Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 16, 1847, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 16, 1847 Page 1
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Ttt I u J Whole No 4963. PARK THEATRE ?Thor?day Ev>nine, Dec. 16. will br I e i <k. to mi unummva Mi?? iu lou chanetrs; 4 Id W'lton, ? ndrrsou. P' 1 on? to which the LO AN OK A LOVeR?Peter Spyk AV . B. Chap man: Q'r'rada. Mrs Fr?ry After which, the comedi-of *H>CK'NO EVENT ?Mr. Pug,;s,W B.Chapman; Doro.hy Vis, K<te Hi ru To conclude with the HAPPY MA^?Piddy Murphy. Mill Heron: Ko Ket, Miss Farny Ilrr.n. Kuin Haati, O. Anrrews. Boxes, $1: Pit, JO cent; 0?ll*ry. U cents B. i w A i rrle.A PRE.? V W iscstos Managar; Btagr 0?mger, Via Area ens?Thursday Keening. Dec IS will be nefo rned the drama of V AL9HA. or the Revolt of the Staves?i' Mr Bellamy: Graff. Mr C- W Clarke; Bsibec, Mr. Burke; Va aha Mrs Phillips After which,i evi North and 'he Horse Tammany. To be followed by 'he bal let f NATH Ir-N. hatie. Mise J. Turnbull; The Dnhe Aruaud, v|r. O. W. "mith: Alfred, Mr. Burke. To conclude with the comedy of A KHa IN THE DARK?M-r Helim Pe'tibone, Mr Burke; Mrs. Seiim Petiibcne, Mrs. Madison Doors open m ?H o'clock, and tns curiam will rue at 7 Boxes, ** cr.' r mil ihlltrv, Ulf IttsM f'Hi I'll V vl t'HJ&Ai'H*. ? L'sdermi V1u???e??x: " Mi A. FLKTCTIfC't -'dtase Mauager. Mr Hield.-On There, day Evening, Dec. IS will he presented, I lit drams ot BLACK MANTLE or Wenlock of Wenlock?Hubert Lyl?. Mr. C. Taylor: Wolf. Mr. Hield; Osrick, Mr Suiirrrl ni*: Lady Howena, Mia< Hildreth; Kva Mrs. McLean To be followetl by the MODEL 4HT14TE8. To conclnde with the drama of THE HOLL OF THE DRUM a Story of th* Freuch War ?F.rneat, Mr. Sutherand: Oscar Mr. Stafford; Corporal, Mr. Hield; i'milie Miss Hild-eth Doors open at half pastS; per lornmiiee to ommence at 7 o'clock Boxes Mets?Pit. lilies IVf U?.HELL'S .OLYMPIC THEa.THE.?On ThursdTr ivl Kvaning Dec IS.the prrftirmanccs will comrne cc with the farce of THE HOARDING SCHOOL-Captain Harcourt, Mr. Ohanfrau ; Caroline Blythe Miss Mary Taylor. Mus Mary White, viisa Mealing After wh'ch for the 4th t me UPeER H0W HOUSE IN DISASTER PLACEA la Mode. Mr ( haufrau: Jemie Twitcher, Eso . Mr. Conoyer; Luteat'ing. Miae Vi?rv Tay or: Satin, Miss Phillips After which, tlie farce of BKULAH SPA?Hector Temnleton, Mr. Hollv d To conclude with the. farce e, titled THE SECRET?Thomas, Mr Holland; Mad. Dupuia, Miss Mary Tavlor. Doors open Chaff past S, and ths curtain will rite at 7 ?!) >?? 'Vole. Mc: Upper Boxes gJc: Pit. UVjc, PiLvlO'a tiPERA HOUdK?M'LLE AUGUSTA re pc< il'ully in forms the public and her former patrons, that xhe has t<ken this house.ano in ends to produce a aanes of new IV VLLK I'd. and for ihe time iu America, the OEHM AN V AV L) to VI LI. E AND CDMED Y, under the managemrnt of Mess a. Hermann i nd Deerz ofth* Imperial Theatre. Y enua, and of'he Theatre Hoyal, Berlin?Thursday Evening, December Kith 1X47 w.ll be repeated, the farce, in one act. of ihe VlLLAttE BaHBKR. After which, the first act of the hallcr of I,A 8YLPHIDE?La Bylphide. Mad'lle Augusta PaaSul by Mad Augusta: New Paa de Trois, by Mad. Augus'a. Vliss Weill and vlr. Fredericks; and a Scotch Jig,by the Corps de Ballrt. To be followed by a German vaudeville, iu oije act, by Augelv, entitled RATAPLAN, The Little Drummer. To conclude with the ha'let in one act, of LES PAOr.H i;U DUC DE VENDOME-Laa Bollerus deCadix, by Madam isclle Augnata and Mraa Wells; Tarentella. by the PaUrs nml the f'. rrx L RslUl* Rani kv Mill IValli To coje'nde with the grand Military March, The Twelve Pages Duxes and Parquette. 75 cnts; Second Tier, 30 cenu. Doors open at 6 "'clock; performance will commence at 7. Seats can be secured at the Bo* Office, from 10 A. M. to 4 P M A STUK PLACE OPERA.?Kriday, Orceinorr 17th. will -t?- he presented Donizetti's Opera, in three acts, of LUC I > DI L A."ER.MOOR?LordlHenniAslitooji'r Ferdiuiodo Q. Benevenlauo; Lucy of I.amermoor, Sig'ra Teresi T'uffi; Sir Edirnr of Havens wood S'r Beoedet i; Lord Arthur Bncklaw, S'r Felix OrnOTesi; Raymond. S'r Hettimio Knsi; Alice, H'u'ri Angiolo Mora; Norman, S'r Sellipno Albertazzi.? Maestro Direltore. Siguor Barilli. Leader of the Orchitis, Signor Rapetti. Boxes Parquet, and Balcony. $1; Amphitheatre, 50 cents. Box Office open daily, fr m half past (to 13 o'clock, and at> No 2 Wall street basbmeut from 1 to 3. Doorn open at 7 o'clock; To comfdence at naif past 7 m BTRNUM'S AMERIC AN MUSEUM -P ' Ustmig. Proprietor: F HitcMcoce, Manager?SPLENDID PERFORMANCES EVERY AFTERNOON at Jo'cloek.and Erery " Teni e at'7K o'clock. Enraged, for a few nays, CAMPBELL'S ETHIOPIAN SERENADERS AND OP ERA COMPANY. who will appear in a OR AND ETHIO* PI AN BURLESQUE OPERA, and alao in their Popular Minstrelsy, at each performance. Also a engaged the GREAT WESTERN, Miss BERNARD. Miss JULIEN, MODELS OF SH AKSPEARE'S HOUSE, and other buildings connected with his history; LIVING ORANU OUTANO. See.? Admittance to the whole 15 cents; children nnder ten years ot age and old enough to walk alone, UK cents. Resented front seats, one shilling each extra d5 rc Mn.l_.nA.-HUe>- HALL 471 Urnaowav. i*m*? nd Brooms street*. Crowded to overflowing with the |E AUTYnnn FASHION o< New York. OPEN EVERY NIGHT UNABATED 8UCCIC88 Eleventh Week of the Original t-ri Hi STY'S MlNBTRELo The Oldeat Eatahn.hed Band in the United State* (C P. CHRISTY T. PEIHCB, G. N. CHRISTY C. ABBOTT. J. RAYNOB, , T. VAUGHN, whoee original and inimitable concerts are nightly honorid with esewded and highly respectable audience*, aintuniremilv admitted to excel ever* amusement of * similar rharaeter offered in this dry. Admission 15 ceata, Children under U jsnrs, hall price. Doom open at 7; eoacerr will eomin?nee it o'clock dl2 7t?rc BK.OAD Wa Y ODEON?En.ranee tnrough Pinteox's Saloon?Coder the management of Mr. E.G. Gatitr.? Tnnnday > vening. December 6th. will be presented a variety of entertaining perfirmances, among which. Miss C. i liianchard will play_ several favorite airs on toe Musical Giaases ; Miss Robert* will S'ng some favorite 'onp ; Miss ASrle and Mias Came* in two dances, and the Greens t * WO Ilea ny M iaa Blanc hard. After the above a series of T_* BLKAUX VIV ANTS, Including among other groupings, 'CopidAnd Venus," ' The Amasonian Triumph." ' Venus coming our at the Batb." tad a Grand National Tableau in Houi'V ? f the United State*. dit GKA.ND HOLIDAY ENTERTAINMENT'S AT THE L v*' v* tTTE B AZ A AR'A THE ATRE sad Meehaaical Museum, corner of I.ibswty street and Broadway, will be opened on Wednesday afternoon, the 15th inst., end be continued eve y afternoon and evening The proprietor haa engaged fur the h ilwlayi, Gilbert's celebrated baud of 8ABLE BROTHER 8 cnnaiatii g of Mestrs. H Wheeler, J Melville. 8 L Parker. W. Meeker, J. H. Clesveland.aud J.G.Kvans who will i appear every afternoon and livening in their fashionable end inimitable Ethiopian performance of Overturn, Glees, snugs, ie- , fmins Ac In addition to ih? above will be pi vacated a msgnifi- i cent D.oramio View ofthe Bombardment of VeiaCrui and the Castle of San loin d the combined naval and military forces of the United Strtes, under <;omm*d*re Perry and Major Geaeral Scott Also, s great variety of the most wonderful Automata and Mechanical Curiosities ever exhibited in the United Antes. Admittance to the Bazaar, free?to the Theatre SIM Mechanical Musrnm,25 ren s; children, half-price. Performa ce to oommenec at 3 o'clack and 7 P M. d'4 5'*rc INjlKVA ROOMA-Mhw MeMAhlU^and GEORGE A HOYT, Graduate ol the New York Institution for the Blind, n#g leave to inform their friends aadthepablic that th ir ninth Sem-.Annual Concert will uke place at the Minerva *ooms, 406 Bro .aw ly, ou Friday evening, Dec '7th. a>iisted by the fhilomeliana, nuder the d-reetiou of G A. Hoyt Darin* ti e evening. ' Oh! Cancel the Past," and ] "Bnadwav ride up " .-mic bv Hovt, will be sung Tickets, i 25 cento. To commence at a quar-er before o'ekx k. i did 2t*rc | SOCIETY LlBM-aRY LECTURE ROOM, Broadway. ? Mm. LY n NE'A Musical Illustration* of vhakapeare ? 1 Thuiaday Evening, Dec. I6>h?VIACBETH. Tickets, One D liar To conupcner at 1 o'clock. dlOTt're w-a a n. i; ? . nfj u a m"u/vtu~d a n/iu . .. a ~ - iT> . u _ DMIMiSSIPPI RI VR.H, painted on three mile*ofcutih! 1 exhibition a > icw nf country 1200 miles-in length, encoding j from the mouth of th? Missouri River to the city of New Or- j lean*, and reaching over ten degrees ol latitude, be ng the largest p lifting in the world, at the new Panorama Building in B-nadtvay, adjoining Niblo's Oa'den. Open every evening, 1 (Siludav eice ted 1 Admission 30 at nts; rhildren halfnrite The Pmjmna will commence moving at7o\lo It preciaely 1 Afternoon exhibitions on Wednesday* and Matmdays. at 3 ! o'c oclt He?ta tecored from 10 A. M , till 12 M d 12 127*1*! TilE GREEK SUAVE, comer of Broad way au'l Leonard street ?This statue, by Powers, will remain in New York a sh ot time longer. All season tickets isiued since the 16th October will be available until the close of the exhibition ? Simile ..Im ssi' ii JJ cents; season tickets 50 cents. Hou'S of exhibition from 9 A. Al. until 10 P. M <16 7teodre WALNUT a I.THEATRE, Philadelphia?Lessee, Mr E. A. Marshall. Maa"ger, Ms J. Wallack, Jr.?Eighth Nighr of Mil COLLINS, the celebrated Irish Comedian and 1 Vocalist?I hursday Evening. December 16, willhe performed 1 THE 8 iLDIJCH OK1 FORTUNK-Capt O'Ronrke, Mr. ! Collins, in which character he will sing The Bold Soldier Boy" After which. TEDDY THE TILER?Teddy the ' Tiler, Mr. (. oilins, with the tonga of " The Low Sack Car " and ' Widow Machine." To conclude wi h THE JACOIHrE?Sir Richard Wrongliton, Mr. Lemmi; John Duck, Mr. 1 Chairman; Widow Pottle. Mrs. Thayer; Patty Pottle, Miss ' Cn P'O'tu; l adv Somerford, Mrs. Rogers. To-morrow, MB. 1 Cs>I.LI' H' BENKflT UNION COURSE. L I.?TROTTING?Tuesday, Dee. 21th, at 3 o'clock. P M. Match for tlOOO between RIPTON and LADY SUFFOLK , tmrle heats, in harness. H Woodruff names br.g. Riplon; D. Bryant names g m. l ady Suffolk. ___ did If je Oi'i'HJNON'4 GYMNASIUM.?CHARLES F. OT ! TIGNON informa the public that hit exaeutive and well ventilated establishment, 15, 17 and 19 Canal street, corner of LI.. I. ........ e.?_ r. 11 II V U f... , I.. ,f I gymnasts and pupils His Gymnasium it c mp'etely furnish- ! ed with all >h? apparatus Tor performing the whole exercises of a llymuiiium. 8PAHHINO SCHOOL?Mr O will per- 1 soaally instruct at all times, thoae who deaiae it, in the art of Brlf-Ucfence. SCHOOL, OF AHM8? Fencing taught, by i an experienced Professor from Parla, with the amall or brond aworea, or simple atick. The Pistol Oallery ia furnished with the very beat ot English Duelling Piatala. and all the other a|>|iuilen>incea for Piatol Praetice N B.?Mr. O. at the request of a number of gentlemen in Brooklyn, ia now haring built iu one of the moat airy, healthy anil central locationa in that city, au extensive Oymuaaium, which will be furnished with all the apnaratna fonnd in any Qymnaaiam He intends it ahall not he inferior to any other egtabliahment of the kind in the United States. Subscription Book ia now open at hia Gymnasium ia Caaal atreet, where any farther information can he ohtai eil. da ltr*m HERMITAGE BINDING CLUB, No" 47 Bayard atreet, 1 three doori north of the Bowery.?The i ithseribers respectfully inloun their frienda and the public, that they lure lstely ,efuted the. above house in a aplendid style, and intend t ? give entertainments in the uaual style of the old-fashioned Free and Easv. every Tneaday and Saturday evening; commereiii* on tuiturdar, Dee. 18,18?7 The aioring rnom nn ler trie fnaih'gf in-lit ol Jonn Himonaon, the eld favorite vocalist. I it. DONALD, M. BEORDAN. N <1.?The beat amateur i s<nge a in the city will be preaent on thoae evenings Rn< ma i i , let for | til li~ meeting* exhibitions, lie. dISTtje Mil all. flTixV;H, MELODKO >8. AND ACCORDEONS-Ti.r subscriber, manul'aetomr and importer of Musical Instruments, haa f *r sale a large assortment of Accordeons Mclodeona, and Musical Boxea. and >11 kinds of Muai o'f"4ol<> atrcect UTTiw*" .1 ? WIW ROSE wood piano forte for Jy' "ALfcz?An elegant fioiahed anparior toned. h\ octu?, U >fnie ?* #, **nnH and and Piano rorte, made to order, b/ one of the fine mnker* in Germany, is offered for tale at a eery ^i,0* r|ehl? worth ovar $3JO The Piano Porte can be warranted to be, (or tone, touch, and finiah a "'/.f,8*!"" inatruojent, and map be Ken at 1J0 Spring, between Lanrona and Thompaon atreeta. did IJt*re P'a rOR;I KH FOK HIRE-J Y. MENDERSp Ww-arifisa H MreVta ^tween Sprng pu. <TAN * RY BIRT g;, f tha pnraToii^hrred to wpi-r' with <hem; aad (he member* of the Bird Kaaeier Ai^ei?iI2 "orifblriJa' 1? "" M- ,heo? M ot^ w'hS _ _ - did Km A* (tea ' OBINHON, $i Mercer (treat. Fa. hlonabla CleaT 1?I rt archer. Embroidered MnalinaanJ Lara, made to look ?;,-..Wc Alao, Laee and Mnal.n Window Shndea VyiNI?()W SHADES? Fifteen Thonaanri Paira?Coaaiat.V i'n(',r.,V:rT.'tT,*?.n"port","<lAmerican hadaa.for S NE1 NEW THt THIRD BALL ofihe New York Philanthropic So- 1 ei?ty will be held at Tammany Hall, on Friday evening, I the 2k b January, lkik. DAVID HAIU, President. S Key- li oolds Secretary dli ll'm 'J THK FIFTH ANNUAL BaLL of lilt Beue?<>|rnt koci- J ty of Ope'ttire Masons of the City of New York Jwill be held at Tammany Hall, on Friday eteninic, D?c. 17th, . 1147, for the ben? fit of the Half Orphsu Asylum, attached to , St. Joseph's Chu ch Dingle's Cotillon B ind i> engaged lor tha occasion. The floor will he und-r the direction of Mr. 11 Paiktr Tickets can bo bad of any of the Cnminltee orat " the d-or, on the eveuina of the Ball JOHN FRF.lL, C'hairman; John O'l '.o-nor, John Power. Secretaries, dliifrrc J Grand military bail-The animal Rail ul* Com* H pany G, 9th Kegimeot. commanded by Capt. Richard If. \ ihorojiion, will take place at Tammany Hall, on Thursday f evening, the i6thiost. on which occasion the company will tc J; honored by the presence of Col. Ward B Bu nrtt, Major ' Dvckinan. and other pnliint krm#a nf the IVew Vnth Met?i. r locator Volunteers, who have so signally distiugu shed them- J selves and reflected iutnioital honor on their native State, by 'heir deeds it the memor-b'e bsttWs of Cerro Gordo, ' Cobtieraa Chuiubusco, Chapultepec, and before the eatet of vlrxico. N. B. No military olfteeti will be recognized at in* t rited g-ests, unleaa m full uoif. rtn of their respective regi- i meats. d'4 3t?rc 1 THIoTlK UALL.?The managers of the THISTLE * BENEVOLENT ASSOCIATION, respectfully an- " aounce that their Kim Ball for chia teaaon will take placa at , ' a;'le Garden, on THURt*D \Y eseniug, D c 16th?the proceeds to be applied, aa formerly, t -charitable purposes, dur01* lb* inclement season, without distinction of aact or country. The order of dancing according to progr-mate. Director i of the Kloor?Mr. Geo. Hobert-on and assistants. Leader of 'he Orchestra?Mr. William Wallace. Bvg-Piper?Mr. Mc- ' Kerracher An arnngvinent Itaa b>en made that stiges will run to and from the Battery, until 11 o'clock, at the usual charges. Carriages will act down their compmy at the G?rilea, eutering by the Greenwich atreet Rate, and S<L,nnt th* gate opposite Pearl at., taking tip in leversed order. The Iuipecter of Hacks will be preabut rigidly to enforce the Police regalatinos. Doors open at 7?Dancing will commence precisely at 8 Tickets (I. to admit a gantleinan and two ladies?to be had at Messrs Stoddart k Dunham's Music Mtore, No 361 Broadway; Firth. Hall it Pond's Musis Store, No. 339 Broadway: Captain Mr Lean. 54 Walker street; the bar of Castle i Garden, and of either of the Managers. Checks not transferable. A. CAMERON, 8ecretary."V.N. B.?Members can hare their tickets on application to the Secretary, or at the Garden on the evening of the Ball. ol 1 fit>fc BALL BOOM GUft)E?Just pahlistied Dn rang 'a Terpsichore, or Ball Room Guide: a work indispensable to a new beginner, and containing much information for proficieuts ?300 pages, price 35 , 37 and 50 cent* each, in various stt les of biudiog. Everything is fully explained in the above work, | from the old style country deuces to the latest aud moat mag- ' aificent polkaa. TURNER Ik KISHF.R, 74 Chatham street i Remember, Valentine Head Qnnrtrrs. Fvh. I4'h. dT l?t?ve i B\HL DRESSES LACE cXPES, EMUROluLUlLd, J Stc ?PETER HUBERTS, 373 Brnadwar, has Just receir- J rd from the recent auction salea, 500 lace and muslin I tresses, in : flounce, tunic tacked, and other styles; 500 I* ria black demi Veils,splendid pattens, from 10a upwards; 630 P.reakfast Caps, from 3s upwards. 315 msleme Lace Lappeta and ilprra Cape, at | half the usual pries; 1000 French Cambric Haudkerchtefs,at 3s ' each, worth 3s 6d- 890 sheer lawn Tape Border, new atylt; CO ] h.mnroidf red Lace Border do. entirely new Kyle; Kevterne, haud-?titch and embroidered iu treat variety. Alio by recent arrivala, 15 cartoon* real Thre?d Lace Cape*. Berthe*, Collar! and Cnffs, cheapen ever offered; 31 cartoon* Malien do., new pattern*; 25<?rtoon? embroidered Muslin Capes. Chemseut, t oiler* and Cuff*; plain and figured Or*nudie, Swiss and Tarlatau Mnilina, for dresses; Ho*ieryand Glove* of everv detention. d4 Ut*rc PRESENTS FOR the HOLIDAY8-325 BKOYD1 WAY-The *nb*eriber ha* now open his complete colleetion ol Holiday Preaeu ?. received by the late ((earner* and packet* from Europe, and invite* from pu'cha*er?, an eaily elimination. Hi* preaeut importation*, which are nnuan illy large, hare been (elected with great care by hi* taateful and eiperienctd agent in Pari*, and include all the noveltiea cf the aeaaon, got np for the approaching festivals Among the extenaive and varied collection, may be enamerated an entire new stock of richly decorat d porcelain, from the nvat celebrated labricant*. auchaiVaaea, Jardiniere*, toilet Fiacor *, I k'ttnd* Tete-a-tete*, cigar Lamp*, kc Ike., flue Bronx** Group*, Statulte* and Vase*; rich dre*? Fan*, in every con rivaiile variety; ebony audbuhled writing Deiki, dretiiiig Caae*, travelling Boxer, Papetrnei; glove, ahtwl, haudkerchief, cigar tea and monc* Boxes; ladie*' work t ab'ea of ebonv and carved roae ?ood. style* of Loui* XIV andXV ; odeur Boxea. card Cases, 8ouvemr?, Poitfolioi. Reiiculea Purses, Tahleta and Pocket Book*; boli*miaii Gl iuwuc. in every va-iety; Poitemonnaiei'lor ladi?? and gentlemen; papier mache Ornamauta; mnaieal Boxea. scuff do, Accordiana, card Batket*. card Table*, paper Welghu, fancy Thermometers, toilet Cushions, jewel Caskets, watch stand*, bureau writing Set*; Menage re* for tewing, biienit Group* of ihe moat beautiful description; mechanical and musical Tableaux, very curi'm*; boxes of Games, card Boxea, waiting Cane*, riding Whips, sngar Cases bronze aegar Lamps, grotesque; liqueur Case*, rich opera Glasses, a great variety; mathematical and,drawing nstromenta in boxea camera Opticas. French Confectionary in f*noy boxes, self-moving Toys, lie. fcc. FREDERICK A. WOODWOKill, 325 Broadway, opposite Broadway Theatre. dl6 5l*rrc Rich holiday amd wedding presents.? Bilvei Plate, Argentine Silver, end Sheffield Silver Plated Ware, with silver mountings. Thomas Badger, Menu- . ftctarer, Sheffield, of Sterling Silver Plate, and of Argentine I Silver and Sheffield Silver Plated Ware, begs to inform the i trade, thai aa assortment of the richest description or Sheffield Silver Plated Ware, warras *d to have sterling nlvcr monnt- , inga, suitable for alee sot and costly Holiday and Wedding i Preaents comprising Dish Covert, Waiters Dishes, Bte kfastaudTea sets, Kettles and Stand, LiquerF/nn's. lie , kc , all the most recherche in stvle and finish can be procured of the eoie agent for his ware in the United Htatea. H. 8. 8Tf.N TON, General Commission Agent. 74 Maiden Lane, up taira; wh<> also solicits orders lor all descriptions of Solid Silver or Silver Plated Ware, in sett or by the piece. ' om- < [date day sets can be supplied, cc-uprising Breakfast, Dinner Tea ana Supper sets, all making one foil tea set, each piece matching the other, and got-up in the newest London fashion dl? I2t*tc , MUhFS AND FUHSJ FOK TUB MOLIDAYU, OF ? every description.?8nperior, Lynx. Martin, Fox, hitch, ' Chiachilli, Squirrel, Jspet and Isabella bet' Muffs; Fat and ? Swans-down Tippeta; Fir Collars and Capes, with a choice ' assortment of For Trimmings, fce.,Jie., cheaper than any J Dlher store in this citv. WM. BANT A, 94 Canal St.. corner 1 o Wooster st, and 130 Chatham street dlt lft*re ' WOK AM ft H tUOHWOUT, Lyceum Buildings Mi and Ml Broadway, are now opening per late arrivals, a su perb assortment of fancy and nsefnl Honse Furnishing G"ods. which they willsejlmtexceedinglvlo* prices. lamps,Chnn j delisrs, Girandoles, Lanterns and Gas Fixtures of vvcry va- I rietf, plated Castors. Waiters, Dish Covers. Baskets, Covered " Dishesand Candlesticks, Batter Knives, Spoons, ho-ks. Ls dies. Tea Setts and Coasters, plated and eilver; Japaned Tea Trays, single and in sets; Table Cutlery, the finest assortment J ever offered to the public, new patterns; Freucli Clocks and ' Candelabrns, Porcelain Dinner, Tea, Toilet and decorated u Ware of elegant styles. Also, a superior aitielc nf plain white t Porr elatn Dinner and Tea Ware. These goods have b?ea se J Ice led by their agents ia Europe wi?h meat care and sticn- < tien, expre'sly for their own sales W. It 11. do not hesitate |j to say tnat they have the fiuest assortment of new goodaiu their * line, n iw in the market. Having recently enlarged their store the> have superior accommodations for showing their goods ! >. d would respectfully invite the public to call and examine WORAM k H'VOHWQIIT. dll Hf rc ff*flHEAD LACK CAPES aND BEHTHE*.?William J I. Scott k Co, No. 177 Broadway, have yeniveil a large stock of the above articles, the cheapest, they believe, ever offered Berthes commeneiug at $11, capes at BI6; also, a beautiful stock of imitation capes, from S3 50, berthes from ' 12; about 50 doxen breakfast caps, from 2 shillings each. ' French needle woik chemisettesrt tl; needlework e. liars, { line quality, 2s.6d. Fluted collars from 2s ; black fill'd demi ' reils from fa; o large lot dress caps (si ghtly toiled) 3s. each. i or three for $1: embroidered muslin and lace robes; iufaut's obts. waists, kc.. as cheap as can be found iu'.lhe city. N. B. , No deviation in prieea d? Ht'tC ? IYI OUKNING PLAID SHaWLS?tUceived persteamrr " "1 'dritannia, a large assortment' f long and square Hsxuny Wool Shawls; d?. small Hearts. Also, Paramattas, Henriettas, [ English Grape, and do. Gimp and Beading. For sale at the I New York Family Mourning store. M MY KKH, 485 Broad ' way dll SatTuTh?rc < NEW FBU1T8 FOK THE HOLIDAYS.?Haisuis iu I whole half and quarter boxes, grnpes and raisins in kegs. , il nouda, citron, dned entrant*, figs, prunes, colored caudle* , and apices, old coffee*, new green and black teas. Germm and ? eity-cruahcd sugars. light yellow (ibout eqoal to Stuart*) at , 1%ct*. by the bnL or 4*. 6d. Tib*.; wnite and brown Havana* < ingars in boxea. with a large *tocli of grocerie*. for *ale at wholesale and retail, at very reduced price*, by J (). KOWLKR. Grocer and Tea Dea'er. No* 250 and 428 Greenwich and 76 Veaey ats. N.B?Grocer* and Baker* are invited to 1 call and examine the above ?tock before pnrchaaing.a* a liberal ' discount will be made to tho*e who bny in large qoant'tie* I d 14 I2t*m I BASKMKNT TO LKT.?To let.the large Baaement in the ' the Art Union Building. 497 Broadway, with rr without a , large eellrr in the r?*r Well adapted fi>' a genteel refectory, or a w ine atore. Apply to WM b RAZKIl. in th# Art Union Gallery. jo7_Tn Thlt Ha fir*ra UTOHr. TO LKT?A atoie, located in the no|>*r put of 13 Broadway, and well aitnated to ^omoiand an extenaire trade, will be let and immediate noaaenaion given Thoae deairnn* of opening a bookatore, or any other respectable bnjoneas, will do well to make immediate application to HICK k SMITH, 125 Broadway. New York Hotel. d 13 6t*rli 17() LKT?The commodious Brick Hou?e. No. 8 Hurgera . street;?lao, the three atory Brick Honae, No I7>* Domidicka'rett. For term* apply to A. Burke. No.524 Broadway, from 8 to to o'clock, A Si., or from 4 to 8 o'clock, P. M. d'4 3f rc t|iO LKI?NIBLO'S Saloon,557 Broadway, ia now ready 1. to let f*r reapectable Concert*, Fair*, Kxhibition*, Meeting*, kc. N. B ?Private parrie* forniahed at all time* with Ice (/reams, fruit and fancy leea. Jellies Charlotte de Hnsm. B'icnit Glazina, Bar iriau Cream, he., kc., aent to any part of the citv. dl Ut* re BOAHO IN BHOAUWAY?Gentlemen aud their wive* can be ?eeoinin ulnted wuli pleasant rooms, fronting on ' Broadway; also, leveral *iugle room* for gentlemen. Apply i at 532 Broadway, second door fiom the corner of Spring atieet. (I 15 #'.! m BKEKMAN HOUSE DININO AN IJ < OH KEE S\ , LOON. No. M Beekmao street?The Proprietor, grateful ( for the very liberal patronage he hai received tiure his com- , nencemeat in the above business, hrgs leave lo atate that he i viIt n v he foam! wanting in his efforts to pleaae, and render j >)|| i i> hrnaat still mora peptltl wnh those who wirh to I oomh ne e./mforts with econnmv. Ovatera of the beat an ility j mi veu jp st all hoars of the day and night. Lodginga. kr ? JOSEPH WILSON. d7 13t?.e EUROPEAN COk'KKE HOUSE, HESTAI HANI and , OYSTER SALOON, No. 179 Broadway.?The proprie- | tora of tliia magnificent Saloon, which la already well known to the New York | ublie, nt well a< strangers viaiting the city, take this method of appnaing their friends and the public, that they have madn eitenaive arrangementa for serving up Dm- ; arra and 8upi'?ia uthe moat approved style i f culoaty att. I which they afford at moderate chargea. In order to give the i m >at perfect aatiafaetioe. they have engaged tin aemcea of I one of the beat ?oka in tha ceuutry. who liaa racently arrived ' from Europe. Our Larder and Stock of Winea and Lienors 1 are not to be aurpaaaed by any tatahliahmeut in the eouutry, ] whfth will be proved upon a viait to 17* Broadway. SCOT" i k WEVRAUCH. Dae. I. Hi? d?7twod?rrc_ , NOTIU ^-Important for private familiea. hotela and ta verna ?The owner having on hand a large atork of the following articles, and going to quit the buaineaa, will aell 35 1 per cent below what they can be bought In the city : Madeira 1 Winea, Port, Sherry, Teoenffe and Scotch, Highland Whis- 1 key, Pale, Otard Brandy, and other different b-anda. and Hoi- 1 land Oin. All theae warrantedaa good aa any imported, at 543 1 Ho niton atrett. near Broadway d? I3t*re > fj OOkTfTo?OLL f IN ROOFS" made right for 3* cent's ' IV pefoot. New roof* of rough plank covered fortKcenra; roofa of factories or large buildings, over 30 r<|uares, for S3 74 Srr square, and warranted. Goodwin's Patent Premium Hy- | ro Pnenmatie Cement Sheathing makes a handsome, cheap, light and durable .roof. References and specimens at HOODWIN'S Chi mace Pot Factory, M Weat Broadway, between Chambers and Warren ate n?? V?wl2i?rr SOlAR LAMPS, (JiraadoleiiChaadeUen, Halt Lanterns, j kc ?Tha anbtcriber offera for ?ale, at rednced prices, a beautiful assortment of the above articlea, consisting of gilt, bronz*d, ruby, tnrqnniie, and cut glass column Solar Lamps, of various patterns; gilt and brnrctd Girandoles, of aeveral oe w sty las. w ith from one to eleven eandles; Solar and Caad le Brackets, for hotela, churches, ke; ataioed and cntraved Hall Lamps, of aoreral new patter-ai also, a handaonto aaaonment of Japanned Tea Trays, of splendid finish. JOHN W. MOR- I 9 AN, 1M Fallon itraet, on* doo> east af Broad j i W YO YORK, THURSDAY MORJ Eve AND EAR-DR. POWELL attends eielasively to diseases ol (he Eye end Eir, from 9 to 4 o'clock, et hiaof- UK ic.2<1 lirondway. corner of Warren itreet Dr. Powell's rreatis- on (he H ye, its diseases and their core, with eryp* tags, IS las lor the selection of spectacles, lie, price kilty . feus, ran be had at hia offi-a, and of all booksellers. Jnit W1 mpoited, Artificial Eves of superior beauty and ftuiah. Dr. nil Well's Seji'. Aciiig Ere Fountains. or Jet, or Douche Baths, Up or strengthening the evaa, which has just received a diploma hu t the Fair of the American Institute, are now for sale at his kn Ifice. d'6 'I'm j,r A 1 AHU-UK WHEELER, Oculist receives patients St [a. at his residence. 19 Ureenwich street ererv morning from Rti , A. M , to 1 o'clock P M., after which his practice is etelu- ?? ively desoted to families at their tesideocrs Diseases of the ?ye, no matter how longstanding, or howsoever obstinate they * niy be iu their nature, can be effectually eradicated and a pern Mieut core effected References to f milies of the hinhest th rapertability will be riven to those unacquainted with him. m Artificial Eye? insetted, uid for ule on reasonable terns T| (114 6(TnTbfc9?t?n? W| rO A PKALTK;aL CHEMIST?Wanted to employ i IV practical' hemitt u a mauaier in a white leal tnannfac r0 orv 10 ihe Weet. He mast have nad tome yean experience ,u 11 the beat mode of manufacturing white lead, red lead and iihroge; and produce tne beat of trstimoi.iali for hie moral BI tliarac-er, capacity and habits of indaatry. None othera need vc ipply. To auO a one, a permanent aituation aud a liberal aal- of iry will be given. Apply to JAMKSg BOOARDIT8, 40 at Tdridge street. dl lit" rre jj] 1 .A RKNctflLANUU AOE.?Gentlemen wuliing to jo n the wi Second Evening A lata, will please call nnd leave their tb lime*. Ladira'Cluaaea during the Uav. L M. DURVM), Hr laughter of the late Jean ?Maueaca, No 39 Walker atreet ? iladaine D. haa a vacancy in her family for two pupila. . d 14 3t? rc rj LEFT OKKCLOTHI.NO AND KURNITURE WAhiT- ,p ED.?Ladira ?nd Gentlemen having superfluous effects * I diapoae of, auch aa Werring Apparel, Kuruiture, he. can ?* ibtaia a fair enih rr ce for the tame, by aeuding for the eub- t< irnber thrcugh the I'oal Office, or otherwise, who will attei d It it the r reaidencea J. LEVKNHTYlN, 40 Broauway, up m itaiia. I adiea can be attended to by Mra. J. Levenatvn. w dl6l2i?rc __ _ ^ CAST OKKCLOTHING AN .7EUKNIl UHK VVANT- r? Kl) ?I adiea and (Jeiitlemrn haviug auy caat off or snperlluoua clothing or for.ntnre to diipoae of, can obtain a fair c -ah rice for the aame, by aecding a note, or by calling on the inb- ? icriber at hie reaidenee, r r ihronch the poat. which will he luuctually aitendcd to. 11 DE BOKK, 71 V? Caml atree' up th taira. N.B?Ladea cm be attended toby Mra. Do Boer. w )'d atock and job gooda bought, of any deaeription and 1) imount. dl6 14r?m ta f ALARKE'S BACKS?G. M. CLARKE, Merchant Tailor, ni Ey 116 il iam a'reet. opposite the Washington Stores, haa a ec ery haudaome atock of Uvercnata and body aacka, tne pri'ea yq >f which vary from CO to f 16. A so, Cloths, C&ssimrres and , /eatings made np to order, at low pricea, for caali ?nly. My .J irow.i and black aacka are handsomely trimmed, with velvet D< : illara and cufTa. hdiI lined and wadded eutirely. Home have a( ichly worked ailk fmnta. Overcoaia made to mraaure at the tb erv a'me pr ce? at ??hicb thev a-e aoiil ready mule dl3*t"rc to f A ENTLEMEN'S NOTICE.?At this aeaeon of the year vi UT there la hundreda of yon wiah to know where ,nu cm get w four tailoring done, to anch we aav. #4 Murray street, corner vc >f Waahiugiou, it the only plare where to get your hock, tb iress or overcoats and cloaks ei her cleaned, dyed, altered j, ind repaired, withcollara. cufTa, hnrtooa. friinmin** and *11 hat is to mane them look well?to save yqu buying ' c lew clothing this winter?email rliargea and no disappoint- Of nenta, is the o-der ?ftlie day to those wiahiug to ecouam ae. of font! cleaned for 75 cents, withont coloring or steam. Don't N orget, 94 is the number wnere you can always find the great to Jot lies modifier. A. CORTISSOB,84 Murray street. H d6 Ut?rr? fp LADIES' CLOAKS?The aubacriber bege leavetocall the -pi attention of ladiea to hit present atock ol" loaka, a? be ng he beat in the city, and roinpiiiiim all the new styles n .win ,. ise. Alao, loi g and square Shawls, in great variety, with a [enfaal assortment of dry go da, suitable'or theaeaaou. which hi will be told at reduced prices,by T EATTISoN, No 1 Bow- wi rr- Ut*m ci fVA K181 ANDYE INGEST ASLI8H\lENtf?C OU fiT it ? I UESCH AUX have removed to 25 John strert, betweeu gt Nassau and Broadway, New York. They atill dye and Auish, to n a new and anterior style. all aorta of goods, sewing ailk and th w at, either plain or shaded, traraa, orgauzins, and apnn a. 1 k ; . '.rpnyr wo-sted.and woollen yarn; aewinir cotton, mohair, intu.ltc. Damaged or faded goods. ribboua,ai'k,latin, inor- ?5 noa, Thibet and caahmere ahawla, gimpa, friugea. corda ai d *11 assets, ladies'and gentlemen's garments fcc,dyed*nd clean Je id equal to new articles. Orders carefully attended lo and hi promptly eierured. dll Mt*m ra CHALLENUE?Notice to gentlemen who want fo their old clothes to look like new; call at the Tar- U ormg. Dying, (Cleaning and Repairing I' stabliahment 64 Oold ?] it reel, where vou can get all grease, pitch, tar, glne and paint, ixtraeted without soiling the oloth at the shortest notice ana ." >u the most reasonable terms, bv J B.NOAH.66 Gold streit. ,* ! doors from Bckman street. N. B. The highest price paid L or grutlemen's left off wearing apnarel H6 I2t*rc w! NOTICE?All persons having baggage at the I'l ugn Ion. ^ No. 21 Pearl street, are notihed that if it is not redeemed vithin one month from this date, it wilt besold at public sun- at ion to defray the expenses incurred thereon F. A, HEATH, bi iVopr.eto'. New Vo'k.Dec. 14th. 1147. d 14 3f re CHILDREN'S MJK HATS FOR THE HOLIDAYS? tu A choice assortment of children's black, drab and white fur flats, of entire new stsle. Alto, a large assortment of 0( ;hildren's Velvet and Cloth Cars neat and appropriate articles v. >s Christmas and New Year's gifts. For sale at BAN l'A'S tlat,Capand Fur Store, 94 Canal, corner of Wooster street. dlO I2t*re si A ITEMED TO HOB THE SEVENTH" WAltD *! il BANK, two doors from depot, 230 Pearl street, for D1 Uoakr'a Iodine Liniment, which positively cures Rnenmn- n i ism. Paint and Aches of every nature, Swellings, old Ulcers, bl uiff Joints. Scrofula. Ac., priceM ceuts. Bee advertisement in ill True Emu" , , (, LIQuID HAIR DYE?no EtgUAL?The iinprovemeut bi ol 1846. ALEXANDER'S XKl' OB.Al'HE. which in- at pnitaqeously colors the hair n natural black or brown and [ires it the Deautv and elasticity ol youth, aod it warranted wither to wash or rub off, or soil the skin The proprietor, iore its improvement, presents it to the public w ith the tit- kf nost confidence, as having no equal, and ai a perfect dye N or sale by ltushton It Co , Bioadway; Thomas It Maxwell, th IVilliam ilmt; Johnson, voore It Taylor, Maiden lane; and ?0 4. B. k D. vhnds, New York; and by the sole agents for the ,w Joited States, K. (EG A. WRIGHT, Philadelphia. !? di0 12t?rc 1 VfAYOR'S OFFICE, CHARLESTON, Oitober 20 " LYA .817?At Private Sale?That large and aj>lend>d estab- ? isliment known as the CHARLESTON HOTEL, sit- P' i 'ted in the mostcentrnl part ol the eity?fronting on Meeting t'eet, 160 feet, by 172 feet deep on Hayne and Pincknev sts., mmediately adjacent to the extensive range of wholesale ...... Ti.. tr~_i.. a i....i. ii'i i>...,,i Chambers.a large Dining Saloon supported by two row* of col- (i inun. Ladle*' Dining Room, with a suite of private parlor* mi f|t he 2d story, Bar Koom. Heading Huoin, Offices, Store Rooms a<j ,ud Kitchen. Also,5 Store* and Barber's Koom on basement roniiLg Haynestreet. A large cistern capable of containing 5 000 callous, with force pumps attached thereto, in case of *' Ire; also, two wells on the premises. The front of the Hotrl tc s adorned by a two story Oollonade of Corinthian order, and in or architectural beauty, will vie with any similar building a; n the country. Terms of sale mast acsommodatiug, which pf will be made known, by applications ad dressed to the Mayor if Charleston, until 1st January, 1MI. T LEiiF.H llUTi.fiNSON Mavar 1C. 7?wI?!re ?' Bki iish AND noktm american r^vTsi'eam- ?J SHIPS for halifax and li VEHPOOL.?hi u JKKMA, Cspt Hyrie, from New York, 1st January.? 0,1 ALEDONIA Cspt Lolt, from Boston. 19th January ? P< 'assageto Liverpool $120; Apply to E- cun'ard. Jr., 38 in iroadwavj dU Htw rAPtM OTT'tJ GENERAL EMIGRATION OFFICE, 86 South street?The following will known fast sailing _, .nil favorite packet ships, will sail punctually as follows 1 Che Liverpool, 1300 tons, from New York on 21st December, " nd from Liverpool 6th Febtuary. The Siddots, morns of rom New York 26th Dec., and from Liverpool llth Febtua- 5t y. In addition to lite above splendid packets, tliere are be- ur tinging to the new line the celebrated packet1 ship. Quern of . he West. Constitniion, Rosius Sheridan. Hoitiuguer and Jarrick. Persons about proceeding to Liverpool, or those t ishing to send f ir their friends in the old country. wilt study ,r heir interest by se'eeting either ol the above ship* sailing fu egulnrly from New York on the 21st and 26th i f each month, n l front Liverpool on the 6th and llth. To engage passage, . pp ieation must oe mode to W.fc J.T TAP."' O PT,86 South ?* trert, New York, or to W. TAfSCOTT k CO, ft of Jeorge's Omldings, Heiren ' Hoad, L vrrtionl. rlll8t*m re L3 OR < H \ KLE8 ION, .1. C.?The steamer NIJH-" M P THERNEH, Captain Thomas S. Build, will leave the '1' pier, loot of Clinton sliest, opposite Tobacco Inspection, etl last Ktver on Saturday, the 25th in>t.,at 3 o'clock, P M M Vo berth secured uatil paid for. All bills of lading signed hy f| he cletk on noard. For freight or passage, apply toBPOF t FORD, TILK8TON k CO No. 48 Sdulh sue't. In conaeyience ol the very limited amonnf of trade, at this season of the year, the steamship SOUTHERNER will be withdrawn el from the line for a few wteVs. d!6 4tre 0| lAUM. new Ot? i.e.* NM~ Louisiana -ml iv y ?,k Lin* T " of Packets?Very Uedoced Kates of Frsivht? Pi.sttiaedy the first and only tegular packet for Monday, December 20th l'he new and splendid last sailing packet ship RICH AM U ttOBDEN, Barrel), master, it now loading, and will potilivey tail as above, her regnlar day. For freight or passage, havng splendid furnished accommodations for cabin and second -ahin passengers, apply an board, nt Orleans wharf, foo' of Will street or to E. K COLLINS, 56 Sonth street. Fhip " era wrl find it to their advantage to call before engaging or " ihippiug their freight a tew here. Agent in New Orleans, Mr. It Win. Cre- vy, who will promptly forward all goods to his ad ti Ires*. Shipiers will pfeate send in theirhillsof lading early, rhe packet ship 0*wlgo, Thos. Inuersoll,master, will sac seed the Richard Cobden. and tail on the 3Cih. her regular day didrc P ACKKTR FOR HAVRE?Second Line?Th? abip Ufy b C A. D. B 'wis, master, will sail on the 1st January. tl9 li NOTICE?Packet shin OSWKUO, Innn New Oilcans, i* l! discharging foot of Pike street I outigness will pleaie ?, i ir.iu Mf Hie t/1 K'MIUI luiuiruiniiiy, Wllliu I iur - I.t notice <l 12 ti Hour changed to j-new vork, albany i" AND I HOY LINK FOR ALBANY AM) TROY If DIRECT?From the foot of Courtlandt atreet ? Paaiengera aking ihia B-*t will arrive in Troy in time to Ink* the earlieit 'I normng train' weat to Buffalo, and north to Harninga, Lake K' leorge and Cbano plain. The low-preamre ateamhoat KM" ol riHE. Cant. R. B. Mary. Thia Evening atl o'clock. Segu* t) ar "lay, Tueaday Thuridav. and Saturday Knr paaaaaie or reiL'bt a i 111V in ho rd, nt at the office n ihe w liarf. n 10 rr NI11 li K?Hour changed from 6 to 1 o'clock.?1 he Alnany h Evening Line Slemnera ISAAC NEWTON,and UMK |, DUN, will leave for Albany at 5 o'clock inatead of t aa here- _ ofore. on and after Monday. Nov 39 1147. o30 ( PEOPLE'S LINE STEAMBOATS M)H ALBANY, Dai ri ly, Stindaya Kicep ed-Through Direct? At 6o'clock, P ol VI., from he Piar between Conrtlaudt and Liberty atreet'. Dl Ream boat ISAAC NEWTON Cnpt. Wm Si* Peck, tail; e.iveon Monday Wednesday and k'ndny ereninga at J >'clock 7 Steamboat OREGON, Capt. A. P. St. John, will leave oa '' rneadav. Tlinradav and Saturday evening' at 5 o'clock A- K i O'clock, P. M.~Landing at intermediate pt?,aa from the ol foot of Barclay atreet. meamboat SANTA CLAUH, Cap A min B Overhagli, will leave on Monday. Wedne?day. Friday p inri Sunday afternoons at i o'clock. Steamboat SOUTH j, AMERICA, Captain T- N Hnlae. will leave on Tneaday. Thursday and Saturday aftarnoona at 5 I'clock. The above mate will at all timea arnva in Albany in amria time for thr 1 Morning Cara for the Esat cr Weat. Frright taker at moderate rate', and none taken after 4 i'?lork, I*. M. All peraona C ire forbid tnnting any of the boata ol th" line, without a writ- e< :?n ftrder from the captaina or agents. For imeenge or freight, ol t|,iJy on board the boata, or to r. C. SCHULTa, atlhe office ,1 in the wharf. _ 2 NOTI' E ?On and after December IS, 1(4'*, the Steamer W STA'lEN ISLANDER will run at follow;?Leave S Beaten Island a113d, I" and HAM: land > P. M. Leave tl New Yn k at Hand II A.M.; I, 3)k a d ri I' M dill u li/f EINHARDT'S OILDED BRASS LETTERS FUR in HION8?These lettsrsare remarkable lor duratniitr.ano > i brilliancy of the fildint unequalled by any other article ia L< tha city?whieh bnlliaaey ia warranted to stand eipoaara ,t to lha waathcr. Thay ara also japanned to any color that nay t, be desired. Orders left at Jones, Raabaa k Co.'s. 1M Knlton . treat, will ba attended to. Tha partnership heretofore ?aWist me hatw??? Vamhardt fc 8cott. was disolsed oa tha Is' July P. P MVlNHawnT _ _ all fh U A SILK HOUSE, abont to decline business, wish to die. poaa of a well assorted stock, and tha unod will ol t t?|i? ibla nstota. Apply ? M William stmt, sorear of Cedar. ^ v- t-- . . , ? nj r I i RK I NTING, DECEMBER 16, 1 War Matter*. :mkral Taylor's triumphal i^ogrkss up tuk RIVKR, AND KKCKPTION AT DONALDSON VILLk The Missouri left our wharf on Sunday, at 9 A M , th Gen. Taylor and staff aboard, accompanisd by { id* friends and a crowd of passengers On her way < i the stream, the steamer waa greeted by the loud nzaa and the waring handkerchiefs of groups of ladles d gentlemen, who were clustered along the banks In < ight little coteries, before every villa and oottage. ] lortly after leaving the city the Missouri overtook ttae | vners Majestic and Pride of the West, bothflne boats, ( id having on board a large number of passengers, who, < the Missouri approached, and they reoognlsed the ' teran Oeneral on the deck, mad* the welkin ring with > itlr loud hurras The Missouri stopped for a few Inutes at the plantation of our whilom fsllow>n|ils*o, ' homes May, who, as soon as he heard the old General , t* aboard, threw up his hat, and gave three oheers. 'ben th* General was pointed out to him, Mr May, sur- < unded by his family, cried out " Weloome, General? i >rloe welsome from the scenes of your fame and glory;" ] id again he cheered. bis little children adding their little tines, and waiving tlieir little caps in a perfeot ecstaoy juvenile enthusiasm. As th* Missouri moved up the , roam, oannon were fired all along the ooast, and from lecupaloaof the elegant villas . the stars and stripes tved a cheering welcome to the veteran t'.ven is negroes seemed to catch the general enthusiasm, id might be seen oolleoted In groups on th* banks, nging out their merry song of rvjolotng on the return " old Vlassa Rough aud Ready " At half past 4, P M. i* Missouri oame within sight of Donaldaldsonvllle. be display which had been arranged f r the General's icrptien at this beautiful and publle-splrlted little >wn. was a perfeot miniature of that whleh took place i New Orleans, and, like all miniatures, was really iore oeautitui ana interesting Oar national flag trad la the breeie from every place where a Wf could be ereeted. The steamboats and veels lit the ertrance of the Lafourche, were oov fd with gay bunting, and crowded with eager irpons The balconies and windows of the houses ere filled with the lovely f ilr of DonaldsonvlUu and ef ie neighboring parishes, and the Levee was crowded Ith an immense concourse of oitizens, who flooked to unaldsonville from the Interior, as fhr off even aa Atkapaa and Lafourche. In the meanwhile, as the boat ared the wharf, the battery of that splendid volunteer irps, the Donaldsonvllle Artillery, kept no a constant aze of Are and of "deep toned thunder," which might i heflrd many miles down the river. As soon as the >at was made fast, the Major of the town. Mr. II Boyd, loompanied by the Lieutenant Governor of the ttate, ie Honorable Trasimond Landry, earns on board greet i nd welcome the General The Mayor deliired a very neat and appropriate welcome address, to hich the General responded In a few brief and fcrint words. A procession was then formed, but like ,e procession In our own oity on Friday, it was very ffleult to preserve its regularity, as every one seemI anxious to > e ahead, in order to catml a glimpse bim who was the ' cynosure of all eves?the observed all observers ' On arriving at the house of Judge tcbols. the General entered the parlor to be Introduced the brilliant array of beauty whloh had bean assumed to greet him. To do justice to the eoene which llowed, would require an artist of the highest powers here were two large rooms filled with lovely Creoles, hose dark eyes, beaming faces and cherry lips, were , up with joy and delight at the sight of the brave old iro, who had just returned from the rode scenes of sr to share the comforts and enjoy the pleasures of eoai life As the old hero oame into the room, there was general rush -or, as an old campaigner styled it, a reilar rtsmpede?towards him,to get held or his hand, or snatoh the long-to- lie-remembered kiss from his weaisr-beatsn cheeks. It. must tbe^ confessed that the d General seemed not to be seriously dlsoomflted r the sturdy attaok, but maintained himself ;ainst the severe pressure to which ha was subcted, with a constancy worthv of the hero of a mdred fights. Having passed this severe ordeal, and ade his obeisance in the most tonohlng and memorable rm to all the ladles present, both young and old, the eneral was escorted bv the milltirv to the ball room. here a splendid oollatton had been prepared. For ant of time, the company oould not lit down to the ble, and therefore drank a few to acta standing "Gen. eylor " was first drunk with great great applause ; to hlch he replied in a brief address, aad concluded with ie following toast : ? The Ladin of Donahhonvilh?Unsurpassed hi beauty id grace; health and prosperity to those who have husinils, and early marriages to those who have not. Capt. Garnett's health being drank, the gallant Capin gave? The Citizenoof Donaldeonville?As gallant and patriIn in the field as they are kind and hospitable at their mats Towards dark, after much hilarity and many toasts ad speeches, the procession was reformed and marched tok to the boat, upon wbloh the General entered, and lading adieu to the crowd, the Missouri resumed htr pward oourse, amid the loud hurras of lbs vast assentlogo. In the evening, the whole town was brilliantly luminated. The market house in the centre, and the Mansions at CuL Williams, P. T. Landry aad Thltut, surrounding it, presented a meet beautlral appear lee. (IENBUAL SII1ET.DS. Gen. Shields returned to the oity on Sunday morning, ter a running visit to his Mend, Gen. Quitman, at atchez. The citizens of Natchez extended to him all ie hospitality and courteous respect which his brief journ among them permitted. Yesterday be left la e mall boat for Mobile, on his way to Washington, he sons of South Carolina eagerly look for his presence nong them. They pant for an opportunity to honor ie with whom the gallant chivalry of the heroes of the UmettQrfitate has now become so closely identified. FUNKRAL OF CAITAlN QVARLTS. I From th<- New Orleans Delta, 7th Inst.] The remains of the late gallant Captain Augustus uarlea, who so nobly fell fighting under his country's ig at Churubusco. were on Sunday evening, Just as t he in was sinking to his purpls couch beneath the western irizon, consigned, with the honors of a salvo of mustry, to the silent tomb Tbs procession wbloh met i hooor his memory, formed at the house of bis brother, i Ksoe street, where the oorps lay enoofflned, and. after >propriate religieus ceiemonies, the Kev Mr. Whitall Relating, moved solemnly and slowly along to the place ' sepulture, the Protestant Cemetery, in the loog 'ray we noticed the Governor and staff, in uniform, Gen. Melds, Gen. Lewis and stag, and Major Oally's batlion under arms. The brother Odd Fellows of the deused turned out in great numbers, and formed an im>sing feature in the procession We pray peace to the ^ mortal spirit of the brave Queries. ARMY INTBLLIOBNC*. Capts Sibley and Stevenson, of the Oth, end Lieut, urnley, of the 1st Infantry, left yesterday on the steam 1 Fanny, for Vera Cruz, with the following detsohments ' recruits: 100 men for the light artillery. 9S for the h infantry, 26 for the 11th, 63 for the 15th infantry, id 20 for the vnltlgeurs. Total?308 men.?S. O. Delrw i The steamboat F.ureka brought down to St Louis cm Peru, on the 2ftth ult., t3?H,0<)0 of government inds.?N. O. Delta, Dee. 7. The Army Medical Board, which convened en the 27th ' October In the city of New York for the examination ' applicants for app< intment to the Medical Staff of the gular Army, adjourned on the 7th instant. Of the indidates who were examined, the following were found talifled for appointment, and were accordingly approvI: Lyman H Stone, of Vermont: John M Maden. of isshslppl; Charles H. Crane, of Marsaehueetts; William ammond, of Missouri; Henry 8 iiewit,of Conneotiout homaa A. McParlin, of Maryland. The citizens of Lexington held a meeting on Monday 'ening last, at which tney resolved to giveCaptain f'laj 1 i his return home, the ooinpllment of anublic reception ( he military companies of Lexington nave resolved to mder him the same eompliment. NAVAT, INTIU.IOiRNCK. The schooner Renaiseanoe, a prise to the U. 8 steam Scorpion, taken In the River Tocouleta, In the act of nuggling, arrived here yesterday from Vera Crns, hich port she left on 17th ult. under the charge of lidshlpman 8. J. Bliss, First Lieut G. Hunter and obert B Cbllda. Passenger?lose Piedmont, late mas ;r of the schooner?AT. O. Delta, Dec 1th. Rr?rr.c:T fob thk Mkmorv or Jutxir. Kkut bv ths hii.aobi.phia Bar.?A very large meeting of the memera of the Philadelphia Bar was held yesterday, at noon, i the Supreme Court room, to commemorate the virnee of the late Chancellor Kent The following Jndgee r the Couite composed the officers of the meeting. resident, Chief Justice Gibson; Vice Presidents, /usees Bp}!, Burnsidee, Conlter, and Rogers, oftheHurrme Court, and Juatioe Kane, of the U. 8. District ourt; fteorptary. Judge Jones, of the District Court, be Hon Horaee Blnney rose and made an eloquent teech, in whioh he alluded In a happy manner to the -eat and distinguished talents, and tne many virtues r the Illustrious Kent, who might justly be regarded as te Blackstone of the American continent. He was lisned to with the most profound respect, by a crowded od Intelligent audience for half an hour. He concluded is remarks by offering a set of resolutions of oondonce, which were read by Judge Jones, and passed unaImously. A committee of fifteen members of the Bar, insisting of the rflloers of the meeting, Attorney Geneil Chauipneys, U 8. District Attorney Pettit, and .hers, were appointed to convey the sentiments of the leetlng to the family of the deceased The following re the names of the gentlemen: Chief Justice Gibson. wt... II a,,.--. Hall I'nnlla. I-.-.. I inn; Hon. Benjamin Cbampneys, Attorney General r Pennsylvania; Hon Tbomas M Pettlt, U 8 District ttorney; Horace Binney, K?q ; Jobn Aargoant, K*q j hurls* f bauncey, Ksq ; Henry D. Gilpin, Esq . and oi R Ingeraoll. Esq Great Fmshkt in the Susiii/KiiA.iNA anb i/niata riveis.?Gentlemen who rrnehed this iiy yexterdny, stats thntthr Juniata river is ex ediDgly high?the water in many places covering tho inal and turnpike, and It ia feared that mnnh addlonal damage ha* resulted to the publjo work*, whlrh are been only partially repaired einoe the great flood biob did ao muoh damage a few montha ago. The uaquebanna la alao very high, bnt It la not anppoeed aat any damage to the oanal. along >ta border, h*a kkfn place?none at least bad been beard of at the last Boounta from the branches# A* (he rain still oontiuee there is reason to fear that muoh lajnry will result > public and private property on the banks of the reams in the mountain region of the Mtate. The past eo years hare been prominent for the looses sustained y high water. ?Prnmyb'sntee. Die. 16 The water In the Delaware River bee risen so high as d stop the mill* from ruanlng This has been their Or* it err option since laet January. It is said that one of the Painsvllle mail robbers bad I sen arrested. IERA 847. Couit Hullal or Lltit. Col. Fremont. M WP*?hinoto1v. Dec. 11, 1M7. J" The Couit met. and the record ot veetcrday was read. J" Lieut Col. Fmkmotit presented the following leper and ' utement olCspt Utlleapte, ia relation to the question Which, m yesterday, waa ruled out by the court, anil which Lieut. "j Jol. F promised lo argue to-day , J Mr. PaasiDKtsT?Lieut Col. Fremont ia inatructed by hia tnuuael t' aay, that they feel great embarraaameat Irom the a< lectsion of the court of yesterday. in eacluding the question '* which was last offered. Th<t question was u theae worda : c> 'Do you Ituow ol auy circumaiauce which induced you to be- Jjjj ieve that you were detained in California by the interference V if Heueral Kearney I If ai. what were those cireuraetan Et sea?" And the deeiaion of the court waa in theae woids:? J? "J he court couaidera the question irrelevant, and that it can- ,I1 lot be put." " The eoanael are of the opinion that it ia relevant, but will f.u lOt argue againat rhe opinion of the court. At the lima lime, they put into ihe hauda of Lieut. Col. Fremont, to be preaeui- 1 rd to the court, aatatement from Major tiilleu ie. allowing [n what the auMtunce of the anawar would be if the question P' were put An the counsel further lustiuct Lieut. Col. F. to J" ay, that tliia statement ia offered merely to ahow the relevan- to cy ol the queation offered, and not to ahow ita effect believ- '' lug that the effect and sufficiency of the anawer to the quta- J ' liou.if admitted, belougatna diffetent ataure of the trial and ia to he judged in connection with any other leatimany going '! to the aama point. ! [ Lict. Uilleapie's paper aubmiltcd with the above.] Upon reporting to Com. Diddle, in accordance with hia or- Cl d*ra, and haying lafornied him of my peculiar tioeition in the f" country, he iuformed me, or rather aaid to me "1 have niilhiug Ie to do with you?you can return to the United States when you lease." Agreeably to thia. 1 inadr my preparatioea to leave f Monterey, to proceed to ihe Savannah to make every thing " ready for our journey over the Sierra Nevada and the prairies lo the United Statea. AH things being in readiueaa, I waa to " at?rt for Monterey on the lat June, which waa Sunday At }' HHJ o'clock on 8a'urday uigbt. jua1. aa 1 had returned on boatd ' oi the Cnngreea. I waa Informed by the Cornmunore'a Orde-ly, j[ that Lt Stanley, of the Columbua, wtahed to aee me ou deek. . Lieut Htanley informed me that he Pad been directed bv V Comrooilore Middle to >av to me, that he (Coin. B ) o deied. |j that haviug understood that I waa to leave Mont?.rey on the * following morning. I should not leave the further ;{ orders; and that he (Lieutenant S'anley) had beeu dt reeled bv We Commodore to search for me on shore, had he not found menu.the Cong ess. Considering thia order JJ very harsh and mconaiderate, afer what Comiuoilora Riddle 0 had told m?. and having mv nrenarstiuns nn, h.uu, '1 aud multa luving preceded m? in advance 011c 4a} a* journey 1 through a country math >nf?. ird with Indiana, and having only a small guard of three men with lliein si'hough the hoar wai late, I determined to wait uooni Commodore Uoldie immedialely.and, if obtain a revocation of thu auildeu order. Commodore Stockton kindly granted me a boat, and I harried to the Colombua At 1 tr'ired at her atair*. (necom mudatiou ladder,) Co'. Matou pushed IT. in one of the Colum bus's cutters, just *a the bell it uck two (!) P M ). I aent my card to Com oodore Diddle, who, I Mas in'o'ined by Lijui Hush, officer of the dech, had bfii arunsed from hit bed to tee Col Mason, and was ihen ill Ills dressing gown. Commodore Diddle aaw me, and, after having iltlcd 10 him my surprise at receiving hia order. I begged him to allow me ro proceed a? it not only mtn fered with ray preparsti' us but that the aeaaon waa advancing. Com B. an id he hid just received ? l?tter from General Kearny, and at he wiaked to nvoi'auy fuuher difficulties between the aruiv and navy, he wml rd me to remain. I replied that if Geneial Kearny had any eha get to make he had batter make them in public, that 1 waa "pen 10 any mveat gation. and that I con'd not imagine why he wished to iuteifere witb my movements. Com Biddle said that lie did not wish to a'aue the question. I told him I did uot, but thai I waa placed in a disagreeable and an annoying position Com. B. then ? id, you have a bouse in the I'neblo. I toldhimyes audi could not see how my private alftira could affect the question. " Well,''amd he, yon meat remain until fu ther orders." I thru left him. I remsined in Monterey. After three day* delay, (daring which time the Indiana once got posseuiou of my animals?twelve very fine mules and aix horses?and they were rescued through the bravery of a sergeant of tlie late battalion, Jones,) I was permitted to leave Monterey, first pledging my word of honor not to say anything about General Kearrir, f if the performance of whien Com. Stockton went my security. ALer reading the above, the court was closed; and alter some time the door waa opeued, and the following decision was made:? The Cobit, having heard the paper first read by Lienl. Col. Fremont, Ordtvd. That its decision of yesterday be reconsidered and that Lient. Cel. Fremont be invited to explain to the court the lelevniicy of the qneatiou, iu his view, to the m ttei under trial. The court eannot, however, hear tliepap r f urn Cspt. Gcllesnie, offered by Lieut. Col. hremom in explanation of the relevancy of the question of yesterday Tins would be not only to admit on its record the testimony in sanatauce. whether relevant or irrelrvant, bat to adtuitau intimation from a witness, what would be hia tcsUmouy on an assumed en quiry Lieut. Cel. Fkksiout then said he would present an argument on the point on Mouday next, and proposed .lie following question:? U ? Vou spoke of several orders yesterday, and letters, lie ; will you please produce th'se orders, lcc.1 A-?I have them net with me lo-day; 1 will bring them on Monday; I have them at my quarters. Lieut. Col. Krcmo.nt?1 have uo further questions to ask of Capl. G. at this time. mi JVDIIE ADXCiTI Wkcd the t^ourt muniietiu'ea, end it wet >o ordered. When opened, * paper lo the Pillowing effect waa read by him:?At we have now, io the diirty.fir?t day of the aeaainn of the Court, apparently only u yet opened the defence, and having only aa yet etamined and Croat-nun ned three witneraea for the prortcution and three tor the defence; and there yet remnuv In be namiuad auuie fifteen or twentr witneraea. I propoae that the defence, when nwitueas la called, ahall atate specifically to me what it it ex nected to be proved bv him. And. when I am informed th t the /tela to be prorrn by aueh nre aa the defeora lap. poaea, I ahall, wi>h the conaent of the Court, adipit tliem aa preyed. The preaent conne ia attended with tedfooa delay*; 'lie number of witneaaea yet to b* examined?tlie objectiona to teatimooy?the frequent clearing of the court on laolated pelata of eTuicnee?tbe number of diicuaaionu and dociawnu, Stc . ate., all tend to make tlie trial long and wwntsoenei hat 'ii the way purpoaad, there or the greater part afihaae difAeal tiea can and will be aroided and ia the end will, aa the defence may at any time waire the admiaaion and prove the facta as usual be found to be the boetmoda of hriugmg toaclo.e thia trial, which ia aaonree of napleaaantiieta to all concerned. Thi DKFtrrca said they would Conaider the propoaition, and anawer on Monday. The croaa examination of Capt Gillespie was here postponed, and the Hon. W. P. Hall, a member of Congress, turnmoned for the proaecntion. and whnae examination waa laid oyer ia eontequence af hit abtence, waa ealltd and aworn. Tkk JtlMl advocate aaid lie had no queatioua to atk Mr H . and he waa open for croaa-examinatiou, winch waa commenced. H? Did you conaider the letter addreaaed to yon by Governor Fremont, eel forth io the 4th specification of lust charge, aa inciting you to aid and abet him in mutiny andjeaietance to the authority and nrdera of hit superior officer, aa i( alleged in aaid speoiiiettiou? A ?I did not to consider it. <d ?What waa the atate of the country when you received the lett?r I A?The country, ao fir aa I taw, waa quiet and peaceable. A qocation waa proposed, whether he, Mr. flail, had n t been informed by Mejor< oote, th*c lie Cooke, waa the author of a certain a'tielr, giving an accoont of the alfaira in Calilori io. which appeartd in the Mitiouri Hrpublicun in March laat Upon which the cou't waa cleared The court aaid the tuvation ahoo'd not b# pnt. The following questions were proposed by the court. Q. Whtt pontio ,or rank, civil aod military, did yon hold in California, on ihe llth February, 1S47 I A. I waa a private in Company C, lac Regiment Missouri Voluu'eers. 4^. What did you conaider the object and purport of Co| ITr? mnni'i Ufftf (if fcVhrimru- lltli fn vnn rniri mriirnlarlv 1 these word*? ' I cannot without considering myself derelict 1 to mv trust, and unworthy the station of ?n American olhcrr, yield, or permit myself to be interfered with by any other, until directed t? do ?o by the proper authorities at home, ore dicated on full nod ample detp-lchrt, that I forwarded to Washington ai early aa * ngtist of last year?" A considered the oltiect of thelettertobe thatatated by Col. Kremont in the letter, and that he meant to aruw in tint letter, that he would not permit anyone to interfere with him. I hare no idea whom he meant by the eipreiaion. " any other." I never paid that part of the letter much attention, and put no i>anicu!u cnnatruction upon it. Mr. Ilnll wu then discharged, and Mr William Broome waa called, and aworn lor (he uelence; but after he was aworo, Lieut Col Kremont stated that the points on which it waa intended to examine Mr. B , had been ao ftrlly testifiei noon by I ' Com. Stockton, ill u ha would not examine lam and lis was turned orer fir croiS-examinatiou The Judge Adrorate had no qneatiooa to propose to tlie witneia.and he was discharged. Lieut Ol Kremont presented a paper, reoursting to be informed of the charge end specification on which the prosecution intended to aak a conviction, [the higher charge, or mutiny involves ihe others J yet detla ing his williness to meet each and every one ot th?m, a?d waving nil legal objections and pleas to the various eh irges and specifirations [The aevrral charges are hoard upon the seme alleged facta of disobedience, lie . and of tonrse lie can only be conrietedof one crime If convicted of oue the others fall Again, if acqnited <f the faets laid in ilie charge of mutiny?the others being lesser crimes?he might plead a\,trefoil acquit! The Jvdoc Advocate said !m would reply to this on Monday next. Lieut Obav.of the Navy, waa called and aworn for Ihe defence. U. State the position yon held under Com. Stockton, in California? A. I waa his aid, and one of the lieutenanta of the Congress Q Did yon hear Com Starkton nay that he would go aa Oeu. Kearny's aid, and Uen. Kearny aay he wonld go as Com. Stockton's aid I A. I did. Did you hear Com. Stockton's address to h<s officers, on the occasion when he assigned tHu. Kea'ny to the command of the force which had been put nudrr Lieut. Rowan's command I A. I waa present on the occasion referred lo, and heard Com. 8tockton transfer tke command of 'he fnrrr to Oenerat Kearny, reserving to himself the ofliee of commander in ehiel > oin. n assembled several of the officer*, and said: ' Oeatie- ' men, Onn. Kearny has kiudly offered to go with us; pablte duty icquiees I list 1 should appoint hun to the command nf the . forces-, you w II obey him aeco dingly, reserving to myself t the officeof commander in rhivf." ,, ? Q Did yon hear an order from'-om. Stock'on to (ftn Key- . u v. on the >th of January, oa the field of battle If, ao, stale the , order and the circumstances. i A I did hear an order to (feu K. on the ?ih of Jamary. on the field ol ba'tle. The enemy had been observed to withdraw his gtu:s from the bcighis. Che i ommonore di rertrd me to go to tie. eral Keirny. and say to him to tend a square ani field piece up-.n the height, to lye vent the enemy fro* returning with their aunt. I went, and giva him the or- , der; and on myreiuro to loin Stockton, observed the troops J moving towards the hill Mtjor Ouamam-Wss the order a writtan ose I (Laugh- ( "Ll 1 _.?i,.n nf ihs Court?No. no! It w ta in battle! 1 7T"'r'aTvoV.ati?Certainly not, air. (J Hid you hear that or<*?r la your opacity, " *h1 to Com Htorkiou, commander iu chief t \ Vf? tit Crutt-nammrd by Ji'ditn AdvocaTO?Q Uo rmi teeol|(C( ihe wurda and m inner in which y>u delivered tin order, end whether it we* received by Ueu K , ?? eu order or inggee"X I ruiuotnr how he received it. I carried it io ihe uiual wiVfAnd delivered it retpecfaUy. The Court then a'jnoruf d Waimiwotow, Dee, 13, 1847 Hon. W. P. Hall eiplained a portien of hie testimony on Safrdav?unimportant. The Jt DOE Aurora ra then made a general reply to the prayer of Col Fremont ? Hnturday, for apecibc information in relation to the eh-rges kr. The defeece aaid he avonld defend the wli le. I.t < ol KnaMonr pieaented a paper, apoloretie, fot having allied Mr Hale whether Col.Cooka h?d o'd htm that he ivrota a eaitAiu arucle in tha Mtaaonri Hrpuhliran, while tbe couri had previonaly ruled the aatne (jiteatiion on'. U. Col K. then uroeented the following paper io aupportof tha nueatton to Gifloapie, via: Do you know any cirrnmittncee which induce yoo to bengve that yon detained ia Calf forma by tha interference of tien Kearny I M* rnnaiDgivT?Lt Col Fremont in tin rncted by hie codnael to aay, that keeping a witneaaaway.or attempting to keep a w i in eta away, from a trial, ia an tifftoce agatnat the adminialiatioa of jnitiee. in all conrta, and may be pauiahed i( inch: aad that, in the eaae of |roaeeutiona, nod wharaaneh offence n committed by the pr .aecn'or, it may be given ig evidence in impeeehment Wtua motive. ai,d credit He m edvieed Inrther to aay, that the fact that Major Oilletpio waa not teetiai'ally a witneaa in thiacaaa at the tune of the alleged an front to keep him away, make* no difference; Jh at Uea Kouey knew hie wg deeiga to armed Lieut. Col. Fromoot. aad aim knew that L D. FUm Two Ceata* njor Uilleapie. from hia intelligence, activity, and Ionic and onaic eooLcciioa wuh I.icat Col. Fremont in California, ii be ui i!D|>ur aai wiLna>? for h in, and the de0 **' "OPorinn>?wa? incapable of being appreciated aatil i, 0'"" ch-rgea agaieat Liant. Col Fremont ahoffid i known. Buppoamg it 10 be an offence in any cane, a off goK to tbe impeachment of molieea and credit in any proiernr.m B}r ?? '*!,to endeavor to keep away wiiueaaea tor ike fence, Lieut. Col. Fremont la inn reeled by bin eonnael to i, that the cane now presented, if true, u the strangest which n be imagined It la the ca?e of a general proaecatiag hie bordinete for alleecff crime, on the coast of the Pacific ceeu; the subordinate brought heme ?* trial, withowl a lowleffge of a charge agninst bim, and the proaeculor hrm* I hia own witneaaea innia train. 1 his would aeem to make e case strong enough; bat other feature, riaenp'o ar*rat ate It la in eeidence Irom Major Cooke, that lieu. Kearny affiliated that there would be no trial it present,? for tone ne.or a brief trial upon lineament-ry teatimoay alone bat for want of ariffeacs from California. Lient Cot. Fie* ont wonld probably aah and obtain a long pouponemaat of a trial, or wonld go into trial upon tbe wntien irauineny at mil Thus, fur wart of tiiat teatimoay whirhhe had ro chaffce bring, and to keepawir which, it ieaow proposed to enbmit ideoce agaiuat Ceneril Kearny, it waa calculated lha| the largee would hang e long time over him, Juring wh ich it imIn happen that not only newepeper artielea, bfft b ooka, icli aa thia (ihowiug the 2d vol. of Jfmf Kokinaoo'a account ' the war) might be pnbliehed to enlighten thff public upon iruilr nnil inbmv nri-nine to iriai at rtnrr to avoid that intequen' e, tie would be suliectcd to nninirr convi coon i the papers produced against nim. In a CiM >liu <1. and where the commanding general haa appeared himself the double character of prosecutor and witneea. Lieut. Cel. lemont ia instructed by hia counsel to say that the teatieieey c now offers, aa to keening away Major Gillespie. (for he wee dually prevented from atten in* until after this Irial beeaa) both if ley ant and material testimony, and ahould be aeea fill by any cuurr, and above all by a cou t martial. Lieut, ol. Fremont ia further inairuoted oy hia eounael to aay, that ia no objection to the foim of his question, bee ataee tt aafca ie witnraa to atate the circumatancea which induce him to elieve that General Kearny ioterfarad to detain bin ie Gallium, and prevent him >rom returning to the United States at ie aau>v time wrtn Lieut Col Fremont He ia ad viaad that 'alimony ia divided into poaitive and praauaaptive . and that ir latter, founded upon circumatancea, ia alwava aa legal, and lieu more couviucn g, thau tha.former. Bet the queatioe ie nt now up iu the aulficiauey, but upon the releemey f (he teat mouy offered i and under thie aapret ef the ueation, Lirutenaot Colonel Fremont ia edvia-d that the ueation ia relrvnnt, aad applies to that breach tf. the fence which goes to imtieaelithe motivea and the credit of ae proeecvti r. Lieut. Col. Fremont further taya to the court, hat, it the teatitnouy of Maj< r Gillespie ia admitted to piove >n iutrrfrrauce from (leu. Ke-rny through Com. Biddle, to trep bun. Viaj< r (iillrapie, away, he will then, and in the ?nke ol that ittatiug case, attempt to show two other*?that >f acting Lieut. Louie MeLaue, of the U. 8. uavy. a Mglor in ;he California battalion, and oue of the eommiaaioaera isue|otiitingUia capitulation of Cowenga; and Midshipman Willon, a captain iu the aame oalialiou: both of them treading in elation to be material witneaaea ti> Lieut. Col. Freooat Both if theae officers had the promiae of Com. 8 lock too to return, loth of whom were entitled to that jmticr from their long abenceaud liard aerviee and both nf w bom wet a driuaed an* cut to iea by Com. Bidole?while Lient Radford, the broher-in-law nf Urn. Kearny, without equal claim* lo ask u eturn. was indulged with that fkvor. Ifthr testimony of Mail r Uilleapic ia admitted Lieut. Col. Frnmout will uftertsrda, w>th the leave nf lie court. CLdeavur ?o show cireumreuces which miyjuatify a probable presumption that Meanra rteLane aud Wilaou were' alao detained for the aame purpnae hat Maju Uilleapie wna. aud more afferteally, far. being east 0 tea, they have uotyet airived in the United States. The court was cleared and remained to till the adjournment. Col. Benton went to the Senate to-day. W?aHimiTon. One. Id, IM7Tha first thing doue to-day, wasito decide thej'oint involved u Col. Fremont's urgnment, in favor of the question to Cept iilleapie, imputing the detention of Captain Q. to General learuy. The Judi.k Apvocstk reads long argument by htmaelf, n reply to that offered yesterday by Lieut Col Kremout, in elatiou to the queatiou. Of tine I could not get leave to make 1 copy, nor ven to read The Court said the nuestion should be put. Col Fremont said that the suggestion of the Judge Advo~ ate, in hit argument, that Major Gillespie was detained in the :oun(ty on pubin- service, wai probably a mistake, and that leihaps Major Gillespie coatd prove that it waa not so. - he question waa then puiaa follows, to Meior Gillespie:? Q. Do you kuow of any circumstances which induce you to relieve the you were detained in California by the ieterfernice of General KearnyIf so, ttata what were chose eircumtaucea. ? A. There were circuinatances which induced na to believe w<a detained in California by the interference of General {rarny. in ccnaequance ol having bees ief imed by Cemmolure Bid. Ie. (after he Com B., Had said to me that he had uoRing t? do me. that 1 might re am to the United Btetee *heu I pleased ) that he h d received a note from Uen. Keutly, and that I waa to remain in Monterey until luither erdate. is fie wished to avoid any further difficulty between the army mil I was informed by Commodore Brockton that he had ob tiued Com biddle's peimisaion lui i?e In leave, who (Com. U ) repaired thai < should give my v ord of honor tot to aar my thing about Uen Kearny, end that he. Com. 8.,had become gy aecunte nu the o( my pledge. U H'tie the circumstances eltenuing the interview with Com. Biddle. A. About halfpait eight o'clock, P. M , having returned from shore on hoard the Cougrcaa, I was infoiaien by Com, Stockton's orderly that Lt Stanley, of the Colum' ua, wished to tee me on deck. Lt. H informed me tli*t he bad been ordered on board bv Coin Biddle, who said f at. havine understood hat I was to leave Monterey 'he ueit morning. 1 should not init'hetow until fuither orders, and thai Lt. S bad been or tared to search fnr me on ahote lied I not bono found ou the 'ong'esi. Considering this order very harsh and opmeaaire, if er haying nj'de all my preparation to leave Monterey, preisrato y to the overland journey to (be United Statan, 1 was beluced, though tne hour was late, to go on board the Colambue 0 see Com. Biddle, eud. if possible, to obtain a reeaatatiua of his but order. Oa arriving alongside,the Congress, <it was hen 9 P. M ( Col. Mason pushed off in one ofthe Colnmbne' were. I harried oe board aadneve my eaed to Lt. Bush. the ifficer of the deck, who infjrmed me that I might possibly sue he Cotnm >dore, as Col. Mason had jnet left him. Com B. bong roused from his bed to tee htm. In n few ui inn tea I wee idmitted. What took place in the conversation between as, I isve stated. <1 riease irate when and how long after your interview vith Com. Biddle, that yon set out for Washington city; and 1 you act out with Uen. K and Lt. Col Fremont ! A. It was iodic three or four days after thi? conversation, hat 1 was permuted to leave Monterey. The conversation look place on Saturday night, and Gen.Kearny left on Monlay morning I think the conversation wts on the Hat of day. Uen. K left on June 2. It wae esaetl v a m nth after hie before I art oat lor Washington city; I airived hem eg the 6th of November last (f. What occasioned a delay of a mouth in yoarr departure! A- Collecting animals and oatlits necessary for each a Jeuri?y. Q Do yon not kaow ilia respective! periods which Lieul. VIcLane and Midshipmen Wilson, and Lieut. Bedford had been nut in service, and whether Midshipman Wilton had not peeial reasons for desiring to return to the U Stater, la conaejuence ef en esamiuatinn then coming on. and to which he was entitled, lie , and where are these oflieeis now! The ((neatum was objected to, and the court was cleared When it was opened, the conrl said the i|aattioa shall be MtA. I mono! answer noaitieelv ae lo [lie respective periods which the geutlemra named in the question had been out, bat my murfn in is thai Mr. M.Lane had been out over three rears, Lieut. Hadfod font years, and Mids nipmaa Wilson sis rseveu yrari Midshipman Wilson was very desirous to ream to the U. Slates, as an essminstion was comieg on, sad be was entitled to an clamination. Midshipman Wilson and Lt. VlcDtiie >vere officers of the California battalion Mr. MeLane wta on board of the t 'ongress when I left Francisco, sad probably on hie way home new. Midshipmen Wilson is probably cruizing in (he Pacific. Id Were you on special service in California, and en inoi in.Com. 0. of that fact, did he not tell you he had nohioit to do with yoa. and that yon might go where yon pleased ! A. I was on special service in California, and upon learning hat fact. Com. Diddle said to me, 1 have a<Kkiag to da win [on; yoa may return to the United Slates whea yea please. Tina occurred whenlarfised at Monterey and repotted to fnm in obedience to hialordei. Don't recollect the piscina date; It was the laat week in May. Capt O. here showed the i.rdera he had tenaivfd?1st 'Front Hen. K on Much '.llh, directing him to report himself aWashington. 31 From Com Diddle per Col Cooke, racetv d on Utn A| ril ; Col. W.uon having just arrived from Mania ey Both received et Dot Anreles directing him to repair to vlonletey and report to him. 3d. Kro^ Com, Diddle, received iliont 7th May at Lot Angeles, directing him to rvp-irteSau Diego and take psseaKC for Monterey and report ?a htm. U. Was Los Angeles ilie seat of nevornmentof California at the time Lieut Col F succeeded Com S. aa governor,and now long had it been so I .... A. It was; how long I cannot say, bat for a considerable Q* Were nnt horses, kc.,pnblie property, taken from Col. Fremont when governor of Califor-ia by twder of (Jen. Kearuv, and receipts f ir them tefuaeU' and did not the number amount to, say 1000. The question was objected to and the eoart was cleared The Cour; said, that the question shall not be pat. The Jttuat AnvocaTK here commenced the eiuaa a lamina ti"n of apt. Oillespie <4 After reporting to Com. Viddle and informing him that you wer# in California on special service, ke- did you re- . main in Calif' ruia till your aeeond interview With him. A. I did, on board the Congress. Where were you going when you were ordered to remain in Moatmey I . . A. To the Hacramento Valley, to makefcireparatioaa for the ovei land journey. ..... q. Did Com Diddle info'm you of his ohjaot us ordering you in remain in Monterey 7 A. He did aot i-form me of bis object; but telling am that he had ifc-ireil a nvre I'oin <f-ii. Keamv. the inference was tin t dsn It. desired that I should remain there. U Do you know whether it was intended to prevent you from going to the Macrsmento valley, or coming home I A. It was cortwuly inreuded to preyeut ma from going to ihe dacraineuto valley in advance of (Jen. Kearny; which deirntioo would delay my e?riy arrival in the Uaised Htatea. H Do you know whether lien. Knerny orCem. B had any knowledge of your inlrr'tnu taennr home, when you reeeiv tl internet at Mwwetet I A. I am not certain that Oen. Kearny had say such knowedge, though I think I conversed with Him aa ihe subject ? I'om Diddle cerramlv aid know, as he bad conversed with [jom Htnehtrm upon the subject, and that 1 Wases mtkeall he praparstions for tlie journev home. <d Do yon know if (lea K had any special object ia pretesting von from going tothe Hueramoulo valley ' A. I annot s|ieek positisely; it is mere supposition. Q Do von know or believe that it was the intention of Oea. 1 to pieseni you at that time Iromgoiug to the Bacrameato rallry. end not home I A It certainly w.s his deawe to prevent sir going at that line to thr Macmmento selley; ind this wish, taken in conae* ion wtih the difficulties in Calrtoreia. led me to tuppoaa hie ebi'Ct wea to delay my retire tnlns United niaies. Q. w.s there anv wey of ynsr veturwing to the United Ht..ieeet ib* ume, eacepr with Oen. Kearay I A I never contemplated retnming|with Oea Kearny, but With Cam Ktockton. ij C uldfl-n Kearny, hnowmg thai yon did net desire o retern with him. know ihet yoa domed la return to the Umled Htairaf . ... . . A. I presume he did It waia nubliCrti nglhat Com Weak on W<? rata rill ? aid I mad# it knew* that night n? toaearlaiio ' aeth th* officer*, that I w?? on th* gait morning to la* a* lor fh* Sacremeui*. Q ? (ay Lieut Col Fremont. )Wae the Sacramento eallty ,he place where yon worn to make preparation# tot year Jour ie f to th? Unt'*d Hulas, and where yon war# to auk* reparation! for Com Stockton'i rcinm? tad did th# daily of ham proportion* delay yenr departnr* and Con*, rtoektaaV ind whdl was the ettent if the preparation! yoa were to make ' A.?At tha I|B* I recaivad th* order to remain in Moat*r*7j t e*? my intei tioi to make prapararinaa for th* oeerland nnrnay of Com. itorktnn'a paity, wiped I commai duter * Fort ?nd kacramanto aallav '1 h* delay or that* pr* imraiinne did. most certainly, delay the da pari um of Com 'locktoo. 'ihaaatartof the preparation! waa. to collect on* inndred mnlea and hortea. making pack i*dal*a, and other thmga aaeeaaaay fo- an oaarland journey Th* conrt here adjonraed. The Nashua Trie graph nay* that a young man named John Lewta waa killed In a drunken row In that town on Saturday weak Two men and on* woman hara been arragtad for th* part they took Id tha affray It waa the opinion of madloal men, that Lewta mm to hi* death by nceeelee uee of liquor and by hlowe Inflloted upon tha bead, but that nalthar tha rum nor tha wound w?ul4 here eaoaed hla death ataia.

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