. Mott, Steven,, Boyd, and others. The Vapor Bath has been succeisfully a J in Mistered in the above complaints, for the laat 22 years. Opeu from 6 A. M. till 10 P. M. Sarsaparilla Syrup prepared by the Shakers, 75 cents per bottle. Hi ftt? re NEW"STYLE OK MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS ? Just received from the first manufactories in Vienna and Paris, au assortment of the latest and most approve^mu mtai aiuuuiruUi tuimiuuK 01 unu uisnunicillS cmicu uniu Tubas, in K. C anil K flat, with from J to S cylinder and (a new style of valve called) dium, which ihe performer can regulate by the springs of the ralvea, to move according to hia l.nicy in one moment; al?o I Kuphoneum with 4 olinder valvea, the most complete baaa ?olo instrument in uae, for orchestra or military bands, together with a general MMtMHI of musical inatrumenta, such as Sax Horns. Kbo Cornaa, Coiuetti, Poat Horna, Cornopeans, Flutes, Clarionetta lie., may be had wholesale and reuil, atC. O. Christman's music and musical instrument manufactory and warehouse, 404 Pearl st. an 12 30f*m LKhTorF WAHDKOBt: AND rUKNITUKU WANT r.D ? Ladies or jrehtlemen having superfluous effects todispose of, such as Wearing Apiwrel, Furniture, lie., ean obtain a fair caah price for the aame, by sending for the anbscriber, through the Poet Office, or otherwiae. who will attend at their residences. J. LkVKV8TYN, 464 Broadway op (tain. Ladies caa be attended to by Mr*. J Leveustyn. a4 10t re 'fiHKTNATfJNALllKfcTlNSiFRANCCOAIFAST X No. 62 Wall street.?Insurance againat Fire and Inland Navigation Kiaka.?This Company is prepared to make insurtnee agaiusl loss or damage by fire on a well iug honses. ware houses. buildmga in general, gooda, wares and merchandize ol every description, and |>ersonal property,and on riaka of transportation and inland navigation. DIRECTORS. Thomas W. Thome, William Van Wyek, John Van Boskerck, W.C. Hedlield, Kugene Bogart, Martin Hoffmaa, Henry H. Ward, Hubert L. ''use, John J. Heri'ck, John D Ward, Henry D. Beach, Stephen Holt, W H.Jacob*. THOMAS WTtHORNE, Preaident. W. C. Kjci.Lotia, Secretary. N. B ?The capital of thia institution ii sow fall, and with a sort lus. Money to loan on bond and mortgage. jyll SOt in Jr.rr r.mnur* i.-nsl ka^i.h v? minna r>io | M Wall atraet, oppoaita the Merchant!' Kxchange. Thii r.iin|i>:n y continue* to inaure againat loaa or dnroiig* bv Are, on dwelling hooiei, warelionaea, building* in general) gooda, waret, and merchandize, and every deecription of per aonal property. Loeaea correctly and promptly adjuated and paid. Dinger***. Thoe. T, Woodruff, B. R. Hobion, m. D., Krancia P.riag*. Moaea Tucker, John P. Muore, Auaon linker, Thompaon Price, Caleb C. Turn*. Jai. K. Holmea. John H. Lee, Eliiha Riyg*. Thoa. Morrell, John C. Merritt, Joaeph AlTeii, Kngeoe Bopnrt. Joaeph Drake, Win. K. lTiorn, Robert Smith Thoe. W. Thorn*, John R. Daviaon. MOHES TUCKER, aaident ' II T M .f Hrrrftnry. mrli r N~bTlCt.-M, j. fi.mLlNTi-and Mr. J. T> bELI , ennaigneea by the ahip Utica, from Havre, in December, IW5, will pleaae t*u<l their adtlreaaea to the office of ? ? BOYD k HIM K KN . No an Wall at. NotiOk to contra<:tors-extension of the Harlem Railroed from Croton Kalla to Dover Plaina I'ropoaala for the (reding, tnaannry and bridging of twenty pine milea of the New York and Harlem Railroad, extending from it* preaent terminna at Crotou Falla to Dover Plaina in Dutcheaa County, will be received at the office of the Eagi"' pL,ur "* oot'l the firatday of Kepiember. J he ii* a la now prepared for the eiaminatioo of Contractor*, proniea and ipeciAcation* will be eihibited at the Engl neer nflle*. The Company reaerve the right to accept or reject any proTfe wheth*' ? * may be tEe loweet or not O litre ALLAN CAMPBELL, Ea|wt*r, KE^Htaud Harlem Railroad. Dmnam Camp Meeting weak, comaacMi Monday, August Wth. The can will leave New Vnr* for rienant?ilfe at 7 and 111 o'clock A. M.aud 4 and P M. . .. Returning, will leave Pleasantv ille at i\ and >? A. M.. and UK and Js? P JI. btage* will b? ia readme** 10 convey pa**eng era to 1 ha Camp Ground pure to Pleaaantville SO cents aul4 Miarc SOAY fc CO.'S BOSTON"AlfD K.A8TKRN EXPKK88. via Newport and Kail River?Thia Eipre** leave* the office. No. 1 Wall street, corner of Broadway, daily, al ijuarter before i o'clock, P. M.. thereby securing to laerchaut* and other* the advantage of a late hour for forwardiug caae*, package*, tie. . Bauk uole*, specie, draft* .and valuable parcels are *ecured n iron safe* ana placed in the charge of faithful conductor*. .. . . (,AY h r? Merchandise, package*, be. forwarded in our own cars, and by leanug orders at our office. No. I Wall street, corner of Broadwaf, package* will be called for in any part of the city. Office* ) N? ' Wall itreet, corner Broadway. ) No. 7 State atreet. Boston. .,uS JOtrc HKKAT UNRIVALLED Mi;-Ml A I, L*^CZkAND COTILLON EXCURSION TO BSfiHMfc HOCK LAND LAKE, on Tuesday. August 17, m?7-?Tb? large anil beautiful *teamb<>at NEW HAVEN, accoinpahied by a uew and spleudid steamboat barge that is fined up expressly for thia occasion. The steamboat and barge are *o well kuown to the public tliat it i* not ueceasary to make farther remark*. Aud every exertion will ue made by the manager* to maka this excursion superior to any of the season. Dodwortli's much admired Brass and Cotillon Band* are engaged; also, Mr. Beunett. popular I'rofeisor of Danciug, to take the charge of the cotillons. SThe following artists are eueagtd Miss Leslie, lata of the Chatham Theatte ; Mis* A. Wilson, late of the Italian Opera ; Mr. W. Quayle, Mr. Rea, who will introduce *ome cf the most popular aougs. ballad*, duetts, trio*, glee*, <kc.; Mr. Lynch, late of Vauxhall Garden. Meal* provided on board by Mr. T. Wevant. Ice ('ream and Confectionary Department, Mr. Smith. Saloons^by Mr. N. Brooks. Ticket! only M cents each. To be had at Kipp k Browua', corner (6th street and Che'sea; P. Truax, Jefferson II.II, 538 Hudson street; W. B. Grant, 205 Water atreet; N. Brooks. 42 Bow?ry;C.T. Kipp,turnerCharleaand Hudson street; R. W. Brebe. We?tche?ter Hotel, 21 Bowery; Mr. Lynch, M8 Bowery; John Mason,corner loth street and Avenue D; YV. Hockmau's office, foot of 19th street, N. R.; H. SmMi, 333 Grand, and ol the managers ou the morning of th?t excursion at the lauding*. The boat will leave the foot of Main street, Brooklyn, at 8 A. M ; Grand street at B1*: Catharine street at BV,'; 1'ier No. 2. North River, 9; Canal stieet, 9V?; Hammond stiert, ?K; Nineteenth street, 10. pVa* Should the weather be unfavorable the excursion will take place the lirat lair day. au!5 2t is'iu mm. CONEY 181.AND FKRRY?The steam fWBtpA boat GENEVA, Cipt. Geo> ge Ha7.trd.will iHImHIb rU'> on the above ferry ou Suuday, Aug. 1Mb leaviug 19th street, N. R. OX A. M., 2 P. M.; Hammond street N. R., 9)4 A M.. P. M.: Canal street, rN. R , 10 A. M\2lj P.M.: rier No. 1, N. R., 10* .rl. M.,3 P. M-. Couey Inlaw), 1 M ,6 P. M. Fare 12>? cent*. T. BEll.BY. aul5 It#m MO, CONEY ISLAND FERRY?The coin r J t I 1 modiouaaud elegant steamer ION, Captain tBaHb Weld, will resume her trips on the above fer ry, 011 Thursday, the 12th of August,and contiuue to run dail] 011 the above ferry, leaviug the loot of Duaue street, first irij only, at 10>?. A. M.; pier No. 1 N. K. at 11 A M.. and 2 P. M Couey lalaud 12% and i P. M.; ou Suudaya will leave tlie foo of Duuie street at 10 A. M.; foot of Spring street, N. R., a 10>a A- M., IK P. M.; pier No. 1 N. R. at 11 A. M , aud 2 P M.; Coney Island 12* aud 5 P. M. Lauding each way at Fori Hamilton, when there ia aulficieut water. Fare each way 11%. aull 7t*m FOR K E Y PORT.?The steamer JOSEPJ1 COFFEE, will leave the 'pier, foot ol KbaiHHkCliambera street, daily, for Key Port, at 2 o'clock, P.M. N. B.?On Sunday's, the boat will leave the foot of Hammond street at B'*; Canal street. 8>{; Chambers st>eet, 8X; Pike street, E R., 9V and Pier No. 1, K.R., at 9>f o'clock.? au3 Mt*m ___ OPPOSITION TO MONOPOLY-FOR PWD^^ALIIANY aud Intermediate Landings. Fare HHBI^BliFifty Cents The steamer BUFFALO, Capt. Hancox. will leave the foot of Robinson street ou suuday alternoou, at 5 o'clock, August 15th. For nassage, apply on board. The Buffalo will arrive iu time to take the morniug train ol caw for the Weat. all 2t*m 8UNl) Ay EXCURSION TO HARLEM r ?The steamboat HERALD. Capt. Parks. MHMlHHhi will make an Excursion to Harlem, ou Suuday afternoon, August 15th. Leaving Pike atreet, E. R , 2 o'clock; Grand streetX peat 2, and Fifth street, E. R ,){ past 2 o'clock. ... neiuriiing, leave uarieui > pasi a o ciock, r. m. rare eacn way 13^4 cents. al? It*B> GRAND EXCURSION TO THE FISHBANKS, Sunday, August 11th. The large and commodioui tea iteamer KOSCIUSKO, Captain Deming, Will leave the Pier foot of Chambera it. at 7\ o'clock, A. M. " Hammond at at I " " Spring it. at 8V " " " " South 2d at., Williain<burgh, at A " " MoutgoOitry, at 9)^ " " " Bridge at., Brooklyn, at " " Catharine, at 9* " " " Pier No,IN R, 10 M For the Sea liana Banks, where she will remain a aulficient time to sitiafy the mnat faatidioua lover of ihe tinny tribe, and Setum to the city at an early hour. A person will be in atten lance to fnrniah Line* at a moderate charge. Bait furniahei on hoard. Fare for the excursion, SO centa. N. B.?Dinner furniahed on board the boat. Col. Smith wil be on hand, aa uanal, with hia celebrated Ice Cream and oihe Ixin*. auM atrrc MM CONEY ISLAND KERRY.?The wH known steamer AMERICAN EAOLE, Car SCv3HdE_tain Oeo. H. Power, will ruu regularly aurinj the ituno to Coney Island, landing at Fort Hamilton, aa fol Iowa:?Leaving Pier No. 1, at 10, 1,4; leaving Coney Island ? 1'*.** 6*. In addition to the above tripe, will make a mort inc trip to Fort Hamilton, leaving the city at 7, Fort Hamilio ttl o'clock. au4 46t*rc FOR BRIDUEPORT-The steamer MM r^SB^^^MROD will leave the foot of Market street; oi Snturilav. Auifuil Mill, at 2 o'eluck, M. Stages will be upon the wharf at Bridgeport aa usual. illlt'we " * Vr?n aiiut u/unnu v i iimii Hit a mi ii w 8<'HKNCK*8, HIGHLANDS, Octal mHMMHmHousc. and Ku too town Landing. The Steam boat KD WIN LKWIS, Cajit Haynei, will ran u followi from foot of Vesey utaret, North River: Ltave New York. Ltavt Shrrwihury. An*, o'clock. Aug. o'clock. Saturday, H, at 4J4 F M. Saturday, H, at 8 I'. M Sunday, 1}, at 6s A, ,M Sunday, !.*>, at 11 A. M Monday, 16, at 6,'gA.M, Monday, 16', at II A. M Tuesday, 17, at 7 A. M Tueaday, 17, at 12 M. Wedn'y, 18, at 7 A.M. Wedn'y, 18, at 12 M. Thursd'y 19, at 8 A. M Thursday 19, at 1 P. M Friday, 20, at 9 A. M. Friday, 20, at 2 P. M Stages will be in readiness ou the arrivdl of the boat to cou trey |>Hsseiigt-rs to all |mrt.s of tlie rouKry. jySI 30t*rc <eSHKKW8BUHY, OCEAN HOU8K 1 Branch, Kunaom Dock, Brown's Dock AnHaMIIiMn Middletown and Red Bank.?The Steamboa ORUS, C. Price, Master, will run as follows, from Fultoi Market Slip, Kaat Hirer :? Leave New York Leave Shrewsbury. O'clock. O'clock Saturday, II, 9>? Saturday, 14, i Sunday, 1}, 8 Sunday, 14, 6 Monday, 16, 7 Monday, 16, UKA.M The Line Stages will run to Howell Works, Mquan Villagi and Kreehold. Htairei to eouvev utuenirera tn all imrti nf thi country. N. B. All person* are forbid trailing the above boat on ae con nt (if the Owner*. J. P. ALLAIRE. au4 30t*rc "11 m OPPOSITION PASHAOi, OKHCK-T< Albnny, Utica, $1 50; Syracuae, $2; Oawego Rocheater, $2; Buffalo, S2; Cleveland, t>; Detroit, SI; Milwaukie, $?> 75; Chicago, (6 75; Cincinnati, $0 75; Toronto and Hamilton, $4; Whitehall, f2;Montreal, f I; Pittaburg, $6. Office, 100 Barclay itreet. A i" aecurity reiinired will be given for the fnlfiloient of all laotracu > ude with tliia comiwny. JV16 30t*r M. L llA V. Agent, New York?1847. MORNING BOAT AT MALKPAST . rA^_>an lor Albany aud intermediate landings.? BmBh Kare 50 centa. Breakfaat and dinner onboard the boat. The well-known low preaaure ateamboat SOI'Til AMKRlCA, Capt. T. N. Hulae, will leave the 8teamboal Pier, foot of Ban-lay atreet, Tueadav, Thuraday, and Satuiday, nt aia o'clock VM. au4 14t*rc /?*>. MORNING LINE KOR ALBANY ANE TROV aud Intermediate Landinga. vMaaflMBn Breakfaat and Dinner on board the Boat. The low preaiure ateamboat TROY, Captain A. Gotham rill leave the teambnat pier foot of Barclay afreet, Mondaya Wednesdays, and Fridays, at aeven o'clock A. M Return inir on the op|>oaite d?yi. The Steamer NIAGARA, Capt. H. L. Kellogg, will leav? ila Steamboat Pier foot of Barclay atreet, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, at half past an o'clock, A. M., returning on tin opposite daya. if/" Kare 50 Cent*. Forpaaaage or freight, apply oa board, or to V. B. Hall, a .he office on the wharf. jy20 PKOPLKU LINK STKAMBO A7S >;6li ALB A NY, Daily, Sunday* KiceptedHMHi'l hroogh Direct?At 7 o'clock, P. M., front the Pier between Courtlandt and Liberty atreet*. Steamboat ISAAC NKwTON, Capt. Win. H. Peck, wil leave on Monday, Wedneaday, and Kriday evening*, al 1 s'clock. Steamboat HKNDHIK HUDSON, Capt. R. G. Crntten den, will leave on Tneiday, Thuraday and Saturday avaa mga et 7 o'clock. Special Trams for Schenectady, Ballalon, and Baratogi H|>rmi{a, will run a* follow*:?Leave Albany at IK A.M., : I .1*1., v*v?r|>i ouii'iiy a. i a?aru||Cli Will IJUU lllll LIIC UIUII 61 peditious nutl convenient route. At Fire O'clock, I". M.?Landing at Intermediate Placisfroin the loot u I liarclay street. Steamboat NORTH AMKHH'A, Captain Trusdell, wil leave ou Monday, Wednesday, Friday,and HuiUay alteruoobi tl 1 o'clock. Steamboat ROCHESTER. Captain H. H. Furry, wil on Tueaday, Thursday, and Saturday Afternoon! ?tS o'clock. The above boats will at aJI tiinej arrive in Albany in ampl ime for the Morning Cars for trie Kui or VVe?. j'cV c'f'p'm'" St mod,r*u rates, and none taken; after i> ITT" All persons are forbid trusting any of the boats of thi line, without a writteu order Irom the captains or agruta. For i>as?age or freight, apply on board the boats, or to P. C HI'I.Ta. at the office on the wharf. t 4 NOTlClv 8TATEN ISLAND KERRY.?On an. iHfl um AV Afcr'U*,hj steamboat tOaiamMm 9YLPU and 8+ATEN INLANDER wil mil as follows, uutil lurOi?r udiiee LKATK ITATBCf IfLAIfli Al 0, 0, 9, 10,11, A. M., And I, 2, J, 4, 5, , 7, 1*. M. LKAtK NEW YORK it *, 9, 10, 11, A. M., and 1, 2, ten minutes past t, aid at 4, 9 6.7, o'clock, P. M. New VrtrW April 19th. ?|| r _ -JP*w..'lhe '&*')?', "earner NKW, HAVKN a pram \ an Pelt, can be chartered for t icur ^^ HMMMsions to auy place, by application at No. Uatttrv n?, WIIBi rufr. Jvi" J0,rc (:iTIZKN:8 NKW DAY. LINK Ol r^d^ZMOPPOSITION BOATS KOH ALBANY Landing at Vu Courtlandt"? Newburgh f'oughkrrpaie, Kingston, Cstikill aud Hudson ?Kara JO centaBrakfut and Dinner on Board. The new nuii elegant Steamer ROOKH WILLIAMS, Cipt A- Degroot, Tuesdays, Thursdays. aud Saturday*, at KalT-pna in, A.M.. feoni the pier foot of Rohmaon street, touching a Hammond street tger, from New York, Kor paaaage or frtrglii, apply en Dotud the Boatf, or to Ueo T Ijttalir Jt the office, foot of Kobinaon atreet. (T7~ All persons are forfcid 'rusting the ai ** boata on ae lii'ipt of the ownera mylft rh ijtX' "" F6It Nt^T)*LKAN?.-Louieiaaa an3 "FTeii York Line ofPacketa?Poaiuvely the lirat and oolv regular picket, to aail on Monday, Aogtist Std. Thi splendid fast Bailing packet ahip WABASH, Capt Hatha wav. la uow loading, and will poaitively sail an abore, hei legulai day. Kor freight or paaaage, having handaome furnished jcaim nodal i on a, apply on board at (Mean* wharf, foot of nail atreet, or to K. K. COLLINS, M South ?t Ageuti in New Oileaua, J. o WmiatailkCo., who will promptly forward all gooda to their addreaa. The|>acket ship Oswego, Capt. Ingeraoll. will succeed the Wabaah. and a*tf h*r ?rnlnf da* * npo DiNTlsfSi DKNTAL DEPOT" v,I bkoadwaV X New Yarh. where m*y be fonii<i* complete Mt ?f Teeth, Deumi Initnuuf nH. gold Foil. PUie, W'ft. HoNjr, t"y6,BVAipT v'riiti m?t% ... ! P*u. -r?BICI!.EF1T OF M* GRAZER W*"^' Hi;?Boies ?1, l*it Mceata: UMUrr ki f*otf?Moud?r K??moic. Ai|uu liih. will be part inc. Anna Bishoji; Liu, ?n. Bailey Prior to 111* <)l*r*. ih? ixiiu comedy of KISS IN THt DARK-Mr. Petuboae. \fr W B ( lupauii; Mary, .^7. On?wood. Ooonopn >17?prrformaneeto rommeoreat half-put T.? OWKKV THEATRE.?A.| W. Jmim^ rronr.eio,? C. Hrtrtnt. 8?a*e Au* 16 h. will be acted, LOVEB Klmorc, Mr*. Matthew Ellmore. Mr. W. Marshall, 8t. com-luiie witii the nautical drama of THE INCHCAPK 1 BELL: Or, Tb? Recluse aud t Rover?Ouy Huthvea, Mr. 1 W Marshall, Amelia, Mia* Faaay Uordou. Boica, r> eenla; Pit and Oallery, ISM Do?" ?P*? ? quarter to 7; performance to commence at half-neat 7 J (^ASTLK OAHDEN.?Mr. Baaaa, 8ta?e Mauaaer-Oa J Monday kTeuiua, Aoaait 16.the operetta of LECHA LET?Natl Tieck, Mr Holland : C? rporal May, Mr Walcot; Litette, Mm Phillip*; Loui*e, Miaa Roberta; Jaaet, Mr* lah erwood. , , Mr. Charlea Winlherwill appear on the Ticbt Hop#. To conclude with PECH?l'R NAPOLITAIN?laadom Hieardo, Anionic I.ehMau. Blauco ("hriatiaq Lehman. Michael, Mr C'harl'a Winther; Marrietto, M'lle Adelaide: La Fee,M'lle MathilJe; Barbette, Mile Julia; Fauehette, M'lle Flora. Doora oj>eu at t%; Performance to commraea at t. Adiniaaiou. 25 ceuta. CHATHAM THEATRK. ?I uder ilic .Mauiiemem ul Mr 'LETCHER?Monday Eveuiiur, Annual ICih, will ba perfoimed A MAN ABOl'T TOWN ? Skirts, Mr McCutcheou; Lord An lirey, Mr Stafford; Lady Aubrey, Miu Hildreih; Fanny Bates, Mrs VVrav. To be followed by the WHITE HOUSE OF THE PEP PERS?Oerald Pep|>er, Mr. Brougham; Darby Douahoe, Mr. Parker; As ita, Mrs. Brougham. | To conclude with BORN TO nnnn I irrif_?.jj.. O'RalTerty, Mr Brougham: Count Minimis, Mr Brandon. Boiei, 25 ceuu; Pit, 12.^ emu. Private Boies, 50 cent* each teat. Uoors open at 7?performance cnmmfnfei at half-paat 7. PALMO'S?MO.MJAY. Anguit 16, 1847? Farewell Kngagemeut of the RAVEL FAMILY. FANCHETTE. Kanchette Mm Mary-Taylor. The Gregories by Meun John Seflou and T. Placide TIOHT ROPE by Lcq Javelli and Gabriel Hare I Half an hour'* intermission?wheu the U/Jud Orchestra will play on the ILLUMINATED PROMENADE, designed and execnted by M. Bnrke.Eso Dancing by Madame Leon and Henri Wells. To conclude with the comic Pantomime of DECHALUMEAU. I Rocquinet . Oabriel Kavel. Tickeis 50 cents to all parti of the establishment, the Promenade included. ; Do?rs open at7k, begin at 8. *Nighta of the HaTel'* Performance Monday ,Tue?day,Thursday, and Friday. AMKK1C AN MUSEUM, corner Broadway and Ann street. ?Splendid performances to?lh Allernoou and fcvruing. , M'lle Gertrude, FiU.oh Damense?Balloon?Moving ranoramie Pi>ic;ii4{ of the great City of London, with many 1 interesting [tortious of , ENGLAND, FRANCE AND GERMANY ORPHEAN FAMILY.?COMIC MELAN0E2EE , SANTA ANNA'S WOODEN LEO. OURANG OUTANO-ANATOMICAL VENUS. Mad. ROC" WELL the famous Foriune Teller, t Admimior^25 cents?Children under teu one shilling, al ROAD WAIT THEATRE.?This establishment, bow erecting in Broadway, will be oiwned for Dramatic parposes solely, on or abont the first of September, nader the r management of I O. H. BARRETT. Persons of acknowledged talent wishing situations for ihe Mason, will please addreas him (pre-paid) at 109 Leonard street A. MANN, sole IWrietor. C/~ Daring Mr. Barrett'*absence in Karope, all letters tad business communications may he addressed to hii agent. jeUtfrc WVCORUYN. No. ? Birciar itreet MINERVA ROOMS?Broadway?Admission 25 cents.? First appearance in this city of the ORIGINAL VIRGINIA SERENADKRS. Messrs. J. R. Myers, A. F. Winueinore, D. Kelly, F. Solomon, J. Hauford. uud E. Horn, from the Cheinut street Theatre, Philadelphia, respectfully announce to tHe citizens of New York, they will mve a series of their Chaste and Pleasing Concerts. Commencing MONDAY EVENING, Aug. 16. I?47. And every evening during the Week?Wheu they will introduce a vsrieiy of new SONGS, DUETTS, GLLeS, PARODIES, CHORUSES, Sic. The eveniugs eutertaiuments will couclude with* new Burles<iue founded on the Opera of Saffo. called 8 T U F F O !?Characters by the Company. For particulars see bills of >l<e day. uuurs open at r o ciock-?rerforuunce to commence at 8. in 13 Itjilra THK CHINESE JI NK '.?CHINESE CURIOSITIES? The Captain u( the Chinese Junk is induced, from the great patronage he i* at present receiving from the citixeus of New Yoik. to atop TfcN OR TWELVE DAYS LONGER, a uuoibefi from the interior of the State, are every day arriving to witneaa. jierhaiii?for the only time they may ever have an opportunity?this rare apecimen^sf Chinvse Naval Architecture, together with the many Curiosities which are contained iu her cabin, lie. The Idola which they worahip. the Guna, Swords, and other implements of war, the beautiful Shoes, particularly those of the female sex, which are not Biore than three inches in leugth, are richly worth seeing. Let all who have read or heard or the novelties oi the Celestial Empire, now avail themaelves of this treat. | a!3 lltrrc . f^KNTLEMEN'S LEKT-OKK WARDROBE,kc.-6?n' VJ tlemen or families, hiving any sui>errtuous effects, such aa weariug apparel, jewelry, fire arms, furniture, fcc., which they deaire to dinpose of advantageously, have the best op1 portunitv of doing so by seuding for the subscriber, who will r attend them at their residences by appointment. H. LEVETT, | Office, No. 2 Wall street, coruer of Broadway. h N?B ? \ line addressed through the post-office, or other? wise, will reeeive prompt attention. *13 3t*rc ICE FOR SHIPPING?11,1100 TONS ICE, from right "10 it 1 twelve inches thick, put up expressly for shipping, and >* packed on board ressels. Vessels irtted for long and short n voyages at the lowest market prices, and at the ahnrtest notice, by 8. M. Oreseman, Proprietor or the Union Ulster County p Ice (Company. ? De|>ot foot of Duane street. .11 12r * r,I irriL'i L'u u n u ?1 '??1 * 1 DHI^fUU UIU VtUIIH, I1JU JTHCIlira for more iluw i?n vears in different parti of Kurope. Asia Minor, Laaistan, Armenia, South Africa. Bratil and , New Holland. , jv27 10t*re (ireenwich street.632. cor. Morton. CI ONSTIPATION (COBTI VENESnj DKSTROYKD' " Obstinate. inveterate and habitual Constipation. (Costiveuess) not only totally overcome, but alio completely destroyed, without naing either purg tivei. iujtctious or baths, by a natural, annple, agreeable and infallible ineana, recently ducovered in krante, by M. Warton, 61 Kue Richelieu, Pari?.'J_ Price 30 centa. I) / ' Thia great remrdr i< a light, palatable and delicious food called "Ervalruta"?a vegetable Carina?in aome respects resembling arrow root. The above treatise and Krvaleuta constantly on hand at the National Depot of Warton. of Punt, expressly established for their tale,at HASlMOND'S k CO.'H Drug store, 27 8 Broadway. corner ol Chambers atreet, three doors south of Htuart'i , marble building. BookseRers aud Druggists abroad, desiroas of introducing t the Krvaleuta in their reat>ective ciue? or towns. will be dealt j with on favorable terms, by addressiug. post paid, "The Director ofthe Natioual De|>ot of Warton, of Paris," New York. aulJ 30t*m COUNTKV MKKI IIAMS, DEALERS IN PERHJMKKY, ToiUt Soap*. I'ateut Medicines, Fancy Articles, in every variety supplied upon the lowest terms at No. 1 Courtlandt street first atore from Broadway. Also, VKOOM 1 (IcKOWLER'S unrivalled Walnut Oil Military Shaving ! Soap. the only genuine, awarded the first premium at the American Institute in 1844 and 1(46. UEO. B. UROSKR, formerly with an5 30t*m VROOM It KO WLKR. oJJMo. 1. (\OLT"8 COTTON DUCK?A constant supply ofthe vaJ ri mi mKatra 9'J ..mI II ...,l ..I. ..I I ? ' to any in market, for sile br NATH.fcL. IcUEO. URI8WOLD, aufi tlHtawis'in 72 South street. * BKhKMAN HOUhK, No|J? BeeUinau street. Board and Lodging by the diy, wrrk or mouth, on the moat reason* ble terms. A choice of several single rooms may be bad by applying immediately, Single meals mr y be had at all hoars hi ilie Jay ami evening. J. WlLBQlN. >4 Ml?rc LM?K h'KKKKl BKANDIK8.?Mow landing at Pier 7 N. R , from >hi|i Mary Francis, Irom Bordeaux, 84 Mot, age? of tiie above well known Brandiea, direct from the house of the Subacnber, in Kriuice, viz. Cognac, " Lrger Krerea," Annan-ac, ' Star," Bordeaax, Henry L. L. Cliaf.incite and Rochelle Lt&yMtt branda, jiale and colored, in half, quarter and eighth |ii|ies. Also, II caaka White Uranuy, of su|>erior flavor.foi preserves. Also in store, eutitled to debenture, a I full assortment of the above Brandiea, of varioua vintages from 1827 to 18IK. Simples at the office, 1(1 Wall strert. an 12 Hit*in HKNHY LK< Jk'H. THK I'r.NNi* YL V AN j A RAILROAD COM PAH Y gi\ < X notice that the Directora are now prepared to treat with Manufacturers for Railroad Iron, deliverable in 1848 and 1849, to au amount notexcerdiuii Fifteen Thousand Tons. Kor ui' formation apply at their office, No. 70 Walnut street, ITiila. ; au!2 J<t*rn S. V MKRRICK. Pre.,dent RIO tiRAN DK SALOON, 106 Church street ?The Proprietor of this we.I known Saloon, takes great | leaaure t in announcing to hi. friends and rwtrona, that they cut be ac commodated with a superior quality of Hhrewihitry Oysters, : the first in market this season, along with all other kinds of re freshineuts generally kept in saloon*. This is a chance for ihe loveis of oysters. B9 ' The Bar is stocked with such Wines, Liuuora and Megan, aa . need uo further recommeudiuB But call and give tliein a [ trial. all4t*rc COM vlKKClAL AND HAILHOAU BANK OK VK KHBIJKU.?The stockholders of the Commercial and Railroad Bank of Vickaburg, are hereby notified that the deed of triMt in iclatinn to the arrangeineut lietweeu them and thr i creditora of said bank, is depoaited with thr < aalucr of the I Thenix Bank of thia city, who la one ol the truateea It w ill remain there until the llth mat. All thoae persons who hold my of the liabilities of the Commercial and Railroad Bank, who have not yet consented to the compromise, are also requested to call at the I'hemx Bank. I JOHN A. BARCLAY,)Tr? I, anil tt is rc NO. OODKN. j Trustee,. , I^DMISION tk SON. TAILORS ANDTKOWHKHS 1 Cj MAKKRS.69 STRAND. LONDON.-Dreaa Coat. Ma ; ' Dreas Trowsers, 30s.; Llama Cloth Pair tots, 42s; Dress Vesta . in every variety, Oeniietnen visiting England would do well to inspect the / Urge NMiortment of well selected Cloths. Doeskins and Veattogs, previous to making purchases, as they will rtnd st our g establishment Koo<Js of tne newest and most approved fabrics, from the beat West of England manufactories, at the lowest possible rash prices. CDMI81 ON It BON, J .30 jy 15-31 au 16-31 5t#r G9 Atrand, London, Kngland PZW IN HT. B AKTHOLOM K W9 < HUii H Tor Mir No. 108, desirably smiated. Apply to 65 nod 67 N.-issau I frerf. S'n I Iff.. I union"' OUMSC,L. i TSOTTlNCfc HI 1 aM&c DURSK FIFTY DOLLARS with *n inaidr >mke of $40, * h. ft , two mill* hr?U, in hjrnru, free for lior?e, uerer *ou money. * 2. Purse $W, with an inside stake of $V> h. ft , two mile heats 1 in harness, free for horses nr?er w??n a i urse over 8 3. Purse $100, with an inside stake ot $100 h It., two mile heats, in harness, free for horses that never won a purse over *4**Pot*s $200, with an inside stake of $200 h. ft., two mile heats, in harness, free for all horses, evtpt Lady Huffolk. $ The sainr as No 4, under tftu saddle A Purse $J00?$100 to go to Ihe second best horse?tfirc mile heats, free for sll trotting and Paring horses?lames K t Polk hi harness, all others as they please, to come ?ff the 6th I Mejitembe>r^ ^_#IAil #/> ^ J | t heat?. free for ill pactn* and trotting Imraea?Jamea K .Polk to ? wa?<m, ?ll othera at they pleaae The?h.>irr iiiirar* arid ?t*k to clot* on Thuradav etenmf. Ail*""' >>' ' ? clock, ihree or more lo mike a race, ami two to (tart. The a akra mil puree* will commence lo he trot ' red for ilir firm part of September, mill will Le arranged to >r r,immod.itc any l?or?e that ahould enterfpr more than owe r?ce 1 anil 'I'rrr flK.OKOK RPICKK t <v.- f olk flAt.t.'-A l>a~ir if Bay Rnrwt.lui'l f fun cl???|y matched in appearance and driving, / ' ' ? >.!?? i? ?? !. and man', good traeellera and toaad; free Y from *1, v tault. May be irrg al P. D BI.'hBANK'M, 16 I lill feet all I i It end**f Ijfv UNK <H?Ll> AN r> MILVK.H WaTThTiT Thi. ? sat Subteriber it aellinc all ?leacnptiona of flue Oold and Cuem Hilrer VVaiclirt and JiwrIry, al retail, lower than any inner home in ih? city. All Wairhea warranted lo keep (mid time, or the money returned. VVatehea and Jewelry enchanted. Oold Watchei a* low a? fZO to $3) etch. Wttcl et and Jewelry repaired in tin bet! manner tt much leta tlian the ntual pneet. OEO. C. ALLIUM. Importer of Witchea and Jewntry, Wholetale and Retail, u 11 JtHw'rc *1 Wtll a tree t, cnnier William, ?p aujrt 1 *0 1X1 LATEST MOMENT. TBLKVKAfHIV. AUTHENTIC INTELLI6ENCE PROM THK SEAT OF WAR, General Scott at Puebla <>? THV Thirtieth of July. The Intended Advance of the Ameri- I can Army. All the old Honors Annihilated, | ACTIVITY OF TAB GUERILLAS. ?Ba yftoiraofi or fbaob. The Preparation of Santa Anna fbr a Battle. Ac. Ac. Ac DopaUh No, 1. "i' Aug. 14, 1847?A. M The Htramrr Kushlon ViU arrived at Now Orleans from Vera Crui. She l>ft the latter port on the 2d Inst. Oen Scott <ni at Puebla on the 30th of July, when there wu strong probability of an Immediate advance on the capital. t*en. Valencia arrived at the oapltal on Monday, with four thousand troop*. Oen. Pearoe arrived at'Perote after an action with the i guerlllstt near the National Bridge. 'Lieut. Hlpton, of Indiana, and the Surgeon of the Pennsylvania Regiment, are dead. The oourier of the British Legation arrived at Vera Crus on the 31st, with oorrespondenoe from the oapltal of the 20th, and from Puebia of the 30th. Mr. Kendall represents the chances of peaoe In an unfavorable light. He says Hoott will march immediately on the arrival of iWAH?AMrUlnlw U A?* ?-* A * - - ? ?j iu kua uiDb wcca VI AUgUll, Mid IV ia more than probable that the hardest fight yet will be at the city of Mexico. The Mexicans were prepared to meet him, having all their fortifloatlona completed, and twenty-Are thouaand men. The English Legation wu secretly exerting every Influence to keep the Americans out of the eapital. Other letter* to the Picayunr, represent the chance of peace in a more favorable light, and think the realatance to our advaace will be alinoat nominal. The Mexican Congreaa had referred Mr. Buohaaan'e letter back to the Executive,and thrown on him the responsibilities of the war. The peace party at the eapital waa strong and Inoreaaing. They have no (kith In their generala. The Sun 0/ rtnahuac saya that when the guerillas attacked Tearoe, 000 Americana approaohed under their fire until within 100 yards of the Mexloana, whan our foroea opened a deadly fire, forcing them to an immediate retreat. While the Mexicana were retreating, the Amerioan cavalry ruabed upon them, killing about one hundred. The poeltlon of the Mexloana waa one of the atrongeat In the country, but the Americana paaaed the Bridge after a abort engagement, and arrlved>t Terote In aafety Oen. Scott deepatehlng Gen. Smith's brigade from Puebla to meet them at P?rot? I.ifutn Porter, Hteele, Warner, uud Alder, of the Nmj r%me passengers In the Fashion. I)mp?toh No. '4. Philadelphia, Aug. U, 1047?M. In a letter dated at Puebla, July 30, Mr. Ksndall re tuarkx that he had convened with a gentleman who left the capital two day* previous, and who represented the capital to be inundated with water, In eoBM<(ii?nce of which there wan much sickness prevailing. It waa the belief of the foreigners In the elty of Mexico, that an understanding existed between (Jens Seott and Hanta Anna, to the effect that M? latter would surrender tht capital after the Jirit attack of the Jtmericam, and that peace wnutd th're/ore emue About twenty-alx thousand Mexican soldiers were estimated to be quartered in the capital. One account represents their number at twenty-Bine thounand?and it will be difficult to show that General Soott will have mote than half that number of effective men at bis disposal. n<m nam* adds wm au|ip<>aeu vo De moriDII lo ID* | (>. < ? negotiationa. but m over-ruled In hia opinion* by the arri?al af Wan. Valencia, from Potoal, who da I piled "a fight " (ten. Heott expected to nova from Puebla. for the city of Mexico, during the ffrat week In Auguat (ten Mhlelda waa at Fuebla at the laat account*, and In the enjoyment of g >od health Major (talne*, ( apt. ('aaaiua M. Clay, and the other Amorican prlaonera, ware atlll" In the elty of Mexico, without any propped of releaa* 1 The American prlaonera at the capital, judging from our pant aucceaaea, are of opinion that (Jen Scott will take the city with great aa*e, and with hut Uttla loaa ou hip tlda. The expreaa from I'uebla, which waa luppoaed to have been cut off, reached Vara Crut on tha 30th ult , with deapatchea from (Jen fcott for Washington Commodore Tarry baa iaaued a notlca dlacontinning tha tan par cant war Us on exporta from tha Maxkran porta at preaent occupied by tha American naval force* Tba government ha* latW a tag upon tha Mexican mrrchanta The health of Vera ( rut waa Improving. Major Smith, quartermaatar, dlad at Vera < ru?; Ilka* wine Lieut, sturgeon, of Pennaylvanla. and Lieut Tip ton, of Indiana?both aona of ex-Senatora. Fir? In Portland. Boaron, Auguat 14. 1MJ About twalva o'clock to-day a 0ra broka out in Parrland, in the twine factory and dwelling bouae ol Mr. Koyea, on Free atreet, and thence extended to ttivn or ore houiea on Cotton atreet, tba majority of wbtrta, with their content*, ware deatroyad bafore the flau,?* i could be egtlaguUbe^ I I. ^ The Commercial Times considers the newt a full confirmation of the failure of Mr. Trist's minion, and that all prospects of peace are diuipated. It* correspondence states that there has been a conteat about their constitutional right*, between Congress and Santa Anna, each charging the responsibility of making peaoe upon the other The discussion has shown, what was generally rap posed, that the latter personage sincerely desires the patching up of the difference between the two countries, as the sole means of securing his grand otyeet. He is ambitious of the diotatorahlp. When Congress dissolved, it was done by the withdrawal of suob a number of members, as to leave the remainder below a constitutional <|u0rum. Santa Anna held a council of general officers, at which it was reeolved to effect one more encountar. either by marching against Scott at Puebla, or, rejecting the proposition) for negotiations, oalmly await hia advance, and act on the defensive. Iw order to be free to aet, Government issued a decree suspending all newspapers except the official organ. i an ueua ujh mai i.ongre** nau met ana adjourned without coming to any decision upon the proposition* of our Government. AU letter* from the capital agree that Uen Scott can take the city without difficulty, and that the foreign merchant* of the capital are anxiou* for hi* arrival Lieut. Whipple had arrived at the oapital. He iatreat* ed well, and expect* *oon to be exchanged. Commodore Terry ha* withdrawn hi* force* from Tobacco in consequence of the licknea* prevailing among them, until the alokly season pa**** The Sun of Anahuac attribute* tbi* withdrawal to the overwhelming force of the enemy, and fear of an attack. Oen. Almonte wax (till in confinement at MqjicaUiugo. Alverez wu in the capital about the middle of July, and had *evnral long interview* with Santa Anna. Mr. Triat had been indl?po*ed, but wa* convalescent. The American priaoner* at the capital think that <i?nural Scott take* It ea*y, and many believe that British jealousy 1* endeavoring to keep Scott out of the capital, and that Santa Anna a*k* for term*. The Kirst and Seoond I'ennaylvanla Regiment* are with General Scott, and will, no doubt, play their part, gallitntly in the great atruggle that ha* by thl* time taken I place. Major Smith, the Quartermaster, died at Vera Crus | on the J4tb ult

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