Newspaper of The New York Herald, December 17, 1847, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated December 17, 1847 Page 1
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?rrrr... ttt . r.~ rra???ta???a?????E T H ] VVIioU No. 4934. PARK THEATRE-BENEFIT OK MISS HERON? Friday Vveuing, December 17, will bo performed, A KISS IN THE DARK?Mr. Pettibooe, W B Chapuian; Frank Fathom, 4 Pearson: Lady. Mr* Burrows. After which BO^N TO GOOD LUCK-l'dB-laan O'Rafferty, MU* Heron, iu which character she will ?io( "1 he Widow Macree." juid other songs. To which will be added, the SPOILED CHILD?Little Pickle. Miss Heron; Maria, Miss Fanny Heron. To conclude with the farce of the WATERMAN? Tom Tug, Miaa H?'0?; Mrs Bundle, Mr? Vernon; Wilhelmiua, >i in Fanny Heron. Bnxaa SI; Pit JO cents; Gallery U Cfut? nnnri /-pen at nV|ork: coinoience at 7. BHWbKk l llc.Aiao,.-A.t? J.coun Manager; stage M-n?Kti. Ma Krf?rn-Kridar Evening, Dec. 17, will be performed the NAIAD QUEKN?Baptiite, Mr. Baika: Amphibeo, Mr. St?ven?; Naiad Uneen.tMiss J Tnrnbull. Previcns to which SI XTEEN STRING JACK?John Rana, Mr. J H Hall; Bean Brummel, Mr. Sterena; hit Clayton, Mr. Burke; Nelly, Miaa Jone?. The Naiad Uuetn, will be f.,llowrd by Mr. Leri North's horse TAMMANY. Mr' Smith will appear in liia ai'mired Pu de Mmelot To conclude with'lie VEH.MONT WOOL DE ALER? Donteronoiny Da'iful, Mr. Burke; Amanda, Mrs. Sutherland. Door* opeu 11 D'elock rad the enram will rise at T. Uox** li ce?t?: P and '?iller*. UK Cents CaHD-BOvVKKV TtlEATRl-; ? Miss JULIA iUttNBULL resrectfall? inform* her friend* and the public in geuertl, (hat her Benefit and last nigbt of her engagement will take place on SAT'JKEAY EVENING. th* 18Th in?t , upon which occasion Col. Barnelt. Major Dy? limns. Lieut rotter, and Lieut Sweeny, officers of Die regiment of New York volnntee'i. jut returned from the conquest of Mexico, will Tint the Tneatre. The performance* will connat of the third act of t^e tplendid spectacle of the NAIAD QUEEN, the a rand ballet of NATHALIE, and the comedy of OlE BULi., wi h a >ari?ty of other entertainments. Box Book now open, t d 17 It+rc CM! *TH THKVI'HIC?Under the jMaaagemea; J KLETCHER ?Stage Manager, Mr. Hield?On Friday Evening, Dec. 17, will be presented, thelpMy ol ROB RO V McOKEUOR? Hob Hoy McGregor. M'. Hield; Raahleigh Oahnl'Utoue, Mr. Brandou; H'ranci* Olbaldatone Mr. C. Taylor; Helen, Vlra. McLean; Diao*. Mrv Herbert. To be followed hy the MODEL ARTISTES. To couclude with the larceof the KPKCTHE BRIDEOROOM-Nieoderou*. Mr. Bramlou; Aldwinkle. Mr. C. Taylor: Dickory, Mr. Herbert; Lavinia, VI'hi Hildreth Doors open at 6K: performance to commence at 7 o'elnek. Bines JJ ct??Pit. I2>4 cts. MITCHEL1'H OLYMPIC THEATHE^On Kndav Evening. Dee 17, th* performance* will commence with tlie mu?ical burletta of ROBINSON CRUSOE THE SECOND? Marmadake Nnndgras*, Mr. Holland. After which for the itli t me. UPPER (?OW HOUSE IN DISASTER PliACE?A la Mode, Mr. ("hanfrau; Jemie Twiteher, E*ij . Mr. Connver; Late*tring, Miss Mary Tny'or: Satin, Mi** Phi', lip*. After whi<-h the hurletque of the CHINESE JUNK To eoucluJe with the farce of BARNEY BOURKE?B?rney Bourse, Cunningham; Lucy, Mr*. Isheiwood. Doors njien half j>-*?t 6, and th* enrtain will nse at 7.?Drea* Circle, 6ac^ Upper Bnxe*?fici Pit. UMc ASTOR PLACE OPERA.?Kritey, Uecetnoer 17iK" will be Presented Donizetti'* Opera, in three acts, of LUCIA DI L AV KltMOOR?l.ord|Henrv|A*hton,|S'r Ferdinindo O It#n.??niRun* I.ncv of^rmnor. Hiv'ra Teresa Truth: Sir yAjnr of Kuvenawuod S'r Benedetii; Lord Arthur Bucklaw, H'r Kolii Genoreii; Raymond. 8'r Setrimio Roti; Alice, Mu'r* Angiolo Mori; INorman, S'r pellipoo Albertazzi.? Mae?tro Direttore. Signor Barilli. Leader of the Orchntra, Humor Kapetti. Boxes. Parquet, and Balcony, St; Amphitheatre, jo cents. Box Office open daily, frnm half put I to 12 o'clock, ai.d atj No 2 Wall atreet b??emem from 1 to 3. Door* open at 7 o'cloclf. To commence at half past 7 m AllNUM* AMERICAN MUSEUM ?P V Rapniim, Proprietor ; F Hitchcock. Manager?SPLENDI D PERFORM ANCE8 EVF.RV AFTERNOON at 3"Vlock,and Every Vveuing at'7>4 o'clock. Engaged, for <-w day*, CAMPBELL'S ETHIOPIAN 8ERENADF ND OP ERA COMPANY, who will appear in a OR ETHIO. PI AN BURLESQUE OPEKA. and alio ir Po. r I MinstreUy. at each performance. AUoaenir< ueORK WESTERN. Mi?? BERNARD, Miu JU . MODK. OF 8HAK8PEARE'8 HOUSE, and other iQKi connected with hii hi.tory; LIVINO ORANG O i ANG, &c Admittance to the whole. 25 cent*; children under ten year* of age and old enough to wal' Ions, 12X cents. Reierved front seats, one shilling e?rh i d5 re MECHANICS' H " .472 n roadway, mi?m> Uraed aod Broom* str (Crowded to overflowing with the BEAUTYan.lFASt ol Sew York. OPEN EVER* NIOHT. KNABAT BH Eleventh Week of the Original CHRIST 1'HEL# The OJdeit Estahli.hed Band in t -j R. P. CHRISTY- E. PEIRCS. G. N.C1 \BBOTT, J. RAYNOR, T. VAUGHN. wh< <1 inimitable concert* are nightly honored with highly respectable andirnoes, and univers&Llv au el every amusement of a | simiiar character offered i. Admission 25 cents. i Children nnder 1* years, hail pnc?. Doors open at 7; concert will commence at o'clock. d 12 7t*rc BtiOADWAY OOEON?Entrance through Pinteux's Saloon?Under the management of Mr. E.G. Gkkklt.? I Friday Evening, December 17,|1M7, will be presented a v?- ; riety of entertaining performaucei, among which. Miss C. 1 Blanchard will play several favorite airs on the Mnsi- j cal Glasses; favorite songs by Miss Roberts and Mr. O'Neal; I Mis* Adele and Mis* Lamee in two dances, and the Grecian Exerciies l>y Miss Blanchard. After the above a aeries of T A BL.EAUX VIV ANTS, including, among other groupings, 'Cupid,and Venn*," " The Amazonian Triumph," " Venn* coming our of the Bath," and a Grand National Tablean in Honor of the United State*. d IS CJKANU HOLIDAY ENTERTAINMENTS AT THE * LAKAVETTE BAZAAR'S THEATRE and Mechanical Mmcum, corn?r of Liberty street and Broadway, will be opened on Wednesday Afternoon. the 13th iuit., and be continued eve y afternoon and evening The proprietor haa engaged te?>MAol?Uv>. <}ilb?rt',s celebrated band ol SABLE BRO- i YHfTKS cousisdrg ol Minora. H WliwItr.J.MrlfHt*,!.! I Parker. W. Meeker, J. H. Cleaveland.and J.G.Evana.who will 1 appear every afternoon and drenins in their fajhionable and inimitable Ethiopian performance of Overtures,(Jlees, songs, In addition to th? above will be presented a msgnificent Dtoramic View ofthe Bombardment of VeraCruz and the Castle of "an iu? d' the combined naval aid military forces of the United Statea, under Commodore Perry and Major General Scolt. Also, a great variety of the mostwonderfnl Automata and Mechanical Curiosities ever exhibited in the United Stiles. Admittance to the Bazaar, free?to the Theatre and Mechanical Museum, 33 ceo a; children, half-price. Performance to commence at 3 o'clock and 7 P M. dU 4t*rc MINERVA ROOMS?Mm McMAHlUdandUEOHGE A HOYT, Graduate ol the New York Institution for the Blind, i>ce leave to inform their friends and the public that their uimfi 8em:- Annual Concert will uke place at the Minerva Hooms, 4Qp Broadway, on Friday evening, Dec 17th, nxisted by the Philomeliana, under the direction of O A. Hoyt. During the evening "Oh! Cancel the Put," and " Broadway, ride up," u<asic by Hoyt, will be sang. Ticketa, <6 crnta. To rommenae at a quarter before I o'clock. _ _ dH 3t*rc BANV\"l?f MAMMOTH PANORAMA l?K 1 H? MISSISSIPPI RIVeR, painted on three miles of catvaaa! exhibiting a view of country 1300 milea ;in length, extending from the mouth of thi Missouri River to the city of Now Orleans, and reaching over ten degree* ol latitude, being the largest painting in the world, at the aew Panorama Building la B'oadway, adjoining Niblo'a Ga'deu. Open every evening, (Sunday exce (ed ) Admission 5t ainta; children half price The Panorama will commence moving atTo'elo k preciaely Afternoon exhibitions on Wedneadtya and 8ata>days, at 3 oV'ock Seats secured from 10 A. M , till 13 M. dlj 12t*rc b HUNElTI'S MODEL OK ANCIKINT JERUSALEM, JL> as in the Diys of the Medeeaer?From the Brunetti Galle y, Piccadilly, London.?Mr. BRUNETTI haa the honor to announce that this Model, the labor of many years of his life, is now on its way to New York. Viaited in Great Britain and Ireland bynearlyhalf a million of people, including many of the most distinguished clergymen, travellers. Itc of the age?flie Archbishops fCante'bu yand Armagh, Biahops of London, Lmdsff, Norwich, Chichester, he ; Archbishop Murray Hrv Theobald Mathew, Daniel O'Connell, Esq.; Dukes or Wellington, Leiuster, 8t. Albans lie ; Prince Louis Napoleon; Earla of Har'oby. Tyreonuel, Ilopetown, kc. kc.; Mui Bnnlett C mu. Lady Charlemont, Marebioneaa of Exeter Duchesa of 8t. Albans, lie : J 8 Buckingham, Esq ;Rev. Bamurl Hanson Cox, D. D., Brooklyn; Her wm. Palton and daughter. New York: J O. Bennett Esq. New York, and sevcn> other American geatlemeu whoseautograph? may be seen with tie Model Mr. Malone Haymond, of Dublin tad Literion1, (bro her-ln-law of Mr. Brnnetti) will give a descriptive Lecture with the Model three time* daily, aa already given by him before the above distinguished pertons, and throughout Great Britain and Ireland, with aueh unexampled auccesa, whirh has al ready a^ded ao much to tbe popularity of the work. " Thia beautiful Model ia oae of the moat important the most inatructive, and the dioet interesting ihe matrop ilia has rver M'itnessed and we can bat direct the steps of every peraon to it, who would became poaacaaed of an accural* notion of thai locality where 'he Son of God bore the griefs of the world."? Morning Herald. Further particulars in a short time. dMI?w4trc OrtiGlNAL HPlilNDIU ALT AH PIECE of the Adoration of ihe Virg'nand Infant Jesus, and other Saints, by Sr. Knmven'iiM, painted in the 16th century, by Knbana, just arrived from Europe ; exhibiting at 411 Broadway, ranter of Lispenard street. Admission JJ cents; season ticketi, JO cents. Keen from 9 M till 10 P.M. Oa Sundays, after divine service, frftn 6 till P. M olT If rc W ALNUT 8 l\ THEATRE. Philadelphia-Lessee. Mr E. A. Marshall. Manager, Ms. J. Wallack. Jr.?BENEKIT Of M'?. COLLINS?Kriday Evening, December 17, will be performed the Comedy of the IRInH AMBASSADOR?nir Patrick O'Plcnipo, Mr. Collina, with the long of " The Bold Soldier Boy," with ?ew versions. After which, THE IRISH POST?Terrenoe O'Grady, Mr. Collins, with the song of "Widow Machrea," new veraion. T* conclude wi h rrn-'. OMNIBUS?Pat Hoon?y. Mr. Collina. HERMITAGE RINGING CLUB, No. 47 Bayard street, three doori north of the Bowery.?The subscribers reaiiectfully inform their frienda and the public, that thev have lately iclitted the above house in a splendid style, and intend t? give ru'ertainmeutam the usual style of the old-fashioned Free and Easy, every Taesday and Saturday evening; commenciug on Saturday, Dec. II, 1H7 The singing room un ler tiiC m umgetnant ol Jonu Himonson, the aid favorite voealiat. h. !)OV4LD, M REOHDAN. N B.-The best amateur ainen a ia the city will b? present on thosa evaninga Rnrms 10 (rt|f>>r I in SI I ineetinas exhibitions. <kr.. il!67t'r? MUrtIC BOXES, MELODEOV8. AND ACCORDSONS-Tne subscriber, manufacturer aud importer of JVIasical Instruments, has f >r a&le a targe aaaortment of Accorileniu Mclodeons, and Musical Boxea. and all kinds of Musical instruments. EDWARD BAACK, II Fulton street, corillC lil?m SPLKN DID ROSK WOOD PIANO KOKTK KOR HALE.?An elegant finished superior toned, (i\ octave, f iolhiR UK,pannel and and Piano Forte, mad* to order, b/ one of the first makers in Oermany. la offered for aale at a very ureal bargain. tlto, being ncklv worth over $3M. The Piano Korte r iu lie warranted to bt, for tone, touch, and finish. a ve-y superior instrument, and may beaten al ISO Spring, between Liurenn and Thompson streets. dl< I2t*re P'laNo KORTE* KOR HIRK.-J Y. HENDERSON, manufacturer of Piano Kortes, 5<# Broadway, haa eonatantlr on hand an assortment of inrerior rosewood anil mahogany piano fortes. kept eipreaaly for hire. Also. an extensiv* and well aelerteil itoek of new and popular Mnsie j Violin and guitar Strings, kc., M9 Broadway, between nprng iuiH Ptince streets dM 12t*rrc MUSICAL- IN8TRUCTlON.-tt C. CASTLE. from London solicits tha attention of ladiea and gentlemen to hia [>leasiug(method of teachin r ptanolorte, amg ngand violin, whereby hia pupils enanre a rapid impravement in a very ahntt time. Pupila who would have lha tuition of a careful and persevering maatar, will plaaae addreaa C. E. Caatle. Box in. Herald Office. Terms qnite moderate. References, H. C Timm. Esq., O I.oder, Kit] n2l Uteod're MHx. |i OBINSO V, ?9 Mercer street, Ka?hioqabl? Clear flrareher. Embroidered Mnalina and Lacee made to look equal to new. Alao, Lace and Muslin Window Shades, dl* Ut'r* WINnUW SHADES?fifteen Thousand Pairr?Consisting of every style of imported and American Shades, for a-le, in lots to suit nnrchasera, at pricea M par cant laas flian other stores. Merchant*, peillers. lie , will do well to call at kklty k RIKER'8 exclusive Window Shade Store. Ill I haiKnminsit ate I4t*n T~<5Ta PR VTICAL C H EM I ST? Wanted to amploTTa pmrtical Chemist, as a manager in a white lead raannfae> ihe West. He must have had lime yeara experience in tip-heat mode of manufacturing white lead, red lead and lit).ripe; anil produce tha best or testimonials for hia moral fh'ioir. er. capacity and habits of industry. None others need aiin y '1 o such a one,a persrnoent situation and liberal salary will be given. Apply to JAMEBi DOOARDlffl, 41 Kfdrldire street dt lit* rtt m ??mmmmmmmrn* E NE NE\ THE THIRD BALL of the New York Philanthropic So* ?i?tr Will b? held at Tammany Hill, no Friday eveiling, the JuuiTi 1848. DAVID HAIO, Preaideni. 8 Heyqi?I<U. Maeretar*. dl5 3t?m_ THfc Hk'fH ANNUAL BALL of the Benevolent Koeiety of Ope'ativa Mwooi of th* City of New York, will be held at Tammtnv Hull, oa Friday even ink, Dee. 17th, KIT. for tne benefit of the Half Orphan Aayluin, attached to St. Joae|>h'a Chu eh Diagle'i Cotillon Band if eugaged lor th?oceaa>"B. The floor will he und'rthe diiection of Mr. Faiker. Tickeia can tx had of any of the Comm.ttee. orat the door, on the eveninc of the Ball JOHN KKKIL, Chairi?; John O'Connor. Johu Tower. Seeretarien, d 13 3t*r'e <?rjAttDKH' LA KAYILTrt."?The brat Ball of the La Payette Uuarda will take place at the C liaeuin. No 430 Broadway, ou Wedneaday Evening. Dec 22d. 1IIT. The Committee or Arrange inenuaaaa'ea thoae lad it and gen tit men who may honor tlua, their firat Ball, by tneir pretence, that no elfortt on their part will be wanting to render it agreeable, and flatter themaelvea that the arrangementa ihej have made are inch at cannot fail to pleaae the moat faitidiout ? i tcaets oi admission, inc'uding supper lor a lady and gentleman, can be had efthe follow ingcommittee. Price S3 Cant. J Lonati, 411 Pearl aireet; Mr. H. Billet, 13 Bearer atieet; Mr. H. Gjnlet, 66 John street; Mr. Win. Sullivan, 86 Christopher st<eet; Mr- L. Lcclere. 3M Broadway; Mr. G, Landesman, 66 Allen street; Mr Wm. Dibbles. 263 Broadway; Mr.C.Mercien 44 Canal street; Mr. Th. Rock ling, 35th at. corner ;jf6lh avenue. d< 7teod*m BALL ROOM GUIDE.? Just published, Du rami's Terpsichore. or Ball iloem Guile; a work indispensable to a new beginner, and containing much information for proficient! ?200 pages, price 16, 37 and 60 cen(s each, in various styles of binding. Every thing is fully explained in the above work, from the old style country dances to the latest and most magnificent polkas. TURNER k. FISHER, 74 Chatham street Remember, Valentine Head Quarters. Fnh. 14-h. <17 lit*" Holiday presents m atwill's muoHj hkPOSITORY.Ml Broadway.?The advertiser invites the attention of purchasers to the eiteiuive stock of Goods, aiming which is the splendid "Jenny Lied> Annual; new Music, beautifully embellished and taatefully ornamentedWith ribbons, fee.; Booka of popular Bongs, &c , bound ill a var ely of atyles and pricea No present can be more appropriate than the above for the coming holidays. 1'ianofortrs and Harps of ever? description of wood, and finish, of superior 'oneand durability: Kltites and Flageolettes "I"ivory, cocoa wood and box wood, with one to ten keys of silver and brass. Guitars of superior manufacture, with anil without the patent heads, in cases. Musieal Instruments of event kind olbrus or wood. No 7 of " Beautiea of the Opera," lor January, is now published, mil is a beautiful presen , aa it comprises the latest music, with highly colored lithograph titles. Purehaica are invited to call at Attwill'a, sigu of the Golden Lyre, 201 Broadway, near Fulton street. dlS 4tW FHakM'm PRESENTS FOR THE HOLtDAYB-Stt BROADWAY?The subscriber has sow opt* his complete collection nt Holiday Preaenx, received by the late steamers nd packets from Europe, and invites from purchasers, an early ximmatton. His present importations, which are uutiiu<lly lsrve, have been selected with great care by hiataateful and experienctd agent in Paris, and include all the novelties of the season, got up for the approaching festivals Among the extensive and varied collection, may be enumerated an entire new stock of richly decotsfd porcelain, from the m-st celebrated fabricants. auchasVaaea, Jardinieres, toilet Fiacons, Ink'tinds. Tete-a-tetea. cigar Lamps, lie be., fine Bronzes Groups, 8tatultea and Vases; rich drest Fans, in every conceivable variety; ebony and buhled writing Desks, dressing Caaes, travelling Cases,work Boxes. Papetenea; glove, shi wf. haudkerchief, cigar tea and moner Boxes; ladiei' work tables ofebonv and rarved rose wood, styles of Louis XIV andXV ; odeur Boxes, card Cases, Souvenirs, Portfolios. Reticules Pur. sea, TaSlets and Pocket Books; bt;hemiau Glassware. in every va iety;Port< nunaiea'forladiesmdgeutleiiien; papier mache Ornaments; musical Boxes, snuff do, Accordians, card lias I" r . imiicr *r eigius, lancy j iicrinomrirr*. louet Cut hi "iit, jewel Caskets. watch utands, bureau writing 9eu: Men -rr? for sewing, bis'uit Groups of the must beautiful lei on; mechanical and musical Tableaux, very carinas; una, card Boxes, walking Canes, riding Whips, tnrnr < eg, bronze icgar Lamps, grotesque; liqueur Cut*, rich opeia Glasses, a treat variety; mathematical and drawing nstruments in b?xe? camera Opticas, French Confectionary iu faney boxes, sell-moving Toys, lie. Kc. FKEDKRICK A. WOODWOR 1H, 32i Broadway, opposite Broadway Theatre. dl6 5t*rrc Rich holiday and wedding phfchimvt*.Silvei Hate, Argentine 8ilver, and Sheffield Silver Plated Ware, with ailver mountings. Thomas Badcer, Maiiufieturer, She/field, of Sterling Silver Plate, and of Argentine Silver and Sheffield Silver Plated Ware, begs to inform the trade, that an assortment of the richest description of Sheffield Silver Plated Ware, warranted to have sterling silver mountings, suitable Tor elegant and costly Holiday and Wedding Presents comprising Dish Covers, Waiters. Dishes, Breakfast and Tea sets. Kettles and Stand, Liquer Frames, he , he , all the most recherche in style and finish, can be procured of the sole scent for his ware in the United States. H. 8.8TKNTON, General Commission Agent, 74 Maiden Lane, up taira; who also solieits orders lor all descriptions of Solid Silver or Silver Plated Wave, in sets or by the piece. Complete day seta caa be supplied, comprising Breakfast, Dinner, Tea and Sapper sets, all making one fulltea set, each piece matching the other, and got up in the newest London fasnion. dI> l?t?ie iviul-fs and furs foh the holidays, of JlTJL every description.?Superior, Lynx. Martin, Fox, Fitch. Chinchilla, Squirrel, Janet and Isabella bear Muffs; Fur and Swans-down Tippets; Far Collars and Capes, with a choice assortment of Fur Trimmings, fcc.,lcc., cheaper than any other store in this city. WM.BaNTA,94 Canal sc., corner o' Wooster st. and lit Chatham street. d 19 llt?re WORAM It. HAUGH WOUT, Lyceum Buildings,Ml and S6S Broadway, are now opening per late arrivals, a superb assortment of faney and useful House Furnishing Gnods, which they will sell at exceedingly low pvicee. Lamps, Chun deliers, Oiraudc'.es. Laatense and QwFulusut nenr vafietjr, pleeed Canton, Wuun. Duh (^virsTBsslfts, Cover, w Dishes and Candlesticks, Batter Knives, Spoons, Forks, Ladles, Tea Setts and Coasters, plated and silver; Jaraned Tea Trays, single and in sets; Table Cutlery, the finest assortment ever offered to the public, new patterns; French Clocks and Candelabras, Porcelain Dinner, Tea, Toilet and decorated Ware of elegant styles. Also, a superior article of plain white Porrelain Dinner and Tea Ware. These goods have beeu se lected by their agents in Kurope with (treat cue and attention. expressly for their own sales. W. St H. do not hesitate to say that they have the finest assortment of new goodain their line, now ia the market. Having recently enlarged their store the; have superior accommodations for showing their goods, and woald respectfully invite the public to call and examine WUKAIV1 * H*UOH,WOUT. dll Mt?rc 'pilMEAD LACK CAPES AND BERTHEtf?William JL Scott ft Co., No. 377 Broadway, have received a lame tock of the above article*, the eheapeat, they believe, ever offered Berthea commencing at $10, cane* at $16; alto, a baautifal itoek of imitation eapea, trom $2 30. bertnea from (2; about 30 dozen breakfaat eapa, from 2 unilliugi each. French needle woik chemi*ette??t $1; needlework collar*, fine quality, 3a.6d. Flnted collara from 2a ; blaek fill'd demi veil* from 6*; a large lot dre** capa (ilightly aoiled) J*. each, or three for $1: embroidered mnalin and Nee robea; iufant'a robea. waiata, lie., aa cheap aa can be lound in'the city. N. B. No deviation ia priera d9 I4t*rc JOHN H. MYt.RS' LIQUID CURE, for the following diieaae*,viz: aaltrhenm, ringworm, pilea, all Inflamm tory diaeaaaa, cata, contuaioua, acalda. and indeed all di*e?>ea of the akia Tbe aabacriber haa been far the laat thirty yeara perfecting thia truly valuable article, and never before aooght to bring it into publie notice. One trial will aatiafy the moat 1 a- eptical of ita aunerior medicinal virtuea. Thia art'Cle, if uaed ia leaaon, will, it ia believed, prevent that mott di?treuing malady, hydrophobia. It ia alao an excellent mrdicamen turn for bronchitii, ulcerated aore throat, and all diaeeata oI the lunga; and the aubacriber fimly believes would cure con umption, if uaed in ita incipient atagea. The above ii foraale only at 127 Kulton atrtet. adjoining the Herald olficfeand oppr?ite the Sun building. Price 23 centa per battle. J {{.MYERS. d 16 3t*rc LIQUID HAIR l)Yfc-NO EQUAL?The improvement of 1146. ALEXANDER'S TR1'OBAPNE. whic* in uutaneonaly colora the hair a natural black or brown, and give# it the beauty and elaaticity oi youth, and ia warranted neither to waah or rub off, or aoil the akin. The pro|irietor, aince ita improvement, preaeata it to the public w ith the litmoat confidrnce, aa having no equal, and aa a perfect dye Koraaleby Ruahton It Co , Broadway; Thomaa St Maxwell. William atreet; Johnaon, Moore It Taylor, Maiden lane; ana AvB. k D. Sand*, New York; and by the aole agent* for the Utited State*, R.kO. A. WRIGHT, Philadelphia dm 121* re OO JOHN STREET -OVER SHOES ?GOOD Y E A H ?? PATENT.?A large aaao-tment of Ladiea', Gentlemen'a and Mlaaea Sandal and Slipptr Over Shoe*, manufactured by the Goodyear Shoe Company, Nangatuck. Connecticut Theae Shoe* are of the moat superior quality and ohm mv nauiiiiicu uni. w msii wnn iicm, or Biinru will) cold. Alio, a aew article of Ladie*' and Oentlemeu'a Nrtt Lined over Shora, perfectly elaatic. Decidedly the neatett tobe Imnd ia the eitr. Wholeule and retail. 8AMUEL BROOKS, Agent far trie manalacturera, >2 John atreet. d4 litem rpHE CHEAPEST 8TOR* IN THE CITY, I6?X FalJ ton atreer, for Curtain Material*, French tilt Lotnice*, lace and embroidered curtain*, trimminga, Ate., paper hauging* and window >hade* The Bnhacnber ha* now in atore a lame *i*ortmeat of the above article*,fof the luteal Parisian tyle. Alio, nunufictarer of galraniaed *pr>ng, pnra hair and other mattraaaea, feather bed*, pillow*, he., with erery article in the nphoUtery line, wholesale and retail, at price* twenty per cent lawer than any other eat*bli<hroent in (he city. n.b. Cnrtain* hang and rnnou papered at the ahortMt notice. Ship and iteamboat cabin* and hotela fitted np. DR. DAVIES UphoUterer, 164>? 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Also, long aad square Hhswl*. ia great variety, with a gen*eal assortment of dry gorda, snitable for the season, which will be told at redneed prices, by T FATTISuN, No. I Bowery 49'lit* m OAHIS1AN DYKING KSTABLI8HMKNT?COURTIt DE8CH AUX hare removed to ? John street, between Nassau aad Broadway, New York. They still dye and finish, in a new aad saperior style, all sorts of goads, sewing silk and tw>st,either plain or ihaded, trams, orgsazias. and spun silk; i?phyr worsted, ami woollen yarn; sewing cotton, nohair, linen, ke. Damaged or faded gooai, ribbons,silk,*atin, merinos, Thibet and cashmere shawl*, gimps, fringes, corda and tassels, ladies' and gentlemen's garments, fee., dyed anil cleaned eqtisl to new artielee. Orders carefully attended to aad promptly eteruted. dll lit* HI rfi "(HI CHALLENOK?Notice to gentlemen who want their old clothes to look like new^ call at the Tailoring, Dying, Cleaning aad Repairing Kstablishment M Gold street, where you can/let all grease, fitch, Ur, glae and pelnL W 10 V YORK, FRIDAY MORI1 Dinner to Col. Burnett and tola AwofteU Officers. The " Light Guard " of thia city yeaterdav tendered to Col. Burnett end hie breve associates, a dinner et their armory, Lafayette Hall. At 6 o'olock, it waa announced that the company had arrived, and they were eoon after oonduoted by the committee of reception to the reception room. At half-put 6 o'olock dinner wai announced) and the line formed, beaded by Cel. Burnett. Thil testimony of reapeet waa ahown to this gallant oflloer. becauae of bia deeds of chivalry in the preeent oonfllot with Mexioo, wbloh chlvaJrv was Imbibed iyeare ago, when a member of the''Light tiuarda." Cel. Burnett became a member of the "Llflht Ouards" in 1846. He subeequeotiy went to Washington, and was admitted as a oadet to West I'oim. where he graduated mrt.h *11 i?... I.nn,... nf tka inelif.lfinn ila f.^lr n.ft in "" "?>' ???" ?' "? ""? F??" ? the Kiorida war, in 1B35 After the conclusion of that war be returned to New York. #Cid again beoame a member of the "Light Guard*,'' ami remained suoh until tbe eommenoement of the present war with Mexioo. He then raised a regiment of volauteera, forsook alt the endearing ties of home, and exposed his life In the sustaining hie country's honor, and in the battle of Churubusco reoelved a shot wound from the enetnr After having recovered sufficiently front his wound to travel, he sought again his native city, and raveived tbe hearty weloome from his fellow-soldiers, of the " Light Guard" Corps. The following invited guest were present : Msj. Oen. Ward; Msj. Oen San ford and Alas; Lieut. Col. Van Bur en; Lieut Spear; Lieut. Little; Capt. Benson; Capt. Prudbomme; Cel Hewitt; Lieut. Shuttleworth; Capt J 11 Sands; Capt. E. Hopkins; E. B. Hart, Esq ; L Williams, Esq ; N G Mansfield, Esq.; I Brown, Esq ; Jno W Smith, Esq.; I. Gideon, Esq ; E. Le Oal, Esq ; 0. Hibbard. Esq ; M. Ward, Esq ; H. Kendall, Esq ; H M. Ward, Esq After partaking of a dinner whioh reflected credit upou!the host, and wbioh was most satisfactorily enjoyed l<y all present, tbe following regular toasts were read ; 1st. The President of the United State*. (Three cheers ) 3d. Our gallant soldiers in Mexloo?Regulars and Volunteers? their achievements during tbe existing war, are the wonder and admiration of the world. The laurels i hey have won will endure through all time, for they are made evergreen hy their country's gratitude. (Cheers, cheers.) Music?"The Star Spangled Banner." 3d. The Navy of the United States?ever honored and regarded by their friends?ever feared by their foes? e'.erta'ly to be cberbhed by their country. (Six cheers ) Musio?" Yankee Doodle.'' 4th Col. Wakd B Burnett, whose military lift commenced in this oorps?his gallant servloes in the maintenance of the honor and glory of our oountry'a flag, will stimulate others incur ranks, when that country oiJAi* van vu mciu, vv vwuim* uia uuuiv UiU ^luriuufl ? ample. His earlj associates honor the soldier, while they welcome the return of their valued friend. (Cheer*, cheers, cheers ) Muflo-'" Burnett'* Quick Step." Col. Bi'ksktt rose, leaning upon hi* staff, amid the unbounded applause of the oompuny, to respond to the sentiment ju?t ottered He said, "Gentlemen of the Light (iuard, aud fellow citizen* : when I returned to my native olty, I had hoped to be at hone. I do feel at home, but am (omewhat overoome by this demonstration of your respeot for me, and my fellow officers. Being again M*oolaied with you. brings to my mind many pleasing reflections 'Tis now twenty year* since first I joined this oorps, then a mere boy. Ever sinoe that hour, I have not failed to wateh the course of the Light (iuard, and when in your olty, I have ever found in your entertainments that tame kindnens you have ever manifested for me. I have received many demonstrations of respeot from you, one of whloh I shall never forget. That conferred upon me in 1884, (referring to a splendid sword Presented to him by the corps ) Fellow soldiers, need speak of the noble deed* performed by the 1st regiment of volunteers in Mexleo? They have won for themselves Imperishable laurels, whloh brighten with their oountry' gratitude " He aat down amid the general applause and cheering of the oompany. Musio?''Marseilles Hymn." 6tb. The brave, who. during the present war, have fallen in the eei vioe of tneir country. They have died the deaths of soldiers; and In their deaths nave gainod the Immortality of heroes. (Standing, and In silenoe ) Music-" Oft In the Stilly Night " 6th. The Governor of the State of New York (Cheers) Mnsic?" Hall to the Chief." 7th. The Mayor of the olty of New York. Music?" Polka." 8th. Major General Charles W. Sandford. (Cheers, cheer*.) Music-" Hall to the Chief." 9th. General At ran Ward, ad division N. Y. State I Militia. (Cheers, oheers ) .Mimic U?.l Columbia." 10th Wom?n-The smiles which obaer the soldier when his country calls him from ber aide, welcome his return, and reward him for the dangers, to lie, and troubles he has passed. (Nine cheers) Music?"Here sa Health to all Uood Lasses." The following letter was then read from Brig. Oen. Uaines, expressing his regret, in consequenoe of indisposition, to be unable to join in the festivity. ' (ItnTLEMcn ? I very much regret that an Inflammation in one oi my eyes, obliges me to deny myself the pleasure of accepting your kind invitation for this evening, as our excellent Surgeon Morver, (whose orders I feel myself in honor bound to obey most Implicitly, while favored with his proiesslonal attention.) forbids my enoount?>ring the light of (a New York dining room. I regret this confinement to my dark room the more, as It deprives me of the pleasure or meeting Col Burnett, with other veteran volunteers, who have achieved Imperishable fame in the late brilliant battles in Mexico. But since I cannot safely bear the light of your festive board, I with much pleasure offer a sentiment whioh the proud satisfaction of witnessing the unsurpassed chivalry of New York volunteers during twenty-three days action, again at British veteran corps of near double our numbers, with oontlnued success, has enabled me often hitherto ofllcially to utter. " The Volunteers of New York?They have proven themselves to be worthy of their heroic ancestors of the years 1776 to 1814, who always, when commanded by men of military mind, were 1 Inflexible in Kalth? Invincible in Arms " I BUI, ?IIVU IHVPV llnullUUBIQ A tnpcui, TVUI ItlOQU, EDMUND P OAINK8, U. S. Army. To H. A Hewitt, C. T. Hopkina, (J. W. McLean, W. A. Burke, and J. B. Phillips, Committee. The letter w?? received amidst oheeri and applause. Music Hall Colombia.'* | The fallowing letter and toaat was received from Brig. (Jen. Morrla: ? C*rt E. Vihocht My dear Captain?I regret that my military engagements, aa President of a Division Court Martial, which me?ts this evening, will pr'Vent my having the pleasure of aooeptlng your invitation to dine with the " Light Guard," and their much esteemed | gM*t, Col Burnett, to day Will you be so kind as to express my regrets to the oommtttee. and to offer the following toast, In my name, to the company assembled on the oocasionf With sentiments of ecteem, yonrs. very oordially, UEO P MORRIP. "The West Tolnt Academy, and the Volunteers of America?Two bright links in the golden chain of our national glory The present war with Mexico hss proved the utility of the one, and the necessity of the other, and refleoted the greatest honor upon both We hope the country will not hereafter be bothered with any more nonsense >l>out either." (" Yankee Doodle ' ) The following toast from a lady shows the same patriotic spirit which influenced their worthy mothers in me mruggie 01 me revolution:? To Colonel Burnett and the American troop*?CM. Burnett and the heroe* of our armies in Mexico?May their aim be to preserve our right*; their fame to add fr?*h laurel* to our ooumry's wreath." (Cheara ) The following volunteer toaata were then elTered : ? By M?jor Dtckmaft?" Lieut. Col. Burn ham " By Mr. OiDocon?''The U. S. Marine Corp*." Washington'* March. By Mr WoanawoaTH?" The South Carolina Volunteer*." Maeon'a Waltz By Cof Hkwktt?" The independent Tompkln* Blue* It wa?, the Baxter Blue* It i*, will make the trl colored lias look blue" Marseille* Hymn. By Capt. Koav? ' The J Light Guard?their gentlemanly end military deportment, only equalled by their hospitality." Hall to the Chief. By Johas B I', Esq ?'" The Lady of Col. Burnett?the *oldler's_daughter and the toldier'? wife. (Cheer*.) By Lieut. Smuttlkworth?" The health of Com. Perry and the Gulf 8<|u*dron " By ex Aid Hast?" The Light Guard?the lapse of year* since I tlrnt Joln?d their ranks, upon their organisation, has not diminished the interest 1 feel In their welfare, or the pride and gratlflcatlon I experience in the advancement ofthelr honorable prosperity. (Cheer* ) By Mr. Giodio*.?" The rank and file of tha New York Volunteer* " By J on a * B Pmi.i.iri?" The health of Col. Benson." By Col Benton.?" May brotherly love continue." By Lieut. J. I) Pottks ?" The Kmpire Htate great in extent of territory?great In her Internal Improvements, and greateat in her citi/.en aeldlery " (Cheer*, Cheer* ) MylBJ J. Acm?n, K*<|.?"The foreign born volunteers, who hareso nobly represented us In the war of Mexico.'1 (Cheers, Cheer* ) Lieut. SwtF.nv rose and said: " I wa* born In a foreign land, bat by the laws of the l/nlted States I became a citizen. lam proud to claim as countryman of nine < >en. Shields, and other brave souls. We are proud to lend our feeble aid under the atari and stripes I loot my right arm In the defence of my adopted country, and , were it necessary, would tone the othar. (Cheers, Cheera ) He then offered the following toast :?1" Tha Army of the United State* -the richt arm of. oar national defence, composed aa It ia, of all who are willing to ahed their blood in defenoa of our flag. May that flag never be ttruok down whiia rained to defend tha honor ai d glory of our country." (Cheara, Cheers ) All hall to the brave and free." By Capt Tubnk*.?"The patrlotiam of 1770 and 181a, and the patrlotiam which will support our oountry " By Col. Hew*tt.?"Capt. W. W. Tompkins.Anld Lang 8yna. By J. B. Pmillim, Esq.?"The City Guard of N. York; may the friendahlp between that corps and this be aa lasting as our hearts oould desire." By Lieut. Mi-ear, of City Guards ?" Reiterating the aentiment juat uttered-may all paat differences be forgotten, and Ilke'lover's quarrels, may they ead in tha erjatloa of a stronger tie than before " Mwn " # Cel. C. . 1?1 ?? ?B* RK I JING, DECEMItER 17, 1& their gallant Colonel? ttie wound ha bearupeaka for him and them, in tonus boat understood, and proclaim thvm worthy *ons of the Kjnplre 8Ut*.-(CbMn, cheers) ? Hall Columbia. The committee having arrived to eecort tha fcffloers to the ball at Tamm sny Hall, Capt. Vincent a'snounoed that the guests would retire. At 11 o'clock. Col. Bur* nett and assoclatea started for Tammany Hall. Arriving, they were enoorted to the reoeption room, and at 13 o'clock, amended to the hall, where they were addressed by Captain Thompson, aa follows: ? ''Col. Ben^ and OrritKai or the Iit Rkoimknt v.u. v?._ v_. ..... ??? ? VLUWTMBS? A On behalf of the vimbwi of the oompany under my* gommud, and ol the offloers and members of the Btn regiment of the milftie of this State, whoa 1 have the honor to represent, the pleasing and agreeable offloe has devolved on me, on tb la occasion, of extending to yourself and the brave -and gallant offlosrs ef the 1st regiment of New York Volunteers, who acoompany you, a cordial and hearty Weloome, on your return from the aoenes of your brillliint and iuooessful aohievements, to your country and your homes. The tribute ot respeot which we desire to pay to your valor and dlstlnguiahed services, is unaffected and ainoere. The first regiment of New York volunteer*, Colonel, responding promptly to their country's oall, entered the servioe under your command, and hai born a distinguished and prominent part In all the bloody and unequal oonfliots whiah our invincible andherolo army, under its Uluetrious commander, has enoountered in Its victorious march from Vera Cruc to the oapture and occupancy of the Mexioan capital Vera Cruz, Cerro Gordo, Contreras. Churubusoo, and the heights of Chapultapec, attest the valor and discipline of the first regiment of New York volunteers, and the oonanmmate skill and bravery of Ita offloera The honorable wounds, Colonel, which you and your associate* now bear on your persona, and under which you are now suffering, and the heavy lose sustained your command, qlearly attest that yon have ever b?tn foremost in the light, and by your personal example sustaining the ardor of your troops, and animating them with that true spvfrlt of Amerioan valor which under proper Suidanoe is ever invincible. The people of the Lmpire tale, wbone standard you have borne aloft, unsullied and in triumph, through so many hard fbijght aad des perate battles, and whose patriotism you. have so well and ne?y represented, will not fail to apytcaiate and reward th* distinguished servioee which, have reflected snoh bright alia enduring lustre upon her eecutheheon, and elevated the character of her cUisen soldiery for courage, discipline, and patriotismt In the estimation of the whole world." Col. Burnett leplied, expressing his heartfelt gratitude lit the honor bestowed upon him and his associates. They were then (introduced to the ladles who, like the daughters of oldeft times, shook strong the soldier's hand Thus passed the evening, nothing occurring to mar its harmony and pleasure. Lieut. James Decatur Potte*.?The friends of this gallant yaung offloer,a native son of thisclty, who so signally distinguished himself in the aotlon of Chapultepeo, and is now return?d, intend giving him n congratulatory dinner next week, in aonrecia Hon of his nervloo to his country. ' The letter of Invitation, whloh we have seen in numerously signed by many of our first young men, and we doubt not that the oooaeion wSll be of no ordinary interest, and werthy the signers, their guest, and of the smyire eity. We are desired to say, that the oommlttee of arrangements will meet at the Mercer Military Hall, corner of Broome and.Mercer streets, this, (Friday)jeTening^at 7)? o'clock. The Democratic Primary IIwUoiii, The democrats of tlae rarioun wards la the city, held their primary elections yesterday, when it was evident that more than ordinary interest was manifested as to the result. This was, most probably, th? ease, on acoount of the approaohlng Presidential oampaign, and the influence whioh each su soessfol candidate might haw upon that question. The eleetlon, as fstr asoould be ascertained last night, resulted as follows ? FIRST WARD. (Van Buren men sleeted ) 8kcond ward. (jencral committee. James C. Stoneall, Isaiah Ayndera. Thomas Molonsy, tounu men'* mnkral Joseph C. Albertson, H. Mayberry; Lawrence Karrell, third ward. ' UEHKIAL COMMITTEE. (Ail Van Buren ) Isaac V. Kowler, Charles Klsteher. P. O. Moloney, VOl.'KU men's ukneral committee. j Stephen M Draw, John A. Atkins I Cieorfe W. Galon, Jamas 8. Carnonter. ! Thornaa Marr>nay, " s fourth ward. (Contacted.) fifth ward. uknkkal i'ommittki:. Franoia R. TUlou, Tbeophilua i'eok, K.manurl B. Hurt. rouiiu Min'a aiRtlii. committee. Major (iirret Dyckman, Howard lloldredge, Wm. C. Van Allan, James Lynch, H. Arcularlua, Jr. Maaara. TUlou, Hait and P?ek, ara, of oouraa, wall known in thla community. The two Qrat named at* ?x-Alderman, end Mr. Hart, It ia expected, will baa candidate for the offloa of Chairman of tha General Committee The latter named gentleman la auppaaed to be favorable to the Calhoun cause, and tha other two to that of Van Bnren Major Oarret Dyckman haa just returned from the wara in Mexleo, bearing ample evidence of hia gallantry and valor In tha campaign agalnat the enemy, fla will, it la auppoaed, go for the annexation of the whole of Mexico, and agalnat renunciation. Mr. Arcularlua la also a Calhoun man. sixth ward. [All Van Buren ] general committee. Malaoia Fallon, Mathaw T. Branan. John MeMahon, tot'no men's r.enetal l ommitim. Wm Nvalia, Chariea llooney, Phillip Colllna, Hugh Finn. j Kdward Howe, seventh ward. general committee. Robert II. Maolay, Andrew Thompson. (ieorga O. Olasler, y0uno men's lll^ttal committee. Oregory Thomaa, Lewia Horers, John H, Robbina, John (i.SMlty, Edward C. Green, KIOHTH ward. [AU Van Buren ] NINTH WARD. (Contaated) (iENERiL COMMITTEE. Freeman Campbell, David C. Broderlck, John C Dmlla, laaao B. Hmith, Mom G Leonard, Jamea C. Miller. T0t!N(l men's ?ENE*AL COMMITTEE. Jamea K Tkurber, Wm Dodge, Wm. C. Klbbe, John Phelan, K. Da Witt Koahay, Joaeph Yeamana, Ktward Cornell, Wm McKlbben, Henry Connolly, Jaoob L. Koahay. TWELFTH WARD. OENEBAL COMMITTEE. [All Van Buren ] A. B. William*, Morgan L. Mott. George M. Morrell, TOI'NO MEN'l UKNKRAL COMMITTEE. D. Pbnenix Hiker, Nlebolae 8. Tleman, A C Morrell, Danlal .MoNeplo. John H. Payne, THIRTEENTH WAR?. flKHEHAL COMMITTEE. [ All Van Buten ] Tbomaa K Downing, Patrlok Rafferty. Stephen H. Keeka, roURO MEN'S UKNEBAL COMMITTEE. Robert MoKenna, Krederiok K. Murray, Jamee M. Oakley, Patrick Burke. Wm. Duryna, After the polla were oloaed, a meeting waa organized, whloh reaulted in reaolutlona atrongly In lavor of proaeoatlng with vigor the war In Mazleo. FOt'RTKENTH WARD. HENERAL. COMMITTEE. [All Van Buren ] Tater Aaten, Terrenee J. Duffy John McDonald, YOI/NII MEN'S 1KNERAI. COMMITTEK John A Blackledge, Jama* MoCarthy, John Borahera, Wm Raynor. Hugh O'Brien, FIFTEENTH WARD. OKNER1L COMMITTBK. Klnathan Thorn, John J. CIim. Wm K. Dennis, TOUfMI MKIt'l ncftr.KAL committkt. John McKeon, Robert Hogan, John Macklin, Klljah Fisher. Michael MoCarty, ElfJHTKBNTil WARD. atntiu commiYtkk. Theodore Sedge wiok, John Fitch. Isaac Townsend, vomit mi.k'i oikiiul committkc. Robert Kelly, Charles Biuhnell. rhilllp MoArdle, Ruseell Smith. William Matthew*, The FrKmi?t?*?Inundation of Cincinnati.? The water* of the Ohio have now nwelled to the hlghet t point attained daring the great flood of i?3i, and the lower part of the city la entirely Inundated At least flv? thousand families hare been rendered booMless by this disastous flood, and groat distress most ensue In consequenoe. A puhlio meeting of the citizens has been called to provide the means tot alleviating , their destitute condition The storse south of Teari street are flooded, and Broadway Is ortrflowaed. It is useless to caloolau the damage, or to endeavor to give an Idea of the distress existing among us. Business has been aim out entirely suspended. Half the lumber in the oity Is afloat, and boat s have even been oarried off of the stocks in the ship-yards The snow Is eighteen inehee deep, and more is now falling. The telegraph between this city and Louisville has been thrown oat of order by a break near Dayton ? Cincinnati Corr., PSila, Ltdgtr, Dtc. 16. Vis lnehes of mow fell at krie on Mlrtu night Ut 4th last. The lake harbors are etUl oven aad \in#b#tru??yfMiN9 mh| ft flWW"? 8wWt88 111 ft HMvl gp"*?? Mi. Lim, =^=-4IERA 17. Thcatrtcal and BfualeaK r?*K Theatre.?Those exceedingly clever children the alaters Heron, made their seoond appearance at the Park Theatre last evening, and by their excellent performance* won the approbation of their audlenoe. The two pieoee selected for the oooaeion were the "Four Mowbray*," and the "Happy Man,'* in whioh the children austaioed principal character* The eldnt Mi** Heron, the Infant Power, a* *be i? called, play* the whole round of Irish characters with great auooe** it la, in truth, rarely that we see such versatility of talent in one so young. The vaudeville of the ' Loan of a l.over,'' and the petite comedy of "Hbocking Kventa," in the latter of which Mr Baas appeared a* Urifflnhoof, a moat excellent character, and alwaya admirably sustained by him To-night vilaa Heron t?kea a benefit and appears in three pleoes: a* Paudeen O'Rafferty in the oomio dran. ?r >m>.> I l??.l I .. 11.41.. m.LI. 1- ?W "Spoiled Child;" and m Tom Tug, la the musical force of "The Waterman," In all of wnlch pieots ber sister will alio appear. They are certainly dessrving of a good home. Bowkkt Tmeatbc ?Come rain or come thioe, the Bowery theatre li filled to overflowing every night; no matter what iort of weather we have, this establishment is certain to be orowded and its coffers to b? filled. 80 much tor enterprise and a determination to succeed, regardless of all obstacles thai may intervene. The great frature at this popular place of asnusement at the present time, is dancing by Miss Turnbnll and by Levi North's celebrated horse Tammany, both of whom perform the latest edition of the polka, In the most graceful style Imaginable. In fact, Tammany's feats in that line are unequalled, and the wonder expressed by all wbo witness them is, how suoh an unwieldy animal as a horse oould be taught to trip it on the light fantastlo toe so admirably and so perfectly a* Tammany does. It must be borne Id mind, however, that he has been under the tuition of Lovl North, whoee fame as an tquestrlsn and trainer, is not oonflned to this side of the Atlantic The drama of "Valsha" is withdrawn for the present, and the grand spectacle, the " Naiad queen" will be reproduced this evening in all Its splendor, and with the same cast with whioh it has heretofore been performed. The dra- | ma of "Sixteen Strlag Jaok" will also be performed. After this piece, Tammany will danoe tbe polka and othsr fashionable danees, muoh to the delight of all wbo will witneis him. Mr. Dennison will sing a popular song Mr. Smith will exeoute the paidr matelo', and tbe comedy of the " Yankee Wool Dealer" will conclude tbe evening's amnsements. Huoh a bill at this Is worthy of the Bowery, chatham 1hkatre?INOlWltnatftnUlDK tile Dail 8t0rui of last evening, there ?u a tolerably fair attendance at this theatre, and the respective pieces were well suatalned ThU evening. the admirable musloal drama of "Rob Roy McGregor," will oommenoe the amusements ? It will be prodaoed with all the original musle, songs, duetts, glees, <co. Mr Hield will sustain the character of Rob Roy, and Mre McLean that of Helen McGregor The model artiata, In their beautiful Tableaux Vivanta. will next follow. Thla exhibition, from Its elegance of style, and akilful artiatic arrangement, by Mr Fletcher, la wrll received every ntgbt. and Is becoming very attractive. The entertainments will conclude with the farce of the 'Spectre Bridegroom " We are Informed,that several new pieces of intense interest, are in rehearaal, and will shortly be produoed, and that Mademoiselle Yates, a dameuir, of considerable oelebrlty, as having appeared in aeveral of the London and Pariaian theatrea, will make her ithul on Saturday evening This will greatly enhanoe the attractive features of the Chatham Pa lmo'i Ofeka Houik.?Laat evening Madame Auguita'a performances, in spite of the bad w> ather, was well attended. About two Hundred persons were present ?a great number on such a}nlght. When the German farce was over, m gentleman stept before the curtain, took off his hat. opened hla mouth, and addressed the audience in the following eloquent terms v" Ladles and gentlemen?The orchestra being insuffl oient for the parformanoe of the ballet, seven musicians having left tha theatre rat of fifteen, 1 am requested by Madame Augusta to apologise in her name, and to make known to you thai the performance oan't go on. Your money will, therefore, be returned to yeu at the box office. " This speech was very kindly received by the andlenoe ? better than many speeches in Congress ; and every thing went off In a very quiet and bunness-like manner. Some said that envious and evil-disposed persons had plotted to lujure Madame Augusta in her exertions to I satisfy the aubllo. We understand that this talented danieutc will re-appear on Monday next, with an entire Kngllsh vaudeville oompany, and several new ballets Herman la bo so. Koguan iarfle, witn a Tew aonga. and charming belie ta, will moat likely take. Lrrtric'e Mt iical Ii.M'?tk atio"ii or SHAKsriCAnK.? We attended laat night, at the Lecture Room of the Society Library, Broadway, the toirit of Mr. Lynne, j firing literary aa wall aa muaioal illuatrationa of our great poet. Notwithstanding the aadden lnolemency of the night, and a violent ball atom, which aroae exactly at the time for attending the lecture, we were happy to find on entering the room a numeroua company preeent, and a acattering of elegant female* along the benohea, like diamond* glittering on a dark ground. Several of the moat diatinguiahed vooallata of our oity were preaent, aiding Mr. Lynne with their voice* and talenta. We were much pleaaed with the reading and obeervatlona of the lecturer, though in aome paaaagea we thought him perbapa too rapid and hutTied. We only aay, thia, nowever. rn yauant, far the whole went off well, and mucn to the gratification of the diatinguiahed and aelect audienoe Mr. Lynne waa very nappy in hla oompariaon between the witche* of Shakapeare and the mythologioal furiea, or Kumentdea, of the anoient Ureeka. It aeema, however, in our opinion, a more probable auppoaitlon, that the great poet derived tbe idea which be haa embodied in " Macbeth, ' from the abundant aource of auperitition and vulgar belief of the age in which he lived Lven in the preaent day there are veatigra of the vulgar belief in witchea and evil auperaatural powera, especially among the rude Highlandera of Sojtland. Shakapeare baa exhibited In thla play hla uaual and remar kable fidelity In depicting to the life the ouatoma. creed and auperatitiouamannera of every aeparatelooalltj in whiob hla extenalve genlua led him to wander It la a powerful homage rendered to the genlua of the poel. that tbla play atlll retain* Ita higbeat popularity and commanda unbounded admiration, notwlthatanding the repulalve and long ainoe untaahionable agency of theae wltobea, whioh in our day only aerve to d la figure the play and encumber the action. Many faulti are neceaaarily pardoned In Shakapeare which wonid ever tarnlah tbe fame nf m.nw Afhar nnat ainat ?AmmAn.i*la?a tmwm hU mouth become elevated to the hlgheat pitch of sublimity, >Dd where others would fall Into an offensive bom bait In the effort to attain sublimity, MmWI always ihowi hlmaelf natural an4 sublime. What otbar poet oould expreaa the oommon every day Idaa, vis that the world and all It* glory will come to nothing, In the snbllme Languafe with which he ha* brought the Ida* before ua " The oloud-capped towers?the gorgeous falaeea?Thia great globe itaelf, and all that It Inhabit, Shall be dlaaolvad , and Ilka the baaeleaa fabric of a lalon, Leave not a wrack behind Here we hare a simple, common idea, magnlfloently arrayed, in language truly sublime, and entirely free from any atralnlng of affectation, or Tlolenee of bombaat. It la in inatances anoh aa thia. that our great poet ia groat: ha knowa how to present the commonest thought In all the burning glow of originality, aqd with all tha aplendor and magnificence of true anblimity.? There la no better erlterion of hia merit than that the people In every age have understood aod admired him, and relished the exquisite beauty of hia descriptions, without pretending to underatand, or being able to analyse, the reaaona for tha admiration ao universally bestowed. Mr. Lynne, with the mind of a crltlo who underatanda hia autyeot, aaaiata ua In a great meaaura, both to appreciate hia beautiea, and to unravel the aouroea of the delight whloh ha oauaea ua to feel. Thia is aaylng muoh in favor of Mr L; he oould hardly wish ua to aay more, for In effecting thia purpoae, be not only ahowa hia own superior taate and judgment, but furniabea a high intellectual rtput for every mind poaaeaaed of the same quail tie a W? hops Mr Ljooi will nuocnil In hi* laudable and pleaalng undertaking to hi* utmoat expectation*. a* we deem tbl* a literary and mimical treat oomblned. dv aerving the aiioouragement of the publio. To apeak of the beautiful muato of Lock*, In Illustration of .Macbeth." would be almoet aupererogatory Suffloe to my, hi* admirable mualo ?h well executed and by admirable performer! Circu*?Bowkrt amrhithkatrk.?May Hy, the ponlee, Mr. Manda and hi* children, Mr Sweet on the iottie tlaitiqur, B. W. Carroll, and hi* pupil I,evl. on their ruahln* at?oda, Madlgan on bin charger, and that peculiarly funny fellow I.athrop, the elown. constitute the feature* atthi*bou*e to night. A great variety of vaulting, tumbling, and other feata, will be performed by the iroupr, which la now a double one, via Head*, Lest k (Jo a, and the original elmua tr?u/p*, both admirable, but joined together unnurpaaaable To-morrow, Saturday, an extra afternoon performance at 3 P.M. Chriitv'* Mii??tri ij ? Mualo and blaek face*, wool and harmony, go together now-a-daya We have beard of people going eut for wool and getting ahorn. theae darkle*, however, keep their wool, and *hear other folka of applause andoaah; they are worthy of it, for *uob a aet or linger* la rarely met with. To-aight they give a very excellent bill?danolng, lectme on phrenology, oowbelloglana, aong*. fco fca. Baoinwti 0>con ? Mr. (ireeley get* up a good bill here nightly. In theae long winter evening*, the Odeon I* ju*t the plane for an hour or two'a pliaaant amuaement LaiilTTt Ba/a?k.?Tba Diorama, Mecbanlaal Mult um and 8abl* Brotharataka wall her.- Ttia wbola p?rforiaane* la wall managed, and rlallara to ft cannot fail to be ptoaaad Mtaa JoiamiNE Baamnrt, will gir* a oooeart at the Tabarnaola, on Tu*aday *T?nlng, December Slat. Hhe will ba aaaiitad by Madame Otto. Mlaa llarriat 11 ram on, Mr Krut, Mr*. Timm and tba Darwort family ? Tbla will ba quit* an InUraatlng affair, and no doubt tba many admirer* of tbia young and ikllful artlat, will Uetify, by thalr praaanea on that araning, thair high aeteam for bar profaaalooal obaraotar. a* an aceomplltbad pianlat Mlaa J. Bramaon and Mr. Tlmm will perform a duatt on two grand piano* The H aim* a Fa Milt glra a ooneart at Newark, N J thia evening. Wa command them to our Jaraey friend* Pa foa a ma o? t m r Mmmiffl-Wa ara glad to *a* thatthU ciblbltioa liraooaadlng admirably; it la well worthy tba attention of arary ona, artiata, travailcr*, tboaa wbo aragoing to tr*?*l, and tboaa who n?v*r bar* IrtvtUad. tbay will all dirt'a |ratt9o*U0B rtwa It Wa LD. p4n two uiku. city inteUlgqpM. Change in the WxaTHRB?BN0W Htobm?The sudden change Id the weather TMterday oould not ha*e been anticipated by those who had wltneeefnl the etate of the atmoephere on the previous day, whan the thermometer etood at 73 degreee In the early part of Inst evening the thermometer ranged as low u 38 lt(*eM ; and at naif-past seven o'clock enow and hall began to fall qnlto rapidly, in the midet of a gale of wind from the N,N K Thla continued until three o'clock tKl? morning, without an apparent prospaot of a change The Steamship C*kiocrt City ?The launch of this vessel ie atlll further postponed until thla afternoon. The very heavy winds which prevailed yesterday Is the OAIUh nf thla dflUnHnn Military ?At a meeting of the Said offloer* of tb* fourth brigade of tne militia of tba state of Nrw York, convened at tba Maro?r Houae, an Wedneeday evening, tha 16th inat Col. John Ewai was unanimously tlooted Brigadier General of Mid brlgftda Drowned ? Coroner Walters was oftllad y safer day to hold ftD ioijueat upao the body of >u interesting boy. about nine year* old. named Wm H. S. Crane, eon of Capt W H. Crane, of Key Port, who accidentally fall from the bow sprit of the eohooner Two Mary* lot* the riyer, and was drowned Verdlet, aooidental drowning. Si oofm Dkath.?The coronor wft* oftlled to hold M Inquaet ftt No 108 Pitt itreet, on the body of Miohftftl VftUet, nttlya of France, ftged 48 years, who retired to rent on Wednesdfty night, ftpparently In perfect health, ftnd ftt an early hour yesterday morning he wa* found daad in hi* bed. Verdict, death by apoplexy. Pol 1m Intelligence. Charge of Grand Larceny ?Officers Wan del I and W>de. ot the loth ward, arrested on Tueedfty laat ft m?n by tha name of Tbomaa Adam*, on charge of ataallBg $140 in bank billa, from Owen Uallagher, redding In the 2d avenue. while In a house of disrepute located at No. 36 Walnut street The money, it appear*, was *tolen by a woman ealled Charlotte Poet, in that bouse, and subsequently the money was found in the poaaeaaion of tha aooused. Justice Tlmpaon looked him up far trial Stealing n Suit of Clothe$ ? Offloer Hervey. of tba 3d ward, arrested yesterday a man by tha name of Jftmea Reynolds, on a oharge of stealing ft suit of olothee belonging to Nathaniel Baaaett, valued at $'JI. Tha accused slept in the same room at No ii9 Waahingtan street with Baaaett, and In the morning tba elotbea ware amongst tha miiaing Justice Drinker locked him up for trlftl. Charge of Stealing a Watch ? Offloer Willis, of tba 10th ward police, arrested yeaterdfty young man by tba name of Ira Cole, one or the aituchtf at the Bowery circus, on ? charge of stealing a gold watob, rained at $30, from girl called Marl? Allan, reelding ftt tba oorner of Orftnd and Orohard streets Tha watch was recovered. and tha aocusad bald to bail to ftnawar at oourt for trlftl by Justice Tlmpaon ^irciton Suifiicitn -Offloar Oftllftghar, of tha 4th w?rd arrested yesterday, two men, oalled John ftnd Nicholas Baker, on suspicion of stealing a boat. Detained for a further hearing. Slralmg a Shawl ?Offloer MoClalland. of tba 14th ?&rd. ?vMturditf a hl&Ak fssllnw in UiifMU ? . having In hi* possession a woollen shawl, evidently stoIon, (or which an owner I* wanted Apply to the above officer The negro wan detained for examination Stealing a Coat - A fellow sailed James B. Aloore wu arrested on a obarge of stealing an overooat worth $?, belonging to Aaron Durnbam, No. 183 Sixth avenue ? Looked up for trial by Justloe Koone An Unkxtbctid Appearance on 'Ciianok.? Mr. George Miller arrived in this city, says the Boston Pott of yeat?rday, from New York, yesterday morning, and his appearance In State street created a great sensation. His friends gave him a cordial reoeption, and In reply to numerous questions in relation to the large quantity of paper bearing the alleged ierged signature of Mr 8 F Belknap, he replied that be knew nothing of any forged paper, and that be ia ready to meet Mr Belknap in reference to any past transaction he has had with him. We publish the following card by his request:? a Cakd.?Having been abeent from home for a short time, I find during that abeenoe 1 baye been accused, In the most publlo manner, of a blgb crime in gross violation of law ; all of whleh I deny, and request the pnbllo to suspend an opinion until faots are made keown, which shall prove not only my entire innooence in any forge rlee, but the injustloe done me and my family In their propagation. GEOROC MILLER, 14 Exohange it. Boston. Deo. is, 1847. Ad ingenloua mechanic hw made a (mall engine to rook hia child a cradle The length of the engiM ill boiler la alxteen lDohea and a hair. 17*OR BALE?The Steamboat GENERAL JACKSON. 114 (eet Inn*. *J feet bum. and weaauring 177 tou?. M mch cyindera. and t (eot ttroke It ia good order and eoaduioa. and will be aold low, if applied for immediately. CKOOKE, KOVVK8 fc Co.. comer of Wctt ltd Liberty ttreete. en tfrre L'u? r- w unLf-^f<.>-Lu?i.uo. iuiiI tuia uia* r nf Parketa? Very Reduced llatea of Fretaho? Poeitively the lirat and ouly regular packet for Moaday, December Mth The new aod iplendid feat tailing packet ahip RICH AMD COBDEN, Barrell, matter, ia now loading, and will poaitive ly aail at above. her regular day. For freight or paaeage. Having aplendid furuiahed accommodationa for cabia and aeeoad caoin paaaeugera, apply en board, at Or leant wharf, foot of Wall ttreet. or to K. K. COLLINS, tt Booth atreet. Shippara will find it to their advantage to cell before engaging or ahipping their freight elaewhere. Agent in New Orleaaa, Mr. Wm.Creery, who will promptly forward all goodatohia ad draaa. Slupiera will pleaae tend ia their btlla of lading early. The packet ahip OSWEOO, Thoe. lngereoll.maeter. will nc ceed the Richard Cobdaa, and aail on the Xih, her regular day | d 17 re UiNllED STATES AND EUROPEAN PA8S~A?5fc OKKloE.-P W. BYRNK8 fcCO.K Waterloo Road. Liverpool era detirona of informiag the public of the United Statea. that they continue to bring ont paaeengera direct from any of the porta in the United Kingdom of Oreet Britain aad Ireland, on more favorable terma than can be obtained from any othei haute engaged in the boaineaa, in thia coautry, being the oldett and largtat eatabliahraent, in the paaeenger trade, ia Liverpool. The many thouaand paeeengera that nave tailed io the ahipa which have been deepalched from oar office ia Liverpool, end the different porta of Ireland, for the laet thirty veare, ia a tufficient guaranty of our ability to fulAl with aauaraction, any engagement for peatengert that we may be favored with. Urafta and Billa of fc'ichaage given for eny imnut, payable on tight, at the National Bana of Ireland and ita V ranches; and alto on all the principal towne of Eogland aad Scotland, without diacooat. A Liat of the Packet Snipe, with ttieir dayi of Bailing, and the addreaa of the aganta who act for ua, can be had on application at thia office. Apply, or addraae by letter, (poat paid,) to P. W. BYRNES k CO , 13 Soatll at. 115 II*re BRU IiH AND MOHTH AMV.RUUN K M SrEAfclSHII'S KOR HALIFAX AND LIVERP#OlZ-Hl HKKMA, Capt Ryrie, from New Yoik, lat January.? ALEDON1A Cant Lott, from Boaton. Uih Jauaary.? Paaeage to Livar|>oof $120. Apply to E. CUNARD, Jr., M BroaawavJ _ dl? lltre^ r|-?APS< OTPS GENERAL EMIGRATION OFFICE . 1. M South atreet?The following w?U known faat aailiag and favorite packet ahipa, will tail punctually aa followt >^be Liverpool, 1300 toot, from New York on Hit December. from Liverpool 6th Kcbrnary. The Siddo< a, UJO toaa. from New York Mth Dec., and from Liverpool llth February. In addition to the above iplendid packeta, there are belonging to the pew line the celebrated packet'ahip, Qaeea of the Weit^Conitituuoa, Rotiut Sheridan. Hoi ting aer aad <?nrrir?. rrriona aooat proceeding 10 Liverpool, or tbOM wiiliini to wild for their frienda in die old copntry. will atadr their luteraet by ae'ectiug either ol the above ship* aailiag regularly from New York on the Slat and Mih of each moath, and from Liverpool on the 6th and 11th. 'J'o engage pa'aega, app'ication muat oe nmdeto W.k J.T TArm OTT,? iMlk treat. New York, or to W. TAP8COTT k CO, IK t*?orge'a Bmldinga, K??n 'a Road, Liverpool. dU tt'm FOR i H AKL.K8 . ON; 8 ~(J.? rhe UMM Mu>THKHNKR. Captain Thomaa g. Bndd. will leave the pier loot of Clinton atieet. oproaite Tobacco laapacjt?i, (Uat Kiver on Batnrday, the Mth mat , at 1 o'clock, rII. No berth aecured uatil paid for All btlla of lading aigaed bw III* rlerk on board Kor freight or paaaage, apply toSrOr KURD, TILKBTON it CO No. 41 Booth aueet In com?Ijnence of the very limited amount of trade, at thia aeaaon of the year, the ateamahip HOUTHKRNK.H will be withdrawn Irorn rlir liur fur a few weeka. <11 Itrt PACKKTH KOK 11AVHK?Keeoad Linc- I he ah>[> CT1 < A.I) B "wan. maairr. will aail on the la) Jannarv. d? HOI II < 11 AN UKL> TO 1?NKW VOHK. AI.BANV AND IROY LINK FOR ALBANV ANI) TROY , lilRKCT? Yrom tha foot of Conrtlandt atreet ? r*aeenfere uaing thla B >at will arrive in Troy in time to take lha earheat morning traina weat to Boffalo, and north to Hararoga, Lake ' ieorge and < hanplain. The low-preaanr* araamhoat KM1*1 R K, Cant. R. B. Mary. Thia Evening at J o'clock Hego? lar daya, 1 neailay. Thnraday, and "aturday Kor paaaaaae or I freight ai'i'ly on no-rd, ov at tha aftaa n? ifc# wharf. n? re N. I i |i K ?Hour < Iminfil (r..m 6 lo 1 o'tlwk ?The Albany Kveaing Line Bteamera ISAAC NKWTON.aad ORt (IUN, will leave fur Albany at 3 o'clock inataad of aa heretofore. on and after Monday. Nov It 1|4T. nM pfOPLK^ LINK8T KAJ^B(fAf?7oh ALBAN Y,IM| a Mr, aunaafi hictp *o ? Through Uirect? At* o'clock, P. M . (root ii* Pier belwean CanrtJandt ud Liberty iuhu Steamboat ISAAC NEWTON. Ckpt. Wm M' Pock. will itre ob Monday b>id?y evenuige al 1 "'clock Steamboat OREOOlT Upt. A. P. (t John, will Inn ob TumiUt, Thuredey and ttatarder eveaiagi at J o'clock 4.1 J O'clock, P. M-?Lending at intermediate placee- from the foot of Barclay (tract steamboat SANTA CLAUH. Cap (aid B Orerbegh, will leate oa Monday. Wedeeeday. Friday <md Sunday altenaooae at J o'clock. Steemboai HOUTH AMERICA, Captain T- N Hnlee. will leeye on Tiiritf, Thuradar aad Matnrdey afternooae at J o'clock. TV* abore boata will kt all timaa arrive ib Albejiy molt time for the Morning Can for tha Kaat or Weet. Freight takaa at mod* rata rata* and aoaa lakea altar ? t'elock, P. M. All pataoaa are forbid trneting any of tha boata of ui? una. without a wnt tan ordar from iha eaptaina or uaui For iiaaaaaa or freiaht, apiJy ob board tha boau, or to P. u iCHlLTZ, at tha oAca oa (he wharf. aJt NOT I E.?On anil after December Id, 1(4', the XlHMl ST VI KN ISt. ANDKlt will ran aa followe,?L*eye Staten lalaed at I.M, 10 and II A M ; I and if M. Leare Naw Yo k at 1 and II A ? I IV a d I P. M. dl? C' imXukfcN'8 KUR HATS KOR THE HOLIDAY#-. a choice eeaorttnent of children'i black, drab aad whit* For Hau. ol aatlia new atile Alto, a large a aeon meet o< Children ' Velvet aad Cloth Car* Mat aad appropriate ante I at aa Chriaimaa nod Naw Year'a gifta for eele at SANTA'S Hat, Cap and Far Store, W Canal, corner of Wooetar atreet dia iat*r? ArTfcMrr tu hub tmk nkvknth wakp HANK, two doora trom H?pot, 3M Feul K>i*t, lor Ksmlta'a lodma Linimrnl. which potitiraly enraa Rutiaa turn, r?iniud Aehra of every nature, Swelling*. old Ulcere, tiff Jomte. Merofnl*. fee.. priceM cema- tea advertieeme nt la True Han." <17 lft?re MKINIIAHDT'H UILDKD BKAHH LKTTElSTofc SIONm-Theee latum an remarkable for dnraMlip. ** a brilliancy of tha tildinc naaqiialled by aar othar ertKie la tha city? which brilliancy > warranted to ata?d ripoaere to the waathar. Tley ara alio japanned to aar color that aar ba deli red. Ordera led at Jnaaa, Baabaa * Go.'a. IM raltoa traat, will ba attended to. Tha part* art hip hara<o(nra nMin iaa l>M??a Memhardt k Hcott. waa dieolrad aa the lat Jnjy K r MKINH AWnT att 1% rONUTIrATION-C:0?TiVKfl[*' ad without the aid of medirioM. by WAITOM ERVALENTA A vegetable f?od. light , pnlnttble and anmsr.? Jfunte -1^55?

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