Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 19, 1847, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 19, 1847 Page 1
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TH \ol. xm. No. MT?WlNU No. 483-1. THE NEW YORK HERALD ESTABLISHMENT, Horth-WMt comer of Fulton and Nmmi M. JAMES GOROOITBENHETT. PROPRIETOR. URCVUTION-TOHTY THOUSAND. DMLY HERAL1>?Every day, Price > cent*per copr?f tt per aunum?pnyable 111 adynee. WEEKLT HKRALD?'Every Saturday?Price ?M ?e?t? per i!unv?$3 1cent* iier auunm?payable tn advanee. HER ALT) raR EUttOTE?Erery Steam Packet day? Price S>4 ceot? pit copy?1'> per annain. including PO'tM*. payable madvaiice. Sfnti.enption? and a^verfifementt will pe received by Meurt Oalitruaiii. 18 me Vivieone, Pane s r. l<Siunondt. 18 Coruhill, ind John Miller, the bopkaeller.Loodon. ANNUAL PICTORIAL HERALD? Publiehed on th? Ur oi Jauuary uj'rach year?auigle copiea aixpence each. At) V ElVl'ISE ME NT a, at the uaual pncea-alway. eajhin advance. rTAdverfitemeutaahonld be written ui.tunci. j nc rropricior t*111 ni? n inrv?mn -? ...... ?_ m?v occur in thein. PRINTING of all kinde eucittd beautifully ud wteh eapatch. All letter* or communication* by mail, iddrtnid to the e?t*Mi?hineut, mu?t lie pout paid, or the portage will bo do dur-rxt from the ?uh?criptioo noui remitted. ON AND AFT ICR THURSDAY, JUNE lOtli, 1847, tho Cars will ruu nr. follow*, until farther notice. Up train* will tears the City Hall for HarlrmSt Morriaiaua. Korham fc Tackahoe Pleaiantvillo, 5 30 A.M. Will'nuBr'ge. Hart'* and Newcastle 7 " 5 SO A. M. White Pl'na. Bedford, 1 T 7 A.M. Whitlickrille 9 " 10 " 10 " Croton Kill*. 10 " 11 " t P. M. 7 A. M. U " I r.M. IK" 4 P. M. a P. M. ? 3 " ft M " 4 " ? " 5 S? " b 30 m Returning to Now York will leave? Morri*iana It Harlem. Kordham. Will'm* Br'ge. Tarkahoo. 7 04 A.M. 8 63 A.M. 6 44 A.JVL 7 30 A.M. I 10 " 7 54 7 40 ? 48 " 0 " # 09 " 9 0i? " I 20 P. M. 10 " 12 23 P. M. UiiP.M. 4 42 ' 13 34 P. M. 1 14 " I 40 " White Pl'na. S " 5 08 " ? " 7 10 A. M. 3 " 15 " 6 08 " ? 33 " 5 30 ' 53 " 7 44 " 1 P. M. s ? tu " e ? " 8 04 "'ville. New Ca*t!e. Bedford. Whitlickrille. ! T SJ A M. TJiAM OUT iU. 9 i m. % m a iu> v w ? m Croton Kail*. 7 30 A M. 4 30 P M. The train to and from Croton Kail* will not (top on New Yprk laland, except at Broome street, and 33d street. A car will precede each train ten minute*, to take up pasaeuRer* in the city. The morniiiK train of cart from Croton Kill* will not itop White riaiiiaaiid New York, except at Tackalioe AVilliara'a Bridge, and For dhara. Extra train* uii riuuitay* to Harlem and Morriaiana, if fin* * PtiJri for Lake Mahopack and Danburv leave Croton Falla on arrival of the 7 o'clock A. M. and 1 P. M. train*, aud for Pawlir.2? on arrival of t*ie 7o'clock A. M. train. KAH1C FROM N B W YORK : To Croton K<11* fl 00 To Whitlickville 87* To Newcaatle 7S To PleMantville 62X To White Plaint., ........ #0 Freight traiiw leave City HaU at 12 M. and at 7 P. M. Returning, Ie?ve Croton Faffa at 7 A. M. anil 0 P. V. ?~ GA"V~& C<?.'8 BOSTON ANL> KASIbHN KXPRES*. via Newport and Fall River.?Thia F.iprea* leavea the office, No. 1 Wall atreet, corner of Broadwar, dully, at quart**!* befor- 5 o'clock, P. M., thereby aecuring to* and other* th? advantage of a late honr for forWHrdiiiR ciiara, package*, tic. Bank note*, (iiecir, draft*, aud valuable parcel* are aecured ill irou safe* ana placed in the charge of faithful conductor*. OAV b CO. Merchandise, pi-kagea. be. forwarded in oar own car*, and by le .vin* orders at our office, No 1 Wall atreet, corner of Broadway, packages will t>? called for in any part of the city, nm,...., * "*<> ' W ill atreet. corner Rroadway. _ ( No. 7 St tr atreet. Boston. an5 30trc FOR KEY PORT -The *teamer J08KPH C^^Vrn/lE. COFFEE, will leave the pier, foot of ^" " Cliambei* *tre?t, daily, for Key Port, at 3 o'clock. P. M. V. B.?Ou 8n"cUy'?, the boat will leave the foot of Hammond atreet at H'i; Canal street R\; Chamber* at cot, 8\; Pike *t *et, k. 11., 9 V- and I'ier No. 1, E.R, at 9% o'clock ? au3 3ut*m cONtk ISLAND KERRY.?The c<>m ?N modion* anil elegant ateamer ION, Captain hIbbHm Welti, will resume her tnpa on the above ferry, on I*hur>*(ii,y, the 12th ol Ausuii, and continue to run daily ou L'.ie above ierrv, leavi.-g the loot of Dtiane street, first trip only, Ht 10k. A. M.: pier No. 1 N. R. at 11 A M., ami 2 P. M. - .01/ j p vi . ?? u/,1l U.v rh? fo,.t of Dn-iie ?trect Kt 10 A.. M.; loot of Mpriitg street. N. H., at II)X A M.r Mt P. M-; pwr No. 1 N. 11. lit 11 A. M , 4m<1 2 P. I\l ; Coney Island 12*iuid 6 P. M. Landing eai'i way at Fort H <milion, when there la sufficient water. Fare each way 11%. aul57t*m JKM CONEY ISLAND J^KKY.?Xhe well . ^Hqj}>Iuiihvii steamer AMKIUKAN EAGLE, Captmr"V ...:_ , jr<). Jj Power, yrffl ruo regu'.arly during th* season to Gonev Island, landing at Fort Hamilton, as ihllow?:?Leaving Pier No. I, at 10, i,4; leaving Coney Island at 1 2l4 (,%. In Addition to the above trips, will make a morniiu trip to Fort Hamilton, leavingihe city at 7, Fort Hamilton at U o'clock. ?n4 45t?rc ]M. t.lTi/.KN'a NKVV DA* LlAi OF >-wcSL^3>?OPi OHITION BOATS' FOR ALBANY, ity?A*<*S|iei Landing at Van Courtlandt* Newburgti, Poui;M<??p?ir. Kingston.Cattkill andHudson.?Far* JO cents? Bte.iklnut and Dinner ou Board. Tiie uew and elegant Ste.uner ROGER WILLIAMS, Capt. A. Dwoot, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, at half-past ix, A. VI.. fium l/.c pier font of Robinson street, touching at street pier, from New York, For pcM8*e or frieght, apply ?n Ito.ird the Boats, or to Goo. T- Stanley,it the offieo, foot of Robinson street. CT" All periousare forbid trnsting the aboee boats on ao.,r' nt-'i u FOK SHKEWSRUftY.LONG BJIANCH, f P W, SCHENCK'S, HIGHLANDS, Ocean House, and Eatontown Landuiff. The Steamboat KDWlN LEWIS, Capt Haynes, will ran as follows bum foot of Vesey street, North Hirer: Leaue A'ew York. Leave Shrewtbury. Au<. o'clock. Aag. o'clock. Thursd'y 19, at ? A. M, Thursday 19, at 1 P.M. Frid 'V, 2?, at 9 A. M. Friday, 20, at 2 P. M S.irurday.21. at 11 A.M. Saturday, 21, at 3 P. M Sunday, 22, at II A.M. Sunday, 22, at 4 P.M. Monday, 23, at 11 A. M. Monday, 23, at 3 P. M. Tuesday,21, at 12 M. Tuesday, 24, at 4 I'.M.'>,?, at 3 A.M. Wedo'y, 25, at 7 A.M. Weilo'y, 2.1, at 2?i P. M. Thursd'> ,2ti, at 8 A.M. blaces will be in readiness on the arrivdl of the boat to con vey passengers to all part* of the country. jy31 30t*rc FOR ftHRK WSBTJRY, OCEAN HOUSE, II. Ai Long Branch, Runsom Dock, Brown's Dock, JJ^i*#HU3?Mid<ilet.>w n and lied Bank.?The Steamboat ORuS, C. Price, Master, will ran as follows, from Fnlton Market slip, Ka?t tlirer Leave New Vork. Leave Shrewsbury. O'clock. O'clork. Thursday, 19. 9V A. M. Thursday, 19, IX T. M. Fud.y, 20, 10 A.M. Friday, 20, 2 P.M. fta'tinay, 41, [I^A. ill. ndiuruay, 41, i . iyi. Kiiidiy, 22, 11 A. M. Sunday, 22, 4 P.M. Mouday, 2J. 12 M. >ouday, 21, i T. M., 21, 1 P. M. Tueeday, 21. 5 P. M. Wed-.ei.Jay, 23, t>X A. M. Wednesday, 2J, 2 P.M. Thursday, 2i>, 7 A.M. Thursday. 2f>, 3 P.M. Friday, 27, 8 AM. Kr day, 27. i P.M. Saturday, 2B, M A.M. Sa'urday, 28, 5 P.M. Sunday, 29, 8 A.M. Sunday, 29, P.M. Mou-'ay, 30, 7 A.M. Monday, 30. II A.M. Tua.dny, 31, 7 A.M. Tuesdsy, 31, 12 M. The Liue Stages will ruu to Howell Works, Sounn Village and Kreehold. Stages to convey passengers to all paru of the country. N. B. All persons are forbid trniting the above boat on account of the Owners. J. P. ALLAIKK. au4 3"! "re _ jn^ The aopehor steamer NEW IIAVEN, :aptaui Van Pelt, can be chartered far f-icur trttlMUutfMsions to auy place, by application at No. 8 Bartrry Pl*fte, Nolthriver. jV29 30trc ..winfc MQKNING LJNK FOR ALBANY AND TKOV -?nd Intermediate Landings, c "li.'.&iMI Breakfast and Dinner on board toe Boat. The low pre.sure atenmhoat TKOV, Captain A. Oorham, w.'l U?ve the steriob"at pier foot of Barclay street. Mondays, Wednesday*, and Iridnys, at seven o'clock A. M Returnini' or tie .> days. Thr Steamer NIAGARA, Copt. H L. Kelloeg, wjJl leave the Steamboat Pit r foot of Barclay street, Tuesday, Thursday and S.,tu.(lay. at Imlf past six o'clock, A. M., rerurniug on the opposite d-,\s. iJ/" Fare 40 Cent*. ForpuMce or freight, a;iplr na board, or to F. B. Hall,at theo'neAnB the wharf. JyJO ZZZT , p.tiTLr. d l im?. 5t2amuOaV a r olt Cl ALBANY. Daily, Sundays kicepied? fnAKMMMb* I'hrouKh Direct?At 7 o'clock, P. M-, from tiie I'ler between Courtlmdt and Liberty streets. 8re mWn 1*AAC NF.WTON, Capt. Win. H. Peek, will leave <>u vlocdny, Wedneiday, and Friday evening*, at 7 o'clock. St*?mboat HKNDKIK HUDSON, Capt. 11 O. Crutuidru, will litive ou Tae?<*ay, Tbnr?<1ay an d H*tnrday ev#n> UltfS 4( 7 0 ClOCk . ? .. JO. Serial Trains for Hch?i*ctwly, Ba liton, and Fferatoga Hpriujics, will ran M lollowc?Lea>f Albany at A.M., j PA?., exetpc tkiodayi. PHaatm#era w ill niid thi? thr moat ex yciiil'OU* ami cmveni*nt rootr. At W've O'l lor.*, f. M.-?Landing at IiuennmJialt ruc#?? irom Ui? footoi Uaiclav *irect. btcainbottt NOKt il AMERICA, Caitnin Trusdell, will lea re ?>i. vlouday, *Vcdne?day, Friday ,*iid Sunday alteriioonf, KOCHKHTKIL <J?iuw R H. Forty- will iaavr Tneaday, tliuiiHTi end batutdiy alteraoona, at 'i o'clock Ti?? abuve boata will at nil tireeir rnre in Albany ' ample tune for the Moruimi Cira lor me Kaat or West. Krrixlif '--Ufu at moderate raiei, an<l nire taken after 3X o'clock, P. M. r/*? All i ertona are forbid trtiitins any of the boata of thu line wiili. ?iif ? writi'n order (ro rathe caprnina or agenta. K?r paai*i:e ?r freiiflit, apply on boird the boat*, or to P. C. df'Hl'l,T* at 'he office on the wharf. r 1 FRffiGE: BTATKN ISLAND FKKRY?On and ?? "-A ?t^ * "' SUNDAY, April 18th. the atearnboati *VLI'H and STATEN ISLANDER wiU run Ivl follow*, utiu! I'll [tier notice i.Kavx sT4Ti.ii ii'.'-avd A: B, I, % 10,11, A. M., a.<d l, a, I, 4, S, ?, T, r. M. lxavi: NKW VOHK It r <t, 10, 11, A. M., and 1.1. ten ramutea p?C 1, aid at 4. 3. ?.T. o'clock. P M. ' >V- . VnrU AitiI *?th. alt r r N w link OK l AikjC'in'ToAND iiioM -i-T'fV MVKPPOOL-Bv tli* New fine of Liverpool .afiiwMoP-' k?t??l'\ck?-t of the flat Aiifnat?'The aplendid, ti ?, i I.u* packet jntp LlyKkrOOLilbltiii'i burthen, r, lw? Willi Mil from New York on the Slat Amruat. ai-l (torn 1.1 -'i?jOi on the ttth October. _>'.wly an lication aliouul l,e imtle .? W. k J. f. TAP9COTT, *1113 m * Snath at. PA< K k rs Mill IIAHIK- Si Lin* ?The 'TJi W?hip UTIl A, D. II. Swan, muter, will tail on the lat . MiLol September. BOVD It HIM kfcN, M Wall alreet. E NE :NE" OLD ESTABLISHED PAHMAUE UfriCt. ft i ,ft A 175 Pkabl Btkkkt. SAMUEL THOMPSON AND NEPHEW. AsBRTtvoftTHB "Buc? st*a''Lint or PaCIITI. 1MT. Liverpool to New Fork. 1(47 Ship* Captain$. Ttu Reg Tnt H'n. Maruiion, (new) W. Edward*, 904 1409 Sardinia, (new) C. K- Crocker, 802 14iW Sea, T. F Kreemaa, (17 1400 Liberty, P. P. Norton, 792 1300 Huguenot. S. Goodhue, 932 lfifiO America, (new) Wean. 1180 1900 Kmpire, (naw) J. O. Rauell, 1090 1800 Niagara, H. Russell, 730 1360 Senator, (naw) H. Coffin, ?so R'.o Ohio, T. J. Bird, 7S? 1374 Cornelia, P. M. French, 1064 1740 Chaos, J. L. Wilson, 810 1400 Elizabeth Denison, T. W. Spencer, 806 1400 Peter Hattrick, J. D. Po*t, 670 1300 The subscribers would respectfully inform their friendi and the public that they have added several splendid new shirn to their line of packets between this port and Liverpool,which has brrn favorably known aud extensively patronised for a period of more than thirty years, aid have no hesitation in asuuriiig t|>o* who wish to make eugagf ments for the passage of mir mends from Kiiglaud, Scotland or Ireland, that they will find these ahips inferior to none in point of comfort, convenience aud safety, oue of which will sail from Liverpool, every six days, throughout the year, making delay and the consequent expense to emigrants at the urn of embarkation impossible. A free passage per steamer from the various Irish and 8cotch ports, with bread stuffs, and hospital money paid, may be secured all at the lowest rates; and when those settled fur decline coming out, the fall amount paid will be promptly refunded as usual. For farther particular!, apply to SAMUEL THOMPSON It NEPHEW, 275 Pearl street. or to C. GR1MSHAW It CO., 10 Ooree Piazzas, Liv'pl. Drafts or exchange, payable at sight, ue also furnished for any amount, on R. C. Olyn fc Co., Blinkers, London; C. Orimshaw It Co., LiTerpool; the National BiuA of Scotland; National Bank of Ireland, and Northern Banking Co. Appl) as above. _ fOB NEW ORLEANS. LOUISIANA AND EW YORK LINE. && jfSy JSL JSh TofflRfvERY fP^TOYS. Ship OSWEOO, Captain Johnson. Ship HUDSON, Captain Page. Ship CLIFTON, Captain Ingersoll. Ship LOUISVILLE, Capt. Aunt. Ship SARTELLE, Capuin Taylor. Bark OENEoEE, Captain Mi not Bark J. E: WILLIAMS, Captain Parker. Bark HEBRON, Captaiu (irei{[. The above ships are all of the first class, of light draft o( water, and commanded by the most ?i>erienced captains in the trade. Their cabins are handsomely furnished, and every attention paid to the comfort and convenience of the passengers. Neither the captains or owners of the above ships will be responsible for jewelry, bullion, precious stones, uilveror plated ware, or for nuy letters, parcels, or packages sent by, or nut on board of them, unless regular bills of lading are taken for the same, and the value therein expressed. F'or freight or passage, apply on board, at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall street, or to E. K. COLLINS, 56 South street. Agent in New Orleans?John Woodruff It Co., who will promptly forwmralH goods to thrirnddress. ? m, wr Mt> ^1^Apf!t0TT'S^!uuiiATI0^j?7rCR, 8G Swim Ht.JL Persnns wisniug to send lor their friends in the old country, can secure passage on reasonable terms, by any of the maguiticeut ships comprising the new Line of Liverpool pickets, viz:? CONSTITUTION, 1750 tons, Qaptaiu John Britton. QUEEN OF THE WEST, MOO tons. Cant. P. Woodhouse. LIVERPOOL. 1250 tons, Captain John Kldridgo. HOl'TINQUKR, 1150 tons. Cant. Ira Burnley, tailing from Liverpool on the 6tn of every mouth. Passage cau also be secured by the St. George's Line, or the Union Line of Liverpool pantets, making in all a ship every lire days from that port. For farther particulars apply to W. !i J T. TAPSCOTT. Jy29 86 Sonth street, New York. REMITTANCES TO IRELAND, kc McfflfflR? Jr., No ^^^^Sway, continues to vJT remit raonev, iu sums lar^e or small, to person* residing ui any part of Ireland, in the same manner as he and hii predecessor in buaiurss hare done for the lut thirty yean and more; alio, to any p^rt of England or Scotland. Money remitted by letter, post-paid, to the ?nb?criber, or peisonally deposited with him, with the name of the person or persons in Ireland, England or Scotland, to whom it is to o? sent, aiyl nearest post town, will be immediately transmitted and paid accordingly, and a receipt to that effect givei ui forwarded to the senJer. jv21 30t*m ? ... FRENCH TRANSATLANTIC STEAMSHIP COMPANY.?The ships ol ^vajRyHTTCftfAthis company are appointed to sail as fol?KROM NEW YORK. The PHILADELPHIA on the 14th Aupnst The MISSOURI " " 31st " | The NEW YORK " " ttth Sept. The UNION " " 30th 'r 1< ROM HAVRE. The NEW YORK " " 15th August. The UNION " " 31st These Steamers are eqaal to any afloat, with commanders of tried skUl and known courtesy. Their state rooms and cabins are nnusually commodious, and they are provided with every thiug requisite for the comfort of passengers. The price of Btssage in the lint cabiu from New York is SI20. From avre 1,000 francs. Wines are not included, but will be furnished at moderate rates. All letters must pass through the post office. For freight or passage, apply to au4 re AKIHIt It UU..3I HdiilhJlrMt. /??! BRITISH AND NORTH AMERICAN jKROYAL MAIL STEAM SHIP, 1200 tons *?!4UZIttmH_aud <30 hone nower each, under contract with the Lord* of the Admirality. HIBERNlA, Captain Alexander Ryrie. CALEDONIA, Captain Edward U. Lott. BRITTANNIA, Captain John Hewitt. CAMBRIA,Captain Charles H. E. Judkuu. ACADIA, Captain William Harrison. The fonr steamslupi now building are THE AMERICA, THE NIAGARA, THE CANADA. THE EUROPA. The v?ssels appointed to sail from Boston are the Hibernia August 16, 1817 Cumbria September 1, 1847 Caledonia September lli, 1817 Britanni* October 1, 1847 The vessels appoiuted to sail from Liverpool are the Cambria August 4, 1847 Caledonia August 19. 1847 Britannia September 4, 1847 Passengers' luggage must be on board the day previous to sailing. Passage money?From Boston to Liverpool, $120, do do tc Halifax, t20. No berths secured until paid for. Itiese ships carry experienced surgeons. No freight, except specie, received on days of sailing. For freight, passage, or any other information, apply to D. BRIOHAM, Jr., Agent AtHARNDEN & CO.'S,-; Villi. (T7" In addition to the above line between Liverpool i \ , Halifax, and Boston, a contract has been entered into with Her Majesty's government, to establish a line between Liverpool ana New York direct. The steamships for this service are now being built, and early next year due notice will be given of the time when they will start. Under the new contract the steamers wilt sail every Saturday during eight months, aud every fortnight during the other months in the year. Going al teruately between Liverpool and Halifax and Boston, and be tween Liverpool and New Vork. iri22 r DRAFTS ON THE NATIONAL BANK OK IRELAND?W. Ik J.T.TAPSCOTT bee to in i JIBflfcform their friend* and the public wiahing to rrmit money 10 Ireland, that they draw din It* for large or umill amount*, payable without discount. direct on the National Bank of Ireland, Dublin, or any of the iiumeroui branches throughout the country. Alio, draft? can be obtained, payable in ail parti of En g laud, Scotland and Walea, on application to W. k J. T. TAPSCOTT, an 13 m fS Month atreet. New York. fOH LIVERPOOL?New Line?Regular pack t of SSth of Auguat?The aplendid, fait tailing JVHhpaeket chip SIDDONS. Captain E. B. Cobb, will positively aail at above, her rejpilar day. For freight or pasaage, having superior furnished accommodation*, apply on board, at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall street. or to K. K. COLLINS, St Scuth it. Price of passage, $100. The packet imp SHERIDAN, Capt. O. B. Corni*h, will succeed the Siddona, and ?ail on th*3fth of Sept., her regular dav. jy28 FOR LI VERPOOL?Packet of 20th Any?The uplenilid fast sailing coppered and Cupper-biitrued JHBBl^i>ai;k>.'t ship TARQL'lV, Capt. Moody, will pomtively *ai| a* above her regular day. The accommodation* for cabin. ?econd cabin and steerage pasnengers. are eqni-1 to any re?*el in port. Tho?e about to embark, will tiud it to their interest to call and eiamlne this thiti, before engaging eliewhere. Hor fmther particulars apply on 'ootid, r>er 12, Eut River, or to COBL RN It CO., an 13 8t?m 91 Sou h street. FOR LIVERPOOL?The New Line?Regular wfMW packet ol21*t Auguat?Tin superior, fast nailing SkmSmm yncxtt ship LIV EKPOOL, IlJo ton* I urilieu, Capt. Johu h.ldridge, will *ail a* above, her regular day. For freight or passage, having elegant *nd superior acenm I moda ion*, apply to the captain on ooard, at weit ode of Bur11 III! .lip, or to WOODrfULL it MINI URN, *7 South *f. Price ol passiaa S 1(10. The packet ship Queen of the West, 1210 ton* burthen, Cant. Philip Wnodhouae, will aueceed the Liverpool, and sail on her . 11*t t. ivM 'f aKIllsH 15 AKK ANN liAKL&y, FROM dgJJV Olaagow, ia discharging at foot of l.arlisle atreet, JHmMbN. R , ttnd*> (federal Order. Consignees will please ailuud to receipt of thoir goods; all gooda not permitted, inait unavoidably be aent to public store. WOODHULL & MINTtJRN, au'A3trc N? ?7 4 I. 446^ 't'11 OLABOOW-NmJ I iM-Bftvlar PiekfT, JUfMy mil August?The flue now Br HUip BROOKbUV, JUMKaMlO t?us, (.'apt Hugh .VlcKwuu, having been unatoiJabl/ net lined, w ill snil 111 a lew day*. I*or freight, 500 bbl*. bulk thereof, orpissnge, hiu tag c*celIrnt accommodations, apply on honnl at tlie toot ol' Roosevelt street, E. R , or to WOODHULLfc MINTURN, Tlif Br. Bark ANN HARLEY, C?pt. Rob"^ou^wHUucceed the Brooksby, and tail on her regular da/, lit September *17 A+* PACKET SHtP ttUEEN OF THE WEST, fifty FROM LIVERPOOL-Consignee. will "nil,; jHKumd their permit* on board, west aide Burling Slip, without delay. All good* not permitted in five days are liable to be sent to public store. WOODHULL it MINTURN, *17 *7 South street. FOR L(/SOON?ftVoULAR PACKETTlcth MBpltVAnimMt.?The new packet ship SIR ROBERT JKmIhPEEL, burthen 1000 cons, Capt. Chadwtctt, will tail a* above. For passage in cabin, second cibin or steeuge. having splendid accommodations, apply on board, foot of Maiden Lane, or to ' J- McMURHAY, aullrc Corner Pine and Mouth ??. rflK TTnly Ri-oular line of packets for J3MPW.NEW ORLKANH?The following well known, JHIliiEBfaat sailing aud favorite packet ship* have accommodaTuTTsiiriiia r|mN <ie fl for cabin, second cabin and steer <ge passengers, and will | oaitirely snil a* advertised, or passage free vi?. The PALESTINE C?Pt. Johnson, Monday, August 16th. J lie WABASH, Capt. lis tha way, Monday. August 43d. he SILAS HOLMKS. Capt. Berry, Monday, Am. 30th. er?ons wishing to proceed to New Orleans, will do well to secure passage hy either the above pnekets, as thev are all first ela?a ships, commanded by mm experienced in the trade, and w.ll sail punctually on their appointed day?. To secure berths, apply on board, or to au 13m W. It J. T. TATOCOTT, *> South st w ro W YORK, THURSDAY In Additional Particulars of Lb? Lou of the Id tui a. [From ths Boston Traveller. Aug 17.] Captain Patten oamt ashore this morning, from tha Shanunga. which was anchored In tha stream. Capt. P. { l? wholly Incapacitated, from tha depth of hi* feeling*, from entering into any detail* at present, relative to this melancholy event. He *ays that no statement oould exaggerate the horror* of that awful moment. All the *urvivors that were saved were plotted up from thii surface of the water. One cause why *o few were thu* saved waa. that almoat all of them bad. when the cry went round that *he waa sinking, seized their belts of gold and sliver and tied them around their waists? thu* those who bud attempted to save their gold, lost both life and gold, being unable to sustain themselves until the boats oculd rcaeh them. The survivors, being entirely deprived of their property by this sudden occurrence, were brought on board the Shanunga in a state of complete destitution. Capt. Patten and his mate* have done everything in their power to render these unfortunates oomfortable, until their arrival here should allow him to state their case to the charitable of thii and other cities. Wo are triad to learn that efficient measures are being taken by our citizens to rellevu tho present distress of these survivors Mr. James K. Mills bu sent on board a quantity of clothing for the fntnales; and a subscription paper bas been started which already, in the active bands of Messrs. Hudson & Smith, of tne Merchants' Exchange, has obtained nearly $500. We hear of one case of peculiar distress. A little girl, 13 years old, now on board the Shanunga, by this sudden calamity has lost father, mother, brother and sister. Many families who came from the same village, in the old world, and who anticipated settling together in some ohosen spot of the uew, are thus separated forever. It is estimated that somothing liko $50,000, or even $100,000 in specie, belonging to the Immigrants, went down iu the ves*el, or on the bodies of the lost. One individual lost $14,000. The hold of the vessel was fall of cargo, destined for New York, and perhaps Insured there. The vessel was probably insured, if at all, in Kuropo. [From the Boston Journal, Aug 17.J The passengers in the above vessel were composed of industrious Swedes, who were coming to this country with considerable sums of money in their possession, for the purpose of purchasing farms, and settling at the West The collision wan so sudden and unexpected, and the vessel sunk so soon afterwards, that none of the passengers had time In clothe themselves. Most of them, however, secured their money, which was mostly in gold, about their persons, which accounts for the serious loss of life. Those who were saved, had been in the water nearly half an hour when they were picked up. during which time those who had gold about their persons had sunk It is supposed that Capt Moberg, master of the bark, had $1400 in gold about his person ! Tnose who were savd were entirely destitute af money, and mostly clad in their night clothes when taken aboard the Shanunga. Every possiblu attention was. however, given to their wants on board this chip The warmhearted tars on board furnished them with all the spare clothing, reserving uothiug for themselves but what they stood in. Sheets, bunting, and everything which could be manufactured into clothing, were pressed into ser^ i .... f. ... ? V, - , nnrnnu., at.,1 - V. 1nn,.|.| K . ...... ...? DirijLBIIIH MIKU 1.VU1U 1? linvi. (id to administer to their coml'ort wan cheerfully performed. The survivors of this dreadful calamity are entitled to, and we trust will rccelvo, tho sympathies and aid of our benevolent citizens. The* have lost all their worldly goods, and all of them have been deprived of near and dour relatives or friends. One of the survivors, a little tfirl of twelve yearn of age, has lost father, mother, brothers and sisters, and Is thus left alone In a strange land. So far as we can ascertain, a good watch was kept on board the Shanunga; but at the time of tho oollision i lie fog was so dense, that the bow of the ship oould not be seen from the quarter deck. If both these vessels had h?d lanterns burning brilliantly at their bows, this dreadf .'l accident might not have occurred. Army Gen. l'ierce, who left Vera Cru* for 1'uehla, on tho 18th lilt., to join l>< ii >tt's commaad, w*n nn ofBour in the late war. and lias I n a di"tingciished member of tbe nited States mate. from New Hampshire. Mr. Polk, h hs 11 In the live chair, tenderod hini i 11 tin Lit of Attorney General for tho United ?iiich lie decline. preferring rather to lead our s to victory abroad, than to practice Uw in our ts at home, lie has an excellent military reputaand has thus far shown himself eminently qualified h high comuiiiifU. lie reached Perote rapidly, and -inarch drove the Mexicans from a position niar National Bridge, said to be ' one of the strongest in ..i country.1' The best wishes of tbe people attend him aud his command, who. doubtless, have already joined <??n, Scott, and are now with our army In the city of .Mexico.?rtnnnjivaman The detachment of rcoruits for Col. Stevenson's regiment of California volunteers, which is to go out In tlin transport ship Isabella, from this port, arrived here from Fort Hamilton, by the New York line yesterday afternoon, under command of Lieut, lloaeh, and are quartered at the Murine Barracks. The recruits number 10ft Sua looking soldiers, who are'composed of men of almost every nation, and of almost every avocation, from the laborer to tl>?professional man. They appear in ilne spirit* at the pro.pect of their voyage to the scene of tbnir future operations and fortunes. The Isabella Is lying at the Navy Yard. She wilt be delayed for several days by the nacessity of repairs, &c.?Phiia. N. An. The Major Vinton, ono of the transport schooners built at Philadelphia, under the direction of Captain R. F. Loper, for the Government, was moored in the dock opposite Captain Loper's olllce, on south wharves, yesterday, and attracted much attention. The Major Vinton Ik rigged with three masts, aud her measurement is M follow#:- Length lutifeet, beam '1Li feet, hold 8 feet. he is commanded by Capt Dowd, and hir first dutv will bo to take a steam bolier from Baltimore to Tampico, for the U. 8. steamer Mary Seiners.?N. American, 17. Naval. The annual examination of the midshipmen at the Naval School was closed at Annapolis on the 7tb instant, and the following is alUt of thosu who have been successfully passed by the board of examiners John L. Davis. VV. K. Bridge, W. R. Thomas, J. 8. Thornton, W II. Wlloox, W. II. Rally, W. T. Truxton, W. Gibson, R. L Law. John T. Walker, N. T. West, A. C. Jackson, J. Van McCollan, Thomas Honey, J. M. Brooke, A F Monroe, W. 11. Kauntleroy, W. w. Brodhead, John Wilkes, jr., W. P. Buckner, R. J. D. Price, Thos. C. Harris, W. H. Murdaugh, M. P. Jones, O. C. Badger, James Armstrong, Wm. Hharp, Robert Selden, Thos. C. Katon. Theo. L. Walker, H. C. Hunter, S. s. Bassett, J, Somvrville. L. II. Lyne, IJoseph Fry, K. U. Denny, John T Harruud. These names are given in the order ?f appointment, and not In the order of merit The cla*a of 1841 is so large, that a ^-reiit. part oi it will remain to be examined during the coming year, and the numbers of relative rank cannot of course be finally assigned until alter that examination shall have boen completed. _____ British Ottraqe on American Soil-.?Whilst at St. Peters on the Upper Mississippi, a few 4uys ago, we learned the following facts from a gentleman conversant with them, and whoso authority Is beyond question in this city, where he is well" known. The circumstance may be regarded as trivial lu Itself, so far as the fate of the guilty men are concerned ; but be this as it may, it is still an invasion of our soil, and an insult to our national jurisdiction. Although it may bu a MMlMMkL W a too. ** t I. . M... burning of the Caroline by Brltisll soldiers, in American waters, about which ho much excitement was created a few years ago. In another aspect, it ia yet more deserving of the consideration of our government. It is well known to any one familiar with the United States, that when the American trader has been forced into C'nliiot with the British trader, the former has been compelled to yield, even on American soil, to the arrogance and assumptions of the latter. The trader of the Hudson Bay Company in not only backed and sustained by the power of that great company, but he is supported ami defended by the British government itf-eif At the pr< sent time, the Hudson Bay company has its own employers in the office or judge; jurors are selected from its tenants, and they take cognizance of every offence, even to that involving life. Lven now, an American citizen is held to hall to answer In a court or their own creation, for an alleged offence against alaw of their own enactment. In suoh a tribu usl, thus constituted and influenced, the result of the trial is not doubtful. Whilst their acts and their insolence U conhucd to their own sido of the line, and exercised upon their own subjects and do not affeot American citizens, we might be disposed to let theui pints But even in their exactions, and especially in the tariff of duties which this overgrown company impoees on iiiorrhaiidlNM iiur^hafteti in the United liv the ten ants of the comp?uy,i?nd carried into their jurisdiction, it might be well for uur government to Inquire whether there ia not a want of conformity with the treaties subsisting between us and Great Britain. Of thin, hereafter The outrage to winch wo aliude hu be> n stated to UK oh (ollow; I'i'.rre Chouteau, Jr St C? , the successors of the American I'ur < ompany,hav? a trading establishment in the Mou i country, on the head waters of thu lied Kiver of Die North, several uhIch within tho American territory, and from the line dividing un from the British colonies l*'or Some tiiao pant, in fact, ever since the apprehended difficulties between the two countries concerning tho l?r*i<ou boundary. the Britich government have kept stationed In the violnlty of Selkirk's settlement, a body of regular troops who, It is n?w well understood, were intended, if hotlllltles had occurred, to take Fort Snelling and other posts and property on the Upper .Mississippi A short time since, some of these troops, as is alleged, deserted and came across into the American territory, and we believe some of them entered into the employ of the American traders. Subsequently, a British officer, with a force of regular soldiers, came over to the American tradiug station, aad arrested these men, asserting that they were desertor?. Against this act of Invasion of onr noil, and insult to our national authority, thu agent at the station remonstrated, lie had neither the authority, nor the means of resistance; nor was he disposed to protect the men against lawful seizure, but he earnestly protested against the British government exercising this nigh prerogative upon our soil, and this, too, without investigation, or the shadow of authority from the United States Hia remonstrance and protests were unheeded; the men selied, bound, and carried back iulo the BrltUh possessions. J he fate of the parties arrested is not known. It Is unnecessary to dwell upon the illegality of tnis act, or the lusaU it gives to the jurisdiction of the government of the United States. All we now add is. that for the truth of the facts, the testimony of men of the highest respectability may be had. If the governJhinks proper to look to It.- St L?\??? Hepublicnn, I iRE I IORNING, AUGUST 19, 1! Spirit of the Watering Places* lo.NokEts Hall Sramas, Saiiatoqa, Aug. 10, 1847. The Kantt/ Bull, fc. if-c. tfc Id the haste which my review of the grand (any drew ball ?u written, I necessarily omitted to notioe many of the auperb features of that great er ent. I did not mention the lovely Iroupt of Oreek girls and boys, of Rome nine year* of age. One part of the room was allotted exclusively to these charming children; their dancing was like that of the Vlennolse children. Everybody admired them, and nothing oould be more Interesting than their peals of Innocent laughter; the ringing laugh of a child Is very different from that of the wretched assassin who covertly attacks your morals, In order that the world may regard you with bitterness. One of these children, that Is related to the late Wm. KUery Chan, ning, of Boston, was especially beautiful; a hoop of natural flowers interwroathed with eaoh other, rested upon the shoulders of this pretty creature; they called her the dancing girl. >Um 8 . of New York, appeared In the simple dress of I a ({UAkerusa. The oharaoter was admirably sustained I bv this ladv. Mr. I-., of BmIhh ?-.i vi Uorganis, the Oreek patriot; his tires* win elegant iiq<1 rich. 1'bo wife of Colonel ilurnott was preseut, In the character of a Celestial lady, or rather a lady ot the Celestial empire. This lady was at the bombardment of Vera Crui Mr. K appeared in the rnstmhle of Lord Uxbridge; Mr. C. was in the dress of a Krenoh hussar; his bearing was martial and majestic. Richard Cueur de Lion was there ; there were Moslems and Saracens ; tb?n> were monks in their hoods and black gown*; there was the noble bruce, and the god-like Wallace, and the brave Karl of Mar, with his daughter; there were two Hamlets?one of whom I attempted to personate, there was Talleyrand, in his dress of a diplomatist; thera was the' Dnke Constantine; and Wellington, the iron Duke; there was the Czar Paul. rh 4 fit with the lsdy Kllen tiray; there was Richelieu and Robespierre, and the lovely l^ueeu of Amazon. Among all these the fair Marguerite, the angelic nun, was transcendent. God bless her: and 1 pray that peculiar blessings may be accorded to her clear through this world, until she arrives at the conventual portal of the tomb. Amid this resplendent host, continually afcuming new phases and presenting new splendors to the eye iu the intricate ballets. the herculean form and rigid features or Uanton, the fanatic of tho Paris tumult, uttraoted and fascinated all eyes. A man with the person of Danton, combined with the genius of the hmperor who succeeded him, would be a m.racle. (Such a man would make bis fellows new and better men, with purer hearts. It is a fashion Introduced into the world by cynical reptiles* thai, makes men err iu their address, in the care and dineiiiline of their ohildreu, and in their barter with each other. We want to introduce new and more symmetrical fanhious. At supper these excellent women were seated first, and a gentleman waited at the back of every lady to reassure her. and to support her if she fainted from ex??ss of heat. Here, by this window, the Queeu of Sheba Mil uf wit K - I...- 1 1. . ?- ? * consort of Louts XIV. of France, and there she handed a glans of incarnadine over her alabaster shoulder to tbe court fool tbat chattered behind her. When these queens and quakeressi's and madonna* and Dunn had >.upp<:d,the kings and kulghts. and jesters occupied their places hnd supped aUo,while the women returned to the bull room. There wan no languor nor debility, nor taciturnity about this thing; the liqucrn uiaae men voluble, and no man forget bin rolr. Sometimes it Deemed to me that delegates from the severe I parts ot the earth to some Inquisitorial tribunal had met m that great hall, and then it seemed that the world was in its cups, and that the devil, who, by the by, sat at tbe head ot the table in full dress, had become epicurean In his habits ; and then it Beemed to me that tbe political priests ol this State had met here to write a pWgVNMW for the ball of 1MB, and that they hud a?< uumed these disguises to divert the attention of the iminvculfcte independent press from their preliminaries; but the eccentric representative of the model paper wus present, and he insists that tbe idea was a delusion ; and then it seemed to me that these were abdicated Kings and fugitives from some fallen monarchies of the old world, l he grand combination of characters, rich beyond imagery?the gorgeous chandaliers and the diamonds?the crash of tablo wares and the ringing of glasses ?the withering satire and the pealiug laughter? the dark gentleman in white waistcoats ; the improvisators* ; the pointed toasts ; the desultory remark*, and tile thundering huzzas?the Sioux wvr-whoop. and the VUIDB VI uv??, wvua^ucvt IAS lUjDklljr nuu UWWHUIT IUC brain; to elate the goul.and totranaport us in the arms of unguis to the fragrant gardens that are situated beyond the confines of mortality. The uompany separated at three o'clock A. M., and in moment, this host of fair women and gallant gentlemen slept in the moonbeams as softly as if mun bad never sinned, i'omp and poverty sweetly slumbered, and night arrested the work of human hands, U?d. flanked by his bright angels, kept watch over us. ilut there was one who did not sleep ; it was the angel of meroy?the Nun?the fair Marguerw Many of these characters were personated by distinguished men iu the Unltod States ; it was a great bail? au unrivalled ball, and I only regretted that a number wore civilian's dresses., One thousand of the fascinating aristocracy who ?nly waited for the bail now departing, but their placs ure iuatautly occupied bj hosts of new arrivals; tne hotels ure utterly unable to accommodate many applluants for rooms. '1 his is a grand hotel; this is congress Hall, it is quiet, though crowded with tha substantial portions of communities, and 1 can sleep here o'uights. Hundreds left in the down train this morning, and other hundreds arrived in the up train. 1'hu weather is heavenly; the birds chirp in the lindens, whose branches palliate the fervor of the meridian sun. On Saturday, i oaw the lovely Tedesoo, with the Italian troupe in somebody's yatcht, sailing over the.bright blue .waters of the Saratoga Lake; the oantatrioe clapped her liny bands with joy; she admired the scenery, and she iuhaled the rosy air. The oouoerts of this troupe at Congress llall were triumphs; they were Austerliu victories, and Tedesoo never seemed more divine, We are to have auothrr trot this afternoon, and another on Wednesday next. Yesterday i went through tho grounds chosen for the agricultural fair. It is a rioh meadow, and the clover is half a t'o?t high; upon the side next to the town is a grove of pines, ko., ot several acres, which will afford a ano shade lor the cattle. The buildings are up; there are four completed, aud one of them is appropriated to the press exclusively. For this we are indebted to Col. Johnson, of Oneida. It will be a great fair, and the lea lft over. Mr. Wrigiil will arrive In a few days with .Mr. Vau Buren. American statesmen understand that they must exhibit an intense interest In agricultural science to preserve tboir popularity; bo It is with the science of commerce. Among the arrivals are Millard Killuiore, of Buffalo; (ion. O'Donnell and J. Uonaparte, Baltimore; Johu A. Collier and the lovely Miss K. H., of Albany; the elegaut Mr. F. V. T., of Albany, has also arrived Bath House, Long Island, Aug. IH, IB 17. While reading in your delightful paper of this morn' log, the doings at those fashionable watering places, Saratoga, Newport and ltockaway. I was Induced to ask why the doings here should never be chronicled In your columns, and indeed why the place itself had not a wider reputation lu the fashionable world. Its convenience of access to the city?the beautiful drives in every direction?the walks and grounds about the house' including a most delightfully shaded grove of cedars' through which the rays of the tun scarcely penetrate? the fasllities fur sea bathing, unequalled by any other watering place, all conspire to render it one of the most charming sports imaginable. 1 say I was induced to en (inre why a place, combiuiug such advantages, was not mure generally known and appreciated Bath House is more resorted to by lamiiies,who come to spend the summer, thau by the gay and fashionable tarong who are continually " floating about on the surface ot occasions " Vet, it embraces many ot (iolbiim's most beautiful daughters among its numbers, as well as a goodly sprinkle from other neighboring cities. Last evening, Tuesday, was the ocaasiou of the usual weekly hop," and?Mr. ?<Mtor?as I may be considered a Judge, having indulged both at Saratoga and Newport. I am bold to declare that in everything, which may make up a delightful evening's entertainment, it has not been surpassed by either. The residents at the adjoining watering place*. (Kort Hamilton and toney Itlaud,) to whom invitations are usually sent, honored the occasion with their presence in great numbers, while the relict of that great man, the late De Witt Clinton, and those charming authoreaaea. Mrs Anna Stephens and Mrs I-rands ? Osgood divided tbe attractions of the evening Next week we are to have tlio jrrand Ball of the ?>*. son, when--Mr. hditor? unions you are proof against Unj entreaties of the men. and the chariun of ' lovely woiiwo," it U dutermiued you bhall be with us. A VERMILLION KDICT. Tnntoi, Au^uit 13, 1817 Aftw Jtrmy Politic!- Hear both tidtt. ^ Thursday audition of the lhrald contained an article purporting to give an exposition of the state of the political market In New Jersey. The remarks of the *ritor as far as they went were good, but made but a one-sided statement. I'lcase hear a word from the demo oratir side of the house. There are several candidate* before the democratic party for nomination, all of whom are good men, and competent to call out the strength of the party Most prominent utand the names of Uanltl Haines, of Smscei, Littleton Klrkpatrick, of Middlesex and Thomas U. liaight, of Monmouth. The former gentleman has once been elected governor, and held that offlce for one term, giving satisfaction to tha whlgn and demoorats. II* is a popular man, and can poll n heavy vote Littleton Klrkpatrick was elected to Congress In 1HI3 In a whig <t'?rict, and l? decidedly an Influential man at home,and has a large number of friends throughout tne 3tati) In a contest with William Wright, of K*i<ex, the deraocratlo party, as I understand their leelings, with l.uu for their candidate, wouli h-ve no fennM f the result Mr. Klrkpatrick if a gentleman In e?ery sense of the word , he la a lorseyman by birth, I snd during his whole political course has been with the j democratic party in adversity and prosperity, lie has ! suffered his name to be used by the party even when lERA 347. there wa* do obance of sucee**. He hu many personal friend* in the whig party, who will vote for him should he be nominated. He 1* in a word a strong man. and hard to beat. Mr. Haight, ot Monmouth. has al?o many (trooK supporter*. and U a man in every way ealeuKtt'd to Oil the offlce with credit to hliDMlf and the State. Other gentlemen are spoken of by the democrat*, but theae names are the noit prominent Th? whig* bring forward the name* ot Win. Wright, of Essex, and of Judge Robinson, ot Warren. Each of three gentlemen han strong and deoided friend* "Billy Wright" (a* he ia termed) Ih par rxeelUnct the oaudidate of the "hurrah boy*'' and "outsider*" of the whig party, whilst Judge Robinson has the *uppcrt of the whig farmer* of Warren. At this date, it is hard to forete!l who of the many person* named, will obtain the nomination of the Convention*?"time will tell." A convention of the democrat* will, in a short time. He called, and then we shall know with oertalnty who will be their candidate In the race. Daniel ilaine* *tand* a gool chance for nomination; Bhould he, however, decline, then Mr. Klrkpatrick stands A No 1. Should he be nominated and consent to run, there will be trouble In the whig rank*, and old Essex will have to look around. The Essex men put great faith In the power of Mi. Wright's money. and will undoubtedly bring that lato the Held to defeat the democratic candidate However, there are noma of us in this part of the State who think that Mr. Wright cannot be elected no easily as Home people suppose; aud there are ' ? few more left of the iam? sort" in other part* of the State who hold a similar opinion. The Emigration of French Communists to the United States. | A Krenoh publisher, Mr. Cabet, editor of a newspaper culled Lr i'ojiulatrr. printed iu I'arls, published in one of his last numbers an appeal to all the Krenoh communists, of whom he oalis himself chief. The article Is aa follows :? Workmen, let us depart for loaria?what advantages have you here? What is your fate in this couutry ! Recollect, ohildren of the people, poverty seizes you when you arc born, and leave.-i you only when you die. Kilth and rags for many, deprivation-* of every kind, ignorance | and superstitious examples of vice for all--work Imposed before your strength Is developed Such is your fate Kroni your infancy, excessive labor la imposed on you? often attended with dauger. You are obliged to expose your lives to a thousand risks for nn lusufllcient salary. Sickness?the conscript -the lirret do rights, no future, but a perpetual dread of the future, with fear of slavery aud poverty. * * * ' Such is your destiny in your youth J'ow many are deprived of the happiuess of marriage, aud of family comforts ' ami for those who dared to marry, how mauy troubles aud aillictious have they not to encouuter And in your old age. how many smong you. after a laborious lite, and numerous services rendered to the country, have only for their share destitution, rebuke,Infirmities, the hospital and death ? death which puts an eud to long sufferings. Look around you and see the wealthy condition of your task masters? the opuleuce of these privileged mon who had but the trouble of cwiuing to life, to enjoy rirhus without producing any thing.wliilut you liuve no enjoyment, aud oreatn all. Aud to say nothiug that Is not just aud true, let us not entertain toward the olasses reported happy, either envy or hatred; for they have also their troubles nuu irmuiaiious, lueir ruiuu ana miseries, iiKe ourselves, it not more They are alto victims of a very tail Kooiul organization, by winch we art)all thoir slaves,anl which spreads every where antagonism and war. ani which leaves to nobody either safety or true happiness, but it'the employers and privileged persons are not happy. WD workmen ? wo are bent under the weight of poverty, which every day, becomes more and more intolerable, and which renders necessary Home heron; and evil extirpating remedy. In Icariii, in that Icaria which we are on the eve of forming in the United States of America, let us sec what will be the fate and happiness of the working classes. There will be no poor people wanting the first necessaries of life, side by Hide with proprietor*, overstocked with abundance?but we all shall be proprietors or oo-proprietors, of an Immense c< lleotlve. social, inseparable and national property?consequsnlly. no more paupers, no more poverty, with Its troubles and angulih?no mora riches, with their ooncomitant oppressions aud disturbing vices?but an assured existence for all, by Industry, and also abundance and good living; consequently, there wrlU be no pauperism! No longer workmen, no longer bosses or masters, but associated?all brothers, all equal, all obligtd to work according to their physical and intellectual (strength. All the works will be considered as public functions, and all functions as work; consequently, no more task business, no more task workers, no more task masters ? No more wages, but an equal distribution of all products by shares, among those associated. No more want of employment, neither an over supply of labor, but order in both, and an organisation the best possibly that can bo tixed by experience and wisdom?by public opinion and the will of the workers themselves. All the labor of agricnlturu or manufacture will be divided into appropriate departments, and carried on In extensive works shops. '1 his work will be shared between all tho Citiiuns. so that each and ail will be occupied, and uone overworked The workhouses will be comfortable, healthy, clean unl neat. Nothing Will be spared by the community to help, relieve, aud protect the workingman. The machinery for performing dirty, fatiguing and neriiiillM work will b? indefinitely smil numi*! null v mill. llplied. All thu instruments, as well as tbe material, will be furnished by the community. The labor will bo obosen &h muuh an possible according to thu vocation, taste, and aptitude of eaoh workman. All the em ploy wonts will be temporary,and decided by eleotlon. All oitiiena will be elected or be ellglblo for election according to their shares iu the general interest. No more work book*,or rather chaius; no more military service, except that of tbe oatioual militia; no more taxes, but work' aud nothing will be spared to render that work short, easy, without danger or disgust, aud agreeable and attractive. Tbe oommuiiity will guarantee every body a bouse, food, instruction,education, medical attendance and rnedicine, liberty to marry aud have children, and all the reasonable enjoyments of civilisation. No aristocracy, no privilege, no inequality, but the put est democracy, as between brothers, and from that principle of brothershlp, equality ill labor as well as in enjoyment?equality according to tbe ratio of distribution, in order to have everybody equally happy, nobody being happier than others, and seeing nobody happier than himself.Jo icarla, the workmen will be the people, the nation, the society, tke country?they will be a government by and lor themselves?aud wuen a most perfect education will have given to a new generation all the development that it is susoeptlble of, you will easily perceive that mankind will rapidly advanue ou all the roads of progress towards tbe <t?gree of perfo .tlou designed for humanity by Nature and rrovtdence. Workmen I we who are now tied, abused, chained-who have no rights, are not enred for. no bread, uu luiurif, ttn ni>|?v?cui'irb u> K<) auii nrua riiHiwnere, for the Providence or nuturu which ofU*rs us all the treasure* of their lore and bunettcupott. Let us go and wake the foundation of Icaxia on the American laud. Railroads on tiik Continent of 1?ltroi'e.?Eng* land in not the only country try iny to etuttbliah regular relation* between Europe. Egypt. and the East Indie*. A nutria in already at work, and its efforts will have a tendency to increase In (Jermany the immense inurement which that nation has received from Franoe Eleven year* ago, a modest enterprise wax beginning its operations at Trieste, and its aim was to muke the service between that port and the Levant. They began with six packet ships, and they now already possess twenty. The transport of merchandise and traveller* has received an enormous increase; and the "Lloyd'' of Crl?st, encouraged by its success, will soon receive the benefit* which the rapid achievement nf the railways in Germany, and the still more rapid and powetful steamers, will give them ? Five large steamships are rapidly being built, either at Trieste or in England, and it is expeoted that they will receive all the sympathies of (jermany. Thus the ''Llftyd" announces that they will goon give new activity to Its communications with the (Cast, and principally in its relations with Egypt, which Is of ^reat importance to the East Indies. The whole distance l'rom Detrude to Trieste, by Cologne, Bonn. Coblenti, Frankfort Htuttgaidt, Augsburgh, Munich, Haliburgh, and Urnck, is equal t> 1.7JO kilometers. Four hundred kilometers front Ostende to Bonn, four hundred und forty-four from Iliberick to Heidelberg via Frankfort fifty six from lletlbroitu to btuiigerdt, sixty four from Aug*burgh to .Munich, are already finished und In operation. Two hundred and seventy-two kilometers, forming a great part of the way from Brook to Trieste, are aMo finished Thus, tf a distance of I,7'i0 kilometers, Moure at this tim* In use, or about to be so, and the work ou the rest is pursued With the greatest activity. Ind< peudunily of this line, the road from Trieste, via vi | "nun. oreainu, oeruo .'iiruouinn, uinurii nun ' ?' lo^ne offer already an uniuterrupted way of finished roads. whilst upon a intal o two thousandand five hundred kilometers they have but to finish four huudrud and seventy-six, fit from Trieste to l.ubiaua, and from Murtzuscblag to (ilo^gaitz. Thin lino, although It taken a great circuit to unit<' thu road from the Atlriatlo sea to T.ondon. will be coiieid' rably shorttuned, towaril tin- end of 1*49, which la fixed /or tb?i completion of the dlfTerrnt part* of the railway, from Trieste to Vienna, and from fragile to Dresden Thu* the travel front Trieste In t >stende for the distance of J! 7 (Jermsn miles ('2 37t) kil"inetres) will be maUe in let* than fifty hour* Kranoe will do well to accelerate thn achievement of her railways iroui thu Atlantic to the Mediterranean Sea. and to render perfect her system of navigation upon that sea. If she wishes not to loons all the benefits which she now obtain* from her commerce with tbo east.?>Vr?< A Paper. Akrkhi of* a FiroiTivK i ko.m Jubti< e. ? Police I officer* Zell unci Kidgrljr, yesterdtiy urresited i young man named Oeo Johnson. alias rhompsou, on | ih? ohargn of being a fugitive from justice trom the i Stat* of New York, ha having been acoiued of the rob: bery of a hotal in Naw York olty. On saarchlog his trunk, after his arrest, a tin box ?m found containing a moat complete aaaortment of akcleton and trunk key*, filed and cut so as to milt almost any look, aud also a pair of nippers, ns?d by this class of thieves In opening r >om doors at hot* Is, and from which they generally ilike lh' appellatlcn of ' nipper thieves " lie w?s arrested at a respectable bearding house In this cliy wh?re hi" movements had already caused some su?ploi >n lie j was committed by Justice Belby to await the requisition of the Governor of Nrw York ? Unit. Imtrican A mealing was called at Trenton on Tuesday for Mir I purpose nt appointing a rommittee to proceed to C at < | May, and Invite Henry Clay to visit thai city . ___? - - : - - r LD. PrlM Two Owl f HUHUMIMNU. At about S o'clock on Monday afutrnoon a aklff. eontilnlng twalve voung men. ?a* capeli?i at Souantstm and three of the party, A?a French Tbav.r, hIomib Smith, aud Lewia Smith, were drowued The oaoaliin* of the skiff ?u oba*rved from the shore, and three * boata put off to the reeeue; two of which awarneed but the third got off da/aly. and rescued ulna of the young 1MB. An old gentleman. upward* of eighty yean of age, a resident of Salem, In this State. who had nevei b??n'to inilea from home, took a trip last week te New York. Among the many plaoen of iutereat which he visited wax Trinity ( 'harch and wishing to ha?e a favorable lew ol the city, hn walked without aaxixtanne to the auuimit, a height of two hundred and tweuty-fWe feet, and aa ha dencended counted the number ol steps he had gone up- three hundred and eight; f-elmg no inconvenience therefrom whatever The oid gentleman pridaa himself on having accomplished au extraordinary feat?Uoilun Putt. 8ev?ral kinda of table flab, hitherto strangers, have, of late, made their appearance in dalem harbor j bnt It l* said that their comiug is counterbalanced by the departure of the ood, which used to abound thart. A Boston gentleman, who employed the Barln<r*. of London, to oause an investigation of rtoords, for r> ?*?' th?t a fortune is In reserve for the Cbaee family of Ain? rloa, received a letter from them by tbe last Meamer, in which they state that no evidence of tho fact fc m been discovered. and send a hill of about flfty dollar* expenses in the research ' Bother a norry termination to to great an inberltanoc ? Umton Jitlat. The soarlet fever and the meatlea are. it U Mid. producing an unprecedented mortality among the children in the aity of Madisrn, Iri t The cemetery at that place is dotted ell over with small freuli graves While slcknnHH prevails to such an extent among children, the place In unusually heathy for adult*. A young hetf-r wan, a few day* ninoe, feeding on the brink of the precipice, oyer onu hundred feet bljh, at the lower fall*, and hy a misstep waa precipitated Into the water below, which lueklly waa deep enough to prevent her from being dashed to pieces on tbe rooks underneath. Hbe disappeared, but toon roae to tbe surfacn and attempted to gain a footing on terra firma, but ooul'l not. from tho pteepnes* of the bank home men procured a boat, and 1'asteulng a rope to ber horns tow ed ber seme distance down tbe river to a place where she clambered up the hank as if nothing had happeued. Tbe animal did better than Hem Patch, who went down but never came up again. linchctttr Democrat. J JW I L 1 I I..'. _ ? JMl ^ " LKT?Several Cottage homes ou the A*t"rta and Kaveus ood turnpike roud, with s line view of the Jig|&>'-s|<t River, snd within h mile siid s hsll of Peck Slip FeiTTT Williamsbuigh. suitable for smsll genteel fundus Kent mode-ate. Apply to GKOK(.it. L WOLF, Law Bmldiuirs. Nos. 73 snil 77 Nsisau street N fl. The above is worthy the attention of s gent leman rind tail y ilemroitii of murium ' good M'h'iol. "12 Ht*rc KOO.VI8 TO KKNT-sKsmilies and cviiilemru ? ishma pleasant siugle or >uits of rouins, wnihoui board, or Ji?i^l>ienkf<tst >uid In if required, may be accommodated. by a|>pi>mg a' 477 Broadway. sl'i Wi~ m "ig. COUN I K V 8KAT KOK"kAu?,.?Tliat ver\ dtPjW sirable residence in 'lie benutiful villsge of Kindeihook, jyilColninbis County, htted up, suil recently occupied by tnr ..lie Peter J. Hoes, fcmj., is now offered for sale. Thenare almi ou the premises, carriage-house, scabies, wood-house, li.iru.nnd all other convenient out buildings The grounds, ubout four acres, are well stocked with a luge variety of ai? pie, pear, peach, cherry, plum, aud oru.imeirsl trees, grape vuiei vnl tluuhber), all of which have been selected from cclfr brjted uurserieH, both in Europe aud New York Thp whole property is now in the most perfect order. In Ihc Villsge is an Academy, none in this P^te in point of character a?d standing. Kor terms, fc.c.. apply to DAVID VAN ttCHAACK, klsq.. Kiuderhook. ?r I qua Mi-Ill r. O. MUR.O, 33 wall llr??. 01J* . O l.l-.'l'.? A neat two alory cottage houae, with I ":M biueuii'ul" aud mideroellar. principal (lory.two parlor* i"i? vil'i iliH if rl I rt lurd liuiahed wall*, aeeond *t?ry; * : ur^c rooms aud 2 bedroom; rent low I hinjuire ou the prcmiMi, No I iOth itreer, oflV. K. Peudie I Inn Btare? ,?** ilie door every halfhnur iC lit" m I JMk A it AUK. CUANC-E?Kor talc, the good will aixl | |!mB futurca of a 'laviiu, Oyilur jhi! Ronrdiui; H'iulc, with X^ULcverv convenience appertaining loauch mi e uMiahincut. The nouae ii lu u croirul location, oppoul* ihe pi.noipaJ market The home hu been occupied in the aaovt- litiiniu for a number of year*, h ui alwaya < on>7nan.>d. iu.d at pr?*en? haa an excellent iua ol' buaiucaa, ;u.d i> oue ol the heal f.mrta in the city, ludiapoaiiiuu in th? family of (he m, rnt prf>ftnetor ludncea hire to change liia huiinej-i Korrur'hei ^rtifti lar* inquireat tile officeol !lit- It iliimore -n. nmiui roil 8 ?Lfc~Ttfl? mOtWH IN UN IOM VlL {KwRLiAGK, N J ? Conjiatinff of a Coontry ?ro e Mid uwelaaA^lniu IIOl'KK, barn, 3 cow houaea. 2 waygou hooaei. com nil), 3 barracka, itc.. Willi t>H aciea i.f excellent I,nud in a higli alate ul cultivation, well walered aud limbered The i ro| i itre not aurpiaami by .'itijr in the Stale ? our it the atore to be aurpaatrd for a couutr; atnre The pr?;*ity will b* told a bargain, tia the preaeut owner i* too old io aut-ud to it T ) ludiapiitahle. Apply to JAB. B BARR, every U'eii Ttitj, at the Northern H?.tel, foot of Courtlandt atrect. from t A. M. to7 P. M., aud Thur?d>ty* until I I'. M.;othei dayato the New Vork Itc d Katite Company, corner Broadway and >hid?n lane. J. B. B. Hu 12 30t *rrc ^ mutt FOR SALK Oft TO L?T, on the margin ol tbe Kan (Ml '??? Bay, Monmouth C.ounry, N. J.?Karuia in a high eJk^ atHte of cultivation. with ail the ueceaaary out-builainga. Alao. lota from h'tlf au acre to twenty, with the advantage of tiue bathing. Hammer reaideurea furuiahed or on furnished. Peraou* drairou* of carrying on bualiieat iu the city and tending in a healthy location, at a cheap rate, will fiodw advautiige iu coutulting with the tubacribei. N. B ?The af. reaaid farm* and Iota are Dot in Texaa at Penuaylvauia, but within oue hour and a half of New YofL. Terma eaay. Title* indiapuuble. Emigrant* or other* wiaa* iUK for gardening lota can be luited. Apply to John lveaoc, Vj Courtlandt atreet. New York; or to W. O Havne*. Auctioneer, Key Port, N. J. All letter* louat be po*t paid. Kg* Port. N. I., Jniylu, 1147. jytl Wt'rc IL.UOK A J' i'Hl?.? L.'diea' tiaiier*, aiili eia.Bue^_ kiua, Tiea, Houm Slip*. White and Black Batui !% ? Prunella iluakiua aud Mlinnera. aud all mint kiuifa of Book and Shoea, of the (meat atyle. Alao alajrf* aaaortmant of uiiaaaa ami chiiilrcu'i. Gentlemen will find in ihia store a great aaaortmant of fin* Boou and Shoe*. calf and p.teat le-ther: Oaitera of all kindi. Alao, Boys' Boou, Craitera, and Bhoca, ol ail aorta aw ansa. All of tha above of tha beat quality and cheap, at M7 Dro*d way, one door above Franklin atreet. ai 30t*re M CAMI.L. - KHtNtM BOOTH ? Paria iin|*rn: hieucli '.elf lYlloot* for $4 10. equiltothe beat aold in Bread nay for ft Vor$T. *'ine French Call Boou, city ma'le, for M 40? uaually V>?can bv fouud at the corner of fctiltoa aad Naa <u afreet*, opposite the Herald office Boat boots made to otder for JO. Alao the French Congreee boota, of tlx baat quality; boou, ahoea, gaiter*, dipper*, he., constant'v oa band. All good* warranted to give aatiafaction. Corner of P"1' -a and Nassau street* jvW * ! r GKNTLh vl LN'tl H AT#?FALL TASHIUN, IS?7.~ Btabe It Coaur, Mutters. Ufi Broadway, Nan York, and l.'B CheMuni afreet, ThiUdelphli, will prraeut the Fall Faahion far gentlemen a hata, on ttAturduy, August J#th, 18(7.? U|n>ii itauinit ihe faahi'in for the raaon, B. k (J. beg leave to aay that it ia their intention to ii>r.r>>duce a atyle of hat allir gether superior to auv before offered They lute adopltd an auurely new and unique mode ol timming, which combining in >he highaar decree eleg.iuce ol' finish ind durability. teuda m i'a lally toward* the preatrva tioa ol the ' at. Another improvement will be the strict adaptation of every ha' an well to tha IVatuiei, aa to the forui ami aita of the wear er. thereby avoiding thr apparent Incongruity of a large and tall man nil h a diminutive hat, vice veua, Heelie &. Coatsr will present on tlua oceaaion beaidea their well kuowu superior Moleiitiu hnt, a black fur hat, ol the llocky Mount tin Bearer; a auperb article, which will be aold nt i heir regular atandaid price. They would r?spectlully invite attention to the braacb of their establishment. Utl < Chestnut atreet, Philadelphia, which will he opened on ihe2ftth mat., in a atvle corresponding with their houae >u New York, with a superior slock of good*. and with the avowed ohiect of fiiruiahiiig a better hat for the price ilian can he found elsewhere. There will alwava be found at both place* a fall and complete assortment of har? and eapa lot geuta, youtlia aud childien, I >geiher w.ih ladiea' ridiug hata and capa, and a variety ol fancy gooda npprrlaii.iug to the trade, audi aa rauea, umbrella*, gloves, nruahef, aud other articles for the toilet. The facili'ie* alf rdeil them by a taady and frequent iutar courae with the cities of Pari* and LouJon. togatlier with the rei nt improvement* whuh they have effected in thecou miction and uae of machinery, will euible ilium to offer gooda of the m< ?t desirable faahion and fabrication at tha vary I west m ukn prices, e ther at wholeaale or retail. a t'.*lf?rc ROl'ON WA^kJl FILTk.rn VI OSK itoLLAK ' F.A' H.?J. STONE, No. J'JO Broadway, New York. Iiega to inform his friends and Uia public ol this cm and othn pUcoa which are supplied bv publie water works. llint ha haa so arranged his they can be at* plied to tne t:niton water fancela. They ate an con?tiucted that any person can keep them in order by lepleiiiahing v iui the filtering medium at the moat trifling A aingla iuapootion will convince .hiv < n? of their auperioiity over any othf Kilter in uae. T . H ?fiia other Filta-a sold aa nmtal. ai.1 lAl-re EUUUfH I .11 <i|U A'J IU.V-W 3( nil fc tll,No.'m 1 H Ur..?d?uy. hate receded a freah lot ol the much udmlre^ : aheer lawn hnodkfa,narrow t?|>ed border*. which we offered tintisunlljr cheap; blick and whita Uecd ( apea, from Si Mi 1 about .00 pain fine Kreneh n? la and In M pei pair; the | run lining i'i>rk olhlack and white lace Viiltea, at coat pure, I i very cheap lot of needlework <-ollnn. from la to ft*. Nch.( L.idia* will ilao tiud hiim birv.una ia Valeuciennea I acta ami [ K'lmiik'a well worth their attention. jylil3flt*m i '|M?K i;Hf.A>K.8'V MTOKK IN THK CITY. 16<S "?! I 1 ton ?trrrt| lor krmih and Vmeriran I'tper H inginjv | Window Sh-uca, Curtain Millennia, OniaiuruU, kr..?Tjie iii>n nlicr runauuitly i n liaud a I. .rirc imnrtment of iKr kIioic article*; nlao, Manufacturer el the talv.inaed Sfcriaif 1 M -iir< >-?, which. lor cotnftrt and Hnnihility cannot be ctrelleii I'uii' h?if and u'li'r M&ttreaaea; H "it her H?d?. , wlm everv a.tirli hi the IJ|>hoUtrrv line, ?t the lowm powible price*. N U ? Ste iniboat anu ?hip cabuia ami h??ala fltted nil and furniahrd. R. UAVIBl, uiH0t*rn uphotifftr, r niton at URALKD I'HOI'CHLH WILL HK KK< MVM) AT O the < omuii*?arv (Je ri il'a office until the Jlil mat. lot foity Iron Column*, for ih? new Wl*?e *r??nal. (I'irreeaMy to pi.iua and >)?f ificatiotia which c >n tn at> u M the oilier, No. 30 Vi .nkliri ?trert ) ?o hi. delivered iu twenty arul thutv dtya <u the iiiiicliuii ol 'h* iih avrnne aqd G4th attret*. Ilt.NHY STOKMW, ( oitinn-nry (J* .?i >1. Nrw York An* I* mi7 il}?fre HKUhLKH, MD . nnryeou and Oenliat, tww in if i.ed fur more than ten venr* in ditferent piria ol Kurope. I Aaia Minor, Laaiatnn. Armenia, fouth AfVi i nan New Holland. J y57 Vlt re Green wirh atreet *12. pur Awm 1 rpiiw. m H#< hi bhll ia erattfnl lo tti< unokiag imiilii t. 1 toe evidence he u d?*l> leermua of their appreciation ol I hm rfforta In Cumuli them with the twat Seifart that enn b> hull tlcrriomtt from what ha pridea lumn-lf i? a juady rarna? rp)iuuuon. Mutuant at Ha?an* will connnaa to aa|*cl tin. br?t Hk'U tl?t cub be prvcn ad,-ud at thf Iowa* rule'.? Amoii^ the hat importation*, uih iin T?ry choice, of iba fol lowiotf branda J? Palo Alio, Kriixliaa, (very prima,) I>K .??, Or am a < Koaas. Q a Za^k. El L*on da Oto, Nmr* Empretna, Man. ii 'l? India, Aii?iqnnlail?, I lam""'*'. *<" Kor iala in lota npou t?rm? to rtwiiia a rtnpltM'* i?ir. I H II KIQl'M I a-'U 30t?rft IQf Br- ailwa fir < I'1 ' rt*Hlt PluN>rHVLVANIA KaTEhOAIM l?MPA?x? 1 notice that the Director* M? now |>repar*d '1' "** , , MannMcttirarafur B.?i1r"'d Iron, A' ?ar!<Mi in I" ii . I to an inv-iii.t Hill rtrrrdlliu I' ll'")' I h?'ti? "I ' I f#^r,wv - ,h?,r

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