Newspaper of The New York Herald, October 4, 1847, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated October 4, 1847 Page 3
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f r Gulf la the pronouncement? published by Santa Aunt taneltaMr iftn the battle of Bneitt Viata, he dlatloetly allude* to the Rio Grande the bourdary betw?*nthetwo countries, and in all hie remarks upon tta*t point conveys the belief that the Rio Grande *ta' in b<a miud the recogniaed boundary. We d> not allu to to ihi* a* aa item of muoh Importance, ua t'ji views and opiuioue of theae .Mexican leader* underg > to clun atioh oomplete revolution* that they ure of no particular conHeijuence, any further than to ahow the incontiKtoncy of them There U one part of the rttcent negotiation!) near Mexico, between the commia aioneit of both oountrie*, which la very creditable to the bouor ot Mexico, and that in, the determination with wiiicb thry adhere to the N'uecea aa their eastern boundary The war cammenced at this point, and upon this poiut the treaty failed. They will aell any other part ?f their territory; but the principle upon which thvy fliit took up arm*, they steadily adhere to. The whole difficulty hinges upon this one thing, and It therefore resolves itself into one question?Will the Mexican* ever finally abandon their elaim to the territory between the Nueces and the Iilo Grand* ? The receipt of the advices from Mexico, alluded to above, hud rather a depressing influence upon the stock mirket g"i'erolly, but particularly upon treasury notes a>id other government securities. The impression had beror-e pretty general that the n*zt arrival would bring v a c lunts of a treaty of peaoe having bren agreed upon, a"d ih? disappointment has, therefore, been very great So fur a* the actual effect of th* news upon Unancial and commercial affairs generally Is conoerned, we do not think It will amount to much. A few days will sufflo* to got thing* in the commercial world quiet again, when we hull realize very little change. Muoh. however, depends upon the course pursued by the government, not only towards Mexico in the proseoutlon of the war, but In re wilt Lave to bo rained in Horn* way, and unless some of the mott rigid restrictions of the independent treasury act are temporarily removed, to meet the em?rgenoy, we f.-vr considerable difficulty will be experienced in negotiating them favorably. It is fortunate the meeting of CoDgrt SHU >o near at hand, as the first movement oi that body niiut be to provide ways and means to carry on ib? war vigorously and effectively. Wo annex a table giving the quotations for stocks In thi-i niurket for each day of the past week and at the clote of the week previous. The tendency of prices throughout the week has been downward. QroxATioNt roa the Principal Stocks in thk Nkw Vol:k Market. tint. Mon. Tut. WrA. Th'y f'ri. Hat Treaxnrjr Note* 6'*... lut J81'< ? 104x{ 10t)g I03.y 10?X New Yurk State 6'?... ? ? ? ? lor>>2 ? ? Ohio G'? ? 10f?X ? ? ? ? Kentucky 6V I'll11* ? ? ? lOOK IW>X 1H'7'? I'eiiiisylvanih i'? 7tH ? ? 78X lk'ii 79'i ? Illinois 45* iji; - - ? Indiana 42fc ? ? 43 43 43 ? Usui..* rui u?nU?.. 73 7:1 73 71% 72X 72*4 Heading M'Uce Bond*. I ? 7(1 70X 7l? 70 t>9 Ke uIiiik Killioad. ... C<V 63'* 61^ 64^ 64 63 61 Norwich* VVor 49 43* 48* 48% 4B 47X Krie K.ulroad, old... UO ? ? 61 ? ? ? Erie Kail road, uew... 79? (in ? go ? ? H irlem Railroad 53J< 53 53 53*i 52X 52X &<7i Lo.ilK I?l\nJ 32 3 X 3 ?i 3IJi 3IJ{ 3I>? 3u>? Monnwk .. 7J ? ? ? ? ? ? St.imuKtou 57 59X ? J9X 60)i ? ? Parmer* Loan 3IV 3 X 31 31* ?' 3 Q 30X 3(.>i Canton Company.... 3tJ? 3i'? ? 3Ui 3lja 3iK 3Sli Morri? ('anal |'(K 12^ 13 1 13 12*4 VickuhurK 'X ? ? ? ? ? United Slatet Bank... 4>a ? ? ? ? ? 4l? Km Button 21L' ? ? ? ? ? ? Norili Atn'n Trust... 8jJ ? ? ? E?,' ? ? A comparison of prices ruling at the close of the market yeslet day, with tliose current at the close of the prevlou ' week, exhibits a decline in treasury notes of 1X per ojr.t ; Reading bonds. 3.X : Reading mortgage bonds, IX; Reading railroad bonds, ; Norwich and Worcester. IX ; Harlem. V/% ; Long Island, IX ; Farmers' Loan, IX ; Canton, ; Morris Canal. 1 ; Uuited Slates Bank, X- It will be perbeivml that several of the fancies have been vi-ry inactive. The small fancies require such a small sum of money to carry tbeta, that holders generally withdraw them from the market when prloes are mu ii depressed, and wait frr an improvement. The reoeipts of tb? Stoniugton Rail Road Company lor thi munth of Heptember, wern unprecedentedly lar^c. and notwithntiioding the rival routes the number of p'.sf?-ngers carried exceeded by more than three thousand the number for the corresponding period lalt year If the couuection with the Boston and Providence Hailroad in mide at the Cove, tbla stook will aoon be selling at par. It is now worth about eighty, as it pays a dividend equal to mora than six per cant, on that amount. The Vermont Central Railroad is progressing rapidly Fourteen hundred ton* of Iron have been delivered upon tt'ii line, aud the workmen have commenced laying the rail*. Il is expected that six hundred tons more will b?i delivered, making two thousand, and all will be laid this fill This quantity of iron will furnish about twenty to twenty five miles of road. Tb? Mudisou and Iadianapolis (Indiana) Railroad has been completed, and the cars now run regularly between those two points Thu Cambridge Bank, Mass., will pay a dividend of 3X per cent, and the Charles River Bank one of 3 per cent The Ooeau Dank of Newburyport, * dividend of 6 p. r cent, and the Merchants' and Mechanics' Batiks, 3 per cent each. The annexed statement of the Treasurer of the United Slates exhibits the amount at bis credit in the Treasury. with aHKietunt treasurers and depositaries from publio depcaits and the mint, by returns received to Kept. '20:h ; the auiouut for which drafts have been drawn, aud w. rent that time unpaid, aud the amount then r?m lining fifj'ct to drift; showing alno the amount Of fu'ure (rentier* to and from depositaries, as ordered, ince the previous report by the Secrerctary of the Treasury. ( Di rosiTFs?Ca n os ntkti. Sfft 20, I" 17. ?liu't D?rftnolvd J)m'l on thu iiai/al/1', luhjecl drpo- inclilu ii miifert in hi what Place tile, oil old dtjiot rs. draft As i?i i i > ' u ti, Beaton. J'j.l 592 ? :<i t-ti-l Vfj ?27 A? iscnit Tr-esu e.-, N V .. :i,<iii >51 3,121 6i5 2,i79,8:.6 A?? tii te a er, Pf ili'n. 148,7.4 7l,4i3 72 J. I Tie Mil} ol III* U. a. VVii-limat . l> U 142.301 21 5W 121.743 A? t TnM iier, Chfleaio.i 78 618 7,793 70,819 A?-'t ?urer, N. Orleans, 2 569 319 2,19! 412 3'6.90t> ^t.'iTie all tr M Louis... 44117*3 229 661 211 CK On m tin ?i Ruff In (Ii6 663 18! l). (i . l,ry Ht hl imore... . 60 UI4 38,37* 2161' I). |i > u y i C Kiclirnoml,... ft, J17 721 5 1% 1> |>'> 'ar> at Wil-nn.clou,.. 1.4 5 Kit 771 lie Oiii^ry ..t ?*avaiiiiah 10 822 5 91) 4 903 I) . Hi I .r> at Mobile 8.723 2 721 5 999 I)-i? tit iy it fs asheille.,. . 8.2i8 427 7.821 Dui'n?ii iv ?t 1 |||< iiinati..., 39 971 JI BS'! 8,I1M I) ! sir.iryat PitKlniru 38 lj 2U U?i" n't v at Vobile ^ \labuni Iiiiim no e.) . 1,8,3 ? 1,853 Df|i lita.y at Litile Rock, vk ?M 16.917 1555 15 401 ?P -.nar) at JtffrTsoovilip, I .li?n?..., 23?(,89 73.08) 163 5*9 D?|. mlay't h.rnii 38 371 HI 615 18>i6 ])? mlnrt Ol 0-tioit 6 413 5,326 1,12' K i-.k ' I i.mine Ce. N Y... 23 5 >1 23.551 ? Ki'inrf <mr ica x. V.... 3 111 3,HI ? H .uk f Vi.l.lleiown, Pa.... 25,525 25,525 ? B |||. of Ml b, 49 49 ? II i< > L"ai?ii a, N. O... 5uo 5.10 ? The C* ? an! Ba kn.R t,o. >-<* Orleans 5,234 5,231 ? Li u sv"e S viiiR* Inat. Ky. 112 142 ? !! It f NorwaU. 1 h >... 13 1J ? Wise -sin Vlmine and Fire I ? Cn VI I-ankle ... 50 50 ? 1W i.f Ml Luuia. Missouri . 063 868 ? J-um . im- icH, onis'ei.nin* 2 8311 70 ? 2,838 ? Mi i of tie U. 8 Fh.l d. I4 hi IV.hi 861,728 ? 861,728 B> m il si ntofihe 1J States, I I, I. tte, HI 3 000 ? 32.0CO B n e!t Mi. t of llie U. Mjtei, l> .Ilium na.Ha 26,850 ? 26 810 B rh iitol'theU htalen, New Orleans, La 29 671 250 29.421 *2 3)8 78 It* 989 f>35 6 7{H 606 4,26 t06H AiM tram fei? an J ii iff i el wren aa'|ituie scC 67,5^8 4,311 618 Deduct ?u?feme of . 2 C311 Nit ?m< nat1 ubjretto dr'ft 4,3J8 9-i7 'J'BANirKRS Oansarn. F i m ? v-t' iut Tr-1- Tn -.caintant Tres.u -r N V, . ..S20:il,0P0 m-er, N.O $2,067,560 Fmm Vnt 'tit Tre?- To branrU mint. U. m ?r. 0 50.0'fl H , Nsw O'lsana. 5 01C 2/50 100 2,117,56TU.. ,?l ....V. In ,lnt> An ll.o .lOlt. nf O.h. r w i tnOI ,'D4 larger than la the prerioue month, rhowieg tV 11 the r*c*lptA into the Treiuury frr>m cn?t<im?, tli? Imim fjt Treasury notee, and other HOnrce* hr?re exceeded th# expenditure* How long tU n Mato of thln^a *111 Uat, dependa upon two er.tnta ?th* i>rogri>?* of the war and the extent of our foreign tied* Ir. wilt h-? perceived that the number of deponltorle* I* rnpully failing off draft* having within the paat month b'.'n !r*wn (r r th? he Unpen in nil banking or other r i.u h Tlii* nill reduce tho depoidtorieti to twenty Ovi, n>..k.them ad Mib-tr?apurera. Slur It Kxelmtige. ?'d p T ?aav r.ot'??. i0 % 2J li* vlneon Till 4(S '* ' ! > I" K .'iU uauton Co 3(?< J '<? ?I0 Id ?* 7^ do 130 ST, 1< 1 .. 'I M-* JJ <t,? 3 /o IT f. "M 1(11 no Nor k Wore nIt 4', III 0 Kr .iu.'lii 6> 1(017-1 |! I 47,'., J'i >0 It K n.lf -.<|? #9 .',f| do ,10 nft .' a.I , .) ? no di I Ji ln-,0 ll.rlem PR V\ I I. Mf Til 11 ? Uk l? KM) d i aid .* K Hi ?ih (mi Ilk !>.iX mo (It J. '4 2'' i1 " <-' L.H n!"0 30 MM) (lit , io JiJi i 'f 31 50 needing; JUl 12% j" <lo 30 yi M do SI M d> HO ?3W 2i V--rS t- Fi Co 6 .'.0 do 1,10 ?J V\ vlon . C* id I2X ">0 do bit) 01 50 <l? b!6 11s tl<() do ?ty i;Hi lit do I2tf ',0 do GlU, .VI do ,1m I / .S, II.OL Ulxud RK b30 )i )2 V) VTmli (> >* 104 700 do 3n^? II l tie* Scrip 116 200 do nw 30}, I * ' I ?s Neejlid Board. I 15000 T'??? MMsala 1?IH IS* ahi HarJjm Hit 51 ' 3'i aha F mm' Lu XU 25 Nor It Woic RR 4TW I M d.> HU 100 do \'?3# ?7K i 50 do *5 do *7S J?Ml do lili W"a 25 rmitoii Co tt? mMMHK 3f?, to Mo.rf?C?n?l IIV 200 ilarlem ftR ?1 5i>f 350 Reading RR 62li 2?0 do sJO i' 5*1 dj ?3 6l\ flew Slock E? h?n|i?. 1 50 ?hi Farmers'Tr b-iw 30 5<? shs Hail?<* RR ?90 V*6 50 do >41 SO U L l?l 'ud HR ?I5 50 do C 50 do i>M 30'. 100 Harlem RR ?ry 50 M d. 3UK Ml do 5i'3( 50 Mo D?r J? 10 do si 50V :<? Ncr fc Wore RU ?3 <:>; 10 do s?M 50 >* 50 do I'i ?7jJ 150 do C 51 50 lio e AlYt 100 do H urrv TKAOti KKPOKT. Niw Yoax, hati.'rdav Aprranoon, Oot. 3. Tha market*, a* usual on the ere of expected foreign news, per Atlantic * teamen, were rather inactive, i There were sales of new and freah ground Oeneseu and J Oswego Flour at previous priced. Old brand* stood ax before, with limited sale* The demand for good Wheat | was ateady. A small lot of handsame Genesee sold ut ' an advanoo. Hales of Illinois red were made at full price*. Corn?The rates varied very little from the 1 closing prices of yesterday, but in the main the murktt was Inclined to droop, and quotations were lightly in favor of buyers. liy* experienced no chauge. Oats | wem firmer. Meal sold at full price*. Sales of M?s? Pork were made early, at 12)* cent* higher thin wuh i offered yesterday ; but before the close sales wnr* made : at a decline. I'rime do. stood as before lu Groceries J transactions were light, aud without change in prices, i Ashk??Sales of 60 a 60 bbh. Pots were made at $5 AO, and '26 do Pearls at >7 12X. They wero afterwards | held at *7 25 | Bkeswix?The market was firm at '24,1^c n 23r BaKAUiTurri?Flour? Sale* of 400 * 600 bbls. new Oeot see were made at $6 SO*; 100 do. Ueuera Steam i Mills were made at $ti; 300 do Oswego new wer? made at $6 76, and 6><0 do freiih ground do at $5 02X; bt>ls. ! l} *n>-Kee frrsh ground were taken for export at $6 76; .'(>() do. Michigan were sold at $6 200 a 3n0 d? Ohio, obietly ftucy brands sold at $6 76 a f6 d7)?.aud UK) do mixed Michigan sold at $6 I 2,S? U'hrut ?Sales 1 of tt"0 bushels prime white tiunesef, old and new, were I male at SI 28. and about 1600 do Illinois red at $1 id ] c?m?D?rlug the forenoon and early part of 'change, sales of B.liOO u 10,('DO bushel* worn (old, embracing mixed, at l>3o a 04 \ and yellow ut Oflo a 67c; afterward* 'iOUO do. mixed sold at t>4i>; 3000 yr.llow at tiio; 1500 do Otic; and 7000 do. mixed ou private terms. Mrttl? Sales ; of 100 bblii. yellow New York ground were uihuo at I $-2 7.1, and 10O do good quality at f3 87>i. Ihjc?Kales of 000 bushel afloat, were made at 80c, and 800 a 1000 do. at ai,'?c delivered. Oatt?A Hale of a cargo wad made ut 1 S6c. t<aiUy- Sc sales transpired. Heccipit ilown tlit Hudton t\iver, Odobtr 1. Klour 5.900 barretit. Meal *1 ">0 do. Corn . . 14.7nO bushels. I Kye 1,300 do, j ""Ca.-vdlkh?Sperm wi?re steady at 32o. i Cerr?:c?A; of 350 bags of Uio slightly damaged, was made by auction at 4%q a 6>4c. 6% a tic. cash; s jund Kio was worth 0)fc a 7>go; Sumatra we quote at b\c; St. Domingo at 6 a 6>4c; Java at 8)? a and I Muracaibo at tij* a 7>jc. I Co tton?TUe sales to-day were quite moderate, lut at prioes shaving more steadiness on the part of holders. who were by uu uieaus as much disposed to press | salts us they were In the uaily part of the week, Pish?There were d? arrivals and no sules; Dry Cod was firm at $3 AO a $3 Mackerel remained uuj changed. Htiur No sales reported Hides -Sales for the week were light, the dealers being tolerably well supplied fur the present. About otiOU Montevideo atd Buenos Ayres Were sold during the | week in parcels; part to go to Canada, at 3>to otf The stock in Ur?t hands unsold was about 90,000, principally La 1'lataH Lkad-TIii! market continued Arm, and s*Us of 3500 , pigs were made at $4 50. LKATiitn ?l'h* sales for the week were large, and, with the exception of the auction sale, which declined a j little, on aucouiituf quality.were ni id" at lull rates. The stock on band was light.belugaboui 350 00# sides less than | this time last year i'he next public sale will take place at the store of William Miles, No. 30ti I'eail street, on 1 Thursday ue?.t Molasses- Nothing new. Naval. Storks?Dealers were waiting for news per Atlantic tceamers, and uo transactions of moment were i reported. Oils - Linseed, city pressed, continued In fair demand lit/ iilo: und Anlftfl Of JlMXi era.linn* fc'nrfli-k ivucu mmU ut ! 6Sc cash; 'JOObbla Ohio, deliverable in all Ootob?r,were offered at 67c. At ,V*w Bedford ciudo Spi-rm wad held ut 107o a llOo: Eelectud While,iu thin market, we quote at3i a lOo The last sales shipping do, Were luade at 3>c No ehtiugu in manufactured. I'KovitioM?Sal> j of UK) bbls. mess wero made at $14 3do rfterwards sold at $14 l-.'K. and 61MI do at 14 PnuiM stood at about 1.10 75 ? 11 ?7>4, aud 11 as-ked i Btrf?Nothing done Laid? No rh:tng'> Butter? Sales ot 100 packages of Ohio were made at 1-2 a 14 cents [ C'Acje?Sales of 340 boxen Ohio were rna-le at tij? ots ' dome lota tine llerkimer were Hold at O'aO- The demand { for export continued fair. i lticc?Sales ot about 260 tierces were made, including common at $4 26. and very choice at $5. The rnar| krt was luulineil to droop. 1 Suoak?Ktuu qualities Muscovadoes and Havana I browns were iu fair d-iuaod but no miles of moment reported lufeiior of all kinds wait iuaclive I 1'*Li.o\v?salt* of 6,0li0 lbs. country rendered, were I made at 10c. Tobacco?Wo submit the usual statement, exhibit: ini{ tbe price*, suits, receipts and slock on hand, lor the week ending this aiturnoon:? Sold Hrc\t thil S'?ch f rices. Mil week. week, on hund "ier-.tucky, Virginia au<l N. Carolina,. 3)?to OX 400 hils. 731 l.lids 3793 lidt 3 n 8 vlarylaiid and Ohio. ? ? ? 5 hi) Connecticut teed,.. 6 to 15 ? ? 41 c? I'euusy Ivaiiih ?eed, 7 to 16 ? ? 113 Ck Florida,, 5 to tiO ? ? 120 i t Havana 2jtot7>a ? ? 311 l>U ouu 15 to 3d ? 304 bis 1 tvi III. Vara 35 to 45 30 bis ? t>1 bl3t. Domingo ? ? 165 bis l(ii m? Sales ot Kentucky and Virginia toba co, to simii extent were effeoted Prices were flrm, and steadily advancing. In foreign, nothing transpired worth report iog Whalkboni:?No change was noticud, nor tales reported Whisket ?Sales of 38 barrels State prison were made at 20Xc . aud about Oil lihils drudge weru made at ii!)u . which whh an advance. Khciohts?To Liverpool continue 1 nomlnr.1 Heavy freight to London. wr.s reported at '2 is. a Flour on1 engigi d to OIuk^ow at Is. Gil.; to Harte. coutiuued to ba llie rate lor cotton mKOltUMUC. Market*. Nf.w Oiu.KANt. Sept 'J6 -P M. The tii-ws hrouglit by the slexiner Union at New Vorlt, wis received by mall on the '21th iri't, nnd had the effect of unsettling the markets. Sales of cotton were liilht, and we only note'JOO bales at about previous r.ites l<'*lr quality I pland was worth He a 11>?c.. while good fair to good and tine were nomiual. Flour?The market was dull; tales of I GiiO bbls were mxd>*. inclu ilng Ohio aud Illinois at (1 u f4 35; St Lom'.s < ity VlilU wa? ! worth fit/i0 a $4 76 Corn Sains of 4.000 biisht la were made at tiiM for mixed, aud lion a 70o tor goo I sound j yellow, which was In tCAiity supply Wheat The market continued bare, and no sales oi moment were making 1 Tobacco?The market w?< llrm wilh sains of Kentucky | leaf at 53,'c. Oats ? ales of 300 ssoks were made at 90c [ I'ork?Sales weie light; 100 bbls prime were tnailo at HI I 50; mens was worth >14 a tl I -V) J?*rd, no change, I Whiskey "JOo n ilc Sterling h.lls, 7,'i ?7)?; New Vork sight do, par a S discount. Treasury Noles. par a )}? premium. Freights very dull. AIai'i-IkI On 8'itiday (veiling, tha ltd luatant. nt the Bleecker street Cliurcb, by thn Her. Win. 8 Ualnh. Mr William Caroill. to MI--S s in * ii II a h r tsot, both of this nlty. On thn Dtl Instant. by tli? lte?. Kr;mcts II Conn, Mr. Rohkhi W Johns iom, to Miss Mart Alt Smivkmoi all of thin city. UlMl. On thn 30th September, Itonir.T Lkk Jsccii'it, J*., aged 18 year* ; also, ou the'id instant, Salina AnliKi.ira Ja<ii s ?3cd 30 yearn. ?nn and daughter of Itobt. L. Jaqunn. Their remaiuH wire taken to Itahwuy, N. J , tor Interment. Outhe Irt instant, at 100 ElizabHh street, after a short and painful IllnfM, Marv W Hi r.Kt.r, wife of I'roleaaor John Steele, ngt d 64 yearn On Sunday, 3d liiKtaut, Kr.izAHr.rH AcKr.RMAw, Infant daughter of IVstcr M. and Sarah Oayard, ng?d 1.1 months Thii friends of th? fa-ally uro recf.ectfully Invited to a*t?ml lier fiineritl to-morrow, (Tuesday) 6tti i nxtan', at I o'clock, from thu leaid'Uoe of her patent*, 11 State street. -J.; EL LSI '...i - > f^KKK N TUHTLK SOUP.?The pmpiinor <1 ibe U-uili vl 'ofl'ee III me, No II rin? ?trr<t, t res|? ctl'ully mlvine hit epicure in fi iend? 11, at he lias a few choice I n/tle, l-f',(tli- .n>i uf tlie t-ieseiit seuon,) which be will seive up in "imp ud Hit fhierery d.iv vvek in hi* Usual style. lie >> hIio lirtt rate lot ol Lotg lalaud Terrepioi, which ? ill I'' aeived up in a wav to pirate the jaiUtes of the ntoit laatidiou.i n c re? FsOiilies supplied Tb? larder't kUpplied with l 11 I lie delicacies of the sestoe. ; < iaj,i k s fosi*e rr. fisij \ KfcW AKL) will he aire for a in >1 e ihnt will < f. lecu lly destroy Unriiej Ltwyers ; those vi'e n.? I ct> twnich haee in .ile theirappesrsnre inihi* 'etfion within th l ist four oi live \ ear-) being ei;.i.,|l y nt rupaeiotii na 'it their namesakes o| the profession, ha* e robber! pin der-d plucked strippe-l, stolen and itest'oyrd ibe choicest lr'it cultivated ai my Turculnm. * hi'h overlooks the I'rscl growng cnnatiea of the adjoining H-nie *; iiiinun'Csttoi s must he ddie.ied to " frirate Kiind Mortisues," hot '<<il, [ I '"SCf st > die-. ?4 'I f N~\ll.",*'l WINK." AND *H?> "1 MKB.AD.-iut and VV.- light N?il?, Brads mid "i-'kes .1 ti, K, 9, 12. IH, 21 nn.l 'JQ I !i fl-ine Twit.e I 2 mil II oril (iillii g Seine '1 wiie 2 and 3 th end India rl.i " H.ipt tvel'" do, nfevery aire Wrtppi. f, Wool, and Mmiuf-dtirers' Twines, . f every description i-h e Tb end. of e*ery ileicni 'ion, includ ug Titley, Tutti m mid W .lker's. K rs ilehv o4 t-'.n I EB'? \sr ' ITMIVQ. IBfl P>arl st (1" it i i. " "itT.. KAsiiiu"-aiIi k vaiLoiV, m H n.. * LUM''Tar.r r, opposi e tlie VVuhiridio.. Stoei? lam iiursu ns l:ie only true pi.lir.y, ?n : ??l it.j{ (iKidart'Cle tn low inee. I I see a oust me.- r,n< e. I a n snrj tn see him agai i in to ;erjis-s ce of d ing hi ' jtli' <? \| V i; .mIs m a ' m iiuer recon-ineiid them.eiees Nlv who'e i!tentio.i ii Hnoi ted to || isi', ?hi|" iny skill in cult ? is O iiver< llv ne. Unowledge I Sly c.iods ire II b- uxlit (> r rs?h, >.iid I nve i.o credit, ill the-e iu-'nreinen's sre piesented u> the pu' li nn r is . s for patro?isi?K my rst?M'l,'H?m. M- lesi irnst hnsine<? is m .i* clo' es t i on'er, allliougb I het-p n hn-nlro e aa-o tme it. f eii'y m"de el.nhi- r. 4 ?'i??.c Tit TAIl.O V |i?rson who Ins b-e.i engaceil in the nbor? bin i ess for ser? nl ? ears in tbin city, is desini is ?,f a sirnntion as a eutter nr KriifMl amieriuteiide it of the busmea?. 1 be most le'iiecslde lel'erenr.ea can be giver (a to ability, lie. A note sddreased to l> elix. and left at I hi-?-ffiee will meet w th itttution. o< It?re JAMES COLE, Auctioneer? Lima?tid Important S?leof . Valaabie Lota.attaaMd m the 7th Ward, : Itr ?-f Biook- | | Ivn, in tSe rieiuitv nl the New Waihingtoa Paik, the re?i, iltntnii bir.Dr.Cai.nrfll Oravta. Laq. I J AM ICS Cl)LB w-IUrll tell *t Aactioa. oaTutadav. Oe- I | UHar JA at 1? o'atiicu, at t*>e Merehiiit*' E*iWan*e. I a* I ta | ot groand, ?ltu*t'd ou * uuibrr'mid, Olfoid. ( anion, Msm;den an<t 8t Fr'ix ?traat>: Lafoyette. Portl'nd. De K?|-? nud O >nd ??a?ue? Tli- abov- nrop-rtv > loc?t?d in the mot ! | dm ruble n-'d nealrhv parr t' Brooklyn. and I' m t"o 1 <cr de. I having a line view ol u?i I y the whole rliv 1 f Sronklyu. N ew ' I t <nk tud E '?t Hirer. Sever I line* of omii'buaaea pt?*iienr ; the properly every lew tniuure*. *nd liu di?t u ce fn.01 Mer- | eh tit*' En-hange, Wi.|l utiret. id iliete iol? it no fiea er li 11 t? Hoaitoa?tr'er. N?w Vo k Term*?BOpe eent"f the par. I 'hi u tnoiiev e*u remain <ui boiul and innrlKilt* Cur llirre year*. Title i iduput ble Litif g apbic imp* are now raadv, mil 1 , etiibrhadm the offi.-e of the Auctioneer. 43 Fuliou kltltl, | Brooklyn, and at k. H. Ludlow l( Co V Wall atreet. New | Vo k- o4 3ti* re FW HIlip'iVN. Auctiooeer. -BKAUTlFci L Hi 8ICHVEL) UIHIM ? J. W Browue will eel I at aactmn, I nu IVntUy. Oft Mh. ?' 'Oe'cloik. at 142 Broadway, a laree collect 1111 <.f MtotlVd Bird* compr.i u* the moit heaojlfnl j | bir cf the UVted S ? e?; Miuntni'^ ai d other Birds l' , the Went India an-l '" omli Aineiica; Birds of i*i?radi?e from | Cb'iii; U'me from fclurope, he. N. B ?The?e bird* can be ]?eked to go to any climate. 04 i'i**jn BV LEWWT k.-MOKTKMOHF. ?tttoro 117 Chatham I'reet, comer of Oliver?Sale thi? day, Monday, October 4th, at 10o'clock, ? lirite Co!lection of nuredeemed P edge*. ci'Oii>tin? of Men'* Overcoata, Drata Coat*, Pan? loon , Vein und Indies' Oowna, frhawla Farther Bed*,Pillow*, !<h"fin* and Blanket*. By order of ? UK AH A\1 (?0'?DWIN,Licen.ed Pawnbroker, r.i H*'h It f'entre *t_e?t DU N '..-H. *? t.nn-T?*"?'iire 139 Fulton >lrn? t ? . I.OON AND HOUSKIIOLO KIIRNITIJHK.-Wed! nea'ny at 10 o'clock, at 889 liro dway, comer of 19th at. the euli'e Furniture on the pinoi?ea, b?r and tilturri, glassware, muble t< [i table*, mirror*, wine*, liqaora and aegara, 1 mm, eliatta. print* See., together wi li the Inruiture. anlaa, bareaiu. in b nr-nv ublre. cl>r*ir? brd*tea'ia, bed*, bedding, carpeta. oil 1 I. b, o4 1 S' (>1.1-. LEATKICK AT AU< TJOS-JA?. M MILLER will sell a' the store of Wli.LlAM .MILES, No. SOb P.*ari*irert on Thursday, October 7th, on a creflit of 4 and o mo< rbs, 5001 sides oak aud hemlock turned Sole LWMr, ol th-fo'Jnwi'ig well kuowu Tanneries, rix : Karmers, Kmiire, Katun, H'udburgh, Lee, Middleburgti, and Chesru'kill, with "'h?r articles. a3<i Hire F~'Tr1L1un Nf.W?PAPl>.Hfe?By the Steamer Hiberuia. a'. ilerford fc. Co's, N'o 2 .Istor Houie. Pictorial News,, and Punch, Bell's L'fe in m. Times. Dispatch, IJi.iiil** Je<rold'a I'ape-. tticiriat, Dublin Nation. Kreemau * ur.<al, Wilmer & Smuli'a K.uropeau Time*, ke.. fctc. . wholesale aud retail, at Bcrford It Go'* < .heap Book Eataolishment, No. 't A*t<u If me ol It^rh H\V i * v i(IO\l' O l?KA>' AND JmPOhTED SEO\H8.?86 ih*le? Itlarana Tobarro Leaf nlmoot wrapper ,ami suitable for lite citv tartu. t'or sale in lotstotuit ptireha-era, by J A. LEDON, Vo. ICO Nassau it. N. U ? A l uge lot of[the celebrated Nabsjas Heitara, imported directly in the aliip Adelaide, from Havana. fur sale as above. o4 3f rh LEECHES?Kor aale retail, by HENRV Th I.VIMEH, Chemist and Druggist. o4 It * rh 27 Whitebait street._ S\LESvl.\N WANTED.? I lie suhscritiers want uoor three tint raie Salomon in thei r retail Silk iiepaitmrnt. A. T. STEWART Ik CO.. ol Jt'rc comer li'oadway aud Heide atreet. WANTKD? A ki'UHii in ! i .! i general housework by a yoUDg ?omen who Ins ex-ellent recommendation* Rh' i? a good washer ard ii.iuer, nor' ii willing to make herself u?eful in any capacity. A.'ply at No. I) Chestnut atreet. 0 I 2t * i Ii W?. NTI.1J a I o. i ' i d I n who uacquainted with the bonnets. w' o ine well re-ommeudi'd, m-iy apply at the Vieoiratnbl .. r and fining iti. n4 H*rri W>.\il hU?I .. ii girl, a situation aseksmbetmid in a reapecij .i^ autdv. Recommendations from ScotI >nd will be given a id g.iod references in the city. Enquire aiCAMPBE L'S Daguerreotype rooms, Jlli Broadway, opposite Ktewart'i. o4U*rh Wanted ? a ci. k and laui.ilr* i:>, one t! ll'.ii.<ingM\ | U'ide stand* her buiiue**, nud can take charge of be conking, washing and iioniug for a private family, can have a permai eutpKce wind good wages, by applying at MO'reuv. ichjti?et ill s day. i I li?rh WANTED?Two carpvuters, at *7 Ht<iue st eet, r in |m consrant employment. None need apply but ci tn|iet-ul workmen. ol it*<h WAITED.? A respectable young woman n <uts a situv TT Hon to do housework in a small private family, ot talie ca'e of children. Best of city reference given. Apple #174 Mulberry?t>eet. o4 It'm WANTED?Bv a rrspect'ible fro estant man, n as liu ler Waiter, or will m ike himself geuerallv useful; underftniiida the treatment and driving of horse?. Pie* e ?PPl atjlll H'anto" st'ert. o4 *t*m WANTED?A Vi' wishes to oliMin a situation in an ofTice, or a me caiitile establishment, who wiites a plai", neat uuJ rapid band, and has ?ume geuersl ki.ow ledge of business. Address A. U., st this oflice. 01 lt*m YY AN I K 11 I vl.vltOl AT-I. V?Hever.l 1 ente,. one of tlie moat p ipular perioilii als published iu the country. Mm who raii' wf|| recommended for houeity. nitelli gei.ce. nud euterpriie. ??n make fiom $i to $11 a day, tlio vear round. M me are m knx at these ratei now. Apply to ISRAEL HWTi lt,J WH? lUWti o4 lt?m WANTr.D?A Frotettaii' young w< m*n wants amust'on in aninsll priv?te fmiily, to emit. wash nud iron?no fiij?rt-on to do coking alone. Hood city reference given. Plmwe ?pnlv fit 74 Mulberry s'reel, 2d ll"or. p| li?m j Wamku-ijv a middle aged miui. a mination u coach- i man iu a private f&uiily, or as servant to a (ingle gentlemni. He c hi ot>tniu the b'st of recommendation* from part'?* with whom he lias lived. Addreaa Jame* M , at llm offi.e. _ o3 2t*rc W l.x : h D ?A lew active young men to go snu'ii or west, to act a* agent* for the sale of cew and popular pnblicalion*?S3U0 over and above their expemes, will he insured to tliem in wiiting, with an opportunity of clearing (I0V0 per vear. Soine inrn uow in our employ will no dottbt m ike over ttO'O per year, clear of all .-i|>tinse*. Each man will have In* i?'rcr It will be ecessary f<r them to have at least from 12i to S50 to btan a good fifing out Applv at KHKNCH'8. I nidi ihn.i; Hall. 20 J Broadway, up tail*, office of the King of ourlT' ioh AlU- tei* inu t he po t paid *28 14t?m WANl'K L)?Two gentlemen lodgers The rooms are litiii'toiue nkd well e-rpoted, bu. nnfurnishcd The ti'natt. n n mom e| uible Add-eo H. A ol it od?in AVOUNG viAN perfectly compete t to take ch irge of. or aasis in a first cla>s ho'el, *nJ who can make hinself iL'eeditmly usrful i i rhat bnsi .es?, or with a merchant, wishes a situation to go South. His expectation are inoiie, . ue.uud references undeniable. Address J. At., at the office o: this paper. s22Gt'od ic A Fa k r nk'h v? \mtico in a nut urn g est blishineut, now in ?occe?slul operation. Coo.1-cted the'rwuh IS an engine or 30 hone power, east biii! iliearsleil In n res flit hammer, See The location is very . i Int hie for the supply of coal, iron, and provisions. House rei tjow. The entire concern may be purchased il desired Kile cut'er*. and a liit rate inciter wanted. Address (letter part paid) Box 344 PI tshnmh po-t -nice 3fl' * re I (WW ) vv AN I fcl),-t?ne Thousand \grnl?i?re? i.ted to 1 locta iu different counties for the -ale of anew [' Will oticleihat will come iut< universal use. mid i? need'd by everv man, woman a d child for geueral use ; the bushiest ! s pleaaant and neat. Good business men can mnke t Vto to j SHOO Mr year over all expenses. '1 hose desuou nf makn g money are invited to call; letters postpaid will receivc attention charlvh fuller, | *l4 3l>t*m 272 Greenwich street \/| vl'liliMST.S W ANTED?Three ot four good work* ! i" 1 men tnay find immediate einploymeiit at 4'i Eldridge *t , leertfid storv. ol #r?rc 'I'll EDIi\>R8 IND fUBLlUHe bU?A Prae il hrmi ter i< desirous nf obtaining a situa'ion either in this or is j somes u'hrrn <ity as f reman or composito-. Would pr/f-r g i-g sonth < iui git e rii'iai salitfuctory irlerence* "s to caim. ili ?,& *. A li e a'ilti s?'d to A. M the oflic-ot this per. ? I! meet wi'h iiniwe?l tite attention. r>26'*isr' ' I k i-iHiLLAn 6 HEVV A KU ? L i*t on 1 uesday ev-mng I r last, on the Kaat side of Broadwny, between Union Place i l l fJi ruiit street a Chased Sliver head, betongirg to a cane >\ me ter w ill retain the sitne to 222 Nuit!) street, will rereive t'e *b v?-etvard. i * OP * RT St HqH 1P NOTICE^?Tha suhacrioer having V/ a>?oci >t-d lnmielf with l Jacobs, of the Orieiual (Jhatli.-m street Bazaar ii Chaiham str<-et, as the firm of l..Jacobs si t o ihey will lis harpy to supply their frienls and the imhlic W'atch-s. Jewelry. Musical Instruments, Arcordiniis, aud other articles, wholesale ai d retail. KDVVAKD L. ISA A' 8. nj >?W L. 1 \< OB9. N till I E ?The eonv entltn ol the friends ol Priaon Disci* P ii.e, will meet in the Chamber of the Bn<rd of Alder* i men. on Monday the 4th inst . at one o'cloca, P. M. ?V. T vl'C "u i, Johu liuer, Benj. K. Butler, 'i h ' W, Kdmonrls, John D. Ilusa, Pro?per M. VVotrnore, Isaac T. Hoi per, WillisHail, Theodore T'llkaiui f, lTJ in I oin-nittee I ArraiiL-eiiiri.t". (1 U.l.lfJN \ MS .iKssKM.Klt, LONDON AN1) Fv ] ' * HIS O^SKIIVEII.?Subscriptions fi>r these celehraied ! Ne?v*pan-rs are received ?t No. IU Wall street,by the iimlcr| jinirif. f r Mesars. (Ja'ltrnani. Kor the Mesaenger, daily, ] i ri. ted in Englmh. ?h? m ice is 2'i fraucs forthiee month*. Kor h? t >r server, ? e? UI v.,. I rape. per moil ill, payable in advance, i-tn I.I I .< < J?T' IN , VVELI.S ?c CO , 10 Wali-'t. r\ "lis \N|I |i M l-.s, eomprititiK solar. I all. -i oil, doric, otiental r nd f-ani, lirn? lamps, suitable forp?r- i ' lors, halls, chttrche?, linteN, .illiaul taloons, or any *stabli*htnent where a brilli tutor economical linht is rcituired, together with an aisottrn'iit of globes, glasct s. wieks, camph*ce>,el> oil,burning fluid, whnlesale and ret.ul. Asi-al lataps ahercil to solar; all kinds nf repairing done. P kS UEILLY. ol I2t*rc Canal street, corner of Lain lit BUAAU-A lev if j r?u he aaaMMM dated wltk nent and atrv ., and good board by applving a' 9j I.< ouard street tec <..d dtor from Broadwa>. ollU*ua r? ia?n_u.i,..ih?...u....;. i.; O <l?n, a large roi>in on Ui? iir? floor, suitable for an office , Hirh two closeti attached. Apply Jit 532 Broadway. seem d home in m Spring atreet. <?l r,'?t<e IIAltUVVAKK M Mlt CLOTH." WATCH ??, fcc*1 JUIINA NK.WBOULU offers lo wh'ileanle d?<l?ri at Uj flairs Prires, JOOfl rinaa low priced Knives ami Korka Vfi'O do flue round stag do do SB MKlpsir do do Kn*rd carvers. 31% <t?. S e?.,es twist raid p.itent breech double barrelled Onn?. 1 complete assortment of best C. H Filea, tl>i'n?i., Ik. I All sires of "Laycrefc'a ' celebrated llntr Cloth. fcnulith Lever Watehea, $13. Kiue Lever Movements. i J'iK. *?c With n general assortment of staple DirifltitKham and Hheffield v orl< m ln*priee?. >11 l?r e.d >s*ir CM)/..'. -I am daily discbirgintf quality ol l>u<li : / Orchard Coal, and will deliver it at the following l w | p ice, for cnsli only, vi*." Large Nut, $4 71, stove. Kir, W i i Irtim the boats, Mid at 24 cents a''diM?uitl, if screeued, (rum the yard, e"rn?rof Kinii aad Greenwich. ,aW?oil*m PKTKR C.r.lNTON P~HK*l,Uv, 1-KHII e HOv| THK ?J>.LH \M KAH*1, U STKK l OtJNTV, NKW VOKK.-Thenndera.*ue.l n il"w prepered fn contract for the celebrated Ve.?town I'll" pin \pplri,tnd I.'dy Applea, from the Pelliain F.riti, UNtei Ccnniy. New V"rk. '1 iii> fruit i? < arrfollv hand-nicked. llvroufhly swented and perked by h?nd in new dat hoop hriRlit barrels, expressly f?u shipment The orchard lymc directly upon the Hudson I River, the fruit ii bro"Kht down by water, and not subject t<> braiia bv oitt ueor rdl.ux. The yield thia aeaaoa is onnsnally snpetiorln quality, Mil will ronrn* to insrlet by 5'h October Also, its bbl?. 1'ippiii Cider, ueblc refined, mi le of iiroe 'I he fitt't ?nd (traiu? fVnm tbe Pelham Karm havo taken the ; b'fcher! pr?mmms ard medals at ihe several fct.-te >ii,i U:.i(rd | Siatea ', V?it* and Shows, for five yeira cunsecntively pist. For ^ale in q'l/.ntilies to ?"it purchasers. delivered on b'Ul'd by JOHN B. MUIIIUV, 12 Old Slip. ,10 fit I buaM AT\!-m '11|< \ V ; .I.LI Mi Till NKS It.- Kill N ' A I IV V< 11 I r,link Manufacturer. "So. 1 WhII street, comer of Broad?ay,lm now an liaml and coostan'ly making a food assortment of Trunks, Valiaes, Carpet Digs and Satchels, wholet&leand retiii. Ala , t s'lperi.-r arlcle < f Sole Leather Tmnks, suitable t' r Ami nrnu or Knrnpeiu travel, and P irtmautiaus for the ( h'rercii V'alie Pott. j r<*ers for the West Indii >, booth America, fcc., fi!l#*l wilri 1 'leaps eh. ?' ' Mf in t IN lltlCTION ON'ThI,' I'lANo KOHTr lA f) i VC)I< ?.-?-< , W, VV ir irt. of th^ Pmijo K' ll^ *H d ( ?' th* W^ntfie^l ai.d Wilbmhtm 8?fni.i4ri' ? f .r I > r- r? ) if ?t fup* < tfii'l V nnnin'4-' f?) Hi? f i?n<l? nod rt / of Nr<v Vnk oul v??:? itv th t hr Imi r^tafiied, ?nd ^il! ir umr* h * pruttMiobi I d tir?. Ap|ilicitioiif to lie nn i|^ u \ j ' * ;t IU r r < e , II- * i ? Sm ni> HAM# piano ? i Ci JU | H^Terrl v?rv ??pfrior if ond h?ud P^??o i I? rt Furt^i, for ?nU cIk?|? nt flie ?Pi?-:o X " ? I' Korte Wire Houne, 488 Brondwuy, enirnnce iBOrooroe itreet. oi li*rc % TABFJIN w?SfirONO cov"RttT OF MAD \M AS *A Ul*HOP.- i'H.8 Ik VKNI.NO, Mjuday. 4cli. Octotier, >84? MaiUae anna dhhop, HtfnorDE BKUNI3, Mr. ?Or. (M. Mr UKOt'GH, Ou which oc?u>on Madame ANN.v UliHOP will tinf, 1?" Carna l)ir? " 2?" Vpiii," u?w c ttaiiua by Mercadaute. i?"co cli Velod/. 4?' ?iou<.o''t om L'Elisir. 5?VarUtioua for Voice and li?rp. Dueito Cutlo," with Hi(im; D? BEOKI3, who wi'l iuK * i u; .r lOIIg. Mr.B O.-HS V will perform ou th? harp* fiu'.ni.i: hi* I'morin t Mnaieal being a hi>tori"? akelch ol uiuaie Iroiu tiie vear (low.i to the preient Mur, * Uird,c Ml j*iou nr Ilointt> Am-ric*. fir in harpa.comp >uil lor lbs cccaaiju, v? iti> live talented priloiinera. Nopi'tp- acci.uut of the weathrr. Tickets <1 evh. Coucert to brmu at * o'clock, ol It rc H>*k/ ino iiyoSu "" wfjuidtri uct sih.atthe i Tabernacle. CAVI LO 8IVOK1 AND II K.N KI will tiire it Urand Joint Conceit uu Wed .eaday EvtuiuKi October 6th, minted t>> the ceteti atad hiuut MADAME FLEURY JOLLY. , Pi inn Do'.ui Iroin th* Grtud The urea oParis and New Or'.ttius, (whohis r?c rere.l from her iiuispositioe.) ... . MONS. DLBUEUIL, r Kit Harry tone fruw the Ojveras ol Krau c and New Orleak'. AURaND ORCHESTRA, cirefu.iy aelec.ed Iron anio ig the be>l Professor* by HONOR RAPKTI'I. Le-dcr of the Italian Opera. They have, n oreovtr, the aiititlactiju to announce that the LIEDEhKR \sy eradiating of ONE Hl/N UivKlt MALE VOICES, Lr.der ti e d rrctiou cf MON*. IIECHT, has kir.iMy corseated to ; ssint triem on this occasion only. PIECES TO BE HFOAMEO. HEN HI HEItZ, Lucre'ii* Uorgi'i aid the ,\ecoud Coucerto, with ilia ?WIS8 RONDO, uy lequrat ? , , *?AL). hLEURY JOLLY. (itmiu Ariaa frotn li ttiil>irre ?i Seviitin aud Lali&zxa L..dra. CAMILLO MVOH1, n.Ca,n;.??j.\|o (Th. Silvcr-Bd ) ?..d the CARNIV AL OF VENICE. By the LIEDERKKANZ. Two I h'-rusn by iMeu.'rUnhu a d , numbering u|h ward* i.l Oi.e Hu dredMtle Voice*. Fra Diavolo?Oiuud l>uet, ii rat ti > n by , HKhZ, S1VORI. All the a curysuw.. uts and two Overtures, by tiio Orc'i*?tri Ticheta Oje U'.llar each, to be had at the inuiic stores und the door. To avoid a crowd at the B. * Otlire. the public are argegily requette.1 I i take their tickets,, at the music atorea i oncert to Bommence at8. oj tt'n SIO.Ni>H iil.ll/?Coatinuea hi* AMUHINli r i r \ IN I.NO, HU.utMiOUs and DlVERTl.NO PERI 'e OHMANCKS, at the Society Libiary. cor ter f Leonard treet and Broadway, every < vein* g duri the w'erk, com-tneucini; Monday, O *t tth. Chanaeof iH-iirrninm.i niuhrlv Doors optu it 7 o'clork?commence at7! $" Admission licit, children under III \ear* of src, halfurice. \'y Alteruoou per oru.aucr* on Wednesday and -^itui day, at I o'clock. oJTt'rc WALNUT8iitEET THhATKL, VitTLADKLI'HlALenee, E A. Marshall; Manaijer, W. K. Blake?Reer.atfeincui of MR < OIjLIN^.?Viond'y Kveumif, Oct. 4, will be performed THE NbltVOUS M ?Mc>hiu?, with tlie font; of " Hprii; of Shelalah," Mr Collins. Alter which, the soui; " I he 8tar Spangled Winner," by Mr 1'dIIiu* To be followed by THE WHONO PASSKNOMl-Deui.i* Mcf'ac ihy. with *oijii?, Mr. Collin*, S iflf .( " Tin; Bav of Biscay," iu character, by Mr. IJollins. Tocnnc'uJe with HOW TO SETTLE WITH \VA"IIKM WO vi A N. Box and Parijuetie. '0 cents; 8*c ?i d .inu Third C'irclrs, 25 cents: Orrhestra and Private Boies, 7A cr nts. UAl>llMOu?, UtOLLll'Ai b1'?) v>U KiClUlUNi] LI VA., THEA'lltl-.M, n iw UudernoiriK improvements, le decoration, *ic . Ike., will shortly ot>**u iu conjunciio . Ladies and gentlemen ol established tirnleu oM abi'itv, desirous of. euKtkl?>'*<">, will please n|>| I) bv Idler (pre |?t.l) to ?i!t IU W K. Ill, IKK. Ill South in ii.ii v , I'll11 'deli hii Mt -K. M 15UIIDINO, Philadelphia lor 0,11., ( ceit?, lie ?The saloon* rfihe" a;id I'liilailel.'li; i Mu,euina in iy be re t d,either lor one or more inkh * for b tilt concern , tin lotion*. lair*. public ineetu K?, |i ctme*. rrluioun wor hip, r.rauv other of thu many purpose* to which hey ire so admirably adapted. The Chinrie Saloou can now be altered, with ease,to suit lar " i r*inill nssr ni'ilaue*. A mm ble state or rost'Uin.ot the whole widlh of the room, has been eiectrd wh ch, 'mining on a railwai, lessens or eulari<'< i ? lennih a^sptniK it to the puriOte > of the tenant. H|mciou* dress ii g and refreshment rooms c ntaino g it thrm?e|y. s a K eater u mber of ?i|ua e fret than ?nv lull room in the <| y, have been added to b< th saloon* uft'>ri)|. g m ill such acuoiutnod .lions as can le ooutiucd no where el.e in IM County. 'J he n^per saloon, late'V occupied by the Philadelphia Museum, ih so w ?'l known ns the most brilliant aii'l (aihiouable bill mi ni iu this lity, tint ii needs no more than mention Here. It, too, can be a 'ai>le<' to laigt or small aisemhlie*. When thus sdniiletl. the icut will bear a corresponding diminatiou. The Museum lluildinic. with these and other improvements, offers ijreater inducements to lessees than any o'her establishment posMb'y can. <nd in addition, it may he h d for balls on mure m derate term* than those on which it li s eyei before been oht liiH Persnu* desiring either or both of ihe saloon*, for any of the above or o he purposes a:e reipectlully invited to call dud examiue the Uuildii g. Kor c luuitionsaptdv to W?t. Mclit'IOAN, Oin-t of the Chinese Museum Saloon, Philadelphia *28 Ulend*rc fpii fc, <|l u.i!;u < (ILLK1 I'lON ? J_he series ol tin* a. "i.i*uinvci.i coucruun, ciuui?i>ng i)i mreo kl'line e> Paiutiug*. viz:?I 'hrist Healing the Sick iu, Clirikt II'.Mum Lavas from the Dead, and De.nh on the Pale Horse, liii 1 .o?J 11 thr Itiiclttsat style uf the ?rt. la uow open for etluhitiou froci 9 A. "1 to 10 P. M nt the ^atioual Ac idemy of Deaign. Admission 25 cents; Seaaou TicUeta SO cents. N. H?The/are admitted by some of the lint artists to be ?ui?vior to Weit's Paiutiugs on e same i.uhjr eta, and the beat collection cf historical subjects ever officii to lite public. 23 30tis* m 'l^HK l&EEK Sli \ V K PoWlrt SSu "I the Oreek JL Slave is now "peu for exhibition, at the National Acadeoiy ol Design, from 9 A.M. until 10 P. M. Admittance 85 cent*?seaann ticket* 50 cents. 'I lSTeodis ic BEAUTIES oy THtC OP?R S ?1 oat?nt< of No.i, for October.?"Domani ! Donmu ! <ih, me (" life"?'' Ah mire he'il ne'er deceive me," o? suu? by rigiio n Pico;" I would be asoh'ier fill," by Bnlfe, art sung by Mr. Brought " I atrive t<> forget thee," by M ymrd: " Le Roitrlit." (ihe Wreu,)hy AHyre B-ireaa . V clangr a I iV..I?e from the opera of "Giselle ' or til- Nifkt D uiceis, by HMM bote. IL~7~ Wpages of engraved Music and embellished with a conect portrait ol Signora Kosina Pico. .Voi. I. l and 3. of the " llenntiet of rlif Opera," have the portrait* of Jeuuy I.iml, Tedeico, ar.d Madim Ilishop Each ininib r c uitaina twenty rairesof v luable songs and sr'ectiliu* fromt'em ut pepul r Opens. f.iruuug a desirable library ol clinical muiic. At the end of (I t \e.v, a splendid title l"W ami e >piou? iudei, will be f-rmardeil to iiibicribera fratia Subscription S'< per year, payable III advauce, or 50 crnta ino' thK, payable on delivery of each number. It/- No 5 for November, will be, divnttd eiclusively to Jenuv Liud MutiC) with ?n elegant illuminated vignette of that distinKiinbed Artist. A TWILL'S MUSIC SALOON. 201 Broadway. tl(t*i* K.Sat M wik^atu SKOK UNION COURSE RACES.?Lung Ha Irond Company.?Traina will leave Brooklyn for UnionCourse on the 5th, 6th and 7th Octob-r, aa lol I >?i : At30. 10. 10130, II, II 3d, mid 12 A. M ; and inure fVeouei i t nil. will In- drapatrhad, it ueceiaaiy?Reluming io Brooklyn after the ncr are over. ol 41is ic r* 4 a~ CENTIIEVILLE COURSE? a.i)i TROTTIMi.-Pmse $50; two anile heats. in lianie.?: free I'.if all trot'ing ^g"^g^^^^2^^2*horai a thai never won a putae n\ef$50, ?close at llreeii fit Bevena, oil Monday, Oct the 4th, bv 9 o'clock. P. >1., tlnee or more entries arid two or more to atari to make a rare?to cooie off October the7th. JOEL CuNKLIN, Proprietor. Centre ville, Oct. 3, 1817 o3'.H je EXTRAORDINARY TROT TINO MATCHES at the CENTRKVILLK COUH8E, L | ? On Monday. 4th of tlciober the IjiV TT-mm* ' rn^re Aloany Onl, will trot aganut time, two mitcliea, vir. lat, 100 mi ea in -en houn, for the suin of li! 0 ; hdiI, aecundl', |ier'orm ti ll1-, m lea fir SUI moie?bo'h m?tchea crme off luge her. She will nta't i>t7 A M. Tie in ire ha< the privilege of aa -he j leaves if on a trot. She w II be managed hy H Jonet. Thia will poanively t ike I I IM, I honld the weather permit* nj !|{ cc . ?- MSWr?UNlON CODUS, lvahA LOMi |HLANI)-$3 000. ill pur ev THE NOR TH AOAINSi THE SOIJTH. KA8HION aud th? great Soiitlie n horn PAW^ENlif.H, will contend for the four mile purae, aiul pi ihably one or two mote. Tor Hai ti over lie above ( nine will take plv* ou the firit Tueadav. 5th Oct< her, 1817, and rontciue three day* KIRST DAY?Hotel Pune SDiO, ihree mile henta. Sime day?SwrepM J-ea. for 3 yr o!da that never run, mile lieata; enlraure $200, forfeit $50; which h.n cloaed wi'.h four ?ubacr.bera:? O. P. Hare'a ch. f Palmetto, by imp. Leviathim, out of imp. Anna Maria. VV. \V Rarher'a hr. f. Kdncy,b> H..rubiower, ont ol Stanley Eclip dam. H A. Conover'a b. c. Traveller, fc.y Metcer, data by Monmouth'a Eclipae. fnmiiel Lairri'i (William Oibbona ) b. f. Wbiaper, by Mariner. i'am by Henry. SECOND DAV.-JOCKKY CLUB PURHE.$l'.0?-4 mile beau. Situe day?Scrub rime, mile heata entr'iuce added. THIRD DAY ?PROPRIETORS'PUR8E $5H, two mile heats Patne dav?Oentltme i'a Pnar S. ike, $v,',0, two milea o .t, entrance $ '.'i. a.Mid. Six aubacr hera aud cloaed (ieutlernen to ride iu Jockey coattiin*, and n me iheir li riei at the loat. 1 he following .rc the entries :?W. T Potter, J. How, L. Purily, II W Herbert, () P. Hare O. O Young. Tbernlesof theenuraeto goveru the aboie r.ieea, rscept th? iieut em'u'lit ke. For p'Uticiilan, ire " Spirit of the Titi.ei, " The Cars w II be in reaoinesi to take passengers to and from the races, almoat every hour in the day. N. R ? Two or iron n inike a race in each of the above, CI cci?r Kfuiienicn a, wuicn w 111 require rniee to start. k2R F.rrc O P. H AKf., Proprietor. <1 NEW YORK H0R8E BAZAAR. No 11 ^LmJC^Crosby, street~L. F llOU<UI, Auctioneur.?The y) f ?, regnlar unction rlei will Iwe p'acc on Wednt'k?f?v, Oct 6,at ll o'clock, will) Caniages a id Habeas, mid et u c>.l< cl? wit'i a < 4talogtie of llmncs. Gentlemen hating horvea to offer for Hut aale will pleaae rc<i*tei before f?re o'clock ou Tuesday, or they eennot he ofTeied by c.ttnlogue. J NO. II (> \Th OLD, I'ropiietor. r? i iii,arc WM < ow \ *, m ff. y-rTH' Kir?t r'gubr qnarterly meeting of the New .'mjMf YurU Canaiy Piid Faiic?era' Assoeiatioti, w?II be held ^JgVat Lafayette Hull, oppoeite Niblo'a otu G.srdeo, on Monday rv< umrf, Oc olnr <lih, Ht 7)^ oVfor k Punctual a'tendnnce la r'qu??ted, a* huonesa I picat imj.ortanee hiII come before tfi e club. All the Csjiary bird fanciers a.e iii vred to attend. o? tt*-c FBs Vt tfONflCJ LD A%SOI fAUON.-Th* Hi" brt ire hereby nr t?fir*J to meet on M^ndiv Morning. 4th in*t , nt 7 o'clock, at < entrnl H.tll. in full uniform, for the purpose ?f proceeding ou their ungual etcnraiou. Bynrder ALKX. 8. FOliBKP, Capt*in. H. On i ft *?ro. Orderly. *3 *? * re A V ?Ll> A b L r. I'ltDfKll I V O.N '1 llr. Hill AV KJev^lNUK?K??r KWle?( A Bira in '.)- lletween flflt'i and 994 mm a r?etn. tie OIDKON I KK PLACK, cotjrniumg 12 a?-ras. or 150 !o'*. the large d welling, ham and two ont-honaea. 'I lie l*nd lien high, *nd Hi? scommand)' ( position lor country ?eau; there ta a esticty of fruit on it. $11000 of tne pu chase money can la*' for favr years from Mny nrir, r,t 6 |*r t rut ? The b?lii?c* on easy terms. Th?sis*?cha . ? f ?r speculators f t 'ay i? off in lott. Call on A. *Eh(?K.ANT At SOS. 15 Wail itreeti o4 ftia?re Mi \ !i 'I (ifc v. I S i < I f l Kun hed or u nuhed, it No 11 North Moore street, an?f*h?e for am* tlem?n ,, \ fy?i , (^ AMIl>ON'i KALL i I \ I > lien t CnangmK their beavers .ue innrrd ?o 11 ?mi*.e the splen* rlid article now ofTered by aMIDON. 177 Hr????dvay. of ? ? opi>oii;3 H<>wsr<t H<?*el M 'ii) HO i K?. KKKl'KHSi 'A\H Ol W> RAIifc/Mhut VKloiMe hon?e ud lot, ri??isr?* s?iiiti? ,<ornei t<f Wr?r Hainrnom! streets, i?i t^n fit d [i" w ? * mi ie4 aa i\ stt .iiohott h>>*e|. I wflre ??r in >r< ste .m* ' oafs land ?l lily .?t V e pier ii? f'o' f of a- ?d pretnisr a, reniier. '04 it h \ ery drs?r.tli|?> location for those iiit?*r^ ted in ill* hotrl >nsireiS- For i*ai|it*vil tr?'Qouire of Sir 1 . T floiidt. 10 N.??* ui street, N. V . II Lmlixvik t'O., 27 Wall t'tet!; ^t of I F TaVlman. on the prtmises. ?9 ! ieo !*T? JLv M\K Th)L\) 1ND BILVER WATCH KB. Tha f ^"hscriiKir is aellmj; nil'lrs?'n|!ilona line ti?>ld and lyiitt Silver \VateKea ind Jfwrlry, at rrtail, lower than tiy utlie rnon?e in ihe city. All Wa ch?? warranted to keep g x,d fine, or th#* money retnm^d. VVatehes t?jd Jewelry eichnnted. Oo|d Wateh? s m low %7% to l?5r ich. Wvehea and Jewelry repaired iu fie heat nn:r *tt ??. ! *? th >ri the nnnal prirea. (JKl). V.LI.KN, ImjM.r er of VVafchen snd Jewelry, Wholeself r.nd liefail, 17 tttiseod'rh 51 Wall straet, corner Wiili*m, up stairt PAHK ' rfCATt* ?Miadijr Oct..b?r 4, will i be parloiined the Opera o? the KA VOKITK.?Le??ir?, MkU Ibliaa, K?iUiu*uu, Mr M?avera. Alfouz* UUi, Mguor A.Ola b< lei To eouelu.le w.tli the Kara* of MIOCKJNO KVK.flri FO ifflnK .of ?1r b.aa, C??K?.u S|K>tf, Mr McDoiull; Dorothy, M,?? k*t* II Of.IUvof f|>?u ?M * qa ?rt?r bf for* 7 o clock PtrfevMaet will c< fT.??>? ?> p??c???>y ? <yuur IA?I 7. BO ^ hMV 1 li 1 K fc. ? W J if k Sum, ; MAM I Miifffr, Mi- ? Moua.;y tCveoiug, Oct 41U. i w ill be |*.lc rm'?i a trmo?1 |*tnouc dnnn m 3 emitled THE ftlEGE OK MONTfcUt-V, ! OB THC triumph* ok kouuh and ready. General laylor Mr. W. M rth.ll; J*ke Daze.,bary, (Yankee ivdl if, Mr. I burke; Geiun. of Aire'iea; Mr.. Jordan. rnoi.u.MMi: uk acataav ??D ikcidkitc Scene !?!.?Kort Brown ?iy Moonlight?Chorus of Soldiers.? Our U?K lloeta Proudly?Taylor inspects tbe entrenchments Ue.eru Taj lor* Dream: lit yisioa?The Kail of Matauioraa. Jml vlalOO?The < astute of .Monterey. 3il viaiou?Bombardment of Vara Crux. tin miou?The Bitde of Baeoa Viet*. Tli? unit disponen aud diicovfr Voft Brown ?t brfti oiuiy? The Gallant Soldier *r ikiI by the Keyeille?Hiadepartiire Point laabrl?Bombardment of (he Fort, and De.tu ol Mai >r Brown. , , . The Plama Pa'.o Alto, at the leruiDaliuii of the firat day ? Victory.?The Battle of the Hewci tie la Palaa; tlia Ameri* c4ii ariiu triumph<ut 111 the .ecoud contest? Wa?ut?priu*a; Hough aid Hwiil> Eiicainiiiorut . The enure of (he vital Staue will he throws open to aid m trie Sccu'c Effect Termination of the r.e\er to Le lorgotteu Three Day*' r ifht Oorueous TubTvau. Preriooa t? which will be performi-d THE KENT DAY? .Miniu Iteywood, jvlr. W Marahal!; Bullfrog, C. flurlte; Itachael llry wood Mr*. Phillip*. . Doors will ue opeu at 6)4 o'clock and the camin will ri?a at 7. Boies S3 Cents; P>t and (Hilary, 1Cents. | C'iiATH V.Vi Till", AT KK..?I'uUer(lie Management ol AH. ' KLtifCHKK.?Monday kvsuiiw. October 4ili, the performnnce will commence with WHO 8 THE COMPO- ' SEit I?Kiiipo, Mr. t? atcot; Carina, Miaa Clarke. I To lie followed by (he SAVAGE AND THE MAIDEN ?Mr Ciuinuilt's, Mr. Walcot; Miss Niuetta Crummies, Miaa i To 'conclude with THE LONELY MAN OK THE OCEAN, or (lie Peril* of die Battle and the Bretse?Lieut. I Adam Uaahford. Mr. Ncalie; Windham Bowyer, Mr. Sullivan; Jack Jolty, Mr. Biaudon I'micks?Boxei, V> cents. Pit, !2l? ceuw. l>oor? mien ? 7?KrloriiiHnee commences at half-pastT. PI I.VIO .Moudaj, (Jitober ( i, 1BI7 ?Ui'ru eiery qight. Kirit week oldie celelirauid ETHIOPIAN SKBENADBRH. German, ni.-uiwood. IlsrrioKtou, Prll, Win c and Howard, since (h*ir rcturu fiom Europe, where thay had the distiuauiahrd honor of apt euiing before Her Majeaty (he CJueeu. H. K. H. Prince \lb? rt, the lloyul Kainily.aud Nobility and (ientry of EiikIii<1. The Sereundtrt leil crit'ully uuuounce to the lad ej and fen* tleinen of Now VoiU they will cmnmence a aerius of euleriHinmenu at the above Uouav on Moud')', Oct. 4th, which were received wiili eiiihuaiiadi- applauae by thousauda who Ivitiiird (heir perfoimaucra at (he St. Jamea'a Theatre, Loudon, iuriuK a period of 14 moudia, cnuaiatiiiK of aoiiK*. Kiaea, choru.sra. he. . im?.I .1.-.- : . Ill uul>{HC lUIUUUICUU. For particulars see aI11.<'I bills. Under the directionol'Mr. J. A. DCMBOLTON. Admission 24 cents. Door* opeu at 7 >4 o'clock, Concert u 8 o'clock. s2U 12 rc M i l l HELL'S <JL Y .VllMu TTifcA'X'Mfc_?>104nlay tvenihi;, Oct. 4th, the i*rfnriri nice will commeuce with LIU K'> ALL?l'ierre Gobewouche, Mr. Holland; Camilla, Mns Phillips Alter winch. THE PAKSO.VS NOSE.?Mr. Bubb, Mr. Mitchell. Madeline, .Mr; 'i'nnni Mo he fi llowed by KEULAH SPA?Hector Templeto.i, Mr Holland: Caroline Orautly, Miaa Marv Taylor. T<? contlu.le with KISSINO UOES BY KAVOR-Jeau Gril'ou. Mr Holland; M.rclnouen de Louney, Mis. H. I.lierWO'id; Par lue. Mrs. Tltnrii. Llreaacircle. 10 eenta ; U|i|?t Boxes, ii centa ; Pa, one shilling : I'nvate h/ne> Si : Orehestrn Bun. SJ Bltd il>iv ai 1lih.A l ltn.?.VlniiUtv evening, October i I lie ri.te itaicme ts will <ominci,ce with ihe i lay of LADY OK L YONri?f'liuile Me.notte, Mr U. VaudeuImff; uln el Duin* , Mr. <} Uairett; oeiuieant, Mr Fredencks; i'aulinr, Mta? r'ai.DV Wullack; \V idow Meinour, Aira VVMta; Ma.iau. Vr? Ki zlanies. Alter wli ch Professor Ki.ley and lua Soua will gothrongh their p i ular exeicises. To conclude with the farce of the CAPTAIN OF THE WATCH?V-uc u i de Liguv Mr. (.eater; Baron Venderpotter. Mr Vai lie, Krutiua, Mm Helen Matthews; Kairyn, | Vlri. Watts. Ure > circlu aud |urnnetic. SI; family circle and apper boxes, ill ceuta; giillery. 2Jcei ts. bo raiipci ntT; |>-r?n. mance to commence ? halt |ia*t T BVKNU n'a AMtHloAN .vtUoKU >i, comu nf wtuailw-y and Aim street, oppoai.e St. Paul's Church aud the ulnr Housr. P. T. Birnum,.. . Prop ietor?K. Hitchcock Manager. Every day Hurt evening Una week, commencing Monday, Oct I, 1847. MAGNIFICENT PERFORMANCES Every uoinmg <-.t llJs, every alt'rnoon at 3. and every evening at 7>i o'cloik. Positively uo <-ree List except the Press. The friei.da of the Proprietor aud Mauagar will pleue consider that the Museum la under the uiost enormous expense III leeuriug ill- attractions?not leas than VOUlt'1HOUH.VNO UwLLAKS per week, a d tint toe/ are oblig d lo suspend the free list entirely e?tj?p the press. LA iil AO KOI NARY ATTRACTIONS '. FAREWELL LEVIES OK G E N t K A L TOM THUMB, Prerioua to his depaiture eun'.h. and kta retirement from pui/1 c li e. This distngu swed Man in Minietute, weighing only 1} prumls, li ) ears of ge, mil but 87 'uthta high, w lo lias been received wi h thn lig-iest marks of Ko>al f tor liy the principal crnwued henda >1 Europe, aud v ho has peifoimea tie f re live millions of persons duuug th". last four years, being obliged tu remi'ii a few da>siu New York iu order to nuke arrangements l'"r his southern tour, will hold his Publ'c Levees ii. the Museum every morning atle.n-on and evening, t Ool 11VELY FOll A SHOU T TI ViE 0>LY. The Little General will be seen every morniog from half-put 11 to 1 u'click, "iu a large aud commodious plvfi>rin in the W?W AND M'ACIOL'S riALuON leceutly adile 1 M tie Siiiseuiu. around whieli OALLC.niEs ?IAVE BKfaN ERECTED for the brttc? nccotnm da'ioti ol th: thousands ol Ins fiicuda who will f>vor linn with their visits, when ha will appear in his t xtraordinar> .md POCJL 1 K PERFORMANCES, including his ( itizen's Dress, iu which lie will relate his History, J ratels. tee . sin^ a variety of Hong*. Dauee the Polka, give ie| resent .tions ol {SarniEo* Bo!?sr?RTR, KRKiiFkira Tiir Great, Oh> < i/tn Sunn.kc. lie w>ll alsospt ear iu lua magnificent Kit F.N I tl Ol ItT DRESS, worn brf.ire Louis Philippe, Kn.g nf the French, aud tlie ptiLciiial ( our'* f Kn ope? tVr which lie will appear m his BEAUTI UL SCOTCH f.OSTUME'. iu which he will i?uce fiie llighl.iud Fling, kc Every afternoon, at 3 o'clock, the Little General w ill ai pear on the Stage in the Lectn e lloooi, iu h (Citizen's D'ets, in which lie will ! kmc Mil uisiory, i isveis, ?. ., ai.u einiuil Ins extraoi dinar) ferfaruiances and imitations, including Napoleon, Frederick the Great, Hongs, Dauces, Grecian Mimes. lie ; and at the same nine a variety uf other interesting Perlormancca will also t ke place. Iii the Evening, r.t half-p i>t 7 o'clock, the General appears again iu the mid* ^dendid l'erfortnanies, ami i conjunction Willi tnr other cutcitaiultiei<ts. It is uow nearly til year* Kin- e the Little Geneial lirstappeaed iu public, aud Ins weight ii precisely what it wa> ai that lime, vir. ONLY FIKI'EKN HOUNDS! He ia peilVctly s, mntietricjl in all his proportions, intelligent and gracelul beyond belief, and Smaller thin any Infant ever Wi Iked Alone ! The magnificent I'rescnrs, Jewels, lie , received Irum the Kings Queens, and No .ility of Europe, will beexhibitcd. Ilis b.autilul MINIATURE EQUIPAGE! presented by Quren Victoria, consisting of the .mallent horses in llir Chariot, attended by Elfin Coachman and Koolinan, in Livery, wi|l p-omeKAiW Ine sl eets each itay, and be seen in I out of ihe a in at intenra'a. I: /Niu ICE TO THE I'UIILIC.-Cil T. is is KiSlliVELY . THE I.AST TIME Gen. Tom Tliumn will ever ha seen iu New lurk, as he proceeds immediately to Nrw Orleuit aud Havana, via Charleston, Augu ta. Hivanuah and Coliioib is, Mojtgomery and Mobile, mid retires lortver from public life ai soon a* he has paid a brief visit to Hi- p cities in the l/niou. Tl.e MEv.OlKS <!! (JEN. TOM THUMB, containing ?u account of his Uirtli. I'lrci.tsge and History, including his Tiavels in Europe, and his recepliouby royalty, together with all of his S<>NGS, price K'4 cents. Also au elegant GILT MED VL, ina. e ii l-.iigl.ind, re| resenting Queen Victoria on one side ami a lull le'.gth likeness of the Little General on (he oiher,pri>e li!'? ceits; 1 heae mrmci.tues ul the General can be procured at tlie Mus-itm. The tim,ii<cr i? hippy in being ?Me to niiiiounje to hu patrons, ami tin numerous Iriemls of Grp. To*u Thumb, that he has, since fir Oeneral's lait rin'.to the Museum, opeue I a NEW I..N I <! \.M K AND WTAIItWAY! twelve feet wrle, winch will rlieinto enter the building without he nit ero wiled, as at his last eng igeinent, ami siterliav tug ascended Le vt M". thrr- sr pin.te d< sks are ananged lor the ssle of tickets, and .lire* different doors to pass into the building, where ihe tickets are i iren up. l<;sidrs, a Dew, couvenient. sale and pei m i.?nl place ofir grass has been opened iwto Ann stieet, liom the reir of the Lower Mam Hall, which will he o|iened, as neci ,?i v ill y rr<|Uire,'oenable visiters to |>ass out of the Museum without meeting the crowd coming in, which entirely removes .ill discomfort at the entrance. a'l'hiee new stauua)s ha\? been o|?ned for'rassing out of the lecture r .mn into the New Hall, where General TOM I III Mb will be hi waiting to receive his visile s. veil his I'fe.inedils Sic. lie , besides mdu'giiig iu an a?r??able ch l chat Willi > cm, especially with his laqy frieuds M ining visiters are not admired Iu tithe r Ui* Afternoon or Kvei.ii u (e I" ntwi"1 HBKAT WKSTiilN. 'ha Yaqkee Comedian, continues to he received w oh such unbounded applause, that the niauager has eugsgrd Inni lor one week longer. Also eng -ged. lor the special amusement o( the juvenile por'ionpl (Jen Tem Thumb s f lends, SIO. VItO'S ! ANT'?uC|NI, or Dancing Mechanical Vigurei, the most beautiful and ia'.erestiug ever seen in A merica Miss BERN \K0 ?! ? Actress snd Vocalist. WAV K!G i E\of the AM UTAH 8LAVES. PK.TE MOHRIS. the Comic Vocalist Mi?s V.. JULIEN the he-utiful Daiatuie LIVING IMP* "ZEE. oi OHANG OUTANG. M-dam ROCK W ELl? ihe Fortune Teller. Admission to the whole, !'< cents; children under ten years of ate ami old enMiKh to <a slU alone. IJ>? een's. o< rc MECHAfsTcb' HaLL, 471 Broadway, between (Trand and Urorm - streets, . ommem ing MONDA Y, October I, and every nigh until Outlier notice The original CH'MSTVi* MIN8TR?L9, E. P. CHRIdTY. O. N. CHRISTY. L. PIERCE, W. PORTER. , ImtttYie lionor of unnouii'inf to thr I die? aiH ?f?a?l#meo rf N^w VotIi. ih^t tlirjr will|i??* ?erk?ort^ir ont?n*l poimlnr Contfiti. wiiieh * r e rrreiveJ with wen rdf rordn 10/their iirrviotis vi? t to |hl> eiCf. bijil bHi for ii pitrrfts*ion of four inontln n (mly crowdM by highly r?>pc<t?M# r*?hiouib!e ??! ?-cr?. , A? nut met 7% rfnti; to fommni''' *t I o^ciOfKe 01 life l _ . ! . .. /.I iftalkii ? *?Afl mil#! in Sirfl rrvrv. 1 lerntive hour? at the home ui Krtward v'eOoT?ni, (So l?0' I rrry Ktrti. lair In be arc mplnheri?the pedeaIrian h%Ti" r coinplefr il oyer ti-H milea, anil looka aa I'reah aa tvhMihc fi'M larre to the mark The ililRfilty uf thia feat 'o. ai l. Ill 111 hemic I erl..fme<l on platform II feet in lenelh hy 2 leet H in< liea in Wldfh Hia lime will eipue on Wedn*-. il y, On 6 li at II o'clock A M The pu.lic are invited to rail, f < ? nl etpeme o3 Vic a I Thll'MrUANT. a I ill . a POLL. I\ III Bioadwa . rifv even pg thia week?Ki tit* rlian'/r of Pintr ..m-ne ? fir C lit er'a Iiviiiu embodiment* nl the K in* Art' by tin- Model Artiatet, will (Mitiuae fi r another week at ill" Apollo Kooim. The ii,rt"iaiiiiifiita fur Monday. Tneadav nod Wedneaday. it ill ri in|.n<e an entire n?w Hrn'i <f Kroept, fiom r*i'ilin< a-ij irnlplnre. which nre rnpenor lo any bt I ire offered ? There will be clin nre? in lie P' nframmea every evening 'ficietaol a innaioii, VI renti; lady and ueutleman, 7J renM ?lobe obiaineil at the dour \ I nnt'il numlt?rof ttton tirWcta innf he hid on ?|> llsa? liO' at the rrmroi t) < r? open at 7; prrtnntficalioni n.mmti ce prerirelv at r. ( a^WM. . 4 llta'rh (' ' ^ "VO MiV Ilk OIL PAJ.ITtNtrS N. * ' ?0I Pro ?lwnv, a*orr liia Boole rffnr*, f of rrntt* #5!Z* |*"birfi by e?lelir?'ed innaiera.rm Titian^) Vem l of lile aire j The Dyiuir UI idiat/ Dayid ; The \1iaer?, by l VV .k'ftowih ; Helen Ko.-man. kr Hnheni ; Tbe P.iifltah KOHOai'le. fc.r &r Sir.. I< M'eeined hy foreitnert aa oieriort" any public eihibitinn of piet?r?? ia thii eonatry. vlr I 'II.M'.N impntia all the New Popular Knurivinra iro n l.oniloii I'atu, m?l (Jerr.ianr, whirh with hit eitenMve aollertinn of Pooka, I'.aintn.ct, k'?ncy Stationary, and Hp"**iaa M I'eriaU, lie i.lferi a', ihe moat ra.*ao tablepnoaa, whtlttaU or ; retwil. I HKKALDRY.?4'nati of Arm a fn re it bed aad aablatoaad in the mut tnninmona ?tyle,or may be had ia pta drawiaa, i J>T7 Mon, Wedfc&ttf tc *0 (Oft LATEST MOMKN'l. miimi " -TT? TELBO R. A PH IC. Th? lf?w York Democratic St?U? Convention. DKSl'ATCII, .no. i. Ai ttnv, Oot 3. 1817? 7H r M. | The following nomination* have bean midj by tha convention, at Syracuse :? for Comptroller: HiiuttroiD, of Jeffereon County. far Lieut. Gaoimar: i Nuk?? Luvto*. of Niagara. far Seeretar y of St?le: Eiiwibm Sinroao, of New York. far Jittornty Utneral: , Liii8,tiuiriuu,or Otcego. far IVrotu'tr: OiftaoK W. Ci-viaa, of Wayne County. for Stutr Engineer: O. W. Cuit iib, of Obonda* a County. far Canal C'raaiiiiinm: 1 John C. Mather, of K?nitaa4w-r County. Klmmi fi Smith, of Chenango County. I XaEDraick Kollet. of (Jeaeeea< ounty. for Hide Hritan Inipeetori JoHf fiiHtl,of Weatcheeter County. Oitoiui Cai.dweli.. of Montgomery County. NoiMtn B. Smith, of Naw York The WII mot provifo, which waa moved m aa amend uant to tha report of Um committee of resolution* wa roted down. Tha convention adjourned at thraa o'clock thla mora, log DKSPATcu no. 11. ALBaivr, Oot S?P. M. Thj SyracuM t onventlon adjourned at two o'clock thie morning. I Anti-slaver; resolutions wara offarad, and after a vloj lent debate, they wara tabled. Tho oommlttae than raportad tha addresi and raaolutlom. An effort was made to attx an antialavery raaolutlon to those repoited by tha committae. The effort failed, and aftar an awful row tha aonran tlon adjourned. Kiom the loath. PHIl.A0El.rHiA, Oot. It, 1#47. The contents of tha Southern mall wara aatlelpatad this mcrnlng by tha rpeolal express to tha AT??a Kerfe lleralJ.. No further deepatohea have baen raoelvad to<**y BY TUB MAILS The Late Newt from Maxleo. Washington. Oct 1,1947. There U no longer any reaaon to donbtthat negotiation ha?failed, and that hoetllltlt** have bt-en renewed, and thla l? theeztautofthar^lUblelnUllUence< j the lataarrrlval at Penfaoola Tha detail* i f the light at r.hap.>l'ep?o Wear an air of imiirohahlHtw 1 h ? ?lcf tbeeltyof M?tico mid in hut one mile dletiint f.-oin Tacubaya It la probitbl<* fbat the *rnall ft rce of our atmy rrpreiw-nti'd t<> have b><*n a'tank^t by ? Urge b ><Jy of Mexican* at iht? plena, wouldjiave b?*n at 'tier remfoiurd befor? th-ia could b mrh ?l?ti^u< -r a* I* n!d t > have taken pUox. ui ib- mu't imve b-t-u dner ty in v aw of our encampment 1 bfii ng .in, Oeii W>?tiU I in *ald to have bum badly wound d but fc ha? b. m ropor>?d ah either Ml.M or wounded ill ly tiattla iu which he ba* been rpgKniid ?inc- lb. wiii.aii'iiom ut of the war Whether tbla part of <b? vo mnt ' ? tru- or not, it I* almoat needle** to-ay. that tbr r< p?rt i f the terum offered by Mr Trial, la a moat oluiu y fabrication. No *uch term* were ever off-red by Mr Trl-t, for ruch were not the terms of treaty ha carried with bira; and bo would not have dared to coupromiae bin govtiruun nt on hla own re*pon*ibility, by such monstrous proportions. No despatches have aa yat bean received from Mr. Trlat or <5eneral Scott, and until thu recilpt of official Intelligence, nothing can ba done. When the government aball ba apprla>id officially of tha failure of negotiation!. Mr. Triat will. doublWea. ba immediately recalled, and the term* he waa iant to offer will he given to tha publlo. It will put our government more than ever In the right. Sluon the above waa written.the telegraph baa annouueed the arrival from Vera Crn?, of the eteumer J amen L. Day at New Orleaus, on t&e evening of tha 'J.Hli ult. The news by tbla arrival ia of the greatest importance. The negotiation* have beyond all d?ubt failed, tbe armietioa had been broken, ajid our troop* had on thu 16th ult, oocupiad t..e cl<y of Mexico, not without terrible low, wblcb I* set down at from on* 1 thousand to seventeen hundred killed and wour d-d; but j whether in thiH ia included tha former loaa at Churubua co and Contreraa doe* not appear. General Bravo la reported a* killed, and Santa Anna wounded. The latter i'. la laid, haii retired to Guadeloupe with the remnant of bin shattered army. Tba moat prominent feature in tbla new*, ia the terrible loaa we have sustained. It la to be hoped, however, that rumor haa greatly exaggerated U; but If the oity waa taken by *torm, there waa bejoud question some desperate lighting. The escape of Santa Anna la much to ba deplored, aa whether or not he haa succeed ed in bringing with him the archivea of the government, he will undoubtedly endeavor to organise the government in some other place. The official aecounta I will probably eome to hand tbla evening, In which caae. I if the telegraph be In order, (It ia not now,) I will aend a 1 nummary ol the particular*. GALVIENSIH. Wa?mir<itO"?, October'1, 1947. i Jiffairt in Mrxlto ? TKt want cmnfirmrd?Thr I ft ionr that rould he done?Tkt Kaitrrn Mail. We are indebted to the coorteay of Hen. W.J. Brown of the P?at-offloe Department, for the outline of a da spateh reoeivcd from th? Oovernment expreaa through from New OHeana to Riobmond, thence by telegraph to thia city. The June* L. Day, front Vera Crui, had arrived at New Orl?ana, six day* later. The nawa waa reoelred here by the Poat-oOee Department thia forenoon, and wa ahoold hare aent It on at once ; but on repairing to the telegraph offloe,we learned | from Mr. Bailey, one of the obliging operator*, that the I line between thla city and Baltimore iraa out of flx. Vou trill, therefore, have to rely upon the ponlea, but a few hour* behind the lightning line, trom Richmond You will, of cnurae. Iiare reoelved the nawa in advance of the mall?of the hard flghtlng for flvadayaat | and in tba city?of the loaa of ITiK) men of our army, of the death of Uravo, the Mexican <General, and of Santa Anna l>eing wouudtd in bis retreat, twelve inilea,4o { Ouadaloupe. A mea?etiger will luave here Immediately with de apatcbea for Ueneral Hoott, and for tba whole line ' Irom Vrra Crux up to the capital. W. P. H The Coit-offioe lJepartment haa oloaed the conI tract with the New Haven. Hartfbrd, and Springfield 1 line at $14 000 -they aeked fr.10,000, but tha Poet Matter ! Ueneral brought tbem at laat to the old tanna. Hale of Stock* at Boa*on. Exciianok Board. Oct. 2-1 Weairrn Railroad, 1IIX, It Bnttiui and Providence Railroad. mi: 20 Laatern Railroad, I09K; S ' 'healiire ttailroad, 'J'l'? 6 Boaton and Maine Railroad, 11CV4; 7 do, uew,114; 20 ?ut ?nd Railroad. M; If! do. in (I, t?, ito dn, > > d. P. 11 Mocluuu' Bank, ICM.H ta?t Boatnu Company, So Norwuh It Worceater Railroad, i b JO d, II; an do, 4V*. tt do, I'.Mt? do. b to d, 41 | Av Avctiuk? li ili?rei Wcaicru Railro'd, I Ja r?r rrat adv-.lOdo Hon!on and Lowell do. If per cent adv, 20 d<> haa| trin do, OK p'VCeutadv; iti do Boalnu nil Providrure do.) . i er rtrt adv; II do B"aiou and Mai e do, l(\ a 17 peret adv. 1 t'to Boatnn bai k $'.4 lor H0, 7 d i Tr? muni do $9*)irr.h; Ido Merchant*' do, paJ; I no Old ' ' l?ii| Rail.naa, per cihd*. 1 do Vermont and Vlaaa do. >79X pet ?? ?re. ; ? _ ru TX AV K LLfc HS UOlNt* HOI/l'll ? New and moat a* rr cable JBSHLBIIiuc lo Kiadrriekabaig Riclimoi d | Pctetabura. Va.. Mtaantou, V? ,aud ihe Virginia Springe, We ' ; don. N. < and Cherleaina. 8 L. 1 I'll* public ate luluiinrd ll>at (he aew a-ul apleudid low |>re?i aure aleaioer ft)WH ATTAN (connectirg will, U,e (iieal Mail Line at A<iqme (.reek,) laavea Commerce at i eel wharf I Bi.lninore, every Tueaday and Kriday Kvcuiiik. at 4 P. M , lor Itie abeve poiiita. Thiouih-nckeu to Richmond $ 4 " Peteraborg, .. f, " Weidou.N.O a " Btaontou, Va U a* Charlaatoi., B. C.. II Being at the tame price, inoie direct wd expediriima auJ much more certain than the i heaeiieake Bay aadJaciea River Ateambot Line.?all (he wide mid rousb ih?h n-f the tlay, between the month of ihe Pou.mac ana Old Puml Coinl'ori, being entirely avoided by thia line Traeellera areaiiriard that tne line hereby rdeartiaed i* pen ino parcel of tha ti. eat Mail Liue thrnuil. Vnamia. ai.d that 1 it ia the intention of the romp iiiea eompoail.? 'heOieatMail ' Line, that paa?encera ahall be conrayed bv tbrm in Cobuec | Hon with tYe Powh'ttan, alwaya aa < h?a| Iv ta by ??r othrt i like, and with moie comfort expedition anu certainty, ihaaoy any other hue, except ihe line ?i* Waahington. i For failher particalxra, in?|?iie at tha S"iiuje'n Rai'.j ad nl tica, Pmtt at reel Ualtimoie I Kturlt'iii It F'II, or at the taa I 'omneicr ai.eet whirf. or, on Tueadat a and Kridaya. ou ' board the PowhMtan. of O vv OV N f? rl.L, c apt. N. B.?Trarellrr? by the atnire line will h?ai in mm1! that I rhev have two bouri more in 8ljliuni( ti in p aacnaeri Ly ii.* I l,??-neali? Bav and Jaaica Iliver lio?i? >.<! ?... .-.W my potnt f I'ctertbnric ?t it* fmr iiitr wn tl <-*r )Mt f?rn when tlifr* 11 .:o lir?*tli of c.-unrtion by 'lit Uaj Lin*. Jy4 1meo'l*r SliOL'I*li^.U UK ?i r.>, ... i or.i > > ? \K?ui Ptemmni PMeiit Klutic GkulMi-r Ur?*e, ?> h v; iv ,t~ ' (r.igireurted tujri i?u?uiiril b* lie immI ; ?n ? iu (bi* country for children or ?dnlt? >.? Ar* mi lioed p I or *r? ronud hi,lli*r*d, n lllrcfo ?|>iu* |>er.>ir? with ?r?knru. or i^m iu'he cheat, Utoir ut * in irmtrr li*b:t?, or thn?* coi'f.ifd kyi' d y, or ?t'I ? vrntiut V?h n? hey will fiud them mi mv*lu?l>le rtKl* to br?t? tV iU a'd?r?, ei|*nJ the ch*?t the.ebv *ir ug * fiee k. d ? " rlon to lit* Inns* Meeluiict rvl lil>.it*r? by r?r:i( thu irnee, will b? ?ble to do ro..r? work with l*i liri n' ?i nl'l i? imiiruv* the f urn To n? In I n . f I t J.A ATKN tfsaOamva'iuuiiiiuui ?i<?r\ .17 b-"" ci?f. f.) .rr fif '?f? P.rr# N.B.?Al?-m interior Body But. o? i?-rt?f Kltkly rMnmMMwd ' TO~KAHMEKK-TilK LODI M >M, f N"? C0.yrA.5fV utrr* ?' ? ?r l** I " ? I r?tt?. lor n?? on wt?t?r I'niut, ?t ti e ?.l?l inluj.e.l r*"? ?t S cn'i per nutliel Mid tl M per !?*. rr I It m v he W . r a from Jmnei B. Cot. M Writ <'?". *,w ?<w?; " Rolligton. earner of Bndve nti'l flrrnl ?i? . r<ew?rk. ??> i>, ; or it the ftetory on the II rkcunck nter, ne?r the tnr i ill rjnd from N?w*rkto N*W York. '?tt-tuWm ? *

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