Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 15, 1847, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 15, 1847 Page 1
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f TH] V al. mi. So. ?53? Wuul? No. *850. THE NEW YORK HERALD ESTABLISHMENT, RorUi?WMt earner of Kultnu and 111mi ati. JAMES GORDON BENNETT. PROPRIETOR. (SHUJLATIOI1 ?irOKTV THOUIAI0. DAILY HERALD? Every day, Prie# lenup?r eopy-^T l?i wuiuut?payablr ia advance. WEEKLY HERALD?Every Satard&y-Prioe per copy?$1 lJWeenu nor annam?payable in advapeo. HERALD frTUl EUROPE-Every Steam Packet d?yPrifr,<i\i nant* rxr copy?ti l?r annum, i&eladmfpnatafa or t3 25, exclusive ofpoetate. payable in advance. Bubeenption* >uid tdrtit'uiarn'i will Ve received by Meaer*. (i?lm naui. II rue Viviecne, Pari* ; P. L Hitmonda, If Cornhill, and JoliB Miller, the bo?k*eller. Loodoa. ANNUAL PICTORIaI HERA.LO?Pnbli*hed on the Ut of Jauuary of each year?angle copiea *ixpenoe eaehADV KRT18EWENT8, at the aaual prioee-alwa.y* eaah'? advance. Adverti*ementt *honld be written in a plain, legible mannar. The Proprietor will not be reapon*ible lor error* thai mpMf??rSfje^ all kind* eiecuted beautifully and with deaputch. All latter* or communication* by mail, nddre?*ed to tn? vrujirirmr 01 in* h.miuanuiciii, m vji vt >?? i-?iu, va ui* yv>r K* will be dttiu mil from rh? snh?FT-mioa bout ramittM. ?KW YORK ANl) II AKL&M RAILROAD CUM PA ITT SUMMER ARRANOKMKNT. t IN ui* V. Cm will raa ii f<dl?wi, nutil farther Up Creiu Wil Imt* the City Hull for Hirlwn h Morriaiana. Forham k Tackahoe Pleasentrilla, 6 J? A. M. Will'mt Br'g*. Han's and Newcastle 7 J M A. M. Whitt ITu. Jfcdf.rd, I 7 " 7 A. M. WWTiekrlUa II * m M U ,T CjtttonKalU it u 4 r.M. rATM. 11 ? I P. M. I M ** 4 P. M. J P. M. 4 ,r J I M " i ? M " 5 " 5 JO " lit " Retnrnin* to New Tore will Imt*? Morriaiana It Harlero. F*rJhsn?. Will'mi'Br'n. Tuokahoe. 7 04 ATM. ?UAE 0 46A.M 7 39 A.M. ? 10 M 7 55** 7 ? " S 41 44 9 " 9 09 " 9 W M 1 JO P. M. 10 " 12 23 P. M. 11.3 P.M. 551 * U 16 P. M. 1 46 " 1 40 ,r White Pl?na. t* " 6 08 " 6 " 7 10 A M. | .. w .. got ? S3 t5 20 " M " T *i " 1 P. M. 8 " i a " 6 21 " a 06 " PlMontTill* NiwCaitk. Bedford. Whitlickrilla. I a IS A M. ? AM. T 51 A M. 7 45 A 41 8 IS P M. FM, 4 41PM. 4 UPM Croton Fillt. 7 30 A M. 4 SO P M. The trains to md from Croton Kail* will not atop on New York Islaud, except at Broom* I'reet, and 3Jd itreet. A car will precede eaoh traun ten miaatee, to take np passengers in ^The morning trainot' ours from Croton Falls win not stop between White Plaffis and New York, eacept at Tuckshoe William's Bridge, end For dhani. ..... ... F.xtr.t train or Uunday* to Harlem aud Morruiaua, a fl*e 1 Suu- > for Lake Mahopackand Dmbory leave Crotoo Falls on arrival of the 7 o'clock A. M. aad 4 P. M- trains, and for Pawline* on arrival of the 7 o'clock A. M. train. FA.UK FROM NEW YORK : To Ootoi Fills 91 . To Whitlickville t7H 'Co Newcastle 75 To Pleasantville T>? White Plains. 89 Freitrht trains leave City HiJJ at 13 M. and at 7 P. M. Retui iieg. leave Croton Fibs at. 7 A. M mid 9 P M. ~ CONEY ISLAND KKRRV?Tlie comC'.ji^s3(i|a^^l|n>l?liou? acd elegant steaniar ION will ran ^''-MtfuEHberegularlr (wenther permitting) ou the above Ferry, leaving Pier So. 1 N. R. at 11 A. M. auu 2 P. M.; Couey Islands-iaka.i.1 4* f. M. N. B.?/in ( **>-"iia are forbid tutting any one on account of said boat and *11 bill* against said boat will ple.ue be prevented for H^jqttmp'it. *13 tl'il i i? NOTICE.?For the better accommodation f /^L^Nof the public (as the day* are becomiug afcAucilSHKaclw) rt-r), ih< Steamboat NEW PHILADELPHI A will, e? 'I?d nf'or Monday neit leeve New Brunswick at 30 in'naiM before 7 o'clock, and New York at 14 mfautea] pa?t 3 o'cl'-ck, Hopping; at the regular laudirgs. The RARITA N wrl continue it her old hours,at 7 o'clock iron New Brn awick and % before S o'clock from New York. rumieg thr .ugh without stopmng. Both boats leave from the foot of Barclay (tract. Fire u the New Philadelphia. <j}+ ceuta; Raritan, l?K cent*. New Rrnaawic", Hept. 3. 18*7. _ ?H lot?re ,,, TO * 1 NO?The new and ixtwe I'ul fleam* 1 -U^ t?ehcr. J ACOd BKLL. Capt II. Yates, and ME I'^MnklULI), I'ai'Ml'i J. P. PARfCH, will be in content vearimeea fjr Towi-.g Venels to and from sea, and about ills Her bo r, on ;'ne moat reaiouable term* AM ord*rs Uiankia'ly received punctually attended to. Apuh'fci die old e*t*bli?h*d 8lean Tow-Ouat Office, No. 71 S ill* itreet, corner of Maiden laee up ?lairs. i n* dobix my rvyn?i? ai n?oi in uinuu ium, a..i&., and n) ?ay* in raadiaea* at * nomMt'i notice. NT. fo-hid trit.'inj tke above hoat* on account of the omiiri. W.N U T. M. DOUOHKRTY, tfie^ rc N.?. 75 South *'. cor Maiden tan*. I.. ojT i'*(N IflLANu rjLictiK.?oa &X.4 IFRIDAY, Sept. 10th, 1847, tin jfecaj(.,* ? syLPH and STATEN ISLANDER Will rtb*e the following tiip* until farmer notice -j? j ;,XiVK WHITEHALL. At ', 9 10, U, A. M., and 1, 2, ten micatM PMS J, tad at 4, 3, 6,7. oVnrV, P. ST LK AVE UUARARTIMK. At ?, < ?. V, 11. A. >1, and 1, *, 3, 4. i, tX,T. M. New /ofiSe.t. 6thj _ * _ PEOPLE'S I INK STEAMBOATS FOR p r-'gfL ALBANY, Daily, Sunday* Eacep-ed ? aKMHfMSm Through Direct?At S o'clock, P. M., from the Tier between Courtfandtatid Liberty atreela. Steamboat ISAAC NEWTON, Capt Wm H. Peek, will leave on Monday. Wedneaday, and t riday evening*, at o'clock. Sce.,mboat HENDRIK HUDSOV, Capt. R. O. Cnutanden, <*ill leave on Tne*day, Thonday and Saturday evenings at H o'clock At Five O'clock, P. M.?Landing at intermediate placet? from the Toot of Barctor atreet. Steamboat ROCHESTER, Captain R. H. Furry, will leavr on Monday, Wedneaday, Friday and Snuday afternoon*, at 6 o'clock. St? unbox! SOUTH AMERICA. Capt T. N. Hnlae, will l?tvr ou Tue.dny, 'i'linraday and Saiarday afternoon*. at ft o'ciock. The above boata will at all time* arrive in Albany in ample lime for the Morning Car* for the Ea*t or We?t. Ffr tithr takeu at moderate ratsi, and uoue taken after 4>? o'clock, P. M. O" All l>er*ou? are forbid trotting any of the boat* of thi* line, wiihutit a written order from the captain* or agent*. For or freight, apply ou board the boat*, or to P.C. SCIIULT/, "t the office on the wharfl *A ik FOR SHRE WSBURY, OCEAN HOUSE, f* ,3BBRJLook Branch, Hnruom Dock, Hrown'a Dock, , Midtlietown and Red Bank.?The Steamboat OIIU9, C. 1'ricc, Master, will HHi ua foliowa, from Fniton Maik't fclip, East Hirer :? Leave New York. ""l.eiva Shrewsbury. O'clock. O'clock. W?dne*('ay, If, at 7J<A.M. Wrdnneday, 15, at II A.M., IS, nt 8 A.M. Thur*day, 16, at 12 M. Frdar, 17, at 8 A.M. Friday, 17, at 1 P.M. Satu day, IS at 9VA.M. Saturday, II,at 2 P.M. Sunday, nonrtay. 19, at Ijtrji. The Liue t'tagta will ran lo Howell Worki, Squam vitlut And i rcthnld. Hu^ea to tonrey paaeeugen to all parta or tA* eouutry. .V B. All perv.nia rue forbi<l truatin/j the above boat on aeeounf of the Owner*. ! t- ALLAIRE. |2 Kit ? re _ i, KcK SHREWSBURY, LONG BRANCH, f" ^ Ocean Home, P. VV. Hehanck'a, Highland), r.HV- Uuaaoin and Eatoutowu Landing. Tkeatram, boat EO WIN LKW1S, i apt. Haynea, will run aa follow), from f^otof Birclay "treat, North rirar: Ltavt New York. Ltirct 5Ar?u>i*ury. O'clock O'clock. Tlmiadav, M.afllA.M. F iday, 17, at 1P.M. Saiurd*}', 111, at 1 P.M. Monday, 20, at 4 P.M. 'I ae,dsv, 21, ?r 1 P.M. Wedneaday, M. at 3 P.M. Tim aday, 31. at 2 PM. Friday, 34,at7KAM. SituriL?y, 15, at 3 P.M. Monday, 17, at?)< A.M. TWiay. 28, at 9 AM. WediiMday, ?%A M. 'i'hnraday, SO, at 11 A.M. NU|ri ?ill ba in raadiuMa on the arrival of the boat In eonyrv ifcaaengera to all parta of the eonurry. For furtlmr particular apply to F, B. Hall, at the office on the *vaa?f _ al 3flt*fc. "" ^ OPPOSITION PASSAGE OFFH;JC-To r 4*4 llMny%Utica $1 50; Hyr-cuae, (2; Oawego; IM)l.f?i-r. $?: Boffilo. tJ; Cleveland. $1: Detroit, St; M;:wa>i:.i<?. $6 75; Clix-aito, t* 75; Ciuciimati, ri, T.tro ito *u<i Ilimiltou, $4; Whitehall, $3; M"utroal, 4; Pittabnrg, %f> Office, H'U fKrclar arreet. Any a'cnr.i > re<|un?d will be Kiven for the fulfilment of all eoati t?;U made with ilua eolnmny. a?25Wt*rc M. L RAY, Agtct I New York. Mff. -<ifc#V> ui-i CONKV ISLAND BF.RR Y.?The well A. - 3t^f^al:n..wn.teamrr AMKHFTaN EAGLE. CapT ' " ilfli' Wr T*:" (tea. H. Power, will ran regularly during the ??"? >] to (>o'i?y I>>hikI, Inndiog at Fort Hamilton, aa folli.iirc-I.Mrinif Pier No. 1. at lb. 1. 4. A flue OotilUon Baud aceompnniea th? boat. __ w< 46t* re ~ * ' "MOKNINQ LiNK CO A ALBANV AMD , TliOV ni)ft lilir- .-<!>..e LmidinifS. ?*. >'v Break Cm I and Dinaei on board the Boat. The low presmtc atmm'jont TUOY, Captain A. Oorbatn, will leave the tir.r| ier foot of n?el/>y street. Mandayj, WnlneHara, ?uil frriilaya, at saten o clock A. M. KatnraInr "1 i'?? opposite dsyi. _ .. , The Hienmar NIAGARA, Ctpt. H L. Kelloff, wtfl leara th* f*ie?inoo?t Pier fool of Barclay af.reet, Tuesday, Thursday aiiJ urilay, at h<?lf peat nx o'clock, A. M., retoruine on the r/'O.iita daya. for lu'iMic or fr? > ft lit. applr oa boar?i, or to f. B .flail, at '? V r>0 or wf ml Ifl" PA' KfcT SHIP CONSTITUTION FKOM LIVfcHI'lJOl,?Consigned per tins ahip will p'e - " thc'r permits oil boaid nt Ihe fcecional Dock, or to tlie )flic 01 the anbncribrra, wiih ui deliy. All looda not remittal! in fire daya inn*' 1 e aenr to Public Htore. WOODHULL sl MI'S TURN, ?t(^rr _ 87 ^nn'h ?treer. At1' NOTI I".?Packet ship OAhTTu K, from I.irerp00' ~''o?>Hn'ri by this shio Will pl<-aae aer.d :heir rKi "Ki- parn'ttaon honril itmntdia-elv, at Oileai,a vh.if, ft't. I *V ill ?tner. * 'I i; nod? not permi'tad within fire days, will positive y K ? 11 the |inli|ir a'orr. >11 f Ull LIVi.KfOOt?To ?ail with dearMch he t;- Vw fi'?' C >11, firt ?ii!in? rrgnlar Prclm Ship W ATKH"..I. I ' \'l?n, h'irth'n HIV) r ,n?, will mil m o > e iiifin* Trry tuperior acominodatio a Tor *?bii, seeond aU.n *B'I ?toaar*? r*a??nj?ra. Persons about ?mSail<i g, should make rally application i>n lioaid, foot ef Maiden Lane, or l? J Me .lUMHAY. comer Pine and South n'reets. Persona dasimns of s?ndin* for their frienda n ihe Old Cob irj, c<m hare ih*m brought not by lha ahoto aplendiil Teasel. ar any other of tha resnlar lina by applying, at ire . . rj" TOR LONDON?Remilnr Packs* of the nth of heulembtr?The first claaa faat sailing pnnfcet ahip W/E&L 81. JAMS.B, tiauhen KM ton a, will aail aa above i er iTiJiiTaf day. Il.n nit superior accommodations for cabin, second cabin and termite im?e ,jeia. Persons intending to einhark al'Ould make early application ou v>-,ard, footer^MaJde^iHMie^or to (? re corutt of Pis* ant) South atretu. E NE1 NEW 1 TO TRAVELLERS GOING SOUTH S^W^rotiosT aqrB3Kunb T^TKEDF . K? public aie informed that the new and spleudid low praa ara steamer POWHATTAN (connect!'* with tha Great Mail Line at Aqquie Creek,) leave# Commerce street wharf. Baltimore, every Tuesday and kriday Ltenuii, at 6 P. M., lor the above pointa. _, Through-ticketa to Richmond $4 - ! " Stanntou, Va II i* Char lea to n, 8. C IT Boiac it the tame price, more direct and eipeditions. and much more certain than the Cheaefiealie Bay and James River Steainboit Liu*,?all the wide and rough portion of tha Bay, between the mouth of the Potomac and Old Point Com/ort, being entirely avoided by thia liue. Travellers areadviard that the liue bar* by ndvertiaed ia part and parcel of the Great Mail Line through Virginia; and that it ia the intention of the romp tuira composing the Great Mail Line, that paaseugera shall be eouveved by them, in connection with the Pom lu-ttan, always aa cheaply as by any other liua, and with moie comfort, expedition mid certainty, than by any oiliarline, except the line via Wellington. For further pa;titulars, inquire at tlie Southern Railroad office, Pratt atreec, Baltimore; uf Stockton k. Fall, or at the tae Commerce atreet wharf; or, on Tueaday* and Friday*, on board the Powhattan, of G. W. GUNNKLL. Gapt. N. B.?Traveller* by t>M above liue will bear in inind that they have two hour* more in Baltimore than paaaenger* by the Cheaipeake Bay and Jame* Hirer Boat*. and yet reeeh any point aouth of reteraburg at the une time with theae lut, even when there ia no breach of connexion by the Bay Line. jy4 Smeod'r - ITICAM TO HAVANA.?To sail abnut the 12th of October, (the poaiiire day sVlffWW/Att* wuI be arated hereafur.) the new a<id iowerlul Irt>n Steamer (iUADALQUIVKB, nJHHU0oo ton* meaiuremeut, built in Liverpool. Her cabin* are now being fitted up, with ererv- rrgatd to comfort, ventilation, aad elegance, and the table will be liberally upplied andrr the anpeiuiteuuence of pro<e**ed cook*. Farea $70 in Plate Kmhu no Saloon Deck. $60 in forward and aft and upper deck cabina, including wine. For further particular* apply to the eoniien^e, 14Sflt*m F. W. SIMONU8, 43 New at. - . STEAMER NEW YO^K KOK HAVH K.?Thie ahip will leave the wharf foot of Clinton afreet. on Wedneaday, ljih iuat., , o'clock, P M. Pataengera are requeated to tend their beggaige on board on Tueaday. No percela received after 9 A. M Wednexday al3 3trc - THfi MMLS OF THli rtTEAMKK yfot SS3f?9 NEW VORK, will cloee at the Poit Oih. e Xfiftjk Btj^iit ia o'clock, noon, on Wedueaday, 15th HHLi 3(rc OCEAN Itl'KAM NAVIGATION COMPANY/?United Hutea Mail Line to ^/2^lK?L/"fij*d?&Cowee and Southampton, and Bremen. KW The aplendid new *t anuhip WASHING1710 ton* burthen. Ftederic Hewitt, commander, will atari from New Yuik on the 23d Septeflber, carrying tha United Statea Mail. She will toudh at Cowea and Southampton to land paaaeufera and freight, and deliver the maila fer England, France and leltfum, and will then prooeed to B'emertiavta. Returning, will leave Bremerhaven the 10th October. The Waahiniiton ia built ia the atrongait manner, with a view to .being converted into a ahip of war, and aubject at any time to iuapectiou by officers appointed by the Preaident, both daring and after conatrnrtioa. She haa two enginea, of 1000 horae power each, and acoonrmodationa for iM paaiengera. Piaaage from New York to Southampton or to Bremen, SI JO. I'rimiTA from R < tttnftn An<i i4nnfli.i(niiinn tn Numt Vntlr #IVI She will earr* about 300 tnnn freight, which will be charged according to the nature of the goods offering. All leitera must pass through the Post Office. ParreU, for which bills of ladieg will be signed, will be charged %i each. For freight or passage arply at the office of the Ocean Steam Navigation Company, 44 Willi'iin street, coruer of Wall. F. VT1LLH. General Agent. Ageou at Soothampton DAY', ijROSKfr'.Y & ROSS " at Bremen C. A. HEINEKEN & CO. at Havre WILLIAM ISEL1N. _ 1 he seeoul steamer of the lin* ii it) due course oi construction. and will b? in readiness in the ensuiug fall ati29fh r r-fc FOK HAVRE via CHERHuUKU? The steamship NEW VOttK will leave on her regular day, Wrdeeeday, the 12th inst IJricr of cabin i>a?age, $130. The ship haa an eiperiaiic* d >urgeon. Letteia most pass through tin post office. For passage or f>eight, srply to s6 9tin Av MAR. k Co 34 Huntn street. I - in" FRENCH TH A N SATL AN TIC STEAMSHIP COMPANY.?The ahipsol i comP4,,T va appointed to aail as fol! 4TROM NEW YORK Hie PHILADELPHIA ou the lith Anrust The MISSOURI " " 31st The NEW YORK " " Uth Sept. The UNION " " 30th ' ! ROM HAVRE. Tlie NEW YORK ,f " ISth Aura* The UNION " " 31st f' .The >p Steamers are sqaal to any afloat, with commanders of men mil anu Known fiimeay. 1 heir slate inomi and eabuie are unusually commodious, and they are provided with every thing requisite for the comfort of passengers. The price ef f in the first eabia from New York is $120. From Havre 1,00? francs. Wines ,-irenot Included, but will be furnished at moderate rates. *11 letter* mnat p?ss throuKh the poatofllM. Far freight or passage, apply to au4 re AV.MAR It CO.. 34South street 3RITI8H AND NORTH AMIRICAN RO * A L MAIL STEAM SHIP, DM :ona uil 434 hone power eeeh, nmler contract with thai Lords of the Admirably. HIBERNIA, Captain Alexanaer fijrie. CALEDONIA, Captain Kdward W. Loft BR'TTANNIA, CuuLtiu John Hewitt. CAAlCRIA.Capiiiii. Llurlei H. ?. Judkia* ACADIA., Captain William Harrison. The four steamshii>s now bnilduic are THE AMERICA. THE NIAOARA, THE CANADA. THE EUROFA. The T"SacIs appointed to sail from Loston are the Hi hernia August!#, ISO Cambria September 1, 1M7 Caledonia September 16, 1(17 Briiannl* October 1, 1147 The vissels appointed to sail from Liverpool are the Cambria August 4. !fH7 Caledtuia August 19. 1317 Britannia September 4, 1147 ruseucera' luggage mast be <'u board the day previous to sailing. wage money?krem Boston to Liverpool, $130, do lie to ntiiii, S20 No berths secured until paid for. aeN ships carry experienced surgeons. No freight, exeepbrtpecie, received on days of sailing. For freight, passage, or any other information, apply to D. BRlGHAM? Jr., Agent ^ . AtHARNDEN k CO.'8,? V ill . C/"addition to #ie above line between Liverpool m Halifax, and Boston, a contract has bee* entered into with Her Majesty's government, to esublieh a line between Liverpool and New York direct, 'rtie steamships for this service are now being built, and earl v next year due notice will be given of the time when they still start. Under the new contract the steamers will sail every Saturday during eight months, and every fortnight daring the other months in the year. Going oi tematelv between Liverpool and Ralifav and BoatAn. und lis tween Liverpool and New York. trtK r m m m m r vu LISLE k lUfI ARO'S F.MTntTvTioN orPITTr iii eonuectiou with OEO. R1PTARD k SON, 134 Waterloo Hotel, Liverpool. Peraom wiahmg to Mod for (heir friend* iu the o?d country, can teenre p?ua*ge in any of the following w? line of packed, aailing from Liverpool on the 6th of every month, v>i C-ONSTl I'UTlON, l,i00 toui.Capt. John Britton. QUEEN OF THE WEST, 1.J00 ton*, Capt. 1'. Woodhoaae. hlVERPOOL, 1,140 tona, C?pt John h Idrtdge. OTTINUUEH, 1,000 ton*, ' apt. Ira Buraley. Oeo. Kipjmrd k Son are the only agent* in Liverpool for tl?e above line of pneket*, in addition to which they detpntch a Drat data ahip every week. Peraona irndin( money to tliair frirnda in large and amall amonnu, can be accommodated with diafta on ihe fielfaat BnukiuK (nrap;uiy, and their nnqba-ooa hraneMe* in Ireland; alio on the principal baoka in r.ualaiid Scotland, and Walea. Apply to CARLISLE k KIPPAKli, aojt Wt?m it Hoath aireat, cor, of Wall. m* ,&&> -tfh jM> TTIv^OTT iffisnBVATIO^jPyrCE, M sStlr!& J. Perm ina wh jing to aend for their frirnda in the old nontry, can aecara pnaaage on reaaouable term*, by any of the mfigaiQeciU ahip* compruiug the new Line of Liverpool packet*, viii? CONSTITUTION, 1759 ton?, Captain John Britton. QUEEN OK THE WEST, 1401 ton*. Cs?t. P. Woodhonae LI V ERPOOL. 1!to toua, Captain John Eldridge. HO I'TINGIJER. 1110 tcea, ('apt. Ira Bnraley, aniling from Liveipool on the tfi of every month, r*aaage can a 1*0 be aecnrrd bv the St. Oeorgt'a Liae, or the Union Line of Liverpool panau, making i|i all a ahip every fiv* day* from that port. For further particular! awily to W. k J T. TAPSCOTT. jy29 86 Sonth utieet, New York. ROCHE, BROTHERS k CO?PASSAGE TO MpE^aud from Liver|iool, rer Black Ball Line of Packet*, Reaiittancea to Ireland ke. The v?ell known favorite pfickit ahip NF.W YORK will ail fo-Liverpool on Thuraday, I6ih September, ?her legular day. For ttnni ofcabin, aecond c abin and aterrxge paaa *r, apply to Caiiain Cr*| per, on l?o?ird at foot of Beekmm atrcet, or to the unban ibera The NEW YORK will aail from Liverpool on 18th of October; paaaage can be etiKxgrd to come from the old country br 'hia aplrndid ahip, or by any of ihe packet* of the Old Black Ball Line, tr> tail from it on the lit and Itch of every month, by applying to na. Thine rein uiing money to Irel vid. can have ilrnfta on i nr. KiM .ii, hacnk uf llit.l.ANU.uilon PRKHCOTT. GHOTtC It CO., Oankera. _<<>n4on, which j will Irepnidatllie rariona braiichca throti(lioat Ureal Britain I ad Ireland, Apply to HOC HE. BROTHERS k CO, Ffo, S"> Knltnn itrn r, New \ork, nrii door to the Knlion Bank. Only anfhoriaed p*iaen?erecenia for the Old or ItWrk Bad Line ol l,>ven"M>i Paekera. ?9re gUt KOH LIVfc,KI*OOI/? New Line?H?uij1 ir i.neit ol 86r'i of fc'epte''>ber.?The ?p|euiiid, l??t aniline 4^wiuSt|<?> he' "hip 8HKKIDAN, Capiaia O. B. Corniah, W'll ro?il.Tely mil aa >ibo?e, Iter regular day. Kor I'reialu or |rt??Re, harinr handaome formatted aeenmmo-Jarions. r.pply <>? board, at Or lean whirl, foot of Wall ?tri*'t,orlo '* K. COLLIN" sit it. Tne tw.liet ?hip OARKICK, Capt B. J. H. T,a?k, will laeceen.lhe Hheridaii, and mil on the Mth ol Oct, her recnlar d?r anW KOU. Ll VfcHHOOL ?Tha New Lae.-Rtgular WfT TW paek**>f*l?t Heptcrober.? 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TUK I.ATE NEWS PROM MIX ICO[From the Baltimore American, Sept. 18 ] W. have b??n favored with the following extracts from late letters, from reliable sources:? " Yiu Caus, Aug asth, 1847. ? ? Last night wu received by Orizaba, the news that Oea Soott had fought Valencia. who waa at Guadeloupe (a large Tillage taree mil pi north of the oity of Mexico) with four or five thousand men; and that Santa Anna who desired to eome to hU rescue, did not arrive in time. Scott consequently took possession at once of all the advantageous positions for entering the city; but Congress immediately assembled, and decided to listen to Mr. Trlst's prop sltions. This news la not official, bat is believed pretty generally." " Tamfico. Aug. 28. 1847. " * My oorrespondent at Vera Crux informs me that letters bad just been received there from several of thu most respeotable English merchants in the olty of Mexico, under date of the 'JOth Inst, Imparting the following important information:? "On the ltfth. (Jen. Worth marchfcd bis division in the rear of the Mexican batteries, whire he was immediately met by the greater part of Sauta Anua's array ? he, Santa Anna, believing that the ttnwl blow waa to be mrunK at iu*i place a neroe una amrucUve action 1 ensued, when Gtn Soott marched (a (*ont of mail engaged their principal batteries. compelling Santa Anna and hi* whole force to give way nui tout refuge in the city. Worth canned great slu-.tibter on the part of tint Meilcans. The citizen* sent a llag to the Oeie rsl. calling on thu minister to treat for peaoe, nod requesting that the troops would iiot enter the city '' " It in HfHerteJ by souie respectable ioformation that General Scott ha I full possession of the city on the 20th Instant, but I believe thi* part wants confirmation " Another loiter from Vera Crux, say* :? " 1 havn only tlui" to nay that Soott hit! whipped Valencia, and driven Sanl* Anna into the oity. Congress had been called, and tboy-wvuld no doubt be glad to hear what Mr. Trist had to My " These letter* modify, but oonflrm the published news In *ome drgree; and give the moat rational aooount of the proceeding* ot our army, because it it much more probable thai the Mexican* defended Guadalupe and the Tenon than that their chief battle should havebaen fought in the more remote village of San Angel. TIIE INSURRECTION IN TI'CATAN. New* from Merida has reached Havana, to the 17th ult, announcing that .the war of races. Indian and Spanish, is carried on In all Ita wonted ferocity It seems that this new danger from the aboriginal population ha* quieted for a while, the dissenklona among the different pclieal parties that are continually trying to get the aaceudency over tbe oouutry. They are united ia earnest in quelling the rebellion of the Indian*, Kvery effort i* made to prevent the latter from getting arm* and ammunition. AFPAIHfl ON THE RIO CiRANDlf. [From the Mew Orleans Time*, Sept. 0 ] By the Telegraph, from liraios, the lit Inst, we have received important news from General Taylor's headquarters, and the several military posts on the line of the Rio Grand*. It appears that the plan ef the campaign has been entirely changed from what was understood to be the arrangement here some weeks ago, vis.: the simultaneous advance of Generals Scott and Taylor'* dlvisien* on the cltlea of Mexico and San Lais respectively. No advauce 1* to be made by Gen. Taylor, and no greater foroe will be kept in the valley of the Hio Grande, and thenoe to Saltlllo, than is neoesoary to keep open the communication. The editor of the Mat amor as Flag, of which we have umbers to the 2rttli ult, speculates thus on the reoent change of the modui operandi of our military plan:? '* The grand baa* of all future operation* is intended to be established at the city of Mexloo, where General Scott now ia, with a force suiiloieiit to make a demonstration in any direction in whioh it may be necescary. ' Gen. Soott at the capital, with our trcxps posted at Queretaro, Guanajuato, Zanatecas. and Guadalajara? this northeastern bordar firmly in our possession?New Vlexioo and California ours, and nil the pcrts of the country paying us tribute?Mexioo will be as completely in our possession a* it ever oau bo. unless it be annexed, and we may begin to speculate upon the result* whioii are to follow, from the occupation of the country by the American arms." Wo suppose that the troops now embarking at the Brazob for Vera Crux, will be ordered to impend their march instanter, to await the Issue of the negotiations which may bo now pending. [From the Matamonu flag, Aug 38 ] Slnoe our surmise lu Wednesday's papnr in regard to the movement of troops, we haro obtained additional I information, and hate full ooniUoorn that we ean now itate oorrcctly what troops from this line are to proceed i to Gen Scott, and what distribution is to be made of [ those remaining with (Jen. Taylor. The Indiana regiment, Col. Gorman, and the Ohio, Col. Brough. under Brigadier Gen. Lam', the Massachusetts regiment, Col. VVright, and the thirteenth regular infantry. Col. Kohols, together with Captain Deas'e battery, under Biigadier General Gushing, will proceed immediately to Tera Crus. Col. Hays' Texas regiment is also ordered to Vera Cruz It has uot yet made its appearanae on the Rl? Grande, but It is looked for daily, and will probably arrive at the Brazos before the other troops have embarked. Gen. Wool's command to remain at Baltilio, will conslst-of the Virginia, North Carolina and Mississippi rt-glments ef volunteers, and Major Chevallle's three ompanies of Texas rangers. To remain at lien Taylor's camp, (Walnat Springs.) only Lieut. Col. Konlleroy's squadron of Major Bragg's buttery. The Ifikh r?irlm?nt Col Tlkkitti will M? terey mil Ceralvo, Col. Tibbatts at Monterey ud Lieut. Col. Webb at Oral to The 10th regiment, Col. Temple, will garrison Mat*moras. Rey uosa and Caaiargo; Col Temple at this place. Capt Waidrodt at Rejnosa, an i Lieut. Col. Kay at Camargo Capt. Hunt's artillery and Capt. Reed'* Texas cavalry are to be stationed at Camargo. Oen. Hopping remains on this line, but where bis headquarters axe to be estaDllshed, we are not Informed. There yet remains, destination unasnigned in.thU list, Col. Butlers'* squadron of 3d dragoonx, and two companies of Tolunteer cavalry, one from Alabama and the othtr from Illinois. Kuuior says that the dragoons are to prooeed to Vera Crus also, but we are informed that Col. Butler has rtoeived no orders to that effect Since the abore was in type, the following letter from an officer of the 3d dragoons at Camargo to Col. Butler, has been banded us, and permission given to publish : ? CaMabuo, August 12, 1847. Col. K. O. W. Ul'tleb, Him :?1 have to report that I reached this place on the luth inut, with the train from Matamoras. In obedience to orders, I went in person on the 16th, to report for further order* to Uen. Hopping, at Alter. In conformity with the last orders known to havo been given at headquarters, that the 3d dragoons nhould remain at Matamoras, I was directed to return there ; but In the afternoon of the day of my arriving at Micr, ilw present orders (changing the disposition of the forces on the whole line) arrived, and In a letter from Major Bliss to Gen. Hopping, he remarkud that the 3d dragoon* either were at Mier, or soon would be there; iruin wincn it wan iDierrea some laier oraer nau ueen sent 10 you, and I am now directed to proceed to Mler and await your coming, which I will do without delay, having returned to thii place to-day I would remark that I Haw no ground at Mler, or elsewhere. do well calculated for our purpose of instruction as at Matamoras Part of Col. Temple's regiment will return to Malawi lira*, the other remain* btire at Keynosa, under Lieut. Col. Kaj'. Newly all the volunteer*, with the 13th regiment, and (apt. Deal's (late Washington'*) battery, proceed to Vera Crui. Grm. Gushing and Lane praceed to Vera Crus, and Oen. Hopping remain* in hi* present command. Very respectfully, your obd't serv't, John Huti.eb, Capt. 3d Dragoon*. Men*. Lane and staff came down from Mler, on the 37th August, and proceeded to the Draxos His troops are on the way down,and a portion will probably be here to-day. Oen Hopping has been seriously ill at Mler, but we are pleased to learn, is recovering. His health bas been bad ever since h<i came to Mexieo. Major Hamilton, with 100 rocruits for the 10th Infantry. passed up the river, on the steamer Oeneral Josup, on Wednesday last, to join his regiment at Mler. hx President Odd. M B Lamar, (now Capt. Lamar, cnmoiaudiug a company of Texan ranger*,) was iu Mler a few days ago. with a detachment of his oominand, on his way l'rom Laredo to Oen Taylor's camp. Captain Lamar, we understand, is anxious to be relieved from hi* post at Loredo, and will apply to Oen Taylor for this purpose. Wo are happy to hear that ha 1? in excellent health. Capt Templeton of th<? steamer E. A. Ok1oi> wan brought up to this olty ou Thursday, suffering under a severe attack of bilious or congestive fever. lie ha* good medical attendance, and we arc informed Ih doing well. Five companies of the 10th rejimont, intended to relie** the Ohio raiment and rtrri'on at tUin place, are now on lh? march, by Und, f.oni Mier One hundred and fifty Hick, belonging to thss?- live companies, c.ime down on the steamer Whlteville, yeaterday, and went into hospital here. Some ten or adosen eases of yellow fever are reported at the Brums, und several persons have died. The fever originated on board vessels from Ne* Orleans, and is, as jot. coutined to the orews of tin ae res.-t'ls. There Is an hospital ou Drasos Island, and we understand, objection baa l)*hn mad* to yellow fever patients entering the hospital at Point Isabel. Oen. Taylor will probably leave Monterey on a visit to his family in Louisiana, before the Ural of OatobT next, unless the War Department should send despatches, in the meantime, rone'ering it Impossible for him to absent himself from the army. The rainy imi?ii has fairly set In, and a plentiful sliower drenches the earth every day. Th e perl^u for planting and gardening liaaarrived, and It is to be hoped that the line narden spots lu and near the towu will bit put under immediate cultivation. [From the New Orleans National, Sept 8 ] Bbazos Hantiaou. August 30, 1M7. I embrace the opportunity afforded by a sail vessel, to sticloae you the general order, regulating the troojis on this linn. 1 soud you a sketch of the disposition of the troops to remain in garrisons on this line, from which you will perceive wbat would have been the force with ?bich Uen. Taylor would have been abtetomitrrh to San I??ls. The whole fbree now on this line is ?,400 Of this force it take* for garrisons, escorts, Jco., leaving hut ??3j to proceed to Vera Crui. t i iimi ..... BK 1 )RNIN WpffUPffEMBER 15, The toree now to W k pared fromtHMM^r...... S bli ?u From thla d*duct Ohio and lndUgiihrglujfMLregl hi menU, on? company of Alabama anil m ana mounted troops, and Hay'* Texaa regtmebf, fo not yet arrlTtd, *ay U,tMM A And her* would hare been Gen. Taylor'* grand invading army, with which to march upon a fortl- tb fled city of 60.000 *oula, Including Its environ*. . .1,83-2 K Distribution of foroea on the line of the Rio Grande, m after the departure of the foroe now under marchli^ order* for Vera Crua Hrasoa laland, 1 comp 1st artillery, men, 111 J' Point luabel, 1 do 4th do 109 J" Fort Brown, 1 do '2d do 93 jT Matamoros. tt 5 of loth Inf 1 mounted vol 411 Camargo, Sto. 11 6 do 6 of 3d drag'* i of 4th art y 1 mounted vol'* 1133 Pi Cerralro, 4 oompanle* 18th Infantry, 403 M Monterey, 6 do do 004 " Camp near Monterey. & 3d art'y '2 3d drag 1 mt vol 413 B Vista, BaltU'.o, ko. 42 companie*. '2191 * 78 6668 Oaucn No. 96 ) liEAOiiU4HrKUi Arm* or Ovci'rATion,) t ump near MouUrey, Aug. 16, '47. $ i I ? Fire compaule* of the loth Infantry, under the tl Col' not, will proceed to Mataiaoro*, and relieve the Ohio * irKiui>iiv Ui uuir mnrutoil iutr?. TD? UtllO regiment will then proceed to Ertixos Inland, aud be held li reudy to embark for Vera Crux. The remaining cotnpa- ? niei of the lOtb, uuder Lieutenant Colonel. with Cupt. 1' il unt's company of ariillury and Capt Heed's company h ot Texas niiralry, will form the garrison of Cnmtrto and t It* dependencies, relieving the other troops now on that c Uu'y. c II ?The Indiana re^im-jnt of volunteers will proceed to Brazos Island, und will then, with the Ohio regiment, f embark for Vera Crux. Brigadier (Jentml L.nuo will 1 take oommand ot those regimeuU at the Brazos , and l eouduet the in to their destination. III.?Six companies of the litth regiment, under the 1 Colonel, will take up the line of maroh for Monterey, ! when they will relieve the preseut garrison, composed of 1 tlx companies of the Massachusetts regiment. The re msiuing four companies, under the Lieutenant Colonel, 1 will lu like manner relieve the battalion of the Massa- f ohiuelts regimuntat Corralvo. The troops thus relieved I will proceed to the Urszos, and be there concentrated 1 under the command of Col. Wright. t IV.?The ISth regiment will proceed to the Braxos as f soou as practicable ntter the companies of the Masaa- * cbusetts regiment, now at Cerralvo, shall hare passed 1; dowu the river. a V.? Brig. lien. Cufhiug will take up the line of maroh, not later than the 23d nisi.,with C;?pt. Davis's light bat- g tvry. (company B. 4th artlilery ) lie will proceed to the ? Braios, when lie will bring under bis orders the 13th a regiment and Massachusetts regiment, and thence oon- t duot his eutlre command (one buttery aud two rcgi- r menU,) to Vera Crux ^ VI.?Brig. Gen. Hopping will remain In command of n the district of the Upper Hio Grande. aud will establish <1 his headquarters where he may select. Should It be a found necessary to r?tain the general hospital at Mler, a b sufficient guard will be furnibed for Its protection, aud fi also a sufficient force of medical officers aud attendants t must be detailed from the regiments which leave their ? sick. Ureat'care will bo taken to furnish descriptive b rolls of all atteudants and patient* thus detached. Col. r Belknap is specially charged with the rigid enforcement ? of thia order. ? VII ?Col JIays, with his command of Texas horse, t will march for the Braxos, and there embark for Vera " Crux, In conformity with the Instructions issued to him ? by the War Department. 4 VIII.?The above movements will bsexecuted with the ? least possible delay. The Quartermasters and other i 8tjtff Departments will lurnish the necessary trans porta- , tlon and other facilities for this purpose. By order Msj. Gen. Taylor : < W. W H Ill.ISS A?'t Artl't 1 lNTELUOENCK FROM TIIK PART lilt ST WEST. j [From the St. Louts Republloau, Kept. 7.] t Mr. Aubry arrived In this city y?Hterd?y evening from ( Santa h?. Hail able to add but very little to the aloofe < o! information furnlahod by our correspondent at Independence, and published yesterday. The inen engaged ] in the murder ol Lieut Brown, and others, were on trial when he left, before a military court?and there was no < doubt of tholr speedy conviction aud oxecutlon. At one time, It was determined that they should be tried beforo the civil tribunal of the district, but as that was likely to produce a delay, it was abandoned, and the oourt martial resorted to. Mr. Aubry corroborates the statement of a letter in another part of this paper, that it was the intention ?f CU. i'rice to return U the United States by the middle of August, If reluforcemeuts did uot arrive by that tifnu la tine oase, he would leave the regular force, and such men as had re-enlisted, to protect tne country. Lieut Love, with his oompany of dragoons, was met a little over a hundred iauee from Santa Ke. and his arrival may have Induced Col. Prioe to change his determination.? It 1( not probable that Col Kaston's battalion of iufantry, who were in advance of the other volunteer troops, fur the abandonment of that post. Mr. Aubry arrived at Independence In advano* of the company, and mailed Km letters which he brought with him. Xhere *an, however, a large mail in the wagons i behind, which will be received in a few days. The company were not molested, at any time, by tht Indiam. The only new* received by the Western mail yeaterday, in addition to what we published in the morning, is contained iu the following letter from Santa Ke, to the editor of the Independence Expotitor. The picture which this writer presents of the condition of things at Sauta Ke is not very flattering to our State pride or the military discipline at that poet. But we have no sort of doubt It is true to the lettor. We have been assured, indeed,by parsons who passed the winter at Santa Ke, that all military discipline?all regard for propriety ?was lost, by the regiment under the immediate oom mand of Col. Prioe. it waa a common occurrence, not restricted by any order of the colonel, to see officers of hit regiment dealing monte at the gambling hells of Santa Ke, and the privates of thelr.conpauies betting their money on the turn of the card. But this, we insist, waa not so much the fault of the subordinates as of Col. Price, who ought ] to have prohibited, by the most rigorous examples, so total a disregard of all military discipline, the end of | which is seen in the picture drawn by the writer of the letter from Santa Ke. Colonel 1'rloe Instead of being i honored with the commission of brigadier general, i should be court in art titled, and a full Inquiry made lnte s aots by which such deep disgrace has been brought upon 1 the country. Santa h's, Julv "J7, 1847. 1 have not written to you, I think, since 1 left Pawnee Fork, but really I have passed through so many trying ] Ecen?n between that place and Hanta Ke, that I hardly ran recollect what I have done When I wrote you from g there, we had not had any difficulty with tho ludlans, f but at Coon creek came an the tug of war with the Ar- t rapahoes and Cainanohe Indians, combined for the pur- { pose of robbing wagon trains. We awoke one morning, , and found ourselves surrounded by near 700 well mount- ( ed warriors, with more than 400 of those formidable , weapons of the Indian warrior called lanoea, and we wers i only thirty fighting men strong. I (Jttpt. Thomas O. ClarkHon, of Jackson county, Missouri, | whose knowledge of the Indian character caused him to , turn the Bret three scoundrels that oame to uh Into the | corral formed by oar wagon*, and disarm them Orders were then given to shoot tbe flrst one that attempted an esoape, aud a few minutes brought oar riflea in requisition, and one of theui wan lent howling toeieruity On the next day we wounded several others, and fought < them every day for about seventy mile*. 1 assure yon J there was but little sleeping done in our oainp from Taw- . nee Kork to thecroHsing of lilt( Arkansas river; her* tbe j Indians left us, and we felt happy in the security by whioh we were apparently surrounded; but in the midst j of the most profound tranquility on tha plains, we may be in the most imminent danger. In the Joruada between Arkansas and the Cimercne j rivers we met a large lot of renegade Mexlcans.from Taos and the Moro towns These villains were tbe murderers of our friend Waldo, of Oov. Bent, Prewet, Culver, ' and many otber good cltisens of the htitM. One word from our captain would have brought forth a volley from 1 our guns that would have sent them into eternity, but 1 he, evrr vratchful and prudent, knew that we were too weak iu numbers to act olhurwise than on the defensive, for we bad already asoertaluad that they numbered two hundred and seventy?so we contented ourselvnt by accusing them of being the murderers, which they were, ' and forbade them ever coming in sight of us on penalty of death; they left us, and wesaw them no morn. We arrived at Siuta Ke on the 93tli of June, after a j trip of fifty-eight days from Independence, loeiug fltty- , one bead of oxon, stolen by the Indians, on Coon Creek, | and some twenty were lost for wa-it of graas, between | Las Vegas and this place. Andlo! when we have ar- < rived at the goal of our destination, and domiciled in a ( mud hou?? in the great city Of Sunfa Ke, and look aruund | at men aud mannum we see the most miserable state of . society that exlits upon tbe wi>le globe. Lewdness in { both Hexes exhibits itself in thx most glaring and shame- c less forms aud walks abroad at mid-day, as If the human t family ha4 dwindled down to nothing more than brute < intellect and to less than savage refinement. True, there are many 0( the officers and privates of t Col. Trice's regiment wtio are gentlemen, and hold them- t selves aloof Irom the vires and dissipation that are so 1 contagious, and of which the very atmosphere seems i composed, but, alas for the large mi-jorlty, they have ex- t peiided more than the amount ot tlieir wvgos, and are, v indeed, a reckless, -ragamuffin baud, a disgrace to the i name of American soldiers, and will return to Missouri ? a miserable, ragged set, with moral* corrupted. and will, 1 ere ion*, be a great accession to our State penitentiary, e I am sorry to say that Colonel Price has lowered himself in the estimation of Ainerlm.u uitisens by pnhlicly declaring that be would take down the stars ?nd stripes V tlia? flutter over the public pi on th? 10th day of o Au,. j?t. snd evaouate the plnce, If troops did not arrive b by that time from the States. This declaration has c iused many to saorltise toeir goods, and prepare for P 1< it in^, as It is an evident fact that all Americans and '> Mexicxiis who have been friendly to the American came u would bo murdered immediately on the departure of tbe ti army. ai Mr. John Llghtncr. of your county, arrived here a few VI days since frmn I bihualiua. aud brings the sad int'ill- ai genm that Mr. James Aull was murdered by a band of ol Mexican assassins, about 10 o'i lock on the 'J3d of Jui<e pi They entered bis stora where he was reading, committed tke dastardly act, and robbed tha store of some Ave thousand dollars lu cash. Tha culprits are iu jail, but c? will very probably never receive farther punishment a*. M sliica tb? place was evacuated by t'olonel Doniphan, *a they have played tha tyrant on Americans pi Mr. Llglitner would not have Wen permitted to l?ava, tr but he persuaded them that he was a Dutchman, and as 41 [ERA 1847. eh got hla paaaport Judn Magoffln ia baak at Chllahua. and in no danger, but the authoritiea will not inalt him te Int? Mr Pomeroy atarta la a fiw day* r Chihuahua, to aettle up the bualneaa of Owm anil all. naval inteli.iok.nce. The U. 8. frigate Brand;win*, Capt. Crabbe. bearing ie broad pennant of Commodore 8torer,,deetln?d for lo Janeiro, vent to Ma from Hampton Roada yeaterday ornlng. The broad pennant of Commodore Bolton waa hot*ted laterday on hoard the U 8. ehlp Jameatewn, under the lualaalute. We learn that the J ameetown la expected ' aall In about a week for the Coeat of Afrioa.?N?riIk ???c0it,lOiA tiMI. Not a death haa yet ooourred at the U. 8. Naval HoaitaL, among all the yellow fever patlenta brought by the liaalaaippl. t ire patient*, with the eame dlaeaae, were loetved at the hoepltal from the French brig of war Py>de, now lying in our harbor. Theae are alao doing U.?Pttuaeola Qazittt, 4/A intt. Affaire In Qanada. [Vrom the Montreal Pilot, Sept. 11.1 Binoe the departure of the laat Boeton ateamer for England, the politieal aurfaoe haa been unruffled; but here la a deep under-current of publio opinion, which rill produee, ere long, important reaulta to the country, 'he decided progreM that liberal oplnlona are making i tbe mother country, and the equally rapid strides rltU which they march in Nova Sootia?both evidenced a the recent election*?produce a corresponding effect lere. Never waa tbe Reform party no buoyant with the tope of success. The press, the barometer of publio pinion, 1* exerting itielf in the cau*e; and we have to longratulate our party on tbe addition to their rank* of leveral new journal* of decidedly liberal tendency. The act of till* addition to the Reform phalanx we hold to >e the mo*t conclusive evidence of the bia* of the publio nlnd. It allowed peaceably to exercise their franchise, we lave not tbe least doubt that the liberal party will follow in the wake of their brethren in Oreat Britain and reland. and in Nova Scotia, by returning a large msjo lty of " good men and true," pledged to obtain for the >eople of this country the enjovment of the free system of [overruntint accorded to them by the constitution Such a result, we need hardly add, would be a death-blow to tbe niserable party who now luxuriate in the sweets of otIcj without performing Its duties; siloh a result will ibioe men in power in whom the people can oonflde.and rill cause the political machine to move freely and easlf, Instead of either being rudely upset or brought to a tend-still by opposition. We are happy to say that the mortality at the emirant sheds Is abated; still, the diminution 1* nearly as auob attributable to want of material on which to work, a to general Improvement of health. The Inmates of the ospitals are i>ow a little over one thousand ; the dally ate of mortality varies from twelve to twenty-four.? Voulii we could congratulate the oountrr that proper leasure* had been Ukon to provide for the misery and mfitituttou, which, superadded, to the ravages of disease, re to b? apprehended in the ensuing winter. But we tear of no such timely provision; and what Is to be the ite of our unfortunate counti vinen. who have betaken hemselves to our land to relieve themselves from the miseries entailed on them by Injustice and oppression at lOine, Uod only knows! Surely, on our executive a seloufl responsibility rests: and if they have not, In a oice of thunder, demanded from tbe British governaent the means of support for those poor creatures, who lave been thns unfeelingly cast forth unprovided to bide tun pelting or the pitiless storm," they have committed a crime to whiao their former misdeeds are a* dust lu the balance." We do hope that thin neglect of bHacrvd duty la not to be added to the black catalogue if their offences. The officex of Adjutant General and Solicitor General last are still unfilled. We suppose our government is lispoaed to (how us that the number of ufQ<-iala can conreninntly be reduced. Wo hope no it mny prnvu so; and :ertalnly under the existing rtfimt when to do uuthlng s the rule, to work the exception?there art) amongst .he present Incumbents others whose retirement would >cca?lou no incouvni< nee, and whose absenou from the ouni-il Board would scarcely be felt. Some rumours of the appointment of W. K. M'l'ord, , of Quebec, to the office of Solicitor General K.ast, were afloat a short time since; but they appear to have tiled away. We hear of feelers being thrown out in the County of Ottawa, with a view to the substitution of that geutleuian tor the prudent Incumbent?whose retirement, we know, would give universal satifeotioa Bnt the constituency are '-deaf to the voice of the charmer," and will not consent, to be banded over from ene official to another. No candidate will go down with them but one of independent and liberal principles, and we trust the electors will And one amongst themselves possessing these qualifications. The serious fall in breadstuffs in Britain will produoe very heavy losses here, and our shippers are very unfortunately circumstanced Whilst they were naturally carried along with the stream of public opinion in ICngland, whieh so confidently predicted the oontinuance of hi*h prices for at least aaolher year, they were preoludnd. by their position, from any participation in th? profile obtained from the rise which actually did occur in Britaiu, since noun of their produce arrived there uutll the tide hud turned. The merchunU of this country are serious sufferers by the panic in the money market on the other side; their property is sacrificed, at the most unfavorable .time, to meet the engagements of their correspondents, who, having looked up their mtana In speculations of their own. raise fund*, eoute qu'il coulf, frein the shipments of their Canadian correspondents. Much j;lo?in, of oourse, pervades the commercial atmosphere; and It Is te be apprehended that nany who, a short time since, were possessed of considerable wealth, may find their wealth crumble away. Thu harvest In this oountry Is most abundant; but our prices do aot keep paoe in their downward tendency with those In Britain The opinion is generally prevalent, that there will be required for the consumption of the inhabitants of the British Isles during the next twelve months?however productive their harvest may have been?* large quantity of foreigu grain; and if so, It wiU have to be procured at prices sufficiently high to ?>,. Ik ?> ?i? - Britain decidedly would not. Tha market* are in a depressed state The whole business done in the fortnight is not worth mentioning. It U not sufficient for a decent day's work for a reapeotal>le broker. Much of the inactivity in the flour market may be traced to the unwillingnee* of holder* to part rith their produce at *uoh rate* a* could warrant ihlppera to venture. Kin.- flour ought not to )>e over lis, and *our 21* 3d. At thnae rate* it I* probable tiulnea* to *ome extent would be done. Native Nomination for the PrMldcney, New Yon*, Sept. 14th, 1847. I'.DITO# Or THE lUSAI.D,? In your paper of thta morning, I discovered an artlrla itatiug "The nomination by the Native American party 'or the Presidency. of (Jon. /achary Taylor." Allow uie o state, aa one or the Convention, held at Philadelphia aat week, that *uch I* not the cue, that Convention nerely proposed the old here for the united suffrage* of .he whole American people, knowing, aa we did, that he irould accept of no party nomination; therefore, in JusLice to ourselvea, wo could not ontertalu the Idea of linking a party candidate of him, against his own wishes, l'he nomination of H. A. 8. Dearborn, of Masaa^hnnetta. lor the office of Vice President, I* correct. Yon will io good, sir, as to make the correction, la order that the nomination may ge before the people In its proper light. Your*, ite. JOSEPH H JAY, Of the New Y4Qk Delegation. Another. British Outraok on Tiik American Fi,a<>.?'J'lie whaling bark Pojmiuanft, Capl. I'll ton. of Sinnlftun. trrlrid at that r?ort nn Frl<Uv from he Indian Ocean, put Into St Helena tn distress, u7th Way, 1H40, where tne immunities of (be Amerloan flag vere groulj violated by an offloer and boat'* erew of >1. I). M. steamer Styx. The particular*, a* related by 'erry W flail, the officer in command of the American reMel at that time, and corroborated by the protect of '.'apt. Tliton, are a* follow*Upon the arrival of the Fopmunnet at Ht. Helena, Capt. Tiltou and hi* flrat jfflcer went on *hore, leaving the vessel under the command of Mr. 11*11. the aecond offloer. H?voral of the irew were aUo on ihore for medioal aid, and among them ? boatateerer named Kdward Marih, a niitlve ef New York, a* appear* t>y thu whipping paper*. who had been shipped before th-* U H. ( onanl at Kay&l. Shortly after the departure of Capt. Tiltou. a boat'* crew from the Sty*, under tbe comuiand of a British officer, armed and In uniform, and accompanied by Marsh, the boat*teerer iboved named, came along ide the Popmtinnet, when the officer came on dcok auU staled to Mr Hall that Vlarxh had shipped on btard H M atenmtr Styi. and leinanded his clothe* and hidiling, Mr. Ilall declined to mm ply with the request, stilting that the vessel had l>een 1-ft in hi* charge, and that lie could not conaent to lave any thing taken from her without an order from apt. Tilton The British offloer then ordered bi* boat'* irew to come on board the Pupniunnet, acoompsnled by Harsh. when the officer nnd Mar.-h went below, took ><>** **iou < f the clothe* and bedding which tb?y placed n the bo*t, and returning with it 10 the Sty*. I minelia'.ely put to ana. Mr flail protected to the la*t agalnat he*e proceeding** and forthwith reported tbe fact* to apt. Tiltou on shore. who lmnir.,tUf"'y entered a fornal protest before the IJ S nensni at it Helena, againit hi* flagrant outrage, and rep>> s? ntlng to* detriment nat tnu*t in C0B*?'|UaiM0 result t?> Ib't r*>ja,(*: from the o*m of the servioea of the boat?t*"rer. ?t a tlln* when sererul of the crew were reduced by aickow* We learn hat tho facta hare been officially communicated to the [oti rument at Washington, and we tru*t that a prompt investigation and satisfactory reparation will be dnmandd by the proper authorities, ?Nrw Htdfurd Mercury, if pi. 13. ?Sh,as Wrioiit on tux Wjlmot Proviso.? rher<* arc two jMRKigu in a letter, in which Mr. Vright give* hia explicit and entire assent to the teimi f the W .linot proviso and *peak* of the course taken y Mr. King in turma of high eulogy. We ?ubjnn them If ih? question had been propounded to me, at any erlod of iny public llfe? S ,all t he arm* of tho Union employed to conquer, or the money of the Union he aed to purchaae territory, now constitutionally free, for ie purpose of planting slavery upon It'?I should hare nawered. No! And thia anawer to this queatlon ia th* /iliuot Proviso, a* I understand it. I kiu surprised that ay one should suppose me capable of entertaining any her opluion, or giving any other answer, a* to auch a reposition." "I am surprised at the Ulobe article*, a* with t'ie * ption of snch remark* a* I bare j?i*t repeated, a* to r King'* be-ng the <nov?r of the proviso, I nan have ild nothing fro in which any man could Infer any dlsap jbatii n, on my part, of Mr. King * course And I ust those remark* cannot properly be denominated a laapproiiatlon of hia not, wucli lew of ht* proposition." Lb, Price Two OwtU. Akhauuj ut Akrii *. ti??* Afrira'i Luminary ol trie 5/tn oi jun^, cnnimiiH tii#* (ollowinv hc* count of a disturbance originatm* ?lth the utln trtb?e ltd ending In low of life and the ton Karence of H it' M. vessel of ww the ltollo. The account 1. furnished bv correspondent. and is dated "MonroUa June lu,h r. while the yuper to dated June a. Tw? li no rifwnu to It la the editorial oolumn The fray occurred at Tlmbo:? On Wednesday, the 'id Inatnnt, Triune," chief of the Tlmbo tribe, cunt down to the beach, Hi-euini^nled t.y a number of young men armed, a* hi* body gjirrf. for the purpose of making prisoner of a man of tue tribe of Klsbmen, for some little offenoe he had commict id UU tribe rerused to deliver him up; ?o Prince ru*hod into the home In whlob the man wh, arretted uud brought him out. Tbe Kiahmen rescued him. Princfi guti d* then rushed to regain him, and In the scufile tiny a?ui to blows, and from blows to firing at each other Oae was Instantly killed on each side, and two or three wounded, but Prince did not suoceed in regaining the man. The sound of war bells and the firing of guns oaused an alarm to the neighboring towns, ana meu and boys came armed to see tbe cause, and to their surprise found their ohief and the Ftahm?n at war; they unheal tat lngly Joined In the affray and overpowered the Irishmen, who were compelled to retreat to the barrleaded English factories, (which had as faotors persons of their own tribe) about two furlongs from Ktshtown, tbe plaoe of action. The Tlmboes pursued thein thither, and compelled th?m to retreat from one factory to the other, (there were several) until they got to Capt. Murray'*, which waa the last and near the landing; they here took a Arm stand, and as night had come on the two parties retired, the former into the factor!ea they had taken possession of, and the latter to Capt. Murray's. Captain Murray the day previous had landed a large quantity of goods for palin oil, among which waa a quantity of powder, guns, and Iron pots. The Flahmaa, having reoourse to those things, were enabled to make a stand. The pots were broken up in small pleoee for shot. Captain M. at the same time waa at anchor off Tlmbo, and having a number of Kroomen on board, seat them ou shore to protect his factory. At the dawn of day on the 3d the Tlmboes renewed the attack, aad a general fight commenced and continued uatll about o'olock, when the Klshmen and Kroomen peroelved that the Tlmboes were oontinually reoelvlng retnferoements, and becoming so numerous that if thsy remained longer they would not be able to maka a retreat; they therefore abandoned the factory and retreatad to their canoes at the landing, and whllo launching them, the Tlmboes came down upon them, fired and wouoded seven of Captain M. s Kroomen and several of the Klshmen There were killed in the fight four Klshmen and two Tlmboes After the Kishmen bad left the place, the Tlmboes returned to the factories aad plundered them of every thing that could be carried oil, and broka u|> all that they oould not oarry away. While the Tlmboes wera thus engaged, a number of Maun* people, with soma Timbo bunhmen. came up and tumrd upon two factories belonging to J 11 McGlll, merohant, Monrovia, aad oarrled oft a large ijuantity of goods. The Tlmboes that reside near the beach acted fHendly toward MeGUl'a factors, and showed no disposition to disturb them. The "Kllsa KranceH," a colonial craft, owned by Mo (Mil, arrived there a few hours after the affray. The factors, considering their lives iu danger, embarked with what goods they had remaining ; she being loaded with oil could not take off the oil that was in the factories It was deposited with persons not engaged in the affray. The --Lllza" on her way up from Timbo to "Grand Colab." met an Knglish rnan-of war, the "Hollo," on her way to Timbo, the commander being informed of tha atlulr by despatch from Capt. Murray. On my arrival oir (>raud Corrow I saw frwrn the kliia that the town at Timbo was on tire, and from the direotinn, it appeared to be all the towns along the beach 1 landed at Grand Colah, aud received Information while there that tha commander of the "Hollo1" had landed his men. with the WM.rr iMr (tf Prail.1 Tnwn * ' > ami * s?timK*r Wa m?n who had goat' down for the purpose of pursuing the Tiiuboi-s into the bush, and burnt all lb* town* along thn beach, including the Kngllah factorial and tha faotorien of Mr. Mo< illl, and his palm oil whloh bad been left there. Mr. MotiiU expeota to despatch hla craft down in a few day* to ascertain the bet respecting the burning of his property. A New Mail Auk.nt.?Much lias been sung and stud of the mtguciiy of the canine apeciea, and of the many useful servloea they have been made to perform for man; but until lately we have never heard of any of them being pruned Into the eerrlce of the mail, and made to aet h? a sort of drapateh poet. This had been accemullahed. however, by a rery respectable gentleman and farmer living on one of the many rlrers whioh empty into our noble bay. This gentleman resides acme distance from any post town, and is fbud 4 having the current news of the day, but for a long time he fouud it somewhat difficult to gratify his incliuatlon in thia re?pi-rt. lie haa, however, uit upon the following expedient, by which hn obtains his desires: ? A steamboat, which leave* our city several times during *Mh we?K. paws along tl.e river within about n mile of Um shore on which bin residence 1* situated. A* the boat passes up tbe riv*r he may be seen on tha bank with a noble Kewioundiand dog at hU aide. At given signal tho dog piunges into the water and make* kla wsv rapidly to the boat: na ha neara it a bladder, containing the dally papers of our city, in throwu oat, *hl?h tbe log immediately srlzes, and with a faithfulnus* and daspa toh which would terra as an example to many of the i;orerun: -nt mail agent*, makes his way back to the shore aad deposit* hie mail bag at his master's feet. Bo well aocastomed has the dog benoiue to this service that wiieu the mall falls, and no bag U thrown to him from tbe boa*., he shows an evWent disappointment and unwtlllngnessto return without \t.?bnliimart JaiW. an. Melancholy Cask.?A case of poinouing occurred nl u Huldinj; in Green count"/ week before la*t. On Thursday, the llHh ult., a wedding took place at the reaidance of the late John W. Taylor, formerly sheriff of that county. Several geuLlcmea mat at the house without any knowledgo of the wedding, to tranaact some business In relation to the estate <>f the deceased. Having finished their business, several of them, upon the polite Invitation of the family, ounaented to remain at the wedding. Among them Meeers James Kdwards, Henry Holmes, and we believe a Mr. Brlgga. The company loit soon after supper. Ballad custard was one of the delicacies partaken of bv luoft of the company, as well as the negroes of the family. Tbe next morning, Mr. Kdwards. Mr. Holme*, Mr Briggs. tbe bride, and other whites, beside* sixteen of the family negroea, were taken violently 111 with exoe* sive vomiting and purging and an insatiable thirst.? Medical aid was immediately oalled In, and every effort used by the physicians, which happily proved sueceMfftl, except in two instances Mr. Holme* lingered for several days, enduring great suffering, and in the erirly part of the following week sank In the arms of death. A negro of the family also. Heveral others, we are told, hare narrowly esoaped with their live*. No Inveatigation haa b-ien bad?no on? pretends to aeoount for It, or ta charge any one with the foul dead; though it hu been **id that Homo of the phyelcian* thought they had been poi*oned by araenic. Thorough Investigation would probably throw some light on the autyoot, and oomat thatsnapioion. ' It may he that noma poisonous subetanoe *u, without the knowledge of the cook, in the vessel in whioh It waa prepared. or that some ingredient waa improperly but innocently put into the article while In proeeea of making. We truat th? t rue state of the dim will be soon developed.~JV. C. Netohnnian. Giiarles T. Stanton.?The St. Louia Reveille gives the following account of thin gentleman, who waa well known to moat of our eitlsena : This gentleman, who, It will be recollected, waa on* of the unfortunate emigrant* who perished In the California mountains last winter, loot hi* life through deration to the welfare of hla suffering companions. With Inert- i dibie difficulty, he left the main party, and penetrated te Sutter'* *ettiement on mow nhooa. He there obtained relief, and returned with auppilei, aooompanied part way by Captain Fallon, and a few other* to hi* fHend* In the mountain*. The an?w waa *o de?p, however. that the party found it impossible to transport much prorialona to the sufferers. and mnit of them turned back. Mr. Stanton persevered, and got over to Truckey's Lake, left what *upplle? he h?d, and again attempted to get buck to Mutter'* In till*, however, be failed Ha beoane unor blind, wandered from hi* companions. and sould not hu found On tbe seoond trip of Captain Fallon to the relief of the emigrant*, the spct w/iare Mr fttantoa p?rl*hed wa* discovered The body of the unfortunate man had been alinoet entirely devoured by wolvee A plMtni, nowerer, wnion aptaiu muon dm arrppea on hi* 11 mt trip. end which Mr ntentnn had evidently found, wiw dleeorered at the place, and *err?d to Identify the remain* The metnoratidnra book of the dec?a??'i w** *l*o fonnd, end vu preoerved by CftpUin Kallou. who hM depoelted It with the lit fill*. 1 he book I* ofllttle lutrioaie value, bat ? doubt would o? prlni'd by the eurrlvtBft mlatlvn* of the deeeewd, who, we learn, ri ?ldo at Hyraeuae, New York. ?i? THK INKALUBLK HAIU PTK-Alef?u leraTr.eobaph* ? Impiovenient nf 1 KM?The moat mrffnfi.1 Liquid H?ir D>e ever known fordyeing the hair, whukera, kc. * nHl> r*l t>r<.wu it lit: tit, ><j nicily renew bl n.g the natural coiur of \ the lun a* to dely lUtcclion It* rITeet 1* iu<t*iiteatuu* end i?'imuierit It cna be eatd with tlie greateat ea?e. It la ilao fire finm thoee propertiea (u?u?l is *11 Imitatian* of tin* eelebrs"il pr'parat'ou) of kitifik u nuaitnral rem or parple tint v to the hair. ... ? t .. ? J The neouine ntiele i* f r**)? b v* uio*t of the re?pe<-table itrug^inu tliro'ighout ilie Ubited Statea, nod by Kuahton k Ci>. I Bio id way: Thurna* * Mai well. William ?treet; AH.kD. ? , J ih'K i.', VI >?>re k Taylor. Maiden laue, New , York, and hv the *ole in??nta. iiM ?>( " H k i?. A. WRimiT. Philadelphia. f j V| ()~n7.? Lp.NtI'? 1'ha ln/betl t?nce* advaaiewd iu luge LtA 4111 atn^ll anma on ^uld wd iilrr wafcltaa. diamond*. / W ' plate, jewelry. fnrmtnre, clotlunifc dry good? fce ha. ; -V JOU.N M. liAVU.S* I.iceuaed Pawnbroker, vj 2U William *treei, near Daaue. *?' I Perioo* received 1a private office by ringing the hell, jf ( antf **? ? f \ ( pkA( Tl< AL UUOK KKkPINU. N M < e?.?i m.ewvI Mr. C. < Ma-ih. Act- .M taot, Author of the "Mic^rt'-e of ' I'onMe K.nfr\ Book-keeping Simp1 fled," and the "Art ol An- - kle Entry Book-keeping Improve*," container to teacl. a* above. ' I 1 h?: ptipil become* familiar from ertnal nae wi'h all t1 e v-' book* cona'itutiug a ?et, *ud a perann if gaod rapacity will, ! l y thia eoaiae, bee .me a competent imok.kee|-er m about a , ?ii Hon 1)1, ai.d e l| iccetTe a cert.flrata to that effect. , ,. PruapeciuMa, with terma, obtained at 'he room*, from A. a*-, V. J .S?*? 'V T )UAT>SI i,l".l 0 K BATHS, No M7 I'r-.iI "V K iirwr Bi *dwar. ''"heae Bathe lia?e b*"U e??ibli?hed *. 1 for th< la, t tvreuty^u eara, aud are the oa'r "ulpnuf Hatna in the cur Ther are lilglil, re<- inmendw 'V Uie wet emt- AiX' neiit phyairiaua, for the cnr* ol' iHenmttuni. ?>lt rheuia, om'plaiuta, ernp'H u* ol '.!te ?km, kc , , u ff'i.y M''di<.*ted T*|ioi tlathe al*o gi*e.i daily# "rol" *| jije,, v'-Tjt Bfc'

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