Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 9, 1847, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 9, 1847 Page 1
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I rsnr*. imm m*. .n ?^i TH] ' Wluli Ho. ??34. i ?tt To o?aela4* w iA <w?i ?f ThR ?OTTi.E?Rich ? '?.? c?m. i>a.k& ?j. n. aduiows re*recciany ? i nonncef that his benefit will tike place oa frill ig eyeu lie, daeeinhar ifch ra which occasion ha will ka n (listed br 'is uei'hew, (lieliard h ffoaa. the t e'ebrated p.aniat, popil of ieepold da meyer who will perform * uraw kanr\hia * la* hu<uaoots," br thalberg. aad a oram) l(jh"'euto. (with full orchestral accompantmeu's ) by r. calii mcnldeleefca bsrtholdy. tha eatenalnmeafb *rtll lonaiit of tho layontecrmedy of the hypocrite?di. ,'^nrwall, mr. bass; maworm mr. o. andrews and me do pr.ti. drama al the ctucket on wk hearth'uha perarbtaf**. mf andrews; b-tha. mra abbott. tick ??aay be had of mr o. andrews. no. 79 spring street. ill ttrrf tm" atttk?a.w jtcmoii. meower; stags '>?i|*r.m> 8t?tbi?s.?t*nmday ersaiag, dm (.will li perfo wed ihe grand bullet of giselle. o>'ha wuliee? 'liselle. miu tarn^an; mace alsert, mr jtl..jsij/ct rr>?ion? to which, the new dream stv led the bottle: ft the < auae and effort?rirhard t"oraley. mr c w -1**ke; o-arge, mr.til'oo; j)o?nme, mr. j. h- halltcod ll-a m*. c. burke; hu'h thornier. miss phi'lip*: ellen vl.ia hikbard. to be followed br chim80n (!h!mk<funk.mrs. c. borke; mu knuk, mra. sutherland. doafti > >aa at tk o'clock and the cariaia will nail r boies i' ' ?nt? : i' and ihuen uxt-wtl theatre.?under the management ?i mr j rletr.hrl-.htnn manager. mr hield.-on thareday > renin*. dec. ?, will he presented the eooiedv of fa1>>t hbaht n vkr wov fair lady-kmf tha/les 11, 'i* i?a hildreth; maraaiade 8?ata < ran mr. braadeni rat o 'ib't, mr.'hie'd; daches* de torrenue?j, mr* mclevn after which, the holland family. to be ibllowe* by the model a rthtk* to -include with the new grjrd tuirt-m me of harlequin tom?cha'mtere by the holland h <mily, fce. d?o>e opea al half prw? it paifcfa??c? to comir.r re at 7 o'clock. bote ?s ceata? pit. i?h aenta * mtor pt."a<~e opera?fr'ldar ? ycniue. p>cjmk?r ip. j? will bapremtrdmhn1! opankm tttovnambt> la?amine, (her aral appearance la america) olenon bi?cactiet : lisa, wiaa a mewa; tereia. rtigtnra aeogad o: elri?o, mignor victti; conor rodolpho, kigaor avigaom; a'osiio, sigaor morra: notary, higair albertsxti. boiea, pvqae'te and ixleonv, tl. amphitheatre. m reals. doors open at 7 ovio'w. to rommeuce at half past 7 itch ell* olympic l'heatht?on ihur.dsy kvaning. dee i, the performancea will commence with thexioht troop ok st. j ames?mnite'thoa. smallbones, mr. h >llaad: mistress r?k?rt?, ms?y tayloi. afler which, the savage and the maiden?mr. crtiaiin'cs. mr. m'tchell: mr kolair, mr hilland; niunelta c'uaim'ea, mi?s partinkton: miss 8m*el|icci. mary tn*lor. afie- which, the bo \knino 8^holll-cspta.n harcomt. mr.t'haufr u: maj <r mara^ea, m?. heary: james. mr. conover; carolin? b'vthe, m'ss mary t?7lor. allerwhieh, to conclude wirhth^. betjrkt?'thomss, mr holland. dnors ?i?i st half paste, -ad the certain will rise at7. dress cirele sor: t,tpt>?r b iir? j'.r -pit. uv<r. _________ B~ arnum'8 american mmeum -r t m*"a?< *,' p'opr-.etor ; f hitchcock,mana?e??sp'.endid pek FORM ANCKS THIH AFTfcKNOON at J o'clock, and This 1 Kvr.ui g at loll paat 7 o'clock, .'.Kneed, for a few d?v?, CAMPBELL'S ETHIOPIAN 8ERENA DKRM AND OPKRA CO v[r\NV. who will appear in a OKAND ETHIOl-KN BURLESQUE OPERA, aud alto in thci- Poimlar Mirfatrelay at each performance. Alan a eelehrated SCOTCH PIPEH; Misses OABZYNSKI, Juvenile Dancers: GitF.AT WESTERN, VTias BERNARD, MUa JULIEN. MODELS 0 V 8H AKSPEARK'S HOUSE, and other buildings ronnect d with bis hiatory; LIVING OltANG OUTANG. fccAilmittiuce to the whole, ti cents; children aider tea year* 01 ;\ge and old enough to walk alone, UK centa. Reserved hoaj aegOi one ahiI linn each ??tn. di re MECHANICS' HALL, ffl Hrnadwav Hetweee <*tae? ??it Hrnoir* etreets. Crowded to overflowing with the BEAUTYand FASHION of New York. OPEN EVERY NIGHT VNABATKD SUCCKSM Ninth Week of the Original CHRISTY* MINSTRELS The Oldeat Eatahfiehed Baud ia the United Hates A- P. CHRISTY K PKIRCE. O. N. CHRISTY C. ABBOTT. J. RAYNOR, T VAUGHN, whaee original and inimitable eoacerta are nightly Honored with crowded and highly respectableandieneea, and universalis admitted to excel every amuaemeet of a aimilar character offered in thia eity. Admiaaioa Si cento. Children under I# yeara, half price. Doora open at 7; concert will commence at I o'clock dj 7t*re ^LIJ \H ? NBWT6HK SACKfcU~MUSIC 8(?<1ETV <t ?The Mana^eri respectfully aauonae.e to the publie. that in compliance with (he wiah of nuy of the fiienda of the Institution. the Oratorio ol ELI J AH.?ill be repeated on Thursd?y evening, Dec 9, at the Tabernacle, at half paat 7 P. M Tickeu. JO ceata each to be had at ihe moil i>lecee. aad at the ( oor a the 'venire of ihe perlormuice. George Whitlock, Secretary. M Penal street. d7 Jt*rrc TYROLEAN ',ONCKRT?The Heater Family, relatirea of the itainera, will hate the Iwiaor of giving their F>'tli Concert iu America, on Friday evening, Decmter It at the Society Library, on which occaaion they will present no entire change of programme. Tickeu aHmitti w a geutlem in aid two lad ea, Si; eingle tickets, JO centa. Doura open at lilif-peatS; to commence at hall-patt 7 o'clock. No poitpolenient ?a 'count ol wsMher tfSlt'rc BuOADvVAY ODEON?Entrance through I'mieaua' Halooa.ander the mt'-aaement of Mr. E G Greeley Par ouerte, 2S rente; Boies. I1){ cents. On Thnradav evening, Dec. 9,1117 the performance* will commence with Grecian Exercises Vocal and luatnimeual Mnaic, Dancing. Ite. The ra-rrtainiueats will conclude with the Tableaux Vivaata given by celebrated artiarea who liave mad* th exhibition their particular study. Performance to commence at hall past 7 iHtl'm till. r. LBY'4 t.fcuKMRAlfcU COtUtl lOM OK Scriptural Otitiury, cooiiituif of ihi fallowing groaps representing important and interettinr subject*. the site ol l?lc :? The Trial <?f oar Hsviour. The Last Happer. The Birth of Christ. The M >ral .Scene of the intrmperaic family. Is now opeo at 411 Broadway, lata Walker's Masic Rooms opposite tne Apouo.e^ery uay.irom u a. m. w iw r. in. *\*?initt&iice 25 eents On Che ftabtnth after dirine ?erriee, from 6 ^ ^ M 10 P. M. Children half pr?c*. d7 3fm O'" KIOI VAL SPLKNDID ALTAR HKCE of Hie Adora. lion of the Virgin ud Infant Jesus. tod other Saint*,by Sr Bonav.nium, Minted in the 14th cemury, by Rubens; Just arrival from Europe; exhibiting at 413 Broadway, corner Lt|Kuard it reft. Admission. ti centi; season ticket*. 30 ce^fe en l"'om9 A. M till 10 P. M. WALNUT S l.THEATRE-rhiladeli>h>a-L*ssee, Mr E. A. Marshall. Manager. Mr. J. Wallack, Jr.?MR COI.LIVS' Second Night?On Thursday Eveniug, December 9, will be performed THE NERVOUS MAN? Methane, i?l'. Uollirn; vir. Aspen. a'Becket; Lady Leech. Mr* Thaser: Mi Cr-ckett, Mr*. W. R. Blake After which, TEDOY the Hi-r.R?Teddy, Mr Collins; with the sougof" The Widow Machree." To conclnde with THE JACOBITE Mn. COLLINS will apsear every night tqia week. Admiaaion to 'he Dress Circle and P. rquett M cent*; to the second and third Circle*. 2i c?nts; Orchestra Box Heat* 7} eenia The enrtaiu will rite at a quarter past 7 '.'clock, precisely. CE\TR> VILLE t OUM8E,L. 1 ?TROT11 *U? Oraat Handicap Match for $1000?SAll'RDAY, Dec Uth. a m tch, lluee rail* heat*, fo' $300 * aide.haif forfeit, between the celebrated horses RlPTON and V.ASHION, will uk* phc* H. WooJruff names br. *. Htpton, to go to * M0 pound wag n; W. Wh-lrn name* b. m V'ashion. to go as the plnaaea. JOEL CoNKLIN, Proprietor. N. B ? A mitrh mimie heats, in barnras between LADY SUFFOLK snd UIPTON, for fiooo, half forfeit, it to come off December 21. Ccqrerilla Dec. 8. |g47. _ HI it je Oi tiuno.n'u o *mn a a ium? c hakL EsVr or TItiNON informs the public that hit extensive and well v* a til* tad establishment. IS, 17 and 19 Cautl street corner of Elm, is open from sunrise till 10 I* M. for the reception of gymnast* and pupil* His Oymataium it c mp'etely furnished with all >he apparatus f >r performing the whole exercise* of a Gymnasium. SPARKING rCHOOL?vir 0 will pettonally in truct at all time*, those who desire it, in the art ol Self-Defence. SCHOOL OF AHM8?Fencing taught, by an rxpeneneed Profeaaor from Pari*, with the small or broad sw .r.>?, or single (tick. The Pi?t?l Gallery i* furniahed the very beat of Enaliah Duelling Piatol*. and all the other I puitenancea for Pistol Practice N B.?Mr. O. at the request of a uumber ol gentlemen in Brooklyn, is now having built in one of the moat airy, healthy i-.nd central locations in thit citv, an extensive Oymnasium, ? hieh will be fornuhel with a'l the api*r*tus found in any Oymnasium He intends it shall no', be inferior to a?y other establ'shment ol the kind in the United States. Subscription Book is now open at his Qj mnasiuin in Canal street, where buy lurther information can l>e ob ar ed. d4 12t*m rwiui' muoii iklMttn ? v tl i fiifmw nk' Tifl" ST 1 V. CANARY BIkD FANCIERS' ASSOCIATION, at the Lye-urn Btildiug, M3 Broailway, comiaencea ou Tuea lay. December 7th ana will continue the (th, 0th and 10th? Thiaexhitinn being the firat of the kind in ihe United Stile*, wit embrace, in addition to a beantifal diiflay of the long breed ' anviea, thnwn by member* lor premium*. a nameroua collection of rare fancy and Sieging Bird*, loaned for the ocration by private individual*. The room will be appropriate ly decorated with flower* xnd evergreeui, and nojmina will be *Kired to make the exhibition aa lutereiting aa II i* novel.? Tirkei* 26 cent*, admitting a (entleman and lady. Open from 9 A. VI to 10 P M. d#4t*re Musical instruction.?c. c. castle, from Londou aolicit* the attention of ladiea and gentlemen lo hi* i levikglmethnd of teachin t ptanolorte, ling ng and violin, whereby hia pupila ensure a rapid improvement in a very ahort time Pupil* who would have the tuitioo of a careful and t>er*rv?ring rwiater, will plea** addreaa C. K. Caitle. Box 10. Herald Office. T?rm* quite moderate. Reference*. H. C Tunm K?<|., O. Loder, Kaq. nil i8teod*rc PIANO FOuTE? Koraale, aaplendld aevea octave r?*ewood Piano forte, in tiipermr and elegant 'atyle; will be warranted, and aold at $100le** than the manqfa'tur?r'a price. Can be aeen at J. Rocketi'a wareroom. 4M Bivtadway, corner of ilrnoine atreet. Alao, two very excellent aet nid l> u-'l Piano h'ortet. lor aale cheap for ciali i'O If in 'ftIK K i ft ST U~4 L L OK TH K IJNITKD PHACT'CAL 1 STONK CUTTERS'ASSOCIATION, of ihe|city of New Vork, Brooklyn; and Jeraev City, will be held at Caatle Warden, on Monday Evening Dec. II, 1117. The proceeda of thia ball will be given towaidi the erection ofihe Wathirgton M nument. 'Ihe committee of arrangement* flatter themtflv ? that the object of ihu hall will meet a heart v co-operation from a yenerou* and patriotic public. The floor will be tinder the direction of au efficient committee, who, in conjunction wuh the committee ofarrangementa, will leave nothing uudnne to antiify the m lit f atiHioua Committee of Arraiigem-nta?Wm Mr Aimer. John IInaiev, Thoa. Hu**ev, Wm. K. Jo* ce, Pat ick Uuiun. Pafcick Lvnch, Richard Keiley.Tho* I) >wney, Jolii McAuliff*. Ticket* (I. can be h>d of any of the i b ive cominittre. or at the door oi the night of the b ill. ilt ? rr* _____ _ Tit" 4KUOMD A N Vu Vl" BAbL.of the Oecond Troop of New Voik 1IUZZAR8, will be hel'l at the Apollo SO.mi, on KRIl)AY Keening, December lOih, inaant. O. 1,1 KMJ4SKN. Captain. JT ll?IB i^ANCINO AC ADKMY?M'LLK.PAULINR DE8JARU DIN*. of the Koynl Academy of Pina.inoRt respectful It innnimrfi ft her pupila, lidiee and gentlemen, that the eoniiotte* her clnaaaa fur the Tuition of Dancing, in all ita laahioaable hren'hei, at No I Washington Place. Kor yoong L*di?e ?fd Maetere, Wedn?ada?a and Hatardaya. from 1 tol /cl irk P M . for (JeiitUmrn, Thurailayi and Satnrd.iya,from * to 9 o'clock. KM. At 7? Leonard atreet. for Ladiea and flea'lemra. Mooaava and wsdneadaea,from7 to 9 o'clock, P.M. Pr'T L' aaooa lion I \% to I o'clock every div. Nf it month lie P IJ Will commrnce (i*in> Moireea Danaamea to her l*upilt Rrhoola en* Pn??fe K*mJiea attended. nIO I4'?in B* f.L KOOM OUIDC?i?aat published Durang'a Terp? urwra or Ball H >om (Jui a work mdiapeneable to a ?- begiuuer nud conraiuiai much information for pioflciettt -agea, priee 14. JT and Sa crnta each, in rariona atylea of tx^dxg. Kyarrili'M ia fully eiplained in the above work, fn-M he o'd at) k "oiatry dancea to the lateat ind moat maa',f?nt j?)lkia. Tl'INtR k HSHK.K, 7tChiiliim atreet Kerne.iiS?r, V?|?rMn? Mead Qnarte'a, Keb 14 h. dTIJi?rr ( I \nl.? -i ( i Li KM Wholaaale and HaiaTTTJaalar ia J v-mng'a New Patent Premium Safety Oaa Lampa. and i'i negene Um, for burning in tha aame. Alao, Cam, i,e mi ii Oaia. Oi1 and Lard Lampa. Hall Lantarna, Oi ea, ei?. A'ai>, < umpinne, Spirit <iaa. Oil and Wieka. 17] (fre-ewleh ar betweaa Chamber and Warren. Kl1 ll>?.?4?rfc Til'. Ill XKNUKH iaqUlCK DAOUKKKKOTYPK 'in m? ita, with four 'rmea intenaer light; lenaea of ii ?? . ,ea aid a 'i letter diameter. ! work < on med'uq t^wZmVr**"" 5r#.v ..j-j mjymmmmmfmmmmmmmmmn , ji S NE' NEV Billiabo tables kor sale-Two .ciend.d Billiard Tibia; m firM rate ordar. with all the futures balougibk to them. They MM be aold the pieaaat week, foi euh, to tin huheataffar. Iu*airaat Gothic Hall. No. Ill Broadway, whata tha tahiaa caa ai anv lira* be aeen. it ?t?m PHlClU JUtflUCiiD?OliiAl' KXOITlCMfcNT IN TJCNPIwi-^Tjia pricaa u Gotbie Hall, (SI* Broadway.) from tbla data, will ba raducad ia day time, aatil 5 o'clock, P. M.. ta aaa katf the oHfiaai price, ?it ?X crata par a acla atiiaa ; i" tha creamc. uar-l tha hoaae iaa'aaad, I*caata par apiaf. Tba aabactikar wil ba baapy to aaa biairiaadaaad patroaa, and ii atricl attautioa to buaiaau Md firiac ibam ssstl" tenlfr' jfi'r PATlrfTi Poll HAVHE-IiMok Llae-The ship UT1!CA, D. 1. Swan. sailer, will Mil oa the lit January. dt rre pOK W# ORLEANS?Loaiiiaut and Ni* kork Line X of Pickets?Vary ltadueed Hales fdaitivaly the Ant | ui oaljr regular packet, to sail to-morrow, (Thuuday,) Decern!* roth .?The new and splendid fast tiling picket HUDSON, Capt. P Page,? now loading, and will poaitively Mil as Mora, her regular dir. Kor freight O' passage, having splendid furnished accommodations, apply oa board. a< OrI rain wharf, foot ..f Wall street. or to f 1C COLLINS, 54 Poath at. Positively uo freight wilt ba received on board alter this (Wednesday) evening. Dec. Iih. Paaseogers for ihie ship will pleeee ba oa hoard, at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall (treat, to-morrow (Thursday) at U o'eWk. M.,al wjteh time the ship will sail Agent m New Oilcans, Mr. Win. Creevjr, who will promptly forwaedall gas da to his address hickrt ship O^WlCOO. Captain lugersoTl, Will succeed tha Hudson, sndSseil bar raenlar day. dire tfOR OM AKLhSTON, ?. C.?Tha ttteem?lui> NOMTttt: EKNER. Capt. Th s. 8. Badd, wfil leave the pier lor* Clmioa St.,opposite Tobacco Inspection, K. R, oa wani'way, the llth lust, at 1 o clock. P. M. No berth soeared until paid for. 411 hills of lading signed bv tha eletk ?'aj>n wd^ > ?' freight or passage apply to HfOyfOiU). TllMTOJI fc C?. No. U South street C7~by ibw veeeei are + queued to send their b'Jt'gs on hoard, peevious ta I* o<- , tne day of departU'a. Consignees are particular i? leaves ed to attend to the reeeifl of their reeds on the arrival of the atn-iner. . if > a FOR LlV?fcP09L?Uegalar Packet llthDec-1-* i- t e mu last sailing aewpacket shin WKST POI NT, benhea 1100 tons. Captain Alleii, will sail a* above, and Iroai LiverI ooi oa M'h January, being her reuular days. The accommodations for cabin, seeoud cabin andataarage iiasaeagan are fally equal to any sh p iu port Those sbout etnbirkiag should make early application on b?ara, foot of Maiden late, or to JOSE H McMyvUAY,corner Pine and Booth street P. S.?Persons wishing to send fbr their frieads In the old country can have them biought out iu the above picket, or any i f the regular liue, bv apiilyiugas above. d?4t* in f\CEAN STEAM NAVIOATION COMP*NY-U. 8 V/ Mail Liae to Southampton and Bremen.?From the beginning of the year IMS the Stenmers of this Company will snl regulirlv once a month, as followsFrom New York? Wsshiugton, Capt- J. Johustvu, Jan 3S; Hermann, Capt Crab, r.. k'.l. SB r?>m K..n?,_W?l,...l?> k'.l. If- (t.rm.n March li From Southampton?Waahington, Feb <4; Hermann, Much 20 Paaaage fioin New York to Southampton or Bremen, $120; from Bremen or Southampton to New York. SIM. tor freight or pa*a*ge apply at the office of the Ocei-n Steam Navigation Company 4 J William atreet, r>ew Yo'k. or ( DAY, CROSKEY k R088, agents at Southampton; WILLIAM 18ELIN. agent at Havre; C. A. HEINCKEN it Co , Br*m?r. n?7 14r fh HOUR ".HANGED TO J ?NLW~YUKK, ALbAN V AND ROY LINE FOR ALBANY AND TROY DIHECT?Fiom the foot of Courtlandt street.?Pasiengers taking (hii B?at will arrive in Troy in time to take the earliest morning trains west to Buffalo, and north to Saratoga, Lak? George and Champlain. The low-preasare steamboat EM* PIKK, Caut. R. B. Mary. This Eveningati o'clock, hegnKr days, Tuesday. Thursday, and Saturday. Forpaasaace or freight, apply on po-rd, or at the office on I fie wharf. nIO rc NU1 It/ft? Hour changed from 6 to 5 o'clock ?The Albauy Evening Line Steamers ISAAC NEWTON,and OREGON, will leave for Albany at 5 o'clock instead oft as heretofore, on and after Monday. Nov 29 1117. nJO PEOPLE'S LINE STEAMBOATS fr'Oft ALBANY, Daily, Sundays Excep ed ? Through Direct? At5o'clock, P. M.. from he Pier between Courtlandt and Liberty streets. Steamboat ISAAC NEWTON, Capl. Wro H' Peck, will , e.ive on Mondav Wednesday .and Friday evenings at 5 I'elock Steamboat OREGON. Capt. A. P. St. John, will leave on Tuesday, Thursday and SatMar evenings at i o'clock. At i O'clock, P. M.?Landing at intermediate plates- from the foot of Barclay street- Steamboat SANTA CLAU8, Captain B. Overbagh, will leave on Monday, Wednesday. Fridav uid Sunday afternoon* at 5 o'clock. Steamboat SOUTH AMERICA, Captain T. N. Hal**, will leave on Tneaday Thuraday and Saturday afternoons, at 6 o'clock. The abov* boat* will at all timea arrive m Alban? i* ampU time for the Morning Can for the Ea*t or Weat. Freight taken at moderate rut**, and none taken alter 4 I'elock, P. M. All penon* are forbid muting any of the boats ol urn line, without a written order Irom the captain* or agent*. For passage or freight, ap Jy on board the boius, or to P. t. iCHULTZ, at the oniet on the whaif. nt> NOTICK.??in aaU alter SUNDAY. November 21*7,1I?T. the steamboat SYLPH orHTaTEN ISLANDER will maka tka fnl .niarinw (vine nnfil fiivflinp n/?ri<i?> I m a mm Hvivon IslAlti> at f, II, 11 o'clock, A. M.?2, and S o'clock, f, i?> Leave New York at t, and II o'clock. A. M.?L.IX, and o'clock. I* M iNew York, Nor. ) . 1MT. nl7rc "T1ANCY GOODS Kok THK HOLIDAYS. at the P-aX tniuni Comb Htora. yi|K Broad way?J. M. QUIMBY. Ioipuiter and Dealer in rich fancy Gooda. Kreuch Jewel'y, kc. reipectfully aiiununee* to the public, that he hat made pecial preparation! for the holiday*, and increased hiaatockof W fal and Ornamental Goodt. eoaaiiting of Dreaaing Cain, ork Boxea. Daaka. Kam, Shell r.oaoe. Extract*. float* Perfumery Cu:lerv. fee , which will beaolaat reduced pricea to?uit the time*. |J /" Mr. Q. directs particular attention to hit r ch Carted Comha, which ob'ained the preminm at ihe 'ate Kair, alto hi* plain Cumbt, Children*' Neck Comb*, lie., a new and b-aatiful article of Jet good*. N B ? All comb* pu'rliaaed at thi? *tnra warranted. Plain comb* altered to ca veil 8irn of tka Golden Cmnb. 303X Broadway. d?It M ThltWaf m HOLlU \ ( PKKHfclN I'M. 3ii Broadway? kRUDKKICK A. WnobiVORTH woald ca 1 the attantioa of pu cnaaer* to hi* ettenaive collection of rara and beautiful articlrt for ili* apprvachint holiday*, received bjr thi late ateamert and packata .from Europe. Hi* importati n* have been mutually large, and ihe (election* be hi* experienced and t oiefal agent in Pari*. Moat of them have been made within the laat mty day*. The collection eompriaea all the noveitie* of the icaaon, including .m entire new atock of decorated Porcelain, Bohemian Uliu fi.,e Bronze*. Opera Glutei, Fan*, Work Boiat, Papetertet Un. ?> 6tia*rc fHMKAO LAO. CAPM ANDBKHTHKS.-William X Scott k Co., No. 177 Broadway, have received a laree atock r f the above article*, th- cheapeit. they believe, ever offered. Berthea eommmcirg at tl*> capea at $16; alio, a rl; about M dauu brukuit cipt, from 2 aliillinge each, teach aee-lle wotk chemiaettea at (I; needlework onllare, fine quality, 2i Id Kluted cullara from 2* ; black fill'd demi eaila from la. a large lot d'tta capa (alightly aoiled) Ja.each, or three %>$l: embroidered loualiB wid l-ce robea; infant' %>!<?*. wa a a, ke.. aa cheap aa can ba iouud iu the eitv. N. B. lfn Heeiaiin-i iu prieee d9 MtM BrUU UKKH?k.8 LAUK CAPUd. KMBKOlUKKlfcM. lie ? PKTRRIKOBERT8,27J Broadwaa, haa jaat receired from the recast action aalaa, iOO lace aad maalin fonnre, tunic tnckad. and other atylea; tM P ria black demi eile.eplendid pat'en a, from 10a upwardi; <20 Breakfiit Capa from 2a upwarda; J'Jmaleine Lace Laupeta and Opera Capa,at litlfthe uanal prieea: IMOFrenchCambric Handkerchief*,*1 2a eaeli, worth Vid; M ahacr lawn Tape Border, new atyle; W Kmxroidered Lace Border do, entirely new atyle; Revierne. hand-atiteh and embroidered, in areat variety. 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THURSDAY MC Interesting from the War Q?iter. [Correspondence of the N. O PioaJfce,W?r >0 ] i Vbba Caut, Not iO.?A mtin noirna* ooAmenoed j bar* it a Tery Mily hour on the 18th, and did not abate until last night During It* oontlnuanoe tha debarkation of troop* wai suspended, and Gen Butl?r tn consequence cannot leave so *oon a* be originally purposed The landing of the men hat been reeumed to-day. and i bU advance is tn ). at* on Tuseday next, the 2 Id Init ; tha mala body foUnwtag 1* two days after. You will pereelTe by w Mtan of yoar correspondent. writing i from Jelapa, that It wat-TUBored than that a foroe of 1*00 men la collected at Oriaaba, who at* being drilled oflloer who wne liberated on pacola nt the surrenof Van Crui. We have similar reports here, hat It la More than likely this body will not be allowed qtut'er* at Orisaba long, as Oen Butler deetgns taking tha plaoe Mid garrlaonlng it on hi* way up. should tha r*ad to It WOT* practicable for wagons and artllUry. I her* just obtained from the Jlrt ofti$ offloe their paper #W?talolog tha last manlfeato of Santa Anna I bare not aren time te glanoe oTer it before the ateamer leaves. 1 ?od*r?tand that in It ho deolarea ha will re-aesutne fee supreme pr w?r We have nothing later from the later lor in re Ittlon to tha avoeeedinga of CongTaaa. TIM nailer pre* here that aa cooil aa the n?* lavlea Cf troops, of which tboM going up under the commaafl q# 0?n Buttar are, I believe, the laat to arrive, raMfc 0?n boott, expeditiona will b? undertaken agalnat aavetal of the large oltiee wl townayetlu the hmJi ofOW imby, and It U likely tha " looomotlve capital" will bwthe flrat point of attack Uw. Hoott, when all ble ratnlbQMaMOta reach Mm, will have a foroe of about 'JO.OOO aMLyuid it would I appear . Idiculnoa to Inn them without employment I while work I* to be don*. Reporta have Mfcnhed hern or , aa Inaurrectlon at Ouadalejara in whlob Gen Ampudia tu kiiUd. How the raport oame it ia lmf ??ible to And oat, and no detail* arc given by thos? olroulating it Tba bark Texldor, for the aafety of wbloh,* aa I Informed yon In my lait, apprabenaiona exlate4>Wflrtvad on the ulght tk? Alabama left, and ttoa man afc? brought are being now landed. An nlaatlon wan held In Captain, mw Col Blecoe'a company or tbe Loulalana nounted battalion, 4ay before yeeterday to Oil tba vaoant oaptainoy ocoaainnad bv the promotion of Capt. 0. let. Lieut Geo. Kerr waa choaen Jalafa, Not. 15 ?Night before laat a well known iruerllla ablef, named Tornaa Menoaoal, waa arreatad by | Col Wynkoop. in a bouae in the olty He waa conveyed to the guard-bouee, and whllat irona were being prepared for him, he. by aom* maana, procured a raior and out hia throat. It la rumored hare that a feme of 1400 m?n la oollcoted at Orizaba, who are drilled by a Mexican officer of rank, who gave hit parole of honor at Vara Crus laat aprinr, to oppoee ua no more unleaa he ibould be exchanged. It la tald that the enemy ia caatlng cannon at the earn* place. We have heard that Capt Nunes,the guerilla officer gent down under Col. Harney to the Caatle of 8an Juan da Ulua, made bia eaoape at Plan del Klo A rumor baa reached here thla morning from Cluerelaro, that the Mexican Congraaa, now In aeasion, (having aatumbled a quorum,) have ahown tbemaelvea decidedly in favor of petoe, but that the governor* of department* are oppoaed to it. Thla la believed here. Col Hugbea la to bo left in command of Jalapa Tba troopa in camp near town are fullering from ohilla and fever*, cauaed by the ocol nights and very heavy dawr. Since the approach of Gen. ratterson'a column to this place, much ha* been done toward* breaking up the guerilla*, and ferreting out their leader* and aooomplioe*. Col Wynkoop, of the Fennfylvanla volunteer*, has been a moat aotive and efficient agent in thla businef*, and deaerv. great oredit. He reported to Gen. Tatteraon, at the National Bridge, the presence in Jalapa of the two young Santa Annaa, (natural aona of the lelf-styled " Napoleon of the VVeat,") whoae name* carried oonaldefable influenoe with them wherever they were used a* toola by the ounnlng guerilla eutthroata. The general ordered their Immediate arreat Nunea, Menoaeal and a number of other }ronblealom* fellows have been caught through the inatrumentality of the Colonel, backed by the judicious disposition* of the general. I have already spoken ot thesuloldeof Mrnoaoal, and the repotted escape of Nune* from Col. Harney, as well aa of the gathering of troopa, and casting of cannon at Oriiaba. Information haa been received here of a large quantity of powder and ammunitlen being smuggled into tbl* country from the United State*, anil that one hundred mule load* passed through thl* oity not long clnce from the port of San Carlos.' The supply waa famished by a house In New Orleans, and negotiated for by on* Carvsjal, a commlstfgter deputed by tho Mexican government for that poi^se. The selection of Col Hnghrs for Governor of this department Is, In my opinion, a, most happy one, and reflect! much oredit on Gen. l'atterson. Hughes is the very offloer for such service The duties of a Governor at thla particular quarter will be. for many reasons, delicate and Important, and will require a man of shrewd n?ss and good addrea* to perform them properly. The general dleoovered In Col Hughes theae qualities, added to Bound military knowledge, and choae him accordingly. I am told,too, that the inhabitant* here, who have lonir looked fur hi* bptrmr nlncm! in nhftrirt of thl* tie partment, were desirous that he should bo pat in command, and * knowledge of this very probably added to tit* r?uoai which Induced the general to make this excellent appointment. mexican politics. [From the N. O I'icajune. Not. 30 1 In the ffntitioto we find a letter from liueretaro, dated the 2d November. After detailing the organita Hon of Congress, seventy-two deputies being present, the letter proceed* aa follows " The candidature of Ueneral Almonte has oompletely fallen through. It would appear that the Puioa became convinced that this general wonld enoounter the animosity el all parties, and they oast about for another, who could give them better guaranties of vietory. But, aocording to the report of thoee who are familiar with the secret hUtory of events, It it is the 8antanistan who n??o unsuujiu bus uo|>oa vi iu> iBUHUU||>oig maiuu'W Almonte does not conceal bis hatred for Hanta Anna, from whloh it is interred that, under bin administration, the hero (Santa Anta!) would .be energetically restrained. hiuod tb? understanding was entered into be tween the Santanlstas and the l'uros - based upon tbe oompromlse that Hanta Anna shall not be subjected to a trial and be reinstated in his military oomtnand? the Santanistas deputi** will vote for Cumplido. " The Moderados hare finally determined to vote for Pena y Pena, whloh has greatly weakened their party ? With Pedraso, with Ocampo, with any man more decided for the war. and who bad ev?r labored for the federalist party, bis success would be certain With this candidate, a great part of the Moderados themselves are dissatisfied, and we shall bare Cumplldo President His pulley will be " Rrjonionaeantanlsta ? His election is so certain, that Rejon has offered to bet a hundred doubloons to tea dollars of it. " Senor Karias has arrived, being deputised by Zacatecas, and has presented himself in the Congress which removed him from the Vice Pre* idency " This letter may be a key to tbe late movements of 8anta Ann* la addressing the Mezisan Congress and the President. We find in several Mexican papers very violent attacks ujon Parades, all lmputlog to him monarchical designs. The Area /rii gives a report that he had al will recoiled ?u monarchical. The Secretary of War addressed an order to Oeneral Rea, on the 2Hth of October, directing him to take up ?c>me position In th? State of Puebla, b**t adapted to annoy the Am?rlean?; bat the ohUf design of the note kjevidently that he should use bis force to preteot the peaceable Inhabitants from the excesses of the guerilla* The attentlen ot the President ha* been called to their outrage* upon the people, and he 1* not disposed to tolerate them, nor to auffer them even to pursue Americans beyond the fair usages of nations and of humanity Every act of disorder or of vandalism 1* to be punished, says this latter, and all robbers and evil-doers are to be arrested. We find one vote taken in the Mexloan Congress on th*4tb Inst It was upon a proposition brought forward by a Puro, to the effeot that the ministers should present themselves to the Congress to render an account o( what measures they had taken for the war. It was voted doan by flfty odd voices against twenty-five, among the latter being Uomn Farias, Ktjon, Pacheco and the two Romeros No attempt to elect a presldont had been made on the 4th, but the ohanees were still considered In favor of Cumplldo. All the papers attribute to Pena y Puna the design of getting rid of the old army, or rather of the great body of the officers of the same, aad organize a new army under Oen Lombardlnl. e THK CONDITION OF MEXICO. (From the New Orleans Picayune, Nov. 87 J We have heard It stated by several cf our most distinguished officers, ju*t arrived from Mexioo. that one prominent Impediment to the conclusion of the war Is, that the better order of Mexican* fear that upon the withdrawal of the United Htate* troop* the countrv will be overran and pillaged by their own soldiery It is a remarkable feature in this war, creditable to the humenlty and discipline of the American forces, tbat men of lubetanrn In Mexico have dreaded the robbing pro penemea ci ma national levlra mora than too ramg^n of tba Invading army It ia a faot of no mean aignlflcanoe, In forming an opinion of tba viewa and wlahea of tba aubatantial eltlieoa of Maxioo, lhat tba property of tba capital l? now protected from tba plunder af tba leparoa who iufeat II, by American bayoneta. Tba military government of Han Quitman *? milder rule then the olvll adminlatratlon or Santa Anna Tba cltlxena felt aafer in tbelr p?raona and aecurer in their property Hewer robberiea vara oommltted by marauder*, and no forced exaetiona extorted on pratanoaa, to be divided by the authoriied plundrrera of tba government. (ieneral Quitman, we are Informed, received many evitlenoea of tba aatlafactlon wbieb bia adminlatratlon cave tba people of tba oapllal, and bia return to tba United Mtataa waa regretted by many, wbo, for the Drat time In a long period of year*, reoogniaad aometblng like j nation in tbe oondact of pabllo affair*. Tbare are perbapa, more military offlcera In the Mexican army than ia all America bealdea. Tbe Internal biatory of tba country baa been bat a tarlea of revolutlona , ita government baa bean bald by a aucceiaion of auccaeaful cbleftaina, and a* each prealdent la turn doubtad the fealty of tba partiaana of tbe predeoaaaor ba bad overturned, ba Slid tba army with new offlcera, if. aa waa moat likely, ba bad not laauad nommiaalona enough to bia rtrvolntlonary foUowera to offleer tbe battalion of another Xarxaa Tbla army of offlcera ia generally appoaad to peaea. Tbelr occupation would then begone The faw wbo favor peace do ao upon calculation of tba chancaa of pillage. They tfgard their own oonntrymen a aafer and more prolibo fouroc of profit, in th? abeence of a foreign n?ray. Kxperlenca baa ahown them that a very acant living nan ba mada out of auch euatomer* aa Uncle Mam aenda them; and hrnea they would he glad to have the coun'ry ii.'ed "f tbcm. There uiay b?, h-ia ?od tb?m, toe, til tfflor of property, wbo, aaeing the hopekraaeaa of ot.u1 Inning yi| oOBlflflt. Tfrtilll rACAld DflliA Ml ft hlillillf. I , i.?gwP"W! RK I )RNING, DECEMBER 9, of bat the great body offlcef* are for oootloaicg the war ?or rather of holding on to their commission*. The cUrgy?the batter Informed portion of them? 4 now begin to think seriously ef the best ntui of hold- 1 log on to their property and the Influence they hold | over the people. Their last hope In the city of Mexloo 1 orumbled beneath them, and now they probably fear an lnvadoa of Methodiat preaebera. aa they did the Incurdona of the Amerlaan army. Their dread of ultimate 1 annexation aud the consequent iyuptlou of Troteaunt professors, may lnallne them to peace; bat they hare come to no oonolaeton aa to what la beat to be done, or at ^aat they have made no development of their fature 1 pufpoee*. The More ignorant hangera on of the rellgloua eatabllihinent of Maxioo are of oourae against a pinaa. The demafcogusa and gambler*, of all olaaae*,nolltleal and military, are opposed to peace, and humbuggery and cbarlatmUm flouilsh In the ftoo of disaster* which might have sobered down a teachable people to the neoneaity of a pacification upon any grounds short of an utter extinction of their nationality In thl* confuwd m iss of hostile and dUorgtnlted interest*, It is dlSeult to perceive a current leading to any speolfle point. The obj?ota of the war parties are aa opposite as the elements of which they are opposed. Selfintereat ilea at the bottom of ell opinion*; but the lnte rests oi army a'J Toniurers ?re u repugnant to those of property holders m oU anil water are to each other. Among* tbii latter olass there li evidently a groeing relish ot the Institutions and domination or the United HUM They bare seen the uselesmess of holding out against a superior raoe of men; they hare tasted of the ruthlessness of their own party leaders; they have had glimpses of (0*4 government in the military establishments that hive been erected over them, and begin to sigh for the permanent rule ot a people whose martial institute* are less tyrannloal and oppressive than the oivil domination of their pronnnciamento Presidents Mexico baa so long been ruled by military adventurers. ambitious priests and oorrupt civilians, that tbe Industrial classes and property holders hare had little to say in raising dynasties or dlreoting their courses They hare been used to being plundered tor so long a time that that government was bert whioh robbed least ? Their voioe has been so often stifled by the eiamor of struggling factions that they have almost forgot to speak in public a (fairs They have now a protection wnioh they have be?n unused to; they see order and law enforced by thtf sword, and publio justice upheld by public < neiay. It Is not to be wondered at that thsy should be glad to make trlends with a people who show mora mercy in their conquests than their own rulers do In ths ordinary conduct of government. These people would mourn in secret tbe withdrawal of the American army, tMBgb tbey have not the boldness to advocate annexation. Could they be assured af tne protection of the United States, it is questionable If a majority of tbe bettrr order of property holders In Mexico would not advoo*le the extension of our civil government over them. Many of thein, as patriots, would prefer to see tbs country brought within tbe opera Ion ef tbe protecting laws ot this I'uion than delivered up to the marauders who will overrun it at the conclusion of a oeaoe. Thev know tbat their rulers have neither love of country or love of justice in their h?art?; and th?y hare seen that good government can coma from abroad. It la the dread of < f failure that prevents them from advocating annexation now; and we are inclined to believe that if the administration keep an army In Mrxlco till a peace?not the semblanoe of one, but a solid peace is made?the boundary line will run across a much narrower part of the oonttnent than the "fixation" party dream of just now INCIDENTS OF TIIK WAR* Lieut. Newman came over In the Alabama on a leave of absence, on acoount of a severe wound reoalved at Cburubuseo. Lieut. N belonged to the "Oreen Mountain Boys," as Capt. Kim hill's company of Vermonters were familiarly styled. At Churubusoo he lost his left arm It ui on this occasion that, a report having reached (fin. Scott that the 9th had fallen baok, he rode towards the position occupied by Col Kansam's men? and meeting an Aid of Oen Pieroe, eagerly Inquired If it was so. .''No, sir," replied the Aid; ''the 9th has charged?ftjhas not fallen Dack." "Then," exclaimed the General," the day Is ours !"?thereby expressing that unbounded confidence In the New England bayonet, whiohisa favorite sentiment of the Hero of Lundy's Lane.?AT. O. Delta, 30th Noo. ARMY JNTKLLHJENCK. The U. 8 propeller Edith, Capt. CouUIard, left last night for the Drains, Tamploo, and Vera Cruz. 8he orrrlea down $224,000, in gold, for Oen. Soott's oolumn. The following went down as passengers : Col Bankhead and nephew; Capt. J. H. Walker, Voltlgeurs; llev. Mf. Harrison, chaplain U. 8. N : Passed Mid. Bucknor and Purser 8?mpl?, U 8. N.; Col. Handell and olurk ; MaJ. Rlnxgold and olerk ; Dr A. Mercer, Lieut. Hunt, Oa. Bat.; Ckas Mortimer, George Kohr, Henry Carlyle, Wm. B?erum, serg't msjor 3d Art ; Mitchell, olerk com. dfp't.; J J. (Jlendenen, A U M ; J. W. Smith, J W. Blecoe, Aodrew Jackson, H. Beokwlth, Chas. Newton, F. Forward, Wm. H. Miller, Mr. Zacharle, Mrs. <;utnml?key, Mrs. Barrow, Mias Friel? New Or I torn Dtlta, 38lA A'ou. Tha i >1.1 u r..t ...i...i yaaterday from Laka Prorfdenee, brought down from Vlekaourg two oompaniea of lllflemen, oompaniea A ad B, VllMlactppi Btttalion ?170 men?under the oomratnd of Capta Kaya and Crawaon, and landed them at tlie barrack* below tha olty The two other oompanlaa of tha battalion are expected here in (oma tan or fifteen ?Mew Orltan$ l) t,a,Hth Nov. The companiea of Captalna Hicks and Whltanmeytr were mustered into larriee yeeterday afternoon. They were put Into quarter* at the oapitol, tha U. S. Barrack* being full ? Dnruit JiivtriUtr, 3d tn?t. About fifty oitixena of Marengo, Alabama, hare roluntewred for the war The Tuakalooaa company of voiantaera, under Captain John Ci Barr, and the Wilcox company under Captain lrby, ware mustered into tha aervioe of the United stilted, the former on the 'JSth and the latter on the 'JSth instant Captain Barr'a company oonaiata of S7 rank and die. and his lieutouanta ara Mesara Loomia, King and Hood; Captain Irby's oompany numbara 86, and hia Llautenanta are Jemea H Bogle, Andrew Bogle and George Lynch.?Molile Rigitttr, Nov. 39. Gen. Shield* paaaed through Aoguata, Oa., on hla way to Waahington, on the UOth Not. The following offlcera of tha U. 8. Army arrived in Mu? H.l.n.. a?V.nA... W? D If -.1 . i'cw vurnui vu i/uhivi lun pvunuuvi tt Ul. Mm. IlltiUU . Lieut Col. Mansfield, engineer corps U. 8. A ; Lieut Col. Kagg, North Carolina volunteers; Major Early, VI glnia reiuntecrs; Capta Buotley and Mo Willie, and Lixut. Cblnn, Mississippi volunteers ; Lieut Soott ltfth luf?ntry ; Henry Howard,Quartermaster's Department; J E Durlrage, Aid to (ian. Wool j and Mr. wm. H. A. Harriaon, with eight othera. George Kerr, lata lit Lieutenant of Captain Blaooe'a company of the Louisiana Battalion of Mounted Men, has been unanimously elected Captain of the company? Captain Bitooe, aswa have previously announced, bar log been elected Lieutenant Colonel ot the Battalion. St. Louis, Not. 28, 1817. The Electric Telegraph?The Great foot Race. A good deal of interest has recently bean exoited among our oitlssn* on the subj' ot of the telegraph. Tba indefatigable Henry O'RtlUy, Esq , Is bare, and haa pro P'?wd to onr capitalist* to admit th?m to the propriatorablp of $18 000 worth of the atook in the Loulivilla ami nt Loula tin*. There ?u a meeting tha othar night at which tha advantagea of tha matter wera dla<u??ed and the reault wm unanlmoua la favor of tha subaertptlon for the amount promoted. A committee wee accordingly appointed to wait on tha oitliena, and I *Te tinea learned that the rrqalred amount waa immrdiitely anbacribed. The line la already complated to l*lncennea, and the poata are up aa far aa Lebanon, 1111uola ? about twenty mllea from thia city Mr. O'Reilly la of the opinion that no difficulty will ba azperlenoed in eit.ndlug tha wiraa acroaa tha Mlaclaaippl at ihia point. Dr. Colton ia here, delivering a couria of leotures on phlloaophical aubjecta Ilia leoturaa on electricity and tha telegraph, in particular, are drawing ciowded bounce. Like Mr. O'Reilly, he ia a plain, unaaaaming, oummon aenae man-juat tha peraon to grow In favor With Weitern people The sporting world of thia region waa called on, ye#terday, to witneaa a foot raoe over Amea' eourae, between Ullderalaeve and Armatrong, the Indian ractr They ran agalnat time, the dlatanee to tie run being ten milea in one boilr. Tha track waa vary heavy, though at particular pointa, planka ware plaetd; otherwise the raoe oould not have come off. The two atarted off in fine atvle, Ollderaleeve taking the lead, and Armatrong lying back within about fifty yarda of hla competitor Thua about nine mllea of the rae? wera run, tha Indian ahowiog no dlapoaitlon to " bruah " From tha flrat Jump, it waa evident that Ollderaleeve intended to do his beat ia making headway, thinking to oreata a gap tbat could not ba filled |up. The Indian, however. seemed confident of hli own bottom, a* well aa speed. and ?o early as the fifth round It tu evident to the knowing onea that ha til mora at home In tba i?ca than bin opponent, who by tbia time,waa already breathing hard. In running tha last mile, Armalrong fall back till further, while < Hlderaleeve exerted every muaela to make headway. Than matter* stood until tha last stretoh was entered. Beta at this time were In favor of (Jilderaleeve, though many who had staked their money on tha Indian remained confident. At this crisis agentloman oflared $100(1 on Glldarsleeve, bnt aa It wm about to be covered, a yell auch aa I never bafora heard break the alienee of a wilderness, rent the air ; the Indian bounded up aa if he had been abot, and darted forward with a speed that was truly astonishing He did not eveu ''lock'' hta oompetitor, but passed Mm with race horse rapidity, though to do ao be waa compelled te run through a mud hole anole deep, while Oilderaleeve waa running on a plank. This waa within one hundred yard! of tha stand, and Armatrons oama out fifty feet ahead ' The time, however, waa Toat, the race having been ran io (Ixty-nne seconds. Immediately the backers of tk? 1 Mian offered to bet $ft000 that their ehamploa could make the run in flay five seconds, but there seemed no one disposed to take tbe bet Cillderileeve thinks that the mud beat him, and says he wilt try bis opponent again-at New Orleans?when. If he cannot beat him. hn will " knock under." AROlfB. New Mnslc. jinivv Lird'i Sonot.? " The Dream," a new song; 4 ords by f'rederioa Bremer; made by Karl Muller Kicrilent poetry, and a very aweet melody; with a fine portrait of Jenny Llnd. Th? Bono or tnk Rk?iiwkwt?A well known place of music, by Donizetti; printed In very fine style; with a colored coetume of the 'Daughter of ihe Regiment " La PsoMtrf^nt oan? l? Jaaniw net K leu SI, a very good waits; by J. J. W Itrahns Bsoaowav, by ?ha same oomp?ser. Quite an online! inov> nient, and very well marked. i'lieau lour pieces ate for sale at C. Holt's mualo store, 1M Vttltoa street. I ERA 1847. Police Intelligence. Charge oflOrand Larceny- Offlcer Kllltmu, of the Itta ward, arretted, yeeterday, two men called John MoKnnale and (ieorae MUlet, on a obarge of at Baling $41 rrom Shedrlck O Hatch, and $15 Irom Win Maoe. beongtng to tba aohooncr MorrU. lyla* off tba Battery Juatlce Oiborne locked them up for trial. Stealing SSlrti ? Offloera Stephenson and Uaroy.of tba 6th ward, arrcited, yeeterday, a man c^l?d Pater Jonea, on a charge of ateallng 41 ready made ahlrta, ralued at $60, irom the atore of F.aatftone It Olaaaon. No 180 Chatham atreet. The property waa all reoorer>d by the offlonra.and Juatlco Oaborna looked thajaoonaed up for trial ji Uiihonut Waittr ?Officer N?rln, of the Second ward, arreated yaaterday, a man by the name of William Scrlee, a waltar employed at the Clinton Hotel, In Beekman atreet, on a obarge of atealtne a oloth frock ooat. ralued at $-Jj, belonging to Mr. Warren Letand. one of the boarders It appeara tbat ton acouaitd baa been engaged at the hotel about four montha. and during that time the prnprietora have mlaaed near >300 worth of property .of different deaorlptlona Hla Honor Mayor Brady held him to ball In $300, to anawer the charge at oourt. Violent Anault.?Aa Alderman Dodge, of the 9th ward, waa paaalnc. on Tueadav nlnht, alona Bleecker at, n?ar Green, ha heard a noise la the street, and ? two man flghtln* togatbar 'I ha Alderman at once separated the two oombatants. and conveyed them <o the litb ward station house, wbrra It was ascertained that ooa of the party, Daniel Slaven, bad lnfliotad a severe wound on tha face of his antagonist, Jobn Baker, who resides at No. 134 tfrnaa at. The magistrate Iba next morning bald Sleven to Dall. la $1600, to answer tba nbarga at oonrt, In default of which ba wan committed to prison. Jlrreit of a Till TkitJ ? O(floor Madan, of tha 17th ward,arr*sted, yesterday, a mao railed Tbomae Hammer, who was detected In tha aot of stealing $1 31 from tha money drawer of Jobn Downa, No. 84a Broadway. Lockad up for trUl St-ahng FLour.?Officer Aekerman. of tba lil\ ward, arretted,* woman, called Ann Wheeler aud Mary Riley, on.a ebarga of Healing a birr el or flour, from tha st?re oornar of 44th (traat and Uth Avenue, belonging to John Sawyer. Detained at the station houee for a further hearing. Law Intelligence. Srrraioa Couar-Before Chief Justice Oakley?John Brutgtr. miiar <J-c. ??. Charlei A. Savoy <f- Co.?Tbia wai an action on a promlstory note for $l?ul 46 Tba plaintiff Inflated that the note waa given aa a (took note to the Croton Mutual Insurance Company, *o ba liable for tba debta and engagements of tha company; on the other aide it waa inalirted that it was given on a policy of Insurance, In advance for premium* to be afterwar la isiued The Judge charged the jury that If upon all the evidence they behaved It waa given far pramluma to be taken out from time to time on the policy, then the defendant would be entitled to their verdict. But If, on the other hand, It waa glvan with an Intent that It abould constitute a part of the fund* of the company, the plaintiff ought to reoover. Sealed verdict thla morning For plaintiff. Messrs. Lord and Taylor; for defendant, Mr. (jeorge Wood. SuraiMa Coua-r ?Henry Clay is to be in Washington during the sitting of the Suueme Conrt, hla professional services having been secured In several important cases; among others that of Ueorge Beaob, use of Shelby of Kentucky,vs Bank of the United States. Bill filed, and brief by H. Clay and Jostah Randall, on a Judgment for $M) 000 and Interest, to compel the trustees to exhibit an account, &o., in the United States Circuit Court for the Kastern District of Pennsvlvanla. at Phlladelnhia The court considered the question raised pew and important, and certified it without argument, upon a division of opinion to the Supreme Court at Washington. Cibotit Court, Dm. b?Before Judge Gray.?Down f Catty vi. Morewood 4- Co.?The court if still occupied with thla cause Unite* States Diitkict Court, Dee. 8? Before Judge Betta.?The Slav* Gate?The evidence of Capt. Tope, Lieutenant Delany, and the Captain's clerk,which waa taken in the libel suit, waa put in and read to-day. The oauM la likely to oontinue for the remainder of the week Violation of ike Pott Office Lawi.?Mary Sullivan waa brought before the eommiaaioner thia morning, on a oharge of having got a letter from tt?e poat office aurrrpiltioualy, and abatraotlag therefrom $A It appeared the lettor came from Belfast, Maine, avfc.'waa directed tc " the eare of Daniel Sullivan, Spruce atreet, for K Donoghue." The letter waa delivered to Mrs Sullivat In the preaenee of Mra Donoghue, both residing In thi lame houae They agreed to open the letter. Upoi opening It, It waa tbttnd to oontaln a $6 and $2 bill Mra. Sullivan kept tin $0 bill, and Mra. Donoghue tool the balance. When the huaband of the latter waa madi acquainted with the tranaactlon, he oalled upon Mra Sullivan to refund. She refused. He then applied fori warrant, under vhioh aha waa arrested. The oompiainl was diamlaaed. Court or Generai. Sessions, Deo 8?Before Recorder Soott and Alderman Smith and C roll us Tiiat for attempt at Rapt, returned?At the opening of the court this morning, the trial of Auguatua 81atu>rly lor an attempt to violate the person of Joaephlne Labssaier. a girl aged fi yeara, waa resumed. Dr. Chas Schknchel testified that he wsa called upon toaae theliotla girl. He fouad the hymen destroyed, and the child diaeaaod; discovered. the earns aymptoma on the other little girl, Klliahath Kenna; he examined the prisoner, and found him afflloted with the aame dlaeaae. Capt. Theo. C. Buce depoaed that ha arreated th? prisoner, who Mid that ha would give $60 to have It setll?d, he was very disorderly when arrested The case wai sabmlttad under oharge of the oourt, and the jury found a verdict of guilty ; and the oourt sentenced him to the State prison for a term of four jeari and nine month*. Htnch Warrant. ? Oflleer Stowell, of the 4th ward brought Into oourt, on a bench warrant, Joseph (iullck on an Indictment for petit larceny?he having forfeited his reoognliance. James T. Budt, Ksq , made a motion for the discharge of the Aoognisanoe. in the case of Henry Isaacs lnalcted for embeislement, on the ground that the de fendant was ready for trial, and had desired to be trice for several terms past, and the witnesses for the pros* nutlon being absent in Europe, was not the fault of th< defendant The District Attorney objected to thi granting of the motion by the oourt. After 001 slderable discussion, Mr. Brady withdrew his motion, stating his Intention to renew It on Saturday. Cat* ?f Chattel Lohtnan ?Mr. Brady, counssl also for Charles Lohman, Indicted for publishing an obsoem and Immoral book, asked a postponement ot the trial ol the cause, en the ground that Robert Dale Owen wae a maternal witness tor the defendant, and be resldSd In I ndlana ; at the same time asking a commission to examine said Owen. The motion was allowed by the court, and the trial was accordingly postponed for the present. Trial jar Jiuault and Batury.?Robert Patterson wai next trial upon an lndlotment for an assault and battery on Edward Reynolds, on the 9th day ol May. 1846 Edw*?d Reynolds being sworn, deposed?On the 0th (lay of May, 1846, I stopped attheoAoe of Mr. Truman, broker, 180 Broadway, whan I saw Mr. Patterson, a olerk In the oflloe. 1'atterson asked ma to give him small bills for a $.M) not*. I rspliad, "Bob I oannot do It; I let Mr Mendill have all my small bills, for which 1 have hla nhenk In m* Docket " He reolled. he did not be Here ma, moil would Mk Mr. M. 1 told blm I would whip ujr man who would fir? roe the lie; sod if h* would go Into the (treat with me. I would flog bin Truman wu behind the counter; be oaae out. and putting bin arm around me, aeked ae not to oreate a dl?turbanne In hi* offloe, and requeeted a plneb of *nuff, which I gave blm. At that time the dlaputn bed eeam-d A minute, or a minute and a half afterward*, Pattereon wltb a knife in hi* band, leaped over the counter, and cut me upon the cheek; I wai confined a month with the wonnd; 1 never before bad any bard word* with Pattereon. John O. Teuman, being iworn, depoeed? I am a clerk ( the ollce of Mr. Trnman, my brother; 1 beard Mr Reynold* art Mr Tatterron If ne thought him ad?d fool. Reynold* *hook hie Set in the face of Pattereon and told nim if be would come out be would whip htm I heard Pattereon a?y, " you (truck me.'' Reynold* re plied he was a liar. I law the wound on Reynold'* face, and *aw Pattereon wltb a penknife In hi* hand. The jury found a verdict of guilty, and judgment wai luepended until Saturday. The court then ad journed until to-morrow morning. Court Calcndab?Thla d*y_-C trcuii Court?S, 13X, 33, 97, 3H, 30. >1, 12 S3. 36, 80, 37, 38*. 39. 43, 41. 43. 49, 00, 61, 63, *3, A4, 66. Suf trior Court ?7, 81. *3, *4, 8(1 39. 42, 47, 63, 68, 60. 00. 07, 09, 70, 36, 430, 71, 73, 78. 78. Common Pltat, lit part- 07, 361, ml, 107, 103, 106, 169, 06, 37, 33,38, 78,70, 116, 193. 137, 146. 147.41, 93, ISO, 13ft, 140, 167, II, 39, 168-Part 3d-13, 130, 140. Astronomical Ot?e rv? tlone. National Oi?nuTO?r, > Waihiioto.-t, December 0, 1047 ( The new planet Flora we* observed here at it* meri dlan paaaaga, on the -18th ult., oj inn weei iranau instrument and meridian circle, Profe**or* Mejor and Keith. It wa* not, bow*ver, Identified until attar It bad bean obeerved with the equatorial, Frofoeeor Hubbard, on the night of the 3d iaft , the weather not admitting af mora early obeervatlona. Tbla l? the fifth planet that h*a been added to the llat within the laat two year*. It waa flrat di*oov*r*d by J. K Hind, of Blabop * Observatory, London, on the imh of October, who, the month previous, di*oover*d Ir 1a, another of the fragment* of the auppoaed large planet that once eilated between Mara and Joptter, eight plaoea of which have bean discovered. i The following are the observation* of tha 3d, on Flora, eorraoted for refraction only : ? Af. T. Wd?V?. H A, No. oht. Prr'n No eii II. M I. M M.?. DIO.N.I. II II W <11211 I *14 14 1 1* 13 21 49 4 31 22 M II *14 4IJ It Mural?Prof Coffin f Lquttoriel?Prof. Hubbard. ( orapared with a star of the Pth mag Beeeel It. 133 According to this tha ephemerll camputed and pubMehad by thia offloe, from Hind'* element*, a few day* ago, require* a correction of 1m 16a. A R and 0 3A **o d'ollnatlon Mora li of tha eigbth-nlath magnitude, and rraemblM the Mtelllta* of Jupiter tn oolrr. During bit observation* of th* 4th. I noticed a itar of tha ilxtaenui magnitude qalte new the planet. M w. MAURY. Captain Levi DaTl* of llookutt, wu killed upon tha Conoord Railroad, at Hookiett, on Thursday forenoon lie waa walking upon (be track,and although th* wblstl* waa founded, and th* ball rnng, be took no notice of It, and tha whole train pa**e<l oT*r htm, mangling him In a molt *bockiog mauner. When flnt #e*n. he w** walklug by th?*ld* of tbe track, but etrpt upon It, and although theetigiae waareveraed, and every '(Tort mad* i to mi feln, il wm ?ot |iw?li.-^w*n? fil. LD. VMm Two Matt. ? ~ ^ n Tti? Currency Contrormjr. [( Tom the New York Courier and Enquirer. Deo. 7 ] Of* Baku ?Oreat complaint U made that our bank* are too atruigrnt intha eourae thay ara pureuing. and that It mu?t tiMTitkblj tNUlt In falluraa and eonaequaat Iom to tba bankathemaelvea. Ilo* Ut tht? may be oorrect, It < not our purpoee now to e?<juire; but wa would remind our correapmlent ' Currency," that denunciation* whloh ara general ara Mldom just. That thara ara bank* badly oonduoted, and th? dlreotora of which appropriate to thamaelTee all tba available iaran? of tba lnatltutiona aver vhleb tba* pretlde. tb*ra oaa ba no doubt. Much bank* ara a public nulaance.and ibould ba avoided by bonaat m?n aa lh?v would avoid a paatklanoa. But th" greet majority of our banking Institution# are differently managed; and wa know of banka, wbere tba dtrectora aad atookbolderi make It a point of principle not tn avail themaalvea of tba prlvllegea whloh their ponitlona give, but aim. aa flar aa poenible. to benefit the wbola community In time* Ilka the preeent m h< " 11 ui uur ?ftiauu? jvwub* ir "rr"""" " ?w power vhioh It |<>m on* or two soulless institutions, managed entirely for the convenience of oertain directors, to oontrol the actio* of all tbe other banks la the city. Thus. at tbl? time, certain Institution* contract day after day, and become largely creditor bank*. This ooinpels the other* In *?lf defence, to adopt a similar oourae; and in running th* rae* of oontraotloa and curtailment. the very bank* moet desirous of oontinulag th? usual facilities to th? oommunlty, And themselvee driven into a court* to which they are opposed in principle. and which I* in opposition to their Judgment. Aootber evil of our system, ariae* from th* very fooliah rule, that a eingle director may at bl? pleasure reject any paper offered for dieoount. instead of making th* fate of every application, depend upon tb* decision of a majority of the board Thlsgives a power to individual* never contemplated by law, and at variance with th* Interest* of th* community It, of neoesaity, produe** what I* termed log-rolling In legislation. and makes good and liberal minded men, responsible for the conduct of indieidua1* who look solely to Mlf, and to accomplish selfish purposes are willing to Injur* th* oharaoter of initiation* over which they ar* permitted, by such fooliah rule, to n?r<rtr* a despotic control. W* desire to illustrate this practice by an an*cdotc,tn point In 1837 a gentlemen In this city failed, owing to th* National Bank nearly fifteen thousand dollars. HI* endorsers failed at the same time, and the bank would cheerfully have compromised for tweaty cants on th* dollar. But th* party falling determined that all should be paid, and so assured the bank. H* mad* payments from time to time, and finally got discharged under th* bankrupt aot from all his liabilities. Including his Indebtedness to th* National. Within * week of hla discharge, however, ha assumed the whole ol his debt to the bank, and has reduced his indebtedness to thirteen hundred dollars - having paid the Institution upwards of twenty thousand dollars,principal and Interest, since hU Hpure?not one dollar of which could they have collected In a suit at law l well, on Monday tnis debtor took to tne .>auonai nanx hi* not* for fifteen hundred dollars, endorsed by one of the'very beat bouaea in thla city; aa be bad paid the institution upwards of twenty thousand dollars, under peculiar circumstances, since he had received a discount of one eent? claimed a discount of eo small a sum The President promptly recognised his olaim, and assured the applicant there was no doubt but his rote would be discounted It Went before the board yesterday, and was rejected. Such la the Nattenal Bank; and such the legitimate working* of the existing system. Four fifths of the directors of that Institution, we feel warranted In saying, dealred to' grant the discount aaked for; but one or twe directors who had ocoaslen for money themsel?es,or who were pledged to give it to the directors of aome other bank who had taken owe ot them In other Institutions, said no, and thus made honest men responsible for their want of principle. For the truth of the foregoing statement, we are reEonsihle; and we give It, to exhibit the evils ol our an king system, and to expose the Banner in whioh some or our hanks are managed. But the good must not be made to suffer with the bad. There Is great cause of oomplalnt at the oourse pursued by our banking Institutions at thla Junoture ; but it is because the few managed, selfish purposes, have the power to oompei those TNil managed, to pursue a oourse to whioh they are opposed. Then againJ^a in the National, gentleman of high character and honeet purposes, as i three-ftefths of them are controlled by one or two who laugh at prinelple in banking.and pervert the lnstltut tlons with which they are oenneoted, entirely to selfish i purposes. 1 American Arc Union. t 3ia?Mr. Doughty'* not*, In the Herald of Saturday, do?? Injustice to the Committee of Um Art Union, in at least one of its statements i Mr Doughty omitted to state?1 That the picture* wara drpoeited with the individual be mention*, aa security for money loaned him In London, at his urgent aolloltatlon, mora than two aara ago. 2. That Mr. Doughty never fold the pleturea. 3 That for the laat twenty montbe the individual had not aeen Mr. Doughty, or received one word from him la any ahape To the above, whloh Mr. Doughty well knew, it may be ad led : ? 1 1 hat the Individual not having been honored with , a syllable from Mr. Doughty ainoe hla return from Kurope, and believing him to be atlll in Parle, offered the piotures to Um Coaamlttee (aa he bad i perfect right to do long ago) In good faith ; acting rot Mr. , Doughty, aa well unlmself. 2. That the Committee would not have pure baaed the piotures from a third party, except under auob otrcumI ataneea: the peculiarity of the eaae being this: the artiat had received hia money two yean la advaaee. i 3. That It the prioea were too low, Mr Doughty hae only himself to blame it waa not the fault of theCommittee, for they paid the exact prioe demanded. 4 The above being the faota, li la needieaa to enquire I Into the propriety of Mr. Doughty'a "proteet against thie injustice." "this clandeetine manner of getting hla pinturel" Finally, without recounting etreumst mces, whieh Mr. I Doughty well know*, the ''individual" would merely rej mark, that he for one, doea not find much eacouragement in thia caae, to do a " good natured action" again, I and to aaelat a man of genius like Mr. Doogbty THE "INDIVIDUAL " PS It ia proper to add that 1 have never bad any communication with any of the membera of the committee, except an Interview of five mieutee, when the pleturea were offered ; and they have no knowledge ot thia J note, and are not responsible for it. f New York, Dec 7, 1S47. 1 Mr. Kditok:?I am truly grateful to the gentleman 1 who notioee my controveray with the Art Union, ia aahffHfff >1 f?uri>r nnA Kn/iutrrr fnr hla varv latnraUa 1 opinion of my ploturM But I moot beg Imti te my, that be Has under >u entire misapprehension of the cut?not myself I am not finding fan it with any suppoaed "fo1 reign friend.'' neither do I complain of other Individuals, who h?*? iold my pioturea to the above concern 1 oomplain that tba Art Union baa departed from ita good oM rata, (a rule that waa established for tba tola benefit tf tba artist.) and by an doing. It baa not only t!oUU4 Ita constitution, but furfritad ita ebarur. I oomplaln, Mr. Kdltor, that tba committee purchase my pleturea In this way, tor lower prleaa than I can afford to paint them; thus injuring my repatation aa an artist,and cheapening my price* B ut I possess no claim to tba consideration of thaaa gentlemen that ell artists do not; Ihay are at liberty to purohaaa my plotures, or lat It alona ; bat If they ara determined to ponaraa tbam, in neaven's a?me, why aaa thry not purohaaa them from my itudlo, Instead of buying tbam from other Individuals, at cheapav rataa It la > trnly unplranant, air, to be at odd* with tbla lnatltutlon; bat I conceive that I have been wantonly dragged into It; aad duty to myself and ay family demands that I should defend ay intereata and rights to tba last * our od i Mrr't, lllUMAS uuuvitiii. The Oregon Rail Haul. N?w York, DM. #. 1847. Pr*r Sir:?The telegraphic reporter of the prooeedi Inof the N. Y LngtiUture for the preci of tbU city, made * mUtake on Turnkey laat. In etetlng that ' R??olutions to gromote the construction of the Oregon Kail Road on the Whitney Plan," were peeaed by the Anfinhly. On the oontrary, the proposition waa >o direct our t Rftprenrntatlrmi In (JooffrrM to advocate " the beet and moet frmlble plan" of a Kali Road to Oregon ; and to reecind tiie resolution* formerly paaaed. In favor of Whit* ney 'n plan The notion to reaoind waa tha main obi??t of the resolution Tha vote upon the question waa M to S7. Thl* deoiaive and voluntary reprobation by tha Legislature, of a project whloh formerly aild through their Augers. aimoat nem ron , looka aa if it bore a spirit of reaentraent at tha repreaentatlona made to Indvoe tha previoua action, while the flrat branch of the resolution beam, from the connection, a conatruetkon In favor of tha antagonlatlo national plan, an doraed by the great rirer and harbor convention. Yon re. Ito WALLAMETTE. nn-li.?0-COAL-(;()AL-M7T SIZEofaood jJUjl/V 'joalitr, makes no clinkers, rt-Kin>ld la the Ctrd, ?ud delivered free of cartage, for ti per tea. The Terr ?st article for mall cooking stoves, end also offires. A large assortment of Peach Orchard and Lehigh Coal of all sites, tree of elate, all ander cover, and delivered from yard at low phCM, at 81 UPSON'S Yarda, 71 Thompsoa streeunear Mining street. and 9 Chr:atopher atree.t near Jefferson Market and am Ave*** ? TO A PRA< TICAL CHKMIflT-Wanted to emplor. ? practical < hernial, aa a manager a white lead manufactory in ihe West He mmt hire had some ycara eiperieaca in the beat mode of manufactariag white lead, red lead aad liihrage; and ptoduee the beat of trsnmouisW for his noral charac er. capacity and habitant indastry None others need apply. To aacl) a one, a i*raauent situation and a liberal salary will be given. Apply to JAMES BOUARDl/8. < fcldndge street. dl It' rre French lanouaoe-profesaer RICHARD'S Ac* detnv, 111 Broadway Leaanns in the Kreach, Hpautah, Italian, Oeimau and Engliah Languages, after a new aad ptac? tical system never before exhibited in this coantry. Special teachera employed for each language. Aa sttoai?hing saccese hi? beea obtained by this method Lessons at the Aeed'Oiv $10 perqaarter Private Leaaona $J0 pet qaartar. UTRICH AMP. Director of the Academy. dl Ht*re Travelling trunks, kc-joh^Tcattnach. Trnnk Manufacturer. No. 1 Well atreet, eoraer of Broadway, has now on hand, aad conatantly making, a good aaeortmeat of Trunks, Valises, Carpet Bsgs aad Satchels, wholesale and retail. Also, a superior article of Sole Leather Trunks, saleable for Amencaa or European travel, aad Portmtntesas for the French Matle Poet Orders for the Weet ladies, Sonrh America, kc. Ailed with despatch. >M IWre MKINHARDT'8 GILDKD BRASS LKTTKR8 ft)* 81 (i N 8?These letters are remarkable for ilarabslity, aad a brilliancy of the gilding aaequalled by any other article la the city?which brilliancy is warranted to staad eipoear* to the weather T"ev are also Japanned to tar color that may be desired Orders left at J?aes, H?ehee k Co.'t. IM KtiIiob sueet, will he aiteuieil to The partaerahir heretofore lar-tisi * #cott' "M m ** MP

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