Newspaper of The New York Herald, September 24, 1847, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated September 24, 1847 Page 1
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TH oi. XIU. No. l?4.Wllol? Ho* M5U. THE NEW V 0 H K HERALD ESTABLISHMENT, Mcjnrtb wcM currier of Kultoii *nd luun M?. IAMES GORDON BENNETT, PROPRIETOR mRcn/ATION_M)UTY THOUSAND. DAILY HKilALD?Krery day, Price 1 can P*r ?o?f? M [*r lai-uni? payable in adrMice. WKEKLY 11KKALD?Every Scturdnjr-ftice ?M eenu H' ropy?$3 UKceuta tier aquum?payable in advance HERAl!) FOR El.'ROPK-Everv Steam lf*ek? <UyPrici cerM per ropy?%S pel annum, including postage, or S3 25, exclmive oi'pntaie, -payable in advance. Babecnp Cious aurt ddv?rti?ememi will ^e received by. Meeer^ U?uU nam. 18 rue Vivienne, i'arie : P. L Simooda, II Gomhill, and J?A NN UaL'hpI^^rYaL^OTRALD?Pnbl i? hod on the fct of launary of eacli year?single copie* eiipence ?**" . . ADVERTISEMENTS, at the n.nal pnce^?alwayecash u, advance. Adverti?ement??hould he written in n plain, legible manner. The Proprietor will not be reaponwbl* lor error# thai "TH.TNflWo"oF >11 kind* nicilid beautifully art with despatch. A it letter* or communications by mnil, addressed loth* proprietor of the r?i?hl ihment, must be poit paid, or the pott ur will rtedii-iedfmm the anharrtmina immt remitted -I, rONKY ISLAND FERUY?SUNDAY ** _* ^ FXf'UR.SlONS?The Klegmt and Commo SwK3?t53ai? dions st?am<r ION, will leave Pier No. I. N. R. nt lOH. A. M , nad <W P M ; *nd on ami after Moiida'-, the ?ucli imt., will lrnvu daily ?t 10 A. M , and 1 P. M until further notice. alt 7t*re NOTICE?SULLIVAN'S KASTK.RN p_iif ji r*?Eastern Mail, via New tin* <v?iiG?*mveii. H*r fo-d, Springfield anl intermediate t laces. Letter* and Newspapers car'ied ou the above mute* "I* EE. By *r?air.bnn'Traveller and Hartford ^)ew Haven and ' piingfield Railroad?Leave* Naw York daily, at 8 o'clock, A. (VI. Lett r bag* will be kept open nt the office of the Courier Mid En<iui>er, Herald, Tribune, Kipres*, and Burgas* Stringer St (JoV. until 8 o'clo-k, f. M. Letter* and Newspaper* received o*t board the boa', un'il the hnurol starting. A "pecial Ag?n' ia set through to 1 priugfield daily. Editors are requested to h iva their p?oer* (or dittributiou ou the route aent (board 'he steamer Traveller, by 6 o'clock A. M. e'ters nd Newspaper* by thi* route will retch their destination >2 honrsiu advance of the U. S Mail. _sl57r?m J. W. SULLIVAN. FOR NEW BRUNSWl' K?A t 3, P.M.? r .. ~}MFrr 1rents?Th'eltgan'sleirrer ANVEJiatieitiwieLOP:''.. Oapt. Van Wickle, leaveathe fo <t of RobiiM'Mi strt'tt. ueit above Barclay, daily ?t 3 P. M for New limns* icU, landing ai R'<**rille, Woodbridge. Totten's, Peith Amhoy.niid French's?Passenger'take stages direct for Cranbury, Croaa Honda and Spotawood. Return in*, i he Antelope leave* New Brnnawick atV before 7 A. M Breakfast on board. All deicription* off eight taken on rem'liable IMN, ?aa 6t*rrc _ _ KOK SHREWSBURY. OCfcAN'MOUhF, n .vJfSiroy*! Lonit Branch. Ruuiom Dock, Brown1* Dock, v, tfviXmWet> Middlrtown and Red Bulk.?The Steamboat ORUS, C. Price, Ma*ter, will run a* follow*. from Fultor Market Slip, Ea?t River ;? Leave New York Leav* Shrewsbury. O'clock. O'clock. Friday, 44, at 1 AM. Friday. 21, at 2 P.w. Saturday, 2J, at 7% A.M. Saturday, 2i. at 3 P.M. Sunday, 2ti,at 8 A.M. Snuiliy, iti, nt 4 P.M Moodiy, 27, at 7 A.M. Monday, 27,i?tlfl^AM. Tu?*day, ?8, at 7 A.M. Tucsdny, 28. at II A.Vl Weda-aday, M, at 8 A.M. Wrdieaday, -29,at lli? A M< Thursday, 3n, at 8 A.M. Thursday, 30, at 12 M. The Line Hi^ufea will ran to Howell work*, 6<:u..m Villng< and Freehold. Stave* to convey passenger* to all part* ol' the country. N. B All perauo* art forbid trusting tlie above boat on ae count of the Owner* J. P. ALLAIRE. e2 3"c*rc FLlfsHKEWKuUitF, LONU BttA.NCH Oceau I'. VV. Schauck's, Highlands, Runaoin and Eatoutown Landing. Thr steam, boat F.D WIN LEWIS, i apt. Hayuei, will ran a* follow*, from loot of B 'relay street, North river: Leave New York Leave Shreunburv, O'clock O'clock. Saturday, 25,at 3 P.M. Monday. 27,at9XA.M. Tuesday, 2*,at 9 AM. Wednesday, 29,at K>i'A.M. Thursday, i 30, al II A.M, Hinges will or hi rraumra* uu uir arrival ui uir uoai hi cuuv?v p"Meiiiim to all uarts of the coautry. fc'nr I'm liter particulars apply to F, B. Hall, at cue office on the whaif ?1 3'U*rc Si.llbll l&LAlNl, fC-IVIll- \Ju Ml -*? *:*> alter KHIDAV, Sept. 10th. 1817, the ateam. boat* 8YLPH anil STATfcN ISLANDKB \??li make the following trip? unit further uotice LliAVi: WHITEHALL. .it *. 9. 10, P. A. M.-, and 1, a, in, minutes put 3 aid at 4, 5, 6,7, o'n'nelr, *. M. lkave quallantine. At I. 8 4 14. 11, A. M.. anil I, 2, S, *, 6. W. Y. New Yuiii Se ;t._ltH. _ ?8 ,*-? VIOil.NI >G LINE A 7 O'CLOI.K, r_wdt-?^l',OR ALBANY AND TROY, landing at at^GMMMHBtaCaldweili, Westpowt, Newbur*, Hampton. Milton, P.xmhlieeiisie. Hi lif Park, Kiu^aton, Upper Redhooa. Bi h'ojii:, B Ufol, Catskiil. Hud?ou. I.oaaankie, Kinderhooc ami Dil im'ire Lindiiiv?.l li un noud itreet. Le, vee New York, Tue.dav.Ttmradai and St'arday, at 7 o'clock. A. M. B rakl'ac and Diu-ier on b >arj the boat T .? low pressure Steauib at NIAUAKa. (Japi. m L. Kello^a mi Kite t e Steamboat Tier foot of Barclay nrret. Tuesdays. Thursdays, .1.1 Mvturilays, at seven o'clock, A. (L e'lin-im < !! >M WMMdays. For I'uute or freight, apply ou board, or to V. B. Hall at* the offic* oi t1 wharl. sltire MOKNINU LINK. AT 7 O'CLOI K r ??J*>>l-'OK ALBANY AND TROtf, and iuter tWrfcl?i*?iW me diaf Landings. The Srr^mrrTROY i? a>hid hrger thin aiir other Day Boat ; and ill point of speed, safety. "id cominofliouMeas is actua ly U'lsnrpiaaed. No steamer ever nct|aiieil more universal Hud enduring popul irily, or retained in greater perfecti >n tlioje ?uimtau:ial ticelleucici whic.'i really deserve p?l?l C HI t . I- ;, e f'uty Cents.?Breakfist and Dinner on board the Boat i l,r U.v pressure steamboat TIlO\, Captain A. Uoracui, w ii Inive tne jte.mlioat pier foot of Barclay stieet, Mondays, Wedueidayi, mid Hriduyt, at ieveu o'clock A.M. reurn in* on he opposite da vs. Vor piss-He or frci. lit, aiply. on board, of to K. B.Hnll, at tilt' 0MC6 on WM? w'lWl. s'filC I'toi'i fcT'S < i?N Cj 81'e.AMBOATS KOil r evfilfc ^ ALBANY. Daily, Sundays Kxceped ? i^wMbi&a Tnrongh Direct?At 6 o'clock, P. M., from the Pier between < onrriaudi ami Liberty streets. Sie.mbist ISAAC NKVVTON, Capt Wni H. Peck, will Icuvr mi Monday. Wednesday, and Friday eveuings, at 6 o'clock. Steamboat HENDRIK HUDSON, Car*. R. O.Cin<tenden * ill leave ou Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday evenings at 6 q'clocli At hive O'clock. P. M.?Landiug at intermediate place*? from the foot of Btrc'ay ttreer Steamboat ROCHESTER, Capnin It H. Knrrv, will leave ou Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Mnudav aflsrnootis. at."ireJTi.ilT-<it SOUTH AMERICA, Capt T.N Hula*, leavens Tuesday, Thursday aud Saturday afternoons. nt -j o'co-k The above boats will at all times arrive in Albany iu araule lime for the Morning Cart for the East ci Wear. Freight tiki-u at mod.-rate rite.:, auduoue taken alter 4X, OVIork. P M. ,l All persons are fu bid (rusting any of the boats ol thin li i . without i w ritleu or'le- Ironi the captains or amenta. Kor p'ti Ri or freight,at"-''on board the bjats, or to P. C. 8CHULT i. at the oiBc? rue wh- (Ark M < rPPOhlTION PAMAOE OFFlCE-To T ' 4 Ib.iny, Utica SI 50; Syracuse, $2; Oswego; .leifcNWw 13: Rochester. S2: Buffalo, S2; Cleveland {.i. Detroit,$4; Milwaukie, $7 75; (-liicago, S774; Cincinnati, $7 75; Toronto and Hamilton, Si; Whitehall, $2; Montreal, (1; 1'ituburg, $7 75 U.iii. \ ID" Barclay street. /<ny s'cnritv required will be giveu lor the fultiluieut of all eontr-cs in- de wuh this company. an 25 30t*rc M. L RAY, Agent | New York, 1117. ??.-??. NOTICE.?Por (he better accommodation r Nof the public (is the days a-e becoming * u3a>'io rex), ilie Steamboat NEW PHILADELPHIA mil, ou and afitr Monday next, leave New Brunswick at 2fl in'nnie.t before 7 o'clock, ar.d New York at 15 miuntea pi i I i.'cl"< U, stopping at the regular laudioga. 'p.e ItARIT vN will continue at her old hours, at 7 o'clock Iroin New Bru swick and '4 before 3 o'clock Irom New York, ru-.ning ihr.iugh without stopping. Both boat* Te'ive from the foot of Barclay street. Kur hi ili? Nrxv I'l.ila UI|iln:i. centi; lUrnan, 1ZX renta Hen Brumwic?.W>pt. 8. WIT # JOt'rc .Mm jgJ* CONKY ISLAM D iKKKV.?'The well Jf^rh""w" AMEKMIAN KAOLE. CapTV < V?i n ' ill G??. H Power, will rur reuu'arl; durinJt pie eenso i to Coney Uland, lending at Kort Hamilton, a< (nf lowi:?l<eivini( PitrNo t, ut 10, 1,4. Aline Cotil'ion Baud MComp IIid the boat. au4 45t*re -r-n- . TO W INO?The new and powe I'ul rteata7 JACOB BELL.t apt K. Yutr?, a,id IIK ?'ai|itiM ii J. P. PAK?H, will be in Cnuatint n-ailiiiea? f >r Towi ( Veiifl?to and from tea, and al>< ut ihr Il irbor, ou 'lie moat rra*uu.tbie terma Ail "id- >? tl;auk u'ly teceired and pui.rtu.-illy attended to Apply Ui the i'ld eaubliaheil 8t'*m T w-Buat Office, No 75 S ii|/i a'rcot, c n er of Maiden lar? upataira. Th B<i its lay et?v ni*ht at the foot of Orind atreet, K.R., awd t if ill * *y? iu rrnlineaa at ? inmn*iii'> notice, N.B ?All iierto'ia are fo'Hid triu'uiK the almve boata ou arenunt of >he owneri. W.N k T. M. POUOHKRfT, ?9 10 *rc Nil. 75 Si.uth cor Maiden lanr. ?tE~*M ? <? HAVANA?lo Mil S/ - a M client the 12th of Oct"b?r. (the po?i i?e itay /'"f, ]'' *f! IV tk V. ill he 5tati d bere^ft'T ) lh? new a'd iiow. ' ,ul ,r" s"'mr> OU\D\LUlMVVl., >-ulrSaiSBSiwfind tona meaaurement, built m l.iTr'|<<>j|. Her c h n< ?re now lieinv fitted up. with erer? -e?ard to comfoit, vrnlil.'tioD. r.d elejf^nce, and the table will be liberally auppjird uudi'r ih? anperlnteno'ureof pro'eaaed coolu. (" area S7ft in -tate lto>mi mi Saloon Dei lt. (GO in forward and alt and upper deck cabiui, mc iid<ii|{ wine. Tor fnrther particular* apply to the conaim'e. all ?0t*PI ! ' \v. SIMONKS. <1 ve?r_?t_ r f-frt^i roil LIVERPOOL?To Mil theGih Or. /firm? % 'ob?r?1 he new new iron ateamalnp SAUAH ** A N l>ft' Wm C. Th"mu#o?, m ?ier, ?Jjn wiMaailaa above For freight or imaaage, aflrnminodatioui nniu'p.iaspu I'ore.egaiiee and onremenoe, app y to ?M '? rc KQDT. K?> MIT.7B South ?t. UNt' ' V- KKTH M)H MnM^ NK W <)KLI".\iN 8 fiie following well known, zAwjAw'm*! BMiluiflr iad fnvorit* pallet ahips n.iee fiecommodufi a in.mirpitaeil for cnhiu aeennd rnb>n auil 'eei>fe jh#gel*. au4 will o?itiv?lv ami m advert.ted, or rvuMaice fre?, vit I'he Foster 7th The OHWKOO. I *in. nueraoll, Orcober Ith. 1 hf OA I. bs > -i. ( ant. Demit* Orrnlioi I Ith I prr-oni wiahinK to proceed to New Orleans, will do well ;oseeu p*<?.i?c by rnher the abore packeti, aa thev are *1) r" Ha<? ?hi|m, i-mnmaiided by mm eiperienced iu the trade, tad w II a* I pune'nally on their appointed days. To Menrt hpr'hi, apply on board, or to ,? W h I T.TAPBCOTT. MHmthat. ~~?/ZE NEW LINK OF PA0KKT1. TO AND FROM %V^8V LI V KHP<MlL ?The Milrnilii f'tt tailing and m m * St ' -I i> B fornith, will nulhr v nil from New York n Monday, Sept J7th, nd from l.iyerpool oil 'he llihof November Periotii ahmit piorerHiuu to Knrop*. or thoae withing to sen* 'or their frli-m'a, the ni l miUr etily application on hoard at the fo. t of W?ll atrert, ?t u. W. k J. T. TAPS' OTT, W Wnwth ?freet Orl< K? Prket ?hn> OAK It ll K lioin l.i er?' fV o I, \? ilnrh 'giuii niKter K'netal order at Orleani tt'imtf'm ~l"'r n treet. All Ki>od? not permitted will pueitiyely be tent to the public (tore. ? ' _i E NE NI FIHST DIVISION NEW YORK STATE MILITIA.? DIVISION ORDERS. N?w Yoa*. September 31. 1817. The unutiiformed Militia of the Oity of New V'oik. (which embraces all the able bodied white male citnena berweeu (he our* <>f II aud <5 yean, who hare not commuted, and who are lint members of an uniform company, or exempt by law) w.|> take notire of the following regimental orders, to assemble for company parade nod martial exercise, on Moud iy, the 4th of October neat, at the time aud place* thereii atated, in compliance w th n act of.he Legialatuie of the Slate of New Ynrk, entitled "Au act for the o*K*imition of the First Diviaion of the New York *<t?te Militia," paaaed May 6th, 1847, and they are hereby notified < f their enrolment. ''oirmand.uta of Br-gadea, Reuiments and Companies will direct all officers and uon-coinuussi?ued officers of each uniformed company, to attend the pvade iu uniform or uud/eat. Sulialterca and non-cummitsionfd officer* will aid the commandant* <>f companies in the exercises of the day. No peraou will be permitted to learc hia c mpany without permisaion of hii commanding officer until iun flown. Pursuant to aaid act, each coinnundut willaffix inch penalties furolfencea Mid delinquencies a* the statute requires, opposite the na>ne of the person so delinquents offending A <ourt of Appeals for each regiment, to hear eieusa*. will be held at the time and place stated at tlie end of the Hegimental Ordera Bv order of CHARLf'.* W. JMNFOKD, R. C. Wctmori, Dir. Inspector SECOND REGIMENT N V S MILITIA 4tii amd 6th Wlllll. I'ur uant to the above Div sion Orders toil tn? act therein mentioned the turn liiormed privstes of the several companies of this regiment, will assemble * ithin their resistive Comiwny Dutiict* on Monday, die 4tli day of October next, at 10 o'clock, A. iV]., for Company parade, Inspection and martial exercias s armed aud rqmppao according to law, a' the place* designated foi each District respectively, a* follow*:? . Comp.iiy A District?Josep'i Craig, Commaudwt, within a line bounding Hpiuce, C'iff, Hague, Pearl aud I hsilmin (trreti, known a* ill* Kir?t k'.lecti n District <4 the 4th Wa d, opposite >h*k?p?*re liotel, comer of Duane aud William st* Ci mpa' y B Diatric ? Alexander ? astle. ''ommaudaut, with>ii a line bounding Kerry street, Peck Slip Sou h, Roosev. It, OaU, IVarl, Hague and Clifl streers, known as the Kouith E'ect<on District of the 4th Ward, tithe comer ol Dover aud I'e irl streets. Comp-u)- C District?Thomas W McLeay, Commandant, within n liue bounding Koaeevelt, Front Catherine and Oak treeu, known a* the fliinl- Election District of the Fourth Ward, will asscmbleat the comer of Oliver aud Oak streets. Conipauy t> Distr^t?Alexander Eaglesn, Coininindant, within a In.e bounding Chatliam, Tear), Oak and Catherine streets, k> own as the Second Election District of tlie 4th Ward opposite the Catholic Chuioh. James street Company E District?Robert McLeod. Commaudnut, withiu a 1'lie bounding the Park, Chatham stteet, Pearl st eet and Broadway, known ?s the First Election District of the 6th Ward, will assemble at the corner of < entre and Duanestreets. Company K District?Win. W. Parsed*. Commandant within a line bounding Pfail,' eutre and I ausl streets aud Broodway, known as the Second Election Distriot of the Ith Ward, will assemble at corner of K m a id Kr.mkliu streets. Company (> District?il< i.ry Parsons, Commm.Oaut, within a line bounding Centre Walker, Mulberry, Chatham aud Pearl stieets known a* the Third Elect on District ot the 6th Wa d. wil. assemble at the corner of White and i ,'cntre st*. Company H Distiict?Alexander McKeuzic, < otumaodaut. wit in a line bounding t hatham. Bowery, Walker and Mulbery streets, kuowu as the l>ourtii Elei'tinn District of th* 6th W d. w i'l assemble at the comer of Bayard aud Molt streets The HegimenlBl Court of Appea s-to hearappc tie from lines or pmialtiea, imposed, will lie hel l at the Centre Market Drill Room, on Monday, October 18. 1817. at 11 o'clock, A. M. Byordcr of ALEX. MI NO. Jr. Colouel2ud lUg't. THIRD REGIMENT N. Y. S.MILITIA. 1st and 2o Wards. Iu compliance with the above Dinsiou ordrr, aud the law therein referred to, thp Uunniformed privates, members of the several compauies of mis regimen: will assemble in their respective company districts, on Monday, t|te 4th day of October nexi, at III o'clock A M . for company parade, inspection aud drill, ttrmed a id equipped, according to law, at the places des gnated fur the following districts, vix: 1st Company (A) commanded by Capt. John Jagels. and Mibtrici DGUudeU Dr INhssiu, Wall Uroauwny, Hector, Wot, and Ltberiy streets, will mvet u Libeit/stiectat the comor of Greenwich. 2(1 tomptay (B) commanded by Csptaiu N I) Lubiu, distrieu bound <1 by .Nassau, Maidru Lane, South and William .trerta. wilt meet iu Crd^r ?-t the coruer of Nassau at. 3dC'imi'an^ (C) cominmdod by Lieut-comma- <1 nit D. C. Vaueban. dut ieia bounded, beg nuii.K nt the Bitterv, by Whitehall, Marketlield, Broad, Wall, Hioadvvay, Itecior end West areers; t. the [> ace of benuming, wul assemble ou the Battery ppotitr to Greenwich 4th Company (U) commanded by Capt Hrurv C. M in, district bound d by Wall, Brood, ftlarketlleld, Whitehall and I'eirl * a will assemble on Hanover ijutre. itn Company (K) command, d hy C?pt. M. 8. Parker, district bou ded by Wall, leail. v? luteinII and boutli streets, will aa emb'e on the Baiterv opposite lo Kroutst. 6 h Cowranv ( H ) c inuia dcd by C?pt William Serrill, district bounded Uv B.oadway, Park Mow, 8i>ruce, William and Ltbe.ty streets, will ussemulo iu the Park opposite Beekman stieet 7 h Company (t>) commiuded by Capt. Hirlnril Rayuor. distri tb undeil by Maid n huh Liberty, William, Knltou and 8 ,utb streets, will assemble iu Plati, at the coruer ol Gold street HCn i'0 pHii\ til) comtntuuea ty i apt. jnsepn Lanan, insirict bounded by hulion, William, Spruce, Kerry. Peck Slip mil South streets, will assemble in Beekmao street, the of illiam street. The Keifiurnta! Court of Appeals, to hear appeals from fines or penalties imposed, will be he il at Stuiealls. 31 Kul ton aireet, on Monuay the II h day of October, at four o'clock P. M. By order, S. DKOOKt; POrtTLEY. Col. Coinin.MidiuK 3d tte^iuient N. Y. 1. M FOURTH RE > IMF. NT N. Y. S. MILITIA. Hth swd Ijth W*?ni Purtuaut to tin* above l)ivisi>>u Ordrrs, aud the act therein mentioned the ununifoi ined pijrate* of the several companies ol this etfiineut will assemble witlii.i thei respective I.outran > Districts ou Moudav, the lourth day of October next, a' 10 o'clock A. M , for compsuy parade, inspection, and mart ai rxercise. arined aud equipped according to law, at the place* Jc.Hjuate I for each di.t. ict respectively as follows, viz: 1st Cnmp iuj District ( V. Tronut commanded by Capt. Ed"u..d Chirle , Junr. and bmutled by ll.u>ton, VVooat-r. and Kourih stitets. Sixth Avenue Carmine, Bleecker, aud Hancock stitets. at the corner of Th nipsou and Kourtn streets, rsicl't on hourth street. 2d (.ouipauy District (B. Troop) commanded by Capt. Oarret Luerssen. and bounded by tloiitou, W ouster, Annty, ?nd Oreat Jones sue ts and the Bow ery, at the corner of V eicer and Amit> ts, ritfht on Amity si eet. 3d Cornp ny D strict (Company a.) commanded by Lie'ile.iaut Commandant Johu howler, Juur., and b uuiVil b> Oieet Jones, Ainity, and W ootter str? ets, Unit ersitv Place Kourrouth street, aud thu Buwe.y, at the corner of VVooster street and Waverly Plaee, right on Waverley Place. 4tli Compai.y District (Company B) c iinin mdcd by Captain I' Kerher, oid bounde 1 liy Fourth street, Uuiversity I'lice, street aud liixih Avenue, at the iutersectiou of the centre walk, running North aud South with the North walk of Washington *<iuare. 6th Compmy District (Company C ) coinr. anded by Li'Ot Commandant Jacob Schinid, aud bou ided by 11 lustou, .Mulberry atiJ Bruome street*, and Broadway, at the corner of Crosby i ud Princes reet. pntN Pnuce street Ctti Coinptuy District (Coinpany D ) coinininiled by Lieut. Commandant Patrick Murray, aud bounded by lloustou, Mulberry aud Br* >me streets, and the Bowery, at the coiuer of Vlo't and Prince streets, rtgln on Prince street. 7lh Company Diitiict (Company K) commanded b/ John H viiller, and b untied by Br.m Jw ly, Canal, Centre, Walker, Orange and Brouine streets, at (lie corner of Grand uud ill rn stitets right ou Elm street. 8th Company Distiict (Company K) commanded by Captain Kdward Hinrken, an I bounded by Walker, Oriuige and Bioome I recta, and the Bowery, at the corner of Hester and Mulberry streeu. ri?ht on Mnlherry street The Reg ment>l Court of Appeali to hear apprala from flji-s ind penalties imposed, will be h?l I at Constitution Hall, No UO Broadway, ou Moud y,Uct. 18th, 1817, at i o'clock, P.M. Byo.derol' CH \KLk,S YATES, Colonel 4th Jftegt. N. Y. 8. M, FIFTH REGIMENT. N Y. 8. MILITIA. 8rH Wahii Pursuant to the ah( re Division orders nml the nrt therein aientioi.ed. the iinuiiilorined priwea of the si com: auies ef tlua llegirnent will as einSle within reapective Company districts on Monday, tr.e Uh day of October ur it, at 10 o'clock, A. M , f r Company parade, inspection and martini ete cite, armed and equipped nceordiug to law, at the pUces designated for each di-trct respectively a* follows: ? The 1st oinpiuy district Company A, un er comtnaudof ('apt. lleinccke, and bouuded by Braiwiy, i.aual, Uieen and Honston sb , in Meiceret, right ou Piinee st. The 2d Company district. Company B, under command ot Lieut Meyeihulz, and bouuded by lireeu, Canal, Laurens and Houston sts , iu Wo'wier st., rite lit ou Prince it The 3d Company distriet. Company C, under cominuid of Capt. Rowald and bounded by Laurens, Canal, Sullivan and Houston sts., in Thompson st, ri<ht on Prince st. The 4th Company district, Company U under command of Capt SwarUwa der. and li Minded iiy nullivnu.' anal. VVatti Varirk and Spring sts ,?iii Watts at. right on Sullivan st. Thetth Coin|>auy district, Comp my E. under comm ind of ('apt Bopport, and bounded by Sullivan, Spring, Varick and Hull'ton st , in King st , light u McDongkl st. The 6th l ompany district, Comiiiiiy r, under command of Lieut, Khrinmi, bounded by Varick, Watts, Hudsou and Hnu.uon at?, in King at., right on Varick st. The 7th Company district, Cnmpiiii (?, botwdrd by Hudson, Canal, Greenwich and Houston ?t-.,in King at, light ou Hud ou st., an<>-be under the command of Lieut. Priirmui, who is hereby detailed lor tint purpose. The 8th Company district, Company H, bounded by Greeuwicli. Canal, West oid Houston st.. in King at right ouG-eenwicli St., and be under the command of Lieut. ftust, w ho is hereby detailed for that purpose. i'he Regimental Court ol Appeals to hear ap|ieals from flues or penalties Imposed, will be held at ( entre market drill room ou Monday, 25th Oct. neit a' 4 o'clock in the afternoon Bj order of ANDREW WARNER, Col. ith Reg't. SIXTH RKUT. N~~V 8. MILITIA. Tiuao arm Fifth Wakih. Pursuant t-< theabove Division orders, -wd the Act therein mentioned, the unnniforined Privatesail the several Com allies of this regiment, will assemble within their reipective coinl>aiiy diatr.eta on Monday, the 4rii day ol October next, at 1(1 <1 cioca, a.m..ior company initur, inspection, aim miirtiiil exeicise, rmed and equipped accordir.i; to law, a: the places liesignaled forsuch oiatrlcla leajiectively. u followa:? Cotnoany A?Captain W. Kranna,commandant, b >unded bv Li bitty atreet, Broadway, Fulton atreet, Wut street, ht Kul tun, opposite Church at. Co. B?LirutJ. Adam, Milderherger, Commandant, bounded b/ Fallon llro'dway. Murray street, Greenwich street, at Fulton, corner of Church atreet. i o C?Li?nte ant W O. liunham, Commandant. and bounded by Fulton attest, Greenwich atreet. Reade aLeet, Weat street, ai Chamheis; corner of Waahiugton atreet. CV I)?Cnptin James W. Farr. Commandant, and bounded by Murray s ieet, Broadway, Readast, Greenwich atreet, at Murray (treat,corucruf College Place. Co E-Lieutenant W A II iirj.inan, Comnandant, hounded by Reade sheet, Broadway, Frankl n a rret, Hudaon at at east aide of Hudaon at, Corner o' Duane >t Co. F?Lieutenant W. H Walker, Commandant. hounded bv Hrade atreet. Hu<l?on alreet. Beach freet, Weat atreet, at West awle of Hudao' atreet, corner of Dnane Kieet. William Chaltnera, Commandant, hounded by Franklin atreet. Broad way, ( anal and L light atreet*, Hudaon atieet. at Hudaon street, at Ht .!> hn'* Park. Co H?Cat tain John Gregorv, Commandant, bounded by Beach atreet, Hudaon street, Laicht street, Caual street, West atreet. at Hudaon at, opposite John's Park. Appeals will be heard at Thomas Riley'< house at the corner of West Broadway and Franklin street, for Compamea A and B on Friday, Oct. ISth, at 7>4 P. M. Fnr CotnpeniM C aad 0 on Saturday, Oct 18th,at tha same For Companies E and F on Tuesday, Oct. Ifth, at tha same For Companies O and H on Wednesday, Oct. Jflth, it the ""By order of WILLIAM DODOK. * Colonel 6th Rent. N. V. 8. M. SEVENTH REGTMKNT N. Y. 8 MILITIA. 7TH AI?i> 101M WaatJl. Purauant to the ahore Division O'dera and the Act therein mentioned the nn-ui if >r" ed iiMTites nl the several companies of this Regiment will assemble within iheir rea|*eiive com |>aiiy di-iric s on Monday, the ?th day of O. tober next, at H o'clock A M . for company pentde. nupection and martial exereiae, a>med and equipped according ! law at the places designed f reach distuct respectively. a* follows:? The 1st Company District is bounded by CathariM, Madison W YC SW YORK, FRIDAY MOR and Rtrr*r? street* and East river; will parate iu* a*. ' right on Pike ?t and be commanded t>y Capt Thoi Motion. . The 2d Company L)i>tric is bounded by Rutgers, Mad >oo and Grand streets and East river; will be commtnded by ( apt Win. H. Williams, and will parade in Monroe at, the right uu 1 Jefferaon it I 'idCompany Diithct, bounded by Catharine, Division. Ringer* and Madison itreeti; will be commanded by Lieut. L'omd't td^nr M. Craw lord, and will parade in Henry it, the right on Market it 4th Company District?Bounded by Rutgeri, Diviiion. Grand and Maduon itreeti; will be commanded by Cait Chaa W. Smith, and will parade in Henry it, the right on Clinton treet. Jili Company Dlitrict?Bounded by Division, Norfolk, Qrand and Kldridge itreeta; will be commanded bv Captain .lamei L Waugh, and will parade in Orchard at, the right on Hei'ar it t>th Company Dutrict? Bounded by the Bowery, Gm d, Kldridge and Diviuon itreeta, will be commanded by CaiiUin CyroaH. Lontral, and will parade in Forayth it, the right ou Walker It. Tth Company Uiitrict?Bounded by Norfolk, Riving ton, Allen and Grand meets : will be commanded by Captain William H Uuderhill, and will parade iu Orchard itreat, the right on Broome itreet. ?th Comp.ui;' District?Bounded by the Bowery, Rivin ton. Allen and Graud utr.-eti ; will be commanded by Captain Henry C Bhuraway, ?n 1 wul parade iu Broome atraet.ihe right on Chryitie it eet. The Ci mmaudaiit ol' this Regiment will attend at tba Mercer House (cor ier uf Mercer and Broome streets) on Monday, the Utti of October, l?t7. at J o'clock P. M., and will then and there hear all appea'i that mar be in de to him lor the remiilion of any fiue or penalt y agaiuat any person or periout vu lolled ai uu-uuifoimed members of this regimeut. By order of AN DRE W A. B H KMNKR, Col. Tib Regiment. EIGHTH REGIMENT N. V. H. MILITIA. llTHanol'iiu Wabu?. Puranant to the above divisicu orders and the act therei meutiouud the u -uniformed privates of ihe several companies of thia regimeut wilt aaiembte within their iei| active company diitiictaou Moudt y the Uh day of October next, at 10 o'clock, A VI Inr rnmiuiii u?r?,l? inaiiajtli,.,. -...I armed aud eijuipprii according to law, at the place) dtMiguated for each distiict io?|>ectively, as follows i? Compi uy A. ('apt. C' Lyons, cominaudaut, at the corner of Cliut ii and Grind streets. Uiatnct bounded by Norfolk, Rivingtoii, Ridge,anil Division streets Company B, Captain James Price. commanduit, at the cornor of Graud aud Sheriff streets. This diatrtct is bounded by Hidge, H minion, Cannon, Gland and Division streets. Company C, Captaiu .M M Vau Dyke, commandant, at the corner of Goeick and Grand street* 'J (us district i< bounded by Grand, Cannon, aid Hitiugion streets, aud the Ea?t Kivrr Company 1>, Captain James Little, cominaudaut, at the corner of Pitt and Houston street*. This district is bounced by Kiviugton, Clinton, Houston and Sheriff street!. Company K, Captui.i (ieorge B. Bowne, cimoiandaut, at the corner of Ciinnon and Houston itreets This district is bouuded by Hiviugtou, Sheriff a?d Houston stretta, and the East Hirer. Company K, Lieutenant Edmund II. Weyman commandant, at the corner of Kiith It ti t IM AveuM H. This district is bouuded by Houston street. Avenue B, Killb street, and the Eait River. Company G. Lieutenant Alvah T. Canli?ld, commandant, at the corner of Seventh street and Avenue B. This district is bouuded by Kifth stiuet, Aveuue B, Ni..lh street,and the East Hirer. Company Ii. Lieutenant James H Dyer, cominanlant, at thecoruer of AfMN B and Ninth street!. Tlu* district is bouuded by Ninth street, Avenue U, Fourteenth street, and tlie Eaai Hirer. Appealj will be heard at the Military Hall, No. 193 Bowery, on ! riday the lllh October, 1817, at. follows .?Company A, at 8 o'clock, A. M.; Compouy B, at 9 o'clock. A. M. i Company C, at 10 o'clock, A. M : Company I), at II o'clock, A.M.; Company i., at 2 o'clock, r. VI., Company e, .d 3 o'clock, P.M.' Company G, at 4 o'clock, P. M.: Company II, at 5 o clock, P.M. By order of COL. J. W. STYLES. NINTH REGIMENT N. Y. 8 MILITIA. 17th Wahd. rursuant in !h"? aDoye IJivisioii Order* and ihr art therein mentioned, the uiiuuiforsied private* of tho several Companies of this rrgiiceul will assemble within thei, respective coinpauy districts on Vlouda/, the ItTi day of October next, at 10 o'clock, A. M., for company parade, inspection and martial exercise, trined and eiinpied according to law, at the p'.ace designated for each district respectively, a? follow* I. The district of Compauy A, commanded by Captvu John 'I Heline, and hounded by llie Bowery. Kit iiigtou, Kldridge, First avenue and Second street, at the H.iuth Cast corner ol Houston and Christie streets. 2 The district of Company B. commanded hy Lieutenant Coimn't Stephen H. Coiuell,Mlu b .unded by Kldrid^e, Kiviiigtou, Kssex, Avenue A. ."ecoiid street, and First avenue, ai the South West corner of Hou-ton and Allen streets. ;J. 'I'he distiictof < ompan, C, Com " aiideil by Lieut Jacob L 9e iriug, and hnuuded by Essex, Rivmcton, Clint >u, Avenue B, Second street. arid At nue A, at the South East corner of Houston and Norfolk streets 4. The district of Coinp4iiv L), commanded by ("apt. Charles T Bui winkle, and houti'iea by the Bowery, sfeet First avenue, and Sixth street, at the South Kait coruer of Second avrnue a..d Fourth s leet 5 Tne district of Company K, commanded by Capt. Marvin R Pitman, and bnujded by Kirst avenue, second street, Ave ue b and Sixth street, at the South K.ut corner oi Aveuu* A and Fourth stiee{. 6 The disrrict of Company F, commanded by Capt John N Hay ward, and bounded ny the Bowery, ixth street. Avenue B. Seventh street, Avrnue A and Eighth street, at the South c nnrr ,.f tcuiiil avenue and eeveuth street. 7 'l he district ol Cotnp my U, i oroin indeu bf Capt. Richird H. Tliomps in, and biUuded by tie U vtery, Eighth street Weuue A, and Tenth street at the South hast coruer of beCO'id aveme and >iutii sleet. 8. The district nf i i m any H, romin nided by Capt Heury B. Melville and bound'd by the Bowery, Tei th street. Avenue B.nid Fourteenth street, at the South East coruer of be roiid dVei.un sn.l Twelfth ?ir^#r The Kt-Kimpnul Court t A|-p?>l?. to hear oppe?Ua from I iiuniir penalties imposed, will he held at Military Hall \'j\ I bowery, mi 1 huraday, th? 21 at of October, 1817, at II o'cloik m ihe foienoon. By order ol' E. JEriUP. Xr.t Col. Comm'f 9th Ilrgt. N. V. S. Militia. TENTH UEOIM^NT N. Y. 8. M. 9i h wahii faWMl tO tfclifcBTI DlWM Orders and the At t therein me. turned, tin- uou .ifonned private! of the at veral companies of tins 'eif in-al vt ill atsemliie within their reflective coinp iy diatricca ou Monday, tne 4 li uay ol Oi-tober ueit at 1U o clock, A. M.. fm company pa adr, inspection and mutial ti rrcisc, nrmed aii'l rijuipped accorainit to law. at ihe p*j?ces designate > lor e?ch district respective^, aa follow* 1st District. company A, bou d-d by (lie Hudson Itiver, Hammrrat). Bedford au<* Birio atieeta, and commanded by Thonvia Jones, c.iptaiu, at the uorth raat comer ol Hudson aud Leroy streets. id Umtrn t company B, bounded by Bedford, Hammers')Hanco k, Bleeckerand Carmine afreets, Sulk tunur ami Barrow street, and eoimnim'let) bv Jteury L. Hoelzlr, c plain, at ihe north ea?i comer ot Blcctfker and t Cornelia street*. 3d District, company V, bounded by ihe Huda n ICver, Burrow, Hudson and ferry streets,and cominanJed by Henry Bnine'. explain, at the coith cast corner of Washington and Arnoa atieeta. 4th District, enmpiu* D, bonnded by IIudto-1 at.i tt, Barrow atreet, ninth \veniie and Amos at., commanded bv Coiiielius CU'k, c plain, at the north earn corner of Fourth aud Christopher at eet?. i ll District, eoinpvny E, bounded by the Ilu-Jtou Hirer. Perry, llv'son and 1'roy i( crli, aud coininauiicd by Jaines Vi'Orath, captain, at the uoilli eaat corner of Waaoiujton au Bank atieeta. 6th Distiict, Company F, bounde ! by Jfudjon, Amoa, Factory, aud Troy streets andcomm nded l>y Jamrs H Dudce Car'ain, at the North K'a t corner til Fuurth aud Perry strut ta 7:h Putrid, Company O, bou (led by the lludaon river Troy atioet, Eighth avenue, and F lurteeutli steel, and cominuidwd by Cornelius Vamlerveei. C'ptaiu, at the Noith E*-t coriitrol' wichaud Horatio streets. 8th District, Company 11 bounded by ?ighth aventie, Trov, Factory aud Aim a atieeta, fit h uvenue noil Fourteenth at. and commanded by Jamb ltayuor, t apiain, at the Mortii East corn?r of Seven h avenno au? Eleventh strrel. The Regiment I Court of Aineila to h?ar appeal* I'iodi riues peuMiie* imp aeu xr li Ue Ik I a at the [N.iitlit'ru f lchvuge. "*"0 271 Bleecker at'Cet on Friday, the 22u d.i> of October, 1817, at 7 o'clock in llm afternoon. By order of CH MILKS J DODOK, Lt Col. Comm'i Itttli Kent. fS. k . S. M. ELEVENTH KKOIMKNT N. Y S. MILITIA. 1?th and i8tii Want.* Pur.u 'ii'. to the above Division Oidtr- and the art therein meuiiout d llie imunifoimed piintri of 'bt n'Teral ('otn|w:i? of llm Regiment will ruetnble within tlusir reapectire rompanv dint icta, on Monday, the llh ?'?y of October nut. ?t IU o clock A M , for company parade, inspection nud m.wtial eicrciae. aimed and equipped according to law, at lie place* de ignated for eicli district respectively, a. follows:? Int. Company Uutrict of (_ oinpauy A, commanded li7Capto in I*. Kriser, bounded by the HaMon Hirer, )?oortteuth street, the Eighth avenne aud Nineteenth atreet, on the the corver of Kouiteenth stieet <ind Eighth areiiite. 2J. *'orn|Hiny Uutrict of Com pan U. Commandrd by Captain John J. Hnirnii, bounded hy the iuighth avenue, Fourteenth atreet. Sixth arenue mid Nineteenth itu-et, on the corner of Kouiteeiithstreet >iud Sixth venue. 3d. Comp.ui> Dniictof ComwivC, commanded hy ('upturn John Seuleit, bounded by the Hndson Kiver, Nineteenth atreet, the kiglnh neri.ue and Twenty-eighth stieet. on the corner of Nineteenth sneet and the Eighth arenue. <th Company Diat'ict of Compmiy I), commanded by Copfain Frederick I'lrssne'-ker, bounded by the Kighth avenue. Nineteenth atr'et, tli- Sixth avenne, ami Thirtieth atreet, on the corner of Thirtu tb stre. t aud Eighth ateuue 5th. ( ocpanv Uutrict of Ompany E.comminded hyCaptain John M'Mahnn, b< muled by the liudscn Hirer, Tvrentveighth street, the Kighth arenue, Thirtieth atreet, the Sixth ateuue aud Koitieth a,ieet, on the corner of Twei.t>-eighth street and the Eigh'li are .ue. 6th. Comimnv District of Company K, commanded by Captain A. Henderson, hounded ty Six'li areutie, Kourteenth atreet, East Hirer and Nu eteeth stieet, on tnu corner Kourteenth itreet and H >th avenue. 7th Coinimnv District of ('ompany (J, coin man led by Captain II V Hardrubnig. h urded by the Sixth arenue. Nineteenth itreet, the Km River and J .eentieth atreet, on the corner ol Twenty-Hixih atreet and Sixth areuue. 8th. Company District of Company M. c< mmandeJ hyCnp tain John I'. Kllis. and honndrd hv Mi h T-- I mill itreet, K?it Hiver *tiil Fortieth atreet, ou liie comer of I Twpiiij-?nth itreet and Hutli imur. The Krfcimc:.UI Court of tppeal, to hnr ap|>? <lt from finet and p-naliiet implied, u 111 >><'held at tlie Madiaon Cottage, 1 corner Fifth m rune a>id Twenty-third itrret, on Monday, thr I8ih of Or.'obu. at 2 o'clock in the afternoon. By order of ROBKtfT C. MORRIS. Col. llth Regt. N. Y. 8 M. , TWELFTH REOtMKNT N. Y. 8. MILITIA. 12th Ward. I Pnrtuaiit to the above Uintion Orde -iaad the Act thereiu mentioned, the uninformed privatet of ihe. teveral Cotnpaniei ol tint KrKimeut will attemhle within tlieir retpertive com- ' pany I'utricta. on Monday, the 4th day of October nut, ?' 10 1 o'clock A..VI , for company parade, inflection and maitial ercne, arm<d and Mjnipi ud ticrorditi* to In w, at the placet i deniitnated foreaeh dutnct re?pectively, ai fo Ic.w*: ? ' Company A, < aptun Vim ent. comrmuilant, bounded by 1 4th avenue, 1 9th tiie-t, Bth avenue and Dtiihtueet, at N V* come' of 4th avei.ue and H6Ib itreet. ? Company D. Cptain Bcttt. commandant, bounded by 4th avenue Harlumli ver and K lit, K.a?t H iver, and Bfith itreet, *' * N. K come- of lib avenue and i'6'h itreet. Comp?"y C, i,ai.?. Mtyher. command ut, bounded by a line " tuiiuinKdar wett foin the i ikIt bridge the llu 'tnnrivar, Spuy en l)i>vel Creek end Harlem river, to tl>? high budge, on r Ktngtbridge road, op|>otite the high 'rider. Otnptny D, C <pt P-ndhommt. coifttn 'iidant, hound'd bv the 8ih avenu*. DC h at. Hudaoii river, M mhiltau it, and 125th * at at N W c r oilth avenne aud W'h it. t Company K Capt. Aveiinia, con inandxuf, bounded by Bth i avenue Bliih tt the Hudtoti river, and 40th it, at N. W. corurr Bth av nue and 40th it Company K, t apt. Wilton. commandant, hounded by 4th avenue. 4?th tr, Bth aveuue and #?ch it, at 8. W. cor. of 4tli avenue and SCth it. , Company (J, Capt. Rernnldi, command int, bounded bv 10th 1 t Mfl river, B6thit and 4th aveuue, at 8. K. cor. of Nth it and 4tli avenne. a Company H, Lieut. Comdt. Arret. Commandant. hounded oy 4th avenue, Harlem River to High Bridire.tlience dee writ . to Hudaou river,nnd al> ox taid >iv< r to Mv h ttau it ert. Iliih 11 itreet, Hdi avenue aud I29t)i ttreet. on 10th avenue. near 1 rinitv I rrnetrry. . _ Appeali w|l| he heard at No 142 Fulton itreet, New York i.My, on Tneiday, the llth. VVed..n.dav llth, and Thurtday. 0 J, J. 1 October ueit, between the hoera of 12 M. and 2 r. M., vl each day named r Bv nrde. of BENJAMIN W. BENSON *? lOtrc Colonel. 1 >RK I NING, SEPTEMBER 24, 1 Theatrical* and Mualral Pamk Theai iir ?Mr*. Mowatt anil Mr. Dav?.uport ap- _ 1 poared lait night at the Park In the play of "Lot*." Mra. Mowatt in the part of th* Count***, mad* a (treat **n- i-i nation The audience waa not larg*, but tho?e who were pre**nt ga** evidrno* that th*y were fully repaid Cr for their attendance. To-night the tragedy of " Ion"' In will b* presented, Mr*. M. assuming the part of Ion, n" and Mr Davenport playing Adraatu*. We have no ^ doubt that the management of the Park will reap nc the reward due to their enterprlae. It ahould not all tx> forgotten that these talented performer* are about to en depart for Kurope. and that thin I* the last opportunity at wbich will forth* present be afforded for the N*w York it public. Thin opportunity will not therefore be lo*t, or H we are disappointed in the taite of the Park audiencea. In addition to "Ion" will be presented to-night the faro* F of "Slmpaon h Co." Jl Bovvcar Thkat?f.?There was a very excellent house * at thi* theatre last evening,and It 1* no mor* than juit to ^ ay that th* performance* were excellent, and received* A a* they dea*rv*d, much applaus*. Th* piece* enacted ^ were excellent, tad each actor performed hi* part in a ? very oommendable manner. Mr. Marshall excelled hlii- ci elfin hi* part, and it besoming a very great favorite. We observe that the bill for this evening include* three ^ excellent and very attractive pleoe* ; such as we are ii confident will draw to that theatre as much as It will ti conveniently hold. The flrxt piece Is the drama of the y " Carpenter of Rouen.'' the next the favorite piece, ' Ho- iv fer. ihe Tell of Tyrol,"* which I* verv much admired; ami .1 the twit Ih a Yankee burlesque on the " Lady of Lyonsn Thin bill pmmitti three different kinds of amusement, v which cannot fell to please the varied tastes of ail. t Chatham Thkat?c.?We attended the Chatham " Theatre last evening as uhuuI, and found it crowded to ? excess. Ou looking at the bill of performances, we did c not wonder at it, for we saw that Jim Crow Rloe, the ^ very prince of darkiet), and Mrs. Nlcholls, were engaged 4 to perform. The amusement* went off with much h eclat, and the audienoe seemed mnoh pleased. The " monologue en the " Decease of O'Connell," wax sung by * the whole company, and wax rapturously applauded. 11 The bill for this evening comprises the comedy of the " "Castle of Linberg," a dance by Miss Deloraine, the P' opera of " Otello,'" and the laughable farce of " 8am B Swipes." The monologue on tnu death of O'Connell will be repeated too. ^ I'almo's Oi'i:na Hoist.?The mania lor witnessing the performances of the ltaveis still oontiuue, and, every A evening, they attract the largest audiences of any thea- * tre In New York, compared with its size. The enter- Q) tainmeut of last night was received with tho greatest tr enthusiasm, aud to return the oomplimeut to their supporters, the Ravels display each time the best of thtir '''' pantomimes and the funuinst of their tricks. Therepreneutatlou of this evening, for the benefit of M. and .Mad. ^ Leon Javelll, promises to be one of the most t-cellcnt tj ever produced by these wonderful ucrobatft. It will couslut of the vaudeville, in the Knglish language called the " Three-faced frenchman," in whloh Uabriel Havel has the principal parts. Alter which, the fairy spectacle en- ' titled " Iteauty aud the Beast'' will be enacted, by Miss " Clarke, aud Messrs. 1'lacide, Hefton, Walcott, and other 01 good actors We are glad to anuounce that, d la 1It- 01 nandt generate, tbo excellent pantomime of "Robert H Macaire 'will bo once more performed by the Ravel fa- *1 mily. Tliis is, indeed, a grand bill, which, we hope, will " be quite attractive f r the admirers of Aladaui't Leon a Javelli aud her worthy husbaud, who is, undoubtedly, 01 one of the favorites of the public. We hope that their *' benefit will be a bumper. They really deserve it. Bo\m.iiy Amfhithka 1 at:.?John Gossln, the celebra ted clown, whose name in so well known throughout the T oouutry, appuuitil lvst evening at the Bowery Amphi- w theatre, for tbo first time thla season. As cuight bn ex- n peotcd, hij reception wati enthusiastic, and.we may add It his performances und bia trick* were duly appreciated. With Uossin and the present stock compauy, the Bowery ta Amphitheatre is sure to prosper; but in onier to give it U additional attraction, we uuderstand the manager has w engaged the celebrated Holland aud Carlo families, and ti that they will appear here Very soon. 01 Da. Coltkh'b Modki. Pr.*?owiric*Tio!?a.?We attend- * ed the first exhibition of Dr. Colyer'a troupe of model j| artists last evening, aud wo nre free to Hay that they ex- d eel anything of the kind we hate ever aeen In New York ^ Before seeing it. we were afraid that It would net be as (, chaste aud pure as w? would desire; but after seeing t them a short time, that impression was soon dispelled W? did not remain long enough to see the whole, but j> from what wn saw. we can truly asy tUat the most fasti- a dlous could uot flud fault We s?w accurate repreaen- t, tattoos ot, the ni'?t exquisite works of the most renowned snmpior* of the old world- mch aa Titian, Van- , bdvke, Rembrandt. and a host of others, equally cele- j; rated: aud we learned from noranna nrmunL h.?.. "men tha originals, the personllicatio'nb of them, last ,j erening. were Very accurate v !^au%mk Bmior'a Concf.rt.?Tho concert season * opens to-night, and It Is an opening auoh a? no season | within our recollection Han yet had. Krery individual , of the thousand!* who hare heard .Madame Anna Bishop ? during her recent engagement at the I'krh, has been gra- . tlfled and delighted a> much with her artistic and i finished style of singing, as with her liue acting But 1 these persons hare never yet heard her in the concert ' room, which, in faot, is the true test of the rooal artist, i and there, as well as upon the stage, her meiiut are ao- c knowledged by all who have beard her. But, besides all * own attractions, she offer* to-niuht the harp of j Bncbsa, which aunouuocment should be, and, we hare t no doubt, will be, in itself sufficient to fill the Taberna- t cle to its utmost bearing Uochra, the great harpist and fi composer. whoso celebrity on that instrument is rery U great, offers all his own attractions to the benetit of his H distinguished pupil Mr Brongb, whose popularity in h New York is so well known, will appear in two capital a songs. There is no doubt that the Taoernacle will be ei rery lull on this occasion. 8 Huimor Blitz.?This extraordinary man?for extraordinary he Is, or he could not perform Huch wonderful ?| tricks and deceptions as he does tjtrj erening at the Society Library- reeelres as much patronage as be t) could expect, considering the large number of places of amusement at present open in the city, ile is attended ^ by hundreds of people; and it is no more than just to say that his magistical feats, and his deoeptlons in reotrilo- a i|ul*iu, are really Extraordinary, and would puzzlo the ai sharpest man. He wi.l continue here the remainder of c< this week. id Mechanic!' Hall.?The mors the public see of h' Yankee llilland Dr. Valentine, the morethevlllriMJmm 01 and the ufttner they appeur, the larger are the audiences p that attend them. Dr. Valentine'* representations of eccentric characters are acknowledged to be excellent J, by all who hare seen theui, and the combined entertain- nc meiits of himself and Vankee llill aru sulllclunt to ex- f> pand the heart of the most misanthropic Individual alive. We believe these performers will not remain here tj after this weak. We recommend our readersto Fee them m before they go. w The new Broadway theatre in to open on Monday oven 11 ing next. The following are the name* of thu officers and corpi tlrumatit/ut with which the house will open:? J1 A. Mann, proptlelur; <>. II. llarrett. acting and slug* mauager; Mr. J. M. Trimble, architect; Mr. J. K. Smith, sceni". artiit., sssisted by<>eo. Ileister, Professor Krlssner. and John Williamson; Mr Andrew J. Allen,cos- ' turner; hamuel Wallace, properties. Jto ; Mr. Ualbralth, , stage carpenter and machinist. The orchestra will be ' full and efficient under the direction of Mr. Ht. l.ukn, whose talent and education ure so well known and ap- l' predated by the people of New Vork. The company ' will consist of the following talent, most of whom are * w?M null uuimita^vivij nuvnil M kUQ |'atrUUHUI lilt! drama, on both sides of the ocean: ? Miits Kanuy Wal- * lack, Minn Itoiw Selbin, Mr* Winstanley MIhs Carman, " Mrs. Hixid, Miss Helen Matthews. Mr*. Watt*, Mrs. a KiUJumes, Mrs. Bernard, Mile. St. t-lalr Mrs. Serjeant, 11 Mra. Chapman, Mini Oordon, Mile. Celeste, with a full " and efficient carpi de ballri; Mr. O. Vandenhoff, Mr. w H Wallack, Mr J. Lester, Mr J. Lyme, Mr. J. M. Daw- 'I on, Mr. Vache, Mr. H. Hunt, Mr C. \V. Hunt, Mr. (J. Uhapmnn, Mr. II. Bernard, Mr. J. Kverard, Mr. Fr?*de- " rick*. Mr. K. nbaw, Mr. J. Bernard, Mr. J. Kingaiey, Vlr. J Walter*, Mr. Allen. P1 Dumbleton's celebrated band of Kthioplan Serena- U lersare noon to open at I'almo's Opera House. ( Camlllo Slvori and Henri Heri give a Concert at the 3i rabernaelu on Tuesday evening next, on which Occasion bi .hey offer au excellent bill. ai Mn. Lewis, tha actrosf,w*s lying dangerously ill at St. Louis, at last accounts. Christy's Minstrels are on their way to this city. They {!' gave two concerts in Buffalo on the evenings of Monday ind Tuesday of the present woek. ' Booth, the tragedian. Is at the Atheniuutn Concert rc lall, i'ortland, Maine, playing Othello and other heavy st >u*ineci. pi Mr Dunpiter has given concerts In Boston at the Macule Temple on three successive Saturday evening*, w ince his return from Kurope, to overflowing houses, and t>: s uow announced for next Saturday. His eonoerts are ^ aid to have been amongst the most suocesaful of the ason lie has also b?en giving oonoerts In the prlnci>a 1 towns in tba vicinity of Boston. w| The St. Louis Theatre has been Isaaed for five year* to ro Messrs Ludlow k Mmith. fur (3,400 a year The rent or ins heretofore been in the winter, It Is said, It er rill be leaned to Rockwell for a circus Su Madame Augusta haa oon>pi?te<l a second engagement 'Q it the Buffalo Theatre. j * M'lle Blangy haa left Philadelphia for Cincinnati and .OlliBVlllH Miss Wsmjss. after playing a suco?*sful engagement t the Arch Street, Theatre, Philadelphia, has g <ne west < Wallaok, Webb, and Mrs. C It Thorns, are still playag at tha IloKton Theatre. Maiame and Signor Vlorra,with;a rorni J' bullrt. j? lave arriv?d at Boston, and will appear at the Howard )H| n Monday IIT The iUvhna company of Italian Opera singers aranaw ul'llmg an engagement at tha Howard Alheuaaum loitoo. fro IERA .847. Law Intelligence. Si'pkkior '"or?t, Sept. S3?Before Judge Oakley.? toil VI. Thomas I) //.?y?i.?This was an action on ? jrorolssorv note for $2000. There wore two defences t, t up?firtt. the note wai an aooommodation not*, given t thout consideration; and secondly, it was alleged that c e plaintiff in the cau?e was merely nominal; that the o m of Ketoham, St Dement were the real parties in ti'rest. and that the defendant, who had been a part- *< ir with one Hyer. had made an assignment of their s sets to the Arm of Ketcham, It Dement, for the t> yment of their debts, amongst which debts was this ite, and it was. therefore, contended that it was virtu- * ly paid. To this it was replied, that plaintiffs wsrn N idorsers on the note; that it was regularly protested, r id notice of protest sent to them, and they had to take H up. Verdict tor plaintiff for $'2.10fi. For plaintiff, Mr. >i Ketcham; for defendant, Mr. Horace Clark. si John H Hrocknrr vt. Wm. H Com tens. Trramrer.and ti rtd H. IVay, I'ice Prtridtnt of the 'id Ward Nalivt g1 mrrxcan Jhton ation.?'This was an action to recover ? balance of $240. rent of certain premises in (Iron- si ich street. In 1844. an association was formed in the A ilrd ward, called the Third Ward Native American ssociation. of which the defendant Coztens was ap- P >lnted treasurer and the defendant Way vice president, f t a meeting of the association in 1845, a committee b as appointed, of which Mi. Hyatt was .chairman; the d jmmlttee was empowered to take the premises In ques >u. lur me u*e 01 me a**oaiailon, una, accordingly, * lr. Hyatt, the chairman. entered into a written agrttu- 1' if nt for the hire of the premiiei for one year, from the '' it of May. 1845. to the lit of May, 1B48 The associa- * on occupied tho room for the greater portion of the 1 far 1840, and then left, and refused to pay the rent. 0 1r Hyatt proved the agreement to let, and that he ' igued It pursuant to a resolution passed at one of the 0 je.-tingn The seoretary of the association also proved ? arlou* proceeding* of the auociatlon, and that he had c lie hook* of the association In hi* possession, and hand- ' d them o?er to Mr. Harris Wilson when he retired from c fllce Mr. Wilson, counsel tor the natives, moved for a < loniult on the ground that the association was a self- > onstituted body,^ and could not enter into a valid and f Ending agreement. In lupport of his motion he cited 1 be Revised Statutes and the famous Log < abln case, ecided after the election of General Harrison, which e stated was exactly in point. The Judge said he >ould not nonsuit on that ground; but there was nother point upon which he thought he would neniiuit Je plaintiff, namely, that he had ihown no oonneotlon i the letting between the plaintiff and defendant*. The laintiff's ooun*el then recalled the two witnesses, with view to oouneut the defendants with tbu agreement to t, but failed, and the plaintiff was finally nonruited.? 1 or plaintiff. .Mr. James MoAdam; for defendant*, j Before Judge Sandford?Stephen Whitney it. The ^ layor, Jlldtrmen, <f-c., of the City of Stu> York.?Till* ax mi action of trexpaxs againat the defendant*, for lildlng a pier at thu foot of IVck filip, on thu property ' the plaintiff, at thu foot of Pike ntrvet. The omu wan led before, and a verdict rendered for plaintiff. It was terwarda brought before the Court of fcrroin; the verct net aaide, aud th* case hunt back for a new trial. It its tried thin morning by J udp' Sundford, by couaent ' the parties, without the intervention of a jury, and idguient rendered for the plaintiff, for tho amount of i? former verdict. Kor plalutiff, Mr. K. Sandford, for pendants, Mr. Joseph L. White. Cot iit of O\kii and Tkrminkr, Sept. 21.?Before ildge Kdwards, Aldermen Kelly and Ue Koreat.?After le court waH organized, the Judge paid he mentioned n Tuesday last that there were some twenty indloticntri found by the grand jury of the Court of (Jeneral eMon? returned to tbia court, aud if there were no Mscial circumstances connected with them he would >n<l them back. (Since then lie had looked into them, nd found they were uli ca?ea fit to be tried in the Court T General besaiona. He bad alao looked into the .atuten, and consulted with bin asaociates, and he had o doubt that powur wan given him to return them lutu le Court of Seeaiona. lie would, therefore, direct thu l.?tr tr, ... .... ? - ? ?? .u. uiiuubrn nuourmuKiy 'rut-man K. Young. indicted for couutefuiting bank bills, ax culled, but did not appear, arid hit recognizances . orj fort?itud. 'I'he couri, theu uiljourned. The circuit j tmained in session, and took some Inquests, alter which adjourned. t Unitkd 8ta r ?.h Marshat.'i Off ice, Sept. 'i3.?Jltteinpt t i Mak0 a K.rnil.-lt appears that the packet ship < ucen of the West hauled out of (look yesterday. and ( us towed outside the hook by a steam tux ; when the < ig was about leaving, (,'aptaiu Mallet called all ands \ d deck, snd ordered them to their duty ; they refused, i nd hustled the captain about. The mates came to his I nslstauce, but thiy were also hustled about, and one of I hem badly cut iu the hekd. The first mate was theu ] esputched to the dtj, und procured a warrant from O. I V Morton, Ksq , l ulled States Commissioner, and oue i f the deputy mars als was sent down to arrest and i riuit theui up. lie had not arrived up to six o'clock , his evening. i Common Plica*, S?pt S3? Before Judge I'lshoelTur? 1 )ani>l Jocrin r? An Aolm Ji. Iliilltrton ? This was an ' ctiun of trover to recover the value of p.rperty alleged ' i> be worth $?0 The plaintiff w.s a passeuger in the 1 rig K.urlch, which arrived in this port from Havre lai-t 1 pnug. and of which th? dtfondiyit is master A French 1 rlest took passage at IIayru, and iu two day* after the ' rig left port" he took sick, and continued so until his ' eath; he hsd no friends on board, and the plaintiff was ery klud to luiu. and relieved his wauts as much as he ran able. The plaintiff alleged that as a tokeu of the iriest's gratitude, he tl<e priest, told him he had a trunk n which there were eighty francs, together with some rearing apparel atid trinkets, which were of the value ibove mated, and Insisted that plaintiff should accept ol bem; the latter refused; the old man agalu tir^t d him o take them, saying, he knew he oould nut live, audit ould relieve hiui very much if h? would take them I'he plaintiff at list gave his consent, and accepted them is lie alleged, in the presence of three witntsfes. aud also ;ot the keys. In two or three days after 'he priest came in deck, and It was said jumped overboard, and whh Irowued. The defendant, as master of the v< ssel,afterrards prevailed on the plaintitjf to give him up the iroperty, and refused to return it when they landed in his city A nonsuit was asked for, on the ground that ne eviuence aid not suow under what circumstance. or or whatpurpose the property was Kif?o to plaintiff; nor id it show the old man wan in ext remit. It wan also sked uu another grouud, namely, that the fact of hi* avlng committed suicide showed that he wan crazy, nd incapable of maklug a will The nonsuit wan iiraulJ Kor plaintilf, Htalimclit, for defendant, Mr. T. edgewlck. Coi rt o? OtntRAi. Sr.itiont, Sept. 113.?Deforo Reorder Ht-ott and Aldermen Npoflord and Dodd. John IcKton, Km( , District Attorney. Trial for Jitiaulting an Ojfictr.?At the opening of le court this morning John <.ox was pUci'd at the bar ir trial on au indictment for huving, on the UAth day August last, committed uu assault upon William ehan. a policeman. William Mkiiah, on being examined, deposed?I am pollut-man; on thei&tbof Augunt I arrrsted a prisoner, id wtriVs ipi my way to the station bouse, Cox, with a mipany oT men. attempted to rescue the prisoner from iy custody; Cox struck at me several limns with a club, e his been in the coustant habit of attempting to resile prisoners. The Jury found a verdict of guilty, but the Court suseuded judgment. Trial for Grand Larceny?William bocor was next laced at the bar for trial ou an indictment for having a the 30th day of August, stolen from Augustus Hud>n, of Westchester county, a horse and >v?gon worth 100. Aviii i tui III'D(o* sworn ?I live in Westcliostcr counr; I keep a public house; ou tho 30th day of >\iigU3t, iy hone and wagon were stolen from my barn; I afterards lound the horse aud wagon at Mr. Udell's, in the lird avenue; they were stolen by Win Hecor; he was r unk at the time, and I do not believe, from the circumunces. that hi* bad a fnlnninMM Inrunt - I dn ?,?i K^l*?? e would tiHVH taken them if he hud been sober . JamksM. Ooki.l sworn?I reside at thu corner of third . renue and 3ith f?tre?t?; I bought the horse aud wagon , i question on tho morning ol the 31st of Augint, from , 11 prisoner; he told me the property belonged to hiiu; give hint fii't for the horse Mr IIli'n r, counsel for the defenco,contended that a* in oflence wan committed out of,tho oily aud county of lew Vork, this Court bad no jurisdiction in thu i'mo, ad the Jury accordingly ac'iuiUrd him Martin Hnrr..?This individual. who was indicted on yeunesday lur bigamy, was this morning brought Into uurt by officer Luouard.on a bench warraut. His counsel, Ir. Ilrudy, contended that as proceedings were yet pendigln tha case of Hari>. before Jud^e Kd wards, this court i as as yet no Jurtsdiotion over it ; that the indictment uh illegal, anil, therefore, moved that thu Indictment bo Hashed. The District Attorney, on the other, , intended that the proceudlngs were legal, aud moved y ie commitment of liare to the city prison. The court j rurruled thu motion of the District Attorney. and the t risoner was remanded to the custody of tije sheriff. otil to-morrow morning Trihl fur liurftlai y?Hugh Mooahan was then |liocd T I the bur for trial, iiu an indictment for burglary in the 11 'd degree, in having on the 7th day of January, 1HI >, urglailously entered U,n store of Mr. Abram Herlbner. li id stealing therefrom boots and shoes to the Talus ol a M>0. Aniiam 8. Si arnica, on being sworn, deposed ? My ? aoo of business, in January IMA, was at 7.1 < atha- e no street; my store was cloned on the night of the 7th muary, 184ft, about 10 o'clock ; I went to the store (ixt morning, when I found it had been entered ar.d " ibbed of a quantity of boots and sh es ; the properly * olen was worth >400; I found a part of tho stolen 1 roperty at Monohan s house In 'JUt street. Kor tne defence an alibi was set up ; several witnesses ? ere also called to prove the previous good character of fi io accused. 1 he court adjourned, at 3 o'clock, until b i morrow morning, whtin the trial will bertsuuiod. CorAT or Arrears ?Sept tfJ - Straohan resp'ts * h Ilensliaw, app't Motion to dismiss appeal Granted. 1 itb costs of appeal and of motion Palmer, deft In i r r ads Conley et al. pi Its in error Motion to quash writ T error (iranted with costs Britton at al pills in H ror, vs. Frlnk,sheriff, ke daft in error. Judgment of I1 iprema Court affirmed, with costs No M. Dank.plff. d error, vs Hnuckenbu?h, deft, in error Mr O K mstock concluded, and finished tba argument for deft \i error, and Mr A Tuber cioaad for pi0 In error ri l'he Court oallad through the calendar, and no onuses lug ready, took a racers until 3H P. M. f ;ot aT CsLKNnsa?Circuit Court?Th'? Day?Before ol dsn Kdwards Nos M 39 ??,#? to77. Commnn Pirut W Uelore Judge uiehoeffer - Noa 19, I A, M, ftrt. o7, ftrt, SI II 1, 'ifi, fll, llj (itt 67 rtS Su/,rri'>r C*/tul~ Before a; dges Oakley and Saniiloril Nos 14. 1*3 Ittl, itil I7tf si I, 331. lt??. IH4. 186. IDS, IH7, 6J, H3, IKS to V00 iuclu- p a. This ia the laet day ol the term of thia court. V The Dismal Hwamp i anal sustained aarioua damaga \ m the lata heavy rain*. . " mmmmmmmmrnMMW LD PrtM Two CmU. ? Police Intelligence. Kxyrtu, Robbery ?On th* arrival of the ftfmiwt \ orcester from Boston, on WodQMUty mornlni lilt* be me*??nfc?-r. belonging to Adam, txpim, discovered be door of his o*r open. which at onoe created orolien, and en examination he ascertained that a bu ontaini <? m(HW in silver. had been carried off ?vtde?U r dun* by *oine expert thief. A man. It appear*, we* sen to pax' off the boat with a hear j bundle under hi* ,rm. ooTei ed up in a piece of oil cloih, which la supposed > l<?ve been the stolen ni"ney jlrrtit on Sutjttcion.? Captain MoOratk, of the 6th aril pour.. ?rr?--ted early yesterday morning, *t the orthern Hotel, f >ot of I ourtlanlt street, a young ut allibg H H Howard, but whose real name U lenry lloeford. under suspicious circumstance*, having i hi." possession a quantity of dry goods, supposed to be lolen or obtained by false and fraudulent repreaentalonn. consisting of laces, re wing silks and fanoy dry oods, valued at several hundred dollar*. This yonng lan has been employed a* salesman in several dry goods lores in this city. O wners are wanted for the property. ipply at the office of the chief of polio*. V S ?Store the above was written a telegraphic de*a'ch Las been reoeived by Captain MoGrath, from ,>ringfl*!d. .naesachuaetts, stating that Hoeford was In uatness there hot had left suddenly without paying hi* ebts The acoused was detained for a further hearing In lh? Cat* of Thumai B Doriey?Thl* young man ruB arrested a few nays ago on a oharg* of oonstruotlT* irr?ny. In obtaining a gold watch from eaob of th* foliwinK gentlemen ?James II. Brush. Alexander Grant. ad \vm B.Moore, by false and fraudulent repr?**atai> Hi Th? l n?M*t???? # w ? a*? r*_*_ w _ ? kntoiV Jiuun vruw u Wednesday lac'., which resulted in the magistrate toldlng the accused to ball In the sum of $600 on eaoll on plaint. , Chargr of Burglary ?Officers Willis an<l Whitahart, if the third district police, arrested yesterday a black I'llow oalled Augustus Haiupl* on a charge of burglarW >mly entering the premises No 4.10 Houston street, ocsupled by Mo*es Leonard, stealing tberefMm a cloak, a )nd cjullt, aud other articles of clothing worth $10, together with t>.?o in nilver coin. A |>ortlon of the olothlng was recovered by tbn officers. and Justloe Tlmpaon committed him In lull for trial. Stealing a Ottrer Kile#,of the 6th ward, arretted, yesterday, a young man of respectable connection*, by tne name of Kdward Jehnson, on a charge of stealing a Tent, valued at f>4. from the store of Daniel Rhodes, No. SOU I anal street, lie was caught and the property recovered. Justice Drinker locked htm up for trial The Smitht in Truu/ilr.?A woman, calling ksrtelf Mrs. Smith, was arrested, yesterday, on a charge of Healing a lot of wearing apparel, together with several pawn tl.'Kets, worth In all toe property of Klixabeth Smith, residing at No. i:i<> Ueekinan street. Justloe Di inker looked hi r up for trial. Jirrett on Suipiciun.?Officer Doyton of the 9th ?nrd, arrested yesterday a young man, calling himself IVUlium Iloit, whom be spied in a grocery store weighing lrc silver table spoons, marked K. A. D , with the hanlles bent up. in order to sell them for old silver. He was conveyed before Justice (loom at the Jnd district polioe, ,ud locked up. ,\u owntr is wanted for the spoons. Aptly to the above magistrate. _ ? i mtfrir *'ii\uuli. - umcer Hitler of the 3d ward, arreted lust ni^ht a black It How railed John Peter, oa a ibaigf of u.?iiaulttng H'Uh T. Byrne. residing at 146 Jreenwich street, with a razor, inflicting a severe round. Locked up for trial by Justice Drinker. Velil Larceny ?A woman tiling herself Kliia Mo t'Ln, wax arrented yesterday by a policeman, baring la it-r possesion a lot of wet linen. amongst which wu a ihlrt marked James 11 ludi*. No. A7. An owner la wanted. Vpply to Mr. Mountfort, Uerk of police, 'id dUtrlot, 0th ivenue. Jlnailtcr?Officer" Owens, of the Cth ward, arreatei restcrday an old tnlef called Pat Dolan, obarged with it-aling a bundle of wearing apparel worth $11, the iroperty of Mary Heed. No. N Orange street. Locked ij> fur trial by Justice Drinker. The Implied Cunfcetlnn or (lit Dak* Of fraaitn. The London Tunei of the 4th Inst, has a letter (ram t.i Paris correspondent, from which we select the followng:~ The Mimiieur coatalns a new and movt important arlcle, (which will bo fouad below.) being the oonfeaaion if the wretched murderer, made to the Doke Deoaaee, irand ltefereadary ot the chamber of Peers, whleh he the Duke Decases) communicated to the Court of Peer* >u their nest sitting of the 30th alt. This dooumeat, tt ?ill be seen, tully absolves the itovernmeat and the tuihoritles of all knowledge of, or instrumentality In :he death of the assassin, an J. taken lu connection with Lhe manly independent language and conduet of tha Duke* de l'(i?.[Uier aud Dec.axes, in the affair, cannot fell 10 remove the odium wh^ch minor*, apparently corroborated, were calculated to attach to all who partloipaUd in the custody of the murderer. , Still it reinaius proved that the Inferior officers chare d with the surveillance of the assassin ware culpably omitting to anarch hi* person when first ;oiuuittte<r to their care, and their negligence n farther sstabllrhed by the evldencuof the vain de cKambri, who remonstrated with them on their inattention to tb* movement* of hid master. Their officers allege in their left-nee, we uudi-rst&nd. that they obliged tha Duka Ifraaiiu) to take off the frock ooat in which he appeared tolhuin. lie replaced it by a ruhr dr < hambrt, lu the pocket of which, it isi-upposod b? had placed the polaon. " Ou Tuesday morning, ' said the Duke Deoazea, ' at tin) request of thu iarnily. and to accomplish what 1 oonnidered a duty, I walled on the accused lu hi* prison. The Duke de rrusliu having complained of excruciating Hutleriugs, I observed to him that i.e must have anticipated those sufferings, siuce they were the result. of tba poison lie had taken, mid that the physicians. being ifuoraut oftbe nature of the poison. had hesitated to prescribe fur him, whrn they wrro inlortned that two phiaU ot luudnnuin. nearly empty, had been discovered In hla desk. The prisoner replied that' he had not taken laudituum .' In answer to a second question, he laid that ' he Lad swallowed arsenic, which the small bottle found in his robe dr chambre on Krlday had contained.' 1 then asked him how he had procured the poison Ha aasureil me that' nobody had given it to him,' and that ha ' brought it on the eve of the crime from Traalin.' Ha moreover 'protested with warmth against the supposition that he had Intended it to poison the Ltucbesa ' " He added, that he had swallowed that poison on th? day of the crime, at the moment when he perceived, by thn in?*fttfur?4a iidnnttul ?i/h ?/* *?! ?? ?%- u seriously suspected. Ms suicide, In the face of (uob mi accusation, was a confession. Having remarked thin to him. he remained silent, but be denied with considerable vivacity baring confided to any person tba project of his crime; and, as his explanations were Interiupted by moans canned by the pains ha experienced. I askud him if the sufferings of tils mind were not still mora poignant than those of bis body, and if they did not inspire him with a deaire to allay them by the expression >f tbe repentance hn must feet in his heart, adding, that lis tuLoily wai inclint d to believe that he must have loinmitted so hirbarou* a crluis in a paroxysm oflnsality, which ha had no doubt bitterly deplored. " The unhappy man. raising bis eyes and hand) toward heaven, then exclaiuied In a broken but strong roice,' Oh, I do deplore it!' I next took oocaalon to iay tiuit, lu that supreiuu moment?ill order to satisfy oth the justice of Uod aud man. It was desirable that .be expression of his repentance should be as public an lad been his crime, and that a full conlession should 'Xplain, at leust, If it were possible, the delirium under which he acted. I offered, if he were disposed to makr hat contession, to send for the < irand chancellor, or to write it down and certify it myself. These last words, which he listened to With a lively emotion, seemed to sxeite a struggle j,i his breast, and, after a moment of lesitatiou, he rubied,' I am too latigued?too suffering, it present. *1V11 the Chancellor that I request him to lone te-morrow.' ' 1 he disturbed state of mind of the accused was too risible, and the suffering condition too serious, to per- / nit thii prolongation of our conversation. The phvti besides, tiu l just declared that It w\a urgently leaersary to offer to the patlrnt the iMt consolations of elision. Thn family having made choice of no clergyman, in the absence of the venerable pariah priMt of ht. Sulpice, tho Chancellor intrusted that mission to tbo parish priest of St Jacques do Iiailt ras.". The court ia aware that., after thn pious ceremony, which appeared to have restored a little etrength and calm to the aocueed, the Chancellor olleri <1 <ujc? more, but in rain, to receive thn declaration he bad manifested bin wiilinguess to make. ' Movements of the P?epl?> Wm L. lieai born, ha j . of ltoxbury, son of (ienerftl II. A S IJesrborn. ha* beuu appointed Superintendent nfthe Norwich and Worcester Railroad, in pl*o? of J, W. Htowt'U, resigned. Mrs. Henry Clay wm born n?ar Hlllsboro. North arollna, and removed thence to llagerstovo, Maryland, i here she r aided till she h'rew to womanhood. Krom Ugertown the w. ut to hentucky, and waa there united o Mr. Clay. Uovernor Wright* friends have had a county oenention | t Canton, at wtuch they resolved to erect a itonument over his grave. It is said that Mr. Tweedy, the whig oandidata for de>gate to Congress, from Wisoonsln, has be?n elected by t least a thousand majority. The wblgs of Ashtabula co , Ohio, in convention aa niMrd on the luth, nominated ThomaaCorwin as their audidata for the Presidency. T^l,. #IJI LI .... >.? win*" ? ?uruigan naro nominated lame* M. ltdlunds of \V'e?hteijew tut the whin oaudidete for Oo* rut, hnil II. L. Miller, of S^Iiimw, for Lieutenant ioveruor. The whig county contention nt Detroit nntoimoiul; m'l-il, nominated John McLean for f're?ld?nt. tb? rlendi of ( lay aud 1'ayior, it is laid, giring In Uittr nl ikn. A whig meeting wa* to b? hold at Hoxbury, Maas , oa Vfdm iday ei uiog, to op?n the politic*! muod In tbtl ukrter. The New Jereey Democratic State Convention mat at renton. oh Weuu*?day, and nominated for Onvtroor i?ni?l Maine* of ttuiwex county. ?tiu filled the office in 143. The whig* were to bold their coavwntioa yeet?r?r The Ma?iacliu*?tta Demnoratio state Convention a?iV.lneec**, and nominated <>en Caleb running for 0??ruor,aiin ll?nry W Cmhaian for Lieut Ootmuot At county meeting of whig* la Ohio they pa?*?d the liowiog ?Ke*olved, Thet we hui port uo man for ITIne wlii U either destitute of all political opinion* or ho want* the moral pourxge to elprea* them " At iayton they gave thi* Vereton " Reeolved, That we re o^poMvJ to the noiuinxtion of any man for the Predeucy who he* no tlxed principle*, or 1* uuwilllng to ruclaun them on the hointe top* " ol J < Kremont arrived here thi* mornlog In the Wilmington beat, ana took the cam Immediately for ilken. where, we uoderetand, hi* mother 1* at prearat ulto tick.?CAet lulon Patriot, Htpt SO *

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